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The Green Police

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Is someone out behind your house digging through your trash?  Don’t worry, it is probably just the government.  When Audi ran their now famous “Green Police” commercial during the Super Bowl last year, most Americans laughed it off and thought that nothing like that could ever happen in America.  Well, it turns out that it is happening in America.  A growing number of U.S. cities are actually putting RFID tracking chips in trash cans and recycling bins and are starting to fine residents who do not recycle “properly”. This kind of thing has been going on over in the U.K. for some time now, but very few people expected those living in “the land of the free” to be subjected to RFID trash tracking so quickly.  But it is here.  In many areas, government RFID tracker chips will now be monitoring what you throw away, how much you throw away and if you are recycling properly.  Rather than spending money on things that will actually get the U.S. economy headed in the right direction, government officials across America seem obsessed with forcing the “green agenda” down the throats of the American people – even if it means chasing factories, jobs and economic activity out of their communities.  

Not that there is anything wrong with recycling.  I personally recycle large amounts of trash each week.  But there is a huge difference between recycling as a free individual and being coerced by law to adhere to the sustainable development policies of the United Nations.  The truth is that “Agenda 21” is being pushed down all of our throats whether we like it or not.  It is all part of the Big Brother police state control grid which is being implemented in the name of “saving the environment” and which is being paid for by “economic stimulus” money in many areas.

That’s right.  Government snooping on your trash apparently meets the definition of “economic stimulus” in 2010.  Perhaps this is what Barack Obama meant when he talked about creating “green jobs”.  Local governments are going to need a lot of “trash snoopers” to make certain that we are all recycling acceptably.

In fact, John McCain almost flipped his lid when he found out that Dayton, Ohio was given a half million dollars in “stimulus funds” to put RFID tracking chips in recycle bins.  Not that McCain is a friend of liberty and freedom either.  The truth is that the vast majority of the politicians in Washington D.C. have been helping to advance the “sustainable development” agenda in one way or another.

But can you imagine spending “economic stimulus” money to spy on the trash of the American people?

No wonder all of the “stimulus packages” didn’t do that much good for the economy.  In fact, the amount of waste in the stimulus packages was absolutely mind blowing.  

But those “green jobs” must be created one way or another, eh?

Even if it means spying on Americans.

So now even though we are in the midst of a horrific economic downturn, lots of communities from coast to coast have plenty of money to track our trash with RFID microchips.

Cities that are now using these chips to spy on our trash include….

*Cleveland, Ohio

*Charlotte, North Carolina

*Alexandria, Virginia

*Boise, Idaho

*Dayton, Ohio

*Flint, Michigan

Now how in the world does Flint, Michigan have money for anything?

Flint, Michigan is one of the poster children for the deindustrialization of the United States.  It is a crime-infested war zone where thousands upon thousands of Americans live in desperate poverty.

And yet somehow they have money to monitor trash with RFID tracking chips?

It is almost as if we have stepped into “Bizarro America” where everything is the opposite of what it should be.

Unless the American people speak up and renounce this militant green agenda it is going to continue to be forced down our throats.

The scenes in Audi’s “Green Police” commercial are not going to be so “funny” when they start becoming real….

So far, the worst city of all for snooping on the trash of citizens is Cleveland, Ohio.  The truth is that Cleveland should be worried about how to put hundreds of thousands of people without jobs in the region back to work, but instead city officials seem obsessed with enforcing the radical green agenda of the United Nations.  The new RFID chips being installed will allow Cleveland officials to monitor exactly how often residents roll their carts out to the curb for collection.

According to news reports, if an RFID tracking chip signals that a recycle bin has not been brought out to the curb within a certain period of time, a “trash supervisor” will actually sort through the trash produced by that home for recyclables.

Yes, this is now going on in America.

So what will the penalties be?

Well, according to Waste Collection Commissioner Ronnie Owens, trash bins that contain over 10 percent recyclable material will be subject to a $100 fine.

