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Tebow Time

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As a result of the absolutely stunning 29-23 overtime victory by the Denver Broncos over the Pittsburgh Steelers, it seems inevitable that “Tebow Time” will become a household phrase all over America.  The string of last second victories that we have seen Tim Tebow pull out this season is unprecedented and we will probably never see anything quite like it again.  Unfortunately, miracles don’t always happen in real life when we need them.  Right now it is “Tebow Time” for the U.S. economy, the U.S. political system and the global financial system, and things look really bad.  So will we see heroes rise up at this time to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, or will we see the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world implode and plunge the entire planet into a devastating economic depression?  Most people have no idea how fragile the global economic system has become at this point.  Global leaders are currently engaged in a frantic juggling act in a desperate attempt to keep all the balls in the air.  One wrong move could unleash a financial panic that could potentially be even worse than what we saw in 2008.

It is Tebow Time for the global financial system.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time writing about Europe.  Many Americans have not really been too interested in these articles because they only want to hear about what is happening in the United States.

But the truth is that what is happening in Europe is of the utmost importance.  The EU actually has a larger economy than the United States does, and when the European financial system collapses it is going to dramatically affect the entire globe.

For those that have not seen my recent articles on Europe yet, you can find some of them here, here and here.

The euro continues to drop like a rock.  As I write this, the EUR/USD is sitting at 1.2693.  That is shockingly low, and in the weeks and months to come it is going to go even lower.

But I am not the only one warning about these things.  Trends forecaster Gerald Celente recently told ABC Australia that he is more concerned about the global financial system today than he has ever been before….

“I would say, since I’ve been doing this work, over 30 years ago, I’ve never been more concerned than I am right now.”

Celente also told ABC Australia that many areas of Europe are already essentially experiencing an economic depression….

“If you live in Greece, you’re in a depression; if you live in Spain, you’re in a depression; if you live in Portugal or Ireland, you’re in a depression,” Celente said. “If you live in Lithuania, you’re running to the bank to get your money out of the bank as the bank runs go on. It’s a depression. Hungary, there’s a depression, and much of Eastern Europe, Romania, Bulgaria. And there are a lot of depressions going on [already].”

Yes, things are stable (and even slightly improving a bit) in the United States right now.  But it won’t be long before the financial tsunami that is sweeping Europe hits us as well.

It is Tebow Time for U.S. consumers.

We should all be thankful that the employment situation in the U.S. has stabilized, but things are not as good as the mainstream media would have you to believe.

Instead of 8.5%, the “official” unemployment number put out by the federal government should be about 11 percent, and the “real” unemployment number is somewhere around 22 or 23 percent.

And if you take a long-term view of things, there is no reason to celebrate at all.  The truth is that the middle class in America is being systematically destroyed and we won’t see much permanent improvement until this country fundamentally changes direction.

Right now, there are tens of millions of Americans that can’t find a decent job.  A lot of people are sitting at home as you read this staring blankly at the television as they wonder why nobody will hire them.

Once in a while, a little bit of this despair leaks into the mainstream media.  The following comes from a CNBC article that was posted on Saturday….

Despite an upswing in hiring during 2011, the jobs crisis could last many more years as millions of Americans struggle to find work.

In Orlando, Florida, Brenda Solomon lost her retail job last May at a department store and was unable to find even temporary work during the holiday season.

“I’ve tried and tried and tried,” Solomon, 58, said on Friday while visiting a job center.

As they struggle to make ends meet each month, millions upon millions of U.S. consumers continue to run up even more debt as an article posted on CNBC recently detailed….

During the third fiscal quarter of 2011, U.S. consumers added $17 billion in new credit card debt, wiping out what remained of a $33 billion first-quarter pay down and putting us on pace for a $64 billion net gain in credit card debt during 2011, according to a Card Hub study.

It is Tebow Time for the Republican Party.

America desperately needs a fundamental change of direction, but right now a candidate heavily backed by the Wall Street banks is threatening to run away with the Republican nomination.

Mitt Romney is a politician in the worst sense of the word.  He just wouldn’t be a bad president.  He would be an absolute disaster.  In fact, if Romney gets elected, it will basically guarantee a Democratic victory in 2016 (could be Hillary) and the Republican Party will be so damaged that they may never have another shot at turning this country around.

When it comes to evaluating Mitt Romney, do not listen to what he says.  The reality is that what he says changes a little bit every single day.  His flip-flopping is legendary.

No, when it comes to evaluating Mitt Romney, it is absolutely imperative to look at his record.

And when you look at his record (what he has actually done), it quickly becomes clear that he is basically just a more experienced version of Barack Obama.

When the mainstream media says that Mitt Romney has the best chance of beating Barack Obama, that is because they feel as though he is the candidate that is most like Barack Obama.

If it is Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney in the general election, we are basically guaranteed four more years of establishment rule.  Yes, there will be some minor changes, but everything will pretty much continue running the way that it is now no matter which one wins.

And please don’t believe that Mitt Romney will get government spending and government debt under control.  According to a recent article in the Washington Post, the Romney tax plan would add 600 billion dollars to the federal budget deficit in 2015.

Mitt Romney is not going to fix any of our fundamental problems.  If he was a master at “job creation”, then Massachusetts would not have been 47th in the nation at creating jobs while he was governor.

If Mitt Romney gets the nomination, it will just be another indication that the Republican Party is bought and paid for by the establishment.

Just check out who is giving money to Romney.  Did you know that Goldman Sachs is his biggest donor?  The following numbers come from….

