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You Will Not Believe What Some People Are Willing To Do For A Paycheck These Days

It is absolutely amazing what some people will do to make a living in this economy.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, and we have not seen this kind of desperation for jobs in America since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  What some people are willing to put up with just to bring home a paycheck these days will totally shock you.  For example, would you slaughter dogs all day long even though you are really a dog lover?  Would you personally train your replacement from China even though you knew he was about to take your job?  Would you trade sex for a job?  There are people out there actually doing all these things and worse.  Every night in America, millions upon millions of people roll around endlessly in their beds and stare at their ceilings for hours because they can't sleep.  They are sick to their stomachs because their money is gone and nobody will hire them.  They can't provide even the basics for their families and they feel worthless.  Unemployment can be absolutely soul crushing and it can suck the life right out of you.  Things were supposed to be better by now, but they aren't.  The month after Barack Obama took office the unemployment rate broke the 8 percent barrier and it has stayed above it ever since.  But the truth is that the "official" unemployment number greatly understates the real amount of suffering that is going on out there.  In reality, the percentage of working age Americans that have jobs is lower today than when the last recession ended.  There are millions upon millions of Americans that are desperate for some hope, and there is no hope on the horizon.  In fact, things are going to be getting a whole lot worse for the U.S. economy.

I like personal stories because they tell us things that all of the economic statistics in the world never could.

There are millions of Americans that have had their lives totally turned upside down by this economy.  They feel abandoned and worthless, and many of them feel as though life is no longer worth living.

As you read the following stories, try to put yourself in their shoes and try to feel their pain.

Also, try to remember that these kinds of stories are going to multiply in the years ahead as the U.S. economy falls apart all around us.

A 61-Year-Old Woman Begging For A Job

A recent article posted on included the story of a 61-year-old woman who has been through hell and back during this economic downturn....

I sent out close to 500 resumes. Most never were even acknowledged and those that were I was told I was over qualified. When you would press them they would fumble but I was sure my age was part of the "over qualified". The thoughts of wanting life to be over were with me every day. I wanted the horror to stop. Every time I would hear of the unemployment rates I would cry-what about ME.

At one point she was so desperate she took a job where she was making the decision about what dogs to slaughter at an animal shelter.  Approximately 85 percent of the dogs at the shelter ended up being killed, and she was working about 80 hours a week doing this.  The really sad part is that she really loves dogs....

In 2008 I was able to get a job at the local shelter as a dog trainer. That turned into a job as an Operations Manager. Though I was thankful for the job we had a euthanasia rate of nearly 85%. I was the one that would be the decision maker on who lives and dies of over 10,000 animals per year and the toll mentally was hard. Being salary I was working nearly 80 hours a week due to shorthanded staff.

After she was fired for not being aggressive enough in killing off dogs, she started endlessly sending out resumes once again.  Nobody wants to hire her, and she essentially feels like an old lady begging for a job....

Since February I began sending out 3 resumes a day. As the no return answer, over qualified and now I was getting I was out of engineering too long I started to set my sights lower. I have sent in resumes to sit in the booth in gas stations, secretary and so on. Local colleges have said I am qualified to teach there but they have no openings. I am for all purposes the old lady begging for a job.

Personally Training Their Replacements

If you knew that your company was going to tear down your factory and send your job to China, would you personally train your replacement?

That is what a whole bunch of workers in Illinois are doing.

The following is from a recent article that appeared in the Guardian....

The shock of losing a precious job in a town afflicted by high unemployment is always hard. A foundation for a stable family life and secure home instantly disappears, replaced with a future filled with fears over health insurance, missed mortgage payments and the potential for a slip below the breadline.

But for Bonnie Borman – and 170 other men and women in Freeport, Illinois – there is a brutal twist to the torture. Borman, 52, and the other workers of a soon-to-be-shuttered car parts plant are personally training the Chinese workers who will replace them.

It's a surreal experience, they say. For months they have watched their plant being dismantled and shipped to China, piece by piece, as they show teams of Chinese workers how to do the jobs they have dedicated their lives to.

