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Sheeple: Government Handouts = 35 Percent Of U.S. Wages But For Michael Moore That Is Not Nearly Enough

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The ratio of government handouts to wages and salaries in the United States is now at an all-time high.  According to TrimTabs Investment Research, government handouts have reached a level that is equivalent to 35 percent of all wages and salaries in the United States.  Considering the fact that this figure was only 21 percent back in the year 2000 and only 10 percent back in 1960 that is very frightening.  The sad truth is that today the American people are more dependent on direct government payments than they ever have been before.  What this does is that it takes formerly independent Americans and transforms them into “sheeple” and pets of the government.  Today we have tens of millions of Americans that eagerly await the crumbs that the federal government tosses them each month.  This is one reason why our national debt is exploding, but our politicians like this system because it enables them to buy votes.  Meanwhile, the federal government and the international corporations that dominate our economy have rigged the game so that power and money are becoming increasingly centralized in their hands.  As a result of the system that the “big boys” have developed, millions of small businesses across the country are being absolutely crushed, the standard of living of the middle class is gradually being destroyed and more American families slip into poverty ever single day.  What we need to do is to dramatically reduce the power of both the federal government and the big corporations so that small businesses and individuals can thrive once again, but instead “activists” such as Michael Moore are out there demanding even more taxes and even more government handouts.

Not that a “safety net” is a bad thing.  We simply are not going to allow tens of millions of Americans to starve out in our streets.  However, it has gotten to the point where the majority of American families are now dependent on the U.S. government in one form or another and that is very, very wrong.

More government handouts are never a long-term solution to anything.  Handouts do not give people dignity.  Handouts do not teach people to be independent.  Handouts do not enable people to live the “American Dream”.  Handouts are not the path to prosperity.

What the American people need are jobs and an environment where small businesses can thrive.  But instead, the federal government has allowed the big global corporations to ship millions of our jobs out of the country and the federal government continues to burden our small businesses with an endless array of new taxes and regulations.

Who is successful in America today?

It is the big boys.  Everyone else is being crushed.

This is what the founding fathers tried to warn us about.  They did not want the federal government to have much power at all, and they were deeply suspicious of large corporations.

But we have turned our backs on the principles of the founding fathers.

We should be figuring out how to get back to the America that our founding fathers originally tried to create, but instead all of the attention is being given to “activists” such as Michael Moore who are calling for even more taxes and even more government handouts.  The following video is of Michael Moore giving a speech to protesters in Madison, Wisconsin on March 5th, 2011.  His speech was entitled “America Is Not Broke”….

Yes, the “little guy” is being absolutely crushed in America today.  But for people like Michael Moore the solution is always to tax the middle class more and to pass out even more government handouts.

That isn’t going to solve anything.  Most of the ultra-wealthy have turned avoiding taxes into an art form.  A third of all the wealth in the world is now held in “offshore banks“.  Many of our largest corporations don’t pay a dime in federal taxes even as they pass out multi-million dollar bonuses to their executives.

Raising taxes in most definitely not the answer.  Those that have mastered the art of avoiding taxes will continue to do so no matter how high you raise them.

The truth is that we need to shut down the IRS and scrap the current tax system entirely.  It simply does not work.

What we need to do is to get the federal government and the big corporations under control and transfer the power back to the American people.

That is what our founding fathers intended.  They intended for the common man to be empowered  to start businesses, create wealth and pursue happiness.

But instead tens of millions of Americans have become addicted to government handouts.  When large numbers of people give up and willingly become wards of the government that is not good for society.

Unfortunately, more Americans today are dependent on the U.S. government than ever before.  Just consider the following statistics….

-According to TrimTabs Investment Research, social welfare benefits in the United States have risen by $514 billion over the past two years alone.

-As 2007 began, only about 26 million Americans were on food stamps, but today over 44 million Americans are now on food stamps.

-Over 50 million Americans are now on Medicaid.

-Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, one out of every 6 American is on Medicaid.

53 million Americans received $703 billion in Social Security benefits in 2010.

-Right now the U.S. government is either writing or guaranteeing well over 90 percent of all mortgages in the United States.

-It is being projected that extended unemployment benefits will cost the federal government $34 billion over the next two years.

-30 U.S. states have borrowed a total of $41.5 billion from the federal government just so that they could continue paying out unemployment benefits during the recession.

-Entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare now account for 58% of all U.S. government spending.

But what else should we expect?  The federal government has been using a sledgehammer to endlessly pound away on the capacity of small businesses and individuals to create wealth and jobs and opportunities.  The business atmosphere in the United States is now so toxic that it is amazing that any small businesses have survived.

Most Americans find themselves with no other way to make a living other than to work for someone else.  But the big global corporations have discovered that they can make much larger profits by getting rid of American workers and by shipping our jobs overseas and our politicians are allowing them to get away with it.

The truth is that both political parties don’t have the answers.  Neither party seems to have any clue about how to stop millions of jobs from leaving the United States and neither party seems to have any clue about how to create a business environment inside the United States where individuals and small businesses can actually thrive.

How much longer will it be before we all finally admit that we are experiencing total system failure in this country?  Should we all just quit trying and sit on our couches waiting for the next government handout?  The truth is that there aren’t nearly enough jobs for all Americans anyway.

The middle class is dying and the establishment has us all fighting with each other.  The left and the right are busy fighting about taxes and budget cuts while the ultra-wealthy continue to enjoy massive profits and incredibly low taxes in the globalized economic system that we have allowed our politicians to create.

Yes, there are tens of millions of Americans that are deeply suffering right now and they need to be helped.

But government handouts are never a long-term solution to anything.  What we need to do is to massively reduce the power of the federal government, massively reduce the power of the big corporations and stop businesses and jobs from being shipped out of the country.  We also need to create an environment in the United States that is very favorable to small businesses.  That would give our country a chance to start creating good jobs again.

But instead, we continue to allow our politicians to destroy our economy.  We actually have 10 percent fewer middle class jobs in this country than we did just ten years ago.  The middle class is being systematically destroyed.  All of the wealth and all of the power are slowly being transferred into the hands of big government and the big corporations.

The vast majority of the rest of us are being transformed from strong, independent, prosperous Americans into dehumanized sheeple that can’t wait for the next government check to come in.

Does anyone out there actually believe that this is what our founding fathers originally intended?

  • While I don’t disagree when the end result you propose, It seems that we probably disagree on the route to get there. I deeply distrust mega corporations, but I still trust the original process of our government, with some modifications to get rid of the current riff raff.

    1. We need to take back the power from the bankers and I’m not sure how to do that without creating an alternative system of money, such as by dissolving the “Federal Reserve” and replacing it with a government run money source. This will still take generations to complete. Right now, pretty much everyone in the world knows of and -whether for good or ill- respects US Dollars, with which they’re accustomed to the mandatory purchase of oil. Even if all of OPEC and every oil producing nation suddenly followed the advice of Saddam Husein and began trading oil for Euros instead of US Dollars, there’s still way too much inertia behind the currency and any system capable of providing the kind of replacement needed to be safe will surely operate just as well for the rich as it will for normal persons. That is merely the first step.

    Then, once some kind of alternative exists, it needs to be based upon value held not only with material but also tied somehow to labor, so that labor cannot intrinsically be dismissed as mere fiat value. That is, right now, the US Dollar -for example- places the value of human labor and, indeed, human life, in strict quantifiable terms (for insurance purposes) and that system does not meet the needs of 99.999% of the world’s population. I’m not sure yet how to do this part, but that’s what’s on my mind at the moment.

