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10 Examples Of The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America Like Cancer

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Social Decay - Public DomainIt isn’t just our economy that is crumbling.  Something is happening to America that no amount of money will be able to fix.  Everywhere around us we can see evidence of the social decay that is systematically eating away at the foundations of our society.  It can be found on the streets of our inner cities, in dark basements in extremely rural communities, in the most prestigious boardrooms on Wall Street, and definitely in the halls of power in Washington.   Bringing in an entirely different crop of politicians or printing gigantic mountains of money is not going to solve this problem, because it exists in the hearts of millions of ordinary men and women.  The truth is that we really need to take a good, long look at ourselves in the mirror, because we need to take a 180 degree turn as a nation.  What we are doing now is clearly not working, and the longer that we take to address this problem the worse it is going to get.  The following are 10 examples of the social decay that is eating away at America like cancer.  Individually, they could be dismissed as isolated incidents.  But I could have easily listed 100 examples or 1000 examples.  Every single day, we are inundated with reports like these.  The symptoms of the decay of our society are all around us.  We just have to be willing to look at them…

#1 It seems like many of the most horrific crimes these days are happening in middle America.  For example, a woman was recently hit over the head, raped and set on fire in a park in Wichita Kansas

Wichita police say a woman was sexually assaulted, hit on the head, and set on fire Monday night in Fairmount Park.

According to police, the woman was on the ground, almost in a crawl, barely moving, and naked.

The woman was helped by a neighbor – Johnnye Marshall woke up her boyfriend Deon McPherson when she heard somebody scream for help.

“What if that was my daughter?  I’d want somebody to go in and get her,” McPherson told The Wichita Eagle.  “Where there wasn’t blood, there was a burn.”

The flames from the fire were about 2 to 4 feet high.  McPherson stayed with the woman until firefighters arrived.

#2 I have repeatedly written about how the United States is the most obese of all the major industrialized nations.  Well, now we are using our extreme obesity to try to hide things that we have stolen

A 350-pound Wal-mart shopper was arrested yesterday after he was found sitting atop five stolen rib eye steaks in the seat of a motorized scooter that he was riding around the South Carolina store.

Rodney Fowler, 43, was spotted Tuesday afternoon placing the steaks in his scooter by a Walmart loss prevention officer, according to a police report.

“Suspect sat on the steaks and exited the store passing all points of sale, without attempting to pay for said merchandise,” cops noted.

The 5’ 5” Fowler was then confronted by the Walmart worker and escorted back into the store, where he was later arrested by police for shoplifting. “Due to his size, the suspect was cuffed using two pairs of cuffs,” investigators noted.

#3 What would you do if a police officer pulled you over for a traffic stop and exposed his private parts to you when he came up to your vehicle?  Well, this actually has been happening in New Jersey

A Newton police officer was arrested Monday on accusations that he unzipped his pants and exposed himself to young male drivers during “numerous” traffic stops.

Jason R. Miller, 37, of Hampton Township, a patrolman since 2001, turned himself in at the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office and has been indefinitely suspended without pay pending the outcome of the criminal case, according to a statement issued by Sussex County Prosecutor Francis Koch and Newton Police Chief Michael Richards.

Miller was charged with two counts of official misconduct, one count of a pattern of official misconduct and one count of lewdness, the statement said.

Miller would expose his genitals to motorists “to satisfy his prurient interests” and then let them leave without issuing traffic summonses, according to a police complaint.

#4 If someone was planning to “accidentally” kill his wealthy wife, you would think that he would be smart enough not to put an “X” on the map where he planned to do it.  But that is apparently precisely what one man in Colorado foolishly did…

A suburban Denver man charged with pushing his wife to her death off a cliff in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park could not explain to investigators why he had a park map with an “X” drawn at the spot where she fell.

Newly unsealed court documents say Harold Henthorn denied using the map during the deadly September 29, 2012, hike.

But he told friends that he scouted out the park’s steep and craggy terrain at least six times, trying to find the perfect place to take Toni to celebrate their 12th year of marriage.

It also turns out that his first wife died in a “freak accident” too.

Some coincidence, eh?

#5 It is one thing to kill someone.  It is another thing to hack the dead body up with a saw and cook it.  I don’t know what in the world has happened to the state of Florida, but a lot of really weird stuff has been going on down there lately…

Angela Stoldt told officials she took a hacksaw to her neighbor’s body last year and tried to cook away evidence of James Sheaffer.

One leg went in the oven. Other parts went into pots.

Stoldt’s house in Deltona smelled of burning flesh, but she assured her daughter it was just a rat broiling in the oven, according to details made public last week after a grand jury charged her with first-degree murder.

“Thursday is when I was cooking him,” Stoldt told investigators. “Friday is when I was dumping him.”

The 42-year-old Deltona woman is accused of killing Sheaffer, 36, a limousine driver, in April 2013.

#6 In recent years, it seems like there has been a constant stream of news stories about twisted men locking up women in their basements and forcing them to be sex slaves.  The latest example comes from Cincinnati

A man pleaded guilty Friday to locking multiple women in his Cincinnati home and forcing them into prostitution.

Christopher Hisle, 45, was arrested on April 8, 2014, in Louisville, Kentucky after authorities said he drove a young woman from Cincinnati to Louisville to engage in prostitution at a nearby Red Roof Inn.

An FBI investigation later revealed Hisle was involved in forcing and compelling the women to engage in commercial sex for at least two years. He held the women at his Avondale home at 908 Lexington Ave., documents state .

It is unknown how many women Hisle held at one time and what their ages were. Authorities said at least 12 women are victims of his human trafficking operation.

#7 Why would a grown woman want to have sex with a 10-year-old boy?  You would have to be incredibly sick to try to do such a thing, but that is reportedly what one 25-year-old babysitter in Connecticut is charged with doing.  In fact, she is accused of doing this multiple times

A babysitter has been accused of repeatedly having sex with her friend’s 10-year-old son while she was looking after him and his other siblings.

Marybeth Rataic is facing 10 felony charges after allegedly having sex three times with the boy at his home in Meriden, Connecticut.

Police say that in one instance, the 25-year-old from Willimantic, had sex with the boy while his siblings slept in the room after creeping into the child’s room, which he shared with his brothers.

She is also accused of having sex with the 10-year-old while his mother was giving birth in hospital.

#8  A minor scuffle between two girls at a California high school erupted into a melee when a 400 pound police officer slammed his fist into the face of one of the girls.   Other students began to swarm the officer, and at that point things got wildly out of control

A lunchtime fight at a Central California high school Wednesday ended with police swarming onto campus, closing the school and putting six students under arrest, authorities said.

However, Ernest Righetti High School students say the initial fight was relatively minor, and that it was a Sheriff’s deputy striking one of the girls involved in the brawl that sparked the mass violence on campus.

That shocking moment was filmed by a bystander and has since been posted online by the Santa Maria Times.

The video shows the officer trying to break up a fight between two girls, only to hit one of the young women and drag her away. Students watching the altercation appear outraged by the act, and start to swarm the officer.

#9 When I was growing up, it seemed like almost everyone watched the Cosby Show on Thursday night.  Bill Cosby was “America’s Dad”, and he was universally respected.  Well, it turns out that now he is being accused of rape by 15 different women.  How is it possible that such horrific crimes could be covered up for so long, and what does that say about our society?  The following comes from Time Magazine

In Cosby’s story we find accusations of women being silenced for decades by threats, lawyers, fear and a generally defensive public, who until now were uninterested in being awakened from sweet dreams of their TV father.

The NPR audio interview released last week showcases Cosby’s clearly pre-determined response to the softest, almost nervous questions about the rape allegations: deafening silence.

This should not be viewed as the mature response of a well respected, integrity filled man (and in the case of his wife, a beloved, regal woman) attempting to maintain dignity and stay above the fray. It should be seen as what it is: A power move by a someone so arrogant that he thinks he shouldn’t even be asked about the fact that 15 women are accusing him of a horrific crime.

#10 As I have written about previously, the violence that we have seen in Ferguson, Missouri this year is a perfect example of how the streets of America can descend into chaos.  And now the upcoming grand jury decision threatens to rekindle that violence.

Instead of sober deliberation about this case and sincere attempts at peaceful reconciliation, both sides are preparing for mass civil unrest.  If the grand jury reaches “the wrong decision” we could see even more rioting, looting, violence and police brutality than we saw the first time around.

And this time, it may not be limited to Ferguson.  As the Daily Sheeple has pointed out, protest organizers have put up a Tumblr page for something called “The Ferguson National Response Network“.  According to that page,  “planned responses” are being organized in 82 cities throughout the United States.  In addition, protest organizers have released a list of 19 “Proposed Rules of Engagement” for confrontations with law enforcement authorities.  Needless to say, all of this sounds quite ominous.  The following are the 82 cities where “planned responses” are currently being organized…

Albany, NY
Albuquerque, NM
Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD
Bangor, ME
Beavercreek, OH
Blacksburg, VA
Boston, MA
Buffalo, NY
Carbondale, IL
Chapel Hill, NC
Chattanooga, TN
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Columbia, MO
Columbus, OH
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Des Moines, IA
Detroit, MI
Durham, NC
Ferguson, MO
Gainesville, FL
Grand Rapids, MI
Greensboro, NC
Greenville, NC
Grinnell, IA
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Iowa City, IA
Jackson, MI
Kansas City, MO
Kennesaw, GA
Lawrence, KS
Lexington, KY
Longview, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Louisville, KY
Meadville, PA
Memphis, TN
Milwaukee, WI
Minneapolis, MN
Mobile, AL
Monpelier, VT
Monroeville, OH
Nashville, TN
New London, CT
New Orleans, LA
Newark, NJ
Northampton, MA
Oak Ridge, TN
Oakland, CA
Olympia, WA
Oshkosh, WI
Phoenix, AZ
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Portland, OR
Providence, RI
Raleigh, NC
Rochester, NY
Rocky Mount, NC
San Diego, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Seattle, WA
South Hadley, MA
Spring Valley, NY
Springfield, MA
St. Paul, MN
St. Petersburg, FL
Stroudsberg, PA
Tallahassee, FL
Tampa, FL
Toledo, OH
Toronto, Canada
Tucson, AZ
Washington, D.C.
West Hartford, CT
West Palm Beach, FL
Williamsburg, VA
Worcester, MA

Police in Ferguson are warning citizens that they better buy guns because they “will not be able to protect you or your family“.  And
CNN is reporting that gun sales in Ferguson are indeed surging.

Hopefully this grand jury decision will come and go and peace will prevail in Ferguson and elsewhere.

But without a doubt, the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted on a daily basis is disappearing.

The foundations of our society are steadily rotting and decaying, and our underlying problems are getting worse with each passing day.

How long will our nation be able to remain stable if this continues?

  • Realist

    Sad that young people who weren’t around during the 50s and 60s will believe this is just the way it is. Give me Ozzie and Harriet or Leave It To Beaver over Modern Family every time!

    • Priszilla

      I believe the 50s and 60s saw their fair share of violence in the US.
      Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, wounded knee, Vietnam war, KKK, there was McCarthy, and Hoover, domestic violence (prosecuting men for spousal abuse was illegal), child abuse in state institutions (google white house boys), …

      • Kansas

        Thank you for speaking the truth! People really think that the people in the past were like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting and that is a very dangerous mindset to have, because it is completely false!

        • RealityCheckk

          People back then were just as capable of doing bad, but they had more moral constraint on them because the society as a whole was more God fearing and more people attended church and were brought up to revere God and Christ. Many want to dismiss the Bible as fantasy, but it has the power to save people not only from a bad eternal fate, but from a bad life here and now, and can change a society for the better if enough people will follow. The testimonies of changed lives for the better when they come to know God and Christ are numerous.

          • Priszilla

            Please check reality. God fearing people – religious fundamentalists – are the worst when it comes to abuse and violence.

