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The U.S. Has An Even Larger Gap Between The Rich And The Poor Than Downton Abbey Does

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The U.S. Has An Even Larger Gap Between The Rich And The Poor Than Downton Abbey DoesThere are two very different Americas today.  In one, the stock market is soaring, high end homes are selling briskly, big banks and hedge funds are rolling in money as if the last financial crisis never even happened, and life is really, really good.  In the other America, good jobs are incredibly scarce, incomes are declining, and poverty is skyrocketing to levels that we have never seen before.  The gap between the wealthy and the poor in America is getting wider with each passing day.  In fact, it is my contention that the U.S. has an even larger gap between the rich and the poor than Downton Abbey does.  If you have never seen Downton Abbey, you really should.  It is one of the most extraordinary shows to appear on television in years.  It is a drama set in the UK which follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants throughout the early part of the 20th Century.  It can be a bit jarring to watch servants wait on their masters hand and foot and refer to them by such titles as “Lord” and “Lady”, but the truth is that in many ways there is more inequality today than there was back then.  As far as people living in the worst areas of cities such as Detroit and Cleveland are concerned, the socialites that live on Fifth Avenue in New York City or in multi-million dollar homes out in the Hamptons might as well be from another planet.  If you have lots of money, America is still a really great place to live.  If you barely have any money, America can be really cold and cruel.  Sadly, our politicians continue to pursue policies that make things even better for those working for the establishment in places such as Washington D.C. and Manhattan, and worse for all the rest of us.  This has especially been true over the course of the past four years.  If nothing is done, the gaping chasm between the rich and the poor will continue to get even worse, and in the end that will have some really severe consequences for our society.

So is the answer to raise taxes and “redistribute” more money to the poor?  Of course not.  Today, we are already paying dozens of different kinds of taxes every year and the government is handing out more money to people than ever before.  But poverty just continues to explode.

What the poor in the U.S. desperately need are good jobs, but we continue to ship millions of good jobs out of the country and Barack Obama continues to pursue policies that are killing the U.S. economy.

There is not much help on the horizon for the poor or the middle class in America, and that should be distressing for all of us.

But things in the wealthy parts of America are going absolutely wonderfully right now.  Let’s take a few moments and contrast what life is like in the two Americas right now…

In the “good America”, stocks are absolutely soaring.  In fact, the S&P 500 closed above 1,500 on Friday for the very first time in more than five years.

In the “bad America”, poverty statistics just continue to get worse.  According to a newly released report, 60 percent of all children in the city of Detroit are living in poverty.

In the “good America”, hedge funds are rolling in the profits.  The Dow just had its best January since January of 1994, and many analysts are projecting that 2013 will be a banner year for the markets.

In the “bad America”, median household income has fallen for four years in a row, and millions of families are really struggling to find a way to pay the bills each month.

In the “good America”, expensive homes are selling at a pace that we have not seen in years.  Just check out what is happening in the Hamptons.  According to the National Association of Realtors, sales of homes worth at least a million dollars were 51 percent higher in November 2012 than they were in November 2011.

In the “bad America”, there are hordes of young adults that cannot find jobs and cannot take care of themselves.  Shockingly, U.S. families that have a head of household that is under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent.

In the “good America”, the “too big to fail” banks are partying like it was 2005 again.  For example, revenues at Goldman Sachs increased by about 30 percent in 2012 and Goldman stock has soared by more than 40 percent over the past 12 months.

In the “bad America”, poverty is exploding and government dependence has become a way of life.  If you can believe it, the number of Americans on food stamps has grown from about 17 million in the year 2000 to more than 47 million today.

In the “good America”, those working for the establishment will do just about anything to make a buck.  For instance, Goldman Sachs made 400 million dollars driving up food prices in 2012 while hundreds of millions around the world existed on the edge of starvation.

In the “bad America”, millions of families are wondering how they will make it until next month.  If you can believe it, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless.  This is the first time that has ever happened in our history.

In the “good America”, everyone has a good ride.  In fact, sales of luxury German-made vehicles set new all-time records in 2012.

In the “bad America”, those that have lost everything are shunned and ostracized.  In fact, many communities all over America are actually making feeding the homeless illegal.

The fact that there is poverty in America should not alarm you.  Every country in the world has poverty.  What should alarm you is how rapidly it is growing.  Even though the Obama administration tells us that we are in an “economic recovery”, things just continue to get worse.  The wealthy elitists in Washington D.C. and New York City may be doing wonderfully, but the truth is that the middle class continues to shrink and just about every poverty statistic that you can think of continues to rise.

If you are convinced that we do not have a “wealth gap” problem in the United States today, just check out the following statistics.  Most of them are from one of my previous articles entitled “The Middle Class In America Is Being Wiped Out – Here Are 60 Facts That Prove It“…

-According to the Economic Policy Institute, the wealthiest one percent of all Americans households on average have 288 times the amount of wealth that the average middle class American family does.

-In the United States today, the wealthiest one percent of all Americans have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

-According to Forbes, the 400 wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans combined.

-The six heirs of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton have as much wealth as the bottom one-third of all Americans combined.

-At this point, the poorest 50 percent of all Americans collectively own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.

-The United States now ranks 93rd in the world in income inequality.

-The average CEO now makes approximately 350 times as much as the average American worker makes.

-Today, corporate profits as a percentage of U.S. GDP are at an all-time high, but wages as a percentage of U.S. GDP are near an all-time low.

Sometimes, when the “good America” and the “bad America” collide, the results are quite humorous.

For example, a 23-year-old homeless Brazilian man and his friends recently decided to “move in” to a 7,522 square foot house down in Florida that is valued at $2.1 million.  The following is from a recent article in the Orlando Sentinel

Bank of America has filed to evict nine squatters from a $2.5-million mansion in a posh Boca Raton neighborhood.

In a filing in Palm Beach County court that names 23-year-old Andre De Palma Barbosa and eight other unknown people, the bank claims rightful ownership of the home – despite Barbosa’s attempt to stake his claim on the foreclosed waterside property by using an obscure Florida real estate law.

Barbosa has been invoking a state law called “adverse possession,” which allows someone to move into a property and claim the title – if they can stay there seven years.

A signed copy of that note is also posted in the home’s front window.

Yeah, they will be able to get him and his friends out of there eventually, but in future years I fear that the conflicts between the rich and the poor will not be so nice.

Already, a very ominous “Robin Hood mentality” is building among the poor in this country.  Many wealthy people don’t even realize that it is happening.  But someday when desperate “flash mobs” are roaming through their neighborhoods looking to do a little “creative redistribution”, then they will get it.

Our society is starting to come apart at the seams, and there is an incredible amount of tension between the rich and the poor.  This is unfortunate, but instead of calming things down many of our politicians are actually exploiting this tension.

When our economy crashes, the class warfare of today may actually turn into real war in the streets.  Desperate people do desperate things, and when people are hungry and they can’t feed their families, many of them will not be afraid to go over to the wealthy neighborhoods and take what they want.

A lot of people don’t want to see them, but dark clouds are building.  According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans are more negative about where America will be five years from now than they have ever been before.  Most people know that we are on the edge of something really bad, even if they can’t really explain it.

It is time to get ready for what is coming.  Even though the stock market is soaring right now, that could change at any moment.  All of the long-term economic and societal trends are pointing to some really bad things in the years ahead, and sticking our heads in the sand and pretending that everything is going to be okay somehow is not going to help.

So what do you think about all of this?

Do you think that the U.S. has an even larger gap between the rich and the poor than Downton Abbey does?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

Downton Abbey

  • Tim

    “In the “good America”, everyone has a good ride. In fact, sales of luxury German-made vehicles set new all-time records in 2012.”

    Yup. BMW Manufacturing Co. is located right here in the upstate of South Carolina, where I live. It’s a busy place. A couple years ago, Martha Stewart came to the plant to pick up her new BMW SUV. The plant just opened a $5 million onsite family health center, which provides health, dental, vision and physical therapy services to BMW employees and eligible retirees. Needless to say, everyone wants a job there!

    • peace angel

      I live in Myrtle Beach and you are right about the economy still being good here. That is why I moved here and because it was the only resort town I could find where “meth” had not taken over, but everything here is built on tourism and once that slows this place will sink like the Titanic.And the welfare rolls are high here also and health care could just take this state down once half the state signs up for that. It will be interesting to see.

      • 2Gary2

        its a sad commentary that 1/2 the state does not have healthcare.

        • peace angel

          They are those people who for 6 decades have never worked and who for 6 decades have taken their gun shot wounds and domestic violence and their sick kids to the ER for free medical care that you and our parents and grandparents paid for in our insurance premiums and this is why a band-aid is $30 in a hospital because millions of ppl. in our nation believe they are entitled to it for sooooo long. I have many family members of mine have worked in ER’s all over the country and one sister in law was at LA General for a few years and not only do they get free care, they bring lots of unnecessary drama to the hospitals and act really entitled and scream racism if they are not the most important person in the ER. It needs to end.

  • stymie

    At least the servants on Downton have jobs with room and board.

  • Rodster

    As Gerald Celente likes to say. “When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT !”

    • Benjamin Collier

      Yep. Desperate people do desperate things….

    • El Pollo de Oro

      And lose it they will. It won’t be pretty.

  • John

    Shale oil revolution will save us. Negative nellies never fare well…look at how much money you’ve cost people by saying to stay out of the stock market!

    • Ralfine

      Shale oil will kill you.

      Instead of importing oil you will need to import drinking water as you are now poisoning your own by fracking.

  • 2Gary2

    The conservatives always go on to criticize the government picking losers and winners. But under the
    Republican Bush tax cuts, we taxed investors at a top rate of 15% and
    working people at a top rate of 35% (plus social security). A non
    working married couple making $85,000.00 in cap gains and dividends,
    pays zero tax, but a working couple making the same pays $16,000.00 in
    income and payroll taxes. Why wasn’t that picking losers and winners? Again more conservative hypocrite.

    • MeMadMax

      Yea so, income tax didn’t even exist in our original capitalist economy… so why aren’t you complaining about that? Oh, yea, thats right, you’re too brainwashed to the Party to know what the system was, and should, really be….

      • 2Gary2

        why not go back even further when we let the poor die in the streets–oh yea that’s right we do that now. They are just more out of sight. Your argument is a false equivalency.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          Hunger wasn’t an issue in first-world nations long before the welfare state. It’s called “charity”. If you fell on hard times, your neighbors and your church would help you get back on your feet. Sure, poor people in times past were skinny and got most of their protein from squirrels and pigeons, but nobody starved to death in America. Now our “poor” have an obesity problem. We’ve all seen the 300lb. woman with 6 kids and no father around buying 3 carriages worth of junk food with food stamps. Why should I have to pay for her poor life choices?

          • 2Gary2

            Yes there are some “one off” examples like what you said, however, the vast majority of the poor work. Its the wages being so low.

        • MeMadMax

          My step dad said almost the same exact thing when I started throwing up facts and questioning the purpose of obamacare….

