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11 Reasons Why North Korea Is The Most Bizarre Nation On Earth

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Is the United States about to go to war with the most bizarre nation on earth?  A lot of Americans would actually welcome “the Korean War Part 2”, but before people get too excited it is important to keep in mind that we have never been at war with a nation that actually possesses nuclear weapons.  At this point it is unclear exactly how powerful North Korea’s nuclear weapons are, but nearly everyone does agree that they are crazy enough to use them.  North Korea reportedly has thousands of missile batteries that are capable to hitting the 10 million people that live in Seoul.  The death and devastation that an all-out strike on Seoul could potentially cause is almost unimaginable.  In fact, the 24.5 million people living either in or around Seoul make it the second largest metropolitan area in the world.  The next conflict on the Korean peninsula will be extremely bloody.  Nobody should be wishing for that.

Unfortunately, the next Korean war seems closer than ever.  Tensions on the peninsula are at a record high.  Today, North Korea has one of the largest armies in the world.  Some reports claim that they have over 1 million soldiers on active duty.  But South Korea is highly militarized as well, and there are 28,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea that the North Koreans would have to contend with.

Right now the rest of the world is getting quite nervous, because a war between nuclear powers could get out of hand very quickly.  If North Korea hits South Korea with nuclear weapons, it seems almost certain that the U.S. would hit North Korea with nukes.  The death and destruction that would result would be unprecedented.

So what does China think about all of this?  Well, North Korea would not be acting so belligerent right now if they did not have permission from China.  Perhaps China is trying to send a message to the West.

On the other hand, there are others that believe that it could go a lot deeper than that.  The regime in North Korea is on the verge of collapsing in on itself.  Even the Chinese are getting tired of propping up their government and dealing with their nonsense.  The truth is that a new Korean war could benefit the Chinese in several ways.

First of all, South Korea (the biggest U.S. ally in the region) would be absolutely devastated even if they “won” the war.  That would cripple an incredibly important geopolitical chess piece.

Secondly, the U.S. would be embroiled in yet another costly conflict and would undoubtedly suffer some costly losses as well.  The opinion of the rest of the world toward the United States would darken even more – especially if nuclear weapons were used.

Thirdly, China could gain a ton of “leverage” by stabbing North Korea in the back after the conflict had started.  In return for supporting the U.S./South Korean coalition, China could ask for all kinds of things that they wouldn’t even dream of getting right now.  In fact, it is not unthinkable to imagine China walking away with a significant chunk of North Korea in the aftermath of the war.  The Chinese government is regularly involved in “border disputes” (just Google it), and China would never pass up a chance to pick up a big slice of new territory.

In the end, the “winner” of any new war on the Korean peninsula would probably be China.  The U.S. would get rid of the “North Korean problem”, but it would come at a great cost.  It is hard to imagine any scenario that would end up greatly benefiting the United States.

Let us hope that a new all-out Korean war does not erupt.  North Korea is ruled by delusional leaders who are insane enough to actually use nuclear weapons.  If you doubt this, just consider the following 11 facts….

#1 The first “Great Leader” of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung, is deeply revered in North Korea.  In fact, there are over 500 statues of Kim Il-sung scattered throughout the country.  Many Koreans apparently believe that Kim Il-Sung actually created the world.

#2 It is said that hanging up pictures of Kim Il-Sung is compulsory for every household in North Korea.

#3 Millions of North Korean citizens have literally starved to death over the past 10 years.

#4 The North Korean constitution actually guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

#5 It has been reported that during times of extreme hunger in North Korea, cannibalism is quite common.  Several years ago the Washington Post shared what one 29-year-old female defector told them about what is going on inside the country….

“When one is very hungry, one can go crazy. One woman in my town killed her 7-month-old baby, and ate the baby with another woman.”

The sad thing is that the 29-year-old female defector didn’t even consider what she had seen to be wrong….

“I can’t condemn cannibalism. Not that I wanted to eat human meat, but we were so hungry. It was common that people went to a fresh grave and dug up a body to eat meat. I witnessed a woman being questioned for cannibalism. She said it tasted good.”

#6 In 1987, North Korea began construction on the Ryugyong Hotel, which would have been the tallest hotel in the world if it had been finished on schedule in 1989.  Instead, construction of the bizarre 105-story skyscraper that somewhat resembles a pyramid was suspended in 1992, and the unfinished structure was just a massive concrete shell towering over Pyongyang completely empty for the next 16 years.  Work began once again on the project in 2008, and it is anticipated that it will finally be completed in 2012.

