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The Police State Vs. Occupy Wall Street: This Is Not Going To End Well For Any Of Us

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Right now, we are watching the early rounds of a heavyweight fight between two extremely determined opponents.  Occupy Wall Street has no plans of losing this fight and neither do law enforcement authorities.  Perhaps those running the show actually believed that raiding Zuccotti Park and more than a dozen other “Occupy camps” around the nation would end these protests, but that is just not going to happen.  Whatever your opinion of Occupy Wall Street is, everyone should be able to agree that this is one dedicated bunch.  They are absolutely obsessed with their cause and in response to the recent raid on Zuccotti Park organizers are calling for “a national day of direct action” on Thursday.  But if Occupy Wall Street protesters want to take things to “the next level”, they should not underestimate the resolve of the police state.  Over the past decade, the homeland security apparatus of the federal government has been slowly but surely turning this country into a “Big Brother” police state.  Today, our law enforcement authorities are obsessed with watching us, listening to us, tracking us, recording us, and gathering information on all of us.  We are constantly reminded that we live in a prison grid (just think about what they do to you before you are allowed on an airplane) and they are not about to put up with anyone challenging their authority or their control.  Have you even known parents that constantly feel the need to prove that they are “the boss” of their children?  Well, that is essentially what the homeland security apparatus in this country has become.  All over the United States, law enforcement personnel are taught that every American is a potential terrorist and they are actually trained to “act tough”, to bark orders at us and to not let anyone question their authority.  If Occupy Wall Street believes that it can get the police state to “back down”, they are sorely mistaken.  Hopefully everyone will cool off a bit as the temperatures go down this winter.  But if we do see a “cooling off”, it probably will not last for long.  As the U.S. economy continues to get worse, these kinds of protests are going to keep growing and they will become even more intense.  Eventually, mass civil unrest will cause the streets of many of our major cities to closely resemble war zones.  When it is all said and done, this is not going to end well for any of us.

The stunning police raid of Zuccotti Park at 1 AM on Tuesday morning made headlines around the world.  Protesters were hauled off, tents were cut down and garbage trucks hauled off the personal possessions of those that had been encamped there.  It was swift and it was brutal.

But it was just another in a long line of raids that we have seen over the past couple of weeks.  Occupy camps in Portland, Oakland, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta and several other cities have also been raided.

There is an increasing body of evidence that these raids have been coordinated.  For example, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan recently made the following statement during a recent interview about the Occupy movement….

I was recently on a conference call with 18 cities across the country who had the same situation

Does anyone want to guess who was running that conference call?

Heidi Bogosian, the executive director of the National Lawyers Guild, is convinced that the recent raids were coordinated at the federal level….

“We definitely feel, especially in a movement like this that has arisen so quickly in a number of cities, that there will be a coordinated national effort to try and shut it down”

Someone probably thought that cracking a few skulls and cutting up a few tents would probably make the hippies go away.

Yes, that might have worked in 1991.

But this is 2011.  Whether you agree with Occupy Wall Street or not, one thing that should be clear to all of us is that these boys and girls are deadly serious.

In response to the recent raids, organizers have declared “a national day of direct action” on Thursday.

One of the “major actions” being planned is a “shut down” of Wall Street.

Of course that will not happen because thousands of law enforcement personnel will be dispatched to protect Wall Street if necessary.

But what does seem clear is that Occupy Wall Street seems determined to take things to the next level.

In this video, a wild-eyed protester can be seen making the following statement….

“On the 17th, we gonna burn this city to the ************* ground.”

Later on in the video, the same protester makes an even more inflammatory statement….

“No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”

That is a very frightening statement.

As I noted the other day, one recent survey found that 31 percent of all Occupy Wall Street protesters “would support violence to advance their agenda”.

Let us hope that cooler heads prevail and that we don’t see outbreaks of violence.

If we do see violence in the coming days, it will just give law enforcement authorities an excuse to crack down even harder.

Up to this point, local law enforcement authorities have been advised to seek “legal reasons” for evicting Occupy protesters.

Since just about everything is illegal in America today, that has not been too difficult.  So far “zoning laws”, “curfew rules” and regulations that target homeless people have been used as justifications to evict Occupy protesters.

In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has said that protesters can gather in Zuccotti Park, but that “the rules” do not allow them to have tents, sleeping bags or any sort of heavy equipment.

So will the protesters go along with this, or will this turn into a prolonged struggle over Zuccotti Park?

It is hard to say, but one thing is for sure – police all over the nation have already shown that they are prepared to use brutal force against these protesters in order to get their way.

We have seen tear gas used, we have seen pepper spray cannons used, we have seen rubber bullets used and we have seen flash-bang stun grenades used.

And they are just warming up.  When it comes to protecting “national security”, there is a vast array of technologies and weapons that law enforcement authorities have at their disposal.

Many Americans are cheering the crackdown on these protesters, but we all should remember that real people are getting seriously injured.  For example, just check out this photo of 84-year-old Dorli Rainey after pepper spray was blasted directly into her face.

Rainey and several other Occupy Seattle protesters are still in the hospital.

Ready for another example?

You can see video of a female Occupy Cal protester being brutally yanked by her hair right here.

How would you feel if that was you?

We all need to realize that these confrontations are not just a bunch of “fun and games”.

A lot of people have been sent to the hospital already, and this is just the beginning.

One of the key things that the American people will need to understand is that they don’t have to pick sides.

When law enforcement authorities commit atrocities, we should denounce them.

When Occupy Wall Street protesters commit acts of violence or vandalism, we should denounce them.

It would be nice if all Occupy Wall Street protests would be 100% non-violent.

It would be nice if the police would be reasonable and would carry out their duties with gentleness and respect.

But sadly, those things are probably not going to happen.

The civil unrest we are seeing now is only the beginning.

Things are going to get a lot worse.

If things keep getting escalated to “the next level”, eventually we will see martial law imposed in some of our largest cities.

Don’t think that it can’t happen.

The United States is increasingly becoming a very unstable place.

As America comes apart at the seams, this is not going to end well for any of us.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…some Justice Department official screwed up and admitted that the Department of Homeland Security coordinated the riot-cop raids on a dozen major #Occupy Wall Street demonstration camps nationwide yesterday and today….”

    Department of Homeland Security? It sounds so much better in the original German

    • mondobeyondo

      Yep. Glad the federal government didn’t call it the “Fatherland Protection Agency”. Now THAT would give me chills.

  • xander cross

    You are correct Michael. I often tell my wife to be safe and that I love her each day. I believe this is going exactly as the elite plan. I been preparing by getting to know my neighbors and where they stand because your neighbors might be a good resort when things get down and dirty. I know that you can’t trust most people, but we need to work together if we are going to surivie this at all.

    • Michael

      I think that you got the main point of the article better than most of the people that have left comments so far.




        I disagree with the title of your piece. In addition to smashing the Occupy movement, this absolutely will end well for all of us with the total destruction of the amerikan empire. Once that happens, those few remaining can set about the business of rebuilding the American Republic…………..


      xander cross,


      Survive this at all? Why would anyone want to survive this? The amerikan empire must fall, in order for the American Republic to be reborn. So, in terms of the destruction of the amerikan empire: I’m counting on it………

      • Xander cross

        Now? I have been doing this for years since 2003 when all of this was going on long ago. Me and a few others been doing what we can to help each other. Like I have said before, we need to work together if we are going to get through this.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”…”

    ever hear of “Agent provocateur”?

    “Traditionally, an agent provocateur (plural: agents provocateurs, French for “inciting agent(s)”) is a person employed by the police or other entity to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act. More generally, the term may refer to a person or group that seeks to discredit or harm another by provoking them to commit a wrong or rash action….”

  • Gay Veteran

    The police have become militarized, acting like an army of occupation. These jack-booted thugs are nothing but the enforcers for the elites that rule this country.

    And what does Karl Denninger (one of the co-founders of the Tea Party movement) have to say about Homeland Security being involved in the attacks on OWS?

    “…All of those so-called “Tea Partiers” who have made repeated claims that this group was part of Obama’s “underground” team and in fact were nothing more or less than an outright Marxist plot coordinated from the White House to seize this nation and destroy its republican form of government now have egg on their faces to an extreme degree.

    …But like MLK and Civil Rights, there’s a fundamental problem with sending in the cops to raid various groups of people who are standing around and waving signs, beyond the obvious First Amendment implications: You can’t kill an idea with a police raid. In fact, when you do that, all you’ve done is validate the idea itself and, if it’s “real” and not some sort of manufactured political game, attempted repression simply draws in more people who are outraged at the abusive tactics.

    That is, attempting to “attack” the Occupy movement is likely to simply make it stronger.”

  • JD

    Yeah its messed up. As I said before, COPBLOCK. ORG has been on these pigs asses for awhile. People need to realize the police are not your friends. You dont need to call them for anything, I mean ANYTHING. They will search your home, car, and person without cause. Our 4th admendment rights have gone the way of the dinosaur. (thats the right for the pigs not to perform illegal search and seisure for the uninformed). I used to have respect for cops but I myself have also been brutalized by these bastards. They will esclate a peaceful situation into a violent one everytime. These cops just live for confrontation. They are usually bored with their jobs and when the traffic stops and the lemonade stand busts arent enough, they want to find a reason to bust skulls instead. I have been pepper sprayed when I was already handcuffed and the whole time when the fat pig bastard was on top of me he was pushing my face into the ground suffocating me, he was yelling “Stop resisting, Stop resisting!” All I was doing was trying to get my head up so I could breathe. But I guess youre just suposed to let them kill you like a good tax-paying citizen. My old town of Helena, MT the pigs shot a man while he was driving off (See Brian Temple case on COPBLOCK) almost killed him. The pig claimed that Brian was trying to run him down so of course he had to defend himself. I was in jail with Brian. He said he wasnt under arrest at the time so he felt he could leave. He was 15 ft away from Officer Oink when he got shot. His case of attempted murder on the piggie got thrown out cuz the city conviently destroyed the windsheild so Brian couldnt prove the trajectory of the bullet which would have proved his innocence. The judge agreed so thats that. Oh and theres Rodger Chandler too. The pigs killed him when he was naked and posed no threat but because he was yelling at himself inside a camper and on drugs but so what? Does that give the cops the right to taze him 4 times so his heart quits beating? They cant find a safer way to calm a sitiuation down then by using deadly force. (yes tazers are deadly) they kill more people than you know. Then they killed poor homeless Kelly Thomas in CA. They suspected him of trespass so they beat him to a pulp and the poor man was crying for his father to help him. My heart breaks when I hear these stories. But we have a new weapon. Its called the camera and internet. We must hold these nazis accountable for their actions. A society with tranparency is a healthy one. Ive said enough Peace and God be with you. I will pray you all dont run into one of these murderers with badges, small privates, and big egos.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Once you are on the wrong side of handcuffs you have a whole new hatred of cops. I used to respect them too. Not anymore. I absolutely hate cops and would never, ever, ever call them for anything. Even when they drop the charges, as they did in my case, which was an absolute false arrest, you still have the arrest record on the internet for life (and now online newspapers will post your mugshot). You still have the expense of legal fees and the night in jail. In this country you are guilty until proven innocent. Government is evil. Cops are evil.

  • Pitchfork Ready

    Maybe these knuckleheads should get down to Fannie and Freddie and protest if they “really” believe in the crap spewing from that butthole I call their mouths.

    I think both sides–the police and these protesting clowns–are criminals. Let them take each other out. Society would be better off.

  • DeathSpiral

    I believe they wear headgear so they cannot be identified because the officers family and friends would ‘freak out’ if they saw them on video violently abusing unarmed citizens.

  • Ken

    The “wild-eyed protester” could be an agent provocateur.

    • Michael

      Yes, that is true.


  • liberranter

    There is obviously federal involvement on both sides of this issue: coordination of police activities and furnishing of agents provocateurs within the Occupy movement. As you mentioned, Michael, the feds want violence and will do anything to provoke it. They need to be reminded, however, that pushing The People too far is akin to winding a high-tension, heavyweight spring mechanism too tightly: it will explode on you, with the shrapnel fallout likely to tear you apart.

    I guess I need to repeat my question to all of the uniformed cogs in the machine who might be reading this article: Where will YOU stand if ordered to exercise unprovoked violence upon American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights?

    Think carefully, but don’t take too long. You don’t have much time.