Goldman Sachs $367,200
Credit Suisse Group $203,750
Morgan Stanley $199,800
HIG Capital $186,500
Barclays $157,750
Kirkland & Ellis $132,100
Bank of America $126,500
PriceWaterhouseCoopers $118,250
EMC Corp $117,300
JPMorgan Chase & Co $112,250
The Villages $97,500
Vivint Inc $80,750
Marriott International $79,837
Sullivan & Cromwell $79,250
Bain Capital $74,500
UBS AG $73,750
Wells Fargo $61,500
Blackstone Group $59,800
Citigroup Inc $57,050
Bain & Co $52,500

But the numbers above are nothing compared to the money being poured into the “Super PACs” that are backing Romney.  The financial elite are dumping tens of millions of dollars into these “Super PACs”, and these “Super PACs” are playing a huge role in this campaign.

The following comes from an article posted on Economic Policy Journal….

The New York Times reports that New York hedge-fund managers and Boston financiers contributed almost $30 million to “Restore Our Future” before the Iowa caucuses. And “Restore Our Future“‘s faux independence has allowed Romney to publicly distance himself from them, their money, and the dirty work that their money has bought.

More than anyone else running for president, Mitt Romney personifies the top 1 percent in America — actually, the top one-tenth of one percent. It’s not just his four homes and estimated $200 million fortune, not just his wheeling and dealing in leveraged-buyouts and private equity, not even the jobless refugees of his financial maneuvers that makes him the Gordon Gekko of presidential aspirants.

It’s his connections to the epicenters of big money in America — especially to top executives and financiers in the habit of investing  for handsome returns.

The way the political game is played in America today, the candidate with the most money almost always wins.

Mitt Romney and the organizations that are supporting Mitt Romney are sitting on gigantic mountains of cash.

Can any of the other Republican candidates overcome that disadvantage?

History would tell us no.

That is why it is Tebow Time for the Republican Party.

It is late in the game and things look desperate.

And if we don’t turn the country in a different direction in 2012, we may not get another chance.

Right now, the U.S. debt crisis is getting worse by the day.  To get an idea of just how bad the U.S. national debt has become, just check out the infographic that is posted right here.

If we do not get our financial house in order and fundamentally change our economic policies, we are absolutely doomed.

If Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is elected in 2012, that is pretty much going to seal our fate.

Before you cast a vote this year, please read “The Top 100 Statistics About The Collapse Of The Economy That Every American Voter Should Know“.  That article covers dozens of our economic problems and it shows why we are at such an important junction in American history.

2012 is going to be a huge turning point for us.

Right now, it looks like we are going to make a wrong turn.

It truly is Tebow Time, and we really need a miracle.

  • I live in Colorado, and was certain Pittsburgh
    would not need God on their sidelines to beat
    Broncos, but, hey, Denver got the coin toss in
    overtime…what luck, eh?!!!

    Romney is a member of the Mormon Church. Now, a
    lot of my relatives are Mormons, and I must say,
    a nicer bunch of people you will never meet. But,
    the things that they believe are almost beyond
    belief, literally! The known con man, Joseph
    Smith, made up the religion. Have ANY of you
    EVER actually done ANY research regarding this
    (and for that matter) ALL religions? The truth
    is, they are ALL made up! Now, I know, Michael, that you are a believer, and there are
    a lot of believers in America. But, just like
    Romney, they’re all Zombies running around
    with Core Belief Systems that keep them hypnotized and polarized. Get a four-year
    college degree, then spend the next 5 years
    researching everything you can about everything
    on the web. In order to save yourselves, you
    must cast off the shingles from your eyes (and
    the faulty belief systems that guide you
    through life, like a, well, a SHEOPLE!

    • KB

      S.P.A.M: Personally, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I must say that I completely, wholeheartedly, and emphatically DISAGREE with what you posted. That being said, you couldn’t pay me enough money for vote for Mitt Romney.

    • Tapper P.

      One delusion vs another. What appears total ridiculous to people outside the Mormon bubble is reality to a Mormon. Same with any other religion.

      • KB

        T.P. Ever heard of Pascal’s Wager?

    • JC

      SPAM, bro…. Ur telling me that u have belief in aliens (from ur title), but u don’t have belief in a Creator(God)?! It takes more faith as an atheist to not believe in what God has made than the opposite! Listen man… First and foremost it’s NOT about religion – its about Relationship! A REALationship with Jesus Christ, a the Bible says “a friend who sticks closer than a brother”… Do me a favor – Research the HIStory and truth of Jesus Christ and u will see that He died to set u free, not for u to follow some stupid religion!

  • Gary2

    Republican Party will be so damaged that they may never have another shot at turning this country around.

    Hello-Michael-they are this way now!

    BTW-I hate sports. Football has to be the most pointless trash. A bunch of men running around a field? Really?

    • Adam

      Of course you don’t like sports. You are obviously a loser and was always picked last. HAHAHA. Just like the rest of your life.

  • Gary2

    I love it that the right has to vote for the originator of Obama Care as their candidate!

    Ha Ha HA

  • Rodster

    I think in order to fix things you have to allow for a complete crash. The US political system is so corrupt, so big and so out of control that no candidate can fix this mess. One could argue, well throw all the bums out. Unfortunately, Washington has been rigged so as not to allow that to happen.

    I think a complete and catastrophic economic collapse is in order for real and positive change to come about.

    For many years I was against a global economy and that’s what our leaders have been pushing for decades. And this is the result of that.

    • KP

      Well, of course a candidate can’t fix anything!

      Even Ron Paul would be able to implement precisely nothing that he might want to. The President doesn’t run the country. What a ridiculous notion that you can vote in one man to change the country when the very construction of the country’s government is to protect against one man changing the country.

      We Americans don’t think too hard, do we?

  • Gary2

    Detroit is a perfect example of capitalism working as intended. Privatize the profits and socialize the losses.

    Before some low info right winger responds really think about how capitalism works as intended and then think of Detroit. Its a perfect example.

    • pavan

      Gary2. There are many examples in recent history where Socialism/Communism ruled. Look what Stalin, Mao and Hitler accomplished. What about the welfare states in the EU that are currently collapsing. Detroit is another example. Michigan and Detroit have been run for decades by Democrats. Look what they have accomplished. The US is doing poorly because we have turned into a big government welfare state. Unfortunately, too many people want a free ride, and that’s why we are collapsing.

