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The Coming Economic Hell For American Families

Tens of millions of American families are about to go through economic hell and most of them don’t even realize it. Most Americans don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about things like “monetary policy” or “economic cycles”.  The vast majority of people just want to be able to get up in the morning, go to work and provide for their families.  Most Americans realize that things seem “harder” these days, but most of them also have faith that things will eventually get better.  Unfortunately, things aren’t going to get any better.  The number of good jobs continues to decline, the number of Americans losing their homes continues to go up, people are having a much more difficult time paying their bills and our federal government is drowning in debt.  Sadly, this is only just the beginning.

Since the financial collapse of 2008, the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government have taken unprecedented steps to stimulate the economy.  But even with all of those efforts, we are still living in an economic wasteland.

So what is going to happen when the next wave of the economic crisis hits?

During one recent interview, Peter Schiff made the following statement….

If you look at the economic relapse that’s going on right now, look at Friday’s abysmal job numbers, look at the housing numbers, understand that all of this is taking place with record monetary and fiscal stimulus. What happens if we remove those supports?

At the end of June, the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program is slated to end.  The U.S. Congress and state legislatures from coast to coast are talking about budget cuts.  The amount of borrowing and spending that has been going on is clearly unsustainable, but will the U.S. economy start shrinking again once the current “financial sugar high” has worn off?

Already, all sorts of bad economic news has been coming out and all kinds of economic indicators are turning south.  The American people are becoming increasingly restless.  One new poll has found that 59 percent of the American people disapprove of Barack Obama’s handling of the economy (which is a new high).  According to another recent poll, 63% of Americans say that they feel “not good” or “bad” about how the U.S. economy is performing.

If most Americans had good jobs, could afford their mortgages and could pay their bills, the economy would not be such a big issue.

Unfortunately, times are really tough for American families right now and they are about to get a lot tougher.


The official unemployment rate just went up to 9.1 percent, but that figure only tells part of the picture.

There are some areas of the country where it seems nearly impossible to find a decent job.  Millions of Americans have fallen into depression as they find themselves unable to provide for their families.

According to CBS News, 45.1 percent of all unemployed Americans have been out of work for at least six months.  That is a higher percentage than at any point during the Great Depression.

Just two years ago, the number of “long-term unemployed” in the United States was only 2.6 million.  Today, that number is up to 6.2 million.

Can you imagine being out of work for 6 months or more?

How would you survive?

Just look at the chart below.  What we are going through now is really unprecedented.  The average duration of unemployment in this country is now close to 40 weeks….

So will things get any better soon?  Well, there were only about 3 million job openings in the United States during the month of April.  Normally there should be about 4.5 million job openings.  The economy is slowing down once again.  Good jobs are going to become even more rare.

There are millions of other Americans that are “underemployed”.  All over the United States you will find hard working Americans that are flipping burgers or working in retail stores because that is all they can get right now.

Most temp jobs and most part-time jobs don’t pay enough to be able to provide for a family.  But there are not nearly enough full-time jobs for everyone.

Sadly, the number of “middle class jobs” is about 10 percent lower than a decade ago.  There are simply less tickets to the “good life” than there used to be.


But without good jobs, the American people cannot afford to buy homes.

Without good jobs, the American people cannot even afford the homes that they are in now.

U.S. home prices have fallen 33 percent since the peak of the housing bubble.  That is more than they fell during the Great Depression.

This decline in housing prices has caused a lot of problems.

28 percent of all homes with a mortgage in the United States are in negative equity at this point.  There are millions of American families that are now paying on mortgages that are for far more than their homes are worth.

Millions of American families literally feel trapped in their homes.  They can’t afford to sell their homes, and if they simply walk away nobody will approve them for new home loans for many years to come.

Many Americans are sticking it out and are staying in their homes until they simply can’t pay for them anymore.

As the number of good jobs continues to decline, the number of Americans that are losing their homes continues to rise.

For the first time ever, more than a million U.S. families lost their homes to foreclosure in a single year during 2010.

If the economy slows down once again and millions more Americans lose their jobs this problem is going to get a lot worse.


Even if they aren’t losing their homes yet, millions of other Americans families are finding it increasingly difficult to pay the bills.

Wages have been very flat over the past few years and yet the cost of most of the basics just seems to keep going up and up.

According to Brent Meyer, a senior economic analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, the cost of food and the cost of energy have risen at an annualized rate of 17 percent over the past six months.

Have your wages gone up by 17 percent over the past six months?

As 2009 began, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was $1.83.  Today it is $3.77.

American families are finding that their paychecks are going a lot less farther than they used to, but Ben Bernanke keeps insisting that we have very little inflation in 2011.

Most Americans don’t care much about economic statistics – they just want to be able to do basic things like take their children to the doctor.

According to one recent survey, 26 percent of Americans have put off doctor visits because of the economy.

Sadly, soon a lot more American families will not be able to afford to go to the doctor.

According to one recent survey, 30 percent of all U.S. employers will “definitely or probably” quit offering employer-sponsored health coverage once Obamacare is fully implemented in 2014.

As the economic situation has unraveled, an increasing number of people are being forced to turn to the federal government for assistance.