    • FounderChurch

      The difference is that Republicans pick winners to be winners, while Democrats insist on picking losers to be winners. No way to bet on a horse race.

    • peace angel

      There is NO difference in conservatives and liberals or democrats or republicans—unless they are on TV talking to American sheeple like you—-they are all your enemy—

      I have been writing the speeches (lies) that they tell you on TV for four decades and they are all on the same page the entire rest of the time. All of them. Lots of Americans will wake up in a FEMA concentration camp one day soon when the gov will be taking care of all of us if something does not wake up this doped up, dumbed down nation. Seriously, the ARMY has been hiring “internment” guards for a decade and many of the 800 camps Halliburton has built are already being occupied. The NDAA act makes it impossible to make a phone call, hire a lawyer or have a trial if this machine deems you a terrorist. There are 400 ways you can be labeled a terrorist to include collecting rain water, holding prayer meetings in your home or growing veges to sell on the side of the road if you have not used poisonous GMO seeds to grow it. See SWAT teams on youtube that Obama has sent out to harass and arrest these moms and pops.The NDAA act has ruled that all our war veterans are “psychotic” and a “threat to national security” and thousands of them are missing and assumed to be in FEMA camps. 20.000 civilians are missing in Virginia alone.

      Bush Sr,. signed Agenda 21 agreeing to create a new world order in 92 and Clinton made it law by executive order the same year. For 5 decades before that they were “together” at Bohemian Grove and the Bilderburg meetings annually for the past 130 years, where they decided on and chose our POTUS. and where they got drunk and played golf or the “cremation of care” or made human sacrifices in their worship of Babylon. And at these meetings they plot how to legislate and create a one world order and have totally been successful in overturning our constitution, bill of rights and declaration of independence in the process. The last thing to do is confiscate all our weapons so when the Chinese and UN armies show up at your house in the middle of the nite to take you to the camps you cannot fight back. Oh, in addition to writing speeches for this machine, my best friend has worked inside the White House for four decades in a division at the very top of the rung. They are punkin’ you son, and you need to get off of here and go get some new news sources. I cannot believe you read michael’s articles and think redistribution is a good idea. WOW

  • K

    If this had happened as an honest result of capitalism I might not object. But it did not. For at least the last three decades. The rules for the rich, and the rules for the poor, have been very different. The game is rigged. An alliance between the rich, the bankers, industry and the federal government. That is called Fascism. This has all happened before, and it is happening again. For those of you, that have to see the swastikas, before you will believe. I think you will find, you have waited until too late..

    • 2Gary2

      Capitalism ALWAYS devolves into the crony capitalism we have today. This is a major and inherent flaw in capitalism. Trying to “fix” capitalism is like polishing a turd.

      • MeMadMax

        Yea, thats why the chinese dumped your precious soviet style economy for capitalism…

        • Makati1

          China is not pure capitalist. Not by as long shot. It has capitalist touches, but will return to communist controls eventually, after they have suckered in as much Western investment as they can get. When they don’t need the West, it will revert or be the kind we have today in the Us, run by the wealthy for the wealthy.

          • FounderChurch

            Stop dreaming you communist.

        • 2Gary2

          I never advocated communism ever. I do not get why conservatives keep calling everything they do not get communism. Is capitalism and its supporters so insecure that any criticism of the capitalist system bothers you so much. I am simply pointing out flaws in capitalism that need to be addressed for it to work properly. You should look at the Scandinavian countries for an example of how we need to be doing things.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            Scandinavian countries are center-left, the US was traditionally center-right. True US conservatives prefer a small, efficient government that provides maximum liberty, Scandinavian countries don’t work like that. I will admit one of the most important functions of government in a capitalist system is to protect the citizens from corporations. Our government has obviously failed at this, but our current government doesn’t follow the system laid out by the founding fathers.

          • FounderChurch

            They are busy dumping the socialism we are now instituting.

          • MeMadMax

            And anyone that disagress with you is automatically a conservative?
            Sounds like a snotty narrow minded libtard to me, who has a chip on his shoulder and has to lash out at the world because he is mad for some reason…….

          • 2Gary2

            no I am simply calling out the foolishness of those (almost always conservative) who mindlessly call everything they do not understand communism.

        • FounderChurch

          The Chinese are not as stupid as Westerners.

      • Ralfine

        Well, according to Marx, capitalism is necessary. Communism will only be possible after capitalism.

        • FounderChurch

          Back to the glories of the USSR in the USA.

          • Ralfine

            Well, if you believe Marx, the USA is closer to communism than the USSR ever was, since the capitalism in the USA is higher developed.

            The USSR was just another form of monarchy, with the emperor selected from a very small circle.

      • FounderChurch

        Another Democrat Communist.

    • FounderChurch

      Ah, so communism must be the answer so we can make America the paradise Communism made Russia.

      • Ron

        The word Communism is very much romantic, touchy and inspiring… but it is impossible to establish communism entirely to a country. The most serious threat is the chance of the higher authorities to get corrupted…

    • FounderChurch Church

      Read my posts on this site and on google+

  • 2Gary2

    the only way to solve the extreme wealth and income disparity is for the gov to tax the rich and redistribute the money into programs that help the rest of us non rich such as food stamps, maybe not taxing the first 10,000 of income single payer healthcare etc. The gov is the only entity that has the power to do this.

    • Nexusfast123

      Not sure I agree totally with that. They are doing that now to keep a lid on society blowing up through the food stamp and other welfare programs. Only focusing on this will only result in a redistribution of a shrinking pie.

      What would be more relevant is the Administration changing policies to choke off the off-shoring, in-shoring, out-sourcing binge via a rejection of globalisation and free trade. This is stripping the US of its productive capacity. Changes to tax policies to encourage capital formation in the US would help.

      • 2Gary2

        the best welfare is a good job. I agree with this 100%. However it must be a GOOD job and not some walmart mcdonalds job.

        • MeMadMax

          Then tell your precious gov’ment to stop making our money worthless and making it easy for business to send jobs overseas then… You want the perceived easy way out by taxing the rich(an excuse made up by FDR by the way), instead of doing the hard work and decisions like reducing inflation and getting rid of free trade acts…

          • 2Gary2

            But what FDR did worked. What we do now doesn’t

          • FounderChurch

            What FDR DID NOT WORK. Unemployment was higher in 1942 than it was in 1932 when he took office. He didn’t create one job in the private sector in ten years, and Obama has the same terrible record, just as Jimmy Carter did.

          • Mondobeyondo

            I’d have to dispute that. Unemployment in 1932 was close to 25 percent. In 1942, the country had begun to hire people for the war effort – especially women (“Rosie the Riveter”), because their men were off fighting the war, and weren’t available to work. Someone had to make those bullets and bombs, and build those airplanes.

            I do agree that the vast majority of jobs created in the Depression were government mandated. A sample of FDR’s government alphabet soup: AAA (American Agricultural Association), CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority), WPA (Works Project Administration)….

          • FounderChurch

            Thank you for having at least half a brain. But unemployment was closer to 12 percent in 32 and still 12 percent December 7, 1941 when pearl harbor happened. If I’m wrong give me the exact figures, but even if you are right, the difference was because of enormous hiring by government. Private sector unemployment, and employment was flat for 10 years, as I figured it. But give me the exact figures. Leave out anything after 12 7 41

          • FounderChurch


        • bwoboe1

          I agree! Those jobs are evil slavery.

          • FounderChurch

            Typical Democrat contempt for both work and the poor who do the work. Democrat Elitist Snobs are ruining our Country and the world.

          • bwoboe1

            Contempt for companies who pay workers o little that they qualify for food stamps and Medicaid subsidized by the taxpayer. All in the name of corporate profits.
            It is evil to not provide enough to guarantee basic life needs to your employees.

          • FounderChurch

            Typical Democrat Snob Know It All.

            Much Disgusting Contempt I Have For Such.

            You are living total unreality, and clearly HATE all Business, and the poor,

            America doesn’t need your phony socialist maudlin “concern” for poor people.

            I have listened to hypocritical types like you all my life and I retch at just the thought of your type of blathering.

            But, thanks for posting your views nonetheless.

          • bwoboe1

            Go work at Walmart for a year and whatever happens do NOT apply for food stamps or medical aid for you or your family. Put your money where your mouth is. Walk a year in someone else’s shoes.

            I get tired of people claiming to speak for Christianity and then acting 100% opposite of what Jesus taught in the bible. Judge not lest ye be judged.

        • FounderChurch

          That is exactly where you Democrats are wrong. Anyone can live and save money working for McDonald’s if they give up their vices, and stop wasting their money on 12 dollar movie tickets for the whole family to see filthy violent, garbage can movies that rot their children’s brains.

          • 2Gary2

            You can defiantly live on mcdonalds wages if you give up the vice of healthcare, living indoors and eating.

            You are spouting nonsense.

          • Mondobeyondo

            Yeah, but the increase in your rent, bills and other expenses will eat up any money you’ve saved otherwise.

            You’ll never be rich working as a Big Mac Chef or fry guy at McDonald’s. You have to work your way up to manager, then middle manager, regional manager, and then top dog CEO.

          • FounderChurch

            WRONG AS USUAL::::: Picture this, a four foot tall Chinese person who can’t speak a word of English, and is ugly as sin, gets off a boat without legal papers, and zero skills, and takes a job working for 2 dollars an hour in Chinatown washing dishes, and saves one of each of those dollars, by sleeping in someone’s closet for nothing while he shines their shoes, and washes their windows for his keep.

            He then somehow some way he strikes it big pays for legal papers, and gets an actual job at McDs. He then begins logging on for social security and a hundred other benefits, and make 10 dollars an hour that he saves 8 of.

            After ten years of this, he owns the apartment house you live in, and evicts you for non-payment of rent, and can retire for life if he wants to.


          • Mordred

            Ugly as sin chinese man? Tell us again about what a good Christian you are.

            And what dreamworld are you living in if you think anyone in this country can “save” 8 out of 10 dollars an hour.

          • FounderChurch

            Pick, pick, you have nothing intelligent to add to anything. Disgusting. AND PLUS YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG AS USUAL. Pitiful, Pitiful. Get an education…

          • FounderChurch

            Of course YOU can’t but YOU are a lazy American who thinks he is entitled to be supported by others. I’ve done it, others have done it, and it can be done. Only YOU and other layabout Democrats can’t do it

      • FounderChurch

        Changing all the laws state, local and federal to make it easier for home businesses to be created would help the poor, and society the most.

        I can have 12 dogs and 12 cats on my property, but if I have one chicken to lay an egg for my child, I will be put in jail by Democrats, who worry that if anyone heard a chicken cackle in the neighborhood their property values would fall.

        This suicidal Democrat tyranny must end for us to be well again.