    The important piece is to create a system of trade, capable of global scale, that is not strictly based on numerical value assigned by materials. It MUST somehow be associated with some kind of actual labor, able to be created by at least 95% of adults. It MUST NOT ever become disconnected from this labor/skill, otherwise we’ll end up with just what we have; bankers ruling the world for their own benefit.

    Personally, in my opinion, all bankers should immediately be forced to work personally as farm laborers for the rest of their lives. And everyone high up in the IMF and WorldBank, especially.

  • mondobeyondo

    Our founding fathers never intended for government to have such a big influence in our lives today. They would be horrified at what Big Brother Government has become.

    It’s fine to have temporary government programs to help those truly in need. The problem is that temporary measures become permanent measures, and then become a lifestyle, passed on to the next generation…

    Unemployment checks are not bad, if for example you’re behind on your rent, the electricity is about to be shut off, and the kids are left to eat broccoli in the fridge. But it was never meant to be a permanent solution! Is unemployment insurance a socialist concept? Maybe. But it sure prevents people from starving to death.

    The caveat is that it’s meant to be TEMPORARY!! Until you can pull your bootstraps up and find a job again, and then you can go off of unemployment, and thank God for the saving grace those checks gave you and your family during the intervening months before you found that job.

    Turns out too many people out there take advantage of the system, in so many ways. And that’s not fair for the people who truly need government assistance.

  • Jonesy

    Oh no. Do not mess with Michael Moore. I like your economic forecasts, but I completely disagree with your politics. I know many who enter here feel the same.

  • mondobeyondo

    The founding fathers intended for their posterity to enjoy “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. They did not guarantee happiness, only the PURSUIT of happiness. What makes you happy is up to you – not to the government!

    For too many people today, they take happiness as an entitlement, much like Social Security or Medicare. They demand food stamps. They demand more government assistance. More government intervention. Arise, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! By the way, bail out the auto industry while you’re at it!

    Hey, let’s throw in a 52 inch government subsidized HDTV for every American household while we’re at it! We can’t have those Desperate Housewives to get tooo desperate. They might spark a riot or something. (We can call it FVSP – federal video stimulus program!!) Now the masses can see Justin Bieber in all his juvenile glory!!

    The sheeple demand to be happy. But they are too lazy to pursue it.
    And that is why our society is failing.

  • impeachRonPaul

    What a ******** up right wing Sean Hannity article! Absolute bull*******!

  • 21st Century Plutocracy

    Well first of all, it is not possible to massively reduce the federal government’s power while at the same time massively reducing the power of privately owned and/or operated companies. That would be like trying to reduce the crime rate while at the same time shrinking the police force.

    Second, everyone does realize the founding fathers lived in a big business, slave-driving plutocracy, yes? You can’t equate their 18th century societal views with a 21st century world.

  • Dan McDonald

    One suggestion I would make, (I need to first make it to myself) is to consider how one might make their own home a little bit productive. I have thought some about older neighborhoods in our cities. They are pretty much places of poverty. Yet how many families living in those houses could plant a fruit tree or a small garden, and then trade with others. Some could can or freeze foods. A small community production line could be created, and local markets giving people a way of getting their lives and communities back. Yet when this started happening in our city, all one city councillor could think of was, “these gardens might be used to raise marijana, we need a system of permits and inspection.” Another words, the councillor saw this as an opportunity to inspect family properties without a search warrant. We have too many politicians that fear rather than encourage self-sufficiency.

  • Phrygian cap, aka Michael2

    Another well written and articulated argument by the Moderator. I don’t agree that all of Social Security is an ‘entitlement’. SSI I believe more falls into the category of an entitlement than does SSD which is a program funded by taxation. I do despise the Social Security program that gives SSI checks to parents of children heavily medicated for behavioral problems though. But I do admire the sticking to the ‘entitlement program’ talking point.

    I would have liked to see a little something on corporate welfare in the form of subsidies too. Many people have heard about the subsidies to big oil. “But an examination of the American tax code indicates that oil production is among the most heavily subsidized businesses, with tax breaks available at virtually every stage of the exploration and extraction process.”

    The energy industry is not the only sector to receive taxpayer funded welfare subsidies either. As many know banking/financing/Wall Street received bailouts. And the agriculture industry, corporate fishing industry and the military industrial complex are just a few of the numerous industries receiving government subsidies. Even Hollywood of all places gets government subsidies, “Tax credits for Hollywood were recently expanded in Florida and North Carolina but are under fresh scrutiny in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Mexico, all of which have new Republican governors reviewing film subsidy programs that were begun under Democratic predecessors.”

    In all of this budgetary chaos I rarely hear mention either of the budgets or subsidies for the industrial prison indusrty or the numerous departments of corrections in America.

    Looks like there is a lot fat trimming to go around and always directing the budget scalpel at average Americans is unfair and quite lopsided in my humble estimation. This has been going on since Reagan and our society has proportionally decayed. A society needs investment if it is to thrive and survive. I personally see the vast majority of Americans as victims of an economy that has spun way out of control and now many want to blame the victims. Country after country has fallen into economic catastrophe. The facts are that diabolical schemes by international banking cartels are responsible. We can cut every cent to all social programs and it won’t and has not changed one thing. They said that about welfare and called African American women welfare queens. Well welfare was reformed and the budgets continued to get worse. It is corruption, crony capitalism, no bid contracts to friends of friends, among other things, that are really killing this economy.

    Another issue eating at this countries core is the lack of good faith in government and the law. People are bitter and morale is lower than it has ever been in my life time. Untold numbers of people are pessimistic and hold out very little hope for a good future for themselves or their children. We are talking about the people who built a country that is/was the envy of the world and that ranks among the best in recorded history. Hard working, proud people, who did things right, played by the book, only to be a given another play book that has changed all the rules at the end of the game.

    This is the reality of it.

  • Bobby Smith

    Micheal Moore has shown courage plus support for the middle class; perhaps we should be thanking him. Also, 53% of the children in my county receive free lunch and breakfast before school….should they attend school while hungry. Might be time for less hysteria and more thought.

  • The Economic Collapse began in 2008.

    After our current pause, another down leg will include:

    (1) Rising interest rates.
    (2) Record prices for energy and other commodities.
    (3) Falling dollar, home prices, and stock market.
    (4) Austerity programs implemented by all levels of government.
    (5) Even higher unemployment.

    When people supported by governments discover that their gravy train is over, they kill, loot, riot, and destroy infrastructure. How Americans react to austerity programs will result in some combination of the following:

    (1) Civil War.
    (2) Breakup of the United States into several smaller countries.
    (3) Default on government and most private sector debt.

    There is no other way to implement change in Washington. Politicians will not get their house in order until it burns to the ground.

  • michelle
  • oneday

    The people who think Michael Moore is so great, why doesn’t he give away his own money. He has millions, no one is stopping him from giving more money to the government. Why when he makes his movies he only goes to non-union states to do so. Why did he invest in Haliburton, he’s just one big hypocrite.

    This article is right in so many ways. We should help people who can’t help themselves, but some don’t want to help themselves, and that over burdens the system for those who can not truely help themselves. In a fantasy land we could take care of everyone, and no one would have to work, but the systems needs to be over hauled or everybody will go down a dark hole with nobody with a light to lead us out.

