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What Is The Best Place To Live In The United States To Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse?

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What is the best place to live in the United States?  I get asked that question all the time.  My answer can be summed up in two words: it depends.  The truth is that the answer is going to be different for each person.  All of us have different goals and different needs.  If you have a very strong network of family and friends where you live right now, you might want to think twice before moving hundreds or thousands of miles away.  If you have a great job where you live right now, you might want to hold on to it.  You should not just assume that you are going to be able to pick up and move to another part of the country and be able to get a similar job right away.  The United States is in the midst of a very serious economic decline right now, and wherever you live you are going to have to provide for your family.  Just because you move somewhere new does not mean that you are going to leave your problems behind.  In fact, you might find that they moved right along with you.  With all that being said, the reality is that there are some places in the U.S. that are going to be much more desirable than others when the economy totally falls apart.  For example, during a total economic collapse it will not be good to be living in a large city or in a densely populated area.  Just think about what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  If the entire nation is going through something like that, you don’t want to have hundreds of thousands of close neighbors at that point.  So when thinking about where you want to be when everything falls apart, population density should be a major factor.  But there are other factors as well and no area of the United States is perfect.

If you live in or near a major city right now, that is okay.  Most Americans do.  Even if you have limited financial resources at the moment, you can start developing a plan that will get you where you eventually want to go.  If you want to move to another part of the country you can start applying for jobs out there.  You can also be working hard to develop a business that would enable you to move.  Perhaps you have friends or family in more isolated areas that would allow you to stay with them during an economic collapse.

Those that possess more financial resources could start thinking about getting a second home in a location that is more rural.

The key is to come up with a plan and to be working towards accomplishing that plan.

If you don’t have a plan yet, hopefully the following information will give you something to think about.  Not all areas of the United States are equal, and all of them do have problems.

The following are some thoughts about the best place to live in the United States….

The Northeast

A major problem with the Northeast is that it is just so darn crowded.  Yes, there are some rural areas, but the overall population density of the region is so high that it would be really hard to go unnoticed for long in the event of a major economic collapse.

Another thing that is not great about the Northeast is that so much of the population lives near the coast.  As we saw in Japan recently, living near a coastline is not necessarily a good thing.  While it is likely safer to live along the east coast then the west coast, the truth is that there is an inherent level of insecurity when it comes to living in coastal areas.  You never know when the next hurricane, oil spill or tsunami is going to strike.

Also, the Northeast is really quite cold.  So staying warm and growing your own food would be more difficult than in some other areas of the country.

The Mid-Atlantic

The Mid-Atlantic is one of the most beautiful areas of the nation.  Unfortunately, it suffers from many of the same problems that the Northeast does.

The Mid-Atlantic has a very high population density.  For example, the area around Washington D.C. is pretty much all suburbs for 50 miles in all directions.

The weather is nicer than in the Northeast and there are some less dense areas once you get south of Washington D.C.

If you think that the Mid-Atlantic might be for you, you might want to check out North Carolina or South Carolina.  The people tend to get friendlier the further south you go and there are definitely some areas that could potentially work.


Florida is generally not going to be a place that you want to be during an economic collapse.  The housing market has absolutely collapsed down there and the crime rate is already very high.  It is also very densely populated.

The weather is very nice down in Florida, but one big thing that you need to consider when it comes to Florida is the fact that it is very flat and most of Florida is just barely above sea level.  In fact, quite a bit of Florida is actually below sea level.

In addition, hurricanes are always a major threat in Florida.  It is a beautiful state, but there is a lot of risk to living down there.

The Southeast

The Southeast has really taken a pounding over the last few years.  First it was Hurricane Katrina, and then it was the BP oil spill and then it was the tornadoes of 2011.

There is a lot of poverty in that area of the country.  There is also a lot of crime.

There are a lot of great people who live down in the Southeast, but if you do not know your way around it can be a very difficult place to move to.

The Mid-South

One of my favorite places east of the Mississippi River are the mountains along the Tennessee/North Carolina border.  If you must be in the eastern half of the United States, that is not a bad choice.

Where you do not want to be is anywhere near the New Madrid fault zone.  The New Madrid fault zone covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.  The biggest earthquakes in the history of the United States were caused by the New Madrid fault. Many are convinced that we are going to see an absolutely catastrophic earthquake along the New Madrid fault at some point.

So if you want to live in the Mid-South, it is highly recommended that you stay far away from the New Madrid fault zone.

The Upper Midwest

The Upper Midwest was once one of the great manufacturing regions of the world, but now much of it is known as the “rust belt”.

Formerly great manufacturing cities such as Detroit are now absolute hellholes.  Tens of thousands of our factories and millions of our jobs have been shipped overseas.

There are some really great people (including some good friends of this column) that live up there, but the truth is that the region is really cold and unemployment is rampant.

The Upper Midwest is an area that people want to get out of.  It is probably not a great place to move to.

However, if you do need a job, one place to look is a little bit west of there.  Thanks to an abundance of natural resources, unemployment in North Dakota and South Dakota is very low.  If you really need a job you might want to look into those two states.

The Southwest

In the Southwest there are a whole lot of freedom-loving Americans, the weather is very warm and there is a lot of space to get lost.

However, the Southwest is also very dry and in many areas there is not a lot of water.  Drought and wildfires are quite common.

In addition, illegal immigration is rampant and is a constant security threat.

If you are familiar with that area of the country it is not a bad choice, but if you do not know what you are doing it could end up being disastrous for you.

The Great Plains

As long as you are far enough away from the New Madrid fault, the Great Plains is not a bad choice.

It is very, very flat out there, and it can be quite windy, but the good news is that you should be able to grow your own food.

In addition, the population density is generally very low in most areas.

One big negative, as we have seen recently, is tornadoes.  The United States experiences more tornadoes that anywhere else in the world, and “tornado alley” generally gets the worst of it.

The West Coast

During an economic collapse, the West Coast is not a place that you will really want to be.  Just take a look at the state of California already.  It is an economic nightmare.

Millions of people have left California over the past couple of decades.  The millions of people that have left have been replaced mostly with illegal aliens.

Oregon is better, although they have very high taxes and they are experiencing huge economic problems right now as well.

The best area along the West Coast is the Seattle area, but you won’t want to be anywhere near a major population center when things totally fall apart.

Also, the West Coast lies along the “Ring of Fire“.  Considering what just happened in Japan and what has been happening in other areas along the Ring of Fire lately, the West Coast is not an area that a lot of people are recommending.

The Northwest

Large numbers of freedom-loving Americans have been moving to the states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.  You can also throw eastern Washington and eastern Oregon into this category as well.

It gets cold up in the Northwest, but not as cold as the Upper Midwest.  There are lots of rivers, streams and lakes and in certain areas there is plenty of rain.

The population density is very low in most areas and there is an abundance of wildlife.  Housing prices are reasonable and in many areas you can grow your own food.

The Northwest is one of the favorite areas of the United States for preppers.  It is far from perfect, but it does have a lot of advantages.

Alaska And Hawaii

Neither Alaska or Hawaii is recommended.  Alaska lies along the “Ring of Fire” and it is very, very cold.  Also, almost everything has to be either shipped or flown into Alaska.  In the event of a real economic collapse, supplies to Alaska could be cut off and shortages could develop very quickly.

Hawaii has a huge population and it does not have a lot of room.  Like Alaska, most supplies have to be either shipped in or flown in.  And one really bad tsunami could pretty much wipe Hawaii out.

But once again, there is no “right answer”.  There are areas of just about every U.S. state that could potentially work well during a major economic collapse.

When assessing where “the best place to live in the United States” is, it is important to examine your own personal factors.  What will work for me and for my family will not necessarily work for you and your family.

So what do all of you think about this list?  Which area of the country do you think is best for those Americans who are seeking to prepare themselves for the coming economic collapse?

  • Scott

    I have actually been thinking about this lately. And population and weather are the two biggest factors.

  • emma

    This whole Osama dead Stuff really gets to me.

    The guy from FFT summed it up perfectly.

    Never before has this country embraced Empire so willingly. Never before have we given up, wholesale, our precious liberties won with the blood of our countrymen. For what?? Some lame ass guy in a cave somewhere that represents some of the best thinking of the 13th Century? This is beyond ridiculous, it is totally absurd.

  • Nickelthrower


    I can’t help but laugh when I read blogs such as this. I hate to break it to everyone but no place is going to be very safe. Hear me out then see if you don’t agree.

    If the economic tsunami that is headed our way includes the loss of international oil then it wont matter if you are in New York City or the Deep South.

    We now know (because we have their documents) what the Soviet Union planned to do to destroy the U.S.A. Whereas we intended to nuke everything and anything in an attempt to kill as many Russians as possible, the Russians believed that they could kill even more Americans by just using a few dozen or so nukes on a few of our ports and all of our major oil refineries.

    Where we planned to annihilate everyone in every major city in the Soviet Union, they figured that they could kill even more Americans by just shutting off the oil. They knew that the loss of oil would cause pandemonium in the U.S.A and that the starving people would spill out of the cities and eat up everything until there was nothing left and no means to grow or obtain any more.

    Let me reiterate it again for you just to make sure you got it: The loss of oil brought about by the collapse of the dollar will be more devastating than a nuclear holocaust.

    Whatever little “Alamo” you set up for yourself in Hillbilly Land wont be so much as a speed bump when thousands of hungry people descend upon it.

    Do a little research and read about what a famine of biblical proportions looks because that is what will go down when the pumps go dry.

    • shawn

      That was pretty interesting and it make since. It actually just reinforces the conclusion I have drawn. N. Dakota is the place I think I am gonna move my family to as soon as I can.Its gonna take people a while to run outta the major cities into n. Dakota as there are no major cities close in any direction.This would give N. Dakota plenty of time to prepare. N. Dakota has it’s own state bank.It also has nuclear war heads stationed there and if the people and local authorities could seize control of them it would go a long way in defending itself from a tyrannical federal government. It has an abundance of oil and agriculture. Also, it is the state that could most easily succeed from the union (even more likely than Texas) as technically it never really was properly admitted into the union. It is cold and flat but that has kept the wrong kind of people away. N. Dakota also has 0 debt and did not take federal bail out money so they have the right mentality and they already want to succeed.

  • Missy

    That was an excellent article Michael!! You are such an excellent writer. I am really looking forward to the comments that will be left on this article. The middle of the US is certainly one of the safer places to live.

  • VegasBob

    The Central and Eastern areas of Washington State are actually a fairly nice place to be. The people are generally friendly, and they are far less judgmental than Southerners (I am a native Southerner, so I know just how judgmental Southerners can be). The trouble is that there is not a lot of cultural stuff going on – symphonies, museums, theatres, etc.

  • Maria

    We have lived in many different states over the last 25 years from Alaska and Hawaii in the west to Virginia in the east and Texas in the south. We are convinced you are right…there is no perfect place. People need to decide which drawbacks they are most capable of dealing with (snow, rain, heat, earthquakes, etc) and plan accordingly.

    If it gets much worse economically, one thing will be certain…if you can’t protect what you have, then you won’t have it for very long.

    I pray it doesn’t get that bad.

  • Pat

    I live in Alaska and just got back from vacationing down south. Alaska may be cold and hostile, but one thing it has going for it is stability – something I’ve noticed the lower 48 has been lacking lately. If you know how to live in cold-weather environments, Alaska ain’t a bad choice.

  • People need to start thinking about what comes after the economic collapse. I would look for states that are rich in natural resources and away from coastal areas.

    If we have a civil war, I would like to see the following states pull out the union and become the Mountain States of America. With respect to natural resources, these states might include Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. If residents of these states were smart, they would pull out of the union ASAP.

  • Hognutz

    I’m staying right here on my farm in good old S.C.

    One thing not mentioned is family support and real friends. If you have them you might be better off with them…..

  • karl


  • Patty

    My husband and I saw this coming over 12 years ago as we were living in Florida. With crime, drugs and homeless people all around us. We looked at Tennessee but it just wasn’t right for us. We ended up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I notice more than not that when people think of Michigan they ALWAYS think Detroit. Evidenced once again in your article. The UP is the land of God so to speak with great natural resources, good and plentiful water and lots and lots of land. The people up here are resourceful and know how to live off the land. Yes it’s cold and I like it that way because it discourages the type of people that all southern and warm states have too many of……….

    • shawn


  • J

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    I am a U.S. citizen and I am currently teaching physics in Saudi Arabia with a lot of expats from all over the west. Many teachers here have purchased property abroad since the cost of living is cheaper like Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

    Please go to because you will find many inexpensive property listings all over the U.S. there. There are some great property listings in the Portland, Oregon area.

    I hope this helps.

  • Owen

    Like the old gospel song proclaims “There’s no hiding place down here.” Your preparatins will be in vain if you disregard this truth. The time is short aa it appears to this reader that we have now entered the beginning of sorrows.

  • Just Me

    other than the northwest, I’ll still stick with Pa or Central NY, it gets a little cold and there is some snow, but we don’t have to worry about forest fires, earth quakes,floods, tornadoes,hurricanes,Tsunamies,mud slides,poison snakes,scorpions,alligators,fresh water,very few draughts,burning heat waves,high moisture. and there won’t be very many roving bandits from Sept til June.

  • Most people who live on the Great Plains have only seen a tornado on the weather channel. The damage done by twisters is very localized and narrow. Most assuredly not a factor in determining whether to locate there or not.

    Also, using possibles like the New Madrid fault as a factor in where to locate is like using the possibility of zombie rabbits popping up. There is just no certainty of any event like a huge earthquake occurring in the center of the U.S. Mathematically it can not even be an issue.

    What can be stated with certainty is the fact that when the SHTF you will not want to be in or near a large city of any kind. There the possibility of encountering zombie criminals of the human type is not only high but virtually assured. One can make preparations but how does one keep the provisions from being taken by starving idiots? You can try to defend your position but the numbers are against you.

    Ultimately there is only one way anybody gets out of this life with a chance of redemption. Use it.

  • Rev 6:5

    I think the best place to go in the event of a economic collapse or something much worse would be out in Utah. Most of Utah is isolated except around Salt Lake City. The weather isnt that bad in winter but summers can get hot in the southern half of the state. I would definetly recommend living near a water source such as a lake or river. There are places around Fruita, UT that grow crops out in the middle of the desert because of the Freemont River. Living in the mountains would be fine in the summer but they can recieve a lot of snow and cold from October to May. Utah just seems to me to be the most practical location.

  • Matt

    It must be warm year round. Southwest wins here. Summer heat is very uncomfortable but extreme cold is much worse if you cannot afford the high cost of heating or cooling your home.

  • J

    Another good thing about living and teaching abroad is that you don’t have to pay taxes. Just file the 2555-EZ form.

  • jet

    I would pass on Oregon and Washington. The taxes are incredibly high, there is always the threat of tsunami or earthquake and it rains or is cloudy for about nine months a year, people are in a constant state of depression because of the weather. Oh, and it is liberal in the extreme. People here don’t like “freedom loving Americans”, aka conservatives.

  • Freedom Lover

    Montana, Idaho and Wyoming depends if you are in one of the wolf high population areas you could not pick a worst area. Wildlife is being slaughtered off in record numbers. Ranchers forced out of business that milk cow and chickens for survival would be close to impossible to raise. Now the wolves are spreading disease to the animals and people. Before you even think of moving to one of these 3 States you should watch Yellowstone is Dead.

    Where ever you pick make sure you have your own well water is going to be very important and you truly can’t store enough water.

  • Massivecarbunkle

    Everyone must find a place, surely most will want to be near blood relatives, those who grew up in the 80’s when the media taught them to be independent and far from home, they will find it very hard, very, very, hard indeed. Most strangers in places they are not familiar with during the economic collapse will be dissed and treated very harsh and left for dead by city dwellers.
    For this was the GREAT SIN of the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah, the wicked and cruel treatment of strangers.

  • jose puta

    the best place for you to live is on the Amazon with the tribes, quit spreading your disease.

  • JH

    There are some great areas in California along the Sierra Mountain range and in Northern California. They are warm most the year, have very fertile soil for gardening, low population density, natural beauty and water sources (off the mountains). Yes, taxes and property rates are high and employment is tough, but if you can work from home or are retired, not a bad option.

    Southern Colorado in the Rockies is another good option with limited government, cheap land, low population density, water sources, few gun laws, etc. It gets cold, but not as cold as other places.

  • Judith

    You are forgetting the Yellowstone volcano. That should pretty much take care of the Northwest.

  • Adrian

    I noticed lately that more Americans are moving to Australia. We have plenty of rooms and we love Americans. So come on over.

  • Gary2

    We have a large body of fresh water on our door step. Lake MI looks as big as any ocean from the shore line. Please keep telling people to not move here (WI) as I hate crowds and a lot of people clogging up everything. The cold keeps the nasty bugs at bay. If you need a well you can pretty much sink a hole anywhere and get wonderful water. With water shortages we are positioned quite well.

  • Steve

    Economic collapse? Do you really know how the collapse will happen? How about a Mexico border state like TX, NM or AZ. Start a garden. In a rural area a little south of a big city. Learn spanish and have a little vacation home in Mexico to escape to with a Peso bank account. Keep your van packed ready to run. Would love to have a little Wine and Coffee plantation near the Mexican town of Chicxulub in the Yucatán peninsula run by a bunch of nice señoritas.