    • Ubwart

      Nope, I completely disagree there. Why should I work and get paid only fifity cents on the dollar after income taxes? Why put my blood sweat and tears into making a living only to see the government take it and distribute it to people who won’t work? While I do believe there are substantial reasons for goverment, I think our government is much to large and has taken on rolls that were never intended.
      The government is not your friend. It is, at best, a necessary evil and, at worst, a tyrannical monster.
      Unfortunatly the reason detriot is a big sh**hole is because the people with human capital left many years ago. Call me a racist if you like, but Detroit is something like 93% black. All the smart blacks left right after the whites. There is no hope for that city nor most of the people in it. The people there just do not have the ability to contribute to a civilized nation.

      • 2Gary2

        I understand what you are saying, however, simply looking back in history shows that high taxes on the rich correlate with a growing middle class. You are simply wrong. Many studies have shown that people do not “work less” when taxes are high on the rich. Many of the rich then reinvest in their businesses which helps us all. ALSO-MOST OF THE POOR ARE WORKING-WAGES ARE TOO LOW. I would even go so far as to say the poor probably work harder than the rich. You try working 2-3 part time low pay jobs and juggle your other responsibilities.

        Are there poor people who “sit around and do not work”?–yes and studies have shown it is between 3-5%. The other 95-97% ARE working. I have no issue going after those 3-5% but not at the expense of the 95-97%.

        • PEACE ANGEL

          50% of all men in the US do not have a job and michael I think was who wrote about this recently. If not him it was someone whose stats I trust just as much. I have done volunteer work with gangsters and hoodrats for four decades in 17 states and 50 cities and so far have worked with thousands of young blacks and hispanics. And I can tell you that I have not met one kid yet who was not a convicted felon before they were 18. All of their fathers were convicted felons and career criminals and their grand and great grandfathers were convicted felons.Lots of their moms were also convicted felons and/or crackheads. None of these guys and girls can work ever in the US and the rich could not carry them for generations past or future. All of them have lots of babies and baby mamas on welfare and I go there to get them jobs or help them build businesses and 95% of them do not want to work. No one has gone to work in their “hood” for decades. I have been in these areas at 8 or 9 in the morning. “Ain’t nobody tryin’ to leave for work.” I worked with rock stars and jock stars for decades too and was in a position to make a talented kid into one or the other, but even those kids did not want to work esp. like an 80 hour week like these stars do. And they sure don’t want ten “handlers” telling them what to do and when to do it. “Ain’t nobody fixin’ to tell me what to do and where to go.” So think again about this redistribution to the “poor” whose mamas knew they were poor and everyone else they knew was and had been poor forever. And when you title them as poor, you really need to get that poor is not as big a problem as lazy. This is their cancer. There was a time when anyone could get out of poor, but when the welfare coffers all run dry and they will soon, then these poor ppl will be at your house. “Believe that”—-home invasions are on the rise in every town and soon they will be mobs. Not only that I am 60 and have been working 80-100 hour weeks since I was 6 yrs old on my daddy’s ranch and I have never had kids because by high school I knew this was coming by studying the Bilderburg group who were already in charge and on this path and I chose not to bring a kid into this mess, but I have paid boatloads of taxes for other ppl to multiply like rabbits and I have spent a fortune for career criminals to go in and out of jail hundreds of time because inside is often better than outside and I have paid for our emergency rooms to fill up with violent criminals night after night since the Italian Mafia and the Hell’s Angels came to America and I am sick of it. It takes 65 people working, (not entrepreneuring and banking overseas) but WORKING for ONE person to be on food stamps. Who will pay for that soon??? NOT the 1% ppl. when they set up the new world order is when they began exempting themselves from taxes and banking overseas. SHEESH —ppl like you have no sense of economics or what is going on in the nation. AND THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM AND UNTIL PPL GET IT—IT CANNOT GET FIXED AND IT IS TOO LATE TO FIX IT i BELIEVE IF THE WHOLE NATION GETS IT TOMORROW—BUT NO WORRIES THAT WILL HAPPEN.

          • 2Gary2

            you do make some good and valid points. thanks

        • FounderChurch

          Way over half of our population live on one form or another of welfare and do not work at all.

          Everyone on this earth from 2 to 102 should work at something to pay for the food they eat, NO EXCEPTIONS. “Neither shall ye work neither shall ye eat.”

          • 2Gary2

            what about the corporate welfare which is way higher than any welfare for the poor?

      • 2Gary2

        I think you also may be getting marginal tax rates confused with regular tax rates. There is no scenario that 50% of all your earnings would be taxed.

        • FounderChurch

          When you add all the taxes people pay direct and indirect the government is taking way over 50% of our income. When you buy a loaf of bread for 3 dollars, half of that 3 dollars is taxes you are paying for a worthless government that doesn’t produce a single thing of value, but sucks the blood of the people, mostly the poor people.

        • Peace Angel

          wrong again Gary—where do you get your news??? 100% of all nations who have “free health care” are taxed at at least 50% and most of them are trying to go back to private practice health care especially canada. by the time this free health care is fully implemented you too will be paying 50% in taxes because that is what it costs. These increases in taxes have already been put into the free health care bill and yes, I have read it. They are already there. The American Psychiatric Assoc recently reported that 50% of all Americans are clinically depressed (because the gov. has been poisoning us for 6 decades) and 50% of all the nuclear power plants have been leaking radiation poisoning into our soil and ground water for decades and poisoning baby shots and all the FDA approved RX that half the nation consumes.Many of these ppl are on gov support and most are white ppl who are lazy. I have been working with it for two decades without gov poisons. Our teachers have been putting kids on these psychotropic drugs for two decades and now that kids are reaching 20 and cannot afford $500 per mo. RX bills they are getting off of them and onto crack and heroine or just getting off and killing ppl. in massacres. If you check the Front Sight website you will see a recent article detailing out all of these in the US and many from around the world and 100% of these shooters were on anti-depressants or were in withdrawal. Welfare was sold to the american ppl as payment ONLY to the mentally or physically disabled. And another thing gary—these poor ppl are not poor. They live ten ppl to a house by choice and drive nicer cars than you do and have 60-80 in big screens and all of it is from combining your tax money and having lots of unwanted,uncared for,unloved and always neglected children who do not have happy lives and do not have mentors or teachers and at very young ages have heard and seen things you couldn’t handle hearing and seeing. Believe that—-

      • Ralfine

        You have nothing to worry about.

        If you are hard working, it is unlikely you are a billionaire. Billionaires do not work. They get their money from other people working for them.

        Even if you just earn 1 million per year, your hourly rate would have to be about $350.

        To be a billlionaire, your income would need to be hundred times that, to become a billionaire in a reasonable time between school and death.

        Who would pay this much?

      • FounderChurch

        The problem is those Blacks in Detroit are DEMOCRATS. It is not their skin, but their political attitudes that is killing them. Democrat Government has done this to them and we are next.

      • JustanOguy

        Spot on Ubwart.

    • FounderChurch

      Government is the problem not the solution to anything. All our troubles are traceable to Democrat Government excesses.

    • Ron

      Yeah… well said. Thats the way should be.

  • 2Gary2

    Michael while I agree and compliment you on this article–one of your best–we disagree on taxing the rich. When rates were way higher on the rich and corporations the country did much better. High corporate tax rate=more money invested in the business and not taken out as that way the tax can be avoided.

    I for one can not think of a single example of why private business should be trusted with less regulation than we already have. Please do not use the too much regulation line. If anything we have way too little regulation.

    The rich need to realize that the poor outnumber them by a wide margin and that most of the poor are armed. The rich can either buy peace by spreading their wealth or at some point their wealth will simply be taken at gunpoint. Our fellow poster El Pollo calls this the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax that is so common in other banana republic countries.

    There is not even close to equal opportunity in this country for everyone to have a chance of succeeding and the deck is rigged. we tried the republican way of cutting taxes on the rich to the lowest level ever and that did not work..where are the jobs??? Time to now try taxing the rich very hard and redistributing the wealth.

    • Nexusfast123

      It is a good point you make re. tax rates. During the high growth periods of the 50’s and 60’s tax rates were high on high income earners. So the argument that high tax rates stalled growth fallacious one. Moreover, during that period the ratio of CEO earnings to the average worker was low and perhaps there was more a sense of we’re all in it together.

      Now CEO to average earnings is off the scale. CEO’s in may US transnationals don’t even associate with US workers any more as much of their operation is off shored or done by cheap in-sourced labour. Less of a we’re all in it together and more narcissistic in terms of what is in it for me and how can I screw from the system. One million is not enough for this type of person. They have a disorder and want ten million, a hundred, a billion, etc, and can’t see how morally and ethically repugnant it is to enrich yourself while impoverishing others.

      Lower tax payments means the rich, their corporations, etc, are free riding the system.

      • 2Gary2

        I have heard it said that in the depression era everyone had a sense that we are all in this together–there were stories about wall street people jumping off tall buildings and people could see former CEO’s selling apples in the street. This is why the new deal was possible. Now there is no sense that we are all in this together as Micheal’s article so eloquently explains.

        People look around at the tiny minority reaping all the gains while their income and and living standards are falling. They see the people who caused the problem not getting punished but getting even richer and getting appointments to Obama’s cabinet which is basically all wall street insiders.

        Look at HSBC which was laundering money for the drug and terrorists and all they get is a slap on the wrist fine yet the average person who sells a little coke/pot on the street is thrown in jail.

        we can have concentrated wealth or a democracy but not both. Lois Brandis was correct.

        • FounderChurch

          BUT WE HAD GOD THEN. But Since Democrats killed God, the world is upside down.

          • 2Gary2

            God can not die, therefore he can not be dead as you say.

          • texasjo

            Probably might say “ignored,” and God will ignore those who ignored him when their time comes. God help us all…come back into our lives.