          • NowAlive

            Please check reality. The worst murders in history by a very, very wide margin aren’t Christian fundamentalists. Atheists hold that seat via communism / nazism. Hitler was at best a spiritualist but he very much worshiped at the alter of evolution (race supremacy theories are based on this). A Christian he most certainly wasn’t, though he enjoyed controlling the church. Now add Mao and Khmer Rouge and you have an atheistic scourge on mankind unlike anything ever seen in history. That is a checked reality! This violence was perpetrated by man-fearing dictators, not God-fearing Christians. Lofty trolling without facts will get you nowhere….though without Jesus, another fact is you’ve earned a ticket to Hell.

          • Priszilla

            Read up on European History. 30 year war, 100 year war. Dark Ages. Inquisituin. Witch Hunt. Spanish Christians killing the Indians, Slave trade, 2000 years of cruelty all over the globe.

          • Hammerstrike

            Overpopulation sure wasn´t a problem during the middle-ages.

            In fact, people (who lived in worst conditions than cattle today) had to breed like jack rabbits to avoid extinction.

          • Hammerstrike

            Durka Allah, Mohammed jihad?

          • Kansas

            Yes and do you know what the advice was to women who were married to abusive men back then? Go back to your husbands. So you are the one who needs a reality check.

            People are what they are. They are no different then in the past, no different in the present and will continue to be no different in the future.

            Brain chemistry, upbringing, nature vs nurture these are all contributors to the sick and twisted individuals we have in our society today. Some are a product of their own genetics. While other monsters are created because of how they were raised and by whom.

            Maybe peoples lives are changed. But it is not because god suddenly is controlling them. It is because they believe so strongly in something that for a season they are able to control their vices and addictions. There are many who after a number of years go back to their old ways or never really changed to begin with.

            Simple fact that unless you are with these supposedly changed people day in and day out you do not really know if they are just talking a good game. I believe that many of the people who have these fantastic testimonies are kidding themselves and the people they see in church on Sunday.

            But don’t worry when a christian backslides there are always one of two reasons for it.

            1. They were never really a christian.

            2. They have free will and free choice.

            What a man thinks he can be. What a man does he will be.

          • RealityCheckk

            Christians aren’t perfect, but they are constrained by moral conviction to be better people.

            Man’s preference is to do what is right in our own eyes, knowing good and evil and parsing those distinctions to our own advantage. What is right for me may not seem right
            for you which is relativism. That philosophy was summed up by Satanist Aleister Crowley

            into “Do what thou will is the whole of the law.” We are seeing the fruit of that today as our society breaks down.

            Whether you believe lives are changed by man’s willingness to believe God, or by God’s influence doesn’t really matter if the end result produces better people and a better society. I know that following Crowley’s precept leads to chaos, and that following God’s law leads to order.

        • peace angel

          YES IT IS. Read what I just said.

      • peace angel

        Yeah, but the grown ups of that time period were really living in LALA land.

        THERE were big problems behind the scenes on those TV shows.

        AND it is estimated that at least 70% of all the baby boomers were sexually molested as kids by people they loved and trusted, like Catholic Priests and their relatives.

        It was a game changer for sure.

        TODAY it is worse.

        • Hammerstrike

          Seriously, 70%?

          • peace angel


            THESE stats came out while I was studying psychology in college about my generation.

            As a relationship counselor I can tell you that is what I have seen and heard as well.

          • yay robot women

            No, just more feminist propaganda…. errrr…. ‘statistics’.

  • K

    This is the outcome, when people believe there is no right or wrong. Everything has become gray. If you try to draw a crisp line, between right and wrong, you are accused of being judgemental. Just one of the many reason, I live in the middle of nowhere. Fewer people, fewer problems.

    • T.

      No. This is the outcome of a nation that has No fear of God – This is the outcome of a nation where the Church has been long Silent on sin – This is the outcome of a nation just prior to its own self destruction – Forsaken Almighty God and gone its own evil way unto its own death.

      • Shosh 7154

        Your words: “This is the outcome of a nation that has No fear of God” are recorded in the Bible :

        Genesis 20:11 And Abraham said, Because I thought, Surely the fear of God is not in this place; and they will kill me to take my wife.

        Romans 3:14-18 “Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: Their feet are swift to shed blood: Destruction and misery are in their ways: And the way of peace have they not known: There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

        Another sign of social decay: Have you noticed how people are driving on the highways now? A few days ago I watched a man in a truck continue to accelerate in his lane even though traffic had stopped ahead of him due to a car accident. The man in the truck slammed into two vehicles in front of him causing two other cars to hit his vehicle. Also tail-gating at high speed has become a serious cause of major accidents. I now drive with flashers when drivers’ headlights cannot be seen because they are so close to my bumper at high speed.

        • danbax

          also these verses:
          the thoughts of man are evil continually
          evil men will wax worse and worse
          they will worship the creature (animals / earth) more than the creator (God)
          they will call good evil and evil good.

          • Shosh 7154

            THANK YOU DANBAX ! What a beautiful thing to see His perfect and pure Word !!! If only everyone would do that, hazard lights would grow old and disappear. AND now I speak to the Beautiful Being Who created all life, the G-d of Israel: To YOU Most High we are desperate for YOUR presence. Please open blind eyes and unstop deaf ears, that everyone may know the absolute joy of Your Word, revealing YOUR personality. Cause us to praise you with the highest form of praise…imitation ! Change us and reveal YOUR SON today to every heart for YOUR glory and the salvation of the whole world, bashem Yeshua (Jesus) amein.

          • peace angel

            You are describing the LEADERS of this nation.

        • Steady Steve

          Driving with your hazard lights on is illegal. Seems like you are part of the problem.

          • Shosh 7154

            At least you are aware of the problem and while this very real and dangerous problem remains, driving with flashers temporarily slows the madness of the speeding driver who is willing to put your life at risk. You may have other means to protect yourself on the road. In the days shortly to come, this kind of thinking will become more and more necessary to stay alive.

      • Priszilla

        25% (that’s a quarter, or 1 in 4) of the world’s prisoners are imprisoned in the US.

        • peace angel

          HEY GIRL,









      • Kansas

        Actually it is not the church that has been silent but rather the people themselves. Think about how many justify evil within their own families because they don’t want to get their blood in trouble. Turning a blind eye to those in your inner circle just allows evil to continue and multiply onto the next generation and so on.

        • peace angel

          THE majority of homes in the US are certainly NOT happy places and parents abandon and abuse and murder their spouses and kids far more than in any other industrialized nation on earth.

          AND the lying and cover ups are unreal especially in our court rooms regarding what goes on behind closed doors which has spilled into the public like a Tsunami over the country is not the case in other countries.

          I remember seeing some major news network asking people in suits and rushing to and from work HOW OFTEN they tell a LIE to anyone.

          All of them admitted to telling more lies than they tell the truth in a week. AND they said they are lying to bosses, kids, cops, school administrators, their spouses and parents and all of them admitted to telling a dozen or more LIES each week.

          NO wonder nobody believes anything Americans say or do.

          OUR PRESIDENTS for the past four decades have all been LIARS and the whole world KNOWS it and they DO NOT TRUST anything coming out of Obama’s mouth. HE is pathological like the Clintons BOTH are.

          I agree. It is the people and MOST baby boomers did NOT raise their kids in a church at all. THIS is why as the older generation is dying that so many churches are closing which is fine with me. MOST of the preachers are also LYING about all kinds of things in the Pulpits of America.

          • JAMOACHA

            Hi peace angel,
            yeah, its gotten worse and worse over the years. I quit voting, doesn’t do any good.

        • T.

          Agree. That’s called bad parenting. Training of the Next generation always begins in the home – Ideally with both Original Mom and Dad as the parents. I think this is where our nation “Cracked” first – In the homes of America. I am old enough to remember when I did not know another kid whose parents were Divorced. Today – I don’t know, maybe half or more kids come from broken homes (divorced parents). Then a majority of those kids go on to replicate Divorce in their lives when they are grown. It becomes a downward degenerative spiral on the Morals of the society.

          • TK

            So True T!!

      • Handog

        I regret that I made humans.


        • energizedmortal

          no man no problem

          • T.

            All but 8 were Drowned in the world wide flood. Only Noah and his 3 sons and each of their wives survived. Judgment.

          • Biblical literalism is idiotic

            8 survivors? Say hello to extinction by inbreeding within a century or two.

            Even shorter for animal species reduced to one couple, provided they didn´t run out of meat.

          • T.

            Sadly, many will not believe til they’re burning in Hell.

          • Biblical literalism is idiotic

            You are the one most likely to go there simply because you are the one calling for a false and obviously very evil deity to take your soul.

            There is no morality to be found in blind belief as such and neither is there in cowardice.

          • T.

            No cowardice in the Lord Jesus Christ – In the scourging, the beating, the carrying of His cross, the ridicule of wicked men, the nailing of His hands and feet to the cross, His hanging there stripped naked, then saying in one of His last statements, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”. No. That was not cowardice – That was pure and unadulterated love of God for the lost souls of all men. May God give you a broken heart over your sin that Jesus died and paid for your own sin debt unto Almighty God.

          • Shosh 7154

            Question for you … if you were to find yourself in a position of having to choose between saving the life of a dog or a man, which would you choose?

          • Gay Veteran

            how were they able to repopulate the planet?

          • GSOB

            Male with female.

          • Gay Veteran

            must have been f-ing like rabbits.
            so how did those animals found only in, for example, South America, end up on that ark?
            the most silly fairly tail in the entire bible

          • JB

            Because you believe the Sunday school version of it: a cute little “boat” with a handful of animals. But if you bothered to read a bible, you would learn it wasn’t a tiny boat – and it didn’t land in South America…

          • Gay Veteran

            riiiiight, and it held 100,000s of species (most of which were not in the Middle East)

          • Handog

            It takes a lot of faith to be an atheist. you must also believe in mirricles if you believe there is no creator.

          • Gay Veteran

            I’m not an atheist

          • VigilanteCaregiver

            Still peddling your bull#$%&, eh?

          • Gay Veteran

            hey junior, you must be looking into a mirror

          • Matt thomas

            We do believe in miracles. Miraculous things happen all the time. That window washer last week that fell 11 stories and lived. Wow that was a miracle. I guess if there are invisable angels who are responsible that’s even more miraculous , if it were an alien tractor beam that protected him that would be a super miracle. Just because we don’t always understand how a statistical outlier happens doesn’t prove there is an invisable dead beat dad doing it with magic but if that makes you happy I’m glad you found a master .

          • Handog

            Thank you. I am happy but he’s not my master, he’s my savior. 🙂

          • Matt thomas

            So he “saves” you from the eternal damnation he will inflict on you if you don’t get saved? Then serve him for all eternity? Sorry that’s a master. A savior whould be the god that saves us from your master

          • Handog

            Your right about him being a master but there is no need to be sorry.
            Many people think they are in control of their own destiny and too proud to bow down and serve.

          • Matt thomas

            🙂 well getting on your knees and serving a man isn’t for everyone but I’m glad it makes you happy.

          • Handog

            Your keyboard courage speaks volumes about your character. Only a coward would throw stones knowing he is protected by anonymity.

          • Matt thomas

            What? Your god isn’t all knowing? How can I hide from a voyer,

          • Handog

            Good point.

        • T.

          God was so Grieved by man’s sin. Amen

          • GSOB

            1 Corinthians 1:30, 31

        • Tatiana Covington

          I told you that those things weren’t going to be worth all that effort! And then you told me to bow down to them. So I said, “the hell with that!”

          Now look where we are.


        • Shosh 7154

          But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. Genesis 6:8

      • Raymond Chow

        It is the outcome of all your reasons and when the president of the US doesn’t follow the constitution and lie. Clinton lied and he was hailed a hero. Obama is ignoring the constitution and we cheer him. So why should people obey the laws these lawless people decreed or passed? Laws no longer apply. The constitution is gone and what we have left is survival of the fittest. This is just the start and it will get worst. I hope these black people proceeds and don’t stop and involved all people in the US so we can finally have the completion of the civil war. It’s time to take the country back to it’s beginning a nation of laws. Get rid of unconstitutional laws and get rid of illegal aliens and stop immigration. There’s just too many of us now. Perhaps these riots will be the beginning to reduce our number starting with the illegals.

        • peace angel

          CIVIL WAR against this gov. is inevitable and this could be the beginning of taking out lots of blacks but the white people are too busy working to even know what is happening. NON of these black people have jobs and can stay in the streets until they burn down their own towns.