  • InArizona

    I think you are wrong about Alaska, there are many places in Alaska that are WARMER than the Northwest in the Winter. Anywhere along the water is more temperate than the Northern part of the Cont US. Also, Alaska has abundant LARGE game, fish, and other resources that no other state does. Forget about shipments up there, what would you need? Lumber is available, oil, and nat gas are everywhere… Not to mention… the VERY long growing days in the summer produce some of the largest fruits and vegatables…. just take a look at the Palmer Fair each fall… Also, tidal waves, volcanos are an issue as well as earthquakes, but just living away from low lying coastal areas would mitigate that threat. One thing about Alaska… you NEVER have to worry about a drought! So summertime will produce plenty of vegatables… wheat and grains don’t work so well, but I have been successful growing corn, risky and a lot of work, but it can be done.

    I think that as a human being you would find most of the resources you need up there, without the competition for resources, which needs to be taken into consideration.

    So, my short answer, it depends on how BAD it gets, Alaska would be perfect WTSHTF!

  • InArizona

    just so you know, I currently live in Arizona, and am originally from Alaska… born and raised, been in AZ for 10 years now.

    I can see advantages to both places to live, but I really worry about water here, and the availability of game animals. I am also out of my element, so when I go into survival mode, I am thinking about Alaska.

    Here in the desert all we have is bunnies and cacti… I don’t know how to build a home from cacti, and eating those darn bunnies would eventually get very old! (I currently have moose meat and smoked salmon in my freezer…you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl!)

  • Rural Southwestern Michigan

    The Great Lakes area is the Saudi Arabia of freshwater in general, but SW Mich has some of the most fertile land on Earth…AND a 180 day growing season…that will only be getting longer thanks to abrupt climate shift.

    Extremely few places on planet Earth have this.

    And THIS…… is all that will matter.

    I bet thats why you are sterring people away. wink wink…

  • foldenfan

    We are in west central Minnesota, and feel pretty good about our area. Yes, it has cold winters (though the summers are the best I have ever seen), but as has been said about the cold winters, “It helps keep the riff-raff out.” We have lived in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and have a lot of experience with Wyoming and Montana. We feel this is the safest place for us.

    Gardening for food here is great, good soil, adequate rain, growing season is such that if we can’t grow it, we don’t need it. Lots of cattle (dairy & beef) in our area, low population, and the people are of the best overall quality we have seen anywhere. Main farm crops here are corn, wheat, oats, hay, barley,soybeans, potatoes, flax, sugar beets, etc.

    Average folks here are conservative (most of the Libs are in the cities), and well armed. As for wildlife, we have lots of deer, turkey, pheasant are making a comeback, and thousands of lakes for fishing. Also have some wolves, coyotes, and a few bear around.

    We feel that when Teotwaki hits we will have as good a chance here as anywhere.

    Land is relatively inexpensive compared to most regions that have “usable” land. We have 80 acres, 50 in Oak trees (LOT’s of excellent firewood), and 30 open for gardens and fields. I will admit that land is more expensive now than when we bought back in 1997. Overall, we’ve been here 20+ years so we have considerable experience in this area. Gist of my comment is, don’t sell parts of MN and the eastern Dakotas short.

  • Marlene Spence

    San Juan Capistrano California is beautiful.
    We grow vegetables, etc. and have survival food purchased from Jim Bakker Ministries.
    We do have a nuclear plant near by, however.
    I think Nuclear Plants need to be considered.

  • JD

    Thank you Michael. I still know Montana is far perfect but when the weather is nice like it is today this truly is the last best place. Except for Yellowstone. But you cant think that its going to blow up everyday it would make you insane.

    • Michael

      When Yellowstone goes, it will generally be better to be north and west of it rather than east and south of it.

  • JD

    Oh some good news I might be able to get my old job back after getting laid off two years ago. I would be happier than i have been in a long time. I pray and i believe it will happen. Everyone reading this blog there is hope out there. Im glad its here for all of us to share our thoughts. Home is what you make of it. Like Michael was saying about using your family and connections where you live is important. It may be your only hope. I grateful even tho im techincally homeless and my friend lets me use his computer the weather is getting nicer Bin Laden is dead today is awesome. I love MT & i totally agree with gutter econonmist that Rocky Mt States of America will happen. Eastern OR & Spokane could join just as long as not too many hippies invade here. Ooops I guess theres Missoula too late..

  • morpheus

    I know it seems like our only choice is to retreat and run for the hills. Big mistake! Because soon everyone will follow. No, we have to stand and fight or we will lose everything if we run like cowards.

    Wake up America. It’s time…

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    “Spread the News”

    • jpalm

      Nice site, but it lost me where it says: “I’m tired of hearing it said that democracy doesn’t work. Of course it doesn’t work. We are supposed to work it.”
      – Alexander Woollcott

      Our country is not a Democracy. The thought that it is a Democracy has led us to the situation we’re in today. Our country is a Republic. Period. Not a Democracy, not a Democratic Republic. A Republic, a form of government where 99% can’t vote away the rights of 1%.

  • Kevin

    Regardless if there is a collapse or not it would be wise to live where there would be jobs in gainful private sector employment. Those states with significant shale natural gas deposits and farming would be the best bet. Even if your not directly working in either field there are support jobs that come along for the ride. Small town western Pennsylvania may be a choice. Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburg with West Virginia in the middle. Once out of the damn few cities the place is Maybury RFD.

  • Thinkaboutit

    Glad you recommended against Hawaii, because there are plenty of people there…but Tsunami only affects the coast…there are great higher elevation places to live in Hawaii where the food falls out of trees along with fresh rainwater nearly every night

  • ryan

    i live in rural western wa and its not as liberal as one would think.most all libs live in seattle and the other bigger citys on the coast but every where out side of that is good old americans!everybody i no are gun owners on a large scale to say in the long run that we will be overrun by starving people after the callapse is nonsense we will fort up and protect ourselves and are familys and friends!besides most will be killed by mobbs or will starve before they can even try to get out of the city. people underestimate us country folk!

  • smarter than you

    Eureka, California is the best place you can possibly live. Don’t argue with me. Just get your ass to Eureka.

  • Thomas

    Hawaii seems a good choice. Plenty of military around to help keep order and a preferred place for Asian visitors. Even as everything has to be flown or shipped in, the state is small and can be managed easier than larger states.

  • Old Red (neck)

    Pick Colorado or Utah, or maybe western Nebraska. Don’t come to Idaho, nothing but gun tote’n, beer swillin’, bible thumpin’ rednecks with old cars and furniture in the yard. Stay away! You’ll be bored too. Don’t come here!

  • 38Blackfin

    Full disclosure: I am writing from the Southeast-

    The comments written here about the Southeast could only have been from someone with zero first-hand knowledge of the area. I don’t even know where to start…

  • Twiinkles

    After reading this seems like there some good alternatives outside the USA .

  • Obamistake

    Doesn’t matter where I live…I’ve exercised my Second Amendment rights several times over. With my food supply I’ll be just fine.

  • mtguy

    Sounds like great ideas, but also like we need some geography lessons. I’m in E. Washington/N. Idaho area. It is the west side of the state that has most of the population (think Seattle) and the rain. East of the Cascades is much better for the things we’re talking about -plenty of water, decent growing season, lots of wildlife (animals not bars)and fishing. Yes there’s snow, but that clears out the “snow birds” who won’t make it anyway in a big catastrophe. It also makes for a lot of fun during the winter months with skiing, snowshoeing, etc. Good luck everybody.

  • DJ

    I live in Alaska. Moved heree from Kentucky because of all the people. I have acclimated to the environment now. Coal is on top of the ground in places and trees are abundant, I have a wood/coal burning stove in my log home. Its warm, I am oof the grind and I live at least 100 miles from the nearest population base of any size.

    Heirloom seeds, my own well, two years of dehydrated food and I am a fire arms instructor with lots of instructional equipment…. Just like home. And if I am a Hillbilly then so be it. I will make it.

  • Rod

    Not mentioned but should be considered is proximity to nuclear power plants. I wouldn’t want to be within 50 miles downwind from one. Another good point about a northern climate is food storage is easier and pests can be less bothersome than a southern climate.

  • Ben Dover

    I read the article with an open mind and came away with the thought that the author is of the opinion that all 300 million of us are doomed and should just eat a bullet…it’s why i do not often read this stuff…common sense, it ain’t common…

  • mondobeyondo

    Sedona, Arizona.

    But be warned, stock up on potatoes.
    Potatoes don’t grow well out here in the desert.

  • Don J

    Right. No perfect place, but I feel that where we live (East Texas) is perfect for us, primarily because my brothers and I inherited over 1,000 acres. We have lakes with fish, tillable garden/crop areas including areas close to our water wells, there are wild hogs that populate the area that are delicious and deer. We can butcher our own meat and cook it over hardwood fires, in an oven or deep fried. We can raise just about any vegetable and most fruit. We know how to prepare and can veggies and fruit. Not too sure how to can meat, but I feel that we could always have fresh meat either with fish, wild hog, or venison in season. There’s no closed season on hogs. We have generators to keep our freezers going and house powered. We have diesel and gasoline stored in overhead tanks. We have guns and bullets and the ability to reload hunting and handgun rounds. Have we thought of everything? Probably not, but if we have to, we think we could survive some very hard times, if it comes to pass. I wish everyone the best. DJ

  • While the mid-atlantic does indeed have its share of exposed coastline, you failed to mention the very rural Susquehanna basin.

    From southeastern Pennsylvania to northeastern Maryland, the Susquehanna basin is quite rural, lush, and teeming with food on hoof and fin.

    Thanks for keeping our little secret!

  • Big Dave

    I live in Central Texas which is greener than most people think. Water has always been a concern, but now that I am collecting thousands of gallons off my roof I don’t worry about it. Nothing tastes better. The freedoms we have in Texas are great and I know because I grew up in California. The economy is better here and though we do have money shortfalls we are not bankrupt. Yes it’s hot, but I’d rather have heat than extreme cold. God bless Texas!

  • kebozarth

    Thank you for your heads-up.

  • DownWithLibs

    @ Vegas Bob:

    TY! Yes, we haven’t quite caught the horrible, sad mental illness known as “Liberalism”. Our strong-rooted Conservatism genes seem to be fending it off quite well. Although I do fear the day that our defenses get weakened.

  • DownWithLibs

    @ Gary2:

    I see when it comes to “spreading the wealth” in the property department, you suddenly don’t feel like sharing. (I believe the word we are after here is Hypocrite!)

  • Richard

    You really need to leave the United States altogether and choose a country that is not about to be subjected to the horrors of a gut-wrenching depression. Asia is the obvious choice. They will suffer from the coming bust as well but thereafter they will pick themselves up, dust themselves off, bounce back and go from strength to strength. The Asians do not carry the crushing debts that will hobble the United States and Europe for generations to come. If you’re looking for a country where they speak English, Malaysia’s your answer.

  • Ted

    NW NJ is overlooked. Much has been done to preserve the truly pristene waters and farmlands of this area. Please do not judge what you have not tasted.It is still known as the Garden State.Quality of life will continue to be good because the people have a spirit of survival and work ethhic.A challenge here is an everyday occurance. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere. Home is where you make it. What are you running from?

  • Okie Dan

    It is extremely difficult to predict what the fallout would be with an economic collapse. Will martial law take place? Will redistribution of wealth occur? Will military forces simply be used to round up unemployed masses especially in the city? Will the economic collapse have only marginally increased changes than the present situation? There can be no certainty in planning for the scenario. Obviously networks matter. I imagine Oklahoma to be for most people better than Illinois in such a scenario. But I have a sister and brother-in-law,and nephews in Illinois with a spacious house and they farm. I could move there, while in Oklahoma without a job, my network would likely not be nearly so solid nor certain. Lots to think about.

  • metalurgy

    Welp, glad you are discouraging the Midwest. That is where I live. In MN. Happy to see the riff raff leave and move south to warmer climates.

    I know how to and have backpacked and camped in 80 below windchill in the middle of winter mutiple times in my life and was extremely warm and comfortable.

    Easy if you know how to live in this type of environment.

    There is a ton of food to eat, even in the winter time. I don’t need a job and I don’t need uncle Sam to survive.

    Not for everybody here in freezing MN but then I like it that way.

  • Doc Loch

    Montana is great. Been here all my 45 yrs. (Except short jaunts of a few years to Germany and Oregon). You are all welcome here, and the beauty is unsurpassed, but don’t forget that if you can’t handle 45 degrees BELOW zero for 2 to 4 weeks at a time and lots of snow, then you can’t wear the badge!

  • Bob


    The safest place to be if Yellowstone goes, I’m sorry to say, is Yellowstone. I would not want to be alive if and when it does go as the Earth will be nearly uninhabitable.


  • Jack

    Lindsey Williams did a good recent film of the elite’s timeline for the destruction of the dollar, etc.

    The main thing is be around family to pool resources, protect one another and be away from big cities.

    Also, stock up now….and make sure your spiritual house is in order.

  • Mcbain

    The Northeast:
    NY City, Boston, etc…..sure crowded, but has anyone driven straight across Vermont, NH, Maine lately? Crowded it is not!

  • JD

    Good point about the hogs in the south. They are large in number and probably tasty. I mean where else can you find free bacon?

  • Sabonim

    I live in a very rural area of Central Florida about 2 hours north from Tampa and Orlando. I have 1/2 acre over a great aquifer of fresh water with a 6 foot stockade fence, chickens, fruit trees and a garden. I am very well armed, have a Black Belt, am stocked with food, ammo and real money (not paper)and NO debt. I have a good fishing boat and a motorcycle (55 mpg) and am 45 minutes from the nearest coast and 300 yards to woods (a forest) and a huge fresh water spring fed river. I like Florida and where I am at for what is coming.
    BTW … I am 53 years old and lived hear all my life and have only had one hurricane hit this area, and other than a big mess and no elec. for a few days … no damage done.
    Good luck to you all.

  • Paschall

    Nickelthrower’s argument is far more cogent than anything else I read here. Bunkers, stockpiles, gardens, and guns will not ease the terror and pandemonium. “Hide in a hole if you wish, but you won’t live one instant longer. Fear profits man nothing.”

  • HT Liu

    Don’t escape. Try not to allow the economic
    disaster to happen. Vote with your head but not your feet. Stop voting for immoral politicians who continue irresponsible wild spending, uncontrolled growth of debt, and irrational
    increases of taxes. The best solution is to never, never, never re-elected anyone. Check what politicians do but don’t listen to what they have to say. If you can’t do that, you deserve a disaster.

  • Mark C

    Originally from Texas but I’m already on our family farm here in the Philippines.
    Better get busy folks, there’s not much time left.

  • Texas Tea

    Before BO was elected I mentioned to a friend that I was considering moving back to Texas. She said I should do it soon, so I wouldn’t have to go through Customs! Well, I moved and I’m happy to say we’re still a part of the good old USA. We’re just different enough, however, that if the SHTF we would lock those borders down, become the world’s fifth biggest economy, and feast on our oil, coal, forests, lakes, rivers, farms, wildlife, and football. Dang! Is Texas great or what?

  • Rooster

    Are you kidding me….You can fivd problems in all areas of the U.S. Finding a place to go…Now….it’s way too late to think of relocating…hunker down and prepare wherever you are; the finacial outlay for any move would better be used to have supplies. yes it is best to be out of a major populated area. Don’t worry about the new madrid, worry about supplies like tolet paper…..

  • Ben

    Get out of here.

  • There is no place that you can consider best when economic collapse is already here. Doomsday scenarios rarely ever come true. I think this will iron out, but houses are not going to get really cheap any time soon if at all, and currency war still boiling, plus the riots in Middle East which has an indirect effect to all and natural calamities all over the world. I understand that our country is completely out of control. One would have to wonder if the truth even exists for people, much less corporations. The U.S.’s unemployment stats are more manipulated, kneaded & massaged than the thighs on a world-class ballerina.

    Hate applying to jobs? Let us do it for you. Human job search assistant –

  • North Central and North West U.S. are good bets. They have tough cold seasons, but that will drive away those with not so good work ethics.

    Part of Americas problem is too many living off of those who are working.

    South California will be a lost cause as Mexico tries to take over. Texas on the other hand is not going to be very forgiving to those who have raped our system for years. I have worked with plenty of decent hard working Hispanics. But a good chunk of them don’t care for America or the Gringos.

    North East will be bad when all the spent rod ponds at the nuke plants start going dry and you have radiation clouds down wind from them.

    The coasts offer fish and water. It will be hard to over fish the oceans. You can also desalinate enough water to survive, especially if you have a hot day. Hurricanes can be prepared for, tsunamis, not so. So the East coast might be the better choice, unless you have a little elevation. There is historical evidence of major Tsunamis in Oregon AND SoCal in the last few hundred years..

    Last bit of advice. If you have an acre or more, you absolutely should have a way to store 3 K gallons of water. No excuse if you have the rain. I hate seeing all that fresh water go down the ditch to the creek.

    Sierra Dave

  • coal

    What about being mobile with a camper of some sort. You would have to have access to a good supply of fuel? At any rate, too many variables to consider a place of safety. What looks good today could very well be the worst place to go after some event takes place. Being mobile, a better chance of being able to move swiftly as the situation dictates??

  • Hal

    Gloom & Doom. Looks like we are in for some really bad times. Or not! USA has been through tough times before and bounced back every time. I don’t expect this to be any different, but it may take a little longer. It would probably help if all you pessimists and doomsayers(cons or lib) would quit whining and speculating and get of your dead asses to do something positive for a change. OK, off the soapbox…where to live….anywhere your heart desires!!!!!! No rules, property, preferably rural(at least one acre), if you can. If you can’t afford or borrow, work, work , work till you have the means. Improve your credit and use it only for buying property(not for toys). Learn cycles…do not buy during highs in the area. Do this and you will all at least survive any downturn and be better off than I am(retired, living in FL in an average house, on a small lot, close to the beach, but running out of money). Complaining? Nah. I have lived in many areas of the USA and UK and loved every minute. Endured tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and burglaries, all part of life. GET OVER IT!! Live your life!! Use good old American know how and innovation.