#7 One of North Korea’s greatest “tourist attractions” is the Pueblo – a U.S. naval vessel that the North Koreans captured from “the imperialist Americans” back in 1968.

#8 According to North Korean media, Kim Jong-il is a phenom at just about everything.  It is claimed that he shot 38 under par (including 11 holes-in-one) the first time he ever played golf.

#9 Christians are slaughtered in some of the most brutal ways imaginable in North Korea.  The following is just one example…..

“While Interviewee 17 was in the North Korean Army, his unit was dispatched to widen the highway between Pyongyang and the nearby port city of Nampo. They were demolishing a vacated house in Yongkang county, Yongkang district town, when in a basement between two bricks they found a Bible and a small notebook that contained 25 names, one identified as pastor, two as chon-do-sa (assistant pastors), two as elders, and 20 other names, apparently parishioners, identified by their occupations. The soldiers turned the Bible and notebook over to the local branch of Department 15 of the Korean Workers Party (KWP), but the Party officials said it was up to the military police unit, Bowisaryungbu gigwanwon, to investigate. Tracked down at their place of work through the listing of occupation in the notebook, the 25 persons were picked up without formal arrest by the military bowibu. The interviewee was not aware of any judicial procedures for those seized. In November 1996, the 25 were brought to the road construction site. Four concentric rectangular rows of spectators were assembled to watch the execution. Interviewee 17 was in the first row. The five leaders to be executed – the pastor, two assistant pastors, and two elders – were bound hand and foot and made to lie down in front of a steamroller. This steamroller was a large construction vehicle imported from Japan with a heavy, huge, and wide steel roller mounted on the front to crush and level the roadway prior to pouring concrete. The other twenty persons were held just to the side. The condemned were accused of being Kiddokyo (Protestant Christian) spies and conspiring to engage in subversive activities. Nevertheless, they were told, “If you abandon religion and serve only Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, you will not be killed.” None of the five said a word. Some of the fellow parishioners assembled to watch the execution cried, screamed out, or fainted when the skulls made a popping sound as they were crushed beneath the steamroller. Interviewee 17 thought, at the time, that these church people were crazy. He thought then that religion was an “opiate,” and it was stupid for them to give up their lives for religion. He heard from the soldiers who took away the other twenty prisoners that they were being sent to a prison camp.”

#10 A few years ago when China was sending humanitarian aid into North Korea the North Koreans decided that they would just start keeping the trains as well.  The Chinese crews were sent back over the border on foot.

#11 A song entitled “No Motherland Without You” was written specifically for Kim Jong-il and is one of the most popular songs in North Korea.  It is regularly sung by the North Korean military.

Are you convinced yet?  The truth is that North Korea is very, very dangerous and they should not be underestimated.  Let us hope that the United States never has to fight another war with them.

  • Shashank

    Why is that there is no date on these articles??
    how on earth is someone to know if this was written during the 1800 or 2010?

  • Richard

    “”When one is very hungry, one can go crazy. One woman in my town killed her 7-month-old baby, and ate the baby with another woman.”

    It’s not clear whether the woman ate the baby and the other woman or whether both women had a party. Could you please clarify?

  • Good Analysis of the situation.

    Reminds me of The Vietnam War. As far back as the Geneva Conference in 1956 (which the US violated, when a temporarily split Vietnam was supposed to hold elections), one of the Vietnamese Communist negotiators said to the effect, “Yeah, the Chinese want to see us keep fighting,… to the last Vietnamese.”

    So, with direct US military involvement, the Chinese got the Vietnamese, an ethnic enemy of roughly 1000 years to harvest each other (estimates are as high as three million Vietnamese), while the US got strategically tied up there, also taking casualties, and setting the stage for the debt the US would be stuck in, to the present day (or as Peter Schiff once said, “We had to pay in the 70’s, for everything we did in the 1960’s”).

    The US was forced to pull out of Vietnam, mainly due to the fact that the war was destroying its military (see the documentary on YouTube, “Sir, No Sir”, on GI activism).

    Funny, how Secretary of State Billary is now trying to play China at their own game: First-time ever naval exercises between the US, and the same Communist Vietnamese government we fought in the 1960’s.