How ridiculous is that?

I recycle constantly, but I am sure that if I lived in Cleveland they could get me for being over the “10 percent limit” at least half the time.

Is there anyone who could honestly say that they will be able to stay under the 10 percent limit each and every time?

But that isn’t the only fine in the new system.

If you set out an “excessive” amount of trash you will be fined between $250 and $500.

In addition, residents of Cleveland are also fined for putting out their trash too early and for failing to bring in their garbage cans from the curb in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, the city of Cleveland has hordes of unemployed workers and it is literally falling apart.

How completely and utterly ridiculous can one city possibly be?

But a city that is broke has to raise money some how.

In 2009, the city of Cleveland has issued 2,900 tickets for trash violations,  which was almost five times more tickets than in 2008.

In 2010, the city of Cleveland is on track to issue over 4,000 tickets for trash violations.

One of the bizarre aspects of Cleveland’s trash regulations is that it is always the property owner that receives the ticket.

That means that landlords in Cleveland are now forced to become spies in order to ensure that their tenants follow the law.

It is almost as if we are back in East Germany once again.

Has everyone simply forgotten that we have something called the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

According to the Fourth Amendment, the American people are guaranteed the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

But these RFID tracking chips spy on us and our trash 24 hours a day.

What has happened to America?

As more insane measures like this are implemented across the United States, more factories, more jobs and more economic activity will continue to be chased overseas.

Meanwhile, the “smart growth” agenda is about to get a big boost by the U.S. Congress.  Retiring Senator Christopher Dodd’s last major piece of legislation, the Livable Communities Act, will create a new federal bureaucracy to make sure that “sustainable development” principles are being followed on every inch of land in the United States.

This new bureaucracy, the Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, would be given approximately $4 billion in federal money to pressure local governments to implement a more “green” agenda.

Not that the federal government has an extra $4 billion to throw around and waste, but that has never stopped them before.

The truth is that the U.S. is absolutely drowning in debt and the economy is coming apart at the seams.  That is what the Congress and the White House should be worried about.

Instead, most of our “representatives” in Washington D.C. seem to have no trouble using “Big Brother tactics” to enforce the green agenda that so many of them are so obsessed with.

Sadly, most Americans actually still believe that we are “free”.

But we are not free.  The government controls and regulates us in tens of thousands of different ways, and each year the controls and the regulations just get tighter and tighter.  It’s just that we have lost our freedoms so slowly that most Americans have not become alarmed.

It is like the old story of the frog in the kettle.  If you put a frog right into boiling water it will hop right out.

However, if you put a frog into water that is cool and then turn up the heat little by little it will sit there until it has boiled to death.

America, you are that frog. 

It is time to hop out of the water.

  • Johnny

    Hey–I love your blog generally, but I find the occasional rightward tilt lamentable. This entry is a case in point. You not only equate recycling regulations and enforcement thereof with government oppression; you also suggest they should all be eschewed lest we limit economic development. Your position does not seem to contemplate the possibility of a balance. I think your implicit argument that the economic collapse somehow makes recycling regulations unrealistic is extreme. Then you wade into Fourth Amendment issues. Well, I’m a lawyer, and I can tell you that search and seizure protections only apply where one has a legitimate expectation of privacy. Trash doesn’t make the cut. Furthermore, if we can require proper disposal of harmful material, why cannot we require and enforce environmentally sound disposal of recyclables? As I said: you have a good blog, but this post is far from one of your more admirable efforts.

  • Yeah, I just read somewhere that “Theiveland”
    is number one in the US for violent crime. A great place to raise the kids, work, retire, etc.

  • Lennie Pike

    You really hit a nerve with that article. I did not know this was happening. It signifies that our masters know that we are now ready to be introduced to a new and totally different high level of control.