  • Chris

    If you agree with the premise that America is going to suddenly turn into Afghanistan over night then perhaps the rural/survivalist move is the way to go. If you believe that the descent will occur over 10-20 years you want to be urban. You want to be able to walk/bike to wherever you need. You need access to public transportation. You need access to jobs. Yes, there will still be jobs in the US and jobs equals money. We won’t be bartering chickens for healthcare any time soon. You need public services such as fire and police as it is unlikely the suburbs will be supported by services or infrastructure improvements. Any further than the near suburbs will be completely out of the question for any support system whatsoever. Those areas will be sacrificed to the budgetary gods. Let’s be honest, very very very few people are going to be capable of being self sufficient.

    Obviously, most of the commenters think they they are the second coming of Grizzly Adams. Good for them. And good luck. You will need it. For the other 298 million of us, being close to the core and the support of friends and neighbors very close by is the best place to be for at least the next decade +.

  • Larry Calhoun

    At this time being very disabled I’m living with family just East of Houston, TX. I WANT to move out of this present Hurricane endangered area & somewhere between Austin & Dallas. (Preferably in a high elevation area where a nice underground home can be built, and be protected from floods or tornados.) One great thing about living in ‘the Republic of Texas’s is that this State has reserved the right to secede from the USA ***if*** necessary. Also; establishing a residence that’s not on the grid has its own unique appeal…..doesn’t it?

  • Fed Up

    (Opps, I put this in the wrong article, belongs here)

    We are planning on moving to Colorado. As “JD” said in another discussion, “the Rockies are the last best place.”

    Colorado already has lots of preppers, organized in various areas and they meetup as a group a few times a year.
    CO has low taxes, hardly any gun laws, and a history of independent thinking and self-reliance. If you live at lower elevations the weather is perfect four seasons, with LOTS of sunshine, no natural disasters (except forest fires), and NO BUGS. Water can be an issue, but there are lots of creeks, rivers, and good wells if you look for them.

    There’s plenty of wildlife, fishing, and firewood. Except for the ski and resort areas, housing and land prices are very affordable in the remoter areas.

  • Slade

    In the UNlikely event of a complete breakdown of the economy and law and order, our best bet is the two Fs: Family and Firearms.

  • Gary2

    HT Liu-good point we need to not let the economic collapse happen in the first place.

    People need to stop voting for any republican period. They need to look at what any dem does and not what they say. I am so sick of dems talking a good progressive game and then being way too conservative like Obama.

    Yes, Obama is better than any republican but I am really getting sick of choosing the lesser of 2 evils.

    I want Bernie Sanders for President.

  • redgypsy

    Look West of Port Angeles WA
    Can feed a large family on 5 acres with food to spare.
    Quite and remote and plenty of resourses.

  • Dee

    You never mentioned Colorado? We have fresh mountain streams,plenty of game and not too many overcrowded areas. Plus, a large number of people who know how to survive off of the land and who are already starting to band together and plan…

  • Xploregon

    In 2-3 months I’ll have two (2) two (2) acre remote wooded lots available for sale in south/central Oregon (Coos County)for sale (price not yet determined) on a very large fresh water lake about three (3) miles inland from the beach. Currently lake/water access only but may have seasonal road which can be developed to year round if desired. 30+ miles of nothing but deep Pacific NW forest (mostly state forest land)to the East and simular S, N & West. Sportsmans paradise in the “bananna belt” of Oregon. Septic and water well approvable.

  • Badguy

    Yes, the Midwest is a rust belt… but that may be an advantage! We’re ALREADY poor.. so any hard economic times will only be “more of the same”. Also, there’s plenty of fresh water, woods and ground that can be cultivated easily. Also, it’s hard to hold riots when the temperature is 20 degress F or below (5 months a year). Also, if an when, the government decides that bringing back manufacturing is a must if a military confrontation with China becomes eminent or to avoid a complete social and political collapse, we still have trained workers the can restart the process.

  • In the event of a collapse, you probably want to pick a place or a region which could survive on its own as an independent republic. To me, this means Texas, and any state relatively close to Texas. I am in Arizona, close enough to Texas. In a collapse, illegal immigration may no longer be a problem: no jobs means no immigrants.

  • Phenius Barnham

    Ketchum, Idaho. The rest of Idaho is not all that you’d want. The Ski Folk come and spread smiles. Scott and Smith are headquartered here. The Sawtooth Mountains are some of the prettiest in the world and the populace are friendly and educated.
    Mountains are always the last to attract military.
    Yellowstone is not going to go off so relax. The homes are all well built and there ain’t no junk. Crime is non-existant because most people have their own money and the poor always have jobs.


    Northern and North Central Idaho has the advantages of rural life but access to several larger communities in Oregon and Washington, just across the Idaho border in the Panhandle. The Lewiston/Clarkston area at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers has a great climate (much warmer than the surrounding higher elevations) and access to any outdoor recreation you can think of. Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls are very close to Spokane. All have great medical facilities.

    Jobs are tough to come by, but self employment is a great option for anyone handy with tools. Lots of retired folk live here and they generally have resources to hire things done for them. Acreages are still cheap, too.

  • BMOC

    I live on South Beach. I can eat pole dancers and foreign tourists. And their children. My tinfoil hat will keep me from sunburn. I live near a pharmacy to supply me my Prozac. In case of riots I can club people on their heads with a Cuban sandwich to defend myself. If things get too bad here I can grab onto an old tire and float myself over to the Bahamas. Life will be OK.

  • If you can’t leave your city, then the Urban Survival Guide shows you how to survive during a crisis, and protect yourself and your family.

    The Elevation Group

  • To me, it’s a place where you have access to fresh water, such as the Rocky Mountains. And a place that has lots of sunshine, so that you can grow food.

    Be sure to stock up on long term food storage, to make it easier to survive.

    Free Food 2 Go

  • Matthew

    Most people think “city” when they think of New York, but we’ve actually have more wilderness than city here in this state. I live in the adirondacks, getting lost here is easy, and survival, even in winter, is possible.

  • RD

    Don’t discount the west coast of Washington State. As long as you’re above the tsunami zone, we’ve got plenty of fresh water, timber, good soil, moderate temperatures, plentiful game (deer, elk, bear, trout, salmon), and inexpensive land. The population density is low on the Olympic Peninsula, and the hundreds of thousands of acres of timberland provides great hunting.

    Even if nothing collapses, it’s a great place (except for its liberal bent, but we’re trying to change that).

  • Charles Moore

    I see you propagated the myths about Alaska. Other than possible earthquakes, just a few miles from Anchorage or Juneau would be great places to live. Many parts of Alaska are warmer in the winter than Wyoming, Montana. Fishing is great their year round.

  • Stavy

    I had hopes that we could still turn things around but this collapse has been 80 years in the making and may take the same amount of time to fix. Both parties are to blame. Until Americans can come together and put aside “Party” and get back to the founding principles the Founders intended we will not survive as a nation.

    An ever growing number of Americans have a “what can the government do for me” attitude and not what JFK envisioned. Until the American people change their hearts and values back to self sufficiency the system will collapse under the weight of the “dead weight” in our society. The “safety net” has become a hammock.

    Marxist, Socialist, and Progressives are smiling and wanting this collapse to accelerate. When that happens, the only safe place to be is to be near family and like minded friends, well stocked with food, water, and ammo. Where that is located may not really matter.

  • Florida is a hell hole. The state is corrupt from top to bottom. The corruption is enforced by many of the lawyers, judges, and The Florida Bar. Read Florida foreclosure defense attorney Matt Weidner’s bog, he covers problems with the courts and foreclosure.

  • Harry Johnson

    The south generally is a bad choice. The people are surface friendly but backstab outsiders every chance they get. The level of skills and common sense is generally low as anyone who has tried to work with manufacturing plants down there can attest. There is a reason for all the poverty down there and it is not that they have a great work ethic or intelligence. In the event of a government collapse the old aristocracy is not far beneath the surface down there. They would love to bring back slavery and feudalism.

    Most of this article applies to current conditions, it does not look at collapse. The writer does not have a sense of what real collapse would be like. In the event of true collapse, congested urban areas will be a disaster. Small or mid size towns are the best bet. Places where there enough people to work together to meet basic needs yet not so many that they overwhelm local resources. Climate is the other issue and that is the only thing the South has going for it. The west coast also does well in climate though population density in most of California is bad. In the event of a true collapse issues like unemployment and economics will be in a very different light. The only things that will matter is what you can bring to the table for usable skills and how you can defend yourself. Usable skills means what you can build, grow or fix. Gold will not mean much neither will skills like writing blogs, pimping financial junk or being a used car salesboy.

  • nakedguy

    pick a warm yr round growing type country in central america , , why stay in the states? i moved to panama and enjoy great growing weather all year , great fishing , good local people . . if your still working then yes you pretty much have to stay , if you are retired why not move ? it is only scary if you want it to be , and although i can not save you all , i could save one young single lady LOL

  • Acerbas

    “The best area along the West Coast is the Seattle area..”

    You gotta be kidding. Ever hear of the Cascadia fault? Hate to contradict you but the 1700 quake was much stronger than that little event on the New Madrid fault. And its due to rupture again, soon.

  • ScoopDoobie

    I would like to recommend the Mid-Atlantic as an agreeable location. Tourism is a major driver of the local economy in Southeastern NC and SC so there is some insulation from economic downturn seen in other places. The beaches are popular. However, there is one very MAJOR concern.

    There is the potential for a MEGA-TSUNAMI caused by the Canary Islands partially collaspsing into the Atlantic. And it’s not just NC and SC, but the entire Eastern Seaboard from Maine to Miami.

    Be prepared to head for the hills with only about 7 hours notice.

  • Y Beker

    Hey Big Dave, right there with you. I am a California native who married a native Texan and now I live in Central TX. I love this place and never want to go anywhere else. Very friendly people here compared to So. Cali. High winds and high heat but very little tornado activity here. The humidity is sometimes brutal but I think about how much my garden of fruit and veggies love it and I feel better. We’re going to setup solar panels and water barrels soon. I’m staying put in my little plot of paradise.

  • Chris

    Economic collapses cause tsunamis and earthquakes?

  • Gerald Parker

    I sure am glad that I do not have to make any of these choices. I moved to the Dominion of Canada (where I have lived now, as a Canadian citizen, since many years ago here in Québec). The entire U. S. of A. is in decline; moving to Canada was the smartest thing that I ever did in my entire life.

  • dana blasi

    who wrote this story?

  • DJ

    A country boy can survive…..

  • Race Bannon

    a major factor that should also be considered is when America collapses which States will tell the federal gov to go screw itself and that their a tenth amendment State, no more fed reserve, no homeland insecurity pricks, no tsa perverts, no neo cons, no marxist liberals, and anyone we choose to lead the State we’ll know their rightfull eligibility or they can’t run for office,

  • I’m getting the heck out of Dodge. Leasing land cheap in Vava’u, Kingdom of Tonga. Their currency, called Paanga, exchanges 2 for 1USD. Friendly Christian people, fantastic climate, fruit & vegetables jump out of the ground, free fishing. Living is very cheap & safest place to be compared to Mexico, South America, etc. No drug wars or crazy dictators. Yes, it’s long ways from USA…but that’s the idea.


    here from Thailand, everywhere has been often terrible from more frequency earthquake/sumami diaster,in addition to economic collapse,too.the analytic report upon this web that is such a good lesson to khow-how for us even it is far from the global, we can never escape from the global economic crisis whenever any elephant turns down,so does any animal get it prepared is a wisdom way with an intensive mind should be recognized for security of our family in the mena time,surely.thank you for your mankind.

  • Jack Mason

    You think California will be a Tenth Amendment State?

  • JB

    panhandle, Nebraska “The good life” Great People, very little to no crime. 4 seasons, fantastic fishing.
    Home prices affordable

  • JB


  • Frank

    The best place to live when America comes crashing down might be NOT in America! Will other places be spared from the fallout? No, but the question is where might it be less bad? If I had a lot of money (say $1 million or more), I would definitely now buy a piece of property in a foreign country not too far from the USA, like Nicaragua, Costa Rica or Panama so that the US government couldn’t confiscate my wealth somehow when the financial meltdown happens & the government suddenly panics to in a vain attempt to keep paying its obligations. Any other attempt at moving wealth out of the USA in a crises might fail. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much money, so I’ve been just buying gold & silver to try & preserve my buying power & when this latest temporary correction in the price of gold & silver is over, buy more. Maybe I can make $1 million in gold & silver before the USA crashes & buy property outside the USA.

  • Tam

    I think your analysis is spot on. It’s unfortunate that there are so few places to recommend! But the reasons you give are all legitimate.

  • Carl Heckala

    Alaska is “very, very cold?” This statement shows the author is absolutely clueless. The weather in SE Alaska is better than Seattle, and it gets colder in Montana than it does in Anchorage or Fairbanks.

  • nonnaihr

    song of songs 8:7

  • Lou

    Hawaii is the place to surf…..
    and have a great time!

  • David Fletcher

    Alaska, there is fish and game to eat. It is not as cold as many areaas in the lower 48. Daylight in summer months is more than 18 hours. Alaskans help one another. I choose Alaska.

  • Rik

    I am a Floridian. Here I stand. 20 miles away from cities (coast + Orlando). Good soil, Good rain, grow year-round. Hurricanes? I’ve seen 5 since ’77. Tsunami? 20 miles from coast (calculate the friction factor) Sea level rising due to global warming? Horse Hockey!! Grow your own, Brew your own, reload your own.

  • Peter Kwee

    Costa Rica, one of two most peaceful country in the world and very eco conscious and friendly to mother earth with government focus on renewable energy. Fruits and vegetables grow easily, and excellent healthcare. Not to mention high elevation to avert tsunamis. Live off the grid and live off the land.

  • Deb

    Okay, nobody wanted to be the one to mention 2012, but descriptions of possible catastrophes tell me that there are those of you who are thinking about it. If all we have is an economic collapse: Choose somewhere you can grow your own food, and far enough away from densely populated areas, so you will won’t be in the middle of riots or exposed to marauding gangs. If we have numerous weather or geological catastrophes: Same as above, but stay away from severe tornado, earthquake, volcano, tsunami, and nuclear power plant areas. That doesn’t leave very much of the United States. Google all of these catastrophe areas, and you will see what I mean.

    Do you live in an area that is prone to catastrophic events?
    Should you get the heck out of dodge, and go where you feel you’ll be safer, even if you know you may have to make it all on your own?
    Wherever you and your spouse decide to go, the problem is getting friends and relatives to agree to go, too. If they won’t, should you still go, knowing you won’t know anybody else there, nobody to ban together with? Should you stay where you are and ban together with friends and loved ones, knowing it’s a very bad geological area and that none of you may survive? Maybe you would rather take your chances where you are, and maybe die with your friends and loved ones; than for you and your spouse to be the only ones of your family and friends to survive?

    What about leaving the United States? If the United States has an economic collapse, the entire world will have one, too. If you are talking about a 2012 event, the same thing applies. There are people in other countries just like there are here, those that will do whatever they have to in order to survive; including attacking and taking from others what they need. If you look different than they do, and you sound different than they do, you will be considered the outsider, the foreigner, and the one that doesn’t belong. Now, who do you think they’ll most likely single out to attack? Friends, family, and fellow countrymen, will ban together. Who will you and yours be able to ban together with or depend on? It will be scary enough in the United States. It may be a horror story in another country. There’s a lot to consider.

  • Russ

    Hmm… Looks like the powers-that-be may be subtly working to bring this heretofore independent monarchy into the international “community!”

  • Kevin

    I live in Canada but if I had to pick a state it would be Alaska. They have the oilfields up there so you can get a good job as oil prices will keep going higher and higher after this latest correction and probably be where all the good jobs will be after things get bad in the good ole USA.

  • TMathews

    I have lived 20+ years in Alaska, 20+ yrs in Oklahoma. My heart is still in Alaska, but if you do not have a support system, or a job before you get there and you’ve never lived in a northern region before, it would be tough for you. Not a place to be broke or out of work, cost of living is about 40% higher in everything you need. The cold is not as bad as most people think if you live near a south coastal region. Love the people there, alot of their extended family is in the lower states so they tend to build their own family of friends, and their more down to earth mind sets. If you go there, work on getting off the grid and self sufficient. The trends and economics are usually about 10 years behind the states.

  • TMathews

    Oklahoma is not a bad place, Still get homesick for Alaska in the mid summer and mid winter. The humid heat is still a factor for me, and the winters are easier but boring. Spring is full of storms and tornado threats, however they seem to begin in Ok, and intensify as they go east. The economy has been more stable than most states. My favorite parts of the state is eastern. The school systems are better in Alaska.

  • John

    eventually the whole of the US will be a series of Republics. It is inevitable and it wont matter where you live, it will all be good. Don’t Tread On Me!

  • Wayne

    What about God’s Country (Colorado)??
    Interesting article, but while you correctly suggested Wyoming, Montana and Idaho as being popular destinations – I don’t think you mentioned Colorado anywhere. I don’t imagine you would suggest Denver (nor would I), but there’s a lot more to Colorado. And there are many great things about it!

  • richard

    This article should have been entitled:
    “What is the WORST place to live in America? and so on”.

  • Allan


    All central America and European countries are obligated to report to the Fed/IRS.
    What do you think the world bank and IMF do? That includes Costa Rica Peter…
    You must persistently research for facts/truth and don’t guess!

