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Share This Massive List Of Post-Election Firings And Layoffs With Everyone You Can

The victory by Barack Obama on election night has resulted in a huge wave of firings and layoffs all over America.  A large number of businesses seem to have suddenly shifted into panic mode.  The number of layoff announcements that we have seen in the last 48 hours has been absolutely shocking.  So why is this happening?  Well, the truth is that the federal government is absolutely suffocating small businesses all over America with rules, regulations and taxes.  If you have never tried to run a small business, then you have no idea how oppressive this system actually is for people that are trying to run small businesses successfully.  It has steadily gotten worse over the years no matter who has been in the White House and no matter who has controlled Congress.  So we shouldn’t put 100% of the blame on Obama.  Bush massively expanded government and made things harder on small business people too.  But what many small business people were looking for on this election day was just a little bit of help.  Many were desperately holding out hope that Obamacare would be repealed so that they would not have to get rid of some of their employees.  Many were hoping to get a little bit of relief from the crippling regulations and taxes that are absolutely crushing them.  But now that Barack Obama has been given another four years, they understand that there is no hope on the horizon and that things are only going to get worse.  So they are making the hard decisions that they feel are necessary in order to survive in this economic environment.

And I certainly don’t blame them.  You only want to have employees if you can make a profit on them.  And in this environment it is getting harder than ever to make a profit on an employee.  You see, the truth is that what you cost your employer goes far beyond your salary or your hourly wage.  I think many of you would be absolutely shocked if you learned how much it actually costs your employer to employ you.  And now thanks to Obamacare, that cost is going to go up even more.

Many businesses are not even feasible at all in this economic environment.  Many small businesses had been holding out hope that somehow this election might turn things around and make it possible for them to keep going, but when Obama won it was kind of like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

You can’t do what the federal government and the state governments are doing to us and expect to have a thriving economy.  They are choking the life out of us.

New businesses and small businesses are supposed to be at the heart of our economic system.  Unfortunately, the environment that has been created is absolutely killing them.  This is a recipe for disaster.

In a previous article, I noted that the number of jobs created at new businesses in 2010 in the United States was less than half of what it was back in the year 2000.

Now we can expect that number to get even worse and we can expect large numbers of small businesses to shrink in size or close their doors completely.

The following is a list of some of the post-election firings and layoffs that we have seen since Tuesday night…

#1 Utah

A Utah coal company owned by a vocal critic of President Barack Obama has laid off 102 miners.

The layoffs at the West Ridge Mine are effective immediately, according to UtahAmerican Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Murray Energy Corp. They were announced in a short statement made public Thursday, two days after Obama won re-election.

The layoffs are necessary because of the president’s “war on coal,” the statement said. The slogan is one used frequently during the election by Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray, who was an ardent supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In its statement, UtahAmerican Energy blames the Obama administration for instituting policies that will close down “204 American coal-fired power plants by 2014″ and for drastically reducing the market for coal.

#2 Ohio

I work for the oldest and largest health insurer in the state of Ohio in the underwriting department. At 9 a.m.this morning, my department (about 50) were called into a meeting in the executive boardroom. We were informed that due to a provision in the healthcare ‘reform’ effective 2014 called guarantee issue, our services would no longer be needed, and we were offered severance  So Obama got to keep his job, and we lost ours. It is maddening that some tyrant 400 miles away can have such a ruinous effect on peoples lives.

#3 Nevada

A Las Vegas business owner with 114 employees fired 22 workers today, apparently as a direct result of President Obama’s re-election.

“David” (he asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) told Host Kevin Wall on 100.5 KXNT that “elections have consequences” and that “at the end of the day, I need to survive.”

Here’s an excerpt from the interview. Click the audio tab below to hear even more from this compelling conversation:

“I’ve done my share of educating my employees. I never tell them which way to vote. I believe in the free system we have, I believe in the right to choose who they want to be president, but I did explain as a business owner that I have always put my employees first. I always made sure that when I went without a paycheck that [I] made sure they were paid. And I explained that I always put them first and unfortunately I’m at a point where I’m being forced to have to worry about me and my family now and a business that I built from just me to 114 employees.

#4 Posted below is a list of layoff headlines from the past few days that was posted on

Obama was “fired up” and so were the voters, and so now, the mass firings begin. Here’s a collection of today’s headlines.  Please say a prayer for the families who will be suffering. Had Romney won, many of these companies would now be hiring.

Teco Coal officials announce layoffs

Momentive Inc plans temporary layoffs for 150

Wilkes-Barre officials to announce mandatory layoffs

600 layoffs at Groupon

More layoffs announced at Aniston Weapons Incinerator

Murray Energy confirms 150 layoffs at 3 subsidiaries

130 laid off in Minnesota dairy plant closure

Stanford brake plant to lay off 75

Turbocare, Oce to lay off more than 220 workers

ATI plans to lay off 172 workers in North Richland Hills

SpaceX claims its first victims as Rocketdyne lays off 100

Providence Journal lays off 23 full-time employees

CVPH lays off 17

New Energy lays off 40 employees

102 Utah miners laid off because of ‘war on coal’, company says

US Cellular drops Chicago, cuts 640 jobs

Career Education to cut 900 jobs, close 23 campuses

Vestas to cut 3,000 more jobs

First Energy to cut 400 jobs by 2016

Mine owner blames Obama for layoffs (54 fired last night)

Canceled program costs 115 jobs at Ohio air base

AMD trims Austin workforce – 400 jobs slashed

100 workers lose jobs as Caterpillar closes plant in Minnesota

Exide to lay off 150 workers

TE Connectivity to close Guilford plant, lay off 620

More Layoffs for Major Wind Company (3,000 jobs cut)

Cigna to lay off 1,300 workers worldwide

Ameridose to lay off hundreds of workers

#5 According to the Blaze, the following major corporations have all announced layoffs in just the past two days…


Exide Technologies


Research in Motion Limited

Lightyear Network Solutions

Providence Journal

Hawker Beechcraft

Boeing (30% of their management staff)

CVPH Medical Center

US Cellular

Momentive Performance Materials


Brake Parts

Vestas Wind Systems


Center for Hospice New York


OCE North America

Darden Restaurants

West Ridge Mine

United Blood Services Gulf

You can get the rest of the details right here.

