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What Is The Best Place To Live In America? Pros And Cons For All 50 States

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If you could live in any state in America, where would you go?  During troubled times like these, what is the best place in the United States to live?  A lot of people are asking these kinds of questions these days.  Our economy is on the verge of collapse, natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense, the U.S. population is becoming angrier and more frustrated by the day, our government has become incredibly oppressive and controlling, war could break out at any time and evidence that society is breaking down is all around us.  As our world becomes increasingly unstable, many families are considering moving somewhere else.  But what areas are best and what areas should be avoided?  Is there really a “best place to live” in America?  Well, the truth is that each family is facing a different set of circumstances.  If you have a great support system where you live, it can be really tough to pick up and move 3000 miles away from that support system.  If you have a great job where you live now, it can be really tough to move some place where there may be no job at all for you.  But without a doubt there are some areas of the country that will be far better off than others in the event of a major economic collapse.  This article will take a look at each of the 50 U.S. states and will list some of the pros and cons for moving to each one.

Not all of the factors listed below will be important to you, and a few have even been thrown in for humor.  But if you are thinking of moving in the near future hopefully this list will give you some food for thought.

A few years ago when my wife and I were living near Washington D.C. we knew that we wanted a change and we went through this kind of a process.  We literally evaluated areas from coast to coast.  In the end, we found a place that is absolutely perfect for us.  But different things are important to different people.

And if I gave your particular state a low rating, please don’t think that I am trashing the entire state or all of the people who live there.

For example, there are some absolutely wonderful people that live in the state of California, and there are some areas of California that I would not mind visiting at all.  But for the times that are coming I am convinced that it is going to be a really bad place to live.

Not that I have all the answers either.  Hopefully this article can get some debates started, and hopefully those debates will help people that are thinking of moving to another state to be more informed.

The following are some pros and cons for all 50 states….


Pros: warm weather, southern hospitality, relatively low population density

Cons: hurricanes, tornadoes, crime, not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants, rampant poverty

Overall Rating: C+


Pros: great fishing, lots of empty space, low population density, great for rugged individualists

Cons: very high cost of living, earthquakes, volcanoes, extremely cold, short growing season, too much snow, potentially cut off from supplies from the lower 48 states during an emergency situation

Overall Rating: B


Pros: warm weather

Cons: illegal immigration, wildfires, return of dust bowl conditions, not enough jobs, not enough rain, multiple nuclear power plants, crime, gang violence, Phoenix

Overall Rating: D+


Pros: southern hospitality, warm weather, Ozark National Forest

Cons: tornadoes, Clintons, New Madrid fault zone, multiple nuclear power plants, crime, rampant poverty

Overall Rating: C


Pros: Disneyland, warm weather, Malibu

Cons: high taxes, Jerry Brown, earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires, gang violence, crime, traffic, rampant poverty, insane politicians, ridiculous regulations, bad schools, political correctness, illegal immigration, not enough jobs, air pollution, multiple nuclear power plants, possible tsunami threat along the coast, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Stockton, Sacramento, huge drug problem, high population density, the state government is broke, many more reasons to leave California right here

Overall Rating: F


Pros: Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs

Cons: wildfires, illegal immigration, short growing season, not enough rain, too much snow, huge drug problem

Overall Rating: B


Pros: beautiful homes

Cons: high taxes, insane politicians, ridiculous regulations, political correctness, short growing season, multiple nuclear power plants, high population density

Overall Rating: C-


Pros: good fishing

Cons: Joe Biden, political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, crime, high population density

Overall Rating: D


Pros: University of Florida Gators, oranges, low taxes, southern hospitality, Disneyworld, Gainesville, warm weather, beautiful beaches, Daytona

Cons: hurricanes, most of the state is barely above sea level, high population density, not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants, crime, gang violence, illegal immigration

Overall Rating: C


Pros: peaches, southern hospitality, warm weather

Cons: not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants, crime, gang violence, flesh eating disease, Atlanta

Overall Rating: B-


Pros: awesome beaches, warm weather, great vacation destination

Cons: vulnerable to tsunamis, very high cost of living, volcanoes, traffic, high population density, high taxes

Overall Rating: C-


Pros: awesome people live there, great potatoes, low population density, high concentration of liberty-minded individuals, low crime, Sandpoint, Coeur d’Alene, north Idaho has plenty of water compared to the rest of the interior West, beautiful scenery

Cons: cold in the winter, wildfires, short growing season, not enough jobs

Overall Rating: A


Pros: once you get away from Chicago things are not quite so bad

Cons: Barack Obama, drought, New Madrid fault zone, high population density, political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, crime, gang violence, Chicago, East St. Louis, not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants, mob robberies, the state government is drowning in debt

Overall Rating: D-


Pros: it is in better shape than Illinois, good farming, high Amish population

Cons: drought, tornadoes, the city of Gary, relatively high population density, near the New Madrid fault zone, a “rust belt” state

Overall Rating: C-


Pros: low population density, low crime, good farming

Cons: drought, tornadoes, cold in the winter, multiple nuclear power plants, too much snow, very flat

Overall Rating: B-


Pros: low population density, low crime, good farming

Cons: drought, tornadoes, return of dust bowl conditions, very flat

Overall Rating: B


Pros: southern hospitality, great horses, Lexington

Cons: New Madrid fault zone, not enough jobs, rampant poverty, Louisville

Overall Rating: C


Pros: southern hospitality, warm weather

Cons: hurricanes, New Orleans, not enough jobs, tornadoes, multiple nuclear power plants, oil spills, crime, gang violence, rampant poverty

Overall Rating: D


Pros: low population density, low crime, polite people

Cons: extremely cold, short growing season, political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, too much snow

Overall Rating: B-


Pros: the Washington Redskins play there

Cons: Baltimore, borders Washington D.C., high population density, really bad traffic, political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, multiple nuclear power plants, crime, gang violence

Overall Rating: C-


Pros: beautiful homes

Cons: high taxes, political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, high population density, short growing season, almost everything is illegal in Massachusetts

Overall Rating: D+


Pros: once you get away from Detroit and Flint things get better

Cons: Detroit, Flint, Dearborn, extremely cold, short growing season, political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants, too much snow, a “rust belt” state

Overall Rating: D-


Pros: land of 10,000 lakes

Cons: extremely cold, short growing season, multiple nuclear power plants, too much snow, high taxes

Overall Rating: C


Pros: southern hospitality, relatively low population density, warm weather

Cons: hurricanes, tornadoes, not enough jobs, rampant poverty, crime

Overall Rating: C+


Pros: good farming, Branson

Cons: drought, tornadoes, New Madrid fault zone, not enough jobs, crime

Overall Rating: C


Pros: low population density, low taxes, high concentration of liberty-minded individuals, Missoula, Kalispell

Cons: extremely cold in the winter, wildfires, short growing season, not enough rain, near Yellowstone super volcano, rampant poverty, too much snow

Overall Rating: B+


Pros: low population density, good farming

Cons: tornadoes, drought, multiple nuclear power plants, cold in the winter, very flat

Overall Rating: B


Pros: low population density, lots of empty space, low taxes, warm weather

Cons: Harry Reid, Las Vegas, Reno, not enough water, not enough rain, wildfires, hard to grow food, not enough jobs, crime, gang violence, huge drug problem, Yucca Mountain

Overall Rating: D+

New Hampshire

Pros: low crime, beautiful homes

Cons: extremely cold, short growing season, political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, too much snow

Overall Rating: C

New Jersey

Pros: anyone got something?

Cons: high population density, Camden, Newark, not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants, Atlantic City, crime, gang violence

Overall Rating: D-

New Mexico

Pros: low population density, warm weather

Cons: illegal immigration, wildfires, return of dust bowl conditions, not enough jobs, not enough rain, crime, gang violence, huge drug problem

Overall Rating: C-

New York

Pros: the entire state is not like New York City

Cons: New York City, Mayor Bloomberg, high taxes, cold in the winter, high population density, political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants, the “too big to fail” banks

Overall Rating: D

North Carolina

Pros: southern hospitality, warm weather, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Cons: hurricanes, not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants

Overall Rating: B

North Dakota

Pros: low crime, lots of oil-related jobs, low population density

Cons: extremely cold, short growing season, too much snow

Overall Rating: B


Pros: the Cincinnati Reds, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, high Amish population

Cons: not enough jobs, cold in the winter, multiple nuclear power plants, high population density, Toledo, Cleveland, a “rust belt” state

Overall Rating: C


Pros: warm weather, good farming

Cons: drought, tornadoes, wildfires, return of dust bowl conditions, not enough rain, crime, Oklahoma City, rampant poverty

Overall Rating: C


Pros: tremendous natural beauty

Cons: high taxes, Portland, political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, not enough jobs, huge drug problem, possible tsunami threat along the coast

Overall Rating: C-


Pros: high Amish population

Cons: high population density, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants, a “rust belt” state

Overall Rating: C

Rhode Island

Pros: so small that most people don’t notice their problems

Cons: the state is flat broke, short growing season, political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, not enough jobs, high population density

Overall Rating: D+

South Carolina

Pros: southern hospitality, warm weather, Myrtle Beach

Cons: hurricanes, not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants, crime, gang violence, rampant poverty

Overall Rating: B

South Dakota

Pros: low population density, fun tourist traps, the Badlands, Mount Rushmore

Cons: extremely cold, short growing season, very flat, too much snow

Overall Rating: B


Pros: Nashville, Michael W. Smith, southern hospitality, warm weather, Gatlinburg

Cons: Memphis, New Madrid fault zone, multiple nuclear power plants, crime, gang violence, rampant poverty

Overall Rating: B-


Pros: low taxes, warm weather, Austin

Cons: drought, illegal immigration, tornadoes, wildfires, West Nile Virus, the Dallas Cowboys, return of dust bowl conditions, speed traps, not enough rain, multiple nuclear power plants, George W. Bush, crime

Overall Rating: B-


Pros: beautiful mountains, low crime, low population density

Cons: cold in the winter, wildfires, Salt Lake City, short growing season, not enough rain, illegal to collect rain

Overall Rating: B-


Pros: low crime, beautiful homes

Cons: cold in the winter, insane politicians, ridiculous regulations, short growing season, political correctness, not enough jobs, too much snow

Overall Rating: C


Pros: the University of Virginia, southern hospitality, Charlottesville

Cons: borders Washington D.C., high population density, multiple nuclear power plants, Richmond, really bad traffic in northern Virginia

Overall Rating: B-


Pros: the eastern half of the state is quite nice and much different from the coast

Cons: way too much rain along the coast, volcanoes, wildfires, insane politicians, ridiculous regulations, political correctness, not enough jobs, possible tsunami threat along the coast, Seattle

Overall Rating: C

West Virginia

Pros: beautiful mountains

Cons: not enough jobs, rampant poverty

Overall Rating: B


Pros: cheese, the Green Bay Packers

Cons: extremely cold, short growing season, multiple nuclear power plants, too much snow,

Overall Rating: B-


Pros: low population density, lots of empty space, low taxes

Cons: extremely cold, too windy, too flat, wildfires, short growing season, not enough rain, Yellowstone super volcano

Overall Rating: B-

What do you think of these rankings?

What do you think is the best place to live in America?

Do you have any additional pros and cons that should be added to this list?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Every state has some beautiful areas IF YOU LOOK for them and every state has pros and cons in a lot of areas and no state is the perfect prepper paradise. Take Hawaii a C- well Hawaii is an island and your stuck no matter how much gas you have all you can do is go in circles. NOT a great choice, as far as beauty, vacations tourist attractions etc. it’s an AAA+++ but for a prepper paradise it’s (I think it’s an E) Don’t get me wrong I love Hawaii it’s just not for prepping. I would much rather be stuck in Idaho than Hawaii (my thoughts)
    Prepare time is short…

    • Hawaii prepper

      I would have to disagree with the statement about prepping and Hawaii.
      Here is why

      Can grow food year round.
      Some of the wettest places on earth so plenty of fresh clean water.
      Plenty of fish able to be caught easily from the shorelines.
      Hunting is legal plenty of invasive axis deer, free roaming chickens, wild pig’s. No top level predators except us humans.
      Less population to fight for resources(I do not live in Oahu, which has a dense population)
      Tons of year round renewable energy sources. Solar works great here. The trade winds provide plenty of wind for turbines.

      I don’t disagree with the cons that Michael pointed out. But there is many great reasons why hawaii makes for good long term living after the surf.

      Just my point of view.

      • Livinginparadise

        Hawaii prepper: That was my same thoughts as well. I also posted some of the pros that I think are good for prepping here in Hawaii. I am glad to hear that I am not the only other one in Hawaii who feels the need to prep. Which island are you on?

  • callmecordelia1

    What do I think of the list? Three things:

    1. Super funny. I laughed out loud at a few of them.
    2. I predict you get a lot of feedback on this one.

    and last, but certainly not least….

    3. Woo hoo! Idaho got the only A! 😀 (Because it’s the best place to live, of course.)

    I don’t have any pros for New Jersey, but I have another con for Oregon– Eugene! That place is completely nuts. Lived there for 2 of the strangest years of my life! Haha!

    • Michael

      I think I have gotten a lot of people upset with this article.

      But hopefully more people will take it like you did. 🙂


      • SmallerGovNow

        It was good Michael, don’t sweat it…

      • Crossworks

        Michael, I wouldn’t worry to much. If people can’t take this with a grain of salt, then they’re all thinned skin like our illustrious president.

      • callmecordelia1

        I love that you throw some humor into your articles. It’s one of the reasons I come back to read every day. You cover heavy subjects. Without a little bit of humor, it’s kinda depressing! 🙂

      • Charlotte

        I laughed, too, out loud and had to read some of it to my parents, especially since we live in California! So true.

    • Jake

      I don’t know why people that make lists like this don’t include Idaho in the cons of living by the super volcano in Yellowstone. If the volcano is as big as they say it is, and the underground is as unstable as some people say it is, unless one would live in the very top, canadian border area, I am sure it is not very safe. Just from what I have heard. I’ve heard that MT, WY, ID, and possibly northern UT, could be affected severely from this volcano?? Just something to think about.

      • callmecordelia1

        I’m in Idaho, and I think if the Yellowstone volcano goes off, I’m a gonner. But I think it would be such a huge impact on the vast majority of the western US, that I’d maybe rather go in the first blast than deal with what would come after. Maybe that’s naive, but I don’t worry about it too much.

    • Jodi

      Me too! I laughed at some of the responses. Good article!

    • Idaho (North Idaho, to be exact) is God’s country.

      • Michael

        Yes, there is definitely a difference between south Idaho and north Idaho.


    • sharonsj

      Idaho has too many white supremacist groups.

      • Michael

        That was back in the old days. Now they don’t seem to be very prevalent up in Idaho at all.


    • Joe Dirt

      Idaho, along with all the upper west states are being sold off to China. Lest you either do not know or forgot the legislature there and govornor of Idaho just signed off on letting China build the federaly saction “free trade zones”. They would be the worst states to go as eminent domain will take what you got for China. The best states are whereever they grow lots of food and have energy to grow the food. Especially year round. Those are the places everyone else will have to bargan with when TSHTF,,

  • Karen

    Again I am warning people to move from the east coast and from the gulf of mexico and away from the new Madrid fault line a earthquake in September be gone by the 18th of September 2012 you have been warned

    • Crossworks

      If your going to give a warning then provide the source of proof.

      What you just did ids no different than Harry Reid saying that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes for 10 years because someone called him and told him so.

    • Orange Jean

      Can’t imagine where you got your “knowledge”… no basis for it whatsoever! (My background is an MS in geography, focused on natural hazards… especially earthquakes, BTW). Last I heard, nobody has figured out a way to predict them.

  • D B

    So….why is nuclear power a con? When was the last nuclear power disaster in this country? 3 Mile island, of course – but done correctly, nuclear is safe and incredibly efficient. There is of course nasty coal – we sure have a bunch of it…wind – JOKE (if it needs a subsidy it generally sucks)..ethanol? ******** how stupid (especially corn) solar? (anyone heard of Solyndra?) how about our energy policy – we,ve got it – but you can’t have it – oh yeah, lets let China drill in the Gulf off Cuba – OR…..lets give Russia all sorts of oil rich islands that are American……hmmmmm….the leadership in this country SUCKS on both sides of the aisle – Energy is here and available – to many powers that be don’t want the average American to have it cheap any longer – sucks for us the economic calamity we face (no matter what party is in charge) – Maybe you should do an analysis of what country in the world we should go to once the USA succumbs to its end of fake prosperity…..

    • Michael

      D B:

      Let’s say an EMP burst or a major earthquake causes some of these nuclear plants to go “Fukushima” all of a sudden.

      Then having nuke plants nearby would be a VERY big deal.


      • I’ll have to disagree with you on that one too Michael. I think nuclear power is safe, and I think the EMP burst is way overblown. If they ever lose the reaction, it just starts burning a big hole in the ground. No big deal IMHO. An EMP burst would not generate anywhere near the electromagnetic voltage that indirect lightning strikes do, and our infrastructure survives these all the time. But, it wont survive a Mexican construction worker who ran over the Charter Fiber Optic cable here yesterday and dropped high speed internet and TV to 366 units. But, hey it could happen to a white guy too.

        Michael is there s bit of a tree-hugger spirit in you? Am I detecting that right? I wonder if you all considered moving to the real Washington, and not the one the media calls Washington? Interesting article though. For now I must stay here in Ft. Worth, TX where my support base is. When I was younger and stronger and not sick, I just packed up the car and moved to Seattle. Back then it only took a couple of weeks to find a job. I stayed there 5 years.

        • Michael

          No, I am not a tree hugger.


  • nowwthen

    How about a little less emphasis on nuclear power plants cause ya know, when they fail they don’t recognize state borders. State income tax and sales tax rates and the cost of real estate might be a little more pertinent than the length of growing sesons or Amish demographics to most folks contemplating relocation.
    “Gee Honey, I’d like to move to Connecticut but there’s just not enough time to grow our beans or enough Amish there to help us pick ’em.” Seriously?

  • i’vegivenup


    Your C rating of FL is way too generous. FL Gators?? Really?? We have a state government (house and senate) completely governed by a Republican super majority plus a thug governor in Rick Scott. I live here so I know from experience that FL harbors a cesspool of criminals and runaways from all over the country. “Southern hospitality” is confined mainly to the northern part of the state (north of Orlando)and is non-existent in S FL. Most jobs are low paying service industry ones. Disney World is fun but expensive and soon will price it’s way out of business. The summers are brutal but for a month or two the weather is bearable (winter).

    My grade….F…

    • Michael

      Perhaps I was a bit too soft on Florida, but I went to law school down there and I loved the warm weather.

      Plus no state income tax is a nice thing too. 🙂


      • Julie

        I’m in FL, I agree with your C as an overall, but I’d rate my area (NW Florida) a B and the rest of the state (Orlando area and everything south of it) a D or lower. Too many liberals, illegal immigrants, and crime. NW Florida is almost like being in Alabama – it’s much more “friendly” and more “good ole boys” with coon dogs and deer rifles. Those guys know how to hunt and skin a deer, good skills to have!

      • r.bitting

        Tebow is gone man, accept it and move on.

        • Michael

          Yes, the Gators are going to have another rough season this year.


      • Jayber

        I think you are insane if you think Gulf coast weather is “warm.” I lived there many years and two things stuck out in my head: a) how incredibly f-ing hot and humid the weather was 75%-90% of the year and b) the ubiquitousness of poisonous insects and reptiles.

        With all the history in the South, I never stopped thinking to myself and wondering: why in the heck would anyone CHOOSE to live in a place like that back then, with the heat, humidity, poisonous plants, insects and reptiles, disease, flooding/hurricanes… Yes, I know, there are some nice places down there–but constantly sweating your nards off while getting eaten alive by skeeters, dodging snakes and getting bitten by spiders isn’t what I’d call “fun” or “good livin’.”

        • Alasha


        • Saq

          Back before air conditioning, the rich only wintered here. Before the 1950-60’s there weren’t many people here at all ….

    • Edward

      Florida is a myth. the southern part is really part of Cuba. The northern part is really part of Geargia. The middle belongs to Mickey Mouse.
      Florida Native living in Virginia.

    • laura m.

      gotto agree with Michael; we left Fla. in ’82 after trying to get work and econ was bad then; moved to Ala. and prospered unlike we ever imagined. Now we’ve been retired eight years, and far enough from the coast 90 mi. N. don’t want to be any closer…

  • William Masciarelli

    It too me too long to realize this was a joke.

    Wasted my precious time.

  • K

    Michael, well done. Not a single score, I disagreed with. I retired to TN., a few years ago. As with most states, it is the location in the state. Far N.E. corner of the state for me. Fairly high up in the mountains. Only drawback to this area, a fair amount of poverty. And also no public services to speak of. But I am o.k. with that.

    • Michael


      Eastern Tennessee is definitely better than the other end of the state.

      But I had to give the entire state one grade.


      • Oh yea, Memphis is the butt end IMHO.

      • crawgator

        your assessment of my state was spot on thank TN would enjoy being a B-. we are not perfect but you won’t starve.

  • Kindra

    I have to admit I am a bit confused by this system of “ranking” the states on qualities that are so blatantly biased that even an avid reader like I can not take seriously. Listing the “University of Florida Gators” as a positive aspect of Florida is ridiculous, and stating “awesome people live there” for Iowa is ludicrous at best. If you continue wasting your time posting completely biased opinions as fact, no one will take you seriously anymore, and you’re no better than the leaders of this country that you claim have gotten us into the mess our country is in.

    • Michael

      I can’t have a little fun and throw a little shout out to my Gators? 🙁


      • Tebow fan?

        • Michael

          Of course I am a Tebow fan. 🙂


      • Lighten Up People

        Anyone who missed the statement about humor right off the bat needs to get some! Lighten up people – give Michael a break. This clearly wasn’t scientific and didn’t have a lot of meat to it and that is OK – you want scientific go read Joel Skousen’s Strategic Relocation. I thought this was very funny – and I live in CA.

      • J.J.C

        My husband agrees with you on that point Michael. Go Gators! (chomp)

      • Stranded

        I watch this site often, this is the first time posting. I’m definately not upset by any means by this article, though Michael there is a state I will set you straight on. IOWA! BAD BAD BAD place. It is not what it seems. Alot of underhanded stuff goes on, sly underhanded taxing and very expensive living. They absolutely love the Stalin/Alinskey divide and conquer method and love to STALK people & distroy property. Agenda 21 is silently being enacted and the people of the state seem extremely “Godly” in mentality. You can read online how they are all “saviors”, but fact is they are anything but. No manners at all, rude, self centered and very MEAN. I would never encourage any freedom loving person to think Iowa is a place of serenity because it is anything but. Like to be “run off the road” and have it called an “accident”? Iowa is the place to be. CRUEL to kids, the kindness they show is an illusion at best, corrupt to the core. Those looking for safety & security? Well, they say it’s safe, but again that is one heck of an illusion. Fact is it is one rough state to live in but since it is the “HEART” land there’s alot of hush – hush going on and the police force is only there for the friend of a friend of a friend as with the court system. Iowa is a sad sad place to live and the illusion they have created is down right dangerous. Love your article but wow the misconception of Iowa was astonishing. Extremist are everywhere and alot of crimes are “covered up”. If you have always lived in Iowa you know no difference however if you have been elsewhere and then go back, it is shocking. Everyone is bought and paid for.

        • Michael

          That is the kind of insight I am looking for. I am certainly no expert on Iowa. Hopefully people will learn more about these different areas from the comments than they did from my article. 🙂


        • McKinley Morganfield

          You obviously do not live in Iowa and probably have spent very little time in the state, if any at all. I’ve lived and prospered in Iowa for 64 years, we raised our children here, worked here, and never experienced any of the silly horrors you describe. You must be a jealous Illinois(Cook County?) resident too lazy to cross the Big Muddy and work hard to establish yourself in a state that is doing well despite the ongoing recession.

          Does iowa have problems? Of course meth is a big one along with pockets or rural poverty. But this is utter nonsense: “They absolutely love the Stalin/Alinskey divide and conquer method and love to STALK people & distroy property. Agenda 21 is silently being enacted and the people of the state seem extremely “Godly” in mentality. You can read online how they are all “saviors”, but fact is they are anything but. No manners at all, rude, self centered and very MEAN.”

          In fact people who really visit Iowa for the first time are surprised by the politeness Iowans show to strangers. Put down the meth pipe and go to rehab….. your teeth and your mind are rotting.


          All you can learn from this idiot is he knows nothing about life in Iowa. What a joke.

        • Orange Jean

          Well, now THAT explains it! I have a new boss, who is from Iowa… a total bitch with a smiley face. I call her the “Corn Fed Commie”.

          This young woman is sneaky, takes credit for other peoples hard work… and in every respect reflects exactly what you describe.
          “They absolutely love the Stalin/Alinskey divide and conquer method and love to STALK people & distroy property.” actually describes her to a T (despite McKinley M.’s comments to the contrary, sorry! I’m sure there are good things about the state also, most places are a mix…)

          I’m sorry you feel stuck there, hope you figure out somehow to get unstuck!

          • McKinley Morganfield

            If Stranded is truly residing in Iowa, he needs to leave so he can tear down another state and lower our unemployed numbers.

            “I have a new boss, who is from Iowa… a total bitch with a smiley face. I call her the “Corn Fed Commie”.”

            You have either met a rare Iowan or you are making this up. Corn Fed Commies are as rare as flying pigs and unicorns. Sure, there are some idiotic progressives, but that does not describe 90% of the population. In reality, I suspect your new boss demands hard work and efficiency and you don’t want to handle that.

          • Orange Jean

            Sorry McK – I have over 30 yrs experience working and have a very strong work ethnic; have NEVER had a boss (or customer) who complained about my hard work or efficiency. I’ve always gotten excellent evaluations in that regard.

            Now…she *may* be a rare Iowan, but I’m not making her up.

            PS Since I’ve not ever met anyone else from there, I’d have no way to know that wasn’t a common attitude either.

      • Gay Veteran

        go Dawgs! or better yet, go Vols!

    • Mondobeyondo

      Life’s too short to be so serious all the time.

    • joshc

      this article is redonk prolly worst one yet, badly thought out. it should have been done from a prepper point of view, pros could have ibeen what kind of local resources are in the state and such for example a pro for michigan is that its surrounded by one of othe largest bodies of fresh water in the world.. i completely agree with kindra

    • Kathy Smith

      Take a pill parts of the list are for entertainment & Micheal does a wonderful job keeping us informed of all that is going on. Criticism was a little harsh.

    • Kam

      This is one of the paragraphs that prefaced the list:

      Not all of the factors listed below will be important to you, and a few have even been thrown in for humor. But if you are thinking of moving in the near future hopefully this list will give you some food for thought.

      This is a blog, not a medical journal. It’s this writers opinion. You can’t expect this website to save you. There are lots of others within the same genre. Take the pieces of the puzzle from each of your resources and put them together, and in the end most everyone’s puzzle is going to look a little different but you have to do your own thinking. Ideas have been postulated, use it to stimulate a discussion or further thought.

    • S. Wiseman

      Jeez, Kindra, chill a bit. Of course its biased, subjective, highly opinionated. No too people will like or seek the same things.
      Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying.

    • Redneck Joe

      He said in the preface that there was some humor

    • Junior

      I agree with Kindra.

      It’s fine for it to have humor but this was really “clubby” humor. Meaning, if you’re a white conservative Tea Party or Republican or Libertarian you might think the jokes are funny. If you’re not in that club the jokes just look like a “you’re not welcome here” sign. I wasn’t offended. I’m used to being the odd man out and am too egotistical to mind being left out of a club. I’m sure the writer meant no offense and just makes the mistake of assuming everyone likes what he likes.

      For example: I don’t really like Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs in collapse? It’s the epitome of an oil dependent suburb with no social ties other than mega churches and mall-walkers. No agriculture and no water. So the advantage is you could stare at shuttered chain restaurants in mini malls and starve around a bunch of other people with the same skin color and religious affiliation. I was just there this summer and the whole time I thought this place is going to be really a weird and scary place to be. Lots of desperate people holed up and quietly dying in huge vinyl clad houses, with the only source of hope offered being the scene of apocalyptic frenzy and fanaticism in the mega churches. I guess we’re supposed to be all rah-rah about Colorado Springs and enjoy the joke because of it’s whiteness and conservative Christian make-up? When I think of that brand of Christianity I think of the Colorado Springs pastor that loved getting high on meth and going to male hookers in Denver and preaching for family values back home in C. Springs. That gives me a chuckle every time.

      People out there that say “lighten up”: The jokes in the article weren’t meant for me so they didn’t raise any laughs, but maybe they brightened your day. I don’t want to be around religious fanatics or militia people in Idaho. When I hear people whine about political correctness I just assume they haven’t grown up and learned to keep their mouths shut when they don’t have something nice to say about others. I hope you can “lighten up” enough to not be offended by that. Remember: Not all preppers are like you! 😉

      Other than that, the “real” information in the list seemed irrelevant a good deal of the time. All the regulations in any state are going to fly out the window when the stuff hits the fan. Scenery? Can’t tell if that’s a joke or not. Southern hospitality? Can’t tell if that’s a joke either. Too much jokey stuff and not enough serious to make this worth reading through 50 states. Please don’t be offended by my opinion!

  • cletus van damme

    mass is better than ct. Lower unemployment rate and better jobs. Also, NH isnt that bad either, lower taxes, better gun rights, good jobs in the southern part of the state.

  • Rodster

    I love Florida, been here most of my life. So i’m staying here.

    And as South Florida icon Jimmy Buffet once wrote in one of his songs. “In 100 years this all won’t matter”.

    So remember no matter how bad it gets in less than a 100 years you’ll be taking a dirt nap. 🙂

  • mark

    Idaho is nice and a lot of the people are nice. My daughter lives there and a lot of her husbands family is there. The growing season is a little short. The Boise area around the snake river is a little better in the winter. I would not go east of Boise as you get a little to close to yellowstone. The panhandle is cold and you have a few nuke plants west of you in Washington that could mess up your place in a disaster. You have sales tax on food. The politics are more towards freedom. I like south west Oregon around Roseburg. The growing season is good and you can grow cool season crops and I do like all of the green trees. during most of the winter. The grass is great for live stock part of the year and grass hay is cheap. We have plenty of water in some places and we are within an hour or so from the coast for crabing and fishing. The hunting is good and we have plenty of madrone for great firewood. We don’t have sales tax on anything and Douglas County is consertive. The down side are the nut cases up north that run the politics of the state and our income tax is high. The zoning laws from the state will not allow much development and we do have an estate tax if that affects you.The state only has about 3&1/2 million people so if enough freedom loving people came we could tilt the poiltics towards freedom.

  • Portlander

    Re: Oregon, and Portland in general:
    I can appreciate how “backwards” we appear to you, although I find it highly amusing in some respects.

    Oregon’s gun ownership laws are fairly straightforward: unless it’s a bazooka, or a fully automatic weapon without a federal stamp, you can own it. Yes, you can own a .50 caliber machine gun provided you’ve registered, etc. etc. Of course, if you want to present yourself as a raving lunatic waving around a .50 caliber browning in public, well, don’t expect a friendly response. Best if you pack that up and take that outside the city limits to a firing range – like everyone else does. Even then, I think you can still own the bazooka…I guess I better check…

    Portland’s inner city transit system, while not perfect, is often held up as a working model for other cities. The light rail system is efficient and almost always on-time. The bus system works, although it’s often of the same quality as found in other cities. Funny how the bus system – highly petrodependent – is not nearly as good as our light rail. But as a whole, it works.

    Political Correctness? This label being applied to the city that has the motto “Keep Portland Weird!”? Well, perhaps in the last 4 years, as the recent mayor has enacted some silly stuff. But not prior to that.

    It also doesn’t help that we have tons of Cali refugees (what else would you call them?) flooding into the state, as the mass exodus of the last 10 years has bourne out. Portland’s – and by extension, the state’s – population has swelled by 30% in that time frame. You cant’ walk more than 1 block in the North part of Downtown Portland without running into a former Cali. I think you would find it interesting that all of the changes you probably dislike took place once the exodus from Cali started – people basically packing up their bad habits and bringing them along. Now, I can hardly drive on the freeways because dufus drivers who are used to 8 lane traffic sudden cut only 3 lanes without a turn signal, and they think this is “normal”. No wonder goofy laws were enacted over the last few years.

    High taxes. Compared to where? New York City? Urban California? Chicago? I’d like to see some data on how “high” those taxes are compared to other states that tax the daylights out of your paycheck. I usually loose 33% of my gross paycheck to taxes – including all the federal taxes. What’s left over at the end of the day for you? By the way, only in Multnomah County have I ever heard of a 3rd tax tier – a tax for Portland Schools. Everywhere else, there’s just fed and state, no county, no city. Very curious as to what other people are experiencing.

    Huge drug problem = South Oregon. Far less in North Oregon (North = Willamette Valley again, from Eugene to Portland), and much less in Eastern Oregon.

    Not enough jobs. Is this a joke? That’s a national problem right now. People in South Oregon actively fought against having any other kind of non-timber-industry business show up, and now they are stuck with big box retailers like Walmart and Home Depot, and can’t figure out why things get worse and worse…while Portlanders fight Walmart tooth and nail to keep their stench out. Walmart tried for YEARS to get into the west side of town, and after a long, long fight, was only allowed a very modest food supermarket – but nothing else – as a compromise.

    Insane Politicians. Also a national issue. Hardly original or unique. Stupid Regulations? Yes, there are a few, but people are challenging them.

    Tsunamis? Erm, yeah, we have signs all over tsnuami zones – “if you hear the siren, leave immediately and go to higher ground”. Which is usually like, what, 10 blocks away? Really, you should visit our coast more often.

    But what really gets me going – is that Oregon’s weather patterns in the Willamette valley, from Eugene up through Portland, are ideal for growing food. All kinds of crops are grown in the valley and the frequent rainfall coming in from the coast doesn’t hurt either. Scenic beauty is nice, but it doesn’t put food on the table. Food, and easily available rainwater, and very liberal laws that are friendly to urban farming, are especially important. There are several neighborhoods that allow chickens within the city limit, and it’s hardly seen as a bad thing – far from it. We’re quietly gearing up for our own version of “power down”, while the rest of the nation continues to go right off the rails with the existing petrodollar model.

    Portland may not fit your “traditional value” mold, and I appreciate that. But don’t pigeonhole us into something we’re not.

    And now for the REAL issues with Oregon/Portland:

    – South Oregon refuses to let “outsiders” in, can’t figure out why they have been economically depressed for decades. East and North Oregonians simply scratch their heads and say “ah well, if that’s what you want…”

    – The going joke 20 years ago in Douglas County is “Timber isn’t the #1 cash crop”. There are certain BLM roads you just don’t go down without asking the locals first – you might find a man with a funny looking gun in his hands making hurried gestures for you to turn around before he gets angry…

    – Meth has pretty much surpassed pot as the drug of choice since then. And while it is a state-wide problem, guess where the bulk of it is being sold and used?