    On a side note – what’s up with all of these new commercials with new songs written for them that are sung with the voice of an adult that sounds like the voice of a very young child who is pleading that they are totally helpless and who are desperately longing to live in a perfect world where there is no danger, hardship or responsibility of providing for one’s self and where someone will take care of them?

    Sounds to me like the people behind these commercials are jealous and want to be your god. Go ahead and choose them instead of God – SOMEONE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU ALRIGHT!!!!

    I think it is more of the conditioning process of the NWO. And you have to admit it is getting pretty heavy in commercials. Just one example is the one where Ellen, (who ever the heck she’s supposed to be, seems like everyone knows her, maybe she’s the government agent for that block who calls in for enforcement if necessary), walks into a 2nd grade classroom and they are tele-conferencing with another 2nd grade classroom in China? And then the tone of the voice of the announcer at the end basically tells you – “everything is going to be so perfect” Great!!!!

    Then there are a lot of commercials that take a line from the Bible, mocking it to sell their product. This is nothing new, advertising agencies keep extensive records and statistics, they must know it sells. But that’s another topic.

    They couldn’t care less about the environment – forced recycling is an exercise in control and a test to see how many will comply before it’s on to the next one. Anti-free market Big Money and Big Business (including bankers of course) is directing the NWO plan. They have no problems with polluting China or the Gulf of Mexico with dispersant, concern about the environment can’t be the reason for forced recycling.

    I would refuse to pay the fine, or to be arrested, or relinquish my property on this one, it’s almost like agreeing to board the boxcar).

    There are many people who care for the environment which is a good thing, and there are those who care about it more than things they should care a lot more about, and then there are those at the highest levels responsible for this type of control who couldn’t care less.

    This is about further training us to accept them as our master. Many of us will always have only one Master. Many will be choosing a Master very soon if they have not yet. You’re either for him or against him, and this is what it’s all about to the ones at the highest levels behind what is happening.

  • alice

    Oppression everywhere and everything, religions, politics, families, guilt imposed, workplace. How come every war fought, was in the name of freedom, and yet the only freedom I’ll ever have is when I’m six feet under!

  • alice

    It is all about finding/having a reason to extort money from people in the name of something, anything. The more laws, the more laws are broken, pay up!… In religion, the stricter the religion, the more guilt(Control) power , money… You have to free yourself, by not following their rules in masses and indicating opposition,. High taxes??? Go to your City Hall and voice discontent as loud, often, to as many, day to day, as possible… Otherwise, just continue to suffer in silence for the rest of your life!

  • bob

    They are perfectly know what they are doing.
    Its not about “green agenda” It’s about population control.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    I’m all for doing things that are healthy for the environment, including recycling. But there is something else at work with the Trash Police–and the truth is that it has more to do with revenue than it does with environmentalism. All over The Banana Republic of America (which used to be the United States of America before it turned into a Third World basketcase), states and municipalities are having severe budgetary problems. When millions of Americans become unemployed or underemployed and a country UN-develops, that means a lot less tax revenue to pay for services—and so, states and municipalities are searching high and low for new revenue sources. That includes fining the hell out of people any way they can. The Trash Police are going to become more and more aggressive about fining people for “improper recycling,” and if someone who is broke and unemployed can’t afford the fine, cities will say “too bad” and send collection agencies after them. But you can’t get blood from a stone. That cash cow that revenue folks have historically relied on, the American middle class, is on life support—and fines imposed by the Trash Police simply won’t bring in the type of revenue that middle class jobs once did.

    As for the frog soup analogy….yes, Americans are certainly a lot like frogs who are being gradually boiled to death. People are being squeezed unmercifully on so many levels in the BRA. Americans, I find, can be a very passive and docile bunch compared to Europeans; Americans tolerate a lot of abuses that would cause Europeans to riot (for example, the BRA’s wretched health insurance system). But what happens when the frog that is being boiled to death exits the water and turns into a large, angry pit bull with very sharp teeth? I think Gerald Celente is absolutely right when he predicts that civil unrest like we saw in Greece in December 2008 is coming to The Banana Republic of America. It won’t be pretty.

