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The U.S. Economy: Soul Crushing Total System Failure

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No matter how often the pretty people on television tell us that the U.S. economy is getting better, it isn’t going to change the soul crushing agony that millions of American families are going through right now.  The stock market may have gotten back to where it was in 2008, but the job market sure hasn’t.  As I wrote about a few days ago, the percentage of working age Americans that are actually employed has stayed very flat since late 2009, and the average duration of unemployment is hovering near an all-time high.  Sadly, this is not just a temporary downturn.  The U.S. economy has been slowly declining for several decades and is nearing total system failure.  Right now, many poverty statistics are higher than they have ever been since the Great Depression.  Many measurements of government dependence are the highest that we have ever seen in all of U.S. history.  The emerging one world economic system (otherwise known as “free trade”) has cost the U.S. economy tens of thousands of businesses, millions of jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars of our national wealth.  The federal government is going into unprecedented amounts of debt in order to try to maintain our current standard of living, but there is no way that they will be able to sustain this kind of borrowing for too much longer.  So enjoy this bubble of false prosperity while you can, because things will soon get significantly worse.

As the U.S. economy experiences total system failure, it will be imperative for all of us not to wait around waiting for someone to rescue us.

And I am not just talking about the government.

Today, millions upon millions of Americans are waiting around hoping that someone out there will hire them.

Well, the truth is that our politicians have made it so complicated and so expensive to hire someone that many small businesses try to avoid hiring as much as possible.

Businesses generally only want to hire people if they can make a profit by doing so.  When our politicians keep piling on the taxes and the regulations and the paperwork, that creates a tremendous incentive not to hire workers.

Michael Fleischer, the President of Bogen Communications, once wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Why I’m Not Hiring”.  The following is how Paul Hollrah of Family Security Matters summarized the nightmarish taxes that are imposed on his company when Fleischer hires a new worker….

According to Fleischer, Sally grosses $59,000 a year, which shrinks to less than $44,000 after taxes and other payroll deductions. The $15,311 deducted from Sally’s gross pay is comprised of New Jersey state income tax: $1,893; Social Security taxes: $3,661; state unemployment insurance: $126; disability insurance: $149; Medicare insurance: $856; federal withholding tax: $6,250; and her share of medical and dental insurance: $2,376. Roughly 25.9 percent of Sally’s income is siphoned off by Washington and Trenton before she receives her paychecks.

But then there are the additional costs of employing Sally. In addition to her gross salary, her employer must pay the lion’s share of her healthcare insurance premiums: $9,561; life and other insurance premiums: $153; federal unemployment insurance: $56; disability insurance: $149; worker’s comp insurance: $300; New Jersey state unemployment insurance: $505; Medicare insurance: $856; and the employer’s share of Social Security taxes: $3,661.

Over and above her gross salary, Bogen Communications must pay an additional $15,241 in benefits and state and federal taxes, bringing the total cost of employing Sally to approximately $74,241 per year. Sally gets to keep $43,689, or just 58.8% of that total.

Are you starting to understand why so many businesses are hesitant to hire new workers?

The big corporations can handle all of the paperwork and regulations that come with hiring a new worker fairly well, but for small businesses hiring a new worker can be a massive undertaking. That new worker is going to have to almost be a miracle worker in order to justify all of the hassle and expense.

But the federal government just keeps piling more burdens on to the backs of employers.  That is one reason why there is such an uproar over Obamacare.  It is going to make hiring workers even less attractive.

These days, most small businesses are trying to get by with as few workers as possible, and many big businesses are trying to ship as many jobs as they can overseas.

Sadly, even if you do find a good job it can disappear at any moment.

The following is from a comment that a reader named Jeff recently left on one of my articles….

It’s sad what’s happening here in this country. So many lucky ones defend it. In America it’s not exactly about hard work anymore, it’s about who you know always. The ability to keep people stupid as well as in debt was established here well by corporations also. You cannot start a solid hiring business like you could years ago.

I know many of folks who don’t break a sweat and earn more money than I ever will in a week. The system is getting crazy only creating two extremes. I fought for this country right after 9/11 as a young naive person. Using my grandfather’s old stories to see the dream that this country was always suppose to have.

The company I still unfortunately work for (cause other places are worse), 4 years ago they froze our salaries. No raises yet, this is when the company was bought by an investment group for 500 million.

Now we are getting sold to Japan for 1 billion. A 500 million dollar profit. Sorry if I may be ignorant in this way of business. But it seems the only one who benefited from this is that group of investors. 400+ well skilled jobs lost, no raises or rewards, a whole lot more work and contract obligations to meet, and less contact with management when problems surface.

I just think the United States of America is becoming the world’s poker table.

I want out of this country so bad. I don’t even know what happen to people here. The younger generation scares me how dumb they are and everyone seems so easily bought with eyecandy.

Can you imagine that?

Can you imagine your boss walking in one day and declaring that the business has just been sold to foreigners and that you are about to lose your job?

In America today, it can be absolutely soul crushing to lose a job.  It isn’t as if you are going to run out and get another fantastic job in a week or two.

When you are unemployed, people look at your differently.  It gets to the point where you don’t even want to interact with other people because you know that your unemployment is probably going to be the number one topic of conversation.

When you are out of work for six months or more, it is easy to feel like a failure – especially when so many other people are looking at you as if you are a failure too.

But in most cases, individual Americans are not to blame for not being able to find work.

Rather it is the entire system that is failing all of us.

The U.S. economy is bleeding good jobs and the middle class in America has become a bizarre game of musical chairs.  When the music stops each round you might lose your spot.  You just never know.

Looking for work in the United States in this economic environment can be a demoralizing endeavor.  For example, a recent Esquire article described what one unemployed man named Scott Annechino found when he attended a job fair in San Francisco….

A glass elevator carries him to the third floor, where the front-desk girl, who knows it’s her job to be cheerful, told him the job fair is supposed to be.

A pasty kid, maybe thirty, in a too-big shirt and a cheap tie, greets him and tells him the companies are set up in rooms along the hall and that he should definitely visit all of them. Annechino, forty-four years old, wearing his best suit and shined black shoes, walks to the first exhibitor: Devcon, a home-security company. The door is closed, no one inside. Annechino looks around for an explanation. “Oh, I just got an e-mail from my contact there saying they wouldn’t be able to make it today,” the pasty kid says, fingering his BlackBerry.

A couple of other potential employers who were supposed to be here didn’t make it, either — Konica Minolta, Santa Clara University. “Yeah …” the kid says. Annechino moves to the next room. State Farm. They’re looking for people who can put up fifty grand to start their own insurance agency. The Art Institute is next, mostly looking for people who might want to go to art school. New York Life. The U. S. Army, where men wearing fatigues and combat boots offer brochures.

That’s it.

If you want to check out the rest of the sad unemployment stories in that article, you can find them right here.

But even if you do have a job, that doesn’t mean that everything is just fine.  Average American families are finding that the prices of the basic things that they need are rising much faster than their paychecks are.

According to one recent study, more than half of all Americans feel as though they are really struggling to afford just the basics at this point….

“Every retailer wants to think ‘Everything I sell is worth it! Shoppers will love it’, but the hard reality is 52% Americans feel they barely have enough to afford the basics,” said Candace Corlett, president of WSL/Strategic Retail.

Just buying food and gas is a major financial ordeal for many families these days.  On average, a gallon of gasoline in the United States now costs $3.83.  Many Americans burn up a huge chunk of their paychecks just going back and forth to work in their cars.

So what is the solution?

Well, according to the Obama administration the answer is even more government dependence.  The federal government is now actually running ads encouraging even more people to go on food stamps….

Can you believe that?

Apparently having 46.5 million Americans on food stamps is not enough.  The federal government is spending our tax money on advertisements that try to convince even more Americans that they need to be on food stamps.

What the American people really need are good jobs, but those keep getting shipped out of the country.

Meanwhile, people are becoming increasingly desperate.

For example one Colorado man was recently caught stealing parts from toilets in public restrooms….

Donald Allen Citron, 48, faces 18 charges, including burglary and theft. He’s accused of stealing toilet parts from several locations, including Southwest Plaza Mall, University of Denver, and Craig Hospital.

Most of the crimes happened in just a few minutes, but police Citron is a plumber and all he needed was a wrench and a screw driver to steal pipes and the plumbing in toilets. The items he’s accused of stealing are valued at around $6,400.

They are calling him “the crapper scrapper”.

Other Americans are not willing to stoop to crime and instead suffer quietly and anonymously.

A reader named Katie recently left the following heartbreaking comment on one of my articles….

I’m almost homeless. Through no fault of my own I’d like to point out. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. I don’t even eat fast food unless I have too.

Four years ago I had a house, car, family, stuff, an IRA, and really everything that people in this country aspire to. I had a great job that I enjoyed so did my boyfriend. Even our relationship was great.

We didn’t get hit by the economy right away. We were in Katrina damaged parts of the country and there was still a lot of construction going on and the economic boom that comes with it.

Then I got laid off. Doesn’t seem to matter that I go to interview after interview. I use indeed, monster, craigslist, and newspapers to search for jobs even outside my area.

Now my boyfriend has passed away suddenly, and his family got everything. I personally have only a living father left, who hasn’t the room but I’m camping in his yard. All my friends say they don’t have the room either. Which makes me wonder just how much of friends they are. Considering if the situation was reversed I have in the past and would open my home to anyone that needed help.

If something happens to him I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I need to get on my feet and I know that jobs are hard to come by. I’m sick of the people who have jobs saying ‘get a job you lazy bum’. I’m hardly lazy and I’m trying desperately to be employed; not being homeless would be rather awesome in my opinion. I’m not picky, regardless of my degree I’ll pick up trash or clean toilets. McDonald’s, Taco Bell and the other fast food places don’t even bother with a call back. And when I call to inquire about my application it’s always the same, ‘we will call you when we make a decision’. Such a cop-out.

So no. In my (granted meaningless opinion) the economy is not getting better. To even suggest that when unemployment is so high or the rate of food stamps. Is utter ludicrous at best. I notice that those talking heads on the cable news and radio never seem to mention that the homeless shelters have a higher occupancy level than ever before. Nor would they mention the fact that we have those shelters in abundance now across the country in comparison to the Great Depression.

I’m getting real tired of hearing how great the economy is doing. When obviously it’s not. All you have to do is open your eyes and see. Business are not coming back yet and foreclosed homes sit empty everywhere. The unemployment rate only counts the people who are getting unemployment benefits. So the people who fall off the unemployment benefits don’t get counted. Because the must have gotten a job, right? Hardly. In fact the homeless in this country are almost never counted correctly. It’s too hard to count them all, or at least that’s the excuse.

I know it’s meaningless, especially to those who see homeless and immediately have a bias, but that’s my opinion on the current state of our economy. You can count me in the 80%. Only a fool would see this as a recovery.

Please say a prayer for Katie and the millions of other Americans just like her.  It can be absolutely soul crushing to lose everything that you ever worked for and not see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, the U.S. economy is not going to be improving in the long run.  What we are experiencing right now is about as good as it is going to get.  The truth is that it is pretty much downhill from here.

It is fairly simple to figure out what is happening to us as a nation.

You can’t keep buying far more than you sell.

You can’t keep spending far more than you bring in.

You can’t keep running up debt in larger and larger amounts indefinitely.

The U.S. economy is running on borrowed money and on borrowed time.

At some point, both are going to run out.

Are you ready for that?