    – Portland police have a bad recent history of “shoot first, find out if they were a spectator or a crook afterwards”. They are equal opportunity shooters – both white and black are shot and killed. Calling 911 takes on all kinds of new “adventure” – who will kill you first, the home intruder, or the cop responding?

    – Umatilla’s VX gas stockpile has given people the heebee-geebees for years. The fed is ever-so-slowly “burning it off” in an incinerator, but Umatilla still lives in fear of an “oopsie” moment. It also doesn’t help that the damn things are threatening to leak…and all it takes is a drop of VX to kill a room filled with people.

    – We live around Volcanos. Really? Really. The last one dumped enough ash on the city to kill car engines, and St. Helens is farther away than our playland, Mt. HOod, which is….a dormant volcano.

    – Earthquakes. We don’t have big ones, but we do have little ones that create a little trouble now and then.

    – Bridges. We are SO dependent on our bridge systems here. And many had to be retrofitted for earthquakes. Some haven’t been, which means…they might not be around in the future.

    – Affordable housing. Our urban growth boundry has been a double edged sword. Over decades, it has prevented sprawl-like conditions found in California, but now that we are facing a drastic change in how our economy may be, it might be time to look at loosening the regs regarding farm land. If agriculture is somewhere in your future, it doesn’t make sense to start building high density housing ala San Fran.

    – Speaking of housing, the sudden penchant to build crappy common-wall homes. Developers bought good land, in some cases with one or two houses on it, tore everything up, and shoved crappy McMansions on them – or worse, townhomes. Many are so unlivable that I can’t imagine what people wre thinking moving into them. Old-timers in their 1,400 sq ft ranch homes are laughing their rears off.

    I’m sure there are more Pros/Cons, but I wouldn’t give Oregon a C- just yet, especially when the rest of the nation seems hellbound to “keep going on at all costs”, despite the fact that “doing what we’ve always done” is rapidly fading away. It’s time to take a hard, cold look at where we are really going; and make plans that allow all of us to transition to a new lifestyle that includes more local food production and less urban blight.

    But, hey, I’m just another crazy Portlander, what do I know?

    • mark

      Well I sure hope all of you Portlanders stay put if a collaspe happens. And I promise that I will stay in Douglas County during a collaspe. That sure would take a lot of pressure off of us in the country. I guess we are not high class like you city folk and I suppose that a reputation running around Portland that we crazy gun nuts chase off outsiders from BLM roads could be a good thing in a collaspe. lol

    • And Portland has some of the best looking hookers on the west coast? Is that a pro or con?

    • Ant

      Did you hear about the man in the Medford area that was put in jail for 30 days for collecting rain water? That is a clear sign of political and legal hell. Whats their problem, don’t they think there is enough rain in Oregon? This single act shows just how stupid the Oregon legal and political system is. If you cant collect rain water on your own property and in turn put it back into the ground at a later time then these politicians are simply there to take us out. They must hate us so much that they will do anything to make our life a living hell. If it were not for this I would have raised Oregon’s rating. These water police need to be ran out of oregon.

      Another problem in Oregon is you had better not ever speed. Cops are everywhere ready to give you a ticket. Forget about fighting crime, the police are only interested in generating revenue from tickets.

      I love Oregon’s climate but hate their ridiculous Laws. Laws are ultimately the tool of corrupt people. Take away the stupid laws in Oregon and the Radiation from Japan and I think Oregon would be one of the best places in the US to live.

      • mark

        Many states in the west have water rights enforced by the state. The state of Oregon owns all of the water in the state. The only water that you can use without a water right is a surface spring that starts and stops on your property. If the water makes it to the commons ( another stream ) in a natural stream bed the state owns that water also. The guy in Medford had several large ponds and the city of Medford has the water rights for that water shed. Water law in the west is pretty strict. They don’t bother people for storing small amounts of rainfall in general. If you have a household well you can water up to 1/2 acre for your garden or yard.

    • Rodster

      Oregon is one of the few states that has every climate. You can skiing, go to the desert, drive to the beach or watch a waterful. Oregon is truly a beautiful State. I lived in Clackamas county for close to two years and had to get out. Too much weird for me.

      Isn’t Oregon the State that wanted to embrace the Klingon language? Apparently too many trekkie fans communicate this way. I guess Oregon feels if you can”t beat “em, join ’em. 🙂

  • Illusive Man

    Northern Virginia is one of the last surviving zones of prosperity. The great recession has not hit us so bad … yet. Low crime, but high cost of living.

    I’ve also heard about certain locations in Montanna, and the Dakotas that are booming because of the domestic energy boom. Some towns are literally scrambling to find workers, even unskilled.

    • liberranter

      Northern Virginia is one of the last surviving zones of prosperity.

      Having lived there for several years during the first decade of this century, I can tell you with absolute authority that almost ALL of that fake “prosperity” is due, directly or indirectly, to runaway spending by the federal government in nearby Rome-on-the-Potomac. Strip that away, and this region is just as devoid of a real free market economy as every other region of the country.

  • Mike

    This article was really lame! Way off in most states, biased towards idaho

    • Michael

      Do you not like Idaho?


    • Texan

      I totally agree!

  • md

    Like Illinois away from Chicago, Southern Indiana is not Gary, Indy, or Ft Wayne. It is quiet peaceful, rural, and much of it wooded.

    • Michael

      I agree – southern Indiana is much different from Gary


      • SE Indian is nice too–Batesville, Connersville, etc. But, where are you going to work there?

  • DaytoDay

    Fun list Michael!

    My home state (KY) didn’t fare to well, although I do agree with you 100% on my current state AZ…

    Where’s the best place to live?

    Well, if we are talking about “Armageddon” Then I would say central and northern U.S. (To avoid the trade winds in a nuclear attack)

    I have thought about this quite a bit and my top choice would be Montana, Wyoming or Kentucky (Since I’m familiar with and love the state)

    Although, if California had lower taxes, strong border, good politicians, low regulations, and was Libertarian/Conservative, It would be the best state to live in hands down… Ideal weather 365 days a year, oceans, mountains and forests, perfect climate to grow food year round, and like you said, Disneyland!!!

    Nothing can do about the earthquakes and hurricanes, but San Diego, San Bernardino or Apple Valley would be close to perfect… But remember, we’re dreaming 😉

    • dianec

      Michael – when people think of AZ they think of Phoenix. It is the pits. I never go there. However AZ has a LOT of rural areas. Right – no jobs, but for me, I am close to retirement and prepared as best as I can and feel very safe in my little part of the world. Also, I can see anyone coming for at least a mile.

      Where I live, we do have some cold and snow. But with a greenhouse and other things, we can still grow our vegies.

      If I didn’t live here…. I would like to go to Idaho!!

      • dianec

        Oh, and I forgot to say, I left CA 15 years ago. Was born and raised in San Diego. It WAS beautiful back then. Now Ca is a mess. It deserves an F.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          ************. From that description, You totally live either somewhere around Sierra Vista or up around Flagstaff. I finished high school in Sorry Vista.

      • liberranter

        Right – no jobs, but for me, I am close to retirement and prepared as best as I can and feel very safe in my little part of the world.

        That’s the biggest problem with this state: the entire economy is predicated on the state remaining a Saharan nursing home, fed by the social security checks and meager pensions of its grey population, with a few occasional dollars tossed in from the rapidly dwindling tourist trade. This is an absolutely unsustainable economic model. Given the continuing decline of the dollar, the collapse of American industry, and the unsustainability of the concept of “retirement” as that term is currently understood, Arizona, in order to remain viable in the near future, is going to have to completely change its ways. Even Florida, Amerika’s other geriatric hub, primitive as its economy is, is more economically diversified than is Arizona. As it is, Arizona relies heavily on federal handouts to sustain its operating budget, which makes our walking blonde joke of a governor’s anti-fed blustering all the more ludicrous.

        Other than that of Phoenix and the rest of Maricopa County (a “con” on Michael’s list), local governments here are hostile toward business, burdening entrepreneurs with regulations and red tape that would make the neighboring People’s Socialist Democratic Republic of Kalifornia turn green with envy. These same governments then wonder why their cities and counties are bankrupt and dysfunctional and why their populations are fleeing in disgust (Tucson, where I live, has lost almost 50,000 residents in the last 20 years).

        One major cause of the rot that infects Arizona is the fact that many of its residents are Kalifornia refugees who, having rendered their own state uninhabitable over the past three decades, have fled here in order to infect a new host and start the process of decay and destruction all over again. My only hope is that the current population immune system is healthy enough to resist them, though I’m not holding my breath.

        The illegal alien problem here is, in my opinion, overblown. Given the pitiful state of the economy here, there isn’t much work for anyone, illegal or legal. Most of the illegals, recognizing that there’s no future here and that if they’re going to starve to death, they might as well do it at home where they’re most comfortable, have self-deported. To give things some perspective: I live literally right outside the boundary of a national park that is supposedly notorious for being a highway for drug and human smuggling from “El Sud.” Yet I’ve never seen even a hint of such activity in the nearly eight years I’ve lived here. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, but it’s nowhere near as common as the Reich-wing, doomsaying control freaks (including that despicable, fascist, criminal, self-serving blowhard “Sheriff” Joke Arpiggo) say that it is.

        Last but not least, and I’ve probably mentioned this in this blog elsewhere in the past, Arizona has sold its soul to the prison-industrial complex. In a way I guess that makes sense, given the rich prison fodder that populates this state (for some reason, people with “pasts” seem to come here from all parts of the country to hide). The town of Florence, northeast of Phoenix, in particular, is just one big prison, housing both a pair of state “penitentiaries” (that term needs to be outlawed, punishable by death) and a pair of Reichssicherheitsdienst detention centers. While Florence is an extreme example, you really can’t travel more than 100 miles from any point in this state and not encounter some sort of gaol. It’s beyond depressing; it’s just plain sickening and shameful.

        All of the above said, here’s the bottom line: It really, in the end, doesn’t make a damned bit of difference where in the Amerikan Soyuz (thank you, Will Grigg) you choose to live or where you end up trapped. Like the remains of the Roman Empire of the late Fifth Century, Amerika today is a nation and society in its death throes. No matter what quarter of the Empire you might flee to, you’re still trapped inside the beast. As it devours itself, it will devour you along with it.

        There is no escape!

  • Mattyboy

    Wherever you go, there you are.

  • KYTim89

    Why did you mention Louisville as being a con for KY? That is my hometowm, and it definently a hell hole, but I am curious as to why you added it to the list.

    • Michael

      I wouldn’t put a hellhole in the “pro” column. 🙂


      • KYTim89

        Have you ever been there? What made you put that city on the list?

        • liberranter

          Tim, did you notice that for most of the states, Michael put at least one city on either the “pro” or “con” list? Louisville just happens to be KY’s largest city, so that’s why it made the list.

          BTW, my in-laws live in Louisville. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “hellhole,” but it’s definitely NOT where I’d want to be when TSHTF.

          • Sara

            I live in a county bordering Louisville and I work downtown. I’d rather work and live elsewhere, however, I was recently laid off and consider myself lucky to have found another job immediately with (at least for now) upward mobility. I was born and raised here, am super familiar with the area and my immediate family (parents, aunt/cousin, and grandparents) live within a 15 minute WALK from my house. I have a very small apt, so I depend on being able to stash the majority of my “supplies” at my old bedroom in my parents. I’m making the best of what I have available. There are worse places to live.

  • AZ John

    Noticed you didnt mention that there were any insane politicians in any of the red states. I can assure you, they have plenty.

    • liberranter

      Almost ALL of the politicians in ALL of the states, “red” or “blue,” are either insane, criminals, or both.

  • Jaguar34

    Forgot the great lakes! Lots of water and fishing. Yes, Detroit sucks. But i agree, get out of the big cities here and it’s a nice state. Much better then florida (grew up there).

  • Rich

    But what do you think about Canada ?

    • Michael

      It is hard to give a single grade to a nation as diverse as Canada.

      But in general I tend to really like Canada. But once again I am biased.


  • Kendra

    *****South Carolina: Overall Rating: B
    Pros: southern hospitality, warm weather, Myrtle Beach
    Cons: hurricanes, not enough jobs, multiple nuclear power plants, crime, gang violence, rampant poverty******
    1st,WARM? Seriously? It is hot as dog crap! And lots of rain bringing mosquitoes and roaches.
    2nd, You left out the seriously corrupted Legislature. 3rd, I like it anyway.

    • Livinginparadise

      How is the Summerville, SC area? Is the humidity unbearable during the summer? How is the spring, fall and winter?

  • I am Tyler Durden’s contempt for the system

    I am from New Jersey…I wasn’t offended at all…I guess the only ‘pro’ about living in this state is that it gives you thick enough skin to say “I don’t give a flying ******* what people think about me and my *********** state.”

    • liberranter

      Having been born and raised in Northeast Jersey, one of the things Michael should have mentioned was “great food!”

      • Kevin2

        I second that vote on NJ food. A “great” diner in Florida would go out of business in NJ.

  • Steph

    Another option than Idaho might deserve an A.


    I see what’s happening on your side of the border in the States, and i’d definitely consider moving north of the border if I was in the same situation. The last recession didn’t have a huge effect on our economy, except for Ontario maybe, and there won’t be martial law here anytime soon. Politicians are not as corrupt as in the States, lobbies barely exist, and there is less regulations.

    We’re only 32 millions, there’s still room for some of you guys!

    • The area just across the border (Penticton and such) is absolutely gorgeous!! Nice people, too

  • Nella Rogers

    I think the Dallas Cowboys are a Pro to living in Texas not a Con so please do change that one.

  • Matthew

    Why is Salt Lake City in the cons section for Utah? I suppose it’s a good thing I’m about 40 miles South of it and in a different county then.

  • Really?

    Ohio deserves a D at best cities deteriorating 6 million people and 15 jobs lol……rated as fifth worst state to live in…..need I say more.

    • Really?

      Was pulled over for driving 28mph in a 25mph zone myself and passenger slapped with $300 dollar fine for seat belt violation are you kidding me. $120 for me $106 for passenger and another $80 for me letting passenger go without seatbelt not to mention the uncalled for interrogation of us both , 5 o’clock in the afternoon went to help a buddies mom with a plumbing problem and that’s what I get for doing a good deed in Ohio LMAO, but I guess they needed to make a payment on the new Charger. Other than possible safety from earthquakes and other natural disasters (1500 ft above sea level) it’s a dump with more rules and regulations than you can shake a stick ,John Beohner .
      I take my D grade back and give it an F- definitely not a C for sure.

      • DaytoDay

        “Was pulled over for driving 28mph in a 25mph zone”

        I grew up in the KY, OH and WV tri-state area and I guess somethings never change…

        My dad always HATED driving through Ohio, because they will literally pull you over going 1mph over the speed limit… Been that way for over 20 years… THEY DON’T CARE!!!

        • Really?

          I feel your dads pain lol. I thought their was a law that allowed for a 5mph speedometer adjustment…..I don’t know just paid the damn idiotic fine and went on living my life. I’m glad I’m not the only one that knows it’s just revenue pushing plus I was driving an older model vehicle , guess they thought they were gonna get something more out of it ……discrimination at it’s best!
          ********, Whatever :0)
          Thanx for the comment

  • Rancher

    North Idaho simply rocks folks. Read and weep. Thus our retreat location is up here.

    Visit to meet other preppers.

  • AuntDD

    I currently live in NC, but have also lived in NJ. Southern NJ actually has lots of farming, but a extremely close to nuclear plants.

  • howdy

    Let me guess, the author is from Idaho. Biased much?

    • Michael

      Of course I am biased. 🙂


  • Alasha

    did any state get a A – my eyes can’t focus at this late hour. according to alex jones’ recent interview with steve quayle – “they” i guess the pentagon in the case civil unreal there plans to shock and awe – carpet bomb 5 states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tenn and Texas – they believe these are the states which will give the most resistance….


  • 14482302

    I enjoyed reading these. Georgia, my home state, was done accurately by you. I am wondering if we can get a similar type article about which nations would be best to flee to in the event of something really bad, such as an EMP.

  • Alasha

    New Jersey

    Pros: anyone got something?

    lol. folks r resilient! w/good common sense know when to flee

  • Alasha

    ps: romney wont win….. 🙁

  • TJ

    Great article, Michael ! I would add a few things, like


    Pros: Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, High Speed Amtrak Service (110mph Porter,IN to Kalamazoo, MI), Nice Beaches, Modern Rome Ruins (Detroit abandoned buildings), Traverse City

    Cons: Rick Snyder, Film Industry Left Michigan, Benton Harbor, Saginaw, Detroit Suburbs, Rapid School Closings, Emergency Financial Managers, Bad Public Schools, Home state of Mitt Romney

    Illinois Pros: Magnificent Mile, Chicago Architecture
    Illinois Cons: Rahm Emmanuel

    Indiana Pros: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne

    Ohio Pros: Columbus

    Pennsylvania Cons: Philadelphia

    Wisconsin Pros: Madison

    Questions: Why did list Dearborn, MI as a con of Michigan ?

    • liberranter

      Modern Rome Ruins (Detroit abandoned buildings)

      Damn, now that’s FUNNY!!!!

      • TJ

        I’m serious. Tourists that come here to Detroit always ask, “What in the hell happened here ?”. We have tourists that just come to Detroit to look at the Modern Rome Ruins aka Detroit’s abandoned buildings. Even the Chinese come here to visit the abandoned Packard plant. Detroit has some of the most beautiful abandoned architecture of buildings in the country.

        Outside of some parts of Downtown Detroit & the other Cultural District (Midtown & New Center Area), it look like the city have got carpet bombed or was destroyed by war.

  • I was taking this seriously until I got to the Gators. Obviously, this person writing this knows that the Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama is one of the greatest of all football rivalries, and it is in Alabama. Plus, I am in Alabama and have not had a drop of rain from Isaac.

    There is lots of available land here and most of it far from cities if that is what a person prefers. Well, I am not going to confuse anyone with facts. But, I did not read the whole list after I decided this was not sincere, just a place for personal opinions.

    Tornadoes in Dixie Alley are numerous. However, we do know when to watch for one, unlike tsunamis, flashfloods, and earthquakes. There is lots of the state no so hashly affected by the hurricanes as the coast areas.

    I am not originally from Alabama, so this is not a defense of my birthplace.


    NORTH EASTERN KANSAS KICKS IDAHOES ASS!!!LOL DOSENT THAT INDIAN HAVE TEARS IN HIS EYES????I DONT CARE WHERE YOU LIVE IT IS GETTING BAD!!!!A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. 2 She was with child and wailed aloud in pain as she labored to give birth. 3 Then another sign appeared in the sky; it was a huge red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and on its heads were seven diadems. 4 Its tail swept away a third of the stars in the sky and hurled them down to the earth. Then the dragon stood before the woman about to give birth, to devour her child when she gave birth. 5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, destined to rule all the nations with an iron rod. Her child was caught up to God and his throne. 6 The woman herself fled into the desert where she had a place prepared by God, that there she might be taken care of for twelve hundred and sixty days. 7 Then war broke out in heaven; Michael* and his angels battled against the dragon. The dragon and its angels fought back, 8but they did not prevail and there was no longer any place for them in heaven.!!!!!!FEEL THE SERJ FROM SYSTEM OF A DOWN !! HARIAKIRI!! We’ re the day birds
    Deciding to fly against the sky
    Within our dreams, we all wake up
    We’ re the day birds
    Deciding to fly against the sky
    Within our dreams, we all wake up
    To kiss the ones who are born to die

    We’ re the greying herds
    Hurting each other with our lives
    Within our dreams, we all wake up
    To kiss the ones who are born to die
    Born to die, born to die

    The drum fish
    They beached themselves in Hara-kiri
    The blackbirds
    They fell in thousands from the sky
    Their red wings
    Streaming down from the higher seas
    Deflected by the grounds

    They crowned the sun
    They crowned the sun
    But I believe that they are free
    When their time was done
    They were drowned by the only One

    But I believe that they are free
    Washed by the sun

    Our statues
    The soaring edifice of our times
    Detracted from the ways of the wise
    The future will view all history as a crime
    So father, tell us when is time to rise

    They crowned the sun
    They crowned the sun
    But I believe that they are free
    When their time was done
    They were drowned by the only One

    But I believe that they are free
    They crowned the sun
    They crowned the sun
    But I believe that they are free
    And we believe that they are free
    Cus’ I believe that they are me
    Washed by the sun

    We’ re the greying herds
    Hurting each other with our lives
    Within our dreams, we all wake up
    To kiss the ones who are born to die
    Born to die, born to die

    The drum fish
    They beached themselves in Hara-kiri
    The blackbirds
    They fell in thousands from the sky
    Their red wings
    Streaming down from the higher seas
    Deflected by the grounds

    They crowned the sun
    They crowned the sun
    But I believe that they are free
    When their time was done
    They were drowned by the only One
    [ From: ]
    But I believe that they are free
    Washed by the sun

    Our statues
    The soaring edifice of our times
    Detracted from the ways of the wise
    The future will view all history as a crime
    So father, tell us when is time to rise

    They crowned the sun
    They crowned the sun
    But I believe that they are free
    When their time was done
    They were drowned by the only One

    But I believe that they are free
    They crowned the sun
    They crowned the sun
    But I believe that they are free
    And we believe that they are free
    Cus’ I believe that they are me


      But the earth helped the woman and opened its mouth and swallowed the flood that the dragon spewed out of its mouth. 17 Then the dragon became angry with the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring, those who keep God’s commandments and bear witness to Jesus. 18 It took its position on the sand of the sea.”THIS IS SPIRITUAL WARFARE!!!

  • citezens

    Being from WV I’ll jump in and add a few pros…… and cons. Pros: water, we have a lot of it, on the surface and underneath. Terrain: rough but many many places to fly under the radar. Food: wild tasty game and very fertile soil. Coal: not only keeps the lights on but keeps the home warm.

    Cons: Nuclear poverty bomb was test fires here! However, WV has always been a poverty state and recessions are not as noticable here.

    Disclaimer: born and raised mountaineer! 😀

  • badbrian from grass valley

    Hey! You gave my state an “F”-CA I’ve lived here all my life 60 yrs and have traveled all over the country and there is’nt another place I would rather live with the exception of everything you listed. I guess I would rather deal with the devil I know than the devil I don’t.

  • robert

    pro’s for n.j. the jersey shore. not the stupid tv show, and of course how could you forget jersey tomato’s.

  • Jeremy

    I do agreed with you, Michael here in Burien, Wa i had alot of experience power surge and power failure at entire Burien due icy storm. Yes there has alot of rain here sucks. But i still love burien town in Washington honest. Because it is full of stores in Burien. I lives in apt with my mom near about 50 different stores over can be more than that. I enjoying living here in Burien. Plus i heard that Burien is largely middle class and i was suprised to heard that.

  • SmokyMtnLady

    Lol…after reading so much doom and gloom, it’s good to take some time to have a little fun…the only complaint I have is for Tennessee…you got it wrong there, Michael…when you said Con: Memphis, you should have put it like this “Memphis aka The Cesspool!” So glad I live on the OTHER side of the state!! East TN is a great place to live! 🙂

    • Michael

      Yes, I actually think the Smokey Mountains are one of the best places in the eastern half of the country to be.

      But I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the other end of the state when the New Madrid fault goes.


  • You might want to take a second look at some parts of Northern California. In SHTF they would be very nice places to be. Good growing seasons and fairly remote with small populations.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      oof, except for the cartels taking over the Sierra Nevadas to grow pot. Not that I’m against pot mind you, I’m against our stupid govt giving the cartels the power to do what they are doing to Mexico and prolly the US in the near future.

  • Uncle Sam


    Generally, I would’nt go here, for I have great respect for your writings. I must protest; you don’t know diddly-diz-nick about California. The crikey you quote represents around 15% of the state. In the other areas, we have isolation…with EVERY resource. Trees, clean air, the cleanest water, open lands, killer weather, good crops, good hunting, all minerals especially gold, and communities that are down with what is going on. Hell, even the best pot on Earth comes from my backyard.

    Our government sucks, but that only matters if you are dependent of them.

    We are not.

    God Bless California….and don’t come here!

  • Joe

    Got me thinking- you know a lot of people are expecting a grid down scenario- wouldn’t all the nuke plants across the country meltdown? IOW all our prepping won’t amount to a hill of beans if they can’t keep the rods cool.

  • Gary2

    Michael–this is simply a rehash of prior articles. You must be running out of material…

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      …said the one trick pony that posts the same inanity over and over and over and over.

      • Tim


      • Gay Veteran

        said the pot to the kettle

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          HA. I noticed how you did that same thing I did. good for you.

  • Ant

    It would be better to clarify the objectives from any best place analysis such as where is the best place to live if:
    – the money system fails
    – jobs are the biggest issue
    – you need to grow your own food
    – you want to build your own home without ridiculous laws preventing you from doing so (e.g. rammed earth, earth bag, straw bail, etc.). This analysis should also include fees.
    – you want to be around kind and happy people.
    you wish to live in a community with libertarian or conservative views.
    – you want to build in an environmentally safe place.

  • tommcd

    Here is a video where Joel Skousen (author of “Strategic Relocation”) discusses his book and his rating for each region of the country in great detail with Alex Jones:

    • Michael

      Very nice video and a perfect thing for people to watch who want more in-depth information.


  • k

    Looks like southern states would have scored/rated even lower…if it was not for the weather.

    • liberranter

      The sad thing about the southern states is that, collectively, they have an abundance of natural resources and fertile farmland that are highly conducive to prepping and long-term self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, from a sociological perspective, these states are also some of the poorest, most politically corrupt, most underdeveloped, and most fed-dependent states in the union. Until some balance between these two extremes can be struck, it’s a problematic region to be in when TSHTF.

  • GSB

    I don’t think California deserves a grade of F. Yes, there are problems, but the perfect weather year round is extremely valuable, both for enjoyment and in a SHTF scenario. I don’t want to be baking in heat or worrying about freezing/constantly finding firewood.

    The gangs, pollution, traffic, etc. really only apply in the big cities. On the Central Coast or Northern California, there are none of these issues. Cali has great mountains to hide out in, oceans and rivers for fishing, IS not landlocked (several outs if need be) and a year-round growing season (which is also going to be extremely valuable if the SHTF).

    So, maybe a C or D, but definitely not an F. You have a strong negative bias towards California that I don’t think is justified.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “in a SHTF scenario.”

      A lot too crowded to be good then dont you think?

  • chiller

    Idaho is the best kept secret in the country…we loved it there.

    • We need to quit telling people this. Let’s keep it a secret…

  • dontknowwhattomorrowbrings

    For the gal that took this way to seriously…..ya need a vacation, maybe in an “F” rated state to “make a difference”…or something! LOL…it’s a joke, LIGHTEN UP! This guy is entitled to an opinion! And on the “prepper” note….you could die tomorrow…buuuut a prepper can never prepare to much, anything and everything could happen…but the funny thing is…it hasn’t yet, my trust lies in Christ but I do agree there isnt anything wrong with being prepared! Was a fun read, thx 🙂

    • Junior

      You’re another gal that could “lighten up”. She is entitled to her thoughts. Sheesh!

  • MacBeth51

    Another coin for Oklahoma is Tulsa. Another pro- if you stay away from the “Major Metropolitan Areas”, ther are very few regulations to fight through

  • Margie

    Your criteria for a high grade is interesting. You have a bias against “Political Correctness” and Hispanics. West Virginia gets a “B”? Rampant poverty and no women’s rights? Kansas? Oklahoma? Again, sucks if you’re a woman. This was amusing, for the most part.

    • Michael


      I have no problem with Hispanics or with any other group.

      I do have a problem with illegal immigration.

      Huge, huge difference.


  • steve

    Wesr Virginia

    I live in Southern West Virginia. High unemployment and rampant poverty. Lots of pill heads and trust fund babies who follow rafting season across the country. On the other hand. West Virginia people are not confused about what makes sense and what is just plain ********. The state had a budget surplus last year. We dont spend what we aint got. Gosh, how stupid are they?

  • Kansas should now be getting an ‘F’ considering the Dept. of Homeland Security is putting the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility (NBAF) on the campus of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. They will be introducing live foot and mouth virus (among other pathogens that jump the animal/human wall) dead center in the middle of the cattle belt.

    On June 1, 2003, control of Plum Island was transferred from USDA to the Dept. of Homeland Security. In January, 2006, DHS began site selection for the new National Bio and Agro Defense Facility even though, at that time, it was illegal to introduce live foot and mouth disease virus on the mainland.

    21 U.S.C. § 113a : US Code – Section 113A: Establishment of research laboratories for foot-and- mouth disease and other animal diseases; research contracts; employment of technicians and scientists; appropriations

    The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to establish research laboratories, including the acquisition of necessary land, buildings, or facilities, and also the making of research contracts under the authority contained in section 427i(a) of title 7, for research and study, in the United States or elsewhere, of foot-and- mouth disease and other animal diseases which in the opinion of the Secretary constitute a threat to the livestock industry of the United States:

    Provided, That no live virus of foot-and-mouth disease may be introduced for any purpose into any part of the mainland of the United States (except coastal islands separated therefrom by water navigable for deep-water navigation and which shall not be connected with the mainland by any tunnel) unless the Secretary determines that it is necessary and in the public interest for the conduct of research and study in the United States (except at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York) and issues a permit under such rules as the Secretary shall promulgate to protect animal health, except that the Secretary of Agriculture may transport said virus in the original package across the mainland under adequate safeguards, and except further, that in the event of outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in this country, the Secretary of Agriculture may, at his discretion, permit said virus to be brought into the United States under adequate safeguards. To carry out the provisions of this section, the Secretary is authorized to employ technical experts or scientists: Provided, That the number so employed shall not exceed five and that the maximum compensation for each shall not exceed the highest rate of grade 18 of the General Schedule. There is authorized to be appropriated such sums as Congress may deem necessary; in addition, the Secretary is authorized to utilize in carrying out this section, funds otherwise available for the control or eradication of such diseases.

    In 2008, “the secretary of Agriculture was directed to issue a permit to the secretary of Homeland Security for work on live FMD virus at any facility that is a successor to the PIADC and charged with researching high-consequence biological threats involving zoonotic and foreign animal diseases.14 The permit is limited to one facility.”

    Hawaii also deserves a ‘F’ for incredibly stupid, corrupt, and violent people (on a good day) who would like for you to spend your money with them and then get the hell off their islands. They are still teaching their kids that they are their own sovereign nation and that you need a passport to fly to the mainland. Also, they believe the double yellow line down the middle of the road is a suggestion resulting in numerous fatal headon collisions. I could go on…but ‘nuf said. You get the idea.

    • liberranter
      • Junior

        I think you did not spend enough time on the islands as a resident to get a complete view. The subset of the population that advocates Hawaiian sovereignty is tiny. Most “locals” on the island are Philippino, Japanese, Portuguese, and of course some Hawaiian. Many people are a mix of the above. The “majority” you speak of are immigrants: 3rd, 2nd or 1st generation. Basically, only Hawaiians are pro-sovereignty because any immigrant sees this as their island, too. The majority looks at the sovereignty movement with a mix of slight resentment and some empathy. Resentment, because there is a racial element and empathy because the Hawaiians were screwed over but everyone knows the movement has no chance of going anywhere.

        Also, the experience a tourist will have coming to a tourist trap destination is quite different from the experience of someone–yes, even a haole– that lives here. Of course tourist businesses and resorts want your money. And no one living here, haloes included, wants you to stay. We want you to hang around the resorts, spend money in the local shops, and not inundate our favorite hangouts on the weekends. And then we hope that you go back home so that the islands aren’t completely California-ized. But if you do stay, everyone is curious about you and hopeful you will be nice and is very ready to welcome you with open arms!

        My experience moving here is that people here are the friendliest and most generous imaginable. If you appreciate local social customs and work to fit in you will have a good experience. I’m white and most of my best friends are locals. People that show up with an attitude or that have pre-set expectations only get angrier and more resentful and invariably move away with a hatred of Hawaii. These are the same people that decide to do something like retire in Mexico or Costa Rica and develop a dislike for locals there because they are unwilling to adjust themselves to the culture.

        There is a lot of poverty in places and that goes hand in hand with ignorance and domestic violence and (usually) petty crimes stemming from drug dependence. Haoles are not specifically targeted for crime. It is always crimes of opportunity. This is the only serious trouble spot I see to living here in collapse. (I’m on an outer island away from Honolulu.) A bunch of meth-heads cut off from their drug is a little spooky. If collapse is sudden I see about two or three months of really nasty stuff, and after that, the same type of vigilance needed in a place like Idaho is exactly what would be needed here. Nothing more– probably less. People living in poor areas would need to worry more about people just picking from their garden at night more than having their house taken over by a roving gang. People will do what they always do here and that is rely on hard work and family networks. If collapse is just a slow decent into poverty, then there will just be more theft and more violence of the type that occurs already, along with increasing reliance on gardens, chickens and goats, etc . People are resourceful and, as “livinginparadise” mentioned, family ties and other social networks are extremely vibrant. The only people to worry about are the ones that are already criminals due to addiction.

        I do NOT recommend anyone reading this moves here at this point. And this isn’t just the normal thing of not wanting to be over-run. It’s because moving to Hawaii is a lot like moving to another country like Costa Rica. It takes a good two years to really figure the culture out and it takes a lot of careful research to know where to move for purposes of farming. The research has to be done from here which means renting for a while before committing. And if you’re already a farmer you’ll have to start from the bottom of a whole new learning curve specific to the microclimate and soil type you are growing in. With collapse being possibly imminent people should stick to a region (and culture!!!) they already know well, ideally nearby already established social ties. If collapse is not imminent, too many people move here and then move away, having learned (or not learned) a very expensive lesson.

    • Livinginparadise

      Sorry to hear you are so bitter about Hawaii and that your experiences were that bad. I have lived here for quite a long time and while there may be some of what you mentinoned and I know that there. In general I do not see that attitude from the rest of the people. Actually quite opposite…the people here are pretty friendly, caring and family oriented. I do not see that much violence in the public. However, I know that there is domestic violence just like anywhere else, but at least here we do not have shootings every day. I have also on the other hand seen some bad attitudes from some of the tourists and some who do not treat people with respect.

  • Dan

    My wife and I move from NJ to Idaho last year. Spot on about NJ there are no pro’s! We love Idaho and the unemployment rate actually went down last few months! Hopefully everything hold up until next spring so we can buy some land. If not we will just do the best we can.

  • Goatlover

    I’m from New Jersey and now live in Florida. You are CORRECT! Nothing “pro” about NJ…daddy said is was a good place to be FROM, not IN. South Florida sucks, but central to north Florida still has lots of “southern” folks. We have a LONG growing season (most gardening done Oct-Apr, plus summer growing of okra, field peas, grapes, figs, pineapples, and sweet potatoes). An Old Timer around these parts once said, “If you can’t grow food here in Florida, you probably deserve to starve to death!”