          AND the KKK is also planning to go to Ferguson and some of the other rallies to KILL black people who riot. It could be a blood bath across the nation or NOT. YOU cannot guess what Americans will do next.


          • Gay Veteran

            “…NON of these black people have jobs….”
            know this personally, eh

          • peace angel

            I DO. When we had 24/7 news on it many of the white people in Ferguson made this statement many times.

            THEY said “none of these people have jobs who can be in the streets, rolling out of their beds in the middle of the afternoon to create chaos in the streets day after day after day” but maybe not in those exact words.

            I also KNOW it because I have spent forty years in the HOOD since it was the Ghetto in almost 50 cities and 17 states doing mentoring and volunteer work.

            I have met thousands of young black men across the nation and I was there to get them into jobs or college AND I have only met a handful who were NOT convicted felons before they were 21 and NOT able to work in America.

            BUT I can also tell you first hand that THEY don’t want to work and 50 year old men have NEVER applied for a job.

            SO go see Rebecca Pelosi’s documentary she filmed in front of a food stamp office and HEAR it in THEIR own words.

            MOST of them really thought it ludicrous that anyone would WANT them to work. WHAT FOR, you will hear in the free short documentary that NANCY PELOS’S daughter posted online a few years back.

            IN all the Hoods I was in they didn’t go to bed until the sun came up and rolled out mid afternoon and hit the streets EVERY day to deal and steal and kill each other and rob each other and beat the crap out of each other once the tax payer funded LIQUOR kicks in after dark.

            WHEN the sun rises over any of these neighborhoods and between 6 and 10 AM you can enter any all black hood and roll a bowling ball down the streets.

            AFTER dark when the liquor kicks in it gets really loud with gunshots, screaming and yelling and cars racing up and down the streets and wide eyed crack heads at every corner store and IF they are lucky a cop or two.

            In major cities the cops stopped patrolling most of these neighborhoods a long time ago.

            THEY have cameras to monitor them everywhere in case an unexpected riot breaks out.

            I have seen all this a thousand times. I do know personally or I would not have said it.

            I would NOT believe that IF I had not been watching it for four decades.

          • Gay Veteran

            good to know you’re all knowing and all seeing

          • JB


          • peace angel

            He is being sarcastic. HE does that.

          • peace angel

            Many, many lifetimes and many hours, days, weeks, months and years of research and real life experiences in this one. I have always been a sponge for knowledge.

            AND I am an Aquarius in the Age of Aquarius and a truth seer and truth seeker and psychic intuitive also AND I have a photographic memory. SO, anything I have read or learned is so far at 63 as vivid as the day I learned it or read it or saw it in real life going back to grade school.

            I don’t say anything I cannot back up,so when people like you send me snarky questions I have an HONEST answer to back up my original statement you are making sarcasm over.

            AND still I will give you the explanation because you MIGHT learn something. KNOWLEDGE is POWER.

          • Gay Veteran

            try not smearing an entire group of people you do not know

          • yay robot women

            Watch yourself. Otherwise you too will be accused of being the stalker /troll that is stalker/trolling because you are anti women hatred and her cousin will spank you really really hard !

        • Gay Veteran

          odd you didn’t mention Bush the Stoopid and his war of aggression against Iraq

      • LOL

        Fear? Acting or not out of cowardice is not morality.


      • Hank Kingsley

        Nope, ‘god’ was invented by the powers that be to keep people quiet and docile, and so far its working!

      • TK


      • TK


        • peace angel

          Yeah, NO not the truth but ILLUMINATI lies.

          Darwin was an ILLUMINATI paid puppet and his gov. study of LIES killed him.

          CHECK out my comment above this one and there are no scriptures in it OR preaching, but a couple of revelations, hopefully about the lies you have clearly been lead to believe.


    • smallergovnow

      Wonder where the money is coming from for organizing protests in 82 cities? Follow the money and I wonder where it leads? Hmmmm….

    • Tom_F

      People believe in ‘right and wrong’. They just stopped believing in ‘consequences’.

      • T.

        They did Not believe that there were Consequences for their Sin.

        • Tom_F

          That’s what I just said.

          • T.

            Yes. I just inserted the word “sin” – a Bible word.

          • Tom_F

            Why? “wrong” and “sin” are synonyms. Your comment did not clarify, correct, add information, or change my meaning.

          • T.

            Are you offended?

          • Tom_F

            You appear to be trying to offend, for the following reasons:

            1) you bypassed a direct question from me, failing to provide a simple answer
            2) you repeated my point with different words, without changing/adding/improving/correcting anything. The only purpose to do so would be to imply that you found my point inadequate, without saying why or how.
            3) you ask “Are you offended?” as your first response. That is a pretty direct line from comment to conclusion, all without answering my direct question.
            4) there is a passive-aggressive tone to your post. It is a tone many religious people take, in that way they can avoid confrontation while injecting their agenda.

            I won’t ask anything more, as you have demonstrated an unwillingness to be clear and responsive. But I will give this to you, in sincerity and love…

            May you enjoy all the Blessings that God chooses to bestow upon your being.

          • T.

            Let it go man. Don’t hurt yourself. Quit while you’re ahead.

          • T.

            God bless you too Tom.

          • peace angel

            AREN’T you doing to this guy what this article is about??

            You cannot slap someone in the face and THEN try to be sincere and praise GOD for them.

          • peace angel

            Wrong and Sin are not synonyms. Wrong could mean you break a law of LEO some of which are ridiculous or you say “no” to your mom as a toddler.

            SIN is a whole different thing and includes many things one can do without breaking a law or disrespecting your mom.

            HE was not trying to do anything to your meaning BUT ad to and agree with it and to say it in a different way and then he asks you to let it go and you make a speech chastising him.

    • Rob W

      Poverty breeds this. India, Central/South America, Southwest Asia… now here. The overlords have us where they want us, and they will retreat to their gated communities and watch us burn each other down, as they have set us against one another.

      • peace angel

        THAT has always been THEIR plan.

    • Nope

      The selfish and the self-important have a strong view of right and wrong, anything against them is the most terrible injustice ever while serving themselves is right.

      To the bloated jabba the hut wannabe, the crime is that he has to pay for his meat and even worst, that he is punished for stealing.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…he is punished for stealing.”

        but NOT the banksters


      I live in the middle of ”nowhere” also.
      You are correct, a lot less problems.

  • The moral rot in this nation and across the globe is undeniable. The question is when will things “break”? You can’t have a high level of immorality and lawlessness and maintain a civil society. Things eventually devolve into chaos and collapse. At some point all hell will break loose and God have mercy on us all when that happens.

    • Priszilla

      Why should god have mercy on you?

    • FortuneSeek3rz

      Well, think about the periods in history where there were no means of rapid communication. Today we at least have cell phones and a police force standing by. That was more than many victims had going back thousands of years. We also have firearms, mace, tasers, etc. Buy something and learn how to use it.

    • peace angel


      The US lives in a FOG of football, reality TV, drunkenness and the Kardashians.

      WE are often referred to as the nation that is imploding under our own vices like the Roman Empire.

  • kenfrombayside

    Stop the third world invasion at once. The reason for this invasion is simple: most Americans remain silent, don’t vote, and spend a disproportionate amount of time engaged doing nothing, like watching NFL football. Contact your US Rep and 2 Senators; get to the polls to vote against the traitorous demRATS; return fundraising letters saying you will not give until the border is sealed and our unique Anglo heritage saved; prepare your meals and do your own gardening; go to NUMBERSUSA to send faxes to our alleged leaders; and join real immigration reform groups such as FAIR. Our enemies are at war with us, and we have to fight back. If you say or do nothing, you are part of the problem.

    • Hot Rain

      The masses are under chemical assault via food, water and vaccines. The ‘end game’ is being made ready in the form of a “Ebola Vaccine”. The final assault on the nervous system and brain transmitters.
      America will slide silently into Fascism. An atrocity to our war dead..

      • peace angel

        SO TRUE and well spoken.

        I posted a whole lot of links in an earlier post on this thread PROVING everything we eat, drink or breath and all our vaccinations and RX and OTC drugs are FULL of poisons for the past 7 decades is all gov. supplied POISON.

        I read EVERY day on Before It’s News about Ebola patients dying in hospitals all over the nation and the LIES and cover ups being used in hospitals to NOT let anyone know what is happening. THIS whistle blowing is being done by doctors and nurses across the nation and they say the cause of death after Obama’s CDC SWAT teams get involved is a heart attack .

        • Hot Rain

          And this, one doesn’t really “recover” from this strain of influenza called Ebola. Life expectancy is approximately 6-7 years. Ongoing symptoms are decreased vision, kidney/renal, fatigue, weakness and so fourth.
          As I believe you have the faculties necessary to understand, Ebola causes a “Cytokine storm” in the body. Look this up on Wiki for a easy explanation.
          It would not be easy to survive such an assault and walk away unscathed. I believe the initial ‘patients’ were crisis actors.
          Anyway I would not advise the vaccine.

          • peace angel

            The reports coming out in alternative/underground news are coming directly from doctors and nurses in hospitals across America.

            THE crisis actors in Kenya were a US gov. false flag. That is true,BUT the real life people that these health care workers are risking their jobs and their licenses and their FREEDOM to speak about are NOT actors and the reports are wide spread and there are a couple of dozen of them.

            I don’t do vaccines in the US and don’t take their RX recommendations and have not had tap water in thirty years and I do all I can to stay healthy in a poisoned nation.

    • Gay Veteran

      LOL, like the politicians are going to listen.
      We massively opposed bailing out the Big Banks and they went ahead and did it anyway.

  • Quiver

    What you have listed is very disturbing only in the sickning nature of most of the crimes. It seems that even though the overall crime rate has been praticaly at it’s lowest level in US history it seems that the severity of the crimes commited has increased. Not sure weather or not this indicates moral decay or just simply the mentaly sick commiting crimes. Reason number ten was an eye opener though. Monroeville is the next town to the west of me. It has me scratching my head though and wondering about the planning capacity of these groups. Monroeville is mostly farmers. That is mostly well armed farmers. I somehow think things will go badly for this group there. I could be what they want, but it isn’t going to go well for them.

    • alan

      To make your city attractive to business and tourism you under report crime. Similar to the improving unemployment rate and very low inflation. I call it lie-O-nomics.

      • peace angel

        AND all cities do it. DALLAS, TEX was for ten years the most violent city in the US and NOBODY who lived there or visited there KNEW it.

        THEY did report it every year BURIED way back in the back of the Dallas Morning News. I ordered all the articles about this be sent to me and they were all there year after year, BURIED in one paragraph someplace inside the 50 page paper.

    • peace angel

      YOU are using government LIES to make your point. WE know not to believe anything they print or say.

      THEY are all LIARS and ALL Obama’s LIES about how great the economy is and how great Obamacare is and HOW happy we all are IS ONLY in Obama’s head and HE dictates all the lies coming out of ALL our government agencies all the time.

  • Maple Curtain

    Your nation is not stable, and you can blame it on two-party corruption, Lincoln, the 17th and 19th Amendments, and the Commerce Clause, for starters…only a massive political/cultural/financial crisis can lead to positive change…the collapse is coming, and then, maybe, the recovery if the American people are strong enough. May God Bless America and Americans in the coming years.

    • Shosh 7154

      It is time to stop saying “G-d bless America”
      NOW it is time to say: “America bless G-d”

      • Mike

        Hopefully your made up supreme being will fix everything for you. Or maybe spouting some scripture will help things? Funny how the religious usually turn out to be the molesters. cheaters, and criminals. All the while blaming everyone else for the worlds woes. Here’s an idea, get down off your cross and do something.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    How come I never had babysitters like that when I was 10?

    • Shosh 7154

      It is this thinking that has brought this nation to the place of social and moral decay. If enough people think like this, our country will go down in the filth of the sewage of our own thoughts.

    • Guest

      You have some real problems.

    • peace angel

      THAT was not funny, if that was what your were going for.

  • Bill

    The most extreme case of social decay is what the imposter is doing tonight.

