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10 Signs The Takedown Of Paper Gold Has Unleashed An Unprecedented Global Run On Physical Gold And Silver

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A Global Run On Physical Gold And Silver Has BegunThe crash of the price of paper gold on Monday has unleashed an unprecedented global frenzy to buy physical gold and silver.  All over the planet, people are recognizing that this is a unique opportunity to be able to acquire large amounts of gold and silver at a bargain price.  So precious metals dealers now find themselves being overwhelmed with orders in the United States, in Canada, in Europe and over in Asia.  Will this massive run on physical gold and silver soon lead to widespread shortages of those metals?  Instead of frightening people away from gold and silver, the takedown of paper gold seems to have had just the opposite effect.  People just can’t seem to get enough physical gold and silver right now.  Those that wish that they had gotten into gold when it was less than $1400 an ounce are able to do so now, and it is absolutely insane that silver is sitting at about $23 an ounce.  If the big banks continue to play games with the price of gold, we are going to see existing supplies of physical gold and silver dry up very quickly.  And once reports of physical shortages of gold and silver become widespread, it is going to absolutely rock the financial world.  But this is what happens when you manipulate free markets – it often has unintended consequences far beyond anything that you ever imagined.

The following are 10 signs that the takedown of paper gold has unleashed an unprecedented global run on physical gold and silver…

#1 According to Zero Hedge, the U.S. Mint set a new all-time record for the number of gold ounces sold on Wednesday…

According to today’s data from the US Mint, a record 63,500 ounces, or a whopping 2 tons, of gold were reported sold on April 17th alone, bringing the total sales for the month to a whopping 147,000 ounces or more than the previous two months combined with just half of the month gone.

#2 Precious metals dealers all over the United States are having a really hard time keeping up with demand right now.  According to Chris Martenson, many are warning customers to expect waiting times of five to six weeks at this point…

In the U.S., all of the dealers I talk to are reporting huge demand and brisk buying. Silver in any form is quite hard to come by unless you want to pay premiums of 20%+ per ounce above spot price. Delivery times are 5 to 6 weeks out now that’s an unusual situation.  If this recent slam was designed to scare people away from gold, it did not have that desired outcome; in fact, just the opposite.

#3 Individual dealers all over the country are confirming that we are seeing a voracious appetite for precious metals at the moment.  For example, the following is what a spokesperson for JM Bullion had to say…

We still have certain things in stock, like 10 oz bars, while others, like Silver Eagles, are a bit of revolving inventory.

The shipments are going out as soon as inventory comes in.

Our main challenge right now is actually getting the silver into the boxes and shipped out – we have been experiencing astounding volume.

This appears to be a widespread phenomenon.  Just check out what other dealers are reporting

“There has been a marked increase in demand since the plunge,” said Mark O’Byrne, executive director at Dublin-based investment and bullion specialist GoldCore, referring to the drop in gold prices seen Friday and Monday. Gold futures lost more than $200 an ounce, or over 13%, on those two days. They were at $1,392 an ounce, moving higher ahead of the close on Thursday.

GoldCore has seen more buying than selling on Wednesday and Thursday, with buy orders “lumpier and from high net worth clients, and with most of the selling in small orders of less than 50 ounces, said O’Byrne.

On Wednesday, David Beahm, executive vice president at Blanchard & Co., said his precious-metals investment firm has seen “2008-like demand” for gold since Monday.

#4 Large international banks are also experiencing tremendous demand for physical gold and silver by customers right now.  The following is what Keith Barron told King World News about what he is hearing…

At the Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto the gold window has been absolutely swamped. I have confirmed there were people lined up in droves recently for multiple-hours at a time to buy gold and silver bars and coins….

I then confirmed with UBS today in Zurich, Switzerland, that they are experiencing exactly the same thing. They told me people are waiting in long lines for bullion related bars and coins. The physical market is incredibly tight, and there is a huge buying opportunity right here.

The damage in gold will not be long-term because physical supply is already drying up. Asian countries have been aggressively buying gold. This really is an unprecedented opportunity for investors. This takedown in the metals has created incredible demand for both gold and silver, and anyone who wants to unload dollars or euros and put them into gold because they don’t trust the currency, now is the time to do it.