#6 The following is a list of companies that will be laying off workers just because of Obamacare that was compiled by FreedomWorks

Dana Holding Corp.

As recently as a week ago, a global auto parts manufacturing company in Ohio known as Dana Holding Corp., warned their employees of potential layoffs, citing “$24 million over the next six years in additional U.S. health care expenses”.  After laying off several white collar staffers, company insiders have hinted at more to come.  The company will have to cover the additional $24 million cost somehow, which will likely equate to numerous cuts in their current workforce of 25,500 worldwide.  


One of the biggest medical device manufacturers in the world, Stryker will close their facility in Orchard Park, New York, eliminating 96 jobs in December.  Worse, they plan on countering the medical device tax in Obamacare by slashing 5% of their global workforce – an estimated 1,170 positions.

Boston Scientific

In October of 2009, Boston Scientific CEO Ray Elliott, warned that proposed taxes in the health care reform bill could “lead to significant job losses” for his company.  Nearly two years later, Elliott announced that the company would be cutting anywhere between 1,200 and 1,400 jobs, while simultaneously shifting investments and workers overseas – to China.


In March of 2010, medical device maker Medtronic warned that Obamacare taxes could result in a reduction of precisely 1,000 jobs.  That plan became reality when the company cut 500 positions over the summer, with another 500 set for the end of 2013.  


A short list of other companies facing future layoffs at the hands of Obamacare:

  • Smith & Nephew – 770 layoffs
  • Abbott Labs – 700 layoffs
  • Covidien – 595 layoffs
  • Kinetic Concepts – 427 layoffs
  • St. Jude Medical – 300 layoffs
  • Hill Rom – 200 layoffs

A lot of other businesses are going to reduce the number of employees they have or reduce the average work week in order to avoid the Obamacare insurance coverage mandate that will soon be implemented.

This is how describes the choice that many employers will be facing…

That section, known as the employer mandate, requires any business with 50 or more full-time employees to provide at least the minimum level of government-defined health coverage to those employees. In other words, a business must provide insurance if it has 50 or more employees working an average of just 30 hours per week, which is 10 hours per week fewer than the traditional 40-hour work week.

Thus, by cutting employees’ hours to ensure they average less than the 30 per week, employers could potentially avoid the cost of providing the minimum insurance levels mandated by Obamacare.

So if your company trims the number of workers to just under 50 or starts going to “29 hour work weeks”, then you will know who to blame.

All of this is complete and utter insanity.  We are committing national economic suicide.

But perhaps we deserve this.  After all, Americans willingly chose their leaders on election day.  It is getting harder and harder to deny that our politicians are truly a reflection of who we are as a nation.

The American people chose this path, and now we get to see where it leads us.

  • Rodster

    Elections have consequences ! ;)

    Obama is shutting down oil shale development out West which could have added jobs.

    • Rick

      Yes it could have added jobs but what about the amount of water required and not sure but if near any wells then they will get contaminated. Not worth a single job IMO.

    • SmallerGovNow

      Obummer is the straw that breaks the USA’s back….

  • Retard

    America’s been visibly in decline mode for decades, it’s amazing it’s still where it is today.

    • M. Hapney

      That is because the Oligarchs still have a use for us. The fist to pummel the remaining countries that have not submitted to a Rothschild central bank. After that is done, we will be discarded.

    • r.bitting

      About 40 years ago there was a guy named Don McLean, who was the lead singer in a band named ” AMERICA “. They had a hit song titled ” Bye Bye miss American pie “. It’s a very long song ( about 8.5 minutes ), but if you listen to the song beginning at about 5.30 minutes into the song, you will hear things that are indeed very prophetic, and truly terrifying, because it seems that without even realizing it, He describes the fall of America,The removal of the Holy Spirit from the world, the antiChrist taking the stage, and the beginning of the tribulation period. He speaks of a man taking the stage who is inspired by Satan. The most incredible thing about this song is that McLean had no idea what he was writing about, his idea of what the song meant was totally different. Listen to it.

      • Mondobeyondo

        I have listened to it, many times. There are several interpretations as to what Don McLean wrote and sang in that song (McLean claims he had no idea what he was writing or what it meant). But in a sense, I do think he was writing prophecy, without even knowing it.

      • Mondobeyondo

        “Bye, bye, Miss American Pie
        Drove the Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry”….

        Ah yes! The upcoming FISCAL CLIFF!

        Guess it’s time to stock up on some whiskey and rye, and start singing “This’ll be the day when we die”.

        No. I don’t think so. Not yet anyway.

      • Mondobeyondo

        The verse “Eight miles high, and falling, touchdown” can refer to:

        “Eight Miles High”, the hit song by The Byrds in 1966:

        or… Felix Baumgardner’s leap from the edge of space, a few weeks ago.

        As I said, people have come up with some weird interpretations of “American Pie”.

      • FarFlung

        First of all, Don McClean was never a member of the band ‘America'; he was a solo act.

        Second, the song ‘American Pie’ wasn’t done by America, but by Don McClean himself, and it wasn’t in any way ‘prophetic’! It was inspired partly by the deaths of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J. P. Richardson, all of whom died in a plane crash on February 3, 1959. McClean himself said that the song was in part an autobiography that reflected experiences in his own life from in the 50s, up until the time he wrote the song in the late 60s.

        If you’re going to advance a prophecy theory, at least base it on factual information rather than fear and fantasy.

        • Randell Graves

          Holy Cow. What a bunch of morons you had to set straight. February 3, 1959 – The Day the Music Died. Were all of these idiots on the Regan campaign when he wanted to use Bruce Springsteen’s “ode to what’s best in America” (cough) “Born in the USA”?

    • Rachel

      well, we’re in hyper-drive now.

  • John S

    I’m already on a forced 25 hour week–at both jobs.

    • sandi

      And more and more of the country will join you working 2 25 hour a week jobs. Americans are innovative, we will survive and the way around Obamacare is to change the work week structure. Yes it hurts families and yes it makes people work more with less benefits. But companies will be profitable or they will go out of business and there will be no job. Unfortunately some in Washington don’t get this.

