Who Is Behind A Series Of “Mysterious Explosions” At Natural Gas Facilities In The United States?

Are we under attack?  Previously, I have written about a series of very strange fires that have occurred at key food production facilities in the United States this year.  Authorities insist that each one of those fires was an “accident”, and maybe they are correct.  But now the same thing is starting to happen to the energy industry.  In particular, we have seen a number of “mysterious explosions” at natural gas facilities in the United States during the past two months.  Of course natural gas prices were already spiking dramatically all over the world, and so this string of disasters comes at a really bad time. (Read More...)

Now An Outbreak Of The Marburg Virus Has Begun

Why are so many unusual outbreaks of disease suddenly happening all over the planet?  We were already dealing with a seemingly endless global pandemic coming into 2022, and so far this year a bird flu pandemic has resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of our chickens and turkeys, the worst monkeypox outbreak in history has spread like wildfire in the western world, and now it is being reported that there is an outbreak of the Marburg Virus in Africa.  We have already lost our opportunity to contain monkeypox, and that is really bad news.  But if authorities are not able to successfully contain this new Marburg outbreak, we could potentially be facing a scenario that is downright apocalyptic. (Read More...)

If There Is A Nuclear War Between The U.S. And Russia, Most Americans Will Die By Starving To Death

Can you imagine what it would be like to literally starve to death?  Most Americans believe that if a nuclear war with Russia actually happens the vast majority of the U.S. population will be instantly wiped out.  But that is not what the science says.  What the studies have shown is that only about 20 percent of the U.S. population will be instantly killed during a nuclear exchange.  If you live near a military base or some other highly strategic target you will probably be among that 20 percent.  Otherwise, it is likely that you will starve to death during the horrifying “nuclear winter” that follows. (Read More...)

Thanks To The Rapidly Imploding U.S. Economy, Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Have Plunged To Unprecedented Levels

These are not good times for Joe Biden.  When the U.S. economy is performing well whoever is in the White House is going to get most of the credit.  Likewise, when the U.S. economy is performing poorly whoever is in the White House is going to get most of the blame.  That is just the way that it is, and that is one of the primary reasons why most Americans are quite displeased with Joe Biden right now.  Things are not going well at all, and the outlook for the months ahead is even worse.  The American people are becoming increasingly frustrated, and a new Gallup poll that was just released discovered that “confidence” in the presidency has fallen to the lowest level ever recorded(Read More...)

5 Major Trends To Watch For During The Second Half Of 2022

Can you believe that it is the second half of 2022 already?  I don’t know about you, but to me it seems like time goes by faster with each passing year.  Perhaps that is just because I am getting older.  In any event, the first six months of 2022 are already in the tank.  During those six months, the largest land war in Europe since World War II has erupted, inflation has spiraled out of control all over the world, we have plunged into the worst energy crisis since the 1970s, a horrifying bird flu pandemic has killed tens of millions of turkeys and chickens in the U.S. alone, the worst monkeypox outbreak in history has begun, the S&P 500 had the worst start to a year since 1970, and global leaders have been relentlessly warning us that we are heading into an “unprecedented” planetary food crisis.  Unfortunately, I expect the second half of 2022 to be even worse. (Read More...)

Most Young Adults Do Not Know Why We Celebrate July 4th

Do you know what we celebrate on July 4th?  For most of my readers, such a question would be an insult because the answer is obvious.  July 4th was the day that we officially declared our independence from the British.  The Continental Congress actually voted in favor of independence on July 2nd, and then on July 4th the Declaration of Independence was formally adopted.  Every year, the Declaration of Independence is read during 4th of July celebrations all over the country, and it turns out that this yearly reminder is greatly needed.  According to one recent survey, most members of Generation Z do not know who the United States declared independence from in 1776… (Read More...)

We Are Witnessing A Stunning Breakdown Of Law And Order, And The Overwhelmed Police Seem Powerless To Stop It

This country is not the same place that it was ten years ago.  In fact, it is not even close to the same place that it was five years ago.  Violent crime is out of control in many of our major cities, and there aren’t enough police to handle it all.  So in many cases a police officer literally never shows up when someone reports a serious crime.  Unfortunately, the number of serious crimes just keeps going up.  In 2020, we witnessed the worst spike in violent crime in U.S. history, but 2021 was supposed to be a year when rates of violent crime started going back down.  Of course that didn’t happen, and now 2022 is on pace to be even worse than either 2020 or 2021… (Read More...)

Are You Willing To Suffer Through A Recession For The Good Of “The Liberal World Order”?

How much are you willing to sacrifice for “the future of the liberal world order”?  As you will see below, the Biden administration is trying to convince us that supporting the “liberal world order” is far more important than any short-term economic pain that we are experiencing right now.  So are you willing to pay ridiculously high gas prices for the foreseeable future and suffer through a very serious economic downturn in order to put pressure on Vladimir Putin and Russia?  Some Americans would be willing to do that, but most would not. (Read More...)