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The Top 100 Statistics About The Collapse Of The Economy That Every American Voter Should Know

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The U.S. economy is dying and most American voters have no idea why it is happening.  Unfortunately, the mainstream media and most of our politicians are not telling the truth about the collapse of the economy.  This generation was handed the keys to the greatest economic machine that the world has ever seen, and we have completely wrecked it.  Decades of incredibly foolish decisions have left us drowning in an ocean of corruption, greed and bad debt.  Thousands of businesses and millions of jobs have left the country and poverty is exploding from coast to coast.  We are literally becoming a joke to the rest of the world.  It is absolutely imperative that we educate America about what is happening.  Until the American people truly understand the problems that we are facing, they will not be willing to implement the solutions that are necessary.

The following are the top 100 statistics about the collapse of the economy that every American voter should know….

#100 A staggering 48.5% of all Americans live in a household that receives some form of government benefits.  Back in 1983, that number was below 30 percent.

#99 During the Obama administration, the U.S. government has accumulated more debt than it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that Bill Clinton took office.

#98 Since Barack Obama was sworn in, the share of the national debt per household has increased by $35,835.

#97 The U.S. national debt has been increasing by an average of more than 4 billion dollars per day since the beginning of the Obama administration.

#96 It is being projected that the U.S. national debt will hit 344% of GDP by the year 2050 if we continue on our current course.

#95 The Congressional Budget Office is projecting that U.S. government debt held by the public will reach a staggering 716 percent of GDP by the year 2080.

#94 In 2010, the U.S. government paid $413 billion in interest on the national debt.  That is projected to at least double over the next decade.

#93 According to one new survey, one out of every three Americans would not be able to make a mortgage or rent payment next month if they suddenly lost their current job.

#92 State and local government debt has reached an all-time high of 22 percent of U.S. GDP.

#91 In 1980, government transfer payments accounted for just 11.7% of all income.  Today, government transfer payments account for 18.4% of all income.

#90 U.S. households are now receiving more income from the U.S. government than they are paying to the government in taxes.

#89 According to a new study conducted by the BlackRock Investment Institute, the ratio of household debt to personal income in the United States is now 154 percent.

#88 If you can believe it, one out of every seven Americans has at least 10 credit cards.

#87 According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, health care costs accounted for just 9.5% of all personal consumption back in 1980.  Today they account for approximately 16.3%.

#86 The cost of a health insurance policy for the average American family rose by a whopping 9 percent last year, and according to a report put out by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust, the average family health insurance policy now costs over $15,000 a year.

#85 One study found that approximately 41 percent of working age Americans either have medical bill problems or are currently paying off medical debt.

#84 An all-time record 49.9 million Americans do not have any health insurance at all at this point, and the percentage of Americans covered by employer-based health plans has fallen for 11 years in a row.

#83 According to a report published in The American Journal of Medicine, medical bills are a major factor in more than 60 percent of the personal bankruptcies in the United States.  Of those bankruptcies that were caused by medical bills, approximately 75 percent of them involved individuals that actually did have health insurance.

#82 Average yearly tuition at U.S. private universities is now up to $27,293.

#81 The cost of college tuition in the United States has gone up by over 900 percent since 1978.

#80 In America today, approximately two-thirds of all college students graduate with student loans.

#79 In 2010, the average college graduate had accumulated approximately $25,000 in student loan debt by graduation day.

#78 The total amount of student loan debt in the United States now exceeds the total amount of credit card debt in the United States.

#77 One-third of all college graduates end up taking jobs that don’t even require college degrees.

#76 In the United States today, there are more than 100,000 janitors that have college degrees.

#75 In the United States today, 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees.

#74 In the United States today, approximately 365,000 cashiers have college degrees.

#73 It is being projected that for the first time ever, the OPEC nations are going to bring in over a trillion dollars from exporting oil this year.  Their biggest customer is the United States.

#72 U.S. oil companies will bring in about $200 billion in pre-tax profits this year.  They will also receive about $4.4 billion in specialized tax breaks from the U.S. government.

#71 The United States has had a negative trade balance every single year since 1976, and since that time the United States has run a total trade deficit of more than 7.5 trillion dollars with the rest of the world.

#70 The United States has lost an average of 50,000 manufacturing jobs per month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001.

#69 The U.S. trade deficit with China is now 27 times larger than it was back in 1990.

#68 Today, the United States spends more than 4 dollars on goods and services from China for every one dollar that China spends on goods and services from the United States.

#67 China has surpassed the United States and is now the largest PC market in the entire world.

#66 In 2002, the United States had a trade deficit in “advanced technology products” of $16 billion with the rest of the world.  In 2010, that number skyrocketed to $82 billion.

#65 In 2010, the number one U.S. export to China was “scrap and trash”.

#64 Do you remember when the United States was the dominant manufacturer of automobiles and trucks on the globe?  Well, in 2010 the U.S. ran a trade deficit in automobiles, trucks and parts of $110 billion.

#63 The United States has lost a staggering 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000.

#62 If you can believe it, more than 42,000 manufacturing facilities in the United States have been closed down since 2001.

#61 Between December 2000 and December 2010, 38 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Ohio were lost, 42 percent of the manufacturing jobs in North Carolina were lost and 48 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Michigan were lost.

#60 Back in 1970, 25 percent of all jobs in the United States were manufacturing jobs. Today, only 9 percent of the jobs in the United States are manufacturing jobs.

#59 According to Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton University, 40 million more U.S. jobs could be sent offshore over the next two decades.

#58 If you gathered together all of the workers that are “officially” unemployed in the United States today, they would constitute the 68th largest country in the world.

#57 There are fewer payroll jobs in the United States right now than there were back in 2000 even though we have added 30 million extra people to the population since then.

#56 Back in 1969, 95 percent of all men between the ages of 25 and 54 had a job.  In July, only 81.2 percent of men in that age group had a job.

#55 Only 55.3% of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 were employed last year.  That was the lowest level that we have seen since World War II.

#54 Today, there are 5.9 million Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 that are living with their parents.

#53 The economic downturn has been particularly tough on men.  According to Census data, men are twice as likely to live with their parents as women are.

#52 According to one recent survey, only 14 percent of all Americans that are 28 or 29 years old are optimistic about their financial futures.

#51 Incredibly, less than 30 percent of all U.S. teens had a job this summer.

#50 According to one study, between 1969 and 2009 the median wages earned by American men between the ages of 30 and 50 dropped by 27 percent after you account for inflation.

#49 Since the year 2000, we have lost approximately 10% of our middle class jobs.  In the year 2000 there were about 72 million middle class jobs in the United States but today there are only about 65 million middle class jobs.

#48 In 1980, 52 percent of all jobs in the United States were middle income jobs.  Today, only 42 percent of all jobs are middle income jobs.

#47 Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs.  Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.

#46 According to Paul Osterman, a professor of economics at MIT, approximately 20 percent of all employed Americans are making $10.65 an hour or less.

#45 Half of all American workers now earn $505 or less per week.

#44 Since December 2007, median household income in the United States has declined by a total of 6.8% once you account for inflation.

#43 New home sales in the United States are now down 80% from the peak in July 2005.

#42 The all-time record for fewest number of new homes sold in the United States was broken in 2009.  Then it was broken again in 2010.  It is on pace to be broken once again in 2011.

#41 At one point this year, U.S. home prices had fallen a whopping 33% from where they were at during the peak of the housing bubble.

#40 U.S. home values have fallen approximately 6 trillion dollars since the housing crisis first began.

#39 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 18 percent of all homes in the state of Florida are sitting vacant.  That figure is 63 percent larger than it was just ten years ago.

#38 Historically, the percentage of residential mortgages in foreclosure in the United States has tended to hover between 1 and 1.5 percent.  Today, it is up around 4.5 percent.

#37 According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, at least 8 million Americans are currently at least one month behind on their mortgage payments.

#36 According to a Harris Interactive survey taken near the end of last year, 77 percent of all Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck.  In 2007, the same survey found that only 43 percent of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck.

#35 Starting on January 1st, 2011 the Baby Boomers began to hit retirement age.  From now on, every single day more than 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach the age of 65.  That is going to keep happening every single day for the next 19 years.

#34 According to a new poll by Americans for Secure Retirement, 88 percent of all Americans are worried about “maintaining a comfortable standard of living in retirement”.  Last year, that figure was at 73 percent.

#33 One out of every six elderly Americans now lives below the federal poverty line.

#32 In 1950, each retiree’s Social Security benefit was paid for by 16 U.S. workers.  According to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are now only 1.75 full-time private sector workers for each person that is receiving Social Security benefits in the United States.

#31 According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Social Security system paid out more in benefits than it received in payroll taxes in 2010.  That was not supposed to happen until at least 2016.

#30 The U.S. government now says that the Medicare trust fund will run out five years faster than they were projecting just last year.

#29 According to one study, the 50 U.S. state governments are collectively 3.2 trillion dollars short of what they need to meet their pension obligations.

#28 A different study has shown that individual Americans are $6.6 trillion short of what they need to retire comfortably.

#27 Between 1991 and 2007 the number of Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 that filed for bankruptcy rose by a staggering 178 percent.

#26 According to a shocking AARP survey of Baby Boomers that are still in the workforce, 40 percent of them plan to work “until they drop”.

#25 Last year, 2.6 million more Americans dropped into poverty.  That was the largest increase that we have seen since the U.S. government began keeping statistics on this back in 1959.

#24 Back in the year 2000, 11.3% of all Americans were living in poverty.  Today, 15.1% of all Americans are living in poverty.

#23 More than 50 million Americans are now on Medicaid.  Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, approximately one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid.

#22 More than 45 million Americans are now on food stamps.

#21 The number of Americans on food stamps has increased 74% since 2007.

#20 Approximately one-third of the entire population of the state of Alabama is now on food stamps.

#19 Right now, one out of every four American children is on food stamps.

#18 It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach the age of 18.

#17 The poverty rate for children living in the United States increased to 22% in 2010.

#16 There are 314 counties in the United States where at least 30% of the children are facing food insecurity.

#15 In Washington D.C., the “child food insecurity rate” is 32.3%.

#14 More than 20 million U.S. children rely on school meal programs to keep from going hungry.

#13 It is estimated that up to half a million children may currently be homeless in the United States.

#12 The number of Americans that are going to food pantries and soup kitchens has increased by 46% since 2006.

#11 According to a recent report from the AFL-CIO, the average CEO made 343 times more money than the average American did last year.

#10 The wealthiest 1% of all Americans now own more than a third of all the wealth in the United States.

#9 The poorest 50% of all Americans collectively own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.

#8 The percentage of millionaires in Congress is more than 50 times higher than the percentage of millionaires in the general population.

#7 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16.6 million Americans were self-employed back in December 2006.  Today, that number has shrunk to 14.5 million.

#6 According to one recent poll, 90 percent of the American people believe that economic conditions in the United States are “poor”.  To put this in perspective, only 11 percent of Americans rated economic conditions in the U.S. as “poor” back in January of 1999.

#5 According to another recent poll, 80 percent of the American people believe that we are actually in a recession right now.

#4 Our dollar is being systematically destroyed by the Federal Reserve.  An item that cost $20.00 in 1970 will cost you $116.78 today.  An item that cost $20.00 in 1913 will cost you $457.67 today.

#3 The Federal Reserve made $16.1 trillion in secret loans to their friends during the last financial crisis.

#2 The Federal Reserve is a perpetual debt machine.  Today, the U.S. national debt is more than 4700 times larger than it was when the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913.

#1 According to a new CNN/ORC International Poll, 27 percent of all Americans have never even heard of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

We need to educate America.

Please share this with as many people as you can.  Time is running out for America, and 2012 is going to be an absolutely pivotal year in the history of this nation.

We are in the midst of a long-term economic decline that is rapidly accelerating.  If dramatic changes are not made very quickly, we will soon witness a full-blown collapse of the economy.

Wake up as many people as you can.

We are running out of time.

  • TK

    Perfect. This is easy to print and mail, or email to friends and relatives.

    • Michael

      That is what I was hoping people would do with this list. Never before have I put so many statistics into one place. Hopefully people will email this to as many people as possible and share it on Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg and Twitter.


  • MSM propaganda

    Michael writes;
    “Unfortunately, the mainstream media and most of our politicians are not telling the truth about the collapse of the economy”.

    The average American now realizes that they are not getting the truth about this economic collapse from the controlled corporate media. That’s why we are all searching the internet for answers, where there is a much wider range of thought and reporting on the economy, such as this “The economic collapse” blog.
    The Main stream media are not the only ones trying to keep Americans in the dark about the potential for an economic collapse. What has really happened is that both the mainstream media and the government have been infiltrated and taken over by international banksters and mega-corporations. That is why you basically see the media acting as a propaganda mouthpiece for the government. They work as one to promote an agenda that is completely at odds with the interests of middle class Americans.
    Now the protests we see televised are spreading like wild fire across the country. It will only take one or two trigger points to turn it violent. Once that happens the medias attention will be focused not on the economic conditions, but on civil unrest and disobedience. The media will beat the drums for martial law. labeling all the protesters hoodlums and criminals, now you can see where this all heading.
    Take care everyone, this time it’s going to get very ugly.

    • Gary2

      good comment-thats what happens when so few companies own all the media.

      • Mal R.

        No, that’s what happens when the left wing media are complicit.

      • Prepping for the Future

        the world going to end Gary posted something I agree with.

  • Hopefully, this list will teach the hard lessons that haven’t been taught in two generations. It took me 50 years to learn the lessons of history.

