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It’s The Economy Stupid – Nearly 80 Percent Of Americans Say They Don’t Trust The Government

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Back during Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, “It’s the economy, stupid” was a phrase that Clinton campaign officials used to keep the focus on the troubled U.S. economy.  The truth is that Americans as a whole care about very few things more than their own economic well being, and by keeping the debate focused on economic issues, Clinton was able to defeat George H. W. Bush.  Nearly 20 years later, that slogan is as true today as it ever has been.  The American people care dearly about their own wallets and bank accounts.  With the economy tanking badly and with unemployment at very high levels, dissatisfaction with the U.S. government is at record highs.  In fact, acccording to a newly released poll byPew Research Center, just 22% of Americans believe that they can trust the government in Washington almost always or most of the time.  Nearly half of the respondents said that the government has a negative effect on their daily lives.  Only 25% of those responding expressed a favorable opinion of Congress, which was the lowest favorable rating for Congress in a quarter century of Pew Research Center surveys.

So why are the American people so angry and frustrated with their government?

It’s the economy, stupid.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and their homes, and millions more Americans are on the verge of losing their jobs and homes.

There are approximately 5.5 unemployed Americans for every job opening.  RealtyTrac projects that there will be 4.5 million home foreclosures in 2010.  The economic nightmare just keeps going from bad to worse.

The result is a massive horde of pissed off American voters.

As long as Americans are fat and happy and their wallets are full, most of them really could care less how involved the government is in their lives.  But when things go bad economically, all of a sudden the government becomes a major annoyance.

And this is not a Republican v. Democrat thing either.  The truth is that both parties have been radically expanding the size of the U.S. government for decades.  Both parties have been spending taxpayer money like there is no tomorrow.  Both parties have mortgaged the future of America to please their constituents.  Now average Americans from both parties are alarmed at how large the government has become and how badly it is screwing things up.  Just consider the following quote from….

“The government’s been lying to people for years. Politicians make promises to get elected, and when they get elected, they don’t follow through,” says Cindy Wanto, 57, a registered Democrat from Pennsylvania who joined several thousand for a rally in Washington on April 15 — the tax filing deadline. “There’s too much government in my business. It was a problem before Obama, but he’s certainly not helping fix it.”

If he wants to get re-elected, the best thing that Barack Obama could do to get votes would be to get the U.S. government to spend as much money as humanly possible in a last ditch attempt to stimulate the U.S. economy with a flood of paper money.  That might work just long enough to get re-elected and buy himself another four years in the White House.  Of course that strategy would also likely create hyperinflation and would make the long-term financial problems of the U.S. government far, far worse.

But unless the American people start feeling a lot better about the economy, they are not going to look too kindly on anyone who is currently holding office either in 2010 or in 2012.

Meanwhile, playing politics is more profitable than it ever has been.

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle raked in a cool 5.5 million dollars in 2009.

Sarah Palin has earned approximately 12 million dollars since last July.

According to Forbes magazine, Glenn Beck made 32 million dollars in the 12 months ending March 1st.

Politicians may not be very popular these days, but it sure is a profitable racket if you can get into the club.

Republicans make a ton of money convincing millions of Americans that the Democrats are the cause of all the problems that they are experiencing.  Democrats make a ton of money convincing millions of Americans that that Republicans are the cause of all the problems that they are experiencing.  Meanwhile, both parties continue to pile up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world and continue to sell out the future of our children and our grandchildren.

Neither party seems interested in addressing the root causes of our national financial nightmare.  Instead, politicians from both parties seem to think that they can keep making all kinds of promises to get elected and then never delivering on them.

Well, the American people are starting to wake up to all of this nonsense.  Tens of millions of Americans are experiencing extreme financial pain and they are looking for answers.

Unfortunately, the U.S. economy is going to get a whole lot worse, and very few of the politicians in Washington have the guts to tell the American people the truth.

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  • Matt

    Yep – that’s the only way reform is going to happen: when an overwhelming majority are suffering so bad that it causes a permanent, major attititude adjustment where they decide to start being responsible for themselves, become ruggedly self-reliant, instead of expecting and wanting the govt to take care of them. Its that simple. So then its obvious who’s to blame for this whole mess we are in – the people who year-after-year voted for govt to take care of them.

