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What Is The Best Place To Live In The United States To Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse?

What is the best place to live in the United States?  I get asked that question all the time.  My answer can be summed up in two words: it depends.  The truth is that the answer is going to be different for each person.  All of us have different goals and different needs.  If you have a very strong network of family and friends where you live right now, you might want to think twice before moving hundreds or thousands of miles away.  If you have a great job where you live right now, you might want to hold on to it.  You should not just assume that you are going to be able to pick up and move to another part of the country and be able to get a similar job right away.  The United States is in the midst of a very serious economic decline right now, and wherever you live you are going to have to provide for your family.  Just because you move somewhere new does not mean that you are going to leave your problems behind.  In fact, you might find that they moved right along with you.  With all that being said, the reality is that there are some places in the U.S. that are going to be much more desirable than others when the economy totally falls apart.  For example, during a total economic collapse it will not be good to be living in a large city or in a densely populated area.  Just think about what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  If the entire nation is going through something like that, you don’t want to have hundreds of thousands of close neighbors at that point.  So when thinking about where you want to be when everything falls apart, population density should be a major factor.  But there are other factors as well and no area of the United States is perfect.

If you live in or near a major city right now, that is okay.  Most Americans do.  Even if you have limited financial resources at the moment, you can start developing a plan that will get you where you eventually want to go.  If you want to move to another part of the country you can start applying for jobs out there.  You can also be working hard to develop a business that would enable you to move.  Perhaps you have friends or family in more isolated areas that would allow you to stay with them during an economic collapse.

Those that possess more financial resources could start thinking about getting a second home in a location that is more rural.

The key is to come up with a plan and to be working towards accomplishing that plan.

If you don’t have a plan yet, hopefully the following information will give you something to think about.  Not all areas of the United States are equal, and all of them do have problems.

The following are some thoughts about the best place to live in the United States….

The Northeast

A major problem with the Northeast is that it is just so darn crowded.  Yes, there are some rural areas, but the overall population density of the region is so high that it would be really hard to go unnoticed for long in the event of a major economic collapse.

Another thing that is not great about the Northeast is that so much of the population lives near the coast.  As we saw in Japan recently, living near a coastline is not necessarily a good thing.  While it is likely safer to live along the east coast then the west coast, the truth is that there is an inherent level of insecurity when it comes to living in coastal areas.  You never know when the next hurricane, oil spill or tsunami is going to strike.

Also, the Northeast is really quite cold.  So staying warm and growing your own food would be more difficult than in some other areas of the country.

The Mid-Atlantic

The Mid-Atlantic is one of the most beautiful areas of the nation.  Unfortunately, it suffers from many of the same problems that the Northeast does.

The Mid-Atlantic has a very high population density.  For example, the area around Washington D.C. is pretty much all suburbs for 50 miles in all directions.

The weather is nicer than in the Northeast and there are some less dense areas once you get south of Washington D.C.

If you think that the Mid-Atlantic might be for you, you might want to check out North Carolina or South Carolina.  The people tend to get friendlier the further south you go and there are definitely some areas that could potentially work.


Florida is generally not going to be a place that you want to be during an economic collapse.  The housing market has absolutely collapsed down there and the crime rate is already very high.  It is also very densely populated.

The weather is very nice down in Florida, but one big thing that you need to consider when it comes to Florida is the fact that it is very flat and most of Florida is just barely above sea level.  In fact, quite a bit of Florida is actually below sea level.

In addition, hurricanes are always a major threat in Florida.  It is a beautiful state, but there is a lot of risk to living down there.

The Southeast

The Southeast has really taken a pounding over the last few years.  First it was Hurricane Katrina, and then it was the BP oil spill and then it was the tornadoes of 2011.

There is a lot of poverty in that area of the country.  There is also a lot of crime.

There are a lot of great people who live down in the Southeast, but if you do not know your way around it can be a very difficult place to move to.

The Mid-South

One of my favorite places east of the Mississippi River are the mountains along the Tennessee/North Carolina border.  If you must be in the eastern half of the United States, that is not a bad choice.

Where you do not want to be is anywhere near the New Madrid fault zone.  The New Madrid fault zone covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.  The biggest earthquakes in the history of the United States were caused by the New Madrid fault. Many are convinced that we are going to see an absolutely catastrophic earthquake along the New Madrid fault at some point.

