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The Family Farm Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America

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An entire way of life is rapidly dying right in front of our eyes.  The family farm is being systematically wiped out of existence in America, and big agribusiness and the federal government both have blood all over their hands.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the number of farms in the United States has fallen from about 6.8 million in 1935 to only about 2 million today.  That doesn’t mean that there is less farming going on.  U.S. farms are producing more than ever.  But what it does mean is that farming is increasingly becoming dominated by the big boys.  The rules of the game have been tilted in favor of big agribusiness so dramatically that most small farmers find that they simply cannot compete anymore.  Back in 1900, about 39 percent of the U.S. population worked on farms.  At this point, only about 2 percent of all Americans now live on farms.  Big agribusiness, the food processing conglomerates, and big seed companies such as Monsanto completely dominate the industry.  Unless something dramatic is done, the family farm is going to continue to be wiped out of existence.  Unfortunately, it does not look like things are going to turn around any time soon.

The way that the farming industry is structured today, it is simply not economically feasible to operate a small family farm.  According to Farm Aid, every week approximately 330 farmers leave their land for good.

Many old timers are trying to hang on for as long as they can.  A very large percentage of family farmers are in their fifties, sixties or seventies at this point.  Today, only about 6 percent of all farmers are under the age of 35.

Most young people these days are not too eager to choose farming as a career.  A lot of young adults that grew up on family farms have decided that investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a business that requires you to work 12 hours or more per day most of the year for very meager wages is simply not worth it.

In recent years, many family farmers have been forced to find second jobs in order to support their families.  Many farm families are constantly on the verge of financial ruin.  It is a really tough life for many of them.

Sadly, less than 25 percent of all farms in America bring in gross revenues in excess of $50,000.  The following comes from the EPA website….

It has been estimated that living expenses for the average farm family exceed $47,000 per year. Clearly, many farms that meet the U.S. Census’ definition would not produce sufficient income to meet farm family living expenses. In fact, fewer than 1 in 4 of the farms in this country produce gross revenues in excess of $50,000.

On top of everything else, the federal government and many state governments just keep endlessly piling more rules and regulations on to the backs of farmers.

Big agribusiness has the resources to deal with all of these regulations fairly well, but most family farms do not.

With each passing year, the farming industry becomes even more centralized.  If current trends continue, big agribusiness will eventually control nearly all of it.  The following is from the EPA website….

By 1997, a mere 46,000 of the two million farms in this country accounted for 50% of sales of agricultural products (USDA, 1997 Census of Agriculture data). That number was down from almost 62,000 in 1992.

In certain industries the amount of consolidation has been absolutely stunning.  For example, between 1970 and today the United States has lost 88 percent of its dairy farms.

Another factor that is shaping the farming business is the incredible power that the giant food processing conglomerates have accumulated.

Today, there are 10 corporations that control most of the things that Americans eat and drink on a daily basis.  If you doubt this, just check out this chart.

The giant food processing conglomerates have a massive amount of influence over how food is grown in the United States today.  Small farmers that try to go against the tide often have a very rough go of it.

That is also true when it comes to seeds.

For example, approximately 80 percent of all corn grown in the United States is grown using seeds that have been genetically modified by Monsanto.

If you want to try to defy companies such as Monsanto, you are playing a very dangerous game.  The predatory business practices of Monsanto have been well documented.  Monsanto has taken countless numbers of farmers to court, and they are absolutely ruthless.

Plus, it certainly does not help that there is a constant revolving door between Monsanto and federal government agencies.  If you doubt this, just check out the chart about Monsanto on this page.

Amazingly, in spite of all this there are still some small farmers that are able to overcome all of these obstacles and run successful businesses.

But that is where the federal government comes in.

In recent years, the federal government has become absolutely obsessed with going after small farmers.

For example, a recent Food Freedom News article detailed what the feds have been doing to Randy and Karen Sowers.  They were keeping their cash deposits under $10,000 so that they would not have to fill out a bunch of paperwork, and the federal government came down on them like a hurricane….

“Structuring,” explains, “is the federal criminal offense of splitting up bank deposits so as to keep them under a threshold such as $10,000 above which banks have to report transactions to the government.”

While being questioned, the Sowers were finally presented with a seizure order and advised that the feds had already emptied their bank account of $70,000.  The Dept. of Justice has since sued to keep $63,000 of the Sowers’ money, though they committed no crime other than maintaining their privacy.

Without funds, they will be unable to make purchases for the spring planting.

When a similar action was taken against Taylor’s Produce Stand last year, the feds seized $90,000, dropped the charges, and kept $45,000 of Taylor’s money.

Knowing that most farms operate on a very thin margin, such abuse of power wipes out a family’s income, and for a bonus, the feds enhance the monopoly power of Monsanto, Big Dairy and their supply chain.

At many other small farms across America, the feds have conducted military-style raids at the crack of dawn over the smallest infractions.

Some examples of this were detailed in a documentary entitled “Farmaggedon“.  The following is a short trailer for that film….

The sad truth is that the federal government has been using your tax money to go after small farmers in absolutely vicious ways.

For example, the feds raided one Amish farm at 5 AM one morning.

So what was the big crime that the feds were so concerned about?

Well, the Amish farm was selling raw milk.

Oh the horror!

The feds seem content to leave big agribusiness pretty much alone, but they are constantly going after small farms in hundreds of different ways.

Did you know that the Department of Labor is instituting new regulations that will ban children from doing many kinds of farm chores?

Just another way to kill off the family farm in America.

America is changing, and not for the better.

Just like the middle class, the family farm is heading for extinction.

Eventually, the big corporations and the federal government will have near total control over food production in America.

So what do you think about all of this?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • mondobeyondo

    This is so sad. If any of you have ever seen the movie “Food, Inc.” (it’s kind of hard to find, but it may still be on YouTube), you’ll know the family farm is going the way of the T.Rex.

    They are being bought out/forced out by corporations. Tyson, Pilgrim’s Pride, Hormel and a host of others. True “Mom and Pop” family farms are few and far between.

    I know – it’s so comforting to tear into a package of sausage links, knowing that “Farmer John” has guaranteed “quality since 1931”. What they don’t tell you, is that Farmer John and his family were bought out by Mega Meat Corp. in 1973, for a few million dollars, and are probably destitute now.

    Some companies will even put a photo of a farmer and his family on the package, to give you the image that the product is wholesome and healthy. A company called… okay, I’ll name it: Farmland – comes to mind. You can find their sausages at a grocery store near you.

    What a joke. This may have been true in 1922, or 1942. Not the case in 2012. These days, your milk has hormones in it. Your chicken eggs, too. And DEFINITELY the chickens at the grocery store (if they are not organic/free range birds). You think men like big breasts? Poultry companies like big breasts even more. Chickens are given hormones to increase their breast meat. More breast meat to make bigger McChicken sandwiches, McNuggets, chicken enchiladas, etc. etc.

    • Michael

      Great comment. I would recommend Food, Inc. to anyone.


    • BeenThere

      I saw Food Inc on You Tube about a year ago. Not sure if it is still there. It was frightening stuff.

    • Rodster

      I think the correlation between poultry and the incidence of low testosterone in men is more than a coincidence.

