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10 Stories From The Cold, Hard Streets Of America That Will Break Your Heart

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Depressed - Photo by Sander van der WelIf the economy is really “getting better”, then why have millions upon millions of formerly middle class Americans been pushed to the point of utter despair?  The stories that you are about to read are absolutely heartbreaking.  I don’t know how anyone can read them without getting chills.  In America today, if you lose a good job, there is a good chance that you will get back on your feet before too long.  But there is also a good chance that you won’t be able to find a decent job and will plunge into the abyss of depression and desperation that so many millions of other Americans have fallen into.  As I wrote about earlier this month, the U.S. economy is definitely not getting any better.  For example, if you assume that the percentage of Americans that want to work is about at the long term average, then the official unemployment rate in the United States would be above 11 percent.  And compared to six years ago, 1,154,000 fewer Americans are working today even though our population has gotten significantly larger since then.  Behind all of these numbers are real flesh and blood people, and you are about to hear from some of them.  The following are 10 stories from the cold, hard streets of America that will break your heart…

#1 A 34-year-old man named Rocco

“While my wife goes to work, I’ve been staying at home to conserve fuel. I’ve been losing weight from eating less, so my family has more on their plates. It feels like the government and big business expect more and more while trying to give back as little as possible. Soon my internet connection will be shut off and since most companies don’t offer paper applications, how will I find work then? Walking around for miles a day, asking for an application that may or may not be available?”

#2 Homeless people wasting away in “Obamavilles” on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland…

A sheet of plastic laid over a clothesline. A mini-fortress of milk crates stacked under a tree. A thin mattress on a flimsy crate lying in a dark tunnel.

On the edge of Baltimore’s woodlands, dozens of the city’s transients live in makeshift homes which they consider safer than homeless shelters.

You can see some incredible photos of how these homeless people are living right here.

#3 A 50-year-old woman in Pennsylvania named Karen

“My husband only makes 10 dollars an hour and drives 30 miles round trip, so it’s taking all we have just to keep the Jeep filled with gas. We stopped going to church and all to save gas. We are homebodies now, afraid to use what gas we have. We save two kids from getting put in foster care just to be hit like this. It’s just a constant trap they try to keep you from receiving any help! I’m so disgusted when my 12-year-old asks me why we don’t have snacks anymore, or why are we eating so much rice, etc.”

#4 The following is an excerpt from a comment that was recently left by one of my readers

“I live right at ground zero. South West Virginia and let me tell you things are bad and getting worse by the day. We don’t do drugs but have family members hooked on meth and or pills or both. Many of these pills are prescribed by local doctors either Suboxone to get you off the opiates, a total joke by the way and tons of Xanax why would anyone need 120 Xanax a month how can you even be expected to function. These pills get traded for cash sex and other items, same goes for the SNAP cards. We have family members going to jail repeatedly for the same crimes making meth, selling pills and stealing anything that’s not nailed down. People who are 30 years old look like they are 55 years old. The jobs here are awful walmat, gas stations, fast food etc. Most of our whole county is on the government dole.”

#5 A 55-year-old man from California named Randy Carpadus

“I was working as a firefighter for the state of California and was laid off in April 2012, right at the beginning of fire season. At my age, I’m not going to be picked up by another fire department. They want younger guys.

I’ve applied for everything from truck driver, to sales, to nonprofit work. I’ve sent out almost 400 resumes, and I’ve gotten nothing. I’ve done whatever I could to make ends meet.

Through some connections, I got a temp job as a truck driver in Napa Valley — a 3-hour commute from where I live. I lived in my car and worked during grape harvest.”

#6 In this tough economic environment, debt collectors are becoming even more aggressive.  Just check out the kind of harassment that one woman named Jennifer Posey has been put through…

“This is Jimmy Lee calling from CheckCare. Just letting you know we’re in full force,” he said. The man had a thick Southern accent that stretched the word “you” into a two-syllable accusation. “We’re going to have warrants out for your arrest in Columbus, Ga.,” the man threatened. “We know you have an apartment on the canal in Clearwater.”

It was when he mentioned her home in Florida that Posey began to feel anxious. “We’re hurting you,” he continued. “We’re hurting your family, your son’s family, your cousin’s family. Whatever we can do to get you to pay.”

Forty minutes later, her phone rang again. “What about that 12-, 13-year-old child you’re trying to raise?” the voice sneered.

#7 A 50-year-old woman from New York named Sharon Ritchie

“I am constantly told I am ‘overqualified.’ I’ve also been told to dumb down my resume, but I can’t just erase 30 years of experience.

You can only stand the word ‘no’ so many times. There are times that I cry at night wondering what happened, and at times I have thought about suicide.

But, I keep on going, hoping the cycle will break.”

#8 In response to my recent article about Appalachia, a reader named Rob shared the following…

“I am from rural south central KY (Brodhead, Rockcastle County) and I can tell you that most of the things described above are exactly how it is here. There are so many people on drugs it’s crazy. First it was the meth, which was more of a problem back in 2002-2007, then the pain pills really started becoming a huge problem, OxyContin and perc 30’s (roxicet) obtained from Florida and Georgia doctors. The pain pills are something that you can’t just walk away from after doing them for a while; they cause people to steal from family, sell everything they own, and/or prostitute themselves in order to avoid opiate withdrawal.”

#9 A 30-year-old man from California named Alejandro

“I need to provide for my son who is diagnosed with autism and my baby girl. I’ve sold a bunch of my belongings to try and put food on the table, to buy clothes for my kids, to pay rent and utilities and to put gas in my vehicle to go job hunting. Not having money for necessities takes a toll on my mind. Depression has kicked in. It really takes a toll on one’s self-esteem and confidence to move forward.I’ve applied to countless amounts of jobs, only to not even get a call back. I’ve gone from construction site to construction site, only to be told they are not hiring. Finally, I got at least a positive call back from a company telling me they will call me to work in a couple of weeks. I am crossing my fingers and praying. There are millions of people in my situation or even worse.”

#10 An excerpt from a heartbreaking letter that an unemployed woman named Paula Bray sent to Barack Obama…

Dear Mr. President,

I write to you today because I have nowhere else to turn. I lost my full time job in September 2012. I have only been able to find part-time employment — 16 hours each week at $12 per hour — but I don’t work that every week. For the month of December, my net pay was $365. My husband and I now live in an RV at a campground because of my job loss. Our monthly rent is $455 and that doesn’t include utilities. We were given this 27-ft. 1983 RV when I lost my job.

This is America today. We have no running water; we use a hose to fill jugs. We have no shower but the campground does. We have a toilet but it only works when the sewer line doesn’t freeze — if it freezes, we use the campground’s restrooms. At night, in my bed, when it’s cold out, my blanket can freeze to the wall of the RV. We don’t have a stove or an oven, just a microwave, so regular-food cooking is out. Recently we found a small toaster oven on sale so we can bake a little now because eating only microwaved food just wasn’t working for us. We don’t have a refrigerator, just an icebox (a block of ice cost about $1.89). It keeps things relatively cold. If it’s freezing outside, we just put things on the picnic table.

Sadly, this is just the beginning.

The economic despair that we are witnessing right now is just a taste of the horrible economic nightmare that is going to unfold in the United States during the coming years.

And already there are signs that things are starting to take another turn for the worse.  In recent months, we have seen a whole host of retail chains announce store closings.  In fact, one of my readers wrote to me the other day and told me about a home appliance chain known as “American TV” that is going out of business in the Midwest.  When these stores shut down, close to another 1000 Americans will soon be out of work

“While this is a sad moment it is also a proud moment. It’s a moment to be proud of our efforts and to be proud of what we have delivered to the community”, said Doug Reuhl, President and CEO of American since 1988. “Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are to our millions of loyal customers, and to the incredible, dedicated family of employees that we have been blessed with over our 60 years of business”. Advanced notice of the business closing has been given to the 989 employees affected in eleven locations. Employees will be compensated, with benefits, through the notification period, and the majority will continue employment through the closing process.

But if you listen to the mainstream media, you would think that happy days are here again for America.  Just check out some of the bizarre headlines that I have collected in recent weeks…

CNBC: “Stop whining! The US economy is in good shape

USA Today: “Economists: U.S. will see better growth in ’14

Newsday: “Why the economy isn’t doomed

Most Americans will buy into this propaganda and will never see the next major economic crisis coming until it is too late to do anything about it.

So what do you think about all of this?

Do you have a personal story to share?

Please feel free to add to the discussion by leaving a comment below…


  • markthetruth

    Sad, but the Government Sponsored American Dream is to starve and use now down to winning the Lottery .

    the end…

  • Mike Smithy

    “Hope & Change” will now be referred to as “Confusion & Despair”. Thanks for nothing President Zero.

    • Hillbilly

      Ya who would have thought he was saying you will “hope” you can find a job with only “change” in your pocket

      • Eric Quintero

        Ironically Hope and Change have been the only promises Obama delivered.

        This country has certainly changed.

        I hope I survive.

  • Bill

    Really sick of loosing my comment while I sign in. Even the good ones.

    • Mike Smithy

      Bill, you might have malware on your computer. Have you done a virus scan lately?

      • Bill

        iPhone 5s ?

    • Priszilla

      My tablet always crashes when connecting to an American website.

  • Frank Bell

    The poor should stop whining, says luxury CEO

    Bud Konheim has a message for all of the 99 percenters: You’re luckier than you think.”

    “Konheim, CEO and co-founder of luxury-fashion company Nicole Miller, said on CNBC’s ” Squawk Box ” on Wednesday that Americans not in the top 1 percent would be considered wealthy in most of the world. He said the 99ers should stop complaining and understand how lucky they are.”

    “We’ve got a country that the poverty level is wealth in 99 percent of the rest of the world,” he said. “So we’re talking about woe is me, woe is us, woe is this.” He added that “the guy that’s making, oh my God, he’s making $35,000 a year, why don’t we try that out in India or some countries we can’t even name. China, anyplace, the guy is wealthy.”

    We HAVE to get rid of these people!

    Why are young people so eager to buy a new iPhone, ignoring all the real problems of America? I don’t get it.

    • Drud

      Still, everything gets measured in money ($35,000/year, $4.00/gallon milk, $3.50/dollar gas, whatever) but money is arbitrary. Money only has value because people perceive it to have value. now, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, all money has this trait. The problem is that the elite in this country and all over the world have corrupted the money to a ridiculous degree. They have been able to do this an are able to keep doing this because they understand that money is arbitrary, it is simply a social agreement, and the masses DO NOT understand this concept. As long as we keep measuring everything in terms of money, the ruling class can keep pulling the rug out from under us with impunity. If we do not understand the problem we have no hope for a solution.

      • Mike Smithy

        Drud, don’t fall into the trap of confusing Federal Reserve Notes (fiat) as money. FRN’s are currency. Real money has intrinsic value such as gold and silver.

        • Drud

          What part of my post would lead you to believe I am falling into that particular trap? I am specifically telling people not to fall into that trap. However, I do use currency and money interchangeably. I am aware of the semantic differences and different denotations of the words, but at the level of my argument there is no difference. Gold and silver only have value because societies agree they have value. Again. this agreement is not a bad thing. It becomes bad when people (bankers) begin to twist and corrupt this agreement for their own benefit at the detriment of everyone else.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Did he happen to mention what the cost of living is in India? It is much different than the cost of living in the USA. That seems like a pretty important number if one seeks to compare the wealth of two countries. I have seen Americans that go without food and have to drink water from the creek because they can’t afford utilities. Is that wealth?

  • Bill

    I don’t have a story to add but I sure have nausea reading those above knowing I don’t have the resources to help even one. At 68 I am trying to pay off every debt and not start any new ones. Trying to start a small business seems to be a bit easier than finding a job. No matter what one does the government is sure to make life much harder. Lies don’t help.

    • Frank Bell

      No, it’s not the government, but the Banksters and rich people that actually DO STEAL your money.

      Ever heard of tax breaks?

      • Bill

        Yes, the cabal is at the top of the food chain giving orders to the puppet government.

        • Frank Bell

          “Normal” government employees are actually getting screwed like the rest of the nation.

          Just consider this:

          Exposed: Enron billionaire’s diabolical plot to loot worker pensions

          How an Enron billionaire, Wall Street and a
          major “nonpartisan” foundation are quietly robbing American workers

          His name: John Arnold

          • Bill

            Somebody has to do the “work”.

      • Hammerstrike

        Ever Heard of inflation? That is wealth redistribution, from everyone who have money to those who print it.

      • Priszilla

        The government makes the laws that poor people have to give their money to rich people.

      • Defiant

        WOW! You need an economics lesson…and maybe a few days shadowing Obama as he continues to rip us down…

    • JulietteofOhio

      We don’t seem to have a housing bubble in west central Ohio, but we do have a tax bubble (real estate) which is of real concern. Like Bill, I’m frustrated that there is nothing I can do for anyone else, at least temporarily. We are finally getting past the big oil refinery buy down and liquidation which caught up my husband in the late 1990s. He is now 72, almost 73, but very good in a certain niche job. When a sister refinery found out he was available, they interviewed him, found he was still up with technique and education. Our only catch was that we had to sell our house in a depressed area (the original refinery town which had closed down.) and leave four of our six children, taking the two youngest. We settled in Michigan and were quite happy there until they decided to close two years later. By this time, he was 56 and I was 52, normally too old. I found a job within a month and what “you’re too qualified for this job” means is that you’re too old. My job wasn’t the powerhouse it was in our home town, but it helped. When the Michigan refinery closed down, it was under the proviso that you would get severance pay, but to get it meant your pension would be destroyed. It took three years to get another good job and we were under great financial pressure. We also went through another buy high-sell low in a destroyed housing market. We then moved to Ohio and bought the cheapest house we could find, large enough for the two boys, our daughter who had come to join us, and ourselves. We bought out in the country so I could garden, can, freeze and dehydrate, although I don’t know how long this will last, due to old age and government over-sight, plus more permits to grow your own food, and many, many more permits to sell any of the surplus. We put all the kids through college, using the rest of our savings, so they’re not saddled with that, but we have no more savings and nothing on which to retire. The current company flatly stated that there would be no pensions of any type, but that they were settling 50 cents on the dollar of what we had earned and we get to pay taxes on that. In the middle of all this, we declared bankruptcy, Chapter 11, as we “made too much money”, so every penny has been paid back and we’re free and clear. We’re trying frantically to get this house paid for completely, although I still doubt we can pay real estate taxes on SS and what little pension is left from the first refinery. I’m still working, but make very little money. We are careful to the point of paranoia about what we spend and don’t know what we’ll do after retiring since none of these companies are providing a ‘grand-father’ clause for insurance. We’re not as badly off as so many, but it’s very uncomfortable and we have no idea which new circle of hell Obama will put us on.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Where I live (Phoenix, Arizona) is almost the housing bubble capital.

        Mistake #1: Focusing your entire economy on one industry (for example housing), In other words – putting all your eggs in one basket.

        Your eggs get smashed. Now what? Omelettes?!

        Mistakes 2,3,4,..After Mistake #1, it doesn’t matter, does it?

