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When Times Get Tough, The Tough Get A Backbone

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Do not ever give up.  That is one of the secrets to life.  Almost everyone comes to a moment in life when things look absolutely hopeless.  But those that have come through those moments know that there is always a way to turn things around.  When times get tough, the tough get a backbone.  Yes, a horrific economic collapse is coming and the world is going to become incredibly unstable.  But the purpose of waking people up and getting them to realize what is about to happen is not so that they can shiver in fear.  When a military unit gets intel that indicates that the enemy arrayed against them is far more powerful than previously thought, do they give up all hope and run away like little girls?  Of course not.  Instead, they use that intel to prepare for the coming battle.  Only cowards give up.  When you totally give up, you lose everything and the enemy wins.  Our life does not consist of what we own anyway.  If every single thing that you own was taken away from you, would your life be over?  No!  When we leave this world, we will not be remembered for what we owned.  Rather, we will be remembered for how we lived.

The cowardly never finish the race and they never win any prizes.  Being a coward may seem like a way to escape short-term pain, but in the end it is never worth it.

Those of us living in the United States have had it good for so long that most of us don’t even know what it is like to go through hard times.

But just because a great era of prosperity is coming to an end does not mean that our lives will be over.  There are plenty of people on the other side of the globe that only have one set of clothes and that don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and yet many of those same people are incredibly happy and full of life.

Just because a time of great darkness is coming to this world does not mean that you have to give in to fear.  All of us feel fear from time to time.  Courage does not mean that you don’t feel any fear.  It means that you can take action in spite of the fear.

When times are the darkest, that is when the light is needed the most.  As the world falls apart, there will be a much greater need for heroes than ever before.

So decide to be a hero instead of a coward.

Sticking our heads in the sand and pretending that everything is going to be okay does not do anyone any good.  Denying clear and obvious evidence of what is about to happen is just another form of cowardice.

As I wrote about yesterday, 2012 is going to be a very difficult year and Europe is on the verge of a massive financial collapse.  The stunning long-term decline of the U.S. economy is likely to accelerate and the middle class is going to continue to be ripped to shreds.

All over the globe, prominent voices in the financial world are declaring that a nightmare is about to begin.  For example, renowned investor Jim Rogers recently said the following….

“Eventually one of two things has to happen. We have to get together now and ring-fence the problem and figure out how we are going to survive and start over. Or, in a year or two or three, the market is going to say, no more money, we won’t put up any more money. And then the whole system collapses, then you have gigantic chaos, social unrest, governments failing, civil war – huge mess”

So should we all throw our hands up in the air and give up?


Now is the time to get a backbone and to prepare for what is ahead.

Just think of the great heroes throughout history.  What made those people into great heroes?

They became great heroes because they triumphed in the midst of great adversity.

So do you want to be a winner or do you want to be a loser?

If you give up, you are automatically a loser.

If you keep on fighting for what is right, you are automatically a winner even if it costs you your life eventually.

So don’t be stupid.

Is your life really hard right now?

Well, there are huge numbers of people sleeping on the streets of America tonight.  Most of them probably have it a lot rougher than you do.

A lot of people that have lost their homes have battled back and have totally rebuilt their lives.  They were able to do that because they never gave up.

For example, one woman in the Washington D.C. area that lost everything and ended up on the streets fought back and reclaimed her life.  She did what she could with what she had, and her tireless efforts paid off.  She even became a Twitter celebrity….

For AnnMarie Walsh, attaining social media celebrity from the streets and shelters of the Northwest suburbs meant using the Internet at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library or searching for places to charge a hand-me-down phone that demanded cash for minutes.

Walsh’s savvy landed her a spot in a documentary called “Twittamentary” and a trip across the country to speak at a glitzy Los Angeles theater for the “140 Characters Conference.”

But perhaps the 41-year-old’s biggest coup was finding a place to live after more than five years of homelessness, thanks to a social worker who connected with her through Twitter.

A reader of my site has a story that is similar in a lot of ways.  He identifies himself as “JD”, and he left the following comment on one of my articles quite some time ago….

I was laid off from my construction job almost 2 yrs ago was on unenjoyment for over a yr they cut me off last september so i lost my apartment. Since then ive been couch surfing and hotel hopping. Now i occaisonally sleep in my car. I was lucky enough to have a friend with a lawn care business so i can at least put ever increasing gas in my car\house. I hate to say it but i think we will see hoovervilles in the major cities soon. When the welfare & food stamps & all the other govt. programs end the anarchy begins.

But guess what?

He did not give up.

He kept hanging in there.

Today, he is no longer homeless, he has a new job, and things are looking much, much brighter for him.

The following is another comment that he left on a recent article….

I love it here in Montana. We have problems but not everyone could live here especially when its -70 windchill and blowing snow. Its a hard country but its worth it to be away from the insanity of the cities. Millions will be freezing and starving to death before this decade is out, mark my words. The fight for freedom is on! LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD!!!!

That is the attitude of a hero.

If you have not seen it yet, please take a few minutes and watch the short video posted below.  It is entitled “100 Years In 10 Minutes”, and it is a great reminder of many of the heroes that have gone before us….

Yes, there are going to be many challenging times ahead.

But don’t be stupid and give up.

Instead, decide right now that you are going to be a light in the darkness.

Being a coward is not going to get you anything.

But if you will stand up and fight for what is true and right, the enemy may be able to eventually take your life, but they will never take your freedom.

As noted earlier, when times get tough, the tough get a backbone.

Will the years ahead find you cowering in fear or will they find you enjoying greater adventures than you ever dreamed of?

The choice, my friend, is up to you.

  • Gary2

    Michael-you are correct-as long as one does not give up they have a chance.

    This is why I am out protesting the republicans/conservatives any chance I get. This is why I am working at beating Paul Ryan with a better candidate-Rob Zerban. This is why I have personally collected 70+signatures to recall Walker. See I do not just post on blogs, I actually go out and do the work of defeating conservatism.

    I will NEVER give up fighting against the right wing repubes/conservatives, never.-

    • mb

      You forgot to add “and tax the rich hard”. A post by you without that statement is like a day without sunshine.