  • r.bitting

    “only one in four knows who Ben Bernanke is”. This fact alone, given the current financial condition we are in, and have been since 2008, should be proof plenty that 75% of the American people are asleep at the wheel. They don’t even have a clue what’s about to hit them. And trust me, when it does hit them, and it surely will, they will sink to a level of depravity that no one could have predicted. When they have no means of supporting their families or themselves they will surely come after you and yours. I have said this before and I will say it again, if your neighbor will trample someone to death at the doors of Walmart to save some money on Christmas presents, what do you think they will be capable of when they can’t feed their kids. I don’t care how armed you are, you can be armed to the teeth and have 10 years of food storage and 20 tons of gold bars hidden in a hole in your backyard. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HIDE FROM THIS. IT’S HERE! What the government does’nt take, your neighbor will. And that includes your life. Am I trying to scare you? You better believe it. But i’m telling you the truth. A real freind will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. This is WORLDWIDE… This is of God. God, in his mercy, is giving you an opportunity to be saved through his son’s death on the cross. Please see these events for what they are, because folks, a catastrophy is about to happen, the likes of which few can even begin to comprehend. Turn from your sin and trust in Christ to save you and you will be saved. Please don’t put this off. Pick up your Bible today and get alone with God. Read the Gospel of John and ask God to reveal himself to you. I am sure that he will. Repent of your sin and God will be a shelter for you from the storm that’s coming. You Won’t make it without him. God Bless you all…

    • r.bitting

      Michael, this is a must see message for this time in history.. it’s John Mcarthur’s ‘ When God abandons a nation “. You can find it at his website ” Grace to you “

      • justamom

        WOW! The sermon by John MacArthur should be shown in every Bible-believing church and family in this nation. Thank you for posting! God bless you and keep you.

    • Jamcanig

      Actually it said 1/4 Americans have never heard of Bernanke.

    • Nanette


  • Michael,

    After you wake up a few more Americans, you should start a new political party.

    America needs a new political party ASAP!

    • Winston Smith

      I was actively involved and had leadership in the Constitution Party…few Americans are willing to vote 3rd party, either they slavishly vote Big Box Party or stay home….many used to tell me “The solutions wont come from alternative parties”,etc,etc….so no, Americans will complain and dispair, by the CP, nor Libertarians,etc will see little elevated support…..consistently, though votes and voter fraud, 99% of votes go Big Box Party….

  • Dave in Scenic City

    Far be it for me to defend the Obama administration, but your reasons #97-#99 are really misleading. First, Obama’s first year in office was under Bush’s FY09 budget. Second, you failed to mention that Bush and his party trashed the revenue side of the equation by passing the unfunded addition to Part D Medicare. Third, Bush and his party ran up hundreds of billions on two wars without paying for them, and fourth and most importantly, handed the Obama administration an economy that was beginning its collapse into the Greater Depression.

    So, be fair about this. Both parties and the last nine presidents all share in this. You have plenty of good arguments without being so damned partisan about it.

    • Percent Increase In The National Debt By President (adjusted for inflation)

      Carter 0
      Reagan 110 (2 terms)
      Bush 33
      Clinton 13 (2 terms)
      Bush 46 (2 terms)
      Obama 50 (first year x 4)

    • Oh, a lot of these statistics are misleading or inconsequential! Makes you take the author with a big grain of salt, even though he is overall on the right path. As always, think for yourself; and YMMV.

    • mark

      You can continue to blame Bush as long as you like. Bush is not in power anymore. Obama sold his hope and change to the public and has spent us into a much deeper hole. Bush was a progresive and so is Obama. This is what you get with progresives of any party when you give them the reins of power. A small Federal Government is the only way that works. Big government run by progresives turns into a police state in the end. Our Founding Fathers had it right except for one item. They should have had strict term limits to send the pols home after a once in a lifetime two year stint in congress. That would have kept a lot of the corruption levels down.

      • Gay Veteran

        Get real, both Bush and Obama serve the financial elite that rule this country.

        • crisscross

          Get real? I think Mark’s point is supportive of yours, GV. Bush and Obama are both progressives and neither should get a pass for the damage their anti-Constitutional policies have caused.

    • Gary2

      AS much as I love Michael and his articles, he has a major character defect called conservative bias. If you keep this in mind and discount the obvious conservative slant he really has interesting articles.

      Michael-you really need to loose this bias as the above dave in scenic city really called you out.

      • Michael


        Remember, I am also very, very rough on the Bush administration too. So anyone that think that I “go easy” on the Republicans just needs to read some of my past articles.


      • Nanette

        Gary, your usual shortsighted, spew-anything as long as it’s liberal, nastiness. Hope you wake up someday.

        • Gary2

          Obama did not inherit Tim (tax cheat) Guithner. Obama did not inherit Larry Sommers. Obama is very much at fault for this mess and regardless of what he inherited he is in charge now.

          Obama sold many on hope and change, myself included (I bet you are all surprised). I was expecting a FDR which this county desperately needs.

          Many progressives like me are very disappointed in Obama and his republican policies.

          There that should prove my non bias Ha HA.

          I can laugh at myself!

      • ScoutMotto

        Gary, I recommend listening to the message rather than torturing the messenger. The latter appears to be YOUR character defect.

        • Gary2

          The latter appears to be YOUR character defect.

          One of many my friend!

    • knightowl77

      “First, Obama’s first year in office was under Bush’s FY09 budget.” True, but Nancy Pelosi controlled the House and Harry Reid the Senate from 2007 on…The 08 budget and this 09 budget started in a Dem House and passed a Dem Senate where Barry Obama voted YES…Bush signed em, but Barry voted for them…

      By all means Medicare part D is unfunded, lets cancel it here and now.

      As to handed an economy headed into a depression…they voted for the budgets and the stimulus…so blame it on Bush if you wanted BUT Obama, Reid and Pelosi voted for what they were handing the next administration..

      • Paul F

        Nice! Unfortunately… more then 25% of Americans don’t understand that process either…

    • Winston Smith

      well said, I know people that give Bush blanket amnesty on almost everything, esp if Obama does 0.001% more damage then Bush in any area. It comes down to Republican-absolved of any wrong doing and perfect and Democrat-always wrong. This closed minded “either/or” thinking is encouraged by the Limbaughs and Ingrams of the USA……it eventually implants, when one repeats it “fair and balanced”

    • Jamcanig

      I agree, it’s hard to fault Obama for Bush’s decisions. If there are massive cuts to federal spending it will push us much deeper into recession as well, but of course debts are out of control. We are screwed either way!

    • dave

      The 2008 collapse of the US economy was caused by policies implemented by dumocraps!!!! Namely policy implemented by barney frankenfaggott & his mignions at the behest of the bush admin that allowed millions of under capitalized home buyers to purchase more home than they could afford to pay for which led to massive defaults and a systematic collapse !!!!
      As for the debt run up ! much credit there has to be given to the dumocrap controlled congress controlled be nazi piglosi and dinjy harry reid!
      Bushs unfunded medicare part d fiasco added to an already bloated and sinking ship!
      ovomit has taken deficit spending to never b4 heard of levels that make GW Bush look like a fiscal diciplinarian!!!

      • Gay Veteran

        yeah Dave, a gun was held to the banker’s head and they were forced to make those loans, and of course all the fees that came with those loans, and the resulting bonuses for the banksters

        • Jeremy

          The regulatory gun was pointed at their head.

  • John O’Neill

    As always this site is dead on about the impending collapse of the United States. Forget about the collapse of the economy, because when the economy goes, so goes the whole kabootal; however, the statement that “This generation was handed the keys to the greatest economic machine that the world has ever seen, and we have completely wrecked it” – is a total farce. That is absolute hogwash.

    What generation are we talking about? The baby boomers? The X’ers? Or all of us? How about whose generation handed over the keys of controlling the issuance of money over to the Federal Reserve in 1913? By the way, who is we?

    I’m tired of being blamed for something I had no control over. The Ruling Class has been at war with the middle class since the birth of the Renaissance. Who stood up in 1913? Nobody. The so called greatest generation should get the bad wrap for selling us down the tubes, because they are the ones that had the keys at that time (1913).

    Nevertheless, we must all unite and get out of this silly blame game. Who do we blame for GMO foods? Who do we blame for Chem Trails? Who do we blame for vaccines that actually contain deadly toxins such as cancer viruses and mercury? Who do we blame for all the illegal wars in the Middle East? Who do we blame for the blatant corruption in our government, such as when Hank Paulson who is on the congressional record admitting that he stole $200 million from the Treasury and nothing ever happened? Who do we blame for 9/11, when no one ever lost their job over that event? Who do we blame for the repeal of Glass-Steagal? Who do we blame for not bringing Glass-Steagal back? Who do we blame for the current Depression? Who do we blame for all the jobs and businesses that have been sucked out of this country over the last 20-30 years. Who do we really blame?

    Perhaps we should forget about culpability at the moment and concentrate on educating people. Fortunately the writer of the article above gives us a viable solution by stating, It is absolutely imperative that we educate America about what is happening. Until the American people truly understand the problems that we are facing, they will not be willing to implement the solutions that are necessary” – that’s right, forget the blame game and try to get people to wake up to reality. Turning the TV off would be a good start. We’re running out of precious time.

    • mondobeyondo

      In a sense, the Baby Boomers WERE the recipient of the greatest economic boom ever. The U.S. in the 1950’s had an economy and military so dominant, that the rest of the world could only shake its head in envy… or in fear.

      Not that way anymore. We’ve got problems spanking a few renegade terrorists in Afghanistan.

    • knightowl77

      We are to blame by our lack of attention to these matters. In our Gov’t the power is supposed to rest with the people. We the people got lazy and did not monitor what our reps were doing in our name. We have let unelected regulators regulate us, almost into oblivion.

      WE let the reins of power slip from our grasp and now we are in for it. WE have to get the reins back and stop this runaway horse before he takes us over the cliff.

    • Lorin

      Thank you! Well said, and good advice. You have pointed out the only hope we have.

  • Dave in Scenic City
    • Mal R.

      So how exactly is it that the cost of the Afghan and Iraq wars are solely under Bush and not under the Messiah?

      Surely by now you’ve figured out that he lied to you idiots and didn’t end those wars. Hell, he’s actually escalated the Afghan war. So the continued costs of those wars have vanished under chairman ObaMao? Not only that but he involved us in two others and I dont see those listed…

      So why isn’t the cost of ObaMaoCare listed under Obama? Your link is disingenuous BS at best and definitely a left wing lie.

  • Gary2


    1. The Top 1 Percent of Americans Owns 40 Percent of the Nation’s Wealth.

    2. The Top 1 Percent of Americans Take Home 24 Percent of National Income.

    3. The Top 1 Percent Of Americans Own Half of the Country’s Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds.

    4. The Top 1 Percent Of Americans Have Only 5 Percent of the Nation’s Personal Debt.

    5. The Top 1 Percent are Taking In More of the Nation’s Income Than at Any Other Time Since the 1920s.

    Anyone who does not think we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth is deluded.

    • Mal R.

      Shut up commie. Your stupid suggestion has never worked to fix anything.

    • Syrin

      Complete moron. Seriously. You are the reason this nation is rapidly declining. You HAVE to be a paid disinformation Sorobot drone.

      1) The rich pay DOUBLE their “fair share”

      “The top 1% paid 38% of federal income taxes in 2008, up from 25% in 1991, and they earned 20% of all national income in 2008, up from 13% in 1991, according to the Tax Foundation.”

      2) The number of rich are rapidly decling, your trickle up poverty plan

      3) The rich pay more as a percent now than at ANY POINT in US history

      4) We have the NARROWEST and most punitive tax structure on the PLANET

      5) They are movong overseas along with their businesses

      So despite being factually wrong, you still spout your HuffMattersKoS cut and paste points.

      • sharonsj

        Oh, pity the poor rich. Perhaps you can explain why Steve Jobs only paid 17% of his income to federal taxes while everyone else (including you, I bet) paid more?

        Decades ago, the top tax rates for the very rich were about 70% and it’s been going down ever since. At the same time, the rich have been shipping our jobs overseas, using our money to gamble in the stock market, accepting government money not to grow crops, etc. When they make money, they keep it, but when they lose it, they come to the rest of us for bailouts. It’s called privatizing the profits and socializing the losses.

        If anyone is a disinformation drone, it’s you.

      • Gary2

        You are so obviously wrong on everything and cherry pick your facts its laughable.

        Maybe if you think the rich pay too much in taxes it is because they have all the wealth. How much wealth does the top 10% control? Maybe they should be paying 80% tax rates.

        You are the problem with this country and when occupy wall street comes to a town near you you can hop in the motorized wheel chair and and go see the solution.

        Tax the rich-its coming!!!

      • Gay Veteran

        awwwwwwwwww, the poor rich, they control most of the wealth and income in the country and buy the politicians.

        • Jeremy

          Then you do not know the “rich” like I do. One man, for example, who invested millions of his dollars in a new residential development (I work for him), cannot move forward with the project because the bank is trying to pull out of their loan.

          His power has been shut off twice in the last two months.

          • Gary2

            if he has millions to invest he is rich. He probably is not paying his fair share either.

    • Syrin

      Here’s the other reality for you DUMB ASS.

      The number of rich are on the delcine as they have been hit the hardest by the down turn as a percentage of income. More and more are re-locating and we have the narrowest most punitive tax structure on the planet with the highest corporate taxes in the world. So for every millionaire you decimate or that re-locates, that means that 100 parasites now must somehow make up for the tax loss of your punitive actions. Sorry dumb ass, but when ONE guy pays the bill for 60 others, when they guy leaves, those 60 are stuck with the bill. Your greed is unbelivable. Instead of letting the Steve Jobs of the world CREATE things and enjoy the fruit of HIS labor, you want to punish the Steve Jobs of the world and TAKE THE FRUIT OF THEIR LABOR for yourself!