      • Observer

        I have to reply to this comment in particular because it just makes no sense. Sorry Sandi, you seem like a nice lady. Look, it’s very difficult, realistically, logically, to work two jobs that are part-time because the first employer most likely wants your schedule to already be open to changes weekly. For those people who work two part time jobs, I can’t imagine how that works out, considering that most part-time jobs require people to work on weekends, and if there is any conflict (i.e. you can’t be at both places at once), your employer is going to ask you where your loyalty lies — to one job or the other? I speak from experience and from what I’ve seen. These people working two, three, four, or five jobs (I don’t believe them btw) are probably not the norm. We are NOT going to see an entire population or nation working part-time jobs, it’s not going to happen and it’s mathematically impossible.

    • Observer

      How do you work 50 hours between jobs. Do you sleep? Do they schedule you in such a way that it works out perfectly? Sounds almost unbelievable.

      • CSI

        What are a dumb ass who has never held a job? Most people who have a desire to provide for their family and not take from the system find a way to work two or three jobs to keep a roof over their families heads and food on the table. Join the working and get off the government handout that comes from all of us hard working tax payers.

      • RainyDay

        No kidding. I worked at Target for 2 years and they would frequently change the scheduling or call you in when there were too many sick call outs. I even had a weekend job as a cashier at a beauty supply store and Target would schedule me on the days I was supposed to be at my weekend job so ultimately I had to give up the weekend job. Target and other big box stores can make an utter mess of the schedule. The kids who were in college were getting schedules during class times and the people who had open availability were sometimes only scheduled for 15 hours a week. This was hopefully an isolated situation at my store and not all Targets.

  • Arius

    America is going down, down, down… Thanks Obama, Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, and even many Republicans. Thanks for bankrupting us. Actually, thanks for nothing and go to hell.

  • Dr. David G.

    Nancy Pelosi famously said about Obamacare, that we needed to enact it in order to find out what’s in it.

    Obama could have said during his recent campaign, come follow me, take my road and when you get to the end you’ll find out where it leads.

    So much liberal hype, so little foresight.

  • mark

    Hey Gary2, are they cutting your hours yet?

  • Gary2

    wah wah wah stop complaining. Most of this was planned way before the election. Companies only hire when there is demand for their product or service. When Obama taxes the rich and spreads the wealth we will have more money in more hands and there will be demand. Problem solved. Plus who believes the guy in nevada who is not maning up and is a coward by staying anonymous.

    • free rider

      I can has choom, cheezeburger and potato.

    • Rodster

      You sir are so simple you are beyond stupid. I’m glad your side won. At least you won’t be carrying out random acts of violence against the innocent. That’s the difference between the left and the right.

      My hope is that the US economy will implode and collapse and that States begin discussing secession.

    • RainyDay

      So you think stealing others people hard earned money will solve the problem? Spoken like a true collectivist/Marxist. People like you should be exterminated or sent to the gulags.

      • jaxon64

        The idiot Gary2 never replies to this response when I ask him—What in the world makes him think that he or any of the other people in this nation with their hand out will get a single nickel more if the rich are fleeced?

        What evidence is there that you’ll be getting anything Gary?

        Remember–we have a TRILLION DOLLAR ANNUAL BUDGET DEFICIT every year for the past 4 years. They could confiscate 100% of the annual income of all of the people in this country that earn over 250,000 a year–and all they would succeed in doing is reducing the budget deficit (temporarily)–there would not be any “extra” money to give out for upgraded Obama phones.

        The ultimate fly in Gary’s shortsighted liberal thinking, as he kneels at the altars of the gods of hate and greed, is that he won’t acknowledge the fact that taking away every penny of earnings from the successful will not “trickle down” a penny in his pocket.

        • Gary2

          I have replied numerous times. Tax the rich by removing the cap in social security income–everyone can get more social security. Tax the rich and spread the wealth means there will be more consumer demand and the economy does way better. I and everyone else benefits.

          You see your problem is that you only think of the individual perspective–whats in it for me which is typical conservatism and why conservatives are such selfish pigs.

          I on the other hand look at what is best for everyone and am thinking on a much higher plane than you can comprehend with you small conservative mind.

          • Rodster

            I can’t help but :lol:

        • BOBBOBBOB

          thefreakromknee exported allthe good union jobs thatfreak dont pay taxes
          thatfreak hashis money in thecaminislands–thank gods4mrobama
          igave mro 2400 andiwon taxtherich

      • Rodster

        Yes HE actually believes that.

    • Optimistic Pessimist

      Yes you may have more money in your hands but will it still hold its value???


  • Roger Smith

    There was a post on your last article from someone in New Zealand who couldn’t believe how cruel these American business owners were for firing people simply because “their guy” lost the election….How ignorant is that? Business people are shedding employees because they MUST in order to survive…not out of some grudge they harbor toward Obama. You can always tell who comes from private sector and who comes from the public sector. The wishy-washy lefties seem to have this fantasy that every business person has their own printing press that they can just fire up and print off payroll whenever they need to. That’s how the government works but business has no such option. It’s “grow up” time for all you cooky comrade children.

  • Cam

    Keep posting these stories. I want to make sure my Fortune 50 company does not do any business with these idiots. It’s nice to work in procurement.

    Ruining peoples lives just to make a political statement is why the republicans got so thoroughly rebuffed this week.

  • Bill

    As important as the layoff issue is, it pales in comparison to the real problem. The real problem is the corruption that continues. Why in the last couple of hours, before the election was called for Obama, did an extremely disproportionately high number of votes get tallied for him? Why Benghazi? Why Petraeus?

  • nowwthen

    Every time I hear Obama speak (not reports of what he said, his actual live performances)I inevitably read the news the next day only to find out he was once again full of shit! His whole jobs plan is to get rid of as many private sector employees as he needs to in order to bolster his socialist dreams. Everyone living blissfully together in utopian equality in a land of ecological perfection.

  • Washington

    The District of Columbia Act of 1871

    Initial review of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 seems like it only sets up a local government (like Chicago or Seattle); how do you get that they formed a private corporation?

  • Steve-O

    In other words America, you order the Barry O. crap sandwich and now it is time to eat it!

  • Steve-O

    In other words America, you ordered the Barry O. Sh*t Sandwich, and now it is time to eat it!

