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Dent, Faber, Celente, Maloney, Rogers – What Do They Say Is Coming In 2014?

Earth From SpaceSome of the most respected prognosticators in the financial world are warning that what is coming in 2014 and beyond is going to shake America to the core.  Many of the quotes that you are about to read are from individuals that actually predicted the subprime mortgage meltdown and the financial crisis of 2008 ahead of time.  So they have a track record of being right.  Does that guarantee that they will be right about what is coming in 2014?  Of course not.  In fact, as you will see below, not all of them agree about exactly what is coming next.  But without a doubt, all of their forecasts are quite ominous.  The following are quotes from Harry Dent, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, Mike Maloney, Jim Rogers and nine other respected economic experts about what they believe is coming in 2014 and beyond…

-Harry Dent, author of The Great Depression Ahead: “Our best long-term and intermediate cycles suggest another slowdown and stock crash accelerating between very early 2014 and early 2015, and possibly lasting well into 2015 or even 2016. The worst economic trends due to demographics will hit between 2014 and 2019. The U.S. economy is likely to suffer a minor or major crash by early 2015 and another between late 2017 and late 2019 or early 2020 at the latest.”

-Marc Faber, editor and publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report: “You have to say that we are again in a massive financial bubble in bonds, in equities, in [other] asset prices that have gone up dramatically.”

-Gerald Celente: “Any self-respecting adult that hears McConnell, Reid, Boehner, Ryan, one after another, and buys this baloney… they deserve what they get.

And as for the international scene… the whole thing is collapsing.

That’s our forecast.

We are saying that by the second quarter of 2014, we expect the bottom to fall out… or something to divert our attention as it falls out.”

-Mike Maloney, host of Hidden Secrets of Money: “I think the crash of 2008 was just a speed bump on the way to the main event… the consequences are gonna be horrific… the rest of the decade will bring us the greatest financial calamity in history.”

-Jim Rogers: “You saw what happened in 2008-2009, which was worse than the previous economic setback because the debt was so much higher. Well now the debt is staggeringly much higher, and so the next economic problem, whenever it happens and whatever causes it, is going to be worse than in the past, because we have these unbelievable levels of debt, and unbelievable levels of money printing all over the world. Be worried and get prepared. Now it [a collapse] may not happen until 2016 or something, I have no idea when it’s going to happen, but when it comes, be careful.”

-Lindsey Williams: “There is going to be a global currency reset.”

-CLSA’s Russell Napier: “We are on the eve of a deflationary shock which will likely reduce equity valuations from very high to very low levels.”

-Oaktree Capital’s Howard Marks: “Certainly risk tolerance has been increasing of late; high returns on risky assets have encouraged more of the same; and the markets are becoming more heated. The bottom line varies from sector to sector, but I have no doubt that markets are riskier than at any other time since the depths of the crisis in late 2008 (for credit) or early 2009 (for equities), and they are becoming more so.

-Financial editor Jeff Berwick: “If they allow interest rates to rise, it will effectively make the U.S. government bankrupt and insolvent, and it would make the U.S. government collapse. . . . They are preparing for a major societal collapse.  It is obvious and it will happen, and it will be very scary and very dangerous.”

-Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies: “Disappointingly, it is much more probable that the government has brought us out of the Great Recession, only to set us up for the Greater Depression, which lies just on the other side of interest rate normalization.”

-Boston University Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff: “Eventually somebody recognizes this and starts dumping the bonds, and interest rates go up, and inflation takes off, and were off to the races.”

-Mexican Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price: “I think we are going to see a series of bankruptcies.  I think the rise in interest rates is the fatal sign which is going to ignite a derivatives crisis.   This is going to bring down the derivatives system (and the financial system).

There are (over) one quadrillion dollars of derivatives and most of them are related to interest rates.  The spiking of interest rates in the United States may set that off.  What is going to happen in the world is eventually we are going to come to a moment where there is going to be massive bankruptcies around the globe.”

-Robert Shiller, one of the winners of the 2013 Nobel prize for economics: “I’m not sounding the alarm yet.  But in many countries the stock price levels are high, and in many real estate markets prices have risen sharply…that could end badly.”