  • Griz

    North Korea is just another NWO creation used to scare Free people into giving up their liberties. There is a planned third world war coming and North Korea has a big role. Millions will die but remember there is salvation in Jesus Christ.

  • James K

    man this is so scary, I know that people are panicing about someone hiding big atomic weapons.

    But the guys from wrote something about us entering the nuclear age sooner rather than later. They have been very accurate in the past, and i hope they are wrong.

    This NK SK news is scary but ey?

  • infocyde

    Let’s also hope that all those people who are trapped in the North Korean system are freed from tyranny very soon as well.

  • Gato

    F.that! Get rid of them we did the NAZIS! Yes we may lose life but we will not surrender to tyranny! F-that! What ever happened to surprise attck. If its gonna happen its gonna happen. hit them so hard it takes them to the stone age.

  • So stupid to kill eachother. It’s macho behavior, which will never end.

  • Paul

    In your article you said, “The opinion of the rest of the world toward the United States would darken even more”.

    If North Korea went to war South Korea (which I doubt will happen) and the US went to help the South then I think the opinion of the world towards you would increase. This is down to the fact that you are helping the defender/ally and not being an aggressor to a much weaker enemy.

    However if you did use Nuclear Weapons or forced other allied countries into the war, then that new found respect would be quickly destroyed.

  • Are we going tabloid here?

    My reading of the North-South Korean situation is quite different from yours.

    China is not comfortable with the idea of having the Americans so close and North Korea acts as a buffer. So does Burma on another side of China.

    North Korea most probably got its nukes, or at least the design, from China.
    If a country like North Korea could really develop, by itself, nuclear weapons, every country in the world could, and nuclear heads would be all over Africa and the Middle-East.

    Having said that, North and South Koreas are used as proxies in the growing “conflict” between China and the US.

    When the US army, involved in South Korean military operations, comes to close to the borders of both North Korea and China, the latter retaliate.

    How would the US react if China was conducting some military operations with the Mexican army, along the coast of Baja California?

    Kim Jong Il is certainly a very bad guy, but so were many guys in the former US administration (remember torture, Abu Gharaib, Guantanamo…?).

    Is he also crazy and out of China’s control? I wouldn’t bet on that…

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  • flubadub

    President Obama’s recent visit to South Korea failed to achieve a reasonable trade agreement between us and that country. Unlike the U.S. government, the South Koreans are doing what they determine to be best for their own country by protecting companies like Kia, Hyundai, Samsung, LG and others who routinely post ever larger sales figures over here.

    You can bet that Kim Jong-il, ever resplendent in his 50’s style tire changer’s uniform, was observing through the North’s one way mirror as talks with Obama broke down. Kim likely views the trade agreement failure as a rift that could carry through and break down military bonds between our two countries. Although he’d be wrong in this assumption, South Korea may now have incentive to negotiate with us on trade issues. Obviously, those issues pale in comparison to the gravity of an all out North South war.

    Accurate news from North Korea is rare but it’s certain that their “Dear Leader” is in failing health and crazy as a shithouse rat. Let’s hope he’s at least sharp enough to understand the principle of mutually assured destruction and how that policy would play out for his family.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Wars and rumors of wars.

    When you see these things, look up because your deliverance is near.

    If you are a Christian, you should understand that all of these things must come to pass before time ends.

    Every day is a day closer to that day when time and space cease to exist as they currently do.

    Maranatha, Lord Jesus Christ. (Come soon).

    Deliver Your people from this evil world.

  • A crazy nation is far more dangerous than an aggressive but sane state. You can trust an aggressive but sane state to play ball with you, but one led by nuts, and especially one in which the entire society has gone nuts, can do anything. They may decide to pursue a lose-lose strategy so that if they can’t have the goodies, nobody at all will get them.

  • For the chance to place missile defense installations on the Chinese border, you bet the Americans will take on the North Koreans.

  • Richard A. Durot

    If Macarthur had had his way North Korea would not now exist. Thanks, Harry.

  • lostinmissouri

    N Korea is to the world, as Gangs are to cities.

    Why Society , who claims “Law and Order” is supreme, puts up with Gangs, in our cities, and countries, like N Korea, is beyond me.

    Of course, No one can explain why the world tolerates iSlam, either.

