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The Facebook IPO: The Last Great Wall Street Party

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The Facebook IPO is kind of like a graduation party – everybody comes together for one huge blowout to celebrate the end of an era before going their separate ways.  Unfortunately, most people on Wall Street do not understand how bittersweet this moment really is.  A tremendous amount of pain is ahead for Wall Street in the next few years, and we will probably never see anything like the Facebook IPO ever again. But the Facebook IPO sure has been fun to watch.  Facebook is one of the largest companies to ever go public in the United States.  According to CNN, 247 million shares of Facebook exchanged hands in the first 45 minutes of trading.  The Facebook IPO was nearly ten times larger than any other Internet IPO in history, and the amount of money being made by some people on this deal is absolutely amazing.  For example, it is being reported that Bono will make more money on the Facebook IPO than he has from being part of the band U2 for the past 30 years.  Sadly, this euphoria is not going to last for long.  The next wave of the global financial collapse is rapidly approaching, and once it strikes there will not be much for anyone on Wall Street to be smiling about at all.

During the IPO process, Facebook sold more than 420 million shares and raised about 16 billion dollars.

Those are incredible numbers.

At 38 dollars per share, Facebook would have a market cap of about 81 billion dollars.

So is Facebook worth 81 billion dollars?

Of course not.

But most stocks are tremendously overvalued at this point.

Yes, Facebook has 900 million users and it made about a profit of about a billion dollars last year.

But that does not add up to an 81 billion dollar company.

Not even close.

A recent article by Jay Yarow explained this in more detail….

As good a business as that is, it’s not Google good. It’s not Apple good. And at the current IPO pricing, Facebook has to be a much better business in the near future.

In fact, Yarow says that Facebook is going to have to dramatically improve in order to justify the current valuation….

So, what’s the bull’s case for Facebook? Unfortunately, it comes down to faith. You have to have faith that Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, and the rest of the executives at Facebook will discover a magical money making product that will justify its valuation.

Unfortunately, there are already signs that the growth of Facebook is slowing down.

Advertising revenue during the first quarter of 2012 was only $872 million.  That was a decline of 7.5 percent from the previous quarter.

And eventually someone will come along and topple Facebook just like Facebook toppled MySpace.

Remember MySpace?

Facebook did not even exist a decade ago.  Right now there are young kids tinkering around in their college dorm rooms trying to figure out how to create something that will be even better than Facebook.

The truth is that Facebook is operating on borrowed time.  It is not going to remain “hot” and “trendy” forever.

But for the moment, there are a whole lot of people out there that want a piece of Facebook.

Hey, I am not in the stock market at all, but even I am half-tempted to buy a few shares so that I can introduce myself as a “part-owner of Facebook”.

After all, who doesn’t like Facebook?

Yes, government agencies and big corporations use Facebook to spy on all of us.  If you don’t believe this, just check out this article, this article and this article.

But there is an incredible upside to social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter as well.

They have given average people the ability to communicate directly with each other on a massive scale.

In the past, the big corporations pretty much had a monopoly on mass communication.

If you wanted to get your message out independently of the big corporations, you could hand out fliers, you could send out mass mailings (very expensive) or you could try to get a book printed.

But today something that you post on Facebook or Twitter could be seen by thousands (or even millions) of people within a few days.

The Internet is filled with a whole lot of garbage, but it can also be used as an incredible tool for good.

Sitting at home behind your desk, you have the potential to touch the lives of people on the other side of the globe through the Internet that you would probably never have a chance of influencing any other way.

So I am very thankful for Facebook.

We should use tools like Facebook to wake people up while there is still time.  Our world is becoming increasingly unstable and we might not always have the opportunity to freely share our thoughts with the entire globe like this.

Just try to imagine a world without Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and Internet forums.

All of those things have only existed for a relatively short period of time, and there is no guarantee that we will always have them.

Instead of wasting our lives away in front of our televisions, we should be taking advantage of these tools to help change the world.

Every single day, hundreds of people are directed to my website from Facebook.  I am hoping to eventually increase that to thousands of people per day.

A great economic collapse is coming to this world.  People need to keep their eyes on the financial crisis in Europe and on the derivatives market.  The coming financial tsunami will likely be even worse than the crash of 2008.

People are going to be looking for answers.

Now is the time to be a light shining in the darkness.

Not everyone has the time or the knowledge to be able to set up a website or make YouTube videos, but nearly everyone is capable of setting up a Facebook account or a Twitter account.

If you make even a small effort, you could end up touching the lives of thousands upon thousands of people.