  • Anony

    Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency

    • Mattyboy

      Let’s all save up so the Gov. can take it away. You want to fight Big brother? O.K. can you compeat with drones and 2,000 bunker buster bombs? Good luck preppers! You should be reading your bible and praying that The Lord comes quickly.

    • uncurable wound

      Michael,PLEASE do an article on this!!
      This was just signed last Friday!!!

      Anony thanks for the heads up this is crazy!!!

      This is the official white house page….WHY is no one reporting on this???
      Read for yourself. The govt NOW has the right to take your farm/business and everything in it.They can also force you and those around you to work on this farm/business…
      The govt now has the right to seize all you have!

      Normalcy Bias!

      One of the most tragic examples of the normalcy bias is the experience of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Barton Biggs, in his book, Wealth, War, and Wisdom, gave a very good description of what happened:

      By the end of 1935, 100,000 Jews had left Germany, but 450,000 [remained]. Wealthy Jewish families…kept thinking and hoping that the worst was over.

      Many of the German Jews, brilliant, cultured, and cosmopolitan as they were, were too complacent. They had been in Germany so long and were so well established, they simply couldn’t believe there was going to be a crisis that would endanger them. They were too comfortable. They believed the Nazis’ anti-Semitism was an episodic event and that Hitler’s bark was worse than his bite. [They] reacted sluggishly to the rise of Hitler for completely understandable but tragically erroneous reasons. Events moved much faster than they could imagine.

      The normalcy bias occurs when people underestimate both the possibility of a disaster occurring and its possible effects. This often results in situations in which people fail to adequately prepare for a disaster and, on a larger scale, the failure of the government to include the populace in its disaster preparations. The assumption made in the case of the normalcy bias is that since a catastrophe never has occurred, it never will. People judge their future according to how things have been in the past.

      “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts. And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation” (2 Peter 3:3-4).

      Thankyou again Michael for the platform to share and learn with.

  • “The younger generation scares me how dumb they are and everyone seems so easily bought with eyecandy.”
    I am a younger generation and I too see how weak minded this generation is. However, I see alot of adults/old people who have no clue about the New America that us kids will have to inherit. There was a recent gallup poll that asked if by 2025 the US would be the main super power in the world, or would china be. The 65+ senior crowd as usual has no idea whats going on. They see the US as being the world’s superpower in 2025, while people under 35 overwhelmingly chose China as the super power. Old people do not see a problem with the country- they are living it up in florida on their retirement, pensions, social security- all that us kids wont have, whether the economy collapses or not. When ever I talk to an adult, they have no idea that kids graduating college have no jobs. I tell them it took me 3 years to get a part time job since graduating a ‘good’ state college, they are like “wow the economy is that bad”. Im like, “ya wake up imbecile”.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      It is not your generation that has got us into this dangerous situation. It is my generation, the boomer generation, that is to blame. A majority of boomers are leftist, utopia opium dreamers that have enabled dems & repubs alike to spend, print, borrow, spend, and borrow and print some more.

      • liberranter

        That’s true, McKinley. But, as a “middle boomer” who was born in the early 60s, I believe that my parents’ generation, the so-called “silent generation” shares much of the blame too. It was THEY who insisted upon continuing the reckless policies of the “Greatest” (bullshit!) generation before them, policies that perpetuated the state-corporatist redistribution scams that are responsible for the irreversible mess this nation is in.

        Yes, “we” Boomers were, arguably, the first generation in American history to toss all remaining economic common sense aside and push the economy into downward free-fall. My point, however, is that we merely accelerated and deepened the catastrophe handed to us by the previous two generations.

      • DB200

        “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts. And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation” (2 Peter 3:3-4).

        The baby boomers were the first legion of scoffers walking after their own lusts. The younger generations just followed ….

        And over time we have more and more scoffers.

    • I don’t think u can discriminate by generation. I am young too and there are many many uninformed and uncaring people out there yet there are also really smart caring people in my generation that want to make real change happen. The younger generation also has moved more away from traditional media than their counterparts.

      In fact I’d say the older generations are impeding real change not because of their age or generation but because on average they ingest more mainstream media. If people were just to cut back on tv we’d see a much better country.

    • Juliette of Ohio

      We can sympathize with you, but please be aware that all old people are not living in luxury in Florida. My husband is 70 and still working. He’s very good at this job, but we have been shuffled all over the US as his area (construction) has contracted. We don’t own our home and are still paying for it. Since 1997, we have moved six times. As his company pulls out, we are left trying to sell a house in a diminishing market and have lost thousands. We’re not underwater at this point, but can’t afford to pay it off and can’t sell it. His first company decided he had officially “retired” when they closed shop, so his pension is about 1/3 of what he was promised. Don’t know how long they’ll pay anything. His current company doesn’t even offer pensions, so we’re left with social security and who knows how fast that will run out? No, you’ll never see a dime of what you paid in, and we will probably never get back the money we paid in. At least you’re young and have a chance. We’re too old to ever have another chance. (My pension is $12.00 a month, by the way, based on salary in the 1960s and 1970s.) My darling husband has never done anything wrong in his life and I’d love for him to retire. Don’t want to retire to a homeless shelter, though. If he goes before I do, I’ll starve to death. There is no demand for old women.

      • Dody

        If he passes away I have ten acres you can set on and watch the birds go by if you wish. There will always be need to for elders.

    • i’vegivenup

      By 2025 the US economy will have collapsed…WWIII will have happened (or still happening)…and America will be only a shell of what it once was….

      • Mal R.

        “and America will be only a shell of what it once was…”

        straight to The Hunger Games…

    • Quickstang1

      65 and older are just as lost as the 25 and younger. The system will crash and its the only way to start over again from scratch. The only way to the politicians will stop is if they have no choice. When it falls it will be up to true American Patriots to ensure the same steps that got us here, never happen again.. So lock and load young buck.. Their first step is to unarm us all..

    • Vyse Legendaire

      I sympathize with all of that, but I do also agree that is not a strictly generational thing. You have pockets of individuals who are very aware in just about every age group – and lets not forget that the political and social forces acting in the 1960s and 70s were not entirely under the control of every last baby boomer. I think we need to stop playing the blame game and try to man up, become ‘elders’ in whatever way we can, whatever age we are.

    • brokoli

      the 65+ crowd is the Vietnam generation. they certainly DO know what is going on. the problem is, most Amreican, dont want to have to actually expend effort to salvage the country. rather watch TV.
      we want the good stuff, but without work, price or sacrifice. aint gonna happen.
      End the Fed? How? Stop paying taxes to the Rothschilds. How many are willing to take that risk? OK, then shut up and live with where you’re at.

    • John W.

      You whining little bitch. Who cares? You are probably dumber than dirt anyway and not employable. This country will decide by it’s actions as to who will be the big dog. For the last forty years all the wrong choices have deliberately been made. It may surprise you but 99.9 percent of the older people had no say in any of it. The elites have been doing as they please for a long time and with the generation of numb skulls you represent things will only get worse. If you think the older generation is not worried about the crap bag yours is being left you are wrong.

  • The book ‘Financial Armagedon’ by Michael J. Panzner is very eye opening. He spells everything out that is happening right now and what we can do to lessen the pain.

  • Gary2

    Here with sources is why the right is going down hard. I love seeing the right fail in their destruction of this country:

    When I consider what the GOP wants to do to our country and how much it differs from what Americans want
    for our Country I start to wonder if the GOP really believes in democracy
    The GOP opposes taxing the rich
    The American people want to tax the wealthy
    The GOP wants to eliminate woman’s access to birth control
    The American people want to allow women access to birth control
    The GOP opposes the Dream Act to allow undocumented a path to citizenship
    The American people favor the Dream Act
    The GOP oppose unions for public employees
    The American people favor the right of public employees to form unions
    The GOP wants to ban gay marriage
    The American people favor gay marriage
    The GOP wants war with Iran
    The American People are opposed to war with Iran
    The GOP wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood
    The American People support Planned Parenthood
    The GOP wants less restrictive gun control laws
    The American people want more restrictive gun control laws
    The GOP opposes raising fuel economy standards
    The American people want better fuel economy standards
    The GOP wants to privatize Medicare
    The American people like Medicare the way it is
    The GOP supported the Citizens United Ruling that opened the flood gates to the ultra wealthy and big
    business spending unlimited funds in elections
    The vast majority of the American People oppose the Citizens United Ruling
    So who exactly to the GOP represents? It sure as heck isn’t the American people.

    Email from my OFA group.

    • Gary2

      Michael-probably would be better for this post than the last one.

      • Ken

        Guess all your “points” prove why it is that AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY IT’S A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC! A representative Republic protects the minority from the majority.

        You sir possess, what is termed in Romans chapter one as, a reprobate mind, that is a mind that does not prove itself as it ought. The others on this blog should understand that God has given people like Gary2 over to this dysfunctional mind and it is a waste of time to attempt to argue with his ilk.

        • Gay Veteran

          “…A representative Republic protects the minority from the majority….”

          Theoretically. Too often it takes far too long for that to happen.

          • Ken

            Gay Veteran,
            Theoretically and practically. Would you not agree that minorities have more rights than when the Republic was founded? If so, then the practical application of the representative republic does indeed function as it was intended. Your view of the time it takes for change to come is only relative to you. And isn’t that what it’s always about?

        • Gary2

          funny-I feel the same about the right wingers.

          • Ken

            Wait a minute Gary2, according to you, all your views represent the majority. Meaning that right wingers views need protected. So now, which is it?

      • brokoli

        maybe americans should start fighting for their country. instead of watching 5 hours of TV a day- take some civic action to save themselves and their communities. no one else is going to do it for them. improvement wont be handed out on a silver platter.

    • MisterC

      The ‘undocumented’ only deserve to be deported. They have violated the law, they are here ILLEGALY! Tyrants/communists/socialists want gun control, which is really about CONTROL, so they can force their will onto the population. Read history, over 100 million dead can’t be wrong. Eugenicists want planned parenthood to ‘get rid of the weeds’. None of the above mentioned are the majority in this country.
      PS- Looks like a weed was missed, you!

      • Gary2

        send the illegals home asap!

    • Pat

      Left Right paradigm still?

    • David

      The GOP supports the GOP. They do not represent a majority of Americans. They are out of touch with what is going on, but sadly I think the Democrats are also.

      We are on our own.

    • Doc

      Gary2, it is a shame you do not have an even basic understanding of economics.

      1. “Public” anything means taxpayers have to cover it–“public unions” are unions for government workers, who negotiate with politicians and give taxpayers the shaft. Who exactly do you think is paying their salaries and benefits?

      2. Medicare and Social Security are two of the greatest problems this country has related to debt–who cares that people support it? Some people would support “Free everything and no one has to work!” but that doesn’t make it possible. These two programs are mathematically unsustainable, so the fact that people like you, who have no clue about economics, support them is not surprising.

      3. Regulations always cost money–saying that fact “has been debunked” does not make it so, and if you ran a business, you would understand how costly they are–every minute I spend filling out paperwork or consulting an attorney to make sure I’m complying, takes time from my ability to actually work and earn money, and is money straight out of my pocket. It is one fewer person I have the money to employ–I turned someone down for a job last week because I can’t afford to hire anyone. So “raising fuel standards” may sound good, but is one more regulation that adds to the price of vehicles and fuel, and one more reason employers won’t be hiring. You may be fine with the government bossing you around and telling you what kind of car you have to buy and what kind of light bulb you have to use, but some of us actually like the idea of liberty.