  • r.bitting

    Michael, I know that you feel that the economic collapse will come upon America gradually, over a period of years, but would’nt the fallout from the confrontation with Iran and the potential for 200+ dollar a barrel oil in the next few months dramatically speed the timing up for both Europe and the US? With so many Americans slipping below the poverty line now, it would seem like 5 to 7 dollar a gallon gasoline would be unsustainable for the nations economy, bringing us down in months rather than years.

    • rockclimber

      I agree 100%…a war with Iran would be catastrophic for our nation and the EU. We should have obeyed George Washington’s words so long ago about staying out of foreign entanglements. War is a Racket. (look up Smedley Butler)

  • McKinley Morganfield

    “If we do not get our financial house in order and fundamentally change our economic policies, we are absolutely doomed. If Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is elected in 2012, that is pretty much going to seal our fate.”

    Obama is kicking the can towards the abyss at the speed of light, Romney will kick the can at 100 mph; that is the only difference.

    We will not get our house in order to prevent a total collapse. The majority of the public are: a.) clueless, b.) lost in a web of government handouts, c.) the political class are in league with the banksters, or d.) all of the above.




      Of course the asylum state is too far gone for anyone to “save” it. But this is what the arc of history clearly shows, that societies must totally collapse before the remaining members of the populace begin to rebuild.

  • kwark

    “. . . and the Republican Party will be so damaged that they may never have another shot at turning this country around.” You’re kidding right? If by “turn around” you mean enforcing the rule of law and a set of fiscal and monetary policies diametrically opposite to what we have now, then sorry, the Republican party hasn’t had any interest in “turning the country around” since the FED was created in 1913. Don’t look to either of the dominant parties if you want real change.

  • Tapper P.

    There will be no miracles. Prepare for the worst.

  • uncurable wound

    Good article,you are correct,we have no political choice between obama/romney.
    I would add one more qualifier to this,that should also be pondered.
    If/WHEN this ship goes down,are there any of these candidates that you would want at the wheel?

    I can say for certain that I dont want either of the aformentioned clowns…

  • Gutter Economist


    Tim Tebow is not running for president.

    No republican presidential candidate including Ron Paul has a plan to bring our manufacturing jobs back from China and other countries.

    Without these jobs, Americans are not going back to work and the national debt will continue to expand.

    • KP

      There is no plan that could work. There is no way to make it financially compelling for American companies to move their factories back into the US. There is absolutely no possible way Americans would accept the jobs at labor cost levels that would satisfy the company boards. We Americans are far too used to our uppity lifestyles to accept such lowly work.

      There is no government policy that can change a society’s attitude. Governments like this one do not drive social engines; they follow closely behind to take advantage of the crossfire.

  • Pat

    The Tebow story, TV, Movies etc are just distraction to confuse you and make you hope for a happy ending where you, I mean the “hero” always gets the girl/boy and the money at the end. In the old days the Calvary would come riding in to save you, In this world there is no Calvary.

    The truth is either you are at the “table” or you are the meal.

    If you want to be at the table and not be the meal check this out:

    1. if you have become the meal and want to avoid being eaten

    2. if you don’t want to become the meal and are willing to do something about it

    3. if you want to sit at the table

  • 007

    Romney is just like Obama. He loves big government. He raised “fees” on everything including a blind person certification fees. He is just a clever politician who you will constantly have to watch what is up his sleeve. Everyone please try to get rid of him in the primaries. Newt would be much better.

  • “Not only is the American dollar headed for deep trouble, but so are all other world currencies. I see total economic confusion striking Europe first and then affecting Japan, the United States, Canada, and all other nations shortly thereafter.”

    “It is not really a depression I see coming–but a recession of such magnitude that it will affect the lifestyle of nearly every wage earner in America and around the World.”

    David Wilkerson, The Vision, 1974

    I don’t know if Wilkerson is right or not. But one amazing thing is that in 1974 he called out a continent first, then a country that has the worst debt of any country, then a nation (US) that has a debt problem, but not as bad as Japan’s, and then a country whose debt is not near as bad as ours. In 1973 when he had “the vision”, there wasn’t a EU and Japan was a growing vibrant country gearing up their manufacturing and producing some of the best products in the world. What are the odds of getting this order of a continent and then 3 countries right in order of their financial strength and especially in 1974 when none of it was true at the time? I know Wilkerson has missed God about certain prophetic words he has given. But still the first chapter in that book reads like today’s news headlines. If anyone has any interest I’ll submit the Cliff Notes from the first chapter.

  • tappedops

    Mr M…
    Lets cut to the chase (and forgive my spelling)— if you want to keep getting linked to the top dogs,you need to go in guns blazen—dont water down a great piece with all the right-left stuff, and whos going to be pres stuff, thats whats hurting AJ right now…as we both know the tri-lad/CFR/UN run the show …congress and the pres have zero pull on NAU soil right now… go for the throat Bro… the info is out there, wake-um up… shock-em with the truth… bottom line …if you venture outside the econ/apse your breaking through the “limmited hangout” into major leage truth…ia the big picture… its bigger than you think…

  • Citigroupie

    “If China,” says Mr. Stapleton, M.P., to his constituents, “should become a great manufacturing country, I do not see how the manufacturing population of Europe could sustain the contest without descending to the level of their competitors.” (Times, Sept. 3, 1873, p. 8.).

  • I think this is an appropriate time to remind you that American politicians used the weight of the American Government to encourage the setting up of the EU in the early days. I believe they even leaned on MacMillan (PM in the UK in the seventies) to join.

    Fortunately I am intelligent enough to know that one gears any frustrations of a country towards the politicians and not towards the people.

    If the catastrophe just affected your politicians I would be happy, but the American people don’t deserve the catastrophe that Michael rightly described above.

