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Will Toledo, Ohio Be The First Major American City To Be Owned By China?

It has been said that there are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.  One way is by using the sword, and the other is by using debt.  Fortunately, America is not in danger of being conquered by the sword right now, but America is being conquered by debt.  The borrower is the servant of the lender, and today we owe China more than a trillion dollars.  By running a gigantic trade deficit with us, China has been able to become incredibly wealthy.  We have begged them to lend us back some of the money that we have sent them and this has made them even wealthier.  Now China is gobbling up U.S. real estate and U.S. assets at an astounding pace.  In fact, some cities are in danger of becoming completely dominated by Chinese ownership.  One of those cities is Toledo, Ohio.  In many "rust belt" areas, real estate can be had for a song, and the Chinese are taking full advantage of this.  America was once the wealthiest nation on earth, but now we are drowning in debt and we are being sold off in chunks to the highest bidder.  Is this the legacy that we are going to leave for future generations?

According to a recent Fortune article, Chinese investors have been very busy purchasing distressed commercial real estate in Toledo lately....

In March 2011, Chinese investors paid $2.15 million cash for a restaurant complex on the Maumee River in Toledo, Ohio. Soon they put down another $3.8 million on 69 acres of newly decontaminated land in the city's Marina District, promising to invest $200 million in a new residential-commercial development. That September, another Chinese firm spent $3 million for an aging hotel across a nearby bridge with a view of the minor league ballpark.

Toledo is being promoted to Chinese investors as a "5-star logistics region".  From Toledo it is very easy to get to Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Columbus and Indianapolis.

With a population of 287,000, Toledo is only the fourth largest city in Ohio, but it lies at the junction of two important highways -- I-75 and I-80/90. "My vision is to make Toledo a true international city," Toledo's Mayor Mike Bell told the Toledo Blade.

For some reason the Chinese seem to be very interested in that area of the country.  Last month, I wrote about how one Chinese group plans to develop a 200 acre "China city" just 40 minutes away from Toledo....

A Chinese group known as "Sino-Michigan Properties LLC" has bought up 200 acres of land near the town of Milan, Michigan.  Their plan is to construct a "China City" with artificial lakes, a Chinese cultural center and hundreds of housing units for Chinese citizens.  Essentially, it would be a little slice of communist China dropped right into the heartland of America.  This "China City" would be located about 40 minutes from both Detroit and Toledo, and it would be marketed to Chinese business people that want to start businesses in the United States.

But it is not just the rust belt that is being bought up by the Chinese.  A recent Forbes article documented several of the huge real estate deals that the Chinese are doing in New York right now....

According to a recent report in the New York Times, investors from China are “snapping up luxury apartments” and are planning to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on commercial and residential projects like Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn. Chinese companies also have signed major leases at the Empire State Building and at 1 World Trade Center, the report said.

In addition to real estate, the Chinese are also buying up businesses and natural resources all over the United States.

For example, the Dalian Wanda Group recently bought U.S. movie theater chain AMC Entertainment for 2.6 billion dollars.

Also, the Obama administration has been allowing companies owned by the Chinese government to gobble up U.S. oil and gas deposits worth billions of dollars.

On top of all that, the Federal Reserve recently announced that it will now allow Chinese banks to start buying up American banks.

So how in the world did we come to be so completely and totally dominated by China?

Well, the key to all of this is the trade deficit.

Most Americans can't even tell you what a trade deficit is, but it is at the very heart of our economic problems.

Basically, we buy far, far more from other countries than they buy from us.

Most Americans don't realize this, but the truth is that the United States has a trade imbalance that is more than 5 times larger than any other nation on earth has.

Overall, the U.S. has run a trade deficit of more than 8 trillion dollars with the rest of the globe since 1975.

If you go into a Wal-Mart of a dollar store today and you start looking at product labels, you will notice that hundreds of products say "made in China" and very few of them say that they were made in this country.

Every single month, China sends us gigantic mountains of plastic crap to sell in our stores and we send them gigantic mountains of our money.

The U.S. trade deficit with China during 2011 was $295.4 billion.  That was the largest trade deficit that one country has had with another country in the history of the planet.

Sadly, so far our trade deficit with China in 2012 is about 12 percent larger than it was last year.

So things are getting even worse.

To get an idea of how far things have come, let us take a look back at the 1980s for a moment.

Back in 1985, the U.S. trade deficit with China was only 6 million dollars for the entire year.

All of this imbalanced trade is absolutely killing us.

Today, the United States spends about 4 dollars on goods and services from China for every one dollar that China spends on goods and services from the United States.

So why doesn't China buy more stuff from us?

Well, there are a whole lot of reasons.  One of the main reasons is that they slap huge tariffs on many American-made goods.

For example, according to the New York Times a Jeep Grand Cherokee that costs $27,490 in the United States costs about $85,000 in China thanks to all the tariffs.

So why do we allow China to keep doing this to us?

That is a very good question.

Meanwhile, China is continually getting wealthier and we are continually getting poorer.

All of the money that is leaving this country and going to China could be going to U.S. businesses and U.S. workers instead.  In turn, those businesses and workers would pay taxes on that money to support the government.

Instead, we have to go beg China to lend us the money that we just sent to them.

At this point, China now holds approximately 1.17 trillion dollars of U.S. government debt.