  • Bruce

    I have told people for years to stop supporting the Eco Nazi groups like Sierra Club, Greenpeace, PETA, Defenders of Wildlife and all the other Eco Nazi groups but people just keep giving these idiots money to support killing America. If you support the Green anything you are Eco Nazi Period. There is no gray area. The radicals have taken over the greens and they want Hitler style control over everything you do in your life.

  • William

    One obvious question is; how many people are actually PAYING their fines? Starve the beast!

  • Fined 500 bucks for not rolling your trashcan back in the yard? Suppose I went on vacation? Suppose I wrecked my car and I’m in the hospital unconscious.
    Some poge is going to sift threw my trash looking for a plastic bag I didn’t throw in the blue can? Suppose my nieghbor didn’t like me and throws an empty six pack of beer in my can?

    It started with photo redlights to steal money from citizens. Photo redlights that cause thousands of accidents each year because motorists don’t want a 400 dollar ticket and slam on the brakes when the caution light comes on, resulting in the person behind smashing into your rear bumper. If the city wants more “revenue”…just shorten the caution light by 2 seconds, then no one will be able to stop in time.

    Have you noticed this trash-can-scam is popular in cities that are decrepid and desparate for money. Cleveland, Flint and the others. Now I understand money hungry cities are using “Google Earth” to look down into your back yard, to spy on you, to see if you have a swimming pool and no permit. Also if you built a shed with a cement floor and didn’t run it by the building and saftey. Because it increases your property tax each year if you build anything in your yard. Now they want to come after your pets. Forcing you to spade or neuter or pay a hefty fine. Like it’s your dog that gets out at night and mates with all the female dogs. They want to blame you for the dogs in the dogpound, saying it’s your fault because you didn’t neuter your Chiawawa. Where does it stop.?? And I haven’t even started on the Home Owners Association who can force the sale of your home for not paying the monthly swimming pool maintenace fee. Or painting your house without their permission.

  • Rich

    I hope not to offend any American, though as a Canadian, I can’t help but wonder what happened to the American spirit I grew up reading about?

    As a teenager and young adult I read Walt Whitman and Frank Lloyd Wright, great democrats who portrayed a vision of freedom and democracy that filled my mind with possibility and hope. I read about Lincoln and Martin Luther King, amazing men who fought for equal rights and gave the world a vision of a better world.

    What has happened to this vision? Where’s the tenacious men, the freedom fighters and visionaries? If America fails it would be a tragedy. But if the ideals that Americans proclaim fail it would be a total disaster for the whole world.

  • Cherenkov


    If there only were a green police! We seem content to let the crime of the centuries, of all time, the destruction of the only habitat and environment we have by a set of over-intelligent, egotistical monkeys who believe that they can expand forever.

    If only. Oh, invisible sky-being, give me the serenity to not go berserk when hearing people whine about having to not crap in their own nest and everyone else’s nest. “Oh, they’re making me quit poisoning my water supply! Oh, they want me to stop wasting my food and resources! Oh, they want me to quit pissing on my children’s future.” Those bastards! Don’t they know it is more important that we have the absolute freedom to do any damned thing we want no matter how many people and species we kill?

    Meanwhile, we now live in a “homeland,” with jackbooted police in armor and hopped on taser frenzy, where grandmothers are gunned down in their own homes in drug raids by police who seem more like door-kicking Marines in Fallujah.

    We will get what we deserve when the planet is quieted and no human voice is heard again. The animals will go back to their daily business of being part of nature rather than the death of it.

  • Ken

    Hop out? Sorry, we’re all boiled to death at this point. So many folks don’t bother to vote in many towns, let alone states. They are just overwhelmed with trying to scratch out a living. They are getting crushed by all the nuisance “taxes” and indirect taxes. These tickets are yet another tax.