        Just like investing, and other stuff such as – the key is to diversify…diversify. I SO wish I had known this 30 years ago

      • DJohn1

        I too live in Ohio. What seems strange to me is the number of people that congregate on the highways between 3-6 p.m. every day. Same thing happens in the morning.
        Not everyone is unemployed. But we do have a problem. You are on the right track with paying off everything and taking it one step at a time.
        Obama has unintentionally done all of us old people a favor. I am sure he will correct it any day now as he seems to hate all of us. (No raises in social security in years, then a small 1.5%?)
        I refer to ObamaCare. All of these young people under the law will either be penalized or require extensive increases in their premiums for health insurance. Social Security people are on Medicare. So all of a sudden we are an asset rather than a deficit because we do not require health care benefits that the young do. We all ready have it in Medicare.
        SO there is a real benefit to being old and experienced over the young. That should do more to hire the old that want to work.
        Companies simply go the route of what is least expensive to them.
        Old people have always been on the deficit side because of higher wages and higher premiums for insurance. That is what it is really about disciminating against the older employee over the young one. The young one is unlikely to have diseases that cost a lot of money on their premiums.
        Our government has laws against it. The laws are a joke without enforcement.
        Wiesels in industry with accounting degrees use this discriminatory behavior to advance themselves.
        I have two years left on my mortgage of 30 years. Had to refinance in the 80s because a wife abandoned me, divorced me, and kept me poor with child support. She was a material girl. She married well after that and lives comfortably in a $200,000 plus house with a former civil servant.
        Unions had contracts. A lor of the crap put out by companies didn’t exist when this check and balance was in place. Almost 11% still have this and it is mostly in government jobs. The rest of us are at the mercy of the accountants.
        I know what it is like to be poor.
        Basically it means instead of hiring someone to do the numerous skilled jobs needed to keep a home repaired you have to do it all yourself.
        It means knowing people willing to help you when you need help.
        Like that clogged drain full of roots on the front of your house sewer.
        It means knowing someone that is willing to keep your lawn mower running in the summer when it breaks down.
        It means sharing skills with other poor people and helping them out when they need it. (I am fairly good at repairing computers. I am not a pro but I can fix a lot of them.) (I keep our power equipment for the garden running as well.)
        I have never had a lot of luck with gardens. The animals are very plentiful around my house. So are the insects. Neither of us are willing to kill anything. We still put out a few vegetables in a garden each year.
        We live day to day. We pray. We don’t go to church much because I often need to find a bathroom fairly quickly and my wife is crippled with arthritis. But we do watch the services on TV when we cannot make it to a church. We do attend at least once a month anyway.
        I am 71 and my wife is 70.
        We have community churches helping out. They have clothing exchanges and community meals every other week or so. I am not that poor but my wife and daughter go to them with a friend.
        There is a surprising number of seniors at these events both volunteering and eating the foods. We often have entertainment while we eat in the form of bands that come in and sing good songs.
        If there is a devil’s playground in this community it is the well to do that think everyone should be able to keep their property up to their standards. They often work through the zoning department to create problems for poorer individuals in the community instead of helping them.
        Apparently they live in a different world than we do.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I hope everyone is paying off their debts. Most Americans live so close to the edge, and as you read above, falling off the edge can be absolutely horrifying.


      • Mondobeyondo

        I have debts. I can’t pay them off right away, because money is tight, to say the least. Right now, I’m just trying to avoid slipping into the abyss. It is indeed a scary feeling.

      • Wizard of Aus

        Just saw a program down here that so many Australians up to their eyeballs in debt with mortgage, car loans, personal credit, credit cards. I got rid of my car 4 years ago & never replaced it, do not have credit card, all surplus money goes to mortgage & have never had personal loan. I am just a simple soul.

        • k

          This is why central planners want population to keep on increasing. Sell them homes at inflated prices, cars with inflated loans, and make them pay the interest for the rest of their lives.

          More people…more debt slaves!

  • VegasBob

    In the Portland, Oregon area, Nordstrom’s department store recently announced the closing of its Vancouver, WA store and ts East Portland store at Lloyd Center.

    In the past few years, both of the Best Buy stores in Vancouver, WA (just across the Columbia River from Portland, OR) were closed.

    The so-called “economic recovery” is only for the very wealthy. Anybody else who believes any of this “economic recovery” nonsense is delusional.

    • Rene Girrard

      Hasn’t Tektronix just about moved all their mfg out of Portland?

  • Rodster

    I was watching the Keiser Report and Max Keiser was mentioning the same thing is happening in the UK. David Cameron along with Mark Carney is purposely creating a housing bubble. House prices have gotten so high in the UK that families don’t have enough money left over for food and the jobs situation there is just as bad as it is over here.

    It’s worldwide as you are seeing the collapse of the global economy.

    • VegasBob

      What’s interesting is that some of the “hot” real estate areas here in the US have fully “recovered” to or even surpassed 2006 bubble prices.

      And Wells Fargo recently announced the return of subprime mortgages. The next collapse will be even worse than the 2008-2009 debacle.

      • Frank Bell

        Doesn’t Warren Buffett own Wells Fargo?

        Well, he needs the money because he wants to give it to Bill Gates so Bill Gates can vaccinate the Third World countries…

      • Rodster

        I’ve read that a lot of that hot real estate market has come from wall street money looking to invest in real estate so it appears it’s not the middle class buying those homes but “QE Money”.

        • VegasBob

          Something like 56% of resale home purchases are all cash sales. The wealthy have been buying up houses left and right with all of the free money the Fed has been printing, but they are learning that in this economy, it’s almost impossible to find economically stable tenants who actually pay rent on time and treat the property with respect.

          When the “investors” finally give up on real estate, we are going to see one hell of a real estate crash, and it will cascade throughout the entire economy.

          • Bill

            Great comments in this thread. Real estate is the backbone of our economy. Where it goes, we go along with what’s left of our pocketbooks.

          • rentslave

            You’ve really hit on what’s happening.My landlord is one of “those” people.He’s fortunate that I’m on a decent pension.For those who aren’t in that situation,wait until they see what’s coming.

          • Eric Quintero

            Just gotta sell to wealthy foreign investors.

          • Mario Arreola

            And even when they find stable and decent tenants they treat them bad. Both the landlady of my business and the landlady of my girlfriend’s apartment refuse to make any repairs at all if something breaks or fails. So when my girlfriend or I vacate, every reparation I made is coming down.
            My previous landlord was a piece of work also. One of his sons (a pimp) broke in to my business (using a copy of his dad’s key) and stole several computer monitors from my business. Went to the police and they did nothing.
            But they don’t see the writing in the wall. Every day I see more and more for rent signs everywhere and less people willing or capable to pay the rent.

      • Hammerstrike

        Fall of 2015?

        • Tom Anderson

          July of 2015.

    • Mike Smithy

      There are also housing bubbles in Canada and Australia.

      • Rodster

        It’s a global phenomenon. Even China is feeling the effects of ghost cities and rising real estate prices which is squeezing their young middle class families from making purchases.

      • 00AV

        Yea, and guess where Mark Carney came from? That’s right, the BOC

    • Priszilla

      I pay 350 pounds per month for a two floor, 4 room terraced house, with a little garden attached, outside and far away from London.

      In London you’d need to pay more than that for a room in a windowless basement. That’s why I didn’t look for a job in London.

      • David

        I pay £1400/mo to rent a fairly average one bedroom apartment in London. Good times. I refuse to get sucked into paying well over the odds to buy though. Home ownership in the UK is a religion and a game I’m just not willing to play at these valuations.

    • Gazza P

      A few years back I was on a training course in Southern Ireland. At that time the Dublin skyline was incredible. I had never seen so many cranes in all my life. The taxi driver who took us to the airport said that 3 bedroom properties like his were selling at over a million euros!! Young people trying to get on the housing ladder had to use their parents as collateral.
      There was a program on BBC last week talking about the great Chinese scam. The skyline was the same as Dublin – full of cranes. They visited new apartments selling @ £300,000 yet the average wage for the area was £4000/annum.
      Housing prices in England are ludicrous. People are buying at the top of the market with interest rates at all time lows. As soon as those interest start to move up people are screwed and the banks will re-possess all the property. Nothing changes.

    • Eric Quintero

      This is the last pump before the final dump. Everyone who Ive heard talk about this is saying the final crash wont occur for another couple of years. Most likely in 2016.

      • Mike Smithy

        Who knows for sure when TPTB decide to collapse this thing. However, I think that most of us can agree that they can’t artificially levitate this farce forever.Mark my word,once TPTB feel that they have sucked in all the muppets/bag holders to the stawk market, they will concoct a false flag event to provide cover from culpability. That false flag/black swan event could be an attack on our power grid, cyber attack on DOD/banks or perhaps a nuclear detonation over an American city. The event will take us into ww3.

      • bob cratchette

        why is that so everyone that has bought the overpriced real estate will be stuck with it and no one will even be able to afford to rent it, thses types of situations never end well when you have masses of have nots and a small percent of haves saying let them eat cake so buckle up it is going to be rough

        • Eric Quintero

          I would have little to no guilt freeing people from their defaulted loans only to sell the property off to wealthy Chinese investors.

          Like I said, this is being driven by INVESTORS. Not ordinary Americans. Getting wholesale deals would actually benefit yourself and the person you’re buying the home from. The foreign investor gets stuck with the property once the bubble bursts.

    • peace angel

      SOOOO true and the US is the ONLY nation in big trouble that does NOT know it. MOST have no clue.

      THE baby boomers fought against this takeover for decades and now they don’t care IF they are not yet homeless.

      THEIR kids have been dumbed down and drugged up and zombified by TV and can barely get out of bed. THERE is no one fighting this other than on the internet.

  • DJohn1

    Go to the public library and use their computer for free. All you have to have is a library card. At one point in time most of these people have gotten a card.
    There is no way to express what needs to be done for middle America. The ones that have been on the bottom know the ways to get around things and use them.
    Our wonderful government even gives the illegal immigrants instructions on how to get on the welfare train. But what about the people who are legally here and need help?
    Being on welfare is better than nothing.
    Just like food stamps are better than nothing.
    Just like food pantries are there.
    Check with your Salvation Army. They are doing things you might not realise to help people.
    Middle America needs instruction on how to make it on nothing. Lots of people are functioning because they have been there and done that before.
    We are in the middle of a depression that makes the one in the 30s look like a cake walk. Just yesterday, gasoline here was 3.35 a gallon. Now every station in town is at 3.55 or better. That is called price fixing. Our corrupt officials will not charge the stations with price fixing. Wonder why?
    We are going to be seeing worse. If these articles are any indication, we will see a huge increase in the price of food.
    COLA says how much of a raise pensions on social security might receive. !.5 percent is roughly $4 to $7 a week to take care of rising prices on everything.
    That is just people that are old. We are seeing middle aged children returning home because they cannot make it in the real world as it stands right now. Anyone in their 50s that loses a job is going to find it difficult to find another.
    We have seen huge numbers of jobs lost to overseas people in poverty. But I say you are looking at overhead there of transportation that is increasing as fuel prices increase so the jobs will return when we are all poverty stricken as well.
    Translated in simple English it means that the same companies are going broke because the gravy train here has ended. That gravy train is what kept them alive.
    Companies here are going broke in record numbers as MIchael’s articles have exposed.
    Demoncrats raise taxes by either failing to renew legislation or by actually voting on new taxes. Republicans get in office and immediately ignore the raises that have been made instead of voting the taxes down.
    Demoncrats and Repubs caused the current problems we are having. So take your choice which ones you actually want in office. President Bush put deadlines on tax breaks full well knowing his opposition would let the deadlines expire. Which they have done.
    I would rather try to root out dandalions with tap roots over a couple of feet down in the ground than attempt to get rid of this bunch of parasites. But that is what it is going to have to take to straighten this country out.
    Our government is building drones. Some of them to the tune of half a million dollars a drone. I am glad they are rich enough to do that when people are practically starving on the streets of our country.
    Our government is trying to legalize illegal immigrants at a time when our people are having difficulty even finding a job. Never mind that these people do not pay income tax on their money and that is illegal as well. Never mind that the government wants to put them on welfare . . .
    I think we need to demand answers from the people we put in office in D.C. I am not suggesting a march on D.C.
    I am suggesting everyone in office right now needs to be out of office at the next election no matter who they are. If the next bunch of scoundrels does not change things then do it again. The rule being if you are in office now, next time you are out of office and never will be elected again.
    I think every Demoncrat in office right now that supported the no raise policy of COLA needs to be looking at retirement on the same pensions that the rest of us try to live on, not the salaries for life that they have by law right now. Personally I think it is too late.
    We have allowed a bunch of things to happen because when it happened we were too comfortable with our cars and houses and jobs. What was sown we will all harvest until such a noise is raised that they are all thrown from office.
    Once before this happened. Our forefathers put forward a lot of foundations that brought the money back to our economy. It didn’t happen over night but over 20 years. Over the last 50, our congress has reset the rules that caused the problem in the first place. And we allowed it to happen! So a lot of what is happening right now happened because we were too comfortable and let the other guy in D.C. do the job we should have done ourselves.
    In 1969, I remember getting over 1,000 dollars back because I was married with children and was buying my first home on a VA loan with $50 out of pocket.
    That thousand was the equivalent in today’s money of close to 10,000 in purchasing power in today’s money.
    Well, those rules no longer exist. Our congress did away with them and continued to over tax our middle class while letting corporations get away with murder. Then if that was not enough they destroyed the middle class with sending our jobs to other countries by allowing corporations to do it economically. While they sat on their salaries, allowed insider trading, and basically got away with crimes against the rest of us.
    As hard as it sounds, we the people of this country deserve what we got. We the people of this country have to wake up and we need to change things. Bill Clinton signed international agreements that sold most of us right down the river. That is a matter of record.

    • Mike Smithy

      To those that find themselves out of work, being hounded by the IRS or debt collector parasites you should renounce your U.S. citizenship, sneak back into the country, create a new identity and get some of that Obama welfare. Beat the government at their own game.

      • Priszilla

        I can’t stress it enough: do not make debts.

        You can’t eat an apple today that has to grow first next year.

        You can’t eat the seeds today, that will be needed to sow in spring.

        If you want to build a house from timber, don’t rip out the sapling to make fire.

        • MSNBC is PRAVDA

          With the possibility of hyperinflation, this might be the opportunity to make debts if you are shrewd enough to have the hedges to pay the debts off when the currency goes to complete crap

          • Priszilla

            I’d rather spend the time to plant hedgerows.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Library cards are a lifesaver. I still have mine, and still use it on occasion. At the moment, I don’t really NEED it, as I have home Internet access restored (for the moment). But nothing in life is guaranteed…

      Do not underestimate your public library. They have more than just “50 Shades of Gray” there.

      • Priszilla

        And in Winter, libraries are heated.

    • Oldphartbsa

      All that is necessary is that a relative few begin to target another relative few of our ‘representative’ class and allow them the full benefit of lead poisoning.
      Remove the elite class from their niches, politics, banking, justice (including the court system)…suddenly the whole country’s libertarian (even though they don’t support violence against the system).
      Blood has to be spilled, and it will. Just make sure it’s not yours.

      • Rene Girrard

        I will NEVER be libertarian, but I will continue to be a conservative Christian. And I will never vote for another RINO.

        • Mike Smithy

          As a Conservative, I would love for the Republican Party to move to the right. However, the party has been hijacked by RINO’s and there is little hope that party leadership would endorse another Reagan. I don’t feel that I have any other option than to continue my affiliation with the Tea Party movement and move to the Libertarian camp.

          • Gay Veteran

            you mean Reagan who raised Social Security taxes which hid the true size of the annual deficit?

      • DJohn1

        Violence is not a good answer. People that live by the sword will eventually die by the sword. That applies to all weapons.
        I prefer life.
        This group has anticipated that answer. Their answer is military takeover of the country when that happens.
        That is apparent in documents that have come to light teaching the military the way that they want things to go WHEN that happens.
        This group in government is likely to put whole groups of people into open Concentration Camps. The security laws are all ready in place to do just that.
        The only thing that will work against this group is peaceful resistance. It was done in India many years ago by a young lawyer. It brought the British Empire to its knees. I would not have thought that it would work then, much less now. But that is the only thing that will work at this point in time.

  • GSOB

    Our leaders will fix this, don’t worry.
    They’ll just raise the minimum wage.

    • Priszilla

      Or fight another war against terror somewhere. Need to collect your gold to finance the war, though.

