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The Corn Is Dying All Over America

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All over America the corn is dying.  If drought conditions persist in the middle part of the country, wheat and soybeans will be next.  Weeks of intense heat combined with extraordinarily dry conditions have brought many U.S. corn farmers to the brink of total disaster.  If there is not significant rainfall soon, many farmers will be financially ruined.  This period of time is particularly important for corn because this is when pollination is supposed to happen.  But the unprecedented heat and the extremely dry conditions are playing havoc with that process.  With each passing day things get even worse.  We have seen the price of a bushel of corn soar 41 percent since June 14th.  That is an astounding rise.  You may not eat much corn directly, but it is important to realize that corn or corn syrup is just about in everything these days.  Just look at your food labels.  In the United States today, approximately 75 percent of all processed foods contain corn.  So a huge rise in the price of corn is going to be felt all over the supermarket.  Corn is also widely used to feed livestock, and if this crisis continues we are going to see a significant rise in meat and dairy prices as well.  Food prices in America have already been rising at a steady pace, and so this is definitely not welcome news.

The weather conditions in the middle part of the country during the last couple of months have been highly unusual.  The following is from a recent article in the Los Angeles Times….

It’s not that the Midwest hasn’t been extremely hot before, and it’s not that it hasn’t been incredibly dry.

But it’s unusual for a vast swath of the Midwest to be so very hot and so very dry for so very long — particularly this early in the summer.

The current heat wave — which is spurring comparisons to the catastrophic heat of 1936 —  is “out of whack,” meteorologist Jim Keeney said Friday in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Corn crops typically pollinate and mature in June and early July.  That is why this time of the year is so vitally important for corn.  We have reached a make it or break it moment.

The following is how an report described what is happening right now….

Either heat or drought can stress the stalks, but both can basically shut down the pollination process. When this happens few, small or no ears of corn form.

According to Agricultural Meteorologists, you can’t raise a corn crop with less than an inch of rain over six weeks, combined with 100-degree and higher temperatures. However, these conditions have taken place in much of the southern corn belt through the week of July 4, 2012.

If pollination does not happen, corn farmers might as well give up.

Just check out what agricultural economist Chris Hurt said the other day….

“Pollination problems just can’t be overcome, even if the weather turns. There’s no turning back. There’s just failure.”

At this point, half of all corn in the state of Indiana is already in poor shape.

With each passing day, the condition of the corn gets even worse.

As a recent article in the Chicago Tribune detailed, many farmers feel completely helpless at the moment….

Dave Kestel, who farms about 1,300 acres in Manhattan about 40 miles southwest of Chicago, said he feels helpless.

“Every day you get out there and it’s the same heat and cloudless sky,” he said. “You see your corn just withering out there, knowing you can’t do anything about it.”

The United States is suffering from a severe lack of rain.  Just look at the chart posted below.  According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, most of the country is experiencing drought conditions right now….

These drought conditions have also played a major role in the huge number of wildfires that we have seen lately.

There are a few northern states that are not feeling the drought right now, but otherwise the rest of the country is extremely dry.

So what does all of this mean for you and I?

A recent article by Holly Deyo summarized why we should all be praying for rain….

Since 75% of grocery store products use corn as a key ingredient, expect food prices to skyrocket. Corn is also a staple in many fast foods. Corn is in ethanol and the main food source or chickens. In addition to this, maize is in many things that aren’t obvious like adhesives, aluminum, aspirin, clothing starch, cosmetics, cough syrup, dry cell batteries, envelopes, fiberglass insulation, gelatin capsules, ink, insecticides, paint, penicillin, powders, rugs and carpets, stamps, talcum, toothpaste, wallpaper, and vitamins. That’s just for starters…

This is a huge heads up for you to purchase corn-using products NOW before these conditions reflect in grocery goods. It will be a narrow window of opportunity.

These thoughts are being echoed by many agricultural economists as well.  According to Businessweek, the outlook for U.S. food prices is bleak….

“When people look at rising prices for hamburger, butter, eggs and other protein sources from higher corn costs, that’s when more money ends up in the food basket,” said Minneapolis- based Michael Swanson, a senior agricultural economist at Wells Fargo & Co., the biggest U.S. farm lender. “We were hoping for a break, and we aren’t going to get it.”

Unfortunately, the fact that the corn is dying all over America is not just a problem for the United States.

As Businessweek also recently noted, the fate of U.S. corn affects the entire globe….

When rain doesn’t fall in Iowa, it’s not just Des Moines that starts fretting. Food buyers from Addis Ababa to Beijing all are touched by the fate of the corn crop in the U.S., the world’s breadbasket in an era when crop shortages mean riots.

This year they have reason to be concerned. Stockpiles of corn in the U.S. tumbled 48 percent between March and June, the biggest drop since 1996, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said last week. And that was before drought hit the Midwest.

The United States is the world’s biggest exporter of corn by far, and if there is a massive corn crop failure in America it is going to be felt to the four corners of the earth.

Just check out what Abdolreza Abbassian, a senior economist with the U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization, said the other day….

“Everyone watches the U.S. because they can rely on it. Without it, the world would starve.”

Back in February, I wrote an article that suggested that we could see dust bowl conditions return to the middle part of this country in the years ahead.

A lot of people were skeptical of that article.

Not quite as many people are skeptical today.

The following is from a recent article posted on MSNBC entitled “Fears of new Dust Bowl as heat, drought shrivel corn in Midwest“….

Crop insurance agents and agricultural economists are watching closely, a few comparing the situation with the devastating drought of 1988, when corn yields shriveled significantly, while some farmers have begun alluding, unhappily, to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Far more is at stake in the coming pivotal days: with the brief, delicate phase of pollination imminent in many states, miles and miles of corn will rise or fall on whether rain soon appears and temperatures moderate.

As I wrote about last week, if the weather does not turn around soon the implications are going to be staggering.

Even if we got some significant rainfall at this point a tremendous amount of damage has already been done according to the Washington Post….

Jay Armstrong, owner and operator of Armstong Farms in Kansas, flew his small plane over a portion of the affected area and landed with the impression that the potential damage is far worse than is commonly understood.

“At this time of year, when you look down in a place like Indiana or Illinois, you should see just lush green fields,” Armstrong said. “I saw bare soil. I just thought to myself, the market has no idea what’s coming.”

So is there significant rain in the forecast?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

The National Weather Service says that the corn belt will experience “above-normal temperatures” and “below-normal rainfall” over the next week.

At this point it does not look like there will be any significant rainfall for the foreseeable future….

“We got a break in the temperatures over the weekend but no rain of significance is in sight for next seven days,” said Jim Keeney, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service the US central region based in Kansas City, Missouri.

Needless to say, that is really bad news.

Right now we just have more heat and more dryness to look forward to.  The skies are like iron and the earth is like brass.  We like to think that we have conquered nature, but at moments such as these we see that is not true at all.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about all of the reasons why we should be concerned about the second half of 2012.  In that article I did not even mention drought and crop failures.  Sometimes major problems have a way of piling on top of themselves.

The U.S. economy is already in bad enough shape without adding major crop failures to the mix.  This is something that we just don’t need right now.

But it looks like we are going to have to deal with it.  Unless there is a major change in the weather, food prices are going to go up even more and large numbers of farmers and ranchers are going to be absolutely devastated.

Let us all pray for rain.  We desperately need it.

  • ok…so maybe you will post my comment?

    The ONLY recourse is PRAYER & FASTING.
    it is the only way we call the Mercy of God down upon America
    & only GOD saves us now.

    • Nexus789

      How incredibly stupid….so mumbling to some imaginary entity will make a difference. Get real.

    • Paul

      Good idea.

      People who pray, don’t cut down trees at the same time.

    • Rowell

      Please. Praying does absolutely nothing save offer a false sense of hope to those praying. It doesn’t end wars, it doesn’t put food on the table, it doesn’t get politicians to compromise. The only way things will change is if you and other people take action to change them. That… Is… All.

    • Janet

      People need to start calling on God, not just for rain… but for their souls and salvation… and His Presence… and yes for rain… God is wanting to get some peoples attention… Whining and talking about the problem is not going to help… A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISSAC AND JACOB… THAT WILL HELP THE SITUATION… AFTER ALL BY THIS POINT WE HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE… turn to God , look to the hills from where your help comes from… fast and pray until something happens…

    • NotBlindByNonsense

      Prayer to an invisible sky being is a sign of mental illness! Please grow up or get on lithium right away.

      I live in far far South Chicago suburbs, close to the man in Manhattan, IL mentioned in this article. Normally by July, I can smell the corn growing, but not this year. The corn I do so see is small for this time of year.

      • Alyoshak

        No need for lithium. “For since the creation of the world, HIs invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened.” St. Paul goes on a bit on the theme, but that should be enough to make the point: no one lacks evidence. Not that there have not been atheists around for centuries upon centuries, but that an atheist’s protest that they lack evidence changes nothing. Reality is reality. Or, like the famous sci-fi writer said, “Reality is that which does not go away just because you stop believing in it.”

        • The Claymobile

          Preach it, Alyoshak!!!

        • Tim


        • NotBlindByNonsense

          Lithium… and quickly!

      • Lydia

        You need to pray and get in reality. Start with a reading of the Book of Revelation, then go to the Book of John. Then get on your knees.

  • Mattyboy

    Most people are not even paying attention to what is going on. The Bible mentions that the people will go on as though nothing bad is going to happen, and all of a sudden, wham! But, we should not be in the dark as other people. We are children of the light. If you are a born again Christian, you will not be caught by surprise. Keep looking up, our redemption is drawing closer each day.

  • JR

    I live in Aurora, IL. There are corn fields all around me. Yes, there is a drought. But I have seen much worse, many times. While yields may be down, the corn is green and growing as of July 10th, and we are in one of the harder hit areas locally. It’s not good, but it also isn’t the disaster people are painting it to be. We’ll see how the rest of the summer pans out.

    • Matt R in MN

      JR, the steep rise in corn prices do not reflect your view

  • Rodster

    Just look at all the corn that’s been used for ethanol. It makes me shake my head at how stupid politicians are. And yes it was Bush who decided to trade food for fuel.

    • Michael

      Yes, corn should be used for eating and not in our gas tanks.


      • michelle

        or cat litter

      • Paul

        Well, people should walk to the letter box and not use the car.