    • Kevin2

      Florida, the further north you go the further south you get.

  • Shamaka

    We’ve got EVERYTHING you could want and more. Just Consider:

    PROS: hot in the summer, insane politicians, ridiculous regulations, political correctness, not enough jobs, JULIA GILLARD (Prime Minister), no crime, carbon tax, fastest growing government debt in the world… We love to blow things up with our American friends- never missed a war with you guys! (You should feel right at home)

    CONS: Nasty Animals (Cane toads from Hawaii, venomous snakes, trap door spiders, stonefish, sharks, etc), most expensive power in the world. Melbourne, Sydney, long way from disasters and wars. Multi- year droughts.

    Yes, folks. This is the land of bliss. Our PM Julia Gillard (and her government -lets be fair) are emulating the heroic efforts of Mr Obama. Our debt is growing faster than yours and she achieved this even after a government surplus under the Howard government!!! She is not a stuffy ideologue though! NO. She went to the election promising no carbon tax, but in an act of undeniable benevolence she gave us what we NEEDED – a carbon tax higher than the European one. Who else would have selflessly broken their word just to give us what we needed rather than what we wanted! And as for crime. Its all true – it’s disappearing. The government is simplifying the tax system – just like the US (reluctantly they are willing to take it ALL so we dont have to worry about money or filling out messy complicated tax forms), selling off our jobs (to ease us of the burden of hard tedious work) and handing out money to those who vote labour (sorry, most deserving). You know Mr Obama could learn a lot from her! The hardened bikies are almost in tears as they are finding hard to find anyone with anything worth stealing, and most of their intended victims have already been done over by the tax department (IRS) .

    The sad thing is the really nasty animal are spread over the country, but very few are in Canberra (where a government resides). I think they are fearful of vicious politicians and their venomous tongues. You should be greatful for Mr Obama and his benevolence….

    (PS: Yes, a touch of sarcasm there)

  • ws

    Excellent and helpful list. The only error I found was Virginia where you listed the University of Virginia, but then in other states you listed political correctness, ridiculous regulations, insane politicians, corrupt government, etc., as negatives and this doesn’t make sense because UVA is a training/breeding ground for sociopathic govermnent bureaucrats and corporate thugs.

    You do realize that the University of Virginia is a progressive, anti-American training ground for corrupt politicians, politically corrupt government thugs, and the elite, right? You also realize that the University of Virginia is where the Chicago Federal Reserve CEO received his anti-American, printing press training whose sole purpose is to redistribute labor and wealth from producers to consumers (his friends)? Trust me, I have lived in Charlottesville, a mini New York/Connecticut/Maine in Virginia where political correctness is the order of the day and collectivism for the 99% and socialism for the 1% is the main political doctrine. I think they use what’s left of the consitution to wipe their ass when toilet paper is low—-they definitely use the bill of rights as they believe the bill of rights was a comic book. I also know many, many people who have attended the University of Virginia and it is a training ground for socialists, marxists, fascists, etc—–UVA doctrine HATES traditinal AMERICA, it encourages collectivism, and the “management” of UVA has an absoluste disdain for individual liberty and personal responsibility.

    Oh, and it is full of elitists—-UVA IS WHERE THE ELITISTS send their kids to school to learn how to be a good one percenter—IOW, how to rig the system in their favor regardless of how many people it hurts. Now they do a good job of training future government “riggers” and corporate thugs, but is that really something we should say is positive? BTW, I knew this LONG BEFORE people called out the criminal, corrupt institutions like UVA, but make no mistake, UVA is a big friend of the USSA and Amerika, but absolutely hated the former USA (former America) and has played a big role in its downfall. FWIW!

    • Michael

      I know, but I really enjoyed my 4 years at UVA so I am a bit biased. 🙂


  • Steve

    What the H is going on with this article/author with so many CON’s about nuclear power generation?

    Am I to assume we have a closet anti-nuke power person here who is against the alternative of nuke power to keep us dependent on foreign oil?

    Come on now…be UP FRONT and tell all of us EXACTLY where you stand on drilling for our own oil and gas and using nuke power?

    Or hasn’t the alternative power fiasco in California given you enough sense to realize ALL options MUST be pursued.

    • Alasha

      What the H is going on with this article/author with so many CON’s about nuclear power generation?

      i dunno Steve mebbe bcuz it can kill us. lol

  • Rich D

    Very funny Michael, you spend some time on the article.
    I have traveled all over America and THERE ARE pros and cons of each state. I live in Wisconsin and too much snow is not really a con. I would like to add a few more pros, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and Ron Johnson.
    We have great state parks and great lakes as well.
    Hey, at least we’re not Illinois….where they have HIGH taxes, corrupt government, and no carry law.

  • Rich D

    Snow and cold keep the street people and panhandlers away…..

    • Alasha

      Snow and cold keep the street people and panhandlers away…..


  • Bill

    My family is considering a relo to Upstate New York from my current location of New Jersey. I have to take issue with your focus on New York City in your cons for the rest of the state. Upstate cons consist of 1) Albany’s highly disfunctional government, 2) impending gas drilling, 3) high unemployment. Pros are 1) Beautiful mountains and lakes, 2) decent rainfall for agricultural production, 3) Friendly people who tend to mind their own business.

    The cons for New Jersey are too many to count, but some of the pros are 1) The Jersey Shore (NOT the MTV series!), 2) very good schools (if you happen to live in one of the wealthier, high-property tax towns), 3) umm…darn it, can’t think of a third one.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “cons consist of … 2) impending gas drilling, 3) high unemployment.”


  • great list, fun, nice to have condensed info (with a bit of sports bias!). Sometimes I get what another reader called “preppers fatigue” and its nice to lighten up a bit. Thanks! And btw—-NC Kansas is not flat; is on the edge of the Flint Hills and very hilly and beautiful. I love it here!~

  • Paula New Zealand

    Anyone thought of American Samoa ?

  • Tom

    You missed a few very positive things about Pennsylvania, like:
    great soil, very good rainfall, massive natural gas and coal deposits, great growing season, and the central and northern parts of the state are very rural (in general).
    Cons: being bookended by Pittsburgh and Philly – ugh ! , not to mention high property taxes around those urban areas, not so much in the center of the state

    • Michael

      Good points.


  • Linda

    Iowa “flat”? Have you never driven the I-80 roller coaster? Nor driven through in Sioux City, especially in the winter? No trips between Maquoketa, Dubuque, Bellevue? Nor tried to farm rolling hills? I guess not. You must be thinking of Kansas.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Salina, Kansas.

    Sunny weather, with an occasional tornado or two. Friendly people. Former home of Dorothy and Toto. Boring, flat prairie grassland. Wheat fields. Lots and lots of wheat fields. The whole town is practically made of wheat.

    (Yes, I’m joking. I’ve never been to Salina.)

  • Michigan

    Northern Michigan is getting a bad rap. There is a ton of fresh water. No tornados ( protected by great lakes), no earthquakes, no tsunamis, no wild fires, no hurricanes, low cost of living, not as bad extreme heat from global warming. Very low density. Farmers have made a killing this year due to the drought in the lower mid west on corn and soybeans. No taxes on food. It is a much better place for disasters then given credit. Need to be kind of tough for about three months of snow. But other than that I would give it a much higher score.

  • Joel Skousen ist according to my knowledge the expert on this issue. And he has a great book about the issue:–North-American-Guide-Places/dp/1568612621/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1346415143&sr=1-3

  • Paul M

    Miohael, I disagree with you assigning the state of Michigan a D minus. In the event of a calimitous event, I would strongly consider the UP of Michigan as a bugout location. The population density of the UP is much lower than the southern part of Michigan. This area offers the advantages of fresh water access, big game hunting, and the ability to practice a self-reliant lifestyle. Personally, I would assign Michigan a C or C-minus. The Detroit Metro area drags the overall Michigan grade down.

    Also, it is not all Detroit’s fault that it is in a dilapidated state. As you know, outsourcing of jobs has gutted our manufacturing capacity.

    You constantly bash Detroit. However, do you have any ideas how Detroit can resurect itself and return to a prominent city again?

    • Michael


      You are right – there are some areas of Michigan that would get a good grade if you can stand the cold weather.

      And I don’t hate Detroit – it is just a really sad example of where the rest of the country is going.


    • liberranter

      However, do you have any ideas how Detroit can resurect itself and return to a prominent city again?

      1. Plenty of Semtex[TM].

      2. One big neutron bomb.

  • Tim

    The places in America that I am really fond of are those where the Amish live. I know the Amish aren’t perfect. They have the same problems that the rest of us have. But their way of life is much more conducive to survival, and I believe they will fare better than most Americans as things get worse in this nation. Many of the Amish are completely self-sufficient.

    Two summers ago I went to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee to look at a farm that was for sale. In the nearby town of Ethridge there is a large Amish community. As I drove through Etheridge, it was just so inspiring to see the simpler way of life of the Amish. Their way of life is hard work, but they appear to be in better health than the “English.” I saw one Amish man with the biggest forearms I have ever seen on a man. It was neat to pass Amish folk on the roads in their horse and buggies.

    However, the owner of the farm I looked at told me that the Amish were starting to lose their identity. He said many of the Amish youth were becoming just like non-Amish youth. He said if you drove by the local McDonald’s, you would often see an Amish buggy in the parking lot and that eating fast food was starting to affect their health.

  • Bone Idle

    How about the 55th State – Australia.
    Land area as big as the lower 48 with only 22 million people.
    Tropics? – Yes. Snow? – only on the mountains – The highest mountain in Australia is only just over 5000 feet.
    One of Australia’s major cities is rated the most livable city in the world – the rest of the large cities are in the top ten.
    Language – English (At least that’s what’s it’s called)
    High standard of living. Low crime rate. Excellent health facilitates.
    No nuclear facilities, no volcanos, tectonically very safe.
    Cons :- Insane politicians, Political correctness, bushfires, poisonous snakes, tropical crocodiles, sharks, poisonous insects and large birds which will pick your pockets if you are not watching.

  • vic

    Yeah, Idaho is an A. Yeah, that about says it all about this BA, know nothing post.

  • none

    No one who’d ever been to New Hampshire would have rated it anywhere less than A- for this purpose.

  • ryan solete


    This was fun to read. In fact, I think you should re-publish, but take it more in-depth and maybe even a bit more serious. I think that would be very interesting. For example, rate each state based on 4 or 5 key common factors (crime, economy, ability to sustain in times of need, etc etc) and then give an overall score. You have a good idea, but really could do a lot more interesting things with it. People are sensitive to where they live, which is good I guess, so it’s natural some would be upset. I think following up with a more substantive piece would be a good read.

    In Jesus,


  • Micheal

    Funny. Thanks Micheal. Love your blog.
    Some people apparently do lack a sense of humor. Keep yours.

  • Stephanie

    Too many people getting bent out of shape. The author did say that some things were thrown in for fun. I thought it was interesting and funny. 🙂 If we ever moved (probably not though), North and South Dakota sounds good lol.

  • Idaho Fisher

    Awesome! Totally agree with them all (or at least with the states I have lived in over the years). And yes, Idaho is the best state out of all of them!!!
    Idaho Fisher

  • If you remove Reno and LV from the state, the Nevada ranking would be much higher. Also, the southern tip is hot ( mohave ). Everywhere else is very cold ( the valley’s are 5k feet elevation ). A very good state to get lost in, if you avoid the cities.

  • SuperBigHuge

    I’ve resided in 28 states over the past 25 years. I live in Idaho now. The employment situation is terrible. However, if money is not an issue (I know, ridiculous premise), this place is better than most. There are jobs available in call centers (Teleperformance, WDS, HP) but they are very low paying and the work is quite stressful. Aside from that, I’ve noticed a demographic shift in the type of people living in Boise and Pocatello. A huge influx of tattooed, pierced and ‘alternative lifestyle’ folks who are very liberal (translate: I Luv Obama). Moreover, the state government has been taken over by the same bureaucratic scum that is prevalant in just about every state. That said, the police are fairly well-behaved because the majority of Idahoans are armed to the teeth. Go to Cabella’s to purchase a gun and you’ll have to literally take a number and stand in line (that’s just to look at one). Government doesn’t want to even think about gun confiscation in Idaho because it will turn out very badly for those unfortunate people tasked with knocking on your door. Having said all this, I’m not leaving. Idaho is far from perfect, but in my opinion, it may be the best place to be when the SHTF.

  • Jodi

    Pros: The Mormon church teaches the importance of food storage. I’m not Mormon but I have friends who are Mormon and one of my friends told me that the church has been teaching the importance of preparedness since the depression. I don’t think everybody is prepared here but I believe most have good common sense.

    Pros: Polite neighbors, no liberals (mostly), Zion National Park, Moab, Arches National Park, Mia Love, Park City

    Cons: Lack of jobs, low paying jobs, too much traffic from BYU games, Gov. Gary R. Herbert, no NFL, back air quality, too many illegals

    • Jodi

      Bad air quality

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Lack of jobs, low paying jobs”

      Of course everyone comments thru the lens of their experiences. What do you do, if you dont mind me asking?

      • Jodi

        I work in graphic design. No jobs in that field to be had.

  • Ken Nohe

    A positive post at last. But what about California? All the positive stuff left is… Disneyland? No wonder it’s a F. Where is all the dreaming gone? And what is it about the New Madrid fault? It hasn’t bothered people much over the last 200 years now and it is quite peaceful around this corner of the Mississippi. If you want people to forget about you, that is a rather good bet. The mountains will be crowded in these post Armageddon times and nothing much grows on the slopes.

  • dungberg
    i guess your article is very incomplete.
    while you have all a narrow minded view of what our world is, you will be a puppet allways.

  • Sue

    Oklahoma deserves a D- You didn’t mention toll roads EVERYWHERE. It’s $8 to go round trip 100 miles from Tulsa to OKC and these roads extend in all directions. Also you failed to mention the humidity! 90 % on a 100 degree day is miserable. We have had 100+ temps for two straight months, high humidity, absolutely horrible.House is for sale and I can’t wait to escape. Oh,one more thing: people in Tulsa are the weirdest,nastiest,worst driving people. Not a bit like OKC people or rural.

    • Michael


      Good points. Should I downgrade Oklahoma?


  • S. Wiseman

    Thanks for taking the time to write this. Super funny too: Dallas Cowboys a con. I’m surprised NJ got a D. Let’s be real, it should get an F. I learned something too. Had no idea so many nuclear power plants existed. My personal requirements:
    – the right to homeschool as I see fit (TX and KY have excellent, practically nonexistent homeschool laws. NY and PA are terrible)
    – open carry or lenient gun control;
    – few if any land ordinances/regulations; I reserve the right to run my business my way as long as I am not infringing upon the rights of others;
    – politicians who mind their business;
    – low or no income tax (bondage);
    – low property taxes (rent);
    – low cost of living;
    – water rights and the right to collect God given rain.

  • mthowdy

    Having lived in NW Montana for 50+ years and Western Colorado for 5 years,I would like to add my 2 cents.

    Montana:  City of Missoula sucks, it is a liberal college town.
                       Kalispell has 300 day of overcast.  Lots of snow.
                       NW MT is so far north it has long summer days and short winter days.
                       The short, overcast days and the long nights make it very depressing in          
                       the winter.

    West Slope Colorado:
                        Conservative politically, long growing season, way to many drugs, illegal                  
                         to collect rainwater.  Summer heat can be overwhelming, it is desert
                         with irrigation.

    All in all I would pick Western CO over NW Montana, as a relocation site.

  • Always Difficult

    A hastily written article and less than useful if not dangerous in a practical sense. The first criterion is what will it look like in a crisis? Florida gets an F- for many reasons. The southern part is bottlenecked in and escape will be impossible. A more important factor than length of growing season is your proximity to some kind of aquifer. Another huge criterion, at least on the front side, is civil liberties. One of your D+ states gets an A in civil liberties according to Joel Skousen’s book Strategic Relocation. A new factor I now worry about is the propensity to be under the jet stream that originates at Fukushima. All North America is of course at risk, but the beloved states of Montana and Idaho are really in the thick of it.
    The mountain states like AZ, NM, UT have several climate zones depending on altitude. There is only one reactor powered plant across all three put together. If you stay north of Phoenix you are in one of the most unaffected areas in the country. Thanks for the article though, it was kind of fun and I’m sure anybody actually moving will do more in depth research.

  • Lloyd

    I think your article was spot on.. Living here in Idaho as a native Idahoan does is not bias of my opinion… “wink” I live south of Boise about 20mi.

    After traveling this a last summer approx. 10k miles threw most all the western and southern western states from west coast Washington to the gulf of Texas left the impact of just what abundant water recourses means for a state. I absolutely found beauty in some form in every state I traveled. The cons for most were either high population or no water. When a person travels several hundred miles threw AZ, NM, NV, CL, TX and so on without seeing much more than a collection pond it’s very sobering and enlightening.

    A pro for Idaho is that the state has a balance budget law for the state government.

    The con that goes with it is Idaho relies highly on federal funds for many of its programs. Another con is when you think housing bust Idaho was in the top 5 as to its housing price boom, right in there with Florida, Cali. etc.

    A lot of the self employed people working in construction did not pay into the system for unemployment benefits and of coarse anything else that could be avoided and as most did not prepare for the times we live.

    Idaho certainly has a lot of attributes for its beauty and people however we all no matter what state we live are a part of the big sinking ship as Michael generously reminds us.

  • Katy

    You missed a lot of pros on Michigan:

    pros – fresh water everywhere (it is no more than 5 miles to fresh water no matter where you live); very homeschool-friendly state (no state reporting requirements); lots of hunting and fishing (including lots of deer); many people with concealed carry licenses and gun-ownership; lots of good farmland (we had a good corn crop this year — no drought here!); one of the nation’s biggest producers of apples, blueberries, cherries, and other fruit.

    Also, I think Idaho’s comment that “awesome people live there” isn’t very objective. Awesome people live everywhere.


    • Michael


      I know – I wasn’t completely objective in this article. I hope people don’t get too upset about that.

      And northern Michigan would get a better grade than the Detroit area that is for sure.


      • I am not upset about the article. I am upset that you did not preface it with something about a tongue-in-cheek look at all 50 states. I was reading for a serious look at where I and my children live. You cannot really give a whole state a grade based on one aspect when maybe 90% of the state is not that way.

        I was reading for information, not entertainment and personal bias.

  • A.S.

    Just a quick scan, although I would have to tally the whole chart to get more accurate results, seem the U.S. as a whole is around a C/C-. If that is correct, than the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating should have been much more!

    What is no surprise is the only states that are nice to live in are Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. If you can manage through the cold and having no job, while living off of your hard work on a small farm that provides just enough for your family, move there! Flat land will actually be a positive because you can easily see attackers coming and there will be no surprises. You can shoot to kill from a mile away!

    • Orange Jean

      Maybe you’ve been in Israel too long to remember what the US is like (or perhaps it’s what part of the US you know).

      If you are in the desert or prairie …. yes, flat land you can see what’s coming. It’s not necessarily true you can always see what’s coming with flat land… LOTS of the US has flat land that is heavily wooded (where I grew up in New England and where I live now in VA), you can’t see what’s coming under those circumstances.

  • Grumpy

    Hey at least we get rain in PA. Not to mention have several raw energy sources. Oh yeah, we’re armed to the teeth too.

    • Mark

      Got that right. We have tons of amish too and they have been suviving on the land for over 200 years, so we know it can be done.

  • DavidH

    Great article….good humor!
    Actually in todays world the most expensive place to live is ABOVE YOUR MEANS. If you are not in debt you have a good chance of surviving the coming economic collapse if you prepare.

  • Kam

    This is one of the paragraphs that prefaced the list:

    Not all of the factors listed below will be important to you, and a few have even been thrown in for humor. But if you are thinking of moving in the near future hopefully this list will give you some food for thought.

    This is a blog, not a medical journal. It’s this writers opinion. You can’t expect this website to save you. There are lots of others within the same genre. Take the pieces of the puzzle from each of your resources and put them together, and in the end most everyone’s puzzle is going to look a little different but you have to do your own thinking. Ideas have been postulated, use it to stimulate a discussion or further thought

  • Styxter

    Vermont has insane politicians but Wisconsin doesn’t?

  • I would rate Oklahoma a little higher. Definitely shoul be listed as liberty minded. A break up of America might be in order. Oklahoma would definitely be in the “new constitution friendly ” America!

  • Sam

    Whilst cheese and the Green Bay Packers are both definitely things that make Wisconsin great, there are far more pros than you listed! We have vast amounts of fresh water from thousands of lakes around the states. (About 15,000 lakes according to some sources.) We have Lake Michigan to the east, Lake Superior to the north, and the Mississippi River to the west. The northern portion of the state has vast wooded areas with extremely low population density. There are many apple orchards, and although the growing season may seem short, the state grows many wonderful fruits, vegetables, and grains. (Did you know that Wisconsin produces two-thirds of all cranberries in the United States?) Wisconsin is also very friendly towards homeschooling.

    There are some cons too, of course. Madison is one of the most liberal cities in the entire country. We have high taxes. However, the high taxes are somewhat offset by low housing costs and food prices that are lower than many other states.

    I realize you were just having a bit of fun with this list and I enjoyed it. However, I think the list would have been better if you had factored in taxes a little more. For example, some states have no sales tax while others have no income tax. If you ask me, both are factors that would fit well in the “pro” column!

  • GA

    I have to defend florida a little here and that is hard for me living in the 3rd world country of south Florida but… many areas of the state are outstanding for growing and livestock…year round. Abundant wildlife and fish. You can really live out in the middle of nowhere away from the urban centers. It actually is a good state for a self reliance if you look past politics and the cities.

    PS Michael: Originally from Pittsburgh. It really is a good city and western PA is an awesome are. Go Steelers

  • TooLittleTooLate

    Well, I live in Texas and, I just about agree with your assessment…. I’d move Austin to the “Con” side, however…. Bunch of drug taking hippies live there. Maybe add San Antonio to the Pro side ( the Alamo is still standing there ).

    Texas isn’t bad but unfortunately since times have gotten hard, Texas hasn’t been hit too bad… lots of businesses have moved here… the only problem is that they bring non-texans in that don’t mesh with traditional Texas values.

    A very conservative state is losing it’s identity…. I guess that’s just a another sign of the times. I live outside the Dallas metroplex in the country and telecommute to work….

    I suppose I’m in about as good of a place as can be right now… on a road with only one way in with just a couple of neighbors on a small farm with it’s own water, a few livestock, laying hens and I’m starting to work the land for a fall garden next week.

    I don’t suppose I am ready though… I don’t believe anyone is. I really don’t want to see any of this happen.

    After I moved to the country, it made me realize just how much we’re dependent on things like garbage being picked up…. that’s something almost everyone takes for granted completely… how about indoor plumbing… I’m not even talking about electricity….

    I feel sorry for those in the city with little or no food or water access and no idea what’s going to happen. Even so, I know I’m not anywhere close to being ready for any of this. At least I won’t be in the middle of the riots/unrest here but, like most other folks, I don’t know how long I can sustain a family with the food stores I have.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Lighten Up People

    Me thinks some people are very defensive . . . maybe preppers with a sense of humor are an oddity.

    • Michael

      Yes, this article was not meant to be super serious.


  • Kevin2

    I have lived in NJ, Delaware and Florida. Your giving Delaware a bad rap. Below “The Ditch” (C&D canal) it’s very nice. Home prices are not too high compared to the NE. Their not crazy with rules (or their not enforced) regarding things like putting up a shed or fence. I found the police to be gentlemen (I don’t have much contact with them). I call my State Rep & Senator at their home and get a reply from them.

    If the place was warmer I would not be in Florida.

  • Havtrak

    Michigan gets a D-? Hellooooo….largest supply of fresh water in the world anyone?

    • Michael

      Perhaps I was a bit harsh on Michigan.


  • Lee

    Well, I have to say there is no place to live like Oregon. Ok we have some sort of drug issue in the southern part of Oregon, but that is California bleeding over the border. California made all sorts of decisions that has taken them down to the pits. Southern Oregon had little snow on the coast and generally every day is about 60 to 70 degrees. Yes, everyone in Oregon owns a gun and I believe that is a good thing as the criminal thinks twice. Those idiot states trying to ban guns are only trying to make slaves of their people. We might have a bit of poverty here but we learn to live within our means as a result. What I like about the Southern coast is if things get out of hand we can shut down both ends of 101 and the only way someone could get in would be over huge mountains and forests. The rain in the winter has a calming effect. We love it. There is nothing like walking in the rain and sleeping through a beautiful rain storm. Oregon has it all…and we are fine if you don’t move here.

  • Donald Wilson

    I’ll take Arizona over several other states.

  • Tommie Technicolor

    Wow Michael, you crack me up. Nice opinion piece. Piece of crap that is. I can’t believe you actually put your name on this. I’m not so certain you could tell your butt from a hole in the ground, but, oh well. Not everyone can. I would say in these uncertain times that access to food and fresh water would rate extremely high. I’m surrounded by both, literally. Michigan’s economy does suck, but i can say with some certainty, that, like Survivor, i will outlive, outlast and outplay many when our system collapses. And then places like Texas, with very little fresh water, extreme heat (warm you say? in the “winter” months maybe), hurricanes and borders Mexico, you rate as “B”. And, as cool as Austin really is, it will get you nothing when all chaos breaks out. Your rating system definitely shows your age as well as your video game skill level. Good luck to you, sir…

    • Michael

      My video game skill level?


      • Tommie Technicolor

        Yes, i think you are quite knowledgeable in all things fun and games, but maybe not so much for the real world around you. If you were to write an article on gaming, it would speak with more authority than one about worldly experience. Just MHO… but thanks for the entertainment value.

  • Drover

    I have lived in New Jersey my entire life. We are not able to move. The financial advantages to moving to PA dissipated a number of years ago. While I certainly could develop a “con” list longer than the number of replies you are going to get from this article, New Jersey does have positive aspects. New Jersey is not a bad location, and has a lot to offer.

    I live in an area that is allows us to live approximately equidistant from NYC and Philly. If I can make a quick count, there are at least 10 major universities, many of them nationally known, within a reasonable commuting distance from where I live, in both NJ and PA. There are many historical sites in New Jersey as well as museums. Shopping is close and varied. The demographics have changed from when I was a child, but I have been able to take advantage of it.

    I am rather amused that Camden is considered a negative for New Jersey, but the Amish are considered a positive for PA. Lancaster where the Amish do not live is not a very good area. Allentown, PA, an area that has a history of being a family town. It has changed a lot, and there are areas that are best to stay away. While they are not nearly as bad as Camden, you still do not want to live there. I do not live near Camden, and would not even think of going there, but my husband works in Newark. We are blessed with this job. There are decent areas in Newark as there are decent areas in NYC and Philly. There are areas in all three cities that you just do not go to. They are, however, cities. There are many cultural events in New Jersey as well as New York and Philly.

    I do not think the pros mentioned above will have an advantage in an economic crisis, but many of the “pros” you have mentioned for other states will not either. How will the Amish (or Old Order Mennonite) be advantageous during a prolonged crisis? While they are not attached to a grid as as much as we are, they are still attached. Instead of electricity (that many do use via “exceptions”), they have very large propane tanks. Their clothes are mostly sewn with polyester fabric (in Lancaster) and some sew with a sewing machine hooked up to a battery. In addition, it is a very closed community.

    How are Disneyworld or Disneyland be advantageous during a crisis? In all honesty, I would consider both of these sites a disadvantage in good times. To each his own.

    New Jersey does have farms and areas that are not urbanized. We have lovely mountains, and a nice coastline that is fabulous during the off season. The weather is usually not extreme, although the mosquito could be considered our state bird rather than the Goldfinch.

    In a financial crisis in Argentina, I have read that the cities aren’t the best place to be, and the isolated country is not either. (In Zim, if they didn’t run the farmers out, they killed them. They are currently doing the same thing in South Africa.) In Argentina, the best place to be is in a gated community. This holds true for South Africa. You must live in a gated community. In fact, the police cannot be trusted. You hire your own SWAT team who will arrive in minutes with their Assault weapons. You have more than one guard dog, and have secure doors and windows. (I know people who are living there, as well as those who have left.)

    I remains to be seen if there are any areas/states in the US that are better to live in than another.

    • Kevin2


      What you pay in property taxes in a month many pay in a year elsewhere. For practical purposes you cannot defend yourself outside in NJ (means) and we all can bet that crime will go up considerably. There are rules for everything (you cannot legally bury your deceased dog in your backyard W/O a permit) and or it’s outright illegal (slingshots are illegal…no permit is available to own one).

      NJ has way too high of a population density and Salem and Cumberland Counties (two of the few places to live in a SHTF) would be swamped by refuges in event of a SHTF situation.

      You do have the best diners in the nation. I’ll trade a Florida Grouper Sandwich for a NJ made Cheesesteak.

    • NorthernCanuck

      I was just thinking of re-reading Douglas Reed’s excellent book, “The Battle For Rhodesia” again today (you can lawfully download it for free now from it had suddenly crossed my mind that the U.S.A. was being “surrendered” now in the same way that Rhodesia was then. There are a lot of lessons to be learned in reading that book. Politically incorrect as it may be, I’ve always been a staunch admirer of Ian Smith, their last Prime Minister, who unilaterally declared independence from Britain in an attempt to avert the coming disaster. A godly Presbyterian, equally loved and respected by blacks and whites alike, he had fought courageously for Britain as a WW2 fighter pilot only to see Britain then betray his country. At the peace negotiations on HMS Tiger, a Royal Navy cruiser, the British Prime Minister tried to persistently humiliate him but the RN officers and crew, to a man, showed him every respect and courtesy. He left determined to fight for a the survival of a civilized Rhodesia, for Rhodesians of all races. He lost and we all know the result of that in modern Zimbabwe, but a man of that integrity and spirit is what the US needs now. You can see what followed in the extraordinary Italian documentary ‘Africa Addio / Farewell Africa’ (with English subtitles)on YouTube. I highly recommend it!

  • JustanOguy

    Interesting Opinions,

    You are a little off about Nevada though except for the Harry Reid Part.

    Gang Violence? Really? Lol… Just about Everybody I know has Concealed Gun permits. Gang members hardly terrorize NV like in other states. When somebody breaks into a house and gets shot dead — People cheer. Heck.. we just even had a Dairy Queen Clerk shoot down a wannabe be robber and they are considered a Hero in Las Vegas… Lol.

    Water — You’d be surprised by how much water is underneath the ground.

    Not enough jobs? — The high unemployment rate is primarily because of all the construction workers that flooded the state during the real estate bubble days that really think it’s going to start up again. The cost of living is cheap enough for them to stay while they collect unemployment checks.

    Natural Disasters? — Flash flooding is about all and some brush fires. Both are pretty harmless to people with common sense.

    Cons — Californians that helped BK California moving to Nevada and supporting / electing Dems. Harry Reid, Shelley Berkley. Illegal immigration. (Basically, everything that helped BK California due to Left leaning Californians moving to the state.)

    Other then that… It’s a great state.

  • philip

    Arizona – how could you possibly have left out “lying psychopathic government incapable of properly administering a population of zombies”?

    • liberranter

      That’s one that I also neglected to mention. My bad as much as Michael’s!

  • Mark

    This was funny, Mikey. I live in Texas, and I have to agree that the Cowboys are a HUGE con, but Austin? The hill country is beautiful (and it actually has some decent vineyards), but the city of Austin is a cesspool of unwashed, bearded hippies. Oh, and not to mention t.u. Gig ’em Aggies!

    • Michael

      I listed Austin as a “pro” because of the freedom loving people there.


  • Texan

    I was going to take this seriously until I saw the pros and cons of my own Texas state… wow…seriously??? how ignorant of the writer of this article.

    • Michael

      What do you disagree with?


  • Singer

    Ohio – low population density? It’s 281.9 per square mile. It’s listed as the 10 most dense. You didn’t even mention low population density for Oregon – it’s 40.33. And most of that is in the Portland metro area. Get east of the mountains and it’s probably a quarter of that. It’s the 9th largest state with few metropolitan areas, so it’s easy to get away from the big cities.

    Florida rated higher than Oregon, too? Florida is 8th in population density, then add all the bad things you wrote about.

    I’m not angry, well a bit grumpy about Oregon’s standing, but a consistant application of criteria to each state would’ve made the information more useful.

    • Michael


      I would give eastern Oregon a far higher rating than western Oregon if that is any consolation.


      • mark

        Get rid of Eugene north in the west and the little spot called Ashland in the south and this place is heaven on earth.

  • Paul

    Hi Michael,
    I completely agree with you about my state of Arizona. I have lived here for over 12 years and couldn’t agree more with your cons about this state. It’s hot, very hot, most of the year. There is little to no water in most parts of the state and illegal immigration is rampant. Although I think you could have added our governor, Jan Brewer, to the pro list. One of the very few governors in the nation to stand up to Obumma and take a hard line on illegal immigration.

    You are also spot on about the dust. It never seems to end. You dust your house, even on a windless day, and as soon as you’re finished, you need to start over again.
    Anyway, I thought your list was good. Also spot on when it comes to Michigan, too. I grew up in Michigan and, while Arizona is bad, Michigan is worse. Most of my, and my Wife’s, relatives still live in Michigan, in the North and North-central parts, and they say it is terrible. There is no work. There is no money. My Wife’s parents have a business that the government pays them to take care of mentally disabled people and the payments are being made later and later all the time.

    I think we are all, regardless of where we live, in very deep trouble. Learn new skills now, while you still can, and start preparing. You’re gonna need it.

    • Michael

      That is very true – we all need to be busy preparing wherever we live or we are likely to end up in deep trouble.


  • J.J.C


    I think with regard to AZ, our stable conservative leadership and housing market reboud are definately “pluses”.

    However, you are right about rainfall/acess to clean water in an emergency. That one keeps make awake at night sometimes.

  • TooTall

    I enjoyed reading this article in I assume the same spirit that you posted it. But Austin as a pro for Texas? Come on.

    • Michael

      A lot of weirdos in Austin but a lot of good freedom loving people too.


      • Junior

        That’s a funny statement! Is being a “weirdo” the opposite of being “freedom loving” or “good”? Does your loving freedom stop when it comes to extending people the freedom to be “weird”? I noticed a similar theme running through your whole article. I wonder if you have ever considered that “weirdos” might be as appreciative of freedom as anyone? Or if you have considered that not all “freedom lovers” will turn out to be “good” when they are put to the test?

