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Virginia Hands Out 6996 Traffic Tickets In One Weekend In An Effort To Raise Revenue For The State Government

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In the old days, police officers wrote traffic tickers primarily to keep people safe and to prevent citizens from breaking the traffic laws.  But in the new Amerika, all of that has changed.  Now traffic tickets are primarily viewed as a revenue raising tool for state and local governments.  For example, a federally funded ticketing blitz in the state of Virginia resulted in a total of 6996 traffic tickets being handed out this past weekend.  This most recent ticketing blitz is part of a campaign code-named “Operation Air, Land & Speed”.  Last Saturday and Sunday state troopers were ordered to absolutely saturate Interstate 95 and Interstate 81 and to issue as many traffic tickets as humanly possible during those two days.  Why?  Well, it turns out that the state of Virginia has a 2.2 billion dollar budget deficit that they are trying to deal with, and so they need to find some quick sources of cash. 

You see, state and local governments all over the nation are massively jacking up traffic fines and are starting to write a lot more tickets in an attempt to “enhance” their streams of revenue.

In other words, state and local governments across the U.S. are broke and so they need some suckers to prey on.

Not that it was ever a good idea to break the traffic laws.  But now even a minor violation can put a massive hole in your wallet.  For instance, driving as little as 15 miles an hour over the speed limit in Virginia can get you a reckless driving charge that can carry a fine of up to $2500.

So why the hefty fines?

Well, the law increasing the traffic fines in Virginia clearly admitted why they are so high….

“The purpose of the civil remedial fees imposed in this section is to generate revenue.” (Virginia Code 46.2-206.1)

Are you starting to get the picture?

But this kind of thing is not just happening in Virginia.

“Sobriety checkpoints” in the state of California are increasingly bring used as revenue raising operations.  It turns out that these sobriety checkpoints are far more likely to seize cars from unlicensed motorists than they are to catch drunk drivers.

So how profitable are these “sobriety” checkpoints?

Well, research done by the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley with California Watch discovered that impounds at “sobriety” checkpoints in 2009 alone generated approximately 40 million dollars in towing fees and police fines.

That is what you call a source of revenue.

In Detroit, even the police admit that the fundamental nature of police work is changing.  Just consider the following quote from from Police Chief Michael Reaves of Utica, Michigan….

“When I first started in this job 30 years ago, police work was never about revenue enhancement, but if you’re a chief now, you have to look at whether your department produces revenues.”

Sgt. Richard Lyons of Trenton, Michigan is even more blunt about what is happening in his community….

“They’re trying to use police officers to balance the budget on the backs of drivers, and it’s too bad. The people we count on to support us and help us when we’re on the road are the ones who end up paying the bills, and they’re ticked off about it. We might as well just go door to door and tell people, ‘Slide us $100 now since your 16-year-old is going to end up paying us anyway when he starts driving.’ You can’t blame people for getting upset.”

But some localities are converting to even more automated ways of making money from drivers.

For example, “red-light cameras” have become huge revenue raising tools in many areas of the country.  In Los Angeles, revenue from red-light cameras has doubled from $200,000 a month in 2007 to $400,000 a month at the end of 2009.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants cities and counties in his state to take things even farther.  He wants them to install speed sensors on existing red-light cameras.  Speeders caught by these sensors would face fines ranging from $225 to $325.

Don’t all of us wish we could start a business that could make so much money from each customer?

California state officials believe that these speed sensors would raise more than 300 million dollars for the state of California by the end of 2011.

All of this is enough to make one want to drive like a grandmother.

Except then they would get you for going too slow.


The reality is that you have to be very, very careful out there now because the nature of driving in America has fundamentally changed.

Whether it is rapidly increasing traffic fines or all of the toll roads going in everywhere, American drivers are increasingly being viewed as a big fat revenue source.

And as the current economic collapse gets even worse, drivers are going to be preyed upon even more by state and local governments.

If you have not already done so, now is the time to change the way that you drive.  Don’t give state and local governments an excuse to take even more of your hard-earned money from you than they are already.

  • Jason

    It seems that the police have now become tax collectors. What happens to someone who can’t pay? Do they go to jail? If so then even more
    money is wasted in the system.

