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Poverty In America: A Special Report

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America is getting poorer.  The U.S. government has just released a bunch of new statistics about poverty in America, and once again this year the news is not good.  According to a special report from the U.S. Census Bureau, 46.2 million Americans are now living in poverty.  The number of those living in poverty in America has grown by 2.6 million in just the last 12 months, and that is the largest increase that we have ever seen since the U.S. government began calculating poverty figures back in 1959.  Not only that, median household income has also fallen once again.  In case you are keeping track, that makes three years in a row.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, median household income in the United States dropped 2.3% in 2010 after accounting for inflation.  Overall, median household income in the United States has declined by a total of 6.8% once you account for inflation since December 2007.  So should we be excited that our incomes are going down and that a record number of Americans slipped into poverty last year?  Should we be thrilled that the economic pie is shrinking and that our debt levels are exploding?  All of those that claimed that the U.S. economy was recovering and that everything was going to be just fine have some explaining to do.

Back in the year 2000, 11.3% of all Americans were living in poverty.  Today, 15.1% of all Americans are living in poverty.  The last time the poverty level was this high was back in 1993.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the government definition of poverty rises based on the rate of inflation.  If inflation was still calculated the way that it was 30 or 40 years ago, the poverty line would be much, much higher and millions more Americans would be considered to be living in poverty.

So why is poverty in America exploding?  Who is getting hurt the most?  How is America being changed by this?  What is the future going to look like if we remain on the current path?

Let’s take a closer look at poverty in America….

The Shrinking Number Of Jobs

Unemployment is rampant and the number of good jobs continues to shrink.  Once upon a time in America, if you really wanted a job you could go out and get one.  Today, competition for even the lowest paying jobs has become absolutely brutal.  There simply are not enough chairs at the “economic table”, and not being able to get a good job is pushing large numbers of Americans into poverty…..

*There are fewer payroll jobs in the United States today than there were back in 2000 even though we have added 30 million people to the population since then.

*Back in 1969, 95 percent of all men between the ages of 25 and 54 had a job.  In July, only 81.2 percent of men in that age group had a job.

*If you gathered together all of the unemployed people in the United States, they would constitute the 68th largest country in the world.

*According to John Williams of, if you factored in all of the short-term discouraged workers, all of the long-term discouraged workers and all of those working part-time because they cannot find full-time employment, the real unemployment rate right now would be approximately 23 percent.

*If you have been unemployed for at least one year, there is a 91 percent chance that you will not find a new job within the next month.

The Working Poor

The number of low income jobs is rising while the number of high income jobs is falling.  This has created a situation where the number of “the working poor” in America is absolutely skyrocketing.  Millions of Americans are working as hard as they can and yet they still cannot afford to lead a middle class lifestyle.

*Since the year 2000, we have lost approximately 10% of our middle class jobs.  In the year 2000 there were about 72 million middle class jobs in the United States but today there are only about 65 million middle class jobs.

*Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs.  Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.

*Between 1969 and 2009, the median wages earned by American men between the ages of 30 and 50 dropped by 27 percent after you account for inflation.

*According to a report released in February from the National Employment Law Project, higher wage industries are accounting for 40 percent of the job losses in America but only 14 percent of the job growth.  Lower wage industries are accounting for just 23 percent of the job losses but 49 percent of the job growth.

*Half of all American workers now earn $505 or less per week.

*Last year, 19.7% of all U.S. working adults had jobs that would not have been enough to push a family of four over the poverty line even if they had worked full-time hours for the entire year.

*The number of Americans that are going to food pantries and soup kitchens has increased by 46% since 2006.

Unprecedented Dependence On The Government

Because they cannot get good jobs that will enable them to support themselves and their families, millions of Americans that used to be hard working contributors to society are now dependent on government handouts.  Nearly every single measure of government dependence is at a record high, and there are no signs that things are going to turn around any time soon.

*One out of every six Americans is now enrolled in at least one government anti-poverty program.

*Nearly 10 million Americans now receive unemployment benefits.  That number is almost four times larger than it was back in 2007.

*More than 45 million Americans are now on food stamps.  The number of Americans on food stamps has increased 74% since 2007.

*Approximately one-third of the entire population of Alabama is now on food stamps.

*More than 50 million Americans are now on Medicaid.

*Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, approximately one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid.

*In 1980, just 11.7% of all personal income came from government transfer payments.  Today, 18.4% of all personal income comes from government transfer payments.

The Suffocating Cost Of Health Care

Millions of American families are being financially crippled by health care costs.  The U.S. health care system is deeply, deeply broken and Obamacare is going to make things even worse.  Health care is one of the top reasons why American families get pushed into poverty.  Most of us are just one major illness or disease from becoming financially wrecked.  Just ask anyone that has gone through it.  The health insurance companies do not care about you and they will try to wiggle out of their obligations at the time when you need them the most.  If you talk to people that have been through bankruptcy, most of them will tell you that medical bills were at least partially responsible.

*In America today, there are 49.9 million Americans that do not have any health insurance.  One single medical bill could easily wipe out the finances of most of those people.

*Only 56 percent of Americans are currently covered by employer-provided health insurance.

*According to a report published in The American Journal of Medicine, medical bills are a major factor in more than 60 percent of the personal bankruptcies in the United States.  Of those bankruptcies that were caused by medical bills, approximately 75 percent of them involved individuals that actually did have health insurance.

*According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, health care costs accounted for just 9.5% of all personal consumption back in 1980.  Today they account for approximately 16.3%.

More Children Living In Poverty

The United States has a child poverty rate that is more than twice as high as many European nations.  We like to think that we have “the greatest economy on earth”, but the reality is that we have one of the highest child poverty rates and it increased once again last year.

*The poverty rate for children living in the United States increased to 22% in 2010.  That means that tonight more than one out of every five U.S. children is living in poverty.

*The poverty rate for U.S. adults is only 13.7%.

*Households that are led by a single mother have a 31.6% poverty rate.

*Today, one out of every four American children is on food stamps.

*It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach the age of 18.

*There are 314 counties in the United States where at least 30% of the children are facing food insecurity.

*More than 20 million U.S. children rely on school meal programs to keep from going hungry.

*It is estimated that up to half a million children may currently be homeless in the United States.

The Plight Of The Elderly

The elderly are also falling into poverty in staggering numbers.  They may not be out protesting in the streets, but that does not mean that they are not deeply, deeply suffering.

*One out of every six elderly Americans now lives below the federal poverty line.

*Between 1991 and 2007 the number of Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 that filed for bankruptcy rose by a staggering 178 percent.

*The Baby Boomers have only just begun to retire, and already our social programs for seniors are starting to fall apart.  In 1950, each retiree’s Social Security benefit was paid for by 16 U.S. workers.  According to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are now only 1.75 full-time private sector workers for each person that is receiving Social Security benefits in the United States.

Squeezed By Inflation

Rising inflation is squeezing the budgets of average American families like never before.  Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke claims that inflation is still low, but either he is delusional or he has not been to a supermarket lately.

Personally, I do a lot of grocery shopping at a number of different stores, and without a doubt prices are absolutely soaring.  Many of the new “sale prices” are exactly what the old “regular prices” were just a few weeks ago.

Some companies have tried to hide these price increases by shrinking package sizes.  But there is no hiding the pain on the old wallet once you fill up your cart with what you need to feed your family.

*Over the past year, the global price of food has risen by 37 percent and this has pushed approximately 44 million more people around the world into poverty.

*U.S. consumers will spend approximately $491 billion on gas this year.  That is going to be a brand new all-time record.

*Right now, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States is $3.649.  That is 94 cents higher than 12 months earlier and it is a brand new record for this time of the year.

A Smaller Share Of The Pie

The size of the “economic pie” in America is shrinking, and the share of the pie for those that are poor is shrinking a lot faster than the share of the pie for those that are wealthy.

*According to the Washington Post, the average yearly income of the bottom 90 percent of all U.S. income earners is now just $31,244.

*When you look at the ratio of employee compensation to GDP, it is now the lowest that is has been in about 50 years.

*At this point, the poorest 50% of all Americans now control just 2.5% of all of the wealth in this country.

*Big corporations are even recognizing the change that is happening to America. Just consider the following example from a recent article in the Huffington Post….

Manufacturers like Procter & Gamble, the household-goods giant responsible for everything from Charmin and Old Spice to Tide, are concentrating their efforts on luxury and bargain items, putting less emphasis on products aimed at the middle class, the Wall Street Journal reports.


America is fundamentally changing.  We were a nation that had the largest middle class in the history of the globe, but now we are becoming a nation that is deeply divided between the haves and the have nots.

Perhaps you are still doing fine.  But don’t think that economic disaster cannot strike you.  Every single day, thousands more Americans will lose their jobs or will discover a major health problem.  Every single day, thousands more Americans will lose their homes or will be forced to take a pay cut.

If you still have a warm, comfortable home to sleep in, you should be thankful.  Poverty is a very sneaky enemy and it can strike at any time.  If you are not careful, you might be the next American to end up sleeping in your car or living in a tent city.

It is easy to disregard a couple of statistics, but can you really ignore the vast amount of evidence presented above?

It is undeniable that America is getting poorer.  Poverty is spreading and hopelessness and despair are rising.  There is a reason why the economy is the number one political issue right now.  Millions upon millions of Americans are in deep pain and they want some solutions.

Unfortunately, it appears quite unlikely that either major political party is going to offer any real solutions any time soon.  So things are going to keep getting worse and worse and worse.

Should we just keep doing the same things that we have been doing over and over and over and yet keep expecting different results?

What we are doing right now is not working.  We are in the midst of a long-term economic decline.  Both major political parties have been fundamentally wrong about the economy.  It is time to admit that.

If we continue on this path, poverty in America is going to continue to get a lot worse.  Millions of families will be torn apart and millions of lives will be destroyed.

America please wake up.

Time is running out.

  • Colin

    The Gini Index measures inequality in a society. 0 has the least inequality and 100 has the most inequality. Our country’s index is 0.468. Rwanda, Philippines, and Ecuador have roughly the same index. The last time we were this high was in 1928.

  • MarkD

    The scariest part of this to me is none of the demapublicans in our government seem to see or understand these numbers. Send all the jobs to other countries. Stop teaching our children to do industrial work. Almost all industrial arts classes have closed. I watch the debates and as of right now I do not support anybody. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is. I always $upport someone. I want someone who can win and fix some of these problems. I also want to keep my rights. At this point Bachmann is the closest to what I think I want. 2nd ammendment is important to me. Mitt, Herman and Rick have not commited to that support which is very concering. Rand just freaks me out with his thoughts on no drug laws and stuff. I would like to think Snoopy could beat Obama, but that billion dollar bid is not going to be as easy as some think. So…..WHAT DO WE DO??? Just store more of everything and PRAY? My faith in our government doing the right thing is almost 0%.

    • Gary2

      “At this point Bachmann is the closest to what I think I want.”

      Is that because Sarah Palin is too intellectual for you???

      You are either kidding about bachman or insane. Talk about a disconnect. bachman is sucking on the gov teat she accuses and denigrates everyone for doing. Ever hear of farm subsidies? Michael will censor this next part but at best she is (****Yes I did censor it 🙂 ****).

    • Tim

      thoughts on drug laws and stuff.

