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Police: “Enter Detroit At Your Own Risk”

If you plan on visiting Detroit any time soon, the police have a message for you: "Enter Detroit at your own risk".  That ominous message was actually emblazoned across the top of a flyer that the Detroit Police Officer Association was passing out prior to a rally on Saturday.  The flyer pointed out that Detroit is the most violent city in the nation and that more homicides are committed in Detroit than anywhere else.  Meanwhile, the number of police officers in Detroit has been steadily decreasing.  There are more murders in Detroit today than there were a decade ago, but the number of police officers in the city has decreased by about 1,000 over that time period.  The remaining police officers are overworked and incredibly frustrated.  But Detroit is far from alone.  All over the nation there are major cities that are reporting a spike in crime even as police budgets are being slashed.  Sadly, this is just the beginning.  As the economy gets even worse, budget cuts will become even more severe and crime will become an even bigger problem.

In many areas of the country, police have become little more than report takers.  If you report a crime that is not considered "high priority", you will be lucky to get an officer to come out a few hours later to fill out a report.

In cities such as Detroit, criminals are becoming much bolder and are openly mocking the police.  For example, according to a recent WND article, one gang has literally taken over a convenience store in Detroit and the police literally seem powerless to do anything about it....

Even the old-timers in Detroit never have seen anything like this: A mob of 40 black people moved into a convenience store and will not leave.

They say they now own it. They eat. Smoke. Cuss. Threaten. Spit. Rob. Sell drugs. All on video.

Police, ministers, neighbors, the store owner and just about everyone else seems powerless to stop them.

“It’s a Bad Crew gas station,” said one of the mob to the local Fox affiliate. “If you don’t know what that is, I can’t even tell you.”

The owner calls police, but nothing happens. The police “come here and then they leave. Two minutes later they (the mob) are back.”

What in the world has happened to Detroit?

Once upon a time it was one of the greatest cities in the entire world.

Now it has become a war zone.

As I wrote about a while back, justifiable homicide in the city of Detroit rose by 79 percent in 2011, and the rate of self-defense killings in Detroit is now about 2200 percent above the national average.

But like I said, Detroit is far from alone.

In some ways, what is happening in Chicago is even more frightening.

Many areas of Chicago have essentially been completely taken over by the gangs.  Violent crime has dramatically increased in Chicago so far this year, and nobody seems to know what to do about it.

A USA Today article from last week entitled "Murders in Chicago: What can stop the bloodbath?" painted a very grim picture about what is going on in the city right now....

Driven by gangs, drugs and guns, the bloodshed in President Obama's adopted hometown has resulted in a body count that exceeds the 312 murders this year in New York and 212 in Los Angeles, cities with populations dwarfing that of the Windy City. The toll here is up 25% from 2011: 391 through Sept. 23.

CBS News reporter Walter Jacobson recently sat down with some young gang members in Chicago and asked them some direct questions.  Many of the answers that he got to those questions were quite frightening....

“There’s no solution to the violence,” one gang member tells him. “Killing, killing is the solution.”

When Jacobson asked them how they survive, the following was one of the responses that he received....

"Rob, steal and kill. That’s the only way. We didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills. We don’t get it handed to us"

But what are the police supposed to do about it?

As I noted in another article, there are approximately 200 police officers assigned to Chicago's Gang Enforcement Unit to deal with an estimated 100,000 gang members.

How would you like to be outnumbered 500 to 1?

And the number of gang members in Chicago grows with each passing day.

The violence in Chicago has gotten so bad that it is making headlines all over the globe.  For example, the following is a brief excerpt from an article about the violence in Chicago that appeared in the Telegraph....

"This is a block-to-block war here, a different dynasty on every street," said a dreadlocked young man heavily inked in gang tattoos who calls himself "Killer".

"All the black brothers just want to get rich, but we got no jobs and no hope. We want the violence to stop but you ain't safe if you ain't got your pistol with you. Too many friends, too many men are being killed. We don't even cry at funerals no -more. Nobody expects to live past 21 here."

When young people lose all hope for a better future they become very desperate.