So if you want to live in the Mid-South, it is highly recommended that you stay far away from the New Madrid fault zone.

The Upper Midwest

The Upper Midwest was once one of the great manufacturing regions of the world, but now much of it is known as the “rust belt”.

Formerly great manufacturing cities such as Detroit are now absolute hellholes.  Tens of thousands of our factories and millions of our jobs have been shipped overseas.

There are some really great people (including some good friends of this column) that live up there, but the truth is that the region is really cold and unemployment is rampant.

The Upper Midwest is an area that people want to get out of.  It is probably not a great place to move to.

However, if you do need a job, one place to look is a little bit west of there.  Thanks to an abundance of natural resources, unemployment in North Dakota and South Dakota is very low.  If you really need a job you might want to look into those two states.

The Southwest

In the Southwest there are a whole lot of freedom-loving Americans, the weather is very warm and there is a lot of space to get lost.

However, the Southwest is also very dry and in many areas there is not a lot of water.  Drought and wildfires are quite common.

In addition, illegal immigration is rampant and is a constant security threat.

If you are familiar with that area of the country it is not a bad choice, but if you do not know what you are doing it could end up being disastrous for you.

The Great Plains

As long as you are far enough away from the New Madrid fault, the Great Plains is not a bad choice.

It is very, very flat out there, and it can be quite windy, but the good news is that you should be able to grow your own food.

In addition, the population density is generally very low in most areas.

One big negative, as we have seen recently, is tornadoes.  The United States experiences more tornadoes that anywhere else in the world, and “tornado alley” generally gets the worst of it.

The West Coast

During an economic collapse, the West Coast is not a place that you will really want to be.  Just take a look at the state of California already.  It is an economic nightmare.

Millions of people have left California over the past couple of decades.  The millions of people that have left have been replaced mostly with illegal aliens.

Oregon is better, although they have very high taxes and they are experiencing huge economic problems right now as well.

The best area along the West Coast is the Seattle area, but you won’t want to be anywhere near a major population center when things totally fall apart.

Also, the West Coast lies along the “Ring of Fire“.  Considering what just happened in Japan and what has been happening in other areas along the Ring of Fire lately, the West Coast is not an area that a lot of people are recommending.

The Northwest

Large numbers of freedom-loving Americans have been moving to the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.  You can also throw eastern Washington and eastern Oregon into this category as well.

It gets cold up in the Northwest, but not as cold as the Upper Midwest.  There are lots of rivers, streams and lakes and in certain areas there is plenty of rain.

The population density is very low in most areas and there is an abundance of wildlife.  Housing prices are reasonable and in many areas you can grow your own food.

The Northwest is one of the favorite areas of the United States for preppers.  It is far from perfect, but it does have a lot of advantages.

Alaska And Hawaii

Neither Alaska or Hawaii is recommended.  Alaska lies along the “Ring of Fire” and it is very, very cold.  Also, almost everything has to be either shipped or flown into Alaska.  In the event of a real economic collapse, supplies to Alaska could be cut off and shortages could develop very quickly.

Hawaii has a huge population and it does not have a lot of room.  Like Alaska, most supplies have to be either shipped in or flown in.  And one really bad tsunami could pretty much wipe Hawaii out.

But once again, there is no “right answer”.  There are areas of just about every U.S. state that could potentially work well during a major economic collapse.

When assessing where “the best place to live in the United States” is, it is important to examine your own personal factors.  What will work for me and for my family will not necessarily work for you and your family.

So what do all of you think about this list?  Which area of the country do you think is best for those Americans who are seeking to prepare themselves for the coming economic collapse?

  • John

    We live in the best place in America, not because of fear, but because of lifestyle. We live in our motorhome full time, everything is paid for, we are well stocked, We can move to another area of the country within days. We have no, mortgage, no-state income tax(Legal Texas Residences), no water or trash bill. No house to support or pay taxes on. Our rent is only $182. a month, We can always park it anywhere. In emergency, we can turn off the cell phones, sat tv, aircard, mail service and move to a relatives driveway. Our personal and business affairs are all set up for a mobile lifestyle already. AND our 2K Generator, will run 8 hours on 1 Gallon of gas to charge our 12v batteries.

    • Dale

      I would like to talk to you about your life style and complications if any by living in the motorhome. I have considered this if the American dollar tanks.