      It’s Ron not Rand (that’s his son) and he is our only hope. Drug laws have created a false war in which people, especially in Mexico are getting killed or imprisoned in the hundreds of thousands- Last year alone Juarez, Mexico (next to El Paso,US) had 3500 people gunned down with less than 1% of the murders solved and it is a directly from our drug laws.
      Those are his thoughts on drug laws, I know your TV won’t tell you that or also the fact that we have more people in prisons for non violent crimes than any prison system in history. Now for a question to yourself – since you actually seem some what intelligent. Would you start injecting Heroine? I didn’t think so- You already see through 7 of the 8 canidates BS, just don’t listen to the main stream presstitutes that try to BS you about Dr. Ron Paul, he is the real deal- as a matter of fact, I am a Democrat that voted for Obama and I am helping the Ron Paul Campaign out in any way possible.

      He’s a Hail Mary in Holy Sh#t storm.

      • MarkD

        Gary I didn’t say what I want. I don’t think she is much better than any of the rest of them that was my point. Which one do you like? Tim I noticed I wrote Rand as soon as I posted sorry. Ron has alot of good thoughts. I understand the heroin stand. But I also would not be 40 million people on walfare. I am a controlled person if we had a controlled country those people would not be in prison because they would not deal drugs. The drug didn’t create the criminal. The drug dependant population would explode. Robberies, murders and crime would expand with it. Help me Gary2 and Tim. I think they are all idiots!!!!

  • No where in this article did the author cover the elephant in the room: all immigrants and particularly illegal aliens. If they were properly removed the problem would disappear.

    • Terry

      You are certainly correct to call attention to the immigrant issue. The H-1B visa immigrants may count to the positive side (especially if we refuse to educate our own citizens), but there is absolutely no doubt regarding the harm caused by illegal immigration. I have no numbers handy, but I’m certain the number of illegals dwarfs those of the legal and/or temporary immigrants.

      My view is that even if the illegals vanished overnight we’d still be in troubled waters, but the problems with unemployment would be lessened to a great extent. Not that the wages being paid to illegals would broach the “poverty line,” but it’s work – and that’s better than no work.

      Sadly, neither major political party wants to end illegal immigration. Both have dreams of a new, massive block of voters. Business sees a method to keep the company in competition with slave-labor wage countries such as China.

      In my town, Houston, entire sectors of business are dominated by firms using illegal laborers. Every type of construction, much manufacturing, and many service companies use illegal labor. In fact, it is so bad that should illegal labor suddenly disappear, Houston’s economy would collapse almost instantly.

    • McKinley Morganfield


      I’m all for securing our borders and eliminating illegal immigration. However, I disagree this will solve all of our problems. Our central problem (public & private debt) is not caused by 10E6 illegals.

    • mondobeyondo

      Don’t know if that would fix the situation.

      It’s not so much the jobs disappearing, as it is the quality of jobs. We have lost the heart of our industrial base. You can train anyone to pick lettuce and tomatoes. Not anyone knows how to assemble a pickup truck, build a skyscraper, or turn iron into steel beams. That includes illegals, legal citizens, and natural born Americans.

      We killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, and exchanged it for the chicken that lays the golden corporate profits.

    • Bill S

      That’s a joke. Illegal aliens add to the economy. Not only do they work but they buy things. We have a lot less illegal aliens than we used to because the economy is so bad here. Eventually Mexico will have a problem with “whitebacks”.

      • U must be a democrat

        U are ridiculously uninformed madam

    • Crystal


      You are definitely correct in pointing out two of the factors that are contributing to joblessness: illegal and legal immigration.

      I believe that we need a 5-year moratorium (maybe more)on ALL nonessential legal immigration. Many H-1B visas are given each year to foreigners to take the skilled, high-tech jobs in America. There are more than enough skilled, high-tech Americans who could hold these jobs. But companies want the cheapest labor possible.

      Also, we need to demand that the illegal aliens leave our country. According to NumbersUSA, at least 7 million illegals hold jobs that American citizens could have.

      I believe that there are other factors contributing to the poverty level. But immigration is definitely a factor that needs to be strongly considered.

      • Hans Kohler-Hartmann

        Why it is imperative to have a massive immigration into the United States now:

        Ordinary Americans -primordially the ones of European ancestry- are the offspring failed generations. In fact, the states involved in eugenics during the first decades of the twentieth century did not strictly enforce the sterilization laws on those people (low IQs, retards, deformed individuals, disease carriers, imbeciles, etc). Their ancestors were labeled as undesirables in Europe and expelled from their native countries.

        Consequently, the following generations are the best evidence that defective genes have been transmitted from one breed to the next and worst of all, the chances that their descendants’ DNA carrying a more complex sequence of these mutated genes are 100% guaranteed – they can be confirmed by performing scientific tests (i.e. bizarre mutations that will make these individuals being categorized as subhumans).

        Besides that, never forget the following:
        “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind…Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”
        Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
        Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927)

        Therefore, the only way to sustain this unproductive generation of Americans (approximately 80% of the entire population of the United States) is by allowing a massive immigration of people from elsewhere in order to be assimilated into the system, so government can heavily tax these newcomers.

        America will need more than a hundred million foreigners to help paying the upcoming cost related to the care of these subhumans.

        • U must be a democrat

          I guess the Nazi never left your German huh.

  • JD


    Another job well done my friend. Gas and food prices are absouletly killing everyone I know. High rents as well. Nobody can get a loan for a house these days so renting is becoming their only option. If you are a poor american with bad credit, the landlords run credit checks on you these days. Jobs as well. I applied for a job at a discount tobacco store when I was on unemployment and they asked on the application for permission to do a background check. This is unheard of. No employer wants to hire you if you have alot of debts because they are afraid you will steal from them and landlords want to know if you can pay the rent. This puts the poor in a very desperate situation. Believe me, I know. They cut off my unemployment benefits last september because MT’s unemployment rate was too low. I lost my apartment and as other readers know I stayed in my car, a tent in my buddy’s backyard in October, and seedy hotels during last winter. I signed up for food stamps in March so Ive pretty much run the gauntlet in the new American nightmare. I recently read a book called Freedom from Fear. It was written by a preacher and the jist of it said that Satan is Fear and God is Faith. I turned my life over to Christ and Ive never been very spiritual, but when your spirit is broken like mine was it the only way. God be with you all my fellow americans that are suffering tonight. Remember FAITH NOT FEAR.

  • JD

    Oh, I almost forgot on the MSN webpage they have stories of a unemployed lawyer stripping and a computer programmer by day, dumpster diver by night dad that takes his 14 yr old son with him. Again, Im a simple man when it comes to linking articles (I dont facebook either) so Michael its all you my friend.

  • bobbobbobbob

    u r rt BRA is in trouble. thanks to the rebuplicanterrorists and the blue dogs-who have consistently voted to export the good union jobs and replace them with those mcd jobs.(it is called outsourcing) u dont want o-care(obama) u want 0-care(zero) care.ha ha ha!!
    remember CHINA RULES U!!!!!! U have nothing to offer anyone except short painfull life -high crime- police state-junk education and junk jobs
    see u in med school as a cad

    • Bill S

      Clinton was the one who supported NAFTA. Obama is destroying the country with debt. Given all the bogus dollars that the Fed is printing, eventually we’ll have inflation like they have in Zimbabwe.

      • Mark in LA

        NAFTA was a Reagan brain-fart. He campaigned on it in 1979. The problem was that Mexico did not get on board until they had another one of their economic crisis when Bush I was President. Reagan negotiated the Canadian-American free trade agreement, NAFTAs precursor. Bush negotiated NAFTA under so-called fast-track legislation. Clinton or Congress could not amend it after Bush signed it. They could only vote up or down on it. Clinton used slimy tricks to get Mexico first Democrats to support it. The Republicans were afraid the entire stink of NAFTA would fall on them so demanded that Clinton get Democrats to make it look “bipartisan”.

        • U must be a democrat

          And eugenics was progressive Democrat idea of the 30s here in America that was taken by the Germans, so idiots like you are responsible for the holocaust. You see how that works now? …moron

    • knightowl77

      bob….get with the program, it is both parties…Obama got most of his cash from Wall St in 08 and he has been back there several times since for more money…GE one of his biggest donors is shipping jobs offshore at an alarming rate and paid ZERO income tax while making billions in profits. GE’s CEO Immelt is one of Obama’s advisors.
      I also believe it was Obama in his “jobs” bill that we “must pass right now” that wanted the congress to pass more Free Trade agreements, the very things that suck the jobs out of the country.
      So both sides have plenty of blame to share.

  • r.bitting

    ” If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land ” 2 Chronicles 7:14. How long will the people continue to provoke God to his face? Yes, the time is running out, but the answer is not to be found in politics. The nation is morally bankrupt, so why would anyone expect it’s leaders not to be. Were they not cut from the same fabric? Is it practical to expect honor, integrity, selfless sacrifice, and truth from leaders chosen from such a people as this? As you yourself have stated, How long will we do the same things and expect a different result? The solution, simple. Return to God and he will return to us. The reality, also simple. It’s not going to happen. The depth of the depravity in this country is so deep, that the light of the knowledge of God has all but gone out. Few will turn. As you read the other commenters complain about the leaders or offer up more political solutions, or play monday morning quarterback on the economy, if you listen intently, you can hear the other shoe begin to drop. ” The three that I admire most, the Father Son and the Holy Ghost.. They caught the last train for the coast, the day, the music died.”

    • TK

      Obama was absolutely correct when he said that the US is not a Christian Nation.

      The only Christian Nation is the Kingdom of God. You better make sure that you are a citizen of the Kingdom!

      Repent! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

    • Bill S

      America aren’t God’s people. Americans aren’t called by God’s name. God’s people are Christians around the world. We’ve already repented and accepted Christ. We don’t have wicked ways to give up. God hasn’t punished America yet for the blood of millions of unborn children. You’re taking verses out of context:

      (2 Chr 7:11-14 NIV) When Solomon had finished the temple of the LORD and the royal palace, and had succeeded in carrying out all he had in mind to do in the temple of the LORD and in his own palace, {12} the LORD appeared to him at night and said: “I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for myself as a temple for sacrifices. {13} “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, {14} if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

      • r.bitting

        You need to spend some time in Romans chapter 1, and then tell me that God is’nt judging this nation. You see, God does’nt have to bring disaster to judge, all he has to do is to remove his influence from the people and what results is deeper and deeper depravity. Like I said, read Romans Ch. 1. and you will see it for yourself. Vs. 24 ” God gave them over”.. Vs. 26 God gave them over “… Vs. 28 ” God gave them over “. America was a land blessed by God through the founders willingness to follow him. No, It’s not Israel, and yes, the context of the verse is Israel, but this nation for the majority of it’s existence was a Christian nation. Are you trying to tell me that this verse does’nt ALSO apply to us, and for that matter any other nation that will serve God? If so, based on what? In regards to THIS particular verse you should be more concerned about the intent/ content, and not the context. Yes, context does matter, but not here. We still need to repent.

    • Tim

      The three men I admmire the most is Phonzi, Ritchie, and Donnie Most.

  • ryan williams

    sounds brutal. im hearing late oct-nov when we are getting that collapse if they dont get something done.

