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Prophets Of Doom: 12 Shocking Quotes From Insiders About The Horrific Economic Crisis That Is Almost Here

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We are getting so close to a financial collapse in Europe that you can almost hear the debt bubbles popping.  All across the western world, governments and major banks are rapidly becoming insolvent.  So far, the powers that be are keeping all of the balls in the air by throwing around lots of bailout money.  But now the political will for more bailouts is drying up and the number of troubled entities seems to grow by the day.  Right now the western world is facing a debt crisis that is absolutely unprecedented in world history.  Europe has had a tremendously difficult time just trying to keep Greece afloat, and several much larger European countries are now on the verge of a major financial crisis.  In addition, there is a growing number of very large financial institutions all over the western world that are also rapidly approaching a day of reckoning.  The global financial system is a sea or red ink, and when we get to the point where there are hundreds of ships going under how is it going to be possible to bail all of them out?  The quotes that you are about to read show that quite a few top financial and political insiders know that things cannot hold together much longer and that a horrific economic crisis is coming.  We built the global financial system on a foundation of debt, leverage and risk and now this house of cards that we have created is about to come tumbling down.

A lot of people in politics and in the financial world know what is about to happen.  Once in a while they will even be quite candid about it with the media.

As I have written about previously, Europe is on the verge of a financial collapse.  If things go really badly, things could totally fall apart in a few weeks.  But more likely it will be a few more months until the juggling act ends.

Right now, the banking system in Europe is coming apart at the seams.  Because the global financial system is so interconnected today, when major European banks start to fail it is going to have a cascading effect across the United States and Asia as well.

The financial crisis of 2008 plunged us into the deepest recession since the Great Depression.

The next financial crisis could potentially hit the world even harder.

The following are 12 shocking quotes from insiders that are warning about the horrific economic crisis that is almost here….

#1 George Soros: “Financial markets are driving the world towards another Great Depression with incalculable political consequences. The authorities, particularly in Europe, have lost control of the situation.”

#2 PIMCO CEO Mohammed El-Erian: “These are all signs of an institutional run on French banks. If it persists, the banks would have no choice but to delever their balance sheets in a very drastic and disorderly fashion. Retail depositors would get edgy and be tempted to follow trading and institutional clients through the exit doors. Europe would thus be thrown into a full-blown banking crisis that aggravates the sovereign debt trap, renders certain another economic recession, and significantly worsens the outlook for the global economy.”

#3 Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy, global head of securities services at UniCredit SpA (Italy’s largest bank): “The only remaining question is how many days the hopeless rearguard action of European governments and the European Central Bank can keep up Greece’s spirits.”

#4 Stefan Homburg, the head of Germany’s Institute for Public Finance: “The euro is nearing its ugly end. A collapse of monetary union now appears unavoidable.”

#5 EU Parliament Member Nigel Farage: “I think the worst in the financial system is yet to come, a possible cataclysm and if that happens the gold price could go (higher) to a number that we simply cannot, at this moment, even imagine.”

#6 Carl Weinberg, the chief economist at High Frequency Economics: “At this point, our base case is that Greece will default within weeks.”

#7 Goldman Sachs strategist Alan Brazil: “Solving a debt problem with more debt has not solved the underlying problem. In the US, Treasury debt growth financed the US consumer but has not had enough of an impact on job growth. Can the US continue to depreciate the world’s base currency?”

#8 International Labour Organization director general Juan Somavia recently stated that total unemployment could “increase by some 20m to a total of 40m in G20 countries” by the end of 2012.

#9 Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackerman: “It is an open secret that numerous European banks would not survive having to revalue sovereign debt held on the banking book at market levels.”

#10 Alastair Newton, a strategist for Nomura Securities in London: “We believe that we are just about to enter a critical period for the eurozone and that the threat of some sort of break-up between now and year-end is greater than it has been at any time since the start of the crisis”

#11 Ann Barnhardt, head of Barnhardt Capital Management, Inc.: “It’s over. There is no coming back from this. The only thing that can happen is a total and complete collapse of EVERYTHING we now know, and humanity starts from scratch. And if you think that this collapse is going to play out without one hell of a big hot war, you are sadly, sadly mistaken.”

#12 Lakshman Achuthan of ECRI: “When I call a recession…that means that process is starting to feed on itself, which means that you can yell and scream and you can write a big check, but it’s not going to stop.”


In my opinion, the epicenter of the “next wave” of the financial collapse is going to be in Europe.  But that does not mean that the United States is going to be okay.  The reality is that the United States never recovered from the last recession and there are already a lot of signs that we are getting ready to enter another major recession.  A major financial collapse in Europe would just accelerate our plunge into a new economic crisis.

If you want to read something that will really freak you out, you should check out what Dr. Philippa Malmgren is saying.  Dr. Philippa Malmgren is the President and founder of Principalis Asset Management.  She is also a former member of the Bush economic team. You can find her bio right here.

Malmgren is claiming that Germany is seriously considering bringing back the Deutschmark.  In fact, she claims that Germany is very busy printing new currency up.  In a list of things that we could see happen over the next few months, she included the following….

“The Germans announce they are re-introducing the Deutschmark. They have already ordered the new currency and asked that the printers hurry up.”

This is quite a claim for someone to be making.  You would think that someone that used to work in the White House would not make such a claim unless it was based on something solid.

If Germany did decide to leave the euro, you would see an implosion of the euro that would be truly historic.

But as I have written about previously, it should not surprise anyone that the end of the euro is being talked about because the euro simply does not work.

The only way that the euro would have had a chance of working is if all of the governments using the euro would have kept debt levels very low.

Unfortunately, the financial systems of the western world are designed to push governments into high levels of debt.

The truth is that the euro was doomed from the very beginning.

Now we are approaching a day of reckoning.  We have been living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world, but the bubble is ending.  There are several ways that the powers that be could handle this, but all of them will lead to greater financial instability.

In the end, we will see that the debt-fueled prosperity that the western world has been enjoying for decades was just an illusion.

Debt is a very cruel master.  It will almost always bring more pain and suffering than you anticipated.

It is easy to get into debt, but it can be very difficult to get out of debt.

There is no way that the western world can unwind this debt spiral easily.

The only way that another massive economic crisis can be put off for even a little while would be for the powers that be to “kick the can down the road” a little farther by creating even more debt.

But in the end, you can never solve a debt problem with more debt.

The next several years are going to be an incredibly clear illustration of why debt is bad.

When the dominoes start to fall, we are going to witness a financial avalanche which is going to destroy the finances of millions of people.

You might want to try to get out of the way while you still can.

  • Christians for Isreal

    If the Western Economies fall then the whole world will collapse. Will this lead to a New World Order and a One World Currency as the Bible predicts? I guess all you can really do is pray to God and prepare the best you can for a nightmare that is about to be unleashed.


    • Nexus789

      More religious rubbish – this site is turning to a fundamentalist forum. The more it continues the less relevant and worth visiting.

      • Highspeed

        Thanks for your tolerence!

      • Benjik

        No need to attack the site. The comment was an opinion, which he/she is entitled to, just as you’re entitled to yours…….

      • Christians for Isreal

        The only reason I bring up this “religious rubbish” is because what I see happening in the world today seems to coincide with bible prophesy (in my view). Only those who are born again will understand what I mean.

        • DownWithLibs

          Sing it Bother!!!

    • Martin

      Very unlikely, if you think about fiat currency.
      Any working fiat currency, national or global would rely on restarting an economic growth and this task is impossible to achieve.
      Peak oil, overpopulation, many other resource peaks etc.

      However gold/silver just *may* become to be such like in good old past.

    • BraneFrees

      Just saying…..

      If you actually were a “Christian for Israel”, you might at least get the spelling right in your user name.


      • Christians for Israel

        Thanks for pointing that out, “Brain Freeze”.

        • DownWithLibs


  • the International Novena of Prayer & Fasting begins October 1st – 9th.

    ‘Pray & fast, because with prayer & fasting you can stop wars & natural disasters.’
    Our Lady of Medjugorje

    • If God’s will is to be done, which includes mankind turning from Him, wars & natural disasters, then praying & fasting will have no effect.

      Besides are we not to be concerned with signs & wonders or rather focus on Jesus Christ & presenting ALL our requests to Almighty God?

      Yea the bible is pretty clear on that we are to pray to NO one else other than God.


    • PaulF

      Medjugorje is the worst false apparition in the 2,000 year history of the Church. Truth mixed with error is the Enemy’s way.

  • AssHat

    So should I start digging up my gold and buying shotgun shells?

  • Beano

    The top Chinese government financial chief.

    “If George Soros ran the economy of China we would be bankrupt many years ago”

    • Robert

      Right. You want instead someone who knows all about how the economy works and has proven it by making billions of dollars out of their investments. Not some kook who has never made a fortune, not someone like . . . wait. George Soros is the most successful futures trader of his generation.

      Instead, you want governments advised and run by people who don’t understand how economies work? People like, say, the free marketers who in the past thirty years have managed to demolish the middle class and pretty much destroy the world economy?

      Hell, I’ll take George Soros any day of the week over the free market nitwits. I support capitalism, but a monitored one, where safeguards are maintained to keep idiots from behaving idiotically.

      • 007

        He has made all his money destroying currencies and causing countries to collapse. He is definitely not on our countries side.

      • Ben Dover

        Problem is that we DON’T have free markets. Nobody is “too big to fail”. B of A, GM, et al should have been relegated to the dustbin of history. Someone else will pick up the pieces.

