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These 12 Hellholes Are Examples Of What The Rest Of America Will Look Like Soon

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Do you want to see where this country is headed?  If so, don’t focus on the few areas that are still very prosperous.  New York City has Wall Street, Washington D.C. has the federal government and Silicon Valley has Google and Facebook.  Those are the exceptions.  The reality is that most of the country has been experiencing a slow decline for a very long time and once thriving cities such as Gary, Indiana and Flint, Michigan have become absolute hellholes.  They are examples of what the rest of America will look like soon.  60 years ago, most Americans were decent, hard working people and there were always good jobs available for anyone that was willing to roll up his or her sleeves and put in an honest day of work.  But now all of that has changed.  Over the past decade, tens of thousands of manufacturing facilities have shut down and millions of jobs have left the country.  Cities such as Cleveland, Baltimore and Detroit were once shining examples of everything that was right about America, but now they stand out like festering sores.  The “blue collar cities” have been hit the hardest by the gutting of our economic infrastructure.  There are many communities in America today where it seems like all of the hope and all of the life have been sucked right out of them.  You can see it in the eyes of the people.  The good times are gone permanently and they know it.  Unfortunately, the remainder of the country will soon be experiencing the despair that those communities are feeling.

The following are 12 hellholes that are examples of what the rest of America will look like soon….

#1 Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana was once a great industrial city.

Today, it is one of the ten most dangerous cities in America, and the population has fallen by about 50 percent.

The following is from a recent Daily Mail article….

Frequently rated one of the ten most dangerous cities in the United States, Gary once boomed with jobs and opportunities but now faces the acute difficulties of America’s growing rust belt, with 22 percent of families in the once-great city now lying below the poverty line.

This modern American ghost town began life as home for workers at the United States Steel Corporation plant until economic competition from abroad forced a 90 percent job cut.

It is hard to describe what is happening to Gary without using the word “depressing”.  You can watch a great video that shows what Gary, Indiana looks like these days right here.

This is what happens when industry leaves and there are no jobs.  Gary has become a wasteland and there is essentially no hope for a turnaround.

The following is how James Kunstler described what he experienced when he traveled through Gary, Indiana recently….

Between the ghostly remnants of factories stood a score of small cities and neighborhoods where the immigrants settled five generations ago. A lot of it was foreclosed and shuttered. They were places of such stunning, relentless dreariness that you felt depressed just imagining how depressed the remaining denizens of these endless blocks of run-down shoebox houses must feel. Judging from the frequency of taquerias in the 1950s-vintage strip-malls, one inferred that the old Eastern European population had been lately supplanted by a new wave of Mexicans. They had inherited an infrastructure for daily life that was utterly devoid of conscious artistry when it was new, and now had the special patina of supernatural rot over it that only comes from materials not found in nature disintegrating in surprising and unexpected ways, sometimes even sublimely, like the sheen of an oil slick on water at a certain angle to the sun. There was a Chernobyl-like grandeur to it, as of the longed-for end of something enormous that hadn’t worked out well.

Sadly, Gary is far from alone.  There are a whole host of other formerly great U.S. cities that are degenerating into hellholes as well.

#2 Chicago, Illinois

There is something truly special about Chicago.  Most of America loved the Bears of the Walter Payton era, the Bulls of the Michael Jordan era and the Cubs of the Ernie Banks era.  Chicago is also known for great architecture and great pizza.

But these days “the windy city” is becoming known for other things.

The murder rate in Chicago is up 38 percent so far this year, and the recent spike in violence in the city has made national headlines.

As I noted the other day, there are only about 200 police officers in Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit to deal with an estimated 100,000 gang members.

That means that those officers are outnumbered 500 to 1, and more gang members pour into the city every single day.

The escalating violence in Chicago was detailed in a recent article in the Telegraph….

“This is a block-to-block war here, a different dynasty on every street,” said a dreadlocked young man heavily inked in gang tattoos who calls himself “Killer”.

“All the black brothers just want to get rich, but we got no jobs and no hope. We want the violence to stop but you ain’t safe if you ain’t got your pistol with you. Too many friends, too many men are being killed. We don’t even cry at funerals no -more. Nobody expects to live past 21 here.”

The victims and killers are mainly black males aged between 15 and 35, often with gang affiliations – but not exclusively. A seven-year-old girl, Heaven Sutton, was buried this month after being gunned down at her mother’s street sweet store. And last week, two girls aged 12 and 13 were shot and badly-wounded as they walked home from a newly-opened community centre.

If you are thinking of moving to Chicago, you might want to think again.

#3 Detroit, Michigan

I have written repeatedly about Detroit because it is a perfect example of what the rest of America is going to look like soon.

Once upon a time it was regarded as one of the top manufacturing cities the world had ever seen, but today it has become a total hellhole.

There are very few decent jobs available, poverty has exploded and crime is everywhere.

If you can believe it, 53.6% of all children in Detroit are living in poverty, and only 25 percent of all students in Detroit graduate from high school at this point.

And as I wrote about recently, justifiable homicide in Detroit increased by a whopping 79 percent during 2011, and the rate of self-defense killings in Detroit is now approximately 2200% above the national average.

Is it any wonder that you can still buy a house for $100 in some areas of Detroit?

The truth is that many areas of Detroit now resemble a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  Perhaps that is why one team of investors actually wants to turn some of the worst areas of Detroit into a zombie theme park….

Derelict areas of Detroit face being taken over by hordes of ‘flesh and brain-eating zombies’ if an ambitious business plan takes off.

Entrepreneur Mark Siwak wants to create live-action terror theme park ‘Z World’ on Motor City’s run-down and abandoned streets.

Customers would pay to be chased by professional actors and try to seek shelter in ghostly homes, factories and businesses.

You can see some great video of the “ruins of Detroit” right here.

#4 Stockton, California

Stockton is one of the ten most dangerous cities in America and it recently made national headlines when it declared bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, as spending on law enforcement has declined it has given the criminals a lot more room to operate in Stockton.  The following is from a recent Business Insider article….

The city has cut more than $90 million in spending over the past few years, specifically in its police department. The city has cut over one quarter of its police jobs, which has led to a “surge in murders,” and has created an “emboldened criminal element” in the city. According to police spokesman Joe Silva, the city has had 87 murders since the start of 2011, 29 of which have already occurred this year. In contrast, there were 35 murders in 2009 and 48 in 2010. With six months left in the year, there have already been more murders in the city since the start of 2011 than the two-year stretch of 2009-2010.

A while back in Stockton a billboard was put up with the following message: “Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California. Stop laying off cops.”

#5 Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan is a city that Michael Moore has made famous.  Flint once supported hordes of middle class workers thanks to a thriving auto industry, but today it is a just a rotting shell.  It looks like a war went through it and nobody bothered to clean up the mess.

At this point, the murder rate in Flint, Michigan is worse than the murder rate in Baghdad.  That is how nightmarish things have become in Flint.

The following is from an article in the New York Times….

It’s not that the cops here are scared; it’s just that they’re outmanned, outgunned and flat broke.

Flint is the birthplace of General Motors and the home of the U.A.W.’s first big strike. In case you didn’t know this, the words “Vehicle City” are spelled out on the archway spanning the Flint River.

But the name is a lie. Flint isn’t Vehicle City anymore. The Buick City complex is gone. The spark-plug plant is gone. Fisher Body is gone.

What Flint is now is one of America’s murder capitals. Last year in Flint, population 102,000, there were 66 documented murders. The murder rate here is worse than those in Newark and St. Louis and New Orleans. It’s even worse than Baghdad’s.

Politicians love to go to Flint and make speeches, but things never get any better.  The following are comments that Joe Biden made about Flint, Michigan during a recent speech he gave to promote a jobs bill….

“In 2008, when Flint had 265 sworn officers on their police force, there were 35 murders and 91 rapes in this city. In 2010, when Flint had only 144 police officers, the murder rate climbed to 65 and rapes–just to pick two categories–climbed to 229. In 2011, you now only have 125 shields. God only knows what the numbers will be this year for Flint if we don’t rectify it.”

But don’t look down on Flint – these kinds of conditions are coming to where you live soon enough.

#6 West Philly

Did you know that 36.4% of all children that live in Philadelphia are living in poverty?

There are some sections of Philadelphia that are actually very nice, but there are others that look like society has forgotten about them for decades.

A recent article by Jim Quinn entitled “More Than 30 Blocks Of Grey And Decay” described the depressing conditions in West Philadelphia.  Quinn refers to his drive through this area as “the 30 Blocks of Squalor”….

The real unemployment rate exceeds 50%, murder is the number one industry, with drugs a close second.

But it was not always this way.  Once upon a time, West Philly was actually a thriving area and was full of middle class families.

So what happened?

That is a very good question.

According to Quinn, the physical decay in West Philly is matched by the social decay….

The once proud homes are in shambles. Bags of garbage dot the landscape. Most of the people who live here are parasites on society. Personal responsibility, work ethic, education and marriage are unknown concepts in this community. Even though more than 50% of the students in West Philly drop out of high school and the SAT scores of West Philly High students are lower than whale ****, the bankrupt school district spent $70 million to build a new high school/prison to babysit derelicts and future prison inmates. The windows do not have steel bars yet, as the architect was smart to put all windows at least eight feet above street level.

These days there is a lot of despair in “the city of brotherly love”.  It is so sad to see what is happening to what once was such a proud city.

#7 Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland has always had a love/hate relationship with itself.  Many who live there call it “the mistake by the lake”, but the truth is that it was once a truly great city.

Sadly, today it is symbol of what has gone wrong with America.

There has been a steady stream of businesses that have left Cleveland and today 52.6% of all children that live in Cleveland are living in poverty.

There are not enough good jobs in Cleveland anymore, and so there are not enough workers to buy the tens of thousands of homes that have been foreclosed or abandoned.

So what is being done with all of those empty homes?

Unfortunately, they are being torn down.

The following comes from a recent CBS News report by Scott Pelley….

Across America, recession-fueled foreclosures and plummeting home values have left countless properties abandoned and vulnerable to looting. As Scott Pelley reports, the problem has gotten so bad in Cleveland, Ohio, that county officials have demolished more than 1,000 homes this year – and plan to demolish 20,000 more – rather than let the blight spread and render nearby homes worthless.

Does that seem right to you?

Should Cleveland be destroying tens of thousands of homes that families could be using?

Something has gone very, very wrong in this country.

#8 Camden, New Jersey

If you want to see what a hellhole looks like just visit Camden, New Jersey.

Although you will probably want to take an armed escort with you.

As industry has abandoned Camden, the gangs have basically taken over.  The “growth industries” in Camden these days are drug dealing and prostitution.

In an article entitled “City of Ruins“, reporter Chris Hedges described what life is like in Camden at this point….

There are perhaps a hundred open-air drug markets, most run by gangs like the Bloods, the Latin Kings, Los Nietos and MS-13. Knots of young men in black leather jackets and baggy sweatshirts sell weed and crack to clients, many of whom drive in from the suburbs. The drug trade is one of the city’s few thriving businesses. A weapon, police say, is never more than a few feet away, usually stashed behind a trash can, in the grass or on a porch.

Not that other cities in New Jersey are shining examples for the rest of the world either.

For example, if you want to get really depressed just drive through the bad parts of Newark some time.

#9 St. Louis

According to U.S. News and World Report, the most dangerous city in the United States is St. Louis.

If you have a death wish, just wander around the streets of East St. Louis at night.

There is a decent chance that someone will shoot you.

Things were not always this way in St. Louis.  But today things have gotten so bad that you can find packs of wild dogs roaming the city digging through trash and threatening children.

The following is from a report by the local CBS affiliate in St. Louis….

…Lewis Reed is sounding the alarm. “I’ve witnessed packs of dogs, 10 and 15 dogs running together, and I’ve seen all these dogs I’m talking about they don’t have collars, they don’t have tags, these are truly wild dogs,” he said.

Reed says stray dogs are terrorizing the north side. “It’s obscene that parents have to walk their kids to school, in some parts of the city, with a golf club to fend off wild dogs.”

This kind of thing is actually happening in America?

#10 New Orleans, Louisiana

The problems that New Orleans has experienced have been well documented.

But unlike most of the cities listed above, at least New Orleans has an excuse.  New Orleans permanently lost 29% of its population after Hurricane Katrina, and large sections of the city were essentially destroyed by that storm.

Even today, there are still some areas of New Orleans that look as if they have just been bombed.

It has been estimated that about 20 percent of the homes in New Orleans are still standing vacant, and poverty is rampant.  New Orleans will probably never fully recover to the level it was at before Hurricane Katrina hit.

#11 Oakland, California

Oakland has always been in the shadow of San Francisco, and the contrast between the two cities continues to grow.

Oakland has always been considered one of the more dangerous cities in America, and this year crime rates in Oakland are rising rapidly.  The following is from a recent article in the New York Times….

At the beginning of April, murders in Oakland were up 26 percent over a year ago, rapes were up 41 percent, and robberies were up 35 percent.

When Chief Batts arrived as a “change agent” in 2009, the police department employed 837 officers. It now has 635. The department no longer responds to burglaries that are not still in progress, and frequently does not respond to other calls for help.

So if your house has been robbed and the burglars are gone what are you supposed to do?

Due to a crippling lack of resources, the previous police chief decided that his department would no longer be able to respond to all crimes.

The following is a partial list of the crimes that police in Oakland are no longer likely to respond to….

  • burglary
  • theft
  • embezzlement
  • grand theft
  • grand theft: dog
  • identity theft
  • false information to peace officer
  • required to register as sex or arson offender
  • dump waste or offensive matter
  • loud music
  • possess forged notes
  • pass fictitious check
  • obtain money by false voucher
  • fraudulent use of access cards
  • stolen license plate
  • embezzlement by an employee
  • extortion
  • attempted extortion
  • false personification of other
  • injure telephone/power line
  • interfere with power line
  • unauthorized cable tv connection
  • vandalism

So what do you do if you are a victim of one of those crimes in Oakland?

That is a very good question.

#12 Baltimore, Maryland

If you can believe it, Baltimore was actually once a great city.

But today it has become a crime-ridden, drug-infested hellhole.

I used to drive up to Baltimore all the time.  It truly is a “blue collar” city.  There are a lot of really hard working people there.

Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough jobs for everyone and a lot of people have turned to drugs and crime.

There are some areas of Baltimore that you really should never enter by yourself.  If you do go into them, you might not make it back out.

There was one incident in Baltimore earlier this year that was particularly disturbing.

One poor young man had gotten drunk and was apparently wandering around all by himself.  Some thugs approached him and they clearly sensed that he was vulnerable.  So they knocked him to the ground, stripped him of his car keys, his watch, his money, his cell phone and his clothes.

A crowd gathered around to watch, and instead of helping the man, several of them got out their cell phones and laughed hysterically while they recorded the incident with their cell phone cameras for YouTube.

What made all of this even sadder is that this happened right in front of a Baltimore courthouse.

What in the world has happened to this nation?

All of us that still love this country should be deeply saddened by everything above.

America is rotting from the inside out, and if we are ever going to find any solutions we need to start admitting how bad things have really become.

The truth is that our problems are not limited to one political party, one special interest group or to one region of the country.  The social decay that is plaguing America can literally be found everywhere.

For much more on this, please see the following four articles….

1) “25 Signs The Collapse Of America Is Speeding Up As Society Rots From The Inside Out

2) “70 Reasons To Mourn For America

3) “20 Signs That Society Is Breaking Down And That America Has Been Overrun By Psychos

4) “12 Factors That Are Turning The Streets Of America Into A Living Hell

So don’t laugh at Detroit or Cleveland or St. Louis.

The rest of the country is declining too.

If the city where you live is not a hellhole already, it will be soon enough.

  • Talk about Depravity ! The IMF ,UN, The World Bank and the Elite has the master plan,depopulate . Seems to be going just fine for them.

  • mondobeyondo

    For those who don’t know – Gary, Indiana is the home town where Joe and Katherine Jackson raised a group of kids. Among them were Tito, Marlon, Jermaine, LaToya, Janet, Randy, and this little fellow named Michael. He was a great dancer and singer, even at 10 years of age. You may have heard of Michael Jackson.

    Yes – Gary, Indiana was the birthplace of the Jackson Five singing group. Before they were signed to Motown, they polished their skills in Gary.

    It’s never been a really prosperous place, but to see its decline today from what it was a few decades ago… wow. Truly sad to see.

    • never heard of them.

    • Nunya

      So Gary is the hometown of a child molester and freak? Fitting.

    • william the goat

      Never heard of them, but I do know that Robert Kearns, inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper systems, was born in Gary, Indiana. There is a true hero, and someone to be proud of!

  • Makes me want to buy more ammo. Too bad the government is buying it all up.

    • Mad-Max

      Sounds like a good idea. What will you do when you run out of ammo. You should probably join a gang. There won’t be enough police if any to protect you when the shtf.

      OsiXs (Revolution 2.0 – The Smart Revolution!)

  • Kevin2

    Several years ago the NJ State Police had to take over duties from the Camden police because the Camden police did not go to the worst of the worst neighborhoods. This is a city that had several Mayors go to prison for corruption back to back.

    What makes Camden NJ really different is age. Camden lost it’s industrial base two decades prior to Billy Joel’s song Allentown. In that respect they’re ahead of their time.

  • mondobeyondo

    If something isn’t done to fix this – and QUICK!! – expect to see these cities on the economic “hit list” soon:

    Austin, Texas
    Los Angeles, California
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Denver, Colorado
    Houston, Texas
    Portland, Oregon
    Kansas City, Missouri
    Atlanta, Georgia

    It’s not the aging eastern industrial cities in peril.
    Did I mention your home town?!

    • Lee

      I am in Houston and I think it will be like Chicago is becoming ans St Louis is, there are certain areas that you go to at your own risk. Now, those areas may get a lot larger, but as long as Houston is the US oil capital; there’s going to be some safe places.

      That said, when this coming depression really starts hitting the US, I will not be driving around Houston without pepper spray and a taser, minimum.


      • Me No Likey

        Wrong. Lost Angeles has actually and quite surprisingly had a come back over the past 10-15 years. Places such as Hollywood, downtown, more prosperous parts of the San Fernando Valley have come back. It’s actually been amazing the changes that have taken place.

        Don’t be an asswipe and make a comment about something you know nothing about. I’m no super fan of Los Angeles, but I’ve live here for years and have seen the change with my own eyes. I would not have said it as recently as 15 years ago. In fact, in the 90’s I used to say L.A. was a City in decline, and it was. But things have changed, and I would have to say for the better.

        True you still got all the mexican, black, and god know what all else gangs here, but that trash is everywhere. Round em all up and kill em all, I say. Besides, if you know what you’re doing, it’s actually safer in Los Angeles than it used to be.

    • tony

      Houston has oil and gas… it is doing much better than most other cities. Property values havent been hit hard there and jobs go unfilled.

    • Steve

      And all of the towns you listed are primarily full of Democrat voters and most of them are illegals.

      Loving these “undocumented workers” that used to be called “illegals” and that Obama has stopped the Border Patrol and ICE from arresting and deporting?

      Do any of you have any idea as to just how BIG illegals are in Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, etc?

      Oh yeah one of these towns is a result of LBJ’s War on Poverty…..Atlanta, GA

      • Colin

        Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix should be added to that list. All of these cities are dependent on a water system – the Colorado River – that is in danger of disappearing.

      • and most of these states have the higher electorial votes than the states where the hellholes are not!

      • richardnj

        Most of the residents of these “hellholes” aren’t illegals. Americans can do just fine ruining their cities without foreign help:) As for the President, he has more illegals deported each year than did hid predecessor. I can understand hate; that’s a sickness. But tieing hate to false facts just makes a person look uninformed.

      • Ksjeff

        You can’t be too intelligent to make that statement.

        The type of people that destroy a community DON’T VOTE.

        Personally, I prefer being around “illegals” than morons.

    • Maurice

      I thought Texas was doing well?

    • Tiger707

      Why Denver?

  • K

    Excellent article. To sum it up, if there is any way you can, get out of the cities. The best you can hope for if you stay, think the Alamo. With the projected food harvest this year, groceries will jump at least another 35%. I know of people that do not have a single penny to spare now. It does not have to happen. We could block any grain being sold outside the Country this year. We could suspend corn being used as fuel this year also. Neither of those things will happen. Because making money is all that matters anymore, in this Country. You think you have crazy people running around now? Wait until they have not eaten for a couple of days.

  • Dan

    Dead on about Camden NJ. I used to do service work in there before my wife and I moved to Idaho last summer. We always made sure any calls that came in were done by 10 am, if not they waited until the next day. Even then you sometimes heard gunshots from around the corner at 9am! The East Coast is doomed! We are so much happier out here.

    • John W.

      Trenton and Newark are no bed of roses either. New Haven and Bridgeport in Ct. are also real jewels. Braddock, Pa. now there is a real success story,LOL. Seemingly the entire country is starting the nose over into the ground. Not sure if there will be any safe places and certainly not sure wherher the govt. or the criminals are to be more feared. I can see with todays rant by Obama about how no one made it on their own that the well off and successful are being turned into the Jews of Nazi Germany. They will be the scapgoat that is used to shift blame and keep Obama in power.

  • David Gurney

    The USA can only work when racism and sexism are operative.All non-discrimination laws should be repealed in order for the economy to boom once again.

