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10 Signs That Economic Riots And Civil Unrest Inside The United States Are Now More Likely Than Ever

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You should let the video footage of the wild violence that just took place in London burn into your memory because the same things are going to be happening all over the United States as the economy continues to crumble.  We have raised an entire generation of young people with an “entitlement mentality”, but now the economy is producing very few good jobs that will actually enable our young people to work for what they feel they are entitled to.  If you are under 30 in America today, things look really bleak.  The vast majority of the good jobs are held by people that are older, and they aren’t about to give them up if they can help it.  It is easy for the rest of us to tell young Americans to “take whatever they can”, but the reality is that there is intense competition for even the most basic jobs.  For instance, McDonald’s recently held a “National Hiring Day” during which a million Americans applied for jobs.  Only 6.2% of the applicants were hired.  In the old days you could walk down to McDonald’s and get a job whenever you wanted to, but now any job is precious.  The frustration among our young people is palpable.  Most of them feel entitled to “the American Dream” and they feel like the system has failed them.  Unfortunately, many of them are already turning to violence.  But the economic riots and the civil unrest that we have already seen are nothing compared to what is coming.  Americans are angry, and as the economy continues to collapse that anger is going to reach unprecedented heights.

In recent days, even many in the mainstream media have been openly wondering if the riots that happened in London could happen here too.  There is a growing acknowledgement that this country is headed down a very dark path.

The sad thing is that these riots accomplish absolutely nothing.  The recent London riots did not create any jobs and they certainly did not solve any economic problems.  Instead, they actually hurt the economy even more because a huge am0unt of property was destroyed and people are even more afraid to continue with business as usual.

But when people get to the end of their ropes, most of the time they are not thinking rationally.  When frustration erupts, the results can be very, very messy.

All over the United States we are already seeing some very troubling signs of the violence that is coming.  The following are 10 signs that economic riots and civil unrest inside United States are now more likely then ever….

#1 Going to the state fair used to be such a fun thing for American families to do.  But now no place is safe.  The following is how one local ABC News affiliate described the “flash mob” attacks that took place at the Wisconsin state fair recently….

Milwaukee police said that around 11:10 p.m., squads were sent to the area for reports of battery, fighting and property damage being caused by an unruly crowd of “hundreds” of people. One officer described it as a “mob beating.”

Police said the group of young people attacked fair goers who were leaving the fair grounds. Police said that some victims were attacked while walking. They said others were pulled out of cars and off of motorcycles before being beaten.

One eyewitness said that the flash mob attacks at the Wisconsin state fair absolutely overwhelmed the limited police presence that was there….

When I saw the amount of kids coming down the road, all I kept thinking was, ‘There’s not enough cops to handle this.’  There’s no way.  It would have taken the National Guard to control the number of kids that were coming off the road.  They were knocking people off their motorcycles.

#2 According to a new Rasmussen survey, 48% of Americans believe that reductions in government spending are “at least somewhat likely” to result in civil unrest inside the United States.  Unfortunately, perception often greatly influences reality.

#3 U.S. consumer confidence is now at its lowest level in 30 years.

#4 Joblessness among young Americans is at an epidemic level, and when rioting does break out it is usually young people that are leading the way.  That is why the following statistics from an article in The Atlantic are so troubling….

One in five Americans are between 15 and 29-years old. And one in five of those Americans are unemployed. For minorities and the under-educated, the picture is much worse. Black teenagers have an unemployment rate of 44 percent, twice the rate for white teens.

#5 We are starting to see mindless violence in a lot of areas that used to be considered safe.  In Kansas City on Saturday night, three young people were hit with bullets as they walked the streets of the Country Club Plaza.  Mayor Sly James was about 50 yards away when the gunfire erupted.  Authorities in Kansas City are considering a stricter curfew for that area.

#6 “Flash mobs” have become such a problem in Philadelphia that the mayor has imposed a strict curfew on young people.  Now all teens between the ages of 13 and 18 must be indoors by 9 o’clock at night.  The mayor also says that teens need to start pulling up their pants….

“Pull your pants up and buy a belt ’cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

#7 All over the United States we are seeing that many struggling Americans will do just about anything for money.  For example, in Detroit recently three masked men crashed a vehicle through the entrance of a gas station and took off with an entire ATM machine.

#8 Desperate people do desperate things.  Many of America’s “forgotten poor” are trying to survive any way that they can.  For instance, a group of vagrants recently set up “a makeshift camp” near Prospect Park lake in Brooklyn.  According to the New York Post, many nearby residents have been disturbed by what these “drifters” are doing to survive….

The drifters have been illegally trapping and cooking up the critters that call the park home, including squirrels, ducks and swan-like cygnets.

They used crude tactics to hunt their prey, including barbed fishing hooks that ripped off the top half of one poor gosling’s beak. They then cooked the meat over illegal fires. Some of the animals were eaten raw.

#9 According to CNN, sales of safes and vaults are absolutely soaring right now.  One store owner told CNN that she believes that she is selling a lot more safes now because people are scared that civil unrest could be coming….

“Folks are worried about the decreasing value of the dollar, burglaries on the rise in their neighborhoods … and even the possibility that the unrest we are seeing in other parts of the world slipping over to our country.”

#10 Over the past 100 years, the American population has moved steadily into our big cities and the surrounding suburbs.  This has created virtual “ghost towns” in our rural areas from coast to coast.  Back in 1910, 72 percent of Americans lived in rural areas.  Today, only 16 percent of Americans live in rural areas.  But when you crowd huge masses of people close together that makes riots and civil unrest much more likely.

Most Americans are already fed up, and the economy is not even that bad yet.  One recent survey found that 73 percent of Americans believe that the nation is “on the wrong track”.  Another recent poll found that only 17 percent of Americans now believe that the U.S. government has the consent of the governed.

Millions of very frustrated young people believe that the economic system has failed them and that the political system no longer holds any answers.

America is rapidly approaching a breaking point.  I have written previously about the collapse of society that we are already witnessing all over the United States.  When the economy totally breaks down, most Americans are not going to be able to handle it.

Sadly, instead of coming together and trying to do something productive, many Americans will resort to rioting, looting and civil unrest.  We have already seen this during local emergencies such as Hurricane Katrina.

But mindless violence accomplishes absolutely nothing positive.  It just always makes things worse.

Unfortunately, logic and reason are not going to be enough to stop the gigantic wave of frustration that is coming.  For most of the rest of us, it will be hard enough to get out of the way and protect our own families from the economic riots and the civil unrest that are coming.

The thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear.  Hatred and anger are growing by the day.  The United States is becoming a very frightening place.

So get ready.  Our politicians certainly don’t have any answers for us.  The debt ceiling deal was a complete and total joke, and corruption is absolutely rampant in Washington right now.  Barack Obama is getting ready to leave for yet another vacation, and most of our politicians are only focused on the next election.

So don’t expect a “miracle” from those that are supposed to be leading us.

They don’t care about you.

You need to take care of yourself and your family and your friends.

A massive economic collapse is coming, and most Americans are going to be totally blindsided by it.

Don’t let that happen to you.

  • Excellent article Michael!
    When are you going to write more articles on your other website?

    • Michael

      I just put one up a few minutes ago. 🙂

      Things should be returning to normal for me now.


      • Salomon Katz

        It is time for Barry to govern by decree while invoking NSPD 51: suspend the Constitution, declare Martial Law, confiscate all types of guns -either by peaceful or coercive means- and place under strict quarantine those who may try to revolt (FEMA camps have been designed for such purpose).

        Besides that, it is good to remind the audiences that Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue.The sooner the US economy collapses the better, so these brutes will finally learn NOT to live beyond their means.

        • Casey Jones

          You sound like a nazi. The only solution is to stop giving aid to those who hate Americans … like you socialist swine.

  • “#10 – Most Americans are already fed up, and the economy is not even that bad yet.”

    That is an asinine statement, it reeks of scam built on top of scam. You see we are in a CIVIL WAR already here in Amerika and it has been going on for quite some time. But for some its business as usual, and “its not that bad yet…”

    Now this civil war is different then any civil war America has previously been in, you see it is the “corporate whore guverment slave state system” that is warring against all who believe in the Constitution. They may swear to “Uphold” the Constitution but they are playing for “another team” and in this war they have been winning for a long time now. You are basically ONE fighting against the corporate whore designed to crush every aspect of your freedem, thats Walmart for that mindset and elects all your commie/fascist politicos who would not offer you a drink of water if you were dying of thirst. Yes you are dying, and some of you faster then others… but hey “its not even that bad yet…”

    • Michael

      This is rip-roaring prosperity compared to what is coming.

      Yes, things are not that bad yet.

      What is coming is going to be absolutely nightmarish compared to this.


      • bmass.found

        Hey Micheal I’ve been reading your blog daily for months and have been researching and warning people of what is to come for two years now. I would first off like to thank you for keeping up with all of these fast changes and events. Secondly I would love to know what your other website is. Thanks and God bless!!

        • Michael

          Thanks for the kind words – you can find my other site here….

          Now that my wife and I are in our new place my regular posting schedule should resume. 🙂


  • Granite Prepper

    It is time to cling to our god and our guns……there is a bad moon rising!!

    • Ben Dover

      I thought they were singing “there’s a bathroom on the right!”

  • Lin

    Burglar and robbery reports from my local newspaper have been on a rise since a few months ago. There is at least one report per week. One stole newly arrived equipment from a high school. There hasn’t been any mob to my knowledge yet; my region’s situation is not as bad as others. I live in Iowa, away from the crowd.

    I’m probably one of the youngest readers on this blog.

    • Michael


      It is very nice to meet you. I am glad that young readers such as yourself have taken an interest in the blog. 🙂


    • McKinley Morganfield

      Hello to a Fellow iowan,

      Astute articles and mostly germane and insightful comments.


  • DeathSpiral

    This was predicted several years ago by Gerald Celente. One of his favorite quotes: ‘When money quits flowing to the man on the street then blood starts flowing in the street.’

    This is getting scary!

    • KP

      I hope for you that it *is* getting scary, but sadly nowhere near enough people are scared. Great, great fear is coming to the citizens of this country, and it will be to a degree never before seen in all of mankind’s history. If you do not have fear, real and genuine fear, you will not make it.

    • Casey Jones

      As long as the blood in the streets belongs to the man on the streets, it’s no big loss. Good riddance, and a ‘winnowing’ is certainly long overdue.

  • Johnson

    You should let the video footage of the wild violence that just took place in London burn into your memory because the same things are going to be happening all over the United States as the economy continues to crumble.
    I hope so. It is time that the downtrodden rise up and take back what has been stolen from us by the richy rich and their cohorts.

    • Green Mountain

      Johnson– Did you even read the article that Michael wrote? He correctly identifies the problem for what it is: the entitlement Marxist youth rampaging the streets of England because they are bored, stupid, and chaos-loving left-wingers who have been utterly failed by the Liberal-Progressive movement with their failed policies and attitudes.

      LIBERALISM HAS FAILED HUMANITY. What more proof does one need in order to understand this fact? Between the riots in England and the black mob/rioters in the United States, we are witnessing the toxic fruits of political correctness, welfare, and small ‘s’ socialism central planning.

      Furthermore, you better be careful what you wish for. People in this country have guns, and are not afraid to protect their property and their loved ones from the likes of you left-wing, terroristic, chaos-loving, street-marching goons.

      • Jeff

        Spoken like a true racist, right-wing, terroristic, chaos-loving, street-marching goon.

        • Green Mountain

          Translation: “You are correct Green Mountain, but since I am a left-winger I have to resort to name calling as the ONLY means of my argument.”

        • Casey Jones

          You left out ‘armed to the teeth’ and fed up, Jeff/Jackhole.

    • Ben Dover

      Problem is that those of us who used to be middle cless will be much easier to reach, and “rich” has largely been redefined as anyone who has anything you don’t.

    • Steven

      You’ll wind up dead in no time.

    • Steven

      I mean if you’re planning on joining them.

    • justanoguy

      Lots of laughing Johnson,

      Can’t wait for when the entitlement mentality minded comes to my neighborhood for what they think has been “stolen” from them.

