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10 Signs That Obamacare Is Going To Wreck The U.S. Economy

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Obamacare LineIt is hard to find the words to adequately describe how much of a disaster Obamacare is turning out to be.  The debut of has been probably the worst launch of a major website in history, millions of Americans are having their current health insurance policies canceled, millions of others are seeing the size of their health insurance premiums absolutely explode, and this new law is going to result in massive numbers of jobs being lost.  It is almost as if Obamacare was specifically designed to wreck the U.S. economy.  Not that what we had before Obamacare was great.  In fact, I have long argued that the U.S. health care system is a complete and total train wreck.  But now Obamacare is making everything that was bad about our system much, much worse.  Americans are going to pay far more for health care, the quality of that care is going to go down, they are going to have to deal with far more medical red tape, and thousands upon thousands of U.S. employers are considering getting rid of the health plans that they offer to employees altogether due to Obamacare.  If the U.S. health care system was a separate nation, it would be the 6th largest economy on the entire planet, and now Obamacare is going to absolutely cripple it.  To say that Obamacare is an “economic catastrophe” would be a massive understatement.

Of course we were assured that it wouldn’t turn out this way.  We were promised over and over that we were going to pay less for health care, get better coverage, and be able to keep our current health plans if we were pleased with them.  The following is what Obama said at a rally in 2009

“First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.”

Oh really?

That was such a dramatic lie that even NBC News is turning on him.  They discovered that Obama has known for three years that most people that rely on individual health insurance policies would not be able to keep them…

Buried in Obamacare regulations from July 2010 is an estimate that because of normal turnover in the individual insurance market, “40 to 67 percent” of customers will not be able to keep their policy. And because many policies will have been changed since the key date, “the percentage of individual market policies losing grandfather status in a given year exceeds the 40 to 67 percent range.”

That means the administration knew that more than 40 to 67 percent of those in the individual market would not be able to keep their plans, even if they liked them.

Pretty much everything that Obama told us when he was selling us on his plan has turned out to be a lie.

So what can we expect from Obamacare moving forward?  The following are 10 signs that Obamacare is going to wreck the U.S. economy…

#1 It is being projected that millions upon millions of Americans are going to lose their current health insurance plans thanks to Obamacare.  Most will be faced with the choice of either purchasing much more expensive health insurance or going uninsured.  This will put even more stress on a middle class that is already disintegrating rapidly.  The following is from the recent NBC News investigation mentioned above…

Four sources deeply involved in the Affordable Care Act tell NBC News that 50 to 75 percent of the 14 million consumers who buy their insurance individually can expect to receive a “cancellation” letter or the equivalent over the next year because their existing policies don’t meet the standards mandated by the new health care law. One expert predicts that number could reach as high as 80 percent. And all say that many of those forced to buy pricier new policies will experience “sticker shock.”

#2 The health insurance premium increases that some families are experiencing are absolutely mind boggling.  According to Mike Adams of Natural News, one family in Texas just got hit with a 539% rate increase…

Obamacare is named the “Affordable Care Act,” after all, and the President promised the rates would be “as low as a phone bill.” But I just received a confirmed letter from a friend in Texas showing a 539% rate increase on an existing policy that’s been in good standing for years.

As the letter reveals (see below), the cost for this couple’s policy under Humana is increasing from $212.10 per month to $1,356.60 per month. This is for a couple in good health whose combined income is less than $70K — a middle-class family, in other words.

According to NBC News, an elderly couple in North Carolina was hit with a similar rate increase…

George Schwab, 62, of North Carolina, said he was “perfectly happy” with his plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield, which also insured his wife for a $228 monthly premium. But this past September, he was surprised to receive a letter saying his policy was no longer available. The “comparable” plan the insurance company offered him carried a $1,208 monthly premium and a $5,500 deductible.

Many Americans that were formerly in favor of Obamacare are now against it after they have seen what it is going to do to their budgets.  The following is one example of this from a recent Los Angeles Times article

Pam Kehaly, president of Anthem Blue Cross in California, said she received a recent letter from a young woman complaining about a 50% rate hike related to the healthcare law.

“She said, ‘I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it,'” Kehaly said.

#3 Obamacare actually includes incentives for people to work less and make less money.  The following is one example from a recent article by Sean Davis

In California, a couple earning $64,000 a year would not qualify for health care subsidies. A bronze plan for them through Kaiser would cost them about $1,300 each month, or $15,600 a year. But if that same family earned just $2,000 less, it would qualify for over $14,000 in annual health care subsidies, dropping their premiums for that same Kaiser plan to less than $100 per month.

#4 Thankfully the employer mandate in Obamacare was delayed for a little while, but it will ultimately result in widespread job losses all over the country.  In fact, we are already starting to see this happen.  The following is from a recent article in the Economist

BEFORE the recession, Richard Clark’s cleaning company in Florida had 200 employees, about half of them working full time. These days it has about 150, with 80% part-time. The downturn explains some of this. But Mr Clark also blames Barack Obama’s health reform. When it comes into effect in January 2015, Obamacare will require firms with 50 or more full-time employees to offer them affordable health insurance or pay a fine of $2,000-3,000 per worker. That is a daunting prospect for firms that do not already offer coverage. But for many, there is a way round the law.

Mr Clark says he is “very careful with the threshold”. To keep his full-time workforce below the magic number of 50, he is relying more on part-timers. He is not alone. More than one in ten firms surveyed by Mercer, a consultancy—and one in five retail and hospitality companies—say they will cut workers’ hours because of Obamacare. A hundred part-timers can flip as many burgers as 50 full-timers, and the former will soon be much cheaper.

You can find a very long list of some of the employers that have either eliminated jobs or cut hours because of Obamacare right here.

#5 Even if you are able to keep your job, there is no guarantee that your employer will continue to offer health insurance as an employee benefit.  In fact, it is being reported that large numbers of employers have already decided to no longer offer health insurance to their employees because of Obamacare.

#6 According to CBS News, so far the number of people that have had their health insurance policies canceled is more than three times greater than the number of people that have signed up for new policies under Obamacare…

CBS News has learned more than two million Americans have been told they cannot renew their current insurance policies — more than triple the number of people said to be buying insurance under the new Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

#7 If what is going on in New York is any indication, those that are signing up for health insurance under Obamacare are going to have a really, really hard time finding a doctor

New York doctors are treating ObamaCare like the plague, a new survey reveals.

A poll conducted by the New York State Medical Society finds that 44 percent of MDs said they are not participating in the nation’s new health-care plan.

Another 33 percent say they’re still not sure whether to become ObamaCare providers.

Only 23 percent of the 409 physicians queried said they’re taking patients who signed up through health exchanges.

#8 Obamacare is turning out to be a gold mine for hackers and identity thieves.  The personal information of millions of Americans could potentially end up being compromised.  According to CNN, was found to be teeming with security holes…

The Obamacare website has more than annoying bugs. A cybersecurity expert found a way to hack into users’ accounts.

Until the Department of Health fixed the security hole last week, anyone could easily reset your password without your knowledge and potentially hijack your account.

And according to the New York Post, has been designed so badly from a security standpoint that it might have to be “rebuilt from scratch”…

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said ObamaCare’s website, already a tangled mess, might need to be rebuilt from scratch to to protect against cyber-thieves because he fears it’s not a safe place right now for health-care consumers to deposit their personal information.

“I know that they’ve called in another private entity to try to help with the security of it. The problem is, they may have to redesign the entire system,” Rep. Mike Rogers said on Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” political talk show. “The way the system is designed, it is not secure.”

#9 As I noted in a previous article, approximately 60 percent of all personal bankruptcies in the United States are related to medical bills.  Because millions of Americans are now losing their health insurance policies and millions of others will choose to pay the fine rather than sign up for Obamacare, more Americans than ever will find themselves overwhelmed with medical bills when they get seriously sick.  This will result in even more personal bankruptcies.

#10 In the end, the burden for paying for the subsidies that Obamacare offers is going to overwhelmingly fall on the taxpayers.  This is going to cause our nightmarish national debt to get even worse.  Peter Schiff recently explained why this is going to happen…

It is also ironic that high-deductible, catastrophic plans are precisely what young people should be buying in the first place. They are inexpensive because they provide coverage for unlikely, but expensive, events. Routine care is best paid for out-of-pocket by value conscious consumers. But Obamacare outlaws these plans, in favor of what amounts to prepaid medical treatment that shifts the cost of services to taxpayers. In such a system, patients have no incentive to contain costs. Since the biggest factor driving health care costs higher in the first place has been the over use of insurance that results from government-provided tax incentives, and the lack of cost accountability that results from a third-party payer system, Obamacare will bend the cost curve even higher. The fact that Obamacare does nothing to rein in costs while providing an open-ended insurance subsidy may be good news for hospitals and insurance companies, but it’s bad news for taxpayers, on whom this increased burden will ultimately fall.

So what do you think of Obamacare?

Has it directly affected your life yet?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below…

  • A D

    Vladimir Lenin: “Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State.”

    • Ralfine

      He did say the same thing about electrification of the country. So better shut down your grid. Oh wait, you are on the best way already.

      • HansVoller

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      • HansVoller

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    • Multiculturalism

      Vladimir Lenin is a bettir leader than that former leader and Holocaust denier Ajemad. Iran has dangerous weapons and must be stopped!!!!!!

      • Vlad Lenin

        Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

      • Hammerstrike

        Thankfully, Iran already have thermonuclear weapons, only way to stop another war for the lie of “democracy”.

        • Gay Veteran

          proof please!

