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Why Is Global Shipping Slowing Down So Dramatically?

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If the global economy is not heading for a recession, then why is global shipping slowing down so dramatically?  Many economists believe that measures of global shipping such as the Baltic Dry Index are leading economic indicators.  In other words, they change before the overall economic picture changes.  For example, back in early 2008 the Baltic Dry Index began falling dramatically.  There were those that warned that such a rapid decline in the Baltic Dry Index meant that a significant recession was coming, and it turned out that they were right.  Well, the Baltic Dry Index is falling very rapidly once again.  In fact, on February 3rd the Baltic Dry Index reached a low that had not been seen since August 1986.  Some economists say that there are unique reasons for this (there are too many ships, etc.), but when you add this to all of the other indicators that Europe is heading into a recession, a very frightening picture emerges.  We appear to be staring a global economic slowdown right in the face, and we all need to start getting prepared for that.

If you don’t read about economics much, you might not know what the Baltic Dry Index actually is.

Investopedia defines the Baltic Dry Index this way….

A shipping and trade index created by the London-based Baltic Exchange that measures changes in the cost to transport raw materials such as metals, grains and fossil fuels by sea.

When the global economy is booming, the demand for shipping tends to go up.  When the global economy is slowing down, the demand for shipping tends to decline.

And right now, global shipping is slowing way, way down.

In fact, recently there have been reports of negative shipping rates.

According to a recent Bloomberg article, one company recently booked a ship at the ridiculous rate of negative $2,000 a day….

Glencore International Plc paid nothing to hire a dry-bulk ship with the vessel’s operator paying $2,000 a day of the trader’s fuel costs after freight rates plunged to all-time lows.

Glencore chartered the vessel, operated by Global Maritime Investments Ltd., a Cyprus-based company with offices in London, Steve Rodley, GMI’s U.K. managing director, said by phone today. The daily payments last the first 60 days of the charter, Rodley said. The vessel will haul a cargo of grains to Europe, putting the carrier in a better position for its next shipment, he said.

So why would anyone agree to ship goods at negative rates?

Well, it beats the alternative.

This was explained in a recent Fox Business article….

“They’re doing this because you can’t just have ships sitting. If they sit too long, then that’s hard on the ships. They have to keep them loaded and moving from port to port,” said Darin Newsom, senior commodities analyst at DTN.

If the owner of a ship can get someone to at least pay for part of the fuel and the journey will get the ship closer to its next destination, then that is better than having the ship just sit there.

But just a few short years ago (before the last recession) negative shipping rates would have been unthinkable.

Asian shipping is really slowing down as well.  The following comes from a recent article in the Telegraph….

Shanghai shipping volumes contracted sharply in January as Europe’s debt crisis curbed demand for Asian goods, stoking fresh doubts about the strength of the Chinese economy.

Container traffic through the Port of Shanghai in January fell by more than a million tons from a year earlier.

So this is something we are seeing all over the globe.

Another indicator that is troubling economists right now is petroleum usage.  It turns out that petroleum usage is really starting to slow down as well.

The following is an excerpt from a recent article posted on Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis….

As I have been telling you recently, there is some unprecedented data coming out in petroleum distillates, and they slap me in the face and tell me we have some very bad economic trends going on, totally out of line with such things as the hopium market – I mean stock market.

This past week I actually had to reformat my graphs as the drop off peak exceeded my bottom number for reporting off peak – a drop of ALMOST 4,000,000 BARRELS PER DAY off the peak usage in our past for this week of the year.

I would encourage you to go check out the charts that were posted in that article.  You can find them right here.  Often a picture is worth a thousand words, and those charts are quite frightening.

Over the past few days, I have been trying to make the point that nothing got fixed after the financial crisis of 2008 and that an even bigger crisis is on the way.

Yes, the stock market is flying high right now.

Yes, even “Dr. Doom” Nouriel Roubini is convinced that the stock market will go even higher.

But this rally will not last that much longer.

Wherever you look, global economic activity is slowing down.  The UK economy and the German economy both actually shrank a bit in the fourth quarter of 2011.  About half of all global trade involves Europe in one form or another.  As Europe slows down, it is going to affect the entire planet.

Many thought that the German economy was so strong that it would not be significantly affected by the problems the rest of Europe is having, but that is turning out not to be the case.

In a new article by CBS News entitled “German economic slowdown worse than expected?“, we are told that industrial production in Germany is declining even more than anticipated….

German industrial production fell 2.9 percent in December from the month before, according to official data released Tuesday, suggesting the country’s economic slowdown could be worse than expected.

So don’t believe all the recent hype about an “economic recovery”.  Europe is heading into a recession, Asia is slowing down and the U.S. will not be immune.

Despite what you hear from the mainstream media, the truth is that the U.S. economy is not improving and incredibly tough times are ahead.

Thankfully, those of us that are aware of what is happening can make preparations for the economic storm that is coming.

Others will not be so fortunate.

  • as long as they bring over my russian surplus 5.45×39, ill be all set

    • Lin S

      I’m kind of fearful of getting in 5.45 even though I really want to. What happens if the supply gets cut?

      Any rifle will become useless.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        That is why you get the rifle and then start stockpiling a few thousand rounds a few hundred/thousand at a time. They really aren’t that expensive. This one is a little cheaper.

        • Kevin

          Hey Malcolm –
          Thanks for the hot tip!

          • I have to laugh every time I read someone talking about stocking up on munitions. Probably 95% of those who have a storage shed full of ammo will be gone in the first 6 months.

            The reality is, a few hundred rounds for the average person will be plenty. This romantic notion that one will be “fighting ’em off”‘, i.e. the hoarding zombies, is an illusion. Those with the locker of ammo are the zombies.

            Just find a “centered” community with common ground, and be willing to put in a hard days labor, and one will probably slide through to the other side when this “phase transition” has had it’s time… about 10 years from now, I suspect.

            Collapse will take place on an individual basis (emotionally, physically, mentally, financially). Not all at once on a mass scale. It’s called “Slow Meltdown”. Rest assured, those running the show wouldn’t have it any other way.

      • then just stock up on rounds. I got like 2500 and at 13.5 cents a round, its the cheapest assault rifle ammo around. Its corrosive and dirty, but I have shot 500 rounds in my AK74 without a jam or failure to fire. My favourite ammo by far.

        • Lin S

          I’ve got the barrel already, will buy the receiver today (if they have it in-stock), and am looking for a good kit. I really want a 74.

          ‘Til it’s built I’ll go after ammo, just as you suggest.

          Thanks! = )

          • MisterC

            Lin S:
            If you have an AR you can buy a completely assembled upper for 5.45 without paperwork. You just need the 5.45 AR mags. A 20″ AR barrel will outperform the standard 16″ AK barrel. 60gr Silver Bear ammo in my 74 will shoot 2″ groups at 100yds. Not so inaccurate eh?