  • I say, screw it! Let ’em kill each other!
    Get the U.S. out of Europe! Out of Asia!
    Bring them home, to protect OUR borders!

    If koreans want to kill each other, LET ‘EM!
    GET THE U.S. OUT! Bring our troops Home!
    Protect OUR borders!

    Screw ’em!

  • zack

    My guess is that the recent North Korean attack was motivated more by internal politics in the North than any sincere desire to attack the South. Neither side benefits from a shooting war; it’s a lose-lose situation. Most importantly, neither China nor the US will allow war to break out. Trade is simply too valuable.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details.

  • Alex

    Too bad they have nuclear weapons

  • mondobeyondo

    A fanatical dictatorship, with delusional people led by their god-king, has to be taken seriously.

    But the U.S. is beginning to get war-weary. Iraq, Afghanistan, possibly Pakistan. Do we really want to take on North Korea too?

    Maybe we’ve run out of silver bullets, and we’ll then resort to the nukes…

  • Ginny

    Yes, North Korea is a very bad place. So is the United States these days. Look up what the United States government has been responsible for in a past couple of decades alone. Never mind North Korea. Americans need to open their eyes to their own evil and yes, delusional, government officials.

    By the way, our constitution also guarantees freedom of speech. Do you think we still have this freedom?

    • Freedomzeeker

      Don’t question your freedom! People starve to death in North Korea while you people can still eat and throw the remains! Be happy with what you have!

  • Rich

    As an ardent follower of your website I have found your insight and analysis of US economy invaluable and I have forwarded many of your articles to friends and colleagues.

    However, this is not an example of one of those articles. This is quite hypocritical of you to call North Korea very, very dangerous. If North Korea is very, very dangerous, then what is the United States?!

    The only country to have used nuclear weapons, for starters. Secondly, why do you neglect to mention that the US economic problems are in part due to the overspending on military year after year. The US spends more than the rest of the world combined.

    North Korea should not be underestimated!? What about the US? With close to a thousand bases worldwide, a pandora’s box of weaponry, engaging in a multitude of wars over the last few decades, who should we be watching closely!?

    I suggest you start another blog and entitile it http://www.theUSisthecraziestcountryin

    • Josh

      Moron! The issue is not military spending itself……………..yes we do spend more than any other country in the world combined on military……….but we don’t allow the rest of our civilians starve to death.

      People on welfare don’t run the risk of losing their food stamps if they criticize the government.

  • Mike

    I honestly don’t believe President Obama has the guts to authorize use of nuclear weapons. It would have to be a very dark day for that to occur.

    Maybe I’m wrong.

    Either way, we have some dark days ahead of us.

  • michelle!
    national inflation assn.

    The day the dollar died

  • Franco

    I’m with you Mr. Carpenter,
    however, you can lead the horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Look at Revelations seal…sound familar? If you want to see why these countries and the world has apparently gone crazy, it’s because they all know what is coming. Google The killshot, by Major Ed Dames.

  • John Lang

    This article is a repetition of the propaganda stories continuously broadcast by the western media outlets. The two Koreans are at a constant tension between them because of the U.S. presence there. Nothing more. The U.S. feeds and survives on creating and sustaining conflicts and by involving itself in unnecessary conflicts.

  • Bruno has it right. This is just saber rattling. This is about power and money. China and the U.S.

    The Norks are about as brainwashed as we are. Look at the bright side, all they can do is kill us. Maybe the Norks are even more brainwashed than we are.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Paul: So as I understand it we should poll the world and see what would bring the most respect. Is that how we should conduct policy?

  • notsofast

    Let’s be honest. The most insane nation on Earth is the USA, hands down.

    Who incarcerates more people per capita than ANY other nation on Earth (including North Korea)? The USA.

    Which nation consumes the most drugs – both illegal and pharmaceutical – on a per capita basis? The USA.

    Which nation has the highest rate of drugging its children? The USA.

    Which nation executes mentally retarded children? The USA.

    Which nation uses false pretences, such as the the sinking of the USS Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and the nonexistent Iraqi WMDs – to start wars which kill millions of innocent people? The USA.

    Who supports dictators and terrorists worldwide? The USA.

    Yes, North Korea is an insane society, but no more sane or insane than your own.

    • USA

      GOOD OL’ USA!! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!! USA, USA. USA, USA!!!! (Oh by the way, be sure & thank USA for your computers & the internet and web pages your browsing. HA HA…USA, USA, USA!!!

