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Why Are Food Prices Rising So Fast?

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If you do much grocery shopping, you have probably noticed that the cost of food has been rising at a very brisk pace over the past year.  So why are food prices rising so fast?  According to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, inflation is still very low and the economy is improving.  So what is going on here?  When I go to the grocery store these days, there are very few things that I will buy unless they are on sale.  In fact, I have noticed that many of the new “sale prices” are the old regular prices.  Other items have had their packages reduced in size in order to hide the price increases.  But with millions of American families just barely scraping by as it is, what is going to happen if food prices keep rising this rapidly?

The food prices are especially painful if you are trying to eat healthy.  Most of the low price stuff in the grocery stores is garbage.  Eating the “typical American diet” is a highway to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

But if you try to stick to food that is “healthy” or “organic” you can blow through hundreds of dollars in a heartbeat.  In fact, the reality is that tens of millions of American families have now essentially been priced out of a healthy diet.

Soon there will be millions more American families that will not even be able to afford an unhealthy diet.

Some recent statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are absolutely staggering.  According to a recent CNBC article, over the past year many of the most popular foods in America have absolutely soared in price….

Coffee, for instance, is up 40 percent. Celery is 28 percent higher while butter prices rose 26.4 percent. Rounding out the top five are bacon, at 23.5 percent, and cabbage, at 23.3 percent.

Unfortunately, it looks like the trend of rising food prices is accelerating.  Just look at what the CNBC article says happened in the month of April alone….

Just in April—the most recent month for which data is available—grapes went up nearly 30 percent, cabbage jumped about 17 percent and orange juice surged more than 5 percent.

Meat is becoming more expensive as well.  Since March 2009, livestock prices have risen by 138%.

So when Ben Bernanke tells us that inflation is very low, that really is a lie.  On the stuff that people spend money on every day (like food and gas), prices have gone up dramatically.

Sadly, this is not just a phenomenon that is happening in the United States.  The truth is that the entire planet is rapidly approaching a horrific global food crisis.

Over the past year, the global price of food has risen by 37 percent and this has pushed approximately 44 million more people around the world into poverty.

When food prices rise in the U.S. it may be painful for millions of American families, but around the world a rise in food prices can mean the difference between surviving and not surviving.

That is why it has been so alarming that the global price of wheat has approximately doubled over the past year.

But it is not just wheat that has been soaring.  Check out what a recent Bloomberg article had to say about what has been happening to many key agricultural commodities over the past year….

Corn futures advanced 77 percent in the past 12 months in Chicago trading, a global benchmark, rice gained 39 percent and sugar jumped 64 percent. There will be shortages in corn, wheat, soybeans, coffee and cocoa this year or next, according to Utrecht, Netherlands-based Rabobank Groep. Prices also rose after droughts and floods from Australia to Canada ruined crops last year. European farmers are now contending with their driest growing season in more than three decades.

Even before this recent spike in food prices the world was struggling to get enough food to everybody.  It has been estimated that somewhere in the world someone starves to death every 3.6 seconds, and 75 percent of those are children under the age of five.

So what is going to happen if food prices keep on rising at the current pace?

That is a very good question.

We really are starting to move into unprecedented territory.  Nobody is quite sure what is going to happen next.

So why is all of this happening?

Well, a lot of people are blaming the Federal Reserve.  All of the “quantitative easing” that the Fed has done has flooded the financial markets with money.  All of that money had to go somewhere.  Much of it has pumped up the prices of hard assets such as oil, gold and agricultural commodities.

But it is not just the Fed that is to blame.  The truth is that central banks all over the world have been recklessly printing money.

When the amount of money in an economy goes up, the purchasing value of all existing money goes down.  In the United States, that means that your dollars will not go as far as they did before.

But it is not just monetary policy that is affecting food prices.  In 2010 and 2011 we have seen an unprecedented wave of natural disasters and crazy weather.  This has caused problems with crops all over the globe.

In addition, U.S. economic policies are also playing a role.  At this point, almost a third of all corn grown in the United States is used for fuel.  This is putting a lot of stress on the price of corn.

Also, there are some long-term trends that are not in our favor.  For example, the systematic depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer could eventually turn “America’s Breadbasket” back into the “Dust Bowl”.  If you have not heard of this problem I would encourage you to do some research on it.

Things are going to get a lot worse, but already America is having a really hard time feeding itself.  According to Feeding America’s 2010 hunger study, more than 37 million Americans are now being served by food pantries and soup kitchens.

So is that number unusual?

Yes, it sure is.

The number of Americans that are going to food pantries and soup kitchens has increased by 46% since 2006.

That is not a good trend.

Another stat that I talk a lot about in this column is the number of Americans on food stamps.

Right now, there are 44 million Americans on food stamps.  Nearly half of them are children.

How did we ever get to the point as a nation where more than 20 million children end up on food stamps?

It is estimated that one out of every four American children is currently on food stamps, and it is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach the age of 18.

So what is going to happen if the economy gets even worse?

What is going to happen if there really is a major food crisis in this country someday?

Food prices have been going up for decades and they are going to continue to go up.  But the frightening thing is how fast they are increasing now.

As the U.S. middle class continues to be destroyed, the number of Americans that can’t afford to buy enough food is going to continue to rise.  Food prices are rising much faster than wages are, and that is not likely to change any time soon.

Food is rapidly becoming one of the most important global economic issues of this decade.  The farther one looks down the road, the bleaker things look for the global food situation.

I hope you are prepared for that.

  • Skittles

    Our groceries were $60 more than they were just a few short months ago. 4 sticks of butter was almost $5 as was the Country Time milk. (We didn’t buy either and will wait for a sale.) And this is at a Walmart in Michigan. It seems to me specific things are taking a HUGE jump in a short amount of time. My husband and I are working so much and every penny just seems to float out into the abyss. It is heartbreaking for me to see this happening to so many hardworking people.

    • moses737

      Well the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins are saying that we are too fat. We have to trim down and get lean and mean. And by the time these devils are finished with us; we would be blessed to get to eat 4 slices of toast per day with 2 glasses of milk. And then they will eventually say, “What? Two glasses is too much. Just one will do.” The devils mentioned above serve Satan and they hate human beings; because Satan hates us too.

      Follow Jesus and we will make it. But if we don’t; Satan will continue to make our lives a living hell. And eventually, they will try to force us to take their zombie making and mind controlling, mark of the beast chip in our foreheads or hands. And if you take their Mark (chip) you will be in hell forever and ever; and be tormented 24/7. Why? Because taking the chip will mean that you have sided with and joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader, and their leaders; according to Revelation 13 and 14. Especially Rev. 14:9-11.

      • Brandy

        Your right… as drastic as it sounds.

  • Michael,

    I really appreciate your attempt to inform our American people of the disasters just around the corner. I’ve sort of been watching for them since I read David Wilkerson’s book, “The Vision” back in 1972-3.

    It seems that many of the things he spoke of, economic collapse, food shortages, labor unrest, weather “gone wild” with the collapse triggered by actions taken in Europe but with most of the blame going, worldwide, to Washington and the American bankers, are now coming to pass, 38 years later.

    Nevertheless, since God told David what He was going to, we know that He is in control! Keep up the “good works”!!


    • Yeah, and Wilkerson said do not buy gold, because there will be no safety in gold.

    • Momma G in Texas

      As much as I love David Wilkerson (God rest his soul), most of what Mr. Wilkerson described is also in Revelations.

    • moses737

      This is amazing Jim. I read David Wilkerson’s book, “The Vision” too in 1975. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in May of 1974 on a midwestern college campus. And I have been following Bible prophecy since; especially because I got saved reading Hal Lindsey’s, “The Late Great Planet Earth.”