      • LP

        Corn really shouldn’t be used for eating, either. A)nearly all of the corn grown in this country is GMO–ever wonder why nearly every other country in the world bans GMOs? They’re not good for you. B) Our country is, on average, obese. Why? Well, you tell me–how do farmers fatten up livestock? By feeding grain. Cattle, hogs, and people all get fat eating grain.

    • John W.

      I hate to say it but all too often Bush and stupid go together like Hope and Crosby.

    • Nexus789

      It’s called capitalism and you have no say in the political decisions to promote corn as an alternative fuel source. Democracy is dead in the US.

    • Deborah

      I agree…and it hurts the cars that goes in them as well

  • Talked to Grandma about your article Micheal ! Shes lived 99 years and can still remember the worst 2 years of her life. 1935 1936. The dust bowl. Either, I have to call Grandma a liar and you Crazy or start PRAYING !

    • Michael

      Prayer is always good.


      • Nexus789

        In what way? I fail to see how to mumbling to an imaginary entity will solve what problems that are here and now. None of these crisis have been caused by nature and mans stupidity. More like burying your head in the sand.

        • r.bitting

          Nexus is half right. . . He fails to see.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Here in Eastern Iowa we are in near drought conditions. Corn is tasseling but the stalks are only 4-6 ft tall. I think we’re looking at a national average of 100-120 bushels per acre, in other words a 25-35% reduction from the last few years. If you pay attention to all ag commodities you see significant rises in futures. This will translate into 5-10% rises for a wide range of products at a grocery near you. In the Midwest and Great Plains its shaping up to be 1988 deja vu.

    • LP

      And unfortunately, with the huge upswing in prices of farmland over the last few years, a 25% reduction in yields may mean a whole bunch of farmers who are going to go bankrupt over that last purchase of $15000 an acre land, made when corn was both high and relatively plentiful.

  • imnotoldjustolder

    Michael, my brother is a John Deere retiree who gives tours to farmers (potential buyers) at one of the plants. They are already plowing under some of the crops in the midwest due to failure. This is very troubling, indeed. Makes you wonder what can happen next….

    • Michael

      Thanks for that comment.

      Does anyone else want to share what is going on in their areas?


      • Quiver

        I can attest to the farmer accross the road plowing under some of his crop in northern Ohio. Sweet corn mostly, but still an indicator. I find it funny that the world hates us but depends on us for there next meal. Brings to mind about biting the hand that feeds.

        • GaryToo

          who do you think you feed for free?

        • GaryToo

          you do know you are asking the russians for grain now. ANd most of the rest of the world you think depends on you for food actually bans gmo, which is about all you have.

      • Mick68

        Hi Michael,

        I’m in Canada and I thought some might be interested in hearing about a country which is supposedly untouched so far. Canada is touted as the model for the world economies, and truly our government has done a good job to be sure. Being a resource based economy has definitely been a bonus the last decade, but cracks are emerging and have been for a few years.

        1)The real estate market, widely viewed as immortal, especially on the west coast, is faltering badly. 2012 sales are now averaging less than year 2000, a massive hit to the psyche of Canadians.

        2)Unemployment is now over 7% and has been a while, but oddly, nobody seems to think this is high or a problem.

        3)The golden calf oil producers are getting hammered right now, having to sell their oil for sometimes half the going rate, but always at a discount, which is below their break even point currently. This will soon send ripples through the greater economy, as oil production supports many, many businesses in Canada.

        4)Our Prime Minister(president)recently got back from one of those summit meetings regarding Europe, and what he said was disturbing. This is a very conservative, low key guy who NEVER overreacts or shows his emotions. He said;
        “I don’t want to sound alarmist but…..people should get prepared.”

        When my wife saw him say that, she became a believer, but until then she just allowed me to prep on her terms. ie; everything I bought had to be something we would use anyway, now I have much more freedom to prepare, she’s worried after seeing Stephen Harper say that.

        Remember, in Canada our politicians aren’t nearly as controlled by the elitists so they will be more candid, though those elitists watch them too and should someone get too far out of line, they would face consequences for sure.

        So, even the so-called healthy countries are not as healthy as the media likes to portray us as.

        • Michael

          I always love to hear from Canada. I am very fond of our neighbor to the north. 🙂


        • Jodi

          At least your leader is telling people to prepare. Obama refuses to inform Americans to prepare for the worst.

      • The Claymobile

        Michael, the corn in West-Central Missouri is shot. Normally, it would yield 165, 40 to 50 is all its going to average. Soybeans are hanging on. They are much more drought resistent than corn. Pastures burned up. So are hayfields. Normally a big round bale of fescue hay would sell for $35. They are selling for $75! IF you can find any. We are hurting big time.

  • Rosco1776

    Hopefully it is just all the GMO corn dieing!

  • K

    Yes, I have been watching the crop reports myself. No good news there at all. This is just another piece of the big picture. I can tell you, when you step back and look at that big picture. One word comes to mind, grim. Pray for rain, and even more so, for wisdom.

  • Bob-o

    Over the past several years prices on everything have been steadily creeping higher and higher. I buy virtually nothing unless it is on sale. I will travel to 4 different stores to complete my shopping because I have found the savings to be substantial. What’s worse is quality of produce items has been on steady decline which prompted me to plant a small vegetable garden. I now enjoy giant, flavorful produce that is pesticide free and absolutely delicious. I trade some for my neighbors fresh eggs. Barter is making a comeback, make yourself useful and available and in return save some money. I don’t believe the state of the economy to be dire just yet, however the light at end of the tunnel is becoming more dim with every passing day.

  • MadeinAmerica

    I live in west-central Illinois. The crops are hanging in alright, but we are still behind in needed rainfall. South of us in Springfield and areas near St. Louis, farmers are plowing the corn and feeding it to their cattle, essentially a total loss. The corn resembles pre-harvest stages in late September-early October; brown and withering. Soybeans aren’t faring any better. Food prices will reflect this devastation in the fall.

  • Deklan

    Hi Michael

    The corn crop in the state where I live, the upper Midwest, is doing poorly also. Depending on the areas, corn is only 8 inches high…

    This is a bit off topic from corn, but it’s on topic with the conversation of crops. In the upper Midwest, due to drought conditions, there isn’t any hay. Some ranchers and farmers have been forced to cut their wheat and bail it into hay.
    (Last year, much of the surplus grass hay was sold to Texas and Oklahoma at $150 a ton, and now it’s hard to find hay here.)

    When grass hay is available it’s $200 to $250 a ton, and if there isn’t a second cut, there is talk of $300 or more a ton. Alfalfa hay costs more, but I’m unaware of what it’s going for, or if any is available.

    People are in desperate need of hay to feed their animals. There are people with horses, who, if they can’t find any hay, have spoken of euthanizing their animals.

    Ranchers are now selling off their herds, instead of in the fall.

    The remaining wheat crop is sparse, with 20 bushels or under per acre. One farmer I spoke with said he’s getting 13 to 14 bushels per acre. This may drive the cost of flour and flour products up…

    The safflower is doing poorly, and the recently planted oil sunflowers are, so far, doing okay. They are in desperate need of rain, and without rain, there may not be a “flower” crop.

    There has been a high demand for alfalfa cubes, and with that demand, the manufacturer is now running weeks behind.

    • Kathy Smith

      Deklan my husband & i are small hay farmers in MI. Almost all of the farms around us have gotten half or less of last years 1st cutting & second cutting is short & starting to flower out. We need rain here also. God help us all

  • Mick68

    “Peace, peace, they will say as war comes on them like a flood.”

    “People will be marrying and giving in marriage…”

    95% of people are absolutely clueless as to what is happening in their world, just as Christ said they would be.

    Ethical/moral dilemna question:

    My wife and I have easily 6 months to a year of food and water saved up, but of course not one single relative or brother/sister in the Lord we know has a clue. We will undoubtedly have to provide for them all, turning our 6-12 months supply into 3-4 weeks.

    Give til it’s gone and share their fate or keep quiet? For brothers and sisters in the Lord this is a no-brainer, we must give, but for relatives who have no regard for God it becomes difficult. Watch my wife starve for their sake? Grrrr…

  • Ranchers wife

    I live in the four corners area we are so dry here that ranchers are having to move cows in the mountains at least two weeks or more sooner then normal which means they will come out of the mountains earlier and there is no pasture to put them on. There has already been some selling a lot of their cows which means next fall and spring their will be a a shortage of mama cows ( no mamas means no calves next year). In addition the hay price is already a 8 dollars a bale, and a friend who farms hay is already getting calls from as far as 600 miles away. To the north of us they will be shutting off the water early, so there will be no 2nd or 3rd cuttings so we will also have a shortage of hay which will also mean higher Meat and dairy prices. Stock up while you can because I think it is going to get very ugly before it gets better. Lots of prayers.

    • Ranchers wife

      Since Cows and hay are our main thing I forgot to mention the Wheat and beans that are drying up here also. We have a lot of dry land farmers here and those crops are in sad sad shape I don’t think there will be a lot of beans this year. Please get prepared for what is coming if you are not already.

  • geezer

    It’s one more nail in our coffin, The Perfect Storm as it were. We will be hit with so many catastrophes we wont know weather to ******* or GO BLIND.
    We will be hit from every side economic, banks, derivatives, money printing, consumer confidence, jobs, economy, debt, economic collapse and now Mother Nature turns against us too. What’s next a killer virus let loose to plague the earth? How about a killer asteroid wiping out about a 1/4 of the earth and it’s population? Plagues, starvation and cannibalism are coming. Like I said strap yourself in it’s going to be a very wild ride,
    HELL ON EARTH is coming.

  • God Is My Judge

    I wonder if this is divine chastisement? *whistles*

    • NotBlindByNonsense



  • KB

    Here in northern michigan, corn is ranging from really, really good to small. Hay crops look pretty decent too. HOWEVER, we pretty much lost the entire apple, cherry, and peach crops from the frosts in the spring … Michigan with no apples is really, really odd.

  • tappedops

    just scortch the gmo fields and leave the org ones be… ijn amen

  • mondobeyondo

    That article was just so…corny! (Yes, that pun was intended.)

    If you have ever seen the documentary film “Food, Inc.”, you will realize that corn plays an important part in the American diet, such as it is. Much of our cattle, poultry, pigs/hogs, and even FISH (!!) eat diets supplemented with corn. This is not natural – cows are supposed to eat grass, not corn. Fish are supposed to eat worms, insects, etc – but corn is so much cheaper. Gotta love that corn-fed artifically colored Atlantic salmon! More bang for the buck, so to speak.

