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Will The Banksters And The Corpocracy Eventually Own It All? 29 Statistics About Extreme Income Inequality In America That Will Blow Your Mind

Today, average Americans have less power relative to the monolithic corporate and governmental institutions that dominate our society than at any other point in U.S. history.  Sadly, this is not what our founding fathers ever envisioned.  Our founding fathers established a government "of the people, by the people, for the people", but what we have today is very far from that ideal.  In America today, wealth and power are very highly concentrated, and if you have neither wealth nor power than most of our politicians really do not have any interest in you.  Over the past several decades, those with huge amounts of money and power have been busy rigging the game so that the rest of the money and power slowly but surely funnels into their hands.  If current trends continue, the banksters and the corpocracy will eventually own it all.  Below you will find 29 statistics about extreme income inequality in America.  Sadly, most of these statistics will be out of date in a year or two because wealth and power will be much more concentrated by that time.

If you are a "Kool-Aid drinking Democrat" you are going to be really upset by this article.  If you are a "Kool-Aid drinking Republican" you are going to be really upset by this article.

Most Republicans have been brainwashed into believing that "capitalism" means cheerleading while the big corporations hoover up money and power.

Most Democrats have no trouble with big corporations either because most establishment Democrats have been brainwashed into believing that large concentrations of power (whether governmental or corporate) are generally good.  Most Democrats just wish that big corporations were a little less greedy and were a little more "socially responsible".

Today, the big banks, the big corporations and the federal government are all in bed with one another and it is average Americans that always lose out.

Our founding fathers tried to warn us about large concentrations of power.  They attempted to establish a very limited central government, they wanted to keep us free from the tyranny of the big banks and they were very suspicious of large corporations.

In a 2010 article, Rick Ungar noted that corporations were very seriously restricted in the early days of America....

After the nation’s founding, corporations were, as they are today, the result of charters granted by the state. However, unlike today, they were limited in how long they were permitted to exist (typically 20 or 30 years), only permitted to deal in one commodity, they could not own shares in other corporations, and their property holdings were expressly limited to what they needed to accomplish their corporate business goals.

My how things have changed.

"Capitalism" is supposed to be about the empowerment of individuals and families and small businesses.

Instead, today "capitalism" has come to mean something completely different.  Today, the biggest, meanest concentrations of wealth devour everyone else with a big assist from the government.

At this point, average Americans mean next to nothing in the political process.  This point was eloquently made in a recent column by Robert Reich....

The unemployed are politically invisible. They don’t make major campaign donations. They don’t lobby Congress. There’s no National Association of Unemployed People.

Their ranks are filled with women who had been public employees, single mothers, minorities, young people trying to enter the labor force, and middle-aged men who have been out of work for longer than six months. You couldn’t find a collection of people with less political clout.

I would not normally quote Robert Reich, but he made a good point.  If you don't have an army of lobbyists or any money to give to them then most of our politicians don't really care what you think or how much you are hurting.

Just think about the amount of power and money that Exxon Mobil or Wal-Mart has compared to the amount of power and money that an average American has.

Our society has veered very far from the egalitarian ideal that our founding fathers once hoped for.

The corporate giants are so powerful that it is next to impossible for small businesses to directly compete with them.

Just try it some time.

Many banks and corporations have become so big that the world literally cannot afford for them to fail.

For example, three U.S. corporations control approximately 90% of the world’s grain trade.

So what happens if those three corporations collapse?

That is something to think about.

But of course average Americans are never "too big to fail".  The big banks begged and begged for bailouts, but if you are late on your debt payments they will chuck you into prison.

Also, when wealth and power are so highly concentrated, economic rewards flow only to a few.  Corporatism (as opposed to true capitalism) produces a handful of winners and a whole lot of losers.

As I have written about previously, the middle class is being destroyed.  If current trends are allowed to continue long enough we eventually won't have much of a middle class left at all.

The following are 29 statistics about extreme income inequality in America that will blow your mind....