        • HecatesMoon

          It is making me sick to see what is going on, but we differ in view as to how it should be managed.
          We don’t have capitalism. That’s for sure. With capitalism, the government says, no matter how big a company is, “If you FALL, you FALL.” … and they let them.
          I don’t know how to handle companies throwing wads of cash at politicians, but if they couldn’t, the government wouldn’t have motive to rig things in their favor. They wouldn’t have any motivation to look the other way when people loaded with cash did wrong. THAT needs to be stopped.
          How…I don’t know…but it does.
          Loop holes on taxes? Yeah…stop it, but rather than spreading it around, I think people need to be ALLOWED to take care of themselves. We’re not allowed.
          You can’t store food, can’t have a garden, can’t keep chickens. In some states, you can’t harvest water. These are things that would be promoted if mega companies weren’t whispering in politicians’ ears and dangling money in their faces.
          I don’t think you can trust government with anything that’s personal. Nothing.
          I think, Gary, in order to see a return to the mindset of “we’re all in this together”, we have to be ALLOWED to be that. When there are government programs supposedly “taking care of” everyone (while there’s something in it for their buddies), people don’t have to rely on or turn to their friends and family and neighbors. When we didn’t have these things, that is what we had to do and people helped one another because it could be them one day.
          Now, with the mindset we have, I am afraid to see these programs removed, because I DON’T want people to suffer who don’t deserve to suffer, but without government interference in business and our personal lives, the rich wouldn’t get special treatment and communities would be tighter knit and THAT is how we would deal with that 3-5% of moochers. People around them would KNOW who needed a hand up and who was looking for a hand out.
          My load of nonsensical rambling for the day. Thank you. *bows, blows kisses, bows…*

          • HecatesMoon

            Three kids, new chickens escaping quarantine, I have trouble holding my thoughts together in one place for very long. Heh
            I just wanted to add or round all this up by saying that BOTH collectivism and individualism are necessary. Balance, balance, balance. But I think the very thing you’re looking for in people is lost when collectivism if forced. When people have money taken whether they agree or not and it is handed to an unknown face, collectivism is lost. It’s also lost to the person that is giving it. When people take a number in an office and sit or stand in line to receive benefits, it is lost. When the medicaid card comes in the mail it is lost.
            Farmer Brown takes a basket of veggies to Widow Black. Susie buys little Bobby down the street a new pair of shoes. That’s true collectivism. Face to face interactions, seeing the results around us creates the sense of connectedness. “Our friends and neighbors need help… let’s help them…” Each person choosing to help or not is individualism.
            And individualism is just selfishness without laws that keep one person from harming another.
            Regulating things….it just doesn’t work, it just gets screwy. That’s how you end up with an EPA flying drones over farmers’ properties while turning their head to the family whose water is bubbling!! from fracking.
            You can’t save everyone. You can’t stop every bad thing from happening, but where a difference can be made, it’s only the combination of true individualism and collectivism that can really solve things WITHOUT all these little regulating groups.
            Individualism is what makes someone believe that their personal actions can make a difference. It’s the collection of ALL those individuals that DOES make a difference. Society has to respond, not government. When society TRULY responds IF you don’t have a government that’s intertwined with businesses, then companies change things if they don’t want to go broke– that could include everything from treatment of workers to environmental friendliness.
            Maybe I’m just unrealistic….

          • K

            A Government of the people and for the people is all that is needed. Will the people of this Country ever have such a Government again. No, because while they yell for equality, they do not mean it. Each group is seeking an advantage. And each group has learned to hate. Civil discourse, no longer seems possible. If you know your history. This level of madness, always ends bloody. And for those of us in the middle, who would just like to live out our lives peacefully, I no longer believe that is an option we will have.

          • HecatesMoon

            Our whole mentality anymore is an “I’m helpless” mentality. We’ve been taught that, and I guess from the money perspective it’s a good mentality to teach. You can’t get much off of people if they know they don’t need you.
            You know in all the places I lived before I never once thought to grow a garden???
            We even lived in a place ON A FARM and I never once considered a garden or chickens! Not once! Never occurred to me, even when I was hungry!! That’s how helpless and disconnected…
            But I don’t know…
            Maybe there’s hope.
            There are lots of people…more and more…who are stopping in their tracks, taking off their blinders, and looking at what’s REALLY around them. There are more and more people saying, “I don’t want to live this way of life anymore”, and they are taking off their designer shoes and trading them in for sloggers. 😀
            People are starting to vote with their personal choices and their wallets.
            And maybe we can help to develop and spread the shift in consciousness.
            And maybe…. just maybe…things won’t have to turn violent…. maybe…

          • K

            No one hopes you are right more than me. It is the level of unreasoning hate. That is setting off my alarm bells.

          • HecatesMoon

            K…guess what I got. 😀
            I got three turkey hens, three silver laced wyandottes, and a set of Welsh Harlequin ducks! And I’m starting to see fertility in my eggs again which means…CHICKS! soon. I will now start having the ability to support my poultry addiction all by myself soon. No more of the boyfriend complaining about my feed bill. Ha!!
            (… I know everyone…totally not appropriate conversation for the site, but I like K. 🙂 )

          • K

            HecatesMoon, outstanding. This is an example of time well spent. What could be more appropriate?, Than the steps you are taking to prepare your family. You have come a long way, in a short time..Your positive attitude brightens my day..

          • HecatesMoon

            Those are just my new acquisitions! 😀
            I have my mutt flock, and they are where I get my eggs and meat.
            I have Lavender Orpingtons. They are so pretty!:D I’m going to sell chicks from those. And I need to find a Silver Roo to go with the three wyandottes so I can sell those too.
            I had one set of Royal Palms, now we have a trio so I’m going to sell Royal Palm poults. The other two, one is a cross and the other is a bourbon red so I figure we will eat their offspring since those will be mutts.
            And the ducks? Well…they’re just cute! IF I can FIND the ducks’ eggs I will probably hatch and sell those too…plus a duck now and then for dinner. 😀
            I have birds everywhere!!! lol
            K… what I do is, I just look around me. I list in my head all the things I know how to do and the things John knows how to do, and I tell myself, “WE WILL BE OK” because really…. if we end up NOT being ok…well, what will there be to be done about it by then anyway? :

          • K

            Very good. One thought., On the old frontier, they usually had a hidey hole somewhere on the property. A small space where you could put the kids in case of a problem. Often they were small rooms under a chicken coop, or some other out building. While I hope you will never need such a thing. It is also a good place to put things, you do not want others to find. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Your family is blessed to have you.

        • JustanOguy

          @2Gary2:disqus — Ever wonder why there was no “Real Change” when the Dems had full control of the White House, Senate and Congress?

          Bush tax cuts could have been ended, tax rates on the rich could have been raised, big corporation loopholes could have been erased, etc, etc..

          But that did not happen… did it?

          Nope… the rich got even richer. Big corporations got even richer with “stimulus” money contracts. My Congresswoman (D) became a Multi-Millionaire while the majority in our district saw our net worth go down.

          Should tell you something. (I hope.)

          • 2Gary2

            you make some excellent points. Thanks

      • FounderChurch

        Since the Democrats killed God, everything has gone down hill including the morals of our richest, who now have NO self restraints, even from God.

        • Mondobeyondo

          The Democrats didn’t kill God. The Democrats shot themselves in the foot, and blamed God for firing the gun.

        • bwoboe1

          Please do not bring God of the Holy bible into this. If I read your posts on this forum and didn’t know the bible, I would have contempt for the ‘Christians’ who were professing to speak for God while ignoring his tenets and teachings. Love thy neighbor, not scorn thy neighbor.

      • Ubwart

        Nope, high tax rates do not equal high tax revenues. When RR cut tax rates and when John Kennedy did the same revenue increased. The reason is simple when you can keep more of your money by being productive you have an incentive to do so.

        • Hammerstrike

          President John F. Kennedy proposed tax cuts in response to the high unemployment of 1960, but these were only instituted in 1964 and only impacted the US economy in 1965-1966.

        • JustanOguy

          Agreed… except for when those tax cuts were put in place, the tax rates were a lot higher then they are today. How much more can you cut taxes to have the same effect that the two you mention had? Not much…

          There is plenty of money going into D.C. right now….. problem is that D.C. is spending insane amounts of money.

          When the Federal Budget was $2 Trillion in 2000… I think the country was doing much better then the $3.8 Trillion it’s spending right now.

      • JasonD

        I’ve long said that if I owned a corporation, I’d start a new trend by going over to India, Vietnam, etc. and finding a very bright MBA to run the company and pay them peanuts. If they started getting greedy I’d simply dump him/her and get another one.

        It occurs to me that the shareholders of other companies would quickly demand to be relieved of the financial burden of paying an exorbitant salary to a guy with a silver spoon stuck up his derrière to attend a few meetings and mostly play golf.

        This is the type of warfare that the elites play on the rank-and-file employees of these companies via outsourcing and offshoring so I don’t see why it couldn’t apply to them as well.

        • Dave

          shareholder compensation votes are nearly alway done in a “non-binding, advisory capacity only” the system is fixed, read the fine print …

    • Ubwart

      I like that you wrote “in other bananna republic countries”. I think that sums up the United States at this point. Oh, for an Octavian today.

      • FounderChurch

        Yes, but Octavian was a Republican Conservative who urged his people to have large families again, and live vice free lives. Unfortunately for Rome they did not take his advice and the rest is history. Where is Rome today?

        • Ubwart

          My point exaxtly. a Republican who encouraged tradtional values.

        • 2Gary2

          Rome is in Italy. Sorry I could not resist.

    • FounderChurch

      Read my opening post on this whole subject.

    • Thomas Jefferson

      The rates were higher, however because of loopholes and write offs no one paid those rates. The actual tax paid was much lower than today.

    • JustanOguy

      2Gary2 — One of your best comments ever. However… as Michael states in the article:

      “Sadly, our politicians continue to pursue policies that make things even better for those working for the establishment in places such as Washington D.C. and Manhattan, and worse for all the rest of us.”

      All you have to look up is the big fraud that recently took place with FHFA controlled agencies selling off huge blocks of homes at deep discounts to big “qualified” investors to be turned into rental homes for some insane investment returns. Now in some of the areas where this took place, first time homebuyers can’t even find a home to buy even if they are qualified to do so…. and getting priced out of the market because of the Government manipulation.

      As for your Rich vs. Poor gun statement. The Rich can pay the poor for protection if it ever comes down to that. Just do a little research on what happened after the USSR collapsed. Former soldiers were being hired to knock off people for as little as $500.

      Besides that… go out and try to buy some ammo right now. You really think it’s the poor people cleaning out the shelves and buying thousands of rounds at a time? Lol..

      My point is… as I’ve stated in the past… You really should stop the Rich vs. Poor drama because it’s the policies in Washington D.C. that are enabling the rich to become Filthy Rich…. while the middle class continues to go down the tubes paying for the poor.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Get ready for “Civil War 2: Rage Against the Machine” in a few years. But it won’t be between the North and the South. It will be between the mega-wealthy and the extreme poor. There’s only so much the poor can take, before they explode in rage.

    • 2Gary2

      You are correct–good insight!

    • Ubwart

      I think it may be as early as this year. Lets see if the drought lasts a bit longer. If it does then food prices must go up and well

  • Alasha

    when, when, when. Max Keiser says by April it will be a definite move to let the WORLD know where we are heading…. sigh

  • MeMadMax

    You couldn’t pay me to live in the UK.

    I don’t know where you get your information at but their “middle class” and poor are the equivelent to our poor… They are just used to it is all. Also, the UK is one step away from being a communist country. Just check out all the survialance they do… its insane. So yea, percieved “stability” in the UK, but you live under the thumb of big brother… in a big way…

    • FounderChurch

      Sounds like they are doing the right thing.

  • 2Gary2

    Bobby Jindal is also now pushing to eliminate state income taxes. Governor Jindal’s plan would reduce taxes on his state’s top 1 percent an average $25,423 and raise taxes on middle-income households by $534.
    How do the people keep electing these buffoons???

    • FounderChurch

      He is making Louisiana a rich state, and the poor will benefit by a booming economy in LA, and he will be reelected, and probably elected President in 2016.