  • Scott

    “Many Americans are cheering the crackdown on these protesters”

    Well of course, they’re disrupting the rights of others by blocking roads and bridges and occupying and destroying private property, are the Police just supposed to stand there and do nothing? If they were peacefully protesting then that would be a different story. OWS are not fighting for us, they are Marxist fanatics who have appointed themselves judge and jury over anyone and anything they preceive as an injustice, and would stifle your free speech in a minute if they had absolute power. And they are being played like a grand piano and doing the dirty work of the one world socialist/globalist elite like Soros, etc. To see what these fanatics are all about, study the history of Marxist revolutions and their tactics. There are many legitmate concerns about a police state, but police reacting to violent protesters disrupting the rights of others isn’t one of them. The sooner this cancer is removed the better.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    I do agree that there have been a few instances of overly aggressive and illegal police actions which should be investigated and prosecution of those guilty should swiftly follow. However, the 1st amendment does not include the right to occupy public space indefinitely. It does not include the right to create public health hazards. I find the OWS movement to largely be a bunch of ignorant, confused youth. If they want to occupy something they should occupy DC; especially the Capitol Building and the White House. DC is the epicenter of the problems that beset our society.

  • Ken

    This is just the beginning. I expect next year will be one crazy year. Thank God for Jesus, because of Him, all who believe in Him has a future and a hope. This whole thing is just temporary.

  • Lennie Pike

    They don’t dress like One Adam Twelve anymore – anyone noticed that?

    It’s because they are not our friends and are not interested in helping us.

    • mondobeyondo

      “Officer Friendly” morphed into a Blue Meanie a long time ago. If you were expecting the good old days when Andy Griffith and Barney Fife patrolled your town… sadly, they’re long gone.

  • Shawn

    Long time reader…can’t remember if I’ve commented before. Thanks for your always insightful commentary. Your site and a few others (Zero hedge, Max Keiser, Club Orlov, James Howard Kunstler) are among those I hit several times a week. Trouble’s coming alright, and I just wish I could see a safe path for me and my family. To side with totalitarianism and be crushed with oppression? To side with the coming rebellion and be crushed with force? To disappear into the wild? If I was a single guy with no kids, my choice would be quite clear…but what to do when you have to put the safety of others before your own? Anyway, I’m prepping in the way that I think will matter. I’ll likely be wrong, but at least when they kick in my door some dark night, I’ll die knowing that my family came first. Wishing for peace and wellness for you and yours, but not holding out hope that you will find either.

    • Michael


      It is great to hear from you. Yes – it is going to be difficult to always know what to do in the chaos that is ahead.

      People are getting upset over how I am characterizing one side or the other, but they are missing the main point.

      My main point is that the dynamics we are witnessing are inevitably going to lead massive civil unrest and a huge, huge mess.

      Chaos is coming so we all better get ready.


  • Nickelthrower


    If the fight is going to come then let it come now. Let it come while the majority of our soldiers are in far away places and in no position to save the 1%. Lets just get it over with.

  • grenka

    The Occupy movement is starting to adopt an anti-corruption platform that will garner much more respect. An Occupy member’s page , supporting a business owner who lost millions of dollars to a corrupt officials seems to illustrate this adaption.

  • Lennie Pike

    I am greatly disappointed and disillusioned that the ECB referred to the OWS protesters as boys and girls and hippies. To a very large extent that is not true and is what the MSM wants everyone to think.

    There are many well informed patriots showing up at these protests – free-market capitalists and freedom and Constitution loving Americans protesting against the Fascist government of the U.S.A..

    Labeling them as Communists, Socialists, Hippies, far-left nut jobs, and people who want other people’s hard earned money and re-distribution of wealth is THE ONLY STRATEGY AVAILABLE TO THE MSM and it’s owners, and it is a great one also – probably the only strategy that will work to convince Americans that everything in America remains on the up and up as it always has been.

    Every voice of an OWS protester I hear broadcast over the radio sounds like they have just ingested a half pound of “shrooms” and are feeling very “groovy” – absolutely no other type of voice of a protester will be allowed to be broadcast.

    The MSM is forming public opinion with this strategy and to me it looks like the MSM has successfully affected the opinion of the ECB. Don’t be ashamed – it could happen to anyone, the MSM is very very cunning and after a while they will wear you down. Keep repeating a lie long enough…………….

    Wake up. The NWO Globalists running this country couldn’t care less about it because they hate God.


    • Tim

      As always Lennie hits it right on the head. Democracy Now is the only reliable news coverage on the OWS movement. Last night they had the former Police Chief of Philadelphia at the Occupy New York Movement talking to Democracy Now and saying that the police are apart of the 99% and that its about socialism for the rich and he’s right. The police in Greek just protest a few days ahead of scheduled strikes and protests. Same will happen here when they cut the police budgets and pensions soon due to austerity. They are also just a layoff away from joining them. We are one stock market crash/Euroean meltdown/bank run away before all of this comimg to a head. More has happend in three weeks than the last 33 years. You are in the greatest period in human history. Embrace it, love it, but most of all understand it. For you are the 99% and you have never met a true one percenter or should I say 1/10 of one percent, because according to Paul Krugman
      (harvard economist), that is the real problem people. It’s not 1% but .1% who are the true crooks. It’s 999 versus 1. And even those .1% people are puppets to the Rothchild family. If I told you that all we have to do to solve all the world’s finicial problems would be to seize one family’s wealth that could in turn abolish all debt worldwide, would you believe me? It’s true! Knowledge is power and the Interent is our last line of communication for this uprising. Internt kill switch anyone?

      • Lennie Pike

        I don’t always hit the nail but thanks.

        You are right – it’s a one family plus .1% crime syndicate that is in total control. Their control of fiat currency makes it, and just about everything possible.

        At least 95% are ignorant that one family runs the world – all of the world except for a few countries that they are taking down as we speak by using mainly the U.S. Military which of course they also totally control.

        Just a few arrests, (with a return to honest money) would quickly solve most of the World’s problems.

        That’s great that some Police are in the 5% – way too high? Maybe the Military will join them and make some arrests, but I can’t see it happening unless there is a return to honest money beforehand – these Cops and Military Members lacking the courage, will most likely place their financial security as being more important than a sane, peaceful, and free world. Most of them though will probably remain ignorant of the truth.

        99% of the World’s People can and want to get along well and peacefully with everyone. They just want to go to work and take care of their families needs, and live without violence.

        Yes, the percentage of criminals in the general population is more than 1%, but arrest this family and watch that number go way down.

  • Kevin2

    Sooner or later a Kent State / Boston Massacre will occur that will add fuel to the fire. Unlike protests of old such as the civil rights movement that effected minorities and the Vietnam protests that effected the youth the broader reasons behind OWS effect a large amount of the demographic. The unemployed of any age, race, creed, religion or absence of; the pensioner without a pension; the vet returning to no job asking themselves, “Why” all have a common bond. Government corruption in your face just rubs salt into a wound unlike FDR during the great depression who people thought was at least looking out for their best interest. The people having tried every party combination and crossing racial lines are at their wits end. To many the system has failed them so often that the system has become the enemy. No home, no job, no money and no future for several million people is a disaster just waiting to really explode.

    It would be wise of Uncle Sam to get this swiftly addressed with kindness before force on force escalates beyond control. Things like this can take a direction beyond imagination. Night sticks, rubber (later real) bullets and pepper gas are counter productive, way counter productive.

    • Save the Republic

      You get it, how come so many average Americans, including some on this blog, don’t? This is about the vast majority of Americans getting screwed by the few that are using our government to manipulate everything in their favor, and they will not be happy until they own and control everything. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t seem to realize this is about them too, because they still have a job and haven’t lost their home yet. Wake up lazy and stupid Americans, just because they haven’t gotten yours yet, doesn’t mean they’re not coming for it. Your lack of vigilance, and your cowardice that you attempt to hide behind a facade of being a righteous, harder-working than thou, law-abiding citizen, will be your undoing. These people are out there protesting because the-powers-that-be have already taken their opportunity for gainful income away, and if they have their way, they will take it from us all.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “Sooner or later a Kent State / Boston Massacre will occur that will add fuel to the fire.”

      That is exactly what the men behind the curtain manipulating OWS want to have happen. And those men are “the powers that be’.

  • DownWithLibs

    Since this is backed by ACORN, I wonder if the whole point is to force new laws that would prevent even peaceful gathering such as the Tea Party Movement from being able to protest.

    As with anything else in this Administration, nothing is as it appears to be.

    • James

      Your labeling of the movement as backed by ACORN makes me wonder if you really have clue of the rampant fraud committed by the 1% against the entire world. The economic devastation that was caused by selling worthless investments as AAA rated investments is at the core of the problem. Trillions of dollars of wealth that was lost became the fuel to the fire of this movement. So much of this crime remains to be investigated that it boggles the mind leading one to come to the conclusion that the Government is involved in the crime of the century. Both political parties hold equal responsibility in this mess. I support many of the issues that are at the core of the tea party movement. Unfortunately the movement was hijacked by the wealthy contributors to the Tea party making it unpalatable to support the cause. OWS has the support of many because of it not being affiliated with the robber barons. When given my ballot in the upcoming primary elections I am going to vote for Ron Paul, I have voted for him during every primary election that I was able to beginning in 1992. I hope he wins the nomination. If he does I will vote for him and I have voted for a Democrat every time. In conclusion I will add that until the Tea party starts to refuse the money donated by the Robber Barons it will continue to sink in the polls. The movement has to reject the notion that the wealthy are our saviors because it is they who have destroyed the middle class.

      • Lennie Pike

        Exactly true.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “You have psychopaths and sociopaths in charge.”—Gerald Celente

    “The people are angry. It’s running out of control. And unfortunately, there are a group of police that have become nothing more than enforcers for the political and financial crime bosses.”—Gerald Celente

    “Bloomberg cleared out Zuccoti Park. It was, he said, an unsanitary condition. You want to see a lot of crap, Bloomberg? It’s up to here right down the street on Wall Street. How about shoveling up that crap?”—Gerald Celente

    Gerald Celente and Alex Jones have been warning that those who challenge the corruption and criminality of Wall Street and the bankster mafia will feel the iron boot of the police state, and they speak the truth. Occupy Wall Street, as Signore Celente and Signore Jones have pointed out, is a movement of people who are fed up with the thugs, goons, loansharks and criminals who have caused this economic collapse and destroyed the lives of millions of Americans—and if you think the police state is violent and abusive now, just wait. The worse the economic conditions become in The Banana Republic of America (the Third World horror movie that used to be the United States), the more violent the police state will become with OWS and anyone else who stands up to The White Shoe Boys. Today, it’s rubber bullets and pepper spray; tomorrow, it will be real bullets, concentration camps and waterboarding.

    “Some elements of Occupy Wall Street can legitimately be criticized as collectivist or whatever. But overall, this is just a movement of people who are upset about Wall Street taking over Washington and then inducing us to give them tens of trillions of our tax money. And then, all these fake conservatives get up and criticize anyone who wants to shut down the corruption on Wall Street as communist when it’s the opposite. There’s this ‘let them eat cake’ attitude, and it just gets crazier and crazier by the minute. How far can this go?”—Alex Jones

    “The conservative movement of today is a Bizarro World version of the historical doctrine of the American right, which up until the 1950s, was anti-imperialist as well as anti-government.”—Justin Raimondo

    “There’s no doubt that we’re in a depression, and the globalists have been covering it up.”—Alex Jones

    “Fascism has come to America. I’ve said it over and over again: the merger of state and corporate power is called fascism.”—Gerald Celente

    “We are in deep tyranny….deep, deep, deep.”—Alex Jones

    These are incredibly dark and perilous times in The Banana Republic of America, and the worst is yet to come. Things are going to get increasingly ugly. God help us.

  • Dave B

    I for one do not care if it does not end well for us. Most Americans are an ignorant bunch of morons who deserve all the misery they get. We have collectivity let the government turn this country into a police state, and acquiesce in the mass murders that make up our foreign policy, and let the government be owned and operated by corporations. ***********************

  • 007

    These soft children may talk one game. However, when push comes to shove they will not have the guts to openly confront the police. Somehow, I don’t see these trust fund babies lighting themselves on fire in protest. As much as the unions and left wing lunes would like chaos, I suspect they will go home to mom and dad and their video games. They have no idea of what horrible economic conditions are. However, they will learn soon enough.

    • Grey

      I’m 61 and my parents are dead and I never had a trust fund or anything like it, but I support this movement. And no I will not set myself on fire and hope not to get pepper sprayed. I’m not as interested in fighting police as exposing the corruption in government. And I want to keep it peaceful. And I have to think something good can come of this, or why do it? And I don’t own 1 video game, as a matter a fact I hate them.

      • 007

        Then wake up, effect change at the balot box, realize what the problems are as well as the solutions. Gee you figured out something is wrong. Good for you, most of the country has figured that out. Why dont you direct some of your protester buddies to this web site for a fair appraisal of our problems as well as the solutions.

        • Anthony

          Affect change at the ballot box? Are you delusional? They own all the candidates. If voting could change anything it would be outlawed.