    What we need is smaller government. Cut it down and limit it. That’ll reduce the incidence of these sort of nuisances.

  • cindy

    Soon they will begin to tax us on how many times we flush the toilet with crap and call it a waste management fee!

    Have you considered that you are being monitored and watched every time you sit on the toilet!

    How is that for big brother……..

  • mbabsit

    I am sure that the liberals/communists who frequent this site are happy with this.

  • Bruce

    Cherenkov said egotistical monkeys ( try looking in the mirror)quit poisoning my water, species we kill?
    The animals will go back to their daily business of being part of nature rather than the death of it.

    Wasn’t that your brother that just raided Discovery Building with bombs and guns? Or you one of the children from the Charles Manson Cult?

    I find it extremely funny on how uneducated and clueless you are about nature. You just spout off what the Eco Nazi tell you as you sit in your big city apartment acting like you have a clue about nature. You don’t know that 100’s of species are doing just fine. You don’t know that hunters have preserved, protected and managed species for 100 years and saved them from going extinct. Nope just a brainwashed drone spouting the lies of the Eco Nazi. It would be nice for the silent to begin with the uneducated clueless drone like you. The rest of us that understand nature and how the world really works can go back to enjoying nature without you. Practice what you preach remove your self from the gene pool or shut up.

  • cindy

    Oh BTW, my comment was NOT facetious. You will be taxed on how many times you have a bowel movement. And yes, there are hidden cameras everywhere, so beware, lest you die of ignorance.

    Contrary to what most folks think, ignorance is not bliss!

  • Lennie Pike


    If the day arrives when the planet is quieted and no Human voices are ever heard again,(which will never happen by the way), the animals will not be able to go back again to their daily business as you say because obviously they will be gone also. Maybe the cockroaches and rats will make it through though if you were referring to them. Proves your point? No, proves a lack of ability on your part to deal with reality.

    There are many things that should be illegal to protect the environment but not recycling is NOT one of them. No one is going to be killed, poisoned, have their nest crapped in, their future pissed on, or even their food or resources wasted. Food as with most resources is renewable – it grows. And there is a large enough supply of every other resource that will be necessary including oil. Humans will always have enough resources, the World was designed to always provide enough for Humans no matter how many of us there are. The fact that many go with out, has nothing to do with supply or possible supply.

    And the statement I’ve heard many times – “We are running out of landfill room”, – go for an airplane ride, get a window seat, and when you come back, splain that one to me.

    Extinction of animal species is a good thing and a planned part of life on our planet. What would it be like if they had not become extinct? Humans are not animals. Try to think of some distinctions.

    We’re in agreement about the jackbooted police though. Who do you think is going to be enforcing recycling law, Ule Gibbons? This one is all about your freedom.

  • Corbett

    The author says that there is nothing wrong with recycling. He could not be more wrong.

    Recycling actually HURTS the environment in most cases.

    Think about it. You take a plastic jug full of air. You drive it to the recycling center where they put your plastic jug full of air into a heavy metal box along with several other jugs full of air. When the box is full, a truck comes & picks up the heavy metal box (which is essentially full of air) and takes it to a trip across country to a facility where they grind the plastic & melt it for reuse.

    By the time all of this is done, they have actually used more oil than it would have taken to make the bottle in the first place.

    Just a little thought would show that this is true. No one will pay you to recycle plastic, paper or glass. If recycling used less of our resources than the initial manufacturing process, companies would pay for your empty bottle.

    If it were cheaper to make milk jugs out of recycled milk jugs (i.e., it took less resources), milk jug manufacturers would pay to buy your milk jug. They won’t because it actually takes more energy & other resources to recycle. Thus recycling is BAD for the environment, and should be abolished.

    Here’s the rule: If someone will pay you to recycle something, then by all means do so. But if they won’t pay you to do it, then do us (and the planet) a favor & throw the stuff in the trash.