    High fructose corn syrup is in practically everything these days. Ketchup. Salad dressing. Powerade. (But NOT Gatorade. Gatorade uses dextrose and sucrose, not fructose, as sweetener. Check the label! That’s why I drink Gatorade in hot weather. Hee!) Not to mention, corn is used to make ethanol, to make your car’s internal combustion engine more efficient, or whatever it’s supposed to do. Maybe I’ll just pour a bottle of Karo (corn syrup brand) in the gas tank and see what happens.

    So as you can see, our gluttonous, fat farm society is very dependent on corn. What happens if the U.S. corn crop withers and dies?

    I hate to tell you this. I really do. But the price of corn flakes will go through the roof. Breakfast will never be the same! That’s just the beginning. Your sirloin steaks? Pork chops? Milk? “To the moon, Alice!” – as that guy from “The Honeymooners” would say. The animals who produce and provide these products depend on corn.

    We could always ask for international help, of course. Why, we’ll just borrow corn from Russia! Unfortunately, the Russian harvest hasn’t been that great in recent years, wither.

    Whoops. Typo. I meant to say “Either”. EITHER… not wither.

    Or did I…. ?? (Da-da-dummmmmm!!)

  • mondobeyondo

    It would be interesting to hear from some corn/soybean/cattle farmers in the Midwest, to hear first-hand how bad things really are. You guys and gals are on the front lines of this battle, so to speak.

  • Paul

    We had a massive drought problem here in Australia a few years ago, and the churches called for a day of prayer for rain.

    A while after this national day of prayer, we started getting massive amounts of rain for weeks on end in the sydney area where the water levels were soon to run out.

    It rained all across Queensland as well filling up the low damns.

    You could almost mark the time after the Prayer for rain was called for and when the rain came.

    I believe God is warning/ calling America to repent. (I grew up and lived in the u.s. most my life)

    • NotBlindByNonsense

      And the same day the aboriginees did a rain dance… I’m sure it was the rain dance that did it!!!

    • NorthernCanuck

      I was really interested in your report from Australia, Paul. As I recollect, Sydney has always been one of the most staunchly evangelical and Bible-believing regions of the worldwide Anglican Communion. I grew up in, and loved, the Church of England as a young boy in Britain but left it when, in Canada, I discovered how extremely liberal the Anglican Church here had become. But I kept hearing accounts of how remarkably solid and faithful the same Church in Sydney, Australia, was under the oversight of the remarkable Archbishop Marcus Loane. So I’m not surprised that God heard and answered your prayers for rain! I was also delighted to hear that the churches there called for a National Day of Prayer concerning this crisis. Though once a feature of British national life in crises, I fear that has long gone to the wayside and I’ve never heard of one being called for in Canada. How far we have fallen! “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify me.” (Psalm 50:15). I have put that promise to the test many times, and have never yet seen it fail!

      • GaryToo

        you could not be more misinformed about sydney and australia bible believing and evangelical. the sydneyt mardis gras makes san francisco and rio look positively tame. this day of prayer never even made the news, it was not a national event at all.
        re drought, we have el nino conditions where we have rain in the west and draught in the east, after 3-4 years it switches and devastating floods hit the east coast washing away people cars and houses en masse. Gods help? No gods punishment.

  • Paul

    In England and Scotland it’s basically raining since March. How about a trade?

  • Paul

    Sorry guys, if the farmers can increase their prices why should they worry?

  • Paul

    That’s the problem with monoculture.

    Huge profit or huge failure.

    What happened to moderation, safety, security? The biggest navy in the world cannot provide that food security. You need to nurture insects.

    And laugh at the greens and tree huggers, of course.

  • Paul

    “maize is in many things that aren’t obvious like adhesives, aluminum, aspirin, clothing starch, cosmetics, cough syrup, dry cell batteries, envelopes, fiberglass insulation, gelatin capsules, ink, insecticides, paint, penicillin, powders, rugs and carpets, stamps, talcum, toothpaste, wallpaper, and vitamins. ”

    Most of that stuff I don’t need anyway.
    Corn is in aluminium? That’s very interesting.

    Probably due to the corn syrup diet aluminium doesn’t feature high in America’s education.

    America ist really a maize thing.

  • Paul

    Where you have trees you have rain.

    Cut down trees to make farms “more efficient” or to get rid of that annoying leaf litter and you will die – either from tornado or from drought.

  • Paul

    Don’t like the Reps? Don’t like the Dems?

    Why not vote for the Greens next time? Can’t get much worse than now.

  • Rube Neckbone

    No rain since late May and early June. These past few days it has cooled down to the mid 80s but still no rain. All grass from the side of the road to people’s yards is a bright yellow color. The water company has banned all lawn watering and driveway car washing. Last weekend it looked promising for rain and two drops fell.

  • chiller

    It’s been said, we’re only 1 failed crop season away from starvation. Makes one wonder if all the tinkering with geo-engineering is to blame?

  • Gold Price Chart so beautiful that you will want to lick the screen:

    Paul Blumenthal, Founder.

  • Alasha

    city slicker here – we just wait for the items to appear on shelves in the stores.

  • CentralIllinoisPatriot

    Here is Central/West Central Illinois we are in moderate drought conditions. The corn for the the most part is 4ft – 6ft tall, green and is tasseling out. The stalks are starting to become stressed and yields look to be down. In Southern Illinois, I have heard that they are beginning to plow some fields under, because it is a total loss.

  • nowwthen

    And,just as they do with oil, the commodity traders – “investcalators” – will drive prices higher as news of the poor crop spreads.

  • North Iowa

    It’s almost too late for rain to help in some of the fields here. Corn is tasseled out and not a drop of rain in sight. The ‘sandier ground’ farmers are already looking to disc in the corn and be done with it.
    But, out of all the farmers I know, only one doesn’t have crop insurance. (And he’s a multi-millionaire) So the predictions of economic ruin are overblown. But insurance isn’t as good as a bumper crop for the local economy. Last year’s soil moisture levels were so low, that many farmers max’ed out the insurance levels as well.

    Regarding ethanol… there is such a thing as the Law of Comparative Advantage. Ignoring the ‘return on energy invested’ downside to ethanol, I’d rather support a Mid-West farmer than a Mid-East sheik.

  • Reinvent

    It is not just the US that is experiencing this. In India the same conditions threaten to bring hunger to hundreds of millions.

    • GaryToo

      the “economic miracle to envy” big ag taking over from old school indian farmers with ox and plow. many taking suicide. Evil.

  • M

    Not missing GMO deadly corn. Good riddance.
    Dance! There are huge acres of corn fields east & west of my property. I grew some delicious organic corn in my small garden a few years ago. Guess which corn the field critters went after? Not the hundreds of acres of that GM mess. Now go back to sleeple.

  • CornontheCob

    Sounds like Americans are about to become healthier – corn and wheat are the major contributors to the American obesity epidemic and both have anti-nutrient properties. Getting rid of the garbage that’s fed to you and your livestock may actually do you a favour.

  • A.S.

    I have a prediction: If the SCOTUS rules that gay marriage is legal, expect a lot more than just 100 degree weather and little rain. Expect these:
    1. 120-140 degree weather in every city (including the midwest/breadbasket belt)
    2. 0-1 inches of rain for the whole summer in every city
    3. wildfires in every city
    4. tornadoes in every inland city
    5. hurricanes in every coastal city (how about all of CA being ruined)
    6. earthquakes in every city (the midwest too because they are on the Madrid fault)
    7. and that is just natural disasters…

    So, all I got to say is, write to every member of SCOTUS, that the vote no on this evil, disgusting, plague-causing ruling. I hope and pray that people see the connection between such natural disasters their behavior. Bottom line, we fully deserve such hardships…lets pray, repent, and turn away from our evil ways!

    • Michael

      I always enjoy hearing from my friend A.S. in Israel.

      The truth is that we have people coming to this site from all over the world.

      Today I was contacted by some American expats living in Hungary. If you want to connect with them, you can find their website forum here….


      • A.S.


        Interesting site. I wish Americans can do this. I have known or a long time now that vaccines actually lower or even destroy the immune system. Yet, every school in America requires vaccines before allowing children to be enrolled. So that means the only choice you have is to home-school. But wait, home-schoolers are deemed terrorists by DHS. So what choice remains if you want a good life for your children: LEAVE THE US ASAP!

        • Paul

          It isn’t vaccines that kills people. It is profiteering.

          Everybody in my family and school and all my friends have been vaccinated as kids, and nobody died from it. Nobody earned a profit on those vaccines.

          On the other hand, there was a measles outbreak this year in England, because the vaccination rate is going down. And measles are still deadly.
          Children’s diseases aren’t called that because they are harmless like children, but because you can’t get past them. They stop you dead.

          • A.S.

            Just because vaccines don’t immediately kill doesn’t mean they are safe. Why all the sudden cases of autism in the past 3-5 years? It is illogical to say that we know have better testing to determine it. Lies! It is because of the vaccines given to babies and toddlers. And man people did indeed die from vaccines due to allergies or getting poisoned from the mercury. If that family in Hungary claims their baby never got vaccines and never got sick, while they in the same house get sick all the time, I would believe them.

            And if vaccines are so safe, ask for proof from the doctor/nurse that prescribes/injects it, that they got the EXACT SAME ONE recently. If not, say, “Sorry, I pass.”

            It is not just about profiting from vaccines. It is about the NWO doing a soft-kill on the whole world. Do you think a guy like Bill Gates, who indeed has been sued for stealing technology to build up his evil Microsoft empire, actually cares about all the children of the world and will spend his own money to vaccinate them??? If you don’t see an evil agenda in this fact alone, then you are blind, and may in fact deserve what they (NWO) have in store for you.

            I hope that people will wake up and realize that there are better ways to stay healthy without vaccines, medications, doctors, surgery, etc.

    • NotBlindByNonsense

      Now if that isn’t the biggest load of nonsense I’ve ever heard, I have no idea what is.

      • uncurable wound

        Mr blind you are on to something…You truly have no idea!

    • Paul

      Gay Marriage is legal in Norway and they are doing just fine over there.

      • A.S.

        And how is the economy of Norway doing? What do they produce that the world actually buys? When was the last time you saw something in the U.S. that said, “Made in Norway?” When was the last time you saw something in Europe that said, “Made in Norway?” You know what makes a country wealthy? 1. Allowing Jews to live there in economic and political freedom (read the Bible to understand what that means) and 2. Their own moral behavior (once again read the Bible to understand what that means).

        As an aside, the only thing Sweden exports is a Volvo, so don’t use Sweden as an example too.