One out of every six Americans is now enrolled in at least one anti-poverty program run by the federal government.

Some of the hardest hit members of our society have been our children.  Today, one out of every four American children is on food stamps.

Back in the old days, a large percentage of American families were self-sufficient, but that is no longer the case.

Back in 1850, approximately 50 percent of all Americans worked on farms.

Today, less than 2 percent of Americans do.

So these days when American families can’t feed themselves what do they do?

They turn to the federal government of course.

At the moment, approximately 44 million Americans are on food stamps.

But our federal government cannot afford to spend money like this forever.

According to a recent USA Today analysis, the U.S. federal government took on $5.3 trillion in new financial obligations during 2010.  USA Today says that the U.S. government now has $61.6 trillion in financial obligations that have not been paid for yet.


Who is going to end up paying that bill?

So with so much bad news, are our leaders alarmed?

Not really.

According to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, “growth seems likely to pick up somewhat in the second half of the year.

Yeah, we’ll see how that prediction works out.

Others are not so sure that everything is going to turn out okay.

Recently, James Carville warned that we could literally see rioting in the streets if the economic situation does not turn around soon.  Just check out the last part of the video below….

The truth is that America is in decline.  Just like with all of the great empires of the past, our empire is starting to crumble too.

A recent article in the Guardian touched on some of the reasons for America’s decline….

The experience of both Rome and Britain suggests that it is hard to stop the rot once it has set in, so here are the a few of the warning signs of trouble ahead: military overstretch, a widening gulf between rich and poor, a hollowed-out economy, citizens using debt to live beyond their means, and once-effective policies no longer working. The high levels of violent crime, epidemic of obesity, addiction to pornography and excessive use of energy may be telling us something: the US is in an advanced state of cultural decadence.

The economic news is only part of the puzzle.  This country has rejected the ancient wisdom that was passed down to us and we have rejected the principles of our founding fathers.

We have piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world and yet somehow we expected that everything would turn out okay.

Well, everything is not going to turn out okay.

All of this debt is going to come down on us like a ton of bricks and the U.S. economy is going to continue to fall apart.  Millions of American families are going to lose their jobs and their homes.

Economic hell is coming.

You better get ready.

  • marne jameson

    As long as the US has the highest corporate taxes and a president that is both anti-business and anti-American we will never get out of the economic mess we are in.

    Jobs alone would pump much needed funds into the economy and PAY SOME OF THOSE STINKIN’ taxes that Pelosi and Reid like to spend so easily.

    If a business cannot meet its financial obligations, it goes out of business; unless is the car manufacturers OR AIG OR a bank.

    TARP was just wrong.

    The “bail outs” were just wrong.

    The stimulus and the clunker programs where simply not thought out at all.

    BTW: the government take over of US healthcare has NOTHING to do with healthcare. It has everything to do with forcing Americans to be dependent on the government and has us resulting in a socialist country.

    • moses737

      Marne you are right. But it goes deeper than that. The International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins, are controlling Obama and he is their new puppet. Bush and all the other Presidents were also their puppets. And when they wouldn’t obey them; they shot them or assasinated them or even poisoned them. And these monsters are doing everything in their power; to destroy the Great American Empire. By destroying the middle class and the small businesses; which is the backbone of America. And their grand finale, is to force everybody to take their zombie making and mind controlling mark of the beast chip in peoples foreheads or hands. And this Mark (chip) will curse you forever; because it will mean that you have joined and sided with Lucifer and his antichrist beast leader; instead of serving God and Jesus Christ. And Revelation 13 and 14:9-11. Serve Jesus instead and go to heaven and also live like a king or queen on the renovated Earth. But the wicked International Bankers/Illminati kingpins and their workers will be in hell and be tormented 10 times worse than your average beast chipped zombie lakey slave.

    • Loki

      Obama (and Bush) are only anti the businesses that are not controlled by the bankster oligarchy. All those rules and taxes are to destroy the competition, while the oligarchy (big) business gets waivers, exemptions and bailouts.

    • R_Smith

      I could not agree more with you about the ill-conceived government “bail-outs” and their effects on all aspects of American economic life. Please do not suffer under the illusion that there is time to “patch up” or “repair” the damage that has been done, particularly via elected officials. Like the engineer in the toy electric locomotive, the President and Congressmen put on the hat, blow the whistle, ring the bell and, when the ride ends, step off. But there are others who operate the train’s transformer. Elected officials, in and of themselves, are absolutely powerless. We have know about the true sources of control for decades, but so long as we were allowed to pursue our lives with relative ease, we paid them no mind. Those days, to me, are now imminently over.

  • R. Lucius

    Hmmm. A lot of doomsday stuff here. Sure, the dollar is over, the middle class is toast, and the jobs have gone. The re-set button has been pushed. Short-term: chaos. Long-term, I think we’re being told to be self-sufficient again – a core characteristic of Americans until the socialist rot of Progressivism slowly creeped in the last 60 years or so.

    When I was 20, I was encouraged to get a good government or corporate job, ride the ladder up, collect the bennies, and retire with a nice pension. It was always a con job. Rather – I started my own business, and have been self-employed for 35 plus years. Fortunately, my business is international and remains unaffected by the USA economy – which – when it goes down, will not take the world with it, as some think.