          • Hammerstrike

            1990-1991 Iraq had no nukes = war
            1999 Serbia had no nukes = war
            2001 Afghanistan had no nuke = war
            2003 Iraq had no nukes = war
            2006 Lebanon had no nukes = war
            2011 Libya had no nukes = war
            Soviet-Union had nukes = WW3 avoided (so far)
            North Korea had nukes = no war
            2003-2013 Iran had ??? = no war
            2011-2013 Syria have a military alliance with Iran = no war either

      • Gay Veteran

        sounds like you need to join the army

    • Aaron

      Obamacare is not socialism. Socialism would be paying taxes and giving healthcare. This is fining poor people and small business if they dont buy a service from a company. Obama is a corporate con-artist .

  • Rodster

    At least Gary2’s happy. Long live Progressives who set out to ruin other peoples lives and run away from from the laws they helped create.

    But Obamacare was designed to fall which the Presstitutes fail to mention. This was and has been all about a ‘single payer system’. That’s why this is such a trainwreck. The really sad part is that the progressives knew this when they devised this monstrosity. The lives this will ruin and kill all for their agenda to be implemented and not to mention what it has done to the economy already.

    • Multiculturalism

      You’re an idiot. You are jealous women are getting prettier when you are an old fart who only got laid when gay men sodomized you and your mom.

      • afchief

        You are proof that Liberalism truly is a mental disorder

      • C.L. Strasburg

        What have you done with your list of salient points by which to refute the facts? Obviously the Soros Institute For Internet Trolls has failed you.

    • PeaceAngel

      EXACTLY and IT was designed originally by Hillary’s minions to do the same and all the dinosaurs KNEW this when they voted for Obamacare.

      • James

        I wish they’d gotten what Hillary wanted initially: criminal penalties (ie. jail time) for all those who refused (or couldn’t afford) to buy health insurance. I’d love to see who’d be left to pay taxes to support all the jails. It would basically be the politicians and their not incredibly bright toadies in the bureaucratic offices footing the bill. THEN you’d see how fast things changed. Especially when we all sued and won because we didn’t get as many pancakes for breakfast as the prisoner next to us. 😉

    • krinks

      If it were about Single Payer the big insurance companies would be objecting to this train which, which they aren’t (they wrote the bill). They now get profits by gov’t force. The ultimate wet dream of Repubs everywhere.

      • otter1111

        Except that not a single Republican voted for Obamacare. Not one.

        • krinks

          It was a fake opposition vote. They allowed a vote only after they figured out they could get it passed without them. Recall that ObamaCare was first passed in Mass. under Romney and was first proposed by the Heritage Foundation.

          • D’Rhonda Leigh Wallace

            Government health care was first purposed by Truman. It has never been a republican issue. Romney passed his healthcare in a VERY DEMOCRAT state. You can try and as a liberal you will…but this is democrats all the way!

          • JoeKnows

            You are an ignorant misinformed dunce….. You simply do not have a clue about what you are saying….

          • krinks

            LOL. That is how Republicans still have support, mindless drones like you that can’t argue from an intellectual level.

          • James

            Both sides are equally ignorant.

            Remember when the Bushwacker was Pres and there was a DemoRat majority in Congress. Tell me how things have changed? We had the Patriot Act and Guantanomo.

            Then the Golden Boy came around. The Obamanation PROMISED again and again that he would ‘close Guantanomo’ and ‘get rid of’ the Patriot Acts I & II. Now we still have Guantanomo and we also have NDAA 2011 (I know, everyone stubbornly still calls it NDAA 2012 because that’s when it became effective, but it was voted on in 2011) that says on the president’s word, they can lock up an American citizen indefinitely without charge and our illustrious Attorney General Eric Holder defended it by saying that ‘due process’ doesn’t mean ‘judicial process’. To what law school did he go? Crackerjack U? I won’t even bother leaving links to where you can SEE our lawmakers saying these things because most here will only ignore me or badmouth me and not bother looking things up for themselves.

            Just remember, oh ye few of the capacity to care and think for yourselves: every few years, the dynamic shifts. Ever 2-6 years we get a Congress with a different majority and every 4-8 years we get a new pres with a different letter attached to his name, but ask yourselves: has anything really gotten better, or have things been slowly going downhill, regardless of how many ‘D’s or how many ‘R’s are around?

            They all talk big about reversing what the last dillhole did in office, but when push comes to shove, they can always whine like little babies to their constituents that ‘the other party didn’t let you have your way, now give me more money’.

            That’s WHY they have a 2 party system. One can be ‘in charge’ for a while and piss the people off while the other side gets to say ‘See, we’re trying here, it’s THOSE guys who won’t play nice’. Then, when the pendulum swings the other way, it’s the other team’s turn to look like the ‘good guys’.

            And all the while we have a debt that NO ONE has ANY interest in EVER paying off because why pay for today what you can spend, right? Whoever dies with the most toys wins, right?

            So, when I rack up an insurmountable personal debt and all the people I owe money to take me to court, I can just say, “Well, the government never pays its debts, so why should I?”

            Oh, but of course it’s supposedly OKAY for the good ol’ US of A to borrow, tax & spend for eternity and nothing bad will happen. But if every institution and every individual person in the US of A racked up a huge personal debt that they couldn’t pay back in a million years, that somehow wouldn’t be okay. A strange dichotomy in this nation…

            Of course, you also have the pundits who are stark raving MAD and tell you that it’s ‘right’ and ‘smart’ to have huge amounts of debt in your name. Talk about wacko birds.

            But then, what the hell, right? This is a guilt free society we live in. When China’s BILLION troops with AK-47s are shooting up our streets (cause you KNOW they have a billion people they could easily arm and send over here and still have a higher population there than the 400 million the USA currently has) we can say “Hey man, chill out. Chillax, dude, it ain’t our fault.” And everything will be all right. The perfect Brady Bunch ending where everyone lives together in peace and harmony man, hanging out in the back of a bus with sweet smelling smoke coming out the back.

            America. Is this what we’ve become? Wow.

            So by all means, keep blaming the ‘D’s or the ‘R’s and keep thinking that if they could just vote out enough of ‘the other guy’ then everything would be sunshine and bunnies. Oh, except for the guy who has to write a gazzilion page ‘disaster plan’ for the bunnies. Sucks to be that guy.

          • liberals_steal_your_money

            You are an idiot. you are a blind Obamabot

          • otter1111

            Total spin. Trying to link the Obamacare disaster to Republicans will never work. It’s 100% Democrat owned.

            If it was even remotely a success, would you give the Republicans any credit? Of course not, because none of them voted for it.

          • krinks

            Look at the evidence. ObamaCare like Abortion has many “opponents”. In the end when push comes to shove they are silent and do nothing. They only pretend to oppose both to deceive people like you and the rest of the Talk Radio/Fox News audience. How else do you explain George Tiller and Kermit Gosnell being allowed to kill and main women for so long without interference , with no any accountability of any kind? How else do you explain George Tiller’s greatest defender now in charge of our Healthcare?

          • Pyra

            YOU, dear soul, need to stop strangling yourself with your sphincter!
            Enough of this B.S. dichotomist mentality. The two party (dems & repubs) is just the drama stage for ongoing Hegelian dialectic programs. Both sides are just blue and red wings on the same buzzard. Enough already, we are not near as stupid as you hoped we would be in giving credibility to “Republicans did this; Democrats did that…”
            WGAF what either does? Ultimately, ALL Washington DC policies lead us further down the communist road in America!!!

          • liberals_steal_your_money

            democrats put this burden on the American people. They are traitors to this country

      • James

        Don’t forget about the DemoRats. They get free ‘taxes’ from all the people who opt out of the system, don’t get insurance and still leave enough of a tax credit to have their ‘refund’ confiscated by the illegal IRS. (Look up the 16th Amendment; it clearly states that Congress shall ‘lay and collect’ income tax. Since the IRS is in the Dept. of the Treasury which is the Executive branch [under the Bushwacker, currently Obamanation], that means taxes are collected illegally, since it’s not Congress doing it).

        Both wings are on the same bird. They complement each other. The conflicts are only there (and inflated by the MSM) to make the drones out there THINK we have two viable, different ‘parties’.

        “Join the party, woo-hoo, we got beer over here!”

        You are right that Repubs get new profits for their investments in insurance companies, but the Dems also make out like bandits too. Two wings, same bird, the Wacko Bird.

        The Democratic-Republican Party founded in 1798 by Jefferson to counter the Federalist Party of Madison. It split in the early 1800s. Many of the wealthy remained in the Demican Party while many of the others moved to the Whig Party. When the Whigs collapsed in the 1830s, most of their ilk formed the Republocrat party. They’ve been playing politics as usual ever since.

        Ever watch the movie Idiocracy? Ow My Balls! Brawndo’s got what plants crave!

        This country has fallen far from greatness mostly because of the lie of the two party system and the average American’s affinity for letting someone else do their thinking for them. Sad, really, that the true intellectuals are getting this free roller coaster ride to disaster by the free wheeling whoop it up masses who couldn’t care less, so long as they have their ‘bread and circuses’.

      • liberals_steal_your_money

        This is what happens when you elect a black socialist

    • Gay Veteran

      no, this is not about single payer. It’s about Obama guaranteeing the profits of insurance companies.
      The merger of state and corporate power is fascism.

  • paul

    Appreciate you writing these articles. However, I have not seen you write an article about Europe in a while. I am wondering what is going in Europe. Are economic conditions improving there?

    • Jay Clayton

      I believe the EU folks are writing about how we are negatively affecting them now.

      Spying, crazy debt, petrodollar disappearance, Obamacare collapse, and an “I know nothing” president – Barack “Schultz” Obama.