Can you imagine that?

Would you be willing to do the same thing just to keep the paychecks coming in for as long as possible?

Sadly, both major political parties are obsessed with promoting unrestricted free trade even though millions of American jobs continue to go overseas.

Our top political candidates even argue about which of them love "free trade" more.

It truly is sickening.

Do you remember when U.S. taxpayers bailed out the auto industry?

Well, since the auto industry bailout approximately 70 percent of all GM vehicles have been built outside the United States.

The insanity has gotten to such a level that some Americans simply cannot take it anymore.  Just consider the following example from a recent article by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele....

On his last day on the job, Kevin Flanagan, after clearing out a few personal effects and putting them in boxes in the back of his Ford Ranger, left the building where he'd worked for seven years.

He settled into the front seat of his pickup truck on the lower level of the company garage, placed a 12-gauge Remington shotgun to his head, and pulled the trigger. He was 41 years old.

He was a computer programmer. He'd been a programmer his entire working life. Until, that is, his job was shipped overseas. The business of moving traditional U.S. jobs abroad-called "outsourcing"-has been one of this country's few growth industries. It's the ultimate short-sighted business promoted by the country's elite because it means lower wages and fatter profits. As for the American workers eliminated along the way, they are just collateral damage.

It turns out that Kevin's replacement was a programmer from India that he personally trained.

Trading Sex For A Job

If you were truly desperate, would you trade sex for a job?

I hope not, but that is exactly what some Americans are doing.

The following is a story from a desperate unemployed woman that was posted on recently....

I have been very depressed since I lost my job. I go through periods where I spend most of my days in bed, and although I've had a few interviews those people don't even have the decency to let you know the position is filled. Sometimes I'd call for weeks asking for updates only to get the HR persons voicemail, and they'd never return my calls. With no experience I can't even get a job waiting tables. I apply to every job in the paper and online, whether I'm qualified or not, and have had 7 interviews total, none of which ended with a job offer. Living paycheck to paycheck would be a blessing at this point.

She has become so desperate that she is even willing to trade her body for a paycheck....

The current 'bright side' is that I know someone who owns a small retail clothing chain and has offered me a minimum wage job there on the condition that we become 'close friends'. I think you & I both know what that entails, but at this time in my life it seems like a better alternative than losing the little that I have. I'd have a paycheck equal to what I am getting on unemployment with the opportunity for overtime and advancements, full benefits and a schedule that would allow me to continue schooling.

A Lot More Layoffs Coming Soon

The frightening thing is that a whole lot more layoffs are on the horizon.

Just check out this excerpt from a recent article on

Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney are going forward with plans to issue layoff notices to thousands of employees due to looming defense cuts under sequestration, despite administration claims that such warnings are unnecessary.

So how many jobs will be lost?

Unfortunately, it is being projected that we could be looking at a million jobs lost....

Top industry officials have said publicly that automatic cut under sequestration could lead to the loss of 1 million defense-related jobs.

Industry leaders and their supporters in Congress say those job losses would hit battleground states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida particularly hard.

Like I have written about before, we simply cannot continue to steal more than a trillion dollars from future generations every single year, but when we do make deep cuts to the federal budget the economic pain is going to be immense.

We already have more than 100 million Americans on welfare.

What is this country going to look like if things get even worse?

The good news is that if you do lose your job and your home you might have somewhere to sleep.  New York City is opening up a bunch of new homeless shelters....

New York City has opened nine new shelters in the last two months in efforts to handle the city's rapidly growing homeless population, officials said.

The city recorded 43,731 homeless people in shelters this week, which is up 18 percent from the 37,143 at the same time last year, The New York Times reported.

So don't get too down.

If you can't find a job and you can't afford a home perhaps you can at least get into one of those shiny new homeless shelters.

Seriously, I don't actually want anyone reading this to end up in a homeless shelter.

That is why I endlessly urge people to adjust their priorities and to work as hard as they can right now to prepare for the very hard economic times that are coming.

Now is not the time to be going on expensive vacations and now is not the time to be blowing your money on all kinds of stupid stuff.

