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10 Facts About The Growing Unemployment Crisis In America That Will Blow Your Mind

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UnemploymentDid you know that there are more than 102 million working age Americans that do not have a job?  Yes, I know that number sounds absolutely crazy, but it is true.  Right now, there are more than 11 million Americans that are considered to be “officially unemployed”, and there are more than 91 million Americans that are not employed and that are considered to be “not in the labor force”.  When you add those two numbers together, the total is more than 102 million.  Overall, the number of working age Americans that do not have a job has increased by about 27 million since the year 2000.  But aren’t things getting better?  After all, the mainstream media is full of headlines about how “good” the jobs numbers for October were.  Sadly, the truth is that the mainstream media is not being straight with the American people.  As you will see below, we are in the midst of a long-term unemployment crisis in America, and things got even worse last month.

In this day and age, it is absolutely imperative that people start thinking for themselves.  Just because the media tells you that something is true does not mean that it actually is.  If unemployment was actually going down, the percentage of the working age population that has a job should actually be going up.  As you are about to see, that is simply not the case.  The following are 10 facts about the growing unemployment crisis in America that will blow your mind…

#1 The percentage of working age Americans with a job fell to 58.3 percent in October.  The lowest that number has been at any point since the year 2000 is 58.2 percent.  In other words, there has been absolutely no “jobs recovery”.  During the last recession, the civilian employment-population ratio dropped from about 63 percent to below 59 percent and it has stayed there for 50 months in a row.  Will the percentage of working age Americans with a job soon drop below the 58 percent mark?…

Employment-Population Ratio November 2013

#2 The U.S. economy lost 623,000 full-time jobs last month.  But we are being told to believe that the economy is actually getting “better”.

#3 The number of American women with a job fell by 357,000 during the month of October.

#4 The average duration of unemployment in October 2013 was nearly three times as long as it was in October 2000.

#5 The number of Americans “not in the labor force” increased by an astounding 932,000 during October.  In other words, the Obama administration would have us believe that nearly a million people “disappeared” from the U.S. labor force in a single month.

#6 The number of Americans “not in the labor force” has grown by more than 11 million since Barack Obama first entered the White House.

#7 In October, the U.S. labor force participation rate fell from 63.2 percent to 62.8 percent.  It is now the lowest that it has been since 1978.  Below is a chart which shows how the labor force participation rate has been steadily declining since the year 2000.  How can the economy be “healthy” if the percentage of Americans that are participating in the labor force is continually declining?…

Labor Force Participation Rate

#8 If the labor force participation rate was still at the same level it was at when Barack Obama was elected in 2008, the official unemployment rate would be about 11 percent right now.

#9 Even if you are working, that does not mean that you are able to take care of yourself and your family without any help.  In fact, approximately one out of every four part-time workers in America is living below the poverty line.

#10 In January 2000, there were 75 million working age Americans that did not have a job.  Today, there are 102 million working age Americans that do not have a job.

So what are our politicians doing to fix this?

Shouldn’t they be working night and day to solve this crisis?

After all, Barack Obama once made the following promise to the American people…

“But I want you all to know, I will not rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one — and I’m not talking about just any job, but good jobs that give every American decent wages and decent benefits and a fair shot at the American Dream.”

Unfortunately, things have not improved since Obama made that promise, but he has found the time to play 150 rounds of golf since he has been president.

Meanwhile, because there aren’t enough jobs, the number of Americans living in poverty continues to grow.

As I wrote about the other day, according to new numbers that were just released an all-time high 49.7 million Americans are living in poverty.

And right now 1.2 million public school students in the United States are homeless.  For many more statistics like this, please see my previous article entitled “29 Incredible Facts Which Prove That Poverty In America Is Absolutely Exploding“.

The only thing that most Americans have to offer in the marketplace is their labor.  If they can’t find a job, they don’t have any other way to take care of themselves and their families.

The future of the middle class in America depends upon the creation of good jobs.  It really doesn’t matter how far the quantitative easing that the Federal Reserve has been doing pumps up the current stock market bubble.  The American people were told that “economic stimulus” was the reason for doing all of this reckless money printing, but the percentage of working age Americans with a job is now actually lower than it was four years ago.  Quantitative easing has been a complete and total failure in the job creation department, and it is doing a tremendous amount of long-term damage to our financial system.

The really frightening thing is that the Federal Reserve and the federal government have supposedly been doing all they can to try to “create jobs” and they have utterly failed.  In fact, this is the first time in the post-World War II era that we have not seen an employment recovery following a recession.

And now the next wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching.  What that hits us, millions more Americans will lose their jobs.

So the truth is that this is just the beginning of the unemployment crisis in America.

Yes, things are bad now, but soon they will get much worse.

  • welfare is all the rage

    folks are hitchin their wagon to welfare wagon train
    in droves,for the first time in history, welfare is now the single greatest driver of growth. the welfare check is now easier to get than a drivers license

    • Ralfine

      if you dont like welfare, better create 100 million jobs.
      China creates about 6 million jobs a year by inviting foreign investors to manufacture in china for very low wages.
      you coukd do the same.

      or you just spend much less money on fireworks. and more on streets and bridges, employing local workers.

      • chilller

        There’s no EPA in China…

        • Ralfine

          Oh, there is. And there are a lot of environmental protection laws. And the Chinese dont have a problem closing 50,000 factories in a week because they dont comply with the law, or to shut dowj all production in and around Beijing to present a clean city for olympia.

          But even the EPA of the USA could not prevent BP in the Gulf or Exxon Valdez.

      • Hammerstrike


        A lot of other third-world countries have much lower wages for a long time, like Pakistan or Congo.

        • Ralfine

          So, how do you help Pakistan and Congo to increase their wages?

          • Hammerstrike

            A workforce that is skilled, willing to work and have a society, not just governement, willing to provide the work.

            Some more politically incorrect truth also.

            Already back in the 1960s, there was the counter-culture and the hippies, not at all that willing to work higher-skill wages or work that much for that matter.

            While it is understandable that people should receive actual pay for actual work, such an an atitude should be confronted and denounced but even most right-wingers won´t dare to engage in such “moralization” campaigns.

            On the otehr hand, Maois China already had campaigns to encourage the Chinese not to spite whever they feel like it

          • Ralfine

            If productivity keeps rising, you wont need to work as much as before to get the same result, right?

          • Hammerstrike

            Well, that´s for China to deal with, other countries are not so lucky.

          • Ralfine

            you mean the productivity in the us is falling since henry ford?

          • Hammerstrike

            Since deindustrialization at least, yes.

            Even if you take account the offical inflation numbers, US economy of 2012 was like that of 1995. 40% of US workers makes less than the 1968 minimum wage.

            (Not that the situation is better on the other side of the Atlantic, except maybe for Finland and Germany)

            Remember what Michael wrote about tweaked inflation numbers?

            It is worst than a mere stagnation, it is a regression and mind you, this regression happen in spite of massive borrowings to keep living standards high, in spite of the advantage provided by the Federal reserve dollar.

          • Ralfine

            But the profits keep rising?

            So where does that money come from, if not from the workers creating that profit by working?

            I believe people could better their lot by redirecting all the drug money, including money for booze and cigarettes into real investment.

            Not talking financial instruments here, or stock market or speculation with real estate.

            I mean something useful to save future operating costs. More like an arctic sleeping bag to save heating expenses.
            Good shoes to save on bus money or petrol (and car insurance, and speeding tickets). 2 good kitchen knives to cut apples and carrots, instead of eating chips.

            Chinese tip for longevity: do not build your house in a river bed.

          • Hammerstrike

            If someone´s wage is rising circa 8-10% a year, real rate of inflation, then it is effectively stable.

            Profit would have to rise quiet a lot to effectively keep up, there is not as much profit as it seems.

            Those really seeing a tremendous rise in profit are those getting their greedy pawns on all these new dollars.

            The too-big-to-fail banks that Michael mentioned. Like tickes or leeches, they may have a lot of blood but they have it from sucking blood from the host, not producing it.

  • Rodster

    Those are depression type stats. It looks like progress, is in reverse gear.

  • K

    I always assume any number the Government puts out is rigged. The stock market is rigged. Gold and silver prices are rigged. Cost of living adjustments are rigged. If this Country was a poker game. It would be the crookedest game ever played.

    • ald

      You’re rigged! Nah just kidding. I don’t trust the media. Period.

    • Sack man

      When I cashed out one stock account that went from $70,000 to over $200,000 the past 6 years. The money was real. Invested in cheap real estate. Still have lots of equities.

      • K

        Some might question how real the money is, at least in the long run. We must all make our own decisions. You seem happy with yours. I know I am happy, with the direction I have chosen.

        • mleblanc138

          He proceeded to put his money into something physical, in this case Real Estate. I personally favor physical Silver or Gold, aka real money. But I would much rather hold Real Estate than the corresponding amount of Paper Dollars.

    • Will Rogers

      EVERY number the government puts out is ‘cooked’. I don’t know of any that aren’t.