      It’s going to be such a joy taking care of the real problems this country has in about a week’s time…

    • Colin

      Careful what you wish for……

    • John

      Is this Gary2 under a new name? Another class warfare advocate…very American indeed…NOT!

    • Casey Jones

      Johnson? Yes, that’s exactly what you are … a johnson. Stolen from you??? That makes you a foolish ‘johnson’ or, basically, what fathered all of the moronic PC jackholes/sociopigs that are posting here.

  • bobcat

    The difference between the rest of the world and the US is the number of guns in private hands. That’s going to make a difference should riots break out. What kind of a difference remains to be seen.

    • mondobeyondo


      Don’t bring a Molotov cocktail to a gunfight…

    • KP

      It’s not just the guns currently in private hands, but the stockpiles in stores. The “right to bear arms” has produced a thriving industry of incredibly efficient, deadly weapons. Every gun store across the country is nothing more than a weapons cache. When people start going hungry, they will take the weapons they think will help them survive. Guns, even for “protection”, will not save anyone.

      • Casey Jones

        I hope that they try it, because then there will be piles of dead downtrodden/sociopigs at the threshhold of every gun store in this country. You don’t think they’re owned by PC, liberal commies, do you? Haaaaaaaaaa!

    • Otown Right Guy

      But in the US cities, the effeminate liberals have no guns. They are afraid of guns. The criminals have a lot of them, of course. If riots break out in the cities the police will disappear, like they always do when confronted with danger. (i.e. LA in 1992). Its better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it.


  • Gary2

    The American dream has been stolen by the rich and corporations with the help of politicians funneling wealth to the top. If wealth and income were to be distributed evenly every married couple would be making $100,000 per year and the minimum wage would be $19 per hour. This would surly stimulate demand as opposed to the top 2% hoarding it all.

    If you are poor it is most likely due to someone already rich wanting to be even richer and having a republican party solely devoted to their needs and a dem party partially devoted to their (the rich) needs.

    We need to raise taxes on the rich and greedy to help the poor and needy.

    • John B.

      If wealth were distributed evenly, we would all be living like Cubans and North Koreans. The productive sector of society would simply sit back and take it easy. Why work hard when you can’t enjoy the fruits of your own labor?

    • Casey Jones

      You smell like communism. Let the ‘poor and needy’ help themselves, just like the rich did. Get off the couch, get off the crack, get off the welfare, and get a job. Simple.

  • Gary2

    Michael-it looks like Londoners are doing a little wealth redistribution. As I have said the rich WILL be taxed more either voluntarily or not but they WILL be taxed.

    • Casey Jones

      The rich have a lot of money to buy guns and protection to shoot and kill anyone who tries to force them to do anything, ***********-for-brains.

  • Gary2

    #1 was blacks beating up whites. Very racist blacks. I live here and I know. The “news” sugarcoated this racial element.

    One of the talk radio hosts even went so far as to say the best thing they could do is have a no black teen day.

    We the poor fight against ourselves when we should be fighting the rich. It is and never was a black/white thing but a rich/poor battle.

    • Casey Jones

      Bullets don’t care what race you are or your economic status, as no doubt you will find out.

  • Civil unrest is coming to your neighborhood:

    Congress has 2 options for fixing the US economy:

    (1) Bring our manufacturing jobs back from China and offend the largest campaign contributors.

    (2) Use civil unrest and the US military to reduce the size of the US population.

    • Louise in MO

      Gutter Economist

      Are you nuts….”let the mobs and the military reduce the US population?”

      You must be in the gutter to come up with this insane idea!

      • Not My Idea – Globalists control congress and want to reduce the world’s population by 80 percent.

  • steve

    We have been trying to warn people for years now but very few are getting ready. Get guns, ammo, non perishable foods, tools, and supplies for off grid living. And get a place which can be farmed out in the country at least a few hours drive from major population centers. God told us that severe famine would spread across the southern us all the way to the southern great lakes. The plains will dry up. The far northern us will receive adequate rain for farming. We bought an abandoned farm not far from Canada. S
    We suggest that you do the same.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    “Desperate people do desperate things.”

    By and large, these are not desperate people. They have the latest cell phones, they have Wii, they have state of the art computers, they have cable TV and large flat screen TVs along with blue ray DVD players, they have accounts with Netflix, they have food stamps, they have rent assistance, and ‘earned income’ tax credits. What they are, are parasites; but they are not desperate parasites. They have a sense of entitlement for that which they have not earned and they have no desire or motivation to earn because they have been told over and over again that they are victims deserving of their ‘fair share’ simply because they breathe air.

    Thou shall not covet!!!


    When food is scarce it is worth more money. A wise and prudent person stores food before a need is evident. When starvation begins it is too late. Discover your Gourmet, Dehydrated food storage program with A SAMPLE PACK FOR 9.95
    YOU CAN GIVE THE SAMPLES AWAY , for the 9.95 shipping and get credit for your own orders to save you money. take the food freedow tour on my site . Let me here from you with questions I want ask you for any money.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    “The thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear. Hatred and anger are growing by the day. The United States is becoming a very frightening place.”

    The veneer is thin indeed and it becomes thinner every minute. If/when it cracks it will be everyman for himself, government against all. Here in flyover country we face limited threats from the anarchy of collapse. In urban areas it will get nasty. Gentlemen and ladies, prepare to defend yourself.

  • mondobeyondo

    Remember – the revolution will not be televised.

    The mainstream media hates telling you that 1 out of 7 Americans, including children, are on food stamps. They hate telling you unemployment is actually increasing, not declining. They will not tell you the truth.

    What WILL they tell you? Oh, how about endless footage of the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday? Any war news they can dredge up (the loss of our brave Navy SEALs in Afghanistan is indeed a great tragedy. But don’t milk it, please! Stop the interviews. Let their families grieve in peace!)

    Watch the “Today” show or “Good Morning America” tomorrow. I can already predict what their main stories will be. The stage collapse, a Republican presidential candidate drops out**, and an update on the Missing Blonde Girl of the Week.

    ** – When is the next presidential election? November of 2012? And what day is it today? August 15th, 2011? It’s like waiting for Christmas, huh? “Only 15 months to go.. oh wait, 14 months and 30 days! And here’s a breaking story…Special report… Palin MAY RUN!! Quick, get our intrepid reporter Melissa on the campaign trail! Melissa, tell us, how much money has Mitt Romney raised so far in his campaign? And is it true that Palin will run? Bristol? Did you say Bristol? We all thought it would be SARAH!!…”

    Why, oh why are we giving this so much attention NOW?? Are the Nielsen ratings that bad??

    (“I’m stunned. I thought it would have been Todd myself. He’s very attractive on a snowmobile.” — Melissa)

  • Mark

    Things are going to get more violent in the US when the welfare checks stop. The pols in washington are scared to death for they know that the riots will happen here. Our so called leaders will just let the economic bus drive off the cliff. I saw this coming a long time ago. This is what happens when you raise up a welfare class instead of teaching them to strive to improve ones self. We have been preparing for a long time. I keep improving my skills and the ranch for hard times. I try different garden crops each different season to grow. We expand our water sources with gravity flow in mind. We collect more glass jars for storage. I expand the amount of fruit and nut trees on the place. My neighbors are starting to prepare in small ways. We will have to stick together in order to survive as best we can. One new regulation that Obama is trying put in place will kill many small farms. They want you to have a CDL to drive a tractor on your own place. It has been said that if you control oil you control nations, if you control food you control people. I wish to remain free!

  • steve

    buy guns, buy storable staples and supplies, buy guns, buy and or store water, buy guns, buy warm clothes and good camping gear, buy guns, buy extra boots and socks especially, buy guns, buy an extra years worth any needed medication, buy guns…. did i remeber to say buy guns?

  • Nickelthrower


    I know times are tough here but I know that things were exponentially tougher for my grandmother and she turned out just fine.

    In just one day, she lost her father and two uncles in the fighting that was being waged within a short hike from her home in N. Italy. She lived in one of those little towns that Hemmingway wrote about in Farewell to Arms.

    She grew up fatherless with 9 other siblings in an area devastated by war and came of age during the Great Depression. She married my grandfather in 1936 which was the same year that Mussolini invaded Ethiopia and sent soldiers to war torn Spain.

    My grandfather and two of his brothers were drafted. Both of his brothers died – one died when the Red Cross ship bringing the wounded back from Greece was attacked by the British.

    My grandfather’s youngest brother was taken to Germany as a slave laborer and was in Frankfurt, Germany when the Americans leveled the city.

    My grandfather was too busy to worry about that as he was stationed with the Germans in Normandy. He watched the Americans come ashore but hid for several days as the Americans were not too keen to take prisoners.

    My grandmother did not have too much time to worry either as her home sits 1/4 mile away from the rail line that leads out of Italy through the Brenner Pass. The Germans took over her home and had an anti-aircraft battery outside of her door. The Americans would come and bomb the rail lines (and everything else) and the Germans would force the Italians to rebuild it.

    The Germans, at this point, were not all that happy with their “allies” and went on some murder sprees. They executed anyone they caught with a radio and liked to do so in her courtyard. As a parting gift, they executed every single male they could get their hands on in the town right next door.

    She suffered through 30 years of war and financial hardship and she, her friends and her family somehow managed to keep their humanity.

    We can do it too.

    • Casey Jones

      That sounds like a load of bull. If the Brits bombed that ship, then it was a supply ship disguised as a Red Cross ship, and you’ll have a hard time finding any sympathy here for nazis, their Italian co-conspirators, or their offspring.

  • Cat

    Can you say “Clockwork Orange”? I’m sure that this youth violence has nothing to do with the inundation of violent input that these kids have been subjected to for the first decade or two of their lives. Unbelievable! Great work by a so called great society. Maybe when enough of this goes on, the minions will insist that our rights be infringed on in the name of restoring society. New laws can be passed, greater public surveillance be instituted, more prisons be built, and more counselors be hired to guide our children. All just to quell the increasing youth violence. Then when they grow up and reproduce, they can hand over some more of our rights when their kid’s exhibit even worse behavior, which of course will have nothing to do with the the garbage that their brains are immersed in.

    Wake up damn it! We’re creating our own nightmare! The recipe to fix this isn’t that hard to follow: Turn off the TV, unplug the video game, use the computer as a tool not a gaming console, eat with and talk to your children, read to them, take the headphones out of their ears, pay attention to what is going into their brains, take them to church, pray with them, teach them what is really important, be their parent. Or, let the school, daycare, TV, video game, music industry and their friends do your job for you.

    • Gimli

      Amen, amen and AMEN!!

    • Casey Jones

      You forgot corporal punishment. Nothing like a good @ss-fanning to drive the point home.

  • After guns are banned in the USA, this is your next best option.

    • Otown Right Guy

      I think you’ve been watching Kill Bill too many times. Don’t be caught bringing a sword to a gun fight.

  • Steven

    Most, Most disturbing, not only are we all most likely going to have to kill at least one person in the semi-near future in self defense, but it will also probably be a kid.

    This has been gnawing on me for sometime now. I’d like other peoples thoughts.

    Say you have bought land and you set up a homestead on it. Just yourself and 1 or 2 other family members, you are very much invested in the land and you can’t just get up and move, you have some crops, and aquaponic systems set up. chickens and goats, solar power. you have the area fenced off well enough so people can’t see in. you don’t live in the middle of nowhere but you don’t live in you don’t live close to many people.

    One night, 2 or 3 young teens break into the property to steal as much food as they can, and they are armed with various weapons. not all are firearms.

    But you got the drop on them with an AR-15 or weapon of your choice and they surrender.

    After you order them to disarm.

    Do you shoot them anyway and bury them in some remote area?

    In my mind, if you let them go they will just come back with more people because they know how much food you have. It would never cross their minds that “Wow, I have a chance to turn my life around.” it would be, “Wow, I can tell everyone about this place and have another chance at that food, they’ll be so proud of me.”

    Even if you called the cops, if the cops ever came, they would still get out of jail eventually. This time frame is after a lot of cops are laid off from budget cuts and prisons and jails are even more packed.

    I wouldn’t like doing it but I would kill them all.

    I would sleep a lot better after that, rather than having to stay up night after night waiting for them to come back.

    How would you handle this situation?