And very desperate people are capable of just about anything.

Sadly, this is just the beginning.

The other day we learned that the number of Americans on food stamps has hit another brand new record high.

Nearly 47 million Americans are on food stamps at this point, and overall more than 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government.

But what happens someday if the federal government is forced to cut back significantly on those programs or if food prices increase so much that people can't buy nearly enough food to eat with their food stamps?

When people get really hungry they will do some crazy things.

But the mayor of Costa Mesa, California says that he has an answer to this problem.  He has proposed reducing the homeless population of Costa Mesa by putting all soup kitchens in the city out of business....

The mayor of Costa Mesa proposed to get rid of soup kitchens to deal with the area’s homeless problem at a city council meeting on Tuesday.

“My belief is that if we manage to put the soup kitchen out of business that will go a long way to addressing the attractiveness in our city that’s creating a huge negative impact,” Eric Bever said.

Unfortunately, we are going to see a lot more of this kind of thing in the years ahead.  The number of people that are really hurting is going to continue to increase, and the efforts to remove them from "respectable" areas is going to become more forceful.

Already we have seen feeding the homeless being banned in major cities all over the country.

But no rules, regulations or laws are going to be able to prevent what is coming in the years ahead.  I believe that eventually we are going to see "flash mobs" of poor Americans storm into wealthy neighborhoods and take whatever they want.

Those doing the looting will justify it by saying that they are just taking from the rich and giving to the poor like "'Robin Hood" did, but most other Americans will see it as more evidence that society is breaking down.

And without a doubt our society is starting to break down.  What we are seeing in Detroit and Chicago right now is just the tip of the iceberg.

Things are going to become much, much worse.

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  • Hoser

    Concealed Carry. Need I say more?

    • Paul

      Concealed carry does not work against open carry gangs! In addition, you better regularly practice your draw and use pop up or quick targets and not just some paper target 30 feet in front of you.
      Open carry laws are better. I think Detroit is the new wild west town and open carry would work better. When you are armed and look the part of a person to not be messed with, they stay away. Gangs prey on the easier prey.
      The Detroit story is a mess! The best that can be said is to prevent the erosion of the tax base in other problem cities like Newark, etc. Otherwise there will be more Detroits.

  • Syrin

    Huh, who can put together the connection between the hell holes and war zones we call Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, NY etc etc etc. ??

    Oh yeah, exclusively liberal run gov’t with their Keynesian welfare economic state, an “entitled” and dependent populace with awful education system dominated by a horrible teacher’s union that produces criminals yet gets rewarded annually. Business unfriendly environment with mass taxation, mass regulation, and overly union friendly climate that drives all businesses to other states or into insolvency. Who could have EVER SEEN THIS COMING, eh GARY ?!?!?!?!

    • Mondobeyondo

      Memphis a hellhole? Really?!?

    • Gary2

      Huh, who can put together the connection between the hell holes and war zones we call Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, NY etc etc etc. ??

      That’s correct all these cities suffer from the conservative funnel the wealth to the top.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        And yet they have had democrat leadership for decades. Gary, what world do you live in dude? How old are you? You sure know a hell of a lot about nothing.

        • Bob Saurman

          Wow, boy do I agree with that, all have had corrupt liberal leaders for years.

    • TechZilla

      Yea, I’m no liberal, not by a long shot… but not every Democratic city is run like Detroit or Chicago. Some of which like san francisco, are of the most desirable places to live in the USA. Even oakland is becoming desirable, and it’s extremely urban. So you’re just a ridiculous partisan, and your ideology is above any actual reality of the ground level.

