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The Mancession: 16 Signs That This Economic Decline Is Sucking The Life Out Of The American Male

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This economic decline has been really hard on everyone, but it has been particularly hard on American men.  During the last recession male employment dropped like a rock and it has not recovered much at all since then.  That is why many referred to the last recession as a “mancession”.  Industries where men are disproportionately represented such as construction and manufacturing have really been hit hard in recent years.  In the old days, you could take a high school education down to the local factory and get a job that would enable you to live a middle class lifestyle and support a growing family on just that one income.  Sadly, those days are long gone.  Today, American men live in a world where their labor is not really needed.  Wages are falling because almost any worker can be easily replaced by the vast pool of unemployed American workers that are currently searching for work, and a lot of big companies are shifting labor-intensive jobs overseas where workers only make a small fraction of what they make in the United States.  American workers (especially those without much education) are considered to be expensive liabilities in a world where labor has become a global commodity.  So the percentage of working age American men that have jobs is likely to continue to decline and wages are likely to continue to stagnate as well.

For many men, a long-term bout with unemployment can almost be worse than a major illness.  It can be really hard to feel like a man when you don’t have a job.  Men often see themselves as filling the “provider” role, and when they aren’t providing for their families self-esteem can fall through the floor.  It is easy to feel worthless when there is no money coming in and your wife and your kids are looking at you with worry every single day.

As you read this, there are millions upon millions of unemployed men sitting at home with a glazed look in their eyes.  When you talk with these men, many of them seem as though the life has been sucked right out of them.

As I wrote about recently, when you cannot find a job month after month after month people start to look at you differently.  Some start to look at you with pity in their eyes, and others start to look at you with disgust in their eyes.

Most Americans don’t really understand how much the economy has fundamentally changed, and many of them still believe that it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a job in “the greatest economy on earth”.

But things have changed.  If you don’t have a college education or some highly specialized skills then it is going to be exceedingly difficult to get a good paying job in this economy.

Unfortunately, finding a job is not going to be getting any easier.  Times are hard now, but they are going to be getting a lot harder.

The following are 16 signs that this economic decline is sucking the life out of the American male….

#1 During the last recession, men lost twice as many jobs as women did.

#2 According to the Economic Policy Institute, the “real entry-level hourly wage for men who recently graduated from high school” has declined from $15.64 in 1979 to $11.68 last year.

#3 During the recent economic downturn millions of men saw their family finances get absolutely destroyed.  According to the Federal Reserve, the median net worth of families in the United States declined “from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010“.

#4 As you can see from the chart below, in the 1950s there were times when nearly 85 percent of all working age men had a job.  Sadly, that number has stayed below 65 percent since the end of the last recession….

#5 More unemployed fathers than ever are staying at home with the kids.  Over the past decade the number of “stay at home dads” has doubled.

#6 Prior to the recession, women accounted for approximately 45 percent of the workforce.  Now, they account for 49.4 percent of the workforce.

#7 According to one new survey, 23 percent of all small business owners in America have gone for more than a year without pay.  More than half of all small business owners are men.

#8 The decline in manufacturing jobs has had a disproportionate impact on men.  Back in 1940, 23.4% of all American workers had manufacturing jobs.  Today, only 10.4% of all American workers have manufacturing jobs.

#9 More than half of all middle management jobs in America are now held by women.

#10 More than half of all health care jobs in America are now held by women.

#11 American men love to watch television.  But because of harsh economic conditions more families than ever are eliminating cable television service.  According to one survey, a whopping 6.9 million American homes cancelled cable service last year.

#12 According to the New York Times, approximately 57 percent of all Americans that are currently enrolled in college are women.

#13 According to one study, between 1969 and 2009 the median wages earned by American men between the ages of 30 and 50 dropped by 27 percent after you account for inflation.

#14 According to another study, “young, urban, childless women” make more money in America today than young, urban, childless men do.

#15 According to CNN, in the United States today men in the 25 to 34 age bracket are nearly twice as likely to live with their parents as women the same age are….

The number of adult children who live with their parents, especially young males, has soared since the economy started heading south. Among males age 25 to 34, 19% live with their parents today, a 5 percentage point increase from 2005, according to Census data released Thursday. Meanwhile, 10% of women in that age group live at home, up from 8% six years ago.

#16 Our system often treats elderly American men like absolute trash.  Just check out what happened to one elderly veteran up in Montana recently….

Warren C. Bodeker is an 89 year old World War II Army Airborne combat veteran and war hero, living in Montana, who is being thrown off of his own land and thrown out of his own house, by Montana Federal Bankruptcy Trustee, Christy Brandon, with the approval of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Montana. And to make matters worse, Warren’s wife Lorna just died of cancer this past year, and is buried there on their land, right next to the house. Warren had planned to live there till he died and then be buried right next to his wife, there on their property at 11 Freedom Lane, in the town of Plains, Montana, but now, not only is he being forced off his land, he is being forced to exhume his wife’s body and take her with him.

As the ability of men (and women) to take care of their families continues to decline, the middle class continues to shrink rapidly.

Most Americans continue to expect our economy to be able to bounce back to where it was before, but the truth is that the U.S. economy is in the midst of a long-term decline.

We are heading for an absolute economic nightmare, and we desperately need to come together as a nation and find some real solutions.

Unfortunately, our nation is becoming more divided than ever, and most of our politicians are proposing that we continue to do the exact same things that got us into this mess.

So what do all of you think about “the mancession” and what this economic decline is doing to the American male?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • r.bitting

    Events are happening faster and faster, and by events, i’m not just referring to the worsening economic news, but also worsening geopolitical situation as Michael has just written about in his “The American Dream” blog. I truly believe that many ( even some who frequent this blog ) have no comprehension of just how bad it’s going to get. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, your only hope. He alone saves.

  • Indioguane

    What a shame, just 20 years ago, american men was the hero, the smart one, the honest one who fight for justice. Now his own government betray him selling his future to make happy the financial elite!!!

    • John W.

      They no longer have any use for the resident long term population. The demographic trend is we will be a majority third world population and the pols whores that they are are simply going where the votes will be. They just have no use for us anymore except as cannon fodder in their criminal wars. And we let them get away with it.

  • Rodster

    Michael, now why did you have to write an article about Gary2? We’ve already accepted his faults. 🙂

    • Gary2

      and believe me I have plenty of faults!

      • Alasha

        awwwww…. i luv ur moinker… so how can anyone hate on Cookie Monster?…..

    • Alasha


  • JackieG

    It does not matter which way the wind comes from.
    All one can smell is, “war”.

  • K

    I totally agree with the story. I saw a totally broken man just today. Standing in the hot sun holding a sign, (Please help, I have a family). So I stopped and gave him a few bucks. He told me a few had stopped and helped, most ignored him. One guy in a fancy car stopped, and spit on him. It is easier for a camel, to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into Heaven. I just keep reminding myself of that verse, And thank God, I was not there to see that man being spit upon.

    • Alasha

      i wish there was some way honestly…. we could have a website that gets tons of traffic and ppl could could list their needs and ppl can give if they want. period. i saw something on drudge about this guy who need $15,000 for a pair of shoes .. he was really tall …. by the time i got to the website he had over $200K … yay! we can help each other easily…

      (Deuteronomy 15:7) “In case some one of your brothers becomes poor among you in one of your cities, in your land that Jehovah your God is giving you, you must not harden your heart or be closefisted toward your poor brother.

      Plus we need a JUBILEE…

      . It will become a Jubilee for YOU, and YOU must return each one to his possession and YOU should return each one to his family. 11 A Jubilee is what that fiftieth year will become for YOU. YOU must not sow seed nor reap the land’s growth from spilled kernels nor gather the grapes of its unpruned vines. 12 For it is a Jubilee. It should become something holy to YOU. From the field YOU may eat what the land produces.
      13 “‘In this year of the Jubilee YOU should return each one to his possession. 14 Now in case YOU should sell merchandise to your associate or be buying from your associate’s hand, do not YOU wrong one another.

    • laura m.

      K: ref: man with family begging: A couple shouldn’t breed kids until they are well established in job and finances. Many parents are stuck in stupid mode, and will stay there (in poverty) because of poor planning of their future. Birth control/sterilization in this day and age will prevent kids from being born and living in poverty. Best to put them in foster care with a real family and a roof over their heads.

      • Andrew Bulles

        Actually, the problem as I see it is that we “European Americans” aren’t breeding enough children to “sustain” the American-Anglo-Saxon way of life. We should be having families of 4 and 5 children to correct the deficit of “good decent stock” in our nation ridden with absent minded ignorants who suck at the government teat. READ: Death of the West by Pat Buchanan for an enlightenment.

        • laura m.

          Andrew: Most women now work full time until retirement, unlike my parents generation who chose to breed more, and many now are choosing not to breed or farm their kids out to strangers (day care). I know women who cannot afford more than one like the European women; it costs a small fortune, and like women now, I chose to stay in the work force. Besides with the high divorce rate and custody hassels, and no guar. of an “ideal family life” why the hell bother anyway.

      • K

        Laura: Yours is the most logical response I have ever seen. Might I point out, in the kindest way possible, it seems to lack even the smallest amount of Mercy. An old concept, I know. But still worthy of consideration.

  • Ascetik

    Awesome article, and absolutely true. I am a 27yr-old male with 5 years of professional IT experience and able bodied to do manual labor, but I can’t find a job to save my life and I’ve been out of a job since January. Either the requirements are ridiculous, requiring to much experience, or for a simple job like forklift driver or waiter they want 3-5 years experience from what I can tell scanning job boards and Craigslist every single day. It’s just absurd, employers are simply not willing to train anyone anymore.

    These statistics are dead-on, in two of my previous LARGE companies, SunTrust being one and another a medium sized software company, most of the middle management were women, and it really got frustrating because those were jobs men could have done much better. I often found that during staff meetings that women tended to get emotional about business instead of being objective and this is a huge problem in the business world. These women should be at home with their kids, instead they’re taking jobs away from the men, but that’s what the masonic new world order wants, and they have achieved it.

    One more point, I think a lot of CEO’s and upper management men want to hire eye-candy instead of men, I have noticed that as well.

    • Rikki

      Especially in HR…the air head chicky poo is banging the boss behind the wife’s back….or else why can’t i ever talk to an adult anymore about your company?

      I pulled that a few times they were scared to arrest or sue me….so I was right on target.

      ——One more point, I think a lot of CEO’s and upper management men want to hire eye-candy instead of men, I have noticed that as well.

      • NickelthroweR

        I think you must be correct. My 25 year old daughter is a knock out and has no problem quitting her job and finding a new one within days – oh yeah, and this is in California with some of the highest unemployment in the nation. I believe that she has had 5 different jobs during this “great recession”

    • John W.

      Until the tax rules for next year are decided on and Obama care is decided on no one is going to hire. Just too much hassle and expense involved.

    • OLdFART

      Women have gotten what their mothers demanded, and many want to give it back and raise their own children, but economics won’t allow it.