      4. This country is hemorrhaging money, and you want to fuss about birth control (pay for your own), gun control (because you want to control other people), and making taxpayers pay for Planned Parenthood (because they’re not suffering enough and need to pay for your pet causes).

      5. Politicians in both parties cower and try to protect their own political futures, rather than rolling up their sleeves and doing what must be done to save this country (return to the Constitution, which is a blueprint that tells them the limits of what they can do, not that they want to pay attention to it). They cower and lie to you, Gary, and you believe it.

      Grow up already, Gary. Pay your own damned way, and recognize that your desire to control other people and force them to provide freebies because it makes you feel virtuous is tyrannical and leading this nation to financial ruin. Stop listening to politicians, take the time to learn some basic economic and mathematical facts, and vote Libertarian.

      • Gary2

        ah yes-another ayn rand screw you type. Nothing new here, another selfish conservative. Yawn

        • Mal R.

          Nope, just another “me” saying screw you communist bastard.

          • gary2

            Selfish you–you and your immoral thinking is the problem

    • Witness the End

      Price of gas per gallon:

      $2.59 G.W. Bush
      $4.09 Obama


      Under 5% G.W. Bush
      Over 8% Obama

      • Gary2

        did you forget the 2008 4.25 per gallon

    • knightowl77

      Such cow manure so early in the morning….
      …”The GOP opposes taxing the rich”..incorrect the rich are already taxed and the top 10% already pay roughly 70% of the income tax. The GOP opposes taxing them MORE. 70% is plenty.

      …”The GOP wants to eliminate woman’s access to birth control
      The American people want to allow women access to birth control”

      Pure Cow Manure, the GOP doesn’t want to limit access at all, they just don’t want the government to provide it at taxpayer expense…Why should taxpayers pay for a women’s birth control? What’s next free condoms, free viagra? Total Bravo Sierra.

      …”The GOP wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood
      The American People support Planned Parenthood” More Gary2 bunk….What the GOP advocates is no Federal Funding using taxpayer dollars for abortions…There are plenty of ways to finance the program if it is worthwhile with private funding. Why do you insist that the taxpayer provide everything??? We cannot even pay for the programs we are mandated to pay for, let alone everything else you want.

      “The GOP wants less restrictive gun control laws
      The American people want more restrictive gun control laws” NO that is a flat out lie…The 2nd Amendment guarantees my right and it should not be limited….

      Most of your list even with your “sources” are flat out distortions, mischaracterizations and lib spin…

      • knightowl77

        I should’ve also stated, that there is plenty of things wrong with the GOP, which is why I tend to vote Libertarian, but the manure Gary2 is spouting isn’t even close…

      • Gay Veteran

        The top 0.1% control more and more of the income and wealth in this country. We are becoming a banana republic where the mega-rich control the politicians.

        “…the GOP doesn’t want to limit [birth control] access at all, they just don’t want the government to provide it at taxpayer expense….”

        And I call cow manure on you! There are many in the GOP (like Mullah Rick Santorum) that do want to abolish birth control.

        “…What the GOP advocates is no Federal Funding using taxpayer dollars for abortions….”

        STRAWMAN! NO Federal tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood for abortions.

        • Mal R.

          “There are many in the GOP (like Mullah Rick Santorum) that do want to abolish birth control.”

          Put up or shut up you damn liar.

          “STRAWMAN! NO Federal tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood for abortions.”

          And even YOU know that a lie.

          Typical left. Lie, cheat and smear your way to slaughter.

          • Gay Veteran

            Typical rightwinger, smear someone with NO facts to back you up.

      • Gary2

        The rich do not even come close to paying their fair share ayn rand.

        • Mal R.

          lets ****** all the black people. Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Sanger.

    • Sunshine

      Gary, could you read this book (it’s short) and offer your opinion as to whether or not the libs can over-ride the agenda? It’s online but who knows for how long so may want to read in it’s entirety before it goes away.

      Excerpt from chapter 7 surrender by consent; on rounding up the cattle to go along with the program;
      “…The tipoff came with the appointment of Zbigniew Brzezinski as a director of the commission. Shortly after the formation of the Trilateral Commission, the new director (who is an officer of the CFR) wrote an article for the CFR’s official journal, Foreign Affairs, in which he said:

      The world is not likely to unite [willingly] behind a common ideology or a super-government. The only practical hope is that it will now respond to a common concern for its own survival.

      …. The Atlantic [Union] concept was a creative response to the problems of the cold war era. Today, the Atlantic framework is too narrow to encompass the multitude of challenges-and opportunities -that confront the international community. lt is a recognition of this reality to propose … that the active promotion of such trilateral cooperation must now become the central priority of U.S. policy.

      In other words, Brzezinski says it’s time to forget about the rather open and above-board approach to world government proposed by Atlantic Union. Voluntary union will not be achieved in time; it’s time to try another approach. What is that ” other approach ” ? Simply stated, it is to impose the very same controls over nations that World Government advocates propose, but this time to do it under the guise of solving economic, ecological, or energy problems…”

      Sounds like a plan for order out of created economic, ecological and energy chaos. And what happened to the fellow who wrote the foward? Congressman Lawrence P McDonald.
      Whether or not the whole thing is pure sensationalism or not, it’s hard to dismiss when you look at how much of it has come to fruition since it’s publication date! The people planners, chapter 10 sure got their way most recently. “…Rockefeller is so callous about individual beliefs that he would forcibly extract money from Catholic taxpayers, among others, to finance what their religion teaches is murder of the unborn…” What just happened between church and state with Obamacare???

    • Kevin2


      You forget about the 80% of US Senate Democrats including Biden, Kerry, Kennedy and Edwards that voted for China Free Trade along with 83% of US Senate Republicans.

      Nothing has hurt the US middle class more then the evisceration of the industrial base and with it “Good jobs at good wages” than the various Free Trade agreements supported by majorities in both parties and not surprisingly signed into law by a Democrat President. It’s not that a Republican President would not do so but the left and the media cry’s when a Republican hurts labor; Democrats get a pass. In the end the Democrats can get more anti labor legislation passed and signed into law.

      The simple fact is the middle class has no friends.

      • John W.

        The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Ever wonder why some small groups have so much influence? Because they buy it with campaign bribes to get their position looked after. The vast majority do not have that option and think voting is enough. It’s not, and until people like those who post on here start forking over some bribes to our bought and paid for politicians they will continue to get reamed **********************.

    • Dan

      Gary2u, considering what you using for sources for your argument, you lost the argument long before completing it.

  • Lennie Pike

    The solution – take our country back. End the Fed, end bribery of Congress by the few who destroy the U.S. for a quick buck.

    They will begin working on destroying the World after they’ve finished with us.

  • Gary2

    Business will hire if they have demand for their products or services. It has NOTHING to do with over regulation in fact I would say business is under regulated for the most part. (spill in golf, wall street, at will employment etc etc)

    The too much regulation preventing business from hiring is a load of right wing crap and has been debunked many times over as has the other right wing saw-rich people will leave the state if you tax the rich more. Sorry that also is false.

    Michael-I know you are smarter than to believe the over regulation crap and not know that it is demand period. If there is enough demand business will hire.

    This is why we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth. Put money in poor peoples pockets and they will spend it. I find it very dismaying Michael that you are regurgitating right wing false bull ******.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “It has NOTHING to do with over regulation in fact I would say business is under regulated for the most part. (spill in golf, wall street, at will employment etc etc) The too much regulation preventing business from hiring is a load of right wing crap and has been debunked many times over … ”

      The big corporations (BHO’s golfing buddies) love more and more regulations, in fact their lobbyists actually write the regulations. The regulations are convoluted and multi-layered to make it difficult for medium and small business to compete. You can not show one credible instance to support your rabid rants. All you spew is dogma and talking points that the lessons of history have shown lead to gulags and killing fields.

      You are an idiot with no awareness of what happens on Main Street where the rubber meets the road. You are beyond redemption. Your fate, a result of the choices you have made, is utter misery. Too bad you don’t live in my town, as I would gladly step around your emaciated carcass while walking my dogs.

      • Gary2

        another intelligent articulate response fromn the right, NOT!

        Besting the right wingers is like fishing in a barrall-they are all so predictably dumb.

    • Gary3

      Tax the rich at 100%. Let Gary2 decide who is rich. Not sure what to do next year.

    • ScoutMotto

      So, even a liberal publication such as the Wall Street Journal doesn’t convince you, Gary? It came right out the horse’s mouth and you don’t believe them. Amazing.

      • Gay Veteran

        The Wall Street Journal is owned by Murdock, it is right wing.

    • Kevin2


      “Business will hire if they have demand for their products or services.”

      Unless those goods are made in the US the point is moot because wealth leaves the country. It’s like taking out of an ATM machine and not depositing.

      Americans have insufficient wages to create the demand. Some wealth could be re-distributed. The US functioned just fine when the upper tax rates were very high. In the end wealth needs to be created. The Free Trade agreements with slave labor nations removed a lot of wealth creation in the US. There lay the problem and the solution. Everything else including wealth re-distribution addresses a symptom but in itself is not a solution.


      We can de-regulate business to the Chinese level regarding worker protection and it would increase employment. No minimum wage, no OSHA (which by the way is a paper tiger believe me because I know) and no EPA. Re-instituting slavery would work too. At one time we brought nations up with rebuilding both Europe and Japan post WWII. Adding 2.3 billion people in the international nation building program with India and China was far too much for the system to bear. Now we’re being dragged down by the sheer weight and speed at which the developed world is attempting to raise up the developing world.

      It’s not about either over regulation or re-distribution.

    • Rainy Day Saver

      “Put money in poor peoples pockets and they will spend it.”

      Yep, they sure will spend it! Therein lies the problem – people need to live within their means and save a portion for the future.

    • Witness the End

      “Michael-I know you are smarter than to believe… I find it very dismaying Michael that you are regurgitating right wing false bull ******.”

      Nice tactic Gary. Subtle way of suppressing Michael’s ideas.

      As much as you libs would like to change things, this is still a country in which we are allowed to express our ideas.

      If you don’t like what Michael has to say, go elsewhere.

      • Gary2

        There is nothing subtle abhout it. Michael IS smarter than to barf up the right wing lies like he has been doing. I have no issue with expressing oneself (hell I do it all the time), but when you are posing as a jorunalist I am going to call out the inaccuracies Michael posts. No thinking person can possibly believe some of the conservative BS I see here. I guess many of the posters were home schooled and never learned to think critically.

        • John W.

          The fact that you always resort to name calling and nasty labeling shows you are a moron with nothing coherent to say. GFY.

    • Vance

      Hey… send me your address, and I’ll send you a nice big fat check, spreading the wealth, so to speak. Feel free to go ahead and spend it, just not all at one kool-aid stand.

      • Gary2

        thanks for the offer-given all the right wing gun nuts here it would not be a safe move on my part.

        • knightowl77

          C’mon you can trust us… 😉

  • michelle

    those who have not made adequate preparations will indeed have soul-crushing consequences

    Time draws near.

    Get prepared!!

  • michelle

    I am one of the unemployed, too, in case anyone thinks I am not sympathetic to the plight of the unemployed. I am very sympathetic. I see the only way out for me to create a business for myself. I don’t want to work for a corporation or a small business any more.