    • Highspeed

      I would hate to do it too Steven, but, I think in the situation you have described, it would be best.

    • Macnasty

      Steven you make two valuable points, kill or let live to fight even more later, best thing to remember is do want you can live with.

  • justanoguy

    Sorry Bro… You are wrong. When the shit hits the fan in the good ‘ole USA there are WAY too many red blooded Americans that are going to pull out their guns and stockpiles of bullets to take care of the shit.

    That’s reality…. I’m ready for it and so are my circle of friends. We know it’s coming and as soon as it does the goons that want to hit the streets to create chaos are going to be shot up.

    Think about the previous riots and why they don’t leave their own neighborhoods when burning everything up…. it’s because they know they would be shot up if they leave their boundaries.

    What’s going on in London is a perfect example of why restrictive Gun Laws are a bad idea.

    Do you really think the thugs with the entitlement attitude are going to invade my neighborhood? LOL!!!

    Can’t wait until they do so they can be taken care of…

    I personally don’t give a shit if they want to riot in their own little cesspool neighborhoods when the checks in the mail stop…. but as soon as they leave their boundaries there is plenty of lead waiting for them.

    In my opinion… the sooner … the better.

    Have a Great Day!

    • John

      Right on, brother, right on! I like the way you think.

  • Paul

    Well, population growth in the US is only comparable to developing nations, not industrial countries.

    Of course, all those people want jobs, something to eat, schooling and healthcare.

    If the church wants even more people, they shall pay for them and cover all the costs.

  • Paul

    “trapping and cooking up the critters that call the park home,”

    Hunting and trapping is a good American tradition. America became what it is by killing millions of bisons in the prairy.

    Eating meat raw is rather a foreign invention (sushi) and shall therefore be prohibited. (LOL)

  • kindra

    The only honest politician who will end the corrupted government and help put America back on the right track……His voting record is flawless , he has not and Will not ever vote on a issue that is unconstitutional. He will not be bought and he will not sell you out. Check him out for yourself….RON PAUL 2012

  • kindra

    The only honest politician who will end the corrupted government and help put America back on the right track……His voting record is flawless , he has not and Will not ever vote on a issue that is unconstitutional. He will not be bought and he will not sell you out. Check him out for yourself….you may not agree on all his issues but there is one thing the man is honest …..why is the media disregarding him? Because the medias corporate big daddies are scared!! He wants to end the FED. RON Paul 2012 .. SPREAD THE WORD

  • Guns, gold and a get away plan; Prepare.

  • mark mcbee

    I took part in Rodney King riot in 1991. Just out of high school and didn’t know what to do with my life. I’m a minority and an opportunity was in front of me to get back at society that I see treated me unfairly. With motive and opportunity at hand, why not? Watch out for the Korean shop keepers with guns. LOL

    • John

      Are you proud of yourself, Mark? Is that what you’re telling us?

    • Save the Republic

      Really? What did “society” do to you? Provide you with an education that could have gotten you a job? And, you probably would have qualified for financial grants to further your education, and been able to make great money. You wasted your opportunity and blamed everyone else. Stop making excuses, because I’m pretty sure you’ve never been held back by shackles of slavery. People had that as a legitimate excuse many years ago, but not today. What you need is some pride and determination.

  • A.S.

    The mayor of Detroit is absolutely right. What else choice does he have when children have no respect for anyone or anything? If this is all this new generation has to offer society, then we are doomed in another 10-15 years, if we make it that long.

  • The Tyranny of Relativism

    The Armed Forces are still actively seeking enlistees for a variety of career positions. If you are motivated and intelligent you can go to Officer Candidate School, SEAL Team Training, Ranger School, Flight School etc.

    The French Foreign Legion is also looking for qualified individuals and if you serve the full term you qualify for French Citizenship.

  • Can you feel it coming?

    Can you sense it with your heightened sense of awareness?
    It’s coming!

  • William

    There is an additional component in the coming disorder in America that is NOT related to economics. The people in America KNOW that the federal government is corrupt and self-serving. The people KNOW that the federal government does NOT act in the interests of the citizens. The people KNOW that shadowy and secret interests run America, from Wall St to the cowards and fools in the US Congress.

  • Jack

    the societal breakdown of Europe is going to plan as evidenced by the UK’s secret policy to employ mass immigration to destroy national identity. As the Daily Mail shows, “Labour threw open the doors to mass migration in a deliberate policy to change the social make-up of the UK, secret papers suggest. A draft report from the Cabinet Office shows that ministers wanted to ‘maximise the contribution’ of migrants to their ‘social objectives’. The number of foreigners allowed in the UK increased by as much as 50 per cent in the wake of the report, written in 2000.”

  • John Wayne

    Great article, Michael.

    One thing though, I am getting tired of all of the crazy Christians on here that are always ranting and raving about the rapture and other such nonsense. Hello, not everyone share your idiotic beliefs! Could you people please lighten up and stop with all of the nonsense Christian dogma? Why don’t you Christians learn to respects others, such as Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists?

    When the economic and social collapse of the modern society happens, we are all going to be in the same boat together, nevermind what religion you claim to belong to. We will all be HUMAN BEINGS together, struggling to survive the apocalypse.

    • Highspeed

      Sorry johnny, just as you have the right to spout your anti-christian views, others still have the right to proclaim their views. Who made you dictator anyway?

      • John Wayne

        You’re an idiot. My views don’t go around condemning the whole planet to hell for not sharing my own view. This is why you Christians are going to be destroyed soon, because everyone hates your elitism and groupism.

        • Michael

          How exactly are all of us Christians “going to be destroyed soon”?


        • George Washington

          Haaaaa! I hope you live in Detroit or in Dearbornistan. That’s Ground Zero in the war on muslims. This is a Christian country, founded by Christians for Christians, and we were wrong to be Christian and allow other religions to get so out of control. Don’t worry … it will soon be put right.

    • Save the Republic

      Sorry, but you are wrong. Being Christian is not about ‘religion’, it is about a relationship with the Creator. Jesus came to earth that we might be reconciled to God, if we will just believe and obey His teachings. But you refuse, because you want to be god in your own little world. Unfortunately, we will not all be human beings trying to survive the apocalypse. There are Christians and non-christians, but the Christians won’t be here with you and the “religions”.

      Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me.” -John 14:6

      Enjoy the broad way to the wide gate while you can, because destruction is on the other side…

  • Jeff

    “An armed society is a polite society”.

    I generally agree with Bobcat, the sea of firearms in the USA will help level the playing field when our day of reckoning comes.

    Although I am a liberal, I have a Kansas state-issued license to carry, and I will not stand by meekly and allow my family to be victimized by hoodlums like the ones that caused so much damage in London.

  • tome22

    Economics has been a social problem since the time of Pharohs in Egypt and the buiding of the pyamids.Of course at that time government and economics were one in the same. In the modern world they are seperate entities.The trick here is not to confuse the two.Government is the only leverage the American people have over corporate America even if the line is somewhat blurred. Democracy is the only means to an end.
    Anarchy and violence is not the way to go. You will end up with a military dictatorship,
    not Free Dumb.

  • How true, people are becoming feral, you see it everywhere.

    Glad I live in the wilderness

  • Have known for several years this is coming. This country is morally, spiritually and financially bankrupt. Our current politicians through their poor leadership and greed have put this country in a place of no return. The rioting in the cities is going to continue to escalate to a place where they will be gunning for the politicians very soon.

    • George Washington

      The unchecked, massive swarm of immigrants – legal and illegal – since 1950 has ruined this country. Politicians only use them for votes, and half of them don’t speak English. Nothing like seeing someone that’s been here for sixty years still speaking Vietnamese or Spanish. The cure for what ails this Country is to force everyone that has come here since 1950, legally or illegally, to return to their country of origin.

  • HeyNowHereNow

    Let’s give credit where credit is due. Our government is doing a fantastic job in managing these conditions. They are moving the nation right to where they want it – a martial law clampdown.

    And..the public is doing a typically piss-poor job in not recognizing it.

    No drooling 5 year-old could fail to see what the policies they put in place would result in.

    As if the government couldn’t foresee that exacerbating race relations with blatant favoratism programs, rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens, making huge segments of these minorities totally dependent upon government payments while insidiously stoking an arrogant sense of retributional entitlement, while shipping the economic lifeblood of the nation off to Asia, thereby destroying the producing middle class – would not result in social order breakdown and race war when the government largesse is intentionally shut off (Yes, shut off even though there’ll always be freshly printed $$’s for parasite Banksters).

    The time for PC bullcrap is over. This is the way it’s going down…like already. Check LA ’92, Katrina and last week’s UK for the NWO dress rehearsals.

    But for the insulated elites – everything is going to plan: Create huge problems – simmer and wait for the boiling point – then clamp down with a police state.

    Action – Reaction – Fascist Solution

    Wash, rinse and repeat throughout history.

  • TucsonKK

    This corporate govermnt takeover is destroying this country/world. Greed=Power and “we the people” have become just words. Yes Obama has been bought but the Tea party crowd wants to destroy the “people”,the water we drink,the earth,education for the rich only,slave wagesand attacks on seniors less people the better. Do not beleve what cable tells you as they lie or ommit the facts! Use the internet and and you will find some really scarry stuff about the USA’s next few years!

  • Right on the button. What is happening is a cakewalk compared to what is coming. God, guns, and gold in that order are needed. I am very glad to be 81. I don’t want to be around much longer.

  • Otown Right Guy

    We will only see a real collapse when the transfer payments stop happening – welfare and social security. That may not happen for a long time since the The Fed can keep expanding the money supply. Until then we will be in a stagflationary depression. More disappearing of the middle class. More expatriating of the upper class. This is slow death!

    • baad

      which means it will be very soon since china france russia and germany are demanding a new reserve currency since they see how obama spends and when that happens the spigot gets shut off and the ones with the guns and have kept their powder dry and prepaired will survive . however they will most likly end up with post tramatic distress disorder but at least their familys will survive. it will happen within the next 2 years . there will also be a major me war in the same time frame. its all setting up fast.

  • Falesteeni

    After studying the US for 40 years I can tell you for a fact most people in the US won’t rise or do anything because they’re going to be so poor & hungry that they’re not going to be able to do anything about it!As far as having lots of guns in the hands of the people the US government won’t object when the masses kill each other and reduce the number of the population by 50 or 70 million! the more people parish the less entitlement programs cost the better chance for controlling debt and unemployment.

    • George Washington

      It’s perish, not parish. As long as the ones perishing are the welfare leeches and the immigrant leeches, I’m okay with that. And 70 million sounds like a great start!

  • Doug

    “For instance, McDonald’s recently held a “National Hiring Day” during which a million Americans applied for jobs. Only 6.2% of the applicants were hired. ”

    Are you certain this is accurate? Did McDonalds hire 62,000 people in one day? That should have made the headlines!

    • That did make the news. Right after MeDonald’s got a waiver from Obama care…McDonald’s hired a lot of people. Wow, what timing or does something smell fishy…

      • John S

        Nothing fishy. The 62,000 new employees were intended to replace and eliminate full-time employees from McDonalds payroll. When the Obamacare waiver expires McDonald will have no benefits-eligible employees.

  • WarriorClass III
  • Bruce

    To Johnson
    Puhleeeze! Downtrodden? No one, and I repeat No One is downtrodden in this country unless they choose to be or made bad decisions somewhere in the past. My grandparents raised me on nothing. When I was 12 and 13, I was the only white face pulling a sack in the cotton patch. None of us in the patch thought we were downtrodden. None of us expected the government to take care of us. I joined the military after high school to get the GI Bill. I still had to work 8 to 10 hours a day for every day of college thru a masters degree, just to support my wife and children. I averaged 4 hours of sleep a day for years. I am retired now. Downtrodden?? I am so lucky to be an American, its not easy to express. If the military had given you some of the scenic tours they gave me, you would feel the same way. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and take advantage of the opportunities. Earn your success. It will never be free.

    • Jeff

      I love your attitude. Hard work is what makes us prosperous, not government hand outs.