  • Sharon O’Day

    Who WROTE this article? From the analyses provided, it appears that any economic disaster is necessarily going to be accompanied by earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes. Based on this distorted report, it appears that the best place to live in case of America’s economic collapse … is in Uruguay!

    • Michael Green

      I agree 100%, Nothing bad happens in the southern hemisphere, especially in Uruguay.

    • Allan

      I think Uruguay is where the Bush family has bought a lot of property and plan to move there soon.

      • LaBamba690 .

        In that case, I feel sorry for the poor Uruguayans. But maybe they’ll surprise Dumbya and arrest him for crimes against humanity – if we’re lucky.

    • John Yager

      it will all happen at once, god is angry

  • Oasis777

    Wow! I am, as of the first of July, moving down to the Cape Girardeau, Mo area…..very near (as good as on top of) the New Madrid fault. This really sucks. Going there for a family member in need. Think I will spend some quick quality time convincing her to grab her boyfriend and get the heck out of there.

    • HecatesMoon

      Oasis, I live down Cape Girardeau way myself. This area is also sitting on a network of caverns. LOL I am not in the best position I guess. You just do what you can, with what you have. If resources allow someone to move they do, but if you’re like me and you were born here and don’t have the ability to skip off somewhere new well then… :\

  • Andy Rothauser

    I’m 80 years old, so that qualifies me as a Depression survivor. Because of hard times in childhood I’ve worried about the “coming collapse” through all these events: WWII, the Cold War (nuclear holocaust threat), Korea (I served in the US Air Force for 7 years), the Baby Boomer LSD and Pot revolution of the 60’s, the stock market crash and 16% interest rates of the 70’s, the stockmarket crash of the 80’s, the dot-com crash (I was in the computer business then) and all the additional earth-shaking events that have happened since then. I got so scared in the 50’s that I moved to Phoenix for work and bought 2 acres in the mountains in Prescott AZ because I read that it was out of reach of radioactive fallout and had a nice climate where you could grow things. I never found the need to move there, but sold the property (original cost $2,500) 35 years later for $175,000 to a greater fool.

    And guess what, none of those acocalyptic catastrophies ever happened, not even the Second Coming, which had been often predicted to be just around the corner. Now I live in So. California in the foothills away from the big city, where the weather is superb almost all year round, 20 minutes from a ski slope, in a great little independent community with its own water company (snow melt water), on an acre. I still worry about the Coming Catastrophe (it must be in my genes) so I follow all the survival rules: I have fruit trees, a large garden, chickens, no mortgage payments, drive 20 year old cars and pickuos (registration fees are low and if one is not working I can drive another until I fix the first one using junkyard parts). I do all my own carpentry, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, and have numerous tools and equipment both power and hand. So as you can imagine, I should be able to live through almost anything, even the Bjg One earthquake (we are just over the hill from the San Andreas fault).

    Yet in spite of all of the above I can’t help but feel that all the paranoid talk of coming disaster is really just a lot of B***S**t designed to sell newsletters, survival equipment, and Bibles.

    • Joey I

      Andy: Love your response! Good to hear from someone that has been through it and has real life human skills to simply live.

      Yes, fear is embedded in us simply because it’s what we’re taught. This Apocalyptic talk and events have happened forever. Nothing can stop the evolution of humanity, not even the destruction of our fiat money system. Natural disasters happen and have happened for years and yes we are experiencing more than ever because of the coming of a new age. The world most likely just shut off and we’ll just vanish, but yes millions will die from catastrophes, war, famine disease, ect. But is that really any different from our past? Any apocalyptic talk supply stems from fear. Most of us fear dying because we have not been told the truth that we are eternal light. Not going to get all spiritual or religious, but fear does exist all over the place and inside of every one of us. So to tie this in with the post I think he did a good job of pointing out different negative issues within each region and mentioned that we need to evaluate our life to determine where would be the best place for us as individuals to live. We should be conscious of a potential economic collapse or catastrophe because there has always been one.

      I can hope, wish, imagine, and pray for a life where we all become one and consciously decide that money has become meaningless and we all live in complete bliss an harmony. Money, religion, politics, capitalism whether we like them or not cause separation and competition which is NOT what being human is about. The scam of the world has been in full effect for years. Time for us to just be a little more open about what we can accomplish together without hiding in our home, watching TV, and shopping for meaningless toys and gadgets.

