20 Numbers From 2020 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

2020 has been a year that none of us will ever forget.  We experienced the worst global pandemic in 100 years, we witnessed the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, civil unrest erupted in major cities all over America, and we had one of the wildest presidential elections in our history.  Other than that, it was a pretty quiet year.  For a few moments, let’s take one more look back at the past 12 months.  The following are 20 numbers from 2020 that are almost too crazy to believe… (Read More...)

Why Have Murder Rates Absolutely Skyrocketed All Over America In 2020?

We have seen spikes in certain major cities before, but there has never been a year quite like this.  In 2020, murder rates have been soaring dramatically from coast to coast, and many are deeply concerned about what our big metropolitan areas will look like if this trend continues into 2021 and beyond.  The civil unrest that erupted in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd certainly contributed to the rising numbers, but authorities have been shocked that murder rates have remained so elevated all year long.  Americans are killing Americans in record numbers, and nobody seems to have a solution to this growing national crisis. (Read More...)

$600 Stimulus Checks Won’t Pull America Out Of This Mess…

Well, it looks like we are going to get $600 stimulus payments from the federal government after all.  Oh goody!  For the millions of Americans that are on the brink of being evicted from their homes, that will be enough for about half a mortgage payment or about half a month of rent.  Many are referring to this as America’s “let them eat cake moment”, and that probably is not too far off target.  As our politicians spend hundreds of billions of dollars on other nonsense, we are supposed to be deeply grateful to them for tossing a few hundred bucks our way.  But the truth is that $600 dollars does not go as far as it once did.  20 years ago, it would have bought more groceries than any of us could have possibly put into a single vehicle, but today it will buy about two carts of food and maybe a tank of gas. (Read More...)

‘Tis The Season For Bankruptcies, Store Closings And Tent Cities…

We need to make 2021 a year of hope, because right now there is more economic suffering in America than we have seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  More than 100,000 businesses have permanently closed down since the pandemic began, many of our most iconic chains have filed for bankruptcy over the past 12 months, and tent cities are popping up in major cities all across the country.  Coming into this year, the suicide rate in the U.S. was already at an all-time record high, and a Gallup survey recently discovered that the mental health of Americans is at an all-time low.  If we can’t find a way to give people hope, multitudes of Americans will decide that life is no longer worth living just like Anthony Quinn Warner did.  The explosion in Nashville should be a wake up call for all of us, because there are countless others out there that are feeling the hopelessness that Warner did. (Read More...)

We Are Being Told The “Scary” Mutant COVID In South Africa Is Even More Dangerous Than The “Super COVID” In The UK

A new mutant strain of COVID-19 that has been dubbed “501.V2” has gotten completely out of control in South Africa, and authorities are telling us that it is an even bigger threat than the “Super COVID” that has been causing so much panic in the United Kingdom.  Of course viruses mutate all the time, and so it isn’t a surprise that COVID-19 has been mutating.  But mutations can become a major issue when they fundamentally alter the way that a virus affects humans, and we are being told that “501.V2” is much more transmissible than previous versions of COVID and that even young people are catching it a lot more easily.  That is potentially a huge concern, because up until now young people have not been hit very hard by the COVID pandemic. (Read More...)

We’re On A Highway To Hyperinflation

Well, here we go again.  The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a $900 billion stimulus package, and we are being promised that it will provide a real “boost” to the economy.  Of course we were told the exact same thing about all of the other “stimulus packages” that have been passed since the beginning of the pandemic.  Most importantly to many Americans, $600 stimulus payments will soon be sent out directly to the American people.  If you are married and have three kids, you will get a total of $3,000, because each member of your family is counted equally for this round of stimulus payments. (Read More...)

For Millions Of Americans, No Money = No Christmas In 2020

In modern times, there has never been a Christmas like this in America.  Millions are freshly unemployed, another wave of lockdowns is forcing countless businesses to close their doors, and people are waiting in line for hours at food banks all over the nation just to get a little bit of food for their families.  Of course those at the bottom end of the economic food chain are being hit the hardest.  It is being reported that employment among those that make $27,000 a year or less is down 20 percent from pre-pandemic levels.  That is an extremely shocking number, and it helps to explain why the number of Americans living in poverty rose to 52 million during the month of November. (Read More...)