      HISTORY has shown us that tax CUTS raise MORE tax revenue than increasing taxes. It happened under Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan and Bush. It’s practuically an economic mathematical formula, but you IDIOTS don’t look at facts and history. Your Teleprompter Tyrant ADMITTED to this. it was told to him that EVERY time they raise the capital gains tax, tax revenue GOES DOWN. His response? “I don’t care, it’s more “fair””. BRILLIANT !! So the purpose of taxation is PURELY PUNITIVE as admitted by YOUR TYRaNT! He could CARE LESS about tax revenue.

      You have the most advanced case of cranio-rectal syndrome I have EVER SEEN

      • Gary2

        Boy that economy really boomed with the bush tax cuts. We have so many jobs that pay a living wage that things are great.

        Dude-do live in a cave? The wrongness of what you say is before your eyes. We are in a depression and those tax cuts to the rich helped cause it. Yep those corporations like GE sure pay a lot of taxes.

        You simply need to look around. You must be drinking your own bath-water.



        • Jeremy

          What in the sam hell are you talking about? The economy from 2002-2007 was actually pretty good, and gasp, revenue for precious government was higher with the tax cuts implemented in the early 2000s.

          Also, I lived in one of those deep blue states that “spread the wealth”, and guess what? There were no jobs! None! You can see the decline in economic performance within 2 years of this governor (Granholm) being elected, when it was not that bad under the former governor (Engler).

          Yes, the above poster is correct, it is YOUR greed that is unbelievable. The renewal started in November 2010 with the election of more conservative (ie classical liberal) Republicans and Democrats, and will continue. It will be great when your ideas will be, as President Reagan said to the British Parliament, “on the ash-heap of history.” We cannot afford your stupid, inane, depraved, pie-in-the-sky idealism and cynicism (funny how those two work together within a flawed and corrupted worldview) any longer. Cya jackass.

      • Gay Veteran

        “HISTORY has shown us that tax CUTS raise MORE tax revenue than increasing taxes. It happened under Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan and Bush.”

        Even Bush never claimed that the tax cuts would pay for themselves. And if tax cuts are sooooooo great then where are the jobs??? They were shipped to China and India so the rich could get even richer.

        • Jeremy

          They were shipped overseas because of trade agreements that both parties are responsible for. The assertion was that emerging industries (tech, biomed, alternative energy, traditional energy) would offset the manufacturing jobs that left this country.

          That of course did not happen, either because the regulatory environment was too burdensome and costly for small start-ups, the human capital investment was too costly and hard to find (biomed researchers much more difficult to find and fund than manufacture workers), or simply there was not enough demand for or legitimate product sold (ie alternative energy sources).

          While tax cuts would not “pay for themselves”, government revenue increased with the tax cuts. Maybe, just maybe, the problem is that the costs of federal, state, and local government are too high, and cannot be supported by the taxpayer.

    • Syrin

      By the way, moron, your policy soultion HAS been done before. Under Stalin, under Hitler, under Mugabe in Zimbawe. That turned out real well didn’t it. That’s some nice company you keep. Your plan has killed more pople in PEACE time than all modern wars combined. GREAT ******************* solution you jealous moron.

      • Gary2

        You leave out the socialist Scandinavian countries that are doing way beetle than we are.

        Why don;y you take your Alzheimer meds and go lay down. You have got your self worked into a fox news tizzy, Don’t worry we will wake you when its time for your evening meds.

        One can reason with someone who is a few fries short of a happy meal.

        • Mal R.

          *cough* then why does it take 16 countries in the EU to have a currency (thats imploding faster than ours) that equals ours?

          And how much better off have they fared with 45 years of protection from the US military?

        • Jeremy

          You leave no room to be reasoned with.

          Have you read the articles posted by Michael about the financial crisis in Europe. Where do you think that comes from? Government entitlement programs that cannot be supported by the current value (ie tax dollars) produced by the workers in these countries. The party is over, and your ideas are to blame. While they have been attempted in more extreme form by Mao, Stalin, Mugabe, Nyrere, they have also been attempted in much softer form in the UK, Japan (1990s), Canada, France, Greece, Italy, and Spain. All of these countries except for Canada (don’t know enough about their situation) face major shortfalls in government, because of high unemployment, lack of real productivity, lack of work ethic, etc.

          Modern, welfare liberalism, socialism, and communism (in time they move between themselves) destroys the fundamental worth and dignity of the human being. It removes the motive for succeeding and failing in life, and in the name of humanitarian motives, suck the life-blood of a society dry. No government can deliver on life-time security, and if they do for a very short time, it usually results in financial ruin. Unless you have looked at the real accounting in these Scandinavian countries, you cannot truly know. I have history to tell me that when a politician promises lifetime security, free education, free health care, entitlement to jobs, etc., they are lying to you because there is no possible way to pay for it in the long term. They should know this too.

    • Nanette


    • Prepping for the Future

      I knew Gary could not last posting things that make sense right back to the anti America Progressive Marxist swill.

    • Karl Marx

      You forgot to mention that the top 1% have ties / influence with the Government.

      Taxing the rich more to give more money to “selected” friends of the powers to be in D.C. is hardly the solution.

      All of the money spent under Obama/Reid/Pelosi CERTAINLY did not make it to Joe and Jane Mainstreet…. Any claim otherwise and you are certainly DELUSIONAL.

  • Gary2

    #99 During the Obama administration, the U.S. government has accumulated more debt than it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that Bill Clinton took office.

    Most of this was bush

    • 007

      Hmmmm. So it was just still Bush in an Obama suit spending all that money. Now that is news.

    • Um hello

      Then Bush is also responsible for killing Bin Laden, right?

      Dont assume I support Bush – he was a poor president too.

    • knightowl77

      Dems controlled the budget (by law all budgets start in the HOUSE) since 2007…Little Barry Obama voted for the budgets and the stimulus he blames Bush for…If Barry and the Dems in the House and the Senate had not of passed any of those budgets or stimulus bills BUsh couldn’t have signed them.

      Don’t misunderstand, the debt went up a lot under Bush…But Barry owns the fact that the debt on his watch will go up more than 4 TRILLION dollars in less 4 years, something it took GWB 8 years to do. Bush Bad, Obama Double Bad.

    • Syrin

      You are just a political hack. It’s not even close. Graphs, charts, data numbers etc show it IS OBAMUGAE.

      We accumulated $166 BILLION in THREE DAYS JUST THIS WEEK YOU DUMB ASS. That’s Bush? Good GOD are you stupid. Why not blame Reagan? What’s to stop you.

      Here’s REALITY, for you moron. You are little more than a greedy self indulgent Marxist ass bag whose solution is to illegally steal and remove the property of fellow citizens based solely on envy and greed. HALF of this country pays NOTHING! In fact they GET money instead of paying taxes. NO OTHER COUNTRY DOES THIS. Meanwhile, these same parasites get the same rights and priviledges, actually MORE since the rich are exempt from a substanbtial number of the benefits they PAY for, as the rest of us. Remember no taxation without representation? What YOU IDIOTS have created is REPRESENTATION WITHOUR TAXATION! That’s why you want foreigners to vote in every election, because you are a hate America class warfare greedy ass bag who has no understanding of how an economy works and what history has shown us.

      • Gary2

        are you done ranting yet? You forgot to mention that Obama is a socialist muslim illegal.


        • bobbobbobbob

          keep the faith

      • Gay Veteran

        “HALF of this country pays NOTHING!”

        That is a TOTAL LIE considering Social Security and Medicare taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, phone taxes, etc.

        Typical right-wing moron going on and on about the “lucky duckies”, those who supposedly don’t pay taxes. Turn off Fox and get a clue.

    • Nanette

      Shortsighted Gary, yet again.

      • Gay Veteran

        well Nanette tell me where I’m wrong

  • James Brenner

    Excellent! Good job pointing out that the Federal Reserve Bank and American’s ignorance of it, is such a destructive element.

    If we are to return to prosperity, we must not let a private corporation control our money and the replacement banking system must not be allowed to print unlimited fiat money.


    • Michael

      You are welcome. I don’t think I have ever done a list this long. It took a long time to put together.


      • Joe

        I am new to your blog. I greatly appreciate your willingness to gather and present information in such a concise way. Your work is impressive. Thank you.

        • Michael


          Welcome to the site, and thank you for the kind words. I hope that you will visit often. 🙂


  • dmitry

    Dear Michael,

    Thanks, I already did found your old entries. I don’t live in Russia, I’m from Philippines.

    These 100 statistics are very touching…again thank you for devoting your time as you wrote them at this site.

    warm regards,

  • Colin

    I have been reading the stories at this website,, and I see the wounds of the victims as they expose them for public spectacle. I realized then that our world is convulsing as the credibility of the Western political system crashes, and the promises of the Western educational system are revealed to be lies.

  • DM

    GOOD NEWS! Alabama, the state which is enforcing immigration laws, now needs workers. Apparently, so many illegal workers have left the state that there is a shortage of workers.

    To state this as simply as possible, THERE ARE JOBS IN ALABAMA!

    • justamom

      More good news in Alabama. Crime rates are down. Drug traffic is slowing. Food stamps expenses are lower. Much of the nation is opposed to this new immigration legislation, but in just a few short months we are seeing positive results.

  • Medical marijuana dispensaries are starting to be shutdown by the fed. They only have 45 more days till they have to shutdown.

    • in the state of california

  • Keadin

    Although I’m sure Obama could and should be doing more to solve these issues, I get the feeling from some of the bullet points above that this is an anti-Obama website. Pinning this stuff on him doesn’t suddenly make you more credible. Stick to the cold facts without the underlying insinuations, it works better in the long run.

    After all, isn’t this blog about the economy and taking steps to make sure we all land as softly as humanly possible, and not about personal politics? Just a thought.

    PS: this is coming from a person who has no faith in any kind of politics either way, I’m strongly anti-politics in fact, including Obama, I just don’t think this is the place to vent that ^^

    • D

      I agree. We should all know by now that all politicians are just puppets to the elite and international bankers who pay for their elections. None of it matters. Obama, Bushs), Clinton and all presidents before them were also puppets in the game. They tell the public what they want to hear to get elected, nothing more. They are controlled.

      What irritates me is that we even have blog posts that describe how the right/left fight tear our society apart. People on this blog agree, and then once again explain why Obama/Bush are at fault for everything. Dear Lord.

      This is how brainwashed we are. The elite know this and have us trained like monkeys at a circus.

      The next election won’t matter. The elite will put in who THEY want. So Ron Paul plans to end the Fed? That’s nice, but they will make sure he won’t get far if he’s serious.

      This is a more real scenario: He says he will end the Fed, gets elected, and then doesn’t keep to his promise. Hard to believe, right? Keep on dreaming.

    • Jeremy

      Michael has said on numerous occasions that both Obama and Bush were horrible presidents. Also, you cannot cite statistics without a discussion about the ideas which constitute the base of the programs and industries cited.

      We are seeing a war of ideas in the world right now, and the western world is seeing the result of moral corruption from our leaders, and ourselves. While these insinutions may make you uncomfortable, they do not make me (and implicate some of my ideas as well — free trade), and they are necessary so that our world moves forward.

  • michelle

    amazing to see all this together in one place – will share with my email list!

    • Michael

      Thank you for doing that Michelle! When others join with me by distributing this information around the Internet it multiplies the impact.


  • mondobeyondo

    Scary, scary stuff.

    Especially #1… that 27 percent of people don’t even know who Ben Bernanke is?!? Seriously?? How can you fight the enemy when you don’t even know who the enemy is?!

    Gee whiz. Our government has failed us. Our education system has failed us. Our social services have failed us. And half the populace is subsisting on government cheese, and they believe Joe Biden is the next contestant on X Factor.

    Yup, it’s time to move to Denmark. (tongue in cheek)

  • Owen

    All orchestrated to bring about a New World Order.Whether you realize it or not, this is a spiritual problem.

  • Paul

    Well, if you use up debts for consumption, then the money is gone – consumed – you won’t ever be able to pay it back – no investment -> no return.

    And don’t make the mistake to call stocks and options and derivatives investment. That’s speculation and should be written off immediately.

    The rule to accumulate wealth is simple:
    Use your savings to invest so you can save operating costs.
    (Buy a raincoat so you don’t get sick; and can save on medicine.
    Buy a sleeping bag to save heating costs, use the savings to double and triple-glaze your windows.)

    Buying gold and silver is no investment either. Gold and Silver is dead capital.
    Better investment: grey ugly concrete. For example as a foundation for a house, or as piles driven into the ground so that the house does not float away after rain.

  • Pat

    Great facts, Michael. Now we know these guys imploded the economy on purpose over the years just like they did in Europe where I live. Socialism is not the answer fair free market is. Put these crooks in jail.

  • Monk

    The problem involves significant amounts of borrowing and spending by all groups that started during the early 1980s:

    “Krugman and the pied pipers of debt”

  • John Warner

    FALSE FLAG ON 10/11/11 ??

    False flag TUESDAY 10/11/11!! NWO wants to stop these “End the Fed protests” ASAP! They implement martial law before the collapse!