  • Larry

    I am 67 years old and when I was a young man almost everything I bought was made in the USA.
    Then Japan started producing quality electronics and cars which were imported to the USA. Their quality was much better than ours and many people switched to buying Japanese produced items. Now when I go to a store it is hard for me to buy anything made in the USA. Most of it is from China. What has happened to manufacturing jobs in the USA. They have been exported to China. Why is that? Here are a few reasons. To set up a manufacturing plant in this country to produce Integrated Circuits for electronic devices cost twice as much as it does to set up a plant in China or Taiwan.
    Why does it cost twice as much? Government regulations and red tape are a big reason. Once you build it here it costs many times more for
    labor than it does in China and other countries.
    The only way politicians can produce jobs is to reduce government intervention in private enterprise and let the private sector produce the jobs. Reduce taxes on the private sector not increase them. Obama talks about taxing the rich. They define the rich as someone earning $200,000 or more per year. People that earn high pay do so because of their hard work. When government taxes them it reduces their desire to work hard and produce jobs. High taxes are counterproductive in producing jobs. Democrats don’t ever seem to get it. They want to buy votes with the working people’s tax money so they can stay in power. Republicans are almost as bad. Power and the next election is what drives them. From what I can see there is very little hope for this country. We are bankrupt and the Federal Reserve is printing money to pay our debts. That cannot go on much longer before a collapse occurs.
    Thanks for your web site. It is very good.

    • Old Man

      What you said happened because American style capitalism demands they happen. It demands only one measure of success in private enterprise – profit. The whole Wall Street and stock exchange business is based on one and only one thing – profit.

      The labor force and expertise of China, Asia Tiger countries, certainly Japan and post-war Europe, have all risen. Japan & the EU have risen to be at least equal, and in some sectors exceed the expertise of US. Therefore there is no way US, at current dollar value, can compete with these countries. Since American companies only rationale for existence is to maximize profit, the result is massive transfer of work and expertise to these countries who can do the job better at a lower cost.

      Are you suggesting America abandon it’s brand of capitalism?

      There is a political party, the GOP, who fight tooth and nail against even the slightest deviation from American capitalism. And, given what happened since 2008, they are still in power and in control of Congress.

      Therefore there is no chance the ideology that brought the country to this point will change. The current path will continue until all the chips fall on everybody, except the expat billionaires of course. Their American Dream:

      Play the Capitalist Ponzi.
      Make the Money.
      Take the Money.
      Run to Socialist Paradise.
      Laugh at the Suckers back home.

    • jaihawk

      When are you people going to realize it was all being done by design? You can’t fix something that ain’t broken. It’s broken to use, but not to the powers that be. It’s working just the way they want it to.

      I would disagree btw that those who earn over 200k just ‘work harder’. If that was a joke, it was definitely funny.

      • Larry

        jaihawk I would like to respond to you this way.
        My son is 43 years old. When he was growing up I taught him business by actually having him work in my small business. He worked very hard and learned all he could. He attended a small State University and received his BS degree in Electronics and Masters in Techonology. I paid a small part of the tuition and he paid the rest out of money he earned. When he graduated he had no debt to pay for College. He then went to work for Texas Instruments and learned a lot more. He then went to work for another electronics company and he currently works very hard. He comes to work before 8am in the morning and leaves after 5pm in the evening.
        He learned the value of hard work while he was a teenager growing up. He now earns over $200,000 per year and he earns every bit of it
        by working hard. Now is it fair to tax him excessively to pay for someone to sit on their rear end and have illegitimate kids so they can collect more welfare? No it is not. My statement about earning over 200k was not a joke. It is a reality for someone that was reared properly in a functional home with a loving mother and father to guide him and teach him the value of hard work. That value system has been lost in this country.

  • Gary2

    And all the conservatives want to do is cut taxes on the rich and corporations even more, and eliminate capital gains taxes which 95% benefit the wealthy.

    I was watching RT and there was a story about how this entire “too many regulations bullshit is made up by the chamber of commerce as a way to further privatize gains and socialize losses. Example-a worker gets hurt due to little or no regulation the worker goes on disability and the tax payer foots the bill.

    There are many on this site who fall for the too many regs bs.

    How can anyone not agree that we need to tax the rich hard and spread the wealth????

    How can anyone in good conscience ever vote republican tea bag again as they want to make the poverty worse. Hell these dolts want the poor to pay more taxes while cutting them on the rich.

    Yes them Dems are not much better, but they are better!

    • Terry

      Big money does amazing things. Do you remember when the (so called) Tea Party began? The primary focus was on government corruption. There were many liberals involved originally. There were plenty of minorities, also. That didn’t last long, did it? What happened?

      The original Tea Party was co-opted. It started innocently enough – “Oh, let us help you with that rally. We’ll be glad to supply some buses to bring in people,” says the agent of Koch Industries. “Just one thing …we’d love to hear so-and-so speak for just a few minutes.” The Republicans were quick to get in line, too – “You know, we could spare about $50,000 to help you with those House campaigns you’re running…”

      Pretty quickly it was, “You know, we promised $150,000 for that big Washington rally, but we’re not so sure now…” This said after the contracts have been signed for said rally, of course. “All you really need to do for us to guarantee that money would be to let us have a couple of seats on the board…”

      Soon the topic at the rallies became “God, Guns, and Gold” rather than the incestuous relationship between government and big business – especially Wall Street business. The former Democrats – anyone leaning left, or even center – faded away in a hurry. Minorities had already left by that point. What was left? What you have today: the extreme right wing of the Republican party.

      All this was done by big money interests, and it was done quickly.

    • Adam

      How about you put your words into action. Why don’t you sell your computer and “spread the wealth”? It would make me respect your comments more, and also stop you from spreading your communist nonsense. It’s always easier to spread other people’s hard earned money. I’m taking a long shot guess, but I assume you never started a company or took a risk to develop wealth?

    • Ben Dover

      Tax cuts for the uber-wealthy, flog the poor!!!!

      Maybe an enema for Gary2?

    • All the republicans want to do is replace taxes with debt.

      All the democrats want to do is engage in debt based spending.

      So why is democratic debt better than republican debt?

    • patriot alice

      Eliminating Capitals Gaims Taxes would help the housing market and create needed jobs. I know this from persanal experience..

    • Kevin2


      “Yes them Dems are not much better, but they are better!”

      Nonsense. The root cause of this is US deindustrialization which came complements of NAFTA and to a much greater degree China Free Trade. 80% of US Senate Democrats voted for it including the “movers and shakers” in the party including Kennedy, Kerry, Biden and Edwards. It’s like a “Who’s Who”. 83% of US Senate Republicans voted for it too. Ok I concede 3% more Republicans voted for it.

      We could tax the “Rich” at 100% and unfortunately in short order the money would run dry. All one needs to do is the math. Wealth needs to be created. Redistribution is nothing more than a stop gap to placate the masses while we decline. It’s like giving a terminal patient an opiate to reduce the pain. We need a cure not a narcotic placebo.

      • Mark in LA

        Its a flat out lie to say the Democrats supported NAFTA by 83%. It had total support of Republicans and little support from Congressional Democrats since labor was alot stronger politically then. Maybe you just forgot that big lie campaign by Clinton to get it ratified in the House? Perot, Buchanan, Choate, and Gephardt were leading the charge against it. Clinton had to bribe the Mexico first Democrat congressmen from border states with “side agreements” that he later didn’t honor to squeak it by.

        • Mark in LA

          Sorry about the 83% misquote. I read and got lost in my post then typed without rereading like I should have done. Still it is a fact that this was mostly a Republican thing.

    • Bill S

      The government spends way too much money. Our DEBT is now more than 100% of GDP. We could confiscate the income of every American and not have enough to balance the budget.

      RT is a communist news organization from Russia. Much of what they produce is propaganda.

    • knightowl77

      gary…last year the Obama administration wrote more than 57,000 pages of new regulations in one year. The rate for new regulations is alarming.
      It was reported that the EPA wants to declare “hay” a pollutant…Hay? gimme a break…and if Obama is so tough on the rich fat cats, why does he keep going to Wall St for campaign contributions??? In 2008 they gave far more to him than they did the republicans…so who is protecting who?
      It is the establishment politicians of both parties who are only interested in protecting their jobs and the status quo…Keep voting Dem, nothing will change. Have you looked at the tea party rallies? Most of the people in attendance are seniors or parents with their kids.
      Finally the rich got their money because the politicians (of both parties) picked winners and losers with targeted tax breaks and loan guarantees that benefited those who contributed the most money into campaign coffers.

    • Gary2, do you really get your “facts” from Russian television? The Russians practically invented propaganda.

      The fact that you equate Tea Partiers with Republicans reveals a lack of basic understanding. The Tea Party is only Republican because if they ran as Libertarians or Democrats they’d be barred from the election process altogether. Just watch what happens to Ron Paul and Huntsman.

      Nobody wants the poor to pay more while cutting taxes on the rich. We’re against raising taxes on anybody, because 99% of what we pay goes down a rathole or is used against us. Why give government another inch when they’ll come back for another mile?

      It’s beyond me how anybody thinks “spreading the wealth” gives anyone incentive to work hard, earn more, or do anything except sit on their fat asses watching American Idol and waiting for the next handout that’s been stolen from somebody who worked for it. If I bust my ass to make a buck (and that includes capital gains even though I personally think gambling on the stock market is for idiots), by what right do you insist I fork half of it over to you or your chosen recipient? Why do you think no one wants to start a business or hire people? It’s because people like you immediately show up with both hands out to take what you can get. You call it regulation. I call it theft.

      That hypothetical worker of yours who was hurt on the job? He should have been (A) paying better attention if he’s in a dangerous workplace, (B) got together with fellow employees and insisted on safe working conditions (which is what unions are supposed to do, but don’t) or (C) quit. What he should NOT do is (D) make it my problem through yet another ream of across the board government regulation. If you’re stupid enough to run your hand through a band saw, why do my taxes have to pay for the creation and enforcement of yet more regulations driving yet more jobs overseas, not to mention the end-product costs when the manufacturer has to pay to re-equip with redundant-safety band saws?

      Finally, I’m as anti-corporation as you are, but the problem with the big banksters isn’t too little regulation. It’s the fact that they don’t have to pay for their mistakes. I don’t care if you get swindled on the stock market, because that’s the basis of the whole enterprise. It’s your fault if you’re stupid enough to gamble your savings away. But when the banks fail because of their own stupid lending and investment decisions, that’s their tough luck, too. They have no right coming to the taxpayer for a bailout.

      Get over your left-right paradigm, start thinking upper class vs. lower class. Both parties are bought and paid for. The solution is TERM LIMITS on politicos, lobbying prosecuted for the bribery it is, and FLAT TAX as a (small) percentage of income, determined by GDP and paid by everybody — rich, poor, corporations, EVERYBODY. If you’re Lloyd Blankfein or General Electric, fork over your fair share. If you paid money to illegal aliens, it’s your loss. Only if you make nothing, do you pay nothing. The fact that half the people in the country and few of the corporations pay any income tax is utterly criminal, and is the reason there is no middle class anymore.

      And don’t even get me started on the Federal Reserve. End of rant.

    • ScoutMotto

      “How can anyone not agree that we need to tax the rich hard and spread the wealth????”