  • Zazz

    All these prognostications of doom, yet all indicators, the markets, and general sentiment are all trending higher.

    Glad I’m not investing from your advice.

    • Kevin2


      Given a sufficient influx of money markets will go higher. Given a rising market selectively gaging the sentiment will produce the desired result. As an example omitting food and fuel from the CPI formula for inflation does not lower inflation but sure lowers negative sentiment regarding rising prices.

      Less goods moving would appear to be a more accurate indicator of economic health then money moving when money is produced divorced from productivity.

      Good luck, were all going to need it.

    • Rodster

      Awesome continue investing, everything is OK, 2008 crash never happened. The global economy is great, the US economy is on a roll and the Euro will survive and Greece will rebound. That 15 trillion dollar debt…pfft forget about it that’s nothing we can handle $45 trillion. Lets whip out those credit cards baby. Let’s party like it’s 2099 ! 🙂

    • mondobeyondo

      Not for much longer.

      The skies are bright and sunny now, but Hurricane Katrina is brewing in the Gulf… Get ready.

    • Wendy Davis

      Be patient. The dollar crash and the stock market crash, both deliberate, will cancel any doubt that this strategically planned extraction of all wealth from America is a step by step process.

      The upper middle class are next. Investors own America now; she was used to pay for other men’s wars and line rich men’s lives from now until eternity, including their coffins, with 18K gold. You aren’t paying attention.

      People are the next bubble to burst following the financial collapse. It’s what they’ve prepared for, not #ows.

      • Jack

        Who are these “investors” Wendy?

        • Mark

          I think what she means is that main st is bought and sold on wall st so to speak

        • Daryl

          The Investors are the beneficial shareholders of the DTCC (Depository Trust Corporation in NY) who receive the cash-flow payments from all public and private debt (mortgage payments, court fines, etc). The DTCC is owned by a small group of the primary international banks and banking families (ie – the warburgs). The United States is still King Jame’s Virgina Company and pays 1/3 of all tribute to the Vatican/Jesuits – who are the ‘registered’ owners of the Federal Reserve Bank.

    • Nexus789

      The markets are an illusion pumped up artificially and has no real link to the real economy. Therefore, when it is realised the real economy is in fact dead the illusion which is the stock exchange will tank.

      The reality is that none of the systemic issues associated with the world’s financial system have been solved. The can has merely been kicked down the road one more time and for maybe the last time.

      • lilwing

        Nexus 789 I wish I could have said it like this. I’ve always felt this way about the markets. Profound and true comments.

        • DownWithLibs

          Don’t forget about the “money” illusion. Only thing keeping it afloat is faith…how long will that last?!!!!!!

          • DrMeatwad

            You certainly are not getting it fixed with a “gold” backed currency either. You are just switching what you have faith in. The real wealth has always and will always be created through labors.

      • Jeff

        Well said.

      • 98Bravo

        Nexus, you are totally correct but missed one point. This is the elites extracting every last cent out of the American middle class. This is thorougly planned.

        Here is what is happening:
        1. There are many stats out there that show that the American public has been pulling and keeping some of their money out of the market.
        So right now the elites are using some of their money to rally the market, thereby enticing the public to get back into the market.

        2. Once they see the money getting back in, the market will continue to climb. Then, slowly they are going to pull their money out, gaining a profit. Think the Facebook IPO isn’t going to get some people who have been on the sidelines back in, trying to make a profit?

        3. The system collapses.. and trillions of American middle class $’s go kaput.

        • jp

          You may want to check out what happened leading up to the 1929 CRASH, many similarities to what is leading up to the NEXT.. heed the warning provided by history..though things may not be exactly the same..the trend seems to suggest potential for the same outcome:

    • Hans

      If you sit in a casino with more chips than you started out with, do not laugh at the guy who tells you to leave with your takings.

      Yes, the trend was upward. You made money. Do you really think that in the long run the casino will allow you to leave with their money?

      This casino is built on a foundation of unmanageable debt, unemployment and underemployment, corruption, inflation, budget deficits, trade deficits, fiat money and derivates. Heck, even if you continue to win, the casino will go bust. Where will you then cash in your chips?

      Michael is not telling us where and how to invest. However, if you pull your head out of the sand, you just might see the approaching lion.

    • Jeff

      I think Michael is wisely pointing out that some of the indicators are in fact pointing to trouble. Most investors are naive and will be in for a shock when the economic house of cards comes crashing down.

    • Bill

      Some people tend to believe what they so desparetely want to hear rather than seeking the truth.

      • BenjiK

        That is an absolute fact. Jim Cramer’s commentary and financial advice is an excellent example of this kind of “wishful thinking”.

        • DrMeatwad

          Speaking of a devil,,, why has he remained free after he openly confessed his crimes to Jon Stewart?

    • Kathy Smith


    • knightowl77

      “yet all indicators, the markets, and general sentiment are all trending higher.”

      Rigged indicators and the sentiment of sheeple is not a good basis to invest…

      When the economy actually lost over 1.2 million a jobs in Jan alone, yet it is reported that jobs grew by 242,000 “seasonally adjusted” that is just plain fiction….So keep investing, you are a useful tool…

    • quick

      Investing, Gambling, what the hell, take a chance !!

    • bongstar

      yes right now we are un an up trend, but what you dont realize is they are rallying with with the intent of investing at the neck line of the rcent head and shoulders pattens, they then wait till there profit targets are hit. They then have a stop number range, most stop at the low end of this range, a few bulls will pull out at the top and then declines begin. so there is money to be made in the market but one must realy pay atention and must be willing to take risks.

    • WM

      Zazz: The problem is, is that all the indicators, markets and especially general sentiment are not reliable. The government keeps telling that the unemployment rate is either stabilizing or reducing. This may be true in little pockets or specific geographical areas, the point is to look at the big picture. I know many real estate brokers around the nation, and they all can attest to me that large amounts of vacant homes sitting around and the difficulty they are having in getting buyers who actually qualify, and homes that pass inspection and/or are not under water with mortgage value.

      I have seen a huge increase in the amount of buildings that are vacant and now for lease around my state, (CT), and this state is hit hard, but not as hard as some other states.

      The key to understand all this is to not only look at America, but to look whats happening globally, and you will see that everything is slowing down globally.

      • 22 years of no growth, ct has been on a decline for years. As a ct resident, I only apply for jobs in Mass.



      I am in agreement with you on this. This BDI thing is totally absurd, makes no sense at all, and is something that geek economists like Jeffrey Tucker and Faux News talk about because their minds have been smoked like a hamhock.

    • Which indicators? The ones that are obvious lies if you look at the actual numbers?

      The US lost 1.2 million full time jobs last month, and gained back 400k part time jobs (and that doesn’t even include the extra million or so that we added straight to the non-labor force).

      It’s like we’re in 2006 and you’re shouting “Housing prices are going up, and everyone’s getting cheap credit! Where’s the problem??”