      • Ben Dover

        With friends like George…

  • onecansay


    Ya’, remember THAT song.


  • I think #4 is the most telling – Stefan Homburg, the head of Germany’s Institute for Public Finance. When you combine it with the claims from Dr. Philippa Malmgren, you know it’s only waiting game.

    Debt is a cruel master. I’m glad I learned that a while back!


  • William

    There are four possible scenarios for America in the coming years:
    1) an economic miracle recovery with increasing GDP growth, a steady drop in unemployment, and mild inflation.
    2) a total collapse of the rule of law with no place safe.
    3) we muddle along as we are today with stubbornly high unemployment, anemic GDP growth and stiff inflation.
    4) #3 with more violence and terrible inflation.
    I doubt if #1 and #2 will happen. #3 and #4 are likely.

    • Nexus789

      Mate you are screwed…..I think 4 will be the go for the end of empire.

    • Christian for Isreal

      #1 is not going to happen because of our national debt that continues to grow at an alarming rate. If the Nat. Debt was under 1 trillion then I could see some hope for America but @ 15 trillion and growing and no signs of slowing down, we will be bankrupt in just a few years if not sooner.

  • knightowl77

    My “gut” tells me you are correct and that this will happen sooner rather than later. But I have thought that for a couple of years now and we continue to lumber along, getting further and further into debt. The time to prepare may be gone or we may get a few more months of relative calm.

    I for one could use years to get really ready, but I fear that the hole we would have to climb out of may be too much of a climb by then…

    I do not know whether this is the end of days foretold, or simply TEOTWAKI. But it is the end of something…

  • ScoutMotto

    The euro doesn’t work because the ECB doesn’t work. It’s the same fractional banking system that almost all other countries are using. I hear there are a few exceptions: Cuba, Iran, Sudan and North Korea. I would add Libya in there, but they may be Rothschild-controlled now.

  • zep

    It is funny that everyone thinking a stock market crash and a dollar collapse is the end of the world.Growing up in the South,with very little jobs,we are able to grow food,work on our cars,and fend for ourselves.The entitlement mindset is alive and well here on this blog.

    • God_Only_Knows

      Interesting…. When I lived in the South, the use and misuse of ‘entitlements’ was indeed raised to an artform there! I frankly could not wait to head back up North!

    • TR

      Carrying water from a well 100ft.away,using an outhouse everyday in all weather conditions,cooking on a wood burning stove,only heat from a fireplace,no AC.
      “The entitlement mindset..” doesn’t have a clue.

    • Nexus789

      Stupid comment – the population size is such that we cannot retreat to a backwoods self sufficient type lifestyle – even if we wanted to.

      • JasonD

        That’s right! We’re in ecological overshoot. The population is now unable to sustain the numbers without fossil fuel energy inputs.

    • Icebreaker808

      Okay so i have never posted on this blog but your comment infuriated me so much that i had to speak.

      What you may not realize is that everything is related to economics. You speak about working on your cars which is great but unleds you are producing your own fuel what happens when gas is so expensive that you can no longer afford to drive. Same goes with electricity, unless you are generating your own what happens when kwhs are so expensive that there is no reasonsble way to cool/heat your house.

      Being poor has nothing to do with it.

      If the world economy collapses we all are susceptible to the effects..

      • Michael

        Good to see another first time commenter! 🙂


      • John B.

        Southerners have been able to produce their own fuel for a long time, it’s just that they used to get arrested for it. With regards to electricity, it is actually cheaper to produce your own right now in many parts of the country.

      • lorra vaughn

        we need to go back in time to where we controlled our life not government.Yes things were not easy but then easy has caused us to be where we are now. We need to work as neighbors as in time past. we need to barter more and let the government work out this mess they have caused by trying to make themselves lords over us.

    • knightowl77

      Not the end of the world, not the end of life. The end of life AS WE KNOW IT…it will not be as easy as it is today….I had hoped to pass on a world safer and kinder for my daughters and their children….That will not come to pass. What we leave them will be harsher, more treacherous than what we have now.
      I am used to camping, roughing it, growing food being self reliant. The newest generations are woefully prepared and will suffer with even a minor change in their standard of living.

    • WM2


    • Zep, no it won’t be the end of the world and those of us that are prepared by growing our own food etc will be just fine (hopefully)

      The problem comes when the people in urban areas and big cities start going hungry. Millions do not have a plan and that’s where things will get ugly. What do you think they will do when they get hungry and there is no food in the city to be found?



      Free report shows how to prepare for economic collapse.

    • Bubba Econ

      The South are the greatest recipients of federal money in the US.

      • lorra vaughn

        Lets stop blaming any certain type of people . We are all to blame . As we allowed all this by trusting those in office and being brain washed that they would make life better and at the same time teaching us not to know our neighbor or even trust them when it use to be we counted on them to help and us help them . It’s time we get back to what really counts and work as we did with hand plows and made food healthy and good for our bodies and where children knew the value of family and friends .Government has put us at each others throats so they would have control in less numbers

  • michelle

    Shoctober is almost here

    Happy birthday to me!!!

  • JD

    Well the Dow was down 240 points today. We might have to start calling it the DOWN JONES. Everyday on the finacial networks they say one day the European debt crisis is being solved so the Dow regains a couple hundred points. Then the next day they are worried about Europe all over again and the DOW slips a couple hundred. Today the nightly news said the DOW ended the 3rd quarter down 12%. Something is very wrong with all this instability. I would be a nervous wreck if I had money invested in the market. Jim Chanos is another short seller like that worm George Soros and he is ready to bet against China . China is in a real estate bubble as well. They have hundreds of thousands of empty homes unsold yet they keep building. Sound familiar? When China falls then the pain is really going to be unreal. Im trying to stay as positive as I can I guess a “cautious optimist” is as close as I can describe it. Im just sick of this bad news. When is this country going to turn the corner? Obama is right. We cant wait 13 months for the economy to turn around. But is borrowing more money for another failed stimiulus the anwser? I dont know but unemployment is reaching crisis mode. Something needs to change soon or theres going to real trouble in this country. I have been blessed recently with a job. You can either live in hope or despair. Its your choice. “The sources of hope are the sources of life itself. That’s why hope persists, even when experience, reason, and knowledge all say there is no reason to hope. Hope does not calculate odds. It is prepared for either sunny or stormy weather. To choose hope is to choose life. TO choose hope is to choose love.” – Chieko Okazaki

    • obamaville

      well, in 1987 the dow fell by 20% in in day…we still have a long way to go.

  • Malb

    I bought sandbags today. Yes, I did! I’ve always wanted some, so….

    I just hope I don’t need them.

    Prepare now

  • mondobeyondo

    2 or 3 years from now, the sheeple will finally awaken to the catastrophe before them, and scream, “Why didn’t someone tell us this would happen? Why didn’t someone tell us our savings would be wiped out and we would be starving and homeless? We could have prepared for this! Why didn’t someone WARN US???”

    Ummmmmmmm… Oh dear.

  • mondobeyondo

    The masses will not wake up until it’s way too late, and the deed is accomplished. By then they’ll be fully aware. But they won’t be able to do anything about it.

    Satan has many tools, and distraction is one whopper of a tool. Maybe not as good as the “half truth” (i.e. “Ye shall not surely die… your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil”) – or words to that effect – or as good a tool as outright deception. But distraction does a good job.

    Distractions are like poppies. They are pretty, and lull you to sleep.

    I just saw an ad on TV about the Disney movie, “The Lion King”. It’s being re-released on DVD. I saw it the first time in ’97. Excellent movie.

    Oooooh, but THIS time, it’s being re-released on DVD and Blu-Ray! Whoa, that’s COSMIC!

    What’s the difference? (It’s new and improved!) Is Blu-Ray better than X-Ray? (Of course it is! Hee!) And will people with laser eye surgery see the movie much clearer? (Maybe…) So why should I buy “The Lion King” when I already have it on DVD? (Because your neighbor has “The Lion King on Blu-Ray!!) Aw hell, my neighbor also has “Airplane!*” on DVD, so what?…

    Anything, ANYTHING to distract the masses from what’s really going on. Remember the hype about the Jacqueline Kennedy book 2-3 weeks ago? (Yawn.) Next up: The 125th anniversary re-release of Thomas Edison’s ground-breaking 1877 first recording! Oooh, I can’t wait!! Coming to Barnes and Noble next March!
    *The original “Airplane!”… one of the funniest movies ever!! Peter Graves, Lloyd Bridges…it’s what got me on the sarcastic path I’m on today.

    I picked a bad week to quit blogging…. heh.

    • mondobeyondo

      135th anniversary. Sorry.

      The years are going faster than I even realize.

  • Profits of doom

    Global Debt Crisis Threatens Global Democracies

    Now the prophets of doom, the many mainstream economists are NOW sure about the global depression coming.
    Funny that Michael the writer of this web page has been warning us long before these profits of doom.

    The only ones still beating the drums for the economic recovery are the filthy rich families of the News Media who are benefiting by keeping people in the dark about this recession.
    They would rather you make a huge purchase that you will regret very soon, then give you the right advice to be careful about what’s to come…Amazing

  • muddy 1

    It would be a more relevant article if the dates these stgatements were made were provided. For all we know they were made 4 or 5 years ago. If they have all been made in the last 4 or 5 months then it may be time to buckle up. Or not.

