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Living Underground – Photo by Patrick Cashin

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  • tomherzog

    Congress does NOT care one iota about the homeless problem and the fact, as documented by this article, said problem is getting worse by the week.

    What the main-stream media won’t tell Americans is that there is no intent, NONE, to propose a solution to the problem as, for example FDR did with his new deal.

    What makes my blood boil is that Obama, Congress, and the main-stream-media are ALL working in concert to cover up this inhumane tragedy and to keep the American people thinking-hopeing that maybe, just maybe things will get better. It’s an enormous sham perpetrated by the Establishment (the 1% as Occupy call them) to cut the other 99% loose from a decent or an even very modest middle-class life.

    Zygmunt Bauman, the esteemed British-Polish Sociologist has cogently analysed the logic and reasoning behind this destruction of the American (and British) middle-class in his excellent book Work, Consumerism and the New Poor; basically the Capitalst Accumulators who used the American (and Western) working class to produce their wealth no longer need a modestly well to do middle class beneath them to produce and consume the goods the Capitalist class owns and sells; that class now finds its producers and consumers in East Asia.

    Likewise, the social safety net is being dismantled because the “reserve army of unemployed” and potential workers are no longer needed in the West; they have become what Bauman calls “redundent people”. Homelessness and/or prison is what many Americans will have to look forward to in their future due to the betrayal of the ruling Capitalst class.

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