    • Michael Green

      Hi Andy, Nice to know there’s same type of person like me. I am living in So Cal also. I don’t give a damn to this article. I am working on to buy piece of land, not too far away from here.

    • Val

      I want to move where you are. Sounds wonderful! We live and a small town in Wyoming. My husband and I are in our mid 50s and want to move. The winters her sometimes are brutal and we would like a change. Is the job market ok there? I would really be interested in any info you can give me. Thank you. Val

    • Tom

      Cool, Andy … you made me laugh!

    • Jack Meoff

      Southern California looks fairly acocalyptic to most clear thinking people. No currency has EVER survived the abandonment of the gold/silver standard. The federal reserve note will be no different. I’m sure the people of the Weimar republic, Pompeii, etc, etc were saying the same nonsense.

    • Jack Meoff

      Utter nonsense and an excellent example of ‘normalcy bias’.

  • Mabel Wisseman

    Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said temporary factors held back the market in May, as implied from prior data on contract signings. “Spiking gasoline prices along with widespread severe weather hurt house shopping in April, leading to soft figures for actual closings in May,” he said. “Current housing market activity indicates a very slow pace of broader economic activity, but recent reversals in oil prices are likely to mitigate the impact going forward. The pace of sales activity in the second half of the year is expected to be stronger than the first half, and will be much stronger than the second half of last year.”

  • Gwenda Mauro

    The real estate market is telling us now is the time to buy. Regardless of what the media is throwing at us, the facts of housing sales are showing us that today is a great time to buy.

  • Carroll B. Merriman

    gr8 resrch bro…

  • peeznluv

    Pretty ill-informed, at best biased article. Yes, California is hurting in today’s economy. But so is every other state in the U.S., mainly due to the over-proliferation of militarism and imperialism that is tearing our great country apart and leading it toward mediocrity and bankruptcy. We’ve spent (wasted) trillions on war and weapons since 9/11, an event currently being investigated for conspiracy within (not surprising, as all U.S. wars have been planned ahead within the states) I am originally from the East coast, and have lived on the West coast for 16 years. I’ve traveled most every state in the US. (and several continents outside.) Overall, the West coast (especially SF Bay area) is among the most relaxed, socially and environmentally aware, cultured and educated (not merely book-educated, but world affairs) areas in America. And you can’t beat the weather, never too hot or cold, sunny all summer. But yes, overcrowded as everyone wants to live here.So please, stay where you are! Immigrants? There are many of them in any state in U.s. not more in CA. But much less people today are immigrating to the USA than ever, despite what media myths say. People are moving out of the states to more “free nations” where they can get free college educations, less pollution overall, no unethical military recruiters hunting down their daughters and sons at malls, parks, schools like in the U.S. There are at least 10 nations with more freedom than the U.S. mainly due to not spending more than half the world combined on “defense” in the name of power, spinning it to the populace as “defending our freedoms and security”. Ironic. Best places to live in the U.S>? Wherever people are not naive enough to believe in sustaining our wars, where they care about environmental issues, and realized “serving our nation” cannot be done with war, but with helping our country in areas we rank below others DUE to our wars (healthcare, education, environmental justice fighting cancer) We can no longer blame our doctors, nurses, teachers, students…none of which causing this spiral. It’s our overall culture of war, extolling “virtue” of killing people, spending in wrong direction, while cutting budgets in those areas we are slipping in. Best places to live in America? Places where the spiritual, emotional, educated mindset realizes this rather than what our political leaders want you to believe, realizing that “Patriotism” means peace.

    • libertyandtyranny

      Tell me, who is going ot protect you if there is no military? One of the FIRST obligations of the federal government is to protect the American people from harm, violence, terrorist attacks, and fraud. They have failed, due largely in part to PC folks like you, who live in some fantasy land liberal utopia that doesn’t exist. Sure, America i the most powerful military power in the history of the world, but it is also the FREEST country in the history of the world. You throw the baby out with the bath water you’ll get socialism, mediocrity, and bankruptcy. Liberal policies that take from the makers and give to the takers are bankrupting this country, along with the pursuit of “diversity” for diversity’s sake, never mind welfare state is crushing the coffers of the states. So we just keep borrowing and printing money to pay for our huge entitlement state. Thanks, libtard! SF is full of elitist hypocrites.

