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Dent, Faber, Celente, Maloney, Rogers – What Do They Say Is Coming In 2014?

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Earth From SpaceSome of the most respected prognosticators in the financial world are warning that what is coming in 2014 and beyond is going to shake America to the core.  Many of the quotes that you are about to read are from individuals that actually predicted the subprime mortgage meltdown and the financial crisis of 2008 ahead of time.  So they have a track record of being right.  Does that guarantee that they will be right about what is coming in 2014?  Of course not.  In fact, as you will see below, not all of them agree about exactly what is coming next.  But without a doubt, all of their forecasts are quite ominous.  The following are quotes from Harry Dent, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, Mike Maloney, Jim Rogers and nine other respected economic experts about what they believe is coming in 2014 and beyond…

Harry Dent, author of The Great Depression Ahead: “Our best long-term and intermediate cycles suggest another slowdown and stock crash accelerating between very early 2014 and early 2015, and possibly lasting well into 2015 or even 2016. The worst economic trends due to demographics will hit between 2014 and 2019. The U.S. economy is likely to suffer a minor or major crash by early 2015 and another between late 2017 and late 2019 or early 2020 at the latest.”

Marc Faber, editor and publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report: “You have to say that we are again in a massive financial bubble in bonds, in equities, in [other] asset prices that have gone up dramatically.”

Gerald Celente: “Any self-respecting adult that hears McConnell, Reid, Boehner, Ryan, one after another, and buys this baloney… they deserve what they get.

And as for the international scene… the whole thing is collapsing.

That’s our forecast.

We are saying that by the second quarter of 2014, we expect the bottom to fall out… or something to divert our attention as it falls out.”

Mike Maloney, host of Hidden Secrets of Money: “I think the crash of 2008 was just a speed bump on the way to the main event… the consequences are gonna be horrific… the rest of the decade will bring us the greatest financial calamity in history.”

Jim Rogers: “You saw what happened in 2008-2009, which was worse than the previous economic setback because the debt was so much higher. Well now the debt is staggeringly much higher, and so the next economic problem, whenever it happens and whatever causes it, is going to be worse than in the past, because we have these unbelievable levels of debt, and unbelievable levels of money printing all over the world. Be worried and get prepared. Now it [a collapse] may not happen until 2016 or something, I have no idea when it’s going to happen, but when it comes, be careful.”

Lindsey Williams: “There is going to be a global currency reset.”

CLSA’s Russell Napier: “We are on the eve of a deflationary shock which will likely reduce equity valuations from very high to very low levels.”

Oaktree Capital’s Howard Marks: “Certainly risk tolerance has been increasing of late; high returns on risky assets have encouraged more of the same; and the markets are becoming more heated. The bottom line varies from sector to sector, but I have no doubt that markets are riskier than at any other time since the depths of the crisis in late 2008 (for credit) or early 2009 (for equities), and they are becoming more so.

Financial editor Jeff Berwick: “If they allow interest rates to rise, it will effectively make the U.S. government bankrupt and insolvent, and it would make the U.S. government collapse. . . . They are preparing for a major societal collapse.  It is obvious and it will happen, and it will be very scary and very dangerous.”

Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies: “Disappointingly, it is much more probable that the government has brought us out of the Great Recession, only to set us up for the Greater Depression, which lies just on the other side of interest rate normalization.”

Boston University Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff: “Eventually somebody recognizes this and starts dumping the bonds, and interest rates go up, and inflation takes off, and were off to the races.”

Mexican Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price: “I think we are going to see a series of bankruptcies.  I think the rise in interest rates is the fatal sign which is going to ignite a derivatives crisis.   This is going to bring down the derivatives system (and the financial system).

There are (over) one quadrillion dollars of derivatives and most of them are related to interest rates.  The spiking of interest rates in the United States may set that off.  What is going to happen in the world is eventually we are going to come to a moment where there is going to be massive bankruptcies around the globe.”

Robert Shiller, one of the winners of the 2013 Nobel prize for economics: “I’m not sounding the alarm yet.  But in many countries the stock price levels are high, and in many real estate markets prices have risen sharply…that could end badly.”

David Stockman, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan: “We have a massive bubble everywhere, from Japan, to China, Europe, to the UK.  As a result of this, I think world financial markets are extremely dangerous, unstable, and subject to serious trouble and dislocation in the future.”

And certainly there are already signs that the U.S. economy is slowing down as we head into the final weeks of 2013.  For example, on Thursday we learned that the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits increased by 68,000 last week to a disturbingly high total of 368,000.  That was the largest increase that we have seen in more than a year.

In addition, as I wrote about the other day, rail traffic is way down right now.  In fact, for the week ending November 30th, U.S. rail traffic was down 16.3 percent from the same week one year earlier.  That is a very important indicator that economic activity is getting slower.

And we continue to get more evidence that the middle class is being steadily eroded and that poverty in America is rapidly growing.  For example, a survey that was just released found that requests for food assistance and the level of homelessness have both risen significantly in major U.S. cities over the past year…

A survey of 25 American cities, including many of the nation’s largest, showed yearly increases in food aid and homelessness.

The cities, located throughout 18 states, saw requests for emergency food aid rise by an average of seven percent compared with the previous period a year earlier, according to the US Conference of Mayors study, published Wednesday.

All but four cities reported an increase in demand for assistance between the period of September 2012 through August 2013.

Unfortunately, if the economic experts quoted above are correct, this is just the beginning of our problems.

The next wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching, and things are going to get much worse than this.

So what do you think?

Which of the individuals quoted above do you think are right on the money and which ones do you think are way off base?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • Rodster

    Gerald Celente’s quotes about the whole global Ponzi scheme being rigged and everybody’s doing the same thing. It’s a race to the bottom”. That tipped me off awhile back that China was no better than The Fed and he was right. Thanks to the Zero Hedge we come to find out they upped The Fed by 4x the crookery by pumping $15 trillion into the banking system.
    When the ship goes down everyone is going with it. There aren’t enough lifeboats aka “Gold” to save us from this Global sinking ship.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I just hope that people are not becoming apathetic and thinking that the next crash is never going to happen.


      • Rodster

        There are many who thinks this is all hookie. That somehow the geniuses who got us into this mess are smart enough to save us from what’s eventually headed are way.

      • davidmpark

        Locally, the LDS people here are finally starting to prepare en mass. The LDS Church is already prepared and has some good plans for the future. The general population, however, is quite apathetic. Utah State Gov is aware of the coming crisis, but are scared to death and have no real solutions to counter this – nor will they accept any advice from anyone outside their comfort zone. So, this will be interesting.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          ” the LDS people here are finally starting to prepare en mass. ”

          Hey D, I’m in SLC but I haven’t noticed anything different. Are you LDS? I’m not, so I could be missing what you’re seeing. What are you seeing?

          • davidmpark

            Yeah, I’m LDS. The push is coming from the Relief Society and at the Ward level – in our ward near SLC, my in-laws’ ward out west, and in all of my friend’s ward’s in Salt Lake County, Davis, and Utah county also.

            The push has been reluctant for the last several years, but is now picking up. Our Bishop said he has a personal goal of convincing every household to have a food garden by this spring. I’m going to volunteer my rototiller, tools, and experience to help do that.

            Most families are now stocking up slowly but steadily. Old fashioned skills like sewing, woodworking, make-do-and-mend are coming back into fashion. Food drives seem to be weekly.

            So, yeah, it’s starting to pick up again.

          • 2¢Wurth

            Your make-do-and-mend comment struck me funny for some reason. My 92 year-old Mother told me she couldn’t darn any of my socks because she couldn’t find an old incandescent light bulb! Shades of my past when my Mother would mend socks with a light bulb shoved into them…

          • piccadillybabe

            I have found wooden eggs on line and am getting my darning tool box in order. Funny that you mentioned this. We so take new warm socks for granted. Got my old ones ready for the darning mill just in case.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Had a former gf give me a wooden egg once. I knew what it was for, and I do know how to sew, it’s just that I found the egg ridiculously small to be useful.

          • davidmpark

            Just darned for the first time – it’s far more difficult and time consuming than I thought.

            The old timer’s probably could do it in minutes. Show offs!

          • Harcourt

            Well I’ll be darned…. Good for you!!

          • Malcolm Reynolds


          • davidmpark

            Hey, have you attended any town halls to bring this up with your Reps? Ours gave us an ear full of a coming dollar collapse and that state taxes will need to be raised a lot.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            I haven’t. perhaps I should.

          • davidmpark

            You really should; it’s frightening.

            Last one I attended, three self-proclaimed Conservative Republicans were preaching like progressives and liberals: raising taxes, more public transport, dropping the needy from assistance, etc.

          • k

            Deep down…conservatives and liberals are the same..

          • GSOB

            You don’t want to know

      • hopeless

        Sometimes apathy is used as a coping mechanism – when everyone around you refuses to accept reality, there comes a point at which you have to give up or go insane. There is no speaking with someone who perceives you as ‘paranoid’ for knowing the truth.

        • Eric Quintero

          Its the Matrix. The sheep will fight you to protect the system. The system is safe and comfortable. The system is smart and takes care of things.

          Living in the system with so many mind programmed slaves makes me feel like I’m the crazy one.

      • tom

        Unfortunately Michael I think too many are apathetic They want to escape reality and ignore what is going on and the ramifications of things.
        Look at what Congress did to us in the name of “bi-partisanship” yesterday

        • davidmpark

          Apathy and escaping reality; so true! Bread and circuses, Wiemar cabaret, reality shows…

      • Drud

        I agree with hopeless that apathy can be a coping mechanism. Being aware that we are on a sinking ship, makes it difficult to go about my daily tasks. I am lucky, I have a good job, I like my coworkers and I like my company, but it is difficult to think about project details when I am aware of what is coming. My mind continually wanders, always back to the Sword of Damocles that lingers over all our heads. i must admit, there is a part of me that just wants it to happen already and let’s get to surviving and (hopefully) rebuilding.

  • chris

    If you look at the US dollar Index, it’s starting to enter a bear phase. The next level of support is around the 78 level. If it fails to hold, then look out. There is nothing but air until the 72 level.
    Also not mentioned but still of interest, we’re going to see the resurgence of the outlaw, like those of the 1930s. So be safe people.

    • davidmpark

      Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, “Machine Gun” Kelly, Ma Baker’s Boys, Bonnie and Clyde… imagine this on a massive scale with social media in the mix. We’re getting close to that now, but not to their infamy yet.

      • tex may

        they’ll last…oh about twelve minutes…. don’t forget all of those 9mm rounds and armored personal carriers… not to mention the black helicopters and UN soldiers! Oh and the drones….

  • Mondobeyondo

    What do you do in tines like these, when everyone and everything seems so desperate?


    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart

    And lean not on to your own understanding

    In all thy ways acknowledge Him

    And he shall direct your paths.
    Proverbs 3:5-6
    Where do we go from here?
    Well first of all you gotta admit there is a God.
    If you can’t admit that, you won’t get anywhere.
    No wonder we’ve lost the battle. We didn’t even know how to fight it.
    And those of us who DO know how to fight —
    rested on our laurels instead!!

    • ZipR22

      No matter what, we are still in for more economic hard times

      Full Layoff List: Dailyjobcuts co m

    • Mondobeyondo

      Okay – being a bit self-critical.
      Just a bit though,.
      As long as there’s a war, there’s a battle to fight. That’s kind of the definition of war, rith? Gotta fight someone.

      Hope your battle strategy is not totally dependent on :”Call of Duty” or “Angry Birds”,

      I’ll show you some angry birds of my own, Cockatiels with an attitude!

    • Guest

      That’s a very appropriate passage of Scripture. Thanks for sharing it.

    • davidmpark


    • jonno

      Stop with the god stuff, it’s only ever caused problems and wars.

      • Richard

        I know. I sympathize. But you’re wasting your time trying to reason with these deluded morons. You might as well put your head in a bucket of water three times and take it out twice…

        • Nicnak

          would be bucket of beer for me, please?

      • chief1

        Seriously? Lack of God causes wars. The godless heathen Muslims are starting the wars and us God-gearing Christians finish them. Once we eradicate them maybe we can enjoy some peace.

        • Phil from Germany

          Just as jonno said, religion causes more problems than anything else. Your comment is proof.

          • GSOB

            The mark of the true religion
            (there is only one that is true and ALL the others are false)

            is that it comes from God and process sinners into saints’

            God became man to make man God – that is in God’s life and nature.

            The perfect GodMan is Jesus Christ… the prototype.
            When He returns, believers will be glorified with him. Believers will be without sin then. Is not that worth praying for?

            What remains until then is the process, with faith hope and love.

            That’s the message. Don’t miss out.

        • Consti

          Wow, there is a lot of love in your heart. I thought your book said you are supposed to love your enemies?

          • jaxon64

            he’s a fake troll pretending to be a christian…and you bought it..

          • Annette Smith

            Consti, you can love your enemies. But, if they are trying to cut your head off, I’ll kill them, first.

          • Jonas

            yes we shoud kill him

          • uh-huh

            Consti: The book says to love your neighbor, love yoru enemy…it does NOT say to sit there and let your neighbor or your enemy chop off your head…i wish people would learn to distinguish the two…sigh.

          • Jimmy

            we do love our enemies. Nothing says they have to be alive….

        • Consti

          Personally I’m not a fan of the jewish-abrahamic religions. All you guys have done is fight, fight, fight all throughout history.

          • NowAlive

            So you approve of the Hindus who recently burned down about 20 houses in India and who are caught gang raping women on buses to death? Perhaps you prefer godless Stalin and Mao who collectively killed up to 100 million people in the last century, which far exceeds the number killed in the Jewish/Abrahamic religions throughout history. If you hate killing then atheism and paganism/hinduism/buddhism are not the answer. The fact is that some humans are murderers at heart, regardless of religion. You’ve simply embraced a false paradigm. God at least teaches to “love they enemy” whether that is followed through or not by those who claim to follow Him.

          • Phil from Germany

            Your religion has started more wars and been responsible for the deaths of countless millions. Why cant you live by the simple ideal, “Live and let live”, ?

          • You use the old “godless communist” lie. True Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot did kill millions. But not because they were atheists but because they were totalitarian dictators that removed anyone they perceived as a threat.

            Those are facts and I understand that, to believe in any religion, facts and rational thinking must first be discarded.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            yes, problem is the ones perceived as threats dared recognize a higher authority, called GOD.

          • Prove ayy god. I’ve issued that challenge thousands of times, no one ever has. Most slink away in horror that anyone could dare asks it.

            There is no god on the self-deluded and those too lazy to think believe in one.

          • Jonas

            oh james turn, turn and face the lord or forever in Hell

          • Oh Jonas, shut up. You’re a tiresome idiot that’s ironically proud of showing it to everyone.

            You have never even acknowledged a request to prove anything. That alone shows how cowardly you are mentally and ethically.

          • Jonas

            yuo are james sMith westbra

          • GSOB

            James Smith…
            please, don’t flatter yourself.

            It’s just vile when you do so…

          • It’s vile what religion does to the world.

            I am not flattering myself. I simply tell the truth. How sad that people hate the truth so much.

          • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

            Can you name some of the basic pieces of evidence for the Christian faith?

            If not, they you have no idea what they arguments are on the other side and you are essentially clueless.

            I know the arguments of the atheists extremely well. Can you say the same about the Christians?


          • Jonas

            yes robret GOD is grate! James Smith is a idiot and he will burn in Hell

          • GSOB

            James Smith…

            How does a caterpillar transform into a butterfly?

            God has / is redeeming sinners from his wrath, which history is all about.

            You and I die one day. I’m 51. I like to guess…you are a little older than I?

            We are appointed to die and then face judgement. Are you not dying everyday James?

            The bible teaches that the redeemed will have eternal life, a new heaven and new earth… with Jesus Christ,
            as the new humanity.

            No more death, lying, sin, sins, the devil…

            That’s what we all need… Life.

            God has provided salvation and to this end I pursue.

            So should you.

          • GSOB

            Don’t you worry Consti, God has a purpose for your life also.
            Afterall… you are alive.

        • Scooby Snaxx

          Dont worry yourself with these people because the islamist behead atheists, so when they run amok on the world as they will and have been they will wish someone had done something about them but it will be to late by then.

          • Phil from Germany

            I have some very good friends who are Islamic, and they are friends for life. You would have been a star here in Germany about 400 years ago when the inquestion was in full swing, thankfully we have progressed since then, have you ?

          • Robert Streander Jr

            You are a fool. Muslims openly believe in lying to force their beliefs on the infidels. They don’ even hide it because of ignorant people like you. They are openly trying for world domination, in the name of their so called prophet and Allah.

          • Gay Veteran

            unlike the American empire?
            but then our true god is Mammon

          • Robert Streander Jr

            what empire?

          • Gay Veteran

            LOL, yeah, we have no empire

          • Robert Streander Jr

            Ok lets go to basics here, I’ll make it easy for you. Name one country that we have conquered just because we could and kept for ourselves.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh, so you think we have to physically occupy a country to control it.

          • Phil from Germany

            And this you know through in depth conversations with Muslims right ?. The fool is found in yourself

          • AV

            everyone, stop arguing and KNOW HIM WELL,RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE ! KJV

          • Robert Streander Jr

            Actually I know this from reading their Manifesto for Muslims located in the United States, confiscated from a raid on one of their holeups, written by their leader of the Muslim brotherhood, and was also admitted as acceptable evidence in a court case against them. Be glad to provide you with a copy.

          • Gay Veteran

            quit wetting your pants over “islamofascists”

        • Joe Blogger

          Simple proof of the pudding is that the US is largely held together by Christian beliefs yet they’ve bomb and killed millions of innocent men, women & children decade after decade after decade the world over. Before the imperialist Christians in the US it was the imperialist Christians in the UK, Religion has a habit of blinding people from the the truth. Period.

        • Do you know that the muslims say the same thing about christians?

          Kill an entire class of people? That’s really very christian of you. Given the history of christianity, not at all unexpected, though.

          • GSOB

            “That’s really very christian of you.”

            You’ve got all the answers James Smith. You speak from experience?

          • Yes, I do speak from experience and a knowledge of the bible.

            I agree, reality won’t budge. Too bad you don’t understand what you said.

            I am not parroting, that’s what religious people do. The spout what they have been to told without ever thinking, “Can this be true?”

            No, I do not have all the answers. Only religion claims to do that. It is always the same answer, though, “God did it.” Nor does religion allow that answer to be questioned. That’s why it’s a cult using brainwashing tactics to maintain its hold on the gullible.

          • GSOB

            Ever been excommunicated from a local church,
            James Smith?

          • GSOB


            James Smith speaks truth for once.

            James Smith says,

            “No, I do not have all the answers.”

            Praise the Lord!

        • jonno

          Ha Ha Really? Americans can’t eradicate tooth decay, they have no chance with dedicated religious zealots.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            I guess that explains why the zealots hide behind women and children.

          • Gay Veteran

            like we use drones to kill women and children?

          • Robert Streander Jr

            No we use drones to kill terrorists that hide behind women and children like the sniveling cowards they are, attempting to build an empire. Study that.

          • Gay Veteran

            hey junior, you want to kill “terrorists” (many of whom are nationalists who oppose our empire), then go join the army

        • Gay Veteran

          hey chief1, go join the army you pos

        • Observer

          God-fearing christian says:”Once we eradicate them maybe we can enjoy some peace”

          Ironic how he is contradicting himself and by this i can say that America deserves this crisis more than ever!

        • Jonas

          i hope they all burn in Hell

        • jox

          wow! How much violence and hatred in your comment!

          • Robert Streander Jr

            And just how do you suggest we react when they fly civil airplanes into public buildings in our country killing 3000 innocent civilians with intent to do just that: Kill innocent people. And then just let us accidentally kill a few of them with drones, due to the cowards that they are hiding amongst women and children and we get called the murderers, as if we did it on purpose. Despicable scum like that deserve their 72 virgins.

          • jox

            You are the definition of brainwashed. The world is much more complex than that. And about violence, I think that americans cannot be very proud of their acts against other countries. History didn’t start in 2001, do you know?

        • goatonastick

          Muslims also believe in a god, although I question your loyalty to yours with such hate for your fellow man. “Love thy neighbor, unless he is muslim” <- where was this passage?

        • sarfarazahmad

          We Muslim’s are neither Godless, nor heathen. Your ignorance is so profound. Your bloodthirsty “cult” started the Crusades. Remember the inquisition? Look how u guys transgressed and trespassed the native Americans. Is it Muslim soldiers on American soil or are the Christians in the lands of the Muslims? You will never “eradicate” us despite your best attempts. You guys will get a big surprise when Jesus son of Mary returns. Youre gonna plump for the Anti Christ who shall call handling himself God and you will reject Jesus who said in the gospels “why call me God? No one is good except One, God.” So ignorant person keep the first commandment or youre doomed.

        • disqus_Y01MWdHF9h

          Muslims aren’t godless. They believe in the same as god as you, the god of Abraham. They also believe that Jesus was a prophet of the god of Abraham. However, they also believe that Mohammed was the final prophet, and that an angel inspired him to write the Koran, and that all those who do not live and worship in accordance with the Koran are in religious and ritual error.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Tell that to the Nazis, Soviets, Cubans and American leftist pro-abortionists.

        • Telling any religious delusional person anything is like talking to a cat. They may appear interested, but they are really just wanting you to shut up and go away.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            shut up and go away.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            Finally, someone with a sense of humor,. Good one man, my sides are hurting.

          • OMFG! How intelligent. How eloquent, how juvenile. You can’t rationally disprove anything I say so you demand I “shut up and go away.” How typically christian.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            No, It was more a ‘I’m not going to argue with stupid people’ response and I fed you back what you said, ‘they are really just wanting you to shut up and go away’.
            Overall, you get a snore because you sound like you’re having a 5 alarm hissy fit. typical godless fool. God bless you.

          • GSOB

            Proverbs 29:9 for the eagle, globe and anchor….

            “If a wise person goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace.”

          • You are again being smug and self0righteous.

            “God Bless You” is an intentionally offensive remark designed to make yourself feel like something other than the religious nut case you are.

            It also enables you to avoid having tom respond to simple requests such as “prove your pints.” But you have no proof to offer so you respond with obnoxious platitudes and lies.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            You keep forgetting to ask whether I really give a mcshizzle if I offend left-wing nutbags.
            Pssst. nope. You hard left atheists are mean and you foam at the mouth so you deserve to be offended – CONSTANTLY if possible.
            I cant prove God exists, that’s why it’s called faith.
            You cant prove God doesn’t exist, and you’re gonna rely on your faith in that.
            And yet, you’re going to call me a nut.
            God Bless you and yours.
            I hope that’s offensive enough that you go away this time, nutbag.

          • Jonas

            he was pawned !

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            You mean pwned?

          • Why do you think I am a “left-wing nutbag”? You know nothing about me other than I am much smarter than you are. So you make up the worst insult your feeble brain can supply. How soon will you start calling me a homosexual and using other juvenile sexual insults?

            I know plenty of atheists that are not liberals. They are simply intelligent people that think rationally.

            Or are you saying that right-wing conservatives must first be certified as religious reich scumbags?

            Of course you cannot prove any god exists. It’s called “faith” because it’s accepting as true something for which there is not verifiable evidence and even much evidence against it.

            Yes, I can prove god doesn’t exist. That’s another lie you religious nutbags spout.

            Yes, you are a nut and a delusional one at that.

            You revel in being obnoxious and offensive because you can use your religion t justify your bad behavior, That’s fine you have plenty of company in that. Here’s a quote from Blaise Pascal, also author of he infamous “Pascal’s Wager.

            “Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions.”

            BTW, soup for brains, “Can’t” requires an apostrophe. Why is it that you religious reich nut cases so often cannot spell and have a terrible command of language? Are you really that stupid or just proud of sounding like a badly-educated 12 y/o?

            Yep, “Shut up and go away.” That’s a clever way of handling statements for which you cannot form a rational reply. Again, another typical religious wacko response.

          • GSOB

            James Smith

            Matthew 7:6
            Jesus the Christ said,

            “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

            You are the dog..i.e, an unclean animal.

          • Jonas

            yes he is a dog burn in Hell

          • More babble nonsense.

            You are a liar, a fool, and a hypocrite.

          • Jonas

            burn in Hell

          • GSOB

            “You are a liar, a fool, and a hypocrite.”

            There is some truth to that.

          • GSOB

            James Smith….

            Proverbs 26:3….
            ‘A whip is for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, And a rod for the back of fools.
            4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Or you will also be like him.
            5 Answer a fool as his folly deserves, That he not be wise in his own eyes.…

          • When you use babble verses to make a point, you are admitting you have no facts, no logic, or anything intelligent to say.

            Thank you for demonstrating that for me.

          • Jonas

            no james they are Jesus words

          • K

            Enough, I know of your professor, he is an atheist. For him to teach religious studies, is like an English professor teaching physics. You think because he has written many books, it makes him an expert. Dr. Seuss wrote quite a few books too. Want to quote him next. Oh and by the way Jesus birthplace was not under direct Roman rule. It was under the rule of King Herod. Yes he was required to answer to Rome on some things. But was giver wide ranging authority to rule his own kingdom.

          • Jonas

            yes wm james shoud read Bible Jesus wrote it

          • GSOB

            “When you use babble verses to make a point, you are admitting you have no facts, no logic, or anything intelligent to say.”

            It is not by my strength, but His. If God is for me, who can be against me?

            What you esteem as babble is actually Holy. Therefore, it’s easy to dismiss me.

            The Word is to love thy enemies. Would you say I have demonstrated that to you James?