  • Randy

    Reduce, reuse, recycle. Funny how most people have forgotten about the first two points of the triangle. The primary purpose of recycling is to save on landfill space. While glass, metals and paper are easy to covert back into source materials, plastics are not. Not only are plastics difficult to recycle, they also contain chemicals, such as BPA which is an estrogen mimicking hormone that should be banned. So what is my point in all of this? Stop buying your food in plastic and start buying at farmers markets and watch the amount of trash you produce drop like a rock at which point the recycling cops will run out of reasons to bother you.

  • alice

    Soon you’ll see garbage people with uniforms on, in sports cars, chasing criminals at gun point, locking them up for not using the right garbage can. Maybe even earning unionized tenure(Like teachers) points, badges to wear with pride and honor, with the possibility to run for President of the USA! Maybe we’ll even globalize, sanction governments who don’t comply, invade and enforce our garbage laws onto the world to obey! Even Nuke them, if it means saving the earth. How can anybody blame us? We are trying to save the world! We are the good guys!

  • Drew Johnson

    Hey Johnny (first commenter),

    Do some research, friend, and you’ll find out that not only is recycling been PROVEN to be a complete waste of money (as opposed to simply burying it), but the guy who invented it has SINCE TURNED HIS BACK ON IT, decrying it.

    Recycling is a waste, thru and thru.

    It’s all about money and control. That’s it.

  • a_reader

    Is it just me or are more Americans abandoning thought and reason in favor of blind faith on these matters? I’ll bet you 80% of the folks that support this kind of oppression “believe” in Big Government. Period. Facts be damned. Debate is a waste of time. We are now enlightened – all hail the Federal Government.

    This is purely oppressive because we are being forced to trust the “scientific” conclusions fed us by the Fed Government regarding recycling. (You can argue that States are doing this – that’s technically accurate, but look at the zeitgeist underpinning all this.) These are likely the same “scientists” that have run over any ethical boundary necessary to peddle one of the biggest potential criminal conspiracies of all time: Man Made Global Warming.

    It’s oppressive because once the Federal Government starts pushing something, takes new authority, exerts new influence, etc, it has no track record of ever relinquishing that control – even if the facts prove it is an utter failure (examples: Dept. Of Education or the “War on Drugs”).

    It’s oppressive because even IF one believes it is critical to our survival that we recycle, citizens will have little or no ability to challenge the government on what is a reasonable expectation for compliance, or a reasonable fine, not to mention recourse for abuses of authority or harassment, etc. The “Scientists” can easily recommend “Green Studies” on the recycling practices and support infinite increases in citizen control, Government spending, etc, etc. The mainstream media can be counted on to support whatever favors big government, destroys individual liberties, or undermines our sovereignty as a nation.

  • The thing about recycling is you spend more time and thought to which colored trash container the empty milk jug goes in, then you forget to enjoy the drink of milk in the first place.

    I’m just going to buy a full keg of beer and put my mouth over the pourer and not recycle anything.

  • Arianna

    This is government oppression at it’s full force. Communism, Communitarianism… call it what you want… it is the USURPING OF OUR AMERICAN RIGHTS WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION!
    I have yet to hear Obama, a news outlet or a Congress utter a word about this, but laws are being past at a frenzied pace where the Feds usurp State’s Rights – by some Congressional Bill, then Obama goes turns those rights over to Global Governance for off-shore drilling, our food, our water, for our State’s Oceans Roghts, EVERYTHING! This is TREASON by ANY Sense of the word!!!!

  • MrPotato

    What the goverments don’t understand is that this is the last straw for the stupid americans people, there is nothing worse for an american than to live responsibly and recycle,

    Most americans will never be responsible, they were born selfish and they will die selfish, kind of like how no matter how much control the goverment puts on drugs americans will always continue to do drugs no matter how hard the punishment,
    so I don’t think any of this “green responsible living” will change the americans, but at least hopefully we will see some lazy americans suffer for it.