#5 The demand for physical gold and silver is heating up over in Europe as well.  For example, the following is from an emergency message posted on the website of a precious metals dealer in the UK…

Due to the unprecedented demand triggered by the recent fall in the Gold Price we are currently not able to guarantee Next Day Delivery of orders.

We anticipate that all orders will be delivered within 7 days of receipt by us.

Whilst we appreciate that these delays are frustrating for our customers we would like to stress that all accepted orders are guaranteed at the order price and will be dispatched as soon as possible.

It is necessary for all of our staff to be utilised in fulfilling orders and we ask for your cooperation by not calling us to query delivery times. If you do need to contact us, please do so by e-mail and we will endeavour to respond within 48hrs.

#6 On the other side of the globe, demand for precious metals is skyrocketing as well.  According to Bloomberg, people are “running through the gate” to get gold in Australia…

Gold sales from Australia’s Perth Mint, which refines nearly all of the nation’s bullion, surged after prices plunged, adding to signs that the metal’s slump to a two-year low is spurring increased demand.

“The volume of business that we’re putting through is way in excess of double what we did last week,” Treasurer Nigel Moffatt said by phone, without giving precise figures. “There’s been people running through the gate.”

#7 Reuters is reporting that customers are waiting for up to three hours to buy gold in Japan…

A week ago, as the yen-denominated price neared a new peak, jewelry stores and gold merchants across Japan saw long lines of mostly older Japanese looking to cash in on unwanted jewelry and other items that they had held for years.

But on Tuesday, buyers outnumbered sellers by a wide margin. At Ginza Tanaka, the headquarters shop of Tanaka Holdings, gold buyers waited for as long as three hours for a chance to complete a transaction.

#8 According to a Chinese article quoted by the Blaze, there is a mad rush to buy gold in China right now…

People have to rush to buy gold … gold bullion out of stock yesterday, investors yesterday to spend as much as 600 million yuan to buy 20 kilograms of gold bars

The mad pursuit gold insufficiency is not just a game for the rich. Yesterday, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned from the East flowers to Bay store, many growers, pork traffickers, fishmonger recently put down his job went straight to the mall to buy gold.

#9 According to Reuters, dealers in Singapore are having significant trouble finding enough of a supply to keep up with the intense demand for gold that has erupted this week…

“People are actually buying everything, gold bars, gold coins. People are rushing to get a hand on it. We have a problem meeting the demand because we are unable to get new supply,” said Brian Lan, managing director of GoldSilver Central Pte Ltd in Singapore.

#10 Bloomberg is reporting that over in India people are “flocking to stores” to purchase gold jewelry and coins…

Gold buyers in India, the world’s biggest consumer, are flocking to stores to buy jewelry and coins, betting a selloff that plunged bullion to a two-year low may be overdone.

“My daughter is just six months old, but I think it is never too early to buy gold,” said Sharmila Shirodkar, a 28- year-old housewife, while displaying a new pair of earrings she bought from a store in Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar. “I had been asking my husband every day if prices will go down more. I couldn’t wait anymore.”

If the big banks were trying to scare people away from gold and silver by crashing paper prices for those metals then they have utterly failed.

Instead of being frightened away, the global appetite for physical gold and silver is now more voracious than ever.

If the prices for gold and silver stay this low, we are eventually going to start seeing some very serious shortages in the marketplace.

And once reports of shortages of the actual physical metals become widely circulated, it will cause an “adjustment” in the marketplace that will shock everyone.

So hold on to your hats.  We are entering a period of time when there will be unprecedented volatility for the prices of precious metals.  It will be quite a roller coaster ride, but if you can handle the ups and downs it will be worth it in the end.

They Have Unleashed A Frenzy To Get Gold And Silver

  • Mondobeyondo

    The gold and silver markets appear to be tanking right now. The last time I checked (5 minutes ago), gold was at $1392.10/ounce, and silver was at $23.28.
    Someone’s manipulating the markets…. hmmm.
    A side note: I’ve temporarily lost Internet access from my home (geez, wonder why?!) – so I’m having to use the computer at the public library for the time being. Hope to be online from home again soon….

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      If anyone knows of a job in the Phoenix, Arizona area please post here.

