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11-Year-Old Girl BANNED From Selling Cupcakes By Control Freak Government Bureaucrats

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Marble Cupcakes - Photo by F_A from Ostwestfalen, GermanyAmerica is being suffocated to death by red tape.  You are about to read about an 11-year-old girl in Illinois that had her cupcake business brutally shut down by government bureaucrats.  Her name is Chloe Stirling and her crime was doing something that we used to applaud young people in America for doing.  Instead of sitting on her sofa and watching television all day, she actually started her own business.  And it turned out there her little business started thriving.  In fact, it started doing so well that a local newspaper took notice of it.  Well, that is when the control freaks swooped in and took her business away and banned her from selling any more cupcakes.  The really sad thing is that people are being paid to do this with our tax dollars.  All over America, little entrepreneurs are having their lemonade stands shut down and are being banned from selling Girl Scout cookies, and our tax dollars are paying the people that are doing it.  As I wrote about earlier this month, the level of economic freedom in the United States is at an all-time low, and it gets worse with each passing year.  The country that so many of us love is dying, and it is being replaced with something that I like to call “the USSA”.

In the Union of Soviet Socialist Americans, you have to have a government “license” or “permit” to do just about anything.  If the government does not give you permission, you can get into a whole lot of trouble.

Little 11-year-old Chloe Stirling must have thought that this was still the nation that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson once founded, because she dared to actually start a business and sell cupcakes to the public.  Little did she know that she would soon make national news

An 11-year-old girl from Illinois got a dose of regulation American-style this week when local government officials shut down her cupcake business.

Chloe Stirling, from Troy, got the front-page treatment from her local newspaper, which featured how well her business, Hey, Cupcake, was doing. By all accounts, it was a successful little enterprise. Chloe was getting $10 for a dozen cupcakes and $2 for each specialty cupcake. She even donated her cupcakes when a boy in her school fighting cancer held a fundraiser.

So why did they shut her down?

Well, it turns out that she didn’t have a “permit” to sell cupcakes and her kitchen was not “licensed”.

Like I said, you have to have permission from the government to do just about anything these days.

Another example of this phenomenon that is absolutely infuriating took place out in Fauquier County, Virginia.  When a mother held a birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls and posted the photos on Facebook, she never imagined that she would soon be hit with $15,000 in fines…

Martha Boneta owns a small farm in Fauquier County, Virginia, where she recently hosted a birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls. They wore hats, picked veggies, and made goat’s milk soap. The county says she should have obtain a license before hosting such an event and hit her with a $5,000 fine.

Boneta also got slammed with two more fines for $5,000 each, one for advertising a pumpkin carving and another for violations in the small shop on her property. Boneta sells produce from her farm, as well as eggs, yarn, birdhouses, and local crafts. She sought and received a license for the shop in 2011, but the county now says she can’t sell handiwork or produce from her neighbors under that license.

Stuff like this just makes me want to scream sometimes.

What is happening to this country?

A few years ago, my wife used to take old pieces of furniture, sand them down, repaint them and sell them to others.  It was something that she really enjoyed doing and she made some extra money along the way.

But if you try doing that in some areas of the country today, the EPA could potentially hit you with a fine of $30,000 for a single incident in which you do not follow the proper procedures.  The following is an excerpt from a discussion that some furniture painters were having on Facebook.  It is a little technical, but it is worth reading.  In this excerpt the identity of the business has been removed to protect the business from overzealous regulators…

As a painter in PA, I am required by law to test everything that I disturb and I must charge the customer $60 for every test I perform which adds up. What the law states in my area is that if I disturb more than 6 square inches on anything made prior to Jan 1 1979 I must test it. Disturbing means, sanding, scraping, or even using a sponge/scuff pad (like you use on your pots) if I disturb more than 6 inches, I must take photographs, document in 4 different logs, I have local, county, state, and federal log books. If I find lead then I must suit up. Originally, the law stated that if there were no children around then you didn’t have to do that however some lame brained legislator decided that if a child enters the premises for more than one hour a day, we must assume they will be in contact with the lead and therefore will contract lead poisoning. Then the legislators decided that if you were over the age of 60 then it didn’t matter, you didn’t have to test who cares if you get poisoned. Lo and behold OSHA stepped in and joined forces with the EPA, they decided that all were at risk including your pets and the leaves on your trees can hold the lead dust and …..well, that’s a whole other issue.

What is happening now is that so many painters decided they weren’t going to follow the lead law, that OSHA and EPA send out secret shoppers. A lot of us don’t even put our logo’s on our vehicles because that invites these shoppers to investigate. If you come to the **** ********, you won’t see signage on the building, you have to get to the actual door of the workroom to know we are there. We no longer have logo’s on our vehicles either as the fines are too stiff. There isn’t one of us that can afford a find of $30,000.00 A DAY, not a year, A DAY.

The government bureaucrats are running wild and the rest of us are just sitting back and letting it happen.

Things have gotten so bad in this country that the federal government even requires small-time magicians to submit “disaster plans” for the rabbits that they use in their acts.  The following is an excerpt from one of my previous articles

Central planning in this country is getting completely and totally out of control.  These days, you can hardly do anything without running into a suffocating web of red tape.  For example, a small-time magician from Missouri that does magic shows for kids was absolutely horrified when he learned that the Obama administration is requiring him to submit a 32 page “disaster plan” for the rabbit that he uses in his shows.  Yes, this is actually true.  His name is Marty Hahne, and he thought that it was bad enough when the U.S. Department of Agriculture busted him for not having a “license” for his rabbit.  He went out and acquired the proper “license” for his rabbit, but he never dreamed that eventually he would also have to submit a 32 page “disaster plan” for the same rabbit.

You can read the rest of that article right here.

Are you starting to get the picture?

These control freaks want to completely dominate every aspect of our lives.  The “nanny state” is entirely out of control and it is up to “we the people” to do something about it.

Barack Obama revealed the kind of mentality that is behind this “nanny state” when he recently made the following statement

“I would not let my son play pro football”

And without a doubt, the control freaks that run things will try to ban football (or at least “tone it down”) the moment that they think that they can get away with it.

America was supposed to be a place where liberty and freedom were maximized and the interference of the federal government in our lives was supposed to be minimized.

Instead, what we have now is just the opposite.

No wonder Americans consider the government to be their biggest problem.

Marble Cupcakes - Photo by F_A from Ostwestfalen, Germany

  • Airedale

    Soon, the only entrepreneurs will be black market entrepreneurs.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      and like all 3rd world crap holes, bribery of officials will be the norm. I’m not talking about the politicians, where’s it’s already the norm. I’m talking about the a$$wipes that pull you over or the ones you have to get a permit from to breathe.

      • Airedale

        Ooorah, Captain Reynolds.

      • 2Gary2

        hey we agree on something

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          And yet you fail to realize that you pine for the system that’s bringing it.

          • Rodster

            Yup !

      • davidmpark

        Permit to breathe; so you did the State of the State address. Herbert wants that.

        • Malcolm Reynolds


          • davidmpark

            And did you hear the Utah House Speaker Lockhart’s speech? She is insane!

            We need to deal with these local Progressives.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            I haven’t. Do you have a link to it?

    • Rodster

      No joke, I have no problems going underground when the need arises if I have too.

  • Jodi

    I saw this article the other day on The Blaze, her work is beautiful. Much better than I would be able to do. Good grief, let the girl work. It’s far better than lazy kids sitting around playing video games & surfing the web. What are we becoming?

  • Rodster

    First off as a small business owner I realize that a permit or license is nothing more than a TAX. The govt wants it’s cut and if they don’t get it, they’ll look for excuses to penalize you. It’s like the cop who finds a tail light that’s not working to pull you over.

    The bigger problem that I see is that the Govt does not want it’s citizens to be independent. That’s bad for votes and even worse for their progressive, centralized planning agenda.

    Small business is also bad business for the multinational corporations. You don’t want a little kid making money while Walmart is trying to hit their performance goals.

    It’s the same reason why you no longer see local stationary, hardware, pharmacy, and shoe stores etc. That has all been replaced by your Walmarts, Targets, Office Depot, Lowes, Home Depot, CVS, Walgreens. These giant corporations are those responsible for most jobs today. Little kids making a buck and learning to be independent of the system is bad for business as well as progressives and central planners.

    But hey no worries we’ll sign you up for EBT, Obamaphones and welfare.

    • Government is owned and operated by the Walmarts of the world and they run the regulatory agencies as well. They use the power of government to stifle their competition with regulation that they can easily meet or avoid. That isn’t a goal of progressives who aren’t central planners either. It is a goal of the two political parties because they are eager to get more cash from those who profit from the system.

      In fact, Walmart and a lot of other companies use taxpayer money to supplement the income of their workers so they can make higher profits.

      • Rodster

        Central planning and central banking is a result of progressivism and it;s what has given us the govt we have today and the reason that the multinational corporations essentially run the govt.

        • ism

          “multinational corporations essentially run the govt”

          It is called capitalism. Why capitalist ruling class should care about 11 years old girl? They care about monopoly of food supply.

          They have exclusive money monopoly. The have now exclusive “Obamacare” monopoly

          Now they want to make sure, that only big corporations ( owned by some “chosen people” ) could “legally” produce and sell food.

          And by the way, Obama is the most right-wing president in US history

          • Mondobeyondo

            You meant to say that Obama is the most left-wing president in U.S. history, right? Left?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            “multinational corporations essentially run the govt”

            It is called capitalism.

            LMAO, boy are you misinformed.

          • Kim

            Buy me a couple dozen of those cupcakes like the ones in the photo. I’m hungry!!!

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Even tho I’m not really super big on chocolate, they look dang delicious too! You want those fed ex or USPS? 😉

          • davidmpark

            Either way; they won’t last long! They DO look really good!

          • Drud

            NO, NO, NO NO!!!!!! This is NOT capitalism. This is corporate fascism. This level of corruption and ineptitude could not exist in a free market.

      • quercus454

        It is called facism.

        Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.

        Benito Mussolini

        • I would agree.

        • davidmpark

          Fascism is more along the lines of the State becomes the religion of it’s people.

          Corporatism is really close to that, just add the religious elements and it’s fascism.

    • Syrin

      Welcome to the Reichland

      • Mondobeyondo

        The land of the free, and home of the brave…

        • Armed and Ready

          The Land of the FEE, and home of the SLAVE….

          • Avril111

            my Aunty Arianna got a nearly new silver Chevrolet Colorado
            Crew Cab by working part time off of a macbook air. try this B­u­z­z­3­2­.­ℂ­o­m

      • cherylmeril

        You want a nation of kids with a lot of time on their hands baking stuff to sell in their business enterprises? Unregulated just because thy’re children? What critters are in that food? They lack maturity to be baking for the public. We all know that the parents are behind that cute little girl enterprise.

