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QE3: Helicopter Ben Bernanke Unleashes An All-Out Attack On The U.S. Dollar

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You can’t accuse Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke of not living up to his nickname.  Back in 2002, Bernanke delivered a speech entitled “Deflation: Making Sure ‘It’ Doesn’t Happen Here” in which he referenced a statement by economist Milton Friedman about fighting deflation by dropping money from a helicopter.  Well, it might be time for a new nickname for Bernanke because what he did today was a lot more than drop money from a helicopter.  Today the Federal Reserve announced that QE3 will begin on Friday, but it is going to be much different from QE1 and QE2.  Both of those rounds of quantitative easing were of limited duration.  This time, the quantitative easing is going to be open-ended.  The Fed is going to buy 40 billion dollars worth of mortgage-backed securities per month until they have decided that the economy is in good enough shape to stop.  For those that get confused by terms like “quantitative easing” and “mortgage-backed securities”, what the Federal Reserve is essentially saying is this: “We’re going to print a bunch of money and buy stuff for as long as we feel it is necessary.”  In addition, the Federal Reserve has promised to keep interest rates at ultra-low levels all the way through mid-2015.  The course that the Federal Reserve has set us on is utter insanity.  Ben Bernanke can rain money down on us all he wants, but it is not going to do much at all to help the real economy.  However, it will definitely hasten the destruction of the U.S. dollar.

And the Federal Reserve is apparently very eager to get QE3 going.  Purchases of mortgage-backed securities are going to start on Friday.

In the coming months, hundreds of billions of dollars that the Federal Reserve has zapped into existence out of nothing will be injected into our financial system.

So what will happen to all of this new money?

If banks and financial institutions use that money to make loans then it could have somewhat of a positive impact on the economy in the short-term.

However, the truth is that it isn’t as if banks are hurting for cash to loan out.  In fact, right now banks are already sitting on $1.6 trillion in excess reserves.  Just like with the first two rounds of quantitative easing, a lot of the money from QE3 will likely end up being put on the shelf.

But the stock market loved the news because they know that the previous two rounds of quantitative easing have been great for the financial markets.  On Thursday, the stock market soared to levels not seen since December 2007.

There is much rejoicing on Wall Street right now.

And this stock market bounce is great for Bernanke’s good buddy Barack Obama.

Obama nominated Bernanke to a second term as Fed Chairman, and this might be Bernanke’s way of paying him back.

But of course the Fed is supposed to be “above politics” so that would never happen, right?

The Federal Reserve essentially “crossed the Rubicon” today.  No longer will quantitative easing be considered an “emergency measure”.  Rather, it will now be considered just another “tool” that the Fed uses in the normal course of business.

Considering how vulnerable the U.S. dollar already is, announcing an “open-ended” round of quantitative easing is utter foolishness.  According to the Fed, when you add the 40 billion dollars of new mortgage-backed security purchases per month to all of the other “easing” measures the Fed is continuing to do, the grand total is going to come to about 85 billion dollars a month.  The following is from the statement that the Fed released earlier today….

To support a stronger economic recovery and to help ensure that inflation, over time, is at the rate most consistent with its dual mandate, the Committee agreed today to increase policy accommodation by purchasing additional agency mortgage-backed securities at a pace of $40 billion per month. The Committee also will continue through the end of the year its program to extend the average maturity of its holdings of securities as announced in June, and it is maintaining its existing policy of reinvesting principal payments from its holdings of agency debt and agency mortgage-backed securities in agency mortgage-backed securities. These actions, which together will increase the Committee’s holdings of longer-term securities by about $85 billion each month through the end of the year, should put downward pressure on longer-term interest rates, support mortgage markets, and help to make broader financial conditions more accommodative.

The Committee will closely monitor incoming information on economic and financial developments in coming months. If the outlook for the labor market does not improve substantially, the Committee will continue its purchases of agency mortgage-backed securities, undertake additional asset purchases, and employ its other policy tools as appropriate until such improvement is achieved in a context of price stability. In determining the size, pace, and composition of its asset purchases, the Committee will, as always, take appropriate account of the likely efficacy and costs of such purchases.

So what does all of this mean?

I really like how one analyst put it when he described this announcement as a “I’m gonna ease till your eyes bleed kinda statement“.

The Fed also promised to keep interest rates at “exceptionally low levels” until mid-2015….

To support continued progress toward maximum employment and price stability, the Committee expects that a highly accommodative stance of monetary policy will remain appropriate for a considerable time after the economic recovery strengthens. In particular, the Committee also decided today to keep the target range for the federal funds rate at 0 to 1/4 percent and currently anticipates that exceptionally low levels for the federal funds rate are likely to be warranted at least through mid-2015.

It seems that whenever the U.S. economy gets into trouble, Bernanke and his friends at the Fed only have one prescription and it goes something like this….

“Print more money and promise to keep interest rates near zero even longer.”

Of course a lot of Republicans are quite disturbed that QE3 was announced with just a couple of months remaining in a very heated election battle.

Even big news organizations such as CNBC are commenting on this….

Though the Fed is ostensibly politically independent, the decision comes at a ticklish time with the presidential election less than two months away.

And without a doubt the mainstream media will be proclaiming this to be “good news” for the economy in the short-term.

But is QE3 really going to help the average person on the street?

Well, first let’s take a look at employment.  We are told that one of the primary reasons for QE3 is jobs.

But did QE1 and QE2 create jobs?

The answer is clearly no.

As you can see from the chart below, the percentage of working age Americans with a job fell dramatically during the last recession and has not bounced back since that time despite all of the quantitative easing that has been done already….

So why try the same thing again when it did not work the first two times?

But what more quantitative easing is likely to do is to pump up stock market values because a lot of the money from QE3 is going to end up being put into stocks and other investments.

This is going to help the wealthy get even wealthier, and it is going to make the “wealth gap” between the rich and the poor even larger in America.

QE3 is also probably going to cause commodity prices to rise just like QE1 and QE2 did.

That means that you will be paying more for gasoline, food and other basic necessities.

So there may not be more jobs, but at least you will get the privilege of paying more for things.

The inflation that QE3 will cause will be particularly cruel for those on fixed incomes such as retirees.

None of the extra money from QE3 is going to go into their pockets, but they will have to pay more to heat their homes and fill up their shopping carts.

And the “exceptionally low interest rate” policy of the Federal Reserve is absolutely devastating for those that have saved for retirement and that are relying on interest income for their living expenses.

In short, quantitative easing is very good for the wealthy and it is very bad for the average man and woman on the street.

But what else would you expect from the Federal Reserve?

It is imperative that we educate the American people about the Federal Reserve and about how they are destroying our economy.  For much more on this, please see my previous article entitled “10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve“.

Perhaps the biggest danger from QE3 is that it could greatly hasten the day when the U.S. dollar ceases to be the reserve currency of the world.

The rest of the world is not stupid.  They see that the Federal Reserve is now firing up the printing presses whenever they feel like it.  They can see the games that we are playing with our currency.

Why should the rest of the world continue to use the U.S. dollar to trade with one another when the United States is constantly debasing it and playing games with its value?

As I wrote about the other day, China and Russia have been calling for a new reserve currency for the world for several years.  They have been leading the charge to conduct international trade in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, and I have documented many of the major international agreements to move away from the U.S. dollar that have been made in the last couple of years.

The status of the U.S. dollar in the world has already been steadily slipping, and now Helicopter Ben Bernanke pulls this kind of nonsense.

We are handing the rest of the world an excuse to abandon the U.S. dollar on a silver platter.

And when the rest of the globe rejects the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency, the dollar will crash, the cost of living will increase dramatically, our standard of living will go way down and we will never fully recover from it.

So if you think that things are “bad” now, just wait until that happens.

The U.S. dollar is one of the best things that the U.S. economy still has going for it, and Helicopter Ben Bernanke is doing his best to absolutely destroy that.

What is your opinion of QE3?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Chefdemon

    Lets keep kicking the can down the road. It just will make things harder sooner.

  • RICH99

    And thus solidifies my statement for the past 13 months…….this game will gonna on and on and on……the economy isn’t gonna collapse in October or even October 2013 or even 2014 for that matter …..hahahahahahahah. to those who thought we were collapsing soon

    • John W.

      You truly are an idiot. Eventually the fun and games will run out. We are already collapsed only on life support.

    • 007

      Any jackass can charge up a credit card. We will see what you say when the card is maxed out. It defies logic to believe this can end well.

    • salvadordaly

      Rich, keep it up. If thats the case it gives you more time to prep. I can only hope it goes on untill 2013, 2014 for that matter. I am, and will never be fully prepaired for the storm that is coming! Thank god you can see that! Way to face reality, you are a smart man. I hope you are right! I am putting my family’s future on your predictions, man I hope you are right. I would hate to turn to my kids and tell them that, but, but, Rich99 said. My faith and my family’s rely on your every statement, don’t let us down. There is no other option. Just think I was going to buy some more preps this weekend, glad I saw your post. I’ll put that off till next year now. Anyhoo’s back to the Kardashians, yeah that’s the ticket!

    • Save the Republic

      You have normalcy bias. You believe that America operates in a vacuum, and that whatever we do will have no consequences. Up until recently, that has been sort of true because of the dollar being the world’s reserve currency. But when other countries have had enough, we will be done. What do you think is going to happen when other countries no longer accept dollars for oil? If they start demanding payment in hard assets like gold, our economy will collapse. When gas prices hit $4/gal, our economy took a nosedive from which it hasn’t recovered. What do you think will happen when we have to pay $8/gal? How about when China no longer wants dollars for all the stuff we no longer make here?

      • Me

        It’s in the mail.

        This is simultaneously the best news I’ve heard since discovering about Peak Oil and the WORST news I’ve heard since discovering about the US Petrodollar scheme

        That means (eventually) energy independence for China. That right there. I’ve been big on thorium since forever now.

        That also means eventually they don’t need our dollars.

        It’s over.

        Just wait for it but it is most definitely over. 15-20 years tops and I’m being generous.

        (Obviously it’s over before that but this absolutely, in my mind, ensures that FACT… to me this is no longer speculation when you take that into account).

        By the way, attempting to compete on the basis of productivity, with a country powered by that crap, while you are using solar panels and windmills… is like the French army trying to take down all of Eastern Europe…

    • SmallerGovNow

      Wrong, QE3 is indicative of endgame…

    • Ameen

      Not necessarily true: depends on what the Chinese and Russian reaction is to this….

    • RMM

      Yes, it will. Period. Think about it. Nothing lasts forever, especially a system that doesn’t work.

  • David

    QE3 and its antecedents remind me of what electro-shock does to a body: it only helps if the body is still alive. Unfortunately, one can only stimulate a dying economy so long before it looks like futile, “heroic” efforts. I think that’s where we are.

  • Mondobeyondo


    *search archival audio file – insert audio file of WWII German Stuka dive bomber here*

  • Burnsy

    Time to buy stock in wheelbarrow manufacturing. Everyone will soon need one to carry their near worthless currency to the store for a loaf of bread.

    • Bread is free at the Joseph Storehouse on Denton Highway and Mike Murdoch Ministries on Denton Highway in Ft. Worth. Do you think the days of free bread are over too?

    • Barn cat

      And remember: if you leave your wheel barrow full of money outside they’ll dump the money and steal the wheel barrow.

  • David

    Last nails of the coffin being hammered.

  • Dirty Dave

    Where I live the only types of new business opening are clothing,check cashing, restaurants and pharmacies. I have yet to see one place that manufactures anything. the fed keeps printing money and the banks keep hoarding it….how long can this possibly last?

    • phdinlogic

      Obama calls flipping Mcd burgers manufacturing.

    • salvadordaly

      Dirty Dave, I do not know where you live, but where I am there are all these new retail stores opening up all around. The main ones that I see are on signs posted all over strip centers. The two major ones are “For Rent” and “For Sale” Have not actually gone in to one yet, but they must be popular. They are everywhere!

  • Rodster

    I say bring on the collapse, i’m bored. 😛

    • Nobody

      Right On!!

  • Rtype

    We are a nation headed straight to hell

  • DieselDan

    I am at a loss for words, how has our nation become so utterly incompetent, we fully deserve the hell we have unleashed on ourselves I will not know what I’ll tell my grandchildren! God help us!!!

    • Nobody

      I agree, and I wish it would happen sooner than later. I’ve been short the Russell 2000 all Summer, and losing my a**. These markets are extremely overbought on the technicals, and top-heavy within within the secular bear market we’ve been in, since 2000. We are basically in a repeat of 1968 to 1982.

      I can’t believe the stock market is so dependant on welfare, to the point of bragging about it!!!

  • T-Bone

    The Federal Reserve is a joke! The dollar collapse will happen along with the petrodollar. The future of the USA is let the dollars collapse or start a war with Iran to restore the petrodollar just like the USA did with Iraq. Uncle Sam has a rough road ahead…………….

  • Michael

    The only option left on the table to solve the economic and financial collapse of the Greatest Terrorist Empire called the United States, besides printing zillions of fake dollars, is War, as in World War 3. If that what you Yankees really want?

    • phdinlogic

      As true Americans, we certainly do not want a WW3 scenario. It is the bankers funding both sides of wars since the Revolution in 1776, putting in the Federal Reserve at any cost in 1913, and owning politicians since the nation was founded those are the terrorists. People have been caught up in the “American Dream” based on credit and not holding our representatives to the fire that has cause our demise. Real Americans, in my opinion, are good people; not terrorists.

    • Nobody

      That’s what the power mongers here want. As for the average Umerican, they’re clueless.

  • markthetruth

    The world is already getting ticked off……….

    Latin America Fears Fed Monetary Stimulus: Chile Minister

    the end.

  • DaytoDay

    I’ve read since 2010, QE3 would be the final nail in the coffin for the US Dollar.

    And better yet, with UNLIMITED money printing… People think inflation is bad now, just wait… Look, I’ve been saying from the beginning, there will come a day when a candy bar costs $10, gallon of gas $15, and so on… I mean, most “value” meals are close to $10 already! 10yrs ago, the same “value” meal cost 3-4 dollars..

    And of course the FED is political… Hell, it’s technically ILLEGAL under the constitution to even be operating…

    So, people have been warning against QE3 since 2010 and the inflation it WILL cause, a lot of people didn’t think they would do another QE, like they also didn’t think GM would move to China…

    So, this is nothing new to me… I’ve known about this for over 2yrs and the effects it would have on the economy. The only thing this tells me is, we are one step for WW3…

    • Nickelthrower


      I’m not so sure about the WW3 part of the equations. While it is fun to bully 3rd world nations that lack for basic infrastructure, a world war will bring us into conflict with nuclear armed super powers and that is something the 1% may not be ready for given that they would go up in smoke with the rest of us.

      Of course, Hitler never expected to fight a world war either and even with Speer running the show Germany could still not match the industrial output of 1914-1918. The Germans found out that you couldn’t run a war economy on half starved foreign conscripts though it did save them some money. We, too, would learn some equally hard lessons like sending your manufacturing and technology to potential enemies might just backfire – though it will save you some money.