    • T.

      The Imposter in Chief is the outcome of a nation that has forgotten God. Again, there is No fear of God in America.

      • Hot Rain

        Obama is no imposter. I suppose you bought into the whole Africa, “dreams of my father” nonsense. His background is deeply buried. But I did find out he is part Anglo/French and related to Cheney.
        Pertinent intelligent info is always wasted on the God-fearing crowd. But I do thank them for keeping Dec 25th alive.

        • T.

          Sounds like you are the one who is wasted.

  • alan

    I remember in the third grade another boy in my class told us his parents were getting a divorce and he would live with his mom. That was the most bizarre thing we had ever heard of!

    • Priszilla

      In the third grade we wrote post cards to the American president to free Angela Davis.

      • jaxon64

        Nothing but evil and vitriol from the hate-filled mind of Troll Prizilla.
        You’d make a great inner city American-always trying to incite and foment unrest and anger….go away degenerate, adults are trying to discuss societal issues and all you want to do is name call and argue.

        • T.

          Yes. She is a U.K. Troll. She adds Nothing good to the conversation – only discord, which is her purpose for Trolling.

          • yay robot women

            That’s not true. Prizilla has added some good ideas, advice and thoughts on various threads that I have read.

        • jakartaman

          She is a useful tool.
          She provides the twisted logic of those that hate America

          • T.

            She is a useful tool for the Enemies of our nation – Yes.

          • peace angel

            YOUR biggest enemies are your nation and your EVIL gov. leaders. WAKE UP>

          • Gay Veteran

            many of those who hate America do so with good reason

          • yay robot women

            Be a dear and push in Prizilla’s stool.

      • Hot Rain

        Beware the obvious women not feed.

      • peace angel

        ALL these men are doing EXACTLY what this article is all about—-being rude, hatefilled and GOSSIPING behind your back.

        I got three guys kicked off this week and counting.

        THERE never used to be this kind of hatred EVER on this site, but Michael will not tolerate it.

        ANYONE can email him with a complaint about hatred or anti women or anti Christian behavior and HE will ban them.

        • yay robot women

          You should probably email Michael and have me banned for calling out your feminist propaganda earlier.
          It was awfully ‘anti woman hatred’ and ‘anti christian’ of me to speak the truth there.
          Gosh and we hear so much from you feminists about how ’empowered’ and ‘independent’ you are. You know the old saw, fish /bicycle, yada yada.
          Odd that you would run crying to the Man (Michael) to fight the battles you, yourself create. The more things change, the more they stay the same I suppose….Oh I get it, you’re so ’empowered’ and ‘independent’ when you’re not being ‘oppressed’. Lolz, you just can’t make this stuff up.

          • peace angel

            I already did and left a message for my cousin to get you OFF the Internet for good and charged with Internet stalking.

            YOU are either the biggest idiot on the planet or you are a certifiable, verifiable PSYCHOPATH cause you passed SOCIOPATH a long time ago.

            I just did email Michael again and suggested he either start charging you for his time OR he SUE you for harassment and trolling on his site and Stalking a long time friend and commenter.

            THE minute he bans you and deletes all your comments you come up with a brand new name that is either meant to SLAM me or all women like this one and then you fill up my email box by JUMPING INTO my convo with another person and within a paragraph or two I KNOW IT IS YOU.

            AND in one comment which Michael and I both saved YOU say I can keep coming back to attack me using all kinds of different names.

            AND then within a couple of emails of telling me what “we” all want YOU totally OUT yourself and tell me it is you.

            WHAT a nut case you really are. I will email him again and suggest he sue you. YOU just don’t mind breaking the law and are blatantly doing so just to put your exes face on mine and to attempt to terrorize me.

            GET HELP, I am serious. YOU could not be more miserable. DON’T you ever go to work??

          • yay robot women

            The fact that Michael hasn’t banned me ought to indicate that I am not your mythical stalker. Although I said that I would try not to respond to you anymore, I did have to answer this. If you have the stalker that you claim, then I would suggest he/she/it is far above any sort of interference from Michael, your cousin, or whoever.
            Quite frankly, your direct threats against those who disagree with you, or simply attempt to debate your points, is childish and telling, to say the least.

          • peace angel

            HE is not online this weekend as I told you. FIND someone else to STALK

          • yay robot women

            Sounds like the old, tired threat put to song, ” My boyfriends back and you’re gonna be in trouble”.
            Lady,( I’m using the term loosely), I don’t know, or care what your twisted deal is.
            Quite frankly, you strike me as a full blown whackadoodle.
            If Michael doesn’t wish for me to frequent his sites, all HE has to do is to tell me that I am no longer welcome. Being a gentleman, I will respect and comply with his wishes.
            Having said that, know this; I will not, unlike a few others, be chased away because of the likes of you and the misery I’ve seen you inflict on them.
            I might also suggest that if Michael desires to have a vibrant, thriving site he might consider muzzling you on occasion.
            BTW, I believe that I am owed an apology by YOU for making false accusations and threats. Surely your ‘psychic’ abilities have betrayed you in this case.
            On any account, I won’t hold my breathe waiting. My psychic abilities tell me that you are not big enough to admit error.
            Oh, in case your ‘psychic’ abilities fail you again, I’m probably not going to post with the name – yay robot women too much longer. Too much to type.

      • yay robot women

        Hmmmm. I would have thought that you wrote him to make us stop fixing your kind’s mental challenges with electroshock therapy.
        Which was highly successful, I might add.
        I remember when homosexuals were rightly diagnosed as mentally unfit.
        Better times, definitely more sane people.

        • Priszilla

          In third grade my mental challenges were centred around math problems, and remembering poems, and songs, and natural resources of our country.

          But thank you for sharing your challenges.

        • Hot Rain

          “I remember when homosexuals were rightly diagnosed as unfit”.
          I am speechless.

        • Gay Veteran

          bet you miss the 50s when Blacks were forced to ride in the back of the bus

    • NowAlive

      By the time I was in the third grade, there were only 2 boys in class who still lived with both of their parents…I wasn’t one of them. Excellent work by the hippies….like Priszilla. Thanks for the broken home and the absolute loss of the veil of morality. Your continued efforts, if successful, will destroy you, though I think from his(her?) comments, Priszilla has already been destroyed. He seems quite the slave, at least to lunacy, definitely to immorality, and likely to a venereal disease.

      • peace angel

        I am a baby boomer and I agree we have been the WORST parents on earth.

        I decided at 15 this was NOT a world to bring kids into and did not have any. I have taken in almost a hundred of other people’s thrown away kids and have been mentoring lost kids in the Hood since it was the ghetto and in the Barrios all over the country.

        SOMETHIN’ BADS ABOUT TO HAPPEN—Miranda and Carrie called it.

        • Hammerstrike

          Doing so you let them win, thought.

          • peace angel

            Maybe I forgot to mention that I NEVER wanted to have a kid. IT was not all about them.

            WITH each passing year I was more sure that this was not a nation or a country that more kids should be brought into as long as ONE kid was starving on the other side of the planet and today one in five kids goes to bed hungry EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and NO ONE IS COMING TO THEIR AID like we aid all the rest of the world.

            AND there are over three million HOMELESS kids in America and MILLIONS more in group homes and foster care. I took in my share and did some parenting where no parents existed and I was much better at it than I ever imagined I would be, but the thought of being pregnant or birthing a child as a cattle ranchers daughter who saw live births and deaths all the time, I wanted NO part of that.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…He seems quite the slave, at least to lunacy, definitely to immorality, and likely to a venereal disease.”

        false witness?

      • yay robot women

        He’s a stool pusher, a mud chummer. His baseball team is composed of 2 players, a pitcher and a catcher. His favorite food is “hotdogs”. Lots and lots of ‘hotdogs’. He flits about with much gayety….. Do you get it, or must I be more direct ?

    • peace angel

      I lived in a town of about 20,000 people and most of us knew each other and there were a whole lot of wealthy oil barons in my town and MOST never divorced. THEY just cheated all the time.

      BUT i never knew of a friend whose parents divorced in any of my families circle of friends. EVER.

      IT was only the Country Club drunks who cheated while the rest of us were in church and working and playing hard they were living on trust funds and cheating. WE all thought they were all MORONS and turns out when you look back as a grown up, they really were all MORONS and UNGODLY, SELF SERVING IDIOTS.

  • Eddishun

    Everyone’s an armchair social scientist, but you wanna place blame, look at a corrupt Church first. Far more interested in spouting health and wealth and ‘success’, than saving souls. Spewing hate on anyone who does not agree, politically or socially. Worshipping the world and the things in it. Many don’t even believe the most basic tenets of the faith, much less live by them. I could go on, but the bottom line is if the salt is not salty, it’s useless. The world looks at them and wants no part of it. As Jesus said, they are rich and have need of nothing, but are poor miserable wretched blind and naked. Honestly, many of them are nastier than atheists, but they see nothing wrong with that. So fine, they don’t get to complain that the world is following their lead. Why should the world treat their fellow man any better than the average evangelical does? Squeaky clean outside, ravening wolves inside. Wtf did we expect?

    Sorry, needs to be said, but few have the guts to do it. I’m not even trying to be popular here. You even hint that they might have some culpability, and the slings and arrows fly. Maybe the truth hurts?

    Matthew 5:13
    Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

    Matthew 10:16
    Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

    1 Peter 4:17a
    For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God:

    • peace angel


  • JailBanksters

    If the economy was a cancer, then you can get rid of the cancer with Chemo, the only problem is it kills the patient And the economy gets to die another day, it only has to find another patient to infect. I give you the American Banking System.

  • Priszilla

    Cancer = unrestricted growth

  • John Pallyswine

    The typical American city is an open air prison.

  • Priszilla

    I don’t want to know about problems I want solutions.
    A common phrase heard in business circles and claimed to come from “successful” America.

    IMHO, if you don’t take the pains to investigate problem, cause and motivation; and then address these issues; then all you’ll ever do is fire fighting. There was a fire and we doused it; and replaced the house. There was a fire, we doused it and rebuilt the property. There …

  • Mike

    Funny I don’t see any protests for Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, or Montana? I guess they don’t want to be shot by the well armed mostly white population. I hope they burn all their own cities to the ground.

  • Priszilla

    Remove the police in ferguson and things will be fine.

    • Shosh 7154

      AND then you will have Somalia where police don’t exist at all. Not even the ocean waters surrounding Somalia are safe for the passing ships and vessels of commerce. There are two U.S. warships patrolling the waters of Somalia…lawlessness is never the answer.

      • Priszilla

        Why would the US need trading near Somalia? From China and India you could use the Pacific. If it takes too long why not produce back in America?

        • Shosh 7154

          These are the entities in danger of loss of life and property: shipping companies, cruise lines, energy firms, and global conglomerates…”During 2010, 53 ships were hijacked with 8 dead crew. The incidents dropped by more than half from 117 ships hijacked in 2009 due to naval deterrence and ships use of self-protection measures. As a result, Somali pirates are now travelling farther afield.”

          • Priszilla

            Do you read? I said there is no need for shipping near Somalia. There are alternative routes. They are just a bit more expensive, but can be used without loss of life.
            How many Somali pirates are near the Panama Canal, or the Gulf of Mexico?

          • Shosh 7154

            Perhaps you could contact the shipping companies, cruise lines, energy firms, and global conglomerates to educate them regarding their commercial operations. Please let us know the results.

          • Priszilla

            Well, it’s YOUR tax money that goes into protection of THEIR interests.

            Hope they pay you back for your kindness.

          • Shosh 7154

            Taxation is not the issue here. Attempting to carry on with business as usual is. The world is becoming more and more dangerous. See Matthew 24

    • jakartaman

      You are right – bring in some professional killers – like our military to handle these animals

      • Priszilla

        Army against police?
        So it’s already the end of law?

    • NowAlive

      Right, so leave the criminals, as was the case that day, proven by video, to rule the land. What fairy land do you really live in? You will be less against the police when someone breaks into your parents basement and steals your video games.

      • Priszilla

        They keep conserves in the basement. Cucumber, strawberries, jam. That sort of thing. And the christmas decoration. And you can’t just break in there. Need to defeat three doors. Which are locked all of the time.