    • Maritha

      You are forgetting radiation from Fukushima has ruined fruits, vegetables, cheese, milk and meat in the Pacific area. Radiation has killed the Ocean. Babies are being born with no brains in Washington State in record numbers. Wake up peeps.

  • Chris

    I’ll be moving back to my parents house and bringing my armory with me. We have our own water supply and can grow our own food, I figure I’ll hunt and eat people from the neighboring city-ya know, keep the population down. Cut our population by 2/3 and the U.S. will have enough resources to make a full economic recovery entirely on its own, as it stands right now we just can’t support our population-just like everywhere else in the world.

    • Dose-of-Reality

      “Overall, the West coast (especially SF Bay area) is among the most relaxed, socially and environmentally aware, cultured and educated (not merely book-educated, but world affairs) areas in America.”

      The SF Bay Area is among the most dangerous places in America currently, let alone during a major collapse. The San Jose basin is completely devistated by the aftermath of the DotCom bust. Crime in Oakland/San Leandro is amongst the highest and most brutal in the US, San Francisco is perhaps the most geologically vulnerable cities in America, and the East Bay has become so overwelmed with Gang Activity and Illegal Immigration that it is dying on the vine. California, as a whole, has declared all out war on home schoolers to the point where they are attempting to arrest homeschool parents for child endangerment. “Gun Control” in the Bay Area has resulted in target practice for criminals – to the point where the Oakland Police Chief has come out and blatantly stated that the police will not be responding to break-ins and armed robberies. So the every day Bay Area citizen is “gun controlled” while the criminals continue to be heavily armed. Why fear repercussion? The citizens aren’t armed!

      The Bay Area is home to Climate Gate via the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center – where citizens are led to believe that humans are causing “Global Warming” (and now, as of late, are causing “Global Cooling”). The Bay Area is perhaps the most heavily lobbied, heavily governed, heavily politicized areas in the United States as a whole.

      From a geographic standpoint, in the event of a major crisis and/or economic meltdown, the Bay Area will become an absolute War Zone. Why? Because the area is so densely populated and landlocked by poor highway infrastructure. Citizens would be stuck in these densely populated areas gridlocked freeways, while society collapses. “When People Lose Everything, They Lose It”. People will be stuck, crime will go unchecked as an unarmed public will get owned by criminals.

      Peace is absolutely the solution we need to pursue. But that cannot happen until the Globalists are overthrown by lovers of Peace AND FREEDOM. Peace cannot ever happen without true Freedom – as without true Freedom, peace is artificial.

      • Karen Miller

        LOVE IT!!!

      • Truthfromyou

        I LOVE YOU

      • libertyandtyranny

        Thanks for the dose of reality on this page!

  • fluorescent grow light

    I think it isn’t the place that makes living easier. I believe that the people living there makes it easy to bounce back from any crisis. Their resiliency is contagious.

  • bud

    I not going to be worried about tornados in the midwest if the US has a total economic collapse. I have my own well, 7 1/2 acres of trees for heat and cooking and 3 acres available for gardening non hybrid crops and oh of course a few rifles for protection from any trespassing city dwellers.

  • Angel

    I’ve been reading these articles and it really don’t scare me because we live on the pine ridge reservation the poorest city there is, Yes we live off the government with there food rations each month with commodities, food stamps, so this is nothing new to us Native americans we know how to live off the land and hunt wild life to survive Still we grow our own vegatables we dont try to keep up with the JONES, Im glad my parents taught me things of how to live off the land and my Grandma taught me how to use traditional herbs and plants for medicine. So in all I think Us Native Americans would be ready for the government collapse.The Unemployment rate is very high like 90 percents of population here is unemployed but that is what I wanted to add.

    • Paul

      How ! Big Chief ! you wana smoke peace pipe ?

      • Deena

        what? pretty strange response.

    • timmy

      Angel, you are the one true voice of light and righteousness in a sea of racist filth. There are terrible, hideous people of all colors. The cultures which have endured in the past are the ones which respect the earth and receive its blessings as a free gift. Not ones who think they own it, and exploit it for corporate profits. Look deep within yourselves haters, and discover your true god. It’s written on your currency so it’s not hard to find. When the shift comes, it doesn’t matter where you live. It’s what is in your heart.