  • john Lilburne

    in the new non racist new world order with its 1000 points of light, the fact that different population groups have different crime rates is ignored. and at some demographic tipping points, the base culture turns from order and good governance to chaos and corruption. Welcome to the start of belonging to the BRICS- black, racist, Incompetent corrupt and socialist

  • Liamidis

    Pretty unrelated, and maybe slightly racist (sorry if it is), question…
    I live in a tough area (not US) and am white.
    I thought ‘I wonder how I’d do in Detroit?’ and then I thought, ‘Would being white make me an instant target??’
    In my area it’s all whites that murder, rob, rape and pillage etc(commit crime basically), and our media presents an image that all the AMERICAN murder, robbery, raping and pillaging is done by blacks(and maybe the occasional skinhead cracker).
    To me it would seem that crime is not racial, but linked to poverty, and in America mostly blacks are impoverished, although I know there are many exceptions in many areas(I’m just trying to broadly generalise).
    So a question: Is this the case? I’d appreciate an American answer, especially one from Detroit if possible.

    • Mondobeyondo

      You are right, crime is not racial. It is opportunistic, and aside from the occasional nutso serial killer or movie theater shooter, it is based on circumstances, and oppression/lack of opportunity.
      I live in Phoenix, Arizona, in a heavily Hispanic (mostly Mexican) neighborhood. Crime is bad here as well. Two employess at a Subway sandwich shop down the road from my house, were shot and killed in 2008.
      There are no jobs here. Forget the iGadgets, people gotta eat. So, what do you do? You rob, steal, hustle.
      Trust me – if you were Japanese or Indian, you would do the same thing.

  • Sedona Rebel Conservative

    Thanks for the candor!
    I will tell you that I too try to smile at everyone and ofton get no response or a look like”Do I know you”
    I am sorry that you feel that you are stereotyped, I know that muust be frustrating and maddening. Just know that I as a “White Man” do my best not to stereotype anyone, as difficult as that may be, sometimes I fail.
    However when I do not ofton times I am pleasnatly surprised! Example, I do jeep tours in the Red Rocks of Sedona and rely heavily on tips for my wages. I and others have notice tipping patterns in differnt groups of people by where they are from around the world and even this country. It is difficult at times to remain positive about the outcome at first glance or knowing. I do the best presentation I can of the area and history and hope for the best, taking pride in doing a great job for all considered because it is ingrained in me as an American. I am pleasantly surprised from time to time and thankful for maintaining my attitude and thankful to be working after being out of work for nearly 2 years and having to change careers and states.
    Keep in mind that the stereotypes go both ways, and that as what I can devine from you post that you are a “Conservative” that Blacks and other reliable voting groups are regularly ostercized and ridiculed for being”Conservative” by their own people. Stereotypes and predjucies exist in every arena of society and are to difficult to overcome for both sides of the spectrum and issues.
    If I may offer a few words of advice, continue to smile and have a positive attitude knowing that you will be pleasntly surprised from time to time and that you are helping to break the Stereotypes that have thrust upon you.
    May God Bless You , and keep the faith.



    I can’t belive you allow some of the racist comments to be posted on your blog. Do you agree with this kind of talk? Do you promote this like of Ideology? As a african american that believes crime doesn’t have a color and is not committed by just one race, I am totally offended by the comments on this site.

    • Michael

      I do not agree with racist comments whatsoever. You should see the stuff that I have moderated out. I try to let people have their say as much as I can, but the comments on this post are getting out of control.

      It seems like whenever I start discussing the social decay in this nation it almost always generates racially-motivated comments. That is disturbing.

      I believe that all people deserve to be loved no matter where they are from or what they look like. I believe that all people should be treated as individuals, and I think it is a huge mistake for people to point the finger at any race.

      When are we all going to learn to love one another? Nobody should ever hate someone else based on the color of their skin.


      • Mondobeyondo

        I second that motion!


        Thank you Michael. I really appreciate your response. I know that you are a man of God and you don’t condone the comments being posted, but I was just venting. By the way, I love the sight and the insightful information you are putting out there. Keep up the good work.

      • DeBee

        @Michael: thank you for clarifying your own position. The racist feelings being displayed here are part of the whole problem. I hope that those who are touting the racists statements do NOT claim to be practicing Christians; that would be beyond shameful.