Yes, there are a lot of negative things that can be said about Facebook, but at least for today let us celebrate it for what it has given us.

It has given us the opportunity to make a difference on a massive scale, and that is a wonderful thing.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Money…… ease money….. and not working. It’s a stupid world.

    The people working for what?

  • Jodi

    I’m always happy to share your articles, unfortunately, so many are still clueless.

    FB flopped today

  • Steve

    Facebook is held together by the commitment of its users. If a similar social networking site comes along, but also provides security and will not allow the government to use it to keep track of the citizenry, Facebook is finished.

    • nowwthen


    • Nobody Special

      Not quite true. I was involved in exactly such a project, but without a massive advertising budget, it’s impossible to get users to sign up. And the tech writers aren’t interested in something made by silicon valley outsiders. The little guy just can’t take on the monsters like Facebook.

  • mondobeyondo

    Facebook is really “hot” and trendy right now, but it may be reaching critical mass. With close to 900 million users (and many of those are duplicate accounts, or pages for their cats and dogs), pretty much anyone who wants to, or is able to get an account, has already gotten one.

    The tech world is constantly changing. The Internet is littered with the corpses of once popular websites. Geocities (what’s that?) was really big years ago. Myspace, too. I still have a Myspace account – I haven’t been on there since 2007. Not to mention AOL (huh?) And Yahoo may be on its last legs – their CEO quit not long ago.

    You have to hope the folks at Facebook’s innovation and research and development teams are on the ball. They are going to need it. The competition is stiff. Facebook Chat? Nice, but Skype chat is better. Even Google chat is an option. Video conferencing? Skype’s got Facebook in the dust. Online social network games? Give Facebook credit for that (Farmville, etc). But doesn’t Google have Angry Birds?

    I’ll hold out on buying Facebook stock for awhile. It may be worth $300 a share in a few months. Or it may be worth nothing.

    • Michael

      I remember Geocities too.

      At one time Geocities was a big thing.

      Not anymore.


      • Rodster

        So was MySpace. I have zero interest in these stupid social networking sites like facebook and twitter. I don’t understand why people are SO willing to use their real names and make themselves vulnerable to privacy issues.

        It truly is mind boggling. It’s like going to Walmart and seeing a Hewitt Jackson kiosk and with people standing and walking around you, they ask for your SSN#.


        LOL MIKE and remember America on Line?

        people were buying the over inflated stock even when it peaked at like a ridiculous $90 something a share, then on January 11, 2001, America Online, a favorite of dot-com investors and pioneer of dial-up Internet access, merged with Time Warner, the world’s largest media company, in the second-largest M&A transaction worldwide.

        The transaction has been described as “the worst in history”.
        Within two years, boardroom disagreements drove out both of the CEOs who made the deal, and in October 2003 AOL Time Warner dropped “AOL” from its name.

        Face book is going to be short lived and as you say maybe the last party!

        Someone turn the lights out when they leave the room.

  • Kelby

    I just barely heard the news of Facebook starting this from my economics teacher, just an hour ago. That’s a pretty major move, wonder how ling this will last?

    Hey, Michael, have you noticed the Dow has been dwindling lately? It’s trickled down over this week from 13,000 to around 12,300! Yeah, this might be temporary and maybe it’ll rise back up, but then again, maybe not!!

  • mark

    I suppose I am a fossil. I have never gone on facebook and don’t intend to. This stock is not worth $5.00 let alone $38.00. They don’t really produce anything that can’t be done by another company. Do the have a lock on communication on line. No, and who wants all of your personal information for the whole world to know. The most I do in public is reply in a couple of blogs and nobody really knows me. It is nice to speak your mind here and maybe we can learn from each other now and then. When a collaspe happens, facebook will not be producing items that you will need to live.

    • Darien

      A fool and his money are soon parted. How long will be until the average Joe who bought FB stock lose everything while Zuckerberg walks away with tens of $billions?
      Just another step in impoverishing the public to make the rich even richer.

  • Cinderella Man

    Whoope freakin doo So what the Dow was still down 73 points… Facebook is not going to save the economy as I said earlier whats the use in investing in FB? It is a stupid thing to invest in the advertising sucks compared to Google and when Im on there I hate the ads and dont give a crap how many and who likes something. What is FB besides a big waste of time? Wow my buddy is feeding his kid bannana pancakes and gets 15 likes and I post stories and informative articles and I get crickets chirping. Ive about had it if you are dumb enough to invest in FB just remember a fool and his money are easily parted!!

    • Jodi

      I know how you feel. Nobody responds to my important articles either. FB is full of ignorant people.