  • 007

    If word of Germany printing it’s own money hits the street, it will be a very bad day for the stock market. This is a little hard to believe since Germany seems to be doing everything it can to keep the Euro going.

    Still, it does seem inevitable that if someone keeps taking your money you work your ass off for so they can loaf and live off of you, eventually you are going to say enough is enough.

    It could well be this is a plan B, apocalypse plan if all else fails for Germany.

  • Gary2

    WAll street and the banks need to take a big haircut.

  • The Golden Child

    about time….. im ready to get this over with so we can all move on with our lives……

  • KT

    NEW!! Wall Street Trader Warns of Coming Crash

    Keep up the great articles!

  • bobcat

    The latest shorting shenanigans to drive down gold & silver appear to have done what they are going to do. By year’s end both will be likely higher than they were before the short. This was done to lower the price for wealthy investors to load up. It’s effects won’t last. As soon as the euro becomes toilet paper, metal prices will spike. When Germany reissues the Deutcshmark, the euro is done. When the euro is done, the EU is done.

  • Emily

    It’s WAR!…………..Poor Iran

    We will start world war three to try and cover our money problems. We always have and we always will.

  • Ian

    I tend to agree with Zep. This website fails to mention that this collapse may just be a great thing and that maybe, just maybe, we have become so conditioned by this way of living that we cant see through the muck to the other side. I will throw a party when, and if, it all collapses. It will be a happy day.
    But i doubt that will happen. I used to think we were going to collapse, but every single economic doomsday person has been proven wrong over and over and over and over again in the last couple of years. The economy is not going to collapse, it will just progressively get slightly worse and then it will improve.
    A favorite lyric from a band Stereolab should be mentioned
    “bigger slumps and greater wars
    have had shallower recovery
    future wars and greater slumps
    will have shallower recovery.
    Dont worry be happy
    things will get better naturally’

    Until then, by another ipod, get another 6 dollar latte, but a 300 dollar ticket to the NFL and quit complaining that you have it so bad when people in India and other third world nations are starving in the streets.

  • Chelsea

    Things are changing. Look an Occupy Wall Street. It’s not going to be a total collapse, if you take away money the resources and people are still there. This whole system was never going to last, it was never meant to. It’s time for a new system and if we all get on, around about, the same page, we’ll all be fine. Somewhere around about a sharing or resource based economy. You just have to make sure you do your bit to make the world a better place, and we’ll all be fine.

  • HeyNowHereNow

    “Normalcy Bias” seems to be active even here. Some people just don’t seem to understand the concept of discontinuous change – meaning in this case – sudden precipitous drops off a cliff, as opposed to merely “muddling through”.

    It reminds me of the old story of a plane losing engines. The pilot comes on to say “We’ve lost an engine – we’re gonna be an hour delayed.” A few minutes later he comes on to say “We’ve lost another engine, we’re gonna be delayed two hours.” After the pilot comes on a third time to say “We’ve lost another engine and have only one left, so we’ll be delayed at least 3 hours”, John Q. Einstein turns to his fellow passenger and exclaims “Damn! If we lose another engine, we’ll be up here forever!”

  • Nexus789

    The ironic thing as that nearly all the commentators are collectively contributors to the problem we face – traders, commodity brokers, etc. Scum that simply skim money and add no value.

  • Mike

    Gerald Clemente predicts the collapse will occur this month, October. I think he will be right on target. Prepare as the sheeple will soon riot.

  • Fabian Xenofontous

    What a load of bollocks. Where did all this borrowed money come from? What poor zillionaire is out of pocket? The debt has been created out of thin air. Nothing is lost but an unworkable system of smoke and mirrors.

  • Pat

    I am an American living in Europe for 10+ years. Plus I have 30+ years in the corporate financial industry. I am very aware of the pending economic collapse in Europe. It was no surprise to me since a long time ago that Europe was bankrupt. The true reason was obvious because Europe is socialistic and centralized governments are not sustainable. So they had to destroy it in order to hide the obvious deception.

    The whole thing is meant to distract the public from the real threat which is the fact that socialism does not work.

    Protect yourself by not buying into their fable of economic, terroristic, virus pandemic, alien doom. Instead buy gold and I don’t mean coins. Thumb your noses at those liars and ignore them. Don’t give them the attention they seek. Shun them.

    I sell Cheap Affordable Gold bars here:

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    Wow, those are fighting words. I smell a war… not a fake police-action, peacekeeping, bomb women and children with drones in the middle of the night type of war, but a real, conventional slug it out kinda war.

  • Mark

    Self-sufficiency will rule.
    No one person can do everything so those with “valuable” skills will be in demand.
    Being good at “intangible” jobs like trading financial instruments will be less valuable than someone who can grow food or repair machinery.

  • Everything I have read about the Eurocrisis says that once the Eurozone crashes we’ll be next

    Looks to me that the time is very very short for us!

  • JH

    The debt situation is dangerous. Indications are that something major is fixing to happen. Greece will likely snap and it will reorder the whole world’s financial system. October looks very dark.

    Thanks Michael for your excellent research and conclusions. I’ll be looking for your reporting on a regular basis.

  • Granite Prepper

    I would love to claim a level of understanding/intelligence to put into words what my gut is telling me…….I’m just not that smart or articulate. What I can say is that everyone here and at the other blogs I read do a far better job explaining how things could/will happen as we move forward. My humble two cents is that it is coming sooner rather than later(timing???), it will be far more centralized control(fascism/Marxism????), it will be unlike anything we have seen on a global scale, it will be painful for everyone whether you are prepared or not and in the end many people will die for many reasons and those that are left will be faced with the need to be stronger than they ever thought they’d need to be. I know this is very general, but my gut just tells me to “hunker down and get small” as Michael Ruppert stated the other day and prepare to defend yourselves by whatever means available and necessary. Good luck everyone.

  • jerry O

    It is going to happen.

    All economies go through
    7 stages.

    Here’s the big picture for everyone–

    Several months ago I learned some
    information from a millionaire
    that was an eye opener for me…

    I’ll share some of what I learned —

    There are 7 Stages of any Empire:

    1. Good Money –

    Every major empire
    starts out with good money,

    either gold or backed by gold.

    2. Social Programs –

    As a country develops

    it takes on more public works,
    adding layer upon layer

    3. Military Spending –

    As a nation’s affluence grows,
    so does it’s political influence

    and spends massively on the military

    4. Wars –

    Nation puts military
    to use and expenditures

    explode and nations go to war

    5. Fiat Currency –

    To fund the wars,
    the costliest endeavors,

    nations start to
    steal wealth of its citizens

    by replacing their money
    with fiat currency

    (value decreed by gov’t
    and backed by nothing).

    6. Inflation –

    Wealth transfer begins as

    hyperinflation sets in

    Results in riots eg. Egypt.

    Price of all commodities
    and goods go up.

    7. Wealth Transfer-

    Final stage,
    in mass movement,

    nation moves out
    of the currency

    and into
    precious metals

    and other tangible assets.

    The currency collapses.

    This results in
    massive wealth transfer

    to those who positioned
    themselves in the

    right asset class
    in advance.

    The US is between stage 6 and 7.

    This transition is
    just beginning.

    This move represents
    a massive transfer

    of wealth.

    This cycle is

    This is what
    happened to the

    Roman Empire and
    every other empire.

    If you would like to learn
    more, you can see

    his free video at

    Hope this helps everyone

  • annie

    Didn’t the EU just approve more massive loans for Greece?? So more kicking the can down the road. It seems like this can go on for a few more years.

  • sharonsj

    Rumor has it that the European banks are insolvent and a run on those banks will sink the European Union. Apparently Germany, being the country in the best financial shape, is being asked to bail out the rest of the union, and they are now balking at the cost.

    You know, rumor has it that many of our big banks–despite giant salaries and bonuses–are also insolvent even while being bailed out by taxpayer money. And our banks are directly involved with the European banks because of derivatives, toxic assets, insurance, etc. If Europe fails, we will not escape the consequences.

    I don’t think the paranoia about a one-world government is correct. After all, the European countries formed a one-world government with its own currency–and you can see how well that worked out!

    • Highspeed

      Strictly speaking, in terms of Biblical Prophecy, it would only need to last about 3 and 1/2 years.

      • DownWithLibs

        Don’t discount that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Not to mention that it is possible that the Union and the Euro are just precursors for what is to come!

  • Scott

    Christians are morons.

    Those who believe that the Bible, which is nothing more than a Bronze Age tale about astrology, predicts ‘world wide collapse’ and the ‘rise of a one world government’ are simply uneducated fools.

    I highly recommend getting yourselves into a university and educate yourself about history and economics. Capitalism’s structures and world wide greed is the cause of the debt bubble. It has absolutely nothing to do with your metaphysical, supernatural belief system. Your belief system is a mockery of all that is good an just in this world.

    Fundie Christians who are chomping at the bit for the ‘end of the world’ are mental patients in need of meds and an institution for them to be housed in.

    How dare you JOIN in on a possible calamity and WELCOME the ‘end of the world’. How about you join in with the rest of us and demand that justice be served to those who have siphoned the world’s economy into a few wealthy Swiss bank accounts. How about you join in the protests on Wall Street. How about you JOIN THE FRICKIN’ HUMAN RACE and help out instead of squealing for joy like a pig that the world’s economy might be in for another rough ride.