  • D G Bokare

    I don’t think the politicians have any solution to set right the economy since the speculators at Wall Street are holding the power at Washington. There has to be a nexus between politicians and big capitalists. The economy has gone out of control because of fundamental flaws in the economic theory of capitalism. This was the case of Marxian economics also. Marxian economics collapsed because of these flaws in their economic theory. Largest number of Noble Laureates in Economics are residing in the USA, but none has any medicines for the present irreversible depression. Paul Samuelson has said that the class of present economists is of “kept-men” category who are under obligations of capitalists and industrialists for their scholarships, jobs and research works. In that case how could they tell the truth to the people? God alone save American economy!

  • Lunatic Fringe

    Thanks for another well written article.

    I became a Libertarian years ago, when I realized government, both parties, were morally bankrupt. You see, they could care less about public service. Politics is simply a launch point for accumulating personal wealth and power. Serving the public? That is the farthest thing from their minds. They serve themselves, first and foremost.

    They have no personal courage. No integrity. The only politician that has those qualities is Ron Paul.

    People with personal courage are rare. Lincoln was one. He could have passed on the slavery issue and taken the easy out like his predecessors. But he manned up, took a very unpopular stand, and we lost some 600k sons. Had he lived, he would have been committed to rebuilding the south. He was a “public servant.”

    Obama faced the same dilemma. He could have put banks into receivership, refused bailouts and done the immediately unpopular thing that in the end would have done the greatest good. It would have been harsh and painful but less so than a civil war. Instead he chose the cowards way out, continued to bail out and spend at a time when people are broke. Not only does he lack personal courage, he can’t even prioritize. That he made 5.5 million last year makes me sick. Never has anyone done so much with so little. Obama is a coward. Another in a long line of cowards that enrich themselves dating back to JFK.

    When Obama draws comparisons to Lincoln I just want to get sick. Obama couldn’t wipe Abe’s backside on his best day.

    Government overstepping its bounds continually is the problem-it is never the solution.

  • Matt

    The Constitutional requirement that money be of only gold & silver would have thwarted all the follies of the idiots in DC and on Wall Street. And so the money printing and financial engineering that got us to this point would not have happened. This simple solution continues to defy Nobel winners and almost all so-called economists – all a bunch of idiots.

    • Tariq Nawaz

      Very true….

  • Megan

    I subscribe to the FFT newsletter at that guy is calling for a bigger event to come in the next few months. If you look back he has been spot on with things over many years, and someone that should be listened too!

    IMHO this greece debt thing and commercial real estate thing could be the next thing to blow up in the US governments face. Time will tell.

  • Joe

    The most amazing part to me is that there are still about 20% who “trust” the government. Those are probably not paying attention to what has been going on lately – or – they are seriously retarded.

  • mea

    Dear lunatic fringe,

    What you don’t understand is that Obama is precisely like Lincoln, an absolute tyrant who cares nothing for our sacred Constitution. I don’t blame you for not knowing, for you have been thoroughly indoctrinated like most people. But facts being what they are there has been an awakening lately by people who crave the truth.

    There have been a few brilliant biographies lately by esteemed historians, such as DiLorenzo (“The Real Lincoln”), but just please read “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution”, just the chapter on the War for Southern Independence and you’ll get your first accurate picture of Abraham Lincoln.

    It is critical that we, as Americans, learn the truth about this episode of our history. Frighteningly we could be close to repeating it, and of course, Obama will have an equally fraudulent excuse for violating the citizens Constitutional rights.

  • mea

    One more thing, Lunatic Fringe, you sound like a good person who’s heart is in the right place, so please read this article by Walter Williams, a brilliant scholar, who also happens to be a black man.

    It’s about the Obama/Lincoln comparison.

  • Lunatic Fringe

    Ok, Mea deal. I read reviews, I’ll order the book. You guarantee the authors accuracy and facts?

  • Laura

    I lost faith in politicians and gov. 40 years ago. I gave up voting in the 80’s as corruption,(local, state, etc) got worse. I’ve lost all hope in America, and all we can do now is brace ourselves for collapse. There are no real leaders today, just useless “patriot” groups going to rallies producing nothing.

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