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11 Red Flag Events That Just Happened As We Enter The Pivotal Month Of August 2015

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Red Flags - Public DomainAre you ready for what is coming in August?  All over America, economic, political and social tensions are building, and the next 30 days could turn out to be pivotal.  In July, we saw things start to turn.  As you will read about below, a major six year trendline for the S&P 500 was finally broken this month, Chinese stocks crashed, commodities crashed, and debt problems started erupting all over the planet.  I fully expect that this next month (August) will be a month of transition as we enter an extremely chaotic time in the fall and winter.  Things are unfolding in textbook fashion for another major global financial crisis in the months ahead, and yet most people refuse to see what is happening.  In their blind optimism, they want to believe that things will somehow be different this time.  Well, the coming months will definitely reveal who was right and who was wrong.  The following are 11 red flag events that just happened as we enter the pivotal month of August 2015…

#1 Puerto Rico is going to default on a 58 million dollar debt payment that is due on Saturday.  Even though this has serious implications for the U.S. financial system, Barack Obama has said that there will be no bailout for “America’s Greece”.

#2 As James Bailey has pointed out, the most important trendline for the S&P 500 has finally been broken after holding up for six years.  This is a critical technical signal that will likely motivate a significant number of investors to sell off their holdings in the weeks ahead.

#3 The IMF is indicating that it will not take part in the new Greek debt deal.  As a result, the whole thing may completely fall apart

Leaked minutes of the fund’s latest board meeting, which took place on Wednesday, showed staff “cannot reach agreement at this stage” on whether to take part in the new €86bn (£60bn) bailout for Greece. The document said there were doubts over the capacity of the Athens Government to implement economic reforms, as well as the over the sustainability of the country’s sovereign debt pile, which is now projected to hit 200 percent of GDP.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, only sanctioned a new Greek deal earlier this month on the condition that the IMF takes part.

#4 Italy is going down the exact same path as Greece, but Italy is going to be a much larger problem for Europe because it has a far, far larger economy.  This week, we learned that youth unemployment in Italy has reached a 38-year high of 44 percent, and Italy’s debt to GDP ratio has now hit 135 percent.

#5 The Canadian economy has officially entered a new recession.  This is something that was not supposed to happen.

#6 The price of oil plummeted close to 20 percent during the month of July.  It was the worst month for the price of oil that we have seen since October 2008, which just happened to be during the height of the last financial crisis.

#7 Commodities just had their worst month in almost four years.  As I have written about previously, we witnessed a collapse in commodity prices just before the stock market crash of 2008 too.

#8 Thanks to Barack Obama, the U.S. coal industry is imploding, and some of the largest coal producers in the entire country have just announced that they are declaring bankruptcy

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the biggest American producer of coking coal, Alpha Natural Resources, could file for bankruptcy as soon as Monday.

Competitor Walter Energy filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, and several others have done the same this year.

#9 For the month of July, the Shanghai Composite Index was down 13.4 percent.  Despite unprecedented government intervention to prop up the market, it was the worst month for Chinese stocks since October 2009.

#10 A major red flag that a recession in the United States is fast approaching is the fact that Exxon Mobile just announced their worst earnings for a single quarter since 2009.  Compared to the same time period one year ago, Exxon Mobile’s earnings were down 51 percent.

#11 Chevron is another oil giant that has seen earnings plunge.  In the second quarter of this year, Chevron’s earnings were down an eye-popping 90 percent from a year ago.

And in this list I didn’t even mention the economic chaos that is happening down in South America.  For full coverage of that, please see my previous article entitled “The South American Financial Crisis Of 2015“.

To a certain extent, I can understand why most Americans are not alarmed about the months ahead.  The relative stability of the past several years has lulled most of us into a false sense of security, and the mainstream media is assuring everyone that everything is going to be just fine and that brighter days are ahead.  At this point, many believe that it is patently absurd to suggest that we could see an economic collapse in 2015.  But of course even though the signs were glaringly apparent, very few of us anticipated the financial crisis of 2008 either.

A few weeks ago, I authored a piece entitled “The Last Days Of ‘Normal Life’ In America“, and I stand by every single word of that article.  I truly believe that the era of debt-fueled prosperity that we have been enjoying for so long is coming to an end, and our standard of living will never again get back to this level.

Just yesterday, I had the chance to go over and stock up on some emergency supplies at a dollar store.  It always astounds me what you can still buy for a dollar.  The combined cost of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and retailing most of these items shouldn’t be less than a dollar, but thanks to having the reserve currency of the world we are still able to go to these big box stores and fill up our carts with lots and lots of extremely inexpensive merchandise.

Unfortunately, this massively inflated standard of living is going to come crashing to a halt.  This next financial crisis is going to destroy the system that is currently producing such comfortable lifestyles for the vast majority of us, and that will be an extremely painful experience.

So enjoy this summer for as long as it lasts.  Even though August threatens to be pivotal, it is going to be nothing compared to what will follow.

Fall and winter are coming.

Prepare while there is still time to do so.

  • Alwaystomorrow

    The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015

    Published 6/25/2015

    154 days until 12/31/2015.

    Lets do a count down every day until the end of 2015 and see just what happens.

    • john smith

      Your countdown seems smarmish and obnoxious. Michael is a good person and went out on a limb. What have you done?

      • SunnyFlaSnotress

        Not everyone likes Michael and his viewpoints.. Is that allowed?

    • alwaystomorrow

      The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015

      Published 6/25/2015

      154 dayz until 12/31/2015

      Letz do a count down every day until the end of 2015 and see just what happens.

      Alwaystomorrow. You have been revealed. I am coming for you. 12/31/2015.

      • jhowell882

        just an oligarchy troll. he has no other job but to collect the few pennies he gets paid by ALEC to say the same trash to distract you from the real truth that Micheal has been saying. i guess it’s paid ignorance

    • G21

      Michael, thank you for your hard work in writing pieces for this blog. They are informative and interesting. The study and research you do for our benefit is amazing.
      I take everything you say seriously and give it the deliberation it deserves. Although I may not agree with every jot and tittle you write, I would never think of treating your hard work and good intentions with disrespect.
      Please keep up the hard work. We truly appreciate you.

      • G21

        Michael, I urge you to ignore the immature and envious posts of those who have nothing of substance to add. Please don’t change anything you do, say, think or write.
        You have a solid, loyal following who appreciate your opinions.

        • Nemnor

          G21, I agree with you (more or less). However, it SEEMS like Michael also does not (yet) know and understand – what is the main root cause for the socioeconomic decline of the USA.

          While some may site, things like “moral decay” (sin?), “turning away from God”, “corruption”, (excess) “greed”, and even – “turning our backs on Israel”, as the (main) cause for America’s impending doom, I posit that, the MAIN reason for the decline of the USA is that – the USA is simply part of the wider DECAY of the world-wide Capitalist economic system – which is now decadent (mainly due to reaching a stage of general over-production). The generally worsening economic situation (the World over) is because Capitalism is at a “dead end”, and is now no longer able to generate long-term recovery by economic means alone.

          I also posit that the real and permanent solution for the USA (and the World) begins with dismantling Capitalism, and building a new and superior sustainable system, based on producing goods and services to meet the genuine and abundant needs of society – as the primary end-purpose of production.

          • rmc9

            you must be some of Hitler’s offspring…

          • Nemnor

            rmc9, please keep in mind that the true nature of ANY Capitalist government (including that of the USA) is no better than that of Hitler.

            Please take a close look at the last 60 years of the history of Central and South America (for instance), and you will notice that much of the Capitalist governments or dictatorship (with the overt or covert backing of the US Government and CIA) have massacred hundred of thousands of (innocent) civilians, to prevent the rise of what they perceive to be “communism’.

            With the help of the US Government (and CIA) we even see the overthrow democratically elected Governments, like that of (former) President Salvador Allende of Chile.

          • GSOB


          • Mr. Elephantopolous

            This is way out of my league, but Paul Craig Roberts (Asst. Sec. of the Treasury under Reagan) has claimed that the socioeconomic decline of the U.S. is not due to capitalism per se, but crony capitalism…which is basically just self-serving collusion between corporations and government.

            Your thoughts?

          • Nemnor

            Mr. Elephantopolous, Paul Craig Roberts (like Reagan, Thatcher, etc) simply has a an “ostrich-like faith” in what they imagine “free market” Capitalism was, or might have been. Currently the system can not generate long-term recovery, NOT mainly because of cronyism or “corruption”, but MAINLY because Capitalism reached a stage of general over-production.

            As soon as the system begins to “recover”, it quickly “heats up” and then there is too much products for the World’s LIMITED market, and the system quickly goes right back into crisis/recession state.

            The problem of over-production is an insoluble problem within Capitalism, about which, the likes of Paul Craig Roberts (and Reagan, etc.) choose to “bury their heads in the bush” (like a true Ostrich), and choose not to see that it was the SAME (“free market”) Capitalism in the past, that naturally and inevitably decayed into the current decadent forms we see today. But even what some consider to be genuine Capitalism (“free market” or not) which would naturally grow/expand and would naturally create monopolies, was always ‘destined’ to become decadent, in a World with practically LIMITED market and resource

          • Mr. Elephantopolous

            Thanks, I appreciate your clarification.

