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The Declining Value Of Work

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One of the great joys that men in free societies have long enjoyed is the ability to earn an honest wage for an honest day of work.  In particular, the amazing capitalist engine that powered the U.S. economy for decade after decade greatly rewarded the incredible hard work and industriousness of the American people.  America was known as the land of opportunity, and we built the largest middle class in the history of the world by working incredibly hard.  But today, all of that is fundamentally changing.  Thanks to rapid advances in technology, and thanks to the globalization of the work force, the labor of American workers is rapidly losing value.  Automation, robotics and computers have made many jobs obsolete.  Today one man can do the work that a hundred men used to do.  Not only that, but today American workers literally have to compete against workers from all over the globe.  Global corporations often find themselves having to choose whether to build a factory in the United States or in the third world.  But in the third world workers often earn less than 10% of what American workers earn, corporations are often not required to provide any benefits to workers, and there are usually hardly any oppressive government regulations.  How can American workers compete against that?

The truth is that labor is now a global commodity.  How can an American worker compete against a desperate, half-starving worker in the third world that will work like mad for a dollar an hour?

But this is what we get for letting the politicians push “free trade” down our throats.

Most American workers had no idea that free trade would mean that they would suddenly be competing for jobs against workers in the Philippines and Malaysia.

But that is the cold, hard reality of globalism.

All of this free trade has been very hard on American workers as factory after factory has closed, but it has allowed the big corporations to get exceedingly wealthy.

The top executives at the big global corporations are certainly enjoying all of this free trade.  Their salaries have soared.

In 1950, the ratio of the average executive’s paycheck to the average worker’s paycheck was about 30 to 1.  Since the year 2000, that ratio has ranged between 300 to 500 to one.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

That is what globalism is all about.

The elite make out like bandits as they exploit third world labor pools, while the American middle class finds itself slowly being crushed out of existence.

According to the United Nations Gini Coefficient (which measures distribution of income), the United States has the highest level of inequality of all of the highly industrialized nations.

Increasingly, all of the rewards are going to those at the top, while the vast majority of Americans are left wondering why things just don’t seem to work out for them.

According to economists Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez, two-thirds of income increases between 2002 and 2007 went to the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

Life is good if you are in the top one percent.

Unfortunately, that does not include any of us.

Instead, the American middle class is gradually being pushed into lower paying service jobs.  But it is really hard to feed a family by cutting hair or by greeting the folks who come walking into the local Wal-Mart.

If you talk to many Americans, they just can’t seem to figure out why they can’t make things work out even though they are working as hard as they can.  Millions of Americans have found themselves taking on second (and in many cases third) jobs in an attempt to provide for their families.

But what they don’t understand is that the global elite have turned labor into a globalized commodity.

American workers are not faced with a level playing field.  Just check out some of the pay levels around the world that American workers must compete against….

In Bangladesh, a garment worker makes 22 cents an hour. The wage in Cambodia is 33 cents an hour; in Pakistan, 37 cents an hour; in Vietnam, 38 cents; in Sri Lanka, 43 cents; Indonesia, 44 cents; India, 55 cents; China, 86 cents; the Philippines, $1.07; and Malaysia, $1.18.

Do any of you want to work for $1.18 an hour with no benefits?

But that is your competition.

Wages are being driven down and big global corporations are loving it.

This isn’t capitalism.

This is the global elite pushing us into a cruel system of economic slavery where they control all of the wealth and the rest of us struggle to survive as we work our tails off for them.

Already we are seeing large numbers of Americans becoming absolutely desperate to get even a low paying job.

For example, over one three day period, approximately 10,000 people showed up to apply for 90 jobs making washing machines in Kentucky for $27,000 a year.

Can your family live on $27,000 a year?

But that is considered a good wage now.

Actually, the folks who are making really good wages now are those who work for the U.S. government.

Yes, life is good if you are a servant of the system.

Today, the average federal worker now earns about twice as much as the average worker in the private sector.

Of course government employees basically produce next to nothing except red tape.

The U.S. government doesn’t seem to care if they are productive or not.  They just keep borrowing more money and getting us into even more financial trouble.

But at least there is somewhere for middle class families to get decent jobs.

In fact, it is getting really hard to live a middle class lifestyle in America without relying on the government in some way.

The truth is that good jobs are becoming increasingly scarce.

That is why it is absolutely imperative for all of us to try to become as independent as possible.

That means getting out of debt.

That means starting our own businesses.

That means learning how to grow a garden.