      • John G


        No replies to a article doesn’t mean it isn’t read and appreciated. I’ve read numerous articles which I have found very informative and important, but I haven’t posted any replies to the articles.

    • TX4Life

      What I REALLY love, is the friends and relatives who spend HOURS on Facebook and then have the nerve to ask if they can have some tomatoes or squash from my garden. And act like I’m “anti-social” because I hardly ever post or “like” their status.

  • Bone Idle

    I work for a large property group who own shopping malls. The company hired three fluffy marketing people to keep the malls twitter and facebook pages updated. Average wage of the fluffies – $130,000.
    After 18 months someone did an audit of the hits on the facebook and twitter pages. The friends were all client retailers who were asked to join and the daily hits were miniscule. Result of audit, nearly $400.000 yearly wages saved and three fluffies out the door.

    Facebook is over-hyped as an advertising or marketing tool. The only ones who will tell you different are those who have an active interest in hyping it up.

    Those younger members of those social pages have no interest in the advertising. They belong to the same majority who won’t sign up for pay for view.

    It often amuses me that the last people who find out that the company they are working for has just gone bankrupt are the employees . They never read or understand the financial pages.

    • John S

      $130,000 salary to update a Facebook page? Nice scam while it lasted. Tell you what? I’ll do it for $13,000 a year in the spare time between my two minimum wage jobs. (Welcome to the real world, fluffies.)

  • joe

    I tried facebook a few times, how the hell does it make money? at least google, yahoo have ads. Facebook for anyone over 30, who has the time? All my kids now use twitter, I asked them about facebook, they told it me, its so yesterday.

    From what I read, facebook’s only has about 3 billion in revenue, I say “only” because it has a valuation of 100+ billion! that’s more than johnson and johnson, pepsico, coke, companies that actually produce something and hire middle class working class people!

    • mondobeyondo

      I really don’t know how Facebook makes money. They have very little advertising, don’t make flashy new gadgets like Apple does… Zuckerberg is going to have to put ads on Facebook to make a profit, and that will turn many people off (me for one).

      • Katherine

        What do you mean “They have very little advertising”? There are tons of adverts on the right side of the screen. And most of them are catered according to your interests! 🙂

    • OldPhart

      Reply to Joe:

      I use facebook to rant, post naughty jokes and pictures, and link stories from around the world that are being ignored by our press. Not a lot of ‘likes’ but I see many shared from time to time.

      I have to say that the first time I realized I had ‘friends’ from around the world that I could casually ‘chat’ to was profound. I never in my life thought I would be conversing with someone in Saudi Arabia, Poland and Russia all at the same time.

      I went on initially to play games and as a result amassed a lot of stranger ‘friends’. As I realized the potential to share personal rants and, more importantly, news that goes unreported or, at best, under-reported I stopped playing the games and concentrated on being a redneck prophet (the old story is an expert is someone with a briefcase whose fifty miles from home, a redneck prophet is someone who can predict the future because american media doesn’t report most world stories without a two to three day lag time).

      I’ve linked many of Michael’s articles from ‘The Economic Collapse’ and ‘The American Dream’ in the hopes that others would benefit from Michael’s insights. I also source a lot from ZeroHedge, YouTube (I mentally refer to it as YouBoob after the old Boob Tube), and news agencies from around the world. In between is pottie humor and sappy stuff.

      I watch a lot more of YouBoob now than previously. I’ve built a list of subscriptions that I find extremely fascinating (some fascinatingly brainless but, hey, one needs a break once in a while). I’ve considered making my own videos but hesitate for a number of reasons; chief of which is that MrsOldPhart tends to screech and cackle as she circles overhead. It would be too distracting. That and my mug would frighten the children.

      As someone a tad over 30 I tend to offend delicate sensibilities…usually with great delight. I’m not a PC sort of geezer. The ‘Weird Uncle’ who doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about your ‘fweelwings’. As a result my ‘friends’ had dwindled to just over 500. I’m loving it.

      • S. Wiseman

        Funny. Tell the truth about the world… scare people away. I like the way you make Facebook work for you.

    • TX4Life

      Not sure how they make $ but I’ve heard a relative say you can buy things in the games you play on there. I guess like things for your farm in Farmville or something. I just seriously cannot imagine buying things in a game. What a huge waste of time and resources.

  • Covington

    Facebook is a False Flag similar to Julian Assange.

