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The Crazy Things That One Whistleblower Says Are Happening At JP Morgan Will Blow Your Mind

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Rampant silver manipulation?  Rampant gold manipulation?  Rampant LIBOR manipulation?  Hiding MF Global client assets?  These are all happening at JP Morgan according to an open letter reportedly written by an anonymous employee of the firm.  The whistleblower also warns of a “cascading credit event being triggered” by derivatives related to Greek government debt.  Unlike Greg Smith at Goldman Sachs, this whistleblower has chosen to remain anonymous for now.  According to the letter, the whistleblower is still an employee of JP Morgan and has not resigned.  But that does make it much more difficult to confirm what he is saying.  With Greg Smith, we know exactly who he is and what he was doing at Goldman.  As far as this anonymous whistleblower is concerned, all we have is this letter.  So we must take it with a grain of salt.  However, the information in this letter does agree with what whistleblowers such as Andrew Maguire have said in the past about silver manipulation by JP Morgan.  And this letter does mention Greg Smith’s resignation from Goldman, so we know that it must have been written in the past few days.  Hopefully this letter will cause authorities to take a much closer look at the crazy things that are going on over at JP Morgan and the other big Wall Street banks.

This anonymous letter was addressed to the CFTC, but unfortunately it looks like the CFTC has already chosen to ignore it.

The original letter from this anonymous whistleblower has already been taken down from the CFTC website. When you go there now, all you get is this message….

“The Comment Cannot Be Found. Please Return to the Previous Page and Try Again.”

Fortunately, there are many in the alternative media that copied this entire letter from the CFTC website.

The following is a copy of the original letter that the anonymous whistleblower from JP Morgan submitted to the CFTC….


Dear CFTC Staff,

Hello, I am a current JPMorgan Chase employee. This is an open letter to all commissioners and regulators. I am emailing you today b/c I know of insider information that will be damning at best for JPMorgan Chase. I have decided to play the role of whistleblower b/c I no longer have faith and belief that what we are doing for society is bringing value to people. I am now under the opinion that we are actually putting hard working Americans unaware of what lays ahead at extreme market risk. This risk is unnecessary and will lead to wide-scale market collapse if not handled properly. With the release of Mr. Smith’s open letter to Goldman, I too would like to set the record straight for JPM as well. I have seen the disruptive behavior of superiors and no longer can say that I look up to employees at the ED/MD level here at JPM. Their smug exuberance and arrogance permeates the air just as pungently as rotting vegetables. They all know too well of the backdoor crony connections they share intimately with elected officials and with other institutions. It is apparent in everything they do, from the meager attempts to manipulate LIBOR, therefore controlling how almost all derivatives are priced to the inherit and fraudulent commodities manipulation. They too may have one day stood for something in the past in the client-employee relationship. Does anyone in today’s market really care about the protection of their client? From the ruthless and scandalous treatment of MF Global client asset funds to the excessive bonuses paid by companies with burgeoning liabilities. Yes, we at JPMorgan that are in the know are fearful of a cascading credit event being triggered in Greece as they have hidden derivatives in excess of $1 Trillion USD. We at JPMorgan own enough of these through counterparty risk and outright prop trading that our entire IB EDG space could be annihilated within a few short days. The last ten years has been market by inflexion point after inflexion point with the most notable coming in 2008 after the acquisition of Bear.

I wish to remain anonymous as of now as fear of termination mounts from what I am about to reveal. Robert Gottlieb is not my real name; however he is a trader that is involved in a lawsuit for manipulative trading while working with JPMorgan Chase. He was acquired during our Bear Stearns acquisition and is known to be the notorious person shorting in the silver future market from his trading space, along with Blythe Masters, his IB Global boss. However, with that said, we are manipulating the silver futures market and playing a smaller (but still massively manipulative) role in manipulating the gold futures market. We have a little over a 25% (give or take a percentage) position in the short market for silver futures and by your definition this denotes a larger position than for speculative purposes or for hedging and is beyond the line of manipulation.

On a side note, I do not work directly with accounts that would have been directly impacted by the MF Global fiasco but I have heard through other colleagues that we have involvement in the hiding of client assets from MF Global. This is another fraudulent effort on our part and constitutes theft. I urge you to forward that part of the investigation on to the respective authorities.

There is something else that you may find strange. During month-end December, we were all told by our managers that this was going to be a dismal year in terms of earnings and that we should not expect any bonuses or pay raises. Then come mid-late January it is made known that everyone received a pay raise and/or bonus, which is interesting b/c just a few weeks ago we were told that this was not likely and expected to be paid nothing in addition to base salary. January is right around the time we started increasing our short positions quite significantly again and this most recent crash in gold and silver during Bernanke’s speech on February 29th is of notable importance, as we along with 4 other major institutions, orchestrated the violent $100 drop in Gold and subsequent drops in silver.

As regulators of the free people of this country, I ask you to uphold the most important job in the world right now. That job is judge and overseer of all that is justice in the most sensitive of commodity markets. There are many middle-income people that invest in the physical assets of silver, gold, as well as mining stocks that are being financially impacted in a negative way b/c of our unscrupulous shorts in the precious metals commodity sector. If you read the COT with intent you will find that commercials (even though we have no business being in the commercial sector, which should be reserved for companies that truly produce the metal) are net short by a long shot in not only silver, but gold.

It is rather surprising that what should be well known liabilities on our balance sheet have not erupted into wider scale scrutinization. I call all honest and courageous JPMorgan employees to step up and fight the cronyism and wide-scale manipulation by reporting the truth. We are only helping reality come to light therefore allowing a real valuation of our banking industry which will give investors a chance to properly adjust without being totally wiped out. I will be contacting a lawyer shortly about this matter, as I believe no other whistleblower at JPMorgan has come forward yet. Our deepest secrets lie within the hands of honest employees and can be revealed through honest regulators that are willing to take a look inside one of America’s best kept secrets. Please do not allow this to turn into another Enron.