      • gary2

        sorry-tax the rich hard and spread the wealth!

        It must have been a cloudy day when I posted.

    • Jim

      Because the Democraps have done such a good job running things, right. Oh, but let me guess. It’s Bush’s fault, right. Wow, socialism is so much better. Do you live on the planet Earth?

    • Yea you say in your comments that you want to do away with the constitution, our form of govt (republic) & do away with the equality of citizens.

      You say you wont give up but you have to never give up & support the right thing.

      You so called plans have fascist & communist flavors & they all go against the constitution.

      You are no hero.


      • gary2

        Again-agree or disagree-I am taking action and doing something, not just posting on a blog!

        • Adam

          gary2 – get a job you bum! What’s it like to be so jealous of successful people? HAHA – loser!

          • Gary2

            more right wing “brilliance” on display

    • Syrin

      Yeah, now that Wisconsin is on the road to fiscal sanity to some degree, you protest. I think you would have been happy to see those 5,000 teachers fired instead of them having to contribute a PITTANCE to their pension.

      Keep fighting for the Nazicrats. When they come and take you away without telling you the charge, telling you where you are and giving you no trial, remmeber this. You HELPED PUSH FOR THIS, you tyrant loving moron.

    • Malcolm reynolds

      You do know that “signatures” of the aren’t really valid doncha? But then again, there ain’t no such a thing as an honest democrat. Commies all.

      • Gary2

        such insightful commentary from the right.

        We will so cream the right in 2012.

    • Todd

      I applaud your zeal, but as with many others here think it may be misdirected. I too live in Wisconsin and am tired of those that want to run roughshod over the people by trying to force a recall election every time their favorite candidate does not win. In a state whose budget is already tight you want to unnecessarily spend tens of millions of dollars now instead of waiting until the next election? That makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution. Walker, Ryan, etc. are not the problem. The problem is the people have lost the moral-spiritual foundation needed to make any form of free government operate successfully. We have a tremendous freedom enshrining foundation in our state and federal constitutions, but these are being badly abused by the selfish interests of Demicans and Republicrats (two sides of the same coin) pandering for votes which translate into personal influence, power, and money. Our corporations and government institutions have run amok with greed, self interest, and abuse of authority instead of serving and representing the people in general. Did you know that in the State of Wisconsin you are guilty of being a dead-beat parent, whether you have children or not? That is until you submit your social security number for some unknown person to check some records and exhonerate you. The DMV will not give you a driver’s license, the DNR will not give you a sporting license, until you submit this number – which by the way is illegal according to the Privacy Act of 1974. It was also promised by legislators when it was created that the social security number would only be used for the social security retirement program.

      Keep your zeal, but fight for the strong moral-spiritual (and I would say Christian) foundation, not just the surface issues


    If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

  • Gutter Economist

    Definition of COWARD (from Merriam-Webster)

    one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity

    Example of COWARD

    a US politician who fails to support the US constitution

    Example of HERO

    Mike Adams, Editor of

    Dear NaturalNews readers,

    While America was out partying last night, drinking it up and celebrating the end of 2011, Obama quietly signed the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, which nullifies the Bill of Rights and declares America to be a “battleground” in which all American citizens can be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and even killed with no due process.

    You don’t even have to be charged with a crime. Now, thanks to Obama, the military can simply “disappear” you.

    “President Obama’s action today is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law,” said Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

    With this signing, Obama has cemented his position as the most traitorous U.S. President in history, not merely violating his promise to close Guantanamo Bay and end the military’s secret prisons, but actually expanding the power of those secret prisons over ALL Americans!

    It is time to impeach this President and all those who voted for this freedom-crushing legislation. Read my urgent story today on the NDAA and the nullification of the Bill of Rights:

    • Rowell

      Of course, you forgot to mention the traitorous members of the Senate and Congress that actually wrote and passed the bill. How many Teaparty Members were on board for the bill?

      The problem isn’t with one party or the other, it’s with BOTH parties. Please….wake up.

      • Gutter Economist

        Please re-read the above comment.

        It is time to impeach this President and all those who voted for this freedom-crushing legislation.

  • Charles

    In 2007 I was laid off, which led to my wife taking off with my daughters, bankrupcy, and letting the bank take my home away. I moved into an apartment complex occupied by illegals because that is the type of place a bankrupt father with child support payments goes. Four and a half years later I am back on top, yet I never forgot how bad things got. I’ll never forget having to go a food bank. I know what it’s like to hustle gas money. I hocked and craigslisted everything. This stuff is real and yes it’s happening. But I crawled my way out. Yesterday I moved into house with another single dad trying to keep the wolves at bay. Now he can live to fight another day with $500 a month tax free in his pocket. That feels good. Four and a half years of living with illegals when up till 2007 I had the suburban dream. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to pull in a driveway instead of the hood. I get angry and motivated to help others with little things and sometimes big things. We have to stay strong and stick together.

    • Michael

      Great comment Charles!




        This article should have been posted/written on September 12, 2001. This is ten and one quarter years too late and a dollar short on this one. If people could not grow a spine during that most trying of times, one can’t expect for them to grow one now. Let the economic collapse and the NDAA roundups begin!!

  • Chris

    I like the end where you state”Being a coward is not going to get you anything”, as it is succinctly captured by this verse:

    Revelation 21:8
    8But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.

    • Michael

      Yes, that is very true.


  • Rodster

    And unfortunately that’s what our government has gone out of it’s way to do. They’ve de-balled the male, which is why we see so many of our leaders crying when things get tough. If you are to change a system completely with the NWO idea you need as many lot’s of non-leaders and those who will just go along with things.

    In further news our debt has just hit 100.3% to GDP.

    • Ben Dover

      Are you referring to John Boner, aka “weeper of the house”?

  • tak

    Gary 2
    yes the rebubs are the problem you just dont get it,ubama has wrecked the US buy himself wake up

    • Crystal

      Actually, both the Democrats and the Republicans have done severe damage to our country.

      However, Obama was “hired” to begin the process of bringing our country back to better days. He has,of course, failed miserably.