  • John F Donohue

    While I like your blog I think that as usual the victims of this economic crisis are being used to blame for the causes. Not once in your post did you mention the fact that the Bush “deficits don’t matter crowd” drove the bus off the cliff. Further under Reagan who was also suposedly against big government(except for the military industrial complex)we saw millions of mentally ill individuals turned into homeless wanderering street people here in California. What a great American!
    Further all this talk about the founding fathers is like the senators of Rome who thought by propping up the old gods they would forestall the inevitable.
    It doesn’t work that way. You have to demand change and work for that. Merely complaining and pointing all the flaws out isn’t enough.
    Also Micheal Moore is one of the few people who spoke out against the slaughter done in Iraq when few so-called goody two shoe Christians would. In my book he is a man of the people and you are losing focus by bashing him. Stick to the facts. It would serve you better if you got rid of the commies are out to take my money meme.

  • NewThinker

    Suggestions to decrease influence of Big Business, Special Interests and Dependency on Government:

    (1) Flat tax of 20% on all income, from ANY source, whether wages, investments, dividends, etc.-Should kill most of the IRS infrastructure. This is applied to corporations and individuals, with exception of health care account (see below).

    (2) Elimination of ALL tax break, e.g. mortgage interest deductions, charitable contributions, child/dependent tax credit. Government should NOT be in business of subsidizing citizen’s life choices.

    (3) Publicly fund elections.

    (4) Reimpose media ownership limits to ensure continued diversity of voices on public’s airwaves.

    (5) Maintain PRIVATE health insurance with these new laws: (a) no exclusions for pre-existing conditions; (b) no more than 10% of premiums can be used for non-patient expenses, e.g. management and salaries; (c) Allow all to contribute up to $4k/year tax free to a health account to cover deductible expenses.

    (6) Implement a 10% ACROSS THE BOARD CUT every other year for the next 6 years (total 30% cut from CURRENT levels) on EVERY government department. Share the pain equally. This includes Medicare, SS, military, Dept of Interior, Dept. of Education, etc. Let each of these entities determine how to do more with less. All ‘obligations’ to government pensioners, Vets, etc are cut by the same 10% every other year.

    (7) Impose a lifetime limit of 36 months for unemployment benefits.

    (8) Close 50% of our foreign bases, and cut our nuclear stockpile by 75%

    (9) Quit Iraq and Afghanistan in 3 years.

    (10) Insist that all employment, health insurance, wage rules that Congress imposes on the citizenry is imposed on Congress as well.

  • Steve K

    You can tell already who the sheeple are that visit this site: They do not believe there is anything inherently wrong with taking something that belongs to someone else.

    Well, it IS wrong. It is NOT what the founders of this nation intended. And the fact that it is a federal government that does the stealing makes the theft no less ignominious.

    A storm IS coming- and it will doubtless involve those who believe it is the role of the federal government to solve their local problems pitted against those who see the sole solution to our economic and social ills as a return to a limited federal government whose role is constrained as originally intended, and for those who might be interested to know, is STILL the law of the land, regardless of the perpetual perversion of it by those sitting in our hallowed halls -Congress, the White House, and Supreme Court.

    Ultimately, however, it is good for sheeple to visit sites like this. It shows that somewhere down deep inside, they also know the nation is in trouble, they simply do not have any idea how it got that way, or why. And that they are, despite their protestations, learning.

  • Alice

    Michael Moore is really Michael Moron.

    Ron Paul has it right. END THE FEDERAL RESERVE. ABOLISH THE IRS. Ron Paul’s clear path to restoring the republic is the journey we need to take.

  • kw

    Jonesy, give me a break. Michael Moore is the epitomy of hipocracy and is what is wrong with our country. He’s a communist who wants to take down our capitalist system, though he’s profited from it nicely. Socialism and communism have worked out so well haven’t they. Millions killed in the 20th century under brutal dicatators and the likes of Moore and Penn love to cozy up to Castro and Chavez. If you you love communism that much move to one of those countries. After all Moore says Cuba has a better medical system than the U.S.

  • Matt

    This is what you get when you vote for Democrats/Liberals. You who have ever and/or continue to vote for Democrats are the most responsible for creating this mess. The union mob/thugs in Wisconsin are the poster boys/girls of the Dem party – that is The Dem Party – wanting to live at the expense of the taxpayer – transfer wealth (to themselves). And why not? Taxpayers keep voting to support this. Hollywood – the new home of the Communist Party/Marxists – are a big reason for this mess. And finally, Wall Street and the Bankster Boyz Club is the other big reason. Do a little homework (I know that is against Dem principles to do your own work, but just give it a try for once) and see who the Bankster Boyz are giving campaign contributions to – the Dems. At first you will be surprised, then you will in belligerant obnoxious denial. Dems/Libs are the primanry (not sole mind you) reason for the mess we are in. Just keep repeating that and let it sink in. Until Dems are in the minority across the board we will continue to bleed.

  • Bill

    I live in Traverse City, Michigan. This dumb ass just built a 4 million dollar “cottage” on Lake Michigan. I wonder if he’ll share it with me.

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    I see that “it” is still posting one and two sentence garbage that supposedly passes for thought. They want 100% of your money, as like the teachers, they are special and deserve it all. It’s why 47% pay no Federal Income Tax at all, and the top percentiles pay 40% of all taxes. Once a society has a majority of takers as voters, you are completely fooked, as they will never settle for less even if it breaks the bank by doing nothing. Our Founding Fathers knew all this of course, and they tried to warn us, but we are too fooking stupid to learn from history, and we will suffer the same fate as all empires throughout history.

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    Moore is a Fat Pig Elitist who lives by the motto, “do as I say, and not as I do”, as he’s royalty for God’s sake, and he can’t be bothered by the fact that he lives his life in complete contradiction to his own statements. How about the fat slob gives all his money to the very special WI teachers so that he’s not talking out of both sides of his fat jowls.

  • sth_txs

    I’m always mystified by the left’s whining about ‘no middle class’ but always propose policies that keep that from happening. I lived in a state with an income tax, and it is not fun making low $40k’s salary and having 1/3 (that I could visibily) count confiscated into the wasteland of government.

    Also take a look at the Grandfather Report by MWHodges. The growth of state and local government has been astounding.

    Between the corporate defense contractors and expanse of federal, state, and local government over the years, the USA has Soviet economy without the shortages.

  • Liberte

    We are in a bind because both the Government and the Multinational corporations are owned by the same monsters – who also happen to own the banks and the media.

    Rebuilding community is the only logical solution. Buy local , support nullification, and end the Fed and IMF.

  • Kevin

    Notice the focus is on small business. Big business that pays (or paid) big wages with big benefits funding big pensions is a thing of the past. Small business, small wages and most often no pension is what the body politic is reduced to trying to maintain.

    NAFTA and China Free Trade eviscerated the traditional wealth creating industrial base. Putting up tariffs now would accomplish nothing more then raising prices upon those that can afford it the least. Big business is not coming back and paying what traditionally was considered a good wage. Who needs the US consumer when the goods you buy are with a currency that devalues daily and soon very significantly. China has a huge potential internal consumer market that THEY will supply. Once in possession of the industrial capacity and raw material assets purchased outside of their country all they NEED is the military force to protect themselves, resources and supply routes. That is well underway complements of their new industrial capacity.

    This is going to run it’s course and there is not a damn thing your going to do to stop it. Get your own and hopefully children’s economic house in order to weather the storm as well as possible.

  • scott

    What does the writer consider the $896 billion going to military spending in fiscal 2011. ($625,000+ per soldier). More if something is done in Libya.

  • We absolutely have got to reign in this out of control government that we have allowed. We need to look in the mirror because we are ALL to blame. It would probably be impossible to find anyone in the United States that isn’t receiving some form of government subsidy. Home mortgage, group health insurance etc are examples.

    Do away with income tax. Do away with deductions and exemptions. Impose a FAIR tax that only taxes consumption.

    God help us because we can’t seem to help ourselves!

  • JJ

    The biggest mistake our framers made was no term limits. we are doomed!!!