    • Gary2

      do not ever forget that most conservatives are racist. I would be surprised if there were not a lot of racial hatred on this site.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        And as proof you’d point out the EXTENSIVE history of the violently racist republican party and the highly tolerant Democrat party. Oh wait…

      • James R. Cooke

        “There are none so blind as those that WILL NOT see.” There is a vast difference between racism and realism. To share factual information about events and attitudes is not,of itself, racism. But then “racism” is the latest smear retort when logic fails and one runs out of facts, is it not?

    • S. Wiseman

      Michael is right. I can’t believe people fall for the old and tired race divide routine. It is an old ploy to keep folk blinded to the real source of the problem and from real solutions. If poor blacks are the cause of this nations woes, are poor whites the new black? The entire middle class is being systematically wiped out in this country and there are more white people on government assistance than there are african-americans. Currently there are more blacks in the nation’s prisions but that is about to change what with the prison system being big profit generating businesses these days. With so many caucasions being dumped into the ranks of the poor, and so many municipalities hurting for money, throwing people into prison just makes good business sense. I’m certainly not justifying the actions and conditions that seem to plague black America today and certainly the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will never solve them. But it is so obviously wrong to cast blanket statements around the entire african-american population. Black vs White; rich vs. poor; old vs. young; fat vs skinny; Why fall for the ploy?
      You will not be free until you set your neighbor free. And running to the governments of men to steal from one group of people to give to another group of people casts all but the elite into bondage.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Well, DUH! The only news here is that the authorities would actually admit it.

  • Gary2

    Something has to give.

    And it will. If the wealthy want their little balcony champagne soirees to be enjoyable, they are going to have to buy peace. Those without aren’t going to take the 1% in-your-face extravagance without a response forever. The 1% are either going to have to ensure that no one lacks for the basic necessities, or they are going to have to break their banks defending themselves against those in want. The choice is theirs. The time is short. And if this be the dreaded Socialism, then we’ll make the most of it – for we are running out of things to lose.

    When Marie Antionette and her old man lost their heads to hungry, angry peasants, it wasn’t called Socialism. Time is short, indeed.

    Please make a reasonable profit just don’t be a fucking Pig.

    The rich WILL be taxed hard and their. wealth WILL be spread more evenly one way or another

    • uncle bill

      Not bad post, did you bump your head? The uniformed thugs who would beat you for free let alone with a steady fat paycheck long before you get anywhere even near the really rich will not do it FOREVER.

      Eventually the private armies they employ will not be able to be paid off because there will be either hyperinflation and their pay wont feed themselves or their families. Secondly if there is nothing available to buy, they will not bother guarding their masters for their worthless pay.

      Im afraid that long before that happens, gangs of poor people will hit the pantries and fridges of people doing still just ok, probably people just like you.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Please make a reasonable profit just don’t be a ************** Pig.”

      and yet you still write screed after screed of those that do. Gary, you’re an illiterate idiot.

    • DeBee

      @Gary2: very good analysis of the problem. You are absolutely correct about Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI; I do believe that is what is going to happen the world-over where the wealthy are so greedy as to deny those who struggle in life. (I believe this to be true for two reasons: (1) its rather obvious (well obvious to those of us who give a great deal of time to this matters via critical thought), and (2) its Biblical prophecy coming true.)

      Those who struggle, for good reason or laziness, have no where to go but to turn to pillaging the rich. If the rich had been more concerned about providing quality education for all children, “some” of this could have been prevented. Many of the now chronically unemployed would have been given a hope and a future… able to obtain jobs in technical and computer hard/software industries… instead of sending them to China and India. It takes responsible parents, too, but the data says that where children in poverty received quality educations, a significant proportion did much better in life (i.e., Massachusetts).

      I am middle-class America, but this middle-class American has no desire to yield herself to feudalism… no desire to support the wealthy! I’d rather the wealthy pay a little more in taxes, because it certainly won’t hurt them, than lose my mortgage deduction because they do not want to pay a higher tax rate than I do.

  • Mondobeyondo

    By the way – whatever happened to the “Guardian Angels”? They were huge in New York and other big cities 20-30 years ago. Kind of like a volunteer security force. They’d ride in buses and subways, patrol streets, wear red berets, etc. These days, you hear nothing about them. Maybe they were disbanded…?

