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Sheeple: Government Handouts = 35 Percent Of U.S. Wages But For Michael Moore That Is Not Nearly Enough

The ratio of government handouts to wages and salaries in the United States is now at an all-time high.  According to TrimTabs Investment Research, government handouts have reached a level that is equivalent to 35 percent of all wages and salaries in the United States.  Considering the fact that this figure was only 21 percent back in the year 2000 and only 10 percent back in 1960 that is very frightening.  The sad truth is that today the American people are more dependent on direct government payments than they ever have been before.  What this does is that it takes formerly independent Americans and transforms them into “sheeple” and pets of the government.  Today we have tens of millions of Americans that eagerly await the crumbs that the federal government tosses them each month.  This is one reason why our national debt is exploding, but our politicians like this system because it enables them to buy votes.  Meanwhile, the federal government and the international corporations that dominate our economy have rigged the game so that power and money are becoming increasingly centralized in their hands.  As a result of the system that the “big boys” have developed, millions of small businesses across the country are being absolutely crushed, the standard of living of the middle class is gradually being destroyed and more American families slip into poverty ever single day.  What we need to do is to dramatically reduce the power of both the federal government and the big corporations so that small businesses and individuals can thrive once again, but instead “activists” such as Michael Moore are out there demanding even more taxes and even more government handouts.

Not that a “safety net” is a bad thing.  We simply are not going to allow tens of millions of Americans to starve out in our streets.  However, it has gotten to the point where the majority of American families are now dependent on the U.S. government in one form or another and that is very, very wrong.

More government handouts are never a long-term solution to anything.  Handouts do not give people dignity.  Handouts do not teach people to be independent.  Handouts do not enable people to live the “American Dream”.  Handouts are not the path to prosperity.

What the American people need are jobs and an environment where small businesses can thrive.  But instead, the federal government has allowed the big global corporations to ship millions of our jobs out of the country and the federal government continues to burden our small businesses with an endless array of new taxes and regulations.

Who is successful in America today?

It is the big boys.  Everyone else is being crushed.

This is what the founding fathers tried to warn us about.  They did not want the federal government to have much power at all, and they were deeply suspicious of large corporations.

But we have turned our backs on the principles of the founding fathers.

We should be figuring out how to get back to the America that our founding fathers originally tried to create, but instead all of the attention is being given to “activists” such as Michael Moore who are calling for even more taxes and even more government handouts.  The following video is of Michael Moore giving a speech to protesters in Madison, Wisconsin on March 5th, 2011.  His speech was entitled “America Is Not Broke”….

Yes, the “little guy” is being absolutely crushed in America today.  But for people like Michael Moore the solution is always to tax the middle class more and to pass out even more government handouts.

That isn’t going to solve anything.  Most of the ultra-wealthy have turned avoiding taxes into an art form.  A third of all the wealth in the world is now held in “offshore banks“.  Many of our largest corporations don’t pay a dime in federal taxes even as they pass out multi-million dollar bonuses to their executives.

Raising taxes in most definitely not the answer.  Those that have mastered the art of avoiding taxes will continue to do so no matter how high you raise them.

The truth is that we need to shut down the IRS and scrap the current tax system entirely.  It simply does not work.

What we need to do is to get the federal government and the big corporations under control and transfer the power back to the American people.

That is what our founding fathers intended.  They intended for the common man to be empowered  to start businesses, create wealth and pursue happiness.

But instead tens of millions of Americans have become addicted to government handouts.  When large numbers of people give up and willingly become wards of the government that is not good for society.

Unfortunately, more Americans today are dependent on the U.S. government than ever before.  Just consider the following statistics….

-According to TrimTabs Investment Research, social welfare benefits in the United States have risen by $514 billion over the past two years alone.

-As 2007 began, only about 26 million Americans were on food stamps, but today over 44 million Americans are now on food stamps.

-Over 50 million Americans are now on Medicaid.

-Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, one out of every 6 American is on Medicaid.

-53 million Americans received $703 billion in Social Security benefits in 2010.

-Right now the U.S. government is either writing or guaranteeing well over 90 percent of all mortgages in the United States.

-It is being projected that extended unemployment benefits will cost the federal government $34 billion over the next two years.

-30 U.S. states have borrowed a total of $41.5 billion from the federal government just so that they could continue paying out unemployment benefits during the recession.

-Entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare now account for 58% of all U.S. government spending.

But what else should we expect?  The federal government has been using a sledgehammer to endlessly pound away on the capacity of small businesses and individuals to create wealth and jobs and opportunities.  The business atmosphere in the United States is now so toxic that it is amazing that any small businesses have survived.

Most Americans find themselves with no other way to make a living other than to work for someone else.  But the big global corporations have discovered that they can make much larger profits by getting rid of American workers and by shipping our jobs overseas and our politicians are allowing them to get away with it.

