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The Real Unemployment Numbers Are Worse Than You Are Being Told

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According to the Obama administration, the unemployment rate in the United States has been slowly coming down over the past couple of years.  But is that actually true?  When you take a closer look at the data you quickly realize that the real unemployment numbers are much worse than we are being told.  For example, if the labor force participation rate was the same today as it was back when Barack Obama first took office, the unemployment rate in the United States would be a whopping 11.2 percent.  But every month the Obama administration has been able to show “progress” because of the fiction that hundreds of thousands of Americans are “disappearing” from the labor force each month.  Frankly, the way that they come up with these numbers is an insult to our intelligence.  Personally, I much prefer the employment-population ratio.  It is a measure of the percentage of working age Americans that actually have jobs.  I like to call it “the employment rate”.  So what happened to the “employment rate” in August?  It fell slightly to 58.3 percent.  It is lower than it was when the last recession supposedly ended, and it is almost as low as it has been at any point since the very beginning of this crisis.  A few times during this economic downturn it has actually hit 58.2 percent.  Needless to say, things are not getting any better.  So why aren’t the American people being told the truth?

After every other recession in the post-World War II era, the employment rate has always rebounded.

But not this time.

Does this look like a recovery to you?….

So how in the world can Barack Obama claim that we are better off now?

In August 2010, 58.5 percent of working age Americans had jobs.

In August 2012, 58.3 percent of working age Americans had jobs.

So where is the recovery?

It is two years later and a smaller percentage of Americans are employed.

It is very frustrating to me that we are not being told the truth about the unemployment numbers.  The following are some more indications that the real unemployment numbers are much worse than we are being told….

-In July, 142,220,000 Americans were working.  In August, only 142,101,000 Americans were working.  So the number of Americans working fell by 119,000 and yet the government would have us believe that the unemployment rate actually declined from 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent.

-According to the federal government, 96,000 jobs were added to the economy in August and the U.S. labor force shrank by 368,000 even though our population is continually growing. If the size of the U.S. labor force had stayed the same, the official unemployment rate would have actually gone up to 8.4 percent.

-Almost all of the new jobs added in August were the result of the “birth-death” model used by the Labor Department to estimate jobs added by new businesses.  That model has been heavily criticized for being inaccurate.  If you take the 87,000 jobs added by that model out of the equation, then the U.S. economy only added 9,000 jobs in August.  But it takes somewhere around 125,000 new jobs each month just to keep up with the growth of the population.

-If the labor participation rate was sitting where it was when Barack Obama first took office, the unemployment rate in the United States would actually be 11.2 percent.

-If the labor participation rate was sitting at the 30 year average of 65.8 percent, the unemployment rate in the United States would actually be 11.7 percent.

-John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics would put the “real” rate of unemployment up around 23 percent after adding in all workers that have given up looking for work and all underemployed workers.

-The labor participation rate for men has fallen to 69.9 percent.  This is the lowest level that it has been since the U.S. government began tracking this statistic back in 1948.

-There was more bad news for manufacturing in this latest report.  During the month of August the U.S. manufacturing sector lost approximately 15,000 jobs.

-The official unemployment rate has now been above 8 percent for 43 months in a row.

-The percentage of working age Americans with a job has been below 59 percent for 36 months in a row.

-The employment numbers for both June and July were revised downward significantly.  For June, it turns out that only 45,000 jobs were added to the economy as opposed to the 64,000 that were originally reported.  For July, it turns out that only 141,000 jobs were added to the economy as opposed to the 163,000 that were originally reported.

-Incredibly, 58 percent of the jobs created since the end of the last recession have been low income jobs.

-The U.S. economy currently has 4.7 million less jobs than it did when the last recession started.

So what is the solution to these problems?

The media is breathlessly proclaiming that more quantitative easing is on the way and that the Federal Reserve will save the economy and send the stock market soaring to new heights.

A headline on CNBC on Friday boldly declared the following: “Market Sees ‘Helicopter Ben’ Coming to the Rescue“.

You can almost hear the chopper blades whirling now.

Apparently Bernanke has had a love of showering the economy with money for a very long time.  For example, you can see a picture of a young Ben Bernanke in action right here.

Of course that is a joke, but you get the point.

In recent years Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and the rest of his cohorts have printed money like there is no tomorrow.

So have the previous rounds of quantitative easing solved our problems?

Of course not.

The employment rate is even lower today than it was two years ago.

But all of that money printing has sent the stock market soaring and it has enabled the big Wall Street banks to make an obscene amount of money.

The truth is that the Federal Reserve, the Obama administration and the big Wall Street banks don’t really care about you.

They don’t really care that the middle class is rapidly shrinking and that the number of Americans on food stamps has risen by more than 14 million since Barack Obama became president.

What they care about is what is good for them.

As I have written about previously, if we continue on the same path that we have been on for the past several decades, there will never be enough jobs in America ever again.