          • Jonas

            i do not love james

        • Gay Veteran

          yeah, all 4 are equivalent


          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Yup. Equivalent in their godlessness and mass murder.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            good one dude. Like your picture. I must admit till I looked at it close It appeared to be a cartoonish face of some creature with thick eyebrows and a crooked smile but now I get it.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh no, another history challenged right-winger

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Another history denying revisionist left-winger.

          • Gay Veteran


          • Malcolm Reynolds


          • Gay Veteran

            idiot parrot

        • Gay Veteran

          because only “leftists” have abortions, LOL

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Thanks for the history lesson. I was unaware that abortion was brought to us and is defended by the right.
            Oh wait, you were making a stupid, snotty reply that ignored what I was saying.
            For someone that denies being a left-winger, you sure do have a hard-on for male right-wingers. Yikes. pervert

          • Jonas

            abortian is against God and if you are aborted y0ou will burn in Hell

          • Gay Veteran

            still can’t read, eh.
            you right-wingers like to rail against abortion until your mistress gets knocked up

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Don’t project your delusions at me pole smoker. I’ve been very happily married for 17 years and don’t do murder. Sorry to burst your little gay fantasies but I also don’t do mistresses.

          • Gay Veteran

            well hoo-f**king-ray, you’re not the typical right-wing hypocrite

      • nancyc

        Let ppl believe what they want , u believe what u believe so why be hitting on other comments ?? Ppl need hope in tomes of approaching disasters ,if they believe God us that hope …let them don’t splash muddy negativism on someone trying to keep a picture of hope …

      • Thevoiceofreason

        The fool says in his heart ‘there is no God’. God is and alwas has been your only hope buddy. How long will you run?

      • J M

        Actually that is a lie. The most murders in the world were committed by the people–leftists/liberals–communists to be exact, who murdered over 120 million of their own people because they denied the sanctity of human life. Leftists have to lie to promote their secular, humanist amoral moral, economic and spiritual sabotage.

      • J M

        And for all the ignorant sods who whine about the “crusades”, they were not following Christ’s teaching, and they were merely (and justly) reconquering land stolen by Muslims who invaded the Holy Land of Lebanon (which was majority Christian until the 70s when Muslims started a civil war) and Israel from Saudi Arabia where they massacred Jews for not following Mohammed.

      • J M

        God is the one who teaches people to not murder and live in peace, forgive and to return good for evil. So actually it is the people who hate God–leftists, fascists and other true God hating people–who are responsible for the world’s wars.

        • vondean

          A big AMEN JM

    • Ralfine

      yeah, carry on as before and trust that someone else will fix things

    • Richard

      “Well first of all you gotta admit there is a God. If you can’t admit that, you won’t get anywhere.”

      How do you know that? I see. So what you’re saying is that if you don’t happen to believe in all the “God” codswallop, you’re doomed, huh?
      You sound like George Bush: “either your with us or you’re against us”.
      As I keep saying, the “God” you’re so fond of IS THE VERY BEING WHICH WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE. How can you possibly go to him-it-her and ask him to save you. Don’t you realize he’s laughing at you behind your back?

      • 65starship

        god is a imaginary friend or foe irrational belief(ifofib) just like in a schizophrenia

        • davidmpark

          You do realize that unless there is a publicly declared diagnosis from a certified Psychiatrist; that accusing someone of a mental disorder or disease (such as Schizophrenia) on a publicly viewed forum is libel and you can be personally sued, right?

    • sammy

      Trust in yourself with all your heart
      and lean not onto your religions for understanding
      in all the ways acknowledge you are your thoughts
      and ye shall find the “way”

      • Drud

        I hate these types of threads. It just shows our “all or nothing” culture. Atheists seem more often than not to have a serious ax to grind and use this line of reasoning: “I don’t like this aspect of this religion, and I don;t like the wars that have been waged because of religion, and I really don’t like the religious talking heads on tv, therefore, there is no God.” Specious reasoning at its finest. Then there are the Christians who claim, in specific detail, the will of a being who created a vast and ancient cosmos. (And oddly God is always completely on their side). Personally, I do believe in God but tend to discount organized religion (at least on a large scale) I do however find great comfort in gathering and praying with small groups of faithful. If you have never tried it and you say it has no value, is that not in itself illogical?
        Ultimately, the point is this: NO MATTER what the true nature of existence is, it is the same for ALL of us. We are in this thing together. The vitriol exchanged between religious and atheists is tired and destructive. IMO, little different from the R vs D BS.

        • Phil from Germany

          Exactly, very well put Drud

        • Robert Streander Jr

          Amen and well said brother. Wish I had your calm demeanor. These idiots just make me come out sluging. lol

        • 65starship

          your imaginary friends won’t do anything

    • Aaron Anita Gonzalez

      Read Ps. 91.. The whole chapter. 🙂
      Jesus will take care of those that are His and who put their trust in him! In the 39 years that I have been His child HE has NEVER failed me! And He never will! 🙂 He is the One True living God and He keeps His Word! No matter what happens to the economy.. He will give his children Peace and Prosperity! Glory to him! 🙂

      • LMAO! You are so delusional that no amount of verifiable evidence would sway you in the slightest.

        A comforting lie is preferable to any truth. The lie doesn’t require you to think or do anything useful.

        • 65starship

          that’s because he’s christ paychotic imbelice beileving in imaginary friend or foe irrational beliefs(ifofib)s just like in a schizophrenia

          • Please learn to use your spell checker.

          • GSOB

            Please tune your guitar

          • I understand, you have nothing intelligent to say so you have to respond with something completely stupid that has nothing to do with anything.

            Well done. You take the prize for exhibiting determined dumbness in this thread. Given the other responses I have received, that’s no small achievement.

          • GSOB

            As a musician… I’m trying to find common ground with you. Ever dropped your sticks?

        • 65starship

          whops i met christ psychotic imbelice

          • I met someone that cannot spell write rationally and is too stupid to use a spell checker.

            No christ ever existed. Read this, imbecile.

            As stated by Dr. Bart Ehrman, Professor of religious studies at the University of North Caroline, Chapel Hill, NC said, “In the entire first Christian century, Jesus is not mentioned by a single Greek or Roman scholar, politician, philosopher, or poet. His name never appears in a single inscription, and it is never found in a single piece of private correspondence. Zero! Zip references!”

          • Jonas

            He didnt live in rome or greek He lived in Bethlem

          • Ni, he was born in Bethlehem, (please note spelling) if you believe the BS in the babble.

            BTW, “didn’t” requires an apostrophe.

            In any case, the entire region was under Roman rule at that time. I would not expect a person of your dismal intellect to know that. Clearly you haven’t even read the babble or you might have learned that.

          • Jonas

            burn in Hell

        • Aaron Anita Gonzalez

          I feel sorry for you .. In a way. But its the choice you make. You will regret not believing.

      • Aaron Anita Gonzalez

        God bless you! 🙂

      • 65starship

        christ psychosis schizophrenia

      • GSOB

        Read Job 13:15 and try to grow beyond your earthly, comfort zone.

        Yes… Glory to Him.

    • First, you have to prove there is a god.

      Otherwise, you’re wasting your life and resources on total BS.

      When you depend upon babble passages to prove your point, you’re admitting you have no facts or rational thinking to offer.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        What surprises me is that most of those that are against the Christian faith cannot even explain to you the basic evidence that shows Christianity is true.

        In order to be any sort of an “authority” on any matter, you have to know and understand the arguments on both sides.

        And if anyone out there says that there is not any evidence for Christianity, that just shows that they completely and utterly do not know what they are talking about.


        • K

          Michael, I will tell you a thing. Many claim to be atheists, those who do not believe God exists. And yet when you read their statements they are full of hate. How does one hate something, you do not believe exists? No, they know God exists, they just hate him. Do we all not know of what spirit, God haters are of?

          • 65starship

            another christ psychotic schizophrenic

          • K

            Thank-you for proving my point.

          • 65starship

            what point that god is a imaginary friend

          • K

            No, your level of hostility. It is a shame you waste so much time and effort, on something you do not think is real.

        • 65starship

          what evidence?.creationist non sense

          • GSOB


            Let me help you 65starship…

            Romans 1:21

            ‘For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.’

            That includes me and you 65star

          • Gay Veteran

            he requested evidence

          • GSOB

            more evidence in the natural realm has been requested by the infamous Gay Veteran…

            There is this book, the history of it’s existance speaks volumes, let alone it’s content. You would not be interested in it’s content.

            Perhaps you would be opened minded, in examining it’s history. That’s the best I proof I can provide for you right now,….

            Other than a denial response from you… at least examine that and

            take this conversation higher.

            Here is something in it’s content

            ‘All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness;
            17 so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.’

          • Jonas

            what book is that you shoud read Bible it is best book

          • Gay Veteran

            as Gerald Celente says: think for yourself

          • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

            That is my point. Atheists should be able to explain the Christian point of view systematically, and Christians should be able to do the same for atheists.


        • Where is your proof? Yum saying it is true doesn’t make it true.

          I say christianity is a lie and I can proof it. Let’s start with jesus.

          As stated by Dr. Bart Ehrman, Professor of religious studies at the University of North Caroline, Chapel Hill, NC said, “In the entire first Christian century, Jesus is not mentioned by a single Greek or Roman scholar, politician, philosopher, or poet. His name never appears in a single inscription, and it is never found in a single piece of private correspondence. Zero! Zip references!”

          This is only one small bit of proof I can provide and remember, I used on of your own scholars for it.

          Now, prove anything you have ever even thought in your life is true.

          • GSOB

            James Smith….

            Front and center….

            Why is America the only country in history that has defined itself as


            Romans 1:22

            ‘Professing to be wise, they became fools,….

          • Gay Veteran

            I love how you say “Judeo-Christian” when the Jews were so discriminated against in our history

          • News flash for you. The USA has NOT defined itself as a christian or any other religion country. The Constitution expressly forbids that. The treaty of Tripoli specifically states the USA is not in any way a christian nation.

            The christian nation nonsense is a lie by the religious reich in yet another attempt to subjugate and oppress all who do not agree with them.

          • GSOB


            You are in a great need of help ….the truth setting you free.

            Lord God… in the name of your son, please show the beauty of Jesus Christ to the inner man of James Smith.
            Please let the name of the Lord be glorified in James by the mercy and grace you have given me.


            You have my prayer James. Let the walls come down.

          • Jonas


          • Yes, you are an arrogant, obnoxious fool.

            Please let your mind occupy itself with accepting the truth and stop being a hateful, mean-spirited jerk.

            What walls? Do you mean verifiable facts and rational thinking?

          • GSOB

            Yes Sir.

          • GSOB

            James Smith = obnoxious

          • GSOB

            James Smith = obnoxious

          • Jonas

            UsA is christina not oboama tho he is a muslin

          • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

            You are right – saying it is true does not make it true.

            But the fact that you do not know the basic evidence on the other side of the argument shows that you have no idea what you are talking about.

            And quoting Bart Ehrman CERTAINLY does not help your case.

            Both Christians and atheists should both know both sides of their arguments backward and forward.

            You obviously do not.


          • davidmpark

            Um, that’s not proof of Christianity not being true.

            The Apostles wrote their epistles by hand, and those had to be copied by hand. Most information that got around took a very long time to reach the general population.

            Very few manuscripts survived the first hundred years after transcribing, and those that did get a lot of copies were done in copy houses by dozens of slaves copying what one slave read aloud. Even Pliny’s history of Rome took a very long time to surface and few copies survived to the middle ages.

            And the scholars at the time were far from reliable. Polybius wrote pretty much anything that sounded good and is hard to cross reference. Pliny and Livy wrote a lot of their stuff a hundred years after many of the events. Caesar is only considered accurate so long as the archeological record matches. These guys were not what people today view as scholars.

          • You offer excuses, not proof. I said to prove anything about christanity is true.

            Yes, I agree, those people were not scholars or even decent historians.

          • davidmpark

            I was offering context.

            If you want proof, then study the scriptures and practice what is preached. Test it for yourself through action and then use the litmus tests provided in scripture by praying in the name of Jesus Christ and asking the Lord if what is taught is true, and looking with all honesty at the results of own your actions living the Gospel.

            This is basic scientific method, mate. You want proof – you do the leg work and find out for yourself; that’s how it works. All your doing right now is demanding a result and the blessings without going through the motions yourself to earn it. Doesn’t work that way; cause and effect applies here.

          • Apparently, you have not bothered t read my other posts. I have read the babble many times. If you checked out the video I have about it on my page at photobucket, you’d know the entire story.

            Jesus never existed. I have challenged hundreds, if not thousands of ties to have anyone show me any contemporary accounts of any Jesus. Mostly, I learn they have no idea what is meant by “contemporary”.

            I am not demanding results, I am asking for someone to prove their claims. Alternatively, to prove anything I have posted is not true. No one has done either.

            “BLessings” You mean the BS ideas promoted by the deluded liars, hypocrites and fools promoting religion?

            By that standard, my life is blessed. I have been atheist since I was 13 and have had a great life. I’ve traveled, lived in serveal countries, have two great children and now grandchildren. Currently, I live in a paradise a few blocks from the beach. I’ve been with the same woman over ten years, live in a nice condo with maid service 6 days a week, have friends and family close to me, can play my guitar as much as I please, although not as well as I would like, but who does?

            In addition, I’ve sailed to distant parts of the world, accomplished things that were beyond my expectations and generally enjoyed life to the fullest. Again, those things are on the photobucket page. Search on slrman.

            Yes, there have been low points. My parents died sooner than they should have done, I’ve had failures in relationships, business, and goals. Those things are part of life. All we can do is learn the lessons they have for us and move forward into the next adventure.

            I’ve managed all of this without wasting my resources on a fake religion founded upon lies.

            As I often say, shown undeniable proof, I would change my thinking on anything, including religion. What would it take to change yours?

            Obviously, you know not a thing about the scientific method. YOU make the claims, you provide the proof.

            Yes, cause and effect does apply. Religion has failed to demonstrate any effects and always offers the same excuses. “The lord works in mysterious ways.” It’s all a scam, mate. Wake up and examine the truth.

          • GSOB

            Who gives a fat babies azz
            about your life?

            You say Jesus never existed.

            You are a waste of breath and the space you occupy
            is better served as a dung pile.

          • Apparently, you care a lot. You keep coming back to preach and have your intellect handed to you each time.

            I know, you can’t help it. Like Robert, your total lack of self-esteem requires that you have the last word. Then you can lie to yourself that you have “won”.

            Have fun, I am tired of dealing with the abysmal stupidity of your posts and personality.

          • GSOB

            Really? You are tired of harassing Christians….?

            I guess the devil does sleep.

          • GSOB

            Go take your anger to a 12 step program. You need to soften up and sober up.

          • davidmpark

            Excuses… Come on, try getting some proof. 🙂

          • How are those excuses? What have I posted that is not true? Come on silly azz. Do something besides demonstrate your own lack of intelligence and ethics.

          • GSOB

            whens the last time you beat your wife James Smith?

          • GSOB

            Hot shot, James Smith says’

            “I say christianity is a lie and I can proof it. Let’s start with jesus.”

            And immediatley after, he refers to a professor he ‘learned’ some lies from.

            Is this guy for real?

          • I gave you an example form your own camp. I never learned for Dr. Ehrman, or have ever met him. I was only quoting his writing. Is that too complicated for your feeble brain?

            Here’s some more. Remember, you asked for it.

          • GSOB

            my camp?

          • You stupid SOB. I was quoting Dr. Ehrman, someone from your own camp. I have not learned from him or ever met him.

            Maybe the concept of quoting your own authorities as proof is too complicated for your feeble brain.

            Here’s more from my own researches. Being a religious nut, you should easily accept that, because someone says something, it is automatically true. That is the basis of belief and faith.

            In the case of the historical Jesus, there is not one contemporary record of his existence. The Romans, who otherwise kept very good records never mentioned a figure who was supposed to be socially, politically, and spiritually so significant as well as publicly performing many miracles; then was executed after a very public trial.

            Not until the Gospel of Mark, written from 40 to over 100 years after the supposed crucifixion, (depending upon which biblical scholar you choose to believe) is there any mention of Jesus. If we look at the fables of Horus, Attis, and Mithra, we see amazing similarities. Born in low circumstances on December 25, 12 followers, executed at an early age, son of a god, the list goes on. It would appear that the early church, in need of a powerful central figure, “borrowed” from earlier myths to create a rallying point for their religion.

            Note, I did not say your jesus was born on December 25. I know that date was assigned long after his alleged existence. The point is, the date was chosen from those earlier myths.

            Again, too complicated for you?

          • GSOB

            Dr who

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Yikes, you’re telling someone they’re stupid and then denying not only the existence of Jesus but that the Roman’s ever mentioned him.
            C’mon, no one is that stupid. You’re pullin his leg.

          • I am not “calling” anyone stupid. I am saying they ARE stupid as they demonstrate in their posts.

            Yes, I deny the existence of any jesus. And no, the Romans never mentioned him. As always, show me a contemporary reference to any jesus. From the Romans or anyone else.

            Yes, you are that stupid.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            LMAO, I was talking about you moron. Apparently you are just that stupid.

          • Dean Fiddle

            Mr Smith, you vile coward, if you google ‘8-reasons-jesus-definitely-existed’ you will find 8 pieces of proof that Jesus did indeed exist.

            By my calculations you have just had your dismal intellect handed to
            you on a plate; you don’t know how to use the internet despite hiding
            behind it 24/7.

          • Jonas

            Jesus is uor proof who is yuo?

        • Ben

          Been reading your blog every few days for a few months and enjoy it. Was excited somewhat to see 500+ comments. Until I started reading them. Can y’all go to some religious blog if thats your thing? This back and forth bollocks is boring!

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        “First, you have to prove there is a god. ”
        Who said?
        God bless you and yours!

        • 65starship

          the bible is non sense

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Well that opinion is certainly nonsense. <– notice how you spell that word.
            God Bless you.

          • GSOB

            65star….you are nicer demon than James Smith

        • Every intelligent person that ever lived, plus myself.

          Your “god bless” is arrogant, smug, condescending, and offensive.

          • Jonas

            Deer james like saint james we talk a lot i like you but you must face the lord or you will burn and jesus will watch

          • I see you are still spouting your typical christian BS threats.

            BTW, it should be “dear” not deer. I am neither a ruminate nor anyone dear to you. But truth has no meaning in your addled mind, does it?

            I’ve asked you many times to prove even one of your outrageous statements. As a cowardly christian, you ignore those reasonable requests.

            Keep wasting your life on your non-existent jesus and your imaginary god.

          • Jonas

            oh james, it woud be nice see you in Heaven but HE will not like you if you are atheest He will see you burn.

            you must turn, turn and face the Lord, Praise the Loard! or burn in Hell, forever in Hell

          • It would be so nice to see you exhibit some intelligence or at least decent behavior. I expect neither from you as you are far too determinedly stupid, obstinately obnoxious and full of religious hate to ever conduct yourself like a decent human being.

            Didn’t it ever occur to you that, if your religion had even a molecule of truth to it, you would not need to rely upon the empty threats of hell and the false promises of a heaven?

            No, I’m sure it did not. That would require the ability to think for yourself and dispassionately examine facts. Either of which would not support your smug, arrogant behavior.

            I suspect you enjoy being hateful and placing yourself above others that are obviously smarter than yourself. It lends some credibility to your otherwise empty life that’s filled with the lies of your religion.

          • GSOB

            Hey James Smith…

            when’s the last time you beat your wife?

          • I can’t believe that even someone as stupid and evil as you are would use that tired old saw.

            All you are doing is demonstrating what a moronic, hate-filled, despicable, troll and a-hole you are.

            Even as worthless as you are, you could still do a tremendous service to all of humanity. You could raise the average IQ and ethical level of the human race. Just step off a cliff.

          • GSOB


          • GSOB

            James Smith is a tyrant…

            He likes to pick on Jonas, a young believer who doesn’t edit…. in order to get to a fight with those who would reply to him.

            This guy is so filled with hate.

          • Jonas is another stalking, lying fool, like you.

            Again, show me my errors.

            If I were filled with hate, you would be dead.

          • GSOB

            To me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Good. moron.
            God Bless you and yours.

          • Thank you for proving my point that you are a purposely obnoxious, hateful, arrogant individual.

            Satan bless you. How do you like that, you PoS?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Project much. go look up through the comment trail and see just who it was thats obnoxious, hateful and arrogant. You’d do well so seek out a dictionary because I think you’re really having a hard time with the definitions..

            If I’m all that for saying God Bless, then LMAO, so be it.
            God Bless you! I hope God shines His light of you and makes you less of an angry, hateful person.

          • I have. You think I have been obnoxious and hateful because I have stated truths that you cannot deny.

            You are that for using a phrase that makes you feel smugly superior, even when you know you are not.

            You have a hard time with facts. But then, facts are always fatal to any religion.

          • GSOB

            James Smith will be the first to correct your spelling and neglect his own editing.

            Go figure.

          • Then point out my errors. I don;t mind being shown them. It’s how I improve.

            Improvement does not seem to be of interest to you or even possible.

          • GSOB

            Too late to point them out…
            you already achieved hypocrite status, JS

          • Jonas

            yuo are in leeg with satan or a devil?

          • GSOB

            James Smith is so full of himself, he wants to fly you out to his neck of the woods to fight him.

            This man James has serious anger problems.

          • When people post deliberate lies and insult to me, I do offer them the opportunity to say them to my face.

            Nor do they have to fly “to my neck of the woods”. I offer to meet them anywhere in the world and even pay their pay.

            But I have far more ethics and courage that you who hide behind a fake ID to spout stuff you would never say to my face.

            You have serious ethical and mental problems.

          • GSOB

            James Smith says’

            “When people post deliberate lies and insult to me, I do offer them the opportunity to say them to my face.”

            Real tough guy.
            Grow up will ya?

          • GSOB

            James Smith = obnoxious

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            “Every intelligent person that ever lived, plus myself.”
            BTW, apparently you lack enough intelligence to know you differentiated yourself from intelligent people. LMAO! Stupid much.
            God Bless!

          • How have I differentiated myself from intelligent people? You are really a massive moron.

            I am being modest and not ranking myself with Albert Einstein and 97% of the scientists in the world.

            You differentiate yourself from intelligent people by the abysmal ignorance of your posts.

            Dumb beyond belief.

            Satan curse you. I hope you appreciate that, even though satan does not exist any more than your imaginary god.

          • Jonas

            yuo will soon burn in Hell

          • GSOB

            J. Smith is a worker of the devil folks….

            He says “Satan curse you.”

            to Malcolm and others throughout.

            This guy is a real problem.
            He is strung out too.

          • GSOB

            James Smith, a real nice guy, as you can see, who joins the blog by declaring to Mondobeyondo he has to prove there is a God.

            Then this deceiver Mr. Smith,

            get’s stupid and relentless and even say’s he has read the bible several times
            Smith says

            “Your “god bless” is arrogant, smug, condescending, and offensive..”

            You know…, Christians feared Saul, who was as Jewish as you can be and
            was hunting down those in the Christ way.

            The Lord knocked him down, revealed Himself and converted Saul to Paul.

            He went on to write much of the epistles in the NT.
            He spoke and was jailed.

            James Smith is in league with the devil, …who hates God and those whom belong to Him and His Christ.

          • GSOB is a cowardly turd brain hiding behind a fake ID.

            Yes, you are smug, condescending, and arrogant. But offensive, as a word, does not begin to adequately describe what a despicable horror of a human being you are.

            In league with the devil? If I were, you would be burning in hell at this instant. Fortunately for you, the devil is as imaginary as your god. So is heaven and hell.

            You stupid SOB. How can I hate god? No one can hate anything that does not and never has existed. That would be like hating Peter Pan for luring all those children away from their parents.

            I don’t even hate you. I find you only worthy of contempt and derision for wasting your intellect, which you claim your god gave you. Isn’t that an insult to that god?

          • GSOB

            You need to repent James Smith, turn to God

            Cry out for His mercy…

            Then perhaps we can jam together.

      • GSOB

        James Smith says,

        “When you depend upon babble passages to prove your point, you’re admitting you have no facts or rational thinking to offer.”

        Those are his rules. (in league with Satan)…
        However, all scritpure is God breathed and man shall not live by bread alone.

        Take a hike James Smith.

        • Nope, not my rules, the facts.

          How can I be in league with Satan? According to you, your god created satan and that god doesn’t exist, either.

          All scripture is a collection of myths, lies and errors in writing, translating, and politically editing.I hike every day. It’s part of my exercise program to keep a sound mind in a sound body. You should try it. It might reduce the level of ignorance you display in every post.

          You have no right to tell me or anyone else what to do. But your christian arrogance makes you think you do.

          • GSOB

            Go practice….
            you can’t play well.

    • 65starship

      your imaginary god won’t do anything

    • davidmpark

      “The precepts of men would have you believe that by limiting the population of the world, we can have peace and plenty. That is the doctrine of the devil. Small numbers do not insure peace; only righteousness does. After all, there were only a handful of men on the earth when Cain interrupted the peace of Adam’s household by slaying Abel. On the other hand, the whole city of Enoch was peaceful; and it was taken into heaven because it was made up of righteous people.

      “And so far as limiting the population in order to provide plenty is concerned, the Lord answered that falsehood in the Doctrine and Covenants when he said:

      “‘For the earth is full, and there is enough and to spare; yea, I prepared all things, and have given unto the children of men to be agents unto themselves.’ (D&C 104:17.)

      “A major reason why there is famine in some parts of the world is because evil men have used the vehicle of government to abridge the freedom that men need to produce abundantly.