    • RICH99

      Listen , they have been printing TRILLIONS……TRILLIONS of worthless paper for years now so what makes you think another round of printing will change anything …..let me repeat what I said before you say something stupid…….they have already printed TRILLIONS ( as in plural ) not billions .
      Stop being ridiculous

      • DaytoDay

        No, you listen… China and Russia are in the process of separating themselves from the US Dollar (Something they didn’t do under QE1 and QE2). Japan’s economy and country has been wrecked for over a year and will be for another decade (Good economy under QE1 and QE2).

        If you honestly think this game will last forever, then just look at Europe… Greece, 30% unemployment, Spain, 23% unemployment, Italy, 20% unemployment… And do you know what their solution has been? PRINT MONEY!!! along with austerity (Raise taxes).

        So, Rich, you are incredibly naive, if you think that 100 million Americans living in poverty is no big deal, and will just go away if you close your eyes…

        The reason why QE1 and QE2 worked is because, technically it did… It propped up Wall Street and the “too big too fails” But, very little of the “bailout” money made it to the average Joe-Schmo, and also you have to remember, under QE1 and QE2 China and Japan (2 and 3 biggest buyers of US debt) were buying a lot of US debt, now… Under QE3, China is distancing itself from the US dollar (Because they know, they will never be repaid) and Japan’s economy is in the toilet…

        So simply put, QE3 will not “work” this time around, because:

        1. It generates debt, NOT jobs
        2. We have less countries buying our debt (Printed money)
        3. The economy is in worse shape then it was under QE1 and QE2
        4. Look at Europe to see the long term effects of wild money printing and NO job growth
        5. Contrary to what you believe, wild money printing is causing inflation…

        Stop being ridiculous

  • dollarpoor

    For the ***************! Stop printing money!!!!

    This is not a drill!!!!

    Put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye!

  • john in a box

    Wow. Can you see that??? It is Hyper Inflation right around the cornor. Great work Michael, thanks for always keeping it real. I look around at my generation (mid 20’s) and am astonished at their apathy towards the truly important issues. “News” to them is limited to the most recent viral video and when their unemployment check is coming in. The “deep thinkers” might occasionaly turn on the Colbert report or John Steward for their worldly views. How do you wake up a whole generation? A whole nation of people? A world that cannot see the forest from the trees.

    • RICH99

      So let me get this right…….the TRILLION(S) that they already printed….that is TRILLIONS (with an S) didn’t cause hyperinflation but QE3 will ? Hahahahahahahah….you guys crack me up ….the DOOM CLUB

    • Matt R in MN

      Agreed, I was talking to a friend a few months ago about how Putin is running a dictatorship in Russia and where the world is going and his exact comment to me was “I could care less.” I see the cycle like this: Success ==> Apathy ==> Loss of freedom ==> Oppression ==> Slavery ==> reawakening ==> revolution… back to success again. I’m pretty sure we’re in the apathy/Loss of Freedom phase with oppression coming soon. Good thing the gov’t has been buying up all those hallow point bullets.

    • Johnny Apple Seed

      Agree with you John

  • John Jackson

    This is the nail in the coffin. It is not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN. The dollar is going to crash but you can survive and thrive from this single most important event in our history…

  • dollarpoor

    Sorry had my own stimulus plan today at a where did my job go beer summit.

    Should had been….

    For the *****************!!!! Stop Printing money!!!

    This is not a drill!!!

    Put your head between your knees and kiss your assets goodbye!

  • The hell with gold and silver, organic seeds and bullets, plenty of bullets.

    • Zedge Hero

      Ummm the reason we are in this mess is because we already said to hell with gold and silver- sorry you fail.

  • Newton

    If the dollar becomes worthless as you seem to think it may , wouldn’t
    It be better to have some debt?

    If you have savings, it will be wiped out if they reset the monetary

    Silver and gold are great, but as many have pointed out before, go try to actually purchase something with a silver eagle -you’ll get a whole lot
    Of blank stares.

    • John W.

      Yep, pay it back with cheap dollars, that is what the govt. is doing. All those entitlements will now be worthless.

    • 007

      For those who are in debt, this may turn out to be a blessing. However, I would certainly not be getting in more debt. If you get into a whole the debt service can fill you.

    • Save the Republic

      Until the dollar is worthless…then the people holding the paper dollars will get blank stares from the retailers that want nothing to do with it!

  • pavan

    Endless QE will keep working until it doesn’t. Something that can’t last forever, won’t. The question is how long will it last. The current Administration only cares about it lasting until November 7th, which it probably will. I don’t think any of us can really imagine how bad things will get when QE finally fails. Unfortunately, Ben is making sure that we’re gonna find out.

    • Pavan,

      Exactly right! This latest round of open ended QE means it will keep going and going until things finally come crashing down. I too find it ironic that this latest injection happened right before the election, but none of us are really surprised are we?

      We all knew QE was coming and we all know what the outcome will eventually be. Don’t be left standing on the sidelines, do what you can to prepare. Even if a total collapse does not take place, skyrocketing food prices and a weaker dollar point to the true value of having some extra food/supplies in your basement.


  • nowwthen

    It wasn’t so long ago – 5 or 6 years – that people thought 5% interest on FDIC insured bank deposits was a bad return on your investments. In hindsight, those now seem like the good old days. Thanks to Helicopter Ben and co. today you need to keep $100 in your savings account for 10 years just to earn enough interest to pay the $2 ATM fee to withdraw it!

    • Michael

      That made me smile. It would be really funny if it was not so tragic.


      • Mark

        It only works when the ATM fee stays at $2 dollars!!!

  • Non-Partisan

    Today’s decision makes me think of a quote by the late great Hunter S. Thompson:
    Looking back at this day five years from now…..”With the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.”

  • No doubt this was done to help Obama to win in November!!! Pitiful at best.

  • Larry

    QE3 is another nail in the coffin of what was once a great nation. This kind of thing happens when the people of a nation turn their back on God and his son Jesus.
    This really got in high gear when it was made illegal to pray in school. We have
    the atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair to thank for that.

    • Arkaden

      How in the heck does prayer in school have ANYTHING to do with fiscal policy? Are you trying to connect that because these kids aren’t taught to pray at a young age they get corrupt when then grow up and run our nation? I’m not religious and I don’t go around bashing people who are, but to say that my child must be forced to conform and pray to an invisible man in a state funded school isn’t right. Separation of church and state is a good thing. There’s a time and place for each. And no, I’m not asking that the Pledge of Allegiance be modified because “under God” is in it. Know what I did growing up? I just quietly skipped that part in my recital and never made a big deal about it. That is how I exercised my belief. No dramatic speeches. No rallying cries.

      You can practice whatever religion you want in your own time and place, not when our kids should be learning math, reading, history, science, etc. Maybe if they focused on teaching economics, our young would grow up to understand that our economic system is broken, how it got there, and how to fix it.

      • Larry

        Arkaden, one of the main reasons this nation has become so great is because it was founded on Christian principles. The US Supreme Court affirmed this citing 87 precedents in a case decided in 1892 which was The Church of the Holy Trinity VS the United States. Please watch this youtube video explaining this:
        Please look on the back of any US currency bill and see what it says: In God We Trust. Non believers have been chipping away at this Christian background for years and look what has become of this nation. It is about to collapse. Since we have turned our back on God he has done the same for this nation.

        • Gay Veteran

          our founding fathers were men of the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment, not fundamentalists

    • Mike

      Larry open your eyes. This has nothing to do with religion. Greed comes in all forms – just look at Christianity.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        “This has nothing to do with religion. Greed comes in all forms – just look at Christianity.”

        LMAO! Moron of the day. I’ll bet you have no idea why I’m even laughing at you.

      • Larry

        Mike please read my response to Arkaden above.

    • Gay Veteran

      there will be prayer in school as long as there are tests!

      oh, you meant state-sponsored prayer? yeah, that got banned

      • Larry

        Please read my response to Arkaden above.

        • Gay Veteran

          I did. Nice of you to ignore all the Christian slaveowners.

  • Washington

    Most here see the writings on the walls. Now it is clear as day where the political class want to take U.S.! I sense a SOROS near by!

    The Weimar Republic

  • we have been warned about this along time ago.i know alot of other countries like china and russia and whoever buys our money must be dumber than a box of rocks but there stupidity will not last long once they find out about this.
    our money is worthless and a joke once the idiots of the world find this out they will dump our currency and it wont be a reserve currency of the world.
    why do you think we spend so much on are military,its to force people to use our crap money(its called the petro dollar look it up)
    on the bright side the world now has alot more toilet paper to use,and you dont think obama is goin to bring us to our knees,if he doesnt bring us to our knees thats because your to busy being bent over and screwed and he isnt even goin to buy you dinner

  • Marco

    I urge people to try to allocate a portion of every paycheck to buy gold and/or silver bullion. I’ve pulled completely out of the stock market a while ago (except for 401k).

    Also, look up your current bank’s rating at Stick with four or five star institutions only. I am currently tranferring out of Bank of America (I’ve been with them for 20 years).

    Regarding 401k (if you have one), switch to a full bond fund (like Pimco total bond fund) in the interim while you investigate on how to fully pull out of it. My employer won’t allow me to do in-service withdrawals w/o hardship, so I am thinking taking a loan against it and getting more bullion.

    What do you folks think – I’d love to hear your comments. I’m just wanting to try to protect my family and my kids.

    • Save the Republic

      If you’re still contributing your own money to a 401k, my advice is to stop, even if they’re matching. Keep that money for yourself and buy tangible assets. Even if they’re matching, once the dollar is worthless, it won’t matter if you have twice as much. 2 multiplied by zero is still zero.

      • Marco

        Good point STR, but it’s really tough for me to do that. I guess my 401k is my last “normalcy bias” I have to overcome. But you are right.

    • geo.r.

      thnks for the ‘financial institution’ tip…turns out MY bank has but 2 stars…

      …fed income 2.3t, fed spends 3.5t…20t debt at 5% = 1t yr… ….how SCREWED are we?

      • Marco

        No problem geo.r. FWIW, Bank of America is rated at three stars. I switched to USAA (five stars). My other bank is Everbank (at four stars) where I opened my money market account (at the time I opened, it was earning well over 8%).

    • Marco,

      If a total collapse happens how is the rest of your “portfolio” looking? You are buying Gold and Silver when they are at record highs but what about all of the other necessities like food, water, medical supplies, sanitation supplies, firearms and ammunition etc etc?

      If people are bringing home their paychecks in wheel barrels, what are you chances of strolling down to your local supermarket, filling up your cart and paying in silver? You’ll tell the clerk “but this is bullion, it’s worth $xx.xx” They will look at you like you are from mars, they will call the manager who will also have no idea what you are talking about. Similar situations will follow at the gas station, or other retail outlets.

      The point is while precious metals might seem to be a good hedge for some, in my opinion it’s far from the best choice when preparing for what we all call SHTF. It should be one of the last things on your prep list. You state you want to protect your family/kids. You can’t eat gold, you can’t drink it. You definitely cannot protect your family and fight off robbers/looters with it.

      -If SHTF and you have only supplies and no precious metals, you’ll be ok.

      -If SHTF and you have a decent amount of supplies + gold and silver, you’ll be ok.

      -If SHTF and you ONLY have gold and silver, it probably won’t be a good day for you.

      Keep your plan diverse, and happy prepping.



      • Marco

        Thanks PJ Prepper – I should have mentioned that I’ve been buying bullion in a slow consistent rate for the past couple of years. I also have two boxes of MREs as well as a six month supply for a family of four of Mountain House foods (freeze dried – 20+ year shelf life). I also have a Mossberg 500 w/ over 200 rounds of 00 buckshot, an XDM 9mm w/ hollow point (500 rounds) and a Gamo break barrel rifle w/ 800 rounds of predator polymag .22 pellets. Two first aid kits, a katadyn water filter, and two boxes of water bottles.

        Most of all, our family has our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

        I was focusing on the financial aspect – but your point is very, very valid!

      • Zedge Hero

        The only problem PJ is that if there is no SHTF moment and instead it’s just wave after wave like Michael has insisted then it will be different than a big collpase moment. For example lets say there is a currency crash but everything (electricty, water, etc) remains on while the government or Federal reserve rush to back new bills with gold and silver. They come in quickly and peg the new Patriot bills to 10,000 for an ounce of Gold and 500 for an ounce of silver. Now after that moment the world begins to rebuild and there is little to no chaos, and your seeds, guns and so on are never used.
        Well, you have missed the greatest opprotunity to keep your current fincial status or even a possible upgrade. The reason Russia, China and the central banks around the world and soros and big investors are moving hard into Gold is that they see the latter scenario playing out and not an all out SHTF end of the world moment happening. They know from history that those who cash out into Gold and silver before a fiat fiasco will be the ones who may be set for life or at least on solid ground to move forward.

        Now I still have the other preps because I think a SHTF moment may occur and we will need food and security, but to think that the banksters haven’t conceived such reset type situaion is to not understand what they have done for the last 2000 years when it comes to devaluing a currency and eventually selling when the hog is high and buying when the dog is dead. They know what they are doing- do we?
        Either way your a prepper and have my respect, but I would hate for thoughtful persons like yourself not to come out ahead of a sitaution in which you saw the light before the darkness. Think about what I am saying as none of us know what is going to happen, but a great prepper is prepared for all scenarios, good or bad or even in between.

    • Patrick Henry

      Took the maximum loan out on my 401k three years ago, yes I pay it back monthly at 4% (to myself) but the bullion I bought has increase 47%, my remaining money in the 401 has gained a whooping 3%. Do it today!

      • Marco

        Very smart Patrick Henry – that was my thought process.

    • Gay Veteran

      do not put your money in the big bankster banks! do not support them! use your small local bank or credit union

  • Note from Idaho

    Basically this may turn out to be the end of our financial system as we know it.

    This move takes away any doubt who Bernanke and the FED wants to see re-elected, that being Obama. To make such a dramatic move six weeks before an election is just playing politics. The job market Bernanke wants stimulate today has been sputtering for months and years despite QE 1 and QE 2.

    It is also clear Bernanke wants anyone who still has a few bucks to gamble it on Wall Street. The FEDS zero interest rate program ZIRP is a slow death for anyone who wishes for a safe investment. Think about it, if you have any money your safe options may make 1%. As stated the banks have plenty of cash on hand they don’t want customers to save, they want customers to borrow. Lately the “talking heads” pushing equities have jumped on the ZIRP program, but wait they have a solution…stocks that pay dividends…once again forced into the stock market casino. Remember all those talking heads with equity firms names next to their name as they spout off on the tube get a cut..see YOUR money makes them money. You take all the risk, they make money when stocks go up..ahh like today and they tell you “its a buying opportunity” when your stocks go down, course they don’t lose anything when YOUR money goes down.

    Our financial system is one big racket, I’m not into the conspiracy crap, I think its just a bunch of people, bankers,brokers and media pundits etc taking advantage of the old slogan that being a sucker born every minute. The sheeple are the suckers.

    Our politicians are part of that equation…they know regardless of how stupid they appear that if FED raises interest rates it will balloon the federal budget even worse than it in now. Every interest rate rise would add billions in interest rate increases..They need the FED to print so they can spend money they don’t have or in other words HAVEN’T TAKEN FROM YOU YET!!!