    Oh, that’s right. You believe you have some sort of mystical blueprint. YOU DON’T. Your blueprint is a sham. Your book of myths is entirely MANMADE.

    Boy, are you going to be surprised when your deity doesn’t pull you up to your mythological heaven.

    • Highspeed

      Yes we will see who is surprised.
      The Bible says, “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God”.

    • Tim

      “Boy, are you going to be surprised when your deity doesn’t pull you up to your mythological heaven.”

      Boy are you going to be surprised when God casts you into Hell.

    • John B.

      Right. Get yourself into a university and learn about the communist/socialist utopia that we could have.

      China is adopting capitalist principles because they tried socialism, and found out it doesn’t work. The Greeks are finding out now too.

      I see your movement. Perhaps if you all learned something useful in college (instead of how great socialism was), you dummies might actually be able to find a job.

  • OH

    Tax the rich, here you are talking about, debt is bad, and you refuse to take a stand which side you are on. I am a man, I am comfortable taking the side that is right, I say Tax the worthless disloyal Rich, I am not concerned what anyone thinks about me taking the right side, there are 2 ways to reduce debt.

  • hypo

    The only way that the economy will crash is when the rapture happens. There are millions of Born Again Christians all over the world, most of it in America. When the Rapture hits (millions disappear), the world will change overnight!! Cars, planes, and train will crash. Machines will run amok. Babies in mother womb will disappear. Children who haven’t reached the age of accountbility will disappear. There will be chaos, therefore that is when the market crash, people will stop buying from stores, trucks will stop bringing goods to stores. It will be horrible. Best way to escape the mess is to accept Jesus as your personal saviour. If you want to know how, here is the website…. .

  • Susan

    The Bible says in one hour the financial system collapses. With the run on grocery stores, all the gold in the world isn’t going to by you food and water after a day, especially here in Los Angeles. Even dehydrated food supplies are in short order. One day, it will be every man for himself among the greedy, unless you are a true Christian. AT that point we must help and share…

  • Too Many Fat Asses In The USA

    what can you expect when 1/3 of baby boomers are fat and 1/3 are obese? talk about a drag on the economy (i.e., higher health care costs, reduced levels of self-discipline, self-control, and self-mastery and other kinds of sloth). perhaps a US economic collapse with less food will force them to lose all that guttage…

    • prosperity for all

      Somebody complained about fat lazy americans. You’re kidding right, those that work, work hard, sometimes multiple jobs at really low wages while living in motels. Those that don’t probably can’t find any work to do because our manufacturing went away and there’s only so many retail jobs out there. The rest; well, hopeless stuck in the round and round we go in the cyclical generational poverty trap. As to the fat lazy american myth. It’s the un-natural adulterated so-called food product the multinationals put on our store shelves backed by the fda. For instance;
      BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE, anyone? This, I believe may be banned in other countries. I recommend newcomers to this place to keep their cultural and ethnic values lest they too become the slothful american living (not thriving) on processed cheese and empty carbs and hormone laden protein.
      I stay away from american dairy strictly for this reason unless it is clearly labled hormone free.
      The good earth provides all that we need, till the multinationals get ahold of the earth’s bounty cheapen it as much as possible for greater profit, pretty pictures and advertising convenience doesn’t equate to health giving nutrition. Unfortunately, it seems americans abide by blind faith and trust the controllers of everything. One needs to go back through older periodicals such as life magazine and study pictures of the generations before our food became so grossly unhealthful. We were not a nation of overweight chronic debilitating health problems. Keeping people sick, either mentally or physically and/or both is good for big business. Read Jeffrey Robinson’s prescription games about big pharma. (I mean, come’on folks, wake up.. the municipal pools for city folk were shut down and drug rehabs sprung up in their place.) Big agra same. Then you’ve got the too big to fail. All about maximal profit regardless of harm done in the process. May be remedied by just not doing business with them..starving the multiheaded hydra beast so to speak. Then again, maybe not, may be mandated to buy their products and do what the owners want or face penalties the way things go these days.. George Carlin was right you know..they own you.
      What concerns me most is that farty charlie over there across the pond recently told us that the mass extinction is underway. Gee, if you go out in the great outdoors much it’s been clearly evident to people that take care to notice such things. I think the self appointed elite who think the world is their own personal playground decided to make cataclysmic events to create a more “sustainable” world for themselves.

    • Ben Dover

      Somebody will try to sell the new “starvation diet system”.

  • Piglet

    “You would think that someone that used to work in the White House would not make such a claim unless it was based on something solid.”

    While I believe what this person is saying now, ordinarily I would not believe anything coming from the White House under any administration, unless it was a Ron Paul administration. Politicians have elevated blatant lying to an art form.

  • Yes, and after the economic collapse comes social chaos in the US. The troops, currently fighting pointless corporate wars, will come home either because of financial exhaustion, or because of defeat, or both.

    The troops, both public and privatized, will be used against the Citizens. John McCain called for using troops to “restore order to the inner cities” during the 2008 presidential campaign. He was serious. He made this proposal during an address to representatives of the Urban League during the campaign.

    McCain apparently lost the election, but his party is the same old same old. Thanks to proprietary voting machines with secret software controlled by their corporate owners, we will see a member of McCain’s Re-pub Party installed in the White House after 2012. Then in January 2013 (or shortly after) the Military Commissions Act will be activated.

    Did anyone notice how Obama successfully ordered the killing of an American Citizen without any due process? The Citizen happened to be labeled a so-called “terrorist,” which he may or may not have been. Without a trial no one will ever know for sure.

    But the precedent has been made. The president of the US can now order any American citizen murdered anytime anywhere. All of us are now at the mercy of the corporations who control the US government.

    But first, the planned economic collapse will deprive us of any power to fight back peacefully. Enjoy life while you still can.

  • “It is easy to get into debt, but it can be very difficult to get out of debt.”

    The fact is that the U.S. is not even trying to get out of debt.

    So at this point, I wouldn’t focus on getting out of personal debt either.

    I would apply any extra money towards preparation for the pending economic collapse.

    Focus on water filters, food storage, lighting, communication, gold, silver, etc..

    Make a plan and execute it today, before it’s too late.

  • J Stevens

    Even if the US makes it to November 2012 without a total collapse and a good candidate is elected as president (not many of them), I don’t see how we can get out of this mess. The derivatives market alone (over $200 trillion scheme)is enough to sink us. Too many pots on the stove all coming to a boil at the same time. And it’s a big stove!

    • John B.

      The same way we’ve always gotten out of it – by printing more money.

      If you are old enough to remember what fuel, food, and housing cost 40 years ago, you know what’s going to happen.

  • Quotes from George Soros, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, etc… are a joke. They are part of the elite who have caused the problems.

    This house of cards is going to collapse soon and paper assets will be practically worthless.

    There’s no other currency to run to, as all of the fiat currencies are interconnected.

    This may be your last chance to buy physical silver and gold at such suppressed prices.

  • Zedge Hero

    The Greek Protest this week says it all-the government there is stuck between a rock (citizens) and a hard place (IMF,ECB,EU). Eihter way they are screwed. Greek Default? You betcha. Here is this weeks episode on the Greek bailout & protest. Even the police protested.

  • I read about the Germans printing up Deutchmark a few days ago but can’t find the link to that article now.

    We are on the brink of something huge in my opinion. Something has to give, just look at what the cartel did to the price of gold and silver his last week.

    Don’t think that was not orchestrated because it was. This debt bubble is global. It is not only the west that will suffer. Japan’s debt to GDP is over 200% which is the highest in the developed world. China won’t do as good if the West goes under and therefore won’t buy their exports. At least China is smart enough to build up their gold and silver reserves which should help them a lot in the years to come.

    We all better get prepared as best we can because when this thing goes belly up it won’t be pretty.



    How to survive the coming economic collapse. Free report.

  • The joke is that these “Prophets Of Doom” make these statements, as if they’re trying to help fix the problem.

    But the elite bankers are the ones who have caused the problems.

    Goldman Sachs strategist Alan Brazil asks: “Can the US continue to depreciate the world’s base currency?”

    Goldman Sachs controls the US, so he should know the answer.

    All of these ‘prophets of doom’ have financial education, which allows them to funnel your hard-earned money into their pockets.

    So if want to protect your money and leverage the greatest transfer of wealth in history, then you need relevant financial education too.

  • jed

    “If the Western Economies fall then the whole world will collapse.”

    Well, not really. If the western economies fall, the billions of people who live on less than five dollars a day will barely notice.

    The billions of rural working poor in the developing world, who are getting by but not doing particularly well, will also not be affected that greatly.

    Those who live in cities in the developing world, and those whose livelihood depends on exports to western economies will suffer, but many of them have rural relatives who will be able to help out at a basic level.

    All of these people are used to hardship – they will continue to live difficult lives, but their lives won’t really change much when the west collapses.

    For the hundreds of millions who live in the western economies, the collapse is going to be a shock. These people constitute 15-20% of the world’s population, but they consume 60-80% of its resources. Their relative wealth and comfort is based on an exploitative political/financial system that is dishonest, that is not realistic, and that respects neither the well-being of the other people on earth nor the well-being of the earth itself.

    When their present system collapses, it is predominantly the western economies that will suffer. In fact, for many of the other billions in the world, it could work out well. If people in developing countries work together, and if they are politically savvy, the coming collapse could represent a chance for them to take back their own countries and resources.

    • Ben Dover

      A lot of Americans would think they have died and gone to he**.