          • Kelly McNeill

            Ok, I’ve been reading all this and there are so many great points being made. I have been following Mike for quite some time and usually glance over these blogs. I have a masters in international relations, economics. Nemnor, you make the best points, however, your missing one key element, everybody has left this element out of their comments. If I have missed it? I’m sorry. 1 key element across the board here and it’s DEBT. Global debt. The U.S. has it’s share, The Eurozone has it’s share, the entire globe is boated with debt. Forget the U.S. “$18Trillion” Debt. Attribute that from years of continuously not having balanced budgets. The so called “kicking the can down the road?” So, it has caught up with us. The world owes a QUADRILLION dollars. All of this is held in derivatives. U.S. banks? Are any of you aware how much our “Too Big to Fail Banks” have in assets compared to bad bets in derivatives? $9 Trillion in assets. BoA/JPMorgan/Chase (to name a few) compare to the debt of $200+Trillion in derivatives. U.S. banks have been playing Vegas and betting for years only to find themselves losing time and time again. A good example is the petroleum industry. They bet the wrong way. Just look where we are at today with U.S. crude! OPEC is killing us. So much for The Bakken and Eagle Ford Shale Play’s. I live in San Antonio, I have seen it myself. The Eurozone should have cut ties with Greece as well. Now they have Muslim terrorists to contend with. Yes, terrorists. Europe cannot absorb them, along with lax immigration for last 20 years, the Nordic countries have seen rapes increase over 1,400%. Germany? Fraital, near Dresden, 40,000 strong “Brown Shirts” (closest to Nazi’s your going to get) are scaring the Hell out of the Muslim’s). Muslims are setting fires to countries unable to provide housing (Trademark terrorist tactic). Greece was hit first, spreading like crazy. Finally, the UN is currently resettling Muslim’s within the United States as we blog. This has been increasing since the beginning of the year and many cities, states, are rising up. Don’t see this in the MSM do ya? Nope. Instead of the theories regarding the circle/cycle of economic theories, factor in how debt plays into these issues as well. Capitalism wouldn’t have failed had it not been exposed to derivatives our banks so recklessly had practiced. Medicare? $100Trillion in Debt
            SS? $100Trillion in Debt. So, Nemnor? Your most accurate out of everyone else on this blog, you just left out the most important issue the world is facing. DEBT! My opinion is The Eurozone is the world’s leader by far in global debt, lets see what Michael believes.

          • tinfoilhatttt

            Is it only me or does the turn of phrase
            “bury their heads in the bush” engender a tiny squirt of testosterone into the bloodstream?

          • GSOB

            What a ‘dreamer’ you are.
            You espouse leftism….
            You are a leftist altogether.
            You have NO solutions.
            You have been deceived into thinking that resources are not limited and that you will live forever. What do you
            know about ‘root cause’ ?
            You don’t know squat.
            Pure delusion you espouse..

          • Nemnor

            lol – GSOB, have you read your own statement (above)?

            I have been saying (over and over) that Capitalism (“free market” or not) was ALWAYS ‘destined’ to become decadent, for the very reason that the World’s market and resource are virtually and practically LIMITED.

            So it is you (GSOB), and everyone else that has an “ostrich-like faith” in (“free market”) Capitalism (i.e. “hiding your head in the bush” and NOT seeing or accepting that the current world-wide system is actually Capitalism in it’s decadent stage), that are deceived into thinking that resources are not limited.

          • Roger Smith

            in other words….more central planning. Great Idea. (sarc)

          • Nemnor

            Roger Smith, it is NOT one ‘extreme’ or the other (it is NOT more central planning or less central planning), rather, in a genuinely (grass-root) democratic system – which is virtually non-existent anywhere in the World (and definitely NOT in the USA) the mass of the Working Class people (along with their allied classes) will decide, from time to time, how much more central planning (or how much less central planning) is needed to meet the genuine and abundant needs of society, and in accordance to what is needed to protect the environment.

            Additionally, this new and superior form of democracy (in which elected officials are immediately re-callable) would be based upon producing and distributing goods and services to meet the genuine needs of society – as the primary end-purpose of production and distribution.

            In other words, producing/distributing for “profits”, would only be a SECONDARY motive. And, with the “profit” motive, eventually done away with altogether, according to the level of (moral and ‘spiritual’) enlightenment of the Human Race. And this can be a real possibility, as we will eventually and naturally have a new kind of Human Being, if we build a new and sustainable system that addresses the genuine and abundant needs of every “rational” individual (and not just of “a 1%”).

          • Roger Smith

            yeah….and who do you put in charge of deciding exactly what the “genuine and abundant needs of society” are?

          • Nemnor

            Roger Smith, apparently you have not imagined how a genuinely democratic system would function. In such a system, the decisions of elected officials would REALLY (indeed) reflect the democratic wishes of the mass of people.

            Hence, it is ultimately the mass of the people that will democratically decide what the genuine and abundant needs of society are.

            In practice, however, the elected officials will be working with a “mandate” from the people – who will TRUST the elected officials to use their offices accordingly. BUT, unlike the FAKE democracy in Capitalism – i.e. like we have in the USA, if ANY elected official begins to fail to carry out the “mandate” given to them, then they are immediately re-callable (and another person is given the chance to carry out the mandate of the people).

            Also, genuine democracy means continuous consultations with the grass-root democratic instruments setup for that purpose – to help elected officials “keep in touch” with the democratic wishes of the masses.

            It would really be a new and different and superior democratic system – UNLIKE anything possible under Capitalism

            Now, you might have “concerns” about whether the “mass of the people” would be “rational” and “sensible” enough to make the “best” decisions. Well… ask yourself – what do I really want? Then ask yourself – am I being reasonable and “rational” about what I want, in light of all the information I have collected? Now, in a genuinely democratic system, the BEST education and the most ACCURATE and OBJECTIVE information will be FREELY passed on to the mass of the people. I trust in the “collective intelligence” of a properly educated and informed people, to always come up with the BEST democratic decisions/conclusions that can be made upon any given matter/situation. AND, if by chance it turned out that a “wrong” democratic decision/conclusion is made, a genuinely democratic system would be wide and flexible enough to (quickly) adjust accordingly.

          • GSOB

            You are genuinely

          • Merf56

            I hate to sound like a broken record but Richard Wolff ( Democracy at Work is his website) is all over this. I recommend him all the time to people who seem confused about this topic.

          • Merf56

            Spot on. Good ideas. I agree.

        • SunnyFlaSnotress

          You only see a solid following because Michael tends to block those who don’t conform to his thinking.

          • Gay Veteran

            totally untrue, I often disagree with his points on Endoftheamericandream

          • GSOB

            I doubt that. Really….

          • Merf56

            I have actually been surprised over several years that MS does NOT block people for disagreeing. I happen to think he just might enjoy the debate ….. Point in his favor I think..

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        It is okay. Nobody agrees with me all the time. 🙂

        And I kind of appreciate the countdown. It reminds people of my warning, and perhaps it will give some readers a renewed sense of urgency.

        Of course Alwaystomorrow probably believes that nothing is going to happen.

        So once zero hour arrives, will he stop posting or will he begin a new “count up” from the time that the financial crisis happened?

        • G21

          You’re a better man than I am.
          Keep up the good work.

          • Burt Year 2015

            I hope Warren Buffett David Rockefeller Ted Turner and Bill Gates all go broke.

          • pulltheweeds


          • Gay Veteran

            and the Koch brothers

        • Marco

          This is the type of post that lends credibility to this blog. All the rest of you can really learn a thing or two from Michael. Being trained in legal theory, Michael clearly looks at all sides of an issue rather than blatantly rejecting a comment without evaluating it first. This is more than can be said for many of you.

          Kudos to you Michael. I also agree that the countdown is a good idea, and praise you for your integrity, as well as the lengths you go to source and publish the information in this blog. It has definitely opened my eyes to what the mainstream media won’t tell us.

          • Nemnor

            Marco, another thing I believe some need to learn is that – the socioeconomic decline of the USA has very little to do with who is in the WH. That the on-going economic crisis in the USA is simply part of the wider DECAY of the world-wide Capitalist economic system – which is now decadent (mainly due to reaching a stage of general over-production), at a “dead end” and can no longer generate long-term recovery by economic means alone.

            Now get this – the on-going crisis (of general over-production), is insoluble within Capitalism, EXCEPT through massive destruction of Capital (i.e. the means of production), through natural forces and/or through (world) wars.

            The real and permanent solution begins with dismantling Capitalism, and building an sustainable alternative economic system, based on producing good s and services to meet the genuine and abundant needs of society – as the primary end-purpose of production.

          • gfmucci

            This appears to be exactly what the Progressives, Obama, et al, are trying to do, especially the destruction of capital and means of production. That course will not end well. Personally, it makes absolutely no sense to me.

            I believe that the collapse of first world nations will be due primarily to what some belief systems call “the pride cycle.” We are in the portion of that cycle where we get fat and happy, complacent, lazy and lose our faith,focus and motivation to do the things we need to do to maintain our previous success and gains.

          • Nemnor

            gfmucci, Obama is FAR away from what I am advocating, and he is NOT a genuine “progressive”.

            What you need to understand is this – the previous success of the USA following WW-II and up to about the late-60s/early-70s, was, by enlarge, due to – ( 1 ) the “reconstruction boom”. A “boom” made possible due to the massive destruction of capital (i.e. the means of production) in much of the leading Capitalist economies during WW-II, and ( 2 ) advances in science and technology.

            Now, there is NOTHING exceptional about the USA, when it comes to “hard work”. The fact is, the mass of the Working Class people of the World do work very hard and for long hours in virtually every country. However, The USA has the special advantage of being one of the least affected by WW-II. In fact, the USA even got richer DURING WW-II, while much of the leading Capitalist countries faced massive destruction of capital and the loss of millions of lives.

            Additionally, the period during the 50s, 60s and even the 70s (a period when the USA saw the greatest rise of the “middle class”), much of the World was much more underdeveloped and did not have the ability to meaningfully compete with the USA at the World level. But from about the late-60s/early-70s, much of the other leading Capitalist countries began to “catch up” to the USA and began to compete (at the World stage) for a bigger/better share of the World’s virtually and practically LIMITED “economic pie”. The late-60s/early-70s was also the end of the “reconstruction boom”, and that is the time when the USA and the rest of the world-wide Capitalist system entered the current on-going crisis – from which there is NO WAY OUT (within Capitalism) by economic means alone.

          • GSOB


          • Gay Veteran

            the fascists are in charge, they have been for a long time.
            fascism is the merger of state and corporate powers

          • mgrandma

            The fascists and the communists are in cahoots to a point. They have much in common.

          • Merf56

            There are no commies under the bed anymore. Wake up Rip Van Winkle -‘it is 2015. Time to update your world view. (And apparently not a soul hear has ever read Capital and properly understood it either..)

          • M.