    • Ben Dover

      I am constantly amazed at the people who think one party or the other is working for “the little guy”.

  • I have worked full-time less than half of the last ten years, but I just keep plugging away. Next week I start another temporary job which ends in May. My key to success has been to live beneath my means so that I can work even when I do not have a job. I can work on my truck, land, or cabin with parts found on Craiglist because I save part of everything I earn so I have working capital. I can work at building relationships with others who can help me. I can work at helping others learn these same skills.

  • Very well said Michael! I believe that it is easier to walk in courage with faith…when you have “someone above” who has your back!


  • Arius

    Gary2, you are obviously a union member shilling for your bigger pension and benefits on the backs of taxpayers. The Republicans are not the only problem, so are the Demoncrats and the Unions. Cutting the Unions down to size is a good first step. More needs to be done.

    • gary2

      yea those private sector wages they sure have been raising, NOT.

      Why do you think the wages for most h ave been stagnating? You really thing management haw too little power? Do you live on earth?

      Instead of complaining about how good public sector workers have it people should be ripping private sector for being so bad.

      • knightowl77

        I agree that all union jobs both public and private are overpaid…No wonder those jobs where possible are going overseas….Pretty soon Americans will be crossing illegally into Mexico to get jobs that Mexicans just won’t do….Keep posting when you get there Gary…..

        • Gay Veteran

          without strong unions in the 1950s and 1960s there would be NO middle class

          LABOR built this country

      • Ben Dover

        By definition, public sector jobs TAKE from the economy. Government cannot give anyone anything without first taking it from someone else.

        • Gary2

          tax the rich-works for me

          • Todd

            I think you have a skewed perspective here. Playing Robin Hood and using the power of government to take from any particular group is disturbing. On the other side of the coin, those that have been blessed with the skills and opportunity to be successful financially have a moral obligation to share that wealth by giving with the goal of improving our society and civilization.

  • r.bitting

    Michael, Tell me that you did’nt just quote a Mel Gibson movie line.

    • Michael

      Why not?

      That was a great movie.


  • Ben

    You should have more articles like this on this site instead of the constant gloom and doom. Hard times are here and there are more coming, but some of us are actually out there and working with others to get through it. Some of us have banded together with our neighbors because we know a storm is ready to hit. Some of us out here are all banding together, coming together no matter what our beliefs. We find common ties with one another and actually speak with one another and engage with each other. It’s called talking and relating. We should all try it more often. Put down the tablets, iphones and get off of Facerot. We have come together in the past. That is what we do as Americans. That is what we have always done.

    Idiots like Gary who are so highly programmed and so idealogical that they cannot see past their own hate do us no good. But you go ahead Gary, you keep believing in the construct that has been set up for you. You keep believing in that left/right paradigm. The Hegelian Dialectic that has been set up for you is working quite well and you have bought it hook, line and sinker. You have given into the hatred set up by the elite media and the souless psychopaths who run this country. I hope you set out to accomplish what you want in this life, your so-called defeat of conservatives. You are FAST asleep my friend and have no idea what is going on or what is coming your way.

    I wish you luck.

    • Lennie Pike

      Psychopaths is correct – “our” politicians and banksters. There is a great article on Zero Hedge right now about the nature of psychopathy.

    • United We Stand

      Enlightening chapter..”NO FEAR OF CONSERVATISM”

      Do read the above if you’ve the time.

      “People to People International was founded on September 11, 1956 by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. In his book Waging Peace, Eisenhower wrote the following:

      I had long advocated – and still advocate today – this kind of direct people-to-people exchange as one fine, progressive step toward peace in the world. In September of 1956 I initiated a broad-scale People-to-People program – an effort to stimulate private citizens in many fields (the arts, education, athletics, law, medicine, business) to organize themselves to reach across the seas and national boundaries to their counterparts in other lands.

      If we are going to take advantage of the assumption that all people want peace, then the problem is for people to get together and leap governments – if necessary to evade governments – to work out not one method but thousands of methods by which people can gradually learn a little bit more of each other.

      -Waging Peace. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Doubleday, 1965. Pages 410-411.”

      Interesting, isn’t it.

      The five star General had it right. How I wish we had a Dwight D now!

  • richard breveglieri

    A very blessed and excellent present the american people have lots of belly fat especially some of the women who are responsible for keeping the family going..too much sports,hair curling,body inking and nose and belly rings…but when the last train pulls out and desperation in loss of free living sets in many will shape up rather than starve to death. some might even band together and try to help each other..we shall see if we can snap back

    • Lennie Pike

      We will.

      The very powerful survival instinct will kick in.

      Those who choose to work peacefully together will greatly outnumber those who choose to gang up and do violence to survive.

      At first gangs and chaos may have the upper hand, but that will not last very long – quickly they will be confronted by courageous organized and armed citizens – the great majority – at least in the Southern U.S. and Texas and all throughout the American Countryside. In large cities the courageous ones may not be in the majority – it’s close. Those people may have to flee to the country where a larger percentage of tougher, more courageous people reside.

      • Ben Dover

        I must note that a lot of rural residents do live on .gov handouts. It is not just an urban phenonema.

        • Lennie Pike

          The flow of money has been cut off, they don’t have much choice – when it comes to standing up and fighting – they will be a lot stronger than city folk.

  • Patriot Alice

    The noose is tightening slowly, Dollar/Euro devaluation is impoverishing 99% of us in the West..

