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Midterm Exam

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Midterm Exam

  • DeadJedi

    The “basic math skills” you learn aren’t even that they’re common core “politically correct” BS designed to dumb children down.

  • Rocky Soil

    My guess is the kid got credit for the top paragraph then later wrote the bottom paragraph and took the picture.

  • healthhavencom

    “Unschooling” may be the best option for most kids.

    • Glomerol

      See my previous reply.

  • Glomerol

    IIvan Illich’s, ‘Deschooling Society’ might have something to say about this. I recall putting ‘fish scales’ as one of the answers to the question of what the scales were to my drafting exam once. I thought it was fun. ^u^
    Well, I mean, take a look at the lovely fish-scale sidings on some houses. We should live for love and beauty and stuff like that, not exam performance or tax/debt/wage-slavery. I mean, come on.

  • Joe

    School teaches kids ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Give them questions with multiple choices. Encourage kids get good grade, blah, blah, blah. Failures are bad. When they left school/college, they are blind/unprepared to grey situations. They make choices out of what they can only see. Too scare to fail.

    There are way too many universities and too many students following the herds. Some even just go to universities for the sake of getting a degree on the easiest course. I think the education system or the principle of education has gone very wrong, even though I got a PhD Comp Sci degree in the 90s. Unschooling/Unlearning is the gem of education.

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