  • K

    If you really want this to stop, you have to teach the people in charge. Stop believing either of the two major parties, are any better than the other. Vote as many of them as possible, out of office. There are third party candidates in most races, give them a chance. But even more important, send a message to the two major parties. Show the politicians that their votes have consequences. Because all the politicians have learned so far, is they can do whatever they want. When was the last time a large number was voted out in mass? You have quite a few not running again, now add to that 30 or 40 voted out. You might find some of them, caring about the citizens of this Country again. Because they sure do not care about them now.

  • readytodie

    I’m a college graduate. I live at home. I am on food stamps. I graduated about two years ago and the only work I’ve been able to get is sign waving. Temp agencies are all so flooded with applicants they are almost useless. I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes, filled out dozens of applications, and nothing ever happens. Everyone acts like it’s YOUR fault. That used to be hurtful, but now I’m past caring, because I realize what life holds for me: nothing. I will never have a family or career. I will never own a home or even live on my own again. I will never be able to have a social life again. I will never be financially independent, like I was for a brief period of time at an age younger than most because I worked so hard for it. And all of it was for this nothing. A lifetime of hard work, completely wasted. I wish I had just partied and screwed around my whole life – the outcome probably would have been better.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Please hang in there.

      There is hope.

      Trust me, at some point almost everyone has hit an extreme low. I know that I did a number of times over the years. But God can pick up the broken pieces of your life and turn them into a beautiful thing.

      Please do not ever give up. The key is to keep fighting and to keep moving ahead.

      If you want to know why I have hope, please check out this article…


      • dadelaw

        “But God can pick up the broken pieces of your life and turn them into a beautiful thing.”

        Do not even consider this type of nonsense. “God” caused all the “broken pieces” to happen in the first place. How (“in the world”, As Michael would say) do you expect “God” to turn on a dime and make things OK?

        • Rex

          While I do not believe that God will solve the posters issues I also do not believe that God caused it.

          This is just life. Things happen. You have to decide if you are going to lay down and let life run you over or if you are going get up off your butt and fight.

          I believe Michael was just trying to give hope to this young person. We all believe in something. Whether that is God or ourselves or the hope for an opportunity around the corner.

          There are many that life lives of misery and heartache from the day they are born until the day they die. The short end of the stick can be handed to any of us on a moments notice.

          But hope is very important. My definition of this may be different than the junkie who hopes to get high again tomorrow.

          Without hope we are all dead. Without hope there is no reason to keep going on.

          • m laff

            God Helps them who help themselves. Maybe we need a Kiev “moment”

          • dadelaw


          • Jane

            If you are helping yourself is it really God doing the helping or you doing something?

            What about people who are not able to help themselves? Are they just SOL?

          • ian

            why are posters bringing in ancient bronze age jewish myths into this, hey its the 21st century you are not dumb nomadic desert tribesmen FFS

          • Rodster

            You mean the Kiev moment were the “Right Sector” opposition which has taken control wants to kill all the Jews and Russians?

            The same ‘Right Sector’ who fought for Adolf Hitler against the Soviet Union during WW2?

            That Kiev moment?

          • dadelaw

            I understand and I agree but it is beyond cruel to suggest “hope” that is clearly and obviously nonsense. Why not “hope” that you’ll win the lottery and walk away with a million dollars? Why not “hope” you’ll fall in love with a millionaire? These kinds of vain hopes are what lead to suicide.

          • Jane

            Obviously you did not read what Rex write. Hope can mean different things to different people. We all have to believe in something and yes some people do hope a lottery win will solve their problems, etc.

          • dadelaw

            That’s exactly what Marie Antoinette said to the French peasants who couldn’t afford bread: “let ’em eat cake!”

          • Marianne Terrell Morton

            Actually, that is one of the most misquoted lies of all time–she never said that and she actually was a very compassionate person who deeply loved her family and countrymen.

          • Mike Smithy

            A couple of years ago, I went to see the movie called “Hunger Games”. If I recall, Donald Sutherland played the part of the President and he was waxing philosophically about the need for hope. The premise is that you have to foster a nugget of hope to keep the sheeple from rioting. If you give the sheeple too much hope, it will definitively lead to civil war.

          • bob cratchette

            he misspoke he said hopeless change as the sheeple talked on their Obama phones and swiped their ebt cards and Mexicans came across the border to cast their votes and dead people were raised to vote for ohomo also

        • Mondobeyondo

          It’s not God’s fault. It’s Satan’s fault. The reasons why are too complex for a couple of paragraphs, but take my word for it – God loves you.

          Satan absolutely ABHORS God, and everything He stands for. The devil can’t get to God. So he attacks the next best thing – humanity. Why? Because we are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27).

          • repharim

            Actually that is completely incorrect. The Satan is just another angel that god created with the mission to test people in this life. Without the Satan no one could ever get rewarded for anything they do simply because there is no desire to do wrong.

          • Ghost11111111

            Satan was not an angel. He was a “Jinn” created from a smokless flame of fire. Unlike the angels Satan had “free will”. Angels were created to obey god. Yes satan was the cheif of the angels but when God made adam and told the angels to bow to him Satan refused and became ignorant. And that punk spied and followed adam and eve and kept messing with them till they messed up. Islam puts the blame more on adam than eve. Satans buddy, the false messiah/anti christ/ dajjal is comming. He will pretend he is god and will come in a time when there is severe drought world wide, and scarce food supplies and he will make rain, and do much more, even bring the dead back to life. Jesus will come down to Kill him and finish his message towards the end of times. Islam is clear and beautiful

      • Rene Girrard

        That is great advice, and you are right Michael. I was just listening to a sermon tonight on the internet speaking about Hebrews 13:5. “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

      • Jodi

        Absolutely, I’ve been there too Michael.

      • seth

        G-d may do that, but i feel he wants us to witness. Beauty in this lifetime will be for the few and fleeting in nature.

      • ConcernedAmerican

        Thank you Michael. Many Americans do seem to have lost hope. Thank you for your articles and for being you.

    • VegasBob

      readytodie, I feel bad for you younger folks. My generation (the “baby boomers”) has looted this country to the point where there isn’t much left for future generations.

      But if I were young I’d learn a trade – electrician, plumber, carpenter.

      It might not be glamorous and it might not make you rich, but having a skill like plumbing or carpentry would probably keep you from becoming just another debt slave that got sucked down the swirling economic drain.

      • Rene Girrard

        Hello VegasBob. I don’t see you on Mish anymore. Well he better not live in Texas. They only hire Mexicans to do the construction trades.

        • JP

          The Mexicans are the only one that will do the work ! An do you know there getting very good at the work, there quietly is getting better all the time

      • afchief

        How has the baby boomers looted this country? Open your eyes, it’s the stinking government who has killed business through excessive taxation and regulations.

        • Mike Smithy

          As a Baby Boomer myself, I can assure you that my generation has done tremendous damage to the economic viability of future generations of Americans. Baby Boomers came of age and started voting in 1964 which coincides with LBJ’s Great Society initiative. Failing to reject the idea that Liberal “Feel Good” politics fail every time. We have voted in Politicians of both persuasions demanding that they spend trillions of dollars on programs that we can’t afford. Our greed, selfishness and foolishness has and will guarantee poverty to your children and brand children. Clearly the bulk of the blame should be placed on my generation.

          • afchief

            Our greed?!?! How is being successful in life greed. Hard work most of the time pays off and people become successful and make money. That is the American way for those who want to succeed in life. The liberal progressive way is to tax and spend and to give tax payer money away to lazy parasites who want to live off the government dole all for the purpose of votes and staying in power. No it is not the man or woman who wants to work hard in life and be successful, it is the liberal (and some Republicans) tax and spend policies that have gotten us where we are today.

          • ConcernedAmerican

            I can not count the number of hard working people that I have known, that have worked so hard their bodies were permanantly damaged and in pain, and not one of them was ever even close to wealthy. In the USA, the harder one works the less money they make. Ask a fisherman, logger, trucker, construction worker, etc. what they make and then go and ask a CEO that plays golf and drinks whiskey with the “Business Contacts” all day what he/she makes. As evidence to my point, an internet search for “takes minimum wage worker 550 years to earn what a CEO earns in 1 year.” Also, the DVD “Inequality for All” that I rented from the movie store did a nice job presenting charts to show the difference between the working class and the no-work class salaries over the years.

      • Bill

        I agree with the advantages of learning a trade.

        As one of the oldest boomers I will not let my generation take credit for looting our country. Our generation can take credit for building the greatest, most powerful freedom loving nation on this earth after the worst-WW2. The problem is the cabal who manipulated the situation with their greed and jealousies. Yes they were very afraid of such a strong growing middle class and have been hell bent on destroying it.

        • Priszilla

          Freedom loving?

          It’s your military that kills you.

          All that tax that is necessary to buy ever more bombs and ammo and fighters?

          Your destruction industry is killing your creating industry.

          • jdmeth

            Military spending=Jobs. When the Republicans shut down the government the loudest whining was from people laid off from their jobs at military bases and defense plants.

          • Priszilla

            Military spending = consumption
            Who will pay all the tax you want to spend on the military?
            That’s why the government takes out a loan.
            And another one.
            And another one.
            And another one to pay interest.
            And in the meantime no more streets will be built (jobs).
            No money for the elderly and the sick and their care (jobs).

            You will only get return from the military, if you invade another country and take away their gold, oil, people and other resources.

            Like the Germans did in WWII. They took the people, didn’t feed them, let them work to death, then took their gold teeth, and hair, and clothing…

            You don’t want to do that? Then don’t spend too much on the military. It’s just wasted.

          • Bob Nemtusak

            “My” government doesn’t request funding for its wars. “My” govt TAKES funding

      • JP

        I’am a carpenter, it’s been 45 years. Last year was the best year I’ve ever had, I’am getting to old too do the work so I supervisor now, they CAN’T send my job overseas. When you learn a trade you have it forever, they can’t take it from you. The last few years have been good, even 2009, 2010 were okay, yes I’ve been out of work for a few weeks or months at time but I make good money an I save it when I work. I build store in malls an shopping centers, yes some stores an malls are closeting or close to, but we build the high end stores an they seem to keep building new stores all over, we work in any of the 48 states, the one thing I see all over is that there are very few young propel in any of the trades, yes you have to work out side in the heat an the cold an you may get dirty but there are jobs out there NOW, maybe not were you live now but there out there. I travel 9 to 12 months a year , I stay in a use travel trailer an it my home, the boss pays the rent at the RV park, plus $200 a week for food plus gas, plus I fly home ever two weeks, got insur. Retirement. The best thing I ever did was to join the carpenters union went I was 18.

        • quercus454

          That is good to hear, But my friend your an exception. I too have been in construction for nearly 50 years. I was at one time a union carpenter. The majority of trades people in this country were employed in residential construction, not commercial. With residential construction down, the ability of commercial work to handle the surplus is minimal.
          During the early 80s, the union in my state gave up residential construction. By the time Reagan was elected, you couldn’t find a residential union carpenter job. The thousands of unemployed residential union workers couldn’t find employment in commercial work. There wasn’t enough of it. So they started working non union. With the 1986 illegal alien amnesty, the industry was flooded with cheaper labor. Wages went from 30/hr to 10-12/hr. Most of the people who I had apprenticed and worked along side with for years, left the trade.
          Take a look around and ask yourself how many of the people your age, guys you worked with, are still in construction? Not many and it’s not just because of their age. It is because they couldn’t stay busy or earn a living. Currently I have no friends left that work in the industry. Some are truck drivers, some have other businesses. Others like myself went back to school, learned another skill and still have a hard time making it.

          • JP

            Yes I agree with most all of what your saying, I seen the hand writing on the wall back in the 80’s , I can’t say I worked union all the time but I have gotten vested for two pensions. Being alb to travel the 48 states at a weeks notices helps also being in the retail end of the trade we work when they expand, close stores, move to new location, or down size, lately there down sizing the sq. footing of the store to cut back on rent, there spending $600,000-1,000.000 to save on rent over a ten year lease, also there building more outlet malls all over the co. Last summer they builded two new outlet malls in the St. Louis Mo.. Housing in still very slow now an will be for a long time, I my self was looking at buying a home back in Jan. an Feb. but change my mind ( will live in my paid for RV ) I call a few co. To get a loan an wow ! The were worst then a use car sales men ! They must not be doing very many loan.
            Sent from my iPad

      • quercus454

        Really, a carpenter or plumber? Do you know how many carpenters, plumbers and other assorted tradesmen are out of work? Because there is no shortage of housing, new construction is lower then I have ever seen it. This is after over 40 years in various aspects of construction. Trades people are in a service industry. Their ability to earn a living is directly affected by the amount of disposable money people have. Most people these days don’t have the extra cash to build a deck or patio. They can’t get a loan to add on to their house or to install a new kitchen or bath. Sure if a pipe breaks, they will call a plumber, but only if they can’t fix it themselves.
        Add in the fact that all of the construction trades have been infiltrated by illegal aliens, the chances of earning a living is mediocre at best.

    • Rodster

      I feel your pain and in my area alone which is SW Florida, it’s common to see young people holding up signs to attract business for motorists. I said it many times and i’ll say it again.

      This is the result of Central Planning and Central Banking and why the Framers of our Nation were so opposed to both. This is what you get, the Politicians live like Kings becuase they are put in power to steal the wealth of honest people.

      My advice to you is to perhaps find something you like to do and are good at and start a small business for yourself. BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

      • Casino666

        Thats a good advise! BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

        I am my self in SW Florida, and here the other day I saw a father, a mom and their two kids close to an exit from the parking lot at Walmart. The father did hold a sign that said “I have no job, no money, please help me feed my kids”. They looked very sad and desperate..! What a terrible situation to be in!

        Central Banking and planning is humanitys worst enemy! Stay out of debt!

    • Eric Quintero

      Bro you cant give up that easily. I just broke my foot and subsequently ended up losing my door-to-door job over it. Management pretty much told me I couldnt miss any days and I needed to produce an insane amount of demos (not leads) for the company in 9 working days (during February in Chicago!). So I quit. I left that pyramid structure. Also they were paying the new hires more than the veterans. Literal Veterans, too (myself and one other).

      No respect.

      Regardless, we have it tough. Our generation has been lied to by everyone. Go to school, get a good job. Lie. Join the Marines, fight for you country! Lie.
      Work for a Corporation, cuz “they’ll take care of you.” Lie.

      I think the true path we need to embrace is self empowerment. Learn a skill. A trade. Become more self reliant. Learn about Aquaponics! If you can grow food and raise fish, you’ll have valuable commodities for sale or trade. You can produce massive yields in short periods of time with relatively little water.

      Or you can leave your area and go out to the oil fields. Either in Pennsylvania or in North Dakota. I have friends that have gone out to both and are making quite a bit of money ($~100k). Welding is also a good trade. Underwater welding especially. Or go be a roughneck on an oil rig. The opportunities are out there for the youth. Its hard labor, but it pays off.

      If you’re willing to leave your local area there are still places in the country that will keep booming until the collapse. From what I hear New Orleans has a lot of trade work going on.

    • k

      Its in times like these that you have to be even stronger.

      One of my friends always depressed and i used to be scared for him. My girl friend was like that too, due to financial circumstances and i always used to tell both of them the same thing.

    • seth

      Go abroad and make your own business where the rules are more lax. I recommend s. america, chile. Its over here, but you could have a beautiful new beginning elsewhere.

    • Jim Davis

      Everyone acts like it’s YOUR fault.

      Well, then just tell them they are clueless idiots, which they are. And refer them to this site for some education on economic reality.

    • peace angel

      Millions of young people have left the US because of your same situation. You can live in many other nations that are far less expensive and teach English in all of them and live a very good life. Check out Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Belize. Also many asian nations are much less expensive and Americans love living in them. GET the International Living magazine and find the blogs of expats from these countries. THEY leave because it is too expensive here and because we have become a police state where no one is safe.

      You can teach English to start and then get into lucrative real estate sales or open a business with a buddy and have great inexpensive health care with English speaking and trained doctors and nurses. THIS is not going to get better.