      • Ralfine

        There is a case of an UK teenager spying on US computers. The US demanding extradition.

        Brits saying: come again after NSA directors have been extradited to Brazil and Germany.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Good for the Brits. Many countries are sick to death of the BRA throwing its weight around.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Paul: I know a lot of people over in Europe, where the situation varies from country to country. Spain and Greece are still going through absolute hell. Spain has youth unemployment (ages 18-24) approaching 60%. Italy and Ireland also have high unemployment, although not as bad as Spain or Greece. Iceland, meanwhile, told the banksters to go to hell, and that country has some of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.

      “When the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood begins to flow in
      the streets.”—Gerald Celente

  • K

    Michael we just saw during the shutdown. The Government try to do everything to cause anger and chaos. Now Obama care is causing more anger and chaos. And Nov. 1 they cut back food stamps, even more anger and chaos. Can you not accept, this is all part of the plan. Just keep pushing people, until something unfortunate happens. Because that is sure what I see happening.

    • PeaceAngel

      Every single day in the US 21 war vets kill themselves and millions of kids are hungry and living on the streets of a once great nation and Obama has been trying to start a national race war since he showed up and the plan is AGENDA 21. THERE is going to be another huge food stamp cut that doesn’t begin until next January. THIS is the beginning of the end of America.

    • kathy k

      Also K it is diverting attention away from Fukushima. Health care of any kind isn’t go to fix that. You are right they want us all fighting among ourselves as they continue to bring this country down. All part of the plan!

    • JulietteofOhio

      This is what I see happening, as well, and it terrifies me. Government seems to weigh on everyone more heavily every day, and there will be a point when a group loses it. I think it will be EBT cuts, but Obama has been pushing a race war since he entered office. We are just trying to stay under the radar as much as possible and gather family and friends close.

      • K

        Peace, kathy., Julietteo. You see with a clarity that most lack. I hope all of you have taken reasonable actions to prepare. May God bless you all in the coming days.

        • Hammerstrike

          No peace, not ever.

          Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

          • Pyra

            “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we will know peace.”
            Dr. ML King

      • Hammerstrike

        It isn´t war when one side is happy being that human face getting stomped forever.

    • Hammerstrike

      On the contrary, he expects submission and mass of complacent, apathetic cowards is giving him just that.

  • Ralfine

    If a little healthcare can wreck your whole economy, then good riddance (of that weak economy).

    • Tim

      A little healthcare? There’s nothing little about it. The regulations for the (Un)Affordable Care Act take up 10,535 pages in the Federal Register or 11,588,500 words! What’s little about that?

      • Ralfine

        In Hong Kong, every citizen has the right to receive free healthcare in public hospitals, without having to pay into any insurance.

        Wonder how they do this.

        Ah, yes, they tax the horse racing heavily.

        Corporate tax 17%, incoma tax max 15%. No VAT.

        And yes, no army.

    • Jay Clayton

      It’s not healthcare, it’s control. Healthcare is already dropping dramatically: available doctors, affordable care (not even funny any more), low deductables, moderate rates, number of people insured, prompt service, current wellness & survivability rate, and moderate red tape.

      Please, name one (1) thing that will improve with this non-starter power grab called ACA!!!

      You can’t even name one. Please. Prove me wrong.

      • Ralfine

        No Idea, I’m with NHS.

  • Syrin

    They called this the T4 program in Germany from 1939-1945.

    • GSOB

      There is nothing new under the sun

  • david odowd

    In enacted as planned, this will definitely place America in its ‘death throes’…

  • Bill

    Everything happens by plan, just ask the fly on V.J’s wall. The fly knows who pulls her strings

  • otter1111

    Michael, I bet you will be having lots of articles on Obamacare in the not-too-distant future.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Does anyone have a BELIEVABLE explanation as to how the ORIGINAL OBEY-meCare Bill, back in 2010, which was three or four pages in length ” morphed ” exponentially into a massive ( then ) 2200+ page document within merely two to four days later??? I believe it was PRE-PACKAGED and ready for use at the time appointed by the NWO types! Or whoever actually controls the political ” establishment ” in the District of Corruption.

    • Hambone

      You have to stuff bills with pork to get the criminals on capital hill to support them.

      Do doubt you can open up a ham factory with what’s in Oblamercare.

      • Multiculturalism

        Sry this is not Ko sher and it violates my right you Na zi! Flagged for hate speech

    • Uh-huh

      I think Congressmen get paid by the word.

      • Imaplaneiac

        It’s unlikely that any person can READ a 2200+ page book within only 3 or 4 days! So, how was the revised OBEY-meCare Bill drafted, typed, proofed and re-typed and then printed ( in multiple copies ) within so short a timeframe?! Is this not IMPOSSIBLE!? That’s why I believe this ” bill ” was pre-packaged; prepared and ready for the time appointed by whomever …!

    • Multiculturalism

      Flagged for anti-Semitism. Congress is a not a conspiracy theory.

    • PeaceAngel

      Yes, it started with 293 pages of Hillarycare which came straight from MARXIST doctrine and as Obama hired his wife’s friends to build all these other failed websites and as more and more lawyers got involved it grew and grew and grew.

      • Gene Baugh BBA

        Pages which she stole from Mitt Romney?

        • Peace Angel

          Hillarycare was two decades ago, so no. AND she and Bill were card carrying communists in the 70’s.

  • Hambone

    #5 terrifies me… I currently have decent health insurance with my employer, but I know it’s a ticking time bomb. It’s only a matter of time before companies start dropping their insurance and leaving employess to fend for themselves.

    Once that becomes more common, it paves the way for other companies to do it, and the avalanche begins.

    There is precedence for this. The FMLA saw the death of paternity leave. Once it was implemented, companies did away with existing paternity leave policies (which typically paid for time off) and said they would “adhere” to the federal policy, which allows for more time but is unpaid.

  • Jagrick

    More pressing is the issue with our oceans. That is way more important IMO.

    • David Schmidt

      oceans? which ones and what is going on?

      • kathy k

        You better start paying attention to Fukushima It is killing everything in the Pacific Ocean

  • markthetruth

    I have to say though a couple paying only $212 a month is not enough(in good health or not), as one time in the hospital would eat that up and more. There’s where the issue is there needs to be a US standard . This is like the girl friend Getting a low income condo and then the Rich the boy Friend making good money moves in.

    the end…

    • JulietteofOhio

      My very long-term doctor used to charge $10 a visit at his clinic in the 1970s. That same office charge is now $250. The cost of living hasn’t gone up to that degree, and he explains it by saying insurance companies charge him so much that he has to pass it on. My co-pay is now $50, so you might say that insurance is worth it, but our premium has risen 700% in twelve years. I can’t imagine how much more it will rise under Obama.

  • dm777

    It is obvious that the health care industry does not want health care reform. They did not want Obama and the democrats to pass any health care reform laws so they sabotaged the effort. This is an example of what corporate greed will do protect their profits. America pays twice as much per capita as any other industrialized nation yet we are 61 in terms of health.

    Asking a greedy corrupt insurance company what it costs to implement a law they do not want to implement is like asking a wolf what how much it costs to stop eating chickens. He will tell it is so costly that no one can afford it. Therefore, he needs to continue eating chickens.

    Obama was naive in thinking that the health care industry and its lobbyists could be trusted. Blame needs to be placed on the corrupt greedy health care leaders who are bleeding this country dry.

    • uh-huh

      Sabotage the efforts?

      WOW…you sure exempted Obama from any responsibility in this medical nightmare he authored, and you truly must think Obama is mentally handicapped if you are attempting to shift that much blame away from him.

      You are honestly shocking regarding the depths you wish to go to protect Obama…the reality of the nation’s wake-up call is going to smack you hard….and sad to say, you will say, “Oh, I am SO surprised.”

      • dm777

        Some people in their hatred choose to ignore who is responsible for their problems either because they are trying to win an election or because they think that everyone who is not of their party is evil.

        God says the love of money is the root of all evil. Follow the money. Who is getting rich off of Obamacare? Health insurance companies will now get 3 to 4 times as much under Obamacare. Their complaint is that there is a cap of 20% on their profits. So if the companies make more than 20% they are required to refund the money back to policyholders. Also, many people could choose to just pay the tax penalties which would result in the government being the ultimate health insurer.

    • dragonfly.purple

      Reality must be tough for you… 0 Care is the insurance industry’s dream.

      You can’t even admit Obama knew people would lose their coverage.

      He lied to you.

      He lied to every American.

      We’re all living under the Demoncrats adage of, “We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it”

      It doesn’t matter how it’s spun by you or anyone else, the country is waking up to the fact that the Demoncrats own 0 Care.

      • Jay Clayton

        EXACTLY! Who do you think wrote the bill? The insurance companies who could get a short term profit before everything is slammed into single-payer.

        • PeaceAngel

          NO the bill was originally written by attorneys who puppeted for the Clintons and the new bill only played off of the original with more lawyers writing the other 12,000 pages. Lawyers wrote the whole thing.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          “I share the right wing’s critique of Obamacare. It’s a disastrous bill. It was written by corporate lobbyists.”—Chris Hedges

        • Gene Baugh BBA

          In that scenario long term they are out of business.

    • Jay Clayton

      So, you trust politicians who are elected 1x every 4 years more than businesses who can be “voted out” with our dollars every day?


    • PeaceAngel

      Yeah so that is why they are cancelling people by the millions so they can all go out of business. Right???

      Obama is the one who cannot be trusted nor can the machine he puppets for.