      • dave

        tim berns lee invented the internet english man!!!! facts and figurs!!!!

    • whatrutalkingabout

      where are you finding this information? the onion.

  • Vox.Pop

    Wake up, folks.
    US military strategy is based on using nuclear weapons when faced with a large conventional army. How else could the US keep down its own casualty figures? Nukes will be used within 24 hours of serious action.

  • gentile

    Communism and Capitalism are brothers, borned from the same daddy (elite group). So its just a family fight, in which China will inherit the most.

    Dont forget that this is only 1 front, the are other hot spots about to explode.

    btw, this article is poor bs, you used to be a good writer…

  • Jackie

    A very wicked place, indeed.

  • flubadub

    Wow! Looks like someone forwarded a link to your blog to a place that attracts lots of young sophmoric intellectual wannabes. Listen kids, the attitude that projects “I’m smart because I realize that we are worse than those you say threaten us” reminds those of us who’ve been around for a while how we thought back in the day. When you grow up looking back most of you will realize this fact despite what the cool professor is telling you now.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    What are you smoking? North Korea is other world, no America.

  • Before or after the US economic collapse, politicians will be blamed for lost jobs, lowered wages, foreclosed homes, higher taxes, broke pension funds, a worthless dollar and restrictions on freedom. Protests of this nature will eventually lead to riots and violence in the streets. Out of fear and self preservation, US politicians will blame other nations starting with China.

    If Americans are not satisfied with this enemy, some other enemy will be invented. If politicians can fool Americans, the United States will again engage in a major foreign war to divert attention from domestic problems.

    North Korean leaders also need a nation to blame their problems on. It would be best for China if the US wasted all of their remaining resources on North Korea. With Chinese missiles, North Korea could sink the entire US Navy in a matter of minutes. With neutron bombs, North Korea could end most life in South Korea and capture much needed infrastructure.

    Who is going to convince Americans that North Korea is the real enemy and what evidence would they use.

  • Rod

    Realistically, the USA will be the same as North Korea in a few years.
    A fascist regime, total suppression of the population, deprivation of basic liberties, total control of the media and internet, with a ruthless leader hell bent on personal power.

    Rock on WW3 – let’s let these arrogant superpowers and superpower-wannabees blow each other to bits leaving the rest of free of them.

  • The Beast

    Well, this is the first time you play along with the mainstream media (i.e. propaganda channel for the world domination).
    North Koreans are no saint….but they are just as human as you and me. When will people treat each other as humans?

  • Concerned Reader

    I try not to think about the possibilities of another war for sanity’s sake, but I can not shake this feeling as though what is going on in Korea might be the early stages of World War 3. If not, then we are still mighty close to it occuring later down the road.

    Let us first examine a few things as to why this is going on. Most of the reasons deal with what is going on in America right now. There is no doubt that the world sees America as a slowly weakening country thanks to Obama and the declining economy. Also, countries such as China and North Korea realize that since we are bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan that we may not be able to handle what they have in store for thier neighborhood. Perhaps we could handle a third war, but perhaps not.

    “Thirdly, China could gain a ton of “leverage” by stabbing North Korea in the back after the conflict had started. In return for supporting the U.S./South Korean coalition, China could ask for all kinds of things that they wouldn’t even dream of getting right now. In fact, it is not unthinkable to imagine China walking away with a significant chunk of North Korea in the aftermath of the war. The Chinese government is regularly involved in “border disputes” (just Google it), and China would never pass up a chance to pick up a big slice of new territory.”

    This quote from the author of this blog makes sense. China realizes that America is laying down the foundation for thier acsension to super power status. Allowing us to obliterate Korea would help them in two ways which were stated above: First, America would most likely lose its ally in South Korea, but the North would most likely be equally, or even more devastated. They would just roll in and take over.

    China’s long term goal is to see the US leave the Pacific region and then rule in its place. Even if the US emerged from this conflict intact, we would most likely not be in good enough shape to keep China from annexing Korea. Once we left the region, China would set its sights onto Japan and try to take it over by force.

  • North Korea was in a better possition back then and they had help from the Chinese and Russians. I think they may get help from the Chinese just to undermine the US, but North Korea can’t fight for more than a week due to low fuel supplies.