            Wrong, International Jewry is in charge. They direct their agentur in the media and government to extol perversion and criminality such as that which you engage in, as a sure means of subverting, rotting and ultimately destroying the societies of the hated Goyim, thus clearing the way to world domination for the tribe.

          • Merf56


          • Marco

            couldnt agree more Nemnor!

          • GSOB


          • GSOB

            No. You are wrong.

            It’s the government’s public school system that has become decadent, not capitalism.

            Let’s get one thing clear…. you are a pure socialist

            Bernie or Hillary would love to share your ideas. Why don’t you campaign for them?

            Everyone knows you are a socialist who slams capitalism because of your lopsided understanding of economic theory.

            You are simply confused or just in denial…. probably both.

            Again…. its the socialist public school system where you come from…. that’s the problem.

            It is ‘state’ run.

          • Inigo Montoya

            Socialism, you keep using that word,

            I do not think it means what you think it means.

          • Nemnor

            GSOB, I do not put a ‘label’ unto myself, for the very reason that I consider myself to be an “independent and objective” Free Thinker, and I also strive for “intellectual honesty” in my thinking.

            Anyway… the (run down) “government public schools” – which, by enlarge, are often grossly underfunded, are actually a SYMPTOM (a characteristic) of decadent Capitalism – which has a tendency to move towards varying forms of “State/selective-“free market” Capitalism” (in the USA and all over the World) in a VAIN and desperate attempt to “save Capitalism” (even from itself) – lol.

            It is indeed decadent Capitalism that is not able to properly fund and operate it’s “public” (state-run) institutions.

            Ironically, however, the increasingly “run down” and “underfunded” public services, is likely due to a vicious “design” – to create more space (more “markets”) for PRIVATE Capital to expand into, in an age of relatively SHRINKING “total market size” – which is the very “root” cause for the on-going crisis Capitalism is experiencing for over 4 decades now!.

            Nevertheless, Capitalism will continue on its relentless decline towards total collapse/chaos, since, ultimately, the “total market size” is virtually and practically LIMITED.

          • Nemnor

            I wanted to say – is likely due to (in addition to the natural decay of Capitalist society) a vicious “design”.

          • Peter Waine

            Capitalism is a self defeating system that requires wars to regenerate itself. Smash the mode of production and create again supply and demand. Only one slight problem is the next war is not going to leave much left for anything. Capitalism is finished and the capitalist know it. We (if you like it or not) have no option but to have communism. Either communism or barbarism. Simple as that folks. TAKE YOUR PICK.

          • JohnB

            Whatever form of gov comes to the forfront, it will be intolerant, anti-judeo Christian law, tending secular although ISLAM with it’s intolerant bloodlust will survive not as a religion, but an intolerant political system with an bigoted allegiance to an unseen god-figure allah and prophet- mohammed who will stand in as tyrannical teacher of the primacy of ISLAM as a political -(religious system). Islam, like all tyrannies will go for wealth redistribution in form but in function will horde wealth for those that hold the religious-political power. Expect the catholic church and Islam to ally themselves loosely, but together control the wealth, the people and the dark future. True Christians are predicted to escape all the really bad events through the rapture, but if not, will endure and have their eternities assured in the safety of Yeshua (Jesus) Yeah that’s right…this is all predicted. Just didn’t think this could all come down so fast…but obama has proved otherwise, single handledly being the stooge of Satan to drag the US into failure, allowing all that is predicted to come to pass…none of it comes to pass in a vacuum.

          • Monika

            Actually, free market capitalism represents ownership of labour; i.e. individual freedom. We have not lived in such a system for a very long time. The economic system of today is a marxist dialectic of public-private corporations engineering the flow of money, production and resources. In well regulated free market capitalism people own their own labour, therefore the relationship between capital and labour is far more sustainable than in a system controlled by governments and collectives (corporations).

          • Merf56

            That is just so off the wall. You clearly do not grasp the ideas of Marxism. Take a class, read Capital again – this time with a quality annotated text, listen to Richard Wolff or Gar Alperovitz. They explain Marxism in very clear layman’s terms for people with no Poli sci background. There is no excuse for this kind of ignorance regarding the writings of Marx.

          • blue collar dave

            Marxist systems fail.

            History is our freind.
            Use the wisdom passed to us by our forebears through their mistakes.
            Marxist governmental systems result in the gulag and mass death, without exception.
            Anyone advocating a Marxist system is advocating democide.
            When you eliminate religion and substitute Marxist materialism you have no limits. Any action that furthers the cause is “justified” and “good”.

            We know evil exists in the world because we’ve seen it.

            It marches under a red banner.

          • Merf56

            Except there has never been a ‘Marxist governmental system’ – anywhere on this planet at any time. If you had read and studied Marx you would clearly know that blue collar dave….

          • GSOB


        • KMH

          Alwaystomorrow probably thinks 2008 was an awesome year, voted for and got Obama, had Arthur Anderson as his auditer, and has all his money with MFGlobal! Thanks Michael. I agree that our US standard of living is going to continue to go down and down for the masses.

        • jaxon64

          Michael, I heard an interesting take on #1 as to why Obama is not assisting Puerto Rico ( although he spends more than 58 million per annum on golf and vacations).
          It seems that we are having a pretty large exodus of Puerto Ricans to the state of Florida since their economy is so bad and unemployment so high.
          It is estimated that if the govt in our “51st state” defaults, we could have as many as 1.1 million new Floridians, As US citizens already, all they need to do is file for residency and they will then become voters in America’s largest swing state.
          A large exodus into Florida could have a major impact on any 2016 elections in such a traditionally close electoral state—food for thought.
          PS: Thought I’d be the first to actually discuss the content of your article……….

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            And what happens when standard tourism is allowed w/Cuba?

        • FreedomFighter2015

          Doomsday Clock was also moved two minutes closer to Midnight. Now we are just 3 minutes to Armageddon (Nuclear war) according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

          • Gay Veteran

            probably due to our insane policy towards Russia

          • Nemnor

            Actually, the USA feels “compeled” to provoke Russia (and China, etc.), as that has ALWAYS been the true nature of world-wide Capitalism. Now get this – everybody (country) can NOT be “winners” at the same time in a system like Capitalism.

            While the Capitalists PRETEND that everyone can rise and prosper in the Capitalist system, the every-day reality of Capitalism is – MANY must FAIL, so that a FEW might “win”. Hence, he aim of the USA is to prevent Russia, China, etc. from rising (they hope), since the rise of Russia, etc. DIRECTLY translates to the DEMISE of the USA. Such is the (dangerous) nature of the decadent world-wide Capitalist economic system.

          • GSOB


          • Monika

            I would applaud your great way with words but unfortunately yours are quite empty. How do I know? Well, I’m what you might call a dissident, a survivor of the Soviet system that ruthlessly killed and enslaved millions of people in order to “compete” with the “decadent” America of yesteryear… with disastrous results. Why? Because the Marxist economic system as applied in Soviet Russia does not allow for competitive growth. Sad to say, after the fraud of Perestroika, America joined with Russia in an effort to further bridge the gap between economic freedom and a collectivist economy. You are looking at the fruits of that labour: the collapse of sovereign economies and the formation of a New World Economic Order based on the radical redistribution of wealth from “us” to “them.” This will benefit the few, mostly on top with many living in equal poverty. See you in a Gulag!

          • nevergiveup

            Profound words. Thank you for posting

          • Merf56

            The Soviet Union did not employ Marxism except to coop the name. Marx was rolling over in his grave at the stylings of one Vlad Lenin and big Joe Stalin… If you think otherwise you have no read or understood Marx’ thought OR what Lenin actually did….
            Marx was all about who controls the ‘surplus’. And frankly from your posts you are actually closer to a Marxist than anything else.

          • FreedomFighter2015

            And People’s Republic of China.

          • Gay Veteran

            agreed, because DC will not tolerate any nation that can block us doing what we want as THE hegemon ruling this planet

          • Mr. Elephantopolous

            And Iran. Paul Craig Roberts has an interesting take on the source of our belligerence toward Russia and Iran (and basically any sovereign nation that pursues a foreign policy independent of the U.S.).
            Check him out if you have a minute. Well worth your time.

          • Nemnor

            The basic truth behind the attitude and actions of the USA towards Russia, China and ANY country (including the UK, Canada, France, etc.) is that – in imperialist Capitalism there is “room at the top” for just a FEW countries, and with one country clearly dominating the FEW at the top, AND with the rest of the World basically REMAINING much less developed and advanced.

            Hence, the ONLY way you can have a SEMBLANCE of (lasting) “peace” and “stability”, is for the balance-of power, even among the FEW at the top, to remain unchanged. This requires that EVERY country in the World willingly accepting to remain subservient to the #1 country at the top, and for those that are relatively underdeveloped and less advanced to willingly accept that they remain so (forever)!

            Now, NO self-respecting nation/people will willingly accept subservience (forever). Plus, the #1 country, as well as the FEW countries at the top (the G 7/8, and even the G20), wish to keep at the top and even better their position accordingly. (right?)

            I hope by now you can see that, except if the #1 country can clearly and totally dominate every country in the world, other (leading) imperialist countries WILL inevitably attempt to rise (and even to replace the #1) – meaning, imperialist Capitalism will eventually bring about WW-III, and the ONLY way to avoid this horror is to dismantle Capitalism, and replace it with a new and different system, that will allow everyone (every country) to rise and prosper, without having to “trample” upon others. (right?)

          • GSOB


            o brother. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. don’t you have a circle of people that believes or supports your delusions?

          • Mr. Elephantopolous

            I see the U.S. hegemon as emboldened by the Wolfowitz doctrine, which affirms the continued primacy of the U.S. as the predominant geopolitical objective, especially in dealings with a resurgent Russia. Roberts elaborates on this frequently, as he too sees war as the likely outcome.

            It could be that the Wolfowitz doctrine is simply a codification of imperialist Capitalism. Interesting stuff.

          • M.

            Capitalism is indeed evil but Communism is worse. Let’s hear your thoughts on those who originated and control both of the above, International Jewry. That is if you’re not filled with terror by the very thought of doing so, like most people nowadays.