  • Phrygian cap, aka Michael2

    Henry George is best remembered as a proponent of the “single tax” on land. The government should finance all of its projects, he argued, with proceeds from only one tax. This single tax would be on the unimproved value of land—the value that the land would have if it were in its natural state with no buildings, no landscaping, and so on. George’s idea was not new. It was largely borrowed from David Ricardo, James Mill, and John Stuart Mill.

  • Phrygian cap, aka Michael2

    I am just one of the little sheople though, ignorant. I am not, nor does it seem is any other average American are supposed to know there are alternatives. We are all just self absorbed, over indulged, dullards, and fat, lazy complacent, incompetent, apathetic, poorly educated masses. Why we can barely take care of ourselves let alone understand this highly complex economic system. Only the priests and economic soothsayers of the high temple, we call the fed, can manage it, just barely manage it but they for sure more know than us sheople.

    We deserve to be herded like live stock, no matter that about every evil device known to humanity has been or is being employed. It matters little that sleight of hand, economic hocus pocus and trickery are afoot. The massive fraud and illusions of misdirection are exactly how things are supposed to be in top down world of overlords and subjects and minions of the state.

  • P L Donaldson

    GOVERNMENT is one really large and dirty word in my opinion. I know 4 letter words that feel better in my mouth than “government”. They are crooks and thieves. The word sheepul really puts it all in perspective. WE are being fleeced and led to slaughter and we deserve it if we don’t take a stand! If we ALL don’t wake up and realize that we are RESPONSIBLE for our own selves we are doomed! We can work for ourselves – we can succeed on our own – if the government will just get OUT OF THE WAY!!

  • Federalist45

    At Federal level:

    –Eliminate all funding to NPR, NEA, NEH, and other Leftist propaganda tools;
    –Eliminate the Dept of Education, much of HHS, much of Agriculture, much of Commerce, and so forth (if it is not national defense, eliminate it);
    –Reduce Congressional, Judicial, and Executive staffs by, at minimum, 50%;
    –Modify Soc Sec–anyone under 25 will be eligible at age 75; anyone 26-35 will be eligible at 73; anyone 36-45 will be eligible at 71; anyone 46-55 will be eligible at 69;
    –Flat tax of 15%, to include ALL TAXES of the individual (Fed, State, Local, Estate, Gift, excise, fuel, green. . .); EVERYONE pays the 15%, with no exemptions, credits, or deductions;
    –Reduce DOD by 20% by bringing home the majority of forces/bases overseas while increasing Navy to ensure U.S. still has control of sea lanes;
    –Reduce State Dept, Dept of Energy, CIA, FBI, DOJ and other essential agencies by 25% immediately, with 10 year cuts of another 25%;
    –Eliminate the Fed;
    –Mandate Congressional review of the USCode, with mandated elimination of all laws except those consistent with the Constitution and its vision of LIMITED, explicitly stated, ennumerated Federal powers.

    That’s a start. Spend the next 50 years reducing the Federal Govt wherever possible.

  • Karen BCZ

    I didn’t watch the video, but it’s hard for me to believe Michael Moore said, “tax the middle class more and give more gov’t handouts”?
    Did he really say that?
    I guess I’ll have to watch the video to find out.
    But since he was representing the middle class teachers of Wisconsin, it’s DOUBTFUL, he’d like to see them taxed more.

  • Jason

    I agree with your arguments that we don’t want to our society to become dependent on government handouts. We want more democracy and less government control. In terms of how to solve this, I think the answer lies with some massive overhauls. The only way that will happen is if we get some young kick ass congressmen and wcongresswomen in and a new president who work together. That’s unlikely. The other solution is we need to be entrepreneurs and create businesses and solutions ourselves. I see this every day here in the Silicon Valley. People are working hard here and creating new ideas, new business, and earning money that they worked for. We can’t make a living working in factories any longer, so give up that argument. We need to continue our pioneer spirit into new fields, continuing to grow our economy that way. Also, we should not be so focused on growth. Let’s just focus on sound economic principles and low debt. Some debt won’t kill us, but we have to change our current path.

  • Karen BCZ

    Ok. I just finished reading your article.
    Why you brought up Michael Moore is beyond me. HE has nothing to do with the mess our economy is in. I’d suggest you leave out the political cheap shots, and focus on the real culprits:
    #1. We have a Fascist, Oligarch(i)cal Corporatocracy. Everything the US gov’t does, is done for the best interest of Corporations. The US gov’t no longer works for “the people”, but for Corporations.
    #2. Nullify NAFTA. American jobs need to be brought back to the USA, at a LIVABLE WAGE. Just because people in Honduras get paid $2/day to make brassieres, doesn’t mean we have to stoop DOWN to their level. If factory workers in China are paid $3/hr., so be it. Let them make their own stuff, and let us make ours. Like it was done in “the good old days”. You’d be shocked to find out that most Americans under 25 think EVERYTHING manufactured was always “made in china”. < 25 yr. olds don't even realize WE used to make our own clothes, thermoses, baby bottles, shoes, socks, tents, etc. … and they were far superior quality to the cheap JUNK that's coming out of China.
    #3. Stop INSOURCING foreigners to do work, that Americans CAN do, and DID do before GWBush brainwashed the public into thinking Americans were lazy and didn't want to work. During the tech boom Americans were working, and doing jobs that have been OUTSOURCED thru no fault of their own. The reality is, US jobs were outsourced and insourced because foreigners were CHEAP. Not because Americans didn't want the jobs.
    #4. Face the facts, and talk about the TRUTH that no one wants to face. US jobs were outsourced so that MISMANAGED corporations could show profits, and greedy CEOs could make EXCESSIVE salaries (who needs $16 million a year to live on?). Back in the old days, $16 million dollars would be put back into a company for Research and Development. Now $16 million is a CEO salary. CEOs are the one's who need to take pay cuts, not the frontline workers at the bottom who are living paycheck to paycheck.
    #5. Stop blaming old people who EARNED their Social Security. Retired people who live on social security PAID into the SS system their entire working lives. That's THEIR money, NOT the gov't's. They EARNED it. Let 'em have it.
    #6. No more bailouts. Jobs! not bailouts. Wall Street brokers and bankers don't need bailouts. The US gov't wouldn't be broke if they'd spend tax dollars on infrastructure and job programs, instead of helping rich people get richer. Lloyd Blankfein's net worth is over $450 million. He did not need a bailout! Jamie Diamond's net work is over $221 million. He did not need a bailout! Wall Street and Bankers NEVER needed taxpayer bailouts. UNEMPLOYED people did.
    Now, my question is WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

  • Charley James

    This country will fail because its people are too damned stupid to reject collectivism.

    If the originating principle is good all that follows has positive potentiality. However, if the originating principle is bad nothing that follows will ever be good regardless of anything anyone says or does, period.

  • jox

    I don’t understand why you manipulate the message from Michael Moore (perhaps is fashionable in USA to be against M.Moore). The purpose of your discourse is very similar to M.Moore: protect the small guy, the worker, small entrepeneur, the working class, keep the jobs in USA, etc. Tax more the rich, end, more important, tax effectively (no more black holes for big multinational corporations nor banks).

    Don’t blame the people that haven’t done anything wrong but are suffering the consequences. Don’t blame the ‘entitlement programs’, a ridiculous money compared with what is given every single day to the finantial system.

    I agree with your blog in general, but politically you are being incoherent and are missing the target.

  • jp


    You say “government handouts” and it conjures up… *what*? People on the dole. But the reality is that America is — and HAS been — a welfare state for the longest time. And the BIGGEST welfarists in history?