      THAT is not the plan. AGENDA 21 is the plan and all roads lead to FEMA concentration camps. Obama began moving the homeless in most major cities into them last year.

      • Nicnak

        Exact. I m in thailand and live with 300 bucks a month. Life is nice here. No worry…. I got small bed room, scooter, and nice beaches. I don’t want go back to Europe or USA anymore.

        • peace angel

          no, you don’t want to. Americans are the most consumptive and wasteful and uninformed nation on earth. I am leaving to get away from the citizens who are tooo blind to see what awaits them and tooooo lazy to do anything to stop it. THEY know more about the Kardashians than they know about our government. We are almost out of food here and nobody knows it.

          CHECK out my fav informational website.

          “the economic collapse blog dot com.” yesterday he wrote an article about the FACT that we are out of food and water in the US by design. HE was a DC lawyer for years and has inside info like I do.

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      There are certain industries that can’t find enough workers. You have to adapt somehow to the changing demands of the job market. Just a friendly thought.

    • joe

      im not sure whats worse. never having a career and family or losing them both. i know that when i got the honor of handing 20 years of hard work to the chinese it plunged me in to despair and a horrible spin. 3 years later and a college degree and ive lost my home and my family over it. and all i got was, you could have, you should have. so its all my fault that someone elses greed caused all this. by the way the corporate CEO that did this makes 7 million bucks a year. she caused 2 divorces. a dozen early forced retirements,countless career losses and multiple wrecked families. im lucky i still have my RV which is home now. i used to have a nice 4 bedroom house with all the middle class trimmings. now i consider myself lucky to have a job where i barely make the space rent and no hope of recovering my former career or my family. i had it all and lost it so i dont know whats worse having or never having it at all and pining for it. either way it hurts knowing that no one wants you after you fall apart youre just a hot potato. all i know is that im lost with no hope with a clean 30 year work history thats now moot. in retrospect i wish i had stayed in the saddle and kept riding my motorcycle till i was no more

    • Axel Mattson

      Hey readytodie. First, don’t kill yourself, it only means the bad guys win when you do that. You deserve better than that. Second, start taking responsibility for your life. It IS your fault. You made some bad decisions. Accept that, get over it, and move on. Next, get off the welfare and get the heck outta your parents’ house. Next, change your mindset and get rid of all the physical junk that is bogging your life down and making you unable to pick yourself up and go to where the jobs are. Get out of your comfort zone. One of my sons purposely spent the last year of college homeless (in a snowy climate) so he could know what it was like and how to deal with it. He managed to put $4,500 in the bank that year too. Next, panhandle, beg, borrow from your parents, sell cookies, whatever you have to do to make $450 for a plane ticket to Hawaii. When you get to Hawaii, go to Wal-Mart and buy a $10 sleeping bag so you can sleep on the beach (in the bushes, it’s illegal to sleep right on the beach) while you are looking for a job. There are free showers at all the beaches. Turn burgers, wait tables, get whatever crappy job you can get just to get some money coming in. Rent a room somewhere when you get your first paycheck or arrange to stay with someone in exchange for cleaning house or whatever. Get the cheapest thing you can find even if it means having a crappy roommate. Deal with that until you get enough money to move to something better. Eventually you’ll have a better disposition, better job, and better housing. You have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and MAKE things happen instead of living off the taxpayers in your parents’ house while you wallow in self pity. Do something different, what you’re doing now isn’t working so why keep doing it? Try the Hawaii plan I outlined here. I did it myself and it was one hell of an awesome experience. If you’re going to be broke, down, and out, you may as well be in a paradise like Hawaii! Good luck!

    • raincoast

      Do something. Anything. I bought a pair of nice leather boots at the thrift store, that were a little tight, thinking they would stretch over time. Wrong. So I had a look at them. I mean a very close, long look at them. They could be taken apart and fixed for my feet. I was sure of it. I went to the nearest cobbler (2 hour bus ride) told that it would be expensive. More than the boots probably cost. This throw away society! Had a long chat with the cobbler and after passing the afternoon with him, he lent me a few of his old leather working tools.
      I went online and learned everything about boot repair that I could. Ot took me the better part of a month to fix those boots. They fit my feet perfectly now and look really good too! So I returned to the old shoe maker with his tools. He was surprised to see me and I think pleased, after he had me take my boots off so he could inspect them. They passed his critical eye. All he said was, “Good.” We talked away most of the afternoon again. When time for me to depart, he told me to keep those old tools and gave a few more from his collection, saying they were just collecting dust anyway.
      That was six years ago now, and I operate a busy little leather work business out of my garage. Everything is accomplished with barter, A custom made, hand tooled ladies handbag for a CCA and I get accounting in return. Boots, leather aprons and drive belts for a machinist and I get parts custom made for some old stitching macines for the shop. Horse harness repairs and new horse livery and I get fresh veggies and home preserves.
      I now have my young teenage Grandson working with me, who had given up hope and was heading down the wrong road, with the wrong crowd.
      So NEVER, ever, say NEVER. Do something. Anything. You just never know where it will take you. Old dogs can and do, learn new tricks. Good luck.

    • Ghost11111111

      Its ok buddy. Yes You are right. We are the authors of our own book in life. We all choose our own directions, some by emotion and others by intellect and emotion, and others are very strategic and aggressive. Pray to the one that created you, me and everyone. When you put your forehead on the ground and bow to him, you will feel sharper, faster, stronger. You will get a beautiful mysterious thought inserted into your mind that will propel you forward. To God we belong and to him we will return. Look into Islam. Its the same message revealed to Jesus through the gospels, to Moses through the Torah. The original belief that there is only one god, we are all equal, and there is a day of judgement. Muslims say in the Quran chapter 2 verse 62 “Christians, Jews, and Sabians who believe in god and do good deeds will go to heaven with Muslims”. Generation after generation people would change gods word to suit their needs and god had to send the holy spirit back down and reveal the message again to his prophets. Muslims believe in Jesus Christ and his miracle birth from Mary. Muslims dont believe he was crucified tho. Muslims say “Jodis” the one that betrayed Jesus was the one put to the cross. Muslims say that when Jodis came with the roman soldiers and went to hug and kiss Christ…In that split second the holy spirit “angel Gabriel” came down and knocked all the soldiers on their backs and took Christ alive to heaven and God made Jodis look like Jesus. So the romans took Jodis thinking he was Jesus. But Jesus is alive and is in heaven and will come back to finish his message towards the end of time. Islam is beautiful. Dont listen to the bias media and all the other junk you hear from ignorant people. May peace be upon you. Enjoy the rest of this temporary life. It goes by quick, than we rot and wait for the resurrection. Do Good. Its the only real investment. Salamualykum

  • Paul

    I read the “Stop whining the U.S economy is in good shape.” piece. Most of the people commenting on the article disagreed with the writer. That is a good sign. Hopefully, more and more people are starting to realize the economy is not getting better.

  • davidmpark

    I’ve already shared my story. No need to reiterate.

    But I will say (and it may seem cruel): this is what is deserved. This is what so many have fought for; what so many wanted, cried, petitioned, and voted for.

    The leaders that did the work to end the country are the leaders that the people deserved. They are a reflection of those they rule over. They got away with what their people allowed. No crimes on their part will be answered for from their people or government – very few want real justice.

    So, these folks are suffering. Many more are throughout the nation. Did they deserve it? No, and yes. Can it be fixed? Absolutely.

    Man must deserve liberty. Individuals must defend it at all times from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And I must do more to lift up the poor and afflicted: no matter who or where they are, and despite my own circumstances. They are our fellow countrymen; it used to be that was enough. “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.” Prov. 19:17

    • dadelaw

      Yeah right…. and how about, “To him that hath shall it be given…to him that hath not, EVEN THAT WHICH HE HATH shall it be taken away….?
      (The Buybull)

    • FirstGarden

      Safety ————I————Freedom

      ”Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

      Benjamin Franklin

    • Understanding 18


    • Priszilla

      Yes, And how may actually participated in the elections and how many just let things go?

    • seth

      We’re manipulated this way by social engineering – it is not so much the public’s fault, but they must bear some blame.

  • John3:16

    American King James Version
    ..but when the wicked rule, the people mourn.

  • none

    GOOD NEWS Michael:
    I just solved the problem for your first story!
    If he goes to McDonald’s, he can use a FREE Wi-Fi connection.
    They recently put a sign in in the one I go to “thirty minute limit, on Wi-Fi or loitering”.
    This was due to the number of people just siting around using it. From what I gathered, it is now Chain wide? So as to treat everybody equal.
    LASTLY, they only had one outlet in the whole lobby area. Again to many people where re-charging their cell phone.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Do I qualify for a free Big Mac each time I use their free wi-fi?

      • FirstGarden

        Are you sure you wanna eat that stuff?

      • k

        You will qualify for a big heart attack if you keep eating that stuff.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Dear Mainstream Media,

    Stop it with the happy talk. Tell the American people the TRUTH!!
    You know the truth. So do we. We are living the truth everyday..
    Things are getting worse, not better.
    And no matter how much makeup Diane Sawyer puts on for her nightly newscast…oh, alright. I’ll fall for the “pig wearing lipstick” joke, although Diane is rather attractive IMHO.

    Sincerely, Mondo

  • Mondobeyondo

    Saturday, January 25th, 2014.
    Went to a walk to a privately owned neighborhood restaurant, hoping to get something to eat. Paper posted on the door, informing customers that the restaurant is now closed – permanently
    What else is there to say – other than “Guess I won’t be eating there anymore”.

    • Priszilla

      Just saw a board in front of a restaurant:

      Eat here, or we both will be starving.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Please care for each other out there.
    There is so little compassion in this world.

    • Quitthevictimhood

      So true…great comment! I look at peoples faces now and all i see is unhappiness and anger…….

    • cannuck21

      Really good comment & So very true. Perhaps this is the start of the change so long predicted. As always it is the poor and least able who are hit hardest – while the bankster’s and their friends live high. There will come a time for everyone. Nothing lasts forever. Help who you can and pray to whatever God you believe in.

    • davidmpark


    • ConcernedAmerican

      I listened to a radio talk show a while ago. It had Dr. Peter Breggin on the show. Dr. Breggin said something like “A lot of problems would not exist and could be solved if people were just nice to one another.” I couldn’t agree more.

      The sad thing is, it is very difficult to make lifelong friends. “The poor is hated even of his own neighbor; but the rich hath many friends.” -Proverbs 14:20

  • Mondobeyondo

    Just in case you STILL don’t get it:
    – Homeless people do not care about the Winter Olympics.
    – Homeless people do not care what Justin Bieber is doing.
    – Homeless people do not care what Kim Kardasian is doing.
    – Homeless people DO care about their next meal.

    • Priszilla

      Or you could just put a warning on the sidewalk: Falling objects, use the other side, please.

  • Bubba Johnson

    The MSM is protecting Obama and hiding the current economic conditions because they are Liberals. Socialized medicine, less military, big government, to fundamentally transfor a nation. The majority knew what was happening when Obama was reelected. Most people know why the cover continues. The problem is that this is the Amerika they want.

    • Colin

      Not all the MSM are hiding the current economic conditions. I am an avid viewer of MSNBC, and shows like the Ed Show and the Chris Hayes show do have discussions about what is happening in this country. They are not protecting Obama.

      if we are talking about the Democrats, let’s talk about the Republicans. They came to Washington, D.C. with proclamations of helping bringing jobs to America. Instead, they have spent time in Congress attempting to repeal ACA over 45 times and passing laws that have marginal chances of passing through the legislative process and being signed by the president.

      • Eric Quintero

        Repealing ACA would bring back full time jobs.

        • k

          Jobs were being lost even before ACA.

          Blame outsourcing since the last 15 years.

          • Eric Quintero

            True. Im just saying ACA is an big accelerator to this process.

            We already have so few full time jobs as it is. ACA has effectively destroyed “living wages” on the jobs that did exist.

            On the bright side, there are more jobs being created by ACA! One full time job converts into 1.5 part time jobs! Yay! More jobs! 😀

          • Eric Quintero

            This is also true.

            We outsourced our manufacturing base.

      • Mike Smithy

        Through our stupidity, we have allowed both red and blue team to sell us out. That’s the reason I vote Libertarian.

      • MSNBC is PRAVDA

        MSNBC,.. they fly the flag for Obama. They don’t defend him, they are HIS mouthpiece. Lets talk about the R”s and the D’s. They gang up and try to kill the only true opposition to their chicanery – the tea party. The Tea Party is far far from perfect but who else is on the hill fighting for your property, gun, and tax rights?????? Certainly not Boehner, Pelosi, Fienstein, Schumer, Conyers, Casey, Graham, McCain, etc.

        Should we tax and spread the wealth? Do you really think the mega rich whether they are liberals or neocons are going to write laws to take THEIR wealth?? No, they are going to take YOURS if you have any left.

        The people here, whether you are white, black, man, woman, asian, poor, wealthy, need to unite behind the bill of rights and constitution or we’re done as a republic for good.

        • Mike Smithy

          You hit the nail on the head.

    • Gay Veteran

      MSM? oh, you mean the corporate media looking out for their interests

  • prestodo

    It’s the same thing everywhere guys…There’s nobody at the top to protect the people from the Vultures. You have to learn to protect yourself from their schemes. DO NOT go into debt for anything, and learn to create value that you can use and that they can’t take.

  • mar1950

    I live in Minnesota and work in Fargo, ND. There are help wanted signs everywhere. Oil fields in the western part of the state are booming, and farm prices are good. That has drawn workers away from this area. Most are crap jobs however. Not the kind you would relocate for. My brother-in-law just moved from Galveston, Tx. Says if Wall Mart has an opening for a stock clerk at $8/hr they could get 200 applicants. Can’t imagine the demand is so different from one location to another.

  • garand555

    “This is Jimmy Lee calling from CheckCare. Just letting
    you know we’re in full force,” he said. The man had a thick Southern
    accent that stretched the word “you” into a two-syllable accusation.
    “We’re going to have warrants out for your arrest in Columbus, Ga.,” the
    man threatened. “We know you have an apartment on the canal in

    It was when he mentioned her home in Florida that Posey began to feel
    anxious. “We’re hurting you,” he continued. “We’re hurting your family,
    your son’s family, your cousin’s family. Whatever we can do to get you
    to pay.”

    Forty minutes later, her phone rang again. “What about that 12-, 13-year-old child you’re trying to raise?” the voice sneered.”

    That would be anywhere from a few hundred thousand to a multimillion dollar payout if the person who had received those calls had recorded them and sued the debt collectors in federal court for FDCPA violations. I say this as somebody who was sued by a bank in a lawsuit that should have never happened when he could not afford an attorney. I learned the court system, kicked the crap out of the bank, netted a dismissal with prejudice, then get sent back to a collection agency after I won. I have a very good idea of what people can be put through and I’ve looked into what they can dish back.

  • FirstGarden

    Wild Edibles #3:


    “You can eat pine?!” Yes, pine trees are an awesome food source that can be eaten throughout the year. Every species of pine produces seed (or nuts in this case) and all can be eaten.

    In the late fall and early winter, the cones can be gathered, opened, and the seeds extracted. The only issue is that most pine don’t produce large seeds like for example the pinion pine does.

    In most other species the seeds are quite small and it takes quite a few to make a decent meal. However, if you’re lucky to live in the Great Basin or other arid areas where pinion pines love to grow, you’re in luck.

    In the spring, the male pollen anthers can be eaten and are high in protein. The inner bark of the pine can also be eaten and surprisingly makes quite a tasty meal if prepared right. And with some species – like the white pine – it can be surprisingly sweet.

    In addition, pine needles can be gathered year round to make a great tea which contains a ton of Vitamin C (not in the least bit ‘piney’ tasting as you would expect).

    • Priszilla

      There is so much more you can eat.

      Check wikipedia:
      underutilised crops
      famine food
      taboo food
      wartime food

      at pfaf dot org you’ll find thousands of plants used for food, medicine and other uses.