          • Nemnor

            M., I will address what you termed as – “International Jewry”, later today or tomorrow (so come back to this blog to see my take on this).

            Now, with your mind well entrapped by lies and half-truths given to you, it is easier for you to accept the sometimes horrific Capitalist exploitation you might observe in various parts of the World, and even within the ‘good ole’ USA itself.

            What is/was labeled as “Communism” is/was really a form of decadent Capitalism. Places like the former USSR was more accurately a form of State/Collective Capitalism – and eventually governed with Stalinist policies.

            Likewise, places like Cuba, China, etc. are varying form of State/Collective Capitalism – ruled by a “communist” government that MIGHT have the objective of, some day (in the future), building genuine “socialism”.

            However, now get this – it was (and is) virtually impossible for any one country (and even a group of countries) to build genuine “socialism” (and you MUST build “socialism” FIRST, before you can even dream of building “communism”), while the World is still dominated by Capitalism, and with every (leading) Capitalist country doing everything within their powers to PREVENT any country from fundamentally moving away from Capitalism.

            Hence, the USA (a “rich” and “powerful” Capitalist country) maintains a CRUSHING 50-year+ economic embargo on the relatively “poor”/”weak” State/Collective Capitalist Cuba. The embargo is/was to help PREVENT Cuba from actually building genuine “socialism”, while the educational system and the mass media in the USA is used to brainwash you into believing that Cuba is ALREADY “socialism/communism”, and thus help entrap your mind into believing there is no better alternative to Capitalism.

            However, genuine “socialism” can only be a practical undertaking. It is ONLY if/when the Human Race gets to actually build genuine “socialism” (with the knowledge of what does NOT work in Capitalism) would we begin to KNOW what works and what does not work for the Human Race, in addressing the abundant needs of the “rational” individual (and, at such a point, the socioeconomic system we actually build, may or may not be perceived as the “socialism”/”communism” some currently imagine).

          • M.

            There are alternatives to both Capitalism and Communism whether the latter be Socialism/Communism as it actually exists currently or the future ideal of which you write, which is impossible to be realized save perhaps in a small group such as a monastery. The best examples would be the little known system of Distributism written of by G.K. Chesterton among others, or the Estado Novo of Salazar in Portugal. You still haven’t addressed the role that the upper echelons of the tribe play in the world situation today, and have played for the last several hundred years.

          • Simon

            Good luck with that “new and different” system – history shows that new and different isn’t always good and with the leaders we have in the world, it’s about time we can expect antichrist.

            His promises will be alluring and people will celebrate him but in the end, it will take God himself returning to bring justice to the nations.

          • Gay Veteran

            I try to read everything Paul Craig Roberts writes.
            and Gerald Celente

          • Merf56

            Celeste is a nut who makes money off other nuts reading him and paying his fees. PCR is off his nutter half the time and spot on other times. Try to read more widely. Dmitry Orlov can be interesting, James Howard Kuntzler, Dean Baker, Michael Hudson, Richard Wolff, Gar Alperovitz, our finite world blog- Gail Tyverg I think her name is spelled, throw in some James Hansen, Jeffery Sachs, Nader, and that’s a better cross section. That way you don’t get hung up on one worldview.

          • Gay Veteran

            I do read Orlov, Kuntzler, Hudson.
            And you are totally wrong about Celente and Paul Craig Roberts.

          • Merf56

            Sorry – my post sounded smug – I am sure you read those people as well. But maybe some others here would benefit from the list!!

        • RunGunDone

          What a bunch of people are trying to say before me in response to your post is this. Critical thinking skills are so rare in this age. Thank you for a intelligent web site. The bitter little trolls are peeing their pants. Too many people still able to see the warped reality destroying the nation and world. Their heads will explode when the sheepeople shed the wool and bare teeth, fangs and claws.

          • tinfoilhatttt

            Both figuratively AND literally…

        • K2

          michael if he is wrong, he will lose credibility, but if you are wrong (if the financial system wont collapse by 2015 dec 31st) this blog will lose its credibility. Although your intention was only to warn people to prepare you painted this blog into a corner by putting a time on the collapse….shouldnt have done that. You have more to lose than him now.

          All the federal/central banks/major banks/financial instituations are trying their best to prevent a collapse this time (something which they didnt in 2008 as nobody saw it coming). So i doubt there will even be a ‘collapse’ in the traditional sense. Sure countries and companies the world are having falling growths and may slip into a silent recession, but there might not be a ”financial explosion” like in 2008.

      • Burt Year 2015

        Marc Dinger’s nose is starting to bend down more now. Get ready for A huge worldwide crash.

      • Mr. Elephantopolous

        A very thoughtful post. Thanks for reminding us of all that Michael does to keep his readers informed. He is indeed appreciated.

    • G21

      @AlwaysTomorrow –
      The EconomicCollapseBlog is known far and wide. Michael’s posts are shared and quoted by some very major thinkers.

      You’re just annoying.

      • Alwaystomorrow

        Look at my post like I am a clock on the wall. All a clock does is count down the hours of the day. When you do not want to know what time it is, do not look at the clock. When you do, look.

        Don’t keep peaking at the clock and get mad at it because it is keeping time.

        Focus on Michael’s articles and discuss them.

        • G21

          I look at your posts like you’re a putz who has no life other than what you steal from others’ hard work.

          • Alwaystomorrow

            Tick Tock Tick Tock….stop looking at me G21 😉

          • GSOB

            Oh come on,… don’t think so highly of yourself.

            You probably can’t wait until you get home to login and check to see if anybody gave you any attention to your post.

            We all have done that. To some degree, we all engage ourselves to communicate this way with a measure of enthusiasm, don’t we….

            You have set out to mock MS.

            Its amusing to you.

            Let’s hope you are right, and nothing bad happens to cause our economy to collapse…..


            when it does get set back further, when the can is up against the corner in the fork of the road, you may have nothing to eat but only your words.

            I don’t think you are disciplined enough to post everyday for the rest of this year.

            Proverbs 6:6

            Proverbs 22:3

          • HeyAHuman

            Why so angry? There are much, much worse comments here…

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            It’s too bad people can’t think outside the board’s box without being ostracized..

        • Marco

          Best comment yet. And really it is just as simple as that. You don’t get mad at a calendar or clock, so why get mad at this post. I have an idea, and it’s probably because those that believe so verily that a collapse will happen by the end of this year, and have already made preparations for such, are steadfast in their ideologies because they have invested so much time, money, and effort into preparing for it. They view your posts as mocking (even though they aren’t) and so that is going to anger them. You can’t really blame them. The moderate take steps and react in step with change, prepping in logical step with what comes. Then you have the extremists, who take prepping to the extreme because they are so certain of a collapse at they don’t even need to know what happens next. They already know it will happen. So when you are even perceived to threaten that belief, they will react strongly.

          Anyway keep up the timekeeping. It’s important that we remember either way, whether a collapse happens by dec 31, 2015 or not, that the alert was issued. We can then further use that as lending credibility to the author of it happens, or losing faith in the author of it doesn’t.

          Now go ahead with your firestorm of comments admonishing me for even questioning the author. Your voice matters not.

          • Mr. Elephantopolous

            Nobody is getting mad at his post. Just questioning the sanity of it.

            Yours too, if you think it’s the “best comment yet.” Did you not read Nemnor’s posts above?

          • Mr. Elephantopolous

            Okay, so you posted before Nemnor did. My bad.

            So maybe it IS the best comment yet.

            Or maybe it isn’t…

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            The real problem is that most of the people can’t accept contrasting viewpoints to the point that they feel they have to ostracize and call free-thinkers names. And Michael accepts it.

          • GSOB

            Well said.
            Who can teach another wisdom?
            And, you know it don’t come easy.

        • Mr. Elephantopolous

          People look at the clock because they don’t know what time it is, and they don’t know the time because time is dynamic and keeps changing.

          Michael’s article is static. It stays the same regardless of the time.

          Do you think that readers have short term memory problems or something? How hard is it to recall that, as time passes, the alert is for the rest of 2015?

          You draw attention to the “time” in every one of Michael’s subsequent posts, and then you tell us to focus on the articles. Why not dispense with your countdown so we can do just that?


        • GSOB

          Don’t flatter yourself

      • SunnyFlaSnotress

        He doesn’t annoy me

        • victor

          If You want blood, You got it..ACDC
          How do You prep for your blood stash?

          • SunnyFlaSnotress

            I just fly out for more as needed 😉

    • smooze

      Always, I don’t know why ppl get so pissed when you do this…I think it’s funny.

      • Alwaystomorrow

        Angry people look for a reason to be angry. Someone keeps using my name “Alwaystomorrow” and I am not mad. They even did it today on this very blog. I give them an A+ for creativity.

    • Plextt Plextt

      Your average number of thumbs up per post will increase 3x by mid November=)

    • Burt Year 2015

      We are heading for the 2016 the year of the Yugga Cup. The year of the depression.

    • Mr. Elephantopolous

      Okay, let me ask you this. Suppose 2016 arrives and the dreaded “collapse” has been postponed by additional can-kicking from the darling boys and girls at the Fed. Will you shrug, or will you gloat?

      Call me cynical, but my bet is you’d be enjoying a hearty helping of schadenfreude.

      Michael’s alert was issued to:

      1. Draw attention to deteriorating economic conditions regardless of attempts by the Fed to “stabilize” the markets; and

      2. Encourage his readers to continue preparing for a collapse in their standard of living. This alert is presented as a WARNING, not a PREDICTION, yet you treat it as such by repeatedly focusing on the time element involved, as if Michael were an Old Testament prophet uttering specifics about Doomsday. Instead he writes:

      “I believe that our problems will only be just beginning as we enter 2016….It is my contention that we are in the midst of a long-term economic collapse…that will greatly accelerate over the coming months.”