      “True to form, many of the people who desire to frustrate God’s purposes of giving mortal tabernacles to his spirit children through worldwide birth control are the very same people who support the kinds of government that perpetuate famine. They advocate an evil to cure the results of the wickedness they support.” (Pres. Ezra Taft Benson; In Conference Report, Apr. 1969, p. 12.)

      • GSOB

        ‘Surely the lowborn are but a breath, the highborn are but a lie. If weighed on a balance, they are nothing; together they are only a breath.’

        • davidmpark

          Who said that?

          • GSOB

            All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful…

          • davidmpark

            Thanks for the references!

    • K

      Sorry, I walked away from fear based dark ages philosophy years ago.

      • K

        Looks like someone hacked the sight. Because I sure did not post that Lie.

    • Wachusett

      Belief in god is a f’n joke used to control the massss. Get a grip and learn to control yourselves without the aid of a book written by the Romans.

      • Jonas

        Jesus wrote the Bible

        • youreamoron

          Hey zoos couldn’t even write his own name

          • Jonas

            burn in Hell

    • Diana

      Well said.

    • jox

      Intelligent people look for answers and solutions. Poor people, desperate people speak about God.

    • Lisa Vacula

      The Lord is only one piece of the puzzle, you get with like minded individuals and you start preparing for bad times, food, water, fuel… seek out your preppers because they already are prepared and will show you how you can provide for your family when the “Zombies” come callin’!

    • bertinanth764

      my Aunty Amelia got a
      fantastic black Audi TT Coupe from only workin part time on a pc… i loved
      this B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

      • GSOB


    • David C

      Trust in the Lord? Sure, but that won’t prevent the coming chaos when people are doing what they want to and are being motivated by greed. God is leaving the people doing this to their own devices and will let everyone suffer the consequences. I believe but what we are witnessing is the decline of a once great nation–it is declining in every facet and will continue to decline like all great nations(empires) have declined in the past. To think that this whole nation is going to fall to it’s knees and do a nationwide repentance when we collapse financially is pure foolishness. When we get to that point –the powers that be will still be saying they can fix it. Again, we are in decline–like all formerly great empires—we are of the age when all empires decline—it’s been a good run but it’s over—-we no longer possess the heart, saavy and right thinking to fix anything. So ‘pie in the sky by and by’ doesn’t fit here–it’s not going to happen that way.

    • DEE

      God has nothing to do with this

    • disqus_Y01MWdHF9h

      Did the Lord tell you how to invest your money? If so, would like to share the advice?

  • JailBanksters

    From the sheeples point of view, there is no problem, the suns shinning, birds are singing, they go to work, pay their bills and don’t see a problem. You have to look into Banks and Governments to even come close to seeing a problem. Some people will loose their house, some loose their Business but the US Government will continue to fail no matter what. Wishful thinking wants me to see it collapse, but I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon. I can see the US Debt going to 30 T’s and still having the same conversations.

  • duncan

    The economy is going to collapse. It might not be next year but it will definitely collapse in the near future.

  • Tim

    Mike Maloney’s videos on “The Hidden Secrets of Money” are outstanding.

    He’s predicting massive deflation followed by hyperinflation.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      That is what I believe is coming too.

      Deflation first, and then hyperinflation later.


      • Oldphartbsa

        Before you can shoot the arrow you have to pull back the bowstring.

        • GSOB

          Not if you are the target

      • Drud

        Odd, I think the path is the opposite, Peter Shiff said something like this as well: the Fed will go the hyperinflation rout, because it is more politically palatable, then once hyperinflation begins to kick in, they will panic and go the default route, leading to massive, unprecedented deflation. Think of it: the last time there was a true deflationary collapse in this country, there was not a single computer in existence. Now, we are almost entirely reliant upon them for accounting at all levels.

        • Drud

          PS – I am not really disagreeing with you. Both paths are entirely plausible. It is all speculation at this point.

  • K

    All I can add is, I feel it is getting close. All those massive orders of ammo, food and general supplies, that the Government made, are in place now. Delivery of the armored personnel carriers, started back a few months ago. Some have even been delivered to campus police forces. If this was chess, I would say all the pieces are in place. All that is lacking is a final triggering event.

    • hopeless

      I agree, the elites are attempting a trigger event, as that’s the final piece…Syria and WWIII was the first attempt – it failed miserably. Nuclear false flag was the second attempt – thwarted by high-ranking officials in the U.S. military, who are now out of a job for not being sociopaths. I imagine these people, who think they are God, do not like failing twice in a row. The next time they try something, it will likely be so huge that no one can escape it. HAARP perhaps?

      • K

        You could be correct. But I think it will more likely be an EMP event. Target American redoubt, that would silence their most vocal critics. Then followed by crashing the internet. That way all the reporting, would come from Government controlled sources.

        • Eric Quintero

          They’re for sure going to kill communication. Once comm goes down its go time. Fight or Flight.

        • Rene Girrard

          EMP is nothing. All you need is a 1.5VDC diode pair tied in parallel to the receiver before the 1st RF amplifier, and it will short that pulse right to ground! The millivolt and microvolt signals never break across the diode and are passed to the 1st RF amp. Come on man!

          • 2¢Wurth

            That may be true, but fused commutators on large generation equipment not protected by Faraday cages are much more problematic. Airburst don’t give off milli- or microvolts, they give off MeV, Bev and Gev voltages, which can cause flux lines around high power lines that will melt a step down transformer into the ground. You can keep your 1st RF amp, I would prefer to have 220 volts at about 200 amps please.

          • Rene Girrard

            Lightening is probably a 100MV discharge. How come our electric grid doesn’t go down every time there is a lightning flash then? EMP is WAY WAY WAY overhyped. It’s in the same category as global warming.

          • davidmpark

            Think it’s a difference between static electricity and magnetic discharge. Lightening (static) can be channeled while magnetic pulses travels in expanding surges; might not act the same as static.

            Need to do more research; I could be wrong.

          • 2¢Wurth

            EMP pulses have three components, E1, E2 and E3. The E3 pulse, unlike lightning, has a strong DC component, overrides all suppression circuitry and can last for minutes. This is what melts down the transformers, not the millisecond burst like lightning. It is very much like a massive Coronal Mass Ejection in that respect – we just don’t get them often enough to have much history of major grid disruption.

          • K

            What will or will not work is meaningless. When over 90% will have taken no steps, to protect their gear. Further with the internet down, the effect will be sufficient.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Holy how! You may as well have said, ‘You just put that one thingy onto the gigglenot and then make the swirlygig go puff and boop’.
            That’s some serious electrical engineering you got goin’ on.

        • BigDonOne

          And ham radio…

        • Drud

          I don’t think any government would use and EMP event, at least no on their own country. A sudden grid failure would be catastrophic, of course, but it would level the playing field in a hurry. Even the elite would be devastated in short order without power.

          • K

            An EMP does not have to be nationwide, the redoubt is a several state area. I believe they could limit it to that. Also very few in that area, that the Government cares about at all. The elite would be mostly unaffected.

          • Drud

            Possibly K and I do admit I don’t have detailed knowledge of the grid, but I do believe that taking out grid components on a state-wide level would almost certainly cause a cascading collapse that might not stop until the whole thing came down.

    • davidmpark

      That’s right: one can “feel” it coming.

    • seth datta

      That event is coming, even possibly as early as next year according to a high ranking NWO shill. We can all see this coming a mile off, and staying with the herd of sheeple is a bad idea, because they’re stupid enough to get us all killed.

      • tex may

        “even possibly as early as next year”…. but if not for sure the yar after, or the year after that!

  • Syrin

    So what these guys didn’t add to the puzzle is that as the collapse comes closer, the risk of getting into war goes up, domestically and abroad. Remember that little nation in the Mid East that all those idiotic hypocritical liberals were so eager to bomb because it posed such a massive threat because…. well because they told us it did despite all evidence to the contrary? Syria, yeah, that’s the place. Which little nation that poses no threat will be the new target? Will they just flat out go after the big target in Iran to preserve the worthless petrodollar? Maybe they’ll just unleash the DHS on the parasite class as all previous tyrannies throughout history have done before. All we can be sure of is innocents are going to die.

    • Drud

      I agree with much of what you say, but your comment about “idiotic, hypocritical liberals” is counterproductive and reinforces the silly liberal vs. conservative mentality we have in this country. We are all in this thing together and we cannot ever forget that. Also, Syria was a huge moment in my mind: clearly, powerful forces wanted to start a war, but the US people forgot the party-line BS, of only for a moment, and said “NO” with one voice. And you know what, we were heard. That is the lesson to take. Drop the party-line rhetoric and unite against an unjust system that spans the imaginary line known as the :aisle.”

      • Gay Veteran

        and Putin probably told little Obama not to attack Syria

        • davidmpark

          Putin did; it was in the media.

    • Gay Veteran

      eyeroll, like conservatives weren’t lusting for war in Syria

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        eyeroll, we’re the warmongers remember. It was to be expected. Now you hypocrites on the other hand… Oh wait, it’s a left-wing lie when you examine them pesky facts.

        • Gay Veteran

          do you have reading comprehension problems? where did I deny that the left also wanted a war of aggression against Syria?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            And yet, all you did in typical left-winger fashion was bash the right, who had no say in the matter other than to say no. Idiot.

          • Gay Veteran

            still can’t read, eh

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            I’m doin’ my best massa, but all you do is deny you’re a lefty and bash the right.

          • Gay Veteran

            still can’t read, eh.
            just because I disagree with you I must be a leftist. logic FAIL

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            No, you disagree with and I call you a leftist because it fits. LIAR fail.

          • Gay Veteran

            mental midget

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            …said the moron that cant even admit he’s a leftist.
            I’m sorry, but a teabagger of your limited capacity has no affect on me.

          • Gay Veteran

            still buying the right/left BS, eh

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Nice. 2 hours I replied to you where I indeed recognized left/right BS and asked you a question as to the philosophy.
            An hour ago now, you completely avoid that and respond with this. Pfffft.
            You gonna answer the question?

          • Gay Veteran

            sorry, hard to keep track of your drivel

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Yea, I didn’t think you’d answer it, liar.

          • Gay Veteran

            want some cheese with that whine

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            want some cheese with that crack

    • davidmpark

      “Maybe they’ll just unleash the DHS on the parasite class as all previous tyrannies throughout history have done before.”

      That’s my biggest concern right now.

      As of 40 minutes ago, I received a letter from DHS saying my disabled wife is now dropped from Medicaid, and we should seek the Obamacare website for an affordable plan. We only get SSDI and Survivor’s payments – DCFS said I can’t work outside the home without a CNA to watch her. We’re #$%&ed. If she does survive for a while despite their actions to cut her medical; I’m worried they’ll eventually come for her.

      And if America comes for the disabled to kill ’em; God will end this.

  • A D

    It will be all of a ‘sudden’ when it happens, people are too busy watching CHINESE made tv’s, buying China made trinkets at Wall-CHINA-Mart and talking on Obomaphones.

    • Syrin

      Made in their haven in Idaho and NY perhaps? You do know that they are going to build a 50 square MILE city for China in Idaho, right?

  • A D

    60%+ on welfare/hud/foodstamps/obomaphones/illegals getting BILLIONS of freebies. It will be the end of the slush fund for funding NON-working leaches.

    • Syrin

      Why do you think they bought 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo, 2700 armored vehicles, and practice on “non-traditional targets” that depict pregnant women and kids? The parasite class will be eliminated. It happened in CHina, RUssia, Germany, Zimbabwe, etc. The parasites give them the authority to take over then get killed. The Nazis killed off their own Brown Shirts.

      • Eric Quintero

        Would you say our middle class is considered parasitic now?

        We’ve seen a lot of destabilization in the middle, as well as massive erosion of jobs and income.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Prolly not, given they have have been forced onto the plantation thru policy.
          Given the opportunities, I think they’d resume working and productivity due to a solid work ethic.
          They aren’t the same kind of people as those that vote for a living, even if they find themselves in the same circumstances at the moment.
          Yea, nay?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I think we can all agree the whole thing is going to come apart. There is to much debt and I like what Gerald Celente said about the international scene. This plane wreck will be global. I think what should concern people is what’s happens next? You’ll have high unemployment a rise in drug use, crime, political instability the rise of nationalist groups like Golden Dawn in Greece and the National Front in France. You’ll see something like that here I’m thinking several groups ranging from Sovereign Citizen groups to groups further on the right. The low info voter will be looking for somebody to blame. Plenty of groups on the right and the left will be pointing fingers. This will get very bad.

    • St Udio

      i see the opposite… the ACA needs money velocity, the credit expansion will renew, jobs will reappear the bubble will grow there’s too many RX firms & insurance/health firms that need the money inflow or else the revolutionaries will replace the bought-for congress we now endure… that is the paradigm shift i see —not a deflationary collapse to the end result –a dystopia

    • tex may

      that is why they say opinions are like assh—s. Every one has one.

  • davidmpark

    New investment for the home: sandbags. These don’t need to be commercially made: leftover pillowcase, old linens, or sewing scraps work just as good. Filled with earth and used in the right parts of the home; one can have protection during the inevitable riots and looting’s.

    I still think that for the people who have little cash, a shotgun is still the best protection for the money.

    Store plenty of food along with means to collect rainwater or dig a well. Make sure you’ve got a lot of medicines, fuels, tools, and any basics that come to mind.

    • K

      Your right about the shotgun. Just remember shotgun shells are more moisture sensitive than regular ammo. So if you live in a humid area, or store in a basement. Good ammo cans, with moisture absorbers are helpful.

      • davidmpark

        Great tip!

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Luckily you don’t live in a humid place….

          • davidmpark

            Weather here is ADHD; in a few years we might be, or we’ll be in a drought again. Or, might finally get something to work out and move to Florida! 🙂

  • Afi Keita James

    I Will get a bunker big time.

  • Guest56

    You cannot spend more than you take in. Individuals and families can’t do it….small businesses can’t do it….corporations can’t do it…..and neither can gov’ts. All of this wild and crazy spending that’s been going on for many, many years is getting ready to stop. And when it does…’ll be a suddent halt with a big thud. The thud of course will be the US economy crashing as well as the rest of the major industrialized nations. It’s not going to be pretty at all. God help us all when it comes!!

    • Rene Girrard

      Our government isn’t going to stop, so something else will have to make it stop.

      • GSOB

        What makes it stop?

        Perhaps Fukushima…

    • Drud

      You speak the truth. I hear so many Keynesians who say differently, who insist that same rules do not apply to governments that apply to households. The worst part is that they appear to be correct for a very long time. The truth is that the same rules DO apply but the scale is very different. An analogy: a baseball hitting a bat is governed by the exact same equations as two tectonic plates colliding. One takes around a millisecond to be complete, the other can take hundreds of years (or more). The ONLY difference is scale.

  • Nicnak

    just heard in the news today that usa fixed the problem until next president Comes.

    time to open the champagne….
    let s go party…. yahoo, we can borrow as much we want now….!

    • Eric Quintero

      Yay! Lets all go spend money at the mall!

    • Jim Davis

      I know. What’s everyone worrying about? It’s all good. Johnny Boehner says so. All of you extremists who think $17 trillion of debt is bad can go pound sand!

      • 2¢Wurth

        Yeah, it’s only a geometric curve. All you math whizzes know what “exponential” means, right?

  • trigger

    read The Threat by David Jacobs PhD. As much as the author didn’t want to believe it, his research ties the entire global control issue to (other world) Aliens establishing the ultimate control of world resources and human gene pool. This author was the only professor that taught a college credited course on UFO’s. It a shocker… it! Humans have a penchant for materialism. They simply capitalized on it.

  • propel7

    Global Currency? We are 17 trillion dollars in debt when we can print our OWN money without interest.
    DC does not work for the American People. They ENSLAVE the American People to line their pockets. what is a better definition of treason worthy of firing squad? The Globalist Bankers got to go, or face a firing squad themselves.

    • Consti

      Yep, we need a global reset. Eradicate private central banking, wipe everyone’s debt clean and have a do-over. Currency’s should be backed by something-it doesn’t have to be gold necessarily but it must be backed. Greed, power and the egos of the rich got us into this mess.

      • Robert Streander Jr

        There will be a reset alright. Let’s just hope the “right” people decide this time what it will be.

    • brian

      How did they collect that insurance on building 7?

  • JR

    where is peter schiff?

    • 2¢Wurth

      And Simon Black and Doug Casey? Doug gives me the creeps, but he is pretty sharp.

  • Ben

    Year after year doom and gloomers predict the economy will collapse. Yet positive job growth occurs month after month. The unemployment rate is down to 7%. For the month of November 27,000 and 17,000 construction jobs were added. Auto sales are up year over year. PMI indexes have been north of 50. There will be no economic collapse. I have faith that Obama’s stewardship strengthen America’s economic recovery.

    • Robert Streander Jr

      you are an obama fool and idiot

    • Robert Streander Jr

      yea and today new unemployment claims are up 60,000 from last week. that’s in one week vs your 44,000 for a month. so much for positive job growth.

    • goldminer

      I have some beautiful Ocean Front Property in Montello Nevada you may be interested in buying. CHEAP!

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      All those numbers you quote are fiction and I hope you do put your money where your mouth is.
      good luck!.

  • Alasha

    Michael, we have comment moderation again> ok. cuz i thought i was going crazy and not c’ing my comments after hitting enter. lol ps: thanks 4 pulling all of this data 2gether so comprehensively….

  • lamram2

    Paper problem=paper solution look back to 2008 when armagedon was happening, we can always print money no matter how bad it gets

    • Drud

      The rallying cry of the Wiemar Republic.

  • Dr. G

    You forgot to mention Larry Edelson, a thirty year veteran in commodities over at Money and Markets, his most recent comments include:

    It’s time to get ready to rebel against Washington and against Wall Street investment bankers who play with your money. I’m dead serious about it.

    Why? Because the war cycles — as I’ve told you before — are ramping up in a way that has not happened in at least 100 years.

    Mind you, the war cycles — a kind of volatility index that measures the cycles of mass human social unrest — are not something to take lightly.

    First, the war cycles are international in scope. So while right now we are largely seeing domestic social unrest in many areas of the world, I can assure you that not only are you going to see more of that, but there is also going to be international unrest.

    North Korea will act up again. More importantly, the China, Spratly, Senkaku Islands dipute WILL lead to military conflict between Japan, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and yes, the United States WILL get involved. I have no doubt about it.

    It may not happen tomorrow, or next month. But I am 100 percent confident that in the months and years ahead that because the war cycles are now ramping up near vertically, they are going to lead to a major war.

    Second, there’s a major economic war going on behind the scenes. And you need to know about it TODAY.

    Washington is getting ready to confiscate large portions of your wealth. I never thought it would come to this, but it has.

    I can see it clearly now. It started in September 2011. That’s when Ben Bernanke announced QEIII, but the money-printing failed to have the desired effect. Gold, instead of soaring, plunged. And it keeps on plunging.

    Instead, what started to soar is collectibles and portable wealth such as gold coins … jewelry … diamonds … art work … rare books … rare watches … and more.

    Savvy investors are now hoarding their wealth and getting it off the grid as much as possible.

    WHY? Because all the money-printing in Europe and the United States is not working.

    You see, the money-printing was designed not just to try and bolster the economies of Europe and the U.S. — it was also designed to inflate away Europe’s and Washington’s debt problems by devaluing currencies.

    But here’s the catch: Right now, with the exception of the equity markets (for good reason which I’ll explain in a moment), disinflation still rules the day in the U.S. and in Europe, clear cut deflation has the upper hand.

    In a nutshell, money-printing is not working to inflate away Washington’s or Brussels’ huge debts. So both governments are now turning AGAINST their citizens and are preparing to outright usurp their wealth to pay off gargantuan mountains of debt.

    Just connect the dots:

    Europe has now approved Cyprus-style confiscation of depositor funds should another bank in the euro zone go down the drain.

    In addition, from a rock-solid source I have that is behind the scenes in Washington …

    – Leaders in Europe and Washington are seriously considering the 10 percent wealth tax that the International Monetary Fund recently proposed as a solution to pay off government debt!

    And here’s the real kicker:

    – Again, from my rock-solid source, Washington is also seriously considering nationalizing all U.S. retirement accounts and pensions — a confiscation in disguise.

    Look, I’m not the paranoid type. I’m not an alarmist or one who sits around conjuring up conspiracies. Far from it.

    But when I connect all the dots — from my studies on the war cycles to what’s happening around the world and behind closed doors … and then I factor in what the markets are telling me, what the NSA spying says, what Obamacare and its 16,000 new IRS agents being hired to enforce it means, I come to one and only one conclusion:

    The massively indebted governments of Europe and the United States are now gearing up to pay off debts with your money.

    That’s why the rich are now starting to hoard and hide their wealth. That’s why most commodities are still in a deflationary mode. After all, you can’t hoard copper, oil, or corn.

    It’s why the NSA spying is continuing with no end in sight, and instead, according to recently released Snowden documents, and as reported by CBS News, the agency is collecting nearly five billion phone records each day, including information from cell phones belonging to Americans overseas.

    Ironically, this is the reason the stock market is doing well. Equities are considered non-confiscatable. Equities are now becoming safer to own than cash in a bank. Just ask anyone in Europe. Equities also pay a better dividend as well, and carry none of the risks that government debt do.

    Equities have done well in the past when the war cycles have turned up, and they are doing the same again today.

    So get ready. As the war cycles heat up, the roots of rebellion will grow.

    The good news: Ultimately, there will be a home-grown rebellion that throws the bums in Washington — all of them — out on their butts. A new day will come.

    A new government more like our founding fathers envisioned will emerge: A better life, better freedom and equality and the pursuit of happiness for all.

    But for the next six years it’s going to be hell.

    As for gold and other precious metals, their time to shine again will soon be here.

    Gold is moving toward a major January low. Silver to a major February low.

    Once the lows are in, the precious metals will really shine, for in the end, they are not hedges against inflation, but hedges against governments run amok.

    Stay safe and stay tuned,

    • Oldphartbsa

      Gold and Silver may rise quicker than you think. The sell price now is less than their production cost. Mines are going to close (go on hiatus) and production will be decreased. Demand for the real, in-your-hand, metal will increase and lead to higher prices against the shortage of production.
      We could be at the last bottom of the prices. Stay engaged.

      • Tim

        Love your comments.

      • goldminer

        The Central Banks have been on a phsyical gold buying spree for the last 11 consecutive quarters. Just last quarter central banks were net buyers of gold, purchasing 93 tons. The CBs have been dunping paper gold and ETFs on the market with one hand. To artificially lower the price of gold. Then buying up phisycal gold with te other hand as fast as they can.
        They know what is coming down the pipe and it aint good. They are getting ready for it. You should be getting ready too.
        As for gold mines closing and selling gold for lower than production costs?
        Not true!
        I know a little about this. Its my life its what i do.
        Maybe some small mines with high production costs will close. But the largest companies like Barrick and Newmont have production costs hundreds of dollars lower than the price of gold today. They are producing as much as they can.
        Their stock price is low because of cash flow problems. Mining companies invested heavily in new mines, expansion, exploration ect. when prices were high. The sudden price drop caught them a little short of cash. But they are recovering fast. Yes they have layed off people. But those were mostly all on the business side to cut waste. Production is going strong.
        Most of the big mines are hireing production people with no plans of closing down. If fact they are expanding production as new mines that were developed when prices were high, come on line with low production costs.
        The Central banks,, Multi billionairs like Soros, Russia( whose reserves just passed the 1000T mark), China ( who will not disclose how much gold they have), and other countries are buying gold as fast as they can while prices are artificially low.
        The end is coming folks! The major hitters in the markets know it!
        Better get prepaired!

  • Oldphartbsa

    I work where two Southern Pacific rail lines come over the pass and head towards Barstow, Ca from the port of Los Angeles. I see it everyday.
    Five or six years ago I would see 100+ car trains coming up the pass, lugged down…six or seven lead engines, two or three in the middle, and two to four as pushers. And every car would be China Shipping or similar. Once in a while would be JB Hunt, England, or FedEx.
    Now I’m seeing similar massive trains without any China companies….They still have the occasional JB Hunt, England, FedEx, etc…but a whole bunch of empty cars in between.
    I’m pretty sure the contraction has already started but we just haven’t gotten the official word.
    And for my particular company (ies)m we’re up in sales and profit form the prior years, but that is predominantly generated (nowadays) from government work…so-called shovel ready projects from 2008 that are starting to filter through. We are not seeing any significant change in the private sector demand
    I am the corporate controller for a number of companies in the aggregate (rock) mining, Ready Mix Cement, retail steel and steel fabrication in Calif., AZ and NV We are still 60% below where we were in 2006.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Coming in 2014… ou4 feature presentation!

    No, let’s delay that. Please delay it.
    You do NOT want to see the feature presentation.
    Bad times are a-coming.

    You think “fire from the sky” is a joke? Have you ever heard of meteor showers?

    • Mondobeyondo

      “our” – NOT ou4.
      Hamster driven keyboard is finally giving out. Might have to upgrade to an iPhone soon,

  • Frank Bell

    When everybody is pessimistic, it is usually the opposite of what really happens…

    Like in the stock market, where there are no signs of a crash.

    Well, let’s see what really happens.

    I highly doubt that the people do care any longer. They just sit and wait for the next football game.

  • Dimitrios Kirkos

    I like how people think gold is a safe place. Hint: It’s just a shiny metal that doesn’t rust, nothing more. If, post-crash, people decide to use something else as currency, it’s useless. The only safe investment is land you can farm. And non-perishable food and guns.