    • liberranter

      Smart thinking, but be sure to NOT formally incorporate or do ANYTHING “above ground.” There is NO hope of survival whatsoever for any start-up business that “plays by the [bankster/state-corporate Elite’s] rules.”

  • Anony

    I think this is a similar link as the first comment listed about a new law that BO has signed giving the executive branch control of all resources in the US in peace time or crises.

    • Rancher


      …and this surprises you? A thief has a hard time stealing what they can not find. Just get smarter and look poor and broke.

  • mondobeyondo

    Why is the government actually ENCOURAGING more people to go on food stamps?!! So that even more Americans can be totally dependent on the government?

    They actually WANT this??

    This sounds like…. communism.

    • Craig

      Because it’s cheaper for companies to give the unemployed food stamps than to employ them. This keeps the big corporations and other businesses happy that contribute to re-election campaigns.

    • Gary2

      No more like the government is telling its citizens they do not need to starve.

      Your response compared to my response simply shows the depth of the differences between progressives and conservatives. Please see the post I did below.

      My first thought-that’s good the gov does not want its citizens to go hungry. The conservatives first response is OMG communism. And then the unsaid message is let them starve. And people wonder why I call conservatives selfish??Really?? How many of the let them starve crowd are sitting in church Sunday???

      • Witness the End

        According to Syracuse University professor Arthur Brooks, conservative Americans donate 30% more to charity than liberal Americans.

        Apparently, conservatives do a better job at feeding the hungry with their own money, instead of feeding the hungry with other peoples money.

        Hmmm… something to think about while sitting in church on Sunday.

      • mondobeyondo

        Yes, but the government in this case, is actually paying the workers not to work!

        Government assistance, for a while, is good. We all need a helping hand every once in a while. But it is supposed to be assistance – not reliance!!

        The government should help you as far as short term need goes, for food, etc – or for education to job retrainment, so you can get back on your feet. It should not sustain you until 2018.

  • Paranoid

    The storm is coming, I wish I knew what to do, lucky I m old and saved most of what I have ever made, I can look after my extended family. All I can do for the rest of you is wish you well. I tend to think the storm will be short but very bad, keep your head down.

    • Gary3

      If it is in a bank, maybe not.

  • Rodster

    As usual great article. I can relate to it as a small business owner.

    • Michael

      Yes, I bet you are not too eager to go through the hassle of bringing on new employees, eh?


      • Rodster

        No sir, i’m really a small business as in a one man show. I barely make enough for myself but if I ever had the volume of business I would not take on employees.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Here is a clip of Gerald Celente being interviewed in December 2007, ten months before the crash of September 2008. And he predicts an “economic 9/11”:

    Record foreclosures, high unemployment, another great depression…..Celente called it. Oh, and one of the words he uses in that December 2007 interview is……..BAILOUT.

    Yes, The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) experienced an economic disaster just as Signore Celente predicted back in December 2007. And in March 2012, the misery and suffering continues. Things are not getting better. The BRA continues to rot and decay like the Third World hellhole it is has turned into, and the worst is yet to come.

    Corporatist Republicans like Romney, Gingrich and Ayatollah Santorum will not save the BRA from its grim fate. Corporatist Democrats will not will not save the BRA from its grim fate. The two-party system is as much of an abysmal failure as the federal reserve. Sen. Ron Paul understands that the BRA has an incredibly sick economy and has become a corporate fascist police state, but his chances of winning the GOP nomination are slim and none.

    Say a prayer for The Banana Republic of America, collapsing empire of the Third World. These are dark, dark times we’re living in.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Katie’s story is not an anomaly. There are millions like her in The Banana Republic of America. Millions who used to have middle class lives but now living in cruel poverty. And as the suffering of the neo-poor intensifies, so will violent crime. When the going gets tough, the desperate do desperate things—and inevitably, the BRA will be plagued by a pandemic of kidnappings just like other Third World countries. Here is a glimpse into what the BRA’s frightening future will look like:

    Que dios ayude La República Banana de América, pesadilla del tercer mundo y una tierra sin esperanza.

    • Gary2

      El Pollo-I always enjoy you sharing your insight. I saw a TV program called “I Survived” on the Bio Channel the other day that showed a American woman who married a Mexican man and they made their home in Mexico. One day he was kidnapped and held in a small box for almost 200 days. The kidnappers would threaten to inject him with AIDS tainted blood if the ransom was not paid. To show they meant business they would shoot the person in the leg and send pictures to relatives.

      I thought about your warnings of the DPDDT tax as I was watching. You are 100% correct in what you predict.

      The story has a somewhat happy ending as they paid the ransom but not until one of the guys friends was also kidnapped by the same gang as he was bringing a lesser ransom amount to have his friend released. Wow.

      Needless to say they moved back to the USA. I wonder if they realize this type of violent crime-DPDDT is coming here soon???

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gary2 in Wisconsin: Just last week, I was reading about Mexican telenovela actors who are moving to Miami because in Mexico City (where many of the Mexican telenovelas are filmed), they live with the constant threat of being kidnapped for ransom. They’re moving to Miami to escape the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax, but it’s only a matter of time until the DPDDTT follows them to The Banana Republic of America. The more the American middle class collapses, the closer we will be to the dreaded DPDDTT.

        And a few years ago in Lisbon, Portugal, I met a well-to-do Brazilian couple who had moved to Lisbon from São Paulo to escape the DPDDTT. Back in São Paulo, they lived with the constant fear of their children being kidnapped—whereas in Lisboa, they felt safe going out at night without bodyguards.

        “When people get hungry and desperate, things get ugly.” —Gerald Celente

    • DGB

      It is a nightmare – and a land without hope:

      People lose $100,000’s of dollars in the devaluation of their homes.

      People are forced to spend IRA savings – and then being taxed on it.

      Millions of people 50+ lose their jobs, they have no hope of ever getting a better job.

      Young adults need to accumulate life long debt (for a college education of questionalble value).

      Young people have to postpone marriage, starting a family, etc. because of no jobs, or jobs that don’t pay enough to live on.

      !Una tierra sin eperanza!

      • El Pollo de Oro

        “Hey kiddies, keep spending that money in college. Get that degree as an MBA. You too can have a job at Wal-Mart.”—Gerald Celente

    • mondobeyondo

      No, Katie’s story is definitely not an anomaly. As a matter of fact, it may be the “new normal”. That in and of itself is scary.

    • Cinderella Man

      Not an anomaly for sure El Pollo, you guys have heard my story last year at this time I was sleeping in my car. One year later, I am buying a little house at the end of this month, job is going great and Im meeting wonderful people in online dating and chatrooms. Life is what you make of it. Somehow someway if you have faith, God will open the doors for you.

      • CatNap

        Glad to see things looking up C-Man. 🙂

  • mark

    We are preparing more each month. I have described many of the things that we are doing or intend to do. I do not look forward to a collaspe as many will die and many more will become animals. Just go out and prepare for trouble is coming.

  • I think the fundamental problem is our monetary system. It is responsible for creating the boom bust cycle that unnecessarily cause people to suffer. If only people understood how the scam works then there could be real change. Unfortunately, monetary policy is too abstract for people to understand even though it’s consequences are extremely concrete.

    The most important part of an economy is the accumulation of capital which is the true engine of growth. The fed destroys real capital by lowering interest rates because less of it is supplied. It refuses to allow the debt system readjust or collapse which would then let the economy start over. But there we too many powerful interests preventing that. Liquidate the debt, end the fed, end fractional reserve banking and watch the u.s. economic miracle come back to life.

  • JOHN.S


    • liberranter

      What’s even more sickening is how many of the “Amoricon sheeple” lap up the state-corporate media’s verbal vomit as if it were nutritious mother’s milk.

  • Craig

    Sir, this was your best article ever1! It was very well written, and it touched on a subject the mainstream media refuses to discuss. I’m going to keep it for reference on my desktop.

    I was watching Piers Morgan interview Suzy Orman on CNN tonight. Piers Morgan asked her, “Why couldn’t Apple employ Americans to do those jobs the Chinese do even if it cost Apple a little more from their 500 billion of profits?”

    Orman replied, “It would cost 4 or 5 times as much to make iPads in the USA as it does China.”

    Then Orman said, “Besides Apple isn’t going to do that”.

    Orman is wrong that the cost would be 4 or 5 times as much. I’ve seen studies that say made in America for iPads would only cost about $40 to $50 more. But, nobody in our federal government is going to force American companies to bring our jobs back to America. These greedy CEOs and their friends will continue to get richer while the middle class continues to shrink and become poor. Of course with all the regulations and red tape and liability, the government actually encourages companies to ship middle class jobs to Mexico and China.

    Again, IMHO this is your best work yet. How about some more along this subject?
    Craig in Ft. Worth, TX

    • Michael


      I will do my best. 🙂


  • JackieG

    The sharpest marble I know in the financial world is Kyle Bass from Hayman Capital.

  • Rawdoglet

    Get a job or make your own job you bum losers!

  • Craig

    A time when there were jobs jobs jobs! Check out these pictures:

  • Craig

    Off Topic:

    Do not choose the way of escapism not matter how bad it gets. Escapism becomes enslavement to addictions. I can’t remember if I posted this clip before or not. It takes a little while to start. This is downtown Vancouver, British Columbia:

  • tappedops

    OK…Thats it Mr.M— im calling you out… one more article even close to as good as this one and were all calling the NSA on you and yours… your on fire Dude—blast away, we all live for your blog…

    • Michael

      When I first started reading this comment I thought I was going to get blasted but it ended up being a great compliment.

      Thank you 🙂


  • chiller

    What’s crushing is getting laid off by a guy with a green card like I did. Thanks America.

  • Paul

    “nightmarish taxes that are imposed on his company when Fleischer hires a new worker”

    This looks like Germany.

    And then there is the energy tax you have to pay in Germany, which drives the liter of gasoline to EU 1.50, and the kWh electricity to EU 0.25.

  • Paul

    “4 years ago they froze our salaries”

    Well, the German company I worked for, never raised salaries of non-managers for the last 20 years. Even when the inflation was 5% and more. You either had to cope with it by cutting down on restaurant bills, going out, entertainment, travel, chocolate, cheese, …

    or quit.

  • Hans

    It seems as if you are facing a double whammy. Business owners are over regulated and the cost of labour is extremely high. To terminate the services of an employee can also lead to lawsuits. It is no surprise that corporations relocate to more business-friendly locations and small business owners do not want to or just cannot employ people.

    On a lighter job-seeking note. This guy applies for a challenging job for single guys with their own razors. Over the phone, he was told that it entails shaving supermodels before photo shoots. “The challenges include lots of travelling to exotic destinations and having to face naked women for most of the day. You interested?”. “Hell yeah!” he replies.
    The interviewer sighs: “OK, give me your details and I’ll tell you where in New York the interview is and send you a plane ticket to Dallas”.
    “Why the ticket to Dallas?”, he asks.
    “Cos that’s where the line of applicants end at this stage, idiot!”

  • oleguy

    Gary wake up both the Dems and the Repubs are one and the same. My wife is a small business owner and it is tough. Part of the problem and this is for you Gary is they do not know what this administration will do next. Small business does not get any breaks like the big guys, but the big guys get all the breaks and the waivers.

    Our healthcare has gone up 35% in the last three years. So much for more lies. If your 55 or olde forget getting a job now for the most part unless you have a specialized degree. Another problem is older people are no longer retiring as we are scared of what may happen. Yes alot of them did not save anything and are in debt over their head, but not all of us are.