We are moving into the most difficult times that any of us have ever seen, and if you do nothing to prepare yourself you will be very sorry.

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  • Bill Jones

    Not to get on people, but you people just don’t get it do you? If the kosher boys didn’t make the markets go up and down inlfating and deflating money. Then a house would not cost $10,000 more in ten years. The prices would remaine stable and things would just hum along, but then the stock markets wouldn’t make money. The rich make wars and cause things to be destroyed and then they have to be rebuilt.
    You talk about poor and misery imagine post WWII Germany all the cities are blown to bits and the only work is rebuilding and hauling away burned out junk.
    We are in a DEPRESSION because the bankers have done this to us. It’s the same thing that happened in 1929.
    Now what would the people do if this was explained to them? Let’s say Yadolf Lister came along right now in the USA and explained to you why you are poor and who is responsible and asked you if you wanted to do something about it. YOu would say hell yeah. Then another guy who just wanted to straighten out the crooked bastards and in the end he would be blamed for the whole mess.

  • Tommy B.

    This country is nothing but boom and bust. It’s been that way from the start. Start with the Civil War. Things got worse and worse the politicians were taking the money produced from the South and things got really bad and they went to war. After the war everything in the South was destroyed. The only thing to do was rebuild what was destroyed. Then you had WWI and blowing up what people built for centuries. Then good times rebuilding what we blew up. You had the rejoicing and the roaring twenties. Then the bankers created the depression and then WWII and after that more horrnedous rebuilding. People were breeding like flies. Time for Korean War. Then more breeding and time for Vietnam War. We have used to have a big war every twenty years, but now it’s like war after war on top of more wars.

    Would ordinary people have wars? Not unless they were attacked. We are heading straight to a depression created by the same ones who gave you the last depression. But soldiers can make a nice paycheck.

  • Travis M.

    All we are going to do is talk and talk. We know we should get rid of politiicians. Why do we need thousands of new laws on the books? Thousands of new tax laws every year. You pay 10% whether you are rich or poor. Problem solved.
    The corporations run things. They only want to make money. They could do things fair and make 5 billion a year, but they destroy everything to make 20 billion. It would be the same thing if all anyone thought about was money and no regard fo the other people or the environment.

    You see peopple concerned about recycling and trying to conserve and save energy. When the governmetn wastes trillions. Get ready folks, because what you are going to experience the next few years will make the Great Depression and WWII look like child’s play.
    But this was handed to us. Your forefathers went to Germany and destroyed the best country in Europe. Your people murdered and destroyed your own kind. Imagine that’s like going to war with your brother next door. It makes no sense.
    Now we pay. Since WWII society has gone dowhill. The free sex and drugs are not freedom and all the problens they cause.

    So you know something is occurring in this country when the government starts blowing up buildings like the Murrah building and murdering citizens like in Waco.
    Then our apathy got us 9/11. They just get worse and worse. The government was involved in 9/11. The bastards we elect to represent us and do what we want have decided to allow 9/11 and only to give us more laws and to restrict us even more.

    We need another Adolf Hitler. So we can fight back and then blame hime for the whole mess when it’s all over with. Not the bankers or corporsations. Blame someone who came along to try and change things.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Umm, we don’t need another Adolf Hitler. That is the LAST thing we need!

      In this day and hour, we need leaders, not dictators.
      Some may argue, “but dictators ARE leaders!”
      Not necessarily. Dictators do not rule by example, but they definitely rule by force. Leaders lead by example. In most cases, no force is necessary.

      In fact, some of the best leaders of the past couple of generations, like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., were vehemently against violence and force.

  • Jerry T.

    Corporations always need this growth stuff. The average family just needs food on the table and heat. It’s these rich people that don’t like things to just be normal. You see these corporations buying other corporations for 40 billion dollars. All they think about is money. When people only think about money they become not so mice to be around.