    I’m not feeling too sorry for those who have not been paying attention the past few decades. A few of us saw it coming many years ago – but we were jeered and laughed at by the mainstream. We Americans only have ourselves to blame for this pathetic condition. We let the Fed rule, we voted in their pawns, we borrowed on home equity and we dumbed ourselves down. Now, most all of us have to pay. No free ride forever.

    So what to do. Me? Garden, gold, silver, guns, house in the Texas countryside in a community of like-minded people. And even if it gets bad there, I have lifestyle options overseas and can move in a heartbeat. It’s not too late for those of you waking up to this. In fact, some of the greatest fortunes have been made in the worst of times. It simply takes an attitude of comlete self-sufficiency. Be dependent no more. Start thinking for yourselves. Quit feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t find a job. Go out and make your own job. Believe me, it’s much easier than you think. I submit that most of us need to press the re-set button on ourselves and become real Americans again. Believe me, America is hardly finished. Fact is, we’ve only just begun.

    • moses737

      Okay Luciu – But what will happen to you when their is a world wide depression? And what is going to happen to all of your wealth when the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins take it? But then too; you could already be one of them; and if you are; you will be in the great lake of fire and brimstone; screaming your head off in the greatest tormentings imaginable. And what will you do when these Luciferic monsters, demand that you take their zombie making and mind controlling mark of the beast chip in your forehead or hand? And Revelation 14:9-11, says that if you take it, God will have you in hell being tormented 24/7, forever, because by taking it; it will mean that you have joined and sided with Lucifer and his antichrist beast leader; and their Satanic leaders. What are you going to do when all of this happens? Hopefully; you will be with Jesus; and be martyred, because you have rejected their Mark (chip). And then you will live like a god, on the renovated and beautified Earth, and in heaven, forever and ever.

    • Loki

      So you are resistant to the programming, not everyone is so blessed. I know several smart, unemployed folks that cannot “make their own job”. They are intelligent, hard working, and in many cases are raising most of their own food. They just do not have the confidence or people skills necessary to run a business, and those are hard to acquire after 25 years in a cubicle. In most cases money is also a problem, which might be overcome; but the habit of, and education to look to others for direction is much more difficult to change.

    • Paul Miller

      Boy you got it all figured out until a band of robbers want what you have. As you say gold , guns and silver until someone with more members then where you live want it.

  • robert

    oh come on now
    obama with all the hope and change and yes we can
    they will fix everything

    911weknow com

  • Carolyn

    “Can you imagine being out of work for 6 months or more?”

    Yes, sadly. My husband lost his long-term job in 2009 due to budget cuts. Don’t worry, I said. I’m still working, and we have a year of our salary in savings. You’re smart, you’re educated, you’re a hard worker. You’ll find a job soon.

    Two months later, my long-term job was sent to India.

    I still wasn’t worried. I’m smart, I’m educated, and I’m a smart worker.

    A year and a half later, I haven’t found new career yet. I’m 50. No one is going to hire me. I am working – at a Home Depot. At a 79% pay cut from my prior position. But it doesn’t pay for anything. My husband found a new position in his field – at a 62% pay cut from his prior position.

    We lived off unemployment and our savings, until both ran out. We put our house and investment property on the market the day after I lost my job.

    We haven’t had one offer.

    We just had our Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged. Our foreclosure is still pending. No word yet when that will be done.

    To add insult to injury, we owe Federal income taxes on the penalties we used to make withdrawals from our 401(k)’s to live off. My husband took a job in another state, and we were SHOCKED to learn that we owed NEW YORK STATE taxes on the income he earned in Mississippi – to New York state! Apparently there is some loophole that if you are a property owner in New York, but earn income in another state, you have to pay New York state income taxes on out of state earned income.

    We’ve been told once our foreclosure is finalized, we may owe taxes on that as well.

    What happened to our country?

  • jhunted7667

    sexual immorality and perversity came first to wallstreet then they stole to fuel their desire , now we face even more perversity not only in the people but the markets and the frauduent securities vehicles they try to force on us,everyone should get out of the market and seek hard money

  • Gene

    According to one recent survey, 26 percent of Americans have put off doctor visits because of the economy.
    I’m sure it’s probably actually higher than that, seeing that all the insurers are raising deductables, and millions being out of work have no insurance, along with seniors who find it difficult to just pay bills, let alone pay for their prescriptions.

  • Brandy

    All I’m doing at this point is trying to prepare my family and its hard!! they just don’t get it.. my kids are 15,20,24 all live at home youngest is my son. My kids think this life is unfair they have part time jobs with 10-20 hours a week so they really can’t help out at home and I was staying at home but I got a job 4 months ago to help out and my hubby is working at a private prison as a guard for 12.00 hr. he hates it, but thats all he could find when we moved here to Colorado from Arizona. Our dream is to own a small piece of land to grow food on and build some kind of shelter. My kids can’t understand that this is survival time only the strong will and prepared will come thru just by the skin of their teeth. Everytime I talk to my husband about whats happening he just gets really depressed.