    Minimum wage seems to be the new norm and t truly saddens me we have allowed our jobs to leave this country all because of free trade. Kind sorts like CEO of GE recently closing his Xray technology down and shippinp it overseas. Great job for the head job creator of this country.

  • hoser

    Obama promised Hope and Change. What he delivered was False Hope and more Bush Policies. Obama is a Republican. You all should know by know that Democrats and Republicans are Two heads of the same monster. My 2012 slogan is: Ron Paul or Not at All

    Obama, Romney and Santorum = More Misery

    Nothing changes unless Dr Ron Paul makes it to the white House

    • mondobeyondo

      The [election] game is rigged so that Dr. Paul never makes it anywhere near the White House.

      The mainstream media is loving it. Because the mainstream media is behind it.

    • Save the Republic

      None of the other fools/liars will get my vote. I will vote RP, GOP, independent, or write-in. I will not compromise on electing some lesser-of-two-evils hack. I also believe that no other individual that wants to take our government back for “we the people” will ever vote for any of them except RP either. People who want real change cannot compromise, as that has gotten us nowhere in the previous elections. If the system is so rigged that TPTB still manage to keep RP from being elected, then I will give up voting knowing that I did what was right regardless. I hope every true patriotic American will have the determination to finally vote for what is the best, rather than the “not as bad as the other guy” vote.

      Ron Paul or Not At All

  • Anit-Liberal

    Hey Gary2…how’s it feel to be alone.

  • Anti-Liberal


    I’m tired…just finished a 12hr shift.

  • William

    This is all not by accident. It has been planned since the days of Adam Weishaupt. It has actually been fairly easy for the Illuminati to achieve. After all, there are IDIOTS in America who believe that a Boeing 757 disappeared into a sixteen ft wide hole in the wall of the Pentagon, leaving no sheared off wings or six ton jet engines… luggage, seats, or bodies. And, there are FOOLS who believe that another commercial airliner BURIED itself on crashing, a FIRST in aviation history. And, there are those MORONS who think the five Israelis arrested for celebrating the attacks on the WTC, when released to go back to Israel, lied in a tv interview when they said they were in NY with cameras set up to document the events. The Illuminati were behind the 911 attacks, which were carried out by very high levels of the US government and Israel. Back to the start of this, this has not happened by acident. It is part of the New World Order of which Bush Sr spoke over 20 years ago. The Bush family is a big player in this Illuminati drive to rule the world. The failed Obummer, who came out of nowhere to become a US Senator and now PRESIDENT, is a creation of the Illuminati/CIA. The Obummer is not even a natural born US citizen….do a study on his phoney birth certificate. So, WHAT is America to do…….it is too late. You took the red pill when you supported the Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush.

    • Witness the End

      What?!! Are you kidding?!! Everyone knows it was Voldemort’s Death Eaters that caused 911.

  • Sailor Trash

    My wife and I took an unusual direction in our survival prepping: We moved onto a sailboat. We’d already lost our house and cars in ’08/’09, and it was all we had left, a 45-year-old 33-footer. Now it’s stocked with canned and dried food, ammo, medicine, and books. We make our own power with solar panels and a wind generator, we collect rainwater whenever possible, and I have learned the arts of clamdigging, oystering, and fishing with a castnet. She gets some writing work online; I work on boats for cash or barter.

    Basically, we’ve gotten as small as possible, as mobile as possible, and as off-grid as possible. I’m a Navy vet, former defense contractor at Oak Ridge, and I haven’t gotten a paycheck in over three years. No welfare, unemployment, or food stamps either.

  • Tom

    Love the “blame the GOP” comments *rollingeyes* How about you lefties describe how Obama-Pelosi-Reid et al have made everything SO much better…oh wait, you can’t !

    Would that be because you are so blinded by the false GOP-Dem paradigm that you can’t see the truth ?

    Wake up folks – the Dems and the GOP are two sides of the same fake coin. Bush/Obama – what are the differences in their policies ? NONE. Ever wonder why things never get better when the “other side” takes office ? Yes, that’s because they are both taking us down the path of collapse.

    Pull your heads out of your asses and wipe the shit out of your eyes, because if you can’t see this you too will be flattened under the juggernaut of the 1% looters and their CONgressional/executive branch enablers.

  • It’s all coming apart

    It’s not just the economic system that’s failing, the entire globe is under going a horrific change from deadly climate change to rising energy costs it seems as though we are headed towards a global Holocaust.
    ‘Storm of the century’ may become ‘storm of the decade’
    Nasa Warns Of Potential Deadly Solar Flares In 2012 – Mayhem ……/40640-nasa-warns-of-potential-deadly-solar-flare...
    10 posts – 8 authors – Apr 30, 2009
    Scientists Say the earth is in Imminent Danger – Polar Shift …
    Higher gas prices threaten economy if they persist | New …
    Steep Oil Prices, Food Shortages Will Likely Spark Deadly Riots ……/steep_oil_prices,_food_shortages_will_likely_sp...
    Scratch could prove deadly as antibiotics stop working, warns expert ……/scratch-could-prove-deadly-a... – United Kingdom
    Global violence linked to severe weather | PRI.ORG…/global-violence-linked-to-severe-weather5064.html


    She came
    There’s blood on the streets, it’s up to my knee
    She came
    Blood on the streets in the town of Chicago
    She came
    Blood on the rise, it’s following me
    Think about the break of day
    She came and then she drove away
    Sunlight in her hair
    She came
    Blood in the streets runs a river of sadness
    She came
    Blood in the streets it’s up to my thigh
    She came
    Yeah the river runs red down the legs of the city
    She came
    The women are crying rivers of weepin’
    She came into town and then she drove away
    Sunlight in her hair
    Indians scattered on dawn’s highway bleeding
    Ghosts crowd the young child’s fragile eggshell mind
    Blood in the streets in the town of New Haven
    Blood stains the roofs and the palm trees of Venice
    Blood in my love in the terrible summer
    Bloody red sun of Phantastic L.A.
    Blood screams the pain as they chop off her fingers
    Blood will be born in the birth of a nation
    Blood is the rose of mysterious union
    There’s blood in the streets, it’s up to my ankles
    Blood in the streets, it’s up to my knee
    Blood in the streets in the town of Chicago
    Blood on the rise, it’s following me!!MR MO JO RISIN!!

  • @Gary2:

    It’s not about left wing and right anymore. Everyone here just wants to do for themselves without the risk of some govt telling them they can’t. That is not freedom.

    Left wing vs right wing is only there to distract us from what the powers that shouldn’t be are doing. And they only care about themselves.

    I suggest you join with your family, friends, and neighbors to start doing for yourself rather than playing the victim thinking a govt should take care of you. If you insist on keeping the views you have, kindly become a citizen of a govt that acts like they care (ie EU, China, etc).

  • Rowell

    Many years ago, I worked in a division of Motorola (mostly dealing with networking and. When I first started working, there were over 3500 employees working in 12 buildings of a business park. As the years progressed, the market changed. There were RIF’s (Reduction in Force) that would relieve a hundred or so workers of their jobs.

    I remember one day, the CEO called everyone into the Warehouse (the largest building on campus). He said that Motorola was taking a new direction and our division would be shutting down. At least, that’s what corporate wanted. He had found investors which would help the division strike out on its own as a new separate company. We were all pretty excited that we’d still have our jobs.

    When we became our own company, the first year was nice. People were still living the dream of “we’re an employee owned company”. Everyone got stock in the company. We had monthly meetings where everyone would get together and listen how the company was doing. Of course, we were also told a percentage of the profits went to the equity company that helped us get out on our own.

    A few more years passed, and the economy was still pretty bad. it seemed that that amount of money the equity firm was taking got higher and higher. RIF’s started happening, almost on a quarterly basis. The vast expanse of buildings started diminishing as properties were auctioned off.

    By the time my number was up (I think it was the tenth RIF or so), a huge swath of people were let go. When I was walked out the door, the company was down to one building (actually, they were leasing out sections of that building to other companies) and less than 100 people.

    Last I heard, the company was sold (at a profit to the equity company) to another company, with under 75 people left. So sad.

    • mondobeyondo

      Motorola, along with Honeywell, was one of the major IT employers here (Phoenix, Arizona) as recently as 10 years ago. Both of those companies were HUGE! Today, you barely hear their names anymore. I’ve often wondered what happened to them.

    • ScoutMotto

      Rowell, I watched a similar occurance with a telcom company I used to work for. They spun off of Lucent in 2000, and slowly began to shrink from there. I watched over the years as departments were trimmed down and people were let go.

      It accelerated in about 2006 when India came online as a remote support center, displacing some (but not all) US workers. The layoffs continued, and I managed to escape those cuts. I ended up leaving the company on my own and got on with a different one. I am still in touch with people at the old job, and the layoffs continue. Evetually it will be a small core of what it used to be, and it’s sad to watch.

  • Rancher

    That gal in your article had a sooo typical statement about letting homeless people stay with them. She is now homeless and says her friends say they have no room for her as well as her Dad.
    “All my friends say they don’t have the room either. Which makes me wonder just how much of friends they are. Considering if the situation was reversed I have in the past and would open my home to anyone that needed help.”

    Funny before she lost her great life there were people in need all around her and she did..nothing. None of them were staying in her home, right?

    I see this all the time. People say this kind of stuff about what they would do if they still had the good life but when the did have it they sat by the poolside and got a tan instead.


    Neither party can turn this around. The time has long since passed for a political solution. The sheep, politicians and their praetorian guard, will not appreciate that statement. Indeed, it will put me on yet another list. I welcome it if the truth exposes their Heglian Dialetic. Politicians and bankers planned our downfall, they will explain it in deceptive terms and offer a solution by force. Massive amounts of money are being spent by the praetorian guard on armaments and munitions to be used on Americans who resist this force. Take note of the Homies letting a contract for 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammo last week. That is not for shooting prairie dogs in the southwest. Rather diabolical that you get to pay for the very ammo meant to kill you. What a system! Get ready, it’s coming!

  • Gary2

    I copy/paste this as I thought it provided a clear view between the right/left. As I reflect on how different we progressives worldview is from conservatives it is no wonder we are so divided. I think it will also explain why many on the left consider conservatives selfish, and therefore question the sincerity of many of their professions of being Christian. We are our brothers keeper. Period. I think it is telling how many times the conservatives use the word “I” in their posts as opposed to progressives like me who almost never use the word “I” but instead think in terms of “WE”. This is not a conscious effort but simply how my posts come out. I suspect this is the same with the conservatives always using “I”.

    One of the clearest dividing lines between conservatives and progressives is represented by a battle of metaphors: the individualistic “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” metaphor vs. the community “we’re all in this together” metaphor.

    Conservatives have always been individualists first and foremost, believing that we are all ultimately on our own, and that being dependent on others and especially the government is the ultimate sin.

    Progressives push back against these ideas, arguing that we are our brothers and sisters’ keepers, should treat others as we want to be treated, that there is great value in a society where we look out for each other and give each other a helping hand. That, we say, is what builds long-term common wealth — along with the trust that enables democracy to function.

    • Gary2

      ps– The first paragraph is my original work, and only copy/paste the others.

    • Witness the End


      Normally, I’m a thorn in your side, but this post you’ve written is actually quite good and not your usual taunting or hostile manner.

      The only rebuttal I’d like to make is that most conservatives do contribute to their community with time and money. They just like to pick and choose their charities of their own free will and not have it mandated by those who govern them.