      • 2Gary2

        I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Sorry Bobby, your in the wrong
        party. For you to win the Republican Nomination, … You Need The Tea
        Party, And You Need The Christian Right. Last Time Around they took a
        chance and went with a Morman. Not happening this time. They are going
        with a White, Conserv., Christian, Male. Period. You don’t fit the bill.
        Sorry just the way it is. You may get a VP consideration, that is the
        most you’d get. Sorry Bobby, your in the wrong party.

      • 2Gary2

        It seems to me LA is one of the poorer states and bobby has been gov for quite a while–I would call him a fail.

        • flotsamoverbd

          LA is not a state….I couldn’t resist that.

  • 2Gary2

    Stat of the Week

    The world’s 100 richest billionaires netted $240
    billion in income last year, calculates the Bloomberg Billionaire
    Index. That would be enough, notes an Oxfam International report released last week, to end extreme global poverty four times over.

    The ONLY moral thing to do is to redistribute this wealth. I know it would take a concerted effort on the worlds countries but it could be done. where are the rich gonna hide their ill gotten wealth on the moon?

    • FounderChurch

      There are 200+ countries and everyone of them everyday, beg the rich to come live in their country and bring their money. The Rich will never not have a place to escape to with their money, and brains. And in any case, what the rich possess is intelligence and character, something you know nothing about. That is their real money.

      • 2Gary2

        Its hard to argue with your irrationality.

  • 2Gary2

    The highway officials who run the Beltway stretch
    that winds through Northern Virginia have just opened up the nation’s
    latest set of “Lexus lanes.” For a stiff fee, affluent motorists can
    now zip around the Beltway in “express toll lanes” while their less
    affluent fellow motorists sit stalled in rush-hour traffic jams.

    And those fellow motorists do a lot of stalling. The Washington
    region has more traffic congestion than any other major metro area in
    the entire United States.

    so, in an ever more unequal United States, we get more Lexus lanes.
    For the affluent, the lanes make for an ideal solution. The wealthy get
    speedy, tension-free commutes — at a cost they find negligible.

    The rest of us do get something out of the deal. We get a reminder,
    as we sit and stew in horrific traffic, why inequality as deep as ours
    simply makes no sense.

    Researchers see no coincidence
    here. The U.S. states where the rich have gained the most at the
    expense of the middle class turn out to be the states that invest the
    least in infrastructure.

  • 2Gary2

    Caron and Repetti also take on those who argue that the really rich have
    never had any trouble sidestepping estate taxes. If that claim held
    water, they note, “one would have to wonder why 18 wealthy families contributed $500 million to bankroll a campaign to repeal the estate tax.”

    But the University of Cincinnati’s Paul Caron and Boston College’s
    James Repetti offer an equally useful bonus: an up-to-date survey on
    the stats that show how unequal America has become and a cogent
    summary, beyond the stats, of why no reasonable society should tolerate
    the levels of inequality that now afflict us.

    • FounderChurch

      I guess you folks want a Communist revolution and a new USSR in the USA.

      • 2Gary2

        typical low information conservative reply–call everything you do not understand communism.

      • Mondobeyondo

        We’re on our way there. Complete with gulags organized by Homeland Security (what an oxymoron!), and FEMA death camps, if you believe Alex Jones.

        • FounderChurch

          If Alex would teach Conservatives to stop killing their kids with Birth Control I would be his slave, and give him all my money.

          • peace angel

            alex is doing no such thing—you are an idiot

          • 2Gary2

            and this proves your low information status.

        • peace angel

          There are tens of millions of websites about Agenda 21 and although alex jones is a little hard to take, I can tell you exactly what it feels like to have everyone you know for decades telling you that “communists running the US” is crazy and beyond crazy and that is something he and I have been “putting up with” for decades and while our ostrich nation sleeps at the wheel, it makes one crazy after so much resistance to the truth. 90% of americans have no idea what it coming and I have given four decades to trying to tell them and alex has given two and both of us have been harassed by the FBI and other gov. terrorists. So, please just tell ten ppl this week what you know and ask them to tell ten ppl. This is how I spread the news.

    • PeaceAngel

      I get it—-you get your news from liberal college professors many of whom are part of the Bilderburg machine. That makes perfect sense.

      • Hammerstrike

        It is self-evident that if you have the means, taxe evasion is far more easier today than in the 1950s or 1960s.
        1) Far more corrupt central governement, states and municipalities
        2) with a far more complicated taxe code, allowing far more legal loopholes.
        3) Globalization, NAFTA, WTO, you name it!
        4) Internets.
        5) Far more lawyers and people with the know-how for milking the system.

        • peace angel

          I totally agree and it began with the Federal Reserve.They are the Bilderburgers.

  • Benjamin Collier

    Reap what you sow…

  • Arjun

    America is the only land in this entire planet where a poor person can come and become rich, this article proves that America I came into in the year 2000 from India does not exist anymore. I don’t know if that America will ever come back but that was why people like me came to America-it was a land of opportunity where anyone who worked hard could make it. But who knew that the elites who can print money will screw the America I know and love.

    • 2Gary2

      there is not even close equal opportunity for people to get rich. Maybe back in the day which is what I think your saying.

      • FounderChurch

        Another lazy Democrat bum checks in.

    • FounderChurch

      You have clearly stopped being a hungry hard working immigrant and have now become a whining demanding lazy American.

  • Colin

    I think it’s hard for me to judge whether or not what we are experiencing now is a return to a former state or is unprecedented in our country’s history. What was life like for the poor and the rich between 1789 and 1893, (the beginning of the Progressive Age)? (The period between 1893 and 1967, when wages began declining, saw the emergence of the Middle Class and America assuming its mantle as one of the superpowers of the world.)

    • FounderChurch

      In past times we had few if any poor as there was no such thing as hundreds of kinds of welfare for them to live on without working.

    • peace angel

      Yes, but many people jumped out of buildings and many more starved to death first. This is the end of America and the Bilderburgers will crash it all very, very soon.

  • Fenrir

    Illegal immigration is a huge problem. Scoff and laugh all you want but the illegals get benefits better and quicker than normal people and also allowing unions to create a cheaper workforce. None of them even care for American values or even pay taxes. The politicians are fighting over who will be quicker to cater to them because the vote is so important.

    • 2Gary2

      I agree illegal immigration is a huge issue. We need to send them all back. legal immigration is also an issue…

      • Fenrir

        You’re totally right! This is a very important, necessary step to recovery.

        • JustanOguy

          No doubt… the illegal immigration population has skyrocketed in my area for the past decade and incomes have been stagnant for a decade.

          Then again… there are some people getting very wealthy using their cheap labor and then gauging their customers.

          Of course…. they have no ethics doing this.. which is another problem this country has.

    • Ralfine

      You can solve that easily:
      Apply for political asylum in China or North Korea and then return as an illegal immigrant.

      Then you get the best of both systems.

    • FounderChurch

      If people like you had not killed all, or most, of their kids with birth control of various sorts, methods and types, then we wouldn’t have any immigrants, and would need none, for there would be no jobs for them. Especially if Democrats would stop paying Americans NOT to work.

      • Fenrir

        What sort of liberal nonsense, conspiracy theory is this?

        • FounderChurch

          Does anyone besides me have a brain on here? Most of the responses I get are so ignorant I am ashamed of the writers. Speak up, those who can articulate.

    • Ron

      Yeah… the immigrant people actually work harder than the locals. They dont fear anything cos they got nothing to loose.

  • Benjamin Collier

    Yeah. Don’t tax me.

    I’m upper middle & trying to get to the next level. 10 more years should do it…

    • FounderChurch

      Don’t tax me, Don’t tax thee, Tax the man behind the tree! Huey Long

    • Peace Angel

      What do you do? Will it sustain a total economic collapse because that will happen long before we reach the next decade.

  • Benjamin Collier

    Disagree if u wanna…I don’t care…but what we clearly need is:

    (A) more women-in-prison movies.

    (B) a nice plague to wipe out a few million people & rebalance everything ala the 1982 film, Koyaanisqatsi…

  • ItIsWellWithMySoul

    Thanks for another great article. I really wish you would do a blog reguarding what is going on with this North Korean missile threat. I have yet to find adequate information about it online and the news gives little information on the situation.

    • 2Gary2

      Yeah I have not heard much about that either.

  • the glut of zombie movies and tv shows are preparing us for how to deal with masses of destitute resulting from the massive, ongoing transfer of wealth from the people to the elite.

  • VegasBob

    What sickens me is the nonstop stream of manipulated and falsified statistics that are used to try to con people into believing that we are experiencing some kind of economic recovery.

    The red hot stock market is the cruelest joke of all. Now that so-called ‘retail investors’ are returning to the market, they are going to get fleeced once again and wind up losing everything, just like they did in 2000-2001 and 2008-2009.

    What’s worse is that income from financial speculation (dividends and capital gains) is taxed at far lower rates than income from actual work. Is it any wonder that there are no good-paying jobs anymore?

    • El Pollo de Oro

      VegasBob: And another major bubble will be the student debt bubble. When all these college graduates can’t get anything better than a crappy service job at minimum wage, they won’t be able to pay back their huge student loan debts. The Banana Republic of America is a mess on so many levels.

  • Ralfine

    If there isn’t a substantial rise in wages, there won’t be much upwards change in consumption and investment.

    If wages continue to fall, the only place to make any possible return will be the casino of derivatives.

    • 2Gary2

      it seems to me that sometime in the 1970’s Americans went from being viewed as workers to now being viewed as consumers.

      • Ralfine

        The problem with consumption is, that the wealth is gone after it has been consumed.

        And there are two big consumption items in the US: defense and social security.

        Defense originally having the purpose to defend against external enemies; social security having the purpose of calming the poor and preventing them running amok.

        Now the defense industry has another purpose: transforming (public) tax into (private) profit.

        For that defense marketers always find new threats.

      • Mordred

        Citizens to consumers, I think. It’s a whole different mindset and set of expectations.

  • FounderChurch

    MOB VS MONEY: THE STORY IS AN OLD ONE, as old as the earth. Class envy is nothing new. There is no time in history when this “disparity” of wealth was not just as pronounced as it is now. Jesus commented on the situation in His time on earth as though it were yesterday’s news, which it was.

    HOW TO ADDRESS THIS SITUATION: A situation that is so galling to so many.

    WEALTH CONCENTRATION AND REDISTRIBUTION has always been a constant phenomenon, but here is a list of causes and cures for it.

    1. STOP COMPLAINING and do something about it. Complaining just causes needless turmoil in society, and drive the poor deeper into poverty, and makes the rich even richer.

    2. REALIZE THAT THE POOR DON’T SAVE, and start teaching the poor how NOT to be poor by teaching them to save, something they absolutely refuse to do, with Democrat encouragement, citing all kinds of bogus reasons they CANNOT save. Saving is not about HOW MUCH you make, or HOW MUCH you save. It is an attitude that becomes a habit and then an addiction that benefits the practicer in hundreds of ways. If you are on welfare you can save 10 percent of your check each month, or even one percent. But, be advised that if you ever spend “savings” for anything whatsoever, it never was savings at all, but only money put aside to spend later, which is not saving.