  • Game Over

    My Demands? Simple:

    1) Revolution
    2) ******************************

  • r.bitting

    The police state is exactly what those in power were aiming for. The people are about to lose their freedom, never to see it again. The all too obvious endgame scenario for a nation that once held the truth of God in the highest regard, only to cast it aside and put themselves on the throne. The end of America is nigh at hand, and no amount of preparedness will save those who scorn their creator. For those of you who know and embrace the truth of Jesus Christ, you know what time it is, and you know how the book ends. Stand firm.. To all of you who have’nt trusted in Christ as savior, you need to do it while you still can, because until you do, the wrath of God abides on you, and there will come a point where God will be done giving you opportunities and you will die in your sin. God takes no pleasure in the death of anyone, but rather that they turn to him and be saved. Jesus died on the cross to pay for the sins of the world, and whoever turns to him to be forgiven of their sin will be saved. ” For God made him who knew no sin, to become sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God in him ” 2 Corinthians 5:21

    • Kathy Smith

      Awesome comment once again

  • mark

    You are right, for Van Jones and others have trained these people to get others to riot and worse. I have seen this coming for a long time and live on a ranch well outside of a small town. The meltdown seems to be a bit warmer each week. You had better get prepared as these people can be ruthless. They want a revolution and most of us do not want to go there. Obama has helped bring this on through his bail outs and his words of support for them.

  • My Hat Is Off To The Occupy Wall Street Protestors And I Hope None Of Them Get Hurt.Yes,They Are A Determimed Bunch And This Is What is Needed To Tell The Government That Enough Is Enough,They Have To Start Somwhere So Why Not Start At The Cesspool Of America, Which Is Wallstreet,Then Work There Way To Washington.
    And I Hope That Everybody Remembers That This Same Government Sent Weapons To The Drug Cartels
    In mexico,Only God Would Know What Of Game They Were Into There.So The Crackdown By The Cops Is No Surprise To Me,Same Game,There Rules. For Example,Syria, in 8 Months 3500 people Have Died
    At The Hands Of The Military And Or Police,But Due Credit To These People,Based On The Fact They Will Not Give Up On There Cause.And Yes It
    Probaly Will Get Uglier And Make The Riots In Los Angles in The 80’s Look Like A Small Campfire.

  • Dirty Harry

    Get a grip. As a retired LEO I can tell you the police don’t want to be there at these useless protests anymore than you want them there. They follow orders of the politicians YOU elected. They are enforcing the law, and have the right to use greater force than what is used against them. I didn’t take the job to get in fights. But I was paid to win them. Without the police, gangs would already be running the cities..THEN who you gonna call?

    But all this is just a symptom of kicking Jesus Christ, the only true God, out of everything government. Why should He help after what YOUR politicians and judges have done? Suck it up sheeple, you’re toast unless you turn to Christ, and even that doesn’t guarantee you won’t suffer with the rest. But you’ll have an eternal home in the right place

    • liberranter

      Sorry, Harry, but your words don’t wash wool

      As a retired LEO I can tell you the police don’t want to be there at these useless protests anymore than you want them there. They follow orders of the politicians YOU elected.

      When you completed porkademy training, you took an oath, like politicians and those serving in the armed forces do, to uphold the Constitution of the United States. “Following orders” that contravene those laws is the ultimate violation of that oath.

      They are enforcing the law, and have the right to use greater force than what is used against them.

      Two problems with that statement. First, “enforcing the law” means using proportional force in dealing with protestors to uphold actual, natural-law standards of law and order, not unleashing unchecked assaults with military-grade weaponry on non-violent protestors who happen to be making statements and holding positions that authoritah-worshipers such as yourself and your politician bosses don’t like.

      Second, on all too many occasions that are well documented in video footage found all over the Worldwide Web, cops are quick to use exceesive force in the face of numbers WITHOUT ANY PROVOCATION WHATSOEVER. But then again, since it is agents provocateurs planted by cops who, as if on cue, initiate acts of uncalled-for violence, this is merely part of the police state script.

      I didn’t take the job to get in fights. But I was paid to win them.

      Translation: I won’t start fights (or at least will behave as if I’m the innocent victim while doing everything I can to provoke a fight), but once I have even the slightest justification to strike back, will give it everything I’ve got, no matter how disproportional the response. (From the Amerikan Police State Handbook, New World Order Press)

      Without the police, gangs would already be running the cities.

      Gangs already ARE running the cities – they wear blue (or brown) uniforms, carry tin badges on their chests, are vicious and power-hungry, and work for the corrupt political machines that run said cities. They also cause more damage, death, destruction, and terror than any non-state-sanctioned, “private sector” gang ever could dream of, having infinitely more (taxpayer-funded) weapons at their disposal.

      But all this is just a symptom of kicking Jesus Christ, the only true God, out of everything government.

      Puh-lease. State-worshiping violence mongers who misquote a Bible they haven’t read are the most sickening, hypocritical excuses for human beings and give Christianity the bad name it’s come to deserve. No wonder people despise both institutional Christianity AND agents of the State. Thank you, Harry, for serving as poster child for what’s wrong with “the system.” No doubt you were unaware that you were performing the only useful “service” you’ve ever performed as an agent of the Satanic State.

    • knightowl77

      Dirty Harry has it correct boy & girls…

      I have spent more than 30 years in Law Enforcement at the local, county and federal levels. 95% or more of the cops I have met in that time are decent constitution loving people who care only about keeping the peace. Making it safe for families to go about their daily lives with a minimum of danger.

      My oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic trumps obeying illegal orders. The cops on the street are not your enemy. Some politicians and police brass are…

      Over the last decade, I have become increasingly alarmed by federal law enforcement and their overreach. They are indeed trampling on our constitution, but it is/was the morons in DC that give the “authority” to do what they do even though it is unconstitutional…It is the untouchable judges bought off and corrupted, that sanction this trampling of our freedoms. We must defend the constitution or we are all done for.

      I fear the federal government more than I fear any terrorist or foreign nation..Electing Ron Paul would be a good start to reversing this trend.

      • knightowl77

        I got side tracked in my rant…Mea Culpa.

        Michael this is not a police state by any stretch of the imagination….Though I do believe that the OWS crowd is led by people hoping to provoke a police response. This will grant the people in authority more of an excuse to seize more power and more control. This orchestrated by the elites to get the excuse they need to clamp down harder…

        Just as Fast and Furious was designed to give the Feds “a reason” for more gun control…ie, to stem the flow of guns across the border, that they in fact initiated in the first place…These are ALL False Flag operations of those in control who wish to seize more control.

        Prepare and prepare quickly. The pot is boiling.

      • liberranter

        knightowl, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but those of us who see cops, at all levels, in action every day know that it’s pure BS.

        • knightowl77

          So you despise “lawful authority” that was created and empowered by your fellow citizens…I get it. What would you replace it with? Vigilantes? Armed citizens patrolling the neighborhoods? How would you keep the peace?
          Society needs some law enforcement, maybe a necessary evil?

    • DeathSpiral

      This goes back to the fact we don’t have Democrats or Republicans anymore just Republicrats.

      Its obvious their agenda is to support the billionaire corporations and suppress the people while carefully controlling the press.

      Time to elect Ron Paul in 2012.

    • Macnasty

      Amen my retired brother, 4 yrs to go for me

    • Gay Veteran

      “…They follow orders….”

      hmmmm, where have we heard that before?

      • Lennie Pike

        That’s what the Roman Soldiers that crucified Jesus were doing – following orders and just doing their jobs.

  • I Forgot to Mention That If They Want To Look At Me As A Terrorist, And If It Gives Them A Warm And Bubbly Feeling Because They Come Up With That Assumption Than So Be It.

  • Jeremy

    “Big brother” police state? Give me a break.

    The National Guard was called to desegregate the University of Alabama, violent protests in the 1960s and 70s, and to quell the Detroit race riots in the late 1960s.

    Your attempts to pit one section of America against the other leaves this article a resounding thud.

  • Jeremy

    People have a right to protest, but the respect of those around also has to be accounted for. The smell, noise, violence, rape, and overall unruly behavior have led to disruptions in the lives of those who live around Zuccotti Park, in Oakland, etc.

    Give me a break the the police state crap. Why not call the Tea Party a determined bunch? They protest and gather peacefully, do not require the attention of the police. You do not do this because it does not fit with your narrative of a police state. The malcontents and degenerates of OWS need to be cleared out because of the damage THEY CAUSE to those around them.

    • DaytoDay


      That’s the thing that I hear most often. “Back in the day” in the 60’s and 70’s…. Look man, were not in the 60’s and 70’s. This is a completely different generation, who was raised on TV, video-games, and computers, unlike their predecessors.

      So, the game has changed, times have changed. Have you not read the statistics (Facts) of how many jobs we have lost sense the 60’s?

      I mean, don’t you find it remarkable, that in the 60’s and 70’s a single income (Father) could support a family of four on one pay check. I mean, doesn’t that amaze anybody, how gas was under $1 for 40 years and within 10yrs it went up to 4$ a gallon.

      See, I’m a realist. The jobs don’t add up (McDonald’s Wal-Mart, etc..) the money doesn’t add up (Annual household incomes decline 3 straight years) and this whole society doesn’t add up (Biggest prison population, worse obesity rate, most drug addicts legal and illegal) and the list goes on.

      I hear what Michael’s saying. The point he’s making is the fact that people are in the streets, who cares what for. And so, if they’re in the streets because of lack of jobs, food and money, then what do you think is going to happen in the months to come? Do you think it will all just go away? Let me ask you, where are they going to go? They have no jobs and nothing or very little to lose. I mean, this is what I’m saying, I don’t think people understand the seriousness of the economy.

      The reason why it won’t get better like “last time” is because “this time”, it’s different. This time, we don’t have the jobs, resources and money as we did 40-50 years ago, and that’s not a conspiracy theory, radical idea, that’s simple fact.

      • Jeremy

        First, my point about the National Guard being called to Detroit and to Alabama was that the use of police power to quell protests is not a new phenomenon. Also, look to the suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War period. There has been precedent, and this country has the remained the USA, so I disagree with Michael’s “Police State” premise, as if we have not seen this.

        Second, I laugh at your characterization as being a “realist”. That depends on your point of view. There are serious problems in our society, but they largely stop and start with Washington DC. Why don’t you see these people protesting in front of FannieMae and FreddieMac? Why don’t they protest the extention of the FHA, which is overleveraged, with 1.1 trillion in loan guarantees, and only 2 billion in capital reserves? Believe me, this economy has hit me as bad as anyone, but these people, as you state, have no coherent message. So how can I begin to sympathize with these people, who rape, shoot drugs, vandalize property, and threaten “to boom this mofo”. That sounds more realistic than your “realism”. So, we have a difference of opinion.

        Third, I do have faith in our system. This country has faced incredible crises, the low points of the American Revolution, War of 1812, the very survival of our country in the Civil War, national depressions in the 1870s, early 1920s, and 1930s, the Cuban Missle Crises, and transition into the modern world in the late 1970s-early 1980s, and the attacks on 9-11. Michael’s premise is that this crisis is different from all the rest, and the downfall will change our way of life forever.

        If you choose to believe that, go ahead. And it could happen. But OWS does no good, with no coherent message, and leaving the only impression that they want to destroy our system. I am not ready to give up, as you seem to.

        So, in other words, you completely missed the point, and when we get this turned around, we will whistle past you, and you will continue to be pissed at the injustice of the system.

        Good day.

    • Rowell

      Jeremy, the Tea Party protested. They gathered in large groups to protest against the direction the country was taking. In the 2010 election, the Tea Party had a huge effect on who was elected into office, so much so that the house went into the hands of the republicans. My question to you is: How has that changed anything?

      The simple answer is, it hasn’t. The voices of change that the Tea Party elected have been squelched and drowned out. The reason they were elected has been lost in a sea of partisan politics. The system does not work.

      So, Occupy Wall Street is challenging that system. Yes, they are somewhat disorganized and scattered in purpose overall. But the th main points they’re protesting affect the majority of Americans. You may not agree with how they’re protesting, or even their message, but you should be at least a little affected by the brutality in which some of these police forces are carrying out their duties.

      • Jeremy

        Rowell, Don’t be so pessimistic. I know times are difficult (they have been for me, are getting better, and I can tell you from experience, if you continue to do the right things, they will get better), and you have to remember change comes slowly. Slavery was outlawed in the British empire in 1813 (around that time), and was not outlawed in the US until 1865. The USSR was formed in 1917, and not disbanded until 1991.

        The Tea Party has revealed the big government Republicans to the voting population, led to the election of smaller government-minded senators and representatives. The Republican candidates have talked about replacing the tax code, abolishing the Federal Reserve, monetary reform, and making the US Congress a part time legislative body. There has been more change than you think. At first I thought these people were hoky, but after their decorum at these events, and attending some myself, I respect their message, and have found a lot of truth in their arguments.

        They, unlike OWS, have a coherent message and believe in the system to enact real change. The only coherence of OWS is rape, vandalism, shooting drugs, violence, etc. They play on your sentiment for rapid change, when good change usually comes slowly.