  • Paul Prichard

    The riots in England were manufactured.
    See ‘Claim: Leicester Youths Offered Money To Start Riots’
    See ‘The Truth Behind England Riots Of 2011 – How The Birmingham Riots Began’

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “When the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets—and the blood is flowing around the world. In Greece, in Spain, in Portugal, in the U.K. It’s happening everywhere.”—Gerald Celente

    “When people get hungry and desperate, things get ugly. And I’ll tell you where it’s really going to get ugly: crime is going to go to levels we’ve never seen before.” —Gerald Celente

    Gerald Celente, one of the most insightful commentators of our day, has been saying that things are going to get a lot more violent in this country. And he speaks the truth. As the economic pain goes from bad to much, much worse, The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) is going to become increasingly bloody. The blood will flow like rivers through the streets of American cities. There will be riots and widespread civil unrest, and violent crime will go through the roof. The horrible kidnappings that are so common in parts of Latin America will become equally common in American cities. With each passing day, the BRA becomes more and more of a Third World hellhole—so get ready for Third World crime and violence to go with all the Third World poverty, Third World despair and Third World hopelessness.

    American politicians claim that the BRA is recovering from a “recession,” which is nonsense. Since September 2008, the BRA has been in a DEPRESSION, not a recession. And this depression is going to deepen and become much more severe. Gerald Celente often speaks of The Greatest Depression, meaning a depression that will be even more severe than the Great Depression of the 1930s—and the evidence indicates that he is absolutely right.

    Michael T. Snyder writes: “A massive economic collapse is coming.” Yes, it certainly is. And it is going to be absolutely brutal. It will make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like a picnic.

    God help The Banana Republic of America, collapsing, dying empire of the Third World.

    • baad

      nobody learned from the roman empire did they….

  • Mr Carpenter

    Dear Johnson and Bobcat,

    You should never hope that things turn violent because often times in violence, the people who are innocent of any wrongdoing end up the victim.

    As for the difference of we Americans still having lots of guns, well, the difference that it likely to make is a lot of dead innocent people in the streets.

    I’m not saying it is wrong to defend yourself or your home from invasions; I’m saying it’s very bad to wish upon anyone that such calamity should come upon our nation.

    Even so, it is coming whether we like it or not, so at least prepare yourselves.

  • At 55 years old, I’m on the other end of the hiring spectrum. I am unemployed and really do not believe I’ll ever have a job again. I do believe that people in HR departments look at my age and move my application to the bottom of the pile.

    • Not naive here

      You are not wrong to believe this, as that is exactly what happens. Only they find another reason to pass you up. You either hear nothing or you get some curt little e-mail, telling you they have “decided to go with another candidate.” Which is bull crap speak for ‘you are just too stinkin’ old. You have a mind, can think, and therefore, will be more difficult to control.” And so another 20-something gets hired instead of you.

  • Dave in Scenic City

    “Even if you knew what to do, you wouldn’t know what to do”…..quote from dying old man in Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”.

    • Andy

      That movie depressed the heck out of me. Not because it was poorly done but because it is an entirely plausible outcome based on current problems and sentiment.

  • Michael, could you post the links to your other websites please? Thank you.

  • Rhinehart Fox

    I agree with your prediction but only agree with part of your assessment as to why. Watch closely the videos of the rioters in England and of the flash mob criminals in American cities. I don’t see people who are starving or poorly dressed. They are laughing and joking while they rip off some poor shop owner. We have a new generation of savages, raised by teenaged mothers on gov’t hand-outs. “Thou shalt not steal” is not part of their upbringing or vocabulary. My grandparents did not steal during the depression. They worked harder and lived more frugally to the point that they could not bring themselves to waste anything for the rest of their lives. The crash of ’39 was also brought about by government intrusion into the market.
    I fully agrees with you as to what is ahead but I wouldn’t attribute any justifiable reasons to those who happily steal, burn, or kill their neighbors. It is simply the nature of those who are bereft of godly values.

    • MMarie

      There has been a moral breakdown – but from the top down. We are demonizing and judging these young people who have no jobs and no future, but they are stealing because there is no hope. We’ve ALL been robbed by the criminal banksters (but especially the young people). These kids made off with a few pairs of sneakers, while the banks and corporations who have stolen trillions from our society are still roaming free, paying off our politicians, and rigging Wall Street. Why aren’t they in jail? They’ve burned down a hell of lot more of our society than these kids.

      You reap what you sow.

      • Old Man

        There is a very good reason Wall Street banksters are not jail. Or not ever charged.

        It is because they have done absolutely NOTHING WRONG. Nothing wrong legally that is.

        It’s quite simple. They made sure Congress & states modify laws to fit what they were doing, or intend to do. They buried everything in fine print to cover their rear ends. It works much better than the mafioso buying off judges and politicians.

        So this is how they get away with it – by fixing the law and playing the big con game? Not entirely. How they actually get away with it is the millions of greedy stupid fools in America who bought their Ponzi schemes as American Free Shit Dream. You know – pay 2% down on a $1 million house and milk it as a glorious personal ATM cash machine. Because without the fools, a Ponzi is just an idea.

      • Casey Jones

        Typical enabler/apologist. Made of with a few pairs of sneakers? That makes them thieves, not ‘young people,’ you idiot. That cost gets passed on to the rest of us, and it jacks up everything from goods to insurance. They have no future, because they shouldn’t have been born in the first place. No one on welfare should be allowed to have children. If they can’t support themselves, they shouldn’t be having any kids. They should be sterilized until such time that they can show the ability to support each and every kid through college. That would solve the ‘poor with no future’ problem immediately.

    • BigM

      All the more reason to be twice as concerned!! These are just the ones willing to go out and create havoc to have a good time. Just think of what they will do when reality and the fear of it hits them where it hurts [their stomachs!] It’s then that all heck will break loose.

    • Bull

      It was the crash of ’29, not ’39.

      …And if your granny and grampy stole food or sold their bodies or killed for money they sure wouldn’t tell you about it…

      Furthermore, you talk about the lack of moral values. It was your “morality” that denied this generation(and previous generations) a decent education, turned the other way when police abused their rights, and ignored economic exploitation.

      And let’s not forget that every square inch of ground your are standing on was violently stolen from the natives of this land, and violence was used to force human beings to labor on that land for nothing.

      You are all of a sudden shocked and dismayed and yabbering about “values” and your good granny’s virtue, because you are afraid. You are afraid of being on the receiving end of violence and cruelty for once. And in your heart you believe that you deserve it.

      Because it is in your “nature” to be afraid, violent, paranoid, and a hypocrite.

      • Gun

        Your attitude is why I have my 12 gage loaded and ready. come on down

      • Casey Jones

        Blah, blah, blah.

        This land was conquered, which was the way of the world waaay back then, dummy. You are such an idiot, that I’m embarrassed that I’m even responding to you, but you obviously need to be schooled … on my dime … as usual. This ‘generation’ has had the easiest time of any generation in history. They have had quality educations handed to them on a silver platter, and they are the ones that have turned away. If you have a complaint about inner city (violent) schools, take a good, hard look at who’s teaching there. That’s right … Affirmative Action (paranoid) recipients. They haven’t had to work for anything (hypocrites.) Less-qualified people have been hired for jobs over more-qualified people because they were minorities and thus, somehow, ‘entitled’ to a job. That’s what’s ruined this country. Inclusion over excellence is the only exploitation happening here.

        As far as our ‘nature’ is concerned, I’ve assigned those qualities to your people, where they actually belong. You all keep ‘yabbering’ about how afraid we are supposed to be. You are about to be very surprised. What we do deserve is to be rid of you and your kind. Looking forward to it. Free ride is over.

    • you said the golden words, something like “raised on the government handout.” that’s right! that’s the whole argument! if you start giving someone charity, they will not use the gifts god gave them to EARN the money. this in turn disables their skillset. then, they get violent when the money is cut off……..

  • Dr. Chicago

    Michael –

    Great article. It summarizes the facts quickly. Chicago has reinforced and lowered their curfew with strict orders for the police to enforce. Flash mobs were all the rage in Chicago for a while and it impacted the reputation of the “Mag Mile”. Interestingly, this all occurred under the watch of Mayor Rahm Immanuel, the former right hand of President Obama.

  • Syrin

    I have been preparing for societal collapse for three years now. I am certain it is coming. The only uncertainty I have is what does it look like? Prolonged deep recession/depression? Post apocalyptic world? I have been searching the web for thoughts about this, and there are many web sites saying prepare, it’s going to be ugly. That’s about it. Not very helpful. Read ” The Patriot”. It will keep you awake at night. When he says ugly, he means armaggedon ugly. His scenario is VERY realistic. I fear the worst. We have become a splintered amoral society with an entitlement mentality fueled by decades of liberal programs which have institutionalized immoral behavior and championed criminals over victims. The media has hidden the racist FACTS about these flash mobs. Young blacks come from a broken home, are gov’t dependent, surrounded by drugs and violence with an awful education system. The courts and media have made them a priviledged race. It’s the fuel for violence. Buy guns, ammo, food water and gold. Stay away from public areas and pray

  • Attila

    There is an answer to “flash” mobs. Armed citizens. You would be amazed at how a well placed sniper would clear the streets without even hitting anybody.

    • Terry Rohan

      that’s just not rational. its true you would panic a bunch of thugs and they would stampede into the next riot zone, but they would only regroup and start over.
      a riot loots, a protest breaks things, and pigs get paid to maintain the status quo.
      the previous two items are part of the natural order of things, tolerated to an extent to nudge the majority of the populous into the correct mindset, which is things are messed up, and we’re not going to let the man get away with it. The bounty that the looter’s get away with is figured into the equation, and the shops are insured.
      The vandalism is a kin to the fires in the woods, clearing the old growth and making way for new development, also paid for by insurance.
      Insurance companies go along because it illustrates the doubters need them, and maybe increases their coverage, without catastrophe society doesn’t need insurance companies.

      The police are the wildcard, they may benefit from a few well placed shots, but they will swat team whoever did the deed, so most likely unless paid off by someone, no patriot is going to step up and get on the roof.

      so the scenario lacks a happy ending, nice try.
      this herd is filled with weak, sick animals, who never would have survived puberty in the natural world, and when they are removed from the order of man, the race will be a healthier species.
      You can’t sell that, but you have to wonder why so many third world laborers come to the US and start mass producing female children, with no future and only poor choices for spouses in their surroundings.
      I wouldn’t want to have 5-8 children, and have nothing to teach them about life other than try to find a mate and settle down and start your own family, but this is what the immigrants are doing, with nothing holding them back or even trying to restrain their mad dash to produce litters.

      why is that? are their children going to be used as slaves, as food?
      The religious fanatics say its because they have so much love in their culture,, and their lifestyle is so geared to the family, but the reality is they abuse their spouses, they molest their family members, and force them to live in a dense pack sardine can, where there is always incest and rape as a normal part of day to day life. cousins and uncles following little girls into the bathroom at 3 am, I could never live like that, but 80% of my working class neighborhood is being taken over by families who bring exactly that to the table, and are encouraged by society in every aspect of their lives.

      • J.M.

        Well at least we know the Iluminati that control your nation has done a great job removing all human and christian qualities, extolling the calvinist satanic traits.

        Whether you like or not those who show up for the future will inherit it, not those who followed their leaders and cut their carbon footprint killing their own offspring. By the way please stop the slander of people you know nothing of .

      • Casey Jones

        I’m sure you could get it for free from MMarie above. You’re both of the same small-mind cloth.

  • Golden Child

    I think young people should be “entitled” to make enough money to eat and not be homeless. In the 50’s, a grocery bagger could easily save up to buy a house. Today, you need to go 20k+ in debt to get a college degree only to make $8-12 an hour. Employers want American workers to start living like illegal Central American immigrants who carpool in rickety old vans and work for minimum wage in dirty conditions and live in one room apartments with 20 other grown men sleeping on the floor. Even in the projects here in the U.S., American people don’t live like this. In American ghettos, people would rather rob, steal, sell deadly addictive hard drugs than work for minimum wage and barely scrape by. Expect violent large-scale riots in the near future because Americans refuse to lower their high standard of living.

    • Save the Republic

      Just goes to show that America is not ‘great’ anymore. In a great country, the standard of living would not be declining, but growing increasingly better. A declining standard of living is proof of a once great nation falling into third-world status. It will not stop declining until we either a) reach equilibrium with third-world countries that have our old jobs, or b) enough Americans have died through some means that the amount of jobs we now have would seem over-abundant, thereby creating higher demand for workers, causing salaries to begin increasing again.