    • Paul

      Gay Marriage is illegal in Saudi Arabia, and it is scorching over there.

    • Gay Veteran

      the only evil is the evil in your heart

      • A.S.

        It is scorching in Saudi Arabia because that is the NORM there. That was an illogical statement you made based of off my statement that G-d punishes us with heat because of our actions. In those areas in the U.S. it is relatively cool during that time and rains. That was the point! If G-d wanted to punish the Suadis, He would make something that is not the norm, like snow for instance. That’s right, anything weather is possible anywhere in the world.

        And BTW, even though the Saudis are the most extreme among the Muslims, they are pretty rich (and making the money honestly, albeit profiteering, as opposed to U.S. bankers that are literally stealing your money).

    • Gay Veteran

      hmmmm, don’t Gays openly serve in the Israeli military?

      don’t Gays have equal rights in Israel?

      • A.S.

        I guess so, but if only Israel would implement moral laws (making anything gay illegal), this fact alone may eliminate all the terrorism. The real Muslim doesn’t care if Israel exists or not. All they care bout in regards to Jews is that they keep the Torah. If they see that the government and people are living by the Torah, they will respect us. So, since they see gay Israelis, they want eliminate everyone just because of a few. Kind of extremists, but that is what their religion is: extremist. By Muslims there is nothing in between. Only black/white, yes/no, positive/negative, essentially binary. So yes, Israel is suffering because of gays. Call me whatever you like because of my beliefs, but I use logic, statistics, correlations, to see how the world works.

  • This may be the tip of the iceberg. Our food production is just one crop failure away from total disaster. AS mentioned corn affects other products which rely on it for food. Auguson Farms food products can be shipped to the west of the Mississippi from at a total cost cheaper than buying direct from Augason Farms.

  • Note from Idaho

    Its not only corn having a tough year,from what I read and communications with friends in the midwest, soybeans are having an equally bad year.

    All this adds up to price increases in any meat or poultry, as corn/soybeans are the staples for livestock feeds.

    Start looking at your local sources for foods.

  • rancher

    Preppers see this coming and prep. They also relocate to regions which increase their chances of surviving….

    While I wish no harm to others let alone myself is not this part of what we expected? It was for us here in north Idaho where we have already gotten our years worth of rain by mid year and more is coming.

    If one expects God to deliver us from all these situations then why even prep? Why have all the preppers ads on the side bars? The rain does or does not fall on the just and unjust…right? A wise prepper has a couple years of corn or more already set aside…are you a wise prepper?

    Not meaning to be rude but come on folks…. why are you surprised and why are you not ready already… ?

    • Michael

      Some of us prep because of our faith in God.

      When God sends us warnings (which he is now doing in thousands of different ways) the wise thing to do is to heed those warnings and prepare.

      If Noah had not built that big boat, Noah and his entire family would have drowned.

      If Joseph had not stored up food during the seven good years, his family and the entire nation of Egypt would have starved during the seven lean years.

      God expects us to heed the warnings and prepare the best that we can and trust Him with the rest.


      • Tim


      • NotBlindByNonsense

        All silly preposterous stories from a book of fiction!

        No wonder we in the US have such low educations compared to the rest of the industrialized countries.
        Religion is a sign of mental illness!!!!

        • Michael

          Perhaps you haven’t heard….

          God is alive and He is still doing the same things that we read about in the Bible….


          • Zedge Hero

            Michael, man I love your articles and it takes a lot of work to do what you do. I respect your faith and your decision to belive in a higher power even though I don’t myself. But please do not use Noah’s Ark as any kind of evidence for anything. As Joe Rogan would say, you could not convince a 8 year old mentally challenged boy to believe the Noah Ark lie. If this is a lie then where does it end.

            This video is truthful and funny and may cause anger in people who beleive a 800 year old white drunk saved the world and then had repopulated the earth by making Asian and African and middle eastern babies appear out of no where or did he have two of them on the boat too?


            ” I’m not that retarded!”

        • uncurable wound

          The only sign of mental illness here is you Troll,and maybe Gary2!

          • GaryToo

            actually zedge hero, the same story of noahs ark is found in ALL ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS, who had no contact with each other. Further, the ark was located in the himalayas in present day iran in the late 70’s.

        • A.S.

          Actually, it is the reverse:

          For instance, the Lubavitcher Rebbe predicted that if religion is taken out of public schools, we will have an immoral society. And look how things have become since school prayer was eliminated during the 80’s.

          The U.S. was number one in the world for math and science scores. Now we are behind even 3-world countries. Why? Because there is no religion for children.

          What kind of jobs can the next generation have, even if we are able to produce them, if the average person cant’ do basic addition and subtractions without a calculator? I have seen adults use a calculator to do this operation 10.00-3.65=6.35. If that is the case, then 99% of the U.S. deserves to be working jobs that pay $10 per hour or less!

  • Pastor Glenn

    Re: the ethanol situation for motor fuel; I’ve personally investigated the MPG’s of ‘gasohol’ (now known as E10, i.e. 10% ethanol in the gasoline) since 1979 and can attest that in dozens of cars I’ve driven, the MPG’s decline between 7% (one car) and 25% (one car) with most being in the 9-11% range.

    In plain English, taking into account the fuel, electricity to pump water, water from the aquafer, fuel to produce ship and spread the fertilizer (which then runs off and is killing the Gulf of Mexico), as well as the fuel to ship the ethanol to mix into the gas (it cannot be shipped via pipeline) – it is a net energy loss which INCREASES oil imports, INCREASES costs, ruins small engines, outboard motors and can ruin classic and pre-1980’s car engines – and only serves to enrich a few big conglomerates which produce it as well as a few smaller producers of the stuff.

    Oh yes; because Mexican farmers got in on the bandwagon, it meant that a couple of years ago, the staple foods for Mexican citizens went up 200-300% in one year alone, causing riots. Because when you live on a couple of dollars a day and the expense which takes up much of your money doubles and triples, it really truly hurts.

    Thanks, Jimmy Carter and socialists like you, for pushing this particular ‘bio-fuel’ by placing ‘government endowed favorites’ into tax law…

    Now 35 years later, inventors have come up with means of making DROP-IN gasoline substitutes from sugar beet (i.e. bio-Butanol), DROP-IN diesel fuel and heating oil substitutes from garbage, offal and sewage – which can also be made into gasoline – and none of them can ‘compete’ on a non-level playing field because we’re still subsidizing ethanol with tax-payer money.

    See and if you are interested in seeing these alternatives, both developed by Americans.

    My wife and I drove across the USA and Canada on a vacation, and I was careful to use to fuel my full-sized hybrid automobile, which generally gets 33-40 mpg (which is is rated to do) on the locally available E10.

    On the road, I fuelled the vehicle with real 100% gasoline over 3 weeks and obtained as high as 48.5 mpg, nothing lower than 40 mpg, and this included higher speeds than normal for me; mountain driving; stop and go, etc.

    A prior Toyota Prius that I owned obtained 76 plus MPG’s on real gas on a trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan a few years ago; it was rated at 51 mpg.

    (Hybrids are great cars for Pastors because we drive a lot).

    Pastor Glenn

  • Pastor Glenn

    BTW, yes I AM an automotive expert; I can’t divulge why that is or what my 2nd job is without giving too much away about my personal life, so you’ll just have to believe me – or not, folks.

    Pastor Glenn

  • Cinderella Man

    Wheat is already dying here in southern and central Montana… The spring wheat crop should be twice as high as it is right now!! I knew this drought was bad but I had no idea it was this bad. Ive been talking to farmers that come in and they tell me the spring wheat crop is gone as in there will be NO spring wheat! I have no idea how much MT contributes to the food production of America but expect bread to be expensive. Number two problem hay for livestock. The hay is in poor quality and is burning up in the fields. Ranchers are bailing the hay right now two weeks early just to try to save what they can. The recent fires in SE MT have destroyed thousands of acres and hundreds of cattle are without feed. Already hay is $185 a ton and is expected to go higher. On corn our elevator is rationing what we have we simply cant let too much go or we will go out of business. As I said before we are selling mineral and processed feed right now because the grass is so poor it is basically gut fill no value. Im worried for my Dad right now he thinks if things dont change he will go out of business. The hay and feed will be just to expensive to go on. Another red flag warning for us this week… Looks like tough times are getting tougher.

  • Adolf

    With the collapse of bee colonies and now the drought it could get interesting in the peoples republik of amerikwanistan also known as the ************ stain.

  • Evie

    I live in pa and no drought. We have had excessive heat off and on all summer.
    This is not good as it puts a strain on water. Will cause plants to grow fast.
    Lots of corn here.

    • MisterC

      Here in NW pa the heirloom vegetables are doing fantastic, but, the grapes, apples, and cherries got hit hard. Early warm up causing them to blossom then they got hit with a frost which caused the blossoms to fall off. No blossom, no fruit :-(. Have heard that some losses are up to 80%.

  • sally mae

    I’m in the east and we are very dry as well. We grow corn mostly for animal feed and like someone said earlier, the corn is tassling at 4′ instead of the usual 6-7′.

  • John

    Michael, you just made Max Keiser. Congrats!

    I want to say that you’ve really been hitting them out of the park lately. Your articles are timely, relevant, and very well written. I send them to many friends and family members. Truly some of the best stuff on the net!

    • Michael


      I had no idea that I had popped up on that site. Very cool.

      And thank you for sharing these articles. I spend so much time on them, and when people share them with friends and family by email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that is such a blessing to me because it means that people liked them well enough to share with others.


      • chiller

        Make Max and Stacy! Awesome. Bout time great minds started coming together.

  • John

    America is reaching the point where prayer won’t be answered in a way most wish.

    The mightiest, wealthy nation in all history did not get that way by accident. That nation is SINNING BIG TIME, and is RAPIDLY falling out of favour with the Most High with each and every passing day.

    To know what will befall America shortly, you need look no further than Old Testament Israel. Catastrophic drought is part of the package.

    Prayers to save America mean crap at this point. There’s not nearly enough repentance to warrant a change of heart on God’s part.

  • Morgan

    Aren’t these crops mostly GMO anyway? Good riddance. And when we plant again, the farmers should try real hard to plant only non-GMO. A good first step in killing monsanto. And quite frankly, I think anyone that pants GM should have their field torched.

    • Kelly

      How much do you want to bet they make non-GMO seeds illegal… How can we be controlled if we can be self-sufficient…?