    • T.L. Newman

      Mr. Dover: I believe you have hit the screw right on the nuts! I am a US citizen, born and raised Minnesota style. I have had it “all”, and now, after FOUR YEARS of unemployment, and/or ungainful employment, I am testimony to these very ideals.

      My concern and morale has changed so dramatically over this period of “recovery”. I now wait for the certain-uncertainty that those who think they now have it “all”, will soon be facing the very real, very scary truth. Life without paper money is a life lived very, VERY hard. Those who know these truths, are always the first to give half of what they have, despite the percieved cruelty of the “One Percenter’s”. Faith is our motivation (speaking for myself and others like me).
      Thank you Ben, for the enlightened perspective. Peace.

    • T.L. Newman

      and jed, moreso…. thanks!

  • Look at George Soros statement: “Financial markets are driving the world towards another Great Depression with incalculable political consequences.”

    What he isn’t saying is that the ‘financial markets’ are controlled by people like him.

    And ‘they’ are driving us off the cliff, towards a one-world financial system, which they will control.

    People, you better get ready for chaos in the cities when the economy collapses.

    The Urban Survival Guide shows you how to survive during a crisis, and protect yourself and your family

  • steve

    You do realise that #11 is a rapture ready Christian who believes the world will end in 2012? Not surprising she already believes that a financial collapse will end the world! She probably thought the “musloids” she hates so much were going to bring about rapture before that.

    She’s also not exactly George Soros – she’s a small time broker from east Kansas.

    • Charles_Texas

      Sounds like a good thing to be…a rapture ready Christian. I hope I am too. Ann is very tough and when it comes to the cattle market she has been very very right. SO, make fun of her, but keep your wallet handy if you like beef because the price is only starting to go up. Fortunately I raise my own and, even in Texas in the middle of a drought I have a Freezer full of beef.

  • Harpo

    I believe what “Spooky Dude” George Soros says
    while he prepares his men for the building of the Death Star.

  • Trust only in Jesus. Do not pray to demons such as are present in all of the marian apparitions. I agree with the first post. This collapse is necessary in order to bring about a cashless system with the implementation of the mark of the beast. Most people seems to be clueless about this. Amazing. Every word in the bible will be fulfilled. Protestant U.S.A. is the #1 target of the Jesuits. They set-up China as the manufacturing base of the world. In the new world war China will have the advantage and America will be attacked, all because she is the true home of freedom. The present U.S Vice-president is a CFR Catholic intent on destroying protestant U.S.A. Clinton is a Jesuit Georgetown graduate. These people should all be in jail! Bottom line is if you accept the mark of the beast you will be thrown into the lake of fire for all eternity. Trust in Jesus. He is the ONLY way to the Father!

  • Pat

    Idiocracy, The Movie or reality? We live in a world where reality is stranger than fiction. For years gold analyst have been saying that buying gold and silver were the only way to hedge against currency devaluation. It seems that their words have fallen on deaf ears. Think of the TV news woman who said that gold was not backed by anything. Was she for real? Could it be that the public are just “Not Sure” what to do? See the movie and see why you are not buying affordable 1 gram gold bars now while it is relatively cheap. Take a look at the film, “Idiocracy” and see if it reminds you of that TV reporter:

    Which character are you?

  • Erin

    “The reality is that the United States never recovered from the last recession and there are already a lot of signs that we are getting ready to enter another major recession. ”

    Shoot, we have not recovered from 9/11 and the .com bust. We are looking at 12+years of back to back ineptitude.

  • HerrLT

    LOLZZZ. The angry black inner-city food stamp crowd won’t gonna be happy if it happens on BHO’s watch. CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

    • Pat

      Hey “Not Sure”, good point. Only the 50 million Americans on Food Stamps would mean that some of them are not “blacks”. Poverty knows no color.

    • denny

      Don’y forget to include the international corporate American crowd when you mention people who are living off of our (the taxpayers) largesse. Two things: Corporations are now considered people, human beings, individuals and if you hadn’t noticed we just provided them and their brethren on Wall St. with roughly a quadrillion times more of OUR money than the foodstamp crowd have EVER received. Pretty soon, when you’re talking about ‘the foodstamp crowd’ there’s a good chance that you’ll be talking about yourself.

  • The central banks always were insolvent. The moment they purposed to deceive with fiat currency, they ran afoul of the definition of money. They planted the seeds of their destruction. They are reaping the harvest, now.

    • Ben Dover

      Things may not play out as the banksters expect. If they run to their luxury bunkers, they will take underlings to to their “grunt” work like security. What happens when the people who actually have the guns decide that they don’t need their (basically useless) overlords and THEY want to be the new “elite” ?

      Do the George Soros’ of the world actually think these people will still listen to them? They only listen now because the “elite” have money and killing them is against the law, and will entail punishment. If the fear of punishment seems to be removed or lessened, …

      • Highspeed

        I fully agree with your statement. Nothing to stop them from becoming the New Elite.

        • Steve

          The Left calls it “crashing the system”.

      • Wolfgang Von Unterstein

        YOu are assuming the ratfinks will actually make it to the airport. Some may but a lot won’t. I think a lot of people will decide that if their lives are about to become hell, having a banker as a dog might be fun.

        • Terri

          I treat my dogs far too well, to treat the likes of them like a dog! (Spoiled dogs)

          Your comment was an insult to dog’s across the world Sir!

          LOL!!!! Levity on a serious matter.

      • 007

        They will directly or indirectly control the military. That is the way this will play out. They will be in their fortified cities. We will be on our own.

      • Jeff

        I would not want to be a moneychanger when the entire system collapses. The financial elites who have sucked all of the value from the rest of the world will have a day of reckoning, and it won’t be pretty.

        I would not expend the effort to throw a cup of water on the room, if they were all set on fire together.

  • Phillip

    October is underway, what October will reveal as far where the US is as a mile marker to where the country is? its very concerning & should be to everyone.
    I will be paying close attention to the happenings going on in the markets from nay sayers to those who do not have the wool over their eyes & are not afraid to inform the US public.
    Good luck everyone.

  • Colin

    I have a feeling that we see a revolution here, and that the people in Wall Street aren’t prepared for the revolution. The Wall Street crowd drinks champagne and mocks the protesters, while the protesters grow in number and support.

    • Pat

      Wake up. Wall Street runs the revolution. This is chess not checkers.

  • L.J.

    So, above we read that Ann Barnhardt said in part, “And if you think that this collapse is going to play out without one hell of a big hot war, you are sadly, sadly mistaken.” Between whom?????? And why exactly? Won’t we all be in the same sad boat? Will it be that the countries who are not affected quite as much take advantage of the countries that are just totally devastated and invade and occupy? Where exactly does the US stand in this scenario?

  • Colin

    For those who interested in the Occupy Wall Street movement, here is their web site:

    I don’t know yet if this movement has legs, but I think it’s very important that something is happening here in our country.

    • John B.

      Instead of the “Occupy Wall Street Movement”, they should call it the “Protest Capitalism, Whilst Getting Your Heads Bashed In By The Government” movement.

      Does anybody in their right minds really think the government can do a better job than private industry at anything?

      Grow some brains people!

    • Highspeed

      The local station Charlotte, NC carried reports of “occupy New York, Occupy Charlotte and Occupy Asheville.
      The group in Charlotte looked pitiful compared to the protestors in NY. The Asheville crowd looked a little rowdy though.

    • Jean

      I took a look at the web link you provided, plus looked at a couple of local papers (most notably Boston Globe, which had a series of 19 photos from the NY group plus some from Boston). What I have to say about that is, this looks more like one of those silly (albeit dangerous) flash mob things than anything. Don’t like “banks” “corporations” and support “global warming”, etc.

      With the exception of one person (a guy who looked like a lost MIT student), very few of the people in those photos looked like they were “job ready”, had ever had a job, some were filthy, nearly naked, bare feet, snarly hair, etc. NOT likely to get a job in a corporation, a bank, or any other place!

      “Professional” community organizer types? My gut feeling is this is a bunch that are going to be solicited by Mr. Wonderful (our POTUS) who is desperately trying to win another election.

      Don’t like banks? I suggest you do what I did back in 1986 or thereabouts, when my bank decided to start charging people to wait in line to see a teller – FIRE the BANK! … put your money (literally) where your mouth is!!
      It may not always be easy to find, but do your homework, find a credit union that will accept you as a member and join them. I did that and have never regretted it, and I feel they treat me fairly.

      Since not all credit unions accept just anyone, here are some suggestions (based on credit unions I have at one time or another joined):
      1. if you are active duty military or a civilian working for the government or a family member of either, chances are good you can join any one of the many Federal credit unions (I’m in the Navy Federal Credit Union, because I work for them). Good for life.

      2. if you happen to live in the County of San Diego, consider joining the San Diego County Credit Union – open to ALL County residents. Good as long as you keep doing business with them.

      3. if you happen to work for the State of NC or County of Orange (CA) – both these have employee credit unions – I’m sure there are many more

      …. and oddly

      4. if you happen to be of Portuguese descent, and can get to it (very limited ATMS), consider joining the Cambridge Portuguese Credit Union in Cambridge, MA. (Inman Square).

      That’s my suggestion – and if more of us did that, I should think a LOT more effective than any protest!