    On Wall Street.

    That is, if you exclude the over half century of welfare Israel like clockwork has been receiving.

    Then there’s defense – 100% welfare funded.

    And what is Medicaid/Medicare if not a system, a mechanism, for taking taxpayer money and funneling it to corporations? This is why healthcare funding in America will never be fundamentally altered; when you have one large industry holding all the Aces it’s one thing; take the oil industry and energy. But when, as in healthcare, you have THREE — big pharma, hmos & insurance — FORGET IT. It’s like you and I playing against Kobe and Lebron.

    More welfarists?

    Insurance; AIG, of course, grabbing some $150 bil and in the process making Goldman whole on their dumbass drunken sailor gambling habits.

    Auto: Besides GM — a horribly run company for years who despite terrible returns continued to reward that scum Rick Waggoner with millions — let’s not forget that this was Chrysler’s SECOND time at the welfare trough. Every taxpayer who’s been around that long should at least get a mini van. Or *something*.

    Agri: Like Israel, if there’s one industry that’s been sucking off billions for decades like a pup on the teat, it’s huge multi-nats like Con-Agra and Archer Daniela Midland, who receive huge welfare checks to grow crap like corn which then explains why the market gets flooded with corn syrup at every turn, and, if you look at the stats, obesity, diabetes, and all risks associated with consuming too much sugar are on epic levels.

    There are more — like Walmart — but you get the picture. THE TRUTH is that America’s been a welfare state for a long, long time. The trouble is one of language. Language is important; this is why it’s ultra important on a fundamental level for Americans to understand:

    1. it’s not a “bailout” it’s WELFARE.

    2. it’s not a “subsidy” it’s WELFARE.

    3. it’s not “TARP” it’s WELFARE.

    4. it’s not “foreign aid” it’s WELFARE.

    5. it’s not “insurance” it’s WELFARE.

    Which points to a basic problem we Americans have: how in the world can we expect our system of welfare graft to change, when we can’t even understand the game at its most basic level, one of language, let alone historic facts, and last but not least, when we can’t even SEE the biggest welfare crooks in history — parading right in our faces!!! — just because they wear suits, get written up in the WSJ and go to the Met???

  • Lazy Ike

    You missed the point of his message, He was talking about the consentration of wealth with 400 people owning half the assets in the USA largly because of tax policy and trade deals that transferred the wealth from the working class to them, without which there would be no need for all these handouts.

  • tim

    1. It isn’t possible to stop the jobs from leaving this country in a global economy dominated by multinational corporations.
    2. We can create a climate conducive to companies staying in the U.S., but that involves more of the hated “corporate welfare.” How do we keep the jobs here without giving away the farm to the big corporate interests?
    3. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the goal for our people, NOT for corporations. That is an important distinction that needs to be made, but few make.
    4. Would it be possible to limit the size and power of companies without limiting the wealth of individuals? I don’t mind that Bill Gates or Warren Buffett are unimaginably wealthy; most of us would be happy to have that happen to us. Although via different paths, both got to that point by their own moxie, although no doubt with an element of good fortune. But while their individual wealth should not be limited, the power of their corporations should be.
    5. Such limitation means a loss of the benefits of economies of scale. Many hate the Wal Marts of this world, yet that company has done more to benefit the poor (through the lower prices they offer) than any governmental initiative. Is there a way to enable the benefits of economies of scale without enabling the dangers of mega-corporations?
    6. Governments are always the least effective and least efficient entities to accomplish virtually any task; hence, government spending and taxation should be limited both in the areas it infests and in the extent of its reach.

  • Global Perspective

    As always, a brilliant, accurate, common sense, logical, factual article, extremely well written article.

  • Freedom from Tax Slavery

    Those who disagree with this argument would rather bankrupt the country. What a bunch of blood sucking,lazy, imbecile parasites..

  • Nick

    Where in Moore’s speech did he suggest taxing the middle class? Or when did he ever say that the high number of people on government handouts was OK? Do you just write lies and nonsense because you think your readers are too stupid to call you on it like teabaggers that watch fix news? Of course he never said any of those things. You just don’t like someone who actually realizes that the rich elites control our government and want the middle class to stop blaming the rich and wall street. The truth is the rich have usurped our democracy and the people have woken up and are fighting back. Deal with it.

  • Lots of good ideas on how to fix everything but do you really think our current govt will even try to fix anything when their career is at stake?

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Phrygian cap: You have been mislead about subsidies in general and specifically about subsidies to oil companies. I doubt you can even give me an example of a subsidy for corporations. There are indeed subsidies paid to farmers but those subsidies come with strings attached. That is the government tells them what to do and pays them something to do it. There are huge subsidies for the alternative energy industry but these are not really businesses. That is they were created for the purpose of acquiring subsidies. So go ahead! Take your best shot and name a subsidy that oil companies get or big businesses get. And don’t make the probie mistake of trying to claim a tax deduction is a subsidy!!

  • Robin Hode

    For “impeachRonPaul
    March 9th, 2011 at 3:34 am

    What a ******** up right wing Sean Hannity article! Absolute bull*******” and those of that ilk:

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    -Albert Einstein

  • sharonsj

    First of all, Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance are not welfare. For SS, people pay into the system for 45 fucking years before they can collect. Medicare–that’s gov’t health insurance and people have money taken out of their SS to pay for it. Unemployment insurance is insurance, you idiots, and it’s paid into by both workers and employers.

    The point you should actually pay attention to is the impoverishment of America. The very rich have taken most of the money through a variety of ways, including the Wall St. bailout. The rest of us are left to desperately search for a decent-paying job in order to pay bills and send the kids to school. And in case you’ve been too busy watching Charlie Sheen, there aren’t enough decent jobs because the Republicans give tax credits to companies that outsource. The Republicans bend over backwards to give corporations everything they want no matter who is harmed.

    And for the zillionth time, could you please remember that the giant corporations aren’t paying their fair share of taxes–and in some cases pay no taxes at all? ExxonMobil made over a billion dollars, paid no income tax, and got a tax refund! We don’t have enough money for Americans because of corporate welfare–and that’s no gonna change unless we get rid of most of Congress–and change the campaign laws.

  • Frank Garvin

    America is not a country anymore.
    …. It is just an economic zone. A country is a group of people related by blood,common religion,ancestery,history,DNA,race,IQ level and common culture.
    …A multi-racial/multi-culture so called country is doomed.!!

    Third world people create third world countries!

  • John Q Public

    They just talked about the same thing on CNN! Same statistics! Said America was heading toward a Economic disaster!

  • Colin

    I find it interesting that the number of people on government assistance is the same as the number of people on minimum wage.

    One hundred fifty years ago, most people lived on minimum wage. However, many of them were farmers who were self-sufficient. They knew how to grow crops, make their own clothing, and repair their own home. They lived in tight-knit communities and could call on their neighbors for aid.

    This is not our society, so the call for reducing the programs that have been implemented in the last one hundred fifty years is irresponsible. Many people are not self-sufficient, and our modern culture doesn’t praise the self-sufficient individual. This individual lives on the margins of society, and the communities they live in are located in mostly rural ares. Our culture praises the entrepreneur – that individual who can build a financial niche for themselves and distinguish themselves from everyone by their financial success. Our culture doesn’t praise the farmer – that individual who grows crops for cash that is used to support his family and the community. The former reflects a very individual pursuit, while the latter reflects a very community-based pursuit.

    As for communism and socialism, these philosophies are not inherently rotten. They become rotten under the influence of humans. The old gun proponent argument that humans are responsible, not the guns, for murdering humans.