On our current trajectory, we will end up just like Greece where the unemployment rate is now up to 24.4 percent.

Once upon a time the economy of Greece was thriving.

But today, many formerly middle class Greek citizens are leaving Greece and are picking up whatever work they can find….

As a pharmaceutical salesman in Greece for 17 years, Tilemachos Karachalios wore a suit, drove a company car and had an expense account. He now mops schools in Sweden, forced from his home by Greece’s economic crisis.

“It was a very good job,” said Karachalios, 40, of his former life. “Now I clean Swedish s—.”

Karachalios, who left behind his 6-year-old daughter to be raised by his parents, is one of thousands fleeing Greece’s record 24 percent unemployment and austerity measures that threaten to undermine growth.

Would you be willing to do that?

Don’t laugh.

Someday when the unemployment rate in the United States gets that high we will see large numbers of desperate Americans leaving this country in search of work somewhere else.

Already, an increasing number of Americans are buying expired food at auctions.

Times are hard and people are trying to get by any way that they can.

More than 100 million Americans are already on welfare and things have not even gotten that bad yet.

This is nothing compared to what is coming.

As you can see from the chart posted near the top of this article, the last economic downturn appears to have permanently weakened the U.S. economy.

Now the next wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching.

How much worse will things get when it finally hits us?

That is something to think about.

  • Prepared Pastor

    As you said the employment is really what matters. The unemployment rate does not even accurately describe how many people you are competing against because people like me have been unemployed for so long that we have dropped off the metrics.

    It’s all moot anyway. What matters in how unemployment affects the family. My wife is employed. I am not so I stay home with the toddler. Our unemployment rate is 50%.

    At least I lived beneath my means when I was employed so do not have house our car payments. The important things is not to live completely for today, but put something away for the future whether you have to collect aluminum cans or free pallets or grow a garden. Otherwise, your circumstances my never improve.

  • Rodster

    Michael, you should have titled your article:

    “It goes to show how figures lie and liars figure”. 🙂

    • Michael

      I like it. 🙂


      • K

        Michael, it is a lot more than unemployment, they are not telling us the truth about. By the way, starting to notice major chain stores, with no inventory to speak of. Just had to replace my desktop computer, should have been easy. Best buy looked like a ghost town, only 3 types in stock. Sears not much better. Office Depot had what I needed, but even there I got the last one. When that many places have so little inventory, that is a bad sign to me.

        • Michael

          You are right – that is a bad sign.


        • William

          saw this in Texas, too. odd.

          • KF

            Noticing empty shelves here in southern Ohio too.

        • Rodster

          In my area (SW Florida) we have NO inventory issues for anything. 😉

          • K

            Rodster, I would expect it to be that way. When inventory is short. It first drains away, from the less wealthy areas. You may not consider your area wealthy, but compared to most of TN or TX, you are. JoanF, you may have a point. But in the past, operating system changes, have been the time to buy. Much like an end of year sale on cars. Sales are good, and inventory is fairly good. I found the sales, but inventory was almost nill. Also, I have noticed inventory gaps in other products as well. What I seem to see, is an inventory gap in the middle. In electronics for example. Bottom of the line items are available, with a good amount of inventory. Top of the line items are available with a fair amount of inventory. It is the middle of the line items, that seem to be missing. Has the bad economy, driven middle of the line buyers, to bottom of the line buyers? Not sure, just something that makes me go hmmmm.

        • JoanF

          Well, I know things are bad, but wouldn’t use computers as a measure right now. Remember Windows 8 is being released on Oct 26. It makes sense they would be keeping a low inventory of Windows 7 units. Take a look when the new computers hit the shelves. That will be much more telling.

        • dx

          Best Buy was like that 3 years ago when I needed a new computer. They didn’t have hardly anything in stock. Plenty on display though.

        • Mondobeyondo

          Scary stuff – especially if you look at the BDI (Baltic Dry Index).
          Sorry, I can’t read the tea leaves, because they are shriveling up.
          One thing is for certain though – things are about to get bad.
          Baaaaaaad. (That’s for you sheeple out there)

          Unfortunately, most Americans dismiss it anyway. The Green Bay Packers are far more important. Go Packers!! Beat the… um, that other team you’re playing next week! Is is the Giants? It better not be the Arizona Cardinals – ’cause I LOVE my Cardinals!!

        • k

          I guess they are preparing too…:)

        • MarkieMark

          Worse sign— Christmas is coming, inventories should be going up.

        • DownWithLibs

          No. That’s a SCARY sign!

    • Jodi

      Good one Rodster! You have great comments. Keep it up!

  • Jack Curtis

    The thought should perhaps include the condition of the rest of the world. It is now an integrated economy that will take all down together, seems to me. Refugees we will see in plenty but refuges seem likely to be scarce…

  • Paul76

    Spot on, Michael. Although the markets are “up”, as measured by the DOW, S&P and Nasdaq, in reality I’d submit that their actual worth has decreased due to the fact that the Dollar has been so devalued as to make comparing the Dow now with the Dow of 10, 20 or 30 years ago like comparing apples and oranges. Sure, Wall Street is making “money”, but are they really?