  • karen

    Social Security is nothing but a large deposite for the political agenda, it is used to fund wars, black ops, and line the pockets of the elite, it is broke and has been broke. I gave up on it years ago knowning it was a joke, like I have been trying to say for sometime and go research for yourself there is no where in writing where the goverment owes you any type monies, you have to pay them but they don’t have to help you if they so choose, they want a welfare country, and they have it. Yor know I am not trying to be mean but I have seen many people in this country who expect someone to pay their way, it could be disability,welfare you name it, there are folks who do need help, but many just don’t want to work, they don’t want to get up in the morning and do aomething productive. Just sit on ther butts and watch tv or live at wal-mart. they get down right nasty in the check-out line at wal-mart because they are afraid the hispanics are going to get some of there welfare money, but it’s alright to complaine next to someone who works and pays for them to have something for free. I know there are good honest people in this country but many could give a crap about anything but what they want I saw this comedian put on a show where he was explaining how american people are when it comes to doing hard work the kind where you can get dirty like picking beans for a living h^&& no they won’t they want the mexicans to pick their fruit and veggies for them but they will complaine about them being in this country taking all the jobs ha!!! Most people DO NO WANT TO WORK!!! The truth.

  • TX4Life

    My spouse has a Business Management degree but currently does bus and lawn equipment maintenance. He worked his way through college doing mechanic work and now jokes that he can hang his degree on the back of one of the lawn tractors as he mows lawns. We can laugh because at least he has a job that keeps a roof over our heads and food on the table. Now we just worry about our college student and hope she’ll be able to find a job, any job, when she graduates. She currently waits tables part-time. We are starting to encourage our high schooler to focus on a trade school instead of college. Thanks for this blog, Michael. Reading the articles and comments shows me there are like-minded people out there!

    • Michael

      Thank you for reading it. 🙂

      And it is so sad what is happening to so many of our young college graduates. So many of them are working at movie theaters or waiting tables. Unfortunately, things are not going to be getting much better for most of them.


      • Jeremy

        While this is true Michael (law school graduate with huge debt, lost two law jobs with cuts in funding and loss of revenue), it is a blessing right now to have a job. I have two part-time jobs, and in both the managers (and upper management) like me very much. The attorneys I meet feel the same. When thing get better (have to work on the presumption that it will), they will give me a chance.

        These are extraordinarily frustrating times, and two months ago I had -15.09$ in my bank account. All of my bills are current, and am getting about 30-35 hours per week. I am also building skills which are valuable to a company.

        But I am thankful to God.

  • Shamaka

    …”We are literally becoming a joke to the rest of the world.”

    As an outside observer, let me say its not true. Sure the US has done it’s share of dumb things, but it was in “good company”. After the fall of the Soviet “empire”, there seemed to be a belief that unbridled consumption, greed and the western capitalism were the path to prosperity. The debt levels in many diverse places from China to England, and India to Europe, many of the so called fundamentals of business were ignored – everywhere! Times are going to get tough. While the US can feed itself, countries like Chad, Somalia and others who are laughing now, will be despairing when donations of food and aid fail to flow when the droughts and floods come. Many western countries have provided aid. How many of the perennially poor nations have focused on developing sustainable agriculture?

  • Christine B. Happy

    And what would happen in the US did the same thing that other states have done? I mean what would happen if they just didn’t pay their debt? A lot of countries have borrowed money from the US and didn’t pay it back. Mexico is one such country.

    • Highspeed

      Well then, I’m guessing we might end up looking like Mexico then, not a pretty picture at all.

  • Michael G.

    Thank you for the well thought out list. Articulated very well. After reading it, I was left depressed, which, unfortunately, is the sad state of our economy right now. We need to ban together as Americans, vote for REAL CHANGE and fix this mess. We can not have an administration in the White House that believes it is okay to spend, spend, spend on credit, mortgaging future generations to death.

  • Lennie Pike

    As r.bitting recommended – John chapter 1, verse 1 is a great place to begin seeking.

    There are dangerous and violent times ahead, but they will be relatively brief and over with as soon as the existing one world currency is fully implemented. The majority of the world’s people will beg for the relief regardless of the strings (chains) attached.

    Their relief will be very short lived before the real suffering begins – permanent separation from God with zero chance of a second chance.

    Repenting of our sins and accepting the Free Gift Of Forgiveness With No Strings Attached does not mean we will no longer sin. The sinning could actually increase due to the added temptations and attacks – just look at the Baptists – ha ha – great place to inject a little humor. It means we are forgiven and safe from the coming hell – permanent separation from God and his protection of our souls.

    Current (and future) lovers of Truth either already know or can easily find this to be fact.

    For those who need physical proof as persuasion to begin seeking as opposed to spiritual proof, just a little research of Bible prophecy, world history, and the current world situation will be enough to cause the transition into a spiritual search.

    The spiritual search is mandatory because with God seeing is not believing – believing is seeing.
    At this point in the search there will be either acceptance or rejection of the Free Gift and “with God, all things are possible”.

    Doesn’t make any sense now? It is not supposed to or need to – you and I are not God. It will make more sense than anything you have ever experienced after your acceptance of the Free Gift.

    Peace of mind and heart, and total absence of fear (who Lennie Pike? – yes sir!!!) is one of the wonderful benefits which will very shortly come in handy.

  • Tom

    To all of you who feel compelled to defend Obama…please wake up and stop with the misdirection. We’ve had 40+ years of deficit spending. I remember very well when the left was screaming bloody murder about Bush running a 400B deficit. Now, Obama runs a 1.2T deficit and you all still blame Bush ?

    Open your eyes. No one is defending what Bush did – he ran big deficits, put us in 2 “wars”, gave us the (anti)Patriot Act, etc. But…Obama has had 3 years to fix what Bush did. Are we out of Afghanistan ? How about out of Iraq ? Did we just go into Libya as well ? Did we get more of the Patriot Act, a beefed up TSA ? Did Obama double down on the stupidity of Bush’s Medicare Part D with the passing of the 1T+ Obamacare ? Are we still bailing out Fannie/Freddie/AIG ? How about giving billions in “loans” to companies that are going bankrupt and companies that have a major Democrat donor attached to it ? How about re-appointing Bernanke to continue feeding trillions to the banksters for bonuses – you think that’s good for the middle class ? Or that (Place)Holder at the DOJ who allowed guns to be walked into Mexico and central America to kill indiscriminately ?

    Wake the hell up, lefties – your guy Oblamebush is so rotten to the core he (almost) makes Bush look like St Peter. Just as there was no defense of Bush running the economy into bubbliciousness, there’s absolutely no excuse to allow it to continue under Obama/Geithner/Summers/Rubin.

    You all need to wake up. The establishment political parties, both of them, are corrupt to the core. The only litmus test for voting going forward should be – have you ever held public office before ? If the answer is Yes, then vote for someone else. Throw all the bums out of office and make them fear their masters…the people.

    • Hussein Barack

      Well Stated.. VERY well stated.

    • Gay Veteran

      Tom is absolutely correct. BOTH the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are owned by the financial elite.

      We need the so-called “tea party” to join the kids fighting the banksters on Wall Street.

  • Zedge Hero

    And you wonder why we Occupy America…..
    Here is an update of the occupy wall street protest and now the nation wide gathering.

  • Tim

    Here’s a sign of the times. I live in the upstate of SC. In this morning’s newspaper there is a section titled “Delinquent Tax Sales.” The listed properties fill nine pages! These are properties for which the county Auditor has issued a Notice of Seizure to the property owners for unpaid taxes. I counted over 3,000 properties! Below the headline it states that if the unpaid taxes and penalites are not paid by 5:00 p.m. on 11/4/11, the properties will be sold at public auction.

    • Michael

      Wow – very interesting comment Tim!


  • jerry O

    This is a good article.

    It rally gets to the point.

    There is good news however
    in spite of all the gloom
    that is coming.

    When all this happens massive
    wealth transfer will take

    I am so glad I found a site
    put together by a millionaire
    which is helping me prepare.

    See what he has to say about
    the coming collapse and how
    you can profit like the ultra

    For his free video go to:

  • Rob

    Thanks Michael..I read your blog daily, and tell others about it, sometimes posting it on facebook etc. I rarely comment, but must thank-you for this article. I will pass it on as much as I can, so your great effort can be appreciated by many. And I noticed your reply time above..3:40 am. Blessings, and take good care of yourself..we need you, and your gifts.

    • Michael


      Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot that people make this site a part of their day. I think as time has gone by this site has developed more of a “community feel”. Hopefully that will continue.


  • Alasha

    i think everyone is in an information overload and somehow – the data does not compute. sadly, this list of ONE HUNDRED items is compiled.

  • This helps, but I find most people are in denial and thinking about all this makes them very uncomfortable. This doesn’t bode well at all. For those willing to face it, I suggest focusing on the basics. While there is time, answer the question, “how can I stay alive without any support from the modern economic system”? For instance: food, clothing, shelter, defense. Sorry it’s hard to make this more palatable. Hard choices? Facing them now is easier than later.

  • Holly

    I will not give up on my dreams, and I will not lose confidence in the United States of America. An economic collapse and depression can be cleansing. It will create fortitude and prove gumption. It will remind the people of how to be human, which was lost after the World Wars, due to leisure, convenience and technology.

    Instead of feeling fear about the future, I will prepare for it, then look for opportunity in the downturn. Just as Proctor and Gamble and Floyd Bostwick Odium did. 8/10 Major brewing companies that still exist today were established pre-depression and pre-prohibition (a double whammy during the 30s), by using creativity instead of folding to what seemed impossible:


    And as Napoleon Hill says, it only takes one good, sound idea.

    • mondobeyondo

      When life hands you tomatoes… make tomato juice.
      Then buy some vodka and celery salt, and have a Bloody Mary.

    • Jeremy

      Well stated Holly, and I feel the same way. I applaud you, and we will make it.

  • karen

    This articleA week after the BBC exploded Alessio Rastani to the stage, it has just done it all over again. In an interview with IMF advisor Robert Shapiro, the bailout expert has pretty much said what,once again, is on everyone’s mind: “If they can not address [the financial crisis] in a credible way I believe within perhaps 2 to 3 weeks we will have a meltdown in sovereign debt which will produce a meltdown across the European banking system.

    We are not just talking about a relatively small Belgian bank, we are talking about the largest banks in the world, the largest banks in Germany, the largest banks in France, that will spread to the United Kingdom, it will spread everywhere because the global financial system is so interconnected.

  • All true I’m sure, but when is this sick bloated cow of an economy going to breath its last?

    Looking beyond the present

  • I would like to see this updated to:
    The Top 101 Statistics About The Collapse Of The Economy That Every American Voter Should Know

  • Carolyn

    I would like to see this updated to:
    The Top 101 Statistics About The Collapse Of The Economy That Every American Voter Should Know

  • Nostradamus

    This list has been building up for a long time. I say about 20 years.

    Those who only see the list bit by bit not only ignore it, but acted to add more to the list.

    Those who see the big list, the big picture, ignored it.

    And 95% don’t even see the list during these 2 decades.

    So nothing was done, except to add to the list.

    And even now at the bottom of a deep hole, people are shocked that there is such a list, that it is so big.

    It is impossible to correct something like this.

    One simply has to wait for the next (and next next) generation of people who are the victims of the list, and who has no connection to those who created it. They will build a new society.

  • KT

    Yes, if people can’t see the writing on the wall, then it’s their own fault. Survival of the fittest when it goes down.

    Breaking News:

    U.S. Bumped Down to 9th Freest Nation on Earth

    • Kevin2


      Think about this too. The standards for freedom have been lowered everywhere. The bar has been lowered. Dropping back has a bit more of an impact.

    • mondobeyondo

      Awww, come on! The U.S. is the bastion of freedom and democracy! Right?

      Okay, sing along like every good patriotic American:

      “Oh, say, does that star spangled… banner yet waaaaavveeee….

      O’er the laaaand of the freeeeeeeeeee….
      And the hoooommmee… of theeee.. braaaavvvveee.”

      There, that’s better.

      • Jeremy

        Actually, rather than in communist China, I am thankful for having pursued a quality education, and AM free to travel to work everyday (some days I travel 2 miles, others 200 — in most authoritarian governments, I would pay a fee and have to receive permission for doing so).

        I am not ready to be cynical, and though things are not ideal, I know from experience that this is truly a great country.

    • bobbobbobbob

      free to die in the street

  • Harmon Taylor addresses this latest attack on the food on our tables. The conditions that I described in “Eminent Domination” are carried into every aspect of private property rights. Pleas pay particular attention to the areas involving the term “by agreement”. It is by agreement that all intrusion and infringement comes.

  • Ashok Sharma

    Sadly, they knew that inevitable would stare us in our face one day but failed to stem the tide.

    Surprisingly the Great Economic Fall is not for any new reasons.
    Reasons of Fall of Great Roman Empire and ecline of other Civilizations of the past were the same….UNRESTRAINED AMBITION…LUST AND GREED FOR MORE !

    Ashok Sharma

  • Theguy

    You idiots really want a Republican in the White House don’t you? You’re just itching to bend over a table and get it shoved in you again.

    ***************************. This is beyond incredible. No third party eh?

    Fine fine, I can’t believe this sh** but fine. Living in imminent fear of nuclear annhiliation wasn’t enough. Two unjustified wars wasn’t enough. Trickle down economics benefitting human rights violating third world nations wasn’t enough. Union busting wasn’t enough. You all won’t be happy until one of these a*&holes either wrecks the economy completely, turning the place into an outsouring version of Mexico, competing 99% of you off against $50 a month labor rates, or until they’ve managed to p*ss off enough countries to start WW3, or both.

    I mean seriously, what the **** is wrong with you people?

    I’ve no love for the Democrats, they are horrifically incompetent, but at least they aren’t a bunch of warmongering elitist a&%holes batting for everyone on the globe EXCEPT the people I care about.

    And now they are coming out AGAINST any form of protest against Wall Street. I’m sure the message of the protestors could be a lot more coherent, but these guys are DIRECTLY anti-first amendment.