  • how exactly is Social Security, which you pay into your entire working life, how pray tell is that welfare or a handout?

    you have house insurance, your house burns down, you collect insurance. is that welfare too?
    don’t fall for this trickery.

  • Kevin

    Many points can be debated regarding how much socialism is good and how much is too much. Regardless as technology and productivity increase standards of living are supposed to rise. Well that’s not happening therefore something is wrong. If someone says the standard of living is increasing in the developing world draining our “gain” something is wrong. Our government has the responsibility for “Ourselves and our posterity” and not facilitating the development of other nations according to the “Mission Statement” in the Preamble of the US Constitution.

    Just an observation.

  • Don Levit

    The money you pay into Social Security is used to pay for the benefits – that’s the insurance/retirement part.
    The trust fund (the surplus FICA taxes) is loaned to the Treasury to pay for current expenses and (artificially) lower the deficit.
    Those surplus FICA dollars not used to pay current benefits, were instead used to pay other budget expenses, like defense, etc.
    Now, if you had any kind of insurance policy that was intended to pay out over a period of years, you would have a reserve fund.
    That Social Security does not have, for tapping the “trust fund” means borrowing more from the public, which is the same way the government pays any additional expenses whem it runs a deficit.
    Technically, you are not paying premiums, but you are paying taxes, for it is illegal for the government to be in the insurance business.
    Don Levit

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    If they want to go after the richest 400, then more power to them, but what they really mean is any couple making $250,000 or more per year by the sweat of their own brow who have suddenly become “Millionaires”, and should be taxed as “Millionaires” according to the socialists running the asylum. Right out of the Manifesto Comrades.

  • mondobeyondo

    I wouldn’t categorize Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as welfare.

    People pay into these programs their entire working lives, in the EXPECTATION of getting rewarded for their efforts when retirement or ill health occurs. These entitlement programs are more like insurance than welfare.

    You pay home insurance, as protection in case a terrorist firebombs your house, or a hail storm wrecks your roof. And you buy auto insurance, in case you get into a car crash. You pay a monthly dividend, to a private insurance company – the government does not provide this insurance.

    Government entitlement programs are in essence insurance for the people. But we all know how well the government runs things…it’s not exactly like State Farm, Geico or Allstate.

  • PaulF


    You are truly one of the few who really gets it. Our economic system is not capitalism, but corporatism, with those at the very top of the pyramid hoarding the wealth ever more greedily with not only the permission but the assistance of the government. And, yes, the politicians – especially one party – like the system because it enables them to buy votes by promising candy to the poor (working or not) who desperately need it. But this situation was created by the elites that pull the strings for both parties. (Only a few real outsiders like Ron Paul – a true American hero – are really fighting for the common man.)

    I have to wonder if you’re schooled in Catholic social teaching as you sound just like (say) G.K. Chesterton, a brilliant man and a visionary. Bravo.

  • PaulF

    Does anyone else see the irony in Michael Moore standing up for the “little guy”?

    Heck, he EATS people of small stature.

  • PaulF

    Ben Weiss, regarding trade, what we need is good ‘ole fashioned PROTECTIONISM. Period. This is what countries that don’t want to export their very means of production do. Although, of course, we’re not turning around the current situation in anything less than a few decades.

  • mondobeyondo

    Oh dear. Here comes Satan’s number one gun – none other than the devil’s advocate himself!

    Devil’s Advocate: “Isn’t unemployment insurance a form of insurance too? It even has “insurance” in the name! Businesses pay into it too, in the event of their employees getting laid off…”

    Well….*sigh* yes, they do. And insurance is supposed to provide protection against events like layoffs, sickness and terrorists. So I suppose you have a point there.

    BUT – most people don’t anticipate being laid off. You have to anticipate getting sick in your older years. It happens. Social Security is a necessary benefit for our senior citizens. Sometimes it is the only income they receive. And Medicare is needed for those who don’t have the financial resources for adequate medical care.

    Social Security was never meant to be the primary means of income for seniors – just a supplement!! For those who are flat broke and truly need it, it’s there. For those with savings, and get into a financial bind – it’s there. But a primary source of income?!? What have you been doing the past 40-45 years? You forgot to save money? Yup, that’s it! Right?

    Let’s see… SUV in the driveway, suits at Macy’s, dresses at Macy’s, steak and lobster dinners on Friday nights …Tiffany jewelry on your wife’s/girlfriend’s ears and wrist … brand new HDTV, an iPad, two iPods… yup. That’s where the money went. And now you’re whining about being broke.

    Don’t worry, I’m compassionate. Here’s a loaf of bread to tide you through…

  • PaulF

    John F Donohue complains about Bush’s deficits (too big, for sure, due to needless wards!) while ignoring the fact that Obama’s are TEN TIMES as large? Of course, that is not all his “fault”, yet he sure as hell is not helping! And that is putting it mildly.

    Yes, there are sheeple posting comments here, indeed.

  • mondobeyondo

    God helps those that help themselves.

    And by “helping yourself”, I mean making the efforts to improve your situation or lot in life.

    You have to at least try! If you won’t even try, God won’t even bother.

  • “What we need to do is to massively reduce the power of the federal government, massively reduce the power of the big corporations and stop businesses and jobs from being shipped out of the country. We also need to create an environment in the United States that is very favorable to small businesses.”

    Well, you can’t do that WITHOUT big gummint. Walmart isn’t going to give up it’s offshore manufacturing WITHOUT regulations.

    I’m putting my faith in MORE regulations on this one. If only in theory…because nothing positive ever seems to happen these days.

  • Colin


    According to Wikipedia (, Social Security is both a social welfare and insurance program.

  • Gary2

    Michael the moderator-you blew it on this one BIG TIME. Michael Moore is correct-this country is awash in money except that it is all at the top. He said that the 400 richest Americans have more wealth and income that the bottom 155 million. I have also said this on your site.

    We need to TAX the rich HARD and spread the wealth. Whether or not you agree most people want the rich to pay more. Cut bonuses and not teachers!

    Please do not be so obviously right wing. I challenge you to write about the wealth and income inequality and why we need to tax the rich. Equality of opportunity is meaningless if one does not have the means to access the opportunities. If we all start at the same starting line (and we do not) some of us have weights tied to our legs.

    I really expect better of you Michael that this.

  • Gary2

    But for people like Michael Moore the solution is always to tax the middle class more and to pass out even more government handouts.-This is a complete lie-HE SAID TO TAX THE RICH!




  • Our founding fathers would be turning over in their graves if they witnessed the corruption, evil, and greed our present government has amassed in the last 25 years. Yes, your right, people are like sheep and will be led to the slaughter when it comes time. The time for action should have been done years ago, but Americans are like sheep, blindly being led by our present administration that is so evil it defies the imagination!!! I’ve said time and time again, prepare right now because later in 2011, there will be hell to pay!! The ranks of the poor are increasing exponentially and the middle class is just about gone!! Unemployment is at about 17% to 20% countrywide and for some reason, most American still believe the evening news which is so highly editorialized that most American continue to believe the lie after lie and continue on day after day!!! A day is coming for a mass revolution will change things significantly overnight, so be prepared, because we are not far form that day!!!

    • sean

      You said it. We need to have a mass revolution. The government has gone too far and is too big . The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. The middle class is already gone.

  • voyagergirl

    I agree that big corporations who moved American jobs “offshore” helped decimate this country’s middle class. If an American can’t get a decent living wage making a product here in the U.S. then what’s he going do to?