#1 In the United States today, the richest one percent of all Americans have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

#2 The wealthiest 1% of all Americans now own more than a third of all the wealth in the United States.

#3 The wealthiest 1% of all Americans own over 50% of all the stocks and bonds.

#4 The poorest 50% of all Americans collectively own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.

#5 According to a joint House and Senate report entitled "Income Inequality and the Great Recession", the top one percent of income earners in the United States brought in a total of 10.0 percent of all income income in 1980, but by the time 2008 had rolled around that figure had skyrocketed to 21.0 percent.

#6 Between 1979 and and 2007, the average household income of the top 1% of all Americans soared from $346,600 to $1.3 million.  During that same time period the average household income for middle class Americans increased only slightly.

#7 According to Harvard Magazine, 66% of the income growth between 2001 and 2007 went to the top 1% of all Americans.

#8 More than 3 billion people, close to half the world's population, live on less than 2 dollar a day.

#9 According to a new report from the AFL-CIO, the average CEO made 343 times more money than the average American did last year.

#10 The number of "low income jobs" in the U.S. has risen steadily over the past 30 years and they now account for 41 percent of all jobs in the United States.

#11 Since 1979, real median weekly earnings for high school dropouts has declined by 22 percent.

#12 During this economic downturn, employee compensation in the United States has been the lowest that it has been relative to gross domestic product in over 50 years.

#13 Half of all American workers now earn $505 or less per week.

#14 Since the year 2000, we have lost 10% of our middle class jobs.  In the year 2000 there were about 72 million middle class jobs in the United States but today there are only about 65 million middle class jobs.  Meanwhile, our population has gotten significantly larger.

#15 Ten years ago, the United States was ranked number one in average wealth per adult.  In 2010, the United States fell to seventh.

#16 According to one recent study, approximately 21 percent of all children in the United States were living below the poverty line in 2010. In the UK and in France that figure is well under 10 percent.

#17 Today, one out of every four American children is on food stamps.

#18 It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach the age of 18.

#19 According to Moody's Analytics, the wealthiest 5% of households in the United States now account for approximately 37% of all consumer spending.

#20 The number of Americans that are going to food pantries and soup kitchens has increased by 46% since 2006.

#21 The U.S. poverty rate is now the third worst among the developed nations tracked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

#22 Approximately half of all American workers make $25,000 a year or less.

#23 The wealthiest 1% of the earth's population controls 39% of the wealth.

#24 It is estimated that over 80 percent of the world's population lives in countries where the income gap between the rich and the poor is widening.

#25 One year after the recent financial collapse the top 25 hedge fund managers earned a total of approximately $25 billion.  That breaks down to an average of $1 billion each.

#26 Bill Gates has a net worth of somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 billion dollars.  That means that there are approximately 140 different nations that have a yearly GDP which is smaller than the amount of money Bill Gates has.

#27 It is estimated that the entire continent of Africa owns approximately 1 percent of the total wealth of the world.

#28 The top 0.01% of Americans make an average of $27,342,212.  The bottom 90% make an average of $31,244.

#29 58 percent of the members of Congress are millionaires while only about 1 percent of the general population is made up of millionaires.

So what is the solution?

Well, our liberal friends insist that the solution to all of this inequality is to tax the rich and to distribute the wealth to the poor.

Well, there are three major problems with that.

Number one, when you raise taxes too high you eliminate the incentive to work hard.

Number two, when you make it too easy to depend on government handouts you create an underclass of economic parasites.

Number three, the big corporations and the ultra-wealthy have become masters at avoiding taxation no matter what the rates are.

Before you tax the rich too much, you might want to consider the consequences of doing so.

Why should someone bust his or her rear end to run a business and make a lot of money if the government is just going to come along and take over half of all the money that is made?

Personally, if I ever get into a tax bracket where over half the money I make goes to the government then I simply will not work nearly as hard at that point.

But if that starts happening on a large scale, then you have a significant loss of economic activity which hurts the economy overall.