    • Drew from Oz

      Rubbish. I worked 12 years in an auto dealership, and 8 in an Army Reserve infantry unit. Both male dominated. The last 8 years, I have worked as the sole bloke in a team of social workers, about 13 women, most with at least 1 degree.(ie way more educated than I)
      I found little different between male and female management/staff both make stupid decisions and have stupid behaviors in equal measure.
      Sad that during times of strife, like unemployment, we workers tend to turn on each other and highlight differences rather than standing shoulder to shoulder.

      • GaryToo

        drew i did 6 years i child protection too the only place where you would be in a team of 13 soc wkrs. I also was the only male in an office of female social workers. for a start social work is a very poor cousin of a real degree/science, so i would never count that as “way more educated” unless you failed kindergarten. (also from oz)

    • Save the Republic

      You are definitely right about the employers today. They have absolutely no desire to train new hires for any aspect of the position they are looking to fill. That is why it is so difficult for the unemployed to find a new job. If an employer is looking for experience with 10 different aspects of a position, and you have 9 of them, you might as well not even try. Their attitude seems to be that there are so many people looking for work that if they wait a little bit, someone that has all the experience they want will come along. And with the amount of people constantly out of work, they are usually right. They basically only want you if you can walk on the job and start working as if you were performing the exact same job the week before.

      • Gary2

        Agreed–when I hear employers cry about not being able to find employees with the right skills I think that they either are not paying enough and/or are not willing to train anyone who maybe has 2/3 of the needed skills but not 100%.

    • As a reply to Ascetik, I hate it when women are in charge. I’ve worked many many a place in my time, and quite honestly I changed jobs too frequently. WHEN WOMEN ARE IN CHARGE, THINGS ARE GENERALLY SCREWED UP. Don’t misunderstand me because I love women. I’m so glad God made them. But, women are way out of line in our culture. They should not have the right to commit murder (abortion) but they do. Men don’t have that right! And if you ever hurt a woman’s emotions at work, watch out because there is going to be retaliation. I can tell Joe to kiss my @ss, but if I tell Suzy that, it’s a whole different ball game. I’ve had honest men tell me they hate working with women, and I’ll have to say I hate working with them too. I am a blunt person, and I hate dancing around their emotions. And if a woman ever gets an HR position, she will only hire a woman to take her place when she leaves. Women are out of bounds in our culture. How did we get here? Too many wimpy rich white males in business and Washington, DC refused to stand up to these feminist *itches.

    • The Claymobile

      Ascetik, AMEM to everything you just wrote! I recently saw a job posting on Craigslist that had 18(!!!) requirements you had to meet to qualify for the job. You stupid H.R. ho! Nobody on the face of the planet can meet your qualifications and yet you will probably bitch and complain to your coworkers that tgere “just isnt any good help out there anymore”. Go figure!!!

    • Gay Veteran

      “…most of the middle management were women, and it really got frustrating because those were jobs men could have done much better….”

      eyeroll, my boss is a woman and she is very competent and composed

      lot of woman-hating in the comments, and that’s a relection on YOUR insecurities

      • Ascetik

        When I say better, I mean more qualified men with more experience and families, not this single young woman who had no business being the project manager for 50+ employees.

  • Evie

    Well it is tough for everyone, men, women, vets , college grads. Just who is not complaining? Sorry but I know lawyers and accountants that do not know what they will do for money.
    Obama thinks non citizens will help the economy. He thinks they will create jobs and businesses. In my experience they only hire their own. Yep we have to stick together and help each other as americans.

  • Evie

    The pic, have you lost your mind?

    • Michael

      What is wrong with the picture?


      • What is your source of pictures? The pictures are always so relevant, and they are good shots. I know you’re not taking all of them.

    • Kev

      Uh Oh, a bra-burner.

  • Joshua Harris

    What sucks is that, things are even tougher for minority Men. As a black male, I’m truly blessed to be in the situation I’m in, of understanding the value of precious metals and having a job to purchase it. However, it’s rough in my inner city neighborhood. Sadly I can see as clear as day that when SHTF my same neighborhood will be a war zone. I wish the best for all out their, whether male or female.

    • Rikki

      And yet the one thing that will start the ball rolling in the right direction is to force Black people to read, write and speak English. The day is almost here when political correctness is dead. This will be Ohbooozoo’s legacy,

      We as adults can put all ideas on the table, because I am your test case for Diversity of opinion…It MUST include ME!

      ——Sadly I can see as clear as day that when SHTF my same neighborhood will be a war zone.

  • Gary2

    Michael–is that you holding that sign? You really need to shave off the beard.

    • Mal R.

      LOL, you know that the people here recognize you for what you are – A JOKE! A worthless, cruel joke. *sigh*

  • Gary2

    Here is how I see it–men need to stop defining themselves by the job they do. Having worked in healthcare for years before my downsize I have never heard anyone say on their death bed that they would have liked to spend more time at work.

    Its just a job. Do your best and go home and forget about it. It is not your life. How many people devote their time to a job that screw’s them?? Look at all that wasted energy.

    • Graham

      No.. just the shaver. The mind is under the bunnet (cap).

    • Graham


      You had a healthcare downsize? Sorry to hear that dude. Hope it doesn’t affect performance! What, a job that screws you? What kinda state are ya livin in? Must be connected with all those chicks in the workplace leaving men with .. eh, umm, downsized mancessionhoods.

      [And my other post should be a few slots ^^up^^ the way. My error.]

    • Tom

      Two statements you never hear on a deathbed-

      ” I should have spent more time at the office”
      “I should have watched more television”

  • Gary2

    Michael–If that is you in the first picture, I am assuming it is a “before” picture and the one of you on the bottom is an “after” picture. I think the facial hair does cover up the age spots and worry lines 🙂

    • Michael

      No, I am not Homeless Bill. 🙂


      • Mal R.

        Michael, Dont you have the power to ban someone from posting? Aside from Gary bringing NOTHING to this table, now you’re going to let him mock you and your family (seen over your past few posts)? Come on…

        • Michael

          You should see the comments that I do moderate out.

          I am far from perfect, but I try to allow people to say what they want to the extent that I can.

          I believe that an open conversation and a free exchange of ideas will change some hearts.

          Hopefully one of them will be Gary.

          I believe that if Gary becomes an on-fire Bible-believing Christian that He could do amazing things for God.


          • HecatesMoon

            I believe Gary was surely joking. Sheesh. Gary, grab a bible. That will automatically make you a better person.

          • Alasha

            i can imagine …. i luv Gary 2…. i barely reads what he or anyone for that matter really says…. who has the time to do anything other than scan…… lol besides – i luv the underdog and Cookie Monster…

        • Gary2

          Mal–apparently you have never heard of the concept of humor? I know being a conservative you are at a big disadvantage intellectually so let me introduce you to a new concept. Called humor-meant to be funny.

          • Mal R.

            Oh I have, you’re just not funny.

            Mix together someone that hasn’t been educated and sure as hell isn’t curious beyond communist talking points and then let that same dolt try to be funny and you just come across as dumb, sympathetic (like you’d feel sorry for someone that’s just yelled something really dumb at the top of their lungs in public), mean, or belligerent

            Sorry dude, I’ve heard of it, but you haven’t GRASPED the concept of humor.

          • Gary2

            Mal–I think you need a pair of orthopedic shoes so you can stand corrected.

            You got owned buddy!

  • markthetruth

    Bill needs to shave first…………..

    The end…..

    • Michael


      That made me smile. 🙂


    • mondobeyondo

      Homeless Bill would be a perfect fit for ZZ Top.

      • mondobeyondo

        “Women go crazy for a sharp dressed man!”… hehehe.

        • Gary2

          only if they are wearing “cheap sunglasses”!

      • Michael

        Yes, I think you are right. 🙂


  • davidmpark

    Right now I have a part-time job out of necessity. I could gain a full-time position, probably. But as many here know of my family’s situation; I have to be here at home and began research and building things to replace much of what I used to pay for: electricity, gas, fuel, food, cleansers, clothes, medicines, and so on.

    I am also the ONLY employed man on my wife’s side of the family. On my side (even though I’m disowned), only my brother and I have jobs. Everyone else has recently been fired, or lost their jobs years ago. They all had high paying positions and condo’s and homes, a lot of cars, and ate out often: now they have Top Ramen and live in two lower quality homes together and one campus family housing dorm.

    This depression has taken a toll on everything and everyone. My brothers-in-law are either separated or going through divorce proceedings. All; yes all of them have marriages in crisis. In fact, I started today building bunk beds for all our kid’s rooms (2 bunk beds in the oldest child’s room) in anticipation of the cousins moving in while their parents work things out and get jobs. In fact, I think a sister-in-law might move in with her kids as we suspect her husband is abusing her. We expect these moves to be permanent.

    This whole thing is taking a massive toll on me too; I try to hide it. Took up exercising to help relieve the stress and lost some weight. It’s not a fix as I still go to bed at 12 or 1 AM and get up at 5 for work (I’m trying to keep a clean, working home for my disabled wife and kids). I’ve had a couple of mental/emotional breakdowns; once at work and got sent home – boss and co-workers want to forget it happened.

    Just want to say: I absolutely hate the welfare system! Tomorrow I’ve got another 100 pages to fill in and mail off. Just the paperwork for the welfare is a part-time job. And If I say to cut, or we don’t use it often enough I’d get another visit from DCFS and possibly the Sheriff to make sure we are “okay”. Such a castrating experience; this whole welfare state is. It feels like someone had stolen my manhood and locked it up for occasional display.

    Glad I prepared ahead of time. Just wish I did more earlier; we wouldn’t be in this deep of a nasty situation. Oh, we’re doing alright considering, but I should’ve done better, earlier.

    • Rain23

      Just wanted to point out IMHO your manhood is doing fine. If you hadn’t any, you would be whining about your situation instead of literally working your *** off.

      My husband hasn’t had a full-time job in 4 years and he can’t do the manual labor he used to so it’s unlikely he’ll be hired any time soon in his old industry. Over the past few years he’s designed an online game, babysat, helped neighbors clean up their yards and even won us new toothbrushes, toothpaste and a box of microwave popcorn at a free bingo game in our apartment complex (I doubt the ladies he was gaming with thought anything of it, they’re all on a limited budget too.) He does whatever presents itself, fixes things around the house, gets out there and tries. A real man is one who mans up in a crisis and gets things done. Having an official printed paycheck isn’t nearly as important as being the head of your household and someone your wife and kids can look to for so many things.

      Around here a lot of women get divorced or lie that their husbands left them so they can get more welfare benefits as a single mother. As benefits get cut they’re realizing it wasn’t as good a trade as the social workers suggested. My husband may not be the highest income producing man around, but he’s always there for me to share the dark times and the good times. You can’t replace that with a piece of paper, no matter how many numbers are printed on it.

      Maybe the only good thing to come out of this Second Great Depression will be the realization that a job is anything you do to keep your family going, and that family is more important than having a stack of toys and no grownups who can spare you some time.