  • Little Red Hen

    Arizona has only one nuke plant not multiple. New Mexico has multiple.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “I call them GC’s three Gs: guns, gold and a getaway plan.”—Gerald Celente

    When The Banana Republic of America goes into a total economic meltdown that will make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like a picnic, things are going to be seriously dangerous in all 50 states. When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it—and that includes methheads in small towns out west as well as crackheads in large northeasterncities. There are a lot of desperate people all over the BRA, and their desperation will only become worse. So to all you preppers out there who have asked me, “Am I nuts for doing all this?,” my response is: hell no, preppers, you aren’t nuts. You’re downright sane.

  • Shela Thompson

    There is no place like home…wherever your home happens to be.

  • Gabriel

    Hey Michael. Love your website. I’ve never written before but was motivated to do so today.

    Question: why do people consider cold weather a negative? I love the cold.

    Other than that, your analysis is quite good. The US south is going to be a mess for many of the reasons you cite (weather, drought, water depletion).

    Saying hello from Canada.

    • Michael


      Cold weather is a negative because the growing season is typically shorter and you could not survive in the winter without heating your home.

      So cold weather is not as huge a factor as other negative factors are, but with all other things being equal I would choose warm weather.


      • Trent

        Michael, I’m from Canada too (east coast island) & I think the idea of too cold & short growing season maybe correct for people that don’t know what their doing. I live on the same land that’s been in my family since 1850 & how do you think they managed?

        We only burn wood for heat, always have & have more than enough for ages, mixed hardwood/softwood close to home. Root vegetables keep in winter & huge amounts of people survived on them for a very long while, also they grow well in this climate. Root cellars, lots of wild berries for preserving, good access to fresh water within walking distance in an emergency, hunting/trapping is good, snow yes, but it’s great for the water table when it melts in spring & for some other things people that are from warm places wouldn’t have a clue, excellent access to the ocean for fishing, clams & other great eats for free. Lots of older farm equipment that still works fine, that’s just a few things.

        That warm weather may feel nice & allow a longer growing season, but there’s just way too many people that would be fighting over everything in no time if things keep going downhill in the warmer U.S.

      • Orange Jean

        While I personally prefer a warmer climate… I can sympathize with what these Canadian’s are saying. A lot of it is based on what one’s survival skills are.

        And did you know the risk of dying from heat stress is actually higher than the risk of dying from cold stress? That is largely due to the fact that people with any type of heart condition are much more vulnerable to heat stress. Also, a lot of medications people take (I’m not talking street drugs) increase the risk of dehydration and complicate things even more.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “Question: why do people consider cold weather a negative? I love the cold. ”

      Amen brotha! Much prefer the cold over sweltering weather.

  • Redneck Joe

    I have 61 acres in TN, technically middle but close to west (near the TN River). You could spend a lifetime there and wouldn’t know Memphis existed other than the occasional joke from someone who had to visit there for some reason (if you didn’t watch TV).

    • 007

      I live just outside of Memphis. There are just a few good neighborhoods left in an otherwise general war zone. Closed stores, rampant joblessness, crime, gangs, borded up homes, political corruption, schools are a disaster, desperate people so broke they can’t even afford to file bankruptcy. It is really out of control here. We are not Detroit but we are sure headed in that direction. If Federal Express ever moved, this city would collapse. Let’s just pray Obama does not tax and regulate Fedex out of existence.

      But the area by the Tennessee River may be some of the finest and survivable places to live when the fit hits the sham. Preppers are buying up the remote farms like hot cakes.

  • Matt T

    I live in Arizona Southeast Valley area of metro Phoenix and rank it high for these reasons:
    1. don’t want to be in a cold location when SHTF and electrical grid goes down
    2. only 1 nuke power plant
    3. no: tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, major floods
    4. Intel – always expanding – lots of jobs – Southeast Valley area
    5. SE Valley has good commercial/industrial growth
    6. low taxes (relatively)
    7. easy to evacuate to open space if/when SHTF in most locations of SE Valley
    8. Joe Arpio
    9. SB 1070 set model/standard for other states Illegal Immigration policy (I l-o-v-e immigration, just not ILLEGAL!!)
    10. Red state
    11. Close enough to Southern Cal for a weekend trip, 6 hr drive – Disneyland, San Diego, beaches, etc – but NOT Calif(!!!)
    12. Vegas also a weekend drive trip or a cheap 1 hr flight

    • NM Patriot

      The only problem(s) with Phoenix is the horrendous heat and the fact YOU HAVE NO WATER.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Yeah, it’s a “dry heat” out here in Phoenix. An oven is also a dry heat. So is hell. But you get used to it after a while. 115 degrees in Phoenix is like 80 degrees in Miami – or so I’m told.

        Besides, if things go from bad to really bad to horrific, and Phoenix goes up in flames due to riots from illegal aliens (ha!) – I’ll just head up to the “rim country”. Those of you who live in Arizona know what I mean.

  • Ozmo


    Wonderful. I love the ranking system and do understand that in most area’s there is a good deal of crime. I live in the NW corner of MO where there is little crime but like any rural area there is a difficulty in finding good employment.

    I just wonder how the fault will affect those this far north…however the plant in NE is a concern. One person posted to the fact you should have considered other facters into your ranking system. While I have a nuke plant not too far away the prevaling winds will, sad to say, take the fall out to Iowa.

    I would hope people realize this drought will effect everyone.

    Again great post.


  • Robert (qslv)

    Good thing about New Jersey:

    It’s 32 hours hard driving to Idaho or my “Hole in The Wall” in the Rockies.

    @ Karen: Interesting Sept 18. September 12 the Bundestaag votes on whether it’s legal for Germany to loan more money to Greece Italy and Portugal through ESF.

    • Alasha

      Good thing about New Jersey:

      It’s 32 hours hard driving to Idaho or my “Hole in The Wall” in the Rockies.


  • KL

    Hey Mike…. Great thought in this one! What do you think about Bernake’s statements today? Feel free to comment in the comment section of my site.

    • 007

      Bernanke…His ass is in a ringer. QE1 and QE2 did nothing and have become less and less effective in propping up the stock market. However, It has been great for the banksters and inflation. However, now a Fed audit and a possible return to the gold standard are on the Republican platform.

      He knows QE3 won’t work and will likely just piss off the American public just before an election. It could drive up gas prices over $4.00 a gallon. Even worse, he fears the public could get so mad it ultimately unplug his printing press.

      So he just teases everyone telling them he plans to do QE3. He is truly damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Talking out of both sides of his mouth may be the only thing he has left.

  • jwSwamp

    Bit light on analysis (such as future WATER crisis)… but All my current and future) states are B or above. IF I am able to stay in USA (unlikely) 40+ yrs with employer, but NO Retiree Health coverage. I’m off to Thailand / Philippines / Malaysia / Italy / France …??? wherever I will be able to afford healthcare for an ill spouse.

    • Jez

      You are overly optimistic. Many countries have strict immigration laws. They simply won’t let you in.

      Good luck.

  • Nancy

    One thing that is lacking in this article is something about the freedom you have (or lack thereof) in each state. Which are the most “nanny states,” which have ridiculous taxes (ie, SC has a very high yearly tax on cars, sales tax (ie, TN), gun control) – you can go on and on but I was looking for more than “pretty.” Where is a good place to live with what’s coming ?



    • liberranter

      Pretty much every state is now a “nanny” state, thanks in large part to most of them stupidly depending on Rome-on-the-Potomac (a.k.a. Washington, District of Criminals) to give them some of their own money back*. The fact that most states’ politicians allow their states to remain vassal-slaves to RotP is due to the fact that most of the states’ politicians aspire to FEDERAL power themselves. There states and their citizens are only stepping stones to that power.

      (*Here’s an idea: What if every state in the union reasserted the 10th Amendment and said to Washington, essentially: “F*** you!” We’re keeping our tax money for ourselves this year and will give you only what we have left over after we’re done taking care of our own needs first. That probably won’t be enough for you to maintain a global empire or shower money on foreign dictators, but it will be more than enough for you to do what that ‘goddamned piece of paper’ specifically authorizes you to do.” Of course, that type of assertive common sense is out of the question.)

  • Kristina


    The point here is worth considering – be where you are best prepared to be. For me high winds and high snow is no problem but a populated antpile – like place is unthinkable. One place does not suit all. Appreciate your blog. Maranatha!

    • Michael


      I agree with you – that is a very good point.


  • Barn cat

    Wisconsin has its advantages. The growing season is long enough to grow almost anything except rice or peaches. Obviously, the growing season is shorter in the northern part of the state. In general, there’s more rainfall in the eastern part of the state. If you’re 60 miles or more north of Milwaukee you’re probably far enough away for after the collapse. And yes, we have snow on the ground from Thanksgiving to the end of March. That will kill the unprepared quicker if we have a fall collapse.

  • Seth

    You are a master at link bait.

  • Arkaden

    I wanted to stand up for Delaware but… yea, I can’t. 🙁 I’m in the blast zone of three nuclear power plants, trapped between the trifecta of Philly, Baltimore and DC and my only escape is a sailboat to nowhere.

  • Old Man

    Only Idaho gets an “A”?

    Watch out – it will secede and join Canada. After all, Canada dominates along with Australia & NZ with having the world’s most livable cities:

    But Idaho joining Canada makes the U.S. border map look kinda weird. I say Alaska will do that first and the border map will look prettier. That’s what Sarah Palin threatened, after being ignored so insultingly by the GOP convention. She wants out and will take Alaska with her to the land where she sneaked in to get her dreaded ‘socialized health care’. She must have got into a big fight with Paul Ryan on this.

    Ryan: Socialized health care and Canada are evil, evil…
    Palin: How dare you attack my health savior! You are evil, evil…

    • NorthernCanuck

      I’m sure the western Provinces would love to have Idaho as a new partner in the Canadian confederation – Alberta, in particular, is as freedom-loving as Idaho and it has NO sales taxes (come to think of it, I don’t think that they have any Provincial income tax, either) because of their massive oil revenues. And the western Provinces love to gang together in their resistance to Ottawa and the federal government, so they’d probabably appreciate the additional reinforcement. And as for ‘evil’ health care, I can only speak for Toronto but it certainly doesn’t feel so ‘evil’ if you were to have a medical emergency and you find the police, fire department, EMS and ambulance service all simultaneously racing to your aid – and NO huge medical bill to follow if you are then hospitalized! I think Sarah Palin showed some smarts there 🙂

      • Old Man

        The Republican party, saturated with evangelical fundamentalist idiots, treat everything they don’t like as evil.

        And anything without a profit motive they don’t like.

    • Alasha

      Only Idaho gets an “A”?

      ah ha! really…. how much diversity dey got? too much plain-ness has 2 got 2 take them a notch or 2… ya think….

    • DL.

      Actually I’m surprised Michael put Idaho so high (I’ve applied for jobs there, in Kooskia and Couer d’Alene) with all the neo-Nazis there (SandPoint? Are you kidding, Michael?). In an interview I was asked how I’d deal with students who were white supremists, and if I’d report these kids and their parents to the FBI. No Idaho, no thanks!

      As for Texas, B- is about right. But I’d give far west Texas an A (except for all the fires in April and May which is before the rains come, and the severe drought of 2011)…there may not be a whole lotta water but there are probably more liberty-minded folks in the Big Bend region who actually know survival skills than anywhere except Alaska, but since it’s too damned dark for about 6-9 months, they can have it. For the most part, even law enforcement folks are decent and folks leave you alone. Still, no country for lazy men (“No Country For Old Men” was partially made out here, great scenes in beginning of film of the Davis Mountains coming out of Marfa)

  • GB

    Missouri (from a native Missourian):

    Pros: good growing season, mostly mild winters, low population density (outside of metro areas), lax gun laws, low taxes on alcohol and tobacco (if you have these vices), low taxes in general, the Ozarks, only one nuclear power plant, no hurricanes, fairly low cost of living, not politically correct (in more rural areas), many people still have common sense, most cops are not yet brutish thugs.

    Cons: St. Louis city (especially north St. Louis), Kansas City, poverty (common all over the nation these days), lack of jobs in rural areas, property taxes (vehicles, real estate, livestock), St. Louis city, poor road conditions, tornado season, occasional ice storms, bigotry, St. Louis city, lots of white-trash hoosiers, growing numbers of entitlement-dependent leeches. Did I mention St. Louis city?

    Overall: B

    Missouri is actually a better state than most people give it credit for. If you’re financially independent, can get away from the metro areas, nuclear plant and New Madrid faultline then Missouri is actually a fairly good place for someone embracing a prepper or off-the-grid lifestyle. However, our neighboring state, Illinois, is a whole different ball game. 🙂

    • GB

      Oh, another plus for Missouri. A fairly decent fresh water supply. We have lots of rivers, lakes, creeks and underground springs.

    • Missourian

      I from Lebanon and I think the southern part of Missouri is the best place to be if things get really bad. You have the Ozark Mountains, streams and rivers, lots of wilderness, farm land, small towns populated with mostly Christians who would help you in time of need. I would give Missouri an A+, not including ST. Louis, Kansas City or even Springfield.

      • Michael

        A big problem with Missouri is that you have the New Madrid fault zone right there.

        Trust me, when that fault zone rips open you don’t want to be anywhere near there.


        • GB

          True, but Missouri is a large state. The southeast quadrant of the state would take most of the damage. I doubt the entire state would be obliterated. It looks like Idaho is not exactly earthquake-proof either. 😉

          Honestly, I’m more likely to be eaten by the zombie hordes after an economic collapse than die in an earthquake. 🙂

        • HecatesMoon

          No more talk of the fault line, pleeeeease! I am in southeast Missouri, and it scares me! :((

      • GB

        Hi Missourian,

        Funny you mention Springfield. My brother used to live in Springfield. This was about 10 years ago. He lived in a small apartment building a few blocks from the Bass Pro Shop. He saw on the news one day that someone had a robbed a nearby bank a few days earlier and was dropping cash all over the streets as he made his getaway (on foot). After watching the report, he realized that the robber had probably run down the street right in front of his apartment!!! Too bad my brother wasn’t in the habit of looking out his front window more often!!

      • Clinton Gallagher @virtualCableTV

        I’ve been through the Ozarks and Hot Springs AK and its “beautiful” and has been said –a lot– of US Navy have relocated there per War Department Documents identifying the geography of that location as one of best over-all regions despite New Madrid concerns which is apparently not considered a threat all things considered.

        And when all things are considered what is NOT BEING SAID OR CONSIDERED is places like Milwaukee and ALL of America’s cities and the regions that surround those in certain parts of the nation are populated with predatory Negro parasites that have been roaming and terrorizing white people by roaming gangs in large numbers as much as ~100 as it has occurred in and around Milwaukee on –numerous– occassions as they litrally hunt for white people to victimize, beat, and rob (and worse will most certainly occur when the SHTF.)

        This is of course not being reported but racist domestic terrorism is an irrefutable fact and is being made to sound as if it is –only– white people involved in such acts but many of us white people know that is a lie and we are all at risk as it was our mothers, our daughters, our sons and we ourselves who are being hunted and beaten and worse by ************** predators.

  • Vic

    You need to add:

    Gun control- States that limit access to firearms severely limit an individuals ability to protect themselves.

    Supply Access- meaning you want to be far enough away from big cites to avoid the SHTF problems.. but close enough to be able to trade when the recovery begins.

    Likely Target centers and Fallout Patterns- For any terrorist dirty bomb or small Nuclear attack… or BIO attack

  • Otown Right Guy

    Michael, for Florida, the only “Southern hospitality” is in rural northern Florida. From Orlando south it’s nothing but Yankee transplants. But you could have listed year-round growing season as a plus.

  • Sean

    Montana, Rampant poverty? In Montana? Maybe on the res. lol!!!
    I have heard it described alot of ways but never Rampant Poverty! hahaha!

  • Fun and serious article all wrapped up together. Thank you for the “laugh out louds” and for the seriousness of the situation.

    I’m in western Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula. Up off the coast (doesn’t take much, very mountainous) low density people, maritime climate etc. Pretty close to perfect all in all actually. Other than the rain part, upwards of 200″ so that does make it tough sometimes. But I have to say, it’s easier to grow food in greenhouses, or under protections from the rain than with freezing temps like where I am from which is both Wyoming and Colorado.

    I’ve been putting a lot of thought into whether or not I should go back and I have to say that the “survivability” rate here is higher overall. Even compared to eastern WA, where it is almost like the plains, pretty tough winters.

    That said…I beg to differ that Wyoming is flat. It is not even remotely flat. Not at all. Try riding your bike or even just walking, anywhere in the state, even the blasted moonscape areas around Rawlins, or the eastern side heading into Nebraska. Not flat in the least. Check google earth’s elevation, you’ll see it. I lived it. The areas outside the rockies of Wyoming are very hilly, washes and ramparts etc etc geologically. All over the state.

    Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa etc…now that truly is flat. 🙂

  • Jon

    My home state of Idaho get’s the only A rating. Nice place to raise a family, and it is scenic in the Panhandle. But even in good times, you better have a job you can do from any location or a special niche as local wages for most jobs are low.

  • ScoutMotto

    Wow, Idaho is the only A?

    I’ll be driving through Idaho this weekend. Should be nice.

  • Dave

    I do agree about California’s low ranking, but I do not understand Washington’s low ranking. The rain keeps it green and yes they have earthquakes and have volcanoes. I would’ve given Wa. a B-. The only way it would’ve ever been an A is for the political correct crap that goes on, and the eastern side passed the Cascades…looks like the lunar surface. The Army does tank training out there, go figure. Kansas… yes there is the tornado problem, but when they get enough rain…it’s like rolling hills of green…especially the southeasten end in the Flint Hills. You can hide in plain sight there too. Not a lot of people. One county I know of has only 6,000 population and 17,000 square miles! And, that’s without hills to hide them…just beef, buffalos, and sheep.

    • Michael

      Once you get past the Cascades Washington is quite nice.


      • mark

        I suppose that I have one rule that I don’t live where the ground freezes hard. You don’t have to shovel rain.

  • Scott

    “New Jersey Pros: anyone got something?”

    Actually one of the best states for growing along with sufficient rainfall and water supplies. Avoid the urban areas though.

  • Jeff

    First listing of places I’ve ever seen that mentions San Francisco and New York City as self-evident negatives. Whoa! And Idaho the best place in the country? If you’re a survivalist or a neo-Nazi, maybe.

    I love this blog, and I read it every day. But this article smacks of author bias, subjective hate of all things urban, and a cynicism that really is off-putting. Sorry.

    • Alasha

      Whoa! And Idaho the best place in the country? If you’re a survivalist or a neo-Nazi, maybe.

      I love this blog, and I read it every day. But this article smacks of author bias, subjective hate of all things urban, and a cynicism that really is off-putting. Sorry.

      imma high heeled city slicker through and through…. smile

    • MissBonnie123

      I think you are being extreme by calling Whites in Idaho neo-Nazi. That is really off-putting.

      • Junior

        Lighten up a bit, MissBonnie!

  • Chris

    I am from Rural Northern Indiana and think it should have got a better grade. We have a good growing season, excellent farmland, and resonable population density. I am within 75 miles of a nuclear plant but don’t see that as a big issue. It’s cold enough in the winter to kill bugs and discourage the unprepared. The government here is quite overbearing especially local government, but when the economy goes south that will be a non issue. I give Indiana a B.

  • Ant

    One suggestion, libertian like minded folks should pick a state and make it their own. Make it a rich and free state. There are enough of us out there. We could elect Ron Paul as the govener.

    • Jorma

      Texas please pick Texas. Love to lock all you kooks up in one cage

      • Ant

        Whats wrong with wanting to live in a free country or state? One of these days you may wake up from your dulision of stability. Why should I need to defend the importance of freedom? Peace.

        • Jorma

          What freedoms are you so caught up with? Shooting machine guns and fracking every chunk of land that doesn’t have a mall on it? Oh yeah, screw the polar bears too. Nice work retards

        • Jorma

          Have a little respect for future generations you greedy apes. This period in human history will go down as the dark ages for thousands of years, make no mistake.

    • Nobody Special

      Look up the Free State Project. They’re trying to do this with New Hampshire.

  • NorNor

    The entire state of NJ is not like Camden, Newark, or AC either. There are beautiful, rural areas of NJ- I happen to live in one of them (see Hunterdon, Somerset county and others)

  • jamraqui

    i think people are disappointed that the article could have been very helpful, but really wasn’t. however, its a lot to expect from a venue of this type….thats a topic one could write 50 pages on. perhaps the better approach could be “list what u need to survive and find a way to it, or a way to access it. either will do.” for example, i live in FLA but am 9 blocks from a large lake (water and fish), not far from forests full of small game and wild hogs (meat), combustibles everywhere (fire), walking distance to police, fire, and hospital, “good ol’ boys” with guns, trucks, and boats everywhere, and i live on a small house with a lot of windows, built in 1925 before air conditioning (which, due to that design, i only need to have on for 3 months for comfort). it sits on enough land to garden and/or bury waste if i need/want to. personally i think i am pretty well off situationally, in addition to my prepping. so, its not so much where u are, but what you have/can do with it. oh… and no nuclear plants or chemical dumps anywhere close enough to worry about. Any state can be good… any state can be bad. its what u do with it that makes the difference. isnt survivalism about using your brain IN your circumstances, anyway?…. 😉

    • micky maus

      so, where in Fla do you live? just asking, because i live to in Fla and always looking for a better place in Fla.

  • Anon

    Seriously …MA gets a D- and TEXAS gets a B-?

    Crap list. No meaningful values are measured here.

  • John

    ND is not so bad. Plenty of fish and other wildlife (Deer, Moose,Ducks,Geese,Partridge,Pheasants,and Turkey). Cold weather teaches you to plan ahead. And most importantly, very few people and a lot of stored grain. Does everyone realize without the rule of law how bad it is going to be in high population density areas?

  • silvestris

    Legalize drugs and much of the crime will disappear. Not in favor of drugs, but the so-called war on drugs has failed and will continue to fail (see alcohol prohibition). Taxes on sales from government approved merchants will ease the tax burden and can fund legitimate programs to help those who want to get off of drugs get treatment. Emptying the jails will cut government spending and allow the users to go back to work and relieve the taxpayers from having to pay for the care of their families while they are incarcerated. It should be seriously considered as the illegal drug trade is responsible for much of the property crime. Put the Mexican drug cartels out of business.

  • Loop Garoo

    Lifestyle is complex and any attempt to rank it for a wide assortment of different people is a waste of time. I live in Fig City Texas and although it is clean, it is the most boring city I have ever lived in. The big hobby here is edging your sidewalk and drinking beer in your garage on a Saturday night.

  • Dominik

    California has an F!? Well I’m not surprised. I’ve lived in California my whole life and I love the weather and the people. The situation is sad now, but at one time our state GDP was $5 trillion. We really do have the most insane politicians in all the country. Especially with all their bogus environmental laws which are very job-killing laws. I mean its really hard to open a business because of all the dumb regulations and requirement, but California still has the most expensive zip codes to live in according to Forbes. And San Francisco is so nice! I don’t know what’s so bad about San Francisco or Los Angeles, despite the rampant homeless people. You just have to stay in the nice parts. If I was in charge of the state a lot of things would change to actually improve the quality of life here and stop all the dumb amnesty laws. So in other words I would actually make progress happen. We are also home to the largest American textile factory in the US. And that would be American Apparel Inc. Which has its HQ in Downtown L.A. Its all made in America, nothing is outsourced in that factory. That is one thing that I can say this state has something positive about.

    • Nickelthrower

      I agree with you. I, too, live in California and I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

      As far as I can tell, California has a HUGE underground economy because of all the rules, regulations and illegal immigration. I suspect that 40% of our economy is underground.

      I live on my sailboat in a marina just North of Malibu. Most people here are self reliant, crafty and creative. The idea that you hustle from gig to gig (lots of writers, directors, software engineers, etc) is a way of life and the barter economy where I happen to live is in full swing.

    • Golden Child

      San Francisco is beautiful. Easily the most beautiful city in America. But SF is nice if you’re rich. The economy out there is terrible. The new implementation of the $10 minimum wage in SF also exacerbates unemployment there because no one wants to hire someone for ten bucks an hour when they can pay illegals under the table. You practically have to be rich enough not to work to live in SF or be some jet-setting highly educated tech guru raking in six figures. The poorly publicized bad parts of San Francisco are just as bad in terms of quality of life and crime as the worst parts of much more infamous cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Camden etc.

      • DaytoDay

        “You practically have to be rich enough not to work to live in SF or be some jet-setting highly educated tech guru raking in six figures.”

        Like, Beverly Hills, North Scottsdale, The Hampton’s, San Diego, etc…


        “I don’t know what’s so bad about San Francisco or Los Angeles, despite the rampant homeless people. You just have to stay in the nice parts.”

        Perfect example of normalcy bias and the Madison Ave mentality… (As long as I’m doing great, the world’s doing great”

        Wake up man…

  • I live in Fl.,and traveled all over it.Its a huge state w/basically 3 or 4 zones.Miami, Ft. Lauderdale down is the capital of Central America and Spanish is the language. Central Fl. is citrus and Disney, lots of illegals,working citrus and hotels.
    Jacksonville is commerce, port ,shipping.
    North and West and NW , lots of good old boys,but still beholden to the military killing machine buck.
    Since Al. cracked down on illegals, NW Fl. has gotten and influx of illegals.
    Fl. doesn’t really do mush to illegals.
    I’m leaving asap to a colder state where less are on welfare.
    Do a map of those on welfare and the climate.
    Louisiana is a satanic p*ss hole and should be avoided.

  • Susan

    I think you should move out of the USA. Texas should have an A just for the cowboys and steak. NH and A just for the slogan: Live Free or Die. WY an A because you can ride around in your truck with a gun mounted on back and an open beer bought at a drive-through liquor store. Yee Haw!

    • DL.

      I agree…about far west Texas, anyway! (Also like bayou areas around Galveston…except when hurricanes like Ike pull through!). Actually, Texas is so damned big that there is something for everyone to like about Texas. Only true negative is the death penalty…only God should be able to take life!

      Other great things about Texas: easy to homeschool, least likely to force gun control, all kinds of climates (even for cold lovers…ever been up in Perryton in January? Brrrrrr.) And, finally, it used to be its own country…and maybe (if we can keep psychos like Rick McLaren out of it) will be once again. I cannot think of a better place to be when the crap hits the you-know-what. and with fewer racists and white supremists than Idaho!

      • Michael

        Idaho is not full of white supremacists.

        I don’t know where some of you got that idea.


    • Clinton Gallagher @virtualCableTV

      Have any marraige proposals lately? lol

    • 🙂 Freedom!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, an A if your white. They have the most broken and backwards judicial system in America where a man with the mentality of a 6 yr old and a strong alibi can be given the death penalty if their of any color besides white. I would never moved to Texas its horrible there.

      • You’ve obviously never lived in texas

    • Gabe Galardi

      Texas=Insest Hicks

  • Pastor Glenn

    I had a little ‘fun’ with your list, and chose to use the same standard I used to use with my boys at school.

    B’s and up = good

    C + = acceptable.

    Anything in the C or C- range required discussion.

    Anything D+ or below – unacceptable.

    This meant that 22 states could be considered “1st class citizen-states”

    AL, AK, CO, GA, ID, IA, KS, ME, MS, MT, NE, NC, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV, WI and WY.

    Cherry picking (“discussion”) the C’s and C-‘s adds 10 more states;

    AR, IN, KY, MN, MO, NM, OH, OR, PA and WA.

    This leaves only Maine as ‘disconnected’ in the lower 48.

    Interestingly, a few years ago, I did a similar exercise after realizing that the Nation of Lakota had an actual, legally binding broken contract with the Federal Gov’t – and considered what it might be like for other (sane) states to depart the USA, too. I used several criteria including whether the states had NOT voted primarily for Obama in the majority (hence proving that a majority were legally sane in the population) and whether they were solvent (1st class states) or borderline (2nd class states) or over the edge financially (3rd class states)

    The map looks relatively similar to the one above.

    West to east: 1st class citizen-states included AZ, UT, WY, remaining southern 1/3 of NE, KS, MO, OK, TX, TN, MS, AL, GA, FL.

    2nd class citizen-states included NM, ID, MT, the northeastern 2/3 of ND, eastern SD, IA, WI, AR, IN, KY, SC, NC.

    4th class citizen-states (in other words, worth asking if they’d ‘dein’ to join) included WA, OR, ID, MT, VT, NH and Lakota.

    I called my imaginary future nation RCAS, the Republic of Confederated American States.

    Putting the two lists together, we can see that
    west to east, Utah; Wyoming; Nebraska; Kansas; Missouri; Tennessee; Mississippi; Alabama; and Georgia are ‘strongly’ on both.

    18% of the states, barely connected to one another as a land-mass, and with ocean access solely via the Gulf of Mexico, but encompassing about 1/3 of the area of the lower 48, including a decent amount of oil, arable land, and population. If Lakota were included, along with Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, the Dakotas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alaska, Maine, Mississippi and the Carolinas it would probably easily make a nation.

    The Chicago mob and the rest of Illinois; Dhim-Michigan (sadly my home state); Cali-fornication; Nutz-vada (aka sodom and gomorrah); and the entire loonytoons liberals of the northeast could form their own governments and good luck to them. Oh yes, Louisiana, too.

    These folks want socialism; let them free to have it, with the proviso that they can’t join the rest of the states – ever. And their citizens can’t move into the new nation to poison the well.

  • Dano

    Just a few random observations from a guy who has driven most of the Western US several times.

    OREGON — Portland is probably one of the most liveable cities in the US with excellent public transit, a well organized downtown, and some really cool and fun neighborhoods, liberalism not withstanding.

    UTAH — SLC is an amazingly clean and well laid out city. The U of Utah is located there and an excellent school.

    WASHINGTON — the Seattle region is a high tech sector, with many spin offs from Microsoft. There is plenty of other high tech manufacturing in the area. The climate, hough rainy, is rather temperate with not much high or low temps. The western half of the state is amazingly beautiful, but visit in late July or August.

    COLORADO — Denver is kind of a so-so city compared to many others in the west.

    IDAHO — an excellent mix of many good things and few bad. A week on Priest Lake in the summer will makeou back for years to come.

    • Ian

      Denver is a so so city? Denver is awesome.

    • WRONG

      Portland = horrible hipsters and Mexicans… good luck getting work.
      Seattle = San Fran rejects who hate America and will turn on you in a second if they are offered something in a major crises. Seattle use to be a great town but San Fran and Portland ruined it. Who cares about Microsoft? How many people actually work for Microsoft or could work for them? I’m sick of these reports saying there are a lot of jobs in one place because some industry has a few hundred there.

  • Pastor Glenn

    I suppose if we could give Detroit city, Flint and Dhimi-born I mean Dearborn away to – um – oh, how about Illinois? – then Michigan could be considered a useful place to join the sane group, too. Without these, the ‘grade’ might even be a C+, eh?

    Simply wall off Flint, Detroit and Dearborn and let those folks run their own affailures – I mean their own affairs.

    OK I know, it’s not practical…. oh well!

    • Highspeedloafer

      The apostle Paul said ” I’ve learned to be content in whatever state I am in”, I guess he never lived in Michigan huh?

      • DaytoDay

        No, he just lived in Rome, when Nero was persecuting (killing) the Christian’s…

  • angry wombat

    More Florida analysis. North Florida is OK but lots of poverty and crime. And if you haven’t spent a summer in the Florida armpit, also called Tallahassee, you don’t know what unfreaking nasty humid hell is, and we won’t even mention the Florida State Women’s College. Seriously, you can get a degree there in “Clown”! Dearly love Gainesville area but be prepared to deal with all the Fabian Socialists that live in the realm of academia. Tampa is total crap unless you like strip clubs. Anything south of Orlando, better learn to speak spanish or Haitian (creole?). Orlando is now a sovereign foreign entity governed by the UN. Oh and steer clear of The Villages unless you want an STD. And the northern greater Tampa Bay area is the sixth burrough of NYC. Have been here since 1970 and upon retirement will be leaving here for good.

    • micky maus

      haha, stay clear of the villages, so true………but ocala is also second jew york city……

    • DL.

      Agree about Tampa (plus the Bucs suck as usual). Same might be said about Pinellas County…my (late) folks retired there and I have yet to see why…from Hernando County (along US 19) down to Collier…yikes!

  • Florida Cracker

    Florida is rated “C” and people flock to it to live. Uh yeah, that makes sense. Who wrote this dribble? Hurricanes? Ooooo…we’re all really scared down here. Give me a break. Gang violence? Yeah, if you live in a ghetto. Most of us don’t.

    Barely above sea level? *******! Help us! My house is one block away from the Indian River Lagoon. In 30 years and 4 hurricanes rising water has never been anywhere near my house.

    Nuclear power plants? That’s bad? Clean air and reliable power…stay away!

    Florida Gators suck. Go Noles!

    Stick with economic news.

  • Loll


    California get an F yet it’s an agriculture powerhouse of our nation. Maybe this is so because of its excellent weather and extended growing season, just a crazy guess.

    And because it’s the fifth largest supplier of food in the WORLD I think, Michael, you need to revise California’s grade to at least a C-.

    • Michael


      But what kind of grade will California get when a big chunk of the coast falls into the ocean?


      • Orange Jean

        I hate to say it, but you’re understanding of geology is pretty lame.

        The major faults in CA, when they fail, would tend to slide or move in a north-south direction… meaning CA is never going to fall into the sea (except in Hollywood’s imagination). You might find it moving closer to Canada or Mexico (I forget which direction), but any big chunks falling into the ocean applies only to landslides or mudslides, not earthquakes.

      • Orange Jean

        Michael, I figured I’d best give you a source of my information on that – I’ve read a lot more technical reports on this, but this is a good summary (direct quote, plus the website it comes from):

        California will eventually fall into the ocean.
        FICTION: The ocean is not a great hole into which California can fall, but it is itself land at a somewhat lower elevation with water above it. It’s absolutely impossible that California will be swept out to sea. Instead, southwestern California is moving horizontally northward towards Alaska as it slides past central and eastern California. The dividing point is the San Andreas fault system, which extends from the Salton Sea in the south to Cape Mendocino in the north. This 800 mile long fault is the boundary between the Pacific Plate and North American Plate. The Pacific Plate is moving to the northwest with respect to the North American Plate at approximately 46 millimeters (two inches) per year (the rate your fingernails grow). At this rate, Los Angeles and San Francisco will one day (about 15 million years from now) be next-door neighbors, and in an additional 70 million years, Los Angeles residents will find themselves with an Alaska zip code!”


        • Jorma

          That may be too much science for this crowd.

      • Loll

        It’ll get an A grade for excellent fishing.

        Ten million years from now Los Angeles will be neighbors with San Francisco.

        Fifty million years from now it’ll be competing for Alaskan tourists.

    • Junior

      I never really thought of the food angle there. A lot of people, but a lot of food, too. It brings up a lot of interesting questions over whether California could quickly transform its entire agricultural economy and food distribution to get affordable food to residents. Right now the whole model is export that food out and import other food in. Does the corporate agribusiness model work post-collapse? Will all that food matter to the hordes living in so cal? Will they be able to afford it?