        • This day

          Do you really know, if so who told you…can you say for certain that she”s inept at cooking, just because her parents help out with the costs…and how about all the foreign food imported into america, do the u.s health authorities inspect their cooking premises, and if not why is the food allowed to go on sale, or do you just swallow all the nonsense pushed down your neck

        • dan

          I dont need the government to decide what food is good enough for me. Let the kid sell food and Ill decide myself to eat it or not.

        • Mal Reynolds

          Sarcasm? Please tell me this was a sarcastic remark. That your sarcasm is so advanced that it makes you sound stupid to those not advanced enough to detect it.

          • quercus454

            That was my thought also.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            There’s ain’t room in this town for the both of us.
            be on the midnight train or it’s pistols at dawn

          • Mal Reynolds

            You don’t know me son, so let me explain this to you once. If I ever kill you, you’ll be awake. You’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed.


        • kittycatrat

          You want an nation of kids going hungry praying to Jesus for salvation.

          God helps those who help themselves you self-righteous Jesus freak.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Sure, she said something kind of stupid, but where the hell did you come up with Jesus in what she said?
            Perhaps you divined it, you self-righteous anti-jesus freak.

          • kittycatrat

            Examine her posts. There is the relentless idocracy and then the invocation of Jesus.

            I find it quite revolting actually.

          • GSOB

            Well look! Another truth seeker.

          • kittycatrat

            Roger that.

          • GSOB


            You know, you are pretty. You look a lot like my 23 year old daughter Amanda, who is going to make me a grand dad in June.

            How are you?

          • kittycatrat

            I’m all good. I’m just 25 kickin’ azz and takin’ no names.

          • GSOB

            Who’s gonna win the football game?

          • kittycatrat

            For Real? We all know the Seahawks will remove any semblence of Payton’s old manhood. You know the cutest guy in the game is our boy Russell. Generation y wins the day!

            Place your bets…

          • GSOB

            Wow. You are firey hot… kickn azz…

            I’m wanting Generation y to win too.

          • kittycatrat

            hey GS…follow me. Kick me a follow and lock and load…it’s a bumpy ride.

          • GSOB

            got your 6

          • kittycatrat


          • GSOB


          • davidmpark

            Get a room! 🙂

          • Mondobeyondo

            Seattle Seahawks.
            Seahawks 24, Broncos 17.

            And if I’m right –
            it’s 1:26pm, Feb. 2. Three hours before the game starts. If that’s the correct score, I’m gonna feel really creepy.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Uhh, three’s no Jesus in her
            post. You know, the one you responded to.
            You may look hot, but you’re starting to sound revolting.

            “relentless idocracy ”

            Oh, and if you’re gonna call someone stupid at least get your spelling right when you do it.

          • peace angel

            SHE speaks like a much older woman or man than is in that picture.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            pic could be the poster’s daughter…

          • davidmpark

            Or kittycatrat is pulling a “Richard Burwash”. 🙂

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            lol, I remember that scum bag.

          • peace angel

            That would be because of YOUR Evolutionary Brainwashing—–

          • kittycatrat

            You make assumptions that make an azz out of you.

            If you think We “believe” in evolution then you are simply more of idiot America.

          • Gay Veteran

            right, because Jesus rode a dinosaur

          • Mondobeyondo

            Um… remember what Jesus did with two fish and five loaves of bread. Or what God did to the Israelites in Moses’ time, when they were starving. Or what God did when the people complained to Moses that they were tired of manna, and wanted meat instead.

            I’m in good hands.

        • Cash Snowden

          Let’s say we allow ‘children’ to bake cupcakes they don’t sell to ‘the public.’ Let’s say the 11 year old instead makes gift cupcakes and shares them with neighbors she knows, friends she plays with and girl scouts. Let’s say she brings them in for the holiday party in her classroom and the other students do the same? Oh I hear the statists now. Oh the HORROR!!! REGULATE REGULATE BAN BAN BAN! But I ask the question:

          What exactly is the difference in the DIFFERENCE IN HEALTH DANGER when she starts selling some of them? Go ahead. I’ll wait.

        • peace angel

          Anything approved by the USDA, the FDA or the EPA is guaranteed to have poisons in it. I will take my chances with a little girl.

          And you miss the point Michael is trying to make. THE Clintons started the super invasive laws to shut down small businesses and the Republicans passed Nafta for the same reason.

          BECAUSE of invasive laws and rules and regulations, the US government has closed down tens of millions of businesses in the US. TODAY there are tens of thousands of small businesses that continue to close daily in the US.

          Only four decades ago half of all Americans worked in the agriculture businesses and we had 8-10 million ranches and farms. TODAY we have fewer than 500,000 farms and ranches that produce food for commercial use and ALL of them are factory farms and ALL of the food from them is being poisoned with ammonia, pesticides and GMO’s.

          THE meat producers are making the animals so sick before they get to a grocery store that the FDA has passed a law that NO ONE can film on a factory farm anymore. THEY legislated the animal rights people out of the property.

          IF you start defending these business killing regulations then remember which side you were on when the domestic terrorist police come to take you to the concentration camps.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Oh please the Third Reich was an economic success, hence the need to destroy it.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Sure, unless you consider they stole and murdered to get vast portions of the wealth they used.

          • kittycatrat

            The issue of Hitler has much to do with the issuance of currency outside of the international banking system.

            Every POTUS that issued interest free money was shot.

            Own it. Now, I’m a Jew and I’m not a fan of Nazis but there is a larger issue here.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            I think you failed to make you’re point. own what?
            The third Reich was only a success in building a massive army, which is good for the economy of any country that does it. But they did it on the backs of murdered Jews, stolen wealth from all the countries they annexed (and the murdered Jews of course), and slavery.

          • kittycatrat

            Incorrecto!!! Hitler printed his own money…had the Olympics and created an incredible war machine in the depth of a world wide depression.

            You really must operate outside of your text books.

            Now was he a good guy? No. You really must learn history and walk away from your brain washing.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Ookay. I failed to note that hosting an Olympics builds an economy. Scuze me while I LMAO.

            So you’re saying, aside from the idiotic Olympics comment, that all he did was build a massive army on money printing and the rest of the stuff I said. BTW, money printing does not make a successful economy. it’s creates a bubble.
            So you’re agreeing with me and just being whiny about it, right?
            Please cite for me what I said that make you thing Hitler was anything but a
            And I’m sure I know I know more history than you honey.

          • kittycatrat

            Well then, if you know history…how did Lincoln finance the Civil War?

          • kittycatrat

            The German Economy was highly prosperous while idiot America had their gold confiscated and lived in dirt.

          • davidmpark

            The German National Socialists also confiscated their people’s gold.

            And during that time, most of the German nationals starved. They had to live on silage bread, were forced to work long days, and were only slightly better off than the folks in the concentration camps.

          • kittycatrat

            The history you supposedly know is simply propaganda. Nothing more. That’s fine.

          • davidmpark

            Actually, Hitler and the National Socialists (Nazi’s) did both. The gold confiscation was used to stabilize the Deutschmark, which was the new currency under the Nazi’s. But they did over-inflate that currency near immediately as the slave labor and caste system was not producing enough for the war machine.

            And she is wrong. The US was not wallowing in the dirt while the National Socialists thrived – they didn’t. Many German nationals faced shortages and rationing that was worse than the Allies. A BBC history program called “Wartime Farm”, episode 7 showed how they made what is called “German Black Silage Bread”. Very little grain, only fermented rye; most of it was silage, grass clippings, and shredded tree bark. That is not thriving – that is famine.

          • davidmpark

            Very funny about the Olympics! 🙂

            If anyone wants to know why we’re laughing, look up the 2002 SLC Olympic scandals and aftermath.

        • Mondobeyondo

          Not quite. Hitler didn’t make the trains run on time. Mussolini did that.

        • BBT

          Yes it was, and they did it without the Jewish Bankers. The banksters weren’t getting their cut. We can’t have that now can we?

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            I smell an anti-Semite.

          • YouFail

            People like you and davidmpark are the reason why America will wither and die. Brainwashed and beyond hope. If you cannot or are unwilling to identify the enemy and the truth, there is no hope.

            Keep praying to the god that has abandoned you and worship the Jews destroying our civilization. Enjoy the hellhole you are creating. Braindead Amerikan.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Well bless your little heart for having the courage to just chime right in with your irrefutable claims. Have a nice day now anti-semite. lol.

          • JaketheAllinson


        • JohnEngelman

          It was necessary to destroy the Third Reich because it was evil. The Nazis killed six million of the most superior race in existence.

      • BBT

        Always with the anti-German comments! Are you Jewish? Can’t let the second World War die? Gotta keep it going hu? Well the Germans didn’t require such permits. Maybe ya should study the facts before being anti-German.

    • Uh-huh

      in any other country, it is called exactly what it is: Graft, cut, blackmail, greasing the palm…here, we call it a license, a fee, or a tax.

    • MeMadMax

      I went underground long ago.
      They’ll never catch me =P

      • Mondobeyondo

        Don’t be so sure about that.
        You’d be amazed at what drones can do. Scared, too.

    • BigAl D

      Great comment and I agree. The government wants to control everything in our lives, and particularly the means of production. I wonder when they will begin to come after independent media who don’t tow the line. I rarely view the main stream news anymore because it’s simply propaganda.
      Our President has clear contempt for the Constitution and in Tuesday’s State of the Union, told us he has no problem circumventing the Legislature to accomplish his goals, and he was applauded when he said it.
      I have to wonder if he will be our last American President…. I wonder if this is even America anymore…. I served in the USMC and I love this country. What is there going to be for my children, and their children, and so on….

    • Mondobeyondo

      I have an “Obamaphone”. (That’s true.)
      But I don’t know how to use it. I mean, how do you actually call people on it? You know, dialing numbers and talking to the person on the other end, like I did when I had my old Rotodialer ™ ?! (That’s a joke.)

    • jacklohman

      Yea, but blame the voters for the greed that is allowed to persist.

    • JustanOguy

      Well Stated…

      On a side note, I have a good friend that’s a lobbyist with a law firm for businesses and people should realize that it’s other businesses that are lobbying the people elected into office by “we the people” that come up with all of this stupidity.

    • Mondobeyondo

      At a certain CVS pharmacy within 5 minutes walking distance from my house, they have restricted access to a certain pharmaceutical product, because it’s used in the making of methamphetamine (commonly called “meth”). You actually have to show the store clerks your ID before they let you buy it.