      Because many of those rich worked for what they have and deserve to keep the sweat off of their back. Why do you advocate stealing someone’s hard earnings to simply give to someone else who did not earn it? How is that justified? Just because you have some rich people (and what does “rich” mean anyway?) doesn’t mean all their earnings were falsely aquired. Yes, we hear about CEOs of big banks being given huge bonuses, but not all of the so-called “rich” are in this category.

      This class envy is what is diving the nation. It needs to stop. We need to get off of this “pay your fair share” mentality. Increasing taxes on the “rich” won’t do any good anyway. The only place your personal federal income tax goes is to pay interest on the national debt. Knowing this, now what good is your “spread the wealth” philosophy? It wouldn’t even go to help anyone. It would only line the pockets of the bankers who own the Fed. So with your “tax the rich” idea, you just helped defeat the purpose of your socialistic idea. Everyone’s “fair share” is completely UNFAIR.

    • 99er

      Gary you have oversimplified the issues to the binary. Democrats good, Republicans bad. Socialism good, Capitalism bad. Taxes good, wealth bad. Liberals good, conservatives bad. You remind me of the old Saturday Night Live skit in which Tarzan, Tonto and Frankenstein all expressed primal sentiments by making statements like, “Bread good. Fire bad”. Grow up and put little thought into your politics. It’s a damn shame that all of the energy wasted on your perpetual negative commentary isn’t redirected toward some self motivation.

  • Gary2

    Link to article on the too much regulation from prior post

    If there’s one thing Republicans love to attack, its government regulations. They tell us that regulations cost us jobs, they cost us too much money, and that they prohibit businesses from operating properly in the so-called “free market.” What they’re really upset about is that corporations have to take a little extra time to insure that their workers aren’t put in danger every day while doing their jobs, which costs these multinational conglomerates a few extra dollars.

  • Gary2

    Larry says:
    “They define the rich as someone earning $200,000 or more per year. People that earn high pay do so because of their hard work. When government taxes them it reduces their desire to work hard”

    Can I vomit yet? Look at the IRS stats to see who is rich and 200,000 is way rich. Yeah wall streeters sure to work hard, hard at screwing the rest of us.

    Michael-It must be the full moon making people say such low information retarded crap.

    I need to go and drop another job creator in the toilet!

    • Larry

      Gary2 I would like to respond to you this way.
      My son is 43 years old. When he was growing up I taught him business by actually having him work in my small business. He worked very hard and learned all he could. He attended a small State University and received his BS degree in Electronics and Masters in Techonology. I paid a small part of the tuition and he paid the rest out of money he earned. When he graduated he had no debt to pay for College. He then went to work for Texas Instruments and learned a lot more. He then went to work for another electronics company and he currently works very hard. He comes to work before 8am in the morning and leaves after 5pm in the evening.
      He learned the value of hard work while he was a teenager growing up. He now earns over $200,000 per year and he earns every bit of it
      by working hard. Now is it fair to tax him excessively to pay for someone to sit on their rear end and have illegitimate kids so they can collect more welfare? No it is not. My statement about earning over 200k was not a joke. It is a reality for someone that was reared properly in a functional home with a loving mother and father to guide him and teach him the value of hard work. That value system has been lost in this country.

  • Gary2

    Michael-excellent article. Keep up the good work.

  • bobcat

    This is the result of offshoring and outsourcing manufacturing industry. CEOs have made large bonuses for themselves by cannibalizing America’s industrial base. Now comes the revelation that 1 in 6 of us lives in poverty. This is a national disgrace.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    “How can anyone not agree that we need to tax the rich hard and spread the wealth????”

    Tax the ‘rich’ (over 250K in assets) 100% & take everything they possess and you will not have enough to cover the FY 2011 deficit. Now you have no more rich to fleece to attempt to cover an even larger deficit in FY 2012. You favor using the overwhelming,brutal power of government to decide winners and dictate losers. I suggest you consider immigrating to Cuba. Your utopia awaits your presence.

  • Georgiaboy61

    A well-done article, but as another post noted, no mention of the tens of millions of illegal aliens in the USA. Some estimates put the figure at 20-25 million, or nearly 1 in 10 people present in the country. They are holding jobs that citizens should be doing, consuming social services paid for by citizens. Our schools, prisons and hospitals are going broke under the strain. Will getting illegals to return to Mexico et al., solve our problems entirely? No, but it would be a great start.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Larry, re: “I am 67 years old and when I was a young man almost everything I bought was made in the USA.Then Japan started producing quality electronics and cars which were imported to the USA. Their quality was much better than ours and many people switched to buying Japanese produced items.” As long ago as the 1970s, executives in the electronics industry warned of illegal dumping of finished products and components by Japanese firms, at below-market rates subsidized by the Japanese govt. I should know, my father was one of those senior executives. Congress didn’t listen, and eliminated the import tariffs which had protected U.S. manufacturers and workers for decades. Now we make virtually none of our own electronics. And this is just one industry. Our politicians used to be economic nationalists, whose first priority was protecting our industries, jobs and incomes from foreign predation. Now, they just sell us out to the Chinese, Japanese, etc. Free trade, the mantra of the libertarians and the GOP, isn’t free when our trading partners restrict access to their markets, but insist that our markets be wide-open. All “free trade” has gotten us is Walmart, people without decent jobs, a nation devoid of manufacturing, and a wealthy and prosperous China. Some call that progress; I do not.

    • Mark in LA

      This was done by our government on purpose. We forced the Japanese to renounce nuclear weapons in their constitution after WWII. We wanted to keep our nuclear armed warships in Japanese ports. In order to keep the Japanese from squawking, a lot of things were overlooked by our government.

  • Interestingly enough I watched the presidential debates last night. They made up a case of a 30-year old who is desperately sick and doesn’t have health insurance. What should be done with somebody like this? Should he die? Some people in the audience yelled ‘YES’.
    In some of Michael’s other articles there are descriptions of how brutally corrupt our population has become, it’s not just politicians or banksters, it’s lots and lots of ordinary people. I guess we want a Darwinian jungle for a country. This article and others are showing us where we are headed with this Darwinian jungle : dire poverty, hunger, diseases without access to health care, crime, murder and suffering just like in 3rd world countries. What have we become??? It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Democrats , Republicans , or whatever…When it’s all about ME, WE are going to fail!

  • In the end it won’t just be the Democrats or Republicans that will sink!You can’t cut the Titanic in half and pretend that only one half will sink. The whole Titanic sunk!
    In Michael’s articles on how brutally corrupt we have become, he doesn’t distinguish between Democrats or Republicans in terms of committing heinous crimes, stealing, robbing stores, and so on…
    The same is true with banksters and other crooks. They are both, Democrats and Republicans. The whole country is sinking, not just one or the other. Our worst enemy is our own evil!

  • mondobeyondo

    Oh my, the dichotomy.

    Approximately 1 in 7 American families are living in poverty. Nearly 1 in 4 American children are in poverty. Or so the statistics say. Many of these people visit food banks because they have no money to buy food after paying the bills.

    And yet somehow, these poverty stricken Americans are apparently able to afford cell phones, Nintendos, big screen TV’s, etc. Something is wrong here, big time. Or maybe it’s just this country’s massive upper-middle class (ha!!) that is living this “high life”?

    I can’t explain it. The computer part, well yeah. You can go online and access the Internet at a public library. The computers cost nothing, and access is free.

    However, that doesn’t explain the cell phones, Nintendos, big screen TV’s, etc. It’s not like you can run down to the library and rent a cell phone. Hence, a population eating mac and cheese and Spam, while texting their BFF on their Droid or iPhone or iPad (or iPad 2, if you wanna keep up with the Joneses.)

    What gives???

    (for the record, I watch TV on an antique (2001) analog TV set with a digital converter. One day, I’ll buy a 1080p digital 52 inch HDTV. Someday…)

  • DM

    The spirit behind all of this is poverty. The curse of poverty can only be broken by giving of tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:8-10). The poor need to find good churches and pastors who know something about biblical finances to break the curse of poverty.

    I have personally seen God get jobs for every person who would fully obey God regarding biblical finances. God is 100% faithful in honoring His Word.

    God created the first job in history. He gave Adam the job of tending the Garden in Eden. If the Heavenly Father can give a job to Adam when there were no factories, no fast food places, no government jobs, God can still provide jobs to anyone else.

    The next time you visit a church, ask them if they have training on biblical finances. Do they pray for jobs? What is their track record regarding getting members jobs who need them? If the answer is no, no and 0%, you may want to consider another church.


    The United States of America is on a collision course with a Civil War or Revolution.

    • r.bitting

      The United States is on a collision course with the God of the Bible.

  • patriot alice

    We borrowed and spent 4 trillion dollars in the last 3 years, window dressing the state of our economy. Some people want to continue to borrow and spend a lot more to continue this fraud. We have to learn to live within our means and stop the madness of increasing debt…It is debt, too much spending, and the devaluation of the dollar that is impoverishing Americans.

  • The stats are really very shocking as the poverty is one thing which hits the nation most..and lead to all other problems like unemployment , inflation etc….
    If compared with emerging countries , the figures there are quite promising and motivating..what has happened to US???
    To avoid the risks, I follow they give an accurate predictions about the market and other happenings

  • This problem will resolve only when American Govt. call back his solders…

  • Frankly…I’m waiting to see who’s going to shoot who first. The US is poked…good and proper. There is nothing good coming out of there anytime soon. I’d leave while I could. Yeah…that would be cool…

  • Shattered Dreams

    The American dream will be shattered if the shrinking of the middle class continues beyond the recession, and more individuals and families are pushed into poverty while a larger percentage of wealth in this nation is put in the hands of a small fraction of the population.
    You and your children will be ranked the “New American Poverty class” that will compare with the poor of third world countries.
    The new Ubarich will be the banksters their families and politicians who have sold out the American dream for their own political gain. This has been done all throughout world history and is nothing new.
    The ruling classes have always sold out the middle class to further their own agendas and many countries have collapsed because of it.
    A strong and large middle class has been the solid foundation of America, especially since the end of World War II.
    These are the people who spend large proportions of their earnings on consumer goods; they pay federal, state and local taxes; they raise families; they grow and support their communities. It has long been the national consensus that people in poverty have the opportunity to rise to the middle class and from the middle class to the upper class.

    This has defined the American dream, and it has inspired people around the world.

  • Kate

    To the gentleman who is “afraid” of Ron Paul’s crazy ideas–he’s not advocating NO drug laws, he’s saying it should be State determination, according to the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. If the mainstream media would pay more attention to him and let the public have more than sound bytes, you might understand his positions better. But of course, that’s not going to happen because Dr. Paul isn’t one of the corporate fascists’ puppets; he takes no special interest money and never has. He’s too honest and principled for the elitists running things to ever allow him to hold the highest office in the country.
    But we CAN elect him–don’t let them persuade you otherwise. He’s polling higher than they’ll ever show and his campaign is picking up steam every day. A VOTE FOR RON PAUL IS A VOTE FOR LIBERTY, PEACE, AND SOUND MONEY.

    • Larry

      kate I agree with you about Ron Paul’s good ideas. Here is the problem if he runs as an independent and not a Republican or Democrat.
      He will get many votes that would normally go to the Republican candidate. This will insure that Obama gets elected to a second term. A very good example of this is when Ross Perot ran as an independent. He got many votes but they were mostly from the Republican voters which put the Democrat into office. There may be a small chance that enough Democratic voters will be so fed up with Obama that they will also vote for an independent candidate. I guess we will see in 2012 if the world lasts that long.