  • Steve (Australia)

    I have had a facebook account for five years and all i so often read is people talking about themselves with an imaginary base of adoring fans. One of the most pathetic social developments ever. How this tool will continue on and yet become financially viable to trade at these current levels is beyond me. Yep dramatic changes are probably needed but that will be the possible demise of the site, especially if they start seeking our paid subscriptions and a cheaper competitor enters the market (like from one of those brainy college kids you mention).

    • mondobeyondo

      Ahhh, now there’s an idea! Charge users a monthly fee to use Facebook. No thanks!

    • Gary2

      good points mate! I agree with all of them.

    • Cinderella Man

      Totally agree Steve if FB even thinks about charging money or overloads it with ads I so outta there. I barely like it now as it is…

  • Gary2

    I heard that GM is discontinuing all advertising on FB as it does not work. Really- who would see an ad for Buick on FB and decide to buy a Buick?

    It is stunning to see the mnoney being made on sometrhing that is at best a passing fad. remember my space?

    5 years from niow no one will even remember FB.

    Michael–did you hear aboout the FB puke who renounced his citizenship?

    I hope the hell all these folks are taxed hard.

    Excellent article and excellent comments by all so far.

    • Darien

      What pimply-faced punk, probably 75% of FB users would buy a Buick?
      Ditto all of the other bogus advertising scams that targets groups who would never buy that product.
      Sadly, we, the public are paying to make Zuckerberg, Tiger Woods, etc., filthy rich since the cost of the ads gets heaped onto the cost of 99% of the products we have to buy.

    • S. Wiseman

      NO, NO, NO!!! Big mistake to tax Americans who take their money out of the country to invest in other currencies that are on the way up. Age after age, when a nation’s dollar is obliterated in value, the wise thing to do is get it out of the country before the government seizes it. Taxing people who do this only hurts the middle class because the uber rich have already gotten their money out. When the president says he wants to heap heavy taxes on Americans with foreign bank accounts he knows he is attacking the middle class and NOT the rich. Look at Argentina, Cuba in the 50s, look at the former Weimar Republic, look at the Roman Empire… when an economy goes sour, world governments always go after its own citizens. Look forward to laws preventing you form moving your own money out of the country and even laws making it illegal to get out of the country (or painfully expensive to do so, such as higher passport fees, more air taxes, etc.).

  • Michael

    My friend over at Crackerjack Finance has a new article up about Europe….

    And a fan of the site has posted a new “micro-doc” on YouTube….


    • Sorry, but I didn’t think the video was very well done. I think the significant things that will happen in America will happen in the spirit realm. We’re going to find out our God was with us from the beginning despite the best efforts of the media and government to keep God out of our affairs. Libertarians think we can just have a financial solution without having a moral solution. I think they are very mistaken.

      • GaryToo

        exactly craig, I keep hearing on all these sites people blaming greed, especially wall street and bankers greed for collapse. That is just the catalyst. THis age and events have been predicted in ancient texts including the bible long ago. There is no secret there about why all of humanity faces judgement. It is noit just about greed of those at the top. They get their fair share, but the west goes the way of sodom and gomorrah, babylon, and rome et al for the same abuses and excesses that the masses willingly indulge in.

    • Rodster

      Very technical but a good read. I love how he dissects all the issues that are plaguing Europe and how Hollande has NO clue that failed socialism is not going to work this time.

  • Gary2

    Hey Michael–I am just thinking–I use ad block plus/firefox and never see ads on the internet.

    I also have a custom script for ad block plus that blocks all ads on facebook. In fact I did not even know there was advertising on FB. I can not believe I am the only one who knows about this so how can they be making money on ads if people like me block them??

    It is so much better surfing the internet with ad block plus and never seeing ads. It is also faster as the ads take up resources to display.

    • Gary2

      Michael–help me to understand why you are censoring this??

      • Gary2

        I guess you answered my question 🙂

  • Evie

    Twitter will be next with an ipo. I pity anything that makes its money from ads as most are ignoted.

  • facebook fad will fade in 5 to 10 years. Its just not cool anymore. Back when it first came out it was only suppose to be college students on it, now that everyone has one, its lame. I personally never had a facebook because its a cia, mossad profile tool, but than again Im not cool.

  • SamColt

    $38.00 today.

    $.38 in two years.

    Any questions?

  • tappedops

    Heres what the ceo Really thinks of you…

    Sorry Mr.M…but if you can change the link and still find the art, do it…if not i guess its for your eyes only—lol

  • DaytoDay

    Remember Myspace? lol I remember Napster… And you know what’s ironic? Justin Timberlake who was in the movie, 2010 The Social Network (Facebook) is half owner of Myspace…

    Hey, atleast with Myspace, the owner (Tom) was a standard friend 😀

  • Gary2

    At $112B, Facebook Is Worth More Than McDonalds
    Friday, May 18, 2012 – 09:31 AM

    By WNYC Newsroom

    Michael–you are correct-talk about overvalued crap that is FB

    Can anyone say bubble???