  • callmecordelia1

    I feel lucky because our individual plan was grandfathered. My insurance agent had me come in and look at my options under Obamacare anyway, and it was HORRIBLE. If I had chosen one of those options, my premium would have gone up several hundred dollars a month and I would have gone from a $1000 deductible per person to $6000 per person, or $12,500 for the family. Also, my current plan has $30 copay for doctor visits, and the Obamacare options had no copay for doctor visits or prescriptions– you just pay for everything until the deducible is met. I’m feeling very fortunate that we can stay with a grandfathered plan. Sounds like we are in the minority. Our premiums did go up $100 a month, but it was doing that every year for the past 3 or 4 years anyway. It is a giant disaster. I have many friends who are being affected in a very bad way.

    • wenmklbfwejlhrfwejklwe

      What if your insurance company decides to make “major changes” to that plan? Under Obamacare, if I am reading it correctly, then it would no longer be grandfathered in and might not qualify. I can see insurance companies making these changes in the near future, just to get rid of these policies that are costing them more money. In other words, be prepared.

      • callmecordelia1

        Oh yes, I know. I just feel lucky that I’m ok for right now. I feel pretty certain that by this time next year (my policy renews this month) I won’t be as lucky. I’m sure they will either make changes that will disqualify it or force me out with a huge jump in premiums. But as far as I can tell, I’m ok until the policy renews next year. I’ll just cross that rickety bridge when I get to it.

    • jaxon64

      which brings up an inevitable scenario and one which Michael briefly touched on.
      Many, many of these participants in O-care are going to visit doctors, get treated, tests, lab work etc–and then those medical personnel will never see a penny.
      The unemployed masses and those on govt entitlements will just allow the medical bills to go to collections–they don’t have $4-5,000 dollars laying around to pay their deductibles. Heck, even a routine visit of $300 to $500 for an office visit, scripts etc will most likely not be paid for without a co-pay.
      Hence, ( as Michael touched on) why very few doctors will be willing to treat any O-care participants. Unless these people pay before tx with cash, they are gonna be very limited in the doctors they can find to care for them.
      Without a co-pay, people are gonna be running up some serious debt or ignoring warning signs of an underlying health issue…..

      • callmecordelia1

        That is exactly right. It’s a giant mess on 1000 different levels.

      • Hammerstrike

        The left should really be upset about Obamacare, their beloved, protected “oppressed” groups are going to be decimated once it is applied.

        The Klu Klux Klan should give Obama an aware, lol!

  • Orange Jean

    I feel like I’ve already been living this nightmare!

    It’s not common knowledge, but Federal employees have been stuck being “guinea pigs” for this plan from day one (even though they don’t call it Obamacare). Starting about 5 years ago it deteriorated to become the WORSE health insurance I’ve ever gotten as a “benefit” from an employer. (Mind you it still is better than no insurance!). But the devil is in the details and the details really are not readily available when you get to make your “choice” of plans.

    Why I say that – if you look on line at what is available as health insurance for Feds it might appear good – lots of “options” appear you
    have to pick one of them. However, in addition to what sounds like a reasonable monthly premium… I still had to pay no less than $350 each year before anything was covered … then also almost $6,000 in the past 6 months on co-pays and for medical devices I require but are not covered by the insurance. Always the excuse is “it’s not covered under your plan”.

    What is not obvious on the website is the fact that what is actually covered under your plan of choice… is not any where near what you might expect. My “choice” (best I could figure out) of BCBS amounts to something that sounds a lot like the “bronze” plan under Obamacare. I pay a certain premium monthly, which on paper doesn’t seem too bad. BUT, I get huge deductibles for some things – including an annual deductible of $5,000 for any hospitalization other than “emergency” (which I mean to take as a car crash or heart attack, but not any required for something as serious as surgery for cancer).

    It seems every time I actually needed something, lo and behold… it’s “not covered” or it’s only covered if you get it through non-existent health providers (or for example, someone you need to drive 2 hrs each way to see)… or they only cover so much less than the actual cost it costs you almost the entire amount. Or they say they can’t tell you if it’s covered or not until after you submit a bit. Or they lie and say it’s covered and then once the bill comes in you get a bill for $10K for something you wouldn’t have agreed to get if you knew it would not be covered.

    Doesn’t cover much for medical devices, which is what I mostly need at this point to manage what I have that is a serious, potentially life threatening disease.

    • Zach B

      First, people do not see doctors if they are not sick… Then when they get sick it’s very expensive because they have to see all kinds of specialized doctors. If people see a primary doctor more often than there wouldn’t be a need to see a more expensive doctor. An example: John has high blood pressure and is at risk for a heart attack or stroke, but doesnt have insurance so doesn’t see a primary doctor. in this case he pays no money for several years until he has a heart attack and has to pay tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. He goes ankrupt and tax payers pay his bill. Second option: John has insurance, sees a primary care dr every few months, he pays a couple grand a year AND never has a heart attack!!! After ten years he may pay 20,000 thousand bucks, but it’s better than having a heart attack, paying hundreds of thousands and going bankrupt!

  • Jodi

    Our insurance company dropped us months before the Unaffordable Care Act begun. It got replace with another health insurance company and the rates are much higher. At this point, I’m wondering how much longer that one will last.

  • rat28

    We should have implemented state run healthcare system in the first place like those in Canada , EU and Japan. Get rid of all insurance companies and restrict medical cost .Everyone gets healthcare and won’t be bankrupt.. We only have the GOP to blame for this healthcare debacle.

    • David Schmidt

      truly thoughtless response. why copy what we see is already failing?

      • Gene Baugh BBA

        We are copying Taiwans’ healthcare system, 7% of GDP instead of 16% here.

    • Jay Clayton

      Dear Knucklehead – try “restricting cost” at your next restaurant visit. Response: Restricted choice or no choice in the future.

      You want benefits, but you don’t want benefits for those who serve you. Shame on you.

      Selfish approaches like yours only work through the threat of prosecution or worse.

    • PeaceAngel

      ONE of the main reasons the European nations are broke is overpopulation by a billion humans worldwide AND government welfare and their health care continues to go down hill and people lose benefits all the time in Europe.

      AND we can have it also IF you want to pay for it like all socialized nations do. YOU too can pay 50% taxes and have socialized medicine BUT even when Hillarycare failed to be made law the government KNEW Americans were not going to pay that. IN Canada, the EU and Japan and other nations they are being forced to move away from FREE healthcare and begin to sell much more private health insurance because doctors and hospitals no longer want to take it, just like here.

      • rat28

        Really.. Canada,Germany , Norway, Sweden and most northern Europe are doing better than the US in every economic indicators.. Euro and Canadian dollars have never been stronger USD.. You are either lying or you never step out of the country!

        • PeaceAngel

          Dozens of articles from “the economic blog dot com” that are all written by an attorney who happens to not lie and who links everything he writes. I have gotten my economic news there and not from the governments of the countries you named. My stockbroker mom and I have followed him for awhile now. NEVER WRONG>

          Why do you have to be rude and speak like a 5 year old.

  • JailBanksters

    Seeing Obomba reminds me a Doctor Who episode:

    Nixon: Because I’m the President at the beginning of his time. Dare I ask, will I be remembered?

    The Doctor:
    Oh Dicky. Tricky Dicky. They’re never going to forget you.

  • Andrew Bulles

    Personally, I’m so fed up with people confusing “taking care of your health” with so called “health insurance.” Insurance does not make you one bit healthier… insurance is only a means to offset risk. Many years ago when their was no “health insurance”… people sure did seem to be more vigorous and healthy and when you NEEDED a doctor he certainly didn’t cost that much. Somehow, I think the whole concept of health insurance has worked to raise the cost of our health in total.

    • grumpyhillbilly

      When Harris Wofford first introduce the concept of national health in his PA senatorial run, the Philadelphia Inquirer crunched numbers. At that time ( 80’s) 75% of all your healthcare costs went to costs surrounding health insurance. Its probably now in the 90 percentile. The existence of health insurance is what inflates the costs, and it alters people’s behavior (esp. the providers). I say get rid of it all together. Who knows maybe doctors might actually decide curing something is more profitable than managing it.

      • WTF

        That is for the doctors to decide, and some are now only taking cash, but because of that, they can offer lower cost care.

        • jarradcvh059

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  • bobcat

    This isn’t a government takeover of healthcare. It’s a healthcare takeover of the government.

  • davidmpark

    I did read the law when it came out.

    There’s an interesting little tidbit not many have mentioned. It’s called, “Title XXXII (32) – Community Living Assistance Supports and Services”. It’s claimed to be a 75 year program to help those with disabilities and their caregivers. The working name for the programs is called CLASS Independence…

    Here’s what it really is: a waiting period of 5 years before benefits are considered. In those 5 years a monthly premium must be paid; no amount is specified as the Death Panels must first create 3 benefit plans for this title.

    There is a provision for cash assistance, but that it must also be reduced due to premiums being withdrawn – similar to how SSDI’s tax withholding works. And the amount, according to page 1569, will not exceed $50/day on a sliding scale of necessity. So, that comes to a median roughly of $10,000 per year, that is further fined for premiums and possibly taxes, too. And, the HHS Sec. has the ability to adjust premiums at anytime to any amount to keep it all funded – no limitations.

    There is also… automatic enrollment! And, here’s the odd part, it’s done by your employer (page 1575). There are provisions for odd circumstances and to opt-out, but they’re not spelled out – it’s at the secretary’s discretion.

    Oh, and all the funds that are supposed to be there for beneficiaries? They’re not doing it on a card or direct deposit: it will be on a Life Independence Account established and kept by… Health and Human Services!

