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Winners And Losers

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When you mention the word “globalism” to most people, they think of something that is going to happen someday in the future.  But the truth is that globalism is already here.  At this point we essentially already have a one world economy.  Goods and services flow across national borders more freely today than at any other point in human history.  A major economic event on one side of the world instantly affects financial markets on the other side of the world.  Labor has become a truly global commodity.  You can go to the exact same fast food restaurant or buy the exact same iPod on six different continents.  A whole host of international trade agreements are making national borders economically irrelevant.  Today our “big box” stores and shopping malls are jammed full with products that have been made overseas and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find American-made products.  The reality is that it has now become undeniable that globalism has arrived and we are now part of a world economy that is integrating at lightning speed.  Unfortunately, all of this globalism has created some very clear winners and losers.  But most middle class Americans are in such a deep sleep that they don’t even realize that they are the losers.

The sad truth is that as work has become a global commodity, middle class American workers have been placed in direct competition with the cheapest labor in the world.  For years the U.S. economy was so strong that nobody really noticed that it was bleeding thousands of jobs every single month.  But now that 14 million Americans are unemployed and the U.S. economy is literally hemorrhaging jobs people are starting to sit up and take notice.

Let’s take a look at one recent example.  Ford Motor Company has just announced the closure of a facility that produces the Ford Ranger in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Approximately 750 good paying jobs are going to be lost.

But isn’t Ford doing better these days?


Don’t people still need Ford Rangers?

Of course they do.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty even offered Ford a multi-million dollar incentive package full of tax cuts and job creation incentives to keep the factory going.

Basically, Pawlenty did everything except get down on his hands and knees and beg Ford to keep the plant open.

But it wasn’t good enough for Ford.

So where is Ford going to make those Ford Rangers now?

Well, the statement issues by Ford did not say, but it did offer some clues….

“Ford continues to concentrate on implementing the plan we initiated four years ago to streamline our plant operations and better leverage our global platforms. At this time, the Twin Cities Assembly Plant does not fit into our global manufacturing strategy.”

Did you notice that the world “global” was used twice there?

In other words, Ford plans to move their factory some place where labor is cheaper.

But the truth is that this is happening in every industry.

Between 2004 to 2008, tire imports from China increased 215 percent by volume and 295 percent by value.

During that same time period, tire manufacturing in the United States fell by 25 percent.

It turns out that there are lots of people who are willing to make tires for near slave labor wages in China.

In our new “global economy”, American workers are just far too expensive.  So middle class manufacturing jobs are fleeing our shores at a staggering pace.

Since 1979, manufacturing employment in the United States has fallen by 40 percent.

Are you alarmed yet?

You should be.

The truth is that we did not have to merge our economy with nations like China.  China does not have the same minimum wage laws that we do.  China does not have the same environmental protection laws that we do.  In China, companies can treat their workers like crap.  As a result of open trade with the United States, scores of shiny new factories have opened all over China while once great manufacturing U.S. cities such as Detroit have degenerated into rotting war zones.  We continue to expand trade with China even though their communist government stands for things that are absolutely repulsive and has a list of human rights abuses that is seemingly endless.

But politicians from both parties swore up and down that globalism would be so good for us.  Now we have created a network of free trade agreements that would be virtually impossible to unwind.  The following are just some of the free trade agreements in force around the world right now….

The ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)
The Central American Integration System (SICA)
The Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)
The Commonwealth of Independent States Free Trade Agreement (CISFTA)The G-3 Free Trade Agreement (G-3)
The Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA)
The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
The Southern African Development Community (SADC)
The South Asia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA)
The Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP)

Of course the most important trade organization of them all is the World Trade Organization (WTO) which is constantly working to expand world trade and further integrate the economies of the world.

But the American people don’t understand all this.  They just want the U.S. government to do something to create more jobs. 

But whenever the U.S. Congress tries to do something nice for U.S. workers like raising the minimum wage or requiring companies to give them more benefits it ends up backfiring.


Because those things make American workers even more expensive and it gives companies even more incentive to send our jobs overseas.