    As Bob said, Times, they are a’changing!


  • King Solomon took it for granted that the rich rule over the poor when over 3,000 years ago he said that “just as the rich rule over the poor, the borrower or servant to the lender.” If we replaced every politician with food stamp recipients they would be rich in twenty years and the cycle would continue. Maybe this wasn’t the case when America was new, but we will suffer the fate of every nation that has reach maturity – decline.

    Celente has missed at least a half-dozen dates he published for collapse since Y2K including two just last year. I tend to agree with Peter Schiff who says it could come tomorrow or in a thousand tomorrows due to manipulation. One thing for sure, the longer the boat is propped up the faster it will go under when it does sink.

    Individually, we can get our own lifeboat ready, but our only solution as a country is Tebowing. As Billy Graham once said, “if God does not judge America, he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • karen

    There are some really good links that go along with what you are saying Mr. Mike… Research Hyperinflation businessinsider or just hyperinflation, Gonzola Lira, awesome information, you said most people don’t care what goes on in other countries that just goes to show how folks are so selfish, where I work or even the people I meet they could care less either, but all those banks are connected here, have you ever wondered why everything is electronic as far as most of your paychecks have to be deposited to a bank no more recieving them at your home address, well so they the banksters can control one day how much cash you can take from the teller. Always remember everthing is done for a reason. And that is to keep you a debit slave, you will have to depend on them, and when it’s the right time a chip will be ready for folks that will be the only way you will beable to function. A good book by John Loftus Americas Nazi Secret.

  • Rowell

    I have to agree that if Romney were to win the 2012 presidential election, this country is done…stick a fork in it. There would be absolutely no recovery, as deregulations would destroy worker, environmental and public protections in the name of bigger profits. A bigger exodus of US companies moving their operations overseas. It will be bad. Very very bad.

  • karen

    Pardon my spelling, I didn’t spell check my article.




    Good to see that you have finally admitted your true colors, you are a big government republican. Tim Tebow is an athlete with a warrior’s heart, and I hate to see you trying to use him as a last ditch lifeline to somehow think that the masses, much less the republican wing of the war party, are somehow going to
    “rise to the occasion” and turn the asylum around. That is not how the world works, that is not how the human race works, that is not how history has unfolded. Rock bottom total collapse must occur before the masses pull their heads out of you no where, and finally get the message. A lot of suffering will occur, but hey, that is just how human beings and the world works……………

  • karen

    Art Cashin… Hyperinf
    But economic stagnation continued and so did the money growth. They kept making money more available. No reaction. Then, suddenly prices began to explode unbelievably (but, perversely, not business activity).

    So, on this day government officials decided to bring figures in line with market realities. They devalued the mark. The new value would be 2 billion marks to a dollar. At the start of World War I the exchange rate had been a mere 4.2 marks to the dollar. In simple terms you needed 4.2 marks in order to get one dollar. Now it was 2 billion marks to get one dollar. And thirteen months from this date (late November 1923) you would need 4.2 trillion marks to get one dollar. In ten years the amount of money had increased a trillion fold.

    Numbers like billions and trillions tend to numb the mind. They are too large to grasp in any real sense. Thirty years ago an older member of the NYSE (there were some then) gave me a graphic and memorable (at least for me) example. Young man, he said, would you like a million dollars? I sure would, sir!, I replied anxiously. Then just put aside $500 every week for the next 40 years. I have never forgotten that a million dollars is enough to pay you $500 per week for 40 years (and thats without benefit of interest). To get a billion dollars you would have to set aside $500,000 dollars per week for 40 years. And a&..trillion that would require $500 million every week for 40 years. Even with these examples, the enormity is difficult to grasp.

    Lets take a different tack. To understand the incomprehensible scope of the German inflation maybe its best to start with something basic&.like a loaf of bread. (To keep things simple well substitute dollars and cents in place of marks and pfennigs. Youll get the picture.) In the middle of 1914, just before the war, a one pound loaf of bread cost 13 cents. Two years later it was 19 cents. Two years more and it sold for 22 cents. By 1919 it was 26 cents. Now the fun begins.

    In 1920, a loaf of bread soared to $1.20, and then in 1921 it hit $1.35. By the middle of 1922 it was $3.50. At the start of 1923 it rocketed to $700 a loaf. Five months later a loaf went for $1200. By September it was $2 million. A month later it was $670 million (wide spread rioting broke out). The next month it hit $3 billion. By mid month it was $100 billion. Then it all collapsed.

    Lets go back to marks. In 1913, the total currency of Germany was a grand total of 6 billion marks. In November of 1923 that loaf of bread we just talked about cost 428 billion marks. A kilo of fresh butter cost 6000 billion marks (as you will note that kilo of butter cost 1000 times more than the entire money supply of the nations just 10 years earlier).

    How Could This All Happen


  • Tom

    I agree we need a strong leader to guide us out of the mess both parties got us in to. WHO?? is the question. I was leaning towards Ron Paul but the newslettergate problem he has is of his own making. I would never vote for a bigot or someone who sends out newsletters and then claims he knows nothing about the content of the letters. The rest of the candidates are politicians just like Obama so don’t expect help anytime soon!!!

  • PatriotRider

    Our fate is sealed…and it’s not going to be good. Prepare for the worst.

  • Tim

    The debt subject to limit is only $25 million below the statutory limit. Yet there is nothing in the news indicating that the federal government has declared a debt issuance suspension period. The House is out of session until January 17th and the Senate is out until January 23rd. I don’t see how the federal government can continue operating with so little leeway. I mean, the debt increased by $10 billion on 1/4/12. It actually decreased by about $300k on 1/5/12. Unless the federal government has enough cash receipts to finance its operations until the statutory debt limit is raised or they declare a debt issuance suspension period, I don’t see how they’ll be able to operate without breaching the debt ceiling. But it’s not like the debt ceiling means anything. I mean, what’s the point of having a statutory limit when they raise the limit every time it’s reached?