  • Florida Cracker

    Planet Earth

    pros: more hospitable than Mars

    cons: hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, blizzards, droughts, mudslides, wildfires, avalanches, wars, gang violence, murder, rape, general mayhem, poverty, Florida Gators, Chicago Cubs, Chevy Volt, Barack Hussein Obama.

    • jamraqui


    • ummm

      The Chicago Cubs are a pro not a con on Planet Earth. They prove humanity’s indomitable spirit and resilience. In a word, the Cubs represent HOPE. 😉 Go Cubbies!

      • FM

        Cubs suck!

        • GregBrady

          Well stated…finished 31 games out in the standings in 2013.. yep, they suck!

    • Lillian Fernandez

      your last reason should have been your first

  • Kokolo

    Come to Canada. Rating A

    • DL.

      yeah, if you love tundra, Stephen Harper (would not be surprised to find out he’s a dual citizen of Israel), NHL hockey, and cold weather nine months out of the year…

      • NorthernCanuck

        Now there’s someone who doesn’t have a clue about Canada and who isn’t ashamed to publicly display his lack of knowledge. ‘Tundra’, ‘cold weather nine months of the year’? What abysmal ignorance – the NWO tactic of dumbing down kids really shines through here! I really want to call him a moron, but I’m in much too good a mood this morning, under blue skies with a high forecast temperature and not a speck of tundra in sight:)

  • Sandy CPA

    Tulsa Oklahoma. We are grounded in reality and understand that our federal government is spending us into bankruptcy. Yet we work hard to achieve the American Dream. We take pride in the fact that every county in Oklahoma voted against Obama in 2008. We saw this disaster coming before anyone else. And now our that our Nation is $16 trillion in debt we hope that change is coming in November and the voters will wake up and vote for Romney to save our Republic before it is too late.
    Whatever the outcome, Tulsans will survive….

  • joe osborn

    Under cons for the state of Penna. philadelphia should have been listed first. Unfortunately, it wasn’t listed at all. keep writing!

  • gfmucci


    Having lived in S. Florida for over 40 years, the panhandle for 8 years, and in N. Central FL for 4, I provide the following corrected pros and cons:

    Pros: Hilly terrain and large oak trees in N. Central FL, oranges, low taxes, southern hospitality, Disneyworld, warm weather, beautiful beaches, The Villages

    Cons: hurricanes (not a significant problem inland central and north FL), low elevations in southern and coastal areas (5 to 15 feet above sea level; inland central and northern areas are 25 to 100 feet above sea level), high population density primarily in coastal areas and Orlando (80% of the area of Florida has much lower population density), not enough jobs (matters not if you are retired), multiple nuclear power plants (although most places are 50 miles or more away from nuclear plants), crime, gang violence, illegal immigration (a problem primarily in larger urban areas)

    Overall Rating: B

  • Katie

    If you really care about your long-term survival, how can you ignore the fact that we are running out of fresh water sources, especially those that rely on mountain snowmelts, which get smaller and smaller every year. Anyone who is serious about long-term survival should familiarize themselves with this. I personally live in California and plan to get the hell out as soon as I can afford to. But my biggest concern, water, isn’t even considered in your list. Compared to the nightmare future that is likely in a highly populated area that is running out of water, the rain in Washington sounds like it might actually be a God send!

  • IdahoFarmer

    It is cold as hell and gets 15 feet of snow.
    You might make it down in the south where the potatoes grow but up north we are all crazy and carry GUNS!

    • American

      That’s right! DO NOT MOVE TO IDAHO!
      We are all crazy, Nazi-flag waving, loaded-gun carrying psychopaths. No potatoes up north, growing season (summer weather) is only 30 days, and we have snow 9 months out of the year. South is where you want to be..head to Mexico when the shtf!

  • Mondobeyondo

    Yeah, it’s a “dry heat” out here in Phoenix. An oven is also a dry heat. So is hell. We’re used to it. 115 degrees in Phoenix is like 80 degrees in Miami – or so I’m told.

    Besides, if things go from bad to really bad to horrific, and Phoenix goes up in flames due to riots from illegal aliens (ha!) – I’ll just head up to the “rim country”. Those of you who live in Arizona know what I mean.

    • Orange Jean

      Well a few years ago I traveled from VA to AZ to go to a conference in JULY in Phoenix. In VA it had only been something like in the high 80s but super humid; the days I was in Phoenix it was about 115. Coming out of the airport, yeah the heat initially felt like an oven and I felt like a turkey a cooking in it … but then it only took me about 15 minutes to acclimate and I was quite comfortable the rest of the time there.

      As long as I stay in the shade, I find 115 + dry a lot more comfortable than 80s + humid; varies from one person to the other tho, I do know *some* people who love heat & humidity.

  • Shamaka

    Maybe you need to rerate Texas:

    Soon to RFID your kids:

    Who’s next?

  • Market Genius

    Stages of The Crash
    The stages are laid out below. The first three have already occurred.


    Crash of the residential property market
    Crash of the commercial property market
    Crash of the stock market


    Loss of homes
    Loss of jobs


    Bailouts for select groups
    Dramatic increase of debt
    Politicians going in the opposite direction of a real solution
    The first knee-jerk reaction began immediately, with the Government
    attempting to “make the problem go away” as quickly as possible.
    Almost invariably, at this stage, the corrective strategy is hastily
    prepared and shortsighted, assuring further deterioration of the

    In this stage, the politicians on both sides fail to focus on
    a real solution. Instead, their primary focuses are, first, to avoid
    a painful real solution, and, second, to engage in finger-pointing,
    each political party blaming the other for the problem. The problem
    worsens steadily until one of the next series of major dominoes
    falls. This is usually sudden and triggers the toppling of other


    Major crash in stock market
    Currency plummets
    Increased bankruptcies
    Increased unemployment


    Foreign countries refuse to accept more debt
    Foreign trade slows dramatically
    At this point, the Government introduces dramatic change, such
    as ill-conceived protectionism, which backfires almost immediately.


    Defaults on debt
    Restrictive tariffs on imports
    Currency controls


    Hyperinflation – dramatic increase in food and fuel costs
    Massive unemployment
    Extensive foreclosures
    Extensive bankruptcies
    At this point, the dominoes are tumbling quickly, and a rapid unraveling
    of control is about to take place.


    Bank closures
    Extensive homelessness
    Food and fuel shortages
    Electric power becomes sporadic, blackouts common
    As these factors unravel, the public mood turns to a combination
    of blind fear and anger.


    Crime rises dramatically (particularly street crime)
    Food riots
    Tax revolts
    Squatters’ rebellions


    Creation of special army to address “domestic terrorism”
    Random killings become commonplace
    At first, the authorities focus mostly on violent subjugation
    and arrests; then, as prisons quickly become hopelessly overcrowded,
    camps become the norm. Soon, these too become unmanageable, particularly
    as a result of high cost of food and manpower. At that point, the
    solution turns to the killing of anyone who is suspected of a crime
    and, more frequently, anyone who is not submissive. (This
    will not resemble the Gestapo of the late 1930′s. It will be less
    organized and more chaotic.)


    If revolution is to occur, it will happen at this point.
    Many peoplewill feel that they have nothing to lose, and anger will be at its peak.
    If revolution does take place, it will not be an organized
    movement as such. It will be spontaneous, and breakouts will manifest
    themselves like popcorn popping, largely at random, with ever-increasing
    frequency. At some point, it may possibly evolve into something
    more organized.

    As Michael points out, our position is located on this timeline.

  • while in the United States looking for a place to tough out the upcoming problems, Idaho has been rated #1. But while in the 2nd best place named by Joel Skousen, Montana, all the locals I spoke with said Idaho was full of militias and would be a target for drones and foreign military etc.
    To answer Michael above, Palm Springs area……..namely Palm Desert may have ocean front property!

  • Justme

    Warm weather is a pro? I hate warm weather.

  • Sassia

    AZ: cons: Valley Fever a non curable disease , excessive heat for a long time in the summer. If power goes down no water and no liveable heat! Duststorms!

  • Jorma

    All I hear is everyone always tea-bagging California. There isn’t anywhere else to be. Perfect weather. Some pretty high paying jobs if you can get some skills together, and the drug problem? Uh ok. I see you put Colorado in that list as well, so I assume you are speaking of the medical Mary Jane laws. Well that’s not necessarily a con to over 50% of Americans you know. Just saying. That being said. I will get the f out of L.A. If ye olde poop shits the fan. Maybe nor cal countryside or join the great procession to southern oregon. He he.

    I’ve been to every state in the last 5 years. I can tell you the south is screwed for sure. New England is still in good shape in the countryside anyway. Idaho, mt, wy are sweet ill give you that,but i am not dealing with that cold. You can keep it. Ok now let’s talk about race. If you are not white then just go ahead and stay out of that whole area. Especially utah. I am white/blond, so don’t think I’m biased. Read the news folks. White is the new minority lets try to open your minds a little. Btw I just got back from driving through bc, Yukon, and Alaska. If I’m gonna deal with the cold I’m definetly going to Canada. Nicest folks. Alaska on the other hand? Don’t even bother. What a bunch of jerks. Trust me.

    • Orange Jean

      I don’t know what criteria Michael had in mind re: drug problem. I don’t use pot but I really don’t give a hoot if they were to decide to make it legal (OK I used to be a hippy, years ago). I’ve known plenty of people who use pot and get LAZY as all get out, but that’s their problem not mine.

      HOWEVER, there are also a number of places (I’m thinking at least parts of CA, NM, PA, TN, and NC), often rural places otherwise good for prepping that have gotten int a serious mess due to other, far more dangerous drugs: heroin (big problem in parts of rural NM), oxicotinin (however that’s spelt) and meth in all the above places. Plus some of the odder possibly still legal drugs like spice, bath salts, Jimson… all of which can make people act violently towards others. Plus the various drug cartels pushing all the above… THAT is what I have a problem with. I don’t think making those other drugs legal would have any positive affect at all since to the best of my understanding… it’s the drugs themselves that make people violent.

      PS Even in the Haight in the old hippy days people thought of meth as BAD – i.e., “Speed Kills!”

      • Jorma

        I agree, but as far as real hard drugs I don’t think California or colorado are any worse than other states. I’m pretty sure I was spot on with my observation. Drug problems seem pretty low on the list as far as survival priorities. I’m more worried about the prozak running out after reading some “article ” on survival blog. Can you imagine? It’s gonna make the bath salts situation look like an Easter egg hunt. Masses of crazed zombie soccer moms out for brains, Brains, BRAINS!

        • Orange Jean


    • Junior

      Well, you know Jorma, many white people would rather be killed by another starving white person coming down off anti-anxiety meds than a non-white person that might be transitioning off meth or whatever drug it is they do. And it’s natural to prefer that, if you you are ring to be victim of home invasion, that the home invasion be at least carried out by someone from your own faith, or preferably, even your own church group. It’s just kind of a comfort zone thing, or a matter of dignity. I think that’s the fear about Southern California.

  • Jorma

    Wake up man. Oh wait yer probably at church. Ok well have a good one

  • Roger Smith

    Let’s all face the big fact here….The major threat will come from the most dangerous creatures on the planet, OTHER HUMANS….., not some 1000 year earth quake or flood. We would all be wise to prepare for dealing with people who’s government check just stopped coming in the mail or worse yet, when they run out of prozac and meth. Tell me that part again where the government is buying hallow points?….

  • Louise in MO

    I’m from PA; presently living in Missouri. Also lived in Huntington Beach, CA, Colorado Springs, COlorado and Myrtle Beach, SC.

    If I applied your criteria and used that alone, I should move back to PA…..near the Amish. They are life-time preppers; don’t use electricity, no cars and grow everything they eat. And, they seem to be quite happy doing so.

    Good article, Michael

  • Me


    Is there an F-? Maybe a Z or something? Sadly I live in this ***** hole. ******** I hate this place. So very very much.

    Know someone that lives in Oregon, word of advice, if you’re within 100 miles of Portland I would downgrade to D- to F status right in that particular location.

    They have this odd tendency to do the “renter shuffle”. Meaning once they have you in a place they keep raising and raising the rent until you move. But they keep the price for new renters low. It makes no sense at all. So expect to move like very two years.

  • HelenChicago

    May I make a suggestion? For anyone interested in relocation around the U.S., an excellent resource is Joel Skousen’s “Strategic Relocation–North American Guide to Safe Places.” It’s a large-format paperback available from for $29.95. It contains oodles of good info. Among the criteria used when comparing places are gun rights, proximity to nuclear and military facilities, privacy, natural resources, crime, agriculture, tax rates and many more. The first third or so goes over these criteria and helps you to decide what’s important and what’s not. The rest of the book is a fascinating state-by-state review with plenty of maps, charts, facts, etc. I spent many pleasant evenings poring over this book. Highly recommended!

  • J322Y

    That was fun Michael. Have you seen the Mercatus study on freedom by state? NH came out on top in that study. I don’t think that they focused on shtf issues like growing season, etc.

  • Washington

    Jul 28, 2012 Mitt Romney caught on hidden camera – claims some Church Leadership is Pro-Choice

  • Orange Jean

    Well Michael (and others who’ve posted) – that was an interesting list, though I have to say it was more opinions that facts in a few places. I’ve lived in a number of states and am also opinionated (ignore my post if not interested). I’m not saying you don’t have a right to your opinions, but I do think it’s important to distinguish the two. I notice there’s big differences in opinion on weather, and I think that’s OK. I used to be more tolerant of cold climates, but with arthritis I’ve found cold weather makes my joints hurt worse, so nope. Heat? I like dry heat (albeit realizing from a “prepper” point of view that’s mostly places that could have real problems with a water supply); but heat with humidity about near kills me, largely due to severe environmental allergies. You think certain sports teams are a pro and seem fond of Disney – personally, I could care less about sports and hate Disney. I would also agree with others many states have parts that are good and other parts bad.

    I do think you missed a few things, but I will only comment on states I know about from having actually lived in them, if I have a different opinion than you on… or some places I’ve had family or close friends live in. I would encourage everyone thinking of moving to check things out for themselves!

    California: Despite its current shortcomings, if I could find a job there I’d go back to San Diego County in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t give the whole state an F (some places, yes… but not all. Mainly I hate LA & SF) more like a C currently, much better in the past and hopefully in the future. I agree with some of what you wrote but some pros you missed

    1. yummy oranges (I think better than Florida)

    2. oddly enough, CalTrans (the guys that design the freeway) — at least the southern parts are superbly designed compared to other places I’ve lived

    3. most of the time I lived there (other than SF when I was young, broke and pregnant), my personal finances were in much better shape than elsewhere(better cost of living to income ratio and people don’t think you’re nuts for asking for a good salary for highly skilled work)

    4. the easiest place I’ve lived for making friends

    5. I was able to live comfortably in So.CA for years with hardly ever using either AC or heat, a big cost savings

    6. lots of places in CA are actually more conservative than liberal.

    Comments on the cons: risks from earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires, volcanoes, tsunami — it varies considerably based on what part of CA you’re talking about, and some parts actually have very low risk of many of those. Air pollution is MUCH better now than in the past too.

    Colorado: nope, I haven’t lived there, but I have the impression from several trips to Denver & Boulder area there are way too many liberals for my taste.

    Connecticut & Mass. – beautiful homes? well, maybe if you’re rich. You have any idea what the costs of housing are in those states? I am from MA, could not ever imagine being able to own a house and most of the housing in areas I’m most familiar with was outrageously priced (Boston metro – low end, slummy small places last time I priced housing there was in the $400K range) and not necessarily beautiful either. You ever been to New Haven or Hartford, CT? Those two cities have some very nasty high crime areas. I’d give both states maybe a D at best.

    Florida (I only lived there a very short time, but family has lived there for years): You forgot to mention alligators (not the team), huge snakes and big drug problem in many areas. Hotter than Hades in the summer (presumably allergy HELL for someone like myself) not just “warm” – and those cockroaches from hell (palmetto bugs)? Personally, I have not experienced any southern “hospitality”. I’d give it also maybe a C-.

    Idado: I agree about the potatoes, they are the best! But I also thought at least parts of Idaho are in the Yellowstone Caldera risk area. To tell the truth, only visited there a few times and it seemed awfully boring (I was young). Wouldn’t have given it an A, though obviously it’s the place you like best. The cold would be enough to do me in.

    Louisiana (visited only): Lots not to love, but you missed one big pro — some of the best food on the planet!

    Maine (lived there and visit still): you didn’t mention the extreme poverty. Most of the people I knew in Maine over the past 30 years have never had a full time year round job, EVER (I had to leave because of that, and it was leave or starve, literally and I had a 4 yr old at the time to consider). Political correctness varies from place to place; there are some but a lot of conservatives there also. In that respect the place reminds me more of Montana than other parts of New England.

    It’s a beautiful state, if it wasn’t for me having trouble with cold weather now I’d consider as a retirement place as it tends to be cheap! A big and interesting pro – since many people are used to living with little to no money, they may have a culture better adapted to when TSHTF than most places and good advice on how to “make do without”.

    Michigan: I agree with much of what you said, but I also have been to the UP and I thought it was beautiful, peaceful, and an interesting option to consider for people who don’t mind cold weather.

    Montana (visited once, was considering moving there. Also took a class in environmental health from a guy who does research in Libby MT): Agree with much of what you’re saying but I am scared also of extra big wolves (imported from further north, Alaska I think), grizzlies, etc. Unfortunately also colder than all get out (not good for me) and there are some parts have rivers, groundwater, and soils that are very toxic, mainly from pollution from mining. Libby MT for example is beautiful to look at, but is having serious problems due to asbestos – their main industry for many years and there are very high cancer rates due to it. So I’d drop it down to maybe a C and investigate risks carefully before moving there.

    New Hampshire (some of my family lives there and I visit): The big plus, they seem to get road maintenance right (very well done). Add to the cons – I think much of it’s a dump, with a lot of poverty, very low paying jobs. Some parts (Manchester) are not low crime either!

    New Mexico (considered moving there, offered job with the state): agree with a lot of what you said, but I found it to be breathtakingly beautiful and I like mountains too and do fine at high altitude. But salaries are very low relative to cost of housing in Santa Fe (which is where I had job offer).

    North Carolina (lived there, worked for the state, have friends and visit, had family living in Western NC): See previous comments about southern “hospitality” – a lot of them hate anyone from anywhere else (comments also posted on this board about “Yankee transplants… “). Weather is hotter than hell and humid all summer, not just “warm”. The state is currently broke or close to it, friends working for the state were recently laid off or threatened to be.

    Some parts are not bad to live in (Raleigh was an OK), some places (Western NC) are beautiful but have few jobs, lots of poverty, big drug problems and drug related crime. In some parts NC has BAD problem with illegals, more M13 (one of the more violent gangs out of Central America), rather than Mexico. NC is the only state I’ve ever been in where I felt threatened by illegals (literally, at a gas station in little Warsaw, NC coming back from the beach). You also missed crazy taxes (aka, “fees” on all kinds of things that are hidden until you live there you’ll never hear of them)

    Rhode Island (my family is from there and I grew up 1 mile from the border): I disagree with your pro, if you live there you notice it and I’ve been hearing about a lot of economic problems.

    Texas (drove thro many times): alas, that is the most God-awful boring drive getting through the state (it never ends!) I know plenty of people who lived there or are from there and love it tho. (Really, why would you care about GWB? It’s not likely you’d bump into him).

    Utah (used to live there, 2 yrs): Well, most of what you say is true. They may not be very friendly (even to Mormons from other places) unless you are married with kids. I was LDS, but a single parent and that did not go over well. It was a long, long time ago though, it may not be like that now.

    Virginia (live there currently, past 7 yrs). The only pro I can say is the economy is not doing bad at present – though with sequestration and loss of budget to DOD that could very well change. It is hotter than HADES with very high humidity all but winter and it is hell if you have allergies. Some parts are not high population density (I live in a rural area). Southern “hospitality”? HA! It is the most unfriendly place I have every lived in my entire life!!

    Richmond doesn’t seem all that bad to me (OK for occasionally going to Short Pump mall at any rate, but I do get to go there via long pretty ride through the woods for the most part). There is really bad traffic in southeastern Virginia too!

    Wyoming: haven’t lived there myself but had a good friend who did and he says the hunting is excellent! It’s also my understanding there are a lot of self-sufficient conservatives in the area and it’s had one of the LOWEST unemployment rates for years.

    • Maria

      You are so right about Richmond VA. Moved from Northern CA in 2010. They truly aren’t very friendly here.

      Would love to talk with you off line about your comment on San Diego.

      Anyway to contact you? Maria

      • Orange Jean

        Feel free to shoot me an email at Sorry I just saw this today, so I’m not sure you’ll get it!

    • Paris Bow

      Suggest GAPS “diet” for fixing allergies. It requires traditional home cooking, not processed food.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Miami in the sun state , nice and working hard people.

  • Livinginparadise

    I agree with Doctor Blue that we do drive around in circles here in Hawaii. I still drive a lot, but it’s to the same places all of the time. That is one of the negatives about Hawaii, you are stuck here, especially when airfare is so much and you don’t have the time to get off the the island that much. There are some beautiful places to see, but change of view once in awhile is always nice. This is something that I think about a lot is where you want to be when everything gets really bad.

    The pros for Hawaii if everything gets really bad:

    1. The weather for sure- we can get by without air conditioning or heat
    2. It usually rains daily in the mountains so there is always water available.
    3. We can grow food all year
    4. It’s pretty safe…you do not hear about much crime like on the mainland where there is something happening daily somewhere on the mainland. This is a big plus for me.
    5. Traffic is not that bad on neighbor islands, not like Honolulu.
    6. We can always go to nice beaches for free.


    1. Supplies can be hard to come by during a crisis. We have to be really prepared here and stock up everything that you need.
    2. Cost is really high (cost of a house is outrageous here for what you get). Gas & enegery prices are high too. Some food is reasonable and can be the same as mainland it depends..some is higher and some about the same.
    3. Tsunamis, but you can live where there is higher ground or get to higher ground if you have time, but supplies would be hard to come by for awhile after.
    4. Volcanoes if you are on the Big Island.

    Sales tax where I am is 4% so not too bad really and property tax depends on the price of the property- there is an exemption I think they were going to lower it from $300,000 to $200,000…this is on Maui, not sure about the other islands.

    Income is overall low compared to the cost of living. Many here have to work 2 jobs and I know some that even work 3 jobs just to make it.

    • Lol, Brah, you nevah been mainland in a while…….lol, food is NOT the same price in paradise as mainland…, sure you can get Saimin cheap in Hawaii……that’s about it!……lol, as long as you can get WATER where you are, all the streams in Hawaii have Liptosporosis……remember the earthquake? Oahu no power for 3 days, NO WATER……they had 5 back up generators for the whole island, to pump the water up to the tanks….I wonder which 5 tanks would have gotten water when they ran out??

      The good news about Hawaii…….Aloha! Mainland, Haole Style……when the shit hits the fan, Haoles are the worst, but in Hawaii it will be payback time for the military who is abused by locals……if you can grow your own food or hunt it and get fresh CLEAN water without electric, then I wish you luck, just make sure the other Locals can too, cause if they can’t there will be tribes of Samoans, Tongans, Hawaiians, Filipinos on the HUNT for your shit! Aloha nui…….ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono o Hawai’i

  • Cobb


    As your 1 reader from MD, I say spot on with one exception. Move the redskins play here” to the cons category. Seriously there are more fans of the steelers/ravens/cowboys here (as a group together) than redskins fans. They also create what I like to think of as a “bonus rush-hour” on home game days. I wish I could get salty about Md’s rating as some many of your readers do about their own states but its a solid, arguably optimistic rating. The rage-posts made me laugh. We need to recognize that there are no “liberty-minded” states ( my big-brother is just bigger than your big-brother) All states are vulnerable to there own special disasters, man made or otherwise.

  • Discouraged One

    There are many nice parts of New Jersey, I think you were way too tough on it. But, you want some specifics? Okay, most I know there (many) have not lost money on their house because the housing market there has stayed strong. Many nice lakes, many beautiful rural areas. Camden and Newark are the EXCEPTIONS not the rule, have you ever been there? Doesn’t sound like it. There are too many regulations for sure, and the gun laws are terrible there.

    Now Michigan, we are surrounded by fresh water, and there are many beautiful areas, again you name Flint and Detroit which are the worst, no argument, Dearborn not true, Ford has kept Dearborn pretty nice, it is not all run-down and falling apart like much of Detroit and most of Flint. Northern Michigan is beautiful, and did I mention the lakes all over the place and water surrounding us? Don’t forget the militia men. Don’t forget gun laws, a good chunk of the population can protect themselves here.

    So far, I am not impressed by your grading system. I haven’t time to read more of the states yet, will get back to you on those.

    • Michigan is probably the safest place in America…..water, no earthquakes and more resources for food than any other state!
      but ************* need not apply, it gets cold in Michigan…..******************!

  • I like that I am in a B state (Texas) and in the eastern part which has more water, trees, and other natural resources abundantly unlike west texas. Good job on the list.

  • Shhhhh it’s suppose to be a secret but there will be no election as something BIG is going to happen the third week of October. What I hear is the Stock Market is going to crash. Anyone else here this? I thought the Euro Zone would collapse and then our stock market would collapse. Any way something BIG really BIG is coming you can feel it like a out of control freight train coming down the big hill with no brakes and you got to know there is a curve and a cliff at the bottom of the hill. You can just feel the tension in the air, like if a rubber band was stretched enough to brake in Pawtuket Kentuky that snap would be enough to send everyone over the cliff. You can feel it like the tension in a rubber band right before it SNAPS!!! Everyone is on edge, jumpy, touchy and people are killing each other like there is NO TOMORROW, maybe they know something…

    • cindy ward

      I’ve heard all this and more….that Obama will declare martial law prior to the election. Due to all the turmoil that he himself will provide. And US troops are expected to have boots on the ground in Egypt by early Oct…apparently to shoot Israeli troops that try to cross over?? Lord have mercy on us….come back for your people before this misery befalls us!

      • Orange Jean

        Doc Blue & Cindy
        I absolutely hope you guys are *wrong* about that… but nothing would surprise me, including what you’re suggesting!

    • Just make sure you are where you want to be when it arrives. you will NEVER be able to leave where you are…..what the hell do people think those drones are for??? Duh! You will need a color coded card to leave your “sector”….you won’t get one, if you are in a city when the Control begins, my heart goes out to you! It is SOLAR…….sorry

  • Nobody Special

    Why do you consider lots of nuclear power plants a “con”?

    • Michael

      I don’t want a “Fukushima” anywhere near me when the grid goes down.


  • There is NO Canada, There is NO Mexico, There is NO United States of America. Welcome to the North American Union and the Amero.
    What is the defination of the word TREASON?
    The people who have promoted this bastard should be brought up on Treason charges.

    • worx

      Best post I have seen on the net in a long time.
      Everything is so illusory about the borders and sovereignty of the
      USA now.
      Jefferson warned us of this. Treason, tyranny, the greedy sell outs.
      The debt is 16 trillion.

  • CatNap

    Recently read why Chuck Baldwin’s family chose to move to Montana. Interesting he mentions crazy politicians as a deciding factor, among others.

    Just call me paranoid, but TPTB would love it if the rebels would cluster together like Red Coats. Easy to eliminate with a well-placed bomb, wouldn’t you think? (Blamed on the boogieman of the hour, of course).

    • CatNap

      Stumbled upon this book today,

      Strategic Relocation-Third Edition by Joel Skousen

      For those who want more in-depth info on the pros/cons of each state, this appears to deliver.

      Click on the link to see sample pages and maps from the book:

  • DL.

    Finally, Dallas Cowboys, Michael? who gives a crap about dem’ Pokes! The Texans are the future, baby!

  • DL.

    And I pert near forgot–Texas is the home of the Texas A& M Aggies! Gig ‘Em!

    The next great Qb out of Texas will be Ryan Tannehill!

  • CAngel

    Michael, you must live in Idaho. I was not aware of this rain collection law in Utah, but other than that it deserves more than a B-. I have thought alot about this lately and have actually thought that I’m pretty lucky to live where I do. We have a growing season long enough to grow almost anything. We might not get alot of rain but usually we get plenty of snow to fill the reserviors and we do not have water problems like Calif., AZ, NV etc. There are no nuclear power plants here, thank goodness. I think I’ll stay put. Love your articles, you do such an awesome job and I am very thankful.

  • Larry

    Easy to see where Michael lives by looking at this list 🙂

  • ummm

    So let me guess – your from Idaho?

    • Mondobeyondo

      Judging from this list, my guess is that Michael is from somewhere in New Jersey. LOL!
      But that’s just moi.

  • tony Garza

    what does bush have to do with Texas – Methodist Hospital? what?

  • Charles

    Best thing about New Jersey? Steve Lonegan. He should be President.

  • Tony

    To the guy who said Idaho is only great if you’re a neo-nazi. That was a ridiculous, typical, empty-headed liberal comment. I live here and don’t know one neo-nazi, but I do have alot of great neighbors that watch out for eachother and eachothers’ property. Most of my neighbors store anywhere from 3-12 months food supply. At least half of our electricity is Hydro-electric. The only negative as the author pointed out was some colder weather and a short growing season, but game and water are plentiful and we only have a population of 1.5 million. There are plenty of jobs here in S.E. Idaho for skilled labor, i.e. engineers, maintenance mechanics etc.
    If fit hits the shan I’m quite sure we will gladly receive and care for as many polite refugees as we can. Key word: Polite. If you come to steal and commit crime, forget it. Our police are vigilant and citizens well armed. I wouldn’t trade where I live for any state in the union.

    • Ditto, Tony… after 21 yrs. in the US Army I settled down in SW Idaho and am glad that I’m in the American Redoubt. My oldest son lives in N.Idaho and not sure about the ‘short’ growing season… I grow just bout anything I want. True, we get plenty of snow in the winter but that’s how all the farmers around here irrigate their farmlands. In August my wife and I drove back to Michigan where I was raised, spent 5 days in the U.P. where my sis lives. Most of the people in the U.P. are very conservative and self-reliant. One brother lives about 20 miles from Grosse Point home of 75,000 muslims, many of them are rampant anti-american. Nice place to visit but wouldn’t/can’t live there. Idaho is rated highly on numerous blogs for a variety of reasons and I welcome all ‘patriots’ to come here. Rugged Individualism, which is sorely lacking in this country, is alive and well in Idaho. Sure we have our share of social problems but not quite like the other states. can’t think of a better place to ride out the storm… .. . remember, “You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing”…..

      • 2xA_vegas

        This post and its follow-up comments definitely piqued my interest about Idaho. But with all sincerity, permit to ask: in you guys’ utmost honest opinion, is Idaho safe and a socially hospitable/welcoming state for Asian-Americans?

  • bruce2288

    Got me scatching my head, flat useable ground is bad? Wyoming is too flat? Colorado and Montana also have a vast area of flat. Reverting to the dust bowl based on or 2 years drought?

    The pros and cons have some validity, the grading not so much.

  • michelle

    someone hates california and loves idaho!

    i live in california and i like it because i hate cold weather

    but i see the points

    however i don’t see the rating system as being that valid, because we don’t know how things will play out and the best rated place could have a terrible storm, earthquake, etc…

    • How is the WATER in CA………lol

  • Kim

    This is dumb. Im from Oregon and Portland is neither a pro nor con. There are good things about the city and bad things.

    The problem with Oregon is more or less the same in any other state– unemployment, drugs, thuggery,.. Weather cant be a con either because it all depends on the person. It’s too subjective, I know some people that love rain and some that love snow and other loves the mild temps.

  • Looking around at this dying world.
    It is great to know that Father Yahweh is still in total control of His creation.
    Here in the great state of Texas we have hope like no other place, why?
    Because we have the protected place that the prophets wrote about many years ago.
    Some will laugh other will question this statement.
    All I can say is that if you believe ALL that the Hebrew prophets have spoken then you owe it to yourself to check out our web site.

    Come see what great things Father Yahweh is doing in your life time.


  • John C

    Michael, I’ve always enjoyed your articles here. However, this article borders on political hackery. All of the named politicians that lower grades against a state (except for 2, Dumbya and Bloomberg) are Democrats. All of the northern, left-leaning states feature ‘political correctness’, or ‘insane politicians’ as a con. It’s worth noting that most of the republican oriented states, while they aren’t listed as having ‘insane politicians’, feature ‘rampant poverty’, but somehow bad polices and politicians don’t impact that? Mississippi is better than Michigan, give me a break. And Ohio, Florida, Texas, and Arizona don’t have ‘insane politicians’, I’d beg to differ. Still like most your articles, but your obvious right-wing slant is showing.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Iowa isn’t really very flat like Kansas, most of Nebraska, and central Illinois. True, we have no mountains, but much of the terrain is rolling. The northeast is very hilly and in the west the Loess Hills are a scenic area that stretches from nearly the northern border to the southern border. We have plenty of water underground and in our numerous rivers. Winters can be cold and snowy, but the snow is a positive as it means more water in the spring. The soil, for the most part, is rich and the growing season typically starts in March and usually lasts through October. Yes, droughts occur but droughts have always occurred.

    BTW, Wyoming is far from being flat. Check a topographical map!

    • Michael

      The parts of Wyoming I have driven through are very flat.

      But there are other parts of the state (such as near Yellowstone) that are obviously not flat.


      • McKinley Morganfield

        You drove obviously drove through only few areas and all where in the high plains. Mountain ranges in Wyoming: Tetons, Wind River Range, Absakora Range, The Bighorns, The Black Hills (extend into extreme NE Wyoming), The Laramie Range reaches a high point of 10,000+ feet in the southeast,, and the Medicine Bows top out at 12,000+ feet in the central south. Except in the extreme east the plains are often at 6-7,000 feet elevation and not truly flat. All in all mountain ranges cover more than 1/3 of the state.

        Colorado is approximately 1/2 high plains. Yet its image is the Rocky Mountain State. Don’t get me wrong, Colorado is beautiful but so is Wyoming and in more subtle ways a state like Iowa is beautiful. The key to Iowa is rich soils and plenty of water above and underground. It has a low population which is mostly homogenous, people are friendly and welcome new neighbors, it has low unemployment, low crime, and has a relatively fiscally sound government. I am biased of course because it is where I choose to live and prepare but to me it definitely warrants at least a B+.

        Nothing personal, but I think your research was rather sketchy.

  • WM

    Michael, I have been waiting for a post like this, (also waiting for one on firearms, 2nd Ammendment, etc)

    I currently live in Connecticut and moved FROM Mass. 8+ years ago. Moved here for better job opportunity.

    What you said about both states is true. The “Beautiful Homes” aspect….well both states have a large supply of old homes. If you go to Salem, Concord, Lexington, etc Mass. you will some real restored gems, and don’t forget Newport RI, with its mantions, but often overlooked is a large area, of restored 18th century homes, it is quite a sight to see, with the cobblestone streets and “old” looking street lights.