We have recklessly merged our economy with economies around the world that are far less developed than our own.  Unless this thing is reversed, it is inevitable that the standard of living of American workers will be forced down until it approximately matches workers in the rest of the world.

Already, millions of high-paying manufacturing jobs are being replaced by low-paying service jobs.

The U.S. Labor Department’s 2009 Occupational Employment and Wages report found that retail sales, cashiers, general office clerks, food preparation and service workers, and nurses were the occupations with the highest levels of employment in 2009.

Retail sales and food service workers?

Those are jobs for 17 year old kids.

But today apologists for this flawed system tell us that we just need to suck it up and take two or even three low paying jobs because things will never go back to how they used to be.

So has globalism created any winners?

Of course.

As I noted yesterday, the folks down on Wall Street are doing quite well.  New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says that Wall Street bonuses for 2009 were up 17 percent when compared with 2008.

The reality is that the exploitation of very cheap foreign labor has enabled many large global corporations to make insane amounts of money.  Things are very good if you are at the top of the food chain.  According to Harvard Magazine, 66% of the income growth between 2001 and 2007 went to the top 1% of all Americans.

In addition, our elected officials are doing quite nicely these days.  According to an analysis by The Hill, the 50 wealthiest members of the U.S. Congress saw their collective fortunes increase 85.1 million dollars to $1.4 billion in 2009.

Yes, it is very profitable to be part of America’s ruling class.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of average Americans continue to suffer.  Recently a user on Unemployed-Friends named Jim shared his tragic story….

My Name is Jim and I was laid off last June.

My whole department was outsourced.

There was talk of it and when I heard it from my boss (the CFO) when I went home I started to send out resumes.

Then the day came when the layoff came.

So in 1.3 years I have sent out 160K resumes, between blasting, send out from job boards and e-mailing my resume blindly to companies HR departments.

I was on 5 interviews.

I want to work badly.

Everyday I send out resumes but lately I have been getting depressed, I found out who my real friends and family are now.

I have been kicked down substantially in these 1.3 years.

I feel like I’m staring into an abyss of no jobs, will I ever work again? IDK.

When I used to talk to “Friends” and “Family” they all say “Things will get better” “Don’t worry”, Yeah right.

I feel so alone and worthless.

I wish I had at least 1 GOOD friend but it seems like no-a-days the dog eat dog world is worst than ever.

I’m NOT suicidal, not at all.

Then I found this site.

I have been saying we are in a depression for 2 years but nobody listened and people have dismissed what I have said.

The sad thing is it seems like we are on the verge of an economic collapse or worst.

So that is my story

Americans like Jim don’t understand why they can’t get jobs anymore.

They feel like failures, but it is actually the system that is failing.

Globalism is not good for middle class American workers.

Democrats can continue to pass law after law that attempts to help American workers, but unless something is done to protect American jobs they are going to continue to be shipped overseas.

Republicans can pass tax break after tax break, but unless those tax breaks are linked to jobs the ruling elite and the big global corporations will just pocket those tax breaks and will continue to ship jobs overseas in order to make bigger profits.

What both parties should be doing is trying to figure out ways to keep American jobs in America, but at this point both parties are completely sold out to globalism.

Globalism was the official policy of the Bush administration and it is the official policy of the Obama administration.

Unless something dramatic changes, the U.S. economy is going to continue to lose huge numbers of jobs and people like Jim are going to continue to wonder what in the world happened to their lives.

But in 2010, most Americans are so busy drinking beer, watching sports, keeping up with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, and obsessing over the new cast of Dancing With The Stars that they aren’t even aware that things are literally falling apart all around them.

It is really sad.

  • Son of the Depression

    I feel some pity for these unemployed folks but lets do the postmortem here: Americans born into the most affluent age in world history, spent almost every bit of income during the good years on stuff that most people around the world could not imagine coveting, saved very little for retirement, gorged themselves on toxic foodstuffs that have now made them health liabilities, were oblivious to what their politicians were doing with the money, etc. etc. etc. I am about to lose my job in three weeks. My father told me that there is always a depression over the horizon and thankfully I listened to him so I can survive longer than most. If we had learned the lessons of the last depression we would not be having a new one. We are all getting what we deserve.