Many of those who continue to blindly rely on the system to provide them with a “job” (“just over broke”) will end up bitterly disappointed in the end.

Millions of Americans have already lost their jobs and millions more Americans will lose their jobs as we move along through the next few years.

In fact, with all of the amazing advances in technology that we have seen over the past couple of decades, the global elite are starting to realize that they really don’t need 6 billion workers after all.

Instead, those among the global elite are increasingly viewing all of us as a burden.  They openly ask why they should have to take care of so many “useless eaters”.  After all, if the system does not need all of us to keep functioning, then what good are we to them?

So these days you are starting to hear a lot about the dangers of “overpopulation” and the need to control population growth.

In fact, just over one year ago Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey and other very wealthy power brokers held a clandestine meeting in New York.

So what was the topic?

Population control.

One anonymous attendee of the meeting was quoted in a U.K. newspaper as saying that overpopulation “is something so nightmarish that everyone in this group agreed it needs big-brain answers.”

Are you starting to get the idea?

Instead of being viewed as valuable workers, now we are being viewed by the elite as pests that have multiplied to the point where we are now out of control.

What a strange world we live in now.

We need to get back to the America where good workers are valued and where hard work is rewarded.

We need to get back to the America where having a large middle class is an important national goal.

We need to get back to the America where we build American businesses, where we hire American workers and where we buy American products.

But unless the American people wake up, American workers are going to continue to be devalued.

Are we actually going to sit back and let American living standards decline to third world standards?

It is up to this generation to reject globalism and to reclaim the great free enterprise principles that this nation was founded on.

If someday our children and grandchildren exist in a world where they are considered just another part of the third world labor pool they will know who to blame.

  • Excellent article. It strikes at the very heart of the problem. Forget politics. Our problem is class warfare. That’s how it has always been. And the greedy elite have won. That’s what this piece is really about.

    When 11 people were incinerated on BP’s drilling platform, BP didnt’t care. BP ignored safety concerns and thus were completely focused on completing that well which already had large cost over-runs. BP will pay off the victim families, perhaps a few million. Chump change. They made 6 billion last year. They had a refinery blow up a few years ago. Fifteen people killed. They paid a 100 million dollar fine. Touted as the biggest fine ever paid. It was in fact, chump change.

    And one last note. Illegal immigration simply represents greedy American business importing cheap labor for jobs that are fixed in the states. The powerful and elite got their way. Our government turned a blind eye because they are complicit. They get taxes from those corporations, and legislators get corporate and individual donations from those businesses to keep their jobs.

    It is sick and twisted. In the end, it is always about greed and class warfare. And it always has been. They just dress it up and call it something else- but rest assured its the same old game that has been going on for centuries. Pay the workers crap, kill a few here and there, and get wealthy. Great.

  • Save the Republic

    100% correct Lunatic. Unfortunately, most Americans are too mesmerized by their TV and other electronic toys (comparison to sheep is correct) to have enough brain cells left to figure it out, so we’re sunk.

  • “This isn’t capitalism”.
    Ha ha (cough, sneeze) ha.
    Yes it is.
    Nobody told you ?
    A few years ago, when we said finance had to be regulated, we were abused, even in Europe : “Stalin lovers”, “dirty Reds”, “Pol Pot”, and so on.
    Yeah right.
    Let’s suck on it now.
    And pray that the “population control” won’t make Pol Pot blush.

  • Bert

    The clear problem with America is that we have become overvalued compaired to the rest of the world and the worst is that the valuation has been at the cost of a mountain of debt.

  • stacy

    american do have some control over this. they can stop buying crap made in other countries. recently i was shopping for towels. do you know how hard it is to find a towel made in america? well, i did and they were $2.00 more per towel. most people in this country would have bought the cheaper towel because of the “good deal”. never mind that they are causing their fellow citizens to lose their jobs, thereby foreclosing on their house, thereby pushing house values down, etc. hey, great job american consumer, you got a good deal on that towel, but your house just lost $10,000 in value. i submit that if everyone could make just some effort to buy american, we could be effective.

  • Matt

    If only the elite have the money then no one is going to be able to buy their stuff.