    Go for it. You’ll get the government you deserve. You forget how bad it was under Bush. Obama is Bush Lite, I grant that, but he is, at the very least… LITE. That’s absolutely pathetic, I don’t deny that, to simply strive to be “less bad”, but I mean… your other option is… well I’ve already gone into it.

    I’ll never vote Republican again. EVER. We need a viable third party.

    • mondobeyondo

      It’s not so much that we want a Republican in the White House – just someone who will honestly, truly represent us, We the People.

      Some of us – okay, a LOT of us – thought Obama would be the guy. Nope.

      John McCain – well, we pretty much knew what he would be. Establishment, career politician, 30+ years in Washington, etc. Same old same old.

      So, now what? No Chris Christie. No Sarah Palin. Mitt Romney… yawn. Michele Bachmann… no. Rick Perry? Well, he’s from Texas…and the Bushes were from Texas, and LBJ was from Texas, and Walker, Texas Ranger was from Texas, and FDR was from Texas, and…(wrong! FDR was from New York! Nice try though.)

      Oh brother. Gotta stop electing people because they SOUND like Lincoln, or JFK, or MLK. Abe Lincoln was a great president, to be sure. Many people have gotten inspiration from his words and speeches.

      So, where do you suppose Lincoln got his inspiration from? Hmmm. That’s a good one.

    • Kevin2

      “I’ve no love for the Democrats, they are horrifically incompetent, but at least they aren’t a bunch of warmongering elitist a&%holes batting for everyone on the globe EXCEPT the people I care about.”

      83% of US Senate Democrats voted for China Free Trade while ONLY 80% of US Senate Democrats did the same; big difference. A Democrat President gave us NAFTA and China Free Trade not because A Republican would not but because a Republican could not. Only a Democrat in the White House could gather the vitally necessary Democrat support in both houses to effect passage.

      The Democrats lined up to approve Iraq and Afghanistan and lets not forget history with who was President giving us Vietnam and Korea; neither our wars but it was our money and our blood.

      The difference is the Republicans admit they are the party of business (once not too bad when it was located in the USA). The Democrats claim their the friend of the middle class in speeches but their votes reflect an entirely different policy.

    • Christians for Israel

      I agree… What we should do is eliminate the republicans and democrats out of Congress and the White House and start over fresh with a new government who will work for the people and will find solutions to our problems. The only way I believe this can be done is starting a Revolution but I think things would have to get a whole lot worse before people start waking up to that idea.

  • Kris

    First time commenting. I was a sheeple until I woke up by reading this site, now I’m addicted. It seems like everyday there is new info and it is SCARY!It is all happening really fast.My family doesn’t want to hear it. They would rather stick their heads in the sand or watch TV.
    I can’t afford to prep as I am one of the 77% living pay check to pay check. All I have left is faith in God.
    Thank you for this site and dedication, you are educating people!

    • Michael

      You are welcome Kris, and I hope that you will keep coming back. 🙂


    • justamom

      Dear Kris,
      Faith in God is what you need most!
      I, too, am among the 77%, but I am still prepping. Each week at the grocery I pick up an extra jar of peanut butter or can of beans and put it away. You will be surprised how quickly it will add up. Ask the Lord, and He will show you how to do this plus He will send you money from unexpected places. The storage is not just for you and yours, but also to enable you to share/help others in need. God bless you!

  • chiller

    This chart of 200 years of American financial condition is stark evidence of the FED’s traitorous activity. They have destroyed our country by means of our currency. ALL of the people responsible should be tried for treason!

  • CAQ

    Since my 1st grade teacher told us to go home and kiss mommie goodbye because we were all going to die, during the Cuban missle crisis, I’ve had a lifetime of being told that Armageddon was going to happen any minute now. I think that is part of the reason most of us have lived like there really would be no tomorrow. We do need to grow up and get a clue. But let’s not go screaming panic in the streets.

  • mondobeyondo

    Financial guru Dave Ramsey says, “Sell your gold!”
    Talk show guru Glenn Beck says, “Buy gold!”

    It’s wise not to listen to gurus. Just do what you feel is right, in your heart and in your wallet. You know your personal financial situation way better than any talk show host, or glorified CFP trying to hawk his latest book.

    I’m thinking about investing in tulips. Oh wait, that’s been done before.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Dave Ramsey is no financial guru. He is an arrogant hypocrite who made a comfortable living telling rednecks to pay off their credit cards. Outside of that he is lost, and has no depth, as proven by his terrible advice to stay away from gold.

      Read as Gary North tears him a new one here.

      • Redneck Joe

        Amen. I’ve been saying that since the first time I heard him a few years ago. He also tells people to invest in growth mutual funds (still). I want to shoot the radio when I hear 30 year old women call crying about their $30k credit card debt, then giggle at his corny jokes. I can see them wiping the tears and smiling because he said, “You know what having money problems means? It means you’re human. I’ve paid the idiot tax myself many times.” He is just an entertainer. I’ve never heard him give a single piece of worthwhile advice to someone who understands finance and isn’t self destructive.

  • Nam Marine

    What part of “Too Late” are you having trouble with?

  • jon

    This has all been planned. Stop blaming the public. Dont take the mark of the beast.

    • Bryce

      totally agreed 🙂 keep on keeping on, you have a friend in the faith 🙂 God Bless!

  • D. B. Cooper

    I will single out only one of the above to illustrate how facile this list is. Health insurance rose 9% last year. So what, many years it has risen over 25%. So 9% may sound like a lot, but to me that is a positive sign.

  • Realest

    Heath Care, my hospital visit in China

    Hello, I know all the beef about China but let me tell you about my resent experience
    here. I am an American and I have been in China for the last 2 months. I have had an ear ache on and off for the last 8 months. It resonantly got bad enough that it prevented me from sleeping so I was persuaded by a Chinese friend to visit the one of the many local hospitals here in Guangzhou China. It was an amazing experience, not perfect but amazing. As I entered the hospital there was a registration area with about 20 stations, I stood in line for a few minutes and the when it was my turn I told the receptionist my problem, she wrote down the area of the hospital I need to visit on the 3rd floor and gave me an invoice. I then took that to a second window and paid my bill (I will give you the total at the end). Then I went to the 3rd floor and sat and waited for my turn with the
    “Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist” there were 2 on duty and the total amount of time from when I entered the hospital until saw the specialist was about 45 minutes.

    It turned out I need to have a more detailed exam at a different related hospital with a special lab. They made my appointment for the next afternoon, there I had 2 doctors and 5 lab technicians look into my ear with a special tiny camera and they detailed the problems on a large color monitor for me to see. As it turns out if I had let this infection go it would have penetrated the rest of the way into my ear drum and then infected the brain. They said a few more weeks and it may have been very life changing for me. To tell the truth I had been putting off the visit in America because the medical are so high ($5,000 deductible).

    The point I want to make is that I had top care, updated equipment and all of the medical staff I need, I paid cash for both hospital visits, my bill it was $10 US.
    Oh yes I did have to pay $3 more for my prescription drugs.

    The system is designed for flow, the hospital is divided in departments of specialist, I would rather have a nice plush hospital but this really work for a large population and it is better then what we have in the states as far as delays and cost. Maybe we could adapt this method with an updated western style to help the many who can not afford any care and overwhelm the ER rooms with minor problems and never pay the bills.

    • Old Man

      But of course the doctor’s point of view is different.

      The physicians in Guangzhou make perhaps a few thousands $ per year. The hospital is surely non-profit.

      An American doctor makes $1/2 million a year, a specialist make a few million. Hospitals are profit centers and the CEO makes, well, no need to rub salt into your wound.

      Patients in America are nothing more than profit opportunity. Patients in China are everyday potential for uprising if not treated as human beings. Unless China adopt the US system, their health care will never innovate or improve. That what Wall Street has been telling me for decades. 🙂

    • Jeremy

      Had a similar experience as well in Beijing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mary Ann

      Bravo for that positive encounter.

      One of the many problems in USA medicine is that USA has way too many lawyers who take on way too many medical law suits for unwarranted reasons causing the medical community to have to pay their own big A** lawyers to protect them from unwarranted law suits.

      A second problem is that the main reason many go into medicine is to: MAKE MONEY!!! Not to assist the unknowing to attain better health. We have a medical care system NOT a health care system. There is almost NO reinbursements from insurance for things that prevent illness/disease. IF WE DO NOT GET SICK, THEY DO NOT GET RICK. Personally I find it rather IMMORAL that so many are getting filthy rich on the adversities of others-as this is a ‘christian’ nation.

      Bottom line is that IF it makes money, USA medicine wants to do it. If it won’t make a bunch of money, USA medicine doesn’t want to do it.

      Finally, Americans need to take part in their medical care and not be ‘a sheep ready for fleecing’ and just let the doctor do whatever. Too many are given one more pill for the side effects of the last pill prescribed!!!!

  • Jim Shores

    The #1 reason for this list is that we elect TRAITORS, SABATOURS, PERVERTS, INCOMPETENTS the CORRUPT, EVIL and understand that all the above comprise the NWO!

    • Doug

      We are led to believe that we elect them, but as Josef Stalin used to say, “He who votes decides nothing. He who counts the votes decides everything.”

      Do YOU know who counts to votes? If you did, would you trust them to count honestly?

  • Tom

    Don’t take Glenn Beck’s or Dave Ramsey’s word on it! You can quantitatively value gold as an inflation hedge using actuarial methods much as insurance companies use to value insurance premiums according to assessed risks. You can use the following online calculator to come up with a fair value of gold based on your own inflation expectations in order to price gold as inflation insurance:

    Likewise with silver:

  • Wow… Quite an extensive list loaded with interesting facts you have… Well worth a read for everybody. Maybe I’ll print out a bunch of copies and hand it out to everybody during the next “Occupy Wall St.” march they have in my area so the marchers have a clue of what they are marching about… LoL!

    • I will do the same thing in Portland, Oregon for our march today, Sunday Oct 9th at 2:30 pm.

  • Number Two

    I’ll guess this ranting top 100 has something to do with Obama bashing, kind of a Rush Rose (Tokyo Rose) bashing. So of course I would never expect to read anything about any other administration that might have had something to do with the mess we’re in today. It’s all Obama’s fault.

    So seriously, does anyone miss Bush yet? BWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

    • Gary2

      Michael is biased and inserts his conservative bias into his articles.

  • sourcepage

    I have owned a business since I was 21 in 1981. At that time, the US was going through a terrible recession, similar to today. But we had a president then that actually rolled back excessive regulations, fought against the actions of overzealous unions (remember the air-traffic controller strike?), and sought to lower taxes and make it EASIER for businesses to succeed. Onerous, unneeded regulations have stifled our business returns. Stagnant personal income growth by our customers has caused our business revenues to diminish since 2006, instead of grow. Each year, it becomes harder and harder to run the business profitably. Between the dishonest actions of employees, proliferation of government fees and reporting requirements, low revenues, higher and higher costs each year (like healthcare insurance), and ever-more demanding customers: it is really much more difficult to “win” these days. Plus, it seems to me that the more the government doles out free benefits to citizens, the more ill-mannered they become (like spoiled bratty children). I’ve never gotten one-dime of government assistance, but have paid plenty in fees, permits, assessments, fines, taxes etc. I told my wife that one of us needs to get ourselves put on the dole in order to try to stay ahead financially. This is the worst business environment I have experienced in 30 years of being in business! I wish I could say that I thought it was going to get better sometime soon, but I do not think so.

    • Gary2

      You need to start paying your fair share. quit whining!

      • Jeremy

        What exactly is his fair share, you moron? Break it down for us.

        What part of his profits should be taxed (needs enough to continue operating his business, right?)? What is the optimal tax rate to maximize government revenue while yet encouraging business creation and expansion?

        After all, there will be nothing to tax if there is no incentive to start and expand.

        • Gary2

          50% Pay up

    • nomad j

      I agree. I have had similar experiances. We have been in business since 1976 and my husband comes from a small business family. This is the worst economic climate for business in our lifetimes. We are preparing to shut down our business and lay off all our employees because we just cannot keep loseing money. What will happen when all the evil business owners pick up their marbles and go home and stop paying all the bills?

      • Jeremy

        You “spread the wealth” proponents reading these stories? At what point do you realize that these people are not whining, but instead stating objectively that they cannot survive anymore, and that it is too expensive?

        • Gary2

          then they are pretty shitty business owners. Businesses come and go. Thats the free market you love so much.

  • Gary Corseri

    This is a great compilation of facts about our dismal state of affairs!

    Thanks very much for doing this. I’m saving it on my computer “Favorites” and will be disseminating the info here and there, wholecloth and in pertinent bits and pieces.

    You’re quite correct: There isn’t much time left! No time to waste; it’s time to wake up– and wake up those we can awaken!

  • Remember, the USA’s downward spiral began after the wife and political party swapping Ronald Reagan became president. His nearly tripling of the deficit had nothing to do with the collapse of the former USSR. Pentagon programs wasted trillions of $’s that still can’t function as envisioned. Reagan took the USA from being the #1 creditor nation to #1 debtor nation in less than 8 years and his economic recovery was based on debt that several generations from now will still only be paying on a fraction of its compounding interest.

    Ronald Reagan’s “Freedom Fighter’s” Saddam Hussein, Osma Bin Laden and his supporting of Al-CIAda with weapons in the 80’s whose surpluses are now the IED’s killing US soldiers in their illegal occupations known as the farce, ever expanding War of Terror today. If the most convicted Felons of the Reagan administration had been swinging from the ends of ropes for their Treason fomenting Iran-Contra weapons for cocaine scandal, then there would have been no PNAC “New Pearl Harbor”- 9/11. Werhmacht soldiers were hung for lesser crimes.