  • Ray

    I’m in NC and I’ll make my stand right where I’m at. I’m on 7 acres, I have good, close neighbors. We all grow food, I also keep honey bees. I also have an M-16, 🙂
    You need to prepare now, develop a small group of very trusted friends, those you can trust your life with. You will need to act as a survival cell with everyone taking different responsibilities. All should learn some basic first aid. Of course, all of this is for a worst case scenario like a breakdown of society.

  • Ralph

    Well I would say north Texas has most of what you are looking for
    clear skys warm temp. lots to do pleanty of jobs. Low gas prices
    plenty of Sports, arts, great food all Around DFW. you don’t want to live in Dallas but every where around FT Worth is great. Find a lake
    own a gas well and relax. You can carry a gun, and even hunt with it weather is good rain is plenty and WELL PEOPLE IN TEXAS ARE THE BEST. Y’all come see.

  • Dave

    NW may not be that great… you forgot about forest fires, which regularly destroy large swaths of land in MT. Other than that, it is beautiful.

  • Billy Bob

    I Live in DeToilet (Detroit) If you can survive in this shit-hole you can make anywhere, Ill make a brand new start of it, in ol detoilet. I wana wake up in a shit hole that keeps me on my feet, And find that Im on top of the turds with boots that don’t leak……….

  • Great article and very informative. I do not know where is a good or great place to live in a time of serious financial crisis for this country but it would have to be a place where you can grow and live off the land you are in. Never thought of the Northwest as a safe haven but will have to look into it and research the possibilities. I know that if I can find a place where there is a lake and good soil this will be near heaven. You can grow your own food and also catch it in your back yard and put it on the grill afterwords as well. Something to think about and consider. I really appreciate this article and how it always opens up new thinking in the event something very negative. Thank you for all your research and time. I really appreciate it.

  • A.H.

    I have been told by a retired Col. Army Intell and also retired CIA officer(same person) to get out of this country as fast as possible. He added–“You don’t want to be here when they( the elite’s) bring this country down”. Suggested I go to the Caribbean Islands or Central America. Just for your information

    • Miss Marie

      Can you give me the best place to move to then? South America? I am a single mom with kids. I am ready to move in the next few weeks from the south west of the usa. Anyway, I thought South America would not be great with other things that might happen…Am I wrong?

  • CaptainHarley

    One word: Texas. : )

  • BradNeal

    You are so fool of BS. Almost all of your analysis is severely flawed and I can’t help but cringe at your MO of scaring people.

  • James McGrath

    If things go truely into the crapper, take Mao’s saying to heart: “Government begins at the end of the gun barrel.” Leaving home and friends and a territory you are familiar with is very, very, bad advice! (Suicidle is more like it.) Follow the Mormon’s REQUIREMENTS of their members. (Look’em up.)
    IMnotsoHO a bad time to be old, ill, or very young is on our way to us. This thanks to our gutless polititians who REFUSE to do the right thing- forget party, they are all scoundrels!
    Buy scrap coin silver and stash it- could save your life.

  • Frances

    The US Virgin Islands!!Great climate and if need be you can buy a piece of property on the coast (fishing) that has all the necessary fruit and nut trees growing. Houses are built with cisterns for rain collection. And since it is so close to the equator it will be the least affected by global warming.

  • To Frank who posted above on 05/06 @ 2:02 pm. Most of what you say is spot on however, You can get real good deals on property in Nica, Costa Rica, and Panama at this time. I chose Nica because of the better prices. The Nica currency callad the cordoba which is even weaker than the US dollar if you can believe that “roll eyes” and therefore the dollar goes well there and you can live in more comfort there comparatively for less than $1000 a month. I also think the long arm reach of the US feds are less prominent in Nica. as opposed to most other central American countries. The Nica people have gone through terrible and bloody unrest due to the Sandinista era and are past that now and the majority of the people really want to shift towards a better way of life. Ortega has chilled out and there is an election in Nov. which should be very interesting. The expat communities are quite prominent. The other great thing is the fact that it is possible to actually drive there as opposed to having to fly. Deb above makes a good point regarding the possibility of the people turning ugly and going after the haves however, when the poop hits the fan here in the US with its estimated 90 million registered gun owners, I think it may be a coin toss as to where you would be better off.

  • Central Florida is where I moved my family. It’s far enough away from both coasts to avoid flooding, but within driving distance to enjoy. You can grow food all year long, and there are many fresh water lakes and springs in case there is a disruption in the water supply. It’s also warm here all year long, and the winter time over night lows are manageable. There are also plenty of towns that are not packed with people and have low crime. My advice would be to not just look at these regions, but investigate the regions within these regions.

  • The best places to live (for future survival)are those that are now least disireable: The deserts of the southwest; The cold States like North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho; The western side of the great plains. Areas with low populations, extreme weather, and close-knit local communities will survive while the big cities will perish from too many people competing for diminishing resources. The sooner you establish a place to escape to the better prepared you will be. $1,000 will buy enough rice to feed a small family for 4 or 5 years (now). Start with basic survival and then add variety foodstuffs later as you can afford it.

  • Kevin

    Of course if I was to pick any country in the world to go through these uncertain times I would definitely choose Australia as the best country to live in.

    It is basically an isolated island/continent, only 21 million population and its land size it about as large as the USA although the whole population lives along the coastlines, good year round temperatures, similar western culture, they all speak english (very important to communicate with the locals), good resource based economy and lots of jobs, 1st world country with all the creature comforts, easy going and friendly people, etc… I have always thought of Australia as the Canada of the south.

    If you have a profession or trade that is on their “jobs in demand” list and are under 45 years of age then you can get a “General Skills Migration” Visa and live there legally without having to leave the country on tourist visas.

    I am certainly thinking about it.

  • frank kessler

    don’t you people know that everything will be fine after we elect newt?

  • Walt

    I agree with the ideal place to be is near your long time friends and family for group security against marauding gangs who will kill any one who has what they need or want.

    Walk softly and carry a big gun. Resist the temptation to brag about your wealth and survival reserves. The less people know about you the less you’ll be a target.

    Other than that, GOOD LUCK!


    Before the USA goes to pot; where can I buy a paradise Island real cheap so that I may declare it a sovereign nation, and then, apply to other nations for foreign aid?

    USAF (RET)

  • Frank Ernest

    I live in ND. You are right about the jobs being available. Not a lot of people (yet). Negatives: States up here have harsh winters and short summers. We have all kinds of missile silos and military bases which means there is a big target stamped on each state. In the event of war–not a good place to be.

  • Pat

    I’m getting out Dodge!!!
    Chile has freedom and they do not look fer handouts, they want to work.

  • awkingsley

    You might want to do some research on the New Madrid fault because occurrence of a major earthquake in that area at this time is disputed. (There is some information on the internet.) In many areas, earthquakes occur at fairly predictable intervals: The stress builds from Continental Drift; the fault-line reaches the breaking point, and the earthquakes happen over the millenia almost like clock work. The New Madrid fault appears to be one of those fault-lines, and, it is quite possible that it will not do a major shake for another 300 years.

    However, there is an area that is due a major earthquake at any time now, and that is the Rio Grande Rift, encompassing an area from Albuquerque past Belen, New Mexico. (Entire scope should be checked prior to repeating; it may be wider in scope.) That particular fault-line shakes approximately every 150 years, and geologists issued a warning to the affected population in a two-part, hour per segment documentary, a few years back. The first part contained the geological information, and the second part dealt with preparedness.

  • Bob

    WEST Virginia

  • Bob

    Live off the land. Plenty of wild game….fertil soil……no hurricanes…tornados…..less than 2 million people in the whole state. jus sayn

  • John

    Understanding ones limitations and adapting to them, instead pursuing unrealistic geographical and resource alternative (or simply writing off your chances) is critical. Whatever your advantages or limitations, the following information was developed by someone who has devoted his life to long term disaster survival, including the prospect of a financial armageddon. Here are his recommendations on different Retreat Areas inside the United States ( found at (, a great resourse with lots of hard core practical advice.

  • booklet

    Yep the Comet Eleni is another thing people said is bad news.

  • David

    You didn’t mention the intermountain west; Colorado, Utah, Nevada. I plan to stay right here in Utah where we have a balanced budget every year, low crime rate, lots of rural land, good growing season, hunting, fishing, people in general are well prepared for a disaster, and lots of family and friends around to help each other out in a crisi.

    • Dave

      David mentioned Utah on May 8th, 2011. I am wondering about water in that area.

  • Travis

    Is this article about where to live after or during the economic crash or something else? What does the ring of fire have to do with Economic issues? What does the elevation level in Florida have to do with the topic? You have taken 2 or 3 article ideas and blended them into one. On top of trying to paint a post apocalyptic picture..Hmmm. No need to exaggerate the doom and gloom beyond what it already is. This makes me think twice about the wisdom of your advice.

  • Rick


    I agree with you regarding leaving he Country. If there is an economic collapse (the most likely event) in the near future (1-5 years). The entire world will be effected and I beleive the US will fair best in terms of food supplies, clean water, security and other essentials. Personally I chose to move to a warm relatively rural area that would be in catastrophic trouble only if a canary island tsunami event occurred (we all have to sometime anyway). I have an acre and lots of surrounding acreage. Good access to relatively clean water. I have enough non hybrid essential seeds packed away for long term storage and I’m in the process of putting away 1 years worth of food to give me the time I would need to get the garden producing. I also have a nice semi auto rifle with ammo and I convinced some of my family to relocate nearby. I think the essentials are; 1. be in the US 2. be in a relatively warm area with a good long growing season. 3. Have access to good water without the need of electric to pump. 4. Have a good supply of non hybrid seeds and instruction for growing and seed harvesting. 5. Have access to wood or other fuel for cooking. 6. Have a good rifle and ammo for hunting and self defense. 7. have some gold coinage
    Most important be right with God and pray daily that you and everyone else will need none of the above.

    PS Deb, the word in your post should be “Band” not “Ban”

  • Jim in Seattle

    If we assume an economic collapse, employment is not an issue. The real issue is the ability to survive. That means you want to be removed from highly populated areas where people will compete with each other for survival. You want to identify a location where the local population will come together and support each other. This suggests a small population base somewhat isolated. You also want the ability to grow and harvest your own food. And the ability to hunt and fish. Basically, we are talking about the life style of the American Indians before the white man arrived. And how many people have the skill set to live like an Indian?

  • Ralph Hallock

    The folks have missed the Idaho panhandle. Hands down the best in the US. Sure, there are some negatives but the positives far out weigh the negatives.

  • Ann

    As far as growing, near water and rural I agree. However, at this time with medical care becoming government control, moving isn’t that easy. Our rates would go up, our deductibles and the area we’re looking at has a problem in that many doctors are leaving practice or no longer taking new patients.

  • Ann

    @David we were looking at Utah until they passed the bill giving legal status to illegal aliens. That is un-American and dilutes jobs for those of us to built this nation. It’s shameful that a state that is considered “religious” would do that to their citizens. Any state bending over backwards for those who flaunt our laws is no longer in my radar as a good place to live.

  • Phil


    Re: North Texas…..


    We don’t need any more Yankees here in God’s country.


  • Otto

    As for natural disasters, Earth is not a very hospitable environment, geologically speaking. There’s really no safe place to live where all catastrophe of nature can be avoided. They are few & far between by our timeline, however. What makes them seem so bad, is that we now have a larger number of people, many in denser concentrations, and events which would have had a relatively minor impact 100-150 years ago now cause far more disruption because of the number of people affected. And the only place safe from a coronal mass ejection or a cosmic ray burst is the opposite side of the Earth, with no way of knowing which side that will be until & unless the event happens. Absolute safety is a myth. If I were planning on moving, I’d do some research on the relative risks of events- e.g. big earthquake in CA far more likely then on New Madrid fault. This should be factored in with economic disasters. By this I mean that you don’t want to be in a high-risk area for natural disasters AFTER an economic disaster has already hit, as the money and resources for the big relief efforts we’re now able to fund won’t be available anymore. You’ll be stuck with the post-disaster scenario for a decade or more, not just for a few weeks to several months or a year.

  • Max T

    There is very little public transportation in Montana so unless you can afford to own a car and buy lots of gas then you will not be able to get supplies often. The last 7 months have had snow on the ground so the cost of living includes high heating bills and bouts of depression. If you want a job expect a large cut in pay and don’t expect your neighbors to help you out. They won’t.

  • scarefacesquirrel

    We’re getting prepared for anything that may happen. Was at the store the other day and bought Kroger brand green beans for $1.06 a can. I remember not too long ago when they were .69 cents a can. Went online and found meals for .91 cents a serving, dehydrated from premium-grade fresh raw American foods. 15 year shelf life. Food that is not genetically altered, no illegal fertilizers or insecticides…, no hydrogenated oils, msgs or gmos and zero trans fats. Certified kosher and vegetarian as well. I got 6 free meals, just paid s&h. Food is delicious!

  • Otto

    With a brief comment about natural disasters out of the way, let’s get back to the main topic, economic disasters. You have to consider not the way the area is now, but what it would be like to live in AFTER a complete economic breakdown. Rural areas are nice, but anything you can’t grow or stockpile will be a long way away if walking, bicycling, or horse & buggy are your only available means of transportation. Consider your age, as well. Alaska is a great place to go if you’re young, but living up there is very expensive if you’re planning on living off savings & retirement. Transportation & access to supplikes is an even greater problem, if you don’t have petrol-powered airplanes & boats to transport you. Same goes for any isolated Pacific island nation.

    Also, many who predict economic collapse say that reconstruction of a new, sound system will be far more rapid that after the great depression, a matter of months to 2-3 years. You’ll indeed need supplies, strategy, and a location to survive that time, but consider as well where you want to live the rest of your life, before and after any such event occurs- or what if it never does?

    I’m just hitting 65. I’m hardly in one of the best places for survival, but I don’t plan on moving. I am stocking up on supplies to carry me through at least 3 months, and will get the 9-month pack from Costco if it really starts to hit the fan. If it gets bad enough that I can’t hold on through that time, and my considerable store of guns & ammo aren’t enough to hold off predatory hordes, than I’m not sure that world is one I’d want to continue to live in anyway, as my wits and health will be going into some rate of decline as the years pass, and my ability to survive will decrease accordingly.

    If things hold off to the point where we’d be relocating as part of our overall life plan, however, our choice is NC/SC/TN, foothills or valleys over mountains.

  • Rrev

    I have lived in many of the areas you have named including FL. This article is worthless. Don’t live in the midwest because of tornados, give me a break. And as for Florida just fly over it and tell me that it is “heavily populated”. I live in Florida and there is all of the open spaces one could want. This article proves to be not helpful what so ever.

  • Dreams change as lives change, so my dream will pass to someone else to be their dream and for their completion.

    This beautiful agricultural area is 12 miles outside of SmallTown USA in South Central Washington state, in the Columbia River Gorge area.

    People still wave at you, and still no traffic signals.

    The work ethic is strong and cowboys still show up at local restaurants wearing their spurs.

    The twice yearly traffic jams may inconvenience you 15 minutes or so while families herd their cattle, on horses with herding dogs, to the lush high country spring grass and another 15 minute traffic jam as they are rounded up and herded home in the fall.

    It’s very common on our street to meet a neighbor while driving, stop the car, kill the engine and talk, there is no traffic. Remote feeling yet as friendly as you want to be.

    One thing great about a small town is everyone soon know you and you can run into just about everyone at the Post Office, gas station or the feed store.

    Goldendale, Wa is in the Columbia River Gorge area at the base of the Simcoe mountains, where the wet, rainy west meets the moderate, sunny (300 days yearly) central part of the state.

    Goldendale is a town with less than 4,000 population and may not have everything you want, but it has everything you need, not the least of which is tranquility!

    We enjoy the undulating fields of alfalfa, rodeos, grass fed cattle and bison ranches, nearby wineries, mouth-watering fruit, outdoor concerts, world-class fishing, birding, hiking, a noted observatory, horse trails, rock climbing, petroglyphs, wind surfing, skiing, snow-mobiling, golf, organic foods and more horses than people!

    People here are already self reliant, know how to manage without calling 911, have their own gardens and are serious survivors. Maybe have roughed living in shops or barns before moving onto homes. Money doesn’t impress people here.

    This property could be perfect for a large family or a couple of friends.

  • I would like to get into cheyane ( chi-ann) Wyoming.(can’t spell) mnt. in colo. springs .That would be good if somebody drops the bomb to end it all . I wish it would so I could go to heaven . Or new mexico. I have land here in colo. Up in south park area. But it’s a little cold up there. I had an RV up til just recently. It had running prob. But it was a place out of the weather > A place to eat & sleep. I have no finance’s so I’m kinda screwed I’ll say . Can’t get work been out of steady work for very , very long time .

  • P W

    Always consider the obvious.You are where you are for a reason.Many of us possess the ability to survive and that means survive where you,like you have been up to now.Chances are if dificulty is being experienced in any way form or fashion it is due to the fact that we have become blinded to the opportunities around us.So what do I suggest? ,I hear everyone asking,connect ,connect,conect.We as a nation have become very disconnected due to all the hype and rhetoric like you are reading right now.Turn your computer off ,unplug from the programming,and get your head back in the real game of living and enjoying your life to the best of your ability!

  • ALASKA is actually a great place to move in seeking a survival… for those VERY well prepared. Yes, the winters can be brutal, and the rocky coastlines always pose a hazard. Active volcanoes are there. But gardening is great in the intense summers of extremely long days, hunting and fishing are most plentiful. In the right areas, woodlands will give you firewood and lumber in abundance. Even coal. But be prepared for high costs and purchase as much high quality goods, tools, clothes, etc. down in the lower 48 states. Be prepared to travel largely by boat, plane, or snowmobile. It offers a frontier lifestyle, in a social environment often very like the “Old West”. Alaska is a great place with much open space and fantastic resources. But you may have to fight for your place. They don’t give it away, and in the great Alaskan Bush, you and your guns may be the only help for many miles. Natives can be friendly but firm, recalling how cowboys treated indians down in the “Old West”, newcomers are suspect. Hostility may be encountered.