  • Lenny Pike

    Great article. This is what it’s all about….them. If the United States was a 100% economically isolationist capitalistic country everyone could have a very high standard of living with a drastically downsized Federal Government but that 1% would become the 2% and that would be unacceptable to them. I’m not saying this should happen but it would be better than the path we are on now to becoming a third world country. Soon products from other countries will no longer arrive here for us to consume including food. They have discussed overpopulation and they would have no problem doing something about it after they justify it by placing the blame for whatever on the ones they have chosen to get rid of just like they placed the blame for this economic depression on people who bought houses they couldn’t afford and did not mention the word Credit Default Swap until they were forced to due to information on the internet. They are also discussing the problems that arise (for them) due to the freedom of the internet. The control of information is probably equal to the power derived from the control of money. An article by The Economic Collapse Blog about how the Main Stream Media is used by the 1% would be relevant to everything that is being done to the 99%. There are so many very important news stories that go unreported. The Tea Party movement was ignored until it couldn’t be any longer. George Soros? Who’s that. Never heard of him. What has he ever done? Ask everyone you know ” Who is George Soros?”. About 5% might know. Why? Etc. If this 1% were the stars of some bad horror movie, I’d believe it.

  • I agree to this article, because of the globalization, and the rise of new technologies manual labor was lessen. Which makes the competition very hectic. I am not against about advancing to new technologies but at least the government must also take into consideration the peoples welfare.

  • Caitanya dasa

    This is a good article about the collapse of the world economy, specifically in relation to America and globalization, but he has no spiritual perspective. The author does not seem to be aware of the law of karma. America and the modern society in general have committed so many sinful activities like animal slaughter, cow killing, alcohol and drug use, abortion, divorce, infidelity, prostitution, and so on, and now they are being punished by material nature in the form of all of these disasters and economic problems. Unless they turn back towards a more religious or spiritual way of life, the whole modern civilization is doomed to be destroyed.

  • Excellent article

    Yes, our problem is class warfare
    And the greedy elite have won

  • Farmin’ Jimsey

    So far, the American people have surrendered without a shot. The aggregate entity known as the Tea Party is, with few exceptions, a false detour that will sidetrack those that want to fix the system. Palin, Beck et. al., are examples of “thought without a brain.” The Democrats such as Frank, Dodd and Obama are no less criminals. Besides that they are all bought and paid for by the financial/military/industrial/MSM complex. Most of the members of the Tea Party will end up as cannon fodder. The problem of a fiat currency combined with the energy crisis will force the entire planet to change to a more sustainable existence. The interim struggle will be very difficult. There will be many power struggles. The NWO bunch are aware of the coming realities and will try to establish a neo-feudalist system that will probably involve culling the population (via wars, controlled famines and disease outbreaks) followed by a world-wide police state. There will be resistance to this and the outcome will depend on many factors that I will not go into here.
    To quote King Crimson, “the fate of all mankind is in the hands of fools.” Unless people snap out of their stupor, educate themselves very rapidly, and then powerfully demand and implement broad spectrum change, the future will be very stormy.

  • “Automation, robotics and computers have made many jobs obsolete. Today one man can do the work that a hundred men used to do.”

    This is technological advance and it should actually contribute to Americans having a higher standard of living. The cost savings should recycle themselves back into the economy, creating additional middle class jobs elsewhere. However, that is not happening because:

    “Not only that, but today American workers literally have to compete against workers from all over the globe.”

    Instead of the benefits of technological advance and increased (real) productivity cycling back into the economy, instead we have a large trade deficit and the wealthy are reaping the rewards as a result of Global Labor Arbitrage. Global Labor Arbitrage allows the wealthy to keep a larger percentage of a worker’s contribution to the act of wealth production.

    “So these days you are starting to hear a lot about the dangers of “overpopulation” and the need to control population growth.”

    You are totally wrong about the issue of overpopulation. If anything, I’m surprised the media mentions it at all because it is a politically correct issue.

    Population explosion is BAD for American workers (and for Americans and people around the world in general) because it decreases the amount of resources per capita while the demand for those resources increases, which means that the costs for those resources must increase and that people’s standards of living must decrease.

    The most obvious examples are the price of oil and the price of food. The cost of land, the supply of freshwater, the amount of available arable land, and other resources are also issues. Furthermore, a higher population means having more pollution and thus an increased amount of strain on the environment.

    The best thing that could happen to the poor in the United States and the poor worldwide would be to attain negative population growth by having women have fewer than 2 children on average. The U.S. already has the world’s third largest population and is currently poised to explode to 420-450 million by 2050.

    To the blog owner, I hope you will please seriously reconsider your support for population growth. It isn’t good for Americans or American workers, at least not long-term. In reality, it really is possible to have too many people.

    Have you forgotten the lesson from the movie Soylent Green? Do you think people would starve in the third world if they had fewer people and thus more high quality arable land available per capita?