  • Tapper P.
  • When I was president of my Future Farmers of America in 1958 in Vocational Agriculture in Manson, Iowa, the average age of farmers then was 58 years of age. What has happened that each decade these farmers retired and 90% of them were not replaced. It was a silent revolution.
    In those days we had real family farms, raising corn, soybeans, oats, hay, pasture, milk cows, fed beef and hogs. At that time Iowa was the leading hog state, the leading cattle feeding state, the 5th largest producer of butter from milk, and eggs and chickens. That has changed and the livestock has moved south to warmer climates in factory farms whose confinement structures dot the countryside. You can see them from the airplanes windows as you fly over the western states.
    The great grain states of the corn belt have like Iowa and Illinois turned into strictly grain farming operations. The typical grain farmer works in the field about three months a year, the rest in Florida and in his office marketing etc. Many farms are still family farms but so small the famer has an off farm job and farms in his spare time. These are typically farms that have been in families for generations. Most land is still owned by individuals, but there are some big operators like Incabraso from Brazil that own 10,000 acres in Piatt County, Illinois. The big craze today is cash renting, which may go as high as 400 dollars per acre. This has not been beneficial for long range soil productivity.
    The big loss is to the community. There are hardly any school buses anymore in the countryside picking up children of farmers and the Future Farmers of America has been renamed the FFA. There is no question that capital in agriculture has been replaced by Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Soybeans and DuPont’s Pioneer BT corn, but now we do not have to walk the beans. What a job that was. Drive into the western corn belt and look at what is left of the small towns and you can see what the revolution in agriculture has done to the social fabric of rural America.

  • James

    Most family farms back in the “better days” only farmed to provide food and fiber for their families and friends. The acres needed to accomplish this nowadays is 5 acres or less. The growing of vegetables, fruit, poultry, eggs, rabbits, honey bees, farm pond fish, and small animals would be easy for a 5 acre farm, and wouldn’t be a threat to “Big Agriculture”. You wouldn’t have the high costs of highly technical agriculture equipment. You would need just a small tractor and implements that would fit it. Also, register your land with a land bank to ensure that it will stay in agriculture. This will discourage the land grab by Big Agriculture. If you are on good terms with your farmer neighbors, you could also supplement your food supplies with wild game through hunting efforts. Soil management would involve the planting of “green manure crops” and supplemented with manure from the animals. The manure doesn’t have to come from cows or horses. Chicken and Rabbit manure are better. Hope that your children would want to inherit the farm and continue farming.

  • DMyers

    I grew up in Indiana. My uncle had a big farming operation there and two sons. One died young and the other became a physical therapist. But before he was that, he went to college and quit after a couple of years to go home and be a farmer. I can assure, farming is in the blood.

    Farmers, as factory workers, have seen their children opt for a white collar existence. No gain. Much loss.

  • Sid Davis

    It is true that the power of government, at the behest of corporate agriculture, is being used against anyone who competes with corporate agribusiness. This is the consequence of venal politicians selling out to the highest bidder.

    I think there are forces at work that will reverse this; unfortunately it will be because of collapse of the industrial agriculture model which is dependent on large energy inputs. Presently, we essentially are eating oil and natural gas as these energy sources are converted into food via industrial agriculture. As supplies of these inputs decline, the output will decline, and as a society we will find that industrial agriculture has been a temporary blip in history.

    Not only is industrial agriculture unsustainable, but it is quite possible that any significant agriculture in the long run is even sustainable at all. But for the next several decades as the decline in oil production unfolds, we should see increasing pressure on the present system, and conditions that favor more localized, more low tech agriculture, and related starvation on a large scale.

    If we fall into civil war, the effect of energy related collapsing economic activity will be magnified.

  • Paranoid

    The race is on. Does the Gov bankrupt all of us before it goes bankrupt or does it go first? Odd it cannot seem to figure out; It cannot survive without us. Why does it hate the public? All you have to do is let us alone and we will never bother you. I pay my taxes: Stay out of trouble. Knowing full well the Gov is reading this; Why don’t you answer?

  • Rodster

    No question are food supply is fragile. Don’t forget these HUGE food conglomerates have modifed the food source to produce at least one crop. Then you have to buy more seeds from the likes of Monsanto who did this on purpose to sell more seeds.

    “Dangers of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture”

  • Tatiana Covington

    We all have stomachs. We all must eat, or we die. There’s our greatest weak spot, in all of us!

    Civilization is so fragile, that it is nine meals from anarchy. It is only eighteen meals from collapse.

  • Gary2

    More proof conservatives who support Paul Ryan are immoral scum and are in no way Christian:

    What a smack down! The 90 high-level Catholic priests and economists at Georgetown:

    1) Questioned the morality of Ryan’s budget
    2) Supported economists’ conclusions that Ryan knows ZERO real economics
    3) That Ryan’s “economics” “reflect the values” “Ayn Rand” rather than “Jesus Christ”

    I have never seen Catholics give such a smack down to a politician. They were RIGHT on target!

    The Catholics’ letter:

    Paul Ryan on Christian hating radical anti-government philosopher who ended up on the government dole, Ayn Rand, who the Catholic priests say Ryan takes his ideas from:

    Ryan: “I think Ayn Rand would be commenting on that we need more than ever.” “It’s that kind of thinking, that kind of writing that is sorely needed right now.”

    Ryan: “I give out Atlas Shrugged [Rand’s book containing, among other things, rape fantasies] as Christmas presents, and I make all my interns read it.”

    Look it up. You can’t make this stuff up….

  • Gary2

    ps– I hope none of you claim to be Christians because if you do, you are going straight to hell. Jesus would never take away from the sick and disabled. Quite to the contrary, Proverbs 14:31, “Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.”

    Ryan added: “Anyway, Ayn Rand is my Pope. So this doesn’t bother me.”

    Typical GOP hypocrites. They love the Catholics when they criticize Obama on access to reproductive services for women, but hate them when they get called out for their own attacks on poor people.

    Memo to the GOP, stop pretending you have morals or religious fath, when all you really care about is political power and your wealthy friends.

    • mark

      This is I’m sure a waste of time, but the government stealing tax money with the threat of prison time if you do not pay is not charity. You do not seem to understand the teachings of Christ, but mix them up with your brand of socialism. Your quote in Proverbs is about a man and not a government being generous. Salvation is a personal relationship with Christ. Anyway I understand that the Catholics intend to protest Obama for about two weeks before the fourth of July.

      • Gary2

        taxes are not stealing–read the constituation.

    • knightowl77

      G2 and the marxist bishops don’t understand the difference… are NOT taking from the sick and poor if you GIVE less, you are GIVING Less…

      Taking from them involves going to their house and TAKING something that belongs to them….

      Giving them less WELFARE money is NOT Taking or Stealing from the poor….it is not theirs until we give it to them.

      You G2 will never ever understand, because in your world (not the real world) whatever you want belongs to you and you have the right to take whatever you want from whomever has what you want…That is your fantasy world view…BTW that is not the World view of Jesus, but since you don’t understand him either you often misquote him.

      • Gary2

        you and marks entire replies are screaming selfish which is no surprise as conservatives are extremely selfish.

    • Kev

      Gary,you have a little foam on your bottom lip there.

    • uncurable wound

      He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, is a fool.
      Proverbs 10:18

      • uncurable wound

        Theres a couple more you might want to look at in chapteer 14

        5 A truthful witness does not deceive,
        but a false witness pours out lies.

        6 The mocker seeks wisdom and finds none,
        but knowledge comes easily to the discerning.

        7 Stay away from a foolish man,
        for you will not find knowledge on his lips.

        8 The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways,
        but the folly of fools is deception
        12 There is a way that seems right to a man,
        but in the end it leads to death.
        23 All hard work brings a profit,
        but mere talk leads only to poverty.

      • Gary2

        guess that means conservatives are fools then.

    • DAS

      What does this have to do with farming?

      • Rodster

        Because Gary2 is a one trick pony. I say we all go to Gary2’s house and take his stuff. 🙂

      • Gary2

        if we tax the rich and spread the wealth poor people will be able to buy more food and thus help farmers. DUH!

        • Rodster

          “In recent years, the federal government has become absolutely obsessed with going after small farmers.”

          Obviously your ultra low IQ did not pickup on the fact that small farmers are a thing of the past because of Gubmint regulations and LARGE CORPORATIONS buying up the little farms. And the Gubmint helping the LARGE Corp to finish the job. Oops that’s your socialist president and his minions doing the number on them. 🙂

  • Steve

    Taper P.,,, Could you please find out how much the managers of the pension fund are still getting paid? Also Bonuses, since they don’t recive much anyway.