    My Mothers words I heard many times as a child rang in my ears all day..she would look at all this and say “Its a racket”

    • Save the Republic

      Here’s a new saying for you, “Starve the beast”. All of us unworthy Main streeters should do everything possible to withdraw our money from the elite’s financial system. That is the only way to fight them. Take your money out of the bank, out of Wall St., out of savings bonds and 401k’s. Don’t borrow any money at all from the beast. Buy with cash or barter. Buy used if that’s what keeps you from feeding the beast that’s sucking the lifeblood out of you and 99% of America. Use whatever dollars you don’t need for basics to buy hard assets.

      It comes down to this: we need to stop being so proud that we cause our own demise. We can choose to stop being proud on our own, or we can wait until it’s forced on us when they come to repossess our stuff and evict us from our homes. Either way, most people’s pride will eventually be broken in the new economy.

      Say no more to credit cards-if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it

      Say no more to lease and car payments-buy used and at least it’s yours (and you can save on insurance)

      Say no more to mortgages-rent until you can save enough to buy (you may have to buy something smaller than you like and work your way up as you continue saving, but it will feel better than worrying if you’ll be able to make the payments to the bank for like, forever)

  • Washington

    Thomas Jefferson’s Warning To America 

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    * Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (1802) and later published in The Debate Over The Recharter Of The Bank Bill (1809)

    Thomas Jefferson banks, central banks, freedom American founding fathers warning!

  • Laura

    Is this the start of hyper inflation? I am not ready.

    • Doug

      Hyperinflation would/will occur when confidence in the dollar is lost abroad and here, and people spend their dollars for real goods as soon as they get them. VELOCITY magnifies the increasing quantity and it becomes self feeding. I have to think we have at least a year, maybe three.

  • angry wombat

    There are only three ways historically out of the massive debt situation we are in.

    1. Complete Default
    2. Massive War
    3. Inflate it away.

    We have been doing 3 for a long time.

    We are well on our way to 2 in a global manner.

    # 1 is going to the be the final solution. Global default that ushers in the NWO.

  • Kathy

    How does this help me if I have no job or hope of one? I already had to sell my house because I was soon going to lose it so how does any loan (even if I could get one)help either? We need jobs.

    • The Claymobile.

      Kathy, AMEN to what you said!

  • K

    Well, here comes inflation with a vengeance. Anyone who has any spare cash, prep hard now. Everything you need will cost a lot more soon.

    • HecatesMoon

      We’re trying! We’re trying!
      The dry spell has hit two months earlier than before. It’s not at its worst yet though. Not even close. Still, we’re short on cash to get very far, very quickly.
      Fencing for livestock is expensive.
      I haven’t any gold but a single ring on my finger and no time to funnel money away from getting our livestock and gardening in proper order to buy it.
      We still have to get a greenhouse up.
      We will have wood heat by the time winter gets here at least, the goats should be ready to mate so there will be milk shortly after, and all my chickens will start laying even if I don’t get much because of a lack of daylight.
      I wonder if what we have and what will be ready over winter will be enough to hold us up if the SHTF so soon…

      • K

        HecatesMoon, among us average and poor folk. We will never feel as ready as we would like. Water, food, heat, and the ability to defend it. If you have these, I would not worry about, silver or gold. Have you considered plastic barrier fencing? It is usually orange in color. It would not hold up as long, or be as strong as regular fencing. But in a pinch, it should last a few years. Some use it in my area, to keep the deer out of their gardens.

        • HecatesMoon

          Thank you, K. I had not considered the plastic barrier! I had been nagging about fencing in the garden, but the expense didn’t seem worth it to my spouse. Certainly that’s an option now! There are still a few more critters we would like to add for more variety in our diet than just chicken, duck, and goat, and I should think it would hold them fine.

        • Zedge Hero

          Yeah don’t worry about silver and gold because that exact same thought process is what got us into this mess in the first place. There is a reason why people have no idea what sound money is, it’s because they don’t want you to. Think about it. why are so many so finicial inept? Because they want us to be finicially dumbed down to take advatage of us.

          I have preps in case something bad happens, but i also own precious metals in case the powers that be reset the machine and go back to a gold silver standard, because that’s exactly what has happend for centuries when it comes to a fiat fiasco.

          How bad would you feel if the reset happens and the next day everything is normal except your paper money is just paper and they have new “Patriot Bills” backed by gold and silver and here you are broke and at the bottom even though you knew what was happening and your neighbors and friends will tell you I told you so, you foolish prepper. All for naught without the Gold and Silver for the next phase, no matter how that phaze turns out. Gold and silver have a 4,000 year history of value. No ifs, ands, or buts.

          • K

            Calm down Zedge. I have nothing against silver or gold. But survival comes before wealth. If people can afford both, that is fine. Many will have a hard time just surviving.

          • HecatesMoon

            Zedge I believe K is sincere, but also wants to keep me calm which I appreciate a good deal since I spend a good deal of time anxiety riddled. :/
            I am doing my best, and they all say food, water, and ammo are the first things to focus on. I had my premonition or “vision” or whatever it might be called a few years ago, but it is only now that I have started doing something with it. I haven’t been in a place to be able to prep until now.
            Everything we have done here we have done in a matter of months. In less than a year, I have learned to bake and can, brought home my now good sized flock, fenced, brought home my goats, stored water.
            I have spent days straight learning to sex chickens. lol
            I have spent days learning to identify the plants growing around me, what I can eat, what I can’t, what I can use medicinally and how to use them. I have taught my son.
            I have done it all in a matter of months. Pumped every single dime into it.
            You mean well, but it does no good to add fear and anxiety for someone already running at full speed, who can go no faster.

          • Optimistic Pessimist


            Keep Calm

            Think about the situation you are in. Ask yourself questions about it and build up your knowledge to answer these questions.

            Think about and implement multiple solutions if practical.

            Relax because you realise you overcame the difficulty.

            Find others who are struggling to keep calm and help them realise that they can get through it.


          • HecatesMoon

            If I’m not able to get gold and silver, could I not just trade things and skim by?
            I will be up to my neck in eggs when my babies start to lay. Couldn’t I trade eggs and meat and alcohol?
            I will start on making lye soon. Couldn’t I trade soap?
            Herbal medicines?
            I am already looking for average Joes in the area to start buying and trading things with now so I know who has what and am set for trading later if needed.
            I suppose if things hold out long enough, what money from my birds and goats doesn’t go to paying for feed, could go toward buying silver…

    • HecatesMoon

      K, yes, that is the very thing we were planning to do, the hoop house. We thought we would start with that and pick up “junk” material along the way to build a nicer one.

      • K

        HecatesMoon, people who are buying up large amounts of gold and silver are assuming the impossible. Yes if the collapse is so slow, and everyone stays calm. When they tell you the dollar is worthless, you can swap gold and silver for the new money. At most 10% of the people are buying gold and silver. So when this new money comes 90% of the people will be totally broke. In what universe, do things stay calm at that point? Oh, I would take alcohol off the swap list. What is worse than a desperate person? A drunk desperate person.

        • HecatesMoon

          “Oh, I would take alcohol off the swap list. What is worse than a desperate person? A drunk desperate person.”
          I had not considered that…

  • Troy

    QE3 to infinity and beyond!!

    been a lurker for a while but this is insane had to post.

    • Michael

      I always like when lurkers come out of the woodwork. 🙂


  • 005

    Diminishing returns, how far can the dollar be de-valued until it is for all intents and purposes useless.
    Reminds me of an old math concept where the exponential curve just keeps getting closer to zero, yet always is a bit of diminishing space left.
    Utterly maddening.
    check please…. goodnight everyone

  • mark

    Glenn Beck saw this coming along time ago when his show was on Fox. He also saw where the Arab up risings were going. Different people have talked about this future of unlimited money printing for a long time. This sure will make the little bit of cash on hand worth less each month. If you have not started yet,start now to store food and other items that you use on a regular basis. They will cost more in the future. People will have to change their habits in what they eat as the cost of some foods will cost to much. They will eat more rice and beans and fewer fruits and meat.

    • Gary2

      glenn beck in mentally ill and so is anyone who listens to that dribble

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        ahhh. Glenn is mentally ill because he undisputedly saw all of this coming and warned you. Got it. Thanks. Glad you stopped by. Run along now little marxist. Dont you have failure and mass slaughter to fraudulently vote for somewhere?

  • Washington

    This is the goal of the FED! Unemployment hits record 23.6% 13 Sep 2012

  • DownWithLibs

    Off Topic:

    Michael, I found your “George Soros buying Gold…” article on a site called

    Thought you would be interested to know.

    • Michael

      I am amazed at how these articles get around. 🙂 I actually encourage other sites to use them because I want as many people as possible exposed to the information.


    • KL

      I post almost every one of Michaels articles on my site. The information he provides is extremely important and in fact I know Michael encourages sites to post them. However I think its important for those who re-post his articles, like myself, to promote Michaels site. In fact on my site I post a link on the opening page recommending Michaels site.

  • Renee

    Apparently we have not learned our lesson from the housing collapse of only a few years ago. I guess what is the saying.. a form of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result or something like that. Pretty soon we’ll all be scaling the walls to get out of this country.

    • Edward

      No, we obviously have not. The government is again pressuring banks to make NINJA and Liar loans for mortgages.

  • DownWithLibs

    Oh goody! Open ended QE3! What harm could that possibly do?

    • Optimistic Pessimist

      QE3 with no end – free toilet paper for everyone – stock up now.


  • RICH99

    Boy and you ************** have the nerve to talk about censorship

  • BK

    I wonder what Moody’s will do about our credit rating now? I’m glad i don’t have any children! The country has spent itself into destruction…sad situation! ! However, our hope shouldn’t be in this country anyway. It should be in the Lord Jesus Christ!!

  • john.s

    it is *************** insanity.

  • Its time now to drop the us dollar and put your assests into another currency. It is also time to stand together and say no more of this in one loud voice and take this nation back. We can’t wait to the elections because there might not be any elections if marshall law might be infored and the elections would be suspended. Stay safe everyone take care.

  • runedddy

    Every country that had the printing press at there disposal, always ended up in devaluation currency. American is no different but many Americans don’t believe so, there so wrong. An abundance of created money doesn’t establish wealth it destroys it. How can anyone believe these idiots on MSM.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Time to hit the swap meets and buy more silver coins…

  • Patrick M.

    “We are handing the rest of the world an excuse to abandon the U.S. dollar on a silver platter”

    Uhhh…did you say SILVER (hint, hint)!?

    Buy more and save!

  • Gary2

    looks like mittens is toast! ha ha ha

  • Arius

    All we have to remember is that “they will print the money”.

  • wbill

    In our monetary system money is debt. The Weimar Repulic and other hyper-inflationary nations printed actual cash that citizens held. Credit based finacial systems such as ours seem to be more vulnerable to hard delations where unemployment soars and austerity is required. There will come a time, I believe, when there are real cutbacks in government spending and then there will be a deflation with very high unemployment. It seems to me to have hyper inflation the money would have to be in the posession of the majority of the populace, elsewise there is no demand.

  • College Kid

    Now I’ll have cheaper dollars to pay my rising tuition costs. Maybe I’ll bring this up with my economics professor.

  • jsmith

    When the Dollar has lost all its value, people will gladly accept silver. With a Silver Eagle you will be able to buy a car. With a Gold Eagle you will be able to buy a house. Think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

  • KL

    Amen Mike… Its time to buckle down, pull our resources together and get prepared. I will pray for our country and for people like you Mike. You are doing God’s work… Thanks once again for your postings. I will continue to share them on my site in order to spread the word. It’s the duty of all those who view/ read Mikes postings, to spread them around. We must be watchmen for the ill informed. Mike, I posted an article on my site that I read today. It talks about the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act and how it will do little to prevent another economic collapse. Maybe this information will be useful for your future postings. here is the link, take care and God Bless:

  • GSOB


    Will you be able to provide these things for yourself and family?

    How long can you do that?

    The great depression lasted about 16 years.
    If the Lord Jesus Christ tarries,
    I think the next depression will last about 10 years.


    keep prepping.

    Taxmaggedon is coming in 2013 and a war with Iran is coming to.
    Get ready for QE4

  • bobcat

    Gold to hold

    Silver to spend

    Lead to throw

  • TtT Engine

    The U.S.has been been running 1.5 trillion deficits for years already. They are bankrupt big time and out of options. Look at the long term unfunded liability number if your really want to torture yourself. Economic growth and “jobs” is a fiction, money printing is the only “tool” left in the “tool bag”. Can you imagine the gall of accusing China of manipulating their currency as we print away like a bunch of pirates. Remember the EU fantasy that their charter does not allow for money printing. This is a financial Scheist Show of the highest order. Wall Street is a bunch of government prostitutes. We are indentured servants to bankrupt governments. This has been a monopoly dreck show since tricky dick took us off the Gold Standard. Mr. Rogers and Mr. Paul have to be kidding with “slowing” the growth of government. Is that like slowing down the runaway freight train before it goes off the rail ? We play by the rules and government is a bunch of stoners from Caligula. Nice job electing these immoral bunch of bandits you lame brain leftists ! Heaven help those that help themselves !! Christi Fidelis !!! p.s. Have you had enough pain yet lefties ? It’s been a mega crash and burn since 8+15+1969 [Woodstock]. Did I hear someone say Constitutional States of America ? I’ll drink to that !

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Nice job electing these immoral bunch of bandits you lame brain leftists !….”

      Obama is building on the foundation laid by Bush the Stoopid

  • Shannon

    My 7 year old manages money better than the US government. I keep thinking it can’t get any worse, and I continue to be amazed (more like horrified). What has happened to us? When did right become wrong, and wrong become right? I live in California, and it’s even worse here. I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. I just want to scream at everyone, “Wake UP!”

    By the way, I’m another long time lurker. 🙂

    • Michael

      QE3 is bringing the lurkers out. 🙂


  • Alchemy

    not only will this more than likely destroy the economy, no one seems to have noticed what the fed is buying with the pretend money……mortgage backed securities?
    when they economy takes its last breath, and everyone but the 1% are bankrupt and losing their homes, its the fed that is going to own most of the private property in the US of A, another case of the bankster foxes guarding the henhouse

  • Eisenkreutz

    If there was any lingering doubt that a hyperinflationary holocaust is coming this cinches it. This is dread man. Truly dread. After crossing the Rubicon, Caesar said “the die is cast”.

  • 007

    Well, helicopter Ben has just thrown all his chips on the table. He is all in and has bet the farm, yours and mine, that QE3 will work when the first two attempts failed.

    When our Government and Europe’s are mired in debt up to our eyeballs, it should not surprise us that the only solution they can think of is to print money and inflate their way out of debt. That is exactly what happened today.

    Bernanke still claims to believe he can print money until the economy begins to recover OR inflation becomes a problem. At that time he will quit printing money AND start selling all of these treasury notes he has been buying. If he finds someone dumb enough to buy them he should try to sell them the Brooklyn bridge as well.