    I remember when I was a kid back in the 60’s, while the Dollar was in its still relatively stable period from the end of WWII until the early seventies, my Dad told me that when the DOW was around 1000, things were good and when it fell to 800, it meant things weren’t so good. And that’s the range it fluctuated in for decades.

    Just last week I heard a commentator remarking on how he sees the DOW hitting (assuming we last that long) 100K in 10 years because “it’s undervalued and great companies like Apple and Google are worth so much more!” REALLY??? Google, which produces NOTHING is worth more in terms of real value than General Motors or GE or RCA were at their peaks back in the 60s???

    Yet these same people say that gold is OVERVALUED! It boggles my mind at the wanton blindness which the Wall Street crowd and our so called economic geniuses are afflicted with.

    Keep up the good work, Michael.

    P.S., When will somebody in Washington screw up their courage enough to actually explain that there is no way to “strengthen and save” Medicare and Social Security and instead submit a plan to extricate ourselves from two fundamentally flawed and unworkable ideas? My guess is the day when the people realize the checks their getting are completely worthless!

    • Michael

      Thank you for the kind words.

      Hopefully people will start to understand that things are not getting any better for the folks down on Main Street.


      • Washington

        I wanted to share a true reporter in the sense we are suppose to have here in America. I hope you will find him as a good resource as I have Michael!

        BenSwannRealityCheck’s channel

    • Mondobeyondo

      It wasn’t until 1981 or 1982 when the Dow broke the 1,000 point barrier. Everyone thought it was such a big deal back then.

    • Wilson

      I remember my dad being very fretful when the DOW hit 1000 as he thought it was overvalued and going to make a drastic correction. 13,000+ or – now, yikes!

    • sharonsj

      So, Paul76, after we throw the elderly, handicapped, widows and orphans off of Social Security and Medicare, can we sent them all to your state, where your taxes are going to go through the roof to take care of them? By the way, when you need medical care but can’t afford it, and you are no longer able to work to earn money, what are your own plans for survival?

    • Gay Veteran

      “When will somebody in Washington screw up their courage enough to actually explain that there is no way to “strengthen and save” Medicare and Social Security and instead submit a plan to extricate ourselves from two fundamentally flawed and unworkable ideas?”

      true about Medicare (since 1980 costs have been going up over 9% per year, that is unsustainable), but pure BS about Social Security (which can continue with minor changes)

  • Tatiana Covington

    Maybe people don’t too much matter any more, especially now that they exist in such huge numbers. Just in the last 50 years, America’s population has increased some 75%, and the world’s population has increased some 140%.

    I.e., human beings are a drug on the market.

    • paul

      Come on, capitalism isn’t called that because people are important.

  • Wilson

    Sobering article. I know one of my adult kids was laid off from an oil field service company. Since then she has been working 3 part time jobs and trying to keep it together, needed a rebuilt transmission in her vehicle, and suffered a serious injury to her hand. The student loan debt collectors are calling I know about this because they even called me looking for her. I enjoyed telling them that I was not legally responsible for the debt and if they called again I would turn it over to my lawyer. Hey Mike, want another job?
    To her credit she is trying, and she has no use for the POTUS or his empty talk.

    The guy in the picture at the end of the article needs to be unemployed NOW!

  • Mondobeyondo

    Flip that chart upside down, and it shows the biggest economic boom in American history!

    Some people (who just happen to be voters) can’t tell the difference. They’re graphically illiterate. They will look at that upside down chart, and wonder why things seem so bad, when apparently they’re being told things have never been better.

    That’s what Obama and Romney are counting on to get elected/re-elected.

    • John W.

      Romney is telling them things have never been better? What have you been hitting the glue bong? Why the hell would Romney say that?

  • McKinley Morganfield

    The BLS is definitely under a politically driven mandate to make the official UE percentage shrink on the run up to the election. The MSM is colluding with team BHO to keep this off the public’s radar screen. Its blogs like this one that are doing the real investigations and attempting to inform the public. Thanks for your efforts.

  • markthetruth


    The problem is, “what is a job” , it used to be called work, but there is no work….

    but we still have people getting paid a lot for useless so called Government/union “Nondescript Careers”

    the end.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Depends on what your definition of “job”, “work” and “career” are.

      I’ve been looking for all three since June 2009.

      The vast majority have turned out to be dead ends.

      “Job” = “just over broke”. Flipping burgers does not create happiness. Flipping pancakes does. Hello, IHOP! LOL!!

      “Work” = Monday 9am-5pm. Repeat Tuesday through Friday.
      Next week: Monday 9am-5pm. Repeat Tuesday through Friday.
      The week after: Monday 9am-5pm. Repeat Tuesday through Friday.
      Repeat endlessly.
      Hey buddy, I’ve been there, done that. Did it for 14 years, before I was laid off.