      Yes, and what Wilkerson wrote is surely coming to pass. And we know that it is the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins that are bringing the economies of the world down. So that they can finally have their One World Luciferic Super 1984 Orwellian Government.

      But don’t worry, Jim. The Great God of Heaven will first plague them; and then defeat them in hours when Jesus returns as our Conquering King from heaven.

      But first; these devils mentioned above will try to force everybody on the Earth to take their mark of the beast chip that is spoken about in Revelation 13 and 14. And this Mark (chip) in your forehead or hand; will turn its host into zombie atomotons. Or brainless slaves of the antichrist and Lucifer. And if you take it; you will be foreever tormented 24/7; because it will mean that you have joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader.

  • Tatiana Covington

    If the Ft. Calhoun reactors blow, that could wreck the country’s food supply. Who will trust wheat and corn grown near a massive reactor spill? Perhaps 2 such spills? Nobody.

    That would drive up food prices *real fast and far*!

    As for what that could do to the US as a viable country, well…

  • Zep

    No Food Crisis in America.Never has been.Water is free,and hotdogs and bologana are less than 1 dollar a pound.

    • Nexus

      There is always one idiot.

    • Momma G in Texas

      Actually the cheap bologna is $2 a pound. Just because our food looks cheap doesn’t always mean it is. There are things going on in the back where no one wants to see that really show how much things cost.

    • moses737

      There will be a food crisis in America. However, Lindsey Williams, the man who wrote 2 books on the fake oil crisis, 30 plus years ago, said that his inside sources told him that the shelves would be full; but you wouldn’t have the money to buy the food. How dasterdly are these International Banker/Illuminati devils are? Their tormentings in the great lake of fire and brimstone will be great.

      But before they are doomed; they will try to force everybody to take their zombie making and mind controlling, mark of the beast chip in everybodies forehead or hand. And according to
      Revelation 13 and 14:9-11, if you let them chip you; you will forever be cursed and doomed by God, because it will mean that you have joined and sided with the antichrist and Satan; and they are now your gods.

    • There is always a first time.

  • Zac

    School districts across the nation are providing a free breakfast and lunch to anyone under the age of 18. Yup, even if you are not from that district. We have no money for education, but continue to use it as a social engineering tool. i am nearing retirement, but it is not the same educational establishment I entered! Breakfast, lunch, agendas, backpacks, all materials, before school care, after school care, evening open school door policies(lighted schoolhouse…etc. the parents of any means are pulling thier children and placing them in parocial/private/home schools. The public schools are a mess. As everything falls apart, the schools will ultimately be used as a bunking area for those who can not afford rent and other staples. You don’t think so… follow the money and open your eyes.

  • Perry K

    Bravo! Excellent blog today. During this time of the year I spend most of my time in the vegetable garden. It is hard work. It is a skill that takes time to learn. This is a skill that everyone who is not part of the upper crust needs to learn. I buy most of my food from an organic grocery store. I would like to grow more of my own food, but with my current skills I would starve during most of the year. Regardless of the cause of climate change, it really complicates gardening. Don’t wait until you can’t afford to buy food to start learning how to garden. If we cannot afford to buy food, we won’t be able to afford to buy petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides. Learn to garden organically. Start today.

    • moses737

      Great advice Perry. However, according to my sources; The International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins will make our states and counties pass draconian laws that outlaw growing our own food in our gardens. But this won’t probably happen for about another 5 years or so.

      And the reason is that these devils mentioned above want you to have to depend on them 24/7. They want us to be totally dependent on them; as they want to be our total masters.

      And then; they will try to force us to take their zombie making and mind controlling, mark of the beast chip in our foreheads or hands. But if you take it; you will forever be rejected by God and be in hell 24/7 in torments. Why? Because according to Revelation 13 and 14:9-11, taking their Mark (chip) will mean that you have sided with and joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader; and their leaders and workers.

    • I do see a long term problem in a self-sustainig garden and that is a continuing source of water.

      • Perry K

        If I knew then what I know now, I would have selected a site with better access to a natural and unpolluted stream. In the meantime, I am at 140% loan to value, so I am an indentured servant to that lovely bank that took over Countrywide’s portfolio and won’t be going anywhere very soon.

        • @Perry K, you are freer than you think. But you’ll have to endure some embarrassment which will be all in your head. Stop paying your albatross mortgage, and save the payment outside of any bank, stay as long as you can in the house, declare bankruptcy, and then when it’s discharged, but before you have to move out, buy for cash a piece of properly unzoned rural junk land, a used RV or travel trailer, some solar panels, deep cycle batteries, homemade blackwater tank, etc., and rain barrels and live in the RV off the grid. You then won’t have a mortgage payment. The RV won’t be a capital improvement on the land so you will pay very little property taxes. You can slowly improve your “junk” land with compost, clearing trees, etc.

        • Ben Dover

          There is always chapter 13. This is what the banksters do as a business practice when they make a bad investment and also what they wanted to keep individuals from being able to do.

        • moses737

          Yes Perry I did exactly the same thing. I had Countrywide also. Now I am a temporary slave to the International Bankers/Illuminait devils who will eventually enslave the whole world; and try to force us to take their zombie making and mind controlling mark of the beast chip that is spoken about in Revelation 13 and 14.

          And Revelation 14:9-11, says that if you take their Mark (chip) you will forever be tormented in hell, 24/7, because it will mean that you have joined Satan and his antchrist beast leader; who hates God and will kill and martyr His people.

    • Ben Dover

      Can’t afford store-bought organic so I am working on a garden. Have not done this since I was a kid working in mom’s garden. I am finding out what a poor job she did, but getting up to speed.

      I started with Dollar store seeds, which seem to grow well (three packs/dollar) but am buying heirloom seeds for the future. Hybrids produce more in many cases, but cannot reproduce reliably. BTW seeds from supermarket cantalopes and watermelons germinated and grew a little, but do not look as though they will bear fruit. Probably from hybrid melons.

      Sorry about being off topic.

  • mondobeyondo

    It is a sad commentary when about 1 out of 7 people in the wealthiest nation on earth, cannot eat without government assistance. Makes you wonder how “wealthy” we really are.

    I watched the documentary “Food Inc.” several months ago (if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it). It covers a wide range of issues concerning our food supply, but one segment really stuck out for me. It showed a family who has several members who are diabetic. The film shows them shopping for vegetables ($1.19 a pound for broccoli), and driving through Burger King ($1.00 for a dollar menu meal). The impression I got from watching this segment, was that the family members had early diabetes because of their diet – lots of fast food and very little of anything else. Convenience and lack of time to prepare a decent meal were issues. Drive up, pay a few bucks, chomp it down on the way home.

    The dollar meal is obviously less expensive than the broccoli. Hamburgers taste better than broccoli. The dollar burger meal is much less healthy than the broccoli.

    The winner? The dollar burger meal. Ewwww.

    You can either spend the extra money and eat healthier now – fruits, vegetables, salads, fish – or eat the good tasting McGarbage and risk thousands of dollars in medical expenses 20-30 years from now. Unclogging those arteries doesn’t come cheap.

    Oops… once again, gotten off track. Tends to happen to me sometimes. We’re doing relatively well as a country. If you want to see true hunger, you have to see TV reports from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Sudan, Kenya, Cameroon… There aren’t many Happy Meals in those places. There aren’t many meals at all.

    • MacDonalds hamburger does NOT taste better than broccoli! DIY–grow your own–the difference is amazing!

      • Vincenzo

        I agree. I eat mainly organic vegetables and grass fed beef/free range chickens etc. I ate a whopper jr for the first time in years and I couldn’t believe how tasteless it was.