    The truth is no one will buy them. It is just a question of when the inflation wave comes. Eventually, the inflation will become unbearable to the public and they will have to quit printing money. When that happens people will look back and say that these were the good old days.

    I hope everyone is preparing themselves for this. It is a slow motion train wreck but it is crashing before our eyes. Don’t wait for a government admission and apology. It will never happen. Please think for yourself and protect your families. When the SHTF you will be on your own and the government will only say it has “faith” in your “resilience”.

    Get ready for the wave of inflation.It is coming.

    • DownWithLibs

      In regards to your first paragraph…isn’t that the definition of insanity? Just curious.

    • John W.

      The end of the petro dollar will be game over. No energy, no economy, no food, no nothing. This scenario will not end well. Right now it would be nice to own a small farm with a good well a little off the beaten path and not too far from town. Within bicycle range as human power may be the only way of getting around. Either that or train the dog to pull a wagon.LOL that might be fun.

  • Old Man

    I tried hard to get an interview with “100% Certain” Ben but have to settle for the following virtual interview:

    OM: What did you announced?

    Ben: I am going to create $40 billion out of the gas my ass expunges to buy mortgage-back securities. And I am going to keep doing it until the housing market is healthy again.

    OM: That’s a pretty desperate move. Why don’t you just give the money to individual mortgage holders, even those who have been foreclosed and now living in the streets?

    Ben: Desperate move? Wrong!! What the heck you know about monetary policy? First, it is essential that I first give the money to our esteemed banking system, who own and run the Fed, so that they can take a cut for handling fee. Second, by giving the money to the banks, they will be able to leverage it 10, 20 times and turn $40B into a whole lot more.

    OM: Are you sure $40B a month is enough? That only adds up to about $500B per year. At that rate, you will need to do this for 8 years to make up for the $4 trillion housing value loss.

    Ben: Well, I like to issue $100B per month, but the Chinese won’t let me. They’d fire me.

    OM: I see. Congress can’t fire you. Obama or Romney already said they will reappoint you. But only the Chinese can fire you. Are you 100% certain that all this printing of fiat cash will fix the economy?

    Ben: Yes, I am 100% certain. Because in an economy, nothing is more important than money, not even human beings.

    OM: But won’t such massive open-ended QE will further debase the US currency?

    Ben: Well yes in theory, but foreigners will compensate for any amount of currency depreciation I created. In short, they will pay for the pumping up of US housing prices artificially.

    OM: Wow! Why would foreigners do that, doing such a grand favor for America? It it because they love us, our country, our culture, our technology, our foreign and military policy? Even Britney Spear and Sarah Palin?

    Ben: Well, I can’t speak for foreign countries. But I told them if America goes down, we make sure they will go down with us.

    OM: How do we do that?

    Ben: Well, why do you think we continue to spend almost $1 trillion on defense. You know, de – fense (wink, wink).

  • Bill N

    We are a fallen race.

  • Insane


    • Mondobeyondo

      Looking for some Morgan silver dollars at the swap meets this weekend!!

  • Mark

    If the fed is going to spend more money, what they should do is give everyone that was counted in the last census(315mil people) each $5000 dollars with 1/2 going to outstanding debt and the other 1/2 to be spent on goods and services. This would cost about 1.57T. This would also allow the consumer to re leverage and the amount of money should not cause hyperinflation (Although that is what the government truly needs/wants) Might as well try something from the bottom up since we the people will be hurt either way.

  • Graham


    The best way to swallow an elephant, is in bite size chunks. Here is the elephant.. and it’s been in the room for a while. Get to recognise it, know it, don’t befriend it, but consume it in manageable chunks!

    This material is not for those who get off on Prancing on Ice, Jiggy Jiggy with the Stars, Americon Dork Idol, or the narcissists dream called Sex Factor. If you accept that the American Dream (not your other site Michael) may be an illusion for the majority, then read on. I am a messenger, nothing else, but feel free to chastise, humiliate, degrade or whatever else if the data challenges your conditioning.

    Did anybody notice how the key players at the DNC ended their speeches? Instead of the usual “God Bless America”, they said:- God bless “The United States of America”. Subtle difference?

    Does this highlight the 1800’s Corporate Constitution they adhere to, disregarding the 1776 Constitution wherever possible? Anybody noticed or researched all the evidence that points to this? Why did US law grant a corporate entity the same legal status as a person when it came to political donations? If they ever tried to pull that one off in the UK there would be mayhem in the streets and the same level of opposition that stopped fluoride being put into the water supply. Why aren’t Americans exercising their powers? Pineal gland calcification?

    For any Brits reading this, consider where the true power of the people is officially recognised. Firstly, consider that the military and police take an oathe to serve the Queen. Note that during the Coronation, the Queen takes an oathe to serve the people. Got it? According to a Law Lord in 2002, the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights still exist. They underpin “Common Law”. The latter supersedes Roman Law, Canon Law and Statute Law, which are “colour of law”. The two main principles of Common Law are based upon (put crudely):-

    1) Not causing harm to another
    2) Not causing damage to another’s property

    It is also interesting that under the 1776 US (Republic) Constitution, that proving “moral conscience”, overrules any written law. Note the “get out” clauses in the UK and the USA? Statute law is deliberately left open to interpretation. Can you afford a top lawyer or attorney?

    Why have none of the bankers been charged, arrested and jailed yet, despite running the biggest ponzi scheme ever known to mankind? Since 2008, have they been stopped or forced into line by adequate legislation? Of course not. They ultimately control the Judicial system. How many of them are senior ranking Masons? For how much longer will they be allowed to financially rape the public, who pay an illegal tax to an illegal body (IRS). Created alongside the Federal Reserve Act.

    Yes, a very closely knitt Khazarian fraternity at the “visible” top has everything nicely under their control. The Protocols of the Elders of Sion says it all. Banking, Government, Lobby Groups, Mainstream Media, Hollywood Movies, Music industry and so on. All hold very powerful positions to “condition” society. New “winged” tattoo Rihanna? They have you and many others nicely “Monarch’d”.

    Welcome to your Luciferian reality. Bohemia Grove? Anybody reading this a “Master of the Royal Secret”, or “Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret”? Well… sorry to partially blow the roof off your private house of horrors. Albert Pike certainly did an immense job in the USA under the auspices of the Scottish Rite. I’m from a well known Scottish bloodline.

    Google any of the above and learn for yourself why this level (and above) is by strict invitation only. There are four MAJOR rituals/doctrines that must be accepted and rest assured, any potential threats (whisteblowers) will not see it past Knight Kadosh or Knight Aspirant. The ladder continues past 33 to 48 and perhaps even higher.

    Any Bilderbergs reading? How about Council of Foreign Relations? Trilateral Commission? Committee of 300? Club of Rome? Jesuit? The latter may be too busy covering up the massive financial and sexual scams unfolding at the Vatican. Shame JP Morgan pulled the plug on a clearing account in Rome recently. Billions unaccounted for? Shame for the churchgoers that have been brainwashed into paying for their seat in heaven and for the privilege of talking to God through a holy man. The resulting “Protest” to the latter was bang on.

    For those who follow the British Royalty extravaganzas, note the “blue sache” that Phillip, Charles, William and other senior family members wear. That sache denotes “Knight of the Garter”, the highest order within British Freemasonry. Who made sure America would never become a truly free country? European Freemasons. Who is destroying the very heart and pulse of America right now? Heard of “Empire of the City”? Research it. Vatican, London, Washington. They are all flanked with Egyption obelisks and share a simple flag.

    The “do gooders” at the bottom of the Masonic pile have a lot to learn before getting as much as a sniff as to why Freemasonry was infiltrated by the so called Bavarian Illuminatti. The other European Royal bloodlines are also worthy of far closer examination, especially in Belgium. The lot of them “inbreed” for a reason. That of course weakens their genetics, hence the insanity.

    If you want to get to the real truth, trace back the history of Egypt, well beyond the Pyramids. Do you think the US $1 dollar bill is flanked with a pyramid for a laugh? Novus Ordo Seclorum. You may also want to study who the Nephilim were in the book of Genesis. Where did these “fallen angels” really come from that bred with the “daughters of man”? Was a “hybrid” race genetically produced? Who, what and where are the genetic lines of those “hybrids” today? No… don’t even go there!

    I apprectiate that the real truth scares many into instant denial resulting in finger pointing and degrading the messenger. How much more devastation do you need to see in the USA, UK or other G5 or P/I/G/S countries before understanding that something extremely evil is at play? Basil III anyone? BRICS? Is a saviour on the way? What about the false prophet? Any ideas? Will they play Revelation out to its last word? Who wrote it and when? Dead Sea Scrolls? Talmud? Sufism Buddhism? Hinduism, Zen? Taoism? Book of Ching?

    Or is it under the golden arches of McDonalds for a glutton burger washed down by an Isis coffee at Starbucks? Learn who your houshold company’s represent and why. Analyse their logos! Starbucks is a joke and what you see today is not the original version. Why drink coffee in a place that advertises a female wearing a crown with her legs wide open resulting in her legs and feet ending up close to her ears? Promiscuity? What effect have this bunch of Luciferians had on society for decades?

    Have you have been mentally and psychologically raped and subjected to very subtle forms of abuse for decades? Don’t believe for one minute that Satan isn’t in control during this outrageous period of turmoil. It was well predicted. Prep well!

    Still consciously asleep and bound by the left hemisphere? Anybody admit to experiencing a kind of automaton, robotic, zombie kind of existence? Awakening means developing full brain coherence. Checkout the science. You feel light and refreshed at all times and can easily penetrate any illusion. When enough awaken, the PTB will feel genuinely threatened. They know it as the “collective consciousness”. Ready to act in great numbers, non violently of course?

    If you aren’t snoozing after the very short read above, enjoy the following documentary that was released a few weeks ago. If you were responsible for designing and building skyscrapers, would you get concerned why 3 buildings were “pulverised” to 0.6 micron dust due to fire? If you believe the “official” story, then you clearly haven’t a clue what the “official” story actually entails. Patriot Act, Bin Laden, War on Terror, Financial Collapse, NDAA, FEMA camps, One billion hollow point bullets, Martial Law and so on it goes. If you walk away with one piece of information from this… watch the price of Gold! The higher it goes, the bigger the problem that is unfolding before you ($1776)!

    9/11 – Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (Full-length)

    • jose

      Hello graham,

      What you say makes perfect sense. i have known this for years. How does one get full awareness or full brain coherence in spite of the carnage rex mundi is doing on the world and people at large. Churches, mosques, schools, jobs don’t help you with self-inquiry into your real nature and the U(uterus) tube doesn’t help in the land of oz. The gold bull-lion(bullion) is roaring.

      thanks jose

      • Graham


        Meditation is the key, but you also have to be wary of what chemicals you are taking into the body as many are purposely designed to dumb down the ability to think “clearly”. Never become overly “attached” to things either, as they can “draw you in”, but not as in “inwards”.

        The voice within tells all, but due to all the nonsense going on around us, we have been conditioned to look beyond for answers. That leaves you vulnerable to external control through the five senses.

        We are not who we think, or what we think. Most unfortunately live in the “egoic state of consciousness”. The ego can never become aware of what consciousness is, but consciousness can become aware of the ego. That is when its illusions can be penetrated.

  • Arash from Tehran
    Well I think it’s now time for the United States to stop making a living off of others ( as Putin puts it, “…like a parasite,” with help from its now defunct ******** friends. Recent events in Libya clearly point toward that direction.

    • Anon

      Yes, I agree, the States have been pillaging the worlds resources to waste making frivolous toys for too long, believing they have ‘earned’ the right because they are somehow more worthy or superior. Time to come back down to earth and realise they’re simply human like the rest of us, not worth a penny more than anyone else. It will be a difficult time for people who are used to being lazy, pampered and superficial, but hopefully it will make many Americans more humble and less arrogant.

  • GW930

    “In these sentiments, Sir, I agree to this Constitution with all its faults, if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.” Benjamin Franklin

    Seems like despotism is right around the corner.

  • Michael , coleman

    Hi , I know I am off topic here , but hearing that Catapillar is paying 700 staff off here in Northern Ireland , also they are paying off staff in Illinois USA , guess where the production is going , – yep China . The N.Ire and USA operations were profitable , but bigger profits are to be made in China – they say . That is more money out , and into China .

  • Gary2

    When Democrats and progressives get into debates or interviews, “That’s what Limbaugh said” or “You sound like Limbaugh” should be standard responses to Republican lies, myths, and distortions.

    That’s like saying “You’re lying”, or “He’s lying to you” without getting into a liar, liar debate, which doesn’t change anyone’s mind and wastes time.

    Michael–That’s what limbaugh said!

    • John W.

      You would not know the truth if it walked up and kicked you in the balls. You are one bitter, envious loser.No wonder that place you worked at ************* canned you.

  • Gary2’s Romney Billboard: ‘If Cheating On Your Taxes Is Ok… So Is’

    Wow Mitten becomes a poster child for ashley madison, worlds collide.

    Mittens save us from cheating and ashley madison, release those ten years of tax returns and explanations for those offshore accounts prove them wrong so that I can stop going to the ashley madison site, save us Mittens, save us, save me, release those returns……..

    Yep–you silly little low info conservatives–you are toast! ha ha ha Obama is going to win big time. Mittens and lyin ryan SUCK

    • Alvin

      and once Barry and the Liberals destroy the value of the dollar how do the lazy
      and the I don’t want to work crowd win ? The more the dollar become worth less – the less your welfare check buys. Figure it out

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Ooops. Low information liberal on the prowl.

      Just curious if you’d like Debbie Wasserman Shultz and all the other prominent leftists with offshore bank accounts THAT ARE LEGAL BY THE WAY to explain theirs too?

      Yea, even the NY Times knows Romeny paid his taxes.

      NAhhhhhhhhhh. Yer a hack.

      • Zedge Hero

        Kids, kids, be quite,
        For you would have to have the brain of a child to even mention liberal or conservative, republican or democrat after reading 10 of these articles. You would hopefully understand there is NO difference between the 2 and your a child to belive there is. Now grow up and become an adult and educate yourself out of your child like fear and loathing state of left and right. IT’s BS at best and when you defend either party than you are seriously sick in the head, if you boast either party, you are seriously sick in the head, now read another 9 articles and talk to me in the morning.

        Your Welcome
        Dr. Zedge Hero

        PS You are either going to vote for the white guy that works for Goldman Sachs or the black guy that works for goldman sachs. Seriously? come on man!

        My best friend said the other day that if you don’t vote then you can’t complain, I punched him in the nose and said stop spewing BS propaganda you were taught as a child. If enough of us don’t vote then it’s not a legit election. Then again “if voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it”-Mark Twain. If Mark Twain knew that over a hundred years ago how in the hell are we all so screwed in our thinking still. Maybe because we are still about as educated as a kid.

  • the ragged trousered philanthropist

    There can be little doubt that this will eventually destroy the dollar and ALL the other of the world’s currencies.
    The only “currencies” that really matter are food and water and our good health.
    TPTB are doing their utmost to deprive us of these too. But it’s impossible for 1% to police 99% all of the time so I concentrate on these 3 things and devote all my efforts to ensuring they are sustainable no matter what TPTB do.
    I realised years ago they (TPTB) need us far more than we need them and have and will not “feed” them.
    Thank God for websites like yours for keeping us alert.

