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What Have We Gotten For The Trillion Dollars We Have Spent On Wars In Afghanistan, Iraq And Libya?

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Over a trillion U.S. taxpayer dollars have been spent on wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.  Whether you are for the wars or against the wars, it is important for all of us to step back and evaluate what we have really gotten for all of that money.  In Libya, we have actually helped al-Qaeda forces that were shooting at U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan take over the country.  Now they have announced that they will be imposing strict Sharia law on all of Libya.  After 10 years of having our boys shot up in Afghanistan, the Afghan government is so “grateful” that they are publicly saying that they will side with Pakistan in any future war against the United States.  In Iraq, Islamic radicals are beheading and murdering dozens and dozens of Christians and the new Iraqi government seemingly can’t wait to push the remaining U.S. soldiers out of the country.  We ran up well over a trillion dollars of new debt to “liberate” these countries, but are they really in better shape than they were before these wars?  Are we really in better shape than we were before these wars?

Today, the United States military has at least one base in more than half of all the nations on the planet.

The U.S. spends more than 7 times as much on the military as any other country on earth does.

Without a doubt, the United States will always need a strong military.  But with the national debt soaring to unprecedented heights, is it really wise for us to try to be the police of the entire globe?

We have poured well over a trillion dollars into Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and we have very little to show for it.

Are Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya safer places than before we went to war with them?


Are Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya producing fewer “terrorists” than before we went to war with them?


Are we safer than before we started all these wars?


Our government has spent well over a trillion dollars and the blood of thousands upon thousands of U.S. soldiers has been spilled and in the final analysis very little has actually been accomplished.

Let’s take a closer look at these conflicts and see exactly what we have gotten for all of the money that we have spent….


In Libya, we have actually helped al-Qaeda take power.

In Afghanistan and Iraq we were supposedly fighting to do just the opposite.

So just what in the world is going on here?

The price tag for the first week of airstrikes on Libya alone was 600 million dollars.

Yes, Gaddafi was a tyrant, but have we invested a lot of time and effort only to watch as an even worse government takes power?

According to The Telegraph, the leader of the Libyan rebels was openly admitting that his “troops” included jihadists that were firing bullets at U.S. forces in Iraq….

Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

A recent article by Kurt Nimmo for discussed some of the other ways that al-Qaeda has been active in Libya during the fight against Gaddafi….

Despite Aujali’s assurance, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, the former head of LIFG, was appointed to run a military council in September. He fought with al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In February, it was reported that al-Qaeda had set-up an Islamic emirate in Derna, in eastern Libya, headed by a former prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, Abdelkarim al-Hasadi.

Now that they have won, the “rebels” have announced that they will be imposing strict Sharia law all over Libya.

According to a new article posted on The Telegraph, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of NATO’s National Transitional Council, has even announced plans to repeal polygamy laws because they are not compliant with Sharia law….

Mr Abdul-Jalil went further, specifically lifting immediately, by decree, one law from Col. Gaddafi’s era that he said was in conflict with Sharia – that banning polygamy.

Should we be cheering this?

Why would the U.S. government want to spend a single penny helping al-Qaeda take over Libya and set up Sharia law there?

There should not be a single American (conservative or liberal) that supports what has gone down in Libya.


The U.S. military has now been in Afghanistan for 10 years.  World War II lasted less than 6 years.  The U.S. government has spent over 467 billion dollars on the war in Afghanistan, and thousands upon thousands of our troops have been killed or wounded there.

Even after all this time, a single day of the war in Afghanistan costs more money than it took to build the entire Pentagon.

So are the Afghans grateful that we have sacrificed so much to bring “democracy” to that nation?

Of course not.

Just check out what Afghan President Hamid Karzai said during one recent interview….

“God forbid, If ever there is a war between Pakistan and America, Afghanistan will side with Pakistan”

Did you catch that?

Karzai says that in a future war between Pakistan and the United States, Afghanistan is going to be fighting against us.

But didn’t we bring them freedom?

No, we did not.

Instead, one radical Islamic government replaced another.

Today, there are officially zero Christian churches left in Afghanistan.

The new constitution of Afghanistan says that that Islam is the “religion of the state“.

The new constitution of Afghanistan also states that “no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam”.

Earlier this year, I wrote about one Afghan man that was actually sentenced to death for converting to Christianity….

In Afghanistan right now, a one-legged Afghan Red Cross worker named Said Musa is sitting in a prison cell awaiting his execution.  Musa, a father of six children, was arrested by the Afghan government as he attempted to seek asylum at the German embassy last year.  He was sentenced to death by an Afghan court that was established by the new Afghan government that the United States worked so hard to set up.  He has been tortured and sexually abused for months.  An Afghan judge has told him that he will be hung within a matter of days.  So what was his crime?  He was a Muslim that has become a Christian.  Under Sharia law, that is punishable by death.  Is this is the “freedom” that we have sacrificed so many American lives to bring to Afghanistan?

Thankfully he was later released from prison and was able to get out of the country.

However, this just shows that the people of Afghanistan are currently experiencing a level of freedom that is quite comparable to what they experienced under the Taliban.

After all that the United States has done over there, very little positive change has taken place.


Up to now, it is estimated that the U.S. government has spent over 800 billion dollars on the war in Iraq.

Thousands upon thousands of U.S. soldiers lost arms and legs in Iraq.

Thousands of U.S. soldiers will never be coming home at all.

But after all of our efforts, Iraq is still a far less safe place than it was before we invaded.

Christians and other religious minorities once were able to worship in peace, but now they are racing to get out of Iraq as fast as they can.


Well, because Christians and other religious minorities are being brutally targeted by Islamic radicals.

For example, about a year ago more than 80 Iraqi Christians were beheaded on a single day.  All that the Christians were trying to do was attend a church service.  One four-month-old baby was actually beheaded right in front of her parents.  You can see pictures of the shocking violence from that day right here.

Iraq is a complete and total disaster zone at this point.

The Iraqi government says that it is willing for U.S. military trainers to stay in the country, but they also say that there will be no more immunity for U.S. soldiers.

We have left the country in far worse shape than we found it, and Iraq is now a bigger breeding ground for terrorists than it ever was before.

You see, the truth is that the populations of these countries will continue to hold a grudge once we leave.  They are simply not going to forgive and forget.  There are millions of Islamic radicals in these countries that will never, ever, ever forgive the United States.  The hatred that they feel for us could be passed down for generations.

We have not brought freedom to the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.  Instead, we have just replaced the tyranny that they were suffering under with new forms of tyranny.

Meanwhile, we continue to spend ourselves into oblivion.

Yes, the U.S. will always need a strong military.

Yes, there are areas where we actually need to spend more on the military.  For example, now that Barack Obama has completely gutted our strategic nuclear arsenal, that is one area that we desperately need to attend to.

However, we simply cannot continue to recklessly spend money like we are today.  We are in debt up to our eyeballs, and trying to be “the police of the world” is very expensive….

*Before the start of the “War on Terror”, the U.S. national debt was under 6 trillion dollars.  Today, it is getting very close to 15 trillion dollars.

*Right now, the U.S. military is in nearly 130 different nations and it has a total of approximately 700 military bases around the world.  It takes about 100 billion dollars a year to maintain these bases.

*U.S. military spending is greater than the military spending of China, Russia, Japan, India, and the rest of NATO combined.

*The United States accounts for 46.5% of all military spending on the planet.  China is in second place with only 6.6%.

Meanwhile, our national security just continues to deteriorate.  Millions of people have illegally poured across our border with Mexico and the federal government is actually suing border states such as Arizona to keep them from trying to stop this.

Our national security priorities are way, way out of whack.  We continue to waste money in some of the most bizarre ways imaginable and yet we continue to become less secure with each passing year.

Yes, the United States needs a very, very strong military.

Yes, national security needs to be a very, very high priority.

But what we have been doing over the past decade has not worked.  In fact, the Bush/Obama foreign policy has been an abject failure.  We have poured hundreds of billions of dollars down the drain and we are less secure today than at any point since World War II.

It is time to admit that Barack Obama and George W. Bush have been fundamentally wrong about these wars.  Because of their foolishness, we are less safe today and our allies are less safe today.

Afghanistan is not our friend now.  Neither is Iraq.  Libya looks like it is going to become an al-Qaeda paradise thanks to us.