  • Rick Caird

    Everything from the title on down is wrong. The work is not declining in value. The output is declining in value. The value of the output is declining because of global competition. Hence, the pay for the work is declining to reflect that.

    If we look at plumbers and electricians, the relative pay is not declining.

  • skipper_2396

    If you go back to the top of the page,take a good long look and you will see these are union people.My brothers, my friends,my sisters,i don;t know what the pacticular grieveance is but i would bet its either over a workable wage or dignity in the work place.Working people around the world need to stand and unite. You stood up for anything lately? Work hurts ive been driving pile for some 30 years now…its broken my arm.knocked teeth out of my head…ruined my back…how much should i be compicated to be physically ruined by the age of 55.somewhere like the people in the have to stand up to the banksters, fashious coe and your fashious politition even if it hurts…They only understand numbers being it number of dollars or the number of people…baa baa sheep have you any wool?If so give it to your fashious banker….with respect and solidarity,skip

  • Anti Whiner

    Thank the TOP 1%

    The latest data show that a big portion of the federal income tax burden is shoul­dered by a small group of the very richest Americans. The wealthiest 1 percent of the population earn 19 per­cent of the income but pay 37 percent of the income tax. The top 10 percent pay 68 percent of the tab. Meanwhile, the bottom 50 percent—those below the median income level—now earn 13 percent of the income but pay just 3 percent of the taxes. These are proportions of the income tax alone and don’t include payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare.

  • Anti Whiner

    And don”t forget folks a FULL 50% of US “potential taxpayers” pay no taxes. Thank the socialaist politicians. A trip to Russia and China to learn what capitalism is all about,is due and fast.

    Thank Barney “Socialist Frank” for the start of the US giant 2008 property bubble. He suggested that Fannie and Freddie must change their lending practices in the 1990’s so that even poor Americans should own a house. So they did and what happene? People earning $50,000 bought houses costing $300,000 and over. Not one, sometimes two to three houses. And as usual WallStreeet saw an opportunity and sold CDO.

  • anti whine


    Should have paid more attention at school buddy. Nobodoy said that you should have done such a stupid job. You could have bettered yourself. You did not!

    So YOU pay the price

  • Josh

    Overpopulation IS a problem. We are going through resources like mad people. Nobody is suggesting we start killing people though, birth rates simply need to come in line with death rates, especially in developing countries. A little bit of education and contraception can go a long way, and the Catholic church is an enemy in this regard.

  • Paul

    I agree with a lot of what you have to say, but you really don’t understand capitalism if you think globalization of work is not capitalism.

    One of capitalism’s goal is to seek profit. One way to generate profit (besides charging more or making up in volume) is to seek lower costs.

    Labor is a cost. Regulatory compliance is a cost. Therefore a factory owner will always seek the lowest cost in order to maximize profits.

    Therefore if a machine can do it good enough for cheaper, if someone in Mississippi can do it good enough for cheaper, if someone in Mumbai can do it good enough for cheaper, then the factory owner will seek that cheaper input cost.

    When you seek to limit a factory owner to American labor, then you are imposing a regulatory and cost control that is anti-capitalist. You can call it patriotism, you can say it’s for the good of America or for jobs, but it is no longer true capitalism.

    Now I’m not a capitalist. I’m a laborer. I sell my labor. But I know what capitalism is and I don’t think you know what it is.

  • Jess

    america needs to create products and create real growth. doesn’t help when everything is made elsewhere and we consume it without thought. if it wasn’t for the tech sector we would have crappy products acrossed the board. yet we still shop at the big chains and bank with the big banks given them power. it’s up to us to educate those who don’t care which could help unify more people.

    fyi, my words have no party affiliation. we are all in this sinking shipping together and it’s sinking fast! both parties have sold us out at one point or another so there’s no point in placing blame….just a waste of time.

  • Iam not crying just get alittle mad sometime you know out type my fingers. Never did i say I dont like what I do.Iam never more alive until death gets real colous(just my nature I guess).Our whole package is 61 dollars,time and a half after 8 then after 40 we working 6/10s buddy.As deckboss/welder I make alittle more,plus 6 over for showing up early to drive the boys on,forgot company truck and gas card.You do the math I know what I pay in taxes.The top 10 percent arint paying near enough,were building a new dock for your new aircraft carrier.Somebodys got to do it and you dont understand heavy marine so stop whinin pay your damn taxes,I pay mine.Besides I make more on taxes building you things than I ever pay,we got a raise coming june 1 with respect and solidarity skip

  • I think one of the biggest problems when it comes to local scenes is that the employee/entrepreneur ratio is staggering. Absolutely staggering.

