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The U.S. Economy By The Numbers: 70 Facts That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To See

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Why is the economy going to collapse?  Have you ever been asked that question?  If so, what did you say?  Sometimes it is difficult to communicate dozens of complicated economic and financial concepts in a package that the average person on the street can easily digest.  It can be very frustrating to know that something is true but not be able to explain it clearly to someone else.  Hopefully many of you out there will find the list below useful.  It is a list of 70 numbers that show why we are headed for a national economic nightmare.  So why does the title of the article single out Barack Obama?  Well, it is because right now he is the biggest cheerleader for the economy.  He is attempting to convince all of us that everything is just fine and that the economy is heading in a positive direction.  Well, the truth is that everything is not fine and things are about to get a whole lot worse.  Certainly others should share in the blame as well.  Congress has been steering the economy in the wrong direction for decades, the “too big to fail” banks have turned Wall Street into a pyramid of risk, leverage and debt, and the Federal Reserve has more power over the financial system than anyone else does.  Our economy has been in decline for quite a while now, and soon we are going to smash directly into an economic brick wall.  Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are in denial about this.  A lot of people out there doubt that an economic collapse is coming.  Well, if you know someone that believes that the U.S. economy is going to be “just fine”, just show them the list below.

The following are 70 facts that Barack Obama does not want you to see….

$3.59 – When Barack Obama entered the White House, the average price of a gallon of gasoline was $1.85.  Today, it is $3.59.

22 – It is hard to believe, but today the poverty rate for children living in the United States is a whopping 22 percent.

23 – According to U.S. Representative Betty Sutton, an average of 23 manufacturing facilities permanently shut down in the United States every single day during 2010.

30 – Back in 2007, about 10 percent of all unemployed Americans had been out of work for 52 weeks or longer.  Today, that number is above 30 percent.

32 – The amount of money that the federal government gives directly to Americans has increased by 32 percent since Barack Obama entered the White House.

35 – U.S. housing prices are now down a total of 35 percent from the peak of the housing bubble.

40 – The official U.S. unemployment rate has been above 8 percent for 40 months in a row.

42 – According to one survey, 42 percent of all American workers are currently living paycheck to paycheck.

48 – Shockingly, at this point 48 percent of all Americans are either considered to be “low income” or are living in poverty.

49 – Today, an astounding 49.1 percent of all Americans live in a home where at least one person receives benefits from the government.

53 – Last year, an astounding 53 percent of all U.S. college graduates under the age of 25 were either unemployed or underemployed.

60 – According to a recent Gallup poll, only 60 percent of all Americans say that they have enough money to live comfortably.

61 – At this point the Federal Reserve is essentially monetizing much of the U.S. national debt.  For example, the Federal Reserve bought up approximately 61 percent of all government debt issued by the U.S. Treasury Department during 2011.

63 – One recent survey found that 63 percent of all Americans believe that the U.S. economic model is broken.

71 – Today, 71 percent of all small business owners believe that the U.S. economy is still in a recession.

80 – Americans buy 80 percent of the pain pills sold on the entire globe each year.

81 – Credit card debt among Americans in the 25 to 34 year old age bracket has risen by 81 percent since 1989.

85 – 85 percent of all artificial Christmas trees are made in China.

86 – According to one survey, 86 percent of Americans workers in their sixties say that they will continue working past their 65th birthday.

90 – In the United States today, the wealthiest one percent of all Americans have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

93 – The United States now ranks 93rd in the world in income inequality.

95 – The middle class continues to shrink – 95 percent of the jobs lost during the last recession were middle class jobs.

107 – Each year, the average American must work 107 days just to make enough money to pay local, state and federal taxes.

350 – The average CEO now makes approximately 350 times as much as the average American worker makes.

400 – According to Forbes, the 400 wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans combined.

$500 – In some areas of Detroit, Michigan you can buy a three bedroom home for just $500.

627 – In 2010, China produced 627 million metric tons of steel.  The United States only produced 80 million metric tons of steel.

877 – 20,000 workers recently applied for just 877 jobs at a Hyundai plant in Montgomery, Alabama.

900 – Auto parts exports from China to the United States have increased by more than 900 percent since the year 2000.

$1580 – When Barack Obama first took office, an ounce of gold was going for about $850.  Today an ounce of gold costs more than $1580 an ounce.

1700 – Consumer debt in America has risen by a whopping 1700% since 1971.

2016 – It is being projected that the Chinese economy will be larger than the U.S. economy by the year 2016.

$4155 – The average American household spent a staggering $4,155 on gasoline during 2011.

$4300 – The amount by which real median household income has declined since Barack Obama entered the White House.

$6000 – If you can believe it, the median price of a home in Detroit is now just $6000.

$10,000 – According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 46 percent of all American workers have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, and 29 percent of all American workers have less than $1,000 saved for retirement.

49,000 – In 2011, our trade deficit with China was more than 49,000 times larger than it was back in 1985.

50,000 – The United States has lost an average of approximately 50,000 manufacturing jobs a month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001.

56,000 – The United States has lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities since 2001.

$85,000 – According to the New York Times, a Jeep Grand Cherokee that costs $27,490 in the United States costs about $85,000 in China thanks to all the tariffs.

$175,587 – The Obama administration spent $175,587 to find out if cocaine causes Japanese quail to engage in sexually risky behavior.

$328,404 – Over the next 75 years, Medicare is facing unfunded liabilities of more than 38 trillion dollars.  That comes to $328,404 for each and every household in the United States.

$361,330 – This is what the average banker in New York City made in 2010.

440,00 – If the federal government began right at this moment to repay the U.S. national debt at a rate of one dollar per second, it would take over 440,000 years to totally pay it off.

500,000 – According to the Economic Policy Institute, America is losing half a million jobs to China every single year.

2,000,000Family farms are being systematically wiped out of existence in the United States.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the number of farms in the United States has fallen from about 6.8 million in 1935 to only about 2 million today.

$2,000,000 – At this point, the U.S. national debt is rising by more than 2 million dollars every single minute.

2,600,000 – In 2010, 2.6 million more Americans fell into poverty.  That was the largest increase that we have seen since the U.S. government began keeping statistics on this back in 1959.

5,400,000 – When Barack Obama first took office there were 2.7 million long-term unemployed Americans.  Today there are twice as many.

16,000,000 – It is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

$20,000,000 – The amount of money the U.S. government was spending to create a version of Sesame Street for children in Pakistan.

25,000,000 – Today, approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents.

40,000,000 – According to Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton University, 40 million more U.S. jobs could be sent offshore over the next two decades if current trends continue.

46,405,204 – The number of Americans currently on food stamps.  When Barack Obama first entered the White House there were only 32 million Americans on food stamps.

88,000,000 – Today there are more than 88 million working age Americans that are not employed and that are not looking for employment.  That is an all-time record high.

100,000,000 – Overall, there are more than 100 million working age Americans that do not currently have jobs.

$150,000,000 – This is approximately the amount of money that the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress are stealing from future generations of Americans every single hour.

$2,000,000,000 – The amount of money that JP Morgan has admitted that it will lose from derivatives trades gone bad.  Many analysts are convinced that the real number will actually end up being much higher.

$147,000,000,000 – In the U.S., medical costs related to obesity are estimated to be approximately 147 billion dollars a year.

295,500,000,000 – Our trade deficit with China in 2011 was $295.5 billion.  That was the largest trade deficit that one country has had with another country in the history of the planet.

$359,100,000,000 – During the first quarter of 2012, U.S. public debt rose by 359.1 billion dollars.  U.S. GDP only rose by 142.4 billion dollars.

$454,000,000,000 – During fiscal 2011, the U.S. government spent over 454 billion dollars just on interest on the national debt.

$1,000,000,000,000 – The total amount of student loan debt in the United States recently surpassed the one trillion dollar mark.

$1,170,000,000,000 – China now holds approximately 1.17 trillion dollars of U.S. government debt.  Yet the U.S. government continues to send them millions of dollars in foreign aid every year.

$1,600,000,000,000 – The amount that has been added to the U.S. national debt since the Republicans took control of the U.S. House of Representatives.  This is more than the first 97 Congresses added to the national debt combined.

$5,000,000,000,000 – The U.S. national debt has risen by more than 5 trillion dollars since the day that Barack Obama first took office.  In a little more than 3 years Obama has added more to the national debt than the first 41 presidents combined.

$5,000,000,000,000 – What the real U.S. budget deficit in 2011 would have been if the federal government had used generally accepted accounting principles.

$11,440,000,000,000 – The total amount of consumer debt in the United States.

$15,734,596,578,458.59 – The U.S. national debt as of June 7, 2012.

$200,000,000,000,000 – Today, the 9 largest banks in the United States have a total of more than 200 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives.  When the derivatives market completely collapses there won’t be enough money in the entire world to fix it.

  • Rodster

    That picture of Obummer laughing sums it up well. That’s what he’s going to be doing if you vote for that incompetent goofball in November. There’s a Liberal/Socialist sucker created every minute.


    • A.S.

      Every person in that picture should be jailed for life for helping the biggest con-artist the world has ever seen!

      • xander cross

        No, the biggest con artist goes to Ron and Rand Paul and by the way, how do you all like Rand Paul endorsement to Mitt Romeny? LOL

    • Ragnar

      And you think that Obromney will change this? They are the SAME- selected by your master(s) for you to serve!

      Either will see the USA submit to the NWO – neither knows what thte Constitution says and neither will be Constitutional in the office.

      WAKE UP!!!

      • Chloe

        That is correct!

    • Jodi

      Obama is always laughing it off every time a journalist asked him a intelligent question. He thinks the presidency is one big party for him. Did you see yesterday he made a disgusting sexual joke about his wife. Classless at best!

      • Jodi

        I just wanted to clarify…maybe Obama really didn’t mean what he said about Michelle to be fair.

      • Snow White

        Thanks for the sexual reference to meeshall. Now THERE’S a mental image I didn’t want!!

        • Alasha


    • manich

      Well, if you think things will be much different with Romney, you are wrong. “Now meet the new boss, same as the old boss”, could be said in 2008, and again in 2012, if the sheep in this country continue to vote for the Dims or the Repugs. We need a good house cleaning in DC.

      • xander cross

        Well we know that won’t be ron paul since he works with Romney and oh, I like how you tea party members just like rand paul endorsed mitt romney. So much for limited government.

        • Rodster

          I would pull the lever for Underdog so I don’t have to deal with the Socialist In Chief for 4 more years.

        • Diane C

          ANYONE would be better than your Obama.

    • DAS

      If this guy gets back in, I no longer want to be an American. I mean really this is crazy. I know so many people that voted for Obama, just because his moto of hope and change. They couldent tell you one other thing about him. Stupid people should not vote.

      • Diane C

        And the stupid thing was that Obama NEVER explained what his definition of hope and change really meant. However, many of us already knew what that meant from his lack of background.

      • NickelthroweR


        Frankly, I do not think that anyone but a “free person” should be allowed to vote. If you work for someone else then you are not a free person as you 100% depend on that entity for you existence. That holds true for people living off of entitlement programs. No one receiving a check from the government should be allowed to vote as all they do is vote themselves more taxpayer money.

        The founders knew this but we have forgotten that lesson.

      • Gary2

        If stupid people were not allowed to vote no republican would ever win an election.

        • Wow this from YOU an ignorant democrat HA HA kool aid for sale 1.000000 a cup.

    • rednelos

      Thank you for understanding how The Manchurian Candidate was created. That American hating SOB does not deserve to be President of this great nation!

    • jaxon64

      The one time he started laughing and joking that really ticked me off was when he was yucking it up saying, “it seems there weren’t any shovel ready jobs after all..ha ha ha”

      Does anyone actually know what ever happenned to that $800,000,000,000.00+++ he had to have for Stimulus I or there would be “civil unrest in the streets in 72 hours”??

  • Ameen

    I wish I had some intelligent counterargument.

    I don’t.

    God bless America, we are just waiting for the European debacle to rain ********** on us….


    • Nexus789

      Sorry, I think you should look in your own failing economy to see all the debt, fraud, etc. Everyone else is an amateur compared to the US when it comes to debt. The statistics above show this quite clearly. Also the Euro has been ‘attacked’ as it is perceived as a threat to the US Dollar.

      • Chloe

        Really? Tell the to Greece.

  • Patrick Henry

    The American Colonist’s had decided 1776 it was time to abolish the British gov’t for the petty taxes they kept trying to extort from the colony’s.

    This gov’t is now, the NAZI apparatus of tyranny, with an American flag wrapped around it. This is FAR worse than the reasons the colonialists had engaged in the 1st Revolutionary War.

    We are long past the point of questioning the need to ********* this most treasonous agency called the US Fed Gov’t.

    It is upon us to admit,….for Americans to realize that this is now a race against time:

    Will Americans wake up, band together and ********** this perfidous filth called the US Fed Gov’t, and imprison those traitors that have sold us out to the Shadow Gov’t, the Wealthy Elite, the NWO Purveyors BEFORE,.. they complete the construction and installation of their Police-Terror-State for our extermination?

    There is no middle ground left, either you CHOOSE to fight for your freedom,.. OR,…

    Do nothing,.. and become a cooperative prisoner who will be exterminated a little later on.

    Your choice.

    JD – US Marines – Fighting to save America, Americans, The US Constiution,.. and what little is left of this once great nation.

    • A.S.

      If I am not mistaken, try guessing what the tax % was that the colonists were willing to give up their lives for? !% sales tax on all goods. When was the last time you paid 1% sales tax on anything? OK, some states have no sales tax, but you get the point.

    • chiller

      Amen brother PH! If you are not an Oath Keeper, you should be…chiller

    • Ragnar

      Ron Paul ran on upholding the Constitution and look what happened to him. 20+ years of a voting record to PROVE that he meant what he said,

      He has never taken a government junket.

      He does not participate in the lucrative Congressional Pension Program.

      He returns a portion of his annual Congressional Office Budget every year.

      He has never voted to raise taxes.

      He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.

      He voted no to the bankster bailout.

      He voted no to raising the debt ceiling and warned us against the “Super Congress” part
      of the legislation that resembles both an “Enabling Act” and a “Politburo.

      ”He has never voted to restrict gun ownership.

      He has never voted to raise Congressional Pay.

      He never voted to increase Executive Branch Power.

      He will Reinstate The Constitution and Save The Republic

      He will END the unconstitutional FED.