  • People look askance at me when I say that cops are at best taxfeeding, revenuing jack-booted thugs. They refuse to see what is before their eyes and nothing can get past the Lee Greenwood song playing on a continuous loop in their heads. When you speak the truth they plug their ears and say neaner neaner neaner over and over again.

    USA is the most oppressive militaristic regime to ever occupy a land in the history of the world.

  • lk

    it won’t hold up in court. if u get ticketed, get a lawyer. 99% chance the judge will toss it,but then again this is america, everything and anything is against the law, in the next five years breathing will be a second class felony, just watch

  • Beau Deters


    They do not go to jail. They go do debtor’s prison. Let us be clear on that.

    And yes and no it does not cost the system. Public books show that the cost to house the inmate are like $30,000-65,000 per year that needs to be financed by tax payers. But the judges, lawyers, courts take the final defendant signed court papers, where he/she agreed to be/act as surety for the contract slap a securities number on it and sell it on the bond market making a killing, in private.

    It is imperative to understand that the killing is made on the private books. The private books are held by the private corporation masquerading (and that word was chosen purposefully) as a public “government” entity that receives revenues from taxpayers, but also from the private sale of bonds backed by the debtor sitting as surety in jail.

  • Dork

    When governments are dying they first tighten their grip on the people.

    It happened in the Soviet Union in the mid 1980s and we’re there now.

  • Old Fezziwig

    I’ve been warning my neighbors for months not to even park on the wrong side of the street, turn your wheels to the curb when parked on a hill. Learn/relearn ALL the rules and don’t give them a chance to teach you an expensive lesson. Maintaining status quo is in the endgame. It’s going to happen slowly, all at once…

  • Jarethmeil

    in MA they charge you $25 to fight your traffic tickets. you have pay before you are allowed to enter the room. win or loose, you pay.
    if VA in similar, they made $175,000 in just ‘filing fees’.

  • jaxn44

    What no one has mentioned [and the police are too dumb to understand] is that these fines are directly pulling revenue out of people’s pockets that WOULD have gone into other business. There are only 2 ways to close budget gaps….increased employment and productivity amongst your citizens [leads to more local investment] and/or cut your budget down. Pulling ticket money from people will cut into local tax revenue….it’s only a diversion from the same pile of money. You fine someone $100…and they pass up dinner, movies…they CUT purchases to make up for the lost funds. An extreme example to make a point would be if they ticketed everyone $1000. The local economy would CRATER as people adjusted their budget to meet the new $1000 obligation.

  • Trevor

    I sure am glad we gave massive tax cuts to all of those super-rich, ruling-class bastards.

  • rashomoan

    Armed predators in our midst. These are often the same people who in elementary school were bullies, taking from less assertive children. I’m sure this tax farming activity is not an uncomfortable role for all police.

  • Jay Fry

    Politicians are blind. The solution? Simple. If you are an illegal alien you don’t get anything but a bus ride to the border. I’m sure enough of you have read about the expenses incurred by the states on payouts for them. LEAVE US ALONE!!!


  • Iconlin

    I wonder how this will affect cross-country truckers – I fear we will feel the effects in our pocket books here, too, because that “cost of doing business” will be passed down to the consumer.

  • Josh

    If that’s how you feel about the U.S.A., then move!

    • Alex Downing

      AMEN Josh!

  • Armond Geddon

    It will only GET WORSE unless people actively RESIST this type of Tyranny. Vote out the bastages that allow this kinda of INSANITY to occur! And lets be REAL, shall we, the Speed Limit are artificially set LOW and dang near everone speeds on 81. 95 let alone the Beltway.
    I suggest to ANY caught up in this to FIGHT it in court and possibly even use RICO laws against the corrupt Virginia government! They spent the money to put the state 2 Billion in the red, not the people!

  • Mike

    Beau Deters
    March 11th, 2010 at 3:44 am

    “They do not go to jail. They go do debtor’s prison. Let us be clear on that.”