  • Pat

    We have the exact same model in Europe. The people here live like peasants and buy their food from large chains even though we have plenty of sunshine and land. Can you say Agenda 21?


  • David

    Obviously, the USA has drifted completely away from its original “limited government” system as outlined in our Constitution. The various departments / agencies created in the Executive Branch reflect that fact. Most of them should be either eliminated or trimmed down by a minimum of 75%, and the Bureaucrats at the top replaced by people versed in what the government is entitled to do, and what it NOT supposed to do. The line was crossed decades ago (about the time of FDR & WWII) using “emergency measures” of the Depression & WWII as an excuse. Of course “big corporate business” has lobbyists that won’t let that happen. We need a “peaceful revolution”, and a drastic change of laws against “influence peddling” at all levels of government in this country – the sooner the better! The Departments of Energy, Education, Agriculture, H.R., EPA, etc. should be among the first to get seriously “downsized” – not only saving taxpayer money, but preventing this type of invasion into family businesses while favoring the “big money” corporate interests! The government in this country was clearly meant to SERVE & PROTECT an individual’s “life, liberty, & property” not violate them. them

    • ivan

      There can be no downsizing of government without also downsizing corporations. Otherwise, you are simply trading one form of enslavement for another.

      As for whether we can do so peacefully, we can hope. But I don’t think so.

  • Alex

    Monsanto are the biggest criminals, but the government turns a blind eye on all of their atrocities. Instead they hunt down the small and helpless farmers that try to keep their product organic and as healthy as possible. On which side is the american government? There are no laws for the big money! American people should protest. In my country (which is in Europe) they banned genetically modified crops. You should stand up for this and let the government know that you care. ********** Monsanto!

  • Control food, you control people. It is an ancient precept of bolshevists going back to Babylon.

  • tappedops

    Nice one Mr M… i knew you could do this thing full-spec… I double-dare you to do a geo-eng/chemtrail piece with a link to “What in the world are they spraying”…

  • Joe D

    The family farm has been marked for extinction since at least the Reagan administration, but probably earlier. There is simply too much profit and power to be gained by consolidating and controlling the nation’s food supply.

    Monsanto is the devil incarnate, they’ve managed to buy patents on life and if the wind blows in the wrong direction and one of their genetically modified monstrosities contaminates your crop then watch out, if the federal government doesn’t come after you for producing something “unsafe” then Monsanto will certainly be knocking at the door looking to bankrupt you for infringing on their “product”

    I don’t trust our food supply any more than it would take less than 30 seconds to order and receive food at the Taco Bell drive thru, big ag, fast food, and the big chain groceries sell us mostly hyper processed and/or higly injected slop with ingredients we struggle to pronounce. The food supply has become as fake as everything else in this country but I’d rather not think about it until I have a few acres of my own so that I can produce and consume food I know and trust.

    • Cinderella Man

      Youre right about Monsatano being a devil, Joe their genetically modified seeds are a ticking time bomb of hell that will be felt for generations to come. What is our food going to look like 10, 20, or 200 years from now. Monsatano has been playing God with our food and if you hear what these sick bastards has done to the corn it will blow your mind. The corn is causing rising obeistiy rate in the Mexican population and has been found to cause cancer and birth defects in lab animals. Good article Michael I knew you could find the info if you did some home work. This is going to be very frightening 10 years from now when all the old farmers and ranchers cannot do this any more. There is not going to be anyone to do this kind of work and I fear the govt. will force people like me onto large corporate/govt. work farms forced to produce for the slave population in the not too distant future. I see the pain alot of these people go through. The kids leave never to return the govt. is going to be cutting off subsidies next year so be prepared for even higher prices.

    • mondobeyondo

      Monsanto owns and controls the seeds needed to plant new soybean and corn crops. They’ve genetically manipulated those seeds so that they won’t reproduce naturally. For example, if you plant a soybean seed, and allow it to grow and bear fruit, you won’t get new soybean plants in the following year if you plant those beans. They will not germinate, because the seeds are infertile.

      Which forces you (gardener, farmer, etc) to go back to Monsanto to purchase more seed!

      Ain’t that sweet? Monsanto has you under their thumb now.

  • Mustard Seeds

    My kids and I watched Food Inc. about two years ago. That video changed our lives. Monsanto is to the food industry what the Federal Reserve is to the economy….evil incarnate.

  • This may be true for grains and commodity crops. But it definitely not true for small farms growing specialized high value crops. There has probably never been more opportunity than right now. Its supported by high demand and a keen consumer interest in fresh, safe, toxin free, local foods. Some examples, heirloom tomatoes and peppers, hot peppers, honey, pasture raised chicken, blueberries, herbs, lamb, eggs, raspberries, plums, table grapes, strawberries, and on and on and on. Many are choosing farming as a second career or retirement hobby also. No a small or new farmer can’t afford the monstrous equipment required for larger farms, but you don’t need it. Its the commodity farmers that are in trouble. They have monstrous expenses and struggle to net a few hundred dollars per acre. Its about effectiveness, not the size of the farm. And fruits and vegetables are more healthy than grains anyway. Probably analogous to all the gloom and doom about housing when there’s probably never been a better time to buy a home than right now. There’s probably never been a better time to start farming than right now.

  • Evie

    Why does the fed along with the green movement say we should grow our own food because of food insecurity? Arent they creating it? so frugs will not be legalized until some seed and formula cartel is,created? Things are never for the best interests of the people only fpr the corporations

  • TX4Life

    The secret of a successful farmer is a wife who works in town.

  • karen

    About 80% of the population in America live in the cities and urban areas, that leave 20% of us that love the country life. Like you said most folks don’t want to work the farm, it is 24/7 I know I hve a small farm, you can’t run off and vacation, people don’t like the hard HONEST work, but they will scream about the hispanics that do most of the hard labor here, I see it all the time. And yes there are some hispanics that are criminals and I sure see a lot of whites and blacks that are far worse, beating their gums because the hispanics might take a little of their welfare. A true farmer is almost a thing of the past, and when the farmer passes away and leaves the farm to the kids they sell it because there not going to comment to hard work, just sell the place and divide up the money move to the city and purchase a huge home spend all dads money and your broke and lose your home and god forbid your flat screen. Most people just don’t give a darn, and they could care less where there food comes from, Monsanto is poisoning you, and loving every minute of it because then you’ll be sick and the big pharma companies make billions from you because of Monsanta, when will people wake-up to the truth!!!

  • This is why I’ve been increasing the amount of locally produced food in my diet. Luckily, I found a company that will deliver locally produced food to my doorstep, since the nearest farmer’s market for me is about 20 miles from me in downtown Dallas.
    I’ll be honest, I was thinking of starting my own small farm. But, with the amount of federal and state regulation on everything, the only thing I would be willing to grow and sell is hay.

  • Jodi

    It’s not a bad idea to stock up on seeds. Food shortages are to come. Government will have control of all the food.

  • Syrin

    A trademark of virtually ALL tyrannies is control of food production. It’s tyranny 101. So now the dreams of GARY can come true. 4 hour lines for a single loaf of gov’t issued bread!




    • Elainee P.

      Morons is right. I believe these leftist groups must have been dropped on their head sometime in their childhood. Anybody who cannot see what this evil administration is doing is just plain dumb, stupid or ignorant.

      • TX4Life

        Absolutely. I was listening to Nancy Pelosi talk about how families are having to tell their older children that they cannot afford college for them because of the costs to immunize their younger children. Seriously??? Every summer I see immunization clinics set up to immunize children for $10 before school starts. Who in their right mind believes that parents have difficulty affording college costs simply because of the $10 to immunize younger children? If you can’t afford the $10 for immunizations, your family certainly qualifies for some sort of federal tuition assistance.

  • CinnamonGirl

    You HAVE to read this update Michael……on a trial hearing….!