    Of all the factors that have caused such soaring unemployment, one of the factors that serves to prolong and exasperate it is that too many people have become dependent on employer/government hand me downs. They don’t think about the idea of pursuing venture as a way of truly providing economic value. Absolutely not. And that’s destroyed competition between employers. Everyone’s become subservient to the big dogs.

    I’m starting my own garden, and I now got all kinds of solo and team-based business ventures to fall back on. I definitely don’t want the government intruding that far into my life.

  • Dude

    For all of the 20th century Americans paid trillions of dollars in wars and in the process looting Africa, Middle east and south America for resources. Every time any government disagrees with their polices, they over throw the local government and install a dictatorial government so that this new thug can sell resources at the price dictated by the American government. They ruined Africa so that the American girl can have a pretty huge diamond for a couple of dollars instead of paying 1000s of dollars for what the stone is actually worth.

    They created political unrest in middle east so that they can a have a life long supply of gas at a discount prices.

    Name one country that has prospered with the support of America?

    Americans are such cry babies. Instead of working hard now they have started a blame game saying that the Asians should not be working hard. Look at the quality of schools in America. I taught at a school in America and its surprising that at high school level they have absolutely no understanding of basic Math and Science. Look at the level of SAT exams. They suck!!! SAT and AP courses are at the same level of what an 8th grader learns in China, Japan and India.

    In Bangladesh, a garment worker makes 22 cents an hour. The wage in Cambodia is 33 cents an hour; in Pakistan, 37 cents an hour; in Vietnam, 38 cents; in Sri Lanka, 43 cents; Indonesia, 44 cents; India, 55 cents; China, 86 cents; the Philippines, $1.07; and Malaysia, $1.18.

    I agree with this, but you should not forget that the cost of living is extremely low in these countries. In India food for a family of 4 costs about 15 cents, rent is about 25 cents and education about 13 cents and so he still saves 2 cents.

    why do we have poverty?? This is because when the fucking red coats left the country, the country was in a total chaos. what was left was bag of bones. We had to rebuild the nation starting from agriculture, infrastructure, schools, universities and everything, health care. In 60 years because of improved health care the average life expectancy has increased from 48 in 1947 to 65 in 2000. The infant mortality rate has come down by a factor of 8. Because of all this our population has increase from 400 million to 110 million in the same time period but our land size and resources have remained the same.

    Now look at china: very consistent GDP growth of 10% for over a decade. They have built high speed trains. Their university system is far superior to anything in US.

    Then why do these students come to US for higher education??
    because it is much easier to get admission into US universities than in their own home country. In India for every 1 admission there are 400 students competing. Its a cut throat competition. students decide to be an engineer or doctor or a lawyer at the age 12.
    In America kids don’t even know what they want to do with their life even at the age of 25 and hence end up serving food at McDonald.
    The kids in these countries were hard at school while their peers in America were making babies!!!!

    Infrastructure problems?? i agree that we have some. But look at NY or California. they have problems. Imagine if you add another 80000 vehicles to the roads in these two cities? Get the picture!!! In the city of Hyderabad (400 year old city), India according to 1996 reports there were on average over 8456 public transportation buses that transported over 48792 students to their schools and back during any single day.
    can you Imagine any European city handling this kind of traffic?

    America has the highest percentage of population incarcerated in prisons.

    What were the average wages before the American government implemented the minimum wage law?? They were pennies and hence the government started the minimum wage law.

    America is a free country?? are you kidding me?? Blacks are treated like shit and are put behind bars for simplest offense. I don’t even have to talk about what goes inside an american prison system. Look at what they are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Treating the prisoners like animals and you call this freedom. Worst thing americans don’t even have the courtesy to apologize for their mistakes. I haven’t seen a single american leader apologize for the war on IRAQ. American army is made up of people from street gangs and these morons go about committing child abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Its time that we kick the greedy Americans out of the planet so that the rest of the world can enjoy its resources in a more balanced way.

  • JustALittleGuy

    We have a perspective on this as no other generation because of our ability to inform and be informed almost instantly around the world. We are a global society and have been FOREVER but just never knew it because of our limited abilities. Even though countries had borderlines, within those villages, regions, countries and continents, all our human life inter changes and reacts to and with one another. Just like in nature. Our rain coming down from the sky is years past ocean drop. The earth we walk on today is a decayed tree blown down and rock ground up from glacial movements of times past. There is nothing new on this planet. We cycle in change.