  • Joe Smith

    America’s economic power is slowly being drained away in war debts and deficit of trade imbalances to other countries. This is a planned destruction of America by the one world people and it is not happening by accident.

  • Mark Castro

    United States will collapse and we will see a total chaos. I warned everyone to prepare people to store food, water, gasoline, clothing, and everything you can. Forget about studying at the moment and college degrees because it is a waste of time because there will be no work. It is better prepared to learn to live a simple life because this is the future. Survival times and will not college degrees. Unemployment in the United States really is 24% at the moment and the figures are offering are manipulated to hide the truth of the situation. The Great Depression of the 30’s will be a picnic for what lies ahead.

  • mbabsit

    The “fixes” that the Democrats keep proposing and passing do nothing but harm small businesses. More and more “environmental” crap, more and yet more forms to fill out. Employees are now a liability, not an asset. You cannot hire the best person for the job, you are forced to hire substandard because of “fairness.” I wanted to hire someone part-time who was Six Sigma certified, I was told that was “discriminatory.” So I am forced to do the work myself.

    There are others in my area who continue to go under. I continue to (barely) survive because I am home-based and a single proprietorship. My sales are close to zero. People do not buy because they are either unemployed, or make as few expenditures as possible. There is a large government presence here (Puget Sound area of Washington state), but these people are more like an enemy. They jam “big box” stores claiming that they have to “save money,” although the garbage they buy falls apart the minute it’s out of the box. And, because these are government people, and therefore ignorant of the most rudimentary of economics, they expect things to be as close to free as possible, never mind covering costs.

    I have tried to branch out to other areas, but government makes entry well-nigh impossible. All I can do now is pray each day for a total collapse. At least then I can do as I please, as the Founders intended, for there won’t be any government to closely watch what I do.

  • Save the Republic

    If you need something, search high and low for a made in USA product if possible. If an item isn’t really a necessity, don’t buy it unless you can find one made in USA. Then send a letter/e-mail to the companies whose product you didn’t buy because it was foreign-made letting them know why you wouldn’t buy it. If many Americans would try this, we might have a chance at forcing change with our “dollar vote”.

    That’s all I got. Let’s try to take our country back. If anyone has more ideas, let’s hear em. And don’t just say this won’t work. If you want something to change, you must take action, not just talk. Any positive action is better than no action at all/lip service. It’s time to make a stand.

  • Red

    Protectionism is the name of the game we have to play. Screw free trade. I thought free trade worked by balancing out currencies but I see now that it just creates debt bubbles while destroying American jobs. We should only trade good for other good with foreign nations. Trading their goods for our debt makes the elites rich and everyone else poor.

  • alice

    We’ve exported our jobs and wealth, and imported the world’s poverty, they’ve sold out the middle class. What a shame!

  • Gary

    Good post-its hard to add to it as you covered all the bases. I think there should be some way the globalization winners can compensate the losers.

    Either way this shows the need for a strong social safety net like the Scandinavian countries have.

    I am currently very underemployed and while I am glad I have a job I have not made this little amount of pay since I was just out of college 25 years ago. My income has dropped by 1/2. What I make in a month now I made in 2 weeks before being downsized. I think that the underemployment issue is bigger than most people think as everyone is correctly focused on unemployment.

  • floyd

    Hey, think Favre can take the Vikings to the big game this year?

  • sharonsj

    You say, “But in 2010, most Americans are so busy drinking beer, watching sports, keeping up with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, and obsessing over the new cast of Dancing With The Stars that they aren’t even aware that things are literally falling apart all around them.”

    I’d like to know how those Americans are paying for this entertainment? Beer isn’t cheap. Watching sports? You need cable or satellite for that. Concerts? They cost and arm and a leg. Okay, you don’t need to pay to see Dancing With the Stars, but you still need a TV that costs several hundred dollars.

    Haven’t you heard that 700,000 cable and satellite subscribers canceled because they can’t afford it? It’s so bad that people are living without electricity and heat so that they can keep their homes. People can’t even afford to shop at Walmart–they are buying food at Dollar General!