  • Steve-O

    In other words America, you ordered the Barry O Sh*t Sandwich, and now it is time to eat it!

  • Imaplaneiac

    I heard a report on talk radio today that one ( likely more ! ) company fired those who displayed Obummer bumper stickers on their car. Serves ‘em right – they reaped what they sowed!!


      thats horrible and disgusting. conservatives are class A assholes if thats true.

  • Marc

    The Fed has done us in along with the corrupt congress….NAFTA…Cafta ……..

  • DaytoDay

    So what I’m getting from this is, from now on, businesses are going to be hiring the bare minimum, paying the bare minimum as well as cutting employee hours to part time, all the while putting more work and stress on the employee…

    So in a nutshell, you will be expected to do the jobs of 10 men on a one man salary, with no benefits or 401k and you will have less time to get the job done, while having no help because you’re the only employee…

    But lets look on the bright side, at-least you’ll have a $5,000 insurance policy, that your employer will pay, after you pay half of it upfront… :D

  • DaytoDay

    And let me add, Romney creating job growth and repealing Obamacare is speculation…

    If I recall, Obama made similar promises during his first term, which leads me to ask if the firings weren’t due to the bad economy and “Obmamcare” is being used as a scapegoat…

    I mean, mass layoffs two days after the election… And Obamacare doesn’t go into effect until Jan 2014 (2 years away)…

    Something stinks…

    • Geezerjoe

      Try 14 months and a few days..

  • DownWithLibs


  • GSOB

    $4 more years

  • kytim89

    I have a few questions and comments about how Obamacare will effect the employment system in America.

    Will the shareholders of big corporations liquidate their entire stake in a company to avoid losing money via Obamacare and thus lay off their entire workforce?

    What happens to companies like FedEx, UPS, Wal-mart that requires a large workforce with an abundance of hours to maintain the company’s standing?

    Will companies turn to more automation to save money? I was just at a Wal-mart a few days ago and I saw more self-help checkout lanes than ones occupied by actual people?

    Who will bear the brunt of layoffs: young or older workers? Older workers would reequire more care and money, so it would seem they would get fired first.

    What long term effects will Obamacare have on crime?

    Is it true that Wal-mart is exempted from Obamacare?

  • Washington
  • Chris

    The elections were a fraud, your votes were not even counted and the work you did was just digging your own grave. The companies mentioned above were nothing but just slavery corporate job to adhere to the system.

    The greatest, biggest, mind blowing, astonishing truth about this world that you must know is THERE IS NO FUTURE. The entire existence is going backwards literally. The force of darkness has taken control of this galaxy.

    Humanity cannot do anything now. Only aliens can rescue humans now, The intergalactic war has already begun, you will feel the weight of it around you in the form of job losses, weather changes etc…

    You must understand this..THERE IS NO FUTURE, THERE NEVER WAS..

  • El Pollo de Oro

    If the so-called “fiscal conservatives” in Corporate America were serious about getting The Banana Republic of America (formerly the US of A) back on its feet again, they would have rallied around a true capitalist and gotten behind Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. But neither of them stood a chance in the Republi-con primary. Why is that? It’s because corporatists don’t really believe in capitalism. They believe in fascism, corporate welfare, bailouts and very big, oppressive government. They also believe in having a frightened, servile workforce, and they hate true entrepreneurs. The banksters smashed our free enterprise system and gave us corporate hell. And they will find out how nightmarish a mistake that was when they find out what it is like to live in a violent, dangerous Third World hellhole. When you see the daughter of a CEO walking around with fingers missing, you’ll know that the thugs of Secuestro, Inc. grew impatient because their ransom demands weren’t met right away.

    “You can sum up what has killed capitalism in four words: too big to fail.”—Gerald Celente

    “The corporate state has successfully waged a campaign of fear to disempower voters and citizens.” —Chris Hedges

    “When the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood begins to flow in the streets.”—Gerald Celente

    “Once again, the neocons have dragged the GOP down to defeat.” —Justin Raimondo,

    “Brace yourself. The American empire is over. And the descent is going to be horrifying.”—Chris Hedges

    “We’re getting ready to face a really big crisis, even bigger than the World War II Generation.”—Alex Jones

    “It is becoming increasingly impossible in America to get a good job without being connected to the system that serves the elites.”—Paul Craig Roberts

    Future growth industries for the BRA: kidnapping, carjacking, violent home invasions, murder for hire, drug trafficking. There are some very smart, albeit murderous, businesspeople in the underground economies of the favela slums of Rio de Janeiro, the shantytowns of Kingston, Jamaica, and el Barrio Bravo de Tepito en la Ciudad de México. I understand that El Chapo Gúzman is hiring—just remember that the turnover can be high because employees often get killed by the competition (literally). Es muy peligroso trabajar para los carteles de droga, pero para muchos personas que faltan esperanza, no hay muchas opciones. La vida es muy dura en una maldita pesadilla del tercer mundo. Oh, and the narcos in Rio de Janeiro are also hiring if you speak Portuguese.

    Welcome to life in a filthy, wretched Third World slop bucket. Welcome to The Banana Republic of America, land of the corrupt and home of the desperate. God help us.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    So Obama’s policies are a success. He wanted to crash the economy following the Cloward–Piven strategy and he is succeeding. A grest depression followed by a revolution with a Marxist/socialist government rising from the ashes.

    • FarFlung

      Yeah, right. Please post again when ANY of that happens.

  • phelps

    The stench from DC is because of B.O. Several of us got word our hours would be reduced from 40 to 25 a week. Taxes and regulatory fees aren’t going down though. At least I still have job so that I can pay for all those bureaucrats to support THEIR families.

    How much more can we take? Many, and I suppose I am as well, are very close to a breaking point. God help us all when this all blows-up and I’m becoming more convinced each day that it will. Time will tell.

    Good day.

  • tappedops

    Costco popcorn…stock-up…

    Cause this is going to be blockbuster…

    The waters almost a full boil…and theres no jumpin out from this point “Forward”…

  • D Burt

    I hope most of these laid off were Obama supporters.
    I want them to experience the consequences of thier very poor choice.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Corporate BRA fascist bankster in Nov. 2012: “Vote for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul, and I’ll fire your ass.”