      • Terri

        Dear Jean,

        Those filthy, dirty haired people could quite possibly have been unemployed for some period of time, or they have lost their homes due to forclosure, used to have a small business the big bad government took out, they might not be able to afford medication they need…I think you must catch my drift here.

        Jean, nothing after that beginning paragraph, describing “the filthy” protestors made me want to read the rest of what you had to say. You lost me right there and I didn’t read the rest of what you wrote.

        Who are you to judge? They showed up because they are desperatly unhappy at what the future holds for the USA and they are not endlessly eating, watching a movie on the boob tube, or getting a waxing. They got out and are making a difference and taking a stand.

        You? Wrote about how filthy these people looked. (Did you know some protestors in San Francisco, after being released from arrest, returned to protest again to the street?)

        That my dear is character. I know you probably haven’t seen it in decades but that is what that is, “character”!

        Oh and Jean, most folks do not dress the same to protest as they do to apply for employment.

        Some folks need to get educated and grow up.

        • Jean

          Started by students, most looked to be in their 20s, I doubt VERY much that there were many (or even any) who worked hard, lost a home, owned a business or are homeless due to no fault of their own. In fact I never met or saw a homeless person with purple hair (one of the guys in the first photo had that) … costs money to get your hair done that way, even if you do it yourself… and it’s not likely you’d find a job with that kind of appearance although there are a few businesses that would put up with it.

          And how “mature” are they? Well, I understand most of them (this was reported on CNN, a liberal rag if there ever was one) don’t have a clue what they were protesting about. A bunch of them today supposedly dressed up like Zombies…

          I’ve BEEN homeless, lived in a tent for a while when my son was a baby, yet managed to find a way to keep clean. I also didn’t like it, managed to figure out how to get a job, an education, raised my son on my own with little help from my family and no help from his father… and have worked hard and paid my bills for over 40 years. If you don’t think that’s mature or “character” – too bad!

          • Angelica

            You also have to understand that the media will air the picture they want to paint. You can hop on Youtube and clearly see there are people from different backgrounds and age groups who are participating in these protests, but you’re just not seeing them on TV. It’s really not that hard to find a camera phone-recorded video of a news reporter in the process of conducting their own interviews for their networks. What they choose to include and edit out will affect our perspective of the whole thing. It is also said these major news networks are owned by TPTB, so they’re going to air what they want shown. Real journalism is dying, if not already dead. The closest you will ever get to real journalism is if you trek your butt to the scene and spend time observing and asking questions yourself. It doesn’t really matter though because most people have seemed to have made up their minds on what they believe anyway. It’s too easy to fall back on, “Well I have a job and a family to take care of.” Well friend, that just shows how you are deep into the system. Who’s going to be there for you when it comes crashing down around you? Without a job, you will have to find other ways to meet your needs. When the economy falls a few more notches and more people fall into uncomfortable shortages, I guarantee you will see many more folks joining in on protests. Especially since people feel braver in larger numbers where they can just “fade” into the group. As for the disorganization amongst the protesters, did you know that part of the reason is because the NYPD does not permit the use of microphones or megaphones? Everything has to be repeated by mouth like an echo or a game of telephone. You remember how that goes from childhood, right?

          • Angelica

            I should also add that some of those protesters are people who have served in our military. Now you can’t tell me that someone who has been in our military and served more than once, in some cases, is lazy. Also last weekend, the NYPD mislead protesters onto the Brooklyn Bridge, blocked them off and arrested them. One of those arrests was an underage girl. Many protesters asked as they were walking onto the bridge if it was ok for them to do so. Some of the police replied, “Oh yeah. It’s fine.” There was live video the afternoon it happened on the net. The version put on tv made it look like police didn’t corral the protesters on purpose. I don’t know what people expect of the protesters. It’s like you want to see them act out in violence. Many of the clips of arrests showed people perfectly calm and compliant. Look up the clips. It takes 8 policemen to arrest a girl? Seriously?

        • Angelica

          Yes, really. I know, as a woman, I would not be out there in a navy skirt suit and high heels all day and night.

    • Steve

      Just practicing in case O loses in 2012.

  • We are finally reaching the moment of truth. Globalization is the true economic destroyer, and right now, individual countries need to re-examine their reliance on cheap goods from third world nations (And yes, I include China as a Third World Nation)and return to what worked in the past and was not “broken” until the monster of globalization began devouring the global economies.

    Speaking specifically for the United States, we have the ability and capacity to begin manufacturing our own goods again; forget “free trade,” a buzzword made-up by the globalists to misinform the public and take our lumps now and begin rebuilding America, and most importantly, bring back our manufacturing, our high-tech and support jobs and return to building up our own nation rather than transferring our wealth to China, India, and several other countries who have profited off of the greed and treachery of corrupt American Corporations and their unholy alliance with the forces of globalization. Any other path is likely to spell our doom, and that is the intent of those that are attempting to destroy the global economy to usher in a new global currency and leadership that essentially will allow the ringleaders of this globalization conspiracy that will turn the majority of the world’s citizens into serfs and corpses.

    • Ben Dover

      I see that as a possibility. America still has great natural resources, even if USA splits into pieces. There would be a lot of pain during the transition, but I see no reason why we cannot restart manufacturing here.

      If we cannot import things, someone will start making things here, even if on a smaller scale. We HAVE done it before. Necessity IS the mother of invention.

    • Steve

      See also “The Dollar Crisis” by Richard Duncan for the huge problems the worlds fiat currency system is causing in terms of bubbles, crashes and debt.

  • Tim

    The Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) says that another recession is unavoidable. (Many Americans would argue that the last one never ended.)

  • Kevin2

    I have thought as of late that this may be spinning out of the control of the power elite that pushed governments to enact policies that laid the groundwork of where the world is today. There are two schools of thought regarding this. Does the power elite desire all of this chaos to capitalize on the aftermath or has it went beyond their control?

    Any thoughts?

    • Steve

      The Marxist left call this “crashing the system”. The Left in the guise of a “world gov.” will pick up the pieces.

  • JR

    The way business is run here now, we can not be saved. I don’t mean in the biblical sense, I mean in the business/economic sense. As long as central banks and corporations are in our back pockets and the government up all our asses, we will never be free. Currently, we have the illusion of freedom. Because when you sit back and think about it, what are we really Free to do that doesn’t have somebody or something regulating it? But, fear not little troopers. The government is losing its stranglehold on us, one bogus bailout at a time. It can’t last forever. And when this economic nightmare is finally over, like the old man in the void of the ship, paddling his way around in the oil in the movie “Water World”, when that torch of light comes down from above, setting up free, we will all say, “Oh Thank God.”

  • Mad Max

    We have to think big to get out of this mess. And the so called elites know it, but they don’t have a clue what to do about it.

    OsiXs (Revolution 2.0)

  • Lance

    Will the birds stop singing when the markets crash?

  • r.bitting

    In Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand…..

  • mark

    Wow! I checked Dr. Malmgren’s comments and looked at some of her past statements. This lady has a lot of conections with many powerful people. The world economy is on the ropes. You had better start getting prepared for what looks like a rough ten year period of stagflation. Too many dopes still think more debt will solve a debt problem. If these spenders keep borrowing to give to the takers of the world we will only sink deeper.

  • tommcd

    Pastor Lindsey Williams has said several times on the Alex Jones show that if / when the euro collapses, we will have about 2 weeks before the crisis spreads to the USA the American dollar implodes. He was a chaplain for several well connected oil executives in Alaska who confideed in him and told him how it was all going to go down.
    So if a collapse of the euro is imminent, then a collapse of the dollar is imminent. Get ready.

    • Ben Dover

      Greek default probably won’t collapse the Euro, but Germany bailing out will.

      Germany and France got into the euro because they thought they would end up controlling all of Europe.

      Merkel et al are really bailing out German banks. If she loses enough support for that, Germany may end up bailing on the Euro altogether. Without both Germany and France, the Euro is a goner.

  • The Oracle

    We are seeing a repeat of the Hoover years…on steroids. All the financial failures and conservative policies that deepened the Great Depression in the early 1930s following the 1929 Stock Market Crash are being recycled in both the Eurozone and the United States. In early 1933, FDR tried a different approach than Hoover’s. He regulated the banking industry and investment houses. Glass-Stegall kept the two entities separate, and assured bank deposits even more through the FDIC. FDR pumped federal money into the struggling economy, incurring debt, yes, but driving down unemployment by putting money in people’s pockets, increasing business activity and jobs in the private sector, stimulating the U.S. economy from the bottom-up instead of just bailing out the top in hopes of a trickle-down effect, like Hoover attempted. By the end of FDR’s first term, unemployment had decreased by over 10 percent while at the same time U.S. debt had risen to $30 billion. In the first half of FDR’s second term, he tried austerity with the goal of paying down the $30 billion national debt and balancing the budget. Result? Rising unemployment again and a depressed economy. See a pattern? De-regulation lets the crooks in the door, and after they’ve stolen all that they can, calls for austerity ensue along with calls for less government spending (i.e. lower taxes) so they can keep as much of what they’ve stolen as possible, which only exacerbates the joblessness and struggling businesses problem. We are currently in the middle to latter stages of this conservative “solution” to the problem that conservative policies caused in the first place over the past decade or so. Either we have another FDR moment, as in a NEW DEAL 2.0, or you can bet that things will worsen, predictably, inevitably, if we continue down this path.

    • Steve

      Please see “The Forgotten Man” by A. Schales for the truth about the Great Depression and no the BS re FDR.