  • I am NOT a Romney fan, but ************* Please stop with the 1% ************** PLEASE! It smacks of communism. In 2004 I ran for Congress as a “Ron Paul Republican” so I HAVE established my credentials, but I KNOW when I see a Ron Pauler–they descend into class warfare every time. And that’s not Ron Paul. We NEED a man who can make money and be successful, no matter how rich he may be. Attacking Romney because Wallstreet wants him to be good to them is crap. Wallstreet will do that to all sooner or later. We need a man who can really turn this economy around! That man? (wait for it) Rick Santorum! (yeah, I told you that I wasn’t a Romney supporter)


      Andrew Bolton,


      And you think that Rick “Kill All The Gays on Earth” Santorum is the solution? And they say Charles Manson is crazy………….

    • Zedgehero

      Andrew is right we need to stop with this 1% crap and get to the truth. It’s actually .1%. Paul Krugman noted in November 2011 that all American redistribution of income away from the bottom 80% has gone to the highest-income 1% — and that a report looking only through 2005 found that almost two-thirds of the rising share of top 1% income went to the top 0.1% (the richests one-thousandth), who saw their income rise more than 400% from 1979 to 2005.

      Krugman added that the top 0.1% is not heroic entrepreneurs — instead, corporate executives, executives in nonfinancial companies (Wall Street executives), lawyers and real estate kings. Since 1970, executive pay has increased 430%, far above a 250% increase U.S. corporate profits — and wildly above the 26% increase in wages for ordinary workers.

      ‘We are the 99.9 percent’ is a clear message. It is unfair and, in fact, digusting that the American political economy is run for the benefit of a plutocracy(.1%). I don’t see how that can be misunderstood. I don’t like Krugman, but he is right. Even 99 vs 1 is wrong, and when you have 999 vs 1 it becomes even more clear that it’s the International Banking Cartel versus us, not me versus you, for we are the many, and they are the few. The richest 1 tenth of 1 percent of Americans is only 13,000 households and the total is 114 million, so any way you slice it, it’s not right.

      “The wealth inequality in this country did not occur because half the population is lazy and stupid. It didn’t happen because the 1% is intellectually superior, more highly motivated, or more entrepreneurial than the 99%. If any of these statements were true, the inequality would be consistent across decades and centuries. The phenomenon has happened since 1979. Interestingly, it also occurred just prior to the 1929 stock market crash and Great Depression.”- James Quinn

      I don’t want communism, I just want real capitalism, and not this socilaism for the rich, and scraps for the rest of us system that is corrupt. How many people are in prison or on trial for the housing bubble derivative swap scam? 0. Somethings got to give, our terms or their terms? Up to you!

  • Syrin

    The only thing I disagree with is that it’s Tebow time. We passed that point when our debt was 85% of GDP. It’s 100.3% of GDP now, and NO nation has ever recovered when the debt exceeded 80% of GDP.



    Liberalism – decimating nations for centuries

    (and yes, Romney is included in that statement as he too is a liberal.)

  • knightowl77

    I agree that Romney would be bad for the country….I have stated my analogy of the car going over the cliff before. When Bush was driving we were going downhill at 65mph…Obama has it floored and we are doing over 100mph in his Prius car of state…I think Mitt would slow down us down to about 85mph, but is still downhill and still over and off the cliff….

    If Mitt were the nominee I would normally vote 3rd party. However with Obamacare about to take effect in Jan 2014, I think Obama has to go if we are to have any chance to repeal it…Romney has promised to repeal Obamacare and that is important to me. If he does just as he promised that would be an improvement over the status quo….I am hoping that SCOTUS will declare Obamacare unconstitutional, but if they don’t then I have to vote for someone that will at least repeal this Obaminition….

    I will vote Ron Paul in the primary and will try to be selected as a delegate to advance his ideas which we need….Right now a lot hangs on SCOTUS…

  • John Kendrick

    What a great analogy with perfect timing. Thanks for pointing out the facts about Mitt. People that believe he would make noticable, positive changes are just hoping against hope. He is the epitomy of an insider! Romney will use our tax dollars to further his own agenda as has done before.

  • Ensiferum

    I’ve been following this blog for a while now, and I do believe that America, Europe and basically humanity at large is heading in the wrong direction, so to speak. However, the impending collapse (and I believe there will be one) is sure taking its sweet time… I’ve read a multitude of articles, blog posts, and statistical charts all predicting a coming collapse, and after being exposed to all of this for so long, I’m starting to say to myself “well if it’s going to happen, let’s get on with it!”

    I mean, after all of this mental and physical preparation, wouldn’t it be kind of a letdown if the collapse didn’t happen?

    I’m joking, of course. I believe the collapse WILL happen, and it won’t be pretty. After all, if the economy collapsed entirely, it would be shortly followed by societal collapse. Rule of Law would be limited to a few zones of martial law; all else would be anarchy or local “tribal” rule (basically whatever ad-hoc governments local communities of survivors could put together). There would be warfare, violence, starvation, and of course cannibalism. Millions, perhaps billions would die. It would be a time of horrors, the kind most could never imagine.

    But after the dust has settled, the nuclear winter (if one happens) subsides, and the land turns green again, those that survive will be able to start over, and with the mistakes of the past seared into their minds, build a new world, a better world. The nature of the universe is cyclical; something is born or otherwise created, it ages into maturity, and eventually withers and dies, only to be replaced by something else new and vibrant. And thus the cycle continues. The old must make way for the new. It is like this with the sun and the stars, with life in general, and with civilizations. What we are witnessing now is the twilight of the Western World. It has become bloated, corrupt, decadent and rotten and when it goes something else, something new and wonderful, will replace it. And one day this future society will also become decayed and corrupt and suffer a similar fate. It is the nature of things.