    Corporate BRA fascist bankster in 2013 or 2014: “Boo hoo hoo! The kidnappers from Secuestro, Inc. got my wife and daughter and demanded ransom. They raped my daughter on camera and cut off two of my wife’s fingers. They shot my son in the chest. My God, I feel like I’m living in Honduras.”

    My response to Corporate BRA fascist bankster in 2013 or 2014: welcome to the Third World hell you created, motherf****er. I tried to warn you. Gerald Celente tried to warn you. Ron Paul tried to warn you. Alex Jones, Justin Raimondo and Paul Craig Roberts all tried to warn you. But you wouldn’t listen. You replaced true capitalism and free enterprise with a Third World economy, and now, you’re finding out just how hot the flames of hell really are. Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?

    Welcome to The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax, coming soon to a Third World hellhole near you.

  • uncurable wound

    Michael and the gang,
    Just a comment on the election!

    2012 voting records show 240 million people of voting age.206 million of those have drivers licenses,and about 219 million are eligible to vote.

    This was no mandate!

    Over 119 million didnt vote.I AM ONE OF THEM !

    Both Parties are GARBAGE!

    Its obvious the people want another choice.

  • Jim

    They just slit their own throat but I’m sure the kool-aid drinkers will explain it all away. When they are digging through the trash to find their next meal…

  • Makati1

    Get used to this. It would have happened if Romney had been elected. The West is declining and nothing/no-one can stop it. We have enjoyed an oil based (growing) economy too long and assume that it is the norm. It isn’t. Energy per person has been declining since the 70s and will continue to do so. Even the Asian countries will slow and stagnate in the coming years.

  • Stephen

    That seems like a gross overreaction. Nothing has changed since last week, and Obamacare is nowhere close to going into effect.

    • John W.

      everyday it is a day closer. You will find out on Jan. 1 of next year when the penalties start kicking in.

  • Grandpa

    funny , those businesses is just a drop in the bucket to what people are doing for themselves… picture the breakdown

  • Tabarnick

    a) companies lay off people like you discard old socks. That’s just standard operating procedure in business nowadays. There isn’t a month in the past 15 years where you could not have come up with a long list of layoffs
    b) are you naive enough that you take companies at their word? That they’re not using the first convenient rationale for shipping jobs to China, like they’ve been doing for the last 12 year? Especially from militant Republicans?
    c) why are you including companies from Sweden, Denmark or Canada on your list of Obamacare-caused layoffs?
    c) by and large, corporate profits are just fine. COmpanies just don’t want to spend a dime on their employees:

  • Your Mama

    Sux, I’m lounging in a robe at a hot spring resort typing on an ipad. I’m a union lib in California btw. Just decided to take a week off to catch up on some sleep and relax. Shouldn’t have done all that Union busting folks. I’m a high school drop out from the south, but being union has kept my job here for the most part, kept our 3%annual raises, and full Heath benefits and pension. Cali has been very good to me. I work my ass off, just like you guys probably do, it’s just that simple. No unions = no middle class. Look at the charts over the last 40 years. Union membership has been falling since your saint Ronnie started the modern republican movement. Job #1 bust the unions. Look, all the crap that’s made in china should be made here, and they would cost 3 times as much, but we should all be making 3 times as much as we are, so it wouldn’t be a problem to pay for it. You folks have Been sold a big ole pile of elephant poop. Eat up boys

    • das

      you need a union caus you suck at life. Unions are not all bad, they just need to stop losers like you from having a nipple to suck on.

    • Observer

      Who cares if you’re lounging in a bathrobe? Sounds like you’re trying to provoke class envy. And it must be true that you’re a high school drop out because you can’t spell, use proper punctuation, or grammar — but you surely don’t work for any gov. job. I don’t believe what you’re saying because even in the lowest paying of jobs they ask for a copy of your high school diploma. When I moved out of the USA, even for the lowest of the lowest paying jobs they will ask for your high school diploma. There is no way you could be working for a government job without having any record of high school education on file. Stop lying.


        i have never ever in my life had to provide my high school diploma for a job. Not once.

    • Deborah

      Thank you! I agree. Notice the disappearing weekends?? Notice the holiday working hours even SUNDAYS! Unions built the middle class.

    • GSOB

      Your Mama

      We all are working our butts off in one zoo or another.

  • doctor blue

    Why don’t someone impeach him especially on the Libian massacre with troups at the ready he had them stand down and did nothing, oh he went to bed while they were dragging our embassidor and his guards through the streets of Bengazi torturing them and killing them. I think that’s an empeachable offence.

    • FarFlung

      No, it’s not, but your spelling is certainly impeachable.

  • Colin

    The individual mandate was in the Health Care proposal put forth by the Republicans in 1993. Governor Romney signed into law in Massachusetts the individual mandate. President Obama’s health plan was modeled after the Massachusetts example.

    Let us put this in perspective. Before the election, business owners warned their employees that if the President was reelected that they would punish them with layoffs and reduced hours. This was a reaction from the reactionary right. They kept their word, and were firing people.

    This wasn’t the first time that people have reacted in fear at what they perceive what might happen. In 1860, Rep. Abraham Lincoln was elected to the Presidency. Within a few short months, the Southern States had seceded based on the irrational fear that a President Lincoln would abolish slavery. Though he opposed slavery, he believed that the institution would die out of its own accord. He had no intention to end slavery. When he did end slavery, President Abraham did so out of necessity – the South was using black laborers to help their army in various tasks. By freeing blacks in the Southern States (the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t cover the Border States), President Lincoln was attacking at the infrastructure of the Southern Military.

    I feel that the business owners are treasonous to this nation. They are attacking the economic health of this nation, because their candidate lost. And, when you have Bloomberg Businessweek, calling the party out as being deceitful about President Obama’s regulations, maybe it’s time to rethink this line of thought. ( And, not all small business owners believe the Republican mantra. (

    CEOS who threatened to fire employees if President Obama was reelected:

    Individual Mandate:

    1993 Health Care Proposal:

    Massachusetts Health Care Reform:

    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:

    Abraham Lincoln and slavery:

    Emancipation Proclamation:

    • SmallerGovNow

      you are a nebbish, you are divisive, just like the current president.

      • Colin

        Facts are facts, mate.