Already, the top 20 percent of all income earners in the United States pay approximately 86 percent of all federal income taxes.

When the government "steals from the rich" and "gives to the poor", that also tends to create a large group of people that decides that it is easier to take from the government than it is to work for a living.

In 1980, government transfer payments accounted for just 11.7% of all income.  Today, government transfer payments account for 18.4% of all income.

That is not a good trend.

At this point, U.S. households are now receiving more income from the U.S. government than they are paying to the government in taxes.

That is not even close to sustainable, but nobody wants to give up their "government benefits".

Today, 59 percent of all Americans receive money from the federal government in one form or another.

Yes, there will always be those that cannot help themselves and we should always have a "safety net".

But when you look around it doesn't take a genius to figure out that things have gotten completely and totally out of control.

Right now, an all-time record 44 million Americans are on food stamps.

Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid.

The U.S. government is even handing out billions of dollars to homeowners that are delinquent on their mortgages.

This is not a formula for long-term economic success.

When people get addicted to government checks they never want to stop.

But this is not what the poor need.

What the poor need are good jobs that pay good wages.  Unfortunately, we keep shipping millions of those jobs overseas.  So now the Chinese economy is thriving and our formerly great manufacturing cities are turning into hellholes.

Handouts do not give people hope, dignity and a future, but jobs can.

Also, as I have written about before, the big corporations and the ultra-wealthy have become masters at avoiding taxes.  There is a reason why approximately a third of all the wealth in the world is held in "offshore" tax havens.

What U.S. corporations are able to get away with is absolutely amazing.

The following figures come directly out of a report by Citizens for Tax Justice.  These are combined figures for the tax years 2008, 2009 and 2010.

During those three years, all of the corporations below made a lot of money.  Yet all of them paid net taxes that were below zero for those three years combined.

How is that possible?  Well, it turns out that instead of paying in taxes to the federal government, they were actually getting money back.

So for these corporations, their rate of taxation was actually below zero.

If you have not seen these before, you are going to have a hard time believing some of these statistics.....


Profits: $4.9 billion

Taxes: -$34 million

*Fed Ex*

Profits: $3 billion

Taxes: -$23 million

*Wells Fargo*

Profits: $49.37 billion

Taxes: -$681 million


Profits: $9.7 billion

Taxes: -$178 million


Profits: $32.5 billion

Taxes: -$951 million


Profits: $2.1 billion

Taxes -$72 million

*American Electric Power*

Profits: $5.89 billion

Taxes -$545 million

*General Electric*

Profits: $7.7 billion

Taxes: -$4.7 billion

Are you starting to get the picture?

I wish I could make $7.7 billion, pay no taxes and have the government give me $4.7 billion on top of it.

Our system has become corrupted beyond all recognition.

We need to throw out the current system of taxation and come up with something entirely new.

In fact, the truth is that for most of U.S. history there was not a federal income tax at all.  But that is a story for another day.

If you believe in the U.S. Constitution and in the republic that our founding fathers established, then the very high concentrations of wealth and power in our society today should greatly concern you.  Income inequality is not a "Democrat" or a "Republican" issue.  A vibrant, thriving middle class should be a goal all of us can embrace.

But I have a feeling a whole lot of "Democrats" and a whole lot of "Republicans" were deeply offended by this article.  Feel free to express your opinion by leaving a comment below....

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  • Cornwall_5

    We need a revolution (yes, a **************) in thought to shake out of our collective heads what the notion of “work” and “job” is.
    Forcing people to choose between sitting at home in poverty versus expending ridiculous amounts of energy – just to say they are “doing work”, even if that work TOTALLY does not benefit anyone, such police officers, who force hostages into prison against their will – has to be eliminated.

    It is better to pay people to sit home, read, think, conserve energy, not eat animals, and to pay them a comfortable amount for survival, than to pay them extraordinary amounts to go out and be advertising executives, corporate stooges for products we don’t need, or (as I already suggested) be police officers who get rich running concentration camps.