  • Adam Seven

    I am not sure how much longer I can keep working 2 jobs. Been doing it for 3 years now. 60 hours most of which is done over a 3 day period (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). I am not 18 years old anymore more and maybe being shot by DHS, rounded up to a FEMA camp of killed in a Chinese nuke strike would be okay. I really wanted to earn enough money to buy some land a house in a rural community but that is never going to happen. =(

    • davidmpark

      Keep going, buddy! You’ll get that land; there’s always a solution.

      • ZipR22

        Daily Layoff List
        Gogle/Yahoo: Dailyjobcuts

    • Nic

      Get the land so we can tax you.

      ‘Your government who love you so much.’

      • Jason

        The classical liberals, Founding Fathers, and laissez faire advocates of the Enlightenment endorsed land tax as the fairest tax. What we need to get rid of are taxes on productivity (income, capital, sales, payroll, etc).

    • krinks

      In the end we never really own the land. The minute we are late or refuse to pay property taxes the land will be taken away from us. I am about 4 years from “owning” my home so I can say that home ownership today is one of the greatest scams that exists.
      Then we have the other problem. Once we retire we have to live on about $1800/month with about $500 of that going to health insurance costs. Where is the $3000 annual property taxes going to come from? Where is the money from upkeep and maintenance going to come from?

      • Fed up with stupid people

        You sound like you could never make it work. I “own” land way out in the country. Technically, you are correct in the current system, but what about after TSHTF? Who’s going to collect taxes? What form of currency? Will there BE any civil authority? I don’t care. Being in the boonies with no debt, I will still “own” and “occupy” this place long after people have given up on the American dream.

        • PeaceAngel

          ummmm and how will you stay out of the fema concentration camps? with a million sensors they will herd everyone off who does not off themselves and their whole families AFTER the SWAT teams storm your house. IF you do have a plan to keep them from detecting your home in the woods then do share with the sheeple. You could make a fortune. THE little drones are already flying into your yard and house.

          • Hammerstrike

            In the case of real preppers, they will fly right straight into the mouth of the toad.

            Look at the Boston marathon bombings, if it had been done by even half a dozen veteran Iraqi resistance, Islamist fighters or Somalian pirates, majority of their victims would have been police, including SWAT team dumb enough to try to storm a house or two.

            What the US federal governement count on is that the great majority of the populace are a bunch of weakling, snivelling cowards that will just let it take power.

          • Ralfine

            SWAT teams will need petrol and food. Food can be poisoned. And there is a rumour that motors don’t like sugar in their tanks.

            SWAT teams may land in the wilderness with helicopters, but can they start after a steel cable was shot into their rotors?

            SWAT teams have family, too. And they need to be afraid of saboteurs in their own ranks.

            Everybody against everybody means exactly that.

            Will the swat teams harvest their own food? Or just go to the supermarket?

          • a2phil

            “And there is a rumour that motors don’t like sugar in their tanks.”

            Flour (ESPECIALLY whole grain flour) is MUCH better!! Learned that from dealing with other enemies of mine…

            And then, there’s the trick of replacing diesel fuel with gasoline (or vice-versa)…
            nice way to blow a diesel engine, or FUBAR a gasoline engine…

            And THEN, there’s the Anarchist’s Cookbook…had MY copy for YEARS…

          • PeaceAngel

            The NDAA act makes it an act of domestic terrorism to stockpile more than 7 days of anything.

            You don’t own your stockpiled food, ammo water, etc. the FEDS do. You can read this right in the bill. Your land will be taken for the “common good” and so will everything else you think you own.

            Up until the SWAT teams are taken to the concentration camps they will have plenty of everything. The Walton kids are tracking stockpilers and have been for more than a decade. THE NSA knows exactly where all the doomsday preppers live and what they have stockpiled and where it is and how many guns and ammo that they have.

            It is all on a credit card someplace linked to a bank account and an address or a utility bill. They began this tracking a hundred years ago. and YOU cannot be unknown in the US. THEY track expats like I am about to be.

          • Ralfine

            Well, you can stock 7 days of white bread, 7 days of grey bread, 7 days of toast, 7 days of thai rice, 7 days of brown rice, …

          • peaceangel

            What I don’t get is why anyone wants to be here after the SHTF?? Stockpiling seems like a game to most people and depending on how the SHTF first i really do not want to be here which is why I am expatriating after the first of the year.

          • Ralfine

            The preppers are important to keep the system alive.

            Any system that shall survive needs storage. Without storage get damaged with each failure.

            If rain doesn’t get absorbed by the soil you’ll have flooding. In winter, there is quick flooding when there is more raion than snow.

            In an electrical appliance you need capacitors and coils to store energy peaks.

            Without larders and fridges, shelves and trunks, glasses and bottles, sausages and jerky, pickles and jams humanity has a problem if there is the slightest discuption in food production.

            Just look at Justin Time when there is snow.

          • leftofcenter480

            My god! do you really believe this nonsense about Fema camps?

          • PeaceAngel

            My god, how can you NOT believe it. THE pics are all over the internet and youtube for a decade. Micheal has written about the FACT that the homeless are being herded into the camps. THEY built 800 of them and there are dozens of maps to show you where they are. Jesse Ventura shot footage at one that was banned by obama but can still be seen ONLY on Infowars under ‘banned video” or “police state” video.

            You can see lots of people who are so drugged up they don’t know a film crew is there. THEY are online in government docs all over the place. You can be an “internment guard” for the ARMY for a decade now. I only believe what I can touch and feel and see with my own eyes after researching all this for forty years. OF course I believe it and if you did the research I am telling you to do YOU too will have to believe it. IT IS THE REAL deal. Oh, and 9/11 and Katrina were planned by the US gov. and BUSH.

      • davester

        I agree. It’s a false perception. After paying taxes, insurance, maintenance fees, HOA you realize the house and Government owns you. Home ownership is losing its luster. Especially for middle class families in middle class neighborhoods.

        • GSOB

          Great insight

        • SouthBound

          It depends on what you buy. A McMansion in a HOA, complete with high property taxes and a 30 year mortgage,
          is an anchor around your neck and feet, IMO. I bought what I consider a life-raft instead – a 3bdrm singlewide on it’s own land in the Carolinas. I paid about $6k for the place, and my property taxes run about $110 a year. And I have 2 extra bedrooms to rent out, should the need/desire arise.

          • Paul V Sutera

            Yup, had a decent job for 29 years, retired, live in 960 square feet. Took in a roommate. Have almost 1 acre. Drive an old corolla, wear ancient clothes.

      • Ricky Ross

        “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

        – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”

        – Joseph Goebbels

        • Ian

          The irony here is that the Goebbels quote isn’t real.

          • Adrian

            Of course it is. It’s not the quote or its author that is relevant here. It’s the question of is it true. Remember the Emperor’s new coat?

          • Ricky Ross

            You are correct! I shortened it…

            “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or
            military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

            – Joseph Goebbels

          • Hammerstrike

            Wrong again.

            “The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they’re not always accurate.”
            – Abraham Lincoln.

          • malcolmspeakeasy


        • Adrian

          Preach it Ricky. But does it make a sound?

      • Brian Harrington

        rent a room for 600 per month and you can pay your insurance and save the 500 for a year there is your pT and your Maintance plus don’t own something you can’t maintain it is like owning a 100k car but you can’t afford the gas for the car

      • iconaclastor

        they say if you are near paying off your mortgage and don’t have the money to pay your taxes every year in a lump sun then leave a balance of your mortgage to about 20,000 to still get the monthly tax and other charges like home insurance spread out.

      • iguana one

        you and countless others will have to lower your standard of living to meet the new Obama decree of part-time work only for all and for all a lower place in life. It’s all his fault. No?

        • leftofcenter480

          Obama decree? WQhat the hell are you jabbering about?

      • Guest

        That is why you save money for retirement….I know this concept eludes a lot of people in this country…

        • Ryan O’Neill

          While this is good advice, one should save money. The problem with saving is the depreciation of the dollar. Those who were thrifty years ago, have seen the buying power of their dollar drastically reduced in the 20 odd years of saving. What is worth less than a penny? The very same penny the next day…

        • a2phil

          And when you have 30 odd years of Reganomics and the stock market takes a dump, you don’t have a pot to piss in!!! I’ll keep what’s left of my money in my pillowcase, thanks…

      • Goldfinger

        Yes but if you don’t pay your property taxes (school district extortion) they throw you out on the street “for the children.”

        • GSOB

          The PSS is a total mess…

          a major reason why violence has been escalating in the public school systems all over America is that
          ‘nobody really wants to be there’,
          …not to mention that it is the incubator of polytheism in this country – at it’s best!

        • Jason

          No, they would find another place to live. I think the elimination of all taxes on productivity in favor of a land tax is a fair tradeoff. It is the only tax with no deadweight loss, and leads to a more productive (and less speculative) society.

      • Jason

        Take away the property taxes and most Americans will still be paying taxes (only to a landholder). Our property tax system is definitely in need of reform. Remove the taxes on capital/improvements but keep the taxes on the land value itself. You will see more Americans holding land titles as the land market gets unlocked and prices drop.