  • William

    22% of children in America in poverty…..and America BORROWS money to give away to Israel, and America BORROWS $10 BILLION to spend in Afghanistan each month!!! America is run by IDIOTS. Be sure to reelect the moron who represents you in the US House and US Senate.

  • WM

    Good article and good comments. I have started reading the book: ” The Naked Communist” originally written in 1958. It talks about communism, Marxism, etc. and even has a list of the “agenda” that communists would use to destroy this nation from within….things such as promoting homosexuality, cohabitation, feminism, pornography, removing prayer from school, destroying marriage between man and woman,destroying absoulute morality,etc., etc. The “list” of their agenda to destory America is shocking indeed, especially when you consider most of the agenda has already been fulfilled.

    I have no doubt that America is into a steady decline that it will never be able to recover from. The reign is over. Possibly, by the Grace of God, this nation will be able to rebuild after the collapse, but I don’t expect anything lest the nation repents and turns to the Creator God of the Bible.

    Its not a matter of IF economic collapse will occur, it is a matter of WHEN. Start preparing now.

  • Alan

    I have a political fix for this that will be supported by both parties. The poverty line is about $22,100. Just lower it to say $15,000. Now you have bulked up the middle class and reduced poverty all in one swipe.

    The problem is not the political parties its the bankers and wall street that’s in the politicians back pocket. Follow the money, it always leads to the banks and wall street. That’s where the true power “lies”. The politicians are the diversion to the looting going on by the banker / wall street crooks.

    You can vote until you pass out nothing will change.

  • Dan

    We use to live in a very rural mountain development here in New Mexico, you know the kinda place 5 acre lots and very rural, dirt roads etc.
    When we first moved there on a road two miles long there was only me and one other. That was 6 years ago, now the place is over run with meth chefs, tweekers, pot growers and the rest are on SSI, Welfare, food stamps etc. \

    Seems that people who bought lots there in the past for a “vacation home” and never did anything with it now have unemployed son in laws and kids who are now homeless. Give the lot to the kids and get them out of your house.

    We were very lucky 3 years ago when we sold our house there at a big loss, but at least we sold it. The week after we closed on the house the person we sold it to contacted me and told me that all the solar panels, generator, power tools, batteries were stolen by a local meth head.

    When we look back on that the only thing that comes to mind is ” GOT OUT JUST IN TIME!”.

    We now live in a very very very rural place, 24 miles of dirt roads to get here and in 10 sq miles there are only 9 people living in the area.

    Be careful out there

  • Mario

    I believe it’s to late, our only hope is in Jesus.
    I know to a lot of you that doesn’t make sense, but really think about is their any other way? If so let me know because I don’t see another way out of this mess.

    • r.bitting

      You see well.

  • John

    This country must produce wealth. There are only 3 ways to do that. Farming, mining and manufacturing. The government produces no wealth, it only absorbs wealth. This country’s economy is based on 70% consumer spending. That is unsustainable. Manufacturing must return to the US. We won WW2 because we had a strong manufacturing base. We have been dismantling our manufacturing base for years. If we got into a war now, we would loose because we counld’nt manufacture.

  • 1. People are living longer, so it costs more to support them with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc.

    2. Illegal aliens cost our economy 1/2 Trillion Dollars a year, for welfare, Medicaid, education in Spanish, imprisonment, social services, lost jobs, etc.

    3. People have depended on mutual funds and other financial tools, which allow the elite bankers to steal their money from fees and market bubbles/crashes.

    You need financial education just to stay ahead of inflation, let alone built wealth in this economy.

  • Richard

    The health care system is deeply deeply broken? Or deeply deeply deeply broken? Or perhaps, deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply deeply broken?
    For ********** sake, stop talking to us like we were morons. WE GET IT, OK? It’s a terrible time to be alive. WE KNOW THAT. Stop being so damn condescending. LET US DECIDE HOW DEEPLY DEEPLY DEEPLY BROKEN THINGS ARE… I can’t believe I’m the only one to be totally p. o’d by this babytalk. More’s the pity because your information’s so good. If you want to act, go to drama school and learn a new trade.

    • r.bitting

      Michael, don’t even give that comment a second thought. You’re presentation of the information is fine. And I believe you intentionally direct people to look at the bigger picture. I believe I can speak for most here when I say keep up the exellent work…. And even the athiests said AMEN.

  • Larry

    Gary2, I would like to respond this way. Politicians want big government because it is power for them. How do they get big government by taxing the working people and paying people who don’t work so they will vote for them in the next election. This has been going on since the beginning of time. It is not just a new problem in the USA. When Jesus was on earth he
    even remarked how hated tax collectors were but he made one tax collector an apostle of his. The government corruption has grown so large in this country that there is now no way out of it.
    Study Bible prophecy and see what it says about the end of time. We are living in the end times and all of these things must come to pass before Jesus comes back to earth to judge the living and the dead. The events that are happening in the world are just the beginning of the great tribulation. The best thing anyone can do is to get saved by Jesus and be ready for life in the next world. When World War III comes and kills most of the people on earth the saved ones will be in heaven with Jesus. How does one get saved? Check out the many Christian
    web sites and see. Which Christian Church is the right one? The one that brings you closest to God.

  • Jase

    Our choice in politics is like the following.

    Do you want to die from Diabetes or Cancer? The end result is the same and both are going to be painful and horrific. The only difference is the route you take getting to the end. There is no difference in ANY party candidate. Nobody has the solution’s to these problems and just want the prestige of being on the wall of presidents.

    Here are two world ongoing situations that tie in with the article. I could find multiple examples, but these struck me.

    Solyndra Solar in Fremont CA. – Received a $535 million Federal loan guaranteed by taxpayers. A few weeks back they locked the gates, filed bankruptcy, and got rid of their employees.

    This is the same company Obama visited last year for a PR speech and praised this company and clean energy as part of his vision for the future of America.

    Guess it is pretty telling that getting laid off with no notice after burning through $535 Million is a reflection of our country right now. Any decent campaign run by Republican’s will push this point over and over.

    Bryan Stow – SF Giants fan – This poor guy went to the Giants vs Dodgers game in LA at the start of baseball season and was brutally beaten and almost killed. He has been in this hospital being kept alive and is still there right now.

    Yesterday the news reported that his current medical bill is $50 MILLION dollars. I thought it was a typo and they added a zero and felt even $5 million would be insane.

    How many people have liquid assets or the ability to pay this bill, even if they had medical insurance that covered 70-80% of costs? As the article here states, medical insurance and costs are just totally insane and having seen loved ones die from terrible illnesses in prolonged suffering situations it is just sad how things work in this area.

    Just two recent and active examples to add to this article. This doesn’t even include all the other major issues.

    Many of my family and friends are still grinding out the American dream and just like in all situations some appear to be thriving.

    I hate being so pessimistic and unable to offer any advice beyond stocking up on water, food, medicine, trade goods, bullets and other survival gear.

  • Jeff

    Great Report, even though its sad its reality

  • A very good summation. The question is, how to solve the problem?

  • Mr Carpenter

    So Gary2, you’d rather have a “planned economy” right? That’s essentially what you’re saying when you want to destroy individual initiative by stealing from those who work and save, and give to those who are – shall we say – less willing. By force. By government fiat. But God says stealing is stealing.

    But let’s go back to what you want.

    It’s been done! Just look at one country – the one which did it “best” – East Germany.

    The old joke about the Germans being able to do anything came true. Nobody else did as “good” a job at making communism work as the Germans.

    So Gary2, why don’t you start a political party on the basis of asking some of the dissatisfied old East German officials to come over and show us how to do it “right”?

    Hey – it’s true. Everyone worked in East Germany. Nobody slept in the woods or under bridges.

    Nope, they had concrete towers where people were crammed into tiny rooms.

    Anyone who wanted had the freedom to buy an East German car. The Trabant car bodies were made of cotton fiber (cast-offs from the Soviet Union) and phenyls from East German dye factories.

    Of course, you had to pay several years wages up front and wait 5 to 8 years for delivery for a Trabbi. Which polluted hundreds of times more than modern cars, literally.

    The other thing which we could learn from the East Germans is how to build a wall separating us from others – it would be useful to keep the illegal aliens out. And “free Amerikans” in, of course – which was the intent of the Berlin wall. It’s not like they had West Germans trying to sneak INTO East Germany for their terrific planned economy, eh?

    Oh yes, I’m sure the East Germans had unions, too. Of course, if you were to go on strike, you probably would have a visit at 3am from the Stazi (secret police) and would never be heard of again (and possibly the same for your family).

    Be honest, Gary2, this is the life you want. No responsibilities, no decisions to be made, everyone “equal” (except those who are of course, “more than equal” who belong to THE “correct” political party).

    Thanks, I’d really rather have a nation, flawed as it was, where some freedoms reigned.

    My Creed by Dean Alfang (written in the 1920’s)

    “I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon. I seek opportunity to develop whatever talents God gave me — not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existance; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of utopia. I will not trade freedom for beneficience nor my dignity for a handout. I will never cower before any earthly master nor bend to any threat. It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act myself, enjoy the benefit of my creation and to face the world boldly and say — ‘This, with God’s help, I have done.’ All this is what it means to be an American.”

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Gary2.

  • PrepperGal35

    Appreciate everything you write, but you missed the reasons – illegals taking resources and jobs, jobs being sent overseas, BHO sending aid to every country but our own, dependency on foreign oil, military spread all over the world – just to name a few.

    It could all easily be turned around by fixing the above but unfortunately it’s all a part of the greater plan for New World Order…

    Get your prepps ready to weather this storm and help others if possible – it’s coming quickly!

    • Nancy

      PrepperGal35-Could NOT have said it better myself. Unfortunately, there are too many that don’t want to follow sage wisdom, and even more that are too lazy to do anything to help themselves. I have planned for my family as best I can, and pray EVERY night for this country and the world. If people don’t have the resources to prepare, then I suggest they pray; it doesn’t cost a thing to ask the Father to look after you and your loved ones.

  • xander cross

    Putting Americans back to work. Maybe that is the problem, working for corporations, and working in general. After all, employee taxes is the most taxed formed of income. working is the problem.

  • Mark in LA

    Reagan’s vision for America is finally coming true. His amnesty coupled with prior family reunification priorities guaranteed millions of low skilled immigrants. His use of illegals to break unions guaranteed a cowed work force with no political power to counteract the pro Wall Street and off-shoring administrations. His free-trade idiocy help move the jobs off shore. His big lie campaign at NSF was instrumental in getting guest worker legislation passed.

    Thank you Ronnie for destroying America!!!

    • ura stupid communist

      YOU are a liar madam. You know damn good and well that the DEMOCRAT congress made a deal with him to sign amnesty and then they would secure the border and then they renegged on it. So please go spout your bilge at Democrat Underground. That’s the forum for the lesser intelligent people and it’s clearly where you belong.

  • Glad to see you brought up the notion that the numbers that the government is reporting would be much greater if they were using the older inflation adjusted means to report. It’s amazing.

    You’re right too that things are fundamentally changing. I saw earlier today that someone is making a payment to Trump for real estate in the form of gold and not cash. That I think is something we see a lot more of in coming years as all the currencies fail because of the huge debt that fiat currencies have created.