    • Gerry

      Hey David. You should try and be a white person in South Africa where whites are openly discriminated against in business and sport. We are the only country in the world where a majority (black people) enforce affirmative action (job reservation) on a minority white population. This is the legacy of the “great” Nelson Mandela, an avowed communist terrorist that the world hails as a hero of peace. South Africa has been devastated by Black “leaders’ (the ruling party African National Congress i.e. ANC). Every day we read reports of nepotism, corruption, ineptitude, thievery by our government leaders and officials. Infrastructure is collapsing, towns are bankrupt, sanitation is crumbling all because all because of “political correctness.” Apartheid was a peace movement when compared to these fascist barbarians and had nothing on our current crop of stone age despots. Our president has 7 wives and thinks that having a shower after extramarital sex with an HIV infected person will prevent the disease. By the way she was also under age and a daughter of a family friend. When asked why he had sex with her he said that a man must do what a man must do! He regularly gets on stage and sings his favorite song in Zulu “bring me my machine gun” and “kill the (white)farmers.” He recently declared that not many people in South Africa understood democracy implying that, he the president, found guilty of bribery and corruption before his “election” understood it completely! Insanity

      • Eddy

        Gerry, Oh Dear, so the boot is on the other foot for a change, my, my, must hurt.
        Let’s face it, until the white man took over Africa, it had systems in place that worked for thousands of years, it was the whiteman that destroyed that, and replaced it with their own. No one asked the Africans whether it was OK with them. For hundreds of years, they were ground into the dirt in their own country and watched how corrupt the whiteman is, now they’ve copied that behaviour and you complain ? DUH !
        Let’s face it, the only thing that’s changed in the power structure is the colour of the skin and power reversed, the boot being on the other foot for a change. LOL.
        Look on the bright side, emigrate to Ozzie like so many of your countrymen/women have already done, especially West Australia, we need folks here.

        • steve001968

          Africa had “systems” in place prior to white colonization? What “systems” exactly would those be? Nothing that wasn’t available in the stone age that’s for sure since that’s where sub-saharan Africa was when whites 1st arrived there. Name an invention more modern than the stone age or a complex machine that was invented in sub-saharan Africa. Good luck. The simple fact is without white colonization sub-saharan Africa would still without a doubt be in the stoneage and now that the “boot is on the other foot” it’s returning to it as fast as possible. South Africa is rapidly swirling down the toilet bowl right after Zimbabwe which has now left the toilet and is headed for the sewage treatment plant.

      • Xander cross

        Stop lying. If whites would stop plundering Africa of it’s resources and stealing land from it’s natives, then whites would not have this problem. By the way, why are whites in Africa stealing land and dumping nuclear waste in African waters? Why are whites experimenting on blacks with poison in Africa? Why are whites stealing diamonds, gold, silver, copper, from Africa. You don’t like black people but you go to Africa? You’re insane.

        • steve001968

          Oh yeah, whites who provide massive amounts of aid to black Africa are the reason black Africans starve by the millions. The majority of the population in Zimbabwe is now starving since they have been ‘liberated’ from the ‘tyranny’ of whites efficient farming practices. South Africa is right behind it.

      • Rhynn

        You bassackawards moron. All your pathetic anecdote proves is that attempting to insinuate that the worst of human nature is only present in a subset of the human race is a waste of time. Any majority regardless of makeup that has unchecked authority over a minority will exploit and abuse said authority.

        Do us all a favor. Rather than befouling what Michael has intended as a place of enlightenment with your steadfast commitment to ignorance, why don’t you and your fellow dolt in arms David here suit up, mount up, head to one of these towns spoken of in the article and peddle your White Man’s burden BS to them in the streets. Make sure someone returns to tell us if the bullets you ate were as deluded and color struck as you are.

        The only color that matters in America is green. When you get your head cracked by a White cop protecting bankster interests you’ll clue in. If it’s the last thing you ever do.

  • BC

    Wake up people! What is being done to the USA is being done by design. The US was once a place where protestantism, freedom of religion and human rights were a shining light for the rest of the world. There are powers in this world that always hated what the US stood for and its origins. Freedom from a Pope, kings and oppression. It looks like the politicians have been told what to do and how to do it in order to destroy this once strong free nation. The loss of jobs, globalism and destruction of manufacturing are all the result of corrupt politicians doing what their masters tell them to do. They pretend to care for the people but they care for themselves and their own prosperity. There is a global religious force operating behind the scenes, puling the strings and making the puppets dance for their own ends. I am sorry to say that this destruction will continue in the US and spread to the rest of the world under this powers influence. This will not stop until Jesus comes again to take us home. God bless

    • Anthony

      Amen, as much as I try to educate others I feel only a sense of apathy to my message. My heart tells me more and more to focus on Christ and let all else be.

    • Paul


      Go home and pray.

      And god bless, you will need it.

    • LMD

      I completely agree BC. Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • stevefraser

      I agree…the Religious force behind the scenes is called Marxism.

  • mark

    This is happening in the country also. The homes are not falling apart more than usual but the people are becoming more dependent on the government for food instead of growing their own gardens and canning their extra. We have become a spoiled country and expect others to feed us. The people that expect the government to support them will be in store for a big shock when the check is not in the mail.

    • OLdFART

      Finally the truth is spoken. Gimmeism is not just a city thing. Shocking how few gardens you see even in areas where space is not a problem.

      Seems someone else noticted the common demographic thread.

    • HecatesMoon

      Where I live, I probably could have grown food in town just as well as growing it where I live now.
      What’s crazy and sad is that I spent my whole life eating pizza, fast food, and candy with my dad (hey, he was a bachelor!), same with my aunt (she loved to spoil kids), and then at home eating $1 chicken sandwiches, cans of ravioli, and scrounging crackers and stuff.
      A couple years ago, I opened a box of muffin mix wanting to eat the little blue nuggets out of the package. lol I found a CAN inside the box. I open the can and inside are….BLUEBERRIES! I could not have been more confused or annoyed if I had opened the can and found ROCKS. I actually thought to myself, “What am I supposed to do with THIS!?! I can’t eat these!!!”
      The point being, up until this year I had no experience or understanding of what real food IS. I have just learned that green beans have a texture and a taste- not the dirty water taste out of the can. I have learned that nothing tastes or looks like what I buy in a store- a huge source of confusion even now when I make something new. I worked up the nerve to eat a blueberry.
      The garden started after we had a guest over. The previous home owners had had a garden, and there were turnips growing. Our guest discovered the turnips and wild onions and just went to town on them! Eating them up, right out of the dirt, and I was fascinated by the sight of someone actually eating something from my yard, from the ground.
      In all my life, even with the ability right in front of me, it never occurred to me that I could be growing some of my own food, that during times where I was accepting food stamps that it was an option to be at least a little less dependent.
      How is that for being programmed?
      I look around now, on our way to and from town, I notice the gardens, all the fruit trees. They never even registered with me before.
      The problem for people living out here is going to be that all the people with nothing- and plenty who wouldn’t tend a garden whether it occurred to them or not that they could or even should- are going to be raiding their gardens, taking what would have saved the people who planted.
      …..I know I said something relevant to your comment in there somewhere. I like to ramble. Ha!

      • Anthony

        I love your story, when I was growing up my Grandparents and some Uncles would have their gardens and we would share and enjoy the fruits of their labor together. I try to maintain my own garden and have taken pleasure in helping a friend establish his, I agree too few are taking advantage of this healthy pleasure. I wanted to mention briefly the importance of supplements and the fact this generation has been so heavily over medicated and in fact without need. Please Google Dr Mercola and visit his website, also look into supplements like lecithin, coQ10, magnesium, vits C & D and herbs for natural solutions for cancer, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc…May God Bless

      • Paul

        America sure has a great education system. LOL

        • Michael

          Actually there are some people out there that are doing some very cool things.

          For example, just check out what one guy did with one of my recent articles….


          • Paul

            Oh yeah, the BAD EU that doesn’t give free money to Greece that doesn’t even collect taxes from their own people.

      • Zak


        Welcome to reality. Hope you like it here.

        When I grew up in a third world country we used to chew on certain tree branches to brush our teeth. My teeth were a lot healthier then. I have a lot more cavities now.

        Nature has a lot to offer to humanity. We have forgotten how to appreciate it. I am also struggling to get back to a more natural life and believe me it is not easy in the modern society. Turning off the TV helps.


      • Awake

        This is an important post. I see this lack of understanding all over the place which bothers me. But I read your post and it gives me hope to think that maybe other people will see the light just like you have. Food and your relationship to it, is important and relevant. What I mean is if you accept the diet of what the “powers” want you to be on, your mind and body will become dull and your ability to be independent will be compromised. If you gain the understanding that food is at the very core of power (who controls the food?) and you take control of your diet and food source, you will awaken. You will see what is going on and have the ability to do something. Gain more power yourself and have the ability to share it with others.

    • liberranter

      While some of this is due to laziness and ignorance on the part of rural residents, we must also not forget the War on (non-corporate) Agriculture that government at all levels is waging on small, independent farmers and private citizens – complete with SWAT teams. It’s all part of the plan to starve us into becoming depending on Big Ag’s agricultural poison.

  • That’s right! It’s Sunday night in my town! I just had five young adults come eat pizza with me (ugh..)! I’m a single Mom on a fixed income (no WELFARE thank you very much- I earn EVERY dollar I MAKE! And I am a single parent!!!)
    These kid’s parents aren’t even eating dinner with them, nor lunch, or even BREAKFAST! They are literally dropped off a someone else’s door! Their parents ACT like they don’t EVEN have to FEED THEM! In fact, they do everything they can do to dump them off first thing in the morning! So that some other SMUCK can FEED them! How is that for hope and change? It’s 4:30 pm and it’s their FIRST meal!
    One XL pizza and a personal pizza costs $32.-
    (we live 10 minutes away)
    I have $200.00 to get me and my family through the rest of the month, then I guess we’ll have to eat some Chinese glue tape because your not feeding your own children!!!WTF?!!! Nice TRY!!! I don’t care if you lost all your jobs and your house!!! If I lose anymore my family and I are going to join you!!!
    Here’s your wake up call. FEED YOUR OWN KIDS!!Why should I have to sacrifice what little I earn to feed yours! Take care of your obligations!!! Stop pushing it on someone else like me! I’ve got enough to pay for already! Stop it! Step up to the plate and take care of your own!!!
    Everyone, every family, every Mom and Dad, Grandma, G-Pa, needs to embrace the fact that no one will not be able to afford food or pay for their anyone much less kids for very much longer…TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN!!!
    I just feed 5 of your kid’s and YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT OR THANK ME!!! SHOVE OFF COWARDS!!!

    • Oh and here’s a positive note, when I told the pizza orderer (when ordering an x-large and a personal pan cheese), that the last pizza we ordered tasted kind of bland, the guy taking the order said oh, that will be an extra $5.00 for the spicing (basil, orgeano, etc..)Oh, ok, an extra $5.00 for the spices! Sure I can afford that!
      I kind of thought I was on the phone with JP Morgan. Uh, wait, what, you would like us to watch over your money for you? Oh, ok, then. Well, that’s gonna cost you extra!!! Hey FO!!! Unless we all want to eat cardboard pizza we’d better get used to paying a more for a REGULAR (spiced properly) PIZZA!
      But the funny thing Michael, as a trained Scientist, this whole New World (Dis) Order has way TOO much natural order for it to be natural. I suspect outworldly powers are at play…Man on this planet could take credit for what’s going down but it’s not good enough to explain the absolute simplicity in executing THEIR plans…to perfection…
      Takes a LOT more intelligence and means than what is displayed on THIS planet!!!

      • It’s all coming apart

        You are a one very scary person Willdo.
        I’m not sure those (so called) degenerative parents know that their kids are being fed pizza by a disgruntled neighbor! And if they do know..shame on them.

        Perhaps you should stop feeding the so called neighbors kids and seek professional help, for anger management and perhaps depression?
        You sound close to snapping and going off the deep end, and I fear for those children you are feeding.

      • Cinderella Man

        Well bless you for feeding those kids Willdo. There are alot of kids going hungry in this country right now and its sad. Ive seen the same thing. A friend of mine who is a welfare mom and a drug addict dosent always feed her kids so they will sometimes stay at my moms house to get fed. I realize times are hard and you are just expressing your fustration at the shitty economy and outrageous food prices. But God bless you for feeding those kids. These times are starting to remind me of The Grapes of Wrath that one scene when the Joads go into that shanty town and all those little kids mobs them for food. The mama asks “Have you et today?” is one of the most heartwrenching scenes in that powerful movie. I just admired that they were a broke as a joke family barely scraping by themselves but they still had the heart to feed those kids. Your comment reminds me of the human suffering in this new depression. Here you are a single mom trying to look out for your own kids and you have to deal with other peoples children that are going hungry. I expect we will hear more stories like yours in the near future because of this drought causing food shortages. Either way Im proud of you for helping a kid get some food in their belly!

      • Prepply

        Cooking a couple of pizzas cost much less than that…

      • Josh

        communication is key in any situation, maybe instead of complaining on here you should talk to the parents…

        “YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT” let them know, how can they solve the problem without knowing there’s a problem.

        also making your own pizza could have saved you 80% of the cost at a pizza place, if you grew a garden you could make an awesome veggie pizza. kids wont like it? too bad its food.

        today and this point forward if you are paying for something that can be done at home you need to wake up and become more self sufficient = saved money.

      • Just Saying

        Perhaps you should consider making your own pizza with your own spices. All out it might cost you $10 for the lot and you’ll have enough for two or three.

    • salvadordaly

      I’m Just going to give you my opinion. It’s OK to say no to childs friends coming over. You owe it to yourself and your family to not feed the neighborhood! I understand your frustration though. If you really expect service in this day and time, “RELEASE”, it is not going to happen, that was the old times. Trust me, take that little bit of advice. Welcome to the new U.S.S.A.

    • OLdFART

      I am solidly middle class and see this as well. I sometimes feed my kid’s friends as much as three times a day. if my kid goes to the best friend’s house, the father sometimes goes into the bathroom for hours to get away from even his own kids so he can concentrate on important duties like World of Warcraft.

    • David G.

      You can make a crust with some white flour, a little oil, and some salt. And you can get a bottle of pizza sauce for two pizzas for a dollar at wal-mart. It tastes great and its got all the seasonings. The cheese will cost you a little more, but for a few bucks you could feed all those kids pizza everday for the rest of the month and have a lot left over. In fact, your 34 bucks could have gotten you ten large pizzas if you made your own. It takes a little planning, and about 30 minutes of your time. So invite the kids into your kitchen. Talk to them about life, about their life, about making good choices, about the purpose of life—to make good choices and learn to be a better person—and they’ll leave with some cheap pizza in their stomachs and some hope in their future.

      • Esta

        Wonderful post! We also enjoy making our own pizza, and letting the kids(ours and others) add their preferred toppings. A huge bag of yeast costs about $5.00 at Costco, and will make weekly pizza for a year with enough left over for lots of other baking. We also make two pizzas with the $1 Ragu sauce at the Dollar Store. Cheese and pepperoni from Trader Joe’s are great quality and a good buy. We are happy our kids want to have their friends over. We know where they are, and who their friends are. We feel we have something positive to share, and it costs us very little. When I was growing up my dad wasn’t able to keep his drinking under control, and it was embarrassing to have friends over, though he was in every other way a loving father. I am very grateful that my best friend’s parents never seemed burdened by my frequent presence–I learned a great deal from that hardworking and generous family.

      • WELL SAID David G! Love your post!

      • SuperKen-chan

        You’re the best!!

    • mark

      Have you tried to make your own pizza from scratch? Since you have a computer, you could go find how to make it on line and save a bunch of money. We even grind our own flour for making pizza if we want to eat one.

    • Drover

      I think you need to put this into perspective. If your child(ren)are bringing miscreants into your home, you have the right not to allow it. It is your home and you are the authority figure. If they are kids that you will allow into your home and you are doing it to be nice or “the right thing to do,” you should not expect any rewards, except, of course, good behavior in your home. Most kids do not realize that God has blessed them with parents/people who have given them opportunities they do not deserve, until they are on their own. Sometimes that means they are in their 30’s.

      My mother, b. 1925 and now deceased, came from a very dysfunctional family. This included not having food in the house to eat; the “parents” would take off on weekends. She spent way too much time (by her own admission), at her friends house. She ate most meals with them. I doubt my mother said thank you. This was a gift from God–and to me. Not having a mother or a stable home life, she was able to have contact with a stable family and learn about family life and relationships by being there. I heard many many stories of this family and their family life.

      You are giving these kids more than a meal. You are showing them that someone cares.

      I can understand your frustration with your finances. I have some suggestions for you.

      Instead of **buying** a pizza, why not cook a meal? Spaghetti and sauce is easy to prepare, even from scratch. A large pot of homemade soup works as well. So does grilled cheese sandwiches, meat and potato casserole as well as a number of budget stretching meals. The internet is replete with them. They could even help you cook and teach them self sufficiency.

      I, along with my husband, raised 6 children, who are now adults. I also held a full time job. We lived a very frugal lifestyle because we had do. I could feed many more people–and still do at times–for $32.00. You could even make your own pizza more cheaply.

    • Tom

      Hey thisname, I have the same problem here with kids being pushed off on me. I also seem to be the only responsible parent around. I take my daughter swimming nearly everyday. But then the kids around whose parents must just tell them to go to my place start showing up. $1.50 a kid 5x a week. Single dad, lost my job in Feburary, also been selling stuff on ebay for 15 years as extra $$. So thats the only income now. So enough is enough. Last week 1 particularly demading mother and I hate to say it nasty daughter came over to go swimming, I said not doing it anymore costs to much, and there is never even a thank you. She just went nuts F you, my F-ing daughter loves going, +++++. I quit.

      I live in a 40,000 population city, grew up here, the mentality of the people here has just plummeted. Highways were reconstructed and I not live at the crossroads of the main highways between Minneapolis to the west and Milwaukee-Racine-Kenosha-Chicago-Rockford & Gary to the south. Its just a drug route now. and my town is in the middle of it. Drugs are now prevelant. Scumbag people did not really exist here 7 years ago, now there everywhere. I’d love to move, just dont know where.

      Good luck this name, sounds like were in the same boat.

    • michelle

      spaghetti is way cheaper

      just boil water and heat up some sauce – or make your own sauce!!

      chicken fried rice also inexpensive and delicious

      carryout and delivery pizza is not a healthy or economical way to feed children.

    • Paul

      We don’t have pizza at home in the first place.

      I usually go to the market just before closing time and get me a full backpack of veggies and fruits for £5.

      Carrots – 5kg: £1.50; Onions – 5kg: £1.00; Potatos not much more. Herbs are grown on the kitchen window sill.

      Slice potatos, onions, tomatos, zucchini, and whatever pleases you, and lay the slices upright into an ovenproof dish, drizzle oil all over, add a pinch of salt, put it into the oven for 1 hour. After 40 minutes add some fresh herbs – thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano.

      When everything is done, add some cheese on top and bake for another 5 minutes.

      You can feed the whole block for next to nothing.

    • Orange Jean

      Well, are they “young adults” (should be feeding themselves) or kids? You DID say “young adults”, so I assume they are.

      If they are over 18, I’d say next time ask them — say “s…. what did you bring us for supper?” (clearly implying this is their turn). Moochers usually don’t like being asked to contribute and will disappear of their own accord.

      If they are kids, call up the parents and tell them they to come pick them up and feed them, since you can’t afford to. If they won’t, I hate to say it but this IS the right time to call Social Services and report the parents for being neglectful.

  • OhioGuy

    I note the absence of a key descriptor of the domiant demographic in all of these current ******Holes

    Give yerselves an “A” for Political Correctness, comrade

    Welcome to BRA … da be Black Run Amerikwa yo

    • Sunday

      Your wrong. You are definitely wrong. There are so many majority black cities in the south, yet only one southern city is mentioned. Could it be that its a Rust belt thing?

    • rngwrm

      that’s because if the author drops the whole problem on black people, then an otherwise well-written article becomes easily dismissed as racist trash, just like your comment.

      so blame the manufacturers – they’re the ones the fled the cities to send legal work overseas. if you prefer, blame the unions – they’re the ones that struck their wages so high the manufacturers couldn’t afford to pay them any more. then there’s everyone’s favorite, blame the gov’t – for subsidizing a bunch of do-nothings via welfare that’s still a better option (if you’re lazy) than minimum wage. point being, there’s plenty of blame to go around at every level, and saying it’s because they’re black is too simplistic and ignores the real problem (whichever that real problem may be).

      poor people want to survive, too – push hard enough, and any demographic will turn lord of the flies. american examples aren’t too common, because the whites are just the first and fastest to GTFO when local economies tank. look at yugoslavia, pre-nazi germany, or post-communist russia – few (if any) blacks in sight, and nowhere for the whites to run (and no, it wasn’t because of the bosnians, the jews, or whatever minority russian people like to dump on.). the trend should be easier to spot once the whole economy is uniformly in the toilet, rather than just a few easily cataloged pockets of blight.

  • Traffix

    Ah leave it to the government to tax the crap out of you when times are good, and tax the crap out of you when times are bad, on top of cutting essential services of course.

    • Lee

      that’s what politicians do, 99% of them are worthless.

      I am reading ‘New deal or raw deal’ now and it is surprising just how sad FDR’s policy decisions were, that he knew nothing about how economics work, played political favorites, didn’t listen to his economic advosors or business leaders.
      It is scary how much FDRs admin reflects Obama.

      That’s why I am optimistic the US does recover eventually, as the information about what made it all come crashing down when that happens is going to come fast and everyone will know in this information age. The US should turn it around pretty quickly as it still has that ability better than anyone else.

      But don’t get me wrong, it’s probably a year of surviving the crash until that happens.

  • A Hack

    All Democrat ran cities.

    • All democrat ran cities & black. There, maybe Michael couldn’t say it, but I believe I can. No threat of law suits here because I am flat broke–except for the pennies in the small plastic thing.

      • liberranter

        All democrat ran cities & black.