    -That is the second time I have seen a poster mention “debtor’s prison”. Not sure where you have been, but they DO NOT exist any longer. Now, at times, when you fail to pay something, in particular something like child support, but also as minor as an accumulation of traffic fines, yes, a judge may put you in the clink until you come up with something more than “I can’t pay”. But in a case like credit card debt, unless you committed fraud, or ran it up without ever paying on it, you are NOT going to jail. Let alone…”debtors prison”. Additionally, tickets from these traffic camera’s are NOT enforced by the state. They are cities and townships, and have no affect on your license. Personally, I would just pay it. But if you don’t, the worst you would be facing is a civil suit from the issuing city. NOT “DEBTOR’S PRISON”.

  • Jon

    You don’t have to pay any of these fines people, they are placed on your “fictitious corporation”. You are a Sovereign Human Being.

  • There goes my potential tourist dollars!

  • Mike

    Every single person who was ticketed needs to demand a trial and dispute the ticket. Let’s see how the state of Virginia enjoys the cost of 6995 tickets worth of legal costs! This is ludicrous of the jack-booted thugs! Laws are not created to leverage revenue from citizens!

  • John Drake

    Cops work for a corporation – they are “officers” of that corporation. Here in Richmond, the legal and registered corporation is the Richmond Circuit Court, as well as the Richmond Police Department – they are all registered corporations. Everyone from Judge to the cop on the beat are officers of their corporation. They are not “Peace Officers”, nor are they anymore “Policemen and policewomen”. They do not have to “serve and protect” you. Their main mission is to increase the profits and bottom line for the corporations that they work for. Go to Dun & Bradstreet, do a search, and you will find them listed. As officers of the corporation, their job IS to raise revenue (profits) for the corporation as well as enforce the corporate statutes (not laws). When you get your ticket from the corporate officer, be very polite and friendly. Once in court ask the judge if you can question the prosecution’s witness (the cop):
    #1 – “Did you (police officer) file a VALID CAUSE OF ACTION against me (defendant)?
    #2 – “How many ELEMENTS are in a VALID CAUSE OF ACTION?”
    The following action should result:
    – Prosecution (Police Officer) will answer “yes” to the first question
    – Prosecution (Court Lawyer) will object to the second question
    – Judge will sustain the Motion (in effect “impeaching” the witness (the Officer)
    – Defendant (you) will then move to strike the Officer’s testimony
    – Judge will throw out the case (or should, by law)

    Remember: “The Defendant has the right to confront his accuser (police officer)”
    “Defendant has the right to question any written or oral testimony”
    “the Ticket is considered “written testimony”
    “to IMPEACH is to legally disqualify from testimony”

    Also, you can determine if there is an “Impermissable Conflict of Interest”: You ask the judge three questions:
    #1 – Am I entitled to a fair trial? Obvious answer by Judge will be “yes”
    #2 – Can I get a fair trial if there is a conflict of interest? Obvious answer by Judge will be “no”
    #3 – Who do you represent here? (Who is the Judge acting on behalf of?) Judges do not like to answer that question, because it exposes the conflict of interest…
    They should say “The State” – or the Plaintiff – Party to the Action.

    It then begs the question, how can I get a fair trial if the Judge is representing the Plaintiff and State?

    Judge should then throw out the case…if not before you get to the three questions

    The other issue that can be raised in court ids the legal term, STANDING.

    “if the Plaintiff has no standing complaint against the defendant then the Court has no subject matter jurisdiction and the case has to be thrown out”

    “without STANDING, there is no justifiable controversy and the Courts will not entertain such cases”

    “If a Party is found to lack STANDING, the Court is without subject matter jurisdiction to determine the cause (A) the Court lacks discretion to consider the merits of a case over which it is without jurisdiction”

    “The jurisdiction of any Court is limited to its purpose of protecting and maintaining individual rights”

    “STANDING is a necessary component of subject matter jurisdiction. The requirement of STANDING has a core component derived directly from the Constitution: The Plaintiff (cop) MUST allege personal injury fairly traceable to the defendants’ allegedly unlawful conduct and likely to be redressed by the requested relief”

    #1 – a traffic ticket is not synonymous with a Cause of Action
    #2 – The Governments’ purpose is to “protect and maintain individual rights”
    #3 – The Courts’ purpose is to “protect and maintain individual rights”
    #4 – The Courts Jurisdiction is limited to its purpose: to “protect and maintain individual rights”
    #5 – The Courts (Plaintiff) must allege personal injury: the violation of a legal right
    #6 – For a Plaintiff to have STANDING in that same Court, Plaintiff has to allege the violation of a legal right, because the Courts jurisdiction is based on protecting and maintaining individual rights.
    #7 – to have STANDING, the Plaintiff has to allege that violation

    Without that violation of legal rights, there is no validity to a traffic ticket, and the case should be thrown out.