    Right in my backyard, love the FBI agent dressed as an “unemployed, homeless” man but underneath wearing a kevlar vest and a concealed handgun to rub elbows with the local farmers in court in case they had a bomb or something.

    Of course all us Michigan farmers are Militia LOL!

    My husband and I are nervous….if it can happen a few miles away to someone else it could happen to us.

    Brought to you by Monsanto and the Michigan Pork producers….

    • Michael

      It is crazy what is happening to our country.


    • Gary2

      isn’t Cinnamon Girl a song by neil young/crazy horse?

      Pretty good tune.

      • mondobeyondo

        Yes, it is as a matter of fact.

      • CinnamonGirl

        Sheesh gary i never thought of that.
        Thanks now I’ll have that stuck in my head all day……..!

        (Actually I raised Cinnamon colored huskies hence my screen name)

  • karen

    Earth Unprepared for Super Solar Stormby Mike Wall, Senior WriterDate: 18 April 2012 Time: 01:00 PM ET

  • The reason for this is that big agri will be easier to convert to State-run operations than thousands of family farms. Big agri also won’t shoot the State regulators when they come to take over.

    • Tel

      The takeover you describe will never be necessary. Big business and big government are hand in glove already. It is almost impossible to tell which is which anymore.

  • Ivan

    I forget who the gentleman was who said that the combination of state and corporate interest and power is fascism.

    • estamos jodidos

      Benito Mussolini

  • Gary2

    Time we put this right wing bs myth to rest

    The Self-Made Myth: Debunking Conservatives’ Favorite — And Most Dangerous — Fiction
    A new book makes a strong case that nobody ever makes it on their own in America.

    The government never did anything for me, dammit,” he grouses. “Everything I have, I earned. Nobody ever handed me anything. I did it all on my own. I’m a self-made man.”

    He’s just plain wrong. Flat-out, incontrovertibly, inarguably wrong. So profoundly wrong, in fact, that we probably won’t be able to change the national discourse on taxes, infrastructure, education, government investment, technology policy, transportation, welfare, or our future prospects as a country until we can effectively convince the country of the monumental wrongness of this one core point.

    Brian Miller and Mike Lapham have written the book that lays out the basic arguments we can use to begin to set things right. The Self-Made Myth: The Truth About How Government Helps Individuals and Businesses Succeed is a clear, concise, easy-to-read-and-use summary that brings forward a far more accurate argument about government’s central role in creating the conditions for economic prosperity and personal opportunity.

    • knightowl77

      There is NO middle ground with you and your side…
      There are no shades of gray no matter your motives.

      There is black and white; good versus evil and NO in between.
      You distort our words, malign our motives, and mock our efforts. You believe that only bigger and bigger government will make things better, despite decades of evidence to the contrary.

      You believe in teacher’s unions even though the kids in public schools get dumber every year. You believe in welfare and wealth transfer even after decades of evidence shows that it doesn’t work either. After more than 2 Trillion dollars wasted in anti-poverty programs we have more people in poverty not less, we have more on food stamps not less.

      We spend/have spent trillions and trillions on free medical, free education, free food and yet you argue that we aren’t generous and must give more….even though the number of people on government assistance grows year after year.

      Obama has borrowed more than 5 Trillion dollars in less than 4 years and the economy is not better, there are more poor, less jobs and the world is not a safer place….

      More taxes and more government are not the answer, they are the problem…There is no talking to you and your ilk.

      “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20

      • Gary2

        it is so obvious your incorrect and living in a fact free bubble.

        Obviously the antipoverty programs have helped the poor. Simply look at the number of seniors living in opioverty before and after, and the number of people who would starve without food stamps. Only a total fact free person could say what you said as it is so obviously wrong. Think before you post.

        Seems to me that you are the one who actually thinks cutting taxes on the rich does anything but cut taxes on the rich. We have been living your wet dream since raygun–it aint worked. Trickle down conservative policies are a bhig fail. remember bush jr?? the worst record of any president.

        You simply need to admit that you are selfish mean spirited athesiest worshiping ayn rand philosophy and your politications like paul ryan only care about the rich. Social Darwin at its best. (we are gonna run with that one to ruin mittens)

        • Gary2

          ps–more are in poverty now due to the republican great recession and population growth since anti poverty programs began.

          I meant to put that in my earlier post about your conservative stupidity.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…There is black and white; good versus evil and NO in between….”

        just like 8 years of Bush

        • knightowl77

          not with you or gary….it is either your way or everyone else is wrong….just stating what your belief system is…which is pretty black and white

      • whteshark

        The days of talking to these people, Knight, are over. There’s no common ground, there’s no middle ground anymore.

        These people on the left like Gary2 will not be happy until they control everything. That’s why there’s no hope to restore the Constitution and our way of life without refreshing the tree of liberty with patriots and tyrants (like Gary2) alike.

        • knightowl77

          Concur completely….talking to them is a complete waste of time…it is like we are from different worlds speaking a different language

          • Gary2

            I would agree we are speaking a different language. O seriously wonder how we can look at the same problems and come up with completely different solutions.

            To me it is obvious that the issue is demand because no one has cash and the solution would be to simply tax the rich and spread the wealth. This is so obvious I can’t believe it even needs to be discussed. We tried the trickle down your sides way and it didn’t work. The rich are paying the lowest tax rates ever yet no jobs. Tax the rich spread the wealth put cash into fol;ks pocket who will spend increase demand and even the rich will benefit.

            I am leaving out all the other issues the wealth and income inequality causes and only focusing on consumer demand.

    • Mal R.

      Go ********** yourself, stupid commie.

      • Gary2

        mal adjusted–you make my point for me–conservatives can not undersdtand complex ideas and just call everything they can’t understand commie.

        That study from Canada and other studies that prove conservatives are not as smart as the average person are so true.

        Hey that ************** oriley is on fox–better go and worship at his alter.

      • Rodster

        Arguing with Gary2 is like fighting with a pig. You both get dirty and he enjoyed it. Congratulations mission accomplished. 🙂

        • Michael

          I have hope that we will see a significant change in Gary someday.


  • Its true

    This is like a replay of the great depression Michael, where “farms all across the south and west were failing in record numbers”.
    the parallels are eerily similar.
    Michael, please take a look at this short clip and very well done PBS documentary, if you already haven’t seen it, it’s still a great review, every time i watch it i see more and more of the parallels.

    1929 Wall Street Stock Market Crash

    • mondobeyondo

      I’ve watched that as well. The parallels between 1929 and 2012 are indeed ominous. Will we ever learn what history keeps teaching us??

  • Has anyone ever really thought about the sinister intent of this, coupled with a judge’s ruling we don’t have rights to food, that they intend on one day starving the population to death?

  • American Indian spokesman, Russel Means, said that the American farmer is being driven out and destroyed exactly the same way native Americans were. They are systematically driven off the land.

    Currently the conditions we face in Colorado relate to water usage, and the Agenda 21 plan to eliminate well and river water for farming. Even though the rivers are flooding, phony environmentalists want to deny use, to “save the rivers fish, plants and bugs (mosquitoes!!)” The ground water levels are flooding and the reservoirs are full, yet they persist in trying to shut off water here. This is happening all over the country. It is a crime against humanity.

  • Washington

    “Those Voices Don’t Speak for the Rest of Us”

  • Lisa

    I have felt for many years that we no longer live in the United States but the United States of the Soviet Socialist Republic. When I view things like what I saw and read in this article, I see that we live in a police state not a free one.

    • ivan

      If we were a soviet republic, at least we’d all have jobs, and we’d be spending our money on the military instead of the banks.

  • Barn Cat

    The family farm is dying because it’s no longer economically viable. The profit per acre continues to drop as mega farms become more and more economical. It’s like the mom and pop corner grocery from 1960 trying to compete with Wal-Mart.

  • Benjik

    “Local farms in fight to stop growing regulation”

    I’m sure there are countless instances like this happening across the country presently, this one just goes to show that the attack on family farming is happening at all levels: local, state and federal.