  • Cornwall_5

    I totally sympathize with jeff1985. The few Americans with whom I sympathize are pro-animal rights vegan Green Party members like myself: those who go out of our way to NOT buy meat or animal products or products made overseas (when we can avoid or forego that product) – in other words, those of us who EVERY DAY go out and give up comforts and make economic choices to go without or buy a more expensive animal-friendly labor-friendly product EVEN THOUGH WE ARE NOT LEGALLY REQUIRED TO.

    Again, repeat:

    Again, repeat:

    One can NEVER know if one’s moral choices not to rape and murder and other immoral acts (like extreme greed) are really one’s own unless rape and murder and immoral acts are legalized.

    And, no: I am not “anti-war” or “anti-violence” or “pro-life”. I support war for just causes, like freeing prisoners from the hell of prison, no matter whether the target of that war is the US or Canada or China or Saudi Arabia or Wal-Mart or police officers or the Taliban or … X for any X.

  • Kyle

    The people are too busy to do anything the US is doomed..we the people are too damn lazy & beatin down I see a bunch of freakin losers!

  • indeed

    Extremely good article, with the exception of the bigotry against the poor (which we are all now). And that is a great exception because it closes your mind to solutions.

    We have millions IN THIS COUNTRY who are hungry. These aren’t maggots looking for the next government fix. These are people who are doing there best with what’s left for us.

    Of course, the answer is to support Ron Paul to end the Fed – because it gives the banksters a huge advantage. And on the side of the coin, WE NEED TO RETURN TO A REAL PROGRESSIVE TAX SYSTEM.
    I know you all have been brainwashed to think that’s wrong. Personally, I’ve worked for nearly 40 yrs, most of the time working two or three jobs. I was assaulted and subsequently was fired for “disability”. I didn’t “quit”, I was fired and this enabled the health insurance company to take my retirement forever. And I paid for this fraudulent insurance for decades (like an idiot). I’ve applied for thousands of jobs that I’m very qualified for only to be screamed at “WE DON’T HIRE THE DISABLED”. Would you like to be treated like this? No. But I can’t find a single person who will open his/her eyes. So it’s very harmful to hear this denialism on “justice” articles. In fact, I don’t know a single person who would trade a life of work and everything that they’ve worked for a abject poverty benefit. Please start thinking, but don’t let this be an excuse to not do.

    Another thing is that THEY get “their” money and power from us. Quit doing it.

    • Michael

      I hope it doesn’t seem like I don’t have compassion for the millions of American families that are deeply suffering right now.

      There are a whole lot of people that are really hurting and that would take a good job in a second if they could find one.


  • Dermot

    I think its a false assumption that high tax on the rich would make them lazy and not work as hard. And even if it was true, to what degree do you think it is true? For example do you think someone taking home 130k of the 200k they make, suddenly ends up taking home 90k instead will quit their job and take a less demanding one that brings in 30k?

    With the concentration of stored wealth and the massive disparity in wages, I’d suggest increasing the tax rate on income over 500k to 40%, and on income over 5million to 70%. I don’t think this would case people earning over these amounts to work less. But I do think it would make them consider paying staff more, or hiring more staff, or investing in their business as that would be more effective than taking it out of the business at a 30% rate. Also to deal with the already concentrated wealth. I would put estate tax when you die, at 0% for up to 25mil, and 70% over 25mil. If you don’t want it taxed, then set up or contribute to a good institution like the Rockerfeller one.

    To cut the power of lobby’s/corporations, Make $100 the maximum any person or entity (corportation) can contribute to an election either directly to a canidate or indirectly via advertising, etc. That still leaves a potential 35 billion available in something like the general election. Maybe even make it as low as $50 or $10.

    These things would hurt at first, many businesses catering for the rich would go bust, but it would make it worthwhile for rich people to keep money in their businesses and staff, and not make it so worthwhile to take it out and save/spend it on themselves. The intention isn’t for government to get a big increase in money, though that would probably happen at the start until things settled. But any extra money could be used to pay debt and then anything further would go towards infrastructure. Care must be taken that their would be no increase in ‘welfare’ type stuff. The idea is that the rich would keep money in their business and staff, not keep it for themselves like they do at the moment, and not for the government to suddenly go massively spending.