  • David

    1 million of the most educated and richest Americans leave USA for good every year now.
    That is another possibility for those individuals that have money or are well educated.
    Do not tally too long if you want to leave at some point they will close the borders off
    to prevent an exodus .
    I even heard that at some point they will institute a shoot to kill order for those trying to cross the border illegally into Canada

  • CabotAR

    Astounding article!! Thank goodness I live in a place where most will survive.

  • Neal

    Hi to all our US Friends – As I see it there is not a hell of a lot of choice as far as living on US soil is concerned. Here in Australia we have a great standard of living, jobs are plentiful, crime is reasonably low and security (because we are so isolated) is good. Biggest problem we have is the cost of living and the cost of housing is expensive. My sources – and from my own experience – say the 2 best places to live in the world at the present are Argentina and Ecuador, both of course in South America. And trust me there is a lot more people from the USA heading there or already living there. All you really need is a sense of adventure and a realistic attitude towards living in another country – of course it’s not the USA so life will be a different – and do some Spanish lessons. That might be worth a try.

  • Red Neck

    Being prepared for an economic down turn to me is just good common cents.
    I have worked in construction my entire life 60 hr. Per week in the summer and lay off’s
    in the winter. You learn to save for the lean times real quick. Having enough saved, to get you through
    2 or 3 month’s has always paid off. At the worst in the spring we don’t have to buy those things we just use out of our reserve then replace them for the next time. (My opinion only) the people that don’t have some kind of a reserve to live off of when, or If you need them are just fools. Example; our grocery store just jumped every thing by 10 to 15% we didn’t have to buy anything we just dipped into our reserves until we made the adjustments. Our neighbor’s went without. (Not really we shared) So are we planning for the great depression of 2012, or just exercising some common cents, like our parents (I Grew up on a farm) By the way do you have any seeds to plant Or know how to plant or what to plant? Or even how to grow your own food, or how to preserve it. Maybe the city folks that still think big brother will take care of them should Google that now before you need it, Should we start reprinting the story about the grass hopper and the ant.
    I’m just glad most of the grass hopper’s still live in the city’s.
    PS: I’ll be selling seed’s at $20.00 ea. If you need some.

  • jimmyd

    The most important prep for preparedness is
    EDUCATION… all you can on the net…
    how to obtain non-contaminated water…
    harvesting and growing your own food….with
    the skills of butchering your own meat…
    keeping your body from freezing..via various
    heat sources…and clothing…..shelter…
    Acclimate yourself to outdoor activities no
    matter the weather…and of course the use of
    various weapons for acquisition of food or
    self defense…With the present status of
    the highly centralized civilization we have…
    any global communication interuption will cause havoc…..and then your’e on your own….

  • Sid

    …and 8. be part of a community where people actually care for each other. That mutual protection and help is worth more than any amount of unrealistic survivalist preparation. And how about waiting til we are actually defeated before retreating… a bit of resistance might be a good idea prior to fleeing for the hills.

  • ander

    Don’t bring your fear in my back yard. If you are going to vanish You will vanish no matter where you move.
    It should be name earth enhancement because Mother Earth will get rid of the fear that occupied her spirit. Yes she is like us and the rattle that will occur is to get rid of the fear.

  • RAD

    Detroit – free housing & lots of outdoor activities.

  • John

    What’s with the (imposed) cutsy faces? Switching to variations of the Grim Reaper would carry morr legitimate weight than, ‘It’s a small (stupid) world after all’ cutsy faces. But if it keeps folks from wetting their pants I’m all por it.

  • Shaggy

    No one mentioned West Virginia where Mountaineers are always free and it’s best we stay that way, cause trying to infiltrate us isn’t too good.
    But if you come to live here just do as we do and be neighborly, and don’t do any nonsense,.
    The crime is low and we plan to keep it that way or else.

  • Lynn

    I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him I will trust.”

    A thousand may fall at my side, And ten thousand at my right hand; But it shall not come near me. Only with my eyes shall I look, and see the reward of the wicked. ~Psalm 91:2,7,8

    Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, Even the Most High, your dwelling place, No evil shall befall you, Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling. ~Psalm 91:9,10

  • Mike Trice

    I live in the marsh in a sparsely populated area. I can catch crabs, fish, oysters, deer and muskrats and it’s eighteen miles from a small town. There is only one road out of there. I think it’s a good palce to get food and it’s 20 feet above sea level.

  • Joe Bassett

    You’re going to want to be near a river. It provides drinking water and you can catch fish. If you leave in an area where there is only one road in your area. The thing about cold areas is others won’t want to be there either. So the upper North West and Maine if you can cut firewood and grow food you might want to consider. Western North Carolina is nice, but you aren’t too far from some populated areas and there are plenty of roads people can travel. I would say sparsely populated area in Maine and Montana, North Dakota that are sparsely populated might be a good choice. I would say any place 500 miles from the South Coast might not be bad. Louisiana has swamps and people can get around easily by boats. You’ll want to stay in an area you can travel freely by boats. But they are ruined with hurricanes. I’m in Maryland not far from the Bay and can get all the seafood I want. In area that are very cold you’ll have to just about hibernate for six months, but you won’t have tp worry about people raiding your place in 3 foot snow.

  • Stick with what is familiar. Also, although a dense population is not desirable, neither would be a small town. I am from a town of 2,000 people in western Iowa and any kind of crazy motorcycle gang could take it over and create a mad max scenario!

  • Ryno

    This might be the dumbest article ever written. It’s full of generalizations and common knowledge, it has zero useful information in it. It’s cold in the northeast, florida is below sea level, it rains in the northwest and illegal immigrants are a problem in the southwest. Wow! Consider us enlightened

  • Spencer Moody

    What fools you people are. I have a friend that sends me nonsense all the time. Year after year. Gloom and doom, one conspiracy after another. One fear after another. On and on it goes. You all are just so sad. Bad stuff happens. But you are just sad to live your life in a constant state of fear. I’ve never believed one of these predictions and so far I’ve been 100% right and he’s been 100% wrong.

    Here’s the truth:
    Lee Harvey was the only one that fired shots at Kennedy’s motorcade that day in Dallas. He did it alone. Period.

    Hitler died in his bunker just as reported.

    Neil Armstrong really did walk on the moon and he was the first to do it.

    There has NEVER been intelligent life from anywhere else in the universe to come to our earth. Never once, ever.

    There is no such thing as ESP, ghosts or any other form of “para-normal” anything ever. NO mind reading or astrology either. It’s all nonsense.

    You can not communicate with the dead.

    When you are dead, you don’t even know because you are DEAD!

    The is no such thing as a god of any type, none.

    There are no forces. There are no secret societies running the planet.

    Bad stuff happens, earthquakes, deadly weather of all kinds, out breaks of illnesses happen. But they are rare and not worth taking extreme pre-cautions unless they are an immediate threat to you and or your community.

    Go outside and take a nice walk.

  • i HAVE LIVED IN AN OLD LOG CABIN AND IN AN OLD “gRAINARY”..rUNNING WATER AIN’T ANYGOOD IF THE ELECTRIC COMPANY CAN’T KEEP GOING,,fOOD AND Water are essential.. as is staying warm..Earth sheltered, souh facing homes..A solar water system is helpful,,gravity works, with water and other things,,”Root cellars can store a lot of food,, Food dehydraters,,solar is best again,,yes and as another mentioned seeds,,that are NOT HYBRIDS..nOT ENOUGH TREES FOR MANY OF US TO BURN WOOD,,We have floods ’cause too many folks cut down too many trees.

  • I sorry to say that Most of Florida is as you described: however the Panhandle is not densely populated, and in fact I live The highest point in FL @345 ft elevation. This is one of the best kept secrets…


    • Paul

      I’m Mormon best family you can have !

  • Jack Ruby

    You are over-emphsizing the dangers of earthquakes in the U.S. An area may have other problems, but earthquakes are a fraction of the danger of weather-related issues, including icy roadways, flooding, etc.

    There will eventually be a big-enough quake on the New Madrid to ring church bells in Philadelphia, but the Mid-West will ride it out just fine.

  • Rick

    The author seems to like Montana, Wyoming and North/South Dakota’s and seems to have a blind spot for the super volcano centered under Yellowstone lake. If that ever blew I would not want to be in any of those States.

  • The Mid-Atlantic isn’t just the cities in the eastern portion of the region; in fact they make up much less than half of the total geographical space. Much of the area consists of the Appalachian Mountains, where the population is far thinner, and in many cases the living (and land prices) are much, much cheaper. So instead of just saying “go south of D.C.”, you could also add “go west”.

  • bill

    totally absurd. who cares about the madrid zone or hurricanes or tornadoes when you have been talking about economic collapse. you’re a bunch of hucksters and grifters.

  • Sam

    “Whatever little “Alamo” you set up for yourself in Hillbilly Land wont be so much as a speed bump when thousands of hungry people descend upon it.” – Nickelthrower

    A hungry person can only walk for 3 days.

  • Joe Dunn

    Colorado makes sense. SE Colorado places like Snow Goose Trail Ranch or others could work. Away from big cities.

  • The CONSTITUTION is not for “We the People” and AMERICA is a Matrix of
    misinformation. In the eyes of those in control, America is nothing more than a
    large Plantation and “We the People” are the Slaves. In many U. S. and World
    Treaties, the term “high contracting powers” is used to define your Masters;
    everyone else is considered by them to be their Slaves.

  • Todd B

    you are a douchebag! Why don’t you just tell people to go jump off a cliff. This article was about as helpful as a toothache or bullet to the head.

  • Ken

    I agree with you David – no mention of the best part of the country. That’s fine with me. When I moved to Colorado in the early 70’s (ahead of all the people from Texas and California) I wanted to pull the barbed wire fence up behind me and keep all other transplants out. I love it here and have absolutely no regrets about moving from the northeast. As the article seems to be basically negative maybe our part of the country was left out as it “doesn’t fit the mold”?

  • Little S.

    I have traps so I can trap my food. I have 5 Generators in case I or my family need one I will not go without electric. I also have manuels and tec. skills to live of the land. I also have tools and machinery to make parts so I am not dependant on others. I also studied law and I dont take kindly to government crack whores that are located all over the U.S.

  • Jack

    Everyone overlooks Guam! Its below radar but has simple life with clean, uncrowded beaches and lots of fish. Cockfighting occurs every night and/or rear house gambling. Abundance of foods arrive from Korea and Philippines daily. Philippines is only 3.5 hours away from guam for great shopping, clubs and beautiful Asian girls. Never ending quality fresh fruits. Guam isn’t perfect ex: ugly cement homes with no creativity but more stable and higher salaries than stateside with recent US military buildup dollars.

  • smudgemouse

    It seems to me that America is not the place to live in AT ALL when the crash happens. Best bet would be to look for another country entirely. Somewhere that has a currency other than the big ones i.e. avoid anything with USD, AUD, GBP, Yen and Euro. New Zealand perhaps? Panama? Big shocks are going to be in store for all of us when the major world currencies crash IMHO.

  • lemonster

    Silly article…the only serious preparation to make is a spiritual one. Having said that, move to the country. Anywhere away from the big city. Learn how to work with your hands. If you can’t fix your own toaster, you should stay put like the helpless sheep you want to be. Learn how to make do with what you have, and find ways to live with less. Considering getting a new iPad? Maybe turn that around and think about downgrading your cell-phone to the simplest available option. Then think about ditching the cell completely.

    That’s the meat of practical survival. The more you know, the less you need.

  • toodles1

    wow, no one is considering the impact from the the Fukushima ongoing nuke meltdown crises? The fallout coming from the Jet Stream is hurting the West Coast and many formerly desirable places, like Boise, Spokane…:( I think there are small niches everywhere though that would be feasible. Good people in the Midwest! It’s important to make friends and be near family. =)

  • zenpiper

    The most unknown part of the USA is the Northern Mariana Islands. This includes Saipan, Guam, Tinian and Rota. They are way out in the Pacific and as far from the mainland as one can get, and still be on US soil. We are so far off the radar, we don’t even get a blip. And we do like it that way. Even the author of this piece didn’t know about these lovely tropical islands.

    • Foolish Expat

      I have a survivalist friend who feels quite safe in Appalachia (own fresh water source, farm, fairly temperate weather, tornadoes are rare, few illegals, low violent crime, people know and rely on one another). Another one likes the northern Michigan area near the Great Lakes. I moved out of the country, but that was a mistake, and I’d like to warn you that that’s not always sensible. As one person on a survivalist forum suggested, you want to be able to trust and know the people around you in a crisis. If you are surrounded by foreigners, you’re all the more vulnerable, even if you think you have things in common with them due to speaking the same language. I know a few Brits who fled the situation in GB and moved to Anglo Commonwealth countries. Too many to count moved right back, or plan to when they can manage it. For example, read or E2NZ wordpress blog about attitudes towards Poms and Yanks in one of the Pacific countries. You won’t necessarily find a friendly and safe new home. In fact, you may find yourself preyed upon because you are perceived as wealthy, even if you are not. New Zealand, for one example, is very far away from everything, expensive (because of location and economies of scale) and dependent on the outside world. It has nothing but scenery to offer. It is nativist and protectionist in its hiring practices. If I had it to do all over again, I would have stayed in the States. Please do your research and do not assume that moving to some other country will necessarily be better for you. Due to economies of scale and our past lifestyle, there will still be much “old surplus” to “feed off of” in the States, even if things go to pot, whereas people in some of these other countries have been gnawing on bones for a long time, and are more used to doing it as well. Accompanying that material hunger is a certain cunning and preoccupation with the bottom line that most Americans have become too fat and naive to recognize in others. We have been too lucky too long, sure. Don’t be a sheep – but don’t bolt and become a lamb to slaughter either.

      • Sophie

        Great comment. I appreciate your viewpoint. Especially as it has been exactly like a response to my course of thinking lately; moving to Thailand or New Zeland. You have given me more to chew on.
        We live in Eastern Washington state and maybe are actually in a relatively “good” location.
        If only I could find an underground society to live with for the next 20+ years, while this blows over. 🙂

        Take Care

  • Where to hide? Almost all metro areas are down wind from Nuclear Power Plants.If these nightmares can not be kept cool,all will melt down.Read Fukishima=2000 Atomic Bombs by Bob Nichol,Veteran Today.The 20th Century killing of the masses was huge,the 21th looks like it could be worse.The point is we will all be praying on our knees asking God for help and forgiveness.Biological Weapons,GMO Food,Nuclear Bombs,and worldwide suffering,Woe to us earthlings.Safety in numbers,get food and ammo,and remember,” God help those who help themselves”.

  • Wade Mitchell

    It is interesting that you didn’t mention Utah. Utah’s economy is one of the best in the country. There is a lot of open space outside of the metropolitan area between Ogden and south of Provo. There are great areas to plant your own food. Many people own a second home away from the big city, usually up in the mountains. Utah is a beautiful place, mixing mountains, farmland, and unique scenery. The downside is that housing prices are down, especially in the metropolitan area. There is a fault along the Wasatch mountains in the foothills of Salt Lake and further north. These are near the most populated areas, but if you plan to live away from these areas, you will be away from that risk.

  • tamera

    from all i have taken in lower levels of the us will be whiped out bye the what they call it ripple effect drop small pebble in ur bath tub and them magnatize it bye a thousand x thousand you might see a what happen in the sumatra area tsunamie effect as well as power outage food shortage”s i do agree u will need a place in a ruel area where you get more light then the lower states to grow your own food seeds to start a growing system till u can get it growing you will need food and water as well and if the sun is blacked out from any cataclismic events and we have nothing but darkness??then you will need warm cloths and a indoor grow system?and a way to make your own power source for living and ur grow system but if we have the sun?we will do alot better but if the sun is blocked from the ring offire blowing?then we may slip back into the ice age again as spoken in the bible 7yrs of darkness?? so we will be living in harder conditions then the indians ever knew they had sun light we may not?who really knows but id rather be prepared then not for all the worst then know i got ready and missed it all when it happens you wanna be prepaired for all that can or will effect your family a cow for milk for ur loved ones would be nice u can also make ur own butter from her fresh milk? maybe a pig or set male and female so u can breed them for meat? cpl chickens and roosters?for other vitamin sources and well as food etc! i know it sounds extream? but i have herd alot things the sun would be blacked out?i have herd it will be farther thenit ever has from us? i have herd of somethig crashing to the earth and ?what a blow that would be u would need to be in a very deep cave or under ground? for safty if we are hit bye anything from a astriod metior or even a nuk?who knows what is in the future put back fuel in mass quanity have lots ammo and weapons to safe guard ur family?and you anyone would kill you for there own gain or to save there family lots blankets and bedding you may have 7yrs of darkness ?or maybe none i hate to not be ready asthe bible does say??and alot has happen according to it we are in or nearing the end days of time and only the ones prepaired will survive even the prophets like edgar casey and nastradaumas said we had this coming be ready? its gonna be something big because all americans and global people feel it in our gut so?ur gut never lies to you do as you all may or can do but remember its better to be prepaired then Not be right?and just imagine the worst?so u not left in the dark least u can be ready or be more steady ?either way? its all i can imagine to say? last but not least you will nvr have enough medical supplies! or antibiotics so get all you canwhile you can even some gas mask if you can who knows? whats gonna happen if u have to breath ask from the ring of fire??ur lungs want make it uneed clean air or a filteration system!for both air and water!