    People, when will we realize that change always happens? When will we STOP expecting today to be what yesterday was? It cannot be. The survivor in life will have the following traits:

    1. the ability to adapt;
    2. the ability to predict the need to adapt;
    3. the ability to learn;
    4. the ability to accept that this will always be the process

    When we educate ourselves (not necessarily only through formal education), naturally we pass this information on to others. This is our life as humans. When we create boundaries and do not consider we are all in this together, this then creates separateness and me-against-them attitudes.

    Am I a democrat? NO! Am I a socialist, NO! I am a realist who says: FIGURE OUT SOMETHING CREATIVE TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. Stop sitting around complaining and do something. Read the signs and help others to do the same. If your job sucks, get better skills to do something that will SUSTAIN LIFE. Don’t complain about losing jobs to machines…machines need people too. Robotics, engineering, science and creative sciences drive our workers to learn adapt and change. Because that 3rd world worker is willing to manufacture our clothing for less is only an indication that we are expecting them to make our clothes. We expect the system to be the same when it is changing all the time. Who says you have to wear clothes that someone else has made? Then don’t complain you don’t have that job! Sustainable living is the key. (THANK YOU, Farmin’ Jimsey for introducting that topic so slying slipped in to your above comment on May 19. A partial quote is here)

    Farmin’ Jimsey
    May 19th, 2010 at 1:53 am …” The problem of a fiat [sic] currency combined with the energy crisis will force the entire planet to change to a more sustainable existence…..
    To quote King Crimson, “the fate of all mankind is in the hands of fools.” Unless people snap out of their stupor, educate themselves very rapidly, and then powerfully demand and implement broad spectrum change, the future will be very stormy.”

    SUSTAINABLE LIVING: it is what we all need to do and take on as an attitude. Look it up.

    It is hard to change. We resist change. But it happens and the survivor will see the signs and develop the talent to react to and prosper in the coming change. It is historically our fate. Formal education teaches us facts and our job as humans is to connect the dots. Some of us are so short sighted we only memorize the facts for the good grade. The fact is, we only have a few years in this physical existence to do what we were intended to do and that is: to help one another to be better and to love one another. This is why were created.

    So….politics, bitchin’ and moaning aside, this argument is good but DO SOMETHING with it. MAKE THE CHANGE MEAN SOMETHING. Stop asking your job to fill your needs because your needs are very simple: food, water and health. WE HAVE NO OTHER NEEDS THAN THAT. What we think we need we really CAN/could do without. Truly. Sometimes getting to the basics in a storm helps us to realize what is really important. That importance is simply this: love one another. The world is our play ground.

    KumbaYa singing around the campfire this may sound like. But it is the truth, from my age persepctive. I am justalittleguy and this is my take on all this.

    We are just little guys…make your existence count and do good for the world. It’s your only shot.

  • Dano

    Justalittleguy says “your needs are very simple: food, water and health. WE HAVE NO OTHER NEEDS THAN THAT”.
    What about having a ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD when it snows in the North. What about having and PAYING for HEALTHCARE to protect you when you get sick. What about paying the doctor if you DON’T have healthcare when you get sick.
    The American Regime sees no problem in letting the U.S slip into a THIRD World status. As long as they can live in the good areas and have the best of the best, why should they care about the rest.
    What happened to Lincoln’s “FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE PEOPLE mantra?”.
    Seriously if American Citizens are not prepared to stand up and take up arms against the trash that rule us in Washington D.C and their Corporate masters, then there is NO HOPE for this country.
    In France and Greece they would have burned the place to the ground and being rioting in the streets if they were faced with this predicament. But what do we do….”Send another email to our Senator saying Hey Joe Help Me out”.
    What a Joke.

  • JustALittleGuy

    Yes, Dano, we need a roof over our head! This is included in HEALTH.

    I agree, “PEOPLE need to stand up and take arms against….” whatever it is. I am a proponent of taking action!

    Frankly, our needs are all SIMPLE. We just as humans make them too complicated: you , me, the people in charge. You want to pull ahead and be stronger than others? Yes, US is stronger by far. I don’t say lay down and die! I say get back to the basics and things WILL improve.

    No letters to one’s Congressman will produce what personal responsibility can produce. Getting to the basics is simply an attitude that manifests in many aspects of our basic needs. We do not wait for someone else to do something for us when we ourselves can and should do it. It’s all about personal responsibility. The weak cannot survive in this, only the strong. The strong in mind, body and soul.

    Dano (and everyone reading this): Which one are you?

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