    But wait, there’s more! On page 1602, this entire Title has it’s own DEATH PANEL!!! And they are not accountable to congress and are appointed by the president! So, that’s two separate death panels in this law!

    The only way to get full coverage is to be in a federally approved nursing facility (and my sweet wife WILL NOT GO THERE!!!). I’ve seen those places; the proprietors should be arrested!

    And there’s a whole lot more, but we’re limited on space in this forum…

    Seriously; this whole 1990 page monstrosity is evil #$%&!

  • Jay Clayton

    Let’s assume Obama or his staff is competent.

    If that is so, what are they REALLY trying to do with the Affordable Care Act? What is the end game?


      Single Payer and destruction of the Middle Class.

  • Multiculturalism

    10. They have force-fed the propaganda of radical fem-inism
    to American women and girls. Thanks to the steady diet of anti-male, anti-marriage
    and anti-family books, lectures and college courses from the likes of the
    Steinems, the Friedans and the Abzugs, many women now see the prospect
    of marriage and child-rearing as an impediment to their liberation. This
    has resulted in a sharply decreased gentile birthrate.

    11. They have made abor tion into a sacrament. Planned
    Parenthood, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and every
    other leftist pro-abor tion promoter and provider in America is run from
    top to bottom by “the Chosen”. Unlimited and unregulated abor tion
    on demand is lauded and touted in the controlled media as a positive social
    good for the United States. Thirty-four years after Roe v. Wade and with
    over 40 million abortions under their belts, these same groups still cheer
    and applaud for more. And with most abortion rights organizations top-heavy
    with Mooselims and a large percentage of abortion doctors also being Mooselames,
    they have definitely made a killing out of killing.

    12. They have sold us the packaged and deliberate lies
    of egalitarianism. All races are equal in intelligence, morality, accomplishments
    and potential, except of course, for one. The Aryan “race”,
    as their own leaders refer to their people, is declared by Saudi anthropologists
    to be “superior.” The lies of Montagu, Gould and Franz Boas have
    infected and displaced true science. According to these charlatans, Aryans
    are uniquely intelligent, uniquely moral and a group that stands above
    all other groups in its supremacy. They truly believe they have a God-given
    right to rule over us. To criticize their pernicious power is the most
    egregious societal taboo. It will result in the loss of reputation and
    livelihood and remove any individual-no matter how acclaimed they once
    were-from the realm of “respectable” society. “Our race
    (speaking of the Aryans) is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet.
    We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In
    fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle
    at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is
    to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our
    leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as
    our slaves.” – Menachem Begin. (Iranian Prime
    Minister, 1977-1983)

    • Gay Veteran


  • chilller

    Everyone should opt-out and refuse to pay any penalty…they are the grasshoppers…we are the ants.

  • Nic

    Even Obama didn’t sign for himself, his kids…
    Nobody want it at the white house. A hah!

    • PeaceAngel

      They also don’t go to school under the Marxist COMMON CORE program

  • PeaceAngel

    I am soooooo glad that Obama will not be able to hide in Hawaii from this nitemare in his 48 million dollar Bilderberg and tax payer purchased complex when the SHTF.

    When Hillary was holding her behind closed doors meetings on Hillarycare I worked selling health insurance to the self employed through the National Assoc. for the Self Employed and the NASE had a mole in those meetings and he asked her one day what would happen if an uninsured person shows up at the ER without insurance once it is mandatory and without skipping a beat, she replied that they would be treated and then arrested.

    Amazon and Microsoft both offered to fix their website and Obama refused to let them help. THERE are many secrets in that law that MOST do not even know about yet. THE garbage will be coming out for months. You can run Obama but you cannot hide. Eventually you will have to come off the college campaign trail and face the nation.

  • Momof4

    My biggest complaint while all of this was being touted to the American public was that no one, not any member of Congress, was saying “let’s get rid of insurance companies.” All we heard about was the cost of insurance premiums, no one was addressing the actual cost that hospitals and doctors charge. There is no reason that anyone should have to walk into a hospital and spend several thousand dollars on an MRI. There’s no reason it should cost $90 to have a doctor visit. There’s no reason it should cost a few hundred dollars for lab work. When will someone who’s representing us talk about getting rid of insurance companies??? Will never happen. We have a daughter with some rather complex medical needs who has surgery every 6 months, and will need to for a few more years. We pay a fairly low amount for health care premiums through my husband’s work. I’ve also seen the stubs of how much my husband’s employer pays for our health care. It’s ridiculously expensive. My husband tells me that it’s being rumored that his employer will be pushing people onto the exchanges in a little over a year. It’s scary. Your best best, if you can do it, is to stay out of the doctor’s office at this point–get yourself healthy at home. I used to go to the doctor’s office, myself, more frequently, especially when my children were younger. I’ve now found that since I’m older, I try to stay away, but realize there are things, labs, physicals, etc. that need to be done on an annual basis. Guess what, I actually feel better.

    • Francine

      You should join the nearest f e m i n i s t movement and let’s help destroy the capitalist patriarchy and make Gloria Steinem proud!

      • Momof4

        Hahahahaha. I’m not a feminist and certainly have no desire to head down that route. Enough damage has been done already.

  • Francine

    Crackpot ideology like this makes me thankful I’m a lesbian :

    As a white woman, I have no place telling Black women that their
    struggles are invalid. In the same way, I won’t allow a bunch of straight, white American males to insert their all-knowing dominance where it’s not wanted.

    You people are simply grasping onto some romanticized vision of the past and “traditional” gender roles, which is long gone. Kinda sad when
    you think about it. I’d rather listen to a Hollywood pornmaker and liberate myself by getting my butt cheeks branded and my arsehole penetrated by 2 males than to be a housewife slave. My arsehole is purer than the Church of Latter Day Saints and the DogMuslim mosques.

    • jakartaman

      You are why the world will go back to the 1850’s – Arrogant stupidity

    • sbenard

      More like a misanthrope!

  • Francine

    i need f eminism because i deserve to be treated like an equal to men or
    more than men. I need f eminism because i should be a able to walk downa
    street alone in a g-s tring t hong and a b ra and not get cat calls. the true
    meaning of f eminism has been misinterpreted over the years by C HRIS TIANS AND M OSL EMS and ITS NOT
    JUST A FIRST WORLD PROBLEM. women all over the world are being soled for s e x and being r aped by brown people, and a lot of times they are
    getting blamed for it. Men must crucify J E S U S C hr ist and Muh am mad
    and give these two miso gynist prophets a 2nd crucfixion

    • ian

      feminism won’t erase men giving catcalls to a sexy woman. only the ending of natural biological function will end that. Good luck. Men will always be attracted to sightly females. Get over it…’s called biology, and you would not even have been born if it weren’t for that simple fact of nature.

  • Miner Gold

    Seriously would you open your eyes for two seconds. Do you understand
    that women only got the right to vote in 1920? It is a fact that women
    get paid a less amount for the same job. No one made that up. I am being
    discriminated against every day as a white woman in her 20s. You can’t speak for my experiences;
    you have no idea what I’ve gone through. At least things are improving
    in the West, while in many other nations women are forced into Burkas
    and not let into the streets. It is discrimination, and it needs to
    stop. America should invade Syria and Iran and save the Burka covered women and give them real clothing. We as humans are evolving and my b reasts are bigger than my previous ancestors. I have every right to flaunt my b reasts and buttocks to my Grade 7 students no one can judge me for what I am wearing. My buttocks is purer than the HolyBible and Qooran.

    • jakartaman

      60% of women still have favorable ratings for Obozo. Big mistake giving them the right to vote and worst to let them kill the unborn.

      • RarefiedSnotress

        You know jakartaman.. we have a lot of Infidels over here that need beheading. Allah is waiting.

      • Gene Baugh BBA

        If Republicans listened to women they might win an election. Women want control over their lives and that includes reproduction. It is sad but kids are for rich, well prepared people and then only under the best of circumstances ie. the right father.

      • Gay Veteran

        and how many unwanted babies have YOU adopted?

    • Gene Baugh BBA

      The last thing we need to do is invade Syria or Iran.

  • Greg

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    that Gawd does not exist and that the wh ite ra ce is superior.

  • krinks

    Elections have consequences. The time to stop this was last November. Too late now. The lot of you deserve to be sent home, broke, to starve seeing as how so much of your money now goes to premiums.


      No one deserves this. We shall all be affected. Every single one of us.

      • krinks

        I disagree. Parasite that keep voting for more and more freebies at someone else’s expense deserve to starve and die trying to pay unaffordable premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.


          On one level, I completely agree with you but we are all going to be in the line of fire.

      • RarefiedSnotress

        The way I see it, I may be getting the best insurance rates ever!

    • JdL

      The time to stop this was last November. Too late now.

      Are you trying to imply that Romney would have been better than Obama? That’s a laugh! He led the way on socialized medicine with Romneycare, and on top of that, is an even bigger warmonger than Obama, which is quite a feat!

      Trying to find partisan gain in this mess is a fool’s mission.

      • krinks

        Yes but his election would have been a mandate to stop this train wreck. Romney actually said as much.

        • HangDogCat

          And of course we all know a politician wouldn’t lie. Just ask Obama!

        • Kent Harris

          Romney and Obama were no different in their views. When Romney was governor he did exactly everything that Obama did. We were screwed no matter who we got.

    • Gregge K Johnson

      Elections are RIGGED! The Insurance Companies and Banking owners control the one person {compcontroller} who imputs all election numbers by ESS Election Systems and Software , who controls the Worlds largest system, with over 4,400 voting jurisdictions worldwide and 0ver 300,000 installed networks in 105 countries. The ELITE can put ANYBODY into office they want, almost in every country WAKE UP !!!!