      • Priszilla

        In the UK, if you look like you are under 25 you have to show your ID when you want to buy alcohol or knives.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          In Germany I was buying bottles of Johnny Walker and Playboy from the little German “candy shack” outside my neighborhood when I was 14.

          • GSOB

            At that age, we are struggling to hide our enslavement to the hormone.

    • cherylmeril

      Not just a tax, they make sure the conditions are met to be making food that’s safe for the public. We can’t have a nation of kids baking and selling their goods as full blown business enterprises without licenses and following the laws. It’s a good lesson for the child to know the realities of the world we live in, can’t just do what you want and make money doing it. Business101

      Her parents need to get her into a business law class ASAP and themselves along with her.

      • dan

        cant tell if this is a troll or not

        • quercus454

          Maybe it’s Gary?

      • kittycatrat

        I’ll give you some “business 101.” While you pray to your one true god…the government…that you seem to think will protect you, those of us true Americans will drive your fascism into oblivion.

        Now pray to your god government that they will provide for you the requisite GMO filth that you consume.

        What, in heaven’s name did America ever do without you fascists protecting us? How did we survive without your “lord?”

      • mikeymike61

        gary, you changed your name to cherylmeril. we see right thru you….you white cuckold

    • Priszilla

      And you continue to vote for Republicans or Democrats, right?

      Or worse, you don’t vote.

      You know the difference between conservatives and progressives?

      Concervatives want to conserve the status quo – only a few people own property and most of the people have to sell themselves to work for those few.

      The progressives aim at everything is owned by everybody.
      Everybody an entrepreneur, everybody an owner.

      But for that you need to take ownership. Do not wait until those who have give something to you.

      Ownership means you take care of it and you nourish it. You have the right to destroy what you own, but that would be extremely stupid.

      And always remember: you do not own your wife or your children.
      They are owned by themselves.

    • none

      Look at those cupcakes in the picture right below the artical! you can see why, they look better than in the large box store cupcakes.

  • davidmpark

    Mike, I can go on for HOURS about this. This is exactly what I’ve been fighting in Utah…

    Can’t finish until the blood pressure goes down…

    • 2Gary2

      hey hows that gay marriage thing working out in the great conservative bastion of Utah? Must suck to be a conservative in a state that is turning liberal. I bet pot will be legal next.

      Now that Gay marriage is the law in Utah I wonder if there will be a new show called brother wives???

      • davidmpark

        Actually, no. They’re limiting even more substances and chemicals that could be used for drugs. Which is pretty much anything.

        Herbert and about 2/3’s of the Legislature are Progressive Republicans. You know, George W. Bush types – your favorite. I’m giving them as much of a lashing as I give you; except I also do it in person. This might be a red state; but that means nothing to me.

        And no; gay marriage is not legal in Utah. It will be upheld by the courts. Not my concern anymore anyway as there is now a big push here to legalize pedophilia and incest! How much more #$%&ed up can your side get?!

        As for the brother wives… it might be possible. When are you signing up? 🙂

        And I’m not a conservative. Politically, I’m a Jerk, or a #$%&. Get your facts right.

        • 2Gary2

          I thought incest was already legal in the south etc?? Didn’t the conservative gov of WV say something to the effect that many there are inbred?

          • tuna fish

            ^ clear evidence of gary’s in the USA

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            He’s said several times he’s an occutard in Wisconsin.

          • davidmpark

            Cousin marriage is legal in some of the old south, along with most New England states, California, Colorado, New Mexico – pretty much all Leftist run states. Direct incest is still illegal in all of the US.

            Incest is an odd dichotomy in history and sociology. It’s universally taboo in every culture and nation; yet it’s universally practiced in every culture and nation.

            As for West Virginia, that’s their problem.

          • Mondobeyondo

            As far as polygamy goes, Utah has officially banned it. However, in small pockets of Utah and northwestern Arizona, where the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints) are,active, polygamy is alive and well.

          • davidmpark

            I know all about Warren Jeffs. Came to fists and blows with the FLDS and LDCC a while back.

            Not for long. Johnny Anderson (R, Taylorsville) introduced a bill to the Legislature a couple days ago to legalize the co-habitation restrictions that were part of the polygamy ban. Basically, it’s one step from issuing the marriage licenses and harassing the churches.

          • Gay Veteran

            lots of polygamy in the Bible. oh wait, marriage has never changed

        • Gay Veteran

          “…Herbert and about 2/3’s of the Legislature are Progressive Republicans. You know, George W. Bush types….”

          ROFLOL, oh but conservatives loved them some George W. Bush back in the day!

          gay marriage, pedophilia and incest, one of these three doesn’t belong with the others. The key? Consent

          • davidmpark

            I guess many didn’t know the difference between a conservative and a right-wing progressive.

            Agree with the last point. Let the kids be kids. This life is tough enough without all that.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            You can thank a certain LDS member for waking people up to the difference…

          • davidmpark

            I like his show!

            And Mal, if you ever run for office; you got my vote!

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            “ROFLOL, oh but conservatives loved them some George W. Bush back in the day!”

            You should view the collapse in support for the republican party as those that have woken up to the lies of the republican party.

            ROFLOL, and yet, you retards of the left LOVE you some Clintons and Obamas to this day, no matter the crimes, malfeasance, incompetence, or racism.

          • Gay Veteran

            oh the Dems still love them some Clinton, despite deregulation of the media, NAFTA, repeal of Glass-Steagal, etc.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            “gay marriage, pedophilia and incest, one of these three doesn’t belong with the others. The key? Consent”
            Donchu worry none, ol NAMBLA gonna hook you right up.

          • Gay Veteran

            NAMBLA? sounds more like your speed

      • Mondobeyondo

        I’m curious to see how that legalized marijuana thing is working out in Colorado. Is everyone traveling to Denver to get high?!

        John Denver wrote and sang a song called “Rocky Mountain High”. Coincidence?

        • davidmpark

          They go there for the Mary Jane, through Utah for the Meth, Nevada for the Peyote, and down to Cali for everything else.

    • davidmpark

      Okay, I finished. See other post.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    This is what happened when government gets to big, and mindless uncivil servants become drunk on their own power. I’m starting to think that this is a normal historical process that can’t be reversed. Nations become too successful they want more things they become more risk adverse. They demand government do something to make the world better feed the poor, better education, healthcare, a more equal society you get the drill. What happens government can’t solve these problems, but it try’s and gets bigger more business become dependent on government, or see government as a help to the bottom line. People become dependent on the government (food stamps welfare). These firms try to get more influence, (Help their industry, stamp out competition, get contracts). People dependent on government vote for more bennies. Soon you have a Nation where government doesn’t serve the people but it’s job is to get more resources (MyRa anybody) to get bigger. Eventually it falls apart it can be quick (old Soviet Union) or slow (Italy, Greece). Either or it will be painful and most wont see it coming or even aware it’s happening.

    • GSOB

      “This is what happened when government gets to big, and mindless uncivil servants become drunk on their own power.”

      man, that was just beautiful.


  • 2Gary2

    the regulators need to go after the polluting company in WV and leave this person alone. My experience with state and or gov employees is that they are over paid and under worked and basically lazy.

    • davidmpark

      Gary! Don’t make me say it!…

      I think we agree on this.

      • 2Gary2

        I guess stranger things have happened.

        • davidmpark

          I just vomited in my mouth…

          • 2Gary2

            Stop looking in the mirror and you will stop vomiting.

          • davidmpark

            Paradigm shifted without a clutch. Sorry all!

          • 68Impala

            Must say, that made me laugh.

  • Citizen X19

    Government is like a pimp. It does no meaningful work, but a collects a fee on the work others do. In modern times, the government’s main purpose is to ensure their scam keeps going and to enrich themselves as much as they can get away with.

    • Anonymous

      Applause. +100 up votes. Confetti, balloons, bells, whistles. This is a brilliant comment and oh so true.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Congratulations! You just won the prize of the day! It’s….. an EBT food stamp card!!

  • davidmpark

    Okay, here we go: this is what the bureaucrats, progressives, liberals, conservatives, etc. in government have done to piss me off…

    My wife has a severe Acquired Brain Injury. This has led to her having a
    lot of problems including, but not limited to; cognitive and memory
    impairments, emotional and mental issues, hearing and speech problems,
    balance and motor impairments, and post-traumatic epileptic seizures.
    These conditions led to her acquiring Type 2 Diabetes, high blood
    pressure, high cholesterol, and other problems. These conditions would
    cost her her life in several years without intense treatments and
    doctor’s oversights. Before her condition deteriorated we delivered
    three of the cutest kids, ages 11, 9, and 6, and had a decent life
    together. I manage her conditions the best I can and raise our children
    with her the best I can. This is my responsibility and privilege to do
    this for her in such conditions and fulfills our wedding vows.

    As of last year I have not worked. The reasons are far beyond just a
    bad economy, but are of a mix of our unique difficult situation and Utah
    State laws and codes. Adult Protective Services (APS) told me point
    blank that I must have a caregiver for my disabled wife before I can
    work outside the home or I will arrested for negligence of a vulnerable
    adult. I cannot leave her alone with the children as Child Protective
    Services (CPS) said that since two are of such a young age, I cannot
    leave them alone with an adult with such disabilities – I can face
    criminal child negligence. If I hire someone, Health and Human Services
    said they would prefer I get a certified caregiver; it’s not an absolute
    must, but it’s very preferable in their eyes. I have implored family
    for assistance, but they have done all they can and will do to help. I
    cannot afford a full-time certified caregiver as the lowest price is $21
    per hour. I cannot get a caregiver through Division of Services
    for People with Disabilities (DSPD) because their funding is so
    limited. They said we’re on their waiting list for the next 4-5 years at

    The only jobs available to me with such restrictions
    are flexible telecommuting positions. Those jobs are far and few
    between. The vast majority require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and
    some time employed with the company before hand. I can’t leave the house
    for work. I cannot get a bachelor’s from an accredited reputable State
    college or university because I can’t leave my wife to go to classes.
    Those same institutions do not have degrees available 100% online. I
    cannot afford to go back to college and cannot get a grant due to my
    previous attempt when I was torn between caring for my spouse or
    finishing homework on 2 hours of sleep – it doesn’t work. I tried to
    start a home business, but found out I can’t do a thing due to multiple
    State agencies forbidding and outlawing home manufacturing, and I
    couldn’t get a business loan to get a new premises that would allow for
    our unique situation – if there were any.