    • sickntired

      Am I the only one with a dropped jaw while reading this nonsense? You say, “we know how to live off the land and hunt wild life to survive” and “So in all I think Us Native Americans would be ready for the government collapse” and of course you say this right after you say, “Yes we live off the government with there food rations each month with commodities, food stamps”. REALLY?!? You’re not a survivalist dude, you’re a modern mooch, a bragging leech! Choose one side of the fence and stop straddling it. Either ‘survive’ off of the land or cash in your welfare check without bragging of being some sort of survivalist. A survivalist does NOT cash in a government check every month. WOW native pride, you have set our people back hundreds of years… pathetic!!!

  • Terry Harder

    North Dakota – lots of jobs, oil boom, a little short on housing, but great people and plenty of room to get about and live somewhat trouble free. The best economic health in the nation right now. Also, the people there help one another and are not afraid to dig in.

    • Maritha

      Too much fracking in North Dakota. Water aquifers will be thoroughly polluted very soon with the shifting earth quaking.

  • Joe

    The U.S. will be fully annihilated in one hour according to scripture:

    • John Yager

      right to the borders i suppose? funny how people always tell me god has a plan for them like he just hates me… such a evil god…picking and choosing who he likes…

      • sevanclaig

        and He made man in his image, so as you pick and choose who you yourself likes, only nutwings consider that an act of an evil god. He is not evil, but quite the opposite. Do not mistake the unalienable right he gave you of your and my own free will as something bad but instead see His wisdom of letting your make your own choices with regards to the path you follow.

    • Maritha


  • Joe

    peeznluv is correct. U.S., you are a vile nation, enemies of the creator himself.

  • Jessie

    Yeah do not go to Alaska.

  • Anthony

    Chance favors the prepared mind.

  • Rudy

    Nowhere is safe in the U.S. because Americans are perverse, immoral, and generally, the servants of Satan.

    • maryann

      Rudy, How can you be so negative and judge us like you have? We are all God’s children and you hating us is like you hating God’s handiwork. Shame on you Rudy. Jugement is of God, not us. We all know that there are good and bad people in our world, but our job is to pray for them for God to bless them with what they are lacking. Most of the ones that we call bad aren’t really bad, but sick, Oh, so sick Lord… so help them through prayer, positive thinking by wishing them well and model to them with love and teach them what they didn’t learn, but not through hate and name-calling, that just spreads more of satans work and hate. So now you just accomplished more hate that we all know doesn’t work. p.s. FYI satan is never written with a capital “S”
      God bless you Rudy,
      from God’s american servant, maryann

  • Lisa

    I want to move some place that is warm and dry all year. I love to own a Horse ranch with alot of land so I am hoping I can get some good advice. I like in Washington State right now, and its making me sick here. I need a place where the enviorment is going to dryer and maybe meet some new people. The people here are not very nice. I have meant some good people here. The Crime wave is going up. They just banned the pan handling law here in our county which is about time. I would never beg anyone for money or food I would rather starve first. If I were to steal something to eat it would be an apple nothhing eles. I do get money and pay rent, but I want my own house too someday something to call my own. I am paying more than seven hundred dollars a month I figure Hey I can pay that much for a house and rent a room too for other things. Where do you guys think I should live.?