Kind Regards,
-The 1st Whistleblower of Many


Another Enron?

If what this letter says is true, then the problems facing our financial system are more serious than most of us thought.

And the allegations of corruption at JP Morgan are absolutely shocking.

But this is not the first whistleblower to come forward to the CFTC with charges of rampant market manipulation by JP Morgan.

Back in 2010 I wrote about the stunning allegations that a former silver trader named Andrew Maguire presented to the CFTC.  The following is an extended excerpt from that article….


Back in November 2009, Andrew Maguire, a former Goldman Sachs silver trader in Goldman’s London office, contacted the CFTC’s Enforcement Division and reported the illegal manipulation of the silver market by traders at JPMorgan Chase.

Maguire told the CFTC how silver traders at JPMorgan Chase openly bragged about their exploits – including how they sent a signal to the market in advance so that other traders could make a profit during price suppression episodes.

Traders would recognize these signals and would make money shorting precious metals alongside JPMorgan Chase.  Maguire explained to the CFTC how there would routinely be market manipulations at the time of option expiries, during non-farm payroll data releases, during commodities exchange contract rollovers, as well as at other times if it was deemed necessary.

On February 3rd, Maguire gave the CFTC a two day warning of a market manipulation event by email to Eliud Ramirez, who is a senior investigator for the CFTC’s Enforcement Division.

Maguire warned Ramirez that the price of precious metals would be suppressed upon the release of non-farm payroll data on February 5th.  As the manipulation of the precious metals markets was unfolding on February 5th, Maguire sent additional emails to Ramirez explaining exactly what was going on.

And it wasn’t just that Maguire predicted that the price would be forced down.  It was the level of precision that he was able to communicate to the CFTC that was the most stunning.  He warned the CFTC that the price of silver was to be taken down regardless of what happened to the employment numbers and that the price of silver would end up below $15 per ounce. Over the next couple of days, the price of silver was indeed taken down from $16.17 per ounce down to a low of $14.62 per ounce.

Because of Maguire’s warning, the CFTC was able to watch a crime unfold, right in front of their eyes, in real time.

So what did the CFTC do about it?


Absolutely nothing.


You can read the rest of that article right here.

So will the CFTC do anything about all of this?

Based on past history, probably not.

Basically, the CFTC is a government agency that appears to do next to nothing.

Another scandal involving JP Morgan has come out in recent days as well.

This one involves their credit card division.  If you have a moments, you should really read the recent American Banker expose of credit card debt collection practices at JPMorgan Chase.  It exposes some things that will absolutely blow your mind.

Linda Almonte, a former executive at JPMorgan Chase’s Credit Card Litigation Support Group, has revealed some incredible stuff regarding the debt collection practices at the company.  Almonte says that she was shocked at what she saw when she began examining the details of a $200 million package of debt collection judgments to an outside debt collection agency….

Nearly half of the files her team sampled were missing proofs of judgment or other essential information, she wrote to colleagues. Even more worrisome, she alleged in her wrongful-termination suit, nearly a quarter of the files misstated how much the borrower owed.

In the “vast majority” of those instances, the actual debt was “lower that what Chase was representing,” her suit stated.

Almonte says that she warned that this sale of debt collection judgments must be stopped, but that a company executive told her that “she had better go along with the plan to sell the misrepresented asset“.

Almonte refused to go along, and she was fired on November 30th, 2009.

You are probably thinking that this sounds very much like the “robo-signing” foreclosure scandal and you would be right.

The more we dig into these giant financial companies the more corruption we find.

It really is shocking.

And remember, JPMorgan Chase is also the company that makes more money whenever the number of Americans on food stamps goes up.

JPMorgan Chase issues food stamp debit cards in 26 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and they actually want more Americans to go on food stamps so that they can make bigger profits from the division that issues them.

So now are you starting to understand why so many Americans are upset about the corruption on Wall Street?

This isn’t a “conservative issue” or a “liberal issue” – it is an American issue and the outrageous behavior of these firms has brought our financial system once again to the edge of disaster.

Over the past six months, more than 350 prominent executives have resigned from major banks and financial institutions all over the globe.

Is this a sign that the rats are fleeing a sinking ship?

Do they know something that we don’t?

What we do know is that the financial crisis in Greece is far from over and the European financial system is getting closer to a complete meltdown with each passing day.

Very few of the things that caused the financial crisis of 2008 were ever corrected and our financial system is even more vulnerable today than it was back then.

In the end, this entire pyramid of debt, leverage and corruption is going to come crashing down really hard, and the consequences are going to be absolutely catastrophic.

  • What do I need money for?
    Very little any more.
    I can fish and hunt and grow my food,
    And cut some wood when in the mood.
    The only thing I cannot get with my axes,
    Is fiat cash to pay my taxes.

    • john

      Yeah riiiight. If one thing happens to you healthwise, you will not be able to do any of what you mentioned. You will end up in a pissy smelling nursing home with the rest of the morons who thought they had it made….

      • Gary2

        I could never understand why the nursing homes smelled like piss and ****** but especially the piss. Probably some greedy capitalist under-staffing the place.

        • Patriot Alice

          Is your solution to Unionize?

        • GracieZG

          Yeah, I never understood the smell of urine in nursing homes until I started doing volunteer work with a person in a nursing home, and until I helped take care of my mother who had Alzheimers, and watched my father-in-law go through his incontinence period until his death. The systems of the body fail, one by one, and you become incontinent, with the control of an infant. Then you are in diapers. Those get changed every two of three hours, or if you are mobile, you are taken to the bathroom frequently. That’s 6-12 times a day. Plus sheets often have to get changed. Multiply that times the number of incontinent folks in the nursing home. Imagine for a moment that this is your job. These seniors are often quite ill, at the end of their life. Some are lonely, some are angry, some are depressed, some are blind, in wheelchairs. Most are helpless. There are saints do this work, and for very little pay. It is never-ending drudgery, and from my observation, and as an advocate I have done a lot of observation, most of them take their work very seriously and do the best they can. I’ve learned that the smell comes and goes, even in the best of nursing homes. There are days when an aide takes a personal day and suddenly they are a person short. Or weekends, they may have a new aide, just being grooved in, or an aide there as a second job, and tired. When you have something as relentless as incontinence and in many people at once…the goal is perfection, the reality is that things will be less than perfect.