      If this makes you happy, well, good for you! Be sure to watch the movie “Office Space” next weekend. You’ll love it. As for me, I won’t go back to that…um, bovine excretion experience again, if I can help it.

      Unless you’re “locked” in a lifelong occupation, there are no “careers” anymore. Things used to be different. But a funny thing happened – things changed! I understand. I grew up under that same mindset – go to high school, graduate, go to college and become something in life (the losers got to go to auto tech school, or for the home economics, etc. Yeah, live your life as Julia Child! Woo-hoo!). Get a two-year degree – wow, you’re big time! A four year degree? You’re a super stud!

      But they never told you about the DEBT!! The DEBT!! DEBT!!!!!!

      A Very, Very Early Christmas Carol:
      One day, the Ghost of Christmas Debt will come knocking…
      “Wakie-wakie time! You’re $85,000 in student loan debt!”
      You’ll say, “Leave me alone, Marley!”
      Naturally, Jacob Marley will say, “I have my friends with me.
      They are from the Internal Revenue Service. And furthermoreeeee.. you have debts from your student loan debt services too! They are here to haunt you, Ebenezer Scroooooggggeee!” The $3,497 you owed for the 2010 winter semester for Amoeba Metabolism and Single Celled Studies… Boooooooooo! And the interest rate on your loans is approaching 28 percent. Boooooooo!”…..

      Now is the time to run. Run, baby… RUN!!!! Grab my hand! Let’s get outta here!

      Be warned….

  • airborne71

    As long as Obama has the MSM in his hip pocket mr. & Mrs america who only watch the MSM are not going to know the truth . They remember Cronkite , Huntley & Brinkley so thats what they go by everything else is a lie , even their own childrens loss of good jobs will not sway them . they believe all the lies and spin put out by the MSM . They refuse to believe what they see in front of them .

  • erheault

    Its been a long time coming and it will be a very long time leaving, Best plan on a long time trying to survive the coming depression.

  • airborne71

    I should have added one more sentence : THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO VOTE !!! so guess who are they going to votew for ???

  • Great article Michael, you said you are very frustrated we are not being told the truth but I have a feeling you are not surprised either. The “truth” is simply what is easiest on the hears to those who will listen. “Tell them what they want to hear, don’t upset them with pesky stats, we (the experts) will handle this.”

    I also think we are being pushed into the concept that it’s okay to live with less, strive for less, accept being mediocre. Hey as long as we all sacrifice it’s for the greater good, we all can’t have what we want right?

    Quite a few black swans in the water, I fear we will reach a tipping point very soon. Thanks for the article and the research you put into it. I will definitely be sharing it.



  • Prep,prep,prep,prep,prep,prep!!!!!

  • RICH99

    I don’t believe the numbers are worse , I know many companies that are hiring and many people have found jobs and YES , decent ones .
    This kind of thing happened during a deep recession….I lost my job in the 2001 recession and had to take a 32 hour a week job for a long time …….this ****** happens people get over it……THIS IS NOTHING NEW …….ITS NOT DOOM….ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD ……GO WATCH A FOOTBALL GAME OR GO TO THE MOVIES OR GO TO THE BEACH BUT DAMN ……STOP LISTENING TO THE DOOM CLUB

    • RICH99

      I should have said the 1991 recession

      • John W.

        You mean the one where unemployment went to five percent. That non recession that the media invented to get Clintoon elected. Notice how there are now armies of homeless and the media says not a peep. Same with food stamps, etc. It would cost a billion dollars for the Republicans to get the media coverage that Obama gets for free.

    • SuperBigHuge

      How does math equate to doom? The numbers are the numbers. The fact that the government is manipulating the numbers IS the story. Try and keep up.

    • SuperBigHuge

      Hey, can you provide the names of those companies that are hiring for those decent jobs? I’m an unemployed airline pilot and can’t get hired on anywhere (including McDonald’s and Wal-Mart). I could sure use a “decent” job. I’ll stand by for your reply.

  • Rikki

    Michael what do you think of garner ted Armstrong and Islam:

    My take on the economy from across the east river in queens and seeing the new WTC get built….yes I saw the old on collapse from here…

    Businesses are starting but almost none speak English…

    Even the spammers have quit flooding everyone’s mailboxes with the sky is the limit jobs

    Its the crushing silence that is getting to me…here ill post a music video (not mine) and this is so over peoples heads they cant even comment on it…

    Once people know you have critical thinking skills they are not interested…..we have survived so far but one more pulling the rug out from under my feet and its my moms basement…..its still that bad.


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    • Gary2

      Does the whore of Babylon charge by the hour or the act?? Does Gog or Magog get a volume discount from the whore of Babylon?? After the big nasty do they go for a leisurely swim in the lake of fire?

      Just sayin…

  • Jodi

    The media lies and the sheeple believe.