  • James

    Does anyone really believe that the U.S. will prevail in a war with China or N. Korea? If the U.S. goes with its threat to defend South Korea from an attack from the north, with what will the American people be able to sustain such a war? We don’t have the money or manpower to this. If we persist on being the “policeman of the World” we will commit suicide as a nation. The U.S. isn’t capable of sustained war globally.

  • anish poojara

    Pakistan (America’s so called in ally in the war against terror) is not much different from North Korea. So why this hypocracy?

    anish poojara

  • DJ

    This may have happened but as the 1st person stated it wasn’t dated or signed. We have had some terrible things happen throughout history. This is does not make it right. I do believe this is propaganda anti china and North Korea.

  • They have a history of wacko aggressive acts & behaviour, followed by outrageous demands which more often than not are curbed & placated with promises of more foreign aid.

    Lets hope this is just Kim teaching his boy how the “game” is played.

  • Jackson

    The U.S should stay out of foreign disputes, it has a terrible foreign policy and gets themselves in non stop wars…( what a great way to make enemies eh ? ).

    The Korean governments should stop being so prideful and just make peace with each other. The s. Korean government never signed the peace treaty after the Korean war because they would not accept peace until they can gain control of n. Korea.

  • Michael R.

    An economic equation:

    Washinton DC Minus the US$ as worlds reserve currency = Pyongyang

  • Hong

    Most likely this is another childish and belligerent display from the crazy Northerners. They torpedoes a South Korean boat and now shell a small town. They’ll continue this bellicose behavior until they get their welfare check from the UN (ie Obama). The NKs aren’t stupid. They know war full scale war ends their regime and the goodies they steal from the aid groups. This is a decadent and murderously lazy dictatorship but not suicidal.

  • Hong just nailed it: NK has been doing this for decades, with DMZ infiltrations, etc., then putting their hands out.

  • whoisbiggles

    I believe that we should tax the rich and give to the poor and this problem would be solved – right gary 😉

  • Patriot

    There is a lot of bashing America in these replies. I don’t know about some other people, but I believe any dictator who is commiting genocide to any group of people (including their own) needs to be dealt with swiftly and harshly. This obviously means that America will be hated, because we won’t allow tyrannical dictators to opress people who deserve freedom, and deserve to be heard. It’s not a governmental policy, it’s a human right. Does America have the money or manpower to police the world? No. But many people, specifically in this article North Korea, has millions of starving or destitute or abused or murdered people. If America has to give everything it has, and eventually even itself as a nation, to helping others…I don’t consder that a loss at all.

    • Whyte Rabbitt

      It’s not our problem.

  • bachu

    There is absolutely nothing to worry about at the moment. All the very rich and rich South Koreans are still in Seoul. When they start flying out to the US that is the time to get serious.

  • Author is a pimp for the Bolsheviks.

  • dr mengle,got twins?


  • ab


  • Richard`

    To all of you who think the US is so bad; you totally clueless. A few weeks in most any other country would have you longing to be back in the good old US. In fact, why don’t you take my advise and leave now.

  • Forrest W. Byers

    Obama will do nothing and the blood of millions will never wash off his satanic hands to which he will not show any concern or guilt,what so ever!He will still be the height of style and fashion while total destruction rains down on everyone and everything.Immorality will be praised,as the stink rises off the glittering,star struck,throng of adherents and fellow travelers.God helps us.Let us pray and beg for his mercy!

  • Tatiana Covington

    “Mad, bad, and dangerous to know.” Lady Caroline Lamb, about Lord Byron. Works here too.

  • Prop Joe

    I’m a bit dismayed at the candor of some of these posts.

    Despite our serious problems, to argue we are on par with North Korea is delusional.

    North Korea is past the verge of sanity. I agree that we shouldn’t seek a war, but we equally should not abandon to the wolves a genuine ally.

    Unfortunately, it appears South Korea is on the downward track (a legitimate free trade pact with them was blocked by American corporate titans.) The same greedy lot that sold out our jobs to the communists in China are willing to bargain away South Korea and Taiwan, if that extends our cozy relationship with China.

    In some respect, Obama is caught in the middle of powerful factions that incidentally possess conflicting goals.

    Bottom line: North Korea would be better off if its insane ‘god-king’ were told to immediately surrender Korea, leave, and some kind of restructuring take place.

    In the meantime, we should watch closely as the situation is fluid.