    Most lawyers you hire won’t bring up any of these issues, because they are also members of a corporation – the BAR. But if you find one who will, then chances are the case will get tossed even before you have to go thru all this. All the lawyers has to ask is the fair trial questions…

  • paul revere

    Taxfeeder scum anti American


    There’s no defending being a parasite

  • elcocopeli

    After a 20 year clean driving record, I suddenly received three tickets in the last two years in San Antonio, Texas.
    Things like “improper lane change” on a highway make you wonder about the motivations.
    And forget talking your way out of it, as most traffic officers are now “required” to write a citation for a number of violations. Your driving history has nothing to do with it.
    My advice: Get a lawyer and go to court EVERY SINGLE TIME. Costs about the same as the ticket, but your chances of an outright dismissal are higher.
    Enough people do this and traffic enforcement behavior will change.

  • Steve K

    Put a stop to this immediately – Everyone who received a ticket should unite together and go to court. There is absolutely no way that the court could hear that many cases and therefore would have to dismiss the tickets. A move like this would get national attention and let the states know that this policy will not be effective in the future. Gum up the courts!!!

  • mike

    look up the diference betwqeen driving and travelling . we neeed to becomne freeman on the land . thers a great movie out called burting bubbles of government deception on youtube u can check out

  • America became a socialist country years ago and some of you are surprised??? Free births, free gubment skools, medicare, welfare programs galore, medicaid, socialist security, etc etc. Why do you think the criminal class from Mexico has been invading the US; to work? ha ha ha ha.
    No, it’s because everyone wants a handout and are too dumb to see the lesser of two-evils they vote for like sheep are only out to milk them of their rights and money. Welcome to the game fellow slaves! Vote left or right and you lose!! The US will be HALF Mexican by 2057 and they think a WALL will stop it? HAhahahahaha! Google Take down the bird feeder!

  • jon

    Made a left turn on yellow arrow and was ticketed. Went to court to protest and found myself in a room filled with all the others. We were systematically seated one at a time with a Ref who dropped my points for “running a red light” to “impeding traffic”. Fine:$180 but no points. Thanks (I think)

  • USA

    Josh, I’m not moving anywhere. Its always someone like you that help making this place screwed up and doing these types of things. We should feel like this. The US condemned communism and now want to act like dictators and prey on its citizens. We shouldn’t move, they should be imprisoned for this type of activity. Cops are the true scum of the earth. They are the true gang. You should be kicked out of the country because you are also the problem. Cameras and speed sensors are an invasion of privacy. If the cameras in the Rodney King trial didn’t tell the whole story, then neither do these traffic cameras. And I wonder how many off duty cops will be caught by the camera then let go because they are above the law. Increasingly officials are above the law. Congress as a group has more criminal offenses than any other institution in the country.

  • tEc

    I have the perfect solution. How about using public transportation.

  • Henry Lane

    They have gone mad! Law enforcement and the police depend upon the support of the people. What they are doing is akin or National Socialism. It will destroy the American society as we know it and replace it with a police state. Fascism is Italian National Socialism, Nazi is Germany, Communism Russia, Phlangism Spain. When you finish removing the money from your pocket the next step is external WAR, the ultimate form of theft on a national scale.
    7th Armored Div.

  • Robert

    Maybe they should try Sweden’s practice of making the fine a percentage of income, and then simply keep a few unmarked cars by the nearest freeway entrance to Goldman’s Sach’s offices- that should take care of the national debt in one weekend.

  • Kevin

    It’s getting scary out there. I hope everybody goes to court. Also, nobody mentioned the way our motor vehicle insurance will skyrocket. A ticket I can pay but the insurance increase goes on and on and on. Big windfall for the insurers too. It makes it more than worth it to go to court.

  • estaban

    in az we have a solution to red light camera tickets…dont pay them….less than 35% are being paid….

  • Tom

    To Protect and to Serve……..yeah right.