      • Ralfine

        If you can’t afford $3000 property tax every year, your property is probably too big for you.

        I pay £400 per month rent for a terraced house in England plus £100 council tax.

        Compared with your own house, rent is so cheap. And you can move to a smaller house when the kids are out, the partner dies, you need more care.

        Or you get a small house, and improve it over the years, then sell it and finance your retirement home from that.

      • Deborah Martin

        The Native Indians also believed that you never really owned land either, remember them? Remember the people that were wiped away so you could have that piece of property? As this nation sows, so shall it reap. This nation was built on genocide and free labor, aka Slavery.
        The wall on Wall Street was built for free by slaves. Chase, AIG, Citibank, Lehman Bros, Brooks Bros (outfitted slaves), Brown Bros Harriman, Harvard, Yale, Columbia U, Brown and Princeton were all founded on and built by slaves / FREE LABOR. Now that history that far too many roll their eyes at when Black people mention it today has come home to haunt you. The banks and corporations established themselves on free labor and now they want to keep the tradition going and they are doing it. They sent all the jobs overseas and brought in as much of the cheapest labor they could find. These people expect fast food jobs to pay for entire families but that was NEVER the intention.
        It will get worse. All this spiffy new technology like drones to deliver packages will replace delivery people. Robots will replace cops and if you think it’s nonsense talk, check out DARPA when you get a chance. You think Robocop is just a farce? It will get worse and then wait until you see what’s happening with the food.

    • mark a

      rent to own in enid oklahoma

    • PeaceAngel

      Sadly, more and more people are saying that. However a much better plan is to expatriate. 3 million people have done so every year over the past 5 years. IF you read the expat blogs and organized sites on expats you will see the number one reason they leave is that there are tons of nations where you can work and live for a third of what you need to live in the US. The number two reason is their awareness of the fact that the US is the world’s model for the implementation of the NWO in the US and the building of the 800 fema camps. But beyond that they site that many nations are so much more happy than here. I have lived in Mexico in three locations and the difference between life there and here was astronomical. Unfortunately the failed war on drugs has made Mexico a war zone and I will not even vacation there again. I am moving to Ecuador. There are lots of expats there and one young couple in real estate said it is just like California beaches in the 60’s and 70’s and it is clear you can buy a home on the beach for a hundred grand and live like a king. You can work in real estate, teach English or work online and these countries are booming unlike the US and in your lifetime the NWO won’t make it to these nations. Check it out.

    • nwprepper

      Don’t give up Adam. You’re not done yet. Stop thinking traditional home/land ownership…there are other ways. 🙂

    • Mom

      don’t give up yet

    • Guest

      team up with someone that does have gun. you can’t do it by yourself, make yourself useful and sell your skillset to others.

    • Ian Da Ous

      team up with someone that has land, we all can’t do this alone, we have to find like minded individuals. plenty of people that would like someone like you, if you could pull your own weight.

    • banditzgone

      as long as republikkkunz block and blame all the way through obamas presidency…elevate the corporate interests over people…fight for slave wages…lie about everything-scare their blind sheep-we will get nowhere-but this post is correct-the jobs numbers are a lie-and obama is president-and those numbers are being cooked-but there are allot of republikkkun governors trying to kill their states economies-just to make obama look bad also-just look at texas-and nc-minnesota-Indiana for examples..

  • Tim

    In previous months when the official unemployment figure (U-3) went down it was because either enough jobs were “created” or a certain amount of Americans were considered to have given up looking for a job. But last month 932,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force and 204,000 jobs were reportedly “added”, which was better than expected, yet the official unemployment went up? It’s utterly absurd. Yet there are many who believe this nonsense.

  • Gene Baugh BBA

    QE a failure? Are you saying we would be better off if the Fed had left long term interest rates higher for the last five years? More people would be employed with higher long term interest rates?

    • Tim

      QE has never been about job creation. It’s really about financing the federal government’s deficit spending. And, yes, QE has been a failure. The charts in this article say it all.

      • Gene Baugh BBA

        Answer the question then. Would our jobs picture be better with 8% mortgages? QE is about lowering long term rates through open market operations. Period. It’s all about interest rates. Why is the market afraid of taper? It fears higher interest rates. All the interest rate sensitive sectors get slammed on taper talk because taper means higher long term rates. And it is coming eventually. All of the charts you see would be unbelievably worse without lower long rates, that is, QE.

        What do you expect the Fed to do with the economy in a coma? Leave long rates high? Of course not. They can control short rates by
        edict but to affect long rates they must conduct open market operations, that is QE.

        They have lowered rates both short and long and it is not working. We are in a global depression after all.

        • Tim

          “Would our jobs picture be better with 8% mortgages?”

          Probably not. But it doesn’t matter anyway. Though the Federal Reserve has printed unprecedented amounts of money over the past 5 years, there has been no jobs recovery. As the article states, the employment-population ratio has been below 59% for 50 consecutive months!

          • Gene Baugh BBA

            It does matter. It matters to every homebuilder and construction worker. It matters to everyone who can borrow at a lower cost. It is lowering borrowing costs for corps. This is why profits are up on weak revenue.

            QE has not yet produced a sustainable recovery but it is lessening the pain. This is our generations Great Depression and there is not much the Fed can do. Households took on too much debt and in 2008 this trend reversed. The first time this has happened since the 30’s. They are now cutting corners and paying down debt and that depresses the economy.

          • Gay Veteran

            QE has been an abject failure. Quit being a shill for the Federal Reserve

          • GSOB

            You probably agree with JY that a little inflation is good….

        • Gay Veteran

          The Big Banks would have failed if not for QE.
          And lower interest rates gives the shaft to savers

          • Gene Baugh BBA

            Think about what you just said, The 12 money center banks would have failed. Where would we be then?
            The Dow goes to 300 and there is blood on the streets?
            Maybe QE was a hail Mary to try and save the United States of America. Maybe it will ultimately fail. I just am not going to criticize them for trying. It has apparently postponed the collapse of our society by five years so far.
            Even 2Gary2 refinanced his mortgage at 4%. He is benefitting from QE and didn’t even understand the connection.

          • Gay Veteran

            Sorry, but in TRUE capitalism there is no such thing as “too big to fail”. The Wall Street bankster parasites should have been taken into bankruptcy.
            As for QE, every borrower benefiting means there is a saving LOSING. The math MUST balance.

          • Gene Baugh BBA

            Low rates are screwing savers and pushing them into the stock market to get a 2.80% yield from Coca Cola Inc. That worries me a lot.

    • Gay Veteran

      QE is money printing that devalues the dollar. QE’s purpose was to save the Banksters, NOT Main Street

  • DJohn1

    The problem is while our people are unemployed they are not paying income taxes any more.
    But we are giving away billions in foreign aid.
    We are spending huge sums of money on a space program.
    We are running a health care agency that will rule who does what with their health care that will cost a lot of money.
    We are spying on all sorts of people domestic and internationally. That costs money.
    We are using drones. A Drone can cost half a million dollars to make.
    We are running a huge bureaucratic mess with collection of taxes. Same agency will be in charge of regulating health care. Sounds like both will have an endless supply of regulations.
    We have hitched our wagons to a political party and a man. The question becomes if it fails will we be able to get rid of that party and that man at the next election, or will they become a dictatorship with martial law?
    Unemployment? I think they are employing a lot of people. The trick is to be one of the people the government hires. Obviously they want to give these people good wages and great benefits.
    Last Friday we went out to get some groceries. The roads were packed solid with cars and people in them. Someone has to buy all those cars with financing of about 5 years. If we have no body employed how come the restaurants are all full on a Friday night?
    I am not saying there isn’t a problem. I am saying that a lot of people are employed and living a life. I am also saying there are a lot of people that have been laid off and are hurting.
    With all this gloom and doom, I find it difficult to explain all those people out there on the highways on a Friday night.

    • Andrew

      You shouldn’t find it difficult to believe.A huge amount of blame is with the government. However, an equally huge amount of blame is with the American people themselves. Many live beyond their means through leasing and credit, and just don’t care or even realize it is an issue. Then you have the massive efforts to legalize marijuana. Yes, I’m sure taking a generation of young people that already has record unemployment levels and making it legal and easy to be high 24/7 will help with the problem.

      There was an article in the Wall Street Journal about a year ago, which talked of a new “White Flight”. Originally this was in reference to white families moving out of cities in droves as soon as black people began moving in. The new incarnation is much worse.

      It actually refers to white families moving out of certain school districts in Silicon Valley due to the local high schools placing “too much emphasis on academics and AP coursework, and too little emphasis on sports and other activities” as a result of the Asian families moving in to take great jobs with the technology companies in the area.

      I chuckled at this as I scrolled down to read the comments, fully expecting to see tons of people point out the stupidity of such a move. I found just the opposite. Most people were in stark agreement. At that point I knew the country was doomed and there was nothing anybody could do to fix it.

      Who do those families expect that their children will be competing with in the job market? Sure it’s healthy to get exercise, but ultimately “sports” are a complete waste of time in our education system. Children in those immigrant families are certainly not wasting their time tossing a ball into a basket or hitting them with a stick, or smoking marijuana for that matter.