  • Maria

    It is too late to stop what is happening to the world economy. The fiat economy is dying, and something new will replace it after much suffering. Our country will share in the suffering. It is my belief that each country will suffer in direct proportion to it’s degree of involvement with the immoral activities that created this economic disaster. America will suffer GREATLY.

    America needs to wake up…not just to what is happening in the economy…but to the root cause of all our problems…immorality. We have spurned God! We have turned away from what made us great, and we have lost the grace of God.

    Wake up America!

    This is what Joel Rosenberg has to say.

    • r.bitting

      Way to go Maria, proud of you!

  • Gabrial Singh

    I love the tea party guys…just get rid of the illegal aliens..aka non white people, and things will be alright again. Sorry nazis, too late for you too. you all can thank your nazi leader ronald reagan for putting this country on a slippery slope of decline. You did it, your kids are gonna pay. and they will pay dearly. I guarantee that!!

    • uugh

      You mean the Ronald Reagan that signed amnesty for illegal aliens vs YOUR Woodrow Wilson that segregated the govt and YOUR hero Che that thought black people were worthless indolent drunkards and YOUR party that fought as the confederacy FOR slavery? I mean **********, you can start by learning the non-progressive version of history aka the real version.

      Besides which, Nazism is sooo much closer to your left wing beliefs (hello – National Socialism) than any real conservative belief system.

  • jerry O

    I’d like to offer a ray of hope
    in the midst of all the craziness…

    A friend recommended a site
    put together by a millionaire.

    It’s helped me
    prepare for our

    uncertain future
    in many ways:

    Free Video here-

    “How to Profit like the Ultra-Rich in Times of Economic Chaos”

  • David

    I credit you with your continuing examination of all the details leading to the eventual immolation of all that we hold dear and true. Like a man trying to hold back the inevitable tide, you are locked in a Sisyphean effort to get out the information before the doomsday clock strikes.
    Unfortunately, it may very well be too little too late. When we have finally burned all the cars, buildings and other elements of our society, and the rioters have finished looting the Kroger, we are still faced with the complexity of either trying to rebuild our society as founded, or try something else. And even if we do, what are we going to do it with? We no longer make anything, and you can’t lift civilization up on the backs of a bunch of customer service jobs, techno-geeks, and other post-industrial make-work jobs that just shuffle paper about.
    What happens after the music stops? While faith may in fact warm ones heart and soul, it is food and shelter that will better serve ones body. How are we going to provide for our children? What happens to those who cannot work due to disability? In a nation where 1 in 150 children are on the autism spectrum, how do we aid them in a nation under collapse?
    A nation’s wealth is not what is in it’s banks, nor under it’s ground, but it’s children. It would appear the we have squandered our children’s future, with misguided policy and malevolent neglect, and visited our greed and stupidity on generations yet born, and they will curse us for it.

    • Michael

      Great comment David.

      Hopefully all of our warnings are helping a few more people get prepared for what is ahead.


  • Gay Veteran

    gary 2 is a nostalgiacrat (he supports the Democrats the way they used to be back in the 50s)

    GREAT article as usual, very well written and logical. Which is why I’m confused as to why this site attracts so many Bible thumpers and reactionaries.

    WM: “…the “agenda” that communists would use to destroy this nation from within….things such as promoting homosexuality, cohabitation, feminism, pornography, removing prayer from school, destroying marriage between man and woman,destroying absoulute morality,etc., etc….”

    poor WM, guess you weren’t an adult in the good old 1950s when women knew their place (in the kitchen), ***************** knew their place (in the back of the bus), and f*gs knew their place (in the closet).

    • uugh

      “very well written and logical. Which is why I’m confused as to why this site attracts so many Bible thumpers ”

      and yet, I’ll bet the next thing outta your mouth is likely gonna be some ridiculous demand for “equal rights to gay marriage”

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “The gap between the rich and the poor is wider in the United States than it is in any of the other industrialized nations.” —Gerald Celente

    “When the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood begins to flow in the streets.”—Gerald Celente

    When I was growing up, my grandmother (who passed away in 1981) had a lot to say about The Great Depression. She lived through it, and she had a lot to say about how good most Americans had it growing up in the 1960s and 1970s compared to the 1930s. I remember listening to abuelita’s Great Depression horror stories and thinking to myself, “Man, I sure hope I never have to live through anything like that.” But in the words of The Rolling Stones, you can’t always get what you want.

    The country is in a depression again—only this time, things are going to be even worse than the 1930s. Since the crash of September 2008, The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) has been in a depression (not a recession, a depression), and this depression is going to deepen considerably. Gerald Celente predicts that the BRA will be entering what he calls The Greatest Depression, meaning a depression even worse than the 1930s—and all of the evidence indicates that Signore Celente is spot on. Things are going to get really ugly in the BRA. The Greatest Depression will make the 1930s look like sunshine and daffodils. We are screwed. We are so screwed.

    “Know where your money is because we’re going to see bank failures, one after another.”—Gerald Celente

    God help The Banana Republic of America, collapsing hellhole of the Third World.

    • Kevin Eshbach

      The empire is collapsing as history repeats itself.

      • sabrina

        that is true. it is repeating its self. even in the roman times. if u look at the history, we have been repeating this issue for several hundreds of years.

  • It’s The End of Good Times And I Feel Fine Because I Am Prepared,Ready,So Bring It On.

    • Gary2

      you are retarded

      • ura stupid communist

        and yet you’re the communist. go figure

      • Bill S

        Believe it or not, AlreadyGone is right—either because is is really smart or really lucky. Why right? Because the SOONER we let the market flush out all of the excesses, corruption, and crime, the sooner we can restore our republic.

        While I will argue that the fundamental cause of ALL OF OUR problems is corruption, collusion, and fascism, even with out that you have to have cleansing from time to time to clean out excesses and inefficiency. The problem is, the only people suffering are those not in control—the banks, the large multinationals, and the government are all doing just fine because they have colluded together to enrich themselves at Americans expense.

        Bottom line is AlreadyGone is just being realistic—–so, if anyone is being retarded, it is you sir. But I will choose a more civil word and just call you ignorant because perhaps you do not understand the root causes of our problems and thus are quick to flame without having the facts.

  • laura

    My father in law was an eighth grade drop out. My brothers did poor in school and barely graduated. All three had trades (electrician, plumber, car salesman,& worked on loading dock. There is no work ethics today as people can get welfare, SNAP, and keep breeding kids they can’t afford. John @ 1:19pm: we have lost 20th century wars anyway..Korea, V.N. and now in the middle east. We gave most of E. Europe to Russia after ww2..I Q if we lost that war too. America has zero future. I won’t vote for any pinhead/puppet politician period. It’s too late anyway, voting produces no results.

    • Colin


      When I was applying for general assistance and SNAP, I saw a Safeway employee at the office. She was applying for aid. How did I know she was with Safeway? She was dressed in the uniform. According to you, she is not hard working and is leeching off the taxpayers. The truth of the matter is that many minimum wage workers are dependent on government assistance to make up the gap. I worked at minimum wage jobs, and I need my family’s help to stay solvent.

      War wasn’t a possibility after World War II. The Allied Powers were exhausted, and weren’t ready to fight another war. The American people wanted peace, and President Truman listened to the people.

      • Gary2

        The tax payers are subsidizing these shit low pay scum companies like Walmart with most of their employees on SNAP etc..

        So how do you like your tax dollars subsidizing walmart etc?

        And the right wants to cut taxes further on corporations.

        • Bill S

          Sir, when it comes to crime at the top, particularly Wall Street, there is no “left” or “right”—-they are all criminals. Your beloved “left” chose Obama as their President—-someone who was put into office BY WALL STREET. Go back and look—-his main contributors were Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc. I am not saying they are left wing socialists—what I am saying is that the elites use “left” and “right” politics to divide us so that we fight amongst ourselves over the “problem” when the elites (political atheists—they only care about money and power) loot us blind.

          You are right about minimum wage and all of that, but please do not debase your intelligent thought with the “left” and “right” drivel because the reality is the elites in power on both sides are great friends and laugh all the way to the bank while we sit around and fight over left and right.

          The PROBLEM is the Federal Reserve and the Bankers, and until people figure that out, we are doomed!

      • comnenus

        Not getting rid of China to save a few thousand people has caused this crisis.

        Nice job, Truman. You and Bush the younger are the worst presidents of the USA. Buchanan and Harding didn’t do anything; but at least they are better than you and Bush since they didn’t start any stupid wars or back down before the commies.

    • sharonsj

      Too much Republican kool-aid has left you with the inability to read factual information. Instead of blaming people working for poverty wages and people who can’t find a job, how about going after the giant corporations that don’t pay a penny in taxes? Or is that something Rush Limbaugh forgot to mention?

      • uugh

        You mean like GE? How about turbo tax timmy geithner? I’m just curious whether you’re a left-wing commy hack without an orignal thought or are you genuinely concerned?

        In principle I agree that the mega nationals are screwing America (balls deep baby), but if you think it’s all the republicans fault then you’re dumber than the typical commie.

      • Bill S

        Sharon, the elites are both left and right—-both sides are looting us so please stop the “left” and “right” drivel—that is exactly what the elites want us to do is fight over that while they loot us for everything we have.

        Until people wake up and realize this is not a partisan issue but rather the elites (bankers, federal reserve, politicians, corporations) looting the general public, the problem WILL NOT BE SOLVED.

    • Gail Coleman

      I would like to see an eighth grade dropout try to get a job today. Trust me-he would be on welfare.

    • anthro101

      Comments like these show just how ignorant and compassion less Americans as a society have become. We make snap judgements like these about people we don’t know and situations that we don’t understand. While I will admit there are probably those few people that abuse these programs the majority of its users really do need the assistance. Who are we to judge them? What if you were in their situation would you consider yourself as having no work ethics? Wheres your compassion?

  • DEFCONStudios

    Michael please refer to this link:

    “Therefore, after extrapolating the data, we can estimate that at least 56 million Americans, roughly 18.5% of the population, lived in poverty in 2010 according to NAS methodology, approximately 10 million more than the Census Bureau is reporting. “

    • Michael

      Good link. I think that shows the point I was trying to make. The number of Americans living in poverty is even higher than the giant number the U.S. government is admitting to.


      • Bill S

        Mike, the Bureau of Lies and Sh!t (BLS–aka Bureau of Labor and Statistics) job is to serve the elite and to use whatever number is beneficial for the current politicans in power based on their current needs. They stopped producing honest numbers during the Clinton Administration and politicians never looked back.

        You absolutely CANNOT trust ANY numbers coming from the BLS. The BLS lies, the SEC will not prosecute financial crimes on Wall Street, the Justice Department will not prosecute crimes against Americans—-I could go on and on.

        The system is completely broken but there is a solution—the CONSTITUTION. Until we elect (and force) politicians whoe believe in the constitution and obey it, we are going to keep getting the same thing over and over again.

  • It is interesting to note the article’s age range limit at 54. I live in Australia and despite claims that our economy id performing well my business went broke when I was 50 years old. I have re-trained in a new trade and only managed to find limited work in both my trades (carpentry and cooking) and so I went to university, spent 5 years and earned two degrees… Guess what, I am still out of work.