    But one thing that has not been mentioned is this country’s descent into hell is that we no longer care if people have babies out of wedlock. Think about it…. years ago, it was considered a horrible transgretion to have a child outside of marriage. Now, it’s not and far too many people think nothing of a high school girl trying to raise a baby on her own. Statistics show that if a girl has a baby by the age of 15, the odds are great that she will have a second baby by the time she’s 18. When you take into account the girls who comprise these unwed mothers are generally underage and undereducated, the odds are great that their children will be, too. And guess what? These are the people that are on welfare. These are the people that have the most trouble finding and keeping jobs. These are the people who can’t afford insurance and who need it. These are the people the rest of us pay taxes for.

  • impeachRonPaul

    Ron Paul is a right wing religous right bigot. Ron Paul wants to take our freedom and force his religion as law. Just like the Al Queda

  • Delia Lopea

    Big corporations fund political campaigns for one reason, to use the force of government to their advantage. Until we take the power away from the government, the corporations will continue collecting welfare in many forms. Look at the big picture! The constitution was written to limit the power of government TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE! Small businesses used to be the backbone of our economy and is still the best way for the average person to get ahead not working as a slave for a multinational corp. Government employees were never allowed to union-ionize they were to be servants of the people not collectively bargain against those they were supposed to serve! This was changed by unconstitutional executive order. We have a very long way to go back to freedom.

  • “Entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare now account for 58% of all U.S. government spending.”

    I doubt the voting public wants to the government to micromanage the health sector as much as they want someone else to pay for their healthcare.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    Gary2, you can name this site whatever you like in your own mind, but facts are facts and truth is a real be-atch when the money runs out. Moore the fat slob elitist should give all his money to the unions if the fat fook feels so strongly that they have been wronged instead of trying to steal other people’s money at every turn in the name of the little guy.

  • Sammy

    Let us consider, starting with the low-hanging fruit, where the money could be found to wipe out the deficits of all 50 states combined, which this year come to a projected $130 billion.

    •The extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, enacted by a Democratic-controlled Congress in December with the approval of the Obama administration, pumps $700 billion over the next ten years into the pockets of the rich. Reclaiming two years of that tax windfall would eliminate all the state budget deficits combined.

    •Total compensation at Wall Street banks and securities firms last year hit a record $135 billion, according to an analysis by the Wall Street Journal, on all-time-high revenue of $417 billion. The recipients of the Wall Street bailout could bail out the states out of their own pockets.

    •The 400 richest individuals in the United States dispose of a staggering $1.37 trillion in assets, an average of nearly $3.5 billion apiece. A levy of 10 percent on the resources of these billionaires would also erase the deficits of all 50 states.

    •Combined profits for all American corporations rocketed upwards in 2010, hitting an annual rate of $1.66 trillion in the third quarter. A tax of eight percent on those profits—the same percentage as the cut Walker seeks to impose on schoolteachers and park rangers—would eliminate all state deficits.

    •US corporations are currently sitting on $2 trillion in cash, refusing to hire workers despite collecting tax cuts that are supposed to be incentives to do so. A levy of 10 percent on that idle cash would provide enough money to eliminate not only the deficits of the states, but the deficits of all cities and local governments too, as well as preserving the jobs of hundreds of thousands of public employees.

    •Hedge funds assets rose to $1.92 trillion in 2010, the highest ever, up from $1.18 trillion at the beginning of the year. Given a standard earnings formula of 2 percent of total assets plus 20 percent of the increase, hedge fund bosses stood to collect roughly $186 billion in personal income. An 80 percent tax on that income—less than the percentage rate on multimillionaires levied under the Eisenhower administration—would produce more than enough revenue to put all 50 states in the black. (It should be pointed out that the top hedge fund manager, John Paulson, had a personal net profit of more than $5 billion in 2010, while more than a dozen hedge fund bosses had personal incomes above $2 billion and many more took in over $1 billion).

    Contrary to the claims of the politicians and the media, it is not difficult to find the money to close the state and local budget gaps, with enough left over to begin a massive social rebuilding program. Implementing just some of the above proposals would generate sufficient funds, for example, to provide jobs in the next two months for 5 million Americans.

  • Jeff

    Michael Moore has NEVER advocated taxing the middle class.

    He is an advocate of taxing the richest Americans, and making corporations pay their fair share.

    Get your facts straight please.

  • A “safety net” IS a bad thing. It is theft and theft is wrong.

    Look, we didn’t have people starving in the streets before the government decided we needed a “safety net”. That’s what FDR’s “New Deal” and LBJ’s “War on Poverty” was designed to do — provide this so-called “safety net”. The “safety net” is responsible for bankrupting the nation.

    We need to stop ALL government wealth transfers. We need to stop those to oldsters, welfare queens, and corporations. If you get a check from the government, it should be because you worked in some constitutionally authorized job. Otherwise, the trough should be closed.

  • vytiense

    Michael Moore said NOTHING about further taxing the middle class. I read and listened to his speech yesterday.
    Further, you DARE to call Social Security an entitlement! I paid money into the fund every day of my working life, until retirement, as did my parents, and most people I know. Social Security and medicare have nothing to do with the criminal banksters who forced the bailouts of the “too big to fails” and stole TRILLIONS of dollars from the taxpayers. In addition, TRILLIONS more are being wasted on the continuous wars against countries not connected to the US. The only connection is money $$$ to be made by defense subcontracting – more thievery. How dare you perpetuate these lies and pose them as “information.” These criminals need to be in jail, and perhaps our poor country could get out of the situation in which she finds herself.

    Thank you.

  • Afi K. James

    Michael Moore is a shill for the global elite and for the bankers himself

    Alex Jones deserves props for exposing this fraud.

  • Michael

    I do acknowledge that I should have been clearer about what Michael Moore said.

    In this speech he does not call for increasing taxes on the middle class.

    However, if you study his other works he does support higher taxes on the middle class.

    In addition, his definition of the “wealthy” does include the top end of the middle class.

    Anyone that is familiar with the broader works of Michael Moore would not be trying to defend him on this point.

    Moore wants socialism, he wants bigger government and he wants more taxes.


  • BryanD

    If you tax the rich like socialist moores says, who always ends up paying? The people! Let’s see. If we raise the tax on corporations, (guess what?) the corporations raise their prices and rates and etc to their customers, the people. And besides, why does the govt need to tax in the first place, why to control the people! Wake up everybody!

  • We could solved our problems!Reduce our MIC by 50%,education cost by 50%,medical expence 50%,and government by another 50%.Our warfare and welfare is completely out of control.This should be done over four years,taking away will not be easy{Teachers Union}.Either lighten the load or we all go down with the ship.Tough love or collaspe,I am betting on the later.Good article,false econ,Sovietareus1989…

  • John Smith

    Now we know who this blogger works for – the billionaires that Moore is chastising…

    You should have kept your cards closer to your vest!

  • sammiejoe

    the concept of “fair share” is a liar’s game.

    moore and the other communist/liberal redistributors who self-aggrandize by giving away private property that they appropriate under the guise of taxes and fees, need a real message sent to them:

    fair share means you WORK your FAIR SHARE (which those receiving welfare do not!!) and FAIR SHARE means you do not have children you cannot afford and use them as baby blackmail to STEAL from the taxpayer by screaming that you have to stay home and “nurse” the children…and FAIR SHARE means that you voluntarily submit to birth control for a hand up.

    And finally, FAIR SHARE is a safety net, and safety nets are TEMPORARY not a lifetime and not multi-generational slumming.

  • Gary2

    Moore wants socialism, he wants bigger government and he wants more taxes.

    I want all the above and yes anyone making 6 figure incomes is rich and can be taxed. More importantly we need to implement millionaire surtax. Notice he said the richest 400 have more wealth and income than the bottom 155 million. This is simply not acceptable.