      In China they eat everything. They have cultivated the art of cooking anything to a high degree.

      I have eaten there rat, dog, snake, birds, duck feet, chicken feet, chicken testicles, duck tongue, earth worms, and lots of sea food, fishes, parts of cattle and pigs and poultry.

      In England there are brambles along the canals, and other fruit and nut trees. In summer the blackberries are a good and free source of vitamins.

      At home I collect the seeds of fruits I eat, and when I walk the canals, I chuck them into the wilderness.

      • FirstGarden

        “…rat, dog, snake, birds, snails, frogs, duck feet, chicken feet,
        chicken testicles, duck tongue, earth worms, and lots of sea food,
        fishes, parts of cattle and pigs and poultry; and all kinds of raw
        seafood (sushi, sashimi) in Japan.

        For lunch today I’ll fry me some Polish blood sausage.”

        No offense intended, but I hope your arteries don’t clog up. Unless kept in moderation, some of this can end up quite deadly.

        • Priszilla

          Well, you shouldn’t eat everything at once.

          Usually we eat veggies as main course and the meat just as a side dish.

          Try spinach, two handful, just very shortly steamed that it doesn’t wilt, just to make it warm and creamy.
          Put on top a few slices of fried beef. (Take a steak, and before frying slice it such that the surface of the slices is as large as possible.)

          season to taste

          • FirstGarden

            You should work for a restaurant. You make a good chef. 🙂

    • Priszilla

      Some food stretching tips
      Before you fry the meat, cut off the visible fat at the edges.
      Whenever you fry meat or mince, only fry the meat (together with the cut-off fat).
      Then put the content of the pan into a metal sieve to collect the liquid fat. Put the fat away into the fridge.

      The pan still contains fat. Enough to fry the onions, garlic, peppers. Then add the meat back.

      The fat solidifies in the fridge and can be used as lard on a sandwich with a pinch of salt. Tastes good and provides energy without additional cooking. Don’t eat too much, though.

      Or you use the lard for future frying and baking.
      But it should be used only sparingly. Or you get really FAT. See it as a form of spice that improves the taste of an otherwise boring piece of bread.

      And don’t forget to drink enough water to break down the fat in the body.

      • FirstGarden

        “The pan still contains fat. Enough to fry the onions, garlic, peppers.”

        Preppers? Oh.. that’s right… peppers.

  • FirstGarden

    “Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take….

    William Wallace

    • Priszilla

      Braveheart or Hollywood?

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Would one or the other change the sentiment?

        • Priszilla

          Dream on?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            irrational loon?

      • FirstGarden

        Perhaps the Braveheart analogy wasn’t well-placed. (Although, spiritually, it always remains true.) The cry for freedom was against Statist tyranny. While we can’t fight with sword, we can still fight for our freedom within.

        They can take our possessions, but they can’t take our souls.

        • Priszilla

          Freedom starts in your head.

  • Phil from Germany

    I wonder if all those people and their heartbreaking stories, still believe in a bible bashing superstitious life. Maybe they have realised , they are alone and only they can make a change.

    • jonno

      In many cases it’s all they have to cling to. Until they can break away from the fairy tale of superstition, that is organized religion, they will always turn to their imaginary, invisible friend. And this goes for every religion, world wide. Until you start taking responsibility for every aspect of your lives, not with the belief that sky daddy will sort it out, you can never be a true self realised human being. Look at the utter rubbish people actually believe. Scientology, mormanism, seventh day adventists, JWs, southern baptists, charismatic christians, catholics and all the rest of the deluded. And then travel around the world to India and China and the vast amount of ridiculous religions that rule their part of the world. And they all think they are right and everyone else is wrong. And the Moslems, and lets not forget the most evil and depraved of all , the jews. Here is a clue about life, this is all there is so enjoy it, when you die that’s it.

      • Eric Quintero

        Thats interesting how you mention all of these highly intelligent and advanced societies and label their higher beings as “imaginary.”

        It seems like you’re in the minority when it comes to believing in the higher powers.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          I find it even more ironic that the vast majority of the cretins that yammer about benevolent higher beings as imaginary believe that govt is a benevolent higher being.

      • k

        Just because people believe in a god, it doesnt mean they are not taking responsibility for their lives.

        And stop with the bashing of ethnicities.

      • Drud

        We all get it jonno. There is no God. All religious people are foolish. Atheists have it all figured out.
        The question becomes, you seem to spend a good deal of time bashing any comment your read with even the slightest religious overtones? Why spend so much of your time, thought and energy on something for which you have not the slightest belief? Is this enjoying your one and only life?

  • Priszilla

    America has no problems with death penalty, military action, collateral damage, school shootings, gun ownership, but love is an abomination.

    • Mike Smithy

      That depends on how you define love? NAMBLA?
      Then yes, I am against love.

      • Priszilla

        Love your neighbour?

        Should parents love their children?
        If they did, would that make them pedophiles?

      • Gay Veteran

        no, you’re just a Taliban wannabe

        • Mike Smithy

          No. You are just a butt plugger pervert.

          • Gay Veteran

            project much?
            now stick it where the sun don’t shine, a-hole

    • k

      Death penalty isnt wrong…lot of paedophiles, rapists ,serial killers get it.

      Gun owner ship isnt wrong. America is a sparsely populated country. Sometimes homes are separated by miles, and the only defense is a gun. Instead of abolishing owner ship, background checks need to be done properly so that people with a psychiatric illness dont get one.

      Military action?…every nation has the right to attack a country which sponsors attacks on said country. Just because one party indulges in fake wars doesnt mean the military should be abolished.

  • Priszilla

    “Soon my internet connection will be shut off and since most companies don’t offer paper applications, how will I find work then?”

    In Hong Kong, there is free Internet (incl. terminals) available at the subway station and some coffee shops and bars. In UK there is free Internet in public libraries. In the libraries you can also copy, scan and print documents for a small fee.

    “I’ve been losing weight from eating less”

    Congratulations. I’m eating less and I’m walking miles a day, but didn’t lose a pound.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Sad, you’re apparently unfamiliar with America. There’s free internet all over America as well.

      • Priszilla

        Good. That answers one of the questions of that chap. How come he doesn’t know?

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          what makes you think he really doesn’t? It was likely rhetorical, but if not, then it could be a leading indicator of why he’s unemployed.

  • Priszilla

    “”My husband only makes 10 dollars an hour and drives 30 miles round
    trip, so it’s taking all we have just to keep the Jeep filled with gas”

    Why not buy a Hummer?

    30 miles is 48km? That’s 24km one way? With a bicycle you can ride 25km per hour after a bit of practice. I used the bicycle up to minus 10 centigrade in Winter. Below that I squeezed myself into public transport.

    A Kia Rio with a 1.2l or 1.5l Diesel engine drives 88mpg.

    A neighbour just replaced his jeep with a suzuki 4×4.

    • sharonsj

      A Hummer costs $150,000. People with medical and/or physical conditions (and children) cannot pedal a bicycle 30 miles. Only cities have public transportation. And a family that can barely afford gas won’t have the down payment needed to buy a better car. Any other worthless advice or do you have something concrete to contribute?

  • Priszilla

    “why are we eating so much rice,”


    You can give Chinese the best thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all, but if they don’t get their bowl of rice, they aren’t happy.

    I served soup and turkey and dessert and after the meal they asked me: “And where is the main course?”

  • Priszilla

    We could put boards on the sidewalk besides banks:

    Beware of falling bankers.

    • FirstGarden

      Careful. While this may be funny, (and you meant no offense), in a deeper sense, it’s not funny at all. Your comment touches on a sensitive nerve. America, for all her faults, still retains some value for human life, although she’s losing it fast. This is very sad, indeed.

  • Priszilla

    That’s all quite interesting.

    I grew up in a socialist country. We didn’t have much, and we were saving energy everywhere, growing food in our small garden, repairing everything, darning socks, knitting pullovers, etc.

    About the West we only heard stories: they are so rich there, they don’t repair anything, they throw it away and buy it new. On their landfills you could get washing machines that work perfectly if you remove the old washing powder and clean the lint trap, and vavuum cleaners that only need their power cord replaced, cars that need a full tank and a new set of tyres.

    And the communist party told us about the poor people, the homeless people, the sick people who don’t have health insurance. The lying government, The cold society. We laughed about that, those were all lies. Couldn’t you see the TV? All the wealth and richness? We want that too.

    So we removed the old guard. And now we follow America.


  • Bill

    Yes Priszilla we are freedom loving and in the end our military will protect us because they are us. The cabal with their un troops don’t have a chance against our freedom loving homeland. Also, mainstream news media does not stand a chance against the truth.

    For those who need a sign of hope—-
    Yesterday I personally witnessed Congressman Tom Reed sign a statement of support for our 2nd Amendment right and and support for repeal of NewYork’s SAFE Act. As he said you won’t hear one thing now and the opposite when I get back to Washington. This could be a start to a return to the real America.

    Start demanding personal guarantees from your representatives In WRITING.

    • Priszilla

      Well, you pay for your military. So stop whingeing that you don’t have any money left for food and healthcare.

      • Bill

        I think many people understand what you don’t.

        • Eric Quintero

          No she has a valid point. The military pisses away money. The Military Industrial Complex employs so many people its insane! Think of all the troops, the foreign nationals, the contractors, the highly over priced gear, maintaining a presence in 155 countries on the planet, the air force and navy constantly burning fuel and parts. If you really think about it, the amount we spend on war is completely unsustainable.

          A third of our budget goes into war. Why are we trying to be world police? We cant afford it anymore!

          • FirstGarden

            The defense establishment is a whole economy unto itself.

        • Priszilla

          What? That you rather shoot than eat, and this you call freedom?

    • Gay Veteran

      freedom loving? while the Constitution has been shredded over the past several years

  • wetwork

    I’m up here in Canada and debating whether to take on a 4th job…

  • BenguluruHuduga

    Disturbing. My recommendation is don’t get into long term debt and always prepare for income source loss. Start with a 12-18 month of savings, 20% downpayment on house ( if one can’t don’t buy ), skills development continuously.

  • Bubba Johnson

    Hope and Change has been coming for quite some time now. The culture I knew is dying, replaced by the millions of legal and illegal immigrants. The Socialist Democrats have used their voting block and nurtured it to remain powerful. Their mob is aware of what is happening and approves. Good Luck

  • Bubba Johnson

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will reportedly propose a Pentagon budget that will shrink the U.S. Army to its smallest number since 1940 and eliminate an entire class of Air Force attack jets. The socialists are happy, more free stuff for them.

    • Gay Veteran

      yeah, let’s spend more money on the bloated Pentagon so they can start another war they can’t win

  • Vlad Lenin

    And yet, we Americans just blog and comment on blogs… Unless yall are ready to pull a Ukraine, a better use of your time might be starting a garden to feed your family. I’m done with this crap!

    • Eric Quintero

      Uhhh… a lot of people reading this website are preppers.

      This site is full of do-ers and writers. Maybe you’re the one thats not taking action.

      I think you can speak for yourself on that one, Vlad.

      Good riddance.

    • Tom_F

      @Vlad, this kind of ‘big talk’ kills me. What would you replace it with, if you “pulled a Ukraine”? Big talkers never seem to think about that.

  • Jodi

    Very sad stories. Although I have not experienced extreme hardships yet, I have been unemployed. It is extremely aggravating looking for a job. I spend 14 mos looking for new work wondering if anybody was ever going to hire me again. But finally I did find part time work & eventually a full time job again. I believe in never giving up. Times are tough, but there’s always hope.

    I had to mention this, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. Piers Morgan is out! Hurray! It looks like Michael’s prediction came true. These state media mouthpieces are crumbling. Nobody wants to hear it anymore. So glad to see this guy go.

  • jakartaman

    Michael, you are right it is gut wrenching.
    I am afraid it is going to get much worse.
    I personally am blessed by being 68 years old – will not have to put up with it too long.
    I do fear , a lot, for my children and grand children.
    At a moment in history when we and the world need great leadership we have Obama.
    I am sure there is a reason – just not smart enough to know what that reason is.
    My guess is the ones hurting the most are those that have NOT turned their backs on GOD

  • Selaretus

    The rich 1% are continuing to make a killing in this ‘recovery’ with free Fed money to invest and flip with no downside risk. The rest of us are merely expendable ‘eaters’ using valuable resources the rich want to keep this wonderful economic system they love going as long as possible. Workers? We don’t need no stinking workers!

    • Mike Smithy

      We don’t need no stinking real economic growth. We only need accounting gimmicks.

  • Casino666

    I am my self in SW Florida, and here the other day I saw a father, a mom and their two kids close to an exit from the parking lot at Walmart. The father did hold a sign that said “I have no job, no money, please help me feed my kids”. They looked very sad and desperate..! What a terrible situation to be in!

    Central Banking and planning is humanitys worst enemy! Stay out of debt!

    • rentslave

      It’s not the central banking,but rather the identity of those bankers.Vampires have always been envious over their bloodsucking ability.

      • k

        Its not the identity, but the profession itself which can transform any person who works as banker into a vampire. If tomorrow you or i become bankers we will start behaving like the bankers do now.

  • Oliver

    My wife and I became homeless in the beginning of 2013. From that moment on our life was turned into a sadistic hell on earth. Let me give you a nice example. The bank account of my wife has been blocked because of the fact we don’t have any address. Institutions and welfare organizations can not help us because we do not fit the profile. But if you are a crackhead, drunk, rapist or murderer, funds are literally awaiting. I was a millionaire, had a fantastic life, set up a few companies, and one of them made the news big time, life was success. But when the welfare companies see my bank balances from the previous years, my resume, articles and whatsoever, “sorry, we can not help you man, oh yeah, we can give you some oranges, you need to have some vitamins.” For me and my wife, life became surrealistic and still is. We can find both a job, but are clothes are worn out, we need to email and search the web, but as you know, there is no free wifi in the streets. Sometimes, like now, I can use the wifi at the local community center. The nicest thing of all is, to get all the help we need, is to get an indication. That means that we both have to get “tested” and then we will get the help. Which means, becoming totally out of your head is the only way to get back on track. Maybe I have to become a junkie, but for the slow minded, drugs also cost money. What a life, what a life, what a life. We are both scared to hell what society brings in the years ahead. What tomorrow brings us. All the best and God Bless.

    • dadelaw

      I am so very sorry.

    • k

      I dont even know if i am supposed to say this:

      From what i have heard, you can also ‘fake’ a psychiatric illness.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “The bank account of my wife has been blocked because of the fact we don’t have any address.”
      I’m sorry for your circumstances, but I’m also so very skeptical. That statement smells.
      I’ve never once been asked to confirm an address (however the hell you would do that) when going to the bank. I’ve also had very high dollar amount accounts (and also very low amount accounts)
      ID perhaps, but address…..??? To what end? The bank statements that you receive in an email these days.

      • Eric Quintero

        Thats very strange. All of my banks required addresses. Maybe it wasnt the case years ago, but it certainly is the case now.

        I had a very difficult time opening a Navy Fed account (2009) because my base address was a P.O. Box. I had to use my home of record just to open the account.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          to access your account? That’s what he said.
          In other words, once you set up your acct you were later required to prove your address again to access it?

          If he was talking about setting up an account, it’s moot because there wouldn’t be money in it, but that’s not what he said.

          • Eric Quintero

            I dont know what banks do now days. But I recently opened a new account with a local bank.
            The local bank had been sending mail to my apt. Then I moved and forgot to inform my bank and they get a return to sender.

            When that happened they called me three times the first day and twice the next day to confirm my new address.

            I didnt pick up the phone right away because Ive only been maintaining the minimum in that accnt. ($15)

            When I finally called them back, thinking it was something urgent, it just turned out that they wanted to my new address.

            Idk what other bank SOPs are, but my bank seemed really uptight about the address change.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            “I just dont trust banks.”
            Can I get an AMEN!