      He will phase out the unconstitutional IRS beginning immediately

      He will secure the borders

      He will limit Big Government in your private affairs

      He will stop Illegal immigration and no amnesty

      He voted against regulating the Internet

      He is the almost the only candidate for President in 2012 who actually served his country.

      He was a flight surgeon during Vietnam.

      Ron Paul’s popularity is so high among U.S. service members that the Texas Congressman’s presidential campaign has received more money from U.S. soldiers than all other candidates combined in the 2012 presidential race.

      .He voted against the Iraq War and warned us against going forward with an undeclared war.“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it´s realized that our liberty and wealth are in Jeopardy” July 10th, 2003

      He voted against the unconstitutional and un-patriotic misnamed so called “Patriot

      He supports a non-interventionist foreign policy yet a strong defense

      He will end the inflation tax

      He is a true Constitutional Conservative

      He would have soundly beat Obama in 2008 because Independents trust him and like him.

      republicans could have had a V8 instead of McCain in 08

      Ron Paul for President 2012

      • stevefraser

        A great list!!! Unfortunately RP is an ugly old man who has no chance to get elected President.

      • xander cross

        You’re lying about everthing that you have just posted and yes, Ron paul actually works for mitt romeny and yes, rand paul actually endorsed mitt romney yesterday. Also, would someone investigate ron paul inside trading deals that he has going on and also, why is one of ron paul fiancial supporters, is with the bilderberg group?

        • Kelby

          xander cross:

          Where’s your proof that Ron Paul really does work for Mitt Romney? I googled that and I found NO LEGITIMATE articles proclaiming that whatsoever.

        • GaryToo

          please show us the evidence xander, when did he vote for anything, or do anything on that list. Im inclined to think you dont want to believe any of it based on your racism.

      • Another Richard

        Amen. Great post Ragnar on Ron Paul, the Only true American Patriot and Constitutional candidate who would Defend “The Republic for which it Stands.” It seems there is a “Hack” working for the Illuminati elite that goes by the name, xander cross, who keeps trying to dump dirt and Lies on Ron Paul. You know the Illuminati scum always have their whores out there with their Lies.

        • Another Richard

          I May have to apologize to Xander Cross after listening to the interview with Penny Freeman, a former Ron Paul staffer who is still in touch with Ron Paul. Though she did not say Ron Paul was in agreement with his son’s endorsement of Romney, it is only because she does Not know. However, Ron Paul will not Now look her straight in the eye and this has her very disturbed. We Know that Rand has his Price and has “Sold Out”, but I sincerely hope the Old Man has not also. Otherwise America, we have No candidate standing up for US, the Constitution and the Republic. God help us all.

    • Home of the Brave

      God Bless you and thanks!

  • Mind Candy

    Laying all of those numbers at Obama’s door (he doesn’t want us to see them!) seems a bit disingenuous considering each president for the better part of the last 50 years has contributed to making most of those numbers worse in one way or another – at least for those numbers over which a president might have some control.

    For instance, blaming Obama for the increase in gas prices since Bush left office is a bit like me blaming Bush for gas at $1.85 when I can remember it being under a dollar when Clinton was in office. We can thank Carter for the deregulation of gas and oil prices, and we can thank speculators for the fluctuations in gas prices today.

    Presidents don’t set gas prices or banker’s salaries.

    The housing bubble prices being down 35% just shows how over inflated they were to begin with. I’m not sure how that’s Obama’s fault either.

    One thing’s sure, though, and this applies to every president this country has had: If something goes pear shaped, no matter whose fault it really is – the president will always be the one to take the blame. (And yes, I concede that sometimes it really IS the president’s fault, but I can’t see that as being the case with at least some of these numbers).

    • Michael

      Obama is not 100% responsible for all of the numbers in the list. But for the numbers that cover many years, he has been president for at least part of that time.

      In addition, he is telling us that the economy is moving in a positive direction. I am pointing out that the U.S. economy has been in decline for a very long time and that the decline is accelerating.

      And of course there is a lot to blame Bush and Clinton for. They were both horrible, horrible presidents.

      But Obama takes the cake. As Bad as those other guys were, he has been even worse.

      It is absolutely incredible that a con man that has gigantic holes in his background was elected president of the United States. And since he has been in office, almost everything that he has done has been wrong.

      If you do not know the truth about Barack Obama, I suggest checking out some of the following resources….

      Barack Obama: The Story

      The Amateur

      Dreams From My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception

      Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up

      Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy

      I am certainly not defending Bush or Clinton.

      And I am certainly not endorsing Mitt Romney. Those that follow my articles regularly know how I feel about Romney.

      But when it comes to Obama I am not going to sugar coat things. The guy has been an unmitigated disaster.


      • Dave in TN

        I’m no fan of Barry but he’s right about raising taxes on the rich. Go check out IRS Pub 17 (Your Federal Income Tax) from 1958 and 1959 — that is, from a time where we worked together as a people to build things that would last — that is, before the real welfare queens (Red states) got their free highways, hydro-power, etc, while they let the cities (typically, Blue states) that paid for it all slip into ruin. And today, all we get from this modern low-tax economy is more cheap crap while both political parties fall over each other to abet Wall Street looting and fight more wars in behalf of Israel. I mean, haven’t you figured out yet that Romney’s big secret plan is to continue spending like a drunken sailor and use more Neocon wars to justify it?

        • Dave in TN

          And another thing: You’re worried about an economic collapse, as am I. But if any POTUS were to project the gloom and doom that you do, the collapse would happen the next day.

      • xander cross

        You did not make an article about Rand Paul endorsing Mitt Romney and ron paul secret gold deals and how Rand Paul stated that he will become an “asset” for mitt romney. I see that gary is right, the tea party was duped. Please make an article about ron paul corruption.

      • Kelby

        Hah, the sheep only voted for Barry because they wanted to “make history” and have Barry be the first African American president in the United States. You can thank people like Oprah and Martin Luther King Jr’s surviving kids for endorsing this Marxist con, his shady background be damned.

        From this i learned that there’s VISIBLE discrimination – the unjustified barring of people from a certain job because of their race, religion, economic class, etc, and then there’s “veiled” discrimination – giving only illegals welfare benefits instead of the whites, giving Hispanics, African Americans, and Asians special college funds while the Whites dont get any, and THEN there’s Barry being voted in office. The “veiled” discrimination is supposed to be made to look “generous” or “compensating the unfortunate minorities” but it’s truly a ploy to divide all of us by race and other things and then conquer us. Ron Paul even wants to get rid of these kind of entitlements, for they are really racist by nature.

  • mondobeyondo

    Wow, those numbers are scary. All of them. The big ones, and the small ones as well. But that $200 trillion in exposure to derivatives… whew, that could be the straw that breaks the back of the U.S. camel. Yes, we would be doomed if the derivatives bubble ever pops (cross your fingers it never happens).

    As for Obama – looks like he’s taken a page or two from Herbert Hoover’s playlist:
    “Prosperity is right around the corner! Two chickens in every pot! But wait, America, it gets even better! You’re going to have two Priuses in every garage! Two jobs for every American individual! (they both pay minimum wage, but my team at the Department of Economy is working hard to fix that!) Two rats in every foreclosed house! Two girls for every guy!*

    You’ve never had it so good!**”

    * “Surf City”, Jan and Dean, 1963
    ** Harold McMillan, Prime Minister of the U.K., 1965 (I think)

  • TtT Engine

    The U.S. is $16 trillion in debt on current obligations and $119 trillion in debt for obligations we have promised down there road that there is no money for. There is no way even the U.S. Gov. can print, borrow and spend these gargantuan amounts of money in a normal world. This is treason against our national financial security. There is no coming back from a financial system that has risked $200 trillion of our national fortune in the ponzi scheme aka the derivatives market. The only prayer we have is that I don’t even think the new world order pirates have a vested interest in a world-wide crash. Is it possible this is a controlled calamity that never occurs and the numbers have lost all meaning ? I think the whole financial market is one big phoney contrived money laundering ponzi scheme. Am I to believe that phony Euro agreement is going to stop the EU from printing money ? North Korea exists largely by counterfeiting U.S. currency. What is to stop any other country ? Take for example, the price of a gallon of gas in the U.S. Two times it has approached $4 gal in the northeast and then it back offs steadily and gradually. The price of a gallon of gas is completely fixed by a cartel/monopoly and has absolutely nothing to do with supply and demand. They can/do charge any amount that can get away with without bringing on WW III. Sure, if the enviro-thiefs did not have a strangle hold on U.S. oil reserves, the U.S. would be truly self-sufficient in oil and this would snap the OPEC oil cartel monopoly and prices would go down significantly. The entire U.S. Government exists in a parallel universe by printing money out of thin air. How could this exist in a real world. Imagine fixing up your family budget every month by printing up money in your garage/basement to fix up the gaping whole in your monthly budget ? There is no reality to this. The Federal Reserve just artificially lowers the “prime” interest rate so as to artificially lower the debt calamity the U.S. Gov. has created. The Federal reserve is analogous to your mother printing money in your basement for you every month and then walking upstairs and handing it to sonny boy. “Have a nice day now, son”. “Thanks, Mom, love you”. Debt ridden F rated states are able to borrow boat loads of money from banks in order to whole up there pensioned out, entitlement loaded, debt ridden budgets. How can banks in fiscally good faith be lending money to the these bankrupt theifdoms ? The taxpayers are similar to the price you pay for a copy of those dying newspapers. It doesn’t even come close to paying the overhead for the dying newspaper. California keeps the lights on by borrowing $40 million A DAY from the U.S. taxpayers. The U.S. Government operates in a parallel universe and us working schmucks grind it out everyday in the old world with the old rules. Where does this end ? Maybe we should all dust off and play Monopoly this weekend in all that free leisure time we have. May God help us after we have helped ourselves. If we make it until Nov., start by voting out and “printing” up for the PPP his walking papers ! Christi Fidelis !!


    US GDP has been rising only because of inflation, and like all other official economic figures, the inflation figure bears no resemblance to reality.


    I really did not want to fact check this entire article, but the very first fact is already wrong. I was alive and paying for gas in 2008 and there is NO WAY that it was only $1.59 average per gallon at that time. As a matter of REAL fact, a quick google of average gas prices in 2008 reveals figures in the low to middle three dollar area. If the first thing they lead off with is wrong I have no reason to believe that any more of their info is accurate….

    • Michael

      Check your facts again….


    • jaxon64

      nbody said anything about “average gas prices for 2008”–which would be an average price factored by adding the daily average for every day and dividing by 365—no, the author made the ACCURATE assertion that gas prices on a NATIONAL average on the first day of presidency vs the current national average.

      It would appear as if the issues here at this site might be a little over your head. Maybe you should stick with Dancing With the Stars, American Idol or some sports programming? oh and by the way, please leave the voting to people who can think and have reading comprehension ability….Have a nice day buttercup..

      • PJ


        The first “fact” did not state whether it was National or Annual average, it simply said “when Barack Obama entered the White House.” Your reply to NAZQAR was quite condescending as the article’s statement could have been construed as being the year he entered the White House.

        I don’t understand the point of making someone feel small. Nor do I understand why you think someone’s choice of television watching has anything to do with with their comprehension of this article. Please play nicely. And have a nice day, sincerely.

    • Snow White

      O took orifice in 2009. Gas prices were well under $2.00 where I live.

  • tappedops

    There not going to toss it away…

    Dem false flag choices… (oct surp)

    1 false flag on Barrys well-being
    2 Dirty bomb large city
    3 Bio attack
    4 Cyber meltdown

    Rep false flag rebut…

    1 Start WW3 before July…

    My $s on bio…

  • Old Patriot

    In a nutshell, if you fix the government debt, the entitlement programs (SS, food stamps, health care etc) will still drag the country under. Reducing that would be like trying to take candy from a kid. The government debt is not going to be solved because all our money is borrowed money – try living your life on credit cards and see how long you last. The entitlement debt isn’t going away either. This problem is not going to be fixed except by a collapse … plain and simple.

    • sharonsj

      What about corporate welfare? The oil companies make billions but don’t pay taxes–and we even give them a tax refund! We give subsidies to big agriculture. Even Romney’s Bain Capital takes government money–but Romney will never tell you that.

      Before you go after the old, poor, and children, you need to go after the banks and corporations taking taxpayer money. Oh, and you might also go after the religious institutions that also take taxpayer money.

      Finally, Romney and the rest of the super rich earn tens of millions but only pay 15% in taxes. When those s.o.b.s pay their fair share, you wouldn’t have to go after so-called entitlements.

      • Snow White

        You’re obviously one of the parasites. Romney paying 15% means he paid more in one year than you have in your whole life. But you obviously want “social justice”.-

        • Gary2

          another never will defending the 1%. The sheer stupidity of some posters is stunning.

          • GaryToo

            what is stupid is calling someone a never will when you know nothing about what they have achieved. please stop lying about this “1%”, youre always getting told its the top 10% paying 50% of taxes. crying for handouts suggests you are not successful yourself and are the never will. Sheer stupidity is what seperates the envious from the able.

      • Chloe

        The corporations create jobs. Jobs create taxes because someone has to do them. EVERYONE takes taxpayer money. YOu need to discern the difference between payroll taxes and capital gains taxes. When is the last time you saw a poor person give someone a job??

        • Gary2

          When is the last time you saw a poor person give someone a job??

          You tea baggers are so ******* stupid–you ever hear of demand??? poor people create way more jobs than any rich MF ever will when they purchase things.

          • GaryToo

            so not only an olympic gymnast class backflip on oh bummer, but another one on the reform rehab.

            thats right remember complaining that there are only jobs at walmart and flippin burgers? theres the jobs demanded by the poor when they purchase things.

      • erheault

        We have money for all of the worlds needs why else are we sending China 75 mil a year for foreign aid, Whee print me a ton too.

        • GaryToo

          man o man, your entire economy is chinese foreign aid. China is amex to you. Who holds all your worthlerss treasuries. if they dumped even 1 trillion worth youre screwed. luicky for now, enuf of u can (still) afford their product to make it worthwhile for them not to.

  • Paul

    “Consumer debt in America has risen by a whopping 1700% since 1971.”

    What was Obama doing all these years since 1971?

    There is no point in blaming Obama.

    All these things need time to develop. Obama did not go to the manufacturers and told them to get the heck out of the country and produce overseas.

    It was decided a long time ago that making things was inferior to talking BS, and betting and gambling. So engineering, craftsmanship and agriculture went into decline, and all the other non-wealth-producing professions became fashionable – PR, Marketing, Broker, Lawyer, Accountant, MBA.