  • sharonsj

    Well, the opposite is happening here in northeast Pennsylvania. Last year we had devastating floods that destroyed thousands of homes. There was some government help, but most people got very little money.

    We had more flooding south of me last month, but that town did not qualify for any government help.

    However, we have had no problems growing crops so there’s plenty of local food.

  • Michael

    Actually, it’s a good thing that the corn is dying all over America. This GMO corn was designed to make those who eat it infertile and obese.

    In actuality, it’s much better to turn it into fuel than it is to eat it:

  • Land Lord

    I have been reading your articles for a couple of months now. You are doing a wonderful job. I think that you are one of the few people that truly understands the state of this country and what is about to happen. As far as my opinin goes, I live in NW Ohio where my cornfields are grim. Having been in the farm business for all my life I can attest to your tribulations. It is imperitive that your readers understand the consequences of this disaster. I agree with you that the second half of 2012 will be interesting to see how it unfolds as the economy is in the tank, our national debt is soaring, and now we could see the possibility of food shortages. I can see this being the end of America because i believe Obama will get reelected and by the end of his second term, America will be in chaos and he will set himself up as our dictator. Keep up the good work!

    • Michael

      Thank you for the kind words Land Lord.

      And I agree – the second half of this year is likely to be very, very interesting.


  • kristen

    My husband and I just got back from a trip that spanned from Birmingham to southeast Arkansas. The reason we looked up how corn was expected to do this year is becausethe expansive corn feilds we passed were dangerously brown and withered. Brown crops for as far as the eye could see. Pray.

  • Sandi

    I am in N central Ar. we are in the dark red drought conditions. I watched load after load of cattle being hauled to a special auction. Tx unloaded a large portion of their cattle last yr. Now here. The issue here is burnt grass and ponds going dry. Hope all have big gardens and have the food freedom we have attained. (I irriagate using a spring) God Bless my fellow Americans.

  • ERIC

    Here in NW ohio Im directly involved in both the business of farming and bulk soy oil transportation for the food industry. For the farming side, we haul most of our corn to a local ethenol plant and I see firsthand all the Dried Distillers Grains plus Solubles – DDGS, that are hauled out of the same plant to feed the local animal producers. I’m not advocating for ethnaol, but I believe it often gets a bad rap from those who do not fully understand the total picture and eat the negative propoganda that floats around. Corn is looking bad in our area. We are in edge of the extream drought area. Wouldnt expect to see more than 80-100 bu/acre average. If we’re lucky.
    As for beans, they are hanging on but need to start podding soon and the concern is that all we are going to end up with is plants with little beans. Won’t take long to combine this fall thats for sure.
    As for oil transportation, I expect soy oil to become more scarce as major oil producers dip into reserves. I have already noticed them starting to have us haul from stockpiles to keep up with demand and know this will only increase as we head into the new year.

    • Cinderella Man

      It funny you mention DDGS Eric, I just heard from several sources that the ethanol plants are shut down in many places. This affects my business because we use alot of DDGS in our minerals that we make. We are already not selling them to the public anymore. This is some scary times people this is an epic disaster that is going to befall this nation.. What is it about great depressions and drought? Seems to go hand in hand!

  • markthetruth

    H A A R P

    Fooling with mother nature..

    the end….

  • There has been a mnarked decline in the viability of purchased open polinjated corn seed and other vegetable seeds these past two years. Iam restocking my saved open polinasted home grown seeds and expanding my garden.

    Gas-a-hol eats plastic parts. Try to find non gas-a-hol.

    Very informative article, I especially like the insertion of the drought map. Grim, and it will get hotter as time passes. I am sure that the cost of shipping corn to our coalition of the willing will be born by the US taxpayer in higher grocery prices. However this is better than no food at all.

    Keep stocking up!


  • el


    Great. Its 2012 but its really 1930. Hopefully the POTUS or USDA does not advise farmers to plow more. Hopefully the Grain Belt wont be fooled by an ignorant ag dept again.

    FYI “drought” is really supposed to be called “drouth” and its common in the Midwest. When the soil is tilled, it opens it up and allows moisture to escape more freely into the air. So, its best to avoid tilling during drouth to avoid losing your topsoil to the wind.

    • 1madmomma

      9 out of 10 farmers in my area don’t plow. They use no-till methods to preserve the topsoil. Anyways the ground is so dang hard I don’t know why anyone would put their machinery thru that.

  • Bruce Conroy

    They killed off the Gulf Loop Current 12 months after the BP oil spill. The weather patterns are going to establish itself differently than before. We will need to adjust and hope the self proclaimed care-takers of humanity don’t ruin us even further.

  • papa

    i predicted this (maybe you know!). scalar drought summer 2012.

  • papa

    prayer and fasting wont shut-down bilderberg’s global directed-energy sites. you can see them on google maps, haarp.

    • no more drugs for you!!!!

      • Petunia Skrebble

        Are you calling “Truth” a drug??? Or are you in cognitive dissonance??? LOL

    • Nobody

      No more drugs for Papa.


      • Petunia Skrebble

        Oh, no, another one. If you do not know about all this, then you have not been paying attention or you have not been doing the research. Papa is so right on.

  • MichaelR

    “A recent article by Holly Deyo summarized why we should all be praying for rain….”

    “When a man (or nation) turns his heart away from hearing the Law, even his prayer is an abombination” (Proverbs 28:9)

    After 60 million legal abortions and the Sodomites lining up to get married legally in 7 states including our nations capitol our prayer should be that God would do whatever it takes to bring this most Christian founded nation to repentance. As for God’s people, Christian believers, we should be preparing by storing food, gold and silver, and encouraging others to do so. Churches should be teaching their members to do these but few are.

    • Christoper Diluzio (Western Carolina)

      What exactly is so valiant about not aborting a baby and putting a misfit out in the world that society has to raise? Yes, I know, one of them will grow up and be a great senator or actor. But, who cares, we have 100 other weirdos taking up space, wasting resources, taking jobs, etc.

      Would Jesus hate gays? Even though I don’t agree with their lifestyle either, they do exist, and you must look at why there are so many more queers today. Look at your government and the water supply. No, Jesus would not hate, he just wouldn’t care one way or another.

      Why are people so stuck in their views? Why can’t people be humans and see everything is not Red or Blue?

      I don’t know, maybe you’re right, some of us NEED to be wiped out.

      • Ed

        Your lack of moral compass and your high opinion of your intellect have put you in an uncomfortable position. You think everyone else is weird, and everything should be allowed. You would be the first to start whining about anarchy. If you believe that some of us need to be wiped out, volunteer. Other than species that you wouldn’t want in your bed or your pool, humans seem to have devolved to the point of killing their own babies. In the womb or out of the womb, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Why don’t you see yourself as an un-necessary, space sucking, resource wasting troglodyte?

        • Gay Veteran

          another person who wants women to be slaves and forced to give birth

          another person who falsely considers himself morally superior to others

          YOU are the one who needs to repent

          • Petunia Skrebble

            It looks like you both have the same disease. Both of you seem to see yourselves morally superior to others. I can actually begin to understand why we are going the way of the troglodyte.

            I just hope those with wisdom, common sense and an understanding of the universe are the ones left to bring us back again. My goodness we are lost souls, indeed.

      • ron

        “I don’t know, maybe you’re right, some of us NEED to be wiped out.”

        He never said that. In fact, he was asking for the opposite.

        Go back in the toolbox, tool.

      • Petunia Skrebble

        Were you just volunteering? LOL

  • Bee Bumble and the Stingers

    The wrath of God?

    • Prepply

      The wrath of corn…

      • Alasha


  • Richard

    Why all this religious claptrap? Look, if the Almighty wanted the farmers to profit, HE WOULDN’T HAVE BEQUEATHED A DROUGHT, WOULD HE? But nobody wants to think like that. In fact, it’s worse. the more the Good Lord provides a drought for us, the more the GUMS (Great Unwashed Masses) pray to Him for deliverance from what he has just caused. It’s like asking Bernanke to solve the debt problem that he was instrumental in creating. Ain’t gonna happen…

    • Kathy Smith

      God didn’t create it we did as sinners

      • Richard

        How do you know that?

    • LuckyL

      Sometimes it isn’t God doing it.

      • Richard

        Oh yeah? Who is, then?

        • Sarah

          They are casting pearls before swine! The things of God are foolishness to the unbeliever.

  • Momof4

    We’re in east central Nebraska. There’s a cornfield out the back side of our home. The corn looks great. I noticed that it is being irrigated. Most of the cornfields around here look really good.

    • CR

      Same here, but only I am in SW MN. We’re surrounded by cornfields out here and they all look great. The corn looks healthy and much of it is over 5 ft tall. We haven’t had signifigent rain in a few weeks.

  • Heartless Harriet here. Since 95% of all the corn grown in the U.S. is GM, bring on the death of that corn. The economic collapse is coming, like it or not. If GM corn and soy fail in the process, this will be a bonus.

    Farmers have allowed themselves to be bought by big government subsidies and if they don’t look ahead and face reality, they will be just as caught in the downfall as the rest of us.

    Farmers have also forgotten how to farm. You can’t farm mono-culture and expect to survive.

    • Marilynn

      My thoughts exactly, Sally_Oh. They say wheat and soy are in danger as well. Bye-bye to that GMO pie…

      And, yes, farmers who interplant different species and who mulch and build up the humus will fare much better in this crisis.

    • LuckyL

      No need for GMO labeling then…

    • Nobody

      Right On!

      Screw GM corn and year-after-year monocrops, where they just use the soil as a dead sponge each year, in order to plant GM seed, then soak it with fossil fuel-based fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc.

      This is a good thing.

    • windy

      Well said Sally-Oh I agree 100%.

      But a country where the people are stupid enough to vote for warmongers Obama or Romney when they have a chance to vote for Ron Paul who would bring us peace and prosperity, deserve what they get.

      GMO food, the military-industrial complex and the SCOTUS citizens united decree, will surely bring us to our knees.

      It’s nearly SHTF time!

  • corny cornpone

    Comrade check this blog page out, it has posted up links to your page:

  • Phil

    I live in western-central Colorado, where drought is “extreme.” Locally, we got about 15% to 20% of the annual wateryear precipitation last year. There was no runoff in the creeks and Colorado River and the streamflows are a record lows. Irrigation and water rights disputes are already heating up and “calls” on the Colorado River have already been placed – very early even for a drought year. Hayfields locally won’t produce but one cutting this year. We did get about an inch of rain – and flashfloods – last week, but rain is useless in the west since we depend on the high altitude snowpack as our biggest reservoir – and there is no snow up there. Here’s the reality at the State linbe on the CO River:

  • sunshine

    It’s geoengineering. Needs to be banned worldwide. get the particulates out of the stratosphere. Let the thunderhead clouds form and the raindrops fall as nature intended!
    When is the last time you saw a rainbow?
    And we need to go solar, the money behind oil isn’t doing good things for life on this good earth.