There is very little “freedom” in those 3 nations today.  Instead, “Islamic law” is being shoved down the throats of the people living in those countries.

So, in the final analysis, what have we really accomplished?

  • r.bitting

    The Iraqi people now have elections, and as you know, politicians are always the solution………….not.

  • mondobeyondo

    What have been the benefits of our recent foreign military adventures? The late Chris Farley summed it up best:


    If our goal was to win friends and influence people, that has been an abysmal failure. None of those countries can be described as U.S. allies. Even Pakistan has now proven to be a fair weather friend.

    History has proven that Afghanistan is almost unconquerable. The Russkies tried 30 years ago, and withdrew with their tails between their legs. Now it’s our turn. Besides, that conflict is a giant money and resource black hole. Let’s get out of there, and let the Taliban and al-Qaeda fight among themselves.

    We ARE getting out of Iraq. But is that country any better off than it was? Yes and no. So-Damn-Insane is dead, but we’re leaving behind a broken, wrecked country, and a population that hates us. Hope “finding” those weapons of mass destruction was worth it.

    Libya? Khadafy Duck is now dead, but his replacement(s) may be even worse. Sharia law?! Ugh. You mean those pretty Libyan women will have to wear veils now?

    Ever since World War II, when the U.S. military (whether alone, or under the NATO flag) goes into a country, we just make a bigger mess of things. For a country that loves to export “freedom” and “democracy”, we have set a horrible example.

    • jackro

      And why is that?
      Look at how we fought wars before Korea, and then how we fought them after. We have never taken the full force of our might into any war since WWII for fear of escalation. Well, all that happened is people got killed for nothing.

      Hindsight is 20/20, but MacArthur should have been allowed to take the war in Korea to the Chinese.
      We should have listened to Patton and taken out the Russians right after WWII. The world certainly couldn’t have turned out any worse than it has.

      • Mike

        Nonsense. The better idea was not get involved in ANY of these wars to begin with.

  • Tripseven

    Let me get my tinfoil fedora.
    I don’t like everything that Barack Obama is doing, I didn’t like everything G.W. Bush did. I don’t believe either one of those gentlemen had a whole lot of choice in the things they do/did.
    puppets. the pentavolet. the rothchilds.mind control.

    fly under the radar if you can, get out of debt, be as self sufficient as you can,

    I gotta go… the black helicopters are circling closer and closer


  • mark

    We never seem to learn that nation building does not work in Islamic countries. If we are going to fight a war, go in and tear the place up, then leave and let them spend their own money to fix the place back up. Maybe they would not have so much time to attack us if they are repairing their homes. We need to leave many of the bases, we do not have the money to be the policeman of the world today.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      ‘Nation building’ does not work unless the victor is willing to impose exactly what will be created from the rubble. After WW2 we imposed exactly what form of government would arise in Japan and West Germany. We have not the will to do so in Iraq or Afghanistan. Instead we have created a vacuum where the worst elements will ultimately prevail. The same goes for Libya.

      If we go to war we should go to war to achieve total victory and impose our will after victory. Otherwise, it is a waste of young blood and treasure.

  • jackro

    You asked what did we “win” in the wars. Well, for one Saddam is no longer in power. Now, we can argue as to if it is a good or bad thing. Only the future will tell. However, after reading this, and other things about the rape rooms, the culling of the Kurds, and other atrocities, I am still hopeful that there will be a better future for the people of Iraq in the long run.

    Afghanistan is Afghanistan. Russia couldn’t tame it(and they were brutal). We thought that with money that would be the difference. Of course it isn’t. The only thing that changed for the better is women can now go to school, at least for now.

    Libya is a mess, and there was no good answer there. Support a madman, or support our enemy. No win situation. Either way we lose. Waste of time and money in my opinion.

  • Tatiana Covington

    ************! That is what we have gotten!

  • HeartofShadows

    AMERICA ************ yeah!!

  • Gary2

    what a waste of human life and resources. Bush lied us into Iraq to avenge his daddy. Obama more of the same.

    • Maria

      That gets my vote for best comment of the day! Exactly RIGHT!!!!

    • Kevin2


      All of this is planned not happenstance done on a whim. Tony Blair did not invade Iraq because GW Bush had a bone to pick with Saddam. This is part of securing the control of resources, protecting the “oil peg” (Saddam wanted to trade in Euros, Libya in gold) and insuring dominance. What the next President will do regardless who they are is already mapped out subject only to tweaking. This is why Obama proceeds with an interventionist foreign policy just like the Presidents before him regardless what say when they campaign.

    • Gary – well said.

      I think we’ve lost over 6,000 men and women in these insane wars. Every single time I watch that Wounded Warrior commercial and it shows some man or woman with a missing limb, I wanna pull my hair out and scream at the TV it makes me so mad.

      I remember as a kid watching the Vietnam protests in the street. The kids then were very passionate about ending the Vietnam war. Where are those people now? Have they given up?

      I’m married now and don’t have to work. So I spend my time on social activism.

      I will not give up. Restoring my country and helping my fellow Americans is my life. I will die before I submit to tyranny. Death to the NWO.

    • TX4Life

      I don’t believe Bush “lied us into Iraq”. I believe the intelligence information he was given plus the knowledge that Saddam Hussein was a dictator killing his own people led Bush to pursue the invasion and it was supported by Congress who reviewed the same intelligence info. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Bush fan. But I do know from talking with several military members that went to both Iraq and Afghanistan that the US did a lot of rebuilding and they felt it was appreciated by the majority of the citizens. Especially getting Saddam out of power. Whether it was worth the loss of American lives is for each person to decide for themselves.

      • Maria

        The intelligence information was false….nothing but lies. The war was about oil.

        Yes, Saddam was a ruthless dictator…..and HAD been since 1979! But the West didn’t do anything to stop his brutality until he threatened the security of their precious oil flow.

        Most US military members are honorable men and women. My husband served for over 25 years, so we had the pleasure of knowing many of them. Servicemen’s honor however, doesn’t stop our self serving leadership from abusing the strength of the greatest military on Earth.

        As for your comment whether it was worth the loss of American lives is for each person to decide. DEAD WRONG!

        Too many people in this country don’t value life….let alone those sacrificed honorably in the service of their country….even for self serving, lying, politicians and corporations!

    • Mal R.

      Have you ever had a thought of your own?

  • gibbo

    ‘beheading and killing’? Love it. Can I borrow that one?

  • cjfyuma

    We have accomplished “ZILCH”, “NADA”, “GOOSE EGG”!

  • Marco

    IMO, the main justification for our presence in the Middle East is 9/11. And after a decade, the evidence is pretty blatant – 9/11 was a false flag operation. When your own government will not have an independent investigation of the worst domestic attack in our country’s history, you know there’s a problem.

    Noble groups like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth (see and Pilots for 9/11 truth (see have done their best to bring the truth to light. The American people are being deceived. My gosh, I bet 99% of all citizens have no idea what our foreign policy is.

    If we can’t even take care of our own, how much more for others?

  • Adam

    I read the daily and they explain how all of the world’s troubles (as are explained very well on this website) are leading to the greatest event ever – the return of Jesus Christ!

    • Tim

      “Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;
      Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; (Titus 2:12-13)

      It is so close!

  • John Blythe

    We can add the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia to this list as well. In that particular episode, Clinton foolishly supported the Kosovo Liberation Army, which was listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department because of its ties to al-Qaeda. The military intervention, like Libya, was all about “protecting” the Muslims living in Kosovo who were targeted by Serbs when in fact it was the other way around. The militia were targeting and killing minority Serbs and when Slobodan Milosevic sent in the Yugoslav Army, Clinton and the U.S. went to war and caused more chaos.

    Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya were NEVER a threat to U.S. national security and thus we should have stayed away. We have not declared war on a country since World War II. All of the wars we have been engaged in throughout the last several decades have been ‘policing’ the world and as a result, we have been wasting trillions upon trillions of dollars every year as a result and this is part of the reason why the U.S. is bankrupt. The only two countries that have outspokenly threatened the U.S. on a handful of occasions have been Iran under the Hitler of our time, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and North Korea under Kim Jong-il; both of which, no intervention or action has been taken.

    Incredible how the this administration and the previous administrations have filled America and the news media with lies and distortion on why we have to militarily intervene in a country over ‘humanitarian efforts’, when its really all about corporate greed and interests such as oil or resource minerals.