    I tried to get
    ourselves on our feet by our own labors on our residential rental. The
    landlord is fine with it. We have had a lot of local zoning issues that I
    won’t go into as West Valley is looking to solve that problem; but now
    our problem is on your end with the State’s Dept. of Agriculture, Dept.
    of Resources, licensing boards, Dept. of Health, etc. pretty much
    forcing us to rely on food stamps and a tiny garden only. I understand
    the necessity of some of these codes and regulations. I want to have a
    honeybee hive to pollinate plants and get some extra honey that would
    provide savings and nutrition for us, and would cost food stamps no
    extra funds. But State law pretty much says we have to go through
    flaming hoops and walls of red tape to get what was an unalienable
    right, pay a lot of money for such “privileges”, and then be subject to
    constant unwarranted searches and possible seizures at anytime. I
    understand why such laws were made,
    but the inexcusable fees and
    overreaching, unconstitutional regulations and codes make this
    impossible. The same goes with anything else we’ve attempted and wish to

    With such crushing health problems compounding what is
    already afflicting our household, many of previous Utah politicians and bureaucrats, and the current crop
    have tried to alleviate these burdens by creating divisions and offices
    to provide what we used to have the right to produce ourselves. Food
    stamps, public housing programs, HEAT programs, etc. are federal in
    nature and are administered by the states. Problem is that these
    programs are useless for the most part. Since we only bring in $1450.00
    in SSDI and SSI Survivors benefits (taxed and fee’d down to $1343.00
    net), we are only allocated $390 in food stamps. Since we only have one
    adult capable of working, but cannot actually leave the house to work,
    we are not eligible for any financial assistance through DWS; not even
    General Fund for the disabled unless we put our kids up for adoption. I
    tried and completed DWS’s training program, but when APS told me I had
    to be with my wife or face arrest, and I can’t open a shop for what I was trained for out my home due to licensing and many other
    department’s restrictions – it’s useless anyway until DSPD comes through
    hopefully 4-5 years from now. Housing is impossible as they gave me an
    expected waiting list time of 4-6 years minimum before they can meet
    with us. HEAT program was filed for last November: they can’t see me for
    an appointment ’til March of this year. Fortunately, there we strings
    pulled and they got us approved mid-January. But the amount issued is
    only enough to pay for most of one bill. Our power costs us an average
    of $185, heating an average of $140 – we only have the $1343.00 per
    month from disability. And we can’t burn firewood anymore as air
    pollution is suddenly a massive problem that requires us to pay solely
    for Questar’s overpriced gas. I can’t legally make all our electricity
    as that this is highly regulated by multiple agencies and divisions.
    Medicaid, since Obamacare, will not take me unless we pay $473
    month to DWS that we don’t have. The Utah exchange Avenue H did not work
    when I put in my info the last few times, and I was told over the phone
    that the least expensive plan for me is over $600 a month that we don’t
    have! (That’s probably not under state authority but if any of it is,
    then I wanted to mention that.)

    This is what the State has
    done. This is iniquity at it’s best. Existing laws were created to limit
    our already limited abilities for the protection of specific entities
    and people, and what was placed to assist us is not possible for various
    reasons. We are suffering enough having to deal with my precious wife’s
    disabilities, that what is forced upon us by this government and it’s
    people just makes a bad situation nearly impossible for us to survive,
    much less thrive in.

    I understand all the positions of each
    bureaucracy, division, in perpetuating the state as
    is. The problems are that there are too many bureaucracies that are
    allowed to make their own rules in regards to themselves that are held
    up as law that can punish us. This is unconstitutional. The legislature
    was supposed to make all these rules because of situations like ours –
    and from the town meeting when the Utah House Speaker and two State Representatives (all Republicans claiming to be conservatives) said the Legislature
    wanted the “professionals” to make policy. This is near enough to giving a
    blank check to a tyranny of people who were not elected, not accountable
    to the electorate, nor are they concerned or knowledgeable about what
    their decisions do to those outside their narrow professions. That is
    one of the reasons why this mess happened – the laws and codes of each
    bureaucracy and division are not weighed to how it affects all the
    population rather than just the few interests of the whole populace
    these individual bureaucracies concentrate on. Also, the assumptions
    that problems are negated rather than solved by more divisions to cover
    what existing divisions have done to harm people is fallacy at it’s
    best. What is needed is the Legislature to act as a legislature should.

    For example, the APS requires that my disabled wife have a caregiver
    with her. That I completely understand and very much agree with. She
    does need that. But to have equality under the law, that would mean such
    a condition must be included and kept in balance by each and every bureaucracy and division in their policies and bylaws. This need for
    equality under the law isn’t communicated between each division, or many
    don’t see it as their responsibility even though their decisions and
    rules do apply to us although they originally saw as outside their

    The other issue is that the State seems to see it
    as it’s duty to do anything and everything to protect tax cash cows.
    This means the State must do anything to protect the right people and
    entities, such as to protect established businesses from fluctuating
    competition that upsets the tax dollar flow. Then there’s the health
    department, agriculture department, urban development department, etc.
    wanting to maximize their impact, ensure tax dollars, and protect
    consumers down to a super strict norm. I do understand all that.

    But it creates a conflict with what we need as a family to live and
    thrive as we do not perfectly fit into the desires of this state nor the
    voting blocks of people existing laws are made to represent. We would
    leave, but it’s obvious we do not possess the means. Some are allowed to
    thrive while others are not to maximize tax dollars, I understand that
    mentality. To try and negate this inequality, many departments publicly
    claim that they will make exceptions for the disabled and their
    families. One of the problems is that these exceptions in practice are
    miniscule as many are not able to make such exceptions due to existing
    law or the inflexibility of their own divisional rules. I really do
    understand the need for us to be second-class citizens as the tax income
    that we would provide is marginal at best, but we are citizens of this
    State and have our God given rights and Constitutional rights among them
    of life, liberty, and property regardless.

    And their attitude is “We have the mandate – whatcha gonna do about it? Get in line! Seig Hail!”

    God will give us justice.

    “The people of the land have used oppression, and exercised robbery, and have vexed the poor and needy: yea, they have oppressed the stranger wrongfully.
    And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.
    Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath: their own way have I recompensed upon their heads, saith the Lord God.”
    Ezekiel 22:29-31

    The Lord comes to the aid of poor, the needy, and the afflicted. And defends and justifies them in His wrath. He has helped and aided us before and shall again.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for sharing. May God pour out His blessings and mercy on your situation.

      I do not understand why so many laws are in place. Why do adults need other adults to babysit them and tell them what they can and cannot do? Also, what makes these other people so knowledgeable, superior, and all knowing that they deserve or have a right to impose their will, laws, way of life, etc. onto the rest of us? Laws are not about safety; they are about control. I have heard before that New Hampshire does not have a mandatory seatbelt law. Yet, New Hampshire often has higher seatbelt usage than some of the neighboring states that have mandatory seatbelt laws. I was given the only 10 laws I need to live by, and He who gave them to me is superior, all-knowing, wise. I don’t need other imperfect humans micro-managing my life. If I want to grow a garden to feed myself, that is a God-given right. Who has a right to prevent you from feeding your family? Just imagine when Almighty God finally has his trials/judgment, and all of these “superior” human sinners have to answer for themselves. May God have mercy on them.

      • davidmpark

        His mercy has been very comforting and tender. Jesus said, “I will wipe away the tears,” He meant it. That He, personally, would place His hands upon us to comfort and clean away the tears.

        And more so, in John 15:14-27
        “Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

        Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

        Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

        These things I command you, that ye love one another.

        If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

        If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

        Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

        But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me.

        If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.

        He that hateth me hateth my Father also.

        If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not had sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father.

        But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.

        But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:

        And ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with me from the beginning.”

        • jonno

          And everything you wrote is complete rubbish. Who wrote the Bible? A bunch of of old guys years after jesus was around. And they deleted all the esoteric information that may have been of some use. And every so often words and lines were changed or deleted to fit the current circumstances of the ruling class. Even the translation from the original Greek alters specific dogma that christians today believe. For example, in the Greek ” A young woman shall give birth”. In the King James version” A virgin shall give birth”. Religion, particularly christianity, has been a huge drag on humanity. Look at the ‘conversion’ of native races and we won’t discuss the Spanish inquisition. The Jews, Muslims, Hindus and all the other fanatics have caused their own share of pain but none as bad as the christ followers. This sad, guilt ridden religion should have died out years ago. Spend your Sundays at the beach playing with your kids, not sitting listening to some israel loving fanatic who lives off your donations.

          • GSOB

            Jesus Lord
            I’m captured by thy beauty

            All my heart to thee I open wide.

            Now set free from all religious duty.

            Only let me in thyself abide.

            Lord, when first I saw thee in thy splendor

            All self love and glory sank in shame.

            Now my heart with open praises render.

            Tasting all the sweetness of they name.

          • GSOB

            Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

            who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens in Christ…,
            even as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world

            to be holy and stand before Him, in love.

          • GSOB

            Those who voted up, thank you.

          • GSOB

            What school did you go to Jonno?

          • 68Impala

            Why such anger and lack of compassion?

          • davidmpark

            That’s why we believe the bible to be the word of God so far as it is translated correctly. We also believe the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price to be the word of God. Many things were lost over the thousands of years in the Hebrew bible. That’s why God has restored those precious things to again through other ancient records and modern day revelation.

            We believe in revelation and prophesy directly from God to man for the benefit of man conducting their lives for their own salvation and betterment.

            Keep researching and questioning with an open heart and mind. There is far more to this life than many think.

          • jonno

            The book of morman? Joe Smith talking into his hat to translate the word of god? I imagine you also believe in scientology. Man created god not the reverse. He needed something to help him cope with a difficult world and by praying to an unseen imaginary force he could justify nearly everything, just as christians do, good or bad. Christianity is a belief system that operates much the same as all the other bogus belief systems hoisted onto a world that neither needs or wanted it. But you believe, despite all the changes made in the christian book of history and rules it’s the word of god no matter what, because you believe it. And that’s what a belief system is, you believe it because you believe it without any critical thinking or investigation. Just like the garbage that the USA is a kind and gentle nation just trying to help the world. Any rational thinking person can look at the bible for what it truly is, a collection of myths and altered narrations put together with the intention of enslaving mankind. And it worked for two thousand years but we’re all grown up now and can see through the lies. And where did this ‘ come sweet jesus’ originate? In the frustrated fanatical minds of evangelical preachers who were trying to convince potential converts to give him their money. Grow up, man up and admit your suspect belief system is just that, something you believe because you were taught it as a child and are too scared to give up.

          • GSOB

            “you believe it because you believe it without any critical thinking or investigation.”

            There it is. That’s the heart of your problem.
            You can’t figure it out and you are frustrated.

            Let’s take it from the top.

          • davidmpark

            Whatever. Enjoy your religion; I’ll enjoy Christ’s.

          • Mondobeyondo

            Yep. The Bible is God’s written Word. Jesus Christ is God’s living Word.