  • Daphne

    Thank you for this useful information. It does appear that without something utterly amazing happening; life as Americans know it is changing.

    Reply-Travis (05-08-11) “paint a post apocalyptic picture”

    A total economic crash will mean not enough fuel which leads to a lack of medicines & emergency response units & 1000’s of other things we take for granted. Today after earthquakes; floods; tornadoes – we wait confidently for help to come. With no money; tomorrow is a different story. In preparation we don’t want to intentionally put ourselves in harms way. Even a minor finger cut or cavity can become a deadly infection when we don’t have medicines or possibly even the ability to wash our hands clean. Everyone should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. To be warned to prepare and yet, do nothing is not wise. The cause of our condition is being poor steward of many things; not just money.

  • ElijahW

    This article is full of it. It isn’t about economic collapse but about weather and geological tragedies. AND according to the author every where is bad to live. So I am going to listen to Todd B and jump off a cliff.
    This whole article is a scare tactic of doom and gloom. YEAH, maybe the U.S. isn’t headed where I would like it to be but I am not giving up hope that easily.

  • Mel

    Sooner or later you’ll run out of food, water, heat, fuel for transportation, patience, bullets, and finally, a will to survive. Best to just stay put and see how long you can make it through, knowing the tertitory you’ve already lived in the best. Lets pray, in whatever way you know how, that it does not last long, if it has to happen at all.

  • wdcraftr

    Spencer Moody, it must be awful lonely living in your own mind, with no faith, hope, or understanding of things you cannot see, touch…God said, I am the way, the truth, and the light, even though you cannot see me..The gov’t. can’t just go to a lawyer and say, I want to declare bankrupcy. There would be nothing left for the citizens, so it just keeps ignoring the problem, and printing more money. Some day it has to pay the piper. Maybe not gloom and doom, but will probably be really nasty for the poorer 1/2 of the the very least…

  • me

    This country is done! Put a fork in it!
    We are heading to not only economic disater, but our freedom is being taken over. I will miss my country.

  • John C

    Southern Ca is the best place to be.
    Good income, good medical care, good work, good people, great food, great nearby vacations (San Diego, Palm Springs, Vegas, Big Bear) all just a jaunt away.
    Weather A+, no tornados, no hurricanes, no lightening, no show (except in the mountains), no rain (car stays clean, golf everyday) and best of all…no East Coast type humidity.
    What drought? Everybody has sprinkler systems, I even have my own small family garden to feed us in a suburban area.
    Even better, the stock market opens at 6:30am (I cant get up on the market before going to work..can’t do that on the right coast) and Superbowl, Monday Night Football, you pick it…starts at 6pm here..not 9pm so I can watch a game, pound some beer, eat & be in bed in 9pm vs 12pm for east coasters, and still wake up refreshed to watch the market at 6:30am before starting another wonderful day. Its like everday is a vacation here…especially after work.

    • “John C” – you MUST be joking: “The state’s population includes 3.2 million illegal aliens — almost 24% of all illegal aliens in America — have chosen the Golden State as their preferred domicile.

      Despite its $26 billion budget deficit, the state spends $21.5 billion dollars annually subsidizing illegal alien health care, education, welfare, other state benefits and criminal justice. Every California native-born household chips in $2438 each year to help.” That included SOUTHERN CA.

  • Countryboywillsurvive

    Please Don’t come to N.C. T.N. border we can’t handle all you beggin hand held out no skill hateful people here . Its like this around here for a reason …Buy a couple of guns some ammo and food and stay where your at Plllleeeaassseee.

    • Hey, you have NOTHING to worry about… There isn’t going to be a ‘rush’ of people to N.C. / TN border, anytime soon. Just guessin’.

  • After locating a place to ride this out, the first consideration is shelter – there are several types of buildings that are high wind and fire proof. The second consideration is short term food and water availability (stored). Third is the use of electric. Most water wells require electric to draw water. Refrigeration, inside cooling, inside heating (other than fireplaces)and inside food growing require electric. Consider solar or wind energy. Solar can convert water to steam and steam can run a generator for batteries or can run a generator directly. Electric (off grid) makes our lives much easier. Food can be grown inside if you have electric for grow lights. Electric recharges batteries hand held or used to run appliances, freezers, etc. Keep in mind that a big wind can blow down your solar or windmill. If the ring of fire blocks out the sun, solar will be usless so fall back on wind energy.
    Water storage requires 1/2 gallon per person per day. Be sure to add a few drops of clorox to the water (google to find correct amount). Food dried correctly can last 20 years. Learn how to stitch a wound. Learn what soil is needed for what plants. Learn how to repair a windmill. Learn how to shoot. Along the coastal areas, the western states and along the madrid fault line – learn how to swim or surf.

  • You had better learn how to be self sufficient, and find a place where there’s sunshine, rain, and an energy producing generator. You need a magnetic generator that is totally self run.
    Yes, Pidlow, they Do exist, just notin stores.

    • Miss Marie

      How would I get a magnetic generator then? Thanks ….and where would be the best place to move to FROM Florida driving to Where?

  • I feel sad for poor Elijah who doesn’t hold any stock in the coming dimise of the America that we have always known. Got his head stuck in the sand like a silly Ostrich. What’s he going to do for food when he can no longer afford to buy any? From what I can gather there are millions of people just like him with no concept of just what we as a nation are faced with right now. Some don’t want to know, and some are just too stupid to get it. Whatever it is that stops them from any constructive thought for the future and their survival will become a huge problem for the rest of us who did something about it and stocked-up. Elijah and his ilk will have only a couple of choices: Starve, or steal! I have no problem with them starving if that is truly their choice. But I do have a problem with them coming for what I have worked hard for to feed my family. There may not be enough emmediate medical care avail-able to get all of the rock salt out of your backside should you try.

  • Howard

    Hey, I liked Wade Mitchell’s thought, Utah’s the place to be, great economy, great weather, great people and building lots you can by for only $15k — in a quiet little town with all the needed amenities, grow your own food, live your own lifestyle.

  • Sue

    Come to Southeast Virginia. We have lakes and great weather. Very low property taxs.

  • pdubya

    thank you for this article. it may help keep more people from coming to florida, where i live. however, i own my own land, it is in-land, in the country (north florida), we grow our own food, hunt/fish and enjoy the rich abundance this state has to offer. yes, its a banana republic, but we like it that way.

  • Being about as paycheck to paycheck as I can be with one nostril above the water most of the time I’ve had a creepy feeling when I realize I should have bought gold and silver years ago and could have but the crying over spilled milk is dumb now. We didn’t wake up to the fact that the economy is destined to go down until three years ago. So rather than silver and gold we did start raising chickens, rabbits and goats.

    As far as moving to the “perfect place”, we’re stuck here 140 inches of rain per year and all. I think my current equity includes the front door and most of the windows. The rest of it the bank owns.

    If a person hasn’t been working on self sufficiency awhile back and thinks they’re going to start getting that way in the future, I think it’s too late for that. After five years of gardening in this location we’re finally getting it right.

    And, the terms “fear mongering, scare tactics, and doom and gloomers” are usually made by those content to cling to their justifications for not doing anything which includes seeing what’s coming. That and the big government embracing socialist and progressive types who have their pollyannaness woven tightly into their politics

    • boomers caboose i think u got it figured out,all this gold and silver b.s who in the hell are u gonna give it to but,right back to the damn bankers,and it won’t be like they will give u a coupon to go to the supermarket,there won’t be any!!!.Food,WATER,SHELTER,OFF GRID POWER,Alternative Medicine,and Weapons will be more valuable than gold or silver.

  • sodbuster

    This for John C. won’t Calif. be gone shortly?
    2012 is coming and Calif. is supposed to fall in the sea. Just a few small islands left. Calif. is full of looney tunes and illegals who want you to pay for everything. I don’t go there anymore even to see old friends. Too
    dangerous. Stock up on ammo…….

  • mnm

    I agree with lemonster…silly article. Prepare spiritually. Then get a good education in growing something. Best education: do it. You can find good information on growing/raising plants in your area from the library, the county extention agent and a nursery in the area. Spend less time texting and more time reading useful text.

  • Mayor don

    Yes, North Dakota is a great place to live. I moved here in 2006 and I love it! I live in a small town in south central North Dakota called Lehr. This area has lots of lakes. Like most small towns in the west, the population has diminished over the years with the peak in the 1930’s. Bigger farms and less retiring farmers equal less population. But we have an excess of empty homes and lots to build homes on. Homes sell for as low as $5,000. to $15,000.. Lots are $50. . The fishing and hunting is awe sum. Property taxes low and going to no taxes due to oil revenue. No state debit and a large surplus in the billions! Move here and leave your states debit behind. A very nice place to live, retire and raise children.

  • DON

    We went through a great depression before. Most people will not be able to move to a mountain top somewhere. We will want to be around aou friends and family. If your thinking of moving make sure you know your way around. I’ll stay right where I am. Store food can goods etc. make sure you have gold and silver coins and be sure you have guns and ammo just in case. partner up with family and similar minde people and form a civilian partrol in your area. We are Americans and we do not run and hide.
    Don Nassau County, NY

  • gi gi

    During the last Great Depression, many people moved in anticipation of jobs and better living conditions. They moved to California and out west, to the land of milk and honey. They were looking for jobs working in the fields and picking fruits… For many, it was to their demise. They starved, lost family members, and many died living outside in harsh, unsanitary conditions. If you have a fairly secure place to live. If you have a support system of family and friends, and if you know your area fairly well, it might be smart to stay put. Prepare, just in case the worst happens. Make more friends and find more contacts. Practice surviving on little. Gosh, try washing and hanging out your clothes without a washer and dryer, Make bread from scratch. Start a garden. Learn now and later won’t be so hard. Talk, to the elderly, about how they made it through the last depression. They have a wealth of ideas.

  • Ralph Renmn

    Lake County is one of the hightest counties in Florida, lots of spring fed lakes. Fresh water rivers that flow north and south. If you like salt water fish only one hour and ten min. away. Rolling country side,big oak trees,orange trees, Lake county even has A Winery and Festival and if you like to hunt come on down.

  • Poor John C. Dude, you are totally lost in your own world, and do not see the train wreck that is fast approaching. Might be that you have gotten too much sun on the beaches there. I’ll pray for you, sir. John D. Formerly of Los Angeles, CA

  • STG

    Interesting comments… Keep in mind, we will need EACH other no matter where we live. We will probably have to barter with each other for basic necessities. We may finally learn that it’s not just all about “ME” but it’s also about our neighbors and others. We may actually have to help someone else! We may finally develop that sense of decency that we used to have towards each other. We may actually grow closer to one another. God is teaching this country some hard lessons, the sooner we learn them the better off we’ll be. Oh, and by the way, most importantly, all the answers to this whole world wide mess ARE in the Bible, I kid you not. Don’t knock it until you READ the entire book. God bless America, please.

  • Mark

    Don’t buy into the doomsday expectations like this author is hinting at. It just doesn’t work that way. People and organizations always strive for the status quo and usually do what’s necessary to maintain it as best as possible and as long as possible. He’s only right about one thing, living in bombed out cities like Detroit will be hell for many, but isn’t it hell already? If you want to know what happens in an economic collapse take a look at Brazil, Argentina, Iceland, and Greece. No one ran out to the hinterlands to live an isolated life when their economies collapsed. The economic opportunities will exist where the most people are living. Look as these countries and everyone stuck with their jobs if they could and just lived a much poorer quality of life.
    You will have to get ready for a lower standard of living if you want to make it. Your iphone will be ditched for a paygo phone. Get out the antenna and dump the cable tv, get ready to turn off the A/C and open the windows and turn on the fans. No eating fast foods or dinners out, just potatoes, rice and beans and other cheap vegetables, stews and casseroles. You’ll learn how to grow a vegetable garden in the sunny spot in your yard. You’ll be eating PBJ’s instead of steaks and the wine and 5 buck coffees will be history. You’ll drive your car for 10-15 years instead of 5 or 6 years. Your kids will wear hand-me-downs and second-hand clothes. Funny, it sounds like the way my grandparents lived through the great depression into the 1970’s and retired with plenty of money. And they didn’t run out to the countryside.
    If you’re smart you will learn how to live that way NOW and save a pile of money NOW to invest in the things that will hold value and give you that once in a lifetime chance to buy whatever you want for pennies on the dollar when other desperate people sell all they have in order to keep up their unsustainable lifestyles. That lakefront home now out of reach can become your low-priced retirement home. The cabin in the rockies will be actually affordable vacation getaway because you have your investments outside of the dollar while the rest of the sheep got their investment advice from CNBC and cashed out their 401k accounts to make a few more payments on their lease cars and credit cards.
    Your opportunity now is to recognize the upcoming initial shock of dollar devaluation and the slow steady decline afterwards that will give you a chance to move you and your family into better economic circumstances, not into the country, if you’re prepared…

    • Dave

      Mark, there is a lot of evidence that you are correct. In addition, if people start living the way that you have suggested, I will bet they would be a lot happier and healthier. In addition, as you have said, those who can put a few bucks away by living a simpler life will be better prepared for the opportuities are sure to arise in a period of severe economic downturn.

  • satbob

    Poor John C
    He thinks as long as water flows from his tap, there is no water problems in Southern California.

  • tm

    Not too many can accept the truth. It’s all about good vs. evil. The tyrants have taken over the country, the government and the world as of 9/11 with all the false terror events, as they rape the coffers to pay for their rich lifestyles. The “one world” government is unfolding as we are living in the last days, far worst than the days of Noe. If your not of the true faith and religion of the Traditional Catholic Faith than your outside the church, a false christian, and everything you might try is in vain 😉

  • Larry

    Why is everyone just sitting around and allowing this to happen? This is our country, it belongs to us, and if we want freedom for ourselves and ur children we must fight for it, not just sit back and allow it to be destroyed.

  • william sullivan

    I think you should live with Glen Beck.
    That says it all. At least you will not have to sell any more news letters everyone will be broke.

  • Buddha Bill

    We know of only three options that allow you to be (a)out of a metro area, (b) in a place with year-round (or nearly so)food-producing capability, and (c) out of harm’s way for natural occurences:
    1. Naturally, my favorite is the Big Island, in one of the areas (there are lots) above the ocean and away from potential lava flows. Plenty of fertile ground, wild food growing almost everywhere and, away from Hilo and Kailua-Kona, pretty sparcely populated;
    2. California’s Central Valleys (San Joaquin and Sacramento, which are really just one long valley)and have water in most ares, fertile soil, and a nearly year-round growing season. There are many relatively open areas but there are also a few bigger towns and cities. Summers are pretty hot;
    3. For the real tough types, there are areas in the Great Basin (Nevada and parts of other states) that have year-round water in you get by such a stream/river, long growing seasons and very sparce populations. Most such areas get extreme heat in the summer. It’s beautiful country plus you can do some gold and silver prospecting in your spare time.

    However, were we to come into some decent money, we’re more inclined to Argentina, northern Chile or one of the Tahitian islands.

  • Mike Anani

    It’s silly to disqualify a place to live out the coming times because of tornados. All those other natural disasters destroy soil, and thus your ability to grow your own food. All you have to do to survive a tornado is dig a big hole. If it knocks down your house, there is plenty of time to rebuild basic shelter before winter.

    Imagining a Katrina like situation all over the United States is jarring to some, and clearly based on the comments many people didn’t buy into your premise. John C in California was the most naive example by far, but there were plenty of others.

    For those of you that “get it” and realize what the collapse of the monetary system is going to bring about, the one thing to keep in mind is you really just need to survive for about 18 months. After that, so many people will have died from starvation that the resources will be in balance with the remaining population.

    I say this to give encouragement to those who think it might be “too late” to plan. 18 months of food (canned goods, beans, rice and other dry grains) is not undoable.

    Yes try and think creatively about how to hide it, and buy some guns and ammo to defend it. But you can still do a lot to get ready. And the longer you survive the less people (who didn’t prepare) there will be to fend off.

  • Linda


    Silly article…the only serious preparation to make is a spiritual one…
    That’s the meat of practical survival. The more you know, the less you need.

    EXACTLY. I agree. Well said.

  • David C

    The end of America will tie in niceley to the end of the human era on earth. With the damage allready done to our Planet and the ongoing damage all in the name of greed sorry free enterprise, it will be within the next 100 years man will cease to “rule”.
    So thanks to the greed, gullibility and stupidity of man for following the American dream, there is MO good place to live after the end of America.

    • rossdenney

      …says the drone living off the American taxpayer…

  • onewingman

    The crisis is real, the extent is unknown. Be preparesd is solid logic. This articla and the posts are full of good info and advice. Choose wisely, to fit your situation.
    As for the money thing, we do have an “easy” fix: as follows: “NATIONALIZE OUR DEBT TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE!!!” Tell them to go to HELL! They in absolute truth have given us nothing of value. The “money” the “lend” us, is ours to begin with and as such is not backed by anything, at ALL!
    So, we tell the FED to buzz off, then we only owe external debts to other countires and companies. We can still use this “fiat” money nationallly among ourselves, with no debt whatsoever! Then to deal w/ our overseas debt, we simply start manufacturing AGAIN!!! We do, in fact, generate a tremendous amount of valuable technology that can be turned into merchantable goods and sold internationally. We then pay our international debts off and we have JOBS AGAIN!!!
    Oh,and, OF OURSE,we confiscate all the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM’s holdings and put them in the US Treasury!
    We would also need a few new amandments: starting with the currently proposed 28th Amandment, next, no foreign lobbying of our governement, no foreign ownership of anything in America, retrun our patent laws to their former strength. Next take on the monster corp. Agri, big pharma, big chemical, gas, oil and power. Hit them all with ANTI-TRUST lawsuits and break them up. Never again to be allowed to manipiulate our leagl system and the FDA, DEQ, to name a couple.
    There are more of us! We can vote them all out with our dollars!!! We need to band together and spend wisely and choose who we buy from!!! They cannot play without US! Without US, they are nothing but low-life beggers. They don’t know how to work, they can’t build, fix, create anything!!!
    We run this, NOT them. We simply need to realize thios little fact and act accordingly!