        And btw, I’m a baby boomer, we didn’t have video games. We played outdoors all day, every day. Summer, Winter, River, Woods, Meadow. Home for dinner.

    • peace angel

      We have lots and lots of neighborhoods the cops won’t go into in black neighborhoods because of Decades of gang banging. THIS is where they all just kill each other.

      IS that what you are advocating??

      • Priszilla

        It might be a good idea to train cops in deescalation strategies and possibly hand-to-hand combat. You know, defeating someone who wields a fist, with a great move using the opponents momentum und bending his arm instead of always shooting someone who swears at you.

        It isn’t nice to be sworn at and bullied, but cops should learn to live with that. Maybe they could go after corrupt politicians, businessmen and corrupt cops instead? Clean the city from the top?

        • peace angel

          I used to teach self defense and all our cops are trained in hand to hand combat, BUT–for the past two decades OUR cops have been given military equipment from our Pentagon and they have been sent to military training schools to learn to ESCALATE an issue on the street.

          THE gov. built a 95 million dollar fake city and they are taken there and shown HOW to take down an entire city. THAT is what our LEO forces are learning these days.

          Our criminals don’t JUST swear and bully our cops. FOR three decades they pull out high powered guns, knives and machetes nowadays.

          Our LEO forces all work for and are paid by the corrupt politicians. IF we want this country back we have to go after it ourselves. AN armed run on DC is our ONLY hope at this late stage of the game and they know it which is why they are trying to disarm us all.

          In the past year SWAT teams with 30 guys, MRAPS and hummers and door pullers and they have broken into 130,000 homes of Americans in NO KNOCK raids.

          MORE than half of those were either at the WRONG address OR they found nothing inside to justify the raid.

          THEY are killing people in these raids and family pets with reckless abandon. A couple of weeks ago a hit squad threw a Hand grenade into a home into the crib of a sleeping baby and blew it’s face off.

          Another similar incident happened to a different baby a few weeks before that.

          NONE of us have any control over politicians or LEO in this country anymore.

          • Priszilla

            I’m not talking about criminals here. I’m talking about kids holding a toy gun and getting killed by police.
            A pensioner holding a garden sprayer.
            A sleeping man turning about in his bed.
            A “suspected terrorist” who is unarmed and is interrogated by several policemen, who suddenly shoot him because he moved.

          • peace angel

            ME too, but I threw in a bit about how violent our criminals are.

            I google police brutality DAILY in the US as I am doing a compiled study on it and the last article I read gunned down way more Americans in the US than were killed in IRAQ during the same time frame.

            HERE is an up to date article about WHY we DO NOT have an accurate count. THIS GUESS about IRAQ are numbers that ONLY 4% of LEO turn into the FBI.

            Local police kill at least 400 people a year, mostly minorities — RT USA

            THERE ARE NO US tracking numbers because they refuse to tell anyone and NO one forces them to report this info.

            MIND BLOWING but true. THIS article by a guy like me trying to get these numbers tells you that 96% of all cop shootings of victims are NOT investigated BUT are rubber stamped as the cop ‘used justifiable force and LEO protocol’ and they are right back on the streets in a week after a paid leave for a really short in house investigation and they KNOW they will never face charges.

            THEY don’t often get convicted for beating or killing their wives or girlfriends either in the US and police domestic violence is huge here, also.

          • Priszilla

            I’d say guns won’t help against police shootings.

            Any alternatives?

            Would those alternatives also help against other gun crimes?

          • peace angel

            I agree they won’t help and No, I don’t have alternatives.

            BUT at least we can defend ourselves against all other gun crimes.

            Have you ever searched how many people are killed by their LEO in nations that are DISARMED?

            It’s many, many MILLIONS who have died at the hands of their government AFTER mandatory disarmament.

            They had NO CLUE it would be SO hard to grab our guns. AND they created lots of mass shootings in order to push the Agenda.

            Sandy Hook school was not even in operation when they staged that one.

            People heard public service announcements telling them to remain calm in Boston before the bombs went off AND CNN reported the TRAGEDY before the bomb went off.

            Obama just named George Soros as head of the NAU. We are about to throw our borders open from N. Canada to S. America to create our FEMA UNION like the UK, but without borders.

          • Priszilla

            I lived most of my life in countries without private gun ownership.
            Hong Kong for example has a population of 7 million. They have about 30 homicides per year. Most of it domestic violence.

          • Priszilla

            Just checked on nau and soros and found thr world news who on about us didn’t say who they are.
            So just a rumour mill with videos of old men with grey hair.
            Aim: to instill fear in the sheeple to increase profit in gun sales. Basically the same lobbyists in Washington getting tax money for tanks and missiles.

          • peace angel

            Darlin’ I don’t know what search engine you are using BUT IF you GOOGLE the NAU document IT is online. THE actual document is online.

            IF you go to Before It’s NEWS and search SOROS, you will find LOTS of different reporters and whistle blowers who are writing about the FACT that Obama just made him the HEAD of the NAU implementation department.

            YOU really should know that I do research for a living for the past twenty years.

            ALL of our MSM is White House propaganda and LIES for my whole life.

            I get my news from dozens of sources BUT I know I can send anyone to the US whistle blower site for proof, not rumor mill information.

            IF it is NOT in the MSM 80% of all Americans will MISS it and did.

  • Orange Jean

    The list of cities proposed for rioting supposedly because they are “don’t look like us” or targeted supposedly because of mostly “White” is beyond ridiculous. The concept itself is both bad and stupid, but in addition to that… it seems like the community organizers are too lazy to bother checking out facts before selecting their targets for what was supposedly their point of doing it.

    Almost every city I’ve lived in or worked in is on that list…. and a good many have very large Black populations. Boston is probably the city with the highest percentage of Blacks in MA, for example. LA, San Diego, Albuquerque – all very high percentages of Latinos. Some of those cities may be mostly White but the one’s I am most familiar with are just chock full of community organizers, “Marxist/Leninist” PC types, or simply very close to some place that is full of those types. South Hadley, MA for example also has quite a few White farmers …. but is right next to UMass-Amherst which is a Marxist/Leninist school. And where are all those PC liberals going to get their Whole Foods from if they riot there?

    • peace angel

      LIKE one guy said, FOLLOW the money.

      IT was reported early on that for weeks before Ferguson the feds sprayed massive amounts of chemicals that some St. Louis scientist was testing and he found that the stuff was full of all kinds of chemicals meant to produce aggression and anger and rage and violence in the area for the protesters and the cops. HE reports that the Chemtrails have not stopped over these past weeks but that there were more of them

      AND HOLDER and OBAMA funded all this with our money through their fake Black Panthers who just burn down cities for Obama for pay. ON black social media it is very clear they are the organizers along with Al Sharpton, but my favorite part of all this is that the KKK have announced they plan to go to Ferguson to KILL anyone who protests.

      I dont’ think Obama is paying for them to show up, but NOTHING surprises me anymore and I wouldn’t put it past him.

  • Priszilla

    Stop praying egerything will be fixed by someone – the Messiah, Superman, the Führer, the president.
    Start fixing things. And, btw, a gun is not the tool of a surgeon, or carpenter. Guns have two purposes only: make money through destruction.

    • Hot Rain

      You are too

  • We are fast becoming a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. Government schools are successfully indoctrinating worship of science and the state instead of God, but there is hope. We are all sinners deserving of Hell, but God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, gave His life on the cross as full payment for our sins, was buried three days and then resurrected. Through faith in Jesus, we can overcome this world and spend eternity in Heaven.

    Isaiah 9:16-19 For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed. Therefore the Lord shall have no joy in their young men, neither shall have mercy on their fatherless and widows: for every one is an hypocrite and an evildoer, and every mouth speaketh folly. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still. For wickedness burneth as the fire: it shall devour the briers and thorns, and shall kindle in the thickets of the forest, and they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke. Through the wrath of the LORD of hosts is the land darkened, and the people shall be as the fuel of the fire: no man shall spare his brother.

    • Kansas

      Yes we all deserve hell for being exactly what our creator made us to be: Human.

      The truth is that society has always had a mix of good people and bad people. This is nothing new and not anything that has been escalating. That is the truth.

      • Shosh 7154

        It is written that those who read the prophets of Israel increase in wisdom and knowledge. Now is a good time for wisdom and knowledge. I would start with Daniel 9:26 and read Revelation, where a big blessing is promised for reading that book out loud.

        • Priszilla

          I’m currently reading up on triacs and thyristors. It’s more relevant to my work, earning money and feeding the family.

          To commemorate WWI : Ludwig Renn: “War”

          • Shosh 7154

            Which is more relevant, a few days in this life in this body or eternity in this body without G-d in unspeakable anguish? Sin is the problem. We are all born into it and cannot escape it unless we accept the full payment made for each of us. What will a man receive in exchange for his soul?

      • peace angel

        IF you think that is the TRUTH it is only because you are uniformed as to what the truth is.

        THE fact that we went from being a GOD worshiping nation to a GODLESS nation of monsters is the TRUTH.

    • Shosh 7154

      THANK YOU Psalm56Eleven ! Psalms 56:11 In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.
      May it be so for all of us here in the dark.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Years ago we had fear of eternal damnation. No more. It’s due to the lack of religion or the perversion of religion. “Me all the time” seems to be the rule, and people have never seemed more miserable.

  • Hot Rain

    The Coming of the Dark Ages ll
    Early 700’s AD, Europe. Life begins to change drastically. Coinage disappears, artisans give up their trade and return to the land, books disappear, schools close, the roads, infastructure, and aqueducts are not maintained, the standard of living throughout the Roman world begins to decline sharply. Change in societal structure causes decline in mental stability…
    2014 AD, America. Mass nervous breakdown. Stress pandemic ravages society.

  • mar1950

    C,mon Christian America, let’s go bomb some more Muslims.

    • jakartaman

      Sure – What an idiot – maybe you should go over and let the cut YOUR head off.

      • Gay Veteran

        George Washington: NO foreign entanglements

    • sonofgary

      what a stupid comment

  • PaulC1

    What about the unspeakable horror of abortion – probably our #1 national security risk when we consider that God does not turn away from blood guiltiness?

    • Gay Veteran

      have you adopted any unwanted babies?

      • yay robot women

        I’m sorry that nobody loves you. *
        * Including your parents.
        I’m sorry that nobody was willing to adopt you.
        I’m sorry that you were the ugly puppy in the store window that nobody wanted, ever. *
        * Including the mentally challenged kids that drooled on the window.
        Perhaps they should have sent you to the island of misfit toys.

        • Gay Veteran

          project much?

  • DJohn1

    Bill Cosby at this point is a victim. Most of what is happening happened 30 years ago. There is a statute of limitations somewhere. There is no proof that he did anything.
    He is currently married to a very beautiful woman. He is old.
    Very old. All of these women coming forward are making accusations without proof. That does not mean it didn’t happen. It means they are attacking this man and he has a right to prosecute them under our laws for slander.
    Do I scent a shark attack? Where there is blood spilled there are also predators waiting to take advantage.
    Let us assume it is all true for a moment. Even if it is all true it happened a very long time ago.
    So why would anyone want to bring it up 30 years after it happened? The only answer I can come up with is a desire to punish someone or a desire to collect money.
    Some of the things you describe are simply human nature. A part of human nature most of us seldom see. A part that is disgusting to most of us.
    Any professional law enforcement person sees this quite often. It comes with the territory.
    Just like you go out on a call of domestic violence. Two of you do this. It is required to protect the policeman on call. Why? Because the complaint is from a woman. That same woman if you take the man into custody to cool off is likely to hit you over the back of your head with a lamp. Or falsely testify against you if there are no witnesses.
    All mixed up emotionally and about half crazy.
    The cannibal idea came from a movie. The Silence of the Lambs. People copy what they see and hear in movies.
    Evolution has it all wrong. We didn’t come from just an ape.
    I think there is considerable evidence we came from an ape and a pig in heat. Unfortunately the pig had the dominant genes.
    Genesis has the real truth. That is we were created separately from the rest of creation and given the likeness of our creators. The noun is plural in the Bible. At least in the translations I have seen.
    The bottom line is God created everything. I think the truth is a lot stranger than fiction.
    We would all be better of if the human race worshipped the true God. We would all be better off if we followed Jesus and the messages he gave in his sermons. If we took the ten commandments of Moses to heart in our daily lives.
    The reality is different. We have a human species spread all over this planet. Anything that is convenient is often considered morale by that species. Often that statement comes way too close to home to be comfortable.
    Such as the examples in this article.
    We look at other cultures with other religions and other ideas of what is right and wrong. We often shake our heads in disgust at peoples willing to behead other people in the name of religion.
    I say we are children out of control. We have no guiding parents willing to step in and take control and nurture us and instruct those children in what is right and what is wrong.
    Every 70-90 years an entire culture dies and a new one takes its place as that is the approximate average mortality of people. Some more, some less.
    Which means every generation has to learn values all over again.
    Those people that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat the mistakes of those that lived in the past.
    And that is what is happening right now all over the world.