-David Stockman, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan: “We have a massive bubble everywhere, from Japan, to China, Europe, to the UK.  As a result of this, I think world financial markets are extremely dangerous, unstable, and subject to serious trouble and dislocation in the future.”

And certainly there are already signs that the U.S. economy is slowing down as we head into the final weeks of 2013.  For example, on Thursday we learned that the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits increased by 68,000 last week to a disturbingly high total of 368,000.  That was the largest increase that we have seen in more than a year.

In addition, as I wrote about the other day, rail traffic is way down right now.  In fact, for the week ending November 30th, U.S. rail traffic was down 16.3 percent from the same week one year earlier.  That is a very important indicator that economic activity is getting slower.

And we continue to get more evidence that the middle class is being steadily eroded and that poverty in America is rapidly growing.  For example, a survey that was just released found that requests for food assistance and the level of homelessness have both risen significantly in major U.S. cities over the past year…

A survey of 25 American cities, including many of the nation’s largest, showed yearly increases in food aid and homelessness.

The cities, located throughout 18 states, saw requests for emergency food aid rise by an average of seven percent compared with the previous period a year earlier, according to the US Conference of Mayors study, published Wednesday.

All but four cities reported an increase in demand for assistance between the period of September 2012 through August 2013.

Unfortunately, if the economic experts quoted above are correct, this is just the beginning of our problems.

The next wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching, and things are going to get much worse than this.

So what do you think?

Which of the individuals quoted above do you think are right on the money and which ones do you think are way off base?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • Brian Harrington

    it was the big banksters that started ww2 and germany hyper inflation andy yes it took a wheel baroro full of money to buy a loaf of bread based on most earning I would say it took six months to a year just to save up for it if that was the case I can imagine what it cost to be a laddy back then a bra and underware was probaly the cost of 10 loafs of bread a coke if any at the time was probaly the cost of 2 loafs of bread as of now the jews are responsible for the crisis in the middle east war is about land and the useage of such and who controls the bank the jews do they are suppper and beyond greeedy period and so is our Irish friends who happen to be mostly catholicts as well war is about money period there will be civil war again in america period before ww3

  • Fannie

    Just so everybody knows, James Smith, now referred to as “James Smith-Westboro”, is a drunk. He’s been drinking for a few days and because his dad beat him up as a kid, he hates everyone. He has no friends, so he comes on these boards and posts crap to start fights. He has been banned from other groups and it won’t be long before Michael gets rid of him, too.

    • Fannie

      Actually, he’s such a jackass, he could be a symbol for the Democratic party. But, since he’s from South America, he’s just plain nuts.

      • Jonas

        i hope he burns in Hell do yuo?

  • Fannie

    James Smith-Westboro sleeps with his dog. He’s a Brazil-nut for real!

  • sonofseawolf

    Hi micheal and ec bloggers,
    Global currency reset? = demise of the petro dollar and usd hegemony?
    worst economic trends due to demographics? = you let too many third worlders on this land mass, and have divided the wealth and now YOU are screwed?
    Happy holidays white humans enjoy it while you can
    protect yourself at all times 14/5

  • 007

    I believe Dent is right. We are going to get a massive dose of deflation after these bubbles burst. Then I believe Schiff will be right and we will be whipsawed with massive inflation as the central banks will start running the printing presses full time. I believe this collapse will usher in our one world currency. Iris very hard to prepare for this.

  • Diana

    I’m no expert, but it doesn’t take one to see that we are in serious trouble ~ economically speaking.
    I would be very surprised if our once-great nation hasn’t collapsed by 2015. Very surprised. What the lawmakers are proposing and DOING is unsustainable. The money WILL run out. Less people working, less people paying into this broken system – what do they THINK is going to happen??

  • Bill

    For those who are confused as whether we will face inflation or deflation– we have had, are getting, and will get more of both.

    If you have to sell some assets to raise cash to live on you will face deflation.

    If you have to buy necessities to survive you will face inflation.