    My solution is to try and build a business online because, despite being 64 years of age, I want to work, especially as I have no superannuation. This is what I am attempting to do now:

  • JD

    I agree with Gerald Celente that a tax revolt is coming. My father pays $7,000 a year in state income tax alone. Gary2, I think the bastard corporations that send our jobs overseas should be taxed into the poorhouse unless they agree to bring the jobs home. I can understand your fustration. You are watching your kids future go up in smoke and theres nobody on the white horse coming to the rescue. One thing I disagree with you is that $200,000 a year is rich. Maybe if your some wall street broker that makes his money by being a thief and has no children then hell yeah he dosent need all that money. But if your a small business owner or a rancher you are redistributing wealth to your employees. Its called a paycheck. I would rather have a job than a welfare check. Those people could use a little tax relief because they could give their employees a raise. That seems fair to me. All I know is keep your head up my friend, but dont count on the government to save you. They didnt give a shit about me when I was living in my car!

    • Gary2

      I hear you. However, it is not me saying 200,000 per year is rich, simply look at the census numbers and someone making 200,000 is in the top 5%. That’s rich.

      I do agree on not taxing small business to hard but like you said the wall street thugs and the big corps that send jobs overseas and then get a tax rebate-GE etc)

      The best welfare is a good job!

      • McKinley Morganfield

        “… simply look at the census numbers and someone making 200,000 is in the top 5%. That’s rich….. The best welfare is a good job!”

        An amazing display of ignorance! Who creates jobs? Poor people? High school drop outs? People making 30K? You obviously have a reality deficit. Most of the jobs are created by people who work 60+ hours per week and invest their own capital and sweat to create businesses that create jobs. Tax and regulate them too much and fewer jobs are created.

        “I do agree on not taxing small business to hard but like you said the wall street thugs and the big corps that send jobs overseas and then get a tax rebate-GE etc)”

        Glad you mentioned GE. Which party receives the most campaign contributions from GE? Which presidential candidate in 2008 received the most contributions from GE? Same questions apply to BP, Goldman Sachs, and every ‘thug’ from Wall Street and the big ‘corps’. Who do they funnel the most bribes to via campaign contributions? The answer to all of these questions is the party/candidates you vote for. Which party/candidates receive the most contributions from small business owners? Viola! The answer is republicans.

        Note: I despise the republicans almost as much as I despise democrats; I vote libertarian whenever possible.

        • Laura J.

          If you had read the article above you would have noticed that the low-income jobs is what most America’s have and I would have to say that it is from large corporations or maybe even someone working over 60 hours a week but just paying their employees minimum wage which puts you under the poverty line and able to get public assistance so that you made feed your family. Some people need to wake up and realize there are alot of people out there with high school diplomas and college diplomas but are working minimum wage because no one is hiring.


    Stand up!!!!!
    We shall not be moved
    Except by a child with no socks and shoes
    If you’ve got more to give then you’ve got to prove
    Put your hands up and I’ll copy you
    Stand up
    We shall not be moved
    Except by a woman dying from a loss of food
    If you’ve got more to give then you’ve got to prove
    Put your hands up and I’ll copy you

    We still don’t understand thunder and lightning
    Flash back to when we didn’t fund the dam
    Didn’t fund the damn levee? No wonder man
    Now our whole damn city’s torn asunder man
    Under water but we still don’t understand
    We see hurricane spills overrun the land
    Through gaps you couldn’t fill with a hundred tons of sand
    No we still don’t understand
    We’ve seen planes in the windows of buildings crumbled-in
    We’ve seen flames send the chills through London
    And we’ve sent planes to kill them and some of them were children
    But still we crumble-in the building
    Underfunded but we still don’t understand
    Under god but we kill like the son of Sam
    But if you feel like I feel like about the son of man
    We will overcome

    So stand up
    We shall not be moved
    Except by a child with no socks and shoes
    If you’ve got more to give then you’ve got to prove
    Put your hands up and I’ll copy you
    Stand up
    We shall not be moved
    Except by a woman dying from a loss of food
    If you’ve got more to give then you’ve got to prove
    Put your hands up and I’ll copy you

    I said put your hands up and I’ll copy you
    Put your hands up and I’ll copy you
    If you’ve got more to give then you’ve got to prove
    Put your hands up and I’ll copy you

    We shall not be moved
    Except by a child with no socks and shoes
    Except by a woman dying from a loss of food
    Except by a freedom fighter bleeding on a cross for you
    We shall not be moved
    Except by a system that’s rotten through
    Neglecting the victims and ordering the cops to shoot
    High treason now we need to prosecute

    So stand up
    We shall not be moved
    And we wont fight a war for fossil fuel
    It’s times like this if want to plot a coup
    Put your hands up and I’ll copy you
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    So if you’ve got a dream and a lot to do
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    Put your hands up

    Now shake, shake
    A polaroid dream
    Nightmare negatives develop on the screen
    We sit back and wait for the government team
    Criticize they but who the fuck are we
    The people want peace but the leaders want war
    Our neighbors don’t speak, peek through the front door
    House representatives preach “stay the course”
    Time for a leap of faith
    Once more

    Put your hands up high if you haven’t imagined
    Hope that the pen strokes stronger than the cannon
    Balls to the wall, nose to the grindstone
    My interrogation techniques leave your mind blown
    So place your bets let’s speak to the enemy
    Don’t let ’em pretend that we seek blood
    And who’s we anyways Kemo Sabe?
    Mighty warlord wanna-be street thug
    A threat for a threat leaves the whole world terrified
    Blow for blow never settles the score
    Word for word it’s time we clarify
    We the people did not want war

    So stand up
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    So if you’ve got a dream and a lot to do
    Put your hands up and I’ll copy you

    I said put your hands up and I’ll copy you
    Put your hands up and I’ll copy you
    If you’ve got a dream and a lot to do
    Put your hands up
    1,229 likes, 22 dislikes

    • Great poem, but oil is not a fossil fuel. For proof see It’s a small edition because the thesis was so easy to prove.

      There is much more than oil, though, in the publication. Those who state that it is the international bankers control the parties are right. They do. See You’ll also learn a piece of history that people in Canada, all of western Europe, and Argentina know from their press.

  • MarkD

    I love reading everybodys comments. My conclusions are almost always the same. It is every presidents fault. They were all our presidents we chose them. So I think we have failed as a country. If Obama is the best Gary2 can come up with it is sad. They are all the problem we are all the problem. I always want to know so what now. Is America over have we critically failed. Or can we be saved. The rich will all leave before they do what gary wants. The poor will not get off the couch and work. Doctor will not start working for 20 buck an hour. Lawyers will not stop suing every insurance company. Drug addict will not stop using. Liers will not stop lieing. Cheaters will keep cheating. 401k’s will continue to be robbed. So this will not be a easy fix. I don’t think it can or will be fixed. that to me is very sad. I love America, I have been in many countries I always look forward to being back in the good ole U.S.A. I work in every state in our country and there are good honest hard working folks everywhere. At some point the balance tilted and we started sliding into the darkness.

    • mondobeyondo

      It’s not any president’s fault.

      People are so willing to throw stones at Obama and Bush. But unless they personally hired you, they don’t deserve the blame.

      The entire system is corrupt, not just a couple of individuals. But because the President represents the system as a whole, they automatically become lightning rods by default. People are frustrated, and they tend to focus their unhappiness and anger on the most convenient target. Obama happens to be it at the moment. i.e. “How’s that hopey-changey thing workin’ for ya?” – etc….

      What I see from my vantage point (in the beautiful deserts of the state of Arid-Zona) is a President trying to press the buttons and push the levers, and praying for an answer. Nothing he tries is going to work. Even Harry Houdini couldn’t make it work at this point in time. Obama has tried healthcare reform (flop!), and is trying a jobs program (flop!) Maybe something will click, and make things a bit easier for the middle class. And maybe Tinkerbell will sprinkle pixie dust on all of us, and we’ll just flap our arms and fly.

      So yesh – Obama could have done MUCH better with the economy. But is it entirely his fault we are stuck in this Mess?



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  • Rockdisjoint

    They need more capitalism.

  • jerry O

    The poverty level is going to continue to

    This administration is only concerned about
    how they can get more and it looks like
    they are out to bankrupt our nation
    so they can reform it into a socialist state.

    The economy is going to continue to go down.

    A lot of manipulating is going on right now
    to try to keep up the image that we are getting

    Don’t be fooled.

    Your dollar is losing value more and more each

    Robert Kiyosaki and many other financial
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  • charlesnews

    Government is only thinking of
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    They no longer care about the
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    Times are going to continue to
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    What to do about this?

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  • Betty King

    My advice if you have a job,do your best each day to try to make your employer money, or save the Co. money as this will ensure he will be able to continue to pay you. It is sad that so many people does not have a job, what is more sad is the number of jobless people that doesn’t want to work.
    Next,I would advise everyone, if you don’t just have to have it DO NOT buy it, most of us could get by on less,and in fact later we are going to have to.

  • patrick

    A lot of conflicting information on this site. Keep jobs in the U.S.? I agree. Why do you have a link to sell IPODS, having written extensively about why exporting jobs is bad. If you are going to represent and publicize an opinion I agree with(and actually adhere to), don’t discredit yourselves by being idiots.

  • mondobeyondo

    Everyone has their own take as to how to make it through this Mess, and the coming Catastrophe, but I think Calvin Coolidge (U.S. President, 1923-29) said it best:

    “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent wil not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unwewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone wil not; the world is ful of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

    And so it is. You will see Harvard-educated graduates working at Wendy’s and Home Depot. Your “America’s Got Talent” hero may be sitting on a sidewalk curb a few months now, with an open guitar case, begging for quarters and dollar bills.

    Albert Einstein was a genius, in every sense of the world. But was he a billionaire? Not from what I’ve heard. The guy still led a rather simple, if eccentric, life, right up until he died.

    And education? Well, Bill Gates was a college dropout. So was Steve Jobs. What utter failures they became later in life. (tongue in cheek) Your prospective employer may look at your resume, and see you graduated from Harvard (or Yale, or Brown, or MIT, USC, Duke, Notre Dame, University of Arizona, etc…)

    A college degree helps open some doors, it’s true. But it does not guarantee success. Success is up to you.

    • comnenus

      Einstein, compared most scientists before his time, led a fairly wealthy lifestyle.

      He could name his fee in a lecture cycle, and he was able to get all the money needed for his researches.

      In modern world, famous scientists make like rock stars. For example, Stephen Hawking is worth about $100 million. I am sure his wheelchair is more expensive than the cars of most of the people posting here.

  • “America is getting poorer” is it true.

  • H. Westmoreland

    Part of the decline is indeed the disappearing manufacturing base, increasing globalization and the off-shoring of high-tech jobs. Another part of this equation is the fact that demographically the U.S. has been changing radically since the ’60’s. This is an uncomfortable truth, but it needs to be told. It seems that high-IQ parents are reproducing less while the opposite is true for the low-IQ parents. It is a documented fact that as income and education increases, use of birth control and abortion increases as well. Nothing can change this trend and soon (in a couple of generations at most) we will be left with a nation of non-producers, left to the whims of the Chinese…not a bright future at all. Imagine what our political leadership will be like then…

  • 4TimesAYear

    The article says “…it is important to keep in mind that the government definition of poverty rises based on the rate of inflation…”

    This is not true. The poverty rate is actually not tied to inflation; when inflation goes up by say 3.5% they do not raise the poverty level by the same amount. As Chuck Grassley explained to me, the system is not seamless. Hence it is possible to be living at 98% of the poverty level and get a 3.5% increase in a COLA and be considered to now be living above the poverty level, when in fact the COLA would have only enabled you to keep living at 98% of the poverty level. This problem really needs to be fixed – they are far underestimating the number of people living in poverty due to the way they write people off.