    • godsofold


      I believe the following was reported just before the crash of 08′.

      Semper Fi

  • bobbobbob

    u’r readers r cadavers. therebuplicanterrorists stole 2 elections. u dont have dental ins. ur day has come and gone. illerateidiots cee u in medicalschool as cadavers. wehave lots of cadaversnow. upeople die young and r childless. most of u dont have neithermedical ordental insurancce . once u die inthe street u finally get to go med school.

    • DaytoDay

      How old are you? and where did you receive your education??

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        I dont claim to know his age but he was certainly edumucated by the DNC.

  • no brainer

    It’s all deja vu. In 2006, I was all over the blogosphere screaming about the ridiculous house prices and house bubbles. No one cared because everyone was making so much money from flipping houses, riding high from refinancing and seeing their the value of their houses increasing each month. Those of us who decried the zero down, fog in the mirror loan approval process, were ridiculed and were called sour grapes, called jealous of those making money “hands over fists” in the real estate market. The same unfortunately is occurring again in the stock market. Zombies are only interested in seeing their stock portfolios go up and they disregard everything else, including facts. They call anyone who brings fact to the discussion as doomsayer. Well, history will repeat itself. The wise will live on and the fools will die off. BTW, I bought a house 30% off the asking price in 2009 because I couldn’t wait anymore and my family needed a bigger place. I’m positioned for anything and I’ll own more and be even richer after the next crisis.

  • Kenny Venable

    That is why the majority will not be prepared, they think it cannot happen to the good old US of A. They follow the herd to slaughter. This is always the case. Thoughts of a depression are so far from real, they will not even consider such. But what has been around will come around again, you can count on it. Just like the law of gravity, the law of economics will win out, not kicking the can down the road. Wake up it will happen.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    What an easy question to answer! Global shipping is slowing down because global commerce is slowing down. All the rosy statistics about GDP, unemployment, etc are just damn lies and monkey business twisted statistics. There is no recovery. There is only debt piled upon unsustainable debt. Lie to me once, shame on you. Lie to me twice shame on me.

  • Terry R

    Look at what that morxn Zazz writes “yet all indicators, markets are trending higher” What a maroon. Definitely a Obama supporting progressive socialist Democrat.

    This country has over 1 trillion in debt annually with the corrupt government printing more and more money to pay its bills while giving trillions to Europe. The world is awash in at least 100 trillion dollars. You know what Zazz that must make dollars really valuable. Yes sir, you Obama supporters should all join Mensa.

    • Rhynn

      And here we are with another “maroon” who appears at the outset to have some sort of understanding then blows it with partisan BS.

      Republicans aren’t broke. And they don’t care if you are. For all the so-called enlightenment of the Republican base and all their disgust of all things “lib”, they’re all set to send their own version of Obummer to face him in November. I guess Americans simply aren’t smart enough to read the writing on the wall and realize that Republican, Democrat, when it has come to the running of this country it hasn’t made a damned bit of difference since the days of Tammany Hall.

      As for the previous maroon and his “Blue Skies” opinion on the state of the country and world, haven’t you all learned yet? Time is short. You can only tell someone a mega-tsunami is inbound so many times. After that, your duty to him/her is done. Only thing left to to regarding that person is make sure you are too far away to make out the expression on their face when the drowning starts. Because if you are close enough to see it, you’re in deep water too.

      • knightowl77

        That is because the leadership of BOTH parties does not listen to their base….That is why each side portrays the other as about to destroy Amerika, so that their base will be scared not to vote for them….no matter what crap they pull….When Bush would do crap like Comp Immigration Reform, or Medicare Rx and conservatives would get mad…Karl Rove would rhetorically ask “Where are conservative voters going to go?” because they know there is no viable alternative….The same is true for Dims..

  • mondobeyondo

    I would love to see the Baltic Dry Index mentioned more often in mainstream media news. But there is a reason why it isn’t. It’s because much of the American public is clueless.

    “Baltic Dry Index? I didn’t know Latvia and Lithuania were going through a drought! How does this affect me sitting at home in Chicago?”

    • Kathy Smith

      Mondo u make me laugh that was great

    • Abbey

      Oh Mondobeyondo , that was just so clever!! I really had a good laugh…… thanks …

  • shem

    I hate to say it,but i agree with Zazz, you guys have been beating this horse for awhile,the fear you put in people keeps them out of the market, and so they miss the chance to make some money.

    • DaytoDay


      I don’t know if you your or zazz remember… 7-8 months ago, the DOW Jones plunged 800 points in one day… The stock market was at it’s lowest point since 2008… And now magically it’s at historic highs… Why? Because the game is rigged, and the Stock Market is not linked to the economy.

      Now, let’s look at the economy’s progress since 09… And what do you see? 1.2 million jobs lost in one month!!! the poverty rate, underemployment and people who are on food stamps are ALL at historic highs!

      See, you are waiting for a “catastrophe” to happen over night… But you don’t see the bigger picture… Which is a slow decline, which in time, will have a snow ball effect…

      In another year or two, you will look back and think, how did this happen? I never saw it coming… When in-fact, the proof was all around you…

      • shem

        thanks for clearing that up

  • mark

    I have been following the Baltic Dry Index on Zero Hedge. I have always thought the term Hopium was a good way to describe where the economy was going. My investing is in building my 30 by 36 foot green house for this seasons vegetables. We used concrete freeway dividers for the raised beds walls. They never rot like wood. I made the soil last year and grew a good crop. I always look for ways to improve our place. None of us know when a collaspe will happen. Since I am retired, I can spend my extra time doing the things that I like on our ranch. Keep on writing your articles, they are very good and the more people that read them the better. I hope that many will take what they learn here and start to prepare for what is coming. Thanks again.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “We used concrete freeway dividers for the raised beds walls”

      They’re called K-rails and holy crap dude, you dont need 3 foot tall bed walls. Are you using a glass greenhouse or a hightunnel? You ever look into Aquaponics?

      • mark

        these are short ones about 18″ tall. They only cost me $22 each delv. they have a rebar loop cast in the center so they can be picked with a chain with my tractor bucket

  • Hey Zazz, what you smoking?

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s 8 degrees below zero, and you can’t afford to heat your apartment.

    Do I have your attention now?

  • tappedops

    40SW is made on US soil… got it..get it…gunna use it…

  • Tapper P.


    Yep. It was just as expected.

    Plus nothing is represented as being time critical as to something in the here and now. The preppers on the show are preparing for the same general reasons as someone in the 70s or 80s.

    Nothing is allowed that specifically details why RIGHT NOW prepping makes complete sense, ie, the fact that the economy is cliff side with hundreds of solid facts to support that conclusion. That we have NEVER as a country been under these conditions ever before.