    • Orange Jean

      So… if you were a millionaire… what happened to all the money? Sounds a bit make believe…

  • JSB

    Why is the stock market so disconnected from reality?

    • Bubba Johnson

      Federal Reserve

  • Boo-urns

    I’m expected to feel sad about stories of idiots spending what little money they have on meth, oxy, xanax, etc.? Nope.

  • Ted

    If I may offer some advice… I am a proud (though I hate the term) “CONSPIRACY THEORIST.” That has made all the difference in avoiding the mire that so many people are in, while still being able to live an ethical life. You can not trust in or depend on your government to help you. You must become a student of history (not the ‘official,’ simple history they teach in high school) and you must stay on top of current events by reading alternative media to get different views. You also must think critically, because a lot of even the alternative media is controlled. If you do that you won’t be part of the flock being herded to get fleeced.

    If you have time because you are not working, you should be emailing a politician every day. You should be protesting in front of your local courthouse or congressman’s office. And you should be involved and supporting 3rd party candidates. The Reps and Dems are one party these days–the global-fascist party. Don’t fall for that game. And for God’s sake, don’t fall for the whole war and national security con job.

    What can you do right now? Read the preamble to the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Read quotes by Thomas Jefferson. Let the wisdom of the founding fathers be your compass.

    • Bubba Johnson

      Nice post, glad I am not alone

  • We are seeing this in Tampa, Florida in varying degrees.

  • R.A. Brown


    • Mike Smithy

      Don’t worry, the international central banksters have a plan to decimate the global populace via world war 3. Why do you think Obama was and is pushing so hard to go to war with Syria?

    • Truman Golden

      Overpopulation is a hoax. you are still mentally enslaved.

      • k

        Totally agree, people need to have tons of kids and if they cant provide for them, throw them on welfare.

  • Crystal Kinson

    As I read these comments it is heartbreaking to hear the despair. As someone who doesn’t have a college degree and who felt like this 20 years ago I can relate. It seems that so many people have forgotten that they can start their own business with little or no experience. I’m talking about cleaning houses,dog-walking,pet-sitting,mowing neighbors grass w/their equipment if possible,pulling weeds, shopping for people who are home bound,etc,etc. These things might be above your degree but utilize this time for growing. You might be pulling weeds for 10$ hr for someone who sees that you show up on time every time and sees your dedication. They might just know someone who can help you out job wise. I started my mobile dog-grooming and pet-sitting 17 years ago. I watched my mother-n-law a few times groom then watched videos. I started telling friends my new business adventure and have wonderful clients some who have been with me from the beginning. I also gave some horrible haircuts in the beginning but I grew from that lol. I also make jewelry as a hobby and sell pieces on the side mostly to my grooming clients. Does my business make me rich monetary? No.. but I am happy and very blessed to be able to do what makes me happy and brings joy in my life.
    My point in telling you about me is that these are my talents that The Lord has blessed me with..Search your heart to find your talents and use them to start a business. You might just find out that the degree you went for really wasn’t what you wanted to do in the first place. Many blessings to all and please remember you are a blessing in someone’s life and you do make a difference. God Bless

  • Rancher

    In my early years i quickly realized if I worked for an employer then I was dependent upon them for my income stream. My life and well being….My survival instinct created great unease within me concerning that projection. I learned to become self employed and took control of my own destiny. Therein are the roots of a survivor and prepper. Taking control of your own destiny.

    A person who says or believes others will, should or could provide for them can never become survivor preppers as long as that thought process dominates their thinking. Likewise real preppers learn to distance themselves form such people and their dependency thinking.

    Survivors in most any difficult time have refined their self confidence and skills rather than growing more dependent on others to meet their needs. Now I am not saying it is not alright to say others need to meet the needs of the needy however feeding the poor without re-training them to feed themselves is a dead end street. Jesus preached that very truth…. So for me if I do not see the desire to change the wrong direction in life of someone needing help I pass on to the next so to speak.

    If staying in the city curled up in a defeat ball of disrepair is the best you can do then you are your own worst enemy. If complaining no one will give you a job you still have the wrong outlook. No one owes you or me one thing. You are still depending on others to meet your needs and a job is not the tools to becoming a survivor. More like a career is. A career is not to be confused with a job.

    I can say all this because I once was broke and a hitch hiker for a couple years of my life. I was dependent on others to give me a ride. being alone alongside a desolate road in winter gave me great insight into my future. I was already a survivor of sorts carving out living as I traveled across this nation looking for the wisdom to make a difference. To make a difference in MY life not yours. Your life is your responsibility. As I conversed with those that owned the vehicles and gave me a lift I began to see what they had done to become a survivor and not just a job holder dependent on others.

    In the end I quit the hitch hiking, worked several entry level jobs as I put myself back through College and on the job training. I did this three times with College and once in a vocational school. I still had to learn the ropes in the field so to speak but the mission was to become my own boos and hold the reins of my life in my hands as I drove the team and wagon I owned. This came to pass and I was a good steward to my mission and the plan. So good I retired at 50 debt free.

    All I know is it worked, no govt help, no nothing and no student loan debts. I walked down that trail and left foot prints. The path was neither lined with instant rewards or quick results like most people in this nation expect they deserve. Often I had to relocate a thousand miles with my stuff packed into one vehicle as I hacked the trail back open. A survivor does not quit…..

    But it is alright to expect that other need to support you and make a way for you (no harm no foul) as you will get what you deserve. Just look around yourself and see how that thinking is working out for you. If what you think, wish for and say to others about the way it should be is not panning out then perhaps…just perhaps you are thinking in a way which is killing you.

    You might not be dead now, but when the economy truly crashes, when the grid crashes, when the food gets truly scarce (as the articles on this sight keeping preaching to all of us) and people then turn inward which they will regardless of their bravado posting right now then you will die.

    When you spent time posting rather than prepping to be one of the survivors then your words will mean so little when your pot is empty. If reading the things Michael posts here and things posted elsewhere can not and and have not brought out the survivor instinct in you and led you to become a prepper who will determine the outcome of their own life in the hard times coming then nothing will.

    During those trying times their will be survivors and the dead. It always has been that way and the past will dictate the future. There are also no guarantees as many preppers will also die and more than likely from bad choices they made during the crisis event. History repeats itself regardless of what you believe or expect others to do for you.

    So when you read the stories about people ask yourself what am I doing to prevent that in my life? You also can not be a strength to others until you are first a strength to yourself. You also can not save the world as that is God’s job and career but you might be able to help one… so pick that one very carefully so your pearls are not cast before the swine.

  • ian

    i read these storeis and just think “welcome to the rest of the world, America. You have had it too good for too long. This is reality.”

    • Bubba Johnson

      Socialism took us over, we are nolonger exceptional.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    Am I the only one out there who is doing well…steady job, plenty of OT, good health. As for these losers, I always remember what one veteran in the “World at War” tv series sad….the only place in this life where you find sympathy is in the dictionary between s**t and syphillis.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      You’re not the only one out there…

    • Eric Quintero

      You should be thankful rather than calling people “Losers.”

      These are your fellow countrymen. Have some respect.

  • Alex

    I’m 19 and have contemplated suicide. It was much worse in the past because I saw absolutely no hope. I also felt guilty because my family can still be described as well off since we can eat, cloth, warm ourselves and goof around a bit.

    I saw no point in continuing to live and still struggle with the idea of ending my life from time to time. Only a small sliver of hope that things will get better before things all go to hell keeps me going. I fully expect the worst to come in the future, so I’m not likely to be disappointed.

    • Rene Girrard

      You’re young and strong. The same rules don’t apply to you. Don’t try to have everything your way. Try to have everything God’s way in your life. You will be free, and you will be blessed.

    • Eric Quintero

      Rene is right, the rules are a little different for us young people (Im 25).

      This isnt the end of the world. Its the end of the dollar. The globe has already seen this and has made bilateral trade negotiations to get off the dollar.

      There are options, But you’ll likely need to move away from home.

      1. Learn a trade! (Welders can make up to $4k/week!) ~6 weeks training to get a cert.

      2. Start a farm. Sell and trade your goods.

      3. Get a TEFL degree (Teach English as a Foreign Language) and travel the world.

      4. Join an Eco Village and live in a peaceful, sustainable community.

      5. Get into Real Estate for the last Pump before the final Dump.

      6. Get a hard manual labor job working in the oil fields or on the oil rigs. Petroleum isn’t going away. The Chinese will back their currency with Gold and Petrol.

      Remember, this is the end of the DOLLAR. The economy will crash because of it, but things will bounce back. We’ll likely reemerge with the Chinese Yuan as the new World Reserve Currency.

      C’est la vie. I read somewhere that currencies usually only maintain the World Reserve status for an avg 100 years. Our time came a little faster due to insane spending.

  • nygrump

    overpopulation is not a problem. nothing to see here, move along.

  • krinks

    Elections have consequences. When you vote for people who encourage business to shut down and ship their jobs to Mexico or China this is what happens.

    • Rene Girrard

      yea, but both republicans and democrats are all for it. So, who do you vote for?

      • krinks

        How many parties are there?

  • Wally

    You wouldn’t believe the utter new world order propaganda piece Fox 5 in San Diego played last night….They ran a piece on a 60 year old homeless man with the tagline homeless and happy!!! Total bull spit…They asked hi what the saddest part of being homeless has been and he kind of acted like he didn’t hear or understand the question then he said noting, he wakes up everyday happy…WTF. I cannot beleive there is even one homeless person who is happy to be homeless. I volunteer at a shelter once a month to server meals and I have never heard or seen 1 person say they are happy to be homeless. Maybe happy to be getting a hot meal but that is it. It is sick what the media is doing, it is sick what the elitist are doing, it is sick and if there isn’t a waking up it will be gone.

    For months I have been seeing pieces about families living in 350 Sqf houses and being happy that they are living like this instead of in the 1500 Sqft house they used to own. What a total load of bull spit. We either start getting fed up and fight back or our way of life is done. Get ready for living on Top Raman as the new norm. Get ready because all of these things that Michael and others have been talking about will happen.

  • Lorraine Terpening

    I see the motor homes that line the main street here. A motorhome here and there on other streets. All are old dirty things. Do others see too? Or are these unpleasant things stricken from working peoples eyes? I see. I learn.

  • Colorado Bob

    I am extremely aware of all the depression around the United States and the world. We are truly blessed in the Vail, Co. area. We are having a banner year for snow which attracts more tourists. If I was unaware of the hardships that people are having in the United States I would say that is nonsense. Right now I can not even find drivers for my limo service. In Denver there is commercial construction everywhere go.

    • ian

      i agree. i live in Colorado too, and the economic woes seem to have skipped this state.

  • william mony

    This is the plan of this administration. Say things are getting better when they know their policies are making America a dependent wasteland. Have the Obamas sacrificed ONE Thing at all? 26 vacations? this is what evil truly is.

    • FirstGarden

      “He be innocent cuz he be black.”

    • Eric Quintero

      GWB 2.0. GWB spent weeks at a time on his ranch in Texas.

      GWB had the most vacation time and the fewest speeches. Its almost like they wanted his idiocy out of the White house.

      Obambam on the other hand is just trying to spend as much money as possible.

      • Samone

        Obambam is trying to spend as much money of taxpayers as he can while benefiting his cronies. He and Mochelle live like royalty at taxpayer’s expense. He plays golf all the time with his rich cronies, she takes lavish vacations, and then they hypocritically talk about income inequality!

  • Michael

    Jesus is the only thing I have to say, I am doing alright not rich, but alright only because of faith in Jesus.

    • FirstGarden

      That is good. But even if you were not doing alright, you still need to have faith in Jesus.

  • Greg Burton

    Take back the banks, create money for the people. Take back the factories, make jobs for the people. Take back the MSM, tell the people the truth. Take back food production, feed the people. Take back all the fore-closed homes. House the homeless. Take back the police, protect the rights of the people. Take back health-care, provide medical care for the people. Take back the elections, make electronic voting transparent. Investigate 911 and London 7/7, Madrid 3/11. Free the people from the manufactured fear that has enslaved them to the Satanic NWO.

  • Jean Bush

    It’s only going to get worse. The NWO wants us on our knees. Only then will they step in with their solution: total slavery if you want to eat.

    • Jonathan

      I’ll die before I take a chip. I won’t go in their death camps either if I can help it. They can shoot me, I prefer a quick death. But, I’ve also put together a sort of guide to local edible plants, from online research in case I need it. Too poor for stocking up on huge amounts of food. If things get really bad most of the wild animals will be killed very quickly by starving people. It’s wise to have knowledge of local edible plants.

      • Jean Bush

        They won’t chip me, either. They may take me down but I’ll go out with their blood under my fingernails. I’m alone and have nothing to lose.
        Any way I can get that list from you? I live in Hollywood CA and not much in the way of plants to pick from. I do know there are several kinds of flowers that can be eaten. I’ve seen them in grocery stores to sprinkle on salads.
        I don’t know how broke you are but is there a dollar store near you? Grab a can or 2 of fish/meat and stock up slowly.

        • Jonathan

          Same general area as me then. I can email it to you. I have it in pdf form. just email me and I’ll reply with the attachment.

          I have been stalking up on some cheap foods, not a lot.

  • FirstGarden

    We ain’t seen nothin yet.

    Folks have been shooing off the homeless for quite some time, in some cases, even buying them a one-way ticket to elsewhere.

    In Pensacola, FL, you can be hauled off to jail for a violation of a local ordinance prohibiting using blankets, cardboard, or newspaper to cover yourself. (!)

    The homeless are not a pretty site. And they represent society’s failure, to a large extent. It’s right there in their face, and even the compassionate don’t like to see it.

    If it’s survival of the fittest (best educated, most well-connected, or just plain, old caveman conquest, as the stronger bludgeon the weaker ones out of the way to success)..

    if there’s only so much to go around, how could ALL of these homeless be blamed for being out of work, for not subsisting? They’re not all druggies & mindless goons.

    But, they are hurting the tax base, as the more well off begin to relocate. Or in some cases, tourist revenue is hurt (as we’ve already seen in Europe), as city & county coffers get lower & lower.

    Here’s what will likely happen. They will be herded off to
    designated areas, like “tent cities” in out-of-sight, rural areas. Although not concentration camps (those are reserved for the m a i n c o r e), freedom of movement will likely be restricted, to keep them from returning to the streets. It’ll be more like refuge camps full of pooper-holes, Andy Gumps — low budget in any case — soup lines (likely manned & funded by faith-based charities, as the local leaders don’t really give a rip.. except to show lip service support for the press.

    When it comes down to it, it’s really the people for the people. I agree with all of those here who say we need to watch each others’ backs, take care of each other?

    Who else will?

  • Eric Quintero

    Empty cities are common for the Chinese. State and central planning have been falsely determining need for a long time.

    There are close to a dozen other cities in China that look like this. The World’s biggest mall in China is also a ghost town.

    • Hammerstrike

      Not really, since these empty Chinese exist in African countries too, they intend…
      Right now, lender poverty, Chinese economy is paying for a lot of foreigners to live living standards.

  • Sandbagger

    With all of the so-called “reality” shows on tv, shows like, Extreme Cheapskates, Hoarders, Extreme Couponing, Dirty Jobs, Biggest Loser, etc., one would think the execs at TLC would jump at adding a show about how the economy is affecting real life people.

    Oh, wait. I had a mental hiccup. I forgot the media is in the business of twisting reality, not reporting it.

    • Eric Quintero

      It sounds to me like TLC is already on top of the economic collapse 😛

  • Rene Girrard

    Really good article Michael. Thanks for posting.

  • UnheardVoices

    Well God told me the cities of USA burn in one day. So please take note that everything you do as a people comes back to you. The innocents of Iraq plead day and night for vengenance on the benighted Americans who allowed their elites to corrupt and plunder and kill.
    No one listened to me when I said this was bad news. I was poor, I was afflicted, I was white and not educated.
    Prepare America. Revengance is coming for you. She has a shopoing list. Your leaders exhalt themselves but their time draws to a close. You will like in Iraq. You will suffer untold misery and I can;t say I blame them.