    • rachel

      I agree it’s the particulate crap they spray causing the draught. Here in washington state they spray everyday and there is mass more rain, and the few sunny days are white with the particulate crap.
      I see weird chemical rainbows in the sky quite often…it is the sunset we don’t get anymore, no red spectrum, just blue.

  • GA

    Live down in Florida. Not much corn grown down here but I just payed almost 3 dollars for 4 small ears at the grocery store. Buy as many cans as you can now. They store for a couple years and will have a better return on your money than silver and gold!

  • Nickelthrower


    I’d like to make two comments. First, my parents live in Amish Country in Ohio which is quite famous for it farms. My parents have lived there for 50 years, know a lot of farmers and even tend to their own rather large garden. With that said, they have reported to me that that the record heat and lack of rain have pretty much “ruined everything as far as the eye can see”. As the article states, some farmers have accepted a total loss and are just plowing under their failed crops.

    I live on the west coast in S. California right on the ocean (actually In The Ocean as I live on a sailboat). Our “summer” has consisted of nothing but freezing fog. This warmer weather has put more moisture into the atmosphere and it turns to fog as it hits the shore. As I write this (at 9am) the temperature is 55 degrees and I can hear the fog horns in the distance. If I go inland just 20 miles the temperature is over 100.

  • stevefraser

    So stop putting what little we have in gasoline, you boneheads.

    • W. R. Flynn

      10% ethanol blend allows Americans to get 3 to 5% lower fuel economy in gasoline powered personal vehicles.

      Plus, the energy returned on energy invested for ethanol is approximately 1:1 (read the studies by Professor Tom Murphy, a physicist at UCSD, through a web search) meaning the energy used to produce ethanol is about the same as the energy it provides. And since it damages gas mileage it’s actually a drain on the nation’s energy supply.

      In summary, if Americans quit burning 45% of the nation’s corn in cars and pick-up trucks, a severe drought in the corn belt wouldn’t be anywhere near as frightening and we’d improve our gas mileage, too.

    • salvadordaly

      Exactly, more ethanol needed to inflate corn and gas prices. It’s the same as the US navy fleet going “GREEN” at $26 dollars a gallon for fuel. Government “OUT OF CONTROL” Quit using the corn for ethanol! Another “failed” “green” project!

  • Karen

    Just the subject I had in mind Michael and I had esp the US is in a heap of trouble the Obama government just asked Russia for help in the grain department are corn crops are all but gone 75 per cent of food stuffs in the stores consist of corn and all your livestock feeds are mostly corn well we don’t have much of any left cattle have been sent to markets because of droughts and beef is going to hit all time highs and food is getting ready to become hyperinflation style the article is on whatdoesitmean the government is getting ready for riots in the streets and the military have been training to deal with this people are going to be put in prison camps I just left the military and they do train for this I have watched them train in crowd control best get ready real soon

  • Kim

    I am from Yakima, Washington and our area is doing ok in terms of rain. June was a wet month up here, but it has NOT been under 100F for days and it’s forecasted to be 100F or over for the next 5 days. It’s rough.

    This system is so out of balance.

  • Alexander Rimsky

    Wheat will go up over July and August and even over Autumn as well. We will see it double the price it is now
    by December. If you guessed to buy wheat and corn some 2 months ago you can have a happy christmas indeed. It is still not too late…

  • former walmart person

    Can’t they just shut down Vegas and use that water for irrigation? All this technology in the world can’t save us from a drought can it?

  • Karen

    Something else too I live in the panhandle of Florida I always watch the seasons and how they have change remember that song those lazy hazy days of summer where hot summer is hazy well it has changed here to very blue skys which only happen in fall and my chickens are molting which means they are loosing there feathers to grow winter ones that is a no no this should not happen until September and it’s only early July so animals let you know of change and what this means is we are going to have a very early winter and it is going to be worse than any before

    • Prepply

      Thank you for the hope. It is too hot and I can’t wait for winter which seems eons away…

  • Washington

    I will help with prayer!

    I’m Farming and I Grow It

  • Greg

    It’s awful brown, here in mid central Indiana. Pray for legislation to end fossil fuels.

    This way, no one has to become a victim of this tragedy.

    …religiously or scientifically!!

  • erheault

    Shurely Obamma has a answer to that little problem as he has solved all of the nations other problems, Wont be long before inflation really starts to show up on food products.

  • Washington

    Good Grief… Now Team Obama Wants to Blow Up 3 Dams In the Name of Junk Science Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, February 29, 2012

  • Sister Goldenhair

    Sure, you will find teens and others breaking into houses looking for “something for nothing”! They are lazy and smokin weed. Won’t work at burger king just want to take stuff to hawk. That doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end. I once had my best friend steal from me. They deny it. It hurt, but I learned to never let that person into my personal area. Don’t despair, find uplifting stories to read! There are good people out there doing GREAT things daily! I once had my car break down in the middle of the night. You know who pulled up to help me? An illegal immigrant. He spoke hardly any English but he drove me home and would not even take a dollar from me. He told me “some day..someone need help…you help him. And I have. The world is what you make it! Smile and the world smiles with you…cry and you CRY alone! Have a great day!

    • lowtolerance

      Yes, there are good people out there. Yet your encounters still leave you a judgmental old fool, don’t they? I smoke weed like it’s going out of style. The sign on my door says VP. It’s the result of years of hard work and putting myself through school. I’m a liberal yet I have a stack of ammo that atlas will never shrug off. Keep your foolish stereotypes and have a nice day.

      • sistergoldenhair

        Lowtolerance…you must be the Vp of bull!!! Ha. As for old I am far from it…I am a mature adult who put away weed years ago. Too bad you cant live in the real world..but must resort to getting high to survive. I bet my housekeeeper makes more money then you see in a year. Oh yeah I can be nasty when dealing with stinky dirty lowbrow pot heads. Boo hop what an old judgemental fool I have become..@xx

      • TX4Life

        Weed makes people lazy and most people realize that and outgrow smoking it by the age of 30. That is, if they aren’t planning to live off the productivity of others for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, many disability programs are now requiring drug tests and if you aren’t HTC free, no check for you!!!!!!!! VP? Of nothing significant.

  • bruce

    Thanks for putting this out there. Many farm states have not seen the impact of this recession as much as more urban states, due to good crops and high prices. That is about to change, in many areas farming drives the ecomony. They say here when farmers are happy, mainstreet is happy.

    You generally have a pretty good grasp of the topics, but think you need a bit more understanding on this subject. A large part of the wheat has already been harvested, combines already in the Dakotas. Even there wheat was mature weeks ago, the weather now is having little impact what happened a month ago did. Corn is indeed pollinating or has done so and temp and moisture stress are problems, but corn does not mature in june. A pollinated kernal is no bigger than a bb and virtual all water. Corn needs 2-2 half months after pollination to maturity. Much like an apple after the flower drys up it has been pollinated but takes months to maturity.

    • Cinderella Man

      Your wheat in the dakotas may be harvested Bruce but in MT we have winter and spring wheat. And the spring wheat is dying here buddy!!

  • Karen

    One more thing to say I mentioned I had left the military I left because I don’t believe in what they stand for they kill and rape innocent people I watched them issue the special forces army black riot gear they don’t issue black for desert deployments and I watched as truck load after truck load of ammo has been brought to the base where I worked the special forces will patrol this area and they are a pretty rough bunch folks the military do not care that is most they will arrest you and the government has given them full authority to do so.

    • Prepply

      Sounds like you left the military thinking that as a civilian things would be better or different. The police forces are getting issued the rest of that riot gear… They are following the same path.

  • Buzzy Watts

    I’m not worried. We can all just eat cake.

    • Prepply

      The cake is a lie.

  • bruce

    Where I am in central nebraska much of the corn is irrigated and looks good but looks do not always tell the story. Environmental stress always reduces yeild, but there is a long time until the crop is made so how much remains to be seen. As stated if pollination fails the game is over. Oh for you non farm people, “Plowing a crop under” is probably down with a disc today and not a moldboard plow. Non irrigated crops look tough, pastures are shot. Hay prices very high. Culling breeding herds should actually lower meat prcies in the short term due to increased supply. But when the factory gets killed (brood cows, sows and ewes) the futures meat production is lowered and prices go up. Reguardless of the naysayeers I am praying for rain. Our last rain was May 26th. Iwill be selling some cows next week.

  • Gary2

    Michael–good article, maybe a little corny, but good 🙂

    • HecatesMoon


  • AL

    We’re down in Northern Alabama, planted a few acres, only half of it came up at all, the stuff that did come up is sad and done producing, its tough to find a full ear. Replanted wherever it didn’t grow well, a couple sprung up…. haven’t seen rain since. The only ones around here that are making it are the ones that planted early and loaded up with fertilizer so everything was full grown before the effects kicked in. P.S. Every Antichrist naysaying prayer and repentance, wake up, it’s called human responsibility, you are the reason for much of this judgment. Out of the abundance of the heart, man speaks.

  • Brooke

    This is not good news, but I’m sorry to say that this is what happens when you put “all your eggs in one basket”. We simply cannot rely on a single crop like this. The problem is monocultures and GMO seed. We need biodiversity with plants who have long roots evolved to bring water to the soil surface planted next to plants with short roots. Companion planting and permaculture techniques are insurance against Mother Nature. Nature is a synergy of everything in the environment and us humans, especially farmers, don’t seem to understand that. I live in central Illinois and I’m appalled at the lack of respect for the land that these big Ag farmers have. They leave their land naked all winter long constantly exposed to the elements. This is very bad for the soil. I work in IT and even I know about cover crops. It seems like the fundamentals of farming have been forgotten for the “easy” way of planting, spraying chemicals a couple times, and then harvesting. I am very much involved in the local food movement in my area and the organic farmers are doing just fine, but again, they use sustainable permaculture/companion planting techniques. It’s not rocket science, but it does take some extra work…heaven forbid!

    • Marilynn

      Excellent post, Brooke. Modern man thinks he knows everything and laughs at the popular notion that led up to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s: “The rain follows the plow.” Do modern agriculturists think they are smarter and more sophisticated when they plant vast swaths of genetically manipulated monocultures that are doused with a cocktail of toxins?