    Think about it.

    • Bill

      You’re right, economics is not a science because its axioms have different outcomes under the same circumstances. Human emotion cannot be relied upon to be consistent.

      • garand555

        Economics should be a science. Instead, it is a pseudoscience.

        • Bill

          Thank you for pointing out why the cabal are manipulating the statistics like 7% unemployment.

          When one does not know the truth, how can one predict the future?

          • Bill

            Reading the definition of pseudo may help some understand what we are talking about.

            not genuine; sham.
            “we are talking about real journalists and not the pseudo kind”
            synonyms: bogus, sham, phony, artificial, mock, ersatz, quasi-, fake, false, spurious, deceptive, misleading, assumed, contrived, affected, insincere; More
            antonyms: genuine

  • Tom

    Like in Northern Ireland, for example.

  • GSOB

    Answer my questions James Smith, the intelligent and rational one, and stop hiding behind Jonas.

  • GSOB

    James Smith, exercising self deceit and no restraint, asked…

    “How am I smug and arrogant?”

    “How am I a coward?”

  • GSOB

    Whens the last time you beat up your wife, James Smith?

  • Jason

    What about Peter Schiff? How could you leave him out of this list?

    • Ventidius

      A very good question.

  • Anthony J. Alfidi

    Even Alan Greenspan is admitting to some limited mea culpas. David Stockman’s assessment is the best of the bunch. BTW, rail traffic is the mid-section of a logistics chain that stretches from shipping at one end to trucks at the other. Look at all three sectors in tandem.

  • davidmpark

    Very true. Hitler despised Christians, Jews, Gypsies, the disabled, and so on. He was into the occult and worked eugenics and nationalism into his own state religion. Check out the SS archives – it’s all there.

  • Cyber Revengeance

    one quadrillion dollars of derivatives seems lunatic.

    is there any official source which says
    one quadrillion dollars of derivatives.

    i don’t understand derivative but this figure semms unbeleivable.

  • Ryan

    Celente has been flat wrong in 09, 10, 11, 12 and 13 and I suspect he’s wrong about Q2 2014. And as for Harry Dent predicting the economy in 2020 – please don’t make me laugh. The only one there with any credibility is Jim Rogers, and he’s smart enough not to try and guess the timing of the next collapse.It’s definitely on its way but it could be a while just yet.

    • ian

      yep…Celente has predicted a collapse for years now. Never happens.

      • Guest

        He’d have been 100 percent right had the fed not intervened with QE1,2, etc…

        In his own words “they keep kicking the can down the road.”


    gary wants the top $100 Billion distributed to the bottom 40 million people. Do the math and laugh!

  • K

    The amount of hate, just on this one article. This is why I believe there will be much violence when things go bad. No attempt to get the facts right, just blind hate. How often throughout history, has man decided if he could just kill off one certain group, paradise on earth would arrive. Never has worked, never will work.

    • Holly Avila

      Ok, Let’s see if we can shed some light here. First of all, it is rare to find a real Christian, someone who truly understands that the only thing required of us is to love our enemy. In 325 AD, Constantine turned Yeshua Hamaschiach into Mithras, complete with the Dec 25 birthday and all the pagan human sacrifice symbol rituals, or mushroom eating rituals. Either way, the solstice is the reason for the season, folks. Yeshua was probably born in Sept. So, the Vatican is actual a Mithras cult. Go look up the book, “The Two Babylons”. The Vatican is the Great Prostitute Babylon in Revelation. Therefor, a catholic is not a real follower of Yeshua. My Bible says to not bow down to statues. People were tortured and killed in unthinkable ways during the reformation for that very point, and many more. So, Revelation also talks about the 10 headed beast, which is the G 10 Masonic banking cartel. You may not believe in God, but if you do a little research, you will find out that our world is actually run by people who believe in and worship Lucifer. Go look up The Brotherhood of Saturn or Bohemian Grove if you don’t believe me. Or just go watch “Eyes Wide Shut” by Stanley Kubrick. He died right after making that film, but I’m sure that it is just a coincidence. The Muslims are our cousins. They are monotheists who worship the God of Abraham. I worship the God of Abraham. The God of Abraham, YHWH, said through his Angel of the Lord to Abraham that human sacrifice is not an acceptable offering to the True Living God. The Hebrews were the first tribe to stop that practice and have been a pariah on this planet ever since. 9 11 was a set up orchestrated by deep black ops cia, mossad, vatican approved to set up Israel to take the blame. My Bible says that the world turns on Israel, surrounds her, and Yeshua returns in that moment. Don’t think for a moment that the anti christ will be anything but a christian, as Hitler was supposed to have been. In truth Hitler was deeply into the occult, the Thule Society, Madam Blavatsky and that crowd. Did you know that Barbara Bush’s father is actually Alistar Crowley? These people are Luciferians. Wake up, people, and turn to Yeshua for protection while you still can. That’s enough truth for one day.