    And don’t forget the armed forces, whose only purpose is to take tax money, buy ammunition and blow it up, creating enemies around the world, who get really pissed off as a kid and then, 20 years later, go into revenge mode.

    What’s the profit development of all the arms manufacturers and arms dealers in the US?

    Cant find them in the list above.

    • jaxon64

      Comments like yours make me really wonder at how inept our public schools must really be.

      The reading comprehension–or lack thereof–by some of the posters on this site is almost mind boggling.
      Let’s keep it simple for you Paul, that may make it easier for you to understand. The author says – and I’ll paraphrase–here are 70 numbers the President would rather that the general public not be informed about. The author goes on to point out ( and simplify) for those who would miss the point or have a knee jerk response of defence for “their team”,he points out that he only singled out the President because he is the conomys biggest cheerleader and spin doctor. Feeding the masses punch bowls full of ” its all getting better” flavoured Koolaid.
      Nowhere does the author even so much as insinuate that all of the above statistics are the fault of O-bama, only that Obama doesn’t want the public to know how deep its getting.
      You really need to put down the ” Make Love Not War” placards and pick up an elementary school English comprehension and Reading textbook..sorry to break it to you and the other members of the lollipop guild–but things are going to get really bad before they ever get close to being fixed or going away.

      • Paul

        Well, do you have a dictatorship or a democracy over there in the US?

        How come that one man alone has so much power and the rest is depending just on him?

        What for do you need the congress and the senate if everything is done or not done by Obama (or any other president)?

        You could save a lot of money of you just keep the president and fire everybody else. LOL

        And anyway, if all those numbers are so secret, how come the author got them?

  • Michael


    like usual, very good article…. Western economies are really in trouble.

  • I’ve been reading this blog for some time now, and I find it interesting. And while I congratulate the author for being “on to” something that is basically true, I have to say he is getting more sensationalist and exploitative with each passing article. Yes, let’s blame Obummer for something that happened in 1989. And so forth.

    Yikes. Anybody been to a monster truck rally lately?

  • chiller

    Judging from these facts, you can rest assured these numbers presented by the guberment are heavily manipulated. Otherwise, how can you lose all the manufacturing, jobs and infrastructure and still increase GDP by 142.4 billion dollars? Three things the gubers do best: intimidate, manipulate and provoke.

    • Michael

      You falsely inflate GDP by printing and borrowing lots of money. 🙂


  • Daniel

    Can you please put some of these facts in context? Maybe some narrative to string together what you’re trying to say? While I’m sure that many of your facts are accurate, some of them don’t actually signal a flagging economy, or are just out of place without explanation.

    • Your Johnson

      Some of the facts are very skewed. Isn’t the total acreage of land being farmed today much higher than it was in the 30’s. Why would we care that the total number of farms has decreased? That’s just one example. Anyone looking for world economies to collapse is in for a very, very long wait. In fact, it may never come to fruition.

      • GaryToo

        total acreage in 30’s vs total population in 30’s vs now. farms run on big machines now, peak oil for those machines? price of gas for those ok? pipelines , refineries, tankers, up in smoke in next resource rape war, how many ox and plough you got ready?

  • jd

    Dude, Where’s My Country?

    Feel like Rip Van Winkle – how the heck did we all allow this to happen?

    • stevefraser

      It happened primarily because of the diabolically brilliant evil of the Radical Left, IMO.

      • Chloe

        Yes. The boiling frog in the pot theory.

  • a lot more trouble…

    Heads up everyone, be mindful of what you are reading in the news these days.

    The Major Newspapers with their feel good economic stories are basically advertisements to lure investors and consumers into the failing markets in order to prop them up.

    Let me explain why, if I may. Corporations basically own the news publications because their advertising money is the newspapers bottom line. What they (Advertisers) say, usually goes.

    Just the same way a casino uses deceptive slot machines to lure in the uneducated patrons to rake the poorest of poor’s cash into their coffers, Then when all is said and done the casinos politely show them, the gamblers, the door.
    Casinos never advertise the true pay pack percentages. They keep them carefully hidden and have special laws that protect them.

    Corporations also use newspaper editorials of sugar coated economic stories in the same way to lure in unsuspecting and ill informed investors and consumers into the markets who are about to lose everything. Homes, Jobs, savings, and I mean everything.

    Example of what I am talking about here;
    The Wall Street Journal is just one amongst many who are notorious for publishing economic feel good stories.

    US Stocks Rally on China Rate Cut; DJIA on Pace for Third Straight Gain
    Wall Street Journal By Chris Dieterich today
    NEW YORK–Stocks rose after China’s central bank took action to spur economic growth and as investors weighed the potential for the Fed to take additional stimulus measures.

    “additional stimulus measures? Really? How much more debt can we print?”

    Household net worth jumps $2.8 trillion
    CNN Money – 2 hours ago
    By Stephen Gandel, senior editor June 7, 2012: 1:29 PM ET Market increase creates the biggest quarterly gain in net worth since the end of the financial crisis.

    “Since the end of the financial crises? Really? When was that? The full impact of the financial crises hasn’t even hit yet!

    Stocks helped lift US household wealth in Q1
    The Associated Press – 2 hours ago
    … amid rising fears about Europe’s debt crisis and a weakening U.S. economy. … by other factors: a job market that’s improving only fitfully, generally stagnant …

    “stocks lifted households wealth? Really? who’s household?”

    Fed’s latest Beige Book paints a more upbeat picture of economy
    Los Angeles Times – 23 hours ago
    WASHINGTON — For all the gloom-and-doom economic news of late, there’s … paints a surprisingly upbeat picture of a U.S. economy continuing to improve at a … and the long-depressed housing market is showing more signs of recovery.

    A US economy continues to improve? Really? Tell that to the recent thousands upon thousands of layed off workers!

    Housing Recovery? Small Biz Sees Signs of Comeback – 6 hours ago
    … about the growing number of prospective buyers showing up at open houses and … The numbers reflect an improvement from a weak spring in 2011, but isn’t yet … banking crises in Europe and their potential effect on the global economy.

    Prospective buyers showing up? Really? but are they buying?

    South Florida’s economy moves back into 2003 territory – 11 hours ago
    An improving labor market moves the Economic Time Machine’s gauges ahead one year. Welcome back to 2003.
    South Florida’s economy improving?

    Really? What are they selling back to the future series?

    If the above stories aren’t examples enough for you of false advertising and editorial shills working for the big corporations….then I don’t know what is.

    Read closer everyone, read today’s news everyday from ALL sources and you will see the economic picture is much more GRIM.

    Some of your friends and family have been fooled by these upbeat news releases and are about to get hurt, hurt financially.

    What really is going on today?
    The real news paints a more dire prediction of economic doom.

    Automatic Budget Cuts Could Cause 1 Million Layoffs
    U.S. News & World Report – 14 hours ago
    Think tank warns if lawmakers fail to pass a debt-reduction plan, one million jobs are at risk.

    Bad economic news: China cuts rate, Greece running out of money
    Vancouver Sun – 4 hours ago
    More bad economic news confirms the world is not out of the recession woods yet. The biggest news may be the fact that China has cut its overnight lending rate …

    China cuts rates as global economic crisis deepens – 4 hours ago
    … the euro area’s deepening crisis is threatening the health of the global economy. … China Makes Surprise 0.25% Interest Rate Cut · India’s Economy: How Bad …

    June looks bad for Obama
    Fort Wayne Journal Gazette – 13 hours ago
    June looks bad for Obama … The economy trumps all issues, and the worse-than-expected 69000 jobs … “That’s a bad number, so there’s concern,” said Rep.

    US already in ‘recession,’ extend tax cuts: Bill Clinton – 18 hours ago
    Former President Bill Clinton told CNBC Tuesday that the US economy … the current tax structure, which he said wouldn’t look so bad if the economy was doing …

    Europe Battles Crisis as Economic Gloom Deepens – 6 hours ago
    Europe’s battle to come to grips with the region’s growing debt turmoil reached a critical stage Wednesday as the sense of economic gloom in the region …

    This isn’t a matter of “is the glass half full or half empty?” viewpoint, the feel good stories you read in the main stream news are complete and utter distractions to the true nature of the economic crises about to hit all of us. Yes, each and everyone one of us.

    I am sure that there are some honest intentions of a few feel good editorials out there, released by editors in the hope of keeping the news upbeat, maybe turn around the economy, maybe people won’t despair, but most of these feel good stories are plain outright deception lead by big corporations looking for huge profits to line their own pockets.

    They “the Big Corporations” want you to invest, Pull out your savings and play the markets, they want you to purchase that new home, take out that additional student loans, buy that new car, even though the one you own works perfectly fine, expand your business, hire more employees, take out that new business improvement loan, they want you to feel happy, safe and get yourself deeply into debt.
    They also do not care if you lose everything.
    As long as they come out ahead.

    But ask yourself wouldn’t you rather know what’s about to happen to the global economy? Be prepared? Be informed? And be ready for the great crash that is coming?

    keep reading “the economic Collapse Blog” everyday and all the economic news you can find. Discern for yourselves the difference between the sugar coated feel good economic stories and the hard cold truth.

    A crash is coming and it will be horrific.

    • Snow White

      The casinos let enough people win to keep them coming back. Their odds are waaaay better than state lotteries.

      • a lot more trouble…

        Your right Snow White,
        The 7 seven dwarfs have spoken.
        The casinos do let enough people win (once in a while) to keep them coming back, false sense of hope? of becoming rich one day? maybe?
        The same way the some Mainstream News stories keep telling you things are getting better, so you will keep investing, buying more junk, and taking on more debt risk.
        But are they giving you facts or giving you hype?
        The State lotteries are much worse, they are cheaper to play, $1.00 dream big ticket
        (it’s called a voluntary tax) and of course the odds are much worse.
        The same way our odds of pulling out of this Economic mess is much more worse.

    • GaryToo

      excellent post, but i see many respected pundits with nothing to gain now starting to say collapse is inevitable from many angles. These people either dont want to ruin their reputations by later being asked why didnt u see this? or genuinely see no reason to keep quiet about what you just cannot hide staring you in the face.

    • mondobeyondo

      “A crash is coming and it will be horrific.”

      Those words are almost verbatim, from an economist named Babson (forgot his first name.. is it Edward?) a couple months before the stock market crash of 1929. Few people back then listened to him.

      • a lot more trouble…

        It’s great to know that there are people on this web site who post and have actually know their history and take an interest in it!
        Very good observation mondobeyondo you write good posts i might add!
        the actual quote was
        “On Sep 5th 1929, Roger Babson gave a speech saying.
        ‘Sooner or later, a crash is coming and it may be terrific.’
        and your right very few people listened to him the same way most are not listening now.

  • Worried in IN

    In the summer of 2008 we took a road trip to NC…gas was well over $3/gallon, the farther north the more expensive it got…almost $5/gallon. Not sure were these stats are coming from? I know things are bad but we really dont need to manipulate the truth to make it worse than it is.

    • jaxon64

      Obama “entered the White House” as the article and statistic clearly reference, in Jan 2009 and the national average price of gas in Jan 2009 was $1.59..nothing made up but I’m glad to hear you had a nice road trip to NC in the summer of 2008–whatever that has to do with the FACT the author pointed out, I’m not sure but thanks for sharing and I hope you had a nice vacation.

      PS: What made you decide that a “road trip” was a good idea at the time when gas was supposedly at $5 a gallon?

    • josh

      oh how people forget. summer of 2008 gas prices were HIGH when the economy crashed it went DOWN. i cant make it much more simple than that. 2008 BUSH 2009 OBAMA.

  • markthetruth

    10 number of the 10 commandments not followed.
    3 Values, morals and ethics all gone.
    6 pages of the Constitution not followed.
    7 George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words now used on TV as a norm.
    3 3 names that makes me sick Oboma , kardashian , Feds
    1 God created Heaven and Earth, we are creating one Hell.

    the end

    • Michael

      I like it! 🙂


      • Highspeedloafer

        Me too!

  • pete

    N. We are not going to wake up and do something about it…..

    What we will do, is vote for new leaders that are telling us brand news lies that are just as bad as the last guys and their lies.

    Our economy hitting a brick wall will do more to finally fix things than an entire city (DC) full of liars will ever do.

    Don’t fear hitting that wall. Hope that we do before we get going even faster.

  • William

    The failed and phoney Kenyan born Obummer is but a Shrub Bush with a (D) by his name. The Obummer has extended and widened the unlawful and undeclared wars of the Smirking Chimp Bush. The Obummer has allowed the Wall St trash to continue to run wild with little regulation. The Obummer continues to ignore international law with regard to the Russian and Eastern European inhabitants of Israel. GTMO is still open, and prisoners are still held with no trials or charges. The Obummer is as much of a slave of the Rothchild’s as the Shrub or Romney. Only a massive revolt at the polls in Nov, voting OUT incumbents, could save America, if a free and fair election could be held, which I doubt. So, there you have it… the next 4 years, the President will either be the Kenyan born Obummer or Romney, who is totally and completely a pawn of the Illuminati (just ask Dan Senor which country OWNS Romney).

  • anyone but Bush

    80 – Americans buy 80 percent of the pain pills sold on the entire globe each year.

    81 – Credit card debt among Americans in the 25 to 34 year old age bracket has risen by 81 percent since 1989.

    85 – 85 percent of all artificial Christmas trees are made in China.

    sure, these are the things that keep Obama up at night, worrying we’ll discover the sinister truth!
    Obama’s record has been poor, but at least he’s not G. W. Bush. RE-ELECT CLINTON!!!


      • GaryToo

        yes hillary haha. Does anyone actually believe that chinese dissident BLIND journalist suddenly was able to scale a wall, bypass the guards, get across a river and many miles and make it to the US embassy to hillary’s doorstep almost unscathed wanting to seek asylum in the land of the free.

        Withou any help…, just at the time hillary was in town in china.

        Come on, pull the other one. Great tactic that one, the chinese love being embarrassed by a diplomatic incident like that. If they decided to punish the US back by dumping a trillion dollars of treasuries and dollars cheaply, not really chump change but they could do it easy enough,

        if they were to do that, inflation and conditions in the us would see your citizens fall into 3rd world conditions equal to poor chinese, and all the figures above would seem like christmas in dickens by contrast. Its going to happen one way or another anyway, but that was one reckless move.

  • Alasha

    I just can’t take the stock market going up (plunge protection team)…. the jubilation grates on my last NERVE……..

    • Diane C

      I truly believe it is being manipulated by big corporations and banks. Amazing while Europe is failing, and our economy is on it’s way, our market goes up. Amazing when the Feds mention another stimulas or QE3, the market goes up? Who would have thought? Guess Debt means nothing to them.