    • HecatesMoon

      Ahhh the welfare system. I have been their ward off and on. I know exactly what you mean about telling them to cut something or telling them you don’t need so much of something. They look at you like you just sprouted wings and antennae or something. Then they want you to explain WHY you don’t want some service they are offering. You have to answer on paperwork why you are rejecting it in some cases. I have told them before, “I don’t take what I don’t need, and I don’t need or want this.” I’ve also told them rather than making an issue of someone saying no to something, they ought to be relieved when someone does say no. It means they aren’t interested in taking advantage and they should be happy about it, not suspicious or encouraging it.
      Then you have times or issues where when you really need, you get rejected, but down the street is a family of four whose bread winner works under the table and they pay for NOTHING. They get food stamps to feed 15, they get their utilities paid, they get temporary assistance which they spend on weed and tell themselves it’s ok because they did spend $10 of it on a pair of shoes for one of their kids. And yes, I know a family that is exactly what I am describing. They pay for nothing, though they deserve nothing.
      I am on medicaid, but I don’t receive a check- I didn’t want one. We hit rough, rough times. We haven’t seen it so hard for years and while there are always slow times, never since my boyfriend has gone into his line of work, have we seen it so slow and last so long. We were figuring out how to feed a family of five on $40 one week. We decided to apply for food stamps and we would drop them come harvest. We were rejected.
      It is absolutely pathetic how things work. If you are the lowest of the low, everything will be handed right over to you. They will throw it at you, beg you to take it all. Those people are what make the system such a nightmare. Those people are what give recipients a bad name and cause people who really do need to not accept help or make them feel ashamed and embarrassed if they do take help.
      Davidmpark, late is better than never. If you need help right now that is ok. We needed it, didn’t get it, but were lucky and scratched and clawed our way through it. Are we late in trying to save ourselves? Yes, but it doesn’t matter, because once it’s all said and done, there won’t be a next time. Hold your head up, ride out the difficulties of dealing with the system, and just look forward to the point when you wont need them at all anymore.
      Come harvest, our local dfs can take their rejection letter and shove it right back up their ass. They will never get another request for help from us again. They can take that money and give it to the family of four up the street to buy themselves a few more bags of weed.

    • Alex

      Several years ago, my family moved in with my Uncle because we were victims of a bad economy. Then, more family had to move in due to financial problems. We ended up having 11 people in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house. My family (5 people at the time, 3 kids and 2 parents) had to share a single bedroom. It was terribly stressful at first. But then I grew closer to cousins I once despised. I got back in touch with what was important. I gained a love for nature and gardening. I realized just how much I could do without. Only the strong can do what you do. Being strong doesn’t mean you can do things without suffering, it means that you push through despite the pain and hardship. Without feeling pain or trouble, you can’t be strong.

    • davidmpark

      Thanks for the encouragement! God bless you all!

      I’ll soon write up blueprints and construction plans for everything I’ve built: the windmill generators, the batteries, the solar cell stand, the methane digester, a small livestock care guide, methods on gardening anywhere, chemistry, blacksmithing, and so on. That might be the thing to kick start the economy – private production.

      Well, we’ll probably get it jump started after we take our chiding from God and get our houses in order.

      • Bob

        Cottage industry – like in the 3rd world

  • JR

    As men become increasingly marginalized (thanks for more of your bullguano, feminists), guess what? Crime will increase, and these disgusting feminists can have all the fun they want in their little feminists meetings, held behind closed, locked doors for safety, then dashing home before it gets dark and even more unsafe. Or, I guess they can lock up all the men in jail (they’ve gotten a good start!) Of course, like other feminists, they will soon be old, bitter, lonely and washed up, spit out by the very same system they created.

    And, oh yes: partial birth abortion is another great creation of yours, feminists.

    Feminism. One of the most vile forces in the world.

    • Rikki

      JR….how did you get so Mean and Nasty?

      Why do you want everyone to “live” no matter how horrible their lives and the people around them are…..Thats Nasty and Gross. Geez man, stay out of a personal private decision these people have to make. Bet you are against assisted suicide too.

      It is gut wrenching and they have to live with the consequences…Babies born with no brains, eyes, arms, legs its defects so severe no couple could ever imagine the toll it takes on them…and their other kids..and the Millions in costs that can be used on YOU… IF SOMEDAY YOU FIND YOURSELF SICK AND BROKE..

      So JR just shut up nobody likes late term abortions, it’s not a feminist rights issue, but sometimes it has to be done, for the good of all involved.

    • Patricia

      Aww being a feminist ain’t so bad. I’ve been living with someone 8 years now.. he’s even a man. He knows who the brains of the household is.
      Now how about you.. isn’t it time you put your wife on her leash and take her for her walk? I also think it’s time for her flea bath.
      Really men like you end up listing their phone number under their dog’s name. I’ve seen it happen.

      • J.M.

        With your response you just reeinforce the stereotype of emotional and non-rational women. JR. is bitter but both of you couldn’t answer any single point he laid out. It doesn’t speak very well of you cognitive skills “ladies”. By the way late-term abortions are UNJUSTIFIABLE in any advanced society, that´s infanticie, something until recently practiced only in heathen societies…

      • Ouida Gabriel

        Real Feminist are not rabid animals who sacrifice their young. Real Feminist do not attack others for living life on a different path. Real Feminist support women for what they choose to do whether work or stay home, be feminine ladies or tomboys, be a mother or not. Real Feminist know that men have something to offer woman and us woman have something to offer men. Real Feminist believe that woman are just as good as men, not lesser, not better. Real Feminist believe in equality and fairness for all, even the unborn.

        Rabid feminist give good feminist a bad name. Patricia, stop trying to show how tough you are. That man you live with may not want to take a bullet for someone who opens their mouth and starts the fight.

        JK, Today’s Feminist are not the Feminist of yesterday. Today’s feminism is vile. You are right about that. What started out as equality for women became a monstrous regiment of women.

        • GaryToo

          there should mbe more women like you ouida.

      • GaryToo

        “HE KNOWS WHO THE BRAINS IS, HES EVEN A MAN” two inconsistent statements.

    • Gay Veteran

      “Feminism. One of the most vile forces in the world.”

      as opposed to the white male patriarchy who got us in this situation in the first place

    • Jay

      JR, What you say is very true, but you can’t tell the feminists this. They just won’t listen until it all comes crashing down. You also have to remember that feminism and homosexuality are one in the same. Upwards of 99% of America is homosexual now. How do I come up with that figure? It’s all in the definition of homosexuality which is not something that just happens below the belt, it happens between the ears. Homosexuality is nothing more than role reversal. Men acting like women and women acting like men. By that definition America is at least 99% homosexual. It is a world view that denies God and deifies humanity. Thanks for your post.

      • Gay Veteran

        Jay you are seriously confused!

  • Matthew

    I’m 22 and single, and often wonder how I will provide for a family one day. That’s part of why I’m obsessed with Silver.

  • Prairie Viewer

    Be prepared for things to get a lot worse. All we can do is pray and protect ourselves.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    The elephant in the room is the 30+ years of demeaning the role of males in a sane and sound society. According to the leftists, white males are the root of all evil. If you fail to see this simple truth, you are blind. Likewise, leftists marginalized black males via the welfare plantation started by the ‘Great Society’ under which the absentee father resulted in more food stamps, rent assistance, and so forth. A stable, responsible society can not exist without stable, responsible adult males. Our present situation is a result of the relentless war, by the left, on men. What is reaped is never more than what is sowed.

    • jaxon64

      You are right on with this. It permeates throughout society, it is beamed in through every television program and commercial.

      I can’t be the only one who notices the 100% consistent and intentional portrayal of men on TV, can I? Whether it is a commercial where some buffoon of a man can’t pick a stock, a car, feed a child, or go to the grocery store unless the smart woman helps. How about all of the the Sitcom hilarity of the idiot male who would burn the house down preparing a meal unless super-woman didn’t keep him from immolating himself. Or the hundreds of other commercials and programs that show that stupid, helpless and shallow male whose ineptness at all things is only prevented by those wise and all-knowing women who just role their eyes or keep the men cow-tailed with continual beratement and admonishment.

      It’s amazing that we built and invented a world with indoor plumbing, global transportation, men in space, cures for diseases and every modern covenience and/or conveyance with as ridiculous and dangerous we are to ourselves.

      All sarcasm aside, I actually have to change the channels during commercials because of the disgusting way that men are always portrayed ( especially if it is a portrayal of a married couple or mixed-gender work environment). Watch for yourself if you’ve never noticed. And you can size me for a tinfoil hat if you wish Michael, but I would swear that this has been a deliberate assault by TPTB to un-man us and in turn it makes the populace overall a lot more compliant when men are docile and defeated and have their juevos on the leash of the feminists and PC police.

      • Michael

        I definitely notice how they portray men in most commercials and television shows.


      • GaryToo

        no you dont imagine it, it will soon change and go back to the way it always was before when anarchy hits and women will actually need masculine men againh.

    • When the systematic emasculation and deliberate destruction of the “American, Male”, became so obvious that men in the US WERE the “target” group destined for removal from the home, the family, the workplace, succumbed to what would soon be the push toward a more ABnormal society – I warned my two sons when they were little and this is true for every single one of their male friends visiting the house for a meal, that they were to stay under the radar (no tickets, no arrest, no BS, no pranks, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING), that EVERYTHING in the ABnormal society WAS a trap and that if they could make it into their late 20’s early 30’s, without getting arrested, falsely charged as a sex offender, hung out to dry with large child support bills, or hooked up with a desperate housewife looking for her next mall experience, then they would be safe AND could actually add to their income later on (sound financial and emotional advice). Many were from poor fatherless families yet like most American males they had bullseyes painted on their backs before they were even born! The advice still stands to this day. ALL MEN should stay clear of the traps. Soon you will see the tide turn where women will be tossed out of the workforce onto the streets left penniless, without government assistance. That will be YOUR chance to become HEROS again to very grateful loving wives whose whole existence will depend on you. Take this time to prepare! Thank GOD for REAL MEN!!!

  • stevefraser

    And now the Emperor let’s 1 million illegals into the labor market in the middle of our Depression: Madness!

  • Mick68

    Can I say something to about 95% of people who post on forums? You appear nearly illiterate, sorry, but the truth hurts and is the only way to improve. It seems hardly anyone knows the difference between there, their, and they’re anymore. Let me explain.

    There- A place, referencing a point. “He lives over there.”

    Their- Ownership, usually as a group. “It was their car.”

    They’re- Short for “They are.” “They’re going to school.”

    Some state they have degrees and diplomas, yet their english is equivalent to grade 4. Employers need to know if you can read, write, and spell, and sadly, most of you think you can but you can’t.

    • Prairie Viewer

      They’re probably just rushing and not proof reading.

    • GaryToo

      if you want to be pedantic mick, you yourself use incorrect grammar/punctuation. The apostrophes appearing directly prior to the word “and” in your first and last paragraphs should not be there.