    • Tracy

      I understand exactly what you are feeling. I feel so sorry for my children because I do not see them ever having the kind of worry-free childhood and adolesence that I had. My husband and I just bought a wreck of a tiny house on an acre in a rural area. I just wanted enough land to grow hopefully enough food. We moved to an area where the growing season is year round.
      My dear husband–like yours–is so discouraged. He has a masters degree in teaching, but can’t get a teaching job because the school districts are cutting back. He is working as a security guard. We struggle to buy groceries after paying utilities. I feel discouraged because we cannot get the things that we need to fix our house–(walls are falling down in the bathroom)–and the things we need to begin our planned gardening and poultry raising. But I take comfort in the fact that we are farther along than we were a year ago.
      My main concern is that we are all running out of time. Our expenses are going up–just basic neccessities–so that doesn’t give us any extra to store food and neccessities. I feel that is what everyone needs to do.
      In 2005, I told my children–I have 9 of them and 15 grandchildren–that something was coming. I could just feel it. I told them to prepare.
      My husband passed away unexpectedly when I was expecting our last child. Things happened–a house fire, etc., and I lost everything–except my children. I fear that those circumstances have put me behind in preparations. I remarried years later to a wonderful man who works so hard for so little.
      I have lived a frugal life and learned to garden, can food, raise chickens, etc. But I fear that our preparation has begun a little too late, it is so difficult to get ahead and store and garden for what is coming.
      Just make a list of what you need and want to accomplish and work at it little by little–and hang in there. My heart and prayers are with you and your family. Love each other, pray and work hard and you will be fine.
      Tell your children to watch and write down what they are seeing and feeling. They need to know that they are living in a time like no other.

  • Rense

    To solve all these problems you need competing currencies and you need to study up on this. The fiat we have today is a money monopoly forced upon us by law and is inflated and devalued. This means people are forced to take risks with their money just to run in place.

    It allows governments to take money indirectly. Really u do need to figure this out because sleazy politicians sure have.

  • liberyandprosperity

    Can someone tell me why there are millions of Indians on H-1B B-2 L-1 whatever, guest foreign workers on visa or green card. Mainly in IT
    yep the computer jobs- good pay. Today you will see thousands of them took all the IT jobs in New Jersey, you wont see hardly any whites, chinese, or blacks, a few hispanics, virtualy 0 blacks in IT here. These jokers need to be rounded up and sent back home on the same airplane they came here in…. they just dont get it that they are not welcome. I also want to round up all the CIO’s and board of directors
    and send them on the plane also, back to that third world hell hole. Get the non-citizen workers out of the USA asap, to get the jobs back ! We have got to be INSANE to keep bringing more each year. they also don’t fit in, and are cheap, rude, arrogant , and pagans for the most part…. something we don’t need more of here.

  • Harold

    People don’t understand what the problem is. The people can buy with a fever pitch and all it does is put foreigners to work. OUr news media and politicians are dumbing us down because they know what the problem is. It’s called trade deficit, nearly a trillion a year. The only one who said anything is Donald Trump and new he is silenced. What happened?

  • Gig

    We export more natural gas than the entire nation needs each year. We have enough natural gas to meet the nation’s needs for at least 100 years.

    We have found enough oil from Kansas running into Canada, not to mention Alaska and our off shore sites to meet world need. We won’t drill, but congress sent billions overseas so others could drill, have oil and jobs.

    WE ONLY NEED TO ELECT LEADERS TO CONGRESS WHO WILL DRILL SO WE CAN UNDER SELL THE ARABS TO THE ENTIRE WORLD AND PAY OFF OUR DEBTS. REAL SIMPLE!!! (Spare me the garbage about why WE can’t drill when we pay other countries to drill so THEY will have a better life at our expense.) GET RID OF OUR ENEMIES – ROLL CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE.

  • been there done that

    Don’t panic. Be concerned, vigilant and prepare but do not panic. I’ve lived in three countries where the “economy collapsed”, currency collapsed, government defaulted on their debt etc. oh wait! 4 countries and not much happened. Yes, you lost your savings, lost job, lost house, but that happens ALL the time, has been happening for centuries, read history, but the people are still there, alive, and in many cases doing much better. Russia, Brazil, are two of those countries. Spare me the hate email, instead try to help others prepare.

  • ZBK

    American feminist bitches have ruined the workplace and the home. This country has already collapsed. We are now a laughing stock in the world, courtesy of feminism and American women.

  • Highspeed

    I’m getting ready in NC, but most of the folks I talk to think I am crazy. I am concerned that in my desire to warn others I may have open myself up to being a victim when the shtf.

    • R_Smith

      Given the amount and intensity of surveillance and monitoring going on in our country, I would agree with you that it might be well to be cautious. I’m like you and want to do the same thing, especially for those who seem not to know what it going on, but it still call for caution, in my opinion.
      Take care.

  • Joeseph Miller

    This corrupt government sent all the jobs overseas with NAFTA, CAFTA and GANT. Get all the education and training you want but there are very few jobs out there with a small number paying a decent wage. You see the world is not ending but the country is. Americans stood by and did nothing when 40 million illegals invaded, colonized and are now conquering their country. With all the corruption and crookedness going on from this government the various government agencies are spying on any American critical of the ultracorrupt government. It is very similar to what the SS and SA was doing in the in the final days of WW2 Germany.