          • I1

            Thanks Gracie. I took care of my Mom for 15 years with Alzheimers. Everything you said is true and more. She died at home with me at her bedside last month. Her soul washed through me on the way out.

            Without this experience I would be just another callous poster mocking those in a nursing home for wetting the bed. Enlightenment takes a strange path.

          • Gary2

            Thanks for your thoughtful answer.

          • John W.

            After your thoughtful post I am so depressed I might just go shoot myself. You can have had the greatest life ever but at the end if your body fails things are no picnic.

        • Kelly

          Gary, you are so full of hate. It’s going to make you ill. Please take care of yourself. We have freedom of speech… and so Michael posts your comments… understood. …but there’s nothing ever constructive… just nonsense stemming from nonsense. Do you have any other hobbies?

      • Connie

        Family, community…you will have family to care for you…not a nursing home..that drains your finances. The banks created place of loving family…that is, if you have nurtured a loving family? If you have been horrid to them…then they could always put you out on the ice..and wait for the polar bear to come the Inuit have been known to do in times past…

        • GracieZG

          Not everyone has the advantage of a large family. Not everyone has children, and not all children are compassionate. People lose family members, fortunes get wiped out, people find themselves alone and elderly and incapacitated. Better in a nursing home than on the street. What’s your reference that banks created nursing homes? Just curious.

    • Tim

      I like it!

    • Prepared thief

      What I I need money for?

      I can break into Prepared
      Pastor’s home steal his wood, food, and his axe.

      • Gary2

        Make sure to thank him for all his hard work preparing for you 🙂

        As you walk out with his stuff tell him to pray..that will solve everything.

        • Kevin2


          Ever been to a Va hospital where the long term patients are housed?

          Don’t think for a minuet that government does it any better.

          • John W.

            Guys that were destroyed in their teens and twenties are warehoused there in the VA. The lucky ones are just missing parts and are living otherwise regular lives outside. People who suffer serious head injuries or strokes at a young age are also something to ponder as to when your own luck will run out.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        Mr. Thief,

        If you really mean what you say, you have a large target on your back.

        • Rodster

          Shhhh not so loud, OWS’ers are too stupid to connect the dots. Nothing like getting a cap up your ass by a pastor. 🙂

      • TPaine

        If the good ”pastor’ is prepared-you won’t get the chance. Come to my property andyou leave lead filled & in a bod bag.

      • Kelly

        Prepared Thief… that was funny. 😀

    • Rancher

      Pastor whoever… No one is preventing you from going cashless…right? Put you cash where your mouth is.

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s easy to see why this person at JP Morgan wishes to remain anonymous. Being a whistleblower puts you at great risk. You can lose your career, your professional standing, and your reputation in your industry, and that’s just for starters. But it’s worth it to speak out.

    We the People all know what these big investment banks are doing is wrong. But if an insider speak out… well, let’s put it this way: It’s like the Mafia.

    What happens in La Cosa Nostra, stays in La Cosa Nostra. And you thought some ad executive in Las Vegas came up with that. Ha!

    • liberranter

      You can lose your career, your professional standing, and your reputation in your industry, and that’s just for starters.

      Indeed. In this day and age, whistleblowers frequently pay with their lives.

      • You’re right… the people at GATA went through a number of close calls for testifying about the manipulation of precious metals prices by organizations like HSBC and JPMorgan who were naked shorting the metals (selling shares with nothing in the vault).
        The people who could have testified against the Clintons were killed or “suicided”.
        Breitbart was murdered.
        The DC madame was murdered.
        The answer is, if you really know something and can prove it, you MUST go public in a big way as soon as you can… no buildups, no teasing… just go large with it.

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s not just JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs either.

    Lift up the rocks under Bank of America. Wells Fargo. Citibank. I would love to see what’s hiding under those boulders.

    • ScoutMotto

      I’ve heard all of these banks are stockholders in the Fed, so you can bet there is plenty of dirt under those rocks.

  • William

    OK, boys and girls, this is the way the federal govt silver price suppression scam works. Bear Sterns was running the silver price suppression scam for the US Treasury and the FED until Bear got in trouble in Mar of 2008. If Bear filed for bankruptcy, its books would have been available to show the scam. So, to continue the scam, the FED gave JP Morgan Chase the money to take Bear out. Now it is JPM Chase who is running the naked silver short crimes to suppress the price of silver. The criminal accomplice of all of this is Gensler at the CFTC. I explained all of this in this blog, or the sister blog (End of the American Dream) months ago. No one in the US Congress is willing to stop this criminal scam.

    • I saw this a couple years ago and bought (took delivery) when it was half today’s spot price. Made some good gains the first year, but has been flat since with the exception of the temporary May spike.

      How much longer can they cover the naked shorts before people start taking delivery and this all unwinds?

      • They aren’t covering the naked shorts… they’re buying back the due contracts, or they’re selling more paper. Right now there’s 100X the paper silver than there is physical silver.
        Keep buying and stacking the physical silver while the banksters are keeping it cheap for us. We know it should already be over $100 an ounce. We also know the current price proportionate to gold doesn’t hold water… the real silver coming out of the ground is only on about an 8 to 1 ratio with gold, and most of it is being consumed!

    • John W.

      The retail market silver can be destroyed in a day when the big boys get in. When the big money longs start hedging by taking the other side of the trade look out.