    • Gay Veteran

      gold has been used for over 3000 years

  • Frank Bell

    You shouldn’t trust Faber!!!

    All these years, he has been talking about a crash, BUT he bought stocks, beginning in 2009.

    He KNOWS the system from the inside out and makes huge profits while we lose – and manipulates the public to make even higher profits.

    Don’t trust him!

  • FounderChurch

    I know nothing about crashes but I do know this country is DOOMED due to God turning His face away from us. He is finished with this country because of unrepented sin such as murder by Birth Control. America is finished because we kill our own children with demonic Birth Control. Bye Bye it’s all over. We are all walking dead men. Concentration Camps are too good for us. “FounderChurch”

  • guest

    We are saying that by the second quarter of 2014, we expect the bottom to fall out… or something to divert our attention as it falls out.”
    This current administration is all about
    ‘D I V E R S I O N’!!!

  • dave

    I think these guys are all, right on the money. Most of the civilized world have been living WAY beyond their means with credit, and now Central Bankster “funny money”. I believe a world wide crisis is unavaidable because the world is run by sociopathic “leaders”, Banksters, and Corporate criminals !!!!!

  • Vlad Lenin

    The longer this draws out, the less of a global collapse it will be. It’s going to be the US and maybe the EU facing the storm. It’s pretty clear countries that still have a fighting chance are starting to insulate themselves from the dollar and the US in general. The question is will they have enough time? According to this predictions, probably not… but this years was supposed to be a bad hurricane season and nothing happened. Weather and the actions of men are hard to predict.

  • Nafta Victim

    A website called Larouche Pac is pretty interesting if you want to check it out.

  • Rancher

    If you have not filled your grub stake to survive without off site assistance/dependance by now you are doomed to become a casualty. Posting is cheap. Supplies and abilities are not. There for the masses post on sites like this rather than complete the soon to be needed alternate life they will require.

    I can post on occasion because we are done and have been for some time now. I hope nothing ever happens but history dictates another course ahead and a huge die off.

  • rat28

    Ain’t these guys predicted wrongly since 2009? I will read their forecasts for a good laugh…

    • Robert Streander Jr

      we are paralleling the 29 crash to the tee.

  • Consti

    Oh good grief. If Lindsey Williams says it I’m not buying it. Mr. Flim Flam man has been wrong too many times to count. Alex Jone$ has been calling for a collapse since 2007. Whatever. I think Andrew Gause is the best analyst out there but most patriotards ignore him.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Back in 2007, the Bushbots and neocons hated Alex Jones, Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff for predicting a major financial crash and insisted that the economy was in great shape. Then came the Crash of Sept. 2008, massive bailouts and the worst economic conditions in 80 years. Turns out Jones, Celente and Schiff were absolutely right. Now, the Obamabots are the ones swimming in that river known as De-Nile and telling us that happy days are here again.

  • moneybags

    been saying same for years and years.

  • andreas

    celente say that it would have a crash of US economy in 2012… still waiting

    • Gay Veteran

      no one expected the Fed to print $Trillions to prop u[ our banksters and others

      • tex may

        yada yada

        • Gay Veteran

          oh no, troll talk

  • Arizona

    HERES the way it works,PEOPLE who see the future start warning right away,BUT most americans are SOOO stupid they want it to happen the next day,THEY could care less if their neighbor is warned to,no they live a me,me,me,life and if it doesn’t happen in days after they hear the warning,THEN they are so blinded by their own stupid ideas,they’ll be the ones YOU’LL HAVE TO SHOOT,when they try to kick in your door,CAUSE THEY WEREN’T ready when the warning time is over…THEY LAUGHED INSTEAD OF GETTING READY…………………..

  • DJohn1

    I think our aethist government is doing itself in. They deny God and he denies them.
    The current mess is caused by the Congress and the Presidents of both parties.
    When these parasites stopped supporting the middle class of this country that was where it all began. That was Bush and Reagan. The almost caused a depression in the 80s.

    Clinton signed agreements that allowed an open labor disbute on wages that sent a lot of jobs overseas. He wasn’t just a personal mess he was a disaster for the middle class.

    Bush Jr. continued the whole mess and made it worse.
    Obama hasn’t got a clue as to what is going to be the biggest depression since 1928=29.
    So how do you change it? Good question . . .
    Might start by straightening out COLA for social security and put it at true inflation and back track it to when Obama took over. He blew it.
    That means a true inflationary value of about 4.5% per year backtracked for at least the last 6 years.
    The key here is discretionary income has gone the way of the dodo and people do not have the money to spend to revive the economy.
    Next is to quit borrowing period.
    Next after that is to put the international exchange between here and abroad back on track.
    What is going to happen? Well all the pensions out there are going to go broke real soon. If you think you have problems now . . . wait until the old folk cannot pay any of their bills because their pensions aren’t there! If the market goes so all those pension people.
    Who are they suppporting? Half the country is dependent on their parents to see them through the current unemployment mess. When that goes down the tubes everyone is in trouble.

    • Robert Streander Jr

      some good bi-partisan points here, but you .have one thing wrong, about reagan almost causing a depression. Are you old enough to remember who preceded him, the peanut farmer? Reagan inherited from that idiot libtard 15% inflation, 20% interest rates, 10% unemployment. You can’t turn that around overnite. He applied conservative policies to the extent a democrat controlled congress would allow and when it took hold 27 million jobs were created through the bush 41 and clinton years. Even libtard Clinton couldn’t slow it down. Then 43 tried to make nice with the evil liberals and blew it all apart. Reagan was phenomenal and showed how it’s done. We just have to many deniers and blew it.

      • Gay Veteran

        the national debt started exploding under Reagan, and it was Reagan who raised Social Security taxes to hide the true size of the annual deficit

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Exploding? Hardly. And answer the question. Was it still sustainable? Yes or no?
          SS was a Ponzi scheme from the moment your God FDR implemented it, so please, spare us the tripe of it’s all Ronnie Raygun’s fault.

          • Gay Veteran

            wow, hit a nerve.
            where did I say it was all Saint Reagan’s fault?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Perhaps you should read what you wrote, dolt.
            Saint hardly. He shoulda shoved the dept of education down you left wingers throats in addition to other things.

          • Gay Veteran


        • Robert Streander Jr

          I have a comment awaiting moderation whatever that means but here;s a small question. How in the world does a tax increase “hide ” a deficit. A tax increase is out in the open and pays for a deficit thereby reducing it. Man you really are a twisted mind. You have obviously learned well from the liberal school of brainwashing.

          • Gay Veteran

            not very bright, are you?
            The Social Security surplus was hiding the true size of the annual deficit.

      • DJohn1

        I was there. I worked threw the inflation. That was caused as much by the VIetnam War as anything else. We walked away from that with a true genius in Richard Nixon. Again he was cleaning up the Johnson mess. But the problem was a 400.5 billion dollars worth of bad debt from the war. He paid it back at about 10 cents on the dollar.
        I was a Real Estate Agent as well as a Printer in the 80s. The interest rates of 18+ percent ruined the Real Estate Market back then.
        It was done on the backs of the working people out there.
        An assumable loan back then was worth close to $5,000 on a $40,000 home. Because at anywhere from 4.5 to 8% those loans meant a lot lower house payments. Bear in mind I am talking about dollars worth a lot more than they are today. That same home today even with the foreclosures is worth roughly double what it was then.
        Finance and Appraisal is a mandatory course for all Real Estate agents at the end of five years in the state of Ohio.
        It tells the entire story of what we went through in those times in both Republican and Democrat administrations.
        Generally housing inflates at 4.5% per year. Rough rule of thumb not an exact number. But in the last 10 years it has actually went the other direction and housing is lower now than it was in 2000. That is the true story at the ground zero level of economics.
        Reagan was both a good President and a bad one. It was a mixed package. He was an actor. That means he was a professional liar. He could control his facial expressions better than any poker player. That made him an incredible negotiator. It also meant he could tell you black is white with a straight face and make you believe it. He had a face that made you think of him as the boy next door sitting around the hardware store and telling you his tale.
        He relied on professional economics people to help bring us out of the crap before he was a President.
        What I find interesting is the Powers That Be apparently wanted George Bush as Vice. They threatened his attempt at being President if he didn’t make Bush Vice. The threatened him with a media blitz that would stop his attempt to get elected if he didn’t take Bush as Vice.

        • Robert Streander Jr

          I agree with much of what you said. Reagan was a mortal, like the rest of us, and probably made mistakes, but I cannot agree with about everything you said about him. Our country was in great despair coming out of the Carter years and Reagan was about as non ruling class as you can get. He connected directly with the people, rather than rule through the establishment. He reminded people that in, spite of the situation, we were still a great nation, that all we had to do was return to sound principles, and to have faih and confidence in them and ourselves. The economic boom that followed and lasted for the next 30 years is proof enough for me. I’ve never seen that come from any democratic administration. Even Clinton could not slow it down. The mistake was to unleash the gangtser banksters with all their schemes and deceitful practices, which artificially created the real estate bubble which brought on the ensuing correction, which was the backfire effect on the banks, halting credit to keep everything going and here we are. Obama has doubled down and just made things worse. Say what you will of Reagan, but what he did worked, in spite of the democratic controlled congress. As far as Bush, if I recall, that primary was a rough and tumble battle within the party. But the party does not elect presidents. People do. It was my impression and conventional wisdom that Bush had a deep background in government at the federal level, and Reagan thought that selecting Bush would #1, heal the party from the primary slugfest, and # 2, Reagan would benefit from Bush’s many connections within the establishment, which makes alot of sense. This would calm the suspicions that Ronald Raygun would be a rogue president and start a nuclear war at home figuratively speaking, and literally abroad. You have to admit his knack for confounding all the critics throughout his 2 terms. The economy came back from the brink, the Soviet Union, our cold war enemy since Word War II tetered on the brink because of Reagans buildup and the Soviet inability to keep up, whereby collapsing, and suing for peace, and an end to the cold war. Yes it cost us money we didn’t have, but the results obtained were well worth it. Eastern Europe was freed. If he were alive he would be elected again in a heartbeat. On balance I believe he was the greatest president in my lifetime, and I cannot see anyone how anyone can deny that, or find almost everything at fault to say about him, but very little positive to say about him. Who can you compare him with? Maybe George Washington? He ranks right there with him far as I’m concerned. He convinced me to be a proud American again, was truly inspiring, and gavew me hope for me and my family when things were the worst I had ever sen at the time. We need another one just like him now or we are lost.

  • Michael

    Winston Churchill reminds us. “It is a mistake to look too far ahead,” “The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time.”

  • Robert Streander Jr

    Like someone said below, proof that the powers that be in this country are smart enough to know what they are doing is there seems to be no shortage in their preparation by DHS (read:home, not abroad. DOD handles that): 1 billion rounds of hollow point ammo, militarization of the police, 2700 armored personnel carriers, fema camps, marking peoples property with colored paint markings, these people aren’t preparing for a picnic folks.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      “marking peoples property with colored paint markings”

      • Robert Streander Jr

        Saw an article on a blog I subscribe to. Had pictures to back up. People were discovering paint marks on their street mailboxes or on street curbs or sidewalks on their property. Investigation by police and others discovered that it was meant to “mark” certain people for when the crap hit the fan and it came down to door to door by fema, dhs, or whoever, color blue meant you could live, but be taken to the fema camp, but red meant you were too far gone and will be executed on the spot. I of course can’t vouch for this, just is something I read, but it seems like something “they” would come up with and do.

        • tex may

          pink rules!

          • Robert Streander Jr

            Say something compehensible

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Interesting to say the least. Thx. I’ll have to look into it further.

        • Orange Jean

          I doubt very much that is true. My brother works for a city water department and most of what he does is mark the street for various road projects and construction involving digging.

          I don’t know the specific color codes, but various colors are used to mark out the locations of the gas lines, sewer, water lines, and any underground electric lines. They do it so someone doesn’t get blown up when digging up the street for a road project or other and accidentally hits one of those gas lines… or otherwise damaging the water, sewer or electric lines.

          Try calling your public works department to find out the facts. They often advertise a phone number for “dig alert” that you are supposed to call to get the road marked out before you start a project that involves digging. Here in Hampton Roads VA they call the number “Miss Utility” and have all kinds of ads about “call Miss Utility before you dig!”

          Don’t make something sinister about something that’s not!

          • Robert Streander Jr

            First I do not think I said roads were marked, if I did, then that’s not the case. In the local police investigation, obviously the local utilities were contacted, they denied these were their markings. Besides they wouldn’t be marking peoples mailboxes. When a mailbox was present at the street at these properties, that is what was marked. When not present a CURB (I believe this is how I said it) or sidewalk was marked. An additional note is do you think if it is what the dhs or whoever is doing, that they would feel compelled to call a utility to get permission? That is a complete joke. Listen, if it makes you happy, delete that phrase from my original comment and explain the billion rounds of ammunition, the armored personel carriers, and the fema camps. These are facts, not fantasy, even to deniers. You can have your own opinions, but not your own facts. If you find this ridiculous, don’t worry about it and just move on, ok? Why waste your time with something you don’t believe, right? Just chalk me up as another fanatic. Hey I am the world’s biggest skeptic, not some mindless chicken little. I have heard about the camps for decades, even seen posted pictures of them, and have withheld judgement until recently. I see no reason for the dhs to have 1 billion rounds of hollow point ammo, and they do not deny these purchases. What do they need with 2,700 armored personel carriers? They do not deny those either, and conveniently decline to discuss what they are intended for, go figure. You accuse me of making something sinister about this. My counter accusation is that you are a special kind of stupid if you can’t see that something is definitely shady going on here. I don’t know how old you are, but I have casually followed all of this for 30 years, mostly in amusement apparently like you, and everything thing I have read predicting this has and is coming true. So believe what you will and just move on because I promise you will not change my mind.

  • Arizona

    IN a vision from the LORD,the towns were surrounded by chinese troops,who were here to help,and realizing how stupid everyone was,THEY rounded up entire towns and took them out to the landfills and just excuted them,AS the people were being herded down the road they were crying to GOD,and shaking their fist at him yelling HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN IN AMERICA…………………………….

    • Robert Streander Jr

      This whole God thing needs a comment. First I believe in a creator, but happen to think all peoples of the world enjoy equal status. If this God is all powerful, it could have just as easy created a world with no strife or suffering, or evil. So what does that say? How can you judge good without evil to compare it to? Both are necessary and and the world was created in order for the ensuing battle to play out. No one can know the ultimate purpose, but all of this takes place in one mind, we are not separate from each other as it appears. This is an illusion. It is only “it” doing all this to “it” self. This has been repeated over and over and over, for whatever reason. Something is in the process of learning something. Like the Indian sorcerer Don Juan said, “All we can ever prove is that ‘something is happening’ “. Sometimes “good” prevails, sometimes “evil” prevails. Both are necessary for some reason, that is not for us to know, but possibly to finally somehow sometime understand.

      • Drud

        Well said Robert. Too many believe they have some insight into the mind of God, who by their very own definition, is the sovereign creator of all things (including a Cosmos so vast and ancient it boggles the mind.

        • Robert Streander Jr

          Eloquently spoken. Most refreshing. Yes, in the larger scope, we are microscopic specks of dust spinning around on another speck of dust floating in a sea of 400 billion other specks of dust in a vast expansion of 900 billion other groups of 400 billion. It truly boggles the mind that we perceive ourselves to be so self important. Fighting over a patch on a speck of dust. Viewed in that perspective we are utterly ridiculous. Ever seen that that picture of Earth taken from Voyager 1 from about 4 billion miles away with the Carl Sagen narrative written on the face of the photo? Talk about putting things into perspective. You would probably like that. Earth is just just a pale blue dot and I don’t think the craft was even out to Jupiter or Saturn yet. Humbling. I have it if you want me to send.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            And thank you for your reply. I find very few people who can actually speak intelligently about almost any topic. Yes, the concept of treating each other the way you described is so incredibly simple, yet is so difficult for most to grasp. Such a sad statement of us. What is to be gained in the grand scheme? We all are going to die. There are no survivors on this earth.

      • GSOB

        Hello… Robert Streander Jr.

        “This whole God thing needs a comment”…

        “No one can know the ultimate purpose, but all of this takes place in one mind,….”

        …’we are not separate from each other as it appears. This is an illusion. It is only “it” doing all this to “it” self.’

        “Something is in the process of learning something…”

        ..”that is not for us to know, but possibly to finally somehow sometime understand.”

        Is your comment a personal understanding of life and the reasoning of it? If yes, you probably think I’m crazy.

        • Robert Streander Jr

          Yes, it is my own personal view, constructed by me over the course of my lifetime in an attempt to understand it all, based upon many things I have read from many different sources, in addition to certain concepts that are my own contributions, all patchworked together by me. I have never been completely satisfied with any one explanation, all seem to not be complete in one way or another but many have contributed in important ways. These are my own conclusions for myself, I do not attempt to say anyone else is wrong, and I except that my view could very well be crapola. But for me it makes sense. I do have much more to it, not stated in the post due to irrelevance to the topic, having to do with what our possible purpose or roll we play in it all is, and possibilities we could be capable of which elude us at the moment, but in our beginnings we were quite conscious of. I think we have gotten trapped in that we once knew there was more to our world besides being just a world of material objects.It is more and we have lost our ability to perceive it, due to forgetting that our senses have limitations. The problem is we don’t know it. We think we perceive all that there is when in fact we are practically blind. One example: Our sight. Out of the whole spectral range of light, which is what our eyes are sensitive to and respond to for our sight, our eyes are only sensitive to a very tiny fraction of the total light spectrum. Think how our visual perception would be if our eyes were sensitive to say, X-rays.(like superman lol). Or the infrared, where we could see through solid objects. Our world would appear profoundly different to us, and would be more real than it is to us now, but even with the two additional bands we would still only “:see” a small part of it all. I believe certain bands would allow us to se additional whole dimensions. But being a somewhat humble person, and not wanting to be like our friend the hatemonger, again, I intentionally did not go into all of this, and appear to come off as some know it all. It was simply a reply to the person above which in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have. I don’t disparage anybody of faith their perogative to look to the scriptures, or the creator himself, for divine guidance in the world’s problems. In my view, part of our purpose is to resolve worldly issues ourselves and make appropriate choices on our own. It makes no sense that we function like robots to commands from above. If divine intervention was the rule, there would be no suffering,strife, illness, even death. We could all just simply call for intervention to cure all the worlds problems and we know that doesn’t happen. Just pick any child that dies of cancer to prove that. The principle to me is learning, growing through experience. For me, the connection to the creator is that what we learn does register. With the one mind concept, it is actually “it” learning through our experiences. We have the illusion that we are separate from each other, and separate from Him. But we are Him and he is us. It is constantly being “refreshed” by the experience of life. We are the instruments through which this takes place, as the one mind does not exist in any physical kind of sense..The closest I could describe it, (although very simplistic by our understanding and awareness) is that of a dreamstate of sorts. I believe we, as well as all lifeforms, are the way in which the creator becomes aware of itself, through our awareness it grants us, to experience the physical part of creation. Close your eyes and just think of what you are aware of like that. Elimnate touch, taste sound and taste. And there is no one else to interact with, because you in that state is all there is. One mind. That’s sort of how I see the state of the creator pure mental. So a dreamlike state is created or “thought of” and all this is in it with freedom act and to choose. In that way it looks for itself. I think it’s possible it repeats this over and over exploring its infinite creativity, in order to find and understand itself. So fear not my friend of being crazy, for as you can see by now I am probably way more crazy than you. Lol. But it works for me.


    Obama is playing the Knockout Game with the economy. It is called Obama Care. As bad as the individual mandate is you ain’t seen nuttin yet! The Employer Mandate is just around the corner. The increased taxes, fines, premiums will put paid to all this foolishness. It will be like an avalanche in the Alps. In the ensuing panic and collapse, he will declare Martial Law.

  • John Turnbull

    Does he give investment advice>

    • Tom_F

      Yes, God favors small-caps in the short-term and is shorting gold.

  • AL

    Proverbs 13:22
    A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.
    If you use wealth to add value to peoples lives they will make you rich. How can you make this place a better place? To leave an inheritance you need to be responsible and forward thinking. Trust your GOD given instincts.

  • RGR 777

    its not, god, its not politics, its not karma, its not …IT IS MATH NOW! … it is a mathematical certainty … $ value is going to approach zero …I say by 2020…know this no $ …no gov… stop arguing and just prepare yourself, your family, your local community…how bad will it be…worse than thermal nuclear first strike…every major city will burn … 40 -50 % dead and die-ing no power … no water… no FEMA GET YOUR SELF READY FOR THE WORST 3 TO 6 MONTHS IN HUMAN HISTORY! …YOU MUST PREPARE.

    • Robert Streander Jr

      Make up your mind dude, first you’re talking why why lord, then quoting scripture, now it’s prepare prepare. Yes it IS math, but it is being brought about by the super rich elite because they don’t have enough, and they want mostly control, which, the New World Order will give them. Yes prepare, but know your enemy, understand how and why so you know who to resist. If there still is a chance to head this off, you have to know who is responsible for it, this is not happening by accident. Once you know who they are your efforts can be directed accordingly. Simply covering yourself up in a hole somewhere will not change the outcome.

    • tex may

      well maybe 2025… or maybe 2120….

  • Drud

    I listened to a Jim Rogers podcast yesterday (he now lives in Singapore if that is any indication of where he thinks this country is headed) and he articulated a point I have had but never put into words. He says there are cycles between financial sector booms and manufacturing sector booms and that these are natural economic occurrences. They don’t switch often and usually the buildup of each is measured in decades. I have long noticed (since at least 2000 when I started working after college) that our economy was so service-based. At its heart, every financial profession involves moving money from one place to another and taking one’s cut in the process. This can be said of every banker, lawyer, Realtor, mortgage broker, salesman, etc. There is nothing inherently wrong about any of these professions, but it can be seen that nothing is created in these processes. A thriving economy needs these professions, but they must be in balance with the real production sectors. We have long since tipped the balance way too far and the markets will correct. Sometime.
    Another point I would like to make is that it seems we are coming to the end of a lot of cycles concurrently. The article mentions Dent, whose economic theory is based on demographics. It is true that Baby Boomers are retiring at a rapid pace. Their spending has peaked so they add less to the economy at large. Also, we are nearing (or have already passed Peak Oil). Also, we clearly have seen net energy dwindling over the past century. Also, we have worldwide population booming. So many cycles seem to be stacking. Couple this with the fact that, even though many of the social and economic cycles have happened throughout history, never has the world been so globalized and so dependent upon technology. We are in completely unprecedented territory. I have no idea what the world will look like 5-10 years from now (I don’t think anyone does) but I am sure it will be a very different place.

  • Phil from Germany

    Really ?, look at northern Ireland as a modern arguement. look even further back in any northern european history book, the word civilised does not enter into the conversation.

    • Robert Streander Jr

      I am not speaking your screwed up world in Europe or your so called Christians over there who use it as a deeptive label to hide what they really are. Or perhaps the Christians are just fighting for their existence fee of screwed up british or classic european socialistic. We Americans did that to escape, and introduced freedom of religion to the world, free of the “state”. We get along just fine, all christian faiths and there are many. It’s a real simple concept Europe. It’s called respect for others beliefs. We even respect aetheists right to believe in nothing. We just don;t use barbarism to force anything on anyone. We compete in a civilized way, something all the barbarics of Europe and everywhere else could draw a lesson.

      • GSOB

        How long you’ve been playing?

        • Robert Streander Jr

          Playing at it 45 years +. Playing seriously 25. Took a forced detour for about ten while married, 3 wifey (long divorced) couldn’t take the competition.. I play guitar, bass guitar, drums

        • Robert Streander Jr

          you a player?

          • GSOB

            keys and skins

            ‘in the fullness of time, a garden to nurture and protect.’

          • Robert Streander Jr

            cool combination of skill sets. You colaborate with anyone, play out commercially? Who are your influences? I like pretty much everything in Rock, even some modern. Grew up with the classical Rock. I like some Christian Rock as well. I appreciate blues and country, but get bored with it.

      • Phil from Germany

        Do you take drugs ?, if not maybe it would help you. You dont seem to have much of a grip on reality, Typical maybe of Americans, the horizon stops at the end of the nose

        • Gay Veteran

          LOL, sounds like he needs a good joint of marijuana to chill out

          • Jonas

            if you smoke drugs burn in HEll

        • Robert Streander Jr

          Classic diversion debate tactic of liberals. When you can’t prevail with facts, personally attack your opponent. Mr. Gorbachev: please rebuild this wall, and return this gentleman to your side of it. He does not belong on our side. Thanks, Ronald Reagan. P.S. I owe you one.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…We introduced freedom to the world….”
        what an arrogant statement, typical of American exceptionalism

  • Trailer Park Investor

    I call this the list of “men who saw tomorrow”

    Jim Rogers- Investor

    Reggie Middleton- Investor

    Peter Schiff – Investor

    Gerald Celente – Investor

    John Williams – Economist

    Max Kaiser – Stock
    Broker/Investor/TV show Host

    Marc Faber – Investor

    James Wesley Rawles –

    David Walker – Controller General,
    Government Accounting Office U.S.A.

    Ron Paul – Senator (retired)

    Chris Hedges – Investor

    Webster G. Tarpley

    Harry Dent – Economist

    Nigel Farage – European MP

    Lindsey Williams – Pastor

    Nouriel Roubini – Economics

    Robert Kiyosaki – Writer

    John Paul Jackson (Pastor)

    Bill O’Reilly – (Fox News)

    Alex Jones – Talk Radio

    And many many others they ALL can’t be wrong?