    • peace angel

      TO say Cosby is a victim is to admit you know nothing about rape or sexual molestation.

      THE rapists think like you do.

      BECAUSE one in three women will be raped in their lifetime in the US it is hard to believe YOU have not had a wife, girlfriend, sister,daughter, mother or friend who has been raped.

      IT is more common than NOT for rape victims to come out in NUMBERS.

      IT is more common than not for them never to speak out—90% go unreported
      in the US.

      AND it would have been impossible for any one of these women to have come out individually against a man who was considered the greatest father and funny man ever. AS they all have said, NO ONE would have believed them.

      THE woman who came out in 2005 was harassed,followed, threatened and terrorized by Cosby’s entourage and body guards and received much more intimidation by his high paid thugs.

      THAT is why they waited and now they come out because it is time for him to pay for ruining so many lives. FOR every woman who is willing at this time in their lives to come out with this atrocity there are 9 more who won’t risk tearing up their own families with a secret they NEVER told anyone EVER before.

      YOU need a reality check in this area. YOU really don;t get it.
      AND NONE of them knew about each other until NOW.

      • DJohn1

        I get it. My point is it can easily turn into a witch hunt.
        Our laws are designed not to punish the guilty as much as to protect the rarer innocent person convicted of something they did not commit. In this system a lot of guilty people go free.
        Right now a black man in Dayton, OH was convicted, put on death row, on the testimony of one 12 year old child intimidated by police. After 39 years in jail it turned out he was innocent. He did not do the crime.
        In the course of pursuit of justice, an innocent man spent most of his life in jail.
        Right now well over 200 men have had their convictions overturned on the basis of DNA evidence. Most were Black. Most did not get justice. Most were people that other people swore they were the ones.
        What was the state’s reaction? They tried to intimidate these people into signing away their rights to sue the state for false arrest. It didn’t work. Their lawyers got them the money.

        Cosby obviously had a serious problem many years ago. He should have been convicted then not now. The fact is it is too late.
        The unconvenient fact is no one had sufficient evidence against him to get a conviction. Another unconvenient fact is our criminal justice system is very flawed. It does favor the rich and the powerful because they can afford the right lawyers to keep them out of jail.
        If you have 20 witnesses to someone being murdered on a public street, unless they are trained observers you will have 20 different and conflicting stories to deal with.
        That is why a professional can walk up to someone on a public street, kill them, drop the gun from gloved hands, and walk away.
        Until we change the system to make it more fair to everyone, nothing will change.

        • peace angel

          NO, you don’t get it. MY whole point is that HE would NEVER have been convicted in that day and time and the women would have been DEMONIZED by the whole WORLD. HE was an INTERNATIONAL celebrity and YOU said yourself OUR justice system IS seriously flawed MOST especially with regard to RAPE cases which 70% of the time are BASED only on circumstantial —he said, she said evidence. AND this is ONLY one reason 90% of all men and women who are raped DO NOT EVER REPORT IT.

          When women or men are raped at young ages the LAST thing anyone wants to do is tell someone OR go to a hospital or police station. MOST people have seen enough movies to KNOW that you will be victimized over and over and over again in any rape case and a POWERFUL, SWEET BELOVED OJ SIMPSON or BILL COSBY is the last person you want to accuse of a crime that NO ONE EVER EVEN talked about back then. AND they know or should know that DEFENSE attorneys in these cases ALWAYS use the defense that they asked for it AND if that girl got a little too drunk at the party or KNEW the guy and everyone LOVED him OR he was the whole town’s special goin’ to the NFL football STAR and that girl would have been attacked by a whole town. THESE stories are common all over college and high school and PRO football stadiums. BELIEVE that. ATHLETES rape more than others in many cases because they KNOW they will get away with it. ALL they have to say is that it was “CONSENSUAL” and the trial is OVER. AND since they became able to USE DNA testing the GOV. labs have been backed up by numbers in the tens of thousands on any day of any month of any years. RAPE is not a priority to rapists like our politicians. THEY rate LOWER than our WAR VETS at the VA. AND in a courtroom are raped over and over and over again by sicko prosecutors and judges and the rapist and their friends and family. RAPISTS always stand alone in COURT and without SO many women coming forward NOW, NO ONE would have believed this story today about this old pedophile. THESE women need justice NOW and THIS guys actions without 15 witnesses is REALLY SHADY. INNOCENT men DO NOT REFUSE To speak. PERIOD

          AND all women then KNEW that IF they had pressed charges against America’s Favorite father that NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE them and they would be HATED by the whole world for making this up and HIS MONEY would buy him a NOT GUILTY verdict in 1969 and THAT this young mortified girl will have a LIFE that is RUINED. ALL that would have happened and NONE of them KNEW each other OR about each other and ANY WOMAN who took him on would have done all of it for NOTHING and WOULD have been labeled a LIAR, JEZEBEL, HOME WRECKER, GOLDDIGGER, WHORE who was asking for it.
          YOU really don’t get it.

          BUT I agree tons of black men are in prison who are innocent their whole lives and IT makes me sick.THOUSANDS of white guys and girls are in prison from the 70’s for a JOINT. IF I lived in today’s time, I would have become a lawyer something I never did want to become and I WOULD work for the INNOCENCE project getting the innocent out of prison in the prison nation.

      • yay robot women

        Do you have proof that he raped anybody ? Oh that’s right, you went to Heaven and God told you so, or you can now divine the truth, or some other such deal…. Predictably you pull the worn, tired and BOGUS ‘statistics’ that you feminists ‘developed’ to push your misandric agenda.
        Pushing the same tired lies might trick a few people to believe it, but it still doesn’t make your ‘statistics’ , or statements true or accurate.
        You know what’s worse than raping a woman ? Being a falsely accused man.
        YOU are the one in need of a serious reality check, cupcake.
        Report to the coven what you have just learned. We the people are tired of your lies and propaganda.

        • peace angel

          And once again my STALKER returns using the same tired j”I HATE WOMEN” approach to jump into all MY conversations with some one else.

          What about I KNOW all the posters on here DO YOU NOT GET??

          LIKE you said, you can make up a million fake names, but each time you crawl out from under a rock as you have done now with dozens of fake comments attacking me in only three days I will KNOW who you are and I am compiling info on you so I can turn you over to my cousin for STALKING ME.

          YOUR fake names are meant to insult me and a huge give away as well, woman hater. YOU cannot make a comment without using the word FEMINIST.

          YOU are obsessed and obsessive with your hatred of ALL WOMEN and that is how you started with me and you cannot stop yourself so I will do it for you. You are the poster boy for internet stalking and harassment and bullying

          JUST keep coming and I can have you banned from the Internet.

          Internet stalking and bullying is a federal offense and like I said I have the connection to stop you permanently and probably get you banned from the internet and on an FBI watch list.




          HE has a family and they try to do things on weekends and HE may go through the roof some place WHEN I send him like a 5th email to stop you.

          BELIEVE me, he is not going to be happy that you are taking up so much of his time. I am going to recommend he bill you for the legal fees it is costing him to spend so much time ON YOU, the woman hater. HE read some of your comments and thinks you are a “horrible troll.” AND he is apologizing to me for NOT catching you and because you came back and this might just get you some legal action, WOMAN hater.

          • yay robot women

            I’m not your ‘stalker’. I post anonymously to maintain whatever privacy that I can. I don’t recall addressing ANY of your posts in the past 6 -9 months. I might have up voted a few, that is all.
            Your statistics are propaganda manufactured by feminists, it has been PROVEN. Hence, why I said so. Yes, I have disdain for feminists and feminism. It is the religion of man hate and perpetual victimhood. It has destroyed our nation, women, families and children. You seem to be quite paranoid and suffer illusions of grandeur.
            Like anyone else’s posts, I do not take yours as the gospel truth, never to be questioned, or challenged. The fact that your posts cannot take genuine disagreement indicates that you ARE a thinned skinned, weak willed feminist who spouts nonsense continually, expecting everybody to nod in agreement. I’ll tell you what,Going forward; I will try really hard not to respond to your tripe and just let you believe your delusions.
            I have lurked here for over a year and enjoy Michael’s posts.

          • peace angel

            RIGHT, you just happened to say ALL the same things about women and about feminism and COME here out of nowhere and JUST go after me with the same rhetoric???

            The last time you told me it was NOT you, you outed yourself. You are not very bright.

            I know Michael is not on this weekend but he will have all your garbage gone real soon.

          • i’m talking to a loon

            Oh noes…. Ima get on the batfone immediately and tell the powers that be that you are on to us….. Oh gosh, whatever shall we do now that you, with the aid of your super psychic abilities have thwarted our plot of ebil…….
            Interesting that you create division amongst the brethren and constantly deride others, while claiming to be the keeper of ALL truth…..
            And then I remembered that the devil comes masked as an angel of light.
            Or….. maybe it’s simply the prescription drug induced hallucinations combined with a need to seem significant.

          • peace angel



            AND NOW YOU TRY TO TALK “HOOD” —

            I AM SORRY FOR YOU.


          • lunatic fringe above

            That is all.

          • Hot Rain

            He’s a shill.

          • peace angel

            No, he is a stalker. Shills have scripts and target important issues.

            HIS issue is he HATES women. He first came after me days ago over the Bill Cosby thing and posted a long rant calling women the worst names he could and quickly began using some really big, derogatory words to attack feminists. I am not one and they have never spoken for me, but he kept ranting about how horrible all women are and how they DESERVE to be raped and he was telling me to go get raped.

            HE is very sick and not bright enough to even read the script of a shill.

          • Hot Rain

            Silly me, I just realized that you are a shill. A friggin govt shill. Trying desperately to claim Peace Angel is spouting nonsense. Denouncing the truth!
            Took me awhile, shame on me.

  • DesertPaine

    I do not believe this is a well-constructed article, Michael. You hit the nail on the head with a clarion sound for Americans to take a hard look within. But the examples provides are easily dismissed as freak shows that someone else does, not ourselves.

    Hardly an article goes by here when a poster doesn’t go back on some issue before enunciated simply because the point of the latest article hits too close to home in an inconvenient way. ‘Looking within’ doesn’t mean ‘don’t burn up a girl in a park’. It means having a signature standard that is one’s life and then applying it to all situations, not just those that are convenient.

    Commonly these days, as a matter or unexamined routine, people chose the answer they want and then work backwards to parse and pick a foundational standard that fits it. This is true of people. It is true of societies. It is true of nations. And while it works for today, this weak standard never ends well.

    • peace angel

      THESE examples can only be dismissed as you say by a person who is completely uninformed as to the fact as MICHAEL did say that he could produce hundreds of thousands more stories just like each one of them.

      ALL you have to do to find that out is to google police brutality in the US and spousal and kid and elder and all kinds of abuse and murder are the NORM in America because of the decades of poisoning of our air, water, food, building products and soil that has been purposely heaped onto this country. and the moral decay of all our minds because of poisons that cause just that effect.

      • Old timer

        Quit harassing people please. This site was worth coming to in order to learn from others. Now someone offers a suggestion and you’re attacking him. Just stop.

        • peace angel

          Please KNOW a whole situation before you jump in. THIS is not about a “suggestion” but four days of this sick guy stalking me and I am starting to discover he began this two weeks ago when I first remember hearing from you with the same request. NOW I have to go look that up.