        At no point is OWS message coherent, and you know that. You may think it more fun to raise hell and call for destruction of every societal institution, but that is not life. And you may not like my tone, but you come across as someone who is lost or hold deep resentment against this system. If you read history, the alternatives these people propose are far, far worse.

  • GreenMountain

    The police actions were NOT “brutal.” Those pathetic Sesame Streeters had no business squatting there in the first place, and allowed to stew in their own waste, garbage, and communicable diseases.

    This horror show’s tactics are not supported by the Constitution of the United States. No way, no how.

    The OWS are the real terrorists and hijackers, and certainly not the Tea Party– who has done everything right, legal, clean, and constitutionally.

    The OWS are criminals and extremists. They are Marxists, Socialists, Communists, and Anarchists. They advocate that rapists get away with their crimes while in their midst, so as not to attract outside media attention.

    They are supported by Union thugs in cheap mafia suits, who advocate violence and militancy to justify their means.

    They collect at other people’s houses, places of business, and properly purchased meeting places. Once there, they disrupt the speakers and will not relent until they are physically removed from the property.

    They advocate for their own freedoms and 1st amendment rights, but they do respect the freedoms and rights of others with whom they disagree.

    They have hurt many local businesses wherever they illegally squat, and have cost the municipalities whom their terrorize millions of dollars in law enforcement, legal, and sanitation fees.

    They are like spoiled children who throw tantrums as to get their own way. They are parasites, and nothing more.

    They are getting increasingly violent and terroristic but they are also slowly incurring the wrath of real Americans who make this country run: middle America (flyover country), the blue collar, the south, conservatives, many libertarians, Independents and moderates.

    They are about to kick the hornet’s nest and will very well not like what they see.

    Their favorability is quickly dropping in the polls and they are currently behind the Tea Party in that respect.

    • Save the Republic

      Sounds more like you are throwing a tantrum by your post. Have you lost your job, causing you to lose everything else, and have no prospects of getting a new job? If you are currently in this situation, then feel free to criticize them so heavily, but if not…

      • Jeremy

        What part did he say is untrue? We live within a CIVIL society, where man, in exercise of his constitutional privileges, has a responsibility to respect the rights of those around them, and those who do not agree with them.

        If you want to see a good example of an OWS movement, look at the coordination between the leaders of the Louisville Occupy movement and the mayor’s office.

        The reason you see this man’s frustration is that you guys look like idiots defending the nuts in the OWS movement.

        • Jeremy

          edit constitutional rights

    • Jeff

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion. The 1st Amendment guarantees you that.

      The 1st Amendment also guarantees “Freedom of Assembly”, which allows us to “come together and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests.”

      Get over it.

    • Tim

      It’s pretty simple actually, the Tea Party is controlled by the 4th and 5th richest men in the country ( Koch brothers ) who in a sick twisted way control your mind and your thoughts as everyone can see in your writings. I am a polical atheist, I do my own thinking. And Just because the OWS is making the Tea Party look like a Tea Party doen’t mean you have to get so damnn defensive when you and your Koch brothers are shaking with fear in your boots.

      • GreenMountain

        Actually, I don’t support the tea party. They are too socially conservative for me.

        I’m just making intelligent observations which happen to be facts.

        You liberal crybabies don’t like facts. That is fine.

        But you need to understand that what the OWS is doing is NOT peaceably assembling. They are squatting on property that does not belong to them; they are interfering with local businesses; they are NOT even paying for their permits; they are breaking laws so as to escalate actions by law enforcement; and they are creating massive amounts of health issues with their filth and disease.

        Please understand all of your inabilities to address my points of OWS’ criminality and aberrant behavior while replacing them with straw man and ad hominem comments have been duly noted.

        You people are hilarious.

        • Save the Republic

          Why should they have to pay for permits? If there is a guarantee of freedom of assembly in the Constitution, then no other government entity should have authority to infringe on that right for profit. You should check out Gerald Celelnte’s youtube videos with OWS. They look pretty peaceable to me. Stop watching it on the MSM. They slant everything for the elite. They probably even use footage of protests of other unrelated events and say it happened at OWS, all to bias the general sheeple population of America against them.

      • Jeremy

        What is your proof that the Tea Party is supported by the Fourth and Fifth richest men in America?

        Using Occam’s Razor, rather than a highly coordinated conspiracy, isn’t it more reasonable to believe that this is an organic movement in response to unprecedented levels of spending and accumulation of power in Washington DC?

        What is a political athiest? Is that someone who doesn’t vote along party lines? We know, you like the sound of your own voice. We get it.

    • slim

      Amen and Amen

    • Gay Veteran

      jeez Green Mountain, you remind me of what the Emperor Tiberius said about the Roman Senators: “men fit to be slaves”

  • This is how the banker’s game works:

    Mansoor H. Khan

  • Elizabeth

    Jesus warned us that the world would be in a state of turmoil, crime, sin, disasters etc and apostasy in the Church before He comes again.
    I believe that this is happening because the Church has failed.

  • JFR

    Basically, it is 1937 all over again, and this battle is the Hitler vs. Stalin battle that erupted a few years later. Both sides SUCK.

    Look, we all despise the Obama cronies, czars, crooks and corruptocrats, along with their associated bankster buddies. Anyone for Obama money bagman Jon Corzine and the millions that disappeared wth the MF Global bankruptcy?

    But, WHERE are the OWS flea baggers protesting in front of Corzine’s house? How about protesting in front of 1%er Mikey Moore’s mansion at exclusive Torch Lake, or his million dollar NYC penthouse? How about protesting in front of Solyndra or Tonopah Energy, more corrupt shenanigans? Nope, the OWS folks are freaking hypocrites, and worse, their solution would make things even worse.

    This being said, evicting them sets a bad precedent. Thankfully, though, a few just might wake up and find it is the SOCIALIST police state that is abusing them.

    • GreenMountain


      Very true. The OWS will NOT direct their anger towards Washington as long as there is a liberal President in the White House– and one who has taken more campaign contributions from Wall Street than ANY scotus in history.

      They will not direct their anger towards millionaire liberals like Soros, Moore, or Buffet.

      They would NEVER support a presidential candidate who is actually anti-war and anti-corporatism– no they would never support Dr. Paul because he will not give them their cradle to the grave entitlement system they so desperately seek; the same entitlement system that is currently bankrupting all of Europe and Great Britain!!

      They are so incredibly naive that they will never realize the huge tax increases they so desperately want will only enlarge the Police State they so desperately loathe.

      They are clueless and filthy hypocrites.

    • Jeremy

      I have a question, though. Did OWS apply for a permit to protest at Zuccotti Park? If so, how long did it last?

      The protestors can protest, but in their activity they have a responsibility to respect the rights of the residents and businesses around them. If they do not do this, then I have no problem with their eviction.

  • Most of the protesters HAVE been polite and restrained. It is the police who’ve gone medieval from the get-go because, clearly, they were instructed to. The so-called one percent will do whatever it takes to keep their ill-gotten gains, up to and including engaging in the slaughter of protesters. America as you knew it is done! Gone!

    • Jeremy

      Who instructed the police to go mideval on the protestors? Isn’t it possible that the lives of the residents and businesses around Zuccotti Park have called the police to have them restrained?

      How do you know they have been peaceful? Are those 900+ arrests not of any significance (unless you believe all were arrestes unfairly)?

  • Americans For Stopping Treason



    The American gov’t has ALREADY been overthrown!

    (Just as Italy has now been taken over by the International Banksters,… Mario Monti (the new PM), is a Bilderberger, Tri-Lateral, IMF Front man)

    Our country has been invaded and taken over by the international bankers, who then corrupted every aspect of our government.

    The US Federal Government is NOT an American gov’t. It is an Enemy Force Of Occupation that has camouflaged its overthrow of the US Gov’t.

    From the point of view of a Constitutional America, none of the current events make sense.

    From the point of view of an “Enemy Force Of Occupation”, EVERYTHING makes sense.

    Their design is simple:

    1 – SUBJUGATE: TSA, DHS, FDA, FBI, Cops, Courts, Cameras Everywhere, etc.

    2 – EXTRACT WEALTH: IRS, The Federal Reserve, Sheriffs (they willingly kick people out of their homes), Congressional Bail-Outs (Being Un-Constitutional hasn’t stopped them)

    3 – EXTERMINATE: False-Flag Ops – 9/11, WTC Bombing, Oklahoma City Bombing, Anthrax, Forced Vaccinations, The Coming False-Flags Ops of Nuclear-Bio Agents.

    This has been the British/International Banksters/Israeli mode of subversive takeover through out their respective existences,… especially for the British, thru outright coercion and thru the Banking systems (look at what they did to China, India, Indonesia, and EVERY other country they had been in).

    They (the Wealthy Elite that constitute the Shadow Gov’t, CIA, FBI, International Banksters, Rogue Elements of the American, British and Israeli Gov‘t) are about to take all the previous experiences they have learned to a whole NEW level.

    As such, the USA is not “America The Free”, it is actually the largest POW Camp in the world and we are all prisoners and potential disrupters, hence the Dep’t Of Homeland Security (which is actually Homeland Gestapo) has labeled Americans who still think and act like this is the USA and “resist” the occupation as…….. “terrorists”.

    • Save the Republic

      Agree with you. Do you think there are ways to resist without having violent riots or revolution? Do you believe there is any way to enact serious change without heading down this road? If you have some good ideas, please share them so maybe we can turn things around before the country is in total chaos and destruction. It would be good if there were a blog that people could brainstorm about ways to force this country back in the right direction before it’s too late. I’m not really that much of an optimist, but if things haven’t totally collapsed, I have to hope there might be some way to turn things around. There may be ways through a variety of collective actions that things can be changed, who knows. Maybe there is not one idea that will fix things, but a lot of small ideas from many people might just add up to one, big change. If we can share thoughts on being pro-active, something positive might come out of it.

    • knightowl77

      Sheriffs evict people upon the order of a judge. The judge decides if the eviction is legal or constitutional. Judges “elected” by the people of their community decide the legality of any eviction brought before them….
      The Sheriff, is also elected by the people to enforce court orders…

      If you don’t like what they are doing, unelect them…………………….

      • liberranter

        Translation: “I only follow orders.”

        Sorry. That didn’t work for the Germans on trial at Nuremberg and it didn’t work for Adolf Eichmann fifteen years later.

      • Tel

        “Sheriffs evict people upon the order of a judge.”

        Ha ha, you either don’t live in the USA, or you do live in dreamland.

        Read the reports, there’s a huge amount of fraud and extra-judicial activity going on out there. It’s absolutely shocking how lawless the industry has become.

    • Lennie Pike

      I agree 100%. You didn’t leave much left to say.
      It is time to take ************ against these invaders.

  • Maria

    The Money Masters – Bill Still

    This video is a history lesson like no other I’ve seen…about banking. What an eye opener! No wonder we see so much corruption in government, business and especially banking! You’ll never see this in a public education institution.

  • bobinsherwood

    Puhlease! Attica, Watts, LA Riots, Chicago DNC, …..These were serious events. OWS is a JOKE! OWS are a bunch of geeks that will run and hide at the first sign that it’s getting real.

  • Cathy

    Bottom up
    Top down
    Inside out
    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    • Highspeed

      Yes it does!

  • Colin

    For those who denigrate the OWS movement, I would like to remind you that former members of the armed forces are in this movement. I would hardly call them terrorists or hippies. See here –

    In line with this article, the Congress is close to passing a major new legislative bill. This bill, known as the SOPA Act, is an anti-piracy bill that will effectively censor the Internet and protect the interests of the big entertainment conglomerates.

    Here are some articles on SOPA –

    Nations that censor the Internet, like China and Iran, effectively control the public discourse, and anything that goes counter to the state policy is censored. I think it’s possible that it will happen here.

    While we discuss the crisis here, I think it’s interesting to see what happens when a government attempts to control a people by force and terror. For months, the Syrian government has been attacking dissenters with its armed forces. Yet, the people continue to show up, and now a anti-government military force composed of defectors is emerging. This force recently attacked the Syrian government.

  • JonC

    A rather go story about the background of the “source” on who/what is “running” the “coordinated” raids”:
    About that ‘DHS Coordinated’ Crackdown on #OWS at Zuccotti Park…

  • Erin

    Banana Republic of America, no, we are not there yet.

    When you live in a Banana Republic everyone knows their government is run by a military junta. Something the OWS folks don’t seem to get is that the government we do have is no longer worth trying to change with protests. Quit moaning, either get out the vote (like the TEA party did in 2010), or vote with your feet.

    Voting for more (bigger) government involvement is not a viable long term option. Either OWS learns that government needs to be drastically reduced in size (to nothing more than a well regulated utility company) , or they and future generations will suffer forevermore.