      Like a kid ticking off the seconds until Christmas, you play your little countdown game because you think Michael has foretold when disaster will strike, and you seem to enjoy playing the role of Doubting Thomas. But as he has said before and highlights again in his ALERT post, this collapse will be a slow-motion train wreck unfolding over many months and years, not just the rest of 2015. His post serves to inform and exhort, not predict, and thus provides his readers with valuable information regardless of what does or does not happen in the near future.

    • Mondobeyondo

      148 days until Christmas. Should be seeing Yule trees on display at Walmart any day now.

    • SunnyFlaSnotress

      Just make a new Discus name.. It worked for me ::wink:: I used to be RarefiedSnotress

    • discussmiscussyippy!

      Poor baby…..

      • PlentyOfLoopHolesAroundIt

        Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways around it

        • NewtonsThirdLawOfMotion

          For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      I can edit existing posts but not add new ones.

      A nasty side effect of being an obnoxious a$$.

      Out of curiosity, if he ends up right and this market takes a nasty dump before the end of the year, will you come on here and apologize every day for just as many days for being a simpering dolt?

      • NewtonsThirdLawOfMotion

        For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!

    • alwaystomorrow

      My heart bleeds

      • PlentyOfLoopHolesAroundIt

        Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways around it.

        • NewtonsThirdLawOfMotion

          For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    • Matt M

      Hey, I don’t think you should be blocked, even though I think you’re an idiot.
      I think it is good to hold people accountable for their predictions. I remember my grandfather’s Dr told him that his smoking was going to kill him. He was having lung issues and continued to smoke. In the end he committed suicide instead.
      Was the Dr. wrong about his prediction…. I guess??
      I guess even had my grandfather managed to live to be 95 and smoked the entire time, does this mean the Dr was “wrong”? Sort of.. But he’d still have been right in giving his warning

      So what happens if Jan 1 rolls around and nothing happens, but then it does later that year? Does this means that the author is “wrong”?

      Probably not.

      • NewtonsThirdLawOfMotion


        Matt M,

        I think you have every right to think and blog that I (oops, I mean Allwaystomorrow) is an Idiot without being blocked.

        Funny thing, the countdown isn’t even opposition, it is as you said “I think it is good to hold people accountable for their predictions.”

        Matt M. in response to you I believe I can speak for “Alwaystomorrow” and tell you that he will not be posting here any more.

        But I would not be surprised if one last time he was heard from on December 31st 2015.

        Hopefully not to many tears will be shed.:-)

        SunnyFlaSnotress and Marco nice meeting you.

        • Matt M

          I think using the word “idiot” was too strong, and I thought that after I posted it. So I apologize for that.
          It is in fact good to hold people accountable.

          I’m not sure that it makes much sense to daily get online and paste the same thing over and over however. Perhaps a post stating “Putting out a red alert for the rest of the year is pretty big claim. I am going to be watching this closely and see if anything actually happens by that date or not. Your claim may have been ill-considered in my opinion. I am taking note.”

          I think this would be far more “normal” response.

          Still, I should not use words like “idiot”.

  • JAY

    when the economy finallly collapses, and there is economic, political, and social reset, Michael will finally close his economic collapse blog and end of american dream blog. or, maybe not

    • CharlesH

      Yet we have another troll

      • Marco

        Would you like to add anything meaningful to the discussion? Or does your diminished mental capacity prevent you from being able to run more than two brain cells together to produce the same comment time and again?

      • bob

        Yeah and it is you.

    • Isaac

      Another dumb comment from the trolls.

  • Ben

    What happened to the doom and gloom predictions for Greece? No economic chaos as hoped for. Enough of the tin foil hatism.

    • Guest

      Clearly you didn’t fully read the article nor are you educating yourself on what is currently happening in Greece. Refer once again to #3 in this article then enlighten yourself here: It is far from over in Greece

    • CharlesH

      Another troll

    • Angel Warrior

      I’d say not being able to take out all the monies in your bank account as economic chaos….not knowing if in a few days that the bank will even be open could be considered economic chaos. Not being able to buy the same amount of food for your dollars that you were able to before, could be considered economic chaos…..
      All is not nice in Greece! Do your research better!

    • Megalon

      Yes,their having to resort to a barter economy is a sure sign all is well. Pensioners waiting for hours at ATMs to get a few euros,former professional people digging through trash to survive.

    • peter

      Greece will never get the bailout. The IMF is stalling the process till all the banks in the EU have the bail in laws enforced. Than it will hit the FAN.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Ummmm, Greek banks have been closed for what – a month. Extreme capital controls have been imposed on it’s people and their money is likely about to be bailed-in and stolen from them. They’ve been forced to revert to a barter economy. They’ve been made debt slaves of the EU.

      What the hell are you reading that makes that a positive or are you just yammering without actually knowing what you’re talking about?

  • JAY

    from “the economic collapse blog” to “the economy finally collapsed blog”

    • CharlesH


      • bob

        Also Troll

  • Holddiver

    Jay and Alwaystomorrow,

    Personally I could care less about this blog or Mike, I check it out once in a while for entertainment, but you guys are kinda gay, spending your time on this stupid site making retarded comments, go surf internet porn and spend your time better, I imagine you do not date real women. Whatever…hahaha.

    Mike does sell gloom and doom. But in the end science and intellect do not lie, and unfortunately Mike is correct for one very simple reason, because no system can consume more than it produces forever. Everything is gay:(

    • Drowning in Debt

      Disgraceful comment.

      • Marco

        Agreed. And this just goes to show how these people think and act. Unintelligently.

    • Isaac

      What a dumb comment.

    • GSOB

      ….”But in the end science and intellect do not lie, …”

      You will.

  • Nick Tubber

    Wow. How can one be so sure of what’s coming in a couple of months? Has he ever said to himself “what if I am wrong?”

    • Angel Warrior

      What IF he isn’t? Are you willing to be caught in a situation that you were unprepared for because you were not willing to take some advice?

      • Nick Tubber

        Huh? I never said I am not prepared. That wasn’t the question. Read it again.

  • Patriot One

    Well Michael it looks like the Soros crowd found your site. Maybe I should quit being prepared, get on the government cheese program, move into my mothers basement and live off my credit cards that in lala land I’d never have to pay and they always geive me a credit limit increase even if I can’t pay the bill. Than I can be an activist and complain about being offended over something.

  • vccoleman

    For Michael –
    It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” ― Theodore Roosevelt
    Keep up the good work, I love your work!

  • liberalmenlickobamacock

    how is a guy supposed to get some sleep around here?

  • Bill

    You’re so right about winter coming and it could arrive very early and harsh as the can runs out of road.

  • Annette Smith

    I never used to shop the thrift stores. I could buy whatever I wanted. Now, they are my best friends! I can live very well on what I find there. And, where I live, we have a lot of discount grocery stores. Learning to live well on less now, has been a good thing!

  • K

    I will add Gold and silver is being snapped up, as soon as it becomes available. The company I do business with, got a sizeable shipment today. I called at 10 a.m., and got the last of it. Also heard another company filed bankruptcy. All the gold that customers kept in their vault, 90% gone. If you do not hold it, you do not own it.

    • Gay Veteran

      same with your cash, if it is in the bank then the banksters can steal it after the “bank holiday”

  • Jim(another Jim)

    Michael, please ignore the worthless trolls who feel the need to mock you. They are brainless twits who have nothing better to do. I really appreciate the hard work you do for us. As for you trolls, hush now. If Michael was trying to wrangle money out of us, I would be a little more willing to let you stick around. However, he is not charging us and he isn’t moderating you twits and deleting your useless comments. Go back to your video games and living off of hard working people.

    • ShirleyRManley


    • tom

      i don’t play video games and i work AND michael IS wrong. just b/c we are due for a downturn does not make him right. I read this blog for 4 years. i believed at one time, but not anymore. Michael is a failed lawyer in the middle of nowhere. He seems to have no knowledge of simple supply and demand economics and believes a higher power is at work for his made-up judgement day. Want a better America? get rid of obama. fyi low prices for raw materials, dry baltic index and oil is a good thing.

      • SmallerGovNow2


      • GSOB

        There is a day set aside for you to die.
        There is another for your resurrection from the grave to face judgment.
        You can not reschedule these appointments. They are fixed.
        Mock MS all you want.
        But, please be wise and prepare to meet your God.

      • Rebel

        Just because you do not agree (for whatever reason) with what Michael says, does not make you right either.
        I think a lot of what he writes does actually make sense.

        • he always says doom is around the corner. He’s bound to be right eventually.


        No he is not wrong!

      • Muhammad Abbass

        At least you acknowledged your troll status though. I reckon you’re wrong, and the SHTF soon in the USSA.

    • IsaacLHawk


    • LaurenRFrantz

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  • GetReal4U2

    get ready…September approaches quickly…

  • sre

    “Come Fly With Me” was released in 1958 by Frank Sinatra. Back then, few could hope to “Fly” with Frank. It was too expensive. Now, it is common for folks to take a trip by plane. Things are getting better, not worse.

  • FreedomFighter2015

    Also expect another war involving Israel and Hamas/Hezbollah over a arson attack done by a settler Jewish extremists

  • victor

    This is a question I’m wondering about, as SHTF, does it happen with a big boom, or gradually. I live in the city, so I’m wondering if I do some prepping, and still working. How do I protect myself from people not coming into my apartment and not stealing my food , while at work. I’m a little clueless. Or how does it play out, no one will be working for a time, because of the chaos? Unless you’re a cop or emergency personnel.
    Never been in an emergency situation before.
    Also thinking about a gun to try and even the score against armed thugs, in case they come to do some high jacking. Looters I know won’t think twice. Need some thoughts, I’m sure we all have different versions on how things will play out.
    What do You say Michael?