    I do not fear the hardships ahead of us, and I do not think it is the end of the world, any more than the collapse of the Roman Empire was the end of the world. Yes, it will be a dark time, but for many, it would also be a time of opportunity. Essentially what I am trying to say is that the coming “Great Collapse” (as some have called it) is something that must happen, and as such should not be feared. And yes, I’d be lying if I said part of me didn’t want this all to happen… (then again, part of me really likes playing video games, watching movies and perusing the internet, and I wouldn’t mind enjoying these things a little while longer…)

    • Ian

      I agree. Though i take a more spiritual/evolutionary perspective on it. What we are about to witness is going to be epic in its scope and will so drastically alter human history and we will come out of all of this a much more compassionate, intelligent, harmonious, and spiritual being. This is the time of the Christ consciousness and the awakening that people have written about for thousands of years. This is a very exciting time to be alive and i believe that those of us who can stand back and watch it all roll on without anxiety are the ones who will make it through to the other side. Those who give into fear and violence will not survive this.
      This is the moment and a planet brings forth an opportunity like this only once in its lifetime. Get Ready.

    • Zedgehero

      Great statement,

      It’s funny how we hope we are all wrong, yet we know we are all right. I have started to embrace the collapse, for the reset could be incredible-Families could be whole once again. Either way this is going down as the greatest time in human history and to not understand that means your not humbled, awed, or even inspired by the comming events.

  • Gary2

    Europe & Canada have better upward mobility… and you though socialism is bad. Silly Republicans.

    A well developed and well run PUBLIC sector is crucial in making that wealth possible. THIS is the moral basis for a strongly progressive tax code. Perhaps the income tax should be renamed the Opportunity Tax.

    Capitalism is all about “gains without consequence”.

    If corporations can get you to work more, faster and for less pay… and without striking….THEY WILL.

    If corporations can get you to send your kids off to die in war to open markets and grab resources for their profits, while you wave a flag….THEY WILL.

    If corporations can make even more money, while taking away your health insurance and public services…and without you toppling them… THEY WILL.

    If corporations can make more money abroad, while leaving you unemployed and your children with a bleaker future… THEY WILL.

    Its all about greed and fear. The power elite will grab anything and everything as long as you allow them. They will not stop for altruistic reasons….only for pitchforks and torches.

    Selected comments fro on point radio that make my point very well.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      What you are describing the democrat fascist version of capitalism foisted upon this country over the past 100 years by people like you. Completely amoral, crony, corrupt and bankrupt.

      Europe and Canada have better upward mobility do they? Please cite for me the statistics on millionares in europe, canada and the US. Please cite for me the stats on Nobel Peace prizes for medicine in the 3 regions. Standard of living of those considered “poor”.

      Sorry but your opinions reek like they came from that orifice everyone has. Have another cup of GE and call me in the morning you ignorant communist.

      • gary2

        PEW poll showed this. Just because the facts do not fit your world view does not make them any less true.

        You prove my point that low information right wingers call everything they do not get communism.

        The Scandinavian countries are beating the USA in every may-child poverty etc.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      Capitalism is all about “gains without consequence”.

      No, that is fascism aka crony capitalism where the government picks winners and losers, not the market place. (Think Obama’s buddies at Solyndra.) Under capitalism the market rules; success is rewarded and failure is punished. We have not had capitalism ever since DC used the commerce clause to decide what is bought and sold and even how it is bought and sold. Once that happened the first thing to be bought and sold was DC. If you’re looking for someone to blame try Wilson, FDR or your messiah, Obama.

      • gary2

        Capitalism is all about “gains without consequence”.

        You have no concept/understanding of capitalism.. I would suggest you reread Adam Smith. Many corporations socialize their costs as much as possible (wal-mart signing up their employees for state healthcare for the poor) and privatize profits.

      • Gay Veteran

        FDR saved capitalism from its failures. We could have gotten Huey Long as president.

    • Very well stated, Gary.

  • highspeedloafer

    We will more than likely get a Tony Romo type of miracle, all promise and no big finish in the end. It would be great if we had a Tebo time in american politics or a Aaron Rodgers time, buy with the american public electing our leaders we would probably do better asking Matt Millen to be our general manager.

    • Zedgehero

      Actually it’s more like Roethschberger Time, and what he did to that intoxicated teen in a dirty scrungy Georgia bar bathroom, funny how he got off that too like the banksters and the 08 sub prime crisis.

  • moonbeam

    The polititians are bought!!We have an auction to the highest bidder!!It does not matter the party,our country is bought,and we are goin down!!!

  • mondobeyondo

    Perhaps Tebow will retire from the NFL when the Broncos win the Super Bowl, and announce that he is running for President of the United States.

    Sure, he has no political experience. But he can’t be any worse than a certain former community organizer from Chicago…. Oh well. One can always dream.

    Romney flip-flops and waffles so much, it makes the International House of Pancakes jealous. But he is the media’s golden boy of the moment. So it looks like a choice between Romney and Barack “Hope and Change!” Obama in November. *sigh*

  • Dr. Detroit

    I know Michael lives in Colorado now the way he talks about Tebow

    • Zedgehero

      I think he went to the university of Florida- he’s a gator aid I believe.

      • Michael

        Yes, I did go to law school at the University of Florida.

        Go Gators!


        • r.bitting

          21-7 FSU, OOPS, sorry, that slipped….

  • Cinderella Man

    If I didnt know better, I would take you for a Colorado boy, Michael. I compare the Broncos to Ron Paul in a sense. Everybody underestimates them, ridicules them and doubts their sincerity. I liken the Paul campaign to how the Broncos were treated last night. Pittsburgh played dirty, they facemasked Tebow 3 times, never was called on it, Harrison cheap-shotted Decker, and that lousy play call that would have given the Broncos the ball near the Steeler’s goal line. But despite all the haters, and bad ref calls, the Broncos presevered. I believe Ron Paul will as well. Despite the press ignoring him, lies and false attacks on him I believe that the voters will turn out for him in droves, so there can be no doubt despite the ballot rigging that Ron will finish a strong second. This is the Winter of Redemption for all of us, For me as well, Im going to be getting a raise and a promotion at my job, and Im still in shock after learning a co-worker is going to retire, and Im going to step it up. So Go America,and Go Broncos!
    Ill leave with some Bob Marley.