  • mondobeyondo

    Anytime you challenge the status quo, expect a conflict. That should be a natural law, like the law of gravity or something. Brace for impact, because it’s coming.

    So who’s going to blink first? The “Woodstock on Wall Street” protesters, or the authorities? Well, let’s see… the protesters do have a lot of passion, but they have no leader(s), no common goal or direction, no organization… and do they actually have a valid point to rally around, besides “corporations are ruining the world”? Ask 99 people who are part of the 99 percent, what they are protesting against, and you’ll get 99 different answers.

    The cops and authorities? Well, they have teargas, rubber bullets, the rule of law, and any judicial rulings that give them the power to enforce the rule of law. (i.e. Judge Soandso has given us an edict that demands we clear you out of this park!..)

    Besides, it’s going to snow soon. At least they had mud to play in at the original Woodstock in 1969.

    Authorities 3, Protesters 0. I see a big time crack-down coming, and it won’t be pretty.

    Basically, the OWS movement are a lot of angry people flailing at everything they can, because they’re frustrated. If you are angry at the big banks, why not organize a protest march to JPMorgan Chase headquarters? Or Bank of America? (Or better yet, the Federal Reserve?) Mad at Congress? Elect someone outside of the mainstream (like Ron Paul for example), and show them who’s boss. Remember, Congress works for you. (Can’t stop laughing!! Now THAT is funny!!)

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s different this time around.
    As much as some people try to make the OWS movement sound like the Vietnam War or civil rights protests of the 1960’s, I don’t quite see it. The OWS’ers aren’t cohesive. There is no organization.

    In the 1960’s, there were common objectives. End the war in Vietnam. End segregation and discrimination. Both were wrong and unfair. The people knew they were unfair, and they spoke up as one. One solid point. “End the war!” “Equal rights!”

    The OWS movement is a hodge-podge of suggestions. “Destroy the Banks!” “I Need a Job!” “Save the Whales!” “Anarchy!” “Revolution!”

    Ummmm… before you start a revolution, it would be a good idea to agree on what you’re revolting against. Otherwise, it is doomed to fail.

  • Old Man

    Whether the OWS crowds get kicked out of their camps is of no consequence.

    Because the camps are just that. What OWS must occupy is their proposals for solutions. And they have made none that can bring enough national support to have meaning. They voiced great dissatisfaction – OK so what? So WHAT?

    Such is the measure of the intractable black hole America finds itself in. There is no solution, other than the passage of time.

  • Golden Child

    America has become a place filled with such self-centered people. People who are doing well literally do not care about millions of people who people who are involuntarily unemployed or newly homeless in the past few years. We are told to eat cake and blame ourselves by luckier people. We are expected to welcome third world poverty with open arms while a few fat cats live lavishly. Do the “everything is fine/blame yourself” nutjobs out there really believe that any good would come from shutting down tens of thousands of factories in the mere past ten years? What about flat wages for thirty years accompanied by a epic credit crunch as well as unaffordable healthcare and higher education? What about the rise of eternal debt bondage traps for everything from a student loan to simple hospital trips to parking tickets? Americans are not going to stand by and accept a third world standard of living that the elite wants to impose on us. There will be a lot of violence in the near future because the prosperity of America for regular people has been auctioned off without our consent. Keep on telling us to “eat cake”. You’re only feeding the fire. This won’t end well…

  • William

    Most Americans are STUPID enough to believe the 911 LIES of the federal government. Do you REALLY think a large Boeing airliner BURIED itself in PA with so signs of an airframe, seats, luggage, bodies??? This stupidity makes it easy for the out-of-control police state that America has become to further tighten the noose on YOUR neck. What do you know of the CHEKA, or OGPU, or NKVD?? WHO very disproportionately manned the Cheka, as well as led it?? WHO is the Secretary of DHS?? Do you have a clue as to who Adam Weishaupt was? This has all been in the works for over 200 years. America is not now the home of the free and the brave. I still think there is just ONE more chance to provide for change for the good, and not Obummer’s change for the BAD. That is the election of 2012. Yes, some say the political system is rigged and broken in America. But, it is either slavery and abuse, change at the ballot box, or a violent rebellion…..YOUR CHOICE??

  • Let’s remember here that there’s such a thing as agent provocateurs and they were used extensively during the 60’s to discredit movements by inciting stupid acts. In a way, this is a battle for the hearts and minds of the public by both sides. The authorities are aware of this and this is why they’d like to position their actions as a “last resort” to deal with “unruly violent people” such as the guy depicted yelling about a Molotov cocktail. Note how Bloomberg has said that he’ll allow the protests but no overnight stay in a effort to win the PR battle by appearing to be “reasonable”, but even that will be curtailed eventually if they can get few agent provocateurs to do something stupid. The thing the authorities are concerned about is those who’d sympathize with the protesters while not necessarily being on the front lines.

    It’s about winning hearts and minds, but the economic conditions make that an uphill battle for TPTB while creating much sympathy for OWS.

  • ScoutMotto

    As a nation, we are already under martial law and have been since March 9, 1933 due to the Trading With the Enemy Act, as amended. All of these violent protests will do is fuel the government’s expansion of power based on this act. I am apprehensive for the near future.

  • Bastiat

    Obama is playing both sides in this deal. His unofficial agents organize the occupiers then his official agents organize a coordinated brutal response.

    The goal is to get the international community, the UN to come down on us they way they have on Egypt, Libya and now Syria. Once the brutality of our government against its own people can be condemned by the UN they can declare the new Democratic government of the 99% to be the official new government of the US.

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    America keeps on talking pages out of the Nazi playbook. From the Handgun Control Act of 1968 to the Patriot Act to Homeland Insecurity to the police state and civil unrest you see here, will it ever end?

    • Syrin

      Not “america”. It’s the regressives. Follow history. Tyranny ALWAYS comes from the left.

      • anonymous coward

        George W Bush was from “the left”? Are you on mushrooms?

        • Michael

          Actually if you really examine the record of George W. Bush it was quite liberal and very similar to the record of the Obama administration.


        • Lennie Pike

          Liberal, Conservative; Republican, Democrat; CNN, Fox; repressive China, free U.S.A. – it’s all one big Kabuki show to make us think it’s raining while we get our leg peed on.

          “I care not who makes the laws if…………..

          Who controls the fiat money?

    • Jeremy

      Nazi Germany, are you kidding me?

  • Barn Cat

    It’s not a police state crackdown. It’s a case of liberal governments finally enforcing the law against a bunch of lazy criminals with a sense of entitlement who want everything for free.

    • Jeremy

      ding ding ding. And they mess it up for those in the protest who have a legitimate beef.

    • Fallout2man

      You know that kind of attitude is downright toxic. Yes, let’s go send the hippies to the gas chambers! That’ll teach ’em for wanting dignity!

      If you stick yourselves in this moronic Republican Vs Democrat narrative THEY WIN! If you listen to this absolutely vitriolic BS about how they’re all lazy poors who want a handout then THE STATE WINS.

      The state wants you to hate them and cheer for when they’re all bussed off to FEMA camps or wherever they’ll send them. You are being programmed to hate your fellow man and pray for his violent disembowelment because it serves their interests.

      If you tried to not talk down to them as if you were some superior and instead listened and tried to have a normal talk you’d find out that your preconceptions were utterly wrong and foisted upon you by a political propaganda machine.

      But no, screw the poor! Altruism is evil! MURDER THE MOOCHERS!11 You all would be right at home in either Nazi Germany or in Stalin’s USSR. Which, If you haven’t yet realized it, were both window dressing for the same oppressive eliminationist BS.

  • Patriot Alice

    Wrong and wrong…..I’ve been demonized for trying to keep the peace and order within my family when things were getting out of hand…This is not the time for stupidity of the masses.. Killing your family members won’t solve your family issues…Capisce? Wall Street has been bailed out as many other industries have been, but they are only partially responsible. Our whole culture of borrow and spend for the past 40 years has brought us to the brink…Do you want a solution?? Boycott spending and borrowing by all and everybody in the USA…All of those entities who’ve overplayed their hand will default. The whole house of cards will come falling down without firing a shot..When the smoke clears, we will all be able to rebuild….

  • Leigh

    Well…just wait until the government cannot afford to pay the policy because the city’s don’t have the budget. When the police force starts getting laid off (such as in a previous post about detroit) Then you will see them join the ranks of the Occupy protestors!

    • liberranter

      No, when cops get laid off in large numbers they will form the most dangerous and predatory gang this world has ever suffered. Imagine wild, carnivorous zoo animals, used to feeding on meat regularly, let out of their cages to run wild and forage for themselves and you’ll get a sense of what lies ahead.

      • Patriot Alice

        Not true at all..Most cops(95%) became cops because they believe in law and order..If soldiers are considered our greatest patriots, then cops are 2nd in line and deserve our greatest respect…

  • TucsonKK

    I’m a Tucson 99er and what is happening is so wrong. Why attack this peaceful group? Are you afraid of their message which is true? Are we Syria ? All these budget deficit cities have excess millions to spend on OWS attacks(oh make up the money by more layoffs). What is so sad is that the very police that are attacking are 99ers too. If attackers would wake-up and realize this and join OWS WOW WHAT A WIN!!!!!

    • Jeremy

      So you all at the OWS protest are peaceful lambs, being led to the slaughter by the ravenous wolves, aka police officers. LMAO.

      So, the 900+ arrests at OWS were not legitimate?

      • Pablito Garcia

        I guess you laugh because you have to. Having been to several OWS locations, Chicago, NY, Indianapolis, etc. I can tell you, the police have always been the ones out of line. Sorry you have become so un-American that you just trust your keepers and power brokers. 🙁

  • John Rambo

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    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

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    • Patriot Alice

      I’ve known men who married foreign women and brought them here, and unless you isolate them from the rest of *&^%$#, they will learn the ways of their environment in no time at all..There is a secret war on dominating men in this country…Divide and conquer is their best weapon…Men’s lack of communication with each other is their worse weakess…

      • John Rambo

        Yes, NEVER bring a foreign woman back to America. She will get brainwashed and become a feminist also. Only real option left is to simply LEAVE America forever. America is collapsing and has become a HELL on earth, thanks to the satanic fascist government.


      John Rambo,



      John Rambo,

      On the other hand, you must be gay……….

      Sorry, Johnny. If it’s wearing a bra and panties and not a transvestite, American or not, I’m hittin’ it…………

    • gary2

      I understand what you are saying and you are probably correct in some things, however, I fail to see what this has to do with anything?

    • Highspeed

      You need to get off the internet and go to church and meet a real good woman. They are out there. I have one, 31 years and counting. I am a blessed man.

      • Jeremy

        Damn straight. Was in a relationship with a real good woman, and it was a blessing. There are good girls and boys out there.

    • Jeremy

      This is sad. Though my girlfriend is not American (Chinese), you put down a lot of good women this way. I feel sorry for you.

    • Fallout2man

      Good ******************* this is some misogynistic tripe. You know I’ll agree that people can be utter monsters out only for themselves. But it goes just as much with men and women.

      Especially so called Macho men who use their culture as an excuse to be utterly uncaring, cruel and barbaric and then slap their buddies a high five because hey, being cruel makes you a man!

      Violence does not make you a man, cruelty does not make you a man. A man is someone who is willing to take a punch, and not swing back, when he knows his cause is just, and is willing to take what’s given to him and make the best of it.

      In many cases the same bullshit culture that causes the above in women is also created by the same sorts of opposite culture within men. Women for eons were treated as nothing more than mere chattel and you expect them to respect you?

      When you show some understanding, and caring, and attempt to actually be brave enough to be vulnerable and go out on the line for someone? That’s when you’ll find someone willing to do the same for you.

      Love ************************** hurts, especially solving your own problems to finding it, and that’s not because women are evil harpies, but because society has been structured to turn us unto uncaring bastards whichever gender we are.

      So rather then making a stupid cop out and blaming women, why don’t you think a little harder about yourself and what would make someone do it? It’s not “genetic” people are made, not born in some unchangeable state (well, in most senses of the word.)

      Look up behaviorism, you’ll be surprised what you find.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Sadly, Americans for Stopping Treason hit the nail on the head. Repeatedly. He’s right.

    Now, what do we the people do about it?

    Go out and vote for Demoncrats and Repugnicans AGAIN? Or vote for the Constitution Party (US Taxpayer Party in Michigan) or Libertarian Party (both of which at least try to stay within the boundaries of the real US Constitution).

    Of course, even if 55% of us voted for these parties (with 45% split between the major parties), we would probably not see any change.

    I’ll give everyone a hint. Electronic voting apparatis. Stalin said something like “it doesn’t matter who people vote for as long as I control who counts the votes.” Geddit?

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Don’t be fooled by this. The occupy Wallstreet thugs are the Democrats Brown Shirts and we are seeing tactics that Hitler used in the 30’s. Read this
    And other articles about the OWS movement. Do not be blind about what is going on.