        Sadly, that is indeed the common denominator in almost all of these cities. I can think of a few other evolving hellholes to add to Michael’s list that, while not dominated politically by blacks, are cities in which the black population constitutes a significant enough percentage of the voting population that the predominately white power structure dares not do anything to alienate it (Louisville, Kentucky, my wife’s hometown, is one such city).

        I would like to think that at some point common sense will prevail among this community, but nothing in my experience leads me to believe that such optimism is warranted.

  • Kevin2

    The major cities at least have some infrastructure around them that MIGHT make it attractive and or geography like being on a major water way may in the future be desirable. The second tier cities like Reading Pa and a host of other former industrial centers don’t even have that. All they had was one or possibly two industries and they’re gone.

    I wonder if the population of Inca cities watched their places wither away as we are seeing ours today?

  • post racial socialist utopia

    Comrades a glorious future awaits with equality of results for everyone in the collective. Work won’t be necessary in the hopetopia. Nannygov will provide everything since they do care about our well being. Don’t worry your social networking and daily me me me update and sports will continue.

    • Anthony

      Lmao…love this

  • Syrin


    What is the common theme to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE HELL HOLES ?!?!?!?!

    Oh yeah! They’ve been in the hands of liberals for DECADES. Watch “The Hunger Games”. It’s the end game of liberalism just like Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Yugoslavia, Mussolini’s Italy, Ancient Rome at the end, modern day Greece, Spain, Italy, France, England etc etc etc.

    -liberalism – destroying nations for centuries

    • Old Man

      You sure sound like the Nazi blaming the Jews for everything in the 1930’s. And then the Nazi gained national power, they were the one who destroyed the whole country.

    • stevefraser

      Like the Roman Empire, the barbarian invasions killed higher culture and literacy and learning itself….Come to Mexifornia to see a modern version of the same.

    • Ksjeff

      Ahh, one more foolish comment with no facts to back it up.

      If “liberals” caused the destruction of these once-great cities, then why are San Francisco, Seattle and Portland not on the list?

      This is not a conservative or liberal problem, it’s much deeper than that.

      But fools making baseless comments sure do not help the situation.

  • SidDavis

    By definition, cities are dependent on import of resources. No city grows its own food; the raw materials for generation of electricity are imported or the electricity itself is generated elsewhere and imported; almost all manufacturing plants require resources that come from outside the city; gasoline is imported into most cities and those with their own refineries are dependent on oil being imported from elsewhere in the US or in the world.

    When government and corporations conspire to rig markets so that they wind up with most of the wealth and the average person is driven toward poverty as his wealth is extracted, the residents of the cities and suburbs are doomed. Add to this the constraint on resource flows as energy and other resources become scarcer and you have a disaster which will likely make most big cities uninhabitable. The cost of the complexity of maintaining them cannot be paid by an impoverished majority and increasing resource costs.

    The resulting social chaos will be experienced as civil conflict by the name of revolution or civil war, and a much increased death rate from starvation, exposure, disease, and violence. This is a dangerous time to live in the USA, and particularly in cities and suburbs that are not self sufficient. Being dependent on a system that is crumbling is not a wise choice.

    • GSOB

      To SIdDavis:

      States, cities and individuals shall be forced to become independent.
      That’s a good thing.

  • Gary2

    Tax the rich and spread the wealth. Take their ill gotten productivity theft money and reinvest in our cities.

    • Paul

      Can’t do that. They will go away.

      Tax the poor. You won’t get any money, but they will thank you and elect you again.

    • Navy91

      Took you long enough to chime in! Where’ve you been?

    • stevefraser

      Or get O off his butt and have him ramp up his “internal security force larger than the military…” Then, Gary, enemies of the State (i.e. Obama) will no longer sleep at night!

    • mike Beale

      There’s an original thought for ya!

    • davidmpark

      What rich? They departed already.

    • Colin

      Find a new schtick

  • N

    Regarding NOLA, Hurricane Katrina was man-made. The globalists want the entire area cleared, eventually, for their own plans. For real. Weather is easily manipulated; the extreme weather the USA is experiencing is no accident. Globalists want to DESTROY the country. Check out youtube videos made by citizen journalists showing clear concentric circles next to every single episode of severe weather for the last few years; research HAARP capacity to lead storms around as if they were at the end of a wand, Americans, with more propaganda than anywhere else on earth, with more pharmaceutical drugs (pushed by advertising, which is illegal everywhere else except one other country), dumbed down …. are EASILY CONTROLLED. The globalists HATE America, and we have these people in control of policy because Congress is totally bought off, and the president, no matter who, is a tool of the hidden powers who have wanted to take down America since its inception. Our education (public school), our entertainment, our forced gmo food ALL are agents of destruction scientifically designed to make everyone outside the small controlling group a separate species. Don’t doubt this; it is true. Stand up. Reclaim your self. And above all THROW THE TELEVISION OUT THE WINDOW. You are sucking on the breast which has the poison of your own demise in sitting there dumbly watching it.

    • Lizz

      Now that is an interesting view point

    • Robert

      Katrina was only the trigger for the floods. The levees protecting the city failed as predicted. They were scheduled for improvement 2 years too late. New Orleans has been sinking into the alluvial silt for years now. It was a bad idea to put a city there.

  • nowwthen

    You’re smart to avoid including a breakdown of the demographics in these and other places. The Congressional Black Caucus would be all over you like white on rice if you had.

    • Sunday

      So if I had a choice to move to either Joplin, MO or Durham, NC, I would be smarter to move to Joplin because its 90% white and 3% black. I shouldnt move to Durham because its 45% white and 43% black. I would ignore the fact that Joplin has an extremely high crime rate compared to Durham, and Joplin has only half the population of Durham.

  • sistrunkqueen

    Yes Atlanta may be next with the high cost of living and low paying jobs. Dekalb County,a suburb in Atlanta, recently laid off 400 teachers this summer. They don’t intend to replace them. The hospital that my niece was born is closing their maternity ward. 80 jobs will be lost. Many small banks have closed in Georgia. Atlanta still has the highest foreclosure rate in the Southeast. Our infrastructure needs repairing and the traffic is still horrible. The crime and unemployment rates are up too. I will be leaving here again. I may not return anytime soon. There is nothing going on here.

  • Amerikwababwe

    Amerikwa is glorious isn’t it. How about that fundamental hopey changey transformation! Hey at least the president is cool. It sure is cool being a third world sewer hole.

  • Roger Smith

    I was just telling someone yesterday….”How many police do you think will continue to report for duty when they realize that their pensions have evaporated?” Actually, these pensions never existed to begin with. They are a mathematical mirage. Firemen, Police and teachers don’t make very much money but they’ve been promised the world (by way of their pensions) by politicians who aren’t going to be around when the bills come due. Isn’t that convenient?…Politicians spend their entire career making promises that somebody 30 years younger has to keep….or break. I’m not sure who’s more to blame though….those who tell outrageous lies?…or those who willingly believe them? As the U.S. continues to break down, the only cops crazy enough to stick with the job will be Max Rockatansky and Alex Murphy.

    • John W.

      Firemen don’t make much money? What a laugher that is. The ol ladys nephew in Vegas is a fireman and he is pulling down close to 160,000 a year. He has been doing this for quite awhile and in Vegas which is as close to a broke city as you can get. He is just one of hundreds getting paid like that. Meanwhile the city of North Las Vegas is broke and is contacting out it’s services to Las Vegas. The ship is sinking but the band plays on.

  • Michae Garland

    Undoubtedly we in the US are faced with real problems! I personally believe we get what we deserve. Morality in our country has decade to such a point it no wonder we are where were at! We were a country founded on the principals of Christianity, but today morality is a thing of the past. We have removed prayer from our school and therefore have had to install metal detectors. We have failed to teach our children the importance of having respect for one another. We focus on the material, have lived far above our means and we are going to pay dearly for it. God spits those who spit him and we are going to apparently learn this lesson the hard way.

    • Paul

      We never had a single prayer in school, but those hell holes seem to exist only in America.

    • Another Richard

      We get what we deserve because Sin has Consequences.Yes, these major cities are dominated by a black populace. Remember the expression “White Flight”? That began decades ago and continues to this day in All cities and always will. The remainig blacks were pimped by the “Democrat” political machine for their vote and given government handouts in return. They learned the “Lies” of racial abuse and victimization by our society from the Democratic Race Hustlers, think: Jesse Jackson/ Al Sharpton. They also got their Christian values from these same two, you know like; one woman having 8 children by 8 different men. Can you say “Breakdown of the Family” which is the BEDROCK and FOUNDATION of structure for Any Nation? It was Not the removal of prayer from schools. It was the Breakdown of the FAMILY that has completely undermined and Corrupted this Once Great Nation.

    • GSOB

      To Michae Garland:

      A forced faith is not real faith.
      We don’t get what we deserve because God is patient and the unrepentant
      are storing up wrath for the day of wrath.

    • sharonsj

      Sorry, but most of the founding fathers did not consider themselves Christian. (Jefferson even created his own version of the bible by cutting out all references to Jesus.) Some believed in God, some did not. They certainly left enough written material to show what they did believe in, but as usual the right-wing likes to make up its own facts.

      As for prayer in the schools, perhaps you’d like to tell me whose god we’ll be praying to–yours or mine? I bet that once other religions demand the right to pray as well, you’ll be out there protesting against it.

  • Old Man

    Last month, I drove thru I-90 upstate NY from Buffalo to Albany. I’ved seen Rochester going down with Kodak. Then I drove from Syracuse to Binghamton on I-81. I visited some of the smaller towns along the Interstate. Let me tell you something – I have seen the end result of these 12 hellholes. Upstate NY is not Manhattan. It is what was the island of Manhattan back in the 17th century.

  • Robert

    I live and work in Stockton ca. There are a lot of welfare types and thugs but I wouldn’t call it a hell hole. It’s not in the same league as Gary, Detroit, Newark NJ, or Chicago. Stockton is Maybury compare to these cities. Oakland however is a truly scary place. It’s Evil. Parts of San Francico are evil hell holes too. My job takes me to these cities. The only citie I haven’t experienced up close is Philly. But I have always heard amazingly bad things about it. The absolute worst city I have ever been to in my life is Newark N.J. Stockton is in the minor leagues by comparison.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Newark is similar to Detroit, it has been going downhill since at least the 60s too.

  • jim

    The Truth behind these falling cities is as the population of these cities reaches 20% black this fall begins. Yes out sourcing takes jobs away but white towns that lose industry become impoverished but the murder, rape, robbery crime does not sky rocket that only happens when blacks move in to the area and numbers raise to around 15 to 20% of the population then the real problems start then as it gets higher it just gets worse and worse.

    • Sunday

      Again, I will ask you the same question: So if I had a choice to move to either Joplin, MO or Durham, NC, I would be smarter to move to Joplin because its 90% white and 3% black. I shouldnt move to Durham because its 45% white and 43% black. I would ignore the fact that Joplin has an extremely high crime rate compared to Durham, and Joplin has only half the population of Durham.

      • Orange Jean

        I don’t know anything about Joplin, MO but I lived in Raleigh, NC a few years ago; Durham did NOT have a reputation for being a safe place to live, even then. It has a reputation for having a very high crime rate for the Triangle area.

        Don’t have the stats off hand, but it’s quit possible you are misinformed about that place, irrespective of the race/ethnic breakdown… do you have numbers and references where you got that info on crime?

        Personally, I would prefer to avoid any high crime place, no matter who was living there!

    • Paul

      You mean there are 80% whites?

    • stevefraser

      Plus run by DEMS.

    • Xander cross

      Keep on blaming black people. Like white people don’t rape and steal in new York, Austin tx, Dallas tx, Denver co, Colorado springs, co aspen, co. Don’t worry, there are many more Jerry sandusky, and crystal meth murders in states in PA, TX VA WI. Speaking of Virginia, white communties like culpepper, charlottesville, Lexington, Lynchburg, fort royal, short pump have many whites commiting crimes with crystal meth and raping kids and both parents on food stamps. So, suffice to say, there is a crystal meth problem and a child pepodile problem in the white communities. I noticed that Michael did not do an article about all the crimes that are going on in the white communities.

  • Don’t move to Chicago.

    It was a hellhole even in the mid 1990s.

    I don’t want to know what it is like now.

    The cities are looking worse and worse, but one too is seeing the collapse of rural America at the same time too. That probably would be a whole other story given all the factories closing and the dismantling of the manufacturing base. One can drive through towns remembering them from years ago, and know they are no longer the same. –The Squawker

    • John W.

      I was stationed at Great lakes for over a year 1965-1966. Chicago was a great town back then, safe, clean and lots of good paying jobs. Except for stopovers at O’Hare and a drive through in 1970 I have not been back. If you want to see a real demographic nightmare visit San Pedro, Ca. The open borders folks have destroyed us.

  • Doomsayer

    Good! Rot in hell Godless America. Fifty two million abortions and counting. So, when is the next gay pride parade? You think God is not going to do anything about this? I could go on but what’s the point? It is all down hill into the pit until the Second Comming of you know who.

    • Arkaden

      Yes, I’m sure policy, education, financial management, and greed had nothing to do with these hell holes. I’m sure it was all God. He’s punishing everyone just because they happen to live there. Even the crack babies. I’m sure He has nothing better to do than to keep track of who wears a rainbow shirt and who constantly pledges their lives blindly to Him. Politics and Religion: dividing the people since the beginning of time.

    • ian

      So what about the other countries that embrace god, yet are falling apart as well? Americans tend to forget that the bible does not mention America.

    • killuminati

      You are living in a hateful fantasy world. My mother has been a member of the christain community my whole life. She volunteers her time and money whenever possible. She goes to church at least twice a week, along with my grandmother who has to live with her because god does not supply her with the money to live. They both struggle daily to support my two younger sisters. My father left her to do this own her own. I meanwhile do not even believe in the bible and I am no worse off. Why don’t you take your anti-rightousness to whatever scam of a church you call home where someone actually cares what u think. Religion was created by PEOPLE to keep us from being united.

  • Easier said than done I know but people should use vacant lots to grow food. Some already do it. The kids need to be told the truth and taught basic survival skills including gardening and cooking. Decaying houses should have their recyclables sorted and stored, especially wood which can be re-used for building and heating.
    Gangs should be organized to act in a positive way, and it can be done. All these young people need a channel for their energy, and someone to show them there is a way to survive. There is also a need for a moral foundation which is sorely lacking due to the irresponsible breeding and rearing of unwanted children.
    Ordering pizza like this brave woman did to feed children not her own, is costly. Would the money not be better spent if she had cooked a pot of pasta and added sauce and cheese to it?
    It makes me very sad to read about the decay in US cities, having lived in New York City for 20 years.

    • mark

      How are you going to pay for the water bill for your gardens on vacant city lots. I guess the gangs will pay for the water after they sell the

  • john.s

    i was born in Detroit.. i used to be proud of it.

  • Steve

    I know I will catch flack on this but how many noticed:

    10 of these cities are Union Towns

    1 is full of illegals (Stockton, CA)

    1 is Johnson’s War On Poverty (aka African Americans) (New Orleans,LA)

    In one single word all 12 are voters of the same political party: Democrat

    Nuff Said.

    • What are Republicans doing for our economy but outsourcing the jobs too?

      Both of the rotten parties are invested in their globalist visions.

      Both parties are working against the american economy.

      The whole anti-union stuff, is just a way the elites have brainwashed people into willingly giving up all worker’s rights, say goodbye to 8 hour days more and more.

      yes some unions were corrupt.

      But the Republicans are manipulating everyone just as much as the Democrats.

  • BillyK

    Here’s how I feed 10 people
    (I’m from New Orleans)
    2lbs bag red kidney beans–$2.75
    Package of sausage $3.75
    Bell pepper $–0.75
    Bay leaf–0.25
    Celery–$1.00 pack but use $0.25 worth
    This is the Trinity
    Rice–$0.40lbs (buy in bulk)
    Corn bread (CB)–box $0.89
    Milk for CB-

  • Gary

    Three years ago I travelled through southern New Mexico and it looked like Iraq. There will always be poverty, but for governments at different levels to steal trillions to fight it and produce these results is criminal.

  • Jack

    All “black” cities. Just don’t live near large concentrations of minorities, and you will be fine.

    • Sunday

      I can tell by your comments that you dont like minorities. Keep in mind that you attitude is not Christlike.

      However, I will say that there is a huge spiritual deficiency in the black and hispanic communities. Since marriage is scoffed at, most children born in these community are born out of wedlock. This alone will destroy our nation. See Malachi 2:15, because the key to having godly children is to have them within wedlock. Keep in mind that you are also seeing this depravity in the white community too. Give it 10 more years and you will see majority white cities just has bad as majority minority. You can thank MTV for that.

      • killuminati

        I have tought my son morals without god or marraige. Why is it that u need a book to tell you how to live? I don’t lie cheat steal or murder. I’ve done it my whole life without the bible. I can’t say that about some of the people I know who swear by the bible. Religion is just as corrupt as the politicians. Look at holy roman Catholicism over the passed few hundred years to see that. Bribery, extortion, pedophilia, greed. Oh btw almost all those people are white so its not a race thing. In fact it seems to be a religion thing…

    • Musashi


    • DiscouragedOne

      Ah, that is what really ruined Detroit. The “lifers” and I talked to many when I worked there as I found the history fascinating (why I am not sure), pegged it to the mid 60s. If you look at when the manufacturing actually left, it was from the late 40s to the mid 60s, then the riot just kind of sealed its fate. Detroit was a nice place in the 50s to mid 60s, before that I hear there was a lot of racial tension so it was not as nice. This is definitely a polarized area. There is a reason most whites live north of 8 mile, they were told to go…look up the history. The other thing you can peg with the manufacturing leaving, it was after the unions drove up wages.

  • Jodi

    I have a friend who moved to Indiana a few years ago because her husband got accepted to go to law school there. Gary, Indiana was one of the cities she was telling me about. She said it was so scary there people were telling her not to even drive through that city. This was probably about 6 or 7 years ago. Can you only imagine what it is like now?

    These articles you write are very sad, I used to live in Cleveland OH and you are correct, it used to be a great city. Good shopping, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a science center, & plenty of places to eat. The Rock & Roll Hall and science center opened around 1995. That was right around the time when the Cleveland Indians opened up a new baseball field. Things were going great for the city, people actually had something to look forward to when they went downtown. I would have to say, that may have been the best times for Cleveland. I once read somewhere “Cleveland loves it’s dirty politics” and I know the city has always been ran by Democrats. I’m one who blames both parties for the condition of America but, it seems like the Democratic cities are the worse ones out there.

  • Evie

    You assume the mom paid for the pizza she may have been doing some side work or had a boyfriend.
    I have noticed a lot of people in poverty will go on vacations or buy things they cannnot afford once in a while. It does not matter as most cannot pay their bills any way. This is called mad money.
    I think the chinese and other foreign investors will buy the cities but they want the criminals contained. The police state is working hard to do this.

  • Shawn

    Here’s a taste of life without the Constitution.

  • The Moose

    @BC……….You hit the nail squarely on its head !!! These cities have been going down the toilet for DECADES…..Dont you wonder …Where were the local Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureaus, and various fraternal organizations in these cities? Didn’t ANYBODY in all those cities, over all those years, not turn to their elected representatives and demand help for their bleeding — to somehow stop the loss of the jobs and people? I can believe that maybe a city or two might not have looked at the trends — but a WHOLE nation ?? EVERYONE had their heads in the sand? I think not. We’ve been had folks and we will continue to travel this road unless we start raising hell with our politicians. The hell with feeding the rest of the world while our children and YES even senior citizens go to bed hungry every night. Lets think about ourselves for a change and elect people who represent US and not their wallets……

    • stevefraser

      Globalization killed them, altho DEM public employee unions would have in the long run anyway.

    • Nexus789

      Who are you going to elect? The two ‘candidates’ are competing front men (puppets) for the same people, interest groups, corporations, etc, that really run the US. Democracy died in the US decades ago and it probably never really existed. The constitution is now meaningless and has been throughly neutered by multiple pieces of legislation and numerous presidential orders. The is no political plurality in the US so you have no alternative to vote for. At least the Chinese don’t go through the facade of an election as they know they have a one party state.

  • Julie

    Sad to say it is true. I grew up in the southend of Columbus, Ohio. We wanted to take our children there to show them Mommy’s old house. We made it half way there and turned around. I couldn’t believe how much it has fallen in disrepair. It is so sad. Why are we letting this happen?

  • Bruce2true

    Do you realize that of this list ONLY Gary, Indiana is in a right to work state? Is there a coorelation between being a ‘hell hole’ and unions?

  • gilbot

    I went to university in St. Louis. The actual population of the city is around 5000, but there are 5+ Million people living in the burbs, 30 miles west. There is a stretch of abandoned city that is 100 years old, 5 miles wide and 15 miles long—- hundreds of packed city block’s with some of the most amazing architecture in North America, entirely abandoned since the 70’s. There were a hell of lot more than 15 dogs in the pack I once saw. Ideal city to be in art school, though!

  • Jakartamn

    Wow this is great news – Can’t wait for four more years of this decline in morals/values, high food costs, class warfare, war on religion,
    taxation, forced healthcare, war with Iran, bank foreclosures, house foreclosures, rising crime rates, UN gun confiscation, wide spread civil disobedience
    Dollar devaluation, unemployment nation wide @ 30%. Gas prices $10/gal.
    The good news – the government will be providing free spanish language lessons.

    • killuminati

      Where is the like button on this damn thing?

  • :DMan

    The keyword for bringing in socialism used by the communists is ‘change’, by their playbook. Take a look around.

    The US is the big prize for them. And with all the chaos going on, people are still suking for more of this ChangE! All kommies can do is destroy stuff, just hang around Russia for a couple weeks. You’ll get it.