  • yt75

    You mean there has never been any war in Europe or civil war in the US right ?
    Ameweekans ….

    • Robert Streander Jr

      I never said there was no war in Europe. The civil war in the U.S. was not about religion, which is what the conversation was about. You need to respond in that context or else you are changing the subject, dig?

  • Bill

    If you thought O-phones was absurd what do you think of O-gas? The manager of first station has decided to choose those in need of free gov gas according to the color of their skin.

    Another cabal designed, destroy America program.

  • EconomyTrap

    The Paper currency meltdown starting with the dollar will only occur until wealth “escapes” to Bitcoin (or some quasi form of it). Money is backed by nothing but perception of stability and trust of value. So although there will be a “crash” of paper currencies, wealth is transferred to the next most stable bartering system, and a cashless currency will be this vehicle. Too much fear mongering, this “collapse” will be very temporary at best, and will come and go like a bee sting.

    • GSOB

      You are dreaming, it will be a nightmare.

  • Mondobeyondo

    There was a moon landing this weekend.

    Yes, seriously, there was.

    Most everyone missed it though.

  • Gay Veteran

    sorry junior, but I think both Democrats and Republicans and the “right” and “left” are just false choices to keep the people divided

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      And yet you do nothing but parrot left wing lies and attack the right… Boy.

      • Gay Veteran

        I understand why you were a marine, can’t read

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Ya know you’re right, we should put aside our differences. We have something in common.

      For instance, we’re both tea baggers. Only in my case is it a slur tho. LMAO!

      • Gay Veteran

        still tapping your shoe in that stall?

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          still projecting? I told you already – happily married here. You on the other hand advertise your, uh…. toe tapping approach.

          • Gay Veteran

            no daring, you closeted right-wing types do that

  • wandakate

    GOD gives life and GOD takes it away, blessed be the name of the LORD. We would not be breathing if it were not for his breath of life which is our gift. When he takes it away, we die. Whether we believe that or not is irrelevant, it’s still true.
    JESUS is coming again also and not believing that will not make it not happen.
    There will always be fools and uneducated people who have no knowledge of why they are here or what their purpose it.
    From reading all these comments it appears that people just want to debate and argue about whatever. GOD is not a respecter of persons. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD.

  • Jonas

    ther are many sinners say bad things here i will pray for there sole

    • Michael Cack

      are you religious?

      • Jonas

        bles yuo micheal for yuo have sinned

      • Jonas

        yes or burn in Hell micheal

      • Jonas

        allways been religionous becors of Him

  • nancyc

    I think we are right around the corner to an economic collapse but I believe this is a planned agenda for the new world order to come into play …globalization of all , money ,healthcare ,ext ..

  • Ventidius

    A lack of God causes wars? History is replete with examples of religious intolerance to other religions, between sects and to those of no religion. It was only the devastation of the 80 years war that broke the stranglehold of the Catholic Church in northern Europe which eventually led to the separation of church and state in these countries, stimulating trade, scientific enquiry and ever mitigating the consequences of religious irrationality.

    • DiscouragedOne

      Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and churches are no exception.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Baltic Dry Index is way up over where it was in January. Only the Almighty Dollar seems to be screwed.