  • Ken Robertson

    You people that are blaming cops are smacked asses. Cops are basically soldiers following orders. Until you have the brain power to study the real root cause driving the cops behavior, you should just shut up and hold yourself. The powers that be that are distroying this once great country don’t know any cops, they don’t have any cop friends and trust me, none of there children ever smelled the ass of any kind of blue collar civic responsibility. Until you are ready to keep searching for the truth, your “blame the cops” gay wannabe perspective doesn’t deserve to be in print.

  • Paul

    I personly don’t understand this thinking, giving more tickets to get money. If I was a cop I would want the public to be on my side. The people’s anger is not easly forgotten.

  • Bob Bogus

    We are a country of sheep and slaves.

    The AmeroConned Sheeple will just keep putting up with this cr@pola and baa with alacrity while asking their government masters for more.

  • Steve Michaels

    EVERY individual that received a ticket should contest it in court!! When the troopers are ‘wolf-packing’ it is highly unlikely that everyone was actually speeding. PROOF PLEASE in court, trial by jury.

  • Michael

    Every year the CHP says how much their speeding tickets are saving lives. You can go on the NHTSA website, and it will show you a map of highways, and every death in the past several years. I couldn’t find one sober person who was speeding, who caused a death on the local freeways, except for a motorcyclist who went off the road. Yet people are still speeding over the artificially low freeway speed limits. It’s nothing but to make money, and brainwash the public.

  • joe

    dang, where are the sons of liberty?

  • stupidamerkin

    Wake up folks. You need to learn how to win your cases through default which works over 90% of the time. The minute you get an esquire, your chances of winning drop dramatically, especially when he gives you his bill. He is the only one who wins even if he looses your case. We all know what a corrupt system we have today with the road pirates just doing their job or following orders like they did in Germany back in the 40’s.
    Every time someone gets a ticket, (contract)they need to immediately start filing papers and put these thugs and their bosses including the courts, (dens of corruption) on the defense instead of you.
    If they are going to exhort dollars, (frauds, notes of debt)out of your pocket, you should make them work for it. There is no difference between someone who steals your wallet or steals out of it. These thugs are criminals from the very scum bottom right to the very top PERIOD!! How could any of them function in the corrupt environment they slither in without being corrupt them self?
    It is out of control across the country. I could sit in one of their dog and pony shows they call courts, traffic courts, administrative hearings, what ever, and watch more crimes being committed in one hour then I have seen my entire life of 60 years on this planet. Twilight Zone on Steroids.

  • George

    Beau Deters can you email me at

  • John Drake

    Top 10 Tips For Traffic Court

    Written by Marc Stevens Tuesday, 28 August 2007 10:42

    If you’re unfortunate to have gotten a traffic ticket, keep the following tips in mind, your chances of getting it kicked out are much greater:

    1. Do not be argumentative.
    2. Don’t bring your own opinion or arguments to convince the judge.
    3. Stick to the facts.
    4. Repeat I am not an attorney I don’t understand.
    5. Don’t object and press a particular point more than twice.
    6. Stay on point.
    7. Only accept responsive answers to questions.
    8. Ask questions
    9. Get judge and, or the prosecutor to commit to positions.
    10. Use those positions/arguments against the judge or prosecutor.
    1. Traffic courts are scams run by people only interested in taking money. They are not in place to administer justice. Being argumentative only ensures you will be separated from your money. Going in thinking justice is being administered is to start off on the wrong foot. Any traffic court judge interested in administering justice would throw out the majority of traffic tickets within minutes of them being filed by the police and mail an apology to each defendant for their time wasted on the traffic stop.

    2. Traffic court judges don’t care what we think, except of course what we think is the easiest and fastest way to pay the court fine. We are considered guilty the moment the cop decides to write the ticket. Traffic court is about making it look good and the judge is always going to be perceived as correct and you wrong. After all, he’s judge. But, we can get the judge to contradict himself. If an argument or opinion is used, it should always be the judge’s.

    3. Sticking to the facts is the fastest and most effective way to demonstrate there is no case. Just asking a couple of questions is usually enough to have the only witness against you declared incompetent which requires his testimony, including the ticket, to be stricken. Keep in mind that impeaching the only witness does not mean a judge will strike the testimony and throw the ticket out.