    If you wonder where or how to start, let me suggest DON’T SHOP AT WALMART, EVER AGAIN!!! Do NOT BUY GAS FROM SHELL, BP OR ARCO!!!Pay more, get less( for awhile…)and buy as much AMERICAN PRODUCT AS POSSIBLE!!!
    This game’s far fromm over, and it always looks darkest just before the DAWN!!!
    So, instead of figuring out how to scatter like a bunch of cockroaches when the kitchen lights come on, let’s stand together and SAVE AMERICA!!!!

    • DiscouragedOne

      Big companies are global these days, and so are the parts used for things like Automobiles. Your post made sense in the 1970s, but I think it is much more difficult and complicated to go back to that time now than many think. Not buying at WalMart does not begin to solve the problem. It is difficult to buy things anywhere that are made in the USA, I suggest you start reading labels and researching where what you are buying comes from.

  • TreehuggerME

    This article seems to speak more to a natural disaster than an economic one. The author doesn’t seem positive about any region of the country. In an economic “collapse” where to live will be where year-round food, fresh water and shelter can be secured. Where I live in Maine is the best – location, location, location. It is coastal, rural and relatively sparsely populated. Hunting and fishing should supply fresh meat. Awareness of plant life will help with minerals and vitamins. The cold can be addressed with burning easy to harvest wood, after our coal supply is depleted, will keep us warm. Early preparation for the rest of what is needed is essential regardless where one lives. The author doesn’t seem to speak at all to preparation like how to live without our electrically powered tools and appliances. ask yourself this, if/when we have an economic collapse, where is the fuel fuel going to come from to keep the power plants and delivery trucks going and who is going to deliver it.

  • Larry

    This article is non sense.

    Things are not going to be any better in another art of the country than it is where you live, in fact staying where you are has greater advantages.

    Home is where all your friends and family are. When things get tough is when people need each other the most.

    Stay where you are but prepare.

  • John

    We live in the best place in America, not because of fear, but because of lifestyle. We live in our motorhome full time, everything is paid for, we are well stocked, We can move to another area of the country within days. We have no, mortgage, no-state income tax(Legal Texas Residences), no water or trash bill. No house to support or pay taxes on. Our rent is only $182. a month, We can always park it anywhere. In emergency, we can turn off the cell phones, sat tv, aircard, mail service and move to a relatives driveway. Our personal and business affairs are all set up for a mobile lifestyle already. AND our 2K Generator, will run 8 hours on 1 Gallon of gas to charge our 12v batteries.

    • Dale

      I would like to talk to you about your life style and complications if any by living in the motorhome. I have considered this if the American dollar tanks.

  • Who WROTE this article? From the analyses provided, it appears that any economic disaster is necessarily going to be accompanied by earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes. Based on this distorted report, it appears that the best place to live in case of America’s economic collapse … is in Uruguay!

    • Michael Green

      I agree 100%, Nothing bad happens in the southern hemisphere, especially in Uruguay.

    • Allan

      I think Uruguay is where the Bush family has bought a lot of property and plan to move there soon.

      • LaBamba690 .

        In that case, I feel sorry for the poor Uruguayans. But maybe they’ll surprise Dumbya and arrest him for crimes against humanity – if we’re lucky.

    • it will all happen at once, god is angry

  • Oasis777

    Wow! I am, as of the first of July, moving down to the Cape Girardeau, Mo area…..very near (as good as on top of) the New Madrid fault. This really sucks. Going there for a family member in need. Think I will spend some quick quality time convincing her to grab her boyfriend and get the heck out of there.

    • HecatesMoon

      Oasis, I live down Cape Girardeau way myself. This area is also sitting on a network of caverns. LOL I am not in the best position I guess. You just do what you can, with what you have. If resources allow someone to move they do, but if you’re like me and you were born here and don’t have the ability to skip off somewhere new well then… :\

  • Andy Rothauser

    I’m 80 years old, so that qualifies me as a Depression survivor. Because of hard times in childhood I’ve worried about the “coming collapse” through all these events: WWII, the Cold War (nuclear holocaust threat), Korea (I served in the US Air Force for 7 years), the Baby Boomer LSD and Pot revolution of the 60’s, the stock market crash and 16% interest rates of the 70’s, the stockmarket crash of the 80’s, the dot-com crash (I was in the computer business then) and all the additional earth-shaking events that have happened since then. I got so scared in the 50’s that I moved to Phoenix for work and bought 2 acres in the mountains in Prescott AZ because I read that it was out of reach of radioactive fallout and had a nice climate where you could grow things. I never found the need to move there, but sold the property (original cost $2,500) 35 years later for $175,000 to a greater fool.

    And guess what, none of those acocalyptic catastrophies ever happened, not even the Second Coming, which had been often predicted to be just around the corner. Now I live in So. California in the foothills away from the big city, where the weather is superb almost all year round, 20 minutes from a ski slope, in a great little independent community with its own water company (snow melt water), on an acre. I still worry about the Coming Catastrophe (it must be in my genes) so I follow all the survival rules: I have fruit trees, a large garden, chickens, no mortgage payments, drive 20 year old cars and pickuos (registration fees are low and if one is not working I can drive another until I fix the first one using junkyard parts). I do all my own carpentry, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, and have numerous tools and equipment both power and hand. So as you can imagine, I should be able to live through almost anything, even the Bjg One earthquake (we are just over the hill from the San Andreas fault).

    Yet in spite of all of the above I can’t help but feel that all the paranoid talk of coming disaster is really just a lot of B***S**t designed to sell newsletters, survival equipment, and Bibles.

    • Joey I

      Andy: Love your response! Good to hear from someone that has been through it and has real life human skills to simply live.

      Yes, fear is embedded in us simply because it’s what we’re taught. This Apocalyptic talk and events have happened forever. Nothing can stop the evolution of humanity, not even the destruction of our fiat money system. Natural disasters happen and have happened for years and yes we are experiencing more than ever because of the coming of a new age. The world most likely just shut off and we’ll just vanish, but yes millions will die from catastrophes, war, famine disease, ect. But is that really any different from our past? Any apocalyptic talk supply stems from fear. Most of us fear dying because we have not been told the truth that we are eternal light. Not going to get all spiritual or religious, but fear does exist all over the place and inside of every one of us. So to tie this in with the post I think he did a good job of pointing out different negative issues within each region and mentioned that we need to evaluate our life to determine where would be the best place for us as individuals to live. We should be conscious of a potential economic collapse or catastrophe because there has always been one.

      I can hope, wish, imagine, and pray for a life where we all become one and consciously decide that money has become meaningless and we all live in complete bliss an harmony. Money, religion, politics, capitalism whether we like them or not cause separation and competition which is NOT what being human is about. The scam of the world has been in full effect for years. Time for us to just be a little more open about what we can accomplish together without hiding in our home, watching TV, and shopping for meaningless toys and gadgets.

      • Tray Lon

        I wonder, if Andy is still alive, how he feels about things now?

    • Michael Green

      Hi Andy, Nice to know there’s same type of person like me. I am living in So Cal also. I don’t give a damn to this article. I am working on to buy piece of land, not too far away from here.

    • Val

      I want to move where you are. Sounds wonderful! We live and a small town in Wyoming. My husband and I are in our mid 50s and want to move. The winters her sometimes are brutal and we would like a change. Is the job market ok there? I would really be interested in any info you can give me. Thank you. Val

      • Son of Liberty

        Depends on where u r n WY, I’d think about staying myself;
        but I agree, winters were brutal when I lived there – – just make the necessary provisions for it.

    • Tom

      Cool, Andy … you made me laugh!

    • Jack Meoff

      Southern California looks fairly acocalyptic to most clear thinking people. No currency has EVER survived the abandonment of the gold/silver standard. The federal reserve note will be no different. I’m sure the people of the Weimar republic, Pompeii, etc, etc were saying the same nonsense.

    • Jack Meoff

      Utter nonsense and an excellent example of ‘normalcy bias’.

    • Patsy Mendoza McBee

      I’m coming to your house. You are lucky to have such a wonderful spot.

  • Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said temporary factors held back the market in May, as implied from prior data on contract signings. “Spiking gasoline prices along with widespread severe weather hurt house shopping in April, leading to soft figures for actual closings in May,” he said. “Current housing market activity indicates a very slow pace of broader economic activity, but recent reversals in oil prices are likely to mitigate the impact going forward. The pace of sales activity in the second half of the year is expected to be stronger than the first half, and will be much stronger than the second half of last year.”

  • The real estate market is telling us now is the time to buy. Regardless of what the media is throwing at us, the facts of housing sales are showing us that today is a great time to buy.

  • gr8 resrch bro…

  • peeznluv

    Pretty ill-informed, at best biased article. Yes, California is hurting in today’s economy. But so is every other state in the U.S., mainly due to the over-proliferation of militarism and imperialism that is tearing our great country apart and leading it toward mediocrity and bankruptcy. We’ve spent (wasted) trillions on war and weapons since 9/11, an event currently being investigated for conspiracy within (not surprising, as all U.S. wars have been planned ahead within the states) I am originally from the East coast, and have lived on the West coast for 16 years. I’ve traveled most every state in the US. (and several continents outside.) Overall, the West coast (especially SF Bay area) is among the most relaxed, socially and environmentally aware, cultured and educated (not merely book-educated, but world affairs) areas in America. And you can’t beat the weather, never too hot or cold, sunny all summer. But yes, overcrowded as everyone wants to live here.So please, stay where you are! Immigrants? There are many of them in any state in U.s. not more in CA. But much less people today are immigrating to the USA than ever, despite what media myths say. People are moving out of the states to more “free nations” where they can get free college educations, less pollution overall, no unethical military recruiters hunting down their daughters and sons at malls, parks, schools like in the U.S. There are at least 10 nations with more freedom than the U.S. mainly due to not spending more than half the world combined on “defense” in the name of power, spinning it to the populace as “defending our freedoms and security”. Ironic. Best places to live in the U.S>? Wherever people are not naive enough to believe in sustaining our wars, where they care about environmental issues, and realized “serving our nation” cannot be done with war, but with helping our country in areas we rank below others DUE to our wars (healthcare, education, environmental justice fighting cancer) We can no longer blame our doctors, nurses, teachers, students…none of which causing this spiral. It’s our overall culture of war, extolling “virtue” of killing people, spending in wrong direction, while cutting budgets in those areas we are slipping in. Best places to live in America? Places where the spiritual, emotional, educated mindset realizes this rather than what our political leaders want you to believe, realizing that “Patriotism” means peace.

    • libertyandtyranny

      Tell me, who is going ot protect you if there is no military? One of the FIRST obligations of the federal government is to protect the American people from harm, violence, terrorist attacks, and fraud. They have failed, due largely in part to PC folks like you, who live in some fantasy land liberal utopia that doesn’t exist. Sure, America i the most powerful military power in the history of the world, but it is also the FREEST country in the history of the world. You throw the baby out with the bath water you’ll get socialism, mediocrity, and bankruptcy. Liberal policies that take from the makers and give to the takers are bankrupting this country, along with the pursuit of “diversity” for diversity’s sake, never mind welfare state is crushing the coffers of the states. So we just keep borrowing and printing money to pay for our huge entitlement state. Thanks, libtard! SF is full of elitist hypocrites.

      • Frank frivilous

        Most historical worst case scenarios have ended up with the military being turned on it’s own citizens. If you intend to hitch your wagon to the status quo, you may end up loading cattle cars with your friends and relatives and/or furnaces with their bodies.

    • Maritha

      You are forgetting radiation from Fukushima has ruined fruits, vegetables, cheese, milk and meat in the Pacific area. Radiation has killed the Ocean. Babies are being born with no brains in Washington State in record numbers. Wake up peeps.

    • BK Anderson

      Oh! It’s the “talk about my state and I will drown you with drivvle and moral equivilency” play. Never mind the pesky facts

  • Chris

    I’ll be moving back to my parents house and bringing my armory with me. We have our own water supply and can grow our own food, I figure I’ll hunt and eat people from the neighboring city-ya know, keep the population down. Cut our population by 2/3 and the U.S. will have enough resources to make a full economic recovery entirely on its own, as it stands right now we just can’t support our population-just like everywhere else in the world.

    • Dose-of-Reality

      “Overall, the West coast (especially SF Bay area) is among the most relaxed, socially and environmentally aware, cultured and educated (not merely book-educated, but world affairs) areas in America.”

      The SF Bay Area is among the most dangerous places in America currently, let alone during a major collapse. The San Jose basin is completely devistated by the aftermath of the DotCom bust. Crime in Oakland/San Leandro is amongst the highest and most brutal in the US, San Francisco is perhaps the most geologically vulnerable cities in America, and the East Bay has become so overwelmed with Gang Activity and Illegal Immigration that it is dying on the vine. California, as a whole, has declared all out war on home schoolers to the point where they are attempting to arrest homeschool parents for child endangerment. “Gun Control” in the Bay Area has resulted in target practice for criminals – to the point where the Oakland Police Chief has come out and blatantly stated that the police will not be responding to break-ins and armed robberies. So the every day Bay Area citizen is “gun controlled” while the criminals continue to be heavily armed. Why fear repercussion? The citizens aren’t armed!

      The Bay Area is home to Climate Gate via the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the National Atmospheric Release Advisory Center – where citizens are led to believe that humans are causing “Global Warming” (and now, as of late, are causing “Global Cooling”). The Bay Area is perhaps the most heavily lobbied, heavily governed, heavily politicized areas in the United States as a whole.

      From a geographic standpoint, in the event of a major crisis and/or economic meltdown, the Bay Area will become an absolute War Zone. Why? Because the area is so densely populated and landlocked by poor highway infrastructure. Citizens would be stuck in these densely populated areas gridlocked freeways, while society collapses. “When People Lose Everything, They Lose It”. People will be stuck, crime will go unchecked as an unarmed public will get owned by criminals.

      Peace is absolutely the solution we need to pursue. But that cannot happen until the Globalists are overthrown by lovers of Peace AND FREEDOM. Peace cannot ever happen without true Freedom – as without true Freedom, peace is artificial.

      • Karen Miller

        LOVE IT!!!

      • Truthfromyou

        I LOVE YOU

      • libertyandtyranny

        Thanks for the dose of reality on this page!

  • I think it isn’t the place that makes living easier. I believe that the people living there makes it easy to bounce back from any crisis. Their resiliency is contagious.

  • bud

    I not going to be worried about tornados in the midwest if the US has a total economic collapse. I have my own well, 7 1/2 acres of trees for heat and cooking and 3 acres available for gardening non hybrid crops and oh of course a few rifles for protection from any trespassing city dwellers.

  • Angel

    I’ve been reading these articles and it really don’t scare me because we live on the pine ridge reservation the poorest city there is, Yes we live off the government with there food rations each month with commodities, food stamps, so this is nothing new to us Native americans we know how to live off the land and hunt wild life to survive Still we grow our own vegatables we dont try to keep up with the JONES, Im glad my parents taught me things of how to live off the land and my Grandma taught me how to use traditional herbs and plants for medicine. So in all I think Us Native Americans would be ready for the government collapse.The Unemployment rate is very high like 90 percents of population here is unemployed but that is what I wanted to add.

    • Paul

      How ! Big Chief ! you wana smoke peace pipe ?

      • Deena

        what? pretty strange response.

    • timmy

      Angel, you are the one true voice of light and righteousness in a sea of racist filth. There are terrible, hideous people of all colors. The cultures which have endured in the past are the ones which respect the earth and receive its blessings as a free gift. Not ones who think they own it, and exploit it for corporate profits. Look deep within yourselves haters, and discover your true god. It’s written on your currency so it’s not hard to find. When the shift comes, it doesn’t matter where you live. It’s what is in your heart.

    • sickntired

      Am I the only one with a dropped jaw while reading this nonsense? You say, “we know how to live off the land and hunt wild life to survive” and “So in all I think Us Native Americans would be ready for the government collapse” and of course you say this right after you say, “Yes we live off the government with there food rations each month with commodities, food stamps”. REALLY?!? You’re not a survivalist dude, you’re a modern mooch, a bragging leech! Choose one side of the fence and stop straddling it. Either ‘survive’ off of the land or cash in your welfare check without bragging of being some sort of survivalist. A survivalist does NOT cash in a government check every month. WOW native pride, you have set our people back hundreds of years… pathetic!!!

  • Terry Harder

    North Dakota – lots of jobs, oil boom, a little short on housing, but great people and plenty of room to get about and live somewhat trouble free. The best economic health in the nation right now. Also, the people there help one another and are not afraid to dig in.

    • Maritha

      Too much fracking in North Dakota. Water aquifers will be thoroughly polluted very soon with the shifting earth quaking.

  • Joe

    The U.S. will be fully annihilated in one hour according to scripture:

    • right to the borders i suppose? funny how people always tell me god has a plan for them like he just hates me… such a evil god…picking and choosing who he likes…

      • sevanclaig

        and He made man in his image, so as you pick and choose who you yourself likes, only nutwings consider that an act of an evil god. He is not evil, but quite the opposite. Do not mistake the unalienable right he gave you of your and my own free will as something bad but instead see His wisdom of letting your make your own choices with regards to the path you follow.