  • airborne71

    I am 63 years old and still working, Why ? Because if I don’t work ( My Wife is too ) We don’t eat or pay our bills or set some aside for when we won’t be able to work anymore . Yeah its minimun wage and no health care but it keeps the wolfs away from the door .

  • 1. Today I realized that Barrack Obama is finished. Romney will be the next president of the U.S., and Obama has been exposed as the clueless friend of the radical Muslims in the Middle East who has no idea what he is doing. Also, moderates know QE3 won’t work, and they will turn against him.

    2. The Chinese and Russians and the wealthy arab nations holding USD’s must be fuming right now. Why they continue to hold U.S. dollars is beyond me. Do our own people here in the U.S. think holding USD’s is really a safe bet? Soon, we will no longer be the worlds reserve currency.

    3. There have been a lot of prophetic words about the year 2012. Sometime in the fall or winter of 2010, I went to the Lord in prayer about this. The Lord said that in 2012 things would gradually get worse but at a very slow steady pace. But, the Lord said that sometime between mid-August and mid-September something major would happen in America. The more I prayed about it, the more I felt in my spirit that it was more towards mid-September. I don’t know exactly what it is, but war in the Middle East seems immenent to me. And, QE3 is going to destroy the dollar. Ben B. and Pres Obama are arrogant and they have don’t have the guts to take the measures that would really begin to solve our problems. No one has the guts to say we need to bring our manufacturing base back from China and Mexico, and no one has the guts to say that the supreme court decision about abortion should be ignored. We are doomed if we continue to submit ourselves to this holocaust of child sacrifice. Not many nations that practice child sacrifice lasted very long.

    • Marco

      I agree Craig – but for me, picking either Romney or Obama makes no difference. The only real choice that represented a threat to the status quo was Ron Paul. Everyone one else will in one way or another, cow-tow to the powers above them. The moneychangers – Wall Street and big corporations.

      This country has made its bed – it will now lie in it.

    • Gay Veteran

      “Obama has been exposed as the clueless friend of the radical Muslims in the Middle East”

      right, that must be why he’s killing so many of them

      • Zedge Hero

        exactly GV,
        About as intelligent as imbredded goat. The fear mongering of Obama and even Bush is all about distraction and as soon as you start talking hate about either one, they have won. Divide and conquer. As soon as you defend either one they have won. Wake Up! Neither party cares about you. Now go through the 5 stages.

        1) Denial- Barrack is hope and change and bush screwed us up in the first place.
        2) Anger- Barry is not fixing a damn thing and BS Bernake is still in office and the economy is in it’s 40th recovery month. 16 trillion! arrrgh
        3) Bargaining- Oh well I will help support Ron Paul because he wants to end, I mean audit the fed and it will be a hail mary, but thats all we got.
        4) Depression- Ron Paul is out and was really never going to end the fed anyway and it’s really in the hands of Goldman and JP or even the house of rothchild, not Democrat and republican.
        5) acceptance- PREP PREP PREP

        The sooner you follow what took me 4 years to do, the better you will be in the end.

        Benjamin Franklin once said, here is a republic, if you can keep it.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        “right, that must be why he’s killing so many of them”

        I know huh. On the one hand, he’s increased drone strikes in Pakistan. On the other, his BEST casualty year is WORSE than Bush’s worst year in Afghanistan and he aided and abetted the totalitarian, anti-American Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and Egypt and is helping them infiltrate our govt to the highest levels. You’re absolutely right Gay, he doesnt just love the radicals, he also hates America.

    • John W.

      All those children that were aborted were replaced by third world immigrants. What could go wrong?

    • Gay Veteran

      “…Obama has been exposed as the clueless friend of the radical Muslims in the Middle East…”

      yeah, must be why he’s killing so many Muslims

  • David

    The collapse is inevitable, time is near

    • Michael , coleman

      Don’t forget Iran in this equation , Iran is selling it’s oil at a cheaper rate to China , and China can sell off the surplus at market value making money in the process , in these transactions the $ is not used , and this action gets round the USA sanctions on Iran . In this equation it is win/win for everyone involved except the USA. Iranian friend Venezuela has also said it will no longer trade their oil in the $ after Iranian leader visit , in the longterm the sanctions imposed on Iran by the USA may harm the USA more . And Iran also has the “Straits of Hormus” card .

  • Steve

    I have mentioned this before on this author’s blog but apparently it goes unnoticed by him and others.

    Social Security is restricted by law as to what it can invest in. It can only invest in U.S. Gov’t Bonds.

    So my point is what has the interest rate been on those Bonds over the last several years? Damn near Zero. So now “Helicopter Ben” wants to keep it near zero !!

    “Helicopter Ben” is destroying Social Security and you all are missing it!!! He has effectively destroyed the Trillions of Dollars Baby Boomers have been paying in Social Security Taxes since 1954 when the first Baby Boomer turned 18.

    And the author of this blog doesn’t address this… the destruction of the money taken under the pain of law??????

    This is a HUGE issue as the Baby Boomers move into retirement from 2008, the earliest they could file at age 62, to 2024, when those born in 1962 turn 62.

    So we are into the first 4 years of a very serious window in time and the author of this blog as no comment?

    If you think I am in the outfield then ask yourself what politician is going to piss off a generation of people 5 TIMES the size of the WW II Generation that they were so scared off upsetting.

    We have a problem Houston and it ain’t no Oxygen problem on Apollo 13. Wake up.

    • Michael


      I think you are making a very good point. This low interest rate policy is having a huge impact on Social Security.


      • John W.

        As is the two percent reduction in deposits to an already broke system, and idiot Americans think this is a good plan. The rates are being kept low so that debt service(interest payments on the national debt are kept as low as possible)at the same time this causes the Social Security and other retirement funds to lose income. There is also the factor of the boomers retiring by the millions soon. Can you say default?

    • Scott-53

      The baby boom is considered the babies born from 1946-1964. 19 calendar years. The peak year for births was 1957.

  • David
    • GSOB

      Thanks for the link David

      More the reason why we should pull out and rebuild from within. A changes in our leadership and our foreign policy is required, but I’m afraid that will not happen.

  • Randome-11

    “That means that you will be paying more for gasoline, food and other basic necessities.”

    But there would be blood well before that, too many want their brand cloths, latest flat screen TVs and PS3 games.
    Even when they can afford to buy, there are still “flash-mobs”, crowds storms store so they can get the latest game releasee.

    So when they can´t buy what they want, they will simply take what they want, first crime rise then mass-crime becomes the norme. Food cans will only be sought by a minority of criminals unless there is a famine, before that KFC K-marts gets looted first.

    Just like after katrina, past a certain point, the police will fire, not for the purpose of preventing the pillaging as ordered but to swecure the biggest share of the loot for themselves. After all, Katrina police got well-paid compared to the situation most of the police force find itself in if teh dollar is dumped.

    So George Soros don´t want this because it goes against his political and financial interests but he is eager to see it all happening.

  • chiller

    Once AGAIN, the Fed goes Barney Fife on us and fires the only bullet it has in its pocket…the printing press. And once again it solidifies the distrust the American people have in the Fed and the guberment it colludes with. This is called, “a negative feed-back loop.” The more printing our bumbling leaders agree to, the less confidence we, and the world, have in them. The less confidence we have in them, the more we hold back and prepare for the inevitable economic shuttle explosion we all envision from the mindless and reckless actions from these incompetent imbeciles in Washington.

  • David
  • 8Ball

    Rich99 is correct… They hold all the cards and can keep playing this game indefinitely.

    Just in case, they are deploying tanks and buying millions of rounds of ammo. Always have a B/U plan.

  • 8Ball

    Rich 99 is pretty much correct… “They” hold all the cards and can pretty much keep playing their game for a long time.

    See the Rozeff “Vote, If…” article on voting at the Rockwell site.

    And then, just in case they do somehow lose control, they are deploying tanks and purchasing millions of rounds of ammo. Have a nice day…

  • Nexus789

    Quantitative easing is regressive and will boost wealth for those already in the financial sector (the bankers) and will have little effect on the real economy. It will result in income inequality and promote poor investments in the economy. Like investments in stocks that will artificially inflate value for the already wealthy and commodities via speculation which will drive up food prices for everyone. Thus this will contribute to a negative wealth and no real growth. Merely kicking the can down the road.

  • Winston

    The economy died in the bank crash of 2007,or rather as a result
    of the treatment given by the first responders.
    QE to infinity announced yesterday ,was the last bowel
    evacuation of the corpse.
    Zimbabwe Ben has struck.

  • Timo45

    I got my sister buying silver and im happy about that. Its very hars to convence poor people about whats happening even though they are hurting and losing programs. I must say they did a hell of a job in the minds of people. I told my sister to spread the word around to buy as much silver as they can, I posted it on facebook. I just want to help as many people as I can. Its not easy but what else to we got because if some of these people don’t wake up they are going to be washed away with this system. I pray for all and hope somehow someway the word gets out but I just don’t think much people will get it until its to late.

  • ScotinOz

    another dose of methadone for the debt addicted US economy.. feels good for an hour or 2 but once it wears off the pain quickly resumes. next time will require an even bigger dose.. where does it all end.. I dont know how long main st can be fooled by this but there is now an awareness which is spreading.. my hope is that this all becomes so mainstream that it cant be covered over anymore, lies dam lies and statistics.

  • Winston

    Something you may have missed Michael.
    September 6,China quietly unveiled alternate SWIFT settlement system
    bypassing US $ in oil transaction with five major suppliers.

    • Michael

      Very good point.

      Anyone got a specific link to that story?


    • Mondobeyondo

      Yes, please provide a link so that this story can be verified.
      This could be Step #1 towards the dollar’s end as the world’s reserve currency.

  • “Open ended” I’m reading this in all the QE3 articles today. Now, they are talking until 2015!! People, our dollar is going to be useless by then!! Take a stand!!

  • robert

    helicopter ben is insane. he does the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. incredible.

  • TooLittleTooLate

    Just as I suspected… the ECB has decided to print so must we….. We’re in a race for the bottom…. yet somehow we’re supposed to thank Ben for debasing our currency and robbing anyone who has saved a dollar of it’s value.

    This is pure insanity. It’s just unbelievable to me that this is allowed to go on and the public puts up with it…. where is the OUTRAGE??? Folks should be chasing this thief around with pichforks.

    At this point the mask is off…. he’s not even going to try to tell us this is a limited sort of action… he’s just going to keep printing. It’s never worked before and, he’s not going to stop till it works….. perfect. Just think about this…. what will happen to the market when he decides to stop printing….. He’s just sealed our fate. He’s blowing up the last financial bubble and showing us how it will play out…. if or when he stops printing it will pop or we’ll have a dollar with NO value….. just open ended debasing of our money with no end in site and if you do stop the market will tumble.

    If you think inflation is bad now…. if Mit wins the election and some of the uncertainty is lifted and the economy attempts to improve, wait till you see what kind of inflation we’ll get then…. AND, the only prescription for stopping the damage will seem damaging in itself….. we’ve simply already gone so far over the cliff and the patient is already dead…. Ben is just the doctor increasing the voltage on the paddles and shocking it over and over and over.

    After all, if the dollar isn’t worth anything what good is having the DOW at 20k…. It’s all just smoke and mirrors.

    Get ready to double your grocery bill and gasoline bill in the near future… again. As long as they’re printing in Europe and here my feeling is that the immediate issues are solved for the crooks. They can continue the game for a while longer.

    The credit rating agencies, even though they’re crooks too will no doubt have to do something…. how that works with investment funds etc. will only be found out after it happens…. collateral will have to be added for derivative contracts etc. but, since derivatives are off the books there’s no way of knowing how that will work till it unfolds/explodes/implodes or whatever.

    Unless something happens like major bond dumping or a major announcement of the dollar losing reserve status somehow, the music will continue until there is no value left for the dollar.

  • Scott-53

    Working age Americans are the non-institutional population age 16 and over.

  • Prut

    I get really tired of people talking about “Zero interest rates.” The only people seeing zero interest rates are people like my 88 year old mother who has everything she owns in CDs. The rest of us are seeing double digit interest rates on many things.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Ron Paul has said it. Gerald Celente has said it. Alex Jones has said it. Paul Craig Roberts has said it. Gary Johnson has said it. But it bears repeating: audit the Federal Reserve, and the sooner, the better.

    “If you’ve studied Rome, you know that wealthy nations do collapse into Third World squalor when they allow their currency to be debased.”—Alex Jones

    “George Orwell would be shocked if he saw what was happening. It’s far greater than he could have ever imagined.”—Gerald Celente

    “Prices are going up. Unemployment is continuing to go up. And we have not had the necessary correction for the financial bubble created by our federal reserve system.” —Ron Paul

    “The new American culture is gangster thug criminality.”—Alex Jones

  • Jodi

    Oh goodie, Helicopter Benny to the rescue. My local news last night put whip cream and a cherry on top of the story. No wonder people are oblivious.

    • My local news station didn’t even mention it. For the record,I am another lurker coming out for this gloriuos QE3 party.

  • pete

    I think we can finally forget about “future generations” being strapped with the bill for all of this foolishness. The next 2-3-4-5 generations..maybe. The following 6-7-8 gerations (600 years from now)…no way.

    People will work (and suffer) as long as they can work….they are okay with the suffering part. When it turns into suffer an no work, then that’s when they get out the torches and pitchforks.

    Ben Bernanke is not the guy that did this…it was an instruction he relayed to the rest of us. An instruction with a specific intention. Not to debase our currency, but to pre-approve funding needed to fight a war, or to prepapre the market for the torrents of US dollars that are going to flood the world.

    Bernanke is not the worlds financial “Pope”. He is an errand boy and messenger of the 12 guys that rule the worlds power and moneyed interests.

    • DaytoDay

      I agree, except people will not suffer for no reward… Think slave… (Mcd’s, Wal-Mart, Joe’s Diner etc…)

  • lee

    I cannot believe he did this.

    Bernacke has said, this year; that the efforts of the FED HAVE NOT INCREASED EMPLOYMENT; and he went and did it.

    I hate to go conspracy theorist, but the only reason I can come up with is he knew Romney wouldn’t be keeping him on.

    The past four years have increased the possibility the US joins the rest of the world in a depression, I think Bernacke has just ensured it; no matter who is president next.

    Bernacke may have pushed off a recession continuing intoa depression off further, but it is coming. 2013 may be a muddle through year now, I shudder to think what the US will look like in 2014. When Europe falls, and it will; it’s taking eveyone with it and the US is just going to fall faster now when it dows.

    And all those that have ensured it will be long gone leaving those least able to handle it holding the bag, just beautiful.

  • Syrin

    It’s the new economy of the libs and GARY! Why, no one even NEEDS to work because we’ll just give every body money printed straight from the Fed! No work needed. Not jobs required. Nothing bad can happen, just ask GARY!