      • Witness the End

        Conservative want to be individuals first and foremost. We elect our politicians to protect our freedoms, not to govern us.

    • whteshark

      It’s a little more than that, Gary2, as I think the big question of our time that divides right and left is the role of government.

      The Constitution was set up to maximize individual liberty. The 20th century basically turned that premise on its head as the Constitution was reinterpreted to fit big government agendas and vote buying, mainly by The Democrats but by Republicans too.

      Problem is the bill has come due for this big government spending. And there’s no way to pay for it without serious, serious hardship.

      And on a deeper more philosophical level, to get back to the role of government, most on the right fear big government because of the dangers it poses to liberty. A government big enough to give you everything is a government big enough to take away everything.

      What progressives call “community” and looking out for each other I call coercion. If progressives had their way we, on the right, would do it their way and sacrifice our morals and beliefs or be thrown in jail. There is no opt out in the so called progressive community.

      And the end result is always tyranny. History has proven this again and again.

      • Mal R.

        “And the end result is always tyranny. History has proven this again and again.”

        You forgot slaughter. History also proves that over and over again.

      • gary2

        would do it their way and sacrifice our morals and beliefs or be thrown in jail. There is no opt out in the so called progressive community.

        I appreciate your response.

        Allow me, doing it the way the right wants things is already sacrificing your morals. Are we not our brothers keeper and to love on another? I do not believe the individualistic (selfish) conservative way of behaving is moral so thinking in terms of we (progressive) would be a step up as far as morals. A moral conservative is an oxymoron. Again why would one want to opt out of a more moral (progressive) way of living?

        I did not mean to come off sounding antagonistic and I apologize if I did. I must not be understanding your concerns.

        • Sam I Am

          Progressiveism, which leads to socialism will not work unless God Himself rules it.
          Someone has to be in charge of the thing, and tell me anyone who’s in charge of anything who does it morally or right. Power corrupts; Mankind is filled with greed and lust; Mankind is not content with what they have; they unceasingly want more.
          Take capitalism. It appears that the end result is the same as socialism. Excessive wealth in the hands of the few. Why? when in theory capitalism should work better than socialism. There again somebody runs the show; somebody is in charge, makes the rules, decides how big their piece of the pie should be.
          I wish we common folk could turn this thing around, and have some good years left for our posterity, but if we can’t; my hope and faith is that God has it under control, and HE WILL RULE in the end. Prophetically, all hell will break loose before he takes the reigns.

  • Eva

    All the more reason to NOT depend on the government and practice self-reliance. Learn new skills rather than rely on someone else. Learn to garden, to do simple home repairs, simple car repairs, live without a ‘luxury’ turned ‘necessity’ in our society of materialism. Practicing self-reliance builds self confidence, it helps you feel more in control of your situation even if nothing else has changed. Working somehow or anyhow lends dignity to the human soul.

  • karen

    I remember some years ago I wanted that American Dream… To buy and buy knowing I could not affort it but did it anyway, than one day I found myself almost in the streets, about to lose everything, I even thought about taking my own life, can you believe I wanted to take my own life over new furniture, TV and so on. Kind-of-sad don’t you think??? I learned a great lesson, nothing is worth a life, that is wood and cloth or a new car or house. I live a simple life and joy comes from with-in. Because the more you buy your just not happy with it so you buy more and more, life is what we make it plain and simple!!!

  • DGB

    Soul crushing – you hit it right on!

    For twenty years I was an independent software developer. Thanks to ever changing Microsoft monopoly, little guys like me were pushed out of the market. Fortunately I got a good posistion with a long term client. They were in the mortgage industry. That company vanished. It took me 3 years to get another job (mind you I have a degree in engineering, and another in Computer Science and 30+ years experience). Nobody would even look at me. I finally got a Business Analyst job – this is the lowest level technical job I’ve ever had. I’m making half of what I used to earn.

    It is crushing – I’m basically back to where I was in 1982. Except I’m 60 yrs old – and I don’t see a future – except to work till I drop.

    Big business, big government, big banks, and big capital have turned the US into fudalism.

    Welcome to the plantation.

    • mondobeyondo

      I know the feeling!

      Basically, I’m back to where I was in 1982, except I’m 30 years older, don’t have my parents to support me any longer, and I spent over 15 years in my career field (apparently seniority doesn’t mean anything anymore.)

      Oh well. I can still flip a mean burger. If you want pickles or onions, I can add that as well.

      Oh no….Please don’t say that….
      “Do you want fries with that?”

      [Insert Charlie Brown type scream here]

      • Save the Republic

        I almost feel lucky. My annual income has only been pushed back to the late 90’s. The only problem is, I now have a family to support on that income, whereas in the 90’s, I could live on much less, and if I wanted to train for a new career that was more promising, I had the flexibility to do so. Now my options for change are extremely limited by time & money constraints.

  • Jodi

    Great article! For 13 years I worked for a great company with about 500 employees. At the time I felt very lucky to have landed this job, I had little experience in my field and I felt so blessed I got the opportunity to work for the company. The owner, managers and supervisors respected all of there employees. We had great benefits, consistent raises & parties. The pay started out low but with the consistent raises within a couple of years I was making a great wage for the area I live in. The company continued to grow and we eventually became one of the best companies to work for in our county.
    After about 9 years employed with this company the owner of the business decided it was time to retire. The company was sold to an investment group. It only took months before high ranking employees were let go and the restructuring began. For about the last 4 years I worked there pay and hiring freezes started to happen. Suddenly, I started to feel like the job I loved so much was starting to crumble and there was only a matter of time before it was over. On Sept 30, 2010 the company announced about 80 layoffs at the end of the year. The company didn’t go out of business most of the employees in our production department were let go. They proceeded to tell us that they were going to outsource the work elsewhere. Luckily, for me I applied for another position in the company and I was hired for that job. The company proceeded to tell us that things were going to be good after they restructure. Once everybody was let go it didn’t take long before more employees were laid off and I was one of them. On Sept 15, 2011 I was laid off. Since then I’ve endlessly applied for jobs via Indeed, craigslist and work services and only have had 3 interviews. Most of the time I’m told that they will be interviewing for a couple of weeks before they make a decision. I’ve even emailed thank you letters for interviewing me and considering me for the position. What is so upsetting about all of this, companies don’t respond back. I often wonder why I didn’t get the opportunity for the job when I know I’m qualified. Like many people I know, they want to work in the same industry as they were in but know that jobs are limited. So any job at this point is good.

    • Benjik

      “I often wonder why I didn’t get the opportunity for the job when I know I’m qualified.”

      The sad reality is that most likely there were hundreds of applicants for that one position that were qualified. Another trend developing is the amount of highly-qualified people willing to relocate for a job, making finding employment in “your own backyard” that much harder to obtain.

  • Matthew 19:24
    “And again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

    The 1%´ers sure are in trouble!

    • Gary2

      and I am trying to save their eternal soul by advocating taxing the rich (making them non rich) and spreading the wealth.

      In addition to being the right thing to do morally I am trying to help the rich get eternal life.

  • My father had to go to another state to work in the seventies. We are fortunate to live in an area where there are still jobs available. I occasionally meet people who moved here with nothing and found work. You have to start at the bottom, but rent is cheap enough that one can afford a place to live and food to eat even on minimum wage. I talked to a fast food manager the other day who said for every ten people he hires, only two stay.

    We have a very small house, but I would be willing to help someone who wants to relocate and start over. I believe waiting for things to change is not the best solution.

  • Jerome Morrow

    All of these problems with health care didn’t start 3 years ago and leaving the system as it was would have slowly killed us. …When you’re hand is caught in a meat grinder, you have to cut from the forearm.

  • Cleo

    First of all, I know that my wife and I are fortunate that we managed to hang on to the American dream by working hard, saving hard, and living below our means. We never felt an urge to keep up with the Jone’s next door. We haven’t felt a warm fuzzy feeling about the economy since 9/11 and have slowly prepped for the inevitable economic storm that is coming…sooner rather than later.

    But it’s not rocket science….it doesn’t take long to realize that it is the 35 and under crowd that is really taking it in the shorts. I guess we will all eventually feel the pain, but it is this group of “youngsters” that will be hit the hardest. They were “indoctrinated” in hordes of mandated federal education programs and convinced they needed to go into debt and get a college education to really get ahead. And who best leads by example? Any level of gov’t from Fed to local.

    When a city, county, or state needs more money they issue bonds which they swear will not increase taxes (actually a quasi form of printing money). The bonds come due and they issue more. Then we’re told that casino’s will solve money problems. They have really worked well too. They view the taxpayer as a bottomless pit. Problem is we’re running out of taxpayers.

    Of course, we all know what the Fed does…print, borrow, and spend….and inflate. I read in the latest Economist magazine that using 2005 as a base (100) that food prices in Feb 2012 was around 216. That means food prices have more than doubled since 2005. And gasoline is up too. Interestingly enough is the fact that diesel is not increasing as much….demand from truckers is weak meaning goods are not moving around the country like they used to.

    If you want to lose personal rights, go get a CDL with a hazmat endorsement. It costs me about $175 to re-up my Cdl and hazmat. And always more endless gov’t regs to go along with it. Now, with my CDL and driving my car, the driving while intoxicated is reduced to .04, never mind the fact I am driving my car. Consequently, a lot of older drivers are getting out of the business and younger drivers aren’t getting in…..leading to a severe driver shortage even in a down economy.

    All I can say to the younger generation is hang in there and prepare the best you can. Don’t buy into the premise that gov’t can solve the problem….they can’t. And don’t buy into the socialist/marxist/ communist hype that their ideas will solve anything….they won’t. Name me one successful communist country that works well and the people are happy? Their only claim to fame is the extermination of at least 100 million people who were exterminated under various regimes.

    For us to be a free and prosperous nation we need to return to the founding principles of freedom and free enterprise. We must also return to our Judeo-Christian morals and ethics…we must bring God back into the equation. We must heal ourselves first, then the country.

    Get ready fast folks…..the slide into the abyss is really close.

  • Bob

    Two words:

    Independent Subcontractor.

    There. I hire people and All your math about 58.8% goes to the government is BS.

  • Winston Smith

    I still would like to open my own buiz, but would not do so in USA for anything….looking overseas, somewhere can possible live part of FT….

    • Winston Smith

      also, other then my parents property that, via their will, would not want any USA property other then my house.
      My parents worked hard and after their deaths-hopefully, a long way off, would take that as it is family property.
      But, would not want to buy, get property in USA otherwise….could not give me land, unless it was on the verge of being sold, with little taxes, has oil, gas,etc……
      This country is just too difficult to have property in and likely, will be worth little-nothing soon, anyway…

  • Winston Smith

    Gee, and the “conservatives” say it all started w/Obama..or well, its worse then ever (but no responsibility for their people’s part in it)….and further idolization of political parties……

    Wonder-since I have not damaged my brain by listening to Limbaugh in yrs-if he still brags how much money he makes and where he lives like he used to…likely, as his type have no shame and no humility… time of old, if you had wealth, you did not flaunt it….if things get worse, you may not again for your own well being…

    • Gary2

      conservatives by and large are not very smart (I am being nice here)

      There was a study out of Canada recently that proved conservatives are not as smart as the average person. I would not expect much from conservatives except some parroting back of rush/fox

    • knightowl77

      If you earn the money then you have a right to be proud.