    • mvp

      this post has so many logical errors I don’t even know where to begin to address it – you obviously have NO idea about how central bankers and the ruling elite are neither “conservative” nor “progressive” – as long as this duality is continued, there will never be a change – that is why the whole western world economy is collapsing. FDR was one of them, silly person.

  • oleguy

    All the doom and gloom as usual. Get prepared is my advice. This is what happens around the world spending everyone elses money. This administration still wants to move to the European mondel and yet it is collapsing. Amazing.

    I agree with alot of statements here, but alot of you forget we put the smucks in office. Even when we hate the incumbent we put them again back in office. Balme yourselves as well for this mess we allowed it to happen.

    People are basically greedy and the politicians play on that greed. I will give you something to vote for me folks!

  • Get Ready

    Here we go. 41,000 people will have their benefits cut off in Michigan. They were getting 500.00 in cash each month, plus food stamps and other freebies. Just picked up an extra box of shells to sock away.

  • Curt

    All of these “Quotes” would have more meaning if they were dated. Was that said last month, last year, or yesterday.

  • Gary2

    Michael-do you think if I keep regularly dropping job creators in the toilet that I will create some shovel ready jobs?

    Just sayin…

  • mondobeyondo

    A little tidbit from an anonymous guy on the streets of Chicago, during the violent political protests in that city in the summer of 1968:

    “No, I’m not afraid to die. Why are you afraid to live?”

  • JD

    Michael, Someting screwy is going on with the blogs. Ive tried for hours this moring to get into The American Dream and Economic collapse blogs and there was no response. I heard others complaining about this and now im convinced the govt. is trying to discourage people from getting to your sites.

    • Michael


      Can you tell me exactly what happened and what time it happened?

      Were you not able to access the sites at all?


  • When I Grew Up A OutHouse Was Not UnCommon, A Lot Of People Had Small WoodStoves To Keep Them Heated, No Problems of DisComfort, Saunas To Take Regular Bathes In. Candles And Kerosene Lamps If The Power Failed. Many Canned Meat And Vegtables For The Winter Months,Some Would Go As Far As To Cure There Own Hams And Make There
    Own Beef Jerky. Besides Ethanol Is Not That Hard To Make, It Just Takes knowHow And Materials. So People That Have The Skills To Develop A Answer To A problem Will Have No Trouble Adapting To Any Situation. Fox News Had A Interesting Segment On Last Week,” Environmentalists Vs The Economy” Some Of Obamas
    Biggest Money Donors Are People For The environment.Back In The Late Nineties Bush Would Not Sign The Kyoto Treaty Because Of The “Damage” It Would Do To The U.S. Well, Obama
    Did Not Sign One Either, But Then Again He Does Not Have To Because in His Mind He Is Going To Make Everybody Around The World Happy By Shutting This Country Down,Period. So All The Treehuggers And Woodsy Owl Lovers May Be Happy
    Now,But There Time Will Come Like To. There Is One More Solution, People Can Do Like Humungous
    Says,” just Walk Away, And There Will Be An End To The Horror And Pain, Just Walk Away.”

  • JD

    It was about 7:30 am Mountain time. I did Bing search for economic collapse and american dream. I clicked on the icons for your sites and the computer did absoulety nothing. It didnt redirect me like what happened to Smash but there was no response for over 3 hours. I went on Youtube for awhile then I tried again and it worked. Yesterday was weird too. There was no comments posted and when I tried to post the computer said to use a vaild email address. Every other time its worked fine. Thats why I thought I made someone angry when I posted that stuff on The Dream website. I hope no ones messing with you but maybe its says something like your ruffling the feathers of the establishment. Oh wish me luck at my first day at the new job tommorrow. Ive been praying like crazy that I can do it. I appreciate all of you and your wifes prayers. We will get through this storm together. Thank you.

    • Michael

      May your first day on your new job be blessed.

      If anyone else experiences problems getting on to the website please let me know. The recent reports of problems concern me very much.


  • Whateva

    What the ****** eva…so WHAT if we go into a next “Depression” maybe some of these rich basta*ds who caused this problem will lose all their hard earned cash and jump out of a few high story building windows like in 29.

    If or when it happens we pull together as a people as history has shown us.

    We will all be misserable for a while and re-start again. Our grandparents did it and we will also…look around…we are all still here.

    If you want to be stupid with your money keep buying Stocks, Bonds and phoney debt.

    Even the shorts will lose everything invested.

    Spread the word to the folk who have no idea what’s coming and protect your finances now by buying SILVER and GOLD!!!

    Re-Allocate now before its too late


  • Insiders have been saying such things to me in private for more than 40 years, and I have been issuing public warnings for more than 20 years. It is not that the problem has been unanticipated, but generations of elite decisionmakers thought they could push the day of reckoning past their watch, and “get theirs” in the meantime. Their attitude was that attributed to King Louis XV of France, who has been quoted, “Apres moi, le deluge.” He meant that his policies would cause disaster, but he didn’t care as long it the disaster struck after the was dead. As it happened, it struck his son, Louis XVI, who was beheaded.

  • Tom

    Oracle, your wrong! Conservitism is what stopped the great depression before it even began! Read history before you comment. Specifically the roaring twenties and who did it and how. Read first and learn liberal bot!

  • Tom

    That aside, whats done is done. BOTH parties are to blame. And with the majority here, its now time to prepare and ensure the family is taken care of. Better to have and not need it, which I hope is where it goes, than to need and not have it.

  • 007

    Wow, are you guys watching the treasury markets. The largest bubble in history is forming before our eyes and is fast reaching the bursting point. Treasury rates on 10 year bonds is 1.7% while inflation is churning along at a official rate of 3.5 (bull rate) and the real inflation rate is running at over 7%. This means investors are buying treasury bonds that they know will only return them 75% to 85% of their initial investment. People are investing in a panic stampede mode searching for safety in investments. People are just scared to death and are willing to accept only a partial return of their investment. Unbelievable! That should tell you how freaked really are of the economy.

    And what are they running to buy for safety, U.S. bonds of a bankrupt country with out of control spending,debt and money printing. A country with 15 trillion debt on the books and 50 trillion off the books. It resembles desperate people in a storm rushing into a burning house for safety.

    These bond markets are a very dangerous places to be invested. An increase in the interest rate to just 5 % will instantly crush those investors in the bond market. The place they are running for safety could crash by almost 50% of their iinvestment instantly. The worse news is that the effects of QE2 and QE1 have not even hit our economy yet. However, this inflation tsunami is headed our way and there is no hope of stopping it.

    This insanity of investing in bonds which are guaranteed to lose money is simply unsustainable. We are fast approaching a point where people will be just as happy taking their money out of the banks and hiding it in their matresses. This is the definition of a run on the bank.

    When inflation hits 10 %, no one in their right mind will buy these bonds that yield1.7%. . Therefore the markets will probably suddenly flee the treasury markets and the interest rates will go into a death spiral. Bernanke will also step in to buy the bonds by printing more money. This will further fan the flames of inflation.

    If you haven’t noticed every market anyone might consider in investing are all falling dramatically. Stocks, corporate bonds, real estate, municipal bonds, commercial property, commodities and even gold. The only place to hide is in treasuries which is like investing in the titanic.

    No one knows how much bigger this bubble can get before it bursts. But it is HUGE right now. Rising inflation continues to push more and more to the tipping point. Once investors grow tired of taking heavy losses on treasury bonds, they will flee to whatever appears to be a safer and stable investment sanctuary. Those places will likely be stable currencies in countries that are not monitizing their debt, Or a currency tied to the gold standard. Or just good old gold.

    If you are heavily invested in these treasury bond markets prepare to be crushed. If you can guess correcty where the stampede will flee to once they leave the treasury you can get rich.

    My guess is they will flee to cash in the matress, yes cash will be king while the markets crash, gold, silver, oil at $60.00 ppb and commodities. However, general commodities will substantially correct down further as the new recession is priced in. When commodities bottom, these will again be an excellent place to invest again. If things go real bad freeze dried food commodities may turn out to be good as gold.

    I am convinced this is how this next phase of the collapse will play out. Therefore, I hope anyone with any investments left will invest wisely.

  • 007

    Oh, one other thing. Keep an eye on what Soros invests in. He gets inside info from the white house. He made 7,000,000,000 last quarter. More than Apple. He is betting on a European and U.S. Collapse.

    • mvp

      UH, I think you have that backwards – the White House gets its info from GS – Sotero is his lap dog.

  • Chris

    Barnhardt Capital Management doesn’t qualify as an insider to me…Good article though.

  • jerry O

    The market is going to crash.
    It is just a matter of time.

    All countries go through this

    There are 7 stages that any
    major economy goes through.

    Those who know how it works
    profit and massive wealth
    is transferred to them.

    See what one millionaire
    has written about the 7
    stages we go through
    and how you can profit
    like the ultra rich
    during these times.

    For his free video go to:

  • jane

    The truth is very simple. The average American will have to lower their standard of living. That is not going to be easy and I am afraid that civil unrest will happen as soon as welfare or food stamps are no longer available. We are stocking up on food storage to prepare for what is surely to come. Check out The food is fantastic and the prices low (… for now). I’ve got car insurance, and home insurance…. food insurance is the logical next step. Even if things are getting better, which I doubt, we can always eat the food!