  • Evie

    Most people prefer to keep their head in the sand and believe in the old fashioned things. I told my boyfriends mom to get both knees operated on last year because next year the standard of care would be worse. She is in the same rehab center and no one around to do anything. Of course they expect 1 aide to take care of 50 people.
    My boyfriend heard from a male friend most auto loans are subprime. I yawned as I had told him this over a year ago. Humm it seems like all of the far fetched things people did not want to believe are coming true. I harvested my first spinach crop so I would not have to depend on the corporations. I do not want to someday take out s loan for food to support the elite.

  • RickS

    “86 – According to one survey, 86 percent of Americans workers in their sixties say that they will continue working past their 65th birthday.”

    That’s not surprising. Those about to become eligible for SS must wait until they are 66. Why quit your job one year before SS kicks in?

    I realize many (myself included) will work past 66 as well. For me, it’s not the money but just that I prefer to work over sitting around aggravating my wife all day 🙂

  • MountainHome

    Not only doesn’t Obama want us to see these facts, but mainstream media (and FOX) don’t tell us.

    Both political parties are hiding their blunders in D.C.

    Another great list of the horrible conditions in America. Thanks again.

    • Michael

      You are welcome.

      Most of you already know most of these things, but hopefully these kinds of lists can help wake the “sheeple” out there out of their slumber.


      • xander cross

        The NWO is no longer hidden, it’s been in the open since daddy bushed announced it in 1991!

        And anyone from the democrates or republicans who is president or is running for president is controlled by the NWO forces, including Ron Paul and his son Rand period!

        If you people can’t see that now, then there is no hope for your indoctrination out of your cultic mindset

        • GaryToo

          so xander just because as a nominee who is bowing out from the race, paul did what is always expected and endorsed the last standing contender, (what choice?) you want to ignore that he wants to restore the constitution, downsize big govt, and get troops out of the rest of the world they have no business in. Sure that is exactly the same agenda as the N W A isnt it?

  • Jodi

    Obviously, there’s nothing to argue about here. This is just frightening, my question to you Michael…will we have any indication when the house of cards will fall or will it just happen at anytime?

    If you read Michael’s article yesterday and read the comments, Walmart did layoff greeters…this is getting scary, I figured when I lost my job, I could at least work in the retail business. Walmart is not the only place laying off, others are also starting to dwindle too. Here’s an article on the layoffs:

    • Michael


      The economic collapse is going to play out over time. I will be writing an entire article about this soon. 🙂


  • john.s

    good job Obumba!!!!

  • Note from idaho

    I have gotten to a point where I simply do not understand my fellow Americans.

    We are a nation in denial and fueled by our collective ignorance of basic economics and history.

    When I have an opportunity to talk with people, I strain to listen, with an intent to try to understand their thoughts and perception of where we stand today as a country.

    My feeling, as I listen to people are shocking, No one seems to understand the magnitude of our current situation. They are living from day to day and paycheck to paycheck.

    You mention Greece or Europe, Well that has little consequence to us or you simply get a blank stare. Mention the state of the economy and once again little interest, oh gas prices hit everyone but even current prices seem to be the accepted as the new norm.

    Never in my lifetime have there been so many economic red flags flying, yet people are not paying attention. They are too busy boating,golfing or hitting the next buffet.

    I just don’t understand it.

    • mondobeyondo

      They’ll know by this time next year, or maybe by 2014. You will recognize them at the grocery store with that “deer in the headlights” look, mumbling to themselves, “What the hell happened to our lives??”

    • Mustard Seeds

      People keep hearing “the economy is getting better” on the MSM, but it’s not feeling that way at home or on the job. They just can’t quite figure out why. They sense it but can’t articulate it.

      Until one day, they go to work and the boss tells them, “We are cutting back. Economy is really bad right now, and not expected to get better anytime soon. I’m sorry. We have to let you go.”

      That’s when most people realize the MSM isn’t telling it like it really is.

      That’s when people wake up or go into permanent self delusional denial.

      It is scary how many people just don’t know what is happening.

  • josh

    my dad just tried to refinance his house value dropped 50%.

  • Matt

    “The Economy” is collapsing, has been for years now, just very slowly but continually. It is collapsing so slowly that Obama & company can say that its not and actually get the sheeple to believe it. We are being slowly like a frog.

  • jox

    Obama has important responsibilities on the development of the crisis, but he obviously has not created the crisis itself, which had begun BEFORE he became president. All the people that like to insult and blame socialism should NEVER forget that the crisis is NOT the product of socialist policies.

    And I respect your right to being hard in your critics to Obama, but the picture chosen for the article is not fair. It is inappropriate for your otherwise excellent article.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Patrick Henry,you’re spot-on, dude – well done!!

  • bedspirit

    many of these have very little to do with Obama. 80 percent of the pain pills are sold to Americans and Obama is to blame? I think the real headline should be 70 facts that your politician doesn’t want you to know. many of the statistics on this list are a result of decades of poor policy pushed in DC by each side.

  • erheault

    Best plan prepare for the worst, hope for the best and above all quit REELECTING ALL OF THEM,it is time to flush the DC crowd down the crapper of time.

  • Syrin

    And GARY cheers loudly. After all, these are the results of a government gone wild which is exactly what he desires (that, and YOUR property).

  • Rodster
    • mondobeyondo

      Detroit is already broke. Heheheh.

  • DEFCONStudios


    This is a fantastic collection of eye opening facts and statistics. The reality is very bleak for the Worldwide economy. The Endgame for the Fractional Reserve Banking Ponzi scheme is very quick coming to it’s end and they can only kick the game down the road until it eventually catches up with them. Until they realize that the US

  • Anonymous

    What is this garbage… none of these numbers mean ANYTHING in a vacuum.

  • DEFCONStudios


    This is a fantastic collection of eye opening facts and statistics. The reality is very bleak for the Worldwide economy. The Endgame for the Fractional Reserve Banking Ponzi scheme is very quick coming to it’s end and they can only kick the game down the road until it eventually catches up with them. Until they realize that the US is in a worse fiscal shape than Greece nothing will change. Their purposely collapsing the economy and those responsible for previous and ongoing Financial Crisis are still in power and nothing will change unless the cesspool of corruption and greed/crime is removed and the system is collapsed and rebuilt from scratch then humanity’s future is bleak and non-existent.

  • jadams9845

    0; the number of people prosecuted for crimes against America and it’s citizens.

    This country needs a reset, I welcome the economic collapse to be quite honest. It’s not going to be pleasant and thousands, perhaps millions, will die from disease and starvation. You have to see things for what they are, not the way you want them to be. I will do my best to assist as many of my fellow Americans as possible during these events. I am sure many others will do the same.

    In the aftermath, this country will much more closely resemble what our founders had intended and many of those responsible, will be brought to justice (similar to the Nuremberg trials).

  • Brian

    I’ll bet he is looking and laughing at the jobs report and realising his bosses strategy is working very well. He needs to be ousted ASAP, along with all bhis czars, union buddies and socialist bedfellows.

  • Tod

    Yeah it seems more and more like we should have just let Germany win their Nazi war in the beginning, because now they are going to be relying on the same/similar/worse tactics…. ******* horrified, thanks Michael.

  • Mark

    So this is what you’ve been doing since Wednesday. I wondered why you didn’t post a blog yesterday. This is one hell of a list! Too bad that’s not a good thing…

    • Michael

      This list did take a long time to put together. 🙂

      And not every day am I able to put up a new article. Each article takes quite a few hours to produce (at least) and sometimes “real life” intrudes. 🙁


  • Ghulam

    I would really like to see a break-down on that 1% who own everything. Why are we not allowed to see an ethnic breakdown on those numbers. How many are from backgrounds that are Protestant, Catholic, Moslem, Muslim, and Jewish? Is there any one group of Americans who is gaining rapidly at the expense of all the others. That seems like a fair question that we are not allowed to ask. Who are the 1%?

    • Barn cat

      They aren’t gaining at the expense of others. Success isn’t a zero sum game requiring a winner and a loser. Success is closely linked to education and those willing to work hard enough to get one. Asians are big believers in education and Mexicans aren’t, for example.

      • Highspeedloafer

        No one can argue with that Barn cat.

    • stevefraser

      Also never stated loud enough is the “income inequality” in the USA is the direct result of the invasion of mucho millions of illerate penniless peasants crossing north over our Republic’s southern border.

    • mondobeyondo

      It would be politically incorrect to offer an ethnic breakdown as to who owns what…

  • Barn cat

    A lot of good statistics. Still, it doesn’t matter how much money the rich have compared to everyone else. What matters is the financial health of the middle class and how upwardly mobile our society is.

    “To put it in numbers, according to the analysis, the top 1 percent of earners account for 20.3 percent of total personal income in the United States and pay 21.5 percent of all federal and state taxes.”

  • Barn cat

    Just for fun, go to and look at homes in Detroit. Like this one for $5,000:

    • mondobeyondo

      Wow! That fixer-upper is quite a beauty! It even has a front porch!!
      With a little bit of work, it would sell for $700,000 in Beverly Hills.

  • Kathy Smith

    I cannot believe the MSM did not report on the Japanese quail cocaine/sex results. They are usually right on top of “important information ” like that. God help us all. Keep up the great work Micheal.

  • davidmpark

    Not much else to say, is there? The economy is doomed.

    The question is, “What do we do now for the next generations? What can we leave them to improve upon?”

  • howwaslife

    How on earth could anyone fix these things during our lifetime. Even if the whole system would be reset and turnaround today, it would still take decades or even centuries to restore a working and future proof society. The current state of western world is the result of centuries of development, expecting things to change overnight would be laughable to say the least. And we are not taking a SINGLE step for the better. The coming collapse or total reset will bring civil unrest and chaos never seen before in modern history. There might be civil wars in USA and Europe as well ( and probably ww3 as well ).

    All mad scientists building doomsday machines, please hurry!!

  • Evie

    A corrupt system through the core. If people would wise up anb quit buying and using credit it would all be over quickly.

    • surfer

      You can do one better than not borrowing from banks – and it is – to just take all of your money OUT OF THE BANKS. That is the solution to all of the corruption.

  • bruce

    I read your column daily so most of the numbers while mind boggling were not surprizeing. The one that struck me was US citizens buying 80% of worlds pain pills. A fitting metaphor for how we got in this situatiion. Feel a little pain? use a pill to make it better. Feel a little pain? spend some borrowed money to make it better. Think there might be some pain in the future, like not getting reelected, borrow some money to spend to make it better.

    I fear your messages fall on deaf ears to the american public and politicians.. The proof.. Ron Paul telling the truth, warning the people, and still he is politically non viable. A shame and maybe our last chance.

    • GaryToo

      he would have caught the kennedy-lincoln terminal illness if he had. he did enough to light the way to get people thinking.
      The writing is on the wall lit up like las vegas, if anyone is so stupid or stubborn to ignore it its their own peril. Some just wont get out of the casino til they leave without their shirt.

  • mondobeyondo

    Mitt Romney will win the presidency in November. You heard it here first. Hear me now and believe me later.

    Not that it matters much in the long run. We’ll still be in deep, deep poopie. We’ve gone too far down the road towards the abyss. Just raise the debt ceiling already! $32.6 trillion sounds good. Nah, $44 trillion. That should pay the government bills until September of 2015, provided the government doesn’t waste it on science programs such as why do rats have tails and hamsters don’t. Let the great great great grandkids pay it off. It’s only money, right? “Money is like manure. Spread it around, and it does a lot of good. Pile it all in one place, and it stinks like hell.” (No, that joke’s not mine. Not George Carlin’s, either. It’s from a local Phoenix councilwoman.)

    We’ve had a President Lincoln, a President Ford… now is the time for a President Cadillac. Maybe Marco Rubio, the congressman from Florida, will make a run in 2016 – assuming the U.S. makes it to 2016 intact and whole. And I’m beginning to get highly skeptical about that.

  • mondobeyondo

    69… um, er, no. Not gonna post that. Figure it out on your own.

    • mondobeyondo

      If you still don’t get it, type in those numerals in the Urban Dictionary website. There, that’s ALL I’m going to say on that particular topic.

  • Washington

    Countdown to 2012 – The Clueless Generation

  • Tatiana Covington

    The Decline of the West – Priceless!

  • Are We Now known as the “leaning tower of usa”?

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    And they are happy and planing more selective killing.

  • matt

    If any of you has been a reader of this site for but a short while you to would know these numbers. I have seen them slowly adding up as Michael sifts through the ton of B.S. that the govt shovels out of the B.L.S. the Main stream media and other venues. We who have read, and understood the implications of these facts know what lies ahead. COLLAPSE. The real question that begs to be asked is how many of us will do ANYTHING about the situation. A community must be formed, plans made and implemented. If you make no choice to do anything to save the ideals of this once great nation, than you have still made a choice. To sit back and apathetically watch our country die. STAND UP AMERICA! there are more good people here than bad. The good MUST stand and face this monster down, or at the very least, die trying. As always, thank you Michael for compiling these odious truths about our nations leaders. Matthew

  • agraulis

    Where is a breakdown of expenditure for US military action and covert operations and the increases over the past 20 years. Americans need to see (repeatedly) just how much of their taxes are consumed and the level of debt incurred by these institutions on hardware and activities. And for what purpose!

    • Snow White

      USA has engaged in military overreach in a biiig way, but the cost pales in comparison to handouts.

      • Thagwar

        Depends on your definition of “handout.” Go ahead and call the money that helps your fellow Americans afford health care, education, and basic human necessities a “handout.” Some of us also consider the $902 billion we’re spending this year on lousy-with-lobbyist defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Northrup Grumman a “handout.”

        Furthermore, the numbers show both “handouts” are roughly equal:

  • KC

    Really? You know how many statistics are wrong and pulled out of peoples asses? All I have to say is “MOO!” Bunch of cows.

    • Shamaka

      While all the stats may not be completely accurate, Michael has given us the source links and they are from reputable organisations. It is not as if he is making up the numbers. In any case, the frightening thing is that they are all headed in the wrong direction and the numbers are large. The conclusion is the same; the time of economic reckoning is fast approaching. I suppose if you were on the Titanic you would be quibbling about the ice block ahead! Michael has pointed out what is clearly seen on the horizon and we can only guess at the debt hidden out of sight!

    • bill

      really everything is wonderful what a d bag

    • Dave

      KC, anyone can spot a liberal from a distance, so let’s say we have you find all the facts for us. Prove to everybody that the facts that Micheal has written down are incorrect.