  • mark

    This is just one reason that we prepare for many types of disasters. It could be an economic or natural disaster. If the banking system does fall apart and many people loose their jobs, things can get real ugly. Uncle Ben will do everything to stop a collaspe such as continuing to create fake wealth out of thin air. We will pay for all this abuse of the dollar with inflation soon.

  • Kevin2

    All of this is going on an Rick Santorum wants to go after pornography. Obama wants to raise the price of gasoline.Does Newt know what he wants to do? Romney wants to do whatever the audience in front of him wants. Presently he is trying to find out what grits are made of.

    The fox is in charge of the chicken coop and has bribed the rancher to look the other way. Amazingly the rancher usually survives by a well running chicken coop but caring for the bribe more then the work the rancher not only continues to look the other way but guards the fox faithfully. The rancher then must resort to buying eggs from elsewhere because the fox in charge management team produces less and less eggs.

    We get the nothing but chicken*************.

    • wj

      newt wants to colonize the moon!!….that was hilarious if u missed it when he was in orlando, trying to get voters, he said by the end of his 2nd term he will have 10,000 people living on the moon! jon stewart was in classic form the next day (look up that skit he did on his show…u won’t stop laughing)…next thing u know newt goes from 1st to next to worst…funny stuff indeed!

  • Yhhung

    Max Keiser and Stacey of RT news have detailed JP Morgan involvement in silver shorting and MF Global missing client money in Keiser report shows. The charges above are believable

    • Gary2

      Stacey Herbert rocks. Max is not too bad either but she is clearly the brains in that show.

      • Lennie Pike

        Stacey and Max Keiser are diametrically opposed to your philosophy but still you seem to like them.

        You have just proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are confused to the Max.

        Step away from confusion – it can be accomplished with the help God. You have been told many times by Christians that contribute here how to access that help. A confuse person is basically a dead person – be alive instead, there is a wonderful world out there (and within you)that you know absolutely nothing about due to confusion – drug induced confusion I am guessing.

        One definition of the Greek word for pharmaceuticals (drugs)is confusion.

        • Gary2

          I can respect when a knowledgeable person with a different point of view can clearly articulate said point of view.. What I do not respect is all the dolts who parrot rush and think they sound smart. they don’t.

          • Lennie Pike

            I have been only extremely critical of Rush Limbaugh – even more evidence of confusion.

            But you are correct, I am not that smart, but more importantly, I am not confused. With God as one’s pilot, being real smart isn’t necessary, and even if one is, it’s advisable to defer to God.

            If one is very smart, he is more likely to understand his extremely limited power compared to that of God and defer to God. Even many people of average and low intelligence are smart enough to hand over control to God.

            So if that’s the case, what’s your story? You can’t be that stupid, you must be confused instead.

            If your case is that of having a cold dead heart, which is an entirely different matter. There is no one other than God who can help you change.

            It’s just that you are demonstrating time after time that yours is a case of confusion, I bet your heart is in pretty good shape – you seem to care, about what I have no idea.

          • Lennie Pike

            I’m going to let up on you now Gary2, not that I think you can’t handle it – you won’t receive any more criticisms from me – I fell badly afterward and it is the wrong thing to do.

            I’m only critical of those who have dedicated their lives to evil, and I should not even be doing that – I just can’t help myself.

          • Lennie Pike

            I meant – “I FEEL badly afterward”, not “fell”. Falling badly probably would be an appropriate punishment though – unless what I had to say to you does help you, and what a great help that would be. Ooops there I go again – as Ronnie said – another President you probably think I was wild about – incorrectly. Oooops.

          • John W.

            As compared to the leftist garbage you parrot. You never had an original thought in your life.

        • Ozmo

          Lennie Pike,

          I’ve had the experience that a confused person is teachable. Gary2 or Gary or whomever unfortunatly is not teachable. He spouts the same same thing over and over.

  • uncurable wound

    Michael,Outstanding article”WOW”!!!
    I dont like this dream.

    I want to wake up now!!

    “When all this comes true—and it surely will—then they will know that a prophet has been among them.” Ezekiel 33:33

    The word of the LORD came to me: 2 “Son of man, speak to your people and say to them: ‘When I bring the sword against a land, and the people of the land choose one of their men and make him their watchman, 3 and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people, 4 then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not heed the warning and the sword comes and takes their life, their blood will be on their own head. 5 Since they heard the sound of the trumpet but did not heed the warning, their blood will be on their own head. If they had heeded the warning, they would have saved themselves. 6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.’
    Ezekiel 33:1-6

    Im not saying your a prophet Michael…But the Lord is using you…THANK YOU LORD!!
    EVERYONE-If you are not already praying for Michael and his family ,PLEASE START!!
    The enemy is in full attack,prayer is our best offence and defence!

    Peace to you ,Michael

    • Michael

      My wife and I definitely value everyone that keeps us in prayer.

      Thank you.


    • WM

      Amen brother! This site is important and is important that it keeps up and running. I guess we can say that Michael has himself a sort of ministry here, exposing the Truth, ( many are spiritual and moral), and you know very well that there are feds that know of this site and are monitoring it very carefully. For me, one evidence that our freedoms are truly eroded will be when a site like this is shut down by big brother, ( I pray this does not happen).

      This site has been a beacon for me as I found it during my 2 year tour of unemployment, and I have witnessed the things reported on are truly happening, (increased immorality, housing market in the dumps, people who do have a job, still struggling to pay the basic expenses, crimes getting more bizarre, companies leaving the USA, freedoms going away little by little, etc)

      Yes, we need to pray for Michael and family indeed, because the spiritual enemy,(the devil) does not want many of these articles to be read by people because they correctly report that the USA is dying in more ways than one. We are becoming spiritually dead.

      • Michael


        I hope that everyone will join with my wife and I in praying that everyone that visits this site that needs a good job will find one.


        • Gary2

          doesn’t seem to be working.