        Nebbish is defined as, “A person regarded as weak-willed or timid.”

        Divisive is defined as, “Creating dissension or discord.”

        I am not your friend. I am not of your family. You do not know me. Your comments unmask the ugliness that lies within you.

  • Wm

    Wow Michael, its wierd being able to directly relate to your articles and their content. I almost fell off my bed when I seen my company in the list in #4 above. Moral is very low now. My plant in being closed and some machinery moved to another division 1 hour away in the next state over .Some of us may be lucky enough to get chosen, but most are being let go December 31 of this year.

    I am hoping I will wake up tomorrow and see that this whole thing witj economy and election is only a bad dream. Sadly, it is a real life nightmare.

    It was hard to watch the sheeple cheering and celebrating the re-election of socialist obummer.

  • Regina

    I am working 5 straight commission jobs and pay my own insurance. The full time jobs I’ve applied for have hundreds of applicants. Frankly, I don’t even see how most of these business models are profitable since every industry has been overly saturated with competition. The pie has been sliced so many times that all that is left is a crumb for each worker and those workers are insecure about their crumb and can’t keep up with inflation! Wages are a joke. I was offered the same or more in the 80’s!
    The new America- Empire in decline.

  • Linda

    I’m an insurance broker for corporate benefits and I can tell you that more and more employers will be cutting hours. That is what they are already doing to prepare for Obamacare. One of our clients, a medical device manufacturer, recently sold their company because they would be impacted too much by the tax on medical devices as well as the cuts in Medicare reimbursements for fitting the prosthetic devices they make. Employers have to find ways to stay profitable or everyone would lose their jobs anyway.

    I think the Obama administration was well aware of the impact this legislation would have, that is, people being forced off their employer sponsored medical insurance. This directs people to the exchanges which would be the only place they could get insurance guarantee issue, eventually leading to universal health care. As it is now, it is virtually impossible to get underwritten for an individual policy if you have any little thing wrong with you. We get declinations from the carriers all the time for individual insurance because they can’t price the policies reasonably enough to cover their risk.

  • Rhynn

    Companies would rather cut workers than have their CEOs sail in smaller boats. Give it a rest now. Articles right here have even pointed out the trillions of dollars private companies in this country are sitting on, including bailout money, which they have pocketed without increasing hiring.

    Everyone loves to hold the government responsible for making everyone love to expect the government be responsible for everything. That’s a stupid thing to do ay?

  • falconsword

    Wife started a business in July. She’d planned to put on her first two employees this December. That idea is officially dead. We’ll do it all ourselves, scale back plans to expand. We’re not going to feed the beast and also help make the rope it will hang us with. Obama and the progressives can go straight to hell.

  • Georgiaboy61

    All of this – the massive lay-offs, the cuts in employment, businesses struggling to survive – is going precisely according to the plan of the Obama regime and the Cloward-Pevin strategy upon which its policies are based. Isn’t it plainly-apparent that Obama has no interest whatsoever in creating jobs or setting conditions that would allow the economy to grow? An entire generation or more of people is about to get an “education” in the school of hard knocks, about how prosperity is actually created – or not created. Elections have consequences, folks, and now the “useful idiots” are going to pay the price.

  • PJ Prepper

    Crazy Michael!

    Great article, I think we are on the same wavelength…

    I agree, it’s getting crazy out there.


  • Sam

    I just returned from a three day business trip to Ohio. I was gone the day after the death of America oops – I mean the election and was without any of my usual news sources. I have said for a long time that if Obama was re-elected the 700,000 layoff month we had in 2008 will look like child’s play. Your article confirmed this.

    This is proof of what I have been saying for the past three years about our re-elected leader (if you can indeed call this *##$^%^& (censored expletive) a leader. I work for an engineering company that makes medical, scientific and analytical equipment. At present, it is unclear if we as a company must pay that tax or if it just affects the end manufacturers we sell to. We are an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for some of the biggest names in laboratory equipment used in drug development, disease screening, blood gas analysis for both human and veterinary use, contact lens manufacturing and whole host of other medical applications. The Obamacare legislation levies a 2.5% tax on the gross (not net) profits of medical device manufacturers to pay for this monstrosity. Currently we have about $1 million dollars less in sales for November and from December onward we have nothing. In the one of the articles above, it talks about the companies that have announced layoffs due to Obamacare. All but one or two on the list are customers of the company I work for. I give it about 3 – 6 months before this trickles down to the place I work and the next round of layoffs begin. My job is at stake because of this election. This piece of garbage legislation that will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to make health care better or more affordable.

    In addition to the immediate effects of these layoffs, think of the broader impact. All of these people will no longer be able to pay their mortgages resulting in more foreclosures and another dump in home prices. These folks will no longer be buying anything but their immediate needs. Do you think that will have an impact on the economy? Of course it will. And if these companies are making less medical equipment, what do you think happens to their suppliers? And what happens to the suppliers for the OEM companies? This community organizer has no idea how business works and how interconnected companies are. The impacts of these layoffs in this article alone are breathtaking. And this is just the beginning.

    Furthermore think about this. If there are less medical devices being made due to the taxes, will your wait time for lab work be shorter or longer? Will the cost of the test be less money or more money? Will vital tesing be delayed or not performed at all?

    In aviation there is a term called a death spiral. Once an airplane gets into this position of a tight, downward, spiralling turn there is no pulling the aircraft out of it. The first election of this president started the spiral; his re-election just tightened the turn radius, the speed and bank towards the ground. I think we are past the point of being able to pull out of the dive. We are going to crash and crash hard.

    • GSOB

      Good comment Sam.

      The aviation death spiral is very fitting.
      I agree, we are past the point of no return.

      This point here, ” All of these people will no longer be able to pay their mortgages resulting in more foreclosures and another dump in home prices. These folks will no longer be buying anything but their immediate needs. Do you think that will have an impact on the economy? Of course it will.”

      You hit the nail right on the head with that one.

    • Orange Jean

      I feel for you (been there, done that…and yeah, it sucked!)… good luck and I hope you do not end up on the pink slip list.

      I am one of those people who need to use a few medical devices to maintain my health. I have a disease called lymphedema, which ain’t really fun and if I don’t take care of it as I should … I could get blood clots or severe (potentially fatal) skin infections in addition to the possibility of ending up looking like some kind of monster (the condition is one variety of elephantiasis, minus the parasites).