    Many professionals – doctors, lawyers, etc are now preppers for the first time. People making hefty incomes, with prestigious titles and occupations. But this show wants to portray preppers as toothless hics who celebrate other’s demise (the fat chick) or stupid enough to believe they can survive massive land mass shifts due to polar shifting while cruising around in a school bus.

    The History Channel has been used before as a vehicle for fact distortion and propaganda. It is not a source of information that people should ever trust as a final word.

    Like all sources of information it has its gems and its lemons. It is up to the rational, logical thinker to separate the two and discard obvious misinformation.

  • Craig

    People don’t realize the huge cargo capacity of ships over airplanes. Here is a video of a U.S. merchant tanker I worked on in 1991. It carried refined products like diesel, JP4, JP5, for the military. 10,000,000 gallons:

    Emma Maersk container ship. Not too long ago she was the largest container ship in the world:

    If anybody has any interest, the real reason the Exxon Valdez went aground in Alaska:'t%20know.htm

  • Rich Breveglieri

    Cletus van damme
    As long as your trusting in Rifle ammunition your terminal for all future hope….

  • Highspeedloafer

    Its time to lower our standard of living and try and get out in front of this thing. On average, one months cable bill could buy a weeks worth of groceries. I have started my own austerity program and am at least able to buy supplies for this time next year at todays prices. I miss a few good shows, but when things get really ugly, I’ll still have food to eat.

    This is a good sign that the economy is taking a turn for the worse and the guru’s on tv keep pumping up the markets. There is a guru for every sucker. Zazz, you keep buying stock and I’ll keep prepping, soon we will see where the wise investment was.

    • TX4Life

      You hit the nail on the head. Everyone needs to start their own austerity program at home to stay ahead of inflation and the inevitable collapse. Unfortunately, very few people are willing to downsize their lives. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

  • chiller

    @Zazz; I’m glad I’m not you.

  • stan

    Hey Zazz, you better get out of the market soon. You don’t want to get caught with your pants and underware down around your ankles.

  • stan

    All my comments have to be moderated.


  • Mark

    It sickens me to keep listening to our Government officials lying to us. If I have to listen to another politician tell me that our economy is in recovery, I’m going to vomit. Pick up a book and read, America! Michael Lewis’ “Boomerang” was an eye opening read. Verify your sources. Then, you’ll slowly start to see what’s REALLY going on.

  • Bill

    (interesting that the required info above is not entered automatically now)

    The BDI is a very good indicator for several reasons. Perhaps the best reason is that so far the bad guys have not found a way to minipulate it as with the unemployment rate.

    If one is unemployed does it really matter if one is SEEKING employment? If things get so bad that everyone stops looking for employment, then will we have a zero unemployment rate and a perfect economy?

    Perhaps this link might be of interest:

  • Paul

    Or maybe the Baltic Sea is freezing shut.

    No ship can go when ports are frozen.

    Rivers in Europe are frozen, all ships are laying in port.

    BTW, 2011 Germany first exceeded EU 1 trillion in exports.

  • Paul

    Unemployment in Germany is still shrinking. Never before have so many people been employed in Germany.

    Industry is asking the government to relax import of labor rules.

  • Ralphieboy

    I am in the international shipping industry, supplying products that truly help vessel owners save money. Our sales are actually up. But the fact remains that many companies are in a world of hurt, with tankers and bulk carriers operating in the red. Part of the problem is a big over supply of vessels, but charter rates are at record lows and many of the weaker companies won’tbe around next year. Gas carriers are actually doing well, but Asia has been on the downturn for more than a year, and China is quickly running out of steam, another example why planned economies always fail. I got a kick out of the pundits who were screaming that China will be number one in a few short years. Will never happen. To make matters worse, inflation is driving fuel costs up, and ironically, new regulations are actually resulting in deteriorating fuel quality, driving up maintenance costs. THe savvy ship owners that have been around a few decades will survive, after all , people still need to eat and need energy. But it hasn ‘t been this bad since tne 1930s, and it is going to get a whole lot worse. Gonna be some real bargains ahead in like-new ships.

    • Craig

      I agree about the bargains on new ships. They picked the wrong time to build all those mega container ships in Asia, but they were on the books before the 2008 crash I guess.

      Deteriorating fuel quality? How can you get much lower than IFO380? I guess there are claims that bad fuel messes witht he rings in the Sulzer engines. But I would guess that you are just claiming that the fuel is getting bad because you’re in the business of trying to sell something that makes the IFO380 better? It’s hard to really know people on the internet.

      • Ralphieboy

        The fuel quality issue has occured as a result of having to blend to one percent sulfur (RMG 380 spec) for emissions control areas (ECA). Simply , the sulfur is diluted eith blending of inferior cutter stock. These issues habe been widely reported by fuel analysis labs like DNVPS. No claim paisano, but fact.

  • Rodster

    For anyone who thinks this Blog is just fear-mongering and is making stuff up here’s Business Insider weighing in:

    “It Feels Like Something Is About To Happen…”

  • karen

    There is a very good article about Henery Kissinger, he is the CEO for the globle elite or should I say The New World Order, he is now 89 years old but still one of their own. Through his lifetime he has caused the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocent people. An evil man but he still speaks the truth in this article Henery Kissinger: ” If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf”

    • Scotty

      If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf

      That was a parody piece on the daily squib . Old Henry wouldn’t give a heads up to the useless eaters.

  • Milou


    The same can be said about being in the stock market before the 2008 flash crash!!! Stocks trended higher then BAMMM!!!

    It’s up to the individual investor to digest these information and make a decision on their own.

  • bongstar

    Good article. People have a tendency to fall prey to the lamestream media’s bull crap, of a bettering economy. Bloomberg today is touing that europe is saved and everything is on the way up! ha.. bloomberg changes its stance on the worlds economic out look every day, one day its the end the next its dineyland, they are just atempting to drive the markets and investors in the direction they choose.

    • bongstar

      this is why you have to read between the lines and read from as many souces as possible.

  • cyrano54

    You miss the “boat” on this one. There was a squeeze for shipping capacity of the aging fleet a couple years ago. The freight cost got astronomically high and then the ship builders went into high gear with building. The lag in expanding the fleet is so lagged that we are now just realizing the effects of a built out fleet. There is a small bit of economy in there but its ultimately a boom bust scenario of responding to high prices.

    • Craig

      cyrano54, I disagree with your position. There hasn’t been a shortage of merchant shipping given all the ships just laying around for charter. I think there are 45,000 merchant ships of 2,000 DWT’s or more in the world.


    I have an excellent(not) idea,

    The asylum states of amerika government should ship all of it weapons via sea. One gun, one missile, one round of ammo per ship per trip. Betcha that will get the BDI moving in an uptick?(LOL)

  • Luis

    For the last three Christmas seasons, the Index went up during the preceding months (as retailers stocked up on goods), and fell to it’s usual post Christmas low around the end of January/beginning of February before going up again. You can see it for yourself here by looking at the 5 year chart:

    We are now at the usual low point and things should rebound a bit again soon. But having said all that, I still agree with the general tenor of this article. Things overall don’t look good, and we are definitely headed for some serious economic trouble.