    • Johnny Paycheck

      Unfortunately your analysis of the cost of fast food vs. that of healthy food doesn’t really hold up. You say buying something off of the dollar value menu is “cheaper” than paying $1.19 for a pound of broccoli. The pound of broccoli probably has 4-5 times as many nutrients and probably twice as many calories as anything off of the dollar value meal (more so if you cook the broccoli with a little butter). People don’t eat from the dollar menu of the local fast food restaurant because they are poor, but because they are lazy, ignorant and have bad taste in food.

      What I notice when I eat fast food (which probably doesn’t exceed several times a year), is not how cheap it is but how damned EXPENSIVE it is! Between $7-8 for a “value meal” at almost every fast food joint? I can buy the same ingredients for myself, my girlfriend and my daughter all for under $20 and that includes the cost of organic beef too. The majority of the cheese, buns, condiments and potatoes will be left over making the cost even less. Probably around $2-3 a person for the same meal. Only it will taste much better. And with the money we saved by eating at home instead of at McDiabetes’ we can ALSO get that broccoli and maybe some strawberries for dessert.

      Yes, times are tough, but I have no sympathy for people on food stamps (of which I am currently one) who choose to spend their cash on fast food.

  • Gary2

    “How did we ever get to the point as a nation where more than 20 million children end up on food stamps?”

    This one is easy-the republican conservative policies of the last 30 years have given all of workers productivity increases to the rich so that now we have a huge disparity in wealth and income where the richest 400 people have more wealth and income than the bottom 155 MILLION, yes that’s right 155 MILLION. Until this is addressed I am surprised the number of food stamps is not even higher.

    At the same time as record food stamps and child poverty the republicans want to further cut programs that help these people (WIC etc) in order to give even more tax cuts to the rich.

    They all voted the Ryan budget that lowers taxes on the rich. Plentey/Bachman GOP presidential hopefuls want the poor to pay more taxes and the rich to pay less. No capital gains taxes etc.

    These are not my opinions but are facts.

    Yes the dems also suck, however, they suck a whole lot less. Look at the progressive caucus budget to see the differences between dems and repubes. Compare it to the Ryan budget.

    Again these are facts you can verify on your own. You do not need to take my word on them.

    • Prepping for the Future

      The Dummy crooks under Clinton sign NAFTA and GATT. DHU! Gary you are lazy anti American ranting get’s old. The Replucrooks gave us never ending wars. The Eco Nazi close off all our own oil so we have to keep fighting wars around the globe and people like you the weak the gullible the lazy just wants more free handouts. Instead of crying like a little girl all the time about taxing the rich do something. You know like get an education on reality.

    • Ben Dover

      I think the roughly 50% who pay no federal income taxes should contribute as well.

      • Gary2

        they do by paying every other tax.

    • Zodan2

      Right on Gary, you nailed it. I laugh my ass off every time I see someone tell these repubs the truth or even state an opinion that differs from theirs and they start calling you unamerican,lazy,socialist etc…

      They are the perfect example of intolerance and ignorence. Oh well quess they will just go on believing everything they hear on Fox and continue to vote against their own best interest!

  • mondobeyondo

    A few observations from browsing a local Kroger grocery store recently (as in yesterday afternoon)…

    You can have pretty much anything you want to eat, IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT!!

    Frozen uncooked shrimp – $16.99/lb.
    Boneless rib eye steak – $9.99/lb.
    Broccoli – $1.39/lb.
    Tomatoes – $1.19/lb. (I grow my own – they’re free)
    Chicken thighs – Buy 1, get one free
    Asparagus – $3.99/lb.
    Raspberries and blueberries – 2 packages for $5.00 – sale price!
    Fresh salmon – $16.99/lb. (Yikes!)
    Porterhouse steak – $11.99/lb.
    Frozen rock lobster – $16.99/lb.

    Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people, this is way out of their budgets. It’s almost rather tempting, in a bizarre sort of way. It’s available, but you can’t buy it.

    I ended up in the pasta aisle. 5 packages of Top Ramen for $1.00…..

    • Zen

      I’d like to know how to grow free tomatoes. I garden some too, but it’s definitely not free, at least not the way I’m doing it.

      • The most expensive part is the water. You could get a rain barrel (i.e. trash can, or even a kiddie pool to collect rain). If you grow heirlooms and save seeds then the seeds are free. A bag of humus and manure at Wal-Mart might be $3. That’s good to add to the garden now and then. Or if you don’t have a lot of compostables you can gather cut grass from the roadside and throw it in your compost heap to make your own humus. Or take other people’s yard waste on trash day if they do that, and bring it home.

        Then you also need stakes and/or cages for tomatoes, but those you re-use from year to year. You could cut stakes for free from fallen branches if there are woods you can walk in. Also you could let the ‘maters just go on the ground, but then the bugs would get more of them and you’d get less plants for more room. Or you could grow the plants hanging.

        Tomatoes can be frozen whole. So you don’t need to can them if you don’t want to. A frozen tomato will slip its skin very easily when it melts.

        The rest is your labor. I suppose that’s not free really, but neither is sitting in front of the tube if you want to think of it that way.

        Oh, BTW, Some of the weeds you may be pulling out may be edible, too. You might be passing up nutritious lambs quarter and wood sorrel and throwing it over your shoulder. You can eat lambs quarter like spinach. Wood sorrel is very tart, good in salads. You can preserve these greens by drying them out like herbs, and then add them to soups or bread later.

    • Nexus

      You can have anything if you are really wealthy.

  • James

    If the U.S. has a shortage of a certain commodity. Why do they still export it? If we have shortages here, we should have first dibs on the supplies. If the commodities are shipped overseas, this creates a shortage here, which causes the price of that commodity to go up. The Law of Supply and Demand is a basic law of economics. Supply goes up, the price goes down: Supply goes down, the price goes up.

    • I believe that it is exported because the US can charge a much higher price for it. It is greed again.

    • That is the exact reason why the French were starving before the French Revolution. The King was exporting all the wheat. Then Marie Antoinette allegedly said “Let them eat cake” and the rest is history.

  • Today I received my order of freeze-dried food
    from Sam’s Club. $300 for 3 cases, lasts for
    25 years, supplies 2 people for about 6 months.
    I already have about $500 worth of canned foods,
    some bottled water, and a BUTTload of Ramen
    noodles. I just ate some that I had stored for
    10 years, and it was fine. A decent lunch for
    .17 cents apiece. Ramen noodles are healthy
    and low-cal. My fellow Americans would be wise
    to stock up, prices will only go up, and one
    day soon, there may not be ANYthing available.

    • moses737

      Very good advice Hardwoodius. But when they try to make you take their zombie making and mind controlling mark of the beast chip in your forehead or in your hand; what are you going to do? What are you going to do? And they might come into your house and look for any stored food. What are you going to do when they come for you to take their chip?

      If you are with God and Jesus Christ; you will reject their chip and would probably be martyred and die for Jesus. But if you are not; they will put that beast chip in you; and you will be their zombie slave. And then when Jesus returns with His conquering Armies of angels; whose side will you be on? His, or the antichrist beast, who has stolen your eternal soul? Get Jesus!! And get eternal life!! Reject their coming beast chip and live like a god and king on the renovated and beautified Earth.

    • Tannim

      Ramen noodles are NOT healthy! They are empty white-flour carbs loaded with MSG, which is directly linked to obesity, brain damage, and Alzheimers! Canned foods have BPA leached into them from the cans, which is a carcinogen. Most processed foods have GMO corn or soy in them as well, which are major health risks, including cancers.