  • kelley

    Hey people this is not about GOD…. Man can never know what god plans…. WHAT are we going to do to preserve our wealth?????????????????

  • vondean

    Jesus has something to say to debating those who refused to see the truth Matthew 7:6 KJV Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls
    before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again
    and rend you. Present the truth to non believers and if they refuse to see it, walk away. You can not reason with them, it brings no edification to the body of Christ. Pray that their eyes will be opened before it is too late. They may think they have the answers now, but when facing God all that will matter is if they accepted Jesus and if not they will be cast into the outer darkness and have all eternity to regret every word spoken. As for the subject at hand my God has promised to care for every need so I have no worry for tomorrow. Maranatha!

  • oledriller

    I am so sick of listening to the left wing spew coming from Obama’s drive by media and Democrats every Christmas. “Stock Markets surging verify confidence in the Obama administration”, ” employment surging due to new fed rules, stimulus and” … etc. Nothing but unadulterated B.S. Anyone with just a half a brain knows about the end of year pump and dump cycle of the stock markets! Even illiterate libtards ought to know about how seasonal Christmas jobs inflate year end employment numbers. But just wait until next year when the 70% of ObamaCare kicks in that you couldn’t read about. Over the next three years the U.S. economy will implode and fold in upon itself like a $2 Chinese lawn chair!

  • compassion

    I am learning how to make my basic needs soaps dry foods and all types of goodies I feel everyone can do this

  • silentwhisper

    How did a conversation on an economic collapse turn into an argument of religion. Lets try to solve one problem at a time and considering we all visited this page, this one topic might be of the greatest urgency, so please lets put our religious/spiritual views away and figure out a solution to an issue that affects us all regardless of who you are or what you believe in.

  • John

    When the mortgage market collapsed in 2008 and the banks were bailed out the way it was done guaranteed future financial collapse. The federal government simply printed money or created more dept to fund this. The ship was nearly sunk when this happened. A huge world financial crisis is eminent. Probably all of what has been said above is correct to some degree. It is hard to tell what a financial crisis greater than the world has ever known will cause. Humanity can only hope for its survival. If one believes in God then it won’t be over until his appointed time. If this is not the time then we will survive in some way. If you don’t believe in God? With what is coming you may want to consider it. Without the hope of something greater than ourselves being in control you probably won’t make it through this very well.

  • COMC

    What is this religious discussion all about?….this is an article about economic and market forecasts……
    Personally think there is even more debt around at even higher leverage….at historical market highs…..whilst the mainstream economy continues to gradually deteriorate…..all in all….a VERY bad combination…..

  • boing!

    It’s been one hell of a “dead cat bounce”! Wait until we see the downside!

  • DEE

    I absolutely agree that a financial crisis like we’ve never seen before will happen – beginning with massive devaluation of the US dollar which, in effect will affect all world currencies – this will be a time of much pain while the world figures out new valuation system, currency model – I thin precious metals and commodities will rule the day during this time and the empire banks will finally get their reckoning – some very wealthy people will lose everything.

  • CalamityHowler

    Christendom’s so-called “christians” are anything but the real thing. They are bloodthirsty, immoral hypoocrites – they scream and holler out of one side of their mouths to save an unborn from being aborted, while they rush to kill adults in wars declared by their favorite political leaders.

    Both WWI and WWII were fought right in the heart of Christendom – and on both sides the despicable clergy blessed the weapons and the soldiers and sent them off to slaughter their “Christian” brothers in other lands.

    Which one of you hypocrites has had the genuine Christian courage to refuse to go to war, as Jesus refused to take up the sword?

    False religion has been at the root and cause of nearly every war ever fought – you love war, because you imagine that God is using you to exact punishment upon those you hate. You love torment and suffering, as long as you aren’t the victim – that’s why you get your jollies just thinking about your enemies getting into hell with it’s eternal torment. Your god is demonic and bloodthirsty, and you have become just like him.

    Jesus was none of these things – you disown him and dishonor him by taking up his name but utterly failing to live as he commanded. Read Matt. 7:21-23 if you dare.

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