    • Anonymous

      Ronald Regan had meetings with Al Qaeda and Haqqani group members right in the white house. Photos are all over the internet.

    • Johnny

      You say:

      “on a handful of occasions have been Iran under the Hitler of our time, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and North Korea under Kim Jong-il”

      Ahmadinejad is hardly Hitler as 20,000 Jews live peacefully in Iran and do not want the $5,000 offer made by Israel to move there. Yes Iran has threatened the US, but for a change just look at how the US has treated Iran:

      1) removed democratically elected PM mossadegh in 1953 and replaced him with a dictator called the Shah.

      2) gave saddam biological and chemical weapons to slaughter Iranians in the Iran-Iraq war.

      3) Put 4 sets of security sanctions and is constantly trying to stop the nuclear program. eg Stuxnet virus.

      As for north korea, the US pulverised the North in the Korean war and still today tries it’s best to freeze the north from the rest of the world’s economy. The US under Bush reneged on a nuclear deal made under Clinton which then caused the north to go “nuclear”.

    • Thomas James

      “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Hitler of our time” ? Are you insane ? When did Iran ever threaten us ? How many countries have they invaded ? How many people have they rounded up and expelled from their country or put in camps ? How many millions of people did htey kill with their missiles and bombs ? Don’t compare the president of Iran to Hitler when he hasn’t done a damn thing !!

      • Mal R.

        You’re kidding with that right? Either that or you’re deaf, dumb and blind.
        Iran states constantly the desire to wipe the two Satans off the map. To that end htey are feverishly producing nuclear weapons, producing longer range weapons, installing those missile launchers on their ships and in Venezuela and declaring they will be sending their ships to the east coast of the US.

        Go research where most Al Qaeda fighters in Iraq came from. Iran.

        Rounded up and Expelled? No quite but rounded up and executed – plenty.

        “hasn’t done a damn thing” I vote dumb.

    • Thomas James

      Iran is completely surrounded by US forces. They know there is a target on them and that the US has been itching to invade for years. Are you even aware that the US Navy shot down an Iranian commercial airliner in 1988 killing 290 civilians ? Gee, what do you think would happen if Iran ever “accidentally” shot down one of our airliners? The Neo-Cons would be in complete ecstacy !!

  • Colin

    I think I have lived through my generation’s Vietnam War.
    *In the Vietnam War, our nation’s foreign policy was based on the belief that a threat should be contained. Communism then, global terrorism now.
    *In the Vietnam War, our nation got involved in a civil war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. (Afghanistan was at war between the Taliban Emirate and the United Front. We sided with the United Front.)
    *In the Vietnam War, our nation installed a puppet government to govern South Vietnam. This government was ruled by a corrupt and inept leader. The people detested the government. We see this in Afghanistan.
    *In the Vietnam War, our nation attempted to build infrastructure in the nation. However, the infrastructure projects were often behind schedule, and when they were completed, were of substandard construction. We see this in Afghanistan and in Iraq.
    *In the Vietnam War, our nation attempted to train the native troops to fight for and secure the puppet government that we installed while at the same time reducing the number of our troops. (This process was called Vietnamization. What do we call this process in Afghanistan, and Iraq? Afghanistanization, or Iraqization.)
    *In the Vietnam War, our military was forced to withdraw and the underlying issues that led to the civil war continued long after we left. The country that emerged after that war became a communist nation. It appears that Afghanistan may emerge as a possible terrorist haven in the future.
    *In the Vietnam War, we were actively fighting North Vietnamese forces from 1965 to 1973. Before that, we were supplying advisers to the South Vietnamese government. We have been in Afghanistan since 2001, and the end date keeps changing.

    There are major differences. There hasn’t been the level of media scrutiny that dogged the Vietnam War in Afghanistan. There hasn’t been the major protests in the streets and at the universities. There hasn’t been the same level of revelations that cast a shadow on our involvement in that war. Wikileaks is not the Pentagon Papers.

    Our involvement with Afghanistan has been longer than our time in Vietnam. Our nation got involved with the Afghan people in the 1980’s when we supplied them with equipment and training to fight the Russians. When the war ended, our nation stopped giving aid to the Afghan people. Many of the people we helped later formed the Taliban.

    • D

      Good points. There are many similarities between Vietnam and the current “war.”

      The big difference is that we now call it “battle against terrorism” in order to calm the Sheeple mass, when in reality, it’s just another pointless war aimed at benefiting no one except the elite.

      “There are major differences. There hasn’t been the level of media scrutiny that dogged the Vietnam War in Afghanistan. There hasn’t been the major protests in the streets and at the universities. There hasn’t been the same level of revelations that cast a shadow on our involvement in that war. Wikileaks is not the Pentagon Papers. ”

      They learned their lesson from Vietnam. They knew that 9-11 had to happen in order to expel anger out of the sheeple and reason going to fight “terrorism.” Cloak N Dagger. They are more clever this time around.

  • jed

    Why stop with Obama and Bush.02?

    Once upon a time, a faraway land called Afghanistan was invaded by its nasty, evil neighbors – the Soviets. On the other side of the world from Afghanistan, Glinda the Good Witch – also known a the Gipper – decided to come to the aid of the Afghanis, so he waved his magic wand, providing weapons and military training for a nice cuddly little group of people known as the Taliban. Way to go Gipper – its always such a good idea to go after your enemies by arming a group of religious fanatics. But hey, who knew that the Taliban would turn out to be so nasty – radical religious fanatics are usually so cuddly! (A side note – Glinda/Gipper made up for this little misstep by waving the magical wand once again. In one of his greatest accomplishments, he convinced his people in the United Sheep of America to accept the mantra that deficits don’t matter, running up one of the biggest peacetime deficits the USA has had. Gosh I sure miss Glinda – just imagine how horrible the world would be without his friends the Taliban and without the kickstart he gave to massive deficit spending. Well, he might be gone, but at least he left us that deficit that we can pay interest on – it’s a nice way to honor his memory.

    Another nice story is the one about Bush.01 and his friend Saddam Hussein – yes, they started out as big friends. At one time, Iraq was one of the most economically-developed, educated, tolerant Arabic countries. In fact some people thought that, given time and encouragement, Iraq could become the South Korea of the Arab world. One problem – the country was taken over by a psychopath from Tikrit called Saddam Hussein, a man who was hated and ridiculed not to his face) by almost all of his countrymen. However, on the other side of the world, the Gipper’s successor, Bush.01, thought that the psycho from Tikrit wasn’t really such a bad guy and that it might be a good idea to make friends with him. Now Bush.01 knew that the psycho tortured and killed opponents and that he gassed Kurdish villages, but hey – what’s a few (tens of thousand) dead Kurds and political opponents among friends?? So when the psycho decided to invade neighboring Iran in an attempt at a quick land-grab, Bush gave him logistical (and maybe material) support. Of course we all know that, eventually, the psycho got too big for his britches, so Bush.01 decided to show him who was boss. Darn, what an embarrassing mess – how was Bush to know that the man he befriended and helped really was a psycho after all-Bush thought that the 14 million other people in Iraq were just spreading rumors about Saddam because they were jealous! Hmm, I wonder what the situation in Iraq would be like today if Bush.01 had encouraged economic development and democracy instead of winking at murder and tyranny, and then encouraging aggression.

    So lets not pretend that things only started getting out of hand in 2008 or in 2002.

    • Mal R.

      We can play that same game for the left’s IDOL FDR. He armed the SOVIETS. Who knew the soviets weren’t a bunch of cuddly care bears and were mass murdering their own citizens? Well everyone did. We just had the advantage of a bunch of leftists in this country acting as apologists. And we went on to spend billions in a cold war and 1 almost thermonuclear war with those bastards.

      And now you OWS leftists are trying to bring that very same system HERE. Awww, aren’t you classy.

  • jed

    By the way, my previous message isn’t meant as a criticism of this site – I like this site quite a bit. It’s just that, since honors were being given out, I thought we ought to give all the players their due.

  • Georgiaboy61

    An important and timely column, thank you for running it. American colleges and universities quit teaching military history as a specialty some 30 years ago, and now we are paying the price as a nation, with a populace too ignorant of history to understand what is and has transpired the last ten years since 9-11. Our ignorance of history in general is equally troublesome.