  • hogwash

    The whole problem is this global stuff. We have 800 military bases all over the world. Look at the cost of this.
    WHY WHY WHY can’t we just have maybe 200,000 men in the military and if there is trouble they can train a million people in six weeks.
    We are involved in Europe’s troubles. We got subarmines and ships all over the place. What is the purpose for these subs and ships to be all over the place. We have 10 aircraft carriers. I think China has one and Russia might have some that are rusted hulks. Why do we need 10 aircraft carriers. Wouldn’t 4 or 5 suffice.

    China acqiored one and the military brass acted nervous. We got 10 aircraft carriers and military bases everywhere and a huge country like CHina gets one aircraft carrier and we act like we are threatened. How do all those other countries feel about our presence?
    You got Russia, USA and China and they are the only ones who have any desire for war. I think the problem could be solved if we busted up these big countries and made them no bigger than Germany. Guess what the bankers and kosher boys could not rule the world. BIg countries have too many social problems. Huge cities polluted you don’t want to breath the air.
    We could take all the states and make each one of them a country and no more bullies to police the world.
    WHen the kosher boys took control of Russia this huge hulk of a country made it easy for them to bully other countries.
    Does the Netherlands have hundreds of military bases all over the world?
    I feel China just wants to murder millions of their own people and maintain power among their own people. The USA is causing Russia to spend hundreds of billions rebuilding it’s war machine. China and Russia are sick and tired of this country. No way Americans can be proud knowing we have destroyed the Middle East with depleted uranium.
    France and Spain are not causing problems. It’s the USA and they are causing Russia and China to become agressive.

  • Perry

    For people who think hoarding a basement full of food. What would you do if there was no food delivered to the stores? Would you just go to pizza hut? Just think if the government stopped the food trucks. Do you understand that this drought here will cause a 50$ reduction in food and the Asian countries are being flooded. I think food will double in price this WInter.

  • Chik’n Li’l

    “The sky is falling!”

  • Bacon

    But they are having such a highlarious time of it in that sitcom “Outsourcing”. It makes me want to send all of my work off-shore so some brown man can do my job for pennies on the dollar!

  • Charlie

    Many have been deceived with the idea that jobs have been offshored because of high American labor costs. Though that may be partially true, by far the biggest motivation for this has been the lack of regulation in other areas – specifically taxes and environmental.

  • Cathy

    see if this comes up if Googled:

    Silent Weapons for a Quiet War .. Learn the game plan.

    This document is the doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderburg Group during its first known meeting in 1954. A copy found in 1969 was in the possession of Navel Intelligence.

    The following document, dated May 1979, was found on July 7, 1986, in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale.

    Top Secret
    Silent Weapons for a Quiet War
    An Introductory Programming Manual
    Operations Research
    Technical Manual

  • Ann

    For the last 30+ years the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, while the rest of us said, so what! Now look, the rich are still getting even richer while the Middle Classes are joining the ranks of the poor. So, go ahead and continue to not give a damn and see where we’ll end up in fascist corporate America.

  • Cathy

    Another issue is many employers won’t hire the unemployed.

  • David

    In 1965, Ted Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson destroyed our immigration
    policy, increasing it to 1,000,000 MILLION per year, every year,
    year after year!

    No country can sustain, or provide jobs for this many immigrants.
    That’s why each year it gets tougher and tougher.

    Get involved at, going back to a sensible immigration

  • Wade

    I’m not trying to be a **************, but my wife has been trying to hire American engineers, computer programmers and people with advanced natural science degrees with NO LUCK!! She has used job sites, recruiters, friends and university placement centers. So, where the hell are all of these educated unemployed people!! She is offering clean, well-paying jobs in a creative field and gets NO TAKERS! In a way, I’m calling bullshit on this article.

    Here’s my offer: If you know someone with a technical degree with experience who has been laid off, send them to this website:

    Have them study it and if they feel they are qualified, have them call her directly at 850-387-3751. Have them tell her “WADE” suggested they call. She particularly needs people who are technically bright who could create textbook materials.