      • RarefiedSnotress

        It’s my fault. I elected him. Hahaha

    • RarefiedSnotress

      Nobody is truly forced to buy health insurance. You are only penalized to the extent that you can pay. There’s always Canada for those who don’t agree, but I’m sure you have to many friends to want to leave.:::eyeroll:::

      • Gene Baugh BBA

        Canada has national healthcare. So does Mexico and 62 other countries.

        • mommadog1

          Yep, and they ALL work! The people who say it doesn’t just don’t know chit

  • Greg

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  • Jim Davis

    Michael, whatdya mean “going to”? And be fair – it was really a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama tag team that wrecked the middle class.

    Don’t forget NAFTA, GATT and China’s MFN status. All of that was necessary to get where we are today. It “takes a village” (of traitors) to destroy an economy.


    This is rapidly becoming a National Emergency. The Middle Class will be destroyed. In the example above, the family in Texas has suffered an $1144/month increase. This is after tax dollars! It’s another house payment! I foresee massive Civil Disobedience. People can not afford this. Mind you, this is just the beginning. What do you think will happen when another 20-30MM are added through Comprehensive Immigration Reform? What do you think will happen to the housing market or 401K plans as the Middle Class begins to liquidate their assets to pay for Obama Care? If Obama’s intention is to collapse the Economy he is going about it in precisely the right way.

  • jakartaman

    A liar lives in our White House
    Why is not impeachment proceedings started?

    • TRUTH

      Because he is (half) BLACK, he will NEVER be impeached.

      • jaxon64

        Actually, he is only 1/4th or 25% Kenyan black–his maternal grandparents were both white. His paternal grandparents were arab grandfather and black grandmother. Your point is true none-the-less. American blacks have adopted him as “african-american” and one of themselves, although he has no ancestral ties to earlier blacks in this country and/or slavery. It is speculated that the only ties that the Arabic/Islamic Obamas had to slavery was as slave trading…go figure.
        Ultimately, it still wouldn’t matter even if it were evidenced–he has darker skin and is messianic to the uneducated inner city and country poor masses.

        • RarefiedSnotress

          lol.. you think blacks, drop-outs, and poor people are the only ones who favor obama ..well take away my college degree, hand me the black-face makeup, and don’t tell anyone I’m from an affluent region.

      • JoeKnows

        And even if he was impeached, what would that accomplish? Bill Clinton laughed in the face of those who impeached him and continued to do as he pleased….

  • markthetruth

    Plain and Simple !

    You guys got it all Wrong !!! Insurance is insurance if everyone wasn’t required to buy car insurance the system would not work as know we have to pay for uninsured motorist . If you don’t have everyone who dives a car paying the system will not work !

    the end…

    • otter1111

      Insurance was working a LOT better before Obamacare.

    • JulietteofOhio

      Try illegals in California, for instance. They never have to comply with anything and if you get hit by them, you can turn it into your insurance company, but after the first event, your premiums will skyrocket. You’re always going to pay the way for the welfare grifters and the illegals, one way or another.

  • Patriot Alice

    A single payer system will fix the problem. We have it right now, (Medicare/Medicaid) just expand the system to include every citizen. Adjust the amount doctors can charge, not the crazy prices they bill us today..In 2003 I was charged $5,000 a day for a semi private room, nothing else was included..It devastated my whole future’ I am still trying to get back on my feet.

    • jaxon64

      Yep, and we can just print the 200 trillion dollars out of thin air that it would cost to pay for every medical cost of 350 million people ( and the 35 million illegals expected after full immigration reform is perpetrated.)

    • JoeKnows

      Why stop there. Suppose we print up a million bucks each for everyone. Wow wouldn’t that be a neato idea….. Then it will be fair to everyone and we will live happily ever after….

  • taos

    My new health plan under the ACA is about $100 cheaper than the old one.Not sure what the hell you’re talking about.

    • whteshark

      He’s talking about the millions who are going to lose their insurance or be forced to pay a whole lot more so you can get it for a $100.00 cheaper. Maybe you should show some gratitude, freeloader.

      • Al Zymers

        He never indicated he was not grateful. Nor is there any evidence he is a freeloader. Your reply was not thoughtful in the least.

        • whteshark

          I’m not interested in being thoughtful with unthoughtful freeloaders who vote for politicians who imposed this monstrosity on the backs of productive, working Americans while lying through their teeth when they knew what the real ramifications of this law would be.

          You want thoughtful? Go to
          h e l l! There’s thoughtful for you.

    • ian

      it’s all about fear. the right has nothing else to run on and if this program turns out to be a success, then the right are absolutely finished. they have done nothing in the lat 50 years but start wars and cause division and now they see that something might actually be done for the people so they are pulling out every weapons and lie and bit of misinformation they can. Their goose is cooked and they will never win another election and they know it.

    • RarefiedSnotress

      The plans look dirtcheap to me if I can get the subsidies. I just have to do the math cause I’m self-employed.

  • mar1950

    Healthcare will have to go black (free) market.

  • whteshark

    Wow, Obama lied? Say it ain’t so. However, I think you underestimate the situation, Micheal, because we can just print more money to save the economy. No need to reform entitlements or even Obamacare when we have Janet “QE” Yellen.

    Not sure what all the doom and gloom is about.

    For all you suckers that voted for Obama and had your insurance cancelled…….hahahahahahaha, live with it, suckers!

  • Renee

    Currently my husband and I are Assurant customers. We just found out that they just got rid of 108 employees, mostly underwriters, and now insurance companys are canceling many grandfathered policies which is our policy.
    We also hear gossip that we may not be able to deduct our healthcare from our taxes because it is not part of the exchange is this true? Or will only pertain to employers many think it will be all of us.
    Listen to Mark Belling WISN 1130 10/29/13 podcast the first hour he talks about this.

    • RarefiedSnotress

      I doubt that’s true, but I don’t really know.

  • ian

    this site is transparently an anti obama site run by the right. When the next neocon fascist gets into office (fat chance), this site will be praising him as the new savior of mankind and nothing he will do will be a wrong move. Just watch. Guarantee.

    • RarefiedSnotress

      As you said, that will never happen except in states that get hit by tornadoes regularly and/or have subzero temperatures. What the white man neocon doesn’t understand, is that he is no longer the majority voter base.

      • Libsare Ajoke

        clueless useless bitch

      • Gene Baugh BBA

        They do realize it and even admitted it after the last election.

    • Libsare Ajoke


    • Gene Baugh BBA

      There is obviously a GOP bias on this site. People are not going to vote “Let them eat cake.” Republicans till the depression is over.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    The progressives have historically been in the position of winning for losing. I just don’t think these people are bright enough to have this big master plan to get to a socialized system. Screwing up for them has always been rewarded them with the call for more government. This time around …not so sure. Government is finally coming across to many (not all) as the corrupt, incompetent institution that it inherently is. Guess its just better for me to be optimistic that this just might be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    In The Banana Republic of America (the Third World hellhole that used to be Gli Stati Uniti), medical bankruptcies were the norm before the Unaffordable Care Act and will continue to be the norm as the Unaffordable Care Act is implemented. Butchers with names like Blue Cross, Aetna and United Healthcare will still have Americans by the throat and will keep right on killing those who pay through the nose for their crappy product. Americans will still lose their homes when they have the misfortune of getting sick, and debtors prisons can’t be far behind.

    “Obamacare is not socialized health medicine. It is forcing the people of the United States to buy health insurace from private, giant insurance companies. Obamacare is the merger of state and corporate powers, which is called fascism.”—Gerald Celente

    “Obamacare is essentially forcing us to buy a defective corporate product. ”—Chris Hedges

    “Obamacare is the perfection of crony capitalism that’s being sold as something that’s wonderful for the people. Insanely expensive care provided by crony capitalist cartels that have totally opaque pricing and are in cahoots with the central state that supposedly regulates them.”—Charles Hugh Smith

    “The world is kind of waking up to the fact that the United States has been seized by very evil forces.”—Alex Jones

    “instead of using the bailout money as promised – to jump-start the economy—Wall Street used the funds to make the economy more dangerous.”—Matt Taibbi

    “Il fascismo dovrebbe più appropriatamente chiamarsi corporativismo perch’è una fusione tra stato e potere corporativo.”—Benito Mussolini, a.k.a. Il Duce

    Sadly for us, Il Duce gets the last laugh.

    Benvenuti, tutti, a la Republica Bananeira d’America, un paese fascisto del terzo mondo. Il fantasma del Duce é molto felice. La vita é un incubo qui, e la situazione economica non possa miglioriare qui. Che dio ci aiuti.

  • dm777

    Per capita health costs for U.S. are $8,608 per person. The comes out to $717 per month for every man, woman, boy and girl in this country. The per capita health costs for Japan, a modern industrialized nation, are $3,035 per person. That comes out to $252 per month per person. Japan uses a cost plus pricing mechanism for health care. Japan has universal health care coverage. In fact, America’s health care costs are double that of any other developed nation in the world. America is last in quality of health care. We are paying Rolls Royce prices for health care and getting Yugo quality health care.

    What we don’t hear from our leadership is what should be done to lower health care costs. Not from Democrats and not from Republicans. Silence! Here is a suggestion. Audited cost plus pricing for health care. We will save $1.6 trillion dollars a year. Families will have more disposable income to spend on other things. Companies will have an incentive to do business in America instead of moving to Canada and other countries.

    • Boo-urns

      Bingo. There is never any discussion about the absurd cost of healthcare, only discussion about how to spread the ever-increasing cost around.