      Mondo really needs a job.

      Even if you don’t know of a job, please pray for him and for everyone else on this site that is going through a desperate situation.


      • Patrick

        Go to 711 N 17th Ave, Phoenix 85007. Royal Paper Converting is still hiring in a limited capacity, full time production work. They start out at minimum with no benefits, 12 hr shifts 4 or 5 days per week. He can start out at a little higher wage if he is willing to work nights (6pm-6am) as a forklift driver, if he has some experience. But it’s a job and there is some opportunity to advance. Get an application at the guard shack. I have been there as a Supervisor for almost 3 years and it has been steady work with overtime. God bless!

        • Alasha

          awwww, Patrick, God Bless! Michael, please let us know if you have a good news update on this – ignore if I missed it. I am behind a few days 🙁

      • Alasha

        always been praying for him….if he has specific pressing need financial need maybe I can contribute something towards it….

    • Rodney

      I live in FL but what line of work do you do Mondo?

    • markthetruth

      Remember the to toilet paper shortage planned scam !

      the end

      • Alasha


    • Jodi

      Hope you can get your internet access back soon, Mondo. You’re the best. Your comments make my day. I’m praying for you, hope you find a job soon. I’ve been there, it’s tough.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    Big shots tried to scare everyone away or out of gold & silver but it backfired. NOW they are in trouble so get ready for the next shoe to drop…

    Only buy what you can afford but keep buying gold & silver you will be glad you did in the very near future.

    I still say silver American dimes and quarters pre-1965 are the way to go. No question as to what they are or their value. Keep stacking…
    Pray Hard / Prep Fast / Time is Short

    • kevin buford

      no eagles?

    • eric

      premiums are huge for 90%. eagles too.

  • kevin buford

    I just bought more silver i know it goes up and down but looking at the markets etc.. now is not the time to drink the media kool-aid. im going to keep on stacking. My worry is the people who dont prepare and i know they prolly will be looking someone to help. I’ve always wondered how people (preppers) will deal with starving children etc.. people selling other people if SHTF and all heck broke loose has anyone read an article about this. I love this site and the good information.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    Unfortunately most preppers do not have unlimited resources so what they have, they have to protect and keep. (I know it’s cold), but in the cold cruel new world after SHTF most preppers will have to turn a cold shoulder to children starving at their door as they will have their own children to think about.

    And IF you give food to 2 starving kids at your door today, tomorrow you will have 20 or 30 starving kids at your door, and the next day you will have 100 to 200 children even starving babies in Mothers arms all begging for scraps and crumbs, then what do you do??? I’M ASKING YOU, WHAT DO YOU DO?

    • kevin buford

      good insight- i’ll try not to loose my humanity but yea i can see what your saying

    • MeMadMax

      That scenario will play out during the first couple of weeks or so, then it will quiet down a bit…. It sucks to think about this stuff…….

    • So if you give to two starving children then do it if that is all you can do but for every one to just turn a blind eye is what the devil wants. By the way I personally do not want any thing more to do with investing in trailor parks as got out whilst the going was good in the early 90s.

    • Roger Smith

      Well, the answer is simple: When you have 200 starving people at your door, just switch to the Democratic party and run for mayor. Promise your new found constituents the world, and that you will deliver by taking it form the rich farmer who lives across town.

    • markthetruth

      Back to the Government Cheese Program.

      the end…

  • What type of silver coins should I buy? What is the difference if any between them? Please post some practical information to help us along. Thank you.

    • kevin buford

      90% pre 1964 coins are pretty good. mercury dimes. i have a prefrence for silver eagles just because i like them . the pre 1964 coins are intended for barter seeing as they a all ready divisible. currently a mercury dime is worth about $1.66. i i have a nice mix or dollars and half dollars quarters and dimes. if you went to a store that maybe didnt give change you would know not to bring 100 bills you would bring 1s and 5s and 10s. thats my take on it

    • eric

      figure the spot price, and get as much silver per dollar if you have little. You can speculate with ‘semi-numismatics’ since premiums right now are what they usually are for such coins =$4-$5 over spot. Some will argue against this, but at the end of the day, get what you want.

