Doomsday Approaches: Scientists Say That The Earth Will Run Out Of Usable Topsoil In 60 Years

What will we do when we inevitably run out of topsoil?  This month, I have written a number of articles that show that the clock is ticking for humanity.  We are systematically destroying the planet that we live on, and we are already witnessing mass extinctions of plankton, insects and birds.  Our food is full of poisons, our water is full of poisons and the air that we breathe is full of poisons.  And it gets worse with each passing year.  But one thing that I haven’t talked about recently is the loss of our topsoil.  95 percent of the food that we eat comes from the soil, and so if we have no soil we have no food.  This is a crisis that has been building for decades, and now we are rapidly approaching a major crisis point. (Read More...)

A Disease That Can Make It Feel Like Someone Is Peeling Your Skin With A Potato Peeler Is Spreading At An Exponential Rate

I would highly recommend that you take this new global monkeypox outbreak very seriously.  On May 6th, there was one case.  Now it has spread to 78 countries and there are 14,945 cases.  In nation after nation we have seen monkeypox cases take off at an exponential rate, and that includes the United States.  Monkeypox cases have now been confirmed in 45 U.S. states, and the total number of U.S. cases has jumped to 2,102.  Any chance of containing this disease is gone, and that is really bad news. (Read More...)

We Are About To Experience An Absolutely Epic Housing Crash The Likes Of Which America Has Never Seen Before

You may not want to buy a house right now.  What goes up must eventually come down, and we have just entered the “down” side of that equation.  Over the past two years, home prices in the United States have gone up nearly 40 percent.  Now mortgage rates are rising at a pace that is truly frightening, and they are likely to go even higher in the months ahead as the Federal Reserve continues to fight a relentless war against inflation.  Needless to say, higher mortgage rates mean higher potential mortgage payments for prospective home buyers, and so millions of Americans are being priced out of the marketplace right now.  The only thing that is going to bring those buyers back into the marketplace is for home prices to go down, and that is already starting to happen in some areas of the nation. (Read More...)

Food Lines Get Depressingly Long In The U.S. Again As Crops Fail All Over The Globe

It is happening again.  Lines at food banks all across the country are getting extremely long, and this is happening even though we are still only in the very early stages of the next major economic downturn.  If the lines are this long already, what will they look like six months or a year from now?  Since the beginning of 2022, I have been relentlessly warning my readers about the rapidly emerging food crisis that we are witnessing all over the globe.  Food supplies have been getting tighter and tighter, and now insane weather patters are causing crops to fail throughout the northern hemisphere.  We really are moving into unprecedented territory, but this hasn’t really hit home with the general population yet. (Read More...)

In Case You Were Wondering Why Inflation Has Started To Spiral Wildly Out Of Control…

When you keep making horrible decisions, eventually the consequences are going to catch up with you.  That is true for individuals, and it is also true for entire nations.  Here in the United States, previous generations handed down to us the strongest and most stable national currency on the planet.  Having the default reserve currency of the world has been a great blessing, because it has enabled us to enjoy a standard of living that is far greater than we actually deserve.  But instead of doing their best to preserve and protect our currency, our leaders have decided to systematically destroy it instead.  As a result, the rate of inflation has gotten completely out of control, and many experts are extremely concerned about what lies ahead. (Read More...)

The Inflation Monster That Our Leaders Have Created Is Voraciously Eating Away Our Standard Of Living

The purchasing power of the dollar is not nearly as strong as it once was, and as a result our standard of living is rapidly going down.  The overall rate of inflation has been rising faster than our paychecks have been for quite a while, and this is causing a tremendous amount of pain for millions of U.S. consumers.  Unfortunately, this isn’t going to change any time soon.  The inflation monster that our leaders have created will continue to rage even as our economy plunges into a severe recession.  I relentlessly warned that the trillions of dollars that our leaders were pumping into the system would cause enormous problems down the road, and now we are trapped in an economic nightmare with no easy way out. (Read More...)

Something That We Have Been Waiting For Just Happened, And It Is A Really Bad Sign…

There has been a lot of talk recently about “the death of the dollar”, but the truth is that the euro is in far bigger trouble.  Inflation in the eurozone has risen to truly frightening levels, and the war in Ukraine threatens to plunge the major economies of Europe into a very deep recession.  Russia holds the key, because if Russia completely cuts off the flow of natural gas to Europe it really will cause an unprecedented economic nightmare.  Even now, energy prices in Europe have already soared to absolutely insane levels, and the Russians could make things much, much worse with a single decision.  The Europeans should have never allowed themselves to become so dependent on Russian energy, and now they find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. (Read More...)

The Trains Could Stop Running In The United States Literally One Week From Now

Did you know that an absolutely crippling national railroad strike could potentially start on July 18th?  If this actually happens, the historic supply chain crisis that we are experiencing right now will rapidly become far worse.  Each year, trains in the United States transport approximately “1.7 billion tons of raw materials and finished goods” to their ultimate destinations.  If that suddenly stops happening, our economy goes into the toilet.  I realize that may sound a bit crude, but that is the reality of what we are potentially facing.  So we better hope that national rail carriers and the unions representing the workers can come to an agreement before next Monday(Read More...)