    The economic picture is bleak, your currency is in a free fall, there are more foreign nationals living here illegally and on assistance than ever before, you will never receive a dime in Social Security although you paid into it for years. I could go on and on but like this country I am running out of time. If you want to see who is responsible for all this just stand in front of the mirror. All those registered Demonrats who voted for their Demonrat candidates are mostly to blame but there was also many Republicans who also helped in the demise of this country.

  • Winston Smith

    I do disability claims, used to do social security and Medicaid, now just Medicaid….just got an illegal alien case today that I have to work on and likely, based on issues, will approve a 20 yr old illegal alien! If politicians really wanted to do something, they would cut that out. Normal people finding out about that sort of thing, but do little to demand change. Plus, Medicaid is open to people now that work full time. So, Govt money and insurance going to pay for bills in medical facilities largely owned or dependant on Govt money-robbing Peter to pay Paul.BTW, when a social security number starts with 990, means illegal alien that your Govt has created out of thin air for them to use..

  • David

    I am 62 and can not find a job. It is sad to watch this wonderful country of my youth fade so fast. You, I and the Government can not continue to do wrong things and expect right results. I really do fear for my grandchildren. I can not see them having anything but a hard time even keeping afloat.Debt has ruined our nation and is making our currency worthless. Jobs are gone and we do not manufacture anything over here. We dishonored the God that helped us and we are suffering for it. The only reason that we have not been completely destroyed is our friendship with ISRAEL and Obama and his henchmen hate them with a passion. We have let this happen. Now look at us. We have a worthless currency, a Muslin President who is anti American, a jobless country, and a silly congress who as no backbone and has no real solutions. What a joke we have become.

    • R_Smith

      I understanding what you are saying. I am 67 and a grandfather of two. I believe we are seeing only the economic tip of the iceberg, and It’s going to become much more serious. For example, are you paying close attention to our immigration “policies”, the potentially dangerous and growing DHS and Janet Napolitano? If not, you might want to start. I’m afraid when Obama tries to sign another one of his many “Executive Orders” (without advising Americans in advance), affecting gun ownership or Congress attempts to repeal the Second Amendment, the situation in our country will quickly become bloody. DHS did not buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for target practice, and it does not continue to buy ammunition, guns and armored vehicles capable of withstanding a .50 caliber shot. Whatever became of the mechanisms for allowing Americans to vote on proposed legislation such as the initiative or the referendum? Why are we not demanading them?

  • Ben Dover (America)

    What can Americans do to fight the New World Order?

    1. Turn off or throw away your T.V.
    2. Think for yourself.
    3. Question all so-called ‘Authority’
    4. Get out, and/or stay out, of debt!
    5. Use cash, trade or barter as much as possible, rather than debit cards and credit cards
    6. Get rid of grocery store ‘discount’ cards –grocery stores provide this information to insurance companies.
    7. Bank at a Credit Union, or any alternative to the ‘TBTF’ Banks, that participated in the 2008 Banker Bailout.
    8. Invest as much as you reasonably can in precious metals – especially silver.
    9. You have the right to own a firearm, to protect yourself,and your family. Read the 2nd Amendment.
    10. Buy products “Made in America”
    11. Start your own garden
    13. Meditate or pray – reduce your stress!
    14. Get exercise!
    15. Read a book (here is an excellent book recommendation: Psychological Warfare and the New World Order:The Secret War Against the American People )
    16. Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient, or other alternative music
    17. Watch ‘Freedom to Fascism’–a film by Aaron Russo (can be found here:
    18. Watch ‘Why We Fight’–a film by Eugene Jarecki (can be found here:…r_embedded)
    19. Watch ‘Endgame’–a film by Alex Jones (can be found here:
    20. Below is advice from John Perkins’ book, entitled THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (The Truth About Economic Hit Men,Jackals,And How To Change The World), pp. 322-329.