  • Rikki

    NO NO NO NO…My engine light is on and i need some oxygen sensors and other work done or it wont pass emissions and ************bank wont give me even a $500 increase in my credit limit……(let alone a $1000)

    • Patrick M.

      Better get that bicycle out of the garage and lube the chain. Look on the bright side, at least you won’t have to buy gas for it!

  • Paranoid

    At least it’s now plain for everyone to see; the Fed will destroy the whole country to save the bankers. It was set up to save the financial system, but now it’s just saving it’s high priced friends. Bought more canned goods yesterday

  • If the largest part of the budget is in the WAR business, solutions to economic problems are viewed in the lenses of WAR. Keep you children home.

  • Mike Jacobs

    Seems Big Ben must have missed out on a few economic classes.

    Lesson 1 was that when you flood the market with quantative easing (a.k.a. printing presses) you deflate the value of currency. If he was relying on the dollar remaining strong enough to fool the people, he forgot that the only reason it is strong is because it is a reserve currency which in now under great threat due to the potential collapse pf the petrodollar.

    Lesson 2 is when the economy is in decline you don’t throw more cash at it,what you need to do is to increase demand (goods and services). The cash he is adding will go nowhere to fix the problem. It will be ling on the shelves of the big banks.

    One final comment is why are we constantly bailing out banks? Why not rather bail out the people and let the banks suffer as happened in Ireland

    Mike Jacobs
    Cape Town

  • Ceezaer

    I think this was a bad idea. Welp kids, say thank you to uncle Ben!

  • Big Dick

    Have you ever looked at the letter Q. To me it looks like a baloon with two needles pushed into its bottom, or possibly two air line inserted tubes. In either case we now have a Q 3 that will have the same effect as either of the two views. One adds more air supply that will expand the baloon until it pops, and the other inserts another hole in the base that will eventually cause the baloon to collapse rapidly. In either case the answer is the same. WE ARE HEADED FOR A MAJOR DISASTER !!!

  • Alvin

    Typical Liberal TOILET BOWL economics. Just make money out of thin air and give to your friends and supporters. Anyone under 50 will never see a dime of their pension whether it be social security, union, government etc. They will get the check and
    it will be worth a six pack of cheap beer and a pack of cigs.

    • Gay Veteran

      you do understand that Reagan raised Social Security taxes and promptly used that money to hide the true size of the Federal deficit and debt

      • John W.

        Reagan did that all by himself? I think not and he was not responsible for the AIDS epidemic.

        • Gay Veteran

          did I say Reagan did it all by himself???

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Democrats havent got the first clue about economics and are lying thru their teeth to get stupid people (like YOU) to vote for them and all you have is ‘Ooh, look over there, its all because of them evil republicans and -insert lie here-‘.

        Ya gotta love liberals. You’re about as one trick as that pony GARY2.

        • Gay Veteran

          you’re clueless, how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t vote for either Democrats or Republicans???

          not go write another spiel about racist Democrats

  • Paul

    This is the most frightening article I’ve ever read on the ECB.

    While reading this I just kept thinking “what is China going to think about this,” and then you said the same thing. I’m seriously tempted to go and pull all of my money out of my savings account this weekend. At least I could use it to go and buy food while it is still cheap(ish).If I were China, this announcement would cause me to abandon the US dollar today.

    • Michael


      I don’t think people should be emptying their bank accounts over this, but it would be wise to start adjusting our priorities and our future financial planning.


    • lee

      thats kneejerking’ the US is no where near that point.

      if you will notice, up until this announcement by the FED; bond rates for the US were still extremely low and practically all foriegn wealth was still loooking to come to the US first.

      what the FED did is not going to cause a 180 on america, but it may slow things down.

      consider that europe was about to blow up this time last year and the US looked like it was heading for a recession just a month ago and here we are; rolling right along.

      yes, at some point; the US will have to deal with todays and past 10 years efforts; but its not right now and the FED most likely just pushed it even farther down 2013’s calendar than it was.

      i consider the FED just gave me longer to prepare for whats coming. i hate to be selfish, but it seems that almost every elected official does not car about be; so i will have to be selfish if i want to survive what’s they’ve cooked up

  • Barn cat

    The beatings will continue until morale improves. That’s the mentality here.

  • jeff

    Greetings from the Isle of Man British Isles.
    Business is dead here, shops empty, finance sector still quite strong due to Gov pumping money into banks, a few pawnbrokers and cash for gold shops doing ok. Personally I am getting into fishing and supplying wood for fuel. Feel sorry for all the people in the finance sector who dont know how to skin a rabbit or catch a fish! Good luck to you all in US of A, get off the grid as much as you can now, then it wont be as much of a shock when it becomes a necessity!


    • DownWithLibs

      Sorry to hear that it is bad there, too. I guess we are all in deep! And now deeper thanks to the Fed.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Your reality today is our future tomorrow.

      America – wake up and smell the ammonia!

  • Barn cat

    The Fed is already monetizing the debt. It creates whatever money the government can’t borrow at artificially low interest rates. That’s ongoing. It’s not going to end. In a way, it’s already stealth QE. What the latest Fed actions say to the world is that we’re destroying the dollar and this time it’s personal. It will encourage the world to dump the dollar. I believe that panic selling of the dollar could start at any time.

  • Chris

    When this is all over i fear the standard of living of the average American will be the same as the average Chinese/Indian or worse. This was presumeably the goal of globalisation aka international corporatism/socialism to make the vast majority of the global population all living at equally dire levels. Well done socialists, thanks to willing and greedy multinationals and business owners you’ve succeeded in your aim.

    • Mondobeyondo

      We’re getting there.

      Let’s try to fall a bit faster, so we can reach the bottom first!

    • Islandgirl

      Yes, I agree Chris, that their intent is to make everyone equal in the world, so they bring our standard of living down in the U.S. and bring other countries up by redistrubuting our wealth here in the U.S. to the poor countries, so we are one big happy family. I cannot believe that there are still so many people out there that do not see this. Our whole way of life is being stolen right in front of our eyes and they still do not see it that way. They believe that Obama is their savior no matter what. I saw a Obama sign today that said stronger middle class. A stronger middle class for who? certainly not us here in the U.S. Wish they could see this website. There are so many that believe it is all Bush’s fault too, but Clinton is just involved in the globalization and did a number of things that contributed to it. We will never convince them though I am afraid until it’s too late and even then I am not sure.Tthat’s what is scary. It’s scary when we don’t have a chance of a different path with Romney either.

  • Washington

    Troika in Greece postpones decision 14 Sep 2012

  • TheRandyGuy

    This move does absolutely nothing to address to core problem in the economy: Jobs. The fact is the fed CANNOT CREATE DEMAND. A lack of demand is the problem that must be addressed and as long as people are facing the prospect of losing their jobs and homes, they won’t spend money. As the rich get richer (I have no problem with that, BTW), anytime BHO complains about it, somebody should point out that his boy, Bernanke, is responsible for it. Like that’s gonna happen. Reelect him, folks, and get ready for a society like you’ve never imagined before.



  • Matt T

    Weimar Germany. Mid-2000’s Zimbabwe. That’s our destiny. I have a $100 Trillion Zimbabwe note that I paid $5 for last year.

  • Washington

    Isn’t the attack on the dollar, like vastly increasing the speed of the escalator, while trying to scale it? Real income is declining, while the devaluation will increase the cost of everything? Millions of Americans will be thrown into poverty…There is no easy way of of 16 trillion of debt…Are we going to borrow another 5-6-7 trillion for the next 4 years? In my ghost town(Nobody is here 9 months out of the years), they have approved a 5.3 million dollar library,(We already have a good library), we are rebuilding bridges and roads, that were just built 5 years ago…It’s like painting my house every year, and claim that I am working.

  • Washington
  • Winston

    John Williams over at has been producing
    an annual report for a decade warning of the collapse.
    Originally he forecast 2022 but with each annual revision
    the date has been brought forward.
    Currently he is predicting end of 2014 OR any time before
    then with a black swan event.
    Enjoy life while you can ,and get prepared ,time is running out.

  • marc

    Hey people…why not admit simply that in the ”new economy” there is less need of workers and that the present rate of employement maybe the new norm althought I strongly feel it started at the begining of the .com age some 15 years ago, it would have seem more apparent in the early part of the 21st century bu it was masked by the housing bublle that promoted artificial jobs…so, more money to create more new jobs those not seem to be the cure and when you look at it from the perspective of less need of workforce in the 21st century it is possible to imagine a new America for those out of work….(applauses) A America where it is not wrong to be out of work….A time to sit togheter and think what we can do togheter so that these people out of work, for the reasons explained above, have a reason to wake up in the morning and a reason to go to bed at night….May God be with us. Amen

  • KL
  • Sylv

    Well I only have a little bit of money, and 2 days ago I descided to take it to the stock market (knowing apple would release a new piece of waste, and the QE descision was coming)

    I actually made quite alot of money off benji’s QE3 and the announcement of the new I-thing.

    As stated in the article, most of the money from QE3 will end up driving stock markets higher, you don’t have to be “rich” to make money of the stock markets. I just put in my savings, and got a 75% yield. If you use your head, don’t be too foolish and you can actually make money of QE3 😉 I made more money then the yield on my savings account for the coming 35years, think about it

    on the other hand QE3 is indeed destroying the us $; I wonder what the backlash from russia and china will be? they had already stated that they would make a move if the US would announce QE3.

  • nowwthen

    For what it’s worth I think silver in smaller denominations – peace dollars, morgan dollars and junk silver pre 1964 dimes, quarters and halves seems like a good option to prep for fiat dollar inflation. Can you picture handing someone an ounce of gold to pay for your loaf of bread, gallon of milk and dozen eggs expecting to recieve a few thousand dollars in change? If things get out of hand you can pay for your necessities in silver coin without as much concern for being ripped off. Additionally, you can cash in your silver dollars, possibly worth over $100 each, to make the $1,000 fixed mortgage payment calculated in 2012 paper money.

    • Jerry

      If we keep going down this road might not be long before you need an ounce of gold to buy a loaf of bread. Sad but true.

    • Mark

      How can anyone truly prepare for what’s coming? Marshall law? Troops in the streets firing on gangs? Water lines? No electricity? No way to heat your home? No natural gas? No propane? No coal? No heating oil? People starving like no other time in history? 50 million on welfare? 47 percent living off the government? What happens when the EBT welfare cards slide and are denied? Cradle to the grave? Social Security bankrupt already? Yes, bankrupt; there is no fund; it’s a stack of IOU’s that the government gave in exchange for trillions of wealth spent on the military-industrial complex. There’s nothing there at all! Gold in Fort Knox taken to Europe decades ago! People can’t farm any longer; and who knows how to preserve it when the crop is harvested? Who owns a pressure cooker and jars and lids? Most farmers know to keep a years supply of goods on hand to survive a crop failure. Most Americans are broke. 67 percent don’t have a thousand dollars of cash/credit available to do anything to help themselves! No Christian values any longer of loving their neighbors; most are hating/looking for ways to do them in now! Chickens coming home to roost folks! We’re screwed! I’ve read and listened to this until I’m numb! The enormity of it all is mind boggling! The clueless people that don’t have a can of beans in reserve but have bought the latest DVD or electronic device on credit! Wow and wonder how they’ll eat or who they’ll be sizing up to eat soon! Who has a backup water supply? Are you depending on a city to supply you as if the are supposed to do it? If I were in Southern California, I’d pack up and leave now, definitely not later when the SHTF! No water, no life! OVER! Big city life when SHTF, no way! Can you imagine people who don’t know their neighbors suddenly forced on them to help them, all in the same boat, broke, destitute, angry, entitled? Beam me up, GOD, and let me not go through this! Take me now and let me sleep through this! New World Order? No, thanks! I saw in Hurricane Ike a black guy that didn’t/hadn’t work/worked for all the years I saw him sit outside and drink and smoke and his eyes turned yellow from jaundice take groceries from Catholic neighbors who took pity on his kids and wife because they had NOTHING when the storm hit! He took the food ate it and waited for more! They continued to supply their family needs for a month! Out of fear or Christianity or both? Who’s got the money to prepare for this? 67 percent of Americans don’t have a thousand dollars to their names nor that amount in credit! This country is over! Done! There’s not enough of us to fight off what’s coming! The fight is coming from the entitled masses Romney commented about rioting and looting and burning against anyone that has anything and against the governmental forces to be shot dead in the streets and buried in mass FEMA graves outside the major cities. Check out YOUTUBE but of course the masses don’t have internet access; they’re broke! Can’t afford now a computer or internet connection; check it out; a relative was heard to say, “I just had them disconnect all my services because I couldn’t pay it any longer; I had to decide on food for myself.” The person has a car note, house note, utilities and food. Defaulted on everything credit except mortgage. This is where Americans generally speaking are NOW! Not in the future! Now!

  • Rodster

    Probably old news but…..”US Credit Rating Cut by Egan-Jones … Again”

    Credit rating on the U.S. government to “AA-” from “AA,” citing its opinion that quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve would hurt the U.S. economy and the country’s credit quality.

  • Jane B

    Yup. The FED is Blowing the biggest bubble in history.

    • Mondobeyondo

      One of several bubbles:

      – Personal/municipal/state/federal debt bubbles
      – Health care/medical bubble
      – Student loan/higher education bubble

      Hate to say this, but this fairy tale has a grim ending. We’ll all be unhappily living in debt servitude ever after.

  • I am truly sad to hear what has been goin on in the States . Make hay while the sun shines, The New world Order is at hand . take care , guys, from Bali, the island of love.

  • Gay Veteran

    Michael, I fixed your sentence:

    what the Federal Reserve is essentially saying is this: “We’re going to print a bunch of money and buy GARBAGE FROM THE BANKSTERS for as long as we feel it is necessary.”

    • Michael

      I think your version is better. 🙂


      • Hey! Don’t Worry! The OLCC has released the real booze, the real,,, alcohol to buy to EASE the pain! Right on, just like clockwork! Seen something BAD in the news? Like the body of a DEAD person! Then Tadada!!!
        Don’t worry. You and I will feel better!Buy booze now, it will ease everyone’s PAIN! Timing,,,timing—is everything (especially if you like REAL booze)!
        Sponsored by your neighborhood Liquor control license bureau…

      • Mike

        If we define “GARBAGE FROM THE BANKSTERS” as being “legal title to a bunch of worthless real estate” , then yes, they are buying up a bunch of toxic assets and sticking you with the inflationary bill.
        C’mon, oldest trick in the book. Crash a market, swoop in and buy assets at pennies on the dollar, then wait or help resuscitate a recovery.
        YES, in the end the TPTB will be sitting on a lot of valuable real estate assets, purchased at pennies on the dollar. Stick it to them. They get what they deserve.
        In every Pile of garbage, there is a GOLDEN nugget.

  • David Holt

    The money is going to prop up Europe. History is coming round the bend. Read about the Feds policy before the great depression.

  • Gay Veteran

    from Karl Denninger (one of the founders of the tea party movement):

    QE Aftermath — Brace For Impact

    “…Now here’s the ugly truth — QE has not only failed, it has massively failed.

    QE began in November of 2008.