    The economy needs to be a lot flatter. The gap between the lowest janitor and highest CEO needs to be smaller. The rich will still be rich, high salaries will still be something people aim for and want. But massive concentrations in wealth and power is bad for the country.

    • I, Enemy Combatant

      Does the same apply to celebrities?

      Should the pay gap between Charlie
      Sheen and some no-name extra also be similarly smaller?

  • Earth Cruiser

    Nationalize the Federal reserve, Re-instate the gold Standard, collect all debts owed to the US for saving the world for the past 100 yrs, Flat tax for all without exception, outsourced production jobs demand an equal import tax for products brought back into the country. No Federal subsidies to farmers not to grow grain that could be used to pay off debts to other nations, stop all border intrusions by training our military along the borders, create citizenship methodology for 20m immigrants already here, disband 50% of all Federal government agencies, return to states the rights to rule, let the rest of the world sort out their own issues, Yasser Arafat was correct in stating “we are killing each other over whom has the best imaginary friend” keep your personal beliefs in check, you’re probably not 100% right either. The 10 commandments have no religious basis they are basic human interaction principals. If you wish your future generations to be a serfs and slaves continue to hide your head in the sand and expect the present government to do what is right. If not, make a difference vote out every incumbent; let’s change the entire House and Senate. IF WE DON’T HELP OURSELVES NOW, YOU’RE CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN WILL PAY A PRICE YOU’RE NOT WILLING TO PAY. STAND UP AMERICA, DO SOMETHING

  • Wombat

    I can only speak for the Democrats but you don’t understand our position. We believe corporations have to be regulated in ways which make them socially responsible. This used to be a universal position. State charters used to limit the lifespan of corporations and stiplated they had to operate in the public interest in exchange for limited liability.

    The truth is well-regulated markets function efficiently has been proved by 30 years of deregulation which culminated in 9/15/08 freezing of the world financial system and the subsequent $14 trillion bailout by the central banks. It only took 10 years from the repeal of Glass-Steagall to blow ourselves up.

    All the Republicans I know now are former Republicans and they know deregulation killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

    • I, Enemy Combatant

      California has plenty of regulations.

      How has that worked out?

  • moses737

    Yes, eventually the banksters will own it all. But only for a very little time. And after they have forced everybody to take their zombie making and mind controlling mark of the beast chip; and after they have killed and martyred those who refuse to take it; the Great God of Heaven will send His mighty plagues down upon them and have them all in terror from His mighty plagues. As they have terrified the whole world; then it will be their time to be plagued. And there will not be any remedy from these plagues. And even their trillions of dollars of stolen loot from all of the nations, shall give them any relief from these plagues that God will smite the Earth with.

    And all those who take the Mark (chip) in their forehead or hand; shall be tormented 24/7, forever and ever. Why? Because taking the Mark will mean that you have sided with and joined Satan and his hellish antichrist beast leader and their leaders. According to Revelation 13; especially Revelation 14:9-11.

  • james moylan

    I have a web site where I give advise on penny stocks and stocks under five dollars. I have many years of experience with these type of stocks. If their is anyone that is interested in these type of stocks you can check out my web site by just clicking my name. I would like to comment about the current condition of the american economy. This is one of the hardest periods in the countries history. Their does not seem to be any consensus about the trends for the economy one week the economic news is good the next week its bad. Their seems to be no consistency what so ever when it comes to economic matters. As far as those parasitic banksters go I say lets exchange those three piece suits and briefcases’ for a good pick a shovel a bucket and some pinstripes.

  • Brad

    Simple solution.

    tax corporations in the same proportion as their overseas vs domestic employees. 50% of employees overseas 50% tax rate. 0% overseas 0% tax rate. Big incentive to hire only US based employees then.

  • dan

    I’m a member of the hot lead party.