          • Kw

            You are a vile person. I’ve never heard a positive thing come from you. It must be sad living like that.

          • Tom

            Gary, is that because you’re lazy, incompetent, or a leftist OR ALL OF THE ABOVE?

  • Lennie Pike

    Forgive me, but this is very old news. Wake up, and frequent Wake up and learn about how extremely relevant the precious metals market and what is being done to it is to the world’s financial system and the enslavement of the world’s population that is occurring NOW!!!!!!! It has EVERYTHING to do with EVERYTHING that is happening in the world right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lennie Pike

      Or………listen to what you are being told by CNBC etc. – the mob that you enslaves you.

    • Tim

      Yes, gold and silver are the linchpins of the global financial system. But, it’s just a matter of time before the Cartel is defeated and we have true price discovery in the PMs. However, it does require great fortitude on our part. The Cartel-induced volatility in the PM prices is intended to keep people from buying gold and silver. I’m thankful for the work GATA, and others like them, are doing in waking people up.

      • Lennie Pike


    • Kelly

      I’ve always believed that even our dear gold and silver that us preppers and those ‘aware’ are counting on… is also being manipulated. The powers that be KNOW we are hedging our bets that the US dollar is going to sink through inflation/hyper inflation …they want to ‘get us’ too. I own gold and silver… I have a feeling it’s all going to be devalued. So my bet is to stock up more on home/food/water/protection… …until that’s all taken too.

      Isn’t it downright amazing and scary… and tremendously sad… that we are having these conversations and having these well-placed fears in the United States of America? I have a friend from Mexico who lives here now and is legal and works a good job and she says ‘it’s sad, everything that’s happening in the United States happened already in Mexico’… the same thing is happening… Corruption top down, and even bottom up… …and this country just sleeps.

  • Newton

    Nothing is really relevant when you make the rules.

    And of course the rules can change ———-

    At any time ———————————–

    Because you and ONLY you ———————-

    Make them !

    Time to get wise people !

    As Gerald Celente likes to say ” there is no Justice – it’s justus ( just us )

    Amen to that – just us. Not you, not me – it’s just us.

    However ! Every dof has it’s day; and I guarantee you those of us that are prepared will get our day !

    • John W.

      If a wise guy like Celente can be hosed out of 300,000 in precious metals I would guess that we the little people have little hope at all of protecting our assets. They let you have the illusion that what you are doing to prepare matters. Until they decide it does not.

  • paul

    If you where a CEO banker and went in your vault and found you had fake T bills , would you say anything? NO you would pack your bags and get out of there to let the next guy the fall.

  • Cinderella Man

    All this corruption and banksterism makes me frickin sick! I cant wait till JP and Goldmans asses go down! They act all smug and arrorgant while us little people fight over scraps of the American Dream. Ive gotten where I dont care anymore. Everytime I think that some new crisis is going to take them down the market just goes up everyday. When Lord when are these bankster bastards going to get their come uppance? Im sick of this *****! End the world already! This movie is taking too long!

  • tappedops

    Lets get it over with …out law touching , talking,driving,walking,biking,thinking,helping ,loving, feeling,dreaming,running,watching,listening,sleeping,eating,breathing ,drinking,peeing/pooing/stinking, showering, flossing,brushing,washing,…
    And Hoping…

  • jaxon64

    Goldman/Sachs has also had their grubby hands in the silver manipulation. This is why the money required for a 5,000 ounce purchase was raised to a higher percent because when silver ran up to around $50 they started getting a little nervous.
    You see, JPM and GS are selling 100’s of thousands of more silver on paper than they ever could get their hands on physically. If all of the investors demanded their silver be physically sent to them then the jig would be up– they would send out what they had in holdings and then have to purchase quite a bit ( at rapidly increasing prices) to satisfy the remaining obligations=== we would finally see precious metals explode upward to a level that they would have been without decades of repression and manipulation.

  • mondobeyondo

    Matt Tabbai’s little expose on Bank of America:

    Keep pulling back the curtain. We’re paying attention to the men behind it. Come on, Toto! Pull, pull!

    • mondobeyondo

      His last name is Taibbi. Whoops!
      My blooper file just got bigger.

  • mondobeyondo

    I enjoy listening to Peter, Paul and Mary – but right now, we really need Jesus.


    Okay, how many sides does a circle have?

    Two. Inside and outside.

    *clap…… clap.*

  • Craig
    • DB200

      Interesting article.

      Especially one of the first sentences:

      “I don’t see a danger,” Michael Lucas, New York’s largest producer of gay adult films, told Yahoo News. “There’s no danger that he will be the Republican Party nominee.”

      Michael Lucas is 100% right. Why?

      To find out, go to this website:

  • Highspeedloafer

    I question the legitamacy of the letter, even though I certainly believe these things are happening and even worse, I would prefer the whistleblower show his or her face. I kind of wondered if this isn’t the work of hackers pushing the pile and stiring the pot. The results are what counts though, if other staff come out and blow the whistle things could happen very quickly, then it doesn’t matter who the original WB is. But, does anybody on this board think the Obama administration will do anything about it? I don’t.

    At any rate, when this economy blows it’s going to be like a great volcano, and most lives will be touched by it.

    To Uncurable wound, I really enjoyed your post. “When all this comes true—and it surely will—then they will know that a prophet has been among them.” Ezekiel 33:33

    Many Thanks Michael. You have our prayers too.

  • ScoutMotto

    Word has it a lot more truth is coming out these days. Perhaps if enough of it comes out, the people will catch on. People will be shocked, but they will know.

  • Eisenkreutz


    • McKinley Morganfield

      jaxson64 got it right…. silver and gold are being manipulated via paper PM. We ordinary people can not buy enough physical PM to wreck their paper manipulation scheme. China and other central holdings could do it, but they are still buying so they too want the price suppressed.