            John 1:1


            davidmpark my heart is breaking for your family! I am praying for God to work a miracle, one that is truly a demonstration of God’s love for you, and not that of any government agency, whether they mean well or not.

          • GSOB

            “We also believe the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price to be the word of God. ”

            That’s true the LDS believe that… but it is not true in this they believe.

            That extra text they claim, found that which was lost. the Word of God is to really what sets Mormons apart from the Christian faith.

            JWs do the exact same thing. Both are works of the enemy of truth as Satan seeks to indoctrinate the community of Christians with attractive
            ‘us versus them’ types of teaching, ‘we have found the truth’…
            which appeals to the flesh.

            A mixture. Mormons JWs error greatly, but the more subtle one are the Mromons.

            Are there genuine Christians in those groups, you bet. But often enough, those in them can not stand the thought of leaving them, despite the contradictions and the divisiveness on which they stand.

          • GSOB

            Mormons believe that The Book of Mormon is an historical record, however The Book of Mormon describes places and peoples in the Americas for which no archeological evidence exists.

            The civilizations of Nephites, Lamanites, Jaredites and Mulekites have never been found.

            The Smithsonian Institute and the National Geographic Society have issued statements saying that no evidence has been found supporting the history reported in the Book of Mormon

          • davidmpark

            Ah, now here’s the thing – there is evidence. It’s jsut overlook or dismissed as flukes since it’s out-of-place with the mainstream narrative.

            Check out forbidden history sites and documentaries. Even PBS did a documentary about finding non-American Indian skeletons in America long before the Vikings. They called one skeleton “Patrick Stewart” as it looks so much like the actor. In the western US, iron tools and household items were found in coal mines in layers older than the “stone age” tools found above it.There’s a whole host of things that “experts” claim don’t exist, but actually do.

            The Smithsonian and Nat Geo have what’s called a “normalcy bias”. They are also no longer credible due to their blacklisting of scientists who challenge this bias, and have promoted climate change, evolution, etc. as fact rather than pseudo-science.

            And also check out the LDS Church archives, and all the University “black listed” artifacts. The proof is there; it’s just not accepted as existing.

          • Mondobeyondo

            The Bible was written by many people (Moses, Solomon, the Apostle Paul, to name a few) over thousands of years. Each of them were inspired by God to write what they wrote.

            To me, the King James Version is the most trustworthy one. Any young woman can give birth. Almost no virgins give birth – except for Mary.

          • GSOB


            I encourage you to read the Gospel of John.

            Also, keeps these pointers to help navigate through today’s christendom.

            Here are some examples that represents mind control and cult warning signs:

            Single charismatic leader.

            People always seeming constantly happy and enthusiastic. Especially if you discover that they have been told to act that way for the potential new recruits.

            Instant friends.

            If you are told who you can or cannot talk to or associate with.

            They hide what they teach.

            Say they are the only true group, or the best so why go anywhere else.

            Hyped meetings, get you to meetings rather than share with you.

            Experiential rather than logical.

            Asking for money for the next level.

            Some cults travel door to door during times when women are home alone.

            They, and this is rather sexist, think that women are easier to recruit and once they have the woman then it will be easier to snare the husband or partner.,

            …and so on.

          • jonno

            Sounds like christianity to me. You’re right, beware of this mob, they want your money and will do and say and promise anything to get it.

          • GSOB

            It’s a mess jonno.
            The world is full of false teaching.
            Don’t be carried with every doctrine of men.
            Let no man deceive you…. for these things the wrath of God comes.

        • GSOB

          No Mormon spin there.

    • Anonymous

      “I understand the need for us to be second-class”

      Absolutely not!! I do not agree. We live in America. We are not supposed to have a class or Caste system. Americans are supposed to be “all men created equal.” The Statue of Liberty says “give me your poor.” Remember the country that persecuted the disabled and many others and ask yourself if America should be like that country.

      Absolutely not!! I say you and your family should be treated the same and equally regardless of your financial status. I say that because I am an American and I still believe in “all men created equal.” Nobody should have more rights than another in America. Absolutely not!! Extending more rights and privileges to a certain group of people is wrong, immoral, unAmerican, and blatant evidence of a Caste/class system (something our Founding Fathers do not want. They were tired of the “nobles” and “royals” exempting themselves from taxes, way of life, military service, and laws while forcing them onto everyone else. The French got tired of the Caste/class system at one point too. It has creeped into America and reared it’s filthy, evil head.

      You hold your head high as you and your family deserve equal treatment.

      • davidmpark

        I understand THEIR need for us to be second class citizens. Is that the reality? You’re right – it’s not! It is un-american and evil.

        The Lord is bringing justice to us, even now. Iniquity always leads to ruin.

      • GSOB

        ” “all men created equal.”

        This statement was declared so to support the restraint on human evil in man.

        Let us know when you have obtained that. Until then…
        Don’t exclude yourself.

        We’re all beasts.

        • davidmpark

          To be a beast is a choice. I want to be a man.

          • GSOB

            I want to be like Jesus,


            Mormons talk about sin?

          • davidmpark

            At home, in Church, at meetings; a lot.

          • GSOB

            Mormonism teaches that there is not one but many Gods, that Jesus was married, that Jesus and Satan are brothers, and that to be saved you must belong to the Mormon Church.

            It teaches that heaven for Mormon women is to be eternally pregnant populating her husband’s planet, and that the Mormon God is an exalted man from a planet near the star-base Kolob.

          • davidmpark

            What is taught is different from most Christian teachings. We believe that man has a chance to be exalted, with his wife, so long as both are faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be ordained in the next life as Gods. To have dominion over their own kingdom. Basically, we would “grow up” and become like Father in Heaven. That is His work and glory – to bring to pass the immortality and salvation of man to be like Him.

            Satan is not just Jesus’s brother – he’s our’s as well. We believe the war in heaven was not a bloody affair; but a debate between two ideals: Heavenly Father’s where everyone must work out their own salvation and has a chance to come back to Him by their own choices. Or satan’s where he would rule us, none could sin, and he would rule over everyone forever – we would have no choice. Satan wanted to be the first dictator.

            To be saved, one must choose salvation. To be “Mormon” as you say? No, we don’t even call ourselves that – we refer to ourselves as Saints, which is what Jesus called his disciples. Salvation comes through faith in God, the Father, in Jesus Christ and through the gift of the Holy Ghost – to provide a second witness and testify to the truth of all this. I have not found any Christian church other than the LDS faith that teaches this, nor has the priesthood conferred upon their ministers directly from Christ. If there is, I’d love to hear about it! From what I’ve seen, their priesthood is from a college degree.

            And what is so wrong about a mother populating a planet!? What an honor! And that Kolob thing, you got that wrong. Kolob is the name of the star close to where the center of kingdom is – not his “home planet”.

            And Joseph Smith calling christian churches an abomination? Yes; that did happen, and yes, many are. There are many reasons, but since we have limited space… As mentioned above, they need the priesthood authority conferred upon them from a priesthood holder who can trace their confirmation back through to when Jesus Christ returned it back to the earth. And the best example is the infant baptism. Many ministers have said to grieving parents that their child who died at infancy has gone to hell due to no baptism! How cruel is that!? God is of both mercy and justice – to condemn a child to hell because they didn’t get baptized is a great injustice and unmerciful as the infant had no choice. We believe that salvation is from an individual’s choice – not chance that God can control. Infants are covered by the Atonement ’til age 8, when they choose baptism or not. Also we believe that the Church is ministered by revelation, proper priesthoods, and by the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

          • GSOB

            oh boy…..


            Where do I begin?

            Let’s take it from the top.

          • davidmpark

            How ’bout a question… Is it God’s Church: that He directs it through revelation, prophesy, and the Holy Ghost to those in authority to act as stewards that must eventually account for their stewardships?

            Or does man have total authority to determine and interpret God’s words to their own understanding; to ignore or take out of context some scripture in favor of other, more convenient passages?

            Who’s Church is it?

          • GSOB

            Back up. You have yet to address the Mormon teaching on Jesus being married.

            Where do you find that in the bible?

          • davidmpark

            We don’t know if he was or not.

            And I can’t answer for a while – wife’s back in thehospital.

          • davidmpark

            And we don’t have that belief. I’ve speculated that He might’ve, and also speculated that He couldn’t. The Church has no doctrine about it – it’s one of those mysteries that we need to wait on knowing ’til the next life.

          • Mondobeyondo

            Oh brother.

            All I can say is – I have my fire extinguisher ready….

            Umm.. without going beyond left field, and over the left field fence…oh never mind.

        • Mondobeyondo

          All men are created equal.
          The U.S. Constitution states it.

          But, there are some texts, namely “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, that state that “all men are created equal, but some are more equal than others”.

          Okay… it’s been several years since I’ve read that book. But I truly believe that all men are created equal.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        weren’t you agreeing with and commending Gay Veteran on abortion and govt sanctioned gay marriage the other day, which are both “Extending more rights and privileges to a certain group of people”?

        • Gay Veteran

          hey Einstein, how about explaining that “Extending more rights and privileges to a certain group of people” BS

      • dan

        i agree. the one thing we have going as a country is a history and culture of liberty, which i believe runs much deeper than other places in the world.

    • Jodi

      Wow! God Bless you. Thank your for sharing.

      • davidmpark

        Thanks Jodi!

    • CharlieFromMass

      Ouch. I hope those wait-lists are a lot shorter, or something good happens for you.

      In the meantime, I would seriously start talking to some lawyers. You might be able to find one who’s willing to take your case (which I think is fairly good prima facia,) and get some relief. An 11 year-old should be able to manage the home for a few hours a day so you can go work or get the rest of your life done.

      What I’m seeing here is pure, unadulterated madness. With the restrictions on your movement, I would daresay you’re almost a victim of false imprisonment. That’ll get an attorney’s attention quite quickly.

      Good luck. Sounds like you need it against these clowns.

    • davidmpark

      Update: got really pissed off at a power company subsidiary called “Trees Inc.” today and nearly had at ’em.

      The wife had a bad reaction to the Vimpat (seizure meds) and we called 911. The tree people blocked access to our driveway with their trucks; cutting down neighbors’ trees from the power lines. They blocked the ambulance and refused to move.

      They kept us blocked off for a few hours after the ambulance left. So, I moved their stuff! 🙂

      I really hate being here.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Illegally parked. Did you take any pics? I smell a lawsuit that could make the stupid burn.

        • davidmpark

          YES! I did take photos! Can i sue ’em? Probably would go nowhere.

    • quercus454

      Wow. I hope and pray you situation changes for the better soon.