      They are busy getting a stellar education, and developing REAL quantitative and logical problem solving skills (as opposed to memorizing facts on a study guide before an exam) which are necessary to obtain jobs in the technology field, like software engineering, database design/data specialist, cloud infrastructure management, design and security, etc…

      The reason more and more Americans are finding themselves unemployed is a direct result of failing to keep up with these technological trends, with more and more “good” jobs requiring a great deal of mastery in complex theories. That does not mesh will the youth of our country who expect instant gratification and take any opportunity they can get to “party” and waste time, while the people they will be competing with are busy honing their skill with whatever free time they can get.

      The rise of diploma mill institutions where you are pretty much guaranteed to get your “degree” so long as you keep up with the interest payments on your debt also are not helping matters. Neither does dumbing down curriculums to the point that the lowest common denominator students can pass with minimal effort.

      The damage to the current young generation (ages 18 to 24) and the one following it has largely already been done. It is the cause of the explosive growth in food stamps and welfare. And it is a time bomb waiting to explode.

      How does a fiat currency derive any value? It is all based on the skill and productivity of the economy that backs it, which in our case, crumbles day by day.

      • thevampatthemall

        Very well put, Thank you.

      • Kent Harris

        Why hire an American when you can achieve the exact same result 1/2 way around the world for 1/4 the cost. No job is safe in this day and age we live in. The Law of Diminishing Returns is everywhere .

        • Andrew

          Quite simply put, you CAN’T achieve the same results that way. I work for a service company that ranks in the top 100 of the Fortune 500, and indeed there ARE people hired to do programming work overseas. But, the quality of what we get back is just “good”, or at worst questionable. The only “work” that gets done that way is carrying out the implementation of ideas and designs that were thought up and CREATED here in the United States. Essentially, we send a blueprint, or “recipe” of exactly what we need done.

          All the high level architecture, planning and design work still occurs in the United States. That can’t be outsourced, because you need people right here, directly involved in the culture and operations of day to day business.

          HOWEVER, as I said previously, many of those jobs are taken by immigrants who have moved to the US permanently (no sponsorship). They are paid identically to everybody else. And they occupy a large amount of these jobs because of the party/instant gratification/getting high culture that exists here in the US that stands in way of people being able to develop the skills they would actually need to carry out these jobs.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            I am a software developer and I concur. Overseas developers SUCK big ones. They have NO architectural skills, completely lack in logic skills and the caste system murdered any initiative you hoped to get out of them.

      • PeaceAngel

        Obama and BIll Ayres began putting a Marxist school program into our schools from coast to coast 30 years ago and no one in the US has had a great education in three decades. TODAY the Common Core program is in every state and it is owned by Jeb Bush and was formerly the “no kid left behind” federal program. It has produced a whole generation of morons who can’t count, read, write, spell or speak the English language.

        Currently it is being implemented in the private schools and by the end of next year it will be infiltrated into the home school programs. It has created a whole nation of atheistic, non patriot, uneducated morons just as it was planned to do. THERE are amazing International Schools in other nations worldwide where your kids can be protected from this indoctrination and you can live much happier, healthier and cheaper than here.

      • Gay Veteran

        anti-drug laws are just like Prohibition of alcohol, all they produce is corruption and crime.
        Legalize all drugs. Let the people choose.

        • LibsSuck

          Why don’t we legalize EVERYTHING? That way, f@gs like yourself would eventually be eliminated..

      • Ron

        All I hear is about high tech jobs. There can only be so many available. Your kids also have to compete with cheap labor from over seas. I watched jobs leave the country for years as I traveled the country. NAFTA didn’t help out typical Americans. I think it was a nation killer.

    • Nic

      I think a drone cost more than that. I would say around 10 millions to 20millions $ included camera and gadget. With half million u just got a Cessna 182 or a Cessna Seneca.

      • ald

        Man. I’m an unemployed mechanical engineer. I would make a drone for the government for hundreds of times lower than that if I someone would simply give me a job. :'(

        • Hammerstrike

          Maybe you can work 6 months in China?

          • ald


          • Hammerstrike

            Thaïland? I have the impression they might like US citizens better there but have no confirmation of it.

        • no trend

          You must be desperate.

          • ald

            Many people are. Very little jobs out there.

      • Hammerstrike

        Don´t forget maintenance.

    • Gene Baugh BBA

      The next “Man” (or woman) in office from either party will face the same global depression and will not be able to do anything about it either.

      • GSOB

        HeShe will have been well vested in order NOT to do anything about it.

    • Hammerstrike

      Thought, much more was spent on space in the 1960s, yet there was actual growth back then!

    • Pyra

      Maybe all those cars are filled with job seekers looking for HELP WANTED signs in windows…
      Maybe not. Maybe they are out to max out their credit cards on useless trinket junk made in China.
      Maybe the “gloom and doom” is real and maybe stuffing your head in the sand is the best option available for you.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Face it… people are becoming economically obsolete.

    Sort of like floppy disks and Victrola 78s.

    • Hammerstrike

      Transhumanism, the only solution!

  • davidmpark

    This is fixable.

    Open up the locked resources to the states (who can open their own resources, too) who restricts production, harvesting, mining and mineral rights to local-only companies. We have over $120 trillion locked up – not to mention the indefinate renewable resources that are artificially held back. Scale back the repressive tax codes in every level of gov. Strike down many of the laws and codes, scale back restrictions, that are preventing public and home industry; place enforcement in hands of states. Cancel the student loan programs, FAFSA only for under 2-year technical training (to support the newly created production jobs) for the next 4 years when employers will do such themselves. Strike the federal welfare programs, send their funding to the states, who only keep it for those who literally cannot care for themselves – not for lay-abouts and surfers. Pay the debts with the increased production moneys.

    This will work; it’s just not popular.

    • John

      We live in the real world, not fairyland. Fundamental change is not going to happen in the USA because the government is controlled by bankers from Europe who don’t give a hoot about you or your idealism. Change will only happen when somebody starts putting lead downrange on these Mofo’s. Apparently, that can’t even happen. I guess it’s up to me.

      • kfilly

        When and where do you want to meet? I love going to shooting ranges! I will bring a lot of ammo so that we stay there awhile.

      • Ricky Ross

        It is sad that people still believe that positive change can be had by using the corrupt system. I’m hoping that people will realize that to believe that things will ever get better in this corrupt system, by using the corrupt system…is INSANITY!

        • GSOB

          Economic growth today really means how much the government has grown, not the private sector.

      • M W

        Umm, those bankers aren’t europeans; the truly wealthy have no allegiance to any country.

      • davidmpark

        Really. Fairyland?

        The resource estimates come from BLM, FS, Treasury, and 4 states (that’s why I left that number vague as I don’t have all 50 states plus territories’ numbers). The resources are there – we have the money.

        Banksters… I’m not so sure who owns who. I keep hearing that it’s the banks that own the government, and then vice versa. Or there’s no difference between the two, to the banks are the government’s victims. Just audit the Fed Res while transferring the dollar back to Treasury Dept., and encourage the states to adopt Utah and Texas’ constitutional amendments making gold and silver actual money. That would deal with some of it.

        Problem is that this is not popular. It’s workable and would improve things overall – just not “cool” right now.

  • Nic

    On TV this morning , they said Caperpillar is back in usa and the economy is booming. It s seem to be too nice to be real.

    They say thousand of companies come back to USA to help local market.


  • CitizenS

    No one is immune. Just this week there have been talks of layoffs in EMS in WV. Thanks to the AHA, call reimbursment will go so far down it will barely cover fuel and wages. That doesn’t even account for disposable supplies, wear and tear on ambulances, or vehicle insurance premiums. Guess we’ll see if my preperations were adequate.

  • Ralfine

    Production in China for sale in America and Europe.
    Now things go into saturation phase. People now all have a fridge, a washer, hairdryer, computer, tv, phone, toaster, vacuum. furniture and clothing, and since they have no job, probably wont replace them anytime soon, unless they live in hurricane or tornado alley.
    All those jobs for producing these things are elsewhere. Businesses do not care where and how they make the money. They are not patriotic.
    They also dont care what name or face is printed on the money. Dollar, peso, real, mark, pound. any money is welcome. and with a bit of speculation, useless money can be exchanged into useful money.
    And then into real estate. Land and real buildings, storm and flood proof. Burglary proof and protecting kids, wife and jewellery.

    • Nic

      They still replace their iPad…. Ah!

  • Rene Girrard

    Like they say on another board I post on, “Our government and corporate elites would rather give us welfare than give us jobs”. They want all jobs shipped to China & Mexico.

    • kfilly

      It is part of UN Agenda 21. They first want to transfer the wealth from rich nations to poor nations. UN Agenda 21 (aka-Smart Growth or Strategic Growth) is a population control plan. Most people in this country will starve or freeze to death if they actually had to take care of themselves. Get what free trade is really all about. On a related note, why do you think the UN is behind gun control?