      • Just so you know the next time so you don’t sound too dense, You Cannot Prove A Negative

    • h

      You need to get your head out of your ass. You are still drinking the Obama kool aid.

    • Atilla2

      Methinks the KC MOO! MOO! speakum with forked tongue.
      I remember:
      When “O” told us NOT to worry because HE would make all the decisions.
      When “O” told us he would unite the country and then divided it as n o Prez has ever done.
      When “O” told us to get in the face of anyone who does not believe what HE does.
      When “O” told us if they bring a knife we bring a g-n.
      When “O” told us he would fix unemployment and bring jobs then didn’t. Don’t believe me ask your relatives.
      And my favorite, is when “O” blamed ATM’s, earth quakes and the weather for the economy’s problems.
      And now “O” wants to fix the employment fiasco with allowing illegals STAY and get work permits,
      I mean “O” actually has a plan for illegals to get jobs and Americans are still at the back of the bus, waiting.

  • Jess

    A lot happened when Bush was in office and obama made things a lot worse and the way I see it, it will not matter if obama or romney wins the next election. This country cannot afford obama another 4 years and if romney gets in, well, he has more money than he knows what to do with of his own and will not care what happens to this economey or the people and he does not care what happens to the middle class which is who was carrying this country tax wise as the rich never pays the high tax rate that we pay. the rich will get richer and the middle class will be the new poor people and the poor will be in or below the poverty level.

    • Dave

      Jess, why is it Bush’s fault at all. Does everybody remember that the SSenate and the House were controlled by the Democratic Party since the beginning of 2007. Bush was trying to be by-partisen by signing off on some of the bills that the administration, at that time, put forth. And you are absolutely 100% correct. If we have Obama for four more years China will own us, but I beg to differ with you about Romney. He is a smart business man, Bill Clinton just said that last week, and that is what we need to settle our debt crissis. One more thing, I’m not rich, by any means, but atleast I’m smart enough to know the different between getting a paycheck from an employer versus having stock and bonds and only paying capital gains taxes. Romney doesn’t work for an employer and was smart enough to invest his money. Capital gains taxes are 15%. You pay the gov. federal and state taxes, which accum to approx. 33%. That is the difference. That is why the rich gets richer. So, my words are don’t beat them down, join them! 🙂

      • You’re absolutely right. During most of Bush’s 2 terms, unemployment was under 6%, often under 5%. The economic collapse started after the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007. Bush went to Congress 13x, asking more more regulations on Fannie and Freddie, to no avail. This wasn’t his fault.

        • Mary Beth

          Righthook…. you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth! Why isn’t this point driven home??? There is even video of the Republicans trying to stop Fannie and Freddie! Has everyone forgotten???

      • Mary Beth

        Soooo totally agree Dave!@

  • If you want to solve the economic problems of this country, the best thing to do would be to eliminate usury/interest. The concept of usury is considered stealing in the scriptures, and we are witnessing the effects of it today. Most of that debt is phoney and it could be repudiated. There’s a lot to do over nothing when it comes to banking and interest. That would solve about 75% of the problem.

    The other thing would be to have American factories and companies come back to the USA and employ American workers. Men and women in this country need jobs. We shouldn’t be exporting our manufacturing when American businesses are saddled with expenses due to over regulation. The only reason to export manufacturing into other countries is when America is at full employment capacity.

    Never, ever, allow idiots to be President again which would include most of them throughout history.

  • Colin

    While our nation’s economy is crumbling, the thing that was spoken of in your blogs Michael is about to happen. Spain is on the verge of asking the EU for cash aid to support its faltering banks. This is after Spain was downgraded again by a credit agency.

    • Michael

      Yes, things with Spain are moving even faster than I anticipated.

      Buckle your seatbelts.


      • Alasha

        Yep.. a 125 billion bailout and BNI bank holiday announced… of course the stock market goes up ….

        • Alasha

          142 points down 2day!

    • mondobeyondo

      Yeah, I heard that as well. Ouch.
      The pain in Spain will drive us all insane.

  • Mustard Seeds

    The fiat system failed. Every major economy around the world is in a state of collapse.

    Smart money is buying anything useful….now….for the future….while it still can. Food, seeds, tools, supplies, bullion, fertile land, alternate energy sources. We’ve all seen the lists. Useful things. Preferably non-electric. That’s the only way most of us will be able to retain some semblance of normalcy. Maybe the only way some will survive.

    The political jousting going on right now is nothing but a distracting sideshow. Doesn’t matter who gets “elected” POTUS. The left vs. right is now essentially a single party. And Both are controlled by the same corporations and banks that have absolutely no desire for the survival of a sovereign United States. The same situation exists in every country around the world except, maybe, Iceland.

    Now is the time to take action.

    Best to take an honest look at where all of this mess is headed, and act accordingly.

    You are not crazy if you are a “Prepper”.

    You are crazy if you’re not.

    • Mustard Seeds


      I have a question/s.

      Doesn’t the guy left holding the bag take the BIGGEST loss?

      Right now there are places for people to invest to save some of their wealth. Money is pouring out of Greece and Spain. The dollar is up….for now.

      So what happens if we are among the last (if not THE last) of the fiat currencies to fail? There won’t be anything left to buy, and nowhere left to go.

      I realize this is a simplistic view, but do we really want to be last?

      • Michael

        I think that it is going to be hard to predict exactly how the coming financial chaos will play out, but I do believe that the elite will use it to try to implement some fundamental changes to the global financial system.


        • Colin

          And that was how the Federal Reserve was created.

          Panic of 1907 -> Secret Conference of 1910 -> Federal Reserve 1913

    • GaryToo

      thanks bud

  • Evie

    Do they count the dangerous over the counter acetiminicin as pain pill purchases. I do not know many people who take pain meds. Are you sure it is not anti depressants ?

  • Gary2

    I was listening to a radio podcast of an interview with Peter Eddleman and the subject was the extreme wealth and income inequality and how it is stunting the economy. Here is a fact he shared:

    The 6 walton walmart heirs have more combined wealth and income than the bottom 30% of the population of the USA. 6 people! I would think that regardless of ones political leanings this should be alarming.

    • GaryToo

      i remember the waltons, they was barefoot threadbare overalls po. I guess were not counting soc sec and foodstamps as income ey they not real $?

      • Gary2

        I remember watching the Waltons in rerun. How long did that show air?

  • bart

    US was nearly killed a few years ago with the collapse of Fannie Mac, Lehmen, Citigroup etc.Fortunately, President Obama has a good team behind him to turn thing around.Otherwise, US will became Greece or Ireland back then and the consequences will be beyond your imagination.

    Today, President Obama successfully engineered a currency war and fiscal easing that is actually sustainable given the size of the US economy. Many countries printed (openly and secretly) on a much higher per capita basis than US. Let’s not mention names here.

    Lately, his team has maintained sub-$2000 gold level without shorting the market (they managed the margin requirements), propelled a stronger USD, stabilized the property prices which will all give him room for more easings without ruining the fundamentals if the need arises.

    Many take it for granted that the great depression didn’t come but we were really nearly there. In his first term, he can only manage to prevent the US economy from deteriorating from Bush and Alan Greenspan’s rouge policies. I hope President Obama will secure his well-deserved second term and pilot his country’s route to a sustainable recovery.

    • Another Richard

      Bart, how convenient of you to completely Disregard ALL 70 facts given in this article. You must be on the Take, Smoking something or so Unthinking as to Fall for the Smoke and Mirrors Propaganda by this present Regime. Get a Life.

    • Mike Hunt

      Bart, wtf are you talking about? Do you have a clue what is going on and just choosing to act like you don’t or are you really that oblivious?

    • mike Beale

      been drinking some Kool-Aid I see…

    • Silver2

      You are vain and delusional. obama is a arrogant, incompetent amateur.He does not have the experience to be commander in chief. He has done nothing but spend money.

    • GaryToo

      thats some hopium and change u can believe in, change as in your life savings being worth chump change. Youer debt clock is a bomb bro. if you ever became profitable it would take you a zillion years to begin to pay back your debt. No dont mame names of any country that isnt the world reserve currency, who doesnt have the biggest military to save you you hope via ww3.

  • mondobeyondo

    Spark, meet powderkeg. Powderkeg, meet spark,
    Say hello. Duck and cover. And pray.

  • Michael,
    Your splendid article has been re-posted on as a public service. Thanks for all the due diligence.
    Aloha & Mahalo,

    • Michael

      Very cool. 🙂

      I am always honored when other sites consider my articles to be valuable enough to share with their own readers.


  • Kona

    It sounds like all of you have it figured out pretty good, you must be that % that’s unemployed to have the time to post all these great intelligent blogs, Maybe you all should get a shovel ready job so you don’t have so much time on your hands to spouse your wonderful philosophies and spare us all the pain

    • GaryToo

      espouse? probly by the time you lose your own job there will be nothing left for you to eat but your words. comiong from an economy that grew 11% in the past year instead of shrinking 1.2 % like yours. The pain of reading this is a papercut, prepare for a severed artery.

  • There is nobody riding up on a white horse to save us,WE HAVE TO SAVE ourselves!!It makes no difference who is in the white house,they have only banks and corporations that they are concerned about!!Remember,WE THE PEOPLE!!

    • mondobeyondo

      You can’t even count on the horse anymore. “I’ve Got Another” was scratched from the Belmont Stakes…

    • John W.


      That is all well and good about the people saving themselves. Too bad most people in the US are economic illiterates. Also they will send their own congress critter back to office over and over no matter how incompetent.

  • Scott

    It is time to become isolationist and eliminate all trade deficits. This will force us to put America back to work, just to build repair parts for all of our cars and machinery. We can get by on domestic oil, if we exploit coal very hard and rapidly deploy new hydroelectric plants, wind and solar. We need to leave the rest of the world to their own. If we get to a 0 trade deficit and force ourselves to work for ourselves, we will dramatically increase revenue. It is a pretty obvious solution.

  • jayhackworth

    Yikes, next time ‘I’m votin Repubocrat, as if there’s a dimes worth of difference between the parties. Like voting for Student Council President, even the ‘special’ kids realized it was just an illusion of authority.

  • Washington


  • Louise in MO

    I, too, stand amazed how many American citizens have no clue whatsoever about the coming financial collapse. Most think you’re a “doom and gloom” prophet to even mention such things. Young adults think I’m getting “senile.”

    Thanks, Michael, for your time and energy spent on educating all who will read and take your words to heart.

    • Michael

      You are welcome Louise. I am just standing up here on “the wall” yelling as loud as I can. 🙂


  • Max Verde

    Part of the reason for the problem is the fools who believe the BS that the GOP puts out.Some of them are working people who are actually being taught to despise labor unions.In my state-Indiana- you have no security at all without a union contract.You may be fired at any time for any reason,except for purposes that would fall under discrimination statutes,and God help you if you have to prove that ,if the employer has the least bit of discretion.You may also have your pay cut,or be cheated by your employer and there is little you can do about it.Do any of you working people actually believe that benefits such as paid holidays,vacations etc are given to you because you have a good -hearted employer? These things exist because of competition from unionized firms for employees.When unions are beaten ,then the gravy train will dry up quickly,and you will be thankful for $2 over minimum,and mandatory overtime-even 16 hour days when they need the way the overtime laws are a product of unions and the Democrats.When you let the tea party have power you will see even these protections vanish.

    • Brian

      Damn Mad Max! Try picking up some skills that the average idiot doesn’t have and work on that personality – only then will you be able to keep a job without depending on some “club” or the government to protect you from unemployment. You sound like the type that actually believes that you can make a living in a 8 hour shift. Those that believe in that fairy tale are always crying about the mean employer that fired them for no reason other than being the societal leaches that they are. Clock in/clock out and call it a day crowd. You make a living from 9 to 5 but you earn a life from 5 to 9 – thats PM to AM and no one is paying you by the hour for that. When you put that thinking into practice, you won’t have to worry about your employer unfairly firing you as he/she can’t find enough people with that attitude to keep employed. When such a person comes along, they will always replace some slouch that doesn’t think and carry such an attitude of personal betterment. If you were fired by an employer while giving such service, you were done a favor! Man up and move on because your attitude and skills will have you in a better place and you won’t need the government to bat cleanup for you.

    • Diane C

      Oh my ******. The problem with you and other union people is apparently you have never worked for a non-union company.

      I have had several jobs over the past 35 years. Several small businesses, a fortune 500 company and attorneys. Each job, I left on my own to better myself or move to a different area. I have never been fired. I have always had good benefits and good pay raises.

      Unions take money from you and taxpayers and spend it on themselves. I have always felt, if you do your best in any job, you will be rewarded.

    • John W.

      Problem is where will the money come from to pay their wonderful salaries and benefits. In case you have not noticed Slick most of the good paying jobs in the US are gone partly with the help of the unions and the tax code. Unions exist to enrich certain politicians and Union leaders. The rank and file are just numb nuts that vote to keep the stupidity going. maybe you should try being a business owner and see how much fun it is dealing with all the nonsense. Parasite.

  • happy2012

    xander cross,

    You are a self-endorsed idiot.

    • Xander cross

      No, Ron Paul is the idiot and rand Paul for endorsing mitt Romney.

  • a cruel accountant

    If you are jobless and live in your car. You should move to N. Dakota. You will still live in your car because there is no housing, but at least you have a job.

    • Me

      I heard the house prices there are now insane.

      Ok fine I’ll do it, how do I not freeze to death in my car?

  • Chris

    I really like this one read.

    $150,000,000 – This is approximately the amount of money that the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress are stealing from future generations of Americans every single hour.

    stealing from future generations. Make sure you put it so the people reading it will think that that money is going directly into their pocket. Make sure you say the black man is stealing from us.

    • marie

      What does anything in this article have to do with him being black? The same would go if he were white or asian or any other ethnicity…a mistake is a mistake and we can’t survive it for 4 more years.

  • Chris

    ^^^^^^ I really like *HOW* this one read ^^^^^^^

    • GaryToo

      so do i chris, it makes sense, u dont.

  • Evie

    Future generations get the money? I had to pay higher taxes under reagon and I am now being told to pay more for less? What happened to pensions and 401ks. Value was stolen and pensions were frozen. Sounds like the boomers are paying for everyones free ride. Many kids are in educational debt and cannot find jobs. The ones coming here recieve taxpsyer services esl and free college. We should take less ss for this?