      Better to go dry whole foods and dehydrated natural foods (not processed!) for better health and storage. Cheaper too. Beans and rice are a complete protein, and flavored with onions, cheese, mustard or BBQ sauce is actually tasty.

      Stocking up your own food is good, growing your own GMO-free and pesticide-free is even better, but whatever you do, be educated about the nutrition and lack thereof in processed foods and don’t stock up your own future health problems in your pantry!

    • Ben Dover

      Not that long ago a place like Sam’s would not have stocked such an item as a six month supply. I personally try to store what I eat and eat what I store.

  • KB

    At the end of 2009, I stumbled across an article by a very interesting young man, entitled “2010 Food Crisis for Dummies.” He outlined all his reasonings for why food prices would begin to soar out of sight beginning in 2010. While his final timeline was a bit off (as all timelines tend to be), his logical reasonings allowed me and my family members to be alerted regarding the impending food price rises/shortages, and we will be eternally grateful to this young author.
    Another thing I have learned from my gleanings of articles is that there appears to be a common consensus amongst farmers and commodities dealers alike that the USDA typically lies like a rug (although hedgers seem to lap it up) when it comes to how much food is being produced, the quality of grains, how many foodstocks are being held in storage, etc. I don’t know if this is the case in reality, but, as I said, it appears to be a general consensus, so please keep that in mind when they announce stuff.
    One thing I would advise is to buy local produce, eggs, etc. Visit your local butcher to buy your meat. There are not so many middlemen to deal with, and they don’t put any addictives into their meats (like NO ammonia) unlike others I will not name. Our local butcher sells bacon for $4.49/lb (versus the typical 12 ounces for $5.00 in the supermarket) and it is soooo much better tasting. He also sells quality bulk sausage for $2.49/lb … can supermarket chains compete with this (probably not as there are too many stockholders).
    It is scary what we are looking at from Mother Nature just in America: Northern part wet and cold, Texas drought so severe that cattlemen are selling off their herds and may never recover and cotton prices climbing, Missouri and Mississippi flooding, excess heat in the South.
    Not to mention Fukushima’s radiation pollution — there goes the Pacific as a food source. I heard a joke (paraphrasing) that if you eat out of the Gulf, it just slides right down, and if you eat from the Pacific, you can see your food in the dark.
    So it is not looking good out there…prepare, prepare, prepare.

    • Ben Dover

      Drove through central Ohio today and the corn I saw looked quite bad. It is normally much taller by this time in the season. Saw many fields that were not planted, I suspect because they were too wet all spring.

  • Looks like its time to start planting some ‘victory gardens’.


  • Ian Lucas

    I agree with most of this.

    As you say, “When the amount of money in an economy goes up, the purchasing value of all existing money goes down. ”

    However you did not mention that the amount of money in the US is hardly going up at all, despite colossal money creation via so-called “quantitative easing.” See

    Why? Because most money is created not by central banks but by private banks via credit/debt creation. When the rate of new credit/debt creation falls the money supply goes down and deflation ensues.

    That said, I think it is indeed likely that QE is contributing to rising asset/commodity prices, including food prices. Not because of Fed money creation per se, but because the created money has been directed to banks, not consumers, fuelling speculation rather than productive activity and employment. That in reflects the interests of the finance sector, which exercises unhealthy influence over US politics on all sides. This is a great pity because it is making life even harder for people in the US and around the world. For the sake of all of us, I hope that US citizens can break free of the vampire squid.

    • The supply of money in the US is not increasing – and the missing cash is going to fund narco-states that are producing drugs for the CIA to sell here via gangs. This money also funds black ops and has since WW2. It’s all managed by the Exchange Stabilization Fund, which operates out of the New York Fed. For an explanation of this see and click on the three videos entitled “What I have been afraid to blog about”.

      The “democracy” and “freedom” here are now a myth perpetuated to lull the masses. Mainstream news is mostly lies and bread and circus.

  • Davey Jones

    So laughing at those meth heads who apparently do not care one way or another about the future might not be as ‘worthless’ or ‘pathetic’ as the self righteous would so adamantly and explicitly imply.

    Why worry about it? The plutocratic oligarchy is three steps ahead of the masses. Their agenda of vertical integration of power(control) is continuing regardless of the actions taken by conflicted lower and middle class citizens. The poor and the middle class live and perceive by definitions and classifications and are forever at each others throats indirectly and soon…directly.

    So before the self righteous and self aggrandizing cast judgment upon the ‘junkie’ who escapes this world’s day to day problems on a chemical euphoria, maybe they should just join them.

    There is nothing that can unite the masses, nothing that could ‘change’ the tyranny, corruption, subjugation, cronyism, nepotism and the technocratic neo-feudal police states that are emerging right before your eyes. I am not negative, I am a realist that has studied human behavior individually and in groups. The poor and middle class do not have and will never have the organizational abilities or resources to even slow down the Full Spectrum Dominance that has be prepared for them.

    All, I am saying is, don’t judge those who do not care about stopping this bonanza of rape and destruction…it’s just not worth the energy.

    • Zen

      How do you get out of bed in the morning?

    • moses737

      Sorry Davey Jones Crockett – But with that type of attitude; you might as well give your soul to Satan and his antichrist beast leader, now. You have to fight the forces of evil; or else you will be on their side when they finally take over the whole Earth; and make people take their mark of the beast chip in their foreheads or hands. And if you take their Mark (chip) according to Revelation 13 and 14:9-11, you will be forever smoldereing and hollering day and night, without relief or rest, forever and ever.

      Why? Because by taking their beast chip; you are surrendering to Satan and his antichrist beast leader, and saying that you belong to them. And they are now your god.

      And if you unexpectantly die taking those drugs; you will still bust hell wide open. And the demons will be tormenting you for their widcked pleasures. And you will howl and weep and agonize forever also because of those scorching fires down in the middle of the Earth; where hell resides.

      Therefore, repent from your sins and ask God to have mercy on your doomed soul. And take Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, before its too late and before you are being tormented forever and ever.

  • mark

    Yes food has gone up in price a lot. Americans can save by changing our eating habits. Learn how to cook from scratch. Do not go to the freezer case in the grocery store and purchase junk frozen foods. Learn how to cook. Grow a garden. I grow a 1/4 acre garden each year. It is a lot of work, but it is good for you and you are blessed with great food. Learn how to can the food that you grow. I understand that my situation is a little different in that I have a ranch. But when I lived in town I still grew a garden. My mom always grew a garden in town. You should stock up on food if you have some extra money. If you do this just think of the money that you will save as prices continue to rise. If you have not grown a garden, go to you local library and check out some books on the subject. If you have limited space try square foot gardening. Read and learn so that you can help yourself and your family.

    • moses737

      Great Mark – But there is going to come a day; when growing your food in a garden will be outlawed. And your neighbors will be spying on you and will turn you in. The coming days will be days of betrayals. And unless you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour; you will be totally overcome with grief.

      The International Bankers/Illuminati/Freemasonry kingpins want their One World Luciferic Government now. And they are getting older by the day. And they will have their beast system in the very near future; as the lake of fire and brimstone is awiting them. As their agonies for killing billions of people over the centuries will reap them great eternal punishments that defies the human imagination. But on and on they are marching to their own eternal tormentings.

  • Just me

    simple solution, buy,package,can and store a couple yrs food now or go without in a couple yrs.If you have plenty of stores and good management practices, you might survive the next twenty stocking up now, you won’t have to do any heavy shopping and can buy just a little at a time to keep ahead of the shortages. It’s also not to late to plant a garden in the US, most freezable and canable foods will be mature in 60 days.
    City people are basically screwed and will pay the price, you have been painted into a corner and have no where to go unless you have friends or relatives in the country.Now is just a short mild preview of what is to come, none of us really know, but I would prepare as if the trains and trucks were going to stop rolling in the next shelves will be empty in a few hrs and there will be riots in a few days.