  • an independent citizen

    Here’s the thing, many(not all) of these financial institutions have become so massive, and they collude so much with the US govt, that corruption is rampant. think about it, they do something wrong, and the authorities look the other way, think MF global, if some tech company or some small business did something comparable, they would be prosecuted.
    One rules for those in bed with the govt, another for those who are not.

    And might I add, its not just these too-big-too-fail financial corps, its a massive Fed govt, the RationCare law is supposed to create 169 new agencies, really? 169 new agencies?!?!?!
    the bigger the govt entity, the more places for cockroaches to hide.

    Instead of simplifying the system, people becoming more dependent on themselves, etc, its going the other way. This will not end well.
    The MSM are bunch of dopes, I no longer to really anything ABC, CNBC, NBC, etc says with a grain of impartiality.

  • Lennie Pike

    A couple of weeks ago I posted a link to a video of Rick Santelli ripping CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton a new one. Here it is again but with a second video of the complete Chilton interview.

    I had not seen the entire interview – only the part with Santelli destroying Chiltons credibility, and ripping him a new one – I’m sure he won’t be using the old one anymore – at least not for this topic.

    You may want to have a barf bag while watching Bart as he is critical of anyone who would manipulate markets or steal clients money – his gang in other words.

    Also try to find some video of Gary Gensler (Chilton’s boss, or should I call him Lieutenant) just to look at the shit eating grin that never leaves his face regardless of the topic. And by the way, he is also another very accomplished liar.

    That shit eating grin says it all people – these people are psychopaths – not all of them grin though. Some do, some don’t. The ones that don’t grin, let you know they’re psychopaths in other ways.

    Wake up! – everyone is not a nice person, and they have to be severely dealt with for the sake of those that at least try to be.

  • Patriot Alice

    If everything that is said is true, then we are in very good hands..They’ve been manipulating the markets since the beggining of time. Example? Presently it’s: Everybody should own a home, everybody should own a new car, everybody should own a politician/stocks/derivatives etc…The scoundrells lead, and the rest follow, all in the name of making money…People didn’t really care how, as long as they made money..Madoff/MF Global/Enron etc….

  • mondobeyondo

    Sodom and Gomorrah! It’s St. Patty’s Day!

    (sounds best when said with an Irish accent)

    • Gary2

      which one was better–Sodom or Gomorrah?

      Lots wife got the ass end of that deal. Pillar of salt and all that.

  • Eva

    Interesting another comment mentions prophets. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a living prophet, called of God as prophets were in days of old. President Hinckley, the late prophet immediately preceding our current prophet, warned us of economic crises and to avoid excessive debt.

  • Anastasia

    This is not old news to me. Michael, I appreciate you putting it on your blog. All of the information you gather and present really paints a picture of how fallen our world is. To me though, and those that believe the truth of the Bible, there is peace and so much hope, knowing day by day prophecy is being fulfilled. Thank you for being a place I can come and get reliable information. I do agree that you need prayers, as do all believers who are living in this world where wrong is right, and right is wrong. It takes courage to go stand for Biblical truths and righteousness. Bless you and your family.

    • Michael

      Thank you Anastasia.

      And may you and your family be incredibly blessed.


  • What is the purpose of the regulators again?

    • DownWithLibs


  • Michael;

    The more I read, the more I am becoming convinced that this is an engineered collapse. Consider the following:
    1. The election of the the most socialist president in American history
    2. The continuous lack of enforcement with regards to the equities, commodities and derivative markets
    3. The Real Estate bubble
    4. The Student Loan bubble
    5. The bizzare refusal of this government to increase development of North American oil, natural gas, coal and other energy resources
    6. The blatant crony capitalism and support of unionist thuggery
    7. The dismal failure that is our current education system
    8. The almost intentional exhaustion of our Armed forces after a decade long intervention in the middle east
    9. The failure to support the only western style democracy in the middle east, Israel, in the face of what will most likely be a nuclear Iran
    10. The lack of the Right to field any candidate that actually might change the course.

    If one were to write a script for the downfall and destruction of the west, it would seem that this would be it. I am not going to go all tin foil hat here, but it does seem that , at worst, an out and out collusion/conspiracy going on, or at best, a confederacy of dunces waltzing as the Titanic founders.

    By the way, doubleplusgood for the journalism of late. Please keep it up. Information is power, and we need all the knowledge we can get.

  • M. Hapney

    Without paper manipulation silver would be $2000k+ an ounce. Can’t wait for that day. All the people who were warned will be lining up at their banks to face locked doors. An I told you so will be in order.

  • KR

    Nice try moving the market as G Smith did, “Whitleblower”. ***************, will ya!

  • jsmith

    Michael, thanks for the article. I have often wondered what these employees of JP Morgan and Goldman-Sachs do with their bonuses and their excess salaries after expenses, you know, expensive cars and luxuries that the rest of us can’t even imagine of having. You don’t suppose they put that money under their mattress, or do they have it in savings account or CD’s? Or do they buy silver and gold in anticipation, and insider knowledge of the dollar going the way of the Peso?

  • Paranoid

    Ah, can anyone tell me why the words Shocked or stunned are in this report? Is anyone here either one? Also exactly why does anyone think this will get an investigation?

  • Mad Max

    The real problem is that We know all this is going on because we’ve heard and seen it all many times before. And what did we do about it then and now – “Nothing”! This is the real problem in our country – the people.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    It’s time to get off the couch before it eats you.

  • pranah

    Max Keiser talks about this all the time, as Yhhung says, above. So does Bob Chapman, who goes into issues like this in great detail. If you want to learn immense amounts about the banking frauds, I highly recommend watching Max’s Keiser Report or checking out Bob Chapman. Here’s a link where you can listen to lots and lots of his interviews:

  • jaxon64

    I did a little more hunting in archives and uncovered the info I was looking for…….