  • Marlena Heidenreich

    Too late, when the banks and corporations own the place, and set the common man as the system turnip, it’s all done, the “organism” simply will not sacrifice itself for strangers, but it will sacrifice strangers for itself.

    It started in 1914 and WW1 were the New Federal Reserve, and income tax law, couple with the JPMorgan investment house monopoly, channeled funding of the war’s initial 21 Billion 1914 Dollars into the Steel and Oil corporate monopolies of Rockefeller, Carneie, and on down the pyramid.

    By the wars end the WORLD was saddled with 210 BILIION dollars of debt, through that pyramid schemology and guess who were the beneficiaries?

    The same spawn running the place today. Or should we say ruining the place today.

    1. It is a self fueling unstoppable engine.

    2. It carries the blood-money curse like nobody’s business: There business and worship is money, death, and more money.

  • clarence swinney

    Richard correct

    Inequality=Empire bye bye

    Many studies prove that Equality=Happiness
    1945-1980 America ranked high on Equality
    Today 4th from bottom=unhappy population


    20 years three conservative presidents-18 years conservative Senate-12 years Conservative House-6 years Total Conservative control

    Deja Vu 1920′s Conservative Ideology

    Flush up will trickle down

    1945-1980–Bottom 20% gained more, percentagewise, in Wealth-Income than Top 20%
    1980-2008 Top 1% had 281% Post Tax Increase in Income.
    Middle Class got 25%. Loss. Less than inflation

    1980-1% owned 20% Financial Wealth-2009–43%
    1980-1% got 10% all Income-2009-24%

    Top 2% huge tax Cut Praise Allah!
    2% Own 50% financial wealth
    2% Get 30% all individual income
    2% includes this income of 9 Million
    po lil folks need help.send food stamps.

    Wall Street ultra Rich own
    White House-Congress-Pentagon-Banks-Health Care Industry-Media-Food Industry

    120,000,000 workers own 7% of financial wealth Banana anyone?

    The only reason they are not marching in the streets like Middle East is the Safety Net created by Democrats.

    Imagine today with no Social Security-Medicare-Medicaid-Food Stamps-EITC-Student Loans-

    Today, of 31 rich nations America is second from bottom in raising Revenue via a tax system.

    Lowest Taxed in world. Wow!
    Biggest debtor in world. Wow!

    Message–Low taxes created more debt–

    Our NationaI Income 12,000B

    In 2009 we took 2100B in taxes.
    17.5% of our Income.

    We Spent 3600B
    30% of our Income

    We borrowed the difference. What fools!!!

    When one says Flat Tax at 20%. Laugh.
    It takes 30% Flat Tax.

    Top 400 Incomes paid 17%. Ask them to pay 30%!!!
    Corp paid 22%. Ask them to pay 30%. Ha Ha Ha

    God Bless America that former Empire done in by the Love of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ GOD $$$$$$$$$$$$.

    olduglymeanhonest political historian
    lifeaholics of america
    madmadmdmad at Inequality in America very mad
    comments welcome **************************

  • John Kessler

    As a liberal myself, I agree with most of the points in this article, but reject the premise that liberals are all in favor of government handouts. The liberals I know are all in favor of regulations that would bring jobs back home to the US and increase worker pay so it aligns with productivity as it once did. We also favor finding ways to get corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. Government giveaways to profitable corporations (corporate welfare) imust be stopped.

    The people who favor government handouts to non-productive members of society (people who could work and contribute to society but chose not to) are not liberals, they are moochers.

    I must admit that there can be a lot of fuzziness between supporting the moochers and providing a safety net to people who really need and deserve it. For instance, punishing children who have moochers as parents is probably not a good idea.