None of this ever had to happen.

But it did happen because we were stupid.

Now China has mountains of money to literally buy us up.

But China is not the only country that we have an imbalanced trading relationship with.

For example, the new "free trade agreement" between the United States and South Korea that Barack Obama has been touting went into full effect on March 15, 2012.

So how has that "free trade agreement" turned out so far?  The following is from a recent article by Pat Buchanan....

The U.S. trade deficit with Korea tripled in one month. Imports from South Korea jumped 15 percent to $5.5 billion in April, while U.S. exports to South Korea fell 12 percent to $3.7 billion. Suddenly, the U.S. trade deficit with Seoul surged to an annual rate of $22 billion.

Shades of NAFTA. When it passed in 1993, we had a $1.6 billion trade surplus with Mexico. By 2010, our trade deficit with Mexico had reached $61.6 billion.


The truth is that these free trade agreements are not fair and balanced.

U.S. workers end up competing for jobs with workers in countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.  And other countries often have far fewer rules and regulations to follow as well.  In his recent article, Buchanan described why all Americans should be economic nationalists....

Global free trade means U.S. workers compete with Asian and Latin American workers whose wages are a fraction of our own and whose benefits may be nonexistent. Global free trade means U.S factories that relocate to Indonesia or India need not observe U.S. laws on health, safety, pollution or paying a minimum wage.

Global free trade means that companies that move factories outside the United States can send their products back to the United States free of charge and undercut businessmen who retain their American workers and live within American laws.

Free trade makes suckers and fools out of patriots.

Unfortunately, both major political parties in the United States are absolutely married to the one world economic agenda that the elite are pushing.

So we will continue to bleed wealth, businesses and jobs at an astounding pace.

You can get a really good idea of the horrific manufacturing job losses in the United States over the past 40 years by checking out this map right here.

Overall, the United States has lost a total of more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities since 2001.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, since 2001 America has lost approximately 2.8 million jobs due to our trade deficit with China alone.

There seems to be absolutely no concern with protecting American jobs these days.

If you can believe it, Chinese corporations are even building our bridges.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent ABC News article....

In New York there is a $400 million renovation project on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge.

In California, there is a $7.2 billion project to rebuild the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco and Oakland.

In Alaska, there is a proposal for a $190 million bridge project.

These projects sound like steps in the right direction, but much of the work is going to Chinese government-owned firms.

"When we subsidize jobs in China, we're not creating any wealth in the United States," said Scott Paul, executive director for the Alliance for American Manufacturing.

Americans need to start understanding that our trade deficit is causing us to lose massive numbers of businesses and jobs and that this is making us poorer as a nation.

As I wrote about the other day, the median net worth of families in the United States declined "from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010" according to the Federal Reserve.

Even if you take away the effect of the housing collapse, household net worth still declined by 25 percent between 2005 and 2010.

A lot of that decline in wealth was due to the recent recession, but the point I am trying to make is that we are getting poorer as a nation.

A decade ago, the United States was ranked number one in average wealth per adult.  By 2010, the United States had fallen to seventh.

And when you factor in our debts, we are a complete and total mess.  U.S. consumers are more than 11 trillion dollars in debt and the federal government is nearly 16 trillion dollars in debt.

We are getting deeper in debt at the same time that our ability to service that debt is declining.

The reality is that our economy is completely falling apart and it no longer produces enough jobs for everyone.

In fact, it isn't even close.

Right now there are about 3.7 workers that are "officially" unemployed for every single job opening.

So what we are doing right now is clearly not working.

We need to fundamentally change direction as a nation.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen any time soon.

So where do we go from here?

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  • Syd Hatfield

    Maybe a biz man like Romney “gets it” and can turn this around, unlike the idiots we have in there now.

  • Bad Brian

    As repugnant as it may feel to us, I think it might be time for us to learn all we can about our new rulers. Learn Chinese, learn Chinese culture. Do you want to be left behind ? Time and tide wait for no man !

  • Gary2

    when people who shuffel paper(wal street) make more than those who invent things…

  • nighthawk

    Why is everybody crying about china,china has been in america as long as i can remember every
    city in america has always had a china town,i’m I right or wrong,tell me if i’m wrong.

  • Cal

    Excellent news! The Chinese are not disgusting cowardly pussies like white Americans and WILL handle the black occupants of these dead cities as they should be handled. I cant wait to visit Toledo or Detroit again, but this time being a clean safe productive city. White america is the disgrace of the world. Toledo WAS an important and highly productive city, now its an unflushed toilet.

    • Bill

      Well, keyboard commando. I’m a white American, why don’t you meet me Face-To-Face and talk that crap. You’ll see how damn quick I’ll *************** head off.

  • mondobeyondo

    “I picked a bad week to quit drinking…”
    - Leslie Nielsen, in the movie “Airplane!”

    I hope you like rice. Lots of rice.

  • The Mighty Phantom

    Seems like we’ve gone from a Republic to a Whoredom-with the brothel of liberal democrats on Capitol Hill being paid for their favors with the votes of those they service.

  • http://Rense Cocoa

    These future China cities are called Foreign Trade Zones. This is happening in many other States. google it. The Government did it!