  • tappedops


    sadly most sheeple dont… if your hazy read his post 5 times till you get it…

    then tell one other person…

  • VyseLegend

    A year ago we kept hearing there would be chaos in the streets. Now its here, but it seems like many people are downplaying it and not taking it seriously. Will it take a serious riot and blood in the streets for people to wake up, or is it that they simply choose to deny reality?

    I completely agree with the tone of this article – this movement has no direction to go in but downhill, as in escalation. The economy cannot and will not grow out of this depression, so here we are once and for all.

    • Fallout2man

      The only escalation will come from the police. The protestors have been miraculous at saying peaceful.

      There are infiltrators, COINTELPRO, look it up. Undercover police and intelligence agencies send infiltrators into these movements to try and make them violent, thus far they have failed.

      This prevailing attitude that the protestors themselves will become violent is an utter fabrication of the mainstream media’s propaganda.

      They want you to think the protestors are barbaric so that when the police do open fire on them with live bullets you’ll cheer seeing the pile of bodies on television. You are being taught to hate them.

  • Barry

    Your advocacy for non-violence is admirable. However, as a student of history, you should realize that nothing of import is ever accomplished without violence. Unfortunately, it is only through mass violence that those in authority come to know the true resolve of the people. Our founding fathers knew this to be true, hence the right to bear arms.

    • Fallout2man

      Violence is not prone to leading to successful reforms. It puts you in a state where you are often unable to think beyond your next two steps. Violent revolution is what the state wants. Because it is so easy to turn sentiment against the protestors then and get people to cheer when they’re all shot or sent off to some camp or worse.

      But you have to consider this. The government will not open fire and begin bringing the body count up unless they can count on you hating the protestors first (you being the general non-protesting population) and they are using political memes to divide the “Right leaning” against them so that this can eventually happen.

      The government can’t just start firebombing everyone though, there’s no way they could murder 300 million people without cratering the economy. If they’re motivated by money that means that they can’t just kill the country off.

      So by remaining non violent and getting enough people to side with the movement nonviolence can win in legitimizing the protestors and their claims against the government, forcing them to act.

      Violence isn’t necessary when all we need to do is stop going to work in large enough numbers, and then the economy either collapses or the government redresses grievances.

      A violent revolt though? That’d get put down in a second, and the media would spin the story so hard that it would develop its own magnetic field until the population was happy that we just killed what could be hundreds of thousands to millions of Americans in cold blood.

  • Professor Kolin

    You might be interesed in the following BOOK. “State Power and Democracy:Before and During the Presidency of G.W. Bush”. The book examines the historical formation of an American Police State.

  • r.bitting

    America – God = no more America.

    • Fallout2man

      Religion isn’t some universally stabilizing force. Just ask the people who firebomb abortion clinics or shot Dr. George Tiller how well their “God” stabilized them.

      Empathy, love, and equal brotherhood among all, which is what Jesus actually taught, not this baggage about managing a woman’s body but kicking the baby to the curb once it’s born because “It’s not my responsibility to support kids! just make sure they get born into the world! who cares if they live a life wishing they had just died, not me!”

  • Tony N

    Question……In this Morning Joe video Interview with the 60 minutes guy that talks about Pelosi and her husband being approached by a Wells Fargo person that influenced them on Financial reform Legislation and to invest in a Wells Fargo Visa IPO , isn’t this the same kind of bribing that Jack Abramoff got sent to prison for ???
    Morning Joe Video

  • chow

    What good is a protest without violence, it will not solve anything and the power that be will just ignore it. What do these protesters want to achieve and what are their demands? They want the banks to forgive their loans and the government to give them more handout on taxpayers hard work?

    If they want to emulate the Arab springs then do it as the Arab’s did (armed rebellion). None of this so called peaceful protest accomplish anything it’s stupid and destructive to properties.

  • Syrin
  • Calling attempts to restore sanitation and civility to New York City a “police state” is inflammatory, misinformed and ignorant. The occupying anarchists are destroying the freedoms of the rest of us. And the rest of us are damned glad that there is such a thing as responsible law enforcement to restore our rights. Enough of the occupy crap. They have broken our laws from their very beginning: Marching and camping either without a required permit or where such activities are prohibited, littering, defacating, blocking public access, disturbing the peace. C’mon, police state my butt. I wish the Mayor and the cops did more to rid this fecal matter from the streets weeks ago. If that “police state” comment defines the attitude of you web site; if you continue to come across favoring anarchists over laws and law enforcement, you are about to lose a reader.

    • Michael

      I think you entirely missed the point of the article.


    • Handog

      The only fecal matter that needs cleaning up are the ones who work on Wall St. and in Washington. Why not start there? Because they wear suits ant ties?

  • Sid Davis

    Very good analysis. The slaves are revolting and the pain and suffering that motivates these upheavals will not end any time soon.

    Think of a bell curve normal distribution; 68.2% of the population would fall within one standard deviation of the mean, and 95.4% of the population would fall within two standard deviations of the mean. This leaves just 4.6% with 2.3% at each extreme on the ends of the bell curve.

    Historically, societies that are free have something that resembles a normal distribution. That means that there is a large middle class (68.2%), with about an equal size upper middle class and lower middle class (13.6% each). Those at the extremes of great wealth and great poverty are abnormal, falling beyond 2 standard deviations (2.3% each).

    Contrast the normal distribution to what we see in a typical banana republic where there is a skewed distribution of wealth. There is a very large group living in poverty, a small middle class, and the few at the top possess the lion’s share of the wealth. Sound familiar? It should because this is what is occurring in the US as the middle class is being driven toward poverty and those at the top capture more and more wealth.

    This skewed distribution of wealth is occurring because government and special interest have colluded to pass laws that rig what at one time were free markets, so that the majority now have a disadvantage and the few have advantage. The wealth of the majority is being transferred to the few at the top through schemes like the Federal Reserve System and the government regulation and control of the Health Care industry with licensing of professionals, hospitals and drugs. Government distortion of the market place is pervasive and is at the root of the redistribution of wealth to the few. This is economic fascism, a system of slavery; government produces our poverty.

    The obvious answer is to restore freedom. Unfortunately, many of those dispossessed of their wealth do not seem to comprehend what has been done to them, and instead of demanding freedom from this slave system, they demand more government to plunder more of the wealth of everyone else to give to them.

    Those in power are not about to end the current system of plunder and control voluntarily; for the masters, slavery is highly beneficial. Those who see the solution as more government will unlikely see the true nature of their demise, so will unlikely demand freedom; they see freedom as their enemy because they mistakenly think this fascist / corporatist system is free market capitalism. That leaves those who see the current system for what it is, destroyed free markets; they demand a restoration of freedom and an end to the era of big government rigging the markets for the few at the expense of the many. When the pain becomes unbearable for enough of the population there will be a long violent resolution, with these three factions killing one another until one prevails. The outcome is uncertain.

    When you stack the pain and suffering that comes from the current fascist economic system on top of an economy entering a long term contraction period from the lack of energy to fuel it, we have an unbelievably explosive period of history ahead. Some observers think they see a correlation between the high electromagnetic activity associated with high sunspot activity and outbreaks of violence like wars and revolutions. If there is any credence to this concept, we are currently moving out of a period of low sunspot activity into a period of high activity with a peak area being 2012 to 2015. I don’t personally see much hope for a peaceful resolution of our political differences; whether the violent eruption is sooner or later, I think this will be our fate.

    • Dude

      To much insight into the obvious…

  • Hosanna

    I just turned on C-Span and Senator Lindsey Graham is talking about how it will soon be legal to hold anyone for interrogation who may be considered a threat, with due process coming second. That means the police state is about here. No phone call, no lawyers, just “getting information.”

    Scary stuff.

    • Lennie Pike

      Senator Lindsey Graham lives his life under the threat of extortion as his every comment, move, and vote is commanded by the powers that be. He gladly obeys them so as to retain his lying safe secure small life – as do 99.9% of the members of Congress.

      He is the poster boy though, and I do mean boy.

  • Tel

    I can’t support the police in this because they are a bunch of mindless thugs, and the OWS movement do have a genuine grievance. I don’t personally agree with the OWS and they are massively arrogant to claim they represent the 99% but nevertheless they have a right to speak up and make their point.

    However, I’m sure that if the OWS socialists ever got into a position of power, they too would operate a police state. You only have to look at that video with the exploding children from called “no pressure” to see the strong authoritarian streak amongst the self professed do gooders.

    By the way, if the protesters are smart, they can win. All they need to do is regularly engage the police in order to consume state resources, but keep the engagement at minimal violence, so they survive to come back and do it all again another day. Remember that the police are mercenary fighters, not patriots, and the state budgets were weak to start with. All those overtime cheques don’t come cheap, and the state insists on making every gesture a huge overkill with ten times as many police as they sensibly need.

    Of course, as the states fail, eventually it will all be federal money, and they just print more when they want it… but that too is unsustainable, and maybe by then people might be willing to sit and negotiate. First they have to get to the point where they understand what they are doing is wrong, and that’s going to be a long hard trip for these guys.

  • Had Enough

    Since the beginning of this on Sept. 17th, I’ve been scratching my head and wondering why the OWS movement headed directly to Wall Street when they should have targeted the Federal Reserve. Yes, Wall Street banks and large corporations play the market like it’s a roulette wheel, but the money they play with comes directly from the Fed. Reserve. Has their behavior in regard to respect for Zuccotti Park been deplorable? You bet! Is it just as deplorable to smash peoples heads with night sticks, rubber bullets, and pepper spray? You bet! More interesting is the lack of action from the cities regarding a possible epidemic of tuberculosis, ring worm, and assorted STDs. Where is the Health Dept? Where is Homeland Security? Why aren’t these protest camps shut down and the area quarantined? Jeez. It didn’t take Janet Napolitano long to scream “pandemic” from the roof tops 3 years ago when she announced the swine flu would kill us all. Obama hasn’t said a word about OWS but sure got on the police’s case 3 years ago when he thought one of his political buddies was a victim of police brutality. Remember the beer fest? 2012 is coming sooner than we think. Hopefully we’ll get there as a nation.


    Babylon the Great, as prophesied in the Bible, is the globalist financial / political system known as western capitalism. There is no other alternative. The “merchants of the earth” is a phrase which, though penned almost 2,000 years ago, aptly describes the global, multinational corporations now dominating world trade. Revelation 18 prophesied these latter-day “merchants” would have a global customer base (i.e. “merchants of the earth”). Revelation 17-18 predicted that multinational corporations, in league with the world’s political leaders, would come to dominate a global political / economic system in the latter days of our age. This prophecy has been literally fulfilled in our time.

    • Abia The Cat

      And if the OWS folks would read a KJV Holy Bible they would understand what is going on in the world right now. Why times are so hard on all of us. The rich shall get richer and the poor shall get poorer.

      • Mihael

        Actually, the line “the rich get rich etc.” is not from the bible but, rather from the great 20’s ditty “Ain’t We Got Fun.” Kinda the same but different.

    • Jeremy

      This is what I read in Revelation as well, and it is where we are headed.

  • Concerned American

    I’m an armed American. I’m the whole reason the 2nd ammendment was written.

    I’m not going to any rally but, the day the powers that be come for me or my family, it’s on.

    I love to shoot and, it’s been my hobby instead of golf. I grew up hunting and fishing. I still do. I reload and shoot the 1000yd range a lot ( several times/month ). To me, it’s a different ball and a different club but, shooting is a hobby, a pastime and a love from a child.

    So… I’m not a violent man at all and, I never intend to be. I will defend what’s mine and my family however.

    If we see riots in my own streets, they’d better not come within about 1000-1500yds of my home… they’ll end up having a head that looks like a canoe.

    I don’t anticipate that things are going to be bad here… I imagine in the big cities they are…. ( they already are rioting but not that violently ) I don’t imagine that folks like me are going to have anything to worry about anytime soon.

    If they do then, they do but, I don’t anticipate it, look forward to it or, wish it.

    • Sid Davis

      I have the same attitude, but I think that is why they can get away with continuation of this system of plunder and control. We think in terms of defending ourselves against some outrageous overt behavior on their part, but we accept all the divide and conquer actions that they have convinced us are legitimate. If a government agent showed up to audit your tax return or even arrest you for some sort of violation of even the most ridiculous federal law, you would not fight because they seemingly are in the right operating within the bounds of the law; you have violated one of their laws, after all.

      So you and I are the problem because we have not reached the point where we will not just sit and comply, avoiding confrontation as much as possible. When we have had it to the point where we and many others use or rifle skills to go after them, then things will change. And that point will require a good deal of additional pain; it will start slowly but will feed on itself. We are not there yet, but we, and many like us, are approaching that point, the revolution point where the pain of fighting back is less than the pain of submitting to this slave system.