      I have a friend whose wife has dementia/Alzheimer. He is disabled, lost a leg and is in a wheelchair. He went thru much of the same. Finally after his wife was bad enough ( she had stopped eating), the state put her in a facility. At first they were going to take his house and her SS to pay for her care. They eventually decided that if they did that, he would need assistance too, so they left him alone.

  • chris

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– they do not want you to have control over your own destiny. They want you to be spiritually and mentally broken. They thrive when they see you begging for a job. Then they can come in and “help you.” I applaud this little girl, and I wish her all the success in the world.

    • Priszilla

      It’s called competition.

      The entrenched businesses do everything to suppress newcomers.

  • K

    This is the norm in the nazi states of america. You must only buy your food from licensed vendors. You know the people who sicken thousands of people every year, with their products. We will not even get into the couple of dozen they kill. You know the people who issue recall after recall on their products. Usually after someone has died. Oh yes this is all about food safety, NOT.:” All that is required for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing.”

    • Kim

      Those cupcakes in the photo sure do look yummy. I could easily eat three or four of them. /-:

      • Jodi

        They look delicious!

  • Mondobeyondo

    They’re trying to kill the entire free enterprise/capitalism system. Soon, you’re going to need a license to walk your dog… oh wait…

  • Using anecdotes to make or critique policy is a rather inane methodology. Yes some local bureaucrat was overzealous with the cupcake girl, but we depend on our local health departments to insure that the food we consume in local shops and restaurants is prepared under proper conditions and handled safely so it does not make us sick.

    Extrapolating from a few incidents of overzealous local regulators to warn of “central planning” and a “nanny state” stretch credibility to the breaking point.

    Every large organization runs by rules and many punish individual employees who use their discretion to decide whether or not to follow those rules. Of all the many problems facing the United States, this alleged loss of “economic freedom” is not one of them. There are bigger issues contributing to the impending economic collapse and it would be better to continue exposing them rather than wasting space on a pet theory that has little relevancy.

    • Rastus

      Really? “Bigger issues” Yeah, the ones that are never fixed and only get worse? While Washington bedazzles the masses with created crisis’ and the use of smoke and mirrors to keep us infighting, the underbelly of this once free nation has rotted. That is relevant Charles.

      • The underbelly has rotted. That could mean almost anything. Surely you don’t think that food safety laws are destroying the republic.

        • CharlieFromMass

          Perhaps not on their own, but the dolts enforcing them most certainly are. That the laws exist to give said megalomanical dolts a reason to act is questionable in and of itself.

          Most of these problems have traditionally been resolved through civil tort, criminal prosecution and minimal codified guidance, not lock-step micromanagement like we now have.

          Look at the garbage now being passed off as food, due to a combination of manipulation by the government at the behest of producers and many of these same codes. Is it really better?

          • There are three types of corruption at work. One is the megalomaniacal individual who loves to throw his weight around and uses the regulatory power as a cudgel. Another is the bureaucracy where employees are actively discouraged from using their discretion and therefore have to enforce codes when their own good judgment would tell them to ignore the violation. The third is the revolving door that puts the regulatory power in the hands of the most powerful interests being regulated who then use the power to curb their competition.

            All those are blatant misuses of power, but they do not suggest that regulation in and of itself is bad or that it is impossible for a government (not our current one admittedly) to regulate fairly.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I’m glad I was a kid in the early 1970’s. Growing up then was so much easier. I even had my own lemonade stand in the summer of 1977. Didn’t even need a license to run it.

    What’s next? Garage sales, of course! You’re gonna need a city permit to sell stuff out of your own house!! Unbelievable…

    • 68Impala

      Next? We are there already.
      You need a permit to have a garage/yard sale in many towns here on Long Island. Most are free to get, but they have their “code enforcement” cars scouring the area for those without permits.($100+ fines if our caught.) Of course you can get only 1 or maybe 2 (depending on town/village) per year

      • Bill

        Another reason to bug out to the back country.

    • Me no likey

      In california you do need a permit to have a garage sale. I only had one……

  • Top Gun

    “the gov’t does not want it’s citizens to be independent” as Rodster says. Now the big question is: What the hell are they up to?…

    • Mondobeyondo

      I always believed the whole idea of American government was to be independent. Independence from Great Britain (the Revolutionary War). Self-dependence, on the personal level.

      Today, it’s government dependence. 1 in 7 Americans on food stamps (including moi). That’s just not right.

  • chris

    So you want “deregulation”?! Who will inspect the meat! We’ll all be eating poison tuna!!!!!!!!!! (the word “deregulation” to an Obama supporter is like garlic to a vampire…

    • davidmpark

      How about meat inspections be done on the local level to commercial producers only. Feds are out; states are already doing it. A family that raises and processes meat on-premises only shouldn’t need that – they have the right to live by their own ability.

    • GSOB

      There would be competition and a free er market, would ensure a good product,
      or go out of business.

      The Fed fines planes stuck on tarmacs. That’s not necessary regulation.
      The violations cost eventually get to the customer. Whereas the customer will simply not choose to go with that carrier next time.

      Government grows like a cancer on the general public.
      Why is that?

      Because we have drifted away from
      our understanding of life and forgotten our past.

  • Ben

    Everything should be licensed in regulated. I want as much chemicals and toxin in my food as possible. God forbid natural organic ingredients are used in food. I love the government controlling my life. I want to be a sheeple all of my life. Lets shut down all small businesses. Sarcasm.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Zombie child to zombie parents, traveling on a zombie vacation:

    “Are we dead yet?”

    Sorry, just had to break up the bad vibes…
    Back on topic

  • John

    Welcome o the NWO where the U.S. is a 3rd world country. Only the ruling elites will be allowed to own businesses. Except for the authorities and a few high tech developers, all others will be low wage workers for the Man. All else will be black market operations, i.e. economic terrorism.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I kind of have an idea of how things will play out. This is by no means definitive. But anyway…

    The people in charge – the elite – will have us turn against each other. Economic disparity, racial tension, whatever. It could be any one of a number of things. They’ll give us all a glass of Haterade ™. And they’ll pick up the pieces afterward, and form their New World Odor, um Order.

  • Captain Canuck

    As a functioning alcoholic, one thing that I love about the USA is that how much illegal whisky had to play in its founding days.

    When farmers couldn’t make a go of it with poor grain prices, they started distilling their own whisky.

    When George Washingon (a savvy distiller himself) sent in the army to enforce taxation on them, they said “screw you!!!” and effed off to Kentucky.

    Where they found fields of corn, and the best naturally limestone filtered water you could find. And created one of the best liquors known to man, namely the sweet, sweet bourbon.

    After reading posts from above, I feel that Americans in this collapsing economy, need to adopt the entrapreneuring spirit of the early settlers.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t one of bourbon makers just sell their company to Japan?

      • Captain CanuckCa

        Very good, yes they did. Suntory just bought Jim Beam.

    • Gay Veteran

      not as good as Tennessee whisky

  • TtT Engine

    BIG GARGANTUAN OBESE OPPRESSIVE ever growing GOVERNMENT poking their invasive taxing thieving noses into every aspect of our lives. The U.S.A. nka the U.S.S.A. has become the definition of oppression and tyranny. This is not the Constitutional Republic our nation was founded on. We are no longer a free nation founded on limited government, private property and personal responsibility, i.e. conservatism. The majority who hold these principles near and dear have been pushed aside and our nation has been taken over by left wing radicals. For those of you that voted for this oppression, especially you Judas Catholics, you’ve have what you deserve. Our Holy Father is being sucked into a left wing vortex. For those of us that have voted against this from the beginning, pray for God’s intervention because we are a morally, financially and governmentally a BANKRUPT nation passed the tipping point. May God spare the faithful. I spoke to an American Indian friend this week who said he can go back to living in a tepee and living off the land. Must do may become our master as well. Christi Fidelis !

  • Nicnak

    Same in Europe. Some people cook at home for people who go work in the German industry and need a meal for lunch. 5 bucks only.

    It s illegal. I m sure the food is better than the food in a restaurant, but without a permit it s simply illegal.

    Pretty much everything is illegal unless you pay Mr tax man. Little lady can now change her entire kitchen of mom to satisfy US regulation.

    It mean trash must be 6 feet from cooking table, oven must be 5 feet from floor, fan filter must have detectors,… And business must be in a area business. Total cost 15000$ a month to make 300$ a month.

    See, not worth to work anymore. You make more money by getting free food stamps and stay home to watch Netflix…. Just resell your food to a neighbour for half price.

  • Bill

    Michael , I have copied and pasted the most important sentence you have ever typed.

    “The “nanny state” is entirely out of control and it is up to “we the people” to do something about it.”

    So much can be said. We must show the world that our vote does count.

    VOTE TO FLUSH the dc criminals.

  • justsayin

    Reading davidmpark’s post is depressing. When did trying to help yourself and your family become a get approval from the gov’t drill? Also illustrates why all these states/counties will ALL go broke. They employ all these mindless bureaucrats to enforce all these regulations. Paid for by our tax dollars. The well is almost dry. People can no longer keep paying more and more taxes for the salaries, benefits and retirements of all these gov’t workers. Look at Detroit…look at California. Next few years will be interesting as the wheels come off.
    Quick side story Cannondale bikes used to make all their bikes in US. Now they make them in Asia. One reason was the EPA regs for painting the bikes made it nearly impossible to remain competitive with bike makers who were already making bikes elsewhere. So option was move production out of US or go out of business. More jobs lost to gov’t regs. This country is going to regulate its self out of existence!

    • davidmpark

      Sorry. That’s just how it is.

  • Ray

    I totally agree and understand. We are being oppressed, taxed, muzzled, and castrated. Can anything be done about it under our current system of government – probably not without a complete revolution…and i see nobody leading the charge. I believe the Bible to be true – we are heading for the most horrendous and terrible time to live upon this earth…and to his glory and power will be the only hope in stopping it – before we absolutely destroy everything that is worth anything.

  • GSOB

    The nanny, police state of America is getting out of control.

    No doubt.

    Shake it up baby ….
    Twist and shout…
    C’mon come on a little closer ….


    Can’t have the “slaves” slipping off the plantation!

  • Mondobeyondo

    George Orwell was only off by about 30 years or so.

    In the near future, you will be watched, anywhere and everywhere. Your smartphone probably already knows more about you than you know about yourself. It knows where you are, where you’ve been, what you’re doing, etc.

    And this is only 2014. Imagine what it will be like in 2024. Scary, scary… Yes, Big Brother is watching you. But he’s not a compassionate big brother. He’s a thug, gangsta big brother.

    • Bill

      You have that right.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      “George Orwell would be shocked if he saw what was happening. It’s far greater than he could have ever imagined.”—Gerald Celente

  • Mondobeyondo

    Dow Jones index just opened in New York. It’s down by some 230 points.