    Back in January 2011, the company my wife works for sold 80K worth of equipment during their biggest trade show of the year. This year at the same trade show they sold less than 6K. As a result, my wife just lost her job this past Friday. But that is all right… compared to what is coming- these are ‘the good old days’.

    • Michael

      I am so sorry to hear about your wife Luis.


    • If you switch the chart to the 5 year view, you can see that the last time the BDI was in the 660s was in December of 2008. Not exactly a banner year for the economy.

  • grandpa

    I have spread the disease to everyone around me buy local and nothing that says packaged in the us or any other obvious pieces of useless crap that didnt come from the hands of the average american worker.,,, the soft war im playing is padding my wallet rather nicley ,

    • Stoosh

      Hello, grandpa:

      How easy has it been for you to buy local or “made here”? What kinds of items?

      Also, I’m intrigued by your last sentence. Would you be willing to explain what is the “soft war you’re playing” and how it is “padding your wallet,” please?

      Thanks, kindly.

      Warmest regards.

  • karen

    Very good read… By Karl Schwarz Diagnosis of America is Terminally Ill.

  • Looks like 2012 will be the start of the economic hell after all. This article was an eye-opener! Hope is a good thing but the Hopium our massmedia is selling us are rat-poison.

  • joe

    While it would be nice to agree with Zazz, I cannot. If we start with the obvious that none of us can predict the future but only guess based upon the available data, we must agree that we can look at that data and come up with different results. About a year before the real estate market crashed, I convinced my wife that we should sell all of our real estate and leave the USA. She and most of our friends thought I had lost my mind, including a friend who had made millions (on paper) developing high end waterfront properties. We sold making huge profits. We invested outside of the USA and made some profits and some losses but we would have lost all of our paper profits had we not sold. In contrast, my friend lost everything including more than $3M of real money he had invested. I didn’t know what was going to happen but the data pointed in that direction. I don’t know what will happen now. There may be an economic collapse or not. However, I am almost certain that we will see significant and possibly hyper inflation. Based upon what we purchase, our food prices are 15-50 percent higher since April (when we started tracking the prices) and ammo and gun supplies have gone up 3-5% for ammo and around 13% for related gear (scopes etc). And, propane is up about 12% over last year. So, we think the best investment is food, ammo, and just about anything you can store long term. We can hope Zazz is correct, but I wouldn’t bet my savings on it. I would rather go for the sure thing, stuff I can eat or use.

  • Chris

    I am fairly sure this stock market is totally rigged. I think the powers that be could get this stock market to rise even in the face of an Armageddon scenario.

  • gary2

    Maybe if the true costs of shipping all the crap from Chinia were included in the cost of the goods then jobs could come back here.

    The polution/carbon emissions from these big ships has a huge negetive impact on the environment but these costs or externalities are never included in the cost of the goods.

    I would think that woth peak oil etc that at some point it will be way too expenseive to ship anything anywhere.

  • TtT Engine

    The Baltic Index is way down because less good are being puchased. Less good are being purchased because much less people are working. The people that are working have less or no disposeable income because pig governments are taxing,feeing us to death and pig oil giants are price fixing the price of a gallon of gasoline. People are going broke filling their tanks. The U.S.A. prints/borrows/spends $4 billion A DAY to pay for their social wreckage since Woodstock. California borrows $40 million A DAY to “keep the pot growing”. Get the picture->World-Wide BANKRUPTCY.

    • mondobeyondo

      That’s true. The federal government spends $4 billion a day. They spend more money in one hour than most of us earn in a lifetime. Sad.

  • nowwthen

    Wow you really stirred up a hornet’s nest. You wrote, “All these prognostications of doom, yet all indicators, the markets, and general sentiment are all trending higher.”

    Go to this site and click on any one of these shipping company tickers and then click on its 1 yr chart. Shipping is in the tank and that’s one bellweather indicator that’s definitely not trending higher.

  • DownWithLibs

    Yes, Michael, it’s ok to go over and over stuff like the “trade deficit”. You have new people tuning in all the time who are catching on to what is wrong and need to know (finally!) what these terms mean to them. Of course you also have people like me who get very busy and miss an article or two and need a quick update! 😉

    • Michael

      Yes, I hope that people don’t get bored when I repeat myself so much though. 🙂


  • Orange Jean

    This is slightly off topic, but not entirely (given there are major economic concerns). Have you heard that Obama & Hillary are in the middle of trying to negotiate 5 treaties, some with the UN, that would essentially give away the sovereignty of our nation? Briefly these are (with my comments in parentheses):

    1. International Criminal Court — One thing this court wants is to create a new crime of “aggression,” which is going to war without the approval of the United Nations. (Remember 9/11 anyone?)

    2. The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) has been signed and requires the United States pay an international body half of its royalties from offshore drilling and will distribute the funds as it sees fit to whichever nations it chooses. Oh yeah, and give away certain technology for free.

    3. Small-arms control — Clinton is about to negotiate on a global ban on export of small arms. It would only apply to private citizens.

    3. Outer Space Code of Conduct — The code would prohibit activities that are likely to generate debris in outer space — space littering. European leftists reacted angrily when G.W. Bush opted out of the ABM treaty banning defensive weapons. Now they seek to reimpose it under the guise of a code of conduct.

    4.Rights of the Child — A treaty Clinton plans to negotiate setting forth a code of rights for children, to be administered by a 14-member court set up for the purpose. The draft treaty REQUIRES rich nations to provide funds for shelter, food, clothing and education for children in poor nations. (Mind you, I’ve no objection to volunteer charity, but using our taxpayer money and borrowing from China to do this, when kids in our own country are going hungry?)


    • Michael

      Several of those treaties are big time trouble.


  • Handog

    Here’s an indicator,

    With the swipe of a pen the POTUS now can crack down on you and I with the full force of the US military if you are disobedient. Presidential candidate Obama promised to shut down Gitmo. Instead he has made us elligable occupants.

    They know the you know what is going to hit the fan. Evidently they don’t have much faith in local Police Departments.

  • How many times have Ben Bernakiie and Tim Geitneer and pres. Husaaine bamma been right the last 3 years or so? yep 0, nadda, zilich, zero so you gonna trust them eggheads now when they tell you everything is “just fine, go back to sleeep, your safe with us at the controls, trust us”! Ya nows the time to worry the most.
    ask yourself “How easy is it to fudge the numbers to look good and then say see things are getting better, I told you so”…
    The real unemployment rate is more like 15.1% NOT the 8.3% they are telling everyone.
    See how to survive an Economic Collapse at:

  • mondobeyondo

    The BDI is a key indicator of a country’s financial health (and the world’s, for that matter.) Every student should have learned about it in Economics 101, but that’s not the case. The first time I ever heard about the BDI in my life, was on an Internet financial web site. Why is that?!