  • bobbobbob

    every day another ptsd vet is killing amerikans.
    when i was one(ptsd) i still easily got a good job. yr1969. then when laid off i got a better job. I was offered 10000 in1972 to reenlist thats about 40000 in 2011 dollars(NEVER) today there is no hope for these professional terminators. your rebuplicanterrorists have exported all the good union jobs and replaced them with junk jobs. both my boys are mds and i am truely on in a million. AND I SPIT ON AMERIKAKASN

  • Cinderella Man

    I am the commentor formely known as JD. I go by Cinderella Man because the story of boxer Jim Braddock is one of my favorite movies. It takes place during the first Great Depression, and Jim had a family, a broken hand and a failed carrer. Jim never gave up, and his story is simliar to mine. In 2010, I had a broken wrist, no job, no unemployment, and no hope. But like Jim Braddock, I too was given a second chance at redemption. Today, the weather in Montana is alot like my life is beautiful. It was 60 degrees in January which is unheard of! A baby lamb was born today and I got to experience the blessings of a new life that my father helped bring into this world. (my heavenly and earthly) There was some sad news as well. Our truck driver’s wife has been dianosed with cancer in her back so he cant haul our new elevator’s grain bin tomorrow. But thats how life is. You have to take the good with the bad and never be afraid to thank the Lord for your blessings. Ive come a long way in just 6 months. Never give up. And when things look bad, and it looks like youre not gonna make it, Cowboy Up as we say in Montana! Thank you Michael for mentioning me in another article. Im very flattered, and I will try to stay as positive as I can in the future. Now if God can get Ron Paul past the finish line first tonight, that will really make my day!

    • knightowl77

      God Bless You!

      Ron Paul doesn’t have to win, nor do I think that he wants to…He does need support and votes to get his ideas to be “mainstream”. If the elites see that a lot of Americans support his ideas and his candidacy, they will at least start discussing his ideas. When his vote levels are low his ideas can be dismissed as “fringe”.
      When he is in the “top tier” it forces the TPTB to at least consider why his vision resonates with the people…
      So if you like Ron Pauls’ ideas, vote for him even though he has little chance to get the nomination. We can change the debate and get those ideas to become mainstream….

    • getreal

      “cowboy up” Not everyone up here in Montana is a hick…..

      • knightowl77

        the only “hicks” are the ones who are not tolerant of others

  • My story is a little different charles. I got slamed, I made a mistake, fathered a child but not married. Working full time at a low paying job just making it. Child support was to much. I kissed the house goodbye, but I had a little piece of land so I got some help from a good friend sold stuff and jacked the credit card and built a small cabin type thing and moved in during the winter in northern wisconsin all while working full time. I was making $9.00 per hour and with a long commute it was still a little tight. I did move closer to work to live with a girl friend and didn’t move back to the cabin even though after 4 years we split up. I found better work and now work full time and also a part time job that almost makes up for child support. I lived in a barn, and then in a moldy basement and did my cooking on a 2 burner coleman cook stove in those places for all of 8 years. My full time job is the best job I’ve ever had (Public Transit) I couldn’t buy a house and really don’t want to now anyhow, so I bought a mobile home in a trailer court close to work. By the way I’m clean and sober 26 years so I’m not exactly trailer trash. My work is just to far from my cabin so I don’t live there, but I’ve managed to keep it, thank god its paid off. It has no electricity nor running water but I did and can live that way. It has a good wood burner and I love it there and if or when the poop hits the fan I’ve got a place to go to and I will not be homeless! I guess that got a little long but charles struck a nerve. I’ve got a year and a half to go and no more child support!!!! And my life adventure is going to get better yet. (and yes I am a prepper) Thank you for the blog.

    • Michael


      I love reading the personal stories that people share on this site. It means a lot that people like you are willing to share these things with all of us.


  • mondobeyondo

    “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

    — John F. Kennedy

    • Lennie Pike

      I loved that guy. Where’s the next one like him?

      • Amanda

        Even if someone like him exists he’d never go very far. Just look at what happened to JFK.

  • Stanislaw

    This is an excellent post, Michael. Perhaps I can provide some insight.

    I grew up among Russian Jews (although I am not a Jew) who immigrated from the USSR. I learned their stories, particularly from the Grandparents, about how hard life was. The first problem was that in Russia (and this has seldom changed), about 5-10% are very wealthy and have tremendous power or money. The bottom 90% (with perhaps a few “middle-class” equivalent exceptions) live in poverty and struggle to eat their daily bread. Jews, Armenians, Georgians, and Central Asians had the second problem that they were not recognized as Soviet Citizens, and neither were their children. I have seen that on the old Soviet birth certificates, nationality is listed as “Jew” and not “Soviet” even though these people have lived in Russia for centuries. Even if you were a Russian, if you practiced either Russian Orthodox or Catholic Christianity (and it didn’t matter if you were Roman, Byzantine, or Armenian Catholic) and you were caught you would be treated as bad as the Jews were, and possibly be sent to the Gulag.

    I say this because my family likewise immigrated from Eastern Europe several generations ago, and we have not forgotten our roots and we have learned from those who have recently survived communism. There is a reason why the Russians can be pushy, brash, and difficult, because these people had to learn to survive in a system that sought to annihilate them. After all, it was Stalin who said “Smyert tragediya, no millyon statistika” (One death is a tragedy, but a million is a statistic).

    We need to stand together as Americans and help each other so that we as individuals might survive. Times are getting tough, and Americans would be wise to take a lesson from the Russian “old-timers” who lived under Soviet rule in how to retain one’s humanity yet possess the inner toughness and tenacity to survive the hellish system being thrust upon us.

    • Michael


      I find that people who grew up overseas tend to appreciate this country more than people that have lived here all of their lives. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


  • tappedops

    Pull in a driveway… sounds like a car to me… let me know when youve been riding a bike to a 11 dollar an hour job ,rain or shine for 3 years…

    To Smash… yes Mike A is a hero…

    • Charles

      Being on foot is something I can respect and empathize. My badge of endurance is I went throught the Summer of 2010 with no air conditioning in Dallas TX. Sitting in traffic with a shirt and tie in 108 degrees. My girls were misrable and I felt like a crappy dad. I limited my driving with them on the weekends and kept cold water in the van for them. So yet I used it to push myself and with much mercy from God I have a 4 year old civic that has cold ac and gets 40mpg. There is a quote from Henry Rollins I like “Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.” Sometimes I feel like I am a Frankenstein-a person who found a deep strength after being parted back together with scar tissue.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    When you are surrounded by enemies you are in a target rich environment. Think positive for the alternative is a darkness where monsters live. Prepare to the best of your ability and reach out to family and friends. Stay alert and definitely get a back bone.