  • jonno

    On another subject, the USA gives a lousy $ 6 million to the Philippines for disaster relief. What a sad joke. That should compensate for the 200,000 murdered by Us forces in the Spanish -American war. BTW, Australia gave $10 million of real dollars in the first hour. No wonder they kicked you our of Subic Bay.

  • Nic

    Look at what Kind of job u got in usa these days? tsa, dhs, cops,…
    Jobs based to Controll people.

    Controlling people mean 0 production.
    What usa need is industrial job, production, … Not just services.

    Job job job in all sectors. Not just service by Blue uniforms. These guys are joke. Paid to stamp passport behind a desk…. Ah! What a joke.

    Pay me to Controll my neighbour, and pay my neighbour to Controll me.

  • chilller

    Why would anyone continue to play a game of chance when you know for a fact it is “rigged”, without doing anything about it? Mental illness? Lazy? A coward? Your children and grand children will be proud…

  • Sack man

    Many thousands of baby boomers retiring weekly. Something like 50,000. Many boomers and their parents have wealth that will be passed on to beneficiaries. Businesses. Money. Homes. Good book to read: the Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley. Impressive facts in there.

    • Hammerstrike

      Unlike their parents, plenty of baby boomers do their best to spend as much of their wealth they can.

      Thought, if it wasn´t for so many of them starting to retire, jobless figues would be significantly higher.

  • Midwest

    Here’s a novel idea. Quit having 4 kids that you know you can’t feed on your $7/hr salary then you won’t need as many food stamps. But oh no, we won’t interfere with a persons right to breed but we will continue to pay more and more benefits to them because they can’t survive. —( and no, I don’t believe you can live on $7/hr but people, seriously, fast food jobs were not meant to be high paying long term careers. You do not deserve $15/hr to flip a burger.) stop having 4 kids, cable tv, and a cell phone. You DONT need any of them but you have them!

    • no trend


      • no trend

        Mass sterilisation caused by venereal disease…..

    • Nic

      I know a lady, 4 kids, and one have baby already at 17. They do nothing all day except Facebook on the Android phone. They got all gadget at home, like Xbox, tablet,… air con on maximum, they even got car. And live in a 4 rooms house …. None really work, they just their mom doing nothing and they think it s ok. Seem money come from the sky in the USA.! 90 billions printed every month and distributed to whom want a nice life.
      This is why we call usa the land of opportunities…. Mouhahah!

      • Hammerstrike

        Hey, have some understanding.

        All these things are needs and she is not single, she have the governement! -)

    • Hammerstrike

      Except that in the 1950s, families could have 4 children and still be well-off despite only 1 person in the family working, while couples with 1 child or less and both parents working are left struggling.

      The post-collapse societies will not see the usefulness of retired or sick people that have less than 2 children because they effectively won´t have any.

      • Midwest

        (from Midwest.) Interesting isn’t it?

        • Hammerstrike

          Depend of the definition, whever it includes Chicago and Detroit.

          Thought, the welfare mammies are not going to see this website, even with their Obama-internet.
          Only people smart enough to seek info on what is going on will, they are the ones who should have 4 chidlren and not 1 or 2.

    • HadIt

      You “novel idea” doesn’t work on Cockroaches..

  • Geoffrey Zeger

    I work in the human service industry and see people all day every day who are struggling…if the Dow has topped out and the financial industry is growing exponentially, why do we not see the effects on Main Street? It is sad to be raised on ‘The American Dream’ of growth and expansion and then come to realize it was an anomaly in time – we were only able to grow and expand because our competition after World War II was destroyed and we were intact. Now, the world has rebuilt and we are one among many nations. Also, at one time we were a top oil producer – now we are an oil importer. We all know things are unsustainable and there is a vague lingering fear of how this will pan out. I live my life with this knowledge and feel like the kid in the story of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.’

  • Fed up with stupid people

    We are only half way down the road to destruction in America. The worse half is yet to come. You’d better own/have/occupy some land on a country back road with enough sustainable resources to last until the smoke clears. Otherwise, you WILL be dead. Get a clue. There are no other alternatives. We can’t restore any of this. Roll with the punches and live to fight another day.

    • wombobobo

      most liberals are investing heavily in dildoes

  • Danny Bell

    As George Washington stated, ” you cannot govern a nation without God and the bible”. If those elected do not put the aforementioned first, it’s probable that this country will fail.

    • wubwub

      as gary says, take all the money from those nasty rich people and give it to people who don’t produce anything

      • MeMadMax

        Then the rich stop producing something….

        Then what?

        • wombobobo

          exactly, gary is a shmuck

      • Carl White

        Except that all the nasty rich people have become rich by taking the productivity of people who do produce something.

  • gerry d welder

    The federal government is at war with our military, or middle class and our constitution.

    A coup d’état of the USA is obviously in process and too few are realizing it.

    NSA, DOE, FDA, EPA, IRS, DEA, CIA, FBI, DEP, NPS, TSA, DHS, CIA, DNR, USDA, DOT, NFS, ATF, USPP, DPS, FEMA (and FEMA camps), etc., (and growing) federal agencies (each now armed and with their own SWAT Team) becoming predatory towards it’s citizens, that produce nothing and generate no revenue but require massive funding from a dwindling, overtaxed private citizen work force.

    Outright confiscation of private citizen’s property and wealth is all but carved in stone to feed this monster (and you wondered why all those FEMA camps? How else can they fund all these expanding federal agency complexes, vehicles, salaries and pensions?).

    One dollar spent on a ‘FEDERAL’ level cost 10 times more than if that same job was done on a ‘STATE’ level, logic would point to keeping federal government no bigger than our constitutional mandate.
    Now Imagine, in addition, what those ‘WORLD’ dollars are also costing working citizens. Wiki the UN and see how behemothic it now is and growing and your taxed to fund it.

    US citizens (working and paying taxes) fund 22% of the entire UN world budget & our ‘federal’ regulatory is also back door funding the UN. We have been funding the United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP) since 1972. How’s that sustainability & peace working out? How many of their ‘professors’ & administrators are now comfortably retired on obscenely fat tax funded pensions? The UN includes the ‘World Tourist Agency’ & we’re funding it.

    When our own US citizens were furloughed, why wasn’t the 22%++ of US tax funding of the UN and it’s countless agencies, organizations and commissions withheld?

    Yet not a word about this nor any critique regarding overall ‘federal’ or UN cost (US taxes) /justification from anyone, time to reduce federal to it’s constitutional mandate, re-coup our state’s rights, take back federal land -our state’s property from the feds), time to take back control of our own waterways and de-fund the UN, kick them out of our country, claw back pensions and restitution of it’s assets.
    The UN is nothing more than a Trojan Horse of the Skull and Bones/Black Nobility, the IMF and World Bank are UN agencies

    • mitchie124

      It’s now the bankster’s federal government. Obama is their puppet.

  • 2Gary2

    A recent Pew poll showed that voters under 30—who skew overwhelmingly Democratic—view socialism more favorably than capitalism. Above all, Democrats are increasingly hostile to Wall Street and believe the government should rein it in.

    Conservatives are going down hard. Love to see this.

    • ian

      i agree. i think we are witnessing the final days of the conservative republican party. The tea partiers were the final nail in the coffin.

      • Gene Baugh BBA

        They mean well but do not grasp the ramifications of their actions during a Depression. It’s a depression so lets cut the social safety net! It’s a depression so lets dismantle govt. It’s a depression so lets force women to have unwanted children they can not afford. I for one don’t want to subsidize their political ambitions with
        a tax exemption.

      • wombobobo

        go back to england and suck the prime ministers little weinie

    • Airedale

      Funny, we conservatives see socialism going down hard, financially crashing along with their crony banksters and crony capitalists like Apple. Truth is, there are two Americas, big govt vs. small govt. Big govt turned most the nation into mindless zombies. Parasites that feed upon the productive. Conservatives just want freedom from big govt parasites.

      • 2Gary2

        seems to me that conservatives want big government when it benefits them IE-abortion and womens bodies being regulated.

        • mikeymike61

          I used to be anti abortion until I realized abortions are mostly performed on kneegrows and liberal women. Now I think the gubment should not only sponsor abortion, but should give plasma TV’s and other gifts with each abortion performed.

          • GSOB

            Now really….. that’s just vile.

          • mikeymike61

            uh…………no its not.
            what is vile is how black and liberal women can actually go through with it. Have you ever seen a photo of an aborted baby? Well its a pile of goo with fingers and toes sticking out, or a full baby body with its head caved in.
            So I guess the choice is: liberal voter/black criminal/or gross pile of goo.
            Maybe the pile of goo is the best of the three choices?
            Even the author of “the exorcist” commented that abortion is true evil.

          • GSOB

            My favorite color is red.
            Just so happens,
            it’s the color of blood once the air hits it……
            but, the real reason
            I favor this color, besides the fact I look good in a red shirt,………….

            is that
            REDemption, is found in Christ.

            You, I, and everyone you stereotyped – needs redemption from sin.

            That is only found in Jesus Christ.

            Why give the Man a bird?

      • Ed

        Pfffft! I would believe you if going across the ocean to murder darker skinned people was free.