  • Have2MakeHope

    Capitalism is broken and will never be the same! We are living in a world where corruption is the key to success. Do we really need to have so many classes? Would’nt it be better if everyone was equal, where all the necessities were free, where luxury incentives were given for those that excelled, where we did’nt have to worry about our childrens abilities to make a living, where we had a sustainable future, Where we cared about our environment, where there was only one class and all the standards of living were equal? Check out a Resource based economy! This can be an answer for all the problems we now face! Money is fiat, its just paper and the real wealth is in the oil, water,
    metals and other resources that are finite around our world. These things are all that matter and enable us to sustain seven billion people. Capitalism and the debt based economy are based on infinate growth. Our economy has been kept alive through lies, mistruths, propaganda, waste but mostly by increasing the debt. We are on the verge of being destroyed by those that control this fiat currency, information and debt. They know that the resources are unsustainable and so they will reduce the population by those who control the energy first. then by those who use most of the energy.
    These are some egotistical nacissist without any empathy and they will do whatever it takes to keep control. Now you can deny all i have written! you can call me a crazy conspiracy nut who reads too many crazy blogs but i did not come to these conclusions lightly. I live in NYC and in NYC we don’t take anyones words lightly! I don’t expect you to take my words as fact but that does not mean to just dismiss them! Do some research! In 2001 they started with their plan to seize control of the oil producing nations. In 2008 they started destroying the oil using populations. We have little time left till the next step in their destruction of the useless eaters. though I am not sure but i think it will be before the end of summer! Goodluck all and God bless !!!!!

  • Rightwing

    Has anyone even pointed out that “of the people, by the people, for the people” has NOTHING to do with the founding fathers. I from the Gettysburg address… almost 100 years later!

  • Ben Dover (America)

    What can Americans do to fight the New World Order?

    1. Turn off or throw away your T.V.
    2. Think for yourself.
    3. Question all so-called ‘Authority’
    4. Get out, and/or stay out, of debt!
    5. Use cash, trade or barter as much as possible, rather than debit cards and credit cards
    6. Get rid of grocery store ‘discount’ cards –grocery stores provide this information to insurance companies.
    7. Bank at a Credit Union, or any alternative to the ‘TBTF’ Banks, that participated in the 2008 Banker Bailout.
    8. Invest as much as you reasonably can in precious metals – especially silver.
    9. You have the right to own a firearm, to protect yourself,and your family. Read the 2nd Amendment.
    10. Buy products “Made in America”
    11. Start your own garden
    13. Meditate or pray – reduce your stress!
    14. Get exercise!
    15. Read a book (here is an excellent book recommendation: Psychological Warfare and the New World Order:The Secret War Against the American People )
    16. Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient, or other alternative music
    17. Watch ‘Freedom to Fascism’–a film by Aaron Russo (can be found here:
    18. Watch ‘Why We Fight’–a film by Eugene Jarecki (can be found here:…r_embedded)
    19. Watch ‘Endgame’–a film by Alex Jones (can be found here:
    20. Below is advice from John Perkins’ book, entitled THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (The Truth About Economic Hit Men,Jackals,And How To Change The World), pp. 322-329.

    “AVOID SHOPPING AS ‘RETAIL THERAPY’ (Instead, jog, meditate, read, or find some other solution).
    SHOP CONSCIOUSLY – if there is something you must have, purchase items whose packaging, ingredients, and methods of production are sustainable and support life.
    PURCHASE AT CONSIGNMENT AND THRIFT STORES –where everything is recycled.
    Write letters telling Monsanto, De Beers, ExxonMobil, Adidas, Ford, GE, Coca-Cola, WALMART, and other labor exploiters and environment destroyers
    DOWNSIZE (your car, home, wardrobe) – everything in your life (and don’t buy what you don’t need)
    SUPPORT/SEND MONEY only to non-profits, radio stations, and other organizations that promote JUST causes.
    VOLUNTEER your time and energy to such organizations.
    ENCOURAGE stores to buy from local growers, producers, and suppliers.
    Shop at your LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKET
    AVOID DRINKING WATER THAT IS FLUORIDATED (only your toothpaste should have non-industrial fluoride)
    INSIST that those who use your money – banks, pensions, mutual funds, companies – make socially and environmentally responsible investments.”
    21. Invest in precious metals (especially silver).
    22. Research every company whose products or services you buy
    23. Research every organization to which you donate your hard-earned money
    24. Vote with your dollars!
    25. Watch ‘The Secret of Oz’– a film by William T. Still (can be found here:
    26. Get prepared for when the U.S. dollar TOTALLY COLLAPSES – You’ll need 1) Water, 2) Food, 3) Vital Medicine 4) First Aid Kit, etc.
    27. Global, non-violent, NON-COMPLIANCE is the answer, of We the Plebs, to the ‘elite’ New World Order!
    28. Find alternatives to EVERYTHING that they’ve set up, to entrap you in THEIR system.
    29. What would happen if 200 MILLION AMERICANS refused to pay their taxes, in 2012? (Just a hypothetical question)
    30. Familiarize yourself with the concept of BOYCOTT
    31. Corporate Membership in the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations):
    32. Don’t ever join a ‘secret’ society
    33. Watch ‘Global Warming or Global Governance’ ( )
    34. Educate yourself. Thomas Jefferson: “If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be.”