  • Tim

    there is a german joke which describes such a situation well: “what is the difference between a normal debtor and the king of debtors? a normal debtor can not pay and the king does not want to pay”.So people , don’t worry when the time comes the US government will find a way not to pay.Eventually you can not be enslaved by debt if you are the one holding the sword in your hands.I would not worry too much about china buying up the US but I would rather be worried about the own population which might get all kinds of revolutionary ideas once the standard of living falls under a certain level…

  • View

    Stupid article. Should be said owned by Asian American. After all all these owners will want to be come a US Citizen. Dodo.

  • Lou

    The more business activity the better. It doesn’t matter who is doing the buying and developing as long as it is happening. Opportunity exists for all.

  • Earl H.

    The chinese Communists walk the march just like the Russian Communists but instead of 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, they march 3 steps forward and 2 steps back… Krusjev spoke the words at the U.N. baack in the very beginning of the 60′s, ” We will bury you and will not fire a shot” Communists are communists no matter where they are from. You feel me!

  • Piglet

    [Mental Retard has 2 college degrees (Major Colleges – Elite).] Giving the Chimp degrees has been cited as an example of “affirmative action for rich white people.” If not for his family connections, he never would have gone beyond applying to attend any decent college. Does anyone really believe his college application was treated the same as one from an ordinary guy with no big name family with lots of money and power?

  • Ken Long

    So the Chinese are selling plastic crap and acquiring paper promises in exchange, which they are trying to convert into tangible assets, gold, real estate, companies, etc. Its all a political game of posturing and positioning. If there’s a problem with foreign nationals, or expat Americans, owning American assets, whether real estate, companies, or mineral and agriculture rights, simply tax them for it. Property tax’s for non American citizens could easily be twice the rate for Americans, likewise any mineral, agricultural, or intellectual assets leaving this country have to be paid for, all profits from businesses located in America have to reinvest their proceeds in America or face stiff taxes. Not all of these ideas will work, but there are plenty of underhanded ways to deal with these people. The big problem that still needs to be dealt with is us. Either we turn things around and change or attitudes and expectations or we will simply cease to exist as we now do. The entire world is predatory and if we allow ourselves to get fat and bloated we will be taken down by someone.

  • SamuelS

    WOW! We as a nation, should ************** out of Obama. Then elect a facist president that would beat up china and make them our bitch again. oh wait, this is stupid America. sorry, I forgot.

  • Nodak mak

    i use to think it was a joke when as children we were going to dig a hole to china in our own back yard.. Its hard to beleive we actualy did it .. dug a debt hole all the way there .. paved it and put a elivator in it to boot.

  • Piglet

    Most people have probably seen the pictures of China’s high speed rail network, the biggest in the world. Now take a look at what has become of our railroads, which were once great.

    • mondobeyondo

      But… we’ll always have Amtrak… *gag*

  • Garmon

    Nothing new, really. The English did it, the French did it, etc., etc. Just learn to read, write and speak Chinese. You learned how to read, write and speak English didn’t you? Just be glad someone has the money to fix the mess we made of our own country.

  • Sovereign Man

    The New World Order agenda is in its last stage of implementation- America the once proud , prosperous, bastion of a free and open society of free markets is circling the drain leading to the black hole of oblivion – Red China is just a tool of the globalists- The global superstate will be a technocratic totalitarian state in which a global plantation will be created consisting of the goyim livestock who will be at the total mercy of the Orwellian pschopathic and sociopathic luciferian elite- This plan for a global governance goes back to the days of Nimrod and the building of the Tower of Babel and the last obstacle in its way was America – The final demise of America will take place with the implementation of three things – 1 – The end of cash and a totally digitalized currency 2. The confiscation of all arms and weapons and 3.The implanting a the ver- or bio-chip- What would you do if you dissented or protested against the government and they simply turned off your chip, forze hyour assets and therefore you could not buy and sell- No food- You die- You and all the other goyim will cry out that you love the servitude of Big Brother, just give me my food- The New World Order of the ant-christ will be defeated by those who keep the faith- Jesus said you will know them by the fruit they bear and those who refuse the mark of the beast will be saved- It will not be to long that we all we have a choice to make- What will your choice be? Only one choice and path leads to eternal salvation – All others lead to Lucifer- God Bless Us All-

    • http://n/a kathleen riney

      AMEN Brother!!

  • OH NO

    Jaxon64 is on the right track, I think it will go something like this the US will pay it’s debts to china with our land and resources then the chinese will accommodate us by building industries promising to provide jobs in return, no one will work for them (chinese) for $2hr so the goverment (our politicians) will provide work visas to bring in workers these workers will be considered low income and collect welfare and be able to vote, this will happen over time but do you get the picture?

  • Masamune

    China has the money to do this so I say “Why not?” I certainly can’t say “NO! you can’t do this!” I mean what if the shoe were on the other foot and the U.S. had the same opportunity in China? would they not do the same? (I’m not sure about that) I’ve read a lot of interesting comments here which prompted me to add my two cents here.

  • James

    We can always look at our problems with many different views, as the comments here clearly demonstrated. But the ONE view that is most critical but not mentioned, is that “we have created the mess ourselves”. For example, if you don’t like the trade imbalance, stop buying Chinese goods! If you think your leaders are crooks, vote for someone who is not! If you think your political system sucks, create a new one and boycott the old one! The key point is, stop BLAMING someone else and you will solve your own problem. This is called “RESPONSIBILITY”. Unfortunately, this way of looking at things is very rare indeed. The U.S. culture is one of the most irresponsible in the world, blaming everyone everywhere on everything. That is why the U.S. have army all over the world, dominating everyone.