    Is this it? Is this the beginning of the crash? No, it isn’t. The foundation is still solid (for now). But… the termites keep munching away at it. Every day, it gets weaker, and weaker.

    It WILL fall apart one day. The foundation will collapse. When it will happen, is anyone’s guess.

  • DJohn1

    The key to zoning is discrimination. If it can be proven that a law discriminates between one person and another then the law has to be thrown off the books as unconstitutional. For instance: if you cannot enforce the law equally then the law can be taken to court and dismissed. Then they, (meaning the bureaucrats) have to go back and rewrite and rephrase said law to make it non-discriminatory.
    Sounds like a life time job for a lawyer to me.
    The house of cards is coming down.
    We now have so much regulation that no one person can even read all the regulations much less enforce them in a non-discriminatory manner.
    For instance, you have a neighborhood zoning ordinance. But the neighborhood has gone to H*ll.
    There are now more foreclosed homes than people living in homes in this neighborhood. So you have many people running sales without permits. The zoning people are literally afraid to come into this neighborhood. The police are literally down to 25% of the force needed to enforce any law in this neighborhood.
    So technically the laws should be thrown off the books as unenforceable. This is lawyer paradise time. Then the laws have to be re-written or dumped.
    This neighborhood I describe can be any one of dozens of places all around the country including Detroit. Try enforcing EPA law in Detroit or OSHA law right now. You MAY not come back alive without a military escort.
    This is the part of the law that no bureaucrat wants people to enforce. They thrive on writing legislation too complicated for the average citizen to either understand or enforce.
    Most of this law is brought into being through “emergency” propositions to take care of something legally. Most of this law IS Illegal if a good lawyer gets a hold of it.
    A Judge in the 50s once said that “ignorance of the law” is no excuse. He obviously did not contend with the IRS laws or the EPA laws and regulation that can take semi-truck loads to even deliver to a citizen inquiring about them.
    I maintain that we should go by the rules of KISS.
    Keep It Simple Stupid!
    Every law and regulation in this country technically discriminates against one group or another. So we have due cause to throw all of them out and make the bureaucrats start over.
    No court system in its right mind wants to deal with what I just suggested. That would involve a lot of work. Rule number one for these people is to never involve themselves directly in the process of work.
    Most of the people writing these zoning regulations started out doing it for our own good. We don’t want that trash in our neighborhood. We want every lawn taken care, every sidewalk cleared of snow, and it goes on and on. From this they started regulating just exactly what you can plant in your own yard if it is visible from the street. Europe is full of this kind of regulation. We are a close second.
    The EPA is a joke. They have so many regulations that many of them directly conflict with one another. So the Bureau can control anything using contradictory regulations. Same with the IRS.
    It is ironic that Obama chose the IRS to enforce the Health Law. The government is going overtime writing regulation to enforce law that is not going to work for anyone. Of course this law discriminates. So where are the lawyers taking them to task in the courts? Will the judges allow it?
    IRS law should have been thrown off the books generations ago. It is still here and it is still enforced by judges in our court system that very well know it is discriminatory.
    Lawyers and judges are not quite that stupid. The key here is to support parasites in whatever legislation they do enforce. That is why it is darn near impossible for a private citizen to get on the workman’s comp without a lawyer collecting about a third of it. If you buck the system the courts ignore you and you are left out in the cold.
    Everything I have said is based on a lawyer getting money that none of them have really earned. Same with the other professional thieves in our society that we have allowed such leeway.
    Most Americans have little knowledge of the law and how it is enforced or not.
    There was a book in the 70s that described all of this. It was called “The Screwing of the Average Man.” It is still true today, every bit of it.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Look out below. The levee’s about to break.

    • Mondobeyondo

      “Crying won’t help ya, prayer won’t do ya no good”… That is a LIE!!!

      Prayer is the only thing that will help you, when that time comes – and it is coming.

      between the

  • Bill

    What’s the world coming to? It is coming “down to” the fact that F-16’s are being used to protect a football game. Yes that’s right, our F-16’s are on alert for Super Bowl protection.
    Now I wonder if equal protection under the law applies to Pee Wee football games?

  • JustanOguy

    Speaking of business licenses… I don’t see yours displayed on your blog. 😉

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Justan: If Michael lived in Philly, he would be getting a letter from the city revenue dept. demanding 300 bucks for a business license. The local fascists would troll his tax return looking for miscellaneous income, then would ask for 300 bucks for the “privilege” of blogging here.

      • JustanOguy

        Same in numerous cities across the U.S. which I find absolutely stupid BTW.

  • Arjun Natarajan

    In India recently, the Aam Admi Party, called the “Common man party” won the elections in New Delhi. They are so new, nobody thought they would defeat the established parties but they did and they did they win by a significant margin because they fought the battle with one idea in mind, which was fighting corruption. Things are not too different in USA, which has been also corrupted by the two ruling parties. If Mr. Arvind Kejrival, the leader of the common party can become chief minister, then Mr. Ron Paul can become President. People should not rest until the third party comes to power here for the other two have nothing more to prove.

  • FirstGarden

    That takes the cake!

  • Jenn

    And here’s exactly the reason I haven’t made good on the desire I once had on having a home-based baking business. Too many rules! Yes, I get that (in the case of food items) it’s ultimately to *protect* the consumer, but it would be so much easier if people could just put an “Eat At Your Own Risk” sticker on food and be done with it.

    On the other hand, I know full well what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a case of norovirus, courtesy of a well-meaning relative’s homemade candies at a baby shower a few years ago. For two weeks, all I could hold down was apple sauce. (To this day, I can barely look at apple sauce without shuddering.)


    Hopefully the media turns out to be free advertising for that girl. Some restored faith in the people of the United States, if not the government, might be in order for a young entrepeneur. Enough to pay for whatever “licenses” and get going big time with her business

  • Sandbagger

    I’m waiting to hear the government has shut down the puppet show little Johnny puts on and charges $.10 each of his buddies to attend.

    If one of those puppets smacks another puppet around, CPS shows up to take little Johnny away.

    And if the act includes a cowboy puppet with a toy gun…

    Well, you get the idea.

    Childhood fun is dead. I think Bergermeister-Meisterberger is running things!

  • Goofball

    I love America but I hate our government.

  • Mondobeyondo

    “It won’t be much longer now…”

    I’ll leave the interpretations up to you.
    Depending on if you’re Lorena Bobbitt, the CEO of Wal-Mart, or whomever.

  • Priszilla


    Now you see why people get benefits: You stop me from working, you better feed me.

    Always ask them to show you the law. And read the passage with you. You need to learn a lot from those why grew up in communism.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Here in Democrap-run Philadelphia (the sixth or seventh largest city in the Third World snakepit that is The Banana Republic of America), a blogger received a letter from the city revenue department a few years ago demanding $300 for a business license. So that blog needed to make $300 before it even broke even. Amazing. This city will give huge tax abatements to Comcast but will kick the crap out of small businesses at every turn. And that is to be expected because in a fascist/corporatist hellhole like the BRA, the Democrap and Republi-Con wings of The War Party do not want small businesses to succeed. Fascists detest free markets, and the BRA government at this point is so filthy, so corrupt, so rotten to its stinking, blackhearted core that even an 11-year-old girl who sells cupcakes is considered a criminal. That’s how diseased the BRA has become.

    “This is a collapse of empire. One thing that is an ingredient of all collapses of empire is an absence of justice. There is no justice.”—Stacy Herbert

    “The problem is not capitalism. It’s monopoly capitalism.”—Alex Jones

    “Corporations, freed from all laws, government regulations and internal constraints, are
    stealing as much as they can, as fast as they can, on the way down. ”—Chris Hedges

    “Next train to Auschwitz, all aboard! Kiss those calories goodbye, because we’re in a fascist state.”—Gerald Celente

    But the Ponzi scheme cannot continue indefinitely. It’s unsustainable. That’s why preppers are smart to be prepping: they know that when this volcano blows, it will be absolute raging hell.

  • Mondobeyondo

    In other news…

    Hypothetical Onion headline:

    “12 Year Old Boy Given Smartphone, Does Not Know How to Make a Phone Call ”

    Oh come on now. You KNOW that’s true.

  • Edwin Calais

    My father was killed by a cupcake, so I don’t think this is funny!

  • none

    GOOD NEWS Michael:
    I just solved the problem of the low cattle numbers in the U.S.
    About 20 years ago, a farmer in Georgia went to Russia. Then returned with about eight Siberian boar piglets. After they grew to about full size he sold hunting permits to tourists. After the boars saw one shot, they escaped.
    They have bread like crazy and are found all over the southeast and west.
    This hearty animal grows to about 400 pounds at four foot? Also very adapt to the cold Siberian winters. And the very hot Texas drought weather.
    I think the Texans should start to grow these wonderful little animals.
    AND that little girl could buy a small piglet, then raise it and sloter it. Or keep it as a pet.
    Since the government doesn’t seem to think of them as a threat.

    • Saintmatty

      Slutter not sloter get your spelling correct!

  • trimmer

    11 year old little girl…just go back to making your cupcakes. Don’t sell them. Just give them away and accept donations. After this bit of free advertising you will be better off than ever. It’s not a business any more. It’s charity and you are doing this out of the goodness of your heart. God Bless you.

  • dan

    ive lived in bolivia for a few years. i got food poisoning on a weekly basis from food on the streets, food in markets, even food in top end restaurants. i still prefer that, by far, over the government deciding for me what i can and cannot eat.

    also, most of the dirty food was due to their culture, i believe, and not cause they lack regulation. actually, bolivia has far more regulation than the US.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Dan: I’ve known many argentinos, uruguayos y chilenos who got either food poisoning or Montezuma’s revenge (or both) when they visited Bolivia. In developing countries, it’s hard to avoid even if you take precautions. I found that out in Morocco, where I got food poisoning in a major hotel.

  • none

    GOOD NEWS Michael:
    I just solved the problem of the low cattle numbers in the U.S.
    About 20 years ago, a farmer in Georgia went to Russia. Then returned with about eight Siberian boar piglets. After they grew to about full size he sold hunting permits to tourists. After the boars saw one shot, they escaped.
    They have bread like crazy and are found all over the southeast and west.
    This hearty animal grows to about 400 pounds at four foot? Also very adapt to the cold Siberian winters. And the very hot Texas drought weather.
    I think the Texans should start to grow these wonderful little animals.
    AND that little girl could buy a small piglet, then raise it and sloter it. Or keep it as a pet.
    Since the government doesn’t seem to think of them as a threat.