    By the way, off topic, Romney says he would keep parts of Obama Healthcare Law.
    I thought he was for repealing Obamacare? I guess now that he’s won the nomination, he can do what he wants.

    • paul

      Which countries had actors as presidents and governors? USA and the Philippines.

  • JoanF

    About ten years or so back, we were on a cruise and at our dining room table was a couple where the wife had just recently retired from the US Bureau of Statistics. She told us back then to never believe anything that comes out of that office.

  • Gary2

    Mitt Romney said on Sunday that if he were elected president he would keep portions of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, a seemingly abrupt turn on an early campaign promise.

    HA HA HA HA—No matter who wins or looses I WIN!!!! Face it you silly little conservatives–you are SOLD OUT!!!HA HA HA HA

  • 007

    Why is this a surprise. It is an election year and Obama has a very loyal political hack calculating all these employment statistics. I’m surprised they did not make up that more jobs were created. It is another obvious government lie. If people are dumb enough to believe this propaganda, they deserve whatever economic pain that comes from Obama being reelected.

    All Obama is worrying about is that the unemployment, welfare and food stamp, benefits keep flowing through the election.

  • 007

    “if Obama gets reelected, I guarantee you that you will feel it economically affect you.”..Bill Clinton

    He got that right.

  • Gary2

    QE3 is now a done deal. I told you that we can simply fire up the printing press and not worry about any debt crap. We need MORE stimulus. When families tighten their belts then government needs to loosen their belt. Bail out all the Blue states. The red states are too busy ****************** to notice. Fact–more porn is consumed by the christian red states than the blue states.

    • Chloe

      Can you show me where you got your evidence on the porn thing? Just because you say it’s fact doesn’t make it so. And even if, what does that prove?

  • Jim

    @RICH99 Why are you on this blog ? I don’t believe the numbers are worse , I know many companies that are hiring and many people have found jobs and YES , decent ones .
    This kind of thing happened during a deep recession….I lost my job in the 2001 recession and had to take a 32 hour a week job for a long time …….this ****** happens people get over it……THIS IS NOTHING NEW …….ITS NOT DOOM….ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD ……GO WATCH A FOOTBALL GAME OR GO TO THE MOVIES OR GO TO THE BEACH BUT DAMN ……STOP LISTENING TO THE DOOM CLUB

    The majority of people live in a state of Normalcy bias.And they will be at the super dome begging for help when the SHTF.

  • dan17

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  • k

    So what do you think is the solution, michael??

    • That’s just the thing, people want “solutions” which will enable them to continue living as they are now, for the ball to keep rolling. The truth is, there are no solutions which make that possible. This road is unsustainable, instead of looking for solutions we need to be preparing for tough times. Just how tough is anyone’s best guess.

      Happy Prepping.


  • k

    Also i have read somewhere that when obama became president, we were losing jobs.

    But now we are adding jobs.

  • chiller

    I likes Mark Twain’s definition of lies. “There’s lies, there’s damn lies and there’s statistics.”
    After a while, the people doing the lying become sensitized to it to the point where they don’t feel they’re lying at all. After a while, the white lies become cumulative and turn into blatant fantasy that they’re insensitive to while anyone else is appalled. This is where we are today as our guberment, financial institutions and media view their SOP as “normal” and we ordinary people will take no more. It all boils down to how much ‘truth’ will the liars have to deliver in order to placate the angry masses? The liars themselves MUST GO…and not just their message.

  • Steve

    As this article so eloquently addresses in its latter part I and several thousands of Americans have voted with our feet and left the U.S. Yes many of us are nearing Social Security eligibility but are also smart enough to see the hand writing on the wall. The jobs aren’t there and finding a job the older you get is very hard if not near impossible with all the hungry young grads looking for a job at any wage.

    But what is also happening is the available workforce is decreasing because of us leaving. Remember the X an Y generations where born when it was fashionable to be Politically Correct with population and have ZERO children or one child. Now there aren’t enough workers to support the work force and pay the taxes to support all the social programs. Remember 70% of new applicants to Social Security are applying at the minimum age of 62. That should worry every body. But on top of all this is the Skill and Brain Drains and Experience being taken out of the U.S. and being used in foreign countries.

    It isn’t the Gov’t that is the enemy. We have already met him. Look in the mirror. We the American People let it get this bad. In the end the U.S. only works if the people ARE involved. But I am afraid we have crossed the point of no return.

  • Bella

    While your stats are valid and disheartening the end result, misinformation and massaging the numbers s not unique to this administration and will not change with a change of Presidents. Those who compile numbers are responsible for their presentation and decades of decision-making are responsible for the net result.

  • Scott-53

    How many people leave the workforce every month by collecting social security retirement at age 62-63-64 or 65 and over?

  • Rowell

    Michael, while I agree that the formula for the unemployment rate is inherently broken, using the Employment/Population ratio will not work nowadays and probably for the next 10 years. The reason for that is the Baby Boomer generation is starting to retire now. That means an ever increasing number of retired citizens which will skew the numbers.