    3. REALIZE THAT DEMOCRATS ARE THE CAUSE of poverty, and are no friend of the poor at all. They secretly support the rich who buy them off, and pander to the poor to BS them into voting for them. Democrats are true Poverty Pimps.

    4. REALIZE THAT WORK IS INFINITE and there are never enough people to do the available work. Problem is there are policies, mostly by Democrats, that interfere with workers getting to and doing the jobs that are available. For example: The minimum wage kills jobs for poor people. Unemployment “Insurance” kills jobs. Unions kill jobs. Government in general kills jobs. Taxes kill jobs. Child labor laws kill jobs.

    5. REALIZE THAT RELIGION HELPS PEOPLE out of poverty, little by little.

    6. REALIZE THAT AS JESUS SAID: “The poor ye shall have with you always.” Jesus was born rich, and not one of His disciples was poor. All were well off, and well educated. Conspicuously Jesus did not go into the slums and heal everyone, which He could have done, nor did give anything to the “poor.” Paul said, “Care for the poor widows in the Church, but only those poor widows in your own church that have lived hard working, worthy, righteous lives, and who have helped others all their lives. Notice all the qualifications he required before a person could be given church charity. So feeding the poor meant helping the worthy, saved, deserving poor of your own congregation, not far off people on the other side of the earth. So the Bible is a doctrine of Capitalism, and God and His Son were both Conservative Republicans in all they did or said.

    7. REALIZE THAT THE POOR ARE FULL OF VICES. That they are poor because the NEVER SAVE, because they waste their money on junk, gambling, smoking, drinking, drugging, engaging in crime, and supporting dissolute conduct on the part of their friends and family members. Plus they tend to be lazy, shiftless, whining, selfish and ungrateful.

    8. REALIZE THAT THE POOR NEED A MAKEOVER. It has often been said that if you took all of the money away from the rich and divided it among the poor, it would hardly make a dent in poverty, and that in a few years all the money you gave the poor would be right back in the hands of the rich.

    9. REALIZE THAT YOU CAN’T TAX THE “RICH”. No nation on earth in the history of the world has ever been able to successfully tax the rich. They are, and will forever remain, UNTAXABLE. Therefore, any tax you put on the rich they make the poor pay that tax. They don’t pay that tax. Tax the hotdog stand owner, and he will promptly raise the price of the hotdogs to pay that tax and the poor who buy the hotdogs will end up paying that tax.

    10. REALIZE THAT DEMOCRATS LIE. That they lie when they falsely say to the poor as Obama constantly does, that they are going to tax the rich and give the money to the poor. That is a cursed lie. They are going to tax the working poor to give to the lazy nonworking poor. That is what they are going to do, and they lie when they deceive the poor with a false narrative.

    11. REALIZE THE SOLUTION TO POVERTY is to first get rid of the Democrats nationwide and worldwide, hopefully kicking them entirely out of the country, and out of this world, but if not that, then to at least kick them out of all power and positions where they can lie for their own selfish benefit enabling them to Pimp the Poor once again. They are parasites on the poor, and never lay a finger on the rich.

    • 2Gary2

      You take irrationality to a whole new level. This is why progressives are winning elections as your views are so out of touch with reality.

      I am grateful for your posts both here and similar posts everywhere. it is good that you advertise the utter moral bankruptcy of republicans for all to see One thing I will give the conservatives credit for is at least they are out in the open in their support of policies that benefit the rich at the expense of the poor, and their desire to take the country back to the 18th century.

      • JustanOguy

        Progressives are winning elections because they are promising a Utopian society by spreading the wealth and Pandering to the interests of multiple smaller segments of society….. to end up with a majority. It’s a very good strategy.

        Get the Hispanic vote, Get the Union vote, Federal Govt. employees vote, Gay & Lesbian vote, Welfare Vote, Food Stamp vote, etc..

        Problem is… the 40% of Americans that could be all thrown in the same room and believe in all of the same things (Moderates)…. or at least come to an agreement on something are getting shafted.

        • 2Gary2

          must suck to be you then as us progressives are winning. I predict even crazy Texas will be blue sooner rather than later and then no longer be crazy.

          • JustanOguy

            I predict Texas would secede from the United States before that ever happens.

          • 2Gary2

            Then you would be wrong. There is a concerted effort to make Texas blue and with demographics in our (progressive) favor it is just a matter of time before conservatism is nothing but a bad memory.

          • JustanOguy

            Lol… there is a concerted effort by every Socialist Progressive to turn everything blue.

            Ever hear of propaganda?

            Regardless…. you obviously have never lived in Texas. It’s a state where receiving handouts from taking advantage of the system is not looked as honorable. Unlike California and Illinois…

            Good luck with your thinking 2Gary2. The majority of the country is RED… it’s the population centers always looking for Taxpayer dollars that have carried Obama.

          • 2Gary2

            why are there so many corporations getting handouts in Texas?

    • Gay Veteran

      moron, thinking that there is any real difference between our 2 corporate parties

      • FounderChurch

        Spoken like an uneducated ill-willed person.

    • JustanOguy

      Nice post… Not much of an incentive to save right now though with interest rates where they are today. 🙁

      What the Poor need to learn is the difference between assets and liabilities..

      The poor guy that gets $50,000 is going to go out and get a nice new car. The future rich guy is going to out and find a house that can get at least a 7% cash on cash return…

      • FounderChurch

        The point about Savings is not the return, or the amount, it is about the attitudinal principle of showing to yourself and other that you have character and are trustworthy.

        A man, or woman, with Savings in some amount, walks, talks and thinks differently from one who has nothing.

        They are a different person entirely.They walk with head held high and have an incentive to be good, do good, and build on that accomplishment.

        Plus, proven savings is the greatest character reference anyone can have.

        If anyone can show me a bank book with a thousand dollars in it that they have not touched for one, five, or ten, or twenty years, they show that they can be trusted with their own money. Thus I, and others, can trust them with our money, and other valued things. A person with no money is a dangerous person, and can’t be trusted in any situation.

        • HecatesMoon

          Summary: “If you’re poor, you’re a terrible person with no morals. If you’re a rich person, you’re a great person no questions asked.”
          Hmmmm…. interesting.
          Well let’s see now….
          I have, more than once, regardless of however little I may have, given half of whatever was in my refrigerator and cabinets to other people who were broke, given half my diapers. I’ve made dinner and taken it to a gas station that an old man collecting cans frequents. I collected cans for him too. I’ve had $10 to my name and given half. I’ve given rides to people who offered me gas money– I had them give it to someone else. We’ve stored people’s things for them when they had nowhere to take it.
          Oh no…I’m poor.
          I’d better stop doing that stuff! I’m supposed to be BAD and untrustworthy! Well crap!!!
          I’m also of a mindset that just because I can, doesn’t mean I should…. which is why I’m going to sell fresh eggs to people for $1 when I could get away with charging $4 or more.
          See… your world revolves around money. Mine does not.
          And I think someone who talks about hanging kids by their feet, worships the rich while putting “church” in their name should think twice before thinking themselves in a position to judge anyone else’s character. 😉

          • FounderChurch

            You are disgusting and un-American.

            You are a Democrat phony hypocrite who looks down on poor people, hates them, and considers them pitiful inferiors to yourself.

            Giving them things is your way of spiting in their faces and dragging them down even farther.

            I have too much respect for them to degrade them with phony charity.

            They don’t need your Democrat maudlin sentimentality handouts, they need a job and a kick the middle of their A**. Phony!

          • HecatesMoon

            LOL honey…not a democrat.
            And as poor as the people I’ve given things to. So because I give to someone else, being poor, then I must hate myself and consider myself inferior to…. myself? So I’m spitting in….my face? Dragging…myself down?
            You make no sense at all.
            You are too selfish to give of yourself to anyone else is what you really mean.
            And the people I share with? I don’t give to people that don’t deserve. I’ve learned that lesson. That does drag you down. The people I share with and give to are people that do work.
            Founder, you’re nuts.
            I’m a terrible phony poor person.
            But you’re a nut.

          • FounderChurch

            I don’t know you, I can only go by how you write, and I didn’t and don’t like what you write. You may think you are special, but there are millions like you out there and they usually are Democrats. From what I could tell you were boasting about your good works, and putting down others who were not as charitable as you claim to be.

            NO ONE needs charity, they need a job, and to start to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

            I see millions being driven into the ground everyday, by charity, both private and public. I want no part in making people crawl on their bellies to get fed. Every single person in this country from 2 to 102 need to WORK within their capabilities, period. And that is all the charity they need. I still think you are phony.

          • HecatesMoon

            Millions like me that are willing to extend a hand to someone else? Oh no!!! If I’m not special THANK GAWD!
            The world would be a very sad and nasty place if everyone was like you.
            It wasn’t meant to be boasting. You basically said all poor people are BAD PEOPLE. I fail to follow the “logic” of that. Something is amiss. I consider myself, and please oh please LET there be a million more like me, the opposite of your strange “logic”.
            The fact is, the very article we’re sitting here arguing on is a clear example that not all wealthy are good either.
            “Driven into the ground by charity…”
            Not quite.
            See, never ever did food stamps or TANF lift me up. Never.
            Here’s what did…
            We helped others despite our own situation. We struggled to pay our bills, struggled to eat, but we were TRYING. People see when you try to do good or try to do right.
            A PERSON, not a govt institution offered US the help WE needed to do the things we are doing now– the things that allow us to live without any kind of govt assistance or any further assistance from an individual. We were given an opportunity by another.
            We took it and it has changed our lives.
            All because of one person.
            …And I still think you’re a nut case. 😉


    The greatest Welfare System yet devised is a growing and vibrant economy where the people can get a decent and good paying job.

    • FounderChurch

      Absolutely! But, these Democrats are so evil they just hate it that business can, and does, provide jobs, something they cannot do, and something that they destroy every time they say anything, or touch anything, or do anything. They are born job killers.

  • WakeUpTime

    This is a good article. Both sides of the wealth story are there, and the middle is shrinking.

    • FounderChurch

      The MIDDLE is shrinking because, Democrats are squeezing the MIDDLE, from both of their sides. The parasitical democrat government side, and the parasitical democrat lower class side.

      It is like a two headed parasite attacking the healthy middle, from two sides, with two mouths, like two headed blood sucking parasite.

      • 2Gary2

        like Gog and Magog??

  • JMGraddy

    Just because people are living in “poverty” does not mean that they are starving. I would like to know of one case in the United States where an individual died of starvation. It is absurd to say that hundreds on millions starved.

    • FounderChurch

      Fact is, no one has starved to death since 1776 because of poverty. Not one! Democrats are such liars.

      • 2Gary2

        It is because of progressives that no one has starved, proving that us progressives are way morally superior to conservatives.

  • 2Gary2

    “Republicans who are “in love with zeroes”

    They are in love with zeroes;

    Biggest bunch of zeros I’ve ever seen.

    • JustanOguy

      I would hardly call Rand Paul a Zero.

      If there’s anybody in the Senate completely against the marriage of Washington D.C. to Wall St…. It’s Rand Paul.