  • Trish

    How about being creative and looking at the available opportunities out there. After applying for over 300 jobs I started thinking outside of the “I need to find a Job” box. How about food storage as a financial investment and earning money with it too? My cousin is consultant for a food storage company. She is earning good money and gets a lots of free and 1/2 price stuff. Read more info at I am signing up too as soon as my kids are off to school.

  • Bonnie Blue

    It’s not overbreeding by anybody whose people were in the USA prior to 1960 that is leading to less pay, less work for USA citizens. We are at BELOW replacement in the USA–just like in Japan and Europe, yeah, all first world nations. We need to STOP permitting all the flotsam and jetsam of the third world to come here on various scams, visas, and immigration schemes when we DON’T need them or their so-called expertise. If our government truly spoke for the PEOPLE we’d be able to have succesful businesses, employment, etc., for USA citizens. Unbridled immigration and corporate greed killed the USA goose that laid the golden egg.

  • andrej_krakus

    training your replacement?
    maybe until he joins you at the bar one night after his shift and doesnt return to work anymore.
    Yes, we are cowards.
    Let them have the jobs.

  • David

    For a while I used to believe America really was in shambles reading this blog. But then I looked at Apple’s fat profits and realized that America is still doing well. Unless I see people starving to death in the streets, it’s not that bad.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Sorry to burst your tech bubble, but Apple’s U.S. employment base is something like 1/70,000,000th of total U.S. employment. If it’s even that much.

      The pirahnas at the top get the big bucks. The trout, guppies and goldfish at the bottom are left with the scraps.

    • Ascetik

      “used to believe”? Wow. Then why are you still reading it?

      Apple makes insane profits because they charge 1800$ for a product that costs about 300$ to make in China. And their marketing ploy is to spoiled rich hipster kids living high on their parents credit card debts in their mcmansions.

      Apple is a rip off, the price you pay for a macbook pro you could get a pc for 1/5th the price and get the exact same hardware. That’s why they make record profits, because people buy into their stupid marketing.

  • Jim

    Thanks for writing the article. Bringing attention to the situation is all we can do. I wrote the song Give Me a Job in 2010 thinking the economy would improve. It hasn’t, it’s gotten worse.

    Enjoy the song:

  • Mike from Toronto Kanada

    …My parents arrived in Winnipeg after the Hungarian Revolution. My father was a watch maker and couldn’t find a job in the early 1960′s and my mother didn’t work! We still managed to survive by doing odd jobs…construction, dishwashers etc. and no body starved. There was no welfare in those long ago days and no “FREE” medicare in any Canadian province then! Life goes on and we make the best of it! And as for outsourcing, I can remember beach ball and shirts that my mother purchased at Woolworth in the 1960′s that said…MADE IN FORMOSA (now modern day Taiwan)! The Amerikan capitalist went, even in those long ago 1960′s, to cheaper labour countries, so OUTSOURCING is nothing new! And Canada never had a booming economy compared to the United get a good job in Canada (especially government) you relied on extreme nepotism! For example in Toronto (which was a very, very WASP city), you had to be of Anglo-saxon background and be a free mason-catholics,east europeans need not apply! The sob stories mentioned on the above paragraphs are just sucky baby sob stories about people who don’t want to get their hands dirty! Get any job-construction,deliver flyers etc., but don’t just sit and mope!

    • orange

      So, you think you’re above it? When you lose your good job with benefits and are forced to work in a miserable minimum wage job with illegals undercutting you, don’t you dare complain, you sucky baby! Be GLAD you have to slave like a peasant in what was once a First World country while the banks rake in the billions! Take the scraps we toss at you, serf, and lick our feet for it! Or get down on your knees and open your mouth, your choice…but if you think it’s not going to happen to YOU, you’re insane.

  • Arwen

    This may sound mean but in a situation where you are forced to train someone from India, China, Mexico (or wherever)to replace you do the brave thing and just leave and refuse to train them. No need for violence. There comes a time in your life where you have to stand up for yourself. Those men should have done that. Even if it means selling or renting the house out (having your family in live in your paid off vehicles)or moving out of the area. I know this is easier said then done. But this is a situation where you need to take a stand. Staying and willingly training these people will not help your life, it will not help you find another job, and it will not get you respect (you don’t need to be a jerk to get respect but being walk over will not get you respect). I hope I never have to be in that situation. I hope I would be brave enough to live in my car, find work wherever, and rent my house out. I hope more of these people speak out such as the dog lover forced to kill dogs or the lady willing to have sex for a job.