    Reagan’s championing of deregulation is what spawned the S&L scandal and every other financial calamity requiring government bailouts’ culminating in the QE the US is facing today. Reagan’s firing the union FAA Air Traffic Controllers was the first shot at organized labor that started the off-shoring and out-sourcing of American jobs. The EPA scandals under Reagan are what have allowed the polluting of the air, land and water unabated.

    If the USA had followed through on the Carter Energy Policy, then it would already be operating on a grid of mass transit using 2nd-3rd generation of alternative fuels and not beholden to ME oil. The USA would be leading the world in the desirable “Green” technology jobs today and not China.

    “Extreme Mental Cruelty” is what Reagan’s first wife accused him of after engaging in pre-martial sex, resulting in his marrying a 3 month pregnant Nancy; that all debt slave American citizen’s and those who have lost a loved on in the War of Terror can now utter this phrase too.

    There is nothing to be proud of the unpatriotic, immoral and unethical Ronald Reagan. How’s that “trickle down” working out for you and your progeny?

    • Mal R.

      He’s DEAD Jim.

      What killed him, Bones?

      Overdose of Communist Koolaid.

      Sad… So sad.

    • jason

      @Stanimal. Nice piece, but bringing Reagan’s marital issues into it did it no favors. Unless of course, you are also trying to criticize him for not being a good Christian? Which of course, is silly when trying to explain his economic policy failings.

    • ReaganWasRight

      Reagan took the USA from being the #1 creditor nation to #1 debtor nation in less than 8 years and his economic recovery was based on debt that several generations from now will still only be paying on a fraction of its compounding interest.

      Don’t know where you get your information but it is plain and simply BS. How do you explain the fact that in the 90’s while Clinton was President we had a budget surplus. You’re crazy if you think we’re still paying on 1980’s debt.

    • crisscross

      Nothing like a fair and balanced assessment. This may have been cathartic, but really, get a grip, dude.

      • CriCross, I was going to write a rebuttal letter, but you said it all so much better

    • chuck

      Those Reagan lovers, pee on them and they love you. I think most of the top couple percent must see the lower class republicans as a bunch of sheep, that well deserve what is heading our way. bah bah it’s Obama’s fault. wah wah damm liberal media.

    • Jeremy

      The Pentagon, like every government bureaucracy, wastes tons of money. Whether you want to realize it or not, military spending by the Reagan administration represented a co-ordinated effort to spend the USSR into oblivion. That is exactly what it did, and so effectively, that the USSR went from superpower status in the late 1970s to a backwater in 1992.

      Unlike the community organizer, Reagan inspired hope into Americans and his policies redefined prosperity in America.


    Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

  • patriot alice

    Inheritance is usually squandered away, the beneficiaries never fully appreciate the ammount of effort the creator of that wealth had to endure..

  • Leroy

    I’m a reader from France and I would like to congratulate you for this blog and for your job.

    The situation in Europe and in France is probably worse as in the US because here there is no hope more in the souls.

    I always think that american people are optimistic and loves to create as Steve Job! Then, I’m sure, you have a future.

    But please, kick out this stupid Mr. Obama. We will do the same with our stupid Mr. Sarkozy.

    • Mushin

      It doesn’t look like it will help Leroy – as the elite will only put another “puppet” {marionette} in their place.

    • crisscross

      Some of us are working on it, Leroy. Thanks, and good luck with that Sarkozy thing.

  • balanced

    I keep reading your articles because they say something more than mainstream media, which I no longer watch or read. I have found them to be very insightful and practical for these times.
    I do however, want to hit delete of your website on my favorites when you continue to say things that indicate you believe this mess is blamed on Obama. I did not vote for him, nor do I think he has the answers to get us out of this. But I don’t think either party has. It’s like hiring someone as a financial counselor who has run up huge debt, filed bankruptcy and had their cars repossessed.
    Why would the very two parties we have that got us into this mess, have answers to get us out. We need a new view, new leadership.
    (also, did you check to see that a very large sum of that money that came into view and added to the deficit was Obama adding the costs of the two wars and medicare advantage which was not on the books.) If you are going to present yourself as a facts person, then give the facts.

    • Michael


      In my articles I slam Obama really, really hard. I also slam the Republicans really, really hard.

      Right now Obama is in the White House and he is a complete basket case. I am going to slam him continually. If the Republicans elect someone just like George W. Bush in 2012, I will be slamming that president continually.


      • Mal R.

        Dont forget to slam all the ************************* in Congress too.

      • Gary2

        Michal-a lot of people are calling out your conservative bias. I can’t believe we are all wrong. You need to really think about this flaw you have. If you would like I can preview and fix the conservative bias when it crops up in your posts.

        I offer this as a friend.

      • Gary2

        How about checking out the red map strategy that repubes are employing. Jane Mayer has a good article on this in the New Yorker. There is absolutely no way the similar agenda in all the tea bagger states is a coincidence. It is a plan for the right to disenfranchise voters and further rig the system.

    • crisscross

      Bush and Obama promised to defend the Constitution. Instead, both have pursued collectivist agendas and both deserve to be slammed.

  • Pat

    The Madness Of Society – By now everyone on the planet knows that there has been the introduction of an evil element into our society. That element shows itself daily in chaos and tragedy. Most families are struggling just to survive. Whether they will or not is another story.

    In these two videos 1 and 2 you will see in less than 10 minutes the real threat you are faced with and be given a choice in what you want to do about it.

    We at KB Gold do not mean to give you a ringside seat at the greatest battle of good and evil to ever confront the human existence on this planet. We are not voyeurs. But you are in the arena and now must decide how you plan to survive.

    If you choose to, you can start a gold savings plan today and prepare to handle the challenge, We will be more than happy to get you started for free. Or if you like, go back to your TV or video game and pretend this is not happening.

    Go to:

    Sign Up for free and begin getting ready for the economic collapse.

  • Big M

    ” . . . and we have completely wrecked it.”

    Who in Hell is “we?”

  • Give your own 2-cents and say it LOUD. “END the FED!” JFL

  • Steve

    The Obamaites call this “crash the system”…looks like it’s going according to plan.

  • farang

    “This generation was handed the keys to the greatest economic machine that the world has ever seen, and we have completely wrecked it.”

    [What “generation” are you talking about??]

    “Decades of incredibly foolish decisions have left us drowning in an ocean of corruption, greed and bad debt.” [“Decades”…so again, which generation are you refering to? Like since when? 1980, 31 years ago, when Reagan started running up more debt than all the presidents before him? Or his VP that did same when elected president…or his idiot son who did same likewise, as well as blow through a $150 billion surplus, and a balanced budget he tore a $500 billion/year hole into, left him by the creep that pushed through the horrid NAFTA trade agreement and dismantled Glass-Steagal Wall Street regulations…or the current assclown Obama trying to break Dumya’s record…WHO??? BE SPECIFIC if you want credibility. 31 years ago was a year before my oldest son was born…are you blaming his “generation”…or mine, or my grandfather’s, or father’s, for not hanging Reagan and all his backers, which amounted to the majority of the voters at that time…sheesh, what vague and clumsy generalization and journalism.]

    • crisscross

      And what a unprincipled, partisan response. Progressives like FDR and Wilson and Federal power-mongers like Hamilton and Lincoln have been trashing the Constitution and the free market for generations…long before Reagan and his mistakes.

      • wirescross

        dude, re-read the post. He bashes Clinton and Obama as well…”creep” and “assclown” are not meant as compliments. Face it, both parties have been on a destructive rampage for 30 years, and even longer – farang just points out that Reagan turbocharged the theft and inspired the crooks and incompetents that have come since.

  • Pauly

    The real issue is automation. The jobs are gone to machines and every day they find ways to eliminate more jobs. So without major league FDR style labor reform(unlikely), min. wage $21/hr and a 25 hr. work week the nation is doomed to crumble into a fourth world hell hole. And of course the rich will become richer than they are now, and wealthier than any other time in history. This will be followed up by some form of mass kill of of the useless eaters. They will extract some of the serfs to interbreed with them to boost their gene pool.

  • farang

    “#100 A staggering 48.5% of all Americans live in a household that receives some form of government benefits. Back in 1983, that number was below 30 percent.”

    That’s correct: Reaganomic’s, aka “trickle-down” (aka “piss on the workers”)had not had but 2 years to start to negatively affect the economy… yet by 1988, his last year in office (Jan 1989), the brain-addled B-actor had borrowed more than all the presidents before him….. *funny* how you don’t mention that….only DEBT grew, all else was illusion based on using Uncle Sam’s Credit Card…and running up debt…. Reagan left us destitute…or did you NOT KNOW we WERE the largest CREDITOR NATION when Reagan took office, and the largest DEBTOR NATION when he left? You act like it *just happened* recently….you are sadly mistaken.

    I think you do know…I think you intentionally mislead Americans.

    • Old Man

      Here’s the facts:

      It was Nixon who first defaulted on the dollar. He refused to honor what the Reserve Note promised at the time – dollar for gold. He defaulted by removing gold backing to the currency and gave the Fed full and unfettered power to issue fiat money. with that Nixon was the first president who ‘paid off’ the vast debt of the Vietnam War by simply debasing the currency. In short, he pushed the bills to the next generation.

      That next generation took shape in the form of Reagan. Reagan wanted to expand the US military empire by a full $1 trillion dollar over 4 years. He even built US first 1000-ship navy. When Reagan left office, he smiled at the fiat money power he inherited from Nixon, because it allowed him to rack up the national debt by $2 trillion to finance his dream of grandeur.

      In Bill Clinton 8 years he spent well too but he also grew the economy even more. So that he left behind a surplus and a national debt only moderately more. The debt was almost $4 trillion with a GDP of $10 trillion – 40%. [Note: Bush I Gulf war in Kuwait was expensive, but it was fully paid for by major coalition partners.]

      Bush II came to power. By the time he left office, he added $5 trillion to the nation debt in 8 years. Thus US had $4 trillion from 1776 to 2000, and added $5 trillion 2000-2008. Total was $9.5 trillion on a GDP of $12 trillion. All $5 trillion of Bush II debt is due to wars, tax cut and Wall Street bailout.

      Obama came to office. In 3 years, national debt went from $9.5 to $13.5, all from loss of revenue due to economic downturn, almost $1 trillion of stimulus, and a couple of hundred billions to continue to wars.

      Yes, US was the largest creditor nation during Reagan time. But the people didn’t seem to mind as the leadership racked up $10 trillion of national debt and $20 trillion of unfunded obligations since. Until today, when everybody knows the situation is impossible to finance. It is too late. Just ask the Greeks. National downsizing is inevitable for the next 15-20 years.

    • mondobeyondo

      “Reagan, Reagan, he’s no good, send him back to Hollywood”. Ah yes, those were the days.

    • Gary2

      Michael-again you are called out.

    • crisscross

      Reagan-bashing may be justified, but to portray Reagan’s mistakes as something unique or new is simply ignorant. American history is replete with examples of progressive, collectivist usurpers who have destroyed the Constitution and the free market and long ago set the stage for the abuses we have endured under Reagan, Bush, Obama and may others who acted as if they never read the Constitution or had a clue about the nature of free markets.

  • Gary2

    It is nice to see the focus on wealth/income inequality. I have only been saying this was the major issue for years now.

    • crisscross

      And the more we focus on class envy and collectivist policies as a solution, rather than progressive abuses by the left and the right, the more “major” this distracting “issue” it will become. Sad.

    • bobbobbobbob

      u r so rt

  • The bank “Max Bank” in Denmark is now disintegrating.

  • CAQ, the best thing to do is to buy only american made products from this point on. This will jump start the economy faster than any politicians or government policies can ever do. I started today to only buy anything from now on that is Made in America. Bought a coffee
    mug and some baseball hats online. Sure they
    cost a little more and you cannot do any impulse
    buys, but it is possible, if you just search online and pre-plan every purchase. If everyone
    reading this site just spent $32 a month buying
    only Made in America, that would create 2 million new jobs–not the paltry 103,000 just
    announced. My next purchases are a bicycle from
    Worksman bicycles online, and a Chevy Cruze made
    in Lordstown, Ohio. Keep buying are way to a recovery and stick it to China and the soulless
    American corporations.

    • Old Man

      Sorry, the Chevy Cruze is a European designed car with all mechanical parts imported. But yes, it was assembled in OH.

      Sure by US products. So that the maker of the products will have profits, so that they can invest that profit in China and other countries who can offer a higher return. Don’t you like American capitalism? Now I said American capitalism because you certainly ain’t going to see German corporate profits get invested in China for superior return. See, the German corporate CEOs will get skinned alive if they do that.

  • A.S.

    The most troubling and scary statistic here is:

    #35 Starting on January 1st, 2011 the Baby Boomers began to hit retirement age. From now on, every single day more than 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach the age of 65. That is going to keep happening every single day for the next 19 years.


    I am no mathematician, but based on my basic arithmetic, 10,000 per day means around $10,000,000 (assuming a $1000 monthly pension) that needs to be paid out per month. After one year $120 million needs to be paid out for the first year for the first day’s baby boomers. But since there will be a compounded overlap–every day, $120 million is added for each day–the number grows in a summation function.

    So, I am requesting some help here…how much will be paid out the first year through the 19th year assuming these facts:
    1. 10,000 added per day for 19 years (take into account the leap years)
    2. $1000 per person (forget about an increase in pension payout due to inflation for the following years)
    3. Everyone will live until 75.

    • mondobeyondo

      And everyone will eventually die.

      It matters not the money, the fame or the fortune. Just ask the late Steve Jobs.