    • Gary2

      Facebook’s performance on day one showed the ambivalence of the market. For every investor who bought the hype of Zuck’s Dream, there’s another who saw the reality. Facebook is a place where 900 million gab, gossip, boast and leer. They aren’t there to read ads or shop. Thus the standoff. Is this the sign of a new maturity, a healthy cynicism borne of lost jobs, lost homes and market crashes? One can always hope.

    • Kelby


  • TtT Engine

    The IPO winners club will be rigged so a handful of early birds will be told where the earth worms are. The early birds will harvest all the earth worms, will leave with boat loads of money and leave the shlubs with the dirt. The elite hedgers and the no risk Goldman Sachs trading club, if you will. You can bet Bono will be placed in the winners circle. The IPO shlub’s club will be filled with the people that will get their clocks cleaned when they get “face booked”. The Shlubs will get what’s left after the winners club sell, take their huge gains and leave you with another obsolete bankrupt company. The only earth worms left for the schlub’s club will be the dead ones cooked by the sun’s rays or driven over in the driveway. Don’t be a dead worm in the driveway ! Christi Fidelis !!

    • GaryToo

      exactly what i was thinking. Those who believe in Buy in May and Go Away or have software programs doing their buiying and selling will be caught pants down when insiders coordinated dump.

  • Any day now, the stock market is due to plunge 50%. When the future authors refer
    to this (upcoming) market crash, Foolbook will be referenced as the ultimate in hubris.
    As I recall, reading books on previous market crashes, there was always some big IPO
    or other that marked ‘the top’. FB will be at $3.00 within 2-3 years.

    I, like Mark above, have never had a @@ account. I prefer to keep as much info about
    myself private. I once had some checks stolen, and they went to Sam’s Club and got
    a fake ID in my name, and I spent months mailing affidavits to various liquor stores,
    grocery stores, jewelry stores, etc, after the went around cashing fake checks in my
    name. Once it happens to you, you’ll think twice about valuing your identity.

    I do occasionally click on a FB account on the sidebar, to get an idea of who is
    reading the blogs that I am. It’s fairly easy, even for me, to get a good idea of
    the intellectual caliber of the people that are posting.

    If these people who bought these thousands of shares of this crap stock would have
    purchased gold of silver instead, in 4 or 5, maybe 10 years, they would be able to
    double, triple, quintuple their $$$. Instead, they just threw it all away.

  • It appears to me that Zuckerburg is creating a vehicle that will allow him to cash out before it collapses. He is no dummy.

  • Sam

    Hey Michael I appreciate the articles on this blog. I understand that an economic collapse is coming. I have this feeling that we could see this summer or autumn.

  • Frank

    FB is an operation by the shadow gov’t to track people and trends. Total control.

  • Joe

    I can’t get into Facebook or Twitter. I’m way too verbose for the tiny character limits. I keep in touch with friends with good ol’ email, where I can blather to my heart’s content.

  • I was on FB for about 2 years. I had a bunch of old 1989-1992 VHS video clips that I wanted to show people. I converted all the tapes to digital video and edited them. I sent video clips, and DVD’s to about 100 different people, and FB helped me with the ones I could not find emails or addresses for. But, I got off of FB because it was just so many superfulous relationships. I’ve had enough of those to last a lifetime. I think that FB is just a fad. It is great at locating long lost friends, but beyond that I had no use for it. Here’s one of the videos–Christmas party at church 1991:

    The stock to buy was Cisco Systems (CSCO) when it came out in 1989 or 1990 for $22/share. I got as far as photocopying the “Value Line” page on it at the library, but I didn’t take it any further. My next step was to pray about it, and let the lord speak to me about it, but unfortunately an addictive behavior took that opportunity from me. CSCO multiplied 660 times in just 10 years! There will never be a stock like that again. I wouldn’t invest a dime in FB, but I’m not trying to discourage anyone from doing so.

    Interesting article by Buchanan on the demise of the GOP party. I have to agree with him:

    If you just want some good entertainment, my 50 or so best shots over the past 10 years as a slide show:

    Also is a great site to make a webpage. It is free, and you don’t even have to know HTML.