    • JohnnyBoy

      Well, uh, duh… that’s what entitlement means. Refusing to live within reality means that you think that you’re owed better, and that I better provide it for you. The Theory of Unintended Consequences steams on without anyone in D.C. noticing, even for a moment. The TEA Party is probably our last chance to turn this ship around.

  • Stolengoat

    I have opened my eyes to the oncoming disaster and no matter how hard I try to ignore the things im hearing and seeing I can’t seem to return to the blissful ignorance I felt mere months ago. I used to work all week so I could get hammered and play cards with my buddies on the weekend. I wish a felt like all of this economic collpase talk was just conspiracy theory. I wish I could convince myself you were all knuckleheads or religous zealots, but I can smell the legitamacy dripping off of every word I read here regarding the current economic situation. I’m a young tough country boy surronded by family and friend much like me. I can’t help but think I’ve got a fighters chance at survival but what about all the people in the cities. What gna happen when the food runs out?????? Here is a possible scenario. Lets say all this goes down next fall. 24 hours in and the ailes down at the walmart are as bare as a babys butt. The idiots start looting, rioting and being generally crazy. Normal city folk get scared. The mass exodus begins. People pour out of the cities heading for the small towns and farms in the surronding country. I got a 1 acre garden and a 1 year old lil girl, elderly grandparents, and extended family to feed and care for. Sry folks but there ain’t no room at the INN so move off our ground or us god fearing country boys shall put you in it.

    Southern Indiana

  • Frank

    Most “poor people” in Western Civilization live better than the kings & queens in ages past! They usually have food, shelter, clean clothes, hot & cold running water, toilets, showers/baths, heat, air conditioning, TV, radio, material to read & write with, libraries to go to, kitchens, instant communication devices, automobiles or easy/affordable mass transportation, free education, computers,etc, etc. But they lack Biblical morality with public schools having ignored or downgraded the Bible & taught them they are nothing more than evolved apes. So expect them to act like animals!

  • Hosanna

    I am not so wedded to life on this planet that I’m willing to kill people over food. I’ll trust in God and if they kill me they kill me. This talk of where to bury the bodies is sickening.

    • Highspeed

      Sometimes in these types of scenarios, death is not the worst thing that they can do to you. I hope your children are grown and can take care of themselves. I understand your feelings to a degree.

    • Save the Republic

      Maybe not, but what if you had kids/family members. I will not have a problem killing anyone, by any means necessary, to protect my kids, and I won’t feel guilty either.

    • JohnnyBoy

      You really haven’t thought about what you’d do if someone were holding a knife to the throat of one of your loved ones, counting down from 10. I know what my wife would do. She would take no joy doing it, but she would darn sure do it. And, I sure love her.

  • Steven

    What makes things even worse is its not entirely the rioters you need to worry about.

    I remember watching Glenn Beck one day, and he showed a video of an old woman who had just gone through hurricane Katrina. Cops were in her house because they wanted to take her gun away.

    She didn’t willingly give it to them. They wrestled her to the ground and took it. Days later she was robbed at gun point.

    All on video.


    • Casey Jones

      If she’d left town when she was told to, she’d still have her gun. Common sense.

  • Gay Veteran

    gee, maybe we shouldn’t have sent all those MILLIONS of American jobs to China, India, Vietnam, etc. U ever been unemployed? It is soul destroying. Hell at this point we need a new WPA

    The only **************************************************************** who are destroying this country.

    “..But in the US cities, the effeminate liberals have no guns. They are afraid of guns….”

    eyeroll, stop listening to bs on right-wing radio

    • JohnnyBoy

      Well, your gay-ness, he’s right. The Libs are afraid of guns. They think that if you don’t have any guns, that they’re safe. What the useful idiots don’t realize is that it’s not ME they should be afraid of. You’re hung up on putting labels on people and situations. With that in mind, do things that don’t put a label on your toe… BTW – you call yourself a veteran – ever been shot at? Shoot back? I seriously doubt it.

  • John S

    Interesting thing about unemployed youths. I’m 54 and I hold two jobs normally held by the young. Between the two I’m working about 60 to 65 hours a week. (I hope to keep about 40 hours through the slower winter season.) Given the work ethic of the youngest generation, I personally am responsible for about four of them being out of work. And 5 a.m. at the supermarket there are no youth. Everyone I work with is between 45 and 70 years of age. And all of them make less than $9 an hour.

  • John B.

    I very much doubt if middle America will start rioting anytime soon. The people that are rioting now, are the same people that have always been rioting.

    If they want to behave like animals, then we can build them some more cages.

  • All Great points, very valid. The problem is the meadia only hypes the violence never good points like these that show there is no real excuse.
    And political correctness does not improve society, it just provides excuses for ignorant behavior.

  • acmecompany

    Remember the movie, “A Clockwork Orange”?

  • Ted

    I don’t agree that the only the youth have an “entitlement mentality”. Look at the US debt, SS and Medicare unfunded liabilities. Look at what people do to the enviroment and how we live.

    Maybe we should take a look in the mirror. When it comes down to it, most of us lost our way a long ago and we all will pay the price.

    • Rick

      This whole notion that SS and Medicare are “entitlements” is ludicrous. You, by law, are forced to pay into these programs. You’re supposed to feel “entitled” because you get some of it back after 40+ years of paying into it!?
      I don’t think so. I understand the need for SS and Medicare reform but no one should feel entitled when receiving their SS check. It’s THEIR money!

      • Casey Jones

        Thanks for schooling him, Rick. Whenever I hear some jackhole like Ted open his stupid mouth, I just want to plant my foot in it. He’s probably friends with at least ten illegals.

      • Shar

        Bravo! I hate it when some dumb ass talks about entitlement when they don’t know what they are talking about. SS is paid for by all of us by law!

  • Bonnie

    The United State was in it’s greatest form when it was 90% white and 10% minority. I am part Hispanic and it was wonderful living here back then. And I’m no racist. Just telling the truth.
    This was before 1965 when the Morons in charge brought in Third World immigrants. Then it changed into what it is today. Then they gave the corporations trillions of dollars that should have gone to the American people to better their lives.

    Now that the Third World is here it SUCKS!
    Now that the Corporations are given “human” status it sucks!

    I think it’s too late to fix this mess because the Third World is being given big bucks to have babies in the U.S.
    and of course they are taking advantage of it.
    They are the stupidest people I’ve ever seen.
    They don’t know how to be Americans. They seem to know only how to drop babies on U.S. soil.

    • Eric

      Funny thing Bonnie, most people in this country would consider you “part” Third World thus, your part of the problem. Since you long for the days of old with good ole racist ways and blantant White priviledge! So when the playing fiedl began to be evened and the rich showed their true loyalty was not toward the poor Whites. You became alarmed and upset but you still cling to the naive belief the rich have poor whites interest at heart. You truly are stuck in hte sixties. This country has been built on greed and exploxtation. Its just down the majority of whites are now sharing the same plight as the so called minorities. I feel so sorry for you. Learn how to see the truth of the corruption of the entire system. Not just nonwhites but whites too!! If not you can run and try to hide as the NWO(the New White Order) takes over everything. But only then will you realise, its not white, black, red, or brown. Its the rich and only the rich!!

  • Dan

    “We have raised an entire generation of young people with an “entitlement mentality”, but now the economy is producing very few good jobs that will actually enable our young people to work for what they feel they are entitled to.”

    I for one really get tired of the young getting blamed for the acts of a few thugs.

    It is the height of hypocrisy to accuse the young of having an “entitlement mentality” when the two largest entitlement programs are SS and Medicare and these are programs for the elderly that these young are expected to pay for.

    At least the majority of the young ARE willing to work for what they “feel they are entitled to”…in contrast to the elderly (many of whom are quite capable of working or doing with a lot less) who scream bloody murder at not get a COLA much less taking any cut.

    And before somebody writes back claiming that they paid for their entitlements….I can only say “cut the crap and pull your head out of your rear and come to grips with the fact that every penny was wasted almost as soon as you paid in!” How dare you take the position that the young HAVE to keep paying into these scams so you can get “yours”?

    We sit there and read editorials and articles about how we have “mortgaged our children’s and grand-children’s future” but I suppose hope in the back of our minds that we will be gone before the crap really hits the fan so screw the little bast@#$s!

    It would be nothing but the most poetic of justice if they all got together and got behind politicians that would end these frauds and tell all the old “you will get what we want to give you and like it”!

    By the way I am 51 myself and do not expect to receive a penny from either of these scams…and expect to work until I drop dead…or at best have a few years of “retirement” I pay for myself.

    I also have a 17 year old daughter and 16 year old son I hope to see be free of the burdens of paying for this horse-crap!

    They don’t OWE me a thing. I bought them into this world and hopefully I have EARNED their love and respect and IF I truly needed some help and they were in a position to help me after taking care of themselves and their own spouse and family first…I would hope they would….but I am not entitled to one cent of theirs or anyone else’s !

    • Save the Republic

      The generation just after WWII was enjoying their great party, all the while evil and corrupt people were taking over our government and destroying our country while they should have been paying attention. Even in retirement, they are partying and having a better standard of living than I am during my working years: they always seem to have newer cars, go on cruises and gambling away money in casinos like it means nothing, many of them drunk on a routine basis. They think they are entitled to drive regardless of their ability (or lack thereof), either inconveniencing others by blocking things up and being confused, or putting lives in jeopardy. I’ve been paying into SS and I’m not going to get it, why should they continue to? So they can party it up while I work until the day I step into the grave? They deserve to have their party come to an end since they stood by and paid no attention, allowing the country to be destroyed for all the generations following them.

      • Babs

        I can just imagine your empathy for the old folks who never had it good or lived such elitist lives. Get real it’s a conditioning of being wealthy and has nothing to with the age or generation. Do you generalize all young people into one category?

      • Casey Jones

        They can do all of that because THEY WORKED ALL OF THEIR LIVES! They saved what little was left after they paid their bills and their taxes – most of which went into Social Security to pay for their share down the line. I can’t wait until Dan the Parent-Pal’s two brats and Save the Republic have to slave-away to support me!

    • Casey Jones

      Dan is one of those parent-friends. Hopefully, he won’t live long enough to have to worry about it, and his two brats will still have to pay.

    • Chesh

      Dan, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you. Your kids owe you for being the awesome parent you seem to be. As an 18 yr old girl (and even before now)I realizd that it was well within my mother’s ability to have tossed me under a bus as a baby. I was an “accident” as far as expectancy goes. My mother was never ready to take on a child when she found out about me and she, even while in financial crisis, never gave me up. While the SS and others are a big load of crap, I’d happy put money towards supporting my mother. Like you, my mother has always believed that love and respect is a privilage and not an entitlement and she’s earned it in more ways than I can count. I honestly believe that if more parents were like you and my mom this nation would be far better off. As for jobs, my mom wants me to stay in college and not get a job, but I’ve managed to convince her to let me start a backyard garden and sell my produce for some side money once we get a house. Wish me luck!

  • Hey You

    Getting a “job” is not very difficult. I am in my eighties and my wife is just eighty. We both are earning money because we are each in our own one person businesses.

    Admittedly, we are not earning much, but are getting by nicely because we are active and doing business with people on one-to-one bases who don’t seem to care about how old we are. Yes, it is difficult to get started, but I started my little business when I was about 60 years of age. Seems that a person who is 55 or 60 could do the same.

  • Hey You

    Incidentally, we both are putting some money aside for our “old age”.

  • indeed

    I have no doubt that the riots are here and will stay here until we start hearing the problem. The problem is the banksters, and mind numbing whining of the rich. You are fighting the victims and in your stupidity you are encouraging, fueling, expecting, and making the Greatest Depression.

    Just imagine what we could have done with a leader in the WH who made the public understand that we are our biggest enemy. Instead we are arguing about a few pennies of taxes and “health” insurance. We’ve hated our neighbors and we’ve dispised the poor. Instead we’ve used these fraudulent loans to buy guns and have turned this country into PrisonPlanet, with fear, greed, fraud and waste. Turn those guns into plowshares, please. Take care of yourself first and THEN HELP SOMEONE ELSE. Without that – they WIN. It’s never too late and never doubt that one person can turn the tide.