  • So, there are few questions asked and the questions that arise are based upon incomplete assumptions because the foundational structure of the economy is completely based upon a system that contains two divergent fault lines, which will, in time converge in disaster. The first fault line consist of the inherent terminal life span of all fiat monetary systems due to the systemic inflationary pressure, the second fault line consist of requirement of absolute widespread public confidence in fiat money itself.

    Eventually, these two fault lines converge and the system collapses. Such collapses are not preventable any more than the system itself is sustainable without massive government and central banking interventions. The system lends itself to those who require the benefits of inflationism, this trait, of course, is welcomed and enhanced by both government and central bankers who are all too eager to utilize such a trait to their best advantage. Unfortunately for the banksters, there comes a time when even the benefits are thrown out of balance with the risks associate with the collapse of the monetary system. One of the main risks for bankers, especially central bankers, as well as most of our politicians and their bureaucratic lapdogs is once the collapse is in full swing they run the very real risk **************************************************

  • Bernd1964

    I think this crisis will be a huge Malthusian nightmare and its real cause is peak oil and peak everything as depicted in Richard Heinberg’s latest book ‘The End of Growth’, although the financial crisis of 2008 and its extension up to now is caused in larger parts by greedy criminal Wall Street and City of London crony capitalism (the NWO finance terrorists).

    The modern industrial age is based on fast consumption of age old resources but this culture of depletion can only last so far. We have reached a point of overshoot long ago (1985) and now the inevitable collapse of modern civilization will occur. Homo Faber has produced a huge prosthetic carrying capacity for human life on our planet but this condition can’t be sustained forever, only for a few decades at best.

    We have globally reached a pre-collapse state in many aspects. That’s why I expect a terrible world wide die off quite soon (my estimation is the year 2017) that will consume huge parts of humanity. As usual the elites will be better off then the rest. They will present World Government as our savior but that will only serve their objective of total global control and elitist dominance.

    I would like to please all of you to not engage in antisocial behavior if we find ourselves in a broken civilization soon. We must create a new civilization that isn’t based upon exuberant consumption.

  • zep

    The bigger question I ask,if everyone lost their job tomorrow,would you be helpless?Or would you find a way to support yourself?

  • RCW

    For years the Federal Reserve has been weakening the dollar. A few weeks ago they reversed policy and began strengthening the dollar. Gold prices are collapsing daily, and those who invested into backing paper with gold will be faced with the coming collapse of gold prices. There’s an article on Timberline about the collapse recently: Your best option would be diversifying your portfolio as broadly as possible. Stocking all of your options into one/two assets maximizes your risk and dictates your finance according to the economic ups-and-downs.

  • 4th Horseman

    You can put cash in your safe. You can buy gold coins. You can diversify your portfolio. All good things to do in a functional economy.

    You can’t, however, eat gold, cash or stocks. Bring a gold coin to your supermarket, and they’ll look at you like you’re a fool.

    If things get rough and nasty, all of the above will be worthless compared to a can of beans and a 22 rifle. It will cost you all of your gold for a rifle and 20 bullets, if you can find someone to sell them to you.

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If you haven’t managed to stock up on 3 months of survival food, several rifles and ammo, a pure water source and fuel for heat…then do it now. It’s a sound idea whether you are preparing for an earthquake, flood, ice storm or breakdown of national authority.

  • James McNulty

    It’s too bad no one will just “nuke” us. That would be highly preferable to another 2 years of agonizing, horrific economic decline. America is already defeated and dead.

  • turretman1st

    reading the above
    as to manufacturing jobs and manufacturing returning to the US. look at all the empty factory buildings. as with the jobs all the factory equipment went overseas also.
    to rebuild we would have to just about start from scratch.
    im retired navy in san francisco, at hunters point which once was a naval shipyard the feds liquidated all the equipment to china and i do mean all of it.
    thats what has been done at closed factorys all across the nation. basicly nutering our manufactoring base.

  • robert

    read the ten planks of the communist manifesto

    and then you could wake up

    infowars com
    ronpaul2012 com
    henrymakow com canadian phd

    when will the world wake up

    i raised four children alone in poverty
    I KNOW we are just lazy
    we should walk one hour to the local wallmart everyday and get a job
    and then walk back everynight
    yeah all us single parents are just lazy

  • With the recent severe downturn in the economy, the subject of unemployment has been getting a lot of attention in the corporate news. However, the true causes of unemployment–as well as the identities and motives of its influential proponents–are carefully avoided. Unemployment: The Shocking Truth… takes a refreshingly candid look at this vital national issue, its actual causes, and what can be done about it.

    This is a well-researched yet easy-to-read book. In it, the author documents the tenacious opposition of the most powerful business associations to full employment, describing the many lucrative other benefits they reap from keeping large numbers of the population unemployed. He shows how unemployment is created by the rising inequality in income and wealth, and the actions that big business takes to create millions of layoffs. Those actions include: introducing advanced technology, exporting of American jobs, merging of corporations and importing cheap labor.

    No less serious for working people are the periodic interest rate increases of the Federal Reserve Bank.

    Mr. Stone goes on to delineate unemployment’s many outrageous consequences for working people and their families, as well as for all other Americans.

    He also shows how the creation of a full employment society will require dealing with the bitter opposition to it by the business class. A variety of badly needed projects can then be carried out to create a vibrant and healthy society that could provide work to all the presently jobless millions. The funding for such a program can come from a steep reduction in the incredibly swollen and wasteful military budget, from the billions of tax dollars that corporations used to pay in the past but are no longer paying, and from the billions of tax dollars the jobless would pay once employed.
    Fifteen excellent cartoons illustrate some of the book’s more important points.

    This book is essential for an understanding of how and why unemployment is artificially maintained by the powers that be.

  • why fight the inevitable? If you are one convinced that the “end” is very near, then why concern yourself with things of this earth? Why do you concern yourself with the taxing of the wealthy? why do you concern yourself with the “unfairness” of affirmative action, jobs, government policies and regulations? Why do you concern yourself with economic and political policies at all? Certain people certainly do not concern themselves with the health of the planet or the welfare or those whom they label as illegal or dregs of society. This confuses me?


  • JWN

    What is really catastrophic is that economies no longer rely on basic laws such as supply and demand, by rely on speculants that are betting on things going wrong to make money, like a perverse casino royal. Whether this prediction happens or not, some speculants think they can get away with it too. If this prediction is true “they” of all people should leave the ships like rats. As long as that does not happen, the ship will remain afloat, perhaps steerless or rudderless for a while, but remain afloat!

  • JWN2

    I the prediction is speculative, vote for Ron Paul! Only under drastic measures such like his can save the ASU… the “ars” of us!

  • JWN3

    Why? Conservative Americans no longer count on or believe in science, only in ideology and a helpless god, who is fed up with his name being used in vain!

  • i am hoarding guns i can get food if you have food get guns

  • stan at death bed

    i went to visit a toddler in the hospital who had terminal cancer and he asked me what its like to die. i said its probably alot like before you were born. he smiled and said oh. from the mouths of babes come wisdom

  • stan at death bed

    i am of the opinion that most of you doomsayers are in desperate need of help for you paranoa. if you want to know whats wrong with our economy look at were your sneakers are made better yet just go to walmart. oh and theve got the best price for ammo too. hold up a mirror and youl see. i cant wait to see all those hoarders thowing all there twenty year old canned food and mres into the land fill , turning their survival bunkers into septic tanks all the while the conmen who sold them on this bs laugh all the way to the bank. we need to be strong not weak minded fools that dont have a rational plan. right now that plan should be building for the future not hoarding food and guns to shoot your neighbor. you wont win anyway. the thing about a badass is theres always somebody badder than you. just my opinion

  • stan at death bed

    its nice to get the last word for a change

  • nina

    i believe that our falling economy along with earths own natural devestations is something that awaits us all in the future sense the start of human history there has been great rises and great falls in every civilization so why would we think were immune from something that was pre-writtin it is destine we can not run form it or hide there is nothing we can do about it except for mentally prepare ourselves for what is about to happen

  • stan at death bed

    thanku nina good to hear sanity

  • stan at death bed

    of all the bs imposed some of the smellyest is the global disaster predicted? by a s load of pre twenty morons that live in their parents basement. remember duck and cover? well just like a riverbank things find their level and we move farther up the bank so we dont get our feet wet life go on long after we are long gone. people can adapt . they will .they must its like prevailing winds or the rain iknow that i go to my grave with every confidence that the next gen will figure it out like i did

  • stan at death bed

    or rather we did

  • stan at death bed

    really thats all u got? would have that someone that would take the time to check out this site would have the staying power to keep the conversation going. alls well that ends in the well?

  • stan at death bed

    as i was reading today about the 20th anniversity of the rodney king affair it struck me that weve got it wrong its not about right and wrong or good or bad its how the free speech media can edit so called on the spot reporting and cause the death of at least 54 innocent people and nearly 1 billion u.s. and cash thier paychecks KNOWING that thier bs caused so much misery. read 4 24 12 sac bee. rodney got 3.8 mil guess what its all but gone. my point is the media does the same thing to incite paranoa in the general population. buy guns buy canned food. buy shelters cause the end is near! whata load of horse stuff. they should be ashamed but their not neither are prostitutes i have more respect for prostitutes at least they make an honest liveing.

  • Befee

    Above are the prophets of doom, and here is the doom of prophets, quote from outsiders about the greatest economic that is here everyday…”You either sit at home with no job and read this message, or you go back to work tomorrow and tell this message to everyone at work.”

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