    The founders, having experienced the weight of imperial Britain firsthand, saw the dangers of foreign adventurism clearly. John Adams, the 2nd president of the United States, warned us not to go abroad in search of “monsters to destroy.” He knew, as did the other framers, that we could engage in the games of empire and militant nationalism, or we could remain free and prosperous at home – but not both. Time has proven the truth of their wisdom.

    Just as Great Britain engaged in imperial overreach, and bankrupted and lost what was once the world’s greatest empire, America now risks her power in the same manner.

    The endgame of our Islamic enemies is to draw us into the quagmire of the dysfunctional Islamic world, i.e., Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, etc. and dupe us into using our wealth and the blood of our soldiers to secure their freedom, which will then be used to enact sharia law and install rulers hostile to us. The proper strategy for us is to isolate and cut-off the Islamic world as much as possible, including a moratorium on immigration from those lands. Fold the Islamic world back upon itself, and wall it off from us as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

    The Bush/Obama foreign policy is nothing more than Wilsonian progressivism disguised as neoconservativism or pragmatism. It is neither; it is a form of utopianism and as such should be regarded as poison. The USA has no business being in the 6-7 nations our forces are now engaged in. Doesn’t anyone know the meaning of the term “blowback”? Moreover, we’re broke. Waging wars of choice using borrowed money (from Beijing, no less) is the height of madness. Any politicians selling this snake oil, Democrat or GOP, should be sent packing as the bloodthirsty fool he/she is.

    One last thing: Obama is waging war abroad illegally, in violation of the War Powers Act, which is sufficient cause for removal from office and criminal charges. We cannot allow American CIC to use the military as their personal, foreign policy playthings – as Barry Obama has done.

    • Jean

      Excellent comments, Georgia boy!

  • Georgiaboy61

    Let’s do a quik and dirty rundown of each of our wars, and a sit-rep on each…

    1. Iraq – cost in the hundreds of billions, if not more. Many thousands of dead and wounded. Saddam removed, but successor govt. a scant improvement and likely to ally itself with Iran after U.S. forces depart. Main strategic counterweight to Shia Iran removed; we did Tehran’s dirty work for it. Nation-building a costly failure. Iraqis use democracy to install sharia law.

    2. Afghanistan – OBL dead, Taliban crippled, A-Q routed but healthy elsewhere. Pakistan has grafted billions from us, and now is revealed as a would-be enemy. Karzai says he’ll ally with Pakistan if war comes. More billions lost, plus the blood of our fine soldiers. Nation-building a failure.

    3. Libya, Egypt et al. – probably benefit the Muslim Brotherhood at our expense; MB favors sharia law, wants to destroy Israel, and hates America. More billions lost, to no good end. Qaddafi dead, but successors may be worse.

    Conclusion: Wars in the ME and South Asia have been costly strategic and geopolitical blunders, which have strengthened our enemies, and hurt us and our allies.

  • Moe Badderman

    Jackro wrote : You asked what did we “win” in the wars.

    Nobody asked that. Thank you for dealing with your straw man while ignoring the real issue.

    • mondobeyondo

      That’s what happens when you fight wars not to lose, instead of fighting wars to win.

  • shypuffadder

    At the time, there seemed to be an overwhelming majority of Americans that actually believed that a war could be funded “off the books.” Passing Basic Accounting should be a high school requirement.

  • Nexus789

    Nothing, nil, zero…..the objective seemed to be to secure resources and punish tyrants for wanting to trade THEIR oil in a currency other than the dollar (Iraq), or have the Chinese come in and invest in THEIR oil and gas production facilities (Gaddafi).

    As for Afghanistan I have yet to hear a lucid and sensible reason from any politician from anywhere why America and its groupies are there (oil, gas, mineral resources…?) – the British fought three wars, the Russians gave up and the Americans think they are different. The only change seems to be that drug production has gone through the roof (maybe the CIA needed a new source of illicit funds). Drug production was near zero with the Taliban.

    The people that run America are seriously sociopathic.

    • mondobeyondo

      In the anger and emotion immediately after 9/11, I could understand the emotion and anger against Afghanistan. But we should have put our foot down.

      If there was any credible evidence – indisputable – that Afghanistan was responsible for that atrocity, we should have headed in there with everything we’ve got.

      Kill them, and if they refuse to die, kill them agaih.

  • Pat

    I feel there are two reasons that these nuts run their psyops on us. 1. We are really the targets not the people of Iraq or Iran. 2. We keep listening and watching sort of like watching a car wreck. Its very difficult to not look. But did it ever occur to you that they perform just because you are watching? My dog will stand on two legs and do a pirouette if you give her the attention she craves.

    If you want to strike back ignore them. Show them that their shenanigans are boring and of no interest. Focus on the behaviors that you do want and ignore the behaviors you don’t want. Buy gold and silver not McDonad’s, Pop and potato crisps.

    Read more about this in my unfinished book being published on line at:

  • joseyj

    AlQaeda isn’t taking over in Libya!
    That’s just Fox & Frightwing radio fearmongering.

  • Mainuh1

    Other than profits for the defense industry – nothing but trouble. We did manage to bankrupt the country and brought people to power that hate the US. Excellent job!!

  • Ben Dover

    A decade older and deeper in debt.

    Best argument for developing our own energy resourses. We have coal, gas, oil, nuclear, and if anyone can make solar or wind pracital it is USA.

  • Anonymous

    You guys aren’t getting it, are you? The real reason why US forces are stationed in the middle east and Afghanistan is because the “Mahdi” (‘Messiah’ or Saviour) in Islamic scriptures (by prophet Mohammad PBUH) is prophecised to emerge from the Middle east (Iraq/Iran?) and it is also prophecised that he will be joined by a large and powerful army from “Khorasaan” (in ancient maps, Khorasaan is the land of Afghanistan and Pakistan), and hence the US occupation of Afghanistan to prevent this (of course, temporarily). So, why is everyone so worried about the wars failing? The failure of USA is already predicted.

    The “NATO” and ‘secret intervention forces’ are nothing but in the anticipation of the Islamic Mahdi.

    Remember, people like you are ‘normal’ people. The elites of USA, who are warmongers, are more aware than you of the financial consequences of wars and other stuffs. Maybe the reason for these wars is something else, which none of you have ever thought of?

    • Anonymous

      And US attempt to engage in a war with Pakistan***.

  • William

    All three wars were and are UNNECESSARY. If you actually LOOK at the 16 ft wide hole in the wall of the Pentagon before the wall collapsed, you KNOW a Boeing airliner did NOT disappear into that hole….Afghanistan UNNECESSARY.
    Iraq had NO WMD and no connection to the attacks of 911…..Iraq UNNECESSARY.
    The rebels in Libya were funded, organized, led and trained by the CIA and MI6 to overthrow the government of Libya…..Libya UNNECESSARY.
    All the while the criminal crazies who push America into wars NEVER go and fight themselves….nor do their kids. It is all a BIG joke to them.

    EVERy human being who has died or been injured in these three wars died, or was injured, for NO valid reason. But, Americans just do not care for the TRUTH!

    • flotsamoverbd

      I agree with William 100%. But in addition to your comments, I would like to add that these wars are and have been a HUGE success. The super-rich are getting much richer, and the weapons producers are gleeful…….flotsamoverbd

    • Pauly

      Thank you, one person who understands 911 truth.

    • Jean

      Sorry to disagree with you but during the Clinton administration there was a big push to look at bioterrorism potential in Iraq and some in that administration (in the public health sector) referred to them as “weapons of mass destruction” and blamed Saddam Hussein. The name of the book is “Germs” very well researched, I can get the author if anyone is interested in those details. It was published less than a month after the 911 attacks.

      I had a job interview with the state of MA. around late 1998-early 1999 for a West Nile Virus epidemiologist. They asked me if I was also interested in interviewing for a bioterrorism epidemiologist job. Apparently CDC had also provided grant money to support that type of position as well as some education grants. I thought at the time it sounded quite silly so I declined; when 911 happened I was being supervised by a woman who had gone through one of these CDC funded programs. When the anthrax attacks hit after 911, her career zoomed up into the stratosphere somewhere.

    • Mal R.

      “LOOK at the 16 ft wide hole”

      Lunatic 9-11 truther

  • Kevin2

    They secured oil resources and put up a blocking force between China and the Middle East. Next step is secure Iran and strategic materials in Africa. With domination complete the reserve currency becomes the global currency; accept it or don’t trade. If you don’t like us printing more don’t complain or we will oust you from office.