  • Ralfine

    Well, does this gold rush soak up a lot of liquidity?
    Who gets all this money? Where will it go?

  • Ralfine

    Gold and oil are still much more expensive than just 10 years ago.

  • K

    Well just checked my sources. A few places have limited 1 ounce silver rounds remaining. Mostly the smallest readily available silver is 10 ounce bars. If you are thinking barter at all, these bars are too big. Remember in a rush like this, even a reputable company may miss some of the phony stuff. So check your purchases carefully. I am sitting out this rush, since I no longer believe, the April 20 situation is in play. The declining spot prices should have defused that situation.

  • Erik

    It’s still disappointing that JPM can stay solvent with their naked shorts, longer than the public can buy. Its getting to the point that even if every American wanted silver, they couldn’t push the price north. The central banks guard the fake COMEX price like a lion guarding its kill. Jamie Dimon is a cancer to humanity. I still believe in purchasing gold and silver, because it is the right thing to do. However, having faith in Jesus Christ is the important thing one can do, as this world continues to melt down.

    • If they are going to keep pushing price down through dubious trading activities, keep buying the real stuff at the lower prices. If silver is completely sold out around world and prices are still dropping, maybe even NYT and Nightly News will start asking some questions.

      • Martin

        Sadly, the NYT and the Nightly News are under their helm!

      • MeMadMax

        They won’t talk about it till they are ordered to.

    • Alasha

      or boa with all their illegal foreclosures… Sigh

  • I think now is time for everyone who can buy physical to do so. Chance this could change price dynamic and media coverage. Keep buying what’s available!

  • steve

    Mr Bernanke can you please put gold on sale again this weekend ijust got my tax return back thanks hugs and kisses steve

    • Alasha


  • Mustard Seed

    We agree with your article, but I sure hope everyone out there on a tight budget like we are thinks twice before jumping into precious metals. Taxes and insurance have eaten up all of our “reserves”, so we are buying food and seeds instead. What little money we do have must be spent on necessities. A few months ago, when my husband was between jobs, the food supply in our pantry kept us going. We would have been in a world of hurt without it.

    Bullion will definitely rise in value, but so will the price of food and other essentials. And unlike bullion, the price of food doesn’t fluctuate…it just keeps rising.

    My point is, before buying bullion, please stock up on necessities first.

    • Rancher

      Sure go buy smokes, beer and pre-packaged foods or fast food instead 😉

      • Rodster

        All of the above make great barter items. 🙂

      • Mustard Seed

        LOL….I don’t have any, but you’re right. The smokes and beer also do not “fluctuate” in price….they only go up.

    • none

      As 10% return YEARLY on Food stored?
      Sounds like a great investment to Me.

    • elda

      When the SHTF people will be giving you piles of gold and silver for a hand full of food or seeds, that is if Obama does not take the lot.

      • Captain Ron

        Who is JOHN GALT…

  • markthetruth

    The dealers Also Want a $5 spread on Silver Eagles to sell the Coins to them . That’s a bit high well ” RIPOFF ” 21% .

    the end…

    • trevathecleva

      Don’t sell to dealers. Try Craigslist. There are people in my area trading silver. Use barter section.

      Also buy low, sell high…

  • markthetruth

    I Guess Maybe your going to have the choice of carrying a couple of silver coins to shop or wheeling a Wheel barrow of Dollars Around.

    the end…

  • markthetruth

    May The AMERICAN EAGLES continue to Rule the SKIES !

    the end…

  • Mark

    We have figure out federal reserve new dual mandate; to depress gold prices while simultaneously discourage gold ownership!

  • jsmith

    Remember folks, we are a minority here. The majority of the people don’t know and could give a hoot about silver and gold. And that’s exactly what the banksters and the Fed want: obedient ignorant sheep.
    Go out and offer people a choice between ten Dollars and an American silver eagle, 99% will rather take the ten dollars!

  • Richard

    From someone who was a bullion dealer in the 80’s,Ihave to shake my head at the ignorance of the gold bulls. Gold is just a commodity like any other (and a pretty useless one at that and it will rise and fall like the rest of them. It could easily fall right back to where it came from.. and the gold religious maniacs will be wiped out. Very sad. But that what religions do to you. You have to have been a trader to understand what I mean. For the rest of you, just go on “believing”. At least it feels good…

    • cpgone

      Go back to the 80’s..where Chindia didn’t have TRILLIONS to invest in PMs , the US didn’t have a 200 trillion dollar debt, banksters didn’t openly steal, etc. G/S have been money since before Jesus. Pining about the good ol 80’s is naive.