  • a cruel accountant


    You want a Job become a welder. IN the midwest we are BEGGING! for welders.

    MBA’s can go pound Sand!

  • cody watson

    I blame Nixon, mostly if you need to blame somebody: took us off the gold standard and normalized relations with China.

    Frost asked the question of whther it will be fire or ice, and I contend ice, as we have been hnumbed by a slow decline for thirty some odd years.

  • George Kadlec

    As in most analyses, the symptom is diagnosed but the cause is not. That is the case here. An anthropologist by the name of J.D. Unwin initiated a study with the premise that marriage is not necessary and possibly even detrimental to the development of great societies. At the end of this study he completely reversed his hypothesis.

    “Perhaps the definitive work on the rise and fall of civilizations,” writes Fitzpatrick, “was published in 1934 by Oxford anthropologist J.D. Unwin”:

    In “Sex and Culture,” Unwin studied 86 human civilizations ranging from tiny South Sea island principalities to mighty Rome. He found that a society’s destiny is linked inseparably to the limits it imposes on sexual expression and that those sexual constraints correlate directly to its theological sophistication and religious commitment.

    Unwin noted that the most primitive societies had only rudimentary spiritual beliefs and virtually no restrictions on sexual expression, whereas societies with more sophisticated theologies placed greater restrictions on sexual expression, and achieved greater social development.

    In particular, cultures that adopt what Unwin dubbed “absolute monogamy” proved to be the most vigorous, economically productive, artistically creative, scientifically innovative and geographically expansive societies on earth.

    The following are grave words for the USA that come from noted Harvard sociologist Pitirim Sorokin who found no culture surviving once it ceased to support marriage and monogamy. None.

    Now we can do a basic analysis of marriage in the USA. Current illegitimacy rates are as follows:

    Black 73%

    Hispanic 53%

    White 29%

    for an overall rate of 41%. The future of the USA has been written. Once the moral corruption begins the fall of a country is inevitable. Only a reversal could stem the tide but I believe that it is now too late.

    Once a society degenerates to the level in this country and the west in general, it is doomed. I like to deal in facts. Most discussions are based on fantasies, not fact.

  • John Steinsvold

    An Alternative to Capitalism (where everyone is middle class)

    Several decades ago, Margaret Thatcher claimed: “There is no alternative”. She was referring to capitalism. Today, this negative attitude still persists.

    I would like to offer an alternative to capitalism for the American people to consider. Please click on the following link. It will take you to an essay titled: “Home of the Brave?” which was published by the Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:

    John Steinsvold

    Perhaps in time the so-called dark ages will be thought of as including our own.
    –Georg C. Lichtenberg

  • jerry O

    America is going to
    continue to get poorer.

    We have allowed our government
    to sell us out.

    However, there is a ray of
    hope for all of us.

    A friend recommended a site
    put together by a millionaire.

    It’s helped me
    prepare for our

    uncertain future
    in many ways:

    Free Video here-

    “How to Profit like the Ultra-Rich in Times of Economic Chaos”

  • DB200

    To see the poverty in California visualized, watch this:

  • nanet

    The creation of a new government agency that will be dedicated to job creation, will only create more government jobs.

    What a joke! The government can’t create jobs. Our only hope is to support small businesses, which create the majority of new jobs.

    And you need to take control of your finances by getting financial education. The market is rigged against you. Your IRA and 401K are in danger of becoming worthless.

    Learn how to leverage the financial crisis to create wealth and protect your family.

    *** ***

    “HOW WILL YOU FACE THE AMERICAN APOCALYPSE IN 2011: how you can protect yourself and position yourself for the greatest wealth transfer in history.”

  • r_sigei

    Times are going to continue to
    get harder and harder.

  • Laura

    There are so many SMART economist in USA.If everybody put down the political issue,working on a co-operation basic,not greed,not selfish.American can definitely find a way out,and it is running out of time.

  • sirajum munir

    46.2 million Americans are now living in poverty!!!its really very shocking news for us.I really don’t know why,even Obama taking different kind of billion dollar packages.I heard that since last few years US economy going down.USA trying to find their new financial market all over the world,specially in middle east and for that they need to start issue and start civil war on those countries.They are spending lots of money to run the war and support with own army but it seen that finally the result is they are Afghanistan and Iraq.Now Mr Hamid Karzai not listening USA command,same in Pakistan and also in Iraq and i think same thing will happen in Libya too.As i am simple person i feel that USA need to solve their own problems.They spending dollar outside but result is not satisfactory so if they use those $$ to support their economy become strong position then it will be good for US citizen and will reduce poverty too.

  • Every problem has one REAL WHY and now U.S. Government and People has to find the ” REAL WHY ” then working to raise the conditions. I think U.S. has enough potential to do if they really and honestly want to do it. They can get help from the Ethics Expert Consultant of SCIENTOLOGY to get consultancy for ” CONDITIONS FORMULAS ” and How to Use these formulas for the betterment.

  • Bindzi Marie

    It is all to mark the glory of God
    To make way for the coming world emperor
    To punish the unjust
    Thanks be to God

  • mercedes

    i think that the government should try alot harder to help the people in need instead of throughing them to the left and saying forget them and take the money they dont need it.
    it is not right to me the government shouldnt be so stubern with giving back.
    and this is coming from a 17 year old…….

    • Jude

      The government doesn’t need to GIVE you anything. That is not their purpose. What they need to do is stop TAKING from us! It isn’t their money that they take. It’s ours! Then they give little bits back to some people to make them beg to the governmant. You become their property then. They can do with you as they wish. They give the bulk of what they have taken to their own family and friends.

  • mike wertelet

    its very obviouse to me that the USA is now an impoverished nation. American denial is largely to blame: Denial about the 911 truth: Denial about the capitalist pig agenda: Denial that things are as bad as they are. Well soon many will be living in tent citys perhaps then people will wake up.
    but i think the masses are just going to keep voting for dems and reps and thus things will just keep getting worse and worse…americans are insane they vote the same two partys and are actually still expecting a different result- that is by definition -insanity!
    so other than voting socialist party in november one would have to be planning your exodose to canada or europe or perhaps australia or like living in a tent city i guess and continue voting for dems and reps

  • Emily Eveleth

    This article frightens me, outside my home, I don’t see the reality of the world, one reason why thousands of people are becoming poor is because Obama’s tax prices have skyrocketed to the max, according to Obama, there is no such thing as a maximum tax, I am worrying about my future right now and everybody else’s, if I don’t get a job after college, I am screwed, I could or somebody else could lose their house any day day, what happened to America? Our country used to be wealthy? I pity the misfortune for the people who lost their homes, Obama has done nothing but millions of people and I hopeless

  • Emily Eveleth

    there was a time back then, when most college majors guaranteed hope, success, and a JOB, now jobs are so limited, so choosing the right college major is really important, hopefully not every job is gone in 10 years, hopefully ONE job will be left, otherwise cry me a river, and I will die of poverty, thanks for a hope or success of our country Obama?????

  • Walter Romania

    The U.S. began to dominate the world economy in the aftermath of World War II as Japan and most of Europe was devastated. This created the largest middle class in the history of the world during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Yet even during those decades poverty and prejudice were biting issues. Starting in the early 1980s, unions began to be dismantled,which led to a split in the middle class—some did much better and entered the upper middle classes, while others began to sink into the lower middle class and the working poor. Meanwhile, the minimum wage began to decrease when adjusted for inflation. While many of the rich in the 80s did even better and have never looked back. In the 1990s Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and GATT—which greatly increased the exodus of manufacturing to Asia and to the rest of the third world. What saved–what was left of the middle class in the late 90s and the early part of the next decade–was the computer revolution. Once computers plateaued in the second half of the decade, the admixture of jobs going overseas, the housing bubble, rising energy costs, a for-profit health care system (with costs going through the roof), rampant low-skill immigration, and the lack of an effective organized opposition to these policies—the America we have now was created. Welcome to the third world!

  • Jodie

    What has happened is technology and jobs going over seas has left us without. With technology we can have less workers with a machine doing the work of 10 people and one man to run that machine. We also have people having children they can’t afford to support to begin with. I feel for the ones who lost their jobs but I also know a lot of people where I live who continue having children without a job and no means to support those children except by the government and the government has allowed this to happen. I was a single mom who NEVER went to the government for money. I made a mistake and did not make anyone pay for it. I was never on housing, foodstamps, medicaide or assistance for daycare. I made poverty wages but I still did it on my own. My son is now 24 yrs. old and he remembers what great birthdays and Christmases he had. I remained having good credit and bought my own home when he was 10yrs old. I understand the poor and those who are hit with circumstances beyond their control but what I’m saying is there are a lot of those who by their own accord has been the cause of this crisis. Even God helps those who help themselves but to sit back and make mistake after mistake and not expect the cards around to fall is just insanity and selfishness

  • To read more about what it’s really like to be poor in America visit my blog. This could be you very very soon.

  • One day soon the poor will take this no longer and they will rise up as a new breed of animal.

  • chauncey tanner

    This is a wake up call to those in Washington who have sat back and over spent all the reserves of SS and whatever black that was on the books the last 30 years. We are a broken Nation and the price of life here in the USA is higher than what the common man or woman makes everyday at work now. God Bless America we will need his blessing if we are going to survive as a powerful nation. Washington is heading us towards a major train wreck if something isn’t done soon.

  • agure

    it has become better to not even do a meager job to put food on the table. College graduate, working as hard as can be because the better paying jobs are not there so one settles for less but cant get any assistance especially a healthcare system with skyrocketing insurance premiums that leaves one to chose between food or paying for insurance or shelter.Every job needs an experience 4-5 years where does one get this without an opportunity to do so?
    The system is such that one has to make good money to get better healthcare or have no job at at all to get some healthcare. What happens to the hard working “poor” no one cares

  • plz help me and us in the city of camden new jersey it is so corrupted we need a new board we need a new major and system we are burying our people and kids everyday and locking up our woman and men are going in circles they places our kids on probation leading them to harser drugs we have one library and a liquor store on every corner our camden high school is full of cancerous chemicals and our kids are secluded in certain areas in our school the board member are all ignorant need to be fired the major dont come out and speak to the people the police only come to pick up the bodies of our people when they are dead the judges are giving our men years in jail for drugs they are seizing properties and keeping everybody in low income houses and welfare they are passsing our kids without understanding or failing them our kids deserve a chance we have been fail in trauma metal instituse jail and death may funeral is making all the money in our city and everyday they bring the bodies in and out the building in front of our kids school in 4th and walnut they made enough money and wont move disrepecting our kids famiies and city most of us have bogus jackets and rap sheets as criminals leading us to the cracks of the streets we are not slave the people of the city of camden demand freedom peace and justice my life is not a game i am not a slave help me hear my voice heaar my story my city is in a state of emergency we are not invisible we are people though i walk through the city in camden new jersey i see more evil mr obama plz helpme and my people

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