    The solution to all our problems is NOT outside, but in each one of us. The price that we must end up paying for being irresponsible is SELF DESTRUCTION. And that exactly is what’s happening now. There is NO exception to this logic. Time to wake up or perish. Your choice.

  • Mittens

    Can we sell them Obama, George W., Wolfowitz, Jamie Dimon, and Lloyd Blankfein for some debt forgiveness? They will work hard for their new Chinese masters.

  • Mittens

    We will throw in Bill and Hilleary for free.

  • Dustin Johnson

    It is time to have a revolution here in the United States. We the people need to take back our country and change these awful things that are happening like this. We need to stand up as one nation and overthrow this federal government. If you like what I’m saying and want to stand up for this country, please email me and tell me your thoughts on this subject or any other subject:

    • Drew from Oz

      Oh come on. The US was built on the ruins of other nations empires. Sewards Folly? Louisiana Purchase? Florida Keys? There were Russian settlements in California by golly, before the expanding USA overtook them. Then the US expanded out across the Pacific. Hawaii, the Philippines, American Samoa……all taken from other faltering empires by a young aggressive US.

      Now the boot is on the other foot and you complain? Learn your history folks- you are repeating it; from the pointy end this time.

  • JackieG

    I doubt very much if Toledo outdoes Wash.D.C.
    If D.C. defaults the Chinese will be signing your paychecks.
    While seated in Congress and the Senate.
    The problem now is; what takes the Americans a year to produce the Chinese can do in 28 days.
    Pretty tough to over come that.
    Widgits or computer scientists, it just doesn’t matter….one iota.
    The Russians refer to it as, “all around out gunned”.

  • ktpropert

    Toledo? That’s part of our plan. We’re gonna sell San Francisco next! LOL

  • Dr Bubb

    I AM FED UP, and think it is TIME FOR TRUTH-TELLING !

    (From above):

    So why do we allow China to keep doing this to us?

    …China is continually getting wealthier and we are continually getting poorer.

    All of the money that is leaving this country and going to China could be going to U.S. businesses and U.S. workers instead. In turn, those businesses and workers would pay taxes on that money to support the government.

    Instead, we have to go beg China to lend us the money that we just sent to them. At this point, China now holds approximately 1.17 trillion dollars of U.S. government debt. None of this ever had to happen.[/i]
    === === ===

    Exactly. It did not need to happen.
    Americans need to wake up and understand why they are getting poorer – Most of the reasons are their own fault, or the fault of their politicians:

    1/ The US spends twice as much per capita on its military – but Americans are no safer than the rest of the world

    2/ The US spends twice as much per capita on its health care – but Americans are no healthier than the rest of the world. Their life expectancy is almost #50 in the world, and is below Puerto Rico

    3/ The average American spends almost US$10,000 per annum on a car, commuting from homes, 50% of which are in wasteful American suburbs

    4/ The American financial services sector has become predatory, and “bought” huge influence amongst politicians. This is thanks to an out-of-control system for financing political campaigns

    Try attacking the real enemies, who are living happily within America, rather than the Chinese

  • evie

    The people can look in the mirro all they want. But the image is disorted. I think the elite should look in the mirro.
    When you have a system rigged against the people, it does not matter what the people want. Eventually all will be debt slaves.
    Why don’t they charge $20,000 for mosquito netting to go overseas like they charge the usa citizen this amt for cancer drugs that cost .25 per pill.
    I look in the mirro and do not see myself doing this.

  • Michele

    My main concern after reading this article is that non-Americans are purchasing land in the U.S in such a large amount. I hear it’s been done before, but times are different now! Like most countries, we should only allow non-Americans to purchase structures on the land but NOT the land itself. This places some limitations on what they will purchase, because they want the land. The richness of our oils, minerals etc should belong to the U.S. Citizens and why we have deviated from that, I don’t know but it needs to be corrected. Yes, the economy of China may have slowed a little recently, but they have all the goods we want which leads to the next part of this reply:

    As for the import/export issue it is clear that we must reciprocate tariffs on any country that does tariffs on our goods – if not only to attempt to balance the trade deficit but also to bring JOBS BACK to the U.S. Doesn’t this make some sense? Read on:

    Manufacturing jobs are going to other countries such as China, because it is much cheaper to do so. Take that away with those tariffs, and it won’t be cheaper and those businesses will come back to the U.S. We must make it better for them to come back to the US at the same time (so let’s get real on corporation taxes!). Large companies have to have “net” profits in order to do more, invest in research, grow and hire people etc. They are taxed higher here which is why they leave. As a former business woman, I would likely do the same so I could grow my business, if I had to.
    Why people “net” protest at U.S. companies net profits is something that I do NOT understand at all. We don’t allow child labor and mistreatment of employees etc. Smaller companies are just as important but they usually do not send their workforce overseas but need all the help they can get to stay open.