      • Richard

        So if you’re right, what happened to gold for the last couple of years? Gone nowhere. Nobody’s “pining” for anything. Just using experience as a guide.

        • jaxon64

          what happened to gold in the last few years? some easily verifiable and accurate numbers..

          April 2003- $370 an ounce

          March 2006- $580 oz

          March 2009- $950 oz

          March 2013- $1400 oz ( as I type)

          not sure of the point you are trying to make, Rickie boy

          • 007

            1970 32.00 an ounce

        • cpgone

          Stick with bank CD’s and be sure not to address my other 3 points.I hope they take it down again, so I can buy

    • 007

      How much would you have made if you kept your gold bullion since 1980? You would have multiplied your investment 46 times. Warren Buffet does not have such a record. Big mistake, huge. I don’t know how you can post such sour grapes arguments with a straight face

  • cpgone

    Yes it time to buy.Yes . dealers sold out.But that could mean they didn’t have a lot in stock. As long as we got the biggest killing machine in the world the Fed will control the markets.Until we cant fund the killing machine,No Volckers coming to save the day.

    Yes they will probably settle the paper market in fiat paper. What? you are surprised? Buy bullets,seeds , food, PM’s all in equal amounts.
    IMHO. Probably sideways for a while, rise ,then another take-down by the banksters. Save to buy more then.

    Still no easy share button , like ZH has.

  • cpgone

    Right now ,silver eagles with a $7 premium on APMEX.
    There is not a shortage a some price.

    I “forecasted ” more or less that premium at $23 silver

  • erwinwitt

    What every gold futures trader knows is that there is a pyramid effect in the beginning of long-term bear markets which is what appears to be coming for gold. First the futures, then there is panic buying in the physical. Usually, it takes six months to a year for the physical to catch up to the futures psychology. The huge rectangle top that formed in gold for over 20 months tells the whole story. Failure of support at 1530 portends a bear market for gold futures and physical that will last for years. I have 23 years trading gold stocks, silver, and futures, and can say that gold ain’t going be easy from here on out. If you don’t know how to trade bear market rallies, then you are in for one big loss.

    • jaxon64

      and we should take the advice of a creep who profits off of hard working investors by trading (shorting) paper gold and silver–you are just parroting the same 1540 psychological claptrap that all the other paper traders have been espousing.

      Your history of success is highly questionable. I give a pimple on my butt more consideration than some small-time paper trader.

      Your house of cards is gonna come tumbling down. The markets are fake, with fake “highs” hidden by an influx of Bernanke injections and under-reported inflationary factors.

      When they decided to take away costs of daily living like gas, heating, electricity and food from the equation to factor inflation–well inflation numbers quit having meaning. Just like the bull that is fed to the masses about unemployment dropping another .1% when 87K jobs are added and 670,000 more people are jobless than the prior month–just a bunch of crap.

      Take your claptrap and have it reported on the nightly news …nobody here is drinking your kool-aid.
      PS: I don’t think you should be bragging about wasting 23 years of life trading paper stocks for a living. Aren’t you even a little ashamed that you profit and produce nothing? That you manipulate numbers and money to steal what producers, caregivers, scientists, and great minds for advancing humanity have created? When they speak over your grave will you be happy that they say, “he was great at betting on the markets and accumulating numerical, digital and paper symbols of wealth? He really was a shrewd guy who knew just when to cash in and maximize his profits” Congrats..keep’s such a worthy endeavor that makes us all better as people…

      • erwinwitt

        Well, I have been a gold stock and silver trader since 1990. I work hard, do my analysis so that I can make a very good living for my family. I really don’t care what other people invest in or how they trade That big bear flag currently forming in gold as of 19 April and the low open interest says futures traders are going take gold down again. It is my desire not to bet against the futures market or the price action. There is an 80 percent chance that this is only the beginning of a long-term bear market that will last for years and years. I use this for myself as a strategy. In a bear market you sell the rallies. In a bull market you buy the dips. Strategy, not emotional ramblings is what makes one a winner in this game.