    • JohnnyBoy

      Mr. Indeed. You, sir, are a mess. You didn’t do well in school, did you? You may want to go back and pick up where you left off in your education. It’s all too obvious that you need it.

    • Babs

      Ignore the insulters, what you have said rings all too true for some ears to hear. The wealthy manipulate politics for their sole benefit. Turning us against our neighbors and better yet our poorest brothers and sisters is what they want. The better chance of us reducing the population for them and the world which they view as their very own amusement park.

    • Casey Jones

      Indeed, you shouldn’t worry about it. You and Babs won’t be around for much longer. Two more whining losers who won’t be missed.

  • deegee

    It didn’t happen in the ’30’s.They had demonstrations,agreed but no rioting or looting.That may happen on a local level but not nationally.

  • JB

    This is so true and a great read. Collapse News Network is actively covering this as well and provides great news analysis to members…

  • Pete

    I believe that there is still hope.The answer,
    throw the bums out, the bums in Washington I mean. Take a lesson from the people of Wisconsin, when they felt thier elected officials were not listening to them they held a recall election. The people in every state in the union should pass the reqired petitions around to call for a recall of all members of Congress and Senators. You could limit it to just those who have served more than one term. Make it understood that anyone running to replace them would be required to sign and be expected to fight for and pass legislation that 1. Would pass a balanced budget to the Constitution.
    2. Would pass a bill that would limit to two terms the members of Congress and Senate.
    3. Would pass a bill that would immediately cut the salaries of all federal workers members of Congress and the President until the budget is balanced.
    4. Put a moritorium on all grants and subsidies until the budget is balanced.
    5. Pass a bill that would require that all items on any bill passed by Congress must be voted on individually by voice vote up or down.
    6. And last but not least, make it illegal for members of Congress, the Administration, and any of thier employees to invest in any companies that do business with the federal government.
    I believe that these things would go a long way in righting the wrongs that currently are destroying our economy and our country.

  • Timo44

    I agree with everything you said but I just hope those who understand why we are having these problems and that things will only get worst help others to understand. I blame the government for most of our problems because every thing they do is base on lie. The money system, the debt, all the programs they promise people that we couldn’t afford. Thing didn’t have to be this way if our leaders where true leaders instead of money sucking liers. They ruined a great country and its falling and starting to fall very fast. People needs true education and understanding. They need to be told the truth. I pray to God all the time and I hope he come and help us because we need it badly.

  • Jonathan

    Going to be? Going to be?

    I think they’re already going on. I think the Wisconsin State Fair and the Chicago 4th of July melees were trial runs for what’s to come. I think the mobs are already practicing in the big cities for the real thing to come. That’s what the flash mobs are for. Practice.

    • Casey Jones

      Everyone’s been practicing. Bang – Bang! To hit a moving target, shoot in front of it.

  • Jonathan

    I wonder if anyone anywhere is attempting to organize all the national militias and defense groups into some sort of coherent network. My prayer is that somewhere, a group of retired miiltary experts is organizing and planning something to save this country. I hope somebody is thinking two steps ahead of the Marxists. The politicians are lost. Forget them. We need a leader who is already thinking about the world that is coming soon; not the world that we’ve already lost.

    • Highspeed

      I agree Jonathan, sadly there is no politician out there who even sees what many here do. It will take militia types to quell much of the violence that is coming.

  • apalmerjr

    I don’t think that Social Security or Medicare should ever be given to someone who hasn’t paid into it. I also believe they should do away with “Disability Social Security”. I know several people who have abused it, drawing extra money without really being disabled. I think that would take care of the Social Security problem.

    • Babs

      Should we send the disabled off to the gas chambers? Nah we can let them just die off in the streets. Don’t forget to put your raincoat over their corpses so your lady friends don’t soil their feet.

      • majcm

        Babs,APalmer is right regaring S.S Disability. I’m am so sorry for the truly disabled, but for every one person that is actually too PHYSICALLY disabled, there are 5 that have absolutely nothing wrong with them working the system. I see it firsthand. I work for a personal injury lawyer. Out of 40+ cases we have, 75% are under 50 and 75% of them are on “S.S. Disability” This in a very small Midwest town. Lots of the “disabled”because of “depression” Bull@*#t!! I’ve been through clinical depression. Guess what? I worked all the way through it. It probably even helped by getting me out around people & producing a product myself. There is no way to save S.S & Medicare as long as these lazy, sneaky, lying SOB’s are sucking up the money. (BTW, I’m 50, worked & paid in since 18, and I most likely won’t see a dime of S.S.) Thanks losers who fake disability for “free” money. You have a nice hot place waiting for you when you cross that river!

  • Motherof5

    This is what happens when YOU allowed the “village” to raise your precious children so that you could be fullfilled and find purpose and meaning to your life. This is what happened when you wanted to work so that you
    could have all the STUFF that everyone else has, and let the system raise your little sweet hearts. This is the outcome when the liberal
    progressive system of public school got into
    the hearts and minds of your little children
    and eventually won their trust. They stopped listening to YOU, they stopped believing YOU and you didnt send them to church or to religious education to counter all the bull they were serving in free public school programs that the system pays for with out tax dollars. You were too busy working so that you
    could pay for the stuff and more stuff and more
    stuff and vacations and more stuff and eventually the bills began to build and you only paid the min. balance due and the credit cards totals were increasing but so long as you had your stuff and the kids had their stuff and they were kept with stuff that YOU decided would replace YOU! How wrong you were and how right the liberal progressive machine was. How hillary thought a village would take care of the children and how the village crept in one day and replaced YOU!
    All you have now is to return to tried and true
    ways of doing things, reign back in your kids from the system and be happy that you are off the rat wheel. Pray and trust and hope and with faith, G-d will restore our country and your life and then….NEVER FORGET! Sort of like 9/11…NEVER FORGET…but this time, unlike 9/11…and those who have forgotten, this time, NEVER FORGET because this THING going on right now is each mans own personal 9/11. When it’s personal, for some strange reason, forgetting isn’t typically an option. God Bless my fellow Americans! That is my prayer each day!

    • Casey Jones

      Amen! I’d vote for you! Hillary is a crappy mother married to a crappy liar who is the product of a $5 hooker and a nameless john. What a village.

  • Abby

    Harder & dangerous times are coming- yet many don’t get it. They don’t anticipate the creeping of thousands of hungry & angry city dwellers 5 miles up the highway arriving in their town a day later and burning everything in their wake. They’ve already burnt their own area out- they’re very good at it.
    But how does one tell your friends & neighbors of this? How do they understand why I’m devastated that my survivability has decreased because I’m now disabled from a car accident. 2 years ago, I could have fled the mobs coming my way, but no longer. I’ll be dead where I stand. Whats worse is knowing what is coming and yet a clueless councilor doesn’t understand the fear. “Use your cell phone and call a taxi” was the advice given.
    People are really in denial about what is going to happen to our great nation within 5 years.

    All I can do is raise my boys to have a strong moral compass, hope they keep their strong backs and the best common sense education I can squeeze in the amount of time left. I’m a goner, I know that. This is what makes it so painful for those of us who wanted & made the effort to survive.

    • Babs

      You are so right and I am sorry for your situation. I am in the exact spot myself. Disabled, yet taking care of my elderly parents. Sandwhiched in between two large thug cities, both a 15 minute ride down the pike. We don’t have anything of value, right now we are going on one meal a day. For the love of God all we want is to live out this life in some last moments of peace. We live in an old neighborhood some houses are well to do, ours is clearly not. I don’t think we will be spared
      as we are on a main road that connects to US 1, the only thing I am thinking of it tossing my own moltov cocktails off of my second floor porch at anyone who approaches. Weapons like guns are not really an option. I will fight back but I don’t expect to last. When all is said and done all the thugs will get is the satisfaction of their ragefilled destruction. We own nothing of value and if we did I would destroy it myself before I’d let some worthless scum put it’s hands on it.

    • Casey Jones

      Abby, if you raise those sons right, they’ll never let any harm befall you. Don’t worry … more people than you could ever imagine have been waiting for this and are prepared to act. Those thugs are going to be picked off before they get two blocks out of their own ‘hoods.

      Babs – if you’re the same Babs that was posting above and excusing thieves and miscreants, then it’s clear that your disability is schizophrenic dementia. I like the Babs who’s ready to toss a molotov cocktail much better.


    Friday, August 12, 2011
    Class Warfare
    In my last message I mentioned class warfare, which our liar-in-chief and his cronies are trying to incite with their continual “us against the rich” statements. The violence that is now happening in Great Britain is exactly that – class warfare. It is the have-nots against the “rich”. It is those who are extremely jealous of others who have more than they do and they are reacting in anger and violence. These animals think they are entitled to whatever someone else has, even though they themselves have not earned it. It is a mob mentality, the emotions of savages, not human beings.

    We will soon see this same class warfare erupt in this nation. If you own a business or live in a nice neighborhood I strongly suggest that you begin to take whatever measures you can to protect your families, property and businesses. The evil ones who are going to loose this violence upon this nation are without conscience or morals and will kill you and your family if they can, they will steal anything and everything of value. They are pure, absolute evil. I promise you that civil war is coming upon this nation by next year.

    • Gary2

      Most of the rich “earned” their riches by exploiting others. We are simply taking back that which was stolen from us in the first place.

      Pay back is a bitch!

      • Casey Jones

        So is your careless mother.

  • Prepare4thebadHope4theGOOD

    Wow, why do so many of you excuse bad behavior? Just because bankers, or politicians, or “Wall street” rips someone off does NOT give anyone else permission to do bad. This is what liberal democrat pols and advisors scream on TV all the time, “so and so did that so this is OK”. As one said on here, there were no riots and looting and killing during the Great Depression. And that is because people then did not think everyone else owed them something, they had a religious background, and they knew what the right thing to do was.
    Don’t think this is all some random result of misguided government. THAT is BS. This is all by design, and started decades ago. Now a global conspiracy doesn’t seem so “out there” does it? You think destroying the #1 education system, corrupt government, attacks on religion, massive changes in the immigration sytem, creating the Federal Reserve was all just a random roll of the dice?? Really? Read Clower and Piven, Saul Alinski, etc. Look at CFR, Club of Rome, Tri-latteral writings. There was a plan years ago, that talked about reducing the world popluation on purpose through wars, famine, etc, Global 2020 or something?
    People like the Warburgs, Rothschilds hate the fact America was free (not so much now though). They have spent the last 100+ years tearing this county down. Check out LIBERAL FACISM, and see how Wilson wanted to send the common rubble to WWI to control the unwashed. Read about Margaret Sanger and how she and her kind – PROGRESSIVES – started Planned Parenthood and put them in the black areas to CONTROL THE POPULATION.
    These people thought the black protests in the 60s was going to do their dirty work, but it did not work out. So, Saint Fat-ass Ted Kennedy changed the immigration laws to almost EXCLUDE white Europeans and allow virtually un-regulated non-white influx to dilute the whites that would never buckle under so they could expand the liberal/progressive destruction of our country.
    I am not blaming minorities, and I don’t dislike anyone that is a productive member of America – what ever color. I blame the elitists that have used them to beat us into destruction.

  • Mike

    I’m 49,

    When I was 20, my dad told me not to plan on Social Security. He’s Liberal. That stuck in my mind.

    I believe in self sufficiency. I expect the government to stay out of my affairs. If a business doesn’t manage it books well, it should fail. Debt will keep you from prosperity (I speak from experience).

    One tone I get from these posts is the young are lazy, and expect handouts.

    When I was a teenager, there were 42,000 more manufacturing plants onshore than today. Teens and twentysomethings have been robbed. If a country has no manufacturing base, it will not thrive.

    If you haven’t been paying attention lately, living costs major money. Not 25,000 a year salary money, 60k-70k a year money. There no longer is an infrastructure for those coming up to earn that kind of money.

    And if I hear another blacks are sucking us dry with their welfare mentality (and violence) quote, I’ll kidnap you, drug you, and leave you in the hood. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    In fact, I dare you to start where they did and rise out of that status (using the same resources they know and use-no connections you already have)

    But for the grace of God, your stupid a$$ would’ve been born in the ghetto, or the rural South. You’re “superiority” stems from luck, not ability.