  • Mind Candy

    Steve Hughes is a comedian who does a bit of political commentary, in the spirit of George Carlin or Bill Hicks. His take on feminism blew me away:

    “What if certain aspects of granting you rights was also a way to get women out of the house so they could tax the other 50% of the population? … also you could break up the family unit, because in general women are better with kids than men. And then you have a society that’s a bit more disenfranchised that you can oppress in the future.”

    (The clip – about a minute and a half – is here but be advised that as with George Carlin or Bill Hicks, Mr. Hughes swears a lot: )

    As a woman I believe we have the right to do anything we choose that we’re capable of doing. That said, when women first entered the workforce it was mostly because they WANTED to, now it’s because we HAVE to… either to supplement our husband’s income or because – as this article points out – we may be the only spouse currently employed.

  • American

    And still they pour the illegals and immigrants upon us. 1.4 million illegals will be added to the U.S. labor market to legally work thanks to Emperor Obama’s edict. More on the way…

  • mondobeyondo

    “Men, men, men, men… manly men, men, men…MEEENNNNN!!”
    -Theme song to “Two and a Half Men”

    Our society is trying to de-masculinize men (is that even a word?) If you pay attention, movies and TV tend to make fun of the traditional family, with the male as the breadwinner. If enough men out there stand up and take responsibility for their children and families (“Ya mean I’m supposed to help take care of the kids? Huh?!”), there might still be some hope. Sadly, that isn’t likely to be the case.

    We are slowly becoming a society where the woman of the household is the chief breadwinner and caretaker of the family. The men are off roaming around looking for their next “conquest”. Bad news for those looking for male role models.

  • 1% fan

    Homeless Bill is sure to land a rich babe he can mooch off looking like he does.

  • Martin

    What can surely be seen is that manufacturing jobs are being replaced by low pay service jobs where women thrive.
    Apparently it is easier for woman to accept low pay job.
    Man will rather do nothing, drink or engage in crime (where there are reasonably well paid “jobs”).

    However as decline is progressing, service sector jobs will gradually evaporate as well.
    So at some point women will start losing their hamburger swapping jobs too.
    Jobs which are requiring *high interpersonal skills* will be gone too together with many other clerical jobs.

    Within several years having *any* job will really be a privilege and jobs allowing to maintain family will hardly exist.

    Then minimum pay will start dropping.
    Initially to $5 an hour, then to $5 a day…

    I am running small business in service sector.
    I am also discriminating against men in my hiring policy.
    Women are more talkative and look well – that brings more customers. Men are inferior with such tasks.
    On the top of it women are easier to control, more obedient, they don’t need high pay and they are less likely to steal.

    • Cinderella Man

      you are an asshole I hope your business goes under soon!

      • Ouida Gabriel

        I understand when I walk into the Dr’s office then it will be mostly women as they enter the RN field more often then men.

        However, if I noticed that a business only hired women on purpose then I think I would take my business elsewhere if I could. Hire someone based on their ability, not their sex.

        • Yes, it’s true. Advancement of the agenda rewards complacency.

    • Ascetik

      Your P.S. portion made me want to slap you sir.

      Instead of acting like all men are somehow retards incapable of moral behavior, why don’t you ask your potential candidates their moral compass and screen them better. I know plenty of moral guys dying for a job who are hard-workers.

      I don’t know what your business is, but from what it sounds like, you run an escort service because any other viable business model could be done just as well by men… unless you run a Hooters restaurant.

  • chiller

    A child could have predicted this outcome. When you have the biggest, strongest economy in the world, which is 70+% driven by the consumer (American workers), and send all those workers jobs to foreign countries, the whole thing will collapse like a wet paper bag. We MUST make sure history exposes all of the politicians, bankers, corporate stooges and media for their rolls in the systematic destruction of our once great nation. But until the sleep walking masses of this country do their due diligence and find out for their lazy ass selves what is going on and who’s to blame, we’ll continue to be victims of the elitists continued bastardization of the USA.

  • ScotinOz

    The US basically gorged itself mostly at the expense of other countries for the last 30 or years, credit fuelled booms, cheap money, McMansions, jumbo sized everything V12s 1-2$ gas. People stood by and watched those at the bottom of the food chain slowly lose all blue collar jobs, now its the middle class that will be gutted.

    As long as politicians can be bought for a few $$$ then how do people expect anything to change. Obamas change campaign will swing into full gear and people will sit distracted by the tit for tat between Romney and Obama about things like gay marriage, abortion, legalising cannabis etc all the while the rules will be written to help the rich and screw the poor… Wall st will continue to gamble away tax payers money. Another financial crisis will hit and again those in power will backstop it with tax money to save their country club cronies.

    this may sound a “little out there” but I feel the human race is basically like a snake eating its own tail eventually it will swallow itself whole. Culture now has moved towards this complete idolisation of hollow human beings like Kardashian, Paris Hilton and other “celebrities”. We are shown them every second on TV and the whole reality TV concept makes people believe that somehow being famous is the be all and end all to life.

    Tweets, media, ipads, smartphones they all have one thing in common they are designed to detach people from whats going on around them.. who needs real friends when you have 1000s on facebook, why bother having a conversation with someone when you can tweet. We are retreating into a cyber black hole and personal contact, friendships are being replaced by electronic relationships. Its dumbing down society, we have been socially acclimatised to things like murder in the name of freedom being acceptable, the first thing that comes into peoples mind when you hear a million dollars is “hmm is that enough to get by on”

    They say that in reality a frog actually will jump out of water when it gets too hot, not so sure about us though…

    • Save the Republic

      Americans have become stupid beyond belief. Who the hell is Kim Kardashian anyway? What has she ever accomplished that would cause people to marvel at her? She’s just a ho-bag, what sets her apart to deserve all of the fame and fortune? It’s all because the media/networks chose her and propped her up in front of the American people on t.v., and Americans are just to stupid to realize that it’s not entertainment and that there really is no reason to pay attention to her. Same with all the other stuff (jersey shore, pregnant teens, midget families, etc.). These people are all a bunch of nobodies put on t.v., and Americans keep staring at them and drooling. So these nobodies become rich because the nobodies watching them have no life, so they have to watch someone else’s. That’s as pathetic as a population can get, and shows why this country will continue to descend into the abyss.

      • GaryToo

        KK is famous for being Paris Hiltons buddy. So paris was famous for nothing and kk got famous for being seen with her.

      • Men, relax. Learn to spot when you’re being played…

  • Robert

    I can see the day when DC will be ripped to shreds by an organized mass movement a la Occupy Wall Street just like Athens. There is going to be mass chaos, but afterwards things will finally get better.

    • GaryToo

      and of course do you all notice in usa and europe it is fine for men to bash women as long as it is by a riot cop on a protester.

  • shypuffadder

    davidmpark – the important thing is, you are doing now, and you are rising to the occasion. From what you have written about yourself, it sounds like you certainly would have done better if you had any clue. Unfortunately, this country is just beginning to realize the unforgivable lies that we have been told for years. Keep on doing your best, keep yourself well, and keep on. You will find that one of your efforts – and probably the one that you least expect – will open a door for you.

    You are a shining example of the American Will. I know its difficult, but work at not being hard on yourself. After all, since we can’t count on miracles, we must count of all of us being blessed to find our inner strength, just like you. You are truly the image of God.

    As for you idiots (those of you that are proud of being the brightest bulb in the sunshine), maybe, one day you will figure it out before your brain completely collapses.

  • shypuffadder

    This mancession seems like a very clever way to get more men to sign up for the next profitable-for-a-few war. How else are they going to earn an income?

  • Armel

    I know it’s not much of a pick-me-up to the depressed stated everyone seems to be in mentally, but one way to help your own situation is to make a part-time job out of a small, backyard garden. This mainly requires initial research on planting techniques, making the most out of little space, harvesting and food storage. But if you plant vegetables in containers on even a small, backdoor porch, you can hedge your food pantry a bit if you are able to reap what you sow. With food prices going up, it’s one sure-fire investment that everyone can do if they applied the time and effort. Even growing indoors isn’t difficult….small shelving units can be used to maintain a constant supply of growing herbs, bean sprouts, or things to make a salad out of. (Notice I said “backdoor porch”—> be cautious about where you plant so you don’t end up like the poor woman in Tulsa who had her garden mowed down by the locals!)

  • paul

    There is a lot of truth in the article.

    When we moved to England, my partner wasn’t allowed to work until he got his proper permit. That alone got him quite depressed.

    His first job was for Royal Mail as a temp, and was unpaid for weeks, until most of the temps walked out and the issue became known in the media.

    But Christmas was soon over, and just before he was eligible for a contract, he was let go.
    (As a temp you don’t have any rights until about 3 months).

    Then he got a dirty job with minimum wage but no contract.

    And now he got a qualified job with minimum wage and contract. Some sort of agency temp job, he can only work when called, and is only paid when working.

    But at least he can accumulate that crucial working experience.

    Let’s see what the future brings. In Europe, the crisis is soon over.

  • Tim

    Excerpt from a recent NY Times article…

    “Garland Miller, 28, who has degrees in finance and accounting from the University of Georgia and Kennesaw State University, had hoped to land a job at a big accounting firm, and to have been able to buy a home by now. Instead he finds himself working as the lead server at a steakhouse.”

    I have an accounting degree from a public university in Maryland. I remember one day in one of my upper level accounting courses when Dr. Ken Smith said that the public accounting firms couldn’t “absorb a fraction” of us. The the class was not that big, and the job market was very good at that time. I remember that the national unemployment rate was very low. Still, most of us had anxiety about finding good jobs in the accounting industry after graduation. Several of my classmates went to work for Arthur Anderson, a firm that later folded due to its involvement in the Enron scandal. I got an excellent job with the GAO in Washington where I spent many good years.

    How things have changed.

  • Keith

    This is not going to get better. We need to think in terms of value creation and barter. For most men, the most fundamental value creation model is growing something someone or an animal can eat. Then we need to trade these items.
    To hell with the dollar, IRS and the whole banking and warfare model. If you don’t try to create value in some form (profitable or not) you are just waiting to die or be destroyed.
    This is basic military survival princples. Turn off the television, turn over your lawn with a shovel and plant dandelions if you can’t afford seed (they happen to be one of the healthiest greens you can eat) but do something!
    This paradigm is dying. If you do adapt you will die with it.

  • Cinderella Man

    I can definetly relate to this article. A couple of years ago when I was unemployed I went to a job interview for a forklift operator at a home improvement store and I was shocked at the amount of people applying for the 3 jobs they were offering. There was an older woman who looked about 60 and I asked her if she was applying for the gardening position and she said “No Im here for the forklift operator job.” Im not trying to sound sexist but these are jobs that are typically done by men. The other day I was driving through a road construction zone and I noticed all the jobs being done by women. Women driving heavy equipment, women holding flags and stop signs. In fact it looked like over half the crew was female. I have no problem with them wanting to empower themselves but I couldnt help but think of the men who applied for those jobs and were turned down because the contractor was required to meet some kinda affirmative action quota and had to hire more women. Men are being pushed out of the workforce. Im starting to wonder if this is an attempt to demasculize the american male to accept being a homebody that stays home and rasies the kids. And its taking its toll on the women of this country too. Already there are news stories about how stressed out the women are and they cant sleep and on anti-depressants. They are being asked to be the breadwinners now and its a role they arent completely used to yet. This is a bizzaro world scenerio and it dosent look like its getting better anytime soon. But I do know that alot of men with free time on their hands is not a good thing. Its like poking a caged animal with a stick and when they do explode its not going to be pretty.