  • My strong opinion that the reason we became involved as a military force in the mid-east was solely based on oil.

    No matter what the political rhetoric is about, peace and saving the world, it is oil. Oil is money. Oil is our economy. Oil makes everything.

    While we were hanging Sadam the big oil companies were deviding up the oil wells. Lybia supplies most of the light oil to Europe. Most of the western worlds oil comes from the mid-east

    No oil- no future. The Shira 10th century thinkers will be back on camels and care less about the west. Yes, we have a military force to impose our demands on the world- it is not going to change in the future.

    To speculate on further wars in the mid east- yes! Probably all the countries there will cohesivly blend, and that includes Iran. To get the oil is going to require another major war. The present Administration political move to be the “good Guy” and support religious freedom and nation building is not going to work. We will be back to war. This is what keeps the economy going.

    When mid east oil is no longer in our control the cost goes up- this is a form of war. Our current reactivation of our own oil resources is marginal so look to a downward economic spiral.

    A Trillion for oil- peanuts. Derivitives in the world market exceed 600 trillion and that is what the major investment houses and governments have to play with right now.

    War, according to von Clauzwitz is cheap- the cost of occupying is expensive. The mid east has sand and oil- when the oil is gone do you think we will still be there making sand castles?

    Old Timer

    • Kevin2

      Agree. If Saddam was exporting coconuts we would not be there. All of this is pre planned. The news for next year was made at a meeting last year.

  • karen

    To be honest here… Iraq invasion was for oil and other things not because of weapons of destruction, Afghanistan for poppy fields which the gov has their fingers in for black ops money and lots of precious minerals there. Libya for their underground water supply, oil and the mess over there now was bought and paid for by UK and US, CIA they have killed thousands of innocent people judt so they can be closer to start war with China which Russia will enter all over resources which the US is running out of. They have swiped your social security you are debit slaves and folks can’t see the forest because of the trees in other words thing out-side the box all of these battles are done on purpose and the US is on the list so folks you best wake-up because we have not seen nothing yet the writings on the wall we are going to get slammed and most folks here will not beable to deal with it because there heads are in the sand.

    • Mal R.

      “Iraq invasion was for oil ”

      So where’s the oil?

  • silver bean

    Late yesterday afternoon I heard the first news that Gadaffi had hidden away 200 BILLION dollars in various countries (BANKS) around the world. I sure hope that is recovered and used for the benefit of the Lybian people. Yeah right.
    After learning Karzai would side against America and with Pakistan, I asked my brother two days ago why his son was in Afghanistan, after numerous deployments to Iraq, and now being deployed in Afghanistan. He has no answer. I have also read that Pakistan troops have been shooting at US troops in recent weeks, sorry I can’t find the link to the news report, maybe someone else can. What a mess. I’m off to COSTCO for more supplies.

  • Rowell


    While I agree with much of what you’re saying in regards to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, I do have to question your statement that the US has helped al-Qaeda take over Libya. Why? Because the rebels state that they want to enforce sharia law in all of Libya? Why does that make them al-Qaeda? From what I’ve seen, many of the rebels fighting to free Libya from Gaddhafi were just simple ordinary people; day laborers, doctors, dentists, etc.

    Your blogs have a following, which lends some strength in your words. Please don’t fall into the trap that many of the mainstream media sites fall into and use this forum as a place to spread assumptions, not information. If you have sources that prove al-Qaeda is indeed the bulk of rebels that overthrew Gaddhafi, please share them. But if you’re going on assumption or hearsay, please, please, PLEASE, leave them out. Your blog provides a good source for insightful information, not rhetoric.

  • Barn Cat

    For only a billion dollars we got another radical Islamic government in the middle east and that’s Libya. That makes Muslims and Jew-haters around the world very happy. It also means there’s another country who could export terrorism. Obama must be thrilled.

  • knightowl77

    I was for the wars before I was against them. I bought in to the we need to fight em over there crap. It was a mistake, a huge mistake.

    We should leave Afghanistan here & now. That country is not worth anymore American lives..Cut off ALL aid to every muslim country. Bring our soldiers home from around the world. Maybe we could deploy a few thousand on our Southern Border to keep the drug lords out of AZ and TX…

    I used to think Ron Paul was a loon on foreign policy, now I am coming to the opinion that he was more right than I was. Ron Paul in 2012.

  • JohnB

    In Iraq and Afghanistan, at least, we have achieved the planned objectives. Not the objectives that we were told, but the true objectives. George Bush and Dick Cheney are both multi-billionaires and they and their cronies control vast amounts of oil and other natural resources, that they didn’t have before we went to war.

    • mb

      You’ve been drinking too much of Michael Moore’s cool-aid. Is it really that simple-minded?

  • Gary2

    Lots of corporate welfare-haliburton etc.

  • Mr Carpenter

    This stupidity won’t be fixed until people start realizing that war begets more war.

    When I stop and speak about how we should have taken the excellent advice of our founding fathers in the US and stuck to our own business, and get blank stares (as if I’m nutzoids), you know this is never going to go away (until we run out of money and end up being invaded by virtually the rest of the world “for our trouble” of “trying to liberate them”).

    Another true statement: why did we even bother fighting World War II so that our United States could simply emulate the Nazi fascist model these many years later? Why did we waste all of those lives?

    Because we have for all intents and purposes morphed into a police state and it won’t be very long before we end up as a dictatorship. It’ll happen within a decade of the oncoming total economic collapse. Or sooner.

  • Jim

    We’ve accomplished avoiding another terrorist attack like 9/11.

    How much did 9/11 cost us? That is what we have gained.

    The whole purpose of those wars was to keep us safe at home. Did they do that? YES!

    • Keadin

      Not sure if you’re sarcastic… If not it may be a good time to wake up and take a look around at the real world.

    • Anthony

      You are so deluded it is beyond words.

    • mondobeyondo

      Depends on what you think “safe” is.

      Yeah, you didn’t get blown out of the sky, but your daughter got virtually raped during that “security” search at the airport. So, it’s all good…..

    • Kevin2


      You believe that we’re preventing terrorism by chasing down people in caves in Afghanistan or Iraq has or had anything to do with terrorism or 911? If we were truly worried about terrorists coming to the US our borders would be guarding our border.

      All of this is global positioning of power to shape and control the world. I’m not saying that’s inherently wrong. But using terrorism as an excuse is dishonest. Like Co. Nathan Jessup said in A Few Good Men about the public, “You can’t handle the truth”. The US public needs something simple to buy to get their support; it’s freedom and terrorism.

    • jason

      2,966 victims killed in 9/11

      as a result of that
      4479 American Soldiers killed in Iraq alone
      1,821 American Soldiers killed in Afganistan alone
      1,487 Contractor Employee deaths
      100000 wounded American Soldiers

      Estimated number of Iraqi deaths due to U.S. Invasion? 1,455,590 and counting.

      so starting out with the 2,966 victims they inflicted on us, we respond by inflicting 7787 deaths on ourselves, wound another 100,000 more of our own people. Cause 18 vets per day to commit suicide and kill 1.5 million of them.

      So I have to ask, who are the real terrorists?

      How many of those 1.5 million people were involved in orchestrating the attacks of 9/11? How many of our people or theirs need to die from the actions of 18 Assholes who hijack some planes?

      This is why it looks to many like we were duped by people in power on 9/11. An easy target to hit at home so we can justify starting wars.

      As a result we go further into debt, kill more people, weaken the respect of countries around the world. Give private companies billions upon billions of our tax dollars to preform actions that our own troops are well trained to do at 10x lower costs (like serving meals, building bases, providing clean water) and care 10x more about the quality of work.

      Maybe we shouldnt be asking the about the cost of 9/11 but the cost of people using it as a tool to get the average American to agree with going to war!

      Who are the real TERRORISTS? Rich White Americans. The same people who have been in charge for years.

    • patriot alice

      If we just closed our borders, our country would have been protected from terrorists and drugs. You don’t go bombing every country in the world for “Safety sake”..

  • Nick Nailer

    Your articles sure are funny. People get what they deserve because they truly are stupid animals. Time will come for the US. You can’t run around murdering and stealing and think nothing is going to come of it. When it does I’m dipping out. I didn’t murder or steal so ******* the US and everyone in it.