          AS a psychologist I can recognize a dangerous person when I see one in this guy and I can handle this with Michaels eagerness to help. HE does not want this kind of people on his site and as his friend and someone who has been speaking with him on a personal level for a year, I know this.

          IN fact since he started his new site and since it is the holidays and since we have been dealing with this very sick guy for four days almost non stop now, I told him I would watch the whole site to see if he is harassing and threatening and terrorizing other women also.

          SO, I am not harassing anyone and I never have and at this point I am tracking a stalker and just doing a job I volunteered to do, but IF Michael was not the kind of guy who would immediately get rid of a sicko like this guy, I would have been gone long ago.

          THIS guy and the situation has the potential to be very dangerous and you do not know what is going on. I don’t understand why the only time I hear from you is when you jump in the middle of something like this and come after me.

          ARE YOU HIM–TOO?

          THIS guy has been kicked off this site FOUR times now in four days already and has had 7 different names in the same time frame that we KNOW OFand Michael and I are handling it together.

          WE both believe he is the same guy who has been attacking me on here for the past two weeks under a dozen names or more and always coming on in the middle of a convo I am having and going straight for my jugular.

          I have never had this happen in two decades on the Internet and as I said, I know crazy when I see it. AND I know how seriously dangerous Internet stalking can be. ONE minute they are trolling and stalking you online and the next minute they are at your door with a gun.

          HE is stalking me and threatening me and telling people to rape people and calling all women disgusting and degrading horrible names I will not repeat that Michael describes as FILTHY and HORRIFIC in his emails to me about this guy each time he kicks him off.

          He always apologizes to me because he is not catching him first with each new name and more filthy remarks. Where you jumped in is mild compared to other rants and threats and hatred for all women and filthy names he called them because of some ex that Michael already has deleted in the past three days since I emailed him.

          WHEN he first came here four days ago with a horrible rant about women using horrible language—-LOTS of people tried to tell him to stop and they were going to out him and many tried to be kind as I did at first and then HE came after all of us and he came after me on a very personal level and again I have ten emails each time I check my emails under a new name only hours after he was banned. I never start a fight but I have been known to finish one without looking like they do.

          HE gets kicked off and comes back literally within minutes with a new name either directed at me like the last two of “fallen dead angel” and “go F yurself” or he chooses a name like this one that is a slam to all women and then fills my in box with emails. I have gotten dozens from him filled with filth and hatred and fury in many sicko names. DID YOU read this one and is that NOT a slam to all women??

          I have suggested that Michael take further action and when reading the guys comments, he is most grateful that I am telling about this guy who in a year is only the second guy I have asked Michael to kick off and who has actually gotten kicked off and he has nothing but thanks to me for outing him and he is apologizing to me as IF it is his fault that he is not catching him first, but now we are both monitoring my account and IF I step out of line, he will let me know.

          HE has been reading my comments and I have been sending him news to use on his sites and to review for a year. HE knows I am not starting fights on his site OR he would NOT hesitate to ban me.

          HE is a gentle Christian family man who does not put up with trolls on any level. HE bans and deletes lots of people when they get nasty. And for the second time now and the ONLY time I have ever heard from you, you have jumped into the middle of a four day event and assumed I am doing something wrong and you are making false accusations against me and telling me to stop and NOW I am very suspicious YOU may be him also. You are sitting on the wrong side of this fence here if you are not him also.

          LIKE I have said I was away for a couple of weeks and came back and overnight several new guys were following me around who I DO not know attacking me in the same way and degrading all women in the process.

          I have been speaking to all the other people here for a year and NONE of this was happening, ever.

          NOW I have to go see IF you are him too. IF not then please, stay out of my comments if you are looking to fight. I am soooo nice until attacked and I will choose assertiveness FIRST over aggressiveness later when I am dealing with a BULLY and this GUY is a bully and a very sick destructive troll as I have said.

          As I said my cousin tracks internet bullies and stalkers for a living and UNLESS you go back four days and read all his comments under the half dozen names he has used to come back after me over and over, you should not just jump in to go after me about going after this troll, unless you are him, too.

          HE uses all these words that no one ever heard of to degrade women and everyone attacked him over it and then he came for me.

          • Old timer

            Sorry that you feel that way. I am not whatever guy that has been stalking you. I have actually been following Michael’s blog for quite some time now and things have gotten pretty out of hand with people posting on this site. DesertPaine has actually been posting on this site for a while and you calling them uninformed was uncalled for.

        • yay robot women

          Agreed. Up voted +100

  • RealityCheckk

    Self government is the most important form of government. If you can’t govern your own actions, then civil government will. The more people that don’t or won’t govern themselves gives rise to an increasingly larger civil government to maintain control.

    When a lawless type governs, this perpetuates more lawlessness among the people and into a downward spiral we head as a society.

    Man’s heart left to his own devices tends toward bad rather than good. It takes moral effort to be good, it is easy to be bad. Law and punishment are not needed for good, but are needed to restrain the bad. Our founders knew this tendency and created a Republic with a Constitution that restrains the bad motivations of men. Sadly, as we deteriorate in our moral fiber, we are losing our freedom that our founders intended us to have.

    Liberty and freedom require vigilance and a moral effort to maintain, but we have gotten lazy with good self government which is leading to tyranny.

  • ib12541

    it isn’t Florida that’s the problem. it’s all of the crazies that are moving here with all of their immorality/baggage.

    • David_R59

      I believe Florida is the location of choice for many of the child-molesters that have served time and are released back into society.
      What a great place to raise children!

      • peace angel

        THE whole panhandle where I grew up playing on the Miracle Mile is GANG infested.

  • Handog

    When the SHTF in Ferguson because Barry, Sharpton and Holder have been fanning the flames the Police will get to use their new toys from the Pentagon.

  • T.

    Amen my Brother.

  • Whereto

    The God that scattered Israel is going to regather them and watch over them like a shepherd watches over his flock!!

  • nekksys

    So why don’t we all just stop having kids? If we did that, we could put the world right in just a few short generations!

    • peace angel

      TOO LATE

    • Orange Jean

      eh… how do you end up with “future generations” if you all stop having kids? You’re suggesting cloning, maybe?

      • nekksys

        I’m not suggesting cloning. I’m suggesting we go the way of all high-order predators who became a detriment to their environment. We consume, pollute, maim, kill and reproduce at an already alarming rate. We are steadily destroying our environment / habitat, with or without “global warming.” We go to war with weapons which leave behind poisons and radiation. We produce vast quantities of toxic by-products from manufacturing, energy production and mining, to name a few. We have become our own worst enemies and it’s high time we bring this to an end.

        And how then shall we end the constant ruination of our planet? The only lasting way for our species to continue is to fundamentally change human thinking. We know that’s not going to happen. The other option is voluntary extinction: we simply stop reproducing.

        With the impending economic collapse and civil unrest that will go with it, why would you want to condemn a child to live thru this, especially a baby??

  • David_R59

    Much of this due to the slow reduction of the influence of Christianity in Western society. If you remove Christianity, it gets replaced by something else; and what’s replacing it is becoming very obvious.

    • RealityCheckk


      Christians aren’t perfect, but they are constrained by moral conviction to be better people.

      Man’s preference is to do what is right in our own eyes, knowing good and evil and parsing those distinctions to our own advantage. What is right for me may not seem right for you which is relativism. That philosophy was summed up by Satanist Aleister Crowley into “Do what thou will is the whole of the law.” We are seeing the fruit of that today as our society breaks down.

      Whether one believes that lives are changed by man’s willingness to believe God, or by God’s direct influence doesn’t diminish the end result which produces better people and a better society. I know that following Crowley’s precept leads to chaos, and that following God’s law leads to order.

      • yay robot women

        “Christians aren’t perfect, but they are constrained by moral conviction to be better people.”
        Being a Christian does not make one perfect. It makes one a work in progress.

      • Guest

        Or constrained from the mere horrific threat of being burned alive in Hell for eternity. I’ll take an atheist who does right for right’s sake over someone who is only barely cinging to “right” because they’re pathologically afraid of going to Hell. Which is the more “moral” path?

        • RealityCheckk

          I’m curious. What does “right’s sake” without God look like in terms of precepts? What is the atheist’s standard for “right” and what makes it a standard? Does an atheist believe in absolutes, or is all relative to circumstance? Man’s tendency is to do what is right in his own eyes which leads to legalizing things like abortion. And though man makes something legal doesn’t make it lawful.
          Christianity is far more than fire insurance. It’s about loving God and loving people.

          • Gay Veteran

            The Golden Rule predates Christianity.

            “… Man’s tendency is to do what is right in his own eyes which leads to legalizing things like abortion….”

            and how many unwanted babies have you adopted?

        • GSOB

          2 Timothy 2:19-21
          Living Bible

          But God’s truth stands firm like a great rock and nothing can shake it.

          It is a foundation stone with these words written on it:

          “The Lord knows those who are really his,”


          “A person who calls himself a Christian should not be doing things that are wrong.”

          In a wealthy home there are dishes made of gold and silver as well as some made from wood and clay.

          The expensive dishes are used for guests and the cheap ones are used in the kitchen or to put garbage in.

          If you stay away from sin you will be like one of these dishes made of purest gold — the very best in the house — so that Christ himself can use you for his highest purposes.

          • GSOB

            Genesis 4:6-7
            Living Bible (TLB)
            “Why are you angry?” the Lord asked him.

            “Why is your face so dark with rage? It can be bright with joy if you will do what you should! But…
            … if you refuse to obey, watch out.

            Sin is waiting to attack you, longing to destroy you.

            But you can conquer it!”

            (God said all that to Cain)

    • peace angel

      IT was not slow. WHEN our gov. put evolution into schools and when the baby boomers did not teach their kids about GOD or patriotism or volunteerism or respect or morals or work ethics or anything else THIS became a GODLESS nation overnight.

      THEY wanted to be besties with their kids and did not teach them anything and that means none of them got any parenting.

  • Kent Harris

    Pride goes before destruction,
    a haughty spirit before a fall.
    Proverbs 16:18

    Ever since 9/11, Americans have become just as God said we would become more arrogant and prideful. There are two avenues and that is one that follows God and the other is the rejection of God. America has chosen the latter of the two.

  • Maneb

    No discipline, busted families, corrupt politicians etc etc. the fruits of liberalism…do as you want mentality. Indeed going the way of Rome. But much faster.

  • GSOB

    Thus God expelled him and placed mighty angels at the east of the Garden of Eden with a flaming sword to guard the entrance to the Tree of Life.

    • Gay Veteran


      • GSOB

        Blessed forever are all who are washing their robes, to have the right to enter in through the gates of the city and to eat the fruit from the Tree of Life.

  • So….Jello puddin’ was not the only puddin’ Grandpappy Bill was spooning those women.
    Just another Hollywood pervert.

    • yay robot women

      Really ? So you have actual proof , or just allegations ?
      The whole deal smells rotten. Cosby was too outspoken about the failed black culture. The timing of these ‘disclosures’ is rather ‘odd’, to say the least.

  • Asmodeus

    There is no right or wrong. Its in your head. Raping someone is raping someone. The end. The world goes on. Eating someone after raping them is just being thorough. There is no law, no right or wrong, and no stupid god. Where is your god when priests rape kiddies day in day out? Stop making excuses and go out and rape something already. You know you want to. There is no point to anything and then you die. The end.

    • RealityCheckk

      Man’s preference is to do what is right in our own eyes, knowing good and evil and parsing those distinctions to our own advantage. What is right for me may not seem right for you which is relativism. That philosophy was summed up by Satanist Aleister Crowley into “Do what thou will is the whole of the law.” We are seeing the fruit of that today as our society breaks down.

      Whether one believes that lives are changed by man’s willingness to believe God, or by God’s direct influence doesn’t diminish the end result which produces better people and a better society. I know that following Crowley’s precept leads to chaos, and that following God’s law leads to order.

      So, go ahead and do what thou will and teach others to do so. Then reap what you sow for now and eternity.