    4. All non-lawyers are legally incapable of defending themselves and it is unfair to put someone on trial who does not understand the nature and cause of the proceedings against them. The more the judge explains about what is going on, the more can be used to make him contradict himself and prove there is no case.

    5. This is related to number one. If I keep pressing a point the judge is only going to get angry and judges are notorious for having anger management problems. Remember, traffic court judges do not care. One thing they care about is making the robbery look good. Don’t help him make it look good.

    6. Lawyers, with and without those flowing black robes, are masters of diversion. Never forget their goal is not getting to the truth and administering justice, it’s about getting the money you worked hard to earn. If they get you off-point, they win; your attention on real issues is gone and before you know it the proceeding is over.

    7. Only accepting responsive answers keeps things on point and works to destroy the appearance of a case. Beware though, know in advance what is responsive to the question. Bureaucrats are very good at giving what may appear to be responsive answers; they may sound good, but they are not responsive. A good example is “Factually, what is the constitution?” and the bureaucrat answers with: “It’s the supreme law of the law.” It sounds impressive, but it’s not responsive to the question. A responsive answer is devastating to a bureaucrat’s case. I have several scripts available I have used in court successfully.

    8. One tactic judges, lawyers and bureaucrats use to divert attention away from what they are doing is to accuse people of “arguing.” This is an attempt to make anyone in court look bad, as if we’re the problem and not the traffic court. By just asking questions, we can point out we not arguing, just asking questions. From experience, this is very embarrassing for the individual accusing me of arguing. Asking questions is also incredibly effective at demonstrating there is no case, provided of course, we stay on point and only accept responsive answers.

    9. Traffic court judges do not care if you think they have violated the constitution or the law. But, because their main job is to make robbing people look good, traffic court judges do not like to contradict themselves. To do this, I ask questions to get the judge to commit to certain positions e.g., “Am I entitled to be informed of the nature and cause of the charges and proceedings?” and “Am I entitled to a fair hearing?” Because the very nature of traffic courts is unfair, it’s easy to get the judge to contradict himself.

    10. The judge’s and prosecutor’s positions can always be used to get them to contradict themselves later. As with the first question above, after a few more questions the judge will say, “I’m not here to answer your questions.” I just have to then remind him he already told me I was entitled to be informed. Also, by asking just a couple of questions, I’ve had judges declare a witness competent, incompetent and then competent again in only a few minutes. By contradicting himself like that, all pretense of fairness is gone.

    One of the most valuable pieces of information you can learn about traffic courts and bureaucrat attacks is this: A ticket/complaint is not synonymous with a case. Of course a traffic court judge will disagree with this, his object is not truth and justice, it’s taking money away from people.

    Remember, just because a cop writes a ticket does not mean he has presented a case before a court. No court has the “legal” authority to proceed against someone unless a case is presented to it, this is just a short list of the “authorities” to prove it. However, traffic court judges are interested only in getting your money, so things like the “law” do not interest them. I discuss this in detail in my book Adventures in Legal Land, in several articles and on my radio show The No State Project. There are also archived radio shows I’ve appeared on here and a new video series here about beating traffic tickets .

    Marc Stevens is an author, consultant and radio show host. He is an expert on the nature of the court system, his groundbreaking book Adventures in Legal Land rips the veil of legitimacy from the “state” and exposes it for what it is, a public relations scheme. Using their own words against them, Marc Stevens proves there is no state. You can listen to his radio show The No State Project live every Saturday on We the People Radio Network.


    You guys think the police mafia are bad with thier usury of drivers to create revenues. Come to MI where driving offenses not only get paid for in court, but then you get another bill in the mail a month later from the MI state department of treasury for a “DRIVERS RESPONSIBILITY FEE”. You see the courts can’t get around the double jeopardy, so the just change the name of the government agency at the top of the paperwork and go ahead and fine you twice…Oh by the way don’t pay it and get your license suspended indefinitely. Oh thanks michigan for no lube or reach around!