    Connecticut has its share of older homes, mostly in the richer areas.

    Connecticut (as well as MA) also have a LOT of multi family homes, left over from the Industrial Revolution/Gilded Age, and most industry has left, and a LOT of these homes are filled with subsidized housing, ( welfare, SSI, etc)

    CT is very expensive to live in with the incompetant government here, that wants to just keep taxing and taxing and taxing, (hey, have to pay for all the state workers, welfare reciepients, and death row detainees)

    I personally hate this state, and am praying for the time I can leave. It is too expensive, way too crowded, ( I read that CT is the 4th most populated state per land area), there are more than a fair share of toilets, I mean what used to be cities, Meriden, New Britain, Hartford, New Haven, Torrington, East Hartford,Waterbury, etc. Most of these ‘cities” are overrun with “entitlement” folks that rely on the government, especially in areas where there are the plethera of 3-4 family homes.

    Industry is leaving here in droves and our “leaders” continue to promise to create jobs!!!! All the while the infastructure is deteriorating, and very little is being done to revamp the inner cities.

    Mass. is no better, very liberal, anti-2nd Ammendment, very humanistic, realtive and new age, and very open minded about anything, except Christianity and Judaism, the people west of Worcester tend to be very racist towards Spanish speaking people, perhaps it was when Kennedy opened up the flood gates for Puerto Ricans to obtain all kinds of government assistance, that has caused a racist attitude of many.

    And as Michael said, a LOT 0f things are lillegal there. I would not move back to Mass. for anything. For example, there is a gun law, that says you can possess a hand gun in your home, but it MUST have a trigger lock on it, I am not sure if this applies to long guns as well. This is the mentality in Mass. Supress the law abiding, liberty loving people with one ridiculous law after another. What if you are being home invaded? Do you think you would have enough time to find key, remove trigger lock, defend yourself against criminal invader????? Of course not.

    It is so ironic that this is the very state that the step towards liberty was taken on April 19, 1775, it is also ironic that the very town ( Northampton, Mass.) that Jonathan Edwards preached his famous, life changing sermon, “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God”, is now a hub of new age and homosexuality. In fact, the homosexuals nicknamed Northampton, Mass. “Paradise City” because of the tolerant attitude there for all things, ( except anything to do with the Bible) If you are a conservative, Bible believing person, Mass. is not the place for you, unless you are a missionary.

    Winters in both states suck, and very congested areas, with very little open space, ( by western standards), I have been out west several times.

    Why someone would want to move to either state is beyond me.

    • Orange Jean

      Best wishes and good luck to you on finding a job in another place (though I’d recommend *not* moving to VA it’s different, but not necessarily an improvement)!

      I left MA in 2001 and have absolutely no interest in ever returning… not much interest even in visiting even tho I still have friends there … where it not for the fact I pretty much would need to drive through MA to get to NH to visit family. Also one of my brothers and I plan on doing a “nostalgia tour” drive down to our hometown (South Attleboro, MA) this fall. But we fully expect to find the place has continued to deteriorate into a slum and we’ll be so happy we got out of there!


      • Jason

        Jean –

        I live in seekonk and south attleboro reminds me a lot of my hometown, philadelphia. and not the good parts…

        although I will be moving back to PA shortly it will not be to philly.

        • Orange Jean

          It really is a shame (about S. Attleboro) because once upon a time it wasn’t too bad a place… my family left in 1968. Whereabouts in PA are you moving (I know something about the Poconos, only because I used to know someone from there)?

  • otter

    Well, Michael, with only one “A” rating, I think we have a pretty good idea what state you live in!

  • Annie Gaddis

    You forgot to mention that 9 states have no state income tax, and which states have the highest sales tax. Also, since decent food is becoming scarce, which states have the best soil for growing your own.

    Was surprised to see TN only get a B-

  • Your site looks pretty informative but why would you have an add for Debbie Wasserman Shultz???? That alone will keep me from ‘sharing your site’ on my Facebook of 1000+ friends even though I think it is an informative article worthy of sharing otherwise. Really stuned me when I saw that. My 2 cents…

    • Michael


      The Google algorithm probably chose to display that for you based on the state that you live in.


    • Orange Jean

      I can confirm Michael’s response. The only ads I get 99% of the time are from various survival organizations (selling seeds, survival books, etc), some websites I go to often, and today I also got one for Amazon.

      You might want to experiment also with what browser you use… as some may be worse than others. I have to use AOL to hook up to the Internet first but I sign in as “invisible” and I blocked AOL from being my default browser and use Firefox instead. Also check your security settings and consider starting blocking those specific websites you don’t care for … something like that may help.

  • hackworth

    For survival in a gone crazy world where rioting, looting, food shortages and/or the grid goes down you need to find a rural setting far from cities. Where there’s plenty of good water for home and garden use, trees for firewood, wild game, fruit, nuts, and edible wild plants. A place where you can own a small acreage farmstead for less than half the price of a tract house in any city. Where you can have a farm pond full of fish and a chicken yard for laying hens, fryers and garden fertilizer. A hive of bees and a couple of cows will aid the food supply. That with about 300 quart canning jars to preserve a winters supply of vegetables, soups, fruits and meat. Another plus would be having four seasons, two of which you won’t need much heat and no cooling. Even in summer when the days reach 100 its not really too hot in a hammock beneath a big oak. Find a place like that where the neighbors gladly lend a helping hand when needed and bring you 5 gal. buckets of excess produce from their gardens. How long has it been since you slept with your windows open without noise or worrying about prowlers-cause everyone knows you have guns. they hear you shooting nearly every day on your backyard range. Oh! Sometimes a bear might raid your melon patch or tear limbs off a fruit tree or a mountain lion kill a deer around the house but its worth it living in paradise. I won’t tell you where this place is but the expert only gave it a C, it should be rated A+

    • 🙂 And we have a WINNER!!!!!!!!

    • Livia

      Is it Tenessee? I am with you…I completely agree that we need to get back to simpler life…

      • Livia

        Oh Nevermind….maybe Arkansas?

  • Steve

    Pros for NJ…one fifth of the state is a national forest known as the Pine Barrens. Hardly anyone lives there. Protected rivers, lakes, streams, and trillion+ gallon aquifir. Excellent bug-out location. Abundant wildlife.

  • robertK

    Very depressing. Please do one on countries; I may move.

  • CinnamonGirl

    OK so you gave my state of Michigan a D-, i understand. Dh and I still have more going for us here with a paid for property that makes me self sufficient, and a mediocre job.We looked at moving to Montana but it was cost prohibitive. Cheaper to buy one of the many foreclosures and still here for now …at least until my last teen leaves the nest.
    BTW the best i’ve read on the subject is Stragetic Relocation by Joel Skousen. Excellent and well thought out.

    • Depends on WHERE in MI??? Up North is best….but colder, don’t be near any of the cities, when they don’t get foodstamps anymore, it will spill out for 30 miles…..until the rednecks shoot them all……..just sayin

  • Bryce Erwin

    Let me help you out a little with Michigan.

    Pros: (Outside of southeastern MI) Great and friendly people, fertile farmland with full growing seasons, beautiful lakes and forests with tons of game, strong conservative values and pro-second amendment, Traverse City wine country rivals Napa, CA, upper penisula similar in many ways to rural pacific Northwest in scenery, shoreline and culture – (Inside Southeastern MI) Great sports teams, great restaurants and culture in Ann Arbor, growing number of tech and healthcare jobs

    Cons: (Outside of southeastern MI) Job market is small, winters can be long and cold, especially in upper peninsula the residents can be a bit isolationist and cold to outsiders – (Inside southeastern MI) High crime rate and violence in big cities like Detroit, Flint, etc., racial disharmony in big cities, extremely liberal politics in Ann Arbor and surrounding area, nuclear power plants along Erie coast, pollution of waterways, anti-gun culture, minimal game, job shortages for unskilled labor.

    In a nutshell – Michigan in two states. The southeast resembles your original cons list, but even that was too harsh. Everything north of Flint/Saginaw is rural, forested or farmland, high wilderness in the UP. The people in the southeast are what you would find in any metropolitan area – very liberal, high crime, etc. Detroit is so desolate these days that the real crime has moved on to other cities like Flint.

    Michigan isn’t the survivalists #1 choice – but it’s not the hellhole you make it seem. Detroit is not Michigan. It’s only 1/12 of the state, all the way at the bottom.

    • True words, you are mistaken, Mich is the best…….WATER

  • Washington

    Hydraulic Fracturing of Oil & Gas Wells Drilled in Shale. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have turned unproductive shales into the largest natural gas fields in the World. Here is the key for our independence!

    What is Hydraulic Fracturing?

    • are you ************** crazy, it pollutes the WATER table!!! They want you to have to BUY WATER with chemicals in it…….STOP FRACKING…….FRAG FRACKERS

  • todd

    Has anyone thought more about New Zealand? Seems like a stretch to see that all the states may be down graded soon.

    • Not good…….EARTHQUAKE CENTRAL……….Maoris don’t want more white people taking their *******!

  • Alan

    I’m in the panhandle of Florida, not native. Here are my observations… Warm winters easy to survive. Some things grow good here some don’t. Lots of water access for food. Down sides.. Hot and humid summers, you can adjust after awhile. Generally people are friendly exept for the religious people, unless your one of them they won’t give you the time of day. I have no plans to move from here, collapse or otherwise.

  • David

    Wouldn’t North Dakota gain additional points for having its own bank, and being relatively debt-free? Maybe I’ve got my facts wrong, but I thought it was more fiscally responsible, in general…

  • Tom Sturm

    I live in IL, & try to run a business. I keep asking myself “why would anyone have a business in IL if you could have it anywhere else?” I assume that it beats CA or NY maybe?

    • McKinley Morganfield

      Move to Iowa. Its a short trip and Iowa is business friendly.

  • jackfeld

    Hey, one good thing about New Jersey? I was born there!

    And, there is Ocean Grove just outside of Asbury Park. Sure it is a religious community, but the beach was FUN when I was 10 yrs. old.

    What is so great about Idaho? I was thinking of living neer Cour de’lane, but, when they sold 50 Miles Square to the Chinese, not as an investment, but, as a place to call “China in the U.S.”, Really!!!

    I agree with the lady from VA. SoCal is very nice. San Diego, where I live now, is great year’round, but, don’t come here!!! Stay away! There are already too many people for the carrying capisity of this Dessert. Ocean Beach is really nice for body surfing… but don’t come! Too many from El Cajon, Tijuna, Arizona, etc. already!

    • Deal was a ‘no-go’….. chinese didn’t buy 50 sq. miles outside Boise… And the majority of Idahoans were against it..

  • jackfeld

    When you talk about a state, you don’t have to pick the worst part, like, “The dust bowl returned!” That makes Phoenix and Tucson bad areas of AZ, but, go 85 to 150 miles North of Phoenix and you have Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff, etc.

  • Crossworks

    Wow…404 comments. What’s the record Michael.

    Nothing like stirring the pot once in a while……lol.

    Great article btw. You hit the nail on the head with Maine.The only thing you didn’t mention is that we have the least amount of weekly church goers in the nation!! So if someone enjoys good Christian fellowship, this ain’t the place to come. Ah yuh!

    • Michael

      I am sorry to hear that about Maine.

      And yeah I think this might be a record for comments. I think a lot of people thought that I was attacking their states. 🙁


      • Bro, I didn’t think you were attacking anyone, just ignorant to the REAL DEAL…… didn’t even post my comment, if you are going to publicly publish nonesense like this, you should be prepared to hear other people’s opinions! I don’t care if you publish my comments, it doesn’t matter one damn bit, cause the ***** is coming and people on these forums think they can comment and talk their way out of what is about to happen, they are so stupid, they still think they can VOTE their way out…….LOL……..People, let me tell you what is coming!

        The SUN is about to bite our face off….
        The GOV. knows this
        They are preparing. you are NOT invited to the DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bunkers)
        It will destroy our ELECTRIC systems, you will NOT have a job, money or any of the things you are used to
        They will leave YOU on the surface to fight to live
        are YOU ready for that?
        If you think you are immune to what is coming you are NOT!

        So, stop typing you way out of it, PREPARE…….BE REAL…….

        Anyplace that has earthquakes will have MORE and BIGGER

        The Weather will be radical, much worse than it is NOW…….promise!

        It will be dry where it is usually wet, wet where dry, hot where cold, cold where hot…….get it?

        Coastal areas are DANGEROUS for there will be great earthquakes worldwide.

        The GOV. KNOWS this……….

        The big players are making power grabs NOW, look at China, Russia, US…….all of them!

        The don’t want to use the OIL now because they want it for AFTER the event…….they don’t want to go back to a bronze age.

        They want to be able to rebuild a somewhat modern society in the world……they will need people who CAN…..

        They will need people who can rebuild electric systems……..WORLDWIDE

        If you have abilities they need, they will protect YOU, if you don’t you are on your own!

        This WILL come to pass, I am sorry…….prepare!

        Lead with LOVE! NOT GUNS……if you prepare, you can help people, if you don’t, you will be the problem!

        I will not post again, take my words as you will, you have been warned!

        WATER is the most precious resource there is………end of story, base your LIFE on it……aloha nui!

  • Calvin

    For pennsylvania, I think you meant to say Philadelphia not Pennsylvania in the con section.

    • Michael

      Yes you are right. Thanks for catching that. 🙂


  • Al

    The best thing going for Wyoming is I-80 going through the Red Desert and Rock Springs. When non residents drive through the Red Desert on I-80, many believe the rest of Wyoming is just like that. Keeps out the riff-raff. Wyoming has many disadvantages but flat it is not. Growing season is reasonable for a northern state, generally 4 to 5 months in lower elevations. Cold it is in the winter, but that also keeps the riff-raff out. There aren’t many gang problems except on the reservation. Employment is almost guaranteed “if” you are willing to “work”. Having lived over 60 years in Wyoming and traveled most of the 48 except for some of the east coast, there is no place that has the lure that Wyoming has. So, I will stay in Wyoming, and any one else can stay away if they don’t think they are tough enough to survive. It is fun to watch immigrants looking for jobs come into the state. Generally, if they can last 1 year, they will stay, but so many can’t take the open spaces and lack of shopping malls in their back yards and so pack their bags and go back to where they came from.

  • Markus

    What do they say opinions are like? I have lived in both northern and southern CA, born on the north coast, OR currently, OH for college, NE as a child for 4 years, Northern VA, FL, stationed in TX, been to most of the rest. This whole piece is one big list of opinions. There are many of us who think that “conservative values” are nothing but shorthand for hate, discrimination, racism, and paternalistic government. Every state in the south was given a pro due to “southern hospitality,” and it is true they disply fine manners and warmth as long as you are a white middle class conformist. Try settling in Alabama if you are anything else and then report back.

    In every state I have ever lived the con’s were pretty much the same and the biggest everywhere crime and poverty which go hand in hand. Sometimes seasonal weather inflicted punishment that was too brutal to tolerate, you gave AZ a pro for warm weather, warm is a pro when it is warm, it is not a pro when jets can’t take off because the atmosphere is so hot the air density will not support the weight of the plane.

    California by the way has a lot more pro’s than you list, pretty obvious how your prejudice sparkles. Over 1,000 miles of mostly pristine Pacific coast, the only redwood forests on the planet, some of the best skiing anywhere, a population that is educated and articulate, good roads, and more freedom to be who you are than anywhere else in the USA.

    I only moved to OR because I lived 19 miles away in CA and by jumping the state line I was able to give myself what amounted to a 10% raise in the form of NO sales taxes, lower rents, lower gas prices, free car registration (disabled vets get permanent auto registration for a one time fee of $15, as well as free camping in state parks, and free hunting and fishing) I bought a new car in 2009 that cost nothing from me to the state of Oregon which in my native CA would have been $6,325 in sales tax alone, and another $2,000 in registration since then. Still, I remember when California was a really great place for all, now income inequality is so bad that you need to inherit a fortune or win the Powerball to be comfortable or secure, work, if you can find it is not going to provide that.

    • Mr. Fishgrunter

      I’m with you. I love how the two of the things he picked about CA (Disneyland and Malibu) are two things are so. Cal and many would put in the cons for the state! Clearly someone how has the TV view that all is CA is LA, and thus one giant mall/nightclub/parking garage next to a beach. That just ain’t so.

      But the state probably still deserves only a D+, because of the broke-dick government and the absurd cost of living (at least anywhere you would want to live).

      • Bill

        Not to mention the insane price of land in which you pay a ton just to be slowly taxed away by the government.

    • Com N Sense

      An entitlement minded veteran…..hmmm. Commiefornia…errr I mean, Kalifornia…..yeah, it basically sucks. I’ve lived in the south and been many, many places in this country as well. Your assessment of “the south” being great unless you’re other than white is a bunch of B.S. You have deep seeded bias and I’m almost guessing that you’re “other than white” and have one of those Commiefornia attitudes to go right along with it. You’re definitely a liberal.

    • Backyardfarmer

      Well said..I’m a Northern Cali native and would like to add the following Pro’s:

      The weather! EXCELLENT opportunities for reducing your grocery bill if one is so inclined. I grow something for my table year round.

      Wine Country!

      Diverse population which is conducive to a rich cultural experience.

      Leader in alternative energy technologies and still plenty of rebates to be had for people who wish to go solar.

      Sonoma County! The happiest people in Cali live here for a reason. Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, temperate climate, huge natural food (locovore) movement, great FREE Waldorf inspired charter school, good job market and some of the nicest people you would ever like to meet. AND the beautiful Pacific Ocean is a 20 minute drive.

      Real estate is pricey in certain parts of the state but there are still good deals to be had in the less populated areas. Single family homes can be had for under the national average in many parts, especially the north central region.

      There is no doubt that the economic climate is distressing to say the least but I have lived all over the country and have fallen on hard times from now and then and what I can tell you with all certainty is that I would MUCH rather be poor in California than in any other state in the union! I was a casualty of the recession, like millions of Americans. I found myself unemployed for nearly a year. I make almost exactly half of what I did in 2009. I have learned to do without and I have learned to provide much of the food for my family by growing it myself. I trade eggs from my hens and meat from my roosters with my neighbors for goat milk, I trade home made jams and chevre cheese for honey and beeswax at the Farmer’s market, I was a CHMT when I was in my early twenties and dusted off my massage table, cracked my knuckles and started doing deep tissue massage in trade for salmon meat and abalone…my point is this: It doesn’t matter were you live. What matters is your ability to think outside the box and make your surroundings work for you. This is MUCH easier to do in states like California and Oregon.

      The article is hogwash!

      P.S. California and Oregon are the leaders in alternative building methods. The first documented strawbale house was built in Nebraska, but it was the clear thinking, broad minded folks from Oregon who darn near perfected the method. Also, Cobb building is being explored as a VERY low cost housing alternative and yep, you guessed it, California and Oregon lead the way!

      • unbiased american

        im glad you mentioned nebraska!!! because not only did we come up with that but many other low cost foods were invented in nebraska as well i.e. spam!!! but norcal is nice been through while stationed in s.d.

  • Kelfa

    Someone argued that the only beautiful homes in Massachusetts are for the rich.

    Try venturing outside of Boston Metro before you make your analysis.

    I’ve lived in Massachusetts my entire life and on the coast.

    Houses are just as beautiful here in the south coast around New Bedford and out towards Rhode Island.

    We just bought a gorgeous Cape for $230,000 and it’s well maintained, old enough to have survived several big hurricanes and snow storms, and charming. It’s also big with 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.

    My parents sold their 3 bedroom, 2 bath for under $200,000 and their home was gorgeous too.

    Boston Metro is ridiculously expensive but it’s not the only place in the state with historic homes.

    • Orange Jean

      That would be me… well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally I don’t care for colonial homes, tho many people do. Of course one’s household income will determine what one thinks is affordable, but I’ve seen plenty of places where you can a lot more bang for you buck in terms of housing for less than you can in any part of MA.

      Although I lived for years in Boston area and was quoting those prices, I’m no stranger to other parts of MA or RI. I grew up 18 yrs in South Attleboro (Bristol County) a mile from the RI border on two sides (Pawtucket & Central Falls, charming places …. not). I have grandparents buried in Seekonk and lived in western MA for the 6 yrs I went to UMass-Amherst. Both sides of my family were from RI (and some came into this country in New Bedford and my mom’s aunt still lived there when I was a kid). But I have never in my life heard anyone in my family describe New Bedford as beautiful nor have I seen any parts of that town that were (but perhaps my family was just anxious to get out of there). I know there are beautiful parts of RI (which I found were mainly in teh coastal areas like Tiverton, Little Compton & Newport) but I always heard those were very expensive. I’ve also heard a lot of that changed in my home town and also in RI, and not for the best. South Attleboro and Attleboro both have become gang infested slums from what I’ve seen, and a lot of the older nicer homes have been allowed to decay.

      So, even if you are happy there… I would still recommend anyone moving into that area do their own investigation, look into crime stats not just whether or not there were houses they liked the looks of.

  • U.S.A. Person

    What a list! And can it get any more biased?

    Obviously the author has not been in the majority of areas in any of the states since he lists only a handful of reasons to give a good grade or to give a poor grade.

    People will make up their own minds as to what is best for them.

    • Eric

      Very well put. It is easy to see why he (the ‘author’) did not leave his last name.

    • lol why is Idaho the only state that got an A?! wtf wants to move to idaho there aint no jobs out there!! lol

      • Mentally Healthy Depressed Guy

        And why is California the only state that got an F?! Obviously the author is biased, wants to move out of California, and is only using a handful of criteria.

        • perrypa

          I think this person just made crap up that fit his idea of good or bad. It is obvious that he is against any place that is progressive. i.e. giving Idaho an A. What a joke!

          • rick

            hi i live in California, we don’t have enough jobs, i live in Anaheim near Disneyland and BELIEVE ME IT IS NOT THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. hahaha. disneyland is awesome but the area around disneyland is not good at all and too much hot.
            TOO MUCH IMMIGRATION PROBLEMS. almost 50 percent of the students in my school are illegal immigrants.
            really bad education in our schools especially in los angeles.
            i lived and went to a lot of different places in california.
            i would also give california an F.

        • K9 Mom

          He is so right about CA. I live here and I am looking to get out. Do you know this state just gave the welfare recipients a 5% raise. What a joke this state is. All this state knows how to do is raise taxes and waste money.

        • rick

          hi i live in California, we don’t have enough jobs, i live in Anaheim near Disneyland and BELIEVE ME IT IS NOT THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. hahaha
          TOO MUCH IMMIGRATION PROBLEMS. almost 50 percent of the students in my school are illegal immigrants.
          really bad education in our schools especially in los angeles.
          i lived and went to a lot of different places in california.
          i would also give california an F

          • GregBrady

            Why’d you post twice?

        • The Bay Area isn’t too bad, but it’s really expensive in San Francisco, the transit is also expensive everywhere(and I remember there being strikes involved), they recently cut bus routes, and then the earthquakes which are long overdue…

          Also because the state is in debt, disabled people on SSI don’t really receive much(mine was reduced to about $300), and especially if they live in SF or any place that isn’t made for low-income, they will not be able to afford it.

          Jobs are hard too, and I hear of nurses and other important workers who can’t find jobs.

          The people are okay, though. I haven’t met anyone(besides elders) who is racist, anti-gay, or anything… except the Westboro church that likes to protest outside of anime conventions with their anti-gay and anti-women crap.

      • IdahomeLove

        There are plenty of jobs for those who know how/where to find them. Idaho keeps its population low thanks to baffoons like yourself, so thanks. 45 minutes from Boise you can be hunting in the forest, skiing in the mountains, wake boarding on the reservoir, and the foothills have unlimited mountain biking opportunities. The people are young, active, and so friendly its downright obnoxious. The best comparison is to Austin TX, just 5 times smaller.

      • Tia

        There are plently of jobs here. Idaho is a great place! If you have never been here your missing out.

    • cayli

      You’re talking about people making up third own minds…but why are you here reading about someone else’s opinions on where you should live?

      • GregBrady

        Because we all haven’t been to every state and are seeking information to form our opinions!

    • Idaho is Ugly

      I have lived in Idaho for the past 6 years… It freaking sucks. He obviously has never been here if he gave it an A. The people are insane, It is cold, and the majority of the state is a desert. The only pretty part of Idaho Is the very northern part. For the most part Idaho is a flat, grayish yellow field. There is nothing to do in Idaho, and there aren’t any jobs.

      • Samuel Sprayberry

        Not any jobs anywhere, except as a fry cook. If you are lucky.

      • IDOK

        I am not sure in what part of Idaho you lived… most of it is in the Rocky Mountains and would not be described as flat. Also, although it is mostly desert, there are tons of lakes and rivers, so it doesn’t look like a desert at all. I have never seen a “flat, grayish yellow field” in Idaho. Maybe you are thinking of Kansas? Also Idaho has an extremely low unemployment rate and a growing economy. Moving there is really one of the best economic decisions a person could make. And if you think Idaho’s cold, you must have grown up in the South. And if you think the people are crazy… you must have grown up in the South. But hey, I’m not complaining! Our low population is one of the best parts!!

        • Idaho is Ugly

          Maybe you live in Northern Idaho. I will admit Northern Idaho is prettier than southern Idaho, but it still isn’t what I would call lush, green, gorgeousness. If you have ever driven anywhere besides the pan handle you would know that it pretty much amounts to a flat, grayish yellow field. Also, I am not from the south. I have only been their once. So guess again jerk. You sound like an Idahoan, you probably don’t like trees either.

        • Idaho is Ugly

          Also, I didn’t say I thought Idaho was cold… you made that part up.

          • skp138

            you did say it was cold “The people are insane, It is cold, and the majority of the state is a desert.” Make sure you proof read next time.

      • UltimatePlayer

        Never heard a more invalid statement in my life……Idaho is a great place to live, The Boise area is awesome the same can be said for Coeur d’Alene granted it’s desert in a fair amount of the state or as you would like for put it “flat, grayish yellow field” and for there being no jobs? that can’t any further from the truth. Idaho’s not a perfect state just like all others and every state has its ways for a good life; in Idaho it’s just to find them.

  • Thomas James

    Hey, NJ isn’t all that bad. I’ve got a few Pros for you: Numerous reservoirs and lakes, Miles of coastline and bays, numerous farms (surprised?). Western/Northern NJ is pretty rural. Down south you have the Pine Barrens. (Nobody will find you in there) Despite what you hear from our governor, NJ schools are some of the best in the country.

  • Ghulam

    Is not the Gerrymandering by which the states were designed part of the problem? The souther states, for example, were designed as pie-piece wedges to give perpetual control to the planters on the coastal plain and to deny power forever to the poor Scots who settled the mountains and to the Quakers and Huguenots who settled the Piedmont. Today those populations are better educated and more affluent, but the Old South along the coast still rules. Those latter groups can never get together to make their wishes felt; standard colonial divide and conquer. Nobody in upstate New York ever has any real say in government. These states are as temporary as the tents cities of the Mongol Khans, like the shopping centres and freeways, totally unsustainable and artificial.

  • Eric A.

    I live in Illinois. You should have graded us as an F. Outside of Chicago, and with the exception of Rockford, it is decent but the political clout and decision-making is dominated by the Windy City cronies. We are looking to leave this state and your blog was helpful in ascertaining a new destination. My family and I do vacation in Wisconsin each year and they are getting it right now under Walker. Friendly people there for the most part.

  • Piglet

    Here are my own additions to the list, and by no means comprehensive:

    Con: Chicken farm run-off makes it one of the most polluted states in the country.

    Con: An abundant supply of religious crazies and “Christo-fascists.” See:

    The high population density is mainly in the northern part of the state near Wilmington. The rest of the state is largely rural and wide open.

    Con: Rampant, in-your-face political corruption. What makes it worse than other places was that they don’t even try to hide it.

    Con: State capital broke and bankrupt.

    South Carolina
    Con: Has some of the absolute worst schools in the country. During each of the four years I lived in SC there would be an annual nationwide evaluation that put SC schools at the very bottom, somehow doing even worse than Mississippi.

    I’m not a snob, but Gatlinburg just impressed me as one of the chessiest places in the country, and I don’t think I saw anyone down there who wasn’t obese, and most were grossly obese.

    Con: Not so good if you’re not a Mormon. If you’re not, you soon become aware of it, as related by those who have worked or gone to school there. For example, a single female Air Force captain I knew was assigned to Hill AFB years ago but was having a very hard time finding an off-base apartment because of her single status. One local woman told her flat-out to her face that, because she was not married (as supposedly she should have been at that age) she was clearly nothing but a whore (yes, she said it) seeking to steal away husbands from “decent” women.

  • Ghulam

    There are amazingly naive biases at play here. So much emphasis on staying warm! Just because of a few liberal politicians that are essentially selected by outside-owned media, Vermont and New Hampshire are given C ratings, but they are much more desirable than meets the eye. Parts of Maine are wonderful in summer and not costly for heating in winter, like the Canadian Maritimes, which this analyst would assume to be too cold. These places, which received grades of C have very homogeneous populations today, and during times of real hardship people will pull together and not be divided into ethnic armies, as very well could be the case in the Carolinas, which could be dangerous places after a crash, as well as being totally miserable for the very hot one third of each year once power goes down.

  • Knavechild

    The best place to live is OUTSIDE the U.S. The American government is hell bent on turning the U.S. into a third world hellhole by destroying the value of our currency and poking other countries with sticks. Our leaders truly are insane.

    • Saq

      Best comment so far!

      • Mikayla

        what is the best comment

    • i agree

    • cari

      A police state because residence do not know their rights or stress their rights- it is not the Gov. but the corporations who control America and the other prob. is religious fundamentalism. Because we have one extreme we have the other… We kill others but overall emphasize pro-life and blame women, not men- very odd indeed. We do not take care of our poor- no social healthcare systems, but only through non-profits who like to play god at their discretion. Yet do not forget we have commodities very cheap in comparison to other Western countries and also we have the choice to move to other states, whereas other countries have one political system throughout besides Canada and Australia. The thing is not to run but to make change so that we all have a better place to live. Its about making yourself a better person and living in reality. Stop taking anti-depressants, overeating and spending your life watching the TV, and sitting on your a** Those things are just used to escape and laziness… if you want change and believe you are so good then live your life that way- that is where it should start but unfortunately mental health diseases are the problem in America! but you will also see that it is everywhere in every country where there are also problems. I have lived in many…

      • Peter Pocsi

        you r a flaming liberal and a commie, living in la la land. I believe that you are among those with mental health diseases.Lived under those conditions for 28 years of my life,believe me it was noting to brag about.

        • Pilotprincess

          Liberal is a mental illness!

      • GregBrady

        As a professional social worker who has worked in the mental health field you are completely wrong. You have no idea what you are talking about.

      • T

        Excuse me jerk: the companies OWN the government and the gov’t is after us, fangs bared.

    • Couldn’t agree more!
      But if i have to live in U.S. I think i’ll go with idaho based on this list but i like to live in Nevada or California,i’m not a native or an american. If it’s the place away from the people with mountains and great weather it’s a hard choice between NV and ID.

      • luckyinlove208

        nevada is almost ALL desert and can be a very dangerous place, and the average income could not afford to live in California and would end up in high crime areas. we also considered both because my husband is from California and I’m from idaho. idaho truly is a great place, very low.crime, beautiful scenery and amazing people. amd a decent work history can find a job easily.

        • Ricardo Oliveira

          i am 20 years old i live in Portugal and by the way is a beautiful country and the people and very nice beautiful scenery and all but doe to the current crisis is hard to get a job and i am about to finish my coarse in electronics, programming and computer´s and i have already cars license bikes license by the ending of this year i will take my 18 healer license and i also speak fluent English and i as thinking of immigrating since you are from Idaho and as i watched in the list it is the best state to live in could you tell me more about the quality of life home”apartment in a nice place in town” renting prices, watt kind of jobs could i find with my age”i am 20 butt i was thinking next year maybe this year” and skills, what is the gas price tag, living prices all that stuff and i would be very tankful is you luckyinlove208 would give a detail hawser by mail

      • MIndy O

        There are places with mountains and great weather in California. Of course, mountains anywhere will have more extremes in weather than coastal areas.

    • Guy who comments on things

      Instead of sending your Army after children in Yemen how about tackling those cartels and gangs destroying your country from the inside out?

      • Think about it

        The drugs are coming in from Central and South America, it’s mostly people who are NOT American citizens who are running the drugs here.

        • Guy who comments on things

          I didn’t say it was American citizens 😉

        • MexAmeriUSA

          Yes, I agree that most drug corruption stems from Latin American countries. However you may not know is the fact that all those cartels are not all Latin Americans. There is Russian,Mid Eastern, Asians and others that are part of this corruption in Mexico, Central.and South America.

          • Sugarsail1

            no, ALL drug corruption comes from the prohibition of drugs.

          • dontaxlikeudontnoitsme

            No. Drug corruption comes from drugs and the way they Jack people up when taken, idiot.

        • clemans

          it is the people here who buy the drugs which creates the drug gangs.

        • Archie1954

          You can’t have a drug trade unless you have buyers. The buyers are Americans!

      • metro143

        to much money to be made. Were to busy arming them while trying to disarm Americans. Isn’t it strange that we are the only people on earth that our government is trying to disarm.

        • common sense

          agenda 21. they even the field

      • Sugarsail1

        cartels aren’t a problem, they’re the only capitalists left around here….the prohibition of drugs is the problem, without that, cartels would be law abiding tax-paying companies, just like when they legalized gambling in Vegas suddenly the organized crime surrounding gambling just disappeared…think of that!

    • Carrie Scarbrough

      I agree with you on what is happening to our country, however, wouldn’t it be more responsible to stay and attempt to make thing better?

    • JANYAZ

      I’m beginning to believe that!

    • logansteele1

      If govt. would get out of the way and let this capitalistic republic function as the Constitution intended there would be no question about where to live. And yet, even with the negatives I would not want to live elsewhere.

      • BlondeBomber

        Well said!!!

        • logansteele1

          Thank you!

      • metro143

        Yes your right, Except for the so called banking industry. “To big to fail.” They first use there influence in Government to write the laws and policies, They create the a false wealth scheme. Then when it fails. Guess who takes the losses and who profits.

        • logansteele1

          Well, it happens everywhere. Dictatorships, monarchies, social democracies, communistic nations. Whatever medium of exchange is used at the time can and will be used for power and control. I don’t see how to avoid it.

      • Cu Car

        Wait. Soon enough you will. This government is in shambles, and it is only getting worse. I fear the future

    • Ray Cali

      Sure we are great and poking other countries with sticks, and yes, we have plenty of issues.
      But I can think of dozens of countries I would rather NOT be then even New jersey!
      I will trump our terrible American government with complete terror inspired communism (north Korea)
      10% unemployment rates vs (estimated)47% unemployment rates (India)
      Gang violence vs massive all powerful cartels (Mexico)
      lower then standard wages for women vs female circumcision(Africa)
      What I see are a bunch of folks that run from issues then deal with them who have never stepped one foot outside the US and cannot even for a second be glad for what they have.
      How about you stop and try to be thankful you live in place where it was the law that someone was legal obligated to teach you to read, so that later in life you can get on a computer that in cost could feed a large family in most third world countries for a month or three, and legally express your ignorant opinion about how terrible your country is, while NOT getting dragged from your house in handcuffs for conspiracy against said government.