      FORTUNATELY, I was diagnosed with it last year and it hadn’t gotten too advanced, so I may be able to stave off the worst of it through physical therapy, use of compression stockings, and a leg pump that gives me a lymphatic message. I’m supposed to use the leg pump many times per week. I believe BOTH the stockings and the leg pump (long-term unless a part breaks) are considered medical devices. Stockings currently cost me about $200 a pair, and need to be replaced at least yearly… but if I need more than 2 in a year I have to pay out of pocket (otherwise, I still have co-pay but not quite as bad). Reasons I might need more is because my body changes (weight gain OR loss), or the condition gets worse.

      Those medical devices sure are NOT something optional that people use for the fun of it! In my case, the leg pump should help keep me healthy, but the cost was over $10K; with “good” health insurance, I still had about $800 out of pocket expenses. With a tax like that, or if I were to lose my job, I would likely not have been able to get it. (It does have parts that could need replacement if they break).

      I cannot imagine what is going through the minds of people who require a medical device to treat something like dialysis (I presume the dialysis machine also is considered a medical device), a diabetic pump (for severe diabetes where the blood sugar fluctuates a lot), a pacemaker, or something similar which the person needs to survive.

      And “they” claim there are no “death panels” in Obamacare?

  • Rigged Games

    The funny thing is, a very small percentage of the nation voted for Obama or Romney.

    • FarFlung

      That’s not funny. It’s pathetic that 2/3 of the people were too stupid to get out and vote. Elections are based, not on how many people there ARE, but how many people actually have the gumption to get up off their whining carcasses and get out and VOTE.

      • ToM

        What’s funny is sheople who think it matters that they vote. The entire electoral system is fake. It’s fraud and nothing but theatre. Who counts the votes? Who announces the winner-the people who count the votes or the media? 2/3 of the people didn’t vote because they know it’s a waste of time.

        Obama was selected again the presidency…they just get morons like you to think your vote actually matters.

        farflung…you remind me of a troll.

  • BeenThere

    Are American companies really so vicious as to fire their staff simply because who they wanted did not become president?

    • SmallerGovNow


  • Rigged Games

    The funny thing is majority of Americans didn’t vote for Romney or Obama. They just didn’t vote. Well, Hypocrisy over Democracy in America.

  • Big Dave

    How can more than half of America think gov’t entitlements are better than gainful employment?

  • jox

    I’m amazed with the American right wing people, unable to accept the principles of democracy. It is not a mathematical fact about a number of votes, but instead a deep acceptance that other citizens also love the country and also want the future to be better for all, but have other ideas about how to achieve that goals.

    In the most advanced and most wealthy countries in the world the health care is far more ambitious that what Obama is trying to implement. It seems to me that most of those firings are not based on economy but on revenge.

  • phelps

    We all got the word last week that our hours would be reduced. Costing several of us $100s per month. Taxes and regulatory fees are going up. At least we still have jobs so that the bureaucrats can make more $ than us, keep their HC and lavish pensions. Its good to be the king, or work for him. On top of that, we have to thank them for their service. As if they didn’t get enough from U.S. already. I guess I also need to thank the guy/gal who stole a bunch of stuff from my car back in the ’80s since I didn’t need any of the things I worked for.

    Good day.

  • sean

    America deserves every bit it gets. You know what? After four more years of this guy they will elect another clown from one of the big two to replace him.

  • chiller

    One day the bottom will drop out and when Obama’s supporters lose their free meal ticket and cell phones, so will they lose their minds. Then who will they blame…Bush again? This isn’t so much a form of class warfare as it is the difference between people who’s frontal lobe has developed and those who’s have not.

  • TooLittleTooLate

    GAME OVER…. It was always a question of when, not if but, when will be a lot sooner now.

    Get ready. It won’t be much longer.

  • Shapeshifter

    If you think things would be different if Romney had been elected, you’re incredibly naive.

  • Markus

    All this from a man that’s never had a real job. And. it’s just the beginning.

  • pier-olivier

    i am a french canadian and we have free health service.
    GO check the unemployed rate of canada vs usa! if a system like obamacare work in canada that have less unemployed than usa, it’s mean, in my opinion, that if you have massive lay-off, it’s because you have more problem than obamacare.

    excuse my english!

    • Choo Choo Peppy

      It works in Canada because it has 1/10th the population of America.

    • Observer

      I am a dual citizen in Canada Pier, and I can tell you the “free” Canadian healthcare really isn’t free. A friend of mine recently had to wait more than a year to remove something growing in her throat. And no, all the healthcare is NOT free, lol. Where did you get that idea. Canada also has a HUGE problem with welfare, especially in Quebec. Welfare up here btw, for Americans who don’t know, doesn’t depend on if you have kids or not, even people without kids can go on it, but it’s only like $500.00 per person and they expect you to pay your rent AND buy food on $500.00 a month. Please, Canadians, don’t try and make Canada sound like a paradise. It isn’t. And Americans, don’t come up here, the economy really SUCKS. Canadians everywhere are looking for work, going from province to province. It’s all a BIG ILLUSION and LIE.

  • Anne Marie

    Thanks for the list – now I know which companies to boycott! I’ll be posting a link to this webpage on my FaceBook page so everyone else will know, too. You guys have made this so much easier for me! Have a great day.

  • Kevin2

    If any of this was done the following morning after the election it was purely spiteful.

    No doubt increasing regulations will cost jobs but nothing happened in the first 24 hours.

    Cruel is the best word to describe this.

  • Jodi

    “The best is yet to come” – Barack Obama

  • sami

    A buddy I have known since junior high owns a small business and is worried about even being in business by this time next year. The people working for him have been there for 20 years or more and he will try to stay open since that is all they have but in this glorious marxist rockstar economy it is going to be hard.

  • Dave

    Yea….Obama is strangling business. R——-I—-G—–H—–T. I own a small business and I have no idea what the hell you are even talking about. STOP THE WHINING….B******!!!!!

    • free rider

      Where my free cell phone comrade?