    It’s not on the network news. Maybe because your favorite anchor dude or dudette has an unwritten code… “loose lips sink [cargo] ships”, something like that. How many times have Diane Sawyer and Scott Pelley mentioned the Baltic Dry Index? (answer: zero, or close to it.) If the MSM told the truth, they would lose their jobs. Why? Because it’s real news. Lindsay Lohan’s latest antics are not real news. But it keeps the masses happy, and the ratings high.

    To those like-minded uninformed, miseducated people out there (I was once one of you…) the BDI is the economic canary in the coal mine. The canary is dying. It’s the one economic statistic that actually tells the truth.

  • Nomad

    For those of you who posted comments…Zazz is a hit-n-run sunshine pumper. He goes to different boards and forums and posts the same garbage.

    He thinks the health of the economy is tied to the Dow Jones.

    I personally think he just likes stirring the pot to see the reactions he gets. Either that or his head is buried DEEP where the sun does not shine.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Woo hoo! Unemployment is down! The economy is on the rebound. Long live the USA! Rah rah rah! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! And for those who are naïve enough to believe that crap, I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

    The reality is that The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) has a very sick economy, and we’re not alone. Look at Spain, look at Greece, look at Italy. This mess is international. The collapse of the BRA will cause a lot of pain in Europe; the problems of Spain and Italy will hurt us in the BRA. The you-know-what is going to hit the fan, and things are going to get NASTY. The global depression will go from bad to much, much worse.

    These are incredibly dark times we are living in. God help Greece and Spain, and God help the rotting, decaying, collapsing Third World horror movie called The Banana Republic of America.

  • Thank you for your reply to my comment,it was very well written,I guess i am still upset about missing the greatest rally ever, only because i was listenig to so many different people saying the market was about to crash any moment, which was 3 years ago and they are still saying it now.

  • Paul

    There is a vicious circle to observe.

    In general, salaries and wages are too low, because profit needs to be high.

    Managers do not want to employ sufficient people to do all work. Overtime becomes “necessary”. After 8 hours at work, the quality of work doesn’t become better. More mistakes result in more rework, or more customer complaints. And even a higher workload.
    That’s only one issue.

    Another issue is, that because of overtime, parents do not spend sufficient time with their children, leading to all kinds of development issues, and behaviour issues.

    And another issue.
    Because of low salary there is not enough spending power. People need credit cards to get goods in order to leave a comfortable life, and food, and transport to work.

    And another issue.
    In order to increase sales, more goods are produced by everyone in the hope that somewhere somebody will buy them. That leads to oversupply. And the prices will fall, leading to fall in profit and (see issue 1) to a fall in salary and wages.

    And another issue.
    People in developing countries want to participate. They expect a healthy life, they want to spend money for cinema, theatre, cars, brand name clothing, music and movie CDs and DVDs. They fight hard for higher salary.
    As most raw material comes from those countries, the prices of raw material rise, squeezing profits and salaries and wages.

    While everyone is willing to squeeze salaries and wages, nobody is willing to squeeze profits.

    Maybe here could be a way out?

    • Thank you for stating it. I have often wondered how people expect salaries to increase year on year without some problems eventually occuring!

  • sam

    america will soon become another Greece.
    get ready.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Low salaries would be defined as low enough that you look for and take another job. You seem to think low salaries mean you can’t buy everything you want to. I have had many jobs and in everyone of them I knew what the salary was before I took it. So how could it possibly be the employers fault if your salary is too low?

    A lot of companies squeeze profits. In my life I have known many small employers who took no profit and no income for a year or two years just so they could keep the company going. Every investor has a expectation of profit without which they would not have invested. Please, please if you are willing to invest without profit let me know I have a great business proposition for you.

  • Tony T

    Sorry to say it but the fact of the matter is that the BDI is this low due to the massive oversupply of new tonnnage that has come onto the market. Over the last two years, the fleet of ships trading dry cargoes has almost doubled, with demand not following suit. This year started very slowly, with Global trade having massively slowed down prior to the Chinese holidays, howvever now that they are back, things are looking a lot better.

    It is true however, that trade on container ships (which dont fall under the BPI) has been massively reduced this year, which is probably a more accurate reflection of the consumer economy.

  • laferia

    iran pays for grain in oil and gold…….should indicate the real crisis about to engulf the Globe……

  • whiteyward

    Capitalism without the Union is slavery.

  • Agent P

    Very much a confidence game at this late stage. How much longer? Difficult to say, but that unhappy ending is more in focus than it was, say a few years ago.

    As has been suggested here already, the DOW/S&P have become proxy for ‘positive sentiment’ regarding overall behaviour by investors and ‘consumers’ alike.

    In other words, if the market can continue to be ‘levitated’, it puts in the mind of the general public, a sense that all is Ok – or at least, not so bad. Therefore, ‘go out and $spend’ – which is what is necessary for a ‘consumer-based’ economy to survive – and that is precisely what they want.

    And this can be done for as long as it can – at least until the reality of the situation finally floats to the top of the cognitive abilities of the average gullible schlock, dumbed-down by decades of platitudes and election-cycle sloganeering.

    It is at that juncture, that we have a problem on our hands…

  • Steve Barenes

    WHen the economy is down the government should step in and force oil companies to lower fuel prices. The reason they don’t is people might slow down, but they still have to put gas in their cars and heat their homes. So the oil companies can double fuel prices and sell onethird less and still clean up. The profits are insane. Food a stable isn’t going down. But the government wants you drunk and it’s why alcohol prices stay the same. Amusement parks are slashing ticket prices, because they make it on food and motels.

  • dethray

    it about over for govermint workers,retireees and folks who are in debt.the sick part is this war in Iran about to happen to keep our attention elsewhere.young and old will have no future for awhile…just think; a 60 year guy will be able to have 22 year girl friend if hes got a little bit of money!

  • James

    The U.S. Gov. bought 1 Billion Dollars in storable food last year alone.
    Do they know something we don’t know?
    They are hiring companies to man the FEMA camps now. They have to be able to move in 72 hours.
    I have been watching the Baltic Dry Index for some time now.
    People, it’s not getting any better.
    If you don’t prepare while you can, I feel sorry for you.
    I ask a man I know if he was storing food and supplies. He laughed at me and said ” No, I’ll just come to your house.”
    I told him “don’t come to me looking for food or protection. If you come to my place, I’ll shoot you.”
    I’m afraid it may well be every man for himself for awhile out there.

  • Iran has nukes! JUMP START THE ECONOMY!