  • 23tony

    #6 isn’t a legitimate debt collector. It’s a scammer posing as one. And it’s completely illegal. Unfortunately you can’t do much about it since they’re usually offshore companies.

  • AffinityNetNews

    They call it “The America Dream” because you must be asleep to believe it. – George Carlin

    This corrupt fascist/Stalinist witch’s brew of collectivism is untenable and will collapse under its filth, lies, endless wars-for-endless-profits, and pure horrific evil.

    We must all protect each other from the beast-system and unify against our common oppressors in the District of Criminals and the parasitic swine on Wall Street who serve the fascist corporate banking/military police-state.

    • Eric Quintero

      Operation American Spring. May 16th. The people will be there. The Militias will have their backs. The time is coming.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    Better enjoy the good times while they are here.
    Cause soon SHTF for real and then we will ALL be in a world of SH_T. I will keep the campfire lit at my cardboard box for you.
    I will be down by the river, near the big Oak tree I have a spare cardboard box just for you…

  • Sam Vats

    KGB Chief Yuri Bezmenov explains in a interview what is Going on with America its Economy and Obama the video is on youtube ,

    Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of We

  • markohio

    First off, yet another fantastic article Michael. Keep up the great work. Being someone, who still is lucky enough to have a job yet with decent pay, I see the lack of recovery on a daily basis. There are several homeless camps in places in and around where I live that at one time, no one would have ever thought it could happen. Far too common of a sight everywhere though. I just keep preparing for my number to be called. It could happen at any moment I remind myself. Thankfully, I learned a very long time ago that it is not wise to ” keep up with the Smiths ” so to speak. Very grateful for what I have rather than what I don’t have. And, always have a plan B,C,D and E in case A falters. Hold on tight folks. The tsunami headed our way is getting bigger.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Meh. Don’t blame the ninnies. There’s plenty go on.

  • rentslave

    Retro Fitness is doing a great business.I spoke with the CEO last week in West Orange,NJ,who told me that the business took off after the 2008 economic shock as people looked for a low cost gym.

    • Mike Smithy

      The movie Dodge Ball comes to mind. Is Retro Fitness more like Globo Gym or Average Joe’s Gymnasium. “Because at Globo Gym, we are better than you and we know it”.

  • Roy Witte

    Yes but did they vote for Obama? Elections have consequences.

    • Samone

      2Gary2 and lazy communist dolts all voted for Obama! Lazy stupid communist pigs!

  • 2Gary2

    pregnant woman is just a “host” that should not have the right to end
    her pregnancy, Virginia State Sen. Steve Martin (R) wrote in a Facebook
    rant defending his anti-abortion views.

    Oh you conservative dolts are going down so hard…The war on women by the GOP has no end in sight.

    • Samone

      2Gary2 and the leftist dolts need to stop with the phony war on women. If anything, the leftist communist dolts have declared war on the working middle men and women of this country. It’s time for lazy dolts like 2Gary2 to quit stealing from taxpayers and get off of government welfare!

    • Samone

      2Gary2 and the leftist dolts need to stop with the phony war on women. If anything, the communist leftist dolts have declared was on the working middle class who are struggling to survive. 2Gary2 and the rest of the lazy leftist dolts need to get quit stealing from the hard labor of the working middle class!

      • 2Gary2

        I would hardly call the conservative war on women a hoax. Trust me us liberals will pound this message home so hard that even if some people think it is not true they will all think it is true when we are done with the messaging.

        Conservatives–your going down.

        • stool puncher

          Who will pay for your welfare if honorable people ‘go down’ ?
          Hey stool pusher, wait until everything goes south, then we can maim, torture and kill you pieces of feces outright. I’m ready, are you ?

    • 2guest2

      Um how about we stay on topic?!

  • Piglet

    The article titled “Why the economy isn’t doomed” was written by a writer with the Washington Post, and if you live in or near DC, life can be pretty good. DC has no real industry but instead lives off of money pulled out of the rest of the country via taxes and spread liberally among politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, lawyers, “defense” contractors (war profiteers) and the like.

    You see one view of the USA if you live in or near DC, and if you drive more than a couple of hours away, beyond the rich suburbs in Fairfax County or Loudoun County (VA) or Montgomery County (MD), you’ll see a much different USA. Full disclosure: I live in Fairfax County, I have been all across this country and most of the rest of the USA doesn’t look like this place. In fact, a heck of a lot of it looks like economic hell, and it makes me wonder how people can say with a straight face that this is “the richest country in the world” and for that reason “we can afford to pay for [insert favorite boondoggle here].” When so much of the country is barely scraping by, when most wealth is concentrated at the top, when over 40% of the federal budget is paid for by debt that can never be repaid, this isn’t a wealthy country, but rather one that’s delusional and living not only on borrowed cash but borrowed time.

    The picture in that Post author’s article is ironic. It makes it look like printing money will make us rich and cure our economic ills. Yep, it worked for the Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe, too!

    • Jax

      “It makes me wonder how people can say with a straight face that this is “the richest country in the world”

      The same reason people parrot that the health care system in America is the best in the world. Yet for many who are uninsured or underinsured know a different health care system than most.

      So much greed, so much selfishness, so much so that people are now regurgitating the medias promotion about how the uninsured have sucked the insured dry. In fact it is the government and insurance companies and for profit hospitals that have ruined it for everyone here.
      It is disgusting and to think over 80% of the people here in the US consider themselves Christians and this is allowed to go on.

  • Charles Reeves

    take a look at ratracerebellion dot com

  • Joe Dirt

    I work in Information Systems. I work 65-70 hour weeks. More sometimes. My people work the same. We do it because there aren’t enough other willing workers and the work needs doing.
    I have a recent HS grad in my employ who now is making over 38k per year. A year ago this time he was making minimum wage in a hardware store. No special skills when he started but was willing to show up everyday and do what he was told. He applied extra effort and earned a network + certification on his own. Now I’ll need to give him a raise to keep him. I’ll be glad to. He did what he was asked, and a bit extra. Same formula for success that’s worked for generations.
    Do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone willing to do just that? Someone who won’t quit after three days because they can’t take the stress. Most of the people in these heart breaking stories are not like that young man. Most of them are quitters and crybabies who won’t try to adapt to a changing world.
    There are hundreds of thousands of jobs that go begging because people won’t even try. We outsource those jobs to India not because the Indians will work cheaper, but because they will WORK!!!
    These people are victims alright, victims whose motivation has been stolen by weak-kneed politicians and whining social workers.
    Show some compassion and quit coddling these whiny babies.

    • Bubba Johnson

      65 Hours x 52 3380
      38000 by 3380 11.25 an hour Or did I miss something

      • Eric Quintero

        $11.25 is higher than minimum wage. What are you missing?

        • Bubba Johnson

          As I was doing the math, it could also be 70 x 52 3640

          38000 by 3640 10.43 an hour

          Any overtime included after the 40hr.


  • ConcernedAmerican

    When I see homeless and poor people, they are almost always Americans. Meanwhile, I rarely, if ever, see homeless or poor immigrants. It seems the immigrants often come together to help one another, and provide food and shelter for one another. Americans used to be known worldwide for their compassion and kindness. Now, many Americans won’t even have compassion on one another. It seems more and more difficult to even find a genuine friend, or to find people willing to be a friend. Even with the knowledge that many people are unemployed, or underemployed, some Americans still make the choice to withhold kindness aand compassion from the poor and the homeless. It is all so very heartbreaking.

    • Eric Quintero

      Thats because many foreigners have grown up poor and understand what its like.

      Americans are finally feeling the pains of the 3rd world. Many will continue to ignore the suffering of their fellow Americans until change comes knocking on their door.

      Most middle class families are perpetually dangling over the edge. So many people rely on two person income now days. When one spouse loses a job you can usually expect: divorce and loss of the house.

      Sadly, Ive been watching this happen for years.

      • Dave Jenkins

        Yes, Mexicans are hard workers, but so are “good old country boys” who grew up on farms (not the white city slicker types). I have NEVER seen anybody who can out-work the Amish… I got tired just watching them work, raising barns, bailing hay, etc.

      • ConcernedAmerican

        Division among the people has always been a favorite tool of governments. Keep people fighting over things like race, religion, class, education level, etc. and the government and 1% are able to continue to get away with anything they want since the 99% are too busy fighting among one another to notice the 1%. I never make choices based on a human exterior as I do not want to miss out on a kindred soul, great talent, or a skilled employee. Furthermore, I promise you that what the government has done to African-Americans and White Americans will eventually come to every other heritage too via the government. The government is a scorpion and it does not care what shade of green the crocodile is that it stings as the scorpion rides the crocodile’s back. From where I stand, every color, every heritage has the same Creator and we are all in this together. “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” -Mark 3:25. Divide then conquer.

    • Dave Jenkins

      You made a very good point. Very few homeless people are foreigners, since they typically help each other out when they are in the USA. Most other cultures value family ties much more than Americans do, such as Latinos, Asian, Arab, etc. I know American families who fight like the Hatfields and McCoys, brother against brother, Mother against son, cousins against cousins, etc. It truly is sad and pathetic…

  • j h

    I was laid off in October 2008. I did end up getting hired in October 2013 for a new lumber company. I’m back working in the same building where I was laid off in October 2008. If I lose this job I have a feeling I’m going to have a hard time finding another job as I have lost some fingers in an accident. I am considered Totally Temporary Disabled.

  • There is no economic problem in history that was not caused by a spiritual failure. We need to fix our spiritual life BEFORE we even think about fixing our economic life, either personally or nationally. This is an inexorable law of life, but no one will even consider our spiritual poverty which is always the precursor to economic poverty.

    The reason poor nations are poor, and poor people are poor is a spiritual sickness. No one wants to face the total abomination that is our own personal, and national, lives.

    Loving God starts with NOT killing your own kids with 20 different kinds and methods of Birth Control. Wake up and google search “FounderChurch” for the full story.

    • Boo-urns

      Ahhh, we thought you and your nutjob wackaloon birth control theories has gone away. Sorry to see that’s not the case.

    • Jim Davis

      Cuckoo Alert!

  • pulltheweeds

    what did we expect when this nation turned the corner back in the 60’s ?
    a drugged up and godless society can not stand.
    if you want to blame somebody just look into your mirror.
    welfare destroys initiative.

    corporate fascism takes over.
    mans dominion over man continues.

    • chase

      People were doing drugs long before the 60’s. It just was not done out in the open. Same with premartial sex, etc. People back in the olden days (so to speak) are no different then people today with the exception that they did not flaunt their bad behavior in public.

  • You can tell by the posts that the responses divide into two categories. 1. The Whiners and 2. Anti-Whiners. It was always thus. When the going gets tough the tough get going, but the weakling majority will sit on their butts and whine, whine, whine, and victimize, victimize, victimize.

    Issac was the child of the Free Woman, and Ishmael was the child of the slave woman. Each of us is the child of one or the other woman so to speak. There are millions of examples of this all around us.

    The poor, the children of the slave woman, need a swift kick in the rear, and if that doesn’t work they need more of the same until it does work. Jesus’ teaching is totally twisted and perverted by the children of the slave woman to try to get us to feed the bums. Nowhere did Jesus ever teach that we are to do anything for the bums. It is a libel to say He ever did teach that any charity was to be given to anyone other than a Saved, Righteous, Worthy, person IN YOUR OWN CONGREGATION, not anywhere else.

  • 2Gary2

    Anytime I can point out the moral bankruptcy of conservatism it is always on topic regardless of what Michel’s post is. If it were not for the horrible scourge of conservatism that has decimated this country Michael would not need to have the economic collapse web site as there would be not a collapse.

  • EvlWhtMale

    Story to share? Yes. Despite very solid work history and college education, I was unemployed for well over a year and sent out hundreds of resumes and filled out hundreds of job applications. Finally found a full-time job. Paying $10/hr. and no benefits. Very happy with this, considering the alternative.

  • peace angel

    NOPE—-I just saw a documentary filmed last year with the biggest mortgage firm owners in CHINA and they have built entire cities all over the country that are sitting empty and that were once almost completed and now are crumbling ghost towns that no one ever lived in. LOTS of people bought into these planned communities BUT not enough to finish them and they are all out their investment money and the towns will never be completed. THEY showed a dozen of these planned cities that were falling apart and the mortgage company has written them off and never plan to finish them.

  • FirstGarden

    Eric Quintero –

    Didn’t think the FEMA camps would regard the homeless as priority. Then again, we’re not under martial law yet.

    I think that if it gets as bad as we think it will, there will simply not be enough camps of this sort available for all the homeless.

    Incidentally, (and this is how much I trust FEMA), they have been busy
    raising money in a number of illicit ways, I imagine. But this is hard,
    cold fact:

    My brother in law lives in a large condo complex, and
    they have been paying literally over a million dollars a year for flood insurance, because they were “in a flood zone.” Well, they hired an independent assessor. Cost them $30, 000. And lo & behold, they were NOT in a designated flood zone. It was all fiction to raise money.

    Same thing with my mother-in law. She was also in “a flood zone.” Now she’s not. How magical. But they are nailing her because a tool shed is, so she has to get flood insurance for that. Down goes the shed.

  • FirstGarden

    Eric, pls see new comment at top of page. Yours was awaiting moderation, so I couldn’t respond then.

  • That wasn’t easy to read…

  • Nicnak

    2 kids dead from a rocket launcher downtown bangkok…

    Downtown bankok guys… Not Iraq or Afghanistan.

    This is how low people become these days…. Killing 6 years old children.

  • RPaulson

    Been reading about blog such as this for over 5 years. But it is nothing but whinge and complain, nothing constructive is being done about it. I think it is time for the people to say enough is enough and cease control of the whole system. It is time to take control of your own lives and stop depending on the system. Time to say screw it and form your own communities and fight back. You only live once so might as well go out fighting. Let project mayhem begin!

  • Warrior54

    In 2008 The Police dept I had worked for was disbanded. I was getting paid 10 dollars and hour. The department had just purchased three dodge chargers, complete with cameras, moving and stationary radar. The department did not furnish our duty handgun or protective vests. Dodge chargers were first on the list. Monies that were to be used to pay the five officers, was evidently spent elsewhere {stolen} as the city secretary afforded herself two raises in two years. Unable to find employment in Law Enforcement, and from what i see now going on with cops, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I started cleaning houses. I did enjoy helping those who wanted it. I now clean toilets and do general house cleaning, for 160.00 a week. I volunteer at a neighbor mission that feeds any one who is in need. Help those you can or will, the next person could be you, or someone you Love. We are in serious trouble in this country, WAKE UP AND STOP SUPPORTING ANY AND ALL POLITICIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • randyfreed

    When the markets crash it will create the next bigger wave of layoffs, cutbacks, etc. It’s easier to say than to do it, but people need to become self sufficient. That doesnt mean living in the forest like Tarzan. Find a way to not have to depend on someone else to live.

  • horse777res

    “That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven, for He maketh his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. Matthew 5:45” We are all in this together.

  • JSB

    Any more bankers jump and/or get pushed off skyscrapers this week? Crazy, evil times we’re living in! Turn to Christ, as He comforts!