    “But I crawled my way out.”

    Good for you Charles! You are an everyday hero.

  • It’s not how many times life knocks you down. What counts is how many times you get back up!

  • “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” I cannot remember the name of the article that was written on this blog about which country would a person go to if shtf in this country.
    Alot of people like me said they would stay
    until hell freezes over,but then there seemed to be a number of people that said they would leave and come back when things got better,they run at the first sign of trouble and let the individuals with a “backbone” do whatever has to be done to make life better for these same people,this is a form of being a coward,they run away from one problem and will continue to
    run everytime the are confronted with a issue they cannot handle.Where does being a coward begin with? Well, not everybody agrees about this subject but how about when people start there life at a young age,no worries,no responsibilities, parents do everything for them,tell them to stay about of trouble and not to learn how to defend themselves,give them money everytime they want something and do not encourage them to get a job, to learn the value of money,by doing everything for them they will not learn responsibility and how to fend for themselves when the time comes to leave the nest.they go to school and don’t get a job because just like when they grew up they expect mommy and daddy to bail them out everytime the bad happens.what happens when they are not there
    do make decisions for them, to giude them or direct them.Confidence,self esteem,attitude and responsibility are traits that need to be injected at a young age,these will help shape and mold the type of person they will be.Also
    teaching them at a young age that drugs and alcohol are not the answer because those two will definatly determine if a person is a “coward or a Hero”.

  • Ralphieboy

    Awesome piece….truer words never spoken. Like so many others, have had some very rough spots over the years….living in my car, working low paying Manpower jobs when they were available, taking any job for survival…janitor, construction laborer, and for a few years, underground hardrock miner. Hey, gotta do what you gotta do, and fact is, I was always grateful for the work, and grateful that I had the strength and health to do it. Some years ago started my own business. All I heard from so-called friends and family was how I was going to fail. Well, they were right, but not for long. I did make some mistakes at first, and had to temporarily put the biz on the shelf foor awhile. But kept on. And the more people kept saying it could not be done, I became more convinced it could.

    Today , my family no longer have to worry about the next meal or bus fare or the next tank of gas. I am very grateful indeed to be a survivor … one that has never uttered the words, “I quit”. God blessed me with faith to persevere, no matter what. And I am just one of many thousands of us out there that will keep on, no matter how bad things get. Obama and his socialists, his central banking puppet masters may think we are cowering sheep, but this is a gross miscalculation of our hardened resolve. Those of us who builtthis country with our hands, our hard labor, our resolve, will be the ones to survive, take it back, and re-build. Make no mistake.

  • Prison For Your Mind

    These are great videos…

  • luis

    okey every u may thing ima chicken if i scape a city but u got to think we go lots of enemies in an out of the U.S.A are goverments is crap here in las vegas they got chemtrail in the sky there killing us slow but where so busy working or party we dont no also the water has flouride the is bad H1N1 the has mercury so u wanna be healthy dont go to a hospital they will kill u there i being to hospital here in vegas dont go to any goverment hospital because they dont care about u all they care is about there money so the hell with hospitals the hell with the goverment an if the economy collapse im not going to run like a chicken or panic but if the goverment puts martial law then we gonna have a bloody battle i got heavy guns so they wanna take my gun there going to get nuts in there face im ready to fight for my freedom……..

  • penny

    “If China,” says Mr. Stapleton, M.P., to his constituents, “should become a great manufacturing country, I do not see how the manufacturing population of Europe could sustain the contest without descending to the level of their competitors.” (Times, Sept. 3, 1873, p. 8.).

  • M. Hapney

    What is sad is that most of those events occurred because of the plotting of the Oligarchs that control the destiny of nations and our lives. We live under the duress of a few powerful men.

    Admitting that 99% are sheeple and there is no hope for what will be the former USA is not cowardly, it is fact. Most people suffer from the Normalcy Bias and cannot see that the ride is almost over.

    At this point, it should be about #1 and the people you care about because the war is lost. The elite won. The hold all the cards, control it all.

    If one form of delusion/deception won’t draw you in, there are many more sophisticated ones layed out before you. All scripted over hundreds, even thousands of years.

    All we are left with is false hope and stage shows such as ‘politics’ to keep our frail minds busy as TPTB drive in the last of the nails.

    It is true that a person should never give up on survival, on an individual basis. However, the game is essentially lost. Thank you deluded sheeple for making it all possible.

  • M. Hapney

    My favorite bumper sticker:


  • M. Hapney

    Soon TPTB will reach into their bags of tricks and get their Billy Club (us) to start a war with Iran. All for social control and profit.

    Just like all the previous war examples in that video, all started by deception, false flags, etc.

    Two things to listen for that could either signal the collapse.

    One is when the banker media starts talking about the 600+ trillion in leveraged debt and its impending collapse that will wipe out all fiat currencies. Then, of course, while the sheep sit in front of their TVs in denial, it happens.

    The other is war is Iran. Started upon lies and staged events, as all wars are. We are a failing Empire lashing out in every direction since all we can’t export anything but war and death.

  • I remember being told, after the fact, of what my then 50 y/o factory-janitor father did when he’d been out of work for a while in 1980 in Detroit (20%+ unemployment): After selluing the house ($1,800 shy of paying off the mortgage) to stay out of foreclosure, he and Mom eventually found an apartment. He found a $3.75/hr. job seven miles away and walked it, on bad feet (he was diabetic), to save the bus money. I was off in the Army and didn’t find out until later on. They were children of the Depression and didn’t believe in quitting, asking for help, defaulting on a mortgage, etc. They also didn’t complain. That’s the America I want to get back to – filled with people like that.

  • karen

    You are so right Mr. Mike!!! I just read an article that said American morality is gone, and it is so, where are the men and where are the women, William Copper has a book, behold a pale horse he says men are raised to be pooty whipped, and women raised to be material and he sure was right. Some famous quotes from Thomas Paine one heck-of -a-man A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearace of being right. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of the little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.

  • Josh

    “There are plenty of people on the other side of the globe that only have one set of clothes and that don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and yet many of those same people are incredibly happy and full of life.”