    • Gay Veteran

      Gerald Celente is a trends forecaster

    • tex may

      Yes they can. They have all been wrong before! And often….

  • Houtex77

    So now is not a good time to buy a condo?

    • tex may

      now is a great time to buy a condom

  • Toni Marigny

    And that is why the catholic irish and protestant northern irish have been in a bloody conflict for decades…

    • davidmpark

      Not completely. But the history behind that is very interesting! It had to do with religious attitudes in the King’s court, but it also had to do with laws and public opinion – ending with the Battle of the Boyne. Look it up – quite a dramatic bit of history and a very gripping story!

      • davidmpark

        Oh, I also forgot to add that it goes back long before the Battle of the Boyne – to the pre-Christian Celtic era. The Tain Bo Cualliage epic poem outlines the fight between the rulers of Connacht and their allied kingdoms (that comprised all of today’s catholic Ireland) and the kingdom of Ulster (located in today’s Northern Ireland). This fight between the two is quite ancient.

  • Drud

    All true Founder, but health is dependent upon having food, water and shelter.

    • FounderChurch

      You’re wrong again. You people are wrong every single time you open your mouths. No one has ever won an argument with me. Sorry, but that is just the truth.

      Your health is dependent on HEALTHY food, water, and appropriate shelter, otherwise that food, water, and “shelter” will kill you.

      But, note, the Bible says, “Man does not live by bread alone.” Read all my other teachings and you too can always be right. Search “FounderChurch” for 5000 hits. Then help me to teach others. Amen?

      • Drud

        Truly amazing that you have never lost an argument. You are either a divine being or the world’s finest solipsist. My bet is on the latter.

        • FounderChurch

          My bet is on the Former.

  • Hauptmann

    From my reading/study of these cited analysts and others, I can’t but agree that the US is in the final stages of an inevitable socio/economic breakdown. I’ve been putting my money where my analysis leads me (prepper items, gold, silver) and continue to do so. All three branches of our government are corrupt and are obviously planning to use deadly force to protect themselves as long as they can – at the expense of the people and the environment. What most people still delude themselves with is the illusion that the two major political parties are different in substance – and they aren’t nor have they been for decades and decades. That illusion has to fall away before the 90% can begin to take effective action. And it WILL take action even if it is the action of non-compliance.

    • garand555

      I’ve been what many would call a gun nut all my life, so that’s not really prepping for me. I also am going to have ~240lbs of elk in my freezer on Sunday. A prep? Perhaps, but I also like elk, I like to hunt, and I whacked one last Sunday. A lot of the food that we have in this country is junk, so I’m also learning how to grow my own. Even if I do eat some of the crap that passes for food nowadays, it is nice to have some real food sometimes. It was a rough year this year, as we had record high temperatures that were followed up with a storm that had Cat 1 hurricane force winds and hail moving sideways. It was brutal for the plants. I cannot afford gold, I do have some silver, so I am investing in learning new skills. We’ve all gotta make due with what we have. IMO, people who simply realize that it can happen here are light years ahead of the rest of the sheeple.

  • BS, total BS. There have been plenty of wars started by christians over biblical interpretations. That’s not counting individual tortures and murders of those who don’t accept a given cult.

    Christians are the most judgmental, unforgiving people on earth.

    • juddster

      Quit living in the past. Name one war in the last 100 years that was started by Christians! You can’t name one can you!

      • WWII. Hitler was a Christian The belt buckle’s of the German unifors said “Gott mit uns” (God is with us).

        Get educated and stop believing in myths and lies.

        • jaded


          The whole god thing is very limiting.

          We’re all human, and have been given great gifts. Yet we waste them on things like religion and a sick obsession with money.

          Think for yourselves.

          • Well put. Thank you.

          • WM

            I agree. Think for yourselves. Too many have been brainwashed by evolutionism, and easily deceived into believing the Bible is just a book of fables. They don’t want to seek and they don’t want truth because they are afraid that it may convict them about who they really are. No, it’s just easier to claim atheism or believe the non proven theory of evolution, and that there are no moral absolutes, etc.

            I agree, start thinking not just being led and brainwashed to believe what someone else wants you to believe.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh lordy, guess the Earth is 12000 years old

          • Soothsayer

            These clowns think it’s 6000 yrs old. Yet fill their tanks with… Wait for it…Fossil fuel. Millions of years old fossilized organisms turned into liquid fuel through millions of years of pressure. And they use computers that also rely on millions of years old minerals. Dimwits

          • jox

            God put the oil for us to invent the combustion engine. It’s a joke. When you think in a supernatural god all the answers are easy. Even if you ask WHY does Him put us in such difficult times and suffering.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            How do you measure good, without evil to compare it to? It seems we are given choice, and the corresponding consequences it brings. That is what the symbolic story of Adam and Eve is all about. We were given choice, and we chose to do wrong.

          • GSOB

            Because we deserve it, jox

          • WM

            Wrong again. Check out what the Mt St. Helens explosion of 1980 produced…… All in a matter of weeks and months, not millions of years.

          • gasil

            you know its funny,, did you know that an archeoligised asks a palioloigise the age of a fossil and a paliloigise asks an archoloigise the age of rocks that fossils are found in? forgive my spelling

          • Ockhamstaser

            Its not as funny as you think, because that isn’t how it works. Archeologists seek to uncover old human artifacts, like ancient cities and such, so I think you meant geologist? Anyway, the idea behind your post is be far more defunct than your spelling. Both geologists and paleontologists have their own methods of estimating the dates of their respective interests. When their dating matches up, certainty is increased. The two fields don’t define each others data in a circular way.

          • vondean

            God has no limits what He can do. How are we so sure that these things are a million years old? Could God have created these things that didn’t actually take a million years yes He sure could have. When you are standing in front of God on judgement day why don’t you ask Him about what His dimwits believe.

          • DoNotDoubtHisPower

            God indeed has NO limits; that includes evolution, chemistry, physics – complex things that we are yet to fully understand. If you love God and believe in His power, then why doubt His knowledge and power? Who are we to say God is not capable of creating life through evolution? Who are we to say God is not intelligent enough to design a complex atomic system for particles to interact dynamically? Who are we to doubt His ability to create us trough complex mathematics?

          • truely

            Humans are 6,000 years old ,but earth is a whole lot older. people are hostil towards god because they do not know or understand him , they prefer to live in sin and already know their destination is close at hand.

          • Mondobeyondo

            Oh no, let’s not get into that “old earth, young earth” argument.

            The earth is about 3,420,193 years old. Feeling
            better now?

          • Gay Veteran

            you’re off a couple of digits

          • Jonas

            yes I hate richard hawkings he is a atheest and will burn in Hell

          • Ockhamstaser

            Richard Hawkings? I think you mean Richard Dawkins, and he has excellent spelling and grammar skills (unlike yourself), which he uses to completely destroy not only the idea of god, but the idea that there needs to be a god at all. If you have hate in your heart, then you are a perfect christian~ loving, nonjudgmental, and forgiving on paper, but truly vile in practice. Disgusting.

          • Soothsayer

            Really? You reject proven evidence of science? Yet embrace the unprovable lack of evidence of any god? And have the temerity to call that an open mind? Have you looked at the natural world around you? Where do you think diamonds came from? The gasoline you put in your car? The old earth minerals that run the computer your ignorant fingers are using? Open mind? You’re a comedian, right?

          • WM

            Nope . I don’t reject proof of what Mt St Helen’s gave us, petrified rock, tar pits, fossils, millions of layers of strata., canyons of rock carved out by rushing water … All in a matter of weeks and months. Funny how main stream science avoided all this evidence that proves the probability of a flood and shows that science can and has been wrong, and that theories have been wrong.

            Show me one, only one transitional form as proof of evolution. There should exist millions or even billions, but there is not one! Darwin even commented about things that he knew nothing about that he admitted would prove his theory ( which science has deemed as fact) wrong if they could be shown ( cell, DNA, protein molecule).

            Everyone wants “proof” but are too blind to see the proof all around us

          • truely

            God said the earth itself is a witness of his existence.

          • jox

            jajaja “brainwashed by evolutionism”??? “non proven theory”?? jajaja. Do you know that the earth is round and orbits around the sun, or it is also non proven?

          • Mark Hampton

            Only the bible readers knew the earth was round before it was scientifically proven. Isaiah 40:22

          • DoNotDoubtHisWisdom

            Are you saying God is stupid? Are you saying he is not capable of creating life through evolution? It sounds to me like you doubt the true power and omniscience of God. He is all knowing, so why doubt that he comprehends things like evolution, molecular biology, chemistry, etc? It is He who created and designed these things after all, and we are slowly discovering the miraculous ways through which He works. Rather than being in awe, you question His strength. Why?!

          • GSOB

            jaded, shaded, jaded,

            waited hated jaded debated…

            “We’re all human, and have been given great gifts….”

            What do you have then if you had not received it? Why do act as if the Giver did not exist yet acknowledge and accept the gift?

          • Mondobeyondo

            Are you human?!
            Urgh– Maybe you’re a corpse, but. I hope you at least have feelings. or something. Something.

            Have some empathy, for those of us still alive.

          • GSOB

            Jesus said let the dead bury the dead and come follow me.

            If you have not been made alive in Christ, your are the walking dead.

            I don’t have sympathy for the devil but I do have empathy for the walking dead.

          • kelley

            BUT Jesus was a Jew and you didn’t follow him you created a new religion

        • Robert Streander Jr

          different people have different definitions of god. some (like hitler, muslims) hide behind that label to deceive. Educate yourself idiot.

          • Christians also hide behind labels to oppress others. Any time they are prevented from doing that, they scream “Persecution!”

            I am not an idiot, I think for myself. That’s obviously a lot more than you can do.

          • Annette Smith

            Actually, you sound wounded, James. Don’t know what happened to you, but your wounds are apparent.

          • Jonas

            yes annete james is wound and will soon burn and Jesus will lafgh at him

          • Learn to spell. Also observe that sentences start with a capital letter. Do you get cheap thrill from showing yourself to be an uneducated idiot?

          • Nore unbridled arrogance from you. I am nt wounded, I am able to think for myself. “Wounded” is a way of you saying, you are better than I am. Obviously, you are not. You demonstrate stubborn stupidity, and willful ignorance combined with a total determination to never conduct yourself as an intelligent, decent human being. I feel sorry for anyone so entrapped in the brainwashing of any religion that they are unable to be anything other than arrogant, stupid, and a fool.

          • GSOB

            James Smith say’s, ‘More unbridled arrogance

            James will show you that arrogance is brided to himself.

          • Annette-is-stupid

            Actually, you sound stupid, Annette. Don’t know what happened to you, but your stupidity is apparent.

          • WM

            What does offering someone a way to the free gift of eternal life, be considered oppressing??

            In your zealous hatred of Christ, you are confusing Biblical Christianity with religious systems that incorporate a “little” Christian truth. Yet, I have not heard you once criticize the Quran or hadiths regarding treatment of infidels by faithful Muslims???

            So in your little warped world and after reading your diatribe, according to you, every time a Christian is prevented from oppressing others, that’s what they consider ” persecution” ???

            You need to take a deep breath and do more research, or as the God haters always advise, use your mind and start reading more before you put loads of biased Mia information here, that can cause more sheeple to be brainwashed deeper into their perception of truth.

          • Jonas

            yes let us pray that he burns in Hell forever in Hell

          • More typical christian responses. You are a violent, ugly, hateful man. You would try to threaten e with your imaginary hell because I have shown how determinedly dumb you are every time.

            This is a normal christian reaction, though.

          • GSOB

            You wage war against the Lord’s redeemed.

            You are nothing but a battered, tired, at the end of the rope, bitter, old man.

            And dying.

            I will not bother with you anymore.

            Smith, James

          • Promise? Or is that another lie from you?

            I am not nattered, tired and at the end of the rope. I am better mentally and physically than you ever have been or ever will be. If you had the courage to look at my photobucket page, you would know that. But you are a coward mentally and ethically.

          • GSOB


          • Free gift? If it is not free, is it a gift?

            You need to do some actual research and prove there is a god. Prove that anything about christianity is true.

            As far as the Muslims go, we have not been discussing them here. Changing the subject is what the uninformed always do when they are asked to provide facts.

            I will say, islamists seem to have learned their hate and violent ways from their earliest days. Learned from whom? The christians who were murdering and oppressing them.

          • WM

            You said “….what the uninformed always do when they are asked to provide facts.”
            My point exactly. You are asking me for proof of God or Jesus. I am not the one with the problem.
            There has never been nor ever be any “proof” that Jesus did NOT exist. Tyrants, kings, rulers, God haters have tried to prove it wrong for centuries, nothing yet.
            All the rulers had to do was produce a body after the resurrection and that would have killed Christianity on the spot.
            Why spend all this energy? If Jesus does not exist, then why all the diatribes on bashing him and those who follow him? He doesn’t exist? Ok, put it to bed.
            There is NOTHING that I can say or show you that will convince you, your heart is hardened, to the point of modifying facts, so, the only way for change would be a convicting of the living God in your life.

          • There has never been any proof that Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill did not exist, either. Do you think they did?

            How could anyone produce a body that never exited in the first place? Your thinking is as defective as your religion.

            What facts have I modified? As I have often said, shown undeniable evidence, I would change my position on anything, including religion. What would it take to change yours?

            Now, whose heart is hardened?

            Show me proof of any jesus or any god. Each time one of you religious fold avoid that request, you prove that I am right.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            King James, you tripped oh perfect one. They never could produce the body because He DID exit. THE KING FALTERS.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            If true probably because their fringe element is barbaric, and their aim is to force compliance of midevilism, a trait which survives to this day. You are so good at accusing every one else of not proving anything but I have yet to see any of your proof of your rantings.

          • Thank you for proving my point about you needing to have the last word. But you have gone far beyond that. Your self-esteem problem must be far worse than I thought.

            I have posted plenty of proofs. But you are so obdurately stupid that you could not recognize a fact or proof it it were brunching on you buttocks.

            Thanks again for proving me right, pea brain

          • GSOB

            Are you sure you are not an idiot?

            Prove it?

          • Robert Streander Jr

            The only thinking a twisted mind obsessed with hatred can think is twisted hateful thinking. HATE HATE HATE. Glory to almighty Lucifer giver of Hate!!! lol you’re sick.

        • scott

          No. Hitler acted Christian to get votes. Once firmly in control, he literally had all of the Christian churches replace Christ on the cross with his portrait. Look it up.

          • That’s a another lie you christians tell. But you’ve been lying for over 2,000 years, why stop now?

          • WM

            Just keep believing that, in your God hating narrow minded bias, you are the kind that just refuses to believe. If you seriously researched things for your self WITH an open mind, you would come to a very different conclusion.
            Christianity never taught to kill or cut the heads off of people who won’t accept your faith, but there is a religion that is acknowledged as a religion of peace who’s founder and ” sacred” book teaches, however, the silence regarding this is deafening!

            Funny how folks will attack the things that convict and confront their spiritual condition before a Holy, Living God.

          • I was waiting for the “Hate god” argument. How can you hare something that never has existed? Do you think environmentalists hate Paul Bunyan for cutting down all those trees?

            But there is more ,evidence for Paul Bunyan than for tour god. After all, trees and logging both exist and can be proven.

            FYI, I have researched things myself and with an open mind. Although how you would have any idea what an open mind is mystifies me.

            Stop evading my request to prove anything you say is true. Prove your god. Show evidence of any jesus. Show that you are not a total fool.

          • Uh-huh

            James: I never saw Mandela…how do I know they didn’t make him up and just picked some guy’s photo and slap a name on him and attribute him with all these noble deeds? The way Obama was busting up laughing at Mandelá’s funeral sure could make me think it was faked.

            How do I know that there is an atom? I never saw one…I am just depending on some guy stating he DID see an atom….so prove
            there’s an atom…prove to me it just isn’t all a hoax. Do you have the equipment to do that? No, you can’t direct me to somebody else’s hoax because that would not be YOUR proof. So YOU prove to me there is an atom. Show us that you are NOT a total fool.

            Prove everything YOU
            believe in isn’t just a photoshopped hoax.

            How do I know you really aren’t some government idiot who is getting paid to post your idiot posts?

            Hmmmm…faith has a mighty long reach, doesn’t it.

          • I know you are a willfully ignorant fool. I know this from your posts. Thank you for proving it.

          • YCNAN

            SEE ABOVE

          • Mondobeyondo

            Prove that God doesn’t exist.

          • I do not have to. The burden of proof is upon those making the claims. I know you wish it were not that way, but it’s the method by which the world works.

            If I tell you I have a tame crocodile in the trunk of my car. Would you accept that as true simply because I said it? Or would you insist that I prove it. If you did, could I say, “You can’t prove I don’t!”

            Your request is as stupid as I expected from you. Thank you for not disappointing me.

          • YCNAN


          • the 3rd reich

            has anyone ever proved that God ever existed??

          • Mark Hampton

            I would highly suggest to all of you to spend 12 bucks on Carl Gallups’ book entitled “Magic Man In the Sky”. It settles the question of whether or not there is evidence for God. And yes there is plenty !

          • YCNAN


          • Diana

            Well said, WM. people like him, sadly, would rather believe the lie than have to confront their sin before a Just and Moral God. Jesus Christ knew. The bible hasn’t been wrong yet, but there are those who don’t want their eyes opened. I can only pray their hearts are changed, because one day EVERY knee will bow to Christ. Not believing in Him doesn’t make it any less true.

          • Das

            People have been believing in different gods for thousands of years. So YOUR god is the right one to believe in. How can you think that. It’s called brain washed

          • YCNAN


          • YCNAN


          • Mondobeyondo

            Well, well! If it isn’t ol’ Satan himelf! The father of lies, the author of lies… (John 10:10)

          • Whenever you quote babble verses, it’s proof you have no facts, logic, or rational thinking to offer.

            Tell me, where have I lied or posted anything that is not true?

            Or are you also afraid to respond to those simple questions?

            Yes, that was a redundant question. I know you will ignore it. That’s much easier than thinking, isn’t it?

          • Dennis Wagner

            Kind of sounds familiar, didn’t president…..never mind.

        • Annette Smith

          James, I guess we have to pray for you. Just because a person says they are a Christian, doesn’t mean they are one. Go stand in your garage, James, and tell me, are you a car? No. And, how can you believe that Hitler was a Christian? You actually believe that? Just because they wrote on their belt buckles? We have the dollar bill that says, “in God we trust” and you know that’s not true. Think, son, think. I wouldn’t think of Hitler as a Christian any more than I would you being one.

          • You need to learn some manners and stop being so smugly obnoxious.

            “I’ll pray for you.” is the christian version of, “You’re a hopeless, terrible person and I am far better than you are.”

            But offending people is how you make yourself feel better, isn’t it?

            You use the tired old saw, being in a garage doesn’t make one a car.” That is ludicrous and totally irrelevant.

            I believe Hitler was a Catholic because he said so many time. Both in speech and in writing. Nothing he ever said or did indicated he was not.

            For example, “And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord” – Adolph Hitler

            “THey” did not write it on their belt buckles, it was placed there by their leaders. So was the “In God We Trust” put upon American money in the 1950s in direct opposition to the Constitution. But right and wrong, laws, even human decency has never had any effect upon christians in their drive to impose their evil religion upon all others.

            Next, I am not your son, That’s another bit of your arrogance and hypocrisy.

            You would not think – period. Thinking would require you to examine the truth about religion and no religion can stand against objectively examined facts. “The truth shall set you free.” Sound familiar?

          • Annette Smith

            James, out of respect for your age, and the fact that I am
            self-righteousness and enjoy looking down my nose at old people like you
            with such whacked out ideas, I think a lot of people would want to pray
            for you, but you just turn them off with your hatred. You remind me of
            the type of person who would go into a church and start arguments with
            people over their beliefs. In a way, you remind me a lot of the Westboro
            Baptist people. You appear to have a lot of self-righteous hate for
            people you don’t even know. You have great contempt for people who don’t
            believe as you do. What difference is there between you and them? Anyone that is so filled with such vitriol is to be pitied. And, at your age, you seem to be set in your ways. Oops..not respecting you there, am I? Well, I guess this is the level or respect you have earned. You would so fit in with Westboro Baptist. You seem to employ the same tactics that they do, while pointing your finger at them. That’s funny. I guess I’ll think of you as James Westboro.

          • Jonas

            yes let him burn in Hell

          • You have no respect for anything that disagrees with your delusional religious beliefs.

            I turn them off with hatred? Why is it in every discussion, when hatred is mentioned, it’s always the religious wackos that bring it up?

            I would go into a church to start arguments. That’s another lie from you. You make ludicrous statements and expect everyone to believe them without a shred of proof. That’s understandable because that’s exactly how religion works.

            I do have contempt for people that discard rational reasoning and obvious facts in favor of a religion founded upon lies, that promotes discrimination and hate, and always attempts to impose its sick beliefs upon everyone else.

            I have handed all of you your intellectual behinds every time. None of you have ever responded to my challenge to prove any of your idiocy is true.

            I’ll always think of you as Annette Moron.

          • GSOB

            Come on already… GET LOST JAMES SMITH

          • How typical of christian cowardice. “Go away and shut up! We can’t rationally reply, so just go away.”

          • Robert Streander Jr

            BREAKING NEWS: King James declares himself final arbiter of what is cowardice! Declares himself final arbiter of intelligence! If you don’t believe him, just ask him!

          • GSOB

            It is you who is irrational.
            Jamesy boy

          • Robert Streander Jr

            Awww c’mon G, let us play with him some more. I’m beginning to actually enjoy shoving his S**t back down his throat. Momma taught me never shrink from a bully.

          • GSOB

            Welcome to the site Robert

            I’m in Aurora Colorado.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            Louisville. Ky. And thank you. Pleased to be here.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            KING JAMES: Oh ye smarter than we says you so we must agree:

            Paragraph one: I believe what she was saying was she had no respect for you because all you do is spew hatred.

            Paragraph 2; Because they know it when they see it.

            Paragraph 3: You provide that truth every single time you open your mouth.

            Paragraph 4: Yet again you are self appointed final arbiter of what is rational. Your perceived self importance is truly monumental. Who appointed you as final arbiter and sayer? YOU? We all know it wasn’t God, because he doesn’t exist , right? Must have been your idol, the horned one And so we should all just go whimpering away in defeat? Wrong again.

            Paragraph 5: Neither have you offered any proof that any of us are wrong, or any proof that you are right. All you bring is vitriol and hate, you know that which your idol teaches you. NOTICE EVERYONE: King James assumes he is final arbiter of Idiocy. We can all learn much from him. Everything he says believe the opposite. Kind of a negative multiple choice.

            Paragraph 6: Did your momma not teach you any manners? How about class or character? I wonder if you would be so tough, and be such a big man in person. My guess is you would cower because of the P***Y you are.

          • GSOB

            Jacob I loved, Esau I hated…

          • GSOB

            James Smith = obnoxious

          • GSOB

            James Smith = obnoxious

          • Robert Streander Jr

            DING. Annette: 1
            King James: ZIP
            Go girl!

        • WM

          Hitler was far from a Christian my friend. Just because he was a member of a certain church or organization that claims to be ” Christian” means nothing.
          Jesus warned there would be many false converts and even people who say they are for him, but are really against him. The evidence is by their ” fruit” or actions.
          Hitler was a demon possessed occultist who justified himself by claiming evolution was true….. No God, no accountability, he viewed the Jews as just evolved misfit animals .

          • Jonas

            did the jews killed Jesus?

          • Oh, another racist remark, as expected.

            BTW, it’s “killed” not the past tense, “kill”. Ignorance of English has shown up in all of your posts from the very first.

          • Jonas

            remembar I am lovd by Him and yuo are hated an burn in Hell

          • You are loved by your own delusional ego. You are pitied by the rational people.

          • Jonas

            yuo are namEd after saint james so you shoud respect God and then maybe no burn in Hell

          • I’ve told you before, you idiot, I was named after my grandfather. But you are too determinedly stupid to understand that.

            Show me proof of your god. Then you go to hell.

          • Jonas

            if yuo say go to Hell then beleev in Hell I win I tell my pastor

          • GSOB

            “You are loved by your own delusional ego. You are pitied by the rational people.”

            Prove it.

          • Omega

            Seriously? Anyone with half a brain can see it- what’s wrong with you?

          • Robert Streander Jr

            believe you got that a little bit backwards

          • How so? Or is English not your best subject, either. “Killed” is not correct in that sentence. It should be, “Did the Jews kill jesus?” Note the correct capitalization, too.

          • davidmpark

            We all killed Christ. From Adam to last man born. It was all our sins that that crushed Him in Gethsemane, and it was to pay for our sins that He gave up His own life on the cross. So we may be saved by the gift of the Atonement and obedience to His commandments.

          • Jonas

            i did not kil Christ! how dare say this yuo will burn in Hell

          • ThisCommentThreadIsRetarded

            Were you born stupid, or was your intelligence gradually killed off by religious pursuits?

          • First, I am not your friend and never will be. It’s one more example of your feeble attempts to show yourself to be something other than a delusional christian hypocrite, liar, and fool.

            Where is your proof of anything?

            Oops, awkward moment for you. Proof is not needed or wanted in your world.

            Prove any jesus existed. Fiend even one contemporary account of any jesus. First, look up contemporary so you do not waste your time on accounts written decades or centuries after the fact.

            From my own research, I have learned this.

            In the case of the historical Jesus, there is not one contemporary record of his existence.