  • WM

    Sad indeed to see what is happening. I am in the tax burdened state of Connecticut. Lets see if I make a list of the toilets around here….Hartford of course, New haven, Meriden, Bridgeport. As some may know, CT was also one of the top manufacturing centers in America, but all the cities are now is one multi famil house after another of welfare recipients hanging around causing trouble, selling drugs to the affluent folks that live out of city or work in city.

    The state to the north, Mass. also has its share of sewer cities. Springfield is one of them. There are shooting every night, and it also has its large population of welfare dependant “entitlement” crowd that expects to be given everything and to do nothing.

    I remember as a kid walking the streets of Springfield back in the late 70’s early 80’s and it was still thriving then…well all that has changed. It is pretty darn close to what Gary, IN looks like.

    A city that has not been mentioned is Holyoke, Mass. This was the paper capitol of the world at one time. I lived there until I was 6 years old, then parents moved to another, rural town.

    This city has an amzing amount of beautiful architecture, (whats left), but for me this compares to Gary, IN more than any other city I know personally.

    Some say it is 80% welfare, it has a lot of multi family houses and apartment building that were built in the early 20th century for all the immigrants coming here to work in the factories. I remember visiting my grandma a lot in Holyoke in the late 70’s and it was still nice and we used to walk around town. I was still a young kid then, so my perception of the reality was from a kids perscpective. Then in the mid 80’s it seemed to change overnight.

    My grandma dies and I really never visited after that until 2000 when I drove through there I could not believe my eyes. It looked like a war zone, trash in the streets, junk everywhere, burnt out buildings everywhere. It was the liberal “doo gooder” politicians that decided to invite loads and loads of people from Puerto Rico to come live in Holyoke for free. This has caused the Puerto Ricans here to have very bad attitudes and feel entitled to everything.

    Please do not misunderstand me, I am not racist against Puerto Ricans, I am very angry at the politicans for allowing the “low class” people to come here and essentially ruin the city of Holyoke. It was these very people who cried and complained that they did not speak English, so packages now have to be in Spanish and English. As a kid in the late 70’s early 80’s I dont ever remember seeing packages and groceries in 2 languages, but now everything you touch in the Northeast is bilingual. The immigrants that poured in here in the last century from Europe and other places to essentially build the industrial backbone of this nation, never demanded or complained about the English language, they learned the English language or else did not and just worked.

    I blame the government for handing out things and creating an entitlement mentality to millions of people in America. Just like what is going on in CA with illegals getting priviledges that Americans cannot get, medical care, anchor babies paid for, education, etc. I do not blame the Mexican people, but the traitors that are in public office that are spending CA taxpayers money anyway they want.

    Yeah, the American citie are no where what they were before. My parents who grew up in the 1950’s/early 1960’s don’t even recognize this country any more.

    • Joe


      You brought up Springfield. Take a drive down Riverdale St., State St., or Carew St. at 2:30 in the afternoon, and look at who’s walking around in their pajamas, pushing baby strollers and with 4 little fatherless WELFARE BAST ARDS in tow, and you’ll see EXACTLY what the problem is.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    The common link between these cities is a chicago style minority political control. They spend money on dubious projects which are little more then poorly concealed political payoffs to their cronies. Eventually the easy money is gone the tax payers are over taxed and the productive people and middle class move away to avoid the high taxes, high crime and outright racism.

  • WM

    Oh, I forgot to mention, just for those interested, Mass and CT are very democratic states. You know the states that want to give free stuff to those who do not work, tax the hell out of those who do, discourage any new businesses, and not punish criminals the way they should. Remember, this is the state where the Chesire home invasion took place, where the family was sexually assalted and raped, robbed and house was burnt, only Dr. Petit survived. Well, these (2) losers are on death row, and will be on death row forever because of the liberal system and liberal, lawyers who seem to think that actually putting them to death is a bad thing, so we witness appeal after appeal after appeal, costing the taxpayers millions and millions just for (2) murderers to be clothed and fed 3 squares a day.

    I wonder if one of the defense attorneys had this happen to their family, if it would change their views about what should be done to the murderers???

    I am way off topic, just in a ranting mood today, with all the tyrannical foolishness going on in the system.

  • GA

    It’s happening everywhere. These cities are just the glaring examples of the decline of our society. Here in FL it seems like evey other business in a strip plaza is empty. Municipal cuts in service are occurring all over the place and just like every city mentioned there are certain areas you don’t dare go in ( or you just might get your face eaten off). Prepare yourself and your family. This will not be easy.

  • drbuzz

    I grew up in Flint, MI worked at General Motors 11 years, got married and had kids there but moved away in 1981. I went back for my brothers funeral a couple years ago and I was floored, it looked like a war zone. What you would imagine Bagdad to look like. Block after block after block it was gutted and burned out houses and the houses that did have people living in them were horrible they had cars up on blocks, trash all over the yard, siding missing off the house, windows broke and borded up. Made me wanna cry who could of done such a thing to Flint, to us? WHO? Someone should pay for this, but who?

  • Fear Not! Following the election,no matter who is elected, the People’s Police Force of Brown Shirfts will be created as promised 3 years ago to q

  • Rikki

    Michael…let me start by admitting i am a Wedding dj too….so my perspective may be quite different then most I look at music trends. I agree most cities have been decline for decades, but still there was some sense of community, and right and wrong.

    But I noticed back in the mid 90’s people started to become more racist. It was evident when i played the Chilli peppers Under the bridge was only white people dancing, and Knockin the boots only black people were dancing….Just about that time Wu Tang entered the fray…so between NWA and Wu Tang the separation of the races became very clear..

    And that when today’s problems in these cities really got going, imagine people born around then they have known nothing but hardcore gangsta rap and hip hop, And with the Wussie class allowing them to express their Identity by accepting Ebonics as an “Alternative” language….you see what the result has been. 90% of the people in jail speak Ebonics…Hey Sharpton does this ring a bell?

    The only thing that will solve these problems is a Tough Love approach,to force people to sit in class 25 hours a week and learn to read, write and speak English for any government benefits. Your FB page must be in English, any responses in Ebonics to your thug friends and you will be docked of terminated from getting your EBT card.

    Then we move on to prisoners…no early release or parole until you can read the New York Times in front of a judge or parole board…so You will determine the length of your sentence.

    I used to live in Charleston SC moved out before Hugo…worked at 2 tv stations…so this hits home a blog about thugs in a town that used to be safe…i found out there was a brutal gang killing this year just 3 houses from where i used to live.

  • Truthsabre7

    ….and the blacks in these cities will vote for obama…again.

  • dee

    pray….pray…pray……….does this country even remember prayer? only God can save us…….our greed……..political and stock market economic has destroyed this country…..PRAY

  • Cannon Fodder

    Yep, bad news all around. Just keep armimg up.
    Civil War on its way.

  • Paul

    Time to vote Republicans again. LOL

  • Paul

    “A seven-year-old girl, Heaven Sutton, was buried this month after being gunned down at her mother’s street sweet store.”

    This clearly couldn’t have happened if she hadn’t left her gun at home.

  • Washington
  • Jon

    What do all the cities in this list have in common. They all began their downfall when the DemoKKKratic party took over politics in these cities. Their economic troubles were no accident.

    (And, no, i don’t think the Republicans are much better. But they aren’t trying to break down a system – capitalist – to institute their chosen system rooted in Communism. That’s what this is all about.)

  • Ray Brown

    Excellant article!!! I grew up in Chicago, and can verify the deliberate welfare from the the 1950’s thru the 1970’s designed by the international elite to destroy this once great republic, and make everyone dependent on government. Before the 1960’s almost 80% of families had a husband-father for the children, and mom (the foundation of family) stayed home.
    In 1981 a case in D.C. ‘Warren vs District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. Ct. of Ap., 1981) ruled that “Police HAVE NO DUTY To protect individuals. I found this in an article by Peter Kasler along with numerous other court rulings.
    Self-reliance for Self defense- police protection is not enough, is exactly what these people in the 12 cities named (along with many others) have done to protect themselves from government and criminals.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    The metro areas are doomed. The trends listed above will proliferate. While I see none of these problems in my Iowa college town, I read about them here and elsewhere, and I prepare food and water supplies. I grow and preserve food and I cooperate with my immediate neighbors who also garden. I’m as ready as I can be, but I fear we are headed for a national nightmare. Is it too late to turn around the ever increasing social decay?

  • Washington

    Well, tomorrow night, a new version of “DISCLOSE” will head to the Senate floor for a cloture vote. That’s why it’s vital you contact your U.S. senators IMMEDIATELY to DEMAND they vote against S. 3369 – the “DISCLOSE” Act of 2012. You can find your U.S. senators’ contact information HERE. Since they’re out today, please leave a message so their staff will hear it as soon as they get to the office Monday morning. Make no mistake, “DISCLOSE” is a thinly veiled scheme to shut us up and shut us down by GUTTING the First Amendment. Under the “DISCLOSE” Act, if organizations like Campaign for Liberty spent more than $10,000 during a mandatory reporting period, the government could force them to hand over the personal information of many of their donors.

    That mandatory reporting period would start 120 days before the first presidential primary or caucus (think August 2011), or on January 1 in the years when there’s only a congressional election – meaning the efforts of C4L and other organizations will be under almost non-stop scrutiny from those opposed to our work. With “DISCLOSE” in effect, Campaign for Liberty could be forced to hand over information on our donors if bureaucrats feel our projects to hold politicians accountable were “influencing elections.” Think about it for a second.

  • Mario

    Each of these cities are run by the “black undertow”. let us be honest about this and realize when blacks held the administration rights to these cities they all were on their way to destruction.

    This is the truth of the matter and now the U.S. is run with the same leadership that brought about this story. The question is, What can you expect as the outcome?

  • Tim

    Hey, Cleveland isn’t bad. Watch this:

    • Michael

      I love it!


  • Ralphieboy

    Indeed, this is all being done by design. Most amazing to me is how almost half of the voting public still supports a man who has purposefully engineered an American decline – well evidenced by his anti-American economic and foreign policies. Never in my lifetime did I ever expect to see this.

    A few months ago I sold a home I had for 13 years in an Orange County, CA suburb. Over the past two years, the neighborhood just started to look grubby – people not making repairs – more and more homes becoming rentals. Fortunately, I got top dollar for having the neighborhoods best view lot. I few weeks ago went back to discover the neighborhood had recently experienced a number of break-ins. Got out just in time.

    This decline has been underway for decades, but now it is accelerating. The US dollar is holding up fairly well now, thanks to the decline of the Euro. But as the Chinese economy continues to implode, and as nothing is done to resolve the US debt – more and more holders of US treasuries will find ways to dump them, and dump them fast. Many countries are already dumping the dollar in oil trading, forming alliances to trade with their own currencies, and even gold. For example, Turkey just bought Iranian oil with 60 mt of gold. Of course, we can’t have people abandoning the petrodollar – hence the recent move of the US Navy to the Persian Gulf. Additionally, the central banks of many countries, including China, have been accelerating gold purchases. As the dollar collapses, we Americans will begin to really understand the devastation of inflation. Make no mistake. This is precisely what this President wants – to bring us all to our knees.

    The boom decades of the past 50 years will soon be a distant memory. The re-set of the US economy will take decades to accomplish. One thing I do know. Some of the greatest financial opportunities occur in the very worst of times, and for the past few years, I have been rsearching these. For those who have slowly accumulated physical gold and silver bullion, and acquired property in a relatively safe area with fresh water nearby and a place to grow food, good for you. It is those of us who have retained the seeds of real wealth who will be the ones who slowly begin to repair the damage that has been so grossly inflicted. I am not sure just how rough the coming shock will be, nor how many decades it might take to bring our country back to some state of normality. But while I once toyed with the idea of leaving the USA altogether, I decided instead to plant me and my family in the beautiful hill country of West Texas, a place where people still go to church on Sunday, respect each other’s 2nd amendment rights, and believe in an honest day’s work.

    • DaytoDay

      “The boom decades of the past 50 years will soon be a distant memory. The re-set of the US economy will take decades to accomplish.”

      Ralph, the US economy is never going to reset and it will never be the same again…

      I think people tend to forget, 50 years ago, there were NO computers, auto-mated machines or “free trade”

      No, what we are witnessing is the dawn of a new age, a post-industrial age, where we revert back to serfdom…

      The times have changed, people aren’t God fearing as they were 50 years ago, and so the sky is the limit (NAFTA, General Motors paid 30 billion to move to China, GAFT, etc..)

      In the real world, the bottom line is what matters. And in the world today, we have machines and robots that can and DO the jobs of humans (People) and so, you’re sadly mistaken if you think that corporations care about you… It’s a joke… They care ONLY about the bottom line, small businesses too, it doesn’t matter… If a company can make a profit without one SINGLE employee, you best believe they’re going to do it every time…

      50 years into the future, we are going to have corporations, with machines and robots doing ALL of the service work… The time of the human is at an end… And if you think it’s silly, then you should read up on history or go talk to a business owner and ask them, if they could have machines instead of humans, would they get rid of all of their employees, and if their honest, they’ll say Yes every time…

      But personally, I believe Jesus will be back before it gets to that point.

  • patriot alice

    If we continue to live on borrowed money, we are doomed..I thought Pres. Obama would have been the change we needed, but he hasn’t and I was wrong.,..Mr. Romney promises to make as many cuts in spending that is possible if he wins, but he is another shot in the dark..Pres. Obama has already shed light on his opinions, (Not good), maybe we need to take another shot in the dark..Let’s try Romney this time..

  • Any living organism can absorb and accept some amount of loss caused by parasites and even occasionally form a symbiotic relationship with them, such as the bacteria in our digestive tracts that help our bodies break down the food we eat. But there is point of loss where it becomes too much and the parasites end up killing the host organism, and depending on how much they depend on the host, even themselves.

    A society or an economy, if consisting of the actions of living creatures, can be easily compared to a living organism. And like a living organism, it can absorb a small amount of loss through parasites. But when the “bloodletting” becomes too much, these type of organism can also collapse and die and leave their individual components to fend for themselves.

    This is the problem for most of America. A giant parasite has been bleeding too much from the American people and the society and the economy of the American people is collapsing because of it. This parasite is the U.S. governments that try to run and ruin the country. There is, of course, a solution…

  • Radar

    How many of these cities are run by Democrats? That would be my question as whenever you see a progressive, they are Democrats or like those socialists in Europe. All the same!

  • liberranter

    The one thing ALL of these cities have –along every other one, urban or rural, everywhere in America– is TOO MUCH OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT, TOO LITTLE FREEDOM!

    I would wager that there are many, MANY investors right here in Amerika who would gladly give these cities new leases on life, but who never will do so in a million years. Why not? Well, just listen to the current Figurehead-in-Chief, pretending to campaign for “re-election” for an office that his handlers have probably already decided that he is going to keep for another four years, as he bloviates about how the very people who could breathe new life into the hellholes that his own political philosophy created are “parasites” who “don’t pay their ‘fair share'” of the costs of the Welfare-Warfare State that is bleeding Amerika dry. If I were one of these “parasites,” I would be spending ALL of my time and effort 1) trying to hide my hard-earned wealth from criminal alien parasites like Barry Soetero and the gang of armed thugs at his disposal who would steal it from me, and 2) finding far more deserving places abroad in which to invest my money, knowing that there is a far greater chance of seeing a return on my investment and a far smaller chance of having that return confiscated by the Regnum Amerikanum, regardless of whether its figurehead is an African Marxist or a pseudo-Mormon Fascist.

    And to those parasitic inhabitants of the hellholes who would see the continuation of confiscatory tyranny, no matter what its ideological dressing, all I can say is: ROT IN HELL!

  • gfmucci

    #9 St. Louis, Missouri

    You said: “According to U.S. News and World Report, the most dangerous city in the United States is St. Louis.

    If you have a death wish, just wander around the streets of East St. Louis at night.”

    Your statement is misleading and possibly disingenuous. East St. Louis is a different City, different county in a different state than St. Louis. Did the US News article refer to East St. Louis or St. Louis? It appears that your article sloppily lumps them both together.

  • stevefraser

    Literacy and higher culture will also be lost, parallel to the fall of the Roman empire….want to see the future of the Republic? Come to Mexifornia.

  • DiscouragedOne

    Zombie theme park in Detroit, eh?

    I would not go there anymore without my gun.

  • markthetruth

    Michael. issue with one line

    “So don’t laugh at Detroit or Cleveland or St. Louis.”

    i know you didn’t mean in this way, but it comes across offensive as if we are laughing at someone’s misfortune , i know i don’t.


    the end.

  • dan


  • DiscouragedOne

    The destruction you speak of in Detroit has been going on since the 70s. I toured the place in 2002 (I wanted to see the ruins I had heard of, so I took some drives after work, saw things like the train station and old Packard plant in person) the stuff in that video was already destroyed, and houses were selling for less than $1,000 in some areas back then too. It just keeps getting worse and worse except for a very small area, you have GM in the RenCen, you have the Greektown area, just don’t walk too far out of that very small area. There are some neighborhoods they are working on, but they would probably be better off concentrating on the smaller area and making the rest into farmland.

    The zombie apocalypse will never fly, those houses are so bad and the first person who falls through the floor would sue, or if they trip over a piece of junk, or fall into a huge pot hole.

    Even in the small nice part of Detroit are the hulks of tons of abandoned buildings that have been that way for YEARS, like since the 60s and 70s.

    After the riot in 67 (which was not a race riot, the true race riot was in the 40s the 67 thing was more of a rebellion against the law), the place just started going to hell in a hand basket and has never stopped.

    People have tried, and sure it would be nice to see Detroit regain some of its former glory, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for that one.

  • Mario

    All run by the “black undertow” just like the U.S. Guess where that leaves the U.S. for the future?

  • Elizabeth Alvarez

    East St. Louis is in Illinois and is a separate city from St. Louis, Mo. Although St. Louis, Mo., definitely has problems, East St. Louis, Ill., is a different entity and has always been dangerous and dilapidated. Growing up in the St. Louis area, I was always told, “Don’t cross that bridge into East St. Louis.” I did it once accidentally when I missed the last turnoff to Downtown St. Louis, and I though I was in a war zone. That was a couple of decades ago, and there’s been no improvement.

  • DiscouragedOne

    Flint was going downhill by the 70s and wrecked in the 80s when GM pulled out (there was lots of fighting because of the unions), but it made Michael Moore famous with Roger & Me. It has been a scary place since the 90s at least, I remember some kids hopped a train on a lark and got off there by accident, they didn’t live to tell the story.

  • Piglet

    #9 St. Louis, Missouri
    Saint Louis is on the Missouri side of the river while East Saint Louis is on the Illinois side. The best way to see ESL is from the lanes of I-64, although even this is dangerous because the local kids like to jump up and down in the middle of highway lanes as cars approach, getting them to slow down, and then they run to the grassy median to throw large rocks as the cars go by. I know this for a fact because it happened to me one night. They hit my car on the lower edge and on the running board beneath it. Had they been a little higher, the rock would have gone through the driver side window and into my head while I was driving at 60 mph.

    Once a friend who collects military insignia asked me to drop by an Army National Guard armory in East Saint Louis where an infantry company was located to see if I could get the copy of the unit’s regimental insignia. Driving in there in daylight (night was out of the question), I was impressed by the fact that everything of value had already been stripped away and the city looked barren.

    Inside the ARNG armory I noticed what appeared to be an over-sized railroad tie being held in place horizontally on the backs of the main entrance doors, just like the kind you see in movies with castles, and barbarians use a battering ram to get through. In this case, I suspect they were protecting the armory from cars and trucks being used as battering rams to bash through the doors and loot the place when no one was around. I’ve been all over the country and seen countless armories and reserve centers, but this was the only one I ever saw with such a security measure.

    When I lived in the area the city went broke and had to lay off its police force, as there were hardly any surviving commercial businesses to pay taxes to support a police force. Instead, the Illinois State Police began patrolling the city.

    Some defenders of ESL said the place was getting an unfair reputation because murder victims were being killed elsewhere and dumped in ESL. Why? Supposedly dead bodies were commonplace and to be expected in ESL so who would really investigate very much? I don’t know if the tale of body-dumping was true or not, but there was no shortage of dead bodies turning up in ESL.

    Unfortunately this is not a recent development, but something that has been taking place for many years. My observations are based upon my time assigned to Scott AFB, IL, about a half-hour drive to the east, and this was from April 1983 to August 1984.

    Meanwhile, Saint Louis on the Missouri side of the river had plenty of violent neighborhoods that the wise avoided, too.

  • mandie

    Please do some research or look at a map before you write,East St. Louis is in Illinois NOT Missouri or St. Louis. Your argument is invalid for number 9 St. Louis Mo

  • Zeke

    “The United States is becoming a shell of itself and at the same time, the decision makers in Washington D.C. have chosen to finance war, after war and after war while we decay here at home.””

    • Paul

      Well, to get rid of health care you should opt for more war and elect reps again.

      Hopefully this will reduce the American population even more.

      (Besides prescribing medication against depression that reduces sex life.)

  • Elmo

    There are some photographic galleries on the web that explore American “Urban Ruins.” Many of these photos are of the very places listed in this article. Many of the photos are eerie and beautiful until you remember where they were taken. Unfortunately, when you visit smaller towns you see the same phenomenon but the effects are not as striking. For a really strange experience visit, for example, the Gary, Indiana city website or the Chamber of Commerce site and contrast it with the photos you see.

  • Aardvark

    Have a good look at this site folks.

    Cities crying poor? They’re lying to all citizens.

  • Libertarius

    Buffalo, NY should have made the list…

    • Michael

      Yes, you are probably right.