    • peace angel

      AFTER forty years as a rape crisis counselor and victims advocate I can assure you that there is NO end to rape for the victim. EVER

      WHEN a person is raped IT TOTALLY changes the way they walk through the world and THEY don’t just get up brush off the blood and guts and GO ON.

      THAT is possibly one of the most INSANE things I ever heard of.

      “Eating someone after raping them is just being thorough” ???

      Man you are really sick. OF course you were raised on evolution and not shown GOD by your parents

      YOU are the poster child for what a GODLESS life looks like. You are the perpetrator of EVIL thoughts, deeds and acts, no doubt.

      The rest of us will pray for you.

      I died and went to HEAVEN and it is very REAL whether you believe or NOT.

      • yay robot women

        Obama is working tirelessly to save the failing rape industry. He is importing millions of rapists from the third world as we speak.

      • Asmodeus

        Yippity yippity yap yap. Like a dog that needs some good old fashioned raping and eating. There is no order, there is no point, there is only the endless march to your death. You hear that? Every second that passes you are closer to death and maybe some rape.

  • peace angel

    WHAT a great site.

    I read in the Farmers Almanac in high school that by the year 2000 that the earth would be overpopulated by a billion people.

    I had been reading and seeing pictures in my grandparents Natl. Geographics that showed horrible famine all over the world.

    I also learned of the plan to create the New World Order and to KILL off 90% of the world’s population in High School.

    THAT was when I decided NOT to ever have children and I didn’t and NEVER regretted it.


      peace angel,
      Then your aware of the Georgia Guide Stones.
      Would you know who authored them?

  • peace angel


  • peace angel

    YOU assume there is difference in the two parties and history disproves that theory.

    McConnell and Boehner have never closed the borders nor have any of the rest of the career criminal Republicans.

    AT the G20 summit Obama gave the position of starting the OPENING of all our borders from the North Pole to South America in order to create the North American Union this past week. THE mainstream news reported he gave SOROS the job of running this project. YOU can already read the NAU border elimination treaty ONLINE now.

    AND they took the protection of the FDIC from all Americans at the same meeting and REPUBLICANS were in the room. THE FDIC no longer will insure your money or anybodies money from here into infinity as three of our largest banks are on the verge of total collapse.

    BUSH SR. can be seen in a youtube compilation telling CONGRESS on 22 different occasions that we MUST legislate the NWO and we must be the MODEL for the rest of the world to do so as well. HE and CLINTON, once enemies traveled the world for years on a NWO tour telling other nations HOW to legislate the NWO. THEY called it the NWO tour.

    THE BUSH family orchestrated 9/11 and there are millions of facts to prove it.

    Obama’s whole speech this year was about creating the NWO at the UN meeting to the world’s leaders.

    BUSH SR. signed AGENDA 21 in 1992 at the annual UN meeting in RIO agreeing to legislate a ONE world order using the US as the model for the world and also agreeing to KILL of 90% of the world’s population

    I could go on for weeks about the EVILS of BOTH parties, but you are so far behind it will take you a very long time to get current. GO to Before It’s News and read about the BUSH family alone. IT will blow your mind to know who they really are.

    THEY made their family fortune funding HITLER and the HOLOCAUST and bringing the same thing to you and America.


      At the moment, the GOP is all we have. Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly…sanity will reign. If not, we are in dreadful trouble. I am retiring soon and plan to work full time to make a difference. Peace to you…

  • GSOB

    For from within out of men’s hearts, come evil thoughts of lust, theft, murder, adultery,…..

    All these vile things come from within; they are what pollute you and make you unfit for God.

    And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

    To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:….

    that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man,so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; and that you, being rooted and grounded in love,…

    It’s all Him.

    Worship is to adore Christ’s Lordship in our lives!

    What if he did this to make the riches of his glory known to the objects of his mercy, whom he prepared in advance for glory–


  • GSOB

    I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,

    …. so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord,
    to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;


    with all power,

    according to His glorious might,

    for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience; joyously

    giving thanks to

    the Father,
    who has qualified us

    to share in the inheritance of the saints in Light.…

  • Sandbagger

    And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

    Being filled with all
    unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness;
    full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

    Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

    Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

    Who knowing the judgment
    of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only
    do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

    Romans 1:29-32
    – King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition

    In other words, be careful what you wish for. You may just get it. Much of the world wished God and his requirements of Man would just “go away”. Well, this is the result, and it’s only going to get worse when more Demons are allowed to surface as these “end days” continue.

    If my people, which are
    called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face,
    and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will
    forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    – King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition

    God will judge his own for what is happening on earth. Those that are Satan’s will receive judgement, but it’s clear God will not let those called by his name “off the hook” for what’s going on.

    Work out your salvation with fear and trembling!

  • Gay Veteran

    “…A 350-pound Wal-mart shopper was arrested yesterday after he was found sitting atop five stolen rib eye steaks in the seat of a motorized scooter that he was riding around the South Carolina store….”

    And the book will be thrown at him. Meanwhile, criminal banksters only get a slap on the wrist when they cheat people out of $BILLIONS, and our politicians get away with massive war crimes.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…The video shows the officer trying to break up a fight between two girls, only to hit one of the young women and drag her away. Students watching the altercation appear outraged by the act, and start to swarm the officer….”

    The pigs, protectors of our fascist government, need to remember that WE outnumber them. And once we stop cooperating that they need to RUN

  • Gay Veteran

    try thinking for yourself, pharisee

    • JB

      Who’s judging who?

      • Gay Veteran

        wasn’t talking to you, junior

  • Gay Veteran

    wake up, Republicans=Democrats


      Then…. what is the answer?

  • Gay Veteran

    “…It first has to do with the liberal belief that says everyone acts only in his own personal ‘best interest’, which is not only an aberration, but poisons the mind….”

    really? you think all those corporate CEOs shipping American jobs to China are liberals?

  • GSOB

    “Let us make mankind in our image in our likeness,…… so that they may


    over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, ……over the livestock and all the wild animals and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

    Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

  • quercus454

    You can in part thank the influx of illegal alien children for the violence at the Santa Maria High School.

  • Tatiana Covington

    I am not responsible for *someone else’s* bad behavior. Once, I was blamed by a man whom I had sold a car to, for his getting stopped and the car impounded, when he (all by himself at age 32) ran a red light with a cop watching. The car was impounded. At the time I was in Tucson AZ and he was in Newark NJ. That’s more than 2000 miles. And he persuaded my mother to blame me for it too!

    I pointed out the impossibility, to her. To him, I sent a postcard saying: “Stop on red, stupid.”

    It was all he was worth.

    Should Ferguson explode (free agents, 1250 miles from here), that’s their doing. I won’t bat an eyelash should they be mowed down in response (by other free agents at a distance).

    After all: I have no control over others.

  • Ann Corbin

    I believe these things are happening everywhere because people have lost touch with reality and consequences mean nothing anymore because feeling hate or sexual gratification is above everything else .Oh, and the Ferguson trial and outcome may cause unrest but when people start getting killed who are rioting in other cities maybe they will stop and think !

  • entarotassadar

    Thank God East Hanover isn’t on that list. Janine is safe.

  • Priszilla

    Switch off your tv, radio and internet and have a walk in the park.
    Pamper yourself. Have a vacation.
    Putin is not going to nuke America. That is utter rubbish. Why should he waste resources to destroy America? The Americans will do it more thoroughly by themselves.

    • peace angel

      A simple GOOGLE search would show you in his words that HE is saying that out loud in public and has said it more than ONCE.



      Don’t shoot the messenger.

      I will be out of the country next week forever. I don’t have time for walking in a park, but I will be walking on a beach in a peaceful nation far from here.

  • Priszilla

    IMHO, instead of taking kids to the gun range play hide and seek with them. It is more useful and much more pleasurable foreeveryone involved. And you can play it everywhere – the house, city, farm, woods.
    As soon as you use a gun you give away your position. So it’s of limited use.
    As a masseur you know about pressure points. Inflicting excruciating pain without any tools.
    A gun will bind your two hands. And it’s makink clink against jewellery giving you away. A gun has no loyalty. It’s a traitor.

  • Priszilla

    Read up on Kapp Putsch

  • Liz Holder

    Simply put …..Christ is outside the Church…..and the devil comes in…. No fear (respect) for God! Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach (Prov. 14:34). Everybody is doing what is right in his/her eyes! (Judges 17:6; 21:25). God has already judged America!

  • Hot Rain

    You left out Saul Alinsky. Which conjures images of Hillary, Obama and the gang.
    For those who wish to know, look up Rules for Radicals. Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer. This same book is the basis for the takedown of America and is beloved by the elites.

    • peace angel

      Alinsky is a CIA asset who TRAINED and HANDLED both Hillary and Obama and Hugo Chavez and many other Dictators and Monsters in nations south of here.

      He is in a category all his own. I read Rules for Radicals when it came out and watched his interviews, etc.

      I have worked in politics and watched as the RULES for RADICALS has been legislated by the Past 14 Presidents HERE in the US as the gov. prepares for a total take down. I have watched the US ARMY build 800 FEMA concentration camps for ALL US citizens aside from their puppets and servants. .


  • Eric Blair

    The truth is that human beings are increasingly monstrous and awful creatures who’s base desires are only held in check by the threat of imprisonment (and even that is no deterrent to some). People have only become more self centered and rude and feel that their desires and “needs” come before those of everyone and everything else in the world. If we ever face a long term wide-spread crisis in which law enforcement breaks down, you will truly see how horrible humans can be to one another.

  • Hot Rain

    Sorry typo. Obama is the greatest imposter of all time.
    I cannot and will not say what I have uncovered with a LOT of work but I will say this: It is my belief that ‘Obama’ (name chosen for obvious reasons) is CIA, attended London School of Economics (as did some of his cabinet members) has spent time in Russia (hence his ‘daughter’ Natasha. Has frequent meetings with French/Russian PM’s. Is of French heritage, fluent in French. Has NO resemblance to ‘dead parents’. ‘Parents’ fluent in Russian. And on and on….
    The great American hoax. And let’s not forget the staged African photos. Take a good look at them sometime.

    • peace angel

      An IMPOSTER in the WHITE HOUSE can ONLY be CIA directed by the Illuminati his life long handlers.

      I am not sure exactly what you are saying with the tie between Russia and his adopted daughter “Natasha”. Most research has found that ONE of them was adopted from Canada and one was adopted from Kenya.

      BUT what we do KNOW is that Michael the president’s male wife is NOT the mother of either of them. AND because she is a HE, there are NO pictures of her ever being pregnant.

      He would have been in Chicago politics when she would have been pregnant and NOT one picture.

      LOTS of his past is on Before It’s News in the form of school enrollment under two different names and no ONE can place in at any US college.

      THE only class mates who have spoken out mesh with his pictures in his books.

      THEY say he was a gay irresponsible, coke head, cigarette bumming FOOL.

      THE pics in his books back that up.

      He has a sister who is on BIN and she says she faked his POTUS papers FOR the CIA.

      His brother also backs the stories on BIN.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…I hate to say it but black people are responsible for most of our societies problems….”
    oh, so they’re the ones who shipped our jobs to China

  • Gay Veteran

    you mean like the Koch brothers

    • Twisk

      I mean like all of them. America is based on this sort of belief. Everyone only wants his/her own piece of the cake without minding others. Of course, like in any race, there are winners and losers, but they all think alike.

      • Gay Veteran

        sorry but Ayn Rand is not liberal, she’s the poster child for libertarians

  • Lexxs

    Burn baby burn, no justice no peace

    • Alpha, P.I.

      You are an ignorant and disgusting racist, William Edward Summers.

      • Lexxs

        Jack Cook? Are you stalking me?

        • Concerned

          Ask your psychiatrist if Thorazine is right for you.

          • Lexxs

            Thanks for your kind thoughts. Has it worked for you?

          • Concerned

            I’ve never tried it. Unlike you, I don’t need it.

  • Sunny

    Seems this is a Jewish website…so naturally an Anti-American!

  • A Mosley

    Maybe it’s just me but i personally think that this Thanksgiving (today) is going to cause a lot of economic problems. Something crazy on wall street may happen. I hope i’m wrong but I just have that feeling.

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