  • Stefania Caterina was born in Genoa 19 January 1959 by a Catholic family practitioner.
    In 1994 he decided to leave everything to dedicate himself totally to God and His work, by providing the gifts received from Him

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    The messages Jesus is dictating to me these days and that will be published in the next months, definitely trace the path towards the events awaiting us. Therefore, I felt I had the duty to write this introduction, to help you enter more deeply in the subject you will be reading.
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    “Wake up therefore, Christians of the Earth, and begin to raise your eyes up high! Only this way will you be able to understand what My Spirit is constantly teaching you.
    “The second reason is that the forces of evil, headed by Lucifer, worked in a powerful way upon the Earth. They boxed humanity in close systems, oppressing the conscience of the individual, robbing him of his identity and of his freedom. Political, economical, social, scientific, and even religious systems reign upon the Earth, and their aim is that of creating ideas, convictions, and models to impose on peoples, who progressivley become deprived of their freedom. This assures and guaranties the power to only a few. Earth, in fact, is governed by a restricted oligarchy of powerful people, consecrated to Lucifer, that operate above any system and control the whole of humanity.
    Those, for centuries, know about life in the universe, but they are very careful of not speaking to you about it. They have stipulated allegiance with humanities of planets rebellious to God, motivated by the desire of dominating, not only the Earth, but the the entire universe, and they are very much afraid of the humanities of the planets faithful to God. They have prevented the peoples, up to now, to come to the knowledge of the truth of things, because they fear losing their power, they fear that the humanity of Earth would be visited and helped by the humanities faithful to God, because it would be the end for them.

    You are prisoners of a subtle game, which passes above your heads and carries you out of the truth. Open your eyes, the sign will not be lacking!
    “The systems created by Lucifer, with the complicity of greedy and corrupt men, give life to structures, organizations with thousands of different acronyms or initials, whose rules serve to protect the systems from which they are born. They are innumerable and operate in every field. Outside of systems and structures, man of the Earth can no longer live because he has been set into them. Systems and structures have shaped entire generations of individuals, that think and act according to the rules of the systems, and not according to divine lawsmolded into the spirit of each person. Thus, man walked farther away from God, losing certainties and hopes, and was compelled to place his false hope upon systems which he considers infallible, because he had been led to think that way.
    “Even religions themselves, under many aspects, transformed themselves into systems that generate structures. For many believers, the religious system made of rules, codes, orders, and prohibitions, has become the very idol that took the place of God.
    “Earthly man does not feel as being part of humanity any more, but of a conglomeration of systems that keep him oppressed, making him unable to think with his own head. He who puts himself outside the rules imposed by the systems is thrown out of the game, he has no value anymore, he is condemned to death, as happened to Me. This is why only few have the courage to oppose them.
    “This is the exact opposite of what the Heavenly Father desires!
    He created you free, and he donated to you His way of thinking, certainly not in order to box you in, but to give to your potentialities the ability, the freedom to act for the benefit of the entire human species. You are children of God and you would have the power of acting as children of God; unfortunatley you have become children of your systems, little robots that act upon command. Repent and come back to the true God; stop, finally, to adore false gods!
    “Now the Father has decreed to give a strong and definite shift to the walk of the entire humanity, starting exactly from Earth. The events that here will be taking place will be decisive for all the universe. The Father gave Me every power to free the Earth and the universe from the oppression of the forces of evil, and I will act.
    “I will begin with creating difficulties for all the systems that dominate Earth. They will shake and will come to battle one with the other until they will destroy each other. You will see crumbling the authority of those who believe themselves to be powerful and dominate the conscience of all the people. Faced with such confusion, many will return to God, and many others will continue to hold on tightly to the old systems, from which they will not get anymore help. Everyone will be faced with a choice: with God or against God. Only one credible authority will be left: the authority of God. This work of Mine is already started and, if you observe attentively, you can see the first effects of it.
    “At the same time, I will reawaken and give power to My people of the Earth. I will act with strength in the spirit of all those who show good will, in order to bring them to interior freedom, to be able to discern and decide according to the laws of God and not according to the rules of the systems. This work of Mine has begun already as well, and is silently being developed in the depth of many people. God does not make noise when He acts, but He acts!
    “A new people is about to be born, strong in the spirit, independent from false authorities and detached from every compromise with the truth; it is made out of men and women faithful to God, who live their true fraternal communion, opened to the continuous newness of the Spirit. This people is like a fire who is smouldering under the ashes; when I will blow on the ashes, that fire will be ablaze and no one will be able to put it out.
    “I will act with great power in the universe as well. Here I can count on the humanities that remained faithful to God and that did not fall into original sin. They are ready to collaborate with my action by placing at my disposal their life and their abilities. These brothers of yours work in unison with the angels and fully cooperate with the plans of God. I will send them to help my people, on the Earth as well as on other planets. As of now they live a deep spiritual communion with many of you, because the Holy Spirit has the power of uniting the children of God with each other, over and above distances and boundaries. Then, when the right moment comes, these brothers of yours will openly manifest themselves to the humanity of Earth. Make sure you will be found ready at that moment, because after, it could be too late! If you place yourselves into My hands, I will put you in the condition to be ready at the meeting with these brothers of yours.
    “This encounter will mark a jump of epochal civilization for the Earth, and will force your humanity to take another look at many of its certainties, in every field. This is why many will be afraid of it. I repeat again, do not be afraid, I shall prepare you, if you will permit Me to do so, if finally you will set aside your analyses, your logic, your scientific experimentation, if you will allow faith to guide you.
    “I will act in purgatory so that the greatest possible number of souls may enter in the beatitude of heaven, thus participating in My work with their prayer. Purgatory will be shaken and the souls will definitely place themselves on the road towards heaven.
    Generations and generations are in purgatory: they will be awakened and will drag also the living with the power of their faith.
    “A very powerful time has started, where the signs from heaven will be more and more evident, if you will be able to read them. Lucifer’s anger will grow stronger and will hurl itself against everything and everybody, but it will not be able to hurt those who belong to Me.
    “You will also see nature restless, because nature reacts to the solicitations of good and evil, with a sensitity often stronger than yours. Nature will be hit heavily by the forces of evil, forces who will try to damage humanity, but nature will not be destroyed. Nature also will be recapitulated in Me in order to be renewed and transformed. Therefore, do not be afraid, My children, when facing the natural events that will follow one another. Hold on tightly to Me and you will have nothing to fear.
    “I am stopping here for now; later I will talk to you about other matters so you can be prepared for what is about to happen. The Father never asks man to adhere to what he cannot understand; first He gives him light, then He asks him to decide, because God is fair with you. The Father sent Me among you to enlighten your road toward God and place you in the condition to be able to walk. Now it is up to you to decide.
    “I am asking you to pray a lot and to seriously decide for God. I am asking you again to donate your life to Me, so that I can protect you and prepare you for the events that are awating you. It is not about catastrophes, like the most apprehensive ones fear, but it is a matter of tests necessary for the purification of humanity, in view of the beautiful and incorrupt new creation awaiting you. The Father prepared it for those who love Him, and I am calling you to be part of it. The Father is at work unceasingly and I am at work as well; therefore, your eyes will see great things. If you have faith you will be able to read them in the right light. They will appear to you for what they truly are: the marvels of God’s love for His people.
    “I am blessing you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”.
    In the book “Beyond the great barrier” at Chp. 6, I spoke about the humanities of other planets, and of the choices made by each humanity. As a matter of fact, not all men have committed the original sin. There exist some humanities that kept themselves faithful to God, thus preserving spiritual and physical prerogatives much superior to ours.
    For other messages:—
    We apologize for the space, we believe that there may be useful for the journey of your life
    God Bless you
    See: /

    • BlackDog

      Thanks for staying on-topic there, Slick.