    • Patricia

      Oh you poor thing.
      How would you like it if you couldnt get a job cause you were born with a ************?

      • Ouida Gabriel

        Nasty little thing, aren’t you?

      • Gary2

        Pay no attention to these conservatives–they are at war with women.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…In fact it looked like over half the crew was female….”

      you DO understand that more than half the population is female

    • Cinder…”Men are being pushed out of the workforce. I’m starting to wonder if this is an attempt to demasculize the american male to accept being a homebody that stays home and rasies the kids…” So TRUE!!! You’ve figured it out! It’s been socially engineered to be that way (compliments of the TubeTV). The emasculation and deliberate removal of the “American, Male” includes YOU (and every other loving guy) on this planet.
      Look, go home, gaze at the mirror and check you back. SEE, see the outline of that bullseye? You’ve all been marked! Now take a scrub brush and scrub that crap off your BACK!
      And then go (in the words of a very famous DR. LAURA and DO the RIGHT thing! Real MEN don’t need no freggin’ orders from any shovernment. Real MEN don’t back down. You all just forgot who you are. And, NOW you all remember!

  • Eric

    Michael, what you describe are economic symptoms of a far greater depression.
    The collective mental castration of the american male started decades ago.
    Manliness is frowned upon. “Macho” became a four letter word and the whole concept was turned into the equivalent of rouge neanderthal. The whole concept of what it means to be a gentleman is long gone. Prince Valiant has been turned into a gay Green Lantern.

    All you have to do is look at the “leaders” of our nation. A “metro-sexual” president that looks like a wimp next to Putin. Harry Reid, a flea-bag dog infesting the senate with sleaze. John Boehner, a cry-baby with a back-bone of putty leading the house majority (a slight improvement over Nancy the clueless). Does Ben, or Timmy, or Barney look like competent leaders of our financial system to you?

    • Michael

      Yes, whatever did happen to Prince Valiant? I remember reading that cartoon as a child.


  • MichaelR

    This attack against men is by elitist design:

  • ian

    I’m surprised that there’s a recession. I try to give people jobs (contractors) and they do half-assed work, and don’t even show up to work.

    People just don’t want to work, or are out of work for a reason.

    • Ian.
      Hold on. Wait for the veil to be lifted from their face.

  • Alvin

    The picture is ME and the sign is MY retirement plan

    • Michael

      That made me smile. 🙂


  • Mark

    My fiance makes twice what I do. In 2005, in the same line of work that I’m in now, I was making 20k (yearly) more than she currently does. Thank God for her, but its incredibly emasculating.

  • Seratone

    Meanwhile, the media continues to harp about this so called “war on women” while congress debates some “equal pay” BS legislation.

  • Paranoid

    I wish I could give encouragement but I’m afraid All I can say is it’s going to get worse. Until we close the borders, and impose tariffs of at least as much as The EPA and OSHA and gov taxes cost business. Jobs are gong to continue to die. No possibility we can compete with a guy in China that works without all the BS we have to put up. Only possibility I see is if we start by putting all College profs jobs out to low bid, starting with every Free Trade Economist. When they have to compete with an illiterate from China perhaps they will sing a different tune.

  • When the politicians talk about what it will take to get the economy back in shape they are deathly quiet about how free trade and the globalization of our economy factors in. The conservative talk show hosts wont breath a word about jobs leaving the country and the decline of the middle class. They talk about the tax code and regulations, (and they should), but not a word a out multinational companys shopping the globe for the the cheapest labor. This destroys the credibility of all the afore mentioned.

  • Grond

    Remember during the stimulus debate Paul krugman demanded that federal funds NOT go to male dominated professions like construction???

    None of this is by accident!!!!

  • Here in San diego CA with people loosing their jobs and working in crappy paying jobs,more and more people are crossing the border to live in Tijuana,Rosarito and Ensenada Mexico.This is the only way many uf us have to do just to survive.I I happen to live down here in Mexico with my family.I also see homeless American street people roaming the streets of Tijauna collecting aluminum cans and recyclables.There are also more and more African Americans moving down here.It is way cheaper to live here.I cross the border every day to work in san Diego,like hundreds of thousands of people do, every day. The border waits can be one to three hours crossing the border.I am talking about walking across the border. Car waits can be up to 4 hours. The US Customs and ICE are slow on purpose.They Stand around socializing and drinking coffee.Almost all of them are over weight.Only a few work at a time. I know that the American government would rather that all of us would return to pay the high rents of San Diego (eventhough most of us make near minimum wage)and be good little economic slaves and make our landowners richer.So they are making it difficult to cross the border.Soon the majority of us will be forced to return to live in the US,because you are going to soon be required to have an exit visa to leave the country.The US goverment is going to make us stay in the American police state and prision and it will be very hard to leave to another country. Most of us will be disqualified from this.Some Americans have commited crimes down here and others have been deported by Mexican authorities to the USA.Mexico does not want poor Americans here(nor does any other country).To live here you need to have a proof of income and get a permit.You can work through the system and become a Emigrado(legal Immigrant)or even citizenship.We used to be the number one country in the world and we became arrogant.Now that things have became bad here,nobody wants arrogant poor Americans in their country.If you want to flee to Canada as an economic refugee,they will deport you.The Canadian government is worried about the downturn of the US economy,because millions of Americans will cross into Canada illegally, hping to find work.They will not put up with it.They will round up every illega American, send the information to the US government and deoprt everyone.So Good luck fellow Americans,because if youn dont have money, nobody wants us.We are stuck here in the BANANA REPUBLIC OF AMERIKA a third world hellhole. Un pais muy corrupto y muy inseguro igual como los paises de America Latina.We have to rise up as a people to make a change and also return to GOD as a nation.

  • Here in San diego CA with people loosing their jobs and working in crappy paying jobs,more and more people are crossing the border to live in Tijuana,Rosarito and Ensenada Mexico.This is the only way many uf us have to do just to survive.I I happen to live down here in Mexico with my family.I also see homeless American street people roaming the streets of Tijauna collecting aluminum cans and recyclables.There are also more and more African Americans moving down here.It is way cheaper to live here.I cross the border every day to work in san Diego,like hundreds of thousands of people do, every day. The border waits can be one to three hours crossing the border.I am talking about walking across the border. Car waits can be up to 4 hours. The US Customs and ICE are slow on purpose.They Stand around socializing and drinking coffee.Almost all of them are over weight.Only a few work at a time. I know that the American government would rather that all of us would return to pay the high rents of San Diego (eventhough most of us make near minimum wage)and be good little economic slaves and make our landowners richer.So they are making it difficult to cross the border.Soon the majority of us will be forced to return to live in the US,because you are going to soon be required to have an exit visa to leave the country.The US goverment is going to make us stay in the American police state and prision and it will be very hard to leave to another country. Most of us will be disqualified from this.Some Americans have commited crimes down here and others have been deported by Mexican authorities to the USA.Mexico does not want poor Americans here(nor does any other country).To live here you need to have a proof of income and get a permit.You can work through the system and become a Emigrado(legal Immigrant)or even citizenship.We used to be the number one country in the world and we became arrogant.Now that things have became bad here,nobody wants arrogant poor Americans in their country.If you want to flee to Canada as an economic refugee,they will deport you.The Canadian government is worried about the downturn of the US economy,because millions of Americans will cross into Canada illegally, hping to find work.They will not put up with it.They will round up every illega American, send the information to the US government and deoprt everyone.So Good luck fellow Americans,because if youn dont have money, nobody wants us.We are stuck here in the BANANA REPUBLIC OF AMERIKA a third world hellhole. Un pais muy corrupto y muy inseguro igual como los paises de America Latina.We have to rise up as a people to make a change and also return to GOD as a nation.Only God can help us but we need to repent from our sins and bad deeds too.

  • This is truly sad!However, it was predictable!I hate to sound all religious because I am NOT, but as I said in other blogs, the problem begins at home. As the article said “men like to watch tv…” Well, I watch the news and sports. Everything else, mostly, is trash which will make your mind soft and sap the ambition right out of you. Ever wonder why we have so many commercials to help men get an erection? Why are they now offering a drug to boost men’s testosterone? Ever wonder if the problem was somehow created so that big pharma can sell you the solution?
    Bottom line is that the American male fell asleep at the wheel. We sold our souls for porno, NFL, NBA, Bud Light and Espn to name a few. With the exception of porno, these are all seemingly harmless ways to pass the time. However, while we were watching these with glazed eyes, our kids were getting hooked on drugs, having casual sex and “finding themselves”. Men (myself included) must be accountable to God. We will reep what we sow and this is only the beginning. Sin has crept into the camp and instead of getting rid of it, we fed and nurtured it. We were strong and now we are week! The only hope for the economy, social injustice, making congress accountable, etc is for us to repent and submit to God-the creator of all mankind!

  • Ghulam

    After the Second World War had Americans simply carried on with traditional ways, no enemy could have touched them for many generations. The oil that Americans had under their own land would have lasted many more decades had it not been consumed in an orgy of material excess. Instead of following the standard model supported by of all of the world’s major religions, modern capitalists chose, like their fellow materialists the Communists, to use the Enlightenment rhetoric of liberation to rearrange the social order. By “liberating” women, putting them into the work force, the West embarked upon an unstable course of continually increasing consumption that could only be sustained by taking by force the resources of the rest of the world. This made their need to dominate other nations inevitable, their destruction of the environment was accelerated, and their family structures were undermined. Feminism is the key to bringing on rapid decline; it opens he door to destruction.

  • asd

    Some people don’t get it. My neighbor, who works in construction just lost his home. He had two Ford F250’s and a 80K trailer, quads, motorbike, etc. He could no longer make the payments on his home? Where are his priorities. My other next door neighbor lives the same way and also works construction and just lost his foreman position. People are still living foolishly and then wonder what happened, no savings. Men are suffering the worst and there is no fix in sight. We need to retool America, bring back steel mills, make things here. How come we can’t make golf clubs, iphones and TV’s? We design them here. The American CEO’s and Corporations shipped these jobs and technology overseas to make huge profits. Average Chinese worker makes 1-10$ a day.

    • Ozmo

      Because no one in Amerika will work for $10/day. Nor will people pay the insaine prices for the stupid toys they believe they need. I honestly think the world would be a better place without all the crap to keep the sheeple in an Entertainment educed coma.