      • Misty

        Well said

    • Gus

      Well, they ARE trying to turn the USA into a third world country, but I’m not so sure that there are many places outside the USA that are much better. In fact, a lot of the places outside the USA are already third world countries.

      • Stan Dinsmore

        Many of the countries that are 3rd world, were made that way by Capitalism, or in some cases Imperialism, conducted by outside countries for the purpose of stealing wealth {resources} by employing labor at slave wages.

    • metro143

      Unfortunately, Our leaders have their own interest in mind when they govern, We no longer live in America where we make the right decision based on what is right for us all.. Not that we have always been right. It’s just that our leaders would do the right thing. Today it’s all about special interest

    • eunoia

      welcome to china

    • Peter Griffen

      Knavechild, amen brotha.

    • MMinCC

      I know, we’re seriously looking at Chile.

    • Denisha

      I disagree even though the government is corrupt America has so many pros compared to other places. It’s actually one of the best places to live based on the opportunity, environment, and education we have here. If you think it’s bad here you’ll think the countries are terrible.

    • ryan

      Yet you live here, probably don’t vote, but feel it’s okay to spread your opinion as if it isn’t based on something besides major news outlets. This is me judging you. You’re welcome to leave this great nation, flawed though it maybe, but better than any other.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I think Hannah, Montana would be a great place to live. But I can’t find it on the map…

  • Justin Case

    Florida is not that bad if you grew up here. The summer is oppressive at best. Basically from June to October the place is unlivable without A/C. Also, besides the dirt bag illegals, drug addicts, the old b@5tard5 and the armies of “minorities” the place is great. I have lived here since 1977 in the Tampabay area and never once got hit by a hurricane all though I do fear the winter tornadoes. The insects are a serious problem but nothing a bit of poison cant take care of. Worst bug invasion I have ever had was when some Mexicans moved in next door. Never ever had a problem with bugs till they showed up. I suspect that an economic collapse will help make Florida a better place. Perhaps when there are NO jobs at all the illegals will leave. Perhaps when the power and A/C go out, the armies of wale-fare receiving minorities will also go away. With the right preparations you can grow all year round here, raise live stock and then the place will be good.

    • Gary

      How uneducated are you? To make comments of this nature you must have been raised in Northern Florida.

  • harryheck

    there is nothing wrong with portland, oregon. it is the most liveable city i’ve ever resided in. the minimum wage is enough to rent a room/studio apartment, get enough to eat, and have enough left over for public transit. i’ve lived all over the country and portland, oregon is the only place where i never felt like life was a struggle.

  • Let me try again……..Upper Michigan, Upper Wisconsin and Minnesota are the SAFEST places in the US……period, end of story! WATER is the issue, nothing else matters. If you are worried about jobs etc… we are not talking about the same thing…..I am talking about a TOTAL BREAKDOWN……All coastal areas are dangerous! Hawaii is fine if you are not on Oahu….but even Hawaii has water issues………WATER is the most important factor! You will see…….good luck

  • FreeMan

    I know I’ll get yelled at.. but, where is the best place to live in America ? Mexico and South, that’s where. Regardless of the hype, once you are past the no mans zone of the border; life is very tranquil, safe and most important… still FREE. It is indeed a sad statement.. but it is true.. the freest places to live in America is not in America… not anymore.

  • Utah has changed their water reclamation laws so that home owners can collect the rain.

    They have a huge nuclear reclamation center. That is the only nuclear they have in the state.

  • free!

    Run to Canada!

  • HI i am 14 and if ombama is out of presidenciy soon i was wondering what would be a good place to move to when i am 18 maybe 20 i live in nm but it sucks here i wnat a plce with money nice people and a republican stae!!!!!!!!!!!??????? 🙂

    • Louisiana_Native

      Louisiana is a great state with a country feeling, southern hospitality and is republican!

    • maine

    • Richard McGrath

      New Zealand, where I am.

      • cari

        I have lived there long time- and it is a good place if you like to live off the dole and smoke pot. I dislike NZ and find the people as narrow-minded as small town America. Yet they are sexually VERY liberal and accepting of homosexuals but truly a patriarchal society. Let’s not be fooled- they have their share of problems. Their social welfare system is collapsing, they have some of the worse doctors and dentists, they also have long waiting lists in their social healthcare system, they got probs with marijuana and serious problems with meth! Maori are highly political up North and act Pakeha in the South… dislike immigrants and expect everyone to speak Maori. They are not even first nation people either but get all the power…spoon fed…. many women prostitute to survive because jobs are not available to women easily unless low pay… the list goes on… drinking and meth are biggest problems and inter-breeding among Maori and Stewart Island community… too many sheep farmers, too many dairy farmers and everything except produce costs 3 times the price of america, no insulation in older homes- no earthquake proof buildings or homes… insular and unworldly people to say the least…. Green yes because undeveloped. No wireless without landline phone still. Petrol VERY HIGH!

        • cari

          One other issue forget to mention that is totally unique to NZ- if you do not pay a bill or a traffic ticket and exit the country and try to come back in- NZ Immigration will not allow you entry until you pay your fines or unpaid bills. Some people have got parking tickets in Auckland and left without paying them and tried to get back into the country and got re-routed to Australia temporarily, having to pay late fees, fines and another plane ticket elsewhere until payments were processed/cleared- so think twice if you enter and leave without paying something…

        • I thought the Maori were the earlier settlers of the country…

    • Gary

      You are young and should not worry about moving anywhere just yet. Get a good education and a college degree. This way you will have a fighting chance in today’s job market. Also when posting on social media you may want to proof read what you have written for grammer, punctuation, and spelling.

      • i advise against college. just get yourself a good job in an area with transportation, get urself a beautiful studio, and work your way up. college is the biggest joke these days not only am i thousands in debt but i cant get a job to save my life n im at home with mom and dad…i shud have went the route my little sister did…if you wanna move out, now is the time to do it!!! walmart or mcdonalds will support a studio apartment in most states (mn isnt cheap n it does for her)

        • Com N Sense

          Oh yeah, some great advice….NOT. You’re supposedly college educated and still spell and use grammar like you’re texting your friends.

        • GregBrady

          ‘Just’ get yourself a good job? With no education, it would be even tougher to get a job.

      • pedro

        grammar is spelt with an A, not an E.

    • bluebird

      do you even know the difference between republican or democratic policies or are you just agreeing with whatever your parents tell you to believe? because you seem like you have no idea what your taking about but for some reason you decided to be an angry republican

      • GregBrady

        Uh, most kids learn what to believe from their parents including liberal democrats. At least this kid is interested in something other than video games.

    • Oregon is middle of the line politically and switch from voting season to season because they actually have time to read books and newspapers rather than T.V. they sit outside in parks, which the author mentioned are very beautiful and full of roses. Eastern Oregon and washington are equally pleasant and beautiful The cities are high culture and lower stress since you need only 1 job and cost of living is lower than other mid-lage size metropolitan areas Rent is fair and crops naturally grow well from plenty of precipitation. Oregon is safer from natural disasters; there’s a mountain which will eventually volcano in NW Washington and smother east of it since tradewinds come east but this volcanic soil is also why crops do well. Cleanest air and environmental laws make The Pacific North-West(including North Idaho) self-sustainable and definitely the healthiest region while property and income tax is least in WA, there is no sales tax in Oregeonhealthiest, lower stress area and wages in OR, for commerce in OR

    • perrypa

      I hope wherever you decide to go that you get an education first.

      • Samuel Sprayberry

        I was thinking the same thing, probably for the same reasons.

  • John Whitmyer

    You had to make it personal by naming Barack Obama. You self-centered ignoramus! I would have used this article for my students if you did not ruin it with your idiocy. If you want to be legit in this field, make sure you don’t make subjective comments like making a person a Con. Keep that to yourself!

    • You have students? And you’re busy name calling strangers online? When are you going to realize that Obama is a sell out and part of the problem? When are you going to educate yourself? You should be truly ashamed of your traitorous loyalty to a Messianic figure.

    • you are upset only because Obama is the main reason you still are employed as a teacher.

      • So using your logic:
        you are only replying to this comment because you are annoyed that you have somehow been affected negatively by the state economy; it is the presidents fault, and his fault only that you are facing higher taxes; since this man is supporting the evil president he must be absurd, or stupid, or both. Oh and I like fruit so I must be a liberal fat person with no income. -_________________________-

    • i agree you cant say one man is responsible the all the states problems

    • Roberto Lorenzo

      Aha! Spoken like a true unionized teacher! No wonder our kids grow up stupid.

  • joe the ex patriot

    @john whitmire. LOL that’s funny what you took from this is the insult to Obama.and the name calling?in a democracy the man’s an idiot because he doesn’t like Obama?liberal democracy “its your right as long as I agree with you”.Your commenting further erodes my faith in Americas survivival knowing people like you educate kids.On the bright side idiots like you with all your faith in good ole government will be the first to perish.I’m in no way a professinal at anything so I’m you and people like you a con for the liberty minded people of America and PRO for the coming world govt./international banking world that’s coming.The selfproclaimed elite need dummys like you to drink the koolaide and trust in them.Off topic I know but it had to be said

  • For New Jersey you forgot to add for cons: High taxes and cost of living,Chris Christie,Boring,Speed Trap,Red Light Cameras.

    • James Bonham

      where do you get boring from? use your head man…..the rest is kool….but boring? you went and made yourself look like an idiot cause you had to list boring. You were so close

  • How can it be that fracking does not feature anywhere here, it is really high on any list of potential disastrous causal consequences?

  • LILI

    ok first of all new jersey is like the best state! it is only a few cities in it that are bad, i live in nj the pay is good, low crime, nice beaches, not too cold in winter, nice homes, and everyone is kind to each other, oh and we still take a huge state test so education is the best!

  • What do they mean about Vermont having insane politicians? Honestly, we don’t have much drama over politics here… or anything else for that matter.

    • cari

      Extremists- hilltop liberals in other words.

  • I normally don’t defend NJ, but the entire state is not Newark or Camden. I live in a town that probably has more horses than people. I’m surrounded by farmland. In addition the jobs are what keeps me here. We are situated between Philadelphia and NY which give us excellent job opportunities. Cons: second highest property taxes in the nation (second to New Hampshire), terrible gun laws, corrupt politicians.

  • Obama is great at killing children with drones in far off countries.

  • SCnative

    Myrtle Beach as a “pro” for South Carolina? You are insane.

  • John B.

    You are obviously a dumb Republican, George W. Bush was the worst thing that could ever happen to our country! Your list is ridiculous!

    • He definitely listed George W. Bush as a con… If he was a “dumb republican” why would he do that?

  • Max

    I was born and have lived in Idaho for ninteen years and I love it. The fact it’s cold is NOT a con. People move here for the recreation, including snow activities.

  • Tommy

    I live in California and well I have to agree with everything you said lol.

  • jts413

    I feel like this guy should just move out of the country, over half of the states are in the C-D range. And I don’t think that certain people from there is a legitimate con.

  • you guys can relocate to Nigeria..*next world power**strong economy*lively and loving people**rich in agriculture and mineral resources**what more should i say!!

    Naija forever

  • Joel

    I believe Kansas is the best state I have lived here
    My hole life. People say it is boring and dumb
    But it is not. Us here Kansas and the plans Manley from Texas to the Dakota’s odds are we produced the bred on your table or the meet on you hamburger. I don’t go one day with out seeing a field. I work on a farm I love it here Kansas along with all of the plains states are beautiful states. If you ever go to one of these great states thank a farmer. Ya it is flat out here but you have to have flat ground for Farming.


  • Rock Johnson

    Good lord I hope you don’t truly think it’s better outside of the US. Aside from a few select countries the rest of the world is much worse off.Unless you don’t mind doubling your current tax rates and even more divided class structures.

  • Me

    I have something for New Jersey
    1 very low gas prices
    2 beautiful beaches
    3 great schools
    4 good community
    5 very good weather
    6 jersey corn and tomatoes
    over all I would give New Jersey a B+

    • Very well stated ‘Me’.

      I am a proud New Jersian/Jersey’an, but I
      am smart enough to point out its bad problems in order to start fixing
      them. (‘Overly Patriotic’ is a disease. If you can’t even mention the
      problems your place has, you will eventually get sick from it.) I would
      not drive through Camden late at night. I can say more bad things
      (honest ones at that – Atlantic city is a good thing) about NJ than
      anyone I know, (and I am looking to leave (I did my time here) 🙂 but I
      can EASILY admit the Pros w/out simple looking for a quick chuckle from
      the dim folk, like the author of this page did on NJ.

      NJ is the most famous state. (not so fast CA). If you are a famous
      person or ‘thing’ your chances that you came from NJ aren’t just better
      than any other state- the chances are FAR FAR better. New Jersey
      proudly boasts;

      Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Frank Sinatra, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby,
      Bon Jovi, Angelo Badalamenti, Thomas Edison, Abbott & Costello, Laurel
      & Hardy, Kelly Rippa, Steven Spielberg, Brian DePalma, Joe Dante, Zalman
      King, Kevin Smith, “Clerks”, “Purple rose of Cairo”,
      “A Beautiful Mind”, “Be kind-rewind”, “Lean on me”, “Brewster’s Millions”, “Moving”,
      “Friday the 13th”, “Lock up”, “Copland”, “Jersey Girl”, “Eddie &
      the Cruisers”, “Chasing Amy”, “Garden State”, “Harold & Kumar go to White
      Castle”, “Rounders”, “The Oranges”, “Buckaroo Banzai”, “The Toxic Avenger”, “The
      Station Agent”, “The Wrestler”, Jim J. Braddock (‘Cinderella Man’), ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’, “Boardwalk Empire”,
      The Soprano’s, ‘Cake Boss’, ‘HOUSE’, ‘Charles in charge’, ‘Comic book Men’, ‘The
      Neighbors’, Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Daisy Fuentes, Mary Chapin
      Carpenter, Count Basie, Shaquile O’Neil, , Atlantic City, Eddie Murphy, Joe
      Piscopo, Janine Garaffalo, Ray Liota, John Travolta, George Clinton
      (funkaDelic), James Gandolfini, Denzel Washington, Zack Braff, Peter Dinklage,
      Brooke Shields, Al DiMeola, Jason Alexander (George Costanza), Kurt Loder,
      Andrew McCarthy, John Amos, Frank Langella, Alan Alda, Laura Prepon, Paul Rudd,
      Christina Ricci, Avery Brooks, Joe Pesci, Joe Pantoliano, Bill Maher, Kal Penn,
      Bebe Neuwirth, Jay Mohr, Frankie Muniz, Tara Reid, Felix the Cat, Mr. Magoo, Ali
      Larter, Bruce Willis, Kirsten Dunst, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Shaquille O’Neal, Jerry
      Lewis, FM radio, 1st baseball game, 1st american football game, 1st submarine,
      1st phonograph (record player), 1st light-bulb, Radio-telescope, Movie
      projector, bubble wrap, AIR CONDITIONING, Mallomarr cookies, Transistor radio,
      Interferon, ‘Band Aids’, catcher’s mask, the Drive-in movie theater, the TV
      dinner, the Flight Simulator, Valium, UPC bar code, Multi-track recording,
      Batting cages, Tetracycline, LCD display, Most decorated Battleship in History,
      Patrick Warburton, Martha Stewart, Sherwood Schwartz, Robert Sean Leonard, Amy
      Locane, Richard Lewis, Peter Green, Kerri Green, Dave Thomas (‘Wendy’s’), David
      Copperfield, Sandra Dee, Ed Harris, Jon Stewart, ‘Uncle Floyd’ Vavino, Michael
      Douglas, Roy Sheider, Steely Dan, Les Paul, Kate Pierson (of ‘B-52’s’ ‘My
      Chemical Romance’, ‘Skid Row’, ‘Trixter’, Debbie Harry (‘Blondie’), ‘The Spin
      Doctors’, ‘Overkill’, Joe Walsh (of ‘Eagles’), Eddie Rabbit, ‘Blues Traveler’, ‘Symphony
      X’, ‘Southside Johnny’, ‘Kool & the Gang’, ‘The Smithereens’, Frankie Valli
      & the Four Seasons (‘Jersey Boys’), Dunkan Sheik, Sarah Vaughan, Clint
      Black, Janis Ian, ‘Danzig’, Connie Francis, ‘The Misfits’, ‘Phish’, Patti
      Smith, Wayne Shorter, Ricky Nelson, Ice-T, Eddie Trunk & the gang from ‘That
      Metal Show’, Danny DeVitto, Gary Wright, Judy Blume, Walt Whitman, John C.
      McGinley, John Travolta, Elizabeth Shue, Yogi Berra, Mira Sorvino, Paul
      Sorvino, Michael J. Pollard, Susan Sarandon, Jeffrey Ross, Lee Van Cleef, Eva
      Marie Saint, Derek Jeter, Annie Oakley, Carl Sagan, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopff,
      Ann Hathaway, Nathan Lane, Jason Biggs, Robert Wuhl, Chuck Wepner,), Phil
      Rizzuto, Queen Latiffa, Buzz Aldrin, Samuel Colt, Dr. Alfred Kinsey, Michael
      Landon, Jane Krakowski, Campbell’s soup, Six Flags ‘Great Adventure’, only
      state in the nation which offers child abuse prevention workshops to every
      public school, first nearly complete skeleton of a dinosaur, Paterson NJ
      was the SILK capital of the Western World, More Diners than anywhere else on
      Earth, Chris
      Rock now lives here, The New Jersey Devil, The New Jersey Devils Hockey team, Marvin
      Hagler, The Shirrels, early Internet web designer JD Cristaldi, Paul Simon,
      Carl Lewis, 7 astronauts, Ellis Island & Liberty Island (the Statue of
      Liberty) are both in NJ waters (NOT NY), NJ also built/owns/maintains half of
      the Lincoln Tunnel – the Holland Tunnel & The GW bridge, Home to the Miss
      America Pageant, George Washington & his Men trained & fought here for
      years, Wildwood boardwalk, Delaware River, Vince Lombardi & some guy named
      Bruce Springsteen… to name a few.

      • James Bonham

        u said shak oneal twice….

      • Eric Heiss

        Yes I listed shaquil o’neil twice- i was typing at light-speed. 🙂 *****I must “state” too that the author of the the list of states at the top here should have stated that he (feels like a ‘he’ wrote it) thought of each place for 2 seconds w/out knowing much about each place. I mean, “cold in the winter” is a con for certain Northern states, but not others? Hmm…. Not knowing the good (vs. the bad) with high population. Listing NYC as a bad thing. (I agree with that, however millions of people adore it and would not live anywhere else). Etc, etc, ETC. At least list some very important things – like quality of air and drinking water. (those are *kinda* important). And although Wyoming is gorgeous and has the best air, it is very difficult to find a job outside of Cheyenne – and don’t plan on seeing any popular music acts because they really don’t stop there. And Maine is fantastic. You listed “political correctness” as your con, because you detest blue states. A really weak written list.

    • donna lee

      Would like to add to NJ’s Pro list:
      1) Springstein.
      2) Bongiovi.
      3) Taylor Ham

    • Lillian Fernandez

      I live in Jersey too. Decent tomatoes, beaches are very nice but the taxes are ridiculous and the weather is pretty damned cold. Schools are indoctrination institutions like the rest of the country. Florida corn is better.
      But I will give it an A for NOT having to pump your own gas. (especially in windy cold wintery blustery days).
      ****Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas*****

      • James Bonham

        lolololololol, florida corn is better than jersey corn ! lol, you made my day! I love people who are ignorant and unintelligent at the same time and better yet you go out of your way to prove it! lol, cant wait to share this retarded opinion of yours with my friends….who knew? florida corn is better ! lol

      • James Bonham

        ya I guess they call us the garden state because those jersey oranges are way better than florida oranges! Oh you didn’t know? ya my grandparents have been mailing jersey oranges down to relatives in florida for yrs. of course they return the favor to us by mailing that famous florida corn on the cob back up here to us in new jersey, delicious that sweet florida corn! love the internet, you meet em all on the internet!

    • Nick

      1. 4$ + per gallon (Minimum wage is 7.25)

      2. Hurricane Sandy

      3. ( #36 out of 51 in best SAT scores nationwide)

      4. If its at least a hundred miles from NYC

      5. Very humid and sticky (not to mention frigid and sometimes below 0)

      6. Agreed

  • Bryan

    I’ve spent time in California and Idaho… ended up staying in Idaho. Right on with your rating system.

  • Frank

    This whole article was a pointless read, when almost every con has the same things and include one individual politician it becomes meaningless . I don’t think the fact that Barack Obama came from Illinois has anything to do with anything I was looking for… The author just created some long elaborate way to get his point of view across.

  • Patti

    Jobs and education should be the first choice. Taxes and crime the last reason to live some where. Warm Weather is for retired people. Young people can deal with a little weather.

  • Eddie

    So my wife and I are trying to decide which state to move too. I have some health issues and I’ve been told by my doctors that NY, Mayo Clinic in Minnesotta, and Boston are good areas for me to be with my health. My wife makes $21 hr and I will find a new job wherever. She can transfer. We also want a house. We can afford no more than $200,000. We have narrowed it down to Rochester NY, Rochester MN, near Cleveland, or even Nashville TN area. Like Texas but hate the heat. Any tips please?


  • boodlegoodle

    Ok whoever made this is very irrelevant, I mean really?! Alabama over California? Nice try

  • welltravelled

    Stupid and ignorant. You need to travel and get an education.

  • Money money money … why dose man kind makes money to rule the world?

  • Bryan

    This is so sad. It clear to see that this “Michael” guy who wrote this article is racist. Cities that were mentioned like DC, New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta etc etc states were labeled a “con” and given a low grade. Big cities like this have a great job market so why would they be cons?….He is saying they are con because the are densely populated with black and latino people. Now how around these states that have a “immigration” problem. These “immigrants” come to america to find a better way of life, to support their families and you have a problem with that? The only states that have high grades are states with a high white population. I believe on the statue of liberty it says “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Something most americans seem to forget. I have lived in Washington DC almost all my life and i see the changes. I have seen high crime late and high poverty. Over the year i’ve seen the progression on the society and the economy. So that is a indication as a whole that America is moving forward. Now i’m not saying we are perfect we are not even close…but its a improvement.

  • Jon

    Cons for Colorado being too much snow is a complete farce. Folks such as myself who have lived in the mile high city their whole lives know that it doesn’t snow all that often on the Front Range (Denver Metro) during winter. Most of the big snow storms are in the mountains. Before writing an article about best places to live and listing pros and cons try doing a little research instead of making stereotypical assumptions.

  • emmanoelle

    I think there are many more pros and cons than what he listed for many states. Minnesota’s only pro on the list is that there are lakes, and while granted that is pretty cool there is much more to be had there, like our museums and festivals, our music and musicians and our public school system.

  • We lived in West Tn for ten years and I loved it. Never saw a tornado go threw where we lived, had no violence, yes , jobs are scarce in the county I lived in but I didn’t care because it was a short drive to other counties. I din not like Memphis, but you get away from the big cities and its nice. The living is a lot easier not as expensive as in the northeast. We had hot weather but in the south you expect that so just be ready. Registration of cars is a lot less than living in Maine, property taxes in the county we lived in are extremely reasonable. Here in Maine we are being taxed out of the state. you can’t afford to live here and it’s getting worse by the day with all the changes in the government. the south people are so friendly here in Maine there not. The only good thing about Maine is the ocean and seafood. The bad thing about Tn is dirty water and catfish and poisoness snakes and spiders.

  • name

    clear to see that the poster is from idaho

  • OKCT35

    The Oklahoma Description was the LEAST Accurate i’ve seen IN MY LIFE!

  • inverse137

    Idaho is the only A and Oregon has a “rampant drug problem.”

    What kind of whacko conservative came up with this list?

  • mike


  • Kathi

    SPOT ON with NJ (made me laugh hysterically) ~ I got nothing and I got out!! TEXAS however is sounding better every day… oh, and GO DALLAS COWBOYS!!!

  • jewels


  • dj

    lol Illinois cons:Barak Obama

  • whenami

    how did Idaho rank better than New York and California like what haha. California is the best it has warm weather, a beach, friendly people, famous people, and great school. New York is also really cool and more of it SHOULD be like NYC

  • whenami

    you people are all so stupid your angry political comments are irritating me. if you hate the US so much then just leave, how about living in North Africa for a couple of years? if you survive THEN try complaining about how bad it is here. and stop hating people based on their political parties, you should look and people’s individual policies. being “democrat” or “republican”
    is just a label and both sides have been wrong in the past. stop being mindless sheep

  • Starrynihts

    Okay… first of all: According to this I also would like to add that I have “Sadly” lived in WI. for 8 years. It is a D-. “Big Time!” it is beyond corrupt. The doctors literally will kill off the patients. I know others besides myself whom share this experience. The state favors men in regards to employment and does anything to weed out the elderly population that no longer in their eyes contribute or can afford to. Also.. NY has the most jobs available. They are not the cleanest city. But there is never a lack of work in NY . I know this as well. Yet the person whom wrote this article had not a clue about NY or WI. Also.. Idaho was an A? Whom in the world even remembers Idaho.. let alone wants to live there? The Midwest is the least desirable and most backwards areas and most corrupt to live in. Not to mention the cold and snow. When people are seeking to move.. most want/look for no snow. Not tons. Snow.. means shoveling, ice/hail, dangerous road conditions, calling out of work, and not to mentions most lead sedentary life styles because they can’t go out much in the winter and pack on the pounds. Talk about depressing! Obviously the person whom wrote this article did not have his facts straight!

  • Swo

    Decent list. Congrats for stepping out. Just two issues: On the pro side, “Beautiful Homes” can be applied to every state. You’re surely not saying that every home is beautiful.
    On the con side: “Nuclear Power Plants” is something I would consider to be a positive.

  • ITChimp

    AMEN! This data in biased, but I agree with Knavechild!

  • Wow what a useless and statistically inaccurate post when compared against all others that don’t include your repeated and rampant biased against any Blue States or Union States. Gee, could you be Republican-biased? New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Colorado, and Hawaii actually rank in the top 5 “best states” to live in regarding crime, education, healthcare, business, and poverty. At least try to hide your bias since anyone can google this and see that your list is useless to anyone who genuinely wants to see which states are best to move to.

  • Showmecoffee

    This post makes it sound like it’s a bad idea to live in any state.

  • Guest

    idk how much i trust this you sounded slightly biased

  • idk i dont think i trust this you sounded biased.

  • Not terribly encouraged to pull up roots & move anywhere in the U.S. Map based on this information. Will now research outside of U.S.

  • James MacIntosh

    I’m retired and live in Las Vegas, NV. In light of our economic woes, I have decided to move to Louisiana. A person can literally live off the lands, specifically in the southern part, for instance, Lake Verret. Also, a person can make a living by selling his/her catches of fish, shrimp, frogs, alligators, etc.

  • Me

    I am not sure who wrote this article, but it has tons of false information. Poorly written.

  • Beau Paul

    You didn’t mention the job market in Alaska! There are more jobs than there are people; often you will have multiple job offers upon arrival. And the per capita income is the highest in the country. Plus you didn’t talk about the fact that Alaskans are some of the nicest and least stuck up people.

  • Where are we going? The national debt has doubled since Obama has been in office and it’s only going to get worse. Thousands of people are going to lose their jobs. How does that make Obama a good president?

  • KTV

    Western New York is a great place to live . Have too see for yourself. There are jobs here, housing is very reasonable. Weather is only bad when it snows alot. Nice living by Lake Erie . Like the four seasons. Just saying. Cons Cuomo!

  • Teedlo

    Haha obviuosly the person who wrote this lives in Idaho and many things in the con collem are wring!

  • Redwan

    Bro, your grading is hella bias.. How is having a high Amish population a pro? And and you can’t rate states based on your political view. I don’t know why this comes up when you search for best states to live in.

    California is a great state to live in, as well the other states you ranked low. You should delete this ASAP. It’s total BS.

  • Mr. Jones

    This list is ridiculous. Your criteria isn’t standardized and your bias is apparent. Let me guess, your a conservative fisherman who deathly afraid of natural disasters.


    I get this weird feeling that…the author of this article must reside in Idaho….correct me if Im wrong

  • Raelynn

    North Western Washington has a HUGE drug problem right now. Heroine and Meth.

  • Is this for real? The reasons to not live in NJ are because of Camden, Atlantic City and Newark? I live in Camden and as crazy as the media makes it sound, its not that bad. The media blows everything out of proportion for good money. And you mean AC, the place where the famous game MONOPOLY originated from?? Yea, all the streets are from AC. I can’t believe this.

  • Jon A

    California still the best hands down all the ppl I know that left the state are coming back

  • D

    I have lived in Maine all my life. Unfortunately the liberal thinkers have run the state into the ground with generous entitlement programs and ridiculous regulations. Maine is one of the most business-unfriendly states with some of the highest per-capita taxes in the nation. Poverty is evident throughout most of the state. Maine is beautiful but with increased drug issues and poor business climate I feel it is time to move on so I appreciate your article.

  • Leah

    Whomever wrote this is “An Utter Moron!.” First of all.. the idiot should have just down right knocked out all our states. Because the cons out weigh the pros. Secondly.. all towns, and cities were not covered. To say every place has downs to living there, would mean no own moves anywhere. That is similar to saying there are no jobs anywhere. When this is not true. Some may find getting jobs for various reason easier then others do. Not everyone shares the same life, life style, has the same restrictions, financial obligations, ties, skills, presentation, social background or communications skills others do. Not to mention experience and rapport. I spoke to a woman whom moved five hours as a native Californian north to Sacramento. She said there are “tons” of jobs up there available. If for example your a person in the medical sector or service industry, you can always find work. Also.. sadly to say.. attractive people get jobs easier. Also.. people who speak fluent English. If our own Corporations would decide not to throw our own citizens under the bus by hiring people from other countries to do what our people can do for so much of a profit to them, perhaps many more jobs would open up and be available.Quite frankly speaking, I am tired of calling tech support for my cable, internet and computer and having foreign people whom are being paid instead of our people , service me. The same with the banking industry. This is why people collect unemployment and are mad. Then articles like this from some lame person whom obviously knows nothing and is narrow minded to write such a restrictive gloomy article. Instead of where to live in tough times. Positives. This is ridiculous!

  • coboy

    these are horrible. i live in colorado and colorado sprigs is not a pro. furthermore, in what world are san fracisco or nyc cons? also, illegal immigration brings great food and good har working people and i have never experienced problems where i live because of it. also, the “too much snow” in co makes for awesome skiing. idaho’s not that great

  • Mandy

    This was wonderful and helpful. As a NJ resident – loved the cons comment.. however, we do have the shore (or whats left of it) and mountains..great state to vacation to. But to live here – horrible!!! It’s a state for the rich only – the middle class/poor are being shoved out.

  • What’s wrong with Seattle?

  • mike

    you fricken idiot, why is nuclear power plant a con. Its the cleanest, most efficient energy known to man

  • mike

    you really forgot to take a lot of things into account. Like the fact that mass has one of the best school systems in the world

  • Mikayla

    I used this to learn the 50 united states in order and because of this website I learn it in 10 minutes this gets an A+

  • Mike R

    It really bums me out when people can not find simply positive things about New Jersey based on some of our cons (fairly placed and deserved.)

    We are not the wonder-state, but the population density should not always be seen as a con. This leaves more opportunity not only for diversity but local networking on a grand scheme.

    What I personally find great about New Jersey, in the right areas, is our mountainous areas. We get every season’s extremes pretty much, and we’re starting to get more categories of storms, so although it could be seen negatively, we are placed in a position to better prepare to survive under mother nature’s conditions.

    A real pro about the mountainous area is that we have plenty of reservations and farm land. The food is good, the campsites and trails are fantastic but greatly overlooked by busy adults and ignorant teens who are busy drooling over seaside or the big apple. Most likely, a dreamscape view of nature is a 20 minute drive or less from them and they chose to disregard the experience.

    Though slow, we have a growing music scene of all levels. We have all-age shows of many genres making a slow comeback, we have a few big theatres who hold mentionable artists every month or couple weeks, and have some great colleges teaching jazz and classical who have multiple recitals every semester.

    I’m sure if you disregard ignorance and look a little deeper into the state of New Jersey, you can find more pros- ANY pros

  • New Jersey, where I live, has great education (being an east coast state), good temperate climate, with nice winters and summers, and the agricultural areas are pleasant.

  • Ryan Jackson

    Whoever made this list was clearly biased toward country/simple life..idaho, montana, wyoming vs mass cali or ny

  • Zapfrog

    Too bad you get most things wrong on this list. Take NH for instance; does NOT have insane regulations/restrictions, actually one of the state’s with the fewest licenses, permits, etc for small business, ranked as one of the best places for business. Ranked 47th for tax burden per person/family whereas a state like CT is 3rd.has some of the fewest gun laws. Growing season isn’t that short unless your comparing it to FL. I’ll take it.

  • I-dog

    Obviously the person who made this is from Idaho. There are awesome people that live everywhere. Also I’m from tennessee and just want to mention some other great pros that obviously should have been mentioned. Awesome people, awesome scenery smoky mountains, low cost of living, low jobless rate, Nashville/ country music, great weather, #1 boating destination, great outdoors life, very centrally located, only con is there is no beaches!

  • Charlie

    I’m guessing the writer lives in Florida.

    • Charlie

      Or Idaho. Neither of those places is as great as they describe.

  • Hélcio J. Tagliolatto

    Americans, you should live here in Brazil. After a short time spent here, you’d find that US is a real paradise!

  • Hamburg dweller

    I am a Californian , living in Germany for 8+ years. While i have slowly grown to appreciate the social system here and the amazing support it lends the family, i still miss Americans, their friendliness, and relentless optimism. We have been thinking of coming to the US, but then i read these comments and sadly remember how incredibly polarized my nation is, and how insulting people are to those with views which differ from their own. Whatever happened to ‘united we stand, divided we fall’? This truth is eternal…

    • ConradCA

      The progressive fascists are working to destroy our country so they can build their utopia. Where the state controls every aspect of our lives. Who wants to put their life in the hands of Tyrant Obama the Betrayer?

  • blondie221

    so pretty much this person loves Idaho and hate every other state?