    I have come to believe that the happiness is inversely correlated to material wealth. When you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, you are forced to interact with people, develop relationships and be creative.

    “Man does not live on bread alone”, or put another way, living alone with a freezer full of frozen food is no life at all. It is death on the installment plan.

    • CTD

      It seems to me that you have been and witness on the other side of the world that where I come from. We do whatever it takes to have food to eat and of course there is no guaranty that there is work from the same guy tomorrow so try to do a good job and hope he needs you again.

  • CTD

    Ask the BOAT PEOPLE what it takes to get here to this country. We escape the communist country on the small boat paying GOLD (not the paper money) and many fails because of scam and because of lost direction and we pay for the lives of human on the sea. There is about only haft of us is make it here. So the price of freedom is very high, but it was pay off. The one is scared and not fight is still in comunist country with luckiest made US $1.00 a day and suffer for so many years and generation. Mike, I am really like your blog and reading it every day and to me I am ready since we were born to fight and prepare for survive. We are been there and done that. I would recommend for all American to learn from us how to save and survive in any condition because to us American is alway better than anywhere in this planet. Again, thenk you, Mike, for provide all of your documenation very regularly and accurately. American need more people like you to educate our younger generation to prepare for the real world. It is slowly but surely coming.

  • MarkieMark

    Gary2 = Commie

    Gary, when are you going to WAKE UP and stop drinking the KoolAid?
    The Democrats are stripping Americans of their freedoms faster than any regime in history.
    The unions are not working for the betterment of the working man– they are working to keep the Fat Cat union bosses in power and their cash rolling in. When the companies and States run out of money union members can strike all they want but the pension checks will stop coming.
    Government entitlements may not stop, but eventually the US will have no choice but resort to a tactic utilized many times in history — inflation. Retirees on SS will get their checks and even see increases but the $5000 a month check they get each month will not go far when gas is $12.00 a gallon and a loaf of bread costs $7.00.
    The 10,000,000,000 German Mark I have framed on the wall in my office reminds me of what can happen when people demand government payments. BTW, that German bank note is worth about $1.25

    • gary2

      Gary2 = Commie

      Again another low information right wingwer calling what he/she does not understand commie.

      Keep posting-you continually prove my point.

      Go back and get your GED!

    • M. Hapney

      You are still buying into the Dems vs GOP nonsense? Sorry, but we have a one-party two-headed system. Both are overseen by the same controllers.

      Both to give the illusion of choice.

    • Kevin2


      Think the Republicans are not as guilty as sin? Is corporate welfare any different than personal welfare? Is invading countries for reasons unfounded and the costs thereof not a strain on the already broken budget?

      Every political combination has been tried including one party in charge of both Houses and the Presidency all to no avail.

      Gary loves the left considering them our savor and you the right. Both collectively put us where we are and it’s not a good place. Neither has a solution.

      • Gary2

        Is corporate welfare any different than personal welfare?

        Yes my friend Kevin it is different in that it costs 100’s of millions more than ANY type of welfare for the poor. It is not even close. I could never figure out why the right keeps ripping on the poor but almost never discussed corporate welfare (Michael are you listening) which is orders of magnitudes more. I also can not figure out why any thinking person could not figure this out? I even think you could go so far as to categorize the military to a big extent corporate welfare.

        Again I know both parties suck, but the worst dem is better than the best repube (best repube is sort of an oxymoron)

  • Cinderella Man

    Yes this country needs its heroes right now. Theyre still out there. When faced against insurmoutable odds the true hero rises up to the challange. Another reason Jim Braddock insipres me is in the First Great Depression, there were no social safety nets like food stamps and heating assistance. His power got shut off in December, and he had to come up with $40 to get it turned back on. He had 6 dollars and he worked at the docks with a broken hand to try to feed and heat his family. One of the most heart wrenching scenes in that movie is when his kids got farmed out he swallowed his pride and asked for help from the relief office, and from his former employers. Then when things couldnt look much worse, he got a shot at another fight after his carrer was declared over. Through his determination he won every single fight untill he got a shot at the championship. His opponent was Max Baer, a dangerous boxer who killed 2 men in the ring. Jim went on with the fight despite all the critics and his terrified wife, and won the championship. I think the point of Jim’s story is to never give in to fear and despair. There is a light in the darkness. There is always hope. If you have to fight every single day to get out of your gloom then do it. It will pay off in the end. And Michael, give yourself some credit too… You are a hero because you get the truth out to people during a time when the govt. is trying it’s damnest to silence it. Keep fighting, my friend. Ill leave with John Mayer “someday Ill fly someday Ill soar, someday Ill be so damn much more, cause Im bigger than my body gives me credit for!”

  • Rancher

    Sometimes it is better to retreat to fight another day than to die on that hill not worth fighting for. Pick your battles wisely or you will die foolishly.

    In the up coming changes in this world you better be looking out for yourself first as no one will be looking out for you. Not even O’Reilly 😉

    Be stocking food and supplies, convert investments into something tangible. Your choice. Network and find a safer place to stay than the city and suburbs when it gets bad.

    In other words have options in place ready to use if needed. All good military planners have reserves on call. What are your reserves?

    Also if you do not fear what is coming…you are a liar as well.

    • Rancher

      I vote but I have no faith in change from that vote.

      I have faith in my Lord and the resources which we have worked hard for. I believe we are in a rigged political game as well. You better be planning to take care of yourself and those you love.

  • William

    Only when Americans grow enough BACKBONE to VOTE incumbents OUT of the US Congress will there be any chance for any sort of economic recovery.

    • Rancher

      But again who will you have to vote in? Politics has determined only politicians make the final cut. Money is why. Until we deeply cut what can be spent then only those with deep pockets and deep pocket political friends will be on the ticket.

    • M. Hapney

      Truly amazing that there are still people who have faith in the corrupt system and the ‘voting’ will do anything. The game is rigged my friend, your input, your vote is meaningless.