      Just My 2 Cents

      Hope all is well Michael

      • Save the Republic

        Paying a fair wage needn’t affect the price of the good. The problem is the greedy executives wouldn’t be able to reap ridiculously high profits off of the items, and the shareholders then wouldn’t be so eager to give them millions of dollars a year. The truth is this: the executives have been getting way too much money based on the premise that they are responsible for creating huge profits, when in actuality they haven’t created anything, all they do is decrease the cost of the product (which creates the illusion of making more money) by giving away good paying jobs to people in other parts of the world that are willing to work for little more than food for the day. There is little difference between them and slumlords, who also try to maximize profit by not having to pay expenses. The only difference between them is in perception.

      • OZmo, oh yes, you will. EVERY American will work for $10.00 part time, no benes? Didn’t you get the memo?

    • My brother in-law contractor committed suicide over the decline in housing prospects. Age 39.
      Please don’t give up. Just recognize the GAME when it’s being played. We will survive. WE ALL WILL LIVE!

  • Ghulam

    For American car makers and oil companies, putting women into the work force and taking them out of the home, meant more than twice the number of vehicles and miles driven. Without women at home, entire industries were needed to provide child care, elder care, and fast food. Couples with two professional-level salaries could afford to fly great distances to enormous, inefficient houses; they could afford multiple, over-sized automobiles, boats and mobile homes, second homes, and fruit flown in from other continents. The society as a whole could afford gigantic sports and gambling palaces, and extraordinary military expenditures. Feminism paved the way for the excesses of late 20th and early 21st century America and Europe by providing a one-time burst of energy as the work force doubled. It contributed heavily to an explosion of obesity and other health problems as home-cooked meals from a home garden were replaced by industrially produced junk.

    • Patricia

      Feminism caused obesity.. too funny.
      I hope you know sign language because you’re going to be conversing etc a lot with your hands.

      • GaryToo

        patricia, please follow what he/she is saying instead of these emotional, illogical, irrational responses.

      • jaxon64

        you’re quite vulgar in your allusions. I’m not surprised that you ended up in a relationship with an effeminate half-man-I couldn’t foresee any scenario where any male with a semblance of masculinity would tolerate you beyond a few meaningless rolls in the hay.

        • Cinderella Man

          Dude Patricia is probably so hideous on the inside and out most men run from her! I know the type. Must have been picked on alot by the good looking guys huh, sweetheart! Bite me!!

      • Typical response from psy-ops victim.

    • Save the Republic

      Your points are valid.

    • Ghulam, you win the award for summing it ALL up in a nut shell!!!

  • madsr

    As I read this Blog week after week. I am always saddened by the struggles of my fellow Americans. I have been so blessed to have a job that has been stable and I know it. I know that only time stands between me and you that are hurting now. What is coming has and will effect all of us. Even if you are prepared the struggle of accually living off the land will shock most of you.

    The problem if you have paid attention to Micheal and Gary2 is their parties have failed us. Both parties have failed the American people. They have equally led us on a path to destruction. They would like to blame each other and sometimes do. But they also both blame their own parties. So you know what that means…. IT IS OUR FAULT!!! We live in this faultless world where something caused Jimmy to kill all those people. Poor Jimmy! WRONG we each caused this and we each will pay for it. If Gary2 had a job making 1 million dollars a year, chances are he would become more conservative. If he started a company and a Union came in and made his life hell he would start hating unions. If Micheal became broke and his kid didn’t have enough food to eat or the company he worked for was cheating all the employees. They might just totally switch positions. My point is our country creates the class of people that will keep them in office. Just look at the numbers Obama is trying to keep enough people broke and hating wealth to say in office. The rich kept Bush in office when Bush was gone it didn’t matter how bad he left it, just get as much money to all my friends as possible. (Bush bail out) Obama thanks for electing me (Obama bail out)If Obama wins again he won’t care either all he will care about and has cared about is making his friends as rich as possible at the cost to all of us just like Bush.

    Will it ever change? Is there any hope? Will our kids and grandkids enjoy the wonderful life we have enjoyed? I think not. Even Gary2 will look back at today as the good ole days!

    • ************* Man! Get a hold of yourself! Of course, you will. There’s ALWAY’S hope!
      Especially, if you KNOW how the GAME’S being played…

  • Here in San Diego CA many people have lost their jobs ,houses and are working for sub minimum and minimum wages.I, myself am making sub minimum wage and support a family.My family and I live in Baja California Mexico,because we can’t afford to live in San Diego.Many Americans are moving down here to Tijuana,,Rosarito and Ensenada,because the rent is much cheaper here.I have seen African Americans also moving down here too.I There are homeless American people in Tijuana collecting aluminum cans and other recyclales. There are Americans that have commited crimes down here and the majority of Americans won’t learn Spanish and disimulate in the society,just like what happens in the USA when the Mexicans won’t learn English. Mexico is being very Americanized and it is changing Mexico,just like the USA is being Mexicanized.
    We have to cross the border everyday to go to work and have to wait one up to four hours to cross the border.The immigration officers are slow and stand around socializing and drinking coffee. Most of them are overweight.The US Government does this on purpose so we will get fed up and return to San diego and pay the high rents.Soon you are going to be required to have an exit visa to leave the USA and many us will be disqualified.The US government wants us all to live in the USA as good little economical slaves making our land owners richer.We have to be good little peons and serfs.Some Americans have been deported from Mexico,because Mexico(nor any other country want poor arrogant Americans)in their live in Mexico,you need proof of employment or resources, to live can work your way through the process and become a Emegrado(Legal resident) and eventually a citizen.Canada is also deporting American economic refugees.Canada is afraid that when the US economy plummets,millions of Americans will cross illegally into Canada,lookig for work.Canada will round up everyone, send the information to the US government and deport them.We have to take back our country,because nobody wants arrogant pooor Americans in their country.The present government is going is going to have us all inclosed in this country like a giant prision,with no escape.Our country is a BANANA REPUBLIC and AMERIKA is like a third world nation,(muy corrupto,inseguro y pobre).We need as a society need to demand and make changes and reurn to GOD.Poverty is rampant here and we need to work together to take our country back and return to GOD.Only God can help us and we need to repent and change our ways as a nation.

  • Rtype

    Can someone please just press the reset button so we can start all over again?

  • MichaeSorry if my comment came on 3 times,but I had problems with the compotor and I thought everything was erased.I only wanted to comment only once.

  • Robert

    I wish it were possible to get half of all working people to stop sending in their tax obligations and tell the IRS to go screw. It makes me sick that I bust my ass to take care of my family and pay my bills only for the Government to take take take. It’s time to put a stop to this nonsense.

    • Unfortunately Robert it’s only going to get worse. I’m in California which consists of two factions; minority liberals who either dont vote or vote based on what they see and hear on tv, and the academic liberals who see their views as a religion. Both have driven this state to the brink in debt and we keep voting them in and paying higher taxes. The majority of Californians are “comfortably numb” and think things will get better as they have in the past. Fear is the number one motivator that the tax agencies use. The threat of jail, losing your house and garnishing your wages. This CANNOT go on forever. This too will pop. You can’t keep on taxing working people to pay for people who dont work. The word says to “pay to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s” (taxes), but ceasar is taking more than belongs to him, so the rich will leave California (as businesses are now) and the state will have to impose a tax on those leaving or prevent them from leaving altogether. It’s gonna get dicy out here in due time.

  • Washington
  • M

    I do ton of stuff that can not be taxed to supplment the wife’s income. Use coupons , grow vegetables , make lots of household items , walk to places . In short poking out round 800 + a month in income force multipliers and none of you parasites are getting a dime off of it. Thanks for the kaching every year at EITC time , tax donkeys ).

  • Kevin2

    Employers and the managers with the power to terminate employment are going to have a field day abusing workers in this environment. We have, “The Law” and then we have the reality where if one complains about getting cheated working overtime but not being paid they’re later “let go” for some dubious reason. Guaranteed your going to be reading some outrageous stuff regarding worker abuse.

    When you compete unhindered with the third world your environment slowly becomes more and more like them.

  • Colin

    The McKinsey Global Institute conducted a study on the job crisis. This report concluded that if the politicians fail to enact changes that improve unemployment and worker training that 90 to 95 million low wage workers may be facing permanent joblessness in this world by 2020. I believe it’s likely that this figure will have increased by the time 2020 rolls in. I believe that, as this is a slow transition, that people in the future will accept permanent joblessness as one of those things, like mental illness, that occurs in society, and, if the individual doesn’t know someone in this situation, then permanent joblessness will become an issue that is out of sight, out of mind.

    Huffington Post article:

    McKinsey Global Institute (The Report):\

    McKinsey & Company (publisher of the McKinsey Global Institute; Wikipedia article):

  • Patricia

    Oh pleeeze.. the author needs to stop inviting others to his chauvinistic whinefest.
    The majority of highly paid people are still white men.. many of who don’t marry or dump their wives w/kids after a few years so that the guys can hoard their selfish salaries.
    As an attractive white college grad female who never married or had kids and has been longterm unemployed, these articles make me want to puke on the authors.

    • Ascetik

      Statistics aren’t chauvinistic, they’re just fact. Or did you forget that part?

      This article is not talking about highly paid executives, it’s talking about women taking the jobs that men have always traditionally done and also women putting themselves into management positions, something which men abhor. Ask any military service-MAN if he likes being ordered around by a woman, most of them will tell you they’d rather have a man yelling at them.

      “As an attractive white college grad female who never married or had kids and has been longterm unemployed, these articles make me want to puke on the authors.”

      Just because you haven’t stolen a job from a man doesn’t mean it should make you nauseous. Facts are facts. A woman’s primary role in life is the be wife, mother, and teacher of children and involved in domestic arts. That is how God made her, not to be in executive positions or to be manufacturing transmission parts. Just from reading your comments here, I can tell you have been brain-washed by the public school feminist indoctrination.

      • Gay Veteran

        yeah, barefoot and pregant! get in that kitchen!


        • Ascetik

          1 Timothy 2:15 “She shall be saved through childbearing; if she continue in faith, and love, and sanctification, with sobriety.” (Douay Rheims Trans)

          God seems to like women at home, but not the masonic new world order and their feminist liberal cohorts. Barefoot and pregnant is actually quite attractive to me.

      • Gary2

        dude-you must have a pretty sore hand, maybe even carpel tunnel?

    • Save the Republic

      Well, there’s always the forklift jobs mentioned above. If not, you might find work with blogger Martin, or in middle management at Suntrust.

    • GaryToo

      thats feminism allright, calling yourself attractive. Try being a little more logical and you will be employable with the assistance of all the activity to get women into male dominated positions but none to get men into female dominated positions. Argue with any of the figures or facts presented.

    • Mark

      Yes, how selfish of those men to want to keep the money they earned instead of marrying you and handing it all over to you.

    • Gary2

      Pat I am sorry to say this but you are 100% correct. I see the newly poor women after hubby dumps them and then spends more on a lawyer to not pay child support than just paying the support. They then dump their kids on the tax payers like that repube dolt in Ill–walsh I think is the dolts name. The tea billies keep electing these dolts. What do you expect from the party at war with women.

      I am like WTF these are your kids, WTF is the matter with you???

      BTW–Us liberals are going to keep calling out the repubes on their war on women, minorities and the poor.