    • mb

      Do us all a favor and go back to your third world home. You won’t be missed.

  • Jeff

    The United States of American is 235 years old.

    Our hubris and arrogance makes us think that we can “win the hearts and minds” of the Middle East.

    Their cultures are thousands of years old. Sharia law will still be around in 1000 years. Will the USA?

  • vancouver mark

    America has rushed to build a more and more formidable military/intelligence machine that straddles the globe, even as its people have been stripped of their civil rights and thoroughly prepared for martial law, and its economy is ready for an utter collapse and a “benevolent” takeover,
    The entire Middle East region (except for that one special Zionist/Masonic stronghold) is destabilized and ripe for future attack,
    A far greater percentage of the world’s population now despises Muslims, Christians and Jews,
    Almost every province of the former Roman Empire have been conquered or coerced into a grand new western alliance (just need Syria now and the whole thing is rebuilt, heh heh guess who’s probably next…),
    The supposedly “Christian democracies” of the west have been thoroughly corrupted, we’ve destroyed entire nations on the basis of lies and greed, and can no longer claim a moral high ground on any issue, instead even as we have laboured to create a world full of enemies we have shown them that targeting civilians for indiscriminate massacres, unlawful detentions and obscene sexual assaults is all perfectly acceptable,
    We have poisoned the earth, waging nuclear war in every battlefield, covering vast areas and entire cities with clouds of dust that will stay radioactive until the end of the age,
    We have surrounded and threatened and infuriated Russia and China to the point where Putin is now advising his staff to “prepare for Armaggedon,”
    And we have pretty much fused our government, corporations, mass media and military into a single
    entity, preparing it all, again, for the inevitable “benevolent” takeover.

    Some are no doubt saying that it’s all well worth the price.

  • Staatsbankrott

    The responsable guys should spend more Petrodollars into the US economy instead of fighting the stupid moslems, otherwise there will be soon a war in the streets of the US.



    What amerikans have gotten is what they want most, power. Dominion over the rest of the world with cart blanche to do whatever they please, when they feel like doing so. That clearly satisfies the bloodthirsty bread and circuses elements of the democrat and republican wings of the war party. Isn’t that enough?

  • JackieR

    All three countries boarder IRAN.

  • The USA, needs to change it’s War policy’s , if We are going to Police the entire World.We need the “Snake Removal” policy in effect. that’s go cut off the heads(kill)of the leaders of Country’s who are causeing the problems we don’t consider to be correct. then get back out,(Insurgents)–when we annouce we wiil be enforceing that policy , World -Wide, and kill a few, the rest of the Country’s in the entire World, will comply with our policy’s !That way , the change is fast and effective immediately!And very personel and costs are much less, and has better results, we could concentrate on our own Country, and doing the stuff for our own Citzens that are lacking , now> put that money to creating jobs, and building in our own Country!A larger insurgency trained and maintained force would be required, but not anything such as to date have to be done,with plain Army’s!-and “DON’T” go into any other country and Occupy it, that will not be nessccssary.If they need training, just send advicers to do that!This will provide much better results, for Us, and cost less in lives, injury’s, and money!

  • What’s going to take place in the economy in 2012 can bankrupt 95% of the population… (Fact: This has already happened in 30 distinctive countries during the last 100 years, and TWICE in the US!) You can act to protect yourself. To learn how to not only survive the economic collapse but thrive from it and how to become a part of our movement to restore personal wealth and freedom please visit:

  • mccraigh

    Best article ever posted to this site! Bravo!!!

  • Back in the 1950’s under Eeisenhouer, the USA desided to not pump our oil reserves and to deplete the oil from the rest of the Country’s around the World, so, when they are all out of it, We can charge many times the prices we now pay for it, and will be able to control policy’s of other Country’s favoritable to our liking!Under this Country is oil reserves many times vastly larger than all of Africa’s<the only thing is that they didn't take in consideration , how desperate other Country's will react to our domination of it!—-I'm beginning to believe the USA people are among the dumbest in the World.We let prople who are "stupid " run and make the policy's for our people.And We let an African become our Prsident, and should have been disqualified from doing so! Doesn't matter his race!Plus, our government has been doing more to pay foreigner's to come here to live, than they will do for any of our own tax paying natural born citizens.I say, we need to catch(roundup) all foreign citizens and deport them, with the threat of a death sentence if they get caught in this Country again Guess how nice this place would be then> Charity begins at home, right?our Government should help it’s own citizen’s before doing anything else!

  • 007

    Totally agree, these wars have been a disaster. We totally destroyed Iraq. The people of Iraq were much better of before we invaded. We started the Arib Spring exporting our inflation through QE2. These poor people could not afford to eat. Of course they started rioting.

    What do we do? we cheerless for them to turn over these governments and provide military air support. We have destroyed Egypt which was one of our best allies and a stabalizing force. Egypt is about to be run by the Muslim Brotherhood a radical terrorist organization.. Tunisia has established Shiria law. Afganastan and Iraq will be Islamic fundamentalist states. We have strengthened Iran. Don’t worry about Iran getting the bomb, Pakastan already has them and now they really hate us. They are sick of our air strikes on their country.

    Oh did I say they consider us the great Satan and are intent on our destruction along with Isreal and the Jewish race. We have created and supported the establishment of governments that hate Christians and kill and persecute them every day.

    We have strengthened Al Qaeda, Put missle launchers in the hands of terrorists, destroyed our relationship with Saudi Arabia. We have set Israel up for disaster with an almost inevitable catastrophic militaryshowdown. all these countries want to wipe Israel off of the map.

    Obama has been a disaster. Obama and his death from above drone campaign scares me. There is no limit or control over where he will go, who he will kill or why. Bush was Obama-stupid and the Republican party should repudiate his policies. Ron Paul has the right idea on foreign policy.

  • Johnny

    “Why would the U.S. government want to spend a single penny helping al-Qaeda take over Libya and set up Sharia law there?”

    Answer: OIL!!

    We are in all these countries for the oil.
    Saddam stopped using dollars so he had to go.

    Ghaddafi wanted to be reimbursed for “lockerbie”
    so he had to go.

    Bush wants to run a pipiline from the caspian through afghanistan.

    Iran is on the radar as the Iranians stopped using dollars in 2006.
    (Apparently they are trying to make an A-bomb.
    Do you blame them.)

    What a wonderful country the USA is. Bringing freedom and democracy to countries. Actually the
    US doesn’t give a rat’s ass about democracy. All
    it wants is regime change so that the host gov
    will put a puppet in charge.

  • sharonsj

    All we the American people have gotten is a lot of dead or severely wounded men and women. What big business (especially Halliburton) and the politicians got was a lot richer. When 30,000 more troops were sent to Afghanistan, they were accompanied by 60,000 private contractors!

    War is a racket. 35 years ago I was out protesting the Vietnam War along with hundreds of thousands. Where are the protests now? How come Americans are so fucking stupid they don’t know what’s going on?

    • D

      They learned their lesson from Vietnam. They let 9-11 happen in order to expel anger out of the sheeple and reason going to fight “terrorism” (when in actuality, it is war). That is why no one is protesting. The elite are more clever this time around.




      I have been sounding this alarm for a few years now, mostly on other forums, but now here. Many of my posts on this site and others are censored and deleted because you will find that most ordinary people who complain about how bad things are, including those who run this site, do not want to hear voices who declare that both Democrats and Republicans are corrupt and useless. They can deal with a person coming from either the idiotic “liberal” or the
      braindead “conservative” points of the spectrum. What they can’t understand and can’t handle is someone who says the heck with both the destructive establishment liberal and establishment conservative ideologies and that we should start over from scratch. That argument confuses them as they are taught and programmed that you have to be for one side or the other and thus they shut that alternative point of view out of the debate. That is why both wings of the war party, (Dems and Reps) continue to win elections, and that is why no matter what wing of the war party wins any given election, in the end the bottom 99 percent of the American people WILL ALWAYS LOSE……………..

  • Kathy Smith

    Hey Adam I read the Trumpet Magazine 2 I was thinking about that the whole time I read the blog today. Yes Jesus is coming !!!!!!

  • mondobeyondo

    The “War on Terror” has to be the biggest farce since… since… the beginning of farces.

    First of all, you gotta define terrorism. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

    The obvious “terrorists” in the U.S. government’s opinion, are al-Queda and the Taliban. Okay, that’s fine. al-Queda is a 1,000 headed hydra. Good luck!