    “But my hand was made strong,
    By the hand of the Almighty,
    We forward in this generation,
    Won’t you help to sing,
    These songs of freedom?
    ‘Cause all I ever have
    Redemption songs
    Redemption songs
    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery,
    None but ourselves can free our minds,
    Have no fear for atomic energy,
    Cause none of them can stop the time,
    How long shall they kill our prophets,
    While we stand aside and look?

    • uncurable wound

      Weve got to fulfill the Book!!

      Songs of freedom?

      Weve been sitting down to long
      GET UP
      GET UP
      GET UP NOW!!!

  • nojoke4153

    You think things are improving in the US? Even slightly? Give me a break. That sounds like a line right of the MSM. Our economy is broken. If you’re looking for improvement, don’t look for it here in the US. The BLS totally and purposely distorts all unemployment data. You see the campaign contributions from all the banks and corporations, and who they give them to. These jokers that THEY put in office get paid to keep this shitty status quo in place. To even think otherwise, even for a moment, is delusional.

    • BenjiK

      I couldn’t agree more. National headlines of “Unemployment drops to 8.5%” are easily translated to “Millions of Americans living in poverty as unemployment benefits run out”.

  • Josh

    Speaking of Tim Tebow and Christianity, our fate has already been sealed. Like Alex Jones has said, we’ve murdered over 50 million babies by abortion here in the US – you think God is just going to let us get away with that?

    • Tim

      Nope. That’s one of the reasons this nation is in the condition it’s in.

  • Tebow Time

    The best part is he threw for 3:16 Yards in the win against the Steelers. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Amen!


      Tebow Time,

      As I despise New England worse than herpes, I would love to see the Ravens and the Broncos in the AFC Championship Game.


        Tebow Time,

        Tebow 3:16 I JUST WHIPPED YOUR A$$!!

    • mondobeyondo

      So glad Tebow has never thrown for 66.6 yards in a single game.

      • Michael

        But you have to admit – it really is amazing that he threw for exactly 316 yards….


        • mondobeyondo

          But you have to wonder if it really is coincidence. Maybe not… hmmm…

        • gary2

          football is trash tv just like american idol etc.


    ok….so what does ‘Tebow Time’ mean??

    easy, PRAY, PRAY HARD. & give thanks to God Almighty for the Bounty of Christ the Lord which we still have.

    it doesn’t matter when you start:
    imploring God’s Mercy on the U.S
    & the world . January 8 – February 16
    This is an URGENT call to PRAY & FAST!



      Yeah, yeah, yeah. Say your prayers and take your vitamins brother.

      I’ll keep that in mind when total economic collapse occurs…………..

  • comnenus

    Tebow will be beaten again by Tom Brady, who got to shag Gisele. Who will Tebow marry? Who knows, but we know she won’t be a beauty.

    And I can bet my head that Romney will side with Brady.

  • BenjiK

    I’m usually not one to gloat, but “SUCK IT Bill Maher!!!!!!!” Ok, thanks for letting me get that out of my system, I’m better now….. 🙂

    • gary2

      Bill Maher is a saint and is WAY smarter than ANY republican.

      • BenjiK

        Hmmm, not too sure a devout Atheist can be categorized as a “saint”, but OK Gary, I’ll play. We can always tell when you’re having one of your “angry days”, as you will say just about anything to get attention, no matter how devoid of logic and common sense it may be. Now it’s far from me to judge, however, if you want to troll through life as an angry, hateful, spiteful, and closed-minded individual such as Bill Maher, without his financial assets of course, that is your prerogative. However, there have been SEVERAL people on this site who have reached out to you with nothing but your best interest and happiness at heart. Let go of the hate, brother, as it will devour you if you let it. We will continue to pray for you and your family Gary, and I truly hope you come to find the happiness and peace you so obviously long for.

  • BenjiK

    Here’s a little tid-bit to think about. Currently the number 1 job-creator in the U.S. is McDonalds, and many states, under pressure from the feds, now allow the use of food-stamps at fast-food restaurants, namely the Golden Arches. A record number of Americans are now on federal food assistance, with the eligibility parameters being expanded regularly. This makes for good employment numbers for BO, but also ensures stability and growth for Michelle O.’s, and the feds, “War on childhood obesity”, all on the backs of the American Taxpayer. Connect the dots, do the math and demand CHANGE. Federal food-assistance is a very essential program, however, all aspects of the population would GREATLY benefit if there was an emphasis on FRESH fruit, vegetables and local meat products. People would be much healthier, childhood obesity would dramatically decrease, it would support local and national farmers and most importantly, would ENCOURAGE FAMILY-ORIENTED DINNER-TABLE MEALS. It would also give parents the opportunity to teach children necessary cooking skills and provide quality time in the kitchen.

    • highspeedloafer

      Unfortunately, most of those parents wouldn’t know what to do with a pound of dry beans.

      • BenjiK

        Agreed. Maybe a mandatory “foods preparation” class in order to qualify for assistance? I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have all the answers, but it seems so many government programs are devoid of accountability and common sense…..

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    I love it… a clean-cut, white, heterosexual, Christian male in the national spotlight. How often do you see that?

    • Gay Veteran

      every single day

  • Are you prepared for what’s comming? Many are begining to prepare while still hoping for things to turn around. Read this article on Market Oracle for a straight forward explaination of what is happing and where it will likely go.