  • otho

    all american men. stop paying taxes. pick up your ******. start walking to the capital.

  • Omar

    I live in Miami, which compared to alot of midwest cities, and even northern Florida cities, hasn’t been hit nearly as hard economically. I believe that this is because of the tourism, which has slowed (season is shorter) but remains strong. Anyways, this complex definitely exists, about 75% of the blue collar, young men I know (I’m 25) are living with their parents, and out of good steady work, with construction being way down, and even Miami-Dade laying making lay offs. While the white collar guys, are smug with their paper pushing jobs, not having really felt any heat yet. Its not trouble until it’s on your doorstep.
    Also, after 4 years in hospitality myself, I’ve striven to land a concierge job…anywhere at this point. I’m charismatic, great with my guests, and knowledgeable about the area. But I’ve failed to achieve it either from within, or coming from outside. After some checking I came to realize almost all of the positions were filled by women, and then I realized that the majority of middle and upper HR, Front Office, and Sales positions in the hotels were held by women. Not making any excuses, but I guess all they see in me is a strong back? Hospitality isn’t exactly quantum physics, you don’t actually need a degree, but nowadays you’d better be a Lawyer, Doctor, or hope to sell an obscenely overpriced condo. In any case, the women around here can always put on a skirt and heels and waltz into the interview, or marry up.

  • hitfan

    I can’t offer much consolation in regards to the ethnic cleansing of men from the economy.

    But you can do the following things:

    -eat right (eat more fats, meats and vegetables, and forgo sugars and grains)
    -do difficult exercises (deadlifts do wonders for your testosterone levels).

    Try to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. If you’re healthy, consider yourself lucky. I imagine that Steve Jobs at his death bed would trade all of his wealth in the world for better health in the life of an unemployed person.

  • TX4Life

    When my husband was out of work for over a year, it took its toll on his confidence and self-esteem. He finally got a job offer 4 hours away and we had to make some tough decisions. If he took it, I would have to leave my job and we would move. My job paid more than his new job was offering. We would have to sell our house at a loss. In the end, I left my job, we sold the house and relocated. It was well worth it in my opinion for mental health reasons. We now live on less but are at least as happy as we were before. Interestingly, the guy who had worked below me would not even apply for my job because he said even though it paid more than he was making, it still did not pay enough for the amount of work involved!

  • L

    Maybe if men got over themselves and were okay with their spouse or women in the workforce, this wouldn’t be such a problem. It’s the 21st century, women work and are just as capable as men, get over it.

    • jayhawk

      Women have always worked nimrod. They just did it at home and actually acted like the mothers that they were.

      • Tein

        Jayhawk, your reply to L was in no way shape or form understandable unless your only intent was to demonstrate that you are a male chauvinistic pig. Did women soley work at home in WWII in the US? Certainly not.

        So get some perspective please. In doing so you just find yourself understanding what is happening in the world.


    • Omar

      Yes, women have always worked, but there’s a growing awareness that men have been displaced, especially the blue collar guys, the ones that build the bridges and buildings.You’re comment was a total Mangina thing to say.

    • strom

      I strongly disagree with you and find your comment rather smugly cavalier. If you could find 4the time to study the history of economics and it’s interrelationship with the roles of women regarding voting, working and family responsibility. I know that you would see the follies of the suppossed feminist leaders. Also since your still reading this check out their political affilliations.

    • Shangey G.

      What a troll.

      Shockingly, women *can* shuffle paper, just like men. But if women are all focused on their careers, then who’s at home having kids? You’re gonna expect men to?

      Women have the monopoly on having kids — men simply don’t have the equipment. Women already have this god-granted right. The sexes are already lopsided towards women.
      The way they can put men in a trance, and get men to do things for them. Men don’t have that power either. Call it “female privilege”.

      Women think “their career” is so important to them over family. Your manager job at Walmart is just so important isn’t it? (Sarcasm).

      You can’t build a functioning society with women working, focused on career, and men at home. You will get what the U.S. currently is in — a nose-diving population. In other words, the society dies. Without immigration, the U.S. would be “dying” economically. The population would be dwindling. That’s a death-culture. It’s only because of the constant infusion of “new blood” of immigration, like a blood transfusion on a dying patient, that the U.S. is still growing.

      Read it and weep.

  • Ron Thompson

    Sadly this decline will continue for as long as Americans refuse to repent of their sins turn to YaHWeH the Creator. America continues to remove more and more evidences of GOD Almighty’s hand in the creation of what made this country great. Therefore He takes more and more away from this country. Men can try as hard as they want to fix this economy. But America will just keep sinking deeper and deeper and it will put us to our knees into the mud of our corruption. We have turned our backs on GOD. In consequence, GOD turns His back on us until we as a nation repent of our depraved ways. We need to turn back to obeying GOD and living according to GOD’S laws and not man’s twisted, perverted anti-GOD laws. GOD owns all of the earth and everything that is on this planet to do what He pleases with it. He is long suffering and patient waiting for us to turn back to Him and submit to His sovereignty. Don’t think for a moment that He would not take this country away from us and give it to our enemies. He is very just and He will let us know who decides who will hold the deed to America. He is the sovereign owner and will not be mocked.

    • Bob

      Don’t mix religion with politics. It is the affirmative action and the politics which got us into becoming the nation of losers.

    • Absolute truth Ron. This country keeps digging in its heels and refuses to repent though. Also, the church for the most part, has become such pansies. We’re afraid of being sued, being taxed, or people leaving to find another church, and we’re deathly afraid of people painting us as zealots or being offended just because the truth is uncomfortable. The church today wants to be a friend to the world so the world will not be offended by it. This is sad! I say this because we as a country will never repent as long as the church is involved in the same sins! Just as God dealt with Israel in the OT, He will judge America or it will be pretty darn unfair to Sodom…

  • Mike

    The laws (fed, state, local) are stacked against men and give preferences to women. In the business world, the government gives preferences to Minority-Owned Business such as minority women owned business (blacks, Hispanic, etc), and women owned businesses. Some companies cannot even qualified to bid on some government contracts if their employee composition did not fulfill minority requirements.

  • Jay

    It kind of goes with the territory. When a nation rejects God, (the ultimate in masculinity) it then rejects everything else masculine and the men die off.

    Guys can tag along with a woman for a while and live on her paycheck, but at some point that too will fail and the whole system will collapse. When it does, you won’t want to have to have a woman or children to take care of when those times arrive. Everyone will be dangerous and you will not want to watch your family die before your very eyes.

    Marriage is a wonderful gift from God, but it was not designed to work in a society comprised of 99% homosexuals.

    • Gay Veteran

      “Marriage is a wonderful gift from God, but it was not designed to work in a society comprised of 99% homosexuals.”


      • Jay

        Upwards of 99% of America is homosexual now. How do I come up with that figure? It’s all in the definition of homosexuality which is not something that just happens below the belt, it happens between the ears. Homosexuality is nothing more than role reversal. Men acting like women and women acting like men. By that definition America is at least 99% homosexual. It is a world view that denies God and deifies humanity.

        • Gary2

          dude–I think you may be gay

    • Right on Jay!Isaiah ch3 says that women will rule over men, but further states that …seven women will come after one man and say marry us! We’ll provide our own food and clothes just give us your name… Of course many people today get really pissed if you share this with them, but this along with the other prophecies, are taking shape. The “mancession”, the economy, woman (and men) gathering at state capitals to shout about and put on plays about their vaginas! What’s up with that? Oh, and there’s this problem with Irag (aka russia,china,syria). Women are becoming better educated (good for them, I have a daughter)but do you see where this is headed? It’s man’s fault-NOT women! Fortunately for us, we don’t have to go thru all the crap when it happens. I for one, am waiting and watching for Jesus and His return for His church prior to the tribulation period…John 3:16.
      Glad it’s Friday-Have a great weekend everyone!

      • Gary2

        seven women for each guy?? one for each day of the week??? that could be interesting…

  • Marty

    Go to utube and copy and paste this to see what the problem is. Help friends and pass it along:

    Prepper, Ron Paul, Tea Party, Job loss, Unemployment benefits, Bush Tax Cut, to create jobs

  • Verminh8tor

    REVOLUTION is the solution!

  • laura m.

    Why is it friends and family members, most of who were not college material started businesses or got jobs in the blue collar field like HVAC techs, flooring installers, plumbers, dental techs, chef’s, auto body repair, aircraft maint. etc and stayed employed?. Why is this younger generation afraid to get their hands dirty like my generation? This should answer most questions as to why so many men are unemployed. Things do have to be replaced and repaired, maintained. There are shortages in these fields as my generation is retiring now.

  • Guy Gold

    Being unemployed isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you. Buying a negative return on investment college degree can be even worse (you are better off on government welfare programs than doing that!):

  • I’m Just Sayin’

    I am a female. I’ve worked for male and female bosses in my life (white collar jobs). I prefer working for male bosses. My female friends say the same. It’s the hormones and the back-stabbing and SOME women are masters at backstabbing in the workplace. Men ‘suck it up and walk it off’ when stuff happens in the workplace. Women look for revenge, esp. against other women. Sad but true.

    • batl_flyingfree

      I recently had a manager tell me that she preferred it when her staff was all male. She said that the 2 women that work for bicker all the time and don’t get nearly as much done. Women should have the same opportunities as men but we can’t deny the differences in mentality.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Face it… people are becoming obsolete fairly quickly now. The Rise of the Machines is *real*, and don’t forget it. Robots are going to replace most of us inside the next 300 years. It doesn’t surprise me, I’ve seen this coming for 50 years now.

  • When a group of people agrees that they are “earning” money in time instead of by labor, impossibles become possible and the future begins to become something never before thought of.

  • David

    I hate what is happening in this country and when I think about my grandchildren and how they will cope, I am very sad. I envision the haves will live in compounds with hired mercenaries to guard them. We are in a lawless generation even headed by a lawless administration. No one wants a rulebook for living,the scriptures, or a rulebook for governing,the constitution. All are corrupt and getting worse. only the Lord Jesus can save this old planet and He will!

  • HecatesMoon

    What the hell…I will get out my umbrella to weather the possible stones that might be thrown my way for what I have to say.
    I think a woman that wants and is capable of juggling her traditional role with that of the traditional man’s role is worthy of respect. Personally, I can’t juggle both.
    But I think women ultimately got screwed. Even now, things are not 50/50 in most households. Women now have almost all of their traditional role and have to take on the man’s role too while most men still maintain only their traditional role? What???
    The problem is and was how the woman’s traditional role has been viewed. We were worthless, weak, stupid….and if you don’t work outside the home now you are JUST a mom, JUST a homemaker.
    Women may not have been so eager to get out of the home and may not be so “women’s lib” now if men were taught that our traditional role was just as valuable as their role was and is. If society had been taught that women WERE equal- just as valuable, just as intelligent, as worthy of respect, as strong, as worthy of the right to be educated, to have a say in their own household.
    As I see it, in order to assert our worth, our intelligence, our value, we were forced to over compensate.
    I FEEL like a lesser than even though I know I shouldn’t. (I am the housekeeper, the cook, the laundress, the nanny. I tend the garden and the chickens. I will be the one harvesting and canning.) I feel this way even though I shouldn’t because society views me this way, as less.
    I cannot juggle both worlds. Cannot do it. Don’t think it’s fair that I should be expected to do it either.
    For all the women out there that do it all, all power to you. For me, I’ll keep a more traditional role.