    We have been fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan for over 10 years now. And what have we got to show for it? Hmm. Interstate 137, from Kabul to Islamabad?

    Fine, we knock off the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Let’s go after the rest. The Red Brigades in Italy, Sinn Fein in Ireland, MS-13 in Central America, those guys in East Timor who are slaughtering innocents, the Crips and Bloods in Los Angeles, yada, yada.

    Hey! Why you complaining? It’s a WAR ON TERROR, right? (Of course! George W. Bush said so!) And if you are not my friend, you must be a terrorist!! War on Terror! Rah, rah, sis boom bah!! Don’t you realize the “terrorists” are thinking the same thing? Only with a thousand times the anger and passion that we have? We offer them their hand in friendship. They cut off our hand with a machete. And naturally, Hillary Clinton would appear on national TV saying, “I’m so happy for our new friendship with our hand-chopping brothers and colleagues, our partners in the war on terror!!..” Hand over the barf bag. Like, right NOW. Hurry!!

    Are we ready for this? Do we really want another 300 Years War or Crusades?



      I-137 from Kabul to Islamabad? I have to give you props for that. It was funny………

      “We have been fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan for over 10 years now. And what have we got to show for it? Hmm. Interstate 137, from Kabul to Islamabad?”

  • Ramo

    america starts theses wars, and then people cry when they dont win-boo hoo hoo! ill take sharia over strict/unfair/depressing corporate rule any day of the week-any day!

  • R. N. Paling

    If you do not read history and understand it, you are bound to repeat it, even Alexandria the great understood that he got out of Afghanistan real fast,the only conclusion that can be reached after the trillion dollar fiasco is once more the filthy rich just got richer and the average citizen pay’s the bill as usual what a bunch of sucker’s we are

  • KT

    We wont have money to spend much longer.

    Top Investors Final Warning: Get your money out of danger immediately!

    • Paul

      What money? The guy on the street will ask.

      And the hardened investor will rejoice about all the fluctuations and volatility.

      The big question: Shall I pay off my debts now to save my house or wait until the bank collapses and my debts vaporize?

  • Suetonious

    At some point in this progressively tragicomedy, one has to stop and wonder as to who should be stomped more – the perpetrators? or the sacks of idiot crappola that continually enable them to do so.

    I imagine if you stepped outside the carnage to have a smoke, you could run into one of the scumbag Illuminati bankster types, who might just spill out “Yeah, they’re total frikkin’ idiots – Morons, I tell’s ya. So easy to get’em shooting at each other from the Left or Right every time we step on their pinhead necks, the maroons. And why not? Obviously, they’re stupid as sacks’a ripe shittaki. They can’t even figure out who the enemy is. They believe every little contrived fairly tale we tell’em. They kinda LIKE it that way.


  • Pauly

    Why is everyone so afraid of 911 truth?

    • Mal R.

      Why are 9-11 truthers so stupid?

    • D

      Because they don’t want to believe their own government (elite) setup or allowed 9-11 and killed innocent people (and helped bankrupt our nation) in order to go to war with Afghanistan.

      Denial, plain and simple.

  • r.bitting

    Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love him… 1 Corinthians 2:9

  • Growing inflation, trillion dollar deficits and the declining value of the dollar are just the tip of the iceberg if America does not immediately change to a non-interventionist foreign policy. Provide for the common defense – End militarism. Bring our troops home from every country. Ron Paul 2012, the only peace candidate, who will end the destruction and waste.

  • bobbobbobbob

    amerika is a poor country — no good medical ins; bad schools; high crime; defective political syst.ect. ect.
    BUT REMEMBER WITH LIFE THERE IS HOPE & you all are alive!!! so exercise; brush teeth and eat lentils and rice!! shop at coscos and trader joe’s — buy at other markets using double coupons on sale items and you will survive

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    America Killed thousands arab people and can”t forget.
    Is clear arabs can’t love americans and cristians. And it’s
    rigth and now you will try nuclear bombing .Please……..
    it’s criminal.

  • James

    O.K. now lets see some facts that we (the U.S.) can’t seem to grasp.

    1. The countries we invaded, didn’t ask for our help.

    2. Nobody asked the U.S. to become the policeman of the world, we have our own shortcomings to worry about.

    3. The Muslim countries don’t want to become christian countries, they want to live by the Muslim faith and ideologies.

    4. Why is the U.S. trying to maintain a nuclear arsenal that we will never be able to use unless we are suicidal? They have nuclear weapons too.

    5. Most important; Our energy predicament will not allow the military to sustain the level of force they desire.

    So, why can’t the stupid cronies in Washington get it?

  • James

    Also, Russia and China are just setting back and watching the U.S. burn up its military and man power. China is killing us through economic policies that favor them. Now all they got to do is just walk in and take over everything. China will most certainly fight us over any oil they want and win.

    • elfus

      I’m living in China now and can give you a little clue about the culture here. As you might guess, the Chinese people are very ambitious, family orientated and spare no expense when it comes to education. The people are kind and humble. They seem to live simply, but there are lots of new cars. It’s extremely safe here, the policemen I pass everyday make an attempt to say “good morning” and smile. The country has welcomed me with open arms and I’m really happy here.

  • Old Man

    To the question: What have we gotten for the trillion dollar ….

    Answer: These military ventures have sustained the American Military-Industrial Complex. They have enforced the Federal Reserve Note as global currency, and thus sustained American imperial hegemony. Alas, how else could the US perfected the 21th century Ninji – the assassination drone.

    But to answer the other unasked question: Who pays for such wonderful benefits of empire?

    1) People of affected countries whose lives have been terminated or wrecked.
    2) US personnel who are casualties in these wars.
    3) YOU! If you have been busted by the economy.

  • The turmoil in the Middle East is far from over. It will eventually come back to bite us in the form of hyperinflation. You must prepare now to not only survive the coming economic collapse but be on the right side and prosper. Educate yourself and prepare:

  • The IMF The World Bank Federal Reserve Board has all the Money (GOLD) ;;;;; the golden rule is he who has the gold RULES OUR pRESIDENTS ARE puppets …the – gold- rules

  • hbeachrealist

    Nick Nailer—

    All true. What is beyond belief is how most Americans could care less about the millions of innocent Middle East citizens who are DEAD and DISFIGURED due to these ************ wars.

    Plus 9/11 was a straight-up false flag operation covered up by Bush and Obama.

    God is going to sit back and let the New World Order destroy America.

    And justly so.

  • Steve

    And during the above described madness the barbarians have established themselves thoughout the Republic…just bring all the US soldiers home, it’s over for America, Obama is just a symptom of the disease as much as a cause of the death of the Republic.

  • The main purpose for the war in Iraq and Libya was to let the Petro Dollar live another day. It is the same reason why the one in Iran and Venezuela will be conducted. Every time becoming more reckless, lawless and desperate. It is the chaos that precedes the fall of an Empire.

  • Jim, some day you may wake up and realize like millions of other people in the US that the official story of 9/11 was a fairy tale. The rest of the world is laughing at Americans for believing that one. The evidence shows that the official story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Rogue elements that have infiltrated our government working for the foreign banking oligarch pulled it off. It should be noted that it is the same foreign banking oligarchs that have been controlling our nation since its founding. Hurry and do the research and try not to be the last to find out the truth. It is all well documented on the Internet via articles and YouTube videos.
    Here is a video that has been watched more the 24 million times.

    • Mal R.

      “The evidence shows that the official story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.”

      YEA! Dont you people know that fire doesn’t melt steel. /sarc

  • El Pollo de Oro

    What do Great Britain, Russia, Spain, France and Portugal have in common? All of them had empires, but the empires proved unsustainable. Spain and France were, at one time, very imperialistic, which is why Spanish and French are so widely spoken. But those countries gave up their imperialist fantasies because they were unaffordable. Imperialism carries a huge price tag, and the imperialist nation-building fantasies of the neocons left The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) buried in record debt. The neocons never learn, however. Justin Raimondo, the libertarian/paleoconservative who publishes (an excellent website), has often pointed out that as much of a war hawk as Obama has been, the neocons are so twisted that they think he isn’t hawkish enough.

    Neocons are truly insane. They don’t realize that the BRA is flat broke and cannot afford an empire. But I’ll tell you who does get it: Ron Paul. The Texas libertarian has warned us that imperialism will destroy this country just as it brought down so many of Europe’s imperialists. And he’s absolutely right.