      • goodjohnease

        Where is any proof the comment up above belongs in here? Please, no bible quotations. Holy script? Well, if you call an outdated document holy, as so declared at the Council of Cartage in 397 AD, are there any updates yet:)

    • abel bilding

      This is one of the most Demonic rants of someone claiming to represent Christ as I have ever seen. Do not be deceived!

      • DrMeatwad

        Abel, that is because the father lets his son do that to people. See his confession of Rev 22:16



    • abe bilding

      Censor much? Mods here have obvious bias & prejudice. Apparently you do NOT value free speech. You will have to stand before your Creator & answer to Him for this. Good day.

    • Lebowski

      And posting random walls of text helps this how?

    • goodjohnease

      Another distraction, along with politics and advertising.

    • Piet

      Angelo, you are such a pajero. Do you not realize what sort of god you revere? The very same god that required its only begotten son to be tortured and executed in order to feel better about the human race. The same pathetic god that required a human sacrifice in the form of Abraham’s first born son and then informed poor old Abe after he had committed to slaughtering the boy; “I was just kidding.”
      Get real you fool. There is no god. No magic spaceship to heaven. No future for civilization.
      All previous civilizations have ended in failure, tears and destruction of the environment. Get used to it. The indigenous people of this planet have put up with the so called civilized invaders time and again through history. They are the meek who will inherit the earth when all the pajeros like yourself have come and gone. I wish you would just hurry up and go quietly.

  • Jen

    The good things about the BDI being low are:
    a) sea mammals get a rest from reduced levels of noise made by ships
    b) not so much chemical pollution being spewed into the oceans so shellfish populations aren’t being skewed by tributiltin changing females to males and upsetting the sex ratios
    c) not so many carbon emissions going into the oceans through fumes and oil leakages
    d) not so much ballast water being carried from one part of the planet to another and wrecking local marine ecosystems in areas where the ballast is dumped and feral species are introduced.

    The planet is getting a bit of a rest from all our polluting activities.

    • TheBThing

      Jes, I would do some research and sue your own head to see experience the science.

      There is no Glboal-Warming, or problem with carbon use.

      • DrMeatwad

        But the Pentagon says global warming is the biggest threat we face. See the 63 documents the government does not want you to see, that is one of them.

      • Piet

        You are obviously a serous dip-stick, drop-kick, dead-beat, dork. You can’t spell correctly, understand syntax or have any idea other than those provided by shock-jock-crock. What the hell is Glboal-Warming anyway? I guess English must be your second language as it cannot be what you speak to your friends.

    • Piet

      Dear Jen, I so agree. All this global trade is just shipping next month’s landfill to another location just so some multi-national corporate billionaire can make more money so they can live somewhere else. It’s time we woke up to the fallacy of global trade and concentrated on local food production, local jobs and seasonal crops.

  • steve t

    Well, i thought I would be reading about the global economy slowing down. Guess not, but it is amazing at how easily everyone gets angered by one man’s religious comments. But since I heard a rebuke that an unbeliever left concerning the almighty, I too will inform you of the truth. Anyone who denies the messiah is the deceiver and the spirit of the anti-Christ. John tells us to test the spirits, not test the people. Maybe you’ve misunderstood, the battle is not against flesh and blood. Poet, who do you think you are deceiving, the two becoming

  • steve t

    Well, i thought I would be reading about the global economy slowing down. Guess not, but it is amazing at how easily some get angered by one man’s religious comments. But since I heard a rebuke that an unbeliever left concerning the almighty, I too will inform you of the truth. Anyone who denies the messiah is the deceiver and the spirit of the anti-Christ. John tells us to test the spirits, not test the people. Maybe you’ve misunderstood, the battle is not against flesh and blood. Piet, who do you think you are deceiving, the two becoming one flesh references the spirit and body becoming one. The ear tests words, and trust me, I know exactly what is in you, thank goodness Isaiah tells us in chapter 24 that god will destroy the powers in the heavens above, and the kings on the earth below. Seeing that the battle isn’t against flesh, it is against those who would like you to think that what you hear is man’s opinion. That’s a lie too, and very soon their safe hiding place and those they have grown to be their special allies will be made known. There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed. But don’t think I I will try and get revenge, I don’t have to prove anything. If I had to prove my god, how mighty would he be? Our god is in heaven, and does whatever pleases him. In due time he will prove himself. Besides, if everyone knew the truth, where would faith be? Wouldn’t it then be just a fact? Faith is believing in what can’t be proven understanding that god will prove himself. It’s not up to us to avenge god, or to punish on behalf of god, like he says: “It’s mine to avenge and I will repay.” Leave room for God’ s wrath, knowing now is the time of gods favor, a time to be reconciled to him through Christ. I’m sorry for preaching, I just can’t stand to hear someone who is ‘ wise’ in their own eyes run god down, I know I don’t have to prove anything, I just don’t want my fellow brothers to be deceived. Christ came to finish gods work that was started in genesis, that work was in man, and for man to be made holy through faith. Once the sacrifice was provided, Jesus said ‘It is finished’. Whoever comes to Christ is made holy through Christ, because god is holy, we had to be made holy. How could sinful man be in the image and likeness of God? Become born again, put on the new-self created to be like God in true righteousness, and holiness. That is why what was started in genesis was finished by Christ, thus you can understand the beginning and end. God bless you all, I hope you see through the commotion and look up to the heavenly father above. We all know its coming. Global economic collapse is around the corner, do I know when? No, but the indicators point to sooner rather than later. Chaos will ensue, and the “distress on all nations” will be on us. When you see these things beginning to take place, look up, its right around the corner. Forgive me if I offended anyone, I only want you all to know the truth. I was an unbeliever, I too ‘ knew’ god wasn’t real. I had it all figured out. But here’s a trust worthy saying, Jesus died for sinners, among which, i was one of the worst. But by his grace the eyes of my heart were opened and I was no longer blind in my heart. God allowed me to accept the truth and no longer be hostile to his words, because of my unbelieving mind. I am gods witness, soon enough he will prove faith, and his servants, to his praise and glory, not ours. Get ready, salvation is on the way, perhaps you too will be sheltered, psalm 91.

  • donaldsheldon

    It must be Global Warming and the Federal Reserve that is the cause. LOL

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