    • Toomanyfakeconservatives

      Michael, why do you allow blatant comment spam like this? If someone can’t bother to write one sentence on the current topic, it’s just a distraction.

      • Michael

        I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and allow people to post what they want most of the time

        You should see the stuff that I don’t allow to be posted 🙂


      • gary2

        If Michael allows the goofs to quote bible verses which have NOTHING to do with any topic on this site then whats a little spam.

        Michael has another site that people can quote verses back and forth. Its pretty boring but it is something like the truth of or something like that.

  • Robert

    I heard on the radio today that Italy has a new law to limit cash exchanges, ostensibly to prevent upcoming runs on their banks. Will we be next??

  • Luis

    Ah yes, sports… “We’re number 1! We’re number 1!” It pains me to see how many Christians think they can mix competitive sports with faith:

    “And he sat down, and called the twelve, and saith unto them, If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.” Mark 9:35

    “After that he poureth water into a bason, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded.” John 13:5

    How about the ultimate in self-sacrificing, loving service to the human race- Christ’s death on the cross.

    Aren’t Christians called to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ”? (Romans 13:14) Aren’t they called to be Christ-like?

    So OK Christians… how exactly do you reconcile all that with what’s going on in a competitive sports game? Or to be a little more to the point… what is your excuse for eating swines flesh at the table of Satan, the enemy of the Lord you claim to love? Because that is what you are doing when you watch or play in any game of competition.

    • Ian

      i concur. Anyone who calls themself a christian and then sits down to watch sunday football and quotes these talentless idiots stats are living examples of hypocrisy. Christ himself would spit on the idolation and worship of these football nut sacks.
      This is idolatry at its worse. Not only do they worship these players, but these players become ridiculously wealthy for essentially doing nothing. Absoulutely nothing. In all honesty, why the hell does anyone care so much about football or any other sport for that matter to such an obsessive level. When you stand back look at it from a truly holistic sense, it truly is painful that full grown adults have taken essentially a childs game and made it into a religion. It is also worth noting that only one hundred years ago, sports such as football and baseball were played by only children and/or seen as nothing more than a pasttime to pass away a sunny summer day. Nowadays it has become a sickening cult. And if you cheer for someone elses cult, you are chastised. Really!!??? and then we wonder why we have a planet that cannot get along, when we continually choose to divide and compete. It is childish and it must be outgrown if we are to continue forward and evolve. Think about it.

      • gary2

        I agree-all sports are boring pointless trash.

        • gary2

          I will go you one further-pastor actually schedules church functions around the big game-football-not because he gives a ****** about it but so many members do.

          These are the same ************* who confess in the pews every Sunday. What a joke.

  • Otown Right Guy

    In regards to the Romney corporate donor (aka buyer) list. Corporations should not be allowed to donate one cent to a political candidate. Only individuals should. Corporations are not people (sorry Mittens) and do not have rights.

    Speaking of Mittens, he says that he enjoys being able to fire people. What a piece of…work. Who in their right mind would vote for this evil man?

    Ron Paul 2012…or more of the same.

  • tappedops

    I have to admit that i love the final episode of the mens “soapoperabowl”… i always cry when the hero gets the ring… o my heavens…

  • Michael

    Good article, as always!

    I will only add that most of the job growth in the last 2 years has been fake, the result of the Birth Death model and seasonal adjustments. According to the BLS, there were 2.7 mil. net new jobs in the last 2 years. This makes me wonder why we have not heard anything about companies expanding and adding workers. Neither the BLS nor ADP will release the companies they survey to get these results. And the MSM will never ask questions.

    You recently posted a list of store closings. Could you post a list of companies that are expanding or hiring? I sure can’t find any that are hiring more than a few workers.



  • nowwthen

    Thanks for all the work you put into this blog and the informative articles that result. The reply section is always interesting too and I hope you won’t mind a suggestion. It’s great that everyone is free to reply to the replies of others but many may not make the effort to put their agreements or disagreements in writing. The comments section that follows most Yahoo articles allows readers to check a simple thumbs up or thumbs down icon to measure the readers’ approval rating of individual comments. A similar system applied to your blog might improve interest while giving a better measure of reader sentiment. No need to post this reply regardless of what you think about this suggestion.

    • Michael


      It is a good suggestion. Does anyone know how that would be implemented on a blog like this? I am afraid that my tech skills are not as advanced as they should be. 🙂


      • nowwthen

        I wish I had those skills but I got nothin’ as they say. But with all the exposure your blogs get it’s a safe bet that somebody familiar with them does.

      • Gutter Economist

        You could do this with a WordPress “Plugin”.

        Go to your WordPress administration page and search for Plugins with a “rating” or “thumb” tag.

        It is a simple process to download and install.

  • Andy

    This is one American who is VERY interested in whats going on in Europe…Please don’t stop talking about it as the European banks are the first domino that will fall. As for everything else in your blogs love the content and info. It seems to me you are spot on the money.

  • Gutter Economist

    How to be a Tebow at any age…

    At age 4 success is not piddling in your pants.
    At age 8 success is remembering the way home.
    At age 12 success is having friends.
    At age 16 success is having a driver’s license.
    At age 35 success is having money.
    At age 50 success is having money.
    At age 70 success is remembering where you put your money.
    At age 75 success is having friends.
    At age 75 success is having a drivers license.
    At age 80 success is remembering the way home.
    At age 85 success is not piddling in your pants.

  • Cool Mike

    No one here after all was said mentioned ANYTHING about what God has said. Satan runs this world and he is here to deceive, kill and destroy because God loves us and will destroy him for what he has done. It is really very simple. Christ will return and take His children. Those that cannot here His voice will remain and suffer. Of course there will be those that will say I’m not getting enough sleep or whatever, and I’m cool with that. Not tryin to convince anyone here. IT’s all been prophecide. So I don’t see the point in all the dribble. IT’s all coming to an end just as Christ predicted. You’re either with it or you’re not. ~Peace~

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