    • Michael

      The employment-population ratio only includes working age Americans.


  • The govt., even before Obama, continued to change the criteria for judging the unemployment rate (and the inflation rate) to smooth over the reality that most of us face and to keep career politicians in a more comfortable light.

  • Wnston

    On an apples to apples basis according to UE is 22.6%
    Add in disability which is a recent invention and,
    UE is over 28%.higher than the “great” depression.

  • Shanna

    I can tell you for a fact that our gov’t (USDA) also sends out of date food to food pantries. How do I know b/c I help at one every month and we just got in canned pears with the date March 2010. Over 2 yrs old. Whatever the USDA sends we have to give out & we only have so long to get rid of it too, otherwise we do not get anymore food. We have to be sneeky about it & not let the ppl know the date b/c of course they would not take it. So they get a can put in their bag whether they like or do not like pears or whatever the food may be. Nice huh??? Plus our numbers go up just about every month & our biggest cliental age is the elderly.

    My husband was just talking to a neighbors son the other day & he has been without work for over a year now. Has been everywhere & cannot find anything. Said his wife has a job but not a good one. Things are pretty tough for them right now & they have one child. I don’t know what lala land ppl are living in but things are not getting any better that’s for sure.


    This is so sad. We live in a microwave society and everyone wants things done when they want it done. It didn’t take four years to get us into this mess, why would you think it would take 4 years to get us out? All politicians lie and they will say and do whatever it takes to get elected. Look at lyin Ryan who talked about his running time in the Marathon. If I am correct,the Bible says to pray for the elect. The Bible also says thou shall not lie. As usual, let me back this up with scripture. 1 Timothy 2:1-6 First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, … soooo??? How many people in government are living a righteous life??? He without sin, cast the first stone.

  • TooLittleTooLate

    Yep… we’re shedding jobs alright…. Ben Bernake is about to fire up the printing presses and rob us of more of our savings…. the ECB is starting some printing of their own to save Italy and Spain….. then we have the whole Israel Iran thing.

    It’s amazing to me what has been done to us, “for our own good”…..

    I was looking at silver coin prices today….. a roll of silver quarters which is valued at 10.00 ( 40 quarters ) in weight alone is now 260.00…. Who should I thank for that?!?! ( I already know )

    Exactly why are more people not outraged by what has been done to us? Apparently, we’re somehow supposed to be greatful to these people that rob us of all of our hard work and savings. I feel like I may not be able to walk upright if they help me too much more.

  • Nickelthrower


    I think you are incorrect in your description of the Birth/Death Model. As it has been explained to me, the addition or subtraction of the Birth Death numbers isn’t straight forward but those numbers are thrown into a “black box” which then produces the final number.

    A good explanation for your readers of how the unemployment numbers are put together can be found here:


    • Michael

      Thank you for the kind words Don. 🙂


  • Colin

    I see President Obama as partially at fault. He supports free trade deals that have proven to be job wreckers.

    I, also, see Congress at fault. Since his inauguration, the number one job of the Republicans is to ensure that the President has one term. The dysfunction of the Congress has gotten so bad that now the orientation guide for first year Congressman has a section on how to work in a broken government. There has been a record number of filibusters, and the House is working 144 days this year.

    People are predicting that this dysfunction will continue once the new Congress begins its session come January 2013.

    • Chloe

      You do realize half of his first term was all Democrat, right??

  • The country is a mess but we can only look at the falling unemployment rate and a rising stock market as a sign that things are getting better. it’s shades of 1984 double speak where the president addresses falling unemployment numbers but not rising poverty numbers. And democratic supporters at the DNC want to Ban Corporate Profits! not that the repubs are much smarter but what quicker way to kill more jobs is there? Michael if you haven’t seen this video you should check it out. I couldn’t believe the non sense that i heard.

  • TheRandyGuy

    The ugly truth is you could run this as a headline on the big 3 MSM’s and not one person committed to supporting BHO would change their vote: Our nation is split along a very clear partisan line. Only when things get really bad (next year by this time, if all I’m reading is correct) will people accept the truth. Problem is that by that time, it will be too late to avoid the suffering inherent in the financial meltdown that will hit our shores. BHO or MR, it will matter little. It’s too late to fix problems 40+ years in the making.

  • Washington

    Gun Sales Surge: An Obama Bounce? Published: Saturday, 8 Sep 2012

  • I am one of the ones who have given up looking for a job that will meet my expenses. My next employment attempt will be a local call center’s seasonal gig. It’s just not worth it anymore.

  • GA

    Would somebody just push the reset button now. Let’s just deal with the pain now. The more we linger, the more suffering there will be. Prepare expeditiously!

  • Imaplaneiac

    Michael,the two below links relate somewhat to this article; more to others. I think my fellow bloggers will enjoy the Mr.Scam Man parody of the 1950s song ” Mr. Sandman ” , by the Chordettes ( it can be found on youtube and heard on KIXI / Seattle ). Perhaps the second link may have already been posted in a previous article or seen by your readers elsewhere??