      You might want to learn something about him before just copying and pasting stupid comments from a blog dominated by left wing socialist progressives that have ZERO clue of how things work to begin with.

      • peace angel

        The problem and the thing taking this nation down is the fact that people still believe we have two parties and we do not and the reason why the Pauls have no one supporting them and no party representing them is that both parties on on a mission to kill us all and the Paul’s have been talking about AGENDA 21 since it was signed in 92.
        Both parties have perpetuated this madness to divide americans so they would not learn what they are all hiding and it is working.

  • Golden Child

    I get really sick of hearing about “poverty” in America. Poverty in America, outside of outright homelessness, is a big joke. Nobody starves to death in America, buddy. The “poor” in America live like kings compared to the rest of the world. One billion people don’t even have access to clean drinking water or have enough food to eat everyday. Yet, poor people living in government subsidized housing who have EBT cards pay for their meals and get checks from the government every two weeks are “poor”. Stop it. Until public housing, welfare and EBT are abolished, I don’t want to hear anything about “poverty” in America.

    Even the poorest of the poor in America have WHITE people problems compared to a huge chunk of the world’s population. Well-fed people in American ghettos who lack NOTHING rob and kill other people over worthless plastic trinkets like iphones and Air Jordans. Instead of mass starvation, we have an obesity epidemic in America. The housing stock in some of America’s most violent neighborhoods is no different than the housing stock in normal middle class areas. The “poverty” in many areas of Detroit is a joke with well-maintained single family homes, driveways, garages, front lawns and backyards, running water and electricity. It is the entitlement mentality that some rich old White man has a 10 million dollar mansion and a fleet of luxury cars somewhere that breeds a perpetual fun-house mirror vision of “desperate poverty” in America that creates a “poor woe is me” mentality among the masses. Just because you don’t have a Bentley and a private jet doesn’t mean you should become a murderous drug dealing thug. The poorest of the poor in America are richer than the truly impoverished third world, yet senseless violence in American inner cities across the land is epidemic. Raise your children for a change, save your money instead of blowing it on booze and drugs or cheap plastic slave labor made crap and be THANKFUL for what you have instead of being a whiny first world b*tch.

    • peace angel

      @a43267a0145613f4a590c3c2a03c0f60:disqus—I want to ask about your screen name but I won’t–none of my business, but your comment is the first thing I have read on this thread that makes any damned sense. American’s are brainwashed by ppl on both sides of the political aisle for decades to lure them to sleep but this pisses me off also. I have worked in the hood and the barrio from coast to coast and “poor” americans are not poor. They are lazy and have been for 6 decades since they got onto the food wagon. I have lived in Mexico and saw people living AT THE CITY DUMP pimping thheir kids out in the middle of the nite selling trinkets to the tourists for food. When Hillary said “African-American” for the first time anyone ever said that, it stopped me in my tracks. I knew she did it for the purpose of starting race wars in america and it is one of her most diabolical plans ever. And it worked amazingly. But at the time, I had been supporting this young girl through Christian childrens fund and she was at that time in nursing school. She and her brothers had been writing to me for years and they sent me a letter when they heard this and told me Africans were “highly” offended at the implications of the term. She said, “they should come here” because their lives will always be soooo much better than ours and they have no idea how different Africa is from america. They sure don’t.

    • 2Gary2

      How the poor compare to the poor in other countries is completely irrelevant to anything. Its a straw man argument. We live in America.

      You could also use a primer on relative poverty VS> absolute poverty.

  • JustanOguy

    “Sadly, our politicians continue to pursue policies that make things even
    better for those working for the establishment in places such as
    Washington D.C. and Manhattan, and worse for all the rest of us.”

    Spot on Michael. I’m in a business where I know first hand that government agencies have sold off blocks of assets guaranteed by the U.S. Taxpayer at deep discounts to big Wall St. investment firms.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Michael T. Snyder writes: “Desperate
    people do desperate things, and when people are hungry and they can’t feed their families, many of them will not be afraid to go over to the wealthy
    neighborhoods and take what they want.” Yes, that is exactly what will be happening in The Banana Republic of America just as it has been happening in
    Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and a long list of countries where The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (DPDDTT) is collected. If an
    affluent businessman lives in a ritzy area of Caracas, Lima, Bogotá, or Mexico City, there’s a very good chance he’ll be asked to pay the dreaded DPDDTT—which includes violent home invasions, carjackings and, of course, kidnapping. There are gangs of thugs in many parts of Latinoamerica who do nothing but find rich people to kidnap and terrorize. The DPDDTT is alive and well in Bogotá, Colombian, where the
    poor who live in slums and ghettos in South Bogotá venture to upscale North Bogotá in search of affluent people to rob or kidnap. The DPDDTT is alive and well in La Ciudad de México, where affluent haves who live in upscale areas like Condesa are targeted for kidnapping by thugs who live notoriously dangerous areas like Tepito and Iztapalapa.

    So with the DPDDTT making it’s way to the BRA, it’s time for a DPDDTT refresher course.

    FAQ on the DPDDTT:

    Q: What is the DPDDTT?

    A. DPDDTT stands for the Desperate People Doing
    Desperate Things Tax. It isn’t a “tax” in the literal sense, but rather, is something that desperately poor
    people resort to in crime-ridden Third World countries. Examples of DPDDTT
    include kidnapping, carjacking, armed robbery and violent home invasions.

    Q: Where is DPDDTT collected?

    A: DPDDTT is quite common in Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, México, Nicaragua, South Africa, the Philippines, Honduras, Jamaica and Haiti. Notoriously
    dangerous places like Hillbrow in Johannesburg, Tepito in La Ciudad de México (orale, guay!) and the favelas of Rio de Janeiro are full of DPDDTT collectors.

    Q: Will the DPDDTT be coming to The Banana Republic of America?

    A: Now that the BRA has the economy of a Third World banana republic, DPDDTT will no doubt be coming our way, sadly.

    Q: Have Gerald Celente, Alex
    Jones, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Arianna Huffington discussed the DPDDTT?

    A: They haven’t actually used the term DPDDTT, but they have addressed the concept. Celente has
    predicted that Latin America-style kidnappings will be coming to the BRA, and in her book “Third World America,” Arianna Huffington has said that unless this country saves its middle class, it will become a dangerous, unstable place where the affluent will need 24-hour bodyguards in order to avoid being
    kidnapped in broad daylight.

    Q: How do I avoid paying DPDDTT
    when it comes to the BRA?

    A: In Third World countries, millionaires and billionaires hire armed bodyguards to avoid paying DPDDTT. And when those bodyguards prevent kidnappers, carjackers and home invaders from
    getting to millionaires and billionaires, DPDDTT collectors prey on those who cannot afford bodyguards (the middle class or people they THINK are middle class). Sometimes, DPDDTT collectors are disappointed when middle class or poor
    people cannot meet high ransom demands, and they express their displeasure by murdering the kidnappee. DPDDTT is no fun.

    Q: How will I know when I’ve been hit with DPDDTT?

    A: There will be no mistaking it. Here’s how DPDDTT works in Third World hellholes: a professional
    kidnapping gang lets you know that they’ve snatched your wife or daughter and demands a ransom. Just to prove they mean business, they sever a finger
    (possibly one with a wedding ring) and send it to you. Or, they torture her, film the torture and send you the video. In order to speed up the collection
    process, DPDDTT collectors might cut off additional fingers and mail them.

    So there you have it: FAQ on the horrors of the Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax, coming soon to a Philadelphia, a San Diego, a Boston or a Chicago near you.

    God help The Banana Republic of America, slop bucket of the Third World.

    • peace angel

      Nothing surprises me anymore and there is precious little I don’t know about when it comes to the world of mobsters, gangsters and career criminals which are the kind of people you are talking about and in our future there is nothing but darkness and dread, however, anytime a rich persons kid is kidnapped here the FBI is involved immediately and they get the guys and don’t pay the money and criminal goes to prison. I know from living in Mexico several times that all the gov. and all the cops are corrupt and would not care about any kidnappings in which they are not getting paid. I had a client ten years ago who was from the US but was president of Corona. He moved his family out of Mexico City to the US because of all the threat of kidnapping to his kids who were living behind guarded gates and always accompanied by bodyguards. That was twenty years ago and alot of these guys have been kidnapping college kids on our borders for the past decade. The FBI gets involved and the kids often end up dead and the criminals are never found and nobody gets paid. So based on the difference in how we deal with kidnappings would this work here?

      Arianna Huffington is a Bilderburger and a ruthless and nasty woman who talks out of both sides of her mouth. She is an enemy of the STATE.

    • 2Gary2

      Hey Pollo I’ve been meaning to ask you–In your explanations of the DPDDDT you frequently refer to the person being kidnapped as female. Is that generally the case or do males also need to be concerned?

      • El Pollo de Oro

        2Gary2: The DPDDDT collectors don’t really discriminate based on gender. They will gladly kidnap and torture a well-to-do businessman’s son or brother in order to collect a ransom. But in Latin America, the DPDDTT collectors also know that there is a certain amount of machismo in Latin culture–and part of that machismo includes taking care of your wife, sister and daughter (one of the things i learned traveling in Spain in the past was that the word “macho” is often misunderstood outside of Spanish-speaking countries and that machismo, in the classic sense, doesn’t mean being a sexist jerk or a misogynist but being a good, reliable family man and taking your responsibilities seriously). So the DPDDTT collectors know that if they kidnap a businessman’s wife or daughter or sister, it can really mess with his head psychologically. But like I said, the DPDDTT collectors don’t really discriminate based on gender. If a businessman in Honduras or Guatemala finds out that his son is being held captive by DPDDTT collectors and suspects that la policía are in on it, that’s a harsh thing to go through.

        And you’re absolutely right about bodyguards often being in on the kidnappings. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the super-rich, in some cases, can also be super cheap. And if they don’t pay their guardaespaldas (bodyguards) well, the bodyguards can easily be bribed by DPDDTT collectors.

        Guardaespalda: Sure, I’ll help you kidnap my boss, but he can’t know that I’m in on it. So when you kidnap my boss, can you please be sure to give me a good punch in the face and give me a black eye?

        DPDDTT Collector: Órale! No problem, guay!

        Corrupt Policía: And if you need any help from me, Mr. DPDDTT collector, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m here to help.

    • 2Gary2

      I would also think that the body guards for the rich better be well compensated as I could envision those body guards as being “in” on the kidnapping.

    • 2Gary2

      As I see it their will be wealth and income redistribution from the rich to the rest of us. Its just a matter of how peaceful said wealth redistribution will occur.

  • bwoboe1

    The very people who Jesus reached out to in the bible and raised up above the Pharisees and Sadducees who were claiming to be holy by virtue of their righteousness. Read the book of James and reconcile that with your contempt of the least among us.