    • Maritha


  • Joe

    peeznluv is correct. U.S., you are a vile nation, enemies of the creator himself.

  • Jessie

    Yeah do not go to Alaska.

  • Anthony

    Chance favors the prepared mind.

  • Rudy

    Nowhere is safe in the U.S. because Americans are perverse, immoral, and generally, the servants of Satan.

    • maryann

      Rudy, How can you be so negative and judge us like you have? We are all God’s children and you hating us is like you hating God’s handiwork. Shame on you Rudy. Jugement is of God, not us. We all know that there are good and bad people in our world, but our job is to pray for them for God to bless them with what they are lacking. Most of the ones that we call bad aren’t really bad, but sick, Oh, so sick Lord… so help them through prayer, positive thinking by wishing them well and model to them with love and teach them what they didn’t learn, but not through hate and name-calling, that just spreads more of satans work and hate. So now you just accomplished more hate that we all know doesn’t work. p.s. FYI satan is never written with a capital “S”
      God bless you Rudy,
      from God’s american servant, maryann

  • Lisa

    I want to move some place that is warm and dry all year. I love to own a Horse ranch with alot of land so I am hoping I can get some good advice. I like in Washington State right now, and its making me sick here. I need a place where the enviorment is going to dryer and maybe meet some new people. The people here are not very nice. I have meant some good people here. The Crime wave is going up. They just banned the pan handling law here in our county which is about time. I would never beg anyone for money or food I would rather starve first. If I were to steal something to eat it would be an apple nothhing eles. I do get money and pay rent, but I want my own house too someday something to call my own. I am paying more than seven hundred dollars a month I figure Hey I can pay that much for a house and rent a room too for other things. Where do you guys think I should live.?

    • sadie lee


  • David

    ……Unfortunately, most lack an understanding of what is happening or rather has happened. the economic collapse has already happened. Look at the nation, this is what the collapse looks like, and its bad. Worse yet, a second collapse appears imminent. If you have not prepared prior to 2007, it will be difficult to position yourself now, though not impossible.
    … wife and I relocated to West Tennessee prior to these events, making a profit on our real estate in the prosperous times, making provision by buying needed items before inflation increased. I would caution persons about remote mountain areas of East Tennessee in which you are not part of the culture where you will not be accepted. However, in West Tennessee this is not a problem as much anyway. Crime becomes an issue in areas where no one is near. Better to have a home in view where there is at least traffic. Where I live well established farmers and seniors are the majority, though we are seeing rising crime in nearby areas, these people are the salt of the earth.
    …..I would encourage you to put your trust in the Lord and ask for his leading and how to best provide for your needs. I am concerned that inner city dwellers need to get out of those areas before we are locked down and perhaps not free to move. It is necessary to connect with others who will at least be able to steer you in the right direction if you are planning a move but first be sure that its right for you.
    ….Owning your own home, free and clear is smart. We live where there is very low taxes and we dont pay for water and sewer. Every little bit helps. One should remember there are few available jobs if any in these locations. Those jobs will be hard to get. Persons wishing to communicate further might wish to write me (David) at
    …..if you are able, I encourage you to anticipate near term needs and buy before prices go higher. This is an inflationary collapse even though money is tight. Household necessities like food, toilet paper, soaps and detergents are good micro investments as are Motor oil for your car, replacement parts, a few candles etc. if you have the means. We are all effected by this collapse even if we have been spared direct destitution. I also believe that one cannot fully prepare in the natural as this is a God thing. He has been getting our attention and this is going to continue to increase. Put your trust in the Lord and seek HIM daily. He will provide for you. Believe it, its real. You may feel very isolated in your circumstance, those who have and those who have not, each in his or her own circumstance.
    …..I hope you will prayerfully seek Him. Ask, seek, knock. HIS mercies are NEW each day, gather them in. You are not alone and a few prayers away from great success. Love you much.
    ….Oh, also, as an aside, PARENTS be EXTRA kind to your little ones, don’t take this out on them. Love them with great kindness even though your world has turned upside down. They love you and don’t hurt the ones you love. the children are suffering too.


      America will fall one day, in order for Rev. Chapter 13 to happen America must be a weaken nation, which we see happening before our eyes.

      • Faith Priest

        The rise and fall of nations is an
        ongoing pattern. I figured this out by the age of 13. I just hope I’m off this stage by then. :0

        In the meantime.. one does the best one can with what they’ve got.
        I started saving for my first house by the age of 15. Instead of a diamond ring my hubby and I invested in land. My idea of an Anniversary gift is a can of freeze dried milk.

        Do what you can do.. and Trust in “God”… Loving ALL that one meets along the way.
        Those souls who are hateful and greedy never fair well in the Long Term.

  • zman

    Basically you want to stay away from places that are high in black and or his panic populations. Call me what ever names ya want but it’s true. crime, especially violent crime is many times greater in these demographics. Welfare families and single mother homes are easily highest in these areas. Remember this, the definition of confusion is fathers day in places like Harlem and San Antonio.
    Agricultural areas with a very high Caucasian majority are best like N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa. parts of Missouri parts of Kansas and Colorado, Minnesota are good. Minnesota also has an abundance of water. Some of the Providences in Canada will be good like Alberta and Manitoba. These are sparsely populated and predominately white and there will be plenty of women for American men to have since 1/4 of Canadian men are married to each other lol. Texas is complicated. Probably it is out of the question as Texans failed to prevent the Mexican invasion from consuming it. Whites are now a minority here as is the case with Arizona and new Mexico or at least will be soon if not already. Can you say la raza rising. Most of the south will be living by the law of the jungle, just one big brothas in the hood. N.Dakota is where I’m eye balling. It is the state that really has the best chance of succeeding from the union. Is oil booming and will be for at least the next 30 years if it can keep the federal gov. wealth killing regulations away. It is an agricultural rich state and densely populated and did I mention its demographics are upper 90% of white Caucasian European decent. It has a 9% single parent house hold demographic so fathers day is still pretty simple there.

    • StarlightMama

      Um, the southwest used to be part of Mexico, so what exactly did you expect?

      (Psst, Just an FYI…I know it’s hard to believe, but there ARE people of color who are kind, educated, hard-working AND prepping for the economic catastrophe as well. They might even be *gasp* Conservative and/or Libertarian! Doesn’t sound like they’d be welcome in your neighborhood, though!)

      • libertyandtyranny

        yeah, but America WON! And AMerican values have created the most wealth and prosperity for the most people in the history of the world. And now La Raza, a SOCIALIST organization, is destroying all that! I couldn’t care less about melanin pigment, as libtards do, as long as they believe in American values. Come here you adapt to the culture, not try and change it!

        • BK Anderson

          No our politicians are doing that my friend…. Your ignorance is showing


            Enough of them are though.

        • 璟葉翔天


        • Faith Priest

          You do realize that Mexicans are Americans too… as are Canadians right?.
          Last time I checked Jesus Loved ALL … and taught against such pettiness.
          There are GOOD People within all religions, races, and socio-economic groups.
          OPEN your eyes… your view seems very narrow and fear based.

          There are Good people AND Bad people in this world… and they come in all colors, belief systems, and cultures. Don’t rob yourself of all the Good souls in this world who may not look just like you or pray just like you.

      • looplou

        That is a general observation, not a specific comment on individuals. Do you prefer to live in an all black or all white neighborhood? Be honest. Even successful blacks move into white neighborhoods…..and yes my wife is a minority, my good (would lay life down for,) friends are people of “color,” , but they don’t hide their head in the sand like you seem to want to do.

      • 璟葉翔天


    • Tray Lon

      Just moved to Fargo, ND last year and I am African American and I will concur that crime is extremely high in populations with Hispanic and Blacks. I lived in Gary, IN and some of Chicago and boy the news is not lying when they report the amount of violence there amongst Blacks. I lived in Arlington, VA and San Diego and experienced the Hispanic/illegal immigrants problems there too. I feel comfortable being able to leave my apartment door unlocked and patio door opened and not have to worry about someone breaking in because crime is virtually non existent here except for the DUI recipients. The only “murders” I have heard take place here were only the result of mother nature. It is truly great being here except the negative degree weather in winter. I thought I would hate it and deal with nothing but racism here being military but the people are great and I actually enjoy it and would like to buy a house soon.


      Great post!!! I can see you are a smart person. God bless!!

  • karl

    What about the space station! are there any rooms for rent? It should be safe there.

  • Darrin

    As for me and my Appalachian family, we will stay close to the mountains. Living off the land is easy, and at night we can enjoy a jar of East Tennessee white liquor, Popcorn Sutton’s recipe (rest his sole). And their have been more that one trespasser loose his way and his life prowling these woods up to no good. Feel very safe here

  • BillybobL

    Hey, I know about Sutton, & his kid. Used to live in that area. Very beautiful place. Loves those mountains. Always got high of their beauty. Good place to survive too.

  • john

    the outer hawaiian islands are not overcrowded. the locals already live off the land to some extent. they are very lightly armed beyond machetes and pig guns. gun laws are VERY harsh. you can get 5 years for a stray bullet in your truck. learn the law and the culture. NEVER say “we don’t do it that way back home.”. most of us can count on family or friend support. you can integrate with them if you try. (i was so happy when i learned that fuckinghaole is two words. you cannot drive here from la or anyplace fucked up – not even honolulu. there is no tolerance for gang banging low lifes. the soil is good. fishing not so good. biting bugs are minimal. no bug born diseases. ever try to sleep outdoors in florida or minnesota? you will die. a major attitude adjustment will be required. all best!

    • Maritha

      Again, totally radiated by Fukushima, surrounded by the dead Pacific. :<

  • pickypinkfish

    we live in northern nebraska, which we thought was a good place but are not so sure now, yeah the weather is great for growing things, but there’s not musch water left and what is is so high in nitrates that cancer will catch you before doomsday reaches there. And this year there is a bad drought. We are thinking of moving up to Upper peninsula michigan; far away from everything, lots of water and the same climate zone as nebraska. Oh and I do believe nebraska, south dakoata and kansas are right in the line of ash fallout from the yellowstone super volcano which could put a small damper in growing food and obtaining clean drinking water.

  • I lived in New York 50 years and moved to the Blue Ridge Mts of N.C and have lived there 12yrs and I’m ready for most anything and my family has this compound to be safe in most situations.North Carolina and South Carolina are great places if you can afford the land prices today.

    • Maritha

      How about the cracking of the New Madrid fault…you will be under water.

    • jarhead1969

      Glad to see another Marine is prepared – Semper Fidelis: but remember no matter where you are, no matter how remote, how deep in the ground you are, if you do not obey God’s laws and commandments, He will find you where ever you are and give you your “just reward”. (My family of several former Vietnam Marine Vets, Iraqi Marine Vets, etc, are also prepped and ready – but we place God above all.
      Just for a read: Have you ever hear of “St. Michael and the Marine”. This story, available on the net – was told to over 5000 Marines before they embarked for Korea in 1950. A true and factual story.

  • Todd

    I have looked at this problem for some years now. I live / work in Los Angeles, and own a small house in Montana. I might live there some day but would be just 100 miles from Maelstrom A F B and surrounded my missile silos, primary targets to enemy nations. So you consider nuclear power plant malfunction, flooding, farming, weather, the list goes on and you realize the US and Europe are unsafe altogether. I believe living with indigenous people in the south pacific is the “safest” place. but for a city boy like me I really want to check out Australia. I’m done worrying. …. Horde Precious metals. –

  • god is pissed at the U.S.A. and he is going to bring back the Velociraptor to eat us all. forget zombies.1 million Velociraptor’s will just show up one morning and eat every american.

  • Rebecca

    Hey, I’ve been reading the comments below and finding them pretty interesting. It seems like there isn’t any real ideal place in the US. NC and SC sound great, except that’s the region that was last said to have the nuclear warheads planned against it and the reason 3 military generals were fired by Obama – because they didn’t detonate them in that region as he wanted, but rather detonated them out to sea. Word is that the NWO capital will be replaced from DC to Colorado…that DC will be destroyed. Who knows, but that’s a red flagged area, for sure. High crime, as well. I lived in FL for most of my growing up years and miss it desparately, but I know that the crime is high (drugs and gang related), frequent weather problems, and not a lot of industry. It can be really tough there. If a war breaks out, remember that FL is open on 3 sides and that’s not good.
    Unfortunately, I have to agree with one of the writers that black and hispanic groups are more likely to be crime ridden. I don’t know why. We are caucasion and have adopted 2 hispanic girls who we dearly love. We’re not racist at all, but we can’t deny the stats. In FL there is so much black crime and in MA there is so much latino crime. I don’t know why, but think it has to do with the history of the peoples. That being said, of course, we know and love wonderful black and hispanic people as well – all races have their bad apples, but better to stay with those you know and understand when the chips are down.
    Hopefully, when the shtf, it will become clear early on who to work with and who to avoid. One problem that comes with moving is that all the variables change for you and I think that is a significant challenge to cope with in an unstable time period.
    Good luck to everyone.

  • Thunder

    Alaska is a bad choice???!? It’s has great remote areas and lots of arctic wildlife. Look at Heimo And Edna Korth and tell me they don’t have it going for them.

  • Ferg

    Obama and his Democrats (left wing liberals) have caused the biggest decline of America. Its better to go to Republican states that balance their budgets. High population areas are socialists, and you are at high risk in socialist areas. Look at their debts, High debts = greedy people which in turn leads to high crime. Currently I live in Maryland , a Democrat state, which is in a degrace with religous liberties on a decline. I already have plans to move to Idaho. If you move to a red state, don’t bring your liberal left wing agenda there.

  • barrycommie

    All states have their negatives and positives. There are some areas in a state that are a lot different than other areas in the same state. Have to do your homework and not depend on superficial articles the media puts out. Thinking about the hill country in texas. (excluding Austin and San Antonio)

  • commonsense

    this article sux

  • Maritha

    How about out of the Country like Peru or Chile? Martial Law will affect everyone in the US simultaneously. Militarized police are everywhere here now.

  • D H

    you talk new Madrid and the ring of fire, but you never mention Yellowstone, home of one of the last semi active super volcanoes on earth currently rising up the close to 80 mile circumference mouth 1 to 2 inches each year for many years now, that when it decides to blow, could blanket over 2/3rds of the USA in several feet of ash that is not breathable, you cant get it out of your lungs its too heavy, and would also collapse roofs and buildings under its weight. It will do the same for much of Canada too. Its suggested it will cause a volcanic winter for at least a year over most of the northern hemisphere and drive temperatures down to the point nothing could grow for the duration the ashes floated in the air blocking the suns rays from warming he earth. .

    You also have the Clarendon-Linden fault system in New York state. The Kern Canyon, Independence, and Pyramid faults in Nevada . The Long Point and Eureka fault lines in Texas, The Marianna in Arkansas , The Ramapo fault line that runs through Pennsylvania , New Jersey and into New York state and city. The Saw Tooth fault line in Idaho. The Wabash fault in Indiana . The Humbolt runs from Kansas through Nebraska and into Canada. The Brothers fault line in Oregon and lets not forget one fault line that would make the New Madrid’s last shaker look like a walk in the park, the Virginia Fault line in South and North Virginia. It too like New Madrid had interrupted a little over 150 years ago, but its much larger, longer and wider by several hundred miles, than the New Madrid fault line. So yeah. Where do you go?

  • Michael Hain

    David I’m Michael Hain from LAS VEGAS two kids and a wife lost everything I mean everything and I thank god for reading the message you left it brought tears to my heart and eye’s and gave me a spark of faith and that said with the Lord in my heart I love you man and you too Andy the 80year old man both of you are a blessing from God . Thank you Lord that’s the gifts you talk about amen

  • BK Anderson

    FACT: no matter how you want to view it. Crime is highest in minority areas. PERIOD! That isn’t even debatable. BUT! That doesn’t mean all minorities are included. Your victim play has lost its luster.

  • selbonn727

    Most of the comments I have read all have valid points. Certainly the sound of a generator in post apocalyptic world will guide others to you but I have serious doubts about anyone’s ability to hide in most places in the US unless it’s an an EMP that ends things. Anyone anywhere will be vulnerable when the bad guys start deploying drone technology.

  • supercyberfunk

    Just something to note: Michigan is a good place when it comes to fresh water. Lots of rural areas with quick access to fresh water. Any good prepper should be able to grow food during the growing season and store that food during the winter months (or just buy food to store). If you’re in a good financial situation, and not worried about a job, then Michigan hands down. When the economy collapses, plenty of people will make for the water sources, and I don’t want to be around one of the few sources per capita. I’m staying away from populated areas as much as possible.

  • John

    If earthquake fault lines are a no go, so are super volcanoes of the Northwest and Rockies.

  • 璟葉翔天


  • 璟葉翔天



    At times Americans greatest threats come not from a enemy overseas, but from a threat much closer to home. Cough!!, cough!! Big, business, wall street, lobbyist, and the good ole folks in Washington D.C. have been waging a economic war against every day Americans.
    Some of these people in power don’t care if America falls or not, so long as their pockets are lined with gold. Some of these people are more of a threat to this countries well being, than Osama bin laden ever was, just in a more subtle way.
    On sept, 11 2001 terrorist “crashed ” into the WOrld trade centers causing them to collapse killing thousands of innocent people just doing their jobs to make the America a better place.
    In 2008 economic terrorist “crashed” the economy ruining millions of lives of good Americans trying to make life better for themselves and their children, grandchildren. Millions of homes were lost, lifetimes savings wiped out, thousand upon thousand of good families decimated.
    We Americans need to stand together against the forces that are arrayed against us, or risk sending our children and their children into a era of darkness.

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