  • motorcity Mike

    I live in Detroit. Absolute Hell hole. Thank God the Republicans snuck a concealed weapons amendmant into a bridge appropriations bill about 12 years ago. Anti gun folks tried to stop it in the courts, but failed. Best thing that ever happened here! The bad guys are less menacing with armed citizens. I carry a gun every day to and from work. I pay my 4.2% Michigan income tax and 3% city of Detroit income tax so I can supply my tatooded, overweight, gold toothed,bridge card,(that is the new food stamp) folks with all the comforts of life . Including new Obama phones. Free phones even though they already had cell phones.

    I am on Fordham street. 12 abandoned homes in one block. Shooting every night. crack availble everywhere.
    40 years of social programs that failed here.

    • Michael

      Good comment Mike. I hope that you are able to get out of there at some point.


  • Ken okKO

    I agree “Here’s a taste of life withOUT the Constitution.” And just think — the American sheeeple have just shoved The Champion of Our Constitution — the ONLY person who could and would resurrect it — Ron Paul — under the bus. In favor of the two Establishment lackeys who just dance to the string tugs of their New World-One World Govt-promoting puppet-masters/thugs. We continue down the path of economic suicide as long as we keep electing Keynesian career politicians who use their LameStreamMedia Propaganda Machine to keep the sheeeple flummoxicated and in their corrals baaaaaing and mooooing. The ONLY solution is to elect Libertarian Honest goodGuys like R P instead of the players/actors/thieves and crooks of the combined DeeemonCrap-Repugnant Liberal Socialist Big Govt Party in District of Criminals today. IMO

  • Lewis Regner

    Many of these cities have in common one thing, the corruption and greed of the auto unions! The unrealistic pay scales and (en)forced limits of productivity imposed upon the auto industry workers, virtually predicted the demise of the entire industry and their continued presence in these locations. With the regrettable antics of the unions and their increasingly bold thuggery, the only solution left for auto makers was to pull up stakes and move away to more “business friendly” non-union territories. The demise of the cities built up around these industries was a predictable, inevitable byproduct of those industry collapses. Thanks go out to the; out of control, internally corrupt unions,, those which cut off their own noses, to spite their faces…

    • DiscouragedOne

      So true, I think Billy Joel got it right in ‘Allentown’, “And the union people crawled away”, yep like cockroaches the union leaders are. We were saying in the early 80s that was only the beginning, I don’t know how people could not see it unless they stuck their head in the sand, or someplace else.

  • Vikk

    A cursory search will show you that the governmental leadership in each of these communities hails from one political party – and it isn’t the TEA party.

    As another poster here wrote:
    Enough said!

  • My hometown (South Attleboro, MA), while much smaller than those cities… (pop was about 25K when I was growing up) pretty much went that way about 15 years ago.

    Attleboro used to be a thriving working class mill town (2 large jewelry manufacturers and a Texas Instruments); South Attleboro was kind of the semi-rural place where there was still some active farming (my grandfather owned a dairy there). When the mills closed down, the whole downtown Attleboro got boarded up and I understand it is now gang infested. None of my family lives there any more and I have no interest in going back, that’s for sure!

  • Tom

    Very sad indeed. I was born near Cleveland… in Canton, OH

    I now live abroad in a country where the middle class is actually growing. Not long ago this was a 3rd world country. Funny how things change in ways you never would dream of…


    I am just glad I am not there to see it…

  • Bryan

    the only hope there is and will be is Jesus Christ except his free gift of salvation he purchased for you on calvary’s cross. For God so loved the world he gave his one and only Son that whomever shall beleive in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. That if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead YOU WILL BE SAVED!!! time is getting short give you heart to Christ!!! I in no way will turn away any who come to me! PLEASE I BEG YOU! Godbless you all! Maranatha Lord Jesus!!!

  • Chris

    Good ol Globalism at work.

    That being said there is another common link between these hellholes……


  • don

    Wonder how many of those Hell Holes are Democratic power centers and how long the Dems have been in control.

  • Gul

    Real sad.

    America is dead because the jobs left. And who took the jobs? The rich and the powerful, the NAFTA ceo’s and the hedgefund managers – and now half of u blame the people who were there, willing to work, that had their lives stolen by the wealthy -and ignore the real enemy : THE RICH PEOPLE WHO STOLE YOUR JOBS TO MAKE BILLIONS.

    Every cop fired is $50k in a billionaires pocket. Until u see that, you’re just blind crawlin, and on your knees.

    “Oh, it’s the blacks!” haha, you fools. Powerless people don’t aim this country on the road it’s on! POWERFUL people do! That’s why they’re the billionaires. The powerless are poor and have no options except to murder each other because they’re the powerless.

    And the billionaires watch you, dwindling middle class holding your dicks, stumbling around BLIND, blaming “black poeple” and “illegals” while the billionaire banker steals your house, your jobs, and your kids futures.

    You’re a bunch of blind *********** fools who blame the course of events on those with no power to effect them.

  • T

    This is the natural consequence of evicting God

  • JStevens

    Recently visited Oakland. It’s on its way to being a wasteland. I didn’t see one cop car the whole time. The thugs know it’s their territory now. So sad.

  • pooppoooo

    The Blackest cities in america. WHat a coincidence that they are just ridden with crime. I mean, black people are always so peaceful and intelligent. Just look at Africa, the most beautiful and peaceful continent on earth.

  • Michael A.

    I’m a Chicago Police Officer…I can tell you directly that we’re SCREWED. There ain’t ever gonna be enough of us, Joe common citizen still can’t carry firearms due to the draconian dictatorship we’re “blessed” to live under the “expertise” of Rham the Unstoppable, the minion of the head communist/socialist/marxist/call him what you will who is “in charge” of this country. Jesus can’t come back soon enough.

    • Another Richard

      Rham is probably Demon possessed. Just like his cohorts of the same Power Elite ethnic Group he belongs to. They are the ones at the core of the ruination and plunder of our Nation. May God have mercy on Chicago for electing? him as Mayor. You got yourself a real live demon running (Dictatoring) your city there.

  • mark

    All black.
    This is what the elite Democrats had planned for blacks. You handicap someone when you take away their survival instincts. Welfare, food stamps, HUD, section 8, medicaid, WIC, ETC., takes away motivation, disciple, & self respect.

    From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency; From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.”


  • DaytoDay

    I just don’t get the black thing… These cities were dead and gone BEFORE black people “took over”

    Do people not even read the article?

    “All the black brothers just want to get rich, but we got no jobs and no hope. We want the violence to stop but you ain’t safe if you ain’t got your pistol with you.”

    Key words “no jobs” and “no hope”… Well, there you go…

    I usually keep silent on the race issue, but it’s time to stop being ignorant…

    These ONCE industrialized cities began to erode due to the free market trade, NAFTA was the actual push off the cliff…

    Now, when these cities were “thriving” yes, they were predominantly white cities,(Remember segregation?) and when the industry left, the whites left, and who moved into the cities the POOR… They just so happened to be black, just like the illegals that are pouring across the border are POOR, do you honestly think, that rich Mexicans are being transported over here like cattle, or that rich black Americans are living in the slums or projects…

    And so, it’s the poor… Let’s really call it what it is… Too many people out of work, with no job prospects and no future, and so what’s going to happen when you have a bunch of young adults with nothing but time on their hands, in a world of Hollywood, Rock&Roll, and Gangsta Rap?

    Because I can assure you, their are plenty of poor and impoverished “white cities” that are no different than the poor and impoverished “black cities”…

    • Jera Wolfe

      You can’t expect people to better themselves without hope.
      Good post, DaytoDay.

      It’s easy to judge people if you are ignorant of both their situation, and how people work.
      The fact most people don’t understand how their own mind ticks, isn’t surprising, but what is, is how little curiosity there is about this.

      One of the reasons poverty is a hard problem to solve, is this:

      Our American society and economic culture do not address this problem, and it’s growing. Removal of jobs, homes, ownership, and the growing economic disparity make it appear that while you may be comfortable at some point in your life, you’ll probably never be very wealthy, but somehow, that’s become the new ‘goal’ for a lot of people. And I don’t even mean filthy rich, I just mean, an absurd amount of resources for a single person or family to maintain.

      There is a lot of quality of life to be had in these places, if the people weren’t so disfranchised and were unified and worked together. But that meant that their work would benefit them primarily, and while some may invest in that, most wouldn’t. This would be fine, but when you have companies and groups that undermine such attempts, like here in Detroit, for various business and profit-motivated goals…

      Well, those who have end up with more, and those without feel even more downtrodden, and the cycle twists like a screw, drving our whole society down another turn on the vicious cycle.

    • mike Beale

      Because I can assure you, their are plenty of poor and impoverished “white cities” that are no different than the poor and impoverished “black cities”…

      I’m calling BS on this. Name a couple and educate us please oh intelligent one.

    • DiscouragedOne

      I agree with the BS call Mike, although I tend to blame that on Liberals who took advantage of blacks.

      It is SO sad, because cities like Detroit had great potential, just think if it had gone in a different direction in the 60s, they were getting over years of racial tensions and a history of race riots, but then greed and envy, union leaders and Liberal ideas took over, taught people to blame and be dependent, and now you have the mess that it is today.

    • Rikki

      DayToDay…….Name me one White city that has lots of drive-by shootings? name me one white group of thugs who mob attack and hurt innocent people…..No we have a Niggggeeerrr problem in America and because OhBahhma’s legacy will be the Death of Political correctness i for 1 am sick and tired of any more excuses.

      Forcing Black people to speak English, is a must….call it the Ebonics war…black people used to speak English,right?

      Ok what i don’t get is why black people hate Malcolm X….they hate this guy with a passion….or else they would be speaking English and gansta rap would have died years ago.

  • NoSoup4U

    All of you had better get to know Jesus Christ and the word of God before it is too late! Time is running out. I am urging you to get close to God. Everything else is not working. Put your trust and faith in God! Please!

  • Jake

    I pray for Oklahoma City to be hit by an asteroid killing every single one of its inhabitants.

    • Jera Wolfe

      Wow, Jake, that’s a very evil and horrible desire.
      You sound like a very hateful and uncompassionate person.

  • Dave

    East St. Louis, IL, and St. Louis, MO, are NOT the same city. Sadly, this applies to East St. Louis.

  • Heather

    Small nit to pick: East St Louis is actually its own city, on the IL side of the Mississippi. It’s been a war zone for 50 years. Even the churches have been gutted, and the mayors and school administration people are regularly convicted of various crimes. North St Louis, on the other hand, is part of the city of St Louis–and it’s not _quite_ as bad as East St Louis, but it is bad enough. We lived there for about 18 months, about a dozen years ago.

  • Out-there and Outtathere

    First, let me state my appreciation for your blog to inform people how bad things are out there. You certainly bring a lot of information to the people that the mainstream media absolutely will not cover. In addition, you are routinely quoted by other BIG alternative media out there. So, Kudos to you on your accomplishments.

    Like for you, the state of the nation drove me nuts. How could the government be so stupid and incompetent as to encourage our industries to leave, businesses to go bankrupt, students to get dumber than a box-O’-rocks, and to let bigtime financial criminals escape justice as mainstream America slid into poverty? To be fair, this has happened over a long time under both parties. I believed in Bush until his actions fell far from his stated principles and promises. On the other hand, I never believed in Obama and hated him with a passion for not only only promising evil, but going against even his own stated policies to adopt the equally evil war policies of the Bush administrations. How could our government be so disastrously stupid? And how could the mainstream media ignore all this? I was quite sure that our nations institutions had reached new levels of incompetence and stupidity.

    Then, I saw the light. Obama is the Perfect President for today. He is doing an outstanding job! How? and Why? Because, as President, he doesn’t work for us. He works for the NWO. This has been true of all “our” presidents since Kennedy, and possibly back to Wilson. And what are the presidents supposed to do? Deliver the US to the NWO, that’s what. Can anybody deny that Obama has extended the NWO into the US farther than any other president? How did he do that? Bush couldn’t do that. He tried, though, and lost all support from remaining GOP types. The NWO realized that Bush-Clone McCain would fare just as badly. They needed a person that could murder everybody’s grandmother as people applauded in rapturous support. They needed a Democrat, since a good portion of Democrats never even pretend to have principles other than victory for “their” guy. They needed a member of the annointed race. Because, excusing the annointed race is really like faaaaaaaaaaaaaaashionable for dumbcluck Demopublicans. C’mon, let’s all grow up and acknowledge how hoodwinked we’ve been on this issue. Not Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, Lithuanian or even Indonesian (Ha-ha, that check-off box doesn’t merit squat) – they are not “special” and they are not exempt from all applicable standards. Only the annointed race “can do no wrong”. So, put it all together, and ya got the perfect person for a Cult of Personality regime.

    Since this has become apparent, I have been much more relaxed. Everything makes sense now. I don’t have to tear my hair out trying to “understand” the insane. And honestly, Michael, sometimes you sound like somebody complaining about the accommotions at a Gulag. Do you really think the government is trying to govern for us, and it is just so stupid and incompetent as to “accidentally” give tax breaks to corporations moving overseas (not to mention 20 billion for GM to move)? Do you think the SEC, CFTC and other regulatory agences are just so swamped with reams of paperwork indicating the obvious that they can’t figure out the forest for the trees? Do you believe that terrorists, other than the US government, are a significant threat? OK, yeah there is MI6, Al CIAda and the Mossad, but other than that – do you really believe their propaganda about all these terrorist boogeymen?

    Perhaps, you are trying to be a bit political and first introduce the disasters to a snoring public, and then hit them with the “Who” and the “Why” a bit later, after they rub the sleep outta their eyes and have their first cup of turbocharged coffee. I don’t know. But, you’re running outta time. You are behind the power curve in waking the people up in order to sic them on the true enemy. The NWO is way ahead of you, and unless you cut to the chase on who the enemy is, the people won’t have a chance. I frankly don’t have any faith that the American people will wake up in time, and I am sitting it out in Asia. You see, to be honest, I’m not a saint – you are.

  • We got the government we deserve.

  • bobcat

    One popular blogster and pundit believes the public workers and their unions CAUSED the bankruptcy of these cities. They had a hand in it to be sure and may have done much to set the stage but the proximate cause was revenue falling off a cliff, an unprecedented event. This was due to so many citizens losing income due to outsourcing and the collapse of the value of money market funds many of these cities had invested in which was caused by institutionalized fraud.

    Declaring bankruptcy, reneging on union contracts and firing the city workers may be inevitable now but it will not solve the problem because this will result in an exodus from that city. As another more astute columnist points out, that just exacerbates the problem.

  • RL

    The problems are not limited to one political party? Democrats have dominated all these cities for decades. The Johnson Administration in the 1960’s virtually engineered Detroit’s downfall with the ‘Model Cities’ program. Telling us things are bad in these places but not figuring out who’s policies and moralities caused it is a disservice.



    • Paul

      Really? America is crying loudest, when India is slapping Coca Cola with a tariff.

  • sistergoldenhair

    TO think; I choose to go to bed hungry to keep my girlish figure!!! Ha. Seriously. I could teach a lot of people how to make a relish nutritional meal for 4. For about 12.00 and that would include a hot fruit dessert! Sigh sadly people are addicted to slop. Once my husband went with his coworkers to hand out turkeys for Christmas; if you can believe more then half said. “We don’t like turkey” these were poor people on welfare with many children. Sigh. Well I know how to survive. Prey for those that need guidance.

  • killuminati

    Anyone who blames this on a race, religion, or creed is dillusional. We r all at fault. We have let international bankers wall st and corporations take over our country. They buy ALL politicians, regardless of party. Has been happening for at least 50 years. As much as it pains me to see what is happening to america this is what it takes to open the eyes of the porn addicts, sports junkies, and reality tv nuts. As long as people are safe in their sheltered little bubble nothing will change. This is why we are here now. Raising hell to our politicians wont do anything cus they are being payed large sums to continue the attack on the american middle and lower class. The longer this continues the more I say **************! Hows that for being scared to speak the truth…

  • killuminati

    Btw I live approximately 4-6 hours away from quite a few of these cities. My city is a major stopping pont along the trade lines of these cities. Thankfully GM is still here. Who knows how much longer. We are not on this list yet but our politicians are trying really hard to get on it. 19 murders so far this year. All unsolved. The gustapo don’t give a rats a$$ if we kill each other. Less people to worry about. I say we quit fighting each other and focus our energy on something productive.

  • VegasBob

    We are now raising the third generation of “Great Society” Americans who firmly believe that their very existence somehow “entitles” them to the fruits of other peoples’ labor.

    Nothing in this country is going to change until the private sector economy finally collapses and simply stops paying taxes to support government.

  • JamesF

    St. Louis is in Missouri. East St. Louis is in Illinois. Big, muddy river between them. Confusing the two really weakens this entire piece.

  • Insane

    I seen this coming some years back. So I’ve been preparing when everyone else I knew were buying 4-wheelers , snowmobiles , vacationing etc. Now I’m in a very good position. I can already see it falling apart around town. I think I’ll be a bit smug and buy all that stuff now cheap from people that are in a bind ……
    That’s what I told my wife anyway and she said, “That doesn’t sound like you”. I just smiled and told her that I really planed on opening a soup kitchen that’s if the government will let me because I plan on putting salt shakers on the tables. 🙂

  • EatTheRichFTP

    Oakland is not a hell hole. Certain parts of it are. I live in West Oakland. Work in East Oakland. I’ve seen my fair share of violence. I’ve gotten my ass beat a couple times, I’ve had guns pulled on me. Oakland is a beautiful city. But the most dangerous place is downtown, on 7th street: Oakland Police Headquarters.

    I’ve seen more police brutality and violence in the streets of downtown than I have ever seen in west Oakland and deep east Oakland. The police are trained, professional killers hires to harass, beat, and imprison working class people and people of color. How many more unarmed teens will OPD kill this year? How many more non-violent protesters will get hurt and falsely jailed? Scott Olsen was nearly killed by an OPD tear gas grenade hitting him in the head. Gary King Jr., Oscar Grant, Alan Blueford, and many many others were all killed by police in Oakland. All were shot in the back. Police are not here to protect us. They are here for social control, protection of property, a sense of false protection, and to keep the state in power. Police are not the answer. The system is to blame. Crime will continue until our people have quality education, quality of life, and a strong working class, which the city and state cannot provide for the community. OPD raided a school occupation last week, which aimed at addressing the problems of school closure (5 this year) in this city. The police do the bidding of the rich. They are robots, machines, zombies, and are the biggest gang in America. ************* OPD. FTP. ACAB. The system has to die. Hella Hella Occupy

  • Erik

    The ‘war on drugs’ only creates a huge black market for drugs and thus poverished areas become drug territory targets for scum-bag gangs. I know, I grew up in such places. Legalizing drugs would be a huge step in reducing crime – and at least then the killings would drop dramatically. It’ll never happen though, as long as big pharma keeps the general public doped up on THEIR versions of drugs (which are actually very bad for you). Also, everyone should afford the right to hold and bear arms to protect themselves. As we are seeing, the police aren’t being conpensated fairly and a lot of them resort to criminal activities of their own. Finally, of course, the United States needs to regain its sovereignty and its sense of pride in its workmanship, by bringing back jobs domestically and getting our noses out of foreign affairs that end up costing us endless amounts of money. That’s not the intention of the fat-cat international bankers and the ‘elite’, who play both sides of the wars they induce and profit any which way they can through consolidation of greedy corporate entities. Lobbyists have the money and thus the power to corrupt our government officials into passing laws and such which are not in the best interests of the American people. Most yuppy Americans are too ignorant and dumbed-down to even recognize their very country and their quality of life being crushed. Until America moves away from its immoral ways and cleanses itself of the evil forces that are controlling it, it will never get better. The love of money is the root of all evil and even the rich will lose everything in the end.

  • trp878

    As I read this article, I can relate to a few places. Cleveland, Ohio being one. It once was a beautiful exciting town with much to do and little trouble. Thinking back I do remember when trouble started to surface. The Mayor then was Dennis Kucinach (PN. Not saying he caused it all but he sure did add to the downfall. I’m putting the blame to a name and I’m sure that others can do the same, whether it be Cleveland, or any of the other towns.

  • Aloha Greg Keleko

    Gary IN. is riddled with dozens and dozens of small to mega size churchs. All these churchs with thousands of totaled members have made up the majority democratic vote for years in this city. They are majority pro-sodomite, pro-abortion, pro-gambling voters. Who are encouraged by their Pastors to be so. You sow to corruption and you reap corruption. Gary is one of obamas Socialistic Welfare Plantations, where he draws his pro-welfare votes from. As long as immoral votes fill their churchs, they will continue to elect socialistically corrupt elected officials with all their decayed baggage. Look and listen to their Pastors and you will know why Gary is always in the top ten Hellholes.

  • Duespaid

    I guess we godless arrogant Commie heathens and our dirty nasty NYC are looking pretty good right now.

    • The Plague

      No, not really. You are all still greedy, rude, stupid, arrogant, smelly, pushy, entitled, assumptive, nasty, perverse, polluted, wasteful, aggrandizing, moronic, regressive, twisted, ungrateful, corrupt dirtbags in a cesspool.

      • J Madison

        Hey,you just described all democrates.

        • Boom

          Sounds like all people that believe their interests are within one of the two lies that make up the two party system.

      • Ajax

        Good job Plague.

    • Chloe

      Frankly, I’m looking forward to the collapse. The more chaos, the merrier! It’ll be soooooo disappointing if it doesn’t happen…

  • Dave in TN

    Pretty simple, really: Multi-national corporations buy politicians of all major parties. In return, we get (1) “free” trade agreements to destroy the American labor force, no banking regulation to enable looting on steroids, and an out of control military/energy/industrial/national security complex. IKE said it best:

    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.”