    After some uncoverings of shenanighans by GS and JPM that were driving the price of silver up as much as 3% per day, the COMEX raised the margins 5x in one week in the first week of May 2011. Eventually the margin for the standard silver purchase went from a required $9000 margin per to $21000 in one week. This precipitated a plummet for investors as their holdings dropped appx 40% in a few weeks from $50 to under $30.
    It served to bail out GS and JPM from being so deeply over leveraged but it killed investors–especially anyone who had jumped on the silver bandwagon when it was approaching $40-45 an oz.
    They have been manipulating it all along and continue to do so with week long upward movements and then quick one day drops–drops which they cause and profit from.

    • Michael

      Good points.


    • 007

      I believe you are right. This is why you should wait to buy gold after the big dips. Can you imagine how much money these firms are losing shorting gold and silver.

      • Lennie Pike

        These firms can’t lose – they’re members of the mafia that controls fiat money.

        They can create as much of it as they need out of thin air. They lose money intentionally in the gold and silver markets, to keep the price suppressed.

        Only hyper-inflation could take them out – but they posses (should I say “possessed” instead?) the cunning necessary to start all over with a new World fiat currency – and there will be one. Actually there already is a world currency, it just has not been completely implemented yet. It will be easy to implement. One reason of many is because so much real property is already in their hands due to having been in control of fiat money for so long.

  • Chaz Mantis

    I read the article. I always look at potential angles in supposed whistle blowers’ letters. There are some indicators that this is nothing but a way to get people to buy silver. I remember all the rumors about the manipulation of gold before gold skyrocketed. As a result of the gold rush, there will most definitely be a bubble popping very soon, or the horrible alternative if hyper inflation gets out of control, government seizing all gold meant for trade or tender like what happened in the 1930s. One indicator was the priming. The author paints a pretty shitty picture of his surroundings; placating the already shitty view of the average Joe’s opinion of Wall St. After getting the hate stirred up the author then proceeds to reference an actual person that readers can search on the internet that is connected to fraud; adding some validity to their insider story. The problem with that is it seems like a really bad ploy to win over the readers. The timeliness of this article is also suspect considering the Goldman Sachs letter which is even referenced. By remaining anonymous, any halfway intelligent person would realize there would be doubt to their letter’s validity; but if a widely read publication were to sensationalize the letter, then irrational minds would run with it and there could be another rush to buy silver now that it has gone down again; with the hope that this supposed whistle blower will soon reveal himself and the suppression of precious metals will make everyone that had faith in the article rich beyond their wildest greedy fantasies. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an elaborate hoax perpetrated by someone heavily connected. Why would the CFTC post an unverified letter like this one in the first place? I refuse to believe anyone that is neck deep in any of these firms has an ounce of compassion for the average working class person. The parasites that roam the halls of these companies are thoroughly vetted and plucked solely because of their predator predispositions. Con artists run amok; this anonymous letter is probably complete crap.

    • DB200

      ..this anonymous letter is probably complete crap.

      If so, why is the letter removed from the CFTC website? Far better would be if the CFTC proved that this letter was crap with arguments posted below this letter.

      By just removing the letter and keeping very silent, the CFTC raises the suspicion that they want to suppress the accusations and hope that everybody forgets.

  • Gary G

    Paul Drockton has been talking about this as well in his blog for some time. Silver will be the only thing left when they confiscate gold.

  • stabbedinthebank


  • Alex

    The author of this blog is religious? I was taking these articles seriously for a while.

  • Ken Nohe

    20 years ago we thought the Internet would free information and that whistle-blowers would informally police the web and other human activities. It didn’t turn out this way.

    The monitoring and control of information has progressed faster than our ability to use it. Not to mentioned our shorter attention span and willingness or rather lack of to react. This presage a dark future for freedom. (Which I think will be gone much sooner than our social fabric.)

    If you still have some doubts, please read the articles below from Zero Edge or Wired and be afraid, very afraid!

  • BlueyBlogger

    I was ashamed of my surname Morgan, the day I found out who the little fat prick banker was in the middle of the Monopoly board.
    J.P.Bloody Morgan.
    Time to change my name in disgust!

  • Gary2

    better Morgan than Magog! It could be worse!

  • Craig

    Man there are a lot of “out there” people that post on this board. But then there are a lot of “out there” folks that post on Pat Buchanan’s site too. Maybe I should include myself among those who are “out there”.

    Thanks for being humble enough to post everyone’s comments. If these comments are censored, I’d like to see the ones that didn’t make it through the filter.


    This is a lost cause for two reasons:

    1. As was previously mentioned, the big banks are stockholders in the Federal Reserve

    2. Not like Barack Obomber is going to prosecute any of these guys

    Nothing JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citi-Group, Wells Fargo, Bank of Amerika, Morgan Stanley, etc. does doesn’t blow my mind and it surely will not end any time soon.

  • marcia carson

    Shal we send our real state and property tax money to our govenors, or sec of state to hold on “excrow for some demands? (that we sre owed.?/

  • Cat Alina

    I’m sure the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – ) or the IIEA (Institute of Internal Auditors) could give some useful hints to potential whistle blowers.

  • Lennie Pike

    Very large premiums of cash in lieu of physical silver have already been paid many times to big investors of silver futures contracts who demanded delivery of the physical. The cash premiums were paid because there was either no physical silver (and gold) to deliver, or the mafia wanted to keep the physical for themselves
    They have delivered gold plated tungsten bars to China.

    Those big buyers then turn right around and buy even more contracts with their extra cash, and of course the mafia goes short the necessary amount of contracts so that the price will remain suppressed – and obviously the mafia creates the fiat money necessary to do it. One day those big buyers will like you say, demand delivery of the physical and not want cash, and it will be an amount of silver that does not exist – even still in the ground probably. The demand will be made when hyper-inflation cranks up, or when the buyers know the cow can’t be milked anymore. New silver production is ongoing so it must be this silver that the buyers are counting on, but good luck getting it because these mobsters will just rob you in the end by changing the rules or breaking them (they do this constantly), and say “whataya gonna do about it boy?” and resort to violence.