            The Romans, who otherwise kept very good records never mentioned a figure who was supposed to be socially, politically, and spiritually so significant as well as publicly performing many miracles; then was executed after a very public trial.

            Not until the Gospel of Mark, written from 40 to over 100 years after the supposed crucifixion, (depending upon which biblical scholar you choose to believe) is there any mention of Jesus. If we look at the fables of Horus, Attis, and Mithra, we see amazing similarities. Born in low circumstances on December 25, 12 followers, executed at an early age, son of a god, the list goes on. It would appear that the early church, in need of a powerful central figure, “borrowed” from earlier myths to create a rallying point for their religion.

          • Jonas

            Roman Historian Tacitus, who lived within the century of Christ’s birth and death, wrote about Nero blaming Christians for the fire that destroyed Rome in AD 64, in his final work Annals.

            Pliny the Younger, a Roman Governor in Asia Minor, wrote letters to Emperor Trajan, relating information he has learned about Christians and asking advice about legal proceedings against those being accused of being Christian, AD 112. He describes their Christian gatherings, worship and hymns, and a meal they share together.

            Flavius Josephus, a Roman-Jewish Historian born in AD 37, makes references to Jesus, the Cruxifixion, and James the brother of Jesus is his writings, Jewish Antiquities. Historians believe that some of his texts were altered in the following centuries with added Christian interpolations due to the hand-copying of the original extant manuscript, but other ancient writers such as Origen of Alexandria refer to Josephus’ writings on the Christian practice of Baptism and the death of James.

            Lucian of Samosata, Assyrian satirist who wrote in Greek, born AD 125, writes about Christians who “worship a man to this day–the distinguished person who introduced their novel rites, and was crucified on that account…”

          • You lying fool. Not one of the people you named in you cut and paste (it’s too literate for you to have written) lived during 0-33 CE.

            You even stated as much in your post. FYI, 125 AD is almost 100 years after 33 AD. Is that bit of math too difficult for you?

            AD 112, 37, and all the rest means none of these people were contemporaries.

            Thank you for proving both that I am right and that you’re still a fool.

          • Jonas

            and the Bible Jesus writed the Bible

          • First, it’s “wrote”. How could any jeebus write anything when neither you nor anyone else has produced the slightest evidence he ever existed?

            You actually do love exposing your ignorance, don’t you?

          • WM

            I was using “friend” in a sarcastic way, sorry you thought I really thought you were my friend. Any proof that I present, you would not believe it anyways, so I will not waste precious time arguing with someone who is already convinced they know for sure that Jesus did not exist. History, archeology, prophecy, textural criticism, etc, etc prove you wrong, but, I guess you are real educated and know better than me and the Bible. When you and I are dead and in the ground, the Bible will still be here and the prophecies will still be unfolding.
            You obviously did not do any research, because, if you did, you would come to a different conclusion. You may decide to reject it, but facts are facts.
            BTW, I used to be a God hating agnostic and used to think like you….that’s why I know you are blind and simply cannot see your error. Judgment day is coming, whether you believe it or not, and if you have broken Gods law, you will be judged by a Holy, righteous judge (yes, God is a righteous judge) and unless you repent and turn to the Jesus that you claim never existed, you will perish. Unless you are born again, you will not enter the kingdom of God, you will go to hell.
            Sorry, not my words, your fight is against the Bible and Jesus Christ. If you refuse to believe, although it makes me sad, I know where I am going when I die.
            I pray God opens up your heart, while there is still time. Things are aligning perfectly with Biblical prophecy and the time is getting short before the doors are closed as it were.

          • Jonas

            yes he will Burn in Hell forevar in Hell

          • You love your threats. How would you react if I said you will suffer eternal torment because you had the nerve to disagree with the scientologists?

            You will forever live in ignorance, and stubborn stupidity.

          • GSOB

            James Smith,

            Death comes to us because we are sinners.
            Is that a fact to you or not?

          • Nope, not even close. That’s more of your ridiculous religion myth.

            It’s obvious that you only believe what is comforting to you and verifiable facts have nothing to do with it.

            Until you produce something rational or respond to a direct question, you’ll be posting to yourself. I have no more time for someone as delusional as you are.

            Where is your proof of anything? Even proof that you are not a delusional idiot.

          • GSOB

            James Smith…..

            I asked a question….
            I asked you if it was a fact to you that we all die because of our sin?

            Your answer is no.

            May I impose upon your blogging time and have another question for you to answer? … in other words..why do we die at all if death is not a judgement from God for our sin?

            Question: Why will you die then?

          • Because the design really wasn’t too intelligent was it?

            Our bodies become less efficient at repairing damage because of changes in the structure of the DNA due to cosmic rays, EMF, and other causes that we are still learning.

            FYI, there is only one true sin. That’s hurting someone else unnecessarily. Everything else is invented nonsense.

            The true purpose of all religion is to allow one small group of people to control the thoughts, actions, and speech of a larger group for the exclusive benefit of the small group. No lie is too absurd, too evil, or too destructive that religion will not use it to further their true agenda.

            Thank you for asking a reasonable question. How refreshing that is!

          • GSOB

            James Smith…
            I have asked you several questions.

            Anyways… Now that you are refreshed…., please live up to your word and leave us to blog among ourselves, without your sinning against us.


            You are a very small minded person. You use four letter language cause your mind is so small. Your teeth are like hooks, and your spirit like venom… I don’t like it at all.

          • Bret

            I love how the religious folk say that your the closed minded one. I for one am more prone to being kinder to others who are in fact closed minded; these christian people for example… They have caused much pain and suffering for the name of “God” to humanity and other life on this planet. But the question I have for you is, what purpose do you have in talking to these people? Their minds are lost to a false “God”.

          • Thanks for the reply. What I get from this is amusement in helping them to reveal how stubbornly stupid and willfully ignorant they are.

            Also, there is also the possibility that someone will be jolted into thinking for once in their lives.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            And you sir, again are the final arbiter of what is stupid and willfully ignorant, as you say? Just by making that judgement shows your self riteous puny prison of the mind you exist in is a consequence of your own making. Everybody now bow to the self appointed all knowing King James of planet earth. Wanna be king of all inferior subjects. King James, we are in awe of you, but not in the way or for the reasons you wish. Here you will just love this one. You have our pity.

          • GSOB

            Your mind is not more in sync as when it has been redeemed by Christ.

            Get a life Gramps Jamesy boy…

            It’s about being redeemed, transformed and glorified with Christ when He returns. That’s it!

            It is not a mindless faith.

            How much time you think you have left? 15 or 25 years?

            Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

            Prepare to return your body back to the dust for where it came and your spirit to meet the Creator.


            That’s what all Christians really want for anyone.

            Why seek to stop their efforts? I mean, even if they were wrong…

            what harm is done?

            Ever challenge the Santa Claus story as tenaciously as the Jesus one?

            Go figure.

            I know.. being in darkness, it is hard to see who’s kingdom your really are in at the present time


            Eat this James,

            “And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed. But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his works have been carried out in God.”

          • Michael Cack

            Amen to that!!!!! 😀

          • Robert Streander Jr

            you bring in “intelligent design” as a way of grouping him with the 6000 year old earth creationists, and then ridicule him for that. You are crafty with your unwit, but not infallible. You underestimate at your peril. Unfactual characterizations can always be turned back on the issuer.

          • GSOB

            Jamesy boy is pathetic case. Perhaps he is a better musician than the bigot atheist that he is?

          • GSOB

            James Smithy boy….
            You are as refreshing as a silencer in an elevator full of people.

            Your silly answer to my question was just a question.
            You don’t have a clue.
            You can’t help anyone, not even yourself.

            You don’t have any valid solution for your own pending death.

            Jesus rose from the grave and ascended on high and sets on the throne, at the right hand of God.

            He has what we all need.

            James, you have nothing to offer except gas and mortality. Maybe a song or two for a drunk crowd.

          • Dean Fiddle

            Agreed. That two bit punk doesn’t know the truth is in the bible because he hasn’t read it. Too many pages, too many long words.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            why don’t you share some of your verifiable facts with us, instead of you demanding by omission that we believe your “facts”. We don’t.

          • I have and on this very page. Too bad that you’re too stupid to comprehend anything that doesn’t agree with your delusions.

            For example:

            As stated by Dr. Bart Ehrman, Professor of religious studies at the University of North Caroline, Chapel Hill, NC said, “In the entire first Christian century, Jesus is not mentioned by a single Greek or Roman scholar, politician, philosopher, or poet. His name never appears in a single inscription, and it is never found in a single piece of private correspondence. Zero! Zip references!”

            A Few Noticeable Events in the Life of Jesus

            Herod’s slaughter of all the baby boys in Bethlehem.

            Jesus’ triumphant entry in Jerusalem, where the entire town welcomes him as their king.

            Jesus casting out the greedy moneychangers. (in an area about the size of 34 football fields)

            Two earthquakes hit Jerusalem.

            Supernatural darkness covers “all the land” for hours.

            The Sacred Temple curtain tears from top to bottom.

            All the dead holy men in the cemetery come out of their graves and wander Jerusalem, “appearing to many.”

            And yet, contemporary historians in the time of Jesus didn’t write about any of this.

            Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.

            Now, I am tired of reading your amazingly ignorant posts that get more idiotic each time. SO you can have the last word. Those with low self-esteem, such as yours, need to do that so they can tell another lie about how the “won” and declare “Victory, through the power of (some imaginary deity)”

            Knock yourself out. I am sick of your ignorance that refuses anything better.

          • GSOB

            Hey Jamesy boy….

            Why don’t you go hangout at the Dr. Bart Ehrman website… he ain’t here is he?

          • GSOB

            It was a yes or no question. Nope was good enough.
            But. we all know you can’t let your yes be yes and your Nope be no….
            You love to stroke yourself don’t you?
            Your wife don’t mind missing out though, I’m sure.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            scientists uncorrupted by liberal grant money recognize a place in science for the spiritual nature of our world. Read: Albert Einstein, greatest one of all.

          • GSOB

            James Smith, the charlatan prophet says,
            “You will forever live in ignorance, and stubborn stupidity.”

            The great wise and powerful dweeb has spoken.

          • You were not using it in a sarcastic way. You were trying to appear as something you are not. When I called you on it, you tried to change the meaning.

            If you had verifiable proof, I would believe it. To do other wise would be irrational.

            I have said many times that, presented with undeniable proof, I would change my position on anything, including religion. What would it take to change yours?

            Present your proof. Especially the prophesy. That will be good for more laughs. In fact, I’ll be happy to provide you with a list of biblical prophesies that have been ludicrously wrong.

            Yes, I do seem to know better than you and I certainly know the babble better than you.

            You are a liar, a fool and a hypocrite.

            You evade every reasonable request to provide proofs of your delusional beliefs. Instead of proofs, you provide evasions, change the subject, and ramble on about nonsense.

            There is no kingdom of gad. You are insane to think there is..

            Nor was there a jesus. I have asked many time for anyone to provide a contemporary account of that. All I have learned is that few of you understand what “contemporary” means.

            Open your mind to facts. Study the bible as if you had never heard of it before. Learn some realm science and research how your “loving god” actually conducted himself. Or do you think that human sacrifice, destroying 99.99% of all life on earth including plants, fish, and animals is good? How about wiping out entire civilizations so that “one stone show not stand upon another”?

            What things are aligning with biblical prophecy? That has been said many times over the centuries and has been shown to be false every time.

            When there has been real trouble, it has been over religion.

            Most of the problems of the world have been caused by religion. Think of the crusades, the inquisition, the dark ages, the witch burnings, the restrictions on learning, free speech, instilling guilt and shame into children, and the wars fought in the name of religion.

            More recently, think of family planning clinic bombings, oppression of gays and non-believers, murders of doctors and homosexuals, imposition of religious beliefs by force of law, and illegal use of public funds to promote particular religions.

            Mankind will never truly be free until the black yoke of religion is lifted by the clear light of truth and rational thinking.

          • GSOB

            James Smith,

            What about the discovery of Noah’s Ark?

            What do you do with that fact?

          • Fact? That has not been shown to be a fact. It’s something you want to believe because it supports the lies you also believe.

            You’ll have to do far better than the Noah’s ark fantasy.

            I can show you that the entire story is impossible. Even if true, what kind of god would destroy all those animals, plants, and fish because some humans had made him have a hissy fit?

          • GSOB

            James Smith…
            You dismiss Noah’s Ark, as I expected.
            What about the pyramids in Egypt?

            What about the Jewish people and the oracles of God.. the scriptures?

            What about the 10 commandments?

            What about the division of time BC and AD?

            What about gravity?

            Lord… what about James Smith?

          • aware

            Prove God doesn’t exist.

          • I am not the one making the claims. You religious nuts are. The burden of proof is always upon those making the claims.

            I know you would prefer that to not be the case, but there it is.

            If I said I was keeping an elephant in the trunk of my compact car, would you accept that yu had to prove there was not? Or would you demand that I prove there was an elephant?

          • aware

            You do know that the modern “atheist” movement was invented by Jesuits. You’re just an anti-thesis tool of “religious” nuts to rub against the thesis of “religion” to achieve a synthesis neither of you will like. And you don’t even know it. Real “independent thinking” there.

            By the way, I am not “religious”. Just here to thin the thickness of your skin.

          • GSOB

            You are a willfully ignorant, dense, deceitful man.

            You want us to show you Jesus / God and yet no one can approach God and live except through Jesus Christ.

            Jesus will return and then we all will see God.

            You should prepare for that. All of life is to prepare and meet the life giver.

          • Das

            Prove he does

          • aware

            There is no “proof” you would accept anyway. Just show me why you believe he doesn’t.

            Atheists always want the game played by their own rules and are worse than “religious” in their dogmatism. Really kind of silly.

          • aware

            Also, if a blind man asked me to prove that red exists, or a deaf man wanted proof that symphonies exist, how could I go about it?

          • jox

            Are you suggesting that you have knowledge or senses that the rest of us don’t have? You know some truths, but you find difficult to explain to us because we have some sort of disabilities?

          • aware

            You take offense? It was not my intention. I can only tell the Truth. What I am saying is God is Spirit and is worshiped in Spirit. There is but one way to God and none can come this way except those led by Him. He is not revealed by human intellect nor philosophy, These He discards as foolishness.

            And all creation testifies of Him so that none will have excuse at the end of the age. It is sublime in the extreme. Those that belong to this world serve the god of this world, whether they know it or not. But those who belong to the Living God are just pilgrims traveling through this world of enemy held territory. Good deeds and titles can be counterfeited so as to deceive, but genuine faith is impossible to fake before His gaze.

            If you think you are “good” you are deceived about your need for redemption and a wonderful free gift is being stolen from you. But He does not want any to be lost.

          • GSOB

            Congratulations, James Smith – your religion is to get rid of religion.

            You are so religious about it.

            It lacks love, hospitality, hope or morals.
            You are a destroyer and will die in your sins.

            Christianity teaches…

            “Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.”

          • Dean Fiddle

            He’s also religious about his own total lack of courage and utter yellow bellied cowardice. By my calculations he has the mental age of a 13 year old.

          • 7522

            don’t trust James Smith he is a pederast who tries to lure boys home to his shanty town in Brazil where he lives with two gay guys and a monkey

          • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

            Wow your research is incredibly flawed.

            There are numerous contemporary accounts, and Matthew was the first gospel written. In fact, there was a copy of the gospel of Matthew floating around in India in 50 A.D.

            So less than 20 years after Jesus was crucified a copy of the gospel of Matthew had already traveled all the way to India.

            And Jesus was not born on December 25th. You should know that if you did any research at all.

            You are just regurgitating the discredited theories of a man named Kersey Graves which are so flawed that even atheist websites mock them.


          • You are wrong. Show me the contemporary account. FYI, 50 AD is NOT contemporary. Nor was there an account in India at that time. Prove it.

            I am not the one that said jesus was born on Dec 25. The council of Nicosea decided that. The “borrowed” the date from the other myths I mentioned.

            You’re a liar, a fool, and a coward, like the rest.

          • GSOB

            James Smith.
            You are of the devil, the father of lies, who has lied from the beginning.

            Don’t you have something better to do? Like learn how to play right?

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          So does Obama….

          And yet, he, like Hitler is attacking Christianity everywhere. You’re an enlightened leftist, so you know that Hitler replaced God in the churches. But don’t let that get in your way of spewing utter stupidity.
          hmmm. Keep spewing your hateful bilge and I’ll ‘follow’ you and bring you a prayer every damned day you comment. moron.

          God Bless.

          • Jonas

            obama is a muslin

          • Where is your proof of that? Oh, I see. It’s just another lie fro you. You love to lie.

          • I have been waiting for an idiot like you to bring Obama into this. Thank yu for not disappointing me.

            Tell us all, exactly how is BHO “attacking christianity?” I’ll bet you are outraged because some religious reich agenda to persecute others or force your sick beliefs upon others has been thwarted. When that happens, you nutcases always cry “Persecution!”

            What hateful bilge? Oh, you mean facts. Those are hateful for you. They never support your favorite delusions, do they?

            Tell me, exactly how and when did “Hitler replace god in the churches?” Oops, caught you in another lie, didn’t I?

            That’s OK, you can ignore that request for proof as you do all the others. I know you’re too much of a coward, intellectually and ethically, to ever respond to rational requests.

            You will not pray for me unless it is for your imaginary sky pilot to “smite this heathen who dares to question what I want to believe.” Knock yourself out. I’ll keep telling the truth and you’ll keep demonstrating your stupidity.

            I have no doubt that you’ll “follow me”. You have all the qualities of a stalker. In recognition of your loyalty, I’ll continue to demonstrate what a miserable, ignorant PoS you are. That should make your mental masochism happy as you clearly get a cheap thrill from having your lack of ethics and intelligence displayed for all to see.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Yikes dude. When you have to spout this much to make a point. It’s easy to know you’re wrong.
            Followed…. or stalked. LOL whatever.

            [Edit]: God Bless.

          • It’s easy to know that you’re a lair, a coward and a stubbornly obnoxious fool.Satan curse.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            Ah ha! Been waiting patiently for you to introduce your idol, the horned one. Now let me see, I believe He would fall into that “Supernatural” category you so blatantly disparaged. Your hippocracy could not be hidden forever. Whoa is us, the King has no clothes.

          • GSOB

            James Smith = obnoxious

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Dude, are you serious with that blog!? LMAO! I love the delicious irony of a left-wing nutbag yammering about freedom while simultaneously telling those that really believe in it, they’re delusional. You may wanna seek out the Founders and what they said about this country’s freedom and faith. Yikes.

            You’re funny dude. Of course, not to be taken seriously.

          • You must be the “Biff Wellington on my blog. Either that ID or the one here is then a lie. I suspect both.

            You are a fool, a liar, and a coward.

            That’s nothing new for me. I knew you were all of those from your first post.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            answer his point, fool, liar and coward. I am noticing how you ignore points you don’t have an answer for. Ignore, base for ignorant.

          • I have answered every point. You are reduced to copying and pasting my remarks because you can’t even think of anything stupid, now. I’m finished have at it, fecal brain.

          • Jonas

            too bad burn in Hell?

          • No you won’t burn. There is no hell or heaven.

            Your hell is wasting your life posting amazingly ignorant things.

          • Jonas

            james, oh saint james, litsen to yuo try be clever hurts my hed and Jesus lafghs so burn in Hell

          • Jonas

            if yuo cal names you will burn in Hell

          • Robert Streander Jr

            how about when obama covered up the symbols on the backdrop of his appearance at Notre Dame little vicious attack doggie?

          • How is supporting the separation of church and state, as called for in the Constitution, an”attack on christianity?” For that matter, how do you know that he ordered that?

            You don’t mind twisting the truth. But christianity has been lying for so long, it’s natural that you should embrace it, too.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            How do you know he didn’t master word twister. You sound like an attorney. Are you actually insinuating that that act was something he was not aware of? I guess you think the CFatholics at Notre Dame did it. You are a freakin psychopathic raving lunatic oh self appointed know it all. You think you are always on the offense but from the outside it appears not so. I’ll bet you are a closet Satan Worshiper who doesn’t exist.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh the horror!!! covering up the crucifix during a non-religious meeting was an attack on religion

          • GSOB

            James Smith is a real mental case.
            His father is the devil.

        • Uh-Huh

          well, James…you won’t have to worry about Christians because when China and the Sunni Muslims align and start WWIII, there WILL come a time when you WILL be forced to convert to Islam (if you have not already done so) or lose your…so then, you will truly then be amongst your “birds of a feather”…and not a single one of them “those horrible Christians” They won’t be the ones who preach the “love thy neighbor,” that you currently are trying to use as an excuse. These guys you will be hanging with have will these thought processes:

          Allah is an enemy to unbelievers. – Sura 2:98

          On unbelievers is the curse of Allah. – Sura 2:161

          Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence
          they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. – 2:191

          So get educated, Bubba, in the Koran…while you can (you do remember them killing all Christians recently who couldn’t recite a verse, correct?)

          • Not going to happen.

            Prove your idiotic claims. Go ahead. Be brave for once and prove something.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh lordy, them islamofascists are coming to get us

        • Robert Streander Jr

          Hitler was a communist, masquerading as a christian. Quit lecturing everyone from your self important pedestal as though you are more educated than every one else. Just because your delusions make you feel superior, doesn’t make it so. Who appointed you as smartest man on the planet, you?

        • Nathan

          Actually, Hitler redefined Christianity with himself as the Messiah rather than the historic Jesus. Those true Christians who opposed him (like Dietrich Bonhoffer) were themselves sent to the gas chambers. The “Gott mit uns” referred to Adolf Hitler himself.

          This is from primary sources like Hitler’s speeches.

          • If Gott Mit Uns referred to Hitler, why was it on the belt buckles in WW I?

            You are as uninformed and a liar like that obsessed, insane GSOB

        • Dim and Dimmer

          Hitler and the Nazis were occultists a/k/a Satan worshippers – FACT!

          • HIiler was a Catholic – fact!

            You’re an ignorant fool – fact. Dim and Dimmer. Yep, that’s you.

          • Dean Fiddle

            Who is Hliler?

        • YCNAN


        • John D Gillespie

          Catholics aren’t considered Christian. They worship MARY and do not read the bible. They do not confess JESUS as there lord and savior and do not believe in his ways thru salvation.. Just a friendly FYI ..not to offend you.

      • Gay Veteran

        all of the monarchs in WWI were Christian

        • Be careful revealing yourself as gay. There are “good christians” on here that would kill you for that.

          • Jonas

            witch one is gay?

          • It’s “which” you uneducated fool. You do love displaying your ignorance don’t you?

          • Jonas

            burn in Hell

          • Annette Smith

            Love you, Jonas!

          • Annette, you show that you approve of hate, threats, and the ugly side of religion. Thank you for confirming that for me.

          • More typical christian responses. You show what a violent, hateful, horrible religion it is.

        • Annette Smith

          What constitutes being a Christian in your view? They own a Bible? Or, is it something different?

          • Gay Veteran

            If they say they are Christian then one has to assume they are Christian.

          • Annette Smith

            No, I wouldn’t think you would think that. Just because someone says that they “are” something, doesn’t mean that they are. I don’t believe that Westboro Baptist, so full of hate towards gay people, is where you would find Jesus. . She may say she is a Christian, but, what does the fruit in her life say? No, there has to be another measurement for determining Christianity, don’t you think, Gay?

          • Jonas

            i dont think name is gay he is gay

          • What constitutes a christian, at east your version, is they are smug, arrogant, hateful, liars, hypocrites, and cowards.

          • Annette Smith

            Hey, sounds like you would fit in! James Smith-Westboro…smug, arrogant (big time), full of hate, definitely a liar and hypocritical…and yes, a terrible coward. Loves to beat people up. You have not created any worth in yourself, James Smith-Westboro. Maybe when you do, you’ll have something meaningful to say. Enjoy your lingering years. Bye!

        • WM

          Prove it. Funny how people can just fly off and make claims. Your comment makes no sense and blatantly shows your brainwashed biased hatred for Christianity.

          Your comment makes no sense. If they were Christians, they would have followed the ways of Christ. Since Jesus Christ was the ” prince of peace”, then they were obviously false deceivers who ” said” they were Christians, and you want to believe it just because they said it, without connecting the factual, historical, observable facts.

          • Gay Veteran

            LOL, you do know that the English monarch is head of the Church of England?
            I want to meet these “real” Christians since there seems to be so many fake ones (or at least Christians you don’t want to accept as Christians)

          • WM

            Well aware of that fact.
            Sorry you have not met any real Christians, you may not like them though. They will be honest, NOT hypocrites, WILL be loving and gentle, will NOT desire to harm you in any way for whatever you believe or how you decide to live…they do believe the Bible is the revelation from the creator God, and they WILL LOVE you enough to to tell you the Truth of what the Bible says about life after death, the Holiness and righteousness of God and his hatred for sin, and his justice given to lawbreakers. Having heard the bad news, they would give you the good news (Gospel) as to what you need to do to be made righteous in Gods sight.

          • Gay Veteran

            so I guess “real” Christians don’t try to impose their religion on others.
            amazing there are so many “fake” Christians

          • GSOB

            WM is trying to make her own point…
            Jesus is not genital, but gentle.

          • Jonas

            yes he will burn in Hell forever in Hell and Jesus will lafgh at him

          • WM

            Yes, too many people view Jesus as the blond haired, gentle, surfer Jesus who just “loves” everyone just the way they are. The Bible paints a very different picture than what most people believe. They either think he doesn’t exist, or is just a soft powder puff that does not take sin seriously.
            The Bible reveals very clearly how God views sin and the consequences of breaking Gods law. I wish it was different, I wish there was no hell, but, it is what it is.
            I pray more people wake up in these last days.
            Funny, How James avoided the issue of islam when I brought it up. How convenient.