  • Mynewjob

    I got a job picking up dog crap in dog parks for 8 bucks an hour here in california .At age 46 i never thought id be doing his but it is either this or the streets . When the maggots and worms and the hot heat, the smell can be overwelming at times to were i start to gag . I fill up about a 50 gallon drum a shift . Welcome to my world in the wonderful world of poo !

    • Aurora

      You are my hero. (I’m serious)

  • therooster of Christ

    No need for panic. The solution does not rest with the elite who reside near the top of the economic hierarchy. It rests with the rank & file of the real market …. us. We are all able to monetize personal gold & silver and thereby, increase liquidity without adding debt. The addition of debt-free liquidity will free up debt based currency to find the hands that need that currency for debt servicing. IOW, we are in a time where Gresham’s Law is reversing. Keep in mind that Gresham’s Law is/was predicated on FIXED values placed upon gold, such as what we saw during Bretton Woods @ $35/oz.

    Gold could never extinguish much in the way of debt at $35/oz, but since bullion values have been set free to float, the extinguishing of debt has been left to us …. the market , not the elite. Gold is money but always had poor liquidity because of fixed values placed upon it. That has changed thanks to the age of information. Implementation of a monetary application must come from the grass roots, however. It cannot be a top-down process (even if so desired) because the dollar would crash far too quickly and abruptly. The market is the tool of transition.

  • Terra

    Growing up in times one past -the gas crunch of the 70s made me understand one single thing (everything is inner connected) when that occured one idea was for certain -what a mistake it is to be reliant on resources beyond my control . Today, what is more evident are people who others are so reliant upon for responsible decisions (politicians and corporate leaders and banking ). Greed is not a dirty word today in fact its called; business, there is where the true deception is . The populations are being herded into desperation by the lies of those who have created this ;the no win situation for us all – my grand mother used to say : your never happy till its gone . For the rich and powerful that is what they all want is: the poor and under class gone -thats fine with me they can have the world because there will nothing left when they are done with it and no one to wait on them hand and foot . Humans are the most disasterous beings in this world and they are never satisfied until they have wrecked everything and that day is fast approaching -forget warnings or prophecy that does not matter to those of a narrow view of this life they see one thing only :Greed and having it all -so let them and in the end they will face their own demise and eternity to remember it!

  • morphiss

    The bottom line is this ! This govt is non functional and a total pathetic mess. Taxpayers complain and nothing happens. Washington wont listen until people take to the streets big-time or stop paying taxes. Both of which will never happen as the american taxpayer is a wuss !!! So here is the mess !!

  • markww

    One thing America can do is stop all the Government intrusion into business, it has made business go overseas. Then make all the countries that owed us from ww-1 up to pay us back what they owe us. Take and AUDIT THE FED see who is stealing all the money and where it went how many millions paid to dishonest governments and dictators and more. Mark

  • Nam Marine

    Sure I would! Just look at the TSA !

  • Yourmaster

    Welcome to the plantation economy slaves. DID I SAY YOU COULD WASTE TIME CHITCHATTING ONLINE? GET BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!!!! “ending music from Requiem for a Dream playing in the background.”

  • Stephanie S

    I don’t have a car and sometimes ask a friend to give me a ride home from our local bar/dance place. A woman I didn’t know well offered me a ride one day and I took it. The next time I saw her there, knowing she was unemployed and looking for work, I asked her if she would drive me home again (only about 2 miles and not out of her way) and offered to pay her for her gas. She seemed to get a little uptight but said okay. When I got in the car, I put a dollar in the cup holder and told her I really meant it, I would contribute for her gas whenever she drives me. She told me it wasn’t necessary and in her (South American country) culture people don’t do that. The next day she told a mutual friend that I had somewhat offended her culture by offering money, as in her country people do favors for others without being paid. Please explain to me why I have to adjust to HER culture in MY country, oh wise ones, and what was wrong with offering to help pay for gas?