    So let’s get our “representatives” to do what WE want and do right by our country. Preserve our sovereign nation and the foundations it was set upon that worked just fine until the last 40 years or so. Bring jobs back; allow free enterprise within a free republic and stop the invasion of outside purchasing of our land – as was intended! We bought and paid for a lot of this land not only with money but with blood of those who held these truths dear. That freedom isn’t free and this republic will STAND if we follow how it was set up to be run. (I’m not including arguments re: slavery, civil or women’s rights here because they are included in our constitution).

    Another point is that people in the U.S. need to buy “Made in America” and shun made elsewhere in countries that do NOT have some similar types of freedoms that we enjoy. For now it will cost more, but will be worth it in the long run. I’m willing to make that sacrifice for my children. I hope that people do this. I do (as much as I can) and if only 50% of Americans do this, you will see an improvement in our own economy. If 80% do it, well, we might just see a rebound!

    Thanks for the article and many comments. Very good to be able to converse and get something going that will put real jobs back into the U.S., protect our lands and jobs too (not to mention our freedoms, which we cherish dearly).

    By memory: Preamble: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and ensure the blessings of our liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.”
    Let’s do it!!

    • Cynical

      Freedoms? You can fight and die for your country, but still not be trusted with alcohol before 21. Your neighbors can form a Home Owner Association and make you change the color of your letterbox.
      You have the biggest pornography industry in the world, yet pixelate nipples and exposed butt cracks on TV.
      You have the power to defend yourselves(in most states) with all matter of military weaponry; yet can drown under the weight of the resultant lawyers fees.

      And look to the tariffs and quotas that the US imposes on other countries goods already. Look at the subsidies to the US sugar industry.
      And don’t get me started on US dumping of agriculture products into world markets.'l_trade-W=_food_&_ag_ru.pdf

  • jlcap

    if our elected officials were smart, they would put taxes on non citizens owning property, businsesses, etc., that leave the country. if the chinese non citizens want to buy property and hire americans to work, i think that would be good for our economy. the greeks and spaniards wish the chinese were buying their properties instead of ours! if they want to buy property and sell for profit, if the money is reinvested in america that is one thing, if it leaves the country then it should be severely taxed. it is not the chinese fault, it is our own government’s fault. it all started by taking the dollar off the gold standard and putting in the federal reserve to conrol our money. most americans are so stupid they think the federal reserve is part of the government! it is actually a bunch of really rich guys who control the dollar not the us govt. vote for Ron Paul, he is the only one that seems to understand this.

  • jlcap

    i am looking forward to visiting a little china in toledo, ohio! instead of spending big dollars to fly out to china, i can drive to ohio for the best chinese food? and cheap shopping?

    Foreign chinese investors bought up much of Vancouver, Canada, making Vancouver now the most expensive realestate in all of North America! Many became Canadian citizens, and the Canadians don’t complain….they welcome their new productive citizens that take care of their homes and are not causing crime to increase and more importantly are not usurping their social welfare programs! they give more than they take!

    Canadians control their immigration, they are selective of who they allow to become citizens. The US can learn much from the Canadians about immigration, healthcare, politics….not every politician is a lawyer….many had or have other jobs before going into politics and profitting from others’ miseries….that is often what lawyers do, they profit from other’s miseries….

    i hope the chinese foreign investors come to illinois so my real estate will go up too! as long as they keep the money here, i think it is a great thing! most chinese immigrants that have come to america and made it their home contribute much to society, and it is much rarer if they come here to collect free social benefits. we should not discriminate based on race, we should make decisions in the best interest of our country for the benefit of all, if we are concerned about foreign investment, we should limit it or restrict it, but we should be careful how we do this as i think as a country we do want foreign investment, we just have to control it or manage it better. don’t u think that the greeks or the spaniards wish chinese investors were buying there instead of here? i hope they come to illinois next!!!!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Arguably I wouldn’t have mind that at all had it happened. Too bad we got a different mayor in the hot seat who will probably stop this from happening.

  • john

    the reporter repeats that the american people dont understand or now about trade deficets. Where has the reporting on it been in the last 25 year. O thats right a journalist is one that has an agenda to talk about. then as the bottom falls they raise the qeustions, and talk about the dumbed down public. which they created. I hate todays estrigen filled reporters. who feel the story and lack thinking and communicateing facts. first you dumb them down then you point the finger at the ignorant. the only difference between a journalist and a politican is the politican is full of deceitful ******, and the journalist writes *******. the cohabitate together. and what is born out of it is a dumb ass public filled of stitty idaes. sad day for america. now we have no morreals no honor and our god is the all mighty dollar, that aint wort *********.


  • thisonewilldo

    Update! A Portland judge has ruled that riding naked is a legally protected form of free speech. A cyclist was arrested for riding naked on Alberta during Last Thursday in June (not during the WNBR). Although he bore no painted slogans and wasn’t handing out leaflets, judge Jerome LaBarre dismissed the case because riding naked is “A ‘well-established tradition’ in Portland, and understood as a form of ‘symbolic protest’.” See the story on or

  • mondobeyondo

    The Chinese should buy Detroit first. Extremely cheap land and housing – a bigger bang for your yuan. They could fix up the abandoned properties in the “neauveau temple-pagoda” style. Now that’s artistic appeal! No more hot dogs – egg rolls and noodles right outside Comerica Stadium (formerly Tiger Stadium). Have you seen those sparkling new skyscrapers in Shanghai? They could do the same for Detroit. Yes, Detroit will rise again!