    “AVOID SHOPPING AS ‘RETAIL THERAPY’ (Instead, jog, meditate, read, or find some other solution).
    SHOP CONSCIOUSLY – if there is something you must have, purchase items whose packaging, ingredients, and methods of production are sustainable and support life.
    PURCHASE AT CONSIGNMENT AND THRIFT STORES –where everything is recycled.
    Write letters telling Monsanto, De Beers, ExxonMobil, Adidas, Ford, GE, Coca-Cola, WALMART, and other labor exploiters and environment destroyers
    DOWNSIZE (your car, home, wardrobe) – everything in your life (and don’t buy what you don’t need)
    SUPPORT/SEND MONEY only to non-profits, radio stations, and other organizations that promote JUST causes.
    VOLUNTEER your time and energy to such organizations.
    ENCOURAGE stores to buy from local growers, producers, and suppliers.
    Shop at your LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKET
    AVOID DRINKING WATER THAT IS FLUORIDATED (only your toothpaste should have non-industrial fluoride)
    INSIST that those who use your money – banks, pensions, mutual funds, companies – make socially and environmentally responsible investments.”
    21. Invest in precious metals (especially silver).
    22. Research every company whose products or services you buy
    23. Research every organization to which you donate your hard-earned money
    24. Vote with your dollars!
    25. Watch ‘The Secret of Oz’– a film by William T. Still (can be found here:
    26. Get prepared for when the U.S. dollar TOTALLY COLLAPSES – You’ll need 1) Water, 2) Food, 3) Vital Medicine 4) First Aid Kit, etc.
    27. Global, non-violent, NON-COMPLIANCE is the answer, of We the Plebs, to the ‘elite’ New World Order!
    28. Find alternatives to EVERYTHING that they’ve set up, to entrap you in THEIR system.
    29. What would happen if 200 MILLION AMERICANS refused to pay their taxes, in 2012? (Just a hypothetical question)
    30. Familiarize yourself with the concept of BOYCOTT
    31. Corporate Membership in the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations):
    32. Don’t ever join a ‘secret’ society
    33. Watch ‘Global Warming or Global Governance’ ( )
    34. Educate yourself. Thomas Jefferson: “If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be.”

    Expand the above list,and share it with everyone you know!

    • R_Smith

      I think this is excellent advice for every American. Let’s not forget those things we learned about in high-school history or political science claasses call the “initiative” and the “referendum”. Le’t not allow Obama to continue to make significant changes to our country through his increasing use of “Executive Orders” about which most of us know absolutely nothing – even after they are signed. For example, repealing the Second Amendment can require an initiative or a referendum if we call for it. Otherwise, it will be abolished before we know it.
      Similar thoughts apply to controling the unbelieveable growth of DHS (>240,000 as of 7/2013). To me, this is a potentially dangerous organization that is concerned with much more than controlling “terrorism”. How effective was DHS in Boston? Most of this information has come to be from a friend, an FBI supervisory agent whose specialty is counterterrorism. I listen to what Mark tells me. He knows a lot more about DHS than I ever will.

  • Ben Dover (America)

    Do you know WHY this is happening to America? It’s happening BY DESIGN. EU/US Central Bankers are the enemy of people, everywhere around the world:

    Keiser Report: Mass Psychosis (E167)

  • dwain c

    Yea! Wow. I am slowly or quickly watching my 401 K plan go down the tubes, if I could take it out I would but mine is locked in, can’t touch it. But, Americans wake up! Your job isn’t coming back and it isn’t going to be created. Your unemployment is going to run out and you won’t find a job. Your job now belongs to an Asian worker who makes pennies on the day compared to your once high pay. Might as well join the leagues of the Homeless, because that’s where your going. Your in the poor house now, but soon to be without a house!

    • R_Smith


      I’ve been there. Stop investing in 401(K) plans. I’m sorry that what you have invested is locked in. I no longer have confidence in banks as secure locations for keeping funds and valuables.

      Take care,


  • Paul Felix Schott

    When this Old World starts getting you down. From Pollution the cost of OIL,
    Heating Fuel,The Fuel you put in your Vehicles, You Electric Bills from
    cooling air conditioners and lights not to speak of the Evil. The TAX that all
    Governments Federal, State, County and City put on everything they can thing of.
    They are supposed to serve us. Not put a burden on its people. That they are
    elected to serve all the people you, not their own Pocket Books.

    The Wicked keep putting higher taxes on everything. Making it a Heavy
    Burden on many that are already struggling just to put food on the table.
    Too many Americans have lost their home to the tax collector or to foreclosures
    from the unjust bankers greed. More are out of work and lost their homes then
    in the GREAT DEPRESSION, in the last ten years. All Americans and many Nations
    need good jobs and more of them. Not more TAXES.

    All Taxes need to be lowered now while there is still time to save America.

    There is a Industry that will employ workers and is growing by more then 50%
    every year. There is a clear way for all up on the roof the Sun Light is free
    fuel from GOD. Some wicked in Government have been backing Coal, Oil, Gas and
    the Nuclear industries for too many years. These kickbacks to them were called
    Subsidizing Industry Technology. Most all Wise Men and smart Economist and
    Environmentalists call this padding their pockets and subsidizing back to the
    Stone Age.

    This might even been funny in the 1960?s. If it were a Fred Flintstones and
    Barny Rubble Movie. About How to aggressively systematically work with the rich
    to Pollute Ground Water quality to the point it is unsafe to drink or use.
    So to they make a law you can only buy water from their pipe line. And to make
    the air we breath full of Toxic Gases, Sulfur Dioxide and more Radioactive
    and Acid Rain. Injuring all living things on Earth.

    With Fred Flintstones to the Rescue. To help create a Healthier Environment.
    For all Future Generations. By spotlighting Renewable Energy and Free Energy
    like Wind and Solar. On his and his neighbor Barny Rubble’s roof. Even though
    the greedy wicked would do everything to stop or slow them down.

    Just imagine a dream that a 100 years ago one of the smartest man to ever
    live had. A dream after working with Sun Light. That all on Earth would use
    Free Energy Solar Energy.