  • Sean

    This is what we create in America…idiotic social networking sites which contribute nothing…produce nothing. This country is getting exactly what it deserves. Clowning and laughing all the way to the poor house. The idiocy of the average American is beyond astounding.

  • Nexus789

    BubbleBook….this is all about creating an illusion and making money from a single event. The business model that underpins Facebook is flawed and the advertising model is busted. It is an ideal vehicle for the enchanted world of finance – make money from an illusion. It does not matter if it works.

  • Mansoor H. Khan

    The reason JP Morgan does not have to worry too much about losing money is because they are a currency issuer (i.e., issuer of credit money).

    And if they need cash money (reserves) for some reason to settle interbank liabilities there is always the FED ready to deliver the cash to save the world.

    A really huge bank like JPM can create an enormous amount of money without worry and then “invest” it themselves if they cannot find borrowers.

    For more read:

    mansoor h. khan

  • Hey Michael, this guy is using your template.

    Top 10 reasons President Obama won’t be reelected:

    • Michael

      I didn’t invent using lists 🙂


  • nowwthen

    Many of the overnight millionaires who work at Facebook now have the funding along with the capability to establish competing startup companies. Some of their best new ideas will not be developed for Facebook but for their own spinoffs. Call it the revenge of the Winklevii – the twins who claim Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea. The next round of millionaires might be those who short Facebook stock.

  • Das

    Don’t buy, short this stock. It’s just that simple

  • markthetruth

    Facebook Social “Yea right”

    What Happen to Face to Face.

    My neighbors don’t talk to each other and i don’t either. Maybe a wave here and there that’s it . Its seems that the less they know about the other the better, so why socialize. And i hear the same from others

    So Fb is Easy way for people to breakup with their girlfriends then Face to Face.

    Nobody has the courage to say what they type Face to Face. because they can hide behind the screen.

    The So called social network is Actually “The Humanly Anti Social”

    This is destroying the world in a way going that we are becoming a Less Social in Pubic.
    with the young , my kids spend more time in the bedrooms then they that they hardy go outside play , instead they are Call of Duty and other social games. And i hear the same from the other parents ” what my son i hardy see kid he comes home and locks himself in his or her room.

    So for me in reality this is going to destroy the true meaning of being “Social”

    Welcome to the world of “ANTI SOCIAL”

  • Daryl

    Yes the best way to make money today is not really doing anything..

  • Jon Yao

    I am from Taiwan and I would like to thank FB for it makes it possible to share your articles with people around me.

  • Work.Buy.Consume.Die.

    Who in the world has time for Facebook? Yeh, can’t find a job but have you seen my FB page? What time wasting crap. I’ll stick to reading informative articles on sites like this. Some other good sites are: enenews[energy];; aljezeera[english-world events]; NIA[natl inflation assoc-videos are fierce!]; Hey M, we need an article on emotionally immature Americans…

  • Barn cat

    The Facebook IPO is a perfect example of idiocy when it comes to the stock market. Facebook doesn’t have any possibility of substantial income growth. They sell advertising. eBay sells advertising too but they make money from people paying to use the site. Something Facebook will never have.

  • Me
  • Sri

    Facebook is a pure tech company in the league of Google. Yes, if you log on to facebook, you will hardly find the kind of lag or loading issues that one has faced with myspace. Myspace on its best day had 100 Million subscribers. The 900 million number of facebook are active users, some one who has logged in facebook in the last 30 days. There are many more subscribed users who do not login regularly and facebook does not count them.

    Facebook is “the social network”, Google threw all it can with Google+, but it did not stick the way Google wanted to. Once the initial curiosity died every one returned to facebook. The biggest risk involved is facebook’s mobile transition and execution on mobile.

    Facebook is or perhaps overpriced but not by much. Facebook will be a company long time around, since it is the monopoly of Social Network.

    • Barn cat

      We’re headed for a economic collapse in the US. Our world is going to be very different than today. Facebook will be much smaller in the future because it will lose millions of users in the US.

  • Steve (Australia)

    Ha just as I suggested in my reply above:

    Failbook’s Epic Fail: Does Zuckerberg Want Users to Pay?

  • Planty McPlant

    Facebook will never die!

    Not when it’s the primary tool the government needs to spy on you!

    Or the tool that potential employers use to screen out “undesirables” and other riff raff.


    • OldFart

      Unfortunately, you got a point there…maybe we should invest in fb then.

  • Gary2

    I use ad block plus with firefox and never even see any ads on the internet. I also have a custom script to block all ads on facebook so I was not even aware there were ads on FB.