    • gamegetter II

      If you’ve never owned a gun,and have no training /experience with any type of firearms,I would recommend that you first learn about safe firearms handling,then take a class in basic marksmanship with handgun,rifle,and shotgun.
      Many shooting ranges will loan a gun to you,and provide instruction,as will some private firearms trainers.
      If you plan on staying in the city-I would get a handgun in 9mm,a pump-action shotgun,12 gauge,and a semi-auto rifle in .223/5.56.
      The reason for the 9mm,.223/5.56,and 12gauge is they are the most popular calibers/gauge in the world-you’ll always be able to get ammo in those calibers as long as gun shops,and online ammo sales are available anyhow.
      Buy quality firearms,from well known manufacturers.
      Nothing wrong with buying used firearms,it will save you lots of $$$,which you can spend on training and ammo.
      Get some training-then target practice-as much as you possibly can.
      If you can only afford one gun-I would go with the semi-auto rifle,an A-R-15,or a Ruger mini-14-3rd choice for semi-auto rilfe would be an A-K-47,and lots of ammo.
      If you don’t want the rifle-just get a good12gauge pump-action shotgun-Remington870,Mossberg 500 or 590.
      The pump action shotgun would be the least expensive firearm.

      • victor

        Thanks for the advice, appreciate it. I will start doing some home work on it.
        So you think a 9 mm, I was thinking 45 has more stopping power, but a friend said the price of ammo is cheaper with 9 mm, which is something to consider.
        I was in the Marine Corps, so shot the m 16, long ago. Haven’t done much after that, just shooting around with a friends pistol and rifle.
        Practicing now, will come in handy, if stuff does get out of control down the road.
        I know to, if You pull it out, You better not hesitate to use it.
        I was leaning more towards handgun, but I see You say semi-auto rifle. Why is that just to know? What would be some good brands for 9 mm?
        Thanks again for your input.

        • WM

          That’s the problem with apartment prepping. You don’t own the property, you’re not the only one with the key, lots of close neighbors, break-ins can happen, and crime will get worse as things get worse. Apartment preppers that want to minimize the risk of burglary should consider location, layout, secrecy, security, caching, and conditions.

          Location: Stay in a low crime area or an upper middle class city with a reasonable population if possible and get an apartment close to where you work if you can. That also is a logistical advantage of being able to get home quick in an emergency.

          Layout: When choosing an apartment, look for one with no windows by the front door and don’t stay on the ground floor. By doing so, that already makes a break-in somewhat more difficult.

          Secrecy: Keep your mouth shut. Don’t talk about guns, prepping, the military, doom concerns to neighbors or landlords. Don’t wear rebel flags, gun stickers, or obviously military related stuff on your person or vehicle. The apartment should also be void of the aforementioned. No preps or anything valuable should be laying around in the open either.

          Security: Sturdy doors, strong locks, door latches, alarm systems, big guard dog, door reinforcement systems to prevent kick-ins, window lock thumbscrews, fire suppression systems. Anything that makes your place more secure and to deter burglars.

          Caching: Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket and hide your preps. Apartments that offer on-site outdoor storage units are ideal and lets you stash some stuff in another location in case your apartment gets broken into. Or a public storage locker but those are closed at night and some do get burglarized. There are also diversion safes and concealment furniture that lets you hide your guns and gear in plain sight. False bottoms can be created in drawers and the empty space at the back of a dresser can be used as a hiding spot. If things are bad enough, consider repositioning of assets. Maybe leave some stuff with your girlfriend. You car is also a hiding spot, even though cars do get broken into too, as long it’s secured and can be kept out of sight.

          Conditions: You may have to decide whether it’s a good idea to stay in the apartment. Consider packing up and staying with family, friends, significant other, or going to your bug out location. Conditions like job loss, depression, grid down, collapse, major unrest or disaster. When the lights go out, a neighbor could burn down the complex by accident.

          To answer your question, no, an economic collapse does not have to come suddenly. Though it can if there’s some cataclysm to cause it. While .45 has more power and is more fun to shoot, the 9mm is not only cheaper but lighter plus more rounds in most full sized pistols. In your situation I would recommend a 5.56 16″ carbine 1:7 twist because it’s somewhat shorter than a 20″ M16-style rifle and a Glock 17 Gen 3 or 4. AK47s are very reliable but ammo weight can become a problem, a 123gr bullet vs. 55-77gr for 5.56mm. Rifles, because bad people could have rifles or you need more firepower against a group of armed thugs. Other pistol brands I would recommend are FN, CZ, Beretta, Sig, and S&W. A pistol by itself would be pretty easy to hide than rifles and shotguns.

          • victor

            Thanks again for sharing your time and info. I really should prepare, even with food. Even if nothing happens, at least I would have it for emergency. Living in California, You never know when the big one will hit, or something close to that.

      • Gay Veteran

        shotgun is the best, people will be extremely nervous when pulling the trigger and with a shotgun you are much more likely to hit your target.

      • tinfoilhatttt

        Sound advice-I would modify a bit with the suggestion that you also purchase a couple of spring-powered airguns, one a pistol the other a rifle. Learn the basics of maintenance [essentially using 2 different lubricants regularly do not dry-fire and clean consistently]. You will get 10 times the amount of shooting practice for the same amount of money, can practice indoors at home with a suitable backstop and the ammo is still relatively cheap and available. If you can learn to shoot consistently well with a spring-air pistol you will do well with a firearm also. In a true SHTF scenario they are much quieter than any non-suppressed gun and are capable of taking rabbit/turkey-sized game out to 50 yards if you do your part. AVOID CO2 guns-no practical way to refill the power source and the point of impact drops after a few shots due to decreasing pressure.

  • Shri

    You said “prepare while there is time to do so”.
    Can you elaborate what you mean by prepare? Buy gold? Hoard cash? How to prepare exactly?

  • Bob332

    The PERFECT STORM is approaching with rapidity. The Sheeple are at the oars. The masts are full & blowing; however, there is NO captain nor a rudder for the ship the U.S.America!

  • Mike Molyneaux

    Michael, good summary of disturbing facts and quite right that the American
    Dream is nearly over, starting 2015 continuing in 2016. In the USA times will be tough and friends will be few – but the
    rest of the world will be cheering, as the BRICS economic block announce their
    New World Order. But then their cheers will turn to tears when they realize the
    New World Order is just as bad if not worse than the Anglo-American empire.

    • grumpyhillbilly

      For all the hoopla, the new silk road just sounds like a Keynesian project. Schemes based on printed money just don’t end well.

      • Gay Veteran

        China is in the business of business, whereas the U.S. is in the business of war

    • Nemnor

      Actually, “their cheers will turn to tears” when they realize that,
      the main root cause of the major socioeconomic issues facing
      virtually every country in the World is – Capitalism itself –
      which is now decadent, and is no longer able to generate
      long-term recovery (anywhere in the World), by economic means

  • Jim Oliver

    All this seems to be a run up to September. Can’t help but wonder if Jonathan Cahn’s “The mystery of the shemiah” is valid. I guess we’ll find out on Sunday,Sept. 13th (which is Elul 29th on the Jewish calendar) Stay tuned! Interesting times indeed!

    • GSOB

      That’s because the budget nightmare won’t go away.
      Don’t buy into that stuff that J. Cahn puts out.

  • alan

    Puerto Rico will get bailed out. Greece is being punished for thinking about defaulting to set and example to another other broke a$$ countries who wants to default.

    Plunge protection team has the rest of it.

    TPTB are some of the greatest criminal master minds in the history of our planet. I am sure they have plans to blame someone “if” things ever happen to go wrong. They still have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to pull out to keep things limping along.

    Look at Africa, thats where we are headed.

  • Nick Tubber

    I think a big part of his prediction is from Shemitah. Nothing has to happen in the Shemitah year. This is one big risky call.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Oh my the paid trolls are harassing one blogger’s opinion. Is a paid troll domestic work or foreign outsourced? Is it work Americans won’t do? How does one sell the word troll on a resume? As for Michael, despite the nuisance he should feel honored to have his site harassed by progressive minions.

    This may be difficult for trolls to understand, but there is only so much junk anyone can buy and governments do run out of other people’s money. If any us could precisely predict, we probably be too busy holed up in our newly purchased mega acreage estates in the likes of Patagonia or New Zealand. Kind of like what your progressive masters have done.

    • Avner

      For the paid trolls, search “Cyber Warriors for Obama” exactly like that. You’ll see the article it refers to..

  • Jane OfVirginia

    Don’t forget, Capital One had coast to coast lay offs of management and upper management.

  • ProclaimingGodsTruth

    Shemitah years folks … take notice! Remember Elul 29 of 2001 and 2008 – the Stock Market crashes? Seven years apart, watch out for 2015!
    Almighty God do this or He can not, but it’s prudent to prepare.

    • GSOB

      O brother…

      • ProclaimingGodsTruth

        Believe it or not… your choice ‘bro’

  • jakartaman

    Well Thank you Mr. President.
    Your plan for fundamentally changing America is working.

    • Nemnor

      Obama is NOT the issue. And, while some might have issues with “Obamacare”, NO fundamental chance was made away from US Capitalism, under Obama.

      Additionally, the socioeconomic decline of the USA has very little to do with who is in the WH. The on-going economic crisis in the USA is simply part of the wider DECAY of the world-wide Capitalist economic system – which is now decadent (mainly due to reaching a stage of general over-production), at a “dead end” and can no longer generate long-term recovery by economic means alone.

      Now get this – the on-going crisis (of general over-production), is insoluble within Capitalism, EXCEPT through massive destruction of Capital (i.e. the means of production), through natural forces and/or through (world) wars.

      • GSOB

        “Now get this – the on-going crisis (of general over-production), is insoluble within Capitalism, EXCEPT through massive destruction of Capital”
        You destroy yours first.

        • Rich

          so you are pulling the race card. last resort for a lib.
          I can’t stand Jimmy Carter and he’s white. I can’t stand Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Jeb Bush and they all appear to be white. I can’t stand Obama because he is a lying Muslim- in -chief, who hates the USA, white people and freedom and associates with people who hate white people (Farrakhan and Sharpton et al)
          but you have a nice day now.

          • ballzac2206

            I truly love idiots. You’re so entertaining to read.

        • Rich

          :-), sorry GSOB that comment was meant for someone else.

      • tinfoilhatttt

        Which is pretty much the main thesis of the little book published over 50 years ago entitled “Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace”…

  • Nemnor

    Michael, you are “astounded” that you can still buy (some things) for a dollar (more or less). And you sited the US$, being the “reserve currency of the world” as the (main) reason Americans are still able to go to the big box stores and fill up our carts with lots of extremely inexpensive merchandise.