    • TX4Life

      I completely agree. I couldn’t keep all the balls in the air at the same time either. Something was always suffering. However, now that I am at home again and working hard keeping the garden, cleaning the house, making every meal we eat, etc., I have working female and male friends who say, “But what do you do all day?”. I don’t think they understand how much time it takes if you do it all correctly. Canning and preserving the garden harvest and processing game is very time consuming.

    • TR


      Why do you worry so much about what ‘other’ people think of your decision to stay home and tend to your family?

      Why not do yourself a favor and tabulate what it would cost to hire out all that you do..

      If paid, the typical Stay at Home Mom in the United States would earn the pay shown below for her work as a mother.
      National Range

      $64,148 $112,962 $164,684
      National Low National Median National High

      But you can find your own figures’s broken down by how many hours in each position you would work..from house keeping to Accounting, Daycare to Running your kids to and fro, and working in the yard..

      Mine was about $240k a year..

      Only because now that my kids are older, I spend more time in other “positions, like counseling, and running to and fro, my son does virtual school so I spend more time doing computer related stuff for his school, like editing papers, making sure he’s understanding whats required for the assignments, making sure he has the needed programs and materials and such for his assignments..I have a daughter in college that has health issues so she can’t drive, so I’m always having to work out logistics on who needs to be where at what time..and those positions pay more in the workforce than does a daycare worker or full time nanny.

      But don’t let what other people value determine your value and worth as both a person and what you contribute to your family.

      And I think Men should be hired more often than women, and families should go back to having a mom at home and a dad working outside the home..

      I was reading an article recently about many high powered working women desiring to leave the workforce just so they can be there for their kids..many of these women are TOP Women’s Libbers..saying there really is no way to do it all..

      • HecatesMoon


        I did that before- made a list of all my jobs along with a bill.
        My boyfriend would make statements like, “She bought a…well, I bought it I should say…”
        I got tired of hearing it.
        I told him he works for himself, but I work for him, and that means when I buy something with his money, I bought it with MY money too.
        I gave him the bill, which was more than he made at that point for the month, and I never heard anything about what HE bought or HIS money again. 😀
        I guess when it is just some random person, it doesn’t matter so much, but when it’s the people that are around you every single day it gets to you.

  • Bob

    Minorities and women first. But they are the MAJORITY. End the affirmative action NOW.

    Also they cannot be a really competitive workforce against the world-wide competition if they are selected using preferential treatment.
    We lost because our own stupidity.

  • Donnel Martin

    Re: Ron Thompson’s comment

    You are absolutely right on with your comment. American with it’s false religions (including Christianity) has gone completley “Lawless” and YaHWeH has already begun the judging process. We haven’t seen anything yet.


  • greg

    Quit sniveling. Acquire a skill that means something in todays market. A good linux admin can command 70-80K annually in Nashville, TN.; more on the coasts. Linux is a self taught skill. Most colleges don’t even offer it. There are numerous opportunities for education even if you’re broke.

  • Owen

    Read your comments, felt the pain, but remember this: You always get more of what you subsidize. We have been subsidizing women’s education and employment for several decades now, hence this outcome. The good news is this will not last much longer(we can’t afford it). The bad news is we are not going to like what is replacing what our world once was. Read your Bible, as only born again Christians can look confidently to the future.

  • Louise in MO

    One reason that businesses are hiring women rather than men is because they PAY women less than men. This fact was most recently discussed in the media. After working 40 years, I know it’s true!

  • Brooks Newmark


    Becoming a man starts when you’re young. Roughing it on the playground, sports, outdoor activities, scouts, “tackle football”, hockey hoops, baseball, fishing, hunting, helping out around the house with chores, pulling weeds, taking out the trash, cleaning the garage, learning how to fix things, working with machines/tools.. getting dirty, being polite and humble, looking people in the eye, firm handshakes, kindness to children, respecting the elderly, respecting and being kind to everyone, learning how to tie a tie, dress appropriately for a formal occasion, use proper social graces, shine your shoes, press your shirt and pants, learn proper etiquette at a country club, how to play golf…by the rules, how to NEVER complain about ANYTHING or make EXCUSES about ANYTHING..including unemployment. No reason you can’t start your own thing to make money in a pinch…keep fighting…stay humble, minded..and healthy…pray…get closer to the LORD…READ the BIBLE…Listen to the HOLY SPIRIT move you…NEVER GIVE UP OR GIVE IN to the temptation to complain and whine…actually go volunteer to help someone less fortunate than you…someone with cancer…a child who was abandoned…mentally disabled…a senior living alone in a rest home…reach out to the homeless guy on the street and tell him the LORD LOVES him…take him to the grocery store and buy him some food..take him to the YMCA or The Salvation Army…help him clean himself up…give away some things you don’t use or don’t need anymore to someone or some organization that could use it…SMILE ALOT…COMPLIMENT other PEOPLE…WAKE UP AND BE A MAN>>>SLAP YOURSELF INTO ACTION>>>>>MANNNNN UPPPPPP!!!!!

    • mondobeyondo

      Sadly, it seems like more girls than boys are picking up those traits these days. And therein lies the problem. Have you seen girls on a playground? Those young ladies can be VICIOUS!

  • FxP

    The truth is that Men are been displaced from the blue collar workforce not because of Women; but because of OUR nation’s ever shrinking manufacturing and construction work sector. We are becoming a nation of services (hence the trade deficit). Women are great at the servicing department for example: real estate, lawyers, doctors, nurses, customer service, etc. (no physical strength need it).

    The goal of the world economy “engine” (one piston goes up and we go down) is to crush our nation until we are so desperate that we will work for cents an hour giving up our human rights. Then we will become the manufacturing beacon of the world again to be paid with our environmental degradation.

    Run to the hills and grow your own food for your family survival. Is the only way. Good luck.

  • Brad V


    Do you know of path I can take to assist Mr. Bodeker? His is a true heart-breaking story.

    • Michael


      I am afraid I don’t have that information.

      Does anyone else out there know?


  • Gary2

    reading many of the low information comments from conservatives it is obvious the conservative movement is at war with women. We will be exploiting that in the extreme in this coming election. Conservatives are going down.

  • Brooks Newmark

    Thanks Gary2 …yeah for Gary..Gary is sooo smart….sooo clever….terrific and thoughtful insight shared..high thinking Gary…preach it Gary! Gary 2 for President!! Way to go Gary…you tell all those conservatives how stupid they are…how all those misguided conservatives just want to start a war against women..sure Gary..makes sense to me that a bunch of fun loving heterosexual family oriented guys that have been married to The same woman for years must really have it in for women…Happy 30th Anniversary Honey!!! By the way Honey…We are officially at War!!! Come on now Gary…wake up!!!!

  • kalord


  • It’s a woman’s world alright. This mancession has made women the majority of the workforce in this nation for the first time ever. More than 50% of all middle managers are now women. The glass ceiling is going to break, and when it does it will rain down a torrent of razor sharp shards on the hapless men below. As they scurry around for shelter they will find none as their crab pot mentality will prevent any of them from escaping.The pointy fragments will eviscerate their dreams, and their flesh alike as they slowly drown in a sea of debt.

    The age of men has ended and the age of women has begun. The female of the species is simply better suited to thrive in our post industrial society. Unfortunately for men they have had their boots on the necks of women for far too long, and the women are starkly aware of this fact. Shoulder pads in the 80s were just the beginning. As your girlfriend shakes her vibrator at you and says “I don’t need you. I’ve got my man.” you should be worried. Just like in the economy you can be replaced.

  • Jim C

    WOW! What anger and self-righteousness. You people think everything is a stationary target — that people, and therefore human issues don’t change. They change by the hour. Male chauvanist? Really? Fact is, most people in this mess work as a team. Only one person I saw above understands that women are doing better in this job market because they can do most any job as well as their male counterparts — but they have been doing it for 30% less pay for ever. Now we will have equal pay for equal work between men and women, but no woman is getting a raise. For example: a job in 2008 at ACME Co. pays $80k to men and $60k to women. Starting in 2009, company’s start losing money seriously. They look to cut. Who gets axed first. The executive in charge of the cuts will have spreadsheets grouped by positions, not by sexes. I guarantee that executive doesn’t give a rat’s butt about anything on the left half of the spreadsheet. That executive, man or woman, will find the one and only column they care about — total compensation. And they will start cutting their. Exceptional male ($80k) performers will be kept if the crisis allows, but the pattern will be to remove the highest paid employees and reduce the pay for that position by, in this case, 25%. Now, human beings being adaptable critters, swallow hard, bang their heads against the wall for a year or so (the unemployed man, as well as his still employed spouse, because, after all, they’re still trying to live on a lot less money as a household) and then they accept that the $80K rate is gone forever. Now they’d be thrilled if the man could get a gig at $50K, because $100k total household looks like a million dollars at this point.

    Neither side really knows how to deal with this change. Women have judged women MUCH harder than any man ever has. Men’s crimes tend to be of indifference to their counterparts rather than overt persecution. Unemployed men look at their wives and believe they see deep disappointment mixed with the fear and frustration. Anyone, man or woman, who has not been in this unemployment situation in the last 3 years, really needs to just shut up, open their eyes and stop embarrassing themselves with cliche “fixes” for the people who have lost their 401k’s, their kids’ college funds, their emergency savings, their hopes to ever retire, and possibly their marriages to a world that changes faster than new answers can be found for today’s new questions.

  • Jennifer

    Everyone knows the workplace has gotten worse and worse the more women go into it. It’s turned into a petty, worthless exercise in games. More like an 8 hour bridal shower. Work sucks now because women are too sensitive and no one can say ANYTHING without getting in trouble.

  • Rich Daddy

    The only solution to our mess as Americans is that we need to take our country back! We need to dig deep into our hearts and minds and live our life like we did when our country was founded. There is too much belly aching and blaming of others. When the true problem is us. We live in a country that is founded on a Free Enterprise system. That means we all have the opportunity to create wealth and help others do the same. Capitalism should be given a true chance to operate at it’s full potential. No bail outs of failing business! We should ALL oppose bank bail outs. Let the failing company fail, and the succeeding ones take the lead. All of that is controlled by the people, not the government. But, it looks like we all need to hit rock bottom before we do anything. If that’s the case, then let it be. We will find our true selves in our moments of great disappointment.

  • john bello

    hey michael, I am writing a paper on this topic can I cite you as a source, first and last name please.

    john bello

    • Michael


      My name is Michael Snyder


  • Kommunist

    They’ll blame women, they’ll blame blacks, they’ll blame anyone but the bosses and their state puppets. Wake up workers.

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