    • wombobobo

      you are one nasty feminine little man

      • 2Gary2

        Sticks and Stones can break my bones but us liberals will crush conservatism and remake this country like Scandinavian countries.

        • wombobobo

          you are still a nasty effeminate loser who will continue to eat excrement

          • GSOB

            Now really….
            that’s just vile

  • nixonmonica

    Your analysis is flawed. Point being, yes ok there are 90M or so in the “Not in the Labor Force/Don’t count category”. BUT your statement that there are only 11M officially unemployed (referencing seemingly the banner headline U3 rate – well this is giving the lying bastards at the BLS/DOL a free pass). Uh no, if one looks at the broader meaure U6- which they don’t like to talk about-it came in at 13.8% for Oct 2013 and this equates to a grand total of 21M officially people. ALMOST DOUBLE THE BANNER RATE!

    • Tim

      The author wasn’t analyzing anything. He was merely referring to what the BLS says is the number of Americans that are officially unemployed (U-3). And if that was too hard for you to figure out, that statement is linked directly to the BLS’s site.

      • nixonmonica

        The author was making a point in the article as to how grave the unemployment situation in the United States happens to be by utilizing quantitative statistics. I was merely stipulating that the reality is more grave by utilizing the BLS’s broader measure U-6 thereby actually strengthening his contention.

        Maybe you should re-read my comment and you just might note that I fully understand he was referencing the U-3.

        Sorry me bad for digging a little deeper to illustrate how the top level memes understate the reality. I’m an intelligence analyst by training so I guess you’ll just have to forgive me.

        • Tim

          You began your original comment by saying that the author’s “analysis is flawed.” The author was simply showing just how bad the unemployment situation really is by adding the number of Americans considered to be officially unemployed (U-3) to those considered to be not in the labor force. He linked to the BLS for both of those figures. The U-3 figure, which is deliberately misleading, is usually the only unemployment figure that we hear from the mainstream media, and you can be sure that it’s by design. The author was shedding light on the situation using the BLS’s own data. So, where is his flaw?

        • GSOB

          I knew there was something else about you that pushed you to excel, other than the name Nixon

    • Gene Baugh BBA

      Good point thanks for brining that up.

  • A D

    Collapsing the economic system with chaos from Oboma destroying each sector like he said he would.

  • A D

    People will elect Hillary in 2016, wanting more freebies on the communism central theme.

    • Gene Baugh BBA

      Or needing to ensure their abortion rights because they can’t even support themselves much less a child spawned during a night of drinking away their economic woes.

  • keyoix

    As a european, I don’t understand how you Americans have to pay a separate high health insurance to get medical care, this cost should be covered by taxes that you pay to the government, I mean you pay taxes on the income, food, electricity, fuel, clothing, real estate, almost everything, why doesn’t this tax dollars cover healthcare for everyone, but now you also additionally have to pay from your pocket, a “tax” money for health insurance … this sounds crazy..where does all this tax money go…probably to military industry…

  • GaryReber

    And yet conventional wisdom is that the ONLY means to an income is a job; completely ignorant of what the wealthy fully understand––to be rich means to OWN wealth-creating, income-producing productive capital assets that are self-financing and pay for themselves. Yet none of our political leaders nor academic address the reality that there are two factors of production––human (or labor) and non-human (physical capital). Nor do they address that the reality is that private sector job creation in numbers that match the pool of people willing and able to work is constantly being eroded by physical productive capital’s ever increasing role. If politicians and academicians would focus on OWNERSHIP CREATION rather than JOB CREATION, we could solve the problem and create a path to prosperity, opportunity and economic just, and provide an income source based on the non-human factor. If we do not, tectonic shifts in the technologies (non-human factor) of production will continue to destroy jobs and devalue the worth of labor.

    • Pyra

      The 800 pound parasite in the room is the bloated U.S. government and wealth-redistribution communist tactics being employed by progressive liberals in this country.
      The problem with America is Americans. I know, I live here. Americans have forgotten basic human values, general life skills, inability to critically think, and slothful inquiry into what is told them. People have become ethically lazy, morally bankrupt, and love money more than they ought. Materialism and consumerism drives motivation instead of valuing people and discovering the secret to contentment is to be happy with yourself instead of being happy because you have things.
      The government we now have we Americans have earned 10 times over. The price for stupidity and iniquity will always be paid.
      When a society deviates from universal spiritual laws and turns its back from natural order, it collapses. No matter how many jobs that society has, no matter how many “rich” people or how many poor people, it will crumble and fail.

  • piccadillybabe

    Many local pantries and soup kitchens are running out of resources as “food insecurity” is becoming the norm for more and more families and seniors. Last summer, the YMCA was offering free meals/lunches to kids that were in need. The awareness of this reality should be everyone’s concern to never take your next meal for granted. Be prepared to grow your own. Due to government regulations many local vegetable stands now have to be registered and certified in order to sell their produce and there is a lot of red tape. As a result, many vegetable/food stands that once dotted the local and rural landscape in the summer months have closed down permanently. Another local resource that many depended on is gone due to laws that enable/promote “food insecurity.” So not only do people not have jobs but there is very little free food available.

  • voltaic

    You clueless freaks. You blame Obama for everything except Fukushima. Do you realize that the GOP has control of the budget and has not done anything to improve the job crisis? Do you recall that this Great Recession started under your deity George W. Bush and his GOP Congress???? Do you realize the US had a budget surplus in 2000 and was trillions in debt under GWB and the GOP??? Obama is rather useless, but he is not the cause of joblessness. It’s the soulless GOP and their desire to make the economy worse instead of better. The ONLY thing the GOP has done over the past 5 years is try to stop all abortions and overturn Constitutionally upheld ACA legislation. They have even failed at that!!!!

    • wombobobo

      LMAO. these last 5 years have been wonderful. I’m not sure what I love more, the failure of obamacare, the NSA spying, solyndra, the IRS scandal, benghazi, the 8 trillion in deficit spending, the middle east in flames, the failure of cities like Detroit, the downgrading of our debt, his inability to sign the Keystone deal, returning the bust of churchill to the Brits, denying America exceptionalism, hey, remember closing Gitmo, why did that fall out of the news?, naming a COMMUNIST as a czar, this is sooooo funny, help me out, which is your favorite? there are too many to count

      and the budget surplus was care of a Republican Congress, thanks!

      obama’s commie policies ARE the cause of our decline, but, hey, thanks!

      oh gosh, I forgot Dodd-Frank, how silly of me.

      and cash for clunkers, that accomplished….. Nothing!

      • voltaic

        How about this for comparison: Iraq War and those WMDs!, thousands of American troops dead, trillion in war costs not paid for. Or maybe you prefer the Afghanistan invasion and its thousands of dead and trillion in cost not paid for. You must be a big fan of the Constitution destroying Patriot Act that the GOP clowns pushed ahead. Like government involvement in healthcare? How about this one: Bin Laden determined to strike in the U.S.” and how Bush and Co. ignored that warning? How about the not-aid-for Medicare Part D that made it illegal to import less costly Canadian drugs. Or maybe you are more inclined to appreciate the two unpaid for trillion$ tax cuts for the wealthy that were supposed to create a high flying economy, but only created the largest income inequality in history and a housing bubble. Your minor comparisons are what’s laughable.

        • guest

          Clinton and Gore said there were WMD’s when they were in office.

          • wombobobo

            EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction. EVERY democrap of note stated there were weapons of mass destruction.

          • Gay Veteran


          • GSOB

            What are you saying really?

        • wombobobo

          unpaid, lmao, obama OWNS about 7 TRILLION in ADDITIONAL DEBT SPENDING unpaid, lmao, obama OWNS about 7 TRILLION in ADDITIONAL DEBT SPENDING unpaid, lmao, obama OWNS about 7 TRILLION in ADDITIONAL DEBT SPENDING unpaid, lmao, obama OWNS about 7 TRILLION in ADDITIONAL DEBT SPENDING

      • mikeymike61

        your post is priceless, keep up the good work, you just scratched the surface

      • Gay Veteran

        “…denying America exceptionalism…”
        considering the monstrous evils the U.S. has committed we are truly exceptional

    • James Childress

      So let me get this straight, the Rupubs are at at fault when a surplus that began on first Bush’s watch took little time to
      fritter away by the Clinton regime which was when the Dem supported
      housing loan reforms orginated and eventually blew up in Bush 2’s face
      dragging the economy down. The Dems later had full control of both the House and the Senate for several years and could have passed anything they wanted to fix the economy, but instead passed a major must pass spending bill increasing our national debt further instead that was full of loans/grants to businesses (who supported the Dems BTW…political payback) that failed with little oversight or prosecution. Passed a massive govt healthcare package that caused millions to lose their coverage and nearly as many to lose their jobs or have their hours cut back. All budgets must original in the Senate which have been in Democrat control for much longer and have yet to pass their one mandated function. Yeah those Repubs are completely to blame for this job and economic depression.