    “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”

    ….Maybe, someday even the “elect” (that is, those know-it-all Fox News fundies) will figure out that they serve the Beast but it will be too late and there will be no absolution.

    • The Claymobile

      What are “Fox News Fundies”???

      • Dave in TN

        Right-wing fundamentalist Christians like Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and their devoted followers who believe they have the exclusive Christian recipe for salvation and are soley and uniquely qualified to judge all things political. Based on their near monopoly of the Christian media, I use the word “elect” in the context of Matthew 24:24. I just simply don’t see what they have in common with the life and words of Jesus. Instead, they appear to have bought into a relatively comfortable apostasy.

        • Louise in MO

          Dave in TN

          Well, Dave, if you really knew what Jesus taught you’d shut your mouth and quit writing.

          Jesus and “Fox News” have nothing to do with the subject at hand. They have nothing to do with cities that have become hellholes. They have nothing to do with drugs, gangs, prostitution, murders, thugs, and the rest of crimes committed by evil and debased men and women.

          On the other hand, attitudes like yours don’t do a damn thing to help, people like you simply blame anyone who believes in living a life that does not include the above mentioned crimes against humanity.

          And, Dave, who have you helped recently? Have you given money or food to the poor, helped out at a school, protected an innocent child?

          I bet not! People like you don’t have the guts nor the courage to make a difference!

          • Dawn Smith

            Dawn S

          • Kandie

            Actually, the crime mentioned has everything to do with Jesus, His Father, and our enemy, Satan. The Bible says that in the last days, ‘critical times hard to deal with will be here’. Human’s cannot fight Satan alone. He is more powerful than us, although, God is all powerful and He is the one who gives us protection–but only if we are doing His will.. The Scriptures say mankind will continue to become more hard-hearted and evil, coming under Satan’s control. They will rise-up to slaughter one another. Everywhere we look we see mankind’s hatred, his killing and abuses of every kind. They can’t control their thoughts or actions and it will get worse until the end. God’s true sevents will be identified by the love they have among themselves. That’s how we will know which religion is has taught what the Bible says, God’s Word, not man’s. False religion teaches ungodliness. Which religion teaches to not kill? Who refuse military service from whatever country they come from–just as Jesus taught his followers to do? Which people go out and try to show from the Scriptures what God wants His people to be like? Who act as Jesus did, teaching God’s Word freely, not passing a plate and asking for money? What one gives, like the widow, is a personal thing between God and yourself. Which religion teaches to forgive your enemies and to love all people no matter their color? To show love and kindness, not as liars and theives? Nt haughty and self-rightious, but act as Jesus acted, and how he taught his diciples to act. It’s people who behave decently like this that have God’s blessing. The Bible says you will know His people by the love they have among themselves. God’s people will stand out like lights in the darkness. They will teach the truth from the Holy Scriptures and not doctrines of men.

        • Paula W

          Dave I absolutely agree with you on this.

        • rebootd

          Nicely said, Dave. I am damned tired of the incessant Bible quotes and proselytizing, myself.
          I don’t need anyone telling me what to think or who to pray to. Most of the Christians I meet are far more interested in damning and judging their fellow human beings (happens often on Faux News) than in actually helping anyone.

          • Dawn S

            After moving from Chicago to Tennessee I have found many of the so-called “Christians” are hypocrites. We tried a church and became really good friends with a couple who will no longer have anything to do with us because we quit going to their church. They bang their bibles and then judge what every person does or says. Really bad news.

        • Blake Griffin

          Find a bible teaching corporate praying church that serves GOD and shares only the gospel without religion, and you will learn this truth that Dave is pointing out.

          Louise, on the contrary… Jesus Christ is the answer to cities that have become hellholes. As it is written:

          14 if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
          2 Chron 7:14 (ASV)

          This problem is so rampant in the USA now because of the unholy bature of society.

        • J Madison

          Matthew 24:24 is talking about obama followers and democrates.einstein

    • Michel

      Is it a coincidence that every one of these cities were run by Democrats? I think not.

      • Zedgehero

        The biggest idiotic thing is to think there is a difference in the Democrats and republicans. If you do, then you are the problem with this country and this world.

        • Beeklo

          Thank you! Finally some sense has been injected into this conversation.

        • Oakbuilder

          You are so right Zedgehero !!!

      • David in GA

        “Is it a coincidence that every one of these cities were run by Democrats? I think not.” – I thought the same thing – that’s the way NYC was until a Repub mayor decided law-and-order should be re-established there, and now it’s a good place again – but just wait until a few years after they get another Dem mayor again and see if it doesn’t decay again. In city of Atlanta Dems have been in charge forever, and corrupt as usual, but reigned in by Right To Carry laws, and big time corporate interests that will not let the Dems decay the city. The main thing is people can always seem to find some work, and cost of living is still low compared to up North.

        • ezbandini

          WHAT? New York is now a good place? I guess you have never heard of Bed-Sty or Harlem or the Bronx. GOOD MY ASS!

      • spytheweb

        They were run by Americans.

    • Tony

      Very Well Stated.

      • Dave in TN

        Gee, I didn’t know we were talking Rep vs. Dem politics. But, since you brought it up, pls note that I began by quoting a great Republican, Dwight David Eisenhower, a.k.a. IKE.

  • Evie

    When the cities go downhill it is an advantage for the banks to create pay day lending, rent a centers, cash america etc.
    It is up to the community to help the uninformed and uneducated. But wait, most groups are funded by the gov and corporations. They will encourage more debt and more false hope.
    In fact the reasons other countries are slowing down is they cannot afford preditory loans and such. Heard this about brazil.

  • Cinderella Man

    Michael, whats the matter buddy? you on vacation?

    • Michael

      Sorry I had some other stuff come up yesterday.


  • Highspeedloafer

    Michael, have you read this story about the cops killing another innocent man?

    • uncurable wound

      Hey Highspeed.Ive got real problems here,a WOODCHUCK ate all my beans all my peas and now hes going after everything else…Ive flooded him,smoked him,gassed him,and tried to trap him.Ive put up a scarecrow,and Ive put down coyote pee,cat litter,dog poop,human poop(Dont ask,That little furry rodent pushed me TO far that day)…Hes like the ninja of wood chucks….About the only thing I have left is to go all (Bill Murray) on him.Varmintkong!!!Ill just duct tape a flashlight to my rifle grab that 6 pack of beer and….I mean Ive already got the jaw sticking out to the side look!
      Ive got think like a varmint,and when all possible,…look like one!
      I need some help here,and not just therapy…
      Anybody have ANY other ideas???

      • uncurable wound

        Spot on as usual.I just wanted to let you know that I drove a thousand miles from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis last saturday.From what I could see the corn and beans in northern Ohio,Indianna and around the Chicago area looked terrible.Lots of brown and very little growth,corn 2-4 ft tall.I grew up farming in nwst Iowa,and I can tell you its BAD and you were VERY correct in one of your previous articles.
        The corn does look pretty good in Wisconsin,central and southern Minnesota,and Nwst Iowa.But that could and is changing as they need rain also…
        I drove through Gary,I didnt Stop.I drove through Chicago,I didnt stop.

        The people around and in Pittsburgh were some of the nicest Ive ever met!
        Peace to you Michael.

        • Michael

          Thank you for that report from the road. 🙂


        • uncurable wound

          One other thing,I saw about 20 obama 2012 stickers on the way back….I didnt see one romney!…In fact,I havent seen ANY type of romney 2012 anywhere!!!

      • Highspeedloafer

        I would dig a hole, put up a stake and hang a white flag on top in surrender. Seriously, apart from blowing the little critter away I don’t have the foggiest idea. Good luck, send me a picture if and when you catch him. I’d make Bar-b-que!

        • rebootd

          I say blow him/her away before he/she can create more little ninja woodchucks. A .22 works perfectly in this regard.

          Just like zombies, there really is no other way to stop them.

      • polly

        find his HOME. Your Woodchuck, also known as a GROUND HOG, only have one way in /out. Get a hose about 10-12 ft long. We use an broken hose with the connector still attached. Use a funnel that will fit in the hose. Shove the hose into the hole as far as you can get it to go. Pour about 16 ounces GAS in the hole, via hose/funnel. Stuff the hole opening with newspaper and toss on a few shovels of dirt. If he is in there he is dead meat. Most of the time they are ‘home’ in the mid afternoon. They feed (go out side) mostly in the cool of the day ( AM / PM) . BTW..i KNOW this works…. Gas 9 / Grounhogs 0 .

  • matthewingooseneck

    I think the country of Mexico is a hellhole.

  • Carolyn

    I am intrigued by the perceptive opinions offered; however, I think we are missing something crucial. Just watched a 2 hr long docuomentary by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn: “THE ISAIAH 9:10 JUDGMENT” on the current state of affairs in America and our turn from being a nation under God. I believe he has hit the nail on the head, and recommend his work to anyone who, like me, has been puzzling about what the heck is going on.

  • JerryParker

    Baltimore always, during the years that I knew it best (early 1960s onwards) a rather strange and edgy city, but in ways that could make you smile, while being vigilant. John Waters` zany films all have Baltimore as setting. It and New Orleans, both very Catholic cities, always fascinating, with their special qualities. However, to know that this Baltimore is sinking into decay really grieves me. How can the UniTIGHTASStates of AmeriKKKakapeepee tolerate such decline in such once great cities as Baltimore?!?!?

  • GJS

    We are being regulated to death. Under Obomacare we will not be able to own our own home…it is called Imminent Domain and we were given notice that our gardens are illegal and we cannot sell at the farmers market in the near future…ultimately we will be forced to plow it under and not even grow our own food. The natural seeds we keep need to be replaced by GM seeds and will have to pay higher prices for those as well. We need to call out to God for forgiveness and our crimes against Him and each other. We need to change back to Godly principals or we are doomed for destruction. America needs to repent and put God fearing men in charge.

    • Paul

      You can probably buy half Detroit now with an average monthly wage in cash.

    • Helen

      amen !!!

      • Helen

        this “AMEN” was regarding “repenting and turning to God !!!

    • what do you mean about gardens being illegal and no more farmers markets? I’m a vendor!

    • ARS

      GJS, Seriously? This is what the Affordable Care Act does? You need to learn to look up the facts for yourself from reputable sources. Eminent Domain is part of our Constitution. It can be found in the 5th Amendment, but it has always been part of the operation of this country. The 5th Amendment just means that we citizens receive Just Compensation. My husband and I have just experienced this with our local utility company. It has NOTHING to do with the Affordable Care Act.

      Your gardens are not illegal. Neither are Farmer’s Markets. Stop spreading such nonsense. It distracts from anything real you might have to say (which so far, has been nothing, so I wouldn’t really worry about it.)

      • PattyK

        The gardens will become illegal–because the government doesn’t believe we are smart enough to decide to feed our own children food that isn’t polluted by pesticides. Farmers Markets will be outlawed because the government can’t control what you put into the products or how you grow them… it is coming. Look closely at the ACA, it sets a precedent for the government to do anything it darn well pleases.

  • Dennis

    Michael, thank you for your writing. But some of us are really hurting. Can you please write more pieces about how to survive? What about if one is currently unemployed, with medical bills? Would you recommend taking out loans for something like nursing school? Are nurses being hired still? How can we make some money and survive? I can’t prep or buy food or ammo or move to the country. Thanks.

    • Michael


      Those are some very good questions and every situation is different.

      If you are single and you don’t have a family, then taking out a student loan and going to nursing school may be a good option. But it is hard to give specific advice without knowing more.


    • HecatesMoon

      Dennis, personally, I wouldn’t take out loans to go to school. Not without a job first, I wouldn’t. I would go right on ahead and take a $7.50 an hour nurse aid job. They have programs from within the homes for nurse’s aids to move up. I don’t recall what they cost. Becoming a certified nurse aid doesn’t cost anything I don’t think.
      I believe nursing homes are always hiring. Not everyone is cut out for that whether it’s physically or emotionally. Nursing homes are almost always a revolving door of new people quitting and new people being are hired.
      I would take what I could out of my $7.50 an hour paycheck and start prepping. It doesn’t HAVE to be excessively expensive to prep.
      You go to yard sales, swipe something up if someone throws it out, scan Craigslist, or ask around.
      I’m getting a VERY large quantity of canning jars for free, because they are in someone’s way. We are getting a deep freezer for $50. Someone else is giving me the apples off their tree, because they won’t eat them. Why? Because we ask around.
      And don’t be afraid to offer a trade.
      My boyfriend is going to offer to cut some tree branches for someone in exchange for peaches.
      Money or no, it can be done!
      Eat on the cheap. Bags of rice, beans. Learn to bake bread, make noodles.
      You didn’t say whether you had a yard or not to have a garden. If you do, USE IT!! For the cost of $1.20, some calluses, sweat, cursing, and possibly even a little blood, you can be in tomatoes and then salsa, stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, ketchup, bbq sauce, and marinara for months and months! If you have a balcony or patio then gather up the materials as previously discussed, build boxes, and grow what you can that way.
      SAVE EVERY DIME YOU CAN if it is necessary so you can funnel it to prepping. Make cleaning products, unplug anything that is not in use every time you have finished with it. Leave the lights OFF. Tell yourself air conditioning is for wimps. Running fans doesn’t take as much energy as something that manufactures COLD air.
      And honestly, I have done this before too– cut off a single area of your home, heat only that area, and live there until the winter is over.
      Sit down and seriously think about any and every possible way that you could avoid taking money out of your pocket and giving it to a store or a utility company.
      Anything, everything to subtract from your utility bills.
      Those little drops in the bucket add up.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    As the economy of The Banana Republic of America (the Third World slop bucket that used to be the USA) goes from bad to worse, the country will become increasingly dangerous. Here are some dangerous foreign cities that much of the BRA will resemble in the future:

    1. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
    2. Caracas, Venezuela
    3. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
    4. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
    5. Guatemala City, Guatemala
    6. San Salvador, El Salvador
    7. Johannesburg, South Africa
    8. Kingston, Jamaica
    9. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
    10. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
    11. Cape Town, South Africa
    12. Manila, The Philippines

    All of those cities are places where The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (DPDDTT) is collected. In banana republics, desperate people do desperate things: they rob, they steal, they mug, they carjack, they kidnap, they sell drugs. And the poverty and desperation will only get worse in The Banana Republic of America.

    • DB200

      El Pollo de Oro:
      May I suggest Acapulco to add to your list?

      The decline is not only happening in the US.

      In 1967 Life magazine called Acapulco the most exclusive holiday resort for the jet set.

      Now it is on the 4th place of world’s most dangerous cities: 1029 murders in 2011 on a population of 823.000. Tourism has almost gone.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        DB200: Good suggestion. Acapulco has changed, and not for the better. It used to be a bigger tourist destination than Cancun; now, it’s a war zone, like much of México. There are narcocorridos about bloody shootouts and narcoviolencia in Acapulco.

        • DB200

          El Pollo,

          A former employer whom I left 4 years ago decided to do offshoring to Mexico. When I heard this 3 years ago, I said they were gone bananas. Now they’re in Chihuahua and this outfit is bleeding red ink, so much that it may bankrupt the whole company.

          Now I think of it, for the guys who lost their middle class job in the process of offshoring, this may even sound like justice.

          Offshoring is like going to the casino: you have a change to get lower costs but it almost never materializes.

  • The Awakened

    Place the blame squarely where it belongs. YOU. You vote for ‘representatives’ who represent the interests of major corporations who yield no allegiance to common people but to profit-outsourcing. Corporations receive welfare, ooops, I mean subsidies and are not required to remain in areas i.e. outsourcing; that fueled their financial success-the workers. Furthermore, instead of a major infrastructure overhaul, your gov’t spends .60 cents of each dollar for ‘defense’ and the while, the States spend equal amounts on police and prisons. Yes, this is by design with the help of uninformed and politically uneducated voters.

    • Meepzorp

      How can you vote for “none of the above”? None of them represent the regular Joe no matter how they say they are for you. Besides the fact that the “vote?” is always rigged. May as well vote for a rock. My opinion.

  • RustyWarren

    google this: 16 cities likely to declare bankruptcy. Just to mention a few things try gardening in drought conditions. It is extremely difficult. No fruit on my trees due to the heat everything drops and the berries do not grow. Yeah everyone says put in a garden but you better find extremely drought resistant and heat loving crops. Wait till the end of 2012 when the dollar has lost a great more deal of its worth and inflation and interest rates start to rise. It is going to get much worse. The media is already starting to talk about how much worse this depression is going to be over the 1929 one. At least then taxes were not so high and many people still lived on farms and grew their own food, much less crime, and few drug addicts. Everywhere I go people feel the change coming and not for good.

    • Orange Jean


      Consider checking out Native Seed/Search out of Tuscon, AZ.

      They specialize in seeds for dry land gardening, particularly crops that were raised by Native Americans in the Southwest and northern Mexico. It costs a bit to join up, but I was a member for years (because I couldn’t find chili seeds) and the quality of their seeds is very good and often very tasty. If you are living anywhere near Tuscon, I believe you can just go to their store and buy seeds without becoming a member.

  • John Jackson

    The only way to survive and thrive in these unprecedented times is to invest like the rich:

  • NorthernCanuck

    Well, just to cheer everyone up, here’s a story that illustrates that not EVERY profitable business has left America and that free enterprise and foreign demand appear to be alive and well in the spanking-clean new American Service Economy…

    “HSBC hit by banking scandal as US senators accuses British company of ‘allowing Mexican gangs launder $7 billion of drug money and working with Saudi bank linked to terrorism’
    * HSBC moved huge sum from Mexico into the U.S. between 2007 and 2008
    * Provided services for Saudi Arabia’s Al Rajhi Bank linked to financing terrorism
    * Senate investigation suggests they also moved money tied to Iran
    * Accuses bank of ‘pervasively polluted’ culture
    * Another hammer blow to the credibility of British banking system after Barclays was fined for allegedly rigging LIBOR interest rate…”
    Read more:

  • Rodster

    Very Real Danger of Collapse: “Could Be So Severe I Don’t Think Our Civilization Could Survive It”

  • Colin

    Today, the State Budget Crisis Task Force, an independent committee, led by former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker and former New York Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch, issued a report today. The report states that the budget crisis faced by each of the states may lead to social disorder, as the state governments cut social services.

  • Rodster
    • Colin

      I applied for SSDI in January 2011. I have a lawyer who is working on my case. I am considered by the state as non-employable because of my anxiety/depressive disorder. I am scheduled to have a hearing in November of this year. Prior to the hearing, I was denied for benefits twice. I am now on Basic Health Care, General Assistance, and SNAP. The BHC pays for my prescription medicine – Seroquel and Citolpram.

      My lawyer told me that the people in charge of SSDI want people to have part-time jobs, and I plan to get a job, if I can find one. That is the issue, isn’t it? Will there be a job for me? I have cashiering experience, but cashiers are being replaced by self-serve stations at grocery stores, and cashiers are minimum wage workers and the need for cashiers is dependent on the economy. Can I be trained? I don’t know. Community colleges are cutting back on classes and raising the cost per credit. Adult education centers are experiencing the same issue.

      • Highspeedloafer

        Colin, I have several friends who recently lost their jobs and the only place they could find any work was in restaurants. Many of them are being paid under the table. You might consider that temporarily.

      • Paul

        I am not a doctor. Here just my 0.2 cents.

        The effects of chronic dehydration have been described as being similar to depression and anxiety (among other things).

        The side effects of the drugs you are taking include a variety of symptoms of chronic dehydration (e.g. thirst), and by increasing sweating and urination seem to amplify the problem.

        Anyway, chronic dehydration is not recognised by the medical community as anything.

        However, I would try increasing my water intake, as well as eating more fruits.
        I was able to reduce my anxiety problems this way.

        First thing in the morning I drink a glass of water. And in Winter I drink as much as in Summer, because of the dry air.
        And water is still quite cheap.
        And water is needed for metabolism anyway. The less water you drink, the more likely you become fat.

        BTW, I always buy at human cashiers, for the simple reason that I rather have them take my money at the cashier than as unemployed mugger in the street.

      • Tiogatogota

        Colin, the last thing you want to do is get a
        job if your trying to get disability if you can
        work they will deny you disability,IMOH

  • Washington
  • Sail Fish

    USA has become a cess poll of dependency
    Just what Osama Hussain Obama and his mentor/financier communist buddy George Soros alias Schwartz has wanted from day one. Their goal is, keep em on the dole for votes….. screw America,Americans and working people he will do anything for continued power and destruction.

    • ARS

      That is President Obama to you, sir. The way you misspeak his name and spread uninformed lies about George Soros shows that you have been brainwashed by the right-wing smear machine and cannot think for yourself. Mr. Soros was instrumental in helping his homeland, Hungary, move from communism to capitalism. He has donated billions of dollars to support democracy in countries around the world. He has no influence on our President’s policies. His only ties to President Obama are his donations to democratic groups who also have no influence on President Obama’s policies. All websites I’ve read on any imagined link between these two men are part of the right-wing message machine that has skewed quotes or taken them out of context in order to prove something that doesn’t exist.

      • polly

        been on the kool aid agian we see.

      • steadysteve

        Put down the kool-aid.

      • aron

        Seriously man, we’re not brainwashed because anyone with a damned computer can investigate him on their own. You know the Rockefellers have donated more to charities than almost anyone else on the planet, but do you think they give a darn about anyone except their precious empire? Sometimes kid, wolves do hide in sheeps clothing…don’t forget that

  • Rodster

    Peter Schiff weighs in:

    “America Heading Towards a Collapse Worse Than 2008 AND Europe! Says Peter Schiff”

    • Rodster

      According to CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff, the U.S. economy is heading for an economic crash that will make 2008 look like a walk in the park. Stimulus programs can delay this day of reckoning, but only for so long and only at the expense of making the eventual meltdown much, much worse.