  • This could save your life

    Not everyone is going to get a feel good pep talk from news articles like this.
    But your effort is noteworthy Michael.
    Suicide is one means of coping, same as drugs and alcohol, obesity as in stress eating, not that i am advocating any of it.
    Such is also seen in the animal world as well,
    Bees, colony collapse disorder, whales beaching themselves, flocks of birds crashing into trees and houses.
    Suicide is just one of many ways of thinning the worlds population. Governments around the world practice the art by sending off their youth to die in wars which are fought over earths limited resources, food, fuel, minerals.
    Forget the Government hype crap about fighting for freedom.

    Nature also has it’s own means of thinning the population such as natural disasters, plagues famines, illnesses and sickness.
    Yes we do have much to many people on earth and we are only one species of thousands upon thousands that must share this earth.
    It is liken to a petri dish, where the bacteria over run the dish and eventuality die off.
    In fact we are going to see the same hellish suicide rate seen in Greece come to the shores of the United States very soon.
    Greek woes drive up suicide rate

    Experts attribute rise to the country’s economic crisis following release of statistics that show a 40% jump since last year

    • Zoltanne

      And John Holdren salivates….

  • Mad-Max

    People are starting to wake up now. They’re hungry for information and new ideas. It’s almost impossible not see where we’re headed. The transition is going to be hell though.

    OsiXs (Revolution 2.0 – The Smart Revolution)

  • Cinderella Man

    @ get real, No, only REAL Montanans say COWBOY UP Not smart alec city dwellers from Missoula or Bozeman like yourself. But dont worry, when The SHTF youll be wanting us “hicks” to save you, but it youll be SOL. LOL LOL

  • Clay

    I hope all you heros have got the word on how to take the country back. The words are Ron Paul. Let’s make us all heros for our children and grandchildren. Pack up, ruck up and move out. We have to take on the banksters and win, because there is no way back. End the Fed, end the IRS, end the wars.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Are millions of Americans going to “get tough or perish?” You bet they are. Unfortunately, many of the neo-poor in The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) will survive via the underground economy of the Third World. In other words, they will survive the way that poor people survive in so many other Third World countries: drug trafficking, carjacking, kidnapping, violent home invasions, murder for hire, illegal arms trafficking. The neo-poor in the BRA will decide that their options include: (1) work long, hard hours in a sweatshop for next to nothing, (2) commit suicide, or (3) turn to crime. And for those who have an aversion to sweatshops as well as an aversion to suicide (not to mention an aversion to hunger), #3 will seem the most logical.

    So get ready to live in a very violent, dangerous and unstable Third World hellhole. When the going gets tough, the desperate and the destitute do desperate things—and quite often, they do them with guns and knives.

    • Me No Likey

      Here in Lost Angeles we’re already there. You wanna know your future? Pay a visit. The decline is way, way ahead of everyone else…

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Me No Likey: I live in Philly but have some cousins out in Lost Angeles (one of them, que descanse en paz, lived in Panorama City near Arleta and died from a stray gang bullet). California has changed, and definitely not for the better.

        Mother Jones, by the way, recently ran an excellente article on Americans who became marijuana dealers after falling into poverty:

        They felt that their options were either go hungry, work for minimum wage or join the underground economy; so they joined the underground economy and paid their bills that way, much like folks in Guatemala City or San Salvador.

  • Cinderella Man

    And BTW, getreal, Us “hicks” in agriculture are the #1 industry supporting Montana’s economy. Not logging, not mining, not the oil and gas industry, not tourisim, not the service sector. So I resent you classifying and entire segment of Montana residents as stupid hicks. These people out here are the toughest, smartest and most ingenutive people I have ever met. Way smarter than the college educated limp-wristwristed, yellowbelly types Ive known in Helena. So if and when this economic collapse happens, we country dumb hicks will be well prepared unlike all you city dwellers that will be starving and eating each other in the near future. COWBOY UP!!!! Cause we’re about John Wayne, Johnny Cash, and John Deere, way out here!

  • callmecordelia1

    Excellent article! I’ve put a lot of thought into this. I read all of your articles and agree that we need to prepare, but I’ve often wondered HOW. Really, you can only do so much to prepare physically. You can only get so much food, supplies, or money, and even if you do get some huge amount, it can all be taken from you in an instant (natural disasters, thieves, etc). I believe the real preparations will be mental, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’ve thought about how I would react if everything was suddenly taken from me. I’m sure I have a long way to go, but I feel like I could handle life if that’s the way it goes down. You are right that life is not about STUFF. We can still be happy without things, and we can prepare ourselves to help those around us who are blindsided by it. Those who don’t see it coming will be a mess when it hits. As always, thank you for your articles!

    • Michael

      You are welcome.

      Hopefully people will realize that fear is not the correct response to all of this information about the economy.


  • Jake

    Great post Michael. This was one of those times I got more out of reading the responces than I did the post. Stories of how ordinary folks have overecome great obstacles have a value that can’t be measured. Its good to hear that cinderella man is carving out a new life in MT. Stories out of Russia help put our plight in perspective. I was facing the failure of a new business 20 years ago. When I thought things couldn’t get any worse a sheriff’s deputy served me with notice of a law suit by a neighbor. At that point I began to learn the definition of perserverance. Our family cut back on everything including hiring more employees. We worked constantly. Over time the business grew and became more successful than we could have imagined. The jury awarded my neighbor $0.00. That experience taught us to live within our means and always be prepared for bad times. We got out of all debt. Last year an eye surgeon botched up a surgery on my wife’s eye and now she’s almost blind in that eye. She stopped working as a nurse as a result but we are not panicking. Yes it sucks that this happened but we’re prepared to make it regardless.

    BTW, it was good to see ZeroHedge pick up your post on the middle class in 2012.

  • Orange Jean

    I’ve enjoyed hearing from those of you who’ve persevered through hardships and got back up from down… thanks for sharing your stories.