    Many of your readers likely know the expression: ” Fool me ONCE shame on YOU; fool me TWICE shame on ME “. Will the majority of Americans allow themselves to be TWICE fooled by Mr. Scam Man; by his identical rhetoric used in 2008?? I won’t be surprised if they do! Ya just can’t fix ” stupid ” …

  • Gary2

    I wonder how the GOPBAGGERS feel now. Having realized what a ridiculous choice they made last time for VP candidate, in Palin….. and having chosen to go with a titless witless twit this time, in Lyin’ Ryan…..are they beginning to realize the depths of stupidity and ignorance in their party?

    Or are they all so divorced from reality that Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan seem like respectable candidates to them?

  • Unemployment should be the main issue during this year’s presidential election. I feel sad for the many recent college graduates who graduated during and after the Great Recession who still have trouble finding their first full time job position outside of the academic atmosphere. It is very difficult to start one’s career path if a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree does not mean anything to a prospective employer. It is a Catch-22 for a graduate when the positions you apply for require prior experience in that same job position. Even internships, paid and unpaid, are difficult to find.


  • Mark Twain said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” The unemployment numbers fit all three categories.

  • Gay Veteran

    Spinning Bad Financial News Into Good ~ Paul Craig Roberts
    September 8, 2012 |

    Friday’s payroll jobs report says that 96,000 new jobs were created in August and that the unemployment rate (U.3) fell from 8.3% to 8.1%. As 96,000 new jobs are not enough to keep up with population growth, the decline in the U.3 unemployment rate was caused by 368,000 discouraged job seekers giving up on finding employment and dropping out of the work force as measured by U.3. Discouraged workers are not included in the U.3 measure of unemployment, which makes the measure useless. The only purpose of U.3 is to keep bad news out of the news. the U.3 unemployment rate only measures those who have not been discouraged by the inability to find a job and are still actively seeking employment.

    The government produces another unemployment measure, U.6, which includes people who have been discouraged by the inability to find a job and have been out of the work force for less than a year. This measure of unemployment is 14.7%, a number that would get attention if reported.

    When the long-term (more than one year) discouraged workers are included, the US unemployment rate is about 22%. In other words, the real US rate of unemployment is almost three times higher than the reported–headline rate–of 8.1%.

    What is the purpose of reporting an unemployment rate that is about one-third the real unemployment rate? The only answer is deception through Happy News.

    Let’s have a look at those 96,000 jobs. What kind of high-tech, high-income super jobs is “the world’s only superpower, the indispensable nation, the world’s greatest economy and capitalist heaven” creating? The answer is lowly paid third world jobs, which is why there is not and cannot be an economic recovery. All the good jobs have been moved offshore in order to maximize the incomes of the rich.

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 28,300 of the 96,000 jobs or 29% are waitresses and bartenders.

    Health care and social services, primarily ambulatory health care services and home health care services, provided 21,700 jobs or 22.6% of the jobs.

    So, 52% of the new jobs created by the American superpower are lowly paid waitresses, bartenders, practical nurses, and hospital orderlies.

    Highly paid manufacturing jobs declined by 15,000. The incomes lost by these jobs most likely exceed the income gains from the waitresses, bartenders, and hospital orderlies jobs.

    Where did the other 46,000 jobs come from?

    Formerly, in hard times government employment would expand, but, despite Republican propaganda, not today in today’s mean times. Government (federal, state and local) lost 7,000 jobs.

    Professional and business services gained 28,000 jobs, primarily in computer systems design and related services (mainly Indians on H-1B work visas) and management and technical consulting services (mainly former corporate professional employees who now eke out a living by consulting, without pension or health benefits, with their former employers; in other words, they are working the same for less).

    These three categories account for 81% of the new jobs.

    Where are the remainder?

    A few thousand jobs in finance and insurance, jobs that absorb consumer incomes but produce no product. Telephone, cable, water, electricity, and heating produced 8,800 jobs. Transportation and warehousing to store unsold goods produced 5,700 jobs. Retail trade, primarily food and beverage stores (alcohol), produced 6,100 jobs.

    And there you have it. The “powerful American economy” is an economy that cannot produce its own clothes and shoes, or the manufactured products, including high technology products, that it consumes, or its own energy, all of which it imports by issuing more debt.

    The “great hegemonic American economy” is on the verge of total collapse, because the only way it can pay for the imports that sustain it is by issuing more debt and printing more money. Once the debt and money creation undermine the dollar as world reserve currency, the US will become overnight a third world country, much to the relief of the rest of the world….