    Adblock plus makes using the internet faster and more enjoyable. When I use the net at work I literally can not believe the number of ads.

    Why does anyone put up with this??

    I also have a dvr and have not seen a tv commercial for literally years.

    Life is too short to watch ads.

    Michael–please do not censor this comment. I am sure I am not the only one who despises advertising.

  • Old Man

    Remember the .com bubble and bust of 2000? All those .com doing nothin’ yet got trillion dollar valuation. They valuate those .com based on eyeballs/dollar.

    Remember the subprime housing bubble and bust of 2008? All those subprime and Alt-A housing bought by nobody for no cash yet everybody claimed trillion dollar wealth. They valuate those mansions based on infinite mortgage.

    Remember the Facebook IPO bubble and bust of 2013? Facebook follows MySpace, Yahoo and others selling nothin’ yet pumped up to a trillion dollar valuation. They valuate Facebook based on number of claimed free accounts, which number more than 1 billion. At this rate, there will be more Facebook accounts then world’s population by 2015.

    And yes, do you remember the U.S.A bubble and bust of 2020? A country claimed to be the world’s greatest and wealthiest yet can no longer pay its $25 trillion dollar sovereign debt without doing a hyper-inflation of 1,000,000%. They valuate the country based on the number of advertising clicks people makes.

  • Gary2

    Somewhat off topic but I wanted everyone’s feedback:

    It seems to me that the recall here in WI is the Dems to win, yet they put up a has been candidate in Barrett. It seems like the presidential election is the republicans to win yet they only put up someone like mittens probably the worst candidate since mccain. Its like both sides-dems in WI and repubs nationally WANT to loose.

    Its becoming so obvious that we are being played by both sides that even someone as partisan as me can see it.

    Am I right or wrong in thinking this? Is this what some of the posters are referring to when they say the elite control things and elections are a sham?

    • Rodster

      You are wrong and please use a grammar filter or type when you’re sober. Romney is not the worse candidate. It’s the current individual in the White House who has made everything worse, has lied and who has inflamed class envy. And yet you guys still support someone like that.

      All this proves liberals and leftest are beyond dumb.

      • Gary2

        by worse candidate I meant that there are a lot more republicans who would be way more in line with conservatism and that if Romney is the best the right can put up to run they will loose and it almost seems by design.

        • Rodster

          Like I said it’s Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi. Both party’s will offer up basically similar candidates with minor differences. There is no longer glaring differences between the two political parties. It’s the same mess just rearranged differently.

    • Rodster

      And to answer your question directly, the two party system is a joke. It’s a failure. What you have is Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi or 2 card Monte.

      Both parties are selling us down the river. One day we will all pay the price just like Greece.

    • GaryToo

      the 2 party system is the biggest genius tool to only give us an illusion of freedom they tell us we have. It Is Coles and woolworths, mcdonalds and hungry jacks/ burger king. gog and maggog (not even you know the difference). Anytime we get fed up with our leaders we can throw them out at the next election and have no change at all.

      obamas foreign policy etc is lockstep with his opposition however he is the right man for the job for now because he is gifted at quelling dissent and disquiet he is good at patronizing the unthinking and uncritical. Think, If i had a son he would look like treyvon (if all black look so alike to you that an half white obama is indistiguishable). and recently acknowledging the “sacrifices of the greek people”. He is influential.

  • If FB stock continues to rise at the rate it did the other day, the it will be a decent long term investment for the average part time trader

  • im sorry about this comment but if you bought stocks in facebook,you deserve to loose every dime you put into it.
    here is alittle stock advise,if your going to invest in something id probly say gold or silver the kind you hold not a piece of paper saying you own it,but if your going to invest do it in something like food,fuel,something that will help do something like tools medicine im sure theres alot more,but your taking money and putting it into a stupid fad that they have had many before it and going to be many after it,someone said this on a comment above and its true A FOOL AND HIS MONEY WILL SOON DEPART

  • Rodster

    And to answer your question directly, the two party system is a joke. It’s a failure. What you have is Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi or 2 card Monte.

    Both parties are selling us down the river. One day we will all pay the price just like Greece.

    • GaryToo

      its a brilliant illusion, we have the freedom and liberty to throw our useless leadership out every few years and have nothing change.