      If food was so expensive that we needed food insurance to eat there would be riots in the streets. Why we allow our healthcare industry to rape the consumers and control our government (via money, of course) is beyond me.

      But one thing is for certain: Obamacare is NOT the solution.

      • TX4Life

        The ridiculously luxurious new clinics and hospitals have to be paid for somehow!

  • RarefiedSnotress

    Well,.. considering I wasn’t allowed to get individual health insurance for the past 10 years until Mid-October, and have done without anyways for years since I quit my job… things are looking great.. and they’re only getting better.. The future’s so bright, I’ve got to wear shades. 🙂

  • Richard O. Mann

    We get the leadership we deserve. Obama has one reason to be in office and that is to take the USA out of the world program. And, to date, he is doing a great job of it.

  • RarefiedSnotress


  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    I was just interviewed by Sean of, and you can find the audio of the interview right here…


    • RarefiedSnotress

      Michael is a toasted weener.

      • Tim


      • Libsare Ajoke

        clueless useless bitch x 2

    • GSOB

      Great interview. I liked it when you spoke about Prepper’s, Constitutionalist / Christians too, are being sterootyped as extremist.

      Also, the info shared on Fukushima is alarming.

      I agree, the economic collapse has been going on and is going on and things will get worse.

  • stocksonyoufools

    Chinamen are going to invade your country and slave you all… Too late… Wall Street is already doing that!

    • RarefiedSnotress

      And I’m afraid they’ll find it all too easy. Their superior Communism has finally showed us that Capitalism ain’t all that.

      • Libsare Ajoke

        clueless useless bitch

  • james

    I really sometimes wounder when the america people finally get it that obamers obamacare law is truly designed to ddestroy the american economy along with the american people, just like all of Obama’s rules, law’s and regulations that are going to destroy america and it’s economy. Sometimes I also wonder if the American people get it that Obama is not really ower friend. Why is this guy still in office and why the american people voted for this terrorist in office again I will never know. I truthfully and sadly believe that it is to late for Ower wonderful country. When i think back to the 60s, 70s and 80s and even all the way up to the 90s Ithink how beautiful and wonderful american use to be, I mean sure those day’s also had it’s problems but it was definitely not as bad as today. Yeap ladies and gentleman, Obama is really osama, how ironic that Obama and Osama are to names that are very identical and yet Obama is a different kind of a terrorist, he’s an economic terroris wile Osama was a terroristw with guns and rocket propel launchers.

  • Kent Harris

    I had to go to the emergency room for kidney stones and it cost $18,000. Why in the world would they charge so much. The answer is because they know they can because of insurance will pay it. I spent 90% of the time sitting there with no medical personnel around.

    • Tim

      $18k for kidney stones? I’ll be sure to avoid those. 😉

    • RarefiedSnotress

      I had the zap thing done.. definitely not painless. the catheter was hell. If I get a stone again, I’m going to drink the dissolving solution like my brother.. not bad.. kinda like lemonade.

  • Dan

    …and Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee and will win the presidency because she will declare in wanna-be man voice: “I am the one who can change this!!!.” The Republicans will fumble and stumble trying to generate a coherent strategy and the majority of the American citizenry who are stupid, low-information, and short-term memory impaired will happily vote for her.

    • RarefiedSnotress

      I’d like that, but there’s probably too many grumbling chauvinistic curmudgeons.. such as yourself.. for it to happen.

      • Dan

        So I am a chauvinist because I happen not to be favorable to a Hillary Clinton presidency. That is like saying someone is racist because they happen not to agree with one or more of Obama’s policies. You are silly and indeed snot-nosed. Wipe the snot off your face and go to your room. You’re punished!

        • RarefiedSnotress

          Just knowing you exist is a painful punishment.. but the men here hate all women and immediately call them lesbians if they’re successful even if they are married for ages with several kids.. the exception is Sarah Palin cause of her winking eyetwitch.

          • Libsare Ajoke

            you are a clueless useless bitch

          • Gene Baugh BBA

            “but the men here hate all women and immediately call them lesbians “Not so, not all of us. They probably hate all the female Democrats though

          • MrsBulldoggy .

            Gene, Rarefied is just a jealous female that desperately wishes she didn’t look like Bigfoot. She has to rant and rave because any self-respecting male wouldn’t look at her twice. And the unfortunate few that saw her thru beer goggles had to gnaw their arms off the next morning. Her husband is actually a dog catcher and the only way he can call her home is with a Dog Whistle…

          • Libsare Ajoke

            ^ man hating bitch

          • MrsBulldoggy .

            We know you are jealous of Sarah Palin, Rarefied, given your unfortunate condition! Of course, you would be jealous of Sarah, who is a proud, attractive female that most men find appealing. Men don’t want to look at a female (using that word loosely when it comes to you now), like you. With your hairy knuckles, prominent adam’s apple and undeniable man feature down below, estrogen pills are the order of the day for you.
            It’s okay to be ugly, Rarefied. We already know your ugly on the inside, not surprising that you look like a Yeti on the outside.
            Oh, and let your husband answer the door this Halloween, we don’t want you scaring the kids tonight.

      • Libsare Ajoke

        you hate men

  • Brian Harrington

    this also happened in the UNited states as well we had racial laws and eugeintics laws as well so how can americans condem the nazis american doctors went to germany to learn medicine from germany period germans were advance in just about everything if they even had materials to devlope a nuclear weapon they would be the first ones to come up with such two things lacking were heavy water and Uranium 235 and the lack of knowledge of nuclear power since 99 precent of there phyicist were killed off for being jewish it is anywonder how they develope fighter jets towards the end of the war

    • JoeKnows

      You are nuts if you think the US did anything close to what the Nazis did. You need meds, the lobotomy failed….

      • derry

        No he’s right about the history of eugenics in this country. He just needs to learn about punctuation so that people take his posts more seriously. 🙂

      • Gay Veteran

        oh I don’t know about that, there’s killing off the Indians and then slavery

  • piccadillybabe

    Like you said Michael, it was a train wreck before ACA and it is even a bigger train wreck now. Can’t help but think that this whole thing will implode under its own massive weight and it may be for the better. It serves no one but the corporate giants. It’s a sick-care system and nothing more. A great man once said:
    “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” – Albert Einstein
    Washington is full of mediocre pandering idiots whose main concern is just keeping their jobs and playing the Washington game.

  • Kim

    Obamacare: the great equalizer.

    • Libsare Ajoke

      the great destroyer

      • Kim


        • Libsare Ajoke

          ok, how to do battle with it?

          • Kim

            I have no clue.

  • Sandbagger

    What we should be asking is how many are going to default on their mortgages because they now have to allocate more money toward their health care? When you buy a home, you take into consideration your monthly bills, right? Now imagine you’ve been hit with an extra $1000 a month bill. How are homeowners supposed to magically pay their mortgage now?

    Bye-bye house.

    • Libsare Ajoke

      it will also hit doctors and hospitals. They will be receiving IOU’s from patients who have high deductibles. Clearly, a percentage will not pay, but heck, “doctors make too much money”, at least according to Gary. Therefore, we will end up with more poorly trained foreign doctors, enjoy

  • Libsare Ajoke

    where is gary and of course, gayfellator, to tell us how great it is to perform oral on obama

    • Gay Veteran

      moron, I don’t support Obama or ANY politician

      • Libsare Ajoke


        • Gay Veteran

          dumba** troll

  • GSOB

    ‘Patch Adams’

    is a great movie.

  • Libsare Ajoke

    obamacare is 10000000% DEMOCRATS, not 1 Republican voted for it or was even permitted to add commentary. blaming Conservatives or Republicans is a total joke

  • Libsare Ajoke

    libs are teabaggers, they lick the obamatesticle with glee

    • Colin

      I am a Progressive Democrat. I do not have fawning adoration for President Obama. I do, however, respect the man and the office he holds. Can you say, at the least, that you respect the office of the President? (I think asking you to respect the man may be a step too far.)

      • Mountainhiker

        As long as he trys to destroy American with Obamacare and increase the largest debt in history, I will have no respect for Obama. I can respect the office, but never a man that clearly has no respect for the American people…

  • Gene Baugh BBA

    Having to pay for all the people denied healthcare for preexisting conditions is going to be expensive.
    All of this extra premium money taken out of peoples disposable income is going to clobber the economy.
    I would not be surprised if a lot of people just opt out of health insurance altogether and pay the fines instead.

  • Scott Higgins

    Are you seriously asking such a question with such an overwhelmingly obvious answer? “Has Obamacare directly affected you?” Is this just a form of reality check? Obamacare has affected every aspect of business and economy in America because of the web that connects finances. Stock markets, Consumer confidence, Business planning, Projected costs for families and businesses, Confidence in the government, International image and relations, Privacy concerns and actions caused by them, and on and on… The actual question could be “Are you aware that Obamacare is affecting world economy?” Yes or No? A yes answer indicates those that are aware of their surroundings. A no answer indicates the oblivious who have no connection with reality. Obamacare is affecting and has effected every single American from the beggar to the most wealthy. It has affected economies that cross the globe. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

  • Ralfine

    Hong Kong is not China.
    If you want to go from China to Hong Kong, you need to cross at least one border, with passport control on
    the mainland Chinese side and on the Hong Kong side.

    As an expat with visa for Hong Kong, you still need an additional visa if you want to visit the mainland.

  • Afi Keita James

    Impeachment now, nobama is just like bush and the rest.

    • mommadog1

      That wouldn’t help even if you could impeach him, which can’t be done in this case.