    • Ben Dover

      Detroit has plenty of room for gardens, but will only grow weeds.

      Where I live a one year supply would only be enough to tide you over until a harvest if the grocery stores closed around September or October 1.

  • HTML Yourself is so outdated, and so Generation X.

  • Save the Republic


    You’re cracking me up with the noodles dude. I hear ya. My kids were receiving a special charity called “blessings in a backpack” this year from school, generally bringing home a box juice, box o’raisins, pouch of oatmeal, cheese crackers, can of condensed soup, and Ramen noodles, once a week. I try to eat the noodles and give the better food to the kids. Unfortunately, Maximus isn’t entirely correct. Ramen noodles aren’t that healthy. If you look at the label, there is hardly any nutritional value to them, but they will fill your stomach. I try to only buy meat at $2/lb or less, and try to grab manager’s special meats for way less. Try to buy everything on sale only, probably actually about 90% of everything (some things can’t wait/necessities). Whenever not-so-perishable items go on a good sale (like pasta or tuna for under $1), I try to buy in excess to store food for the collapse. I recently got a sale on deli-sliced american cheese for $2.99/lb. Hadn’t seen that price in 6 mos., so I got 12 lbs. and freeze a lot. I was just running out of my last big bunch of cheese when this sale hit. That 12 lbs. saved me a minimum of $12 off of what the sheeple pay. Now if I can just go solar, I would be able to stockpile cold items more. My advice…buy whatever is cheap and get used to eating the same things until a sale comes around that you can get some variety.

  • SF

    Interesting articles, and all blatantly obvious to anyone with their eyes open. I am just stunned at US food prices – they are CHEAP compared to what we pay here in NZ!!!

    Food has increased 7.4% in the year ending may. Recently 4 bags of general groceries cost $277 – madness.
    I feel v concerned. Most people here seem very unaware, and NZ is ‘officially’ out of recession – ha it has not even begun.

    I am preparing the best I can, and gardens are an important part. Also learn about native herbs and ‘weeds’ they grow anywhere and have high nutritional value.

  • Patriot Alice

    The Chinese and Indians with their economic growth are eating us out of house and home..Remember the sucking sound Russ Perot heard when NAFTA was enacted? Well the sucking sound has been coming from all direction as globalization expands…..Not only can I hear it, I can feel it too…..

  • Les

    My family has changed food buying and eating habits since 2008. Even though my wife and I are lucky to have jobs it has become increasingly difficult to afford what was once normal. I now hunt, completed the hunter education course/bought shotgun & rifle and we now have venison and turkey (luckily my father-in law is an avid hunter and I go with him and he shares his kills with us). We trade this meat with other people such as getting pork and eggs (lots of people starting chicken and pig raising). In order to fix a basement window we traded some venison. We have tried to eliminate three things in our diet- sugar, wheat, and flour. My wife has lost 40lbs in the last 3 years. We no longer go out to eat more than once a month when it used to be once a week. I buy coffee online through Amazon and now make one espresso rather than a full pot of coffee and we also buy other food online as I subscribe to “Prime” which is free 2 day shipping. We no longer go to the grocery store except for last minute items. We have an extra freezer and we bulk up on the cheapest items from BJs wholesale (though this gets crazy expensive if you don’t watch yourself, we take a calculator with us and use coupons). Water is from the tap and goes in a pitcher in the fridge rather than buying bottled water and we avoid all soda and fruit drinks. We have also gone to using the blender more to make shakes with ice and frozen fruit and a splash of soymilk. There have been lots of changes from food to heating our house (pellet stove) to learning to live with old cars. Honestly, it’s not so bad. I enjoy being out in the woods, driving a beat up truck, and paying cash and bartering for things.

    • Be careful of that venison, 20 states have deer with mad cow disease and it can’t be cooked out. You’ll get Alzheimer like symptoms and then die if you eat mad-cow deer. They can be acting normal and still have it.

      I wonder if the deer got it from cows? They slaughter cows before age 5 anymore, and it takes 5 years for a cow to show symptoms of mad cow disease. So now there is no way to tell. Hmm how convenient. The big question is how many cows have it????

    • Prepping for the Future

      Les good for you. Nice to see people taking a pro active steps to better themselves.

  • Kevin


    We agree on a lot but I disagree on blaming one party as you did below.

    “This one is easy-the republican conservative policies of the last 30 years have given all of workers productivity increases to the rich”.

    I have no doubt that there has been a shift in wealth from bottom up because the numbers don’t lie. Politicians on the other hand do. The greatest contributor of a lowering standard of living was the various Free Trade Agreements of which China Free Trade was by far the most damaging. That agreement had support of 80% of US Senate Democrats, 83% of US Senate Republicans (hardly a difference) and signed into law by a Democrat President Bill Clinton (still held in high regards by the working class due to extreme ignorance).

    Chasing the Democrat verses Republican dynamic just works in the favor of the power elite that own both horses in the two horse race.

    • Otown Right Guy

      If only good liberals could be in complete control of DC, then we would see a workers paradise! We already have a good example of what putting liberals in complete control does: Detroit! Oh how I wish the whole country could be like Detroit!

    • Gary2

      Kevin-your right. Its just that with Paul Ryan as a rep I get a bit jaded.

      throw grandma off medicare and give the rich a big tax cut. The man is immoral.

  • karen

    This is just the tip of the iceburg research Prestigious doctor; US nuclear ‘Baby valley of death,’ Millions to die (video) and also check-out NASA and solar storms we are due for a massive solar storm that will knock-out all power grids.

  • AbiaTheCat

    The more money the Fed prints and sends overseas to Greece, the more that action is causing hyperinflation rumbles for us here in the USA.

    Bacon I use to pay $4.50 a pound for is $9.00 a pound. Guess who isn’t buying the bacon anymore? Coffee prices are $6 for a pound bag for store-brand coffee here in Mississippi at WalMart. Use to be around $4 to $4.50. Sticking with my one cup a day until coffee hits $10 a bag. Then it is goodbye to the coffee and the other things used to make coffee. There’s a trickle down effect for you. No coffee means no coffee filters, no coffee pot, no sweets purchased to go with the coffee, no honey, sugar, or creamers will be purchased, too.

    When the day comes, I’ll make my own beverage from herbs and plants grown in the yard. Taught myself canning to load up on vegetable and fruit bargains at the store and preserve them for later dates. Eat greenbeans from last year’s store sales and they taste great home-canned in glass jars. Not ready to try meat canning because of botulism fears. Botulism can grow in a vacuum. **IF** these prices keep going higher, we’ll be better off learning how to grow and process our own food in local gardens and selling locally as gas prices continue to rise. I may not be able to afford a California orange, but locally grown peaches and pears are just as good.

  • I “Prep” and write about how to survive for the past thirty years. See my free web site:

    • Momma G in Texas

      Looks like a nice site. I am saving for future reading. Thanks a bunch for the link!

  • Macnasty

    Seems like we are on a speeding train heading for a sharp curve with no brakes and no way to slow this engine down.everyone remember the boy scout motto Be Prepared !!!!!

  • 007

    I think these food prices will stabilize for a short time due to the dollar’s rise. Then they will have to start back up. When this correction ends it will be a good time to get back into, gold, oil, silver and commodities. Still think this correction will go on a little longer.

  • With the politicians and military only interested in the war machine and how much money is to be made, they are not interested in main street.