    Now I have one to share, not my own. I knew a man who did something few of us could do. He at one point “had it made” by many people’s standards: a great paying job (he was in a senior position at a bank, if I remember correctly, vice president), had a wife, a nice home and a son. Then the unthinkable happened… his son, their only child, was diagnosed with cancer, at about age 12-13. He QUIT his job and took a part time job, so he could spend more time with his boy, take him to doctor’s etc. His wife left him, she got the house…

    His son died at 15. The son, I suspect from his great father’s example, did something extra special the last year in his life. Although terribly he did fund raising and got 10s of thousands of dollar’s in cancer research money, and when he died the story made first page in the big city newspaper…. in part because this young man also spent a lot of time helping the other kids going through chemo, supporting them and comforting them.

    The dad still has ton’s of medical bills to pay off. When his son died, of course he grieved, but he did not kill himself or anyone else. He did not spend his days whining and complaining about how his son’s death was someone’s fault (not the doctor, not his ex, not God…). Instead, when he was presented the opportunity he went back to work full time using his God-given talents managing money to help people in the credit union get their mortgages refinanced when they were about to loose their homes to foreclosure. Of course some he could not help… but even so.

    I have the greatest admiration for this guy, who I say has TRUE GRIT!

  • gary2

    The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

    The Lord needs to start doing more giveth and less taketh away!

    AKA-Show me the money

    • Macnasty

      Yep I wish he would show you lots of money and give it to you, because you are very deserving, you work hard, pay taxes, I really wish you well with your fortune, then reread your articles about taxing the rich hard and see how you like it.

      • Gary2

        glad to see were are on the same page!

  • mom


  • Reinvent

    In 2003, I was flat broke, my ungrateful wife left me (happy day) and I was driving a taxi. My car was repossessed. A car I might add I traded in my serviceable paid for car in to get due to my wife’s pressure.

    I got a job working the Los Angeles grocery store strike. Went to making over $2000 a week after taxes by working 100+ hours a week from October 03 to Feb 04

    Strike ended, flew home and by the next Sunday I already had a new job working in Kuwait and Iraq. I made 90k that year. Did real well till 2007 when I got fired for doing the right thing. Went back to the US and started a trucking business. Made good money till the stock market crash hit. Customer ripped me off, and could not make truck payment after 5 months I burned thru savings.

    Tried to start another business with a friend. Lived in my office. My family was in another country. My home and assets were not in the US. Could not even afford to go home. Ran out of money. Barely could scrounge laundry and food money. Was eating on $30 a week.

    Got job back in Kuwait end of 2009, saved up everything. Paid off house, have paid for car, and paid for machine shop. Putting in solar to cut the electricity bill and get by without the grid service if we had to. Planted garden and did food storage. Now I am soon out of a job again. This time leaving on my terms. Going home to zero debt, very low monthly payables and the ability to earn my own living with a CNC machine shop.

    I knew 2008 was coming, I was prepared for the worst, but not prepared for less. I had food storage, camping gear, land in the mountains, but not prepared for less than total collapse then. This time I am prepared for both.

  • mondobeyondo

    Sadly, even the famous and prominent are not immune. Kurt Cobain is just one of many examples.

    If only people had the courage, strength and determination to overcome their personal issues, instead of surrendering…
    Joe Bodolai, former scriptwriter for “Saturday Night Live” – he also co-wrote the script for the movie “Wayne’s World”. He ended his life the day after Christmas. Here’s a link to his blog…

    Unfortunately, there will be no further entries.


    And Bill Heywood, a very prominent, even legendary radio broadcaster in the Phoenix, Arizona area for several decades. A suicide note was found. Apparently, Bill took his wife’s life along with his own.

    Listen, each one of us has personal issues and challenges to face. Financial problems, health problems, family problems, depression, etc. But this is NOT the way to settle them!!

  • Cheryl

    That guy from SNL recently took his life over such ridiculous reasons.

  • comnenus

    Sorry, Never Give Up only works in movies, like the kabuki of a World Series last year. One single hit by pitch at the right time would have ended the Cardinals’ ‘miracle’ run.

    Real life is like a poker game. Those with smaller chip count fight and fight, until the blinds (read: taxes, child supports, student loans, and other ‘levies’ which can’t be gotten rid of) eliminate them.

  • mondobeyondo

    Three things I have learned from life about money:

    1. It’s not about what you want, it’s about wanting what you’ve got.

    2. You can’t buy health. Just ask Steve Jobs.

    3. Money can’t buy you love. Just ask the Beatles.

    • comnenus

      2) Jobs did buy a few more years of his life. Without his money he would have died on ’05.

      3) The Beatles did get a lot of squeezes out of their money.

    • mondobeyondo

      2) Well, yeah, Jobs did get a few more years of life. But if I were him, I’d ask for my money back! Ha!! Ugh, that wasn’t funny at all.

      3) Paul and Linda McCartney did have an extremely successful marriage, until she died in 1998. But it wasn’t about the money.

  • tk

    fyi your main site does not post well to facebook; instead it gives this paragraph:

  • I Will Stand

    Good encouraging words, Michael.
    I am a descendent of John Adams, President #2. He said, “Character is forged in the fires of adversity”, and I have taken that to heart. I live in Alaska, and I was having lunch recently with an elderly friend, an Indian chief . I asked him, “what was it like up here during the Great Depression?”, to which he replied, “We didn’t even realize there was a depression going on; we supported ourselves and did just fine”. In the same way, I have been living in a sustainable way, growing food, hunting, fishing, and becoming more self-supportive for my family. The less dependent we are on government handouts, the better off we will be. I have even noticed smaller communities forge bonds to help one another in these challenging times, so there are some good things coming out of adversity: people helping people directly. Never give up- keep standing !

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    Metaphorical backbones are instilled or ingrained at an early age. Don’t expect many (if any) Americans past the age of puberty to suddenly grow backbones after the ******* hits the fan.

  • mondobeyondo

    To Joe Bodolai, wherever you are now….
    (Google him, if you’re just coming across this post, and have no idea who he is, um, WAS)

    I’ll pick up the torch that you (voluntarily) dropped. I may not ever be as funny as you were, and I may never write skits for SNL and movies. But I promise to give it my best shot.

    Ugh… the flame just went out! Gotta re-light the fire. They don’t make torches like they used to, do they?

    Sincerely, Mondo.


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