    *sigh* [flipping through language book]
    Say “ni hao” and repeat. Teacher say, “Ni hao” means hello in English.
    Write “ni hao” in Mandarin characters in space to the right:________________

    ARRGHHH! This is hard! I should have bought a Russian language text book!!

  • mondobeyondo

    Walmart: Flagship corporation for the People’s Republic of China Foreign International Business Ministry.

  • MIchael

    Mayor Bell go ************** yourself.

  • gary

    This does not tell you the truth. Check with Obama, how many restrictions are set there to block selling to China, if we remove the restrictions, or lift the ban, how many people will get employed. Please Do not blame China, blame our own government. God bless American.

    • C. Gatiesa

      Gary, just lets call White WHITE and black BLACK. Who is putting all this restrictions ?, who wants to make us part of the Third World ?, who is driving this country into economic catastrophy and adding 6 trillion in debt in 4 years -and keep going up ?. In case you have any doubt: Barry Soetoro, alias Barak Husseim Obama !

  • Captain Obvious

    Let’s see China is run by scientists and engineers and America is run by lawyers and career politician lobbyists. Now who do you think is going to come out on top.

  • David WIlcock

    America SOLD OUT to China.


  • James

    Since they are looking for good deals, I would like to offer them my house for pennies on the dollar. Just give me enough to get myself and my dog out of here and I will even leave everything behind for them to do with as they please. They can have it for a new car and 25K, enough for me to leave the country and something good enough to at least cross the border with. Make that a van please. The house is worth at least 325K.

    • Papa San

      Hi James, let me know where is your house. An address will be fine so I can look it up Google Earth. $25K plua a car? Depends . . . Can’t blame the Chinese for taking advantage of good deals. Americans do the same if they get the chance. It’s only human nature. Blame it on the crooks and jokers in Washington, D.C. for selling America’s soul to the Devil.

  • Boxer

    America’s poor education system strikes again, acutely so with regard to history.

  • Rick

    Time for Americans to pull up their pants and stand for something. We need to level the playing field in respect to tariffs and foreign governments subsidizing their industries. I’m not going down without a fight and it starts in the voting booth. You wimps want to sell out and leave, go ahead. It will lower our future welfare, Medicaid and social security payments.

  • LEE

    We have been invited, led, pushed and by greed have accepted becoming tenants in our own land. Our own government started this by offering each of us a parcel of land and all the debt that goes with it and which we can never really pay for. The dream of having our own home and raising our family is crumbling. Now China is doing this to our government. We will pay for this as well as our parasitic government slowly but surely kills the host. We have mortgaged our future and future generations will continue to be fed upon.

  • Pepito

    A city whose name is TOLEDO doesn’t deserve to end in Chinese hands. Please stop it at any cost. Greetings from Spain.

  • Don Duncan

    Problem: We the people are in debt to people who live in China instead of in debt to people who live here. Really? Control determines ownership. Who controls U.S. real estate? Answer: Government, local and federal. We live in a fascist economy, i.e., fascism is when the government claims private property exists, but all property is taxed and regulated, therefore, no property is private in practice. For example, if you think you “own” your house because you have the deed, try not paying your rent (property tax) and you see who really owns it. Or try to make improvements without your landlord’s approval (without building permits). Or try to tell your mayor you don’t want to sell at his price (or any price) so he can transfer your property to someone who will pay him higher rent. You can’t, according to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Bottom line: You don’t own property. Property rights are a myth. China will not own the U.S. Governments don’t sell.

  • PaulTheCabDriver

    We were all so concerned about the Japanese doing the exact same thing in the 1980s. Then the Japanese central bank and the Japanese government cratered their economy, and that “threat” somehow went away.
    I fail to see this as a threat anyway. What? Are the Chinese going to pack up Toledo, and move it to China, leaving Ohio completely Toledoless? Or do you fear they might station troops in Toledo?
    My biggest fear is they will open a Chinese buffet too close to Drew Carry and someone will get trampled as he makes his way toward the Moo Goo Gai Pan.

  • Evie

    I do not blame the chinese but I do not have to but poorly made items for top dollar. If I need the item, I wait till it goes on sale at a yard sale. This benefits the american person selling the item.
    When the american people want to buy homes and property obstacles every step of the way. Not so easy to do.
    Probably not much of purchase but a handout or huge tax break for the chinese

  • Mandingo

    The blame lies in three places; 1. We the people want the so called something for nothing.

    2. Greedy corporate America give you what you wanted, cheaper products made overseas. They stopped purchasing domestically, refused domestic intellectual property. Put the major producers, support suppliers out of business. Consequently all those people who got laid off ended up on the government rolls; unemployment.

    The US government brokered these free trade deals. Oh, they are still working on more.

    This all goes back to the Sears & Roebuck days. They created the play book and brokered this concept into our lives.

  • Mandingo

    The blame lies in three places;

    1. We the people wanted the so called something for nothing. We got just that, junk for our good money.

    2. Greedy corporate America give you what you wanted, cheaper products made overseas. They stopped purchasing domestically, refused domestic intellectual property. Crushing domestic innovation. Now forcing our innovators to flee the country. Thus turning America into a none producing nation. Forcing the US deeper into the pit of a none producing nation and into a consuming nation.
    They put major producers, and support suppliers out of business. Consequently all those people who got laid off ended up on the government rolls; unemployment.