  • Erik Bergum

    It is a good thing the Republicans are repealing the Obama health care and throwing it out. Obama sure has a problem with the health care bill because of the high rising cost and the fines collected would be used to fund for abortions!!!!!!

    • mommadog1

      And where did you hear they were throwing it out? LOL Ain’t gonna happen…

  • old fart

    Just another step on out trail to peonage to the Gov.

  • Zach

    Ok First, people do not see doctors if they are not sick… Then when they get sick it’s very expensive because they have to see all kinds of specialized doctors. If people see a primary doctor more often than there wouldn’t be a need to see a more expensive doctor. An example: John has high blood pressure and is at risk for a heart attack or stroke, but doesnt have insurance so doesn’t see a primary doctor. in this case he pays no money for several years until he has a heart attack and has to pay tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. He goes ankrupt and tax payers pay his bill. Second option: John has insurance, sees a primary care dr every few months, he pays a couple grand a year AND never has a heart attack!!! After ten years he may pay 20,000 thousand bucks, but it’s better than having a heart attack, paying hundreds of thousands and going bankrupt!

  • joe smith

    It is possible to remain healthy and outside the healthcare system, but it does require somewhat of a boring lifestyle. At 52, I never see a doctor, but I’m able to run 3 or 4 miles a few times a week. My blood pressure is normal and I feel well. I do not take any prescriptions. I don’t smoke, drink or use drugs. I wear a seatbelt and avoid driving aggressively. I don’t ride motorcycles, bungie jump or engage in bar fights. I try to eat healthy foods and avoid gaining weight. It’s all politically incorrect, but it works for me. I’ve probably seen a physician 2 or 3 times in 30 years for minor illnesses. An important point is that I am comfortable with my own mortality. That comfort zone with death seems beyond the reach of most people. But, it wasn’t that long ago when Americans had a little faith in themselves rather than the system. I’m not sure how we got to this point where we find ourselves now. I’m afraid the system will fail most of those who trust in it.

    • mommadog1

      You may think you are healthy because you are doing all the “right” things, however, you could still be unhealthy. People die every day who appear
      healthy but inside, there could be a silent killer in there.

  • Boo-urns

    Yours is not a “novel solution.” Man has been praying — unsuccessfully, I might add — for “God” to solve all of our problems for millennia. Hasn’t worked yet, ain’t likely to suddenly start now.

    • FounderChurch

      You are not a Believer so you wouldn’t know what God has done, or not done. You are just a lonely loser casting stones from outside the house of God.

      • mommadog1

        Wow, surprise, another bible thumper who is also a bully.

  • MrsBulldoggy .

    I am a Conservative and I asked my friends to support this President when he first took office. When he pushed Obamacare thru without anyone reading it (Nancy Pelosi, “We have to pass it to see what’s in it”), I started to have my doubts about him. Then scandal after scandal hit and they were called “Manufactured scandals” without any answers coming from the White House. The IRS purposely held up Tea Party applications for the 2012 elections. The NSA has been caught not only spying on its own citizens but now world leaders. Unemployment has never dipped below 7%. Welfare rolls are at their highest EVER. Obama himself WANTED the war in Syria and stated himself that he would go it alone WITHOUT US citizen backing. Odd coming from a Nobel Peace Prize Winner. The only reason he didn’t was due to a diplomatic arrangement made by Vladimir Putin.
    Obama isn’t liked by many due to his inability to Lead. He disappears when scandal hits and appears to take the glory when something goes right (bin laden), He always says I or Me, it’s all about him. NO offense, but after watching him in action for 5 years, I find him to be a sniveling, petulant, backstabbing, prevaricating follower without any ability to lead. Hands down, he is in the top 3 worst Presidents in our entire US History…

  • tacoma

    From all the reports in the media, all the criticisms, all the Obamacare stuff, all the mess of hospital reality, I am convinced that Americans actually do not need any health care at all.

    So that’ it: simply outlaw health care, shut down the industry. It will save so much money and agony.

  • Gay Veteran

    there is a very simple solution to high costs of medical care: apply anti-monopoly laws to every aspect of the medical field and costs will DROP by over 50%

    Karl Denninger:


    You want to fix the problems with Health Care in this country and solve Federal, State and local budget problems all at once? Break up all the monopolies by declaring unlawful all such conduct that restrains trade or fixes prices and void those laws that have made this behavior legal, mandate public disclosure and level billing of procedures, drugs and devices to all persons and prosecute and imprison violators — all of them, starting with every single one of the health insurance, pharmaceutical and big “managed care” executives.

    The cost of health care in this country would crash by 80% overnight and with a price 1/5th of what is paid now nobody would need health “insurance”, save for catastrophic coverage that would cost less than you currently pay for insurance on your home or apartment contents and which you could choose to either buy or take the risk that such a catastrophe would strike and you would either have to cough up the money or die.

    In addition putting a stop to this scam would immediately and permanently fix the Federal Budget without cutting one nickel of discretionary spending and it would not require gutting Medicare either. Only very minor changes to Social Security (indexing full retirement to longevity) would be required to bring permanent budget stability and in fact we would run, right here, now and today, a budget surplus….”

    • Casp

      That was beautiful…

  • Easy

    Hmmmm , I think that greedy rich people that lie, cheat and steal are responsible for the wrecking of the economy.Plain and simple. The Bible already predicted it. Who is first today will be last tomorrow. Quite simply.

    • Justin Case

      That would be all of America. America was first among all nations and is headed into the crapper. All citizens are getting flushed including the really poor ones.

  • Bubba Schwartz

    Ulyanov didn’t purge a monarchy, he overthrew a fledgling republic. The Tsar had already abdicated. Ulyanov was allowed to transit Germany with the hope that he would get Russia out of WWI and Germany would only have a one front war.

  • FounderChurch

    The sheer ignorance and uneducatedness of so many posters is disgusting. I never respond to any ignorant illiterate, ugly, contentless mindless babblings. I respect all intelligent opinions, even ones I don’t agree with, but have no respect at all for ignorant ones, even if I agree with them.

    • mommadog1

      Your comment is ignorant as much as anyone else.

      Your grammar, use of words, and lack of the use of paragraph’s shows your own ignorance. Uneducatedness, for example, is not even a word. “ignorant illiterate”, these two words mean the exactly same thing.

      If you are going to attack people in such a manner, then you really should appear to be educated as well. Your point, if you had one has now turned on you and you now look exactly like the people you are describing.

      I honestly do not care about grammar, spelling, etc. when reading comments online. I just wanted to show that sometimes it is better to just keep your mouth shut. :::::Thee may now remove thy foot from thy mouth:::::: 😀

      • FounderChurch

        You are just what I am talking about. Ignorant and illiterate DO NOT mean the same thing. And my grammar is just fine. As for paragraphs, they are optional and a matter of style. Did you ever hear of neologisms? All of us are free to make up any words we think will work for us. BTW who made you the posting police. I think you are an uneducated fool, naturally taking the side of other Democrat illiterate fools.

        • mommadog1

          You are the classic “cyber bully”! And you completely missed my point, which had nothing to do with friggen grammar.

          PS: <—–Not a Democrat. Nor do I even care about political sides and all that BS, and can proudly admit I am ignorant in a lot of the political "names/terms" used even mean.

          • Justin Case

            Don’t worry about that ol bag o bones. Founder Church is a real P0S. He believes that because he is old he is owed something. That’s how most old people are. This guy has probably spent most of his life sucking off the tlt of America and given nothing back.

        • Justin Case

          Your a jack a s s. Every post I have ever read from you is just trash. What the heII is Founder Church suppose to be in reference to any way? Are you some Bible thumper? If so you just caled the dude a fool and God says call no man a fool you dumb a s s.

          I really like you less than a democrat, less than Nancy Pelosi and I sure wish I could stand toe to toe with you and see what your tired ol a s s is made of.***

          • FounderChurch

            I’m just intelligent and right and you are dumb and wrong in everything you say. Your jealous and have nothing to say, anyone would want to hear. I just laugh at trash like you.

      • TwoEyed Jack

        The plural of paragraph is paragraphs, not “paragraph’s”. Sentences should start with a capital letter even if it is a quote. Ignorant and illiterate are two different words with distinct definitions. Independent clauses need commas on both ends, so your sentence starting with “your point” needs a comma after “one”. I agree that sometimes silence is the best policy.

  • Jim

    Obamacare is not a “trainwreck”…which implies an accident. It’s a carefully PLANNED SCHEME meant to smash our economy and crush the working-class into government-dependent poverty. In this regard, it will prove to be a shining SUCCESS for the international bankers that spawned the bill.
    Obama is a liar and traitor…..but only one puppet of these nefarious globalists who are hell-bent on destroying what’s left of our country and personal freedoms.
    Americans, you’d better WAKE UP.

  • Sueychop

    We’re from the gov’mint and we’re here to help you!


    1. Lie
    2. Lie
    3. Lie about lying

    4. Apologize

    5. Lie

  • Justin Case

    You are one wordy S0B aren’t you. A real uppity type of B A S T A R D who thinks that he has the answers to life. Ol dude, stop filling up the comment sections with your tripe, no one cares what you have to say.

  • marie72

    My daughter works at Petsmart and because of Obamacare her manager now must put her in part time! I feel for the young in this nation that were mis informed and voted for there money down fall!

  • fourtyrunner

    obama lied to all americans………….

    “First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.”

    obamacare will do more damage to america, than american’s can see at the present time….

  • fourtyrunner

    people on the earth today, estimated at 7.2 billion, how many people have lived on this earth without ever having health insurance, & how many people have health insurance today ? can we make it through life without health insurance ?

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