  • David Johnson

    I have been following the subject for a long time and I couldn’t agree more – I don’t see how we go much longer without a major Fxxk Up

  • MeMadMax

    I disagree.
    I live in los angeles >_>
    I see 3 (government) cameras and they are stop light cameras and they are being taken down…
    The rest of the cameras are for private security(business)…
    You must be confused between private and government camera use…

    • peace angel

      After all I said to you, you want to talk about three cameras outside you window. Really??? After 40 years of doing research to get to know who we are as a nation I don’t get confused. When Clinton was leaving office and planning to use an office in Manhattan to promote the New World Order with Bush Sr. he had 1200 cameras installed in one city block where he did not put his office. In the “hood” in every neighborhood in America are cameras all over the street lights just like outside your window in LA. Today and for a decade these cameras are the size of a pin head and you cannot see them. If you check it, people have learned that the gov. is turning on their cameras in their computers to “see into their homes” and the same thing is true of the past three iphones. They can route a conversation from your phone to a CIA computer and take your picture from your phone with your phone off. In the NDAA act there are 400 reasons you can be deemed a terrorist and hauled off to a concentration camp. I promise you that you are breaking one of those laws and they know it and if you have guns they can see them. The point is that communism is here and denial is the reason that it is.

  • peace angel

    The democrats and republicans are all one party controlled by The Bilderburg group.This has been the case for 100 years so stop with the divisiveness. It will not save you from the evils of this machine. There is no lie about “these people not working.” Do not talk about things you know nothing about. If you read my other posts, you will know that I have been working in the “hood” since it was the projects and then the ghetto. I have also worked with latinos in the barrios and worked with all these kids from coast to coast. Many of them are former or wannabe gangsters. None of them work because they are all convicted felons before they are old enough to work. Not only that they are born into houses where ALL the people are on welfare and have been for decades. No one is working and no one wants to work. Seriously, check out my other posts and learn something.

  • America is hurting.

  • jaded

    Founderchurh please stop posting so much…

    • FounderChurch

      Learn to Spell, Think, and Write and come back.

  • yhwhzson

    The gap between the rich and the poor not just in this country, but throughout the world.

    The gap is really between the victimized and the victimizers.

    I often come across this website which seems to promote conservative nonsense.

    Good information. But from the stand point of the fake conservatism that has played a big role in the demise of this country.

    For example Reagan, Bush H.W., and Bush W., all pushed the military budgets to the bubble economy proportions which has accounted for just as much of a welfare/warfare state as anything else.

    So now that you have mention the gap, howbeit, not in full detail, because the rich of today are the benefactors of the poor of today.
    Why shouldn’t they be taxed to death.

    At least they won’t have to go to jail where they belong.

    • 2Gary2

      the conservatives spend like drunken sailors and leave a mess for the dem to clean up.

      This is a very bias3ed right wing site.

      • lmao, what is the deficit under the obamaleftist?

        • Colin

          Less than what it was under President Bush.

  • WarriorClass3

    The bigger problem is that half the country has no idea of natual law, or the governing philosphy of the greatest thinkers of our age, or what it means to be an American. This ignorance can be attributed to two problems:

    1. Forced government schooling. This is nothing but a tool of the power hungery to keep the population ignorant and indoctrinated in believing in the “expert” ruling class that they must obey.

    2. The Immigration Reform Act of 1965. If you can’t get the population to accept a ruling class, change the population. The massive influx of socialist brainwashed Eurotrash and third world bottom feeders who know nothing but totalitarian rule (and vote that way), come here for economic advantage, but tend to try and remake their new land in the image of their homeland. Close to half of the population of the US is here as a result of that Act, and that doesn’t include illegal aliens. This combined with the “work” and “student” visas makes natural born Americans a displaced minority in their own land, with many of the best job and educational opportunities taken by foriegners.

    This was by design, people. The intent is to get rid of freedom loving Americans, and they are well on their way.

    The question is now, what will us Americans do about it? Hopfully the same thing our ancestors did – fight and win. My fellow Americans, steel yourselves and set your minds to the fact that you will have to fight to get your country back. This is not a battle you will win at the ballot box; you are going to have to kill your ememies and expel those not killed off of our shores.

    • you may be on to something…

    • FounderChurch

      You understand the problem very well, and articulate it well, BUT your solutions are not well thought out and cannot work. We need to first understand what you have describe for it is accurate, then we must revise what we must do. Just listened to a speech by Bobby Jindahl Governor of Louisiana. Sounds like our next President should.

      As long as we have the vote and most of our liberties we must denounce and renounce violence to obtain our ends. That only plays into the hands of the Democrats.

      We have to learn to USE the electoral process and all our freedoms to take back our country. It will be hard work and I don’t know if you are up to hard work.

      This means we must start in every household, at the precinct level and organize and discipline ourselves. And above all start producing families of 10 and even 20 children like we used to.

      You, and those like you must become part of an organized disciplined group where you are accountable, and under the control of your group leaders.

      So you don’t just go out shooting your mouth off as you please. You need to learn to be a disciplined Civic Soldier doing battle restoring our Country.

      Now if the day ever comes when we have a real dictatorship, then you can do, and advocate, all the violence you want, and we will all get behind you.

      But it is not appropriate or helpful for you to be talking the reckless talk you are talking . Keep it up and they will jail you, and you will have it coming.

      Plenty of reckless loners like you are in jail already right where the Leftists want you. Cool down and come under some ordered Conservative discipline. All loners are losers and criminally dangerous. Don’t be one.

  • funny you would think that because most of the people getting government help are in the south you know the teaparty southerners who hate government. They are draining the government the southern white people.

    • Fenrir

      It still a disproportionate amount considering Blacks make up a smaller percentage of the population. And to top that off, many factories and mines in the South have been closing and laying people off. I guarantee you that it would not be teaparty members who would be rooting and looting if welfare reform was introduced.

  • 2Gary2

    Michael–thanks for writing a couple of articles that do not bash the poor but help people to better understand their plight. Now that was not so hard was it?

  • 2Gary2

    They are usually working 2-3 of those crap jobs.

  • Once Obama and the Democrats are done/ All these postings will be mute.

  • 2Gary2

    she also sucked as a singer. I have heard lawn mowers that sounded better than her.

    • Alasha

      awwwww 2Gary2!!!! lol

  • Cinderella Man

    The other day in my town a man walked into a Papa Johns with a note demanding money and while the clerk was complying with him the man broke down crying. The man sobbed and said he needed the money to feed his family. So the clerk made him a pizza and breadsticks and sent him on his way. I dont know about you but this signifies to me that this is far from an economic recovery.

  • I completely agree with you about the wealth inequality now present in the USA. Some people feel that things are so bad that the human race itself won’t survive the coming financial/political apocalypse. Sadly many will perish when the proverbial SHTF. But humanity will survive and eventually prosper again. What stuns me is how many people are blissfully unaware of the true state of things in the world now and how severe the consequences will be for them, in this ignorance is NOT blessed as they could easily die from it when this coming disaster unfolds & sorry but I am certain there is NO way too avoid it-postpone yes ,but there is no solution other then too endure an survive it 🙁

  • 2Gary2

    The republican policies favor the elite over the poor and the middle class.

    When it comes to substance, the G.O.P. is more committed than ever to
    policies that take from most Americans and give to a wealthy handful.

    Case in point:

    Meanwhile, back in Louisiana Mr. Jindal is pushing a plan to eliminate the state’s income tax,
    which falls most heavily on the affluent, and make up for the lost
    revenue by raising sales taxes, which fall much more heavily on the poor
    and the middle class. The result would be big gains for the top 1
    percent, substantial losses for the bottom 60 percent. Similar plans are
    being pushed by a number of other Republican governors as well.

    Conservatives–read the above until it sinks in–this is why you are loosing and will continue to loose. Also read the fourth turning book.

  • 2Gary2

    Mitt Romney paid a 13.9% tax rate on his $21.7 million in passive income
    in 2010, a lower rate than someone earning $50,000 a year pays for
    their hard work.

    One of the reasons for growing income inequality
    is the fact that passive income stemming from accumulated wealth such
    as dividends and capital gains are given preferential tax treatment over
    wages from labor.

    One of the myths advanced by the wealthy to
    the gullible to justify such disparity is that since corporations are
    taxed at the corporate level, taxing dividends and capital gains amounts
    to double taxation.

    If I earn a salary my earnings are taxed. If
    I hire a contractor to work on my home, the contractor is taxed. That
    is not double taxation, just income taxation.

    Under the law, a
    corporation is a person, a separate legal entity from its shareholders
    with individual rights. The Supreme Court reinforced the concept of
    corporate personhood in several cases.

    So when investors earn
    passive income from capital gains or dividends they are receiving income
    from another person. Except when a plumber or a CPA receives income
    from another person, they are taxed on the receipt of that income
    without preferential tax treatment.

    It is simply outrageous that
    people earnings millions on accumulated wealth pay lower tax rates than
    the middle class pay on their labor.

    The middle class are the true job creators. The makers versus takers argument is backwards.

  • 2Gary2

    Whenever I hear a Republican go on about how 50% don’t pay federal
    income taxes, I respond that it is because 50% don’t even make enough
    money to pay federal income taxes and thank them for pointing out how
    bad income inequality has gotten.

    The federal minimum wage is $7.25, but if it had kept up with prices it
    should now be about $12.00. Over the past two decades, employers have
    gotten by with paying fewer and fewer employees anything approaching a
    living wage, plunging many hard-working Americans into poverty. During
    this period, the rich have kept getting richer. Tell me again, who are
    the makers and who are the takers?

  • 2Gary2

    There is a phenomenon that allows the Rich People’s Party to co-opt the working poor. No, not racism!

    Studies have shown that many many poor working class people side with
    policies that favor the wealthy, at the expense of themselves, because
    they believe that they are one lucky break away from joining the
    millionaires club.

    The real rallying cry of the GOP is actually: “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”

  • K

    Rawles, is one of the most reasonable people I have ever met. For him to put this out in public, I would say he is seeing the same things I am. I am a Christian, so fear does not come into it. Just sadness, it does not have to go this way.And perhaps it still may be all right.

    • HecatesMoon

      What worries me is the whole masks with guns thing. I mean any time you have a demonstration there’s potential for violence, but I just can’t see anything getting people shot faster and possibly turning into something much bigger than people with guns wearing MASKS.
      So I’m sitting here torn and there are a few times now I’ve come close to spreading it around but stopped myself. I think if people want to participate they need to know and it’s their choice, but I also have this idea of something horrific.
      Ugh…I’m stuck.

      • K

        You are not stuck. You are seeing what you are seeing. In order to help you decide what you need to do.Your family is what you need to take care of. The spreading of the word is already well underway. Let others, with less to loose do that part. For you, low profile. Remember for the Boston tea party? The protesters dressed as Indians.

        • HecatesMoon

          If you plan to participate, I hope you will not go wearing a mask…

          • K

            No worries. The only masks I own,, are for very cold weather.

  • Natali

    It’s really fanny to read this article. It’s shame that you dared to complain. I can tell something about the worst country. It is Ukraine. Our people had lost their dreams many years ago. Without any hopes. You lucky, you can complain.

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