  • 007

    Michal… Since QE2 is ending would you do a article on who is really buying the treasury debt. Virtually every other country is broke except China. Now social security and Medicare are in deficit. China is not buying now so who is really buying. Every treasury auction some caribean country steps up to buy tens of billions. Who is this really? Why don’t we know? Is this just smoke and mirrors for the Fed buying these things through straw men?

    • Michael

      A whole lot of analysts (including myself) believe that the Fed indeed is buying up most of the new treasury debt very quietly.

      But can anyone prove it?

      That is the problem.

      It is one thing to suspect something and it is another thing to be able to prove it.


  • sharonsj

    I was complaining about rising prices two years ago! But nobody paid attention. At that time, I saw pet food go up 30-40% Then packaging shrunk 25-33% while the price remained the same.

    So any rising prices now are on top of what went on before. Is it any wonder that with stagnant incomes we cannot afford to pay bills or buy food?

    While I may be growing tomatoes and peppers in pots on my porch, it won’t save me enough money. I will be faced with giving up my phone and my TV so I can pay for heat and electricity. And in my state of PA, a single person without a mortgage only gets $25 a month in food stamps.

    P.S. A really cheap meal is a big cup of coffee and cream cheese on a knife. But then I have to take a bunch of vitamins to offset the nutritional time bomb.

  • Dr. Nancy

    I can’t urge everyone enough to start storing up some food. I’ve been doing that for several months now to prepare. The other thing I’m doing to prepare for the future is following the recommendations I’ve received here:

    Profit in Spite of Today’s Economic Crisis —

    Watch This Free Video Now:

  • expatriot

    Why doesn’t the CME jack up margins like they did to silver?

    I was super pissed off yesterday when I opened a bag of chicken tenders which I eat all the time. The outside of the bag was the same, the price was the same and there was even the same amount of chicken in the bag. The only problem? The chicken was about half the size and wrapped in a seperate bag. Man, the companies could just be honest and raise prices instead of being the sneaky bastards they are and giving us half the amount of food. This doesn’t look like it’s going to end well.

  • expatriot

    And another thing I just found out is that thirty five states let millionaires get food stamps. The only requirement for food stamps is to have no income it doesn’t matter how much money you have. So basically the rich are gonna screw up food stamps for the poor. Because the food stamp program will not survive with this going on.

  • Rhinehart Fox

    Last night I had fresh beets, turnips, radishes & peas from my little raised bed garden. More than half of last year’s venison has been consumed but I actually shot 2 deer and gave one away. This year I’ll keep all I get. OBTW I’ve been busting my *ss to get a year ahead on enough firewood to be able to heat my home with or without my LP furnace. What are you doing? I’ve come to the conclusion that the forces at work can not be altered or contained. Wall Street, DC, Brussels, earthquakes and the weather are all beyond our control. Where I allocate my money and time is still in mine so I pray for the best and prep for the worst. Do what you can while you still can.

  • Misti

    Makes me want to learn how to extremes coupon!

    • Brandy

      Extreme couponing is kinda a joke I have tried it but stores have changed their policies because of the show. I wasnt able to save with food but I stocked up on household items at target some what cheap however the shelfs are usually cleaned off 🙁

  • jsmith

    Well, the interesting thing is that I agree with most of these posts. But let me ask all of you. If you drive an import, and you are hungry, why not eat your car? Yes, you all complain about the price of food and how the “Banksters” are screwing us, but you know what, you are also rewarding the nation by being loyal flag waving Americans buying Toyota’s, Nissan’s, BMW’s and Mercedes Benzes. When American auto workers in Detroit lose their jobs, and their homes, they won’t be needing whatever you people produce. In other words, they will be putting “you” out of your job. Get it?

    • Ben Dover

      Why is the Umurikin auto industry held sacred? A big reason people started buying imports is because the Umurikin three made junk and tried to charge a premium for it. Everybody knows about how hard many autoworkers “work”. It is tough medicine for a $10/hr worker to be told he/she has to buy a car built by $73/hr autoworkers. Most imports cost as much or more than Umurikin cars (the quality of which HASimproved), but the perception lingers.

      I have two Fords and have had good luck with them, so I am not just bashing Umurikin cars..

  • Masha

    Inflation is rising like crazy for food and fuel! But we have moved to a healthy organic diet via co-ops and local farmers’ markets and are spending 25% less on groceries. Please find your local farmers’ markets and start eating healthy and saving money.

    • Ben Dover

      In the ‘burbs we have plenty of room for gardens. As Celente says “Rip out that useless grass” (or cover it with cardboard and build a bed over it). It is less expensive to grow your own produce than to pay somebody 1000 miles away to do it for you (and deliver it to a convenient grocery store).

      I have not found locally grown produce to be less expensive (economy of scale), but it is usually a good assumption that it contains fewer chemicals. If you want totally organic, grow your own and you can be sure it is really organic.

  • kw


    Go live in a communist country and see firsthand what a utopia it is.

    • Gary2

      kw-there is a big difference between communism and the social democracies in Scandinavia.

      Turn off sean insanity and rush dumbo and think for your self.

      • Prepping for the Future

        Gary Shut off MSNBC you know what that stands for right Majority Swings to Nasty Brutal Communist. Stop letting Chris Maddog Matthews tell you what to think. Grow up and act like a man and think for yourself. Instead of crying and stomping your feet like a 2 year you would have to act like a man and take responsibility for your own self instead of expecting your welfare handout.

        • WakeUp

          Prepp… Got any fact to refute his argument, or just insults? The Nordic countries practice socialism, and they have a higher standard of living all around. There is a difference between communism and socialism, but only educated people know it.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Or just go to Detroit. A liberal-democrat-run, union town.

      Gary2 is far too dumb to understand what most us grasp intuitively, the causal connection between Marxism and economic devastation.

    • Ben Dover

      My wife is from FUSSR. She lived through the breakup and laughs about our “crisis”. Sadly, the USA will soon look like a “blast from the past” to her.

      • davidinsouthoregon

        Ben, I am not sure what you mean by your post, but the CURRENT condition and prices of food, shelter etc are no LAUGHING matter. Tell your wife to ENJOY the blast to the past for her, but as an AMERICAN, I find NOTHING to laugh about.

  • Backintime

    A lot of you on here posting your coments are in your 20’s and 30’s and are way too young too remember how our parents were very concerned with the price of food, energy, gas, cloths, education yet they provided for us somehow. For us in our 50’s our parents were descendents of some very difficult times in the Untied States when it came to providing for their families.
    We the baby boomers have been very spoiled yes in a sense we are now collectively experiencing a tightening of the once ever so loose credit system that drove our economy.
    We are going to be the generation of careful shopping, watching how much gas we use and how long the air conditioning and heat stays on.
    get ready people it is going to be one hell of a wild crazy ride but this time we are never going back to prosperity.
    The days of our youth will be called the good ole days.

  • DM

    The solution is boycotts. Boycott foods that have price increases. If the seller does not sell anything, they make no profit and are forced to lower the prices to move the product off the shelves.

    When the prices drop, end the boycott and buy the food.

    Vote with your dollars. Rewards businesses who reign in prices. Penalize businesses who do not.

    I use this strategy whenever I shop.

    • WakeUp

      What are you supposed to eat, then?

  • Maria

    For the government to exclude the cost of food and fuel in determining rate of inflation is disingenuous at best. Government statistics are useless.


    The biggest reason I am a prepper today is because of my own experience with being homeless and starving as a young adult. It was pure hell. Without that experience, I’m not sure I would go through the hassle or expense of prepping.

    The second reason I am a prepper is because of the continuously increasing price of food. At this rate, it won’t be long before the garden and orchard become a necessity instead of a hobby.

    God Speed everyone.