    • Zedge Hero

      I live hear in Central Illinois and this is the nations best soil yet more concrete goes up everyday around us too. Very sad.

  • 1madmomma

    I live in western Ohio and my husband is a farmer. (no I don’t like Monsanto and he knows it. I grow my own food. So don’t give me hate remarks!) His corn and soybean crops look bad. Corn is short and shriveled from the 100+ heat and no rain. And it is tasseling early due to stress. The soybeans are trying to blossom right now so this is the critical time for them. We desperately need rain. I have been keeping track of rainfall and in June we had 1.40″ and so far in July its 0″. July is typically our hottest/driest time of year.
    Also keep in mind that some of the midwestern states had high winds/derecho on June 29. Those 70+mph winds snapped some of the corn tops off. A double whammy to an already struggling crop. When those winds came thru here at first all I could see was a brown haze of dust. That tells how dry it is. Around here the older farmers are talking about how its like 1988. That was a bad year for farmers. Stock up on food folks, its only gonna get worse!

    • Prepply

      I don’t understand about the needing rain thing. Don’t we irrigate? (sorry I have no farming experience and was under the impression that we water our crops – kinda like everyone here in California has to water their lawns daily…)

      • 1madmomma

        No we don not irrigate farm ground here. I personally have never seen irrigation anywhere in Ohio.

        • Prepply

          Ok. I don’t know why I thought that! I guess being a non-grower I just assumed all conditions were controlled… (I mean it seems that even the genetics are manipulated… Sheesh.) Sorry. 😀

          Hopefully things get more rainy soon and hopefully all other growings go well…

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    “the government is getting ready for riots in the streets and the military have been training to deal with this people are going to be put in prison camps I just left the military and they do train for this I have watched them train in crowd control best get ready real soon.”

    NO,NO.NO……we are living democratic country……. or you open the eyes.

  • jason

    Farmers complain every year: to much rain, not enough, too much, not enough….

    Of course we shouldn’t be growing so much corn anyway:
    Corn Syrup and all those corn based additives – bad – not good for you at all
    Feeding corn to cattle -bad – they should be eating grass.
    GMO – bad
    Monoculture – bad

    I don’t know how many things you have to do wrong before we realize it’s really our own fault.

    Keeping on voting for the guy who prop up big-agri and big-food and we’ll keep on being in this situation

  • Debra

    Why not use weather modification techniques to make it rain? It is well known that the technology exists to cause rain and control the weather. It is used by the government routinely, but the public is kept in the dark.

    Isn’t it time we all wake up and start demanding that our government work for us and not treat us like ignorant sheeple?

    Check it out: and

  • Washington

    Telstar 1: The Little Satellite That Created the Modern World 50 Years Ago By Adam Mann July 10, 2012

  • Evie

    As long as I can get my young, white sweet corn for .25 an ear I do not care about ethanol. Ruins engines in cars and does not lower fuel costs. Of course it is important animals eat too.

  • mondobeyondo

    Suggested reading for the days ahead:

    Deuteronomy chapter 28 (the entire chapter) but focus on Deuteronomy 28:16-18

    Leviticus chapter 26 (the entire chapter) – focus on Leviticus 26:20-21

    I suggest you heed what God is telling us through his Word. Abandon our evil, hedonistic, sinful ways as a nation, repent and turn back to Him.

    If we do not….well, worse things will come. MUCH worse things.
    The locusts are just getting warmed up.

    • Zombalypse

      Or, you could brush up on some Quantum Physics and realize that our lives are nothing but a computer simulation.

      Losing your faith hurts. But it’s the first step to critical thinking and seeing past the Illusion.

      Joseph Smith really knew his audience when he referred to ‘The Land of Moron’ in Ezra.

  • Marilynn

    The MSM flunkies channeling the AGW pundits, of course, will be attributing all this weather mayhem to man-made global warming—except where it’s unseasonably cold, in which case they’ll refer to it as CO2 driven climate change AKA Global Climatic Disruption. (There is a distinction. Really. No, really. Just ask John Holdren…)

    • GaryToo

      the consensus of peer reviewed scientific community are msm flunkies? lets substitute msm for ewe, hows that? extreme weather events. r u getting more tornadoes? more bushfires? more drought? Higher tides? None of that is real is it as long as u can come up with a rebbuttal such as different scioentists using different names for different events.

  • linda

    Quit putting high fructose corn syrup in all our food, save America from obesity at the same time, this will keep the costs down.

  • Chris

    I think we in the UK have stolen all your rain. This has got to be the worst summer weather in living memory here, cool, windy, dull and very wet. In fact we have too much water at the moment, flooding is common.. It’s disastrous. Please take your rain back. It’s just started raining again ….

    • GaryToo

      thats the interrupted gulf-stream for you. We will not turn around our pollution/economic growth worship so england will become alaska.

  • Cinderella Man

    I got to put this into perspective…. Today I heard from one of our truck drivers who is from Iowa that the corn crop is bust and they shut the ethanol plants down. This concerns me because we use the dried distiller grains to build our mineral supplements. 2. corn is in short supply this year. The price was hovering around $4.99 a bushel in early June and now when I checked the CME group its now around $7.30 a bushel. If the corn crop fails the skys the limit on corn. We could see 8 or 9 bucks easy. 3. this drought is devastating all food producers. From the ranchers including my Dad having no hay then they will have to deal with expensive feed in the fall and winter. Ranchers are already dumping record amounts of cattle right now and this will make the already small herd even smaller. Beef at the store is going to go outta this world!! Just get used to the fact that you might never have a cheeseburger of a steak ever again…This might put us out of business. The farmers here in Montana say the spring wheat crop is gone! This is going to be a nasty blow to my states economy. Soybean meal is already $500 bucks a ton. My co workers and I have never heard of this!!! Lets face it folks the dustbowl is back and the pain is going to be spread all around this year. Gerald Celente is right we will be handing out food as presents at Christmas this year!!

  • Yeriel

    Let’s don’t give up so quickly. Instead, let’s irrigate all the cornfields using the drip irrigation developed in Israel. If Israel can grow corn in hot dry weather, and they do, it can be done in the good old USA. Invest in the irrigation system and then let the weather do what it wants. You can probably find government assistance these days to pay for the drip system, so why wait? Get it done! Maybe you’ll have to write off this year’s crops but never again!!

  • (Of course, global warming is still a commie plot!)

  • Tatiana Covington

    I would not pray for rain. Instead, I would develop such things as thorium reactors, high-efficiency solar photovoltaic cells, fusion power, and nanoporous graphene for rapid, cheap, efficient desalination and pumping.

    Further, who says that farming has to be outdoors? No wonder it’s so risky, no wonder I urge vegetable cloning and aquaponics, among other things.

    It’s all a set of problems in engineering.

  • Primal

    I SAY LET IT (and Soy) DIE.. It’s just a bunch of genetically modified government subsidized poison used to trap farmers in a facist economy, and make Americans sick. It has been manipulated to destroy Mexico and build the drug trade routes there.. Let’s learn to live without it . I don’t want it.

  • Orange Jean

    I live in a little rented house on a 500-acre farm in rural Isle of Wight County, VA (just outside Smithfield). We are in the mid-Atlantic and got hit by that derecho storm, followed by a 2nd storm with lots of wind, hail and torrential downpours. We’ve had about 2 weeks of dangerously high heat (topping 100 degrees, often with 100% humidity)… and I thought for sure my garden was a goner (since I cannot tolerate the heat and humidity and wasn’t getting to water). But we’ve had enough rain, and now it’s cooled down a bit.

    Farmers in this area generally do monocrops (spring wheat, corn, soy are rotated but those who grow cotton usually do it year after year). Some melons, “you-pick-em” places with strawberries and blueberries and a few other odd things like 1 vineyard and a Christmas tree farm down the road from me. ALL seem to be doing A-OK; the farmer who leases the fields on the farm I live on grew wheat and got his harvest in the day before the derecho wind storm. Locally I see lots of fields with either soy or cotton (too short to be sure yet) that look green and lush and those who are growing corn, it’s tasseled out but I don’t know that it is premature – at this point the corn looks green and healthy to me.

    My little container garden; my tomatoes are thriving, as are my squash and cucs. The peppers seem stressed and are getting more bugs and my herbs too dried up… but I put those in pots that are maybe too small. We also have plenty of bees, birds, etc. So I’m not too worried at this point.

  • U.S.A Judgment Has Started October 2011

    USA Has:
    Caused Drought – Now they have drought.
    Starved Millions – Now millions are starving.
    Caused Floods – Now they have floods.
    Destroyed Millions of Homes – Now Homes are being destroyed.
    Destroyed the Infra-structure
    of Many nations. – Now theirs are being destroyed.
    Killed Millions – Now they are being killed.
    Plundered Nations – Now they are being plundered.
    Tortured Millions – Yet to happen in a big way.
    Enslaved Millions – Yet to happen in a big way.
    God Is Not Mocked

  • N

    Manipulated weather; the globalists want to destroy the United States. Iran complained not so long ago about unusual droughts there and specificaly mentioned weather warfare. I am glad some posters above me see this, too.

  • cat47

    We had these same conditions, last spring and summer, in Texas. Over 100 degrees for well over 60 days! The wind just blew and blew and stripped all of the top soil, then we had intense heat and no rain. my garden was a bitter failure, even though I watered. trees are still snapping in two though we’ve gotten some rain. praying for rain.

  • Kippercat

    Corn looks as it should in Omaha, NE. But we have had little rain recently, and not much in the forecast. We are watering our lawn daily, and it is still struggling from the heat stress. The sunlight feels strong, like it is carrying more energy or something.

  • Read the Book of Joel. Chapter one describes these conditions before the Day of the Lord comes.

  • Bluto

    No mention of the fact that all the corn is GMO from the scumbags at Monsanto – to feed to cattle. Let it fail. We are all toast anyway. Take your pick, radiation from Fukushima (when SPF 4 goes, it’s an extinction event), WW3, environmental catastrophe, economic collapse – all at the same time. The American farmer sold out to Monsanto long ago, they deserve the Hell they have brought upon themselves. Good luck.

  • jd

    Can this be a pattern, we tend to look at things in our lifetime.
    11 year cycle in groups of 7. Will 2013 be another 1859 for solar storms and weather.
    ** Michael keep up the great work you do at this site. **
    Solar maximum or solar max is a normal period of greatest solar activity in
    the 11 year solar cycle of the Sun. During solar maximum, large numbers of
    sunspots appear and the sun’s irradiance output grows by about 0.1%.[1]
    Solar maximums are not expected to impact global climate but recent studies
    have shown some correlation with regional weather patterns.