    • Observer

      Wow, “Dave” what is wrong with you? Normal people don’t communicate like this, whether on the internet or real life. Why so angry? I mean, if you’re doing so well, why such anger directed towards this article? I’m confused about these people who seem to be doing very well, have no interests in the topics posted here, yet come here no less, to post very angry, strangely discordant posts like the one by Dave. I truly believe they are CIA or paid posters from the gov. I’ve no doubt about it.

  • Andy Benker

    America will get the judgement it derserves and that judgement is Barack Insane Obama.

  • Peter

    If I can offer – WHAT happens in small biz happens to the rest in about six months. Our “public” sales v/s our commercial sales have been dropping for the past six months, to now a low of almost nothing.

    Unemployed people have no cash to spend, so don’t expect sales to come from empty pockets.

    Over the 40 years we have been in biz, this is a trend we notice, as when our sales start to drop, the rest of the economy starts to fall six months later.

    We are too small to layoff, and we will retain what we have as it keeps our commercial side going. We cut to the bone back in 2008 and this is the limit.

    With increased government regulations, and new taxes it becomes harder to keep on going. We need to dig deeper into our reserves just to keep up with the new fiats.

    Our small three man firm will outlast this downturn again.

    Personally, those executive salaries could provide for a lot of jobs. A seven or eight figure salary could be cut to a reasonable mid six figure number without much pain, and provide a lot of workers at least some kind of job – short hours – but a job. That is a lot of money going out the door to where?

    Businesses who can’t control spending, or cut the executive salaries are doomed as your employees are YOUR company. Without good loyal employees you have no firm. Support your people and they will support you. If the boss takes a major cut, the rest will follow without complaints.

    This provides a “cash pool” to outlast the downturn. Careful cash management is the key to both growth, and survivability.

    We did it, so why can’t the rest?


  • K.J.

    I have to say I am disappointed at just how shallow thinking most seem to be out there. While a personally believe in universal health care and know it can and does work, as most of the rest of the world has it……………. the Obamacare plan is probably one of the most ill conceived plans I have ever seen. It is a dogs breakfast and it is a mess because of the constant fighting between the two parties. Instead of actually working together to develop something that is relatively simple and straightforward………. the pandering to all the different concerned parties, trying to make everyone happy just to ram something through, has created a nightmarish system for both businesses and individuals.

    Then there is the Obama approach to energy. It seems to be lets create a situation where normal people can no longer afford their energy bills. Canada’s so called ‘dirty oil’ is no good, coal fired plants are taboo and must be eradicated quickly and even extraction from US situated shale deposits is prohibited. Yes that sure goes a long way to getting the US in a position to stop purchasing oil from countries it considers ‘enemies’ doesn’t it.

    I hope people are ready for the 300% increases in their energy bills that are heading their way in the not too distant future, because that is what’s coming down the pike.

    As you say Michael, things are about to get a lot worse. People better wake up.

  • Louise in MO

    I wish it was in my power to make sure that ONLY Obama supporters would lose their job or have their hours and/or wages cut.

    There has NEVER been an election in the USA that has had such an immediate catastrophic outcome.

    • Gary2

      sucks to be you dog!

  • none

    GOOD NEWs: Micheal

    Back in 1979 it was explained that without government support, Tax money. A lot of the jobs that people had worked at for the last 25 years could disapear. Along with towns or citys that where built up on this.

    This is a great starting point ot look at!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks! Now with the healthcare mandate (mandate=forced=socialism) I won’t have healthcare or a job. I guess that will just make society better right? Less disabled taking up “normal” peoples positions (and their “cheap” healthcare) which are now in high demand since they are so few.

  • Jay

    Anybody that has a business or understands business was not surprised by the job cuts. I have helped start-up companies since 2002 & the work ground to a halt about 3 weeks ago – the first drop I’ve ever seen. The 2008 economic drop did not affect my business. Companies with PLANNED big projects for next year have called to cancel their projects.
    Companies are looking at 4 options now: 1) Cut back to less than 50 employees, 2) Reduce all hours to 28/week, 3) Shut the doors & layoff everyone, 4) Stay open & pray for a good year in 2013. For the companies that will try to stay open in 2013, they will have to dramatically cut theirs operating costs to offset government mandated costs and stay profitable. Expect a service or performance reduction in 2013.

    • SmallerGovNow

      great post…

      • Jay

        Thanks friend. I wish that what we see so clearly is somehow wrong, but it’s not. There are a lot of good people hurting because of the direction we are headed.

  • Washington

    All incepted from the over flowing, and growing SERFS from government schools, and lack of reasoning skills!

    Conn. land vacant 4 years after court OK’d seizure Weeds, glass, bricks, pieces of pipe and shingle splinters have replaced the knot of aging homes at the site of the nation’s most notorious eminent domain project.


  • GIO

    Thats what the majority want’s ohwell. let us suffer now. I hope the liberals feel the pain. I have no sympathy

  • AgNee
  • SpiderMonkey

    Well, at least certain posters here should be happy. Their beloved Obama won. Wonder if his employment prospects have picked up? How do you tax the wealthy and spread it around when there is nothing left? And what do you do afterwards when there is nothing left to spread around?

    Anyway, it should be interesting to see what happens.

  • erheault

    We are now starting to harvest what we have planted, the current prez is the worlds largest con man and the US has fallen for his sales pitch, PS according to the BLS we have now exceded 47 million on food stamps and still provide free phones to all of the drug dealers in the us.

  • otter

    Who is the left going to blame now? Not a single Republican voted for Obamacare. Yes, the republicans have done things I disagree with, but not a takeover of our healthcare with massive destruction of our businesses. The liberals will probably blame the business owners, “headwinds” from Europe, Bush or maybe the Republican congress! Or the MSM will just ignore the story….

  • Washington

    November 3, 2012 Updated: November 3, 2012 Cash-free Greek communities take off while economy collapses By Kieron Monks Metro World News

    Michael, you are one of the best editors and publishers of topics I have seen in years. Always relevant, and always appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • PDN

    A re-elected president will be much bolder. Nothing got better under Obamas first 4 years, now he will tear your United States of America apart. Game Over!

  • Andrew Bulles

    A restaurant in my city is closing a location soon to accomodate the Obamacare rules… they have around 70 employees… will fire 22 wehen the time comes.

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