    Welcome to The Banana Republic of America, collapsing, debt-ridden empire with high unemployment, a decaying infrastructure, ever-growing poverty and a truly grim future.

  • karen

    You sure have your work cut out for you keeping-up with two web sites, thanks for all your help, matter-of-fact lots of web sites us your work to get people thinking but they refer them to your web being respectful.

    • Michael


      I just feel bad that I haven’t gotten up more articles in recent days. I have been busy with other stuff like going to the dentist. 🙁


  • patriot alice

    These wars began with the excuse of getting Osama…A trillion and how many dead to get one man? I’m sure a 100 million dollar price tag for his head on a platter would have done the trick…

  • patriot alice

    Ron Paul’s curse is to be ignored during election years, and quoted often after the elections..

    • liberranter

      Actually, I think that’s OUR curse too. Those of us who see the light are going to punished and will suffer along with the rest of the brainless sheeple who are content with the status quo and who are going to get what’s coming to them, good and hard.

  • jerry O

    The wars are only part
    of the 7 stages that our
    country is going through.

    It happens to every major
    economic power.

    See what one millionaire
    has put together about
    what he has learned from
    the past.

    We are about to see a
    major wealth transfer
    and you can prepare yourself
    and profit like the ultra
    rich are about to do.

    The video will shock
    you yet will help
    you understand why we
    keep getting into the
    wars and where we are

  • mondobeyondo

    Geez, what country HAVEN’T we invaded or occupied in the past 235-odd years?

    Well, there’s Sweden, Switzerland, Norway… um, Antarctica (but that’s only because the emperor penguins keep the other penguins free, and so they don’t need the U.S. military to liberate them.)

    Everywhere else is fair game. Even little countries like Panama? Of course! Remember Manuel Noriega? We may not be good at manufacturing anymore, or creating good jobs, but by gosh, we can still put on a good war or two, or three, or seven (but please, not at the same time. So many wars, so little resources.)

  • C

    Simply put? The U.S. is going for broke.

  • liberranter

    Michael, I know that this is an exercise in rhetorical prose (a superb one at that, by the way). Certainly you of all people know that “we” (as in the unwashed American hoi polloi) have benefited not one iota from this imperialist nonsense, nor was it ever intended by the Reigning Elite that “we” benefit from it. The creation and maintenance of Global Empire is solely for the benefit of that tiny kleptoligarchy that pulls the strings from far above. The rest of us are mere serfs for the purpose, disposable tools as fungible as guns, bullets, and dollar bills.

  • When will the American citizens wake up – it is about the military establishment – your war factories – the kick backs to politicians it is about the money, money, money – They brainwash you that it is about freedom and security – The money that is being spent would likely give you a fighter jet and tanks every mile along the full length of your borders – it is very sad really to see such a waste of valued human life and the corruption of greed at the tax payers expense

  • M. Myers

    Michael – don’t feel bad about that (articles less for the moment), I can’t believe you spend so much time doing it! I love your blog

    • Michael

      Thank you – I try to post as regularly as I can, but this week is a bit crazy for me.


  • All of these US military invasions and occupations Michael has described cannot continue to take place without a large number of military enforcers – those willing to initiate physical force on foreigners, and increasingly on USers too.

    The power elites do not themselves get out into the fields of war but must depend solely on the populace as a source of bodies to follow orders to initiate physical force – and even give orders at the lowest levels to actually do so, since the higher command is rarely with the troops endangering themselves by their own orders. They are not commanding robots – even if many people still do not think beyond what channel on the TV will they watch – and so the individual humans are the weak link in the entire scheme.

    When large numbers of them simply refuse to enlist in the military and even the policing agencies, the governments, and those elites within and behind them, will show their teeth – shades of the wolf in Grandma’s clothing – and become more apparent to those not yet convinced of their evil. The hardest steps, as I see it, are those right now – convincing the majority who are still flag waving and rejoicing (or more reservedly smiling) earlier at Osama bin Laden’s highly reported death and the more recent highly gruesome assassination of Gaddafi.

    But even with those who are convinced – like the majority of those participating at this website .. How many are doing anything actively to reduce the number of enlistments in the military? How many try to seriously discourage every young person they know to NOT be part of the military?

    When there are far fewer government enforcers of the military variety there will be no wars of empire building and regime changing; a need for defense of one’s home and surrounding area from true physical harm-causing invaders will be met be readily met with volunteers. Discourage enlistments and reuppng in the military! (More: “Incremental Approach – A Better Method for Effecting Change” –
    You can do more than take part in online rants!

  • Piglet

    I think you missed the real point of these wars. They weren’t started to liberate anyone, except to liberate people of their lives. We established puppet governments in Afghanistan and Iraq to do our bidding (to allow corporate access to natural resources and construct military bases), and they are brutal, corrupt kleptocracies. The US invades and plunders other countries to lay claim to their assets (in this case, oil), just as other countries have done since the dawn of time. Of course, it doesn’t say to openly, and it likes to praise itself “for having brought enlightenment to the savages.” (This is not unlike the Nazis, who claimed to have swept aside the old, corrupt governments and monarchies of Europe and replaced them with the “blessings” of national socialism. Oh yeah, a real blessing that was.) We have blasted the living hell out of not just Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya but numerous others, killed millions of people, displayed millions of others, spewed depleted uranium far and wide, plundered their economies, and we wonder why we aren’t loved and appreciated for our efforts?

  • D

    WWII was also set up. 9-11 is the modern day Pearl Harbor. The elite forced Roosevelt to go to WWII.

    Before the US entered WWII, they established a patrol of the Pacific—a wall of American naval vessels stretched across the western Pacific in such a way as to make it impossible for Japan to reach any of her sources of supply; a blockade of Japan to prevent by force her use of any part of the Pacific Ocean.

    Roosevelt moved towards the Pacific theater first, knowing that, if he could provoke Japan to attack America first, America would automatically be at war with Germany as well. He also knew that, should Germany attack America, Japan would have to declare war on America. So Roosevelt attempted to get either nation to attack the United States first. Japan was to get the first opportunity.

    The US wanted resources. Roosevelt was controlled by the oligarch elite, same as today. History always repeats itself.

    WWIII is soon. Check out for more info – very interested materials on WWII there as well.

    • Paul

      Go to and search for Hannibal. There is a good account of the Three Punic Wars Carthage had with Rome. Basically all those wars were pointless. But Carthage was gone in the end.

      • Michael

        Carthage has an absolutely fascinating history. I encourage people to look into it.


  • henery

    dont tell me your just now realizing that the wars fought since the civil and beyond are simply money making endeavors but these particular coke snorting pigs in washington brought this to a new level……

  • I have been exposing all of this in my magazines, books, films and radio shows for the last 20 years. The War on Terror and the War on Drugs is a war against the American People. The drugs are brought in by the government agencies and sold to us to increase our chances of being put into the Gulag System here.

  • joelken

    In the honor of George Bush!!

  • Georgiaboy61

    The Founding Fathers warned us that we remain free and prosperous or we can engage in the games of empire – but not both. Big government has always loved war, because during wartime, abuses and usurpations of individual liberties can be proposed and enacted that would be impossible during peacetime – and justified in the name of “national security.” This is exactly what has happened. Does anyone here truly believe that the “Patriot Act” could have passed, or the DHS created, during peacetime?
    I disagree with Ron Paul about many things, but his call to restore the U.S. military to its constitutionally-mandated form and duties has merit. The Founders never would have approved of these endless “wars for peace” we are fighting all over the world.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Pedro Alfonso, re: “Jim, some day you may wake up and realize like millions of other people in the US that the official story of 9/11 was a fairy tale. The rest of the world is laughing at Americans for believing that one. The evidence shows that the official story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.” Sorry, Pedro, it is your head that is full of holes on this one, amigo. I fully agree with you that the govt. are a bunch of corrupt crooks, but 9-11 happened – on live TV, in front of millions. I myself saw the second airliner hit the WTC. The best scientists, engineers and other experts in the world have repeatedly debunked conspirary theories such as yours (and published them in Popular Mechanics and Popular Science for all to see) as being what they are – paranoid foolishness. Want a real conspiracy to chew on? Try Obama himself – everything about the man is a fraud. But 9-11? Give it up…

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