      • voltaic

        Here is the real history. First you simply believe the propaganda of the RWNJs who blame the poor for everything. It wasn’t housing loan reforms it was deregulation of lending from the GOP that led to the crisis. GOP Greenspan and the treasury types didn’t complain about any housing issues did they? No. GOP just loved the increasing home prices and the bubble economy. The Community Reinvestment Act “The CRA has been in place since 1977, while subprime lending only skyrocketed in the 2000s.” So don’t use that lame excuse to describe the housing bubble. Also, the GOP had the presidency and BOTH houses of Congress from 2000-2006 when all the hell broke loose. Dems had control in 2007, but the problems the GOP created were well under way by then. Dems are rather useless but GOP is dangerous. No, all budgets originate in the House, which has been GOP except for 2 years. Always have. So you can’t blame a senate……Please just don’t repeat all the FOX and Drudge nonsense. Look up the facts and you will be better off.

        • James Childress

          You are confusing the difference between spending approval from an actual budget. The House controls the purse only. They can approriate spending or approve/deny a budget sent to them from the Senate, which is what the Repubs were doing when they attempted to defund Obamacare in Continuing Resolution. The only thing the Repubs were guitly of in the housing bubble debackle is compromising with the Dems who were pushing for it. It seems like everytime when the Repubs compromise they get blamed for the problems that result and when they don’t, they get accused of obtructionism. It in the end who is president doesn’t matter as the power does not rely in him solely. Congress can override any Veto with enough votes. You question my info sources well I question the liberal mainstream media that is nearly always covering the Dems butts when the SHTF instead of holding them accountable.

          • Gay Veteran

            financials institutions that were NOT subject to The Community Reinvestment Act were the ones that had the most liar loans

        • DiscouragedOne

          1977, when Carter, a Democrat, was President.

      • Gay Veteran

        uh, Clinton the scumbag did run a surplus
        pure BS about housing loans, it was the BANKSTERS that engaged in massive fraud that caused the housing bubble

        Obama is as bad or ever worse that Bush the Stoopid (war criminal)

        • James Childress

          I wasn’t a big fan of Bush either. I just don’t blame him for the problems we are having now. 5 years was plenty of time to fix the economy if Bush was truly to blame and our leaders have just been adding fuel to the fire. I don’t disagree that someone high up in the banking industry likely had a hand in the housing collapse.

          • Gay Veteran

            Karl Denninger (one of the founders of the Tea Party movement) has written extensively about the massive fraud the banks committed.

  • iguana one

    For those that can prepare properly for what is coming, do it NOW! Food. Water. Gun. Ammo. Medicines. Clothing. TP. Paper towels. Candles. Fuel.

  • Arne Larson

    I have not counted the negative vs the positive comments responding to this column, but my rough guess is that the pessimistic far out weigh the optimistic. That’s unfortunate, because the negative attitudes don’t help the situation, in either the micro- or the macro-sense. For almost 40 years, my wife and I worked hard to raise a family and I think we have been successful at giving our two daughters a wonderful, positive start to their lives. Both of our daughters worked hard in school and got good grades, and went on to college. They are both employed and on their way to successful careers. Over the years, my wife and I made pretty good money, but we rarely went out for dinner, didn’t take expensive vacations and lived within our means. We tried to save as much as possible, shopped at discount stores and drove cars for a decade or more until trading them in. What we did do, was spend time with the family. I never missed a soccer game or a track meet. School plays and PTA meetings took precedence over drinks and parties with our adult friends. Although my wife always looked like a million, her secret was that she shopped at consignment stores and Goodwill, always finding great deals. Neiman’s, Nordstrom and Saks, never. So, even when I was displaced and unemployed for the majority of Obama’s 1st term, I had 30 years of savings to live on. After heart attacks and surgeries, I still saw that I had a life to live. I’ve gone back to work, and see the positive light after every day, because the alternative is a negative darkness that will pull me down into the depths with the rest of the pessimists. I am not going there…and neither should any of you.

    • GSOB

      “The light of reason, as well as the life of sense, is derived from Him, and depends upon Him. This eternal Word, this true Light shines, but the darkness comprehends it not.

      Let us pray without ceasing, that our eyes may be opened to behold this Light, that we may walk in it; and thus be made wise unto salvation, by faith in Jesus Christ.”

      – Matthew Henry on
      John 1:4

      “In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.”

  • mom58

    the question is
    once they send us to camps or do away with us, who is going to finance their lifestyles

  • usmcmailman

    You can tell when the boy king lies. His big purple
    lips move !

  • Tom Canavan

    If you are willing to do carpentry you can get a house for $1.00 Buy the salvage rights for $1.00 and take the whole house. Been doing it for 30 years. Put ad in Moneysaver for free demolition, call you, at your number. If you like the house cut it into wall and floor sections and set it up on your land. Need money to buy land? Auction some of the houses you find on EBay as “must be moved” house. Use auction money to buy land.

    • HadIt

      Yeah, and the neighborhoods that these “dollar houses” are in are really desireable too. You would probably be mugged or shot before your first repair was started..

  • Carol Martin

    I just read through all the threads. You all sound paranoid. I am one of the technically unemployed uninsured. I take care of my 83 yr old, wheelchair bound mother. I do not get any pay. I do get a roof over my head and food in my belly daily. We have a 40 acre ranch, which provides most of our food, from meat to fruits and vegetable, and of course there is fishing and hunting to fill in for a balance of meat. I can my own fruits and veges. The ranch is paid in full and only costs taxes. Of course there is upkeep but it is cheaper to fix something then replace it. I do not go to the ER as the president states all uninsured do. I use my regular doctor, it is more then 90% cheaper then the ER, and that is if I go. As my mother is a retired LVN most things she can handle if it is necessary. Essentially what I am saying is there is an alternative to city, apartment, etc living. And it is cheaper.

    • nelly0042

      So in other words, if one happens to be in the exact same condition as you, there is a cheaper alternative … but for the rest of us there isn’t.

  • jimmy

    What jobs, what america, its all gone that was yesterday.i didn’t even red two lines in this article because it’s the same kind of article that I havebbeen reading for years now and it’s the samething. GGoodbye america and the world and welcome the soon coming of ower lord and saviour Jesus Christ and his coming everlasting kingdom. That’s what i’m waiting for, not ower president osama or some future president to fixe anything because those days are long gone. Come lord jesus come.

  • Patricia Eggett

    I’m not working. If God didn’t let me be a housewife, my daughter & I would die

  • Ricky Ross

    Exactly! …and that is why I always tell people that voting will NEVER work! The NWO did not spend the last 100+ years designing their prison planet control grid just so that their very enemies, we the people, could come along and ruin it all via elections! The NWO took over the monetary supply in 1913 and only a fool would believe that they did not take over the SELECTIONS at/around the same time! Remember that as the “hype” for 2016 rolls around…All I am seeing is Ted Cruz, Rand Paul & Alan West hype. It is sickening to see the people fall for it. I mean, Ted Cruz worked in the Bush Administration as did his wife Heidi Nelson Cruz…also, she is a Senior VP at Goldman Sach’s in the Derivatives Division and she is currently a member on the Council on Foreign Relations. Alan West supports the NDAA and Rand Paul supports drone use and the people seem to have forgotten that he supported Romney as well. People need to remember what Albert Pike said >>>

    “We always give the public their heroes, we give the heroes to every faction and the people, once they hear this person say all the right things, we give releases to them because he or she speaks for me, that’s how we rationalize it and we sit back and re-guide it again, we say go here and go do that and they do it, we give our power to the authorized heroes.”

    – Albert Pike, From his book Morals & Dogma, 1871

    • PeaceAngel

      It is past time to get out. America is over.

    • leftofcenter480

      You are one sick puppy!

      • Ricky Ross

        Reality is sick isn’t it? Just because I can see it, does not mean I am sick too!

    • we r skrood

      How is being associated with Romney, a bad thing . Does anyone still think that Romney would make a worse pres than Obomba . Your Illuminati certainly did a number on Romney . That , by your definition was preordained , which would lead me/ you to conclude that ‘ they’ were concerned that he might have upset their global designs , about which you rant and complain . Why would we bother to vote ? Because that is the only path we have ; we can only hope that a Paul or Cruz or Palin is able at the point of total despair and through default , get at least a chance to do something that makes sense . . But of course it is a hopeless crusade to persuade the dumbed down and stupid , to do something that responsible and reasonable .

      • Ricky Ross

        Albert Einstein said…”Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is >>> INSANITY!”

        Keep on trying to vote your way out of this and see how far you get…LOL.

        • we r skrood

          I don`t think I implied that voting would be the ONLY thing to be tried . Whatever those other choices are … And again , What was wrong with Romney`s platform ? As opposed to the ‘ Forward ‘ and ‘ Change ‘ non platform as extolled by the anointed one .

          • Ricky Ross

            Ever hear of “RomneyCare”? It’s what Obamacare was based off of. Also, if you look at both of their top 10 corporate donors, they are nearly identical.

            Lastly, the fact that the POTUS position is and has been a puppet position is all that is really needed to consider to know that Romney, Obama, McCain…any of them would have made no difference.