    That Dream also shared by a man that dreamed this over 2,250 years ago.
    Both These men showed the world in their days. That this dream of Free Energy
    Solar Energy World wide was very possible. Both of these two wise men had
    first hand worked and researched their experiments for not just days, weeks
    put for many years.

    One of these men used chalk on Black Board the others board was a black
    stone table or floor covered with white sand and used a stick. One of these
    two Brilliant men had Kings from all most every Kingdom on Earth come to him
    for advice.

    The other went to almost every nation on Earth. Freely on his own dime
    Teaching All that had ears to hear. He would win the Nobel Prize for doing so.
    For his work on Solar Energy. Only after years of doing research and when most
    Scientist on Earth would not take the nomination for the Nobel Prize in 1921
    this Brilliant scientist was awarded it in 1922 for the 1921 year.

    Now if this was just a Pretend TV Show or a Movie from a dream. This would
    be a great Sci Fi Story Line. In the 1960?s or even better to day. Sci Fi story
    Movie or dream No.

    All that i Have told you did actually really happen. Albert Einstein won the
    Nobel Prize for what? When Government leaders asked him to go on stage. To
    address the Scientific Community and the World. About what he was given the
    Nobel Prize for. When Albert Einstein Had done so. He addressed them with his
    other accomplishments. For years most Governments did not have a ear for
    Einstein’s Dream.

    Archimedes around 250 B.C. was know most of the World over as a great
    Mathematician. One of the first Scientist and Inventor of many things. Even
    the first Laser Ray from the Sun’s Energy. Science Fiction is what you would
    have though you were seeing if you could go back in time, it was real.To day
    we call it The LASER, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission. Back then it
    was just called Amplification of the SUN Archimedes Death Ray.

    Thousand of years later it would be a Laser. That Albert Einstein help
    make possible. That would unlock one of the first books on Earth.
    The METHOD written by Archimedes. Then over more then 250 years later. When
    well Faded was cut from a scroll and put into a book form, to be easier to
    hide from the Romans by St. Paul. This book sold for over 2 million dollars.
    In New york at Christie’s Auction House.

    These two are at the top of the list of the World’s Greatest Scientists,
    Viewed by Scientist around the World.

    Sad that for the last 25 years or so of every teacher asked no matter what
    Grade k through 16. 80% of them did not know Archimedes. Even sadder 90%
    of them could not tell you what one of the most Brilliant Scientist to ever
    live on Earth. Won the Nobel Prize for.

    It was for the work Albert Einstein did to show the World it could get
    Free Energy, Electric from the SUN. PHOTOVOLTAICS

    You ask this question to any Military general 95% of them will get it right.
    Even more surprising 99% of them will know more about Archimedes then most
    Teachers on Earth. Generals know Energy is the key to Winning.

    At almost one thousand to one Archimedes always won against what all knew was
    impossible odds. Archimedes home town city of Syracuse was victorious against the
    greatest Kingdoms Armies on earth many times. Syracuse once was one of the most
    powerful cities in the World.

    I can only ask you to please look into Solar Energy, Solar Power, Solar Panels
    and Solar array on the internet under Images. To see and explore for your self
    then you be the JURY.

    More then 10 years ago the Internet became most of the World’s Universities
    Learning Platform. A Modern Day Archimedes Resource Center.

    The Solar Energy Industry in the year 2010 has leaped ahead farther and
    faster then any other industry on Earth. The Solar Industry in the
    United States of America alone, has grown by more then 50% in 2010 and it looks
    like that number will go up even higher this year 2011.

    The strong benefits of Solar Energy is Clear Clean Air viewed in major cities
    as improving air quality. Clean Cities. By all that use there brain for good .
    View it as protecting the environment and Freedom from OIL.

    While the Federal Government has eased the Tax on Renewable Energy till the end
    of this year 2011. Some cities in the states that these Legislators come from have
    worked against these tax credits.

    By doing so they are showing their true objectives. That they have
    stock in some power plants and do not want to lose all that Money they
    have been taking out of your pocket books for too many years. By taxing
    you on your Energy Bills. They want to Control Power and Tax Everything
    they can. Not let People be free to get their own power from the top of
    their own roofs.

    By adding their own taxes to them. These wicked leaders think that
    this will take away the incentives to harvest the Free Energy from the

    The Public ability and awareness for all on Earth to use the Natural
    Solar Energy, is Contributing to Production of Solar Energy Products.
    Making the Solar Energy Industry the fastest growing on Earth. A Wealth
    of Free Energy From The SUN.

    The more the wicked try to slow the Solar Energy Industry down, it only Enhances
    involvement and the efforts of the Good at Heart.

    GOD Bless you for reading this.

    The Lord’s little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott

    through out History Many have tried to wipe the good from our history books.
    Read the Bible Jesus will Bless you more then i can.

  • Jed

    It will collapse, it will usher in the New world Order.

    Let it fail, I am not very concerned God is in control.

  • Jim

    The biggest issue here is the absolute cowardice of Americans. Oh wait a minute the Republicans will save us.