The truth is that both political parties don’t have the answers.  Neither party seems to have any clue about how to stop millions of jobs from leaving the United States and neither party seems to have any clue about how to create a business environment inside the United States where individuals and small businesses can actually thrive.

How much longer will it be before we all finally admit that we are experiencing total system failure in this country?  Should we all just quit trying and sit on our couches waiting for the next government handout?  The truth is that there aren’t nearly enough jobs for all Americans anyway.

The middle class is dying and the establishment has us all fighting with each other.  The left and the right are busy fighting about taxes and budget cuts while the ultra-wealthy continue to enjoy massive profits and incredibly low taxes in the globalized economic system that we have allowed our politicians to create.

Yes, there are tens of millions of Americans that are deeply suffering right now and they need to be helped.

But government handouts are never a long-term solution to anything.  What we need to do is to massively reduce the power of the federal government, massively reduce the power of the big corporations and stop businesses and jobs from being shipped out of the country.  We also need to create an environment in the United States that is very favorable to small businesses.  That would give our country a chance to start creating good jobs again.

But instead, we continue to allow our politicians to destroy our economy.  We actually have 10 percent fewer middle class jobs in this country than we did just ten years ago.  The middle class is being systematically destroyed.  All of the wealth and all of the power are slowly being transferred into the hands of big government and the big corporations.

The vast majority of the rest of us are being transformed from strong, independent, prosperous Americans into dehumanized sheeple that can’t wait for the next government check to come in.

Does anyone out there actually believe that this is what our founding fathers originally intended?

  • Gary2

    Moore wants socialism, he wants bigger government and he wants more taxes.

    I want all the above and yes anyone making 6 figure incomes is rich and can be taxed. More importantly we need to implement millionaire surtax. Notice he said the richest 400 have more wealth and income than the bottom 155 million. This is simply not acceptable.

    Michael Moore is a HERO.

  • Carl

    Michael Moore isn’t now nor has he ever been for taxing the MIDDLE CLASS more. What he is for is taxing the WEALTHY more. You know the ones the republicans fought so hard to keep their taxes down. Like Bush said, THAT IS MY BASE. The same as it is all republicans.

  • jake-OB

    Yeah GFY if you bitch and moan about soacialism but support Boeing, JP Morgan, Caterpillar and the military.

    Which describes the Teabaggers to a T. No pun intended.

  • SurvivalWoman

    I totally agree with BryanD who said “If we raise the tax on corporations, (guess what?) the corporations raise their prices and rates and etc to their customers, the people.”

    The best defense in my opinion is to live simply (i.e. frugal) and build a life where you find sustenance and enjoyment in spite of big business and the government. Tough to do if you are used to a steady stream of consumerism and keeping up with the Jones’es. But worthwhile none the less.

    Michael Moore’s Wisconsin speech was appalling. Public sector employees are raking it in with all of their entitlements and don’t need any additional support from the taxpayers.

  • Afi K. James

    March 11th, 2011 at 5:54 am
    I do acknowledge that I should have been clearer about what Michael Moore said.

    In this speech he does not call for increasing taxes on the middle class.

    However, if you study his other works he does support higher taxes on the middle class.

    In addition, his definition of the “wealthy” does include the top end of the middle class.

    Anyone that is familiar with the broader works of Michael Moore would not be trying to defend him on this point.

    Moore wants socialism, he wants bigger government and he wants more taxes.


    Michael Moore is a globalist, socialist piece of filth.

  • Union Bob

    Hey, handouts are great! I am a proud union teacher and I make sure I get mine. When you get your you won’t care what it does to anyone else. See it’s about me. Every man for himself. I get al sorts of high pay juicy benefits, tons of sick days and best of all a big fat pension. I make over a hundred grand a year and barely have to work and only work ( if you can call it that) 8 months a year. Moreover,Oh yea and I have tenure. You can’t ever fire me. I want more and I want you hard working stiffs to pay more taxes for me. I want to start taking round the world vacations every year. So pay up.

    Yea yea yea. I hear it all the time. Tthis will break the public and bankrupt the government. Well that’s just too bad. I’m getting mine. You worry about getting yours. how dare you try to stop the unions from bribing the democrat politicians with my dues. That is the union way. How do you think I got this cream puff job? So shut up and pay up!

  • Future Cave Dweller

    The only way we will survive globalization is through a strong balance between means tested socialism and well regulated capitalism.

    With that said, we want to place all the blame on big government and big business for the war on the poor and middle class but no one wants to accept responsibilty for themselves. We all are just as much to blame! For the sake of argument, I’ll use Walmart and BofA as examples.

    People begin to shop at Walmart because their prices are fantastic. Any way to save a few dollars right? More people catch on to the savings at Walmart and this is how it begins. Walmart then uses this influx of cash to buy out the “mom and pops” leaving some communities no other choice but to now do all their shopping at walmart.