      I never see anyone complain about how much money actors/actresses or sports figures get paid… Which by all accounts is obscene for the amount of work to make a piece of entertainment or play a game….Yet that is what our society now values above else, which is why the money flows there…

      Decry that…..People advocating “Spread the Wealth while Michele Obama pays $1200.00 for a Sundress” while on vacation. Or while she vacations in Aspen or Spain yet no one says a word…Think of all the charities the money spent on those vacations could fund…Double and triple standards apply…

      • gary2

        agreed-tax the actors/sports people hard and spread the wealth.

        It is sickening that MO went on those vacations.

      • Sam I Am

        Good point.
        If America cared more about the country going to pot than a inconsequential football game, we might still have a chance.

  • Jewell

    Interesting that you spent all this space on being reactive instead of proactive. Armageddon is coming, people, let’s all fall down & cry. What tripe.

    This reads like a piece of corporate propagandist trash. Blame the American Worker for why we don’t have jobs. Blame our govt. But oh no, don’t blame BUSINESS. Think about why the stock market has come back up from its earlier lows. Think. Those corporations are HOARDING cash. Just like our banks are HOARDING cash. I noticed you conspicuously left the banks out of this whole conversation, which tells me you’re whining without a full picture, or you’re just full of it.

    Okay, now think about the hoarding of BILLIONS of dollars by these same corporations, made successful by American Workers who’ve now been made redundant by the titans who claim that America “just makes it too difficult for business to remain here & employ Americans”. A bunch of self-serving, capitalistic, elitist hooey. Look who’s making out like bandits. Those are your culprits, not American workers who are simply asking to remain in business.

    The main culprit right now are those who are concentrating wealth in the hands of the few, instead of spreading the wealth around.

    And what about the tax incentives to businesses who provide benefits to their workers? Noticed you didn’t mention that either, and why we got this ridiculous hodge-podge Obamacare, instead of a true single-payer Universal system…??!!

    These same business titans shipped your jobs to foreign countries so they could pay a mere pittance -relative to the American standard of living- and….wait for it…..SO THEY WOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY TAXES HERE. And they don’t pay those foreign workers benefits because in most of those countries, healthcare is paid by their govts! Duh.

    What do you think the net effect of putting people out of work AND not paying your corporate taxes has on our overall economy? Too many of these corporate titans have you believing that you aren’t worth what you were being paid.

    Now, as you’re studying those statistics on stagnating wages, skyrocketing unemployment, the big bad federal govt, think about those whose lives have gotten infinitely better over the last 25+ years. Think. Yes, you got it, those same corporate titans who tell you that you’re no longer worth your salary & benefits. They now make hundreds, if not thousands, of times more than their average AMerican worker because….why? Because they’re worth that much more? What have they done for you lately?

    The only way to combat this concentration of wealth away from average Americans is to buy their stock so you can at least earn dividends & capital gains.

    I submit to you that the reason for our economic downturn isn’t necessarily because we’re paid too much, or our govt extracts too much from business, overtaxes us & them, etc. It’s because the titans of AMerican business have convinced you of your worthlessness & have taken away that which YOU gave to THEM -namely, thriving businesses from which THEY extract obscene salaries….while telling you you’re fired, laid off, made redundant, etc.

    You are a tool, but thanks for providing us with more inanities to clog up the internet airwaves.

    • Gary2

      all good points thanks.

    • Sam I Am

      I follow you (to a point). You say, the only way to combat their concentration of wealth is to buy their stock. Well, most average Americans don’t have much money to play with.

  • karen

    PepsiCo Using HEK-293 Human Embryonic Kidney Cells to flavor Pepsi Products

    • mondobeyondo

      Are you serious?!?!

    • Michelle

      No,they use it in research only, its not in the soda.

  • Joeseph

    Oh sure, the stock market is rocking along well again but watch out, all is NOT well.Take heed:

    1 Thessalonians 5:3 (KJV) For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

  • Greg

    The advertising of the food stamp thing is a boom for J.P.Morgan Chase. They issue the cards and make a ton of money off the program (with your tax dollars) and they fill the pockets of politicians, including Obama, with lobbying money for their elections (cost of doing business). So, while we fight over the left/right thing, both political and business sides are making a lot of money. So continue to fight over who is on a higher moral ground for this food stamp thing and they will be happy you do. Divide and conquer is always the way to keep the masses fighting each other while they both profit from that division and from what I see, it really works. So enjoy your fighting each other while they laugh all the way to the bank.

  • mondobeyondo

    It does indeed appear that we are in the beginnings of a total system failure.

    We are seeing levels of despair and hopelessness not seen since the early ’30s. This time around though, there is pretty much no way out. Our manufacturing base is dismantled. Very few Americans are farmers. Our information technology sector is in trouble as well. The stuff we do have left to sell to the rest of the world – they can buy it cheaper from some other country. Even fruit! Brazil exports some great oranges, and Chile has good plums, nectarines and vegetables. So we’re even being challenged in the farming sector!

    So in spite of the “recovery”, things are progressively getting worse. Yesterday at the grocery store, there were three people ahead of me at the checkout line. Every single one of them used an EBT “food stamp” card for their purchases. These are the bread lines, 2012 style.

    And it’s true, some people look at unemployment as if it is a curse. Or they are just straight in your face insensitive. You know, “Why haven’t you found a job in X months? You must be lazy, there is plenty of work out there”, etc. Get off your derriere and start mowing lawns! Yeah.

    Okay, let me see you pay your mortgage working at McDonald’s or KFC or Walmart. Good luck. By the way, while you pay your $700 or $800 a month mortgage (or whatever the amount is – I pity those who live in NYC or San Francisco!!) – your house will be without electricity, or water, heat and a phone for a while. That’ll get settled in your next paycheck from Mickey D’s, or that other low-wage job. Next month comes. Cool, all the utilities are paid, after a little begging and pleading. Now your mortgage payment is late! Or if you’re renting, your landlord is on your back. He/she is threatening to evict you, if you don’t pay the rent in X days. What if you explain that you’re going through financial hardship, and you’re doing the best you can? Ha ha haaaa. Not their problem! Pay up, or hit the road, Jack. (Literally!)

    Isn’t living in a depression fun?

  • Kevin

    I laugh at you who still see this as a left\right issue. You are blind!! There is no right or left, that’s what they want you to see so they can divide us and fight with ourselves instead of seeing the enemy at hand. Democrates and Republicans in congress are the same. Don’t you people see this? They are a two headed monster. None of them have our best interests. They are all bought and paid for by corporations.

    @Gary2 You sir are a TROLL- Trash Reapeating Online Liberal. You are the problem and people with your mindset are the problem. This country started to go into the toilet when the progressive way of thinking took hold. So 1913 roughly and it has been getting worse every year.

    How’s this gary for the I\We thing. When the civil war comes or revolution please tell me where you live so “I” can personally put a bullet in your skull so “WE” true americans can live the way our Constitution meant us to live.

    • Gary2

      like I said there are a lot of right wing American Taliban with guns and one wonders why some people want gun control.

      Obviously kevin you do not need a high IQ to own a gun as you demonstrate in your post. I know when complex issues are discussed you probably feel left out as you can not understand anything over 2-3 syllables long. The studty from Canada proved conservatives are not as smart as the average person and you perfectly prove that study to be true.

    • Gary2

      what about the other “L” in troll?? Oh I forgot you conservatives can’t read above a third grade level.

    • Kevin2


      What is the matter with you? Who do you think you are to threaten someone because they don’t agree with you?

      ” “WE” true americans can live the way our Constitution meant us to live.”

      We? You from France or something? What “WE” do you speak for? Ever heard of Free Speech? That 1st Amendment thing?

      A seventh grade teacher I had well over four decades ago started every class with a quote. One of them stuck with me all these years.”Although I may disagree with what you say I’ll fight to the death your right to say it”. That sir is what the United States of America is. That is the moral backbone that defeated Hitler.

      You speak of The Constitution? You have no clue……none.

    • MisterC

      You might have to wait in line at gary2’s place 😉

    • Gary2

      And people still wonder why many are in favor of gun control. I think this poster makes the case for way stricter gun laws.

      • bobbobbob

        i like fellow realist thank u

  • Lance

    Forgive me if I am wrong, but wasn’t the American dream about employing yourself? Too many people watching too much tell-lie-vision instead of using their ample time to re-invent themselves. Stop ‘looking for work’ and train yourself to the max. Making your own life is better then working for some crap company anyhow.
    Want a decent future? Go take an introduction to Permaculture course and proceed into the future with dignity.

  • Jack

    The US FED rules the world. And I’m afraid it will stay that way for a long time yet

  • tappedops

    Mr M. … check out this writer over a the “Excavator” im sure you will find some great ideas for future arts… sure the sheep are hepping to the GFC and the prep scene, but do they have the spine to wake up to the BIG picture… will you stick your neck out… go for it bro,you already have crosshairs disease…

  • Jack

    The US FED rules the world. And I’m afraid that it will stay that way for a long time.

  • Klean

    COMPLETELY *****************.

  • Robert

    Find a copy of “The Coming Economic Earthquake” by Larry Burkett from the late 1980’s. He, now deceased, predicted this would happen if things did not change, and they haven’t. I believe he even distributed copies of his book to members of Congress at that time. We were warned long ago…

  • robert

    Good post Mike.

    And to any ATF/CIA,FBI,HS, or any other gov. agency’s…….

    Come try to get my food, guns, bullets, or anything else that is mine. You want to know more about me……..

    find me in the “Oath Keepers” web site. ( stand in the open there.

  • tappedops

    Grats Mr.M… your the top link under Econ over at the Big Shoe– Infowars… ill say it again …carefull what you wish for…

  • Andrew Bulles

    Everyday we are seeing increasing prices for food, services and fuel… Here’s some anecdotal evidence from this past week:

    My local Del taco raised prices on combo meals. The price of the smallest bag of Fritos went up by 10 cents on the printed price on the bag. The price of a haircut at my barber increase by two dollars. I just got my car insurance bill… I’m a distinguish driver with a multi-car discount. The bill went up by 7%! Ouch. My lawn company informed me of an increase of $12.00 per month to continue services. Our water bill is set to increase about 24% soon.

  • I have a question… why the heck are we cooperating with our own demise? Why are we letting the banks take our homes when they falsified documents and fraudulently induced claims and so forth? Why are we willingly paying taxes to a government that hasn’t represented us in many years and is hostile toward us?
    If everyone all decided to quit cooperating and cease paying in, this mess would come to a close fairly fast.

  • jax

    The Rapture of the church is not to far away.

    • Gary2

      Rapture was a great song by Blondie! It was also redone to include a mash up of riders on the storm (the Doors)/rapture (Blondie) by a group called the rapture riders. Excellent song/mash up, one of the best I have heard,

    • Bob

      Jax: the rapture was not taught by Jesus or the early church and is a false teaching. Please read all of the verses surrounding the scriptures used, not just a couple of verses to justify someone else deception. Two in the field, one taken and one left, etc. refers to being ready for the appearing of our Lord. just as the parable of the ten virgins does…
      Read all of the Scriptures as the Boreans did…God Bless

    • Jugbuster

      Yea put your head in the sand! That’ll help. Rapture, what a retard ! ! ! !

  • Alex

    Here in Sweden, it is even worse. Example:

    A worker has a salary of 500 000 SEK. The employer must pay 32% in different social securities and fees. So thats about 150 000 SEK. Then, you pay about 31% in income-tax, which means you get to keep 345 000 SEK from the 650 000 SEK that the employer pays. That’s a 53% income tax!!!