    The mafia that runs everything financial can create as much money as necessary to keep their fiat scam going, and silver and gold is the one thing that can bring the scam to an end – it is fiat’s only competitor. This money creation causes inflation for which everyone pays for with part of their labor – so we are paying to use their fiat money twice – when the U.S. Treasury pays interest for that privilege, and when we pay higher prices at the grocery store to pay for the money created use to short precious metals futures contracts.

    There should be no question in anyone’s mind about the superiority of precious metals to paper and electronic money. The mafia knows that, and is always fearful that people will wake up and strip them of their power – their absolute power.

    I imagine it’s possible that the mafia itself is trying to get their hands on as much physical as they can, and if there is any physical left to deliver, they are delivering it to themselves. They know better than anyone that the monetary system is going to collapse very soon and may want physical as insurance. The only way they wouldn’t be going after physical precious metals and commodities of all kinds, is if they are very confident that there will be a one world currency which they will also control.

    I bet they are extremely confident since they can print enough fiat money to control just about all of the military forces of the world – none more so than the U.S. Military.

    Good luck with Russia – assholes.

    WAKE UP U.S. MILITARY SERVICEMEN AND SERVICEWOMEN!!! – if you have the ability to do so. You are not patriotic defenders of freedom and of the U.S. Constitution. You are invading other countries while your own has been invaded and overthrown from within.

  • Proftel


    “Take your position, stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah in your favor.”

    (2 Chronicles 20:1-37)


  • whteshark

    I hope they are suppressing the price of silver. It means I can buy far more for far cheaper.

    • Yup… Their suppression of the prices of silver and gold by issuing paper is helping all of us to acquire it for longer.
      Just keep buying silver… at some point relatively soon, the physical market will decouple from the paper market and those holding physical silver will be doing very well indeed!

  • Nick

    I’ve been reading all the comments here and one thing i’ve noticed is how few times the name Rothschild has been mentioned.
    The Rothschild’s own all the banks. If you want to solve the problem, you must go to the top because orders come from the top.

    • bill

      are you sure thats the top?

  • Jon Carlson

    The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 32
    Dunham Signatures Avenge Obama Father Lies

  • John

    It’s no secret the markets are rigged and run by thieves. I agree with that. What gets me nuts are these “whistleblowers” who remain anonymous are cowards. Even the guy from Goldman last week who did leave his name has been working there for 12 years. Did he just this year realize his employer is a criminal? Give me a break. Lets get real.

  • Roman

    Gold is worthless, you can’t eat gold.

    Grow your own food, be self sufficient, ************ paying taxes, the gov’t doesn’t have the spending sense a three year old has, *********** the bankers, they’re protein rich.

  • sean barr

    I just want to say this; THE TRUE CULPRIT IS the western form of capitalism that has given rise to a moral failure and to a rampantly EMPTY MATERIALIST culture of GREED and HUBRIS and NARCISSISM that will result eventually in a kind of cosmic justice I think. Unfortunately the collateral damage to those at the most vulnerable economic point on the scale will be unavoidable and thus will be instrumental in creating 100’s of 1000’s more spiritually disaffected SOULS wondering why we should go on living in this man-made HELL!!

    • I think “capitalism” would be a good thing to have. Right now we don’t have it. We don’t have a free market or real price discovery of a free market. It is all being manipulated by insiders in the paper markets… the commodities exchanges… run by the big banks.
      Originally, the commodities exchanges were created for farmers, to give them price and income stability against the ravages of weather and nature. They got overtaken by speculators and now we have this mess.

  • BreakingThruTheMatrix

    Here’s an excellent article from Matt Taibbi and Rolling Stone. Required reading for everyone who cares about corruption in the banking system!

  • erm

    you’ve just got the wrong url, the comment hasn’t been deleted… if you search for it on said website you’ll find it

  • dajubester

    Nothing was done as to ordering a forensic investigation into the pentagon blueprint of 9/11. Nothing is being done about the usurpation of the oval office by a muslim impostor named Soetero. Well something will be done about the global/wallstreet bankster fraud theft and treason.
    From this moment, not a penny of my income is going on debt, or taxes.
    Government reps won’t do anything to rectify the situation and bring the criminals to face a judge, the supreme court won’t do a thing…….that leaves only me. It is 17:46 hrs March 21, 2012 and I’m started. Please join in.

  • lilbear68

    small detail overlooked with jp morgan, for the record they hold 160 tons of gold on deposit, its out on paper at 100-1 fractional to other gold buyers. chavez of venezuela is recalling all his gold held in banks o/s venezuela. bank of england already returned the gold they were holding last august. he holds title to 160 tons of gold held by jp morgan in their depository. if he gets that physical amount returned to him jp morgan is on the hook for all the paper gold they have sold at 100-1. any call for physical from the paper holders will be the biggest scandal since the 2008 crash and the end of jp morgan

  • Jeep Patriot

    The reason that the federal regulators can NOT reveal the extent of corruption, and the long timeframe, are explained here by one of the primary campaigners for truth to come out. by Ted Butler.

    Also Eric Sprott’s 3 part [or more] expose on silver manipulation by JPMorgue is here –

    Also an earlier expose’ of JPMorgue and what the federal govt is pretending to do about it is here –

  • John Jackson

    The only way to survive and thrive in these unprecedented times is to invest like the rich:

  • Am I the only one who read the whistle blower’s letter and notice the terrible grammar and spelling? Unless someone transcribed it by hand rather than copying it, it means if that person is actually employed by JPM they are a janitor or something, or this is total BS.

    • Ralf Scarrie

      @Puck Finance guys are not copy editors, you dope. It may or may not be real, but the writing is fine, and what you’d expect. Smart aleck grammar policing drives me nuts.

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