    Michael Moore is a HERO.

  • Carl

    Michael Moore isn’t now nor has he ever been for taxing the MIDDLE CLASS more. What he is for is taxing the WEALTHY more. You know the ones the republicans fought so hard to keep their taxes down. Like Bush said, THAT IS MY BASE. The same as it is all republicans.

  • jake-OB

    Yeah GFY if you bitch and moan about soacialism but support Boeing, JP Morgan, Caterpillar and the military.

    Which describes the Teabaggers to a T. No pun intended.

  • I totally agree with BryanD who said “If we raise the tax on corporations, (guess what?) the corporations raise their prices and rates and etc to their customers, the people.”

    The best defense in my opinion is to live simply (i.e. frugal) and build a life where you find sustenance and enjoyment in spite of big business and the government. Tough to do if you are used to a steady stream of consumerism and keeping up with the Jones’es. But worthwhile none the less.

    Michael Moore’s Wisconsin speech was appalling. Public sector employees are raking it in with all of their entitlements and don’t need any additional support from the taxpayers.

  • Afi K. James

    March 11th, 2011 at 5:54 am
    I do acknowledge that I should have been clearer about what Michael Moore said.

    In this speech he does not call for increasing taxes on the middle class.

    However, if you study his other works he does support higher taxes on the middle class.

    In addition, his definition of the “wealthy” does include the top end of the middle class.

    Anyone that is familiar with the broader works of Michael Moore would not be trying to defend him on this point.

    Moore wants socialism, he wants bigger government and he wants more taxes.


    Michael Moore is a globalist, socialist piece of filth.

  • Union Bob

    Hey, handouts are great! I am a proud union teacher and I make sure I get mine. When you get your you won’t care what it does to anyone else. See it’s about me. Every man for himself. I get al sorts of high pay juicy benefits, tons of sick days and best of all a big fat pension. I make over a hundred grand a year and barely have to work and only work ( if you can call it that) 8 months a year. Moreover,Oh yea and I have tenure. You can’t ever fire me. I want more and I want you hard working stiffs to pay more taxes for me. I want to start taking round the world vacations every year. So pay up.

    Yea yea yea. I hear it all the time. Tthis will break the public and bankrupt the government. Well that’s just too bad. I’m getting mine. You worry about getting yours. how dare you try to stop the unions from bribing the democrat politicians with my dues. That is the union way. How do you think I got this cream puff job? So shut up and pay up!

  • Future Cave Dweller

    The only way we will survive globalization is through a strong balance between means tested socialism and well regulated capitalism.

    With that said, we want to place all the blame on big government and big business for the war on the poor and middle class but no one wants to accept responsibilty for themselves. We all are just as much to blame! For the sake of argument, I’ll use Walmart and BofA as examples.

    People begin to shop at Walmart because their prices are fantastic. Any way to save a few dollars right? More people catch on to the savings at Walmart and this is how it begins. Walmart then uses this influx of cash to buy out the “mom and pops” leaving some communities no other choice but to now do all their shopping at walmart.

    In their efforts to pursue the almighty “bottom line”, Walmart uses this further influx of cash to lobby politicians to allow the export of production jobs. People still haven’t woken up yet. They just shrug and drive around in circles trying to find a parking spot and after spending an hour or two traversing the football field sized store looking for the items they need that are “randomly” placed around the store, people never take the time to aquestion why EVERYTHING they just bought is all made in China and what that means or never quite able to look at blue smocked person in the eye that was once their local pharmascist and know each other by name.

    In the mean time, their own lives have become harder, goods, fuel and services cost more and they’re having to work longer and harder to pay for benefits, retirement, cars, homes and education, while the quality of these things are dramatically decreasing! So in an effort to continue to save some money of our bottom line we move our money from the local community banks and credit unions to BofA as they’re offering a few hundreds of a percentage point savings on mortgage, car, student loans and savings and some great introductory offers on credit cards (as long as you don’t read the fine print). Now BofA is flush with new influx of cash as well so they in turn lobby our politicians to deregulate all those pesky rules that prohibit them from a greedy cash grab at their conumers expense, without a care of what will happen to the future of the economy. They got theirs right? Isn’t that our countries motto? “What’s in it for me and the hell with everyone else”? Only we seemed to have forgotten the lessons of history and that an individual does not make a community.

    When all this began to happen, did people stop shopping at Walmart, nope! Did people pull their money from BofA, nope! Did people elect someone else that hasn’t been in DC for decades, nope! Instead we want to blame Michael Moore, who has gotten rich trying to warn people for decades to open their eyes and pay attention and do something! We want to blame the teachers unions. Damn their greed! After spending decades trying to educate our snot-nosed, selfish brats with little resources and at great expense to themselves, shame on them for wanting to secure their futures!

    We may want to blame everyone else for our current misery and impending doom but at he end of the day, every single one of us is to blame for our future demise. But hey, it feels good though doesn’t it? Let’s blame the liberal or the neo con for all our woes. Let’s blame the atheists or the bible thumpers, they’re the real villlans in all this, huh? And in the mean time, when are we going to walmart? Need to stop off at the bank first!

  • Fog Bottoms

    Michael Moore is a massive Douche.

  • Freedoms cry

    A country that doesn’t enforce it’s laws is a country run by criminals. In this country the lawmakers are the lawbreakers. The core of the great USA is where the corruption lies. That’s the picture of how deep our doom is. Long live the right to protest and democracy.

  • Michael Warhurst

    In a democracy government represents and helps the people – the voters who elect the government. In a republic the government system is dominated by elites – in our case wealthy elites.
    America has a republic with a lot of elections but precious little actual democracy.
    Eisenhower warned against the “industrial-military” complex, which was and is anti-democratic. What he failed to see was the “Wall Street/Bankers-Washington” complex.
    The financial elites have increasingly taken over government since Nixon, until now the federal government and most state governments are controlled by wealthy elites who are busy stalemating/dis-mantling government.
    Why? Wealthy elites/corporations single value considered before decision/action is dollars. Dollars are incapable of describing human and social values which constitute morality and consequently wealthy elites/corporations whose only value considered is dollars are amoral – they never consider morality in the first place.
    Government has the ability and responsibility to respond to and represent human and social values; which makes democratic government the enemy of wealthy elites and corporations – who have a decades old campaign to neuter, corrupt, stalemate, and destroy the ability of government to respond to human and social values. Government now only responds to dollars to the delight of Wall Street and Bankers.
    America doesn’t need to get rid of democratic government it needs to remove wealthy elites and corporations from ownership of government and free government to respond to human and social values which are what voters and citizens want from government and the major reasons for current discontent.
    The best example of the level of control of government exerted by wealthy elites/corporations is the so called “free-trade” agreements which are tools of the wealthy elites and corporations to destroy the American middle class and export their jobs to the lowest wage jurisdictions in the world.
    We don’t need to attack the government we need to rescue it from the clutches of Wall Street and Bankers and corporations who are busy corrupting government with mountains of money.
    Let’s get rid of corrupted government and get democratic government back which is capable of governing for the benefit of ALL Americans not just the top 5-10% of income earners.

  • Travis

    I hear alot of you say Michael Moore doesn’t want the middle class to be taxed which is true. However he wants the rich to be taxed more. I am not the smartest man in the world, but if you tax the rich more, who is the one that really pays for that. When big corporations have to pay in for more taxes they pass that cost down to the consumer. How is it many of you don’t understand basic business economics.

    Common Sense not so common

  • rtl

    Michael Moore is an ass in every sense. Who cares what he thinks, he´s not ever American.

  • Robert

    If you want less poor – Tax them.

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