    What’s missing from all this is (1) the media covers none of it and (2) the revolution hasn’t started.

  • The collapse of global oil production will also be the death knell for globalism. It won’t matter though, because it will also kill the remaining shreds of the US economy.

    **** voting, and forget this “vote with your dollar” crap. No one cares. Politicians don’t care, business leaders don’t care.

    You need to not need them. Get your affairs in order. Stock up on food, water, ammo, and learn how make or or acquire everything you need to live. Get your friends and family in on it.

    Kick the dollar habit altogether, so when the full on economic collapse happens, you’re barely phased.

  • Mike

    The person above called “Save the Republic” said to only buy stuff made in the USA, what a joke. If it was possible to get people to realise that not buying local but going for the absolute cheapest was destroying the USA it would have happened long ago. But the problem is that you people in the USA made yourselves a lifestyle higher than the rest of the world that can only be sustained by cheap imports from poor countries and now you are going to have to “pay the piper”

    It seems that the USA has now got itself into a death spiral loop sort of thing where buying cheap imports has destroyed good jobs and now people can only survive by buying cheap imports.

  • Maria

    Martin Armstrong ( back in 2008…

    There really is nothing left in the toolbag that can help even to mitigate the coming Economic Depression.

    Unless we attack the debt structure directly, there is no point in counting upon any government to help mitigate the problem and more-likely-than-not, our very future may be recast in so many ways, the level of frustration will rise, and that leads to war because war distracts the people from hanging their own politicians. The oldest trick in the book…

    We need real honest reform since the states will go broke and seek handouts as well. So, it is time to get real. It is time we restructure the entire system including the banks who always cause the problem. We don’t need excessive regulation of things that did not create the problem when the real culprits always escape.

    In these few short quotes he summed up the gist of this whole Depression. It was obvious that it was coming. It is too late to stop it. The banks caused it. The politicians enabled it (and I would add profited by it). Inept over regulation results…and the big deception/world depopulator comes…WAR.

    We are following the script in the plan to one world government. To the elite, anyone worth less than a billion a year is just a pawn in the game.

    Jim and millions of other hard working Americans are figuring this out right now.

  • @Floyd – LOL too Funny

    @Gary – Really? We need more entitlement programs? How will WE pay for it? I am all for a party of…”YES we can, but how are WE gonna PAY FOR IT!!”

    Unfortunately we have no other choice but to let things “shake” out naturally, the best analogy is this….It is like the ripping off of a Band-Aid that has been on FAR too long, you can either do it slowly [and much more painfully], or you can just tear it off and then begin the healing. The fault lies with each and every ONE of US, like it or not. The public fell asleep at the wheel and did not pay attention when we should have, so now WE must pay the piper. There really is no way out of this mess without a certain amount of pain [any way you slice it]. The question is will WE as Adults get things moving in the right direction, or will we be as selfish and ignorant as previous generations and just “Kick the can down the road” to OUR children???

    Just my 2c

  • KRH

    I can relate to how Jim feels. I am in the same situation and it is very tough on me and my family right now. All we can do is hope that the American middle class will wake up and put an end to this debate about globalism and shifting our jobs to low income countries.

    Here is a link to a good speech on the fruits of globalization.

  • Anna

    25 years ago, it was well known many companies were making factories overseas because the EPA would have run them out of business if they stayed here.

  • Andy

    The ford Ranger is and has been, a Mazda B2000 series truck with the blue oval slapped on it since the early 90’s.

  • Not so Mad Max

    Son of the Depression, and SharonsJ both have made great points. It’s sadly not uniquely American to ignore a crisis until your staring it full blown in the face it’s an aspect of human nature. Especially if you’ve pretty much had it easy your whole life, the idea for walking up and not having a clue where you next meal is coming from the vast majority of Americans could never image. For most of the history of the US and the world most of the Human race had to deal with uncertainty, uncertainty of food, security, warmth.

    The only thing I can do is get ready to take care of me and mine, and those kind souls around me. Keep a look out and pray the storm is some time off.

  • andrew


    You are mistaken. The revolution has started.

    And we are winning.