    Now, while “cheap” (low-wage/sweat-shop) labor also enables the existence of large scale “dollar stores”, (and many other countries, besides the USA, do have big box “dollar stores” with “lots of extremely inexpensive merchandise”), another reason this is so is that the world-wide Capitalist system has entered a stage of general over-production.

    Over-production is the MAIN reason we have not yet seen runaway inflation all over the World, as everybody (ever country) is trying to “under sell” everybody else in a virtually and practically LIMITED world-wide “market”. (since a small profit, or even just “breaking even”, is better than no sales or letting your products “rot” in storage). (right?)

    And, over-production is a key reason Capitalism is decadent and is NOT able to generate long-term recovery by economic means alone. As soon as the system begins to “recover” (with or without the trillions of “Q/E” money pumped into it), it quickly becomes “over heated” with way too much products on the “market”, and then it sinks right back into a recession. In fact, Capitalism has been into an on-going crisis (of general over-production) from since the late-60s/early-70s. Now get this – this is an insoluble problem for world-wide Capitalism (and this is why Capitalism can no longer generate long-term recovery, regardless to what governments and central banks do or don’t do).

    Eventually, as the decadent world-wide Capitalist economic system continues on it’s relentless decline towards total socioeconomic collapse/chaos, there is the increasing prospect that Capitalism will bring about WW-III (for the similar reasons the system brought about WW-I and WW-II), and cause massive destruction of Capital and the loss of millions (even billions) of lives, as the Ruling Class (“the 1%”) look pass the massive Capital destruction and massive population reduction, to a “reconstruction boom”, and hence, “save Capitalism” with a new cycle of EVIL.

    • GSOB

      You are very backwards in your economic theory.
      What you see today is not capitalism. But, you see what you want to see.
      You tell yourself that your theory is correct and that capitalism is wrong.
      You need to stop misrepresenting the truth and get to the heart of the matter.

    • Shiverhinge

      The banks play both sides. They have no allegiance other than to their power and psychopathic need for control. The fascist govcorp has many tentacles: terrorism, MSM, even, sadly, academia. Nothing is to be believed anymore except the Golden Rule. We can continue what we are doing without the debt slavery. Just be brave and stop giving the parasites what they want. We know how to do things. We will be OK. They only act as body guards and hitmen for the robber barons. The useless stuff will fall away and there will be plenty for everyone to do to move to the next paradigm, for which even the engineered masses are readier than they know. The money lenders are the fear mongers. Don’t listen. It’s not necessarily the way they say, unless you let them convince you. Ask yourself where your ideas really come from. The human beings in the military and police forces need to be made aware that they are working for powers that do not have their best interests at heart. There is plenty for everyone, as long as it is renewable. Give a hoot, don’t pollute.

  • DJohn1

    Two Full Moons in one month. July was indeed remarkable.
    The last great depression of the 30s has many lessons in it.
    Sadly, those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    Ask any desk sergeant in any police department world wide what it means when there is a full moon. For 3 days every crazy person out there comes out of the wood work during a full moon. Two of them? It probably means that a lot of events will occur that would not normally occur. The entire biology of a planet is effected by the gravitational tides of a full moon.
    One theory is that the assembly line in the 20s was directly responsible for the unemployment of the 30s. The assembly line bypassed the skilled trades normally necessary for the production of products.
    FDR went as far as to start the 40-hour work week. Before people worked 6 days a week and had a 48-hour work week. This entailed making overtime mandated and paid at a higher rate after 40 hours.
    A lot of trades went to a 35 hour week.
    Those manufactured goods were union made. Contracts spelling out the rights of workers became the norm.
    Strikes and raises balanced out the hiring of labor. Inflation became normal.
    In the last half century all of that has been dismantled and the labor unions now are in a minority in the labor market as a whole.
    Corporations make their own laws.
    And that is why we will pay a price for undoing what was done to attempt to end the depression of the 30s.
    It can be argued that World War II ended the depression.
    I think it is a lot simpler than that.
    I think we made and then unmade a middle class with our laws.
    In the process we created the welfare class. That is what is going to cause a world wide depression.

  • Don’t worry. People prefer to cry and shout for a damn lion in Zimbabwe (even if I don’t appreciate much the a..hole who did it for “sport”) than prepare for the worse (even if I hope we are all wrong and, in the end, we will all go home happier and richer).

    Honestly, that lion story making nearly all the media cover is perfect to distract the masses… who, few days ago, didn’t care one bit about the Lion Cecil or whatever happen in those stupid safari… with that kind of sheeple no wonder some people in power can manipulate things the way they want.

  • Bill

    War is coming and it is due to the sodomite in the house of sodomy, pure alinskyite bolshevik piece of garbage.

  • Kurt

    I’m always amazed at how anyone that can perform basic addition and subtraction cannot see how unbelievably upside down our global financial system really is. Predicting a collapse is easy. In fact it’s a mathematical certainty. It’s completely unsustainable. The obvious challenge is to predict when and how. Both have too many variables to be sure. Michael, you do a great job of identifying important red flags. Signals for people to take notice. Thanks for all of your work, I certainly appreciate the info. The reality is there will always be people that prefer the “head in the sand” approach to life’s challenges, and when they finally do wake up it will be much too late. Best to all the preppers.

  • Burt Year 2015

    Can some one ancer this question for me? When the stock market crashes and their’s no money and A huge depression what will happen to places like Magic Mountain Disneyland the Union Pacific Railroad Southwest Airlines Apple Amazon Shell Oil Company and other things like this?

    • Nemnor

      Burt Year 2015, while no one might know “exactly” what will happen to the stocks (companies) you mentioned, what I can say is that – during a real collapse (“depression”), the companies that produce genuinely REAL values (must have products and services) to society will still be in demand. Hence, any company that produces and/or distributes “basic food items”, drinking water, (cheap) warm clothing (for the winter), oil/gas (at least, for cookin, and then for heating, and leastly, for transportation) and “basic” medical/hospital care/service, will have REAL VALUE in the “eyes of the masses”, and regardless to what is happening with the “stock market”.

      Basically, in a SUSTAINED collapse/depression, any company that does NOT provide a GENUINELY “must have” value to society, will very likely dissapare.

      Also, electricity (power generating companies) will be in demand. BUT, it is unlikely that the Power Grid will be up and serving virtually every home, during a SUSTAINED collapse (”depression”). Hence, any company (cheaply) supplying “independent” (home) power generation, will be in high demand. But, again, “independent” (home) power generation is usually expensive (accessible mainly to the rich).

      • Nemnor

        Incidentally, a real SUSTAINED collapse/”depression” will expose to the masses, all the parasitic companies/businesses/services that are presented as providing a real value to society (and even having high share values in the “stock market”), but in reality, are, to a greater extent, WORTHLESS companies/businesses/services that are sucking the “life blood” of the masses. Example, private insurances, (expensive) marketing/promotion companies, (private) legal firms, (bloated) civil services, (bloated) military services, etc.

        • GSOB

          You are so very confused.

          • Shiverhinge

            You are a computer.

    • df NJ

      If there is some kind of 2008 economic event where most of the major banks become insolvent, essentially they close their doors and go out of business, then the mechanisms in place for performing transaction needed to do commerce would stop working. In about a week all the gasoline and diesel fuel will be bought out. In a week all the food on the grocery stores would be sold out. In a week or two people would freak out and start to panic. The power grid would probably come down in about 3 to 4 weeks. At that point millions and millions of people would be thrust into stark raving hysteria. Guns, violence, tanks, soldiers, rioters in our streets. No communication to the masses will result pure chaos. There would be no way to stop it. Even if the power came back on it would be too late. People would be in Beirut mode and politics will no longer matter. Government will be the enemy of the population.

      But I really doubt we will see this happen. If oil drops to $30-$40 per barrel cheap gasoline will eventually spur the economy. Or, we need is massive spending to spur economic growth. Maybe the CEOs will come to their senses and start paying better wages. Maybe the president can sign an executive order getting the treasury to bring back the Lincoln Greenback with a trillion dollars and used the money to spend on replacing every bridge and road in this country. What we need is consumer spending to pickup which will create jobs. Customers flush will cash is the best way to create jobs. CEOs flush with cash does nothing to the economy. They just don’t spend enough money to make any difference.

      • Gay Veteran

        “If there is some kind of 2008 economic event where most of the major banks become insolvent, essentially they close their doors and go out of business….”
        nope, that’s what SHOULD have been done in 2008. Now when it happens again there will be a “bail in” where the bands steal your money.

  • rmc9

    …Michael, Noah had his boat surrounded by the forefathers of these naysayers…so just keep doing your best, pray that it’s blessed, and Jesus takes care of the rest…oh, and He’s the WEATHER MAN!!

  • loebner

    The collapse of coal has nothing to do with Obama and everything to do with pollution. e.g., China is drastically cutting back on coal use.

  • Laura

    Michael, could you please advise what emergency items you were buying from the dollar store? It will help me get ready!

  • Mondobeyondo

    The last 5 months of 2015 are going to be interesting, to say the least.

    Are you ready to rock? I said… are you READY to ROOOCK?

    (It’s a rhetorical question. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready, we’re gonna rock and roll). When it’s all said and done, you’re gonna feel the effects of the 2015 Economic Collapse World Tour. It will not disappoint. You haven’t banged your head this hard since that Nirvana concert in ’93.

  • Joe_Wazzzz

    Yeah, I don’t think it is capitalism. The overproduction is due to bankers and politicians printing money to either make money or save their skins all with the blessing of the ignorant, and selfish voters and businessmen. Capitalism like any ism can and will ultimately be corrupted by human nature. It is a cycle that simply must be endured and repeated. War will be the great reboot, and then once again, we will all embrace each other and mourn our losses and then slowly begin to scam each other all over again. Just try to be ready as things unfold and enjoy the ride as much as is possible.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    I think you will all have as Merry a Christmas/Holiday as ever this year if you allow yourselves and aren’t heavily invested in the markets. (I only have a few holdings) I don’t worry about this year.. next year is another matter.
    I got my rugged SUV that can tow 3000lbs, so next on my list is the gun range. It makes me feel more prepared for my general security moreso than the dread of apocalyptic financial meltdown.