          • Jonas

            the muslins will burn in Hell

          • “Prince of peace? That’s another lie by christians. Here’s something from your own babble that directly contradict that lie.

            Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

          • WM

            I love when people pick a verse and try to build a doctrine or make a point out of context. Jesus was saying that if one follows him, they can expect trouble or persecution in this world because people hate truth and light but love darkness……kind of like you and many others are attacking people who hold to the Bible……you are doing exactly what Jesus said would happen.
            Enemies of Christ are such weak fools, thinking they can outsmart God and shake their self righteous fist at God, and thinking they know what’s best, never ceases to amaze me.

          • I love it when people evade direct questions and continue on with their BS as if they were never asked.

            Your jesus never existed. All of the things you claim he said are fiction.

            What amazes me is that a person that outwardly seems sentient can believe in the total nonsense of any religion.

            No, I do not “hate god” or jesus. How can anyone hate what has never exited?

            I tire of this stupidity. I have handed you religious morons your intellectual buttocks every time.

            I have been mildly amused you the mass of stupidity shown here, but I do have rational things to do.

            Unless someone actually posts proof or a rational statement I am gone.

            So long fools. I’ll sacrifice a couple of babies to Lord Satan (who doesn’t exist either) for you. How does that make you feel?

          • GSOB

            James Smith…..

            “Unless someone actually posts proof or a rational statement I am gone.”


          • I was trying to be nice to you personally. You have responded in typical christian fashion by being a smug, arrogant asshole.

            You do not want dialog, you want to preach and lecture.

            I know you must have the last word, so take it to bolster your pathetically poor self-esteem.

            The you can go boast that you have “Victory through the power of christ!” What you have is more delusional wasting of your life.

          • GSOB

            James Smith,

            when was the last time you abused your kids?

          • GSOB

            James Smith says,

            “I love it when people evade direct questions and continue on with their BS…”

            I have asked you several questions and you set yourself up as some kind supreme court on what case you will answer or not.

            You use the same rhetoric responses matched with your favorite word ‘obnoxious’ as a strong man argument to silence the truth of God in your own seared conscience.

            I can imagine what it is like being married to you.
            Your wife must be very unhappy with you.

          • GSOB

            Hypocrite James Smith likes to quote the Judeo-Christian bible in his response.
            Just like Satan…

            …did God say?

      • Observer

        You are complete idiota i must say to come in the class without revising your history lessons kid

      • Lol, u mean saddam had anything to do with 911 right ?
        Ameweekans. ..

      • Robert Streander Jr

        judd notice below how he ignores questions that he cannot answer which voids his statements.

      • jox

        Easy! Iraq.

      • Captain Kush

        Iraq, Afghanistam, Vietnam.

      • Kyle

        How about Iraq, Afghanistan, and Viet Nam for starters. Then let’s add in all of the other “kinetic actions” we have been involved in as well. Wait, I may be confusing some people…I am always reminded by fellow patriots that this is and was always a Christian nation founded on Christian principles.

    • Robert Streander Jr

      Ok, James, here’s your chance. Name one. Name one modern day American Christian Organization that started a war or tortured anyone for their beliefs. The only thing we show no mercy or forgiveness of is anyone who would even think about assuming the right to take our liberty from us, and we have graveyards all over this planet to prove we will gladly die to protect it.

      • Bruce

        The catholics

        • Robert Streander Jr

          Part 2 of question : Specifics?

      • I did you dumb moron. HOe about the Catholic Church? How about the Westboro Baptist Church?

        Die to protect it? Then why don’t You jump off a bridge. The world would be a better pace without such a smug, arrogant, self-important jerk like you in it.

        • GSOB

          James Smith…
          Please understand…
          There is a difference b/t the Catholic Church and The Roman Catholic Church.

          But the problem with us human beings is that we do not give God His due glory and thankfulness due Him everyday, we don’t honor and respect or serve God like we ought.

      • Annette Smith

        James is a troll. He only is here to see how many posts he can make and how many responses he can get. He wants to see how many people he can upset. IF he were looking for share his views, he would most likely be on a site where others would be agreeing with him. He wants to see how many people he can upset. Ignore him. Too many out there like him that just want to fight.

        • Jonas

          he is a troll burn in Hell

        • Robert Streander Jr

          Yes, I concede you are correct. I like to think I can reason with anyone, and keep the conversation civil, but he is an exception, so I’ve jousted with him for awhile for entertainment purposes, but time is too short to spend on haters like him. He truly is obsessed like no one I’ve ever seen. He makes accusations and claims where he offers no proof, then skewers anyone that dares challenge that fact, asking that he do what he demands of others. Pure hippocracy at it’s best. I am so thankful I don’t live in a world of cynicism full of perceived enemies like him. He says he has children. How can anyone not look at their babies and not feel and see the miracle of life. How can someone like him experience love? I know he would not want our pity, nonetheless I’m sad for him, truly. Thank you for your comments. You sound like a voice of kindness and reason. Thank goodness there are people like you to compare against those like him. It is truly the reason we can have hope. Best wishes to you for the holidays and beyond, and hope to “see” you around again.

          • Annette Smith

            Hey, Robert…thanks for the post. I think that there are people we need to ignore. James Smith Westboro is one. He can’t see his hate. He feels it, but he can’t see it. Yes, he is to be pitied. You can’t reason with him. If his brain can’t process info, it’s just useless to talk to him. If he got rid of that hate, he would have a lot to share. Anyway, hope you have a good Christmas, Robert! See ya’ around.

          • Robert Streander Jr

            Thank you Annette. Nice to meet you and chat with you.

        • GSOB

          Hell. He’ll be back.

      • Gay Veteran


        • Malcolm Reynolds

          hmm, isn’t that a godless democrat organization?

          • davidmpark

            According to the Congressional records of the time regarding the House and Senate investigations of the Klu Klux Klan; yes. It’s actually stated in the record that the KKK is a part of the Democrat party at that time. Today, probably not. This new reboot of the KKK and white supremacists are more likened to street gangs or special interest groups than what they used to be.

          • Gay Veteran

            and after 1964 racist southern Democrats became racist southern Republicans

          • Gay Veteran

            self proclaimed christian knights

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Hmmm and I’m a rainbow farting unicorn.
            And yet their entire agenda is anything but. Isn’t that queer?

        • Robert Streander Jr

          C’mon man, let’s keep this in context. We’re talking about religions, not hate supremacists. I can’t say whether kkk identified themselves as christians or not but they did not start wars with other religions, but primarily black people. It was not about religion at all but about blacks just wanting the same rights as everyone else. kkk also is not what you would call mainstream christians or a mainstream religious org concerned with religious issues, just the persecution of blacks. So you gotta do better than that dude. I’ll give ya a mulligan.

          • Gay Veteran

            guess you didn’t know the KKK had a huge parade in Washington early 20th century

    • Robert Streander Jr

      Christianity a cult? Are you freaking serious?

      • Yes, it’s a cult. It shows all of the standards for one. Constant indoctrination, questioning not permitted. Disobedience punished via peer pressure and threats, conformity to artificial standards demanded, and the classic, control of sexual behavior exerted on all members. (and frequently broken by the leaders)

        • Jonas

          james, saint james my pastor say many atheests are homersexule and you are homersexule, yes? well read Bible and turn and face the Lord!

          • Gay Veteran

            maybe you should go to school and learn how to spell

          • Jonas

            ARe you the gay onw? my pastor say atheests are homersuxule like james smith is true?

          • Phil from Germany

            Wi dunt u tri to lern to spel ?.

          • Jonas

            burn in Hell

          • Phil from Germany

            Dont suppose your mouth bleeds once every 28 days ?

          • Jonas

            my pastor say no man trust a germin

          • Gay Veteran

            if you want to ask a question then ask it in English

          • Jonas

            burn in Hell

          • Gay Veteran

            right next to your mother

          • Jonas

            yuo are sinner

          • Gay Veteran

            you are troll

          • Jonas

            burn in Hell

          • Gay Veteran

            Jesus weeps because of the likes of you

          • Gay Veteran

            isn’t your mother already there?

          • I say to you and your lying pastor to prove your claims or STFU.

            I have read the bible, far more than you, apparently. That’s how I know it’s filled with nonsense an lies, exactly like yourself.

            Learn to use a spell checker. You are only showing yourself to be as willfully ignorant as I say you are.

          • Jonas

            yuo have not read Bible or you woud love Him but you will live in Hell forever in Hell

          • I have read the bible front to back many time. Obviously far more than you.

            Yes threats are all you have. They are easier than providing fact that you do not have, aren’t they. They also do not require thinking. That’s something yu are not equipped to do.

          • GSOB

            James Smith said that he has read the bible front to back many time.

            Many time?


            So… that makes you
            a theologian?

            You may think you know the bible…
            But if you have not been redeemed by the blood of the lamb….
            you will die in your sins.

          • Many times does not mean once. Sorry that you are too stupid to know that.

            Wen have I said I was a theologian? That’s you lying again.

            You will die as ignorant and stubbornly stupid as you are now.

        • Robert Streander Jr

          yea you can just see them dragging them in the churches at gunpoint and locking the doors. You are a complete raving mad f’n idiot. Why don’t you just leave this country and go where you think it’s better. You’re too closed minded to even have any rational debate with. Hate to se you so unhappy here.

          • Then you think brainwashing of children is fine? You think promoting their religion by threats of hell and false promises of a heaven is OK?

            You are good with the lies and use of torture and murder on people who do not agree with a particular religion? I refer to the resent cases of murdering gays, doctors and workers at family planning clinics, not to the Inquisition.

            FYI, you fcking PoS. I do not live in the USA. I live in a free country called Brazil. The intrusion of religion in the supposedly Catholic country is far less than inn the USA.

            That’s not why I came here, though. I am married to a Brazilian woman and live in a paradise a few blocks from the beach. I have a video about it on my page at photobucket dot com. Search on slrman.

            Also, I am very happy on this web site. I get to help fools like you show exactly how hateful, stupid and obnoxious they are.

            Thank you for helping me do that and for amusing me with your own contributions in the stupidity sweepstakes.

          • GSOB

            Your favorite word is


          • That’s because I see the deliberately obnoxious, hateful behavior of so many.

            Your “diagnosis” is as stupid as your beliefs. Making it shows how arrogant and self-righteous you are..

            You need a dose of reality. There is not divine anything. Prove it or STFU.

          • GSOB

            What does STFU mean?

          • GSOB

            Hey everybody, James Smith is here to help us!

            What a good Samaritan..

            “I get to help fools like you show exactly how hateful, stupid and obnoxious they are.”

        • GSOB

          And what about your sins James Smith? Or do you exempt yourself from ever sinning?

      • Annette Smith

        James is from another country and hates. He has decided not to be a benefit to society and appears to be quite old. Ignore him. He’s the old fart that comes to family reunions and tries to make himself look better than all the rest.

        • Jonas

          yes, james will burn in Hell

        • Gay Veteran

          is ANY of that true? thy shalt not lie

          • GSOB

            It is not, thou shall not lie, Gay guy..
            it is you shall not bare false witness.

            You might say Gay guy – ‘it’s the same thing’…

            It’s not.

          • Gay Veteran

            what are you babbling about?

        • GSOB

          That’s right… he’s getting old.

    • Robert Streander Jr

      Tell that to the muslims in Iran and elsewhere who bury women up to their chins and stone them to death because some man could see their ankles

      • Thank you for showing that religion is evil. Let’s not for get that christians have recently murdered people for being gay or working in a family planning clinic.

        • Robert Streander Jr

          You know James, I just spent an hour responding to your latest comment to me, and lost it because of some sign in snafu. I attempted to take the vitriol out of this discussion at least as far as I was concerned. Once I finally figured this stupid site proces out and got back on I came back to you to repeat my lost response, out of really wanting to turn this into an adult intelligent discussion. I think I might have surprised you in what I had to say. Unfortunately, in reviewing all of your comments to find the correct place to re-enter mine, I have decided to decline this opportunity. I can just tell you are too angry, hateful of others with different ideas, and just plain provocative. It’s no wonder you are in a battle of word calling with every one you dialogue with in this forum. I don’t know if that style just makes you feel superior or what, and although I would enjoy having an intellectual conversation with you about this topic, I’m old enough to know when there is no point. My interest is not in persuading you to change your ideas, indeed I’m a big believer in the competition of ideas. Makes the world go around, so to speak. But if it cannot be civil and mutually respectful, on a personal level, then frankly I have better ways to spend my time. Therefore, there will be no response to your recent comment. I’m sure you will have a parting shot, probably claiming another “victory” over another evil christian, (which for your information is NOT how I define my beliefs) as would be compatible judging by your choice of debate style, and that’s ok with me. I would just ask you to ponder, as there will not be any forthcoming response, just what is it do you think you are accomplishing? Your style most certainly will not bring about anything constructive, nor enlightening to yourself or anyone else. You remind me of the sound of one hand clapping. Good luck to you friend.

          • What I am is disdainful of people that are willfully ignorant and stubbornly stupid. That pretty much includes 100% of religious reich people.

            It isn’t surprising that many bring up hate and anger. Nor is it surprising that the first ones to bring hate and anger into a discussion are the religious.

            As I have said many times, if shown undeniable proof, I would change my thinking about anything, including religion. I have also requested anyone that can to prove anything I have posted is not true. Does that sound like someone filled with hate and anger? Yet, none here have even attempted it. Instead, they evade the question, attempt to change the subject and addopt a smug, arrogant attitude and are deliberately being obnoxious by saying things like “I’ll pray for you.” Yes, that’s being obnoxious to an openly atheist person. Would you like it if I were a devil worshiper and said, “I’ll sacrifice a couple of babies to lord satan in your name.”?

            The religious seem to want to make a career out of expressing their self-importance and being as smug as possible about it.

            I am not and never will be your friend. That’s simply more of you being smugly obnoxious.

            If at any time, I have somehow given you the impression that what you allegedly think is inn any way significant, I apologize. That was never my intention.

            Like the rest here, you have never answered a single question, provided any proof of anything you have said or attempted to provide evidence that any of my posts are not true. Why should anyone have any respect for that level of ignorance, intellectual, and ethical cowardice?

          • GSOB

            Thanks for showing us your azz

        • Robert Streander Jr

          There are radical fringe elements in any group. I have gay friends, and have friends who have had abortion. I do not condemn anyone different from me. I do however believe that abortion is murder. Freedom of choice? What choice is the child given?

        • GSOB

          Your reasoning Sir James Smithy boy, is about as shallow as a toad’s dung hole.

    • OmegA

      Not every one that says Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of Heaven. Road to HELL is wide and the road to Heaven is narrow.

      • Jonas

        yes omegar he will burn in Hell forever in Hell aNd Jesus will lafgh at him

      • Sally girl

        Hell does not exist — that is not a biblical teaching, it becomes very obvious when the research is done. The God of the Bilble is a loving God, and he will show this when he intervenes very soon and ends this corruption — then the earth will be transformed and his original purpose will be realized. All of this info can easily be found in any copy of the Bible…….

        • GSOB

          You a Unitarian / Universalist, Sally Girl?

      • The road to delusional stupidity is wide for you.

        There is not heaven, no god, and yu are a deluded fool.

        • GSOB

          James Smith likes to play long guitar solos while the rest of the band waits to end the song.

    • Diana

      Give me examples of these “plenty of wars” started by Christians. Real examples.

      • WW II. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan.

        Or are you saying that George W. Bush is not a christian? He is the one that lied to get the USA into two wars.

        You do love ignoring the truth, don’t you?

        • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

          The United States is not a Christian nation and has not been one for a very long time.


          • This is true. IN fact, it has never been a christian nation. That’s another lie told by christians in their arrogance, disregard and disrespect of everyone else.

          • Gay Veteran

            were we a Christian nation in the 1850s?

          • GSOB

            The timing of your point Michael is very poignant.

    • GSOB

      That’s why we ask God for his forgiveness.

      • You might note that your “god” has not been noted for forgiveness. Maybe if you consider genocide, ordering murders, human sacrifices, and destruction of trees, animals, babies, and structures as being “forgiving”.

        You are increasingly boring and stupid. Post something worthwhile Until then, GFY.

        • GSOB

          Please go tune up James Smith. Surely that would occupy your time better, rather than blogging with us.


          I mean, we do not agree.
          Why continue to show hostility.
          Your arguments are just a big crying out for the truth.

          Sad to say, you don’t recognize it here.

          • Please don’t try to change the subject with irrelevancies.

            I am simply posting truth. I’ve requested many times to prove what I say is not true. No one has ever tried. That’s mental and moral cowardice.

            Mym argumants are true. If the were not, someone would have proven otherwise.

            There is no truth inn religion. It is the great evil of the world. I have shown it to be lies and a scam for the few worked upon the many. How sad that people are so deluded they refuse to recognize it.

          • xKNOWtheTRUTHx

            James Smith, you have stated:
            “I am simply posting truth”,

            just after stating this:

            “You might note that your “god” has not been noted for forgiveness.
            Maybe if you consider genocide, ordering murders, human sacrifices, and
            destruction of trees, animals, babies, and structures as being

            So according to you the “pilot in the sky” that does not exist has done these things? I thought you were “smarter than the average bear” (Yogi Bear quote).

            See, the real truth is that you are lacking in your life and that is why you are here spewing your hatred and disdain instead of being with your loving family and friends.

            Why waste you time arguing with people you obviously do not agree with, nothing positive can come of this.

            There is an ancient Chinese saying “your cup is already full” so seek out and be with like minded people and maybe, just maybe you can be happy there.

            “Seek and you shall find”

            Go in peace.

          • I am only reporting what your own babble claims you god has done. Not that I believe it.

            You know noting of my life but are projecting your what you wish it to be. Facts do not matter to you. To believe in any religion, you must first suspend all notion of disbelief, reject facts and rational thinking as all being unimportant.

            FYI,I am with my family and friends. I am only here to spread some truths amog the delusional folk for amusement. It is not a bit surprising how outraged and judgmental you all are about this.

            Yes, something positive can come of it. There are people that might take a moment to consider, “Hmm, there seems to be some undeniable facts, here. I should think about this a bit.” Naturally, with the closed-minded religious reich, no amount of evidence or undeniable fact will make any difference. It is amusing to me to see how consistently they ignore direct questions, try to change the subject, and tell me how miserable I am. Again, that they know nothing and have no concern for truth is expected.

            I am happy helping people like you reveal what you are; stubbornly stupid, willfully ignorant, and smugly arrogant in both.

            The truth shall set you free. But you despise truth and those that tell it. Truth rarely supports you cherished illusions, does it?

            As I say frequently, show me proof of your religion. Alternatively, prove anything I have said is not true. I don;t mind that. It’s how we learn and grow. When someone proves that I am mistaken about something, I am the one that gains. As my friends in Quebec say, “Then I go to bed less stupid tonight.” You will remain the same.

            Just go, enjoy your fantasies. That’s far easier than thinking; something none of you seem to be well-equipped to do anyway.

          • GSOB

            Hypocrite James Smith boy
            is here to help us if we want it or not.

            He partially quotes Jesus

            “The truth shall set you free.”

            Even people who don’t believe in Jesus, believe in this phrase of His, not knowing the source.

            What a head in the hole ostrich you are Jamesy boy…

        • GSOB

          James Smith told me to GFY.
          God has shown mercy to me.
          You should not worry about what He has done to other creatures.

          You should be concerned about what He will do with you, if you have any appreciation for life at all.

          No matter how outwardly defiant you are against His reality and children, deep within there is a struggle
          to suppress the truth of God.
          You won’t openly acknowledge this but… man was created in the image of God and that is how you know, we all know, intuitively, God is real.

          He is.

    • Uh-huh

      Your last sentence is a completely untrue statement.. It goes in patches depending on the times. Today’s Christians are very passive, unlike today’s Muslims.

      The scales teeter back and forth and have always done so throughout the ages. It depends on the current political and economic situations…they have gotten the Muslims all riled up over the thought that their current economic problems are a result of “Western Satan.”

      If they direct you to a common “enemy” based on religion, you will forget that your economic life completely stinks and has been actually caused by the powers in charge of your government as it focuses all your hatred on a common third party, such like your hatred currently being focused on Christians.

      It is the OLDEST trick in the book, yet it works every time without fail. People are truly the dumbest animals on the planet.

      • Today’s christians are passive? Since when. Or do you think bombing family planning clinics, torturing and murdering gays is passive?

        Do you think trying to get their personal beliefs passed into laws for everyone is passive?

        What hatred? Contempt and derision, yes. It’s always the religious that bring hate and anger into any situation. Stupidity and ignorance are not enough. They have to be violent and disruptive, too.

        • GSOB

          James Smith is on a crusade to rid the world of religion. He can not tolerate it.
          He can’t accept other people’s belief without criticizing them.

          What real lady would like to be with a man like James Smith?

          Only another ‘adult child’ would hook up with such a tyrant.

          James Smith sets himself up as God.

    • Mark Hampton

      Except for Godless liberals

    • bojonson

      You’re an idiot. Applying the term ‘Christians’,to those whom you accuse of wars, tortures, murders… of those who “don’t accept a given cult”, is a complete denial & denigration of those who accept the grace of Christ Consciousness. The True Christians.

      • Truth Teller

        How typical of a christian to start with a personal insult.

        Thank you for confirming that you are the most violent, hate-filled, judgmental, unforgiving people on earth.

        Yes, you are a “true christian.” You’re a liar, coward, hypocrite and fool. Those are not insults, they are accurate descriptions.

  • vondean

    Those that are truly saved are indwelt with the holy spirit who Jesus said would be our comforter. God has promised to provide for His children so I have no worries about the future. Only those who are saved have an understanding of the things of God. The unsaved are completely blind to anything of God and have absolutely no understanding. Soon the unsaved will go thru the most horrific time in history and it will be too late. Believe or not we have free will, but don’t say God isn’t a loving God because He has given us choices to make and don’t blame Him when things go bad. Just because someone calls themselves Christians doesn’t mean they are, so the “Christians” involved in these atrocities mentioned earlier were men following their own desires and not that of God. Jesus gave the greatest commandment and that was to love one another and that is what true Christians do. Remember God doesn’t send people to hell, they go because they have chosen to.

    • 65starship

      another brainwashed christian

      • GSOB


        Have you heard the Word?
        It’s a soul salvation.

      • vondean

        Someday you will have to stand before God and what will you say to Him? Saying that I am a brainwashed christian shows that you have chosen what path you are taking in this life.

    • GSOB

      People do not go hell because they have chosen to.

      Jesus as judge will send people to the lake of fire…. call it hell, whatever you want…

      It is not of him who wills or of him who runs, but of God, who shows mercy.

      • vondean

        You CHOOSE to repent and accept Jesus as your Savior and go to heaven or you CHOOSE to reject him and go to hell. It is your choice.Joshua 24:15 KJV . And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord,
        choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your
        fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of
        the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we
        will serve the Lord.

        • GSOB

          You are correct Vondean… when you said, that those who are saved are indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

        • GSOB

          Vondean says,

          ‘It is your choice.’

          dig deeper…….

  • karryokie

    Since Neptune was discovered,there have been three bad inflationary periods whenever it transits a fire sign:The 1860’s and 1970’s in the USA and the 1920’s in Germany.

    The next period is from 2026-2040.That one may bring WWIII as well,being in war-like Aries as it was in the 1860’s.


      Neptune? I knew it!

      • tex may

        I like Uranus!

        • garand555

          Well, that stinks.

        • LMAO LMAO

          hey thanks!

    • Nimadan

      You confusing Neptune with Uranus.

    • GSOB

      So, tell me please…, what is this planet, eschatological theory, karryokie?

  • douglas gray

    Our Constitution says that “all men are created equal”. Suppose a mal-functioning drone in the U.S. killed 13 people in a wedding party? There’d be a national outcry. But since it is just 13 people in Yemen, no one much cares. So it seems that the U.S. doesn’t follow much the spirit of its own Constitution.

    • Drud

      Totally agree with the sentiment Douglas, but “all men are created equal” is from the Declaration of Independence.

  • Gay Veteran

    guess you’re not a history major, because Islam has not been around for 1000s of years, and Catholics and Protestants slaughtered each other

    • Robert Streander Jr

      Maybe not, proud to say I am not corrupted by a liberal America hating education system. I am however a modern civilization major and if you think your liberal twisted mid evil views are representative of modern day christianity, you sir are a lost cause. You are blind as to what exists around you. Also those of the muslim faith call it Islam, if you think it is incorrect then you need to go tell them that, not me sir.

      • Gay Veteran

        when did I say Catholics and Protestants are currently killing each other???

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Nice sleight of hand pervert.

          I don’t see where he accused you of using ‘currently’.

          YOU said ‘slaughtered’ as in past tense, and he said

          ‘…think your liberal twisted mid evil views are representative of modern day christianity’
          heh, it’s interesting that he caught on that you are indeed a nutbag leftist.

          • Jonas

            yes cal him perverts!

          • Gay Veteran

            still can’t read, eh
            tossing out the insults, baby killing marine

      • Jonas

        robert, you are good chrsitian. you have faced the Lord, our GOD and will not burn in Hell but James Smith will burn in Hell forever in Hell and Jesus will lafgh.

        • xKNOWtheTRUTHx


          “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”.

          Jesus will not laugh at anyone, if you would take the time to check out his teaching you would know that.