    • sadie lee


  • David

    ……Unfortunately, most lack an understanding of what is happening or rather has happened. the economic collapse has already happened. Look at the nation, this is what the collapse looks like, and its bad. Worse yet, a second collapse appears imminent. If you have not prepared prior to 2007, it will be difficult to position yourself now, though not impossible.
    … wife and I relocated to West Tennessee prior to these events, making a profit on our real estate in the prosperous times, making provision by buying needed items before inflation increased. I would caution persons about remote mountain areas of East Tennessee in which you are not part of the culture where you will not be accepted. However, in West Tennessee this is not a problem as much anyway. Crime becomes an issue in areas where no one is near. Better to have a home in view where there is at least traffic. Where I live well established farmers and seniors are the majority, though we are seeing rising crime in nearby areas, these people are the salt of the earth.
    …..I would encourage you to put your trust in the Lord and ask for his leading and how to best provide for your needs. I am concerned that inner city dwellers need to get out of those areas before we are locked down and perhaps not free to move. It is necessary to connect with others who will at least be able to steer you in the right direction if you are planning a move but first be sure that its right for you.
    ….Owning your own home, free and clear is smart. We live where there is very low taxes and we dont pay for water and sewer. Every little bit helps. One should remember there are few available jobs if any in these locations. Those jobs will be hard to get. Persons wishing to communicate further might wish to write me (David) at
    …..if you are able, I encourage you to anticipate near term needs and buy before prices go higher. This is an inflationary collapse even though money is tight. Household necessities like food, toilet paper, soaps and detergents are good micro investments as are Motor oil for your car, replacement parts, a few candles etc. if you have the means. We are all effected by this collapse even if we have been spared direct destitution. I also believe that one cannot fully prepare in the natural as this is a God thing. He has been getting our attention and this is going to continue to increase. Put your trust in the Lord and seek HIM daily. He will provide for you. Believe it, its real. You may feel very isolated in your circumstance, those who have and those who have not, each in his or her own circumstance.
    …..I hope you will prayerfully seek Him. Ask, seek, knock. HIS mercies are NEW each day, gather them in. You are not alone and a few prayers away from great success. Love you much.
    ….Oh, also, as an aside, PARENTS be EXTRA kind to your little ones, don’t take this out on them. Love them with great kindness even though your world has turned upside down. They love you and don’t hurt the ones you love. the children are suffering too.

  • zman

    Basically you want to stay away from places that are high in black and or his panic populations. Call me what ever names ya want but it’s true. crime, especially violent crime is many times greater in these demographics. Welfare families and single mother homes are easily highest in these areas. Remember this, the definition of confusion is fathers day in places like Harlem and San Antonio.
    Agricultural areas with a very high Caucasian majority are best like N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa. parts of Missouri parts of Kansas and Colorado, Minnesota are good. Minnesota also has an abundance of water. Some of the Providences in Canada will be good like Alberta and Manitoba. These are sparsely populated and predominately white and there will be plenty of women for American men to have since 1/4 of Canadian men are married to each other lol. Texas is complicated. Probably it is out of the question as Texans failed to prevent the Mexican invasion from consuming it. Whites are now a minority here as is the case with Arizona and new Mexico or at least will be soon if not already. Can you say la raza rising. Most of the south will be living by the law of the jungle, just one big brothas in the hood. N.Dakota is where I’m eye balling. It is the state that really has the best chance of succeeding from the union. Is oil booming and will be for at least the next 30 years if it can keep the federal gov. wealth killing regulations away. It is an agricultural rich state and densely populated and did I mention its demographics are upper 90% of white Caucasian European decent. It has a 9% single parent house hold demographic so fathers day is still pretty simple there.

    • StarlightMama

      Um, the southwest used to be part of Mexico, so what exactly did you expect?

      (Psst, Just an FYI…I know it’s hard to believe, but there ARE people of color who are kind, educated, hard-working AND prepping for the economic catastrophe as well. They might even be *gasp* Conservative and/or Libertarian! Doesn’t sound like they’d be welcome in your neighborhood, though!)

      • libertyandtyranny

        yeah, but America WON! And AMerican values have created the most wealth and prosperity for the most people in the history of the world. And now La Raza, a SOCIALIST organization, is destroying all that! I couldn’t care less about melanin pigment, as libtards do, as long as they believe in American values. Come here you adapt to the culture, not try and change it!

  • karl

    What about the space station! are there any rooms for rent? It should be safe there.

  • Darrin

    As for me and my Appalachian family, we will stay close to the mountains. Living off the land is easy, and at night we can enjoy a jar of East Tennessee white liquor, Popcorn Sutton’s recipe (rest his sole). And their have been more that one trespasser loose his way and his life prowling these woods up to no good. Feel very safe here

  • BillybobL

    Hey, I know about Sutton, & his kid. Used to live in that area. Very beautiful place. Loves those mountains. Always got high of their beauty. Good place to survive too.

  • john

    the outer hawaiian islands are not overcrowded. the locals already live off the land to some extent. they are very lightly armed beyond machetes and pig guns. gun laws are VERY harsh. you can get 5 years for a stray bullet in your truck. learn the law and the culture. NEVER say “we don’t do it that way back home.”. most of us can count on family or friend support. you can integrate with them if you try. (i was so happy when i learned that fuckinghaole is two words. you cannot drive here from la or anyplace fucked up – not even honolulu. there is no tolerance for gang banging low lifes. the soil is good. fishing not so good. biting bugs are minimal. no bug born diseases. ever try to sleep outdoors in florida or minnesota? you will die. a major attitude adjustment will be required. all best!