  • Gas Prices When Bush Was in Office
    While it is true that gas prices were $1.85 when Obama took office, the price of gas had just recently fallen to that point from an all time high of $4.12. Hopefully, I entered the html code correctly so that the chart will display below, but if not then please go to

    <img src= ";

  • erheault

    Just wait untill the compound interest is figured into this massive loan that we as sheeple are doomed to pay, it is time to fire/jail our congress and house along with what we call President.

  • Matt

    KC, you are a real tool.

  • Barbara EU

    The whole world is collpsing. Whomever is your President. Or ours.
    Hugs from Europe.

  • Gary2

    we’ve suffered the betrayal these last years of another Democratic sell-out, a supposedly liberal-if-not-socialist president actually so conservative and so sold-out that he couldn’t even bear to pursue his own personal interest sufficiently to produce a successful presidency, but has rather continued and amplified the worst characteristics of the open sore that was the Bush presidency, even in the midst of crisis opportunities not seen since the 1930s.

    Cut/paste about how many including me feel about Obama.

  • Washington
  • Newton

    It never ceases to amaze me when someone “targets” large corporations and very wealthy people like the Waltons.

    Exactly how did they gain that wealth ?

    They did it by selling billions of overpaid, underworked, overweight, mind numbed robots cheap Chinese crap that ended up in rental cubes on reality T.V.

    These idiot people would drive their SUV’s to walmart on $4/gal. fuel to load up on second rate junk from China and produce from Chile and Honduras.

    Now, you think about that trip for just a moment and you’ll see why oh why this country is where it is. By the millions, these zombies leave their homes which they paid way to much for because they had to keep up with the jones’ you see; there is no garden, no land, no water – just a “lot” in otherwords; an unproductive piece of **** that some contractor blasted up in 3 weeks with mexican labor and these tenants are paying 200 a month to drink that “purified city slop” they call water.

    They sit their overweight american butt on a cushy seat of leather from Chile and conditioned air from China, the vehicle is riding on tires from —- wait for it now —– China; they fill up that hog with $100.00 worth of petrol from our good friends in the middle east and stop at Wendys for a juicy heart bomb of kangaroo meat and baby! we’re on our way to walmart !

    The carts are barely big enough as they stuff it to overflowing with all this bounty and proudly swipe that credit card and head on home.

    Another productive day

    Give me a big ole flippin’ break – these are the same idiots that continue to vote for the Feinsteins and the McCains and the Kennedys and the Corzines and the Pelosi and the Spectors.

    No sir, the people that are prepared I applaud you; the rest of you don’t need to come knockin’ on my door; go ask Gov. Brown !

  • Silverizgold

    Got silver?


  • Hi!, Patrons Of Economic Collapse Et Al:

    In real life & in every movie he made highly decorated Audey Murphey took better aim at the enemies of FREEDOM than all of us put together do don’t you think? At least he signified something on the world stage of life; while we flounder from one opinion to another witout taking any real definitive aim @ anything huh?


  • Ulysses

    You seem to conveniently forget that during the Bush era spot gasoline price had reached even higher but somehow we never heard a squeak from anyone at that time.

    You also ignore the fact that since day one of Obama administration, Republicans had been openly saying that they were going to block anything he does and wanted him to fail. In fact, I have never seen any other president being treated with such open discourtesy. What is the reason for such hostility? Obviously because he is black.

    This also shows how misleading your “facts” are.

  • Mick68

    Such an easy solution to the banking cabal:

    BRIC countries do a US dollar buyout within their borders, replacing it with their own currency or a basket of currencies. Once done, US dollars are not accepted at any BRIC banks again.

    And just like that, the US dollar is finished and USA collapses overnight. So easy, only reason why they aren’t doing it is politics or they’re part of the scam.


    HAPPY INTERDEPENDENCE DAY!!! his book the Canadian economist, and professor of economics (emeritus), explains the origins of the economic mess that’s not only been fostered here in America, but around the world as well. He demonstrates, that the financial chaos created in the world today has been orchestrated, intentionally, as a means to institute global governance, through conformance to a well-established, multifarious, recipe of:

    1) creating massive sovereign debt vis-à-vis globalization and participation in Free Trade

    2) instituting free market based economic policies, especially deregulation – (remembering that, in globalist terms, deregulating free markets means converting from the American economic model, where people are free and regulate the economy via government; to the current Chinese model, where business functions freely and people are regulated by industry through government – The First Global Revolution, The Club of Rome)

    3) launching domestic austerity measures – as a way of reducing the massive deficits spurred by IMF and World Bank policies of deregulation, globalization and Free Trade

    4) selling-off public assets and infrastructure, at discount, to globally connected players to pay down the unremitting debt generated by: plunging wages, contracting tax receipts, unemployment, off-shoring, outsourcing and plant relocations

    5) refinance all original sovereign debt with new foreign aid loans, containing even more stringent terms and conditions than originally existed – which serves only to increase indebtedness and hardship domestically

    6) even more austerity – spurred by a lack of debt reduction from the first round of austerity measures, new austerity programs are implemented, which mean: more privatization; more plant closings; more layoffs; still lower wages; rampant unemployment; currency manipulations; runaway inflation; governmental confiscation and sale of natural resources; open borders and the unrestricted migration of foreign workers; the liberalization of foreign investment policies and banking laws; the elimination of domestic agricultural and industrial production; the programmed bankruptcy of domestic producers through trade liberalization; the collapse of social safety networks and healthcare programs; the Balkanization of national sovereignty through regionalism; the introduction of multinational agribusinesses into domestic farming operations; the seizure and sale of private property for public purposes; induced bank failures; the supplanting of national governments by global entities in providing social services; private savings stolen by governmental decree; and domestic laws and statutes being written by foreign consultants, offshore corporations and global consortiums

    7) install global technocrats, supplanting nationally elected representatives, to run the intentionally devastated economy: a) to ensure that the true nature of the fiscal problems are never exposed; and b) to guarantee that the IMF and World Bank policies of Free Trade and globalization are always moving forward unabated

    8) never concede that the financial collapse is being caused by Free Trade or globalization and always refer to austerity measures positively, using ambiguous superlatives like “transformative”

    9) the ultimate goal: the creation of a neofeudial state – where citizens are enslaved in an endless cycle of poverty and unserviceable debt owed to the London banking cartels and the Bretton Woods Institution; who not only receive taxpayer bailouts, but simultaneously become government creditors who profit from this cycle of public indebtedness in perpetuity

    The truly ingenious part, however, is how these machinations are sold to naive domestic audiences as cost cutting and debt reducing measures meant to restore economic prosperity. When in reality, they’re a planned downward economic harmonization being implemented so that at some point, the domestic economy can be emulsified and assimilated (by the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, ECB, or some other transnationally connected organization) into the lesser economies of the world. The object being, to force a contrived interdependence between sovereign nation-states and international directorates controlled by the global establishment.

    It’s a tried and true archetype that’s been used successfully throughout the world: from Brazil and Peru in South America, to India and Bangladesh in Asia, to the former Soviet Union and Greece in Europe; and now the Globalization of Poverty has found its way to the shores of America.

    In the United States, having laid the groundwork for America’s economic downfall through the “thirdworldization” of our economy (while at the same time co-opting and eviscerating our Constitution and Bill of Rights), the attendant sociopolitical objective is to deter any internal political dissension by an armed populous. Hence, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security; US Northern Command; the NSA’s new Data Mining Center in Utah; America’s ubiquitous Fusion Centers; SWAT teams deployed by the Department of Education and the FDA; armed rangers patrolling your local community parks; and of course, the omnipresent TSA. All of which serve as a control grid to insure your individual liberty, economic freedom, and most especially, your domestic tranquility…

    So, have a great Fourth of July everyone…and happy Interdependence Day, America!

  • Willie Youmans

    Just a bunch of random facts. Where is the fact that S&P 500 Company earnings are back at record 2007 highs. The problem is the wealth is concentrated in too few hands and money is not flowing like it used to.

  • Evie

    The people do not want hardship when the money goes to the elite. How do the big checks handed to the banks benefit the people ? Not but we are expected 2 pick up the tab in both taxation and higher interests. Excuse the general public if they are not interested in executve bonuses,yachts and private jets for elite. Just not what the founders intended.

  • i’vegivenup

    Gear up (or prep up)…it’s gonna get REAL ugly within the next year or two. First the financial meltdown(s)…followed by a huge widespread outbreak of Middle East conflicts and social unrest worldwide. Curious no recent talk about Iran or Syria (American military involvement)?? That is planned for AFTER the election no matter who wins the election…

  • David

    Those were interesting, but I wouldn’t really worry about two of them: the 2 million farm stat is really a function of much better technology; and $20 million for Sesame street actually makes sense if you ever see what classifies as “children’s programming” in the Middle East!!

  • bobbobbob

    u dont want oobama-care o-care u want republicanterrorisst care 0(zerocare)ceeu in med schoollas acadaver yuorkids2

  • bobbobbob

    the only good rebupliccann terrotist is a deleted one ctrl-alt-delete themall jointhe nn rr aa. today

  • Paul

    Don’t just lay this all on Obama. Congress (Democrats and Republicans) shares at minimum an equal responsibility. This essentially useless group of gutless crooks and hypocrites are interested in one thing, collecting enough money to keep themselves in office. The general population deserves its share of blame for buying into the fantasies of our ‘leaders’ over the past 30 years too.

  • Tate

    And the world ended this day.

    LOL at doomsdayers. Great investment strategy to purchase necessities to trump inflation and prepare for the day where we have to kill our neighbor to survive instead of focusing on the world we actually live in. I’d rather prepare for something real (like long term care and a proper estate plan) and globally diversify my investments across multiple asset classes and reap the rewards the market has to offer for supplying capital for companies to fund their growth. This way I will earn a modest 8% annualized return, outpace inflation, and have a retirement future. Good luck selling your cans of beans when you can’t work anymore.

    Anyways, this is how I’m preparing for the end of the world: By writing down the address’ of the people who are writing on this blog (they will have the most supplies and are most likely overweight so they will be the first people I will take over); lifting weights and sprinting (I will be mobile); and practicing my aiming on the gun range (I will be accurate). Good luck everybody!


    Money as Debt
    A look at the Fractional Reserve Banking System

    Money As Debt II – Promises Unleashed
    Money As Debt II explores the baffling, fraudulent and destructive arithmetic of the monetary system that holds us hostage to a forever growing debt and how we might evolve beyond it into a New Era.

  • editec

    The numbers look bad, agreed.

    Now the nonsense that “Obama doesn’t want you to see them” is of course nothing but partisan tripe

  • erheault

    Whining at this poing is useless as we are too far down that road to stop what is happening, Reelect NOBODY it is the one thing politicos are scared of,Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If that fails learn to speak Spanish or Chinese.

  • Gabrial Singh

    More hogwash from the tea party…want to know WHY gas was 1.89? nitwits?? because bushed had just caused the greatest depression since the great depression…THATS why, you simpleton’s

  • Martin Smith

    both OB and Mitt fail to meet US law requirements to be president, as citizens with both birth parents.
    both appear to be frauds.
    Mitt is a thief, in how he bought companies, ripped of the cash then sold worthless shares on the stock exchange. and he is some how going to fix the problem.
    he’s no better than Maddof, or Sanford.
    And all the big banks a run by crooks, who don’t give a dam about doing illegal things to make money.

    the who festering mess is run by thieves, who own most of the political system, who are often owned by outsiders.
    so until the US can find those true american people, and not some corporation, or outsider, you will continue to get shafted.

  • charlie

    In the 1980’s a wave of Marian apparitions especially in the USA PREDICTED this would happen unless Americans turned back to God and started P..R..A..Y..I..N..G.. Particularly famous at the time were those public apparitions in NewYork and Georgia but there were many others …. you could see Our Lady was frantic . . . the chickens have come home to roost.

  • Paris

    There was trade before central banking.
    We can trade without central banking now.
    My suggestion it for people to trade using silver coins.
    Smarter people than me will have better ideas.
    Let’s hear them.
    In the age of computers and instant communication,
    lets develop a trade syatem without central banking.

  • JamesTK

    One more…

    And theres not a thing you can do about it.

  • Don

    Faster all of US realises that US dominance is long over, better for US and its not the end of the world but needs very strong regulations if US is ever going to come out of this and they are not nice things for most US ears.
    1. Suspend all Trade Unions actions, this will create more jobs on the short term but may also lose jobs, net effect will be more short term employment since company have the right to hire and fire
    2. Freeze all salaries and US made goods prices
    3. Reduce cost of living
    4. Let companies make money so it can secure long term employment
    5. Suspend financial institutions from making money on the derivative market and regulations are made to ensure that people having difficulty paying home loans / car loans are given more time before repo since all these financial institutions have so much money in the kitty litter
    6. Suspend sub-prime market – no money, no honey, as these are the people living on pay cheque to pay cheque.
    7. Insurance institutions are restricted to only life and non-life insurance and not underwrite derivative markets
    8. Suspend the stock market


  • The list is accurate. We are in for total freefall, those starving minions will take to the streets with guns and knives and anyone who has and is not sharing, will learn to share the hardway.
    There will be anarchy in high places, and people will do anything and everything to eat. The fact is you can’t eat gold. So pack some major weaponry, buy as much storeable food as possible, grow what you can and stand guard.
    Homeland security did not build all of those Fema camps for nothing. they knew this was coming when they started to contract the flowing fiat currency. They are all well prepared. Have homes underground and fortified.
    The sheeple have been hung out to dry. No one wins here.
    The fact is the murder of innocents and the killing fields will no longer sustain this way of life. Amerika the Ugly has reared it’s awful red head, and the rest of the world are aiming to cut it off.
    Putin is the only one on the watch tower. He has spoken.
    The ptb know all of this and have prepared to take over all of humanity. The sheeple here are baying, but none of them have saved even their own lives.

    You can’t blame the Presidents. They were put in power by the IMF the central banksters, and now they create war to keep the central bankers fatted. If you would read neser or agenda 21, this country was sold down the river long ago.

    England wanted the us back. The Queen of England owns 17 trillion acres of land in Amerika. You are only a guest here. Most of the land has gone back to her.

    You are a serf of the crown of England, and to make sure Obama did away with the Constitution and now he signed an EO subjecting all americans to International law, basically to the Laws of the Admiralty of our royal British Navy. It’s a fact.

    So all of the blood shed in 1776 means dick.

    The banks have been in a cat and mouse game against the farmers since 1913. The act of taking farmland back has been legally propagated against all American farmers and they are all now fighting in the courst to keep their land, but will not because they are no longer protected by our constitution. They must stand before her magesty’s courts of the high seas.