          “Seek and you shall find”

          • Jonas

            yuo sound like maybe onlt bayby cos yuo make no sence


    don’t worry, obamacare will save us

  • Richard O. Mann

    I agree that something is going to pop in 2014. But, I’m looking at the middle east for the start. It could all come together about the same time, War in the mid east spreads to the rest of the world. Someone pops some nukes. All the other nuke owners don’t want to see them go to waste. I figure the US will not come out of it except burned, beat, and isolated spots of survivors. Exciting times to be alive, eh?

  • TractorD15

    What does all of this have to do with the above subject?

    • GSOB



  • Patriot One

    I think they are all right. The problem with trying to forecast the crash is that it’s globalize money printing and all the currencies are in on it. How much longer can the keep it up before people say we don’t want to pay taxes anymore because governments don’t need my money if they have the ability to print it out of thin air.

    When people can no longer afford food and fuel it’s game over. That day is coming!


    i think there is a difference between an average 17B per year deficit and a 1T per deficit, no?

  • GSOB

    “Which of the individuals quoted above do you think are right on the money and which ones do you think are way off base?”

    I think Jeff Berwick is spot on with this statement’….

    “If they allow interest rates to rise, it will effectively make the U.S. government bankrupt and insolvent, and it would make the U.S. government collapse. . . . They are preparing for a major societal collapse. It is obvious and it will happen, and it will be very scary and very dangerous.”

    and Hugo SalinasPrice is spot on target, saying…

    “I think we are going to see a series of bankruptcies. I think the rise in interest rates is the fatal sign which is going to ignite a derivatives crisis. This is going to bring down the derivatives system (and the financial system).

    There are (over) one quadrillion dollars of derivatives and most of them are related to interest rates. The spiking of interest rates in the United States may set that off. What is going to happen in the world is eventually we are going to come to a moment where there is going to be massive bankruptcies around the globe.”

    Michael has mention these derivatives before.

    The rest of the prognosticators don’t do it for me. And all you folks arguing about religion way off topic…, a boring read.

  • Andrew Bulles

    Buy your Silver, Buy your Gold… better do it fast before your money grows mold!

    • dpw82

      When there is a total economic collapse and a society collapse, food, guns and ammunition will be worth far more than gold and silver. Only the wealthy can afford gold and silver anyways. So better start hoarding food and supplies because you cant eat gold and silver.

      • GSOB

        dpw82 says,

        “When there is a total economic collapse and a society collapse, food, guns and ammunition will be worth far more than gold and silver.”

        If that were to happen, men will grow weary and seek their own death.

        Here it is in principle….
        Rev. 9:6

        ‘And in those days men will be hoping for death, and it will not come to them; and they will have a great desire for death, and death will go in flight from them.’

        • dpw82

          Why are you quoting my comment??? your scripture is irrelevant to the coming economic collapse.

          • GSOB

            Do I need your permission to quote what you have written?

            I quote what you have written to draw your attention that I am responding to you.. what you have written. A choice to communicate clearly.. we have more than 500 response already shared.

            Second, you say
            ‘your scripture is irrelevant to the coming economic collapse’.

            A collapse is a judgement.

            But, please understand…I hope you will,… to the degree of a collapse you suppose, you are not prepared by the items you’ve listed.


  • Daystrom2012

    This is close, the Lord coming for His bride is closer…That is my only hope.(1 Corinthians 15:52)

    Revelation 6:5-6 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come
    and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of
    wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

  • JoeD


    Weren’t they all making the same predictions for 2013?

    • ian

      yes…and they will predict it for 2015 and 2016. Then their boy (conservative or libertarian) and magically all these problems will either disappear, the economy will be moving forward again, and everything will be Obamas fault and the new savior conservative jackwad will get away with murder and raping children so long as he is pro gun, hates gays, and hates the poor. Oh…and he has to start another war and if you dare question him, you will be called an America hater. Happens everytime. Mark my words.

  • Kaj

    Good analysis by a number of people with their eyeballs on the situation. It seems like a number of crises are converging, and of course this is the ushering in of the new world order of the luciferians, and a global initiation awaits us – or termination for those who have seconds thoughts about joining in.

    But people at large will refuse to see this, as there is no future in this world in such a scenario – modern culture is effectively destroying the whole world with new chemicals, experiments and radioactive stuff every single day. It is clear that we do not deserve to inhabit this planet, and we will dig our graves in it – at records speed now it seems.

    There is only one solution, and that is on the individual level, and that involves spiritual transformation and a change of heart, and a brand new world and eternal life. But who will make it? Only those who surrender from this mad quest for survival of this worrisome life in a crippled world, which is the focus of almost everyone nowadays.

    So I wish there was more focus on the underlying spiritual issues driving this whole madness, but our culture is not there. We do not have a common spiritual language even, we cannot talk about these things with understanding. But this has to change, and it must change soon, and I look forward to that.

    • GSOB

      Fukushima or some other 9/11 may breakthrough some of the hard heartedness which prevails in a Godless culture.

      It’s institutionalized in our modern government to ‘not talk of God’ at work or public schools…
      institutions that try to resemble a moral character of a God with all the answers but who’s name is unknown… not offend anyone,… to be politically correct.
      Humanism at it’s best.

      Until something tragic like that happens, i.e. by direct or indirect Divine intervention… everyone will do what is right in their own eyes, there will be a continuance of chaos.

      The creation itself was subject to vanity by the One who subject it to it. The creation groans, eagerly awaiting the glorious revelation of the sons of God.

      So, this world is not want we were made for. It is futility for all alike, for we are always in it… subject to death and evil working against us.

      Christians are salt in this decaying world
      and eagerly await the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Bruce


    • GSOB

      Thanks Bruce.

  • Meichelle

    The fact they told us to compete, and we did and did well, only proves we didn’t unite. And the fact that we did it well, is shown in each comment. No winners here, just losers. The battle is for the fittest.

  • k

    Personally i think this time there will be slowdown/crash but different from the one in 08/09 (or is it 07/08?). This time it will be slower to occur, but deeper, wider and longer lasting and this time some people will be better prepared than others…they will be able to cash out before it hits.

  • Gandhi

    I don”t think the Irish are buying that one, but let me check with Henry the 8th and Martin Luther before I say you”re wrong.

    Yup, you”re wrong.

    • Robert Streander Jr

      My comments were within the context of religions within the United states. I have made numerous comments about not speaking for idiotic barbarians in Europe, those who use the christian label to hide what they really are, and have repeatedly referred to “modern religion”. My most recent comment here, way above was about muslims killing themselves, which is happening today in modern muslim religion. Get with the context dude if you want to go around and around with me.

  • Hank Kingsley

    Religion was made up by the powers that be in order to fool and control the gullible masses. It seems it is a smashing success, still we have conflicts about who has the most powerful imaginary friend whilst the elites laugh all the way to the bank.

    • GSOB

      …’to fool and control the gullible masses.’

      Of course,… you think you are the exception and are very confident, that’s why you post – to get solidified in your paradigm …i.e. one without God.

      You got that right!

      • Lily

        Actually you are the fool. No one will burn in hell for eternity. Religion and the bible was created for an uneducated population who could only understand parables and riddles that would only be interpreted for them by the educated.

        • GSOB

          You are so wise.!

          What would I do without you,.. Lily?
          God forbid the thought.

          I did not say that people burn in hell for eternity.
          that would be an injustice.

          God is perfect and just.
          His mercy triumphs over judgement.

          People are punished and then blotted out of the created order.

          The natural man, the scripture says, does not understand the things of God,….

          That is why I preach to you. If you only knew.

          Faith comes through hearing……

          • Lily

            Honestly what is it with people wanting to live for eternity? Just does not make sense to me. You live your life on earth and whatever happens after that happens. Seriously the christian elitist mentality is just baffling.

            So we have free will now but when jesus returns and establishes heaven on earth there will be no sin, no evil and no free will? Just does not make any sense at all. But you are too far gone to even see that truth.

            Oh but before we get to the utopian world of perfect god decides to let the devil run free for just another season. That really gets me as if he supposedly doesn’t already know what the devil would do with his free reign once again.

            Just seems like those who wrote the bible did it with a nefarious purpose in mind. If you could go back to biblical times I think you would be in for a shock to see what the truth really is and what man has done to create and influence people for generation upon generation.

          • GSOB

            I know this Lily….

            God is good.

            Do you have a question you think I may have a crack at?

  • Annette Smith

    Way to go, Robert! I agree.

    • Robert Streander Jr

      We need to hammer this guy. Easy target and good practice.

      • Robert Streander Jr

        Hey King! Been noticing how it appears to be you against everybody? Says it all.

  • Jonas

    turn and face the lord, tirn and face Him or burn in Hell forever in Hell

  • GSOB

    Jesus is the head of the new human race.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…And that you will find no such savagery here. We changed all that, indeed set an example for the world that gave us peace amongst ourselves…..”
    just ignore that war of aggression in Iraq, torture, murder, killing innocents with drones, etc.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Your left-winger propaganda is hanging out again.

      • Gay Veteran

        still looking for those Iraqi WMDs, eh

  • GSOB

    Who gets eternal life?

    The repentant.

    • Jonas

      no GOSB christinas get etarnal life lern your Bible

      • GSOB

        Thanks Jonas

  • Rodders75

    14 people all saying the same thing…isn’t that called a consensus? Perhaps we should do the opposite of what they advise…

  • Understood

    Even though this is totally off the topic of the article, I thought I would post it in case it helps or benefits anyone. I saw a few comments where people were saying there was no ancient historical proof of Jesus’ existence. The vast majority of scholars today definitively believe that Jesus did in fact exist. Look up the ‘historicity of Jesus’.

    Ancient Non-Christian References to Jesus / Christians:

    Roman Historian Tacitus, who lived within the century of Christ’s birth and death, wrote about Nero blaming Christians for the fire that destroyed Rome in AD 64, in his final work Annals.

    Pliny the Younger, a Roman Governor in Asia Minor, wrote letters to Emperor Trajan, relating information he has learned about Christians and asking advice about legal proceedings against those being accused of being Christian, AD 112. He describes their Christian gatherings, worship and hymns, and a meal they share together.

    Flavius Josephus, a Roman-Jewish Historian born in AD 37, makes references to Jesus, the Cruxifixion, and James the brother of Jesus is his writings, Jewish Antiquities. Historians believe that some of his texts were altered in the following centuries with added Christian interpolations due to the hand-copying of the original extant manuscript, but other ancient writers such as Origen of Alexandria refer to Josephus’ writings on the Christian practice of Baptism and the death of James.

    Lucian of Samosata, Assyrian satirist who wrote in Greek, born AD 125, writes about Christians who “worship a man to this day–the distinguished person who introduced their novel rites, and was crucified on that account…”

    • Fannie

      Don’t tell James Smith-Westboro. He’ll have too much information and won’t know what to do with it.

      • Jonas

        james smith will burn in Hell

  • Brian Harrington

    it was the big banksters that started ww2 and germany hyper inflation andy yes it took a wheel baroro full of money to buy a loaf of bread based on most earning I would say it took six months to a year just to save up for it if that was the case I can imagine what it cost to be a laddy back then a bra and underware was probaly the cost of 10 loafs of bread a coke if any at the time was probaly the cost of 2 loafs of bread as of now the jews are responsible for the crisis in the middle east war is about land and the useage of such and who controls the bank the jews do they are suppper and beyond greeedy period and so is our Irish friends who happen to be mostly catholicts as well war is about money period there will be civil war again in america period before ww3

  • Fannie

    Just so everybody knows, James Smith, now referred to as “James Smith-Westboro”, is a drunk. He’s been drinking for a few days and because his dad beat him up as a kid, he hates everyone. He has no friends, so he comes on these boards and posts crap to start fights. He has been banned from other groups and it won’t be long before Michael gets rid of him, too.

    • Fannie

      Actually, he’s such a jackass, he could be a symbol for the Democratic party. But, since he’s from South America, he’s just plain nuts.

      • Jonas

        i hope he burns in Hell do yuo?

  • Fannie

    James Smith-Westboro sleeps with his dog. He’s a Brazil-nut for real!

  • sonofseawolf

    Hi micheal and ec bloggers,
    Global currency reset? = demise of the petro dollar and usd hegemony?
    worst economic trends due to demographics? = you let too many third worlders on this land mass, and have divided the wealth and now YOU are screwed?
    Happy holidays white humans enjoy it while you can
    protect yourself at all times 14/5

  • 007

    I believe Dent is right. We are going to get a massive dose of deflation after these bubbles burst. Then I believe Schiff will be right and we will be whipsawed with massive inflation as the central banks will start running the printing presses full time. I believe this collapse will usher in our one world currency. Iris very hard to prepare for this.

  • Diana

    I’m no expert, but it doesn’t take one to see that we are in serious trouble ~ economically speaking.
    I would be very surprised if our once-great nation hasn’t collapsed by 2015. Very surprised. What the lawmakers are proposing and DOING is unsustainable. The money WILL run out. Less people working, less people paying into this broken system – what do they THINK is going to happen??

  • Bill

    For those who are confused as whether we will face inflation or deflation– we have had, are getting, and will get more of both.

    If you have to sell some assets to raise cash to live on you will face deflation.

    If you have to buy necessities to survive you will face inflation.

    Think about it.

    • Bill

      You’re right, economics is not a science because its axioms have different outcomes under the same circumstances. Human emotion cannot be relied upon to be consistent.

      • garand555

        Economics should be a science. Instead, it is a pseudoscience.

        • Bill

          Thank you for pointing out why the cabal are manipulating the statistics like 7% unemployment.

          When one does not know the truth, how can one predict the future?

          • Bill

            Reading the definition of pseudo may help some understand what we are talking about.

            not genuine; sham.
            “we are talking about real journalists and not the pseudo kind”
            synonyms: bogus, sham, phony, artificial, mock, ersatz, quasi-, fake, false, spurious, deceptive, misleading, assumed, contrived, affected, insincere; More
            antonyms: genuine

  • Tom

    Like in Northern Ireland, for example.

  • GSOB

    Answer my questions James Smith, the intelligent and rational one, and stop hiding behind Jonas.

  • GSOB

    James Smith, exercising self deceit and no restraint, asked…

    “How am I smug and arrogant?”

    “How am I a coward?”

  • GSOB

    Whens the last time you beat up your wife, James Smith?

  • Jason

    What about Peter Schiff? How could you leave him out of this list?

    • Ventidius

      A very good question.

  • Anthony J. Alfidi

    Even Alan Greenspan is admitting to some limited mea culpas. David Stockman’s assessment is the best of the bunch. BTW, rail traffic is the mid-section of a logistics chain that stretches from shipping at one end to trucks at the other. Look at all three sectors in tandem.

  • davidmpark

    Very true. Hitler despised Christians, Jews, Gypsies, the disabled, and so on. He was into the occult and worked eugenics and nationalism into his own state religion. Check out the SS archives – it’s all there.

  • Cyber Revengeance

    one quadrillion dollars of derivatives seems lunatic.

    is there any official source which says
    one quadrillion dollars of derivatives.

    i don’t understand derivative but this figure semms unbeleivable.

  • Ryan

    Celente has been flat wrong in 09, 10, 11, 12 and 13 and I suspect he’s wrong about Q2 2014. And as for Harry Dent predicting the economy in 2020 – please don’t make me laugh. The only one there with any credibility is Jim Rogers, and he’s smart enough not to try and guess the timing of the next collapse.It’s definitely on its way but it could be a while just yet.

    • ian

      yep…Celente has predicted a collapse for years now. Never happens.

      • Guest

        He’d have been 100 percent right had the fed not intervened with QE1,2, etc…

        In his own words “they keep kicking the can down the road.”


    gary wants the top $100 Billion distributed to the bottom 40 million people. Do the math and laugh!

  • K

    The amount of hate, just on this one article. This is why I believe there will be much violence when things go bad. No attempt to get the facts right, just blind hate. How often throughout history, has man decided if he could just kill off one certain group, paradise on earth would arrive. Never has worked, never will work.

    • Holly Avila

      Ok, Let’s see if we can shed some light here. First of all, it is rare to find a real Christian, someone who truly understands that the only thing required of us is to love our enemy. In 325 AD, Constantine turned Yeshua Hamaschiach into Mithras, complete with the Dec 25 birthday and all the pagan human sacrifice symbol rituals, or mushroom eating rituals. Either way, the solstice is the reason for the season, folks. Yeshua was probably born in Sept. So, the Vatican is actual a Mithras cult. Go look up the book, “The Two Babylons”. The Vatican is the Great Prostitute Babylon in Revelation. Therefor, a catholic is not a real follower of Yeshua. My Bible says to not bow down to statues. People were tortured and killed in unthinkable ways during the reformation for that very point, and many more. So, Revelation also talks about the 10 headed beast, which is the G 10 Masonic banking cartel. You may not believe in God, but if you do a little research, you will find out that our world is actually run by people who believe in and worship Lucifer. Go look up The Brotherhood of Saturn or Bohemian Grove if you don’t believe me. Or just go watch “Eyes Wide Shut” by Stanley Kubrick. He died right after making that film, but I’m sure that it is just a coincidence. The Muslims are our cousins. They are monotheists who worship the God of Abraham. I worship the God of Abraham. The God of Abraham, YHWH, said through his Angel of the Lord to Abraham that human sacrifice is not an acceptable offering to the True Living God. The Hebrews were the first tribe to stop that practice and have been a pariah on this planet ever since. 9 11 was a set up orchestrated by deep black ops cia, mossad, vatican approved to set up Israel to take the blame. My Bible says that the world turns on Israel, surrounds her, and Yeshua returns in that moment. Don’t think for a moment that the anti christ will be anything but a christian, as Hitler was supposed to have been. In truth Hitler was deeply into the occult, the Thule Society, Madam Blavatsky and that crowd. Did you know that Barbara Bush’s father is actually Alistar Crowley? These people are Luciferians. Wake up, people, and turn to Yeshua for protection while you still can. That’s enough truth for one day.

  • You mean there has never been any war in Europe or civil war in the US right ?
    Ameweekans ….

    • Robert Streander Jr

      I never said there was no war in Europe. The civil war in the U.S. was not about religion, which is what the conversation was about. You need to respond in that context or else you are changing the subject, dig?

  • Bill

    If you thought O-phones was absurd what do you think of O-gas? The manager of first station has decided to choose those in need of free gov gas according to the color of their skin.

    Another cabal designed, destroy America program.

  • EconomyTrap

    The Paper currency meltdown starting with the dollar will only occur until wealth “escapes” to Bitcoin (or some quasi form of it). Money is backed by nothing but perception of stability and trust of value. So although there will be a “crash” of paper currencies, wealth is transferred to the next most stable bartering system, and a cashless currency will be this vehicle. Too much fear mongering, this “collapse” will be very temporary at best, and will come and go like a bee sting.

    • GSOB

      You are dreaming, it will be a nightmare.

  • Mondobeyondo

    There was a moon landing this weekend.

    Yes, seriously, there was.

    Most everyone missed it though.

  • Gay Veteran

    sorry junior, but I think both Democrats and Republicans and the “right” and “left” are just false choices to keep the people divided

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      And yet you do nothing but parrot left wing lies and attack the right… Boy.

      • Gay Veteran

        I understand why you were a marine, can’t read

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Ya know you’re right, we should put aside our differences. We have something in common.

      For instance, we’re both tea baggers. Only in my case is it a slur tho. LMAO!

      • Gay Veteran

        still tapping your shoe in that stall?

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          still projecting? I told you already – happily married here. You on the other hand advertise your, uh…. toe tapping approach.

          • Gay Veteran

            no daring, you closeted right-wing types do that

  • wandakate

    GOD gives life and GOD takes it away, blessed be the name of the LORD. We would not be breathing if it were not for his breath of life which is our gift. When he takes it away, we die. Whether we believe that or not is irrelevant, it’s still true.
    JESUS is coming again also and not believing that will not make it not happen.
    There will always be fools and uneducated people who have no knowledge of why they are here or what their purpose it.
    From reading all these comments it appears that people just want to debate and argue about whatever. GOD is not a respecter of persons. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD.

  • Jonas

    ther are many sinners say bad things here i will pray for there sole

    • Michael Cack

      are you religious?

      • Jonas

        bles yuo micheal for yuo have sinned

      • Jonas

        yes or burn in Hell micheal

      • Jonas

        allways been religionous becors of Him

  • nancyc

    I think we are right around the corner to an economic collapse but I believe this is a planned agenda for the new world order to come into play …globalization of all , money ,healthcare ,ext ..

  • Ventidius

    A lack of God causes wars? History is replete with examples of religious intolerance to other religions, between sects and to those of no religion. It was only the devastation of the 80 years war that broke the stranglehold of the Catholic Church in northern Europe which eventually led to the separation of church and state in these countries, stimulating trade, scientific enquiry and ever mitigating the consequences of religious irrationality.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and churches are no exception.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Baltic Dry Index is way up over where it was in January. Only the Almighty Dollar seems to be screwed.

  • kelley

    Hey people this is not about GOD…. Man can never know what god plans…. WHAT are we going to do to preserve our wealth?????????????????

  • vondean

    Jesus has something to say to debating those who refused to see the truth Matthew 7:6 KJV Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls
    before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again
    and rend you. Present the truth to non believers and if they refuse to see it, walk away. You can not reason with them, it brings no edification to the body of Christ. Pray that their eyes will be opened before it is too late. They may think they have the answers now, but when facing God all that will matter is if they accepted Jesus and if not they will be cast into the outer darkness and have all eternity to regret every word spoken. As for the subject at hand my God has promised to care for every need so I have no worry for tomorrow. Maranatha!

  • oledriller

    I am so sick of listening to the left wing spew coming from Obama’s drive by media and Democrats every Christmas. “Stock Markets surging verify confidence in the Obama administration”, ” employment surging due to new fed rules, stimulus and” … etc. Nothing but unadulterated B.S. Anyone with just a half a brain knows about the end of year pump and dump cycle of the stock markets! Even illiterate libtards ought to know about how seasonal Christmas jobs inflate year end employment numbers. But just wait until next year when the 70% of ObamaCare kicks in that you couldn’t read about. Over the next three years the U.S. economy will implode and fold in upon itself like a $2 Chinese lawn chair!

  • compassion

    I am learning how to make my basic needs soaps dry foods and all types of goodies I feel everyone can do this

  • silentwhisper

    How did a conversation on an economic collapse turn into an argument of religion. Lets try to solve one problem at a time and considering we all visited this page, this one topic might be of the greatest urgency, so please lets put our religious/spiritual views away and figure out a solution to an issue that affects us all regardless of who you are or what you believe in.

  • John

    When the mortgage market collapsed in 2008 and the banks were bailed out the way it was done guaranteed future financial collapse. The federal government simply printed money or created more dept to fund this. The ship was nearly sunk when this happened. A huge world financial crisis is eminent. Probably all of what has been said above is correct to some degree. It is hard to tell what a financial crisis greater than the world has ever known will cause. Humanity can only hope for its survival. If one believes in God then it won’t be over until his appointed time. If this is not the time then we will survive in some way. If you don’t believe in God? With what is coming you may want to consider it. Without the hope of something greater than ourselves being in control you probably won’t make it through this very well.

  • COMC

    What is this religious discussion all about?….this is an article about economic and market forecasts……
    Personally think there is even more debt around at even higher leverage….at historical market highs…..whilst the mainstream economy continues to gradually deteriorate…..all in all….a VERY bad combination…..

  • boing!

    It’s been one hell of a “dead cat bounce”! Wait until we see the downside!

  • DEE

    I absolutely agree that a financial crisis like we’ve never seen before will happen – beginning with massive devaluation of the US dollar which, in effect will affect all world currencies – this will be a time of much pain while the world figures out new valuation system, currency model – I thin precious metals and commodities will rule the day during this time and the empire banks will finally get their reckoning – some very wealthy people will lose everything.

  • CalamityHowler

    Christendom’s so-called “christians” are anything but the real thing. They are bloodthirsty, immoral hypoocrites – they scream and holler out of one side of their mouths to save an unborn from being aborted, while they rush to kill adults in wars declared by their favorite political leaders.

    Both WWI and WWII were fought right in the heart of Christendom – and on both sides the despicable clergy blessed the weapons and the soldiers and sent them off to slaughter their “Christian” brothers in other lands.

    Which one of you hypocrites has had the genuine Christian courage to refuse to go to war, as Jesus refused to take up the sword?

    False religion has been at the root and cause of nearly every war ever fought – you love war, because you imagine that God is using you to exact punishment upon those you hate. You love torment and suffering, as long as you aren’t the victim – that’s why you get your jollies just thinking about your enemies getting into hell with it’s eternal torment. Your god is demonic and bloodthirsty, and you have become just like him.

    Jesus was none of these things – you disown him and dishonor him by taking up his name but utterly failing to live as he commanded. Read Matt. 7:21-23 if you dare.

  • Barry

    A great deal of responsibility for the imminent economic collapse lies with the post war yuppie demographic who not only either didn’t have children or curbed their fecundity by the pill, abortion etc to a birth rate less than replacement. A society requires a birth rate of 2.1 babies per woman in the fertile quotient. More than that a society grows numerically, younger and more productive; less and it declines numerically, gets older and less productive. The birth rate of the post christian democracies has been well below 2.1 since the sixties; thus we are getting older, less productive and poorer. Gov’ts have hidden the reality by printing money and kicking future repayments down the road for future generations — generations that wont be there. The institutions that accept the future debt obligations know that and thus demand higher interest; further adding to the debtor nation woes.
    Added to this mix is the resurgance of militant Islam flexing its muscles and sensing the great satan is becoming vulnerable. Once they get the bomb, all bets wil be off.

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