    The death of the family dairy farm is evident here in the Midwest by the recent explosion of so-called “Mega-Dairies”. While a family-run dairy farm has an average herd-size of 135 cows, these Mega-Dairies routinely have anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000+ cows at a single location. The environmental, social and economic toll from this facilities has had a devastating effect on local communities. A quick Google search of CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) will shed some more light on the subject.

    • Barn cat

      Mega-dairies produce a lot of milk and they create a lot of jobs. It’s ridiculous to say they devastate communities. Yes, there’s nothing worse than a mega-dairy moving in and hiring 200 people.

      • Benjik

        When the majority of those 200 “workers” are non-English speaking foreigners, then yes, it DOES have a negative effect on the community.

        “A comprehensive national survey of the employment practices of America’s dairy farmers found that they rely heavily on foreign-born workers, the loss of which would cripple many farms and create a ripple effect of job losses through the rural economy, according to the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), which sponsored the survey.”

        • Benjik

          My point being with widespread unemployment why do these corporate dairies continue to import foreign workers?

  • Mr. Donguri

    Heard on the news today that the price of milk is going down in the USA. Heard that falling milk price is usually a harbringer of economic doom.

  • Pastor Glenn

    Michael, can you see where this could potentially mean the loss of the Amish farmers from our country?

    Take that thought a little farther; after driving them out (they WILL leave rather than submit to tyranny such as any attempts at forced removal of their children ‘for re-education’ or some such soviet style garbage) the US ends up having an EMP attack…. and all the mega-farm production (including the new ones in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc which were ‘appropriated’ from the Amish) COLLAPSES due to the fact that the diesel fuel stops flowing.

    Meanwhile in Canada, Mexico, Belize, Australia, New Zealand and anywhere else intelligent enough to take the Amish – these civilizations continue with food produced with the use of horses, with Amish folks steeped in ‘old’ knowledge about how to actually produce food without diesel oil.

    It would be just deserts, wouldn’t it?

    Pastor Glenn

    • Michael

      Good comment Pastor Glenn.


  • erheault

    At this time all of the young in the us main concern is TV foot ball and video games what me worry havent got time must go to the bar it is drink nite, untill this changes there is not much hope of change except ever growing government controll of the lives and wealth of its citizens.

  • Without farming, we will have no food. I was raised in a farming family, not large, but we raised most of our own food. I also have a small garden now, which worries me. The government doesn’t want us to do that anymore, even though Michelle says she does. In CO, they are paying the farmers $700.00 an acre not to produce potatoes. How are they doing that?, cut off their supply of water. Where do we live? Communist countries do this, and socialist countries. God help all of us, my grandchildren are lost.

  • ignore this warning

    Recently Mad Cow Disease was found in California.

    • Gary2

      Maybe that explains why conservatives are so dim witted! They have mad cow disease.

      • Rodster

        And California is overrun by DemoCRAPS. The dimmest bulb in the shed strikes again. 😆

  • Proftel


    We need to reshape the legislation in Brazil and create two basic rules to know:


    All Brazilian citizens who hold accounts in tax havens will be considered a terrorist.


    Any citizen may be considered a terrorist extradited from Brazil and even natural.

    Exportemos some politicians and the thing better.


  • Proftel
  • Indioguane

    we better buy the tools, and learn how to use it. Hydroponics let us to farm in a house or an apartment (condo), and just with a small back patio we can grow chickens and rabbits. If nothing happens, you have a hobby, if something happens you survive.

  • Proftel

    Michael, sorry but the large space, you and all readers need to look at this text, unfortunately.

    ” A History of the World, BRIC by BRIC
    Neoliberal Dragons, Eurasian Wet Dreams, and Robocop Fantasies
    By Pepe Escobar

    Goldman Sachs — via economist Jim O’Neill — invented the concept of a rising new bloc on the planet: BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). Some cynics couldn’t help calling it the “Bloody Ridiculous Investment Concept.”

    Not really. Goldman now expects the BRICS countries to account for almost 40% of global gross domestic product (GDP) by 2050, and to include four of the world’s top five economies.

    Soon, in fact, that acronym may have to expand to include Turkey, Indonesia, South Korea and, yes, nuclear Iran: BRIIICTSS? Despite its well-known problems as a nation under economic siege, Iran is also motoring along as part of the N-11, yet another distilled concept. (It stands for the next 11 emerging economies.)

    The multitrillion-dollar global question remains: Is the emergence of BRICS a signal that we have truly entered a new multipolar world?

    Yale’s canny historian Paul Kennedy (of “imperial overstretch” fame) is convinced that we either are about to cross or have already crossed a “historical watershed” taking us far beyond the post-Cold War unipolar world of “the sole superpower.” There are, argues Kennedy, four main reasons for that: the slow erosion of the U.S. dollar (formerly 85% of global reserves, now less than 60%), the “paralysis of the European project,” Asia rising (the end of 500 years of Western hegemony), and the decrepitude of the United Nations.

    The Group of Eight (G-8) is already increasingly irrelevant. The G-20, which includes the BRICS, might, however, prove to be the real thing. But there’s much to be done to cross that watershed rather than simply be swept over it willy-nilly: the reform of the U.N. Security Council, and above all, the reform of the Bretton Woods system, especially those two crucial institutions, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

    On the other hand, willy-nilly may prove the way of the world. After all, as emerging superstars, the BRICS have a ton of problems. True, in only the last seven years Brazil has added 40 million people as middle-class consumers; by 2016, it will have invested another $900 billion — more than a third of its GDP — in energy and infrastructure; and it’s not as exposed as some BRICS members to the imponderables of world trade, since its exports are only 11% of GDP, even less than the U.S.

    Still, the key problem remains the same: lack of good management, not to mention a swamp of corruption. Brazil’s brazen new monied class is turning out to be no less corrupt than the old, arrogant, comprador elites that used to run the country.

  • tappedops

    Very nice trail art Mr. M—… i might have missed it or it was the aluminum messing with my barium syndrome…

  • Just more fear mongering and drum pounding from
    monsanto and the u.s propaganda machine,these two organizations can’t even figure there way out of a wet paper bag that has both ends open,
    has bright lites,and neon arrows that point “this
    way stupid”, And these same people are trying to tell american farmers that have been doing this
    for many,many years how to farm? Give me a f’n
    break,and these same people who cannot run this country right know how to farm? These same people seem to know what is right for everybody
    else? let’s see how many know how to hook up a milking machine to a cow.Let’s see how many know how to plow a field and get it ready for planting.the list go’s on and on you do not learn how to farm by reading a book.These people
    have no clue about what they are talking about.
    And a lot of countries outside of the u.s will not allow any seeds from monsanto into there country because they are well aware of what monsanto is trying to do. The best thing to do is buy nonnhybrid seeds and build up your supply
    of seeds and screw monsanto, nobody says you have to buy there seeds.

  • I really don’t think big agribusiness will be an issue once the grid goes down and peak oil is reached. Because of the cost of large farms that are reliant on cheap oil they will be unsustainable. Once the grid goes down the only thing that will survive is the small subsistence family farm. Starving refugees from the city will be reincorporated back into the agricultural economy.

  • Joe

    Who should bear the burden of the “cuts” that need to come to save this country? The people that work hard and pay the fucking bills or the Goddamn leeches of the world that we attempt to educate, must incarcerate, feed and allow to breed for free?

    One stark and sobering way to frame the crisis is this: if the United States government were to nationalize (in other words, steal) every penny of private wealth accumulated by America’s citizens since the nation’s founding 235 years ago, the government would remain totally bankrupt.

    PS: there’s no hope trying to enlighten borderline autistic trolls like Gary2 to the inherent structural failures of socialism, & the unchanging human nature that makes it so.