  • Rebecca

    I wonder, does anyone know of a site that keeps track (for free) of food/ fuel inflation? I know about shadowstats but I don’t really want to be the one to track and record prices through the next few years. So is it 25% inflation over last year? 30%? More? It certainly isn’t the 1-3% the fed likes to say it is, liars!

  • Why is the cost of food going up? Two words: POPULATION CONTROL! They cant keep up this charade much longer, and there aren’t enough resources to sustain the population on this planet for much longer.

  • Brandy

    It never ends does it? one thing after another. I’m tired I don’t even want to pay my bills anymore I just want to run somewhere secluded and pitch a tent. The stress of whats going on will be enough to kill you so don’t worry about going hungry!! I’m having panic attacks and so is my husband.The truth is it is NEVER!!!! gonna be better, we will never be where we were before this collapse I’m preparing for the worst and praying for something better. God help us all. We told our kids NOT to have children this world is not for long sad as it sounds.

    • Michael


      Please don’t have panic attacks over all of this.

      The truth is that those of us that prepare and that know who to turn to are the ones that don’t need to panic.


      • Brandy

        how do we explain to our kids to make them understand without depressing them and making them angry? they are 15,20,24 and the girls still live at home with us because they can’t afford to live away. Can you give me tips on how to prepare better for what is ahead in the near future? We read our Bible and pray and try to keep faith when it seems so impossible sometimes. Any advice?

        • Michael


          Well, we should all be stocking up on food and supplies. The following is an article I wrote on some practical things you could be doing to help prepare….

          But we need to mentally prepare ourselves as well. If we know what is coming it is not going to completely shock us and overwhelm us when it does happen. We will be able to respond calmly while the rest of society is losing it.

          Most of all, we need to get closer to God. Honestly I do not have any idea how anyone is going to get through what is coming without Him.




  • James

    As far as blaming one party or the other both parties did this from NAFTA to the repealing of the glass steagall act the on going wars and the list goes on and on. But we also did this we only need look in the mirror we allowed this to happen…I have been warning folks since 2008 they laugh at us and scoff and that’s fine let them just like in the days of Noah before the flood.I know we will be one step ahead of the these zombie meth heads.Sorry to say the dummies will go first when the SHTF … All we can do is keep on net working and keep up on trends and events.Stay close to the Prophets and preppers God bless folks.We already have the advantage we know what’s here and what’s coming.

  • wyattearp

    The USA needs to QUIT feeding the 3rd world & KRAPISTAN for FREE! nothing like a few BILLION new AMERICA HATERS every 15 years!

  • dodiligence

    People, google Humanistic Socialism this is going to be the “new religion” of this one world government. Please read the “RIO” Reshaping the International Order documents. It explains what they really have planned.

    • just ordered this book! sounds like a good read. Thx for the suggestion.

    • Marie

      Check out UN Agenda 21…. Rio Earth Summit… This will really tell you what’s happening here. Study this and then watch things happening all over the country … and the whole world! It’s very frightening. Growing food for fuel and purposely flooding great food producing farm land. is evil. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Sustainable Development, Wildlands projects, Open Spaces, etc.!

    • Larry

      where can you get this to read?

  • Susan

    Hey, guys,
    Remember, there’s a lot you can do to take control of your own life. I bought a nice drying rack and am practicing using it to learn all the nuances of humidity, wind etc. on how fast things dry. I’ve got a breakmaker and do a loaf now and then just to make sure I can do it quickly. You might buy a solar oven, a portable toilet (cheap), and start a compost pile (simple). Make all gifts from now on practical, a hoe, a shovel, seeds. Dig a teeny garden in the fall for some fall crops and don’t wear yourself out. It is the small steps that add up and make your feel powerful. I buy designer clothes at the thift store and laugh all the way to the bank. I feel like a millionaire when I shop. Get a wood burning stove or fireplace insert. Do research, read. Think of your grandparents and if they’re still alive get them to share and help. You must stay positive and helpful to others and remember the Lord is in control. You can dry summer fruit on screens if you can’t afford a dehydrator. Or you could share the cost with a neighbor. Go pick blueberries and freeze them. One neighbor every year plants a big field of greens for the community to pick. We must be together in this and stay calm.
    Let’s start today!

  • Susan

    Buy a fruit tree for Christmas or berry bushes. We’ve all been in the box too long. It’s time to think outside of it. Brainstorm with your kids and get them on board. They are great and will rise to the challenge. We saved $60/month going to Straight Talk with our cell phones. The underlying carrier is still Verizon. Get rid of cable if you can’t afford it and use your computer for movies and news.

  • laura m.

    Older kids need to get out and work doing something: babysitting, yard work, cleaning businesses, working in restaurants, etc. like my generation did. Kids on food stamps result from loser parents who breed more than they can afford to support, that’s economics 101 which I learned 40 years ago, as we were blue collar workers and didn’t breed as we had sense.

  • ashley

    People – be smart.
    Buy in bulk. Plant your own vegetables. (Lettuce grows like a weed.) Give gifts of food items. Cancel cable. Get chickens. Stop watering your lawn. Learn to raise livestock. A single lamb is extremely easy. Find ways to reduce /eliminate heating & air expenses. Lease a hybrid – dump your gas guzzling car – you will actually save money. Eat whole foods / eliminate processed packaged items and save significantly. Buy silver. Any move to self-sufficiency is better than none. Then encourage others.

  • mf

    The author asks: what will happen around the world?

    State Socialism will come back.

    Perhaps when threatened by socialist overthrow, western people will rediscover the only form of capitalism that has ever worked, and that saved the “western world” from experiencing state socialism first hand, namely managed capitalism Sooner, the better

  • Paul

    There are still many FAT people in the US and elsewhere. I hear tap water is free in the US? And of good quality? Before you start eating, drink. Feel hungry? Have a glass of water. Need a cigarette? Try a glass of water instead. Stop drinking before dinner and lunch time. Do not drink during meal time, do not dilute that stomach acid, it needs to kill bacteria and break down food. Skip that cup of coffee right after lunch. Coffee prevents you from getting those vital minerals out of the food.

    Back to basics. Back to eating seasonal food. Convert that lawn to “Victory Gardens”, Oh sorry, that was England, it’s “Freedom Gardens” over the pond, right?

    Put an apple tree into the garden, and a plum tree. They also provide cool shade in summer.

    We pay £50 for electricity for three months. My coworker pays £80 each month.

  • Like many people said, becoming self-sufficient is key. Learn how to feed yourself for less. Learn how to make your money go farther at the store. Learn how to garden!

    Gardening is great for so many reasons!

    – healthy food on demand
    – not GM
    – $avings
    – exercise, and fun

  • Auntiegrav

    In the early 20th century (U.S.), the average amount of income spent on food was 40%. With the “Green Revolution” of cheap food, that went down to less than 10%. The problem is that the money they used to spend went to local supplies and infrastructure, but even the 10% they spend now goes to processors and transportation, not to the farmers or local butcher/baker/candlestick maker.
    In other words, we have an economy based on people buying crap they don’t need and buying it from the wrong places, while not maintaining the physical base of their existence. Government and banks follow the path that supports demand, they don’t lead it.
    The chickens do come home to roost, even if the roost has been traded for an SUV.

    Sooner or later, humans will have to be engaged in the reality of resource-based economics, whether they want to be or not. We have used oil to relieve people of the ‘burden’ of physical work producing food and processing it. We (this list and others) have tried to do some small effort to reverse that trend, but it is apparent that it will reverse when the perception of money/wealth finally destroys itself. Not before.
    Billions will pay the ultimate price for food because cheap food was so profitable for a few.