    3. The US government brokered these free trade deals. Oh, they are still working on more.

    This all goes back to the Sears & Roebuck days. They created the play book and brokered us into this new era of a none producing nation and into a consuming nation.

  • Jeff Whiting

    If we wanted to compete with China, our best bet would have been to–hit em where they ain’t…instead of going head-to-head–paraphrased from Sun Tzu. The poetry is…it is from their playbook, rather than them using our playbook.

  • Peter Olney

    The problem is mainly with the Federal Reserve being privately owned and operated. When a President has the balls to cause credit creation on behalf of the people, and not turn to the banksters, then things will improve. The Chinese happen to be buying what is cheap due to your own blunders and lack of carefulness (with good law) in financial circles!


    l don’t blame China 4 ‘taking’ America, but it was GIVEN 2 them mostly by Traitor Bill Clinton…even the W88 nuclear warhead! “…and we’ll take America without firing a shot…” ,was a communist statement, while refering 2 ‘infiltration’. Everything in America HAS BEEN GIVEN 2 them…COSCO(PLA) within the US,jobs gone overseas…etc. ln reality,who’s 2 blame? US Gov’t? NO! People who elect & keep electing them & allowing traitors 2 stay in office!(Traitor: giving aid 2 the enemy or declaring war on Americans.-both accomplished!) Furthermore, there’s no difference between the aformentioned & allowing a non-citizen 2 get/continue in office! Sidestepping the Constitution is TREASON!

  • Stan

    Maybe if businesses were more fair with wages and paid people more money then we could have afforded more expensive American-made products instead of wanting to increase profits and driving jobs overseas so they could keep our wages low and prices of products low, and more poorly made.

    Its a case of no foresight in wanting bigger profits. We have sold ourselves out. The only way out (and it may be too late) is to organize ourselves into labor unions and demand better wages from our employers of major corporations. If they do not want to do that, then we should take over the factories.

  • Dan

    Having a Chinese is like inviting them to do environmental damage, making a higher crime rate, and eventually, just letting them take over the place and will not return any profit to anyone except themselves.

    If you just take a little time to study them, they’re very vicious so Toledo ppl watch out.

    Like the bridge that collapsed few days ago, their products are all like that. Don’t think that Chinese made products in America will be better.

  • tony

    1-Corporation do not want to pay more and sale for less.
    2-You American want everything for nothing
    3-Corporation sale you the cheap product for to gain customer
    3-Free trade.

  • A. S. Mathew

    This alarming trend of consuming made in China goods through all the department and hardware-dollar store-flower store etc, especially through the leading exclusive
    Wal-Mart-Sam Wholesale outlet will bring America to the knees one day; and all these stores would be closed one by one due to the lack of customers. The richest country can turn as a poor country very fast. Many restaurants are turning empty and being closed. Once I had to wait in line to eat in a leading restaurant on Sundays, but that restaurant was closed four years back. It seems like, more soup kitchens would be opening all across the nation to feed the hungry people one day very soon.

  • Steve

    Mention the Federal Reserve (FED) and most people, including Americans, will think that you are talking about the financial arm of the US government.

    That assumption, however, would be well off the mark.

    The Federal Reserve is in fact a private company.

    Many Americans also believe that the FED is part of their Constitution.

    However, that assumption is also far from true. In fact, Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution actually outlawed such an entity from ever existing -

    ‘only Congress shall have the power to create money and regulate the value thereof’.

    In stark contrast to this statement, the Federal Reserve Bank is owned and run by private individuals and international bankers.

    These international bankers have the power, through the United States Treasury, to print money by simply adding ink to worthless pieces of paper.

    What is more, they also control it’s value and even loan it to the US’ and other governments around the world, charging interest for the privilege.

    This ability affords the Federal Reserve huge amounts of power, despite the fact that their very existence violates the US Constitution.

    With that in mind is the Federal Reserve the greatest, and most overt, financial crime of all time?

    The Federal Reserve was originally begun with approximately 300 individuals and banks backing it.

    Each bought a number of shares at a cost of $100 each.

    As these shares are never publicly traded one can only wonder how much each is worth today!

    Collectively, the shareholders in the Federal Reserve make up the strongest financial cartel in history.

    Each year the Federal Reserve collects billions of dollars in interest payments alone, distributing the profit between it’s members.

    The Federal Reserve is allowed to print as much money as it chooses yet pays no interest, fees or charges to the US government.

    This ability to literally print as much money as it wants was bestowed upon the FED in 1913, despite it being quite illegal.


    The FED creates money and then lends it to individual, companies and governments throughout the world.

    Through the banking sector they then turn a huge profit by charging interest on these loans.

    The basic tenants of supply and demand dictate that the endless printing of new bank notes will cause inflationary pressures.

    This means that the FED could manipulate the money flow in order to drive up inflation and therefore interest rates.

    Any other organisation with that sort of power would be under constant surveillance in order to ensure that it wasn’t abusing it’s power in order to commit fraud.

    In stark contrast, the FED’s dealings are often concluded behind closed doors and with little to no supervision.