    No one here understands the implications of what the leaders of this country has done to the people. Soon we will all once again be answering to the queen of England in the open.

    For now our president is foreign born, an English Subject, hired to sign 923 executive orders to completely subjugate the freedom loving blind bastards of the United States of America.

    Obama has done his job, and well. The queen loves him so much she let his black wife touch her and yet she lives!

    So all of this bs on this board stands for nothing. Whine and moan, and starve to death. Because the paper fiat is almost down to zero, and if you have not prepared by now, you are just mince meat.

    How much of the rioting against the rest of the middle class will the government allow?? lots of death, lots of stealing just enough to declare Martial Law against us.

    That’s what’s comming next.

    Goodbye America, I will certainly miss you.

    • Robin Hood

      I agree with hipriestess4u. The collapse of the US and the world economy is inevitable because it is planned by those in power to dominate the world and seize power before the earth has another catastrophic natural disaster event. It is a desperate act of survival by those on top and who has no regard for the amount of human lives they must kill to insure their own survival. I guess you can say is the survival of the fittest and those with power and money think they are the ones who should inherit the earth. But being able to survive without money as the American Indian do takes years of practice and skill. Most people do their 9 to 5 jobs and have no skills whatsoever that is really useful. Learn to grow a garden, raise chickens, ducks, geese. Learn how to build things. Get back to the basics and hunker down for the hard economic times ahead. Be elastic in your spending.

  • We are now in a civil war, kill or be killed. The enemy is clear.

  • John Rain

    What if you took the figures back to when Bush got in? If the American people fall for this type of perverted statistic mumbo jummo, they deserve all they are going to get. It ain’t the President that’s at fault, it is YOU.

  • Melanika

    “Obama has done his job, and well. The queen loves him so much she let his black wife touch her and yet she lives!”

    Wow. And here I thought it was his policies you disagreed with. Right. What it boils down to is what it has always been since the ships landed on the coasts of the Americas, the Islands and Africa. Your insane demoniacal hatred of all colors darker than yourself. It is really scary to be a person of color and realize that there are people, millions of them on this planet who hate you with such diabolical vitriol, it is natural to them. Genetic. What WERE we thinking? A word of warning. It isn’t Barack or any other person of color you have to worry about. You want to see the enemy? Look in the mirror. You want to see your future pale man? Look to the skies. It is the sun. Prepare yourself. It’s going to get really hot for you on this planet.

  • They might as well make it official and put Obama’s face on the Food Stamp.

  • Jodie

    The majority of these statistics have been American issues for the past 25 years. All this author did was put Obama’s name to it. Booo.

  • bob

    Why all the hate?

  • Paul

    Sometimes in anger we blame the blameless strictly cause everybody says their the problem. You refuse the right to abortions, but still send bodies off to needless wars. When the market value of your home went through the roof, you cashed in and bought lavish toys. You refuse to deregulate the major oil company, or push for better mileage cars, bought big gas guzzerlers, and the big boys laughed all the way to the bank. And when Ron Paul said back in 2000 that default swaps was a bet on a failure we’d regret. You laughed him into a box. And we all know the tea party was a throw back to the Revolution about taxation without representation. But you refuse to tell the rich thieves who have been ripping you off all the time, they needed to devie up in the pot to. I’m like the millions who have been poor most of our lives. Making new friends, and teaching them how to hold on. Because if we do, and I doubt it, stumble into a depression, just remember not to walk on the sidewals in the big cities. Back in the 20’s the buildings weren’t that high. Also remember this country was heading downhill ever since Enron. We just refused to believe. Did Obama mess up, you bet he did, when he stood up and said it was all on him now in 2009. So come November, you’ll have to make a choice. Do you want a proposed signifying liar, or e rgulatory prohibited Theif.

  • You have some very compelling information and links to substantiate points. I wonder a couple of things? Why are your gravatar’s not pictures of real people making these comments? As a reader it makes me wonder about the integrity of your declarations. I’m not saying they aren’t true. I think you bring up many relevant points for Americans to be aware of. IT would make you more credible if you revealed your true identity.

    Do you have answers or recommendations, to any of your claims? I think this would be a worthy path for you on this blog and make you appear more helpful and compassionate to readers. I don’t mean to be offensive but it appears as though you are attempting to make money off of people’s fear.

    As a reader I really do appreciate many of the points you are bringing to public attention. They are an important consideration at this time in history.

    • Kevin

      OH, OK, let’s just ignore them, they’re probably just made up anyway, cause you don’t know who said them… OK, how about this one..

    • Anonymous Coward

      Cindy, you may want to read about Brett Kimberlin if you wonder why conservatives are reluctant to put their picture next to their comments.

  • jay

    I think Obama should not be in office anymore if he has caused this many problems in america.. and Some drastic changes need to be done

    • Jay Are

      Obama is a Marxist and is doing EXACTLY what he was taught to do, once he became the pres. He is a Grand Usurper in Charge and fully intends to destroy this country from within, because that is the only way it could be brought down. And our apethy as a people has allowed this to happen. Time to wake up and smell the Fascism.

  • jake


  • I’m so sickj of this guy I can’t speak his name! Can we just elect somebody else and go forward?????? Btw, are there NAY VIABLE CANDIDATES OTHER THAN WILLARD ROMNEY? I’M NOT VOTING FOR HIS SORRY BUTT EITHER!

    • lam

      lam… much as I agree with your assessment of Mitt, I will vote for him just to get rid of Obama. Sitting home on your butt is the same as giving Obama your vote. Get off your butt and vote and while you are at it, do some research and vote for the candidate running for the senate or house that will defend the CONSTITUTION and not their special interests groups and their own reelections. We need to change the landscape of politics and that begins with voting people into politics who want to put this country back on the Constitutional path. That means that you and I must also act with integrity and have the moral backbone to always do the right thing. It starts with us.

      • wisefool

        Why do people still hang on to hope in voting? No one who might threaten the plans and riches of the Luciferians would ever be allowed within the system. The only candidate that even had a clue get’s shunned by main stream snooze. I would agree with lam though, I would dang near take Satan himself over obummer……wait….we’re actually going to get that on second thought….

    • Request a write in ballot…then write “Ron Paul”

      • Kristin T.

        “Request a write in ballot…then write “Ron Paul””
        And help to re-elect Obama for another four years of hell?? I don’t think so, I’ll take my chances with Romney. I don’t throw away my votes on third party votes with crackpot fools that have enough known associations with racists and conspiracy theorists to make Obama’s people weep with gratitude.

        • Mtnhooch

          Thats right. Mr Perot and his third party gave us Slick Willy and company in 92 and we can’t afford this guy for four more years.

  • Kurt

    I have never been a big advocate for change for the sake of change.. but if we are all part owners in this country, whether you fancy yourself democrat or republican.. green or tea party.. EVERYONE in Washington should be fired… These people have ruined our children’s future! The insane spending continues at a rate of 2 million dollars per minute.. Time to wake up people!!! vote them all out EVERYONE!!

  • Sayword Dennis

    I read all these points and sit and think to myself how out of touch many Americans are to read and believe this crap. I have worked for the Government for 23 years and if any of you believe Barack Obama is the reason for 90% of this crap then you need to pack your bags and move to Pakistan.

    • donw

      Getting a little defensive there aren’t you? The article only states that B.O. doesn’t want you to know the mentioned facts – not that he is responsible!

      • Richard Cranium

        Keep reading below and you will see that people are retarded and take it as Obama is responsible for everything that was stated above. America is headed for a down fall because of people that think one person is responsible for all the problems in the United Staes. Look back and see which president ever had the backing of the people while in office. I mean at least the majority.

    • American Businessman.

      23 years as a government worker? LOL. Like you would have any clue about the damage his policies have had on small business and the economy. You living in a Utopian bubble of socialism, dependent on government, but you forget that you earned your living on the backs of the hard labors of the private sector, for which were it not for us, your job would have been unsustainable. Walk in my shoes for a couple of days and you might just have a major reality check. No, Obama did create all of this, but he has mismanaged it worse than anyone in my 57 years has done, even Bush.

      • Bob

        American, I agree with you 100%. And I couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you!

    • lulu8

      Why don’t you move to Pakistan. where is your head……

    • rocko

      That’s your problem, you worked for the government for 23 years and have or had a cushy job which produced not product. You just got use to the entitlement program. You are the one who is out of touch.


      if we moved to Pakistan who would pay taxes so that you can retire at age 50 and stay on the govt. tit for the rest of your life ..

    • Rob

      I think you are the one that needs to leave…oh you cant because the gove is taking care of you..get real and get the facts…

    • jimbo

      @Sayword Dennis denial wont make this country’s situation any better sir.

  • Hocus

    $20 MILLION to develop Pakistani version of Sesame Street: MONEY WELL SPENT. All the other figures of gloom and doom I grant you.

    While the the Israeli versions Shara’a Simsim and Rechov SumSum could not depict a wholly integrated society of Jewish and Muslim families, it features a central courtyard where the children can congregate and play together, and explore their differences. The ‘Sesame Street’ formula is a most valuable made-in-America export.

    I am weary of seeing numerical averages of things portrayed as if averages really matter — they don’t, in a system where there are large extremes. MEDIAN statistics are what we need to portray a more meaningful picture, where those median values are available.

  • William C Carper

    Obama by the numbers! Numbers and facts don’t lie, or judge according to race. They simply state that this man is, by statistics and numbers, the worst >president we’ve ever had. Worse than Jimmy Carter! And far worse than W.! By the numbers! Can you imagine what the next President will “inherit” from him?

    • Richard Cranium

      Was the gas prices at $1.85 when Obama got into office? Please think before blaming people for things. Also please read what the title says “The U.S. Economy By The Numbers”. A please tell everyone which president ever made you happy. I rest my case. Have a good day.

      • M jones


  • Terry Edger

    If you believe all these numbers or that Obama is responsible for all of them you might want to start packing your bags for some other country, because Romney will lose in a land slide.

    • lam

      @Terry…yes according to the media who has been doing nothing but dissing Romney and pushing Obama he will win. The truth is if you ask people on the street they will tell you the exact opposite of what the polls “proclaim” In fact this latest poll that came out was a NEW poll because…well…the progessives needed to make it look more lopsided so people would say “what’s the difference, Obama is going to win, anyway.” It is propaganda..once outlawed in this country but recently legalized by this admin. Don’t you believe it people, not for one second. This race is more like Reagan and Carter. Everyone in the media was pushing, pushing, and pushing Carter. All the polls up until Sept. showed Carter winning. But alas, Reagan spoke of a great America and less government, cutting taxes and creating jobs, and Carter conceded the election before the voting was even over in California! He won by a landslide and it was quite clear why; even though the media kept trying to convince the people that no way this could happen. America doesn’t want a form of government that shackles them or takes more and more from them…no matter what class they belong to. Romney will win and Americans will vote in more candidates that will support and defend the constitution. It is the only way we will be able to bring our country back from financial destruction. If you are paying attention to Europe and what our country has been doing you will understand that we cannot possibly continue down the same path and survive. We must make different choices.Difficult yes, sacrificial in nature, yes. But these choices must be made and we must choose candidates who are willing to speak the truth to us…we are after all, adults, and most importantly we are Americans. It is best to suffer a little bit now so those that come after us will not be living in a country that will take everything from them,and I am not just speaking of material things.

      • Richard Cranium

        People need to study more before they reply to people. I can’t believe that people come to conclusions and fire back at people when they really have no facts to back them up. Obama has backing in certain states and is hated in others. First ask where the poll was taken. Then Fire back. That is all.

    • Sillas Mariner

      Terry you fool,where has your head been lately? Barry has just about destroyed this country piece by piece, and another 4 years, and I will move out! Let’s talk energy; we can’t drill for resources that we have in abundance and can do safely, because of his environmental pals. He has killed the coal industry, and now the coal producing states are sending their coal to China to be burned in high polution facilities. We can’t run a pipeline that would produce thousand of jobs for the same reason. We can however invest $500 billion taxpayer dollars into a solar energy plant that has gone bankrupt. This is not private investors (capitalism) making the invenstment, this is the taxpayer who is paying for it. Your boy’s green projects just keep adding up to the debt. Next time you are in Florida you might ask a former NASA worker what he thinks about your boy’s 2008 promises about the future of NASA. Many 1000’s are now out of work with no hope for a brighter furture. You have obviously never talked to a small businss man about what looms on the horizon if Barry wins another term. The biggest concern is Obamacare which has already taken it’s toll. Because of your ability to comprehend, I will only give you one example. With Obamacare, you can already now add a dependent child, without prexisting conditions to your employer’s group plan. Sound great doesn’t it? First reaction,why not get a f—— job? Sorry, Barry’s in charge of the economy. Little joke for the left. The problem with good intentions is that there are always repercusions. I sell health insurance to companies and in a recent renewal the owner questioned me as to how come an employee making less then $20,000 a year had her dependent coverage for only her son doubled. Why? We now cover all children up to age 26 with no prexisting conditions. When rates are determined this factor goes into all the equations. Sorry, I didn’t mention the higher taxes that are coming. Let’s talk about the auto bail out by your boy. Running for a second term, he keeps talking about how he saved GM. What he saved are the union pensions. GM owes the taxpayers of this country,well, you look it up. I could go on forever, but one last thing needs to be mentioned. Barry is now in the process of supporting a UN treaty to control firearms, especially in the United States. This would basically remove our 2nd Amendment rights as citizens,and even take a shotgun out of a hunter’s hands. it would put the UN ( United Nations for you on the left) in control of US citizens firearms rights. If you can’t say NO to this kind of Treason, maybe you should leave this country. If the Second Amendment goes,what is next on that slippery slope to Communism.

    • Richard Cranium

      People need to study more before they reply to people. I can’t believe that people come to conclusions and fire back at people when they really have no facts to back them up. Obama has backing in certain states and is hated in others. First ask where the poll was taken. Then Fire back. That is all.

  • Scott Swigart

    100,000,000 – Overall, there are more than 100 million working age Americans that do not currently have jobs.

    IF this is true, simple math says that the unemployment rate is around 28%. Are you sure about these numbers??

    • Michael

      Not all Americans without jobs are counted for purposes of the unemployment figure.


    • Stephen

      Scott, U-6 unemployment figures for July was 15%. U-6 unemployment figures are the real unemployment figures that where used years ago until Washington politicians wanted to make the numbers look better. Plus there has been a record amount of people applying for SSI and disability. I believe if you add all those
      who are under employed, not looking at all and being added to the government payrolls (none working) you would be well over 20%. I am not sure on the 100,000,00 but real unemployment is a lot more than what we are told.