    • DaytoDay

      Yes, you’re right Mondo.

      The Guardian Angels came about during the civil rights movement, to help protect black people (Also Jews and pro civil rights white people) riding on the buses.

      Since the end of the civil rights movement, they’ve disbanded.

      But I agree, that we should bring them back!

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        “Since the end of the civil rights movement, they’ve disbanded.”

        No they haven’t! I remember the Guardian Angels (a guy named Curtis in particular) came out during the DC sniper pariod to stand guard over people at gas stations. Unless they’ve gone away since then, but I dont think so.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Yup, Curtis Sliwa. Damn, my memory SERVES.

  • Not a Racist, Really

    lol @ the people offended at “racist comments.” You know what, as someone of half German heritage, all my life all I’ve heard is jokes about “Nazis” and how Germans are this and that.

    I’m so SICK of how it’s okay for people of “other” ethnicities to say garbage about MY background, but it’s not okay when other people say things about theirs.

    What comes around goes around.

    • Anon

      You’re sick of hearing Nazi jokes? You’re sick of people saying garbage about your background?

      So it wasn’t you that previously said this……

      “..there is just something wrong with a lot of black men in the inner cities”.

      You are quite happy to generalise about others though, aren’t you? Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    • DaytoDay

      Yes, and it’s been “going around” in this country LONG before the Nazis…

      And for the record, it’s not okay to make fun of, or belittle any ethnicity or group of people…

      Why play into their hand?

      Change, starts by doing just that, CHANGING, one person at a time…

      Jesus talked about this, it’s why we should turn the other cheek and pray for their souls, because they know not what they do.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      You do know Nazi has NOTHING to do with ethnicity doncha?

  • Alasha

    i know there is a reason – just like all those folks left bhind in Katrina – ummmm humbly asking from NJ – why on God’s Green Earth don’t u all move? not asking it obnoxiously jst sincerely like to know. what happened if the whole town just left…. maybe we can start a drive to vacate DETROIT…. mmmmm.

    • Xander cross

      Typical racist. You just like knightowl77. Also, slot of racist white people tend to be Ron Paul supporters.

      • Whitey

        Again zander! You are a racist black guy! Get a JOB!

    • Anon

      I’m guessing a lot of them don’t move because they can’t afford to? Or maybe they feel there’s nowhere else for them to go? Or it could be as simple as the fact that it is their home and they feel some sort of connection that is beyond our capabilities to understand?

  • Richard Ruhling

    “Enter Detroit at your own risk” may soon be true of many major cities. We are one serious calamity away from martial law and the end of freedom as we know it.

  • MeMadMax

    Remember Back to the Future part 2?


  • Xander cross

    Since you all are so racist. Let me ask you this, do all white little girls act like honey boo boo child on the pedophile show know as toddlers and tierras? Since all of you are so racist, why do alot of white men pay black men to have sex with their white wives and yes, studies have proven that these are Christian white men that are doing this.

  • Xander cross

    Also, white people are the majority of people that are on food stamps and yet, you attack black people for being on it? You racists just want want only white people to get food stamps, wic assistance, and housing. Wait a minute, white people got government loans that black people were denied off because they are black. So really, most white people just want government benefits to their race only. That is what white people mean by saying that they want their country back. White people are against the government because black people have jobs, homes, cars, and some black people are doing better than some whites and many whites kill black people that are successful. But then again, I don’t except michael to understand that.

  • Jeff


    4 years of Obama… Detroit is a democrat city… this should NOT be happenin’…Detroit should be a thriving paradise by now!

    • TrueMor

      obama didnt help anything. he just playin games

  • Timothy

    If everyone could just stop for a second and look around. We are all in deep *********. No matter skin color or political party or whatever we as Americans should not be enemies of each other. If ever there was a time to learn to live together it should be now, time is short on this earth and all we do is hate each other. Nevermind the economic collapse looming, one terrible event could thrust America into a total chaotic racial civil war. Welcome to the United States of Hell.