    Back in 1913 there had been many failed attempts to get the Federal Reserve Act through Congress.

    At this point in time the bankers elected to fund Woodrow Wilson’s attempt to gain the presidency of the United Sates, in return for his continuing support of the FED.

    Just before Christmas that year, when most other Senators were away on holidays, one Nelson Alrich managed to get the Federal Reserve Act through with little resistance.

    Nelson Aldrich, incidentally, was a grandfather to the Rockefellers.

    After his election to the Presidency Woodrow Wilson passed the Federal Reserve Act, only to later comment, “I have unwittingly ruined my country”.

    There are a great many commentators who believe that US presidential candidates are now carefully selected and funded by the FED, so that they can guarantee that every new president will be sympathetic to their cause.


    Whilst there may still be some smaller shareholders in the FED, it is believed that the Federal Reserve is owned and controlled primarily by the following Central banks -

    1.  Rothschild Bank of London
    2.  Warburg Bank of Hamburg
    3.  Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
    4.  Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
    5.  Rothschild Bank of Berlin
    6.  Lehman Brothers of New York
    7.  Lazard Brothers of Paris
    8.  Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
    9.  Goldman Sachs of New York
    10. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy


    On June the 4th 1963 one brave man attempted to remedy the situation by stripping the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest.

    President John F. Kennedy signed an Executive Order – No. 11110 – that instantly gave the U.S. government the right to issue currency without going through the Federal Reserve.

    This was achieved by granting the Treasury the power ‘to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.’

    In other words, for every ounce of silver held in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could print a certain, and limited, amount of new money.

    Under Executive Order 11110, Kennedy was responsible for introducing around $4.3 billion of notes into circulation.


    Executive Order 11110 could have been a hugely significant turning point in U.S. history.

    In an instant President Kennedy almost consigned the Federal Reserve Bank to oblivion.

    If  silver certificates had continued to be issued then there would soon have been a total lack of demand for Federal Reserve notes as the former were backed by silver and the latter backed by absolutely nothing at all.

    Executive Order 11110 had the potential to slash national debt as no interest would be payable.

    Eventually the government would have repaid all it owed to the Federal Reserve and at that point the Bank would have ceased to serve any kind of useful function.


    Just 5 months later and President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in what many believe was a grand conspiracy.

    Could Executive Order 11110 have cost Kennedy his life?

    After all, the Executive Order has never repealed by any subsequent U.S. President and could be enacted at any time.

    Why hasn’t any President followed Kennedy’s lead in returning to a monetary system backed by silver?

    Perhaps JFK’s assassination sent out a message that was well understood by his successors?

    Your income is taxed to pay the the Federal Reserve what they charge for printing money that is illegal and unconstitutional in the first place!

    Income taxes are unconstitutional
    Originally income taxes were illegal because the Constitution required all taxes to be apportioned among the states proportional to their populations, not their incomes.
    The 16th Amendment, which permits federal income taxes, was not ratified in the same language by three fourths of the United States as required by Article V of the Constitution and is therefore invalid. The approved wording was different in different states and therefore they ratified different amendments! (“Is Income Tax Un-American and Illegal?”, July and August, 1993, pp. 14-16).
    The courts refuse to cast down the 16th Amendment even though it was not legally ratified.

    The Federal Reserve is also a monopoly–in a country where monopolies are supposed to be illegal.  The IRS deposits people’s income tax checks directly in the Federal Reserve banks–not in the united States Treasury.  Therefore, the IRS, an unconstitutional entity, is merely the collection agency for the international banksters.  Over the years the IRS has become a tool of the elite banking families to financially attack and/or imprison people who expose the Federal Reserve.  It is also a tool used by the D.C. elite to attack people who expose government corruption.

    • kilmarley

      Steve, I have been going down this rabbit hole we call the internet today and came across your comment. If you are still out there will reply to this? I would like to know more of your thoughts especially regarding the attacks on TEA party people by the IRS and other scandals. And sources for this info.

  • Endoftheroadtoad

    While everyone p’sses and moans about Obama allowing this to happen, nobody seems to recall that it was CLINTON who was the first grand traitor to the American people. IT IS CLINTON WHO SOLD US DOWN THE RIVer. Then, Bush was second……he sold us down the river of unaffordable wars. And now, Obama is the cleanup batter. Oh yes, it was all neatly preplanned. And we, the ignorant fat slobs who sit in our chairs watching sports and drinking beer and eating junk food……..yes, we allowed this to happen because it was too physically demanding to be involved at a lcal level in all things political.

  • Keith Wilk

    “None of this ever had to happen. But it did happen because we were stupid.”

    I am sick and tired of media trying to portray our problems as a result of mere stupidity. This collapse has been created on PURPOSE – by Progressives (from BOTH Parties) sent as representation by manipulated, narrow-minded, single-issue voters (yes, the same idiots railing against the Tea Party). Although these voters can certainly be considered stupid by any measure, the Progressive representatives KNOW EXACTLY what they’ve done – selling-out their own Country (well, not in Obama’s case) for their “One World” aspirations. Treason is a crime and it’s time to forcibly remove and punish those guilty of betraying their Oath of Office…

  • Home Experts Realty

    Is this for real? If this is really happening than I am sure China won’t spare other cities, it is our faulty government who is responsible for this.

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