  • Fuzzy Math, Happens to me all the time.
    All is well go back to sleep or catch the next exciting episode of Jersey Shore, I love Snookie she is so cute and smart too!
    What flavor koolaide are they serving in the soup line today anybody know?
    It’s rat meat on a stick Tuesday, Fridays we have soup made from some poor stray cat (or dog) what ever we can find. Saturday we eat the neighbors kid. Sundays we eat grass uch, I hate Sunday’s menu.
    Prepare for what is to come, for it will be-HELL ON EARTH!

  • The numbers don’t lie. Facts are plain to see, and yet this clown is leading in the polls. True, the Dems are getting a post convention bounce, but this shouldn’t even be CLOSE!

    Unfortunately, the majority of the populace will vote between a bad candidate and a worse candidate. Both (major)parties are running this country into ruin. Keep your pantry full and your powder dry. It’s not going to be pretty either way.

  • CatNap

    “Spanky” Bernanke. 🙂

    It’s the American people who are taking a “spanking”, all right!

    But that’s to be expected when you bend over.

  • GSOB

    The more the truth gets out, the more the reality sets in that the whole system is staged, even Woodrow’s cabinet adminstration was selected before he got POTUS, for the seemless passing of the Fed reserve system, ….a platform for the european elite bankers and memebers to control our western banking system. The one world government was fully in the works way back then.

    Our higher ranking facist federal government politicians, crooked mob style banksters, keynesian economist and mad scientist all practice evil and the powers they have will be taken away one day.

    The common people will still be standing though.
    To rebuild.

    Christ will return.

  • Eric

    Michael, as always you are the light in the dark. I try to explain the real unemployment numbers to anybody that will listen and tell them the politicans are lying. I reference them to your website as you use facts, not made up numbers. Keep up the good work.

  • Eric

    Jodi, I get so sick of people who are brain dead and believe everything fed them by the lamestream media. The truth is out there but many Obama zombies just want to believe all the lies out of the admin without question. Our media and news outlets have become willing pawns of both parties and the truth gets buried. It is up to all citizens to get the truth out.

    • Gary2

      you must have meant so many low information conservative dolts

  • Pastor Joel

    America is another nation that has forsaken the God who made us great. we are reaping a bitter harvest

    • Norm Helms

      Not so…it is true Some/Many of the COMMON FOLK have forsaken God, but almost ALL, if not MOST of the career politicians and their Elitist Masters have done so and are the perpetrators of the coming demise of this once Great Nation. Any sound-minded person knows better then to believe that the ruling class has “We, the People’s” best interests at heart.

  • Bentley

    I read an article about this a month ago. (See here: Many sources have been saying that even the most “generous” U-6 rate published by the BLS is understating the real jobless rate in the U.S., which in reality is closer to 49 per cent. On top of that, the jobs being created are low-paying service industry jobs that do not pay the bills or generate a significant revenue source. I cannot see how the U.S. economy and U.S. government is sustainable under these circumstances. How are we going to pay for these wars now? Oh yeah, print fiat money out of thin air and borrow from China and Saudi Arabia. This country is doomed unless the 99% majority wakes up and puts an end to the big banks, the giant corporations and the so-called leaders that are bought by them.

  • The Claymobile.

    Michael, every time I hear on the radio that unemployment has gone down and the economy is improving and the Great Recession ended 2 years ago I yell at the radio these words ” then why aren’t companies hiring!!!”.

  • Washington

    Published on Jul 19, 2012 by Ben Swann Reality Check responds to a Washington Times column which fact checks Ben’s assertion that the declining dollar is the reason for high gas prices

  • Washington

    Published on Aug 13, 2012 by TheYoungTurks “The very real possibility that defense programs will suffer deep, across the board spending cuts early next year has major defense contractors and their allies making an unusual plea to members of Congress: Put everything on the table to avoid the so-called sequester — including higher taxes.

  • Ed_B

    “Someday when the unemployment rate in the United States gets that high we will see large numbers of desperate Americans leaving this country in search of work somewhere else.”

    Well, good. Maybe they will flood into Mexico and give them a dose of the same crap that they have been giving us all these years. No, wait! Mexico actually DEFENDS its borders, so I guess that they will just have to look elsewhere.

    • What about Canada?

      Good Banking System!

      Stable in the crisis…

      And good social aid or social system and good education and school system!

      And a big state with anough population (and healthy nature) to compare…

      Even CUBA has a better medical aid system for health than the bankrupt USA…deindustrialized by free trade and financial capital, the bankig system of the Federal Reserve and of the Monetarism of the Chicago School of Economy according to Milton Friedman

  • Washington

    Take a moment and compare how the government reacts with the government class versus the taxpayer!

    Riot Police called on Peaceful Tea Party Protesters

  • Michael C. Ruppert “Crossing the Rubicon – the decline of the American empire at the end of the age of oil”

    LaRouchePac -LaRouche Movement

  • kdeh2

    Would like to see a current update please.

  • James Neighbors

    IMPEACH OBAMA! Join us at overpasses . org or find us on Facebook by searching for Overpasses For America! Largest gov’t corruption protest group in America!

  • See book, “ECONOCLASTS”.

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