        • 007

          I hope you are not destroyed covering your gold shorts. People are snapping up physical gold at these prices. You can not even find any physical gold to buy these days. It is only a matter of time before major traders take physical delivery to meet the actual demand. When this happens the price is going to snap back hard.

          Being caught in a short squeeze is a horrible situation. I would have trouble sleeping at night being short gold these days.

          • 007

            I hope you have gotten out of your gold short positions. It looks like you are stuck in a serious short squeeze. Get out before you get hurt worse.

        • cpgone

          Likely you have made little to no money lately. the markets are run by machines,insiders, the fed,those connected.

          “There is an 80 percent chance that this is only the
          beginning of a long-term bear market that will last for years and years”
          IN gold? You are dreaming. G/s are real money . Read deep capture.
          Shorts stocks if at all (even g/s mining stocks)

  • TKS

    We are seeing a classic example of “Gresham’s Law” where bad money drives out good. Million of shares of worthless paper gold and silver were dump on the market which brought the paper gold and silver prices down. Instead of people panicking and selling their physical precious metals as the fed and banksters hoped, the public is buying physical silver and gold, reducing the available amount on the market, much like what happened in 1965 after silver was taken out of dimes and quarters and reduced in half-dollars. Then, people hoarded their silver coinage. I agree with Erik. I would love to see J. P. Morgue exposed and suffering for their manipulation of the gold and silver prices. The Fed and the banksters have painted themselves into a corner. Many countries like China, Australia, and India, are going to start trading in gold, dumping USD in the process.

  • piccadillybabe

    Just having a few silver dollars and possibly a gold piece in one’s possession keeps one in touch with what real money used to be. When the situation in Cyprus erupted a few weeks back, gold and silver could not be used as currency, you had to have either dollars or euros (cash). So having physical gold and silver in this bankrupt world we live in may not necessarily buy you the goods in a time of need but bartering is another story entirely annd no doubt will be the way many will get what they need and want. With that in mind, don’t declutter your life down to nothing, you may just have what someone needs and what you want, no money exchanged.

  • joeshm7

    I keep wondering when will the banks fail in their push to keep prices lower. I suppose that once ALL of the silver gets bought up and the industrial demand is not met, the physical price may seek its true value (whatever that is). IMHO all the naked shorts in the world will not help them. I can’t wait to see it happen.

  • jaxon64

    .great upward arrow didn’t seem to be an adequate thumbs up for your great post and welcome links..

  • unknown

    Sorry but, how do we know that it’s not the Feds that are buying the physical at these prices?

  • Dman

    Screw it! I’m making beer!! More calories than gold or silver 🙂

    • Roger Smith

      Best idea I’ve heard. You probably should just go straight to liquor. When this whole thing comes undone, you’ll end up being the wealthiest guy in your town. Seriously.

  • Dman

    I think this is all my fault…..I bought 2 silver rounds March 12th….then this started happening. lol

  • 007

    There is such a huge difference between the price of paper gold and physical gold. It won’t be long before traders ask to take actual physical delivery of the theoretical paper gold (which they have a right to do). When that happens look out.

    I will be so amused if Goldman Sachs has to go out and buy the physical gold they never had and sold. That would be fun to watch. Paulson should take his gold out of GLD. It might bankrupt Goldman Sachs.

    I bought all the gold and silver I could buy. However, I could not find any big discounts at all.

  • John

    “PHYSICAL” Gold & Silver are the only safe place to park your money.
    Get it while you can, we almost out of time to prepare for what is coming!

  • trojanguy

    Personally, I think investing in lead makes more sense these days…if you can find any, what with the contrived shortages we are currently experiencing. In the next
    5-10 years it will become much more valuable as a commodity that can be sold, traded, bartered than precious metals….though they too will be more valuable than paper currency.

    • Mark Jackson

      Lead… bullets?

      • identitee

        Most of THAT kind of lead is now manufactured in such a way that it “expires” after about a year…i.e., it won’t go “boom” anymore. Useless to stockpile that stuff.