  • Charles

    In Hurst Tx. I was accused of having a counterfeit vehicle registration sticker. Huh? I got it at the county sub-courthouse! The accuser was a fanatical rookie & he was pulled off me by his 2 trainers. In NM at a roadblock I was demanded to say where I had driven from that AM—none of their legit business to know. Face it–high school bullies become policemen so they can continue to bully. In Bedford TX. I was detained by cops while walking my dog till a Hurst cop could arrive to see if I was the one he was looking for who ran from a traffic stop. He saw I was not, and walked off with arrogant swagger. No apology for my lost time & stress! And they wonder “why don’t people like us?”

  • Cory

    To those idiots that say if you dont like america then move….. It ain’t that easy to leave!!! The frickin’ government has made it damn near impossible for an ordinary person to move because you cant get papers to work in most other countries very easily if you are an american! Try opening a bank account as an american in a lot of countries and you will be told your business and money is not welcome!! They don’t want you to leave!!

  • Welcome to the new world order…….somebodys gonna snap under the pressure from those we thought were elected to serve the public….they have become our slave masters……we’re being sqeezed on all sides…… we have the pressure of looking over our shoulders for the popo while driving……we the sheeple are doomed to servitude an fear while one freedom after next is snatched from your grasp……we are slowly becoming “the land of the imprisoned and the home of the cowards”…….peace…..if you can find some.

  • Ex Truckdriver

    I drove an 18 wheeler for 5 years back in the late 9o’s. I can tell you, every trucker I know hates driving through Virginia. You WILL get a ticket for something almost everytime you travel through that state. DOT cops suck…..

  • Steamed in VA

    Sorry, I just found this article. On March 6th I was part of this scam. I got pulled over on I95 just north of Richmond (cop passed me, cut in front of me, attempted to pull over car in front of me and put his lights on. They started to decelerate and I was just about to pass them when he turned around and motioned for me to pull over!). I sat on the side of a very busy highway for 20 minutes waiting for him to come back and take care of me. He put a measuring device on my drivers side window and informed me that it measured 35 and the law says minimum of 50 light transmittal!! I bought the car new the Infiniti dealer in Richmond 6 years prior. (as it turns out that dealer got it from a FLA dealer). I am now trying to decide what to do. The fine is $30 + $64 processing fee). The statuate reads” Any person or firm who applies sun-shading or tinting films that reduce light transmittance to levels less than allowed…shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdeamonor” My point is that I did not apply anything, I merely bought the car and proceeded to drive it for 6 years! Do I have a case. Advise. I am outraged at this use of public funds to enforce such a law when I see 30% of the cars speeding and driving recklessly on I95. HELP


  • That’s absolutley terrible. With 6996 tickets it’s pretty obvious that it’s a cash grab. I strongly agree with the post that someone made earlier – everyone should contest it.

  • Kraig
  • the man

    Hey everyone guess what? if your speedometer matches the number on the speed limit signs you wont get a speeding ticket. hey go figure. what a concept. by the way not even a penny from any ticket i write goes to the department. so you can 86 that one real quick. but hey keep speeding and following too close and talking and eating while driving. keep going “15mph” over the speed limit on a dry sunny day because i know you will do the same in the rain. its all job security to me. the more idiots are on the road the more likley i will stay employed. ignorance of the law is no excuse. good job keep it up.

  • the man

    My hat comes off to all the va troops. we nc boys are jealous.

  • I think it makes sense really. If you don’t speed you don’t get a ticket, but if they are just looking for a way to make money, then that’s a whole different story.

  • lemmings

    It is not that simple.

    Speed limits are set far too low. Not only are they too low, they were set when vehicles were less safe and lacked the majority of safety devices we take for granted today (i.e. seat belts, electronic stability control, far better suspension and control, etc). Here are some statistics for those police that keep calling this a safety concern:

    The last time speed limits were raised, “Statewide fatality rates decreased 3-5%” across the country (1). So there is absolutely NO corresponding logic between minor amounts of speeding and safety. Do not believe me though, actually look this up yourself (

    While you are at it, look up the federal study which states EXACTLY the same thing, only which goes further to indicate why:

    So officially, for the record, posted speed limits, particularly on our freeways are set far too low. So low in fact, they just passed a law to raise it in this state:

    What I find interesting in VA is that they are quick to pull over drivers for going 10 miles over the speed limit, but they REFUSE to pull over someone when they arent using their blinker.

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