  • Jim

    I am nearly 65. I have about 50 employees. All but three are younger than me. Some are in their twenties. I can outwork all of those younger than me. The reason? I grew up on a farm and we knew how to work. (No, I am NOT a workaholic. I can rest & relax & play & run on the beach and not feel guilty.) But I know how to “pour it on” when needed, not complain and get the job done. Why? I grew up on a farm and we knew how to work. But Obama & his America-destroying team NOW want to keep teens from working on the farm?!?! He wants to kill off another one of America’s most successful attributes: learning to work with your dad, your mom, your siblings – on your family farm. He would like ALL of the next generation to become as dependent as those who never learned to work. Shame on him & his henchment for the lives, the futures, the dreams that he is ruining.

  • Aegil

    Hi, Michael

    I am from the Philippines now living in Malaysia. I have enjoyed the Economic Collapse blog since November 2011, because I now know better how the economic system works.

    I want to show my appreciation by making you aware of a very effective medicine called nystatin:

    This site shares your belief that big Pharma is harming everyone, especially America, though it shares a few of your Christian beliefs.

    It even proposes a business model that allows anyone to produce nystatin pills and sell at quarter of the standard market price it to those that need it.

    I believe it is a good idea because you said in this article “53 Percent Of All Young College Graduates In America Are Either Unemployed Or Underemployed” that anyone can start business and not depend on the government.

    Anyone that wants to stand up courageously to big Pharma will be interested in this:


  • Georgiaboy61

    The danger isn’t simply to family farms, though that danger is bad-enough; it is that giant agribusiness corporations like Monsanto have forced heirloom seeds and other natural varieties out in favor of genetically-modified crops, which are incapable of growing beyond one seasonal cycle/harvest. Since naturally-occurring seeds cannot be patented, these giant concerns have labored to “improve” on mother nature, and in so doing, have imperiled the safety of our food supply, not to mention its availability to everyday people of modest means.

  • Georgiaboy61

    The real reason family farms are targets is that they represent one of the last repositories of traditional American values. Farming and ranching, by their nature, foster an indepedent frame of mind, self-reliance, thrift, hardiness, toughness, as well as other eternal verities; all of which are anethema to the modern bureaucratic state.

    • Cinderella Man

      Well said GB, the last thing the govt. wants is a population of independent free people.

  • Grumpy

    The family farmer was doomed the day the ag support system was adopted, and sadly many farmers begged for them. First thing that happened was the small family owned butcher shops, dairy processors, and grain operators were hit with massive regulations that eventually forced them out of business. Even though the population grew the food chain middleman was shrinking thus limiting the markets for ag products. Then the regulation went after the farm suppliers. Whether its selling seeds, equipment, or fertilizer the number of suppliers have shrunk to the advantage of the likes of Monzanto.

    To make matters worse for the family farmer, the farmer are discouraging any young people to take up farming. Baby boomers may be the last in line of the multi generational farmers.

    Last but never least is the financial drain of local taxation. Farms are a steady source of income for schools and local municipalities.

  • christianpatriot

    This is all a plan. My father was a very active member of the American Agriculture Movement back in the late 70’s. He drove a tractor to Washington DC to try to wake American’s up to the the fact that the family farm was being slowly destroyed by gov’t policy. Dr. Eugene Schroder has spent a large part of his life researching and working within the court system to help the family farmer. The gov’t has all of the farmers “hooked” on payments now and those that farm very likely couldn’t survive without the gov’t handouts. The gov’t has them right where they want them. “Do what we say or we take the money away”. At some point folks will start to go hungry when a corrupt tyrannical gov’t runs everything. God help us!

  • ken nohe

    This is one of the worrying developments all over the world indeed! In the past, during crisis, people would go back to the farms and wait for better days. Today, this has become impossible. In the coming years, as the energy crisis intensify, food prices will skyrocket and more people will plunge into poverty. The future will be made of surimi (or pink slime in the US since Americans prefer meat).

  • nowwthen

    So who benefits? How about Case IH, New Holland, Deere, Massey Ferguson et al. Check out the prices on some of these companies’ biggest and baddest machines. You can’t buy this stuff to farm your family’s 80 acres. But if you’re a megafarm you might want a few of each. Whaddya’ know! Corporations making money on bad news for the little guys — again!



  • Alasha

    tsk, tsk…. i am too mortified to watch Food Inc. I will take everyone’s word. I have been a vegetarian for over 20 yrs because I saw how they process meat.whew! Anywho, i need no convincing there is nothing but garbage in food for the most part. Even though, I eat right and exercise regularly – I am sooooooooooooooo tired. I take multi vitamin supplements just to feel awake. I KNOW this has alot to do with our environment – the air, food and water which surrounds us. TOXIC!!! Nothing like our Heavenly Father purposed: (Genesis 1:25)And God proceeded to make the wild beast of the earth according to its kind and the domestic animal according to its kind and every moving animal of the ground according to its kind. And God got to see that [it was] good. (Genesis 1:28) Further, God blessed them and God said to them (MAN): “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon the earth.”

  • D&G

    I am presently an ‘industrial farmer’ on a small scale in a small South American country. there are still plenty of small farms here, and good land can be had for $4k/ac, much better than in the US. Everyone is still pretty much beholden to Big Agra for their seeds, but the government is WAAAAYYYYYY less intrusive. If you want raw milk, by golly someone will sell it to you. You can buy cheese at the side of the road and the vendor has no ‘permit’ either. Government is not controlled by Big Agra here. I am so happy to have found this place and to invest in it. I hope to expand to a whole ‘section’ in the next half dozen years.

    I don’t know when Americans will find the spine to stand up to the over-reach of government into every aspect of their lives. Or even if they ever will. But I am happy to have a little slice of farming paradise to visit a few times a year.

    • mark

      hi…is this uraguay by any chance? i’m interested in the same kind of farming…would appreciate any info…thank you!

  • Washington

    Thomas Jefferson’s
    Warning To America

    Thomas Jefferson’s Warnings about Private Banks (Federal Reserve)

  • In 2008, 180 countries declared that their citizens have a fundamental right to food. Only one country voted against this rudimentary right. Can you guess which country that was?

    How can the proclaimed land of the free and home of the brave justify such a mean spirited decision? And is it in the best interests of their citizens or in the best interests of someone else?

    Instead the United States made it’s intentions perfectly clear and voted against the right to food for it’s citizens. There is no right to food in the USA, nor is there any right to food legislation pending. Pretty simple isn’t it?

    I’m wondering if the USA’s refusal to participate in The Universal Declarion of Human Rights provoked the growing grassroots right to food movement and the real food revolution? Is the war on food just beginning to heat up?

    Food As A Political Weapon?

    The Ukraine Farmine, of 1932-1933, was not due to natural disasters, droughts, floods or climate changes. It was simple, peacetime genocide. Desgined, directed and planned by Joseph Stalin as a means to subjugate the Ukrainians to Moscow’s will.

    Starvation was the, “absolutely necessary” tool toward that end, and which claimed the lives of 7,000,000 Ukrainian farmers.

    “This was the first instance of a peacetime genocide in history. It took the extraordinary form of an artificial famine deliberately created by the ruling powers.

    The savage combination of words for the designation of a crime – an artificial deliberately planned famine – is still incredible to many people throughout the world, but indicates the uniqueness of the tragedy of 1933, which is unparalleled, for a time of peace, in the number of victims it claimed.” Wasyl Hryshko – Survivor The Ukrainian Holocaust, 1933

    “As many as 7 million Ukrainians were starved in Soviet Socialist dictator Joseph Stalin’s artificial, forced famine in Ukraine in 1932 and 1933. This is approximately the total population of Manitoba, Newfoundland, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.” Inky Mark, M. P. Dauphin – Swan River House of Commons 2 June 1998

    Stalin lamented: “Oh, no, the Collective Farm policy was a terrible struggle… Ten million [he said, holding up his hands]. It was fearful. Four years it lasted. It was absolutely necessary…”

    Vote with your $$$ for real food, rejecting industrial GMO synthetic false foods.