    In their efforts to pursue the almighty “bottom line”, Walmart uses this further influx of cash to lobby politicians to allow the export of production jobs. People still haven’t woken up yet. They just shrug and drive around in circles trying to find a parking spot and after spending an hour or two traversing the football field sized store looking for the items they need that are “randomly” placed around the store, people never take the time to aquestion why EVERYTHING they just bought is all made in China and what that means or never quite able to look at blue smocked person in the eye that was once their local pharmascist and know each other by name.

    In the mean time, their own lives have become harder, goods, fuel and services cost more and they’re having to work longer and harder to pay for benefits, retirement, cars, homes and education, while the quality of these things are dramatically decreasing! So in an effort to continue to save some money of our bottom line we move our money from the local community banks and credit unions to BofA as they’re offering a few hundreds of a percentage point savings on mortgage, car, student loans and savings and some great introductory offers on credit cards (as long as you don’t read the fine print). Now BofA is flush with new influx of cash as well so they in turn lobby our politicians to deregulate all those pesky rules that prohibit them from a greedy cash grab at their conumers expense, without a care of what will happen to the future of the economy. They got theirs right? Isn’t that our countries motto? “What’s in it for me and the hell with everyone else”? Only we seemed to have forgotten the lessons of history and that an individual does not make a community.

    When all this began to happen, did people stop shopping at Walmart, nope! Did people pull their money from BofA, nope! Did people elect someone else that hasn’t been in DC for decades, nope! Instead we want to blame Michael Moore, who has gotten rich trying to warn people for decades to open their eyes and pay attention and do something! We want to blame the teachers unions. Damn their greed! After spending decades trying to educate our snot-nosed, selfish brats with little resources and at great expense to themselves, shame on them for wanting to secure their futures!

    We may want to blame everyone else for our current misery and impending doom but at he end of the day, every single one of us is to blame for our future demise. But hey, it feels good though doesn’t it? Let’s blame the liberal or the neo con for all our woes. Let’s blame the atheists or the bible thumpers, they’re the real villlans in all this, huh? And in the mean time, when are we going to walmart? Need to stop off at the bank first!

  • Fog Bottoms

    Michael Moore is a massive Douche.

  • Freedoms cry

    A country that doesn’t enforce it’s laws is a country run by criminals. In this country the lawmakers are the lawbreakers. The core of the great USA is where the corruption lies. That’s the picture of how deep our doom is. Long live the right to protest and democracy.

  • Michael Warhurst

    In a democracy government represents and helps the people – the voters who elect the government. In a republic the government system is dominated by elites – in our case wealthy elites.
    America has a republic with a lot of elections but precious little actual democracy.
    Eisenhower warned against the “industrial-military” complex, which was and is anti-democratic. What he failed to see was the “Wall Street/Bankers-Washington” complex.
    The financial elites have increasingly taken over government since Nixon, until now the federal government and most state governments are controlled by wealthy elites who are busy stalemating/dis-mantling government.
    Why? Wealthy elites/corporations single value considered before decision/action is dollars. Dollars are incapable of describing human and social values which constitute morality and consequently wealthy elites/corporations whose only value considered is dollars are amoral – they never consider morality in the first place.
    Government has the ability and responsibility to respond to and represent human and social values; which makes democratic government the enemy of wealthy elites and corporations – who have a decades old campaign to neuter, corrupt, stalemate, and destroy the ability of government to respond to human and social values. Government now only responds to dollars to the delight of Wall Street and Bankers.
    America doesn’t need to get rid of democratic government it needs to remove wealthy elites and corporations from ownership of government and free government to respond to human and social values which are what voters and citizens want from government and the major reasons for current discontent.
    The best example of the level of control of government exerted by wealthy elites/corporations is the so called “free-trade” agreements which are tools of the wealthy elites and corporations to destroy the American middle class and export their jobs to the lowest wage jurisdictions in the world.
    We don’t need to attack the government we need to rescue it from the clutches of Wall Street and Bankers and corporations who are busy corrupting government with mountains of money.
    Let’s get rid of corrupted government and get democratic government back which is capable of governing for the benefit of ALL Americans not just the top 5-10% of income earners.

  • Travis

    I hear alot of you say Michael Moore doesn’t want the middle class to be taxed which is true. However he wants the rich to be taxed more. I am not the smartest man in the world, but if you tax the rich more, who is the one that really pays for that. When big corporations have to pay in for more taxes they pass that cost down to the consumer. How is it many of you don’t understand basic business economics.

    Common Sense not so common

  • rtl

    Michael Moore is an ass in every sense. Who cares what he thinks, he´s not ever American.

  • Robert

    If you want less poor – Tax them.

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