Could 65 Trillion Dollars In “Hidden” Derivatives Cause The Entire Global Financial System To Crash?

If you thought that the collapse of FTX was something, just wait until the entire global financial system comes crashing down all around us.  Most people just assume that the system is being managed by rational people that behave in rational ways, but of course countless investors assumed the same things about FTX.  Sadly, the global financial system has slowly but surely been transformed into the largest casino in the history of the world.  It is a colossal Ponzi scheme, and once in a while authorities give us a little peek into what is really going on behind the curtain. (Read More...)

Gloomy December: Manufacturing Orders From China Are Down 40 Percent As Companies Brace For A Brutal Holiday Season

We continue to get more evidence that the U.S. economy is really slowing down.  As you will see below, the amount of stuff that we are ordering from manufacturers in China is plunging dramatically.  I have never seen a dip of this magnitude before, and I think that it is a really bad sign for 2023.  Based on all of the economic numbers that have been released in recent weeks, I anticipate that economic conditions in 2023 and beyond will be worse than anything that we have experienced since the Great Recession.  So I would encourage you to enjoy the next few weeks while you still can, because once 2023 arrives we will want to brace ourselves for an extremely harsh economic environment. (Read More...)

The Numbers Are Screaming That A Giant Tsunami Of U.S. Layoffs Has Now Begun

We knew that economic conditions were deteriorating, but this is getting ridiculous.  According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the number of layoffs in November was 127 percent higher than it was in October.  That isn’t just a trend, that is an avalanche.  And compared to the same month in 2021, the number of layoffs in November was 417 percent higher.  Please take a moment and let that figure sink in.  A 417 percent increase is a colossal shift.  Essentially, these numbers are telling us that a giant tsunami of U.S. layoffs has now begun, and I believe that things will get even worse in 2023 and beyond.  Our leaders have pursued policies that have been extremely destructive to the U.S. economy, and many of us have been warning that a day of reckoning would arrive.  Well, it appears that a day of reckoning for America’s workers is now here, and the months ahead are not going to be pretty. (Read More...)

The U.S. Economy Just Took A Very Dark Turn

The road ahead certainly does not look promising.  For much of 2022, there has been a lot of debate about whether or not the U.S. economy is in a recession, is headed for a recession, or is about to turn in a positive direction.  Unfortunately, virtually all of the numbers are now telling us that economic conditions are starting to deteriorate quite rapidly as we approach the beginning of 2023, and even rabidly optimistic business leaders such as Jeff Bezos are warning us to prepare for harder times.  So now the framework for the debate over our economic future has shifted.  At this point, there are some that expect a relatively minor recession and then a recovery, and there are those such as myself that expect immense pain in the years ahead.  There are so many warning signs that indicate that the entire system is starting to crack and crumble, but a lot of the “experts” are still hoping that our leaders will find a way to turn things around somehow. (Read More...)

Who Is Killing The Crypto Millionaires?

Are some of the cryptocurrency industry’s most important pioneers being targeted by someone?  We just learned that a 53-year-old cryptocurrency billionaire named Vyacheslav Taran has died, and he is the third big name to suddenly meet his maker in recent weeks.  So is this just one giant coincidence, or is there some common denominator that links all three of them?  There is so much that we don’t know right now, but it is interesting to note that all three of these deaths have happened at a time when the cryptocurrency community is going through an unprecedented amount of turmoil.  The collapse of FTX is threatening the legitimacy of the entire industry, and many that were once crypto millionaires on paper have had their fortunes completely wiped out. (Read More...)

It Is Beginning: 41 Percent Of All Small Business Owners Could Not Pay Rent In November

Many experts are now warning that we could see the housing market and the commercial real estate market simultaneously crash in 2023.  If that were to happen, it would put an extreme amount of stress on our financial system.  The only way we will avoid such a fate is if the Federal Reserve starts reducing interest rates.  Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen.  In fact, officials at the Federal Reserve keep telling us that interest rates are going to keep going up.  This is literally a suicidal course of action, because higher rates are going to absolutely crush the economy. (Read More...)

100 Million Dead Birds Are Just The Beginning, Because This Pestilence Is Far From Over…

Did you know that an extremely vicious virus that is currently sweeping across the globe has already killed more than 100 million birds?  If you haven’t heard about this yet, don’t feel bad, because most people in the general population don’t know about this either.  Like so many of the other nightmares that we are facing right now, the mainstream media continues to downplay the bird flu crisis and continues to insist that authorities have everything under control.  But of course the truth is that they don’t have this outbreak under control.  Flocks are being steadily wiped out all over the planet, and prices for turkey, chicken and eggs just keep going higher and higher.  If the bird flu spreads even faster in 2023 than it did in 2022, it won’t be too long before we have some pretty serious shortages on our hands. (Read More...)

Very Serious Shortages Of Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Tamiflu, Albuterol And Tylenol Have Erupted All Over The United States

Hospitals are filling up all across America, and there are extremely alarming shortages of some of our most important medications.  Health authorities are warning that RSV, the flu and COVID are combining to create a “tripledemic”, and there are simply not enough medications to go around.  Personally, I am most concerned about RSV.  It is spreading like wildfire from coast to coast, and we are being told that very young children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.  I wrote an entire article about the RSV outbreak earlier this month, and since that time things have gotten even worse.  Our medical system is being absolutely flooded with sick kids, and this has caused very serious shortages of amoxicillin, augmentin, tamiflu and albuterol… (Read More...)