  • none

    GOOD NEWS Michael:
    I just solved the problem of the low cattle numbers in the U.S.
    About 20 years ago, a farmer in Georgia went to Russia. Then returned with about eight Siberian boar piglets. After they grew to about full size he sold hunting permits to tourists. After the boars saw one shot, they escaped.
    They have bread like crazy and are found all over the southeast and west.
    This hearty animal grows to about 400 pounds at four foot? Also very adapt to the cold Siberian winters. And the very hot Texas drought weather.
    I think the Texans should start to grow these wonderful little animals.
    AND that little girl could buy a small piglet, then raise it and sloter it. Or keep it as a pet.
    Since the government doesn’t seem to think of them as a threat

  • Pulseguy

    Hewlett Packard, one of the most important American tech companies, started in Bill Hewlett’s one car garage. Try doing that now.

    Think of how many little companies began in someone’s basement, building something, then grew and grew until it eventually became a name known round the world.

    All these regs stop these types of activities. Most of which go nowhere, some of which eventually will employ 1000s, or would have.

  • none

    Sorry for having my post show up about three times.
    Microsoft 8? with new computer.

  • Nanner

    This really aggravates me. We don’t make food in our kitchens and just sell it to the public. That is why we have Health rules to go by.. You make it sound like poor little girl. Lets get real people!

  • Priszilla

    Let’s face it: traders are cheaters.

    Why is Walmart so rich?

    I’d rather encourage kids to hack, to be creative.

    Open that toaster and see how it looks inside. How that lever works. Write a piece of code and see which pixel on the screen changes color.

    Or that bicycle. Take a model bicycle, and then write code that makes sure that the bicycle does not fall on its side, by controlling the steering and speed.
    Now try a monocycle.

    Do not mass produce the same cookies, but bake all kinds of cookies, a different type every weekend. Sweet cookies, salty cookies, chilli cookies. Apple tart and carrot cake and mustard doughnut.

    Download a free developing software from the Internet. Write an app for baking cookies, sell it in the app store for $0.01 apiece. Selll a million copies.
    Rewrite that app for the Blackberry, or Microsoft, or iPod.

    Get Linux. Get Linux to work on all kinds of devices. On NDS, iPOD, the fridge, the SmartPhone, daddies car.

    • GSOB

      Write songs and play drums and keys.

  • Michael Payne

    Why does everybody think that the economy is in bad shape?

    Have you seen how the transportation sector is booming?

    How the railroads are booming?

    How do you explain THAT???

    Come, get a life!

    • GSOB

      Growing debt, financial obligations of all sorts and the military nuclear weapon industry and anti-terrorism complex.

  • tuna fish

    “gary government” in action

  • Dennis Morrison

    This is nothing new. Back in the late 1960s I had a business making candy and selling suckers. I was in the 9th grade. It was going really good too! Low and behold after about three weeks I was shut down for the very same reasons. So this is nothing new, it has been going on for a long time. Just picking up more steam now I guess.

  • Priszilla

    You can fight it by being compliant.

    Get your friends apply lemonade stand and cupcake stand licenses all over the city. Every weekend.

    Ask questions first, how much it will cost and how to apply. If one department doesn’t pick up the phone anymore, call the other one.

    Call them just before lunch, early in the morning, just before the office closes.

    If they refer you to a website, ask them whether the library has a computer for you.

    Then calll them again and ask them how to operate the website.

    If they ask for it …

    • DiscouragedOne

      Great ideas. 🙂

  • abinico

    Unfortunately shutting her down was the right thing to do. It is not fair that she didn’t have the costs of regulation while legitimate businesses did.

    • DiscouragedOne

      I am on the fence about this, it isn’t fair, yet there are WAY too many regulations, and if my neighborhood kid wants to have a lemonade stand, they should be able to.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Yeah, things really aren’t that great here in the sunny Southwest. If you look past the warm weather, beautiful scenery and the palm trees, you’ll see the real story…

    • Anonymous

      I am curious what monthly electric bills run out there?

  • Mondobeyondo

    A recession is when you make do with less.
    A depression is when you make do with NOTHING.

    You learn to be creative. Instead of going to the laundromat and spending 50 cents or a dollar for a wash, fill your bathtub with hot water, throw in the clothes and pour in the Tide and bleach. Drain the water, add in cold water, scrub, rinse, repeat. Put the clothes on the clothes line for several hours until they’re dry. That’s just one of several examples.

  • Snake Plissken

    What exactly are we going to do about it? You don’t take a knife to a gun fight but that exactly where Americans find themselves. The saying needs to be altered a bit to say “you don’t take a gun to a drone fight”. Get it?

  • Mondobeyondo

    “Nothing’s gonna change my world…
    “Nothing’s gonna change my world…*
    I’ve got bad news for you, bro.
    Your world is going to change.
    It’s just the natural pattern of life. Adapt, or die. No, I hate when things change. I hated it when things changed from the Commodore 64 to the Apple, and then the Macintosh, and then…
    It’s a natural progression, which we must learn to accept.

    Now for the counter-argument: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

    Okay. If you wanna go that route – you run the risk of being stuck in famiiarity. Where every day is the same, and nothing ever changes. No adventure. No exploration. Sure, the bills will get paid on time, but… *sigh*
    * Beatles, “Across the Universe”

  • Deanna Szuter

    If you saw the in home “bakery” I saw a couple weeks ago in Warren, Ohio.. you would have begged for a health inspector to shut them down. The yard was covered in dog crap and children’s toys. The house was filthy, dogs, cats, kids, etc.. and yet, there were two women, baking banana bread that they would later sell. SOME of these things are in place to protect you. I, for one, am not ok with cat hair in my banana bread, and dog’s filthy fecal ridden paws tracking thru the kitchen. GROSS! Just because you are a child who wants to start a business, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to play by the rules like all the other adults. If the property isn’t zoned commercial, you can’t do commercial business there. How would you like it if next door to you, a Auto Body Shop popped up out of a home’s garage, and suddenly paint fumes start wafting into your home? You see what unregulated business got a neighborhood in Texas when a Fertilizer Plant exploded like a bomb right across the street from a Elementary School and retirement home. Those and surrounding houses suffered a lot of damage.. but hey.. as long as someone gets a cupcake, it’s all OK.

    • K

      Considering how many licensed vendors, have sickened and killed people. Considering how seldom these licensed people are inspected. Further considering how the licensed vendors, try to take every shortcut possible to maximize profit. Yes, I have more trust in the child.

      • Deanna Szuter

        Do tell me, how many licensed vendors have sickened and killed people. Tell me how seldom people are inspected? Please.. please give the source of these statistical facts you have dreamed up.

    • PJ London

      Your Nanny says it is time for your nap.
      There are hundreds of places where I won’t eat. How do you know that the cook did not spit into your food because he/she had just been criticised? The waitress did not like the tip you left last time. The supplier has delivered fresh food, the chicken / cow did not die of a disease
      How do you know that the Aspartame you are ingesting is safe? The VIOX you have been prescribed will not kill you?
      You are responsible for your health and safety not some government dork.
      Grow up and be an adult.

      • Deanna Szuter

        Your paranoia is not my problem. You sound like a blast at parties. You may want to try eating somewhere other than Mac Donald’s or Hotdog stands.

  • seawolf14

    Hi micheal and ec bloggers,
    Ha, this is still the nation at Washington and Jefferson founded, its the plantation nation! and cute little chloe found that out when she tried to leave the plantation that the kosher commaczar crackers put her right back onto it. how dare you proles try to do something to earn a buck that can’t be taxed! Fun.
    Free matt hale.

  • Mondobeyondo

    The whole idea is ultimate control and power. Over you, your life, and your country, if enough people permit it.

    You don’t need a government agency like the NSA to tap into your private life. Too many sheeple would figure out what is going on, so why not take the easy route? Facebook, Google and your smartphone do the job just fine. They know when you’ve been sleeping, they know when you’re awake… they know when you’ve been bad or good…

    Wake up and smell the ammonia. It’s happening all around you, hidden in plain sight.

  • piccadillybabe

    All of this in the face of the fact that as little as 10 years ago, colleges and universities were telling college students that their future was in entrepreneurship, networking and hanging out your own shingle so to speak. Good luck with that!

    If you are decluttering your house and try to sell some of the stuff, good luck with that also. You are better off giving it to charity.

    It seems that anywhere one can make a dime, there is a regulation and rule with terms a mile long and a
    permit and tax attached.

    You gotta wonder where this all is headed. Where ever it goes, it is not good. They obviously do not want the kinda of Americans that made this country great in the first place, strong, independent pioneers who knew how to provide for themselves and were the backbone of the nation.

  • So many good works are funded by bake sales, things made at home by very committed and charitable people. I guess I expect swat teams to invade and threaten all these traditional, effective and time honored activities soon too. Sick and tired of all this crap!!!!

  • tuna fish

    good bye

    • Mondobeyondo

      I sincerely hope you are being sarcastic.

    • DiscouragedOne

      So long and thanks for all the fish.

  • davidmpark

    That was manufacturing done by slave labor. Factories controlled by party politico’s loyal to the military factions. It was only prosperous for the Oberkommando der Wehrmach – less than 1/8% the population.

  • InalienableWrights

    In case you are clueless. This IS agenda 21.

  • FunkyWinkerbean

    we let it happen…

  • davidmpark

    National Socialists financed themselves through force and farce. “Text books”; i.e. original source documents and paperwork have great merit.

    The Union had the factories and the economy to support a war – not well, but much better than the Confederacy.

    Now, what are your sources and motives?

  • davidmpark

    Reference years for which event?

  • Gay Veteran

    sorry darling but Hitler came to power in a conservative coaltion

  • Gay Veteran

    sorry darling but pedophilia and gays is just another blood libel

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      NAMBLA isn’t a group of gay pedophiles advocating for MAN BOY LOVE?
      Thanks Einstein.

      • Gay Veteran

        NAMBLA is to gays what the Klan is to whites

      • Gay Veteran

        still can’t read, eh.
        where did I say that about NAMBLA?

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          LIAR! You can try and claim that wasn’t what we were talking about, but LIAR!

          • Gay Veteran

            F you, scumbag

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            What was it you said. I was too preoccupied with HARD. Not in your nastiest dreams perv.

          • Gay Veteran

            with a rusty chainsaw

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Meh. You’ll eat floor long before that happens you filthy sodomite.

          • Gay Veteran

            you have oral s*x with the Mrs.? then you’re a filthy sodomite too

  • harvey

    yet you all run and vote for the same two parties and ignored ron paul. So theres that,… you only wake up when you get the stick in your back.

  • Armed and Ready

    Who here thinks they need a Drivers license to use an automobile on public roads? (this is a trick question)

  • Keith Moore

    Ever picked up a Really nasty Bug from an unlicensed “home” trader??

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