    But it doesn’t end there. We have 25% VAT-tax, property tax, a sky-high gas-tax (the gasprice is about 2x the price in US), and a bunch of other taxes. All in all, here in Sweden, you get to keep about 30-40% of your salary.

    And no, the swedish welfare-state is not working as so many want to claim. Medical care is really bad (unless you get cancer), government is just as corrupt as US Congress and the EU are taking away our civil liberties.

    • DB200

      Yep, the EU is hollowing out the democracies very fast. The euro crisis is the engineered pretext to move all power to the bureaucrats in Brussels. A good example is the ESM. The European Stability Mechanism that eats into the sovereignty of each European nation. That is not democracy, that is slavery: paying taxes and don’t have a say about how it is spend.

  • JerryParker

    These predicaments of decent people are very distressing. I am so lucky to have left the U.S. long, long ago to live in the Dominion of Canada, which is so blessèd in these times so hard elsewhere. However, it is essential that the U.S. “tank”. It is a rogue nation totally out of control, trying to subjugate entire nations and regions in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa, to benefit the AmeriKKKan élite. The only way to stop this monster is for it to fall into economic ruin. When AmeriKKKan taxpayers cannot give their rank government to money for the ammunition and fuel of their military hardware, perhaps then the U.S. finally will sink, thankfully, into obscurity. It is just such a shame that this necessary process is ruining so many lives that deserve much better than this.

    • And how do you think O Canada will fare when the U.S.A goes bust? You may want to read up on Sharia…

    • DB200

      The USA will not tank, it will turn into a police state.

      • Bob

        already is a police state

        • Charles

          The US is already a police state?

          You are veal.

  • Greg

    We are at a point where very few people, around the world, are happy with what is happening economically. The root cause is money in the political systems and the largest of the banking and financial industries are controlling the outcome. We fight each other while they take home the spoils of economic war with the people.
    American history has shown us that we pull together in times of trouble, even as late as 9/11. But from many of these posts, it appears we as Americans are losing that basic trait and if we can not find common ground to fight against the enemies within (economic and political powers), we will not have a nation which showed the world how liberty and a true free enterprise system created the greatest country in world history.

  • the say the wages stayed the same since 2008 thats not true i make .10 cents an hour more.

  • Optimistic Pessimist

    Enough said! Even if you had employees, why would you want to take on extra staff in the short term if you had to lay them off long term. The better way would be just to make better use of the people you had and pay them a bit of overtime which they would gladly take as its more money in their pocket in tough times.

  • Jeff

    Let ’em eat cake!

  • BW

    I am a 30-something, formerly successful oil and gas broker who is now unemployed. I have hundreds of targeted resumes and applications out. I am clean, neat, respectful, intelligent, and dress well. I’m not offensive looking/speaking (proper office attire and appearance). I can’t find a job for the life of me. Last week I shamefully begged a local restaurant owner for a job working in the kitchen. The owner responded that he had “dozens” of applications, and given my work history, was hesitant to hire someone with ambition and a degree. …?

    I’m in Texas. Katie has a home with me should anything happen to her. I mean it. Feel free to share my info with her should she have need of it. We patriot girls must stick together. 😉

    Thanks for the blog, Mr. M.

    • kk

      oil and gas, were you with enron?

  • Describes the damage that has been inflicted upon the American economy in the last few years, making the case for the indisputable charge that we are involved in an economic war for survival. Gives a rundown of areas in which we, the people, can and must demand accountability and fundamental change from the next administration that moves into the White House.

    Thanks Team
    For more info Economic Warfare

  • Lazy Ike

    Regulation: I get a charge out of the Republican politicians complaining about over regulation hurting business. A good deal of the problems we face today are the result of lack of regulation of the financial services industry which led to this mess we are in. I am speaking from the position of having lost a great deal of money to MF Global. Not a person has been sent to jail. Prosecution under the securities laws requires specific intent. Justice uses this as an excuse for not prosecuting. They ignore the trusty mail fraud statute which is a general intent crime, and three violations give rise to a racketeering charge which is 10 years in prison. What privileged people. It a cabal.

  • I live in the beautiful islands of
    Fiji. We have our fair share of issues but the food is cheap, cost of housing cheap. I pay about $270 a month for an apartment here in the city. I don’t have the cost of a car because I live within walking distance to work. I work in telecommunication.
    Food is abundant here, the air is fresh, the beach is 20 minutes away… Life’s good here
    You should all move to Fiji. You are all welcome here to our beautiful island home. Our population is only 700,000 so there is tons of room here. There is a reasonable amount of jobs here also.
    Move to Fiji for a new start. You will all love it here.

  • Dave

    Hello from Australia:

    Just as a comparison, I thought I’d give you a breakdown of what it costs here in australia to employ someone. Take the $59,000 as a starting point. Australian Dollar is about equal with USA Dollar.

    $59,000 less
    -$10,910 federal income tax,
    -$885 (1.5%) levy for the free public healthcare in australia.

    Private Health insurance is not essential in Australia as we have a good public hospital system. If required it is paid for on an individual level.

    Employee Gets $47000 Net take home pay.
    -$5310 superannuation. Employers are also required to pay 9% of an employees salary into a retirement fund (superannuation) of the employee’s choice.
    -2950 – around 5% Payroll tax.

    Total cost to employer: 67260
    Employee Gets to keep 69% of total.

    Australia sure seems a smarter choice for business and workers from where I’m sitting.

    (Guide only, please consult for comprehensive taxation advice).

    • Jay

      Is it true that if you make over $80,000 the government takes 50%?

  • Rick

    ALL of you that say people need jobs are idiots!!!! I don’t want a job, I want LAND! If I have a water supply and some cattle and a garden then I don’t need a fkn job do I? And for the record… the income tax is 100% VOLUNTARY!!! All of you idiots that keep paying it are, in FACT, financing your own destruction!!! Your vote is a joke. Stop paying the corporation of THE UNITED STATES to enslave you!!! Take charge of your legal person, AKA Strawman, and wake the hell up! You can own your land without paying the communist tax if you know what you are doing. The U.S. is 100% COMMUNIST and has been for over 100 years. Stop supporting it. Stop financing your own enslavement and start living like you even have a fuking clue as to what FREE really means!!! I don’t use a drivers license because I don’t “drive”, I travel. My children are FREE, because I didn’t sell them to the state with a fkn bond. WAKE UP!!! Stop acting like a slave and you won’t be one! Almost everything you know is wrong. The vast majority of you that bitch about this shit are completely clueless as to how it happened, and who is behind it all. If you are not spending hours a week trying to find out then why are you on here? Until you wake up and realize that the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Rothschilds, The Queen, the Oppenhiemers, and other elitist parasites OWN you, then you will never even know what freedom is. They tell you what to think, and how to live. Welcome to slavery by deception. YOU VOLUNTEERED TO BE A SLAVE!!!!! STOP SINGING ALL THE FKN CONTRACTS YOU IDIOTS!!!!

    • rickisadick

      Hey Rick, you should change the first letter of your name to a, how do you put it, oh yeah, A FKN D.

  • I see everybody is following suit, their comments are right on- we are not stupid; world. – we are under a bigger control than you may realize- , I agree. You think There is a pre planed plan from Higher? maybe, if our government acknowledges GOD , Yahweh, and follows basic biblical stuff, ” maybe” things can change,. It can, but its up to us., Get with your creator if you know. Then you will know the truth, if not , ask, then you will be freely given the truth if you believe,and you will be able to see it- as everyone here has at this blog…….- no charge.
    Start in the King James original bible. It ain’t gonna hurt. prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, etc are coming to pass……………… There. I’m done

  • Keith

    People will one day go back to work. It’s just a matter of at what price. The days of the West at the top of the food chain are numbered. No longer will the US ( UK, France, Spain, Portugal) military dominate and take resources from the rest of the world at rock bottom prices. The Empire will have to adapt

  • Charlie Jones

    Are you aware of agenda 21? If you are, you understand why this is happening, and if not, you don’t realize this is all a plan.

    In 1992, at the Earth Summit in Rio, the UN presented a plan for the 21st century called “Agenda 21.” Almost every country in the world, including the US, has signed this agreement. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, so I’ll let you do a Google and read about it yourself. There are plenty of videos on Youtube that explain it.

  • dabble

    As to the comment Jeff made about the youth being stupid I don’t think the youth are the only stupid ones. For example I asked my father just the other day what our national debt was. His response was 1.5 trillion!! Seriously! We are about to hit 15.5 trillion. I believe and it has to be true that the G.I. and Boomer generations are the ones who will carry this hardship of economic collapse on their shoulders. I hear all the time “oh we will come out of this ok, just like all the other tough economic times in the past.” Well unfortunately the world is in a much different place and mindset than ever before. America is no longer a super power. We don’t produce enough to sustain a super power status or even employ our citizens to back up our economy. Wake up people! Teach your children the truth. Teach them about God and take away their video games, cell phones, and iPods! They are the only hope to turn our America into a new intelligent America an America that is sustainable in it’s own right!

  • Michelle

    I see everyone complaining, but I don’t see anyone with actual solutions. There is one who is doing just that. Check him out. I agree with all of you that there are problems, but he has the solutions. He has done the research. See if you agree. He would appreciate your feedback. or

  • Steve

    If you live in a family that earns more than $20,000 year gross, you do not qualify for food stamps. Never mind that that type of miserable income doesn’t pay the rent, utilities and groceries….you do not qualify for food stamps and you will have to get food from food pantries as your only alternative. And to get enough food you will be forced to visit at least 3 pantries a month who provide you with only canned food and a few dried, packaged food. And the food pantries are being besieged with exploding numbers of people in longer and longer lines.

    • Prhpa

      That is not true…here in Arizona I could personally introduce you to seven families on my street that have a household income of over 55k a year and all seven enjoy the perks of food stamps and free health care….. want to know how to cash in? Of course you would…but you would already know if you where Hispanic. Hey guess we can’t blame them for living the dream…. Brand new suburbans and Yukon Denali’s, LOL hell my neighbor even told me they don’t pay for child care. It’s great isn’t it. I am a hard working white man I have a 900 dollar a month mortgage, pay 1200 for child care, 500 a month for insurance, I pay for all my utilities and all my expenses, and this is the best part….I PAY FOR MY NEIGHBORS STUFF TOO! Now who is the idiot. He sure showed me.

    • jhunted7667

      How can that Be I see people driving around in new cars using a card that rings out at the register as food stamps

  • JC

    The only problem is our Government and the Credit system

  • Finaly the world wide capitalism goes to an end

  • Patrick

    I was laid off from my job the day I told my boss that my cancer has gone into remission. I’ve worked this job for 13 years and have four kids and a wife who depend on my income to live. Where I was making $230,000 a year, now I make nothing. I’ve been searching for jobs and though I’m an aeronotical engineer with a doctorate, I have become desperate and can’t even get a job at a restaurant. This country has failed me in every way, and I’m on the verge of losing our home. My wife hasn’t worked in 16 years and is having a hard time finding a job as well. I’m even denied unemployment benefits due to having a savings account for my kids college…. Which is now gone. I just hope the collapse happens soon so I can at least be out of debt with the hospitals.

  • anonymous

    Those gays., they like to fight from the hide, They to avoid the laws, those are inside the same government, Many know, they want to be stole the money from some rich men, under last name hughes, he do paying tax, but many persons, they want, to avoid his tax pay.

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