    BTW, lots of whites looted in the 92 LA riots. The “liberal” media didn’t cover it though. When people have nothing to lose, they lose it. Get ready for to see lots of crime from your own skin color (that’s for all races).

    Like its been said, focus on helping others, unless of course your just like “them”.

  • Mad Max

    Of course it is more likely to happen here. If you noticed, things are only getting worse. There’s a lot of dispare because most people don’t see how things are going to get better.

    Then maybe they should open their eyes. America has one real chance to right herself.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1”

  • major

    Unless the socialists are removed from office by the normal processes of election, impeachment, etc there will be an organized effort to remove them forcibly. But it will not be civil unrest per se. Thats a socialist code word for marshal law, whereby they could consolidate their control under the guise of restoring order. The socialists may even be trying to capitulate alleged unrest by creating economic chaos through their current policies to force the situtation to a peak.

    • Gary2

      I think you must have meant the conservative tea bagger republicans. There is no one even close to a socialist in charge of this country. I wish there were but there is not.

  • John

    America was a nice place to live, TIMES have changed and we need to move on, I’m leaving my dream behind and moving to South-Africa where my sister has been for 20 years, much better life there for me!!!

  • Richard Popovich

    It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over, and over again, with negative results, and then keep doing the same thing, and still expect a different result. That is what our politicians have been doing for the past fifty years, incrementally of course.

    How can we expect to have good paying jobs in America, when we don’t manufacture the things that are sold in WalMart, TARGET, and other retail outlets? Fast food outlets can’t sustain the requirement for jobs in our nation. Neither can carpet cleaning, house keeping services, and other business that are service based. If other Americans are not working, those folks can’t buy burgers, or have their carpets cleaned. And in America our governmental policies have drive American manufacturing out of the United States,
    overseas. American businesses won’t even run telephone call centers in the United States anymore.
    Americans have done this to themselves by being willing to purchase cheap, inferior goods from overseas, from countries like Red China, India, and Indonesia.
    We have also allowed our government to get so far out of control of its spending habits, that our funded and unfunded liabilities (debt) now exceeds $127 Trillion dollars, not the $15 Trillion that the politicians keep talking about.
    In the meantime, the Fed keeps printing new money, thereby increasing the rate of inflation on everything we buy. Inflation caused by the Federal Reserve is nothing more than a hidden tax, that is just as effective as any income, or sales tax, but they just devalue our money to accomplish what they want to get dome; e.g., steal our money.
    We are on a slippery slope, sliding towards the edge of a cliff. Eventually there will be a limit to how much our monetary system can tolerate, and there will be a collapse. That is when all hell will break loose, and anarchy will
    take over.
    What is happening in London, will look like a picnic, when our economy implodes. We are headed for big trouble. If you don’t believe this is orchestrated by the left, just GOOGLE, “The U.S. Day of Rage” and check out what the anarchists are planning for September 17. If you check it out, you’ll have a new perspective on things to come.

    • Old Man

      Yes, pretty good summary. But about a decade too late to realize it, or to so something about it.

      Where were you during the 2 decades where the policy of the US government is to trickle wealth up so that the wealthy can trickle some of it down. Well, the wealthy has the money, but decided to trickle down their wealth in the form of debt with interest.

      This cake has been baked and you can’t unbake it. Because the wealthy still has all the money and you don’t. Their wealth is private and governments cannot touch it. Try to tax it and they move offshore with a click. Depreciate their wealth by debasing the dollar and they convert to another hedging currency.

      Sorry sir. There is no way out. Which is why is all history, great impoverishment of the mass was solved only one way, the old-fashioned way. The same way the country was founded when impoverished by the aristocrats across the ocean – revolution.

  • OK…what do we do next?? Go to your local Walmart and buy a Shotgun for 100 bucks……

    Anybody that comes to your house trying to break your door down, break your windows gets a visit from the pepper spray king.

    Don’t be sheep….defend YOURSELF.

  • Michael

    These are not “economic” riots, or if they are it is only in a very loose sense. The “flash mobs” are a mostly black behavior, and if you notice, the kids have cell phones, adequate clothing, and look pretty nutritionally healthy to me. It is, in fact, mostly racial violence perpetrated against whites. Attempting to explain it in economic terms is not helpful, serious, nor very insightful.

    • Michael

      I try not to perpetuate the thinking that everyone should be divided into “teams” or “groups” or “sides” based on what they look like.


  • John J.


    Very true. American workers pay into social security their whole lives. It’s not a choice, it’s taken out of each and every paycheck by law. Yet, the government is handing out social security checks and medicare to newly arrived immigrants who never paid a single dime into it.

    There are not enough jobs in America for Americans yet our government continues to flood this country–on the verge of collapse–with more 3rd world immigrants every year and the same government refuses to deport even illegal immigrants convicted of violent crimes against Americans.

    Free social security, medicare, welfare, free housing, food stamps, health care, college educations and jobs for illegals. This is not the American dream but the 3rd world communist dream of pillage, rob, rape, kill.

    The London riots were predominantly black immigrants, flash mobs are blacks. If you are a white European American you are the target of organized violence and no one is going to protect you but you.

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    I’m posting my blog video here because I need to reach out to the real people who are effected by the Global Economic Crisis. Please pass this video on.

  • Ron Paul knows where this country is at and has been a strong supporter of the Constitution since his inception.
    We are close to a “police state”. The PTB need rioting and problems to justify it’s institution.(they need an excuse)
    The Country was founded with inalienable rights for all, and ordained by our creator who is the God of the Bible. It is only a belief in God that gives the inherent right to freedom.
    Democracy does not give freedom, only a Republic. When have you heard a politician call this government a Republic, instead of a democracy? You havn’t? It is because the Republic became null and void for people who are 14th amendment “citizens”, or assetts, with revocable priviledges, as opposed to inalienable rights. If you don’t honor the “God” Jesus of the constitution, you will loose the protections provided thereby, and kiss the hope of freedom goodbye. In 82 or 84, Reagan passed the Bible recognition law, acknowledging that the Bible was the inspired word of God. The cruxt is, direction of the Country will not likely change, until we change.
    Support the Constitutional experiment of the founders, not the failed Democracy of the politicians.
    Ron Paul supports the Constitution, always has, no variance.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Bonnie, re: “The United State was in it’s greatest form when it was 90% white and 10% minority. I am part Hispanic and it was wonderful living here back then. And I’m no racist. Just telling the truth.
    This was before 1965 when the Morons in charge brought in Third World immigrants…” No, Bonnie, we have Senator Edward Kennedy to thank for the Immigration Reform Act of 1965, if my facts are correct. Our immigration policy prior to that time favoured individuals from the Anglophone world.

  • LibRep

    Riots are a near certainty with the proposed “Day of Rage” coming September 17th. Supposedly peaceful “tent cities” will be erected on Wall Street and other cities across the country. It’s a movement being coordinated on Facebook and Twitter by former ACORN founders and members of the SEIU to protest the rich.

    You can find out more info at

    Prepare yourselves.

    • Casey Jones

      Fantastic!! Sounds like target practice to me! Haaaaa!

  • Babs

    The facts are that the races/nationalities/religions can not live together. They just refuses to have the common bond of family. The races/cultures are suspicious of each other and always pointing a blaming finger at each other. We have too many cultural differences going on and people refuse to adapt to others. Whether this is right or wrong is besides the point. I think we will eventually see this country break up based on heritage, background and yes even race. The multi cultural stuff is not gelling. There is too much resentment and whatever is coming will be the final blow stack. What comes after I cannot say. Also myself only wish for peace and it must happen at any cost even if it means departing with the notion of multi culturalism being beneficial. It clearly is not and anger on all sides proves this. People cannot be trusted and for some their are good reasons as to why. We are a sorry lot us humans.

  • Mike

    Thomas Jefferson knew and warned us about the wealthy reforming our constitution. It maybe time to do what Thomas Jefferson would.

  • Pete

    I saddens me to read the replies that were left prompting my last but those since. I understand your frustrations. If you buy into the hatreds of those on the left or the right you are doing exactly what the polititians want you to do,and you might as well bend over and grab your ankles. That is exactly what they want us to do, its called divide and conquer. Rich against poor, minority against majority and, any other combinations you can think of so that they can continue to be reelected to gain more personal power and wealth to our detriment. Like I said before, throw the bums out and throw the bums out that replace them if they don’t make the changes that put the country on the right track.

  • Gordan Finch

    The debt time bomb was set by Zurich Financial Services years before the financial crisis of 2008 caused its AIGFP unit to go broke and then its ZFS Group Parent being taken over by the US Government. This company has destroyed Countries, millions of companies and billions of people’s lives. Its damage and destruction is being felt all over America,Europe and the rest of the World.

    Courts have fined this company $billions for its criminal activities, it has been named infamously in thousands of Courts all over the world. Fraud appears to be its middle name; it deceives everyone into believing they are dealing with a competing company, when the opposite is true.

    Banks, Insurers, Pensions, Healthcare, Financial Services, Motoring Organisations, High Street Chains, Supermarkets, Unions, Airlines, Leasing: Cars, van, Trucks, Planes, Heavy Plant, and very much more, all are part of ZFS, ZURICH the insurer.

    Zurich Financial Services is famous for :Racketeering, Fraud, Bid Rigging, Deception, Corruption the list is horrendous.

    One Judge commented, However while the insurance industry only talks about fraud committed by its policyholders, what interests the FBI is the increase in corporate fraud by the insurance companies themselves, leading the agency to establish it as one of its top investigative priorities. No company is a better example of this kind of fraud than Zurich Financial Services AIG subsidiary.

    This type of systemic fraud from Corporate Groups, who are only interested in profiteering at the expense of anyone, is the single reason the financial system is in such a mess.

    Its fraud from the top down, just look who is buying gold by the container load and where it is now Z for country and B for bank,

    Tax at source is the only way to stop the crooks in suits transferring huge profits elsewhere, and force Companies to publish all subsidiary names holdings and interests.

    The public do not know their money in Banks does not belong to them once it is deposited with a Bank, regardless of the type of account. IT BELONGS TO THE BANK. There are Court cases stating this in most countries, but the facts are kept out of the media. So if the worst happens you now know who owns your money.

  • Art Smith

    How about this, you forgot:
    Imminent Threat of Unlawful and Dangerous Activities on BART Platforms, San Fransisco, CA

    July 11 Protest
    On July 11, a group gathered at the BART Civic Center Station in San Francisco to protest the fact that, on July 3, a BART Police Officer shot and killed Charles Hill at that station.

    During that protest, one person climbed on top of a train and many other individuals blocked train doorways and held train doors open. During the course of the event, which occurred during the peak of rush hour, individuals used BART trains to move between stations, and caused the shutdown or partial shutdown of other stations.

  • Bob Shank

    For those of us who still read (and believe in) biblical scripture, these pre-apocalyptic times were fore-told thousands of years ago. It just happens to be our ‘winnowing’ within universal history that those of us within this specific generation and time-frame who are still alive in the 21st Century, are now beginning to witness (ne, participating-in) these acts of global devastation. We ARE the generation who will see the end of times on Earth, I’ve no doubt. And scripture upholds. I never thought I’d live to see it – but it is happening now under our very eyes. If there ever was a time for mankind to get on its collective knees, bow to its Creator and beg for forgiveness, this is that time. Christian, Muslim, non-believer alike, we need a salvation that will last beyond this present and up-coming age. Most of us know to Whom we should send-up our prayers. If you don’t know? May God Almighty have mercy on your soul – because Congress doesn’t; the Senate doesn’t; your local Representatives don’t; the current President doesn’t; and most assuredly, Satan doesn’t. Let’s pack our bags, people, get our act together(!) We’re staring ETERNITY right in the face. You ready? I’m already packed for Heaven – locked and loaded.