  • Jani

    The sounds of “America Street” – Romney girl rocks the youth vote!

  • Mike

    Collectivism has failed
    Keynesianism has failed
    The Federal Reserve monopoly money system has failed.
    Time for American to learn real economics rather than listen to government “experts”

    Man, Economy, and the State by Ludwig von Mises is a good place to start
    Who caused the Great Depression? Franklin D Roosevelt and the Federal Reserve

    America’s Great Depression – by Murray Rothbard

    TARP is just another collectivist diversion, a usurpation of the buying power of millions of Americans who vote economically with their dollars. Economic dictatorship as practiced by the central government will always fail because it doesn’t act in behalf of each individual, but only for itself.

  • ramy

    It is amazing to me how some people still try to compensate for this mess called Obama. One fact that is enough to look at is the 5 trillion debt added; that is enough without all the rest. Take off the rose colored glasses; stop drinking the cool-aid and stand up as a responsible citizen and do your citizen job of facing reality.

  • $mockery

    Let not forget about 176 coal mines closed, 176!!!
    Over 40+ oil rigs shut down. Oblamer given the chinese the 5 billion contract to build a bridge in texas on I 635 between I35 and I45. Also the 2040′ of a bridge in san Francisco bay bridge (made in china) then shipped here to be installed. What about these?????

  • Bruce

    if 100,000,000 working age people are out of work, and the USA has 300,000,000 people? Are there 100,000,000 people retired or under 18? Whats the unemployment rate then? Are we not all indentured servants for money we did not spend or approve? Slavery for the masses? Obama’s true Arabic family roots? I am not the 1% or the 99% make your own damn breakfast!

  • Jerry L. Griffin

    The President is foremost a manager. Everything – READ everything – that this President (Obama) has done has not been managed other than vote payoffs and schemes. Deceiving the public is no way to run any business, especially when the monies being used are coerced (via taxes) from the American public. When are real Americans going to wake up and realize the scam being put on is in the name of politics? Rationally every politician could be replaced and, but, it would remain the same game that’s being played today.
    Americans need to stand up and demand where the monies are going, what benefits are being gleaned for the true United States of America standards, and to the people of the United States.
    I, for one, will only care about people of foreign nations being taken care of by American money when Americans are cared for by American money.
    This President, along with the mayors of major citites, that cannot control the rampant gang violence is totally unacceptable. When a decision needs to be made it needs to be made to the benefit of the legal citizen.
    All political points that are being made are only ‘scapes’ away from the actual problems that America faces – make the administration face up to reality, do their job, and get rid of the lies and deceit we face today.
    I specifically say I am tired of the mentality of nothing, laziness, lies, and the list could go on and on.
    Get with being real and run this country – America for American people, and this is not being said to vandalize the illegal alien intrusion.

    • JMarie

      Obama has made the Arabs and ol’ Hugo rich. Why do you think he went to Venezuela in person? So he could give Hugo Chvez the account number of a bank he wants his money kick-back deposited to. When Obama entered office gas was $1.87 a gallon, now it is almost $4.00. Watch it drop right before election. Don’t vote for Obama.

  • Bruce

    If you enter this country illegally. You are a felon. Should not be here! Never able to Vote! Take the vote away and solve the problem!

    • Jacob


      People like you are the reason that Obama is going to win again. You and Mitt Romney need to get off your high horses and have a little humanity, and some respect for the constitutional rights of our citizens. There are plenty of people, myself included, that made some mistakes when they were kids and then grew up. You think that our constitutional right to vote should be stripped because of that?

      Romney would have my vote if it weren’t for his arrogant view on felons voting. I can’t in my heart vote for a man that doesn’t think I should be able to vote. I’ll write in my vote and people like you can whine when Obama wins.

      • Jen

        Actually, you are the reason that Obama is going to win. The voting is between Obama and Romney. If you write in your vote, that’s a loss for the Republican candidate, and one less supportive vote. In essence, it’s a gain for Obama. I’m sure Obama will win again because of people who cannot think past their own selfishness into a future better for everyone. Our country will collapse, and famine will surely touch each and every one of us. We are in for a bleak existence if Obama wins again. At the end of his reign, he will clue everyone in that the joke is on us, and he has succeeded in his original intent.

  • Arvo Onermaa

    La-la-land has its bread and amusements for a while, and then the —“reality”. (Ezekiel 33:30-33)

  • George Reagan

    70 reasons to vote this Nov. I do know who I won’t be voting for …. hint … BHO and his minions. It’s Tea Party Time. raygun

  • On voting day, you can request a write in ballot and choose Ron Paul…just sayin’

  • Zamono

    It was clear that a dramatic change was needed in the two branches of government that we as great American citizens can directly effect but now we have a compilation of 70 facts in a single location to help those who have the ability to vote but cannot seem to get to that tipping point needed to pull the levers of change. Two additional events have recently emerged that also need to be fully uncovered and exploited to get the bums out of office. One is the unvetted one who had his minions create an pass off a series of government forms/records (and then they admitted it!) has now directed his under secreatary of labor to direct Defense Contractors to ignore the federal law requiring them to send out “PINK SLIPS” sixty days prior to a mass layoff which would be about 5 days before election day. And the second is Obama’s (or Sotero’s) Columbia University alumni of the same major and minor during the same period who not only stated he never heard of (Obama or Sotero) during the same four year period there but, by his positive track record of setting odds on things not fully known that later come to fruition, has an exceptionally strong gut feeling that Obama’s/Sotero’s Columbia University student records including his application and grades would reveal that he applied and was accepted as a “FOREIGN STUDENT” and that his grades from Occidental and Columbia University are very poor to average at best. That classmate, Wayne Allen Root, also related he has strong suspicions that Obama/Sotero used the same gambit to get into Harvard since many IVY League schools at that time were using “diversity” and “affirmative action” as an excuse to lower the entrance standards allegedly to support these “feel good” policies. Perhaps Wayne Allen Root can also shed some light on the “LARRY SINCLAIR” dope smoking gay love affair he had with Obama/Sotero? Those three items need to come out no later than the last week in October or first week of November in order to derail Obama’s chances on Tuesday, November 6, 2012!

  • UKgnasher

    The vast majority of western politicians, are owned by the Banksters and their minions of the media. Who want to make subjects of us all. Please remember that your politics in the USA, affects the freedom, either directly or indirectly of a large proportion of the citizens of the planet,for all our sakes use a write in Ballot and make Ron Paul your choice.
    Citizens are free, Subjects are slaves, your choice!.

    • allen

      im not sure about any politican,but i see your point!

  • Richard Cranium

    Read all these comments and come to your own conclusions. Just think before you vote. Do your homework and study the facts. I mean the real facts and not what someone told you. That’s the real problem. No one wants to study to find the true answers and rather take what other people say to heart.
    Have a nice life and remember the secret to a life is to enjoy every moment of it.

  • Josh

    Obama 2016. Love him or hate him, you don’t know him. I’ve seen the movie. Very well done documentary. He did not grow up with a typical American experience AT ALL

    • Brett

      That movie is a farce, nothing more than a propaganda machine full of lies, actually look up some reviews on it and you will realize its complete BS… I seen it also and couldnt help myself but laugh at the ridiculous statements made. Seriously, I took a notebook and made a list of everything I needed to fact check and there was 250+ and when I fact checked everything (If I could actually find the information cause some of it couldnt be found, IE ridiculous statements.) only about 5% were half true the rest 95% were leaning to be false.

  • Better get ready…things are going to get rough!

    • allen


  • Stacey

    I’m sorry, but your first fact is not fact. Gas prices were well above $2.00/gal when Obama took office. I haven’t even read the whole list yet, but if you’re going to claim that as fact, what else is false in this list?

    • mathew for january 26 2009 says $1.84 for gallon of gas.

  • Bill

    Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012!

    • allen


  • Christine

    *******, if you believe everything you read on the internet to be true fact; than I have a piece of oceanfront property in Colorado for sale!!! My guess is, the best Beverly Hills housewife can’t even rack up $5trillion in debt in four years…he didn’t start with a ZERO balance!! Obama started in office with a mess, he has been cleaning up after Bush’s disastrous 8years. Sesame Street probably got a government grant to produce that show and that is the best educational show out there!

  • Helen

    When Obama was sworn in, yes, gas was very low. But has everyone forgotten that the day before the election, gas was close to $5/gallon? It dropped considerably the day after.

  • MrDoggity

    You forgot a few.

    The Dow Jones average has gone from 7,000, the week after he took office to 13,000 today. So Wall Street seems to like what’s going on with the economy.

    There have been more private-sector jobs created in Obama’s three budget cycles than in all 8 of George W. Bush’s combined. And the high unemployment numbers are due almost entirely to Republican cuts in GOVERNMENT jobs.

    The government spending has grown less under Obama than any president since Eisenhower.

    Federal tax burden on persons and corporations are the lowest in over 40 years.

    Corporate profits in the US are at the highest in US history.

  • ejerod

    The real problem is something neither party has dealt with. Since China entered the WTO in 2001, over 50,000 USA manufacturing plants have closed. 50,000!!! That isn’t a typo!! Add to that the fact that China manipulates their currency and devalues it by 40% then you can understand why there are no jobs here!! by devaluing their currency 40% it makes their products 40% cheaper than ours when they export them to us, and it makes our products 40% more expensive when we export to them. Because their currency is so cheap, their citizens can’t afford our products anyway so they won’t buy them!!

    Add to that the fact that the Chinese had no EPA so they don’t have to spend money on cleaning up the pollution like American and European manufacturers do. Add to that the fact that they have no workers rights, so if a worker cuts off an arm at a factory, he or she is simply out of luck. No workmans comp, no disability insurance, no social security, and you can now see why American and European CEO’s have shipped all of our jobs there!! Its extremely cheap to build everything from cars to television sets there!!

    Now the cherry on the cake is that when we ship those jobs there, of course we have to train the people in manufacturing processes and designs that are patented by American companies. Wanna guess what the Chinese do with this info? They steal our technology!!! Hello McFly!!!! HELLO!!!!

    Before we go into bashing the CEO’s that do this, lets examine our own retirement accounts and see how many of us own Apple, or Ford, or Boeing, or have a few pair of Nike in our closets? How many of you women have Coach purses or Louis Vuitton?

    You don’t have those expensive products you say? Well I’m sure you shop at Wal-Mart instead of Sears and K-Mart because its cheaper!! Yep, its all our faults!!

    Here in America we all want to earn more money for what we do. We all want to be middle class or above, yet we don’t want to pay higher prices for products and services. Those higher prices produced jobs in America. Those jobs meant most of us could afford to pay the higher prices because we made good salaries!! Not anymore!! All because we want Wal-Mart and we all want to get rich in the stock market!!

    This is what greed has gotten us!! Whoever wins won’t matter if they don’t deal with China!! Mitt can cut taxes, Obama can spend more money. Neither plan will work until we force China to play by the rules or start closing our factories over there and bringing them back here. Thats the real problem and none of the politicians want to deal with because ir could lead to a trade war or a real war with China!

    • Bob

      Actually. its more like, the Chinese don’t want American products. Actually, nobody does. The US stopped producing anything of quality in the 1970s. The Chinese, in-fact most Asians prefer to spend their money (and they have plenty more than the US consumers) on european luxury products.

  • Susan

    Your very first number is a lie. The average price of gas was NOT $1.85 per gallon! What country were you living in at the time??? January 2008 gas was at $3.00 per gallon and in June 2008 they hovered around $4.00 per gallon! If you cannot get even the SIMPLEST facts to check correct your credibility is the number ZERO!

    • lhersh

      Try looking at Jan 2009, when Obama took office.

      • Kindra

        yes it went down for what a few months when Obama first took office? But then went right back to normal like it had been before.. why don’t we look up the average number the ENTIRE time Bush was in office.. and here’s your sign.

  • Hayden

    A terribly biased article. You are crazy to try to think Obama has caused all of the USA’s problems. You guys have been on the decline since 2001.

    What do you expect the guy to do? He inherited a country that is completely in the toilet. The typical American response is to just blame the guy in charge though.

    You guys are really between a rock and a hard place this November too. But if the democrats are so bad, why not vote republican? GWB put you guys in a great position.

    If I had a nickel for every time I compared the USA to Rome…..

    • lhersh

      Do you know how to read your own graph reference??? Not looking like it. $1.85 is accurate-

      • lhersh

        Comment intended for Susan. OOPS!

    • lhersh

      Look at the Reagan post Carter years…America came back nicely and will again with the right leadership…currently not it!!

    • Elorea

      Really? We shouldn’t blame Obama for all of America’s problems? Why is he “Obama” blaming all of America’s problems on Bush?

  • Lawrence Black

    I have to take minor exception to the mention of the $1.6T in new debt since “Republicans took over the House of Representatives”. Since fiscal year 2009, the Democrat-controlled Senate has consistently refused to pass a budget, refusing to even bring up the budgets passed by the House for debate, much less an up or down vote. Since 2010, they’ve been working on a never-ending series of “continuing resolutions”. The reason for that? It’s easier to pass CR’s than to actually put spending principles and priorities in writing and be constrained by an actual budget. Also, by using the CR’s the inflated levels of “temporary spending increases” from the Obama stimulus plans becomes institutionalized. Now, any talk of going back to the pre-temporary stimulus spending levels will be demonized as “draconian spending cuts” that “disproportionately affect the poor”.

  • Obama really doesn’t want free enterprise to work–that’s reality–he wants you to not have the choice of 6 grocery stores to choose from–but just one-HIS- called the Fed.– and for him to be head of the Fed.–and for the U.N. to be head of all Feds.—and he be head of the U.N.–that’s his ultimate vision. one day we may look back to 2012 and know how good we had it —–WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • allen

      if he keep this up , i will lose all my walfare, im voteing for ron paula!

  • loser

    I just wanna know if im still gonna get my welfare check…

    • allen

      share the wealth

  • allen

    welfare, would you settle for some water and a ice cube to eat

  • allen

    invest in walfare stock,its really up now

  • allen

    i got my walfare check and got married,we had a little walfare boo

  • allen

    just rember during a economic collapse, the magic word…. captain cave man!

  • derek817

    Rich people get way more taxpayer funds then all the poor combined multiplied several times. But, poor people are weak and easy to criticize and demonize.

  • Logan

    you THINK

    • Logan


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