    • CinnamonGirl

      Toni can you give me a reference to the voting you refer to? Some people are asking for proof…

    • Mark

      Please becarefull with rights, they can work both ways.
      Russia’s leader Stalin might not have said it, “right to food”, but he surely gave his people food. He stole it out of the Ukraine.
      rights like promises, can become horific, when leaders can’t live up to them. Therefore God Bless the U.S.A.
      Vote, Ron Paul.
      Freedom to buy from local farmers, is the best insurance.

  • Kim

    I am from Washington state and the family farm is still thriving there but it’s changed. Instead of apple farming shoring up local economies, the vineyards are. There are several vineyards that vint their own wine, locally and family owned, family operated. Let’s hope the Feds leave them alone for awhile.

    It’s sad and tragic what this country has become.

  • Steve

    If we had a 1929 style crash. Where there where no crops planted for two? years. Thousands of acrers would be bare. The seeds will not grow the next year?
    Would this desrtoy the farm lands?

  • Evie

    By voting against the right for food_they could privitize,meaning corporate food all over the world. Look at how well the corporate cartel works. The people recieve high costs and the elite make all of the money. People are not having the kids only people coming fr po m other countries for free welfare. The goof news is soon no pne will pay into the system for the elite to make money. Capitalize on that.

  • Mr. Jim

    I’ve been forming some theories regarding the end of the cheap petrol age and how it is affecting what we call “the economy.” Every big nation (the power people, anyway) seems to be trying to maintain a certain status quo while energy conditions and costs are radically changing the conditions of the game. My hypothesis for attaining at least a decent standard of life for the now out-moded service sector, is based upon a return to small-scale farming coupled with a drastic reduction in consumption while continuing -or developing- community-beneficial professional or manufacturing activities. What is important? Food, shelter, security (whatever that is. . .) Take a look at the post-Soviet rural development of small scale farms and gardens that now produces a majority part of the internal food consumption. I see the small-scale farm -whether communal, familial, etc., as being the answer to a humane scaling back of our consumer-driven economy, since a decent standard of life (or even survival) becomes less dependent on the fiat currency monopoly and can rather have a solid base in real, essential production. Using my hypothesis as a filter through which I observe, the “war” on small farmers is tantamount to creating the legal conditions for famine, despair and possibly population collapse. Famine can be created by legislation and often is. Shall we do something?

  • That’s one of the reasons why we left. Although Canada is trying it’s damnest to catch up to the fascism of the US.

    We wanted to live simply — yes, I’m talking Thoreauian “voluntary poverty” here — and there is zero support for that in the US, where you are expected to get rich or die trying.

    The key to successful family farming is to grow as much of your own food as possible. Currently, they don’t tax food you grow for yourself. So the income figures for small farms are largely irrelevant.

    Eliott Coleman wrote: “The small organic farm greatly discomforts the corporate/industrial mind because the small organic farm is one of the most relentlessly subversive forces on the planet. Over centuries both the communist and the capitalist systems have tried to destroy small farms because small farmers are a threat to the consolidation of absolute power. Thomas Jefferson said he didn’t think we could have democracy unless at least 20% of the population was self-supporting on small farms so they were independent enough to be able to tell an oppressive government to stuff it. It is very difficult to control people who can create products without purchasing inputs from the system, who can market their products directly thus avoiding the involvement of mercenary middlemen, who can butcher animals and preserve foods without reliance on industrial conglomerates, and who can’t be bullied because they can feed their own faces.”

    So I have the answer. It isn’t easy. Not many of you will like it. It doesn’t involve i-thingies, or bright shiny new things. But get ready for the new frugalism, coming to a civilization near you, thanks to our over-consumption of resources, especially energy.

    Might as well enjoy the ride down while everyone else is kicking and screaming. Grow your own food. Produce your own energy. Get rid of your vehicles. Downsize your house. STARVE THE BEAST!

    • Watermeloniqua

      YES! We live simply and you would be amazed at how people treat us like we are absolute trash, scum and filth because we don’t chase the almighty dollar and try and “keep up with the Joneses”. However, I saw where the country is headed and decided to learn how to grow food, be frugal and basically learn to live like my grandparents, who all grew up in poverty. Are these people going to eat their Coach bags, or iPhones? They must think it won’t, it can’t, get “that bad” here in the US. I wonder how anyone can possibly NOT see what’s happening, but people who watch TV and consume mainstream media really seem to have no idea. It’s crazy!

  • Mark

    The game of inflation is what created this problem of disappearance of the family farm.
    Our dollars depreciated 87% from 1971 till now, farmland increased somewhat the same percentage, farm land does’nt depriciate like a hous, so in principal the farmer never needs to pay back its loans when interest rates are low, when he makes a litle bit of money he buys more land. Inflation will reduce his loan (your lost purchasing power)
    the simplest way to solve this problem, would be a bill trough our government, that would allow you to trade anything for everything for free, no administration needed. Grain for bread, bread for eggs, eggs for beef, beef for grain, and so forth.
    Before you know it, you use trading materials that are easier to save than bread, milk and eggs, like copper silver and gold. How impossibly simple this looks, that is a true free market. You can grow a crop on view acres without, chemical pesticides, book keeping, and government bureaucracies. It will be a lot of work to keep the weeds and bugs out, but it’s possible. You by yourself and family in harvest will always beat any large company’s efficiencies, no matter what industry it is. That is how family farms return. Please vote RON PAUL.

  • I dont agree with this article. The assumption that going forward the family farm will be extint is a fallacy.

    The easy monetary policies from the last few decades made it favourable for capital investment and not production, therefore, this environment created huge malinvestements and shortages in almost all commodities. When, not if the petro dollar (US) collapses, all the malinvestments in capitial investments will is the part that will suffer. Plainly, they were not real organic investments and all the financial jobs along with them will also disappear.

    Once that happens, familly farms will soon turn around and begin their path into their glory years.

  • jack

    False: Great Depression, chemical technology, advanced farming equipment and techniques are what reduced the NEED for smallish farms.

    And families are incorporating for tax purposes. So the “corporate farm” is 3 brothers and dad farming together, or 3 brothers together.

  • Pechez

    Michael, I follow all your articles and appreciate the knowledge and information you provide. I once thought if I prepared for the economic collapse and have been doing do for some time now that I would be giving myself and my family a way to survive but… Please follow the link here The Fukushima nuculear disaster is a bigger problem that none of us can save ourselves from. The reactor is hanging by a thread no one is talking about it and every great mind in the world should in a room figuring out how to save us from that armageddon. If the #4 reactor implodes the Northern Hemisphere the United States included will experience Nuclear fallout worse than any nuclear bomb that might be dropped on us. The prevaling winds will bring nuclear hell to the United States, Economic Collapse not so scary anymore. Our planet is dying and we are indeed in the last few moments of it’s existance because it is unlikely any solution to a man made extiction event. God Bless.

    • Michael

      I agree with you – the Fukushima disaster is being greatly underestimated by the media in the west.


  • Craig

    More proof of the disappearing middle class. There pictures were taken within 200 yards of where I live. You can see the Ford Fusion is made in Mexico except for the transmission. The interstate right near me is being built by Mexicans. I like the Mexican people, but this is the situation. Our government and business wants Mexicans to come here and do our jobs in our country. Then, they also want to ship our middle class jobs to Mexico. Here are two good examples of this:


    Real life story from a man in the streets. These pictures were all taken within 200 yards of where I live. On the Ford car lot, you see that the Ford Fusion was made in Mexico. The only thing American about it is the transmission was made in America. The picture of the new interstate being built shows Mexicans working on it–in fact there are nothing but Mexicans working on it. This man in the street has no problem with Mexicans. I am friendly to them, and they are friendly to me. I’ll call this real ilfe experience with real pictures to prove it, “American jobs to Mexico & Mexicans to American jobs”. These are all middle class jobs that the elites running our government and our economy would rather Mexicans do than Americans.