  • andrew

    Save the Republic,

    There are solutions. Libertarianism. Back to basics. Get lean, get healthy, get light footed. Get off drugs, alcohol, and stop smoking. Ride your bicycle more often to save gasoline. Eat healthier. PLANT A GARDEN. REVOLUTION BEGINS BY HAVING YOUR OWN FOOD SUPPLY OR AT LEAST DECREASING YOUR DEPENDENCE ON AN OUTSIDE FOOD SUPPLY!

    Once you control a source of healthy food, you have the global elite in the palm of your hand.

    If you are unable to plant a garden, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CO OP ORGANIC FOOD SHOP. Make it known that you are supporting them as they are part of a political and social solution. Make organic food shops and stores hotbeds of Rebellion.

    Buy nothing at corporate chain stores (especially wal mart). Try to find made in USA, obviously. Resist taxes and fees! If taxes and fees start to inhibit your ability to make a living, simply don’t pay them. If we all ignore the system and quit paying into it, yes it will collapse, and no, they will NOT have the resources to pursue each and every one of us.

    Rebuild communities and neighborhoods. Form neighborhood watches. Make security an issue we deal with at the neighborhood level, not the national one! Have an escape plan in case the shit hits the fan, it will make you feel safer, and better. Get proficient with at least one firearm.


    The system of service sector labor, and exorbitant taxation is the PROBLEM! Let’s defeat the Corporate-Military-Prison/Police-Pharmaceutical-Media-Big Agricultural SLAVE LABOR ANTI HUMAN, BEAST. We will make a stand in the USA. We value human life. Let it be known that WE will stand.

  • andrew

    One thing I forgot —

    Barter for essential goods/ services is another excellent way to decrease the power of the State and eventually cause it to collapse.

  • Buy American

    Let he who has never bought a chinese product, cast the first stone in…

  • alice

    We need to balance governmental budgets, lower taxes, reduce the deficits, consolidate services everywhere and everything! Since many of us now have plenty of time on our hands, look into your local city hall, town hall, and county governments, and push for the above mentioned cuts!

  • The Beast

    When will people realize that happines is within, and not with the stuff that they buy? To be happy is never about to have things. It’s that simple really…

  • tyler

    Great article. I have been thinking a lot about this topic lately and I’m am furious at ford. Pawlenty made great offers but the globalist company prefers their “american” brand to be built with slave labor. This has been going on for to long and the only guy I ever heard talk about it was lou dobbs at cnn. Why do we call ford an american company? They and the rest like nike and others love to sell their products to americans and pay athletes millions to advertise but they spit in the face of the average american worker. When will one, just one company make a public statement and say hey the american workers are getting screwed and we don’t care about making the most money we want americans to make our product. The companies will still make money and their products will last longer than six months. The only argument for these companies going global that I will listen to is the issue of the unions but I think its just an excuse for the greedy companies to leave.

  • Owen

    Still believe the answer is to vote the rascals out, nationalize the Federal Reserve, raise tariffs, and tax only the rich (only the top 5%). My bet: We will acomplish none of this beause most people vote wrong much too often.

    Folks, what is happening now is what the conspiracy theorists have been warning about. It’s no longer hidden, it’s no longer academic — it just plain hurts! In the end, we will all share in the pain and the misery — yes even the super wealthy as they really do not understand what they have unleashed.

    This is precisely what Richard Gardener, CFR, had in mind in 1974 when he wrote that the CFR would need to make “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece,” [because this] “will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”
    -(“The Hard Road to World Order”, Foreign Affairs, April 1974, p. 557-558).

    Also, worth noting — the plot against workers was foretold almost 2000 years ago (See James 5:1-6).

    And here’s one more point to consider — the profits earned from globalism by foreign entities will soon return to America in the form of missiles and bombs because the NWO aims to beat us to a pulp. My prediction: Maybe less than 5 years, 10 years max.

    My best advice: If you have not already made peace with your Maker, now would be a good time to do so.

  • mbabsit

    Owen: you want to tax “only” the “rich?” As a single proprietorship, I am considered “the rich,” although I am barely scraping by. Now, how do you expect to get a JOB if the “rich” are taxed? Or, are you one of those union people who doesn’t even care?