  • geterix

    hmmm nasty scenario, and what pray tell do “we” do about it!,is anyone out there listening, by the way ,? the wine is ready,and its good , just have to pull the cork,,,,, politcal systems
    such as they are now !——–armaggedon 1—golden age 0,,,,, the game isn’t over yet
    better stock up on munchies, over

  • Serafiglio

    These responses make clear that most of us who comment are unfortunately not very bright, illiterate or infantile. N. Korea may well be the future in a world where civil order and a legal system based on moral principles (derived from world religions) are replaced by a Great Leader (i.e. a human being with all the answers). N. Korea may well be the future if we turn to the media and internet for understanding. Go to the library, folks.

    • whatrutalkingabout

      why are you saying a country that starves its citizens is good?

  • SnowCrash7

    I spent a year there during the last Korea Crisis of 94-95 with the most forward deployed combat troops in the Army.
    NK is a true basket case. The American troops there do not have a fraction of the troops or artillery to counter the tens of thousands NK guns dug into reverse slopes in caves.
    NK doesn’t even have to attack, just pull the trigger and just about everything within 30 miles of the DMZ dies.

    The ONLY thing that will stop NK will be the use of nukes and you can bet they would be used. the 28000 American troops stationed there would most likely be mostly dead by that time.

    You should also know that the South Koreans built a multi-lane super highway down the western corridor they call the reunification highway. They intentionally bypassed American bases and provided the NK with a perfect avenue of approach.
    Not one more drop of American blood should be shed in that diseased polluted dunghole.

  • This is scary stuff. As with Iran, the demonization and sabre rattling go on. Of course, the inhumanity of the North Korean regime makes them an easy target. Now China, the emerging superpower, is being targeted too. Of course, as a rising Superpower, the Chinese wish for more dominance in the Asia Pacific region. And will probably gain some at US expense in the future. Countries rise and fall throughout history. Just as “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun,” (Mao), military power is based on economic power. If the USA cannot set its economic power base in order, it will inexorably lose military power.

  • Observer

    Koreasn are lunatic in nature so that they eat dogs and cats even in this century.

  • lawrence

    well id say i havent been to north korea even though id be allowed cause im a new zealander with a north korean embassy somewhere in nz but to be honest no one can stand up against north korea cause there nuclear bombs are far greater than imaginable and how do i know this well you do your research first and ask many koreans and so on. I hope that the korean war does not start cause that means the world will be in a panic and well cause of power of the north korean governmantand and the chinese governmant it means that two countrie combined could mean fatal disastor enyway thats my say if enyone would like to correct me on enything than feel free cause i wont be offended but the north korean embassy is in nz thats all.

  • To put it in a nutshell, the leader is nothing more than a young rebel. Wants to make his mark in the world like most people.

    • whatrutalkingabout

      he has 110 limos and starves his people.

  • Viking

    Please give some valid proof to all your “reasons” as I believe you are just spreading propaganda for war.

  • Raphael

    For all the people saying that America is just as bad as North Koreaa, and that we need to “pray to god for mercy” you’re wronge. In the constitution, everyone has freedom of speech and the right to do basically whatever they want, besides the obvious killing, fighting, etc.
    You won’t find anyone dying of starvation in America. You won’t find anyone executing mentally retarded children either, so where the hell did you get that idea?
    On thing I do agree with everyone though is that America does have many major problems. For one, everyone in the government worries only about money and not actually helping America. The republicans and democrats only think of new laws that are helpful to them, and not the people. The two partys’ also have a foolish disregard for eachother, to the point that if one party makes an amazing bill, the other will strike it down because they didn’t think of it first.

    North Korea, in my opinion, should be “diplomatically” repaired. Send someone over to show Kim the error of his ways under a truce. Get him to realize that what he’s doing is bad, and then send more people in to repair the collapsing infrastructure with anew constitution and support for the people. Chances are that if NK alows free travel within the country, many other nations will send their support to the starving people.

    I also don’t like how you say that America “tries to be the policeman of the world.”
    Whilst that is true, it’s not to be viewed in a negative light. When a cruel dictator is starving his people and mass killing them, it’s not about what the country’s peers will think. It’s about doing the right thing and saving millions, and making the world a better place.

  • duh

    Everyone bashing the US for being more dangerous than North Korea should move to North Korea and see how much you like it.

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