    • mondobeyondo

      Great to read/see a dispatch from one of the “ground troops”, so to speak.

  • Washington

    Environmentalist Private Property Rights War

  • Solo

    All this and a whole lot more. For the past year the chem-trail/geo-engineer planes have been running 24/7 in PNW. Last year by end of May, 90% birds here gone, plants all over rainforest covered like shellac with pesticides, aluminum brilliance everywhere including sand on beaches, plants and trees are dying, food is ruined for us and wildlife, the waters also heavily sprayed, not enough sunlight, a bath of chemicals and additives, acid goo burning what it lands on, new spores and parasites. Sterilization of all life is happening right now. Another summer of this and there will be no eco-system here, few bugs, plants, animals, birds, fresh air and water already. Watching this is devastating and few are protesting. Now they are taking control of all life needs here. Indeed, why would this be approved and silenced, and how much money worldwide are they really spending to create a disaster beyond measure here?

    • Watermeloniqua

      And the worst thing is that nobody seems to notice!! But a lot of it might be Fukushima related, you are in the path of the radioactive plume. The people behind this MUST be held accountable but they won’t be. Nobody even notices what’s happening, so how can it change?

  • John Galt

    Ah, the Republicrats are hard at work destroying not only farms but the ability to pass the work on to the next generation! Lovely thing to see.

    Seriously though, the article below is a read that is worth looking at for anyone who just read this article, it discusses the attempts of the federal government to regulate “work” on farms. Scary, and bipartisan to boot. But it was repealed! We can win this fight people, we can! 🙂

    I hope this site continues to expose these telling issues and that the mostly good and honest people who post here realize that the government vulture has one wing (republican) and another wing (democrat) with the same flight plan; straight to hell! We shall all be screwed if we don’t define the fight as liberty vs. tyranny, NOT “left” versus “right”. God bless.

    • Gary2

      as long as we tax the rich ahrd and make them pay their fair share you can call it whatever you want.


  • Joy

    Most of our foods are poisoned by chemtrails. i think we need to go back to old-fashioned times were everyone had their own backyard farms. And people who do not have yards can have hydroponics rooms. People are even growing hydroponics in windows. I’m working on a project to grow hydroponics in my garage, then i know that there is no chemtrail stuff, no gmo and no chemicals. Instead of TV rooms, there should be hydroponic garden rooms. Everyone has a tv area..throw that out the window and grow hydroponics. We cannot rely on the system anymore obviously.

  • James

    If you want to circumvent Big Ag, buy a small piece of land, 5 acres more or less and start growing most of your food. You can grow enough food, under your control, to feed a family of 5-6 very easily. You won’t have processed food but you will eat healthier. Small animals such as poultry, rabbits, goats, and fish can supply the protein requirements along with beans. Small animals don’t require a large amount of land and investments like cattle and large animals do. As and added benefit, you can use the manure from these animals along with green manure to fertilize your gardens. This will keep your soils in better shape than most large corporate farms who have to resort to costly chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Beekeeping can be used to provide honey and wax. Beeswax will make good candles for when the grid finally collapse. Permaculture is the new norm for farming in the future.

  • Hiya,

    I do not favor the government’s actions in the above story concerning keeping deposits low, but I question why such a scheme would be necessary to farm? My main question is WHY is it so expensive to farm? Is it taxes on the massive amount of land you need?

    I think I and the rest of the general public simply have no concept of what is necessary to turn a profit as a farmer these days. One watches people garden and give away tons of fresh produce with seemingly minimal effort, just as a hobby, and one wonders how in the world something done on a larger scale for profit fails to make money.

  • kelly reus

    Hello every one, i just want to share a few testimony about how my marriage got saved by . I had a fight with my husband and he got mad at me and decided to bring in another woman, i know i did wrong and was scared of loosing him, when he brought in another woman to the house, i thought i have lost him already and that was when i had to use spell and i was amazed the way the spell turned the table around and made my husband start chasing me and want to be with me again. am so happy now that my husband is back to me and me alone

    • ghjg hgkjhg

      And this applies to farming?

  • Jeff Gordon

    Try acknowledging the FACT that the government is now experimenting with altering the weather system. Its hard to put one over on the people nowadays without it being seen. People know about HAARP and other “tools” being used. If the government doesn’t want YOU growing your own food, then they will put a storm over your head to prevent you. It’s a new strategy of power. And this only happens because of the cowardice of the people. The ignorance. The stupidity to believe the media lies.

  • molon labe

    Agenda 21, code x alimentarius.
    Youtube them. Put 2 and 2 together.
    Your answers will become self evident.

  • Alerts All On

    More people growing their own food is a great Except for G8 New Alliance is campaigning globally and offering financial sweetenrs to governments (29 countires so far signed up) to inroduce draconian criminalization of seed collection, growing and distribution. Its ironic & schizophrenic that the IMF/World Bank is arguing for more small farmers to recive funding from USA/UK tax payers and then on the other bringing in extensions to licensing laws for all types of seed including heritage varieities. Yes you heard it! Banning seed distribution, swapping, growing, selling. This is against Human Rights. USA pushed for a global accord in 1948 and signed the first draft in 1954. However in 1976 when they signed an ammendment it took ten years to bring it back to the table and USA didnt ratify it in 1997! And again in 2007 it was signed but not ratifed by Obama in 2012! Why not? Im afraid it means Americans are being disolutioned about this so called socially minded President. And in fact so are the British. Even though only two countries – USA & N Korea – didnt ratify, the UK did, but the Prime Minister Cameron is pedaling as deputy chair of the G8 with Obama (now G7 as Russia is out) the control of seed and introducting more license extensions. Effectively banning seeds and vegetables from being in the hands of humans and restrciting their right to collect seeds and feed their family, their community and sell their surplus or export. As laid down in the UN International Covenant on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights. Unfortunatley your USA Bill of rights is not representing these rights as it has conflict and has been interpreted by your previous President and Congress by introducing in the Security Bill a law which states that it is economic sabotage or terrorism if any one does anything that restricts anothers ability to make money. Well what about health and nutrition? What about selling herbal medicines? What about our rights to eat? I give my support and send my utmost best wishes and all the luck in the world to all those growing gmo free and non chemical herbs, nuts, fresh vegetables, milk, eggs , meat and so on including homegrowers. Stand up and be counted and change your governments locally so congress listens. Before it is too late!

  • christina

    This is horrifying! The public needs to be informed of this. Most of us don’t have a clue what’s going on until it is too late. God help us all, a food famine is coming, it is coming!

  • D. Dixon

    Monsanto has too many lobbyists making trips up to Capitol Hill with aluminum briefcases full of C-Notes to be stopped.

  • gvon

    The small farmer is going and almost gone from the midwest. I am a past Nebraska farm girl. We grew up on a generation owned farm. You can drive through the area now and there are no familys left. All are big corporate farms. I don’t even know what happened to most of the familys. It is very sad to see. They just push you you out.

  • Susie

    Our farm has been in the family for over 7 generations. Every year the regulations at the banks make it more and more difficult to get operating money. So far, we cannot get an operating loan for 2015. Not only that, my check for my crop insurance premium did not make it by March 15, so now we have no crop ins. No crop insurance means no operating money. Banks will not loan without it. Yes, we are being squeezed out and it hurts. Not sure if my husband and son commit suicide over this. Sad thing is that most people don’t realize whats going on. I see a large food shortage or at least the government controlling when and what we eat. Sad.

  • Shane

    Can someone email me at with some info on what it costs to run a small farm? Is it taxes that kill? Is it that you just can’t sell anything you grow without paying a small fortune in fees? What exactly is it?

    A lot of us have gardened and been shocked at how easy it is to grow a ridiculous amount of food. It just seems so counterintuitive that this most basic way of making a living is now impossible…

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