    During that time the labor participation rate fell, flat-lined, and has refused to recover.

    The evidence is clear: QE doesn’t work to stimulate employment, it instead destroys jobs….”

    • stevef

      But it should get our first gay president reelected.



    • Hey Smash! Buy some booze! It’s flowin’
      Just like you’re singin’
      Bro (bump) bro!

    • DiscouragedOne

      Yep, even dollar stores are going…the one down the road from me is a $5 store now, and the junk isn’t as good as the junk you used to get for $1.

  • Mondobeyondo

    If QE1 and QE2 didn’t work – let’s try QE3 and see how that goes!

    Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. By definition, Ben Bernanke and the boys/girls at the Fed are insane.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Unless…they know exactly what they are doing, and are doing it on purpose.

    • 007

      It is like trying to fix a broken pipe by pouring .

  • Gary2

    Hey old pale and stale GOP–we are moving left. My side is WINNIG!

    looks like judges are striking down all the crazy tea bag laws. Walker is a college drop out tea bag dolt. It will cost WI way more than if Walker just neogiated in the first place. Many of his county executive crap is being over turned and is stupidity is costing the tax payers dearly in back wages. Walker is a career politication just like lyin ryan. For folks who praise the free makrket they stupidly elect those who never had a free market job. Walker a career politication and gov hater has been on the dole his entire life.

    Wisconsin Collective Bargaining Law Struck Down By County Judge
    By SCOTT BAUER 09/14/12 06:01 PM ET

    A victory for MIDDLE CLASS Americans over the Koch brothers!!

    Unions created the middle class.

    Q: What do Republicans have against the middle class ???

    A: They [the middle class] insist on being paid the money that would otherwise become obscene corporate profits.

    • JJ Cambell

      you poor progressive liberals are just useful idiots for obama,Hillary and George Soros.Wake up and help your own country. Socialism only redistributes the middle class money to the socialist elites. And believe me you are not one of them.

    • Adam

      Damn you are so dumb Gary2! The quantative easing (which the left loves) has boosted stocks and precious metals. How did you do this week? I assume food stamps didn’t go up. I made close to 100k in stocks and precious metals in a week! All the people on the left will get stuck with the inflation of commodities (higher food price, gas, etc.) and with no profits from the stock market. HAHA

    • nowwthen

      Maybe your side is WINNIG (sic) for now but there is a lot of time left on the clock in this game. The ruling by the activist judge Juan Colas – btw it wasn’t Scott Bauer as you incorrectly state – is doing what circuit judges too often do which is pander to the electorate. Not surprisingly a majortity of Dane county voters have an anti-Walker sentiment. Party hearty now Gary but just realize you’re in for one whopping hangover when the ruling is overturned in the appellate court.

      • Gary2

        The Scott Baur was the author of the article I cut from the Milwaukee Journal.

        Walker is going down. Soon to be indicted in the John Doe.

        • Susan

          I want to say, Gary2, shut up! But that wouldn’t be nice so I won’t say anything at all.

      • Gay Veteran

        Walker is nothing but a tool for the billionaire Koch brothers

    • stevef

      The cult of personality is an essential characteristic of Fascism (e.g. Hitler, Mussolini, Obama)…The other aspects are 1. Deification of the State, 2. Preference for violence to achieve their ends. 3. The individual does not exist, except insofar as they further the goals of the State. 4. The economic system is crony capitalism.

      • DiscouragedOne

        Keep being distracted by this stuff and ignoring the elephant in the room. Eventually, you will have to acknowledge the elephant.

    • DiscouragedOne

      You didn’t notice that QE1 and QE2 didn’t work, but you expect a different result now? We are all screwed Gary, wake up and smell the coffee dude.


    With a non-choice between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama for the next U.S. Presidential election, it is quite revealing to look at a selection of the top all-time corporate donors to the Republican and Democrat political campaigns, 1989-2012. It will come as no surprise that the largest banking institutions and largest weapons manufacturers (in BLOOD red) are well represented.

    Rank Organization Total ’89-’12
    7 Goldman Sachs $40,756,383
    15 Citigroup Inc $30,319,899
    26 JPMorgan Chase & Co $25,723,476
    30 MorganStanley $23,391,483
    33 LockheedMartin $22,603,730
    35 Bank of America $22,149,137
    50 UBS AG $18,445,222
    51 Boeing Co $18,135,429
    57 NorthropGrumman $16,073,076
    64 CreditSuisse Group $15,020,592
    67 MerrillLynch $14,498,522
    69 GeneralDynamics $14,123,718
    70 AmericanFinancial Group $14,017,461
    72 HoneywellInternational $13,893,228
    78 Raytheon Co $13,046,935
    92 PrudentialFinancial $11,326,462
    108 MBNA Corp $10,074,056
    109 AIG $10,065,548
    111 Freddie Mac $9,898,345
    114 LehmanBrothers $9,721,155
    121 AmericanAirlines $9,179,770
    126 Fannie Mae $8,467,907
    130 WachoviaCorp $8,183,880
    135 Bear Stearns $7,337,732

    Interesting to note (at source) is that the majority of these corporations ‘sit on the fence’ when it comes to electioneering. They recognise that red or blue, the foreign and financial policies remain the same. So they line the pockets of both parties to ensure policies remain favourable to selling weapons and for financing the buying of weapons. The ‘War on Terror’TM has been highly lucrative for the $Trillion Arms trade, while intense lobbying and congressional financing has ‘saved’ the ‘too corrupt to fail’ banks. YOU KNOW THE ONES IN BLOOD RED!!

    • nowwthen

      Thi list with similar numbers could also be used to describe fees to the lobbyists who have effectively written our tax code.

      • GSOB

        Actually, it’s a cost past on to the common folk nowwthen for generations to come, including the grandstanding, television coverage.

    • Virginia

      Interesting take on the major contributors to the fascist regimen in this country, playing both sides of the coin by lining the pockets of both parties to ensure policies remain favourable to selling weapons and for financing the buying of weapons. With profits from this war machine, we turn around and give billions of dollars in aid to these countries we are also eviserating just to keep the war machine in constant everlasting motion. It’s easy to see why all the anti-American sentiment in the Middle East. They want no part of our “democracy.”

      • Richard

        Not only do the people in the mideast want nothing to do with the powers in the American government, but I don’t want anything to do with them either and I am an American born and bred. But it’s the fault of the American people, you know thle ones that keep voting for the same old turds that have been in office for more than one generation. they are all crooks but we all say “yes but not the guy I’m voting for” bunch of numbskulls.

    • Bob Marshall

      How many of these are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. More than likely, all of them.we still have people who think president are elected and not selected.Those who hold the power will do whatever is necessary to retain power even if it means war. After all, they won’t be the ones dying but their profits will sky rocket.


    Lindsey Williams: “The most significant day in the history of the American dollar, since its inception, happened on Thursday, Sept. 6. On that day, something took place that is going to affect your life, your family, your dinner table more than you can possibly imagine.”

    “On Thursday, Sept. 6… just a few days ago, China made the official announcement. China said on that day, our banking system is ready, all of our communication systems are ready, all of the transfer systems are ready, and as of that day, Thursday, Sept. 6, any nation in the world that wishes from this point on, to buy, sell, or trade crude oil, can do using the Chinese currency, not the American dollar. – Interview with Natty Bumpo on the Just Measures Radio network, Sept. 11

    • Oh, ok, AFTER all that information,
      could I trouble you with a bottle of Dom Perrion?

    • Me


      Oh. *&^$#.

      I’m afraid it’s even worse than I think…


  • Skid Marx

    QE3! What a glorious day comrades the best administration ever never fails! See you at the Sack ‘n’ Save and don’t forget your wheelbarrow of money. You can take out a loan for the gas to get there at 4.00$ a gallon (check local listings). Get one of those beautiful comrade cars known as the CHEvy Dolt to save on gas.

  • Islandgirl


    When do you think that we will see higher interest rates? What would have to happen that would make them rise? They said when they did the QE3 that it would extend them to 2015. Do you think that would happen? Also, what would have to happen in order for it to be to risky to leave money in the banks? When FDIC doesn’t cover it? I noticed they said that there have been 42 bank failures this year. I don’t know how accurate that is. Also, when do you think we will start seeing higher prices on everything? I thought that gold would go higher than it has when they did QE3. It seems like I had heard a couple of years ago that when they did QE3 that the dollar would start to decline a lot.

    • Michael

      I think that interest rates will go way up at some point, but for now the Fed is doing the best that it can to suppress them.

      They certainly can’t go much lower than they have been lately.


  • this guy

    Michael, I really do enjoy reading your blogs. They seem to be accurate and fairly unbiased. I hope you continue to make them, but i have just one complaint: would it kill you to write about something that doesn’t depress the hell out of me? I realize that the economy isn’t doing well, but can you write just one article entitled something along the lines of; “THERE MAY BE HOPE YET!!!”

    this guy.

    • Michael

      this guy:

      You made me smile. Once in a while I write some inspirational stuff, but usually I am pounding pretty hard on how bad things are and how bad things are going to get.


      Well, I believe there is hope in preparation. I want to wake people up. I don’t want people to be blindsided by what is coming.

      And until we admit how bad things really are we will not be willing to accept the solutions that are necessary.

      I am trying my best to make a difference, and yes the medicine may be harsh at times, but at the heart of it all is love.


      • Hey, Michael,

        Just relax and sip the wine.

        You’ve EARNED IT!!!

      • Graham


        Have you got the following ready to roll out at some point in the future?

        1) The Economic Prosperity Blog

        2) The American Reality

        3) The Truth Won

        4) The Heaven on Earth Blog (Optional)

        Would be nice to see a continuum that bolsters “positive” change, when the tables fully turn of course! And they will…

        • Michael

          Time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

          I am entirely convinced that a horrible economic collapse is unfolding. Things are not going to be getting better for the United States. In fact, they are going to get a whole lot worse.

          The years ahead are going to be very challenging for all of us.


  • Really?

    QE3 is underway and it’s going to be limitless. What is the point of continuing this digital currency that isn’t going to create job opportunities or stimulate the economy. I don’t understand the reasoning behind this when we( tax payers) take on the burden of all this debt. What is the idea behind printing digital money knowing full well that the debt cannot be paid ? Unless an engineered collapse is the main objective and when it all falls apart they come to the rescue but in military and S.W.A.T. Uniforms. I hope it does not happen but their does seem to be something more to it than just what’s on the surface. These people are supposed to be our leaders and I for one think were being sold out to an engineered collapse to enter the era of one world government and currency.
    If the Feds are gonna print 85 billion a month til the end of the year and then 40 billion a month indefinitely why not disperse among the people to actually stimulate something other than a few pre- selected wallets?
    Interest rates kept at all time lows til 2015 huh? Err…..ok……well if they were to raise the interest rates at all we could not afford the interest on the debt …..that’s a no brainer it would create hyper inflation and the whole thing go south faster than they want it to.
    Doesn’t make for any logical reasoning. Eur/USD rocketed 900 pips or better from 5am to 7am this morning people are making money, unfortunately it’s not directed to the heart of where it’s needed.
    Money markets are getting paid and politicians (that don’t even put gas in their own cars) are getting paid big incomes with great health insurance off the backs of us….we should not be so subservient to the likes of these usurpers of our labors!!!

    • GSOB


      they hold all the bullits and have the authority. People will not react until they are personally and directly violated, financially speaking.

      The system will take the burden off the backs of some of us and place it on all of us. That’s the direction it takes towards emptying our billfolds.

      Just wait until next year.

      I hate to be right.

  • Mark

    Say this five times fast!!!

    Big bank’s best buddy Ben Bernake bailout big banks.

    If bearded banker Ben Bernake bakes billion Benjamin bucks how many billion Benjamin bucks can bearded banker Ben Bernake bake?

  • Enjoy the booze, Comrades.
    Tomorrow is another day.

    • Jez

      Absolutely. A lunchtime pint down at my Local (PUB) seems a seriously good idea. Real Ale / Local Brews a speciality.

      An earlier entry suggested all these ducky little Dollars are going to save Europe, Hahahahahaha . Europe my dear friends is beyond saving. For the latest clear sighted overview of our (European) predicament – See the Slogg – latest two postings are as usual painfully accurate.
      Thank you Michael for all your incisive comments, what would we do without you.


      Jez. Chichester. UK

      • Michael


        Thank you for the kind words, and it is always good to hear from someone in the UK. 🙂


  • math is rayciss
  • Me

    Um wait.


    Isn’t this cutting your own throat (or possibly admitting defeat)…

    I mean… let’ssay in the future by some kind of miracle this actually *appeared* like it worked. Just… I know just really stretch your imagination.

    And then the Fed says “Mission accomplished! No more money for you!”


    And. Then. What do you suppose would be the market’s response to that?

    Great now the economy is a heroin junkey.

    You just fed the stray cat… good luck with that now…

  • Me

    Think I’ll watch Cloverfield now.

    It’s a metaphor.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Most of you have probably seen this before, but for old times’ sake, here’s that all-time classic video that demonstrates what’s about to happen to the U.S. economy in the next 3 to 12 months, so by popular request, or perhaps because everyone’s gotten bored of watching it, here’s that Tsar Bomba video again, and yes I am trying to break the Guinness record for the longest run-on sentence in the English language but I don’t think I’m going to succeed!

    Thanks, Helicopter Ben! You fish poop, I mean bass t*rd!

  • The magicians at the Fed have waved the magic and again and will now enter QE3 – a continual run of the printing press in order to create enough “phantom money” to bail out the banks and MBS (Mortgage Backed Security) investors who got screwed by the mortgage crisis. The Fed creates the money, the banks and investors get bailed out and the “average Joe homeowner” gets thrown onto the street like yesterday’s trash


  • Rancher

    I believe the Russians and Chinese are helping to stir up the mid-east trouble and riots as well. Getting the rag heads to not use the dollar as the only oil currency up to dropping it all together would ruin our fake strength in the petro dollar game we have been playing.

    Thus those two nations could use the mid-east straw man countries to do their dirty work for them….

  • WarriorClass III

    This is just another Bankster Bailout at tax payer (and dollar holder’s) expense. The banks were stuck with a bunch of worthless MBS that they couldn’t sell, or could only sell for pennies on the dollar, so the Fed buys them and gives the banks a profit on their losing bets.

    This is THEFT folks. There is no intent to “stimulate” the economy, only bailout the Banksters by stealing from you in the form of taxes and inflation.

    Not even the alternative media has correctly analyzed this and reported it for what it is, THEFT.

    Lock & load, people.

  • Really?

    It would be a nice change to give the people some of this bailout money!

  • Mark

    I think maybe you should change the website picture of the ship going down, to a clip from a WWII movie showing the crew watching the sub approaching crush depth.

  • none

    GOOD NEWS Micheal:

    I found out where Ben has been getting his economic advice from U-tube !

    Watch this as it describes what could happen if he did another Q-E the same way as the first two times.

    *Please note* How fast the economy would collapse? Six hours! I always thought it would take about a week? I wish now I could had gone to Harvard.