    • TheNycbmx

      FYI, social security is solvent for another 24 years. Social security is the second largest debt holder of US debt. That is, the US government owes social security a lot of money, understand that. If people can be put back to work, then there would be surplus and no need for SS to call in the debt the US has with it. FYI wealthy are not job creators. We live with a supply and demand economic system. Do the math. 1% cannot provide enough demand for anyone to supply. To put this country back on track we must. Get money out of politics, that’s a no brainer. We don’t need a mob boss or drug dealer influencing US elections, especially not a corporation, conflict of interest, obvious. Second tax the he’ll out of companies that outsource labor. This is another one, that even an ivy league educated person might understand. If everyone is working then we wouldn’t need the tax from corporation

    • A.S.

      I just did a rough estimate: $8.328 trillion will need to be paid out for 10,000 baby boomers per day for 19 years: 120 million * 10 years = 1.2 billion; 19 years has roughly 6,940 days; 1.2 billion * 6,940 = $8.328 trillion (assuming my criterion above). That is a lot to add over 19 years, even with Obama’s and Obama-like policies!

  • Darren H

    To bad the decades of bad decisions weren’t accidental – that’s right this is a manufactured crisis that took decades to bring about.

    The decisions were and are intentional. The politicians and media know why it’s happening they are simply complicit in covering up the truth.

    Read this article about George Soros – in his own words – he isn’t alone and he is more poweful than most dare imagine.

    Educate yourself – Knowledge is Power.

    • prosperity for all

      Why on earth do people kowtow to money? Because a person has it doesn’t make a person the world’s savior or a genius.
      And this whole global business buzzword thrown about just reeks of aspirations of total control over the whole world and it’s populace.
      Ought to do some good with it, rather than trying to rule the world.

    • Kevin2

      Money talks and BS walks and the power elite have the money. Your absolutely correct that this is no accident. What is an accident of history is the 20th century’s rise of the USA. Thanks to being spared the destruction of two world wars we climbed up post WWI and was more or less last man standing post WWII. You want manufactured goods? Well we have industrial capacity untouched by war just waiting to supply the world with tools so they have future industrial capacity. Oops, their industrial capacity now will compete with our industrial capacity. Worst yet our post war enemy that more or less controls half the world just called it quits leaving us no choice but to expand further. While we’re at it lets make nice nice to the remaining cold war enemy and trade with their slave wage society duty free. Great idea, should have thought about that decades ago. Oh, we did think of that decades ago but the timing was not right. Well it’s time to move on from the UK, to the USA and now to Asia and East Asia.

      Globalization 101.

  • Ronnie

    And still you are exporting jobs and pay CEO $millions in bonuses. Wake up America the Banksters and CEO’s are the 21st century aristocracy…you are the peasants/surfs/ what ever. Capitalism is good, but out of control, you get what you have got. Greed is evil!

    • crisscross

      Free market capitalism is good and should be pursued as a significant solution to the problem. State and crony capitalism are bad since they are anti-free market and contribute to the problem.

  • prosperity for all’s-only-state-owned-bank-became-envy-wall-street

    North Dakota model was the conclusion I drew after spending a bit of time on wikipedia’s explanation of the federal reserve, which seems a bewildering quagmire with it’s fingers in everything.

  • Human garbage

    Can’t wait for the zombies to come a callin.
    I’ll finally get to act out my ****************************

  • Lennie Pike

    I think the Occupy Wall Street protests will result in this “education of Americans” the article spoke of. These protests are not going to end until the changes are made. A majority of Americans will finally wake up and understand that they have a Fascist government, are being severely abused by the Elite, that they have zero representation in Congress, that the main reason for the campaign against “Terrorists” has been mostly manufactured to eliminate Constitutional rights, and that they have been conditioned by the PTB to be citizens of a slave labor concentration camp One World Government complete with the physical torture and killing that “they” are so fond of.

    By attempting to discredit the protesters by painting them as a bunch of nuts without a specific complaint who don’t really know what they want, the Main Stream Media will unmask themselves and awaken the Sheeple. Taking sides with this protest is obviously the one thing the MSM can never do. In the past they have been able to swallow a few bitter pills and change their tunes so as be able to allow the abuse of Americans by their employers to continue in other ways, but if the protesters get what they want, the abuse will be over with.

    Their attempts to discredit will not be bought by the sheeple this time – even the deepest sleeping Americans now know that something is seriously wrong and are finally willing to be educated. They will believe the protesters and not the MSM especially since the MSM can not strategically back-off and agree with the protesters on this one.

    On these news shows where there are multiple commentators arguing their positions, there will be some on the side of the protesters only because there has to be so as not to look ridiculously biased – but the debate “win” will always go to the side ridiculing or disagreeing with the protesters. And if it looks too bad for that win to take place, then they will attempt to confuse The Sheeple with countless different opposing points of view. That’s already the reason for having sometimes up to eight paid propaganda agents spewing crap. They are very cunning, but their B.S. won’t work this time – the MSM won’t be able to fool any of the people any of the time any more.

    Commenters to this site and others like it for sure have been the only reason these protests have been launched. Shutting down the internet for security reasons due to protesting is now very likely but that would only cause the protests to get larger.

    “They” will very soon be in between a rock and a hard place due to these protests with only two options – leave the U.S. or crackdown hard. I know from personal experience that cornering the Federal Government (the people who own it) with their back up against a wall is something no one would ever want to do on an individual level. But when everyone does it to them at once – they’re the ones that will quickly go whimpering off in fear.

    So far, the MSM has intentionally only interviewed and filmed the nutty looking and sounding protesters and laughed them off saying that these people don’t even know what they want. The MSM knows that the Average American has no respect for those types of people and could easily write-off all the protesters as being the same – young kids (untrue)who know nothing about life – just as they did with the riots in England.

    Many protesters though have clearly stated that they want the U.S. Constitution to be enforced, bribery of Congress (lobbying) to cease, the Federal Reserve and the IRS abolished, rigged markets to be regulated and Wall Street Criminals prosecuted, Credit Default Swaps and other derivatives regulated or made illegal, bailouts by American Workers of banks in the U.S. and in other countries prosecuted, Glass-Steagal re-instated, fair trade agreements implemented and on and on.

    This time I think these requests will be granted by the Protesters themselves just as the principles in the Declaration Of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were granted to Americans by Americans themselves. Back then after Americans took control of their own lives and ended the abuse from foreigners, the British whimpered off back to England.

    The exact same thing is about to happen again – these assholes that are destroying the U.S. are not Americans, and London is their headquarters – the rothschilds.

    • bobbobbobbob

      yea ha!!!! the only good rebuplicanterrorist is an deleted1!!! ctrl + alt + delete all rebuplicannns except jacob javits john rockefellar dwight eisenhower ect

    • Festus Carbuncle

      The “Wall Street” protests will disappear after the 2012 election. They are about as spontaneous as the election of Rahm Emanuel as mayor of Chicago. There is a mixture of anarchists, communists (there are still a few despite the track record of such movements), party-goers, looters, and even a few rational but deluded well-intentioned, but the entirety of it is planned as part of information manipulation that even George Orwell could not imagine in his worst nightmare.

  • To a large extent we are resposible because we elected the politicians who told us what we wanted to hear instead of what we needed to know.

    But some politicians are more guilty than others:
    1) Bill Clinton and Democrats in Congress along with 5 Republicans who repealed the Glass’Steagall Act, which Clinton signed into law.

    2) The Democrat controlled Congress during most of the last 40 years and their excessive Deficit spending.

    3) Obama’s excessive deficit spending which is 4.5 times greater than that of George W. Bush.

    4)And Obamacare which will eventually cause the loss of yet another million jobs plus guarantee that we will be bankrupt within 5 years. Blame Reid , Pelosi, Schummer and Weiner along with Obama and The head of the AFL-CIO along with the SEIU.

    • Gay Veteran

      Daniel – federal spending requires the approval of Congress AND the president

  • JR

    Corruption? Greed?? Bernie Madoff? The Chicago Thugocracy in action?

    Dostoyevski summarized it all 125 years ago:

    “If there is no God, ***everything*** is permissible”

  • JR


  • A speech that every American voter should hear:

  • Mason

    This is the second such column to gain notice, but the issues remain. Despite the cryptic, teabag-esque code of “We need to educate America,” there’s still the refusal, despite ample evidence of an insane concentration of wealth, to deal with issues of class and the effective role that government can play in a solution. (And before you totally lose your ******, ‘government’ means ‘applied democracy.’) Certainly, government has been the vehicle for establishing this level of inequality, because the super-rich aren’t bashful about seizing government in order to destroy you and me.

    An anti-government stance these days is like being on a sinking ship, standing next to the lifeboats, life jackets, flares, and radio gear, and claiming not to know what people should do. Here’s a start: a shift in philosophy towards the real world. Complaining about inequality when you’re shacked up at the Ayn Rand Motel is a bad joke, isn’t it? Standing alone, spouting free market nonsense, isn’t going to get us closer to solving these problems. ******************************, Charles Koch himself sold Freddy Hayek Social Security!

    Pardon my ranting, because I respect your taste for probity, but this is really too much to let pass. Even Max Keiser rolled his eyes when Joe Weisenthal from BI balked at prosecution of Wall Street criminals. Whether we get through this disaster isn’t clear, but there’s no excuse for ignoring the obvious course of action.

  • William

    There will be NO substantive change unless 95% of the members of the US Congress are voted OUT of office in Nov of 2012. With the corrupt system that we have here in America, that is nearly impossible. But, if you do vote to reelect your US Senator or US Respresentative, you will be part of the problem.

  • BBSteve

    Anger Mill – use some control and put some solutions to your whinning…

  • Sunnyarizona

    This is something to see posted in one spot. Hey I did read through all of it. Not really shocked by it, as I know America is under extreme judgement by God ALMIGHTY, and this blog really puts it into perspective. Things will not get better with the current President, nor can a NEW one make a DENT of change to help. It is WAY TO LATE. America has become a third world country via its Pride and Greed, and Sin. There is NOTHING we can do now…save, ask God’s forgiveness, and turn from our wicked ways….even then, I think we will still crash and burn….

  • Frank Ninaby

    If you check with the CBO Budget page, you will see that GWB increased the debt by 6.1 trillion.
    Barack Obama increased the Nationl Debt by 1.65 trillion in 2010.
    Considering the shape GWB left us in, it would be fair to give our president a little slack.
    But some Americans don’t like facts, especially when the get in the way of ideology.

  • DBA

    As a former life-long Republican (never a democrat) who is totally disgusted with the Repub. party, the only reason I have re-registered as a Repub. is they have the ONLY candidate that has a clue about real world economics (non-Keynesian).

    Seriously, please take time to check out Ron Paul …research how he has CONSISTENTLY (rare word in politics) voted over decades to truly uphold the Constitution and to promote Liberty. READ about his proposed solutions. He is the ONLY one running who will not continue the destruction of America. He may not be able to save it, because of the ignorant (or evil) bozos in Congress and the welfare populace that has been brainwashed in gov’t schools, but he alone would do as he promises (check out his history) and do the right thing:
    Promote sound money.
    Re-chain the federal government.
    End the privately held Federal Reserve bank.
    Bring military home to defend our borders.

    His position on the issues:

    Good organization which promotes liberty:

    p.s. Read the U.S. Constitution at least once a year and hold all of your representatives responsible.

    p.p.s. Remember, a founding father said that this government (Constitution) would only work with a moral and religious people. Look around, I think we have a big problem with this point. I see the media and the gov’t schools (“Gov’t as Savior” propaganda centers) and ignorant clergy (unable to think as a result of the schools) as the main forces behind the decline of America; these have lobotomized/ emasculated the people.

    • bobbobbobbob

      see u in med school as a cadaverrrrr

    • D

      Ron Paul is a good candidate, but he will not end the Fed. They will make sure of that by either threatening kill him or actually assassinating him, just like the other opponents of the the Fed and fractional-reserve banking: Andrew Jackson, Abe Lincoln, James Garfield (probably missing a few others).

      The same happened when Ross Perot tried to intervene with NAFTAs plans. They threatened to kill his family if he didn’t throw out of the election. He stated this many times. I didn’t believe it then, but now I see it has a highly probable scenario.

      All politicians know the Fed is the problem. The thing is, the same private, international banks fund their terms. They want to get elected, so the politicians obey their command. Calling the Fed the “Federal Reserve” is ironic and cunning because they sensibly know it will fool the majority of the public into believing the Fed is actually a government-controlled entity. And hence, the problems get associated in the liberal/republican fight, the greatest illusion ever made by the Fed and other private, international bankers (the elite).

      Most sheeple won’t understand Mr. Paul when he talks about the Fed. He will lose the ground.

  • All worrying stuff. You can’t argue with the empirical evidence. Just open your eyes to the truth and you shall see.

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    Stanimal & farang- Time is proving you right. I was in grade school and high school when Reagan was shaking his fist at the USSR, and too young to understand his economic and social policies and their implications. Let’s not forget who Reagan’s VP was for 8 years either. It seems to me that all presidents since JFK, especially Reagan, have been bought and paid for by the banksters.

  • AuntNoNo

    All the blaming in the world is not going to fix anything. Even the author of this article hasn’t managed to do more than point out the obvious. Where are the actual solutions?