    • Maritha

      Again, totally radiated by Fukushima, surrounded by the dead Pacific. :<

  • pickypinkfish

    we live in northern nebraska, which we thought was a good place but are not so sure now, yeah the weather is great for growing things, but there’s not musch water left and what is is so high in nitrates that cancer will catch you before doomsday reaches there. And this year there is a bad drought. We are thinking of moving up to Upper peninsula michigan; far away from everything, lots of water and the same climate zone as nebraska. Oh and I do believe nebraska, south dakoata and kansas are right in the line of ash fallout from the yellowstone super volcano which could put a small damper in growing food and obtaining clean drinking water.

  • http://Yahoo Mr. Marine

    I lived in New York 50 years and moved to the Blue Ridge Mts of N.C and have lived there 12yrs and I’m ready for most anything and my family has this compound to be safe in most situations.North Carolina and South Carolina are great places if you can afford the land prices today.

    • Maritha

      How about the cracking of the New Madrid fault…you will be under water.

  • Todd

    I have looked at this problem for some years now. I live / work in Los Angeles, and own a small house in Montana. I might live there some day but would be just 100 miles from Maelstrom A F B and surrounded my missile silos, primary targets to enemy nations. So you consider nuclear power plant malfunction, flooding, farming, weather, the list goes on and you realize the US and Europe are unsafe altogether. I believe living with indigenous people in the south pacific is the “safest” place. but for a city boy like me I really want to check out Australia. I’m done worrying. …. Horde Precious metals. -

  • John Yager

    god is pissed at the U.S.A. and he is going to bring back the Velociraptor to eat us all. forget zombies.1 million Velociraptor’s will just show up one morning and eat every american.

  • Rebecca

    Hey, I’ve been reading the comments below and finding them pretty interesting. It seems like there isn’t any real ideal place in the US. NC and SC sound great, except that’s the region that was last said to have the nuclear warheads planned against it and the reason 3 military generals were fired by Obama – because they didn’t detonate them in that region as he wanted, but rather detonated them out to sea. Word is that the NWO capital will be replaced from DC to Colorado…that DC will be destroyed. Who knows, but that’s a red flagged area, for sure. High crime, as well. I lived in FL for most of my growing up years and miss it desparately, but I know that the crime is high (drugs and gang related), frequent weather problems, and not a lot of industry. It can be really tough there. If a war breaks out, remember that FL is open on 3 sides and that’s not good.
    Unfortunately, I have to agree with one of the writers that black and hispanic groups are more likely to be crime ridden. I don’t know why. We are caucasion and have adopted 2 hispanic girls who we dearly love. We’re not racist at all, but we can’t deny the stats. In FL there is so much black crime and in MA there is so much latino crime. I don’t know why, but think it has to do with the history of the peoples. That being said, of course, we know and love wonderful black and hispanic people as well – all races have their bad apples, but better to stay with those you know and understand when the chips are down.
    Hopefully, when the shtf, it will become clear early on who to work with and who to avoid. One problem that comes with moving is that all the variables change for you and I think that is a significant challenge to cope with in an unstable time period.
    Good luck to everyone.

  • Thunder

    Alaska is a bad choice???!? It’s has great remote areas and lots of arctic wildlife. Look at Heimo And Edna Korth and tell me they don’t have it going for them.

  • Ferg

    Obama and his Democrats (left wing liberals) have caused the biggest decline of America. Its better to go to Republican states that balance their budgets. High population areas are socialists, and you are at high risk in socialist areas. Look at their debts, High debts = greedy people which in turn leads to high crime. Currently I live in Maryland , a Democrat state, which is in a degrace with religous liberties on a decline. I already have plans to move to Idaho. If you move to a red state, don’t bring your liberal left wing agenda there.

  • barrycommie

    All states have their negatives and positives. There are some areas in a state that are a lot different than other areas in the same state. Have to do your homework and not depend on superficial articles the media puts out. Thinking about the hill country in texas. (excluding Austin and San Antonio)

  • commonsense

    this article sux

  • Maritha

    How about out of the Country like Peru or Chile? Martial Law will affect everyone in the US simultaneously. Militarized police are everywhere here now.

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