    • tessa

      ummmm. so was harold camping…

  • Robert Butler

    This is truly amazing — to see so many people ruled by fear, absolutely ruled by it. I have a feeling a great number of you are older, perhaps in the 40-55 year range. I am 41. What you don’t seem to realize is that there are entirely economies, *economies*, that are growing and forming themselves without your knowledge. There is a whole parallel system of barter and exchange occurring that does not involve stock markets, commodity exchanges, or currency valuations. The social networking paradigm is one that I think almost no one on this email list or listing to this article-writer (a man who probably cannot sleep at night because his fear is so high) could understand, much less know about.

    There is nothing going on here except a whole lot of terrified people screaming at each other to become more scared, more frightened, and to buy more weapons to kill people with.

    I am left wondering where the American tradition of solving your problems has gone. The youth of today are doing that, by creating these tax-free social-networking systems of exchange of which you are totally unaware. They are solving their problems. They are working for themselves, forming their own companies of a single person, creating an entire economy of contractors that do not depend on centralized authorities to exist. This is in reaction to what they already know to be the central evil of our times: faceless corporations with the rights of individuals but none of the responsibilities.

    DO NOT PANIC. Do not be afraid. Face your fears. Stop planning to kill everyone you don’t recognize within 5 seconds. You are becoming part of the problem by spreading fear like the plague. Reach out, help others, do what you’re supposed to do as rational, thinking human beings. We left the caves long, long ago. Do you really wish to return there, machine gun in hand, waiting to slaughter anyone you meet? Is that really the answer?

    • Casey Jones

      It makes me sad that Robert Butler, at the ripe ‘older’ age of 41, is so obtuse. He scolds the greatest generation that this country – and the world – has ever known, and their children for being deeply and rightfully concerned, and then turns around and worships the brain-adled compuzombies who aren’t putting anything into the tax coffers, but are most certainly using services that cost taxes. In other words, grifters and scam artists that are protected by tax-provided military protection, as well as police and firefighters. I wonder if they get online and barter with a shaman or, as I suspect, if they go to the nearest county hospital and then skip out on the bill? At least now, thanks to the probable-contraceptive failure of a couple of hippies, the rest of us are aware that there are alot of his peers that are not paying their taxes. Thanks for the heads-up … slacker.

  • Bill

    Let’s see,Robert Butler is 41, born in 1970. He does not remember the Viet Nam War and attendant riots, flag burning and street protests. Nor the Hippie movement in the 1960’s; nor the Korean War which was called a police action where we lost 50k+ Americans; nor WW2 and the depression years that preceded.
    He claims there is a new “economic system” of barter (not a new concept, it was used in medieval times) which is tax free. WOW! How does he suppose there will be money for an established government, whose primary function is to preserve the safety of its citizens. Not welfare nor re-distribution of wealth.

    Sounds more like an anarchist society based on Darwinian evolution where the fittest will survive, and not based on LAW.

    My suggestion to these young people who know little of history is to read about the founding of our country to understand the miracle of our Freedom and prosperity.
    Then begin the hard work of turning the current behemoth of federal government around and return to those earlier days of true human rights and freedom without an oppressive central government.
    Or just find an immigrant from communism and listen to their story.
    Last I read is that the “social networking” feed the London/UK riots.

  • shajenn

    Robert Butler.
    You are absolutely correct. Now tell us where to find these bartering groups you are telling us about????
    However. I think that the millions of newly poor and on the street people would tell you how there is something evil going on and they are already caught in it. The fears have basis, but you are correct in saying that people should not give in to their fears and start planning something that will help sustain them.

  • Vince DiMaggio

    this is what happens when liberals take command of gov’t and the courts. We don’t teach our children the responsibility they have to get a good education. Our tech sector has taken over. All young children and young adults are more interested in playing video games and keeping up with the bums in hollywood. all this keeps these fools occupied while corporate america and our elected officals in state and federal gov’t take our liberty and wealth with the blessing of the judicial branches of gov’t.

  • Madmanmikey

    Thanks for the articles – this one, all of them.

    While I like what you write I have to comment on one of the things in this article. You said

    While I agree with that I think you’re sort of cherry picking there. Yes, many young people have that mentality, but it isn’t just them.

    That idea runs rampant throughout society. It’s what got us into this idiotic situation in the first place. We all think we “deserve” something – a new car, a bigger home, the newest toy. Whatever is it, “I” work hard and “I” deserve it.

    That attitude resulted in a housing bubble, a credit bubble and now riots.

    Done with my whining now. Keep up the informative work!

  • J. Edgington

    Entitled, no, deserving, yes. These people are asking for dignity, not a handout. Those of you who say they want something that is not a right, are egotistical bums. These young people should have the same dreams we all grew up with. Heck I do not even have my own dream now becaue it has all been stolen by the very people/corporations I trusted. We should have all listened to the hippies, they were right, money corrupts everything. Get off your high horse and help people, stop blaming them. Even if they are wrong it does not make them any less human. Care for others and stop making them evil.

    • tessa

      this was refreshing to read. 🙂

    • scout

      Nice comment J.

  • debra foster

    I am thankful that you are reaching out to those who may not be aware or ready for what is yet to come. On a biblical note.. When Noah tried to tell the PPl that a Flood was coming… They ignored him and carried on with their lives and was to late to prepare themselves or do anything about it… we”re on the same page… THANKS

  • “A massive economic collapse is coming, and most Americans are going to be totally blindsided by it.”

    That’s the truth. When 401k’s and IRA become worthless, due to an economic collapse / hyperinflation, people will have nothing.

    But the money doesn’t just disappear… it moves to people who have positioned themselves correctly. And right now, that’s those who are smart enough to buy silver and gold.

    Get financial education before it’s too late.

  • F.M. Starkey

    Pathetic. You create your own job. You find ways to serve others more efficiently and at a lower cost. You have to work 50 – 70 hours per week. You exercise your resource and initiative. HOw do you think America succeeded by asking the government to take care of everybody. That means you have been brainwashed. Equal opportunity for all welfare/govt. jobs. NO career, but service to your community. Save their own money: not more govt. pensions. That is freedom for everybody.
    Get off your delusional butt and get to work. There is NO FREE LUNCH.

  • Patrick Lee Quinn

    Bible prophesy can not be changed. The bible says
    that in the last days there will be a ONE WORLD
    GOVERNMENT. In order for that to happen America
    must collapse and fall. George Soros is currently
    managing or overseeing this decline right now. He
    is getting away with it because the media is owned by the left in general. America will not
    prosper because America has taken God out of the schools and families in general. Christians are
    the minority and its the majority that rules.
    Therefore, its the ungodly non-christians or
    the unbelievers that are ruling this country.
    That is why America will fall. Believe on the
    Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins
    and you will not have to worry no more. Do it
    now while there is still time.

    • Veritas

      1) Christians are most certainly NOT in the minority, approximately 83% of Americans consider themselves to be some type of Christian. Source:

      2) Even if you went outside of the US, Christianity is STILL the majority with 33% of the world population (Approximately 2.1 Billion People) identifying as Christian (with Islam coming in second at 1.3 Billion). In order words, your point is invalid. GUESS WHAT? I HAVE SOURCES: ,

      3) This is NOT a Christian Nation anyway. It was founded on the idea of Religious Freedom for ALL, meaning that the government cannot legally sponsor a religion. The Founding Fathers were, for the most part, not Christian. They all agreed that US was to be founded with a SECULAR GOVERNMENT.

      4) George Soros is an athiest, which is probably the reason why you’ve decided to scapegoat him instead of using an anti-semitic remark. Compared to Murdoch, who has used his influence to ruin millions of lives, Soros has given away Billions to help others. Ironically, Soros, an Athiest, has done more to fulfill the Bible’s command to give away all of your wealth to the poor than Murdoch, a Christian, ever has.

  • USA

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  • Michael

    Why are any of you surprised. You fell for the Hegelian Dialectic. We all stood and watched as over 83,000 companies and corporations left this country because we let them. Abraham Lincoln placed protections(tariffs) on incoming goods to protect American jobs. It was called Protectionism. George Bush and Bill Clinton thought they new a better way. Free trade. Ross Perot warned us and we laughed. We deserved what we got. The answer is to replace the lost protectionism and the jobs and prosperity will return with it. The way forward is into Global socialism/communism. The way back to our free and independent Republic is through protectionism. We must reassert our Sovereignty or this country is going to fall. We must return to the constitution not abandon it. Its almost time for the next revolution. Thomas Jefferson once wrote:::”the Tree of Liberty must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants”

    The last hope for an end to the wars , the poverty and the control of our monetary system is by electing Ron Paul as president. HE IS THE LAST HOPE. If he is not elected it will be settled with the ********

  • all u people need to wake up and take care of business and that is vote 3rd party and kick all incumbants out of d.c. or better yet dont vote at all sure would send a warning to washington. im on ssdi and i thank you all for contributing for my well being but with that silly person in the white house and having to deal with hillary clinton what did you expect. im sure all democrates liked the hand outs they got silly and stupid. if unrest occures and robberies happen you need to protect yourself whos gonna do the police???? the military???? there bringing home troops everday to handle civil unrest plus they set up already at military bases called internment camps or jail and a place to feed you. god wake up the crap is gonna hit the fan this year so i intend to get my family together and they will stay with me because the more people band together they will survive and the first place im going is dunhams to get as much ammunition i can load in my car, the to the market to get food and lots of ice powe wont work im glad i live near state land can hunt and forage they talk to get the economy going well repeal nafta and screw all those people on wall street its time for us as americans to get busy and show them what we want not what they want for four years they continued the spiral down according to the constitution we not only have the right to get the government out we have the obligation to do it because of what the constitution says lets finish this i say enough we are not going to take anymore obamas double dealing his hatred of israel (muslim) his wifes blatent trip costing taxpayers millions of dollars. enough said oh and get the lobbyists 150 miles from dc and if we have to work 40 hours per week why not for our senators and congressman put there butts in the seats

  • if ron paul third party then i say vote for him if republican vote for him romony no way if he runs against obama vote 3rd party neither one is wort a s—

  • its time we take back our country and put it on track away from wall street put it in the hands of someone who thinks americans need to be protected cared for and patroitic patriotism is a nine mm or rifle walking up to the white house and saying enough enough lost jobs enough lost house ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH

  • Chris

    If you dont have a job, get up off your butt and find one. Quit blaming everyone else for your demise. If you don’t like the people in office, then get up off your butt and go vote them out of office.
    Stop relying on the government to take care of you. Get up off your butt and take care of yourself.

  • Jerryd

    The author called it, on how most Americans would react to this fairly grim reality of our current social outlook. You all started farthing about liberals and conservative ******. The only way through this is as a nation united and talking peacefully and sharing ideas.

  • edward guyette

    I for one believe very bad things are coming, just a few things you might want to check: brigades brought back from Iraq and Afgan. an retrained for the sole purpose of civil unrest to come. Fema camps and where are all the trailers that were never uses in New Orleans, Fereral prisions are at full capasity, then why is there 3 once closed revamped an empty. The simple presence of a group called OATH KEEPERS. Civil Defence plans in case of city anarchy to close any Fed. parks. The more people you have recieving public an Fed assistance are dependant totally on Gov.and controlable. For whatever reasons I have seen posted hear it dosent matter, what matters are you going to be able to survive?

  • bonnie

    People are fed up with the crap!!low paying jobs and the wealthier gained more wealth while many are losing.everything. its coming..massive violent riots..the politicians and jp Morgan and those had better hide. Nothing will stop the violence and disgust people have right now. Rightfully so.

  • George Soros is an idiot. The New World Order is global slavery

  • Zulch

    Our government is a “run a way” machine gun that is out of control . The barrel of that machine gun has became hot becausce we were played. Our weaknewss sought out and used against us. We now have a government so powerful, so embedded that nothing can stop it now. We must prepare ourselves for the unavoidable comming events just as our goverment is doing. The simpliest plan of attack our military will use against its own people is to: 1.) wipe out all power grids 2) stop communications 3)stop supply routes / transportation 4) elimanite food. If we act now (which we wont) and form small communities to over come these four points but alone we dont stand a chance as a matter of fact we will fight, kill and steal from each other. That what our government is depending upon so that we will turn to them for help. At that point they will tell us that ouir government has collasped and the only way to survive is that we must form a one world government to combine the worlds resources to survive. Now listen folks, I only have a high school education but if I have fiqured it out you know dam well they have. Good luck to all Americans !

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