        • trevathecleva

          Where are you buying your ammo? Mine works fine… And yes I buy ammo at every opportunity, it is more scarce than silver here. It will be easier to trade. It is already EASY to trade ammo on Craigslist.

      • trojanguy

        Duh……wow man….you’re swift.

  • O07

    I also believe this huge buying frenzy is also a protest from people all over the world. They are protesting the central banks printing money, devaluing their hard earned money and giving it to the crooked banisters their is not even a quarter ounce of gold for every person on earth. I hope everyone keeps buying and exposes these crooks..

  • Richard

    Funny, really, isn’t it? We’re always hearing about how you “must” have gold as “insurance”. Yet when push came to shove in Cyprus, the LAST THING you needed or wanted was gold. Nobody would take gold for any transaction however large or small on that tiny island. What people desperately wanted and needed was cold, hard CASH: dollars or euros. When you can’t get more than 300 euros out a day and the ATMs are all empty, could someone PLEASE tell me what you’re supposed to do with lumps of “gold”??? In any case, all these bulls fail to tell you is that gold is WORTHLESS unless measured in terms of DOLLARS or POUNDS or SWISS FRANCS or EUROS, etc. In other words, CASH IS KING. When the SHTF, gold will be ABSOLUTELY USELESS. But hey, be my guest. Keep on buying… Somebody has to take the other side of the trade…

    • when gold and silver is measured in terms of FOOD, you will be burning your furniture for heat

    • cpgone

      You were in Cyprus and found people wouldn’t take gold for trade? No, You likely missed the run and post this non-sense to feel better. Granted silver would of probably been a better idea.

      • Richard

        Please let me have the name and address of the last supermarket you visited where you paid for your groceries in gold.

        • cpgone

          So you don’t know anything about Cyprus ,but just make stupid comments and not answer my query probably b/c you ,missed the run. Stay in bank CD’s.Those are best for you.

        • Das

          Skyline chili in stow ohio will take gold and sliver as payment. At least last time I was there. Just saying

  • Timo45

    Their is a lot more smarter people in the world than what these greedy banksters think. I am happy to see so many people getting in on the gold and silver physical market. Its real money and the best way to save, don’t trust the banks.

  • I bought a million ounces of silver when it was $5.50. Made the money now just donating. The #1 book in the history of the world tells us silver & gold will not help you at the end of this age. Be Rapture Ready! Hundreds of Absolute Proofs found at BibleProvenTrue. c Even the EXACT birthdate of Israel is found there, May 15th 1948. A very very simple calculation. Jeruslaem history fits exactly into the Jubilees. 1917 General Allenby takes it on Chanukah, add 50 you get Six Day War where Jews take Jerusalem add 50 more you are at 5777 on Hebrew calendar with Tetrad moon/Solar eclipses on Jewish Feast days all signals as Yeshua said plus this year Comet ISON!!! Search it! Just like in 70AD! ISON=SION

  • PD1979

    Rely on Gold and Silver. Game Over!!!

  • gold no

    the sellers of gold propagandize and sell fear to sell their gold- they in turn want US dollars. The US controls all markets so don’t sell the farm on fear. As you know. whomever holds gold or silver have seen hard hits to their accounts.

  • elda

    I believe the banks of the world and especially those in the US are hoping to get people to put as much of their money in gold and silver as they can so they will be able to cause them to hand it all over to them in the event of a crisis….which we all know is coming. Then they will be killing 2 birds with one stone controling the money and the people because they will have nothing left. YOU BETTER PUT SOME OF YOUR MONEY IN FOOD STORAGE AND SEEDS BECAUSE YOU CAN’T EAT GOLD OR MONEY!

  • John Darth

    It’s time to sell when everyone starts buying.

  • daniel

    The last thing they will do is either legilate it and make it go down or push everything they have into the markets. Either way it’s only a mater of time now.

  • trevathecleva

    You should make this post into an article. Thank you for links.

  • Buy BITCOINS!!!!

  • Longonlife

    Pardon my naivete, but the question needs asking: Are the gold bugs being drawn to a flame? Could the crash in paper and the rise in demand for physical gold, be a deliberate trap laid out by the elites? Could they crash gold further to orchestrate another massive wealth transfer?

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