  • phelps

    Your pols want to keep you divided and by reviewing the comments here, it is working. Whitey blames blacky and vice versus. Pols destroyed Detroit. They are working towards getting rid of the “useless eaters”. Looks like it is working and these young thugs will give them the excuse they need to open fire. Just try and rob the rich neighborhoods and see what you get. I live in one and we are not the weak people you think we are. We didn’t get rich because daddy left us $ – we made it on our own. Many of us build our own houses, repair our own cars, etc. And, yes, we can shoot a whole helluva lot better than these young punks in the urban jungle and we don’t need the police to defend us. Police have been report takers for a long time and we know if we want to live then self-defense is the key to survival.

    You want a real warning. Get out of urban areas while there is still time. Fighting your way out when the chaos begins will be too late. Or, if you can’t leave now, then come up with a good plan to get your family out when the time comes.

  • BFH

    I chuckle when I hear people talk about all their ammunition and weapons. For an intruder or two it would help an maybe save your life however, that is not their MO. The masses will form gangs and you can NOT defend against them without your own gang. One bottle of gas and a rag and I can MAKE you leave your house. You’ll not see me behind the hedge row to even shoot at me. Bolt your doors and windows but, your still vulnerable and they choose the time.
    Your provisions are not safe and neither are you and your family if you don’t have a bug out location, a way to get there and leave before it’s too late.
    This article highlights the fact that the whole damn thing is unraveling before our eyes.

    • phelps

      What if there are no hedges and people can see you coming. After a few in the gang die, will the rest be so brave as to run into a person with four men in the house, all armed and can shoot well. You’ll be the one burning when the after the bottle breaks underneath you after you have been shot. Some will break their own windows in order to shoot out them and not worry a wit about the doors being bolted. In many neighborhoods folks still actually look out for one another.

      But you needn’t worry about the folks in the bunker, the police have contingency plans for you and your gang. They are just awaiting the right opportunity to take care of those gangs. And, yes, they have those plans in place now. The gangs don’t stand a chance against them.

  • Detroiter in Exile

    Detroit was going down hill fast before de-industrialization hit Michigan hard.
    Money and the functional population was scared out of Detroit by Murder,Rape,vandalism and Tax .
    The denial of what happened/is happening in plain sight is bordering on mental illness. Who are the Perps? Who smashed the windows? who burned the buildings? any guesses? Did Canadians do it?
    If you want to see the effects of the destruction of manufacturing see Warren,Livonia and the rest, Detroit is something else. THERE IS NO WAY AROUND REALITY.

  • Detroiter in Exile

    Denial killed Detroit.Political correctness , the inability to blame those who actually trashed the place. my last statement was edited, To maintain the denial.If Detroit will return to life it will take pioneers, Homesteaders, gun carrying Homesteaders and a Government the stays the hell out of their way

  • Joseph Kool

    Chicago if you love your city you have to take extreme actions or you’ll be the next Detroit. Crime will rise, people who can afford to will move to the suburbs your downtown will become deserted and the only ones left will be the poor and the criminals. I saw the same thing happen in my home town of Detroit which is now a shadow of it’s former self.

  • nation in distress

    Something can be done about this. Lock and load. Simple. Arm yourselves and secure your life, property and freedom

  • zoidberg

    The problem, repeatedly, is africans. Truth hurts, but there it is. Whites, Asians, etc, do not behave like what we routinely experience with africans.

  • i p standing

    ten minutes ago cnn stated the Chicago murder rate is less then a year ago

  • Th1rdeyeRS24


  • Charles Hammond Jr

    If you’re in Detroit… and you’re a law-abiding (or at least law-appreciating) hard working honest person… GTFO.

    Your government has abandoned you. Your neighbors have conspired against you.

    The only thing that can save detroit at this point is a good fire.

  • Gerry

    The long term destruction of Detroit is a sad statement about society as a whole today.
    However rather than just stating the fact that Detroit is dying or dead and blaming an individual or just one group does no one any good, especially Detroit. How about trying to find solutions or making suggestions on how to correct the situation.
    How about working together to do good rather than just complain?

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