    Expand the above list,and share it with everyone you know!

    • Ben Dover (America)

      Thank you! Oh, great Site Webmaster, for leaving up this post, which will actually assist people in becoming more self-reliant, and possibly even save the U.S. of A. from complete annihilation! Also, be sure to check out Keiser Report (E167)! We’re in the EU/US Central Banker ‘end-game’, right now!

  • http://n/a Tom Climo

    Not to get too technical, but when it comes to income disparity, I recommend an examination of what is called the Gini Index. Developed by the Italian statistician Corrado Gini, it measures the gap between actual performance of a set of variables and the 45° line (or normal line) on a graph, which represents perfectly average performance across the spectrum. In an egalitarian society, the Gini Index would be 0.000, since the normal line (known as the Lorenz curve) would match the 45° line perfectly. The higher the Gini numbers, the greater the variance from the norm, and the more unequal the distribution of income appears. In a perfectly unequal society, in which one person or group has all the income and the other groups have none, the normal curve would look like a backwards L, and its value would be 1.000. In practice, the Gini Index usually falls between 0.200 and 0.450
    The U.S. Department of Labor publishes its annual Gini Coefficient with the nation’s tabulated income statistics. The Graph at (not reproduced here)is derived from this data and illustrates the upward Gini trend from 1967 to 2001 as a black line. The red line is a projected continuation of that trend to the year when the U.S. Gini Coefficient will be as high as Mexico’s was in year 2000. Therefore, sirs, on course to match Mexico’s distribution of income by the year 2045 is not a course of events I would tout as desirable.

  • Ben Dover (America)
  • Ben Dover

    Keiser Report: Ghettofication of America (E168)

    A boom in corporate profits, a bust in jobs, wages

    What has caused this ‘Greater Depression’ in America?

    14 More Of The Coolest Resumes Ever

  • Ben Dover (America)

    Naming Names: Your Real Government (When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction).
    by Tony Cartalucci

    The Real Revolution
    “Boycott the globalists, cut off their support, undermine their system, and they lose their ability to commit these atrocities. That will be a real revolution and it can start today. Not burning cities and masked rebels waving flags, but communities no longer dependent and fueling a corrupt system we all know must come to an end.”

  • Global Economics


    (click on my profile name to go to my blog to see my full video)

    • Global Economics


      *** ***

  • ghost of Jefferson

    We have sat idle for too long as a whole. Actions can be taken by individuals to challenge the corporte take over. USE COMMUNITY BANKS!! USE LOCAL BUSINESSES!! And most importantly CALL YOUR REPRESENTITIVES and demand the re-instatment of IMPORT TARIFFS! America needs to focus on the importance of buying American!!

  • Jacob

    I’m only 16 and from the looks of all this my generation is going nowhere….

  • Let’s Kill Socialism

    Our gov’t has done a poor job of corporate and SEC regulation and has allowed several Monopolies to be formed in the last 20 years.

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