  • Washington
  • El Pollo de Oro

    Wall Street’s euphoria over Facebook doesn’t erase the fact that the patient (Wall Street) is still very sick. Despite all the bailouts and corporate welfare that Wall Street has received, the patient is not on the road to recovery—although the patient is pretending that it is. The patient is in denial, and the patient is arrogant to boot. Remember when The White Shoe Boys (as Gerald Celente calls them) were raising their champagne glasses as a way of thumbing their noses at all the protestors who were speaking out against all the misery that The White Shoe Boys have caused? Not good. Not good at all. Fanning the flames of social unrest is a very bad idea, especially when millions of people who used to be part of the middle class have become the neo-poor through no fault of their own and are very bitter about it.

    “If you want to get into a good entrepreneurial business, guillotines may be in fashion.”—Gerald Celente

    “If you’ve studied Rome, you know that wealthy nations do collapse into Third World squalor when they allow their currency to be debased.”—Alex Jones

    “If there is war against Iran, it is going to be the beginning of World War III—and we will go into a depression, the likes of which people have never seen. This will reverberate worldwide.”—Gerald Celente

    All the false euphoria on Wall Street does not erase the fact that there are very dark clouds on the horizon—not only in The Banana Republic of America (formerly Los Estados Unidos), but Europe as well. Wall Street won’t be celebrating when the perilous situation in Greece, Spain and Italy (the third largest economy in Europe!) goes from bad to worse. Wall Street won’t be celebrating when, as Gerald Celente is predicting, the neocon imperialist thugs go to war with Iran and this global depression intensifies. Wall Street won’t be celebrating when the euro and the BRA dollar both go into cardiac arrest.

    “I don’t need some jerk like Romney, Santorum, Obama, Bush, Clinton or the rest of them telling me that they’re my leaders. They couldn’t lead me across the street.”—Gerald Celente

    “It is becoming increasingly impossible in America to get a good job without being connected to the system that serves the elites.”—Paul Craig Roberts

    And to all the preppers out there who have asked me, “Am I crazy?,” I’ll reiterate my response: hell no, you’re not crazy. You’re downright sane and downright lucid. You’re anything but crazy. You preppers are the smart ones because you had enough sense to realize that Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts, Justin Raimondo and the late Irv Homer were right all along.

    “Los Estados Unidos has become a banana republic.”—Gerald Celente

    “We have two choices, only two. And it’s not Romney or Obama. It’s fascism or freedom, and I’m voting for freedom.”—Gerald Celente

    “How can a country have a world empire when it can’t finance its domestic budget? It’s not possible.”—Paul Craig Roberts

    Bienvenidos al fin del Imperio Romano. Bienvenidos a la República Banána de América, pesadilla del tercer mundo. Que dios nos ayude.

  • Piglet

    [A FOOL AND HIS MONEY WILL SOON DEPART] It’s actually “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  • andrewleiner

    x The Euro is doing what it was designed to do, collapse. Why? Because it was only meant to be a step toward a One World Money used to create a One World Government which will be used to form what Satan has been working toward for all these thousands of years, a One World Religion. Satan will be worshiped as the number one god and the AntiChrist will be worshiped as Satan’s Sith Lord. When will the Euro collapse? When Satan’s lap dogs are told by him to pull the plug and not one day sooner. I have been waiting for this for 39 years and change. And now it is here. Forty years ago I would do my doomsaying and the people would wag their heads and poopoo me. Now, things have changed. Many nod and many are becoming Preppers.

  • mondobeyondo

    Facebook stock falls 12 percent below IPO price as of Monday morning!!

    You people who bought Facebook stock… Hahahaha! Suckers!

    [insert sound of WWII Stuka dive bomber here]

  • Gary2

    (Reuters) – Facebook shares sank on Monday in the first day of trading without the full support of the company’s underwriters, leaving some investors down 25 percent from where they were Friday afternoon.

    and the bubble is popping…

  • Gary2

    NEW YORK — Facebook was supposed to soar. Instead, it plunged.

    After the social network’s stock fizzled on Friday in its long-awaited debut, its stock fell 11 percent on Monday, even as the rest of the stock market rallied.

    The downward spiral has left some people sitting on big losses, and others scratching their heads. After all, nothing fundamental has changed at Facebook in the days since the much-hyped company came to the stock market – Facebook still has more than 900 million users, its 28-year-old founder Mark Zuckerberg controls the company, and it is still one of the few profitable Internet companies to go public.

  • Rodster

    Wow, now there’s talk that the Facebook IPO can bring down the US and Global economy.

    “How Facebook could destroy the U.S. economy”

  • Rodster

    And Bono the (liberal) Rocker made a cool Billion dollars. How about we tax him 75%? Liberals are such hypocrites. They always create rules for everyone but them.

    • Gary2

      yes yes tax the rich liberals hard and spread the wealth. I am an equal opportunity taxer.

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