    • mjo

      So, MrPotato, what you are saying is that all Americans are irresponsible, selfish drug addicts? So do you know many, personally? Just curious. I happen to be an American, and I have never done drugs (or taken a sip of alcohol), I have worked my way through life since 17, and have four children I sacrifice in many ways for. You definitely do not know me. Hopefully I will “suffer” for what?

  • Thomas J.

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.


  • JJ

    No.. what needs to be done is to take every single politician in the USA, pack them tightly into a spaceship headed for the farthest uninhabitable planet and leave them all there. Wait… send all the lawyers and judges as well. God forbid we leave them out.

  • Tom

    Funny how the far right get so concerned if the goverment regulates trash yet want them to control our personal lives.

    Abortion, gay marriage,marajuana, you name it the right wing wants to control us. The trash thing does not scare me, we need to converve the planet as we are sharing it and leaving it behind. Leave it to the conservatives not to want to conserve.

  • MonkeyMuffins

    Yeah, how terrible!

    ‘Cause, ya know, it’s obviously loads of fun to burn-and-choke in Russia and drown-and-be-dispossessed in Pakistan (as a result of the NWO-ZOG hoax-and-plot, Anthropogenic Global Warming).

    Drat those dreaded “Green Police”!

    But seriously folks, this Libertarian nonsense would be hilarious if it weren’t so wrongheadedly tragic (I’d bet a farm–if we had any left–you believe nine-eleven-was-an-inside-job and other easily-discredited and offensive John-Birch-Society-style BS):

    “Whether it’s the left or the right, the free marketers or the socialists or many of the shades in between, the mainstream consensus is one of desperate hope for a rapid return to continuous economic growth, low unemployment, relatively cheap finance and rapid consumption of natural resources.”
    – Ashvin Pandurangi, The Limits to Complexity

    We live at the end of empire, during the century of contraction, in a culture of make believe.

    We are not going to grow, consume, indebt and complicate our way out of the problems of growth, consumption, debt and complexity.

    We got everything we wanted and lost everything we needed.


  • Patracles

    a wise man once told me that it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your an idiot than to open it and prove it.

    The issue of waste is a never ending problem. especially in a country where buying cheap crap and getting rid of it so we can buy more cheap crap is a national pastime.
    Landfills are becoming increasing difficult to site and expensive to build. The amount of space in a landfill is limited. It is a finite resource. So unless you want to wallow in and drink toxic waste, I suggest you find some other way to vent your spleen other than bath mouthing environmental programs.

  • Lennie Pike


    Whatever those are must be the problem, do you at least still have both of them?

    Of course landfills are becoming more difficult to site, the engineering technology to do that is in regression and is becoming a forgotten science.

    The amount of space in a landfill is limited that is true, so when the landfills we do have fill up completely we will have to find solutions other than landfills for trash disposal, opening a new landfill will be an impossibility and is something that has never happened in landfill history.

    Many people in the past have had to wallow in and drink toxic waste when landfills have reached capacity.

    Why did you refuse to take that wise man’s advice?

  • John P. McGeehan

    I, too, have fallen afoul of the trash police. I live in Filthydelphia, and received a trash citation for “recyclables in the rubbish.” Now, I live with a twenty three year old daughter, and I can’t guarantee that a recyclable did not end up in the trash. But the amount of trash I produce per week is laughable (maybe one tall kitchen bag), and I put out an open (by law) recycling container that holds an at least equal amount as my trash every week.
    This, of course, means that an inspector opened my measly trash bag to check for a violation when I had at least as much if not more recyclable material right beside it.
    I immediately sent back the summons in July 2010 (for an alleged violation in March 2010) for a court date, and received a response that the next available court date was in February 2011.
    I can’t wait.

  • steven

    I hope the green police come to my house

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