  • Common Sense

    Don’t mean to sound rude, but, I see very little in the comments section that sounds or seems rational or common sense in nature, just pure speculation, and lots of different ideas and opinions about what will happen during the collapse. Don’t people already notice that the collapse is here? You don’t need to wait for it or speculate. It’s already here. I think people better just appreciate any time we have right now, because no amount of planning will help anybody in the end. If there truly is an NWO coming to play, which most people would agree on, then even storing food wouldn’t do anything for you, that food and anything else you have would simply be confiscated. Those who think the economies are “moving” to the east and that the west will simply “die out” are delusional; there is no way that the east is going to survive without the west, just look at how the stock market is linked. Everything is too closely linked. If the east were ever to surpass the west, there would still need to be a major reset, and this would essentially destroy ALL economies first, then the reset would take place, so this would in fact hurt the east initially as well.

  • pat

    In terms of former standards, Americans have been in economic hell for the better part of the decade, ever since Bush decided to use war instead of American jobs to fuel the economy. Such a decision for a President is critical to economic welfare in that one is easily financed by loans (ever since the American Revolution), and the other hasn’t, at least until WWII and Vietnam.

    In allowing corporates to chase the almighty dollar, and putting Americans at risk to do so, even while supporting corporates to make that choice, it is the social equivalent of dumping the American people as a reason for being government, an unforgivable attitude by government (all of whom are also U.S. citizenry).

    All of this was forseeable for at least 15 years since the engine of hyperinflation too hold to produce the run up in housing prices, but who is paying the price for those ill advised decisions: Congress, retiring with illicit profits, President’s with lifetime expenses, paid for houses, and expense accounts, a Supreme Court who is oblivous in their lifetime jobs?

    The American people are the ones out of jobs, out of houses, and out of money, with all that run-up debt, and it matters little which party (or both) participated. The point is how to get out of it, and how to prevent its never happening again?

    A strong President from either party would “claw back” the illicit profits, and recover the power imbalance that permitted the thing to happen in the first place by penalizing the corporations so ready to take advantage of the American people for their guilt and shame which all knew about to begin with, ending the plan of usury which facilitated such schemes, and reforming the corporate bankruptcy code to prevent it in the future.

    But Americans are not into strong Presidents these days who threaten the precious-won, and paid for corporate interests by lobbying.

    It’s possible that corporates want even more, having tasted the blood of Americans through that intentional cannibalism that they now have a taste for. Can Americans who haven’t been eaten yet be blamed for not wanting to be?

    One thing is for sure: the problem wasn’t caused by the American people. This has been a dispute between Big Government and Big Business, exacerbated by various self serving private groups, nonprofits, and tax exempts. Where Government and Corporates are the problem, is it their problem to solve along with the political parties that so well aided them?

    Both parties appear to be showing their true colors in this election, and Americans are right to feel disenchanted at the cannibalistic rainbow they see. But should they have to pay the price for what they had no responsibility for doing? What can we the people do to rectify anything when it is in the hands of Big Government and Big Business? Americans have a stake in something being done, but not in the wrong thing being done. There has been plenty of enough of that.

    For that reason, this election is truly monumental and a fork in the road of both democracy and capitalism to prevent human cannibalism via economics.

    • nina

      i say to blah blah w/politics and all of that bleep bleep. instead i’d like to see the elite “progressives” from hollywood start investing their millions in helping struggling americans create the security and life they desire and deserve. now that would be a beautiful movement.

      • R_Smith

        With all due respect, I believe that you have considerable reading to do. From your comments, I do not think that you have a grasp or understanding of the enormity of the problems that all Americans are – and will be – facing sooner than you think. This is not intended as a criticism. I just want you and yours to be as prepared for what is coming as you possibly can be. Take care.

  • nina

    i despise all of this “become self-sufficient/buy solar/stock up on food” ******* that is utterly impossible for millions of people already wondering how they will pay their rent/mortgage and other bills. certainly there are wealthy individuals who see the writing on the wall who have the $$ ability to help some of these individuals. it feels like mocking to me – some of these ******* who say “lookit me do what i have done” when they were only able to set themselves up because the system worked for them. this whole movement needs a dose of some john lennon kindness and g.d. generosity and help in PRACTICAL ways instead of preaching about what many of us already know as “duh, obvious i WOULD if i COULD AFFORD TO”.

  • RM

    We are all screwed when the collapse happens. DHS has already started planning for the collapse with ammo purchases in the hundreds of millions of rounds and thousands of bullet resistant check points. You can riot all you want, they will mow you down.

  • ba

    Don’t worry FEMA is setting up Residentual Centers Nation wide to house all the homeless. Only problem is once you enter you can NEVER leave inless it’s in a casket liner!

    • Randy_S

      And who’s paying for these FEMA Residential Centers?

  • Julia Chinchi

    Moral of the story is do not trust government. They only care about lining their own pockets.

    • R_Smith


      I certainly agree with you, however I hope you have a sense of the urgency associated with what is taking place in our country – now – July, 2013. This goes much farther and deeper than mere “government” and trusting them. I agree: they certainly cannot be trusted. Please feel a sense of urgency, remain alert and vigilent, and beware! We are out of time to take effective action through elected officials who are – and have been – powerless to do anything in this critical regard.

  • L O

    So, here we are 2014.. and still no collapse..

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