  • jan kru

    When everyone was leaving City of Detroit I stayed and got a job. People said I was crazy, F@#k the City, “they” hate white people, they don’t pay as much as private sector etc. The main reason I stayed because my pension was guaranteed by Michigan Constitution. Was the City corrupt? Yes. Without that guarantee no one would’ve taken a job. Now our Republican Governor is gutting the Constitution and stealing my pension. I support a marginally employed adult son and help out my girlfriend who has taken a 20% pay cut. Meanwhile UBS who backdoored a deal in interest rate swaps violating Michigan Gaming Laws(UBS found guilty and fined $1.2 Billion for LIBOR fraud in Britain) with the criminal Democrat mayor wants $230Million. They’re the ones who brought the City to it’s knees and the Republican Bankruptcy Judge thinks they should be paid. To add insult to injury the Elites want to save the art and throw employees to the wolves. Sell the Art and prosecute UBS, don’t pay them. The really sad thing is they kept Us middle aged people quiet for over 30yrs telling us to work hard and you’ll get a pension and when your 65 you’ll get Soc Sec. And the Elites are figuring out a way to steal that as well.

    • Trying to Understand

      You must be one of the ones in Detroit with a pension that is 60-80% of your bloated salary. Why do you think it is fair for you to get a pension when the average working person who pays for your pension does not receive one at their place of employment?

  • make it work

    I understand that these people have fallen on hard times, but you can survive. There is a difference between surviving, and living. Surviving is doing what you have to, living is doing what you want to. I live in a rural community in Wisconsin. I have some college, but no degree. My husband has a GED. We also have a child. We both work in a call center, I’m part time he’s full time. We both make about 10 an hour. We both drive separately 50 miles round trip for each day of work. We net about $1500 a month. 1100 goes right to bills, rent, utilities, and another 200 into gas for the commute. The rest is for groceries, savings, and the occasional treat. In all honesty though, most of our bills comes from stuff we don’t necessarily need. We’re not going without by any means right now, and we don’t love in a hovel (2bed, 2bath,2 car garage kitchen,living room and two other rooms we use for storage) and we’d really be living comfortably if we curtailed some of our debts (primarily discretionary spending on cards). If we were only paying for what we need our bills would decrease from 1100 to about 700 (210 rent, 220 car, internet/heat/electricity/water making up the rest and none of this is on assistance). So to say you can’t survive on a low wage or with one person working, I think is kind of giving up. Move where there’s jobs, move where rent doesn’t cost $500 a month, move where you can survive.

    • ConcernedAmerican

      Not everyone is built to endure -40 degrees and ice/snow. Also, $500 per month would be in a veey run down, dangerous neighborhood in many cities in America now. The sad thing is,some people can remember making $10/hour over 15 years ago. So, why has rent, electricity, water, food, gasoline, heating oil, etc. (the cost of living) skyrocketed while wages are still $10/hr 15+ years later? Why is it that Americans used to be able to work at almost any job and comfortably support a family, send the kids to college, and retire at one point, but now we have headlines like “Almost 1/2 of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.” Perhaps there are some very powerful people conditioning Americans to getting used to living like the 3rd world?

  • mike

    Did you vote Republican? Yes; I’ll help you! Were you one of the many stupid ones that voted for A-hole Obama? Yes; go ask him for help and see if you get it. Maybe next time you’ll wise up and vote with your brains, not your EMOTIONS!

  • 2Gary2

    I think these folks should be praying harder. I am sure that will fix their problem. The Lord givrth and the Lord taketh away and right now he is taketh away.

  • Westcoastliberal

    The only members of my family who are somewhat secure (or better) all work for the government. Everyone else is out of work as there are no jobs. IMHO there’s a huge disconnect between Wall St & the economy; D.C., NYC, and the rest of the country. Lots of pain and about to be more.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    “……until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.” -Some say this is Thomas Jefferson said this while other sources say it was not Jefferson.

    Just thought that quote sounded almost like a fulfilled prophecy, no matter whom said it.

  • Keeryen Stevens

    In 2007 we were feeding the Homeless in our home.
    We listened to so many amazing stories from very intelligent people that year.
    In 2008 we lost our business.
    We continued to work as hard as we could but we couldn’t keep up.
    By 2010 we were in divorce.
    By 2013 Bank of America took our home.
    By the grace of God we are in Rentals trying to rebuild.
    It is terrible out here.

    #warning shots
    #wake up

  • alison francis

    being nice doesn’t put food on the table or get anyone a job so they can have pride in themselves,jobs can be made but Obama doesn’t know how and even when he can pass the keystone pipeline that would make thousands of jobs he wont ,,,,,why his base wont allow it,as for our debt ,china is starting to dump our debt 50billion a month wont dump it all at once,and cause a crisis ,but a crisis is coming when we have to pay the debt back and the dollar is no longer the money used world wide.things are real bad and if we had a president who had a clue and not interested in destroying us,we would have a chance to get out of this rutt he has made,and let people live a good life and work for their families,

  • Priszilla

    In court feelings don’t replace evidence.

    You can’t just imprison or kill everybody you feel is a threat to state (or homeland) security.

    • k

      So our conversation has completely changed from deathpenalty/ gun owner ship to cia imprisonment?

      What makes you so sure they dint have evidence?

      Give us evidence that they dint have evidence. And by evidence i mean good evidence not some links to some tin foil websites talking about cia conspiracy.

      • Priszilla

        No, you said, it is OK to attack someone if you FEEL he is a threat.

        And I said, you can’t. You need evidence.

        Does LAW say something to you?

        • k

          The ‘feeling’ of being attacked by a country, doesnt arise by looking at the facial expressions the leader of said country. Countries feel they are being attacked by looking at various factors like intelligence reports, troop movements, prior military actions of the country from which they feel a danger from.

          Also your original comment was about gun owner ship and you later shifted to talking about cia, thats why i said that.

          Anyway, give us evidence that cia is provoking nations.

          • Priszilla

            Gun ownership and CIA are just two examples of your preference of violence.

            America is a violent nation and that’s why Americans are “loved” all over the world. Currently you are tolerated because of the dollar. When the dollar is gone as world currency, things will look different.

          • k

            No it isnt. Gunowner ship is required for self-defence since many parts of america are sparsely populated. The only thing that is required is stronger background checks before selling a gun.

            As for violence, almost every country is violent. And many of those countries are also tolerated for different reasons.

  • Brother Tim

    I’m on disability just this month the government garnesh my check for some old student load that I thought I paid. For some reason those student loans have been hunting almost all my life. I believe I wont even have it much long because I understand whats going on. I have no trust in the system at all, so I’m making plans another way to survive. To tell the truth I don’t want the disability anymore I haven’t been on it long but I know I can’t find a job with my problems. So I’m trying to start a business with my wife. Things are starting to get real ungly I pray and hope the best for all.

  • Lexxs

    We are facing the slow grinding collapse of the western system. The next recession will make it obvious to everyone that neo-feudal times are here with poverty like never before. many who escaped the worst of 2009/10 will be crushed this time around..

  • gary

    i dont want to sound ungrateful because the good Lord has blessed me so much. I just want to say i have never seen things so bad as they are now. I am only 44 yrs old single father with a 17 yr old son .I am disabled and cannot afford to see a dr. who may be able to help.currently i see know relief in near future. my son has no bed he sleeps on the couch .i cant afford extras and i fear the wo Itrst as my 22 yr old car is in need of repairs.. My son wants to work to help out but between school ( he is in11th grade) and hurting for money i see no way to afford getting his liscense a car insurance and gas i have no idea.I am in need of surgery and my teeth need cut out i am in pain while writing this.the outlook isnt good i just hope things will get better. It is hard getting by on 700$ a month after rent bills ect. i hope to be able to afford toothpaste shampoo deoderant ect. I have noticed the gas prices have risen as well as groceries . It is getting hard to cut corners sure hope things turn around for are childrens sake . With this current upadministrationitdosentlook good. Lets all pray for one another moram guilty of not praying enough.It doesnt take long to go broke.

  • Jakob Stagg

    Obama cares for you. It will not improve until the Obamas’ suffer the same fate as the rest of us. On the other hand, perhaps they should be given what they richly deserve.

    Pathological liars only make things worse.

  • peace angel

    Just because they continue to build does not mean there are not lots of empty unfinished cities that have been forever abandoned.

    It is all over the news today that Las Vegas and Phoenix and Miami and parts of Cali are coming back and needing subcontractors—–ONLY because the misinformed are believing the propaganda coming out of the White House.

    And the mortgage companies just brought back no qualify, subprime mortgages in order to force more idiots out of homes they could not afford to buy a couple of years from now,. THE subprime mortgage plan is part of agenda 21.

    Executive orders have been signed that deeds all the land in the US to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND THEY ARE COMING AFTER YOURS.

    • Hammerstrike

      Just because the mainstream medias keeps lying and deceiving those foolish enough to believe them….

      China right now is loosing wealth because it is being “borrowed” by the US and the eurozone so they can maintain their borrowed prosperity. It is increasingly clear that they won´t repay anytime soon.
      There is also a loss of wealth due to the US dollar being the international trade currency till now.
      If that change, China gets a lot wealthier,, Chinese can afford these cities.
      If China takes over parts of ressource-rich africa, Chinese can afford even more.
      Won´t be exactly colonialism, they buy from the locals instead of just taking outright.

  • HBD

    This is happening not to uneducated poor but also to those of us with educations, who had savings and houses and grew up in the 60’s and 70’s thinking we would always be able to work hard and be secure, if not better than our parents. We never could have imagined this happening and it’s downright frightening. It’s really shocking also how so many people have their head in the sand. I wish the media would report the truth.This is a very serious situation!!!

  • Fed Up

    I wonder how many of those people voted for Obama?

    • cpgone

      Sad fact is , they would probably vote for him again. He did elected twice.
      He is a small part of the problem. It started decades ago.

  • kcaasa

    Dj disks

  • Kenya

    America is sending all the white collar jobs across seas. Unfortunately, we don’t produce as much as we use to years and years ago and as a result our jobs are being given to those in other countries. To those Americans who are still out of work, this message is for YOU. GET REAL SKILLS! Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. The blue collar industry is the place to be. I once worked in the corporate world and was out of work for almost 5 years. During that time, I went back to school to learn a trade. Yes. A TRADE. I’m a woman who decided to learn HVAC and I LOVE every day of my job. Oh yeah… my rate of pay isn’t that bad either. Just do it. For those of you who enjoy movies, please watch “The Company Men”. This movie didn’t get a lot of spotlight but Ben Aflleck, Tommy Lee Jones, and Kevin Costner are just a few of the actors. This movie displays the truth of the devastating affects of the economy and what some Americans chose to do to get back on their feet. Good luck to you all!

  • Maneb

    Yes really sad. OB…kill Keystone. Make Putin and the Muslims happy. Who cares about these people in the US anyway?

  • Bill Damnit

    Number 6…I’d say, “Come on over MF…we’ll both go to hell…” If people want to kick you when you’re already down then what else should they expect? As Gerald Celente said, “When people lose everything, they lose it.” This is only the beginning.

  • rkb100100

    Politicians aren’t your salvation, too many people think so.

  • cutter

    I don’t think U.S. citizens are aware of the impact that they have on foreign people. You are not indispensable! Have mercy on us and you WOULD HAVE HAD mercy given to you. Too late now.

  • Ex_MislTech

    As John Perkins has explained, the collapse of the US is by design, and politicians on both sides of the aisle are working for the plutocrats and kleptocrats who puppet them into destroying he country. To get to DC they had to be compromised, and thus blackmailed into doing what the plutocrats want. This method has been used for many decades to puppeteer a government. The stealth coup of the US was secured when the Federal Reserve ( which is not part of the government ) took over the issue of money. They tried to kill Andrew Jackson, did kill Lincoln for the greenback, and did kill JFK for trying to issue silver based currency.

    Google “Barry Seal”, “Terrance Yeakey”, “MIchael Hastings murder”, “Pat Tillman wikipedia”, “Michael Ruppert wikipedia”

    and you realize that US citizens are being murdered by
    the government for what they know.

  • Dewey Olsen

    The Struggle within America—Isaiah Saw It All!
    by Avraham Gileadi Ph.D.

    Many regard Isaiah’s prophecy as a sealed book. Who does it address, only people in the past? A key to this mystery exists in the linear and synchronous structures that govern the book of Isaiah. These enable us to read it as a prophecy about the past but also as a prediction of the future. The book of Isaiah, in other words, serves a twofold purpose. Without taking anything away from what happened in the past, it uses the past as an allegory of the future. In that case, persons and nations of Isaiah’s day typify ones who perform similar roles at the end of the world. The names of past persons and nations function as codenames for their endtime counterparts.

    The importance of understanding Isaiah’s message increases daily as world events line up like planets for the fulfillment of his prophecy. Under the codename “Egypt”—the great superpower of Isaiah’s day—America is predicted to suffer spiritual decline, political ineptitude, economic collapse, internal anarchy, and invasion by a foreign military world power from the North—a latter-day “Assyria.” On the other hand, a community of covenanters in “Egypt” will turn back to Jehovah,
    who will send them a savior and deliver them. In the end, at the commencement of the millennial age, America will again become “my people”—a covenant people of God (Isaiah 19).

    5. 20. 2010

  • Dewey Olsen

    The book of Isaiah—Blueprint of Our Time
    by Avraham Gileadi Ph.D.

    What sets the book of Isaiah apart from all other prophetic writings is its all-inclusiveness in depicting an End-Time scenario. More complete in its portrayal of that time than even apocalyptic writings such as Daniel and Revelation, it spells out a great confluence of events to which humanity may look forward. Using Israel’s ancient history as an allegory of the end of the world, it predicts the future by drawing on events of the past. Only a prophet–poet with extraordinary literary skills could have predicted “the end” based on the world’s beginnings (Isaiah 46:10). Only a visionary who saw both time periods could have crafted such a prophetic masterpiece.

    While the book of Isaiah’s apocalyptic message accords with Jewish tradition, and while literary structures provide proof of its twofold applicability—Isaiah’s day and the end of the world—it still requires a leap of faith to believe that this is indeed a handbook for our time. For one thing, it may mean discarding much or all of what we have been taught. Isaiah foresees this confusion when he speaks of the deaf “hearing” and the blind “seeing” the words of his book. Only then will “they who erred in spirit gain understanding and they who murmured accept instruction” (Isaiah 29:18, 24). Fortunately, not all of God’s people fall in that category (Isaiah 66:2, 5).

    10. 12. 2011

  • Dewey Olsen

    End-Time “Egypt”—A Superpower in Decline
    by Avraham Gileadi Ph.D.

    Isaiah’s use of types of ancient world powers that foreshadow End-Time ones extends to the great superpower Egypt. As with all nations and persons who appear in the book of Isaiah, their true identity emerges when we observe how Isaiah characterizes them, not when we apply historical or archaeological data, though at times that may help. In searching the world today for a nation that matches Isaiah’s description of “Egypt,” the sole candidate is America. That connection is further strengthened by the fact that God’s people anciently dwelt in Egypt, that Joseph ruled Egypt, and that the birthright tribe of Ephraim sprang from Joseph and Asenath, an Egyptian woman.

    Isaiah’s “Egypt,” however, is a superpower in decline: “The ministers of Zoan have been foolish, the officials of Noph deluded; the heads of state have led Egypt astray. Jehovah has permeated them with a spirit of confusion; they have misled Egypt in all that it does, causing it to stagger like a drunkard into his vomit. . . . Manufacturers of combed linen and weavers of fine fabrics will be dismayed. The textile workers will know despair, and all who work for wages suffer distress. . . . I will stir up the Egyptians against the Egyptians; they will fight brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor, city against city and state against state” (Isaiah 19:2, 9–10, 13–14).

    11. 16. 2011

  • L777

    Many millions of low information idiots voted for this illegal POTUS, I saw this coming before the election of 2012 and I did my best to warn these useful idiots that Obama’s Forward was more poverty for Americans. Obama’s policies is strangling the nation and his crappy healthcare is killing jobs.

    The only one doing well is this Lying Fool Obama and his corrupt cronies. Obama has wasted in 5 years 9 Trillion taxpayer’s money that could have been used to create jobs for All Americans. Instead he gave many billions to his muslim buddies the muslim brotherhood and many Billions to muslim Countries that don’t like nor respect us

    So if you voted for this Fool, you voted to be in poverty

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