  • Say blog host, have a question about the movie “Contagion.” Are you going to comment about it? In some respects the movie is quite accurate in showing the effects on the economy of a major contagion outbreak.
    However, as usual, like the cheap cable sci-fi movies about catastrophies, somehow mankind saves the day in the last 10 minutes of the movie. Some problems I saw with the movie:
    1.) The government steps in and takes control. In our present condition of being broke, there is no way the government is going to be able to restore order. Look at Katrina.
    2.) The national guard has been scavengerized in manpower and equipment for America’s wars in the Middle East. I do not see the quick mobilization that we see in the movie.
    3.) In a contagion outbreak where 25% are dieing, the rest of humanity in laying low with their families. That includes the national guard and U. S. forces soldiers as well as the police.
    4.) The same with utilities; I see the lights stayed on during the entire movie. Not realistic.
    5.) The hero of the movie at the beginning is looking for food from the authorities with limited success, he seems not have have prepared ahead for this, yet he seems to survive throughout the movie without any visible loss of weight by him or his daughter.
    6.) The lady working at the CDC says there is no way that they can role out a vaccine for the general populous, once they find it, for months, maybe a year. Yet, somehow they get it rolled out in weeks and (sure enough) by the end of the movie, mankind saves the day. This is not realistic. No talk of a contagion outbreak being the breaking point for an economy that is already on the edge. Where are we getting the money to pay the soldiers, police, and government agencies to investigate the contagion, and pharmasutical companies to produce the vaccine?
    7.) The pharmasuticals are working overtime to get the vaccine on the street, but again with a mortality of 25% or higher, and people who are well staying home to take care of the sick or hiding in their homes so they do not get sick, where are employees going to come from to man the lines to make this vaccine?
    The movie raises some important issues, but pulls too many punches and leaves the movie-goer walking away thinking that a contagion outbreak is survivable by civilization.

    • Michael

      Good comment.

      I have not seen that movie yet – I think I will definitely check it out once they release it on DVD.


  • bobbobbobbob


  • Doug

    It didn’t take long to realize this list was a pro-Republican biased piece of propaganda.

    #100 is presented as being part of the cause of the collapse. If true, it is simply part of the result of the collapse (which is caused primarily by the trade deficit caused by corporations sending American jobs overseas for Chinese and third world slaves to perform).

    #99 conspicuously left out the black hole of the Bush II regime years. Obama has done his share to harm this country, but much of the debt under his watch was committed to under the Bush watch.

    etc. etc. etc.

    If any one person is to blame for the economic collapse currently underway, it would have to be Allen Greenspan.

    • Kevin2


      Your correct that the problem is the loss of US manufacturing and it’s associated good jobs. The cause was the Free Trade Agreements that removed tariffs from the slave labor nations. While the Republicans called for for these agreements the Democrats got them passed into law. It’s watch the right hand while you get hit with the left. NAFTA was the baby step and Bill Clinton personally got the necessary Democrat congressional votes needed for passage. BH Bush #41 did not have the political horse power to do the same. Watch the right and get hit with the left. A couple of years later after being re-elected the Democrats supported China Free Trade which virtually eviscerated US manufacturing. While 83% or US Senate Republicans voted for it 80% of US Senate Democrats followed suit. Bill Clinton considered the “God” of modern Democrats signed that into law too. When labor has friends like that who needs enemies?

      The Democrats gave Wall Street what the Republicans couldn’t.

      As we speak another Free Trade Agreement is being pushed by the present administration.

      The sad truth is be it Democrat or Republican you don’t have a choice because both feed from the same corporate bowl.

  • 1 VOICE

    the first thing everyone needs to know is that MONEY = DEBT, and think about this, if there were 2 dollars in existance and i pay you those 2 dollars for something (pack of gum) and i ask for intrest HOW ARE YOU ABLE TO COME UP WITH ANYTHING OVER 2 DOLLARS EXCEPT PRINT MORE MONEY AND RAISE INTREST???????????????????? END THE FED., REPLACE CONGRESS, CIVILIAN “PRESIDENT” (TO SIMPLY WATCH OVER WHAT CONGRESS IS DOING) CONGRESS ARE THE RULERS OF THE WORLD…. EVERY LAW TAKES AWAY SOME OF YOUR FREEDOM

  • Gary2

    we need a public option in banking like we need in health care. If the free market is so wonderful they should have nothing to worry about.

  • Fl slacker

    Cheers! Bring the outsourced jobs back to America so we can return to bieng a country of producers not just consumers!

    • RonPaul4President

      Businesses are not loyal to their nations… (ever). They are only loyal to their shareholders. Americans themselves will not pay more for products, simply because they’re “made in America”. Why will anyone else in the world? So outsourced jobs will never be brought back to America. Plan B, elect a guy like Ron Paul. He’ll make America a rich nation again by eliminating the Federal Reserve and inflation, canceling all the wars, reducing big government, eliminating corporate bailouts, and at the same time – eliminate income tax so we all have more money to spend – which itself will boost the economy.

  • Whoa, I provide income protection insurance as a voluntary employee benefit in Georgia and I thought my stat of at least 8 in 10 Americans living paycheck to paycheck is bad, ************** look at stat number 92!

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    Thank You,

    Jelani Asar, Internet Marketing Manager, Income Protection Atlanta

    • you mean 93.
      i sell insurance and a DA too!

      great advertising

  • Nano

    That’s quite an impressive list of statistics, but isn’t it rather easy to find out what’s wrong rather than what’s right?

    A focus on what’s wrong, and advertisements for doomsday investment and hoarding of goods as if the world is coming to an end – what will that fix?

    Big government and its spending is a massive problem, and so is corporate greed and income inequality, but none of these are solutions. They just lead to fear mongering, which is a cottage industry in itself.

    Here’s a book that addresses how to fix the problem rather than how to identify it….which is the hard part of the equation.

  • c

    Our issues boil down to two facts:
    1)A congressional system made up of congressmen who lower taxes on themselves and whichever special interests throw enough money at them.

    2)Consumers who want to live a lavish lifestyle A) borrowing money from the rich- where the rich make a killing in interest and B) Preferring cheaper products to ones made here for more money, therefore losing jobs and making the market much more competitive and making any job you hold worth less because there are plenty of people to replace you.

    The american public needs to wake up and realize that It isnt a “have your cake and eat it too” scenario. there simply isnt enough service jobs (cashier, janitor, lawyer, doctor) to cope with the onslaught of workers coming in from the manufacturing industry, because the service industry makes 99% of it’s profits from within the country. if we cant export anything to even out the cost of the products from the manufacturing industry we are now importing, we will continue to pile up debts to other countries that we cannot cover. and they know it. The more debt we stack up the less countries want our debt and basic high school level economics explains that the less it is wanted the less it will be worth.

    Exactly why drug prices plummet when their patent runs out and they can be made in generic versions. The original maker can no longer manipulate the supply and demand (demand affecting price) as they would have before and demand is way down for your product now that the generics are available, so you must lower your prices to bring your demand back up to a balanced level and be able to continue to make money.

    Same reason that computers and video games are sold for less after a better model is released.

    Unions Faults? Good intentions, but increasing wages here just increased the incentive for companies to go elsewhere for labor
    Bush’s Fault? Not necessarily
    Obama’s Fault? More so than bush’s but still not much
    Congress’s Fault? The democratically controlled congresses have not helped the matter with increasing welfare availability, Just gave the unemployed an easier to use crutch. And neither party has created any type of incentives for companies to continue to operate here. not a whole lot at fault in the end.

    So who’s fault is it?

    THE CONSUMER AND THE VOTER! They fail to get the entire picture before making decisions. They vote in the same politicians year after year, not knowing that for the past 10 terms they have been in the pocket of big oil companies and other foreign buisness entities. And buy being a naive consumer they continue to support the companies paying off your politicians by using their products. Do your research independently. look at what your reps support and what they add in for their own earmarks. Then find reps that add earmarks that reflect the views of those who voted for them, Not those who give them big campaign donations.

  • What is happening is not by co-incidence. What is seen here in this article are things that are the result of an economic subterfuge and bogey that has long been in the works for milenia. We cannot do anything about our situation unless we identify and physically remove those individuals from their positions of power and seize their hords of gold and their accounts. Do any of you know who to go after and do it effectively ? How can we get big enough to really do something about their conspiracy against mankind with out, at some point, our numbers become infiltrated by their agents and they know every move we would make. It isn’t just merely financial. It encompasses the religions, the media,the banking system,the academia,the merchants,the industrialists,the medical. Unfortunately their filth is everywhere. Any one who really makes it and becomes a “force” is going to be “tapped” at some point. Tapped meaning approached and made an offer-“So you want to build an empire ? Join us and we will build a world empire and rule together…” The problem at that point is, if you join them it will cost you your soul. You will then have lost it all to temporal gratification. We all live only once. Re-incarnation is a lie from the pit. There is only Ressurection. Do you want to be amongst the elect who will live for ever with and in the presence of the one and true God ? Or do you want death and to not be any more forever. Choose Life-Eternal LIfe. You cannot take anything you have made with you to the next world. All of us will stand before God individually for judgement. Carefully consider that. It will take an act of Almighty God to free us…and He will. That you can count on. We can do something on our own against the Illuminati scum that are enslaving mankind for their “god”. It would take the massive turning of all of us, everyone on this earth who has not sold out,to change from our , corrupt and sinful ways and then living Holy and calling out to God. He will answer. He will come.

  • dv

    Obama, Obama, Obama. Not one word about Reagan who deregulated everything and began the collapse over 30 years ago, and Bush who sealed our fate…handing the mess to Obama. Puh-leeeze!!!

  • cika

    its all because of bush ***********

  • cika

    Those who swallow usury cannot rise up save as he ariseth whom the devil hath prostrated by (his) touch. That is because they say: Trade is just like usury; whereas Allah permitteth trading and forbiddeth usury. He unto whom an admonition from his Lord cometh, and (he) refraineth (in obedience thereto), he shall keep (the profits of) that which is past, and his affair (henceforth) is with Allah. As for him who returneth (to usury) – Such are rightful owners of the Fire. They will abide therein. (275) -al quran

  • cika

    Those who swallow usury cannot rise up save as he ariseth whom the devil hath prostrated by (his) touch. That is because they say: Trade is just like usury; whereas Allah permitteth trading and forbiddeth usury. He unto whom an admonition from his Lord cometh, and (he) refraineth (in obedience thereto), he shall keep (the profits of) that which is past, and his affair (henceforth) is with Allah. As for him who returneth (to usury) – Such are rightful owners of the Fire. They will abide therein. (275) al-quran

  • cika

    O ye who believe! Devour not usury, doubling and quadrupling (the sum lent). Observe your duty to Allah, that ye may be successful. (130) al-quran

  • cika

    And of their taking usury when they were forbidden it, and of their devouring people’s wealth by false pretences, We have prepared for those of them who disbelieve a painful doom. (161) al-quran

  • cika

    And thou seest many of them vying one with another in sin and transgression and their devouring of illicit gain. Verily evil is what they do. (62) al-quran

  • semperfidelis

    CALL FOR ACTION: Take your money out of the major banks by Nov. 5th…

    Put it in a local credit union. Take a stand to end corrupt banking systems in the USA

    Remember, remember, the fifth of November.


  • Rob

    what about the refugee fund that comes right from socail security..why is this so faux paus in EVERY circle?
    Why do ************* somalians russians koreans etc taht get citizenship get government assistance that is equal to or better than middle inome? a whopping$1800 per person of family of 4 somalians makes 6,400 a month! Now i have to wait until 70 to get SS!

  • Sastry.M

    Let the Americans wake up and remove the cause of all such debt ridden, doubtful banking debacles. Save the U.S to savor the fruits of sweat and toils of productive people rather than sell herself to the speculative vagaries of Big Corporate Bankers and suffer perpetual misery.

  • Paul Mannstein

    Funny thing is none of these statistics reflect what the US spends on the military, the wars, and Pentagon as if they just don’t exist. BTW just the other day Sen. McCain was in Jordan boasting that Sysria would be next and then Iran. How he plans to pay for it all is obvious. Just take it out of Social Security and Medicare. Incidentally, cutting off Israel’s aid would be a step in the right direction insteat of cutting aid to the children of single mothers.

    • Levsha

      75% of what Israel gets from USA is coming back to USA in form of purchaces from USA. GOt to count this.

  • andrea kessler

    i say we organize & withhold our TAXES!!! if everyone “just said NO!” to sending their hard-earned $ to pay for war on people like us,
    to pay for subsidies to corps., to pay for everything except the needs of We The People – then the message would hit home. they can gas us, shoot us – but can they jail an entire population for not paying the IRS? does anyone have an idea as to how this might be organized? i say refusing to pay taxes is “YES, WE CAN’T” until the system is restructured to reflect justice, sharing & wisdom!!!

  • Mr Lenin

    Get ready for problems with russia, comrades

  • I glanced down your list of 100 and noticed your claim that our “top export to China” was supposedly trash and waste. This is really quite absurd. When you make such statements, it casts doubt on everything else. states that electrical machinery and equipment is the category of top exports to China, followed by power generation equipment. Please stop trying to deceive people.

  • Good manager Stalin

    Hey gays, don’t worry. Your federal system will make more money! But at one day, your government will start big war with strong enemy. Who it will be? Russia, China, Iran&Syria… Or all of them together?!
    War is necessary for your financial system.
    Are you ready for that?

  • duck

    but if you want to open a company , make profit and help solve some of these problems , they stop or delay you and claim its hazing or joke or something . io am tired of idots ,oppresSors . at end times GOOD WILL BE SUPRESSED .

  • Ron

    Alen yes china likes our trash.Scrap steel,copper,you name it.They even buy ocean containers of cardboard and one thing they make is a version of drywall with it.Sorry i was bored and a place had a trade magazine about recycleing.
    I new we were screwed many years ago when all the jobs started to leave.

  • Nice post! This was very interesting to read. 🙂

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