      Schiff, who famously warned investors about the housing and financial crisis in his 2007 book Crash Proof, says the Fed’s palliative efforts during the housing meltdown have made the next crisis inevitable.

      “We’ve got a much bigger collapse coming, and not just of the markets but of the economy,” Schiff says in the attached clip. “It’s like what you’re seeing in Europe right now, only worse.”

  • davidmpark

    I refuse to accept defeat.

    Everyone can build their own infrastructure if done on the cheap and as quickly as possible. Yes; everyone and done anywhere. Here’s where I started learning:

    There were also books and links here and on Mike’s other sites that added to my knowledge. Keep looking online and keep researching.

    I am on a VERY limited budget. And I have to do most of the work by myself late at night when the family is resting. I have nothing but hand tools – about half I built myself. I have almost succeeded. Just a few pieces away and the basic system will be operational.

    If America wants to decline into misery and filth; then it may – that’s the country’s decision. I won’t. My family won’t. And I’m teaching my kids how to do all of this.

    That is why we must survive and then thrive: the kids are the reason. It’s easier to whine and complain, descend into spite and lusts with the rest of mainstream society. But my kids are only 9,7,and 4 respectively. They’re only young kids now. They may inherit a destroyed nation of rubble and danger but they’ll have the time to rebuild it. What they need is the skills and knowledge ahead of time.

    This world is full of infinite energy and opportunity to grow and thrive. These cities and their citizens and people decided to decline and crumble. There is always a way to thrive – Christ made sure of that already. The multiple methods of harnessing energy for electrical power, transport, and heat are constantly renewing and growing – it’s their nature. Food, water, medicines, shelter, clothing, entertainment – all of it can be made and collected by your own hands with skills and knowledge God has already provided. All that is lacking on man’s part is the personal ability and will to do it.

    Now, many are probably saying, “but they took everything. What’s left to make what we need?” Just for an example, here’s a list of products we’ve made using just rabbits and simple equipment: Fresh Meat – standard meat cuts, hearts, kidneys, sweetbreads, and liver; Sausages; Pet Food and Treats; Pelts; Leather; Lanolin; All-purpose Glue; Fur for Bedding and Stuffing; “Lucky” Rabbit’s Feet; Methane (LP) Gas; Fresh Manure; Compost; Liquid Fertilizer; Potassium Nitrate (saltpeter); Ammonia; Bone Handles; Bone Meal.

    We did this by the ability that the good Lord provided all men – not just us! Do your best; what do have to loose? Even when there’s screw ups, it’s still one more step up the ladder! Do it! Survive! Thrive!

    • Orange Jean

      David – your attitude and approach to helping prepare you family to survive is most admirable! Good luck and keep up the good work.

    • DL.

      Thank you Dave! Your experiences are similar to ours. When my husband made 4 figures (yes, less than 10,000 a year! He was a beekeeper), I went to college to be a teacher and my husband got a loan from his mother to buy our land and build our house–nearly singlehandedly (me and his mom raised the walls). We paid her back. After working a couple of years as a teacher we had a water well dug (no easy feat in dry West Texas mountains.). Then we had two great kids that I homeschooled. Again, after leaving job to take care of the kids we were quite poor again, but eventually my husband became an EMS director. Made enough to put one kid threw college and now we’re doing the other kid the same way. To heck with drought and wildfires…we still water our garden twice a day (hauling buckets of water up to the garden) and hopefully this year I will can beans.

      What most on here fail to realize is that in bad situations–unemployment, foreclosures, bankster-oligarch fraud and no justice, and two criminals running for president (Obama has betrayed the rule of law, and Romney has committed fraud using Bain Capital)–there is still OPPORTUNITY to overcome all the crap around us, if you have the truth and will to do so.

  • Golden Child

    All big cities are the same. Uninformed people make the erroneous judgement that entire cities are worse than others in every way based on averaged crime statistics for the whole city. Rich folks in the Oakland hills aren’t living in hell. Same thing with the wealthy people on the Near Northside of Chicago or Federal Hill in Baltimore. All ghetto areas in big cities are the same, morons. A ghetto area in a city like New York is just as crime-ridden and dangerous as a bad neighborhood in Baltimore. Anyone who has ever lived in a ghetto area and travelled to ghettos in other cities knows this. Cities like Baltimore, Detroit and Oakland have more ghetto areas and less wealthy areas which is why the averaged crime rate is higher for the entire cities. Just because Oakland has a worse averaged crime rate than San Francisco doesn’t mean that the worst part of Oakland is worse than the worst part of San Francisco. Places in San Francisco like Hunter’s Point and Sunnydale are just as bad as the worst areas of Oakland. In some ways, the worst parts of SF in places like Sunnydale and Hunter’s Point are actually more unlivable than anywhere in Oakland because SF’s crime-ridden public housing is dilapidated and falling apart whereas the projects in Oakland in places like Acorn are pretty much brand-new and look indistinguishable from any regular apartment complex in America. Poverty and crime are more widespread in Oakland, but the terrible poverty and crime that exists in pockets of SF is just as bad as any ghetto in America. This is coming from someone who grew up in what was considered to be the most violent and crime-ridden neighborhood in San Francisco in the early 90’s. To this day, gunshots ring out pretty much everyday of the year in my old neighborhood. Just go to and browse “Oceanview” under the neighborhood section and read the daily “police calls” report. It just so happens that San Francisco is the premier tourist city on this side of the world, so the scary out of control crime that occurs in SF’s poorly publicized southern half of the city doesn’t get publicized. Bay Area natives know that the ghetto areas of San Francisco are just as violent, impoverished and scary as anyhwere in Oakland, or Richmond. Only ignorant outsiders and tourists think otherwise because of what the media chooses to publicize about the jewel box city of SF. Also, young Black men are more likely to be victims of violent crime in big cities, period. It should tell you some truth about the REAL San Francisco when SF has had a much higher murder rate for Blacks than the much more notorious Oakland next door.

    DC is on the come-up. However, many are left out in the cold and DC is not some rich paradise either. Southeast DC has the highest recorded unemployment rate of anywhere in the United States.

    NYC is not much better. NYC has the most acute income inequality of anywhere in America.

    In wealthy cities like DC, SF and NYC, the same gross poverty, crime and civic neglect exists but is downplayed in misleading dummy statistics by the tremendous wealth that also resides in the hands of a few in these same cities. So stop trashing “ghetto” cities because the same low standard of life that exists there also exists in “world-class” America cities as well. The entire genre of Hip Hop music stands at a testament to this.

  • Maybe add Jacksonville FL to the list? I know plenty of you hate Walmart, but even so… I would hate to have to work there and be subjected to this … or be so poor it would be one of the few places I could afford to shop, be there with little kids and run into this kind of thing. Proves it’s coming…

  • Randome-11

    You should have precised, one major if not the major reason why the rest of the US is better off than those 12 cities are loans.

    Federal borrowing, companies borrowing, states borrowing, municipalities borrowing, bank borrowing, the majority of the public borrowing (not just out of necessity but also for the sake of important stuff like more football, more basketball, the latest video games) What did I miss?

    That is why the rest still keeps running despite the production centers having been shot.

  • Ed Schmuch

    could these articles please be written on a page from left to right as it used to be done in the U.S. instead of long lists of single words I’m an older guy and it’s hard a heck to read columns. Thanx

    • Michael


      If you expand your browser to fit the entire screen that should solve your problem.


      • Kevin Larsen

        My first post here, could he have his resolution set to low? Kevin

  • Evie

    You may grow things inside without registering them or on an arenomic growth tower. It does not classify as a garden. Hehe.
    Shame about the groundhog try a humane trap and move him to a neighbors home you do not like.

  • Evie

    Some of you men need help beyond my experteee!

  • Bill Kay

    And we wonder why they call Calif the land of fruits an nuts , this is a decision that should be left to the parents , and the parents alone. PERIOD.

  • Gary

    The one thing all these cities have in common? They have all been controlled by the Democrats for a long time, the party of poverty and dispare.

  • Bill Kay

    PS that statement is from a Calif native 75 years old , and yes Ive been cut a birth , and so far as i know in my case its caused no problelms , but I still think the parents should make that dicision .

  • Bill Kay

    San Francisco one of the most beautiful cities in the world , to bad it has to be filled with so many garbgage people .

  • ms liberty

    Well, I see the racists and hate mongers are here in force today spewing the venome they were told to repeat by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. I suppose we are not to notice that African-Americans make up the greater populations of these cities. Your agenda is showing.

    I think most people would agree that the populations of these cities are merely acting out a symbolic reparation expressing solidarity with all oppressed peoples of the planet. I notice you “forget” to mention how Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin have incited their followers for years to violence against minority populations and how the current state of these cities is the predictable result.

    Do you think that it is coincidence that Eric Holder is presently suing the state of Ohio (Cleveland) so that non-white populations can actualy have the right to vote? Do you think that it is coincidence that non-white populations were kept away from Ohio polling places by force during the last election with dogs, police lines and water cannons?

    You hate mongers and white christians need to crawl back to your Bibles and you AM radios and leave the rest of us alone.

    • aron

      WOW…So you’re saying that because we’re discussing the sorry state of many U.S. cities that happen to have a high African-American population, that makes us racist?? It’s clear you’re projecting. YOU brought up their race, not us Jimbo…
      “I think most people would agree that the populations of these cities are merely acting out a symbolic reparation expressing solidarity with all oppressed peoples of the planet.”….are you dense? So the crime, murder, rape, and theft that is destroying these cities is out of their desire to bond symbolically with all other oppressed people? I really don’t think so. Its called POVERTY, DESPERATION, GHETTOS. Not some impoverished movement, you think they give a hoot about any other city around the world? OF course not, their suffering! Oh and no one was stopping “non-white” people from voting…ONLY THOSE WHO DIDN’T HAVE REGISTRATION TO VOTE silly goose. So these folks are trying to vote without citizenship, and you cry racism??? Suddenly you sound too clueless to continue with…

  • And while it’s power base is crumbling the us govt still has billions a year to spend on wars & the military, foreign aid and playing global policeman.

  • Paul

    If you want change, then change.

  • Lots and lots of stats on Revealing Statistics: America in Decline; Subtitle: Present Costs of the War against God

  • Leon

    I categorically disagree with this conclusion. I can make thecase that this is the best time to be living in New Orleans in my 65 years.First we have completely dismantled the Orleans Parish School Board system withvibrant Charter schools. Secondly we have torn down the four biggest housingprojects (with a fifth proposed) and replaced them with new less dense modern housingwhich is far more attractive. Thirdly , the construction of the two newteaching hospital facilities will provide 6000 jobs at a annual average salaryof %80,000. Fifth the City is undergoing a great migration of young people whohave decided to “stay”. Lastly go look at a house in Lakeview or uptown NewOrleans. How many areas in the country can boast of rising real estate prices. Addto this the City Council and the Mayor. I certainly do not agree with all theyhave done but this administration has been scandal free.

    This writer does not know what he is talking about.

    • DL.

      Best time to live in New Orleans…especially if you’re a Saints fan! Who dat?

  • Satan steals and destroys. His workers carry out his desires, some wittingly, others not.

    Jesus Christ said this place was not His home. If it were here is what He might recommend:

    1. Make private banks ILLEGAL. (Why should some folks be allowed to create money from nothing?)

    2. Natural resources ought to belong to the People. (Why should water aquifers & oil reserves belong to the few. Gas is 18 cents a gallon in Venezuela. There it belongs to the People.

    3. Remove ‘person’ status for corporations and make them accountable for their crimes.

    4. Paper ballots. NO CHEATING at elections.

    5. Use common law courts to sue criminals in government. Common Law (right vs wrong) trumps ALL so-called laws, even the Constitution. People still have the power. Many must learn how to use it.

    • likalaruku

      Get rid of the electoral college.

  • Josh

    When I read this my heart sinks. All I can think about is what can we do to fix this.

    Most of the posts are about whose fault it is. The government didn’t do this, WE ALL DID! The people in these communities made their own choices. Politician’s are not the cause. Banks are not the cause. Corporations are not the cause. Everyone involved is at fault. That includes you and me. We are doomed if we cannot rekindle the true American spirit.

    I refuse handouts. I break my back to find work. I’m the future (if I survive what’s coming).

  • Chicago Nick

    “If you are thinking of moving to Chicago, you might want to think again.”

    Just move outside the Mouli infested South Side and West Side and 10 miles up the road you have people like Bill Corgan and Michael Jordan living in 10-20 million dollar homes and suburban Chicagoans who live and do quite well and hate Obama more than most anything on this earth. It’s just that those two parts of the city have been breeding Omouli’s and illegals for decades now so you just have to make sure you don’t move near a train where they can easily get to you before you can lock cock and load the family arsenal, that’s all.

    Just remember two rules if caught alone in ChicagObamaville: Number one, Never turn your back on Trayvon, and number 2, never waver from rule number one E V E R and you’ll be fine.

  • Andrew Bulles

    As the “great epistler” that you are, Micheal, you should consider moving this blog underground and off the internet for the REAL Atlas Shrugged types like me who wish to start society over on OUR terms — the terms intended by the founding fathers in their “incorporating documents” and the espousing Federalist Papers. You could call it the MAYFLOWER SOCIETY and start a printed newsletter with secret meetings to create a quasi-adjutant corps formed of those who wish to actuate a reformation of “Our America” when the Progressive/Socialist system of Obama’s backers finally fails.

    • Michael

      Actually my instinct is to push this material in front of as many eyes as possible.

      I believe the more people that wake up the better.

      In fact, I am thinking of writing a book.

      What do you all think?

      Good idea?


  • Susan

    From TheFuelProject: Riveting documentary on exactly how Satan designed The New World Order and took it from the beginning until today. A warning: It comes in 77 short videos, and you will not want to stop until you’ve seen them all!​watch?v=y-RAyIJ0tNo

  • I am not going to suggest what I am about to say justifies, or is even the only or primary cause of what happened in Colorado-but I am going to be surprised if it is not a contributory factor.

    While I have seen live interviews show in replay today over and over again, I saw one live interview with the Asian next door neighbor to the Colorado killer. When asked if he had any insight he told the reporter “he got a BS in neuroscience and was unable to get a job. So then he got a Masters Degree in neuroscience and could not get a job. So he was working on getting his PhD.” You could tell by the way his neighbor told the story-the Colorado killer’s inability to get a job in one of those science fields that the government says we have a shortage of workers in-was frustrating him. His dropping out of the PhD program showed it was either too difficult for him or he concluded he wouldn’t get a job even if he had a PhD.

    Hosts on all the news shows today were in shock that someone so educated could commit crime like that-there is a false assumption that college can teach people to reason. College is almost exclusively simply memorizing something someone else has figured out-most of it useless to life and career. What we are seeing in America now is a new demographic of the college educated whose job prospects aren’t a lot better than the lowly educated-but the lowly educated aren’t stressed with huge student loan debt based on a government lie (that college is a good investment anymore).

    I’m afraid we are going to see a lot more crime by disgruntled college graduates. One thing that could make things better would be to revoke every degree requirement government has put on occupations the last sixty years so people don’t have to bankrupt themselves trying to get a job.

  • Ezekiel 123

    All of you are missing the big picture..that is this..these are black neighborhoods..with black residents…incapable of decent, normal behavior.
    Everything else you see as the culprit is crap.
    Quit being stupid..blacks for the most part are unfit for civilization.

    • jsmith0552

      Yeah, like when I think of old Chicago, I generally think of Al Capone, I don’t think of Black people.

      • Katt

        I believe Al died more then a few decades ago! Doubtful that he is the problem!

        • nickatnoon

          And WHO put Al outta BIZ??? The IRS….OWNED BY JEWS!

    • clancymc

      I agree with you Ezekiel. They piss and moan about how the white man is responsible for all of their woes. They drove the whites out of Detroit with all of their rioting and looting. They don’t come together as a community and work together to rebuild and fix problems. They come together to protest and destroy. If they could learn to use a hammer and tools they could fix up these houses. I heard a black woman from Detroit on TV the other day complaining about how someone should come and mow her lawn because the grass was getting so high. Why can’t she mow her own lawn like the rest of us do? The blacks burned down over 2,000 buildings, killed about 80 people, wounded almost 2,000 in the 1967 riots in Detroit. The whites moved out because it was no longer safe to live there. And now we see what happens when blacks are put in charge of a city. Now we have one in charge of the country and look what’s happened to us. They just don’t know how to work and maintain things like the whites do. Most all of the are very unproductive and that’s been the drain on our nation.

      • daqu

        What drove many people out of Detroit and many other cities is the loss of manufacturing jobs, as these moved overseas thanks to cheap labor especially in parts of Asia.

        So the people who could afford to move did so, and those who couldn’t remained behind: poor and jobless.

        • Web Runner

          Union wages killed Detroit.

          • Mike Millan

            Corporate greed killed Detroit. Now get off your phone and get back to work because the drive thru is backing up again.

          • Car Car Jinx

            no, union wages DID kill detroit.
            no amount of corporate greed can change basic economic principles.
            if your employees demand so much that you cannot produce a product at a competitive price, then some other manufacturer WILL produce that product and sell it at a lower price than you.
            and that other manufacturer will most likely be overseas.

          • Mike Millan

            No. Union wages built Detroit and America into a prosperous middle class society. Again, get off your phone and get back to work. The drive thru is backing up again.

      • weareallequal

        CLANCYMC….Back in the day Detroit was owned by white people with a Bigot of a Mayor who developed what we now call a FREEWAY to separate black people from the whites, who were TRYING to bee seen as equals with everyone else…but of course the MAYOR at the time wasn’t seeing that and saw black people as unwanted infestation…doing what he could to drive them out (lynching, burning crosses, spreading hate) leaving them no choice but to fight back. so what did the Fat SLOB/Raciest of a Mayor do…took all the jobs, all the white people, built a free way and promoted suburbs with white picket fences and left Detroit with no money, no jobs and no hope. The hate that was planted by fearful white supremacists and created what we have today and has the nerve to sit back and say ” see! see! I told you so!” really people…open your minds, educate yourself on the truth and stop spreading the hate!!

        • Evie_L

          So basically, you’re saying black people need white people so they can have jobs and money? They aren’t capable of starting businesses?
          I’m glad I’m not black, because I’d find that pretty insulting if I were.

          • Tyr

            Look at Africans. They do great on their own, right? I’m sure that’s whiteys fault too somehow.

        • NRx3r

          So whats your excuse for areas that look the same, have the same amount of blacks, yet had no white population to blame?

        • Tyr

          They are an unwanted infestation!

    • budda budda

      well said retard

    • Displaced American

      The really sad thing is they’ve all had an opportunity to share in the American dream. Instead they’ve opted for the tribalism that has caused so much death and destruction in African countries.
      Unfortunately with “The Won” in the white house, they’re dragging us all down with them.

      • nickatnoon

        OBumfuk is just an MK’d puppet, CONtrolled by JEWs! Parasite JEWs have subverted and DESTROYED civilizations since the beginning of recorded history. ALL ghettos were created by them, and NOTHING will get better until they are EXTERMINATED. You dumb Yanks, coerced by JEW-led UK, ANNIHILATED Germany, the one country who tried to do something about the International PARASITIC JEWS! NOW they own EVERYTHING, including YOU! Merka is the most ST000PIFIED nation there is! You should be proud!!! 😛

    • Mike Millan

      Wrong, these are not all black cities with black residents. First, to get beyond the racism, many of these are sacrifice zones. They are Indian reservations within our midst. 2nd Stockton CA is not a black neighborhood and has rebounded since the 2008 crisis. Oakland is gentrifying and has actually lost more the 35% of its black residents to the South. Blacks are not the problem, corporate greed is the problem. They sold out to the failure of globalization, and are making the American citizens pay for it. The next financial collapse, they are going to empty your bank accounts it’s called the bail in.

  • AncientChief

    I don’t know about the rest of it, but you sure got the ‘arrogant’ part right.

  • Joe Mama

    USA has become a nation of spiritually dead amoral vicious self-absorbed criminals and you get what you deserve

  • Mary

    Politics, corporate rhetoric and religion aside, just look at the demographics. Go to Very telling.

  • Rodster
    • Michael

      Very nice – it had been a little while since I was on Business Insider. 🙂


  • Melanika Hawatu

    “Chicago Nick”, thanks for making the point of my rant IF they are bold enough to publish it. Your dig at Trayvon is no different than the klan who joked about Emmett Till in the 50’s. Only a couple of years separated Till from Trayvon. Trayvon, unlike your mass murderer Holmes with the vast artillery Trayvon would never have been allowed to have, Trayvon was unarmed. His only weapon was his fists. His only crime, “walking while black” through a white neighborhood. Something we all thought in 20–freaking 12!–we were supposed to be past! Amazing that you can sob rightfully so over white kids killed by one of their own in a theater but lynch the character of kid who was shot point black in the head by a man who decided he was the enemy before he had any reason to. The same as white racists have always done. The sad thing is I thought I was past feeling this way. I grew up in 50’s hating whites who were literal monsters. I saw a black man lynched at 5 years old. It burned into my mind. I turned to God to get past the hate. Now here we are, decades later, and the hatred that killed this kid and hung him is in a new generation. While pointing the finger at others, you want to see the monster? Watch today’s news. The man of the hour doesn’t look like Trayvon Martin.

    • J Madison

      Ask that lady’s family about this trayon — MOBILE, Alabama — A Mobile County judge this morning denied bail for a teenager accused of killing Wendy Fisher on the street outside her home on Racine Avenue in west Mobile.