            Voting is just a ritual that allows the American people to feel as if they have a say so in the running of this country, when in fact, all POTUS over the last 50+ years have been working for a New World Order.

            Search it on YouTube and you can find every one of them talking about it at one point or another.

          • we r skrood

            Of course I know that, but I find it a stretch to believe that Romney or whoever you believe is the puppet of choice , would put forth an Orwellian piece of garbage such as Oboma care , which when dissected, intrudes upon dozens of freedoms . We both know that Romney care was enacted in an extremely blue state , where cooperation with the dumbed down Dem majority , was imperative . Your boy Obama is an extremist ,an elitist and an uncaring zealot pandering to a sheepish electorate ; the right included. Any one with any common sense would reali9ze that to reform the health system , which admitably was on life support , that it be done in an incremental manner , so as to allow for minor course corrections as they became needed. And if you believe that voting is of no consequence . perhaps you should consider that the Bush election swung on a few counties in Florida , or in the case of JFK , by strong arm tactics in parts of Chicago or in the case of Obama a bunch of Obamaphone wielding knuckleheads on welfare in Cleveland . I know; the right stayed home too , which doesn`t say much for the overall intellect of the voting public in general . I really think the vote should be restricted to those with an IQ above room temperature . And maybe at the same time don`t allow ‘ 24yr old women ‘ to cast a vote either.

          • Ricky Ross

            You may not receive my response as it is being moderated…probably because I listed YouTube links?

  • nygrump

    I’m just curious why, in an alleged capitalist society, the government is held responsible for creating jobs. Isn’t that what happens in socialist societies? Isn’t it the companies that are responsible? And is it not true that US companies have been offshoring every job possible in the last 30 years?

  • DelmarJackson

    A new report concludes that immigrants accounted for all the employment gains in the US labor market from 2000-2013.
    The report challenges the notion that immigration helps the economy, a common argument by those who favor comprehensive
    immigration reform, and S. 744, the recently passed Senate immigration bill, specifically.

    The report was commission by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), and it was written by Steven A. Camarota,
    the director of research at CIS, and Karen Zeigler, a demographer. It concluded that the native-born population
    accounted for two-thirds of overall growth in the working-age population (16 to 65), but none of the net growth
    in employment among the working-age has gone to natives. As the report stated:

    While jobs are always being created and lost, and the number of workers rises and falls with the economy,
    a new analysis of government data shows that all of the net gain in employment over the last 13 years has
    gone to immigrants (legal and illegal). From the first quarter of 2000 to the first quarter of 2013, the
    number of natives working actually fell by 1.3 million while the overall size of the working-age (16 to 65)
    native population increased by 16.4 million. Over the same time period, the number of immigrants working (legal and illegal)
    increased by 5.3 million.

    The study also found that the native percentage of the working population has decreased by nearly 15% in the last decade.

  • DelmarJackson


  • KG

    And we all have Ronald Reagan to thank for this mess. Selling off our industrial base to communist countries – it sounds like a bad James Bond movie, but thats exactly what the republicans have given us. If you want good jobs, then support Unions. It’s only through the Union that common people can hope for a decent wage.

  • Jakob Stagg

    King Pinocchio speaks. Nothing but lies come out. He is running out of other people’s money and ink to print more.

  • piratemarshal

    I am part of the “non working” America. This is because I simply refuse to participate in the global bankster ponzi scheme any longer. The Dollar is dying, and there simply is no future in the fake fiat economy that only serves the rich for my generation (GenY) or any after us. The US Government has been bought and paid for by fascist bankers in the greatest scam in the history of the world. There is zero incentive to go out daily and slave away most of my short life on this planet to make a pittance that loses value by the second, while those at the top take most of it, leaving me with no future, no dreams, and nothing to look forward to but a bleak existence in a hellish nightmare of near poverty.

    I’m saying NO. No to unconstitutional federal taxes, no to corporate sociopaths and crooked politicians. I no longer recognize the US Government as my government. They no longer represent my interests. I will not be a slave to the corporate elite. It has become my sole mission to ensure their destruction through making a home in the Bitcoin economy, one free of banks, borders, and government control.

    End the FED

  • banditzgone

    i agree..but how did we get into this mess/cycle…ooh-you blame obama…but democrats didnt cut taxes on the rich-cut spending on infrastructure and the jobs that they create…they havent fought against unions and higher paying jobs-which put money in people’s buy cars-tires-etc..we didnt start 2 unfunded wars on a lie,putting that bill on struggling families-democrats didnt make corporations rights,more important than those of people or the planet..

    • Ryan O’Neill

      The infighting between parties is what shields us from the truth of the matter. A weakening dollar, artificial interest rates and a financial cartel that pulls the strings of our economy. “Democrat” or “Republican” they are just mouth pieces for the financial elite who dictate our economy. Neither Obama nor the democrats, nor the republicans know the intricacies of the health care system. However, their lack of knowledge did not stop them from pushing for health care “reform”. Bush didn’t know the intricacies of the tax system, nor did any other elected official however did not stop them from passing tax cuts for the wealthy. Bottom line is our elected politicians do as they are told from those with the deepest pockets, it is no longer a government by the people for the people.

  • Kendra Bradley Line

    Considering the current Congress will do absolutely everything to destroy President Obama rather than improve the country for their constituents, and President Obama inherited the financial crisis set up by the George W. Bush administration, don’t you dare blame this one person for all the problems of this country! He can only do so much with what he has to work with. This country is supposed to be run by those representing ALL the people, not just the rich that want to keep getting richer at the expense of the rest of the citizens. Republican/Tea Party delusions, racism, and refusal to deal with reality is what is killing this country, not just one man.

    • Ryan O’Neill

      agreed. Our government is not made up of “the people” all of those in power are extremely wealthy, it would be naive to think they would pass laws that would impede upon their own wealth. Lifetime pensions, free healthcare (top of the line) and career appointments, are all symptoms of a diseased system. Bush passed tax cuts that benefited both rep. and dems., only difference is the dems cry out it is unfare, but did nothing to revoke it. Obama passes healthcare reform, but exempts all federal employees, including himself, congress, senate and judiciary branches from adhering to it. Bottom line, we need to flush out Washington and institute new regulations on our policy makers.

  • leftofcenter480

    You suggest that Obama playing golf somehow proves that he is not trying very hard to fix the job problem. You do manage to note that the Congress, esp. the Republican controlled House of Representatives, has done nothing – nothing – to address the problem. It has blocked every effort fy Obama to introduce programs that will create jobs, e.g. infrastructure repair among other things. Please put the blame where it belongs.

  • David Patrick Maurer

    we need an effective jobs bill and a gop that will focus on that rather than trying to repeal the affordable care act. they have blocked every jobs bill submitted just to score political points. our standard of living continues to decline while they seem intent on pushing every possible job overseas or making them part-time to deny benefits.

  • Janice Stern

    Half of the working age people who are unemployed in that statistic are disabled or high school or college students who are not looking for work.

  • a2phil

    I think it’s time for the 100 million person march on Washington…

  • Bethany Spielman

    I’m rotting in unemployment hell myself. Can’t find a job either. And those I apply for refuse to hire me, regardless of my over-a-decade of experience.

    • a2phil

      You must be “overqualified”, the current PC term for “too old”…

      I’m in the same boat…

  • Mark Denton

    The fact that you make the idiotic statement about the President, who has taken hundreds of fewer vacation days than W or Reagan at the same time in office, shows your insistence on being a blind partisan hack. You completely ignore the record number of filibustered bills by the house GOP including ANY and EVERY jobs related bill!!! They even filibustered a bill that offered tax cuts to any company moving jobs BACK to the U.S.!!!

    • Mark Denton

      Bring Jobs Home Act would provide a 20% tax break for the costs of moving jobs back to the United States and would rescind business expense deductions available to companies that are associated with the cost of moving operations overseas.

  • Florence Vincent

    Oh boy, do the Republicans LOVE to put all this on Obama, even though it’s their doing, and their corporate overlords with a little help from some corporate Dems.

  • PJG

    So what was the labor force participation % back in the “good old days”, say 1950 or1960? Hint: lower than it is today.

  • we r skrood

    I`ve done all that research and I too am a big fan of Alex Jones . What I think you stubbornly fail to acknowledge is that there are different degrees of ‘ imprisonment ‘and different methods of the Illuminati , if you will , attaining their objectives. It`s simply too glib to paint Obama and Rand Paul with the same brush . As far as Diebold machines being hacked that is probably true as is voting by the dead , voting multiple times , posting a couple of thugs at a polling station who would probably fold like a 3 dollar accordion if confronted , etc. etc.
    Over and out by the way ; In your anonymity you are starting to get borderline patronizing . I doubt you would do that in person . If you did I might react.

    • Ricky Ross

      Funny, I am not a fan of Alex Jones, but I digress.

      Next, I live in Michigan City, Indiana…are you close by? I am interested in your “reaction”???

      I am the same in person as I am on line…and unlike most keyboard warriors like yourself, I stand up for my beliefs and the words that I speak!

      …and I do not take kindly to veiled threats, thin or otherwise!

      I’ll be your Huckelberry!

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