  • judy natale

    Also, begin growing your own sprouts for quick, nutrient-dense fresh food. I grown mine in Ball jars in my kitchen cupboard. Very easy, portable and hidden from view.

  • For those interested in more on trends, challenges, implications, and solutions for global food scarcity, see:

    Regarding the statements above about corn, though long term trends for agricultural output will be stressed by climate change related extreme weather (e.g. rain, heat, flooding, etc.), and increased energy prices and irrigation water scarcity, this summer in the US is looking good, and corn prices are plummeting.

    The corn market could overshoot the downside, which has a tendency to price in “best case” or “worst case” scenarios – especially after a dramatic report. With ideal growing weather in most of the Midwest, and now bearish storage and planting reports, corn will likely price in a “best” case scenario. This means lower prices in the short term.

    We should expect falling prices will likely bring importers off the sidelines, once again drawing on supply, which will temper the falling price of corn, and probably provide price lift later in the summer.

    Jay Kimball
    8020 Vision

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  • TJ

    This site is full of useful information. If you are looking for some fun ways to cook at home for your family, check out my newsletter. I’ll give you fast, fun food tips you won’t find anywhere else!

  • Tony Tone

    It”s like there creating a false shortage with our food as they do fule… Is it really our food? Or does it all belong to pretty much the 4 major companies that control the lot of it.. I get 1/4 a grocery basket for about $75 and it’s 65% healthier type food.”” WHAT A CROCK”!!! I think these $$BILLION$$ biz”s should start taking some of the hit in there pocket instead of alway”s forcing it on the consumer they depend on and then bragging there profets while they light stogies with $1000 bills and laugh at us..

  • Carri

    Since June, the food prices have risen so much in my area, that all of a sudden I’m finding I cannot afford to eat for half the month. I’m not doing anything different, the prices have just plain skyrocketed. I cannot afford fresh fruits and veggies at all now. And the first thing I’ll be doing this week is cutting down my cable tv and phone bill. And hope that helps me to be able to afford to eat again. It’s really getting very scary.

    Many of us cannot grow our own food. We live in apartment buildings. It leaves us pretty stuck.



  • Jon

    if the food price is high it means the economy is low. but if the economy is good then prices are low. that’s about it.

  • Lovely Food

    food needs to be secure

  • Debora Edholm

    This is a sign that if at possible grow at least some of your own food. I live in Costa Rica and prices are high here too. Many people thought I was crazed to plant so many fruit trees and take the time to care for them and pay for help to make it happen. Soon I will have over five hundred papaya trees, bananas, and many other foods. It is simply disgusting how people can not eat the proper foods and the corporations grow fatter every day. I feel your pain. It is really high here too……………

  • doris enow

    we are eating to much anyhow…maybe that makes us skinnier..but I have a feeling we just will eat cheaper junk food…instead of eating good food but less….makes us lose pounds and stay healthy..our dinner plates should only be half the size…infact we should use the cake plates for dinner and the plates under our cups for desert….so we will not starve….but if we buy one dollar burgers we can’t be helped….we had today for lunch…chicken legs cooked not roasted…rolled in spices…green peas still have left over….and one large sweet baked potatoe cut in half for the both of us..and ice tea….I had also some pomagranate juice diluted with selcer water a bottle cost 50 cents….

  • doris enow

    have to agree with Richard Wood…our supermarket still family owned by multibillionairs….sells avocado that you cannot even eat..on the outside still firm because they put it in the cooler then when it comes out we think its ok but by the time we bring it home it’s dark inside instead of the nice green yellow avocado flesh…they still sell it those greedy monsters…

  • As a restaurant owner, I can say that the food suppliers are constantly raising their prices which puts me in a pinch. Sometimes it’s cheaper to go to the local wholesale club. They never really explain themselves to me.

  • john collins


  • Eric

    Here in Montreal,Quebec we are talking huge blows to our budget everyday because of rising food costs. It’s unbelievable. I have 2 cats to feed and they usually eat more food than I! Prices for soft drinks have risen too, it’s all going up so fast! It costs more than $20 a day to get everything we “need”. Though we drink 4 diet soft drink bottles,(It’s a lot I know)and buy cat food,$13 dollars goes to that, and $4 for cleaning stuff the rest is for food. Which costs $3-$6 Dollars Per day. It’s so expensive!!! And we get so little actual food for us.

  • Joe Powell


  • JabbaDaHut

    Drought prices are pushing food levels to even higher levels. It is anticipated that grocery bills will rise another 20% minimum by the end of the year. I’ve read some of the comments blaming corporate control and that is true but the bigger problem is the exportation of food and gas combined with commodities speculation and ethanol mandates.

    Lobbyists and the government are selling the average Joe out in the name of the almighty dollar. Write your congressmen and demand immediate action. No more exporting commodities, gas or mandating ethanol in gasoline please!

    • JabbaDaHut

      Should be “drought levels are pushing food prices” above – I was in a hurry 🙂

  • Mark

    Food prices will continue to go up as long as we keep growing government control of commodities, printing money, and regulating trade. Try this experiment. Go to the poorest neighborhood in your metropolitan area. Maybe a security risk. Look at the price of the groceries. Anyone in their right mind would not buy it. Unless of course you realize why they can get away with it. 99 percent of their patrons are on food stamps. As long as uncle sam buys it, they can charge whatever they want. Now if 1 out of 4 children are on food stamps, why not just keep pumping up the prices. This is a socialistic disaster in the making. One solution. Small scale farming, backyard gardening. One small plot of land can raise more food than you could imagine. It is possible. Another solution.. Get the government out of the business of regulating food production to control prices. Vote for small government politicians. It’s what this country was founded on.

    • Sakonya

      Prices for groceries and other goods have always been higher in poorer neighborhoods. I remember my parents going into neighboring communities to shop because in our area things were priced higher. It is not because of “food stamps” that the prices are higher and everyone living in “poor” areas is not on them. Many people work and because of the low wages paid, their earnings do not allow for them to move. They, however, make too much to even qualify for any government assistance programs. It is wrong to blame and label all government programs as socialism. Ask companies like GE, Apple and other corporations why they are not paying any taxes, instead of demonizing the poor. Just hope that you don’t ever need “food stamps”, because with attitudes like yours and the Republicans, there may not be any such programs.

      • WakeUp

        No, he is right. Prices are being jacked up, not because of food stamps and housing assistance, but because scum prey on the poor and steal from the government. Housing especially. A three bedroom in the worst slum costs the same as a nice rental house in the suburbs! But you can’t live in the suburbs with housing vouchers. This is a predatory nation. Now, if he is blaming people ON foodstamps, then he is human waste. There are no jobs to be had in the inner city.

    • WakeUp

      You have a point. Due to subsidies, people jack up prices to cheat the government. They do this in housing as well, creating a vicious cycle where people can’t get housing WITHOUT help, because it’s so overpriced. There are also are thousands of small business owners who actually buy their food at “wholesale” chains like Costco, then sell it at a high price, and this is the entire business model. There is very little healthy food, and kids are getting really sick. There are ZERO job opportunities in the inner city, and the surrounding suburbs don’t have jobs either, or they discriminate by zip code. These so-called companies put out fliers for ridiculous minimum wage job fairs, list a paragraph of necessary qualifications and disqualifiers. People are starving to death on empty calories. It’s a true crisis, as well as the *canary in the coal mine* for the rest of America.

  • WakeUp

    As long as people like you don’t have the guts or the education to mention climate change–the giant ELEPHANT in the room–things have no hope. For how many disastrous years will you mention “strange weather” without admitting the truth, that this is becoming normal weather? And why not talk about the hoarding of wealth that the so-called *elite* engage in? In a few years, I predict Americans will also be dying of starvation.

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