      That means that Trayon Washington, 17, will be jailed pending trial on a murder charge

    • trav

      **************. The neighborhood St. Trayvawn was walking through was not a “white” neighborhood. It was integrated. Whose fault was it that St. Trayvawn matched the description of every robber that had been victimizing that same neighborhood? If I had a home invader, he’d look like St. Trayvawn.

      It is not everyone else’s fault that blacks account for over half of the violent crime nationally and more than 90% in some cities. We get east indians who have darker skin from slums in delhi where they lived in corrugated aluminum shacks who come here and they prosper despite being colored, poor, and experiencing gigantic wealth disparities. Asians get off of a boat and integrate into society. Even in brazil where they (japanese) were indentured servants after the cessation of slavery, you see an asian minority prospering.

      If you don’t like “walking while black,” try focusing your ire at ROBBING while black, RAPING while black, and MURDERING while black, all things that blacks are rightfully known for because this small minority commits over half of the violent crime in this country. It isn’t everyone else’s fault that they’ve NOTICED this tendency in black people! Even 1st generation africans who drive cabs in cities advise each other not to take blacks as fares because it is too dangerous.

  • Aaron

    You forgot Buffalo, NY. Sure its a functioning city but its a hell hole of a place that only still exists because the government is the top employer. Industry left years ago and its only getting worse year by year. Corruption and shrinking tax base along with unfunded mandates from the state and fed.



  • All Illinois residents can reduce and eliminate
    utility bills easily and make a fantastic income by sharing this with others. Start with electricity. You can’t beat this. There is always opportunity amidst chaos. Teach this to your degenerate neighbors.

  • UnionLeague

    If things are as bad as you say they are, then maybe we should stop waging useless wars, over-funding the War Department and start investing in America’s social and physical infrastructure.

    • disillusioned

      Yep, and the above comment is with the current POTUS in the office, not bush. I don’t hear any outrage over the wars with the POTUS. What happened to bring em all home?

  • Val

    “there are over 300 million people in this country and 535 are politician: 100 senators, 435 congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country….Don’t re-elect any of them.” – by Charlie Reese

  • Jerry from Cambodia

    It is interesting that some folks want to blame Christians for the increase in crime and the decrease in morals in the country. Seems a bit counter-intuitive to me. It is easy to call someone a hypocrite. But even if true about an individual, what does that have to do with the issue of increased crime. Most real Christians (and there are many who claim to be but do not live the life) know that they are indeed hypocrites, because we all commit sins during our life. A person is a hypocrite when he acts in a manner NOT consistent with his belief system. So a true Christian is a hypocrite when he/she lives a life not consistent with the teachings of Christ. Thankfully, we have the grace and mercy of God to be forgiven when we repent-turn and walk in the opposite manner.

  • J Madison

    Pls all republicans, vote in Nov.if not registered, you can go to to register to vote.Pls call your friends to confirm that they will be at the voting booths also in Nov. or ask them if they need a ride. thank-you

  • J Madison

    Birmingham,Al.-has over 50% of its residence living below the poverty line.
    There use to be hundreds of metal, fab,and foundry shops supporting the steel industry in Bhm, now, you can count on your hand fab shops. the newspaper have
    ads for house sitters,pizza hut jobs,and administration assistant from a temporay agency. Oh yea, “the city is bankrupted”!

  • Hi there, just wanted to say, I liked this post. It was inspiring.
    Keep on posting!

  • trav

    Uh…all but one of the cities listed as “the future” are heavily BLACK.

    And this same thing happens to EVERY city that “Goes black.” It doesn’t come back.

    On the flipside, Pittsburgh is 90% white and a rust belt city that is now rated as one of the top places to live in the USA.

    If where you live is controlled by africans, your environment will resemble africa. If it is run by latinos, it will resemble latin america. If it’s run by asians, it will resemble asia. Ethnicity and genetics matter.

    • bill moore

      Well, if Pittsburgh is 90% white, blacks will run to it for the welfare and ruin it too.

  • Obee

    Greedy politicians/Repukes and Demoncrates create poverty for our country which drives up the crime. Now the we have them dumb down we will take their guns away!@! Yeph that’s what we will do. Hee hee.

  • Chi Town Joey

    I think we are just about on par with what the Demorats want our Country to be.

    • chicago man

      LOL, the Republicans ************ on the middle class and would love to kill the poor if they could.

      • disillusioned

        Democrats started the KKK and support the Nationalists Socialists movement.. errr Nazis?

  • Opining1

    Check the demographics for these dozen cities; notice anything interesting?

    Until all of America “looks like” those demographics, this is NOT what the rest of USA will look like. And please stop declining to post my comments, which are no more “racist” than anyone else’s here!

  • Denise

    I live 8 miles from Detroit. Contrary to the writer, Detroit is coming back. Yes, we have high crime rates, but they are on the outskirts of Detroit. Detroit proper is doing. Like any big City, we are coming back neighborhood, by neighborhood. Corktown, where the old Tiger Stadium was, is thriving. It has become the haven for Artists. Our Downtown is beautiful. There is urban farming everywhere. Just yesterday a Corporation wants to take large vacant lots, and start forests. Which is a great idea. Yes, we are a financially strapped City. With a Mayor who is doing what needs to be done. All of Michigan is hurting. It has gotten better now that the Auto Industry has come back.

    For most of these Cities, the problem is there jobs were sent overseas. So, no one has a job, they can only buy what is necessary. They can’t take vacations. In the end, no one is making money. What did these companies and the Government think was going to happen? The Government has to stop giving tax credits for taking jobs overseas, and give a credit for bringing jobs back to the U.S.

    As far as are Government goes they are all a bunch of crooks. And that includes the Banking system too. I was a Realtor for 33 years, with my own Company. Of course the Business is doing terrible. Banks won’t lend money.

    They are going to spend money in Washington anyway, so do it where it is productive for Americans. We need to rebuild our infrastructure. This way, we can put people to work, who then will be paying taxes. As bad as the roads and bridges are in this country there would be years of work. We need to build roads for Farmers too, so they can get there product out.

    It’s time we take care of America, and Americans.We need to stop getting involved in what other Countries want. We need to be United.

  • Tina

    PLEASE STOP COMPARING EAST ST. LOUIS, IL with St. Louis Missouri! East St. Louis is in IL not in Missouri. I live in St. Louis city and this is a beautiful city!
    Come and take a look for yourself before saying it’s a hellhole!

    • Robert

      Just as the post says below, St. Louis is coming back in many neighborhoods, north and south, neighborhood by neighborhood. Maybe the author should visit some of these cities before calling them hellholes. St. Louis and Detroit residents have amazing pride for their city and only does this pride allow them to bounce back the way that they are. Most people in this country would be surprised to see how great these cities are if they only visit, instead they listen to the media about how dangerous they are. Just like any city, there are good areas and not so good areas.

      • Joe

        “St. Louis and Detroit residents have amazing pride for their city”

        Yeah, all of the liberal scum bags have “pride” in their city. YO YO YO NlGGA WE REPRESENTIN’ ST. LOUIS NlGGA WEEZ THE MOST VIOLENT CITY IN AMERIKUH WHADDUP?!!!?

        That’s the type of pride they have. Not of how nice and clean their city is, of what an enormous NlGGER-INFESTED DUMP it is.

  • Brent Emery Pieczynski

    This is just a symptom of America being an Empire.

  • Chimper

    Give you one guess as to the cause of all this.


    • Justin Case

      Don’t forget the border hoppers.

      • orange

        I love you both! Glad to see some people get it!

      • “AVOID THE GROID!”

        Or preferably: Avoid non-WASPs.

  • Nonsense. USA could simply distribute all unused land , and tell the people to grow their own crops and build their own houses, raise their own livestock, make their own leather or fur goods, compost their own sewage, collect their own rainwater or dig their own wells. End of problem, everyone gets a few acres and high-density living ‘hellholes’, will be quite empty without people who have their own land.

    BTW there is no such thing as money. There is no such thing as economy or collapse. Too bad for the plutocracy or corporatocracy though! Even if education was free now, citizens will return to 1400s settler-era America! Citizens please elect ONLY a President or Governor with the above intent. Executive Order 0 (Zero) for land distribution will be that reset button America needs.

    People have lived since man learnt to walk upright without electricity or petrol. BTW there is no such thing as poor people, jobs, concept of money much less a petro-dollar or a Global Financial System or a recession or depression.

  • Juan

    When the gatekeepers and guards abandon their posts because of political/corporate raping of the American people, the immoral ignorant Godless humans that remain are no more than animals. You can take the bushbaby out of the bush but without human oversite the bushbaby acts like, well, a bushbaby.

  • sam

    Look at the demographics of the cr#pholes. it is very similar to a nation associated with cape horn… This is how they chose to live

  • Bucky Goldstein

    Haha! At the end of your story there is an add for electing Debbie Wasserman Schultz to congress.She’s part of the problem, the woman is an idiot.

  • an observer

    collapse is necessary for real organic development so take heart, weather the storm, don’t believe the liars who are everywhere in every form, rise above vile racism , let the dead deal with the dead, this is the opportunity America needs to truly come of age and let go of it’s evil overlords, primitives of the feral extremes, idiots and cretins
    let the creative heart of your country become
    i love the idea of inner city forests in Detroit
    throw off the devils negative shackles
    get out of a perpetual war footing
    sort out your own backyard
    from an interested Australian
    hard work
    be stringent honest with yourselves
    the TRUTH is important for healing process
    it is fundamental
    this is a great article
    but use it as a turning point

    • orange

      Easy for you to preach about “vile racism” when you don’t have a clue what it’s like to live among the “vibrant diversity”. Why not take a trip to the US and go to any of these places? You won’t see many white faces (I doubt you’ll see more than 100 in all these places combined), but we’re supposed to ignore that fact and keep pretending that they’re “just like us”? Obviously they aren’t, and it’s becoming apparent that they won’t ever start acting like human beings and pull their own weight, so why do we continue to listen to know nothings like you lecture us about racism from your safe, homogenous little country? I watched my hometown turn into a nasty cesspool thanks to do-gooder bleeding heart sanctimonious liberals like you, and you wouldn’t last one day in the hell I had to endure before I finally escaped.

      Don’t you dare preach about racism when the most vile racism I’ve ever heard has come from the mouths of those minorities that you love so much. Would you like to sit around and listen to them describe the perverted sexual stuff they’d do to a 13 year old girl? Or your wife? Oh I heard it all because they thought I didn’t speak their language (I do but I never bothered to tell them!) and I actually went out and bought a gun and got concealed carry because I was so frightened after listening to it (and hearing about the constant rapes from my cop friend). How about being the victim of a machete attack by gang members? I could go on and on but why should I, I’m just a vile racist…BECAUSE I LIVED IT EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR YEARS. I NEVER once heard a white person say anything racist but I couldn’t even count the many times I’ve been called “white b*tch”, “cracker” or some other slur regarding my skin color, but that’s not important to people like you because you don’t give a d*mn about anything other than scoring liberal cred with your friends who also don’t know a d*mn thing about the real world.

      I won’t even mention the sexual harassment and molestation I dealt with in school at their hands…I started carrying a knife and would’ve used it but thankfully I never had to. Not because I would’ve had a problem with stabbing one, but because when you mess with one, you mess with them all (they have racial solidarity, unlike us). I would’ve been dead by the end of the week or at least in the hospital! So you can sit right there and spew your sanctimonious BS from the safety of your keyboard but I’ll fervently hope and pray you one day get to experience what TRUE “vile racism” looks like and people dismiss you with one word, “RACIST”. You deserve it, and don’t think that telling them “B-but I defended you on the INTERNET!” will do one bit of good. They don’t care, they hate you because of your white skin and NOTHING you do will ever change that. Period.

      • DiamondDave

        @ Orange….you are absolutely right on all counts. It’s a hopeless situation as the black race, as a whole, is never going to change. Is very sad for the thousands of intelligent, articulate black individuals that represent– at most 10% of blacks– that, none the less, are viewed suspiciously due to the animalistic behavior of the other 90%.

  • BlogMagog

    If the government stopped being the “stepdad” for generations of families, if Uncle Sam closed his checkbook, we could end a good portion of this over the course of 2 generations. People would either not have kids, or they would get jobs to support the ones they have. The government has created a dependant class of Leaches. 50% of the population not working? We are doomed. The poor used to not mind being poor, if they could raise their kids up to a better way of life. This has been turned on its head. Poor not raising, or caring how their kids turn out. To them, the more kids, means more free money from the government. Stop the handouts!!!!!

    • trree

      NlGGERS aren’t going to stop having kids just because the handouts stop. They’ll just steal even more SHlT from working white people by other means.

      The only soluton is… NO NlGGERS.

  • Mike

    all run by democrats , go figure

    • Bubba Joe Smith

      Dam yankys and thare fancy book lernin

    • The TROOF

      And the grass is green in all of them – what’s your point?

      Nearly ALL large cities — safe or otherwise — are run by Democrats, because Rednecklicans only represent rural white trash.

      • Harry

        Clueless ^^^^

      • disillusioned

        So some of the northern states which changed political colors are now offical redneck states?

      • nickatnoon

        There is NO DIFFERENCE between any of the ‘parties’. They ALL come from the same SATANIC SECRET SOCIETIES CONtrolled by JEWs!

  • Bart Stempson

    I think there is great success ahead for this country and the cities will come back as a result of apple stock building wealth in for people in the inner cities. Most of them have an ipod or ipad now, so they have started to build their future. Smart people know US made cars will dominate the environment. Ford is built tough! and these products will start to get exciting to the chinease, who soon look to start spending money on all the us products like tv’s and sneakers and power bars, like cliff bars, which are surging in popularity. Now with real estate starting to really take off and women getting eqaulity again so they can invest and buy there is somebody to pick up the slack, so the Mexicans don’t have to hold this economy on their backs. Just buy us savings bonds, you will be rich in a few years!

    • Handy Graph

      Some people don’t like satire. Fortunately I make up for them
      Well done.

  • Granny

    it is NOT a black/white/Asian thing — it is a LEAVING GOD thing! THAT is the MAIN PROBLEM people! REPENT & Return to GOD and PRAY & SEEK HIM! He WILL HEAL OUR LAND! – Color doesNOT matter!

  • Briana Lee

    The big picture is America will finally get a taste of its own medicine. America is a big facade, building a “dream” from stolen values.

    From the beginning, they stole land, even took people from their native countries to create this “dream”. But instead the plan has backfired and turned into America’s worst nightmare.

    But of course, America blames everyone but themselves. Trying to forget the dream that’s turned into a nightmare, but it’s too late.

    Keep ignoring the truth. Keep putting your burdens on others. Keep disguising the problems of education, healthcare and poverty with petty racism, ignorance and hatred. Keep thinking that America will become what it originally was.

    But then again what was it?

  • Briana Lee

    What I said must’ve been true because I look now and it’s deleted.

  • Briana Lee

    You’re not fooling one but yourself trying to hide the truth. But it will come to light just like everything else.

  • Briana Lee

    Like I said before, the big picture is that America is a facade. A facade based on a “dream” that turned out to be a nightmare. Keep lying and hiding the truth. Sweeping things under the rug doesn’t clean something. It’s an illusion for you to believe something is fixed but it’s not. The problem still remains.

  • Briana Lee

    But don’t worry America will be what it was originally. A land that was stolen from its original people and built on the slavery and disempowerment of others.

    • Shel

      Every land in world history has been stolen, bought, or war to attain it. That’s human history. Blacks, whites and hispanics have all been slaves, or human sacrifice victims of their own race or other races. Look at what China is doing to Tibet.

  • Briana Lee

    And only a fool would blame it on race. Every civilization regardless goes through a period of rise and fall. Sadly, America is coming close to it’s downfall. All because of things simply being “swept under the rug.”

  • Briana Lee

    Oh but I get it now. The 40 acres and a mule ended up being welfare and food stamps. Government assistance is only a small portion of the reparations this country owes to it’s people.

  • Briana Lee

    You can delete my post all you want, but the truth remains.

  • Briana Lee

    If America was as passionate about education, healthcare, and fighting poverty as much as this racist, ignorant, foolishness it wouldn’t be in this predicament.

    • Clifford Carlson

      How much money is enough? Our government has written billions in checks to them. Where do you draw the line?

  • Briana Lee

    I see the fools get together on this page and say things they’re to scared to say in public. Hiding behind an Internet post is weak, just like America.

  • Briana Lee

    The Romans, Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians etc. were all different civilizations but they all have something in common. They were all amazing and influential empires that eventually experienced a downfall. So the racism and ignorance doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • Briana Lee

    All the weak people gather on this post and spew hatred because they’re scared. You wish you could fight, but unfortunately you’re outnumbered. The minority has become the majority and there’s nothing you can do about it. But blame yourself because you made it that way.

    • Clifford Carlson

      So you’re proud because you’re taking part in a mass suicide?

  • Briana Lee

    Have fun deleting my posts 🙂

  • bigot joe

    ezekiel does not know what s/he is talking about and to the person who wrote 80 died in the riot- The number is 42. The woman who was commenting on the yards being mowed was referring to the empty houses and open lots around the city. It’s a know fact– if an area appears to be being taken care of i.e. the removal of graffiti, mowing of lawns and so fourth, the less likely it is to be vandalized.

  • Displaced American

    Blacks are a drop in the bucket when it comes to population, but they deplete more than their fair share of public services. It’s not the numbers, it’s the cost.
    police, emergency services, public assistance; the 13% use 60% of it.
    Reality is HARD, huh Delilah?

    • Mike Millan

      Get off the meth.

  • ILuvEquines

    Affirmative action, BRA and COMMIES.

  • Who cares

    Not all blacks and Hispanics are bad but they do make up for the majority of criminals. They are just gang infested, violent, drug addicted apes, sorry. But ofcourse no race is perfect. I’m not blaming them for everything but I am blaming for the high crime rates.

  • disillusioned

    Mmmm… supperiority… must be an awesome meal!

    • nickatnoon

      That’s a KFC Family Bucket d00d!

  • Brokenhearted

    Ezekiel123 must be a clan member….if “WE” as a society do not provide equal opportunity for education and jobs, then you have robbed someone of their hope and faith. do that and you have what you have…it sad. if feel it is done on purpose in order to suppress the great potential that may reside in poverty filled areas….seems to me the ones who put them at a disadvantage are the weak and full of fear….:(

  • chip

    Yea just look at every country that is a majority black= ‘ failure”’
    When you combine a lower overall IQ, Laziness and being prone to violence also having a bad attitude and always feeling you are the victim for your own failures you end up with a ghetto”’ The truth is the truth”’ but we are not supposed to talk about it

  • Tracy

    Gary: 100% Dem mayors since 1943
    Chicago: 100% Dem mayors since 1931
    Detroit: 100% Dem mayors since 1962
    Philly: 100% Dem mayors since 1952
    St. Louis: 100% Dem mayors since 1949
    New Orleans: 100% Dem mayors since 1872
    Baltimore: 100% Dem mayors since 1947

    I couldn’t find mayor parties listed on Stockton, Flint, Camden, or Oakland.

    These are all ‘Democrat Plantations / Reservations’ burgeoning with illegitimate children and relationship deviancy with no fathers to be found. When you give people everything, you kill their spirits and they lose hope. Simple. Sad.

  • yuyuk

    What’s the common theme here? Can anyone say BLACK MAN! Average IQ around 85. Average Asian IQ: 108 Average White IQ: 103 America really needs to get control of it’s “black” problem. And the whole world knows it!

  • Brian

    I don’t see Salt Lake City on here, what happened??? Did someone forget the stinky cesspool Hellhole in the west??

  • Phil

    I’m glad some people have their heads screwed on right. Thanks for those comments, Del.

  • likalaruku

    This will be a useful list for Google Earth.

    Gary Indiana & Camden New Jersey look every bit as boarded up & vacant as Detroit, both from above & in Street View.

  • Futhark

    ook ook eeek eeek.. m`banana..

  • Futhark

    ook ook eeek eeek.. m`banana.. eat da poo-poo..

  • Tyrone Moore

    I can’t believe that I have to feel sorry for my people.

  • getridofniggers

    Reading PA drugs litter guns murders all because of illegal aliens and hispanics

  • Web Runner

    Move to Afrika and start your own economy please! Screw your minority idealistic tripe. Please leave so that others that make a difference here can get ahead. Reparation queen.

  • srdtpa

    America will become a ‘majority of minorities’ nation and will collapse.

  • Aisha Biles

    Excellent commentary – I loved the facts – Does someone know where my company would be able to find a fillable a form version to edit ?

  • Mike Millan

    Wow, I don’t know who wrote this article but you are stretching some things way out of proportion. One, Stockton CA was rocked hard by the 2008 recession but has since been making a comeback, which separates it from the Flints, Camdens, and Gary Indiana’s. There is a chasm of difference between them. And Oakland? are you kidding? Oakland is gentrifying and is in the bay area across the pond from the most expensive city in America. Most poor people are heading out of California because of the cost of housing and rents and heading to the south like Texas. What was then is not now. California is not like the rust belt and comparing these cities is just wrong on many levels. There populations are growing, not shrinking.

  • alaskanana

    Sad to see so much hate and blame… instead of doing something about it, you all just sit and talk about it. I was born in Oakland, CA and NEVER had a problem. Was back in the 70’s to visit and drove through my old neighborhood without one incident, though I was later told it was dangerous I would do it all again.

  • Wayne

    Sadly, similar things are happening to beautiful European countries like Sweden and Britain. Nothing as scary as the USA, however, you can still see an awful decline because of CERTAIN types of people. Especially in Sweden, which was nearly all white a few years back and one of the most successful peaceful countries with beautiful looking people .Well, that’s changed now and we all KNOW who the culprits are!

  • What is the prevailing demographic in all these instances, and who created them? Yeah……

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