    Last week saw several huge solar flares, the biggest of which occurred on Friday, July 6. Labeled an X1.1 class solar flare – the strongest classification used by the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center – the sun storm caused radio blackouts here on Earth as particles ejected from the sun crashed into our planet’s atmosphere. It was the fifth X-class solar flare of 2012.
    2013 (11 *7) = 77 2013 – 77 = 1936
    July 9 2012(Reuters) – Scorching temperatures in June’s second half helped
    the continental United States break its record for the hottest first six months
    in a calendar year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on Monday.
    The last 12 months also have been the warmest since modern record-keeping began in 1895,
    narrowly beating the previous 12-month period that ended in May 2012.

    1936 (11 *7)=77 1936- 77 = 1859
    The 1936 North American heat wave was the most severe heat wave in the modern
    history of North America. It took place in the middle of the Great Depression
    and Dust Bowl of the 1930s, and caused catastrophic human suffering and an enormous
    economic toll. The death toll exceeded 5,000, and huge numbers of crops were destroyed
    by the heat and lack of moisture. Many state and city record high temperatures set during the 1936 heat wave still stand to this day. The heat wave followed one of the coldest winters on record.
    For instance, according to a Kansas history book from the turn of the century,
    drought destroyed what little vegetation the Kansas Territory had at the time.
    From June 1859 to November 1860, only a few showers fell to soak the earth.
    “It is estimated that in this awful time, 30,000 emigrants left the country west
    of Missouri, spreading the story of disaster,” the book stated.

    The solar superstorm of 1859 was the fiercest ever recorded. Auroras filled the
    sky as far south as the Caribbean, magnetic compasses went haywire and telegraph
    systems failed.
    The geomagnetic disturbances were strong enough that U.S. telegraph operators reported
    sparks leaping from their equipment—some bad enough to set fires, said Ed Cliver,
    a space physicist at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory in Bedford, Massachusetts.
    In 1859, such reports were mostly curiosities. But if something similar happened today,
    the world’s high-tech infrastructure could grind to a halt.

  • cornman

    Southern Illinois corn crop is terrible. Many fields will probably have zero yield. It is bad for farmers but I assume eveyone is aware that many farmers have federal crop insurance that guarantees them a set dollar amount per acre based on county averages.

  • JR

    I live in Aurora, IL. It has been very, very dry here; we are in the middle of the drought. However, two points: a.) corn grows on heat units, and the heat has been a good thing; b.) so far, as of July 10th, the corn is in fact green still. I cannot tell if it is stunted from lack of water, but the spring was normal, so there was a lot of ground moisture. As far as I can tell, this story appears to be hyperbole, at least from my vantage point. Things may get better, or get worse but that’s the report from my area at this time

  • BAC

    As our “betters” have been saying all along – this is due to global warming – sorry – the fact the earth is near the sun – sorry – climate change (phew! got there eventually)

    I’ve had to put an e-mail address in here – hi CIA? How is it going? Have not bombed Syria yet? Or Iran? – must be behind schedule…

  • HecatesMoon

    Missouri is requesting that it be declared an agricultural disaster zone. I saw one neighbor lost his little plot, but all the large fields look fine to me.

  • C

    This is gonna hurt, but in a good way. One farmer a friend talked with said he spends 2 million to make 100k profit in corn. The insurance companies can suck it up. I knew enough not to raise a family, or even take on debt, so I can absorb these increasing costs. Do I sound selfish?, when the best love you can find is so selfish it makes you just plain sick to your stomach, I don’t feel sorry for anyone or anything more. This is called life. Now, go cut down some more forests and make way for agriculture fields.

  • Snake Pliskin

    Ohhhhhh WELL Bring IT ON Got MTN house for years
    Me And the the family will be fine

    OH you mean you didnt prepare oh well your ignorent
    everthing will go on as normal. RIGHT foolish masses

  • saji

    well, that puts a lot of gm corn dead

    • B

      i know right 🙂

  • Josh

    ETHANOL PLANTS IN SOUTHEAST IOWA are facing financial failure. They have cut back or suspended production, because of the too-high price of corn, or absolute lack of corn. They have been trying to sell their stock; no one is buying. A mass crash of ethanol companies regionally (farmer-owned) is imminent.

    not sure if this is a reliable source seen it in the comment section on zh

  • James

    Maybe the drought is a blessing in disguise. If the big corporate farmers who call themselves, “Family Farms” go broke. This will be an opportunity for people who practice sustainable permaculture to buy land a little cheaper. The small family farms may come back.

  • Persisting contrails. House Bill 2977 (Oct. 2001) read original draft of bill which attempted to ban use of “chemtrails” and “weather warfare”.

    HAARP technology

    US Air Force white paper on “Owning the Weather by 2025”

    What are those persisting contrails in the sky? Who is spraying the sky? Why?

    US Patent 5,003,186 and about 35 other patents describe this weather control method.

    It isn’t mother nature.

    • sunshine

      yeah, I think the manmade climate disasters via the geoengineering most likely causing the drought may be sure to cause hyperinflation with FOOD. Sure is funny how thungerhead clouds dissolve when those planes fly around..
      Sky high prices for food to come and won’t suprize me if the talking media heads are told to say it’s because of climate change/global warming/new ice age whatever they lable it any given day.
      oh, climate change, your fault dontcha know. It’s all that co2 ordinary people are filling the atmosphere with, those greenhouse gasses that plants suck up, thrive on and exchange for oxygen.
      Climate change causing famine! We MUST have a carbon tax to fix it. Pelosi will be shrieking you have to pass this so you can read it!
      Sure…the carbon tax .. now what would they use that for? To keep funding the geoengineering to manipulate the weather?.. at your expense!
      Odd that they keep extracting more and more $ from the people and I’ve yet to see results for the good of the country and the people.


  • eric siverson

    Or maybe the real corperations like monsanto , Cargil and John deer will get a chance to buyup the land and show us how to farm and sell for a good cosistant profit ?

  • BFH

    Much of the state of S.C. has had excessive, relentless heat and virtually no rain. July 9th, 10th and 11th we got rain. BUT, it is already too late for most of the crops

  • Israel

    There’s a word for a country that publicly assaults its citizens sexually and homosexually. Sodom. And the judgment of Sodom is on its way.

  • al

    Time to reread Wilhelm Reichs books on cloud-seeding. ie ” making” rain.
    They might be hard to find though seeing as most of his books were burned by the federal government in the 1950’s (shortly before being murdered! by the very same government)

  • Gay Veteran

    IF you went to 100 cardiologists and 95 said you needed heart surgery, would you have the surgery?

    same with climate science:

    Global Warming Makes Heat Waves More Likely, Study Finds

  • greg

    Here comes Monsanto…..Corn seeds that flourish on exhaust fumes!

    • M

      ha ha XD

  • gary Mahon

    Even as we had way too much rain last two yrs here, I felt that a drought was coming this year. When we only had three small snows, then the hottest March ever, it became clear. It is sad to see the dying corn in most fields, as i drive through farm country. I have never seen it this bad! Maybe, The Great On High, is trying to tell our peoples something. Maybe to humble and bring our nation back to common sense, and the One who gave us this great land, and His laws.

  • Sarah

    Maybe God is trying to rescue us from HFCS. This could be an answer to prayers for a safer food supply.

  • Petunia Skrebble

    Well, is it not coincidence that Haarp redirected the Jet STream at just the right time to cause the drought? The corn needed the moisture at this time, but if its GMO corn, well, better to die from starvation than ravaged organs by the GMO corn. Don’t ya think? Maybe too it gives us a chance to decide what we want to do about it with those terrorist bankers who are pulling the strings in Washington and using Haarp as a WMD on the American people, not including everyone else they are harming. Maybe its time to declare a war on terrorists? This time, lets get the name of the terrorists right. They are not muslim, they are satanists.

  • Jake

    Somebody is gong to make a lot of money.
    Small farmers will go bankrupt.
    Corporations will move in and buy the land up cheap.
    GMO crops will blanket north america.
    People will continue to be abused.
    Same Story, different century.
    Welcome to geoengineering – The NEW form of world control.

  • We’re sending a Word from the Lord given to Julie in July 2008. It’s not pretty.

    “Blight and Blasting”

    “Take a message to America. Thus saith the Lord: I have cursed your blessings. I have poured out My wrath upon them and caused them to wither. I am bringing grief where you once had joy, and I am causing your mirth to cease.

    “For I have truly cursed, and no man can undo it. The things that were ordained for life and for good are now ordained for your destruction. The blessings I have given you will no longer bless. Instead, they will turn to your destruction and will bring you blight and blasting.

    “Weep for blessings that are no more, America. For you have seen the end of the blessings and you will now see the beginning of the time of the curse, says the Lord.”

    When Iowa sanctioned sodomite “marriages,” they only hastened the judgment of God.

    Gordy & Julie Rider at FINAL HOURS MINISTRIES International
    6001 Ky. Rt. 1100, East Point, KY 41216

    • mondobeyondo

      If I were Solomon, living in the U.S. circa 2012 AD, I’d add a few extra verses to Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes:

      “A time to enjoy, and a time to party, and a time to spend wealth in excess.
      A time for nationwide talent, and a time for talent to be squandered.
      A time to mourn, and a time to be impoverished.
      A time of little hope under the sun.”

  • mustaza

    american and western countries all will collapse .it is over .and also for israel. jesus will come back soon and will kill dajjal and bring back prosperity in this world with islam.

    hope you all believe before it’s too late

  • Rodster
    • Michael

      Very nice. 🙂


  • Alan

    I would take this time to prepare. If you wait on god I have a bad feeling you will go hungry and try to come into my house for food. That will likely not turn out well for you.

  • Read through Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 in the Bible and you will begin to understand what is coming on both the U.S. and all the English-speaking Anglo-Saxons throughout the world. Destruction. Because we have forgotten God and His laws and are persisting in sin.

    • Michael

      Very good chapters. 🙂



  • have i said something wrong ?

  • x

    Bull! The issue can be solved with water piping built to deliver water to crops. This method of water distribution has been done in third world countries. The problem is Americans wants the water FREE, from mother nature. They are not will to build water piping to keep crops going, they do not want the bill.
    Their using the same excuse for cattle and grass. Build the water piping to distribute water where needed.

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