  • Washington

    Political Math: Obama’s Record on Private Sector Jobs is really good and much better than President Bush’s record if you believe the economic and statistical data that is being presented to you. I am skeptical of all politicians and the numbers they throw around so I was pleased to see someone actually take the time to analyze this data. As you’ll see in the video Obama’s explanation of his jobs record is Deception in Precision. If the only reason you are going to Vote for Obama is because you think he’s created a bunch of jobs then perhaps you’ll reevaluate that decision. My guess is most people will vote for whoever they like the most and think will do the best job, regardless of what the data shows.

  • A Swede…

    My neighbour shoot himself last week, he missed the heart though… he survived, everything got worse for that poor retired police officer. Maybe he read to much of your articles mr. Michael. Are you Michael a christian? If so, where are the good news?!!!

    • Mondobeyondo

      I am so sorry to hear about your neighbor.

      Please, no matter how bad it gets (and it is going to get worse, folks) – do NOT consider suicide. Tony Scott, the motion picture director who directed “Top Gun” and “Beverly Hills Cop II” among many other movies, jumped off a bridge in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Yes, his attempt was successful.

      I kind of understand it, but I don’t understand it. Yes, life is hard sometimes. But is it ever meant to be easy? Ever since Eve listened to that boa constrictor in Eden (the first and only time there has truly been peace on Earth), things have been going downhill.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Yes, Michael is a Christian, as am I.

      • Michael

        Yes, I am most definitely a Christian.


    • GSOB

      Psalm 90

  • George R. Kadlec

    Hillaire Belloc stated “It is a nice question whether ignorance or stupidity play the greater part in human affairs.”

  • seth

    Is what’s going on so surprising?

    Most people are asleep or choose to be that way. Where I live in Norwich UK, most folk are brainwashed zombies. If you look as if you don’t fit in, or if you talk about the economy, you are labelled “weird” and are shunned. Its also Orwellian how people spy and snoop on each other. I realise that people are raised as ‘cattle’ to an extent and that ‘individualism’ doesn’t really exist – most people are more into collectivism and groupthink. Hell, fitting in is a human need. Google ‘frankfurt school of marxism’ to get the D/L.

    I’d be accused of being a shill for the upper classes, but after seeing that human nature is so malleable, and that most people are amoral, perhaps they have a point. Global economic enslavement – so be it. At least there’ll still be a planet, and if they didn’t try to do this, someone else would. It’s inevitable that it would someday happen; perhaps it won’t work, but that’s another matter entirely.

    To be honest, a lot of the anti-gov’t etc.. views I held in the past, I changed my mind on after seeing human nature for what I truly believe it to be after my experiences. I’m more interested in living a quieter life, should this be an option. I’m aware of what’s going on, but I choose to merge with the herd, knowing that what will be will be. I can’t change what will happen and I can only help best serve society (i.e. the state) by working with it. It’s true what Margaret Thatcher (ex British PM) said about there being no more society – this ideology has taken hold in the UK and I wouldn’t recognise the current citizens of my country compared to the past. In fact, my country doesn’t exist anymore to my mind, as all the great things I’ve heard about British people are false – Ive seen Europeans and Americans behave in the glorious manner i was educated that British people should behave in – Ive just never seen this level of education and behaviour in a British person per se.

    Ever feel like everything you were told to be true was a lie? I’m just going to choose to go along with society (personally important to me) and whilst I may or may not be vaguely aware of what’s going on, I don’t intend any longer to do anything about it (its impossible as the problem is often human nature itself). I guess trying to live your life in an attempt to be useful but also achieve some semblance of acceptance and happiness is more important to me personally than some economic-political crusade.

    • HecatesMoon

      Seth, it is the weirdos and misfits, the crazies, the unpredictable ones, the outcasts that shape and change the world. Some in a negative way, but plenty in a positive way.
      No one that was just like everyone else has ever done or created anything that moved or changed the entire human race, only those outside the norm.
      You might sometimes wish you weren’t you, but you should not wish to be just like everyone else either. You should not wish to be drained of color, to have a blind fold on, and become a black and white copy of “every one else”.

  • JoJo

    Blindsided; by one of our BEST {used to be Muslim} minister’s in America today, Micheal Youssef and if you’ve not read the book ; please do. It’s AWESOME AND RIGHT ON THE MONEY or never will you read a more exact explanation of the Middle East and the conflicts that have gone on there for the last 2 thousand years. Also he’s well versed in the prophecy in all the Bible and other prophecy teachers. Couldn’t resist the plug on the book. As far as Bernanke and Obama and the rest of the QUACKS, WHACCO’S, IDIOTS,& IMBECILES THEY NEED TO PUT THEM IN THE SACKS WHERE THE MONEY IS AND TAKE THE HELICOPTER TO THE FIRST FLIGHT OUT TO SIBERIA, NORTH OR SOUTH POLE or Korea, OR SOME PLACE WHERE THEY CAN’T DESTROY US ANYMORE. AND NETANYAHU IS SAVE WHERE HE’S AT IN ISRAEL. PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY GOD!!!!!

  • Graham

    A great read:-

    Anonymous Judge Blows the Whistle:
    America is nothing more than a large Plantation and ‘We the People’ are the Slaves. The Vatican-Led Illuminati Matrix and U.S. Constitution.

  • Don

    You are late in the game. Webster Tarpley has been warning us for several years about Helicopter Ben and how we will eventually have hyperinflation.

  • Michael

    Reminder: The Feast of Trumpets starts at sundown on Sunday.

    All of God’s festivals were designed to be dress rehearsals that were prophetic of future events.

    In the case of the Feast of Trumpets, it has been foreshadowing one of the most dramatic moments in human history for over 3000 years….

    Matthew 24:29-31

    29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

    30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

    31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

    1 Corinthians 15:51-53

    51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

    52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

    53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.

    1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

    16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

    17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

    Jesus is Lord!


    • Gary2

      Again Michael there is no rapture except the song by Blondie

      • GSOB


        Blondie was in reality – depicting being ruptured, not raptured.
        To participate in this rapture of the holy scriptures Michael trumpeted about, presuppose’s that you are born again.

      • david

        No need to stake out your position on this issue–we all knew what it was in advance from reading your socialist screed above.

    • uncurable wound

      My House serves the Lord!

      • Gary2

        regardless there is no magic vacuum cleaner in the shy that’s gonna suck you up. Sorry to throw cold water on you.

        • Mondobeyondo

          I still believe in the Rapture.

          Semolina pilchard, STILL climbing up the Eiffel Tower!!…*

          (Beatles, “I Am the Walrus”)

          Just want to let you know, that I’m just having fun.
          It’s been a long time since I’ve had any joy in my life.

    • Lisa

      Michael have you ever read the book “The Great Controversy?”

  • Barn cat

    There’s one thing that the article didn’t mention: The Fed lends money to the zombie banks at very low interest rates. They use that money to buy Treasuries. So, in effect, the Fed is creating even more money to fund the debt than is generally known.

  • James Wood

    The U.S. has gone the Banana Republic route but this is really old news. Bernanke was appointed originally with this possibility in mind. He will attempt to inflate until dragged kicking and screaming from the office.

    The real question is political. How long will the credibility of the political establishment survive? That establishment is committed to protecting asset prices at
    any cost to the real economy. All old news.

    But what happens then? How far can the economy collapse before people rebel? Will they rebel. Will they ride this into Hell never really understanding? If they do scream “No more!” for whatever reason, understanding or not, how will the government respond? Will the government maintain its authority at any price? Can it?

    The last time the ultimate threat to the powers that be in Washington came it lead to a grand civil war to maintain that authority. What about now?

    It is time to move on. The economic die is cast. The centralization of authority in Washington whose first major mile stone was the Civil War is now complete. Democracy is a sham, the remnants of an historical hope. The economy is in the hands of the 1%. A new aristocracy has arisen which will certainly say, “Let them eat cake”. The pressing question is no longer the economy, but the polity. Where do we go from here?

  • Graham

    I agree with you entirely on the collapse side, especially for the G5. The present system will go and a new one shall be rolled out that is far more accountable and commodity backed. It’s happening in small pockets already, especially in countries that are not nailed down by the Federal Reserve banking system. China’s move on the 6th was a massive nail in the coffin for the USD.

    When the public at large become convinced enough through factual and scientifically proven evidence who the perpetrators are behind this mess and many other things, I certainly wouldn’t like to be in their shoes. It’s what they fear the most, hence all the lockdowns and enslavement measures to induce further control and dominance. Their house of cards will fall! They cannot bend the human spirit much further.

    Incidentally, as I posted a while ago, New Scientist has already published such evidence of who controls 85% of global wealth. They refined it down to 1,400 and something organisations, led by the big banks. Every company was named.

    I hope you get a chance to review all the links I have posted this weekend. Bit of a frenzy I guess, but those who do will soon realise why, unless cognitive dissonance prevents them going any further in their search for the truth.

    I’m well aware of the disbelief and sickly feeling one gets when finding out something that challenges a personal or world belief, but those in power know the human mind very well and tend to abuse it’s malleability at every given opportunity.

    Warn your US readers that Debt Collection agencies are now using bank letterheads to send out their notices. Yet another twist in the tail. Everybody with mortgage debt should challenge their banks to provide written proof of who owns their debt! Never entertain a debt collection agency!

  • Traffix

    Hate to sound like a rube, but I was thinking about buying some gold. I was thinking about 1/10 or 1/2 coins from U.S. mint, But the 1 oz bullion is .999 pure and closer and looks like a better value? Thanks guys for any help.

  • i’vegivenup

    QE3 = kicking the can down the road til QE4…QE5…etc Wash…rise…repeat til the bottom falls out…. 🙁

  • Ed_B

    “…it is always good to hear from someone in the UK.”

    Indeed it is. The UK is a financial trip-wire for the USA. Europe will collapse financially. It is only a matter of when now and not whether. A few weeks after that, the UK will follow suit. A week or two after that, the USA will follow. Therefore, the moment you see or hear about the UK hurtling into the financial abyss, get your money the flock out of ALL paper investments! This includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, CDs, and even US dollars. It ain’t gonna be pretty, folks, and it IS coming here. I have no more info on this than anyone else does but my best guess is sometime in the 2014-15 time frame. If you ain’t ready for the S to HTF by then, you ain’t gonna to be ready when it does. Got preps? Unless you wanna be one of those sheeple in the headlights, you better.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Looks like someone’s set some trip wires in place. 🙁

  • Bill Thompson

    The American people can not see whats coming the food stamps are nothing more then the soup kitchens in the first depression. People who have not invested in silver or stored some food will suffer there will be riots all over this country many people will perish when the economy collapses.

  • For all those morons out there, who say, “you can’t EAT gold” – I say: (instead of “Do you feel LUCKY, PUNK?”) “CAN YOU EAT PAPER, PUNK?” Well, CAN YOU?

  • Mauro Motta

    “How in the heck does prayer in school have ANYTHING to do with fiscal policy?”
    It has to do with having true reverence for
    morality, inherent in all classic christian prayers, as opposed to reverence for a
    fashionable etiquette born of political convenience. The first is conducive to a healthy fiscal policy, the second isn’t.

  • Untamed

    So I dare ask the question. As the human race, with the power and intellect mentally to create a better tomorrow. What will we do about these problems? Something has to be fixed. As you state in previous articles, and I’m not directly quoting, but you bring up a good point on how there is no difference between political parties. As long as we let these monsters rule us, we can never get free. I think you have inspired me to create a site discussing real change, commentary from real struggling people. We need to try to start doing something, anything…

  • GSOB

    Eschatology is not just about the future, but about God’s working in history. Its relevance is inescapable.

  • lee

    I am particularly interested in the UK and the BofE’s giving of QE to UK banks. Buying, I assume, their property assets at unrealistic prices.
    These banks do not lend to small or medium business, they don’t want to lend for property purchase except for a token new buyer market so effectively they are borrowing public money,to improve their balance sheets, this should not be legal!
    see twitter lee_Green_KMI

  • Joe America

    I completely ignore the politicians, they lie all the time but you all know that by now. They are the greatest peddlers of false hopes and exaggerated claims. Right now the dollar is strong, its not under attack. As far as I can tell the average American remanded stagnate for the last couple years barley living paycheck to paycheck if they are one of the lucky 70 to 80 percent that have employment. I see wage deflation (people taking lower pay) and mild inflation of things like gasoline food and imported goods. All the FED actions QE3 etc. will not help make things better but keep things from getting worse quickly for the average American. More QE is like feeding a drug habit. Ironically the gold standard had the same effect in the late 19th century. I see the average American slowly getting weighted down until they eventually drown, this process takes years sometimes decades. Yet all this makes those with money wealthier.
    To keep the peace it’s been bread and circuses time with large scale government handouts and media distractions. We are not in a time like the Great Depression but a time like much like the Guilded Age of the 19th century. Because our problems are deeply structural and politically incorrect to address I see no chance this will be fixed by politicians, in fact I think they may make things worse.
    The world outside of the Anglospear is undergoing major social change this could be the catalysis for a large scale change in a socially stagnate PC America. Dangerously, common Americans are easier than ever to mislead, the dumb sheep mentality is the rule. In the hands of a ruthless demagog can spell disaster and do not underestimate stupidity the greatest threat mankind has ever known. One more note, change is occurring inside America and no politician is behind any of it right now. It is on the very edge of media awareness and is often politically incorrect at this time (it will be in the future), this is what will create the new America.

  • Lisa

    The Bible has predicted these things. Read Matthew 24! There is an awesome book that was written back in the early 1900s called “The Great Controversy.” A must read!!! It is like reading today’s headline news, except it takes you to the end of time and shows you from a biblical standpoint what will happen. God is in control of all!

  • A-non-Y-mouse


    Please do an article on the movie Inside Job. Your readers can understand it and watch it on DVD and it lends itself well to a few thousand word article. It goes into great detail about the connections between then banks, lobbying agencies, and housing bubble.
    Internalizing its truth is a paradigm shift and a healthy intellectual framework for thinking about the economy.



    • Michael

      It was a really well done documentary, even though it was done from a liberal perspective.

      I think what would be better than rehashing the documentary would be for people to go watch it for themselves.

      You can find “Inside Job” right here.


  • tony

    why is it that the internet is the only place I hear things like this. I believe something bad with happen soon. I try to warn people and they laugh at me. No one tries to warn me. Now I am very unsure of trying to warn others. Other than prepare for my immediate family, what more can I do?

    • Chiman Patel

      Earthquakes happen without warning – at least most of them.

  • Chiman Patel

    “However, it will definitely hasten the destruction U.S.
    But the destruction of the U. S. Dollar will destroy the entire Fiat system since dollar being standard international currency.

  • The best advise is to buy silver,but at the moment the price of silver is increasing day by day. The petro dollar is dead, and America is a sick country.

    • Rowie Truth

      🙂 The moment you wrote that in 2012 Silver plummeted from
      $1100 to $640 in 2013… and $530 now:)

  • Donger

    Why doesnt the fed just buy a portion of student loans to boost consumer spending? Govt is in bed with fannie and freddie mac already. It would be much more effective than these futile quantitative easing efforts. When interest rates finally rise we are screwed becuause the national debt is skyrocketing with no signs of slowing down

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