  • Concerned American

    Honestly, I’m all in favor of local law inforcement… we need them.

    I’m not in favor of the alphabet agencies or homeland security. Places like NY have asked and begged for the treatment they’ve gotten from their PD. Good for them. Live with it. If you don’t like it, move to Texas. LOL

    At least with local police, politics are in play… not with the feds.

    I’ll not say everything that is on my mind because they do watch and, they read this site… there’s not a doubt about that.

    That ALONE should tell you all you need to know… If you can not even say what is on your mind anymore then how is it that we are free?

    2 + 2 = 5

  • Concerned American

    I posted once on a blog board something that was supposed to be a joke and the secret service came to my house and spent about 2hrs here… they searched my home and took a 20 page report on me for saying in a joking way….

    Yep, I’d ************************************…..

    What more do you need to know about our govt.

    Was that a serious threat to *********************?!?!?!

  • OWS Canadian start

    What a bunch of losers.
    For all you commenting on the OWS crowds calling them thugs and losers. For your information the movement was born out of Canada a socialist state. Who in fact the Canadians hate the American way of life and this ideology sits right on our boarder.
    Why don’t you so called All American Moms and Dads read up and do research on the actual OWS movement itself and stop spouting your lack of knowledge on the internet.
    Try and learn a thing or two.

    • Orange Jean

      OK, “the movement was born out of Canada a socialist state.”

      Personally, you can keep it up there!

  • These young people are OUR sons and daughters.
    They have little to look forward to in the way
    of bright futures. They are fighting the
    corruption coming out of wall street. We should
    ALL be down there with them!

    Where do these ‘police’ goons come from? Have
    you taken a look at them? Buncha fat, knuckle-
    dragging morons. Who is hiring them? One thing
    is for sure, when they ‘get off work’ they have
    to go home to the same neighborhoods all the
    rest of us live in. They must all be so
    ashamed of what they’re doing.

    OWS:::MAKE NO MISTAKE! Many of your fellow
    Americans stand behind you. I can state
    emphatically that many of us veterans will not
    stand idly by while you fight for America.

    Please, Please, do not let harm come to our
    sons and daughters. Wall street, the blood
    will be on your hands.

  • Gay Veteran

    remember that Billionaire Bloomberg got the City Council to overturn the term limits passed by the people of NYC

    Bloomberg’s thugs beat and arrected member of the press (who had police issued press passes) and even a member of the City Council

    Bloomberg is nothing but a Wall Street plutocrat

  • James

    If something heavy should happen, maybe it was forseen to be the reason that there was the test of the emergency broadcast system across the whole nation. How else are those in control going to tell 308 million people that you are now under Martial Law! Remember, there are always those that go out just to cause trouble in these kind of situations. Some because they want to see what happens, and then there are those that are sent in by the people’s own government to start trouble so that a crack down can happen. – Dang, my TV isn’t working and for some reason my YouTube is not showing anything but a blank screen. And another dang, because I don’t know how to fix either one of them.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Many posters are advocating violence to change the business as usual love affair between the big banks & corporations and elected officials. IMO this unwise. There is no need for violence. The whole house of cards will come tumbling down on its own. What happens next is anyone’s guess. But using violence to overthrow the government is not the answer.

  • gary2

    regardless of what side of the issue one is on this should be chilling to all. The right of assembly/free speach is fundamental.

    As crazy as I think the tea baggers are they have every right to rally etc.

    This is scary

  • Mike S

    Things were going to end badly well before the Occupy movements began. Ron Paul is the only candidate who would end the military and financial insanity, Ron Paul 2012.

  • GreenMountain

    How do all of you Occupy protesters/supporters feel now?

    You feel real big threatening entire cities and stopping all traffic and commerce?

    You feel real big terrorizing little school children?

    You should all hide your heads in shame.


  • GreenMountain
  • Abia The Cat

    If the OCW people would protest legally, they would not be harmed lawfully by the police. But, they don’t. They trespass, trample, litter, act like beasts by defecating and copulating openly, and steal. And they are spreading communicable diseases, too. They are so unorganized that women and children have been raped at their illegal camp ins. The police are there to stop them from committing even more crimes. If the OCW people would behave themselves, protest peacefully, clean up behind themselves, and go home at sunset then the police can’t touch them legally. Fat chance these OCW people will behave respectively towards the business owners whose stores they are blocking.

  • tappedops

    To MikeS…

    Are you kidding dude,,, Ron Paul???

    sorry… yes… RP12

  • Peaceful protest will never work in this country.

  • Matty

    I have been thinking that although I do not agree with the OWS crowd, they still have a right to assemble. I know that they are not perfect with crimes and filth, but still as Americans, they have the right. I am concerned when I hear people of the right putting the OWS down. Yes, they should be arrested if they are breaking laws.

  • 99%

    But i ask all you Americans pro and anti occupy wall street, why did it take a Canadian activist to initiate the movement on your behalf?
    Do any of you on here even know that it started with Canadians?
    The Canadian activist group Adbusters started the protests which is now a worldwide movement (not just in the United States).
    The protests are focused on social and economic inequality, high unemployment, greed, as well as corruption.
    The protesters’ slogan We are the 99% refers to the growing difference in wealth in the U.S. between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population.

  • Suetonious

    This has all the smelly trappings of an arranged sucker punch. The Tea Party was just too wimpy to get any kind of riots going. So the OWS was served right up to fit the bill. Remember how Obama and other slimeball clowns gave their Good Housekeeping Seals of Approval to the OWS movement? As if they couldn’t look three inches beyond their Pinochio noses to see exactly what would happen next.

    Yeppers, we get swelling crowds of Obama “ChangeNiks” and other braindead types that thought it was like the 60’s all over again, even though they weren’t around back then but thought “4 Dead in Ohio” was a pretty hip song and dang!!, they could one-up their parents’ generation, many of which are comfortably birthed in the upper floors of Wall Street themselves. Those particular “Hippies” discovered the drug called “Money” a long time ago, and spoiled self-indulgence knew no boundaries when it came time to abandon their dedication to “like the principles of Mao, ‘nd shit..”, along with the puntang, weed and coke (reluctantly and only mininally). I’m old enough to see and document the disgusting hypocrisy of this particular crop of the financial minions that have been milking our country for decades, if not centuries.

    Anyway, where was I? OK, so OWS gets all swelled up with the types of idiots that would be encouraged by the likes of Obama and Soros, and they go right out and piss off mainstream Sheepeville with their basic dipshitivity.

    But do you hear any comments lately from Obama to tamp it down a bit? You think that’s a mistake? An oversight? A glitch in his Teleprompter?


    Unfettered, the OWS just gets more childishly obnoxious, day by day. So, by the time the Storm Troopers come to connect their Swastika-emblazoned batons with the heads of the Woodstock Redux wannabe’s – all of Sheepeville Amerika jumps to their feet with a resounding “Ya Vol Dudes!”, as the FEMA camps celebrate Opening Day for Open Season on ALL Dissenters.

    Amerika is so easily played.

  • Paul Trombley

    “The civil unrest we are seeing now is only the beginning.”

    Thus far, Occupy Chicago has been rather feeble, but last night at about 5:45, I encountered hundreds and hundreds of protesters marching north on La Salle Street just north of the FRB of Chicago. They weren’t on the sidewalk, as they normally are, but right down the middle of the street, from curb to curb. Anticapitalistic sentiment, of course, was running high, and some fool even handed me a flier about “A Revolutionary Communist Message to the ‘Occupy’ Movement” from the Progressive Labor Party.

    Now that winter is upon us, the protesters will have time to contemplate the many shortcomings of their ugly, spiteful movement and to make plans for next spring. Of course, the NATO & G8 summits next May in Chicago are likely to attract thousands of people from around the country, perhaps Canada, too. If there is conflict, Occupy will sprout again elsewhere, although it seems like a foregone conclusion that this would happen anyway, even without the summits. So conflict in Chicago will embolden protesters elsewhere. I would be suprised if we didn’t seem something like the massive protests that afflicted London last spring.

    It should be interesting to watch. A problem is that it’s also an election year, and the Democrats will be concerned about getting out the vote. So Occupy’s pressure will make Democrats act as if they are more sympathatic to socialism and, perhaps, to be more socialistic, too. A further complication is that the Republicans, too, are police state thugs, and they pay only lip service to freedom.

    Result: American government becomes more overbearing and more fascistic.

    • Dude

      You’re to moronic to even evicit a reply.

  • There is a difference between the right to free speech and pushing an elderly woman down the stairs, blocking the exits of a convention center, and stopping traffic with an infant in a stroller (Occupy D.C., November 4).

    Te right to free speech does not include trashing the restrooms of nearby businesses and camping in public parks.

  • If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being with being poor.
    Oh sit down
    Sit down next to me
    Sit down, down, down, down, down
    In sympathy
    JAMES 90’s

  • Calm

    If 99 percent of the population has not enjoyed a real wage increase for the past 20 years but the 1 percent has enjoyed a wealth increase, then I think that the 1 percent should be taking the austerity hit and not the folks who gained zip-all in the past 20 years.

    And worse …. We have recently realized that the economic activity over the past 20 years was built upon a fraud. (Toxic Assets)

    Thus; any wealth which the 1 percent accumulated over the past 20 years was obtained by fraudulent means.

    The 1% gained their wealth by the crime of fraud and I think this wealth should be seized in the same way we treat drug dealers and prostitutes who live off the avails of a crime.

    It anger on the streets is so bad that the politicians can’t even hold a townhall meeting. They are all hiding out in TV-Land with endless fake debates, and where the 1% make the rules for how the debate questions are formulated and/or asked.

    The Occupy Movement needs to use the media to accomplish their goals.

    Yesterday, CNN (Cafferty) deliberately selected and read an e-Mail where the writer called the Occupy Movement the “Flea Bag” Movement.

    Well …. The Occupy Movement must name the advertiser just prior this segment and just following the segment and encourage it’s followers to contact the product company and detail their distain.

    The Occupy Movement must create a blog where the “1% Products” can be listed and to shame anybody who might be seen with this product in their home.


    The 1% must be made too ashamed to be seen on the street and to be seen enjoying their excessive wealth. In a sense, the 1% must be shamed simply because they “Smell” of wealth. (In the same way as the 1% claimed that the Lower Class smelled horribly after days occupying a tent and a park.)

    Let the 1% own and earn as much money as they want …. but don’t let them enjoy it. Encourage the 1% to stay at home and count their wealth, but never be allowed to enjoy it.




  • Dear Reader,

    I feel there will be a lot of people trying to make “occupy” look bad. I live in a rural area were the tag line could be; “No change is good change”. – (It’s like living in the Midwest in the Olympic mountains). I grew up in Littleton Colorado were the idea of “normal” fits on the head of a pin. (Very small..) It is where “bullying” got it’s definition; Columbine. (Corporate religion is a real thing, otherwise,, how do you get someone who has lost their job to say; “protect the rich”; It is all about bullying. You would not want that unemployed person saying; “give me some of that money”.). Bullies are everywhere, I try to ignore them, it is one way I use ignorance, to protect my self. There will be a lot of ignorant bullies trying to make “occupy” look bad, so I will do the same thing; I will ignore them!

    Dear Seattle Mayor McGinn,

    Did you see were the retired Police Chief of Philadelphia got arrested at occupy NY? He called the NY City police; “‘obnoxious, arrogant and ignorant’”. Now the NYC Police and the Seattle Police have something in common! Please get your officers to respect people and knock off the pepper spray free for all. This occupation movement has just begun, and if the City of Seattle and their police treat them as they have, you are setting up a terrible mess.



    Dear Mr. President,

    There is a very large demonstration being planned for January 20th, 2012 at the Federal Courthouse at 700 Stewart street in Seattle, – and at every Federal Courthouse in the United States.. There are many groups organizing and “gearing up” for this demonstration. I will be promoting and advertising it. This “occupy movement” has only just begun. I suggest you figure out your plan of action and response; The rules of engagement; – Need a way better understanding of what is going on; – than during WTO in Seattle. Treat the people like they are the enemy, and they will become it

    I feel the occupy movement does have a basic underlying message; Stop letting money decide political elections; And regulate corporate lobbying (and all lobbying) making it a public forum. Right now lobbying is mostly two old white guys sitting across from each other in an office. “They” have probably worked with each other or went to the same school; And “they” have promised you a job when you get out of politics, — tripling your present salary!. The “lobbyist” used to be a “politician”, it worked for him!. Who owns who? – That’s a “Person-hood”.

    “I” was at the WTO protests in Seattle Washington, (with thousands of “other” really awesome “people”, and a few “freaks”) when a bunch of “anarchists” started busting windows with crowbars. We surrounded them, and they got in a circle with their crowbars. I tried to get the “Seattle police” to come arrest “these anarchists”, that were only fifty feet away and threatening violence and breaking windows… The “Seattle police” would not budge from their “police line”, making all of “us” the “enemy”…. (There were thousands of “union” and “other” people sitting and standing in the street, – it was a relatively peaceful protest until the windows started breaking…). ” I” am not the “enemy”.