    • orange

      Because you’re a terrible racist if you don’t, and how DARE you even question it? Also, isn’t it nice of the elites to keep allowing these people to immigrate here when there aren’t any jobs for the natives? Now we’ve got another mouth to feed, another person to support and they’re not even American and obviously don’t want to integrate! But, once again, if you dare say that, you’re a terrible racist!

      Pathetic, isn’t it?

  • JungianINTP

    Two words explain the
    ROOT CAUSE of the
    decline of the West, not
    by happenstance or even
    incompetence, but BY
    DESIGN (( i.e., it had been
    planned by this cabal and
    implemented by this cabal,
    with the goal of collapsing
    the meritocratic/capitalistic
    Western system for GLOBAL

    Federal (sic) Reserve.

  • Tim Kozlow

    I feel for all these people. Here is the one thing I do not understand. If you loose your job and determine that there are no jobs in your area.
    If you cannot find a job period anywhere then why would you continue to live here?

    I would have no problem leaving this country. I never used to say that but I could care less now. I would move anywhere I had too where I could work.

    I have been out of the country several times now and I can tell you one thing, most of the places I have been the people are alot more free than we are.

    Endless laws, regulations, global trade whatever it is has made this place a dump.
    Can’t find a job, embrace it, use this time to get the hell out of here.

  • Steve

    I don’t give advice but here are some suggestions to cope with the economic horror. Try buying and selling stuff online. It’s not big money but you can earn $50 to $100 a week buying stuff at flea markets and then selling to people who still have $25 or $50 to buy something. You also can buy an item online and then sell it the same way for a $5 or $10 profit. Check out vocational colleges to train for a practical trade skill, i.e. hospital technician, repair, or computer troublshooting rather than spend $80 grand for a worthless senior college degree. Avoid careers in insurance sales, real estate sales, multi-level marketing sponsors, virtual franchises, etc. – especially if they ask for money up front – a sure sign that it’s a MLM pyramid scam. even if it’s legit – there is no market as no one is buying. Try getting two or even three part time jobs rather than a rarer than ever full-time job. Avoid temporary staffing agencies – theyt have almost all become scams – one assignment for two weeks and then after they and the client have made a profit off of the scut work they offered you – they never call you again. If you get fired, leave the workplace without complaint but be ready to fight for your benefits – some employers will claim its your fault you got canned to weasel their way out of paying you your benefits. If you have a job, don’t do anything stupid, i.e. stealing, watching porn, getting into fist fights, etc. Document all firing incidents and then fight furiously at any unemployment benefit hearings. Advertise yourself as a free lance willing to work even for a few days. Some “employers” will pay you cash “under-the-table” to beat minimum wage and tax deduction laws. If they do – take the money! Try writing books and articles for money. If there is any federal money or assistance you think might be available – go for it. If you can’t get a link card (denied to you if even one family member has a job) you can always go to food pantries – sometimes you can even visit three or four different pantries per month and get five or six bags of canned food and dry foodstuffs. If your house in foreclosure don’t be afraid to apply for chapter 13 (not chapter 7!) bankruptcy. Sometimes the judge will allow you to pay less than your previous mortgage payments at an amount you can afford for up to three and even five years. Give up expensive shoes and clothes and buy neat and attractive clothing that costs less. Go to restaurants only once every three or four months – maybe for a birthday or wedding anniversay. Frequent fast food places but don’t gorge on junk food – there are healthy offerings there, too. Even if you have a car use the bus and trains much more, i.e. get a monthly pass. Keep abreast of the news on the TV, radio, newspapers and internet. Always know what’s going on in the world and how it affects you. Try barter with people you know – nothing expensive – you know – maybe a computer for a television set or a used car for a washer and dryer. Always try to make money doing something you like to do even if you’re currently doing something you dislike or hate. Stay alert, try your best and keep on trucking.

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