  • JustanOGuy

    Well… we all seem to know what the problem is but after reading all the comments, Only Save the Republic and Andrew have a message worth repeating, repeating and repeating.

    Instead of moaning and groaning echoing what anybody with their eyes open already knows… Follow the advice of Save the Republic and Andrew.

    Oh yeah… to add to it.. stop investing in corporations sending jobs overseas for cheap labor that turn around to make insane profits. Investing in your local community will benefit you far more in the long run.

    By the way… Here is a decent site to start searching for the next product you buy to see if it is made in the USA:

    It’s really not that complicated.

    Or search Craigslist for people in need selling off their stuff to survive and save the money on the taxes. Some great deals going on and the sellers are more then happy to get some cash. We have more then enough junk already here then to have to import more of it.

  • Bill

    US universities and colleges are the biggest scam on earth after the US dollar.
    Soon we will see universities and colleges collapsing like a house of cards due to lack of enrollment and funding.
    Good riddance!

  • The problem is that capital is mobile, but people are not. Money can move in and out of a country at whim, but you and I can’t move to those countries that need our skills.

  • Ray

    Don’t these companies realize that when they lay off well-paid employees they are ultimately laying off CUSTOMERS?

    I suppose the short-term outlook (next quarter profits, year-end bonuses) are blinding the upper management of these companies.

    They’ll get their money, plus enough for their children and grandchildren….they’ll just destroy this country doing it.

    I guess this “civilization” thing just didn’t work.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Taxes, government regulation, unions, mandates… All of these things have driven jobs offshore. If a politicians tells you he can reverse it more then likely it is just another lie. How would you actually stop a company from moving their manufacturing overseas. Remember we have a constitution. I can build computers here or I can build them in Korea, how would you legally stop me. Sure you can put up tariffs or restrictions but history shows us this never works. Even if you could get a law passed that would stop me from moving my computer company to Korea then what would stop a Korean company from doing what you prevent U.S. citizens from doing? The thing is this is not a simple problem and the solutions that might work are not the ones our politicians like. We should cut taxes, reduce regulations, pass national right to work laws, make our country business friendly not unfriendly. Until we do it will only get worse.

  • willy

    “Globalism is not good for middle class American workers”. This just reveal a such ignorant mindset. The american mindset. Now you big babies are whinning because you are in decline and “by the way…is all those stupid communist fault. they treat their workers as crap”. Bla,bla,bla… how can you be so blind arrogant? besides, you ignore Brazil (as you always has been. That Nation, which will probably challenge China and India when both start imploding from inside three decades or less from now. Ans probably they would be the global leaders by than. why? they have no western design of society like Brazil does – by the way, Brazil is NOT in Asia or Africa. ohohoh).
    Simple for you: back to manufcturers and work hard. Big savings. Exactly like we are doing in Brazil. US is just the third trade partner for Brazil, after China, Europe. We are fighting to put Africa and Asia as other partners. We pay our workers well. But who cares right? this blind american mindset will lead US to go down in flames. Where is the technology revolution of US? where is the hard work? either you learn to deal with competition or you are just done. Be humble and be courageous. Humble to recognize that you will never have the leadership of the twenty first century. Period. Second. Be courageous to sharply cut spending on your domestic economy, promoting factories and more factories. Stop the credit card, the beer and your big bellies. The timing bomb is ticking…..

  • bichu

    the clock is ticking guys..

  • bichu

    Reminds me of this movie dialogue from “Wall Street” …Just minor alteration to capture the essence..

    Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms; greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of golden parachute lover.

  • bichu

    Only solution to the problem…

    “Be the change you want to see in the world”
    M.K Gandhi

  • Opinionated Bloviator

    All this talk of economic doom and gloom is rubbish. All that will happen is the average american income (excluding the top 2%) will drop until it hits the average income of it’s major trading partners. So take the average income of Mexico, China, Argentina… and there you go. How the question becomes, What will happen when the vast majority is on ~$100 a month. Interesting times… my moneys on Panem.

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