    • DB200

      Now you have your SUV, how about some spareparts? Like oil/gas/air filters, brake pads and discs, exhaust, screen wipers, a drum of oil, etc.

      • SunnyFlaSnotress

        Just got brakes from the Dealer thanks to a PepBoy’s Deluxe Inspection before buying. (was a great thing to a free serpentine belt too). Wipers ordered for trade-in will work.
        I don’t really expect internet commerce to go down in the long run or a shortage of mechanics, though I will miss PepBoys if they get sold as is the plan.

  • Lots of Children and your Soul.are the only good investmens you can make. Search Founder Church

    • GSOB

      Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.
      Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.
      For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.…


      But this I say by way of concession, not of command. Yet I wish that all men were even as I myself am. However, each man has his own gift from God, one in this manner, and another in that.

      But I say to the unmarried and to widows that it is good for them if they remain even as I.…

      • Every baby killer uses the same verses that you misinterpret. Yes, even you baby killers with your refusal to get married and have children or even if you get married killing your babies with dozens of different kinds of birth control including the Roman Catholic rhythm method. Shame on all of you fake baby killing Christians. For Shame. Repent for the innocent lives you have taken.

  • underdog

    Saw it on FOX News that oil has just hit it’s lowest point at the same-time/month as 2008. Yepper, looks like exciting times are on the way.

  • Renard Johnson

    Red Flags my foot. Lehman Bros. was a red flag and helped to take down the entire global economy. This was only a multinational corporation. Now the collapse involves Europe, Canada, dare I say “China” and that darling U.S.A. All these countries are entering a collapse. So if Lehman Bros., Bear Stearns, AIG and Fannie and Freddie can destroy an international economy, surely multiple countries could do the trick. We have arrived. Enjoy it’s not all bad if you know what to look for.

  • I’m with you on that one 🙂

    The phenomenal hypocrisy behind that story is disgusting.

    People did not care one bit about Zimbabwe or what is happening in those safaris four or five days ago. Now suddenly everyone is bashing a dentist who paid for it (even if it is darn stupid), and feel such deep feeling for a lion that nearly no one knew… to the point of even asking the death penalty for the dentist… frankly. I love lions, they are one of the most beautiful animal in the wild, but for heaven sake, it is still just a lion.

    But well, ok, now we know the lion’s name was Cecil; O glad am I, as a man, I feel my life went better now I know his name, all my troubles are over, I got richer, no worries, my world is plain Utopia… just irony here.

    Honestly, in the mean time they worry for that wild animal, the same people don’t give a schit about those poor guys and gals everywhere in the world who live way below the line of poverty, or have to deal with Extremist wackos beheading those who don’t think like them, veterans (US or others) who are treated like crap… you name it.

  • TC803

    Michael, I’m new to your blog, and love your articles and the comments that follow! I hope you all don’t see this as nit-picking, but there’s no “e” on the end of Exxon Mobil. As an ex-XOM employee (who sold my shares in 1Q15, thankfully), that is like nails on a chalkboard. Every time I gave my email address to someone over the phone, I had to be sure to tell them “no E on the end of Mobil”.

  • Mr. Elephantopolous

    I draw attention to “time” as well, by way of reference. Michael repeatedly warns that the hour is late.

    You, on the other hand, continually remind readers that, with each passing day, Michael’s alert is that much closer to “expiring.”

    As I said earlier, the alert isn’t a prediction. It merely warns that events will accelerate and worsen as we approach the end of the year. Nothing specific is implied, and the collapse will continue as we move into 2016.

    Your timekeeping and your “tick tock” metronome are a way of mocking Michael’s alert.

    It would be nice if you would just get on to something else, but you seem obsessed with counting down the days, so it will continue, no doubt.

  • timmy

    i have been reading this blog for several years now, i tend to agree with much of what michael writes here. i have never left a comment until today. i am very disturbed by comments that condemn capitalism, for it is capitalism that has brought man all the wonderful products and inventions that has made modern mans life so easy compared to those who lived long ago. the masses suffered greatly under the mercantilist system that existed before capitalism. adam smiths system no longer functions the way it did when america’s founders adopted the idea from his book ” the wealth of nations” because it has been infected by a parasite that is sucking the life out of it, an evil that was born in 1694 has taken control. it is central banking’s fractional reserve debt scheme that has everything screwed up ! it is the cause of all the problems facing us today. it is fractional reserve debt based credit system that must continue to constantly grow to keep from collapsing not capitalism. the upside down pyramid scheme known as central banking has spread to all corners of the earth, those who tried to resist it are demonized and then bombed and invaded to make them conform, but now central banking has no where else to expand to and its end game approaches. those who gained great riches and power from it are willing to destroy anyone or anything to keep there evil system in place. yes bad things are coming, but don’t blame capitalism. I think Ayn Rand really hit the nail on the head when she wrote. – when destroyers among men appear they always start by destroying money, for money is the base of mans moral existence, destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a worthless pile of papers……

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    “So enjoy this summer for as long as it lasts. Even though August threatens to be pivotal, it is going to be nothing compared to what will follow.

    Fall and winter are coming.

    Prepare while there is still time to do so.”

    As ready as we can be, Mike.

    – Plenty of rabbits; each doe has a litter of 9, one gave birth to 13!
    – Chickens are laying; 3 hens at 4-7 eggs per day
    – Garden is going well despite the invasion of weeds and ground cover, and will have the hydroponic system to peak efficiency soon; canning up tomatoes and pickles galore! Potatoes are plentiful. Will rest the garden next season and just decimate the weeds; planting again the following year.
    – The homemade power generator is finally done and running! Not the high voltage I expected (getting 34 kWh), but not complaining. Runs on the animal manure/methane digester and we are getting plenty of gas for heating. Storing in canisters for the winter. No worries about chopping wood or storing charcoal anymore! Just replace the canister with a full one.
    – Fought the city, county, and state on urban livestock, disability liberties from government and won on several occasions. Now fighting for the unborn not to be murdered for parts, caregiver liberties to not be under gov and unions, urban pygmy goats, and religious liberties. We will succeed.
    – Our local Mormon community is organized and starting to produce on their own (finally). Wrote a primer for our local church ward; the reception wasn’t warm at first, but they came around. Some are starting to raise chickens for the first time!

    So yeah, did our best and still working hard and innovating for self-reliance.

  • Koolz

    Sounds like the Jewish World Order is working…
    that is not a good thing

  • GSOB

    uh, wrong…

    • victor Obado

      really? How wrong?

  • How do you “prepare”?

  • Priszilla

    Here some more. Europe is currently flooded by refugees from Africa and the Middle East. We’ll give them leaflets where they can find American ships.

  • Rick

    Spot on Mike.You describe the beginnings of the Great Tribulation.

  • tinfoilhatttt

    Matthew 24:36King James Version (KJV)
    But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    You have inside info, John?

    • John Stewart

      Yes, actually I do. Jesus did say that, but that is because in those days they didn’t have gmt, so he would have had to specify if it was Israel time or NY time, etc. The Jews have celebrated Tishri 1 and Tishri 2 for many years now because they could not always be sure when the first sliver of the moon was spotted so they celebrated 2 days to be sure. Jesus already fulfilled the first 4 feasts, so he will also fulfill the last 3. The feast of trumpets is the next up which this year falls on Sept 13 after sundown Israel time is about 10 am MST. The ressurection/rapture could happen anytime after that. If it doesn’t then we will have to wait another 7 years because one 7 year cycle can’t start in the middle of another one.

  • victor Obado

    The United States may seem to be in a weaker position compared to other nations such as China and Russia presently, but this is only temporary. When secular, humanists, liberal agendas have gone their full circle and wrought their destruction; a backlash from the religious conservative will take over the United State and a union of Church and State will follow with dire consequences for those who value liberty both civil and religious. On this two principles have always hung the prosperity of the United States – Protestantism and Republicanism.
    The US cannot be said to collapse proper until these two principles are repudiated and the man leading that onslaught is none other than the bishop of Rome. Yes, he who appears to be concerned about the moral state of Society. What he is simply saying is “Give me America and I will restore prosperity.” – that is what his environmental encyclical said!
    And so while many of you detest Obama, the man you should really keep your eyes on is Pope Francis. For those of you who still believe the bible is fable, I leave you with this quote from the book of Daniel 12:1
    “. And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never has been since there was a nation till that time. But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone whose name shall be found written in the book.

  • LeseMajeste

    Go out and shoot a big game animal, like a lion, you’ll feel better.

  • magician

    I would recommend everyone to listen to Larken Rose and read his book, The most dangerous superstition, search (The most dangerous superstition pdf). The problem is not what kinf of system we have, or what name it flaunts.

    Also search (larken rose The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes) on YouTube. And many more.

  • GSOB

    Dwell with them with understanding.
    1 Peter 3:7

  • GSOB

    How wrong it is to enslave American citizens to a socialist model of financial oppression that government propagandizes as a solution for the economic woes it perpetuates!

  • moseybear

    Yet, where I reside….in the middle of a building boom…a bonanza. High-end resorts…properties….going up in multiple locations. Go figure.

  • Greggy Chua

    #10 and #11 gives clearer meaning to my dream last May that the Fed from Illinois recommends to cut interest rate down due to lost jobs from oil.

  • Antonio Ossa


  • Merf56

    The Soviet Union was not a Marxist state. In point of fact Marx was likely spinning in his grave at Lenin’s shameless stealing his name as a cover for his personal cult of personality dictatorship. Ditto what followed. Your experiences living in a soviet republic have nothing whatever to do with the philosophy of Karl Marx.

  • Vaibhav Chordia

    it has started with China,India stock Broke today 1500 pts. the fun has just begun. Now watch gold go up up and up. what are discounts raiz a $1 product to $25 then discount it to $ 5 waw i got a discount.

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