    I will be in Seattle at 700 Stewart street at the Federal courthouse January 20th, 2012!!! I know we can do this better than last time.

    The Corporate Occupation of the United States

    Our corporate controlled government (through corporate lobbying and election funding ) is out of the peoples control. People want government control back. Makes sense to me… I feel US corporate capitalism (corporatism) is a type of economic fascism: To have a corporate being where the chain of command eventually muddles all responsibility to any human being. These corporate beings are running your life, and controlling your government. (Enough to really make an individual mad and protest.) In reality, the corporate being does not exist, and when it comes to face it’s corporate responsibility, it is a piece of paper. (Or a CEO saying; “I do not recall that”, “I did not have that information”, “that was not my responsibility, I was running the company, and not just that department”,,, and on and on. It has bred a corporate culture of abuse, because they keep getting away with it..), Corporate person-hood is plain and simply wrong: A corporation is not a human being. Restore capitalism to individual responsible chains of command, or this struggle will be lost.

    Please Sign the petition to amend the Constitution for revoking corporate personhood at:

    (I feel January 20th, 2012: will be a bigger day in US history than WTO in Seattle. The battle continues, rage against the machine is real.)

    January 20, 2012 – Move to Amend Occupies the Courts!

    Move To Amend is planning bold action to mark this date — Occupy the Courts — a one day occupation on Friday January 20, 2012, of the Federal Courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States and as many of the 89 U.S. District Court Buildings as we can. (I am inspired by Doctor Martin Luther King who said; “a true revolution of values”, … “there comes a time when silence is betrayal”., “people are not gonna be silenced”.). Move to Amend will lead the charge on the judiciary which created — and continues to expand — corporate personhood rights.

    It’s Time to GET MONEY OUT of politics
    Bailouts. War. Unemployment. Our government is bought, and we’re angry. Now, we’re turning our anger into positive action. By signing this petition, you are joining our campaign to get money out of politics. Our politicians won’t do this. But we will. We will become an unrelenting, massive organized wave advocating a Constitutional amendment to get money out of politics.

    Please sign the petition!

    Occupy The Courts – January 20th, 2012

    There is a meeting Saturday December 3rd, 2011, from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm at the Capitol Hill library branch at 425 Harvard Ave. E., in Seattle. This meeting is for the demonstration being planned January 20th, 2012; at the Federal Courthouse at 700 Stewart street in Seattle. ( People and organizations involved, permits, porta potties, promotion, organizing, staging, sound, event speakers, entertainment, first aid, water, and stuff.)..The meeting room is reserved and holds 50 people and I would love to fill it up! Please inform interested people and organizations!) (This event is not sponsored by the Seattle public Library. )

    I have done this before and want to progress this demonstration, and the reform of our government. (I have done the permits, porta potties and stuff before, but will be looking for someone who lives in Seattle to do this one. It will make more sense to elected officials that a “constituent” Seattle citizen is doing this. I will help pay for things but probably cannot afford to do it all.).

    Please help distribute this information to interested groups and people. I feel the unions, democratic party, republican party, churches, student groups, and “others” need to be informed this is happening. Please help communicate this meeting and demonstration in Seattle! If you can get this event posted to any community events calendars – that would help!

    My friend and I put on a protest in Olympia for World Can’t Wait Oct. 5, 2006 at the capitol. Here are some photos…

    I also coordinated and promoted a protest in Bellevue when Bush was there.

    Happy to say both worked out without arrest, injury or property damage! I worked with the Washington State Patrol in Olympia, and Bellevue Police beforehand, and we pretty much understood the rules of engagement. Medina police were not good partners..

  • Auntiegrav

    Milwaukee police chief said, “Fine. If you want to sit on the overpass and freeze your butts off, enjoy. I’ve got communities that need my people and crimes to handle.”

  • Frankly, I’m amazed the the OWS protesters have
    managed to remain as peaceful as they have. I
    see pictures of students sitting in rows,
    covering their faces, while some fat mouth-
    breather walks along nonchalantly spraying pepper
    spray into their mouths.

    I am also amazed that they have the gumption to
    stand up the MAN and demand change. When I was
    21, I had just gotten out of the Marine Corps,
    and all I cared about was chasing the ladies.
    That meant getting a job. I drank a lot of
    beer, and even (GASP!) did a line once in a

    I didn’t really “wake up” until maybe about a
    year or so ago, and I’m (GASP!) 53 years old.
    I have been blessed with the time, and the
    Internet, and have spent the last 5 years
    discovering all the things that I had no clue
    about growing up.

    These people are the future of our country,
    for chrissakes. They don’t have a clue about
    all the REAL reasons the world is collapsing
    (fraud, grift, corruption, greed, no rule-of
    law, you name it…) because their young
    brains haven’t had time to sort it all out…
    it’s all they can do take care of the basic
    requirements to just survive.

    It’s people like us, who ARE AWAKE, and who
    realize just what it is that these kids are
    ‘intuitively sensing’, if you will, that need
    no stand up! Right now is THE tipping point.
    I fear, if we don’t take this chance to really
    make structural change, then, it’s all over.
    Orwell, hallowed be thy name. In a couple of
    hundred years, the planet will look like the
    one from the movie Stargate (the original one
    with MY MAN, Curt Russell!). It’ll be a wind-
    blown sandbox, with generic, homogenous-looking
    inhabitants barely able to scratch out a
    living, probably living next to our modern-
    day garbage dumps, mining them for plastic,
    metals and anything else they can find to
    scratch out a living. There will be the
    1%, ruling from ‘above’, there will be the
    JackBooted Thugs, and, well, the rest of us.

    (Just try to tax my festivus pole! I dare ya!)

  • Orange Jean

    Some people in this thread and others have commented that the OWS movement is about their/”our” sons and daughters and we ought to support the protesters because of that.

    I do not agree with that approach, but I can understand how frustrating it is for someone just out of school to find their first job – especially in a tough economy. I work with a good many “young people” and have seen many cases where people shoot themselves in the foot, mainly due to a bad attitude. In a time of scarce jobs, this is not going to help you.

    So, here is my advice for young people looking for professional work – especially that first job (and helpful suggestions for their parents, on what to encourage them to do):

    Realistically, job skills are important. Depending on the field you are interested in, you may need a college degree (of a particular type), you may even need a graduate degree but normally this is only enough to get you considered, not necessarily hired. Read on…

    Computer and writing skills are a requirement for many jobs, as are people skills. By this, I mean:

    * You might want to rethink any behavior that could get you arrested. It’s not uncommon for employers to do a background check, and getting thrown into jail for protesting, doing drugs, or heavy drinking or a DUI is not attractive to an employer. Likewise, excessive debt and not paying your bills on time (reason: they figure you’ll be tempted to “rob the till”)… and yes, employers often do background and credit checks, and they are allowed to.
    * Ability to clearly communicate with others, which includes both listening (first) and talking. Face-to-face or on the phone communication is still important, clear, accurate, good writing is very important for many fields. For most fields, expertise in “texting” or writing in code/abbreviations is not important.
    * Ability to work well with others. This does NOT mean you are always the leader, the team leader, the “director” or supervisor. Sometimes you may be called on to do that, but being willing to be a hard working subordinate is an important quality as well. This also includes honesty and not being sneaky and stealing credit for someone else’s work (you may get away with it, but your co-workers will NEVER forget!)
    * Attitude: you should come across cheerful and pleasant, generally easy to get along with rather than angry and hostile. Oddly enough, many young people have no idea how to do this and have a tendency to mouth off, have no patience, little attention to detail, lose their temper, and drop an “F” bomb at the drop of a hat. For most jobs this is unacceptable, and the employer will likely hire and/or promote the person with a pleasant disposition over the one with the anger/hostile/cranky disposition irrespective of job skills.
    * Appropriate appearance for the job. In some places this requires dressing up; if this is the norm in the field you want to work in, you’re going to have to accept that. In many places this would also require dressing more conservatively than you ever would at school. Not many employers find dressing like you’re going to a bar (skin tight clothing, undies or boobs visible, ripped jeans, flip-flops, “f*ck me” heels, etc.) acceptable in the workplace. Likewise, unnatural colored hair, visible tats, extensive piercing, etc. are rarely considered acceptable in the work place. Like it or not, change your look and get over the attitude or you may be out of a job.
    * Understanding that as an inexperienced person, your insistence that you are a “subject matter expert” (with no experience) and/or lack of respect for someone with significantly more experience than you is offensive.
    * Expecting that you will start out at the top (either in terms of salary or position) is not realistic. With a recession on, and there are many, many unemployed people with good solid skills, education and experience. They are competitive for those higher level jobs. You, fresh out of the school, are not. You’re going to have to accept working at an entry-level position (hopefully one in your field, or related) and work your way up, just as they did.
    * Patience! It can take a considerable effort to break into your first job, but the effort is worth it. Hang on in there, and if at first you don’t succeed – try, try, try, and try again. Eventually you’ll find something, hard as it may be to believe that at times.

  • Bill

    I think the caption under the picture should sadly read “The irony of a democracy”

    • Stephan

      America is not, and has never been, a ‘democracy’ by the explicit and labored designs of the Founding Fathers. America WAS a republic – government by rule of law. Ben Franklin said “We give you a Republic… if you can keep it”. Well, we couldn’t and what is today revealed is the fascist police state that is the American government (“The Best Government Money Can Buy!”). Indeed, this will not end well for any of us.

      • Willaim Chandler

        REPRESENTATIVE republic …… since you want to split hairs.

  • Paul

    The state is the power instrument of the ruling class.

    And since the ruling class wants their profit protected, it orders the state to send in the police.

    Do you really want to change the current system?

    I don’t think so. So just shut up and give me your money.
    Oh, and sign here please that you give me your money voluntarily.


  • Willaim Chandler

    OWS is what the Tea Party STARTED OUT AS. The Tea Party was ALSO a NON-Partisan protest against the BANKERS and Politicians. Then Sara-JUDAS-ISCARIOT-Palin MIS-led them into the arms of the neocons. Palin (and her NEOCON PIMPS) SOLD the Tea Party for 30 pieces of silver. So all you morons who THINK you are conservatives need to (1) Go study how the neocons were INVENTED by LEFTWING TROTSKITES (Irving Kristol & Co.)
    (2) Reread your history. It was the “RABBLE in Arms” that fought for America. Who DID the REAL Tea Party, Tavern customers. Remember the “Boston Massacre”? THAT was “street urchins and layabouts” standing up to the DHS/Police. What were the words of the British Commander at Concord? “Disperse YE RABBLE”! America was created by the LIBERAL concepts of FREEDOM and NATURAL RIGHTS. The ENEMY of America was CONSERVATIVE feudalism.
    (3) Now, JOIN the OWS.
    “I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.” –Thomas Jefferson on popular sovreignty, letter to W.C. Jarvis, 1820.
    Call them TORYS, not “Tea Partys” They are LOYALISTS beholden to the ROYALISTS and are no more revolutionary or PROGRESSIVE (as were the Founding Fathers) then so many OXEN in YOKE.

    • brnagn

      you’re attaching your beliefs and modern vernacular on 18th century men and language. The fouders of the USA were not liberal by today’s difinition. you should know better.

  • Jeff Starr

    Read The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe

  • Silent Majority

    But if Occupy Wall Street protesters want to take things to “the next level”, they should not underestimate the resolve of the police state.

    Those of the “Police State” need to understand that they work for the PEOPLE. Their authority is bestowed upon them by WE THE PEOPLE. They also need to remember (otherwise they will be reminded of it the hard way) that they bleed like everyone else. What’s going to happen when the next time someone’s hair is pulled, or a flash-bang grenade goes off, that a protester doesn’t shoot one of these pigs dead in the street. We can show up *****************************************

  • People have the right to protest, but do not have the right to block, obstruct or “occupy” any public street or thoroughfare that is used on a daily basis by taxpaying citizens who are going about their daily business, causing traffic jams and delays affecting thousands of commuters who are trying to earn a living.Furthermore,law enforcement has been given no choice but to use force after requesting that protestors vacate an area affecting law abiding citizens.


    Will another nation invade the US in a humanitarian operation to protect OWS? What would be US’s response?

  • Ron

    “Yeah… where I hear are the sounds of marching, charging people…cause the time is ripe for a violent revolution”…

    Street Fighting Man – The Rolling Stones

  • Rene

    This is nothing…so far. Between 1967 and 1971 protests were violent and bloody and were occuring almost every day! I remember those years well.
    Those days are coming back. The future will be ugly indeed.

  • “Those that make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”- John F. Kennedy

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