  • PhuckIDAHO

    this person must obviously be from Idaho. This person is lame. This is a wack site. im leaving now

  • addy

    nj deserves better… good housing in some areas little to NO TAX, good schooling weather is okay, good shopping experience….but yeah rate nj better

  • Your reviews of new england were too soft. lifetime resident here. go elsewhere, unless you are a raging liberal, self-employed millionaire, and like being packed in like peas. there are no jobs anymore, you pay way too much for housing, and there is crime galore. (lots of small cities) it feels like a hell-hole here. i am scouting for other places myself. rhode island is awful altogether.

  • lostnlimbo

    WOW!! You actually learn a lot here, not just from the list, but the comments are very enlightening!! So, I have to add my two cents!! I live in southern Ohio near Cincinnati, but on a farm about an hour or so away… IT SUCKS!! The people are rude!! Even the “educated” are as dumb as rocks!! The laws are ridiculous, and force people to stay poor no matter what your occupation or educational level! I want to get out of here so bad, in fear that my home schooled kids will eventually turn out like the 90% of Ohioans that I know! There really is no open minded kind-hearted people. Even the country folk that waive when you drive by are just waiting for you to pass so they can gossip about you! The city of course is worse! Crime is super high! Murder, drugs, even in the small towns in between! I home-school my kids, b/c the private (or “Christian”) schools are the drug providers to the rest!! Ohio is horrible! In fact it is the very reason I was on here looking for a better place to raise my kids!! Oregon sounds nice, I’ll have to look into it more:)

  • Robert

    This appears to be another survey which holds no merit at all. The comments in your descriptions of the states clearly are bias. I looked to this site for help, & instead I had nothing but here say provided. If you’re going to provide information to the public, please take it seriously.

  • ConradCA

    California deserves a FF.

  • ConradCA

    Our country is facing economic collapse and massive expansion of the government. When the SH-T hits you want to be in Idaho.

  • Branch Throssel

    I think it is ridiculous that the author gave California an F! Not all of California is all densly populated! The author is obviously forgetting about Northern California. There is mountains and trees everywhere! It is not densly populated in the Northern area. California is so unique because it has everything, from city skylines, to unpopulated mountains, to the warm southern coast, to the beautiful north redwood coast, to the desert. It truly is the Golden State. The author is making a stereotype of California! Anyone who agrees with me, reply.

  • Lily

    Lol California gets a F?!?!? Obviously this is not a good source bc most would say California is the best state to live in!! I mean it fits everyone’s general needs including beaches, mountains, forests, and deserts. I mean why do all the celebrities live there? C’mon this person obviously just wishes they live in the GOLDEN state!

  • helenagirl14

    seriously if you actually believe that the yellow stone super volcano in Montana will ever blow your stupid. The volcano has been doormat for millions of years. Montana is not full of poverish people ether. Every state has poverty were no exception. Montana is a great place to grow up and live and it definitely deserves a better rating than a B+

  • Nick Olander

    So just for a correction on Washington state west coast. Umm there has NEVER been a tsunami anywhere near Washington. Ever. And there are plenty of jobs, Washington has one of the better economies out there. The rain does suck though.


    Pros for NJ: Great Doctors, Close to both Philadelphia and NYC, Has beaches, Has camping, Centrally located. Pork Roll, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springstein, Good colleges. NEWARK/CAMDEN/AC are nothing like the state in its entirety, also we don’t pump our own gas… Suck it.

    • Paris Bow

      You’re not ALLOWED to pump your own gas.

  • crystal

    Ok i need some help. I live in Michigan. I want to move to Tennessee or Georgia. What are your experiences? What would you recommend? Where should I stay away from? I do want to live in the country but no too far from a city, for work.

  • philip kluever

    looks like Chicago isn’t what i thought it was gonna be

  • Zaki


  • Setting things straight

    You clearly dont know anything about may of thr states because you gave so many bad scores and have Idaho an A… Lets look at the social aspexts of each state. Most are full of racists or religious extremists, yet the west is bashed for being dirty and expensive, but there is a lot more to do in california than idaho. Thats why more people move there every year

  • Dongus

    BS! It’s better to live in New Hampshire then the rest of the US

  • yuri

    F for California really?? Anyways i love my state!! Best state for me!!

  • yuri

    Pros for California Disneyland n Malibu !!! Thats crazy!! No wonder we got an F !! If ur base all ur opinion in two places!! What a joke !! Visit California u will love our people n beautiful places!!

  • Kung Fu Panda

    Whoever wrote this was an idiot. Just Saying

  • Emily Anderson

    I live in california, and have two small kids (both less than 2 years old) I’d love to raise them where people care about more things than just themselves. I’d love it if you included wildlife in your pros and cons (alligators and big bug states and stuff like that)

  • cc

    I was under the impression that New Hampshire was very libertarian .cons high home prices and weather.

  • vinny

    you need to get over the fact about the nuclear power plants. those plants keep power utilities down.

    • Paris Bow

      You’re not including the long-term costs.

  • syber_punk

    this is the dumbest list i have ever seen really NYC a F and Alaska and A you are smoking crack in Alaska their are seven men to every one women and Montana a B+ have you ever been to Montana it what the world would look like after an nuclear war miles on nothing

  • Heather Rae Stewart

    This is stupid!

  • Kachina Lively

    I did not see one state that was worth moving to. This is sad…very sad!

  • BoomerKat911

    This person has obviously never been to New England. I have visited New Hampshire once and it was not too cold, and did not get lots of snow. (I went in the winter)

    • Rahmblows

      You were there on a good day. Cold.

  • Mel

    NJ is the best place to raise kids (in a article in daily news)
    The sandy beaches

    • Paris Bow

      NJ has the highest rate of autism in the U.S.

  • lost

    no where is safe

  • 4

    Seems the author isn’t too fond of the east or west coast. Regardless, the reality is that every state will have positive and negative aspects, many of which will be uniquely based off the individual’s perception of the world and their ideals. I’ve lived all over the US and have generally found there are three common themes for 3 very large (and general) areas of the country. East coast – will cut you just to watch you bleed. West coast – nice to your face but will stab you in the back without much hesitation. Everywhere else – friendly people, but a bit close-minded.

    Personally, I’m fond of New England. 🙂

  • Scarlett

    I’m surprise that this is the best run down you can give from all the research you’ve done. It appears that your only interest was political and wether issues.

  • Susan

    Where do I move to if I am looking for more snow than hot humid days, more jobs than crime, more friends than drugs, and more beauty than pollution?

    • James Bonham


  • muppethammer26

    My pros and cons for New Jersey

    Pros:Pine Barrens, Jersey Shore, good schools, blueberries, tomatoes, plenty of jobs

    Cons:Newark, Camden, multiple nuclear power plants, crime, gang violence, high population density

    New Jersey should have been given a B-

  • muppethammer26

    NJ should have been given a B- rather than D-, NJ is still a good state overall, just not excellent.

  • muppethammer26

    Atlantic City is neither a pro or con.

  • gemini gurl

    who the hell wrote this mess…smdh.

  • Faith

    I think the best place to live is North Dakota.

  • Mickey

    I live in CT what a joke. When the kids go to college im moving to Sweden.

  • Tay_Directioner


  • Sofyy Marquez

    -_- Essto Essta En IngLes :´( ( MIERDA )

  • M.D Ibrahim

    I have no idea

  • Angie

    Never been there so I wouldn’t know.

  • John Shoane


  • kaio fachienty

    When will new episodes of Mythbuster?

  • Julian Drakeford


  • KYR SP33DY


  • sharon

    Thank you so much for this website. My husband and I are going through something similar. We live in upstate NY and are fed up with all the same cons you listed and are craving to live someplace with all the same pros you listed. I can’t help but assume you’re a Christian and conservative, being so much like us. Can’t wait to find a better place to live

  • Sharon

    What people really need is Jesus Christ in their lives to give them hope and a real future. God loves you

    • T

      Well I’m sorry, but I praise the Lord, and then I PASS THE AMMUNITION

      • Misty

        Right there with ya

  • Victoria v.v

    Wtf racist much …that’s fukd up when people say too much immigrants…fukrz

  • Riley

    Since I live in Arizona here is my personal edit of Texas in relation to me.

    Pros: low taxes, warm weather, Austin, Bush Family

    Cons: tornadoes, wildfires, West Nile Virus, speed traps, not enough rain, crime

    Overall Rating: A

  • Alfred

    quite bias

  • Kesha

    Lls at Maryland. I live here, so everything listed about the state is true. Nothing good here

  • cake walk

    When 48% of Americans are on Food stamps and the government can’t help to offer jobs to millions, why the hell NASA is funded to look for life where there is not even methane gas. Those scientists know how to fool the politicians to get money. All space programs except for communication, weather and military must be suspended up until recession is over. America is still in bad recession and all that is going on is hiring and firing to lower the unemployment rate and delaying entitlement benefits. Both Democrats and Republicans can’t find a solution. Why can’t we have a new party for poor and rich? Let’s call it as “Evolution” party.

  • cake walk

    I agree that Rhode Island is flat out broke and most of the people and nothing but goofies smoking pot and into organized crime and witchcraft. It’s a capital of pot holes and slinky beaches where one can’t see only a very few in bikinis. It is good for Rhode Island to merge with Massachusetts or Connecticut as noting is going on there. There is not even a computer store there.

  • muppethammer26

    what does ”Anyone Got Something?” in the NJ pros list mean?

    • James Bonham

      that the author is ignorant and has never visited the state of new jersey. The author has not a clue what jersey looks like, he just heard about north jerseys turnpike and the states northern most industry and formed his asinine opinion.

  • Aaron

    I’m from Texas.

    Pros of Texas – relatively low housing costs, Austin, good sports at all levels, low tax except for property (quite high for good school districts), good bbq, good Mexican food, good churches, good live music in cities esp Austin

    Cons of Texas – Rick Perry & Ted Cruz, no public transportation that will get you anywhere (takes 2 by bus to make a 30 minute trip in San Antonio), very bad traffic in every city, suburban sprawl as far as eye can see, affordable houses are 30 minutes from city centers – traffic again, people are fat – mexican food and bbq, very hot in summer, some small towns in east TX still not friendly to brown/black people

  • kina

    Hi, I am a single african american mom(no jokes please) to a 6 year old daughter. I currently livei n richmond, va and HATE it. I have my B.S. in management but have been in the administrative field for 7+ years. I want to move somewhere that has year long warm temp, beaches, safe and has good schools.Cali would be perfect but too expensive. FL has too much rain. From this list AND COMMENTS, seems like there are no great places to live in the US. I do not know any foreign languages to move outside the US (though I might start working toward that now). Any suggestions?

    • kina

      and please ignore this racy pic. I was young and idk how to change it lol i dress like a decent person now!

      • muppethammer26

        i would recommend NC or SC. Both states have low costs of living, low crime, great beaches, good schools, nice people, etc.

  • Zach

    You can tell a southerner wrote this, because all the states in the north have too much snow in their cons.

  • GregBrady

    You really failed to address tax and economic issues in this ranking…..that is a VITAL issue when determining the rank of a state IMHO.

  • GregBrady


  • Lisa Daniel

    This is a crock of S**T !!!

  • Ayn R. Key

    You’re much too kind to West Virginia. I’ve lived there. It is the only state that is entirely in Appalachia. The biggest con of West Virginia is West Virginians, and they should lower the grade to a D.

  • Janina Hult

    haha this is funny xD of all states i would have chosen Cali if i ever moved to the US. doesnt look like so much of a good option here ^^

  • Solo_NH

    I live in NH. The author is rather wrong on some of the cons. Political correctness, ridiculous regulations, and insane politicians can all be removed. We don’t have those. The cold aspect depends on the year. Last year wasn’t that bad and the year before was quite tame.

    The one con that you can add though is this: Surrounded by moonbats (Mass, VT, Maine).

  • Man O’Neal

    New England states aren’t cold year-round. They have all the seasons. And I like that. I would much rather live in a place where the scenery changes as opposed to some tropical paradise that is the same every day.

  • Ray Cali

    So California does not have:
    beautiful beaches
    beautiful homes
    awesome growing season (food not mary jane)
    big sur
    yellow stone
    golden gate bridge
    lake tahoe (partially)
    beautiful mountains
    Great farming
    All of which are great things about California that you have in kind or like, associated with other states.

    Now I agree California has issues, but to give the state an F vs new jerseys D- when there really is not a single positive to new jersey calls into question your bias. (Though I agree with you on that I could not think of anything either except Rutgers which is “meh” anyway). Also for all the troubles you are worried about, how would Disney land be in anyway beneficial?

    Well bob, looks like the economy collapsed and the government called down the national guard for country wide martial law to stop the riots and help all the natural disaster survivors, but hey, at least we can go to Disneyland!!!
    Cmon, this must be a joke! Well that or your girl left you for some dude (or gal) from so-cal. Lol. I wish your picture was posted on here so I can email/facebook this around for cheap laughs.

    • James Bonham

      you are a moron …lol google the garden state then google turnpike and educate yourself

  • Randy

    Rio Rancho near Albuquerque, New Mexico is the best place to live.

  • MIResedent

    for Michigan, in the pro section, Vernors Ginger ale, pastys, the lakes, awesome beaches, beautiful sunsets, the small towns have great schools, excreta! We deserve, at least a C+

  • Hate

    Cari you are an idiot

  • Mortimer Post

    Ridiculous assessment!

  • Marc

    And the most biased article of the year award goes to…

  • Sean Kennedy

    The bias here is extraordinary. Notably pro-South, Anti-Progressive

  • LesterJ

    So glad that I live in Idaho, the only State with an A rating. This is not an open invitation for any of you to move here, however… : )

  • Mark

    I thought the grade was assigned based on your location when you visited the article. I guess not!

  • kaylee hatch

    so proud to be an Idahoan right now.

  • Doug J

    I’m from Idaho… Couldn’t agree more.

  • Jeva Singh

    West Virginia: not enough jobs, rampant poverty — yet it gets a B … nice job, Youdahoe!

  • McKaila

    Please don’t write off New Mexico. Quietly, over the past 10+ years, many intelligent, intentional people have moved here looking to escape urban/corporate hell & are buying or co-oping land applying advanced skills in bio-dynamic and true organic farming, particularly north of ABQ, around Santa Fe, and north into Mora, NM. Some of the best bio-dynamic food & great restaurants in the country are available within an hour of Santa Fe. Many people in NM are living off-the-grid and enriching themselves through living close to the earth & honoring native wisdom. Also, there is a huge number of LIBERTY-MINDED patriots and gun owners/ 2nd Amendment supporters scattered throughout NM. There is breathtaking beauty and endless spaces to explore & find retreat…The downside: Yes, NM is considered the Meth capital of the world & caution must be exercised! A large segment of the state’s population are very poor, collect welfare benefits, and support liberal/progressive politics. However, there is also a highly technical community living around ABQ & Los Alamos. I must also put out a warning about Dulce, NM, [look it up, there is a hellish underground there] some say is connected to Los Alamos ~ I would avoid those areas altogether…especially at night.

  • jdd915

    On the pros of Arizona & Hawaii, you forgot to list “No Daylight-STUPID Time”

  • no

    I stopped reading as soon as I read illegal immigration as a con to arizona.

  • Erin

    This is extremely political and does not represent the states I am familiar with whatsoever.

  • Ulysses G

    Well we know how this author leans.

  • lewpubco

    Glad you wrote off New Jersey as having no “pros”. Obviously you’ve never been here, except possibly passing through on the turnpike. We like the fact that many like you have never seen the real New Jersey. But think about this: We are within a few hours of a major city (NYC), the most historical city (Philly), the US capital, and every imaginable cultural activitiy. We have beaches and mountains, casinos and ski slopes. Climate is mostly moderate, and we rarely have extreme weather. We are the wealthiest state.
    We can reach any activity and return on one tank of gas, (which we do not have to pump ourselves). And if you thought we are all asphalt, most of the state is actually suburban or rural. Yes we had “The Jersey Shore”, but we also had Springsteen and Bon Jovi. We have lots of “attitude”, so good — write us off; keep moving, nothing to see here.

  • Aaron C

    Woo Idaho! I honestly dont care what anyone thinks about Idaho. All this mindless arguing is accomplishing absolutely nothing. If you dont like Idaho, dont live here. Its as simple that. It leaves more for the rest of us to enjoy

    PS I’ve lived in southern and northern Idaho and love all of it. Sure there are crappy hole in the wall towns dotted across the state but I dare you to find a state that doesn’t.

  • Barb

    To be honest, if you think the people in Idaho are great then you basically are talking about people in the US as there are very few true Idahoans left. A lot of our population comes from CA, OR, WA, MT etc. Our wages are low due to the right to work state. There is not a freeway to go from southern to northern Idaho which makes for dangerous traveling for the winter months and the curvy mountainous roads make travel for those that love to drive fast bad. Southern Idaho has mostly reservoirs not lakes. We have hot springs, some homes in Boise on one street have geothermal heat also Garden Valley and probably other places I am not aware of at all.
    People think we have all these people who hate anyone that isn’t white, that’s because we have had a group of very, very few who have behaved in this manner up north.
    Going between place like Boise to WA, OR,CA is miles and miles of nothing but flat dry looking desert which people like my husband love so it is what you are looking for yourself in a place to live that matters. The people here are nice, the weather in summer here lately is terribly hot, the winter’s we get very, very little snow, like we do not have snow plows in the southern area like Boise. f
    you drive 20 minutes than you
    can be in the mountains where we have snow and ski resorts. In the winter we have an inversion down here in the south which limits only the aircraft landing and those with health issues are advised to stay inside. We also have Sun Valley which most people think is in CA and it is beautiful.. Sandpoint is a beautiful town and McCall is a little village loved by many of the southern Idaho folks, skiing downhill, ice skating etc.
    If you live in Boise we have once referred to as the best kept secret is our Bogus Basin Ski area.
    All of Idaho is basically respected by it’s people as you don’t see loads of trash around any of the towns, it’s clean as people do have pride in the state. There is a large LDS temple here and also the largest number of Basques in the US are here. We have the largest sand dunes in the northern hemisphere is what I have been told. There is a lot of hunting here and fishing and loads of people here go camping and enjoy their atv’s and our people can still camp in no pay places with families and friends. Our properties are not priced out of sight. One new construction builder once said you can build a new home in UT or other places but in Boise, you better have a 3 car garage because of the outdoor enthusiasts they need space for all their camping stuff, atv’s etc.
    It depends on what you are looking for in life as to the positives for you and the thing I miss most about living here is, no ocean and I can’t change that one. I have lived numerous places so I have a lot of places to compare Idaho to, MI, NH, CA, Spain etc. WE have more street people than we used to have and programs to help them. Recently I was told we got 3,000 refugees in Boise from someplace. which various churches are trying to help out. We have a VA medical center and two large hospitals in Boise which are really good. Hopefully I have been open and honest enough for someone to make a decision as to what it is they are looking for and the person who wrote the article basically must hate. flat land. So funny what gets people going. Oh, how could I not tell you about our white water rafting, people really enjoy that all summer. There is in Boise a long greenbelt for walkers, runners which runs along the river. We have several wonderful colleges BSU, CSI, University of Idaho and others that recently came her like Phoenix etc. .

  • Gus

    A lack of jobs will not be a problem after an economic collapse. No one will have jobs, so the isolation and self-subsistence is more important.

  • Idk

    Really dumb article. Useless bloggers all over the web these days. Useless people.

  • CAdams

    LOL wow…nice sprinklings of commentary and lopsided opinions from an obvious left winged bitter Republican hater. Let’s stick to the facts, shall we?

  • Morgane

    I have a feeling the author comes from Idaho, don’t you? 😉 But since i come from Sandpoint, I’d have to agree with him!! 😛

  • Benjamin Cutler

    Thanks for the low rating of Oregon. Ya’ll can stay elsewhere. 🙂

    • Benjamin Cutler

      Author must have moved to Idaho. Great place!

  • I have to agree with the grading system….Idaho is the best place to live 🙂

  • Me

    You have obviously never lived in Maryland. If you have a good income, lower Maryland (specifically Montgomery County) has some of the best towns/ school districts/ developments to live in in the country (look it up) and Churchill High school in Maryland is ranked in the top 50 high schools in America

  • Me

    Whoever wrote this lives in Idaho (just look at the rating)

  • Allah laugh Shah Larry kHz ask

    Wonder if he lives in Idaho…too biased.

  • Nina

    I’m Puerto Rican i was living in Atlanta for 4 Years and i got amazing jobs there! also people are very nice i came back to my island because i didn’t like the weather there.

  • danielle

    Pros for NJ: beautiful, mountainous areas in northern NJ. Sussex and warren counties are beautiful areas.

  • Tank

    New Jersey has great beaches. Better than many famous beaches around the world. On the con side you did not mention the insane property taxes.

  • Andrew

    Apparently you hate cities and New England! But I love my home in Connecticut!

  • Bob

    Vermont should be getting a substantially lower score than a c, There’s hardly any economy apart from pleasing tourists, housing prices are outrageous, many of the people rude, nothing to do no where to go, pay rates are rock bottom, taxes ridiculously high, cost of living high, no young people, deranged hippies, equally deranged trailer trash, massive amounts of welfare abuse, drug abuse, extremely hostel anti business environment, high cost of college, poor infrastructure, poor healthcare, higher cost of goods & services, technologically backwards, bland, no places to eat, no cheap housing, delapataded housing costing far more than it should, trust fund hipsters, no where to shop, stores close far earlier and aren’t open Sundays, poor working conditions, anti employee mentality, rampant animal abuse, elder abuse, child abuse, spouse abuse, obesity, poor nutrition, hatred of change, hatred of things not changing, and naturally the unending bitter cold. the list goes on and on and on..

  • Tina

    You boneheads: you listed Missoula, MT as a ‘pro’- do you guys know Missoula is Agenda 21?!!
    Get that off of there!!

  • CheeseWhiz

    Oh thanks !! We were planning to move to Northern Idaho and now you’ve ruined it. Now everyone will be moving there. By the way it gets really really really cold there and all those clouds from Seattle have to go somewhere and guess where they end up…..Northern Idaho…. with all the air pollution from China packed in them like pollution bags. Not only that but there is NO pizza delivery in Northern Idaho and you never hear about the Sasquatch maulings because there is a conspiracy to not report how many “squatch maulings” there actually are. There are only two seasons in Northern Idaho…..too hot and too cold.

  • greg

    Please grade Idaho an F so people do move here.

  • bpollen8

    TEXAS: Sky high property taxes in Dallas County and probably elsewhere. No state income taxes, but it makes up for that with sky high property taxes & a high sales tax. Louisiana: lowest property taxes. Texas: Thousands of dollars property taxes on a house that would have $200 or $300 annual property taxes in Louisiana.

  • Broxoli

    New Jersey= 3rd richest state in the nation. Stunningly beautiful suburbs with some of the best public schools in the nation. Close proximity to NYC and Phili without actually being there. 3 of CNN’s top 20 places to live are in NJ. Obviously whoever wrote this has only seen Newark Airport and/or the show “Jersey Shore”. Contempt prior to investigation? I think so. I don’t live in Jersey, but family does, and i’ll tell you it gets a bad rep for no reason. It’s absolutely beautiful in the suburbs.

  • mo

    I was looking for a pro/con list fot each state. Maybe you can point me to one that isn’t so political/spprts team themed. Barack Obama being from Illinois is a con of living there? That would effect zero people living there. Same with Texas and George w.

  • mhn

    The author is clearly republican

    • James Bonham

      the author is between 14 and 17 yrs old, I guarantee it

  • James Bonham

    most ridiculous thing ive seen In a long time, the author is an idiot.

  • Christie N.

    I believe the author may from Idaho….

  • LGrant

    Wyoming includes the supervolcano into its con list towards its B- rating. if this erupts it will seriously affect most of the states in the U.S. so to include it for this reason does not make sense. It should then be included in the western half of the states. Aside from this the “super volcano” is actually a pro for wyoming; it is not expected to explode within anyone’s lifetime and it is a major tourist attraction because of its beauties and wonders. Living close to this is actually a good thing because it is a cheap and fun vacation trip.

  • Mark

    I believe this person who made this lives in Idaho being that it is the only one with an A meaning that not all these facts are true although I do agree that Cali. has an F

  • Carlee

    Ya’ll are friggin stupid if you think Washington doesnt have enough jobs…. Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing.

  • Great, helpful article! While it is difficult to come up with pros for NJ, I suggest the shores, especially Cape May, and the Pine Barrens. I grew up there but am happily living in Texas now.

  • Sean Reilley

    New Jersey also has crazy drivers

  • cali4life

    Ha stay living under a rock in Idaho. I don’t want a closed minded person like the author living in my state anyway. This list is a joke.

  • Jwsurvival

    Take the politics out of your rankings and re rank each state

  • Meredith

    For NY, the weather is both a pro and a con. Spring is nonexistent, winter is your typical Northeastern mess, but fall is gorgeous. I don’t recommend living here though, even if you choose to go upstate where it’s nicer. At the most, visit in the fall, and opt to skip NYC.

  • Lockhart Lockhart

    how about for idaho…. the aryan nation is located in northern idaho AKA a bunch of neo nazies. your opinion seems more biased then factual
    you lists major cities as cons which is rather a joke… fail to mention that every state has gang violence, some might have less then others but it there. you fail to mention that every state has its fair share of drug problems….. this whole article seem like a joke without a pun………utter horseshit

  • windyblue

    Every place has it pro and cons, no matter if it is here in the USA or over seas. it is all the Government and here we have insane leaders. That could careless about the middle class, we are taxed to death. And the rich get richer and the poor, poorer.
    We have no jobs they have gone over seas for cheap labor and they can do as they please. Overseas the people live by there own laws, not by any governments. In some countries they would kill there own grandmothers. and think nothing of it. But me when I look at over seas, and how the people have to live I am glad I live here in the USA.

  • MIndy O

    Thanks for bad mouthing California because we have plenty of people already partly because there are great things about living here. You mentioned as a con, Jerry Brown, and I should note that he just won reelection by a landslide and the economy is much better. You seem to focus on Southern California, but there are many other areas and all are different in climate and types of people. Great weather, yes; high costs in the best areas; yes, illegal immigration, yes; natural beauty and a lot of outdoor recreation at your fingertips, yes; tsunamis, that’s ridiculously unlikely; earthquakes more likely; big technology opportunities, yes; nice people, yes; crime, depends where you live, I’d avoid Oakland, Compton, Richmond unless you understand the areas. So for those of you reading this 2 years later, California is not so bad especially the wonderful weather.

  • Bubba

    Umm yeah ..that’s what we need folks on antidepressants who want to have children. YEAH.. awesome!!!! and they wonder why the country is going to hell in a hand basket !
    You can’t handle your own life without pills.. and you want to bring one into this world? WOW


    Why would you put Amish population as a pro? That is a con for me.

  • Bob

    Screw this New Jersey is awesome!

  • Young Economist

    I stopped reading for the most part after you gave california an F. I’ve only new to california once but I’ve been all through LA, San Diego, and up the pacific coast highway. Didn’t look to be much shortage of jobs outside inner city Los angeles..there’s insane money in Beverly Hills and many other parts of California. San Diego is suppose to be one of the nicest places to live in the entire US..warm weather the people are friendly jobs are prevalent and pay well(mostly). There is an abundance of things to do and I don’t see how you could get bored living there. I think this article was written very short-sightedly and don’t believe that you as an individual should be giving advice on where to live to anyone really. It seems as though you enjoy major seclusion from the outside world(which may not always be a bad thing). I myself am a 20 year old man with a daughter on the way. I live in massachussetts about an hour from Boston and I must say although mass has some strict laws and moderately high taxes I don’t think I’ve ever been to a city as great as boston. If you love and are passionate about sports, are a hard worker and can learn to drop your R’s when you speak you’re going to do fine here. Just because of boston alone we deserve higher than a D+ sir. Hey everyone’s different we all have different tastes. Some people like the big city atmosphere while others like the rural secludedness of states like Idaho or minnesota’s rural areas. It’s all preference so there’s really no right or wrong, but your biased opinions showed through like grease on a cheap napkin. If you’re going to write an article like this please try to be more inclusive and not just make the cons every major city in the state. There are good sections as well as bad in every urban area and city. Except Detroit, there’s nothing good about Detroit.

  • Young Economist

    Dude clearly you don’t know enough about the states you claim to know about or you would have made cape cod, beaches, boston, and sports all PROS under massachussetts. For New Jersey the one thing they really have is the jersey shore other than that I’m stumped too lol

  • Tali

    Lol… this is a horribly biased article. California gets an F? You fail to mention a rapidly growing tech sector and you seem to completely ignore the Bay Area. This article is garbage.

  • Henry

    Washington D.C

  • BlueJay

    Nebraska con – 3rd worst state for taxes, beaten only by CA and NY

  • Californication

    This is all subjective. I happen to like political correctness, or that a state isn’t brimming over with our hard earned tax dollars. Some of this is clearly contradictory as well.

  • Karen Smith

    America will recover when blacks ,illegals and muslims are sent to their country.

  • kody koelling

    Washington pros Tim’s chips 7 eleven cons Bill Gates Weed and Microsoft

  • txoregonian

    This is the most biased, literally stupid thing I have ever read.

  • littlerounder

    California gets an F and Idaho gets an A? The author is clearly a nutcase. Next time if we want your opinion, we will give it to you. Idiotttt.

  • Dallin Burnett

    The pro for New York is “the entire state is not like New York City.” Really, you don’t say?

    Also, IMO, you’ve forfeit much of your credibility by giving Oregon and Hawaii the same grades. Oregon is an infinitely better place to be during a collapse than Hawaii. The vast majority of Oregon is sparsely populated forest or desert and there is plenty of precipitation west of the Cascades with a mild climate to boot. Hawaii will be like purgatory with thousands stuck on small islands, particularly densely-populated Oahu.


    Texas score B- have you ever visited Texas? former President George W Bush is absolutely a pro and you have him listed as a con . Texans are extremely proud of our amazing state we are not perfect by any means I wouldn’t raise my children anywhere else. I did enjoy the list 🙂

  • guest

    Guided by far right wing thinking … (wait! the right wing doesn’t think) ….

  • too blind to see the truth

    The only REAL solution is found at: JW.ORG!!!!

  • TEB

    You obviously know nothing about a bunch of these states. Like northern Idaho gets and A but montana a C western montana is exactly the same as northern Idaho!

  • Trey

    I live in Iowa and it is not flat at all. Heard of the loess hills?

  • Gayle Schermerhorn

    So Antidepressants are good. So how do you counter act all the side effects associated with these drugs?
    Some people are never the same since taking their prescribed drugs. Even when they get off of them.

  • Tyrone Louch

    This article was a waste of time… It’s all based on opinions.

  • martha

    I agree about n.j…there is no good reason to live in this lousy state. To the “cons” add corrupt politicians, bad public transportation, high living prices & high taxes. The only pro is that you can move to a better place.

  • Sugarsail1

    ok Mr. Apocalypse, natural disasters are not more frequent and more intense…

  • BikerGuy7

    Mike – Great list. I think you hit the nail on the head with these rankings. I realize these posts are old, but FYI — for NJ, if possible you might want to add 3; insanely high property taxes, Chris Christie and terrible traffic.

  • Jamie

    We just stayed for a week in Williamsburg, VA. I know a lot of people who move fm NJ to the DC metro/VA area. Although NJ does have some decent schools, and beaches Chris Christie and the job market make the state horrible to live in. Not to mention drugs.

  • Jenna

    As someone who lived in northern Idaho for nine years, I would also add: people can be racist as f**k. I appear to be white with dark hair, and just the dark hair was enough for people to discriminate against me in schools. It was insane for people who look more ethnic than me. It’s different for southern Idaho, especially the Boise area, but that’s a huge thing to keep in mind for northern Idaho, especially around CDA.

  • TheRealPerson

    You forgot the pros of Ca. is family friendly, beautiful beaches, every amusement park imagined in Ca. 4 seasons …
    & as in Urah forgot to mention Mormon laws there, Colorado forgot to mention weed is legal, Nevada forgot to mention pros tutor & gambling is legal in the whole state … Yeah sorry list sucks due to inaccuracy 😉

  • Andrea

    This list seems like a grandpa made it. I wanted a pro and con list that’s good for young adults that need something to do like going out meeting people a good place to live. I don’t care about potatoes and stuff. Most the cons in the states are my pros such as crowded, a city, lots to do many people. And the pros (which in my opinion were awful) mainly because they talked about how great it is to live in the middle of no where isolated from people. Here’s something real. Washington the east side of Washington sucks, the weather is extreme there is NOTHING to do over there. And I mean nothing. Less houses and people are really racist on the east side of Washington. In Seattle it is diverse and people are more open. Not to mention the first Starbucks head quarters of Microsoft the suburbs have the #10 best schools in the COUNTRY and not just that in down town everything is walking distance. And that’s just Washington.

  • dontaxlikeudontnoitsme

    Lol love this article, agree with it. But it looks like it was written by Dwight K Shrute from the office 🙂

  • Ryan

    Wow, a lot of comments here. All I can say is this list must be written by someone with strong bias. One A? Come on, America is great! B.S. one A. At the end of the day, taxes and crime matter, but so does sense of community and cultural norms. Visit the cities you’re thinking of becoming members of and don’t listen to “everyone else”, because you’ve been around and know what’s best for you and yours.

  • lol

    I felt like your judgement was too harsh, only Idaho got a good score and I mostly disagree with Georgia. Georgia’s crime rate went down a lot and I have never heard of any cases that involved flesh-eating disease? and is all of this your opinion?

  • malachai

    To paraphrase W. Churchill, America is the worst country in the world, except for all the others.

  • Ty

    Pretty good list. Iowa is higher than I would have put it though. I just moved here for work and it’s crazy expensive as far as housing goes (Des Moines) and surrounding areas. I’ve also lived in Indiana, Michigan, Utah, and Arizona. Iowa is more expensive than them all. I also think taxes are higher here too. I know they are compared to Arizona. The rental market in Iowa is pretty non-existent. The law strongly favors landlords over tenants. Parts of Des Moines look like it was bombed. For $800-$900 a month here, expect to get a crappy apartment with appliances that are 40+ years old. Landlords don’t bother renovating because they know someone will rent at the asking price. I just got here and can’t wait to leave.

  • Tom Borawski

    Hawaii lots of rain and fire ants.

  • Scoopie

    Who wrote this? NJ is the garden state, and is not densely populated on most of the western section except for outside Philly. Taxes are high though.

  • Markersable

    Wow…I was soo insulted when I scrolled down to New Jersey. NJ is a VERY beautiful state and it isn’t called the “garden” state for nothing. Atlantic City is a VERY fun place, so I have no idea why you put it as con. I feel as though states that are home to ivy league colleges should also get a little more slack, since those states are really prideful of it!

  • Jeffrey Murray

    Knoxville Tennessee the greatest city in the world. No other place can compare.

  • Erica

    glad you said New York State is not all NY City. Where I live (NYS) is although cold in winter – very affordable. and very safe. Not a lot of jobs- but no one has jobs now.

  • Mel

    I think it might be better to move to another country such as Canada, or Europe. This country is dead.

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